Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1857 Page 2
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2 lo aerve criminal procee*<?, and thai no arreai waa ever made by either of tli-m by virtue of either or Mud warraata. And your peunooer further aaya thai Bald Jams* C. Willett bad do authority to arreai your petitioner for the ream* thai neither of said warn ate is directed to aatd SbertfT And the .wUtioorr further aaya that la all he ha* done In and about the matt re rharyea in eaia warrant) and Ntout i- |ietltiooer la it formed In affidavit* on which ua d warrant* were liwued, he acted eoleiy la the due and hcD'-t di'rharfe of his duties as Mayor of the city of New Yort Thai be waa at the time therein nu aliened and now I* Mayor of said city and county of Kern York, ami tnai tie na? not iwd tbe co nplalnls or affidavit* on wlm-.h said ?? rants were issued, but on In forueuoti and belief char get that Uiey are wholly Inauf Orient, and that the complaint U wllf il, malicious, wholly talfc and uDliue FERNANDO WOOD City and Obutdy of Snr Fork, v.? Fernando Weod, a bore named, bemg sworn, rays that the above answer Is true, exoept as to Uiure matters which are therein staled on information and belli f, and as to tboee matters, he bellevt-a II to be true. FERNANDO WOOD. Sworn before me, this 14th day ot dune, 1467, A. D. Rotwau., Oty Judge Ilia Honor then handed the Sheriff an order for the Mayor's ducharge OKI KK FOR Till KKLhIBK OF THX MAYOR About two o'clock yesterday aflernoou Deputy Sheriff McKlbben entered the Mayor's private office, and afier a oordial interchange of courtesies In regard to their ro!a lions during the pending of the Unheal corpus argument and decision, Mr. McKlbben presen'ed to the Mayor the order for hit release. It wai road, as follows, to the satisfaction of both gentlemen ? MSI ORB TUB HON. A. I> RUHSBL, CTTT JVPGM. In the Matter of the Imprisonment of Fernando Wood, June 'IS>, 1867.? tfbis mailer having been brought to a hearing, or tbe petition of Fernando Wood, the return of Junes C, Wiliett. 88e- iff or the citv and county of New Ynrlr nl||h<il..rL.^ .1.. ... ' - n!d return, after bearing Mr. Dean for tne petitioner, and Mr. Pedgwick. AsMi-lam District Attorney, appearing for the people, and elating that the facts in this case were tbe same ae in tbe one heretofore deoided, in which tbe itn priroanxot of thn raid Fernando Wood was held to be Illegal, anil that the Dialrlot Attorney sobmiAed this caws on the argument and decision of the former cane, it in ordered that tbe Mid petiiioorr be, and tbat be is hereby, discharger fnm Imprisonment by virtue of the warrant* under which be was arrested. A D. Kl'MBLL, City Judge. Mayor Wood continue 1 in the same equanimity wh ch has ctiaraoterlzed him throughout tbe late difficulties, gtv tag, however, the fullest expression of ills thanks to tbe Boputy Sheriff for the gentlemanly and considerate man ner in which ibe latter bad under every circumstance combined a strict and unquestionable discharge of his duty as an officer, with ercry consideration for courtesy and delicacy. TH HARBOR MASTERS AND DOCK MAS TER5 OF NEW YORK. Till KD DISTRICT COPKr.' lie fore Judge Meech. Jwwi26 ?IV Mayor, ?tc , of Sen Fork, w Joseph Turner. ?Mkboh J ?The question presented in this action is whether the defendant had a right to disobey the order of the Dockmaster to haul out of tbe slip The justification for his disobedience is based on th 3 claim ihat under the act of liiu the Harbor Masters' authority over tbe slips and all the DAvljPm.blP WAlPrn vlihfn th? l'mita r\f tYAm /><??* i? and that the Dockmaster,aa ao officer, ti virtually superseded, and bis powers and duties abrogated. This question, as pretested, Involves a conflict of authority between the Htate and city officers, and I have, therefor-*, given to thesuhject the fullest comb deration, a* it3 importance in (rinsic&lly demands. The fusctlcn? hitherto per lor net by the dock masters of the ciiy of New York have he-o exorcised from the earliest period In the hlsto -y of the city, as a part of Its municipal government By the original obarters the supervision and control of the wna.ves, piers, docks and slips, no less than of the fer ies around the island of Manhattan, was given to the Corpora tion, and down to the present lime has wholly or mainly continued in It The Stale has from time to tiuid exioode 1 a gradual interference over the subject, vesting in officers of Stale appoint sent a restricted authority relative to the regulation of the harbor, at no time, however, seeking to wholly exclude the etty from all govern sent over this portion of its territorial jurisdiction. Numerous ordi nanoee have for many years existed establishing an extensive scheme of governmental regulation over the wharves, piers and slips, and devolving ibotr enforcement upon the Mayor, Aldermen, Assistant Aide*men, and of necessity the Oounrilmon, and the dockmasters appointed by the Cor)oration No adequate er comprehensive system of regulations for thetr government has ever been In existence except such as were thus established, nor can there be any doubt of the amplest power bting pot sensed by the Corporation tn make all nee ?ssa-v police regulations on this subject From these considers i >ni it would teem that any afflcer limited to the mere performance of tbeee duties, an 1 confined in their execution within the limit* of the slty of New Yerk, I* in fact a cilv officer, by whatever nam* be might be designated. When tne constitution of 1846 became the paramount Us of this State, which Provides (an. 10, see -) that " all city, town and village officer* whirr election or appointment is not provided for by this oonstnutton, shai: be elected by the electcre of such cities, tow ns and villages, or of some division thereof, or eppoti ted by such authorities thereof as the legit lature shall designate for that purpo.-e," it i* dif fir nit to perceive how the power of appointing eurh an of fleer a* has been described, in the ahsennc of any ono* Jtu Urnai provision, could be longer excrctaed by or confer red upon, the itorernor, or any other authority or officer of the Plate I ran c wearer nothing in (be nature oi the doty to be performed?w bleb duty it is. indeed, claimed baa been transferred from the dorxmatter; a city officer? nor in any o her aspect of the harbor master's effi nal cha ractrr. which could make him, under the act of !H6o, any . lltng mjre than a city otticer. It apptars, tlieretore, to be an Inevitable conclusion that the appointment of . 1 these hail-or warier by the (touernor It in direct , violation of the oocsdtntinn, and, cnn*?pi*nt|y, J that the act creating them !i void But I prefer to place ( my judgment of this and all other cas ts u s>n grounds which if ptKi ble, will nut involve a drci iOi of thu cnnxti ( tuiiusial validity oi a siaiuie and I therefore p-oceed to , oooalder the r< ma'ning views of thia case. Th> act of i860 authorize* tb* harbor marten do rcgula c and station all ship* and vessel* in the stream of the Knit and North rivere, tnlfclti the Umlts of the city of Now York and the wharves tb< reof ?anl it It o?<tcu-lce that this auihority extends In the basin and ailp* 1 aiu unable to retch that cooclurioa The rows' conferred is to oe exercised "in the stream " 1 cannot cuaeldcr that in any rente of the ( term "etrearn the ellpe and basins are lnc'u ied. Websnr, and every other lexicographer, defines a stream . to be what in lesai authoniy it ? atno declared to Im , a cunml uf wai-r?