Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1857 Page 1
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# TH WHOLE NO. 7603. NEWa FROM VENEZUELA. VvVVV* WAWV/VVWV Tlte OMi/o Iduiiti-TKaty with the t nlted States- .TksEiifilUh Debt?Trade auk Russia. w? **ave received Clea of the Diarw, of Caraccas, np to tfeeS'aboriUy. T iS IHarw publiebee s of the statement laid /ore s Congressional r.o remittee at Waah.ugtoe, n re f' nonce to Mr. Sbelton'e calm to the guano Bird Islands 'ef Venezuela. It prefaces the publication with those ro marks ? Tha public is aware that there Is t>eoJ'og. for semo time past, an International cialm preset ted ty the Lie ,u*d States against the government of Yeneaae'.n, with urc onject of satisfying the demands 01' Mecsrs. Ptllo Y Sbiiten and 8ampeon Si Tappan, of Boston, whe mainl* o, by documents presented to the goveror'tut at. Washington, their having d score red and occup ed those '.elands, planted the tlsg nf their nation there, and worked the guano I^r sntne months. The clcimants also maintain that *tio gorerument of Vcne.inefo depr!'. ed thorn of (*<>10 property, aoc therefore they seek restitution as<l Indcmn.iy C'rrespou'iing to tin tr lasses. Home of oar readers will perhape remember the origin f this matter. An American citiscu, John f. K. Waiia.e, came to tt ie e-aplfcl at tbo close rf 186-4, r.nd execute'! a contract w.tb Mr. Oimon P anas, tfiing as "V.ntster of tbo Interior, on tbo . 1st of December of that year, by which be acquired the right of extracting guano from the Bird Island, or any other portion of the repaollc, forT.'teen ywru, uc upuauug iu jmy 10 cue r vucirr uu ^uvcrjuiQui. four dollars per ton; ud '.n pe-t payxnon* ho dr.?v bills of exchange for ".00,W O on the house e John Tiiakor, of Philadelphia These mils wo*c negotiated in Coratca-i at a large discount, the discounters stipulating that re -vent of ibeir beisg protested they si ould have the right of compiete snhKtitution in the Wallace contra *. The bills of exctruige were, in fact, protested. The new administration of ene/ueli declared the contra'- annulled en the 22d of March, 18ii The l*fcltadelphla i-usdo Com paay, which become vested with Wallace'* rights, demanded <.'>00,000 for tosses o< oasioncd by that declaration. Tho government, by contract of '.tth September, 1*6.1, restored to the company the privilege of exportation, with cerufn modifications. The Utried States Charge dY.;laires interfered in the ratter, reserving tr.wever the rights wit ch be supposed the discoverers and first ooe<i|rnts to btvo. This < ontrat of Jbth September was afterwards annulled an account of the nor-payment of the bills of exchtnge coone< ted with It; but on the > th December, 18.V), w was re-established through the medium of the Venezuelan minister in the United States, by means of fresh stipulations. In the meantime the inierciuonal clam made by Shelton has been going on. On the '24 th of January, 1*8 ,, Mr. )iarcy,tbe Secretary of Foreign A "a; re, addressed the United States Ch.trge d'AiIaircs it Cartcowi, stating.that the islands claimed by Shclton and associates had been itscov ?red in a > ondltlva of abandonment by/.mericac citizens, whose rights were incontestable befove the wor d. Wo publish the grounds of the-claim of Mr. Shelutn, supported by the eovernment of the United States The Thartotben publishes the statement in fall,"and adds that Mr. I amcs is pressing the Veneiuelan government to make a decision on the subject The treaty celebrated between Vect/uchiand 'be United Stales, and which was ratified by our Sonata fc-t winter, is under discussion inltfcrfVenezaetan "Senate. Its provisions did not come tr I phi here, but IDs Divio gives the following resume of them ? lucre himu ue ycico uciweru whj cuumriw, uii buuuiu Uiey bo Involved in war tbe citizens of cither country thee residing in the other will have all months after tba declaration of war to secure their parsons and property. The citizens ol one country residing it the other shall not besubject to military service, but will be liable to par the pecuniary equivalent exacted from the citizen* of the country; tbry are to have the rtrtit of settling where the/ choose, engaging in business, acquiring and dtsp.wiug t.f prepertv, 4c. They shall enfoy the moat perfect freedom of conacienoe, and shai not be disturbed in the free exercise of their religion either in private bouses or oburchea ae long as tbey observe the respect due to the laws and usages t>f the country. All foreign products that may he imported to or ?ported from Venezuela in her own vessels may also be imported and exported In vessels or the Vnited States, and tare rr a, paying only the name dutiea as those imposed on natonal vessels. The clause la not applicable to the coasting trade, which each government reserves to its own citizens, but it Is permissible to discharge one portion of the cargo is one K and another portion In another. Every vessel be in it to a citizen of Venezuela and commanded by a citizen or Venezuela wt'.l be ooagldared ae Vaoezuelan, although its construction and craw may lie foreign. When a vessel of one of the parties receives damage Jo the juried lotion of the other, thoce on beard will receive the earns aid aa It they had been citizens of the cenntry. The etti/sns or either country bane the right to naviJSSSha&-ir W feleapt wnen oouimnnnn tr w\rtj tnzees ran jwtrw re Obutlvely blockaded or bealeged The neutral flag protects the cargo although It may belong to the enemy. So, too, as to those on board, except they be soldiers in the act sal service ef the enemy. When one or the two na bona is at war, and the other remains oeuSral. the vev-eis eg the letter a ill be entitled to passports, showing that they really belong to cttSieae of Ue neutral ountry Alt commandant* of privateers will, before receiving their commissions, enter into security before a competent judge lo the amount of gef400? and if the vea*el should he provided with ISO marines or soldiers?to the amount of SIS.MIO, to satisfy ell losses end Injuries that .t may tathci during ita cruise, contrary to the tenor of the t'eaty Whew public or private vessels ef war ere admitted with their prize* at tbe ports of either ot the two parties, such pri/es will not have to par duty, noa'ie ie tatand, nor shall officials of the place bare power to examine Into tbelr legality. This privilege Is no; to extend farther than Is conceded by law or treaty to the moat fa vored ratisr* No citizen of one of the parties shall sell oil a priva'eer*B patent ftwm a country with which tbs other la at war. Boh parties mutual.y concede the liber ty of maintaining consuls and vloe consuls in the pen* of ?hn other, but if any of them carry on business be will be object to the same laws as the cliivoni of the nation When a citizen of one la cheeen aa consular agent of toa ether, ha will continue to be regarded aa a cin -en of tbo nation to which he belongs, ant will oonaejuen y lie sobCto iie laws; but Ihle is est to emhar-sss the exercise of functions or to affect the invtowhiltty of archives. The republic of Venezuela and that of IheL'nlled States will surrender to :ustioe persons charged with homicide, attempt at homicide, rape, forgery or uttering forged papers, anon, robbery with violence, burglary, piracy, theft en<l embezzlement. This provision does not apply tu nets committed before the date of the treaty or to oflenoee of a political character. The surrender will be made only by order of thc.exccutlve. Tbe treaty Is to be In force for eight years. fhe Venezuelan Chamber of Deputies wee occupied with tbe question of the I ogluh debt. The Secretary of tbe Treasury bad reported that tbe government, having deliberated oa the treaty adjusted In Id*doe on 30tb .lannary, by Messrs. Urbaneja and tUoseppt, had resolved to withhold lie approval from It. Tbe report states (hat Ue question Is one merely of possibility, and that It should be promptly arranged without prejudice to the other engagement* of the republic The executive submitted a decree containing the fbtlorlng provisions ? iky meet of two per cent for overdue Interest, two per cent for the active debt and one per cent for the deferred Aebt, from let of April, ifttft to let of April, lsrO; two and a half per cent for overdue later art, two and a hall per nesit for active debt and one and noe fourth per ere* for deferred debt, frem let April, 1?