Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1857 Page 2
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I 2 1 AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Ow liMidou Com?|HHidrIIM. Loudon. J ns IS, IBM CV Chmrtr CWv TVwde? t'd) in whirA Turkvk Attain //aw (am andni - hnfwn uimor of lAlsimry Mm and W*U--Pr*itmr ilmdtrum of On tylm JrmAd'l tovntiy? TKtatrtcai ana Mustcal Oou%f>, <6c The recent dl?clo*u<M ot the horror* of the Chinese coolie iradr do not ectouilate much v the credit cot honor at the British shipowners. African slsre traffic immi iaIm before On mr an. ounta We ware not hoe. r>t>r, aware, ae (?ir Into oe ?? fr >m your confluent Km il. Jiat Ehgtah twwlii weie actually ergagwo la the piratical j-nftr of captured nrgroca, between Africa and Cuba , There la nothing to report from the Continent, exoept wbat it unenitefnotory ae rega-dr tbe elate of tbo empire of Turkey. Failure# of all tbe bank projects, tatee oa <"hnattar* and Jewy, with payment In advance for two year*, eertoue ineurrecUdoe In the northern province*, ad inurnment of tbe ?et> lament of tbe aff?ira of the UanuDian I'liaoapalltlra?eurb to a |*oture of tbe elate or the eui are a bore vitality tbe gowrnment of England baa pledged irell to, and for wblcb be Fngltoh people have bad to bear the burden o' a war with Ru?u? 1 regret to Inlorm you that uotavlthatandiog the >argeauat* el d.kiji y Mr Ikmglae Jerrold ban been earning for tbe I art ten > rara, be baa made no provtaton lor hi< family He waa in tbe receipt of ?1 00" a tear from ?in*<i'? Weekly Awyayrr, ar much fr im fundi, In My o4iiug of bit other liierary and ramallc pronucueae Renalca are to be given In aid of tbe widow and fa mi 7, through the klndneea of Mearieaia W abater, BucAatOae Arthur J ChappeD and oibrra, at the Har market and Ad el obi tb?a Irea and the Koya Surrey garden* At the former theatre ibat veurao legi Imau- and dramatic <ar?for oe waa a Tldttblcmati a' Trafalgar?Mr T P Cooke, will play William In Mr. Jurruid'a play of " Black lived Suaan " Mr W. H. Bunnell, '.tie 'limn Cnueaa correspondent, (lithe perniarlon of hie imoreearlo, Mr. Willert Bmle,) will give a reading, ?td Menara. Cbarleu lkoketaa, Thanaeray en 1 A bert Smith promise aomeihtng In the una way. "We are u'l wonder struck at tbe elate of Mr Jrr roid * anair* ( oui n? a g'eai man. aoo ni? family must be oared for. Some o( hi frlendi here hope that >ou *111, with your uHtial hbrallly, eel on b*>t aail realiae some auriferous prtmum mobile in 1 ait gool otoe* Ao appeal from the Sea Yowl Hb?aij> lu America would bare the came effect as an appeal trom the Timri be e Such acts of lutrn atlonal ktoiloeea wouM ha well timed yust now, when sub marine cables are being prepared to unite more closely the two nation* speaking the pure San?, of which thiurla* aaaao perfect a mailer. The grrai traffniifnnr, Rieto'l, Is all he rage here, and Justly, Uriel. Mario. Victoire Balfe, ttardom and Ilodo till Mr Gye's Royal Italian Opera nightly ' Ins HoutTne jPertsiens," under the able management of Mr .lobn Mitchell have made a great hit, and are to remain with at a month lorger. Barae* Williams and hi* talented little wile are at Birmingham, where they are reaping a golden harvest. Lonpo.v, Juno 12, 1867. firlationt of Great Britain and <Kr United State*?Sourest /rem Whence the Population of Utah it fad?Magitterial Tyranny? The Mew IHcorcr BiU ? Mumanagerrunt of the Crmtm Land*?Neal Ikno't Temperance C ratals in Kng land?The Handel tHtxved?Her Majaty'l Mode of Krv Cfuragvng Trade?the Royal Britith Bank Swindle? Douplat Jerrotd and English Hriticiim?TV Theatre*. Me Tne latest newe from the United States, Informing ua U at mutmi must await the meetiDg of Congress, accom puled by friendly assurances from General Cam, la loiked upon an entirely satisfactory. At all events we gel rid of ? difficulty for a time, and this u a comfortable system of our* just now. Tbe proceeding* of the Mormons at Utah eicite very great Internet here The larger portion of this people appear to be British, furnished from out of our agiiculta m districts and smaller towns. It Is easy at all times to persoade men and women engagod In agricultural pursuits to toil grate, for th?y know full well that no life can be harder than that they are tearing; they cannot hare less food, less drink, leas pa; or mora work, go where they thry trill: and therefore it Is that the Mormon missionary finds his