Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 17, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 17, 1857 Page 2
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% the burdell estate. Ibt UurMlun of Mr*, Cunningham'!* M?r? rlngr 10 Ur. HuntrU-l>r. ('hi Tmlllie* that (he liiMly Into kit! llwl Like Dr. Uurdell ?? (he Tluit- || mm Barlrd?O. <?. (?unlhrr (outran It ia fflwry Doiiolinr?More I'roof tlu.1 ll> II..MI.1I U>. I.. .... I'll.. Ik. '?7111 kiul jH||i of IXto?>er?111 (Kiulirr, IN."*, Dr. Uunt< II says be woulil sootier hnvr III) iisixb \\ lib) red than Marry Mrs. Cunning" bain?tlr il?t larr* her OrcMinikcr, Slhi \ an nttl, would ?w?ir to Anything. ht'HHUi. ATk'ti i OI UT. Before A. W. Bradford, l-,?q. Ti'M'At, June 16,1857. The Court opened this morti.c- at 10 o'clock, with but few spectators iireseot?the prfcncc of the wo ild be Nrcct Commissioner in the ball above attra-ilip the ma ority of idlers Alter some pre iminary courldorntion of aaoihel case the fti vol question w the dot woe taken up. TKSTIMDNT OF DATID PHI., M. D. IXvtd I bl M. I) , ? as the tost annus chilled by M-s. ConniD^bam'e conuoeL He testified a- folio** ?Knew the lav Haivey RurOell einse O-teber, IN. 5; first vm in troouced to him In the street; be after wm d' called t > got Mn> to attend u Uny at bis bouse; all attend tbe lady, her name was Mrs. V r t; was einp eyed to attend his brother 1?*m and Mins Helen Cunningham Or. lUrrtell paid the lull for altering Mi.-s Cunningham; became aeqiaiuiel ifttb claimant ai some time in N ivember, 186,">; wot ue customed alter that to see I>r. Burdell frequcntl*; was well acquainted with bin personal appearance; went to the bouse C'ti the co of the murder noticed the nop aronce of I)i. But tie I at that lime, Haw bim again on Sunday, auu every day until be was buried a remarkable change took place It hi* appear? nee from day to day, from toe time be Drst saw blui; at first tbe face was "very blue, mucb oongestid, and looked bo Utile like I?r. K.rdel! tout be ebould not recognise him under other circumstances. Counsel tor c;mmant asked to have Mr. C ??. 0 inther siam nod. oh he via- atv ut lo leave town. The request * u granted liy the Surrogate. TESTIMONY OF C. 0? OPN'TIIMK?UONTRAPICTk MART IHjwvuvm M. a iv LkMk ivnTroraiiun nil a .vaoi CPkNINWUAM IN TUB UOSNTaL. tor unrulier was sworn, ana tori.ttod that he Is on? of the Morernore ol' the Almihouse, last Tuesda;, a week Buico, the Bjard of (lovernor* visited the ISellorue Hopl Id! walked through the hospital &ud fooud Mrs B irdull coated by Mary [> uohue, asking her variety of <| jo* tioLe, Hrs. B if'ell a ked Mary D nohue whether she r^r naw anything imnrn,* r abonl the bo><>. Nt>. 81 B ind utreet; Mart sa.d she never saw anything improper lb ore. DR. TXHL RECALLED?liXPlAINS WHT Pit. MARTINS COrLP Ni/T RKC0C1N1SL TBI. BOUT AT Mitel' As DR. BrttUKI.h. 1 rem ark t?d 10 gentlemen prevent that if I had not known I>r. Burdrll I should not have recognized tne body;the next day the body looked mare natural; tho body had been turned over so that the tiooi rutted iu the depend cut portion of the body ; day after da< the body looked more natural; saw Mr Marvine on the Sunday when bo Ctave tin testimony; beard him describe the persoo be married; a-ked him in relation to the reoigui tiou Of the body; limit 1 w,in the first one who npokc to him; I went up stairs, and as he came out I touched him t.n the arm and a.?kod him whether he could rc-oguiso Dr Burdetl a. the one he m?r nod; be aaid be could not swear posit.rely as to tie holy, but there v a* seme strong point* of rceetnblam e between the dec* ??< I anil the man he married, particularly u' m.I Ibr mouth; he had j let come out of tbo inquest non., ho paste ; down stairs, and was immediately surromdeJ l>y cumber of person* and he gave a description of Dr nell at that time: he described the manner of the person he married; in planing bis Land so as to describe the length of the beard, he put it tirtf ca or noar his chin, and did not place it on bis breast. Q Wore the perttoai suggesting to iiim that the man he Xnarrnd ua- Mr. Kite!? Objected to and sustained Testimony continued?Person* around him frerjnetitly tniermpted h.m and said that was not like Dr. Burdeli. they did not say who it was lite or refer to any one else; JT Marv;ce said thai dea'h made such a dtllorence in the atwie&rHncc of the body that he could not swear positively tu that Urn*: (he former wanted htm to s rear positive but he cou'l not; don't recollect that he said any tbicj reboot Fckel; raw Vim there before the funeral, be eul 1 be bad seen tbe body again, and it reminded h.m more of the mia he married than it did at the Er.-t tiaic; I tola him that coukl be accounted for. I always noticed in Dr. Burdeil tw< d nerent nvuinrrs; when be calltsf upon professional bur!now be would speak siow !y. and there would a long interval between the sentence*?hesitating, hanging bis L. ad a ft lie, drawing out hi*; al other time* he would i!|K-ak rap.Jty. nuink and sbaip. lie liai <m several occasion* called on ma on business of a celicale nature, Mrs. Cun Bingham and her family were the subjects of frequent conversation when be called at my ot.'.r.e bespoke of her In the higbe t terms; ba first told me that she vu a tine woman, wealthy, ant bad two vary accomplished dough lers. be never spoke of her to me in terms of dlemiwot; be spoke to me about ber until abont the lit of May, Js.V>. after that I did not eee so much of him, I taw him in 'bo loot of 0 tober, I8M, on M nday 1 war pairing through Bood street; bis whiskers wcra then very black ncJ dark, sod larger than I fvM mm thorn before; I Mid to bias thst ho had boon firing rp, sa t I pro burned toe was goin- to bo mnrrlcd, 1 frequently joke J him about marrying Mm Cunalnglistn; bo spoko to XBO sboat her very often. bo generally said that be a as not a marry ;og man; but always added that Mrs. Cunningbsm was s very floe woman so i would make a yoou wife; I never saw bor alnce to the hi>o?e: be wst always wltb her w be a I went to the hoove; met tbena frequently la Bond street arm in arm. be told me about going to Brooklyn witb Mrs. Cunningham, he told me that be knew some persons In Brooklyn that she knew, and be knew all about bor property in Brooklyn; on over my book* I tied that Moooay was on the tilth of octobar; 1 examined my books; have not got them here. Mr Tildes wanted the books produced and Uic Surrogate oo ordered. Oos? rtar.ined?Qgw Dr. Marrne after he testified on the winday; the or MM made eager inquires aito tbo man he mar-ied. ho descried the appearance of hi? whiskers, gait, standing ftwlticn, manner of sponch, In (he pre*-"* m the-.' pan. jds; two or threw said Uu?t tbst could not bo It Burdell: one uian in parbc lar; up to that tunc no one had swlo that it was anybody else . was not in the room when IT. Marrine levtiticd; be made no apodal roma: .? to the aercrUon tbat that could not be i)r. Iturdcll; know some of tbo penon* around him by s.gbt; the body continued to took more like Dr. Burdell; <n the davit w.ta bur i'd more so than at aoy other time; do not know that lite face became discolored; It did Dot I income discolored except about Ibe wound*; car Mr i. Cunningham last thfeu or f'mr day? ago: have seen b?r a numUc; oi tunc? prologMoosllv; ibe complainod that 1 did not Call frequently enough; have seen ter once a v. e-k for the last three lnoblh . Q Ha? she said anything lo yoc about lb? testimony o* IT Marvlncf A. I do not feel at liberty to exi-oso anything she said to me In my profersioral capacity. (Counsel objected, and the quest on was allowed as not lui' lng.og osi bit medical professional dalle?.) Testimony continued-Jkr? Cunningham may bare said aomething to me about Hi.