<1Q, to 1st April, 1<*S; three per cent for overdue interest, three per cent fbr %r. trve debt and one and a half per cect for deterred .lew. from 1ft Apr.!. is../, to 1st April, W.- An exchange of bonds Is te be made consequent on the cooptaoce of this arrangement. The third article appro males fbr tbe payment twenty per cent of import duties during the two flrst years, end twenty Ave per cent during (be e ght following years, to be collected at laguayra, Puerto Cabe'lo, Ooro, Marneaibe and Bolivar Tbe Interest is lo bo made either in 1 oodon or any of tbe roregotng parte: and an increase of the earn appropriated Is Offered If in 1W. lbs coodltion of the territory will mettfr It Im Kmprror ef Kussia has aotnied the Vsneruelan geveraeseot that the 'ittasian porta are open for the terep lion <iflbe asercantile marle?> of Veae uela >n the same fbott eg ae the Russian meres alt le marine, like common rial rotations have been established between \ < nr. uela and the k ngdom of the Two Kleillea. rovulate* hann* been eeUWH?bert at Naplc* and Palermo Tkeaitkal anal Nwlral. Nrmo>?;*w.?* ?The charming apaotamiar paatotmme oT "Blaaco" ha* proved one ot the greatest h>U of the araaon It eoalHe* the Ravel* to eiblbil their extraerdinary ability to the boat ponalble advantage t,o and it, to*ether with the pleasing d'arirm or the 'Ceatr* baadM," thia aveatag. Bnwrev ?The Dumeroua admirer* of Mra Hamblla will don Idle** be pteawd to learn that abe will tlite evming appear in her renowned character or Margaret Flmore la "litrve"* tMcrldoe," nupported by aa eaoetlont caat "A Tale of Blond" fnllew*, with Mr. Boya ae the Idiot Bnmw'a?Mr. aad Mr*. Florence continue to attend tarn'' number* of the fan loving community to thla caput CMfjr aditae. They will to-ai*"* appear In the highly a muring piece* entitled the "Vankee Rouaekeeper," the "V??t Actre**." and the "Limerick Boy." Mr* g, ?tn( ? several favorite song*. Including the fhmoui "Bobbin' inuit." WiturK'*.?"Borneo and .Toilet" Into he again per. Pnrmed thta evening, with Mt*? lo*an a* th* heroine. Mr ft .Teniae a* Mnrcntie, and Mr. A. It Haveaporta* Borneo W? eeetarday devoted conaiderable apace to a c.rtticwm of MU* f~'? acting in thia piece. "A Kiae in the (tarit the nagpieee. !>?** Knxv'*.?>The new play called "Love'* Tele graph la to he prnaeated for the aecond time th.* evening Mtw ts>ocne, ttV enact* the heroine, will be run ported by the ?-h?rf laleri of her excellent company. The unit., mmta c>?W w*h "Variety," In which Mr Joluitton ereAMena vvr deal ?f merriment. Aram Mrar tt.?The new local drama of the "Sybil a GBre, or PMd Woman of Hdboken." ntghtlv im rea*e? n l?*pjilarity, ?*d from pr?eent indication* will have an un pcacodenled rail .K will be repealed, with a good farce, bl? e* en or f the alernoon we are promio*d the dramv af the "Dam" JUn of Manchenter," ?.ao ontj. ?r a*t> Wood'4 M/wream offer auoierou* en?>r?, T**rl?wo tea, Ac . and the oapttal fare# of 'Black Wunddrt," in .vheh George perform* a very laughable |>*rt. contra'gMti'MB* lender an attracllre programme for the benefit of '** wonderful jnreolle performer. Young America thta B1'* ^ ,hp,r * *P peamnce thta M*?on Tan Bnravr Bnorm rb h m hermnd dxfnre* both In the etlfMlton of the public an 1 ? Mec.hnWTco Hell So great I* their popularity that it |* tfWfta'T !0 be on hind early to Mcure * teat. EXE IXrt* P?tt?n anrt the Ship IVtptntie'i Car# The tiipper ft p NVptuoe ? C*jr, mb)A btabeeareo drred somewhat famous rr m the fvA of her having been Ukrc into San rnuac vco by Mr*. Mary Patten, the wife of tbe captain, k* lies it the loot of Gouverneur street, Awt river. The circon-stancei attending ber voyage to Caltfori.a, and tbe heroic conduct of the captain's wife, have hid i wide tspreal circulation thro (th the newepa pers, ?tJ some car* acsouw* and statements havo fbund their way before the public. The simple fa'He were ,lat Captain Pa.toi, on the voyage, was taken sick with a feror, and became delirioaa; that he was unable to giro any orders or attend to airy duties appertaining to tbe ?Kp, and that uls oliicers d;T not understand navigation^ H.s leisure boars, prertousTo his he roe overtaken by Cut care, were employed ms teaching his young w t'e the eel ccce 01 navigation; acdwhen ber ncshand wan no lmgjr able to attend to his duty, she left k.s bodsido at Intervals and took, the station be had rendered vw.ani oc deck The outers and crew desired and insisted tha the ship should trako the coarect port; hut her jierotr.ptory orders wore Uurt she should bo kept on ber courso and otery day her reckoning was oade op aadber course marked cat Tbe duties o i iilivu wrre wuua uiviucv uciwvm wo wnoo AU<I * tootton her husband required and tho navigation of the wimI Wbto they reached '.-he entrance or the h irbor o Saa Francisco she ?u warned of tee <lanr,or the thip wculd encounter in passing tn, and *u alvlsod to lay oil tirtil they could teenre a ptiot. This nhe also refuged to do; but, presuming on her aeon:red knowledge, the took the helm herself, and ateerod tae vessel safely into port. Che bag etnec been highly complimented by the underwriter*, and great praise has been heetowed upon her by the public-press; but net half has been done tbat should be, by the msursnce companies, to show their apprecia lion of her determined spirit, liad she allowed the ship to be taken into a foreign port, under the color of distress, the bills which would ha e accumulated upon her would have amounted to no inconsiderable sum. The Neptune's Car m a'tne ship of about sixteen hundred tons burthen. Hon. Edward Everett, tc his address on the character ol W ashington, thus speaks of Mrs fatten:? Witness that berate, aye. that angelio vostal, Florence Nightingale, who, beneath the eyes of admiring Europe and admiring Asia, walked with serene unooncern. fm mortfuian a twelvemonth,tho pestilential wards of a ho3 ptiai; witness our not less heroic oountrrwoman, Mary Fatten, wboae name us hardly known to the public?th? wtfe of a merchant t'bipmaator?vho, far oil' on the lonely I'aeidc, witb no eye to witness and no voloe to cheer her when her husband was taken down by I linens, now tendet bttr- in his cabin, as none but a devoted wile can tend i stricken husband, now toek bis place on tbe quarter dec! of his forlorn vessel; took her observation every day witl tfci sextant, laid down the ship's courso on tbe chart cheered and encouraged the desponding crew, arrested tbi O-ief mate?who was lor creeping into the nearest port? and who, poor young wife as she was, hardly twenty year o aire, and already overshadowed wltb the Mtcred prima torrou ol' her sex, yet with a strong will and a s .out heart steered her hr.eband'x vessel, thro ugh storm and througl calm, from Cane Horn to San Francisco. The Boston Qourier ol' the 23d inst , contains quite an In tereating statement of the condition of Mrs Patten. Hearing casually, the ether day, that she was In distress, wi despatched a note to her physician, and received the fol lowing reply? Bodrov, June 20,18IT. In repaid to lire. Patten, you may state that she hai hem sick for several weeks with typhoid fever, and tha she is now very dangerously ill. Her husband has re covered his general health, but remains entirely blind am deal' Any further amendment in him, though not imp>8 tibie, is, 1 think, not to be expected. TIENRY G. CLAKK. I rs. Walter Chancing, John Ware and Geo. BartluUcon cur in the opinion expressed by Dr. Clark, i Such were the services of this heroic woman, snd sucl : is now bcr pitiable condition. 