work door for him Our poor laborers, male etnd female, aie either already discontented with their lot or easily maae so and it is a fact that bund nds upon hun draeu of tbere leave our shores with a very indistinct, eventribey have any, notion of the prlnci .dee, religious or social, of MormoeHtn We send missionaries abroad to teach the heath- n. and rear at home a population 1 too rant, impressionable, easily rendered vicious, and now daily flocking to a distant laud to Irad s Ulb of horror It will soon ae new snarx lor us to sand out missionaries to teach the very people ve should bare taught at home The prooeedluga Id Parliament will not interest you much, in I be Commons an attempt was made to increase Uie existing restrictions on the sale o( beer, but it was, tiaptsly, nasuenraaful. There is an undercurrent to be aeon moving in all these matters which superficial obaer vers are *M apt in nouoe II is the subtle effort la atig oient Mi* fiower* of tbe magistracy. Already in the rural districts a working man dare scarcely call his life his own. Man are sent to prism for picking up a single turnip in n field, and saiing It as he walk* to his tssor; boys sent to the treadmill for such petty thefts a an apple or a plum, magi-Irate* invariably assuring the man that he would not have known lbs inside of a jail il be bad n t known s brer house, and lbs boy that the pleasures of the trend mill would have been my th to htm bad it ?ol beeo for the example of a beer drti king I*rent These village ly rants are ever seeking fi iwer. In Uwdoo? mat bap la the House of Com moot, at ibe proper season of the year?they are mate to feel their insigmiicaDcs, and so when at home, on their owe ?dates, lot7 swrll into the greater men. There thetr reign U supreme, for ibey bold together with a tenacity worthy better ends and better designs Talk of tne feudal days?men were happier an<l more lode prudent then. Go into (-loucesten hire, Wiltshire, Somer eetshire, or any other of our counties, and witness the state In w htch thr laboring population of this country Is kept There goes the laborer to bit toil, and bare comes tbe 'fkjntra?let the poor devil pass the great man with covered head? let him be known to lake hit pipe at the "Ited Lion," or U> do anything which may give offence to t\f mightiness who bold ber Ma.iesti ' com rolaetnc ae a Jnettoe of the I'eorc, and be ti a doomel man Atk some of tbe people react irg jour aboree who nave Oad trom ' merrte" knglaml ami from tie peUy tyrannies, tf 1 do not write the truth. However, I must not ocic.ipy too taucb o' yo >r valuable epace Suffice li to say, that every tension of I'm liamcnt there men, theee eager admiuialratote o' Justice, who delight la ibelr office because It gives Uietn Immewte power over Ibelr fellow man, ?eoli for an exu-nalou of the mean* of keeping down tbe working, and HomeilmM Und It. la thia loataooe tbe at t< tnpt a as frustrated Tbe passage of the Plvorce Mil through tbe Htate of lord* ha* t? en (narked by atraoge vtcseltudr*. Ode day It waa ute tbug, amtbrr it war a wholly different affair Tbe laet amendment la one Inflicting floe and i?pri??-n o?eot ow adulterers. and making bntfe partiea defendants ir at j proceeding* liietttuted, aa tbe law ataada, I betlava. In ,Krai>r? Is the laal rnagt, however, tbla riaoae la to be aita. ked, no that b). tbe Ume the bill reaches tbe llo .ae of Orn tanaa the mcnibera of tbe lower or dor of tagMialure will ?? ly bate tta mingled reroaina to dlacu*a H>range to aay. U la measure calm forth bttla or an dlacuaetoa m (be outer world. Yon will And an rioe'lent example of the manner In wbi. k burin*** cwneraed with tbe crown property la ooe duced by peiueiog tbe speech of Mr War, in tbe H'xted of Commrna, on the aoriouete of IM Pueay of laoceeter Hera la an immeaaa revenue a Inched to the crowa or to the ektevt una of tbe sovereign This arrangement, and that torilble Una' '-eipenre U oolleotloo snnllowa op the greater poruoa tf lb* nooming* and tbta slate of thtnga ana 4 ba remedied It la no nee trying, no use talai g % Knit It and eiioaing II ae a mooetn-ua eaormltv.for there It mill irmvt. aad tht? huifidmI aod futmilr nod p?a M-utK* will r? >?? trmaipbaat. r iBuly bwM? our tyru-ia *)uter tbrsr Ultra* nr prorteinwr for tba more urrlrrt so is lbs way of our pnpuMtno Tbr Hon N? sJ I low Is ?