(oou v. Law Die) flM phrase "k>ify of tb* act in qu'Stlon i? peculiar, and, aa It Veemeiom* rign ftcanl < ia ly In view of that car ^lB#l rt on which requires that effi . unci* shall, if poerlile, he ginn to ***ry word of a statute It is not to stall-1 vessel* in the Last or North rivors norotbe wat- rst f those rtve-a, hut In the etrearn of those livers? term -> el by the nauUual and com 1 MTCtal community as a kentte* (rotrsllsttngulihei from the dors <>r sup The art f -nlalned the further worU, . "and the wharfs lb -rof,' but thlt la tubjinrtire and subordinate to the restriction nf this autb >rity to the ntri Kin ai-d m-irt bs Uken aa urludlrg only eocu partn w the wiarrae aa front upon the stream, and at which a vessel may be lying an 1 still be tn the rr art tal cor rent of the nver I Interpret It to refer to the e?erl w wbarf not roiVreeing lb* slip, as on the cot?ra-y tlmoor noratt -nor iwtrce-tie: on here, confines the authority of the d?k nreter cuurely to the Shp. I onnno. pen'tad* myself that the leg blamr# intended to abrogate the offl w of dock master. thua brraking Of-the system tf permanent ( rewntolkms etwet- >1 by the Oorpomtion forth* governineni and good order of ll.e public slifo. which are in the main ( -mlr *u#eei til'le of et forcement uo ler the directum o? tha officer and leaving in their ptaw only the vague SnrMton* the lnrMdeale who from to ZZi *oall be appointed as barber mavfrs. Thm if * mmt tBtwlMl brmoch of maui^ipol poao* fvfa tetlon. ami the well *e?k d podcy of the law agatLst favor tog reoee a of laws by lotr>i-ration nho .ld be fully tnrokrd tn -w Urw If thta absolute power of regulating and sta Uon ng voHsee ma) be rxrrcWed by the harbor masters fn the slips, there m to prevent thorn from wholiy dwregarulng the arrtfomtul, by the Corpo-atme oedf . tj f ,klnu ij vM?fL- t/? ,?rt\c ilar illos aa l ha. in (V>trr (ii|? tavi been appropriated fur market boa*, rotne for mtntir* boat*, arme for etuaiuboat*, and other* far other *p*Ct8ed Clause* of reeaeu. All these reeuhtma* mu?t nrce '.arili fall before the nnqua>t?ed au tboi it* given to these fcnctmaane* I am unable to fire tr, tba law rocb a constriction a* wil- require roe a be Were that it wae the tnteo-toa of the legislature in prodone uob a rresit. I am referred by lbs defen taote counsel to the cane of Ailaroe ? . farmer (I K D. ttrotih * Report* !-M) as dadiing that the word ? *t e*m' ta Una ael toolndee the sllpa I do Dot eo eoderetaad that dectalon; U doee not appear from thai r??e that the vessel wee to the Blip; but I tod the ooart were there of nptatoa that the art of 1M0 wae Dot intended to hare operation la the public alipe ?f the ( orpormr t 1 bare tbu* far considered tow que tioo upon the authority aagtren by the act of IS&9. Irreupeo tire of the mssagr aed eubtequeal repeal ol the ae of April IT, l%ti It la obvioua that If theae dockroaaters are alxihehed, ae thr aw now etaoda they moat bare beea ubnHabed by the law nf into, and for anything to thai if 1*61 bar* an rar here rertred, while they are eiprewly rem gal red la thr rmm? art of 1V4 < dee law* of 1163) The eoead oooelaetnn to he drawn from th-we iwo aita eeeen* to ate to be the' to ntiV-h I bar- heretofore arrive!, that IM Wick marl or'? authority oyer the Oorporel-oo wbarrea, pi or* aid allpe waa not abrogated at al and tuat the Utter art ta a roer* legislative ermneurtion M the fur tner . to oc manrer rliangtog tla prevwtnaa I cannot ap peer late the force of the argument tha by the repeal of the art of 1*41. the harbor master ba? ?.,rr j^ted to earla Ire authority ere* " ** *!? wbr.h rbal tie al any of (be wharrea, docka or alip* belong-g to the Mayor. Aldermen aod Commonalty of theett) o New York. Tbte would be to alflrmatlrely enact the con rer*e nf that repealod net, wblr.b cannot be aooomp i bed by It* iimpte repeal The repeal merely learee the law m If the repealed art had never been pie ted. and I would be toe great an assumption to im pule to the legislature a purpose Inrolvinf change* eo enternre by a mere repealing c'auae, when the eerwetoo waa before them to leare that pur pone In ao penal bit doubt by the addition of a few etplldt worde f am therefore r4 ojdm m that the Corporation ordinance* aetabltehiDf oertatn permanent regulati m* for the gorern metu of the public nbarrae, plere and lb pa of the etiy, and appnte'tng certain -dbr- r? to < leuite aod enforce them not betag egpreeely ebv<*at*1 are not by n*ce?*art imp'ica Heme repealed?that the penalty for dinobeying the order* of the "eckaiatter l* reoorerable. at-d the refuad to obey la not Justified la lh% raee by the interference nf the bar bee master, who, In my lodgment, had no authority to Ma Una re* en la in the dtp The plain tTi are therefore entitled to meaner KKW TORK MUNICIPAL DISTURBANCE*. MTI PABT1M TO BLABB?VICES OF CITY GOVERN MBKte. [From the Olaetenad Ouwiroeretal. Jane It ] The city of New York nppemm Jeet now to be in the un fbrtueaie ooaditioa of banog one more fe>?ernmeat than * ? hemrahie, the aflbot nf which la, that instead harlag **1 *? mml, U hM mmaUmij lees, with a J doubtful prospect for the future. Two several admlnlstra ttous warring In U>e sreets or a groat city, and eidnavorlug by forcible meaua to suppress oacb other, do lot pro- o. trot a very attractive spectacle; and when men, assuming to act under the authority of law, contend together, ana All the public plaoee with violence, what but an increase of wrong and crime la lo be expected at the bands of thote whe, for the good of society , require the controlling hand 0[ of a nettled and eQIcient government? A mob, when H 1 arises in the I'aoc of public authority, is bad enough; but 01 when the mob -pirll Is able to (dead tbe sanction of right U< and law for Its activity, peaceful citizens may well (bar the A ellect of lie performaioeThe occasion of thta state of things Is cer aln amend menu Id the City Charter made by the last legislature. Hi with a view to circumscribe the power of the Mayor, and ? prompted by feeling* of ill wili toward the present incumbent of that ( dice. To there new provisions the Mayor ^ and his asso -.tales in the city government have refu-od o comply, and the result Is a ooofllcl between ntm-el' and j, his subordinates under tbe old regulation?m hiding the police of bis appoint meet? and the Commissioners and Ul thnr tnnnlntPAfi nf Iha daw nnlir.A MUhltRhmnnt ?hinh baa proceeded to open war. been the occaatou of too u death* or several Individual), and, at the last account* . was altll raging, with little prospect of an accotnraodalien Tbat such things Indicate a bad condition or public morals la obvioua enough; but tbe teatimony tbat the government of New York wax exceedingly corrupt and renting up a most unwholesome foundation, was not wanting before their occurrence. d| Tbat May -r Wood baa conducted himself very badly 1? undoubtedly true. Setting cat with a specious show of L. reformatory zeal, he bas oianife tly Introduced Into the adinlnl tralion oT tbe city government a degree of oorrup tion unknown before, and this with the express view to 4 strengthen and perpeuate bt? own poser. By his appointment* and patronage and the unscrupulous manner ' In which they have been ispeosed, be bai, in fact, made "J himself tbe autocrat of the city, able to control her oloo rp tieni, and to tyrauize over, porteoute and crush all who , endeavor to cheoc the flighis of his smbttion. The unprecedented frauds perpetrated at the last Presidential , election were, it Is probable, planned and arranged under r" bis management, and II wan doubtless the memory of ttiete that prompted tbe republicans of the last Legists ? tunc to attempt to devise the meaos to reduce and super v: sorl be that overt bado wtng power which he was employing J? for purposes so currupt, and In mode* so unjustldable. , Whether the means which they have pursued tn this case arc strictly legitimate Is another question. ,, It doee not follow, because a msnlfe?t wrong exists, J that every measure devised for its suppression is legiti mate; and wc cannot but feel tbat in the New York con iroversy, if one party is criminal, thr other party UnH !? enurely inuocent Tbe atle apt of Stale Legislatures to In ? terlere ailh tie governments of cities, and a. tbe euggee _tt' tion of parly feelings or interests, to make extensive and sudden change* in municipal regulttions is, to say the least, of donhtful rlgh , and of equally dmbtful propriety. Nor docs It follow tbat, because tbe local auihorltiea are , unfaithful therefore tbe Legislature Is Incorrupt, wise and disinterested; or that, by tie knowledge and expert- lh ence tn olty ailairs, it Is best qualttled to enter Into and prescribe the details of the administration. To assime that whenever there Is an abuse, the Legislature bas tbe ' right to interfere for Its correctior, making at the same ' lime the sam* body the judge whether or not tbe act com plained of Is wrong, Is to divest tie people of the city of their power of ?e f government, and to make ihom ame , nable entirely to a political polity of which