8be does not ask that ai i upiieul should be made to the public in oer behalf; sb< thanis God that she Is as she is. Her consolation thai be I husband, though blind and deaf, " is able to converse ' requites in some degree the lndlflerence of others. S I she says in sni'Stance in a letter to Mrs. J. B. Tap ' pan, or New Vork, who bad sent her some trifle, aud adds " My husband takes great delight in oirr little boy. wh was born on the 10th of March?a sickly little thing.' L" pun tin a simplicity we shall go to the ladle* of Ronton u behalf of this woman. But Urst a statement more. Mri. Patten, soon after her return to New York, rc ceived from the " underwriters on the ship Neptune's Ca and cari-o a voluntary testimonial of tl 000 as a ima token or their high appreciation of ber private worth, com age," Ac ; and later, at Roaton, she received from an uc known lasy In New Jersey "a small token of woman' sympathy,1 and a similar letter from Mm. Tapptn. Mrs. Patten has raeeived a letter frem london nocUwioi mt? tmrgireU dollars fryjn ? blind geuttotann The Oourw adds Thus it would seem that from Urst to last Mrs. Patter wboee heroism and intrepidity have excited a poor blto man <d london, baa only received nwm the underwriter aed her own country women the trtfliog sum of abou $1,100. She is now In her mother's house, on SalntaVloi street. In this city. Dr. Henry G. Clark, who is her phy siciaa, has given a truthful account of her health sad thi health of her husband we are informed that, in additloi to the misfortune of slekners,she is posr. that she is li need. We sppeal, therefore, to the women of Bontou ? h maidens an I mother*?to come forward and aid their sts ter, w hose devotion and daring entile ber to a place be side the renowned and rewarded'Florence Nightingale She Is our lownswomao, and let It not stand a reproach ii history against the sex that such c. woman io such a tu tiered the need or money. We understand that Mr. George B. I'ptoo and othei good men are ready to take measures to relieve the oecet ?iuct in hit. rwicu, ruu ui |i ?< u?f uor wyoua iuiar< want bi t there is something ta the case which, to om diidu pistilles an a) 10 ber own mi. \v. do again appeal to them with earuertoees and confidence, f From tbe Ronton Pant, .'une 34.) Tb.g lady, whore heroic conduct m navigating her hue band's vessel into San Kranrieco has excited ibeadmlra lion of tbe civilised world, Is lying in tlm city dangeroasi) III of typhoid fever. Her husband has recovered hi' gem-rt.: health, but remains entirely blind and deaf, ami l>r Ciarli, his physician, is of opinien that further amend men: in him la not to be expected. Beeiden all tbesr aiiilctluns, that ol pecuniary want is preening upen thr noble woman, and the Courier appeals to the women 01 of Ronton to come forward and aid their slater Mr Ueorge R. I'pton and others are ready to take measures t< relieve Mr*, l atten's necesaitl** aad place ber beyond fu lure want. Tbe sum or 130 was > not to the Boston Cbttrtei office en Tuesday forenoon for Mrs P. by two ladles ol this city, and all sums sent to that office will be ackaow I edged t irougb the rolnmas of the paper. (from the Hoatoo Courier, Jane 34. | We received the following turn* yesterday in behalf o| Mrs. Patten ? "For Mr*. Patten a aickly little boy" $10 ' For thai berols Boston lan, Mrs Patten ' a 'A tatty oa Mount Vernon street to Mr*. Patten, whose oorrage and devotion entitle ber to the esteem of an " .1 From a lady oa Pembertoo square 30 for Mrs. Pattsn. "with the hope that m a few days 1 may bs able to send something more worthy of the high opinion every man must have of ber heroism and noqnalled affection".... 14 Mrs. J. B. "to the heroic aad unfortunate Mr* Pat lea" It Total $76 This Is a noble beginning. Chrtstf s Mlns-trew have notified us that the profits of their performance on Saturday evening wil be sent to Mrs ratten. e Ths City Us Be Cleaned. COMMFnCBMKMT OF TBI WOBK TEAT**PAT. City Inspert'T Morton riimmenced yesterday to clean tbe city. p> rvuant to the inrlrurUons m the Common Conn, ell. All Use carts that moid ne |>rocored were tail on the street*. ;<nd laborers were employed in sufficient number to gather uy all the dirt the\ could take away In two w< ekn time there m a i ronpest that we will hare a clean city and tb t the danger from a pestilence from lhat qnar ter will be over. As soon as the Common Council hsre agreed upon pro per spr< iffontiOM the City tnnpector will Immediately ad vrliar for proposal* for cleaning tbe streets, and tbe par tics putt ag in the lowest bids will receive the couti-w is, provided they will five ample aaeurnare thai they will comply with the spertflc idol* In every respect Tbe following la s rw*M of the present condition of th* wards of the etty ? FKrrt Mnnf?tn a tolerably clean onnditioa, but requ'res to be swept ottener than It Is at present .Wend H erd Not clean Two nag* of laborer* were mt at work resleriieir in -oulh and Front streete I trrl H'drt/?Two gang* at worK In IJberty and Cort lanrtt at rent* yeatrrrtay , Aluir/* Word?Very dirty, two ganga at work yeaterday o Oatberlae and Ronaerelt atrerta nfih Ward?<.aog* at work r I' penard atreol a*I Went Broad * ay; want cleaning re*y much Kimth (Van/? Ha* boon claaa for a week, the liwaperol ler hnvlng conaented to pay the bill* S"r*%ni Word?I 'inter coa tract, aod quite clean Jtighth Word?UImw era at wo*k a Mercer aod Drain etrrefc-. \ inik Want?Two gang of men went put in work y m trrdav in Downing aod Bedford atrerta T-tih Won'?la under raofrart a ad etna t IttntA Word?Under contract; la good rond.lioa, M migh! be i leaner I tut flit W'inf?R it re* pared treola * ery dirty I hiritmik H ord? I nder coo tract, and la good at* till tea. MmCemV, H er '?Krtremnly dirty. Two gang* af m*m were put to work tn Bavtrr and Kllrabeth atreetr AY/Vcrti/A II ord? Id bad condition for an food a ward la keep dean, laborer* at work ia Thirteenth mod fm-lntl at r ecu H ard?Under contract, and la good roadiUoo v?rvi?/erwidi II an?The moat pnpubm* ward altonH and rery dirty. There ia no dumping plane ia the ward laborer# will be pat on to day ri,t)\ift>ih Hard?Under contract; In fair anadWoa Ainr/eaM Wo d?Haa raw paved etreeU; la nater contract and in fklr order. h'fm'itth Hon'?la rery HBky and haa ae dumping place clcanlap w II be commenced to day. 7i'rti'*/<lf H orrl?Coatlderable building dirt la l*a ward, but nona thai in dangernaa to health. ' >o?i?/i/ ,?