-testimony of I?r Marrtne; have always declined to lals w in heron thissubject unless forced.nay Lave beet for-od to taia about IT. Mars-ine's testimony;don t recoiled woytbing about what she said; consider tbat enything ait'd to ;ne wf le attenc ng a patient a profcsririoal r eret: the n*.. ?i. mlvoited m Brook yn on Ibe 27'' i Out iber, *c Mr A I- MoCbr.h) ; it wan abort 11 o'c oek when ! RotUuis: want to the Cnronc-r'a oilicc bof jrc I went there nw lb. Uincii.r and clerk- wbsu I returre<i I saw at joy oftiT .lames L. dayra and Mr. Knifht (Wilt: i gave some Into- -ding pnrL<-utarj of "bit bai> u, and buvnes* transact- d < a tlia 27th October ) j?i not see It. Burdell slier that day alive, never saw Mrs Cono r gbam rr.ore than six Um? berore th murder, send tier It Burdell was with bur; never i s I on her or h"r men than live or s.x t'.mea; p>*o to It. Bunt-II frequently about marrying Mrs Cunningham ; nnoke to h n> r? ibe 27th ot October about marrying Mrs. Corn 3ghn.n, be spoke to me about go ug to Kuropo, and 1 JB;<\ "I always tbougbt that you v. .nld ni I'ry the widow ' he said that Mrs Cunr nfium was going w to m,but would leave her children beb.nd. n? te nsel for Mm C?Always mule or charges ma usi V??. Cuon ogham on mv n I don t con' u r that the exam.nation of the body of 1" Horded could ho raiwi by any medio I man of ability a po?t mortem , I signed that o\aminau< n. ilrcel resumed?Have had experience ,n post mortem o.wtr.imtlsu- lis e VL'.ieM Mr . tunmnguam m the TmN rr .1I0KT OF JAMM R. IT IIOR*. K t.tlneire ??? rworn and tantittod lhaf b<-ig a Ai-octnrof the Arti?*:.?' Bank; I*. * * prmioot m a in e\rg on lit* '.'Mb of October Mr |w^ot U?W? Iro t my own rOCOUnOAM; bvl a cm mat.00 wilb Pr. U.irttoTl after the mart,"'.' it al?out m? - toMiiaw tn rrfrrcECOto Mr riwr, fktt kt 4*4 U..r-?i'.r? at Um. fit n.(tUi(. on the ?5tb of * ctooer. Cron? ? > ?m.L?<1?Cooutdcrablo pluicuaaioo arano at Iho ?#rt n,' Minf, on the ??th of (Motor ?'"wl thM btnliKM: It r*tu uui'<i linearly ta o'clock A M ; l?r. U rMIWm O* 'hrt bi ? nr 4 nh't irnt to that Icr roBor Una*; h-s ru ooltcltouk about it. lie |f*DpoM>d reaolutlon at that meet Idr en the object, Out a* It war not xeeoadod it 4U nat po 00 the hi outca- bad ?<.ne roue* rratSm after tl?e nort.r of the WO, with Dr Bunkll at Uic I,auk : talked UK' ,t llto or too mlnotao. TKMT MOKT OF DR. I. A. WAR*, rr 11 Wair *a* oallM i>y the a i.rcl f < 'vmrnfr, au.i tortifltHl an foilnar ? Am a drnt,?t. knew the late Dr. I l*r vi j Burt, ill aboul acvec or eight >e.irr. f mtrrlr I veil neat tltpor to bi a at 20 Hood street,from IS4J to la 4: 1 ko m ti m well; raw him on th erTiimy of the i^th of Oi p(Jvr I won cotuiBf OP Itleerker rtroc' toward Ht 1.1. way, ?<u tin south fide of Bieeoker street, | rant Dr Br del. a th two lade* on the corner of Droaoway and m*.' k. or ?tri ot bowed to 1*. Burdoll: Dr. Bur doll i !<le?<knf ulrwt on the "llier sklo; I turned round ai d I'wUod at htai, and raw h'm ro down t jwarda North river, the two ad lea with him It attracted my attention boon re 1 **i not aecustomed to are hlni with tadlen; tlr y ti dir., dm ? nut did not Botifltlbetr r ee: be wae walking be iwe> n th*m; CnuM not ray that either had hold of lus arm Or the n jrt.t by having received a oofi from <I. IV. Hoow ib the tnnrt.itg on [inv ite bono ?a, Iho letter wa* Baled ttw jrtn I rot It on iho morn ng of the a*tb. I ha J to Mr . boo e, No. M) Mi. lougai airei-t, and war return ng wbei. | met Dr. Burden. . Oroati^ramined?Dr I, rdell wa-going up F-ov t way, on Mir wen nde. I *w coming i p RltMktr on therouti. fi Jo; *M"t him iuat at the earner, the Itoctnr returned tho bow, y lapramion la that .t ? warm day ; it ??a .?e?(,j a o ehvk had not rein tne D'toter for rnni" I. me r'-rloi ould not tell tv.w the Iittelor war droaaed; did tat c re Whether liie IxwtOP 'r U).. lad'os had Wll te ykwpa Ok. IWltnorr exh,bit"<i to tlje Oourt Ibe loner ? ? i ar avmg l een rareived on the V<t|, 0f tfcf.h r I .d neet going to rev Mr enow about this I'Uf ru ae, about that 1 me la the eve prv tiouh to Urn i.iji havt been a number or liuow ? nei lre.| enly By tt>e ,ntir? it,.,etved the note hj Boyd'* poet daatroynd the envelope to t ie avay i e letter To oo' it-e! ? f e r not pay aoytii n to Mr t'now about aaWny Df Bo rdell, did out look tor tee l<vi.,r ntil ret nt ' 000BO* Ul ll" 'wt* ualew I saw the lotier la we. a <wa awwar puattiveiy that It was on the ideel oal u 'it . r Ike Mb tt Ucteber that be eaw Di BurdeL, la absolutely 51 certain, could not tell when he first talked about this ctr J rumsiance. first taiat?l annul U to Mr. Kotnaine, think* It | wus while the murder trial wan polii. 011 first reiaeuiher , ed about this letter last w eek , had not recollected belore j that that Uie time I saw I?r Purdell was iy! me date of the | I .tun 01 wctooer, wdcw trial it ?s- m iuc- evening alter uav | , li ricolvcd tbe lot'er aud been t? see Mr. Sou*-, uud the j ( connection between this letter and set tng IV. Rare ell has ' an-en since itie letter war found a week mane; I mean to ( say that I did cot look up this letter to fix the day oo the | '.Mil of October; 1 nugbt have inferred that :l wst desired 4| , to n\ the day on the 28lh of October when I was looking up the paiers; can't tell way I inferred it; I do not recolIt-c. the converi-ation from which 1 interndil. Mr. Ro oihine trktd me if 1 could tlx the date when I m? Pr. Burdtll; lon'trecollect of bis raying anything else hould think the couver alien lasted live nitn ites; other subjects may have been introduced; don't recollect ol auy; did n'H infer about what time in the evening it was desired to fix the i ate; could noi tell why had read very ht.le of the testimony in tl?'trial. could not fell wbich wilues1; real part of the testimony on the murder trial no t Coroner's iuquest; reait portions of Mr Marvin*'* testimony ; could not tell which; read |>art ol the testimony of AugustaCtinnirg bum. could not tell bow ioug I knew that it wus desired to tia the date of this mar*.age on too lidth o O.'vouer, never m> n'loned until la*t week that 1 saw l>r. Burdell oa evening, am cot a widowir, have cdldrcu from tfco ogifc of ii< and 21, um not a housekeeper, huard ui 1 uurth avenue since last fall , Mrs. Hope k< eps the house, don't know any o? the inmates of the bouse; there are two 0 ber gentl'.men; have been divorced from my wife - think the came of the plaintiff was l.rckwnoa the divorce took place about two years ago at the Buit of my wife. y For whateuuM.'/ Counsel tor chLmant objected, hut the question was allowed. Teetlmonv continued?It was on the ground or adultery; 1 resided in'this eity at the time. [Witness was examined further at grca length concerning his previous history, life. Ac., baring no relation to the ease. | I' rcct resumed?Am positive that the man I met on the itsih of October was Dr. Rurdeil. [Ontmsel were permitted to soe the letter refurtedto, when it was rrmarked that there was no appointment with Mr. Snow provided for in it] TXKTIMONT OK .TOftV MVf.tTWKT. Jobn McC'ueky wai ca.kd for the claimant?Am a poliremsn attaohec to the Oortmtrs'ofiice; attended at the ford street inquest; was present when Mr. Marvine went in to see whether be oould recognise the body of ttr. Bur deh; was U ore ah the time; taw Mr. Mar vine when be came In the room with the Coroner, and went up to the corpse; the Coroner brought Mr. M&rvine tn and asked hint under his oath if that was the man he married; Mr Mar Vise ltoed and looked at the body a few soconda and oaid he thought it was; the Coreoer told he would lliio tJ have a direct am wer, yes or no . he said he would not like to be pos;li< e, the more be locked at the bod) the more he was it was the man that he married: the rVtmrtmrtr iKee t/vM ta.m ?1,A inUmw Akhw..ll/.w H ?. t.-.j under; Mr. Marv:ie said he did not know how lo answer him unle*? he couid say this, "Ihal to the best or hi-< npl Dion that was the man that he married:" the Coroner then askel If he n-coi'iir/ed the woman (Mr?'