Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1857 Page 2
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2 tied *a Important rtgrtAcallM H!? MCe of Oo nulla loner Piunorriitiary ?*? aHered to thuof Aiohaa-ador no the brl?? Tibet all the Chinese ddBc-uUy caa be eettiei1 dlplo MHtafly, Tfce Prueetar government the lllvereln :-tutor to arremblr to conference at Be Itn on the Ml Jul; to cousull on lb* sugar diitlce The present system la ore of altioi pnhibiuoo again* colnniai sugar, and maintains the prior of beet root sugar to an extravagant height I'm Mia a lit propose to pre erve the existing d itr on oo Irani sugar, but to rai-*- the dut> on beetroot sugar from 0 silbeigroe u>r quintal to 7 s sllbergroa. At Florence, tuu ibe l'Jih lul, the rctnery of the thoa tre oacgbt fire du'tng the performance or the " Siege o! hrhatlopol." A |<at>tc arose, when forty three person* were killed and one hundred and thirty four wouc led The police of lb rhn hare, It la raid, obtained a clue ti a wide epread ooorptraev among the working ola<?e* for the purpose of 0' Ingipg about a general strike In all trades on the tame day in Germany, Belgium eelSwitzerland Too Instigation of this plan i* traced lo Belgium, while similar plane which have lately been detected In France ?ore traced to hare been broached in England. The police of Berlin hare accordingly made a communication to the municipal magi tracy, and tbe latter hare made it further known to the heads of the va-io-m trades' companies, with the a< diliunai injunction hat the rery Oral symptom of anything lite su-|* mum of a ork by whole shop* or any number of workm-n s* ad at once be communicated dl rvrt In the police, who will then take the prompter t sIcms. Ad rices from Madrid, of the Sin of June, oay that the kllLlMers sod Srnor I a1 rogue, the Mexican Knror. had not Ik* d able, up lo that oalc, to edict a seUiemeol of the dtffiou ues with Mel ice. The Bouse < f Deputies of Spain had adopted a bill proTiding for a levy of f 0,0f0 men. Marshal F.iecnky rtill survived, but the condition of his health ?a< t.n aiu-iaciory The slate of health of the King of Sweden was causing great uneasiness. lr ('ODs'antipopie a con 'errnce had been held to inquire Into the complaiiits ng .inni thu goremmet.l of Moldaria, and Is solve some difll uiiiee encountered to carry lug out the provskiD* of the Imoenai flrman. The pointi In dis puts were >ett>ed to the ratUtaction of all parties, and more es|?cially to the Turkish government Very few hopes of tbe recovery of Mdlle. Rachel are entertained by the Fori.- medical faculty. Tbe great trayr dirt.rtt ?ii BlilJ at Montpeuivr, sinking ra?t inw a u >pelemdecline. It 1* stated that the Port# had demanded of the Belgian government the -ecall of ita Minister, and the ItUer having refused to comp >, a e unpen-non of diplomatic relation* wan looked for. No rause 1* assigned The following are the quotations of American stocks ? rmtod istaieM ?'b, iHtrj-h luo a 108*4 l ulled States 6'?, 1068 10ft a 10ft* Alabama 6's 78 a ? Maryland 6'k, sterling hoods 89 a 01 Man^ai-liunethi 6'b sterling bonds 100 a ? Pennsylvania 6'e, stork 73 a 76 Penney 1 vnia 6's, 1877 70 a 81 Virginia 6'b, 1886 Kl^i 84t? Virginia 6's, sterling bonds. 1888 84 a 86 New (h li son Clij 6's, 1883 76 a 77 Illinois Central 7's, let mort . 1876 89 a 92 Illinois Central 6's, 1876 87 a 89 Illness Central 7's, freeland, I860. 107 a 109 Michigan Central 6's. 18?'.9 00 a 91 New York Central 6'?. 1883 79 a 80 New York Oulrul Vs 1664 92 a 91 New Yo k K K'te T'a, 3d mort , 11-83 83 a 81 New Yo h & Krie 7'?, 3d tnort . 18f 2 70 a 78 New York A Erie, sinking tund, 1875 80 a 82 Pennsylvania Central 6's, 1680 89 a 91 The steam*bin Asia arrived at Liverpool at three o'clock All n Mooday the 8tn of June. The a rev stea-ner Queen of the South arrived at South am)>ioo on Wednesday, the loth instant. Tbe steam<hip Arago arrived at Southampton, and the Qti ol Manchester at Liverpool, on the morning or Thurs dty, the Utb Instant. The screw steamship Circassian arrive! at Liverpool at nooo 00 the 12tb instant, making the run from St. Johns, n. r., in ngni oa) a. The nit amt r Jason (ailed from Southampton for New York oo the 11 in instant, with t<X) panneogera. The kpaelih m.ilcan Imbroglio. rhobablk ACTION up the cur tim?financial aspbct OP TUB oaffc?KXrBCTBO dkm'inh rration AOitXltT vbr? cw7? Mexico's plan or dr*bncb?LirrriKs OP makqcr to 1111 cnitbd statu*?1ntkr?8t op ENCLASP A Nil FRANCE IN TIIB BTliUOOLR CAN NPAMSR TROOPS IIARCIT TO TUB CITT OP MKXICO? [Madrid (June 4) Correapoo'ienoe of the London rt nes J ?*? ?* It t(, however. much earn- r to make conl-ctures than to Bay positively how the Oorte* would divide tn <h? event of a (troop oppr+1 loo being ma 'e to govern men! by lb ootrblnen I'otaoo* and Bravo MurtMMa. There la a bust of art deputtee, and It la hard to aay how thine* would po Meanwhile the p'-vernmeot d ie? not act u If It felt > ery con deot of lw strength In the Lower Chamber. Tnerecan be ecarorly a doubt that It feel. the neoeea*ty of making some petilemeot of the debt, and ytl It hoi la otl, knowing the msa pore to be unpopular and apparcutlt afraid to bring itfor ward In the Mexican affair It nae oertainly auffrred itself to be acted upon by the agitation that haa been got up >1006 the (brtn met, although that agitation baa not Tie origin lo any strong feeUrg of right or or wo inded national dignity, but In the intiifruea of f aud .leoi, or at kaet iioubtful, Or editors of Mriloo and In the deatre lo create embarrass men fbr the g< vernment, wboae fall would probably be (he peneeon'nee of Its allowtnp iteelf lo be epurred Into bo- lillttee wi'h the Mexican republic. One ran btrdly ima glre a seriooa and |imuacted war occurring bet#ecu two countries eo remit* from each other, and, Onancally ay* aging at Irari, eo unable to carry It eo; bofnreo brief and Hhpbt bnettliilea would bare ibe offer of h irdenlog the Spanish treasury, already in a critical poeiltoo, aid of UnyerUHeg the Suau.tb Weak Indian |s(-ewiooa | Madrid (June S) Oor rta pocdeoae of I/rodoa] Tire governmotl tnainta'oa strict reeorve with respect lo the Mrucu que* uoa, but it wouJd not be eorprirlog If we beard, before very loop, of an armed de mooairaUon agst-et Vera Cror Negotiation* languish, and it may be ihoagbt that a bale saltpetre would prove a wholesome stimuli* it la mo b to bs doubted, how ever, whether a mere deiuoc < *li<? woul I reader the Met can g rem mem mure pliant than hitherto T ?o courvea are op-n to ?*poto in the erent of ber dec d og lo begin a war She iu) take Vera Crop ant murb upon Mi iico, or she ma\ cooteot brr-elf with blockading the former plate ami Tampion the only two Meucoi uorle oa the eastern rule of the American continent With those iiiriv ihr a est sloe stir would t>rnl>abl\ not ihina ll ounce Diem u> n r ddle, coa Idrrmg the dnltuce Mid lh?uotoH m? ?i her n??y. Vera iVu? would unt be deleo led The (Oflrt?? bar bee i i e?lrct. d, l? in bod condition, r mid tm*l boid oul, and could op abandoned lo thertoaut b lit vaong lur?<!? without any reel n-i um Tbe o|i|e?llio? eirrtuunrtti could be no tan ttiaicb up ?o Vl- xlc i, upou c b'Cb, be-lde* ?t cb tt gulor truo,?? a? tbe Mextc?c- oiirfbt b? able lo bilDg Into Ibe BHd. toe dtatti'aril* would owe Ou meteod c lb guertllcH, fever cod the eliiot'e Wiiu uob c ln<r?- c? hfc ii could 'end cl |*e*ent, tbe expedition could been extremely bovcrdinie one If tbe ior*1er? recrj>ed Utile- cii), oociiiicl coo beid It, tbe) m'gbt doubilec innate u>ai> to ibr g veromeni. ot> the uiber hand, tlx ir lute could hculy *?e moe'l, cod tbeir ripen*** coind reimmv be greet Tbe War cub Cefioo c 1-1 tbe ( ailed Melee ?30.11 <1,1 <|0 t|erltb< Whence l< M CIO to drcc the n-iei of ?ar io even utbe of ibit am tuof If tbe C'dlt herteK ?ub ibe 'run expend en proven of c bcekidv. it I* it Mexico Ibct will chiefly suffer, but fort igb ere-cfe ?-c ??f ollf-reot ri'ffatiM, to cbto (Ml per cent of tbe revtti' e? of tbe two Atiib'le pore ere aini-n, le trior .dil) *0 i<er reoi to ei.|er the Mix tear Ireceu-y K r/luh and Prnct tnlrrejtj veil 6r tarjHt ^ey?nlt;>/ cod be question I* cte ber ib?ee two ouwotrwc will alow tbi?, cod *lll not frwbid a <v ow*! be a ?ill be damngti g It bun lie OnrnetM U g l'owet>. Mid Mb ba-dlt benettt euh-f If Silt let.i e?i?. ?he met endure c certain lo e io m-u con WM>ory, cbcti ebe reu tery I l cdurd Mexico to llr u leix . bi-O) her Mioree. won >d he | i Her c -Ort if trunn on c bitli -iclr, citb the diHtm* tbcl i>0? la un C'-O lo ruppoii lleve clieuee of cr lo tbe egi rmr *p -l clNhcereih it) burden on y cu i cod Frton* in Ibeir r? urn ratio era //>e enfbdr -r? Wfmid br ruicr f, /ire *'rv<> wuU, fmi>?ltl"y on Ibe MPbrri4 of ?M*r, orif ikmrnm-li if left e? / rrt.tyi<r lr< fbe i/rtprd Stair, If, foe ccn< Ot trie CO* let ?ne I bllc?