>um itaf hi* tour tbrourh U>? prorisrr* BdrocauBf tbr priori pirn nf lb* Mams I r?? ' ? Tbrrr bar tlm hrro onofrroor# fer d at Mu 'lwS' of mmtrirrt of rrS|i<? of all riro?miaaO< or. to nr tb* |uar Im? ls%n raio* Mrrstlub Tbr raaull waa tbat tba ooafr ran odnpird rrmluttna thai It aaa of nptal m ibai tar Mfirlillri prrblblloa of tba liquor tram. Is tbr sol; aflrotaa) scut for tba ruiiprrartoa of tor druatsenorr of Voir rouM>7 T> mprranrt a.)rorator would du hotter, sod i(Tent murh store food If lb or nnatratsd tbrm?H rar iu> as-rr andrrab mow urea Tba uttor prob.biwna of traBk la liquor la toa much lo art f jr, aad tbrrrforr or* iter Mttir atlrn ina, for tba \rry raaroa last paopir kaow that II will arrrr baroaaa a la a la ibir tons 4rj Now, tbr trio-oraacr eanrr bar l.rra rrtrof radinf is tblr omiatry tor rotnr Uar, aad I biamr tbr trmprraorr lecturarr aad t? orar raal.iur ad*oralor thrm.r ?r< for tbia, fur I brltrrr lhal tbrrr |r blurb mtrebtrf doar la tbrtr arktry for tta ?wa.lniiura Uet them <*witnr tb*m*rl rat to iwrwtiadlaa prwjdr tr rrarr artatf mbiitnauac liquorr, aad if Ibfiar da ibir, tar traffic rill dir away of Its asa are ?d at uaalrra aad unprofit title Tbr rtalr of tbr publir mind mur.-rnln? our dl<tlnf ubbrd Tlrilrs, tbo oomot. mar br unset n*d from a ctrrum*tai>M wbtcb happened la icnbdoa ysrtrrday la a rrewlrd bra tty, ta tba Inrootb, tbrrr cv-rnrrad aa mnapr of |W, wttb a toad nplnotoo. wbra out raa tbr mm ioh??1iaaw irnm un oonr?e id d w iir-mf aiarm. snoot ng hat tbs mmft ?ns M<1 that tba earth ?w truck TVs rtate of fear la ke|< up bt the penny hnok jeddiaher*, who bar* placard* ntnci o??r their premises, kindly inquiring weather the comet will ?t?1ke the earth or out Tlia*a !??* are Dot read liy the Inmer orders, bat cue placard* are ao<t they are quite gufflcieat to arooss ant) *?s?aia a arm id Itaatr ?umi To norre* ih?ra Is hi ha a fall rwhaamal of tha ahora situate for Uta Randal lesti raJ al tha i)ry?tal raise* A* .sua! a ltd giroi thing* Id Hogisnl. osly tha seaithy oaa njny N Adml>-ion to'hia rehearsal. seen, I* tan Rbil hi gs aatl stipaar-e To tha faatiral Itself, a Imisstoa can :><t ba obtained to any part Uhder tba nana aum No* Uii* faoutai *b uid be accounted a notional affair, ami all -ins* at tbonld hara had the ojportunity of ye'niag la II, but Ute prtrm da man dad mate this an absurdity Hap proa a Dorking mat aiahas to laka hi* wire and a from bis fair J, la tba persona nf his aider *00 and alder ''aiigbtsr, h> the three day r performance*, It wo* Id onst him, oithost refrarhmatita of any kind, for admtasloa and rail say atone, do lea* a *ni? than els pounds etgsteaa shil ling*, and ???! I* harder V> get bars than It Is with yos liar Mv*ty held a drawing room al 4 Unto*' raw*, on Hatsrday lam It *aa attaodad b 1 apwards of 'i,' (* l-'rsnna, and, as usual, gaee Imnansr dissatisfaction <-at,ilam* irritated and raiad almo t beyond andsranoa, *Dd ladtss. m they alwnyt are, with torn drat*** an I dls arranged btlr Ho* ladlea are, srhao In such a 'late, I need not describe to you His Rtrotlrncy, Mr Utiles, with Mrs Hellas aad Mr ?1?1 Ip ftoliaa, were present, ap imrenUy aa/oy trip the arena Al the presentation*. Mr ; mllas Intro* need Mr ftet.y Mnran, A wis last tar art try to the 1 'Sgakita, who Is now of otmraa, free to the order of WngMnh arwanrrs -y, aad eligible fbr Introduction aay ahora Thl* drasing room dss given by her Mmasty, ss wiff ba sorer nl other*. *ltb the arotsnd ohiact df so aiogtag trade and H spnaara from tha letter* In the tlM, gad Mm gndsnce 0 sight to Ihone fiirt uantn ( , , -> 1 enough to Mjuy the privilege* of the entry*. that ihe I-oru m aii.beriain ik dtlermintd to carry out hi* sovereign'* prai?* worthy t> li'iiusi* In the Inttcr for certain li Ik thai oti this nroamura the msj >rti> of the indie* won at tended the oeremony returned front it with Irt-HKiw utterly iH'iftt for future use Oir g a'loua ml-lrea* I* known to b> occasionally wi'ty, ait t -omelime* a'mm ua'irwat, nod It <h prvi-ible (of cour-e 1 have no wi-b <0 be imperii ntoi) that tbene deetrucu e drawing room*, pit hit lv an uiinDord a* help to trade, may he ko inauy proof* of roya1 | ?t. Hainan baa a miKfortune ant b reek a a window, in* friend* coolv remark that it encourage* trade; an 1 ho appli ing tbe rale, Uer Majesty may be di po o l lo give drawing room* which drelroy dresser, lo order pi en ooinage dra era milliner-. K-. derlou-ly, it Ik high time these thing* vere better arrange t, After fencing wtib the q icetlon no long that all wbo