tbey are b it an tnslgnl leant portion?which U tyranny to all Intents , and purposes. .. The city government of New York Is imperfect, because p it embodies the civil cbaranter of sn Imperfect people. An ,h! imferfect people will?nay, tbe; mu t have, an imperfect ' covernmont: ftlid it will nnl tit\ lit JBI' thai ?K.. people are Imperfect, end have constituted a polity wbt jb , represents that imiierfeclion. therefore they ran<t be (ft , vested by outside interference of their republican right of r self government, and turned over to a power without t> be q ruled, upon the presumption that it is swayed by a ?l?d >m (h anc viraie sujierlor to their own One of the na'I re and ^ lnalltnahlo rig its of a free people is, if they please, to s make and live uder a bad government; and the fact tbat aj^ Pity cboore to <iu so does not confer upon any other poli tical l#oiy the rbadow of a power to Interpose for its cor -r. rection. TUs government of a State is not the government m(. of a city ; and ahi n. a'numing to bt attempts to inlet fere in uuntetpai aifai s, whaiever the pretences un e der which it to act, it is in every sense a foreign ^ I lower, and as such has no claim to respect orobodl ^ ence. The iirst t>riiiol,>le or Anglo American freedom . ,{ is local self government. It is the keystone to toe re ' ptihl < an aic.h, und when Ihst falls it wii make but little {D ,j diflsience what becomes of the remain ler. D)1 The duty of the legislature in regard lo the people of . . cities Is ended when it has given them the lower to organ cef( Ize a government of their own. and secured its republican (h(, lurm *~d eh ctive character. The bans of such a grant ia, . that the |ieople in their local atkirs are catmbk- so take p)l. care of themselves. Tdey remain citizen* of the state, (r) j and for all State purposei are amroable to the paramount 0r ? rule. hut in munictiwl atfaira. tbe act of incorpormtioo is a B_(, virtual doc I tran >c that the/ have attained their majority and are exonerated from further supervision. One of tbe , '. inridei la te this state of freedom is, the right to ruin then* r se lves if they decree so to do and the people who have not. (hor If they so determine, tbe power to take the shortest road ..| K to tbat not very derivable condition, have tbe right to #c, r complain that they have been divevtad of a portion of |ra, their native liberty. Fiee agency includes the ability to Tna^ oo wrong as well aa to do right; and a political freedom war limited to tbe performance of those acta only which are w)ln laudabe. Just, judici. us and equitable, some other party 1 being the judge, dllturs too little fiom slavery to make the ' , vlls it clloB at any itiipor iaace. : 17_ tme of the political rices of tbe time In other dtalen be* i rides New Tork?our own included?is a propensity own- , >r? ctantly to appeal to the Legislature for a remedy for what- ; ' ? ei er te assumed to be an abuse in wur mswaipai govern- I jjj m nts; aod tbe proclivity no the nan of Legtslalares, j U< Interfere wu<l attempt S<> direct iu lw?l matters?MO rre- j TaT ^ .ruuj uuuri iijc ihiiumik r ui mat wami woicn la luff op- ,^^ pnrlle of wisdom?:he suggestions of party Interest. The ' re#ult is that our acta of incorporation are cumbrous and ' . trhltrary collection* o' Illegitimate provLdor.e aid that wo Rrwr trr couatattiy In Oangr of unwbnleeomenesa la our tooal >r tifairs through the action of the l.egiila;urd, prom AeJ by ^ I he *?erel awiuty of de-i/mng politician* fbaa thia we v jM mar Hy knew of a more fruitful em-rec of pnbtioal wrong , ^ ^ >r party dbbonetty If Legtalaturea were always wise, pU(^ tin Mi I Impartial, It would do to trust ou reel Tea licpU- janla illy to Ibelr direction In matter* at home as well aa l m, ihrimd, but eipetlenre teaches lhatt/tity ots | ire rorrrja Hate gorernmenta at lorat ma> be eo; and ?xnn hat wben we bare a local go rem r wot ti la better to iboie b* u,' nd. tr it need* reform, atbee for it at home ^ tn alber than abroad , *it>t i* kiw Tom* nrr. Up! [from the Charleston Courier June 19 1 Mai. The telegraph infoi ma us Ibia tnor ni( of a not which ,i? ,j, oolt place yulerday alternnon betweaa the nral po lea ai?oi orcea of *ew York C ty We were < a* re'y prepared for ,-?u|c hi* ItU lllgenre. and we ba-e uo dou'a that our readers, f ao a bo ha*e b?en informed of the ertnk* which hare led nola ip to tbi? rreutt, hare joined ua in ov? aMIrt nation*. The | >egmtiliig and prngri ** of the qua -r it tare bran already ^obllrhed it our paper It will be remembered thai at Mul he Iart reeeina lie legislature of N vi York i woo l what ,4 k a called the Mrtrpol tan Police b' I, whose ecntlal Tea- if I lire* rem ilia' h Mia from the h mtla of the people of <s ? ibe oily the election of the Pol' je Oimtn a tlooer*, and 1 ralrn lee'irr-d (bat tbey *b"uid be apiMi ated by the Oorernor Our v? Ibe Mate The Cntnml wlont >e were ac wrdtnfly ap- that poiQted, 'Jut M?yor Wood refused u a> knur ledge tbem. ertr H e ground war taken the tbif a pun on .be part of the to i lag: aim a was uDown lit dionrt: that lie State at largo rem bad no biietD* i?t. rfe'lt.g wltn tba Internal and mantel i?u. pal conoarna aLdgorernment of the city; that the whole An < thing waa in utter * Motion of tiw spirit, . nntof toe letter rc-t of the ooseUtuti a, whir a aropv? in a gr.^ater degree than n,t the f? n?tiwi.<>n of m et other Aalee, aay thing like cea- prow ual retina nf power, and glrec aa large.* ae p-weihle tbo Mm local election* and g -rrrrmir .liAc the Sand* of the pen ; immeelaiely r?w>rerDed fa eru'rsa that, while the car i ifOaelkifa alh-cie u* but rery l iln to foutn Car >1 ma, wa do Crln but urdarrlaj d ihr nerwwaity or pro. r ot* of the action wm on the | art nf ihe IcgUlatnre. A rcry largo porli-n c.f p, Ibe |*.wer which id other SlAae la gran directly to the eo*< pc-| e, t* in our Stale exrr *?e | by their repre?? ntat.rea Tl at Columbia, bi t wo Imag te tost ib.a (tower could never can be prostituted to the tntcrfvar joe w lb the police ata ri of the lb* city of Charleston, or wit'o any other matter* nf tnnni btbl r ii pole* with which thti tati at liree has no .mruo- l.ihi dia'e concern I pr0| Ho a ever thin may be, there '# little doubt bat :bat the pm' action of He New Tort. Iiogbd'bura fu a mere paliilcal mn triek-t fame ibat bad 'or u? ihieet nothing of benefit to left the jeopte concerned Our reader* mart hare Dittoed a thai a bite the "ate at large n< been given or?r to abotl <Jer u< Di??. the city of New V<eb ha* heeo true to conaerva j wer Ham ib one shape or an otter It wa* deMrahle th* the bad management of Uta city taoHgw aboeld h? taken out of |rpa the hand* ot tbe h adera af the democrat* party; ant It a U understood that !t an* far tht* purpoae that the Metro jurj tmhtan Poltca bill waa originated b) a Mark republican see clique at Albany, pa*?e?i by tbe black republican mem fj bera who coBpeaed tUe majority of tbe legislature, and Hull Mliieri and attempted to he (nit in force by n black re pub- not lii an ftorernor The scheme, bowevar, baa not an yet Mel proved a pTelUahte speculation tbe Lummrtatoner* were b'gl duty a|>|*<*ied by Our King tbe ( jtanuaHnaera selected gDil their poitoemea. but tbetr action ha* been restated by ra T rioua preceseee of law la uoe oourt after another auodry minor conflict* ban- taken plane between tbe riral forma, till at laet we ha<* tbe Itlelilgniw* of an open and bloody tptil W< naeuma no aptrtt of nropbeey to prmiiet tbe Aotl f. roan It. but Una mncb would eem to be certoln, that we . hare another very pretty oeaams man upon tbe law and , order which reign In tbe greet mrtropdi* of tbe United Ww Met) a of tmeilca, wh??e the blood of the eererefgo people U Cicited hy any qoeetlnn of leghlaUoa or po fc an " ton Tbk FonontT Cam nt HAtt-rroiD.?'We mm y Hotted yesterday thai a quaattty of forged paper* on ra I w rloue per*??ne bad here oleoorered la tblt city, and to dar rn we learn that U.o amount la much larger than war at flrit cor supposed, a'th nigh <be real amount oaanot he fully aaner bet tatneo. but it t* variously estimated at from 110,001) to tit. mc (*j0 fan * King, of fteffltId, appear* to be the principal tin uttcrer of tbe forged paper, and be aecm* to have carried of on tbe torgerlee for a onoaiderable length af time. Toe