Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1857 Page 1
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TH] WHOLE NO. 7605. THE GREAT 0*10 DEFALCATION. Vtke Senec* Conncjr itank t'aw?Mere Ar* lauiidlug IVv?l>?p?iuitm? Ciro.Ur frrnn rtfumw Stmte?A. Portion uf tn? NimIm Bond* Hy pntftn atnl In New Voffc-4!<H),(KW mt tee S'.ruftim AttaeM ny (ta Stele? |Xt,<WH 'Wert Ik not yet KViaiid?brtbaoii Claim* the donna u Ifrlvate Property?A CtNler Hew York Ltoyart Boeoi Draft* PMM* to t?.e state oy WMteen? ProCeata u? New tort, Ae. iftem the Cincinnati Dtily 'laiele, Jane 24 1 wickets, Jano 23,1957. It jvor monetary and oominerctal uf .ala mornioji, yoi my, ta ?eieren.-.e to the rafety of iho oooia of the rieeet-a Oooei) Baaft. muwiir frona Cotantbos, " If die aecarlttee are arailakie the potti'r.ahooid know the fact. * * * * Ckm tt be that tbla ! lobe added to tbe tbrre qvariora cf e million dollars of pnb'.lo money Vnory to tore bed rtoleni'" I Lave celled tbe attention ot lite Mr Treasurer to the paragraph, and he promtiUy Jteued the fellowtaj; ohwlnr to iee public ? TO TBB VVB7.JC. Omm or rua InuiniB i? .^ivi,) C<H.rHED8, June 23,1867. j < On Ibe 16th Inatant I pnblj.bod u atatomant of the mount of Mnec* to tno trcasr.ry. aeixw.ioa 10 sec .re u.o ?to?ototlDC notes of tb" indop. ndeirt backs of the Sate, w*h the ?<aserc<nt tbst all of theso bonds we?o In the 1 trwmury eitwp' *132,129 14 l>n <1 scovoring thi deficit, 1 setlod no Mr. Rita-on, the laV> Treasurer, for uu oxplara Uao of Ihu-d?0 mnoy, lis eorr.pared wit'i the boohs. He toformed me that the? had been sent to Ser York, at the request of the bank, to be exchanged for other bonds, to be returned to this oOirwt. <)o the same nigh".! received my aopolntment, 1 sect a rc?*n?rv,er to No* York vrlto fertrochon to tftain at tbo earliest moment what funds were there belonging to the Stato or Mr. 'jlbsoa, and to immediately a Veto the same <>oo ton J rod thousand todnrs of Ohio (tlx per coat) bonds were found In the bands of At wood it To., in New York. Legal proceedings bare been commenced '/> or ocrre their return to this mtteo. Where .be balance of those bonds are ($12 12H 14) 1 have no cerUun info- tnation I have ordered proceed ngs against sfher partite in Now Y> k, which I hope wiit trtng them to light 1 have oommunloated thewe facta at the earnest moment deemed prudent for the btllholdcrH ard the State. A. P. CTONF, Treasurer of State. b will be remembered that Mr Rib-ton, in his -ard, published by Mr. %ooo on the lfith instant, stated the aroojat of deiielt, being oertlfioa en redeemed by biun an 1 ilve by Mr. brer I n, to he $.'<49 n92 21. fhji would pro- i habty be the deficit If not increased br credits against ihe i bonds absent from the treaeury. In a subsequent card I Mr -'iooe gave three atU/^inunhJ as to the Seueoa County i Hank ? I Diode deposited (205,049 14 : But Mir nf not entered on book 4,000 01 j . 1 (200,049 14 i OeataBoo 2011,4114 oo | Bonds over circulation (214 14 \ The above amounts or oonds and circulation are taken treat 'die books of ute Kegjurar of Independent Bank.-!. 1 find the bonds of all the banks to be In the treasury, nave the Seneca Count! Bank. There ore in my possesssun seventy seven -Lou-'on 1 live hundred and twenty j feiitar-M of th??i bniiJA Thft o. on? h':i*dr#?d &n.l ffiirty two thousand odq hundred ??1 thirty "-Rbt dollar* ' and fourteen cents, bcic* bonds of i?6e and lHu? are said j ? Um; m<o treasurer u> bo in Sew i ork to ue exchanged i tor ether bonds to ne returned to thU office. I have <nratEin?d tbo Senca County 1 __ott '.coount, as ' (?fl by Mr. B. A. epujtt, reg-ster. and ilJ ja the treaecry? One bond not entered on 'ooiu $1,000 And registered 70,520 lata: $77,5-0 Of the A'iftC.OOO t .acei ty Br. tribeon April 3 in the , ban Ik of the aaditor to meet the July tnter<Mt, I s'ooe kmrw that a draft of the Hunnca Goucty Bank for $30,500, | perhaps on John Th cms peon k 0t>, was presented, not paid, | ma pretested on the '21st lust. Also a draft of Ba>tlott >tt , Matt. of Columbus, for $16 OOo, which wis preeented, Ml paid, and protested en the 1Mb insl. Ur. Clbeoc, who i readied New York e;ty on M mday, it Is supposed took up > teen two pretested drafu and saved the State this MM00. The fuheet of anxiety has been, however, aa to the Se- ' neon Oounty Bank bjnds in Kew York In format on i baa been obtanoi, I iears, that fl00,00u of the , Mode are deposited as loliaterals with lleesre. AtwooJ A Co., who claim them aa pruteo- ' baa for llr. (Jlbaon't oxer drafts of $ftl,630. these bonds baee txen aturb" I by the rreeert Secretary, ! who Jaime them ae really those of the bank, or of the i Male's In trust fbr the bank. Ur. '.ibeen, 1 learn, olaima I Mane now, as of Ids own private aoco-nt This has to be 1 determined by a b sal eiaiuioaUon. 0$ the AAT'.S-tS Id of Seneca county bonds deposited in i Me Ueerory, there are on band here (77.3110; lo New | Terk, locked up In the hands of At wood A Go . $100/100, , atta died by the Slate. When the 'grand oonrtdsno?."' ia lost specnlatton beeomee ( rife, and dlatmat falls upon every transaction. 1 hare eaammed the Hank Register' books, kept April 17, which ah owe of Sonnca Oomty Hank ? Osr: ulefwto naUt uiiM. if ma tn-mot. 1?B $;4.W?7 00 ?2?,'JK| oo 3% 43,107 00 22,422 00 fl H ?.0<A 00 47 ? 00 Wl 1M..A0 00 02.bd5 00 (ami $J64,3M oo $164,055 00 Making a rep .ted actual ffircclauoc of notes AioiUJI, carrr aa aa raoeee 01? (V14 14 recur.ty of bonds?if ad the wol's were in the treasury tbi ohio (tate ikttotst? ai. l thk mos'tt os eakd rvi mw rone. " despatch to the O'nrlncati xirti'- ] CotTTnncft, June $4, i hot. The State authorities ue i, bv a despatch from Auditor Wr.fcbt now in Ne? York, lbs' all manured draft* remitted on aoooont uT U>? July latere*! hare been paid, and obligations of the Stats fkldng due neit woek ere providtd for o full. .Hotw'; U.0 heavy drafts upon Me treasury by the late officnls. by which it waa pretty eBXtuall.v depleted, no d'tBculty was eiperxwond ia protesting the Sate credit Tbo O 'Tornor and other Ftate dVLmrii amaH nrnnm!* tn.1 Ptf.*t4MiLlv. Ihna orMrcuim n# the ddlWIty that raauy o' mir oitiaee* apprehended. t>.o arfle of Ohio are ?i-eedlngly .-ee'ou* ei' to > credit of the (bait, beneo the en'i.-ty that prerailed w th reference to Mo payment of too July Internist. (From tho Philadelphia ledger, Jos* 2ft. TAT* M?tLCAT!ONtl AND TRKITt REIIIPT. Twwaty yearo ago, whec.ia the panic of lg.1l, It w?t Ibwwtd that Mr. Pwartwout had become a defaulter to Mo government, it waa commented upon in all the paper* ne ladtgnaLcra aa to ahow plainly UuU the oral *eaiia or all part**, and of Uto whole oommnlty, wa* bath awprMed and outraged Itch ibeee ereut* were an rare that perttrtpiea were fhrmnd oat of bla name to exproa the oam of errry aba ending defaulter, who wan forthwith declared to bare "fwartwoulnd." Ia It f-om aay raoaat eaHonaneea of the pnhlio eoearteone-^ay do. rilwe of pobhe faith and ? rtue? that three tnibg* haro aaw beooaM k ootr.tnon that they emu* little or do rrBarh, bayoud a naleulot. <a of the ameert, and that lh? webtte are annually swindled oat of mUliov oy the mo*t gram aad palpable breachea of (kith and truat, without aay pmaooatloo for the crime, only for the money? a abort uiaea?aH wae found thai wtweimee member* of fawgreaa rt>h the pnM.o poree by briber* aad oomipttea. and aew we bear of mate Treaaarero yet m rre daringly. I , openly patting their heads lain the ttll, aad fealhertrr | Me .r aaata out of the p.under The lataat caae of ihJ? Lbd, that of Mr. ftlbtoa, or hi* tniwhor la law Mr. Brcalin. the State Treasurer of Obio, ti a new lemoa, Un a largo a-.m, %n U.e pwpie ef that male Met * will eacte ttooaahtAtl tnlnde all nrer the country aad lead them to consider the cacne* of aad reaaedlM fbr , MOW wbotoeale defkJratieoa ef pub tie off era. a ihoutd aot leaeen bat acrueee mr a<?froberrv>ea that Ma aaly part of a vaei tide of peowaltoa aad fraud , whWih teem* to bare eet ta r crape a* well a* la thw . emtntry, artetag from the extra reran oe ereaied by the eaeden in' aa of gold from Chllfbrnta and Australia, an' Ma aaoawire stimulation It baa g.rec to eper latma aad to credit, which above :t?elf in the creation of aabeme* for all blode of public and p?1\a?e uodertaAlmre fbr growing eaddenty rich w:tboot labor. !a Iracoe H bee in Mat ?tyle of Wring which the empire ha* reetorad and more than restored to Aran e hevnnd all L&a l? ktn>u .if thr Empire of NanokoD I , boyoaii all the limine* of tho Vjn.