Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1857 Page 7
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imimaatm imewbi gmr pat. Tftoami*, t;<uuuAUBK, 'it. A KITIJtMAA WIRUltrl TO DiHPORI OF HIR Kfl. A. tabliahmrat. noualailag of a rpau of bay boraee. 16 banda Jgh. of flne aijle and aoii?>n. and a coach but UUle need, lnQaW* of OOlUHTtM'K A It ROTH UK, 611 Leonard atreet AT THK R.7.AAR, SI CROSBY HTRKKT, AUCTT01I aloe every a outlay and Wtv' ueectay of home*. c*jn?KO?, imrutm. An., oooiuit-u<'ljut al 12 o'clock. The uumpired leatte Of ttw aoore eaiuMinhinenl for aale. BV)I RAI.B?THI PROPRBTT OP A UBMTIjKM t If, A JP rery haadaome mare, nearly thorough bred, and rlatng Mvea >ear? old, very taol. aty HalgaiK. nvunder the saddle, Uao a bay gelding, an yearn old, fine .. -ion quiet, and haa {real trotting eapaciuea Both hare been with the preaant jwuar two year*, and have been merely driven fur exorclae. Ihi ba aeea at Flynr'a atablea. Thirteenth street, near Fifth | Arenas. Li'U* NAldt? liKlt.'B. UAHTH, UHlOU W4UUNH, TIMJ? bar trunks aid stone trucks, one light wagon ip'e?SU'BJ. cme sled, nu'ii'i scsilo.dliig fur bouses, two tnoh plaak, ladders, pole*, derricks. blocks, ropes, bnok buckets, iwe mortar buck-ta. horse power, hand power, wheelbarrows, ' otter boxes. *o So Inquire of J. B. OORLIBB, No ST Jsat Thirty third street Fib bale a large black hulk, at st hart Thirty third street. Fob balb-a rav mark, seven years old. ib? hands high, perfrntly sound and ktad; onn trot Inside or hree Minutes. Am person in wuut of a first olaaa animal may apply to D NQRRIH. 6tft dons ton street. "EtUB KALJt?ONK SECOND HAND OOAOII. TWO GIGS, J? and a ltd of light wagons with or without tops, at LUlia*0W A SMITH'S, 86 Kaat Nineteenth street. FOB BALE?*U0U BELOW TUKIB VALUE, A IIAND onn brown mare. 16V hands high, ean trot inside of three misulaa; a rery stylish bay mare, 16 hands high, oi less weed; both perfectly sound and kind tn all harness, also a %tu wagon and single harness almost uew. inquire at the -rtabteof JOHN B&OWNSON. Esq., 16 Sidney place, Brookr.Jk |mt)B 8 ALB?A BAT HAMILTON I AN OOLT, FIVE fc years aid. sixteen tands high, very stylish, wsrrsnted assist and kluo; with two seat top wagon and harness. Also, a saddle poa}, sul able for lady or children. Apply at IS Jay, morner of Greens Ich street. TTtOR RALE?A SUPERIOR FAMILY HORSK, DARK " Mty, 1? hands high, 7 years ol I, warranted sound and dad; will stand without tying; would make an excellent horse ir* a physWSmn. inquire of THu.S. UAFMBY, 37 Montgoutetry street, Jersey City. IjlOR SALE?A PAIR OP DAPPLE (litAY HORHKS, .J} long tails, 7 J ears old. said to be twins, Morgana, from Vermont, a great pair of road horses, and for beauty, style mil notion are not surpass*d, if equalled, by any In this Rate. They are extremely well broke, kind and aafe for any family use. Uaabeseenat Pelt, n A Co.'a stable, corner of Ktltn A yen c a and 1 wet. y first s'rect. FOR BALE?a LARtlK LOT OF NEW EXPRESS WAgona, of dtfierent sizes also, a stable to lei, No. k6 Walker TtrerA. Apply si the cilice of HTUDLRY'B Express, 37 Canal Mreei, nest door to ibe New llayea niilroad depot. EjfOB BALE CHKaP?A BAY HORSE, SEVEN lYKARd ' gf nl.t ISlC ll?nd? hl.rh Sin.I In all hlrna,, >ni mun.1 In. mire at H WHITE, 329 Third avenue, betwoon Twenty fifth > aind Twurty stub etreet*. I X7I0B BALK CHKAP.-A GOOD SIZED SIX YEAR Ol.D JP mule, nana to tu rn work, in Pnonsylvaota; puce $tta; ;klav, a aert-n year old ho-sc. uovd to s milk wag >u, siau U without tying; would trad-- htm for R low prtcud pony, not too Otw. /ppty at corner of Hits i and Fuarl streets. Brooklyn. HOBftRS. CARRIAGE, HARNKS8, BLANKETS, FUR rebea, go., go ?For rale, the entire establMhinenl of a epuitlet&aii going to Europe, consisting of a splendid pair of ijosa atai toed bay horses, wrh Hag tails LS'? aanda high, of I'gce style and action, sound and kind In every particular, an opes lop barouche, nut It' le tisedund tn perfect order; double cat of h an less, by Lowdftn; also blsnketa sheets, gray aud Ulaek ruiiea, Ac., reeking a complete turnout. .kale positive, '?l>efare steamer of 2uth instant. For particulars Inquire at the office Of the Jtetropo'itau Hotel. Also, ailuatiou wanted for Cm McetViit onacbman (f\KB OF THE II Avi'SOMKST HI,ACE HORSES IN ' y\J this city, lt\ hand* hlph, war ran e.d sound, kind and of fjreat end,urauce, six years old, will b" sold at a c at bargain, tfapphed for tmmodla'ely. at stable In Broadway, between Ttnrtr nlntk and Fortieth atresia. PORT rOKkAUL-A FINE HAT INDIAN PONT. 13 X hands high, well broke to harness or saddle, air years old, cnltablr tv a lady or boy. Apply U> D. B. W EH TLA EE, 413 Water street. PANTUKE FOR HOKKM>-UOOD BOTTOM I.AND, itable for boraes can be used by 1uqtunnx for A. AAS6FORD, For Sham depot, l\'e?Kh?-ter county. WANTED A PAIR <1P OARKI..OK HORSES OF 13 In 18\ hands blah; must be sound aid gentle; extra |n|?ned not ruqnt-ed snd pnc.' not tn exceed fUW or SmO. Anyone harlot such a pih for sale can adureea II., box 1,032 Post nAn. WANTED?A GOOD SKCONI) HANDCART, SUITABLE fnr dock work. Apply at It Grand street. WANTr'V-A GOOD SUBSTANTI AL STOCK HORSE, citable for Illt-ou. lti hands btgh, from 1,30J to 1,400 i winds and good outor, room.' aud sound, for which s literal i>rto? will be paid. Inquire of .lames Farm, South lkrgen, N. J., ot n O., It.iod, at Chamberlatii's, Hudson rivnr Bull , Head, 7b and ,2 Bob m on at., N. V, , g*o?MWi. . au, ?v lvr, C/\ -TO I.ET, g COCNTRY 8E AT, WITHIN THRKE A* LtR/. mllee of the rlty, with gooi bouse and garden, in complete repair, all kinds of fruit, near Newtown. L. I. Als? a (awleel bullae in Hruwklyn. Keut Slid. Apply to C. G. UGBPMON. 88 k aaaau street. tlftn PBR YEAR -TO LET, A HTnRK WKI.L RUTTED pioin t for a rv nery, tea, cmdr boteher or fieh store. Apply lo R. W A Hp, corner of Forty ndrrt street and sink ar. EJHIRN IHHKD HOUSE OB BOOMM TO LBT?SITUATED JT la Twelfth St- vet, near Broadway. The adrertlaer bronld take par of'he rent tn b ve-d, or would let rw furyisfced noma >o grulirawp, or a physician's ollUe. Inquire at the Union square PostoOoe. 'YAACTvlRT TO LET-KIM>MM 28 FRET BY 4d FEET, well hfhled ut'AKlfl for anr pnrpoae; also a dye aad ilinnkfcuT 1 ' ' to let, with fixtures complete. Apply .? tie preesines. PH W.-.I Th ru ?l? h street 'O OUR* TO LET-A RPENDID RUNNER HOrSE TO 'IT be, with e ght mnwia, tint-bed tn ihe host style. with a nrilar and a beantmil laavden of Sowers and fruit tree*; Jliu (ar lit mociha or tilt I <r uue year. Inquire of G. MARC, Anuria. i- I. N B. ?Conveyanoe to atul from New York oat* yrery fire minutes either by cars or steamboat foot of Peek y?. IWTGTEL TO LET- IN THK CENTRAL PAET OF THE 11 <sty Tha -lwelltrg part a good location lor ooardara. iimnw or appip a. aipy, uwhuh > ? > HOCfnmOLn rt'RNtTURITO I.KT A. <JC a NTITT OF ftirnln?w to Vt; alv\ manna. carm-ia. Inwill bo ront>.<t v >r ft.rtirr part.. 'Par* in i i r? ?l *: ? u.t at eel, I no 1U to Di.1 ami i unti P. M. SI TATXIf IbLAND ?TO LKT, HAMKMATKLT, IN tlEIPlo euar\ TnotpbuiarU.n. a two a.orr, haanmnnt and attle tx nr . coatauitn tr u r ?>ir?. all 11 ro?h1 orl-r, ? "'.on vrry inaJtby aarnrnbln ?ii.l rots ml ni.- b- a a (tin inr*r mianlna rt'h ?f uin Brat lrn<tin<, tln? pardon, ...ran ah ami blah <ha<tin? tr? ?. Apply to I' WOi.PK, I i.| , .Initio* ot lint Pnaea. 'Tiintpklunliln. PIK) l.i T A MX Aft A fir. AIK V KlfUM, KL KMlHIIKt) X or unfvt'liihril without bourd, U> Of)" or two altiplr Jon at Svt WaaLincvio Birr'brtworn Hubert iu.4 BrsaaU rMrr-roR "nr or hour warn anovMomoui tnrniits d rw*i.t. nm ,n yi?tnn lilv 1, b*. n(m ry ""it I ranmanr for a l*r?c tiruil* Hot ?r-l r>M wh -r ha"h ata jlinf, bra*. am i -? lr.?h .- ? "i>d Inchon carton well -op >hoo a lib flni.t ?n.' its In C nrp* <-<" 1 Irllahwa iif orwun nv< m < ? f - n o pari." jlara aoplT to V ' AH T> ; Rt ?T 11 k I. Wo. Jr... .rat |e->. 'baa ..AM I'aat n4Boa, >ow Ynrb lot - trrftit t'Ai.r not ?k v m-t twkn H l* otuia aim > To a amall In .i.!< a. a n ? ? u'lonaiilo ?<**?? . I ni w;l' b" ,s? w ? ...... , .n .-? rt> I*T-TII? LOWER <;R PaRT OP H'OCTSE I A3 ??tt ilb >' . >.-.-u At an. I A am.. hi- raa, byiWT^flTwill bo k" ?nl? Apply oa Uto r> i.rr a first cr a?w norap- ?jr ?ornTH HTWA, A !? ' ". P a?. 1 -t '.jr Mr Fal'a. I'ml ImtaTlbr Trad'tart i I'.ik. a'ti a (irat rlaaa L ?- la1 Hailaeeetr H In intra a> No 1 Or jT? new , n?ar liadaoa T) I.AT?TO A OKNTT K4AN o? OF.NTMCMAN Abl) lady. wtlimit board, * p-trlor, hndrmoa, .Ir-aainj ronaa Add riowoi f..i t.nhntl r mi r.nal..