Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1857 Page 1
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TH 1TH0LB NO. 7593. THE BOGUS YELLOW FEVER PANIC. Attempt to Impose Upon the Press?Malicious and 7*1*e Statements of the Ship's Steward Ex' pMed?Affidavit of the Hate of the Bark Mary?The Vests! Returned to Quarantine?Proceedings of the Health Officer, Ac., Ike., Ac. Ac IneauUms ud ."sfse statement ?u published in the Hon York Tribune of Saturday, to tbe edeo. that Mo > eltow fever bad been smuggled Utlo tble cHy iu a veeeei from fee Weet Indies. After a thorough investigation, it is boo McertaloeJ that tbe statement in question was published with a cwk'ShooHK which Is nothing toss than oul yable in view of the nature of the anbjoct, and the damage Md alarm Bucb a publication must cause* The paoagrapn b questiun was as follows Ysixnw Kan.-." ?We l?am from good authority that a Bailor, now at No. 108 Cherry stret t, reports that oe ctuie k pawtengei fiorn Trinidad. and that in pnwlog Quarantine M thn port the oaptam secreted two of bis pastxugerg, who h*o been kick with yellow fomr during the passage, fas Sa.4a.a'd owu state-rom was used for th a ;>i rj)?o. Th ) suitor bimr. If is deftlfo>is of going to tbe hospital, at he is quite feeble, whether from fuvor or aomo other tbo party giving tho above iVts was ududIo to learn. Tbe to-rcI Is now lying at tho Atlantic docks. Anvtrg the arrival* yoMcrcay was brig l.nry Hoy wood, of tttugor, Capkaia Bwift (lato Swett, deceased), from Oonalve* v&. Docilkgo) ta> my four <iaye, with codec and logwood to BnUer V H litnium-. vessel t? master. Kay 21Hh. latitude '?> M, looi.lturti 7? f.0, *po?-e tho br'g Howard, of Bttb, from I'ort <tu Prince, for Go-ton. May ith, ?1 > Dttins, OktHalti Tbeo|ib.;u?i tiwtU, of the Incy Hoy wood, died of yellow 'ever, lie waa a i.-?ii?c 01 lioogor. go. May Sti b, at sea, iati.udc S3 60, long i'mie 12 *6, John R Barter, ti:o eteonJ ottcor, of Bat go', Me , died of yellow tVver. Kay 20th, ai sea, latitude 'lb 40. I- ni.'ude 711 60, Captain Bur n I R. Kirb. ol Bangor, wiio uad Ui en charge of the hr g at Wsuxvt.h, wfu-r tbf -loath of Oi;>u.u >-wett,uiod of y to v [ tm r. also at tho same lime and place, an 1 of tbe same i dlveaee, Jams* Chvenar, reauian, of Boston. Tho cargo ] OBIirt-lsul Kl.'/OU pouiid# of logwood, i,o00 dags of oof .V>, 76 sacks of codec 70 crot.-.n-vt mahogany, to A, tv-l ker h Mollmacu Pr. Tliontp* ? the R-auh ofliuer. or.4. rrd the brig to tb lower Q taraotmo anchorage What ha* become of the remainder or the crew we have not yet (Darned. Ifclt petard passed must' r In tho evening papers a so* and by this limo may have all the sc.ssore of tbo provin cial prcs i.ourtsbirg It, ? ih" terror ef traders from e' ory qaatfer on their way to th-s city. Ibe real state of the feets are to the folios log purport THK HAIl.Otl It. CCKlfKT - T KUK". A statement from an aujuymjua s.uroe, ippuwi:y u.e Maws* tho Trilnnt't "good authorityhat ?'nr been MBl to lh-'>. but rejected an col of the character enDaned upon It by uio IrUmne, nooording to tbeaUndnrd af accuracy required for the column* of tho 9?iu r>. A reporter having been dmpatcued to " jeiin Reward, a ltd Cherry struct," aa indicated in tho coram uatea'Wjo addressed to tbo Uoujj>, ho found lb tl fereon through tho aid of ano af Caput n Dltotfcivs poiioe, of tho Fourth aiitnct nation horjio. Jbhn Steward proved to bo a imall sited, livid little aaltor, and waa found n a d.ngy cellar or the house No. JM Cherry utreot, an a lodger. Ho stated that bo waa the pat sob who waa giving eurroncy to tho ita lament that the I huh Mary, from Trinidad do Cuba, had brought into port ' and smuggled on shore, certain passengers sic* of the Mttow fever. Bo said bo had been coo* aod steamed oa . Marti the Mary and had been very dl Used ua baud of her. ! fits sk oping p ace waa tniufftiradie from tho heat aod ver ' pin, and bo had cootractud disease fiom the utooxuiv of I Manny his berth and ska ping ou tho dec* Intho aeuppera, , oxp?-od to tho vulatiuoa of the weahor. Uo further stated in to tho smuggling of lb.- lafected paaeoo i ?er. that tho uay helore tho Mary aaliei from Tr. a hWI oe (Alba there cams on board very, a Spaniard, ' Who was acct-mmndaloO with a particular state room lu to Captain's cabtu Tbo voyage of tbe Mary had Ivn 1 aiaete-o days to Now York. After the first wee* I sea, the .Jpan.ard grot* oaeowively kick, his symptoms *?ag cry indication of yeilow fever. The or don of wahu>( on this patient tell to the part of the rook, and he oaeia su to au< uo biai antiough with much disgust, is the b>m's Mo ling at Uio sos, boadarhc, A t, was lulls* ad aooo by the discharge from bit mouth or b i?od? Out, putrid, very off nrtve matter, ef too nat ire of uis "black votnlt " The cook oumpiamsd ol the ncMeitty of altoadtng to the rick paaasng* r, a< the stench from b'm anl bir stateroom ?i< unbearable, ami bo (the cook) : Mtoagbt bo was .onuwrtirr tbo suiw . himself. Ho oompiali.' I ct ih;s tn the capla.a (tiittsno,) out h*l no Mle'SdUun, and w . forced In contlnne hlsod'-es to tho pattest, wboc*nf nusd in th? most dreadful state, awl *o? aeafined to h.s bed s? in tbe arrival >r the Mary, (on I'rl day.) tn U?? pel of New \ ork tin lh" very morning of ute'r or ih" bay Captain HiIhod, as tbc soak ali gns, ordered bia to clean up tn? s'ate room .if tbe nek man Tt was la a very filthv condition, f-o-r the right's d'-charge* oo the par. of hi pat ut 1 be rioor wsa r>>verr?i * nh t>'.svly and murl 1 matter, vhlrh was of th of tbe" htaik vomit," and sbcr from tbe necessity of swabbing it out, had made him (tb<- ocmk) so slot that he had c it ye*. (thtar *r> ivo?ed fn m his os-sca When be ha i flal?li*d I iranlng the 11 u? r urn m was H>*Jt.:d up, with tbe pot jot wahta tt t-n the Health trtr-er came oo board ? mon Deo was made 11 bl*t uf the -irk anlard, wh t ooo'.stiod cMwttkd, and was ?nsmuggled ashore,after tb. .i-? had amity rear.ivo nor Mrin at ine euanii iacf, iTOwiyi. Uttird further intioieted that h? tboufbt the S.?ai*rd mart'be e bktn rome fort'h e ?ho had lie loo board, iad ?m to rn.urslc.l nut of the r.-ach of Us? Cabu likrr 0*4*1 n Glhnon ?rai u?aally encarnd It) jautjIIB* and other hnvwdoax an J dan*uruue pur ffuM wh?n on too Cuban ooaM. He ?ti therefore rrrr liki ly rnreon w Ukd to rtaky a Mop m that ol? rmuair'ini thU 8|<anlard aa a yellow rrar palioni ihrouKb Urn q<iarantln<s roair <-uon, wun the view of Moapii k ibethlity caya dot"nu?n which would Mo? the orlimit.on of lb" rnai Mate of thn 'beta on hoard Ok WIdk rroee tuaaliooo'l upon to?> rtatamcDt. bo ereoiod Mraa|ely <iw*i/oua ol flotiroyia* tho lirpr.w Ion thai ho i hliDorif continue I lobe infc tod m lib the yellow lever, jot era id Dot in d train ?y of I ho ejm|4nna* upon bio por mm. And thl? a*aln or oatranctcd bv a rtatoBont in re (aai to bla bar Jt bad Ibn '3kagraa for or, ooaUarto ! on tb? lath anna iaet ?**?oo. ay mptnnM of which w wo obvtoua to hM Rrtd nnpluxioD and tbc ia,'.dental ah) ear af hla ton bo and obnltor of bia Jewe. on itoann Tin mm mam. Aa too natt (top toe rrjorVr reached lb* AtlanUr dock*and aoeetnpanlod by too ?hartnerr. boarded too barb Vary. The raptaia waa out oo board, bat ton Aral toato, bttof la charfe, he wnt called and Interrogated. Ab oflecr wao Brmt que* Loon* by ton wharfinger In a aaaar ao aa to draw fro? h'tn a detail In rofard to the abtyk reyaga, toe number of paaaengnre, tonlr ooodtUon, tod?? Ac. Queetioaa were aeked a* to too health of toe tolp durlac toe ve) a?e, eoperiatly too health of toe yianf? Ail toe detain tone obtain* 1 tallied with too toll* rata of toe eaek la all otoepl ae ta toe etekaoa on board, and toe ceaexalateal ef toe Hpaaiard aad hw al teged boaltb Nor did !h? mate pmrar rate or wnrer In Mbelcaetapoti beLae green ;!,r.