-U Or OC-lel from he coot*'!, Ibe fcrt or b< r lic> lag ecrc?ed iii It oeild neve era died Ir Inane*, coo her rlaru- t? Mexico ten tin be value*** Tbr M> IH an grrleran er I I* 0 * clrbo I t tmniror*. There Can be ooiionbl bar r Inr-tui ie*oornmeuued |l trorildlm be die ety re<ce tbr rhurcb property and levy war la re* 4 ,c>n rer | no* on ibe Co oirerailrtii Of dcnU ton* ? par li mox cod Mrrion if ihi* eipectcnoo wtra realitel, Wnuid b? ptiiugrd li n be b> rorr <d a civil a* well at a fuel a ca Io.Ikii bleb r ver way w? view tbe qutwll'bi we * r trr*t,iag hut Ceeraib ft eel ** and damage for b rtb u?, witb ric-bely a riraoce of hnoefii to e llbev ft Ir mfl* H tn r?ii Je-cruic chai I ue id r rtt hint (a* '/CtU*i Mir i?e mt*M i'.?rie tw j"tmnr? iif a *?r trtnorn ra-tr ff par r? ?rw rt i a* I rare* farer pr.'trr.n* pvtl; I ul -err can fwt 'w it. prdada/vir r,j jml tn taw |?rvg ruNi ayne.1 A c tre., if box land a> d y>anc? would avert ?in |.|V,||.?> lie n 'ill extremely net iv i|. audit, rolve if-ein at exont it,at iwttiCtw al pre-eot l? bardly forrwr* o. Uw > wni tuierpn e ibeir aritbueirt too evei l a i lit.|rv<rfll?ble aoo liMrneict) utricce fbn dlat'er migH or ?mn? i?i m o-n im ram att'rd ? nboit run jut n buef the llle?e?*r at." hcnr? ot relief )-r,j f Umr '< he ? *" ??? " ww * ?! *> %ud S,iein ?and Pipi-tiel1) thr lo'lrr?In kMplnr |? tc | *1.'1.1(1 (JuOP I) OorfP?|? BdPtiPP U the l/mdnt) T fowl J * 11.i <i? . briMifbt lo bp?f U> oBvpf.m (hp 14. .rrol Mumi |*1| Bud Bet IC" ere Plltlh a* to feeder It hf be BUM> lb|?<. a'-lr that, ut tw? korlaud son FrttiW inipp i<n itielr in H)M ??tu, b"Ptlliltee will tb.iflU t.rit u it Tlte (01 bt 1.1 niAitwi iif lb* rrp b to?tb'^f, I meao, f b(?? rial III- Ibr M> ni'M eopert/IBenl dwilair t'l Inuuied, MO o'gto ."pen. t" euhitm ui reri-iiNp?ipot* on w m? ub tiif lii 0 Iriini.'Mir m?.l?f? I hi Oil UMM? aoil'iae ih? H*M' ti *' ?fwi iiirtt iif ret eitif ?*r. or ?f twioa detenii'n hi li'li'i It. mtiw itaan admit e ?atr l??r ii|?ti"ii 'if the ?M || H.itw. irbrh 11OI1M. hut if pobMfl iMnliiO, eiriK HbP If mid b> |*iru 1 of I# irpi Ml hf H? fpbp' to it r Our?? r, ei'n 1 e a rerfetti fo o aurt ri.ili bi-e, tl> yip ? OIBril i*d h?-illt beio h- nf Ui mi jip etirOi lt?flu. u x ob it hi itH line of c h 'Ii.'I they edoid ; OK) lli I r>? r <br q. ?ti"0 la allowed to il.a( i<o li it. d?- ilaii4tPttt?* omint'. Uie tr.aoou rrea if laa o*M ?< i>.?o ?|f"aii'p*, lb* oti ati r the iPfila'i >0 001 Hi f.piin*. Bin 'he mare (*i ef. 11I ibp I"'*itlre .? ibp Cabinet I oi 1 tuooii It ihp po.irip ad d b; Uila i?< r?ien> * irtPi-pt) ihf be?irofPulated |i . retrofit |ip wikoi'itm iim* irftf.iir t'e ra..*enf quarrel t< Wi>?uide m .? ipp 'j* i n ahio It. the ill tr -atm on ' rttiler; i f t. bee* aw) 'hPPP imliii* are all-owl t > hoef t?pt B.n l?ip?' ?at l.-axi in |*h?-oj iue tf op* if I'B'" heed? i. nhiipt, If the que ttoo wepp llni'iedl' Una. It Itdfbt. |?Ptia<ai. baear T aet led Pbc *poa<an ( >? PrPtnpf I (1P0?*('> lb- |HiDlabni< httf lh>- ofl. 0 ?er? an twatiia a>a'f? fit. ihr trjored Che (trot p .tot Oe*tco ai bbop *o?o?lad ttbta l#hi .)ata aa ?a- ar-ofOMl He ih |?..pp*u) OPiBMdpd ht VbOP Ho-ela. but <P thin maiaoatai ported Of mar be o*eded far teeeatiga tod to Ifek kM? of tfek inbuaeie. I'pwtfee reeult in or iK<ch tn*?rt*|*ri D mu?t ** ? < th<-<vi* u -a r ooa^ a | m'loo. It It ba worad that Mr > toe. fm.M ft r*" ?!? ? t'ffVialit are ib<'? MMMeaf >b> . v*-- i aptria*-'a' N < loo, at 1 am positives* informed, aim te that tawe t? a claim for coaitwn'-ailon llul If, ut u contrary, " la thnnnibai Uw VIM* Mt? beam perpetratet ?? 1 -| ruffians and mt'auderr, dim In snirrem -it cay there U pothirp In the 'an of nations to es.rt?is w,*in I > la strt <>D compen?ailoo lor bar Um?| subjects li i? car | lainly deplorable thai, owtag to lbs weakness ?/lhe atacii lira, o? other causes, such outrages rbooH have t-eea w l? naiad, aii'i m ch band! of r ifllaaa be nlttral la InfosS the land but foreigners resident there mo-t take ta* one acq i Decs ol tba aituaiioo, and not mfHl a oomprnaat ?'ti which Mexican suhlecsa would hare at *tg*i m claim But. betide* I ir que li a of tha Man Virali aad C teena vara outrages, the Healdah go*aaamawt l.itag< I. award a' it* other rlmms and caurea of eoraplatui agt aM Mntoe, and demands their settlement btiore diplomatic rvtattaafhall be relumed This l?, to ray tba I. a?t. aa ua wire course Hie |4aln and pru.ln.t oee would be tir>t to settle the moat Irritating petal la dla| j?a? ihat out of which the ru|diire of diplomatic inter course arose?rod then, wien tha prawn! heal brail he allajed, and Scoor lofragua. no* here aa a nocnaiawir (thai I* lo rax , to an otlleio.w ra Ji- r than an oMIcial rb*r?r i?r.) should bava been rewgnlaol aa tha Mex<caa M.uttter f'lei ipolt ntiery, the older questions in dispute might be durum d, and' wltn temper, moderation, and fair pla* ea Intth rides, mirht, doubreaa, ha nmtceb'y adjusted fbi* bowrver, la not the rtew taken by the itpeatsb govera mem, *hich Insists on lum Mop i|? grte maocs, ana. p?m I top their aettiement, makes warlike pre ami u?, aad auf M ihe (res* and opporltloo orators, stirred by ran nis. aod.tAerels reason to fear, In aeme ca'cr, discetdi abie and UDjmlrlotic Incitements, to rouae a feeling of nal'ed and boeultty to Mexico, and orlop .-'.mud to tba b'tok of a war. The t ne of soma of the Madrid pauora |? mo.t irrl tiling and intemperate. In tb?lr column* om Data the terms "CbriOe," " harhartaos," "saragm," ha, oally appllei to the Mexieaoa. With ib< cea-or bip tba. exists sock oOenalre terms oou d nit bee a ployed without the consent of the gorernarnl,aad the natural Inference (although perhaps n<* a * nctlj correet odc) is that It apurores ibis aggravating course, and la not di-iucltred to the appeal to arms to which it m?y pmoehly lead. lhe pool ofllseg, strenuously exe led, of the Kogll.b and Fri nch Hints era ai Madrid, ha?e a* yet beeo aritn?ut eitect, and, as I bare already Informed you, matter* are for ihe moment at a standstill, and Ibe peril*. inter.'Hod await the arrival of the next mailfiom Mexico srlth the rather vague hope that It may brlnp romc Uing or other that will facilitate the aettiement of the que-mm. It may very possibly bring news of the condemnation an.t per "?1" "> ?"- in -"II" II I". I? ft ">17 outrage* on S|>?uirh subject*; but it cannot be etc wcte l to brio; the solution of tbe qaestlr? of -omtwuistion, of ihv of the claim? of S|*Dtnb creditors, an 1 of me various other traUers wbicb Spain has thought proper to aiaocia?e Id her demands for B&lUtftCtion. The Atlantic Telegraph Cable. [Fr ?m the Linden Times, Jooo 11.) Tbe comphtion of 1.260 miles (one-half) of tbe cable for tbe submarine Atlantic Telegraph, b> Messrs. Nesrall A Co , war celcbrat id at tbeir works, Birkeahead, yesterday by a dinner given to about 000 of their workmen, with their wives and families. Messrs. Newall's contract has been esecntrd with great speed and punctuality. Oa the 19th of November last they tendered eit ler for half or the whole of tbe cable, to he fluirhod by ths GJth of June. The tender for tbe half was accepted in the December fol lowing, and Messrs. Nesrall, who had taken one of the transient sbeds attached to the Biekeohead docks, at once set to work to provide the necessary machinery, all of which baa to be created for the occasion The wire was supplied to Messrs. NevaUby their own wire drawers, Messrs Plchard Johnson A: Uo , of Manchester, who com doted iheir ta-k by the 1st of June. Messrs. VcwaM comtneQ sod spinning tbe cable on tee 18th of February, and proceeded without interruption until Monday last, the 81b of .! ine, wnt n 1,260 miles (one half 0' the whole cab 0) were com pieted. Tbe cable consists of a strand of copper wire covered three timet with gvtta percha The gut* pcrcba h- sewed from rod to cm with sp in yarn, and covored with eighteen s'rands of seven wires ea h. There are tbo. 26 i?00 miles of strand, cotspo-ed of seven ti nee that quantity ef ?lre being a total of 175,000 miles of wire The preeess of spinning occupied 80 days, 2,6-0 miles or wiie being used per day, and GOO hands being employ ed. The spun >arn was also made by Mesrrs. New all upon the sasie tT'mi-es, 100 mar lines for this purpose be.og rang ed in one of the upper Uoors of the works The cable Is no* lying in four huge coils (each 28 feet In diameter and 8 feet high), all readv for being shipped. It will be transferred, probably to day, iito small vessels, and thence 00 board tbe Niagara, which is ex >ected to arrive at the mouth or the river early or xt week Tnc weight of tbe cable avo rsges one ton per mile; and it is to be laid by tbe proce-s patent* d