Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1857 Page 5
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I elose together that they most cither leave off boopa eitlreiy er leave the church they have bees la the habit of attending. Mow at Dr. 'a the pew* are large and wide, ana ladiee can get in and out without much trouble. I th?ii. 1 shall have to go with the giria." BISHOP MOKK1H ON POLITICAL CLKBOTMXS. Bishop Morns, of the Methodist Episcopal church, at the recent Mansion or the Mains Conference, delivered an address to the members, In the eourse or which he said:? 1 deocn it not unimportant or ou. of place to address a 'e* words to you, my brethren, upon a subject which Is attracting considerable attention at the preaent time, name Ij as to bow (ar a tul ulster or the Gospel ought to take wart in the politico of the day. When a minister goes into bis pulpit, he <lnds ha congregation composed of men of different political views, of men /ralausly and conscientiously attacbeo to different political parties; and if he publicly betomea tb? partisan of one side or the other, there Will oi necesMiy Hp<lDg up a coldness towards mm mmmillnb hu imlui'uce 1 leei arovinoed, from what I bare observed, that ib? oolv result that can be expected from a minister laki ft pari In the political contest* and discus Ions oi Ibo day wilt bo to engender etrll'e and bard feeling In bis congregation But some may ask, whether we are not citizens like other men, and tiave not duties to perform a? such? Mo?t certainly we are, aod I tr ist I faave not prove 1 recreant to the obligations rest lag it,-on me a" a cl'Uon, uilbougb 1 bare not, for the forty years mat I bare been in the ministry, ever entered a political meeting, or spent above lire tmautes a. any one election. 1 hare always ma le it a point to go to the polls at the most qutet time of the day, a hen ib< i ? ?a? likely to be the least exc.temrn ?to dapo-:l nit ballot in an unostentatious manner, and return Lome. 1 t-ave never seen the time wbea I (bouga I was called u>*>u as a ciliaeu to do more t.i^p this, i lenownotbow it may be with others, but I hrm always found eaounh 'o do In the duties of my csll'ng. I am wtlLng to "lot the ootshcrrig strire with tne potsba-d?,' but prefer for myreli ?? athod to the duties derolring upon me as s mioi-ter ot Const. 1 reooliect an anecdote o a Methodist brother who was stationed to preach the got pel to the people lu "Fountain Hend Circuit,'' near the Hermitage of the 1 tie President Jackson, in the ex tiling political limes of Ids Mtcouu' election. Party e.eal wasjuit iben at its he'gbt, and each party wanted erery ons to be cults aide, t'bey fought out the newly arrirod minister, and eagerly inquired of him whose side he was onT "I am on the side of the Lord auu the Fountain lead Circuit,'' wa the reply, ft blob rf the candidates do you lutend to otefor;'' "i trust that I shall ba found on ray knees pray log to Cod P?r the conversion or sinners and thu upbuilding of '/.loo (n Fountain Head Circuit." However they Jui^Lt question tho devoted miumter he would wisely auower that he meant to do his duty faithfully as a minister of Christ !n "fountain Head Circuit" In conclusion, let iue say, my brethren, go ye and do likewise. Our Altinn) Correspondence, Aliumy, June 12,1SB7. Gcierner Many Ones West Inspect the Southern Michigan, and tj v (ten. Co. ; aU v the English Miuiun? His Pre set*. V'H'tS and future rians?8'. he ruing .cith BMck Repu'Jicant, I Poor old Mr. Marry, after a week or two of uneasiness and isolation here, leaver for the West to superintend hts Western speculations, at the same time he supervises the YE.2.2 \2l'moiit i>l ih Stiuthorn Mtr.hi/.in 'liOrmrl nn.1 tuMr cop'.? :he Secretary of State at Detroit. The ex-Sesretary ml A.banv Is about at murh at borne as poor fierce la In Concord. They coo.c without satisfaction, and the eotnm.a.ty feel no lo?? whenever they leave, i'oor Pierce never would have returned to New Hampshire hut for tne Hfcaate cf taking up au abode in a more congenial climate. Ifr. Marry would not have come here at all but for special pecumary and political interests to be looked after. The latter of tbeec certainly are In no very agreeable or promt b-ng condition. With all his boasted successes and ereli improved ad van tag os for family aggrandisement, during the last three years Gov. Marry weais tbc face of a dissatisfied and cLrsappolnted old man. He used Polk's admnistrailon for his own promotion, and considered him eif near a nomination for the Presidency both In 1848 and In 135-. He helped kill Cass In 1818, prevented the nomi nas. on of Mr. in li?2, and did his handsomest to dispose of bote oi them In 1868, and yet he has been try ng ever since the November election to u?e both of them fo- his further advantage. It wai the "load of his life," after he aud poor Pierce tried to kill oil'Old Buck, ttut the iatler should tiavt been enabled to ..ill oil both of them by the very m> am they employed for bis ruin Vet, to the amazemen oi all who do not comprehend Mercy 's assurance and perseverance, Le sought auiiously and oid?atiy, from November to March, to remain Secretary Of State. Every politician ihat he cm 1:1 reach was moved by every Ctn*.deration be cocld devise to urge hie retention by Mr. B-chanaa. Tbc newBp*|ier^ under tht patremge of Piurce's Bd?jp?trat'.on were even led to the contemptible device of proclaiming mat i he country called for Mr. Marcy'a coo tinuasce in oltlce aud that Mr. Buchanan wa3 anxious for the birne favor Aud even alter the poor old premier found there was no ho^c in that luarwr, he bu i tbe motlesty to approach Wen Case for the 8r hch misbtou Tue friends sent to Ca-b found no dtfhrulty in obtaining the ear o' the generous aud confiding old man. 3o that absolutely for nearly two mounts Ma>vy remained in Washington, expecting an tuviiauou to take the place of Mr. Italia. He Mat giv u out tM'iu ttnc lu i oi* that ho win going to Europe, and would leave the first of April. That Cm.* was afterwards esteudeu 'o tu.i first of May?then to tad firrt of .Sutie. and dunuy tdl 'he 4th tfJuly. Meauwhile, if bis ' arrangements n-mca incomplete, ' there Is no telling yhen he will be able to leave. Mr Marry ba? been a gr?at student, and has great rollBate on the exam..i?? oi History. He is a close imitator, and ha. entire fa ih that what was imc once can be done agvti Going Minister to England un lcr Mr. Bucbauan, l'iesid*nt, njvw he could get to England, be tn.gat also get to the Wt,i<? House He 'org?ts that he Is altogether m.r-.g me barken at home which Uld Muck bad, and last Irr t.aa no "partyeither North or South Of course he can't remember that be is at least a dozen years ahead of living jouLg cbough to enter upon a Presidential term But M " Many burely is too old nr t vo know that he need bx think of tDe Presidency when four score years w >uid overhaul h.m betore tue i ud of h.1 term, aud that, too, vrhea thr oeceaaaiv faculties cf sght and hearing are ra pidly him ' tbc Presidential talk (like huaubscrtpa.ans to the Southern Michigan -tock,) must be a mere flyer, dee gneo to further ether ends. Ho w ants theemolu ti.i tis, the pastime, au ', the faat.iy uist .notion of tbc ting liih M.bsicm and h h*s"lai. en'.be ribbons for that " it would, indeed, be a very handsome thing f<? the ?'Sou'hcvn Mwtigac It its appeal to ! uropeaa capitalists rottId hi- rua'p under the amp M? or the Knroy ttrnor-llnary and MiniMer Plec.|>ou nilary to the bourt ot St, Jan.