Bui namee of rarione individual* hare heeo forged to botb lee good M J bad |K|t a? maker* and eod irvcra. the ootee br? in wme rawer bntuf genuloo alth forged endoreer*. aod la by other* forged note* with geoolneenflorrera. The priori *1 imi , nemo* froged trr I. H*?h*aay,S B Kendall, 0 f Nor- Wi Ion r|)i linn Ktr, all of dollleW Mf. Kin *** arre ted iot bt Iieputy Sheriff Hatbaaay aad brought to am nrruoru rod lotted In tbe jail. Thla morn n? be wae toe brtmrtu before the Nka Oourt. upor Information furnleh fell ed to tirant ,lurer ?ll, by the Hartford Bank, on a charge dm of oiterint at t?e Hartford Hank oa the ?tb if la*t rl*r, a frt? LOtr for BI(Ooo with me forged signal irea of Dan K>ng ne' (bte father) aai |> w Nortoaae etxioraera The aote had net tan tnotithr to run. and war made payable to the order of He fan Ki if, at the t arm ere *od Merhanlfl* Bank of flit hr eliy. but for greed and eufncl-ot reaeone the Farmer'' and I Mernentot' Bank refeeetv dtsnouat the note, and King my took It to the Hartfbrd Benk and got It dlemuoted Tie at fiaae ww adjoara"l to Wedaeaday, duly ? Kio? era d<< required to (Ind bonde la the eum of ?1 ,ooo In appear at m? ibat time He wae then remanded to jail Mr King!? a del tailee of Pufbeld, It about 4? yearn old and In a?egar man mti afarterer of < nnnlderable notoriety. He bae Heretofore da] enjoyed aa (teeHem reputation fbr homely and busineae ah eapaVtty and tble etpoaltlnn of hit otn I net ban aetiolshnd all all abe knea htm and sent enrroe to the heart* or bin family and frleads fine of tbe forged notee. abb fur rod ore ere, only one of which I* good, It, ae learn, held by ibe Farmer*' and Merhantm Hank fl *a? taken at the 1 Benk from tbe genuine endorser, abo ark now ledge* the Ont note, and I* abundantly able to par It, ao tbe bank will be< tot long by the opt ration. ?Umlfiri Timet, Jwt 34 aa IWW TOUK HUALW, FE Tfec BxclM Ltw In Bnwklfiu J BROOKLTM OOUBT OF 8BWI0NI. iron JadgeMorrt*, presiding, ud inodilM Emmou ? ud Hohoonmbar. C8ARGB OF JUDO! MOBU VTOK TU HEW WXOBH LAW. Jwm 23 ?The Jane term of the Court of Sessions wu ward this morning, before the above Juetloeo, and the tine* of the Grand Juror* being called the following gen ?men were empaaneUed:?Charlee Kelaef, Foreman; S. , Grave*, Henry Taney, Wat. Collin*, Char lea a Booth, >Iat KkIIv. John Cienev. limn Huvnr Robert Vanlraff. ^ arrold Doiner, Fleming Duncan, Joseph H. Field, Leiru ^ Baldwin, David Ftthlu, Bernard Doyle, F. B. Evans, ^ mbroee Bruen, Anklll Poge. N1 The Petit Jury wee called and discharged until Thurs lvl iy next, (to morrow,) when the Judge prooeeded to de d? rer bis charge. wl He adverted to the usual topioe required by the statues, fo: id tben dwelt upon the subjeot of the new Excise law In lh e following language I am also required, gentlemen, to call your attention to u? i act passed by the last legislature, entitled "An act to ppreas Intemperance and to regulate the sale or intexicat- ] g liquors.'' This act has been the subject of much discus y, on Its merits and demerits?Its expediency and inexpe ency?lis practicability and Impracticability?have been m. verally canvassed All such quastions, however, have ?t> xblcg to do with your outlet, or tho duties of this Court. pr re must execute the law as we find it, irrespective of all he leetlons wbiigi do not aflvct lie validity. I do tot propose to give you a historical narrative of the rM 'ogress of legislation In reference to intoxicating bevtr- h0 :rs. or detain you wltb a legal exposition of the various he i s hi retofore passed upr-n that subjeot. However into- ni ting such a review might be to an antiquarian, it would fa' 1 you but little in the discbarge of your duties. A brief ^b v lew of tbe act referred to, however, I have no doubt gp 111 relieve you of some embarrassment, and facilitate the d>i rformance of your labors. There seems to have been a w eat misapprehension In tha minds of some who have ex- 0|< <unded this law aa to Its tenor, purport and legal effect hi its act la oopied from the old Excise law, but leaves out a r e very provision which gave that sot vi ality, and has w( l>ri luted entirely new remediea for Its enforcement <jr All offences against lbs old law ware declared to be \A nlademe&nors, punishable by tine and imprisonment.' si, its, of course, gave grand Juries In the criminal oourts he gnizance of all violations of the law, and Imposed upon be em the duty of Its enforcement. Whatever may have ,i8 ien tbe Intention of tbe Legislature In reference to this pii * It Is very clear that they hava seloctod these ciiml- (hi J tribunals to compel obedience to its mandates. A HK tef review of the various penalties Imposed and tbe m< ode of collecting them, will demonstrate that you com frt ratlvely speaking, have but little to do wlib lti lnfrac ch n He Bee. 8 Imposes a penalty of $10, ftr neglecting to keep &f[ e accommodations. This la the first penalty imposed by ib, e act . ,u Bee. 9 Imposes a like penally for neglecting to put up a I oper sign. in sec. iu declares mat rs aeot coniractou ny any inn, ii,( rem or hotel keeper for liquors oold, except to lodgers, m( all be received, and renders all securities taken for such bta veld, and imposes a penalty in double the amount of Wii cb securltj . M \ Sec. 13 Impoeet a penalty ef 960 for selling spirituous g0| uor> In qusntuiei lees than See gallons, without a U an] use. This la the only general prohibition contained In 8h, I act So Sec. 14 Imposes a penalty of 960 for selling suoh liquors i & be drask In the bouse, outhouse, Ac., without a license keep an ten, tarern or hotel. thi iy Sec 13 the forfeiture of tho 9C0C bonds is Imposed ba< pelting It the house, outhouse, &c. * ti "he principal ditforence between these two sections Is, M x the former wbo sells without license forfeits 960, while ml let i r who pells with s license forfeits 9&C0 0I | ?ec. 16 iir ro.ies a penalty of 910 for selling ar firing aj] ay such liquors to aty ' Indian or apprentice, knowing | , iCi laving rea^cc to believe him such without the consent i,ei is muter." 1foe " Indian" undoubte&y Is taspreperly the 'oduccd here, otherwise the Legislatur? should hare s'ci seated who t'i?y meant by bU " master or masters." sc. 16 must bare been Introduced In thv act b7 mis J a. It nads as follows m sc. 16. It snail be the duty of every sheriff; under shedeputy sheriff, consiabls, marshal, policeman or of- a r o." police, to arrest all iicrsosi found actually engaged and be onmmi'slon cr anj oflbsee in viola'i in of this act, forth ?lth to carry such person before soy of the same city or tews, to be dealt vrtlb ar, ling So the provisions of this act- and It chall be duty of sucb m.iptstrate, en sufficient proof that T i oticoes has beej committed, unless such persou ,, t t to hi tried tx fore >urh Bagfclrate to require a bond >e executed by s.w'i offender in the penxl sum Klni HOC w.ih sureties wbo shall justify In doulto the At n nt perrrally, con("ttlonal that such offender will ?__j Bar and answer the charge at the next term ri the s rt of Oyer and Termiser or Sessions to be held in said Prol liy, and rbtde the or(>r and judgment of the Court svei eon, or tc commit such ollbnier te the county jail un f uch Judgment of said court. or until be be discharged irdlrg 'o irw And It shall l>e the duty of the org. e to nt<Tt-#n any complaint of avtolailon of this aot the !c by any pjreon under oath, nod forthwith lss te a rant and caeae auch o>hder to bo brought before to comply tWlk tbr prowtelime of ibU aection, and i mag it irate obeli, wlthlcten day a, cauae aucn b md, of I thcr with al'. papers and a.lMavlts, with a list of the __ ons and reei'aaces of the ^oraplai wants and wltnensee mined before 'Jtm, to be d altered to the District Uey of the oeu^ay, whose d Jty i: sb S be forthwith to A'as ?? ute the same Has te pro* loos c jammed la see. ldproeeede upon the Sop! Ibffl II Iff USWISl'le t<?mm U rt.Ulonj -r the fni Moos of this ash Such, however, Is not Vie crse J alii 82 declares theakbs penalt swlmpoaied by thu act. ex the ixiualties p. rvtded for ty sec 6, 16 and 19, stall S4w lued for and reoovered :n lb* oama of ".be 1 of Excise. The remedy, therefore, to anthe peoaltlee- 5# which I bare ailud cd la -y Chm action, and .m a erio.nM prise cution . Wjsu .tails w Impaees a