by Mr Newall, ard ado .ted in the Black Sea (passing tne wire through a bellow cone) which prevents twisting The festivl'le* yesterday were presided over by Mr Cnrilon I rip manavrr of the works and were witness**! by a Urge number of gentlemen, including Messrs. .Newall, Pickering, C Ltddell, WbHcbouae. R Uriflith, R i Max well, Ac. Among the lout* were "The President nod People of tie lotted Stales," " The Atlantic Tel?gr*pb Company" R d Nesail A Co.," "Meters Whhebouas, Bright A Held,'-?' The Manager* and Foremen,'' " Messrs. Jontu-on A Co " Tbe Guua Percba Company." and " the Mayor and Corporation of Liverpool." Measrn. KewaU bare cont acted to lay down l.OtO miles of wire (oart of tbe Indian Telegraph line) between Cagliari and Malta and Corfu Tbe tedioua process of shipping tbe 1,000 miles of ooli wbicb bare been manufactured at Fast Greenwich was v> hare commenced yes erday but owing to tbe amount ol work to be done before the lofty bold of tbe Agamemnoa tl fitted to receive It, the shipment Is DtA hktly to begin before Monday next Every exertion is being used to get matters In as rorward a train as possible; but, nevertheless, tbe day we bare men looed will be tbe earliest on wbicb tbe cable layers can commence operations. Tbe Agsmemooa h?? boeu si >og -ide Glssse A Rlllot'* wbarf for some days She looks tani and film enough, though wl icly different from her Itiaek >?'? days, when ber huge spars overlopped .be ileet as rbe led tbe port hns at twelve miles sn hour, or thread- | ed ber wsy anong a mass of transports like s yacht At 1 I pr sent she ha* s mild half pay loo' , wbteb even tbe sen- ? try st ber gateway* cannot wholly ban *h Her porj i j are open, but only for tbe purpose of venullatlos, w not a g?n is on b'ard At present .-be Is very m icb cosrn by | the stem; but the cable being s owed forward will bring , brr on an even krsl. It will make a dUlcseoce ol four feet in ber present Mm A small engine is b< ing titled to wind ! tbe con oc boarr and tbe whole operation of shipping I a ill occupy, it 1? calculated, at least six week*. The two in saore i n is are usary flni bid, and the centre pore of steel wire cable is pnoresung rapidly Thorgb both at ' Gnen?ich and at Bt'keoteal tbe manufacture will eon 1 tip' e a* one end while ibe otter Is being snipped, It Is ntt 1 expected tba more tlian about 2,4j0 mdes will be Co nple'eo in all. Tbi- wl: allow bctwucn 600 and 7u0 milcn for "slack" in pa Irg out jsrom tbe London Times, Jone 10 ] The rnitcd eutee *c c? corvette Niagara IS, Captain Hudton. has b? rn an inject of much interest since auehor tug at I'ottsnioutb, and hsa been lni|?ectod by numbers ?f i rt f. al, p alert tonal and amatc ir naval architect* and : tavai int o ot all tanks Ibey igrto upon oae point? the ves-t i> ngMoma Admiral Sir lie irge Seymour and ?UI1 vlauid h r on Monday , ai d on Monda evcouig entertained (', Hudson, First Lleutenar.t Wells and two other lo iitstisn a, and Co -valier I'nppalaMo, the I nlted -Mates t ier t os*ul, at the Admiralty house. Tie alteration* of ibt Nmgaia will be cllectod in tnc harbor and da Is tbe | i>vm or unek. A large body of dockyard artificers bave been p> t uutD her tu expeclte toe work of cutting a*ay Uir siancheocs and rl< at leg spaest below to make the requited to m foe colling away uninterruptedly her >to|ior u<? of tbe great tuantlc eiegrspb cablu. The men aro to work fro u 5 A M. until ft I*. M The Frlgslr Rnsqnrhanna In BnglanrK mtailMI It) It r K ormckms- LOWI) jo tin Hi AdRI.L on ut h fmthisu KKnariitHH?srascn op catTaiN HPHi [J mm Ibe l/TldOO Chronicle, J'?Bc II | The B' fr-H> al of the Metropolitan Froe Tl-tepilal look ?.'wc >? ?lrrray . at Uio I/>odiM Tarem, ibr R <ht H''?i l/trrt .Intm Rut-ell In the cbatr Among the g?utl? mm pre??ni Ibe Prueee of Oide ami aut e, Cap'aio fain*' aud ftlocrr o> the I ot'ec ftau* dram frigate tbuqnehant a. now In Brtihb water*. After dinner, L re .tons Rr> u pmoneed tbe toatt of "riuCie?e to the Mi F?ce l???pital." (Cbeer* ) fhe marl w?a 'trunk witb rnibi>?ia<ni. Mr kKAH'iP Bomich pro pur od tbc "tie* lib of lord Jobti KupTpII ' I/wo m n? , In rr*art?lnc thank*, ernreaped the gatttudr bp rli for <br p mtkal uunldt nor wbl-h ibr cltl j / Vb >( I a.I. dot. i ad ? long r? pored In bim, and -Ui?d ibe K- *1 gratiOr.tioo it would al?ay? all'.ird to hi a to do ao f thing wnit b nuid forward tbn tnlrraata of (bp charitable la*'l uttm* of lb# metropolla Tbr net! ioa?t (contlauPd IIip till'I k lord) * V i>o? wbtcb, b? ?? acre, I ey would rirr (I wltb a"pan?c II- wan avou? to propoap tor bt-altb ifibti' Am riraa eidlerg. (CUoera) Ht hoi al a ? bp#n of opttino an 1 ha I alwayg raid, that If Iter# wm any two rHae? that wnra potlilrd to make a family " mi ai t, ib' y wore i>* Unttrd Kingdom and lb- l and Hate* nt Amertra Tola Country not only ad Turpi tbc gr-at quainter n| the American* toil felt a III! Ir (Uttered In thlna tan li nt they Lad dponded fttm tbe iame o <am a* ro frelrrr (tt. ar, hea>), ih?l inee we e In fart our ??ar relative* If they had r ># fotobw, be heil?red tbey a err nautl* ibe noun erpart of our netifufbka (9-ar, bear aid langhtrr ) He mgbl ?ajr further with r?*ad tnib-ar gallant men aluee bea'lb be war aboil to giae, Ibat pheipierrf lale year, during hi a etna neorr, there bad In en any of ibuee little .i?ea wblcb wiiM happen an.'og ibe nenrert relation, au I tbn b-at fttei.d*. be bad mwaya futnd thai If n B?iii*h an 1 Am#rt ran captain In Ik nary cuild talk nrer ibe ma ler, they aiaay* reilled II better than Ibe mom ? ti|ilom?*i*ta. ila. gh'er ) lie rrmm.berol a gal.ant frietid of hi* uarn. I Br lirorye t*ey ntout ? aid be bad no doubt CaptAtu duid* poind ' , > ak fur hi* own commodore alio, ?rn?n ibuy tan.e to talk > ?or lb# disputed question of the Cub tflua, put it mm lueh a tram that II aaa i ut dinirtili for tbe rep trrtidalirr* of tbe laoftatee to make a reaty, which, he tr Med, wm Id ronflrm toe amity of the two p > mine* He aaa aure ibat I bey a I airbed Ibal Ibat atniiy m igM be Ptrrial (Ihoera,) rheiirtenor American- eamr to Ibl pountry flip better, and ibe teener t>gl i-limca wont I l?? tho A mem ate a rl-H Ibe hotter, for be al ray ? fuun thaiabra an I'lig'i hman wort to Amei-t-a h? ro trtrrd "b the greater! biwpttality and goo I will (h>a-) no. in Ibe ropond (dace, tin eea be ?a- rnic of Ibr III dg 1 |o??o and ill ponultioord oe'Ron* whutn he would not t an i ?ith thai er< ef4*on, ibey aiway* camu bai k witb lie hiyhr-t 0| It)ion of Arrtprloa TTte hublo lord conclude r 1111* "The health nft'a.italn fanda and lb" idTicora o ih? *< "I'lotanra," niurh aaa drank aitn enihiiAlat'ii. I'o oroer brtn* reatorol, ta,t ruep at o aaid he begged Dtbank ibeni for Ibe en'f.uaianta manner In which they ha I reapotdel t > ibe loa?l ol Ibe rouiu-y ?n i *er*l>te to which ho Im'ongel He ba?i on a former ee, a. ion had ib? grati.aalton of m tjI irarueof kkgland a ?t. ?i. t nnht. .1. . tt t . ?1? r had 0lprrd?r1 ?! ??|f hi thl* '?" " Mother nt>d d?n?bter a?awtthe wll" (Atbogh) fie had now there nf prrtthar end imriwio- or 'to. ?Hh wttr,b thry aerr arr|omntr I?layli a <<>?e % fMrtvo h'-'wron tble muMr) add bid fliM, obitr nin'tnt fnetaad lid Arri- ' '?'* Wurtbrf, did n< t tlr oi to thr r< ? of ?br world !! |ru?l"d thrtr rrlation?hip |i other nirtrlei would l?r of the kind ?h'oh etiMm onw?-n ihr r >b r rbartttee of Ibr metfopoltd for tbo rorlpiruw "f their cbarl ir*?b'txuni Ibr world In the b> D ie of Rood feeling 3* hod cot howeee*. rim to thin rowiiry to make ipreti, hot to b; rabid (fAtiRhtor dod cherrt.) MiRht It br i idlrer r*rrt n>rh fhotild neear br tinloopod (l/wd cheer* ) Th. f ritirr irt tbrn read tb* I tat 0( dooahoe* to (tit boa I ltd), whirh amounted to t\JM IW TOKK HKKALD, WED! Mk * ? > KncUM krtrM of m El* ' hr Iktekr ?r P*HMaK>.l. | itM gtmw.hvl tl?, J?? It ) ?b< i 1 W<? liiT? IJak I tt" 1*4 f ?t < M. * ??". M alMMB ikr AIK-r**? Ofw-illw bw IrrtM ??! It* <.*< ? 4 tk? |IFI'?ran-* of ih* tfir* Hr* I*1 ?? I |?Kfi M? K" <4 lftt* k*?k, k**? 1*1 ft tbr efiart 4 Mr B- m<6rr \ *? * W ? W%r* lluit k* H ftm fk e i? fr" ?o |*"t >a ba far ? tor. at'b la* **#*>?* fjr (l.WwIi I U> ftor> to* ? ' t* '*+ ?>1? b# ftr-tatt far I *? fb.WO. ?fl m i?W b* imik to >?toi kf?rrl>?w1 > (to lb* * ?< , a t, to Hrr?*?. Uo ito o' i?Mm ?to to** Wo to>* tl-toH pw* bail t? ?" ih t ? .b."t i. *? , I* ? brrrt* M M' ah to* r?'U.* tw phr*4.4 ato b* Mnwto Tba?* a Ha "" *44 ) r* tor* ?to ,fb >?< ara aa tar (total KiPTH Itv* ?" atoato . to< aiH to b an^bl to tola aa?toy a? amm to ito J" Ptoian "?? ?? caitoaM T>.nm rm ?jb-v* ia an toM * ban* to*a *to4 ? to* 0??i nrtia* by to* it "I toap* t.*a**al b I It la Ml (ippftp 11?? Una Into* toll " to< * ptoo ? irit tocator, a* to* prwato torn ato- ? ? to 4a* tori *?'? ** Tap* >?