*1 Ir.. n? a- U Kaat T**" <T a n* aAr?-". near l.aMn?oa a< rnu- r not lodoci^k rjt T> I.KT THf I PPM PA IT OP HOINIt M ItOWVtlT artj.Aaia* Howor* tbaalra Tba houaa itamai flfwwn 'vi?awil? paru-tar.- ajr.nml ,i, l I.- u?-.od for a tint -. a i"Tti ? i; R<v i m.. t.-rai.- ai p.? to .1 It. A " K I a tit T .VI Koa try VV ' rmm i.rr-rroa,.iyat itia*** n. ri, hat vir?t ralr aiani* or hardwara. Aalooa. or anr mhar bua.awra; < *J?, bsu.' an" II' artaay ' b.' a^ n rn. tj limt a- Tatrtj arornd wm. - *'o? > ? (?r ? v, ral yrarr u> a ?."?1 ra?i man Apply oa tha pramiam rp I.FT THK R AFIV' v Nf fif T ! R II . VR HOI'AK, (KIR 1 .** Hf via--.. * ! ! I.ra.t i..o"? ?!riri. .n i i ?II.-nt piae* Rm a prr?. i. ?i - on' ui I -q> a firm plana main.iranU * , , y cm th* pmniene rl.KT TIIP. TWO f TORY |IWr 'I N't ll')l SI N'l 41 ITblir alrrr . r>ni iV. in n >a ' . I.'of Vij o?i (Aai. Appl] In 11. A A. KlX.iAI.ANU .1 SI fMK,U Hroad ? r- vr A VfRT PI IN ABI.F P1RVT I'l.AsH UtVRI.I, 114 bona*, a .th i.i |k? Mdflt hMnirmntiui I'l P.w > ' ITU lb Omn For t.?r l> "Pi.It lo M. T i .TSKR. a/r PmadwAT, mrn'T nf Rr ?.mn s-rnoi TH> I.KT IR BR<H>kI,TN-TWO ri.KAqAHT ROOV* IW J a'maa/ kiviMt, qui*' ?n' U? ?!, ?!rp.M and Homb rrva. *'1.1 .ii.-iap. loi'Uitt MH T .'man * l<*?r *mr? rrrm Wall atr?i f-trr. rl.rr TW aottttt * tiirib mnrj brnwia Ann* fmn; hr>n??, w?? cf and n?Ar (M?VtaUV-< .1 ? till'? I 1-1 " ?' rhl*| r??l|l'1"n w-ll |iIm> ?d It) ' rpe'? wh^- a d-aiI? i-<ar rant.-' Our-I.M-.1 >:*'< l Viit ) ./f I'll I.- or (a ?i'f ? vi'd tat H i plnunuil h" R*p' OU. Addrt-M but 1.114 Poat Allna. ___ __ ru I.RT on I.XAS> IRIIIIKOKKN PI W AHIIIR.ITOR th? <hr"?' ?t?ry And b?.?ui't n < r hrlrk l\w. 14 r - <m>? .1. '.4 k. Hn I v -w Vnrk And >.- I> r-y T H I <*<" ? H nu.r ?e R?r' ? ?> Ai > .II I.I A N I'KKt I KR. ti-n d . ir. <r Ai W I'?u# N-? V rk rTHUR t ARILIM -Kl.BtdART rORRTRHlO romaa.- (m?- ItBxIh.nvi il ??r, i>>mitakiPk rf ihrw aplxntlA n?n-?. -rtra ' ' ?' A 1Irbll I r. .i.l.uCf I >r (! ;.n.- j Apt'' . At W PlmUiB |>.A M, flftffh ?!r?t (TKMAJIA. 7(H) (Mill <" "tu qn* a |*rf? a?? fm.iit nf Ha aha * ' *" * ??> a 1 ATA rw*!lT oh'-Ap. jp?wn m WW, M fAA-1 *i< ant-d b>' i?m . O .MtiKKM 17 drmdway R'LIVIVJ"' ",v" *?'?AUA RR-tarrkm, VRPTA Ttr- ?. W? Vw'im a iJrTl' ,7^.,",'" '"" "Ih+r I'vn .a Imp*P. ROGRM, TO RAA?W DMl WINK* AKD l.iqi;OR?. M'W" -TAT I.ANnKD RJ J AMXH WTTMB*. Ut rmrt ?** " A* AWWM. A Lf RKD BBAQO. iDOH01IIH.-A. Kimj | (?i A ? j; ami at ?ao i"0. ou Tue?day, J'tue lu, a: u.V? n'-ioci, At their iVirnon, 3S Oortlandt ?Urert tflr'M of pnut n ?,i-< ud Hboa?, being k good aanarimont of ceeroble goods aJapwit to the Kt uun A 8. RICHARDS, ADJTlOMh.KR.-l.0U0 0A8IM OF 1< prime and reaeonabia boo'a. ebon* wj 1 orogHin hi aur. lion on Tueeday. lthh ln??.. at 1UK A. M . it the atom of K. llbuichard k (My. *>? 1'earl atreet, up utairt AUCTION NOTICE.?J. HOOABT, AUCTION KRK?BY H liOUART.?Monday, June 16, * lu^ o'clock. at Mo. fll Fulton alreet. mortcagr rale ol grocery ntore, oonMating of green and blank teaa, ooflne, rpi.-ea, wine* branay tmrare. oep, cm dlea, tiatuiua, Mleeu large at and oaa?a, coffee and augar ir Ilia, four large oil eenn. counter* taali,gaar deak. tore liitiirea,eo(inlar and plallorm analee, An I JOHN W. HoMKRIND YK R, Atu,rnuv for Mirtgagee. j Auction notiuk-j. bog art. auction rab ? ?v 8. HOOART ?Will he wold. on Krld*y. .lone 19. At lt,l4 o'oioek, at Itogart's a u-lion rooms. comer of I raukfort ana William streets, by virtue ot a .chain'I mortgage, eight rosewood mahogany and black walnut Phel?n patent combination cushion. marble and slate bet bllltsrd tahles. A no, nails, oues and all other appiirteiiuuoes he'imging to the **uie, JOIN OTtOUBKd, Attorney lor Mortgagee, ortioe 10 Centre street. Auction notjck,-thomas hnll. auotionk?b?y UKi.L A BU81I -Mo day, at U'S o'oioek. ia the salesrooms U North WtPiam utreet, In Addition to a flte lot of millinery. perfumery, dry goods, clothing, furniture. Ac . at 11 o c.i* k wilt be sold one tine silver ua'out lerer watch, made bv G A R. bees ley, two do., by Johnson, and three valuable gold watches, Ac Auonow sam or rcperiob bichlt oarvmd rosewood parlor furniture, valuable rosewood pianoforte Inlaid with pearl, suits of rosewood tn rich satin broca'el. large and costly Parian and French china vases richly rtre? ra ec rsyal velvet ctrpeut, ml pain-lugs, statues, Ac H H. I.KKD8. auctioneer,will sell on Monday, June 14, at 10X o'ciosk, at the residence, 70 West Twenty siitb street a few doors from Sixth avenue, as above all the furniture, mostly made to order, vt*.Bound comer carved rosewood pianoforte, richly carved Wrs, superior instrument, In nas bnt a short time; two rosewood oororr stands, two rosewood niagaree, with mirror doors and baeka, marble top; about two hundred yards of royal velvet carpet; also, three ply and Ingrain thtougboul the house, pier glasses, heavy lace and brocatel curtains, suits of very richly carved parlor furniture, covered tn French sa in brouatel, made to order; Turkish arm chairs, reception do., rone wood marble top centre, side and sots tables; secretary bookcase, costiy framed oil paintings, Parian and hlsquet vases and mantel ornaments, ihsmber furniture onesistlng of rosewood marble lop dressing bureaus anil waahatanda. sofa chairs rockers la tutu oiow ard brocalel, rich palotod shades, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, pure curled hair and spring mattresses, pillows aud bolsters, bedd nr. toilet s'ta, Ac.; awing room extension taile. a large and choice assortment of onlna and glass, silver plate; also, a quantity ot crockcry and kitchen furniture, lounges, clocks, gas tlx lures. Sale peremptory, without regard to weather. Catalogues at the house. A deposit will be required from all purchasers to so cure the prompt payment of the b 1 tin. Careful osrinen In kttendanee to pack and ship If needed Pertoos la want of superior furniture In fine order should at end. Absiunkb'8 bam or obooer1bs, liquors and segara ? On Monday, J u ue 1&, at 10"^ iVuiuok, at No. 21 Bowery, the stock and flxtureu ot a whole-tale liquor s'ore. consisting of 42 casks of OtArd. Mar ell, seiguetto, pale and dark brnrtilii-a, Z2 eaeks Santa <>117. and Jamaica rum, wills key. ytn. port. Madeira and sherry wines; lu# enses claret; Madeira and port wines, oognac. whiskey and gin In bottles, decanters and demijohns, SO dozen London porter aud ale, 40 casts lemon syrups and cordials, 93 bask-as III: luck and othei champagnes, casks, kegs, liquor pump, meaiurns, ten box, counters, shelving, deca-'.era, tumblers, screens, oyster bar. together with 43 UJO Imported and domestic Began. By order of the assignees. A. M. (JRiHTAx.AU, auctioneer. No. 23 Bowery, will also srll at 11 o'clock, to pay advances, a lkrgi stock ot g*oceries, consisting ot teas, roller*, sugara, line, .ariey, *b boxes (ami ly ard chemical soap, siareh, spices, can-ties, prune*, olive oil. chelae. 4U0 and s boxes sardines, 7 barrels molasse* scale*, desks, tables, chairs, in., Me. AhblGNEE'8 8AI.K?HENRY DKKH BR, AUCTIONEER, will sell, by order i t C. Kbusier Smith, assignee ot Hugh Kelly, at store No. Mo Broome street, on the lyh day of June, 1887. at 10 o'clock A. M , *o the highest bidder, for cash the slues of a grille aud lender manufacturing cslab ishmrnt, ooasudlng of grates, Usils, bar Iron, sheet iron, summer pieces, fenders, soap stone, upper locks and lower looks. Iroo safe, chairs, desk, store and pipe, registers, t rase, ha aimers, norm, lathes, drilling machines and tools, auvll, blackstmUi's tools, files ash boxes, and ofher articles comprised In the mannfar tore of grates, Ac Also one horse warm. harness, blank ate and <a>vem. Goods open r exsmlnatton erery day until tale. C. KJU8UIK SMiTU uwignee of Hugh Kelly 1 U DKKLHCK. Auctioneer. APRIOUmr-p "?*T.K Of a DRT GOODS AND.FANCY s'-re. by I'EKP A COLE, Auctioneers, on Monday at ipi, o c 'v-k. ist S4." Fulton street, Brooklyn com prl-In r print-, tnus'lns, ribbons. line-,* ladles bonnets, glorea. hosiery, tow ellug, cutlery, tooth brushes, carpet bags, g-aas warn, silver p ated mare, bard warn and other guuiis. Also, five allrer watches IjJDWARD 8<*n*lK7K, AUCTIONEER-BY A F. H J 8CHRN0K ?On Tuesday, tfi.h Instant, at 1 o'clock, at their salesroom, .'fl Nat'sau strcc a long tall dark brown horse. 