de ?lred temped, the At orney Weneral at* tak-o measure* again-1 tbe manipor and directors of the "British tank " %lr. Humphrey Brown, who baa just been arreted on cba gee connected ? lb Ibli coooern, waa a great specula or, and U known In America from Ma commerc ?l iran? actum* During H e railway mania, to my knowledge be made near u m>q ?4o OoO in one year from nothing. He b a bu lling man, ? bo could not esttf wlthoH a chemo In bis hetd Ko tune na? turned tgalost htm; out [ am *tll dirpo-ed to believe tbat Brown I* n well tnienltoned man 'I would have been h-lP r II be tad fit ed tbe matter; for (light Ian half acknowledgment of gul t Lawyers ray, too. that tbe Attorney Mencral will not ob aln a oonvtoUou to the present state of the law?and I believe that function try Is himself of toe same opinion?but tbat be U Impelled lo the trial in deference to public opinion. You will Unn the papers tilled with tributes to the merit* of Oouglae Jerrold, Ju-l deceased I bare no wish to rake up charges against a dead man, but aa the death o' a "pro femur" is a good opportunity to "imi rove" on a system, and n* I ba e bad a word or two to say on tbeairloal crltl ct-m as carried out in England, and tbe subject appears to be one of Interest lb Sew York, If I may Judge from your column*. I will tnendon one matter connected therewith end with Douglas Jerrold. The deoeaeed genteman.tne ' eliar unee* of whose rati e" and the ' brilliancy of whose alt" bad so many admirers, found many and read* backer* when be den tunced tbe venality of the press and condemned our sy*P ra of criticism The world ana delighted to hear Douglas Jerrold' Indignation, b>canse bn 'u locked upon w all-powerful Alss tor hi man frailly! an rrrot rood occurred wntch tan ed arid* ibe jnuroalHt'u wrath and iudignatton, ui l a > more was braro upon the matter. Theatrical criticism cnotiou cd the rbam II has 10 long been and U likely ho long to re main The cau*e wa? tbi*: ?Charlee Keao had a drama of jerrold'a to bring out at the P?1q iea??H', and the drama Mat and the manager bad '? rot " IWeu 100 the mana ger delayed tne p-nduction of tbe piece UM the eud of the nemo, and all but "shelved" It; and tie dramatUt too* op lb< modern ntyle of criticism >ud oa<t away bts mantle as a crusader Lloyd's Srvtpaper hereafter condemned with severest rienaurr evuryliiti.g Kean did. Let u? think ofjrrrnld rather an tbe author, ine dramatist, the jour na let, than a? tbe ralirlrt or the wit HU wit wa< podHh ed, bin tat ire keen; but it wa* beat heard among a set of tbe "sitrtto of Punch." on a jovial evening, and then it w*s be?t forgotten Ihere are few men in lh? literary world we could not have better spared, however Mr Airred Wtgan, manager of the Olympic theatre, an noi ocea hta retnement from the ataga on account of ill health For some time this talrn'ed gentleman has been compelled to abstain from appearing In aay of bis old parts, only now and tban taking part In tbe plav* at Wind sorifea le Although Mr Wigan''retirement war anticl ( led, It la not the leaa regretted, for he Unne of the very lew reallr legl Imete a tora we have tow on the rtage At the Surrey theatre we have this week had out Fog lleb version of the "Travlnu." It la a tame affair, very badly rendered, and not will put unon the stage The gnat Rtstoii app*ar-d last night aa Medea to a crowded house She la great, aa ever. Our Cowea Correspondence. On Board srsamshir Araoo j Orr Cowh (Fog.), June 10, 1S67. J 7V Voyage rf the Arago?Singular OUa Podrula in IV Passenger I.itt?GrtM, IV French Railway l>peralor? Seasick Gault?Iloiwrs to Captain Line.i, <t-c , <tc. Tbe Incidents of a sea voyage will not be particularly Interesting to the readers of the Hsrald, and 10 give an account of the passage or tbe good steamship Arago, from New York, May 30, Tor Havre and Southampton, would be only tbe repetition of a twice told ta<e. We have on hoard three hundred passengers, Including perions In all rsoks of life. With the regular abip'a company we could get up a small city out West; ialeed, there are some clues which cannot boast of so much population. We have bankers from Wall street, merchant* and loungers from all parta of the I'nioo, two journalists, s troop of acrobat, s colonel In tbe army (regular service, sir, as tbe Chevalier Webb would rav), a full Minister, (tbe Karon Cieroli) an Abbe of tbe old ecboo'.a prima donna (Mae de Wilborw), two prime donne cmprxmaria. a