* ?. * ***>? b| V* W. i.h j aa-* * ' It Jamil. tu*>?* ill lr*4 ft# to* Cp ? a aatoaa lb* r* b? tvcl ap ?!*< *i rf to* >b'M(to ?.?**?%I abmtM l?tof*r* On ito taa* *r**ia*to ai. IT aa, M la MiaauaM toal to* ? M Itrw; *?hU b>to?* Wto II*\ nfto af to* l*at >* Mt*t*l tot* b*4to P'tatoi I tor to* 4tr*dara, aa *r aa. *4 ?b*to Mr ?*? ? BHtr, Mr Mart'l, Q C : ?p U * *'* Jato** y C , Ml Mr HaU'ito* N I* Ml fcao*k >0 aMaii bar* to* immt af Mtotohii to* latoarr af Mr rM Ueo|<hry ton a a ba Tto* Ma* to mt bp****. Ito Til BTOCf Ol ?t UIM-TKI ?OfTIH HOW. pf 'lr ta. Um lr*M bwi, |.i?* am la ) J? * || ) a* TV* iiatoiy rrutri ?t to* Baab <*> i>mm, yabbtoaa * lho tontr* *. iwdoii a vary to***to>i* ptha TV* *4 ?< >m rmttmi t*a 4f* baab a# to to* *M*to ft to* t* ataa** to (b* >*u?t to *ato?a *r? h**? aoatotoM, am to* b> o* awa b**ti o ii I** an. >b?atag aa af ?atali a r*| tfarttf tb* a *ato f t n'i.r a at to* ' aw* umr to* h* i tot* *i to* *?'*b * a a*tai va* ba*a tarana by a ot >?i ramie* of M4 a* I la lb* ** * rirruMiaa. to* yarar* r*i mit aataar* b*# amai* 1 tto.oau . * ?* la to* 4*j? r" m? m irr pwwnr \mr*w m % imum r m ! ? n*ip| mr iih Oftroulitrt pfeuw drrriQW of I 3ft?,MM . m< mm pe*> peel *f tow*rt?f ?f im mm m pmrmmi treer'b tlfd Tta* MttWW ' rMtM Mil !*" b* - rl,. Mftftd ft fBriber rMMlM of .lu.dftHf ftftd tfte wftvte of Ibf liwr 6m ?"* m?nf Tfti.mft Tw mmjm ef art interne |?i? l*e the l? rr*>e*r of |oM few feBBB Ift W U mot lb II VB? Oft ) tft.UftU . Bftd W tiM pr* ftftl BftBBMBB M ^ Mlll/wo aha* i a* lime aad hftlf of Mm ferw n> ** tfeft mo'k ferM fttt tfet?i<bri fee MlrlWM m arttftotft * operative* T*?m, h**e*er, are ef Be real ift|irt>T' " nBO> U ej im tpate fey tweer iferw Weettt ift *" ipflM' that ?'<n Kiwtaml* plan trmm mm ir?l mw- "* The Beak |?t hrery pi tern ft to* watparery ? ' rautag "1 Mil, b?*'p| ?oc* ?mlm i|m ifettlm hmcm' b di>(nftl.b"p || the IK hMfM Br* tft ftri pr?Bi ' Plate. Without h* ttefe of iter rfturM prmUftg Mftl<?l< uefeiorilk i|fp|lM?, Ml Ita ? >: ( lMCMri|> *? mr >t lo tb* iiaruiaxn Tin dr? Iftft lir Mm ii* mul.w cf Mm ftaafe of him *" bar heoft oWcutiiy |mfe rbed,aad 6fmm ?il mat Hal re petto *itb tbeer *UMe already ft tea of ft. blrb U>r itiitmobii IA lift .000 of CWUl M M ft* petd ?p . * remain* Ift be tied by Ift* Mftftfe, bat n ftwl lit * place Wfeft ibe < *4 *f 1 ?*". durtog that yam ift ** wbole amount It m ftp r*ore<l t* gowimtin o* u la?oe of retire Tbe prohibit* mi t**r*m^ of "* tbe rftl* of < teooual b#> nM ft nee ?poi, ?ft? ft few hewner J* 04 I hp haul III HIT! |?f kxl Of lllftl, Bad fur?*d it M Ml Ml 10 OlljPCIX'tMbl* H|*<..IPBM, M rrBKif.BM BBV | * blrb D B> BMP* rr?M Ihp CfeftTfP feftBft ri.Md Bb"*e tft?l *' rale are lo be ap,*h*d to tbe nunr Tub* I inalty . ea M I*hub l?'Mtred of BMP* of KOt It. rank) tl.tBect* lb I |0?0?I IPIiOtMOBUnO fe*t born I'M VftMftor UMBO ** tbortty will bp acted oo bi our* i? out kn ?b, ft a H aaam " to b* pi|>PciMi tbftl tucb ? M Im U>? ewe To# r*?oH ir> Will 1>0 tbe liber lino of ?'ge B0N>uBl of g ?ld, *hb? r' would pn dure ft ?imo( effeM up?B prnM ko'inla M ger. ho*e?cr, *ould boeaminly ftrM* I* tft* m?Ihm) of " tbe bank, provided tta . nwrt. watngrairal mar* b?ub?. eicepl ! period* of pot.UOftl |Mir. Wfeftft I ftp porwtfttlftk lb would b?rr to be ftptwebeftded <d ?p?p?bI riefe I ' tit h rei loti*. bowpver, rc -ort lo herniary ftuapowto* J* U regftrdtd ft* b logl'.mBte remedy Treat went of ft merle an Hamwamm ?Uftftfttml Caw I* to land 0*|ifter i>wtr.t?k*t oi -<t?t*, it'- v ? ?, ft(w'.r;?, 'ft.'.: . , >(v I/OKI? I bftTP tbe hoi or to orkooo k ige tbe reoftpl of your lortUhip r Brtft of tbe lUtb .o*t eta : ? thai lb. 1 ftttt Dl.ou of bur ll*J?n' ? foerrBmPUl ftftd "I Ifte Itrpiaft public baa or latft been awaketed lo tbe irrqfulftnTl ? at if Icodiog tbr Poli?tB PBI of pftiBPn oo board ifte tn?rraoti r TPMCIa of tbe I'tnied HMieft, and tbe tut tare *f their treat m iupqI wbeo ao ttnplo|pd Vour ioedtbipe?| rwpi i a bote- ^ tbat rome rrmeoial mraaure ur b* *ure*?i?* fne uhi abuses. In reply, I bare U>? booor to >uu> Ibtl i w believed ibe laws now la fore* upon tbe subject of KtMt employed rg heard (be mere beat vmch of (be letted zL, State* are quite sufficient for Ibeir prutectloa The ea* ,, cution or tbeaa law* la foreign eoontrtea for ibe b?m at part devolves ujioo eoosnls. II la possible that Ihae* . oflicet may, la *ome lastaacea, bar* bee* deimquetu la Ibe discharge of Ibelr ilety la her Ma)*My port* **, This departm) ul, bowerer, Is not aware of aay s?cb detia zr quencler, but, uion being saitsfli d or ibetr eiisieace. wil. if not hesitate to apply tho proper remedy A copy of the d l otted State* mntular regulations la berealtb triwe ttni, , and your lordship U particularly referred to the 18th chap ler. cot.tied, "duties of Cow-alar Officers la retain* to Seamen of the I nl ed Slates " From the great dsmwad lor tailors in our porta In proportion to their supply, and lbs hM Improvidence and credulity which usually cwvari'i them, ihey a'c aecrsaar ly expoecd to impueiUun vo a da on gice ebtcb, probably, ao law* could pre rent, h ? pre sumed thai seamen required for tht Brltlah meroaahlr marine In ber Majesty 'a on n port* are more or laee <ut aol h_ lo the same crtevance. I abould t>e g ad to cenm' o an) menaurea lor tne rel at of Una usrfiTcaa* >f pr-raoos. hit .<< the laws of this ooantry intended to prevent tb- tnaJ treatment are ae eftecUre, It la believed, aa tie we *r ear ... other. lortancee may bare occurred where oJ adera Davt eacaped punishment, but this, 1 am person led. abould 9e Imputed to defective proof or otber ac -ideal, aa I eat u -ither to any Inadequacy In tbc law Itself or to aanl uf tm partiality In tta adnuoistratlon. h. I avail myself, fee., LK #11 CASt iZ rise Ureal Nhrddon law Mult In Fnfland? fo Yaltsll.y of Civil airiagn In lbs tnllsd "I (Males. "a ftrora tne Ixmdoti Tines, Jan* 8 1 hi* The petition which Earl Grey preeentel last night to Ibe ?'? House of Lords involves a story ao strange, an I a aa<e in ** many respects ro remaritahli-, lliat wo t n ltaro* to cm Lit ne'e tbe facts Into some managtable shape for t je iaf,.r mi mauon of our reader*. It is true enough thai lb* (abject Is not a new one?indeed, tie history Is ooe of Its in nt sio lh' guiar features: but It has, perhaps, never ytt fotnd iu way to tbe general knowledge of tie pubtte. In tbe yeat KM or thereabout*?so far must wis aarend mi the stream of cvrou for ibe begin Ding of tne na relive? Mr. tTiUiam Sbeddon, only poo of a scotch laadowner. ief> his native country lor America, four yeara aVretrds h. Tr returned on a visit. It it sailed again In Kit*, and re ma:net beyond seas, engaged In mercantile pursuits fo. tho rest of bt? life. While in America he was twice mtr rled?llrsl in ITH6, of wblcb marriage there was fotutte * Issue only, and ngain some few yosrs later, wPb the |.?u- tb of a rot. It 's upon Ibis second fonn?j|on thai a much H' I as hem found to turn. It ep,iear< that tbe uu?>n In q te< ' lion a? soletnin/.ed In the Urst lasts nee In 1780 by ct n *r r? itrnrt?a nercantny al'eged to Impart tbe vah illy u> o" mstr1*g< accosdiog to the laws of New York, where It wa ar perfumed hilar, however, to rrtnove doubts, or ft m n ake assurance still more cerG in or to fhctlltale tne .uc rem tot ot Li* toe, M* pbeddon tlx days lie-ore bi? d<-etn, " si tint bapttned on tbe i:,ui of November, I18A, was tnt* '' rled otsr sgstn to the lady with whom be bad iteen eight J' years living, and this time according to tbe rite* of tbl"-otrHsnt F.piscopnl ("buret. Moat or our readers will b bt aware, no ooubt, tbal by tbc law of Scotland s marriage m i> i *<m i* n |> r* or n gu.maioa ail inr prcvimm i??ue. ? ' > lliat I* tbta Menbd cerrnioey ha I bna prrfDented to Vxx land no obcnrtau ty whatever Could aft. reardt barn at tat bid to the rlgbtr o( lb? too a* hla father'* heir Cloaelt mom rud arltb the .ubeddnea id HooUaad vat a * rani y named Patnck, aad Mr William *atr| lk vt<a > potnu d guardian of youuc Rbnddoo npoo hi* faibnrV ** diatb. Attnr tor nova of that event reached Pr-rfa I roc rdtopa were taken upon thr as* u mi'tun that the am. ' torn In Amnilca wa* tot eddied to auooerd bt? latw in $' the por?m?lnn if the shotrh mtau . and the aurrer?i m ?a or< bed In dor inrm to lb-. Robert Patrick aa n*it onr *1 rbm war in 1?V.? In thr year toiloaing William Pat'irk Ilat*tno *b? ddou, the *00 aforemld, ar/i td in fcmtan ' fM Inin Atcerica, acd pa.**rd under tbe tutelage awl cava ? ?' Mr ffm Patnr.k In l*Ot tin |uartliab>hip of tbn hto aa Uaorfrrred from *n, l"atricb to H i?h Cra .furd " aod l?r> yiar? later tbia Hugh Qraui'urd Hv-timte' an anion *gam>-l tbn Patrick* for inn recount y of the lao Ito tbn tt?e of bi< young ward. T?n acuon waa defeat 1. and an appeal to tbe Mourn of lord* nxt v ia do onttnr uccere. aa adverae Judgmett ha?log bnrn eroooiocnj by lord kMoii bimmlf la IHOA Hare, thna, I* tbn c?