*end Woid?The aame eondHloa Tha work of cleaning will be rigorotttfy pmaaeetwl. and (be < ootractt immediately ioauetl tt eooa aa tba On at woo I'otdxtJ tgrrc upon the fbolP'-auona. W YO MORNING EDITION?THUR THX. OCEAN TELEGRAPH. _ tb The Air untie Submarine Telegraph K*pe- ol ftltlOII. OCH PORTSMOUTH CORXISPOKDENCB. |{] Portswoitii, England, June 9,18*7. jB The 9 nited Statu Steam }>tgale Niagara, to tola One Half ni ! '* t AuOma ntie Nlegraph CaUe?Departure from Graxesend ^ an: ' Arrival at Portsmouth?English Hnspiialitp to the Of jj fctrs of the Niagara- Preparations for the Reception of el the Cable?Diagram of the Coils and the Amount of Space ()c Appropriated for Th<m -Parts of the Ship where it is to u be Stowed, dc., <fo., etc. & It Is oow, as 1 informed you tn my last totter, a Used (( fact that we are to take the cable and perform the importaut ^ part wbicb w as origioally assigned us in tbla great enter g prlae. There were some doubts at first whether our vee * eel, on account of ber peculiar mode of construction, was n qualified for tbe work lor wblcb she was appointed by our )i government, but a minute investigation into ber oapaoity for stowage satisfied tbe engineers that there was not only ^ room, but more tban sufficient for the purpose. Tbe re- tl suit wbicb bai been arrived at has proved a source of the ? greatest gratification to every one In any way connected ? with tbe undertaking, lor all have a national pride in it, u and to be compelled to play a subordinate-part would jj have grated rather harshly upon their feelings. What- d ever doubta were at first entertained upon tbe subject o are now removed, and our ship la at present ? undergoing those alterations that are necessary lo lit ber u lor tbe reception of tbe cable. liven as I write, I bear as | v at a distance tbe confused sounds or tbe operatives at * work removing thestauuehoona and making the necessary . preparations for the sllll greater work wblcb haa yet to be , performed. But, before speaking of tbla In datail, let me 1 begin at tbe beginning, wblcb, correctly speaking, goes ' r back to the 2d Inst , tbe dste of my last lottor. , | In that communication I stated that it bad been decided, t i after all, we were to take tbe submarine cable on board; J but It was not known where tho vessel would be fitted up, : as Ibo British Admiralty bad to select oue of tbelr nume- ' ous Davy yards for tbe purpose. There waa a delay, there ' I fore, of some days, till tbe date of our departure, which ' r took place on tbe Mb Inst , when we sailed for tbe great J , naval depot of Portsmouth. We were three weeks alto- j 1 getber at Oravesend, having arrived oil that port on tbo : i 14th ef May, and during tbat time our thip was crowded i daily with visiters. Our officers were beset with invita- ! < tlans from official and private persons, and so numerous ! did they become at last, that, finding it Impossible to keep b ran of them, one of their number was appointed to keep a rcgulur dally bulletin posted In the ward room for , the information of the whole mesa. The following record 1 will give you some idea of the number of these invitations and of the attentions which the officers connected wtlh J the enterprise have received BULLBTIN. , The officers or tbe Niagara have bee* InTlted to the fol , lowing club rooms 9 Army and Navy, Junior (Jotted Service, and Royal l.ondon Yacht, at the Calodonian Hotel, Adelphi terrai o. s General Invitation to visit Chatham, t Tickets from the Marquis or Rreadalbane to visit Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. 1 Invitation to several of the olllccrs from the Lord Mayor of London to accompany him In his State barge en the Thames from that city to Greenwich, lady Harding at home to all the mess. ! Earl or Darnley at Cobhan. , Invitation to a tlsh dinner, with Meters. P c, tl e { i and I.?b, at Greenwich I Invitation to the annual festival or ihe Metropolitan Free e Hospital, I.wrd John Russet In the chair, supported by the r SberUls of London and Middlesex. Some days previous to oar departure wo bad a visit 3 from tbe yacht of the Grand Admiral of tbe Russian navy, the Archduke Constantioe, who arrived In Fngland a few days after, as you were Informed in my last letter. On * this occasion he was the pri 'ate guest of the Queen, with ' whom be remalnec some two days, at ber residence on a the Isle of Wight. The reel thai It was only a visit to the head of the nation, and not to the nation itself, appears to '* have given considerable umbrage to some of tbe newtpa- , r pert here, who have construed tbe wbole affair Into an iaslnuation against the hospitality of tbe British people. and an apprehension as to bis personal safety among teem. ( Whatever may be the cause, it is certain that he confined * bit visit eichiftvely to the Queen, and that It was of very short duration. Short, however, aa it was, he took E advantage of it to write a communication to Captain Hudw um and the otlicers oT Uie Niagara, returning nis thanks for the hospitality and attention which bad been sr.own to '< the two offlcwrs or the Russian navy who were granted J permission by oar government to he prenent on board our * vessel during tbe expedition After appropriately ackoow II ledgtng ihe courtesies and klndnese ef tbe captain and of, n cere, he concludes by staling that he regards tbsm as an evi denco of the fiw-1 that the reeling of frieodihlp wr.ich lias III" ways existed between the two countries? l.uuia and the 3 I oiled States?Is participated by the naval sen Ides of both dhkid.1. vepuuu .-T.nw?r/. uu i " uranuii rjjwmu, iuc gentlemen referred to id Uie mm ol the Archduke, ere at preeent with him on the UouUoent, anl will Dot to the veancl probably before the goes to ;.lver|e<ol, where the 1 will receive Hie cable. lYoieaeor Morse b*? been at Paris during the past two week*, and .? ex i pected every day. Mr. Peter Cooper. lire Presk ent of the New \ ork, Newfouodlaod aod 1 sndau Telegrap o Com I pany, and Mr Cyrua W. Kietd, it waa gtt? rally w.ppoeed i wcuM be here before tbu, and are do t looked for by 1 every arrival from the Coked stales Since It b*? been ooncluded that our vessel shall take one half the cable, the mode of colting. the dllfer-nt parte of tbe vaaeetlaahich the coile are to be laid, and the apace appropriated to em b have been decided up n That the readers of the Biasm may understand the exact lo cation of tbeee, aud the precise term of the cols, I bare had drawings made of them try a gosPeman who hataken a great Interest Id tbe enterprise, aod e bo la tho roughly conversant with all the details. These represent the front view aid lateral tactions of the cot;, which It wl't be perceived are laid in the form cf a truncated cone, and tbe Hositiou It ey occupy kl tbe different parts of tbe ship The coils, as may be seeo from the e:f lanation of tbe diagram, are or different sices, and are laid on lb a fore and after part of tbe ship, (he ceils in the fore part beirg placed at a di* tan e of aboil one hundred and (weoi 1 feet from the bow, while ihnee on the after part w.ll lie shout Mventy-flve feet rroiri the stern ? ifrn < v; v cr 2 i ' w o o 5 s ? n s 3 2 =n ?- 3 I ? 2 3 ? w5 co o a; * 3 sB 3 6 s | "" ? S ) mm 11 ( IhP IE 511 I'"-Ml 1 ! j Hfj- I ij i Mn * ~r ' * t * I 9 2 ? T [ B M r ? l i ; ? ) Hn 1 . ( I / ?" * ! i JLLM n J il : 1 f I i fi 1 i'H i : 3 m P Hill III; : ^ f m RK B ISDAY, JUNE 25, 1857. My the arrtaf ''mom 01 tat emu in i irreuair >urm >> .? . Jd ibat it will be le-s liable to kmk io tbe paying out of ! -? cable To aa?>?t .n taking it up, In caM or tbe 1 'theshipfrom icebergs or other obstruction*, asteam i >gine is considered in dispensable, and ono of twenty j :>rse |iower will accordingly be erected en tbc quarter I sob, in or near the position wbere it is placed in tbe draw g- It is only, however, in neb cases that II will be coded; bet it will be always ready and in working order ' >r any emergency in wbicb it may be required. Tbc ible will be paid out first from coil K, then from coils D. C, and A The number of miics In the ooils C, D and K Is gbt hundred and thirty-three, and in the coils A and B mr hunurod and seventeen, making in all twelve hun red and fifty. Eucb coll will be mado round tbo batch of 10 deck on wbicb It Is to be formed, tbe centre