->?hence tneie la great cakulttiOB that thr numerous In neat a1 cap'tn'Su ami |x>l'.t c ar* who were drawn mi > (he tat - lubxunptioux to thr " tconlhern Michigan, ' will / ad it for their tutere?t to urgef>n? Mvrcy * unioiaimciit. Ortaia'r the ocbeme hat noi failed altogether, for by (hcae oiium at L * eatum-d advocate* who Arc hie ltitor<-d pri'na ad , i.r.- *ri?? Sill, the hard*. who ga-re Mr. tl < a?aan he nominal ot. at C oc'ooati, in a body, aud, toe cofi* noarly iv the same proportion not counting the ral'oo who rated oue hundred thoi -an I htron< to *vb--<c foe a tin rd?tiat;no 01 Marry and Pierce, would sp-ire IVc* den Itooliacan ehould he b? pi madrd lato tuak og such an aopoiMuirct. A' Mr Marry in ty hare r. c hop. - la una d.iccUon, It ie aUurd Weipivw tbey ran be r? al ;-ed. Hut the Rr'h'n nil* ion tr tint the orly to litre?'* l ew "jfir wir pi lier? of the repo'lirao party are d?cply Inf*e*tcd n the Mnckjnhbing ao-l ?perulaUon? of Marry, ire.- meur, Mrj ke r ft t o , and they are '.oco??artly altering tbi o.t nan with t r luci that be ouy bo tutor the re publican Bcmtne* for ISOu. They were tie principal La.gtr* mil *w*Ltin?<( a. atrt foe turret par uci pane. in the eotrrtn'rireDix ibnt h? provided at the rime n* hm Cabinet career. It *a* to them almoet cicluelrely that be Wtb.hiud bl- htr.oet tile upon poor I ier-c- and hit sharper: sbotx^t the South Nr matter If be baa alwayn been the a?o?t tervbe slave or sepitbern pol.nclatr, helping to fhre? <hrr.j^h a retail of the M'eaocrl enrapromt?e, and etecid'of In advance of Judge Taney and the S-tpretae Court ihat the free colored citiren* of New Vork are not ( t en* of tb? i nited <ta*e?. what care the rep iniictn gxv.tic.At* for nlgtera or free territory If they ran only carry lb" national treasury through a spoils d spensing Admihletratian Tae numerous eulogiutn.' n on Mar y appearing in the M- T" i J"trytn\ ere rod 'Imply p-i|d for pulls tbey are made with a mutual undi rata vlug, and bate a deliberate for ulterior object*, i'remcut le fally abandoned by the republican wire puller*, who have le?-< faith In M* r'poaa thin fo'inerly. wb?le Mr. Seward It abandoned, p-idty much with htn own t-?n?eot. The republican* are Jo boy out the purchasable balance of the Know Nothing*, who are to bare the etc nee ef diepoe'ng of Seward toward* whom they mutt continue to affect Lost itr. Marfkli Tattered wuh tae Idea tba' be ha* an odor of nation c?My tali elect for the n lrrr gray?, and aortal stiachm-on VSbnn lant for the Mark republican* In the event of a fail ? *n npon Marcv, and ? neriMary retort to .ludge Mr I can Mr tome other ii?tl mal rrpii1 li *o. ibo * pport uf Marry'a uMmnatb'et le relied upon. Rut ell tb a la dependent upon JHN$*ffng*ncy of Marcy gtieg Minister to I i gland nnder j^Br?r'flnlnMi*at oti, am) tbnt reau ting 'o hi* nomination at ' s ? ? M. ?< nm r-.l al I . nnll ^ Funeral of John C. Mtrvfni. 4 The ftanera' ef John C Stereo* took plaee at St. Paul'* **merh, Hobokeo. yesterday it 1 o'clock, and ?u largely attended Tbe proreseion rrored from hla laic residence la lUrer Terrace to the church, a >? mt'utos after 1 o'clock I revloua to that time, the friends ef iu? deceased had Uken a laat riew of the remain* In h'e reetdence The procesn'on *u headed by the ofh< latVng clergy: Rer. V. Bruce, Rector ef (he (artsh, and Rev. Mr. L.ttle, o New York. Neat catno the remains, borne upon the ahcr.'/Jert of si* men, a'l ef whom had been In h'.i employ 0 attached to his family in carious rapae'ttrs. Following h? toll were the pal!b? arers, at follows ? ( or .rohn A. K of, N. Y. Hon. J no R. Thompann.N. J , amcs A. 1 sai.lton, Cobbi' George F ralmao, N. Y. f>rr". Charles King, N. Y. Thee W. I.uilow, Yonkers. tv m. K. l*l*0t, N Y. O - Wm. Edgar, N Y. James - i reco, N". .T. Andrew boater. N Y. Ceo. A. Hem eg, N. Y. lieo. W. Mortou, itoboken. Next caret Mr. Edwin A. Stevens and A. P'evotts, Lrotbe-g o' the deceased and other relative#, the Mayor and booMU of Holunea. aut cltt. ens generally. constituted the rt ma nder of tha i>n>oewloo. At the church If# eeremoatsp consisted of llie reading the funeral terrier of the l.| mopa! cliurt tv by Rev. V Prvo as?*?tod y R'-r Mr t.sttlf, and In the tinging of an ar lbfti, by I"1 KniMi illlr ham tV-twick. axsted l y th? ohotr. The rhurrh w*> tll'ed: and Included to the rongre/ation were many prominent t itt/ens of Now \ ork nu New Jtrsey, an<t tnemoers t f ttii t tiion Club of New > crk, ana of the New YorkYactu Clfli, of which Mr 'l*'' ',w>n member. ?ue n worn taav.a to Pt. Mnr.'S church, te bo temporarily rtared <n ?h<- ?atn" vault with th ic of hl? *f*?who d'og two yrsrs atnce? until h * fam 'r rac.ll In c^o'plctfd at his country scat at tktv'.h Am ly. Blotted of Mow PwbllcnUona BOOKS K '.rt IV*D TO JPNK 13. Bool Lire IB K?n* and Nubia. The -nudeot's Gibbon. A ManukloT Etiquette, or How to Behave. The WaverleyNovele. Reo Roy; TicaoorA Flelde' edition. ncore t A Novel. By Cbvlot Lever. Mope. Reporte, and Rttiiutn Relative to Improvement! of Ike Navtgauoa oi lae tuver at. Lawrence. Trow's New York C.ty Directory for 1467-8. rsilIOJ/ICALB FOB JUNX. De Bow's Review. * Hunt's Merchant's Magazine. The Chicago MagaJue. I'o?t Life in Egypt and Ntbia. By Wm C Prime' author of 'he " Old Hou-e by the Hirer," aud " l?a' ter Years." Harper and Brothers. The charming sketches of Eastern rnkrel which are now published In a collected form under the above title .appeared originally In Harper's Magazine, or at least the major por tion of them. To the complete volume is added au appen dix. giving a brief but comprehensive sketch of the bltdory, religion, and written language of Aniient Egypt, with a cba.iter or advice to travellers visiting that country Sir. Prime is almost as rapid a writer as he is a traveller, and the chief attraction of bis hook is its velocity af style and off handedness. Writers on modern Fgyptarehnt too apt 10 forget the living interest of their subject In their en thusiasm fori to arcb.dogical remains. Mr. Prime, like Albert Smith, has wisely made use of the materials which he found ready to his hand without digging or delving for them, or caring to compete with antiquarians like Cham pel lion or Bclzonl. The consequence of his insouciance is that we have a much more attractive and readable book than if he bad been Infected with that ambition The History or the Decline and Pall or the Roman Empire. By Edward Gibbon. Abridged by William Smith, GL.D. Harper h Brothers. An abridgement of tilbbou's voluminous work has long been a desideratum In schools. To condense it so a; to lose none of the facto or the spirit of the original was a task which only a scholar of Dr. Smith's acquirements could attempt, and it gratifies us to oe able to add our testimony in favor of the manner in which it has been per formed. This abridgement cannot fail to pass into general u?e In educational establishments. apppletos's Railway and Steam Navigation Grits for Jute. This useful compilation contains this month a biography of Mr Palmer, the President of the Buffalo and Erie Railroad, and the acceptable addition at the pre-tout seasos of a tourist's guide to the watering places and summer resort.-. of the l"nlled Ntates. Noth no New. By the author or John Halifax. Harper A Brothers. The popularity wnirh the story of John Halifax has ga.ned for Its author Lax l?d to a demand fur all tier pre viooa works. The volume before us contains several short tale?, with '-I-trd Erlestoun" complete They a-e marked by the same vigor and truthfulness which characterize that admirable story. Tbr Kovel3. itob I toy; Tickuor &. Fields, Boston. Tbw beautiful edition contivuos its issues with tlio tame care an I art^tic excellence which obtained for it such Immediate favor with the public. We understand that the number ao'.d of the first six volumes Is wholly without precedent Jn the history of reprints In this country. Ttir ConKreMltMinl Burying Ground. [From the Washington Star, Juno ?.j This place was known in the year 180 J, aud for some time llierea ler, as Tingley'i burial ground, the first tombstone* erected there were iu the year 1804 The place had for afrw years r'evtou- been used as a common burial ground for these woo had occasion to bury their dead, on the same plan a.