-fi or Leol* XTV., I.m bran that of No wlaoti 111. art* haa ??l Um faahi n to tiiA fh-t .<inab'e world, on I eaettnt the rage for tplrndor and coat j- lirirg. It fit an ?wr th'-rg for |jrw?? Nat?>lo<in, whoo ho had rmnltod tato th? empty aaddie of too frugal Limit Pat Ippo to nay to hia noo ijr ioik.won, t mty apand money Cao priac* and prodtftalo, oo an to keen the arvlran* of ^rt* loo boar to hateh oonajdratler, and I will itippiy T?"' whh hBmi " lymiati jo to ta? amount of forty or flf.y mnttona beyond all the akriaa ban latrodanrd wob a pa* too for eitraawgair-e by o?w moo trying to eel! j?e the etd fltm.ltee. no I ho world haa oertr aooa. The aanng* of feneration* barn been awept a eay. Thl* tide of dlaptay boo Mted ore* ban Now Vert had "Imported" W, and aery ~ity in Uio Cnloa to tho ?if?mo far Wnot baa toil ihe awoll of u> f r'.otn* aurgn Mo 0001110 to gat Min i band terlbty who cannot branch oat >n a 0011 ntry raai drtkefor the tmmaier au I a brown atoon boooo In the eiy. Tb*a 'ofv.a of gold and anddaoty aoqnlrad wealth of many food and inrrrnoo the mania bey nod all ooocaotioa. An go"d dofworialoo tn ralnr, land with no prop irtloaably augment* In prlca. Ilio knowing onno, fhreeenirg thl?. haro rpa- nlattd ao Immonooly in weatern land* that It ban awa.iowod ap all tho gold and about all tba cradit thoy arm id mater, aad let 1 largo defaliwtioaa to bo prorldod fb? at Mm > aat. Now land <rarrant* hare become a drug and all am Mr ring to roalira. H it twi nr.nth# ago any 000 who ooold go* tho oaa ol money. f ooly for a low month*, oottld and did otport to make a ta'g* por rentage on bl* r poration* la thla Httto ? our knowkdgr. money ha* been largely borrowed at HT> por rem per annum to fpernlata with n land* la Iowa. A * *? tranrorer thon who onnld maaagn to atwlrart *<*>.000, mtyht hope, and probably did hope, anon to re oee tt 11,4 haro a forkno loft fbr blmtoif; Put the wheel f 'mane turned th? wrong way, and Uin State If robbed. baa boon the hlrtary, mich tho ranee*, that hare Jed to thia Ob in OeOtlral.iir and wo fear not thl* one alone 1! " Mm rare llnat Ibeee Uiltga oomr perlodl al'y and angmrnt j ear'y at an Inoroeatng ratio ? A better n oration la the drat rrqu .'te, oae of loaa ahow aol mrr* boweat worth Krperienee may do emnelhlng to "UHIli"*? * '*W m the foil f of erer letting eapendttnre get v*^VrT_ ""1 the orrta n ultimate dmdnirtlen of oAv-erter whlih awaHa Miner who apernlate wfOl other fTTiTif*. It,nyy-. ?*t better *tlll. lamtly training la a atalo _ 21J[! . * ' 'latiy rgbt, hoawaole and lual "a. ^ 1 iTl'i UMl ho*,e* 01 oh' dhood and youth aa ? 'T'l jli0 wh*' ,ll*hwT and aeemtagly hiaratlra. atvee tr'tr^T*?." e " f* <*,u anno nte may do *ome ? ?u?f ?c are ut?o from fulcra caprwfat'oar b?l thara It ti E NE 10 law Mre poraeaal integrity and hoeort principle fb? the ;oT?remcnt of public trnata. It a in tiid to muh.ply heoVs where th e eeaentlal <aaMty 1? wanting' ib? ouly h/op the* Stat* oan do for iW own aalfety, a to aeo that the 'trope* for tho fhithfbi performance of public dalles are nnplo in amount, and to rigidly craot tie pledge when the performance faJ a. Bat tho main remedy for this fraud ail over the eont?try a, that the pebhe pone ahouid be ta little empj red aa acaulbte for any bat the most sir lolly neeeeaary eitxiaeeo it government. A eity ur a *tnte. Km no boninoan to om I bark !a spe. intone, whether barking or railroad buildjtg or Jnandering In any otter way. U these -hings ' wtl i*y, private oompukicr shmld undertake thom .f ihe.v oann'jt be rt>?dc proflhrble, t in on.'} rlollng ro much it itki wealth of the citizen to undertake taem abI many things become highly r. ofltable in private hands bat Involve the lot a of miiboue ncder poblic manage stoat Where tb carinas la, the ?agiee w1!J gather, an 11n proportion as vrgo sum? of money pan ttroagti the pchtn rear-try ibemere will pka. and plots will lc Utip.'y. und Vaodr . j iefakiai toon "abound inrreatfngly. The Follow uotmulealon?. Recorder smith wan in session yenteroay w et the Ptdico lonr.mjrg'onnrr. Ae it !e well known that tbo Mayor'* wunscl caused a number of aSldav.ts to be taken, showing Ite temper and feotlag wilt whioh Ui? proceed.oga were tarried on la the Reeorder's office on too day of tbe police dot In the ark, the Keoorder and tie backora fear thai a i nvesLgitti-m will be bad in tbe prom.ecs. U wan not, towcTer, with any tow to a retaliat'in ?bat the Mayor e loucaol tad the affidavits taken, but merely as matter for lse, Lad they been needed In the tabeas corpus caee. IKe gayer has, from the first, token an excloa'?oly defensive tnnd, whether In maintaining puesemioc of the station xeisos and other cay property, or w.tb tee SuperTatuts u he Lve patrolmen resolution, as well m li.rough the enure proceedings In rey&ri to the Strecl Commnaiouer. fbe Mayor Wiii no;, it * .ndcr-tood, depart from ihe deensive policy now, even in U.e case or the Recorder and sis writ. Mr. la.lmarlge's return gives an Impulse to the organization of the Metropolitan squads K\ ?n in the matter of ouUolf and bad yen somi thing more like skip shape be ;>ct to appear. Men are now seen m (liferent quarters of the city with a brass ~ocern on the * breast, somewhat In the shape of a emaJ coffin plate. It la understood to bo \ teu.ncrary concert., chopped out has illy. Tne dej.*n of .t is to show a shield, with tbe arm* of the fcaUs an t the word (lol.-ce.'? Should the Ooort of Appe-tle decide favoraule to 'ta pertnanen- y as sn institution in thcee "precincts." It la intended to cto more credit i>? the designer, both n the die and In the material. bv tuciog those badges executed in il.vor. A lurt-oi. ot U.. Sl,noot6uo t??ect to tto SnperviBor*, it is mended, gtuui be melted down for Ik* purpose. turm&l de"and* couMice to bo made at the c.ty bouses far poese?"i<m and actn j vlodgment of author ty. There arc mu le pro firrnia, as iLey are not heeded by tho men. One of the White street <1" carting trade a confused aol fr.yhioned uppiic,aton of its nut iro at Captain Iconaro'fl giati .o, the Sooond ward, aud was treated In the kind and conrteous manner rharccteriitic of too officer In winmaud. His trfaimsnt, a'llougt a hot and prompt re fusul to acknowledge his portion as an oflicsr, was ?l ffereitt from gome aiuv-iar Instance)' where the White street bss was rudely treated. Ho made his b<?-u? pocus at the m 'u when thoy loft the stai ou bourn, w thoul any beed au ihe.r part, and by the examp'c and dire, uon of Captain f^inard, witbont any lnv.dioug reipoase or mioifegtaiion. None of the men hare seceded, and Uio mat ter, as It stood, deecrres no sort of notloe in any way fbrtber th ai the and inslnuati'iug made in ihe report of the matter to or by the Deputy Superintendent. On the occasion in ouoetlon, as on all others, Captain Leonard's, cn uf thu third notice of his dismissal, was as respectful to tho Commissioner* and Llndly to their new odictal as It hai always boeu ilrra In the principles and rronnd woich he maintains. At the office of theWhite street Commission yesterday, one hundred and thirty-one di- missals were made, ru. Sixth Ward 46 Seventh Ward 4? rourteenlii Ward 37 There are -U) vnuuv-ios in the Sixteenth ward. 31 in Ibo Thirteenth, 88 in the Seventeenth, and -'10 in tho Eighteenth, which the Oommimlooers are gradually fUKng, applicant being dally called and examined in this new. Aurtlaa Sal* mt Cat. Krtnwnt'i Kiarnlturc. The household furniture of Cel. John C. rromeat was old at public ancteoa at hin late residence, No. M Ninth street, yesterday, by Henry H. Leeds k Co. Tho sale oommt need at 10;* o'clock A. It. There were not one twentieth part as many people present aa auanded the ale or Huntington'! or Dr. BordeU'e household furniture, though they were a much more select and respectable class of people. The article* gcneislly did not bring eery high prioee. Cel. Fremont la at present stopping at the Brcvoert House. He intends shortly to Join his wife and family, who are at present in Europe. The total amount of the sa'M was about 84,000. The thing* were all to be debvered and paid for wthln twenty -faur hncrs of the sale. The furniture wan nil very elegant, well selected, and composed of the bett materia*. The following are the pr cen of some of the principal articles sold In the back parlor, two one oli patnunge, views of Niagara, 817 each sold to Mr. B. A. Raker. In the middle parlor, a carved rosewood mt In crimson pi eh, tomist'.rg of a sofa, arm and lour parlor chairs, 870, to Misa Ihrker. landscape and nver scene, 817 60, to Mr. Williams. jc use : roni |vior, ing jm.rp i rn|ui rrwn w i t.r.n. ton repa w edow rertalua, f 10, In Mr. Chnibb. a superb ornamental frame mantel m.rror, which wMiild to have cost tibO, was aotd for f 115, to lira. More. A maguiflcont marble and ormot) olock a ad (?o firo light can ielabra", for |tai or caadlce, $147 AO to Mr French. A aoporh ironch plate p;cr mirror, $A1, l<> Mm J. V. Smith A r-chly carved roeewoeJ nit, <a rr?en p ath, consisting or a aoia, two arm and a:x mo.iall'ou ha k oha r*. $117 A#, t" Mr, Couckln. A roeewood piano, made by Chlckertng, of superb tone and flnish, 1117, to Mr. FulInrtoB. a finely carved rosewood marble top oral centre tab's, to Mr. McMahrn. Ad etegore or similar material and earring, A22 .'