fting supported by an Internal cone construe ed re rong planks bjund firmly together, and about which le '-able will oe laid. It was feared tbat by placing to dgo a portion of It in the forepart of the vessel tbo real weight would cause an undue depression of Uie bow, J much so as to interfere with tho working of tbe ship; ul as may bo observed It will not be far euough from tbo nitre of gravity to place her on an uneven keel i addition to this tbe weigot can be so equally distributed y storing tbe provision*, coals and storage 3f the vessel in iher parts as toavold#"h depression of the boa. The coll i would be placed on tbe hold rtior, like the coil C, but ie shaft of the propellor Interferes here, add they will be bilged In consequence to put it on the orloc deck, "a the ext or male deck Is io bo laid tbe coil H, and to make ray lor It about nix of tbe oncers' state rooms must be iken down. Those who have always been accustomed to be comforts of a borne can hardly realize tbe Inoonve icncc and annoyance which will be cansed by tbe Intro uclion of sucb a customer Into tbe wardroom, but every fleer and every sailor Is willing to sacrifice his own a*e In order To carry out .bis undertaking successfully, tnsgtno Iko cable Hying oat from this coil at tbo rsto of breo or four miles nn hour wh.le they aro at dinner, and lithtn some three or four yards of them, pausing up the latrh and away out over the stern, to be submerged st be bottom of tbe ocean at a dep'h of from two miles to wo and a half. The cable wbicb Is to be Placed nn board tbe Agatnemion will be laid in one coll instead of five, and is to be put n Vlie forepart of the ship. It Is perhaps hazarding too nucli to say In advance of the experiment wbicb plan wilt irove the beat, but I bellcvo tbe general opinion is In fa ror of ours, wbicb bos been adopted from necessity, on sc :ount of tbe peculiar construct'on of tbe Niagara To nakc room lor a portion of our half of the cable, some of be coals will bo stowed in another part or tbe kiih, md tbe water tanks will be secareU on the epar leek. In fact, the introduction of the cable will irodnce a complete revolution in tho order of hingi on the Niagara; some of tbe officers will be im?d out of their stateroom*, several of which will be aken down The Captain's cabin will be invaded, and ibout two ftfths of tho crew will be obliged to abandon heir hammocks for beds on tbe deck, or wherever el'o hey may bo fortunate enough to find a place to stretch heimelves. Laying the cable across the Gull of St. Iaw ence was mere chill's play to lh.s work, not only in the engtb or time required, but in the magnitude of tho un lertaklng, and tbe arduous and onerous duties connected sltb it. The coil, as 1 have said. I? to be formed round a cone nade of strong planking, as map be seen by reference to he subjoined engraving#, repreaenting Ibo front view, and ateral section#:? FRONT TIIW OF TBI COIL. Kttr -A FT - ^rcc " Mm LATERAL SECTION OF COIL AND CONE. The. figure A given tbe front view of the coll, with the top of the '.Sternal cone appearing above U and this ootl contain* 416 tens oT the cable la thirty five fbut In ammeter eight the high, and abmrl ?M mile* Ion- It will be laid on tb< bold lloor in tbe t>re Dart of the abin. aol wili be th( largest of the tWc. figure B show* the lateral section o the ootl and cone as it is intended to ftfrni them, Un- cabl being laid up against the side of and resting against the In tarsal cone hi the coiling of tl the greatest slrcumapoc tlon and aonuracy must be preserved, as one latse tun might defeat the success of the whole word. The fltthif If|> of the ship at this port will take about iw< weeks, when she will leave, without further delay, foi Liverpool. Tuere the cable will be taken on board; ami ai i: will be placed In neimrate ooll*, the ?ertc will not con sums more than one half the time that would otherwise be required 'fair ship will be obliged to be abo< t a mile and s half from the factory where the ca de is being made, and from wir.cb U will be conveyed in two largo lighters. These are now loading with it. and will be readv by the lime we arrive olT Liverpool, sc (hat ?r wr will have tc do when we get there will be u take it ou board. This part of the work will require from three to four weeks, so that ws may calculate nq hem* able to start for our place of rende/vout, at Cork by the latter part of July, and be able to roach mid ocean between NeWfocndland and Ireland by tbe second week in August. Am ng the visiters we have bad^stneeour arrval al "nrtsoaxitb was Admiral Sir tteorge Ssymour, Oummamler of the .'crt. and Admiral W T Martin, I a Superintendent, with the former of whom Captains Mn ls >n and Pennock and lieutenants North and wells, dined a few dajs ago Tbel.rsl to visit our ship was our Consn'at Portsmouth Mr. Papallardo, wbo has been untiring '.n his attentions and whose courtesies and kindnass deserve this particulai liwwilVor e Niagara has bsen visited and Inspected by a large ne iher of the naval and military oltiifra connected with this place, and aa tuay be supposed, is Hie MbJiOt or pretty severe criticism, and at the same time of tbe most no hounded praise The critics, however, are in * very small minority, being a "nil ooe to tu in proportion to tbe en legists. Home of tbe papers have eetered the lists and tAir?tn n*rt n (V rAnfrnvitrav tint nni hnu/nvnr In biiI (rial extent. Tbe Tiuut occaaiooally take* a (llnf at oui kip, MM *bo baa a wall aided appearance, and tb< Mf hrnmn Mipn-inr baa railed to dlaeover a tinjrle good qua! ry in her Tbe Agamemnon, which ,n common aauii ral perlani c > "an old tab" lk oomparteoo with ber, h aid to be bar aupnrior in evory raapact, and altogetbei be ia retried an a failure for all tbo purponei for wbtcb abc waa intended Tbe Ante*, lo a pa rmfraph under the bead oT nam) and military in la ligance, aaya "aba baa i-oeo an object of mud intareal ttnoc ber anchorage at Portatnouih, and hai been invpeeted by number! oi critical, profewaiooal am amatear naval architects aad naval meu of all ranka rbey agree upon one point?Ike rente!'* nguaoaa " Now tbo heat anawer to tbla in lo be (hand In Ike 1 act that, witl one or two eioepti<>na, every vtmter or the two or Ibrei bandred who have been on board tinre oar arrival at th port bava been nnanlmou* in their praiee af all her poioln rd even tbe exoopnohi, while tbey expreaned their doobu in regard to tb>' intra* of n venael with her peculiar ar mamcDt in tint of action, hare willingly admitted th? *n perlortiy of ber build over thai ?f their own veanell x\ briber rourtaay mat! flea ibem in praurtng ber before oui own offh erv, and running ber down after they have left la for tbemaelvea lo nay. beiooelhing i? certain,that theii unfavorable opinion* bate only been pree*ed aeborr *nd in preaeare of other* not couned-d with the Niagara. ' III' *he in a wonderful ahlp, 1 aald one of tbeae to an u'l cer who wax pointing ool and explain n. llM i iiiaa of ber nolel and cooeir etlon?".-be la ? wooderful hip I never aaw tnylblnc to equal her?wa have aotii loir ia our aerv co lo oaapare x.ltta her " tnd well he might -ay ao. for here in I he midal oi *ome Of tbe heat \eaa la or Ibe real Prtfcth navy, abe look* like a gazelle among a beard of hni'aloee, lb-' bonuly of her ymmetrv only aerv<ng lo alioo U- contra* t ib< Ir ugly an I cloawey ppnftrtttM Tln-re waa a great dem ? Ibe remark, that tbe arrival o< tbe Niagara a Cnglaud will do more to improve the <|u*J I tea of their ahlpa *n I in tboir "r-ithal. profe?ional and amateur navalarobi lech ami naval men uino or all ernka," than all tbe pro grena they rood make wit hoot tuch .nstru t?u for the ovt fifty yearn. Porravorrn, June 1J, 1KT. O <1 "n* h*ij tk' 1Mb eU'he Mrt tnk^ri Vuwn Amount y Opp?i and lr<m il'ir- oad fa M* ' tap he M'knfe? Filing i'i J the A'm$?r<\ Jmr it* A i fL'e%?f ?i*ape* and All 'wan tin 'V (>fiHard roe**?TS# (1 wry m *t?ybard?