Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1857 Page 1
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I ' f r T i A I L . I * WHOLE NO. 7580. THE QUARANTINE TROUBLE. XCvciy thing fillet at the Meat of War?Further Threat* of an Attack by the Ofittf men?A Rumor that the Oyatermen had Atr Urkrtl the Headquarter* and Met Fire to the Building* htlng Ernctcd?A I'urtion of III* Beach In Front of the ttuaranttne Proncriv Claimed to he a Puoitc Hl?hwny? {The Location for a Permanent HuariuiLine, &c., dtii The utmost quiet prevailed on Saturday at the bealI quarters of the belligerent forro stationed at .Sjguine'a i Point Tio terrific consternation on ibo niffct previous, jl taosed by the rumor that tbo enemy were advancing lor an attadc, disturbed tbo repose of tome; but he large Baajori'y woko up in the morning refreshed and In valiant spirits, ready to brave tbo hazardous dangers ol' i third day's encampment in the enemy's territory. First in rder was resuming work uj>on the building de?ij; ;d fur temporary occupancy, tbo labor in croctii^ LiioU was Ic?tnmoBoed on tbo mornicg of the def nt apen the inland. But little, happily, remained to I done to brlog tbe building to completion. Ey 10 A. M. the tost nectary board " as adjusted to ite r!a,ic and the las j trleeorlonBEtroko p -oi. with tho hatnmer. Everybody rejoiced at the completion of tbe woik. Captain Vaiiing and j bis corp* of officers in command of tlia s jccial forco , waikeu proudly over the newly luid tioor. and i uuir 1 , with joyous delight and markod satwUction tho uniquemiss Rinl at the. mmo time the siatpleucs* and complete I Bee* <W tho various interii.r arrangements. An eiterinr J vtewuf tho structure was no lens Mitlsfactory. It is true no gorgeous architectural decorations attracted the eye no , k>fiy turret? mounting up to dizzy d: -tance bewildered tho ?a*e?co torinihlaii c\ lurans were tlimwn in vague jaxta petition with Doric pilasters. What is more, unlike w*r. Lke Hiucturu* generally, no ponderous cannon were mar balled in ir.^htful array to Oi<may and petril'y tbe bo( btildcrs. The structure was pl.t'n?:t was rigidly, severely ! j*lnu. but in it plainness lay it* beauty, it j strength, iu i grandeur? it was siaiply a shanty: tne boards n ere un' plane*!, tbe boa.ds of the roof thrown on at random, and I 31 u?? ui oiuiJuii liiero wero s cinb*. iu erut diU) circles the old theory is at tho prejent time ! sir out y conib.itUd that tho t-^>|>tiun lyiawids were made by human bands?they aro tli.iught to be tho Ciduct of higher power than the proud k!ug? of Kgypt or ir vassal subject)?. In cumir.g a?p? tho ramu dotbt Might possibly ariie as to the menus by which the. present structure was greeted, were it not fo the present chronicling of the true facta of tho cafe. JIapplly ihe pregent is m ago of newspnpora, whereas t be revo.'ao was the case in Ike ok) pyramidal times. Ha\ itig completed the new building referred to, tho Insurgent force had nothing to do but devfce menns to p; 1.-13 way the t;m.> In the pltu.-<uitc?i in/tuner poFsible to lUeui elves. ^onic accordingly aroused themselves recounting ,-Ualo j?iUes: ?i'uic fit he J from tho tLshingboatg?gome pitclicQ quoits, a few tro e reckleea pitched pennies? others lounged <>n their i' nu bedsteads uud read old pa ]>err?qulto a number slept ino.-t of the day?all partook of tht'.r tbrte meHls, however, and all protiouncel these* a!r gioriotia, and though tfler would not say precisely j . Itoy thought the country sai'o, they expressed no fear lor their safety. The workmen employed by tho contractors in put.:ng up Ihe hospital* kept at their tebtr ax on tho two previous days. Occasional visitors eame to tho grounds, and would look about quietly, and withdraw without saylig anything. RI MOK8 OF AN IKTKNDBD ATTACr. Intimations weio received fr.?tn two or three mri>? d-ir tog Saturday, tbat an nt vk would certainly be mide by , ? party of oyntcrmm that night, and an attempt made to town the new building in proems of ercciin. one per- I son stated tbat a largo force baa arranged for an nj-au!t ' and that they wouto Cora: in boa's to opposite the b-jJIdtng ! Jnwt erected and make an attack on this Ur?t Another statement ? as, that ihe.v would come by the land rojte. The I tedivtftial* Imparting ?tich !r,formation, m alio oyster en, wbohavo fald anything'lpnn the subject !n thetr irtu to the ground, urit'e in faying that no harm will be nought to be done to Captain Walling and the force under hw command. It is stated, however, that to tbe contractors at I workracu, such <vi belong to Suten liland, no Bierry vlllbesbown. It Is declared thit the oynermen are quite as mneb inc< n^eJ againit the contractor*? all of whom are Htaicn 1,- landera?aa against IbeQiaranUuo OtnlfiiODMi. KCHORXD BIT.NTNG OF THE VTIW T.riUmtO ? RiCITISKJuNT AT CA6TLKTON AND RTAKLKTON* Hie rumored attack mentioned above did uot take place. Oor reporter visited the i;rouudu yesterday; but instead f seeing a smouldering pilo ti ruins, and ht imblir x. as , be feared be might, upon the mangled said lifeless remains f the boftile iBsurgouta. be found tile building still xttnd- | Msg, and the men (lire bea'tbful and vigorous, tinorily ( after midnight, bowevtr, an iti?rui of Oie ?u rained a Staj.ieton, wblca itaiie out the book and 'Adder company fttlbat place, and the two Ore en?i?? Companies at C>vstlo Ma. Tuey made asftlowy search for a Ore; but Ihe alarm proved to be a fblne on" A large nutnbor of the Itsndars, bearing the alarm, believed tba an attack had lw?en Mce at genuine s Po?l! and surmised tbat the buildings beirg eret wd tbeie bad ooeu set Ore t?. Considerable csclx ment prevailed for a time among the inhabitants 01 8t*4,kt?n and Oastleton, an I the country aro'iad. A ivim ber slatted ofl;n wsgens lor tbe ruiut, but came back 4?ft|>f?Eted. tie.inwh le the force staajned at ibe 1'oinl ' beard uoUung of die aiarm. A vigilant watch was, however, kept up daring - he n ght, as It was quite confidently believed tbat tbc threatened attack would be male. ADDITIONAL COMPt.*INTS BT THR OTSTRRUKW. A ntanr ty of tbe oysu rrnen aid other* whose interest* are aflwtee by locating the onarantine at Heg? ne'a I'mnt, have all along enpptsed that the intention of tbe Comaun toner* was to use fleRu.oe's I'oint only as a temporary quarantine Dav" looujrni annnnii;, uu litisi a Mat drc larlng the qaarauhne u de*igned fbr i rary aci'>tnmo?taii<>o*, was an nfealoua rune of the Com flits* ?ncrr, and intended to throw dost in the eye* of tbo<e appoeing the lot alien or the quaraiiilee at thl* jih e. Tne K" allou id iSaturday'a I'm ?a> of the re jort of the i??.ooen> to Coveraor Kin*, on th* i>th of April hut. hM culled general attention lo tbn nranrh of the tubjxst, and ejcite.i on the part of the oyoterraen, It 1* nai l, increaaeil aenrnotions feiling ar.iln.-t tho Dommmi'inor*. 1h? oyrtermen, it t? alaled, ?ut rmint now morn trn.n ion* ty and deaperately than heretofore the attempt* to put any building* <n the {Krint for >inartutinn purixMOi. A*ld? from th'i?. It l? claimed that the ('otnnnKuloncr* a*e a* -jtnine right* ovor territory tliat doe* not belong lo tbein. kithetoiro of Went Held It la confidently abetted tbat th?re la a public highway running a'"tiK tweeo the upland tied wa'er, on tbe front of the Wol.'e farm. It la alleged that me wia'antlne Oommlixioner* tiara no right to build a wharf or dork acros* tbli public highway, an Die ?ame would be an obstruction which tt?e ttomnlfaimer* of Higbwa;* or any private i uiten would have a right lo remove. U I* atated that tho aulbnr!li< ? admirer* of Weetfteld Intend to arail thcmiclvu Of Mclr right* pertaining lo tbi* highway. A Reply to < omirtla-lmier Hall. TO TBI EDITOR OK THE HERALD. ?i*r*s T-uajtd, Juno 0,1*57. The Commiatloner* for tbe (Quarantine removal hare (band public opinion b?arlrg to heavily upon them for Hbeir equivocal and b.ngliog course thu* far, that Mr Oamniaaloner Hall reel* it Bccoanary U> oone out with a letter In thc.r Tlndiaatlon. He has only made the mailer werae Hi* letter la full of ab urdnioe. T'aa*lng orer hi* asaartion tbat tbe 'Comfluaaiaaora eudeavored to procure from (he enthorlti?e of New Jersey permloo to leonte tie Quarantine at Sau ly Hook," wtlch tbe public will rrr.eire fhr what I: la wor'.b,let ui examine a few of hi* c'.her Mate me lit* He ?