<u<.??ed by toa reporter, erery peatfMe gn-eUoo beUse a>M ?h"h to* prertona elate meat af toe reek con id urgent Thn anew on wore frank, foil aad detailed ae to every joint, and (are endre tauafhrtio* to too reporter aa<l toe Wnarf Iryer el the (aunjoid of the rook'* etateemkt. Thk eoiakre wae finely firmed herond a dm.ui wbaa, IB ?n?w?r In the " IU? thorn two uf ?l?un.tor?l??..inf ' one^a (be ahip'a r.,n . m ami Kir ear*. June -teear.r u e -rate anawerad to too r?l I lag effort That (herd had b'?o roaUauad dbnaUafar (Ma put the r->ok during lb." my mgr. to I ih?t be ha I lffllkffht>,r t ' ato'r af i a ,.arrel with h ra ft,,mule), oa which oceaaina (be coot ba<! chaned bun with a aarvtag bhife. be no hud H. qnarrri hat a>o*oa in r>'i u lucc?>k.nfi an *-ml for th< ?lnnd>rna, and had not r -a pin i m.-n I, Ihr . r?4 mtgl.i aa fbl ar.( : h. i r->' -iv ktii?4 (he mat.- The ? alaaea <X h.? nut-meat. a- to u hua/tug ir "i the oi'm, > oa bou-?l Urn . V s an lb. n iln. .ghtr ! U. the .ipeo' ? affidavit ami > atte?tt 1 t > 'err < iM? a to the 'mi ? r. wm ? imiiirn cv tv? m eirrn- ma run* biht. I,Tbwna n-jam. d fwro art o?y ih-.t I am ffr*t mete ?r (bo hk I Man torn T 1. aud IhU lh- 0 w re h I twe pa-t-i r nn ! nnnl Ih%t to??I from Trie lei '# Or ha dnr'r 2 thr ri'.ar- ? caetpl'drd hy lb" ?? t i t abm *aj 1 ? thi > .note oo my U* In the offe-d of there ha ' r beni ur <. ? '<o b nrd Ibe Mary during (be ?m * ho nature nf yellow ferer. and thai ta Iba I *T?r4lT. L - . Mi- "I.'t ir 1' mtinUdof -u ^? on' I *Wf tt" ?!> ! ! t? < ry- rr. ' Ui',nn? d! I>H ' l' Uh??'n- ?.*? . -int. -1 *U?n rrtwn ti. tl,.- ' i i n |i i "??i. r wiUi ttw '.-"TipU.m of J<*iO W * ?r .1. ( -- ! * I i. P ? * o( tl 11*/.' .< **? ? Tt - i . - i-' " n.ti ?b%? b? ??r- r..i fr"? cl.r- t ' '' '. ft* i?r Ui? nature i.( i ' i-l ! ? II i.; e ><?-! mjr kno? .. *# lb- i' >r ? i r i. -i. -r ?V opi nljr in lli- ?. "< ? >-> > ])< V .- <r. n< - ' >oa>t.i ( tl, tinnih-i* ?> .rA ?>T th- II- ?'Ui ir -/ of ifc? part; *rd 1 fi.r' ii r ? - * ? th- .?- of m> krn?? |p '/ !?<) hr' li,r,, *?- n i P ( Pin lion i->r pirt*. . iMtr ?V4ir ,4 r *<?? to or--- M -I "? or lhfVP-l-lon. 1,1 i;, - f-fp; .?!?, |r--m tbn I)!? raal i o anti-.-t >* ->( Oio porl Vwltrk HiUiat: In ?n* j-o- hi, ,rr. p,,;., i.r-.m nil.' I - V nt *1-1 *ny ? n -1 ---liirii Ir In :i r- ;i?ln'-ftb.- - a i tar of ih- ?i ,i Mary, I wciii'il bo on :?r> u?1 t- n- ni l. it thf Ma;<?ri- rt th, r ... lao ,-rofi 11, D-d n r U.? t ^ V H-OTP ? -?-. >* I ?utnr--p i, r-nipn-inn wh- m.i V r*?- ' y ' Jar.n-i' n IhP from . r-r h?i,r(f - ? riv .- ? ? - r* ' Ma pa/<H"t'iJ*f ??"l ptM-r-' *- /? w-n! on th-r* tl?> ' "V- < i > I -i t i- k . - -I. ?? " - " nP'i.l -h-,1,lr'..?,r ... ,!, I ho.h l.?? " - i tl r .< h.?, n,,,. w ,h tt?, |,? nr--1 in |M>1 lo Uke robrnyuirn Tor t>nrt>ui.| y,,? | only w . u , THOMV my ANT. On hp*ri1 hirk Unry Trior la, t|t.M StaUr1"*t 'l *Ziimr'Ju*C 1 ' E NE' ACTION OF TH1 nxiLTB OWCM. Proceeding D?rt W> Suwn island. tbe result <>r these n[ ^utrkw ?w submitted to that officer. Uo ted no doubt tbat tbe care wu but a recurrence of the common practice si malicious eellore. to attempt some ro la! .at ion or revouge upon the t-blp's o?Vers. Tu do awap with every possible giuend of even alarm, be loapatihnd a deputy to go on board the Mary and or do- b- r back to 0 inronUae, whilst he bim?e|f set fortj in e r -1, of _ ia v ik. who had rirrii l*led tbe statement. ijjJ whom tho Health Officer brought [inly down to the i?lan 1 Tor * f .11 and careful examination. The l*' It had arrived iu port on Friday meriting, and came U> ber uerth a* tie Atlantic do kt u tnat day. Then .t war that the difficult toe* plane betwocn the officer* and tbe cook,after which the latter lelt thorhi > and set on foot the yellow frv?-r HtnU'meu . On Saturday afternoon tbe baik arrived bacn at the anchorage at <?u*r&n'inc. The Ho?!th Officer had himself b'Jttrde J tbe Vary, tad had i ..i.Me'i y-v? n her a permit to pa?s QuaTMtiM, So bad been quite rigid in hid examination, as be 'a on the look ool for infe- tod shi is; ?r.d the I.ucy Bavwood, from ano tber port In Cuba, war detained at toe lower anchorage Dr. Thomtson ih posit've th^t ho saw every pcnun set down >n the manifest, as I bo tul'y corroborated the all davit of Ihe mate u those pohitr bearing on the alleged cor nealment of tbe Kpcuixh passenger AfUr taking the following affl'iavtt. and making a more evamic.U'on of the vessel, the Health Officer regrets tbe none'* nhich oc.miH-lleo the vrm ?i to ro urn, although It was, of counts, tbe only eoor-o in view of the larreccy io injudiciously given to thin era/y rumor by ite city press;? avfipitit ktns to rrx ur < ra ov-hjhi uv rt.: stunt <?? tiik Mi MY. P*rt <f S'tw forfc, quarantine, .<?<x>n Man i. H?aUh June U, LH67 ? rtioma; Bryant b"'ag duly s void, df|io-uraii I say? ? i'ha'vi bus boon niute of tho bark Mary i-:nco November last, that be was mate of tho rat ris. l durirg ber -est peerage from Trinidad to this pori, that wh le at Tr:ndad be heard of no '-<u>oe of redow fever at that gort, ruher on beard oc a",ong the shipping, and that there bas been uo 'ores of yelio v fever on board of the ??ek it try r'n ; n> ; * *n tt-o vessel, not any case of sickness wbfb oonf ned ihe patient to his berth an hour, except from oe* sickness, Uut tb're wa* one person on board of said . use.-, her passage to thie port who was no. a sailor, at. 1 who was taken siok In about I eigbt da) ? afler raid v. r r s>ft 1 >ie Had, when she giA her first rough woathor ; IDas hj comptliUt wax sea siutness; ina; ne wa* ill of ih.t at i i) i..e other, from the tbe tougb weather ret iu till we ar-ived at this port; tnat be was aiwava able to raw from bis berth and wait on bim*e.f. vis-', the water closet, Ac.. without tbe assistance otauyboly . that nis symptoms s*re retching and bleed.og a the tore, tho no?o bieui-'ug only during or tmui.-dtstely ?f or earn rfiert at retcb'rg. The deponvntfVrthor swears lb at be never said the twrr.on above referred to had the ye.low fever, nor did Be ever hoar the captain of the said birk or any other p< re on express such ooinion, and furtber the deponent ?a:th not. Til1 iV N't BUY NVT. Piibscribed and pworn to this fourteenth day of June, iS61,K. li. TiK)*r*sji5, Keaub ottotr. CONCLUSION, It is therefore posit've that thereis no yellow ley or tn Now York, nor tu any been adowtxl to pass the anchor ago at Quarantine. Tbotwo patsengors. oven who It was alleged bad Dad the d.scase, it Is poitively asccrtaicod bare rctoci for Portland, Tiio mato oT tho vewol (the Mary) attests to hii having procured conveyances for transferring th-j.r baggage to the depK, and th ? statement haci-oen found to be corroborated by a watchman employed on the Atlantic dock.'. The topic of Q* a.antiu** cog ig-vt mtteb alb-nikm ;unt now, an I there ir not wani ng a dtsoosi'lon to seize and make capital out of the Br*t plausible ractn which may tarn up .s tb:n council id. Every poenlbie eifort will of course b i ready for applying popular pvaio* on the yellow lever <]uoeiiotiklnio fevi rs for tlfitng street cloanLug contracts an-i lor p- y iug the Quarantine nations from one sido to tho other ot sti.i. n Island Ar.yttiliig .mpTa<-t;ea >le and use lees will beesrayed tn the way of "toaaporary Quarantine," whilst the sole ma'ter needed?a warehouse for fiimifat.Bg infected goods, and unlading and despatching ship* st the Quarantine anchorage?will continue to be Dcgkcted. Til" ?ole Instance ?d' *ny Isfocttoo now within the bay of New York ts that of the Lticv May ward, down at the lower anchorage, as safe as re,-arils New York as if she wore till I at titmaiveu, wuoro the came from. Nor has she had any cases on hoard tor weeks tudorc her arrival Were (her** only aor'xnmodaiioa of Quarantine storage, Instead of the present unnocessarv Seguiue's Point U-mporary hospital under way, tho I-ocy 1 lay ward might be uulo-ided, her bold aargo disinfected, and she j he'wlf truly at hey dock in New York befbro her permit to discharge eoual be passed to tho Custom House. In slowt of that she must stick It out her thirty days below. BROOKLYN BOAHP OP HXALT0. At a meeuug of the Brooklya Board of Health oa Saturday, a reeoiuuoo was adopted directing thai all permits for vessels to land oargor* in Brooklyn, be an thori.ed by the lioarJ o. Health, instead of by the Mayor, as heretofore. fbis acbon war taken In order to relieve the Mayor of a lar.