1st, hands high, v? ry stylish snd easy In bis gait, warranted perfectly sound, kind aud gentle In etery way. la an elciiiint l.tdlcs saddle horse, and was used as sues a'l last summer. Also & six seat rockaway, a coupe rockaaay, a two sealed square box wagon and several too road wagons. IjipWdKO HCUKNOK, AUCTIONEER-1IY K. A P. H. 'J SOllIN'i.K.-On Turadsy, Ibti Instant, at 11 o'clock, at their aab sroom. X1 Nassau street, un Importer's stock of superb dlsiDOud welry snd llrit class watches, consisting of solitary an-! cluster diamond earrtuga pins, rings, studs, bracelets. Ac., In Paris l.a caret gold sett ngs, tlrst class wat-bes in massive Id rare, gold hunting cases, ounvisUng of chronometers, double timekeepers patent levers by Mnr tanuon i re res, Jules Jurgenton, Olessy, Bretang, Joaenb Jobusou. Pai lsrd trcrea, Marchaud and others, tie goUl Jewrlry, consisting of Fiorrn tnc and Roman Mosaics; also eamrn sets of pins and earrings, brae-dels, studs, slec-.e but tons, fine gold vest and fob chatna, lockets, pencil cases, Ac. Bv cry article coarsened according lo eatsglcgue. EI.IAfi R. HKNRY. AUCTIONEER-WILL RE!.!. ON, June 18. at ll?S o clock, at Iiudson street, ad Ike house!.old furnitureof a three tdory h?uve Ui- property of a fsm .'y breaking tip housekeeping This la well w irtby the sttcn' on ?t desi*r? and private lamiliet. Panilitire tskm on storage at 10b Hudson street. GILHhKT H. HaV Aug, AUCTIONEER ?DIBIihKK, KAULEY A SAVAGE will sell on Tuesday. Jane 18th, at lf-i A. M al sslerrooins. 88 Cedar street, dry g *s!s. ho sierr. r tnc, goods, i-ortem-nmales, clothing, a targe aud flue ssrortmcnt ot lewelry, by order of asalrnee- writing desks, chairs. Mr., three superior nil pain Jugs, by IMisseldort; champagne. port, berry an-1 rlar<'t wlnev. and brandy in booh JAMES COI.E. AUCTIONEER -POSITIVE SALK OPSU valuable lots tn the Ninetcen-h ward ctiy of Ilrooalya, part o( the salve of the late Gen. Jeremiah Johnson la cs-aseri hi longing to bla ton. Rarest Johnson K-?| ?IAMKH Ctti I* a iH>h wdi sell <>n Tuesday. Juns 16. si ISo'clork. at the Meit-hama' Kirhaoge, N. T., Ml lots ou Msrcy avenue. Ilsws. 1'cnn. Kutlrilgn, lleyward. Lynch, Middle-on ana Gwinnett street* Enr maps. Ao., apply to JOHN P. ROUE, F-q Ml Enl-on sir.*- Brmklyn, and of the anrtJonears. M Fu'u.ti street, Hcnuklyn. and 46 Nssaau street. N Y. Mortgage sale or pine gold ?i?n diamond jrwstr*. g-tid and allyer watrbesami allrer plated ware. A. M. i kim AI.AH auctioneer, will sell on Tuesilay, 16 h Instai.t, at 10 o nkx-k. at No ITS new Gausl street, near the Bowery, a larre and raluabl assortmsat if fine gold rtnga, brooebra. esr rtxgs, studs, slsere buttons, mom ear rtnga and {Ins, slnrle and In sets; hrawlett, n-ok'aces, over one hundred fine gold guard, fob rest and chatelaine eha.ns. diamond rtnga, pins snd ear rtnrs * ud and silver wall lies, ooaa-sUng ol latl t-s' elegant gold watches. irtune uateat levers by rr)ebra;*d makers, and del*,died levers, togr lu r wl h a rich hss- rtnitnt of silver plana! want, consisting of rongs, curs, robin*, salt cellar, c.rutt top, dinner, tea and ti-seen *p-?>ns, lurks, cavors, eaks Inskcte Mi a Urgs variety of articles in the line too numerous lo raeiilbm, side snd couri'er glass cases, counters, stove natures, Ac., by order Of the mortgagee. t) WALTER* Al 'TintllKR TO MORROW, AT 11 JV. 4 ? . MH'II *BD.WALTERS A CO. sel'sat auction i i nr, JH ( Vher ue rl -eet. a tfener*l a??o'tm?ni ot par! >r, bedroom und kitchen farailnrr. milker's I onoet kta?da. Rlaaa mm*, Ac , 11 pay ad . urrs. one ahip'a rh -i.tioin-'ter. four gold b'.n ii| M>' oibi r f 'A and Mirer wa'r hen, our dUmond pin, cha :i?. at d ether , en' lr-. 'h a lot of udm i win. > nod bran dy, Ar, one ton 'l wMte load. f*>lrp.antra. W*. wrrTRRii. Ar.^rioNRim-wirXHiti.u o* vow ff day. at O", I. r'.M k at l"1 Want Twentv fourth aueet. the rskif k'.iii e; t on.,, bold furniture of the aim... bouae. amatol It ( t-f parlor nulla. n a rt" tables, larifc french plate pier ar.d nnautet te rrora, oft pa.n'lnf. d ercru Intra, benauful mantel ornamrn??, tare and other i.trl nt' elrcant carin!*, ball oil elotbn. hat rank and rhal ?, fat rhandtlrra and bit ??rai naaboeatiy ned?tr?1j, palllaaaaa, b??t ba>r*, large boln'eia and pluntva. table and bed Miien. marble lop, dr. win* ant char bn grand, aaeha'anda. toilet aeta wardi ibaa oo iehe., eofa bedalead? I jiuiq rorat ar.d kdthi-o fnrnl'ure. Ar All of ibe above fnrnlmre wa? prr~haaed abont cighten nmi ' j ago. and made i y ct of our beat city makera and ta tr a-ihy of ato-noou of At an-ra aa well aa private (saiutca. lb ttae to let win nroTiow. ' 2>o rn HWRITTKQ?n\Tr*if T.MSORR. TWO t/tt. ho ra each Bookkeeping $! '?nn Imued? or thr?e mon'ha (73 lemon' In p.-nmanaaJp or commercial arlibmrtir foe fid at Mr PAl TF. 8 academies. (121 Ho war/, corner of Canal greet, aad art f'ulicn itreet. Brook,70. Opea errry dav aud eveainr. d>C -BOYS A IIP If KM I'RBi'AKKn roR MUAINKRR.Jtl, IKIi.HKAKH ot timer ,*l academy I'MM llroad *?v. Will be kept op. n during Jttlr and Augiid 14 prepare amd-n's fl>r flail bnafnoaa. They will become quick la #gnraa, ri.pfd buatfiraa erltrm and prar-lnal hniAkeetiem Two oommntalam -rate, (It lor a f ill common ml oouree, .scant. one (6 eat for writing vacant Old HROAHWAT.- BOOKIE*rtl?0, AC?(1E1CTI.R ?VI O e-e.. aeek'atr etemanflle employment, mar aetata at FttKTfl. - entabUabment a ipeetnr and rmawterlyknnwladgr #f "nAkeetdag, rrtdai. Ac. la a few weeka Tnr ante aa aho.a TmMVa bmd?la?MrT RlnBdatad Ri* adtHan. PMaa m. Fi*Rr?( H laAR.ItJAflR A FRRRrH TnrjfO IjAPT, 1 )na* ar-" -d fw m Ron p? nnderet ?n Uac b'tt l"tln Rnt llrb. .ea- ? a aftnatton In a reapeetable famin to teach chu dren t>? F'-noh lang'taia (She la fttUy eompen*"t. Pl.-aa* addmw lama oare of Suliea Orevler. real eauw- ?,ant, (t Plume*. lifRBRcn IFRTRCOTRJWW, PAILT OR RKHIPKRTF A r mlan lady, pneaenaiat Preach and Q . man aa well u her own lamrnaffe wl>hea to teach la a family who c-o apore.late a thoronali edncauon. Rhe apeaka and write, feiR baa and Hpaitlnh correctly. Ref.-reaeea uneikepUoaablat Traaelalfama dune) Adtlrawi Madtm kaulla 8., Union square Post otRoe. FRBR(>e~^TuOAua-rRuPi^7. r. ua?"JLA 7*4 krtad way, nontinnea to /1m tbnmnab Mr .COOS la the Prenah anmafe, Imparun* E> hta pop Ha tha ahfllty If aal Ute lanrnalfe artth (naney aad km mlawB. 1MB t&M teoofaed Hat ween the konra of ( aad I nr I aad T P UOAI. tUINM, SCTRKMB OOURT.?OE#RilR PRITIHODI A04IRRT Harmon K R<?it ?i *1. in punmaaon of a J'vttnnl aI IF* R'ipr?m* ''"iirtnf lb* RUtn of K*w Tor*. I W1|f ripntn to *'?, on I ho ffbh day of .Inn*, IHiff, At II oV'Wk V %i ii?# Mmhanta' Krrbnnyn, to the *Uy of Rew York, by E. ft. LCI> UliW. ?i*U.wwrr ? A il 'hat iwrtnln hoano and lot, pltwn or pncrwu of mm nil aPi*t*. Hint on it h*la? In tb* Ynnriooath want of tba ally of Row Torh.Snown unit dl*tin*Ml?h*d on ft map or chart of th# lnniln of Rh'hi'lna Hnvard, d*oea?*?1 by lot number lw?!ct hundred ftnil *i|Rbt, (I,**,) boon-'nil w*#t*r1y In Iront by Rr?*d wot northerly by lot noinh*# ttmlcn hncdr?1 and too, il.Aff.) mnterlr by y round now or Into b*ton*tn? to fbiarbw I. i (rati am mi it otibor'r by lot numbar twwlrn hirvlmd ?nit nino, ('.*?,) frmtainiiiy In hrwdth In front no it r**r twenty Ara (?> '*# and In I- crib on *noh aldy on* bnnitrwd dun font, btsny tin'tbcyroorriy commonly known ** n>ttnb*r Arc bin dr*d nod twnlr* rllll Rmadway hi tb* etfyul Rww To** JAM* (I WILIJTf. Rbrwtt R. (toomil, Plnlntfft Aunrnoy. Raw fMHL J'iM l l?7 IHII.Itl* AND Al'HIMTN. 1 \R P'lWIT.T.. OCtn.IST. AURIHT, AC, ATTtRPR TO 1 ' all dl****** of tb* *tn nod **r from 1 Uli 4 o'clock d?i y. ArtlAotal */* Inanrtcd, Which n?n?n and look llkn Ibn nnlnmi yy* Ro Am Rmadway. R. Y DR. WHRR1.VR. OCt!I 1ST, RO IAA BKIADWAV, IIR i(.'* hi? at'tn'bwi to di**n?*? i,t th? *yn. chtoni* ipAam tn-'j. n of lb* oynl.t# Hortiiftlly c rod; Mm* u?ok* A.- , r* rn ~l wl'bo 'I ov?ca' m Or -* h or* Q A M to { I*. M frvofh ?rtt?(dRl ?yd r.i?f?rtar qoALty gt wit. 2TEW YORK HERALD, S MIMICAL, IkJkii UAilCima f /{'? UROtDWAY. MM* NAUV OKAII'H HANGING L'OO aTademv. oppoal'e K-irv' ,m et, o > a < *?r> *f ertrioa iin.l evening; aolmee ua Wrdneadavn and Halurdmyn. all ibn Jathloanbi* d?' i*>? iarludi.,g I .en. lament, Uujut with Urn grt-atraA cm by -t>ai4>*l<'>u young lull-* AEOLIAN (ILARIOMBYTfN A AOOORUBUNS-IHPBOV/Pj ?d metallic rwid* wttb or tibnii slope CI bi CUfluunaa, banina, vtnllnn gei'are, dram*. nonrt, naalantdB. flu ut. tllea, Oageolul*. Ac, w Uia old genome ortguuJI U J Al.OBa. 1U2 Chatham street. AOOOBDION8, HA N.I OA, VIOLINS GUITARS AO., f\ repaired and warranted at "ne half (he usual prices. Baiyus lioui SI Jfl to $78 Work aeut for and returned to any pari ol tht) city Apply at the factory, WO Franklin wreeL ARARK OIUMK- FHIGB t'?