<e a' r dbnodoo ra Patrick, apparently neetderl in a rourt ./ th? I art meet I all but bait a ornlarr ago, and yet ihia ta aaa htanre In thv eery qoeeUon "till aaita cd lint nenn It# Idea I leal fart in wbicb Lord Grey Intridueoii to tbrlr I/trd 4 nbipt ln-t bight Not otly ta If III am Patrick Katrtoo .used don rti'l au*U 1 log in bla propnr perron tbn mararw W 1 petitioner, b? t Mr William Patrick hlmmir m U/iag attii. .< abdntill ID pOrrennlon of Iba con tea led ealaln t nun t, n a?vel)ou? longevity of procedure baa ?rl1?a hr?o an a. and the latarveniBg feature* of the oaae are equally atrtk pi inf. Mr. W p. R sbeddoe waa duly arnt aeftoii an I eat at lege under tbe kuperiotobdruge of Mr W Patriot, a'mr ,, bich be nntrrni tbn royal aa*y, remained la that anrnon mi tb? flora or I he ?ar, tbtn wrnt 10 India, an 1 ilnail* re n. H ired, lo tbe pueeeeetnn of cooaiderable property, ahou |j IWA Mbortly afterward* be appeara to kara conceived a n tie pic too that be had brra wroagly dealt with la reap** ?( to bin legitimacy and blr right* of imtriinoaial (.uooeaavwi r and at k Dgtb, ID 1Mb. hn ra opened h? pnrpnaal artloo In thr Br on b r urta ilio-e very proceeding* which ha I b"ra tt t rn 11 sled ta the Huune of Inrdr roine Torty yean nrrti'n in Tiitbf re prnoroott'p* ihn Pair "k? pleaded the bar of the pre viot.r dnririona, aad thl?r*c nn yt wa> rnntalnod, tnoi/b no ,f adopr tber to 1 In melimloo of di*ru>?iop oathe merit* <4 id rate Itaclf. Agalo wa* tbn raion carried to ?br II ? .1 of U<ri? on atfii nd appra'. and a^aln la IHAt, denoted %, aaini-t Ibe In ream*, ai ...rflinit I ih <?oc trtt.n* of Kncio h la#, the oriental xenteooe oftb? oou-ta af could cot have hern up?ct ejcept upon proof of nnrh , Trail or eni|u?k ti a* would vitiate the entire pr ? reding* ? * briber ihr drririnn of llmViMif had been a Jnu one or y| riM imiiorird Mile. a < lotf an N ban barn ji no in a htm i , , /d* null To all intent* and pnrtir*ot it ?*>, a von |< otijoat, ? evertbel?-? I'ual, union* It mould bo nliown alia* the null we* a fraudulent *ult u'lor'iber. The p*a iit'ir. in Ta< t, did ?mpl>? tbin pta. but without aiiatnolug it. an I * hw i are lb?refcrn man bed. Now, bo tever, oome? a mont e?irao-uinary ftature In tbucanc. Tb?' queatl >n* if leyntmiry and eicaaye appear lo tar# bora erf nod on lb' reppnrflon toat the etalma of the pn Itl jm r f acre founded on the la?t marriapo thine, and lh-i i nVnrr rta d ptilntn t irned irnialy nn ihr OoiBlclln of .fit Ni liatn atuddr n, the iMi", at tbe time ihufart m?rrla?e war olenowd II he could b? cocaldercd a He: nchman, Ilia 11 prettf".a Iiene man beyond doubt Inpoimated, hut wa- he V a Heofchma i after 2a year*' mnklenee in * merle <f It va rnleu othcratec. and, an no aerour.t nan tab ?n of the orl A f ir-tal flrll n.a'rlaye, from wblrh tbe petitioner ?|i?ang, to i .letmien war fatal Aa early, h?irever,ea in.VJ too peti t? noDer ha cooimenred Ibe ooontnuaioo of a nfatoi baaed lo 'ipen Ibe validity of ihln prior contract, and at Iwt, after .1 'he drctfloa afainnt him In 1061, he repaired to New Yn-h H aed lantituied prom. dtnp* hr?r the e?tahllabment of bl* in

yltlmaoy la the | laeeof hi* hlrtb Ann him, a! lenjjth, after tx o May troMlea, fee wan tycceetfai, for la aa action VKSDAY, JUNH 24, ? i? ght to the Huprvme Owut of New York U *a< decide a Ibf tiot roarilaye nf William Hbcddon with Ike mo ft or ite petlilorer wm ?altd marriage, ud the peB Lrr, a* Die laeue of lock marriage and lavful heir o father. MM actually to have recovered a piece o id. It v impossible no* to aytnoathtie with strugglea anr ti?ee tike three (lite the trials of 18i?3 and 1862 <r< re do or-tre to enter. though we think <>n reel vet bourn jwtkee to observe that the Judges before whom th> re oatue fcr b< ariog eipree??d tb>mm Ires very deeded acatrst the alhaaiioos of fraud which bid beer * sarrd OmmlUinf, bowerer, these coa?>d-railoos d parries over, ea the pe'ittouer btmrelf noa teal a to do, the claim to the eetate, I re appear a ka'dsblo that a man whoie te<rin wt aaai mteg, of rci-ae, that the New Vort igment t? unimpeachable?bar been established In tlx i< ai p>anr <4? hn> birth, should be deprived of he itatu. ?ut h fttdu a < we have related If he *a* neither at em tor Illegitimate he smt entitled to succeed to the pa mot y oi Mt family at the death of hla father, nearli i ty y ram ego. The law of which In this caae he would tbe stcttin in the loaa of the eelate t? ho obrlO'ttdv bene tai l bat n??torn ton ran be taken to IU* occasional opera a f * wrong Hotter eren that example* of suob hard ip rl oul < occur now anl then than that the settlement! yrart should be Interminably liable to dlxturbaooe it tbe leg 11 tr.a y or the petitioner I* a queetloo apart d if tbte pou I hat been really and completely de led by the New Vork trial, It undoubtedly eeemi rd that a previous dsoi*t?n, arrived at, I It true, aftei relet inv.-uydion, but with tmper'ecl knowledge o w. *bo"ld he suffered to affect him without remedy on i at here ?uoh tirocg and aurh laudable feelings would i ralli be eat' rt*.cod The H?u?o of Lords decided It ud?eoubthwa eitb oorrectjudement M to Ihelawtbet ae'dered? that the petitioner, *s the issue of a marrl&gr mi ant d after ht* birth, bid not been legitimated. But Irtd fit*) *tat d last night, bo now comer forward anc jw?ert t* ibat tlirie was a marriage of bU parents prioi b> hi lb end that II be* hern held rel d, and hlmsell Id male, in the place wb? re It waa aolemalced. Thli n? niy arpeam a caao for ?y apathy, and we should hopt > rt ntual red roe, notwithstanding tbe difficulties wdlct io< u ibt Inrda to refu*e a committee upon the eubject Dralli nC Nr. P*agt?? Jen-old. ru m Use !uradon Timoe, June 10.1 We have to announce tbe death or Douglas Jen-old. Mr limiglen .lerndd was In a grcnt measure what roej h> led i "ealf educated" man, an1 the celebrity be at no.: won ovory rlaa* of bm countrymen that is capabli pp.*. taring iDtoiiertual worth may be cited among thr tny tn-tanrrw thai ebow bow distinct ta the path U> fame mi any nf tbnne beaten traok* of instruction that it mi d i -age have prescribed Re was born tn Louden 01 r krl nf January, tMO), and to the fact that hit falhe v manager nf tbe bbcerne* tbentre mav l>e attribute *r lewtitvegkm tar Mm atnge which form* a lending cha Nfififib ?f the greater p ruon of his life. However artiest etn-eeeed pnaelon, fostered no doubt by thr *n< wbwb winint n ream tad daring tbe height of tbi u war tr r a nut-dime life, nod bo obtained a midship sb's imms meat throethe good offices of Capiali fin, brrwber of Hws Aunen, Ibe nove 1st. With th< tr sneer' bis aaouesi enreer, and, on quitting thi rt on, be waa ep< reattend to a pnuter I I.iodon Hii re beiof hi* rti.rf author As ** ?y oa the opera o l?rr treterrhotr ahl?-e he droppe 1 into eUtorie bo* o a ar w? paper, ea which he wa* eat pie rut aa a eonpoH r,i*tbe reported brgiatitag of bta literary lab ir- T< ufUote <U ?h?, hi* eaa anooymoua "copy" va <*d avav ta turn la ha pat ta type, aad ahoruy after erd# aepewed aa ettterteJ potior aohciUof otaer ooobt ttoa* from the nnkaeea onrreapoadeat " Hack eyed doeaa." or finally produced at the barrel ea'ra, oadee the tnaoayr ateal of Mr I Up too, and after e I |raa> ferred ta Drory Mae, la Ieoetliy rondderat flrei of hi* draaaaiM- warte, hut ?e beltere It wa* pre ded by a aea>b?r af far re to e hick he did not aJBx hi iaae, aad whwh a ere rartaialy aot worthy the obll aa bt a bra ha eaadgaei Ida It we* fbilo rod bj a "Kent lay," aad tbaae tee wnrfci ooe eland a e riaaeira of their reepect.te kind* That leadaac] hirh wo* htb-trd hy Mr Jerrold through hfe to aym ahr/a e th tar eaoaaof thd p-rnr aad loety. ail to latiocl I m*gae ma acainet the o,.prea-<>ra la high | lace-, era aia'y au;frtloi la threa rarhrr ptoilucttoaa The ho . * lore to. tt- . to I* haDfi'I at th-> yo'darn raeaa hr raaaet bw aa laaak ode red ta hie wife, aa< r rear*' farmer atriiaMl uaeorthy nctlat M Ml w af di?treee. represented tlioaa parallai object* of tya Ahy ta aamh ho adhered to the leal *beaa (tea yredactlna?, "Markryad wueaa and tt' teal lay, ataaiped him at once aa the n.o*l popula ea-il?t 01 hta I me?a* the wrwer, aborr al Urea, erha rnttid oomiaead the ?i.Ve?ee of tb< li e Hut, La* i>( .uorr-l tbr leror of lb ear. Mr. Jnrroid mow a .readied fe> the la* ma' o DM. liM " Kail Oayaaa," parbapa lb* mo* da bafoi Nay fca oa?r p?a???, pr?suppo**d a famili ty alb Ik* aNl-ria: l..or Mat |.r*?aiMd dunaj rnga af l bar Ma II though *raa ban ih? ^bjmMk bofbr artarr rpnta through Iba apa'kUag dialogua bn arranaag'ti. Tbo " II- mat' >?ir. aortal pM? ira rcMta luoa aad daomtaa, attb aa batonoal back ouad Dam lb* Mm af Uoorga 1, may a# mak*d soil n pu larky la '* Barb lyad Dm ' aad too )Moi Day,'1 l i?urib M iba aart*a aa may piaoo m* rmaair al w," la ahwh aa lamai af iba aytaab bmu at Vara am dramat.a*d ?iia I display of aa mat sptru la iwb ibr aoibar la ba la? Ma?or works ? am iii 10 ts4> >y* Miaral Or* ar oamu ins a?ag ablet ' m- aarka Waadsr*" aad " Tba buHl.U. of a War' m and caiabcBaad. ??w prodaead la lb* lsM?r part <X i dromaut caraar M aaas of lb? whialaad thai par mam ? ? ? aubn i ad ay kf Ibraiar arark ? We ahal I r> laafar if wo laipaa Mr Dallas larrald m ibi ? of lb* traly tag has dra aauow laurrly Iba griaUM IMarary inampba af Mr JarraM va bara aeb?