- Cunningham >, and he ?aid he thought not; he said that before she was brought down; bo ?a.d hu had not examined her so close a* he old the man; after she was brought down he said he could not be positive about her; she asked him if he did not recollect the drees; she described the dross that sho wore; be said that the lady he married wore snch a dress; he said he had a domestic who noticed tho lady more than he did; I was .-put for the domestic. Croes-cxamin* d?John Connery was in the room at the time; Captain Pilks was not to; the Coroner, Pr. Marvine, nc1, i think, a reporter, went m. several others may have gone In ; clout recollect seeing Caj/t. P'.lka standing' In the room: 1 heard everything Mr. Marvice said: looked a; him very closely as he viewed the body; tho Coroner, Jonn Connery, and a reporter, I think ot ;he Tribune, were present when Mr. Marvice said he thought the body was that or the man be married; I th'nk be shook hue head, yes; [ .Counsel illustrated by a hori/.mtal and perpendiculw shake of the bead,' 1 am not sure that Captain Piles was not present, know him well, don t know wlieluer oilicer Paris was in the room. The crow examination elicited nothing of importance. KriPKNCi: or mh. u. j. cictkblt. I am a merchant, &>> years oid; ?ai formerly a partner in the lirm of Ikmnlson, Williams A. Co I frequently saw Pr. Burred; saw him mostly al the house of Mri. Williams, Brooklyn: ho ua<-d lo go there aione and in company with Mr CiUBunghcm; I have seen him thr-r at lea u two or three tir- - a w : Mrs tun.: gh&rn. He seemed to be very lik any iu-u paying ut lent ion to a ? ma.i ioo<i from Mr- Williams that they were ougiif be iu-.-Tried. t' . tikien?We object to the la.*t answer; It Is a mere v.dual insertion and not general repute. As matter of nuadiction there Is do preparation for It; Mrs. Williams neither a.-Iced the time, circumstance, or place. It is *ga;n=t the whole theory of the rase ou the other side; the,* have no ground for trying the cane ou general repute. Court?1 have very great doubts about aim.thug U?very great doubts. Mr. CIj>ten?We will not pre? tt, then Witness?I last saw Pr. lturdtil on the 10th of December last; his whiskers were quits blask; his general nppearuice was better than it was a lew years before; he dreamed better; I heard him speak of Mrs. Cunningham at a rich widow. Cross examined?It was in the winter of 1855 thai I h -ard Pr. Burdell speak of Mrs. Cunningham at a rich widow ; I have not act n tho Doctor much withio the two last yfars. It was remarked among his friends lu the winter of D56 Uiat since his acquaintance with Mrs. Caun.ngbsm lie bad spruced up; he was quick in his motions; stooped s little tn walking. ktibenci op clsbxnce pbazk*. I am a ? on of Alexander i rarer. 1 was in the city Isst fill, im sixteen years of age: I saw Pr. Bordell every day that I wan here, on Sunday after the re*.gnauon of my futures Vice President of the artizans' Bank I saw Pr. Burdrii come into the Pa.arge Dome live minutes before dinner; be, father and I went down to dinner together; ho Oiled my tooth alter that t'me. Creaa examined?I was in New York on the I'lh of Oc tober; my mother was a liUlc Ul on the 10th, and did not go to dinner; she was also ill on the 3Gth and did not go out to dinner then; she fre quonlly was a bitle 111 and did not go oat to dinner; she slept at No. 2 bond street and took her meal* at the la Urge Ilou?e, ?ofrequently she would not go out lo diaoer even If she was well, but get it brought In to her; I re ma-ned In town about a week and a half after the 26th o October 1 have no dlatlnol recollection oT dining with I>r liurdtli rn Tuesday, the 28th of Dctobur; I hoard Pr. Harden si .-*? about Mrs Cunningham and ber dressmaker; be said ahc bad a dreiemxker that would swear to anything; I heard Pr. Burdell in the U?t part of October say, holding up both his hands that he booed they wot-Id he withered if he ever inanriod Mrs. Cunningham or any other old wo nan with children, ho said IhW >u answer to my mother upeak'cg to bitn about marrying Mrs. Cuumng ham to said lira. Cunningham was a bad w >m&n, bud in ov<-rr rciipcct, that she was u canning, artful woman; that he would burn hi* lioua'- it he could not get her out by UiV I*v U1 3ULJ \ lie ittiu uvi murri'Mfc' r nr rmr m? scything, m ' Hist lira. Cunjiinghsai wa: capable oi' doing anything whatever. ile direct examined?The Doctor raid of bit o-.-n a-cord tbat Uri. Cunning him bad a dre ttnakor. M'sa Van New. who would swear to anything, they were upo&kiug about the breach ol marriage suit at Ibc time. KVIIiEN' . or THE HKV. MR. I. r. Bh'CREH. Iam a minister or Uie go?pel, live al Saratoga have r.barx" of a seminary there; oar of the claimant ! dadgh ' ten has been at nhool there; I became acquainted with 1 the late Dr. liarvey jiurdctl In the latter |'art of Juan, 1 1S6C. he an introduced to me by Mr.'Fra/or; Mr. Fra*?r 1 told the ftoctor in tb<-contenniien Uta'. that was jallM place for those girls; " Yea." *iul the Isicsor. " wo rn I so back to New York 1 will taiktbe matter up and haretbenj come here,'' I tohl the Doctor ibat it tiu a Select - and that wo only received persona wtioce tl ' pea,tion woo.d correspond with the others; the I>/c?r aaid tbat they were the daughters of a rich widow, ami that 1 their pr^liter wa all i gui; by his rcq >ott i made out a written r late mart of the expenses, ft , Mra Cunningham wrote to me slmdiwg to tbe conversation of I?r. Burdell with me, a.itl raying that the and one of her daughters would be up in Jul}. the daughter to stay, they cam-!on tbe VC'h of July; the Doctor handed Uijm from tho cars into tbe school carriage; August* Cunningham and Miss Van Near were wdh Mrs. Cunningham; our rcoool opens on the l?th of December an I i lo-cr lu lite last w June, there U then a vaoadon of cloven weeks, during winch my partner keeps a hoarding onus.- I \a'e fami'ies; on tbe day before tbe murder I was at N*o. 31 ft i d street, M'j. C tan ogham wanted met> t*ke her ' si daughter, Ilelcn, >.p to ibhcol, I tolJ h r a'! Mid daughter's things must be marked befo*a tiiey could go Into tho washing: Mrs. Cunningbam said she would have br r daughter ready in time for me next day, with clMhcs marked. Ac I raw the Doctor that day (berg was nothing tcu-ual In bis appearance; be asked bow tieorgunna waa, ftr I saw Mir* van Nona litem. Croas examined?Mrs. Cunningham never *i I anrth ng to me absnt betnr married to a gentleman in California, nor about being engaged to a gentleman there :e i i ^When Mrs. Cunningham left Saratoga, aha raid, "Gallon m In New Voi-r, ami I wilt rend i?e 01 my daughter* to your Mfeool,'' in tba last week in 9*rtiiab*r pr first of VvMrr, I Cativi tfceej, 0On ling TV Burrfeli's name on lh* dr.v.i Mated my surpjw: a* w? onl> take children of parents In the b~st etrI rr.mstanong; ?hc plated thai there wu an tugarement bctwc d her and l?r. Burden, which would have been rotcmui '<h> I eforc that Umo, but the children felt oppoand to it, v thf Dodor Interfered with their plutnret wad ftpcnditurcti. and ?bc Baked me UM direct quoMi >o whit I thn'rhlwa* her duty to do under auch eirccmatanue*, whether to agree to the t image or not; all I replied wu that e woman war a tool to throw herreifaway knowingly. <>om examination?I untie-rtood there v u, a decided oppoeitinn on the part < f her children to the marrtag'' (ho (aid nothing about her leelirpi.or thoea of the ivtcior'a; aha lull mated lliat the aollctluJe was on the lama s tide entirely that it ?m the female ride that ?m In doubt, and the male mdo tliat was anxiou* to have th? marriage uko place. U .?a i had a bill m collet of Mrs. Cunningham one morning, be Mid, " Ihx-tor, ] am sorry I have no money for you thin nvirn.iig, I lent I WO to Dr. Burd'il yesterday , when i have money he aJwayi wania it, and when I want It hark he Ir ulwayg *hort;" I raid, " Well, you t, 1 no', to complain(he (aid," Why, do you think It ii all in Ute family ? (he tol 1 me noth'ng about any difficulties or any law i-jitg between bcraelf and the Uorior. ' tii-timbcr or a*ncgt. ?, pnoix pas". I finU i are of age all) a cleric in the New Yoik md Ne < Ha?