Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1857 Page 3
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ffet Vnntf en'i HgrkaltanU mm wfnlwU <tod?(jr'i iteir. irraa the Ooln 6uaw, Judo It ) It WW determined, tied and settled, thai the fli Mil exhibition of the Young Men'* National Agrtoult Ml and Mechanical Society will be held la El mire, em MMto| on Monday, August 81, and continuing daring t week an 111 September 6, 1867 We oondenae from the AdntrMtsr tbe following:? Ibt premiums in IMe aggregu'e amountto about tie 83,000 will be awarded to Ore oumpentes. Tbe flr men on the ground will be aader the general tupervWi Of Harry Howard, Hhq., Chief Bfcgtnoer of the fire D nartment of New York city, arsutsd by Tracy R Morga MR , or Btnghamton, and Mr Samuel Sherman, of Roche Mr. Mr. Howard la aho obelrman of the judges on tl competition of companies The other members aio U MM engineers of the Fire Departments of Phlladelphi BaMMnore, Qncianati, Chicago, and perhaps other cl lea. The dromon appear la firemen's drees. Kach oomoac wtt pay W6 entrance fee, which entitle* them to tlcke tf admission during the |exhlbillon without pay tog furthi pain. They will be expected to provide ihemselv wMh torches for the grand combined torohltght pr ?e m?, which. It is designed will surpass anything of tt kM ever attempted In this country. This brilliant at grand display will take place on the ttflh day, Krtdi rawing, on the Fair groenda. Two hundred and ttf mfcsis will be sent upon the occasion We are Informed that It la the intention of the Preside* emeral Burroughs, to extend Invitations to the Uoverno Wall the States, the Mayors ..f all elites of the State, at ether p>Incipal cities in the Union, to witness the grai review and parade or the hremt-u, and trial of tietr e gtees. We don't know the teat, but are told they pis perpendicular and hortsontal through seven-elghthnoi Wm The companies are required to "ounp out." The gnu lout ? Chief Engineer Howard and his associates will o a any the oentre, the companies fr* m New York,Phllade phis, Baltimore, Clncinnaii and Chicago, forming a squa around ibe tent of ibelr ohieft?the tents men spread u nwt tan tike from the oentre. We must not forget to mention that all of the great tro Hag eelebt itlee of ibe country are engaged to be beri flora Temple ani her great rival, lancer, will lead it Kind cavalcade on Tuesday, at 11 a M., covered an , followed by other trotting celebrities, who will she Ibelr points and paces on me agricultural course. We bear H rumored that Hon. Thomas Oorwia, iho b-l Baat-'Buckeye" of the West, will be iuviie. to delivt the address. We certainly hope It may be so, and trni he will not fall to accept. Jbe agricultural I rack will be one of the very bee being one mile In circumference and sixty feet In widtl Bgbt thousand s< ata are already u> der con ract, and ever possible preparation for convenience and comfort will b made. MRTINO OP PtHLSDBLPQlA BcrcaB?8.?An at Jonrced meeting of beef and mutton Ool ibera of Pbilaoelpui wan held on Thursday evening, for me purpose of maklu Cserai nominations of delegates to atteDd a convention < Where, whi :b it Is proposed to hold In tbe city of Bait more during the month of September. Tbe chair was o< eapted by Mr. Adam Gross, after which a number of get ?tenocn were placed to nominal Ion for delegate* to tbe t>a tomore convention, and a committee appointed to wait upo Ibem and ascertain If they would serve. Tbe InfUirt sayr:? We learn from Mr. I/iwry, wb > ban be ?u lo correi poadence witu me principal butchers lo the ciuos of Bali mare, New York, Cincinnati and Boulou, ibe results ef bi correspondence, from most of these letters it was mad evraent tnai me ouicaers 01 mono ernes are reauy tor paaeral conventioa, the object of which e nil betoaioi means by which the emroious p'lce now a-kod for call! way be considerably reduced. The example of the butch?i f lite city of Baltimore to forming themselvea Into a pre todtlve association, ard employing a competent agouti purchase all ibelr oaulo frt m the drovers and gratien and ibue save the profit* reailz?d by the soeculators, bt aarlalnly bad the eUect of arousing ib? bu'ohers or oth< cMen, who are not only forced to make their purcha->< fiom the miodle men, but ale> to pay full orlce for e ulfe name, to a knowledge of what la right and Just bet wee bay era and seller* Death op am Amkkicsn in Veks Crhz.?Tfa Slate Depa-tnent givoa notice thai intelligence bsa bee received of the death of Wm. H. Wood, of Vera Crnz, o the 24'b of May last ~py MKTBEMEHn^HBWKl WtfMV gAMtMAs* Ast PERSON WISHING to adopt a FIN health) male child, four years old. ran bear of one b addressing a i ote to M. R , t'nion square Post uOhpr. JilRARK H.-I WIHH 10 RKK Vol' T '18ENENINO Ol 1 pat*Iralar t nalneai. Cal w IP out f* 11 KM IMPORTATION WANTEO?UP UKoRUE W. UABWEM who sailed from l.lrerpool, and who ui anpooeed In be a freer nt la the city. Ia anxiously rrqu-eted 10 tend b'a addrre a? "all at Lorejoy'i Hotel. Park place, whe a ala fttbc- I mepptng W W ca8W*U,. Wi-euuun. MIR* I NO?OHaRLIU , a')R1> PIVK YK\KHe left hla bomc M Market a'raet, on Janet). A11 pereua retiming bun to hi* b?i?e nr gl ing Ufor nation of hi whereabout! will reoelre a Iberal re ward. J. H a IXiaMalt, No 7 Ann atmet YSH. - OOMMUNIOaTIuNR MtHKKII PRIVATE will rracn a?e unopened. WAXII Kit WON A N ?WILL IJAi.L O* TIHwK OKNT tbia day, Monday, at o'clock, "ho art h inelr waal km tone. W abH an WOMAN. ta'MtJkAx ikprivMb. ^ lAMTABTMINT OP PINaNtlK. - OOMPTROLMR' U MSee, Jane 11, 18W -Orntml Park -Notlae U hernb Nira to all nernpanta of lanemeaia no landa In the Oentn Park that their rent la now due and Boat be Immadlately ae Mad, at the Dow ptroUer*a nffloe Na Hall at Record* tx twaea th> hoara of 11 and I o'ektek all 00c 11 ran la nea'acMn la pay their rent by the drat dar of J my aext will be aoi Mdarill aa baring (ortetled their right to oaanpy, aad the pn baa will be rented to mber unrtie*. JORBPH BOMB, Onlleetor of fkly Reranoe. SUTTEN HERO PRRRT OOMPANT-A UMBRA meeting of the Onuenberg Pernr 'ma any will he hel be Rbahapere Bote . onrner of William and I inane atreeu fa Monday evening line H, at Bo'elook. Bualneaa of th 1 '-r will be abuol aelltag the ferry property, on aoemu af eatablf btng a regular ferry, therefore, erery ahore la ei pnoted to be repi enr oled. It. HTK1L, Rerre'ary Ma?>nio notice-i hp m w. uRtNii l ?rv?R O the Hate of hew York will meet, puonn' n adjoin maat. at the Orand odgo Room. Pitharoraa Hall, on Tie, day ere nli g, the MM matnat. at TH o'e ooh. The Maaten flat Maalera aad Warden* of lodge, are reqaeeted o attend. JaMde HRRRlWtl Orand teemlacy. MARONIO AMD I. O. O. P. REOALM, JRWglJt HBaU eoat meaandembl aaa, wwety badges, roaettea. >t<i banner* eax en. staffs. Ae ; mlMtnrr a- d oaral embmtderle nt R "< AS' old aiand, SM Orand amet, altar July I, at ? Broadway | Mayor r oppicte, new tone, junb is, 1 urn -*< ttee lo owner* of dog* - Police a hereby glree. that > aad after Welneada?, Jane 18 Inst., theordl <ance r-ep-cuo dog* found running loose nr at large In tar of the rtrcrle I We any of Nrw Turk without b-lnt pr>perty mixiled will > mratlr enforced The inn of 80 can a will he raid for er?r a brought all re to the Pnnad. oa the corner of Ptrel arean Thirty Ami atmet. which shall bare been dnind In tl MUlata running kmae or nt large wi bom being prepay y out; r.on preaentAtlnn of the eerflltmte of >he Peund b eeper I (Btef Of Pollee at bto odloe In the Part owner* of dn| amy reclaim them at the Pound, between *'tnrt?e and tame an [he day tat whMk tbay war* proelred. on payment of ei pan am. PhRNAff/>o Wotn, Mh or. / vPPlt a oP THE OOMMltwionaK* uP TaSiBi aR V April Rl Id67 Tai payer* take nouoe Moaae a hereby gtren u? all parttee Interested. that the nam** meat ml la id the several ward* of the city if New York kar baaa delivered lo the t Vnnmlaaion* r> V Taiaa aad twee rnaam, and that the aame will te hi* fee renew and wm Roa. at the offlae of ma OummlsrUnrrs. No. *1 hnm'.ei ML (new (Vmrt Honae.) rm? toe I" oar or ??T ? (kf o} Jim. Isolator*. Wtwee* tor of ?i/olook A. 1 Mi 4 oelnrk P. M Apoixmu- iw for to* Miwum M ffnoeo>* Mm made ai Ikr otoor of toe i rf AIO M JHmnii dimnjt to* period above mm t* mod. aji pwwi toW settle*! to moke mob appltoanoo (etnapt bp reaan* totem or Ahaeser Urns toe ohr, dunnr to* ?Urv perw, wktoft to* tooto ere *p**.