-e amount of duty and at the aatue tune tu < nable a thorough rtainnattoi] of vcanuia, when appll cation* arc made to land cargoco. AN INOORKKCT BtHOM. A report was ta rirrulat oa oa Saturday , thai tho bark " Mary," ly lag st Atlantic docks, bad imported some cases of yellow fever. Mayor Powell t isttod tho vessel and ascertained that thero had been no stcknett on board dating thofvoy agr {from Trinidad dntuba, rrceotthe usual r. asu Koess of some of tb? pas-tcngera. Other vusaoki from Went India porta were vtmted wub itae result', and the Mayor elates that after a Uioi'i-vgu oaamuiaUon h<- Is eatb urd that no yellow lever cat** had been imported to tna city this aoatuu by any rental. N on-Arrival of ihr loswt. Isir og the post week a great excite n* ml has bo*-a crratod aoi- ug lbs old wouien, about in^apy-'arhiog vi?lt of tho comet and tho danger of every Alng being neat Into etc ma. smauh by one stroko of its tail Nearly all bust boss was sotpemlod In some dL'tncM, nervous old Indies and doubtful old gentlemen cot being willing to rink spend tng lbc.r money when the shone.* vert that It would bo fobt in the general burst up, forg, itlng that in ease tho catastrophe <Ud occur their momy Would share precisely the same tale. As Saturday drew near, tigna multiple*]. It was cold, dark stid il-maJ, and tamed alinoft incessant ly. Mother** wore particular 1c nisk.iig tbolr children ??y tholr pray in before retiring for ib? nig bt, and watch* d lb*-rlouds fer omens Lin. the comet was close at hand lot era tsok ?e-rral more lip prwwurso than onoal. and lingered until the small hours,, prrhap", It wan for the tart Uint, Banina.a tnwi boakad up thaw aeeouata, ml mlhfr < onprntnlaiod tbrawalraa that it Ibo oonl did obc ibry wouki nut ha. a to moot that ooto. IlotM*kf|*r' a bo rtitle IhitnaclToa oa iLur cnumai. r loaned out tbe .r eloaeU on Friday, under n rayto Ida* that U>? noma* should not com* nod catrh I bom "up idr down. ' la tbort, nil Now York wan la a j?r <ml swto of "tlx up," with the asoepUoo of tho tfooto, nod lba?? Lb* Cocnrmwlocr-x (NMlW aotila) would act elm until nftrr felurday, an .a rnao tba r.inat rnma It would be ?o much expenan aarrd ttnwrdar mommy nmrorl, elenr, ferlxht, no) banut'-ful?Ilia irat pi?not day for a wank. Tbla abm waaennridatod n' r^a 'thm Uia romrt wan noniiu? ua cry flat, fur, of bourne, aa 4 la principally comiwrad t* rna, it would onto rally W rarv llfht to H* rtciaWy. The mcrclo?f worn ?o, lb" aoan hnmn to think H tlno to mako preparation fbr dinner, whloh Ibey bad aipr~u?d to eara, out would not jo to market aa uaoal, determined not tuprt morn thno thry could ant at one moal. aa the comet wcukt baaarr to noma la lh? afternoon About two o r orb it kmfcad rtondy, nail mnay b?arta heal la fearful auaptoai Irr nl>i r nil tt wan ni.w. naltir*] to uppooe that Urn ileal Irarr taking of nil rmboa woukt b> raibar n di mat nTnif The clouds, batterer, clanr?l nfl witboal nayrraeh.lnn umn ntmr uv< |awil. nod about aerrn o'clock lone propane >owa of un!< liuuntn I unhands might hnra brra earn with laryr bark' to ua ih.ur nmt, trudging oft to lh<* rartuu* market* lor Un o t*t.inlay D? swear. ? obiob thud-prudent wtriw hn.1 ney l*. trd to peorldo b?wui. tbr comet wan " " To? prinetpl. of lira waa siting la tba hi.rVnn .a, however; and. beticriae U?.(want to ba tnu onbodoi to less at on Uio habbatb, ?h?y focejudad to risk llioir chance of ratine an nth r nod dinner. The event Ju i.d. d U?r r antirt(w?io:a t p to twelve o'cMxk but ugbl a? comet 1-ad barn dmrornrid an I the ranctiou rf doubt and wr to aooadi won ?f unbounded dr.'tght, ?-,v? plungog thousand* of r*rilnbW> people inio wtld "(wm, which llm oomots t?on appearance ia In dnty bour I to nn?wwr for Put wh i< mnaipnojl. arc mug-ii *.,nr mrm-elrea on tha ? :a of this rrrrrtnd worfr Wh. - au tally dbnp pott lad All tha nnarspat* r<i w |<rrj>nriBt In aaud ml r*trar. which ware in motnin aa accurate inscription of thnt^ranna! aponaranrr nf Ui? |M< ?trioua vtnmr, h# an tni-'dants fmrn Ihn t:n?n of \.%h, who wna nanrly ?.|na? had by nnn of tba itMrt o' the rumily, with the way la wlitrh nnmrt* makn tb< r appronrh and g \ tba flr.-t bvk Tbnan apnrirnana or molnrn irttnau ly nad rwtrrprtan w'll nnw ba lost tn th wn*id, aa wall aa much rn rinna 'afnrirstn r r?rnrdtnr tba paraonnl hatilta of noniata irnnrsiiy aiwt r' tnor la at fbiilt In "find any data to n ran?ml hraak r? op la Ihn f dor?. Many rnaiantaras nra barnrdnd aa tn the prnhabia ran on of tha ontnal'a non apprnrarra but thn m<?>t Mbriy "rn to bn, that from n illattirt -nair-ti"n ha rem. i irrait klmwtf ?rn,pm' b? mnk If nt> Impmaatoa no tha trcmrndou' ho>>tw whmb nrr worn by Inliaa, nad mirad Ja^uatnd tn-IVrr lb a unlaw men ?merer any WAPTflKOTON N kTTOVAL fONlWANT^ Tt?? I?i9 Vs ri tnrj of tha M'?r.ntrn nt Aaarrution, Is near nnynxed IB n public a*|*??tira ol Hi transnrtona. Tin any*, in tba oour-'Srf h> ?rf?* ?'The "tn.'s wctt reoelra,t' by mo ooa m r.nrftrr ,u- tha rtildb AotnhH ih. ! I>? ll.n tuu.a.l ib?? oontrlbutbai" HKnild be eMil to the traarnrrr, and UmI the erndary rboula bo Informed ih? r.?.r by amdher left* r r'.lton tr> that nfftr- - by tbi t >ntrlbnu>r; and due war ine only rberV npon the tronnurer'* amount* The oorrea poudenrv wn# wrapped up in bundle* and Hotrod away la Vf con bole*. damp and thl k with daH Th" blank book*, hat ip to euctXHTtla, tr<' > jfrron aid rlimy with mildew The mrairwwnt waa In app"?t?>' rendition; the mortar rrumNUip from Ix-tween the fo'indntion Ho?<w, and tho Internal Hrurture of U?e bane otpim-d to the delederiou* InIrnflon of a i?d and raiu The me norlal block* wore piled pOM th" other m two afcaMie*. wlneh afforded no pro. teetli n from the weather, and ladder*. %! , were Ijha* emhettered on the ground. The trea*nry wa* eonm dered In a ColUpeid Hate, depending alloc ether on the mntrthebon* of the t Latter* at the Patent (Won an I motiurr.eni rronn i*. and u oocwitonal oflbt lag rrom turne oc cculhv peiroH,' W YO MORNING EDITION?MC TSE POLICE WAR. Bloodshed and It lot *t t?>l A'olllsloii of the Rival Police Kurroi In Uic Bicventh Wiwl Ike aui.lrlpul Oflcer* Arretted? * Mob to tbe Rcirttf-Oiit Man Stabbed?DeetracUon of the Metropolitan Station Threatened, Ac., <Wr. A laMut fear has prevailed from ibo beginning of the I'rcisruk jjuji "J ??i u-vunroo, (i<a? iu ui<? * . .mr-ir ?uu iwu ftieta of auifcorty which must, there might poaslbly bo some blooly t onee in tfcj bos.neiu before its ckito. Th.cfs but hitherto rone on in tiich a windy way, aud nothing or I'Tr>cs ' haraeter having an* on, Uv.-re seem i<l to bo a prospect that no apprcbenM.on need be entertained of any riot or dihlcnlty of that nat ire. Hut it appear* that the breeie is up at tat, and blood and Unorder may bo now regard*! ai the next phase of the poftco war which remain* to bo developed. A* a beginning, roe nee were cuasUid iu ttoUe-onth ward on Haturduy night which portend ?ome bat business in the working of the two set* of pehoe, which political neb' nnng and political partisanship have procured for this city. It appears that special instructions have been put in circoiai.on amoi.g tho members of the new Metropolitan organWariou, intimating that tb? most accepta bio achievement wbi. h a netrirpniitan ooiiidachi. ro would bo Uio arrest and oorillnoroont of one of hie municipal compeers on any Rbow of disorderly conduct, This Kort of idea ha* not only been a onlforui topic among tho new men, but it would appear to be in wuo manner a pun of tho White street people to teat tho r pos.iion and give it effect by *?