/ ,rf. of *ay. or (ita rml y nng l*t rf . rf>. ttf lb* twenty fire hundred m lea of the eubmet tie tele rraph tikb wh.oh w 10 oooaocl the opposite ttbonta of Wewfouadiead and Ireland,ni l tbue nmw the Old m<i Now World or or i wont}' thro* hundred or* oorop.okxl tod reedy or hlptneat. That per boa which ?u cooUwiod Tor by Join VowmllA Co ,of ltirk*whaad, Liverpool, vm fln ?b?J r#w .lay* ogu, and .% (mod bono1** (tree oo bo nrraoino of I la nompletlne by (bo mnaofheturer* to boir operativea The work wao commenced *e (ho Ifth 4 trhruary laat, aod from that let* up lo the proooot time wo r twenty two ml loo wore mo on fact u red daily. Tbo nsw**? of n^nufactiiriaf Ibe cable baa beon already deet.bod, hot there aro a few thet* which it may not be amioo o m r.tiow hero, for Ibe purpoaa of shewing the amooot dropper and iron wire ooad, aad the a moot Inorodlble agthef both wire, If eoteoded fn oae motlnuoti* line, a Ibe aiahiag of It Hie ohl ooodactor <4 ?oe copper wire we baAt completely reiected. tad another, eompoeel of eo<a imager wtrta, oach about aa thick aa a pla, adapted tta mead The ad rootage nr the new conductor orer set formerly ?eed i '<nn(ali la the connection or continuity etag tern liable to be broken by the parting or ruptnre of ae or more of ibe wlree, aa thoae which re male perfect till treoraait the eleetrlc enrront in all tie fbrce to the tar* iiai of Hie ctb'r, fblf ''real ia lb* single wire eon [ERA doctor at once destroys tbe coukiimi, km was proved in the of me firm cable acroee the Uulf Of?. Iawrence and other* which have since been laid in European water* To form Ibo new core or conductor, tbe crreit of copper wire reipiired in seven time* the length of the whole cable, or 17,500 miles; and if to this bo added tbn eighteen strand* of iron wire which la uied aa a ptote:non or outer covering of tbe cable, and < ?, ti of which consist* i of seven miles, we have a p'acl total of 31)2,000 ni.lee The manufacture of this cable has given employment to some duo men, au>l ila total coat It, estimated at about one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. According to tbe con'raH enured into with the te|< graph romiwuy, the work ntstu bo bnialied by tlio riOtb of .nice, an it wu urposed that, it would require ail that timo to accomplish it But 'be expedition with which it was conducted gave the contractor! i largo margin in their (aver. The remaining half of the cable, a little over one hundred miles of which ban yet to ho made in the oh tabliibmeot of tteskre. Glass, Illicit & Co.. at (ireonw ch, will be completed within three weeks at the very latest. >s the portion which ban been manufactured can he put on board the Agamemnon at once, tbe shipment of it will not interfere w ,ih the rnakiug of the hundred and <xld miles which are necessary to complete this half. By tbe time you shall have received this, between three and four hnn arc! miles of it will have been ceiled on that vessel, and our own ship will be it on board at the rate of two hundred and flfly miles a wee? Thu <* the calculation which has been made, out It is thought that they will be enabled to have it all coiled in four weeks from the time the operation is commenced. The com pan y arc certainly using (heir tilni"Sl endoaror to expedite the work, and from what has been done at thin port in tbe way of pre paring our ship for the C4i?l<>, there in every reason to suppose that we will uot bo detained here more than six or lev en days ai the farthest Those who were on the Niagara before she left New York lart April would he astonished at some of Uio chaDgea sbo haa undergone within the lard two or three days. The officers wardr< om has been broken Into, throe of their staterooms on each fide of it liken down, aod the parittten which divided 1. from the revtnf the main or berth deck completely removed. The open space w bath extended outride of thin apartment, away beyond the steerage, m called "the country'' among tin sailors, but the barrier once removed tbo officer*' wardroom may now properly be said to form a part of tbe rural districts, and the whole mm will enjoy all the pleasure- of rustication for the next two or three months. They have sacrificed whatever conveniences tbev had to the success of thn enterprise, have cheerfully abandoned their berths for a hammock, and turned out of their staterooms, that there might be autncicut space for tbe coking of the cable, which i? aprni over a large tract or ?'th? country." The moment the carpenters and other workmen made their appearance thero was n general moving among tnose whose quarterswere invaded, whicli, on it small scale, might not inaptly be compared to tbe flrit of May in New York, biokingginsaes were entrusted to the hands of careful waiters and stowed away in places of safety; little libraries taken down from their shelves abevc the bertha eud parked in trunks for the time being; then followed the wardrobe in all its variety?the naval uniform and tbo UrubbOl the civilian, tbe rocked bats of tbo 'officers in three cornered japanned boxes, all by themselves, and the beavers of tbe citizens, with and without boxes; the three or four dozen shirts and the Ave or six dozen collars?he most abundant article of dress in the wardrobe?carried as carefully on the outstretched arms of the waiters as if they were so many new born babies; India rubber overcoats, India rubber overalls and India rubber boots forming an impervious armor against the rain; combs, brunbe*. razors, hook jack?, bat brushes, pin enshioos, needles, ecdssers, and all the other great and little things with cat wtur.u no domestic establishment can bo carried on either on skip or ashore. V&rous contrivances were resorted to by those who have loit their staterooms, and tbe .ngenvlty which has been exhibited under tbo clr? um IUDM? WUUIU SHUJIiiMI K l>UU?UIIUi. iwiro ! a lillili v, Ji nor which ?u tel apart for a water .ar, bat which ha* been ((inverted lute a tort 01' dressing chamber. The jar hat been removed, and In its stead a basin stand la erected, while upeu a little book above i; haogi a towel, ami the whole three cornered concern 11 enclosed by a curtain termed or canvas, behind which it* j>ot*?-*sor i>nrform'i hit morning ablniiona and arrange* his toilet. The oil carpet fur mailed by Incle earn* agent* (and It't a very |>oor adair) was taken up yesterday, the bulkhead! torn down, and the stanchi ons will soon share the same late, but m their etead will be placed strong iron bmcee, or arcbee, to support the Immense beams which extand under the spar deck, from side to side of the vessel, lu some place*, while the -tap-rooms have been torn down, Just enough of the berths bare beeu left to allow the occupant to lio upon one aide, making it absolutely urccrsory for him lo get up altogether betore be can turn on the other ; but after all the inconvenience and annoyance which at tend these alteration*, there is a novelty in the change which gives it a sort ot attraction. The carpenters make a tremendous when at work, and the confused sound of hammering, sawiug and filing ia anything but pleasant; but It is d nth my compared to a good strong patriotic de 1' mocratic roaes meeting in the l'ark, 01 am MM, belligerent and pug.liadc crowd m Tammany Hall lo haaieii our departure for (Jverpool ail the men who oau work uu the rblii have born rmployed, and two gangl J. I have been engaged w ilb.n the |?st tliree Cava nigbl and ' ' day. There it uothmg very inviting or attractive to ron ? der a longer stay in this dull and stupid place desirable, * and It will not be tbe fault of lhA# on the Niagara If she j la detailed here longer then l* absolutely necessary. ? Tlia Town of Hsna, III., Uretreyfd by a Harrtfsn*. I THIHTT THKKK tril.DINflM BLOWN DOWK?ONE CHILD KILLED f-l) K?V( s rHWOf * BADLT IM? iritED? A90PT BEVHNTV THOIflAND DOLLARS 1 WORTH OF FKOrKHTT DMTROTHD. prom tbe Docatur Ua.elle. Jane 16 J 1 We arc indebted lo Mr. James tdioaf for the follow or part culars relahva to tbe dirssttnus hurricane which 1 viiued 1'anh, 111 , on Saturday. 