prliuo bssao, (Zureka, from patches, Into of preuy women (seventy),a rail of children, two or three professor*. two pninten, a danseuae (M ile Robert), a "border ruffian' from Missouri, a poiloe officer (lie Voe), a stock operator. Urelet, and two dog*. (.relet came on board at the eleventh boar, with De Von, who will deliyer him to the authontlM at Siarrn Orelet haa a r tier, hla guardian a letter to thank him for hi* kind nets during the passage Toe prtanner believe* that if the governm tut make out a care against htm hit pumahmeat will be light, aa he we* the firm to ooofeaa. He waa bur rud away from New York without proper olAhlng.aad waa indebted to De Voe for linen and other necessaries dur ng the voyage. We have had ezonllent weather during the voyage, and wl h tbn exception of two or three day*, quite a (mouth sea rbe ahip la aa ezoellent aeaboat, and her ran wlli he the be?t she haa made?a few boura orer eleven days. The beat day's ran waa 202 mile*, aad the average per hour 1 about twelve knots. Although the vessel waa so much crowded with | was eager* that the offleem' room* were given up, yet I believe that everybody baa bi-en very comfortable, except those (offering from the malndr of the >ee Not bring a victim, I have no sympathy with tbn afferent. Indeed, I oor Arm the statement of one or our fair learengera, who say* that a ana itch person la bad enough at any tin*, hut that a Frenchman er woman suf fertng Is that manner la the moat disgusting object in the world. I believe that all the pane eager* are unanimous In cam men tail no or Mr David lunes. the commander of this ship, and at the captain'* dinner to day there waa quite a deBw-ontralloc on hie behalf Mr John H B. Ialrobe.of Marylaid. proposed toe health of Captain Uses as an " normal pile led seaman and courteous gentleman," to which the mmmander re died briefly and character-Ucaliy. The President of the United daaten was Iben drank with the usual honor*, and succeeding, the Kmperor of the French, to which latter sentiment Mr Valller, late French Consul at Panama, N (, , re pile t. The ladles were aezt remain bered, and Prof whuiaker was their spokesman Got tl I, !*m>u V 8 A., returned thanks for the army and navy of the United i-tair* and the toasts wound up with a tribute to " ibriat friend*,' which waa greeted with the bear leet cbeeia. Ho waa closed what haa been ami phaeaut voyage to alien board. The compliment to the captain <>n the 'a*t day of the voyage Is quite common, I ut In the case of our commander It was given with more than usual spirit, and waa fully deserved. Our Paris Correspondence. Pants, June 11, 1UT. (Aped rf M PsiM'l Viiil I* England?IV French Rsfhai ? Kmhamummt if the Onvmivsl wKA their new l'?hH eel Tip?the Crop*?The Tine Ditnut?IneLnffurmtum nf (Ac .Vrw W'lep y the tenirre?A Cmtif Huterv ml Smtrenir f syW/?j?70//y brmipht Ut Mind?Krprrimml with the Xew fipoair bullet, de , de M rooid. the Minister of Hints, has left Parts for England, where It le believed be la gone for the purpose of having n conference with borda Palmeretuo, Clarendon and Oowley ?the last nf whom it at! 11 absent from his official post at the British Embassy?oo the degree nf aiiltarr assistance to le afforded by Napoleon In the Chinees business, should the present uneasy state of British India tbew symptoms Ol iD*re*? rg Nir:nu Khu, rim Secretary of the Penlaa F.mbraey, ha* or rite J from OoottaoUnopla nt rrmU 10 I>oadoa, with lb* i lomatir documeot* releiire lo the treaty of peace rati ted by the Kb ah But ib* nailer which la oow absorbing ell attention?hit map-ei- the King of Hararia, baring lakes bla departure, aad the gaieUee of the oonrt being iraoeferred to the Palace or i* ( wied?la that of the electiooe. It la arranged by the P'eferi of the Heire, that elecu re Inacrlbed < a the electoral or Hate, are to proceed no Sunday, the 21et loat , from 8 |o a. and m Monday, the 2id, frow to 4. lo the dlTeraat polling placee la ibelr rt r pocket arroodlneemeote, to glee tb?tr tot for the election of de poll en lo the Legialn U>e body Each eleeaw baa to ptoeldo himaelf oith hie card, doUeered to bla a the Main* of bla arroadleeenent, aad ba will bar* alao a lake with hia hta balletia, which bo am bara pee|*reI before band, and on bla aam* being called be will beee to deliver It eloted to the Preeldent. The Prtmt contain* the following la fefereace lo the elecuoaa "A re rial a number of elector* revieet aa to