<0, to Mr. McMaben. A floe oo lored engraving, representing "Napoleon'a Fare well at Fontalnebleaa,'' $29, to Mr. Kogera. A Coo colored engraving of " The floats of Napoleon," i'jo, to the same person. A One oolo ed engraving of " Napoleon at Water IfM," $17, ana person. A flee colored engraving of "The 1 * pan ore tor ute Trnirnaateu" wae sold for $17: and a similar engret ,ng of' Feeing the Horeos 'for $) ao. a water colored drawing of " Adam and Eve," on vellum, after Raphael wt> sold for $11. A pair of duelUag pistole brought only $0. In the dining room an elegant black walnut marble lop piste glase bofl'-t wae eolt for A-77 $0, to Mr Thompeon. A black walsct rrtension dtnlrg table, fourteen fo.rt long, $&],to Qspt French. Two Mark walnct arm ohalra. In green reps, $s (0 fach, and ten similar nha.rn, without arms, for $6 AO etch A superb sterling Mirer tea net, ccmjui of fire pieeee. ami weigh' >g 140 ouaoea. wae sold at $1 UM per ouoee, to Mr Jacobs A cake basket of the same material, weighing 1AM ">ce ve, went ai $1 37fc per ounce A set of silver plated d'ah covers, at $A each A rxh silver plated chased ^>Coc urn, at A'.l AO A superb white marble and bront* c o. g sn l two nrnameeu of Ibn amc material, at $77 AO, to Mr ntehoc A fine oo lored rngrariBg of the " Nation*: ftaarl aiK ogsura," at $21, lo Mr. N'wlley. A b!n.Jt a ?.cul sword onev, at $0 $0, to Mr. McMahee A lively tmerest wae mari'satod by the -jwrabii in laipecting the fortitcre nr 1 L.oeebo'd nrrargnmenta of the treat r*lh?ader of the W eat an 1 the coo-t.crcr of Call iMt Vise Turf. rvrov rorvi, l. i.?mo~rrvr. A trotting matcti for $7 WV n-'te b??te Mr. U-.roe In "re. to wagore. fame 0fl on Thrredny afternoon over the I'nlon Coome. between g g. ' nc.'e Ham and n brown geld jig emerec ry umr'ii utn. to* imxwr wa* urn rnror.te WfT'ona to the mart a fcw of the "growing none'' having >mo aformod t>-at the brown l.orae had (round in Jl 36, tn<l ifcat alth -igh a hadtrr?k"r h *peed would carry .'m through a beat with twj or ihren brank* in Imh than I 10 heare the odd* aga rat I'ar. a-ain. a rerto.n nag at dl Uron. Whether tbe brown boroe baa ever ebnwn very bat t m? we are tinnb'e to aay. and are raUior inclined t? loubt the anfrtJoo aa he made a eery poor effort to reach I 40 on the preaent ocraeJoa. He waa beaten hnd'y by 'ode Fnm. W> the chagrin of hit over aang'iiae nuppnrlem. "here waa a targe amount of money pen.una on thi? (rot llio attendance waa rrry good, and the track In oapttal >rd< r Tor fbat work. Tho rotiowlng l? a .!"?eri[KJon of the ao>' ? Kir*t Hmt ?Mr. Cart'a hone won the tnetdc podi oil In o.rlng Ham naat a hor, which oncwaioned eomo delay. An be hornet rain* np for the word thla time the "go"'waa |!ren. The nrown drew gradually away from Ham on the ipper hirt, hnt broke near the quarter pole. Time ?<< ?e?nde. Ham now made play for the lead and went no to he brown heating him n couple of lenglb* to the half mite ">le In 1 49 Tl?n brown, however. olneed on Ham on the ower turn and roarbe | bis wberl aa lhay fwung on tbe innieatrt b'h. where be again broke np; the bruab aeemmg i little too Innr tor htin He left bla lege again whoa near tome and Ham won the heat by three length*, la Jl 45. Sni-rtd fina-' ? Bett'ng now two to one In faror of I'ncle | lam. An they came for the word. Sam had n little tbe ad-aatage, although on rounding the lorn Uarl got aide and ide with tbe gray, but could not keep hi* Tret. He broke ri Uie name nfitoo that be did In the ttrtt heal Ham now Td clear of him, and went nolo* about bi* inmlnea*. and I pened a gap of lire or *ti length" to tbe halt mile In 140, [ nd maintained thi* advantage to the end; the brown breaM- | ng twine coming home Time of beat Jl 13 W. Tit .///n.' ?flam went off with the Ina.1 ant kept t? to ho end, iho brown break n* badly eaeeral timne during he bow Tune 244 The following in a nummary ? Twrwu'ir, .lane at ?41 Web I) ,Ouu, mile hew#. bent three f ro tn ?i|iM I Woodruff named g I I nele Nam 1 I 1 Owl named brown gr.ding 8 8 I Ttme-2 :??2:?3Jv-a 44. F,ikttiow ro rim Wnwr.?Ho ken than twenty- j reon e?erati?n? of cnr. naln were appn'nfed to Uke pU.e I ikwctri acd Lijkw w> >-Mar, the J?h urn. WTO MORNING EDITION?SATU The Mandanm Against Street Commissioner lb' Devlin. " Hi rHIMh COUBT?HPhCtAT. TB*M. If .Tt-vk 2ff ?Vanicl D. Otnoxr as. O\o*. furrier.?Tha ta? ilmowy .n ibid ease baying been closed cm Thursday, Mr. W| Field, counsel for Mr. Oonover, proceeded to sum up. Ho mi commeu'ed by raying ?The drenm'tau-'-s of this case Into which yocr Honor foil H your duly, under the statute, Af to inquire, are not difficult to perceive, notwithstanding tbo so contradictory nature ot toe testimony and tbo podtivenesv 00 with wbicb aotne of tbo witnesses Lave ssrorn. On the fifth of th.e month Mr Ooaor?r werved from tbe Gov- c!i enter?ibo highest executive effiver of the State--a com Vr , mission to luiill tbe otboo of street (ommiet loner, the J() va*aucv having been occasioned by the death of Mr Taylor, whe bad been elected by tha people. Tbo office 'H< wan vacant; there *aa no one in possession on wbom Mr ^ turnover eocild serve any papers, and he prcceoded t0 ch executebw official bonds, to lake his official and enter tei upon tbe duties of bis office. His oaib of office was made before toe 'reorder, and was flied in tbe Mayor's office, \h w'th one of the Mayor's oieihs; the bonds were executed sb by unexceptional sureties, and it was therefore the Mayor's duty under the law ef ihe State, to have approved ru of those bonds If Ihe sureties were acceptable; but tha lb functionary sbi.t bimsolf up in bus office, and would not J" see Mr. Conover, though bo knew of Lis appo eimeat as pc early is i? o'clock; the Mayor told Turner to kec;) i>o?*ossion a! of tbe fffi e of Street Commies oner, and to let no one into !? i Dj it until (be appointment was made by bi nseif and the rR Board of Aldermen. Tbe Mayor swears that be saw no t> human being la bis oiboe at that time but IM Chief of hi Polke; y? other witnesses swear that they saw Uto Mayor co lance lurtrrtly out of hi t private mom while Cooover was tp in the outer otboe; the Mayor, however, would no; aee a>, Cunaver, and be tbon left Although tbe Mayor denies it, fU It t? nevermeleta true that Cooover was there Mr. Gono ver i hen went to the ottloe of the Street Commissioner, and a stood at a desk daring the whole day, claiming to be Street ov Commissioner, with not a single clerk disputli>g bis autborby, except Mr. Turner, fie remained there until 4 rr o-c kick, when he waa turned oat by a mob?by whose or- ac der? wan a point of dispute, bat i'. wae not a point of dleputo under tbe evidence. Captain Bcsnet; swears tbat be u d.d It on bia own authority, and no' by directions of the Mayor or Hheriff; but tins m denied by Mr ijonovor, wbo artcrw that Bennett professed to be bis fr.ejd, and that " who' bo d-d waa done unwillingly and by the authority of the Mayor. The next morning Mr. Couovcr wont to the AC oA?o of tbe Si reet Commissioner aga.o,outlining to porfrrm the duiieu of ibatotlice. until be was again removed by violence, and by nothing i Ire but violence; the City llall was besieged that day with an assemblage "t hungry ex- '' pectanu. The Mayor kept possession of the City Ball, aided of by the Si lermen, with Wilson and Clancy at iLeir