>u.c such achievement. One case has already bi:? n up before Recorder Smith, and a nunviir of tike id tempts have tai 'taguocwtsfully mado iu other i no Uncos. I The ic.rnea in the Khivanth ward will doubtless bring on , the ikhiiO now without delay, and what the end will b" re i mama to be seen. About *5a o'rk* k in the evening of Saturday, ono it I ;o ; Mm!.cipal poliee of the Heverth ward st..od at tho corner of Tenth street aud avenue C. liirf name is Mahou, tuts being Ml rrgr.'ar beat in the ward, on which .V was then j doing duty as Ho wus acceste-l by a young i man named Van Arsdale, wbo has a brother lately join*! I in the Metropolitan poMeo. Th?s man desired Um> otlioer should go down to the corner ul' NiuUi street, where tb<>ro was tt"ine*s.'' Be refused to go, sa; lug that e'irner waj out of hi* beat, btit Van Arsdaie pointed to a crowd coming to wards them, and as it was moving on to tho beat of olllccr Vtallon, be felt that it needed looking to; ho he wont towards lb) ciowd lie found there throe men in clti/ene' dteHB btrogglLug with a fscrUi. The laltor (whoso nam" wan Tracy,) was in an altercation with the others, who claimed to be pi licenien. Tracy was protesting that he was outraged, and appealing to the crowd, saving the men were not otticors and had no stare/ He chaJlungod them to 8bnw tholr "Mare," on the exhibition ot'wlncb ho would go witb tbopn wheretbejr would. When Mallon came up, Tracy bo id,' "horn W an ofllcor; I wl'l go him; I know turn to be an itttoer; thoro la his star and uniform." Mallon inquired tho nature of tbo dlfllculty, and was eery roughly answered by tun tbron | perero* who is-reHod in their hold of Tracy, until Mallon ai o collared biui. Then lite other* let go tbotr bold of Tracy, set/Cd Mallon, whensomcwluu "t a Iu?h1o en?ued. Tbo three meu ba-t uuuutlint declared theiuxolyett Metropolitan police, and tbrea ?u?-d the municipal mau as o'-xiruciiiic them In their jfliee. The crowd luxmrui/od Tracy in bia resistance to them, and when Mallon arrived and waa ool | lared by Uie Mutiupulilans, Tracy, who bail cxprusnod his J readme** to go with Mallon, walked oil' unmolested, bw lbi ro raptors occupy ing Uteniaclvoa viclusiyely with their more dcairahlo capture?"the Wood policeman." As the renul o( thin, a large crowd was of cour*? gathered, and tba three Metropolitans were reinforced by too speedy arrual of Serjeant Usmoron (formerly uentea-uit of the Hevrnth ward) and a platoon or tbo Metropolitan Eoliee. Mallon waa clntrJtt-d a hern er a grip oocld be ad of him, and wax led up the street aa fast as the crowd would permit At thi-po'nt. another municipal ortioer of the Klercnth ward and ion house came running down the troct to sro what was ibe row. At ho reached the crowd he mi do way with hie bands, and noun came to confront th<- Metrojmhtan phalanx. Before be had uttered u word, or made any further indication, he wan struck to the ground with a club, and hie hoad almost split with the blow He also waa ached by the aerfcatit and bin '-quad, and borne senaolra to tho station house of tho OumtnU ilonora In the ward. T?F MOB AN? RIOT. By the time tb? purtv reached KfxUi ttreet, where the Matron bome la located, about twe dmv* Item avenue C, "Sot only had a large rruwd collected, but a considerable number 01 tbe Heventh ward Muntrd|ia1 Potior had also rear bed tbo ground Tliesc immediately act about preoeryit g order, under tho direction of aotno ot Uteir oWoorn, ftoveral hondred persons bad ooUecteJ, threats were growing rife, and indignation waa freely m uuh-slcd. Tho U. tropelHana " nought to clear a rpaor bafure tholr atahon ho<we, but the crowd refused to budge, binding, Insuiting, nod deriding th? "bogus Albany police." KxclamaUonn were utn-rcd against the "black republiau club bouse," and there were growing indication of a riot some of the muux-.pal men look their slum before lb? station bonse, and others went upstair*. At the request of the Municipal officers the crowd cleared the sidewalk, bnt re fused to disperse until the men wore release!. Tho crowd waa inforuii d that I olid' J'ubnc AadTfei had been rent far and that the men would be out agaiu wilbsnl delay (.roam and booting*, exclamation* and insulting ?xpreeeioos iorrwiir.-d every ukwdiii, and u*> crowd stlT refused to dispcrie until th. m- n should be reiuom d. JTBTICK ASPKB0OV ARRTVBV. On the arrival ot Jnitioc Anderson It was thought the men eon Id be balled out at once; but It app-^ar-i that the "Mctroaotttaaa" bad their own arrangeir.? it. ma I n of this i mef ney. It waa Ihovgbt to V- newwa-y that Deputy Hnpertntrndect (Wrpontrr sboula arrive before any proceeding kjuM be had or a "court" hold which would warrant the liberation ur bail of the men. I'jtti ? Arderaon, however roos? utcd to dri .y pro- Ing until the arm al of (MrpeMcr who was tent fbr. I ATT, FKTKK ?qt llUiU II Alt AWOTmni r kHTtCCl,ARLY avr PAWiwd oocarioN. Mr farpenter urrlvml bull men, and was duly hooted Into the slut ion house by the mob wittwut. .""otnc tiiou sands wor< now colli rted around the place, aud luoro wm every danger of a scilvus riot Chplaiu Putnr Siulres. who La tdfctrgr ot this post tor lb' new Oomoi.o smen? being estabUbed Mere since hw ejection from the muni ci|wl -tutiun house?bad sent a requisition fur ruore tu n k> the I iflcenlh and Seventeenth "iwedncu, " m roeponse to which r.ghi men (a section) from each station, came lo rriDforce Lira. The- made a Pace of forty til men, wKb Carpenter who were In the bnuae, bo* Idee tte municipal men Carpenter refused te let the hearing be bad before Justice An ter on, but fbr Surne reason latsuoJ upon sending for Justice i abornn. Tt it cause : further delay, and gr< at di Amity to the mwmcipwJ author I Lea, who had the greatest difbeultjr La restraining the croard, wbn ha.1 already or ran Wed suoc* salve " rovitniu. t" to liberate the two imprisowcl oCioerw. Mffrrent of these " lean" called upon Oapt Crafts of the UrvraihsUtioci. desiring n word or ev an his (Ueaoe to tho premi'ee as a signal for them to Ave the " d?d black republican club house" lorn Into starew. Thw of eonrse the Canlaio re funed, M dW hi* *F?iJrtanti Hi* aieo rcfuwd dilfcrwel nffcr* to bare the mm net at large, Mu hy ?U nnxKoita? rrenof Ihr r '' Metropolitan" rTvale?the MnmrJpa! men behaved ael raly la it eery orderly bat evno a t'ocmom and prmleeworthy tptrii Tbe ah?Ueat tip a*i oa ib? part of a man or the regular fbrce would ha>* been enoiigh to crootr tbe blood wet rtat m toli cure*>. Word vv brw|li( by Mr. <Mrpirl?r ? nnwaengft to the HI** that ,'uetlce (*home war ?V.a, and rrtueed u> alt. ad Juntlce Anderrou accordingly organized hi* crnrl ftnaplaint woo entered by the th.-ne portermen. Tilden, Htiiet. an-l (>?m. t;t ml ndtoer Mnlioe for ot>eU>i<-Uag their arrwt of Trory, and another complaint w*a entered era oat officer OtKl'nn, the man who was Inhhcd, for the nor rharee The .tu?t>ce then hailed the ru n el ?**) each, fhr their appearance to be examined oa Wedoeeday, at tbe corner of Otnloa and Graad rtrerW. Anv number of nbeunital mm roiunlmreri an hall; a hundred could bam been entered on tbe epot. The nam'm Itohcrt Karl van. bow*roe. entered, and deemed enffirtent for >mth The nee were then ordered to he het at I'hotly. They bad heea al flrrl etmhned In the bane merit, bat eoah waa the fhar oC their reecne by tbe mob, thnt they were oarred an Halrr, when the crowd became rlamnroiui mr Iheir delireranre. It war after twelve o'clock wheoth.y paeeerl dnwa atair* hailed. They were receive.' at the door by tbe crowd with the meat deafer rg McUinalinna ot rheere and ligcra nheor* Ihr Mayor Wowd,"ihn de fender ef mtr cWy rlghta:" eheorr' fhr Ga?