> *111 *m be -oUtled to rrdhf h* Hi Raard to Heperrtoon at any aobovqaenl period. Tf Al.ltM, i. __ ti. tBHT* ransssr r)RlLTBR rUATBRA-THB IXMVirw ~ ... TH vert (II J ) Plater*' ftoetetj vonld rv tolWHrM plater* ttooncbout to. Or , irtml' frost e*?b abo, to ever/ toll w v u tow, to auesd b aauosai aoavesti-w ~jVLif Z wiiv* sp* bcvwt. *. rib i" \>O0?HB*Tt, SlkMUtolttM - toJLiAKimm. y Pap*r* to..WU)to to to*r piraar onar. IMtoWUU. AquMriBTT amkirtmkkt ur rinirr rn'iriK Of Joa li 4 1 Mr to?infAO"ir*. ?*rr*i r IM aaalir tf irortniuahtp end m*i?rl*l. rorajrtainf ? Jjtorlf? to of etblblttoe aed rale wk ?< their aq? nop, 1 wasbtopr m f|fWPt enraer of B?r*lay Itea'era eat lrwn o<? ****** ' .urolled ?l lb* I iweal prtoee I'rderv abooM be * '" a to H i K ?R JRKlilAH M OO. ?H WaabiBft torsr y >i? Tort "dJDOBH PIRHT riltll'l OObORRD A*l? HKIU.IAJ XV Irswcrtb _ . _ , Leboratory, R<WA Po>nl, Jervy lily, P. J Order* tor toe bbore workr dbonld he addrea*ed to J. O R.DOE.Jr.Jtotoiltor.orto^ ^ Ho IdMAtde* ltoo? H. T Where remrlea ol eihthltton pier-*. ai?? ever variety lrf " wnrtinllvd to More keeper*' ear.?* wR a* rradbefk, tor, See* roeketa, eendlea, kr .tr, kr... oi*? ?>e toond flood delivered lour P*" ?' ** "* or to asy of ?b* n Hto or T*n?mbo*l ruutone. free of eipenee J|1IMW()R?R^ pre*kln*M to to* 0*H?d RtoMb. iMtotonl eoh>red And hrllltoal KihlhlUonrl irevnrb* ?o? rrtdy. wHb pr-<T*mn?ev u to< ORiniRAT. CIHTItn TAf*'" LaMURATORT, Oto**. in Week In*'on ?lre?l, Jrr*ry iHy. I Aim ?li* I rlrveL. reoond htoek fro? toe fevrr_ lmmrmuwj WaAII RiniR.Hr.. P|MdeeSAtol Tork tolr depot. At fW Ubertj "fret AXrvsl sstr.iirtrw? 5 *rjg% u*. Mm. Rev Tork. Will to eel with p rotor I Attetoto*. OA. UUJJRRnARI-'R t*r*iAK)A lltlimii * JOLLRY A Tit- KM hot* kjrwtta. ton* Mi I? Wt Ham atr**i eomar V i*pm Ifrtr Tort. ^1. * T. won Id Mil thr attention of ibn trad* to brlr a Mont of Sr? rrarkw* tnrprdnm. r?*k?> H wvui a JM. trbmln of all klnda aiMhition and ail artlr MM*aad*atall mottlmd to oiakr a rtt'l aaam'atrnt far t Mm ar ?.m., Vi*lt?T marantand. at pr*M tvafond roa^ nation. J"* ? awn i. idoi, jr.. 'iwumi tar r.i ? ^*.wh ? tbaiaalaf in bat? fn.T tartf r? rm . '?? ? * T^wortp" M tbr >>it?d W? iti t?t?? ^ ~r_Bfor B?wneta d?-r?d J h ,pr *- n Ta-TiT? f**1 ?o? Mara, aba U lb. <t r< all ? ? * M*a *bai tbar bar. ?a ar?1 thMr * . -ka W -7?- Tf f ? r by th? a. f . toa ta 'ato Jr.* " "tnt* ? b. n-rld a '.it, nm a< afva w3*HL "'t-*1 >h'to, ak'bh it, **?r? vm aiau lfc_ lr. ? r anporv., , y )>, i' t r -,?i "" **? 4*?** tbi, work ?.?,* .<* f. MJ. is, Jr., "MMwainrp. >ti j HI; T. I ^ TH( ?t. ;t ,!*'.*I f <?r* III Matwaa Mb*. V *\.n tfj * rtHjrnwuLiu A TH WABD.-TUJC 1 KJMXJBtilC BLJK7TOR8 ARC ft/ . 7 <i u> mool at ih? * atioual Mo. 4 taooae'elt Miwl c( * Mib rd, Ho. M>h. '*U> and ?ta. Mown <b? hour- of 7 P par # H. and In P M , for dw purp-aw of 'Drolling iDxir uuml ta bo I a- ponaadoo of the j Ian of rmirganial-g tke prhmarj amu wm ahai a# adopted by ifc? tiraaraJ (Jomatl-taeof wttiah Wn?>o HmUl ta tan ctaafrman, at TaiMiany Hall. jo M dofl.iC, ? Ofcairman of Inapooiore elected Uat goaeral eleoUua a r ? b M CTH WARD -IW FOBBOaIIO* OF T?M call of T it ? ?. U Deaancr tlo RtpubUtan ii'iwval O aoktrt, Ndioo a?, - Hmall, eka rteaa. Iho Amncrate of tbn Fret *arl will a?l <T ' ea thu evening* of the ?Jd ??d Mill, ?th and Mia of J uu. no , <t KM U>e MM o' 7 III 10 o clock at I til ilrwowlnh ?iree?, , fp 16 for the purpose of eurol'men and registering their neroet. I on >e Bro drrofthe Democre to lanpnrtora ofjUlnouon. OTH W?RH MATIOMal. DhlMuCntllO \*NO<)IaTI ?W. ?*, y _ a mae-trg of Urn ig'Ort ulna, to ha told at llwi Adriatic, mrm >7 corner of Bade' n end Burrow rw?, ou Wee or. day evening eour *" June M, Ir67. el 8 o'clock, dullness of importance mil oome rrn sr before tee meeting. By < rder. M " WILLI * J BRTWUtT, Presided ?" rvntOORATlO OObVHNTluB AT TAMMANV il\> U- men , JJ Ate meeting oftbe Democratic Repobltoee Oonreotion of h.r 1 the city of few lork, hrld a 1? mutant Hail Thura ley ev -u oond If log. June 18, 1887?pre.'eut Thomas Byrnes, William Winer, ? IV J one J Tub, Alfred I'haueellor, Andrew J. io> \riy, James /. H Roweo, Jubn Bbea Bartholomew Beelv, M. H ilarl. J V J51 .< Savage, Jr , J. T ll'-nry, John 'laucv Thomas J Renr, lavab nrat ' Rynders. J. V.cMahon, I W McKtever, J U Pens, ienrge .1, ? Id k- koniel'.I\ * *"? w< J, i L? I r rmd*. J M. Marab, J. Harrison. iten White, a. Hra lb, ?d John Pe'tit, T. B Tapprn W. () Webb, O. M., M. L Jth o- Bryenl, W F. Wens J H.noeit. T Dunl-p. H P West, iTi., IV Charles I). Meed, J V. Fowler I mac Beil, Ir. B 4 Hart ??. _ * W. botrie. 8. O-jrxxl J.Oregory M IUplii H D. Va ider bryden. John Coc'ratte J L. M.Uer, <J U. > ornell, K J. 1)11 _ , Ion. v ill am C'Duonell, John Ne'blt, Jnbu Kagan, W - ? ? Dunham, N J. Weterhury, Peter B Sweenv. Thomas Kl-ir JR / 0 can. rt D Dtlleye, a. )roa>?nt, Jamea Mahoniy, <). Mora ' ||. Jr., Alex. Ward Deunla F Root, tie tree ??. Davis th J ', m sards bring called, the chairman ol raab delegation renorleo .? the rfllcrr* of ibe ward nrgaolxailon. The Thi-d ril'h and ' * Din b a a rile not being fullv organized on mo ion, fur her time wee Allowed for tbet purp ee. Ta?re bei g tw.i <C ' * organization* reported ft>r ibe Kitieenth warl. one wub JP 9 lion, hl'jah Pan! as Prwidenl. and the other with dainitrl pr " ie Oesood fcsq a' er bear ug both side* the> ??n requested V> APP ,a eonfer together, end th>y thereupon agreed th-l the matter b ulla be rtfe*red bark >or a new enrol aeul and <hat Tho oea i? I * Dun lap be appointed a? umpire Id oaxo ol dlaegreemnul and *'*the oonvetiUiin eo ordered 'there heii g ale> t?o orgaalu *"[. 1 Mone reported for the i wenty se ond ?ard, eue with Heur> ,n'h r dehuorr Btq . aa Preg oent, and one with .jerret U Striker, d I ,t at'rr hearing no.b aid'a ibe report In f vor of tre orgenlxadoa wilh Mr Scbnorr aa Preaident waa accepted, with only two 4MJ d raenting volcea im motion the following resolution# were Pa ' . nai.'mrMiiiy aoopic1' a sw > I tsolved rbai tile democratic republican organisations ?t iMM jr .he sov-ral wards are reqneat. .1 each u> e'eot live MtB ?? to m he Itemocratlc Republican neucral tVwnmlttee, 8ve delegates lo the l>rm a'.rallc R publ.can koung M-n'a leneral 1 'om <1??1 wlttee, and an eiecu't e omnirl tee for the ward, rnd report <TlJ lite *a e to tbla convention at a m ting thereof lo be held on pro 1" Iburadav eve< ln< J use If. nurc ia>d. That lh> election he he'd Id aeoordaooe with 'be ooDRtli'itloo of the ? am organization, und-r the direction of )t- three liop.clors W> be ("elected bv thr presiding oflloer of the (t? * . organisation, anc that the aecretar .'a titer- of act a?Ml IJVJ ' Or motlor, the proceedings were ordered o be signed by heel 5- the 'Hirers and published he i BIJJaH F. PORDT, President. ? |. Auiro OhaSCEIXOR, ISecretarlea if A ? B. H Vakderiikvoes. I8*0 1*"" 5)4 r EBIGBTH WARD 1'EMOOBAT 0 ff ktO ?B8UUI\TI>jN pp' 1 Cr w II. meet hie eveulu . at the o rn- r ot llud-on aud Oiari- ply i i too a ree a, at 8 o'clock. 411 democrat opposed to u- urpatKU ir and In favor of met- i lug our Mayor In the nooie (j? r e stead he hag taken for ' uuaUtuUonsl llierty and chartered IJt?) ,. rights are invited io at' nd. E. WaINRIOBT. Prei'L u, p, N Rae, Vice President. ply i J Blauvelt, Per'v. I> Lamb, do. le _ , 8 \T INI H ?"\RU? m yjf Tilt IIVLl. OB $ ^ J i.a the t'emocra Ic Republican "eneral Committee of the vul'< lo city and n> un y of Be* kork Mesar* John H ipall .nl i,evi ? Rurln. nieen. John llannen hetnuel eow's'idaud Allium gpp ' Tho*burt.. oons'lliitlcg ? mijorlt) ?l lb-democratic lnil>e>iuir? 1 of'he above ward ele."e by 'he pe pie laa f*U, noavencd #r a'the A. rial le oorner "f Ba-row and tudaoo alreeta, no the | f} if evenlne of the IDrti Juu?. 'Hi", at eight o'clock, 'or tie pur . %*. id po?e f oryan'ilhg a board of iuspertora, on mo ion of John toln in B. r pitted K n , B*muel ho*l"<d w<? duly elected chatr _ man and 4 1 lam Van ArMil- and rianuel Frte ol-rka The CemoCTitlc citizens of the ward are r??peotfollv re>)ueHP-d \ 'o a 'end be'ore'he ?ai-' hoard of inapec nra on either of thy Hj ie f.llowlig rv?nines he'ween the hoora of aeven and l?n. * n June it. S. 24 . 