*)'*, ''having failed In ;h?*e endeavor*,'' thai I*, h> obtain Handy Hook, "thoy immediately l.x.kcd ahtful (to secure the boat location that could be obUtncd." do far I* th * from being the troth, the Oimmlnimer* tele graphed Mr. I u?h from Trenton. N*. J., and while tlioy were ytt apply ng to the l,egiel*t'irc of Uial Slate, to have him porchato the Wolfe farm fbr a Q-iarant ne atatlon. Indeed. Mr. Hetima urged Menara. Hal' and llowae to remain at Trenton a day or Iwo longer a* he bettered they could ret obtain Sandy Hook, but for ?om? reason thua lar aaexplaired, Ibeee genu* men could not be In laced to re Mln How earaeet aotne of Uic?o (i>irir.'Mlr.a?r? wer* ,n ifcetr pretended rnorM lo obtain Han ly Hook, the public may infer from the I act, Vuivl *? far ba<-k a* January la?t, be* *eme cf the clti/en? of thL? I/land ?>tgge* ed to Mr P"WU'- UIU }?l I'l'l IT-IJ Ul IUMII K 111 ' )>piiu?liuil IVI tu IJ Hook, bo replied thai they ha 1 alrrady got a place at tV> guinea Point, which ru JnM an (root; and li la well known that Mr. Iawh commenced hta negotiation.* for the Wolfo farm in .lauiary. Commleetofter HaH neit utate* that they "took Imme 4;aie m?a*urea to iccure a location for toioimrary arwom MxIatwiOR '' It appear* from the report of tbe (JoramUi loner* to iho (Jorernor, pnblUhe.1 In four patier thi? morning, tli*t they *e looted and reomojen) the Woli'j farm a* a gjltab e "P^t for n permanent *tte Tbeae g^n tJem.n bar" all along defended their action upon th ground that the bnapitalx erected at sfcguine'a Point wer w?rel? for temporary accommodation* but their rojvir Ibl* line of their defence Mr Hull nan! enter* lain a lengthy argumrnt to dhow that Coney Uland ? u no) a auitahie location for a quarantine ?tatkon Kortunatily we hare the opfoion of I?r. Ihnmp?nn, the Health Odloor {given to tbe publia meeting at liiohmond) contradict ug Uit* flatly. Tbo Doctor there Atatcl th vt be ha 1 oarr fully eiamitiel the rartou* localities talked of, aed had come to I be i onelurlon that Cooey Inland had at*ant*go? over any other apot. and he ron*ldered it preferable even to 4andr Hook. After atallag to the meeting Uie tn?iirmounUble oh?tariee to au efliclent quarantine at Sejiiine'a Pntnt, be concluded by raying ?''Indeod, gentlemen, I think fhut { *?ay aaaxirr yon that yon need not (ear that thia will ever b***?me a permanent location.'' Tct In the facs of Una, " rtof tho conclusion* to wblch every ?on?ible mnn who aiamined the gubjeft, ba? arrived, the ('.imiaiwlonera "" Hed and recommended tbig a* the mort an la bit *pot in mu water*. We can only eonjectu-e thetr motive* , T'* Hr. IU||, "the /<eg > lature h.i"! decided the "ha" *?e removed." Vea. they have de<-|d*d 5L.-"/j*. r-f7B"y?d, and removed from itaten leland *'***l ?WNI that the <V>mm.?-iw,! ?biull merely .itA ,/l ?? tho a"??b "Me of Uw ;?lan I They . "?* "I'OUl I be p?r,*ii od If fee, ' Tnr *< eomix* I?ti'>n-', \i"r wtUiin Iha mi *< ",",h ocoiQmo tahou* * ItmWM pflrehiurpir the Jh0 'r ReMt'emen irtr n><4 nt fx manfcii 5 Lf fhr * per.nuieut "tfi"n, ? , ? re+rmftG ' <Mn anl quibbio M ?f k-j fW#d w tb?ir own Co?d?l o He teef No, it !g E X E averted th?t (Jov^rnoi King telectcd Messrs. ITr'.I unci Urn bob became V-ey bad mtermts on S/OD^ liluud 10 be pro toe,ted. Mr. Bowno wan dwiroua tr. have the Quarantine go to Siguine'e l'oltit, and these gentlomeu were perfectly willing togiatity liliu. They selected atul recommended the Wolfe farm lor a po'manual ?ile. atul it was not un'il llieir eonduct and motives began to bo canvasseJ in ihw public prints tbat they talked of a temporary location. The truth Is, tbst tMs whole y iaramine.c,ommiBFlon if in keeping with the other juptf'ory of Uie Wack repobl can officeholders at \lbany la*t winter. A uiagDitVent sohomo wa? jown up iu the lobby tor a speculation in the vicinity of Neguine's l'oint. A grand system j>F warehouse*, f hadowed forth in 'he report of the Commissioners, was devised. and hut for the excitement on Aaten Island, would rave been carried into executiou. JParloi^statement* hive been inFctcd, both in the report of tho Commissioners, and in tie letter of Mr. Ha!!. Kor insUnce, It is stated that 'Volfo farm -'is so completely UdUted thai lh>' bofpiLi!- can h<> b'ilt without danger to any of tlio inhabitants:" whei .is, affidavits hive been raado by many .1' tee f.r-t physicians In the Mate that Segmno'* l'oint Is one < tbo most dangerous localities. There is a ' popu'a ion ol l/JOO inhabitants within one mile, 2,'iOO I tflthln two miles and a,000 within three miles, rt ap f pears from a recent census. However, the publican1 getting their eyes open to the scheme w hich hascarried the Q arantioe to Sefuine'i l'oint. and tlie whole plai will be frustrated. There 13 much yet to come to luht, and which w ill astound the commercial community, Yonn. C. Wline Shall a Permanent tlunrantliic be Kitabllnhnl 7 TO THE KPITOR Of TBK HFRAT.D. WjtSHrxuTo.v, D I'., Jane <*, 1857. Among the questions at issuo at the proa cut time, the subject of a quarantine, as relating to New Yo? le. Is ono of no small importance. The whole srbject rcolves lt?elf into one question? Where st>ail a permanent quarantine beentabUsbed in New \ oi This ?ubiect has been pretty well examiu?d in the Journal of tXmnkrrc*. in letters to'ijvemor Kiug, a letter to Meters. Aspinwall and UiLtum. or Now York, and In the columns of the Stalm of this city. Tho state menu and loiters published all been one aided, and no one liax rtpM to th- B. The erection of a temporary quarantine where It is now beitg established by tho Quarantine Commissioners ap pointed at the latt session of the legislature is necessary fi.r the city; and, I ray. let it go on for the present. Charity demands that something be done within thirty days at farthest fiom tha present tuna. It Is certain, however, that 8e?'u nr's l'oint will not begin to hold all the vessels landing at N'ew York. On the 22-1 ult. there arrived at Now York, ?'ore:gn and coasting vestclfl, ono hundred and fourteen vessels, not iaeluJLng sloops and 1!phters. If this bo the number arri'ing now in me day, what must bo the number of daiiy arrivals ten ytais hence? My advice is to make piovUdon for the future. With this view 1 think you had bU<cr begin at once, and bring down the l'alhsades to the northwest corner or the Fa.-1 Bark, make a breakwater on tho said ?h? lV.,.rl..<>n r ? ..Un?.l !>.? -?-?l . corner of the Bank, und thence continuing it ea?t for any required ilintuuce, forming a right angle, loading a halt niilc "swath'' between it ard Coney Ielacl. the open angle to the southeast wil collect the thrown In by wilJh fiom that quiuter, bl 1 soon form an iilnnJ. There U a t-p.H there now "ilry at low wa-. ter let dorks be built lu? do for vessel*), tbht have to tllscbaige their cargoes. Storehouses can bo erer.Ud i>ti the wall and ouiMrit". Oravescnd b iy can bo u>cd a- an ncchoiago place 'or vessels in a state of probation, and Coney Ward or the old Quarantine tor the tick and tccmary pbybicianj, Uie latter to reside In the place Toe current wnflned U> tl.o line of the wall, having an oatlet on t!io " fourthn fed cbMUML" w it carry Oil lUe tll'h among tho ouUirfc breakers, and perhai* deepen that channel some feet. Yours OLD IQ6Y. Was Mr*. Cunningham Married t? Or. IfnnlHl t TO THE Ebrroa OF THR HERALD. Vcu will confer a favor npon the writer of this and the public, If you will give this a publication in your valuable paper, as 1 purpc>c to throw wine light upon the subject which has been so long aj<il.ittn? the publi; mind, an 1 which FtUl bids fair to uniwiJ some rish developsmanu lor the cur .ouB. On the 28th day cf October last, a gen Ionian whose cccu(alien is that cf chemist and a manufacturer of arti Octal teeth, called at the house of Dr. Burdell at 31 Bond rUeet, in the early part of the day to see him on business, snd was told that the Doctor w?