1.1th nrtant. ai 2 o'clock 1 T. M Mr B.'s statement oat. oe relied on, aa he has been to Cava aud got b:? mformai-en and particulars from those wbo knew all about the r.ircum*ten<w*. H s m niit*', 1 laken at Ihe scene of tbe catastrophe, are as follow*:? Two buildings oelongmg to John Kysn are total wracks. I Art g. oo. W N N'eelaiid's dwelling was moved several lest from roundsiion I,o?* *260. Hugh latUn'a dwelling tots' lo*.-, valued at 9600. Jos Try s dwelling taken from foundation I sea $400 IT. T. -hepard's building ofl foundation. loss $100. n. L Mower, build ug total Ions, wife and two cb Idran dangerously lo ured loon of property 91,600. I.. C. Keown loat two dwelling* valued al $1,000 Wm. Walker dwelling, barn and outhouaea totally doItroycd. Isms g.;iK). J. R. i'aivln, homo mm eil from foundation. I.oss $100. R. Alexander, house moved from -foundation. I.os-i $110. K. 8. llil'er one child killed, wife's arm broken and otherwise Injured, bouse a total wreck. Ixjos of building, 1 furudnrc, Ac., $700. f>. Swim, wife- and cblld dangerous)? injured, rblld not expected to I r dwelling a lout wreck loan MOO Mrs. Apple, dwelling and furniture entirely destroyed. 1 l.oer K.00 .leasee keereole, d writing, furniture end goods destroyed 1 to the amount of tSCO ' i. W Haad| ce, daroagra to dwelling $160. Nelson Craig bad rnnbture destroyed to the anaouat of tJOO H WHeoo? Damage* to dwelling tl$0. 1 Muggins a Kdwaroe?losa in buildings (four In number) 1 and damage to goods, $6,000. 1 l.tna * liobeoa?store and drag" ds rowed loee$l,000. K. I' Sasuilr ?roof taken oil his bausa and stock of t good* damaged i aw* 61,000 1 Huston s neuee a total wreck< $000. 9 Koberi Hauodem heut-e blown down. I-ose $$00. * f. Itrwman?ftn mage to bouse $100 I*. II. Kborijey?Ken sod wile badly mured. Two dwellings badly wrecked L'smage to property $1,600. I iltliigan?House ?' foundation l/wagi00 .lobe inline?(roeery riore lo the ground. I.oaa $400. .latin Moiluen?Dwelling. lean $600. r Ik (iaaaell?iaasag" lo hulldiag $16 Tlie Presbyterian churefc?Roof blown 01 and other wire inlored Loss $600 > Buildings belondoir I" ICR R. r sulaed i a mage to amount af about $(..000 1 Three ears belonging lo i C. R. R., nneof wbteb was loaded wMb gram,' were btoaa oil the track and daubed to 1 atoms Building? belonging to T ft A R R ?I w* about $3,000. Alfred Bennett?Damage do bouse $300. 1 <> .1. Haldwin?I oea of household goods $jcc. Wm. iilasgow? Btorebouse a perfect wreoi. -dwelling mi en damaped 1/we $7,000 tt'm. B. l ittle Damage to stock of goods sea' dwelling I $3M0 Dr. fin dy s store reenore l ream foundation Damage Wm Hay's dwelling halt) lose, "amnges $-d?$. P11loo A Brother Storehouse Mattered over lire prniI > \mn .Iwoll.n** ha ll* ln,< red .iliek nT not, ,1*. magrd. I*| from ?l0,00O to *12,000. O H. Haetiag?fkimngr 1n limit' |M1 J M Andormn?I'?inarr m holier ilOO Jamr ? Bradahaw?HwelUug ctrr.ttl by Ibt triad ortr AO r?ct i/om taoo. Mrerh k I canar I r I w> ttory r*l ng hiuee, much damaged: rod on one ride. i ore 21,Of) II Hf?*r1m*o?1"?* of hover* furniture *100 American I iprew office? 01 ft ndntion lx*? about *100 A acbool bouee ?? carried from .It foundation tome ton fool. Tlx Rt' kwitli Hnure mtiatned night injury Mr ."teop?Hnnro wrcked. tublt '.town down. I o*n fSM. A mi'l dwelling ** lilotrn ortr tno railroad (tec man attempted to keep hi* door from blowing often, Ttie wind getting the bettor of bim, look the door ofl lu hinge*, M<1 man with It, to a ktrtooce of *2 yard*. I'art of $ w?od ?ho?i war blown two milet routboaat of Tata Mr Ftwar><> and hit clerk were blown a coMMerahle J taotr Into the prairie. Tbe upright of the water tank wae blown orer the fterkw lib Houte, and henry timber* to a dfotance of two an i three hundred yard* Three men were blown oil the platform in front of the percenter depot, to the rrmght depot, a dutanco of three hundred yard*. A eondt" tor war t?lown through * window Tberr It not a home left Mantling tn l*?oa hot what i< more or lew* lojered. The hnrrieai e wan aec.mpaoled with large hail atone* and feeary ram At owmee, a few mite* tonth of rate, two t.imea were blown down. At Rereroon, four mile* wert o* P*a?. four bouneo wore blown olTthotr foundation and much mi'irod. Mora than on# half the growing crojte in that rlcmity aro entirely mined The citi*?n? of T'ana who ?re able lo attend to the wounded end beipien*. are 'oing all liter can to m*ke ibem comfhriai'te The phynirinoe, loo, are rery atteniitre, and aro rlring the woundod tMr aid wllbout m?ney or with out price, f lmt fl rlgi't LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ( My Intelligence. TK3TIMOKIAT TO CHIKP 14 ATBBLLi. Tor Fcmetime r*st an understanding baa ben bad ameng the leading police captain and t iter* who bate bad off :>*J connection wllb Chief Uau>ell. that a formal tlcrr us'-rauon nf oateem and regard would bo made in bl* behalf before hi* promoted departure Tor die West Upon the nt matron that be purpoied a preliminary trip next week, the purposed action on tfco testimonial, It 14 thought, will cow be take a at once It bat been rpiite noticeable that among those who who hare moat warmly exn-e<tied their desire in thin connection, and who alio contemplate part in It, arc leading men among the late 'metrojol'tan'' secessionists. They would seem to manifest liie ir.O'e interest in it as aner deuce of a personal attachment to iter old Chief, which the recont dltficiltlea might seem to obscure. Unoof the captu.ns who had seeded was ac'.ire a bin matter, and had engaged the interest of big in it aome weeks itnce. Mr. Jlataell loa. es upon bis pre., mi nary trip on Monday. Tor CoMiuxxio.vwt: or Hkai in will hold their flr*| formal meeting Una year n Wednesday next, the 1st day of July. By law they are required to meet every day n tho year, but the formal meeting* are only bold during the summer month*, when there 1* danger rom e'e ted vessels entering the port. The Communioncr* of Hea th for the present year are composed of the following named Demons Fernando Wood, Mayor. John Clancy, President Board of Aldermen. Jonaa N. I'hilllp*, I'restdeut Board of Oouncilmeo. Kiehard 11. Thompson, Health >:! cer. Heorte W. Morton, City Inspector. IniliJl.ti Villi. . tl?.HV. William Rockwell, Besident I'hysiclan Waller K. Conikim. Clerk Bo far Uiere hu been no infected vessels at tbo V mrtn line Or the Commissioners lo take action upon. Tui State Ajwe.val in Fi th Avtxrr..?At the lost mc ion of the State Legislature a resolution was pmed giving the state Arsenal to the c ty of Now York, provided the Common Couucil was willing to pay ?Tl'.,OtO therefor and close tbe bargain ' eforo tbe 10th of June, 1*67, at. which lime the Arsenal was to be sold to Uio higbesi batder under the orders of the land OtunmiiudnuarH vt tee sute, in case tbe Common Countil had taken no action in the matter. The city at; thorit es agreed to take the Arsenal on tbo day proposed, but Tailed to lass the uccesrarv appropriation Tor the pay ment in accordance with the resolution of tbo Legislature. By order of the land Commisslcnera an eflbrt was made lo sell the Arsenal on the Jbtb Inst. , but tbev were restrained by an Injune ton uued by Judge Clerkc oa complaint of tbe Corporation Counsel ami others on behall of tlie city, and the sale was postponed to tbe i!4lb lust. Yesterday it should have bceu acid at the Merchants Exchange but the sale was again postponed until tbo '?M day of July Uio instanno of.