-A RGSRWOOO T 00 ia ?< pianoforte, boudoir or upright Btvle, o??l Ai-iU carved mou'i'inga, baa bmg used hut a abort lime. In perfrot order; ihr owutr baa nu fnnher mt lor it. Apply at luo first aruuue, bet" ren Mndl and Tenth alreets. QANJO TAUOHT, HT MOT*! OR HY KAK. WITH ALL A J the ruciuu-nis aud leu pot alar lutiea, lu leu easy lunum Mo ulittrLC sf rr f r ui*U uuU ok. pfllU HI'IK 126 Cannon street. near Houston atreei. BA- H KTNOKR.-WAbTEil, BY A YOITNU KaN, POH Krwtng a lair baas voice, and a m?<l*.-me kunrledge of music aMluAU"n in a ueolr. where he w-sdd reoette inMruc lion on the organ In re.urn for tna services. Audi-ess Urgou, box 192 Bora a office ("1 IT.HKRT'B, flHlCKRRlNH'H AND WA'fKHH' PIANOB j and uielooroi a at reduced price, si ihc W aTRRS' piano ad mualr room* MS Broaeway becond hand pisn<* from I'M to SIM) Melcdeona from *.15 to 9SU0 Kor sale on monthly payment*, for rent, and rent allowed on porrhaan. Pianos tuned and repaired. Musicians wantko-kor tuk unitkd staTis navs! aerviee Inquire at the Unf ed Stela* Naval Ren01 rvrms, Mo 9 i herry street PK1/K PI ANOKUKTKS.?<J. H. It A It *< IRK, NO. 218 Uieeokor ?lreet. warera-im and manufacturers. oiler large assortment at i?rrst bargains of the viand din final over strung baae and circular grate piano. Aiao, superior second hand pianos cheap. PlANOKORTR DEPOT SUPERIOR INSTRUMKNTS \ery low lor cash, and warranted. Teacher*. schools, nod the 11 ado supp'ltd with piano* and sheet mo de at ihe ioweat 1 at eg by (t. It. DEM * REST A CO., 409 Broadway Alao, am music just published: "1 et the li*rp be mute tar ev*r, and " < ot lu the Dell," by '. Hockley. 26 cents each; " Keep H-ke." Hcliot isch, by Harb*,3.ic?Tit?; 'Oslilopty n March " by M 1 delicti, 26 cents Mualc sent by malt, postage tree, ou recetp. ot marked price*. Sl'LRNDID PIANO, OP POWRRPUL TONK AND touch, selected by a 'ce'cbratfl prol'exsor and est $VW warranted aud made by one of the beet mtUte u, been tuiod a few months, will be sold for W?0. Can he seen at 141 Moth street, near liroadway. MlMClfiLJLANMUGM. CA8M? A QUICK roRTUNK AND A PI.EA *P'J Uuu ?unt bastixeoo. Ths profit* of sewing tnachlue ui -uulanture eclipsed. An eneryeuc bushiest man < so m ike a td'gr birtune rapidly with comparatively llfle capttal. ny the purchase of the right for the United 8 sue of *u Ing'-ulous l.ttle machine wmcb ran he made for $S to >6, and ot which a grvat tuauy thousands can he sold for 616 cacti No capttal is accessary lo manufacture, as tbe> can he furai' hud by con tru'it a the above figure*. Thi* in an opportunity to be met wtta on'y one- in a lit- time Further information will be fornt?b"d lo principals only bv Itnmieqa'e application, with address in lull, to is. B. It. lleni'd office BHUdkiKB. -J. A. HOPPEL UAb RKJu.CYBD aid dtkotti l'?cu?rj to 629 Pearl street, Franklin square, Harper4' Bulhloigs Brushes of every description at the In veal tacton citoes machine bnwbes mads to order. JOHW K. HOPrWL CtONHUMgHH |UP UAH TllftOOvihioUf TUB UNcTMJ ) htatee will learn something greatly to thetr pseuniary ad rariiagc by sending do tr address, one dollar and a posing* stamp, itherland J onus. New Vara Post tafia* '*? ad fallhlewi. but believing " CiURK OP CORNS?BY MADAME BRlttlAND, NO. 157 J Bowery, east aide. hetw. ou Broome <*,' Ijrbmeey sirneta. Madame B r-rpectlulij informs the PM&tc that she ha* re dnoed her price, in order to t-atoli evert' one to be friet tram bains, and feelaooniidecl of protn'sisg tlti' the wtU remove coin*, bu> ii ns, nalla pr >wn Into the tlcah. A* , wlthort* c* i toy the leaet pain or inconvenience Per*on* can be attended to at thetr houses or at Madam. B 'a redden ye. from 1 to 7. DH Ta YLc R, DMI&u HTATaH f/AHt'aruid aSIUCt Mo. 13U Naseau ireet -Ooveniment pAiaporw auc Clied. duly countersigned by all the foreign minister* a< Via upon, so that no trouble nan ooour lo the traveller In may pv Of the Old World. JOHNHTON'H OU KHTAHctHHKD ilgiCkU BAk? ry. Mo. 4S8 Oreenwich s'rsc., otmsr yf Verrr -Bpongi a-acgers, fancy do., butter Ik, I'tgar do.;eoda htaeult. mfff do, elne do., pilot dm, Aa, uouaiauil] ou aaad ua very fa vorable terms. LO'KINR OI.ASgRS AND PTOTURK PRANKS.? Country trade suoulted Nos. Sy<i Wu and .'92 (ireen wt di street, corner of Beach. N. Y. HOKACK V SltlLKK. MRH ELUOTT'S RHEUMATTO EMBROCATION -P0? rhenmattam, chilblains, Icmhsgo, old sprains, dlyVyct Hons brideee. Ac., Ae. Pur eale at the new* and partook* depot. M Mtvtsio* sgrees Now York, and by Mrk liars* Brooklyn. KTOTIUK. ? TH? UJfDERcIGIti.l> Ol.Sir.K8 TO RA'J.ltVk is deacrlpdve oatalnrnee, aamplee and (I'llni of atl ma aiilneaand othrr latenuuaa adapted fur eaportaUoe, n bun milled tn a roareotahle mm m tea km how In Smith America with a Mob h- la eouneeted Pleaae addrem Vh--? te F. F Cnlmhra, SJRnnlb etrwet, hub nfhne XTO MURK UK AT JiAias.-l'KUOK, PKuOK.-AI.C XI perrona who hare never aaed o ir hair regenerator, a-e rranrrtfnlly Invited to rail during the next 'hree daya, v d Uke una bottle on trial, without charge. 8 rob will pltmue chU tn peraoo th?S wo ma* atv thnr haw. K.N I'UiT A CO , Ohemtata, 1K> Urowtlw-uy. ONLY W TO K A PAIR. roK KINK KKKNCH CAI f booty, with futoaai ahooky. mare tO uTtler by J0I1N K t.FIN, at the old rtand. 15 A't" a H lrathor hoot a at AS tnf7; grntlefnm'a ravera and ahwa of ru-ri atyla njiially low. A good aaaor.mrn. M ban I \ rwturg of Zj lu AO per ceut iu your bout buia at JOUM Kl.KiK'e, 14 Anu turret. Ctkam LAmnRri i? \*utt"n.77-i" wi?lc?i *?j". 0 kind* of rlntlies are dune MMIf anil with deapevh ('loibea called lur and ihlurttsJ aeuoad !**. Order* by pur.: a < Bib it ' t. UP DCRKAM. r-TwTRir MERCHANT*. HOTHI. KRRPERE t intra rtata anil othera, who deeim tn mannlannw at a profit nl Ft) per cent, PertAtu. aniDer, a hi e arid paaoh oraiidww, i-utta iu, , .in, (tn, and Urltiah pMM ctLainpague and port atua Three very retlanlr and genuine reopen were nolalnrd of Ru rupeau rn-in ' irturera. and oan bt hail for Cue tlodara by addrcaalng Robert Cyrua Johnfon Port tk hm intt Htatee lalaud. N. \ Al, tB'ieeya are inarantaeo aale that are tat wared by mall to me. N. B - Pt-> etr'en m? tngrertleuA ??' TTI*7x>fN .?Un*K RSni'IVlCD KOR 4Kt R kTINf "fUK Carii ur of the World over 1.3UG year* Ago -The groat tie band in are hl? curlumtty hai lodnred it< to bote a aet of in m.tde, *) wto ear. the ptece an e M fas aim Ir oi lae ungual Auyprraon remit'Inf naXrwnm will r-eelveone of iho piece* ny mad, pnat pain A full bt? irj will he cent with rat h piece. Wholeaale pru*e. IIS per uandred, or |t> for llitj. Of ptireallver It widen*: ft 10. oi' or tin rava. frrni 'be Neve Turk fnbuua, .'aao IS.; .Irl n s I'yr, N "tt tv?:' trr?: his [ r. 1 ef if*" atmtle nl tbr nrlrnt .lewtah mta known aa ' the Shekel of tar Sane tttvr)," which wan "lclualvet* iw-n l.i payinenta in'o ant from the treaanry of thr Ti-epical .turn talent It U of prr fectly pure all't r, hniHn: on one *ide a retti'tttliHttiM of Aar'tt roil, oti the other oi th p. u tin wl'k the words "hh-k.lof larael" aad "Jertiaa'eei Ho'y," In llehrrw cbni i ll t *. Itla aiiu|iu?ed to he the vert'aule "ptecaol all eey' with thirty of which ihe pr ta rewaidel'be irea.btrjr 01 J titina 11 rt.m the New York 'onmal of Commerce June 11.] Vr John H. fly aa prepar d a 'tt" alrntln f the hoi* hek?l or attrrr coin, of which btrty p'rcea w?e yiren to Juil ia the traitor Ittaphu ii the aire of ? hall d and hu? on one ati'e the p?e of lneen?e, ?.th a Heo*cw towrlpti'ip ti nelaletl "eh?krlo larael;" on the other la |t en Anmn ttrnd P'H can bt obtained at 10 Wa! ttrnet. P're am li :? ri'-b; oth?r meta'tk: ?nh?'?Tci r*?rmMnn a?iter. U wrta ea-h YopeSad at *11 tune* a. 70 Wi'l ttreet, or oorl pild, to JOHH b ?k?. T* ric< atX V*tt u ,vn ?t ?"r?? * rfto* H twritlra >jr* -w ouiwo Wm ?* So r-liemd |?? wnaetni on- of Pr Vallett^a spiral f?'K. tonttafi. twad* to drtw on Tr bo ohtaiard mlr U'lH K nit ttwn ncpcwMa ?ba Wh W ! MCM T'> lURrBNTRRH a Nit HI . I. ? *r*.?W??l mouldiora h-ncl* At , ol aU klu-la not m anv quantl'T, ?u bo oS'tin-d al lb- Jt-w Y.*k Mnuldina P?u>lai- Mill, the oloeat e*ia* tiafcmeni of Lb* kind In iho worlX 11 to 210 W ? < luirtj KCtoo.h mm-s IW hradlii a>eii?a. BHiirna vXtt ?."-t'AN-r!f'irR- .fit -HIP MIDPI.t-lA, ' >R JLs l."?rpool. will pt-n?o >< m V ir<l *oii'k/>MMfl|M of Pock olip. at nlno o'ePiok %?