ani flam a specif >o mods JuUt selvieg It, tbrb-aad ae "we emarse can be pur This act tbrr ay bout > sywiie penal Ues, cad re* bow tbey aha* beeot erwd There Is no room, Joht fare, for ooostr jowsw Tjs issgnage Is t tsar end its. All provums whlsfe oaaflM with tb acleasly F.da uaeed inleotioas V the lea-swtare meat be rejected. Tho .t the intention the Legiakusro that s perai ? shoald iiprtffooe.l t'l ao**ff?r s rn' -u.i i> iwlii to eofoi is a Ityf Certainly r.A and If '.t d.d, it te i|utle clear that -egtekature could soadeprirea pereea of libei ty b.fotw Will ?i teasv, except fee the ooxsmtes'.oo of arm s oflueoe oee a person, tlae taken hemes a magistral a, sLsukd Tho ta be tried by tush miuttsualo, what pi ntaheenl l.eo I tbe magistrate ijftetr Ccc.d be imposes doe, sad Ann , what fine? Su;ps*s the parson to bs an -eetcd for Hen Mr | section 13, m selltn,- without a Uoens e, ere the Oil* istrate Impose a foe of 966.' OorUtalynot, "or sxtioa Hart xprresly drear** that such shall b o susd lor Mar recovered in the same of tho Hoard of Com nlst toners Mm Net a person Id such a case can lie committed, It rtimt be Har iswrr a civil acti m brought la the same c f tin Com, Kiel .oaera, and not txecharg? at "the next 'lerm-cf. the Ira i of Oyer am Terminer o.- .wssioee." I It iluk t cioar J nil the magistrate acqi_res n? jurlsdl otlox what in such c. case - the otflaer no r.gbt Jan trrest. and yum have aothlng to d?. any cl plaints that tnav be seat to you for a no He* a of any of th<- pravlsli ns to wktcb I be ve adverted Hop ifl.rer has an ursioibted : gh.. and It Is b Is dity, to ar all prison* In the actum oamiaisslor of a mtsdu HT altbout ptaMM; bs". tbe violation of > vtUukwy Han 'I*Ion Is not a s?l*di>mranjr -alea so decinced. Tbe OK of intoxtcawng it }u< c ??a sever aa ndence at eote ilae. It l? pen.?hsble only >v leflslitlv# nu, xtd we I/mi km assume that the las mieirrs tote cde<' to create a ' aa is when they have taprmeiy said that they rely In Mai led to impose a penalt; to bw recover* <1 In a Civil s. aoo. W a we 16, 19 and 81, also provide to se re- Alb red in the mas or r I barn already pointed oat. tiec he only provision which you bars any J. ax to with Mai be found n tbe latur part of sec. 16, wht-h prohibit- Aik ell rj or gjeleg a?.ty s*nor to Indlras. Has. 'JO pro Im is lbs selling or (.ring liquor to paupers. Bsc 21 pro Cbs is lbs tale of liquor oa Sundays; and section 29, which Job HcHs tbe adulteration ef liquor. Ar/ violations of the c rlsloM of Uieao vscstoas la declsrtd to be a mtsde ar inor, sad, of or area, rorre within thn sphere of your Ma limals duties llceioi was rr-ads 11 tbe power* cof&cers ef police un Jot the old charter, and tbe Judge stated mat Uteir acts f>t ? If gal unit* superseded by oiier pchcwmeo Tbny Mai not been ssparscded, and tha.r acta were therefor* t/>< il Ca fttr the delivery of the charge an 1 retirement of the ^ r tbe foitowtwg nsmed prteeaers wast arraigned and en| bnry wdltoroob, grand lareeny pleaded gu.lty; Irnrt , too, burglary, not guilty John RMey. grand larveny, ? guilty, Mono Blakelleld, burglar, guilty; Archibald ... ipo, Mb*laughter, not guilty, Cartetophor f'luakelt, thu boog robbery, not gutby. John Brush, burglvy, not *7 he Ooert thro odjoanwd until Thnmday. i Letter front loenerel Com. !g I>nrn >rr, Juno 11, 1057 tha ttrnnrw-l return yon my warm thaake for yonr of i d e m muni rati on Such e teetimooial of confidence <m I good o|il Iron my Mende end nelghbore. amoeg lor om I hero Hood for many yearn, In one of the moat rot dona u>?timntilain of rogard which 1 hare received gat dog a long coeroe of pehlte llfo, Brat cemmeoced on dor tan appointment by Mr. Jeffereou, and now drawing ttnl rarda Ita clone gat or almnot baif a oenlnry thlg plnoe baa been my home. ,iif tw It whoa It waa but a email eipaaad village upon Ibe am y rorgo of medication, and I haro hoed to aee it be the ne a populoue and Oouriahing city, in tha mldat of a cla totifal and cnhirnted country, abounding In the ele n*. nta of prosperity, and 1 am alia "bed to It by all Utnee toll i of recoiiertlop and aaeonatlon, tome of joy and name la. rorrow oh ten bind together the pa*t and the preeeal on II hare bean required h? Impemtlre coMlderatlooe to the ire ihle reeae of my earlier and my later exertion*, and ant <ak oil a connection se dear to me I bare been nelle I bo the I'reeident of the t ailed Hutee to take charge of fn > of the eierotlre defartmenta of the government at thl uhlnglcn, ae I wm called there by nee of hie predmee un I twenty eix year* ago upon a elmilar doty I reongntte ong ihoee who bare given me the aaeeraaoe of their ee m u poo the preeent oooerlne the nemee of eereral of our low clUfsen* wto then btde mo like farewell Rarely wn w It fall to the lot of any man to be able to think hie Foi ode u I thank mine now, for each a grateful and re- In end teetimontal of ronSdence under clicametenone to Ax triy elmilar, hut eo long eeparaiel by ume and by en# Wll d erente, both In our own ooontry and abroad, which Wf' re marked tha intervening yeare of my 1Kb dm ...i.. .k. r. _ H... t .h.ll r.m.ln hare It arlll ha on I of Inf r p?wor to anoopt ik? larltalioo to a publ* rtlBnor with ** lick von biiww h ?oor?i1 mo Bot tbrtffh roinpollo?l to ba (Mm M, I >b?ll ?Tir boar la tratofol rooillortlao this *7 rt of yoor kladaoaa traotln*, br u>? flaror of Prorl hn

nrm. that whoa thu, my iMt pnbllo dntr, ohall bo tor or aalrd. 1 ray bo pormitioH to rotnra aad paaa th* flew la | io that may remain in mo la tho mi dot of a f immunity wt ore I baro llred no Ion* ami happily. I am, fonUomon, 4a U> m uch roped, yoor obedlaat eorrant, LKVf 19 C 4?' R? OMtaary. hn .rut Rarwaa, Caohlor of tho Thaaioa Bank, Jforwioh, ha an , diodln that olty on tho 19th tart . a?od TI. Ho hao be m caohior of tho book ataoo 1816, wbaa U>* hMWoUon M< a Mtabhaho& M ti>AT, jpitb 20, iem. limn cmtucitb ninn nit. ?? Hon Wei IUrlng Two Wlru-The Dough- T tcr oT One Claiming tlla Preparty rrom tho few WMow. KIMOS COUNTY 80KKOGATK'8 COURT. *nl Widkubut, June M. and Before Hon. Rodman B. Dawson, Surrogate. w In the Matter qf tKe Application /or t\e Removal qf Oat\%- 0011 m D. Norrit, AdminUtratrim, Ac., qf lh<m<u Norrii, laU uo? the Oily qf Brooklyn, deceased ? Motion to Mt aside letter I 0081 administration granted on the goods, 4c., of Thomas lhe irris, (who died March 31,1367,) by the Surrogate of ngs oounty, to Catharine D. Norris, the seoond wife of 6011 ceased. The oontestant, Hester E. MlUspangh (who is a 31* idow), claims to be the legitimate child of Norris by a V rmer marriage, and that consequently she la entitled to 2. e property he left, amounting to some 94,000. (wt The esse was resumed on Wednesday, but only one wit- jj es was examined, as follows:? uon Robert Hamtil, examined by W. H. 8'ogdlll, sworn? 6. am a Handy Hook pilot; reside at 03 Suffolk street, New 0. irk city; knew Thomas Norrls. In bis lifetime, some rela irty years; saw Matilda Norrls, his wife, first In the sum- roci er ot 1833; Mr. Norrls introduced her to me tn Chatham 7. est; saw her in December following- I had been to to U auce In the meantime; saw her then in Monroe street, at if ir house?the house of Thomas Noriis; that time he In>ducod her as his wife; they were both together, and, so r as I coul 1 see, they appeared to be man and wills; saw *P(r1 r In the street afterwards, but not at the bouse; saw ine r in oompany with him in the streets; know Hester 'bey liapaugb, formerly Mlas Norris; have seen her with her ''-one her, but not with her mother; saw them together In 'tnd eeuiul street, New York; also saw a younger child?a r*ml 1, don't know exactly when they separated: recollect e fact; he (Norrlnl told me they had separated, and had irc trouble about uie children; Heater must be 33 years rr?R 1 now; suppose, from her size she was four years eld at g. b time of the separation - Robert Norris took Hester about nonth after this; the outer child died; 1 think its name ts Mary; saw Mrs Norrls after the separation, once In Tt and surest, near Jackson; do not know where Mrs. Gulii maroux lives: have seen her at the foot of Jackson eet, near Cherry, In the street; I spoke to her; 1 leaked r where she had been, and she ausw>rod ihat she had A en to Thlladelphla; she said nothing about Thorn** Nor tor t i at that time; this was about lour years ago, sar . omas NorrU and Mrs Norrla together In Jacason street; ' ' s was tbe same Mrs. Norrts who was Introduced to me nn,J Thomas Norrla' wife In 1332; he always Bpoke of her to Marl i as bis wife; Nerrls and wife were standing together In , int of a bouse, when 1 saw them, In Jackson street, noar ,, erry; Mr. Norrls often spoke to mo about his daughter ., v| mter. bare no recollectiou of her (the another) inquiring ,, . er Hester; It Is short of twelve years ago that I saw ,h?