head; and finally we find Mr. Devlin ssoorted to the ml ice af rtreet Commisakiner by the police, and bo takst possession Ja of the room; and possession got by violence is put up in by answer to our claim to tbe othce under the appointment of the b gberi executive otiiocr In tbo State. A possession got by violence can never be legally maintained. Tho ^borlfl 0f and the Jie.iuty say they never took pnaseeaion of tbe ,.ol books and pag-era of the ofilce, nor lent thein to Devlin, ,,0 though m bis afiklavit he (Devlin) swears tbat '.ho dberitf al( h. ld poancuFloa of the books, papers and funlture o' the w) oillce under a levy, that the judgments elll! remain .a-xus w fird, that tho icry still continues, and Dm books, Ac ,are in j0" the lawful custody of the Sheriff, who bus (OevMo) t h to are the same as Street Cotmnisa-oner ;n the rltimarge of p, the duties or h>a othoe Let ua see what Mr. DfivUn and bis advisers?be did not mean b;s legal ad rivers?have done; Instead of appealing ta the lta, they gn with an ini e*oort of 600 men with clubs, and take possession of th-s nr| otlloe, and then Mr. Devlin turns round and says, " Ob, Mr. Conover, you must seek the law." bl! Mr. Held now procuodod to the law of tho oase. and first oontrmled that Mr. Cooorer has been duly appointed m, to perform tbe duties of the office of r*tre?t Commissioner; ^ that tbe consti.ation of the S?a e has enjoined npou the Le g.vlau:re to provide for the idling of vsjaoiios, and that D l the Mayor and Alaermen have not the power. The lAg.s lot urn, by the act of Fnbruory, '49, provides that "when rt ever vacancies shall exist or shall occur in any of the of office* of the State, where no prtmiioa ! now made by law ,b( for lining tbe same, tbe Governor Khali appo.nt srmo t ru table person, who may be eligible to the tin M{ cent, or to be Mine vacant, wbo thai! execute the duties 0), thereof nntll the commencement ef tbe pol-tieaJ year next _ succeeding the first annual eleetlivn after the happening of k(| u)>" vacancy k wnicn iiko omjer quiki ue d; itw tMC- 0r ed." No provision bad been made el tba time of ike paa Cr *M? cf *ba? mi (Or filling a Traegr la the office of Htrem Commissi mer. Therefore, uM there la ao.a* auhoa tb pieot law providing another mraaa of 8II,eg a vaean :y7n . . office, the Governor nut tUl It Mr. Hell than argued w that by the charter the ufflta la a statute otlioe, to coottnue .. till 1M0, and Mr. Cocover baring boon ?ppotnu> I to it by h< tbe proper officer in too (Hate, tbe Mayor and Aider.una ^ have aoih.og to do with it Hi* iev,ad point Is, that Mr. ,, Cooover baring been duly appointed lo tbla oit.-o, la * entitled to an order of tbla Court Tor lbe dalr.ory u ui> to bin of tbe boo** and paper* of the oil Ice. Tbla la not a *ult to try the title u to tbe office, beeaaae If tbe Court fire the boolce and ol pan*ra to Mr Oonovur, Mr. IMvllo can bring a q*> w ur ranto and tbea tbe title of the office can be leeud. Co m ' el ineti referred lo tbe care of Whiting In lid Barbour, {j? where Pr Cbilda waa ousted from oilice and Ur. Wk'tlog appointed In hta plaoo by the Gnvoruor. Judge 1 dm rad* ,w tbi-D held that the Governor had tbe right to appoint In \,r tbe matter of Oarpenter, la 1th Barhocr. Hcott and Carry wore n office, and a warrant wa* weuod by tbe Governor to take the office, and tbe power of tbe Governor tit sua ^ tamed. The caae or Welah and Cook, In Mtb Barbour, 'dr waa aire referred to. His third po.ot, that tbe ohI }ecti< n that Mr. Co never bad not Hied hi* oalb of offloo and ! official bond, la not tsnable Ha bad taken tbe oath, and no* be*ng able to tee tbe Mayor, filed it in Ma office with nl b * clerk. He bad oiccoted a proper hood, wiili the re- :!l qu site ccretiea, which tbe Mayor refused to see, and II ,.0, waa therefore tiled with tbe Coixpiroller, witL'i; tbe fol Mayor's approval. Tbe Mayor Wnld not defeat tba erecu an Lug or tba office by refusing to decide upoo the aufil .-lower Df of the sureti'*. Mr. Cow over perft rated all Uso act* ., which It waa bla doty to per'orm. A dereliction of duty by tbe Mayor oannot deprive bim of bia office nor tbe pulitto of his services. By section .d of tba new w) chatter tbe Oommon Council waa bound lo provide |u fur the accountability of aiy officer* by requiring ?? from them sutlicleni sureties. To do this there mu-t ^ be a new ordinance passed, which not having been T0 dene until last evening. Mr. Ocoover wae not oblljg'id to file any bond. He maintained that tbe approval el the bond by the Mayor waa not a condition precedent to tbe w, occupation of the ftice Tbe penalty for not executing the _l n<-ee**ary |veiltn nary bond and oath of office waa tbe for u_ foitorw of tbe ottloa, and that could only he enforced by the State. Hut supposing the approval of tbe bond was precedent to the occupation of tbe office, be contended that Mr. Devlin waa an intruder and bad no more rigbl than any other eiUren to Inquire or question aa to Mr. . ' Cooover* right On tbo fourth point, that "there la no force In the injection that tbe constitution (art 10, arc -> lb) require* such city offi ere aa were then known to tba law booId he elected by the < Uy electors or appointed by tbe city authorities," he oootended that this article, aa also .. the others on tbe same subject, can id not apply 11 to vaeandas. If tba objactloM were lonabla there could not lis any filling of vacancies In tbe oflkeee of Judges, ' Sheriff*, Cecity Clerks, Diairtct AUorneya or Ooroaers, as _ It la admitted la aow the right and prantiooof tbe Governor JP in these and other oases Id oowniastoo, he smldttnt be J"1 bettered be had said enough lo show the right of hn c Jam J* uv\h'- office, sad of his ami on la respect to it. Br< amimknt op ma. acarno. oa In opening, Mr. Burleed slated that while agreeing With r h'? rpponcr t In hla view of the difficulties of tbe case, he Ma totally disagreed with him no the law sod the facta. Tba ma highest executive officer of the State, bad, while the grata (fo could not have grown over tba grave of the late honored VH Incumbent, proceeded to make an appointment la bat jfiaas. p., He contended that there was no vacancy to be tlliM la tnch a manner ' He eom mealed severely aa Oonovor'a barto n attempting lo poeeew the office eitbout wailing for j *u bmir to s?e ib? chief magtetiatg 9f 1Mb <*/. wto, for TW10BS fttrorg sated, WBS engaged, 0?d l#c fcWhflf be , , woo!J ?ppMT? or disapprove of bla bond It ba t boon *' stated that iiotUb'i only claim to ibe office wm ibo for o Hl, by which be held pweeeekm or the rooms: but dll not Cooo ? rer sttempi lo tskc possesion, sccnnpam*d by HCieeo or j twenty moo.' Tb r highest Xate authority Mali not rot tie bin to take poeaeeslon of ohy office lie eoeteo i?1 that by ... the memorandum handed lo ihem, upon whlihttooff lam i, of Mr. Iter tin wm a>ado?wt.cb memoranda wm fhr ... oiebcd by Ibo Deputy Hhortfl ? state 1 that be (the HBpcty) R bad lertej upon the faratture, ?| enters. He ooe Pnded there wm nothing besides the furoltor# but the ? . books, paper*, be . and If the " etoetnra" mesat anytblnc, It meant them The Deputy !*hoiifl" had also sworn tbti be bad gtren Mr Derlia the aee of Ibe " property In the w? office," which muM. of ourre, indole the books, bo. After this review of the narration of his opponent be pro- needed to argue the potots presented by the respondents, In connection wltb an aaewer to Mr. field lle<|uot*t T the Ordr, sec 4M, to show tbst M?. CoooTer had no woi remedy but a <jw wmrramtn, ere? If he waa entitled to the , r Aire logel!j. To show that Mr. Ouoover had no title lo the office, he quoted the rarVm* charters of tbe city, from Am the Dmigsn and M?nlg <merte down lithe latest, to show eft that tbe control of this office bad boon al ways with the city . that tbe ooly Outage male by tbe charter of IMti was to take the appointment from tbe Mayor and tbe Orcnmm v Ow:nc.ll pi an elertire offlne, thai by Ibe charter of '? , .nd the) had tbe evprc?s power to nam, and did paea, _ an ordmaace stating their right to appoint la care of earaory. Tbe protmettioo that the dial- n Ksecutlre bad any antborlty lo appntnt city officer* had been for the first time adraaoed that morning Wher ,f* wm the antborlty of tbe (Prreraor to appotot to this ?tfioe? B Tbe Mth sec-Jon ?f the charter expressly declares .na rail * the tiircutlve power of the Owporaiioa shall oe retted ng la the Mayor and the errcnttro dctwrlmente" Tbte n power la, thrrefbre, do? conferred by toe constitution, the ,0 ? charier of 1MT, or any oU>> r law, a* mold It be eonsiitu , initially gtren to blm. If the appointment can bo made br ^ tbe Herat nor. by tbe charter of 1M?, ha could only bold j tbe office t micr I i.stll January, IMS?a term of bat a fee ' mouths, which would make the whoP term from the com- l,rw mcnccmcnt ol Mr Taylor le?? than two yearn length, while \ tbe charter of *17 prescribes two rears M the term of the lbs offic* ot the tbreet ' ommlestower. There would, nop of eonrre, l>e a escam-y In 1*M, and according pi the co-n u Ml fbc Mr. t omrrrr thn ttayor ermld not nil Uia TwnatHy, tta OoTornor won 11 appoint itin, and lha appointor would m brill <rMI 1MV UnanmH, Ibo'nfnro, bo anppnond that thn V? fitiatnra loton<li<d to prodnco an> neb imult. i*uroly tbo I oft*iaturo oonlt not bton tatondod that, by ll not prot id log fo? an? vacaacloa In tbo ofltcon of *1 Toot n>mmimrt?ti?r, t.iouo#al to tbo Uorporatlnn aid orn I fnptrolior, that tbo goaltomon wbo orrnntod thono N all . o? wtt au imna. ulato that thoir oft.can coold ?b?