(duncHet m< cvif. OR H \ A!?R* II AMI)>17iNIOA. ?CPTITtD STAT'Jt mall Una.- The rneamer FldiKlDA, Captain Iwv "?m ell mil learr on Natordar k*h .Int o, at 4 o cloik P. M , from pot. No 4 North liver lit' * of lad'n* *t?d on board. K ?r iplllit or ctwafr aidl; hik. I< Ml f' llll.l.. LI ilrnnUtu, Tbrovgh uckoia iroin B-n Tork to Ja? Monrtllo, All. do. PI la'ka WA m?am*r? for Florida ?noori atHa mill ij?c a tr a?i or* "-an How York on Toaadayt ant Oatur laya EsOR i .fAP.i.KrToM ?*n ri/MklDA aRMTWl ,*IV P United Mate* mail Una - Tbn rplanJti a - vo di ,i M * RTOR, W. F. koatrr. nommandrr. *111 learn pier No 4 fbwth rlT-r. nw r*tord*?-, .'una 3u at 4o'o|oek P. M. preetanly. For Irotalilaiiu.r on ooard, ahent ail b>lla of Iwiiitk *Ui On alRtird, *mt r itwu|r at the oGJen of FFOFKOII l> Ttl.KF TON AC .? ??ro?dway Tti* Urorttr rta r c >Uia Patra mftnlar trip* to Fornaodlna and the v?r?> it laodion on tbr 8t. .Inhnarher, Fiord* eorntcilnu with th? ream-m Trim Now York, aud laa-toi ' harb'don avery lunaday. Ttionali tiekela to Janktonr.Ue 111. to 1'ila.ta, fUl. 0~~li Rt*4ai> -i k \iihiin wkoKuK i,aw. orr gi *k antlnn, Bnw York, Jitnr 1.1, 1KS7. At a mnrt'tiR nl thn nrd?r*lcm*-t, robin pa??myrr* on board, b- fiilloarind praanibia and icauluuooi warn uaanlmon?lr adoptod ? Wbarraa. tha ptaarnrm by li* naorr* low. trim 4rr'awall, aa tor at om dair. Would l>? was ing la irnuiiy tnriiuk aolp ibflc spirit, did wa nK a<pr?*a our Imlifaauon o Lbs fur* rrr?irrd oo bMrd aald rh'p dtirtn.t aald \nj?fr : iborw for* br II R?*aoirr<l. Thai wa nnottaUflodly em I mn !b? to City aad qnan'ttT of pr >rt*l?ma fnmlahrd tba piwrfrrr inrtii* >ba trip mtrrrad to, and fan! It a duty wa own tbo ixarrllioC publlo aannallT, and PalifornlAiui a oarlir.ilaj. in caution Iboan who may Bnd It nmraaary to tpavnlhy tilt roula, b> prorlda thrm viiia in* nfiwMfti > P* i*u* lu i ujoaoua a 'TUaoired, That Us T^W *r the T,r7 big's *tandArd of prieen tB*7Mor cabin 97V, aepord cabin, and f ,vi ',??* ) we are ronriraloed to otmaider tint treatment r< eelve1 ? a |Wt In n't n the travel in?r publts, ehaiunintly unjia'iflaole and titterljr tneinumblc. , NeMtH, That n Our jo freneH iho *y of one- Iwe-t'j four hour* In yueran'ln" wa? hr no mean* I aetlt led br tnn elr tme'ance* ihrre ba'Ingham hot one altirht eaee of varto lot,) mi board, while the g> neral healUi nt lh" pn?e"iiror? wan toelleet in everv partictinr; ?n<l that inch detention wan the < it rente of enmity to the Utile# hint little children on it mnl, M alro to thoee whaee hea' te are tort *' h vsxle j to reach the "loved one* at liome," >ift -r a prolonged ab?'tnce. He- Ivr-t That we contddr* that la tametng an. "trim charge fbr'he mnveyanee of pa?-<enrera arf barrage from "naran tine to the <dty of New T n the oomraov have been guilty of a gtoaa o-itrajre and a \ tolau >u ol their r mu m Iteaol-ed, that ?o tar aa ottr hn i*v!edg? ettenda, we retjng nine tn the proprb tore of the Mall Dompanj and tee nrea'ot ytterandne ||ea|t|i (tflt r. the par'tea to be held re aponatble for'he oi-traf a eomelalnet of in the fer?ge ng re -toll tiona, and i annot poeaiblr an-eint for tueh jiw eedlnra ea "pt on the grmp-la of mer -uar> two tee or V unary orntafdenu on*. neeohed. That while we thtta hear Uy omnlMM h" general treatment r?t"lyed. we deal re u? m in-rah- the >fll-trao' 'he ah p ft itn blame, being joaH^ed In lb- belief that the e?iia -omplatned of were bejrond th? ir power to remedy, ami that thev were al all lime* polio- and Keutieatauiy. Reeoi?t?d. That the f enjoin* reanluUona beptibl.ahed in one or more New Tork rlty j ep? re, nlth a re-j uc*t to copy into Station and California rnp>- a. RAMllin, MFHSTTT, * If , FreeMenf. capt H. B Hraare, rapt a B Rn tiAWaon, W. M. Fimtitw, "**<??" H. 0 Bttaneiuw, i . _ AwN.lmtBtrr. M* tm ?tm puHMith UNDAT, JUNE 14, 18S7. ^ iturmu eh? i.ivgan>oi.-th? UMir?i> dr\i* haU. r ??rtU>ul".t|, ATLANTIC, OttTw ^Mriri jn ?"nmmAnrtar will depart * lie ttie Umuxl tfiaiu* M Jl* t>ir itur>p? pualdywlj on b*lurdk>. Jimt ju ht u.AUupa M. .r.i>u bnr enrth hi t>? fool of Cnna) Rtreel Nor fr-lphl or i?ummu< htrtnf unequal ted horo?*iU"'Ai'im? for elegance aid <v>mf?wt apply m Nil WAHO K COLLIU*, Ml Wad Mire* l'a*...o,r?r? ? * r+ qooxuxl u> be r,n %> It o rlnuk A. M All IcUmtm muni mum lbrou*h iht< p,i?i office, any other* w?U tie returned Jtottun?Thr ??auuir< <>l I tile lino ham Improved water dphi anmperunmtn Tb, RRMMtMIN wlU enaoeed the ATI.A NTTO. and will on the ?th of J ulr. OOLUMNIa 7: UWi Of <ul| ATLANTIC lat of Aufiud lownr | No mpon w has been Roared to makr Ilia tiblps of thlr 'loo I In oil rpgpeou an good am daw and ibe thorough egamtna'tw |lwn them iimru lb Mir nwlr oi iwinalrmiuou yW ilDMg ual led TI1K LIVERPOOL AND NEW YORK AND PB.LAD Lphia Hi.anith u Cdiumdi'i

< I.* DK If II T IKON 80R1EW RTP AMHMIPH OTTT OP HaI.TIWOKR 2,1fi7 am* ? Apt. K Lattoto CITV ON WaNHINOTON. 2.WII " 0?pt W. W-lta. OUT OP RANi.HKbTRR, 2.'09 " OapL P. C Petrle K'NUAROO I K74 " flapt Jeflhey The undrrouUI or other veeaHi* ?rr Intended to aatl a* 'olIowa:? fitOH MVKKINXH. Kangaroo Wednnaday, M .Tnne, City of Baltimore * 17th .Ton#*, (Utr of Paabtngbm " Ik .Inly. Kaugamo " loth July. Atxt every alternate Wednesday riiOM NKW YOKE. Kangaroo Thuraday. *tk June. City 01 U?ltunor. " 9 th July. City of Wa?h.ugt.m " Z'.d Joy, Kangaro > " b'b An*. Ar.d everv Alternate Thursdav. Rente or 1 Aria P*.w*ua ?Prom Now fork and Phl'adel pbt'i. $7-1 From Lit >t pool, 21 guinea* 17 gutneaa anil 6 gul Hoi, aoc rd'ng to the cron.modA Ion in the .rate noin a!' having .ho aatrf privilege in the aaloon Including Stewart'* fee Thikd fy asm P?.?MrT?<iKKH.- A limited number of third rUga pa ir u -erg will be taken tui I fotioi In tui unieb prorlaloui as requled. from Philadelphia auil Mew Turk AM. Prom Liverpool tto Cet t.rcAies of naattge will be lamed here >o partl?w who Are desirous 01 bnujuag out their trieada, at corresponding rVM Three atcitnoni are ennrtrnrted with Improved water tight oomj erLnrn'ji Kaeh earnd earrtea an eiue'iewcej gureeon, and every attention paid to the comfort and aooom aotUtlloa oi paa'tn gem DrafU 00 Liverpool from ?1 upward* Bp** ie taken by lb nr vettHeU a' iuhikI rated All gooda at nt to the Agent* will be forwarded with eoonomy and d?rp?iob. Kor freight or paaaage. apply at tbn office of the compaay. JOHN Q DaI.E. ISBniulway, New Y irk Agent, nrWM INN AN, land 1.1 Tower Buuiinfa, Liverpool Agent STRAW TO LIVERPOOL, SM.-TTIF BTRAMiTIIP KAN (I AKOO, Oapt. Jeffrey.sella on Thursday, the loth Jnne. ai II A. M preeiai ly. Pare in cabin, pit; third, low, Alt) Per passage fr-om or to Liverpool, appl) to SaJIKL A OOETIS, I77 llro&dway. SIKAR NOR LONDON AND BREMKN TIIKHTEAMabtp AROO, i'Aptt In Benson, wfU sail for Soii'hAtnnfm. lawi'on ard Bremen .11 Wednesday, June ?4 Pare tn Hrk oabin W; ge.on t cabin fan; steerage Est). Apply to WILLlAMH i OUION, 40 Puttuil glreet FOR LIVERPOOL -DRKADNODtinT LINR-TIIR worl I w ide a ?vn clliirer Hhlp DRK ADNOU'l?T, 'Vpt Snmni'lg. will pus'tlmly a .11 on Tueeday, 7W icgtant Hh? la ar.kiiowledred to he ihn tarteit attoal. having made aevrral pa?t'a|tca tnalde id 14 day*. Sw end ealnn, (J), ateer age flH Apnly to I'kTRR M DZM A I.bhST, til South Mir -cl. uirner of ( Id rllp. FOR 1 IVhKROOT,?RAILS Ti'KtnAY .TPfR lfi, TTIK Blaek Hal) 1. ne packet able MANTIATT aN Onptatn Dimn. Por 1 ahtn, s.: end ratiln and an "racp nueeaee apply on h.iard. pier ?JS Kaat nver. or to JaCoU IA iu>0.>, IJn South ilfAflt /tBK?T REDCOTins in PASS to tnROPE. VT F rrt oat. n, Record n* 10 loeat on of ?ta'?rooin *Hd and V1? Si ootid cabin #Vt and JAmj Id he tir?t claea psildlewhi-el atea-nahln a KIEL, 'J.'AAJ P5h? an 1 NORTH I.TaR. 2 :h1) loua toaall from pier No. 1 N i'ih river, a' noon prw.gely, vArrylo* lb* Hutted Slater, mails, V17 ? utrt arv tiikk ion grmntntl eorrpvarro* somumT "* ANT) *1. IEX. *"T rn\*PT..<f. MH xr?- I'OKt. Artel Saturday June I' I Saturday, July 11 I Wed., July lft hort#Htar Mm rrtav .Inly 11 I KatnrdaV, A up. 8 Wed , An? 12 JLri?l Sa'tU'lav August 8 I 8?> urday, 8ept. 3 I Wtd tept t Tineergera for lUin- taken nwr wi'.mut ei'ra ?. for pHKA-ee or freight apply p> l>. TORKAN\;E, Again, No 3 I'd*linR Oreen. Ni w Vork STKAM TO HOUTH a M I'Tu N iMl H A V >< l-TltK MAO ndcent ? < arruiblp VaNIiFRHTI.T il Ant) tins, will cell From NKW VOHK fi r I from SOUTH A M I'TON anil ROFTIUMIITON A HAVRK IIAVKK for NKW VOKK Tueeday M?v 4 ! Tnr?4?y tune 2 Rot unlay June 21.'j Wcdnetday July 8 BMnrdiy Aug. 1 I Wednroduy Trice of Fanccte?f ir?t cabin Rccordlay to I'cailon nil* room. HlO to H30; ?croud cut-In. M7. Sp-une delivered in l>.oron and Tarla for freight or pannage apnly kj I). TOhK A Ben1. No 2 Hon hug JrnL. Naw York. I g t'erc f.