*?od la lbs pirtibnoi t"ibkeaaoa? of ibi y Tba papara a luck ba rmMotad aa4*r iba MM at bbaaaad lb" ara rharmtig abailittaaa a' iba faacy J Iba "fbudM 1,ocl arm," whir* aa iPiilirMil ibi lag papalamy af ftw > auaa aa apart woer of mlauM i patabag thai aaa * ar ?iy ba aarpa?d At iba U? ?a ihaaa famnua Mkuroo vara la oaama af paMMattoa aa ?m bm a b*op*c??d buabaad ia l*a aaiiaa koylmr ?<MM anairb op /Va. ? arary waob la rtalamplaU o?n iDafortuDra " Wm/i m ' Far Iba last fSa II Mr 'aarMd oraa cbisiy oueapmi aa Iba adilor ol y l> II ml f> v Mr . aad. by Iba citatum of ih? i tab praaa, bla ova lad nduahty twal 1 aa Mag*r m ?M aa <1 tnlaoPr m la kto aar'iar wart* Bji tbari a no* cbarar**r la wbiab Mr fi?a|la< .'arriM war rayo prr*m>a*al, sod Ibal aba ba aartai ak Tb? irpa**- nf Mr Jarrnid'i ralwa l.a? . oo**d miay p*r >? i aiiributt la bim a abaraa? af mMaatbmpk Ml taiv, but aav*r aaa a mora *gragi?aa m -air ram wad Tb* larr* hgbl Mm ay* of Do (lai J art 44 am*d ambnx boi b*?*aat*a(* aad la mm ajpra?aa IbsMg of ba bran (ally raranaaad Mr JarroM died al Mibura m?*y, la Uta arm* af bk laal am, bad romlasd bi> uMaUasi Mi a ml a a fca autra of ba dnub AMkira la BaaMa II Til ATT a 1TH BKVL4hl?--ir! rbOTIItOWb(Ut| T??M IK TBS bCLf?CASM CLAIM! Ol f)H!Ar ialTAIN. Thr Mil n ili. irraly af poar* h*iaa*e Fagtaad aa< Ilia I? |">u?r. d ll la agrrart, amoagai ?kbar Mlaga at Ur Mial. n? IVrala cxifnlann th# -t *1 nod of lb# wboU- of Alt*iimi-i*n, acd will mik M Dm4 In latrrtir# adb tba ladrpatjdaM;# nf Itaw 4? "I IB rw? Of >1llf<-rr*C*a BTKIBf Bat # lb# I ifrriBN IVnii ?n<i lb# ranatrvw of H#ra< awl Atlyhau *ta?i. lb#; to ba rpJwrp# for iliimuM 10 lb# btl <b | f#l 11 ll la iik#wl#? at if* MM ibai ib# #at#Ua? a?r?a?nal bd ia#b bfbad Mw iww br tb* ?<|#rwM U ib# abi# u# ta ib# IVf>iaa tlatf *b*n naailaa# la farr* bar M ?r? altar ib# ripi'BlMO of imbi|imI ##?*/, aB??b ira la i>4 and ubi I aaeb nana ia#r.-bIW a* > t* aaaaRn 1 a ft'iBwl d ? aratww na ?Ibm iba Awpt# waiibw I ad# la lb# toraty lot ib* ?n.fariiaa ? Brio-h baaar.aa f ib? adjuh.wi ui <d bii?li? salary wat Rial liaa India. Wr ha # a#an in* labia daiad ai uatratu at Bt aab 1 mha; aa I lib nf May I nwral A.ho. rnl ma aab Mat had arr aab at Mabn | , !. * | I * It nit b that lb# bulb af lb# Mraaa arwy 1 tnia ubi rata a ib ?a H* mm* waanba b aa** TR nn#i a> b#? Mb at >Ba i?aaa> baa b>. a faab ? tr?gra|biiC ?ni|Wlrb bna Mil HI. IB? H*l bltH IC#ralM, a)t ibal lb# lbt#b 'rt mm* ? tnaa CBval' #ra ta f|? a Ml) : Ibat a?r##al iban a*4 n>w ba -.a k. lab aab ara ibbaa. aab <1 Ma b? aab mtk-m' uaf?'<> #a bad br?a b ' aaaa A M 'ra i?,#? ba>! aaa? -mm* m* baanb af Ma MM IM tara#a ? aab t?abnai I irbaae# at I Inn. nay aa laa'aa a* I <|t tr# ,bt? bad BHfbily latt?a Na cbaat# a tub a# ib# m>4 ar ityal l#aba R aaaa Rtaaa iMm. an atari r m. at 1 a*rua-rt a rmiaa?rat i< n? n ill flit r.? ai i.i i..s- tin* A?a ?.#?^i?? # ha\* ?<a? I raw 1J1M baw a> laibaa It lib Hai|ha jMb. laatia Mt, aab Rat k ag 1Mb 1 pil Vnib af nf iei?ertae#e bab aiaannb ataaa law abnaa I Ibtba H la r*pa>i<-b ibat r*? a. <W?aaaMM pr##a> t?ual ? lb# riMiii 1Mb ? aba?? aab ! ?, aa# . 1 I abaft at; aaary# M aaaiaai * Rr*b II ?a f#arab itat lb# Rrabl f a an* Rafcng* aa.1 r< *# iM'l law Tl<? i<Jt leaa fn<? To* %< rwMMUMIItoMMi vat rata main* brad ia ik' ?am > * < at^bitrbat ud tarr* ?af? r > af tntatv, tmrm ? I ia iba avt ak?t imnai, bal m k? knnjl Mk OilK* IM a rat r'f 4 K ?a #t< Vaald ?t and ia* aror?d aa Kara fray a??id atta ha aflbrta | thr nwrara. at ibr rabtV T'adt vat rae? ?a?a d dratara hatd lhatr atar aa af taaa Mr a fat Mat < aona. -lit fhar 'aaralrhaa n-parl thai th* lava af Habaa. I ia K?ai trt? pr.n .air, had haaa un paVMaataa td a ? trh-U I irhar.fa aa LucUad Ta ?4 a Ta M la laa laa rhat ' Qaafny had haaa anial at II la a ' a*t< rra unrtiaarad Th* Mat rttxai af laa * aai hru. tavrd a ? >a "?r>, aa i avyarad vtih at aaat da*? ia i j%f t fif 'J| f||Al Ol o ifv. At Hut k K?n? MM at* rilrt l<?'? >< ha 1 lva"iti m ????. It ai-ri i.aai< I tiabaaja ?v Katvad k* '? 6? l? ,d Kasr Itad ? ariiaad la pn * * aah??| van rnaati d, bad va? ?ayrnl??t la ma htflh Mr aaiai tr lot a 'nought ia aaxt la haaa tMrat iha kni amy I it.tM) aiUfe, abkb a It I* a aauri naa. ItWI flttttt tmt'tHt. * rim r:<i^rK? Mi.riitTatii i ? r I i ? ??> I - rooi ??r>'?r? ?\ ?*KII K or ? i?ri LtTION ?r fM OM l?f, thif Mltnr* from An?t*al* or* J?!OH ?t ?) |?) m* I III rllMi. >' 0 1 -th o'l I b t>R Ml Mil - ^ Tin H'lO'iff W frr-finR *0- k.4 m 1op? |H m r w /? olaiiii, Mori b. "I?f1 Too ?in?hti> ' ool lo, ?ti ch 01 aorf bawl M bi o< hli.rry n mo ismo *#". oi. I I ! . |H| i>? ? I i lOimrno, ? aa oip??lrrf < ? o?o l-l M?> ?.>r I . ?l?u I 10o l-nnrlo Hrprj ooil"rf l*nm Volatifo* M ! ?? ?Mb I 0-rli fi.r laiB'Inn, oilh *4,78i i?'il?r*o to'rf, KaM, JH itb luHWj R- o^urgb Umiw, Bib op* i, ?n .Wiunwi; orrt Uie ''homiooa nI ibo < , I b bi??l r I J*i rp. ol, ortlit ^2 b31 raiarra. f%o f.ulno. ok rl M i Ibo SIM M Harm. ?Hb I4.M0 uirroo, pot Mat I I'hoiBi'a Riv, 7tb April, 'l?mo?l*<1. rhr otramtblp fir ?*l I Ir I tain barf m* orrlrorf MM Mr mrt?a From Ibonm ? lean Ua* rorUtmo* nabni ?, I ermble on tb? 1Mb of April The u?>* mlolelry la reported wit lo be p< p?iUr. Knur only of lb i member* of Mr. O'Shanerey V minlttry eul of teven bal obtained emir In f ibe ah?? mblj. A vote i f a waul ol ooondeno* waa apokeo r of, wiih the ad bet ton of id any who contributed to Urn out i the laie mtelture. I Trade at Melbourne was very dull, from tbe aporeheo? ilon of large Imrnrta. Governm-cl flue per cent*, 100w I Tbe gold market la quiet, prky? ruling from ?3 lie. to ?3 i 10a 60. Tbe quauilty of gold bio igbt down by eaoort during ibo part week war below tbe average Tbe q<iao i riiy whipped tola year U 08? 8i#ouicee The export mar , ket la fully maintained. Wo >1 eel'a from lOd. to vSd. per r lb , tallow from 4aa to 46* per owt. Kreighta rule ftom I 8'4d to 3)(d. per ounce gold, and ){d per lb. WOOL Exchange ob London at 3 per < ent nremlum t Ai Sydney Krglich eovereigns were at If per neat pre? mium French gold and sliver at a discount TW-Con I gou ?6 6? Cofleo- Beet 9d. to 9Kd. Rico very ,ju|| ttt i U0?. Sugar from ?86 to ?66 per ton. Floor from G*. to 18?. r (From tbe Melbourne Argun, April 14 1 . I The yleiu o? the gold (It Ida csntinuw to be ?ubj?ct to the floctuaiiona with which the current year com neoced. Toe mtlomss of the weather and tbe scarcity or waer'have been pi olraoted over a longer season than usual, and the escort return* have cot boon maintained up to the average of tbe year i866. It Is. however, rati*factory-te know that tbey have been com Iderably above the average of tbe ) tar 1804-66 Tbe receipt* by e?cort nd the ablomenta for the first three months of the l'ollo *lng years were:? 1804 1866 1806. 1867 'Receipts by escort, oz..482,901 407,8?4 718.903 627,164 Shipments 627,116 497,173 812,4*8 682,8l9 Tbe greatest railing oft tbi* year, as compared with 1864, Is, It will be observed, in the erco-t returns. Tbe shipments, under all disadvantages, still kt-e > up to tbe average of tan tons tioy per month or 120 ton* per year, a rum total not to be despised from a colony so a ar~ely populated Tbe dec'tne in tbe escorts is to be attributed to tbe faot that the improved state of tbe roads enables coaches to run through to Melbourne In a day, quite at much as to tbe undoubted temporary fluctuation In Urn yield. Tbe population of the colony on tbe 1st oT January was, according to official returns, 861,000 souls. To this, If we add the taiancs of arrivals over departures since, and tbe increase of birtba over deaths, we shall arrive at the following calculation :? Population let of January, 1867 861,000 t Baanc of arilvala, January 6,lit Do February 700 Do March 3,838 Inorca c by births over deaths for three months... 