< absent. He '.eft, saying that he would call again, which he did pre vie us toll j n., wut u ue wm iuiu nifti iuc ,xi ior wa" engaged at tlio Atti/ana' F.xnl;, anJ probaWy would Dot return home ulUI dinner Uuc, Thj ge&tlem&n then went to Die Hudson River ltallroad depot, in Chambert atreet, where be eni'ttged | aicago to Albany In tf>e 12 M. eiprM* train. After Laving fecured a teat, and whilit waiting tbe Marbcg of ibo train, a gentleman wai pauiqg through tin* oar whom be rcoofnlaed and eaiuted a? Pr Rurdeil, at tbe Hue time giving him portion of tbe aoat be waa occupying, and which they r eta. net until tbe arrlTal oftbc train at Ba-t Albany. After being Mated, tbe gentleman laid tj the Itoctor that be had called t vice at hi* office tba' mornlnf, and both time* found h in abend. "Yee,'' replied Pr. It, "1 wai engaged wtib b'-i'lnen* at the Artizone' Bank.'* The conver?*U<>n roon timed upon builne*? matler?. i when the ?.-ei?Uftnaa told the Por*>r he hnd ea!>d to sell | bim tome teeth; to which Pr R. replied, "that bit sup, ly [ was rery good, an 1 that he did not wi*h to buy except be co-ikl make a goo.l bargain. ' The ameer v.n?, that if be would take a large quantity, say t&ree or four bun dr< d, the pi leu Uiould be no low m to make it an object for him. This bartering recited m Doctor'* purchasing fonr hcuIrtd tceih at f- per hundred the cue! price, when ?oI l in > mail qnar.tltie*, fcemg eigtn cer.t* each. The train arrived at Ka*t Albany at 5 P. .M.. wh*n the partlee went lm ned-.etelv to tt? l"elavan Houae, -ben U?i rale wis ton |<lcted, at.J tbo v th delivered w.ih a bill of tale, which had a printed bead, and was wcrdod lomotbitig likf- the following:? Pr. Biirilell Bought of Pr ??, chemlft and man'iflicttircr or ar tlflelal, four hundred artificial teeth, ft *3 tVi Rrcelved payment. Signed. AiMi?Y, Uct yn, Thif tramac.Uou occurred between half pint 'We p.nd tlx liVlfn'lr V \f In Ihr tlflftran llm .o hnfnm irnntlnn<u1 When (be bill tu binned to I*. B lrdell he folded it and put it lo the imlde brrmt porU' l of hi* coat, on the Icil hide. Ma bill mm turd one Ihfl MV hid of tbo miw penon donrp the preceding eighteen month*. and if rot cictroyrd by MmiM fartTea, thoold jet bo found atrnpp hi? pa^r*. It ia uun<c>???ary 'it me here to Bantlon carries, but if the Muungate, or those havloi thn pa I< r? <1 Ot BiM inchargc. mill look carefully fur thoie mentioned above they nay Mil' be found, up >o which the ramc of my informant will appear. The rnaton why thia lias b'-en withheld t? ea?y to explain. *;nr? there are bat fiw among uk who are voluntari.y willing to came bof >rc the publb to testify, time it necesssriiy io:ari a lo* of time to tho bu-ineea man and secures to It a wiinea* a notoriety not much to le coveted, especially when ??ao elated w itb Uiai clam of people who are the jr.nclpsl ar tor* in this case. I can aiaure you that if the name or the grnllrnmn la found among the papora a>K<re referred to. be will mnt.t wiidrr'<> come foraanl and teeti.'y to the truth, regardle*e of tlio delicacy of the siti:.utoa wb rh lirs. C. would hare u* tluuk alia ie at preeent In. 1 adtrlt that Mrs. C. may hava married l>r. Burdell a hundred Umea on former occasions, b it aa to the itStb of October, she certainly could not, If what la bere wr.tteo be true. f. J. Kkw York, June 2,1?S7. A Twrtrr rnmtK Tow Yacht Qkmjm tttt A rr attic ? There la now lying at the root of r*ne *tre?t, K**t rlrer, a mail yacht, with the pretty and hu>t rira' name of ChArter Oak. She la tloep rif, and her Unea, Judg'ng from Uie way the slta on the water, are everything that co-ild be deaired to inanre ep?ed and bearing. The Charter Oik la now taking atorea on board, the owner having :eterm txd to rtart for I.^erpool in the oour<e of next week. Tlila ia an undertaking of gr?-wl dating, aa will be percived from tbe lollowlrg dimensions of the gallant little sle<p:? lenpth 43 feel. urer ail 1*H" Mold ?V? Mart 99 ? Topmast, Id " ------ ? ^ I - lUxfn" -4 ' Gaff. IT " Iloi't of mainsail A... rU 11 Tonnage 914 4 Ions. Her cuiim consist* of matnaail. Jib, flying Jib, jrafT top Mil, ??)rare?ail and rtuddingsail?ispread tig In *11 ?"0 yaids. Th? bull la built of ?hl!? oak timber* aid frame, with bar mats k knees, the dock la of white p ne and the Catling yrlU* pin?. fhr wsa built, la now owned, and will be nailed by Mr, Charles IV V ebb, a native <if siamfbrt, GMMciicii an I a hitcarpenter by profeMion. He Inform* us be la only twenty reren years of age, but he certainly looks much older, for there I* an air of experience about him, mnsh I it 11 lot baa doubtless been iw imred Uortag half a domm voyages across the Atlantl) on b*rd the I'D..Mix, ono of 1 K< rtnit A f.'arew's Una of Liverpool packets Mr. I.has Webb'a cresr will consist of tba mats, Mr. William Andrew Tucker, tvo seamen and a cook?*v? ' hands In all, Including otiioera. fie carries out provisions ' and water for ninety daya, which are safely slowed away In the poop cabin. Ibis apartment is rrmriderably roomy Inal'le, ami oontalna eight berths, a oookiuf stove, conf bin, 1 csrk of water *c. Mr Webb fi eh confident of reaching Liverpool within 1 three we<kn, but raya be Intends doing all ho oan to reach i hia destination In quicker time than the y.inht America He pvopo?ea starting abont the |M1 of the month, and wa therefore advise the cili/ens of Liverpool to keep a sharp I lookout for a little black sloop of twenty three loos, with I w hit'' wnter line and dcek rail, whleh may fce exported off ! I Uio Mcrtey about the Kth of July next. I * Nsvsl Intelligence. Tlie f'nlted Prates survey fog schooner Varina anchored 1 off Hobokrn vesterrtay. I The l otted ?ates sloop of war Portsmouth, Commander roots, arrived at lfong hong March II, from Amoy March II. I The toiled males steamship San Jacinto, Commoner* Armstrong, was at Long Kng Mart* 30. W 10 MORNING EDITION?MC TROUBLES IN TAMMANY. I The Vew Reform Movement-Ita Aim and Ob Jcil?I'lfihU of tb? Fw'tlonn?Tlie Reform | Convention on Tliandty NlgUU>Sc?n<i and Incident*?John Kelly Tlu-otilea Ohii Hlchlt'l , ami Dan cries " Poccuvl''?Jlovtm??t hi Ki- > pel the Reformer*, <Skc., Tho democracy has been kicking up queer capon In this city of late. The baUio of the factions bus been waged | with a forocioutnrNi not often excelled tn tho put htotnry | of tbe party. Amn any Hall, tho Old Wigwam whore tho i tomahawk i3 buried every fall, and tho calumct of poace smoked, only for strife to break out more biUor when tho j Beaton lor the division of the spulU approaches, was, ai I utual, (too batllo tieid of th? factious. !.mt week, Indeed, w.ii an exciting one, even for Old Tammany, that has witnessed bo much excitement. Committees and conventions to reorganize the democracy, and la bring it back into its earlier and better frame, have been held, and haro only th 1.s far ' resulted in widening tho breach between the factions. roainoN or the factions. The deajocracy of tho city and county of New Yorlc is at present, a< indeed it generally in and promUes al*?ys to Ito, divided and split up. Its orini onent parts, j.ts.noar, are known as the Wood fiction aud the Iibby faction. <>f course cach claims to bo the pure, unadulterated, out and out ?imon I'ure democracy, and bran Is the other with the ' epithet of feham, bogus, aud other terms fignil'ylng ttto ro verte of icgular. The Wood tai'tioB, liking ti nami frc.n the .Ma} ot, 1 ion the control of tho municipal, the police, \c., and its patronage ^:.vta it an Immense and , p'eiioudeiaiico over its rival, known as the Iibby faction. The latttr acquires its deait nation from the name of a gen tlerrun w! o gmMlin?(1 at the List clecuon u auppUnt Fernando Wood in the Mayoralty of tho city, but who, on that occasion, only succeeded in p.illir;; four thousand out oi Fome eighty thousand votes east. Put if tho ! Wood lies have tho niumvipal patronage in their hands, the Lihbyites have in tbeir (arjr tlo presume which the p'-sses-lon of Tammany Hill gives them. They also control tie patronage of the l'ost Office, the Surveyor's cilice, tho Navy Agent's oflflce, and other department of tho federal pnvr rnment bore: and conecqncnUy arc foe3 by no means to bo despised or undervalued. no* the l1beytte8 cot into taltwtnt. To n: in an > Hall, as we have paid?tho Matainft of tho paity?Is in the hands of the Libbyites. At the last eleo ti< n of t'aohems, the 1<ftdWV of thai faction mauage.l by a hi???i"ii'k of lntritfurt In hnva a. ?nftu>i?.tv of thrtir numbers inducte-I into that imposing?in one pcu-o at l'ia-t ?po-t. These Sachems arc elected by the clo-e corpora tiob representing tee Tammany Society, many of the mem bers of which no longer act with the purty, but have Joined tho black republican ranks not lo-ing thereby, however, tlii.