*a:a Graft* <heert and tigera Ihr tbe "old police:" rroane fhr Hyntrca and the "deputy Mayer Itttt* Qtrponter ,' with eiecra iiona, bowlr and notaea cf every rorl for "tbe hlark repahltcaa rluh hotter," were rented by the Ihewtan le now eol'.cted around the atatlon honac. Tbe roaditlna ?f af lair* wae explained to Ute and they were re* auewted tedieperae cnU t'y, the municipal men ao urging them, until they hmlre op aad went away In knot*. a mtnioroMTAff potior* aw nrAnnvrv Wot although the rrowd diepar?eil from befom ibc mm tif n home itiiv were he no rnnann nalirdUd wtUi Uiolr atxwt r# nifhtV work. ?umbem of the owo di?.?rdorly, who pprnrd to bnyn heen rented op hy Ui<? iwor?dinga, bung nWiul the *U4!na houno and Itn neighborhood, oo thM when f. m of the Metropolitan men wort not to are how thlngn nt.wvl In U?o wnrd they at own- grg Into trnoh ctia.t?-iilljr. Mid which will prnb?t>h eo"l the itfo of ono of their number It nppearn tlMU * eilieer Into n?.' another were proceeding up avenue tewarda f'ier?nth they (rot into an alletfaiioo wiib a Icnol of bard

f l.aral*err whom tho wished to d'jperoe, hufwb.. at <mc? n<* only dolied bni uwnlled them Tho offlcrm tool, roil thvlr riot* For an assault and arr<wt. when a Arhl ensued, in which e?* wan badly healcu and the *h. r nearly HUM I 1m> It|v>? wan of,ror lafnn,f<jr?orty of tho old nation hou?e. but now i* :h? now, Ho wan nlabbod la th. baric with aa "Ice ptok," the instrument ronotuK Uirnuh hin abdomen t the depth of flya tnrhr* and a half, Tho | wooden handle of tho thin* broke nf, laa?ieg It Mid. 'ng In | his body flo wan brought to tho (tation bonne almoet dead, an) the plrh with ahi.h ho had h>.t? ntahtiod ottrart" I by Pr Klmbach Ho had tnen atno ntabbod j ?iih ihr name instrument tn the nhonlder and n the thu It. Tho Inntramoni happened to he blunt, tho point being mm.ted no that It in thought hy ibo !<> tor Hint in pinning nmopg the nlos tinea It merely pushed tbem anlde without paaetnrlng them. The danger |o the man'n life will do pent on the |?wWhie aitont of the u flam-net on which may not in. Tho following In 0*p?aln Pebr ttqmron' atatement In relation to the event* of Satvday e.|bt ia bin . yiHMi* ft RK B iNDAY, JUNE 15, 1857. captain pi -'h wjciai-s' stat^jaent. H is my ptaful Juiy to report a r.oUmloa t>ot#een soma of the office of my i")Uiri*Dd and ivro of the old fo'oo me iivw *'i uiu up u iouowh. ao-Hri. ivinu, u? W'U, and Cram, or my command, ha<l rrcetoJ a prixo jor fir being drunk ind disorderly, ami .vt.xi ou th" way to the station bo;u- they were attacked by the abovo two prisoner*, M?tl<.n and < laxitne, of the Wood police, and tbo prisoner readied. My utile, rs, howovor, held on to the two partita interfering, and brought Uwm iu a tbo xlatkm bouse Now* of the collision spread with mat rapidity, and moat inlon-o excitement provalkd My force being email, ( JO) ] made a requisition on tbo Seventeenth uud Fifteenth district* far add tlnnoi belp, whica wax quickly responded to Hght men camo from each dlatrlot?kl; I alHOwtnt f"r th. i'-quity sape'totoudent, who wa pres< ut without kwx of time .lu?ti<-? Andaraoc eonu after appeared, and opened court in duo form, when th two pi Honors were admitted to boll to appeirat tbo corner of Clinton and Grand str in, an Wc?jn !,lay, for examination; kftor which the excitement c< asc 1, and the crowd dispersed. At a lute hour an. tlnr of niy oP?x;rr, named lAiliu, wax attacked at the corner of Kh'verth street and nronuo C. and very nearly killed, lie u shockingly bruised and beaten, and rcc- ived a xtab In the back with an ice pick, whicb entered the cavity rf the abdomen to the depth of nil*, Um lunruinent being extracted f'oin the wotind by br Kimhach, who wax immed atedy called. Whotior bis wounds will prove fatal or nut It in Itupooxlblo to tell a* yet At a late hour of the tight the mc n from tbo .tdjoiutrg dMrlcis were UismWed, and all rent ?:aod quiet daring the remainder of the night Captain Stpiti "x xutod voluntarily to tLe reporter or the Hituur, in regard to ofllcnr Ca ine, the policeman who had been chih >< by S>-r,?aiil fameron's peu.t I, t! at bo was an Intelligent, intrepid offlcer, and whilst ho would bo mire apt to mr right into a crowd in the manner ho had, yet he fully bohovod tliat h w.v* entirely Ignorant of the uccw?|oii of the dillieuliv, an doubt Hy luu'xrenl of any disorderly purpose. Both the mnr.i -ipal ottleers, it won nek now I if ed. had not heeu d'cnisxc 1 by the niw Hoard, and were, tin ret ore, to be rccjgn.xe I by the new men ox their equals n authority. Tt la to b" noted :h connection with there trouble*, that Mr. gipiiree* police have made tbemxelvi x :?clally n?. clous di lb'1 matter of " clearing xidowalt " ax u cheap way of making tl.. -twelves kuown, and attracting ut-cution to a black ribbon with white letter* on it iu th'' form VfeMMI in low rem ibis ar<v? th- " UltWlty wltb 1'rtiy, th< tx-d prix, nor, who re!'' c to go with Cram and i.ldeu Tie wax the can? of tt. r i w al of tlio riot in wl. :li ?..;icer I.alt ii war slabbed. gSfMflvu STAHdvfl < ASK IV [til ILKVlMII VV 4Kb* ftill anotlicr m ilc ainn of the hcautio* of two police s?s trtux wax expwiruicil oy Mr. John isiiuio, who keep a Ihiuh grocery on the corner of flub street : n>I avail to C. U appear*I"' wt* rclnrnirg from i lie pnrcho*o of some m' at, wiuoh to In1 In a banket on Lis artn. As ho was Kcinn dew u vl\ib street lie wax struck with a brick, autl tcki-d dowu; wl ereoptn lie taw a man atnko at bun with a kulfo, which look effect on hit head, cotting tlironj ti hit hat and dangerously irar.iuruig his skull. On ; iupr asked il? lie attributed Uie bkn* U> ?uy one of the police riolore, ho saw by no menu*. He had been entirely ignorant of Uio occnrri nr.n, was quito removed from its "rene at the time, and ttalr.kJ be was attacked In mi-'ako for Huwebjdy else. Ttioro wa a deposition on the rati of Captain Squires policemen to think Ibe Injury to Saa*o was aimed at one of them, and tbey have a story to the cllort that .~-?aUHO hao disputed in regard to them, di?-entire fioro the go teral toil" of Uie mob, and henoo the attack on him. .-ware hiinnilf douies having any knmvhilgo wlialevur of the proceeding* and equabble at Sqnire?' station. PPKCIHTOJ OF MTTEOPOI.1TAN POhTCR. At minrise .-hinda, morning as joti<-o olllcer lleuiy, of tlic Seventeenth ward, was (mirolling his boa'., a ? ut'.oman tame to bim nod hand u him a light eo >red rba'>hy KoS'Utb hat. which h- fays he found tyin.: beside a in in who wax cither drunk or asleep on a atoo? in Broalwur. He tried to awake or aroute the mm, but could not. lie necordlzigly nicked up the hat, which hat on it a hand or badge with the lostrritkiu ? ~t; Thle hat he gave to olUcer Xlcinly for safe keeping. The owner can bavo it by ealhag for it a; the Scvcnieetilh ward r tat to 11 heure. The hat In qnoeUon tat aeen by the reporter or the Fnutu, and the bi?l|rn rve?Kntzed as c.nactiy -Im.Ar lo those provided tor mo now |<oilre at White struct. Tile Ktrlw CenuitlMlanrn. The Hoard of liaoise Coiiimle?ion"ea mot on Rtlurday. rreaent, Comni s* mx r- llaskeU aid Uohuos. Mono rai'i.fiw ar: . **<*>. ! >. The following C'naiiuuiealion was handed In by C. .1. Warren, beeratary of ihotity Temperance- AUjUsk. To nm OmntuwHiMoc o* Funxw? t.aariaMW "Hie schecrtbec respectfully state* to ytr r honorable board that be la engaged la the butttfea of distilling and reining alcohol, which be uses hlin-elfaml toils to others, for no o?her purpose than the proi iration of boma pat hie remedies. The amount of hh -whs iu qawititl <e lees than Ave rations la eo small that Uio proflte wool.I not justify him la pay ir**f'-0 for a licence; yet, lo be forbidden to tclfanj In small quantities wowldfbrya g"?al damage to me subscriber and a -eri.