-r England and Knn pr. prepaid it. rent* each ha'f Dure (by enclosure of peave clamp* il from Qlber ClllMi, wt'l be reeetri-d ? No B Hnwluip Oreen. New York, up to 11^ o'clock of the morning ot calling STfc.AU i'.k.twksn nkw YOKK ana OLaS.IOW khINAUKO, 2 500 tins, William Cummin. omoiauder; NKW Yt 11K, 2 ICU'ona. Robert I'ratg. nramander: ?*1. 48flow. I 9f.2 tona Dnrcan, rmnmandnr The (llup.TW and New York hieamchlp ' omranv mterd cailtnc thc?c new and powcriui aiaamera Irom Now York to U imago w dUreot. aa toU'W. Oiaagow, ftuinaday, June 6. at 12 o'clock, noon. Nee York, Saturday, Jute 20, ai 12o'l1'ia, uuott. ltdinbur;, Saturday, Jn'y 11, at 12 u'elork, noon. ?iTr<n?r'Mil? I Pint elaae $"B: Ihtrd elaea found with onokeri proritiona, (SO An eipertnncejl curgonii n.taubnd to each aUuUBnr for \ trelghl or |uuujtae apply to J011N MudYHON, 17 Urjatlwoy. N<-w York tdy blila or gold only n?r?ired for pa**aga VT** LINK or PTEAMKBS BKTWKFP NKW TORI, Ik I/Ondon and Itremen ? Tke ma^nlttnrnt Hntiah ctoam chip* Qt KKN or THE BOCTH, Captain Heal. 2 221 tout burthen. IMIaMA < 'apia n i lager, il.JM do. AH H' Cap'tilii Been on, t.t'S do. J A BOW Captain Wrlttoe ? ie;y do : Owned by the Sur-tp-an and Amrermi Sb-aiu Shipping (><m pnv, ill London and S-mlAamph n. are appointed locaTi fmta New Yora on every altemaie WVduevday, for UmJuo and hrem-n, touch tug at Houuiainptoo ti lain] paeceug-re and for Kngfand ar.d France Tbcy will remain ono dat a' I ondnn and then pnveed to Reraaen. Rctnrnlng. Ihcy will leave Hrrtm n far New York on a?err ai omnia Halurdav. napping only at Southampton The a eamahipe are of the tlrct clean. and bate aupn>,r ao> aia lor pacaeugeia. Ttey will lace a liml'od number . f third claacor cteeragc pit r. ;gerc A cu'ce nn at'aobeif to eaeb ahl? Tb' ra'ca j' to tondon will he bat little h'ehiT thnn 'S ce of nail'tig rhlpr ff irra or Pamuqb ? rim rahln, fat), wnmid rwhln, ffr); epuragc, mm Tlie ax amahip AKA<10 will aa Ir.rn New York mi Wed nea lay, June 21 and be k icueodej b. the Jaaou, July M, and O ieen of tke Rmuh J u y 12 For freight or puaatu-e apply to t . H S A Nil. 11 Bouih WliTinn atreet. P -B IIOl'TllAlirTtlN a Nil I1AVBE.-TUI CNITBL htataa hail Siraarr rUI.TON J A. Wotton. Oomraaa >r. wiL learn tor Havre, touching at boatbaapum to have tie tnalUand bii inlay,June21 ih. at UuimA tkoa p.?r No. ti. North River, foot of Heaok atraal. rates or rtaiAiik. fimi ?ab!n B13P I Second cahta, 171 TMa ship taa Bee waler tight compcrtmenia, enntnelug the rig new wtbai In Ike cvantof ccitlicbJB or atraudlag the water aojld not reach lhaaa. and the pump* being free to wurk, thr ?n.:e y of 'he vnaael and eactengera would >a ceeumd. dag gag. no'??nted during the voyage, ahonld ba ceut on board [be day hefi r" ?Alllng, marked ' nebiw.'' No frelgbl will be tec II elVr Ta -wlay, J une U\ for freight or pvteage. apply to M<;nri?>K A f.IVrN'fcNTtIN, arrn:e, No 7 Henadtray N. II Till luujwr Aragm wtll snrainnd lbs f uluai, ami a.I July 1A N'ORTIf A1I.4WTT0 FT"Akf NA'. ffJ ATlt'N lOMT YNY*. H rt io I.lverp'vj' ?Tfc ?p!?ndlf vtettnthlp !7iB 'aB clAh en J i Poavll. aalla front Portland. M?.. on Saturday. I ! 7. ?' ''|V ~k K M Far* from F**r Vork ? rail-?>?d Vi ? r land lecl'iflad- Oral < Mjio 6 ia<< rm>'li?in cabio, Mtd. i t nr -go ' i, hi iratpd |.ir ill c i.i I ratal porta for* If pi) .1 !* A. liOUCHlti, 71 (iirrowtrh ?irr?l, N-w lo*V * r*l ?* :.! agrott wap'-d fur tbw line in the int?'ior of Jf I'nii ! Wataa ml Ike ?'ao.? dm OFI.Y MNM WITH HUKM if >V K K< TION F< >R UAL! li mil.?I nltad Stun Mall clna. -f poind* bunaa* 1 frim. l'>r*uta par pound oa cifm four bo-tra from traaa nor-nn by Panama Hal'mad Tbrnngh to ftai fornla rta P*n am a Railroad. IbaL'ot'ad H'al** V-Ji Hinamrbtp t'-ampan? will impair* for Aaptnwall. na Aatnr-lay. J "nr Mm I ortmk F M. pr? rtaely, from plrw font of Wa*r*o atrtan, N.iri^ n??w, i>r wrl! kb"?n and fa?t ilruikihiii UKMTKaL AMK HIrA.Oapt. * a?. I. flaradi w, H * N FI?| nf art and trial 1* at'' b" 'rrwarifd by Pur am* RaJI.-nad ?ni nmiml 11 Pan.v m* wtlb lb" Parti* Mall H'-ataaJp I'nn ptay'a magnli*?i I aiaainih p JOLN U dTT*HK?H. R 'I. r*>awn rtmmani-r r hi b w,:1 M la r-adln*na and teara tmmadlatatj for Ma* Framiw*. lb* publu ar# inform*d that 'k* Par'V Mall M>am*tlp 1 Van PMi) ban al * ) oon o* mun i itn iiwun I) tux at f'aak at a -rady forara, loatuM any \ awiIMr dntraUua of pkaw-agr-a or trail*. _ _ For ptaiac* kfplr v> I W. H ATMoirp at '*? only o(Boaof tb- 'V>mp?ny, No. 177 Waal (treat. Mnw of Warren tir*#t N V. R. t'i.iar I'nltad S~*ma ai.. ataaimar day*. Ka aad 1U of Mrb in.*. O'PlTKH htatkm ma iii HTRAMHIIII* LINK FUR J Amm and Raw I Hlaan* ?On WailnaeUar. .Inn* 17, at I o'l'inrb P, M , (rum pirr Inn. nt Warran m * ?. Aorta rlrar, tin iaai aad farortta ?*aatabip KK..nk UITV, J4a Moon* an, trill aai! aa a-ona Praaar? ran br w-r'ir-l at lb* nffr* ot * in* Fraught lo N*w t -rlaaaa, ill e*ata par aohia f.nt, r?*?ti*d Jnno II *hipp*r? will h* npnH*1 wltb M*nk kill* of laila* of tba form ?irn*d by tb? In*, oa applloatfoa at litat/- 1 una No hUm r forma *ot 1 od, aad no bill oif lading will ba Igar-'afl*r ihr Ivitw iif rilling. For lr*gbt or paaaag* apply ai lb- oWco. ITT wrot t r**!, cororr of w*-r*n. W O noRKMm Agant O! TTON I C0.V roWPATlH f.INN ro* MAM FRAN O ruMo?TaarJIoa nr bafo?* Wadnaalay, July I -Thar*!*Irml A 1 brat ciana aklppnr abip n < OF Til d . - !/. U..I.., ^..i?. .. ..... . u? I .r .1 ? ?r w Raal rlvrr ind will (KHfttrlf an I aa abnre fltln fedl"ia fllpnrr h*e imde bnt two peaanyra to Fan FraariaOO, par fortnlnt the dame i? t on end "1 daya, the l*i?r beln* the ahorieet i?t ik? t?u ship. or* deatmn* of plerlna their tr.w>f? IP SAn ?':? < Ml at lh.? ear,pneaililn day wLl Had una npuorl'.tj oieniialied. t rT'tF A <X) . Sh floith dtreef. corner of WalL A^ r*rn*UA.-?ivrffTT r??r<t rA?*A<iit inntir I ah r in >? r?mrd eipeefad ?The mernltlownt nlipper a.upRKA l?Yurn. ailleaUfor Melbourne on Monday, .1 una fX A ( ? m "* p?k"Mi?crn eaa ha let en la ftr*' and *?>.nd eaolnd. b?r at .mm<*la tone am unequal!' '1. Fur oeiati. of frelrhi or p???je *pply or bowrd, at otee 10 la?i rl ear, or <o tlOODITll *6IKI.LlJ(LUUt, Ho I'd l'nari atree<. or to MAilJ.KR. ! </Ri> A <Jl RRK AP, Wo I0F Wall .tread Arnuui FIOHin LIRE MfTAHI.IPHau 1AM, t'arrylnR tha Pelted StaM* mvla, la lot r-att'ar'r on the day edmrttned. TSa n >blo A 1 flipper peeked ahf* OOTfTfRAWT. I an toaa eaahaoi . itohba. Qua? aaibw la near repelTUt* mrpo for Melbourne, 'feeIon* aad HeharA Tewn. e*pt*r It, heat rltar, aad will bt ib-enaaj-d m at- erj day. Ih* dooUBtdl waa bnllt la 1M.. of Xlrftnla lira iwl tmpP'red *1"' TTT fdrier ed laaweea at the r?rr lowwW raww '? la every reaper! a 'model paaaaerer ahlp. ahd alno a (leaneaordinlty for ahlppera to aend forward (ooda For fnanbi ur pneeene. ba?iu? alaaaa, aaatMaaaouauoaa. Ac pit ua board ur to *v R. W. OAJTEROlf, Ho. A nowllaff Qrmm. Writ' Wh Pw ?e3e. and eaah edtmrra iied* on nr.nidri met -a iWYtnaaa la Aoatealla Vwart Wdkleaoa Ima. AO. rlOH H< RFOMt AM) CTKlUHt RO- THK l KI Trill Fiaire mail a" imahiu ' o iRuK k, m . iyiib ? t r. aa111 laare f* the ebo\* t e* in IF* ' eadar, ,le 'at . k*. d n'elofh P M Ir d? >11 1J Mor'A rl err. Mbe w'11 MTtee at !T irfnlV U>? neft nflerno m a- Feiertb tef Ola foliowlof morn of Paeeenferd for fie Month wdi propead dlraeUy oo hy ma ,rm ponthern line u> l ink miir n, A>ian*!a, Maiannah, .! tlrna" for Rlc'utnood will arrive at their d 'duration early ok Fiddly tr rainy. TraTtlierr wti: fnl tfcfe the hea'-ea*, pleaannteV and moat ext edit >?d r"it" F???a(r? and rhre, with e?a'erI'm. to R.ieioiw JW p?)i.rdh>"t; and R ehmond, fio. Apply lof.UDT, AM * PI.RAAANTM M Kroadwny. PAORAOP; Bdf THK RTRAWFR TAHimRBTLT. fUWA *1. t"? Harra rla Rn'tihamplna. ?Frw aaia, a tiekat for one of ihem'e' eli-clble ecainrrennti notilalalua Ihret) barUia) la tha anoTP a* am r with an mra berth in he itatto m ad ?11**1.1 ill ml' r. n Amoifrii mtuxw* a oo.. a _ ttMCBWlBUIsitieM. BOWKKTTHMATHH ?dOI.K UCXKNB ...T.a MUMPBT au?oM**M?r ..* J>*aMot Momixt Kriixtit, June 14. l?Sf. Tui: UftFOhTI'N aTI: on till SIR. 1.1 N 11. , THk. Kittle Mom Mr. ntenOM MOSK'H tiRK \M Mom. Mr . O'bttofrttU BUhT M'8 NKW HlKAfHh' HRiUlxtfAV Nvontb nlf;hlof th? very ?nr>r?m<ftil en?