- is common in at! country pa rishee. The good people of Christ's church. Ntvy Yard, In the year Isle took the grouuu In band, and It was there afier called ''the Washington Parish Bu'lal Crcund.'' Tliey adopted certain regulations tor the purpose of protecuag the p.arc, acd en nosed tt with a brie* wall. The ground then o mprbed a very limited s|iace, and a tt gradually filled up portions ol ariyvneat land were purchased aii 1 added to it until it covered an extent of about even acres. Congress begai to bury its oead here, and since Ibut t me i has been called the Congress una! Cemetery, and up;'.ons have bucu made from time to time by Congress for the purpose of keeping It in repair The last put chase made amounted to about seven acres to addition to the old ground, and now the enure grounds extend over a space of about fourteeu acres dttualed on the sunny s ilt of a r.dgr w hich skirt.- the wont, rn short - of tb < Ana- osta. t slopes gracefully ea?twa-d till Us veraant edges meet aud errDraco the waters of that bea .ufol stream, lu whose mirror-like depths its cy pi esses aud funeral monuments arc sadly repeated. Tho reaia us of some ot the mod distinguished men In ! our cooutr s a.i-tcr lie In tneir long sleep within the Con gres oua! burial g o jd, and mouumenis In memory of those whose vena* we e wont to be lioard at tho firms and 'n the hot debate of Cong'onsioii?I 1,-gnlaton ari<c on every aide, out to man the impotence of his boasted grewtncos and wisdom and " how like a lea!' we fade."' 8moe the federal gove-nment was removed to the dltp let there ha.e died uu- mg its scions s >uie one tun (red and i thirty mernbe ? n' l> ogllpiw. In former tmes^tl.c old Rock Creek ground? were used by Congress when occasion re ,u red. What number of Cougregional intcrm nta were made there is not known An oog the monum ents o the Congressional ground one of the m > t pr m iient is the i vpilrltely modelled marble tomh. su -mo nied by a- octagonal column, indicai ng where rest the riuia.n* of the eloquent Win Writ. A short d stance to the w est a w , atber stained monnmeat marks the srave ot Cam. Beverly Kunnor. and Judge A ul Parke , two of the lamented \ ict ra' or toe explosion upon th Princeton. The friendship which ex isted between thorn U toucbihgiy told by the following ? The i?ar it ' mn 'eho lie ftp 'her brneatn this s* its we-e nnltrd bt it-.e -|e. of a trtrn-lsbii- whl< h n mm? need n y< nth and e?p?.-detred no In r upturn till tl-eaafci m , -nt when th.- !.?*# o oth er t? m n tied by f e eipl silon of he grr vt gun of t! I'. locc. i lrl..?'.e. laited In llle. In death tney a.-* n ' di -.itod. N?-a- by, among the Congress.coal monuments, we note the iu 'Tip'.ioo upcu ?ht to ah of the br'.l taut, oecntric and most upfurt in \te Fe!!\ C Mc.Cnnttell. of Alshitma In the old purl o! t'< grounds, near the m moments to tieoi ge Hat nan F.lbi idge (<erry, sia ads, overshadowed by a i >utar, a pln'n granite mourn ml, bearing the follow lag; on ? )'ish ma ' i . a C'Cieb w ebb f, llesb rled lieu P ah ma t? oh wns a ? srrt r of great dlslin-1 on. Ik* was v. i?e In no rti. .hiciiiuat in is -ss.rdinary <1, tree, and on al u.cannon mid i t.d?r al: eir. titastan " w h'.ie B'.a ?friend Oo the rr-rer-e side the laai word* f tae gre;.t chiefUiQ arc cut la the j.-xo te ? Wfie- I mb drad 'id the I 'g "ob* be fired rrrr me. The pr< at eh of was the principal of a delegat ?o from hi* hhiv u l? the general got eminent, in the yssr lvj4. Clo?* b ~1de thle Mod# ? nMiUMSt arreted hy order of "Yreiierlck W .ham. of "rciula, to the m-tr iiry of I'radar1, k ( rcu-.m. i'ru.soku il.aUtrr to the luito., rijtt.-a in the year inn. Under the tprea<1U.g shade Io * raid i?mefnftt.r g-??.u.i rtatii'1 i <c'Olri and (horUy atstue i f enuj win. b ? loser tw-.l lbs dat? oft' e ?*tv%Ui o! il^rjr. (I I <.*!-, .Sj|?uuibt i-, IS.-, *Ui these lacs,? litre ' i arose, * hi Jdlng rare, b M il belorr lt? blnoir , Vb. *p innoe sr dl I ? ret* dlsoiore , Hi )i>rd t ?t flower'* perf-une TV hose that tor her - i are (. < d ll.t* r otnlat'.on * i <en hb. ? r.t.-n a wi of . ?re relit rJ And hlno ? * rnae In heaven. Here. In rem. : ran -oil, re-i the rem* o? of J??-r? ^ to*, the t:*b K n:<tcr. who dir.! In t\ a-bio .u-u lo 1* ! A lor a Hi >i.otOBOOfl ow of unutteful rr win merits serve In bear llic funeral r - srd of Ct ugn ?a, hot la nn?t ra-r the aihe* of ttiiir who* tr.n.os are bora 'noer acd rest fhr it*ay tlnronrr*' tiii|tie*ts, PintITaiiimAmut?Ctrrcuort aAtx*r.g ( ? m. kw??IVra Hbehan, tbo anllor who wa* blabbed r>a la*t Tuesday n (hi. ublla la an affray arlU> too negro sailer*, named PkKeitl V> atk n* sod Stephen Plnkett, died on Friday at the Nrar York Hospital o' bis Itiurle*. Coroner Ccnnery wis railed to hold an In,nest epon the body, when it appeared in rr Jen e that on Ibe night abore named the deceased, while grossly Intoxicated, ato-od la front of the pnhlir house No St Cherry ?*ueet. an t while there the two negroes cac-.e aim.-; *? a apjiearr I t kuo* thera, ! ?a t'.-y paw <-<t said 1 lUIlo o " a t Mumbled to their way. The taller of the sograr* itruc him m the fa ? with his tint, and the two t?**e t on * I teceased became angry anil ft.lcd them arrow !ho street Ihrealetilag ami alteoptng tc assault ihrtt . although too much tntorcated to do any injury. On rem hlug tor opposite side of the drort the smaller of the ut grors atrurk deceased two or Urea blow*, knocking him down and rau?'ng the hlmrl to (low IVcraned aonn recovered b'marlf atid foltoared the negroeuntil the* got ojip'i'.te Vo SO. when one of them drew a knife and atabt ed b tr thrice n the abdomen feceaaed when <>ut<t>e-.t '.ell, an 1 one oi the m grtiea pushed bin .ae be fell, behind rome barrel#. Thry then rati of, hut were pursued and overta ?n l-y a-imc Uhorera, who handrd Uiem over to the I ourth w trd poll' e. fin rtt era# ld< ntlflrd b? witnesses a# the man who In' ieted the fatal atahj, and W'aikm# a# hi* #reomplloe The jury reodered a rer dtciol" ath from -daba to'lifted by ctiepben no' ctt, and that dam el W at n* waa an ac.iemury " t pen the ren dillon of the verd ct the pti??nera were cwmmttted to awat the action of the i-raud Jary. l'eceared wu a native of Ireland, twsiily on >ear* id age r>t.lArt St :r* t ?Oorotrr Terry held ar. (nonfat on Friday upon the body of Mr. P. de L'Reld. who oomiLtted u'x'.d# on Thursday rooming, at hi res drnre, No. f IS Siitb avenue, i y laudanum. The facts n the Cnee are aubatarlit ly the sniua a* publi?hed la our edition of Frldav. The dei tamed ? aa a nat rc of tVot land, twentyon* year* ol age, Anotttir Tl? t'.am:r Con*tTr?i .?A number of tneo of BrtiPvwii V, Vrjjlnla, titer fbrmed the m ivr* Into a v'gllaecc committee. Tie following rerolnt on* were parsed at the ttrrt meeting ? Henolt rd. Thai a committee of vlfllaoce, cotapmed of fifteen cliten* of ltd* couaty, be appointed hy thecha r. whore duly t aha I eto ferret out alt a nation agent# and ertilwwr c*, and to u-? every exertion to bring Howe disturber* of the public peace to malice. r.esolre-t Thai Uu* meeting offer a rewird of one th mrtnd dollar* for th apprehension and fonrirUon in the rou't* ol our county c' ujv white penon who may be found tamper \g w th our elave*. NEW YORK HERALD, I Our Van Francisco CorrMpondrnee. tits fuxcligo, ma? 30,180t. The Ut$h Jtomow?Cnuing the Plains?thetim Move mentt?Fbnvs in the Paid?The Pacijle VTii'jon Bead. Kb leee interest Is felt bare In the solution of lbs Utah problem then In the Eastern States. Particular!