-ca inroavemeneo to bis num< rout cuibmefs, ind as be means In obey atrietly Hie law, bo ask* informatioci Oom your boourabki board in reply h> the following qoest'ooe ? 1. Hoes alcohol or the purest quality ami highest prouf belong lo the ciaee of e ptritooufl liquors 3. Would the -ale of such alenhol in small qr.notM'e wtttiort a license, for the purpose above named, be a vto latwui of the law ' 3 ran a lirrn-' for *ucb ?a>e of alcohol not be oldaltwd for a Icea sum than thirty dollars r An answer l< those toquirios will enable th > subscriber In ilnr.da ahi iht r li.? blmll taitrvlw In vrmr hnmnraliln lu^>.l for ? license. Kerpectr'iUy r j.imtucd by your oHfdmnt rrrvant *?W T. <1 4MITH, 1*4 Broadway. Niw Yon*. Jure 18, 1*57. Commler loner 1! ?r aitr aaki he wa? not prcjAred to Ylro ft forma) tqunioo <? ihie (abject juat yet, b it ho would do ao next Tins-day III* impceeetoa wan that It ww out an rerrary fur a iruga ..-l to be uoeared to *11 aloohoi, w the law war evidently pawed to r retrain and put a ?u/ji to tippling ouly, and uot to rbock llio-ale ofaoy orteM required m manufacturer and Urn arte. ij'Mita <m.ornr>. L'eena w were thon granted to Joerph Mrh'ee \ Hon, No. Strj Broome timet, ae ttorekrefirre to aril llq-.or, and to John R Or?/-//>ne, roraer of Broadway and Chual elroet. Too Commlwiloorra then adjourned ontll Tuoaday Unr A I'm ii jr tarrMpandcnrr. tuuir, June 1.1,1407. TKi VtMvrifol CVer-trt tft ,4 fluey? '/%i >ua; Vav rt?/Vo pmfrm far boJt U> Kn i *??Oan^U yd Mrumfr-rfd TV CtMWra>fi?v BvmrJ, 4c., 4c. It la now fowrUf a mnatha rtacc the moatr.paJ vTairw of una city hara been la a oowfueed atala, la coaeoqursire of a eoatatt between two individual*, both rtalmter tho ortt-e and poatOoa of Mayor. Moth elaim to bare been lecally rlected. aad both bare nertifleate* from different Unarda ef Oowtmew Oouartle alteatlnf to their rrwportim Maywwhlpe Both hare eaerclaed certain power* aaeti aa etniiag U ceaee* to rartmen, porter* aa i other*, aad each ualrg Urn aama city aaal to (Ire virtue aad efleet to Ucir tifuaturrw A day or two aiaee Mr. Parry wanted to oae tbo elty aaal far aewie official parpoee, aa bn aduk?. bet 4 war nowhere to be fouad. He aeeuael eoene at the dly ofhciida of hating remoted K fro? tta oeaal piaon of depooH la the Chamberlain* ortiee Alter making Impil flea which produced no aafrfhatoo, b? ohtelaed a naeoct batch ft aad earyealer'a cbteal, aad prooefded to the d~k? Tor the parpoaa of breaking the? open Briar un*ucw*o? ful. Terry rame la eowtaot with eome of the officiate, when ? ?h ? ? and abunlre language ra handled *> ternui thrm An appeal war mode to the poller anagtetrate, a eomplatal waa made ar*ln*t Tarry Rw aa aMcmrt at aa aanB aad battery, which war, bowerer. after a reel tcaDoe, dlemwwd <?wr dtlxenr hara become wnar.ed af thle traed qnratlew. The ctntrta bar* beea appeal?I to in taut to decide which la tbe legally rlerted Major, brt H i* noi rert I'kelr thai Mioulaticm* will ever be rordlallv aererJ k. ik v ic arrive at * amicable eonrl . ion A large Mahfr Of OW Md Influential ttti/rnv whea t vr f the wlhtre and good emmamert of the elty tr paramount lo ail other eoa*lder?Uooa, hare united in a card, nonche 1 In niH r??T*?irul U re i Mh M' !' rrr an I Mr Qrackenhuaa to rettyti. fw the pwfrmf of altera Lot the Oemmo# (tonne II to aptiolat a VUv >r ad mUrv<* eonw preen other than either of the two ainnoaid oeohotart? M? tther of the y< atlemvn hate a< yet replied to Une reasonable r?.-p"Ot, alu?oi'.<h It In well known that Mr Qnarkenbor', bar the rah" of radio* th<> rontrocrrey, I* perfect y witling to accede to the wlrh.w o1 *o largo a t<ri<<>n of our mo*t highly ir.ftnemial an I rmpened rltt/.ena. Shonkl Mr. Terry rrfv-e, it will injure him MdWIy In public estimation "Hi" ivenav.n (.ma ell, being Inrgelv democralk , will, ana matter of corn-ar. make rbotne ?f a Mature! Uv r own fwrticnlar ;?>..tioai rreed?salary one itur-oad dolla-e a year. A'; 1 advwed yon .a my lart.the flnnalOontract'ng ftoard ? a black rnptibltoao body off mi red by the law lc?ta lat'irn upon tae vote of ywr aennttire friend, linn. SSrklee ?met in thie cby Jhate Fnyinoer Jtermour, matter nf gniiiutlnc. decapitated aereral Know Noihinr ranal npln e?r?, and placed in their Mr ad black ropoh Hoarse. Ilnr rone, the ( era pt roller, and Whallon, torn mar toner?both Know NntlWft?refhn?d to attend the meeting: and It in holered that Kttriingh, reptibllciui (ViWinlrcionef. doen not coineide In the noboo of Seymour, the " iwr tleular friend" of fhokloe, ami r r toed In tite actum ? th turn all,U&lp puH'loal law. Car frutn the entire Otual Rnard. and plfirg It In the da of a m needy n <t bp a* ad\a' Uir'O'M to a nam ?rn*e ?f Mr I'pb Mr Seymour ?nd thd'.r pari* fHea 1? iuii<rii*ted when Uipy harried (lie law through the legtalatura. It ta the middle nf June, but there to no? yet a It .Mo canal Nat here l.vge number* nt Haotern vwamla are tylag at oar wharrea ?? %nir g mrgnr* of Hour, gran and other Waotara produce, I wig loee ei; opte ' ov anal. The WeeU rn < ctwei i? rtill in a mloeraile nokdltloa. An anno a* one break become* em*?<i, another omtr?, and eaeh aureeontge one appear* more lerm.dablo and more difficult of repair l?e*pa?cbna are -lolly mretrej b? the forwarder* and merchant*, adr!*1n? them of the after* about* of their beat* and the prerarVma prwpe'l- of ar rletng at tide water Whi e the Mo ntnal * thua impeded, and water oommnniralion eat off, the radroado are a* regularly a* rloeh work trano porting momhandieo to the Wad and agricultural and other product* to the t wrt la there a oaeerl of aetVai amoagat -ertatn peranum to ranter (he caaala ae uuaem -cable a* jwaoiblef [ERA QUARAMTfflTB MATTERS. The BherlfT of Richmond Comity \otlfled by IIm Cumiulimloiirr* of Eml?i-atlou of hU Only to PiolH't the Old Q,iiur?iilliia llulld. Iuri Irnm In-Iiik Attacked or darned? rho JHoh and Klot Art hi Applicable to (lie Caee? AirrtI or tumuli ror VkilaUng Mia llcalUl Lhwi-TIic nUalug MHro|MllUu Polli emiui BUhtr a Voluntary HarrriMttr of lliuaanr for Trial? MltUroiit Nr^iUi'ia Pol..t, ar.,dM'. Tho threats to born the Hospital b lddiDgs A the old tjuaraolino.of which in-nlun has been made In tho ilciui.i>, havo waked up tho Coatrui --doner* of Emigration of this city i) tho consideration of th \ Hubject. Threats of th!* character have bocu frequently mat'* hereto fore, bit no ntt- nliou has been paid to Hum, both from tho vaguonoim wbb which iboy have boon atiorod, and tho beUof that no scrloaa design waft entertained of carrying ihem Into execution. In the present cane a degree <>f oar-.?*onous hat been shown, however by th-?threatening partv that han lef no doubt of a mrwt decu l*o intention to folfll th- threats A prominent citizen of fOiupkinsvllloio said t j th lead in the matter, and announced opeuly Uiut gang ?'oo momentarily In readme**, whenever intimation wrs-i give of the proper Uino having arrived, to apply a torch to th present hospital building*. In view of these loots, and th strong probabJity 'if uu attempt being modo to carry tho threats ,u qaethou Into execution, the Commissioners Of Emigration coined the following notice to bo served last Saturday upon the sheriff of Richmond county :? To Auiaum Lihkvis, I. ftherlil of fti-bmoud County PI.