( :m together; can't say how long he lived In Monroe eel; 1 went to sea then. Jross examined by Mr. Croek?When I first saw them > Chatham street in 1832, Norrls told me he was going to 9 theatre ; this was beforo bo was married; he told 1{o,. i then be was gong to be married that sum ,rI r, and introduced ber to me as his intended ,1' re; be said, "Bob, this Is my Intended wife;" jn_. Vhere are you going?" I asked: be said he was ^ ng to the theatre, I was hard of hearing tboec days, and jB i now; when I met her in Jackson street four years ago, LirJ 9 did not tell me how long she had been in Philadelphia; rrls bad been off whaling some two or threeyears after ' is him in Jackson street. he wAnt in the ship "Mogul;" fv v him after he came back he was married, I think, to n lady, (Catherine D. Norrls) shortly after he came ^ ;k; be said he had separated from*his wife; I don't know mon ether be said we or I had separated; I am not certain j, Hl 10 the words used; I told him after I ascertained he was 0_rP rrlrd to this lady that he ccght to go through a oourse law to get clear of his other wife first, he said be knew about that , I said ' If you know all about It that's suffl n, utMary never told me why they separated; I never lkQil ird ber called Matilda; some cr you (counsel) mentioned g|0D name MatlMa. 1 nevorknewher by that name: Thomas Nu|r rrls told me that Mary was Heater's mother; that's the <tq k r I know It to direct?Have seen this Mary since the death of Thee. Ijl( rris, in the street here in Brooklyn; it was on the day he i buried. . i.'doorneci until Wednesday, July 1st. W. H. Btogdlll I H. 8. Smith, Ksnrs, for contestant, and P. 8. Crookc, , ., for udm.ii.5lr atria. Nuu To Will cT the Late John C. Stevens. orer he will of Ibe late Conmodore J hn C. Stevens, of -jw* oken, was paired cn Monday, before Surrogate E. W. gslanl, at Hivlaon fly, Hudson coenty, New Jersey. the awne tins the executors named '.n the will were r" lided. Mr. Stevens died on the 10th of June. He led * '* jcrty, real and personal, amounting to considerably Ba r a million of dollars. His real estate Is situated fly In Snath An: boy, Hoboken and New York. A pe- A r , returnable on the 10th of July, has been laid before SurrogrAe, A. YJ. Bradford, for the disposal of hii Ih le In NV.r York city. 91 is following Is an abstract of the will, with the names he diflerosa legatees appended. A description or the wnal pre pert y devised, as wall as the amount of wed ley bequeathed, art stalsd In each case? sss aj Lrg+ns. Dmcriptim of Pnptrty Ptritfi ler mevens 1 One half of real estate at .south la Mevtns / Aeskoy, New Jersey- , TCI)p %Mm nnnnw.. .. .esunr |)?operty On their decease Sr.'. S tea Conovar Other portion of estate at south " Amhey, New Jersey. '? 1o A. Btevoss Mantles bouse at Hebekes. N, J., ' silver and plats of yacht Msrla, L.,.! with esoeptios of cea pi see ' bridge Livings ten. .A pteoeof plate from yasht Maria. i Stockton. $1,000 rVr tna Cosover Silver, plate, paintings, statuary ? and farnlturs In house at South Amhey, New Jersey. . ^ 1 8. Livings**....Miniature of Governor Crawford, portrait of Mrs. Crawford. . rri< In Stevens I'ortraits of Steveut' family. aaaa 8. OoDover... .Horses, mules, farming, garden . . . and other tools, oarritgrt, be., v at ^euth Am boy N, J ; wines h. and liquors at d>uth Ambiy . Ham W Solppen $1 000 JJlJ **n???ie ?(O0 mas Clark $M0 t A , rgs RJontor... 600 lhVf i WHsoo 600 iMrtu Norrla 600 rTwdale "" M0 . k D.UA* AA-1 y Mkinno (00 ' *" Honry (night 600 ?,)Ul, r Vork Union Oiub $'2,000 rbond* hold bjr Kr. S ) H,#v rtet*ac<la' children $24,000 funder certain coniitlont.) w?,, bard 4. Conover Honno and |$$M H 'hokco ($4,60"!.) ncla Con aver ($0/?u ; lana Cover or A portion of f?o aim pie wUut (die ,jku( veu. pari ) ger , "idran ?,eVen" * } $ portion of tame propert/ f ?'l I iter jttnveo* * ham. " bla C f. C Hta-1 A portion of nanaa prop arty (on ever ana Ooao V traet ror uhursb building purcrjtt.^ar SterauR.) pmr ) io |?.aM Another graat of like imsaai (In g< ^ trurt for church building and g,. cboal parpoaoa ) Ira Toner ?....ti2 0$O fl obr'dfo 1 tvtngxtoa. ...... 60,000 h. ria Ihbby' bc.r*. . Pan *lna#4? property, ^ Jtar Living" ton ? '? , att Living!too ? ? fr~ ar Liviagoton ? " " rjarrtta l.ivlngat*a. ? ? 10a l.lvtngatoo " - ' im Uvtngrtoa .... - ? ulee J Livtngvtaa.. ? T*"' > 8. Uvlngaun k I ? ? hiidrea f ah A Mines Preporty valued at >10,000, la fo< . liida Rodger* " *,0$0, ? C.jl abridge'ipM, ? ' >0,004, ? .crtou UvlDgete*... " ? 10,000, " ,1' Hie De I'eyxmr .... ? ? 2,000, " ,, ' ry l.ivlBgaW " " 4,000, '< ' " ita living*** " ? $.000, " UJ., rcnoe IJvt&gatoa.... 8,000, ' "ho fee alutple property devlted by Mr Sierear I* dee- bctk bed in tbe WML and lie dlvl?loo ordered by oerlaln In ploy bound* and by Itnee rnn in rarlau* direction* over It. the lhat a pereon not bevlng * map ef tbe plane* Indicated rr lu band tea rot form an aocamie Idea of it* extent or va- abor The amount fin money value! of bla reel estate at Tori i moment cannot, therefore, be (earned from tbe will. rr **t ______________ relet and Kotimioi OP UfAM^-Wa ballare we are not too to hi mature in announcing tbl? morning thar <>>l ( imming, med Mlanonrl. bna been app -Inted (loveraor of Utah, an I and 4 ha Intend* to remove hi* family thtlber with tbe vtaw th' n making that Territory hi* per man en I raatdeac*. Ual. moo mlng la a gentleman of triad official Integrity and of for I ge experience In frontier life riewe*mng great personal aide irage, of a conciliatory nature, yet prompt and anor the 4c in the dierharge of duty, ha will bring to lb* impor yon; it raapoavlbUlUee which he ha* assumed the meat aaaon atari I niihtliiPfl fftr inirhM In Ihn and $t$n rltn itlh 'nua| ml Ml to which baa been confided to him. Tba thor i xulor* to be aaooaalared i? I tab mm numrow not? i complicated than la bow generally aappoaed Among do," m may bo Incidentally nentioned that Rrtgbatn Yonag the I J mi a Utla to all the Uad* la the Territory, an I hM your rar recognised tba (Tailed Stale* tanayv Nose of hi* Nr lower* hare purchased land* In aooor lanoe with our duct ra. lleaoe, one of the d-hcate dutlaa of tna federal pern irta of that Territory will be to ealab.lih an I maintain |>*nl< ' right* of too** who may hereafter porrhaao In aooorrt be i oe with onr lawa. Not an Individual la all Utah now fatili Ida a foot of land the title or whlcb la derived from the vlooi lte?l State*, and it follow*, under thl* etrange conditio-! of part' ng*, that all parte of the Territory are at the prneant ta n* le open to pre eruptionH" uHmpron Unim, Jury 2t. of'b . w Trial of Yachts.?To teat the relative merit* of ^ ( od and Iron for ?peo>l la aalliag veoaela, Captain R. a. rbee and hi* brother, i. M , bare bnill two yacht* alike t| nine and model, the oat of wood, the other of iroo. The , tlea, of wood, la joet (hushed by Mr J. f>. Lawler, an I we ( II noon rail on a trial trip along tba ooaet. She I* a bea-i- fttp , it e.raft. and promtaea to be a rery fh?t one. length of B sb, 61 feet; extreme breath of beam, 17# fbet; tenth, mrw( iludiog a trunk, t feet, but baring a centre board of (0 ?