/ ere we concerned In hairing the orerland route from Missouri free from Indian or Mormonbwtrages. Many s sad tale of wrong end eren murder Is related bv fomiUes who croseing the plains from Missouri had the bad fortune to ome In con tact with Young and his horde of followers, end who now I lament the (Me of fathers and brothers deprived myMerlouaiy of Ufa. A period must at some time be reached la the Impudent progress of Mormontam, and It consequently has given the greatest satisfaction to the people of this State that the present administration hare roaolvad to check the overbearing conduct of Brlgbam His violent, acrltnoneout and saerlllgeous ba rangues, with thoir unmeasured violence, mock Lag Christianity, morality uu t the proprieties of life, are yet sent forth from Sail lake. Wo hear frequently from the locality, and the latent news furnishes particulars of the murders of three toon who had left without permission of the church, and without surrendering property to which it laid claim vvtiiu* otPy add another to the loog catalogue ol crimes for which they have to answer. Judge I>rcmmond, who knows the Mormons well, gives, no doubt, a faithful picture of the working of the system of rule enforced by Young. The Judge Is well known in this city, where he resided before leaving for thy Fast and will help to throw V-rbt on the deplorable condition oi' things at Still Lake. A weekly paper makes it. appearance here, defending the absurdities and aensuallty prcache 1 and p aciisod in l:iah, aud moreover a congregation, exceedingly limited In number, assemble., ovcty bun Jay to hear "daints" plead in extenuation of the doctrines of Joe Smith, the absurd the or) that they ars not understood by those who revile them Brigbam Yoting perhaps, foreseeing the future, Is making secret preparations to wet the danger that threatens htm 1 or two mouths post, each tram ci wagons that leaves "tan Bernsrdiua for bis T<*rritory,takc- with it a supply of powder con-lgned to Voting A large quant ty has withic tho tiltie Dane-d, reached Halt Luke, mid the transmission of it still cootiuues. Whether tuts ;s tatcuded for protection gicnrt the lodiausc. (> r oUM r PUTpOlM Mi a question to be determined by those interested The fact is so beyond ca 11. It la unquestionable ibe people of the country has become heartily tlrtd of Mormon insolence and Mormon outrager; the latter are mo.-t ra tguiuary an l horrifying ittid desire a stop should he put now and forever to its spread, or to it* attaining greater power. 1'arlles who are to enter tho eanvnni at tho corning election in tb's State are rapidly- developing themselves. It seem? the p-ople will have to select tri m throo?the democratic, republican, and a colltrtion of Ithrit, consisting of the discontented members of the others, with the \ igilance Committee luc.l.on, si. Joined, and to _>uli under the misused name of tho "fMplt'i" party. This, it would appear, is to be the nr-iug'-mect of the force*, all to be well organized by September, and ready to take their chances. The campaign w ill bo the most ImperUnt and most vigorously contested that ha-' ever taken place In California. On ordinary occa? ous the democracy can carry the State, as they are in a majority; bat now divui d, it is to be feared, uraocg themselves, by reasons of the ignoring of Mr Brodenck's wishes by the Cabinet in appointing to offices, the ia not so cert* n. Hesides, if the people's party, ?oculled, force the vigilance question in the shape tf a positive lo-ue, the democracy are n honor bound to accept the challenge thus thrown { down, and Oghl >n thU point. If it is to be so. It is true that a number of democ-ats sympathise with the Vigilance Committee, and in such an event their vol a will, it is only reasonable to suppose, be list to the party. The democ-atlj party Is strongly pledged in favor of assuming the State debt, and, of course, as firmly o >poeed to repudiation A difference of opinion est its on this very matter, ana will be suoiher occnstoa of Una. In a few days delegates will be elected to the Slate Cor veu lion, and then will l>e inaugurated the lift stages of the struggle lor power and influence Mr Broiler; Ut .6 a man of great influence, and possesion the marked esteem and confidence of the great bulk of the party. Most of bit friends conceive he has not breir treated altogether right by the ad :.ini t ration, and here in mo"t serious cause of trouble, tor tho Senator, M la bci.cvcd, will Ma every legit Invite vieaoa to obta.a the return of Uia friends tc the (iopvenion. That a ina'ortty of that body will ?! o* their con'idence in him cannot bo doubted. Col. We lie r arrived here in the last steamer Irotn Panama, aud in a few days afterwards he was announced a- a candi date for' Governor. He was not over fortunate in the channel to have this information made pi.b He. A newspaper published hero, uud wliirh in t.me3 gone by lent an ardent, though orcn Monallv . ua'.'fled support to the Vigilance Committee, ushered hi- name to the people as candidate for Governor of tb.' Mate boiore the ltemocrati" Convention later, Ri!" sac.' pufr, prof easing to be democratic, opposed with the utmost vehe nttnee the election of the nominee ol the C. unty Convention to fill the vacancy orctu-toned b the resignation of .iudge Tiiford, who has been s-.nee appo uted Naval (>f-eer. The paper which urges Col. Wafer's tioinioaUon is n< t recognlred as a regular detnoc ?t:c 'ourna! It worked might and mam, to defeat the le rlslatl ve and local t'eket of the party last fall, I n lc the*u c renin .lances Col Wellcr has not exercised much sagai ty in al ow ng h.s name to be brought forward In the ranter stated Thcr are numerots otbe' candidates, however, for < Governor. ? d until after delegates are elected no safe bar s to..Id be used to !utiri|>ate who is ti receive the won nation. The republicans will probably nominate Go!. Baker, a lawyer ?f respectable .itaiDtr.' nt.:, ii? 1 a very br lliant orator. The people's ticket will bare ?"me Ttrcmclr vlr tuouatnan. a special friend of tho public, who will pro wise p. reform the soctal nod pooi.oal ay tcuj of me State, tr do II honor Every day will add new interest to the approaching contest, as' it involve- very tonnr Is-uee, not alone of moment to ourselves but to the people of the oouutry at large. The construction of wagon roads from the borders of this state towards the Fast has beeu dlrcu-sed very freely by the press. The liberal apprapr attons by f'.ingoesa to com-iruci a good road to the Puc'lic coast will hare a matked effect in Improving our oond Hon morally, -oc ially and politically. A great v ant now ' the Infus >u of a go id bcaitby stream of emigration int'> th. St.t", and the v. agon r< ad will fat.iitate such a result. Acoovcuuon was hold a few days t nee at Sacramcut. to so IMWM for thl imuted.ale construction of s road to eonneet wl'h the one to be built by government Three populous, through which It is Intended to pr. iwoto travel from the fast, appointed committeea to obta n rubsrr pt'.ooa. An act paried at the laat session of the I.'