25?nd28 1887. at the tdrU io order of llml 9 iq aor and arrow rtreets, for the purpoee or enrolment and regista-rii K their ramee A 8AMUKL ROWLAND, Chairman. .V ? ff? Var Aksdalb, >r. k. bancKL Prtc. ) Clerks. and wiiErAiio Uifroiii ^ WV~ ~<n ?reulf GRRAT BRTOCTION -F VIN KNT IMPORTKR OF uelni pure French wipes, brandiee, Ac., Ac.. No 18 Worth Wl> ben y Ham street ~t'lard wine II per dmin bottlea and hlgta. r (am brandy IS per gallon an I h gher. all klnda or foreign wli e w? aha mp ague, liquor* cordiala preaerve* and o? her K-tropet u J era S, SO p?r cent ebe..ptr than any other house In'be elt>, sons All those warranted io be the boi'. Beware where you sop. plv yonraelf ~~" JOAKH' Pai R ibi'IA ALR. BQUAL TO PORKIUW B BrPwery 18B Esst ftlxt i etrw t *'* m ? pho'i Jfkrw PA' r RTOOe ' IJt?(JUAulTT VJCTRa atlh. Brewery 188 East Klfh street ~ - wa"- _ . iip Baui kauuki birumij*wi/8 co'l-rai r\mnn- ifl'l cot ark (?al (Vtmpany. of p* nneylranla, baring netrlr i, enmple'rd their railroad. rre now prepared ?o eontraet fr>r . ... lb- deilr-rj o' th-lr bituminous ootl for gar, blnckami b i . vruatnd domestic awn This onal hu been pmci-allf . tes rd for ru. la free from aulpbnr, and the quality proved *" o be anilefamorT. It baa been 'out d in be well adapted to ttt all nrpoaea fur which tllumlnona anal la required p w Lerma ' ' and further In'nrmation apply at the oorvof the company. m _. - William at -eel, rooms 14 and 14. ALPKKO ABIlPlkt.0 (l]1 ~ -? ~ ?~ mod i fbm ivrfi and * i rRio* oourh , U I.-tr<irriRt*. -mom ? a y, j 0rr ? " i h j p kLpreeiaoly.?Match for WOO. wUe heata, to . vtti _ wagoaa Waa. WheeHo name* h m. Mary Taylor; Hiram r " wo druff aamea bl f. Black Hill imm-dlauuy alter the *j?ti * puree of B^g will dome of. mile heata bnal three la Ore, to 1 a po 1 wagone. H Woodrilf names b. a?. Queen IMu; <) Oarl erih * aamea a br r; Mr I Suedlker names a gr |., Wa WVwtaa aot I AAtWAA h B. IMOtDilOB. I lit 8HAW A WHITE, Proprietors. g.b), L TTRIOR OOCRSE, L. L-r uRTPOREMRRr.-THE Th7 4 U purae of (7ft Lbu waa an Xjonoed to eoma off oa Prlday a, .a la postponed 111] Moo day, June It at Slf P. M. aired * riuw A WHITE, Proprietors. L ! II! p reward.-lost or thm wat prod 8trawrr fsfi?, i i)u Krt amn to Caoden and Amboy depot rta Aalor " * ?. 1 ouae a bra a mount vl leather hat boa, marked Ootoer ou > i the ha die. Co labia papers of so ralne ei?ajt io the owner, *_, lb- abore reward wtll so paid on delivery to Mo lt Pine i Street, Mew Torh. i tfcc rkwabd.-rtraybd or loht 4 elaohok ^ 9i) nadun pony, white apot on the lorebead and white _ , ai? no lb-bark, large bellr, thick Itmbe and a pao-r, ttaica m lg abort 'a i. buaey, arae nane Any Info ahrtioo gran will be lib-rally rewarded by thrimlan Jordan. Fifty laird street, ?ol . third bouae east of Ninth arentie. rr~ * fc'hl) rhwaro.-ulrt. afackdttr op bark rii,ij? if4] * f?t"f Oootsli.lng ifdo (>et either la the Hudson Rirer rail f ' a mad cars or ihe lower pert of Una cur . between ft a M aa i . * p. m , on p-idey lwi mat. the abore re ward will hr pall J?*! 7 sad ioperty Identified by tearing package at No h tv?n* ir la. dl aireeL a. 8mith. * t9H( k MWlAD-ftOIJii rtoil thi patttort tp in ffvw tile annaerlher at HlonoaQeld, r j., twelrn pleoes rv fa ? fasny oaaaimerea, via : m t, 4 i'leoee nadet mil, 75 yarda ' i 1 d l Hlaci Croaa rib ?l oo. do. Brown wtib apot aldg at due, tbi do. _ Rampleaof the abore nan !? aeen at theottre fg the Chief of ,^ p Police. The abure re rard Will be paid on the rnourery of -ae H goodr and ?<nr lotion of the lAlereo. a jossji, iw. david oakh ~ uwt and wvhbt^ ?id j ("idcu'uiat-a un'* or tbi bar* Of com ,',t, I ?-rce. wen Tort da'ed vay 2 1*5/, Ro l.rO#. fw ?? band red o-t three d- 11am and ninety fn?w rente, drawn i.h hr Vylrr, l>art?enn a Co . (Inomnatl. to t ? order vf the ui f '-rataned oo h<rlng beee reoelred eel parmmt atopoed, v?n ^ all p-rsona are hereby o?mlPt|*d ag laat ?* he t asm** will!An luirlaiiii h oo apt " haw man tactnrera. si Reaoh airset, Kendngioa, Philndel ? : ^ p ntwl pdl'rn Bl.Al'k akp tar tkrrikr havihu on a v llsr the name h h Ma-e?, Maaarnnh, f? nek. Pa tar owner can kare It by eal leg at the Ool'?d -ay va-< _ ium, pttih arenne. betwaen for y third and Forty fourth ? . atie* la. and pajb g eiprneea. 2 li* tJWD.-OII 9ATURDAT APT***!*)*, I# AlO?m 0V, V r bo*, p. ? >1 th- ttenih ferry, a parrel anntalnlaut |M 2 aerera aril lira of itli? Ibr oi n?f wn Uw II on Jn nniii* ? L? theron-eiiia and paying the n|?nw of Ihia adrnrueoiiieiil. *-o, Appli niJM Hot' n atr-et Hr? k ) n. |f IIMI1. Ob 111* I9T i INhT A (tub l #aIXU. ,V lo.r trr ai tin iuri'iai deak of tin X>mki Honk |~*r T^Trati i?* t run ?rn imr. a i-ik k <t *?i Li hi*>h rrmi-lnp rmr lit) la ntlta and ruber p?p?n, raiua mi. hte nnl? tn Ike n?MT 'f IJl> (Inter wt I keep the money an I nai ? le?.e ih b ?'k a-d papern ?l the ouire of H linrrtaoa, M ?el ' Trron row, ho will murk ?h|t(e t?e ton?r, .Inm.w Httrite rtl.i al* ' H A av (.HI f-W WkliftK l?A? KVkHlNii. IN .MJlltti PRO* Li Twenty tilth a'reel to Hpu.tler I mutt me tn t Potirty aoi m teeirne ?.*?? fron there to Pulon ferry, tn a Ptfth ft wf Mir u> ! ?? etreet, Hr->nel>n a Hold xmted hair rha n, V<1 or with a Ve-he. and eha> wt a uientd Any perwm tlndlno it wtu ^ i return n to B J. Nmwa A o .U rtrwdway. aoraor of Uaer- ^,, ? ty atrrci, wherw they ehall be literally re . nrd I *T | i HI At I e V PC If-, l~a I aiNl.a.t HOW* MKM I W Li rani*, h. brat,'- . Payment "f the eaan 00.1.14 b<-en au.pv ?d. th-y ' o?e i.. an? -?e .11 the owner U a The ent tope wee . r.d"*?e t k Haef. rd, "o 9 H?<ehman atreet, * Pew Yerh and Jh Hnnth Ntn h atreel Wli'lameb.irg, Th# 'J'1 tinder will ho liberally ra warded by returning It to the abo ra "lv'* ea mM J* rn-T I t> T IN A Nl'hTil At UNCI HtA.IR, (I'l'iHIfl f ^ Li Pih'i.'a eatorm, at a o' .i-a-k Priday erenlnf. tune 19. a? ft .. opera fire* and >aee 1 n.-An... r wi.I nr rewarded by learlag . It ai "ft W?ai Twrn'y a.r'h n. e. ? t imT-oN hup7>Yt~iiifTiM A ruth A V**iiV~i7R , " Li at or ner of Imn'tJ rimei, a portemonnaie, on aJ.vri* Boa tnrty ihr* e dottare tn'a and a renetpt from an >n.."!l4"noM nf?. the m.-rey wie toe ear* Ink* of a po e wido e nan, m* for her rent dnn. A ay h tinr u? r> m h< Tint found it will .In a w I charity by ? a< ( tt at "VI ftib.ti* plane, Eighth Miami 'all ~ ti initiftOH. ~~ fn L tjUCPFfltOPR.-T* TNTWAMIR R ATWI.1.ITW tUPTATR Y Er Aftderwrn re?h-a regular tripa to the *t?4mg Hank* M m errry day eanert la'orday tearing Norton a.r-m at T. Hrrlna ? reel a. "V 'I' hi a. Hmnme a'pnot at 8H '^0T >' ?i. S Jforih rt-?r at 9 o'eioeh A jidllh* haait wtl) anmpa 3. ~ ay the >termor. P H Ta? it AT4I.I If B will make a Udi to '.be i hotere Hani* -terr al'eenain tarnrday. rla?dun-? h __ Jut* 4th and HA >iiauai M llVh and W> tjearftu Norton H tpeet ai t. Pier To. S "or*.k nr. r at hU. Pen# *Hp at1 o'ldnoh ~A N pree'?e y. he?o-niad In Ike aPemnow aameday m. Kxcuiifmi** ? W?.hin? >?. WiMhiocUm. u W?>hllir>>n Wt<h1n*U?B. 1/ ,v. Forcburlor. Appl > u oW?i*. ' **> VFiwi nXm*. 'tq' _ nottuTi *n? ncium. ?? niiKHIT.l.' v. V OF THUMB If \J ??f. A? hr?v/.??, ftwii 9 ? 4 n'nl ink d?M?. *1 *ll * " r'r^Brtwty. Pr1?v? ih? MUM (went)- imr* t * iprrirnno. (rlmr ?r> nndton l r* (It! mrrr (in (h- r ?rrM nr 1" ' And iTBi i* B> Irra-m-M of tSw dril.atn *???? Ad ?4r . 'r?n?n?' or ih? ?J* ??l> prmnr^d at tba ">?( Aim " M , ?fV>r xr-wrili tj , >?K> m??* and lo A nuctlj ?r 10' ?" oali ral t./r y? J* MP W mWBI.l 9., Oonlltt, An?VH, Afl *" ?, Vril^? l A T? .1 T<rfc1 oil# ? '()? ? ??< *\7*l? ttC- ? '* lr ii ?onlr <fi f ?wl n?- T?? okhmi' i >- ?* L1 it?d and *>l# >nl| st Pno.?mnr ovin'w i Ih F r, 'If X Vjn (Tcr ? To ,1 f>r? row * 1. -f- < r ' 'o1? r<?itir| pr.!? ?.' (Br tiBrM ?mo? ,M ;k* a?. r t, BW TURK KERALA. MONT #% > I \4,n - FO* RALE. A LARGE WHOLESALE Aim EK'R "'U. retail Hqmr atorw, located In beat boalocaa F bom . ?f the Fouriaenth mrd, e w ho eat |?nu( ata ?ou d 14 rocmi akea aa ear eer |o lake eW(? of the atota rbla la a f'ull be ace aairom met wtlh. Apply I* T OaFFNET A CO., 300 hoaae ; I 11 welfih strret Aaterla, ;/| -??'* 8a' K A MB T FttCIT AND LIQ Ot H01'1 II'. etnee, ?ell A ted op In a pood a-tpbiorbood among U or hip building , the o ?oer la engaged at other bualueaa jpchea. lire af HKhJattl*. No AN Lewie -tree* Iadrpea ?? ? goad wo ?|W1 ~A WD? Atma BUSINESS, NO COM e'?U. pet tl?D, 'eat uald t Jnjy t; iu light fre?. The *nt proprietor b arra for l'all fori la Jul; A Apply at tea H , "lament outuler b Ike W 11 lamaborg Equestrian Institute A_1 cm I Tin A P.M. wlihagt ????????