pnblieh the folio*ing IUM of candidate* a* thai which tbay ill atipporl la the rarloua arroodieeemeata of Pari* ? I at arroo Itenrni, Krf laboalaya, member of the laetltuto, one of the writer* la the Jmirnti do |Ha?, 2d, M Belbaooi, formerly Mluleler. M, (ieoeral Caralgoac, 4lb, M Kmiie Oarier, advocate, tih. M froudcbaut, formerly Mioirter, Tib. M Darlmoa, one of the rltere of the /'reaar, Alb, M Vena, formerly repreneatalir*; tdh, M. Kerlloand e>rr fo)a<llf repretenlallre and 10th, M Ketgnami, formerly Sab Prefort of Soeaut." The gorernment la, however, oooalderably embarratied a? In u,e manner la which tbi*. It* fleet eip*rimonl of Hie ** rrl?e of the elective fraarhtae by the people, eboul 1 b* conducted If) encourage nppnatUoa lo order lo ?he a Ib* apparently lodepenieut character of lb* Corp* l*gi* lahve, there la rtauger l?et the horeet, without lb)* c >ntrol (/ a ekliftii the toteer, ebon Id boll olf the coiirae and diearrange the Imperial ayetem Tf, on the other band. It take <?e eteptoifar la the aorainati >a of official raadf'iatea, the people aeem prepared to wa<b their t.aade of the whole tmeinoea and fling the onua of the character of the conauiotlon at the Kmperor a do <r. A reel re ha* been man I reeled in draw a distortion he twe.n what le termer "reprreentatiy-e and parliam ntary tnetitn >o?ie,' i t the poo >la may eleot. bit baring no els-ted tbey are to be eatlefled, without knowing h ># fiom time to lime the repreaentatlvee foltli toelr true*, a< al talking and dtec??elon mint be with cloeed door*, ant the wind "parliamentary" a dead letter Again, the mod tnorhtd eeaeitlTem-e* te elhlblted le?t any op exiiton ran dtdalee ebon Id widrena loftemmaiory language to Ibelr conetitnrme, and the ra loue Journal" la the departmentare lhformed mat it will he al teetr own proper rink ebiitM lb?y ptiblleh e(ieer.bee Ipjnriooe to the government A* regarde the official caadi'ialea and tbo oonrae eurh oer onagee are libel* te take, tt m ty be heel i ,ferred from the laagnkge of mrrm Martaal, I jieralter d'Honor-ir In the I'rtaoraa rtreteeb . a caadidate fhr Sonkca. la which, aflar trsw TOKK HRKALO, SAT UB pi.blti.btrK a kiwi rrom Napoleon on the aubjeol of his oompto k<-iioc. a bleb bi<i Majesty tell* blot be may loudly pro- m me claim thai be ban the good wishes of tbe (OTertineDl, Mmu-U the Ran t) bolJly aerert* bat any one presuming to vole own g< if HiDft him oiil be guilty of Infldellty U>wards the eore hecaio N 'fctr lb the The presett am tna'oue elate of Belgium oorUnoee Also face, a I" h* etgerlj triced hold of by oil the batterer* of persons ilce distill ihtt K" a' the) are, a* an argument against that par It a pert) in. uteri Korerrtnrnt which Pral-oe dlatlugiitHbea f>om Hoi-pi l>ree< nutirt-: and to ooe accustomed to Angle -Saxon In- id cba nmnoc <. it b alo nether nut a little amuslnc to wlloess lbs ftom, niirer thle ettbterl uges by which the purely mill tar} system to b. of Napoleon Is nought to be Doisiered up under thofm tckory iher M of popular right harur Toe weal fit t Das suuaeuiy coaogea, ana wraran mucn nigs <h rnoie U-mperaie? indeed, almort c Id; but on Suuday la-it policy the tbtrm< mel'-r at two o'clock marked 8fl>g Fahrenheit. *1*1*11 rtio (fO|? are represented every where ea being fall of The l-roml-e 1o the math, where they were in indifferent leal gan.e, i ear, ac abundant harveft it expected From Lyons, w at flret tar aa Teraeeeo, end iron Nlsmes to Beyonne, the wheat gotlatii elite look universal)* floe, and already begin to ahow a tnauh i el low tinge Hurley baa been already out near Avignon, elate' and at Wontpeller preparations are beleg made fur cutting arrang rte The corn ornpn In the central district* are *ar raid to have a magnificent appearaoce. No where la the no wa corn rati to be broken down In the valley* of the Rhone, exi-m I the Isere, the lolre and the Garonne, the po'atoee, beans Mi xk* and tiear are admirable. and the vtnee, It Man, h?ve >ou at uttered but little from the cold which prevailed in May ordlua 'he olflltim, however, baa untmslakuably manifest-<1 it i'< ha-cir, but every thing i* done oy means of sulphur to ob- nd hi flute lie pernicious contact. buiil "the Innugur tUon of the Louvre, on the occasion of the be in J ilea1 the Km per or In August, Is to be marked by great tale*. I'omp The two fotd reoompenoee to the artists w{to have ml th co-operated In the construct!! n of the great work now iflleul