-ir rlgbt to vote. Tho vholi DMibM of \it<* cait frr tno lust batc h ot iNU-hetns was only 67,10 that tho term dope ooriwrntion Is not n supplied. I*' we added tho qualification! of rotten and corrupt we would be no farther from the truth. BHFOHlI OF TI1K rntMART EMOTION 6Y9TFV. Well, this of Sacheuis. tliii democratic panhodrim, ha\ipk been ti ttailed, and having thus beaome the custodians < t the property uf Tammany Hall, one of the flrat move? to which tboy turned their attention was a move to turn out and eject the Pemocratlc GpotaI Cora nmtee. and prevent their meeting "in the head<idarters of ' the tic roe aid uuterritled." The motive of this move was to deprive that general Committee?known now a days ac. the Wiiion Small committcc, ami supposed to bo in tho interest of the Wood faction?of tho no al weight which is prehumel to a tach to the wigwam. Tor the purp>>e of accomplishing that object, bat under the plea of rofoimirg tho primary election system of the party, they called tog? 'he: a convection of members created b/ tlit'n sehe*, and of coarse reauy to be their pliant tools. The members of this Convention wero appointed in a novel manner, Kach ward waa to send Are delegates, of time tbe Council of i&chtms nominated th'ce, aud |*rtly suectoded In dictating who the other two snould bo. This convention *as denominated tbe reform cjnvcntitn. it waa to purge the party of tbe Iniquity of its waya. and introduce pome other influence boviJca that of the rumbole politician* into tbc primary elecliuii py?t)tii. That, at leatt, was tbe magnificent design which :t affected to have, but all lb is waa and la mere pretension It la nothing more ror leva tbun a faction move, having its baais In low dimagogical trickery. It was merely an organization to peri?tnate the I.'bby dyuasty overthrow the WoOdtlAi and get inrlde or Tammany llall the IJbby bolters ?rho had u,i to that time bad tbe privilege of remaining outaido af tlw> " "> Ai rOtKTMKKT Of A COMMITTfH AVD RCB-i'OMMITTKB. Puch being ibe aim and or/io /itjon of ihe ltjf >rm Convention, thai body met fur tUo tirit timo In March, and appointed a general committee of one delegato from cach ward, their ertton being mule by the chair, aud the coo*e<incnce beirg that eighteen of the commit .eo belonged to the IJbbv ruction. Atilie:r te:utiil meeting in the name memk. the* rolfrrod Iho auhiooi mt reform lo a nub-rum mittre of live, confuting of Kobort J. Ihllon, Imlaii Ryn- / dera, Anton llerrlclr, I'billlp W. Kng* and Mr. H'lterbury, a clerk In ihe I out On ice I wportmeot. Ttiia iub committee bad many nKetingt, and finally a plan wa* a^rec 1 upon whirl) ?n?id pot an end to thejpreaeut dtygraocfulfc Vetera of primary election*. Tbe plm on it* face apiwared to be a (air ana liberal ore Hot it was pimply got up for effect, and lo give an air oi'aincerlty to the movemeut. It? adoption had never been contemplated or intend**!. It waa pot up merely ?a a blind to oni -eat the ultimate dengna of the mover* and to ward oil *o>plcion tub mccltn Ri-nntt. Thl* flan, a* matured by the ?ub committee of fire, was presetted to and endor?ed by the committee of t v^oty two. It ! I Mr. Han'el ; . * ? frr th" fir t time appeared on tbe ?tai ? In connection with th^ m >rotntist. He wa* a nu mber of ihe com ?itu e of twenty two. Be polltc'y deelred to na\e tbe plan reftl to blm. 11.i re t whj complied w ib. lie ailected to be plwuiol ?. ?b the jlar declared hi"aj prova! of u. ' Hut,'" aald be,in a Riott iBilnuatlrp, b at, I manner, ''tbero are ?ome fbfht amcndmenti vbich I would like to ofler to it, ai.d I hop fomo (renUi men who voted with Iho niajjniy *11 oblige uic by moving a recouMJcravon to that I may ollir theie my amendment* to the consideration of tlio t-miy ' the ippl waa not made In vain. Poni? willing to comply with luch a reasonable rtipieft morfd a reroni Iteration. T)ie vote wa* accordingly recoiiflilered. and tlx n Mr. Kicking, in tbe vanie plftu'tfclo t'ylc, *ufcm tted hi* few Might amendment!, winch turned out to lie an entire aubut ile, compk'tuJ) changing Ihe whole form, feature* and clnrnctcr of tho plan. The trap won rprung. Tbe original plan, an we have lutin aled, was iuer< ly got up for eflcct, for iho.v, noi ?or iTBdiGc. inr nm i*>mi ni*r |imu, ui>u< rcu ntxi coLcocU il t> these political artfiil dodger*, * im qu.etly flipped ml of Mr. Ini 8i? i.lea'pocket, and Introduced under the gni#e of a few' amendment*. It* lei-vf l?, and tt? operation would bo, to place I no democratic voter* of the oily unde r the thumb ol tin* rcturm con vrntu.n to Tarn in an )r Hall, or of inch other organ! tatlen as thould bo created I y !C That woild not he e?ai tly the at rl of reiorm that i* needed, or that It HKfiy in be made. I tut pad of "ammany lla!l or an y i?ber rorropt orgaai7\li?n* controlling ihe deai'K'racy of ; the city, and tilling moat of Uic public ottH-oa with knaves and foole, the reform which we e*pe<*t to nee toon ln.i'i gurated will *weer> away the?e <iu?gra<-ef d orgtoi jaU'W, and Uieawatma or political blacklegs attach-d to t: and will perhaps place la otl re men for whom pood III ens ran cow lentioualr aod honorably rote. That if the reform we need; but that la not the tort of reform pro|oa?U by the new Iwniel come to judgment WHAT WOrLD Bl ITS trricT? What waa the p an proposed hy Mr. f?ani?l F. ffck!**, and #td">r?*d by the committee? Nothing more nor lea* than that the lire delr!/* ? * from earb ward to that On veevoa, eoui?ting for Hie m- t part of inch a* ate or have tbown thfm**l?ea of the labby partmana off.' ehoUler* In the I'nat Ml ice, Surveyor a oilloe and Navy Agent'* olllct?rhouid tr> authorised to in< reave their number to twenty Ave, and that the e twenty Ave men la each ward honM form ihe bad* of the democratic organization, makf the nomination*. an<l ia fiart hold all the pn*?r of ibe party In their own hand*. Ne ther more nor le>?, la lact, than the tratmfer of the power to *cll aomtnation' from the bnllie* and inoulder bitter* to an orpaolted ccmpauy of twenty Ore dealer* In nomination*. A notable plan, indeed, by which OtT'le* wo M be put p to public compot -ion, tlie proceel* nf tfcn rale* to go to enrich the joint Muck ward company of taeaty Ove.lchn Kelly denounced tht* ncherre ia com mittee aa a fraud on ttie democracy of the city, it ta kkpobtkd to Tin: com** no*. The Committee, however, adopud K, and ?obrei?ertly the tame evening reported it to the tfenrentton, whirb was In e??i< n In Tammany Hall. Ei ?h V. I^urdy, fktrilliarly known a* the war homo of the democracy, waa in the chair, and Uaac fowler, the I'oitmaeter, waa at Bis bark If prompt an I direct hia m'.rgt and i*borw!te k"cp him on th? rgbt track. Many of U.e other light* of Ttinman \ wore prcrnt?the wily and artful Sickle*, the cla* ale Cochrm.e, the am able, good natt.rM .lohn Kelly, the steam ai llr.tine man. Har.'ler* Ih. venllo Iltrl ant a crow I of prominent o(!k" hnMor* In the Custom IIo<i*e, Po?t Oflk-e, K?tj Ak? nt * ofUoe, hie TDK COMTlkTIOK?THE HCtkKfl ?CW*MK OTrpOBftKO BT I'll,I,ON, CO*LEU, COCHRAN*. 0A?T AND KTNMM. Wrll, the ConT^ntion wet on Thursday n(*h? In Turn mm; IUI1. The Itrklea plan of reform t?a* preerijto! by Mr. f?lllo?, who raypMMtf tt in an honr'a epeoch. Ttti* ftrntletn? II nmy be Ml I It piaeinfl? was OM of tlin Artor Horn* Uomrmiieo ihat met tot winter and concocted the bill* aflrct li| thi< metropolis which Mit>(W*incntly j*?? ed the |r)()Fli?(iiT?>, aad ?jatn-t whl< U All joot dein , rata Are now Array ?d. Hp U< aleo one of flotfronr King'* fVokral Ink Oomra ?rtorirr??coflwquoatly a very (it peraoo to umlvrtake to rrfnrm the derr<ncr??'C organi/altoo?At least in the Interest cf bla< k repubi.'-aiiigm After thii irtrrrtuntn*. by M' Ml Ion of the plan of Mr Sickle*, he wa* followed by that worthy l>.motif, by Tow I