not onaalblT boooato varan t But it ?v at iwaaaiy a-lopt am ad aad roafnwM by the Wd aartioa of U* obattar of IVT, 'at* RKH PlDAY, JUNE 27, 1857. u "until the Common Council aball otherwise direct, '.be iHtup ordinances. so far u anptinable, and not mcoosie. it * It'i tnie mi'., rthall aiply fo (ho several departments." Uie Mayor and Aldermen could h.?. e appointed be ore, sy can appoint do#. The charter of 1867 took away the dive character of Uie amce; and or loura* the power .o itch tbe "executive power of tho Corporation la vested" ft bare the right to appoin . The Co ernor bad doubthw power leapt* tut Mr. Gonover.and oonsnl ed, wb jbb? it tbe chief law tiiVier of tbe Pease; for ne bad seen '.ho torney General r wntly, who told Gim?and he would advise the t oort?that they had -aeuod a juo warra-M the part of 5tr. Oonover. Mr. Field?Tbe attorney Onerul wan out We?t. U r. Busteed?Yee, and tbe Coversor wan out 'Hat when cumManor* were stunting tho Intareota of O.COO tar pay ere. Mr. Field?He didn't know that Mr. Taylor was go ng to s. Mr. Bu?teed?No,because tboIegAialnresald bo bouldn' a, and (hat tbe Connie! to tbeOirporation and Comptroller ouid not die, %ud liorornnr King approved ibe bill. F>r y part I will do my b?l to obey that provision of the ft'ter Mr Bustued proeeodod to argue that If the char r of 18.17 la client on the subject of vacancies by death e ordluanoe providing for (111 lug the by the ?yor nod Aldermen is not .nunnsiter.t with tho a-',anl errforo # in foroe. He quoted from tbe constitution to ow that while tbe Governor did not derive any purer ora !t to appoint a cK.y othcer, be was expressly forbid n to do so. Who would contend that tho legislature old remove Mr. Oonover? then tow would it be shown at they, or the Coventor In cotsrcpwiffe of their not Irg in session, oould appoint him? The whole corpora>n n ibe el'y bad co no to the eoneluewn that tho Cover ir had no power to ep Kj'.nt Mr Conorer. Tod Court h td lowed t-?iintouy as to violence alleged on the 3ne hand have hi en odbsM.inod by Mr. Povtln, and on the other i Mr. Gonover K? v?as m t, there to defrcd tbe Gorpotion from tbe Inveci've and personal abuse which bad on h. iped upon them, bet be could not atand there in i otbcaJ capacity and not enter h.e dieola.tner to >t Be ntended that the overnor bat no power to topcint to la offlce. and that hi* Honor bad no power or shadow of thorlij to transfer tho property of tho city to lbec;.*U> of tho Ma e. He would warn him not to disturb and *<ract tbe efflco by removj>g it, it to ramb'o lino Waad'-ring Juw, but to remember tbe luty which he red to the tax pay or* of the city. Mr firady suted on nehalf ot Mr. K.sid that be bad re Ived a severe mlury from being Uirotm out of a carriage, d would art- an adjournment Tin- Court then adjourned to th a 'Saturday) morning,at o clock. ore HtkiiUnm to tlir Acta of the Blau k. He* |iuUli',ui LrgUlnturr, Hl'TLBB COUNTY IN a blajjb?a law DBCLikKD PISCONHTITT'TION AL BT THB FRO) LB. A Colon C? nrentlon ccmpoeed of delegate# from the h* r?l t )web of Schuyler county favorable to the joca-oa tb? county building! of ibid county bt the v-'.Ugo cf Mklox, met bt the Court Eoute In ibid v Jl&ge, on iV.ury, 'une loth, 186", prrsuant to the folic* Jig call, tseoed r the People'* Centrbl Committee ? rsws ooitvurnojt. Hie electors of the mi veal towns compos ng the cutty Schuyler, w bo are optioned to the outrageous bu t ,n MNMMlMi, recently raasod bv tto 1 egtsla. iro for uflrmlDt, the location of the -ounty SoddngH bt Havana, d in favor of maintaining tho county sent at Watktns, aere |l has been legally located. ,n can -e with Lho xbetofa largo majority of too people, are re'netted tend the following number of delegate* (without die etion o! party) to represor. the r respective towns la a lion County Convention, to be held at the Court llcuso, the Tillage of Watk'ns. on Saturday, the 11th lay cf no, 1867, at ono o'clock r. M., for the pnrp we of derisr mean* and taking tuch mooauree ai will result In a ompt. determined and systematic reeistaooe to the .n t and tyrannical provisions of the a bote meat - nod I. K very town in the county woe fully represented, and the wting war organ! tod by the election of mac i', so/moor Preridcet. The fol'owing resoLitiocs were reported and passed tnswounly ? Wh< real, the late .legislator* parsed an a t, commonly lied the "Sehny'cr Ccun y bin,'' confirmng the 1 >cat>on the ooonty teat of t'ois manly at Bavana, aad legali .ng > i legal baJo ogs erected thereon, in known oppoE tiau the will of a largo major ty of the i-oople; and wuo-ote. Id act is clearly ant; republican In its nature and tend ;n *, and repugnant alike to the oonstitoLoa of the State d the bee institutions under which we lire; therefore, r and in the nam* of the sovereign people of the county fihoyler, we. their delegates, tn onion County Oocven >n assembled, do hereby adept the following:? Reiolvod, That the act entitled an ?*Aa act to coattrm e tooaftoa of the ooesw beittLnea attheoanat* rf Kefir r," p tared by the I>r)ri?5?tnrfl on the 7th of Apr"!, ls6T, hx-h net acelta to establiab the county tee* of the eo-nty Havana In detlnnce of tee popular will, efter ft had rrn lega'iy e?i .biabol by the Board of eupervaorn at aU'nn, under end by virtue of the gonernl etatate of ?0, Ik a (rnre outrage on tbo inhabitant* ot? the oun'.y of ho tier and a Legislative uj'irpauon wtnch can never ho meiy submitted to by a free people R.*o?vrd, That the J *gj Injure in naming thta infamous id obnoxious enectment for the a< b'ugauoa of .be maeeee the people or this ooocty to the wtll of an arrogaat and larri.ptilou* m'norlty, baa, la tbl? re?pe*t, at leant, oven itaelf actl-'epubLoan, an 1 violated iLecoot Jenoeol nee who plaoed it in p twor. Resolved, That in order to secure to the people their it rights (In the poeaible event of the late Schuyler nnty act ,v. pari held cm. r-oDk.) we ?.*<> re na. the iJuttrd of h'cperv.aora, a: their next annual meet r, to paaa a resolution renxrvcp the counts cat of buylcr county from Havana to WaUtrs, provided thai 0 appll ttioo a hall bo mad a to them P r that pcrposo by elv.- freeholders, according to 'aw Resolved, That the village of Walk na (formerly Jetfrr a) be ng located at the bead of Seneca Lake, and li.ree lev nearer the centre of the county than the village of tvana, t? the place indicated by nature, reaaon and every oalderatioo of public ooovrnlonco, ?; the proper place rthe county * ?? of Schuyler nounty. and m It la cow, d ever baa been, preferred by four ilftba of the people the county for the location of their public bu.ldicra, and id buildliga, a* we verily believe, been ege'ly 1 conttit .t onally located and erected In raid vi'lago by a neopte, tbro gh the rtwrJ of thaperviaara, at * ttmo ten the count) waa without a legal atle for it* publio tidings elee*here, we behave the act of April 7, above DtiiHied, not on y to be subversive of our doarevt right* aeovere'.gn people, but aiieol iteJy unconstitutional aod id; and ru behoving, we hereby oameatlv and respect !ly, In bahalf of the people, request the Hoard of Hupermr? to icfrnto Pom levying the lax of 116,000, .mp awd said act to pay for the Illegal build nga erected at Ha na. and in the name of the people, If need be, to carry the (jneatlui' at lMue to the Court of Appeals. CrtcMet Hatch at tlafenhtn. I match waa piayad yesterday at Reboaen, between ? aecood elevvu of A. arga'a and aleven of Mr. Gal op'a achoe', at Br'dgep<rrt, Our.n. n?e following in nr a. , an f ' eerpe'i ?r< Smmw. St. Gtvyt t S*>md /vm-w. ibe y a Mania b. Ttfliey I b. Van Bit ran 0 ilia a. J. Van Bu rrn I. Cblthrop 10 b Mania 3 rnnr b. Tlf any 3 ?