1,400 Total 862 162 A ^hnaiti or a a tmlr sn ran (h? 90th nf Mfirr.h Ifivt frram wblcb, when completed, valuable statistics can be drawn. Hitherto tils admitted the information on tbeauojcctof population baa not been very accurate. [Melbourne (April 141 Correspondence of I/in don Tines.] I am rorr> to say there is a good deal or depreeelon to commercial affairs. Many derci Iptlona of good* have been Imported in eice*s of ibe ImmeuUte demand, aid tbere is a general indisposition among Ine dealer* to Increase their stocks. This, of course, embarrasses the Importers. The Customs du lea sbo ? a considerable increase for the year ending March 81 1867, as compared with the year ending MarchJM I860, the former amounts being ?1,029,08ft the latter ?1,419,5711 This Is eatufact ?ry, so far as reve Due Is concerned, but I fear it oltclosesan element of commercial depression of which we have vet to see the full result. 1 hope my timely in w will Lave checked the disposition to consign which has proved so injurious to ihe regular Importer. In spite of mercantile depression there Is a good deal of unemployed money capital seeking investment in otier than mercantile bands. The consequence is that secui iiles are advancing ana interest declining. THE LATEsT ISKVt S. BT IXlAGKtl'H rhOSl HONDO* To UVBRFOOL. Ijvekpool, Saturday, June It, 1867. TUB RlrSlAN TARIFF. The Timi received the following despatch from its Berlin correspondent:? Bikt?, Friday, Jane 12, 1867. - Real .able advice* from Kontgsburg state that tho new i Russian tar.IT has bren already approved by the Emperor, end wui be puoiianeo wiioout loss or lime. THE KKTTKK1K0 BaNK. It Is st tied that the liabilities of Messrs. Goteb and Sons, Kettering banker*,whose failure was announced on Wednesday, are estimated at about ?140,000, and that It Is expected that the estate will show sufficient to pay 13a a 14a. on the potmd. ?ol uvurnnwr brown. The solicitors write to say that Mr. Brown waa not captared, hut voluntarily surrendered blmeelf. TBI CORN TRADE. The Imports of foreign grain Into Ioodon this week have been very small. Not a single grain laden vessel has ar rived at the l"ort of Call The country markets are da scribed as Arm, and In some cases rather higher. Till TBA TRADE. The aspect of the market In characterized as fotlowi la the rinses city article?Much excitement baa prevailed dertac th? wMk, sad a decided advance In Dries has bssa demanded for most descriptions, and In somo Instances Obtain*!. raa Nlt'CHATTL TRFATT. Bss-vk, Friday, June 12,1S3T. The National Council unanimously rauded lbs Ne achat el treaty on the Kth. It will be laid before the Council of Mate ror their raufloatlon to morrow. The extraordinary mslsn will than close. FR&MCIi Paw*, Friday, June 12, HS7. The MvmLrvr eontntna n long non official article sum* martalsg the labors of the Council of State, the Senate and lbs Cbrps l+;\ ia*' during the last sessloo, and bestowing an them unqualified praise for the manner In which they have responded to the wishes of the Emperor end the oonnlry for the promotion of the moral aad material program of the nation. 0ERRANT. BrirruART, Friday, June 12,18S7. I The of Stulgart, officially denies the report lb at a Ui|rcw oi oermaa prtncea u to m beld at W tidied TUI OkAVP DtTCI CONST A.NTIMS. liarwrt.*. Friday altbt, June 12, 1857 Thr tniqwlm'* Mfe oaataioa a telcgrapbr dee patch l>Mb Hamburg elating that the Grant I) ka Con?UnUae art" red tbrrr oe Tburiday. and Immediately loft In- Kirl, a bar* bo would embark the ramo evening la the frigate Torek for It i etenburg direct. Market!. Inern* Moaw Mmiki. ranks, June 12 ?The fund* bare been Itm to cay at ibe iieproremrn' whicb oc ea-rrno la?i r ret, teg alter regular hour*. Cooaole for the tall of July l.arr t.-x! at ** , tutUI*. eidiridenl K* rlx iner b Ita arte heavy m courrqueDce of an Increase it. the dcawi.'l for mm., y , and ike ki.<>? >e 'go tliut only a all eweeM a! the Jaae tulle bat bean saul to to be |*ud 1 aatt aitlMtrea* fn?i the tnaratl la ibr ro? k tvibaegr, at aril at In thedlacount market aid at the l*i k of Kagland, tbere war a rooelderable l<ee?eire foe Borer; throughout toe day, 6* pcreeat boiiig tie ta*e*t rale Pnretfb eaCMrttiea are well aappveted, and in Kirar naaea Ihee* ba> bat a a turtle r eligbl itti(?ro> i metit In the fu r< *a eirawifM tb aflrra>a th< ra ea lor Hamburg and l-art* neee l rhbde bigb.r, b.l Ameterdatn remained Ute ant aa Ian par far anai tali ? of the 1 eneb three per cent* mi the IW i arioi tb a eeen'ng nrre Iff trtc foe money and ?er * ? fee tb* ant Um anatb, abowiag aa improeo rat ad a bad pee ret t A f' ft be? . ,m ad at ui C'i 000 la AoatraUaa geld waa e-ua < lite *ait an da; . ra .in* ibe bdal of Auetraliaa gold tabea tbeei a una. ta. aril i>. ?..?>,ivw The re? -a f?en Ike Itana id harlano foe tbo week OOdt lag Ike b aT Jaae | ?r? ibe fnta.aing roenlta wben Cum pared a <b Ike pewttaoe am ? r abttdeareia llilltMl larrraee.. 1772.450 * Ibkedd-piwtB artaid'tl tecreaae.. 6.0,1137 I*.I Ml ,?l? lacreaee.. 111,481 lb Ibe ml<dP Mk at thr nrwiU ? t~ eetkii-eal ? i ar tiea,. ,> .Hat, at Tbe aaateat hefbre r bee aawari lea. !*? *?..7ao la*r,a<e ??M.IA6 baaaaa IXT.WMI iMrtM.. 6fc.,dM?l TV W?M m M rtrr?i??ai ? tl?.??? <>%), beta* *? < t?l aab A* Mel of nalli'M 10 botn I ' Wl?NO M 110 JMl.t.lO, abaalOg oo lorraaa of * i.a4 SI , *Vo rwb|ia?*d anb IV j?or?-nnt mora * IV m?iraa of iV Root at Iraaoa, pobhihad i?u morn D|. k? iv tat, ?>?? a* laaaaaaa >4 oa-h la baa4 of ? H % <?. '-aw <? larw, a?4 .?<*,??) irU.? ia iba * v*?l ??|I A ?I Oaaaaa w*>.a?a< lloml by lha I baa* aaa laaaaa fa, Vi aa ibtiiUjaaba af aacb a artatw baa raaabrb ??a ??4 * IVar* aee be* a baewea Rw eiiaar ibV eeab, aa<1 i?*afi aa?a?>w baa bora i-wama far bar ail'cr, dollara " V r r aab>ai rbaat# to ja ? Tba raia af atcbaag* In I. baa I art bartaf aavaar. 4, w# ara rarairlag < airi lara * l ? aagT > # 'f ?aa"a> |?w4 aab aa arc 1-v.king f a " f?i?a ib|?b a? f?M f>a?i awbaba bail* Tba OoaU ' btbbal tKbaafa. ?, a?i rv?iili) fa*?rabV, aa<l Itan ' ?a aa a ?tf baa# ka? lha umia ilaal narb k NM ana a ban (m> <m > p*i m 3 11 li mi*?* te bar* (?*aMt. ) I I'? bail ma r?i*>n*l | mi 3 1* 0 anrnaaa n?w* I lb 6 1 ? *, i?" '? 3 I* # I* *, *. .1 l? A - Keawrw * 13 > |e .11* 0 MWIM-bil'MMIi 4nl|tn I I I IS aaMi |?iier *nar* I 3 10 IV Nba:>a (Ban ? ?Vfa ?V M**b? M MMfe 4 Man Ikr t* < * ? b* m ??? ... ? ^ n* ? mwia 1 /*?*? la><? IVa Iml ##! /*'* IIm^ i a **H Ms ? *" ? '< 4 a ?s Ms U* **? ?'. ??S ?... ?aV M ? 'i bi ? , ?rs ? aak M u ? us II..... ?V us us bi U'? t? , ? ta *. H'| * < us u* bikkiaMi*, Ff??-?a ?*? ?!?.'* riawri aa. Ij ws.i. V* IS, I V.T I tit# ihI'i arntaM na.W -4 ll.lart b?Ma aval, I'a Ml I ?hah !'? I41? #-If treei tea Mam. I, .1 KM a* *r *? a Vai in?* ?a* Hav, bar frm I <a> < , I 31b i4t1ni abrai, . /Ul < arbn ware fra a Iba pr V?if rt ?araa la The bane* raa af ebaa f ma fetetera en my KVral, ?m lb* rM.ra hi iba a?*b aa * MM waiar3ay la Mb a naa**M aan mm lawr.b- iaa i ji *33 smut*, ai Me I, Ml , ar*.M? M S all*.*, a. ?.? V. la Mr ru.rf.|>?4 a ii| (M ? MM jnr I, lars lb* e?. b ba a W bai; nNa,billb?i II ba?* braa l?.itaa?a ba twa>**<hi*, aaa aa fbr atN m "**a prnvr* Va**riel blW fraaixf rraa Al tfarS bare a baai imh M#.? a- n ah tmm iba IMMr (irnaa I v*?? ba> la f*a Jaar, *,?* s*aim*), *imi aaa VN aa* ralbrf Vart, a? ib> y*.. rat ma aa IV (rata iraaa > lArvafhea* Ma raaaiti baa ban am H* ra. aa Tan t day. wltb a gond ?lra<)u><? of bti era, U> > darllo. of >mI Fli ? , <* ahsai, as i >.?ersd, am, * r<ifc? i;ni^1ar h 'Df>a hating dnosai an adsai id jd i?r bosbt. ua md, tai ai full prtcas Tor waits, new ss)lsclad Ionian mri, wbieb us Moo 1*7 told praMy <r.?t) si Ms. lor yellow, was alow asd rather war te I bo* To da) 'a isa'kat was qolal, and lbs busiassB does TW) "nnttd Wboat was flripl) brW aa I who's saiaa was* ..ade lbs) wwrs ai a futtbsr adraace of '<2d par bwbd no nusM quabUt? of whus an I no "nail)" red. Floor rather a>oi e It qulr*d fur at last wsak'a raiaa. Indiaa aora qntsi a> ids M aim #d fo> taue-i, aad 3?a for >aiktw. Whits brought as advaiK-s ?C 61 a la par quarter, ids M. red, 8s Ht ? M . ahlte, h M t h ltd |W 1* I be Flnur? t>iUXrlp?iia aad Halilmote, Sla it?.; eiti* Ohio, *2*. a 89a; Weettre. Se? a *i* ad par barrel. A eaparior lot of Philadelphia mvle at ?3?. BK.r.-Ilt'U di ibf Uolderi ara Or in while beyara ?III not purchare he y nor I hair Immediate auU. Pork reflected, aiid q-Mtatkme nominal Bacon haa continued in very email reqaaat, aad prtw art- unnbatgcd. I ? Market qulat, with hut UtUa mora dotag, at Nh for Hoa iwrcvla. [ailow id food dcmaad aad afaia daarar "B debar* Arsociaiion" we q (4e ftba par eat la lAiedoa the mallet I* al?o hotter. tbe rio-lng price of P Y C Mac MA Cd on tbe not ftiu. Cd. July to dap amber, aad ftfa laM three mom he ol iba >?ar Ruen ?Of common ralae are abonl 9.NM bbln. at in Td. ate Bd on the * pot, and ta 4d a ?. 