-**''lu i-ike oi?tre Ji?l the Cam-ntmtoners of KmlgrvtWm have hern apprW.I ot' the l-iUiwi- k faoie Th-ti threats hsv-i b. en made to burn injure or d-stroy the h-.s -iu ? ?ud o her building* wiih'n he i.Uarao'lne envl-nur" In '.he town nf Pawleton, In *our .mm* y, h-ld by laid omm:" nnera. Tar.', eoeh ibreain have !>een run e hy Mr R*v Tom ok In*, a reel il?iH"t }our eoiuiiy, and ,h.ti lie has declared that he wnti'u lead or head ? parly or ie no oe tr people \> burn :be *a.d ho* pli*la?rbnl'h> gs. Thl* ar-lioe .* t -eu you .nder tv pro velon* of an nno' hi* . nU'le-t "An act '. > pro/Me for RdtnptntaUng part's* ?h-w or ipertv nnv he -te*iro> ed III ootwrqnencsol nioba -r note," passed Jrinl 1* i*A',. Your* Ae. w.o vKMPjuAMCC, President at the Cotnuiis-.t luera of Km * rat ion. Buimiui (VouLr, 8-- retary. Mr w Tokh, June II, Je&J. The act referred to tn the above document it will lie remembered, was pureed by tlic Htato l/igiilaturo follow lug the burning ot the umigiaiit depot on Iaiug Inland and the breaking open of hour Korea in this city try a inoh Its oh.jort is 10 prutcrt porsoual or corporate properly Irani being injured ur outraged by any mob or riot. Tbo act provides that iu tin cure oi tbo destruction or lujury of any budding or other real or pnxjual properly hy a mob, or in cettsequf nco of a r.ot, that tho city or county in wnich Uio property is 1 nnatal si mil bo 1 aide for the damages. Inordrr to recover damages tbo persou ur c rporalion inu-tohim thut there has been no c?rol<ssne"S or negligence in the protection or tho property, and ttlat after the Bret threat or Intimation of any attempt to injure cr destroy Ute j roi*-rty, duo notice of arch thrust h i* bo u ii-riod tie l. the mivur or sheriff of in- counlv- tho mayor or sheriff receiving such notice i* bound to take all It-gal measures to protect tho property attacked <r tbreukLcd. It rtnuuut to bo to < a a hctli r the ,<horlff or Richmond county will tako whnt the hn.'/'ubon Uoraai.r--loners ami Quarantine oUl cinls may consider all the "legal moan> " iu li.s isiwcr o prevcut tbo execution ot tho throat* referred to. Ooo tiling i? Certu d, that the .-her iff, In c iw of an attack upon the hospital buildings, might, in eon ,-lan : y with the law, call upon tho citlA Wt ol Tumpkrasv Uio to aid ra restating uch attack. Another thing la certain, however, that such a call would be liUiudea, la all Had.hood, with procuci/ the <-ame remit an an attempt to "call sph In from the vus ty deep " It Is said that at to being obliged to pwy tl '-O OoO?Uij estimated value or the Lixpital budding* at tbo old Quarantine? tho county would cheerfully fork over double and quintuple tho amount, If thereby could be effected a permanent remove: of Quarantine from Nairn 1-iunJ. <?n the other baud, it m qnltc confidently behevud tlut wh n the ux laying rHizrns of H. hmend caanty have the requisition* of (he r airline law brought clearly and uctieniabiv before them, ra her than h> in rrmi*lte<rl to pay tbo In** r . tamed. tl.ey will MM from llie.r present ad, ico to bura the ola Quarantine buildings Connected with the threaln to burn the old Quarantine building* it lb r> ported that preliminary arllon 1* shortly to bo taken by the Omuii?lon--rs of Era: ftatoti lo recover from tho coonty or Richmond the lot*? ttated at Sth.OOO?iust-.jied In the burn'ng of the building* on the Wulrf farm. Ttie different inauranc* rots paclen >n which Insurances upon the prvparty had boon cff'cteJ. it? stated, have refused to ;ny tho amount of their respective pobctes, claming irad"* ih :*? referred to, also. that the manner ot the bun. 1 r. oi lite bu.l llugH rendered u.o policies void. VIOl ATIOV or THE Ql'AlllNTINK 1.1*1Pominit Ha can, whose arr-rt aowo .vook ago by three Of the Metropolitan policemen ttalionod at Qnarant.oe, produced *ih h an -Mitomoot and floum-h of ofrera' piMota on "horo, afVr having born let go by tbo Health Officer, waa re arrested on SMtVdar, npon warrant* iaanr<l by Justtoe Welsh of this city. Ill has ben arrested uj<on th-ee charges of violation nfiho Health laws. In having had illegal communication with vanI rela and passenger* under uuanuitiu. . lio gave ball befcire Juatlcc tbtHirnr in tho sura of $14>1 upon eachrbarge, to ari <>ar for trial at the next term of ibr Court of <- neraJ Heartens of Una city. tdticer HcKi tvey.oncof the three W- tropohUn po'iromon ailhe-iJ Quarantine, wbo ass.-tod n the firs!, arrwst of the man Huron, 'ust -poV-n of, undtr hr*c'i"U or the IT altli (tr.icrr, vnu who subsequently. together with hi* ar-(x _ih otlicera, war arrested up?n the ihnrge of a* null and battery upon 'lagan, but faded lo aprear at the oxarai natl iu, on Saturday made a voluntary ur.rro.u ler of him elf for trial, fto gave bail before JuMieo 1 roan, at fomiikln*side, in tho auin of g^hO, to ao.wer tbo cargo preferred aga.Dil bim at Uie sol i.Uicg of tho Richmond County Court ol (funeral He-s.oiis. MATT?Rr AT Mwrrvr'a FOrVT. Budding matter* at Seruine i limit ar? progressing slowly hot surely. No threat* lo burn the buildings have bee? made Ibr several dot a. Sjwy atraggler* dropping In upcnihr ineurfenL* at tiirtr headquarters, rive the com ferting aernr.ance however, that none of toe buildings trill be permitted lo *Uu>d twrnty fbur b'*ir* after being rompl' led. M. anwhile, the commeneoroentof tho anchor age of infected vaaaol* off the Point begliM toerente a slight disaffection In the encampment. 'bilr one nolHary vessel, the br;g fncy I lay wnnd. is anchored ofi tho Point at Uiu present time, but her appearance la looked upon aa tho aad preenroref farther arrivals, and tbone vpeedlly. Tho on broese ts not *o murh reliabed a* formerly, and ap prehension* prevail that ooolAgion from the infected re-art will aeon roach tho >borr The addition A two or three vessels lo the I.ury llayweod, it id not nnlikaly wUl Knee a nnaoiraont rtampedo of tbo valiant from their preaant garnann Am It H.they dew.rvdr.r credit for keeping up their courage as weil so they do of water. their emiragnoh* keeping up of a ixr'urn*: fdrhet, and, U?t bul Do* h Ml, their wimgtwie fl^huar ol moeir.itoe * anil the rook, wbeo they ret bx> many from the fanner and not bltee enough from tho 1?Uer iirnml HUlUm WUkrr, of lllrarafM. ARRANOKlfEVT- FOR HfH RRORPTIOW IN >kW TOU TO MORROW MIOItT. The eemrnUrr appointed al lbs meet! Of held ts Vatioaal flail laat Tbop day night, mot oa Saturday erentng at a.?6 Proadway Oapt Job a Oelghton waa called to the chair, and Alexander <. lawreace oOrialed aa Secretary. TV foUowlDf arrange meat* war* made for tba renaptloo of cetera! Walker, who w1U arrlre la thie city tomorrow ereaiag. Tie Sooth Ambey ? CtmrnHO. if n+ftim Aldrnaaa Wm W.Ww, Chair maa. A. C lawraaee, Judy* 4 T. f billitw, John B Kogerty, dodge F McCarthy dodge a A Thompaoo, Mai rriri tnirphel, ,lodge A K Morton. Mak* Joaae I tar licit. Fred. M. Mff FTnafb* ?Cmeii".???Maleo'm (hmpbel). '"halrmaa; PaaIrl fl Jobaaoa, tt it lam Ita/loa, fdra.ol FT auk maa (.and Mar-Juti? < Clone I Heorge 11 Dell. A virion' M iT-hm!?Oe*t J. f Fa anm, Otpt. J. B "'Krofr Oapt Char be Water*, Mag* H WeUnn, TWooel J W Fab< ne. thr* Charier Krcgor.Chpt. John Mctardell, William lay ti n. K Cooper. tolanel Ceorge B. Rail ha.* notlfU4ihe offlura and mem Imr* of Ute Independent fhtttaliun of Hyad-ra Crenadierr t? meet at their brad qnarler*. N'acoral Hall, th.? et, lor the pnrpaac of rcoclvisg order* In reference u> the m repitoa uf tbo .N itareguao fret ideal. Military - and aw>eUt.oa? who .aiend v/nlne tbo proooe'on aro to r<|ort their latent'on to the rand Uartkal, al lit? Broad way The Ryriiirra C'tiard a.II onmtier tlx oompaiuea on the oeoaeieL, aad wl 1 eonetrt of oaralr) , arcilery and laf^rtry; in ail epwardj of MO mm Tbi y will form at Nacoaal flail, (Aha! etrcct, to morrow afternoon, at I P. M., and m .erh down through tho Park to the ivuurv waro \i ?n..irrjr wiu arc a aatuta or or* hundred rial on itpnorol Walker'n laid ng ('Art Agrm will bo In waitiBf to reeaifp UiO Reception ConmillPe and thrlr dial nsulehod gita-d; the pn??wet >n will rtfnrm and roan b fbr the Park, where the welonm leg rj.rp?h will bo delivered or behalf of the r imn> of Now Vork The proccMlOB will tin n earort the teoeral to tlio Nlrt* la*, where a.wrtro ou hare bora pr jural for bio r"n*|4lr.n. Alderman W 'fam Wllrew, wlih two other fentiewien. have ?