-gmlat re aut iorl7?s the jtcople of tlieao count lea to -ssue foods for $M),:too, the proceeds to be applied fur tlie I" iding of a goc 1 stage and wagon road over the Nerra Nevada and through Sacramento and U Dorado counties. A vigorous effort t* now making to probecutc th.s undert.u ni:, aud, from the character of the men interested In it Utile ' to he feared ol Its prompt completion. Putp llonr Poind in Palls To vNSiirr. P*.? In Mrs. Ann 81" psoo's woods, a rnllo from 1 . Islngtnn, Hue .a county, I'a , the dead hody ol a man aged about 46 yen i. wan found yaati rdny, Monday. .fune H. Near to h's body was a small stick In the ground, the upprr part waa spi t, Into wb cb was let in a mall p.ece ol whit" paper, upon this on one side was wiittoi. with a leal pencil, ' rath, and upon tbo reverse, ha\e cjtr.mitted sulci te. 1 hare consumption of the ling* Jol.u 1 at ham, of New Ytrk.' ?Trrnttm Anuri an, .!, >? J. Uyiprpuls tnnd. N X tort... May III ItfW.-n-. 3 BRAIfPRFPTH JVtr Hr? For ntn? years 1 htisw bsieti a s i rer fn n pa. ifhl and imperfect 'IfOGIna. ! commence, In lie rear I'sv with as. credtrtg caulrccra t -hi uoth'BB >t lbs, as I had then a feat r?p 'gannse to madMnn. and 'bought nature alone sou Id r re. *t'.*r '.he anaMtraaass had .astru iur ihree mooiha my leap waa ?er broken sod i.urefres'. o j, n-l e.err'hlhf lie soi red on my stomach, while aet<l belt tung '.urne.i u y throat audioes'. a. II Willi fire. My color .tl. tu . u ,d i hei .uie psle weak and rwtne tel; a d although a'aa .* h - re. I errade.t ',.??! i.s s et a* a u.g iu> - t a er. ? itwwnaw were ros sb'isrtrtgs af rreb'lhg llst'cy. le lnib??an i r f>r !?o\e .rn, I trlod eier> tn borsclwrh. and fa ailed mih a ?a? over iwen'.) thimsan t mi -? Th> u. .ga n f sen. o aa> 1 I'd bi ter and tonics of every kin ; insetniugne aia. a - a aud other a Ku'.ea, but r ,i to "Mar a. 1 >1, tu .ad an r- s.fra travg! rierilaeor mcd.Ytns. In th cou.-ae o(m> r Sn 1 had o" as ohaliy tsheo a <' ?e ..f ywtrpl! <, but never had Irtrd aeon tncf course ol th<:n I. Msretiidthis y. ar I rea t a teller pn*! iabrd by on, eontalc at Hi cere of a dyspeptic, and lal.Jug I: over with ? friend, 1 e ad daed me to f a x.iu '.? H a ,11T"|V pU , r. nigh' Si r a ?< ? h. Thank Ood I a d ao and found U |ae t ai uc end ot th r". 'vioin jural el> w It. Mj buai ,s werereg .*r, my co. c re u-n d aud lei. .d cat and digest food w l. 1 pain. Grateful '.or the good your pr s bare (ntjo me, I n od jrou this awnnat nt my i\r>. Nh>. ,1,1 ron pnhlt-h this yon can "em tet.erh.rre fen ;>r?, but do no pui ui n'm.-ni in newwpupera Th. nsmc 'i itewr i.rwlll oe Irea at ih" ju .oc at 'flkw 01 Dr. Uratorelh, rsvasas. The sbn e la fYom the j en of a genftemn Wh" 'tag been r redot djsuepsla' y th? use of lirniiilretb'* regetati' tint rtrval puis nlooe. lie . !?ritt"d. f on ever, fiat, on several it' ? on*. Br too? n or. ana even ru puta aiaauiRie aoa tr.ivnr r huimujtl irtr .o?.rrth * i I le ea.. only r re by tak.i.c nndtffrot '<1 mar-ra out f the ayetfftn. and alilo* the p>.wcra of nature to make ibe blood pare. He Jiid one u?e dc panrteranoe itiej will rcmp tah t)il? f?,', and Utlit.ate ; restore the b' y to the Mvot heal h it w c?paile ai ?.i*lr off Tb method of one rl 1 per day tie a b!'al?"d much eoffue, an J to I. a tied n *r?at and arrtnanent beoetlt to boat who I are adopted it It should he f\'owed to a t caaee wttb refe r*nre to the rure beln? etlorted by aoullirteot aril n >>n be bowrla, aaiocraa '>a.?l a terr.uou, irbeo rep ared. "f full ".ee-aaaf r or alt Mraodmh a (Ilia Mr. U. T.. n ffenNeman of New lorti, liriwnty yearn era- ran -able With r *t aeueaa an* ffta| rpe a. be **>1 uti > < ae pld eery nip'.I for two yeara. an 1 en iroiy cured huae It of bta afllir ..> He ttaed oo other mean tac, and t ok tbe i ilia m no other doae than aa abore. Ihia affifiartai ew to n trial ot tha i ilia by persona afflr>d with this aad and to man*, fatal complaint. It would ' be dwrua* 1 a fa?or b? me, aad om apjireratad by the pablto, I. ell who Had bene t from Itraoarr h e pllit would note tba n ennr n tlielr ore. There la ra rh for t'.ie ff jl.anro f li Tie eaperteor ?,e ee cured . r roe! le t by a remedy, and ben < urcd ho ant p areata <> h* re a teuiaal lor lite e . roe . on f thair eaperteuce toui.f.-?* ? ail all a, Oa# of lie .realrat unc ut any a, or iluff >n a '.-land In Mew lort ? I : at ut'.b? d tab' r< net rati o hue > a:.? deal | t oo a tli ?e . el. ? ? -a, the !lu? i r'e p'tlaarteu like a rha m i ro bo?rd~e rrybode a an ed pile Cfo-n me I a w.iya ?a*n i thrnemaof Ir. Mre i.lra'h hi-ne were a. prised t 4nd a "reffu a- ut. that med e* ie; 'fit in nt? raee ti eat oot to eta| ( \lar for 'i?y ither >..?<l li heio-e I wee b. i >. dlen. v. bee uith.i* hat r-i.eTt d ..miitin* of tbe m ?t eei roue ri>a ?wlv er l.n?m >r,a trt nur o iiero lea? y he-r tin. re1 hlnffhae horn appall! ff. a single d ee o: four HrHort.-etii a p a hue e r red ant I'm pa-en tiaafai.eo V n th> r unt rwanot > ot eeiltae f: when tbe ? oryiaia whe- !!( rt I tlx tne a nth n wh \ ro a.eer .a nr ?en. alio . wak ho .re are ha?ei\??. d with lr?r?-b.<t aire rf ?ni tt.e.i Icrandre hep It. ain old i.?nd. I Uiea u i.ff< rei. ,.u i lie. el, ibeiitaatu-iu. c oai np'on, rle-a? rf *' hra-i r a a rma, a oVce, dr pa ee,, e i' - ..I < a , .-eeolli rodeo.- pr ?e it the u aotrea. I tear, I'-ardrolh p. laarool t ha e prt ren ed; nn' 0"i rthele'et aatfeey will aaoe trr. I : .em at otio tiaile' t.'J e p.ereot ihe ae of tide a mi le but ix-tout le.ned;.. I o. ? ? npl 'd V'tter Ih a el? ih*tw at t, II '..troth II I Il-ff H?tal r tee f, rer.-e a b I. h diree I. no. iflH'merf Jd I II Imi; (ffl'i la ' atre.-i, rrr n r< Brii.vl' * mi ) MK'iHl * me .Wrt Ht'N. ,15 Fnaoa r.iftu, J; o< limnitiiii lk*i(iln.?WlllliiMan l?ro?,jxrr'r** r*tt.ri.?ivi.l Ptftw At LnWn,

WiMrtln* Fr?OKK*ni * > * *1 <-*tr<!uf? > %n' * ?! V ftV.f j prrf' ip<- hntw r*n-l' frcw !?? Uc'j Cfcf !*?><- VOM t* Iffa*". A fry, W? Htcfcttrtj SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 1857. Lorkltt'a liHiilM' Fringe*, Bntton-*, Tawli, Sr.ipuro I c+H. oottnu trimmings. bindings. belt riMMU U, c., ttihr Emporium. KM Kulton Htreet, Bnwk'j u. WWtrt 9S Drew Hate iprtf If* IM FtUte* MM, b etwee* Bmerlvtr **4 Me?n street mlUMMlaii Hmn, BroMl b Mm lei prices - a-.el eoeemmodetkrc* on the BuropMui or Aannrcma PUue i option. Wd Itsmi, Comer of John nnd Neinsit Uresis ?Ores! rqdueU n in spring clothing. N. K. Collins i Co wo cioetag oni tbr-lr Urge stock at rery low prloee. Also, thru e'uii. ersuUsof vsrloc* kinds are on sale ou t ?''! Keolrl *1 the eery lowest prices?rsglanss trork ousts, ooniw, vee.j Ac Csii an J see them. H. K. 0 A CO.. corner of John and Mseem: erects. NsnWIm ? breetlr ltedurs-d Prlrrn.? trtl 1 li? l? M ? .'irVV'lle ?~ar? r?. iVI. .1 -II beaut.hit ntcett of naanttl'e.a at a reduction ol lwAO.y-il.c- p. ren: trurn former prte-s. nre-.ur.m to hte depart, re u.i Kt.rc po. to mai-e rfw* for lull and winter ptirch.'it?e?. t6 ami '7 ( ?nul strtoi, if;ujnyrtii Bullion, i n.ttd aunt* cloak uul uju*._a e. Wt h P?f?r lUit^tiif(i for tii* kUlall lladf, a'; up-* Mjleti, of rw.-n' importation. Work done la the nt xt Vtistl. meaiterby THOK 48 F4T* A iH>., if#7 Um*dway Sod? Witlef front liupn<*??1 Palcrd Ftiutt. Uiny, i ream ai d ttortnUue syrup* IWiJER A CO.. C'jatula'., ?.'J 15: advay. Paper Hanging* at Whnimlt. of our own matin:n'urn tad intone tahou, of e??ry dea.rible etvle, 'or ??.e to lice Lade at the lowest cake pri, .?. by tUClc-Ui PAtK A CO., 267 Eroad <r%j. Dtflwic* balamwidtr Hatu-WUk Patent piwdr proof doftanct lock* au t cross bar* Dtvn 1W I'asrl treat, or a door below Maiden laue. BOBXKTSt. r?TB.CAm "Wilder1! tale TrlnrrtpKant." ( vnani, .':tne If U5*. Mi <t- a. <?. Wttnm A Co. drvi m_ atorelalifeplace was burnt on lue m rninR of the 7th luat . my book*. pa era and money were rtopnafted tn one of "Wiler'a patent itvlaroatue* ?ale? " am uhbonxh expound h? an ioiie* hevt *y a.vre i v'.!.. tilled ? 