6d ta arrive, tat I bbla mediums reported at Oa. a 8? Od., aad a few Mi Bwa | at 14* Od alt*. | Bakr?Neglected, and freely offered at lie. far Philadelphia and 13< for Baltimore On*?a raw email tola of bagged aparm aetd at ttt Mt wbale bare m CiovBsaaan ?One or two *mall parcela Amartoaa art reported to bare been ro'd at Mfc. a Mh , to bold over. Ow Tuexday next 1,600 bags and 900 bhle are to b# offarad aft auction. Cotton.?Early |D the week, with a more act!re taqwtry, the da'ly ralrs retched 12 000 halea, but re Hot day aad laday tbe demand h*? fallen otrmaterially; atill an adraaoa of >^d per lb baa been readied on tbe weak for mtddMag qnanucp, moo u?w prices am nrmly maintained lo IM close. Tbt< lower grade* of itnd? or dual; are uaaake able. Id Mancberter there bar hero more doing, at rathe* bi tter prices. Middling <>rl? ana, 7 15 lui ; Mobile, 7 1* 1M.: uplands, 0 13 lOd. per lb TUB LATEST M 4 KB ETA. 1 j\ tiiiix o, Saturday?1 p. M. Hears Richardson, Bpcnoe k Co. report ootloe qatol, but very arm. The tales of Ute day will be aboal 6jMB ba>es. Breadstuff* are steady; little doing at yesterday's prlMB Provisions are unchanged. kJIBM'MWUim i^iSWAB BtKlt ill. a/nunje.jL M&mvMim. aMsKIC! H INnTI I UTK?MECHANICS' CLCR KERB f\ at the the Ripo.Uory, SSI iroadwae, on Wrdo edas. June 24 ai 7K n'cloe? P. M. nuhject?8>e*mshlp?. Htrangwe are always eaiecltily welcome Adtoita*on 'rw to all H. MUMS, Hearetwr DBPaRTMSNT OP FINANCE. -OOMrTROLLU* offioe, Junelg, 1367.?Central Park. -NoUoe la hereby g ven to all oooupanta of teoemeata on landa In the Oaatrel Park that ihetr rent Is now due and must be Immediately eat*Ued, at the Comptroller*! office. Mo. 8 Hall of Records bm I ?aen th? hours of 11 and I o'clock aU oooupanta neeleetiag to pay their rent by the ftrat dhr of July next wtU be eow Idered as having forfeited their right to oooupy, and the pre lain will be reoted to other partlna. Ji RcPH RCRS, Colleetor at ctty Revenue. NOTICE.?TnE CO*MITT?H HAYING THE 8UBJB"f of the removal of the land In < <f the Morth and Boat Hear i-atnbaa'e u der oonsh'erat on, will meet lu room No 8, Oily lla'l. od Wedn * U>. 24'b tnat. at 1 P. tf. All peraoaa thWrtmled are parileularly nqu uted to attend. JAMKe R SfKKKH 1 KI?. O VcCONNhLL, I lliItaM CuRWIN. } Rpeclal Committee Mutt1)AN i.. HARRIS, . J am as GRIFFITHS j Notice? a'l persons having baggaor or other propert* at he Wa.hingtou H >11, M .reeowioh ?ir?et, will please rail ?>>d pay the chargaa on the 'aid property on or before the 2Pth Inst, or they will be aold to pay expense*. hew York, June 22, 1357. m . acitu NOT I K?'THK I'OMMlTfRK ON 8TRRRTS Of TOT llmr of Onu-iPilm- n will bold a m> otlog oo Wedueaday. June 14, at 2 P. * room No <7 Pity Hall, to kfv parties lute res ed in the proposed erteuatou of the Slilh aveoae, at per old borfc road. F. I A ROOM I J N RRYNOLD3, Committee O P Bl KKunO, I oa JOHN BoallhKK, I Streets. I.. j OKFICR OF TTfR M tGNKT-O TKLRORtRH OOHPANT, I eager HulirUigt -biNdeiphia June 22 1V7?Ttif atuna' meciing of the utockholdrrt ot the Magnetic Telegraph 'cmpaoy. fir tbe e'eetl'm of?fflcer* of tal I ' to t *rwn for the ensuing vear. and for the tran-actlja of sneh other buetnee# *r may He ' f In'e-e t to the company, wtl be held at tbe company' office, PMla elpbta on Thursday, the Ml day of Jolt, left? at Hi o'clock M of aa'd ay. JOSEPH Htll.H nonrotary. t vrriiia of TBI UOasiBBiodlao u? T11 Mi aXD U Iff mi lite April flj, UW.?Tai payers iiiiMm Nottss te hereby glees to all parties latnrmted, that thsyaeaaameat rella at the eereral wardt of the city at New Tort awes wet delivered to the Ooaunlaalooere of Tales sad leasee, meats, and that the tame wUl he opea for renew and amies doe. at the offiae at the Oommlamsaers, No. B ChamheM I Brest, (saw < 'ourt House.) from the huh day of May to the MM la? of June, leciosfve. bit sits the hears of t o'otoeh A. M, tad 4 o'elooh P. M. Appiteatioat for tha aorraattoa at tmaauaa aaaaammasM oat be made at the office of the 'lommhsloaera of Taxes ead aseematente during the period above mentioned. All peraoas who neglect to make inch application (exoept by reaeon af Sekneaa or absence from the eity, daring the to Ore parted te which the books are epea.) wUl not be entitled to ran* hSM Ma hoard of Supervisors at anr subsequent period. 4- W U., A. i. WILUiWIW.I . t w. rrowr * X . Strawrerkt fsriv ai,-tiix uaimkr or thi Hal-bath m-booi connected with tbe Reformed Dii'oh ehuroh In tinob a- eon<", between Twelfth an-< Tatrtoenlh ttre-ffa. Int. dJ boldh | a airawberry te?U*al In lite le :ture ruoaa ihla iW-dreara terming Tlcbela 00nrnui T"k hi br'-rikkr hkrk '? uirits n-itici to via. roooernrd in trim' B'< u con hla acrtuat. and niHlee la I betnbt g'vr# lhai li la In c? ..artnemhlo with no peraon or pntm t ? baiane- nr. and pat mro'e foe ! dehiednaaa made la an i o'ht r baa h m elf w II not be acknnwlnogen hew Yohb. Uar. h .1 'KJT K K sllKlOUUR. i lb* ah l-aal- Hqnor and argar bualnra* will be continued aa b m- ofnre -l lb- '?* land V a. HHtlill TIC ' < "iiTtv l"al 'nnfrof Wa< I'll a < I'M ?11 I XX ? b'l at " Kka fn? I it a uU It fd 1 f Jn y *111 n>? rt on Wednt-adh] , dune 21, at 11 A. It, la room Ho, I Cliy Hall. r t. a noot.t, ) WM W1L.S >N, J Bob Co?ma TU W A DUWR.S UNMKII ?TaTM aRMMUATtON.-Nia M ".Mil *'RH OF and all I n?? * ho drdgn ac?nn> party Hi' the ali irr ?ae? I'laMon ? II1 me> t ?1 tbe >ou?e of "oa? -omtMit ?o 16, Worth ?r??d, on W da- adny nr. tt'ng, June 21. at h o'?lo k. Pnaali rtl atuuJnuce i? l-artlcnlarly r*(|iteai-d It* urd -r A. H MINOR, 1'realdenl. Jo*. Kama Rerr''*r*. Yohkvii i.k p * khri'bri*h cntr'h ti1k Lidl-a nl Ibt* rhnrjh under be direct--n of fr Hearltg ha fie y, will bod a tal' am ttl-nw > rry 'Ida nf em-am and vinnt a 1-tuwo-dHail Knit y an a siren and fourth amour. rweeda i.i a.d la fun lahlug n-w cburch 1 lea eta, Vft reals; children Half pr n?. fmn va iiittae. _________ h-au ti rrwohkh. lob, i I ID. HMahbaAeo UBt 1(1 Ib.latnn Mraat The -iBderawnea aatiaa reoaiTea an entire new atnaa of irewori* of the latMi denrrlp Ion and of ihe beat quality. he aaa on hno'tailon In anting that for teaiiij of onion and nana alBo-we of a tele the) .land aoii*all*d tm-ni pyroieehnU aaiifaettirre Re ihrrrlocc rna|rc flnlj In'tiea denlara la the ano?f anlelea aa well aa Jw pnb le generall} In anil and etamlnr bla ?nrlad and ei'eiwd?e etoek befora ptmhanlni alar a h- rt fnrllng eon Men! thai he oan offer aoch IndanenaeeS ae annuo* an menaakail be aa* other ho me In the CUT HHR (X tin, l* Dtrlnton atrnaa, Rea* ''ha-haw annnr* a ivfefiAlt tneuKflael * einni raaaidl \ Breeorkanf tie >? * I a.dg '? ntaanfnotum. waiinnl ad ffrw onaMtj of wnramansblp and matninl, main rising even iaarrlp'l n of .iblhbl w a*d aalr w-rh, ?t their at>ney IB RaaMna'oo atreet o->rnrr of R .relay Itealera and t iwo enn Ittaaa anpmled at the I *iti nnnea Itrrtera ahn-ild be edlnnard to B<RaR JIRIfllH h HO., at Waihl?Mi ?ieae< *ew Tort r mhiii riiun i VMintw ahii okiluajit UNirtinrr, North Prxni, Jorary OAt. A. J. On*rra fir Ihn *bo?? cork* abonlrt bn artdrauMM to J. 0. A L UKtK. Jr., Jerjrj (Thj, nr In THua itrwwiit, ai?L , Wo KtMaMea l,*n? W. t. tfkara 'Uii'in of r?*1 in**, plma. Alan n??f rarinty nt aala or* mltrd hi rorrki^vm' aa-aa?a mh ?? rnuikrr*. mrpa Vina mrtrta, canrtl-a Ac , *?., ho., at*) Ke fount. Honda iVlit.rn* h> any part o tha ail*. or to aav flf IRa raB*Md nr U'aailhMi attna* 'mr of atpoaa* erwiirm,.1 flrat prnaium* m iaa OniMd Blah* MalfWwn' and brilliant KititMitnnal Itm i.rka _ ow r'vi> wna pntnaiaMLWai OR1HIN 4* umtkii ?t twit I. a hi )R aToll. oflm i.v WanMnp'on iro ?, l.-no-j City l?bor?'or?, war atrnrt amind olnck fnim tbo fnrry. IH At' Wl>u K, dr , I'yrntniihalak Raw tor* rtt? At SS Mlnfly ?trr*t Alan r?.n . oaorliiUmi o' aolin work for Ui* inuto Ordrr* artrt nuiMl n I.WWW PUTMaW i|mi. W Ifla* !?* '?? ?or*. ?tti m-rt with prompt attnntloa i i x uujiniiamI, a ' Ufa atortanm rmawoiuca, joi.ubt a 1ikrr __ Rom ARMIta, 4 MaM? lanr aart IRi Wniikia atrm, oornar af %? * Nra tor* j. A t. miMl call ihn alirnttnn of the irartr hi thnr imrmm ah** of tin- rmrk-m, mrii?rtora, rnrkrtt. H int** aawtma. brrla or all kind* .lalhuton ptrora and all y**** arfr anrt .mail rrqntrrd to mil. a fall unwrnivi wr we tag or mail in (jnallir t'laraniml at urnoaa hayntid oompMtttna Jua < .an i <mira riRWT rwaRiKw "* art*.*- _ rta nnarrttMiramaim awatau r? >Wee rtrawnrka'- la tha Uanad-Wtataa. ha/tM'ak'e * ? Rrw tmi<* for ftra?orta iffrrrd btjw *na?ieae 1aR| tafttt iM paat -ran .aara alao at tha "fT T . ffca? bag "a ataia thai that harm Mini ait ' ?"? V"""*V i 'JVZZITJJ'Z MilM m gwiw ?iik mm, ?rL "T!" * j^zssss' .?? u?*-w *?<?? * n?>stv Zi2?an ??? *?t?W? >MM W?w TTA ?k?* rt'Bi.M'* rionn. fa&rJsr: ?ra-.7? tV^_^ y.H M, H..UKP ?fAyRPlW4iT.-JtqWm^4t ' jiVl I (/> - n# A H ^ ?!! * ' nof Oi * fWflllWWT) W* ?Ur*VrhmaI V *? * OIIW? Undm*r??. ti tkrjmrft uX I.I11U7 "J rrmiurnt. Ikn bonk* ?tllMMk?HI ?* * i0 iai nil of ifeo orwi? rj "* w<. oowmponimm