> o nailrow) (>>mj?ny'* ollloe I know the ihirt (lory I rent r .m of the house 31 Bond street; I slept in it two o? three timet I art fall I know or my father and mo " ' 1 room; they rfpt lln r>. I lh nk. intne Pirril ef | never saw Itr. Burdelt aad Mr*. ' ( rr ngrwtn toe ifirr 1 met the Invtor ae I w*a eomiug oni of the ho im one morniug to-was going in he lamed hie head down, and kK'ke>| ruelanchnly Cr-w r armned?I itw the tn, t?r befot* that in 31 Bond Mrerf, to my c? rtain knowledge. vvinnwr* oi pami n. a. ttrnKMAw. I am ir tl dry go? da b - m ? , my piv.? ir ? No. 173 Broadway; 1 ?tt aoiuamU'd with tiie late Itr. Ilarvev Bu tell; I am 43 yeart old I wi.~ a< 'P'nintod with th Doctor about twive year?, 1 war very well acquaint *d wMh him I raw him four or lite timer withia the last yearofh'a ufe I have noticed htm walking I had at way* to aor.vt him, a* he carried hi* head down and cm,Id noi are me, it wieaatoopof the head and shouldora lor ward - hi* walk waa |* culiar, it wa< not llr? b I rickety , tho fait time 1 aaw Dr. Bt rdeli war on Monday, Tuesday or W<dne*Jay ol the week on vlueh he wm murdered; 1 met him walk tog by tho Mcuopoltlan tl", , ?uji i iu pi; m YORK HERALD, WED o mjMlf, " Dr. Bt:rJell, what ft fbol >ou are to hare your whiskers dyed In that way; (hey look >> unnatural;" they appearel to bare been dyevery black ?nd then curled in tight; I have no acquaintance with the claimant; I bare seen her elncv the l'octor s death, but never befo-e. C.-oe- examined?I did observe li s atoopiDg a all tim -a. 1 have a distinct recollection or meet ng him throe tl <>e< in the year previena to his death, but no more; the Irs time wa? by tne Metropolitan Hotel, the second at tne l.a large Hotel, the tu.rd at No. 'i Ilond street, in 1S4 > <> 18+4 1 bved m the house where hU office was, but since then I nave seen him but very little; for seven vi ars I don't know that 1 ever saw hitu at all from the e nam of seeing lnm i undertake to bay that his habit wa to stoop , bis whiskers when I last saw h w were very thick, oualiy a lid IcDg. IVIDKKCK OK MK. S. RAVXT. I am a lawyer: have practised in Ibm city ten year*; I l>wani<* acquainted with the late Dr. Harvey Ruedcli Ic 1848; oinee that time I was his le gal adviser ; I never knew him to have any other during that time; I recollect his suits with hit brottur William: Dr. Burdell came to me with this nape' ( yoti now hand me?an assignment with only the name of Mr. i'ierrepont on li; it is tilled up In the han<1 wilting of i Dr. Bcrdel!, whether be put the of Mr: Cunningham in the P?MT in aiy prose ace or not I oautuituy, nut I know be intended to do so, he tohl me he was going to out in the name o! Mrs. Cuuningham; 1 expressed my surprise, as 1 had 1st anally heard him express his contempt for the sex. Mr Tilden objected to the witness staling what Dr. Burdeii ba.d to hmi an his counsel. The Court decided to aduut the Doctor's declaration*. Witness?He had always spoken so disparagingly of the ladicfi, I asked him bow bo could give the as-brut men! to a lady; be said this lady was an exception, that she was a peculiar woman; this was in Do* tuber, 1865; he said she was a rich woman and would hold the assignment only for his advantage: be told me. however, he had taken a note.from Mrs. 0 inntnp ham to meet the assignment, as he Intended to prosecute William Burdeil for it; I never heard the name of Mrs Cut ninglam before Ilia'; he told me -he wan a rich widow and a peit.cular friend of his, from Brooklyn; I havo beard him speak of Mrs. Cunningham sever il timet since then- he said be had a great many transactions with hv; the general character of thosu iruu?acbons were of a mo mtAry character, he told me once that she badamteof his, and he ?t, afraid she would MM to me with H to prosecute him: that was after June, 1S68; on one oicauon, while speaking of Mrs. CunniQKbutn, I said jocosely, " urvt-.. , that widow will catch > uu yet, you had be .tor be careful or j ou will hare to marry her;" hesmd "well. I might do worse." Dr. Brrdeli never spoke of Mrs Ccnoiiipbam in other terms than those of rospeot; the D-ctor introduced me to Mrs. Williams, and wanted me to art as her counsel; I refused to do so, and he urged me to reconi-ider my decision, when angry at a person, Dr. lhirdell was ihc most vitupeioin person I ever knew; be would unt hoblate a mom nt to say anything about them, wheiher false or true; his trmjier was quick and violent- 1 have heard him R|>eak In praise of u person, then in a few days ucnounce him, and afterwards praise him again, according as he was pleased or angry with him. lie was always extraAgant in his expressions of prone and denunciation; I never heard euch bitter language i ted against any one as be used against his relatives, particularly his brother William. One of the counsel here stated to the Court that a riot was autic-patcd, and that he being one of the counsel for Mayor Wood, was desired at hia ollice; anil therefore ho wished the case Adjourned till Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. The Court compiled with the request. Another Idigltlvr Slave Excitement In Ohio. UNITED BTATga f?" STABUSD?ONE Of THE BLAVfis SHOT?TUK FT'GITI VKH CAPTt'RBD, [1'rom the Cincinnati Times, June 13.] Two slaves, a man and woman, belonging to J A. Withers, residing in Covington, hy , mndo their escape last yaturday,uiid Ibeir owner had reason to believe thoy were secreted in this city. Ho received intelligence which led bim lo believe they were secreted in room No 18 of a uuiiuiiig uu? iu ma uu^atc uiucc( cu tiuo phuui, uvvupk-d by Win. A. Connelly, reporter of toe Davy Oummsr cuii ; and accordingly this morning, la company witb I mted Nate* Marshal* Cbnrr.bill and Kliiou, be repaired to Slid room. One ot tbe party kDocltod for admittance. It was denied, when i.llioit knocked oat oue of tbe panels of tbo door, wben tbe negTo man made a lunge at blm wilb a dirk rant-, Inflicting a wound just below tbe third rib on tbe left broaet. (me of tbe party, said to be Wither*, the owner of the slave*, then iir>-d at the negro, the ball taking effect just below the breast bone. Elliott, aa soon as ba was stabbed, walked down tbe sfc ]* and arroas tbo stroel to tbe Cuatom House, with a pistol in bis hand He was notioed by some bystanders, no I ass.steu up the steps into one of tbe ollloee, back of the District Court room. Tbe negro and b-s wife were al.-o brought over to tbe Custom Ilouso, ana placed in one of the rooms. Ihr. Klarkman was relied into examine tbe wound of Marshal FJhDtt and expressed tbe opinion that intcrual hemorrhage had taken place?tbe blood issuing lrom an incision in tbe arm, which tbe Doctor saw propor to make, gave evidence of sir b Tact He is of tbo opinion that tbe wouad may prove mortal, ha entertains some Flight hope, if tbe hemorrhage tot* net been too great, that Elliott's Ike mav yet be saved, and thinks that a few hours may determine the rct-uli. Dr. Dandrldge attended to tbe negro, and probeu the wound. He is or opinion tbat the bail baa aot penetrated to any great depth, but taken a slanting direction, and thinks tl none of the entrails have been injured be may attll survive. He did not euooeod in finding the ball. Doth of the wounded men were fullering intensely at the Itmo we as them, (11 o'clock.) Tbe negro wrraau was with tier husband, and almost hysterical iniher lamentations over him. An omalhus wa? provided, and about half past e'errn o'clock tbe woman was placed therein, and, acoompanied by reveral of the marshals, token over to Kentucky, to the house of her osner. At about the same time tbe wounded slave waa plat ed in an express wagoc, and being properly gusrlid, was also token to lus