completed, and of the premiums awarded at theexhlbl- and 11 tiou of living art trie which opens on Monday next, will 'erne take p'aoe together on the 14th of August, the day pre iai<ag vious to the imperial file. them ? Marshal de Caetsllane's Ion on his late visit to leu Geneva, "y the dowager Kmpress of Kueeia, full of Cmipei emprtxietnetU as It was, aeems to have caused great ui eels pleasure to everyone here. In fact, U U generally* re Cuba i marked that wha ever may be the shade of politics or Havan party wnicb dlrtingulahee any Individual, anjrtbiug of an ti e da approximation betweet Kranoe and Russia ?eeou always vans t t<> excite pi- aai rabte emotions. MM < The birth of the Intiierlal Prince was Imparted to the -anthi Municipal < ?iiD0ll of l'arin by Oo'mtnao lant MM* and the ha?M 'bunciI immediately voted him, as the bearer of aucbgood d ?-uh tidings, an o egant silver service and a panopiy ot a the highly ornamented weapons; but this mufiltlcent aiieau wrtlsl iiaa reeiiacllated a gentleman ot the name of M ?au at Mad Hetrresa, one of the groat Kmperor'a pages in 1814, but i??o il a ho, after which period, b?came a Dutch subject Tbt- m?gii gentleman, wbo U at present a member of the Slate* oniell General, bas, stuce the 3d of A >ril, 1868, preferred hi* ibato' laim to an annual pension of 10,000f. voted to him by urlee be Municipal Council on the 20th of March, 1811. In noose at eve queries ot Ms being the bearer of the happy Intelligence out g< of the birth of the King of Rome. - mall M. Me'?-s, one of the mist important member* of the tneen " (ktuie gtnerale del chemim de Fir," l? about to give In hi* wait | reelgna b-n. It Is stated that the causes Tor bis so doing nerhsi are not financial, but no one credits the assertion An ex ioa tr pt-rimcni with the explosive bullet bas just been tried at riarrs. on a sham wb&le?a colossal target of straw an 1 vrt-aee? and the resuit was so eminently satisfactory thai Spen it tn hnocfnrtb t? oe used a* a sub.tltute Tor the Darpoon B* Tne late beautiful ball at St Cloud, to the King of lUvaria, ilo?lly closed th? gay season, am a* eoou aa the elec'ion- The are over the Emperor goes to I'lombiers. riot) t ttoe Lc Our Madrid Correspondence. "rw1 a the Maowt), Juoe ?, 1867 be R< Detailed Account of the Grain Cropiin Spain?The Rial at we bti Granada and the Action of the Authoritiee Subsequently? The Debate* in the Senate and Peputiet?Xarvaet Minittry n,e Mortally Wounded by VDoneU and the VicaloaritLt?TKe The Question with Mexico?Sr. Alva ret and hit Lett-r?Spain '{^ui i-Oi Government Yielding?The Quettion qf Peace Settled? repre< The KteitrU Telegraph between Havana and New York struct Tour correspondent has been travelling, and although 1 he might have continued his letters from Spain during the ?el,nD last two months, they would not have been worth printing clprot so far as political news is concerned. As for all the rest, Itreat .be Oi what do the readers of the Bbsaio want to know about (xj|i,ht the Spanish provinces and their local tntereaU? There is deuce only one question which for the life of me I can imagine Iheie to be of any Importance to anybody in the United State connected with the condition of I pain, outside of its uatioti great poliU a I centre, and that Is the question of the crops. l*"r ( I bare seen them, andean speak from personal knowledge. Throughout Castile and Arragon, and all the northern part togetb of Hraln, the crop of wheat and barley Is more than there an average one?in some districts the crop Is rally up to ihe msrk of excellent?asd by the heavy rains of lbs and la past wetk, It Is now past Injury from drought The wee Ju" bl tber ror three or four days past has bees Bne and dry?Just ,he l| what was nteded to harden the grain; and at there la per at no prospect for more wet weather, now that the irdl?l? summer has lalrly set tn, the crop may be considered as secured. la Estremadurs, where the crop venen last year was almost a complete failure, this year, on tho lh*1 ' contrary, it 1s proportionately richer and Oner than la any other part of Spain. I have seen the wheat standing Just ai heavy and strong higher than a man's bead, and the young country people confess they de not remember any such beni crop la flfleea years before The vegs of the Goad tana Is being j one great sea of wheat aa Iter as the eye can reach to the clothes I boriroa The country about Almendralejo aad down to the *ud > : limits