-??______? ?nld low IC|| Ft B IBB Oar HXrUBaS aWNINO. I.RaSE, W^IT* fO\F a MRiftU Kiorl of liquors and sugars tt'ervtfciiif ,UIW _ acid fro?h uatalrd. MaguiAwnt location. Sold no ac 1"*^ ?v rxmoTii. appiy ai u>? i mra avenue, oorner 01 bu- a ? ih itrwi i| /?, a bo* wanted ataioa, I -?-?? land and ;nil -">* -A,'R A nktT, nana I vM r? iraveltlun nteror'ae from which. ?1 b pmvr JL"1 " *gan>ent quick and large daily re/-alp a ran lie rntliaed. full particular* call a' No IV6 smart way roam No. 2. ad- w Al?T? I B or, briw- qp the hour* of 10 aid 4 < 'o ock 2! \TO H inn-POBkALIt-fllllHAlJ OF A VIST AORRrt- ? ,rta! IUV/ abte and remnnerrtlve bdalneaa To a man o' en- WWW an- good Purine** i,i*a trie la a rare thancq Keforenoa* JPP'f w> ii ant r'jnlr> d Apply a 3 0 i'ro?d ^ a>, ofllc-17 Fulton * ClY -A *KCIT, K-OAK 0' N?KOtION 4RY, ICR pB?HH er am ai d aoda water e*ta'>li*b>neiit aultaole f >r -A II dyer |f?ptlemau t" attend. the place handaomey fitted IO an. ML nd toing a auaoe> ?(ul buaiaeaa ? pi ly at Ittt llrordway, j 14. O if. HuffKHkdU. pAAI ilia ?r k haU. omk or iub i.akuiwt ?hd ?'.,khU*bl 4 MJ, '?* t whole, ale and retail M inor atorea up to *n, o? 2; *"*' * jf he h rl bii*ln< *? avenue* In a tbiokiv pooubi'ed n igi- targe* an ood.ri, Ing an etaell m hu?tn-aa. a good lease and clean invent , AiplytoT UAlfFMCTAOu. *9 KU*' fwefbat-et. ?' "Ineaa, and ierm rAilOeSH WII.i. PuR H A8K TWC RIGHT OK **prn|" .til M f ibree Stale* for one f the heat pt'eu a ever ? , ght I i?ire the puMIc *!<> 000 can be realized to cue year. ^ . 1? ij at II Broadway, oflloe 11, Motla'* But! lint cnlne* 11 Cf./I THE BUtRCB ANTS'DI?I*G iOOM.U >RNF.R Br'"*1?" .uV'V of John a"0 Will am atree'a. 'or aale -the tp>od -,??? ? lure tore, and lliturea It I* one of the heat dining noma S T ? city 1'all at the ro >m from 9 to 11 a. m., and from 3 to , * , g Ing Ratlr | UflA -roR SAl.B. A DOWN TOWN HAUKIK fIH> GH i.CuUi and lunch houae. bandaoraely furnlahed *rltb * *c;>d ttock and drlug a good burine** wall aataMlahed; Johnson A for two year* ai a low rent. Will ?ell <t a valuation. a Mrrt ra HIUOR * BODTHWIGK. S4 Naeaau itreat. MFuUoi AAA FOR A NKAT, PI,KA8?NT. ANDOOMFORTI.UvU abl- h' 11 a in Willutmahurgb well flnlahed. In ct otoer, and Mghtlv en< umbered ; or will exchange for 4>*>Af I andiee, ally loi or a rma'l f-rm. ' HIOGS A HOtTil WTCR. 84 waaaan atreat We, 1 airt atorea, w |lli(l WORTH OP RRAL. RSTATK. IN ON 4 OP only ' e 11 .'JuU the uleraanteat cltie* In New 'ahlre woit'd ren'ofh' tcbaeged for alamnn ?, wi-'ctie*. fancy vo > la. ury gooda, bim a fill Apply at 3JI6 Rioadway, offlca 17, Nofat'* ButliUug fit*, for 4 ? Iraat, or 1 ol III -'Oft 8A1.B, AN KI.F. ANT IOW OKNAM Battery JUl'. confecUouarv aDd f ncy hakery, c induoted on nan of laylnr'aand Th"iup?on'*; dally recelow ?7A lo4lt>); <|??>| li en h r? i|ulred, balance re*l e?tate or oih, r a-oir'ty. *p- <pOU\ i XV> Kroauway, r?H>m 14. V e IKiWKSAOJ. a oooe li oI etpeni r/i I FOR THR HAMISOMK BROWN STONI lng. .fc t JV/ ' bfrmfnl high sloop private residence an the -r ??it of l<rkiia ?ir? e Williams-, nrg Term* easy. Ap dfC/W ttlBiaanovc of PhTKR A. HtfKf. sP'jUl ????????????? done mo lliWl -FOR KALR OR TO LRAHK TOR YaNU active or '.UUUi factoring or olbrr purpoar s,a three dory brick Meg, to by 10(1 feet deep, end ho 123 Hroome str-e near d>i'(W entrance on boifa atrerteino* o-oupled an a distillery. iJpuUl ly in J HT?iOV'sNiil> A Co . !|P3 Centre street pie?>abt es'lon Oacbbh or oooo F ARMINlf La NO?WK1.L LO rated, 17 miles from the rlt? ot Chicago, will be sold A| 111 nnable. or excb-ngrd for good city or Hroos'-n nroperty, f l.o' cumbered. Address Jnhu Williams No 722 Blub avenue wb?r< %\ ????????????????- one weel RaH* CHaNO*.?A LIQVJOR STORE FOR BALE.- apply. Fire years lease unexpired 1st of April last: will be with stock and Hit tires, or without (took. Apply on the $1 ill sVes. 267 West street. $1.' 'I buMoese, FINK FARM FOR HALE OR BXOHaNOB-FOR required. Brooklyn or Jersey Ty property, situated In Ocean cilice. ity, New Jersey consisting or til acres, 70 of -bleb are r a high sta'e >f cultivation, the balsnoe being meadow (J?X i l| woodland MB tons of hay ma i be ohl* nert fr >m the mev <v 1 land yearly; a fine large house two barus wagon house, bu-luest r-db toe house, Ac. Those wishing a desirable country ly respite nor coaid not find a more beabhy or pleasant situation. |2U uuu p g bnt a short dlstanee from the ocean and bay, where 8 Is good fishing and claming; 'be ylo nlty la famous for e, berries ef all kinds In abtindsnoe Kasy of ao-ess b> d>l ill steamboat and states. A h-use ard lot In H rook I en or dpl.Ul sy Plvy will be t*k-n In part p>yment- Fatlsfartory roa- ?n o urn given for selling. Aldrese K. U. B., box ltd Herald rrmuuer > unless ih AUT FCL OCUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 8ALB- ?u"1 , With fnrnltnre, carriage. An , and 10 aces o' land, near begtvm brnnswt k. N. J., cmmandlng a magnificent ylew. A ugrsph of the place, which will he sold low, can be seen tf><| II a office of F. P'HKBVILt.Y. 18 Bxchange place. sp^.U' rNTRY PLACE FOB 8ALB?SPLENDIDLY RlfOh- !e?*p?"' ted, ootsmaading a magnifier at slew, twenty miles from Invention by railroad near the depo : good land, eonyenien' bouse, iriaul eufutkflngs. shaoe and fruit tree*. Apply to B. (t>0 j hi ITIND4LB. 107 Broadway, third story front. ipZ.U1 || a txi pei >AL YARD POB HALB.?THE I.BABB, HORHB8, ledge of car's and fixtures of an old established ooal yard. In a MVlN'li location, and now doing a good business Haisfactory ?? m? given tor telling, and poaa* salon giren timed lately ar ui -"S- 1 on!, ''erald office $D.U' ?~'?""~~~~???~~~"""~~?~1?~~~ t ei,traily .KOANT COUNTRY HKAT AND FARM FOR H VLB brute rot or eirhange, fourteen ml es dtaunt, bonsn arge. with way. ro>i ern ImpiovemenU; grounds heeniiiul, views to-, springs _____ fruit abundant;plan- completely stocked. Apply to I). P. tllYliT, room IP. ovvr Nassau Rank A JJ" t KM FOR FAl.lf- SITUATED IX MILEH FR )M THB hicks-tile station. 1. I., M mile, from New York, eon ng of forty acres iC land, Iwnty floor of wklok are under fllT th sta>e of cuiuvaik n; a new eight room house barn eorn Ac. Pardee desiring an eligible conn try residence oould ?, V _ ^ is-e a he?khler and more pleasant sftentioa. It being only ' * sties from the bays eortfe and tenth, where there Is good ___ ng and else ling; Ike nam aad west are noted far bookie \J "J? tea and black berries, which ean be found In profusion AY t U r rope now grs v lag. sens is ting of rye. oats, earn and "V * r are very pmtaTng and will go with the farm If de JJJJ "J L Apply to P. C BMLL. S48 Fulton .trust, Brooklyn KM FuB HALB-OR KXCHANi?8 FOB CITY PBO ?*" wrty, titrate la Ft Andrews town "f Montgomery, Orange ty. 9 m'lrs west of hewburg, constating of lgg scree In a state of rn ilea loo. and 9 acres In wo-dlnnd. Fruit of ... inds la abundance The tmprnvemrnla are a I'rge two dwelling ebh dicing rerun klv.h-u, bath room, wank i and wood^onee attacked . onesmodl nt barn, stable hay (tTOTIt h>km and all neeaaaar. ontbnl)din(Blnnomplnla IK tat r. Ala. on tha fni m. two donbla tanamaat hnuaea. For ultra ?r particulars Inquire of E. B. f.lTTm.i. 4 ix>., ft a. 10 mutual a m slip,ITT. MUM b] RM Iff NEW JKRMBT FOR VIET CHEAP tMiw mi;, atom odd norra of ground, In good or tar, Raw T all 'b? nek, crop. and farming u auatla. lo (uim ol ti ??? IRVR, Na 9 'atbart-a strait , ' " " * " N bar >R liAL.1?AT RH RBWAHlRf, N J, A NEW BRlOh i.rm of VI bona, aad fonr arm nf (round, fronting tha brawn bury toal o>La and nanr th* landtag of Part Washington Tha alia In and command* a baa iltfnl 'law nl lha Highland! Tha bury bonis run dally, and land paanangrrn at Pat ni.nrd hlngnm. Mr Oana, at tha Pavilion Hotal. Port Wash m, Will hhow lhaptMlMaad (Iraall tafmiandua ralaMng m,i cA 1 ttaar IN MALI?A HI'I.BNDID MITAIL OORNKK ?IRO Jrf'Ibi'pa nary, doing a lar r naah bnnloaan Will ba nold at a oufkntnrt Irtra an tha ownar baa otbar bunlnam to at'aod to. Apoly wbtih a I la pra'nlaaa. Sil Nlmh araaua. oornar of ThlrUatb atraat aamr ha* <R A A1 B?A Ud IB RUNNER UP UHURtfH HE ATI uwiT'ou No 17 Baal Thirty third nraat For aala nbnap nurg an ? aln*-d 1 ;R HALE?A POAL AND WOOD YARO, IN ONB Of of tha ar ha bant looattnca In lha etty. Tha yard ta wall morbid