*<remf ot of MR ANO MHO *M J. K..<?Kh.NOM. the jiialljr ?nlei'miml uer-oiiAtow of 'he IK!?H oOV wv1 VAN* KK UtRI. KM IRK ru KH<ik OK PKOiIRaMHR. Moadai KIKN'MO .lore IS, 1H5J, 1HK IRISH I.ION I'm M ore .Mr Wia. J. > l ireueo TWKIK MAKKIK Iri wbich M:x Fib J Klor* nc* will hu?i%Wi four oiiiirmrtrr*, (WM fKWfffc wild BfCU ? ljM?* O4UU0S. Ml 8011 I KVi >178 ANNIK. Mr* Wrn J. Flort^nre ?ui .'.mnu # oh%nujt*ru, lh* DuUii organ Honjr, At. nod ???iniut the k*"*uJ ?la?M?e of 'La Artel." GW). CnRlflTT k WOODN ml *b'i KKLH. 444 llroadway, L? lour Grand Htrtn-l. Henry Wood Kurltiea# Manager (itto. ChrUly . .Stage Manager Kvikt ktminfl Human thk wkkk.. When * obnlor oollmllna of the .em* oi hw4ko mtnhth.kl.Mlf will be gleeo, embracing tut the new feat area In the prof aw ion. lntmdii In* nrw ?nn?? Uuay kiid hnrleamu* danfee, popular ballad* banjo, tiulh , llu ? a"d centra h*aa toiog, ko , Ac OoPcltn bur w'tn a laviirt " fare* every evrn eg Prlnctre) character*... by u?i rhruiT Doom open at 7; to onmnnia ? at 8 o'clock. Ticket* t'> com*. Franklin muhkijw. in hkamj htrkkt-two prrfiM niancen c ery day, commencing ni It o'clock bi the afternoon and at 8 In the evening. Thl* popular ualabUak ment la itic GREAT KK-tORT OR HTKANGKRS, being the only pt?"o lu lb ' UulU d sta>? where the Mode* Arbaua are ealublted. cmnu'iatua aeon pany of TWENTY ?KVS < YOUNi) I.Adirk, wbo appear at eaoli euieihUnment in a indention of tiring *'* tnary The above nelablienao n la ?urroimded by taludowa, aud kIkd COOLEST PLACE IN TDK CITY n. R.-Be careful and buy your tlckeia up Main. Noconuc lion with any other place BKI.Li.VCK H AKOVMh. Believoe Gardens, Dolieme Garden*. Helleme Gardens. Don't forget the Conner'. an 1 Hail rv?hv wnnm-tito**. Taae fecoal or Third avenue cat a. Ami nto- a' Seventy ninth atreet. Kant. MKTROIOLITAN (J A HIIKN -FIRST (lit AND DON oert by Dodworth a Hand will be given al the Metropolitan Harden, Srrond Rvrnti i, bi twnn Thirtieth lutd Thirty llrkt e'roelA, on Turedar. June 15. Adjtlaaiou LI cent*, for which refrtfabmenta will be lorn *!i"?l. LaMRKRT k qardnkr. Fr?T OOCTIONAHY BKHCARKA jt AND \j POETICAL AND I.ITKRAKY KNTKRTATNMENTH Mr CHABLIR O MKRRITT by deaire of hi* friend*, will have the honor af appearing before a New York andlenco, a the hiuy veaaul Institute, C.V.I Prant way, nearly oppoaite lioud bl.oel, uu Taenday even' ,g Ji M lr PMKiIIJO'IK?1'l'tT I. 1 I IrenobanUnent. 2 a Hollar or Two. 2 The Pipe. i. Thu Pair Tonug Girl* 0 The yij. 6. The Close of Spring. 7 Evening 111 Faradiee? Ml I011. 4. Set otid Chapter of Snug* of St lemon '.1 a atn nd Kve'a Evening llyinu at the Door ol their bower?Miliou. Part ITT In TwelPb Chapter of Iteo'ealaatlea Thr Hebrew M' ther? lb man'a. !. To the Memory of wraahingl''it. 'I II kete 2J reobt, lor vale t>l the dooi. Ooor* Open at 7; to commence at 6 o clotk precisely. MKLOHBON conorRT saloon, 2ST HOWKRY-THK mm. aitraciive and popular plaoe ot atmuienieat In Aew York Cpeu every day, ft m i? A. M. nntll 7 P. M? for the accommodation of LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, who wl*h to aee llie uu at HKM ARK ABI K LIVIN'l CURIOSITY la the world, viz:?Mnrtlr Arnold, the Ilearded Boy, or man in MINIATI'ric, who mint hp iri'D lobe anprecuuad Hf is only three years old. ?ud ban a UkaRD, wtil^nkr- and mci. st ac! ik, hi* whole body Is ooten-i w.tu long ellky black h.dr; He lire* on tihti, and drink* 1KN GALLONS OK WVTKR Admission nil cunts. PrnfesnlnnC men are invited 10 rail. In the evening a ureal variety m , VOCAL TALKN'T will appear, commencine at 8 o'clock; cloee at 1L TMK DU8KKLDORP OALLKRY 'S OPC* OVKR THI hall nl I?r Itifiplo'a rhtieeti Hi 5tH Heoadway, Ita aid loration, from 14o'clock A. V. until 10 o'clock P. M. AdmisalM V> rents Arnold, ths brardkd hoy, or man in minia lure, will be ezbiblietl bi day, SUNDAY, At Belleme Cardan. Call and w? hlm, Nkw thkathr numriqtir. iowa ?thn amova new and elsgnnl theatre, iha only regular ealabUehmsni wcwt ol Chicago, will open on the Jl?, of augur laAJ. Lad lea and gentlemen of the prnftwnlon wishing engagement* for senwra 'if aeten monui?, uego'laled with ou ubvral terms. Liberal Indncementa oflered to atari. Letten directed as above, to J. W. Wtlaon, manager, will meet with prompt attention. J. W. WUJtON. WILL CLOUR?NATION AL ACAUKXY OK DIHIUN.Thc Thirty wnmd Annual Kihibluua of the National Academy, uOw npeu djdly lrvm 9 A M. In Id P. M., at tid3 Broadway, opposite Bool atreei, will oloae for the season ou | Saturday, June 31 T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Corrnapondtnif IWj N. A. MOWUBOW. C1L1KPWOOD OROVN?AT OL'PK (POOD. ON RAKI ' tan bay, can now he engaged by application between 9 and A 'clock, lo I'aplaln T t A rr-e-inub. o'Hie a'cumer Acxj ort Murrey trert mfearf. Thia hcaulifnl and nxteoslva cre re la uuaurpas-ed aa a reaort for mihool p . ilea. EXCURSION! - NXODRofONM - XXCVBUOm.- THI well known steamboat W AT HINuTON, the moat KIM a.vllona etouraion boat now running has been up sn pressly for 'be sieu-ston season Parties wishing to slisif ime learn pnrtioulars by applying lo ownera AN Weai atrenC BXOTTRHTONR.?TH* STBaMKR HATKLLITK, CAPTAIN Aaderaon makes regular trips to the Kinking Bauka c.t-ry day, ci.-rpt Ka'.'irday l,?a- street a. 7. Spring ?ire el at 7 V. Perk slip ai 8; Broome street at 8K,. liar No 3 North river at 9 o'c o?;k A cotillon band will arcompa rv the ateamer N B.? The HATkLlITK wtU inakaatriu to the t ho,era ttanka every aiteruate Saturday, viz ?dune Attn, July lib and lib. Auguat 1st. Idtb and 9fJi. Lea, log Moron sweat ai 6, Pier No. 1 North rlv?r at St., I's k altp at a o'clock A M , precisely. B"turning tn the afternoon. same t?y THAVKI.I.Ht'1 OOTWt" 1DORT HAMILTON, HAT R1,H1B AND HI AT? r Island Perry?On and ailee Thurv lay, Jnnn A ike SIN Yin INLAND will ply daily as 'allows ? lea re Port Hamilton all*. ?* ant ' m A. N.; IK. A*. AN Mid 7H P. M. lease Bay Rldjw M 7*. ?* a?d U* A 1*. J*. 8* ant T*P . M Leare Htales Island for Pen Hamtlion via Kar Kwign a gig and I'lH A M ; l?H, IK, Cy anu ?K P. M? and (or Ha Rtdr.e only, at 8 P M. Pare between any o' ike landlnsw five neris It dogma fl ft: Ml tickets, II SB MHul-tv. A4 f< Hinges at Tor I ami Imo for Greenwood. New l/t<eoni and llai, '"nrs fs? Oreen wood and Brooklyn rretn Hay Ridge avenue, flvf m' nu'es walk frnwt the terry HI/.WON ftiVMR BAiLAOAlA--FROM aa I s .M. I the trwins will leave Cants bars street nation as follows tspreaa train, g A. N. ar d ? ? r N : Abany uaesengr mlna. A A. M.. IS H. and t? K for Mug Htng. 10.10 A. N and i P. M.; for Pn-gbkesLale * A N. and ! and ; P N ; foi rekskll', All P. IL TVe K-gbkeenele K? eksra aw Mug Ming trains mop at the way jt'lona Pass nog erv La>?. v kwbm, Oaaa' uartni?v>Mr, aaJ Talru Oral awaau Pra'na frw Paw Tort laara Tin M ?.*I. and 10 01 A.H., an 4.*' r. a. ; tad AiMaj % ? a, Tlf, awl IP ? <l a*.' 00 P. ? A. r. KHfTH. fgyartMMite H? AHLMH RAilJUlAU-WHttlR* U(l4NUWI ''iwtoftntt Wadwday. J anal 1*7 1 ralM l?*TT drp<H mr.tar n/ WVta Mil I VWtfW TS'A N <iro4oii Pali* train MWW will luM o( MH tor UU Mate' ??a IS) A. Kiwrrwa Mil wato Mr Albaay. wnrnaetto TVutnw Fall* with M?a of Magna tor Iwkn Maaopaa, at i'u-d?'? for RtdrndllnM_WWRrnw?-?r'? tor 'Hrhnry. ai ftowhaw P?ti imn wito www Rail- ad tor Airway. Proy. torMa* tad tor wna I JO F. M. kftlbwvm train Mori. 'r.j at 411 Wallowa IS) P.M. WintoHltHfw 'rain rapping 414)1 wolto?. Lit P a. Whtta Plain# irwltv Mopping at ail MUonA i*r? Twnnty alitfc atra~t aUulna:? DA) A. a. Wl'liawatrtdga U4I4. Ikwpto 41411 wanna* II 4 a. Wtflamakrldgn trait. MOVP M at toll wa>kjaa 11.10 A.M. Wklta Plalna trata, wopplag 4t all toDato IV rA WtUaawtoidaa rain, (toppla* 41 all touw P a. Crrftna Palia trala. atopplng a* all atatnaa. I r. a. Wllimaatirldaf t ala avH'pu a a all ataunog WM. /. CAMPBIU. Bap ntof lal V*w vork a?