-' H Hammond, the Iieputy Attorney ? enaral of tbe Sate, who In at present In the city attending to this business It seems the UnnimiFsloners of the land Utlice are willing to wail for a couple of months, in crder to give our Common Couucil an opportunity to isms the necessary appropriations u> secure the right of the city lo tbe Arsenal property. An understanding was arrived at yesterday before fudge Cterke, that the inunction would expire by its own limitation on the let or September next, the State the power at any previous time to move for a dissolution of the restraint to soD the grounds. Tbo Arsenal property comprises some ten acres la tbe most valuable pari of the Central Bark, and It is desirable that tiie city should pes sots it. nacam at IInpokBr ? The first annua! race of tbe ?Zoboken Model Yacht Club cime ell yesterday afternoon. At Boon there wa? a light bree o from the N. N. W., which freshened a little towards rvening, and cons* quently it was moit favorable for the race, which woe also favored with a meet glorious day In every otner res|irct. At one o'clock the bank of the rive- near the Elyslan Hells, and especially tbe portion which was directly opposite the place from whence the yachts were -o start, was literally animated with spectator*, whilst nest, l oan tinted to and fro ovsr the silvery waters of the river. ? ? vnieh war* to run were thirteen o nlimber. but for some reasons only 11 were present when the moment for starting arrised. Those were the follow ng ? Fir ft ' la.* Hnaix. Smoothing Iron. Louisa. fflt'f IS'XlL . Katelle, S. Kir by, Ajdu'xm, Baxwbce, frolic, Ada* Third < '/at* Hrml<. Watton, Anaa, fmily. The arrangements were that tire mlautee should 'step vtnc between the nailing or the boats or the thjd and second classes and a mmilar period should eitpse betweoa that of the second and Sret class boats. The course steer ed was up the riser to and aronnl a stake boat anchored | opposite Stryker s bsy: theat# down the riser to soother stske boat moored off the Club House. thence further down the riser to and aronsd s third stake boat moored upporite * iowanus bsy; theuce lurniag sga n up the riser, |MU>?lr.g lie;wren the slake oil the Club House, and the Uub Ebuse, the entire distance being some ;o rr. !<w Precisely st Ave inlaotes pad ooe, bang w?m a gun, and the Orst part of the tiny feet, eonsisUng of ibe bat's of the ihMd i liter, w ere all animation, and almost imssedi aieiy and simultaneously unuer weigh, fire an<l ten m> nulos gassed away, and thoee of the r<<cnod am! Lr*Atm gase chaee. Great excitement followed thrw rapid morcmeolf. When passing down the riser from the place whence they started, they were cheered as they passed along, the Pmoolhlbg lion lisnng the lead. Al 13 mini les to Tour s gun announced the srrlssl of the rimoolhiag lroo st the end of her journey. Six minutes subnetiueoUy a second made known the arrtsal of the "Walton" at the same place, and ?ts minutes subsequent to this die arrtsal of the "fat- lb ' was also announced by the flrisg of a . third gun. The prizes consist of three handsome piccw ol plate, one of wbicb Is to be a waned to each of ibe three ; winners The other boat* glided Into tb<- an borage oae arter the other at irregular mtersaU, witli the es option of two? the "Ada' 'and the 'Kmiiy. ' The latter broke her I 1 lli-r whon commencing tba rase, and tho other abacioncd 11 for some other reason Lavaca or rws Yittn W'Axr>?*?r ? At stetacket, long Ialand, on lha 20th mat , from the shipyard of Joseph (lowland, was launched the largest yacht eser built no this aide of the Atlantic, fthn was modelled and built by Mr Kowland, under Ibe iramedl >te superintendence end direction of Uapt Thomas II Hswklna, of Pnrt Jeffereon, lor Mr lobn 1> inhnson, of the New York VMfet Onb , and from her model, winch appears to be a bsppy combination ol all the I at >' Improsomonts, (Isee prom ee of great speed combined with strength and beaut v. Her length of keel, Toet 96 Breadth el beam 26 Depth ol bold 10 Isagtb is all 114 Tonnage, tons 260 (the will ho schooner rigged, rails made by R H. Wtl 1am, of fori JWftiMl, lit maker of thn aailnor ibe yarb. America, on thr tv oaston nl brr rlult Ui Kaftan 1. Mho bao -luet arrived at Now York, wbgra olio twill bo r.ggad ami bar cabioa Ql ed. Euiraaw to ronaaaxrwa?Tn Ladt T*ic? Mar an ?Oa Friday laat a young mat, between eighteen aad nineteen 7wanif iff arrived at Pouhkeejwie, anrrmpa. lad by a young ta* y of twenty om yearn. They wort) , [illiataty married Id that clt\. on Tunaday evening, po two officer Farlay, of thr Ftghleroth ward, hawmg traced thrm to I'ouybheopato I rnru-d a otlor lo lbs young man, to bo left allbo Foot office 1.11 called for. aad Kt?a b.d htmtelf behind the door Tbo raoo succeeded to a charm. for a nor waiting aome timo tbo jartiaa aioppod into tba otfce, and Iho young atao leqnired for a lot lor, giving bio naaao Wbitot it 1Mb act of reoolvTag It, thn pob -nno aioppod room hm bldlftg ploce aad arroolod tboaa both Tboy woro brought to tbta city yootorday afteraoon for esamiaatton TV- partita to tbla stop* vol are front tbo .geterath want, and arr *ald U> b?t of high standing Tno lady waa marriod about aowoa amain* unco to a young taaa of thia rtty, whrn bnalnaaa iloaModail bin preeeoee o Cuba, till witbin tbo laal low dart, wbou bo arrlrod o tbla city, aad heard Ibal bla wlfo had eloped, and immediately started to purautt. Svrmr or i Loitr ?O. Cooke, a young mnn aboot 26 ycara ol age, and a iawi liar by trado. coma ttod aui rtdo laat Punday, at hit Ute reatdcaw-, in Amity mroet, by tablng atryclmlnr. l>eeoa?ed waa formerly of rfneerta, twrego county, where it ta believed bia fitbrr bow retide* Thr rauae Of tbe rarh art waa unrequited love, ao will ap pear from the annexed fugitive Itaeo. found on tbo drro* Inr table ?f rfeceneed ? fteata 'II* hut a iraaiul! raaaage to a moro life f Tell air frV-nda 1 am aot afraid to dte. It-it if the* |W. py, lira ?C. *. f*?'ke. Rend Ibe pSatogrwph orer tb? tabla to the addr?** uaraed ro the boob. My thought* are with her and t lovo ber in the AHwiwe are not i-oogealal?her *. We mav be he,nod The inamr rata of deccaaed wan a young lady of PortlandrlUo, In tbla Halo, and it appear* that ibe informant* young man bad attempted nowdaatrnctina thr-e prrer previously. tfterttectv wore preporly taken rare of hy hla employer, with whom he had lived for a number of yearn MTwrmonre Pratc ?.Mmnn* on Mrtnon ? A-toot noon yoaterday, aomo children oa SUten Island, #i poette naap'o? , lb aoarrb of utrawi.orrlaa. discovered a body ofa dowrf naa la the wood* Th* neper parte bla bead bail tame nhot ofl by a ptdol while manlfeotly n hit own band, ttar print ol the weapon waa wlalble on hla < renal, where t for ai_m hm,l iMin and his ftn?nra r?tminjU at*.mm mi iba Boarder. BtMO'wNd ta^lacb mil) yattara ud * timed one ft?CW?w, A VwdwblH, Ka?i , of Stapla>,? bad (>> hwf removed to the Couatj Hone for )be nr.***ary action la lb# MM. Tut BoIMimi ru Frrnr ?The (wtatr flW'Mtrly award by loneph Bonaparte, near Bordaotown, New Mrwf, waa an' nonnoed lo br aold yeatrrday id lb* Mrrebaaf i' rrrharyr at noon ftia aiirtiowarr howrrer, wan compelled lo with draw Iba property. aa he 0011M ant ret thr od lie wan ted, rl; ?fdn.OOO Tbla ratalr wa? hnaiebl by Joseph Ron* partr tn the year 18K Tor $ I On ?00 ll ronHtnt 'JM warm of ground ii ha#* repeatedly, aad la bow owaed by Mr Henry Beckett. Ht-?i*? I'dRAP*?'TbeTblrJ regiment of Hoaann, Col. Port lay, made tbetr annnbl arrinji pnrade y*? erday. Tliry aaaembled at 8 P M , iB M*dt>n? Square. ta till aal f"?m, with wbite panic. aud mutter*. nearlt 00 mowatori mac fb? a lioe ra|iMrnl. aad ibowa rvi i*o. a 4 pood drill. To* Sna v Jiw'mb Joiwwva, oh of our oldeal Nrw Tort pilot#, who waa drowned latt wart by lb# uprattiBf of the yawl boat c, Iba pi lot hoat Mary A Catherine, waa fbnod natior near Fort RamMtoo. ? Monday, and Interred ott 1 oeada\, in ureenweod cemetery.