bran ran lha fiiiurra nra In good ordar. A laaan will ba (Iran If 94 III 1 of ltrad. Apply to ROBERT COOPER. No. Brvanth ionhtad 10a. , tddiaaa JB BALE?A P RN OR OOCNTRT MEAT, OP 18 ?IIB o nor an at Whilr Plana. Wantoh-ntrr nountr larga doubla I " ( a. aaw narrlag' bnuaa and o"har out boildlngn, fanoaa w-lrad t>< in go d ordar. wlthla Ire nunutaa walk of lha dapoA h' |!y toil. I.BNT, No. 8 Kannlh araaua pf Up lai R MaLB-A WILL SnTaRLIHIIBD RlflAR RTORB In Brand nay aaar V'nlon part To A naraoo of small Wltna* ina aa riwllant opportunity In now afbtrdad Tba praaaol y yrtrtoa Is ahoal to aogagn ta Urn wholaaala hunt nana No w, __ ?tn nand apply Addrara T. O . Nadtaon agnarw PoatofBou ^ ^ -RRALB-A FTNt PI.ACB ON NRW TUBE NaT. waw y four atllrp from Jnaay city. Uonn bouaa. barn and _ i*? of tuN tr ration rUnrml-ig Prtaa 8* MO. half down. itr.w nlnnfg P TQWAbEND 81 Binann atraat W nr >R r ALE-A TK*T PDPBBIOB OUUNTAY MEAT AT HnuprrUrn. nppoattn 1 troll atatwm. on tha Hudson Hirer a.., % ? road Embracing tha ami?r pot-ivm of tha groonda lata . f trr Rarrla*. and anatatatrg tlD attraa, or lam tf ma Ml mi faai. paw. nrramailnl and alagnnl with * I mo 1 urt roramanta taalad'na pura wetar aad (aa through baattt ry un?nrpaan?d. tha plana batnf tof'y with own 'J'J (1 tdtng rtrw of tha Hndaoa aad adiolatng rounu-y. tr.unW UU." I nhadad wl'h uroamantal ant frntt irwm, Aa, Apply to PA IHB la Rtl.LA B It. Rag , on tba pramlaaa. or In <1 W WE 1MB. at Po ? *lna atraat baaamant ">K BALB-IIOHT UYTB NORTHKART tRiRNBR UP Fiith tana' a nod Ptiiy fourth etrarl?R?rr an Fifth annua four on Wtty f.tnrh atraat. Alan, aaran I na on north atda " fifty "aranth nir-at. lS faat want of Flf h annua Al?>, T1HR I ra Iota northaant rornar of Fifth aranu- aad Fortr nln h 1 arts at. opp?uptat>a itniumbta f>>l|aga rronndA Tnram Ubpral. ml tha 1 IrmmO F PlFlBFr*". 11 .'-An .raat, nan*d a ?? lrana R l?R RAI I-THB RBW FIRNT n.AHR FitPR RfORT N1 Broa km*? alnna hour* In tha nbnVw lomUoo Ho !W Waal rty flrai w?l bmwaan rift* nranaa at d rtmnd any nn ?. in Urn brut ?IiUi a ana or alyla. with nil mndnrn ImprorwHa Mi> *rdu T?r?? anay Apply on Um pmmlaaa a mi l | nn :>R 8'I.*-THI CAPTAIU'R lltTltRIWT O* THIt linn Hai aiaa-rh ?' H A niarana la two ynar* old 110 Una mnll di n flam. lor of nilnd-r PR larhna; lannh of arnkn , ant* fnnpd In arnay ranpaei. anltahla fnranybnal ?? a for 'nr*<?- parllr ilara inquirn of (An Oaptaia. on a* Man d nt p|o?a M or 19 lta<* rlaar H iR PAII A IIK RAT HaRllAtN *.m Wll.l, RUT JJSiT J b? pood nt I anrff. or yanr? Imw of a wholnanla no I r?- nlaiiMa. p. ii trj prod nor nad pinamln ami, rnor mam. doir* irp ??n b'i?tpr?a, with a lnrpa prtmtr tradr Imw la ____ and I* worth Ra. prrimr tioia-aa In tha only tinaa of ?? Inp. A |v y nt .1/1 .raw wtrh atrrat PR PAl.K- A At.I OOR 't'TT II Iff A H T Ihiw* O H, town, rtidnp a larpr ahli pinp boa tmaa R>?rh nnd Wrat; w *" A rlt? ourtn.aa onnnard .n, nnd will br an d n' n hnr itlaanaa. n'oaraah rto i-n?r, anna otha ? i aad appl.UiWlIiT ailon or % aUWKOl ? V? I rartatrr-l anrrrrtl OR RAt.R- Rfl ? K, ToOtR, r. X IUHM, ?TU.. C?r A lift I nonfrcttnoarp atnrr wall altiatad on an a nnua and dilnf LIU IICHI hiu'liaa Will ha aold at prrat aarrllliw to a rn-b Maafal I.n.v. .fa-lory raaaona ptian for ar Mop AcMmaa Rama i II amid ?' a ante an

an par Oh Rdl.t-I.R.HK. bTOCK ARU HXTVRKH Of A wbo aa?la nnd r>datl ll in-r atora wall atm-had with linn tar And aapara, d.-Inp n pond hnr ' oalnana, ihn tamar ba? O'lll laaMtwiWM haaidaa oUtdr Riuioaaa. (mil At 1 F*rnrl ilia In ,|?o ??b h4lc hhp-tit* b~0 ? a?m> rixiprfb of ? '^5 A A?> font"* rr*. in < " > 'iry * *<? Na i? v Tjr r.-* A B 4 |H-? 'or rot p?rUrnl?r* a.lilrnNi n W . M?** :4 A 4. J _ . *p anr " K I I ICHIIIIII I 11*111 itfOR* MAO PPt Alt' prrtj on Muh .trv?i r-n *d '<* I] p*r r?nt. ?'-o a * .' A form. ,? n\ pn?p r\y itiA) >-?o -4 ?lm?. Aln<1t?na tr?l 4I' i Pon/ik A.rn??, ? < a numh'r of *o?wT Hon?p? f w mai*- 'irorl k B Kl .41# fonnli *.***? <<* A|* '"i mil ?t p .. Rirn K r,n ?t fn a <r Vfrn rj IM Nil.'* f'?vio ??A/ rwho'????.,lfc airr* i'l ah i "o ao." or Ii'iitA *wno ?i*. ?-ap p?*lnr? <V*?P.ha? (?i a l, b?li b? (fc* *ay trpa ,(? f?o APf bn?u?*l. (D'i'ilr? At inr tfc 014. tour UU? Mt irr?- ?*/. iMt?i| AT, JPNB 22, 1867. ^ roa am. ^ ^ 8.l* (R to'uCT ATagTORIfc?A. LARrtl O, e to porfoot repair, *lth alt ho modorn taMWWMMan'a, & i, and about thn torn of high, rolling tad.Motan lam a od urdw plan tod, large bant and ardeoar'a rrfoi mmmm loIhacttyhourly. WtUrjUCV, ? ti 3' I DOUBLB CYUNDWR FRR88 FOR SALE (JHRAF ai nku|?d lor Adam* pm-ei ?Sim of bod RMl Hm br?? nard frr printing ike new York Ob -orrar, ?j > > ant, and Kmoaellat la In food ardar. nod will do t7 ituttlo 4 tokens an boo . trari JOHN A. QEaT, K and IB Jacob at*w llni L LIASR-A DR8IBABI.R LK*8B ON A FIRBT ?) aa IfLo) la thia city, furnished throughout, together J aid bar. realaumm and billiard room attached, will ba ohan if applied for soon For partioolara inquire of M L k *, ? Br tadway. o/j TART.-FOR RALA A BKAUTTSULLY WOATRU wi h rateable form, prime land, in Bprtngield. mar J a "of Uiand containing 1ft r.r.m, 8 of wh en 14 wood ,) H aaltmeadow; baa a aupeitnr buOdng and beauiitaJ Q | Owner la go'ng to reside in Kurope, conaeque??ly tl . . old on aliafaotory Urate. a dva (Willed b trgaln. ? ' ed free of any Incumbrance* Appl, to RIOHaRI) R8 A OO , ia llenry and 2(1 itaiherlna ?lre*l. 'Jli UMBCti-FOB 8AIJC.-DRV UOOltd A?U YA- 2? ly store. Stock, fixtures and food will for $1,000 to q rroflliS tola a day Rent very oheap. r one ae d rem tb"ut ready eaab. Apply to j. vanuBRBXlT, <4 treet n/i KOR 8?JUd-A VKRY I,AROB KL.V FR?88. ?,v, r t Ight fret long, ball* on end 3Ul> lbs apiece Apply nunc .IN A JONhR, 1.14 MiUUm afreet. pita OUaNOK FOR a maOH'NIIT.-THK PROFR1R .1 * of tbe machine eh. p at Rhtnebeck. N. Y.. offer tbi O I ment for sale. It cuntaina one of tee oe< No 'ram sli borer power endue, suitable geertng. fitrnaoc tven id tools all oerfocllj new. To a maunlnial ' estrour in* a moderate capital *nd transacting a prolltablr ,. a rare opportunity la brre offered K <r parliou an f),) slnqo're ot KIBKaM BOaN, 19 Burling slip, or of art leu >m at Rhine beck. 8 Y LANDS All xlAN i J* 0BIN18- FOB 8 I.K. Tiff J 8aOuNl) ??j Wbee'er A W Uaon MauufuciU'lifK (to a leruu ma 1.j (good .rdcr. Apply to J. B. HI.aDIC, ZJJ Kaiion au, art tl Ni HOAT Ir uANl) CIlY FOR 8A i.R -T(? . KTH ICR thft lease of a'lpa, route. Ac , oonnectlna wi'h rUtib . i IW. Apply U h H a N 9(1 * It No ft Beekmao street. 1U( KRB?KOR 8ALB HoUHK, RfORK STaHLKS. Kl feet deep nortl e.?aleo> iter of ((rah m avenue a 0 ri. v treet, Brooklyn; 96,(100, oust 9(1 UkJ; terms e??y; 0 i? le i lace fur a grocer. Apply to J. VaNDKKBILT, i i Hreet, NY. ^ . GOPAKTBnUlSHIP RUTICB*. '???" \ -PARTNER WANTED, A MAN, M A RRIKD if, or tslngle, to take full cnni go o'a 1 q nor lore, In 11 set, oo the Norlb river ude, tee advermer bos two *n] i he wants a man to a a' to '"est atreet, as he o>.n >**?' to re but seldom; ha* g >t two veart teaae at a low ban line, a <alr atocl of llqnora and ?egWH tie wt'lgl-e i share in stock, lesse and tlxiurtt, and hall the yo 'Ml till. None need apply who naonot par tlUUoa-h al u'' more. Apply Id the atore 40 Weat atreet, near the genii boar | -W* NTKll IMMKUIAThl.Y AN ACTIVE IN CO /. te'llgent young man wl h ihla amonil t? engage i a bualn-rs that will pav at lea t til p r week cl <ar bona sea a rare ohance. Apply at otlioe I], Mollai'a Hulld way. iroaduay \ -PARTNER WANTED IN A MaNU ? \<rTiJR 71 7. ingaol jobbing bueiueaa w 11 ealabtlahed and tly foronsb, wlto lar e prodta 1 hie la a rare chance . silent Wl a 330 Canal at., nea' hurcb A and I \ -WaNTKI), THIH 1). Y. A MaN WtTHTTlf tie?. 7. ainount, lo purrba?e on* half Inlaw t In a aa'e walk nd very r-mnner-live caah hunlneas. In a gjod lo- of ?t am D al Hits Hr <adwa . otUoe 17. par* t/I -A PaRlNKR WaNTKI), M ONK OP HIS J". heat 'tquor and dining a to?e* la Hoots atreet a lino ay ear can oe mada for ea"h party, address for A t M. W? Chatham aqitare Poa otUuev Mo age ma need with rate tain* || a ?W ANTED, A PaRTNKR WITH TIIK Jvr. above amount, in a well ?at*bll?sed oaeh i where there Ih no rtak. Reter-nces gives and a . No agenia need apply. Adilreea A. B , Herald A aero Am lit -WANTED, A MsN To TaKK THE PLaO* J", of a retiring partner tn an old es'abltshod cash thai require* the a W nt'ot