ler, by John C'xhraii#, by Hurt id i o> lt> tiders hi *.;ro ] ea?y of it. I <OBN KKI.LT DENOUNCE* TDK ECHKMI AND EXP0?W I All KI KE. t Hrn. John Kelly opioeed it ?armlr And rchemenMy He etroeeH the ino?ie in which the dod'ire had b???>n per|<? imt<-(t It wan, in hi? opinion, A Dwindling operation. and i , he T'Eorowly demmnrr-l theewiod'era for thn? attempting in f h? at him atd other* of tho rmmHlM, abI to b*iraY ?nd ilerert 'be democratic party. He charged stokle* and Milr-n with baring been inurnment*! in th?? i>??*age In Albany lae* winter of the obnoJioun laws trampling on Ute ( ighta of thin municipality. E1CELM CALT.fl EtlLT A HAttn NAMK. Mr Ackle? retaliated by Intimating that Mr. Kell/ him re If wa? the tool of Mayor Wood. EEI.LT TTTROTTl.M ETCEMBt *vt> PiN 1ECAVT*. I iara't t?? too nrrb for the hot Ir>h blood of tlw RK H iNDAY, JUNE 8, 1857. otherwise amiuhleCOngremtFan It was not to bebrook'jd; ana bo was resolved then and there to hive it retracted. So he In mediately brought hia burly frame into the itn mediate neighborhood of iho unfortunate offender, ?el7.ed poor SI' klo-; by tiie throat ami demanded a relracUon ?f the words uttered. Ilia argument was wonderfully convincing. With extraordinary <}nlckne.urf Sickles perceived blB error and made mjds that he wa* realy to do all ibat ?u wwiti d of hiin. The grip on the th'oit was relaxed | on the part of Kelly, and oa the pari ff SloWiw llw i?U- | matirn of Kelly 'k being a t >ol of the Mayor'*, was fillly wiihdra ?n, and an humble ap<ilo;;y offered f?r the suggestion Had it not been forthcoming Coroner Connery micht have had another opportunity, at Pan's expense, of . euUlatiug his profound acquirements in "Crowner'a <i<ie?t" law, but Kelly wan fatlflled, and Connery lo?t the chance. K?I l.T 1CCC8KS SICKI.IH AND FOWLEH OF TKKA91N. Kelly again look the lloor, and reiterated the charge of Pickles' co operation Willi the black republicans In paving the metropolitan bills. lie referred to the fact that the samo charge bad been made against him b} the v>'kw Voj.k Hmuip. and that ho (Sickles) had no', dar<?d to deny me laTcmfLi) out nact ?nirken tne uir< l .mne, ana an- i iwciH the ehargn by writing an Impertinent note, L wbi>h he (Mr. Kelly) bud no doubt Ui? writer had long ?iEce regretted. Mr. Kelly also charged Fowler with Inrtr mentaMty In tho pwago oftbofo meo/Mire* at Albany, and of tiie present movement to overthrow the dcinocr.ith*. party , and stated that It was well understood that lie (1" vvior) exacted the vote of Sc.vard and**ew*rd'a frlfndB In tlr- S.nate of tliu fulled States when his uamo WMMIWtMkt in for WllrMiN MCo -I mar. tor, having very ilUlc cvnlidctico In tho support of the democratic Senators. AKOTHKH L1TTI.B HOW. Tt!* renrnUrt li it ween tho two me tr. born of Cor.greM was cot tho only amusement of the kind in wbuhtbe Convention indulged ou Thursday night; auotber nice litilo scrimmage was got up between Alderman M'iSpedon and Mr Thomas Burr,?, of tho 5th ward Wo have heard It faU?though wo ran ha dly credit tho st ? ement?that tbe latter hsil been set on by the Postmaster for tho purpose of Lettirg up a fl^'lit tn the room, so that tho Conven'lou might e able to accomplish by violence -vbat it could not do by argument and vote. MOTIONS TO purxr, TO ADJOCRH, ETC. Tho tceLco took place pending a proposition from tho opponents of Mr. Sickles' plan to have it printed, ant to Rdjoora the OVTCWM for throe days, to as to attorn tho deleaves an opportunity to read, digi t and thoroughly understand it. This seemed a fair ?uU rc a. unable proixx-lt'ou; b. I '.he ma;;>rity voted it down, atd vo.ed down every amendment offered to it, Dd every proportion to give the Convention an opportunity of iuvcidigatiDg tho hearings of the ditlerent divisions of tne plan. TBE 8ICKLE3 TL AN ADOPTEI*. And finally, at two o'clock in tho morning, the '' nvention, under the whip of Sickles, Hart, Suundori, Fowler, I'urdy and IHIiou, adopted Uio plan. T1IK OKVKK A L, COMMITTER DSNOUKOK THE i-i'UEM*. This plan, which is illiberal and unfair, ami even more liable to corrupt itsta than the pre?ciit primary election y?trm, is of courte repudiated by the regular Democratic Republican Heneral Committee of Tammany Rail, of which Witaon Ismail is chairman. That General Conim't'co met on Friday night and |Missed a series ol' resolutions do nounclrg ihc s cheme, uml o*pri*>ing a determination to adopt a ital reform plan on which every democratic voter whose name appears ou the jicll li^t shad bo allowed to vo?o. TI1K KKtOKM MEMC1R3 CALLRD TO ACCOUNT. Thi* romm Hm aNo ordered the sccroU'lcs to notify every ore of Its members who had voted f>r tho bogus pfcn in the Conveution to nppear ut tho nn*t meeting? Thursday evening next?and state why he should not be expelled for hit action in that matKT Within this i t of rerutanU are comprc hended the uamei of Fowler, lUrt, Cochrane, and otner letter lighis. They will probably prove contumacious, and cither no'. ap\>ear or rel'uno to defend Ihelr conduct, i either of which events they will undoubtedly be expelled. We will probably have tone more rich scents on that oceanion. BI.ACK KKFl'BMi AM COI KCTI.I IJ." THK CAMP. The object of the loader* of the < invention is t tofold. It Is, in the hret place,to get into thrir own hiindtt tho abso lute coiitrol ol the democratic pa ly iu this cuy, m. l in the second place to co operate with Simeon draper ii Co.. for the pur paw of cin'>arrasncg tho Mayor and Common Council In tlclr cornet t on the po'ico qtiei-tlOD. <>ii? of the prominent men in the convention is Wm. P. Kennedy, whose brother, John A. Kerned}, la Thurlow V\ eed's right band mm In the emigrant depot at < .iMle harden. I'aniel K. Sickles is also Vouml to the black tcptiMlran*. It l? reported at an uudeniable fact tbat when but *eat wa* conte&ted In ttio -e Date by Mr. Itarr, be wait ot'y iieriiiilU'd to retain it onlho atipulailonthat he WMild make the 17th roan whenever hi* mj'iort would be repaired In aid of any black republican measure. In pnranaiMV) of tbat arrangement, he <liJ vote for the bill to give to the black r*|ml)ilcatiK the full control of the cm *1 patronage of the Wi.t", f.>r which ho wan very much oemureil at thu time by llic democratic piny in tUu I .egUitatnre. Wtl D AMD SETVARD IIAW Til FIR FIVOKHfl IN IT. There 1* reason to believe thai the whole of th>; rrtonn movement 1* rtaMy a deep laid plot of Thurlow Weed and Wro II 8ewar<l tut ttll further <!emorali*e and break do *a tbe democratic parly and to get immexiion or Tammany Ilall. In Am*, black republican* did influence the laul election ef i>e 0?r?t| of ^wUfffin, by appearlnf there and voting themselves, because every member of the tocj?<y?do matter what are hli politic*?i* enllt'eJ to vote lor 8acliem*. $20,000 uvnt In tfcwugftt og pos?cK*l?n of the vo'.m of th? Tammany Soeiety would, of oour*e, tf the prlnctjloa of that loctety and of the Omincll Sachem* were carried out, cotitrol the organisation of the democratic party no that hereafter all tbat It will be r-'ec-??ry In do will bo to ele. t a Council *f Hacbemt That Cuunt'll will elect delegate* to a Crnretitlon. and tl at Convention will elect the wencra' rvmo. rati? Committee, which makes the nom-niioiiA There tg the whole chain. If thin doe* not utterly and Irredeemably condemn Tamminy Hall and the corrupt democracy to the bottomlets pit of perdition, nothing in the wotld I* calculated to do *o. ?'c doubt whether the world or tbe cause of cirlti . ?i"n mi.u prutrrxs wuuiu w m ;cu mo 'jeer uy luai result The llortmtnt of Citizens to Clean the Streets* An adjourned meeting of milneniial 'lti*en?, called by City lnrpcctor Monro, to consult with b.m as to the proper course to be pursued ?li!i ref.rfnco to lbs pre*en? dwgructfully dirty condition of tbo city, tu held at the ofliee of the City ln?pector on dMtrday, Tb to worn pro. (tut, among others, John N. Onln, liichard Kreoob, *lMajor Kirgelasd, t'rofctior Ren wick, 0. W. Want, dpi. Marshall, and others. Mr. licrtoa made a br cf statement of tfcc facts, substantially an follows ?That on tbe lWh of March last, In view of the exhaustion of tbe appropriate a In Mr inrermert wan ma>lr I ~tween the Mayor, Comptroller and Street C<,mmlF*looer to have the streets clrancd. Pro]K?als were received, at>l contracts made under this agreement, which bare not yet been ronflrmc t by the Common Council. Co to tbe 9th of May tbe work went to after a ffe*bioa,aud about $i0,000 wait paid out for cleaning the *trcets. >fr. Morton on htt a'nuraing tbe tre? t cleaning department, and vainly endeavoring to i have tie streets better cleaned, refu*e?l to sign tbe war lasts of Mr Reynolds, tbe mr?t exten?.re c< ntracter, on i the ground that he was not performing the work, j and on tbe 20th of May, formally notited bun I that his contracts would l j linger be r^ognlied. ) Tbo work baa been prngre.