1th drr.Ri, pa.nlu uul .antral: . Itli.c-r .p the fontem* In perfect order Vo' will olei.fee ablp t tui niwo,a . :i of joar No 7 sire, sad i-blip,- v .tp*, W.' PITCH C'lKNFV. Nuinmer Winn, Clnrrt!, C!arrt??A t^ner* merit for-ale at CNIlKUfllLC A MATTKUSt M o. 4-V> Broome e;reet co-nrr if Oroeby S*>.000 Caili?A tAuli Jo I'oit tine dint u Pitalat.t butlueai. lue pre'.ni of ae\*tng ntarklnn matt'tfuctt;,-'eclipsed Hen Htlve: Laemeat, wall this heading uadar "fof uiie." ott auother pap.'. Prof Alet. ('. Butty's TrlroplMiottl U tf.t bee" au.t ebeape*. ar .rle for droetrici. be.c..Jjirjt. c.r:.'-it... c r Ir.g, preserving aud ret-L.rtns atd lour. try Sold e. try a here. lit'. Itttlpe for .linking fix Olympian i* a* t witlt th, ftn-lw; b- t It 1* <{t:estin:;ab> w"etl:ei "h* ( o-.i "op ?<|i.u.le i 1j 'lavnr, I.. , Ui '. v. i:'ge . 1 - e . r.H tit if i'.-s ci tu < .(ttfor'toa ?-ice!?itce < HAIUAH' 1 nr.rir.ii eoidial ain the rrnu' whole-rime <.t all Kir. \\ siekotUB 40 BroadWH... Holu by a*l dr gg land 'to. llalierd't H?lr Dj e, the llest Sn titc World, for 'w.wn orblrek B. ,tc arid privat.- r xcttsa rtmc.iei t tT? I Broacr**y. AioOslor's ilalr !fyt, W> ?# and VSiapna.. rtk h-act Intiiei wttrld, *nrpa*sdt* aiL ktiu< ernri aod ap> .ad Si Um atauulactory, 273 Briadway. r.imrtoro's graips, Halt Leys and ttlga b?at aQ la tbetr Mtt?. Wbo'.eaaK ant retaU aul Ue iji prtoausiy appjsti at No. 6 Aator ilouse Miu ray Ju Lanmnn'! Klorl'ia Water.-De 'a? Ponpp <!t- l inn r tin. th? mA1 'hV?? f tfnir* ?. t ? !.i'? "b < ( Florid*. In Murray A ? *.i.t.ko'? V "Ma *?'er tii- r.i ii dt e irucrf are concentrated. It lit- m '. rr trra.v.ig and lui'lai pcrium-- 1? the w .rid 80 I b; .'hr pro!>' iitor*. P T I.ANMaN A CO., r 6s> 'A -r.i:rrrt, New Yora. *uJ by Rl! dr :?r.:.-ta. ?t JO ceil- per bot .. Dltrairt of tlit I.ii?ui mid Throat ? K V . V i)K . KR8MITH, M. I> . him k(rj ?(t. et.roeaafiii ta curt"* com nmnl on in *dv'anoeu ? are*. d > ?>?(* |> t;i. \ltri y.-raoar * ho sro laboring iUid?r s Vi!,i 1 )l th" unar. 1 > ra.i iiorn l .nt :?t b.> oil.'*, lfb Bo. irj. Medicine iva. t all p.tria of the coi.o'ry. Hnlimyny'k Pill* and (Nnlnititt.-Matoriilt)' ha a n>; ry rn-ee, and :fcc rhi'.d a hra'h m pend npn:i the mother * hert should 'hrrrtorr b? loubl* "are employe-*. If the mother i* ttvapeplic. 'be child w tr.i.a the mi :.->-r timm ". r &rri6'!?v tb&t hapoy 'to b -i.-? vi ttonr He adrtwit, ::-n ?nd iv?e ihi si-rrni'dirs. w .ch will ft".r U> bota. RaptaN,?Xartlt A Co., Can Vraai iIm. mik..(idtnN? 1 VmirnriiM. AiMrH iit* FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* UIKV lAKKK*. SitTraiAT. June 1*?<5 ? M TLe sVx-k market *?< toloral ly active t.,i> moViiur. but not ai Ml buoyant. I'tlce* were very Irregular. The advance or ve?tei day tun. not been su=ta,n?l. At the *st board M.lwaukie and Mississippi declined 1per cent . Real.!'?. 4; Mich,(ran Southern, i'anatua, 1. Cei trail New York Central advance 1 \ per < eat: r Galena and Chicago, l,; Ct.uber'and, K Tbe most extraordinary movement to d*7 was n Heading It o.'i suddenly uuj rapidly yesterday afternoon, bat opened (hit- morning prettv ateady. Soon after the Urw cail l( aettled down almost upon every lot sold. A rale a w tnaile at "3 .. per cent, but the atca tc partiaiiy ra' eil and cloved at tba first beard at 74', per cent. The trar.-a.-tions thla morn og sum up about Ave tlnu and iharci. New fork Central wm quite <c tive, and Improved a fraction on the opening price Michigan -outhern wo? so to. There v.* no parti ;u!ar mf vented in the stock to day. Tbe guaraut e<t pr"(erred wm . per cent lower. Illinois Central wae very b avy ta Jay. t\ o should not be surprised to aee a serious on t>ia igbt upon this stock by tbc beara aooc after tbo 1st of J :ly. Tbe street sale* made for some days pa t .how bow the tide set* la w n?e quarters. The L.ropeaa .'.grand 1 alone sustains pnoee The aecood board waa a little better. Frio ad-snood per cent: R"a ef I from tbe loareat p? of the mo-a n* < liter stock - wto sustained, but only a moderate a a eel of buainess was transacted. Theitcanwhip Washington, from tb s po-t for . ?:;.pton nntt Bremen to day, carr ed out n p. ic. and the tti inteh'p Arlol, fri>;:i (h a port lor fii'-c tn ' Bremen to day. ran :cd out 1320,600 n apec.e?UA..! g a total Of $71'.,141 Tbe As iatant Tr -a.-crer re]>ort* to day *s foliov? ? Total rece pts $<ft Tntai payments *,114 t) Tttil 1'ijuice 11t749^(it A Tbe paym-nts today toe' dc tifi.'KO 0: toilerna drafts. Weill, Fargo A Co.' F?spr"i- C< rrp<r1 that d. \" brought dewn l>> Saa I ram ?ro front th" m n s of Cat'for nia. uur.rg tbe tncnth r>f Apr... tbe sum <M $.4' .11*'. Wr thetlrst twenty daya ic May. the sum of >.tIt arm. their t f mnte that (or tbc r leven -qcMnltg days a Ma.., the torn brought down ?ru ild be S.,?i t,3" , utklag an aggregate cf nearly Ova and a ha.t m.i toes ten month. Mr. A. H. \l;olay. tork auct'.cseer and ' .? er, tt ?ts tbe follow it g reporf regarlxu tbe pu ... ' hm f tbe peat week ? O -i M *1 ra ".at Im >WI ctporlceced :n ftw 'Wrf fur'nr tb"1 leer o r4 3?f. , nl p? . I(,r '-n i '? of tlr .trbuyler whet. c/>n fastened a'lke on ro^' w we)' v uco t>art r "?.r* ttoae, tbe feeltof aanitudrd at a ct ie *a'"? ' ?tocV*<?t? somewhat real rained Bui itar.og the pa*t ten da>-,a?t only great restraint ba? b*en caerelaed, but abaricte oibMi la rotation lo s^cnriee rfcre! AM* boor's, ban', and va' able nat.r.toer itoeks. as w< 1! aa <| * tionab'r railroad storkt, arc auecr?a.?elf par e.l wlthai t blila. H"?r looz tbir feeing la to laal remain* w lb the fu lure to ill t lo-c. but we feel that ere Ion/ tfc** rwbot fbr w. eka baa dtr one J the Imr nt ' ,v iimeo! m-M ra'.sc, tbow on tbr artua' ?rer?a, r?>wr tr e C.' among all |?rt'ee, anJ rlar nj u their Ir.iC hjbt nl road bnnk, lna.iraocr and other i-oriwrationj Tbu proapect of a supply oi coal for 1*>7 la retry week frow'.af benntlfhlly lee*. There ore one but Iwraiy fl week* to the end of the leasna. and ao fhr the project fr a the leh'gbChnaland Lebigb Itnlirond hanV n ~d.Tr* toneayaiait -tfi,Tlf> laat year?lecreaee, 49,08s ton* Mt/lkU COnal and Heading [<alr>nd. ton* ago act I.ICCA'T?decrease, bos, telawa/" a.-.I H> 1*. n Canal and Penugy)7anlaCoal Company,t,Tl> V.c*, w;a ?< ;4,k6T?decrease, J>XA ton*. By taking the laat week'* bue'o* a an 1 mu tt?!v or I be twenty flee week ?-the ocmher remain,or of th<- ?ea?oa? we will bare from Ibe I eh 2b ao twrenee of l>>Y-d? tone From the JVlaware. ' arkawaco* ao 1 Wentera the .o^rrnee will bo S (4,8.0 | ifi<, m.ik af 311,44" orer tho bus.iif s* of last year. From the Delaware and Huieen and ' eraeylranla Ceal Company th<? dec*?are *11 tt HI F.l tni from the Brim; Ik.11, making together a lecreaae of hOI.443 lone, aod altoeeth'r 1 lea* than art year The amonnt brought lo market during tk rrma o r of tbr eeaeon will icpeni upon tho omelltoa of th wator .a the r .nata The dry rood* tra 'p the pvt w~rk war !lrh:. a. 1 ?h eprine trade, to far a* the Importers an 1 wh^ieea'a oh b?rf are ceccernc t . may bo couriered rr tty w itorer Tbi i:r?l Irrtgolar an . eeotterlag n mer l:ade growla. ?v.! ft.' the ear - it.on e f onirre to r"pia? part' !nr la of f'?i? * h ror.atry merrbacU. w'f. ort a ? i ft t?v open ag of the re.ular fall tr??lc. Tfce ftp rela trite tba aprtfcg b?e been retrar ab y t *5?tb~-?a?i on fb? dreea pretty mich ameog a.l claw e kat'.tg Imc vl; Hot ted by the liepoeabie ? are of ptireiMtra. Th? >ty trad* 'u ctitr t> ted Iftrgtly to a .aa.ii acme Wrjt ml,, e. aa> joHbera. wh" do be'b a r*ty and eer-trj trade ar.d WtbOBt wb ch they >^o M probahly bare erjvrVrced cona'dorab f treaaur . Vub tfce tW te of tt? err rc trade * at pi* ?tor'cj bare been lert| orer partite arly of rnr-lgn n??i?, which bare been more JlTeull of n.e and tnw? drj?.??e<t than ..cieatlc ftbr re Kaag bf ler# tt>M *? * ** hoe eeea II* b'fbeet pr*?t r>? the aea?oo ft* tHU m It t?a/( o'th the j -eH.