waiter's resldccoe Considerable excitement prevailed along Fourth and Vine stroetr, and hundreds flocked to tba vicinity of the Custom Howie, and many wire eager to ace both CUoU sad the wounded slave The Ficmh Hallwmy Caw, si mitre cotntr?splcial mi Before Bon. .'udge Mitchell. .trv* tfl.?7*1' JVerOUm /Istfluay of France as. Owptn- | '.it, faxd an>l rtbtt.?Mr. Townshond,associated with Mr. Calbra.tb aa counsel for the accused, ruled tbat be desired { to make an ex;?rf' motion for leave to put tuan ailtdavlt to | rebitthoone inado by Mr. Morrogh, cn Saturday last, j setting forth his intentions tn giving bis consent for Parol ! to attend the funeral of Kogctio ('relet. He, Mr. Towns- 1 bend, would draw up an aflldas It and submit it to, the Court, to be placed with tbe otter ptjiers in tbe canoe, and would serve a copy of it on the counsel tor the plaintiff*. The Court directed rcunscl to draw tin an all.davit and take an order to show cause wby it should uol be submitted. Tbe following is the affidavit:? John Towrsbt-nd makes oulb and rays, that he la In formed and beleres (lint after the con eot in this cause of limes Murrogb, the plaintiffs' attorney, dated Uie 22d of Slay, tit", the defendant, Iouta tlrrlot, thereto named wm, by tlie nlieriil of New York, suffered and perm tied to go out of and leave the Hate of New York and the United Stales, withoit any forthcr or other coneen' of tho plaintiff*' Attorney than that of the .Jd of May, 1H57, and that Uie raid consent of tbn i"M of May, 18f>7, was treated aid acted u; on by the aAid Sheriff a* a complete discharge out of bit control of aaid defendantii, I'arot and touts C relet. Tho Court granted the order, returnable on Utc 13th Loitt riarlne Court. Be'ore Hon. Judge Thotr.jron. eriT so tiv st thk Hiiartm etc*. .Icnt 10 ?fler-vjn to. Jaw DfT^Vt "pdiwi, JGfvstt Ftrrr ! an4 MJtTI? MWe J Hiii v$ Thr Kanse--HW' <t Way's r* TV Name ? Itwuri w. TV f nn* ?The defendants, nieety si* in number, compose the well known bbaksper* Club. It rill be remembered that Breeken ridge and Icven w-.rth, who were members of lite organization, got into a dtffte'ilty at Uie club bov e a short time ago, which Dually resulted in a d-e! which waa fojgbt near Niagara tails. The result wat the flnal diaaolutioa of the club, and a failure to pay their debts. These four artletta aru brought to recover, in the aggregate, some $S0Q fbr scgars, groceries, fcc., inrniabod the club. There was no dispute about the p irchaie of the articles specified, and the Court gare judgments In the sever a' actions for the amount demanded In the respective complaint*. Ajyamgimi igijyo ww day. wemiwiAia cso* annptiom-a hiainrin. prmai.b inpawt, r diree wi?ti eld, of Pren'h and Am- rioan parneiaee, Tie rfeild later i i a ,> ' rlly twallhy '-onutiuiuon, and will he giren iflueneJr . m, t party who wtU privcrv Care (or It. * 1 i a,| . ( r- t<* "Km. | IP MART Xi *r Rnf WM.f. <'AM? ?>a SKNIt WORI1 where .he is to h? I u 1. 't* . ame? st eel, She wll! bear of metifttng o her ad van'age. srtiKV stm ' tr . ?ct? ua~tiTi h am. yui/sis, op I ItalMd'Kds, he e-nrsoe eo-rt?, frrl*nd. wh> erniTV- d lo tin* ountry four .r* ego. W hen last heard from was In Oh aed iiiu uried pre- * in |illn< ie or Iowa. Any infirme'i m rrspeeiing I'm would he tSankln'lv received ny bta a'ster, Marrt.i tin. at Vr do'n M>e<c s, (<t ll?st< r aireet. New Vu k. N It Ailtl sad lowni p .pen pieaae < opt. IfmiKMAltl > . . , . ,,t MaRlaRKI- AVII X Hrld(?et Dicker, of Un- parnh o' Pntrtcka* oil, onin'T Un rrlek, Ir- out 1. Hi ? were 'irirf. I*al March, In gnren'ji nun llu lr br^'h'?, J hn *rrtri"l in lb' ehlp Underwriter, and f" rtnpoln nt P bhe?'?, l:n Plrat *T?nne, ."f?w Vnrk IRHillMAIH N .. t S I KP^OK BAMUKI. AND DAVID I Fl-i' ?, he i In \>?r ll?r"n, Donn., by their brmh?r John. Any ln('>rm*?ii,n r p-.,<iny their nr i-nt location wnl be iroyt ir* refnlly If. el- ?l M' DiiAt tdrert. JOI1 S FIRl.DN. uTiCI. I>- Mil "T7.A.NCKS OOtlBIV AND MM. Judith Bifmoytm, *in i'm! miMiiih Untiel mai m of Atw'rion. fdktmbtri" of .!ohi Bowcn, Kin., formerly of 1 M)r?en. county IC'I' in, 1*1.111.) or their hi tm, wilt o nn mnnicAt'' with Robert . b?, olktijor, 14 Mount Joy MtiAiv, Dublin. Ib"v w !1 bev o( Hootchmg li'jhtr to Ih r adrautate liy lb* tinthM ilteir ro.iAin, Col. W II ton How wt, lien rut, Rn't In !.? , win wn? riwwev d of l*tni?n property, bequeathed twnwitoi kin n.ijnn fourth tonet.i. pUbtlNA-'/ IA rOH VATT'lX WANTRlMli Ml^. nil,I /. A JT Mttti .ril. who i in. (*'from' ivirpnci tnthe thip iTetlwowti. Fiekae apply l? Mr. JkiotM M:lanna.;?) Wv ci f OlMPKl.f V 10. WlM, PtND A l.k. IT Kit IN Til K C Rr '* ? P* 1 ee r lilrTup wrix r or iiKiui '?> ~un\j\H ?f.nai'i,rTT?k"r<A?"l. will re. e|> f Inn tnt inf trm* .luii by addrraaiiui tAere- ? ?, Pattn-i, bm I,' J P. tt (k^e. rpioVAA (MRtTiA I), in" ii;nn!7 W'iui kk r~i I ?oi l.'4 |iriAh?r limp; wit! be ai .If Broadway, or hi .inbn Mrri for e* t%yn. t uiTiiua, M. #lum'tnti and rnwttttr* t.adif* and ? ? V' llrmn'baring *tty to 41?p -of '-en p-hw ? far e*ai ptiw hy >".u|ine'o or nblowe'si' H. Oohen, IlLanrenar rant tear i fcOAt, or hi ?! Rroadway. ia -eenwnded by Mr*. O. H IIOHRN CfMNTFFMVN" IIAVIMtl ? AHtTf-<>N HO AM. qfMN t ttif- ' - i 1'iir 'ire, *er|) n?, Ar , to dispone <>t v i rr -nre the I..: .?i priee paid tor ? it* by cwi 'v ?t She bur of w' l < HVM AN D. WSilVl. llOeu.fC i.-1-ti. NESDAT, JUNK 17, ?B5T. IPHCI4L mmOIA VTOTJCK-ITKRIAFTKB MY OFFICII WILL OLOS1 i.Y ou Saturday* at 4 o'clock P. M., until 1st o( September ucit. aLHKRT H. NIOOl.AY, Stock Auctioneer and Hunker, No 4 llroad street OFFICB OP TH* OOMMI8HIOKKBH OP TAXKA AMU AurwDPDU, April St U157.? Tat pa> er? lake notice.? Notice I* hereby (riven to nil purtiei m.< r.- that lUt teiee* uent rolls of the nereral warda or the city or New Yn-k bare

Keen delivered to the Commissioners or Tutea unit Asseea mem*. and that the art me will ie open for review and commJoo, at the oflioe of the ComuimaUitei-H, No. M Chamber* rtreet. (new Court Houae,) from tbe 2i)ih day of May to the 'Abb lav or June, Inclualve, between the hour* of 11 u'olook A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. Application* for the correction of ermneou* aneeeamnnta ntuu be made at the office of the '<>mmi?*i >ueri of fajtei and . wwuo.muntii Attolner *A?a. noei/wl uhnuH mt'nlif Mltlll. All Ut*P(40!lB fho neglect to make *ucb application, (except by reasnu of drkmss or absenne from the citv, during the entire period in vhich the book* ?re open,) will no1 be entitled 10 relief from Aa Board Of Bupervlivirs at any subsequent period. i Y (Pommls ***?? of Tama ? w, ^KoWS S MlJ A'wsam-nM TO SILVER PLATKRS ?fill COM MIT TP 9! OE TUK Newark (N .1 ) platers' Hoc e'y <?Ou:d respectfully r?qu-si the journej rn? n plater* Ih nngbout tan Dm in apptinl oue to'i*ate lrom rath sbo to ever, oily and towu in tho Unted st?tes, to a tend a national ooDV?nuon to be h?M at Military Halt, 193 Bowery, A. V ,ou Tuesday, July 7. 1657, at 9 o'clock A.. 11. S M T1R 1 J. oOIJUHE?T > 'otnmiUee. H w tA DO BUS ) Paper* favorable to mechanics please cooy Ttltt BROOKLYN UURYMOLTUAaL SOIIKTY WILL bold their J oue exhibition on V rtdsy the 1'.' h, at the kibe nri.m, from 3 to I o'oicck P. M.t whe-e a hoe llural diaplay may beeipttttxl. uxcoBnoaik ~ fVOJOBTrtrL SD'O vY EXCURSIONS TO GLEN OOYK. \J ?ew Kocbtlle. Whl?e?tone and hire tenpo-t, on Hnnday, Jnne 81, IRV ? The l?rge a d favrite rlearner SPLK.yi?lU Capt. tieo. W nlmers, *111 leave the fool of Ami# stave , Ninth river, a! 7 A M : H.inn* street nt7'4 pier 3 at IVi- Peek nilp, Fast river at S; Brooke air?et at S.tfcl Tenth street at 9 o'oicck. heiurntng wul leave Irn X>?e at H14 o el ck, making the above laudinrs. Pare J5 rent* eanb way. fAX'lUBBlONHTO Hat PORT ?CUE FAVORITE STEAM Cj boat KbYPOKT will ruake dally excursions to Keyport luring the week, ieavlug he * Yo-k tool of Murray street at 4 'clock P. M.; returning leave Key port at 7 o'clock P. M , asd UTive In Hew York about half past H o'eiock N. B ?The boat vino leave* New York at 4 o clonk A. M., and keyport at 7 I'glock A. M EXCURSIONR-TaKNTKaMKK BATKLcITS, CAPTAIN Anderaon makea regular trip* to the Fishing Bank* every day, except fiaiunlav Luarutg Mortou alront at 7l sprtnir rtreet at 7'i; Pecagifpat": Brouuie street at 8 4; ftvr No 3 Nor'h river at 9 o'clock A cotillon band will a'oympa1 y the ste> mer. N W ?1 be HATkM 11 K will make a trip 10 the t;holer& Banks evrrv alternate Saturday, viz:?,ltin? 