-?>rg In t?io Tenth, Fie vent b, i Twelfth, Plitteolb, > ighi< er,tti and Tirenty flrnt wards un der this agreement, and la now In pro| re> , Mr Murtoo certifying to the bills, and tbe Comptroller paying tho money. Mr. Morton also obtained too content or the Comptroller to take op tbe garbige and a?fc*s In tbe .,lher wards, which I* now being done regularly .the Comptroller paying the bills. But the question It, low shall those wards be cleaned for wbi;h Mr. R*jaoMfe rontfac tod under the agreement. The Mayor reeognl e^ the agraemeet a? a permlMion to do Uie work, and Is wlll'pg to pay If tne I , work Is done. The Comptroller will not pty rviwpt under , r, ntirmrd ro?tra< l< orundtr 111* former **'re tlie ( performance of tbe wo?k twin* certified to by Mr. M 'ftoo Mr. Mortnn will not rortlfV l?> Mr. R'>tn I is' l>tll?, be--vi?? be ?/? the work ha? iwrt hern I ?o about fifteen ward* for which Mr Rejnoid.1 contrary >1 a e in a horrible condition. I'nder tb?*e drr iin.etuirp? Mr. Morton did not 1 know wbat to do, and a? kr I the adrice (S th**? rlii/en*. 1 A very locg deauitory corner at on took p:.-?cc atoncgtb me preeenl. * Mr. 0. W. Bir*t wm perfectly willing to 4o hi? share toward ckaning tbo ?Uco? n lh? Itmn^ljaie T.caiit/of Mr. Picbauti Funm beared thM thi* of eld foglea ??iid not de much, and thit one thnnMer hitter Iiad mare Influent* th:i? any one of them lie wan'*! to tare tbe right kind of a pqbli: meeting railed, to that the tt?'?? could be rear bed. Mr F. J Ommti* (Oowltman) *? in fkrnr of having the Board of Health tut Immediate mea'-ire* to bare the Mrtrta cleaned, an a mem aanitarr proceeding, anl If I they would tot do It lot the re?p- nubility re?t will tb<*m He rrcommmdcd that, m the Board of Allermeo hvl trad" the *ut>)e?t tho rpecial order fur M' nday, this tncrting rhould adjourn fill Tuesday, and that an elloft hould be made to obtain iu-h action by tbt Bwrd of < He* lib. Mr. Mown* Mated that If he bad the money he Maid rut fight hundred men at work cleaning tb" *tree?a in ?lt hoar*; but hta ba<id* were tied by lh"?e oonlncta node* I lh- agreement, and nntil the < tnmoa Ooun .i took tome I li' 'r t ai ti'iii hr> HI ili| ,|n ni :t irI It wm determined to adjourn ui In Tuesday, fc a raj tbe I a xon of tbe C? mnm OmkII. Prriwial Intrlllgriirr. ITon I??ac Paris, ?if llawa-huietti; H<>n I I fleeter, 1 of rcenisj Iranla . Hon Edward (.toe:. m<mt>rr eie.-t from 1 1 Arkan?a?, and Capta n Cr< Ightot), command -r of the nary ' ' far J at Charleatown, Mwearhu ctu=, are In Wash'ngwn. j 1 T1 o I.oulnviUe CbwriVr announce* the parage thrnigh i II at city cn Tuesday eight of C<d. X. J M. Mnjor, of tbe ] I rank'ott i'tomnn, and T M i;recn, of the Frankfort Om- j . mtmvakk. They were on their way to another rttate ror ! . ma purpuee of lighting a duel. Tbe diBicuIt/originated in . mi edttat ial ;en>y AMtirAf.*- ) From Forfb'k. *e , tn tb- ? ?? ?Mp R??no?? 'f R Tarlor. I I t Irtch. M M ColOorn, J M ('aellii. V H rtrnix-h. W tftre-kurn, 1 fta h < r?>w, P Mtrrln. f> R Teni ant, ! II ' n oeb. .'ue , Mt'or. u W Tord, Mrt and Mt?? Utimi 'r. M'<4 J i <unrn*r<, ; 11 mmnm and fuml r. Mm Mr Wk?le. ao0 1 tuimit-r. ' P 11 P'od'et'^, (j Hlap. f'r l?C f louriior, Tb"? Kiitfc*rfir!. Wm H T?rho?? W T I'mdr^n, .1 H Nrsl, Mr* V H?n? and I faufkier. J B Ono'ey, It Mi-reeier?. John Tylrr, .If, Mn ft, , Pre?ident Tyler, fra Hummer v>d tfaufhter, l*r Tarweil Ty i ler. Mr? Onnderdalc I. H ttterrnt. Mr'.1 l?n"y J .lohnaion n.d 'ady, Mia* K .luluteloe, I. A I^Tln ?. Mra l.'rrtig .<?d (au#bl?*r ST Porter lady ?od cb'Id. Job fl llo'nrw, l h 1 BambHn, In A Kem l.ia. 1) Kobertrw, and tea in tbe peerage. Pro* Hanrana, ia Je it r Warerly W F ,T*fk [ERA Theatrical an<l Munlcul .Matter*. The ?ttvu<Un<-e at tb? various j>la.".e? of amuxemont ww unumally good throughout week, anil from rrf?enl inilioationa the managers will be similarly favored for acme limo longer, particularly as mo t of ihom aro r?i?)rleJ t > have nmde arrangements for the production or aweral novelties with tho be*t tr.lont that can be procured. As re gardu whom and what we aro to have, there art se m.iuy rumor* afioat that it is |x>rltnp.4 as well to ayoid error l?y allowing tho parties to ni^ko tlijm man,feat when tho proper time arrives lor 10 doing. Niri/i's k burn.? Jeromo Kavel'a comic pantomime, called "Bianco, or the Haglo Sword,'' was produced ? > ith tho most hucos ou Monday, and continued to ^bo received with tho highest demonstrations ' pf Batisraction every night during the week. It is pronouueed a cliff dV r? In its line; abounds with a variety or superb (scenery an I tx traordlnary tricks and transformations, an J, to add to Un novelty, Antolne pert'orma a speaking character. Tho pieco will be repeated to night with the bullet ut "L'Alm.e," Howkuv.?The people fl3.:kc<l to thia theatre n va-t multitudes OTcry evening lust week to wtineaa the i o nowncd ' Mow," Mr. l\ S. Cbanfraa, tu hi? n w pUy entitled '-Linda, the .Segar Girl, or Muao Among tho C <nspirators," which la conaldered superior t> anything hi.herto produced in that pocuHa?, or whit may be m^ro approfr lately termed, Bowery branch or tho drama. It scits so unprecedeutedly will that Manager Murphy h?i secured the services or Mr. Chanfta't Tor anoJer week. Tonight wo ore promised tho "Maid with tb<j Milking Fail,'' "IJnda" and the "Ocean Child." Bi kto.'v'o.?The numerous frequenters f?r this establish mcntcaLnctbe otherwise than gratified to l am tint Mr. ami hi*. w.j. r lorerce, wn ve aci.ncations or ir.-n aua Yankee charactcrR havo reoont'y gained for them i>o much celebrity in London ird eio therein Kuro;*), n^o t'> make their tirnt appearance here since their return tonight Mr. F. is to play In Mr. Brougham'* popular Uruma of tho ' Irish 1'mlgrant," tho lady in '?i I."' cm for Husbands," and both in fio ''Yankee Housekeeper." Duiing the week Messrs. Mark Smith an ! C. I'ihcr, Treasurer Harnett and Mm. Hughe* t>>ok beneQU at this house, and on Wednesday a farce w.u proluc 'd calVI tho "Ccroncr'a Inquisition," from tho jxn of A. Oakey Hall, Etq. Waiiac k'1' ?'The "Ferious Family,''with Mr. WaNack as Captain Murpby Maguiro, *?< brought out at thin house last il'-nday, but was withdrawn al ter tho second night. Mr. Wallock continued his admirable personation! of different* fcaractfrg till .-Saturday, wti"n ho toik h;j bemflt and made hig la*t apper.rance. Thii evening wo aro tj have an old New York favorite, Mrs. J. W. Wallaclc, as Mrs. Beverly in the "Gamester," bring brr first appear ance eince her return from Europe, where her vurioiuj performance- were warmly eulogized by tho public an l tho pre??. She will be adequately supported by Mes*ra. N'tiir. I'volt. and others of the lulcutcd oom. nuv "J.Win Dobb* ii to be ibe afterpiece. Laika Kkksk's ? Thid fkvorlto little theatre hin boon handsomely titled up. admirably ventilated, ami other, wite rendered comfortab'e for tho summer wmoo, which commenced on Tuesday. Some chains have tiken pli :o In the company; but Iborc olt favorites, Ueesrs. T. B Johnston and C. Wheatleigh, Ml ses Kate Beiiraolds, Manner? and ficold, flic., are still on the list. A new do meirtlc drama that it Is anticipated will crcato coii>i<l;rab!o sensation, called " J.ife'a Troubled Tides," In which Mlsa Keene percentiles the heroine, l? to be performed for the first Umc this evening. Variety '' arlll follow. AvnriR Mrarv.?The uianugera of this extensive eatabh? are entitled to much praise for their unrc. mining cieiticas to please not only mere cuno'ity oekcr?, but the lovers of tho drama and the public at largo. How well they mcceed In amply demonstrated by tho crowds always to he found lu Ibe different deparuuenu. The new drama, " Fraud and its Victim*," has met with a success ?'mw. b-yid precedent. Tbo plot Is founded on event* of the ino't thrilling interest, and the characters arc ho finely drawn and so well delineated by Me?