(PC, it, ber draft will be only 4% feet with furniture and p llaet oa hoard She la ptiot boat rlgge', with a foremast lp?0 and a malnmaat 00 (bet long, and a boweprli 14 feet out- rP| ard. Her mast* are perfect epara, without a aingle ha d 'ecu flaw In their eurfboe, and bare ciatidemble rake. She painted white laelde and ontelde, except her bottom, itch la covered with Jeraey xlao paint. Her accommo T Unite are * person* for her alae, ead admirably cmtrired (he i comfort. The Iroa yacht, owned by Oapt R B Foeb.i*, taint named the Klitb. She will be ready la a fhw woeki date. ?r deck and aabla are of wood, te match the Aaaiea Her of M II waa bollt by Mr OUa Tufts, and la aa perfect as if it .Tnpt d been cwt la a mould. When ahe la flaiehed ehe will Mr tried against the Axalea, In teat thetr relative merlta trde ob internet therefore, la naturally fell In the reeaIt? Oba< m B*ftrd mmwhrd, Am ?. aim % * UMf Convocation of Practical ipfrllutl* uu. ^ he practical pi pt ritualists who held forth In this oity a Lo, weeka since are to hold a fac simile or that conference gpc< 'erlland, Me., oommcnslng on Frllay morning, June 'i& dlK1 oonUnuing, with three semloos dally, through Saturday B Sunday, June 87 and 88. ^ re notloe among other names who are to figure 1 a thin Clia ferenoe those of J. M. Spear, O. F. Goddard, T. S Shol Be , EUaa J. Kenny, A. E. Newton and S. 0 Hewett, all or ? Ion, and most of them prominent In the proceedings of ^c New York Conference. * Wb< he following are the subjects to be considered at this deB ferenoe, which slightly vary from the New York >*o . * -?<- S? u man in 117 just aensc a spiritual being, and bus he nuu Itual wants? How for. If (0 any extent, does the modern Churrh , tether Catholic or Protestant> satisfy their wants v . ? . What firstly oomtitutes a true Oh arch ? What does spiritualism propose to do for the redernp- f;. i of man from his present oondttlon ? . What Is spiritual lnteroeoree, In Its broadest sense? w How does spiritualism propose to street the ordinary * Hon which man now sustains to man, commercially, to b ally or morally ? othc What relation, If any. does modern spiritualism boar Hed le relations or the past r Mrs the Portlanders giro the cold shoulder to the Coufo- Bi >e which thuy are said to evince toward the subject of ItuaUsm, we do not prophecy much bet er eseoew for coin leaders and managers of the menagerie there than Frei ' met with In tbls city, so far as the raising of hinds Is , M terned, which appears to bo as necessary to practical j -*! rfessed iplrttuallets as to other species of the human th^ ., In this wicked and degenerate world. BetiC 1 rlou Conunlwloners of Kmlgratlon. nosi ital at Mnnfl rotnt ?nooiiMa pas- aim IKbKJlB IN IllhOPS?BACK DPMI TO TUS COPN- ^ OSS, ETC. ie Commissioners of Emigration met on Wednesday, u> C. Verplanck, President, in the chair. yellow fkvek hospital at ssdutne's point. communication waa received from the Commissioners Mett he removal of the Quarantine, stating that tbe temps- owli hospital at Scguine's Point was nearly completed, grea would bo ready for occupancy by die nunc* cf the It wi no Hospital shortly after U10 1st of July. They fur requested the Board to lake possoiwiou at that Urns. po?o 1 this communication some conversation ensuco, when cjun as decided to rofor tae matter to tho President, V:ee bank ident and counsel of the Board, who will confer with mak doaratinc Commissioners to day, and doubtless some in <jc ngement will be arrived at. Wb?i hooking passbngxan in kcpopf not l; communication was received friro Mr. Ricker, Uuitod | (tie s Consul at Frankfort upon the Maine, notifying the | (yvili d that he had conferred .with the gevcrnmentt of beta nauy respecting the oomplalnis of tbo Commission jui tt the emigrant swindler* were at work in Europe bookpassenger3 to certain parts of the Cnited States, while tickets furnished the poor emigrants were good tor no ts east of Nov York. The government of Hesse nstadt, Hesse CassW and Wiesbaden have agreed to J? ent tbo booking of passengers hi their dominions for once point in the I'mtod suet east of New York. B0|r ic communication of Mr Kicker was ordered on fllo. back Diss to ti4? ootvnna. *t?6' reeeiutlon ww passed authorizing the payment of the cine eys due the counties since the 1st of January, 1860. , ,, ["ems tliat when the Commission was in debt they P. ( ed to pay fifty p?r cent of what was duo; now, as are is feeds, they are willing to |>?7 the remainder. ^ r kjthis ITVlJf AND 1 inanrsh ^ ? iO following labia shows tne emigration for the year j0j,? the present condition of the finances of the Coamis 0f A Mr iber of rm'granis arrived to Juno 17,136T.... 75,411 . , iiuo date in 185ti 60,795 ,or j crease this year 24,48d 1867. 185C. iber of innatee in iusf utlou on _ J ard's Wan.l 1,2C0 l,8t2 0CIMI iber of ismntcs in Marina Hospital. 133 161 lal 1,393 1,493 i"fe' draft Jan 1. 185T $9,202 75 | *?r 1 Ipla to June 17 $131,946 17 | Frus ived mice Mt'j for conn iii ton of alien passengers 12,360 00?167,296 17 O day, lal $158,092 42 by 8 ur semen Is to $tine 17 101,21641 reno ? of a lance in bank. $60,877 01 be al >om katl Fishing Story Vary Hucfi Like n 1u,ei Hoax. rr thousand dollars worth of psabls taken ii AN arntHNOON ?Ul BUkLU OK KM I.KST?UUK VT ICITKMBNT?THA VW/MNM ON MCSOLV. [From the Albany Statesman, June 24 ] ? ere has been considerable exc tetaeot in a neighbor *i in the immedlile vtcintty of this city for ihe post two A is. altbough It has extended at present bat to a ed ciicie. In conseuueoce of tbe dlsooverr of a large T b?r of |?'?r Ik, which 'n slie, pur.ty nil value are oer K1* f unequalled by iny that havo y j| been (bond la tba rami localities In which they are laid lo abound, even netng the meal eitraragaat newspaper doarriptlcaii lo ar abort of tho reality It appears, ao far aa ara can ~~~ eacnt .scortain the ra lahlo facia, thai a jout fourteen R leen day* since, Iwo gentlemen who were about to ted on a fishing eicuraloo were searching In a mad aird creek near the city for ball, when one of tbam 1 a large tlied common musile. By way of a Joke ha U > J oat to hla 00aipan 100 that be had picked no a value- D c em,and then laugblu djr produced ib<> mutch-, earing |""" the gem waa tnaide la the abajw of a prlneleae poor I. *""* rteud smiled al the 1 aeli," and the muacle waa actual .H rown aal<1e without MM opened. \|j ally afterward*, however, the same gentleman ooaae ie another muacle, mailer than the Brat, bat with a B, full abeil. Thta tine hla cutloeur being eomewfcat >ed, be took out hla ' ';nife, Inaerted It between tb-< and forced them apart to hi* utter aatoolahaaei t ?? anally dlaeovernd a a-nall but beauttfollv pure pearl, i-vp ct In aba. e and free f?om the slightest Hew. He now lj\ led to hla friend in ueroeet, and whea he returned wo went bnrk to the ipo where the Bret muacl ) (bund , *T been cart, recovered and o|>ened It. an I discovered to _J amazement and delight that It oonlalnnd a poarl of It fabilo ia aiae, of an oval "hape, and aa pur? and cl aa the 00a Brat found. I'apraoUaod aa they were Igiiig of auch thing., they foresaw In a m >m?nt that alu< alone mnat bo afbr tune. our reader, mat Imagine, llablng waa Instantly for- , .. n by (ho lortunnie couple, and Willi enter energy ?< 11?> work to aearch for m iro of Uie name aort. * Ing luto the wale." up their waiete utterly dura- I lug broa Irloth and linen, now kneeling In tlie thick , and now grovelling In It with (heir hanCa. they cm <1 their exploration until utterly Incapacitate I by huniod fatigue from further prosecutiag the labor. Thoy ? not worked without reward, for the mua-.lea were rjiK illy found In brapa, havtug a-wwrinily boon nndta r rd for centuries, oxl we are oreuthlv informed that ' w y fifth or sixth .bell couiain. d a iwarl cf greater or rlze. Indeed, by tbe lime tbiy rneled front the r_j_ st, they bad iwo or three pockets lull of tbe precious it tbe fortunala dl.-coverera were not then aatiafled. "aiing nunc ..bianco Into tba wooda, they kind ml a tnd atewed a quantity of tba llab la ken ! urn tbe ?h?il?, . sb, with sums crack sr. and ober*e ibey liad brought jj them In U>> r kua.wack, finished them 1 comfortable L Tbev bail alao been a?o?ibia enough lo fhrwlth alvea wltb a bottle of eieelieot brand , from I tout moo's before staring on their Idling eacur- 41 , aed the contents of this, sallowed r freedom, not only nerved lo keep np their . A la, but prevented Hu m from taking cold from their Ij exposure la toe water. Alter thus refreshing litem ra, the pearl hunters again returned to their labor, ? sh they prosecuted more ateaIlly all day, adding ao rly to their store that a pinntttv of the gema wore of I * eslly Uet ?p la a liandhwch ef and narrlrd bo me in 4. o? Ihelr beta Pe lore the* l.