-ateuppl/of loci^rtto cotton fnorta, uaited WlL tho aJ.tittoaa cow la procem of J nwin'itttw for the fnl trade, we con loot 'cr o) Kir*or* , O-i preaent price*, unl*ns utimuj?U*d by an uauiualljr uy t/70natumn trade, unit-*' with further advance in m? i cotton. Hear/ fabric, hare been affected by the hLfii prices of cotton They we .id hare reached a tail ah , libber figure b?4 not a cr '-cW her: gl en to the export I deuiaal by Uie wa. w'.tli China, aad alac by the i ilAtf- x iJiM) in ihff niiriiiinv nt/?r ahirh htl di mialibed tho demand fj-r cotton duct Tor sail cloth, and for osnabsrss for grata bag* The collect.ocs from the interior, aril from tho W st, a. ? com tost forward bet ter, infltiehred by th" ecoJ fen An ' f r fcri ?(tutu Oh at better piioo- and iacri*scd 8h - meats In Lieut. fromt^* West for the tt?a oard Tbeauct on ha * mn- be .*wi> vered ever for toe soaaon. Account. from Maacli outer, b/ the listi w<a, were somewhat ooa.'l.clug. The utringoacy of lite imioey aorket, and the nigh rates d.-rmad" 1 f:r raw cotton, cau?ed trade to rule dull, an t f-naa-H fa lur -e bad occurred with pro duocrs of heavy good", and rme m Us at Preetos. in the same Poo, had arne-.| to worV cn etvo't t'm# At the latest moment, boa ever, on tie* stiongih of bottor uiiti iron. Indva. traie in tfcuc .t - bad . *: 'ed, and wore a Loiter aspect It is be .eved ty runny in tn> fad? that silk geedt bare passed the r htgiest po ni. Large ehipmonn of silver were called f?rt? gr to hhar.ghac obletly to pur chase el!-.*, whl'.o the bei if wa* btcomug n.ore comnx.a In Furope, that the a ilk crop- in L. \ly aid cuce would be good, compared to that n? last ycr.r. The distribution made early in the uemuo, oi fr.wb-.i:. ii'ianjp araoug the grower* In F-anre, it wa? though! wi u'.d te id tr In crease tiie crop. Wc have no Important r,h;.ngns t > notice in our quolatons f r domes! c good* Urcwo shlrtin ~ and "heelings were at 9}','c a 9S'c tor heavy and a sc- a H^c. for good light weight* ItloacUeJ do were quel We <|iiole drills at * ,'fl. for esoort, Meartied at Mr .and blue 10 ,c Os.iabe.rgc coni.nued duil Otber deei ntit-oM of domestic fabric., were without marked charge It: p-ices Foreign good* on the market were dull,"and pr.cet irregular, wV!o now 'niportat or.s ge-irrul y go lute. 1 >nd, to await the reduction o* det c? oi tb^ ilrat of July. Mw U KxcnsMtge. !?ct"k'-at, .Tone If It*?. tl'Mkk) Mi-Hour'6 * . 8 '-( S<*? ehe I'ead ng R. 7L 1'fiO Cla'.for 7'6,'TO i do 7t'>M 4O00CsiItfor7's, '7i.. 64 Ik) dr 76h llWO do 6J\' ,00 c 76 ? 1000 Virgin.*6's.... * . 1*0 do. . bS 76'., 10U>. liar RK'.diuigs 70 110 d3... 7n . 060v HI On RR bin. 67 .?<>* iiu bl> 76c* 1000 CalAC:i.'-d n bs 'r'i "-N> ?' 76 1t? *h? M r B* scrip HO. I'll) < o bBO 76 52 Amer'raa Er BL. Ill i 00 at ....... 71 4" Cortinental Ban* II i-^ 210 do 74*4 b GaflftOc If .( 7i,-t " 11 'nnCoai Co MS 2''0 do 71 't 100 c e.jn i Uoal Co ... l":t :<K) do b60 75 100 do bo 17'? 4v.j dc 74 100 KY On P.l1. ado 8'V 20-1 >'* 74 4 b-k; do Hi Ik Mb N I RK.s60 41 a-k) do k. i o do b;o 41\ 160 do ... bao H-.hi aoo dc. ...b.o 4i. 170 do Hi , 25u do. 42?4 16) do " ?*-*4 80 dr <10 42 10O do. a"10 H2' i 150 dc . 8.5 42:4 1 j0 do sis 62-4 Ido dc 4b ft id do ... 1 0 h'i . 16'' do 42', 88ft do 82^4 ft MS it K 1 p-el ?. 8o 1CCC do 82 6Crm*nu? 'R 8114 100 MlUh. M??a RK t?) ?2?-l l'? do .... . ?1 10 do 61 ltd EI Cen tsilroad . 126 loOEris Rallrct l c : 2", 5) d r 1:15)1 200 do 82 , 60 do 136-4 450 do lit'-a 1J0 do * '0 134 fi.'iO dc <c 82 , 50 do sttO 18214 HO do b8 82-. 50 d< *10 18j SO do 810 82 10*1 C1?T & f'lttk RK 42*4 :6<) do ,s80 CIS' 60 d? L>6? 43 6) do b30 32 4 120 do 42 , 100 do b4 "i\ 1 Clev /'o! v i n 'P. IOC 100 do bid 82 130 (.aisna .V i at K.-t, 8P\' CT'i do C2 200 do 6b . 206 do bo tiff tkio d bid) 90 100 do SCO 3l?; lift d -iu 89 M do s;o SIM 10 do 8!?, k) Hid Xi BR... s3 2) ftV) Cev Tol K .< -0 67 uv uo i-w -v i -<ri uv ? >4 11 OTO Hirka R?..II : '<> .1 MO CT 1*) d.i itll 11 300 ilo . l.flO 57 K _6 Nut .V Wor R.t... I# +JO do 1'm> ??I 6 N H -Hart R.-... lu) 'J. UormaeA. MilK 7f. l'JO ..K 77>i *-5 C B k y !ncy R . i*> IMNJ E.) inx>. 111000 M!?iv rl '? v. t 6V <1 $ Read ng""7h60 7.' 1\ ?j? ohie i * TO# 111 'jm Or, . "?Y 50 l* M . Hi Co.. 77 >; lC.Ubi.Mol Ri44 UHEr.t Patlrcv! . :s 160 M 11 V!? nfetB no SO do ; . MITlMliCtiRR 186 5>o?: i en; r:oo r-4 !>uui? R . .. !>'Y to uo .,.?w w '-oo <io or C5 UO. V.'-# U<? f. <VI .'0 UO 7' , MS I C?lRP. ?? > 1'i-k 66 do bL't nv , l n> Jo he-, Bed Reading ,<K 7< 4 l^v Jo. >-00 ti\ MB dr mo i'? <:o OIB "an; .00 Jo t>31 71 * 10-1 JO. .bt/il n. , iK.i do 1 7! "" d3 b ^ H3 , 10-) <lo ?1" 74 . 60 d:>. b<W 82 , j)-j do bJ 74 4 CO La Cr a Mil K . 73a New 6 nrk Canal Trad*. Ruterceat sii wing the q ant tj o. (be aere-ai a.-tlr'et 11 at il are) on tb* catnle at, aai the ,i.aotiI.- left at f?ca Yor'? dar.o/ tbe ?*on i week a Jvae, 18.'7 ? M?- i'.i5. Cutu . M ~.f. St:3r. at Jour m i:*, .ba I,-. 0 M a?-t. 117.3V" Cofff?, ? 46.3UO Nail* ' 57 .?? > ? Tro?. < ? _< ,-j *? tl roe. ' 4,0a.,601 Atlouer m rriaa' i?. a: 'r:j an "6. .be >0 Total 7,w,? <0 Am (-V ? >#r*t l?\n. 7aa . F)?ur, bbte Ii*?? .;,'4a4 14,402 Wbev btt>b*l? 47.0)0 U.So? 0 JO" Cor? .IS," ? 14,14 Ra: r. ? 1.609 1JM R; c ? 1.4"<? I.4?0 < WW MM 66,2.6 Str.Wd Tr.naad ?'j p itu 7 .,..1 ? '.64,a .0 A?b?-, bb'j .6*1 1, <0 v.CH I tee!' C7 ? 37 V ' 16 - U Harop, lb* 1(0 OuO ? 1 0,?>04 Butler ?*>/ ? 4,600 Ul 9. 0 ? ,"00 ClMNM . . t* H ) ? 1,60| to trace . -ra leer.... Of*> ? t; :j>j tin (onnMtt iai, Ki.PURr R'T- a. ar.June 1 1^57. V rr a ?The t>ark- t *a# aome teie art t?- ard uuoyact > -pr-Jaily for cttucoi franco, while g.-ctatou w rr c. r. tr.trA T'.- aKO* em! r%nr abo-i a. 7)a o.ooi be'.e , '.ar.'.nd'Df romixK to fr-iod HU?? M 6> 4i 6- <4, a U. ic c t trier i. tt K C ae! etr-a at *T >7 2") Was raid ilet aa<l tmcbaofe L A unail at e cl G.aj M- <- Oiled a a na li ai II 61. ti > *a? !eta boe??nt. ar<J ! r trl S\|r? of I abenl .. <n< ti itf l - ''>w Vved rn aed ^.?at^era were i I ma t Wc. a 61. A?|m taint ?u ic < ( arv: ucca!fiat |i w?bale* of '?>< bf ' a?<a? aerr tnad<- ?t 1'.P . ?cd f 43 . ! ,t 61 i ' ?nn < fr r ?l- , if t?T"> war jrrbanrcd. a ih a>< de-ate fa. " W ?Ntira Cf I'fO 1 i at liiumuMms"jimwiD ETKRT DUT >w ?to?tf?6 iM N6> Wiloi, ox BO Mf? Pll.ui LLAHI <?( a. A 'tftw tt*t' bk 11 at*i n.) ' f i?" li 6-r * al? lee* < I Oe-njo!??? r>. i ? 'r'jnubiwn ui a<. . .<> ?? % N> . < ti r B4WA or :*"o :Tt?4. 9- i k iowb >< be a* ta y ibl? pme'a-ra -a. J .? I- OWE ( iE? Ef ilj n * f -WE, Iii't whrh*. i%t tM :a?? *?!./ o d *"?? ! i.-g mw. tfc? - i.n* y L git, flj -i# e? to ?l. m ?**!'? ' I Til* ? oii. rti < < 1.70a ? peeon Tia*" ?K otw 1* r iM <kir ,1 .??? *. ntl On I> rf !? ' n" for .he?. It-men-tx-r, the ge- 9* * *? i e mpre-tor aat. 0*1 Di ?,!, uu t* 1 L/na a *4 ia' -./e D" p".' r I,tU W ??|? Ir-1 wder ?r<' I t.iVfo* len-TE j.a* I'#* *. rat* and ? 1 * li . ii* lir.edwaj I A ' bo. 6 X> ill Pg.VJi Mfwat Pfeftode ; kla nO!^R*Ei IIVTT'.AL "Td*?INO?OWLT DEPOT At U OIMHAlDl ft, *r>poUua H>U>. F??n TtEfrr^o f*f ? ry 1?' f .1 . fceacV''U.7 !; ta j Atf) C'Bra r.*_- 0:r-Ltokw . d ?,no # I ?op Pnil.lTT. ntaptp*!*. LAltnOQt rmLIA ' V tfl?ort A-'. Nar<i* d .' * ?*e? ' I ???-/ form, pa ne a the I on * end body winl w" ay Tg*y e-j'r1h?, d eep appe'JV*, dnt * 1. 'red te 1 nd a tleapw! oudn in l)r. tilHtllt l-i (oratlnc ??nf Her i'den Id on * " jtr > tilrLl 0: Jn-ithf <1 dl *Bp > thro gAvt the whole b?4r?hwUog, Inc. i>U at an: IV we-y. I r.fd hi 6w, two C ME I* t MOTHIBO AT 0.? K H*V? | |* No* M %n*. -A ft: to) d ,-e-t, B - ?i W . ,? v <t d ? re*?E, and-uar f 'O 4T \3*. t tlnM dtreet, C*-CTHIN<- KMTeHi.rAlllgvT \ p>- loett anu hoy a. K?: Be pt cm. A ?"