>rs. C. W. Ciarke, Hal| away and Brldgi ar, Hi-a Mestayor, Kr , thai eieh performance is greeted with the liveliest plaudit*. It will be repealed every evening this week. "I'oor HI Moodily" i and "That Blessed Hoby'' ar* to be played this afteru'-on. Ooiomd Orsati.?The prufrau.iae for touiybt at ir?o. Chri ty and Wood * 1UII coalams a line selection of emirs, burlosquis, Ac., and the farce of * W'.fro, tho Sensible Monkey. '' The Burnley* lender lluir J j?tly popular operatic spectacle ef ' Aladdin,'" "Mirslstippt Steamers and M sa'jslppl Mggcnt,'' m"lo?fle*, A-e. Tbo lijrle:<i'i* Ccniet" wiil be Introduced by the Bsyauls to night, l? fctlior with Dan'a purr "K?iencc of Old \ irgitny," and n bo* l of otber coiuiealitiea. Riuiioiua Tacniicwut?Tho fr!?-nJ? of the farorlffl author tod actor, Mr. N?hn Brougham, are to m vH at the Aator House this evening for the purine of making ar- ' rangrmcMa to give bim a fraud farewell testimonial lie! it be one thai u worthy of both the recipient and his admirer?, "wh<ve name la legion." Mji*. 1 A who r <tt, m, Utrs leaving for Firop* at an early day, is U> give tho tint oft wo drew cl rnore-t* at Nlblo'i Saloon next Wednesday. Sbo will UaveUioaa- j awtance of ravera! eminent ml if in. jkWAiai k Kvikmi't>?t m ?Tho frlonWd of the popular 1 nmati ur, Mr Char <"* Ware, t>ropo?e giving bim acotnpll- j mrntary Uwtimonlnl at WaJlatk'a early atii week, on which orra*ion be wiil <?say ghak?per?'a great chi'act'-r of tfhy lock. Itkm*?It la reported that Mr. Mar'? Smith la aoon to rnmm<'tiee a atar eegagrm<-n? at ft. l,oiil?, where he will b< followed h> Mr. Burton in a aarlea of li..? celebrated parta. Mr. Fdw.n liooth la tlill at the Walnut ?t.-eet, ItUlar lj>l> a. Mr* narrow waa presented with ?j'W and an elegant braoch on the cceaMon of ber benefit at tbc Do>t >n tbrttra Monday. The M<?lr?Ml tUoatri will oj?a lo night for a ?ea*<m of ?<>b weeka, under the munfnnani of Mr. Re'ton. Mr !!<nirc!ca;ift aad Mi-mi rubcrtton ate at Nwrth'a amphitheatre, Uncart. Magg'o Mitchell 11 la I/eiircloa, Ky Maria* Macartby la Nashville. Mr?. John Wood in fluffa'o; M'. Nenfle la [>ubn[tiei the Mar?h rhiS drei in St Un. . tht Qabtiel Ravel troupe la Qariunal, and the Keller troupe in I.ouirville. Nepben Maisett (known in the United itateaaa " Jeema ri|-e? ) baa oatablltbei h.mself la U>?gK>d opinion of tho public at Melbourne. A eemmiMlna of .'.rama'ic authors baa met In Parlato Reinitiate five memhtr* in il.? i ? ? ot ih<?? wbp-e t irn it ?Ktor(tir?. Oil ilie Grid k*]M, M Kornni ?v dec tad nanimniiely to U>r pl??-e l?n t?> ?ot by M Ur/otbrer <14 Ihc ?*ri.fid<rt, MM Ivr w l, Unm l.o?Uu, M- loarllla ?c?! IMraux ncre uomiuateJ. Mr. 4 Inrrn Knar hw? ?hi>?u hi* "iw of thfl *?el?t*nca rendired to him on the <? < **tnn 01 the late accident by lire, by doubling the ?a!arie* fur a *?k of the per on?en(TVJ rnri al department* at the I'rucetn'a uieaue. MAKAOIIt BROrr.rfjm 4Wf* THK ttOWrny Tn*tT*?. No tOU [l? -mr WTHKlfr, J Mb# 9, INiJ. 1*1 mr. mm cw rwt hk?*' r>. Pray mrdoa me for aeklnt yv 1 to f\r? me an npportnBttjr c;f rrtttrg myaelf right ixrth wi?h my publv ?o l rr1- < Tate ft iriidf, t!ie rood opinion of whom J eataem too high 1 ly to allow tven the ?Hjhte?t attempt at a to I pM? uonotlrrit. ' The theatrical erltlr if the .Vtn lny T>m*t of vaatorkay, wita a motim wboee inlaiical t^B'tcucy It i? impowlbtoto I mirtake, a??ert??-upon whnaa aithnly t do not know? iliat "during ibe ten ninth* that Mr. John Rrn igham )ia t the Bowery theatre he ncrlted Into the trea?ury tl?o a(. ( gregat* inmtMtf adding, "bow did be coa- I litre to get rid of |? a!l, we won<ler? Ntiw.lflt be onlj tt>e reft'cmim'* e'irlo?lty whlf.h lx | ro cxr m ire*, I relcr him to Mr Thoa H. Murphy, wbo re 1 reived and dkfcaraed ftril amount Jurinn th< *. a?on, and who, I hare but fttt'e d?uht, will exhibit hit hook? and 1 ?o?i< herx fbr lite in?pection of our lrwi?i?ltite friend. 1 K it If he wtuh to wtinuate (*? it u Tery evident he dnaa) that I hare recktetely expemUd or mlawatd In any way Ibo metiayx recehed dunn< my marxgemetu, I iiave to ??nre three who ma* at all be Influenced by ttia in iando 11 . 1 n'y were the rtr, ml In m > i:,.mere wotitlng exp>n?ea of tha dieatro, bul I hove iBciirmt In the p?rhap* aomewhat Qilt lifl radraror to eleva'e ita itaodard and charac.u r k large amount of indebted u. a# for which 1 am alono r? ipon?ible, and which I ahall pay. a? I dll before under o.n.iiar ctrenwetancea, a* M.un ak I atn fortanatv. onongh to farn mfl'c.ient for toe purpoee. I r*cd, In I he 11 ret place, by Inflnentlal an 1 tnixtworthy t? nii> nn n < ? nnected u the way of btplneaa wlih the tb??tie, ea'trnally. and Impelled "uy the hope of belnn ab a lo 'nrtltute a ?pHHed and nrirxceptirntble plnce of amite- 1 went on the eaet ?td* rf the town, I waa la liM*d to ntte Ihe trial. I did rot kaov how uompletely tha lloaery *m Ttuto?,/ed until 1 found lbn U-$\ ? !? drowBe.1 in la I rer hlrr, and that arary hloek onBtnine l one of thow an < h enrrd dena t f drnnk?rn^^a aid ili?*iiitinjr t?'"'' ahl?.h are iha raal damoraiiMra of a oomm inity. and > iraiaat the bMefiil iafluenrca of wl * i It la mpojrie'e for t le'peeMahi'.lty V>rr>ftUnd unrfqatatiir I failed in my al'cmpt kit. although t tiara redilotialy daroted my tin aad exer Knia In ewy I aay wiihoat return lo roj self perr^naJly. 1 1I0 te* reerrt j liaxir* (tone ao, aa I am lh"i0")thlj cnnwl tbat the [h<? tveeeaa ?l the rcdi-avur muitcd trom no Taali id Bine. ' Sollo, tinf your :Bdvi*?Boa 'or thia treapaa?in(r npoa y<wr r rateable rj^ee, I hava tha fcoBor ?o remain *?" ' ' jutUN WWiaQAM. I LD. PRICE TWO CEXTS. IMPORTANT SOCTUERX MOVEMENT, The Railroad Convention at Bristol, Teno, [nvHatlon (o the ffomter Steamtr Great Eattrn lo Vhk Norfolk. Appointment of a Special Commiaatoner to Europe, Ac* i Ai?, AC} srn ial njtrowr fon rni ueraLd. Bw*toi., Tkk^-kr, June 3, Ttie railroad convention, called for the purpose of ap pointing a comminiion to go to I'England to Invite the team tbip Oreat Kaatern, on bor tlrat trip, lo Nsrfelk, Virginia, axc< mblcd hero to i!ay. There was a largo dolegatioa in u'tenlanco, particularly from Virginia and Intern Tennetaee, the seotionit tnort interested In iblt grand nchein<?. the attendance from the more He u I hern region* was not M yond as wati expected, owing, no doubt, to the divoraieu caused by tbo ibrtbroniing St. Ltuia railroad celebration. Whatever thM convention may lark in numbers, la fully counterbalanced by ita Influential character; for among iImkc who compoEo it, 1 notice geme 01 the leading men of thcrcctiME represented. I may truly say that t cmnfcin**8 inlleencc enough to give tunc t > any projoct, howwer com prcbeniive. The (feat Intercut which now exiats in onnnr tioa with this rchome may justify a Tew pre.iminary remarks in referenco to the resources of ihw?j regions upon which, to a considerable exten', the s iccesa of this project ?aunt depend. to bo sure ther? arc otoer jiowerful an rill arks In pro<?po:t; but lor tbo present its > Uief relitnce is iu the means to be provided rrom tbo region of c?unlry lying aleng tho routes of the Virgins ar.'l Tennessee ai d the I'm tern Tennessee and Virginia railroads. The former commences at I.yuehburg, Virginia, and reto this town?a di-tanoo of two hundred and four mile??tbioii|h the rr host rrKlen of country probably oo tt:? continent. Tbo l? iter Is a continual ion of line; but pr? jeeted under dlilcrent auspices, and ia dcs.gncd to becariiedto Knoxville, Tennessee, to which point it will be omplete in le?s than eighteen months. The whole distance from hero to tliere li one hundred and twenty m.'etf, of w hich but lll'ly tndes remain '.o bo finished. This connection bung accomplUhod, a direct, unbroken Hno of railroad will extcn I from New York to Memphis through Southwestern Virginia, and from Norfolk to the eamo point as soon as tho Norfolk and I'atereburi: R.i Iroad in cempUte. It Is throe h the latter channel that the trado ef tbia region mn*t Itnd its way to Norfolk. Upon the facilities alVorded by tl at outlet is ba^od the great project now under corslderall >n. Heretofore any sen erne of this suit would necessarily prove abortive, the only connection between this rep1 on and Norfolk being by wator Trom either Plehmond 'ersburg. Tho danferi and uncertainties Incident mitigation from theso piinti woiiJ render tho mic-i-w of stiy ijuch prefect utterly hopeless. *Yen now the trade of both iheso elites Is materially em it XT i u.