-l, the .pot, however, w took Uie preoai lino lo die a deep hole by the tide of ; ireUr. la which they burled ail the shells, In order 11 oat any other peiaoolkom sharing In tbe beaeflti of \l rtianctery | ir all day* tbe spot waa vlalted by the Iwo friends, of whom, lo ibe winder of their fa ml dee and em At f IV Kiiik are a??ll. mar, or caee.l . a> Kual.eea Baa I city?atartad on at an early hour la ompaoy, kid itip 1 laic kt h'fbl At the end of that limp, and It 0?p wark rlDoa, POP of the partial atartal for Saw " t with nrarly a hnrhel of choice pear la la ht? pn? Ira. Ilia flrpt application In iha city ?aa ma In ta a r>? iratad Attn In Up jewelry bnameaa oa Rroariway, JL oa aiam'natioo of Iba prarla. they vara pronounced l nf lb* Brat tpiah'y aod of large ral m. Tha Itrm in 'a lalaly advanced forty thnorand dnllani upon tha fem?, J tonli them Imo their keeping. firing a receipt for , i by tha maaaura. Tha naarr of Iba prarla draw tha ?hir ay In fold, and ilpjinaiiirf It In hla r*rp?t haf *t?rtcd U?' e mma on Ilia Hndrna Kerr road. Al he landed oa thia ""V ha wan mat by an old frtnnd, who alapping him no JIT* back Paid In a familiar toon?" Ah. > I hoy, how are traraiiiaf no ) our miar.le, ehV Tha pearl flndar e?t and turned palp Aaenclaimg tha rrmark at onoa tha dlaoor ary of the mnrr.lee, and without a moment a fht, ba aielaimad.1 Good (tod, bow did yon fled II i^i mnj (?!? idow loom n noi jour "way, At ft rrphrd the bewildered friend. " (lien xtep tn here to | ^ hanwl*," *n the >./under, "and I'll make It worth inepr Wt lie to keep qolet." ?t knowing wb?t to make out of torIt atrang e mn , ud almnal doubting the aanlty of hla friend, the on who had aocnated the lucky flahorman anoom- J ad htm Into tfce Htanwla, whom, In n prtrato room, tin# ' on rrrrlvod an etplanaMoo, much to hla own aaMa ontai on, and without lcttu.g out the fart of bin own two- ***? Ignorance of the dlaoerery of the pear la Thl? third f bar nlnce boon proa routing Ihn aearnh, nnd ban ob- __ at probably fifteen or twenty thonaaod doltara worth pn 0 prrriona stonee. I a giro the Matement to the public without voochlng the complete accuracy of every partlcnlar, an I with>elr.g at liberty at preeent to aay more, or eren to blot 4 enameeof the finder* of the pearl, or at the location 4| he preclnna atream where tho muec.lee abound But ire roMident that our reader* will agree wiu ua wbeo ? fTirm Ibal If the main point* of the lingular autement | Tl Irne, hnwerer nnmeroua may bo the error* made In U dnutely prreeollng the detail*, the erent la one of the t] f 1 wonder(\il of tho century, not eren deluding the ^H| mry of gold in California. rhol rtngnlar manner In which Ihe third pnrtr wan let ihe valuable *ecret ehowa that thoee who really " traon their muecle" ahnntd at all Umea be cool and col ? d, and ebonM neror be thrown ofT their guard. ^ dealt nit Ponrr-roritTn Anrnrnotr.?A circular from with ifPoe of the A tfr on "Wire/ Ji umni, at Cambridge, eon pent i a letter from Mr. Hermann Oolderhmldt la the editor, * d Parle, Jane 8, announcing the dlacorory on tho nlgbt A. lay ST. of a forty fourth planet, hetwnen Mara and una ter. lata le the altth wh cb ha* been dtacoTered by wbn (,old*chmidt II roemhlea a itar of the 10 tl magnl i. The forty third eeterold, dtooorered at the Radc.ilffb arraiory by Mr Poyttoo, baa reared the namd of hy ti dno. fori 1Veitrtr?l mid Miulml. ntLo'a (Iabpe? ? Ttc enterta nraeui' will (hit ?rMlM iniencp with the pK*?tn* ?>*Uet en itled n ' Soldier for e," nfter which oemC ?f nlflcent comlo fairy riacle of ? Bianco, or the M?flc Sword," which (aire e. th< Ravela in a ecriea or w-mdcrfu! trlcka. owbky Thkatrk ? Mrs. Batnbiln Is to pity two or her it pop'ilar characters for her beoeu' l*at appeara but oue this evening, rhe aeleoltuna >ru the " Lore ao" and "Lucille." Such a bill canii-a *011 fail U ire an unusually large attendance. prton's ?Mr. and Mr*. Florence, who have r reputation a* art) its of no com moo merit 1* last* uliar Une, are to lake thetr farewell benefit to nifha, hi tliey announce "Irl'b Assurance and Yanke* Moty," " Working the Oracle," he ranjkCK'e.?Mo great 1* the deelre of the patrons of the ma to wttnen Ml?s Logan'* Interpretation of tbccharanof the heroine tn Hhalcspere's " Komeo and Jullot" that tatter Stewart deem* It e*i>edlent to announoe the ptay repetition, with " Twas I," this evening. auka Kaam's?The pre** and the publio speak la high m of the acting of Miw Keene, Mr Wheatlelgh, aad >r member* of the company, in the new play called ire's Telegraph." which 1* to be repeated, together l the amusing extravaganza of "Variety," to night. hhuca* Mrpim.?The "Dumb Man of Manchester" la e performed thle afternoon Mme I'oni-d and aevenM v favorites have volunteered and will apnear tn "Mar1 ifo" and the "King's Gardener," for the beneit at . Lid ridge, ta the evening. uckiwt's Haii ? Some thirty French and other arhMn e volonteered for the benefit of Mr C. Sage, comedian ? the f reach theatre, New Orleaan The programan prison the Kuglish farce of "Moneleur Touaon," a ioh vaudeville, staging, dancing, it. ronrnxurr ?Geo. Christy h Wood tender a number le moat ccuilcal songs, dances. Ac., and the fame at "Masquerade Ball." The BryauU stick to toe "Mae or Old Vlrglnnythe "Sawdust Acrobats," aad vns other tquiMy funny alfalrs. inccxt?Mme. Quzzantga, Slgnora Brigeoll, As?dte, le* and others are to give a couoert at Dodworth ? Sato morrow ovoalng. Supreme Court?Special Term* Before Eton. Judge Rroeevelt. xi 24.?Wyatt vt. licruon ?This la the John Brag wdlst church caee. R came up for a final hearing, bo* >g 10 the magnitude of the Interest# Involved and Ik* t time which would prsbably be taken with thrtrW ie put oif till September term. Judge Kooeevell, bow , remarked that the true point Hi the case was, Ilia* notify of the me nbers of the church were and arropd to tbe sale or the ohureh property, and aaked Ik* set who desired the sale, whether the stockholders of t could not restrain their board of directors boo ing a sale of a banking bouse, tr they desired to aek to I {fiance of the will or their constituents?and than aaked dier tbe majority of the members or a church ooald u like manner restrain the action of tbeir trustees al same time intimating very clerly bis opinion that tkay 1 be thus restrained After same further conversation reen tbe Uonrt and the counsel, the cause was put over eptcmber term. Superior Court* f?foro Hon. Judge dlnesoe. m OK T/J.*? A1 KICK rhfKh nr?> tri*A before, when Um jury were unable to agree, has been on trial for a Tew day i. It I* an action to reoover 3# for services rendered as an expert aed wltn'H la Innatl, In a dental patent case, in which Mr. Alien waa itl.T. and of which case Mr. Jobson also made a report Lhe derenceit was oootended that the plainilf bad beea idy paid more than the value or bis renrices, and thai epcrt was Imperfect, as he omi'tod the summing up r. Allen's counsel sett the Judge's charge. To this on replied that he made those omissions at the request lien, as the charge of the Judge was not In hta fhvor. Allen was on that occasion In 'Inclnnall defeated In his nt suit The jury, in the present case, gave a* verdtal is. Jot sou for $ttOO Tor his services. Before Hoc. Judge Woodruff. A8HACLT BY VOdi. >s 26--.Bury Frauncr m. Anthony Oia?PTaiaSHT p'ains of an assault and battery oy defendant setttag dogs at btm, wnich frightened him aud tore hi* pants i Inconvenient way. PleinUffclal ned $2,600. For the uce it wae oonten led that pla.ntlll was a trespasser on lies' premises, and that no injury ws< in Hi ite 1 on Mr. nee. The jury, however, gave plamtill $d00 damages CCFLTATICN OF A STAB BT A Pl ABET.?Oil H0M? June 'JO. the star Delta <te minor um will be eclipsed aturn. This Is a pheeomencn of very rare moot e, It not having been witnessed within the last quarter century, The Immersion behind the outer ring wti) 10 h. 13 m ; behind Saturn 8 h. 49 m. Immeratem i behind Saturn 1 b 81 m.; emerilon from behind Ike r ring 8 b 6 a. Saturn seta two minutes later. IVERTISEMKNTS RENEWED EVERY DAY Jktl BUMh, Mu J. TO BB HOLD OFF THIS FUI.-TE1 LAMM Stock or baregeoaad greeadbwe, at full any par Mat bw lost 7. B?C? A OO . Ml Broadway. AO* AJTD WHIT1 LIIICM OHMUKJB. For Ira vslilao cloaks sad drsasss. For Mis tats vwt at retail. At BHLPt ICS Ml Broadway AC* AMD WHITE OHM K DJOTBRB MlliOf litl Mp By BUPMAN A COMPACT, 473 Broad wag. 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