-K VanB rea t>.< aftlrof 0 Ddbaugb run out IS Sot out a iloy h. HubSe.l ? b. Panka 0 nan at. Baaka b. T It> 7 2 B. Ghhh.rop 0 borne b. b. wit. b. fan Huron J b. Hark* 0 thenn not out 7 c. g. n. p?t b Mania.., 1 iSaMoB b. Van Boron 1 b. Van B ran 0 bla b. Van licren.... o itene. llen.ab. Hanks 12 b. Van I'.ren 0 a 6 Byas I doa la etal if Iwal 17 iTiittpr' Firf I-vtinyt. ' (*M watf 5, Oro*n A p.41 1 (I flmtn 3 ? bbetl b. Balmy 1 >tun oal 0 ikuh.wlci. I b. FU. cj 3 t Van RttfB b. Bailey. t b. Bra*n 3 % ihrap ran oat ? b Bailey .10 4 iey b. Browo 0 Runnel 16 |i Van Burro b. Brown. 0 a. Be.iey 6 o ling b. PWley .. .... 0 b. Wnttewr 9 Boat b. Hailey 0 b. Walla 4 lowt b Bal'ey A Mot out 4 1 Tman nut oat , 0 b. Bailey 0 ? * A ily?* JO . . by en 1 I Of. byre 1 ? lew 1 WWen. A " otal 81 Total lot but nmtr.h wan well oottantw6, art meat eplcoMly ( i by tbe Bridgeport gentlemen. many of them r'Vtnf 'ne a game a* any ?f the oppw.te a.-le. They am all ? orieann, and In a raw yearn w II make a (no art at' | kotcra. They won tfc<) game > y .'0 rout. Ttiratrtml and tlnnlral. ' mtn'a rimma* ?Toe betJtlfol ba.let ea.lei1 "ngvo" great oomie pantomime of "Banro" are to be per- t atr 1 tbie errning 0 nwttT -Mit. Hamht'q wMI clone her eery nr-onnaful i ?i"Wfit to night, by performing li e berulnm in the ranger" an 1 lmlle " nr?'^ r ? < " I.I?I npiFinnuif r" rn;njin|( in?numiIlea / Mr no 1 Mm. Mormoo will beafOrdedUita fran Tbey play ia throe mirthfal pieoee. filUtl'K -Dim KH/a I iigan la to take her flrat booottt Iglit. ?Bi?> will pertonate Pm'no la Ibe "lady of m,' anppwtod by Mr. Jordan aa Cauda *1-** Kiam'a.?The a >-rant araoc evtrararaiua of uiHy' laioh* withdrawn aflor t?ul|tl?t. It will be oeded by IMP flit* play of "I ore'a folermph " mi1 * Mrmrw ?The interesting laoal drama entitled "HyhtPa Cave, or Wild Womau of Hohohon," la an need fcr both aftemo"> and ereping liwimnn,--In addition to rongi, imtom, Ax , (Jeori* i<ty nod *'.??! offir ID* lar* mlied tb? - MaapiaraTo I," and the Bryant* Ue bnr?ea joe of Um "rtawduat obaia." i*ilam Ornw?._Hmr ra'.rnrre prrarnta " I roritani" bo opening piece for her brief operatic aaaapn. wat h imaa'-e* at tho Academy on Monoay. kw (h<n ? ? elegant hat! la to oeen ? a itro nor*. Mnndar. 'y.t ihan'ran, the managrr, baa :rrd a r?>d ?*mp?ny ar.d a'l the it?r eaarr'^M tri d tn aflhrd piebr-re to h? fr mda ERA All**?di Kxt?n?tv? Kink(K.lcm?iit< ! BOW AN UNTMY CLARK VALKKD INTO THR AFFRC" TIOMfc OF MK9*R". PHKLPtf, DODJR A <X1? TIJilHR YKARR' lXPllBlKNOt iN AH IMPulTINO H3CB1?AN :>TB'llHTIhH CABIel?COMMITTAL OF A WITNESS POR PBHJUHT. For some Ja)s pant J/arJoa nanilr.wu, of ;te Jeflervoo Mattel Police Court, baa been Invc.iLxki.op an Interesting cato of al>ged embe^ lement on the part or Henry Do[n.y the delivery clerk In tho storo of Messrs. Phelps, Do'go x Co., tin plato an J copper importers, of Cliff street. The accused was taken Into uatody by aillcor Parley, of the Chief's ottice, some days post, aid bae remained ur ier arrest ever i'd'S, It appears from the attldavits made before ihe above named mag's.rate, tout Dupuy has been engaged as a del'vary cleric w.h ti wars. Phelps, )Wige t Ca fcr tho iast twelve years? hat Jur eg tho last throe years he hut been n the babtt of embo/ Jlng goods to too c-*5Ct of tClM per week. That ho used to sell the of tin plato tii is emberadtd to oPWrnut reta.1 dealers in this c.iy acd % ' lic.maburg, and by matting fabie eulrcs on the boolc* ? as enabled to avoid detection tor a long period A' out tcreo mom lie ago his em loycre l'.rst sue,wood hitn. In cocao quenoe of the m uy erasnrw which they found ip- n tbo.r bookH, and they then consui'ed w th hears Parley and Sow} or, aad pitced ihe mailer in tBo.r han.'.a for invcstl gallon. Tho tnDcers watched tho mo-omenta of D p y ol isoly, ami fhund that he was In the habit of vis.t'ngsev' oral ten shop* In this city and Williamsburg, where bo t*d been selling Urge qcaotHloa of tin without the Iceowkige or joiisont of bw employer*. They alaofojnd thi ho bal been In ihe habit or anting sev- rtil express oil: vs. wh <re Mates were bung up I or tbo accomodation of raorctanU, and there writing orders for tnem to call at ihe store of bis employ era to receive bciee of tin for am jsuticultr >t> mere. un tho day of his arrest Mr. Do ice nellod the ar.cusad np lo bis counting rocuc aad barged hue w tn hariog been engaged lo the?a onitiM./lemonts, when Dupiy do Lied emphatically having been engaged In any si. ih busl uess. But upon being icsL mod ciosely as to what lo waa doing at tho Uifloreut iln ahopr in qucation and as to what business he bad with tbo express coiupwnk*, bo bo cane fright one! and frankly "acsnowledged the corn." H; then maun admlnti um wbi .b lod to the recovery oV a good deal ot pioperty which ho bad sect to b.s customers for sale, and also to tbo proc remcnt of several wlincmoe who b' i|?id to make a 001 .plele case the Moused, liio pr saner wss ibon brougut before.1 us looKUndr jau, trhr n Ha bu h?-M tn hitU in t> ? aum m' %'? (MM! wn h i.#? procured, and wustheuup. u llborasd from "cstody. TUu day after be was I.berated be wa* re arrested oa > i?? charge preferred against h tn by Mr. .lames Conner, ty po fu itmer.of Btokmau strno:., aim charge I btm at var'-oua Cries collocwo various sums due u >sr?. I'belpe. Dodge ai Oo. for goods tuin.eL.eU Xem by that .bin, wbicb h" appropriated to n.J own use aui oeuorit. WLeu Dupuy's bondsm n fonn I that be had been re arrered be Cgo.iled b.s to deliver tim up on ibo barge, an 1 accordingly the aoc* sed was oomiiriU i to prison on both charge", In default of Id,000 bail. ' .'n ibo erairiiiia; on before Jua'.lce i'laudroi''. one of tbe * toecrea for tbo pro'.< uon Lamei Icomas Gallagher, ?wore fklaely, aa it la a'legcd, and iu oncimivel to prison on charge of perjury. The witness, on asaoa If he ever pur based any t.n from Dep y, or .f tie iai er ever t ? ted b m on business, swore positively that he oerer bought any tin bo in him, that be never Lad any visits ft om him, and thai he Dover rewired any l.n by exprorr, or !n any Improper way whatever. 7' i express man, Mr. l ow ier, teal tied that he wait n the hab t of at loaat two n i of i n par wee* to Gallagher's store, situated at No. oW Grand alrcot, .n the rlty. tnc officers tostirlod ttiatthoy saw Dipuy go to h a store frequent i?, aa f on business. I)opny h OMtf admitted that h* had often sold G.vlagber tin, and that he owed h.m aboi.t H00 for gooia fbrnbhed h.m. When all this evidence was array ed sgalnst Gallagher be admitted that he bad been guilty e, perjury and beggol officer Farley to intercede wnb tbo magi-tram In t.a behalf, that ho would reveal Um wholo D-.tb, an I nothing but the truth, '.f be wan allowed to go at large. Mir ontrealien, boa ever, were of no aval', as the mago;trato decided to com m.t him to j ra m on charge of per/try, in default or bail. The evidence of of loer Farley, as add .eel at the close of tho nemnat-on yeaterday, will be read with intereat, as folWwi ? Fhap Farley, of the Chief's ettee, b*-u# Inly swim, deposed?That on or about ibo 17th of .'one, lsk7, he ar rested Ht nry Dupuy, on ocmpla.nt of Dodge At Co , for embezzlement, when he admueltba: he Lad sold a quart.ty ot' Ln wbicb be bad embeaJed front bla employ en, to one Henry Knot and Msreinaaddplle, tinsmiths, doing bus .new In WuLamstiurg, which Kaox aa.l frule adm tted, and gave np a quantity of tin which they had la their poMMsion at the time; they also admitted that them was aa arawunt the* hue to rVapuy r.r goods furnished Uteni, which ht had embe/ ledfr >m 1. employers, which corroborated statements and admit- n t mate ty Dupuy to the officer; that upon the ndm.aelon v.f Dupuy. he found that one Thoa. < ahagher bad baen in the habit of purcha'.eg some of the ember-lid goods; thai D.ipuy told him that he used In send U to Gallagher by Fowler s express, and wouiu then alter tne order on the pooaa ana anoauiuie ire nurae ot cnnony. uiat Ibe statement ?u corroborate J by Mr. >o?rler, Ibe proprietor of the express; Ui? off'oer fjrtbor featlil-d thai Gallagher wan a wltnem on behalf of th" pooplo against I 'upuy, and tbat on the examination before luaii --' Pan Ireau said Mallsgbcr rouiinlUed foul anl and wltful per >uyr; that subae-juani to ibe examination of Mr. i owler, said t.allafcber aotnlUe 1 H,..t be had a worn fa'sely, and waa anxloim tbat tbooflloor sbnuld intcr-ode wllb the magistrate in hut h-half, aud tbat bo wnul'i tell Ibe abola truth in r? lotion lo ibe mat t The investigation baring been rtoaed yesterday. Dupny and 'iallagber w?re both committed to pr.son to awatt tbe aetion of the '.rani J try. Do my la a Vora SroUan l>y birth and lor yrare paat baa wn ;it o.