- tu iimn inn > nun ?u in/ ujufu rich uuj<'ui t<, meet tbc rc'i'!lr.-n riji? or the accumulated trade whl ;U tbc great Vlrglcii ami Tennemee and Kutern Virginia isl TPOO' -.*e line* will oiku ti?, would be to del', at the graud 1 ur|x>pe for wblrti I hey wrrn projected. An cutlet by re Iread, Mirb ax lb" Norfolk and Petersburg Hoc will (ford, (null faloLr render thtwe great woiks prutll?t/.e or of public benefit. With Mich a fkcliPf, I am a?iur*d lhat the Vlrg' ami Ti'DDtwr* lln<* would i>( ii??ir afford trade cnu igli lor a monthly line <.f tr^n-atlan'le ?teamern. Hut when to thia resource la added >ti? treamter of the rich region* of Ten nr??ee, Ihrongh ihe line now In progress, to doubt ran exirt a? to Ite aucee.? of Ibi > great KUaro."lii|> eiuerpriae. The rejourn* ub the Virginia and Tenne^ee hna ooaoprlM a large variety rf what l* belt* ited f ir etporit tien lo Koreyctt market*. H la peculiarly th? t>bacco g> owing rf gloD. and in if* adaptation for the production of wbrnt, oata, corn, Ac , la imaurpvrcd. In every featuro rf It lh? r? are combined elem? nt-i of pro?p?i i?v aod great new which It needs but the incentive allbrded by /-rcaier tr?i.*tt faclltUre lo tlryi . In point or roenory it far eteel* any porili n of Ibli country through which I have travelled. t>n every fide the rye meeta with the ilotieai\ar'etjr or landM-n,*?ir.i.i'Mrtin, valley, hill and dale?and all teeming with loxtirtance. Unlike othe* region* of Itko j bjrl' al ?tm?t'ire, the mountain* term fertile and rich, mi ' h more *o. in fart, ttan the m"M favored portione of I'aMrrn Virginia. The IVakt of Otter, which lie about thirty milra we*t of l.j orbborg, are object* of the gn.atr?l intereet and a distant irln Co i?it. Thty trefah Id a d.reet lire from n^rth fo >o'i?h Ihr nme*. in an unbroken cunnetuon, nndul.itln* in grand ubuoaity. Then again job r? me to tbe niue Kifge, which in ihtt g?clion preetnte rather the rirbixnoi of the plain than the harr< n outline of ibe mountain So gradual h the aneent anj to dm.inched It* fertile a-|? (t. ibnt you will arluaily (Wei it t nobaervrd, |f not informed of II* location. rV.on yoti rea< It Ihe Alleganle*, and tiern too yon obeerve the uino trace* i f fertility ai d tiehne** which charact?ri*e the torn r. From tht* c gradual d?<c<nt ia made to "New Hlver,'' which, at a reitVn point, form* the Kinawa. Here again an< Uicr u irn comm?nci a, and bv a alow .in4 ciuy gr?do yon nre carried lo what a call?d th? SumiMt? a |? nt elevalrd tail thousand ?lx hundred feet abovo lb?? level or the . i'rom thin point It In alldoan biil until yd rea b thin l?.wn, or morn properly \ i].age Rrinlol i* iltfu'fd immediately on ibe line whirh d: rldew ^ irg.tia lion TehBerrte. TT.e dividing line in fact run* throtigh the train ?l?e??. It rntuina abimt one tboufuuid r.Tmnriiw, and it well Mippliod with arcommo<Ut;ona, l.avug in *11lour gon>t hoti-l*. Itutore lh? m oi Uio \ ir|tM? an<l Trnn> "?< 'Kttilioail not a houan itroj upon It* Mte, aii'I lh? probability now In that before 11./my ye*rn It will become ooc of the raoxt Important town.t n Kaitera TenneMCe. In (Mili'ii In tlio /ilvmitnj.. which it will derive from Icing the terminus of thaae two gr'*l Hree if rail??jr, tt is rttuated in Lite heart of a rich ard l.rautiful country, which of l'?elt coMlit itw the barin of wealth act prosperity f'.rer/lt.og m and about it ?cttn* fresh, m though lh? hat J of the mrcbuiio had but Jntt cnmpleti d tt, and now many of It* ami Import at. t improvement* are in prop-o?? The depots of |.?ah eompanlc*? of colonel dim "a ?"i?*?iie linnet at tithcr ilde of the vlU.ife, rerb b< tag ? mate w.UiId the cbailrrrd Htiiti* of t?m resjeotive rom|*o!t*. Being informed iliat the tomb of U> Brrul Mic!'>y I*/ sotiie < hort distance above the village, F we* r<t to vtn't it, ko4 wan surprl*e<l to find tbiU the i ab which cartrt'l bn f *ave * -Ia no othrr than a mMal one, shaded after Uie rt;w of a rt.nio. ft bears the follow lu# inscription I rmr i ir- r?ii i:r??iv< <>r i j UKNKrt* I.HHM.MT, I > wmo l irp !? Oi, | } m j &**+*+*++*+ /#*//// #####////////##/< I made inqulrl I relative to hla hi?tor/, but Tailed to d tern y r anything rrxariiB* h in further Uiao hit be figure. I in the Hi volntlcnary war lie wa? tho brother of t:o*ere*>r Shelby, of Ksntnrky. Thes'a'i utruly an interesting reitr. f?uh? liner r tutor this Ilea At) otfOoa.lhe residence of Car. Floyd, the present Secretary of War, The Virginia u l Tinn?-??>' lla 'roa.1 pe?s?s a>mg It* outskirts?n?-?renn??h to aflord a prrtty fair now of Uie town. The ii<rrer?or? totre?a large br k bmMiit* or nee' appevaoc". is Sit atad m an stnlat nr.<, rurrmiieled by a handeom# |n-wif? groticd, and shaded In the rear by beautiful (rnv*. Near by la tb? House of hia brother in law, C?l Thna. I? l*resto?, |>Toj?riet'>r of the celebrated Smythe on mty sat work. The uvornur HeiM Ink* a p<>eulier favorite with (ho f?f lo bete, o n/Kh ?o in Tact M to can*" r for hi- abaenoo. Hl< brother In law n e>ptnlly popular, an<l will doutitlofn be choron era I >n? at Uio repressaUiiy* Of thti di?Ui<* In Ooc|rett. Iiefi re cloving Ibeon t roliminary romar U? It If HU Jntt to Mr John K Mr I*idi> I, tile ip-QlienMaly ?k l aflkienl PrerWi nl of lb* \ ircinta hp I IV mwoe Ka?iroa<1, to ?tato Itial to bw individual otf rtuma la du? llm whole mw Mnt. Trna, Ui< id?a flr?l n?\jlnat<*.i with lb<- llomrable A. fMdley Mam, but hla plan eotnprabondej u? direct, pra Hr*l rcbetne, ami It rotntinod fur Mr. McPaalel to taur'irate the only ?rortwi pl*n wh>ch haj tbe m?rtt Of reaalbllty or iemfclanre i,f mcr?M. TTt* vnociTOiHoa. On motion of Hon. Km Ballard IVtrn, \to Hon Bailor) , of Norfolk, Pretrlent of tha Norft>.< auJ PMfiVbore Rat road, waa called to the < hair. <m talcirf the rhair, ho <ald?'Gentlemen, t M ir< my ivryrvc %t thta tlm? to "Main ymt wlib irrniy r?-wi*r?? av'o Lbe <by rtaU'l importances'bin m-otiog fix-ob/*ci4lb^ we hav# la view, U oa? whlcli, I am ?nrr, "Ui create no f Ivt Ion of ofiiDlon amorr tj?; and when il>*7 "* M ? made known, will eomnitc I Ilia beaur auppnrt of every roeibber of ibi? bodv,ao<i will k? w >! ?? ? We? Held than pnrliatw l? now ?ntiei[intel br ' Wt? hare aot met here i lm>'y to ad-, tMr t r Una of *teaR>era We* I)*' e ?<* "' J"'? ' *''ch *? hWm on to in; comr*nv w 'c4* '* Ul** m*f !>* l r "*h' tefhre thoowr .nat.lty *< ? ? ??" comn h-re io ?e? If tre ranno' dti lir f fif ?cMi thereby wo tn coir plete tbe I aft Mok m '** ?* !? ?' ??prove Ln. n??. honor, our faith, MMt nion wbvb rrr? onr pro.r-fHr 'n Uif f-i'nro 1 m wofJ. t'i?' n ? n otir o,m> in l 'pen pr^ rriu> cir !?ltt!c?l ln<!op.t?<i*?eo; nn.l pro^-t, in ? |? ,,ha?"i> *?d benftoj*,will oonnawt wiih *r?rf intrrort in Ik Ka?f? raft. w?st, north ami no jtb. I ??I<1, boworrr. tfcat il wa* not n\j doftfn, at !?Mt M LhWfltr* of o?r pror?o<ii?(r?( to enter upon thnt tufcjoct. The oh^ct of lbe convention i? known ?o m<wi of yon. I |.revt me, and here, now, I will ?txp, conlrr! ng myaelt' nh ?*rre?-ip? to yon tny thanka for Ihla mark of your < nliienre and e?term, and awnre yon that It will bo try -n< t t to tllffhA'te tbe dnty wblrb yo<i havn impoaed anon no ntth a ?i*w nmplf to airancn the object wfelcb nn i< cmbM bore to aoro^ipinb. >!r l*?*. of l.yncbhnrit?I ?m aw?r# that aom? Impv i, rro I* fell that wo tbonld pff*ood to hi)?li?o"J as ' on a? Jtlblo 1 morn, tkerrforo, that nromnv.tae* of n'ne bo y>: nint d to prepare bwine*? for tbe convention Tbr I re.=?tdent Inforurd tho jtont'otnan II*' the motion m u<4 in order, ih? Convention not boinf hilly orgvi ,ot k t ire socretarlea were api>otnto<l. ?r r>r,Ai? the?i moved that Meenrw. A K. Moore, of Vbo IrMol > *?, CkM> W. Britloe, proprlakor of An i jntto