*aei? itef" ted a* a or mr,,aei to tho Common CoumII to reiprwt their po i |pr?i>o*i in the above procnednga. tot Mwrrrr, it ? "xV , u i floan .?1 point of vmw The -uhjort a ill 'ne p b fbre tho' '.My th* evening. SrliTir thejee.r-t ar?anr<- ,,-iU fbr thm reeeitinn, but Hip in* o -pr* of t' cvmm.U will mrv-t tbia at . I.. ltroadway. at, tbr plum ma> l?c modified la eoiu? oner. e of hopr ' t<>* m , en of l' Com mar Council. 14. ?. ra ? a k>r *1.1 .o the city at 7 o>i, ck to morrow BMCht. IN'lk r Inlrlltfinrt. fcthtwr. a IJT -fWAWT or IV in ?A bold attomrt war madr on nntardHjr aught, abonl lSn'clork, by a yar? of you re rowdier to atoal a watch and chain from I., lifnant Tar ty, of the Stub ward. U rat-ma Ik" oflleer war ?ta?dlay al tfce Porn?r of Rrnadwav and I/vmarl rtrret when two mci, one on rat h aula, Drutbad by Mm. an I lo doing ro onp made a grarp at hit watch chain. Lieutenant Tarity raught the rellow, hot ba war rewoad by hia con ffderatea, who ware near by. An alarm wan yl*'" * <? the thlevpn ware followed np and three peraonn wara arrented charged with being o.w'wwe.l ia the geear.K upon tha ! jantenant They tare their named aa Loka began, Aftn liarrta had liaddra. LD. PRICE TWO CELNTS. irri>al of the Vamierbilt it New York ani the North hO'-rira at Uofke. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROFB. Probability or War Brlwrrn Spain and feiict. POLITICO-RELIGIOUS DEMONSTRATION IN BBOSSELS. YMt of Ibc Rri-?ian IrrMuke CoBfUuk(!M (? queen tklorli. His Highness First Sainted by the United States Frigate Susquehanna. The Frigate Niagara to be Altered in England. Consols, 94 ? 94 1-8. | COTTON FIBS DECI.INC IN BBEADHTllFFfl, Ac.. Ac., An The ulcainMUi(. \ anderbbt, Captain W'Jsci, wti'Ji isft Havre on the it and rtouthampton on the 3d Instant, arrived st her dork at 11 o'clock yesterday morning Tbo Yand? rbllt hud ouo hundred aod one passengers, ftvfl hundred iodb of m< r -handiie, and $60,000 in spetie. < lh? Oih and lOti lite Vanderbtlt eacouatered strong westerly gales, and Utroagfcout uto entire panesge hoaj winda and rough mm. Among tbo pamecgrrs ir, the Her. J. P. Isbagh, nearer of important despatches from ocr Minister at Parle. The Canadian screw steamship North American arr "* . at ijueber at midnight of Saturday. The North An>e*i ma sailed from Liverpool on the !>t of J. no. The iirws it four days later. Tbo fnit'-d st*?e? mad steamer Culton, Captain W?*ioh, left Havre and Cowea on il.e 3d instant, for New York. Tbo Beluiau mail steamer Belgi jue sailed for New York from .-touthaaipton ou toe lid luaUni. with a large n iiober of po??ongcr*. The British Parliament was not h) session, ow up to Uwi Whitsuntide holidays Tbo Russian < Iran i lhike (Vm*tant-on has paid a strictly private visit to Quoou Victor ia, at Oaboroo, arrtving ihora at mid Jay on tbo iioth ultimo from ' tnerbourg Ha imperial highness was sainted by the silps-of war assemoi'Xf there for tbo |Ui|>ose, and the Am'tie an frigate Husqiabanna, tben lying in the readstrad, toot a prominent part in thn reception, th' Russian lis:; b?.ng ran cp at tb# ma'a during the saluting, and the nand on deck playing the Russian national anutem. The f-'Wfjiiehanna immediately afterwards sa led for Cravenand. The brand Dok$ remained at twbori: i no longer than Sunday eveiing, ad 11 o'clock, whra ho embarked on board the Coeoa'a fleam Oiborno, aleepinr on board and U 6 o'clock oil Man lay mortiln* axled for Oala*, under ulol?t fr< n the roy il yacht tuuadron ixuu-ry at Ooeea and u><? fleet at -mthead The brevity ar.4 privacy of bla ? wit. M compared with iho icnc* an J publkn j of bla ao.icom M Franru , aribrda a topic for comment In the KnyLab )c..r? ala. The far Ik M?u> t anno- dooo the laool'-Uon of toe tofUluUve b<*ly. The new etrcttnmi are U? eoameavo ?a Ihrt lilrt oT June, aud the number or toe de-cdies Tor toe new Chamber ta tl -4 at 9f~. Tbn private telle rr from Part* *tato, with rx'erew-* to ton fart of tbo rem of too ' ef.vla/'v* b?ly baring in tbn Or at malMce re -nute-nd-xl tbo rehwti'io of toe nank or Prance bill, that bat Tor the approach or tbo r-'uaralrU txm Itv member* won't rot h??e dljeo ?y, and Ibat tbo bill would bat e boon mr-*u out by tho iegwtatlre body ao well aa by It* committee. V**ne rumor* were current of anxhnr attempt or. too ire of the Kmprrnr, able on a t!?M to the artUery (nunc inn. but Iboy were apparently unfounded. The recent in Prance ha t or rationed sroal lamarc to the vino* and crop* In many of the ormmuace. A-tricca from Calcutta, to I.a, of toe Xid of A wtl, aay ? Tbo nintlnooarptrit In tho a1 my am*?n u> have retired a check Tbo talc of U,.? lOtli NaUve lafantry nan fthbttned non who,whatever elaolbry n>?y wWh, ao not wlrb to ccaec to b<- nol.lrer*. Tbo m-o of ih? 3e, t,, ?bo ta'tnird tbo pnpila a tbe Cr.halto vcbool of overt am, are under trial. The Porta OmUtvUfn J publlahoa a private i-ttrr from the Pan-ion ticlf, received throoab Rogdad, which an no* a oe* that on the illet of April the RrtUeb voepa ov.oua.o4 tbo town of li-thararr*rah, of wh,:h toey had taken pw arm-on at toe totter oa t of March. Mr. Steven#, the EfRl^h Coo*ul at Teheran, arr vod at Vienna on too ;M)tb all. with toe raiiAod anyiu I ar**ua treaty, and left for l/wdnn toe *ame evening. A la tor from Kouie, of Iho 26lh of May annmnco* that the rair.DK of lb<> *talo of xettra at Amooe had prod* <>4 errrjalu r* an cacellent elect. <m the tttitb ultimo the t'opo, ?Per having pob?-:ty fivea hie si?*|cllc blselcg to the nhab'tante of Ancooa, left for le?|, which ptoer be reamed before nooa. Urn aobeem well know that Plan If. in a kindfbeartod man, and tano| cjurotly their reception of h.m ha* been cordial. A drrpalcb from Oonataa' nopie vutae toat too *..aaer>pUoa Let ef a bank tor acbemc rtarted by nauve brwa, bad reached ft,*00,000 The Federal Awercbiy cf Ferae hae been nonrabod far toe nth of June, to ratify tbo treaty with iVnmia. The "(*nu h eeaaus war aewrly completed, and the r*miJt Will, It III ra.J, *how a popalanoo of 17.0U0.0M etrua. Hpar in lo the value of i? MM ted farted Inflate, rh,?-8y from Auelralia. Renter, tfc" oaahier ?lie lately talioaM 360.000 norma from ite Bank of Vioana, mad* a full cinfmaloa of Lai mtlt. Be halite grater pail of Itel ma 1a the watery, to win la which ha bate van te had aa infallible eateiiaUon Ha alao loot m<a?? by lambua* is Ite pebte fohdo. Thai part of Ite Atlantic anbatariaa catee tying at JM factory of Nlaaa A Co.. Kreeawieb, had barafy eampud daalrurlion by lira, *)" of Ite adjoining tilldi^ni 10 tboar noau.i.tag Ite cable bavin* twi burned tea Three waa no cliaayo la Ite ?uf af Maratel Nadet. ky 1 health. The load OB Bad a! .oa 3, My* ? Admiralty dudroctlowi ware ye*ter?lay lamed ta (often Kodtiall, la M ir.i iarii of b--r M*iaety'n arrow Meametup Agamemnon. CAnoel'iag her ro- ont Tder to preaeed la Birkenhead, ard dlir UOg that tfao turner nrdar m eh-p Ite Inuuaitaat.f. eable from Kaet <-re? nwb ahall hotf gad The t ailed Stal-w ?hlp Niagara bavog low mtpectrd by Mr HaHaa, Ite Ami-ricaa Mutter, H waa Ate cldrd that the nenraeery arrangem-ala rhoaid be ?ot*rte into by tlx- pblpwrlglu dopartir*at of .te dockyard, ?o Mi lo adapt Dial <i??rl Ite tlx- r?rootioa tot transport af teg lot. nded portion of the okv-trtc cable from I irerpool. 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