of two persons It It high A c?b? snd pleasaut, an I wiU yield a net proAi of <V rr hnnnm. rhor ? I1K8T.KK A CO., R34 Hroadwey, rmm IS. Pert HI -AN ACTIVB, A* BII ItiUrt, t lloRuU ?H ? }\J. go<ng business man, ? ih this amount, la want * ) >bw adi ertisrr lu ?nr of tt? must a#rM? lie aa veil at qniri a'tre bu.lnwii that can be f >und None n?ed applr nut*, -) can bring the brat ul rrference* nttniiut charao luatneiis qua Ulcatkms For parur ilara apply at onna 7. Milan's nullding, S34 Bnuwwuy Becurlty wrul * for the amouo.tnaette . tnrei l?l t I in -PARTNER WANTK.l I a A MtNUPAO Uv. turlntr baalneaa already establtehod and do . ir Hade Prolite large and no risk. hec ired by let- * Dt a law H'a e rl|(bta for sale for a new and valuable h..ur I WflKKI.kR A <X? , 334 Mroadway, rouu 3 aunii suet III ?A PaRTNKK OR CLCRK WAWTRI) WHO ? I F\F, will loan thta amount. Wn| raaalwa salary of ^ r annum and (rood security lor the money Know % the business not necessary a ppiy immedlalelj lo from sTON A Co , Wo. & 'eehmss a're 4 ?pv [UV ?TO HOTEL MKN-A P a RTW ICR WaWTRn, ft Tr IF". la one of the m s' proAutble hotels In 'he city, ?located oi on? ot lb* greatest tho-onghlar ? , and the a nalanilj full of Aral Otaas guest.. a pply at 33S llroad fx in U C. B Hot iH k CO. two MHER l>F THE WWW TURK Had. aH'.UT Old 4 ring hla connection with a partner about to go West -rapeetable nracttoe, who la well aoquktoled with the "r 1 In onr Htat* and federal courts denies to form a an onmv-tlon wnh some ?ery elderly nelson of the pro 4 who nan I flueaoe a large practice. To such a one the ** ns will be ode red and ill la labor reqolied. Addre a J,r I. T. U. Herald oOoe. "as .. (ma ft BE. JOKE ?. IMT.-AMIIRR * J llf'l.u, OF ? ba. Allegany county sew Toe*, end J. Parger ulad '""i la Ira, Few Turk, hare this day formed a eopartaer l?r the name of Hull 4 i-ln say. omtracuirs All . purcsaas aid agreements. lo be blading on both A Bust be Bade In writing, and signed In person a. Jl ber of the Aim, or by the r?nsent In wrltiog of east Raid copartnership to comae a oe fr ma lbs date Aj(' A J. HULai* J P. I.INIMAT, A f Ilull A I.htdsay. 4S Pine St., New York. O. ?????_ 'sir I ?.?THE OOPAETWEE8HIP HERETOFORE sal g be<wren Ike undersigned, under the name, arte o. Rtark A l/tnb?, has thta Cay besa dissolved by . insect All outstanding debts and aeaouaw will be A r Philip Mark mm Martin faab _ ** PViIUF RTARK. fj"" JOMKPH A. LA I BY, art. June U, 1W7. MaBTIJI OAAB. 111! luRK , JURE 19. lbS7.-1HK fV?P haTN KR4HIP B eUifore eilatioi between Ibe tub* crimen un ter the nnd i 'ALcU, PRaTT A Co.. Is ihit dsr dissolved by mu Rrfe cat. OBj WaLHI EHWaRI) PR tTT. WILLIAM FHIIKR R" la preaeee of D. StAtroitb^ n>ml PITALIRTE AMU MBtlHAMHW-FUR ADVBM T"* Is desirous to meet wtil thrrr or four nervous (iwo o ctloal mechanics) to engage with htm (it the pur hear f , eni right for Brooklyn and I. <>ng Island for the aa U1 sg and sale of a aupertor and tmuortho" article, fhm luainess on a large scale Oan ne eoodmAad. ttM p ' been introduced lain most of onr la ge Wrstera el great auorea. la (3rotnn? II orei EdU.OUO proAt An# U titled 'be past year, and In Ckteago, Rt I/mis Pttts A* d other places proportionate results bars been ob "f P" rke bast o' lefereu we fires as lo Ike nilllty sod nroAi rloui Icle, suae .d which Is la Mew fork elty where It baf ?rr ? rally ealsbltsbed The prtoe of Ike right la BI10D ~" Which will be adrnawed by lea abserlber Da DO refeeeaees for tntewiity and b latneaa habile regaired D 0., baa 1.444 Raw York Pnat oMaa. Ma I urtRIVi RMtlP IlkaRTOeiikK gXWTIH.1 UK D< n ahi urn and H*nr, H<wia u ih>? taj da D r n Dual oinaont Tho ? nf ij.. ftrm ?til ho u . > '" pk ; fciiion wbo U author.lot u> Men tfen a?m? -t r sirm la Uqudauu*. ? joatrn phi ton, ty UKNAI HTUCKH. D a?r fwimt... * u, ork. Jaa? IKU SR. m,lt idmtm*d "1 l*n*>lnno Ikn h>i?iaaaa la hi* own nan*. ?' j|i No 81 KM fhir.y auiib Hfrrt o< JOHKJ'H NHILTON, K or*. Jnaa i?h. W. iTl, _ " _ ~~ "7 Ml >r la a lart* wko'Mt a and m-*ll ttq-air aior*. Thia K T~ sanrr Ui ntlt mommj, and find aoririty will h? fifon K m?. ?I In ratad. Apply to T. UAfPNKT A Oo., JSt y rllih v root * n dioi aiwirAj'Kiu. ? [III or TBI MvJKTRATR B' "O "nly iliunixl JonraaJ of Crimna. , ?,i r? ih# laat nnaihrr aUr UP Um aazt on W?Mn?ad*f. PpVodJd safrarlnRa. t>i No rlnL I) 0 Bf?fM Mil It mrr l.oot oat em rational phi.ion liirrTB tmi *iui ? alaal par"f **tnf t pnrfoci raaord at adaa lAroog* If I orld, ?ah?llta*od wftk portralia of Ilriac nrimlaaia f> '""fcly aaanal (nMarfpOoa n, all Moatfea $1 Ad in< a AtTVnua. <*a?ar tka National ratlae OaaaMa rtod Away. Raw Tor* Ho, - UOAM _ JJ . UlWKN TMaN MaEKRT RATH IKiCini >n< ?ifa ?or? arliMlroly for M%, and I ham over a aall P" ana doM-vd* aad dwau aacara on Band, whlah I a?li aa o* la pay aaah adraaana. ? O CHRRKR. IT Broadway, U U1A .INL IIU1W Aid A?^T ARNIO A, Nllla 1 B _ oVl AWWUWT, if iA!R VOT A NTR MNd IIATIW. *? HNOOW* 11 at. m-licai rlalrroTam an I timlin* pbralr aa All j) i panuitar In I ad tan ,fl. oarm-l *B 1 <n?rw.| wiihn'it np*r- tw? 'W of mr*i iir> Tb# whffnabouia ol abaeot pnraona dm 7 toUl Ha Jafa?Uoa gl?n? of no pay <rmj?? ?trwr. ^ouaistotajka mm m b or* a tow tenn mHrf Broadway. MmImm *' ?. ah?> Ml 111. Ma.. mt l.mftil II twriMl w L,' ????____ |p ( rrnrirr. mbam ch^bkh^- "? All who tlilu fcoow ibf tru h ahnnld aiait HvIix ? Iknoaand* baaAoat.' 1 her to ihrlf aalonlah l'ni rtha IA wwteifwi by adam, Urn moat woadorfnl " rant known M .ftTROUXdlRT that rbatr th tokiij)?ah ' thouwand doll an rwward M nitorwd to ui iM rt ?? paaa Mad Oi.lPTnR la flf1n*?nrrwr* MimiwiH <m at particularly ktaaaw. law (nlw aad ail aortaa* laanara Ip 1 riraa Inofcv min -ora. any p<m wlahlni Ui antab I >'t-w of any ktad. w .old do wall to sal aad <wa ihta a* in IW lady A H f ha la an knnth'tk cM' and ?aiW. "t H-aMoana MM iridkard ktrnx. bwtw-na !' m L' ntno rtt-aia T W "TVtAR t.AT* Of UrORIIU ?ir? oaaoa<n? road I urn ?r*ii?allnf phrawtnn All diaaaaat k> frmaJna dtwtnrarod and nnaad aorflaa El Hi* W'lawari fnnrrlnw adtino o S'limwa T r-lMdJ Mr Hoatdnnon I7( VarloM - ?w I la*. row 4Nn 4 aBIR.DON SQU4R*, W.RT PIOK (NiRKBR of 8?n4 iwt- Rooms to loL with 0o?r.'. (all4V? B?r I1U * or ?in*l? ?rat emeu, ? very pie ? *i>d ooaJ iocsUos. < r-m?? required. kl.HlON Pl,4('? OB 41U rOURTH HTR4KT ?A HKHUrn ?u snd his wVf- or insle (enllemen will dud planfurnished riMMu with hosrd. iM> I I'sRKIIl.L' Pi All! ttl.BKl'KCR iHRitKT - Furnished morn* >o rami, with board, ami* la to families, ileut or permanent; mlao rouma fur tingle gentlemen ler ml 6 e'nkjrk. Bl.EhUKKR BTBBBT?TO UT A KLKAMAWT ANII : neatly tarnished room with gas Ughl Refereooee n ?ad. ; RT MUR'R PLAfB, KIOIITB BTB WT-ltO* ? ] ' tor genlltmen mod their wtree or tingle gentlemen hoard I ilnner ml au o'o ock. I I>1.1 KuB Pl.AI'K, TWO D'HjRH PR >M HU'HfuN st-eet - Parlor an" bedroom to let, wph partial hutrd, , Een'lrmau auu wife or one or two tingle gtnliainen. in moderate ????, bath, do BAHT OKoaxW aY.?RBBPBUTAHLB MAR UAM H? 1 arxommodatee with good board and pleaaanl airy rnooaa gentlemen aid their wlree. Thoaa wtahtng '-he nominate home will dc wall to aall and eramine for theaa?el?ea la model te > HT1WENI1RTH HTRKBT, NBA It lift ??