'Jfi'h, July 4th and Mtb, August'at, I6 h and ?th Lea.InK Morton street at 6: Pier No. ItNorth rlv. r at fit., Peck rllp a: 0 o'clock A. M., precisely. it-turning in the aiternoon, same day. amwARos. dNO REWARD.?LORT, A PACK VIE CONTAINING $92, ?PtJ part silver, and th < most In gold. It was lost metwer? the corner Of Spring an 1 t,re?nr streets and the Post oilice The above reward will be paid, with the thanks of 'he loser. P. J KNIC INS, 199 Spring street |P REWARD?LOST Oft Mktlll). ON SUNDAY ) night, a bbek mare, with hurt fall Whoever will re t'irnh?r to the subscriber ?U! rec?'re the abore reward. SWAKT^ A McCaRTY, corner o. Ihird avenue ana Sixty second Creel ?ft REWARD.-POCKKTDOUK L0 3T, GOING FROM JJIJ tie comer cf Pearl and Ubi-.tham sree's to the Hi his House. roc'alning a note of J. B Morgan for fill!95 pa able to A 1'olhrnitig and endorsed h A. Polhemns and h'so 1 note A. ,\ J. A. |A)W, for $101 til totheo. deroi t\m. Wallace; also about seven -d'ars in ban!, notes, and other payers wmc.i are ot no va.ue ,o our one um oruwurr, too puuuc are cauti u.-d against uegoUauag w ith the sai l notes. lA REW RP.?bTOLKN, ON SUNDAY EVENING, pl" / llie Mih met., from Sn9 Thirty sivth street, a sot of harness silver plated. Whoever srtll return It to M. O. Silbe, MB Stith avenue, wlil reoeivp the above reward ? I C REWARD.?lA'.iT, A LAKGE SPOTTED POINTER tj) 1 tJ tiiw, straled from the s'ih?< rtber on t vturdny the 13th of .'une. Tne above reward will be paid for th-safe return of the doff to 43? broome street JAOOli SNYDER. <?? i}(Z REWARD-WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECO?J) wtl very of the gold watch stoieu trotn 12U West T eentybftlt street, on the morning of the loin Inst. It was a small. Inn tti, eased detached lever. No. 14,C3, or 11 196, and mnrksd on th? case "Addie " Jj will also be paid tor the silver watch which was taken at the tame ems. ROW* HI) M. Pi.sHBR, 12 Day street. 0iir REWARD -LOOT OR STOLEN, THIS EVENING, ij aj June M, in the Park, a polo patent lever bunting watch, T F. Cooper. l.ondon, mahcr, 1W TnU : the case la IT. Mo. Whoever will rettun the same to P. Welt stick. 261 W tiltam street, shah reeeivr the above reward. Pawnsro kers and others will piease stop the above wateh and fflve inform .-itton and receive the reward trom JoHN V> ElTSTl )U, a*l M lUiam sweet. en REWARD.?STOLEN OS TAKEN BY MISTAKE, Vl)U from ma Howard Hotel, on tae 3d Inat, a rnasei trunk, marked M. Poller, La. Whoever will return the trunk and eon tenia to the proprietors of said hotel Will receive the above reward and do quuaUooa Baked. LOW AND IWMB, YiVOUND?IN A FIFTH^AVENrE STAGE, ON RATURr day ailcrsoon, the 13th Inst , a lady's reticule, oontamlag s small amount of money and some jewelry. The owner caa obtain II by provirg property asd paying expenses, by hffplp. luff lo MR A te . ?8 West street Found-on Saturday afternoon last, in Grand strevt. near Broadway, a partem. >uoale ruuta.n.nff a emtill lun'iiint of money. Tbs owner can havs II by oalllag at 313 Broadway, up stairs. Found-a valuable notr or three months date, of the name of Sharp A Thorpe. The Under will eipecl a liberal reward. They must state In 'be nerald what they will give, as the Under has been put lo eome trouble about It, f OHT-AT OR NEAR THR AOADKMY OF MU8I0. u? XJ Fonrteawtb eurert, on Tuesday evening. 3d Inat. a peart braceirtaet with three topax. Ike (lnler will be llb.rally rewar Ird by returning Ike same to Char lee A Beoor A Oo., Weet street. LOHT-ON SUNDAY MORNING, IN THE VICINITY OP Broadway and Broome itre-t, a Urer colored speeklad pointer dog. VII reward will >e paid on returning hiss lo IM owner, at The oiUoe ol Ike St. Nicholas lloici H. C. DAWSON. LOST-ON SATURDAY, 13TH INhT., IN <?OlNG TO OB re r.mtnff from Flath sh. L. I., a gold brooch, with hair at d set atoned with pe.trla. The nnd. r will receive the fall value for It b* leaving It at the oCie of the Brooklyn Eagle LOST-ON THE HTH INST , IN GOING FROM FORTYtilth street tUrnnffh Kigbth avenue to Armour s saloin ta Bltechrr Street. 1 plats nog. msrke.1 K A , and on.- with a brttltalit ilone. Whoever will return one or both to s I,. AUMKNT, Nov. S and til Centre it ar?et, or atllOl Wcat Forty llltn street, wl I be suitably reward)d. LOFT-A PAPKP. BOX. ABOUT 2'r FEET LONG AND one loot square, marked lor Bed rtnnk. N. J,, supposed to hkvn b- en left on the wharf at the loot of Robinson street. Ibe Under will be su.tsbly rewarded by leaving It with B. L. 1 t ifi'-ri' 11 Iteekman street. LOUT?A P'HIKET DIABY CF I-6T. CONTAINING lumber bills, pspers. aei a cheek paruble t? the order oi henry /.. Drew, of n -use In any on, but the owner. The I'nder will be rewanted b> leaving the aamo wuk Charles Brown, at Tammenv Hall LOST-TESTERDAY AFTER NOON, IN RLKF'KRt OR Morion s-ree's. a rhtld's ffold loefeet, at'w h, i to a ffo'd <baln lb.- under will be liberally rewarded by leaving!: with H A. McGreffor. corner Oarmlee and llee< her streets. Lorr on tvmdat, a black nockspun eh awl. In Sixth avenue, near Fourth street. If the under will Irarc n at 3i? rcmrui arcuue [he wUi rcveivc h libera, rcwmd. ' Loan umcsi*. 1 ?ANY AMOUNT OP M<i*?Y AOTAJICRU AT TU >1. Krondnmy l/inn Ofbra :m Broadway Ttun'd Mtab ' llafcad arxl rra|K<oalbla ofltrc ad* ??* the hl*hna< i--ma on dtn m >r?U. <rnuh?a,Jawrlrj and par?*>aJ pr.partf, or ^oughtta* caafc. P?wphr -tarn' U< k?U honght. MACDUPP A EHRA.U. W Broadway. oocnar f>Hi, ?1 J B WIUI8 A CO., ?MR vli 81 kiimu iusca room Mo. t. I'? on dlnmoada, and kit kiada Jt Watcbaa, jdwrlry, I Pum^rokm' I paraxial ?rapa#i ilka, dry rondo. | bckouboafk! | or bny for raab. *1 to fv.nno to loan on watlhen, m amonhk. f> L Jan t tj, tmn, dry aooda. nod nil ktnda of parnmd propdrty, or boofAt and aold for oaak. IT il? ti null mtalgk ?**. ?hx k?. Ac., acffottaiad. ItU Nnaaan krMt. aorMT of AM, tnernd floor rnoma Mo?. J and JH. THOMPSON a OO . bmtam and commlmdna wTitiali Q/17 BftOA PWAT fjfl 000 TO LOAN. IN LA NOR OK xJ\J ( am all a.ima. on watehaa, diamonda. Jcwolm, allka. mann. BiO'inn, karri warn, Ac , or on any kind of cnUaiorala, orboufbt for caah. Par lira ? ahlm, aooutamodaikma can eaj an abort; front room, aroond fl nr. ,jW), 81,401).? Tbnar innia 10 IctT^ OB ' ooo and mortjpufo no 1 rirrnrrd -aal aalalc It Ima city Of HfORb'J'A. Apply Wf. I. IiKO AD, No 13 Wali nlra-L ^7 IWWI TO LOAN ON WATUHKB. rUAMfJKl^ TI?)J .UUU Jrwrlry, A', or l>on*hl for ca?k, by JObM'H if. IAAAON. 11 ( hambam atraat, (b*acm?rtodtna,> Trim nnatlllflvr. Rnatama prompt and ouafldonUaL N. It -No koatni'W Wanaarird on ftainnlajm. &(kk1 i w til -thtfl (m. o AND kioo>()NKIR|,%d)P See adraoora tha hljbi at turn* orQttA a> itida, wa'r-bi*, jawrlry, prrannal pr..p.-rtj, atm-Aa bMB, ouripafea. Ac., or tha aam* bought far raab. J. H. BARRINOKK. ;-il > 'aar ?,? . HKkK ViikkV Allk tNl.'lll TU A ft V aMOI'VTtll M ' irali'Tf, pun/*, watch*?, dmmnnd*, frvarme, nantten' ?rd anreeym* Imminent* bora**, w?rnn? eewtn* mw-Mrt** and ai l kind* nf meeebahd b ? and eernnnal property, or boo*Rl Apniy in RICHARD WALTKRR A 00., If ifeiry and J| Ok .bertne ?ireet. M'ARV MJ?1??I> Tt k!?T AMI IU NT I 'ft * *T"nim, jewelry, diamond*. A* , or bonnht for nasi. Part!** aa* be dealt wltfc *trcuy eoa.fldintlal.aad not b* seen rr'rrtnt ( 1 loac o*e*. J A H. P.aAOOW, A07 Broadway. WATCIirs, JRH'MI-d I , MV. | \JAMORIHt -TUB TRAP* Ik RCHP? rflJI,l,T 10 JL7 form*d ihat we am oontlnna'l/ mana/actitrinc, and bar* tn band a larpe ?!oek of diamond Jewelry, of lb* l-oew rtf!