- n the m. i ettraragant ?ty N l>' eat mated tbat lb - acfrrgate of Ibe , weekly om'-oail taenia will not rail short of lb.000. I'attl wllliin tbe .est three moat be Urn prisoner baa always en joyed the oontldeiice and esteem of bia employers. City Inulllgenre. Siaxm ? There was temo doubt whether we ' would hare any anuiiier M alt th a year, it 5 season baa been ao bee* eard. Dealers a s tuner go -d , gave it np, and keepers of country hotels were la despa r at the pnw pe-t. nut tbo state of tho torn praters lor lb# laat two daya baa settled tbe <|<:eat:on that we are to bare a r:m mer, and a warm ote at tbat. The thermometer marked ' 90 drgrooa yeaterday at uoor, on I the air waa a? If from a 1 furnace, while tbe streeta fairly smokod nadtr the hot | rata of the ma. Hoary riotbn* were gran the ro t>f, while e water, ju'epe, aoda water ,?nl last, but nr. leas;, lagsr b or waa In great demand. Those who had later ! min-d to I avr r >r th- ountry >>wwe the aeaaon waa oror. thought tt about t'ra" to mak t preparat >na far die r depart-.r- and had pk taant rlal-ics of c-arl breeze*, gr-m t'elda and shady nooks. Tbosa poor wretches wboae bus neea or po\ erty compels ibem to rema'n in tbe <uty ronaole ' themselves with tbe nrtwpe t of an o^-asi-nal tr'p to Hot-ok en or (looey Nlar.d, or perfcsps a aatl on tbe ferry betwsen New York and Staten Ulan' IVhaiaa Ihtia (twd Oovco to our readerw may a<4 b?? out nfplaoa at this reason Wear ligfet colored ?( -hev; dark cloth abaerbr the rayi of tba sun aad causes beat, while light rjothte are cooler every way. Aretd i beery ami grraa y asaata, wb'ab supply arbuD I to the blood, tho fUel tbat creates anlasal heat. It ? on r#g-tablee and fruit as much so pos?!bls, and you will avoid res tins nights aa I lower lb* tempera mre of your body. Driah eery Utile, not e**u of water, , sa much beat aac apprise.m are created by tue undue eottwity of tbo absorbing vessels Those wbos- thirst jrrat never keep aa cool aa tbcoe who take hr. fttie water If you m it drink sp rito ata ll : or- .-ee and 1 wines, ager hter and Ibe like, wbi-r. are lore hurtful Uitn tweet w nee an 1 utrong trlak. And booty. pom ess your , elf of a -dean ntawlstics and keopeool. W- are awsre bat these rules are trilw: bat then It la well known that t is preotae'v these obrlous oonnderat uie whet. pao >le ' noat generally orerlook. Tbe wiasst man often '>Te-?oofe . be most Simple suggest.'-us of oommoo sens*. Take teed. A?otb*s R.tat on t?r Raam Rnm?The experiment if e steam' jat route to Harlem has been renders! en >?)y rioceeeful, and proro-l to be so great a pnbUe oonye- < ileneet that the iMiur lota* will runnln* tn lay, from Harlem brtJgo and I'eckeipat boure nlrrrenio* Ntf* those a!'?*Uy eetabiabei by the lyleaa Hhore Tri NarorAt. <>*?**?A Vtw K.t.tirt Onr< att.?A D?rtiD( of mmi military m*n, ui'.it* u org aaiae bad umI themaelree m meral?f of a new rl'i? company (Mil A th? National lireerji, tu held on lb n !y evening at he Aildienr Ketreaf. tn Mulijerry MrMi. Theorfae'a k>n of the oompany mvioc >mh perfected, the or art >u *' brett 1 n tK ?nuD^ maimer, with r.we-hoe. u?<ta I*). Col. Joaau. FV la the ivraiaandeci ofthe NatiouaJ JrbMf. ITat "R Rrnww ?*rom ? About * o'elorA Thr,rad\y t fire occurred in the !?y and ooeferUonery etore of M * larfwet J. lynch, Mi? Hudtoo etreet, ranted by * *par% bl'iBC rrom ? match upon nmo Brf wort* u; on th- dmIt, wmie Mine 1 riich <u liRbt n* th?- g%*. % Bra m not oiitBfuJihod. IWmage about I' -o. JtlMHMI ! bb ?A Are dlarorered under Ibe Monp of the Ik:oda, atUIOn, Jbaten Hlaal, yeater lay m -olni;, and pit ml b'lora any ??non* damme war done kop^aed lb a rork of at incendiary. ro raw. Rnrro* or rwi imiii. 1 noticed in your edition of the ? >ih tn?t. ibe tenth of Ir. Win. Penmen, late of the first Rcgrnor.l er Now York > o untoen. and alone then hare been loricinc for a notion or lha lurr'nog mamnom to pay their kat trtbnte of raped to thnr lateoompan.on ia a proper and becoming naoner Nut ibe which need to prompt Uie eol Iter to da the aoldter'* duty eeeme to here died out, eul low our brother* may loken, lie and be uonelgned to heir laat reeling place without that trti. ne notion (the oort U> ibe grave) that I* dim to and demanded by i?* oldier, But, nlae, tbi fact if more trotr eerArmed id tin nto-l- of th>wo whi, whou thotr ci.nitr Ui?m to J. uMaia Hn hoc ?r, laf! born* ud frtaoda to unHn Ui? !i of tlirtr rwlktliw. Tha? an#.- all lb' trial* ami t larifhipn a man may rolntanly p?n tirvn-h to hur t iInfl t,H eontitrj'a rag. It If all a hntfow a?ntm<-ntto i nfntlon "Tbn mldlrr'1 glory aad lt? cfotra If la'irate." r "bo Nrw York Voluotnrr*, if tb?y had h*"" hnaM at iha r aat ??-mton of tb* t#ftata? iro ant tw.-o paid thotr dnaa by ( ho fU'a. amn- to *IM por man, tbry wmiW now ba i -nabl?d to tak? car* of thnr ?!"<? r mpnr ,n~ ai t nam t Wim it - panp?r travr foUrr'a flot.i tha m-n who ? man ??ot* t th* r facetri *" in hm hf?- of noo-l. Ha ? pcfilty yr -?, W*f. H. t ?RN? V t tetrwart Oo F , V V Yol .rU**o <1 M* XotJ>.HB*X, IV*7. t L D. PRICK TWO CENTS. (nt?r< ?tti>K IVoUk .Helko. 0: K MfcUllO Cirr COMKKSi'ONOICNCK. Mini jo, iiaj il, 1*57. ialf / thr Comonfrt (>* .<r.r,jtn?TV CKain tjang an* l a>V>-Ductor Sntij * Traod ? BiMng ? I C ?.m .l?. .*La With rerpobt to politics: < u Wmlnwliy mon 'ok I witnessed al/out Iwonly 13 ye well drcaeod per* one uiia u-1 mmX poiuy Ibroc h tbe Dalle Sun Fraor.MCxj, each wt?b a >|Mit on hts shoulder. They came to a hail a' (A . >?? Je -.nm CUrt ond comnicnued c camng the sow t?. Pe'r black: coats and black cu.ur i??ta did cot correepcnd wiin ibo black mud and chains, but '.mo tbe sowers ib-<y wti, wltb tbo hombrt thai bad no coat, sblrt or gaile-n. The crowd was so great, called together by M e oret y of Ibi* thin:', that the street was Impasiablc, The party m question wore lound, to tie number of Slaty, at n.ght with arms in th.'.r lian la and all ripe to warder Co moo fort an<t Bs-r, but wore d??;jT' r?t tbrourb tlio watcli fbkK'sn of our worthy ?. vemue Itacz, who is ever ou the alert Maik tbe 'all of tbee-t men. i u Tuesday tb?y wore l/uptaius, Lieutenants, tc., in tb? artny, some 01? tbcin bead* of pTice; on iVelnea dav, m the ubatu gang: :ind, on Thursday, on tb?* way to banishment on iho island of (0 too, or leland of riorses, which is a barren island In the Cud'.lo, a few leagues from Ac ipuloo. gul k work (bat K?e. 10 a b lot. lKaior SiutaiT, wlio won with Kane, au 1 Mr. team, '"nitid tXataa Seorotary of I-ega ion, started for tbe pe-.-. o'lLlzaba. Alter limy parsed through the town of Par:. c?la, Ibey lout ihulr way, and went ahead 01 their >ervantr, who bint their baggage. After Uioy arriveii aL Muamantla their servants came :p, pale and len-bliug, ind stated itaev bad been robbed by about tta-rty ban* ditu. Tbcy lamedlately applied to '.moral IVieti'ta fhr a partr to go In pursuit. Tley rode at m?ht. ani in tha morning got 10 Tlwcala Here they captured two of tba rubbers. At Son f*ahk' tbey got two and shot cne, ami hung blm to a trim, with a playltig card -m hw hr-aat, wfb Por ladrou on It. At tbe piaco wnero the rubier? was cuiniiuUuJ tbey lioog two more. Hi.7 too* 1.1 in Huainantia. Soutag lost all bit Instriinietiin. Kansa* AfTnlrw. Tllfc IlLKt TlOH?I hRTltCOTIoN 'JF A CALU?0?N A hniKH t.WT TRAIN. rCorrceiKMdeDco 0 .be 5?. |/tult Democrat | !.?> w ifcTH. K. r., June lb, :WI The return? 