* ? I Trantk nt or perm toani board, for (entlemen a ,d <helr , a,'atm or Ingle gentlemen, h one atrial'y ft-at alts*. , laomelj furpnh"d and possessing every a Wantage aa a nndI a imw r reaidrpca. NINTH TRr KT ? H AN DM IM CI. f FITRNf <H*l> f?r urn to let with board, unliable for permanent or tltul board-r* Apply at 37 Mutb street n? a' Filth uc. , HT. r%IC'* KNT'H PLOB. Ma 'noUilkh RrnBdT- , A atn 11 heater. famllv bate moderate al/ed room at W week, al?") OB" Ball room, at >4. (Ian, bath. Local too , ant end eni vent- nt to a aa* n. , i Wl-Hf TWBNfVTHIRD HfHKKr TO LKT, rHlttU I bi em aval of i lith avenue, with m >d?rn Imiimv-minlH, hatla, < rot* o ?aer chandeile-a, he ln>ra*v-ta e pot i n AcpI. to EUUKNB KKKRIH A HUN, bout makers, ! kioau Mirrrt 4 FOI'KTH AVBNUK, NKkR TWSLFTH fhTRKiCT ? J Wm?berner? an 1 o'ht-ra can obtain vrry p'am*am light lira rooiPN rlih**r in aula or single tie vly ami bunt )v t'iiriiia''ed, wbb j.mate tib'e If . eslred, In the aboru d* Nirmile |<H-a loo, for the summer season. {JWAVRBLVT Pi.ACB ?TO LET, KUKNHUKD A 0 handromn trout and back*parlor, on the Ir-il fl air, a> d ral o b*-r roomr suitable for single geti'lemen ran oe o (I, with full or partial ' oard Bath a d gas In the h^uae tj UUUBII al'KKmT?rtUIT UP ROOM* UN I'MIRI' ) I *ir to let with board, to a gentleman and etf?, ni 1 of ngle ten ii men . also o large room, suitable for gen , m; boiw with modern tmproemnenta; references ?i ged i .71 VMV fWBWTT MM SIKKKT. FR<>'TINH I 2 Ch ilsen park ?Twn gentlemen and the'r wives or men can be swum modau d wflh pleasant rooms, with d, id a pr vain launly, lu first disss bouse 8I1O06TON r-TKKhT- U iNHHUVKLT FJRNHH U mil to t bv * prtea'e faintly; g.ts and ba'b lu'he r. * pply *t bonstuo s rest, two b ocks from Ifroad |l MMBWAT-roiWRIO PIIUMI AND 0 bedrooms 10 let, over Waller's saloon or A'lOlld NKWuY INTKU aNO FUR rlshed, ui let In a prlva'e raml.y, coo Uliog of a par or i?o etlroo ns, .uo other rooms let) for three stngl- get, rn, location vety lest able, bents within tltfren taum-ee of the Ity Hall, and near t principal hotels, two II ie? s*o? pass lb* eint of the street, aud lb elx'b \renue -an wlhbtvro h looks nqulre at 18 Varl-.k pusee Sullivan t. n-ar ' lee k- r 811 IT or K K< ANT K U K,N 1SI1 tci) So-1*8 TO I.KI separate'? or together to a family or single gentlemen or wishoiit partial board or private table, in a small prl Urmlv. store lh-re are no other boarder-, hot e mn 1 all he modern Improvements. For particulars applt Itond street. GKNTUiMaft AND I1I8 W FK OR TWO TIN'JUK rentlemen eon be a acorn moisted with fr n'par'orou rtt door, furtmuixl as desired. with ooard. In a prtv. ? rioas lamtly at 87 ChrysUe street, between Hester and id. ?KNTLJEMaN WIHHF8A Fl'RN'fillKI> ROOM, WITH board, In ? respectable p Ivate f.untlv heferen es e? Ted ana?er, xtatlng terms. Ao , address Win WtimU, lid ofllre. htn M tO I.KT?V1RFl), WITH HOAHll A so one small roim, lurrtnh-d, for a gentleman. lu r In i.trnt' rland street, three doors south of Fulton ave Rrn-klyp. IBATLT FOftXMMD ATTIC 11 HIH T? i,*rslfl '2b per wet-s. also a front ba-emeot, with Has Hi 1. at per men b, Is s gen-eel pr'ea'e. bouse Inquire si ilA s-ree , n- ar Mr tad - ay and Hrooms street. PRiYaTK KaMII.T, KsHIMlftie IN ON* OF THrt Dial bt stiUfid an 1 beatisf it- locations, an I within an '* rke f Tew fork, re'treio procure boarder- to' 'tamer. Apply f; r particular* at 10. 4-t Wist fern y fourth it OK.NTI.KMAN A Nil HIS WI'IC, Oft A PaRTY O" alny e genlli m*n can be arcommoiIeted wl'h a p easa it 1 parlor aud bedroom. wits boarU In ft pleasant MHH . iii<-ni in rsrs aid stages he apple tng at 77 H'~ wart's r, Rlftblb street. Also an attic room, with partial board I'll ed. CtieiMnlilOl 8 KKONT KDU 4 To LKf?FURN IHH ed or unfurnished, without board, suitable for 00a or gentlemen Apply st61 b'etrberstreet PKIVaTK KAMlVY HaVIMI MORK RfM)4 Til s N thee dhrupe, would take two or three gentlemen for tk'ast and tea. Io-|Sire at 80 Forsyth street PKI V TK FAMILY, I d'CUP Yl Nt? A FIR8T Cl.sSr boose lu the vlt-i by of F-nrteenth slreel and Kerrn'h 1 ue, would let to two gentlemen or a gentleman and w fe, dromele fnrnlebeu rooms with p irtlai board, gas. ba'b rbb- rosin,) wl h hot and coM water In the rx>m ills rt li St to Ut? rsrs. snd sieges ptw the door Use of per I isno Ac st alJ [in< a. The eomrurts of s boms may be d upon Address W , bol 3,719 PuSi offloe HIRfll.F DFaTI.RMAN RIQl'IRKH A FUftNIRDR r-v-m ' libout tmsrd, on moderate terms. Location not er than Knrnecuth street and near Hroadway preferred. re?s ? lib ab parU ula/s R. W H , He aid off! ?. UANTI.KJ(*N AND W If K AMi> TWUHIf II.K <<PN Urm-n ru be w mm dated eltb ooard In private l?, wb?ri' Here are no other boarder* Bra laluniaa ?.? k if nr diltennl frr lea naa a the houaa. Injure at Now tilth foirth atenrt. W'lllaaaaborr URnTI.KMAN AND 1IIH Wlf* tkhTWllOR TtlRCF. | ample p-ntlemea ran And opener a<??am>Ution<. et a earal or traaileul board, b* apply In* at ip.? fet rtlpb h a treat, tee diatr* from Kifeib a.cnoe. Dinner at an irk A KI -4 DKNlRkliLK L,ARwK RO' M TO Ldf ON the a rood door niih'oarl Mou'beruar. and ouiera ran tifc-r tr?L? -m or per hoard a t> -aaan> h >me iaore* required ??. 1 Albion pane, Fourth .treet >Ahl> ?hOUTHBRN F Ml .1KH ANll OTHKnlt. ItR ! 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HARD IN NOCTH NROOII.TN, ?h FRITaTR FAMIUI realdlnp altbta three aalanlea aalb af lb# Hootb ferry, ba* nlaaa arwomirodatloa lor oae or two peatlemea or a mar aonrla Apply at M taacraas Wreak. > la im Hiaba aad irj ?/**( will WARTRP IR A PRIVATR P ARll.T RT * > ,'lrman nrd h>? wife, and a widow Indr wd naafhww. K fenr ;mn iM t"i?m?n PMrtb ani TMrMh MimMa la ?l. iriwa mi 4 b? r?f?r> ?f?i |l?n ? id r? I* . AiWr??? T Ixi? l,tM I'Mluft*. riaRPIRO-AT xw rpri?M htrht rrar IkO dnnnl. In iwwly fnrnlabad lAro* adnrj bona*. wtth iba Ml l?pr>iT?mania, pirlm, with bodnmwia uiwK'd on wi<l floor Iar?? aiif rooma am kfelrd Boor, tan yard, alan rnmt for nn oill a. UARPTAR.-A OERTI.RRAR AMI) UADT. AlMO A imi<r ynn'ltraai, ran bo nnonmm'?t*lnri witA ban-1 kI fnrniabrd rooma and honrd, irtlnr.-r ?i half pant an or! ) by ?*.iingt n la Wont Twnaly nloib Mrwnt. nrmr PVtfe ran UAIDINV. A 'IKATP.SII AE AEP HtH WIPR Wlx I In board wl'h n prt-nia taaaily whnr* ibam ao* no olanr ril?r? l.ooali'y not nit hrr than Twrnty fourt a'rnat Ad an William. hot l?i Herald ofliw. oari mi-a Mtar plrarart a*n iiaehwowv. If Turn ahrd anil of rorwna, Aw a (rntlaman and bin wife, or ainair pt nliemen a< W I'lluton plaoa. litoaer at nU. n. ibe ' aim! fur an ofllon l/KKIRIiKD ROOMA TO l,RT -<IRH TI.RM ? R KK nolrtna nleaaan' n.oma In a onnTWnlwni an I central ln?a i will An 1 eaer aroimaaodaika bf applying at Alt Hmonao <A rear fe-mdway. URMAUP ROOMS TO I.RT -PARLORS, l,*R< an<1 tmali r <m# adjoin It ?, to rafellWw V AM ( nib n, 1 *n una a y i i??nl airy modern bona- n?*-> ?b' r>, feajd. w tb g?<, ha'bn. An., delightful In atimrwr par I at ly y f"' ?n- a i-baigrd Apply ?l Eo. ]( P*""^ vbf, M<a tatllik Mrwd urp'aftrp r. m1mr to i,*t--at am hro*."* ** tkr-w donra aboaa Union ajtani. WMfe all lh? aw*l?rr m Tetnenta. l R!?i?liri> ROOMA TO l.rr ?A PARI.OR. Of t?|r Arm Poor raw and hadroom on ih* njaoad fe? wt i if RRRlMMA. family. at Ida rat.. a i?'I# *'n prwfmtn. 1 0?MM!*D R<K)V< ???. V"*. I r%n b* ^,-nm ?I.O?d * **. vr' ,r'** J . >J ?VP Jin< ?t H Bj?WI. 8 MMUHW aJlt im?? W PummBip boom to LiT-ro '4 qtrrwr inpriw r bnrbnod. a larfa froat nwtm a<>4 hmtrsMtm aitanlfM a L J" <'aa?t ami paalry, a*a>ljr f--rntafe*it vaknhta for ar W fra'tra^o om laraaa. tMna ar aaiJ an Mm Manning, 14 KtTtpgnm atraal LU'K*I"HCi? B'OMB TO LBT, TO UBMTI.Hr mm on rrrr rtaamabM I'll ma la a iu??li private fanll* mi 71 kartliw atfaw'. Heat VMH Hn<fMO BO<1 Tar\ah a iaa HIiflL U>u4HDmS? ?8N1h*JlRN U?? OrttAl* nod fwalabod r??4 It lk? Slot* Botol aornnr at 'raukfoi' nod Wl ttan atrr-1 a* M arata bad IT am? par nl|hl Una?i npnn all ?lf h'. PR KM NIkT BOARD WAHTKD?<*T A <t&TLK*\* and wtfr, with a p?uui ? ?U IlrnlnbaB0*00 "WW wl'b ( ' a d nln. ant ab<> a 1 whoi; ainb >W? t n M< <k? of Hr .adwav ; undo .bind rrtrranna* an to bill y nrdl be fqnkrrd and <!? ? Ad.lrn alalia* foil |MTIruiaia and brrni, IC D., bni S 40t Foot nbA R no MP AND HUTTH or KU MH 111 I.KT tOOKTHNK nmrp?r-or)v a l b or wbhniii warn, from nnn dollar 10 riabl; all ihn m?d? ni Iwtpro'?mm'? ; n?*r ihn Hi, Nlobntaa. nasi of troadway Apply at #7 'intrn airrar O'Niii k nt'NTO'yty < ma>ftVUUnMI AND r ikh 0 ?l?ra can b? ancommodalw4 ?Hh plriaanrt rnnraa, wAh at wlibout board, la a prlra ? family, bv applyui* at Kl Rrtirto ,ihrr -Iran , nrar Hln?ekrr, t nr luinw h vi nan at d bath TWO OB THRKK OKNTI.KMkN (la N OBTAIN a riNS largr foot I rally furptabrd. I' a p'W vie family, n?ar 1 wrlfUr rlra-l and -co-nib artnue: the h i ut In Itrrl r.laoa tn 1 brantifnlljr loaated. and ban <a?, bntb A t Th<- p?n naa Jir- r ?tndiiwn and tnn'udni th? rp If ?id'h 1 f <hn noonA b?r-l?I board 11 to 13 Ml It I onnvenlrot to auuea and nam. 1 (To <a made to rw.drr It a bono. Addrran W , hoi .1.719 Poat 01 nr. TO 1 JtT?PFHI RaHI.K ROOM4 'UHMMWrii Knit M'NyV it'll Irmm Ap y at W Whtir ntn el tiefr.nnoe ej. h?ni rtl rllT-t Pl.K ft a N f KUHMSilRn PHoNT m m'W am. bnl oota niurhe.i to I wo aliigln ip-aUeme.; or a #?o . ni.111 ami bin wife, irnt *t SI) per work, tpp'f at trlD nt'Hl NnH Uis rCK.athHKD ROOM *<HTf II (*M?I)I a 1 Ml V-HT gentlimm and lady roll board f. r 'adf, brrabf*?t tot i>ntlrmnn nddrena, with all p.rtloti'ara and ! > rent pri 1 S H , Herald ofllce 1 araooa taking an; oinnr boar Inrs need pi '*1 nwer tbla WlbTi D ?A VOl Nt* ?it? W ,\N uRirrOBMaN W IMol'8 1 obtain boa <1 >n a nrlc'ly pr v e '.uttly and par If rarhnnp" witb !?