** A tartre ajaortment nf diamond* on hard, kettles don* '? he fr* * Ptamondk brmrV fn? ea?h. M?r?i??? n nf ~ iii am IOUl* AN RICH- TIIIKTT VRAKK *.1X111.1*7! HP." J 1 tamrmda. irerffvn et"oe*. ?lr?> "wry, of K*eli*h, and AmTloan ma*' fan mp?v *nr?r and plated ware, all nf b*r' mAtrrial and wnrbmaaelitp; ranoai""* and an Injii'-a Tbe adrrrtwr hae he*n knnwn in Ibis rtt* for thirty yr*ra an mainialninR Ik* matina ol atna I profit* aid /|*ink r? Inrna. ffo. tto Broadway. Hro donra abort ABMijr atreet THK'OB*ri.KMKk contni rKK OJ< TAR'IRT ixin'Ret/r.a are intilwl to r ail a? Inoia A"i h a jrwklry ainre, f-f, i.r'rfta* ay, In look at h.? aiiver eitpa and gotihN*. and alio treblr pla'/'t f ii| ? and gohlrta, richly rba**d. Some In- offers Inn Id tot6/ *<'!<. l,oriS ANRIOB, ?H6 Broadway, 'wo <'oorr fr- m Amity Mr**. mi.1.1 re tu broapwat < TIA ri*LP twti.TB run Or/O ?" ! b;iliar?l tab Ira, wltA U?<.hrr I mc ha leal e.iah lopa. Pa/i rrrfcmt ntn. Ae SH A RP*C BI1.I.I A RPT* Bt.R tt A Rl'k A t?T??R? 14k Alill 14* Pulton atr?e< where be bar on band a Urpe aearert men! *4 uibltw nf all air**. w4th abate or wiartil* b*da, anitable lor prtratt or pobli* n*e. k*rarki aeeotid band la').** for *al* ? ~" - I tl?ve ,UU ft toj*^ p, nu<? KmbroWwje^ joi bef?w* 1 _, nh taelft* 1**1' ouLxked down ?u0%bui'.?)ag. MM KmbroiderleB, Ao. 905 (old No l? Canal str?ct Fou- door* I'rom Broadway. CI III PIRCK8 P A RTh POULARD SILKS, YARD WlD*. UUU only to wno per y* d UBBIiKI.L, PKIK ION. I.AKK * CO.. 4; I Broadway p/wl flounced onusndy roiiku, plain colurs' (JUU otiij 51 50 pi r drm UUSl.KI.Ls PKIHSON, LAKR * CO 471 Brovd way. IAlflO D07KN MALTESE hPTS, IN EVERY TA ?vUV/ rte y. for Indies ? '1 m.?Hes I UaliKLL., FLlRiUN, LaKK A CO., 471 Broadway. 4 M '* l.oT Of BLA.R THREAD UaUi<K8,OOIPKCUBS and veils, just received; French embroidered (tarn..In Mts. new styles, fur >1 12; Paris uibr liberies, la eeery coooeivab'e. design, much bdow r.-rr'lv price*; Infant*' caps, I robot Ami drewes, of our own manufacture, in endless variety. New etj lev of bUck ia"e hawiim. very desirable. Fifty dowea embroider) J haudkerchli-tr, for $1 each. BaILEY, FaRRINUToN A LafiLrE, 6K Broadway. _ NOT H ICR OKRAT REDUCTION IN 8TI.K ROUES. \ Elegant allk robes hi 99), Former nrlocKFl, by BKEAMaN k COMPANY, 473 Broadway. Black and white linen ohrbks, for travelling cloaks and dresses. At S7X senU per yard. Three more caaee tor sale tbte week, at rniali at BULPlN'a. 351 flroadway. Black tukeaii Uiiu, mantillas, rhawin and U'outers 'o malok of a superior make; also, black lew inantUta,. and poiols from 9A to $25 4 4 and 8 4 nets for basques, and a great variety of other summer article* at low price* R Il.l.KK k <iRANT, 71H Broadway. DAsgcjw, Basques. b hqurr D French embroefrred nod doited Swiss muslin for basques. A1 arge assortment just received a. low price*. By JaMKS OaOI'KKY. 4dl tinsel way. C1I1EAP EMBROIDERIES. LACKS, RIBBONS, J Dress trimmings, bo*iery. gloves and tancy articles. LORD k TaYLOR, I 256, 257, 259 and 261 Orand street, ' And 47 and 49 Catharlns street CtOBDRD SKIRTS. / A large lot will be offered at retail on Monday, the 15th. at CJtujpaitt tow rmcitf aKNoI.K, ONRTAHLB k (X)., oanni streel, corner of Mercer. CHKNILLK PLOUNCED DAKEUK ROBES, ONLY 94 net dree* U38DEIX PRTRSON, I.AKF k CO , 47! Broadway. French kmhboii>kked muslin basques, The hues. a?s urtmeul in the any. For st.le at low prices. Also, another lot of PRKPCH BMBKnmrtiD ninnKiRcinm, At $l 60. iKM '1-1). lONitT ABLE * <K>., Canal str?e., mraiKr ol Mertwr. Fashion Ait lk summkk mantillas, Every variety of drs'gr and ro'teriaL Am, PMIRAB1B tCMHV.K S'MWUt, Stella, crape cashmere, brocket, Ac , Ac., At rBdnMvd prieea. lgsd a taylor, 266, 267, 26} and 2B1 Grand street, And <7 am. 49 Catherine ?ti??t. t YJILOUKCKD ORGANDIE AND JACONET ROSEA r At *4 Bil l SB. Theee r>udi in uanally wi>d at ft', and S3, and arc of TUB rinrttr quai wv. ARNOLD, COVRTABbb A CO., Canal street, o>.ruur of H~rmr. IjtilKNOn EMRBOinERFD COLLARS AND HICTH OP P reeent Importations, !?., flieincLfc*, rn::?lln* Mti.-juOS and skir ; also, iit'anta' raps, mnorwaf colUi and acta, quite new and Tory beautiful, at oar new autre, 7US Broadway. MILIJUt a URANT. For ladik3' ddptkhd and vrar dine dr^seee. Black and white rvno D'ffta, a' 26 ernla per yard. Ton ease* for sale at retail. BULPIN, ? Broadway. SHKAT REDUCTION IN FK1UKU.?TILS UNDERSIGNED ' la selling ofl hi* splendid stock of rmbroideriM, lat e, bona and trimmings below coat, and Invites tbe ladles to gall and examine each bargain* bet ore bnytnjc elsewhere. USURY RICK, 741 anal street, (new lit) Great reduction in prior op barege robes. tbe aubeerlber will otter bis stock of BARKuE ROUES On and after Monday, tbe 16'.b, tuli thirty par oent lees than former prices. JAMES < ROP-Str. ail Irish LINENS. W7IOLB AND DEMI PIEfBs, low to One qualities; white damask and spot table clothe, assorted sues brown table cloths, Unlnr. cloth*, napkins, tows'- handkerchiefs, Ao at prioes reduced Ui correspond wlih new duty. Deal era supplied by vm. mathews m Camaiine street. Linen sueetings, damahks. nape ink, shirtInga. pillow case linens, towe.liapa, table awHkA. Ao . he. mix srtx a at low raicaa. LORD A TAYLOR. Rt, W7, 26* and 5*1 Graml street. And 47 and 49 Oathertna eGHEt Ladies travelling drkssre, MM jaria blAOk and whits check at ill orate per pari. on aale una weak at retail, At BTLPU'S. XI Broadway. T ADIEU' TRAVELLING DC8TKR9. Jj Of beautiful blark and whits jnecR, At four dollars eark. New in shape and handsome la style. Ptre hundred of these pretty and useful garmruts will be ready for sale on Tueoda,, J uue lu, * At HCLPiyS. 361 Broadway. LOWTTX a recebr, 107 Oaaal and ?9 Howard streets. asar Broadway, received by last steamer A handsome assortment of Rioh faaa, poctemnsai.-c. and Other Parte fancy arllrlea, Emt iv ld. riea, u'wi.tnnga. AS. Ladiks AND HTHANGKR8 TIHITINO Turn PITY will Hod at Ml Itruadway rink llonlUnt trimming tares, rlrgaal new patterns. and at near ha I tlie usual urtce Alan, beautiful lace sets frum 6>< ft), Hie .'nil an consist,utf, ot Hunt lin. raised point, point de tnpelierre. Collars, slserea, handkeri hle's.bnfan.s'and missus' summer ispsnf the ueweri j sl.apss and designs, and nt.uinfsetnred on the premises. Lares i' n*Js to order, and erery kind of tare to any shape or dia'gu, and cleaned wi'tn.ut ilsmare to tbe 'abrlc. CARTER ri Late Aiauulisotory and Millinery, 1*1 Itralsif. T ACE HETN. SWIHS SETS, TRAVELLING SET If. J_i w? will oner as ?m ' ty. mis. The balance of onr I-ace, Swim, linen ud brenkfant w* ai tort of importation To elenr off mrr eprtn f riorh. JCjnErotdered eotlar* Jit arr cent lee* 'baa ncual or!ten. ItKXKM tit AtMUP'NV, 473 Brontway. \f antti.i.ah, maktii.'.as. JVl Reel 'im mta"ae, Kilk and lace aa'Ulaa. Frroofc lace mattllaa, All allk tntntillaa, CbantiUy lace maaUUae. Prcnch thread circuit.-*, (lnipnre lace ra u .Jaa, roUliaaof erery deeertptlon At BK KKM \ It At MM I* ART'S, 471 Broadway. Mui'rrinw noons. m RRotnwtY. wb ?hat.l offer at retail oa Honda-, the lltth lo?tr*t, and foUowlag date, S.OdO yardi phi<-apple taene. yard wide, at lie. per rare, 1UP0 yard* Mai k barrgaa, jar.. ?? a: 31a per yard 1 More oarea Preach lawoa, reryllnr, 12We ; 3 more ? '! of robe*, warraated fael aolora, tJrer, 1(kit yard* plaid ?irlj.?1 ailk. rednoed from II to fjo per yard. I* B -A "pl. ndtd elerti >n at aiiaaater I nnr">. m wllfvi and ahaw a, at a great reduction W. JACKSON'S new mourning atore, 161 Broadway, hr'a.. n Spring and I'riooe Mroew. MAlfTTT.T. AH. Pari* embroidered, nnirtmmedjfrom IS!lWO. Par In embroidered. triinm-d. from 17 to 1*1 Pari* embroidered rVhty trimmed wtth anlpare I AT*. The above gooda ara lha taieat Parte stylee. and era offered at rery Ww prtcee. ARBOI.n CoyrsTAnr.B ? ogu """d *rrct, corner of MornV. Jtfatttbq-ottiap mmiito wn ukrn on haito in a 'aw ylceea of 4 4 mattbi*, at te cmi#, for men .miw; 4-4 printed bmcatrla. at cent* W. A mlttn, IDS and 110 Btitli a rente rtaetly oppoaJte the market. MACIIIPK BTITri'KD f ntRT no w tffr I-iTBAITDi and collar*. In crcr* etyle. alwnt? on band at T1IK I.lBKlk stork. 