* o*'. ..... II ( u ) ;.!(!* MM ....... IM, < > i i ( lit u r ttt (DM . a ?'n "15 j Wbwd tUtfM tru *<f r! <(ia4i<imatr ?i tU i r, ... t gtt tti-jti'tmrrut t M> ? 0 Tin r? ?. W-, %B<1 rh .)*#? Mrr- I . X * Ha it. Mk>-?p 1^ c e n Ub.1 . ;# ? " ?? Hn> I tv - m-o >r ?? < l if u> b :? 'WitU^MMh ?.t. fcj' ? ? ."* ' - r ft fern- -.? .* * ? * roi dki M?m . m ? ? I " < ll Oil* of ?"?? .iMk t Mh I* ' B i.? rb""?rt 'MW7 ftmrrti - ft* T > P* i'fd'h t'p MUMrl tMi ?- l?t? It* ? t? If ? I# rMlMOf n *n) >1.1 - f ? ,? * ' ) *0 ill I J ,,?[> ? >o 4 * p? ? ? ' ?" " ?I? ' > #' ? *? 11 tr> V a'i rta, of TriPB ?>(! *"'1 i e? it"* ?Vr>?,l|/,: ??p ? hl?ffc. in 4 ?rr t irtloW if f im ?ft.iv: ? iMJ fo A fro?I -m? n wBHlrntTP* Xs KV41 H U"\ AT PR -?(l.A'H< ll rtml ?. T"?r ?r? 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Hew Torfc /tiumakoa, DA an DKIMAVU AND HTATIOW "T (MX Hr *lw?r card nut- tnrl"itee? with ?/**> nlake HAVX Toil HKKN THK P Hi KHMft AND?AIMM alao tnp 95 HI And 94 lx?>u at JON Iw-t . No. U) Ann MTMh ?e,ir the *J'iaen? II IX HbTIMaTRR rtJ*T JOUOOnrK aSHVUU.J PB9H from tohanro ?fir V.rfl'a toiia. ban wrrvoed tbroiaada frt aa ib.; i itm1 ol U>b?ooo rhwinir wtn be letieial reaulta. Recommended h> 11- nl'y. Ilal., the oen-.-atrif rnriniat, Or (klltn,ut(idbrklgkinInIim ritjr Criitket >?? >, tk* *l|-* l.? awaf.owrd, pmnniiof, perfuming Ik* btv.i it, ?rl (lrili g * ??) alb ih* d-cg'tatlng *i i Injuruxjl hahll of JtttiB* VUAt at awgar and droit atoiwt. ward* mli> i 4 itrniulwaj lOUVBN'b IKOl'OKOUM .vKKKAtt .TION INWTaim.9 o dean* kid gbrrea of nil oolora wltiont tkr altghunat mmA Sub mi 1*11 tmnlnA uo thn cl r*?, *nd Um J!n Instantly dian* Km One bottle nbmna Any pair* Whokwn * and Hhl A Hmniwr PiiXtikNS HiI.MARI) TAKI.KS Bkiekrooma 780 mi I 738 Hroadwajr, Ko<rwC' In Tenth aireet MminTuilory A) Ann street. PAKlblAt) ROME BulXOOKf.-A u*1UK INVOfOS M J'i*i rerrlyed frees Para. lor Mle. who e?le ui mall wilt Knit Y DaVKM" ITT'S rubber depot, JCI7 Hruaoway. CTKp-'kNX CKLV l>H ATX1) WRITING fl.U'OH ANN 0 prp^'Ink* -I/inine. and C7J pari atrest, New York. Soli by (he prnrlin' atailnsara OliUTb AM kit ID A MCW S7 Am> Wit hW r USBWTklllktf. 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M al'ltl b t - WokKiMI with out Quia* po tbrradirf of n**.il-a no apod-nf uf thread niek n? aevrti di.'er aia'Jt be*, barkgutcb.iia, hi tat rrlit r nn i.|, tp Can he worked bvarhld f ye yean o? a*> a lib ib> *r.alrat enae. No 411 ttioadway. N. T.. orw Lord wood a booka'ore. XunKHHTKi/Hi.kkat rtiiTsi a?i. " e<t fnim wn to 810 flrmlwar. ABBIAOKS AJfD D KATES. Harrtrd. Cos i?M.t * ?Tn Ui a cur, on .* ' .'nda>, Ju?? 7, bw Mm Ktv hi.war lAlhrnp, ,i i?> . * I>>>. Im ujirat Mill*, rl-ieat da gtil*.- ol tbe lata Jaa ab Mill*, h* j , nil of lb* CU. Trey rmpe-* p;en?o capy. OiMKiia?*ii?aa ?At Oa>dool?. on Th irtday. J nn It, by Kor Tb'una* MoCwuley. banana W Uiaitu*, ol Bronit tya, i t , ard Mia? M A Wijmi. of th* former piaen. Mil. *a? V*i. ?On Saturday, Juca IS, at in* (Jtu-ch dc Sala*. Se"r:t, by the Rct Mr. Vnrren., Ah;.new j. Mi*L*t, K j . of St. AeyiitUn*, f.orlda, to Mbia Counua ( .a.t of la ? ody M'-'i Joai?(ikuu* ?I'i Wfliy, May V by tt* Roty. Ja ot M loll at ll'l a*t Twelfth utroet, Mr .Tanw< (.** t< Jua (Jiuio,th of thiacilf. ? Bh* ?wia ?<hi Friday, Jin* 12, at thn r?nS donna o! bta nod in law, Twenty elgr.Ut atrnM, In Oil a city, 1 y Oie "ay. Pr f furor, V"M? II or??*i. of New Roche lw. to A ' :* * d' ! da y it?r of Cnar'n* 1 Hra*>a on, K*>i , on t'kf if 1, 'ylient;>^p, Stat? of New York. P* c i pay r.r ) ttwe i.opj. DM. Ha'~rm ? In Utl# fitT, on Saturday Birrnlnf, Jane IS, M*" Main '* Uar?*tT, tn the 1Mb rear of bar a** Tho rrlat'??? and fr.atjl- of tna (?. .ity a ro-pe u'ur.y '? tied i tt'.yd the T nornl, frwte tbe r"i lence of bar > a a taw. Mat hew Oor.oran. 148 dc.aaUi avoouo, tb'e tftorvc i| hm o'clor*. fier rataalw ? n be imm to iit ct rn.-r ?f Flay alb atreet and Second a-aoue lor inter trial. Kt .tea ? At hair pita' n'se o'elxk cr Sktarday mornInt. June IS. at Ihn a :o cf ft yana, tr.oatha at 1 2ft day*, last .top, b< i j x WiuatiOtnaa, and itausMar of Her man and Ku?< 'a K ider. Tb* Inucrai wid lake ptaoo th a aftoroooo at three o'.-foek, ' om No lib F'?'a slreat Acit.a.utac:e a&d fnaoda are rr pecMUIIy taa'trd to atiead. . ?*lt* a ? At New Hot he !l?th mi nth I?, F.'.zanHi ' ?w*rwt|, n lh? 10'at j -%i of her ago He: fu-.eca: wi, uke plaraf om the re? of M si S tor, Ee.V Okruar I ?rS,fi, tlati?uad Je"*?t, New Ruhr''*,' r e Heron 1 day, the 1Mb ' hair part ler fti tbe for*- * to d llpr rt mi o? v 11 b* Ufa In Inamls' Urrv'M 1?r'ir.b"> l"f 'lag-, for Dl?rr:"i l iiow - d I riday, 'us*-12. c t iae n, the be'eve* rh J o Joha aallelhenne Mane oj, aged 1 year ead 11 '* da** *. Tfeefrtehda of the *h?r' y err reepeefolly tnrttfd to a*, te ? b?r lOf* , lb ? suite ojoa, at t?o o eiock. rom lh<J re/dence of hrr jere..W, No. Ml Mulberry wee-, mm l a it! iml. ptae.?Ic TiJal"' b a, oc Tb iridap, .Tuna 11, Joan Petit, K*e , of >b ell* .a lb* Kid far of hie age. II ? fueen . tarn |> ? fr in lb' bo ** nf I.* brother, .'a nee I'aee, No. ^7* ui'i Fourth ?treet, Philadelphia. ee M<?, iae, tid" 16, at half pa-s t'iree o'i lore, pr . rwdiag Ufac to Leort' H.u ills 1r.ends ana *.<juatnia?t? e are invited to attend ait'i t funhi-r not ce. tynrrr ? At Mlddletvnh, K J.oa Mday, IS, Sitt (Jtmtl, la UN ' Id year of her age. The relet ret end frlende of the family are rerperOaUy Ire ffci to aiteid her f-ti raj, from the ret/den ? of her f an i, a, Theodore A. Nee man, No 2tl I id a etreet, HronVtya, tb a alter noon, at three o'alock, witheut further let tatioa. Ka r ?<01 feturday, June 13, .'oar Ban jar?.. m of Hlen and Ibotnae Re'd, <ged I". m >etha The fr*"nd* of the fimily are respect'"el'y laTHed to attend U>? funeral, thie aiternouo,al one e'tlcuJfc, from No. ? Clar . nreet. ft) ft?<to Friday, June 12, at b!e taer ei Irene, No. 191 i Wri eac s reet", Mr. Jen* *? ?*. formerly tf kelae, Hi:/, and. ^ ? H( frlewta are retpeo'ully auttd to attend the funeraJ, at nine o r lock thte neorn e# ncRKaR -^jdu'euly. ea Saturday, Joan 1., Ma an, art, Wtr?' t Wl'ltou MKrkurr ? Notlcof her fao-rel-Hlbe V _ -At U on. vu Bado**)*, J?M 10, aTtar a abort ii *m. *'? * " Ni*"*.- *. H*? ?l I j4fr- .* - v .lot* lf.ofpMbMf (HllaMt- | , I , mm K?T. n iii' l??l r *r til" ag*, UM *Ueat jn'cf tuU|> 8Mb'r,<'r., of N#? Vortt. C < ?#?r rootr i<<in of tie Inn#). V mi T nui, printer, tft' iH year* aad 10 <l?> ?. H* ft'eodl ana rr'a' vw are rearefltfhlly Inr'led to M t?od h faiwral, rem eu late re?Nrenro, I.-I Norfolk ?trael. H intuornm. H.a reruaina *111 be warn to i.roeawood for H T..rr\8 - co fr la/, June la, H??t Tomac, la tlM U'K . or > b.? IJ Th reakToa anil Veeda of the family, an I the memoera <.f ivDtckfrhockar Lodge, No ti. ' of o ^ , era "rapectfadj in* titUi wiitiJ ha fneeral, from ha lata e* dene?, No HA Third atr >H Ihla aftern>o, at half past >or n'rinr'4, w'ibou farther .a* laiien. tbawttbemrf \? rke?-b "-Itrr ! odfo, No B, I P V IT., are rn?vte?trd ft attend the funeral of our Me Irothrr, I'. O. Haa?r To nee, Tr?m h a la e re?ldeaee, No a tuird atroot, oa < nday a'to rooe, al half na/M om I'e.oik. I'uoct ml aueodaace re<vireted. By order Tear io>a I r*T mi Rh H Wtm ? M h.a era lenre, la Brooklyn, oa TV: aday mttfak, Juna II,' ?**t **? , a*ed .14 yaara Hta rr'at'vea avd ft'enda. a?d the ntemheraof rtlgr'm Irilfo, ' ?> O F , and of the Bookbinder*' jrne- >eet Nicetr, ara reape-t* IK 'evited t ourad Ua finerat. from b a lata raatdaaae. No n Cnabtrlart Mrtf, Iftib yn, Cila Vtoruoco, ai two o'clock.