> ' nil on .he plann. Abdrena 1. W., Mr nId ofltoe. Wa Ma I -HOAKo IN V tlKi If 1 V PKIV.ira " .Wily, y a ynttnu Hr-mnn peniieiaan. Iilnn r renoirm! Ht d o'clock. Ptauo In tb.' Wine Mldrraa L> K . Ifnralil 1 fllce. tlf AM CD?y KKM A N b.N ' i.Y, HY A VOO I't UaNTt.R. Ww man, a pi'mf-Tiab ) ' ??o'rl>?a<t ?lnit n r>*. n, nrPVri# h. ard. in a rrlralr 'in h, in-cipyinit a 1 o.?ni l.ral'Jiy r oatiou bn rrn Irnrbrr and Vh '? , td anaOtb iv?n ; 1. m?o it-i tn rirrrd 915 prr Don'b; .1 i|H?? lonabl' r. f?> rnrn ?lv-o frrqnlr. d Ploaae addrran ala'ti t par.ten ar., W W W., Ilrtn il nflldr. m*mmm in ? iu. uuiinritt. ? Bl'MtKR HOMK-NKAM NKW MtMKl'KO. ON TUB (a Hit Iron ilwr, 70 iiiIVh from lb? city I'tod hoard, mnma largo an 1 airy; tVnl abundant. r?i r thlei Ire-baa ermU no aconer, beautiful Knr inform at o inquire el on adway from 9 a m nil t 1* a ASI'MMKK II' A KI > "u. run 8UBn or ma) he obtained by one <>r two fat .ton, a". N-vp I rlghlou, hialen Inland, ibe lot m ' reeblenee of l>r 'I mphall el nan I he unum- i? ?l it t >'il m il a> Int' wio.n Ilia Now tngbunaud 1 iitpklnnvllle IVrrtea, ami nriuuit lately upon ibe hi arh ? () no ba buig, bailing, CI >11 N I RV HOARD WwiMKH* >HK NUMttROOR ) patrnna daily airpl)lr? at Iho !-i>aritaj?' R?. hanga, appleu n V It nt hi it p a *4* I.mail w jr. wher- hn?r?i iftAnri ye purparty directed, free of rharye. \l a> It n* gei'U'i I b-au -iara, oly nrroitn'rv, abnulif make early a iphcation Itinu t R'iVO. L'ciuNTKY BOaKO. -HtK /fls UKMlitlNii >N)U t country board, aitb ' : - artvait.Hf -* of ttna a*n haibliiK. "aillDg, anlpa *b mil. iff kc . i*an ba aonoin ma ?tad at Mia rr?ln? naa of .Inaiah II rb bop Keq wnlrb la beautifully aitnatad upon the aontb -tbi rt if lont Maud about una tub* fiom ihe village nt Morn ?, and conitmiiidtiia a boo elew of'he bay an i*?*an o t ,il naartnea when reinirail. Kaev of aeeeae by rallr * R'nr fttrtiter par'Jmilarn aptly ut i) l Owdai', j) jukn "irwt, or Win t. Oornell 4 Hon, WRdilril arannn dOROKBN.-A FhW yiiKOsnMK ? fUtialKHUfY roomr lo let wltb pa'lla 9 uird, lor a few iIngle gent'eB II or a rai.t i umn an I Ma wlf , lu a private family Inqnleatbo Tit ibomdeld ?tre." b i?ve?n *ttth and tlvth SUMkKH H<*aKI>?A lltltl.THf, OOUI. ANIi tJI^I^T rel| eat, and for eee bathing it te ol tun aeaed. Ken-rain Dhert I aria, ??i| ooiner l' etn? ? ?l Wilnun etrea'e V. Y ; fohn Martin. Rlv rhaad, 1 . I or the P'Op v nr u 'Jougon, H'lflu'k eotluty L. I. S'iWaK UHlrtlN, Proprietor. MiMitn d*.Hi<tt'i I AJf* tiNoKtrk. u 1 Be nr? ua nwui.mi ..waeaa i>i jiiat been onwipleted will hn ulpt rroaa tainwiill U> tUmediroKA eoonodting wltn the llxuun nm Ake I hwinpialo <ei the tth *%f of unit. iflh PORT Wl Ll.l AM (? ?* ul.dli. nil .pea fur the rampth* of cutxU *. the %l d?t of J OMR fhe proprietor ti detrrmtond to jr-utjrte the rep ivtMaa M uiuae baa heretofore rifting, if nfordlnj ?i"j omnfort aad mury that the etalier to this real m if boa lb- tod reeiuy eta teal re. tad reapcctfnUv itu of Ti>* tea*el'tajc .?immunity thatar urmwi o* Willi <?ALB. NaHHDU HOCHl-OAK?T WRC1, LO*>? 181.AWO t otu d ? hwiltii k rtrnnii* Ar - biearaer rohio ! ?*? dallvatt P M , ret .rua neit m< ru'cR, arrlelin a ) A. K. Pur hoard. ?r tddr-in Dtp! huapp. euro til Alien A Itward , 911 Hurley aunel LJIlRhWhltViRY. N*W JKM T .*H* P t VH.lHW HO^ tel. I'ort Waeblnfton. it do* n?o forth- r-t-ptl ?a f eh tier* tod boardrrt. Boat leeie the foot it Holoowa ttreud ttd) OlA RATUINO. lOHM BOOM I.ONH HRAWCH. 0 R J .. will be open for th? mtepuna of hearte t ana natet ritlwrt WnneS HAMUEL LaIR<>. Proprietor SKA AMD RIVRK MATillNt#.?TflK htvVIdW BOlfHd tl the Pith tada, Pew Jeraey la now open Mr 'h? rooepdon of permanent or Iraaalen r ?peur boat letraa footed R"binena elr-ul dally WW * SMITH Propnwiw raa wamhaio temperawcm hochi in wo# orut for the reception of raaarr hoarder* Pamlltea who tatend tpendlnt a few moo Lai In the aountry, <? be anjuaumodeu-d wlUi finely furaleb-1 mnaaw The aeaoaaodailea of ito unite 'hit tetam Ar* nlertor to MML ha?ln( a toe bath Doner, trwiet, to., ta-l aVplendid trou' brnoh wtthia t few Kit of the hrrnee The Wvawto llmiae U tltaalad la 'Re taoat Ithy part of linteb-?e .vomit, co the llae of the Harlaaa Rallmao tad fur foeahb and hoanlp -4 ronuniAin teener/ Waw ale can Dot he tarpaaeed Thoae who wi?h * aawforahM koata would do wall to cal' aad aee for tbrmtelvaa. R. PORHII KB. Proprietor raw rCBBedCA-BWMk BURTOHR tlTlLOPAt 'It or WIT AMD UUMOR, nut 7. Puhih-aed tfieday (Sold . nl? h* tnh-er ptkm.) n APPJ PTON A ' <?., it. uinl J.8 1'oad ?ay. ar- rvnt pahI' 11 number 'obe r niple et In U Domoer. a aeata r?i h every another nieiAinii.i a utnal pla a pmtral aad atatarcaa wood rota ) utglopjejta OP WIT iWtt IfUMOB or AMP RICA, IRKI.AWIl, R'OTt.tWP AWtl RN<ltiAlD tr wa a. auKtoit, con aw in l>mbelllthed wlih 24 tie. I porta.'* and upwai'lt ol HP) <m irarinr on wmA Tbn <t tot a bonk'fnr a dtr, It la for all 'late; a library la itirlf foe id-m-n ai mirlb. Rot a Una oHeaairehi t-UoaM blnda a ill be aotaiitrii iDitTPaTD or no 7. Poll? PealilneM.oi'a f? <1. .4. H/ Joha If. Lamar, t i D. ilo by Kpea harRe-t The Critic H| Kpae Sari(eat 1 he 1 or I '*)i, Hy .lobu * data. Tbe old Wai-r Man Hy John J SaiA hocia itm A hoeaa frna a '.'<ua-dy. My J. Ptaalawwa 0 uper Tha' tleo'leman *y Hward Peeretu bh II. * llao'-e. By hdiaed A'er-u. The 1 bori'1-tlame Hy J W lute l/rer a I mat ate rtea of dwb?'oe. My i.iule oaoabier'a htoe- ny t b.r'ea Jaaea HpraRaa The I trip e /..erell. it' John It. A bitter. lh. Mur A?er and the Righ o ?ale ladncahberM My T a Uorbe Tv 1 oaai Tmaodfah. By ftt f Rllet. Widow HtW^iy a lliuhand. B) J Ilooow An Alllra'nr Mtoey H< J J HntpW IMp tin MrHpidden It* J ? Harper A TI laye -I- Hntuwt By P le tdot.'earl Pee wl Ho II the Tahl'*n CaaibAl Mat Albtna Mel. tb Hy W P WilMa Aienta wioied la all ae 'Hon* of 'he wni Atry t cCreet J It. Put 1>. tfi hi fhT lh t pa"UahtPA Wttw Ttrl. 1M ? > l ?" ?W? B~Tu?><JT??* . II ?1H\? KlUAftS, OppjbMa Jm/?? r'r-ci. U At Mo* Mr* la tww Tat, #km hra*> Halt mice wmu'iao i|j vuurntQ V c?n , "1 rrwl ?Ordra If Mall pnxnvllf a'?M 4 u? nK ?U|V,:H lO 4 b?* BTKK<?r.. I>* HUOIKfl, Iinll i ?) *ont pa'en' ttom and inpr nn, *taaMa lUirktnaa ii-i>-*ml?m, aAnald. r )r*i axl iruilr tai-nla far mr oefaraW'y. JoiiUfU 'K H OI.O arTA?i imhcii UA?ot m? rj * .. X fwnry araatcra. far>?*y An., hotter 4 ) . r l(C?r Jo , aorta t'aewa, wuh to.. *.? < ?> pilot 40 , An.. aonwaau* aa baad am far tk ataxia '-i i ma Maa BAlnrrt aiii<iratu, u.u>K>?rn>< rui rbenmat tai mblibln'iia. li"?H?rv tpril a tblaa *>aa. l.ralara Ac U. f or ante M *Am aawa u>4 a ' i Mil tor*. m WrHna MraM Raw *<? . lal by Rra 'am* Arwtly* ____ TO JRWrMIRH ART! WATf RKARKRV. IHI.IJTT mllla ivl riBill loo.a Itr aa a "*?*# Appi / at i>U 4* ? tract TUB NK* AM1? HttDMl'l, kblMJbf *<> '?* **** Mircftib drret la now opi-a tt ' h na 11 ba?a lb'a ea-hli ( <V I'? '>a U? ami reaw aab'a a.-aa l"b? >*b a will he ?cm I ,r wi n iiri cj to a<i> ?>w* of . ly Ira* X ?r| i|?mre Tab* ?cnf*.-w* nr*i?? f2? WArrirO tw heir l-v an,- an I lw. Urn in I > Mr 9AY. iv Arw"c ?'r^t. -ytoor *raa u? n?), t rami Viwrwm MaaraAH ?a? I. itmrt Am/will Mia" nj 'W (be ain?1 >nf' U" V ijin . ? . . iitm- curni* a9ao??a*if??r#A>? m anew* rerne -u? H. rtUrr a J. ?M^4 ?oeX>? ra#dae-??"A' "laatlr aawa. ^a. la to draw oak ?T* >?u W w ?"r*? at.-at.->??*?? ? <oua Trnae ^ iirnrrJ ?.aAi?-riiH s?ir, ??> ct 'on MimM fy ?'h ru r i tan r o amaal a'iiM , In Bl a 110 Inc. *"*?Palabr " J ?' r4( aill M I'bitAatr ' <aAn .>? *, M it ? M 'a a' ? ' ? At?t>l< a -i UalanVValrfit < ,1 UU , U Henry > ?! W Calranae t.r?? a <* l?rn#ll, JAWKl.tlf, All. cYiai WlM.-TaR TAal'l' M *wr*,Tr'oUT IW orxed b? a a ?ra rco'lcnm |? m-a ifbmn-i.if okI hara ,?i tn<1 at<? * o' elm m. n<l jrwr-btp tf lb >al?at y rw. % Ir rap c t'm ?a>' I dune n > oa baa<t. Naulna haaa Ihr \a? ride. >> .e?.? a> if .1 r r c *h I I R?, ?4 ?m lit F-nnwm (,t * ?,t*M .1 i * \ T"^ I, innoO", |#'?" ;<? ?* ?, or *.*<??, fr?r\ kiirl r vtnltrMr*. tnl.iim-' *1 of *<f?t # ?" O a ?.>-??*iv.Tlp: wi itM Ml ? ,1qn?? Tkf wf' -nl*"' V ?no??? l? ifct* tt If* 'Vrty r?*r< it lot tie i iitm or >'rWh? ??o -t f| 1 IWSM. JK ewiJ vul^l .tij JwflMxni 4ml>, Mt .