74T i?rc>?aw*y, ar>o", a ?? r pive. J. ?. M(U.IKKit A OO . ProprtaidW. Mahtim,ah. MART,, Ural thread Uen, frer.cH lace, And ai'k maaUITm la a fr?W Tar>ty of atylea. 8om? of wblofe *r? eery bnantlfoL AtJAHRHCBOPHRrft, I _______ Hrnaiirae. PI.AIB AfIt HTRIPkl) Hli.KH At til and Wemia. Oi tfiaaJ price, BO and 1<D renin. AKIt'll,I). miTPTAItt.B A OO., Oanal atrert, earner ef Mornap. Rrcit buhwkr nRfrt Rtr.m, i*<ir tartaty, A Ho. ItRW PTTI BH BCWRRR SU.RH, At M oenla to Bt p< r yurtt CORO A TAYI?OR, M, tt7. 1f ard *il Aran 1 at" ?. Ann C and W 'btthaiiee at eel SP*JlAi. ATTRITION IH RKgCliriRII TO OUR TAR. Bent Urg'- ar.rt d??.-*b,r rt nl rid'llt' Kit K'IBM AN.? IIP.RFR QUOIN! Tor auinac. near, nklrb ? v-c iir-'ur I IB neb belo-a matron >vrj price. iTn order to Hnar them ail net Rel re tk? rloan of th? a?ae<>?. A mutely of in atylaa bA rape and ttaana robaa and plane anuria Will ba opened paday, e"n" 'B. WORD A TATIAJR. V* 91 Tan and J*t Uea"d ataaal a ii ' ? t ?<l ' nrr>r ' CTIttff OOOUS roR OARU, 0 At 31P > ? !*. ay, earner of I'aarl a?r?Al HOM' R A KRTOUUW ntrr Ci tha trade only) ttraar boa rata, Preneh Bow-re. *? ?, youitie'aed ablldaan'a baia, Klonmera. gtpawAe., M At rarinr-tnn from former priori, to rr.r* pnr-baata. It. Ii.- I'aim leaf ,haia and Hhaaar bonria, by tan <*?? rr nana SMAI.I. CTHRtlR. HI,AI1K AltM WMlTR, Trarnlltnp wrarpera, Opened tbla morning by HaRRMAK A CORTART, <71 Broadway, frtce K * ?ad K 9 / l?RT WK>OS, M. Ski.UNO OYt ti&Mkio worth ot dry gooda, damaged by Are and wa or, ? a? tbe I.nen Hutu* \cl Bo KO AM A CO. taVe leave to inform Uieu p??UimT? and U?r ladies tn general, lb at 'bey have settled nitk Uie uaa which enables them U> utter their entire dork of stlka for aale on Monday, 16 h. .md the follow'ng daya t illy per c> nt below 'onuer prices, together with their Shawls, Embroideries, Hosieries and glomes, MsuiUbu md i Luieno uf si! kin'i, our own Importation, Marseilles N. B ?None of the above goods have been ollered f ' before. All moat be sold out before the 4th ot Ju.j. at the sto be cloned to undergo repair*. The NhW MsNTii.i.a drpartmknt At HKiMM'8 baza Ait line Mint been furnished with a peerless unrtaMl Ot spring and summer maulil as, designed and Hade up by the modistes ot the rstabhahmeal Also wl'h a brilliant laps Of the sty lea published this mouth in Parts. U EMM'S HASSAM Mo ftLS Uroadwi HL Nicholas t TllE ubhTLKYK "S rt'KNIsHIN') DEi'&A&TMl At UKNIh'N BAZAAR, Has just been re-.tooied with a general assortment of " special imported and manufactured for the | season, among which are many new styles ueoh. together with ibe much adaurv tellies borom shirts, dressing ro siery, collars, glove a ha ekiefs, dr., In great v OKNIN's BAZSAK. BIS Broadway, St Nlaholrs I DllM?jUAxd*JU> SlaJSPdlT KMB&OIDMMT MAJT torn -P. DM PIKOMTAL, (Charles Manual, suae UT Broadway, H. 1.-Madame Maocel, sister of Mads Toroeval. gives her special attention to all kinds St mrbroideries mule to nrdsr, Initial* eeoUophsg rbfci wholesale and retail P WO VMM BAP. ROE ROHKS, With high txdored flounces. At M, WU1 be offered at retail on Monday, Jans it. ABNOLIA, OOMSTABLM A0 llanai street, eoraar ot Mr SEW PVHLICATlONtl. LITTLE DOItRIT, tiy Phai Hickena (Bos.) K'Kbteen dtfereot editions. LI'MOK IlORKir OOMPLkTM. AI TllOU's il'TUOUlZSil kOITlO.IJ, Pr.WlBhpd and Kir sale ibis day. T B nci'hHSuN, No Jtb Oheitsnt street, Phil ad bavlnc at a large e\p-us* made a-rangcine'ls with the for the early mi eta of Little Dor; it as U was written just published ti e ?t hole work complete and roabridi ar-ulfantnuely wi'b lis publication in England, In the fo tighterII el> so aa to maicli all the varietta ditlerent > of the former works b, bar lea Dick en a published by rat-Kit covin kihtioba hlTfLK liOKiUT. Oomu'.eto in one vcIuita oc.avo Prior (I | U'.ob'-t* ed on" volume oe aeu, p*per coyer T IU.l>1*>TLt' oct/vo I prnoita?nrg HV'.U ouitniT. Complete lo one large voln no. with forty lllualrailoaa, ou me Un?*bt paper, at J neatly bound io black cloth, t the thlr.ofu'b volume of our present two-Ire volumt lllurtra ed edition Pri* Bound In full law library alyle j Bu>.no In haf eaif. or ball Turkey bound in ba'f calf, marble edges French I liotuid in hall laif. ancient ambitta ' unuafcr kimtiowj?mx struts. I.ITiLa IxiKKIT Complete In one la-ge rolume, lo inake the aix-h to o?r preeent five volume library eJiilnn, newly tx black cloth, fun gdi back, or plaui back 1'rtk Bound m scarlet cloth, full gilt back Honed tu lull l-w library ntyle | K< ,ud In balf Turkey, or half Calf Hound in bn'f calf marble edge*. French. Bound lu I.alf ea t. ancient anwme iLLVsiaaikip ocuot.iiuo poitiokh- roua nr. j Lit I LK HOKRli'. Complete In two roi intra of one Hum*.-id pair*, vt lllu-lraticos hou-d In cloih Ptl Bound In acarlrt, full silt ude* edge*, Ac Bound In ball Calf, gill, Fr. oru alyle Bound in hall calf, ati'leut ai?ii"(u? rkoi-t i. ? nconcc'ino i tut ton. Lit i'l.K lHutlilT. Complete In roe large roluu e of oie thousand pay two llluritratlbua. touml in black cloth i*. I Copies ot any one or all of tb? above edf ionc W'l! he once per mall, treeof postage, lo any per..-a loiuyp* United titiuck or kaiudn*. on receipt ol ui? price of llou Wanted. Bookseller*, new* akec'.a, and all other*. will nlea< bi itelr < rdrr* a' orce for wb.-.t they want of the differ lionx. all of which will be supplied at our twual low ra t'opiiv ol eithrr edition at-ot per mail, true of por receipt ot ihe Address all ordera to T. H. PKTKH30! No. Hut Chastest It., above Third, PbilsJ* VTOTHINU I.IKK IT FINCK FTF.PHEHH! 1> HAEFFK A HKOTIIKKH, MJ'oJM Prkristrec* bn anuare), onhll?h ihl day FRIWK'H TkNT UP* IK THK HOLT HICI T> vt Lira tv i I. lii.i y l,iui. By Win. O. Prune of "The Old Ilo'iae by the Klyer, ' "Later Team,'' lua'rationa 12mo, mualiii. $1 U. Hurrocxded by their long tried and faithful Arabian < ka* guard, traveling in eueh a alyle an Bulled the <-o nl young and Invalid American lady, our iravallcra through the x acred steuoa. Ditching their tan.*, uig night, la valleys whoa>- xatnea are dear to all c. heart*. No aanociaticu of Internal escaped their no! c< aaw prnce* lot of the Pat-larch at Hebron, the *ta Bethichi m wna full of beauty to their eyes. The rien 01 had Dlktue tuiiatcbi their earn, the dew ol lirrm*. le. their fumbr*< i. In Jcrttanlem Ibey remained a ling n the volume it n roaapist* and Inien ntuig guide laii* Intereat, wh 'h-- to.-.. ? travel'dug lliat way or to one nt borne. The dlccuwdm of the locality of the Holy P which Wr. Prime iiuhraila uigly differs true* Ibr. IL and wl'b an pie citation of a- Virl'le* and topographic mvuia overthrow* ihe poa. .on of that iearned gctn. one of the moat valuable porUous of the bok. The ,r of inddenta. all aorta of |deax*iit ndyen ure. just sue wb"> read will long ?ome'.rua to enjoy d um. alt will be glad of I'uu opporvtnli; of know Ing w hat lire In tents m the Hol> i and. Hotli Una book nod t LUe la Egypt contain a IvUe to traveller* vim.utg the trie* widen w ill be l>> ind to contain all thai Amene need to know about going to lac Ka*l lor puivliaaea at nl prcparuL-.a. Jnat publtahed, PBIWK'F BOAT LIFIt IN F'lTPT. Bolt Lire r* Kiirri nan Krtu. Bt Wm. C. Author ol The Old dov.*r by ih* River" nud "Later 11! mtratiaa*. 12m>. moaltn, (1 V>. Since the publication of utrphen*' reeoH of hi* erp lu the a n?e r? cii -. n uhing ba* ippea-*d '> aiaao character a* thj? volume -t h-iriuaton tVeiner. A moat wel *tme bo -k. trom the graphic and grneefi William 0 Prune. There i* no uu-lait* and no d > i Una book ot travels. 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