01 Monday ' election cotno In very slowiy , hut enough arc reaelreo here to show thai tbe whoa, affair has proved a most c >mpM? fla<.'e. Hie number of rotes polled here waa but 'ZJt. Tr?w whole number In th.? toooiv 1 ?b;ih in the maet popoloaw in Die State and could poll ? vera! thousand voter) doew in t exceed oOij. Jcilertou csunty, uu aj?o a iargv> popidal.on. is Mill to hat- | illoil but 60 v tXiuylaw rwui.ty, which include* !*wrcnro and Lrrompton, ?ik' embraces a largo and |*ipuloiis nylon In that puruco of .ho Territory, gives 1.6 bailout. In I ranitlln onoi.iy ii a ciiluirl ihMt there are 600 voters, bit I am assured by ? yiillomuii who ban jr.rt arrived from there, that ihe'o I as Ik-' o practically no eleonon there. When hi m.i i.ra r.nii) I only hour of ubtn.1 llurty vrt'S that had been ,kiIm 1. In the whole comity. It is believed here by tbi- o who hare the l<eel fae Ht'en toe Uuiralny that there have been more tlian Moon h at ir>?t \ otea given In the whole lerruory. Ihe [>ro slavery rea. tlenle are greatly ib'coin: t?c I. a?-l declare Out. the frca vtau- men are a " stubborn set ot people. ' !?- A young tnan nntnod Altxandt r Ware, a native m 4outia Carolina <?r'.n.rn. , wh lo iu OiWMJfa ofa olalm held by no'itht r man. on tbo Shawnee Und , a few miles south from this city, was ordered oft' on Tut eday bv one Coram, who profusion tluit the Isim bebsnrod to him He referral Coram to the man who emplo>od hrm.uxtd wbowsa near br ; but Coram .neirted that hi should tea re. hkj still rehired, when Coram drew b:a revtilver and commoneotl Urine. Two *l?um m.rnd, bnt the ill r I tank ef fri t In his heart, and bo died immediately. reman a wore brought here for lntrraent Citram la not yet *w> enred, thong!) the ollVrera are after him. I'. H.?1 oi? n this leber to give y*u Ln'ormatxni of tba horrible massacre aad destruction of an ovoriand emigraua tram to Oa.ifon.ia, of which inMlligcnoo baa just boos received here. The train, which consisted of seventeen wagons, wbaa a'.sii.ta hundred alios we t ot' i ort Keiri oy, waa sltaehol by a party of Blout or 'heyenne Indian.-:, wno murder*! ciery person In It?men. wonaenand -iuidrru?bural lb* wsgoui, and drove off Uie cattle. 11.1 ....(..Kit, ..( ,,..ra. ,aa In I hi. train la ial.l In hill * u! out twenty. TIM1*KHANCK IN (iKIit?ATTN AT. OR TOT WOMKM? VMtuiici cooMirru?attack on wiuut CAMH. '(Vrrespoadvneo ?f the HA Lonle Denseeret J Wtiioiako B<>i *t. yrrvrugo, K T., .lane 17,1MV. For n wM't or two pa. i ih - p*-oplo of Qwndere hara beets annoyed by tbo evtrtooce of a few low doggariee, wbeee whiskey has been sold in opposition to stipulations and* in purchasing the lots, ?h>.dk distortmnc* At* 'bo PnMo l?ar?, and in direct violation or tha provaWaf mlMM of the town. At all other mesne for gosling the cutaaeen bad railed, tbo cilt/coe wore Just about to reaort In felt pria< plos?" squatler rnrercgoly," yon know?to pot an on'! to tha traffic, whan they wara nlmalaied to waafeM action by receiving tin' billow ,ng petillxo, signed by tbo inoot prominent and InLuentla) ladies in Ifea place ? Jrsn Iff. INT. To tm Mr* or Qttmiam, "unrrv?Tbirixehly oaarlnccd by tbe observation* and eiiwraeea of Iba pant, Uiat tut' mpsranro is Ibe dea litem toe to all that .a goad In mas. or desirable in h> Aerial surro indlnga, and made pa n: ully a>iarr Uial .m d"Ds and agrnnna are alrwdy la ocr r. >? . degrading manhood aad destroy iag <be f.ope of homo prosperity which hae woo wivea as i motaera to meet cberrrul'y Utv tolls au '. deprivation* of a new oooo try, in tbo midst of str.uigers, we.Uie jadrrs.gned women ?l y . nda-o, do h< reby app'-al to the men of Qo'sda/o, and | . ifu > jm-i i on them totake tpoedy and < eat an aureafor the rastlng t of tho rtle demon that s t.iar.s,. onr h< met an-l brutal;-ng the guar liana ot our soc.*J and Stale Intern.M. C. I. II .vtebola, Peril* C Carpenter, Sarah E. Ga ter, Sarah (' Harmon. Mmerra, Mary ?vt V-ol Itukblmer. M. A. it "own, Nirah Maxwell. lit is Wiley. Mary M Jonason, Rebecca It /Ant, Mary GritTtth, Mary IIton, Harriet M Allen Marah A. OiKiUh, Kara T. T,." Robinson, Ann K. Shepherd, Margaret ribecbord, Marv liriqirls, Attn C spri*i , .Harah MnCulloo, teat, ilia MiJuf len. Hannah Osik, .lane Gibbons, Mary Hitler, A bad in llullnr,f<?l!io l/ino Mm. Ml/A J. Wiilhom. A mooting o'citizens was called last n gbt to lakaaotton relative ui the mauer, and organized by meeting J T. "tbien chairman, and William 'hapaM secretary. Weaver R. C. Km.Ui, J. M WalJcs, of tbe A. P Hk-bar iacti, O. A. n***<-tt. A. P. Gray, M. ll?nieraon ar J. T. t'lbeon wore called oat and tmls hro f remarks Me?arv. Wslden and Gray anl t>r D/dllngtoo were at |?"ol/d ammni ttsw to se'ect a vlgilaoco committee ?ir twenty dti ens Tho mroUni, after fivlng the eyrlat. o committee discretionary power 10 net, sdjeumsd. a( stm v llwht tKlu nuira nw 11 <? ?? ; aa.w. ? k?. log W- \ imitly organ: ed, Marled out. At tbe "rvt tcgg* rj, the krrf r, who n a rturdy fr jo?, ra armel who a in r of Mi aboutrre an ! a rbnt gua, and afau*.?! Ighl, but D9 *ai iMnnnrd bPfhrr he omilJ ahnnt Hi* l-ettar taa.f aiao made a vigoroua defence, aad wouaded >ae aaod't*. member of tho r.mmiUrf?ao( with ftrear a*. but w Ux mat watpoa dlanora-ist Mr I too Alpbuaao aad tn Meodr, la ibe t:rat canto af Dob ' laa, wbcu? Thar* maj fotad? >0 tttuer whn:- k ?aa a't what taey aoegtt Rut ali Ibta did not ?a* two carka at ehi?key nod oat of Srandy, whi<h bad bacn a- rrrtad ta a btdio -at far afttrailing, but wbtrh ware rnl'ed oat ail I "?p?H" * abort >r<W twin of "the crmthor ' wave alto(odd 1 la teo otter iioggnrfa,and narerrmonioualy deauwyad. Id ana mtaw? the partif? bad taken the preoaottno to bcry a -aak M wlnahey, but It waa dug out aad anrved oka Ite real So Ttrilow* waa off-red to any pernoa in tbe decjrertaa; ao lie, beer or other malt tVioore wara dteturbed, aad *<i ahlafcry aad brandy weru only Jaatreyed la ptaoaa ehw'i bey w? ra kept lor aale The keeper* bad all reeelend ull war i n* beforehand, thai they oouid not ba allowed to a-Ty oa the traffic id (juadaro Uwontre' larpurt*. f*?>t Tat ?{drorer (/worry held an !n naat y enter lay, at No. 21 Haxtar (treot ij?a tbe body of a otaao iame<l Margaret Jane Prrnaott, who aiad from the efltebi >T a fell tenrlved yaatertay morning at ber rixMeaon M ibore. Itroaaed, 4 appeared, waa uiom-aW at Ma itiie, and rtagger'.nr oft the froot etnop Ml agnlnattb* oaer railing, aad received ancb In nrtaa about the teM hat -be Hied In tweaty mtiuiaa afierwarda. VtrdM, Accidental nralb." Ivwuead waa thirty ecvaa y?? * tge aad waa a native or Ireland. Hrnmm C*-i tin ?Corrwer Uamble bald aa i?wr,?wt ad bo Vcw York Hotjutai, upon the body of a Ma?l (lobar 11iXV'Bnor, who <ti?d :r? the eff etauf iDjartea eeelvad on the (Uh Inatant by a atone railing upon him d the aee- building corner of Wanbtnrtoe aud ruMoti trrrtc, ehrrr be waa employed aa a lab r-r at the time. i'erdvt In nrro-daac" with tbe above fhm I Yen?a 1 rue ilfty year* uC age, aid waa a aarfra nf Irelavl. I txai \ ai'*na Ac* mnvx ?R dend Haier, a aallor, wn? lortd' otally Willed by (hl'ing from a cart, (tbe wneola of rhlrth pnaaad over bta bodf.) aa ba waa morlag trine bortrdlDg honae to ibe other. Hia drew11 waa laoxicared at tba litre, teroaer '.amble be IJ aa lag? ipon tbe Imdy, terdM, "Accidental death." Deoaaaal aa thirty a year* nf age, and waa a native of Ma? bnMMi. An Mi* Furxp IhotUd, ?Cornwar lUlla iMi.f in :(*" tb^ body of an unknown maa, fn*ia<1 mtlng ,B "l? >"rth rlrnr, noar Tabby Honk. Tba d?>v1m.i w m about thirty yonrt or afo, ?u mndtcm ?1??, thnl ' l?*t flnrhao In hfght. Tbo do-saaawd had baaw n the wator about two n omba, and fudging fr<.mh?#ap. iranrr ?u a ftratgiar by birth Vardjoi, "iDand ;ir wncd." Oi TRAHFom Acv rmu or a Mr*D?na* n? io*?-'Wo l?arn from tha Iawronoo Ha^MAm* oC ito-t data that tho ovirdnrrr,<Tiarln> hnglt, raeaeUy ow rial in loaranworth Htr for ih? tno-dar of a man Barnaul toj'Oa, haa t?aan ai yiitt t|. Tbo m?r<l?rar. It will ha raoliorted, tnada a bot ot a pair of hooka with a f ?nJ that io would kill an nbo'itioniM bafora tbo ?ua *houl<l mi To D?Wa good h.a word ha loft town ahortiy aftarwarda, la mraott of an innoront, innffanairf amigaant namad Roppa, ho i few honra bafora b?! named through Uia plwoa ?* i la way to tha Interior of tha Territory. Ha <t?artoafe ih? iwiwporilnf trarrl>r, *h? b m down lit eobl blood, with mi a word of froaocMM, mi pad him. and (a'oppad NMk to town, bran tUhtw th? bloody trophy u ta ?r< lance of tbo rteoutfon af hi* rmtrart, and rlsmad tha k? t? wl:-i|i he bad wayfrad.?. t?iii /v*w?- a,.