*i> bris it muboap -ow awt> aprvm ?l a odar. ,fu?r II. IM7. and nntll fortfcar nnainn, p??a-B par train* will laarp ptnr fax of l>nao? ,?a< m foilor , ?tf ? J'nnklrk arpraaa, at I A V . to* Dnak'rt. Potato aapraaa, |t|i A 0 for RntTalo Pall, ail A. a., foe Daoktik ml RuSalo an! nt?rmadt?i? ^no. tia K or a land paraan*ar. at 1 ? P. M . farm fm> of <fbamtx?rv ?ir>Ti. ?l? rlartoia 1, i?w goto 111a and inlnrmm.inin *'?; pnaarngrr. at 4 P. M., tor Arwburg. kiiMliiUta and U.trna rnlialn ? at'ona. I migrant, at b P R , l"t Dor kirk and B ilalo. and tatar mnlla'a gtatloM. Tbr- aW r tr.Vna rnn dally. Sondaya aiaaptad. Mfh! rrprnaa al .1 P. M tor Itunkirk. OTrry oay. AU'ht aiiirana, al I P. M , tf Bifla.o ararj day. Thrnn arprana train* r?mn-*t at Klrr ra wl (1 tha Rlmlra, r?uan<li>lgii* and S'agara Pull* R illroad, f a Nurara Palla at BingltaniVtfl a In. tor Hyraruap and Blnghanton R?llrrvl, fur Mrrarnaa, it (V>rnin? with Rntraln Onrntnr and Raw York Railr. ad for RoWiaatrr, at tlrtoal H-nd Willi Italawar'*. Idtakawanna and Waai-rn Railroad, 'or Prraaton. alitor with ton llima'" and Raw York tntr Railroad, tor till a'n at Huiiato and 1'i.nhir* wi'h ik? Itoka tthorn Ratlruad, fur t lanlaad. Cincnnao. Tnlado. Itairvo. rin.'wgo Ar. 11 wcit n a a- iKi.r t?r?.,a,o.i. St-JfnAT ROITB TO IIARLFM ? '''KXTR TORKVTU.B S mill -Rt'nntboa I'tla*?' ?n line *' T-mb and KlahtT ?Uth earh way !< ?> (< Pwk <.ip at 10 A M . i .%>r. v.. 4 p. n. Hm-um >.i m- * 11 * a. i ?5 P.II..TP. IL APTIUNiOeT. llli pi riiwi "TRirr olaib to y a Ft * . xra. miLIl' HOUR, ifrwi?n*?t<4 rimmlnap. tfe? aaualan* anwlui aamiiAkJ ud bull* rlnlrtoyaal In Amtjina. Ail <li?<-aara diaomrmd aad tmmd. If aurab<?; "Mrrtif ntflM tnau rm, abaeat Manila. Ar . viH wia.'uivn iimMUi m BOpey. Of Mb tlKKBNWIt'H HTHRRT. RK A M Oil AM HKRR-ALL OUU apm* Madame M A R iiiM wonder of ih.. ???. Rfce but x stodj oouaepted wlui phxHno'otrT. wblob onabUja bur m loll your ufc, ckarnclpp ?? ! oireotiwomx. wb >ft?r jrm will he wiAlibi wbfo ond nbrnn yon wi 1 marry arl In fatrt an 'imbrf rt *H wbn ber. 'b?lt tltn tito^nl h, btltm Oe Urre. tbe moat noodrri it riairropaat known. AMR AFTR T/V1MT Til AT RBATR TH* WnRMV ART! J a ?* wand toUtft rrwxr 1 ti ottopnd to any < me * bo i I tr rorpnaa * vi VI lb'fVH In f,? inkanrreot irnvm ni < >t nil 4 v. d a. par'taaiarly loenee, aula nod nil Inrtin mi or* I -ibo alto |||T?e Inckr nrnntert. Any p?roon wt?h n| *n n^ata iafrrm?h,?nof try and no old do wMl >.> <ml. not -> i?a t ' ?! k1'- ?d In lp. If. R - Bbe 'a no b unbny. Cnl' bad ?a'?* ynorwirea. V raid nop IMiO?bnr a?, bet wren BOXmm and htnaton t rttu MM. T7 niVBAR. I.AT* OP " 1K'PA. CloA'.RTOT" ant, aeeta* tnrdlim. ar 1 heeltap phi ?wan A ' !!"?*?? Uw)T?md and enmd, hrnreble. naerrta* nona, nbaeet Wanda. A*. Bantdenoe. I7? Yartak atrret. inet MAP ARB DUBOTOR THB OBBATBPT NBPIOAA Mreraat ann Hrta*. tar tAe n^xxXmxnd ?mt I ?a?t ef all dweeaea nf a "krogr na^jn^ta^nt^e ' r NIBLO'H OABIIKN Ol? * AT 7; to OO*. au ttoe at 8 o'objck. ? . Ticket* Ail >iinu (rtntdraa .. . Uatf prtae Wowfiir k?KMBO, .Ion* IS, 'HB7 On>wd?d nlklitlf wllk he ell*. of the l|j to erltwaa Jdk"llfN hKW HI MIR? A . TMiOara. BU?IM, Ok TliK MAOIO HWOMO. and renetvnd wt.h ihoiiie of laughter and applaoAA Aakmb- in nix fiv-ai rnararter ut JHaaaa K '? itouiery, tr!ok? ooettimee, prcpartlaa, * Aa MtODKHIM BIAMCO %i d (be Hkifli every u'gb* WA? I.AIIK k kJIK ATKK. KmprwtOf Mr. Walla* !> **?. Mr H'? ?! >.??.? tr?in>|'rr *' ' "*B> Both ?. 11 'hie oenak.oa llw Amr" will t.peu ai 7. porfuc* 10 < umiai'iirt* al Tw ?-0 <,-|t , , BANC Pil' 1 #K ft.k MOKd. 1111 vl.i h m \M' a lb ?Ioll<* <.* article hi??rVet 1 steered Oa*r HIT. 1? ? * Mr W?ll??k. Mr Mr HUH*. Mr f/ott. Mr. Wlicit. Mr H. U lollop*. * Mr. (1, II..11* in Mr b. RyUum, Mr. U. Stuart, Mr. il M i ?? Mr. Pi'trr*. Uw Ma-y nUr, Mr* finny, Mr*. (fnrron. Ml J. Mury U*nonri Mm* < h** TliorapaM, Mr*. Sylviw'er, Mr,. J. J{. ,Ule*i. MoNr.tT do** 15. wdi lin I.rwulnl, Ural Uu?r lilt* mm,mi. lb* cnueMy. la Mac Alt*. U( TTIK ItRTI.rK UTRATAdKM with *h* frt' splendid jo*. ? i.'ftruwurt Mr. Wallaafc Klullrr..... M- l.natar Mr. Hardy Mr lUata S'r <leor#e Tuuehwood Mr. Dvak dnellle Mr 8 Kytl*#* OourtAll Mr U. b Lm Vlllicra Mr. '' Rloa* IH.*I< Mr Olirrr (lumen Mr. lbiMI nta lr'titu Hardy, <tlr?t uinn Mr* Hoay Mr*. HhtIihu Mr* Iforeaa Iji'ly Ti.nih*.**! Mr* Alb* Mt*()..|r Mr* iylnaMtrw Kill) Willi* Ml** i'yaa HI ;uor Lit Manna ?ml lh? mi-mhwr* of 111* Orchiwtra bar* al*u vo'.uulnerrd, ia..I v*l.1 piaforin linruiK the uvmiuiX a *br lir.y of popm*r iou?ir 10 umclnde wlih Mr. W.t'.iol1!. new rnmii* pit c?. ON It COAT (OK TWO HUiTri. Mr HIV* Mitrl'.rmna Mr <1. Holland Mr nallliud il*iHi*.. Mr i". *r*:<wt Mr Phot ..... ... Mr. J*lfib* Mr. Unbuilt Mr Oar*a Jrirmj ..Mr PrMaa Hlrpbrn Mr l>r bilviwta Wii'trm Menard. OUvi r anil Jaoluw* NaUv Nab. llaHbiw Mr*. P too to Mr* film ' * .Irmioui Ml**?; Thump**** i Notion.?No **ir* barse lor maerrrd neat*. A Krl* an I Hlayr dirwliw Mr. H. K. I'MIUp* Trraeiirrr and anprrlnienrtent id bni idlirr* Mr. T. baa rlita* or ao*i Win*. Hot** and paniuwH* AO onaM Uppl'r Iter V < "nl* I OrrhrBtra alalia ...,9 .M LAUKA KKKNk'H THKATKN. hti'oNIi til I UK MOW PIECK. Oa MO.VDAT bvlNIAi. JOMK 15. IKJT. will bp |I-*?W1U*1 Uir new drama, r- eelrrd nishity by orowkaA hnuar* *rl h mlnff'*d l**r* and Uajrlitrr. ClKKS TROUBLED TIDl'8 Lupt Morton Ml** Kmm Aider Morlou Mr 0. WImuM^ To ocociudft with the *.icr r**fiil rilrara^iuirm. VAKIKTV. BARNVM'8 AMKTlfOAN MUBFTJM AMiTIIKK N*W 1 KATDRW the rnt're first ili?ir ot Hut .Mmriiu h?, nrrn mriniioH* MAUMKMENT COBMOkAMir a*| IKIH, arolnturtiirAlly Mnbe'liabed aud (rewind lu -hr llrm Mil* ?d i rt h* tha: dl*Oiis<ilslird ar iat M. D'Omay. and now -ra .rv** ? pelfectlon of lorr* and rrmtlv view* of pi Are* And ftteata in*-1* wrrd b> biatory and limn to th* memory of (ha Matured world FOURTH AND FOH'TIV IOI.Y I.AHi w KKA t( the nu>*lncpular and tturrutg duiniauc Jr ?ioa aim |?r?duced iu this < Htahll(-limt iii. FRAUD ?NI1 TTK VICTIMS, which will be rr|imeol?l?D M .'PAT K' MIF1, AT v; 0'Cl.<VC, with the taleut.'d ea?t hud 1:1 tie fliiihbed mtnirr HM UN e..cii?>: troin Uwiiuutndi. >! gtaouoJ people ?o utaar uufkil dlaliugulahttd approbation. A. it ruoou at .'1 o'clock, hoti;*, daucet an ' Up' m-lodrama of THR TWO (i tl.l.KY BLAYKH The T tvl'iT Fet pent Huppy Family, Ac, n be seen. A4? mlaaion 2b renta: children niider ten, 12*-; eenta. BUt KI.KY'R NKW HALL, 6HS MROAHWAY. Opposite the Meimpoluan Hotel LAHT WRKK OF Tlllt .NBANON. On which occaaioo the grand spectacle of ALaDUJM will be performed, with NKt.RO MINBTRKLSY. On Friday evening, Jane 19, larrwell beneitt of Mtee % DIFFKIIT. i>u which oc. *?l?n TROVAToKit and Al.ADDlB will be produced. On Haturday, .Inne 2U, a Uraa-t Atiaram* Perlnnnanee, ronr>m?ii< liift at Jo'clo. k. Kveniag concert a. 3 o'clock. Admiaelrra 25 oen'e: orrbeilm aea'.a. SO centa. BRYARTHH VIWTRII.S. Me> uaaioa' HaB, <72 Broadway. above < .rand air aw. Orr.w Ktkht Nf.ui. Inn' nac eti.-ceKa Crowded Horace. New rin'H, gupar, ttctlna and baejo anion. Burleatine dancing, alngtug. ooinicaihuw, Ac. THK KBCATMD CHINAMAN. Kwe oi Old Yirginny, Dm 1 and K. outer aham. JERKY BRYANT and WAN 1IUYANT la a multitude of oomlcallUei. Admlaaioc Sonata. To oooamenne at 8 o'cloeh. WniTK ft OI'KRA HOUHW. 49 BOWMRT ?OA RD ?TUB Manager bega to annonnrc to the pa rone of tkia aitah'hitment that he baa introduced a perfect new eyetea of f? u.auon. which rendere hie eetabliahment at COOl. AH 4 BUMMER HARDEN. Another nureUv, thai appearand "I the wonted J 11A It V ACTOR who will appear In bet grand dramatic pericnauoul, tMWdrrirg hia < harartrrs of Ha?e-t. Rlehard, otheilo. Nigral Oaaann. Bhyteak, together with a lioatol LOCAL CHARAtrTRKB. every erenlng thia wi-ek. White i Norrnadrre; the Alaheaen Feaural. the toirlea-jur of the If. M, Mall, Ac. Open at T. runuseiirr at (L THK DANCTNO TURKIK.S will positively appear nail wef Madame anna pr i.a grander fakewsu, OONF.RTH MAHAMR ANNA (IB LA I1R4WOR will gtreher laat concert hnt one In Hum York, prior In Bar departure lor Bnrope on the J*Ui mat . ai Niblo a Malawi. em Finn.r Kvr.Mi.Ni., juaalJ. Madame lie La druig. will he ???iitrd by nereral mnlaemk artnta, of whlcli due notice will he given Artmtaeton One dollar The aale of p< kete will com meece on Wrdaeaday. Jane If, a. Wm. Hall AN.m a No Aft linvadwar, and U ftniwafh No. Tol It. wlway. where aeau uu; tie aeourrd^wlUanm antra charge.) IVjora open at 7}( O'clock, eonrer conunenoea ai A fYf AJ.I.ACK N THEATRIC.?R AYR A NlOliT. ?f BKNFFIT OF UK. MONK, T enaurer. Mompit. .1 tat IS. the celebrated remedy, In toe anwr ..I THK HFL1.R > KTRATAORM. and Mr Wateot'a highly auoceaaftii comic pore, ONkT-OaT FOR 1 WO HI :tv. The ercnlng'S ontertalnmem will combine the namee of MR WAM.VCh. Mr. Mlafce Mr Leater, Mr Waloot Mr Hyott, Mr tl. 11. J land. Mr II. It I'hilMpa Mr C Hluart, Mr Inc. Mr. M. Eytlngr, Mr. Cetera, fere Ho-v. Miaa Mary Niaw. Bra Vernon Ml?? Mary Oat non. Mry. Allen, Mr*. HjrltreMr, MUaC 1 hotnpam, Btg. I , lliiiiii h? it* t int.. Inn ot Mr Nli.< Arid h. 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