of the province on the mountain chain of the Sierra lustily Moreno, near pevtile, is covered also snth an extra there { ordinary crop Tne northern provinre Is mid to be w"b 0 equally an moani, irom uacerea up towards waucta. u""? l Tbr harvest sf barley from Toledo and Talarerl south ,bAt vp baa already begin with the fine weatier, and the crop It tbe Ro> Immense The wheal bar ret t la aboot a month later; but lhp ho* 1 repeal, the crop Is already saoare dial# r About Alhacete, and In some parte of the old kingdom 7,nl0K f \ alroria. and m sone dlatricta of Arida'mta, there Da ueigv been a lack of rain at the rlgh. time, and the grain arop rescue! I la below an average yield, but thla la precisely the pinion Inrlltutl of the oenlnaola leant adapted to the prod action of grain th<,n ae and where least It sown, so that the bad fortune of the m*? "< laborers In those sections will not tensi >ly affect the gene 10 lhr c rsl nsolt trtmool You may take It for oerta'n that the crop of grain In dunlpal Plain this year will be very considerably beyond an are hern i rage crop, end I should not be surprised If II mi(bt be Utitel called, taking the whole country together, an extrnirdi ,bp c' nary yield 1 bare myself teen leagues after loaguea of msn, waruig grain on land where twelre and fifteen buthela of blmseli wheat to the acre ara esteemed an areraga crop, and profesr which this ) car will gtrs twenty 0 re and thirty buahala to Jeflorst the acre. niu? t o Meantime the high prices of grain, though somewhat an ailr abated by lb s general ap|iearance ot abundance to come " I * ' are sttU malntalted, from the fact that there It ft of 1 really a great lack of grain to meet the demand man, tl for oossiiDDptioti from day to day; but this 'be B?; cannot continue more than a few weeks, meroui longer The new wheat will begin to enter the market in throngl Vstremadura wubtn threa weeaa, aad throughout tbr be mig - oountry, within mi or seren weeks at moet the people may m*D w \ be eating the wbeaten bread of thla year's growth Tell died so j your subscribers not to send any more wheat to 4pam to the I There will be a aurplua for exportation from this country .mnrlp bt fore the 1st of September nest portion A d murbaiice he* taken place In Uraoada on account nT Ibe me the high price of bread House thousands of women and that llti boys, with a few hungry en, assembled, crying out for to ibrn the author It Irs to lower the price ol bread to Ore ceou ibe onurag loaf Tbe authortuee paraded the military, prnclaime<i oess of martial law. and Anally llred upon the crowd, line su The i was billed, and a faw were wounded, whee tbe frtgbieaed "The B populace dtsiersed, and the ad air, to far as they were year li concerned, ended Tbe authorities eelxed upon the oona *so*. h sloo, bowrrer, for a pretext to arrest or banwn frotn the out of province several of Utmost Influential meo, w bom they while! knew in be favorable to tbe ideas of the much feare I de for ga mocraiic parly There Is no reason to suppose tbel these 'bP |M mrn btd anrthing to do with the demoo iration of thr ?opiety hungry populace, which was. In foot, entirely unooon wtnt rary I a lib politics, bnt tbe ocoastoo was too good to be lorn, aad testinw II la even suspected thai the whole thing wai got up by to si n the ai I of some agents of ibe government, in order U> bare The this shew of a proirxt for laying tbetr hands upon worthy nrallei anu respectable men, against whom there waa no cause or h?epb accusalmti po-sible la any rtber way. ?*<N. You a III tara seen some aero n I of Ue debates upon thr addrres la reply to the Queen's apee< h, wh'oh Bars Tina signalized the first days of the Dew Owlet. There waa a battle royal la tbe Beasts between O l smell and Narvaex. la which tbe former 4I?played masterly ability Osr and gained a signal advantage orer bis adversary. The kind ol Minister of Huts, final, endeavored to bslater np tbs trem counts bftng fortune* of tbe I remler, and made to hie turn a fa that lb rlmi# rhaige U|tra> h i? iihi tin i* a man or annua, toi inrproduced none Imprewaloo; but Ibe reply of U'I>>aell I'd tied m Ptdal Wae a mrkr effort, which cut him up completely drmeo and drove htm clear out of tho Sold O'lamrni he* ?Mm proved beyond q neat loo, and Indeed fhreed bit ad dlnia a remariee Ui mofrm, la o|ioa Perliemeat, that they were enoel betnaelvrw *eg aged, part aad paronl with himeeif aad hit hn oon follower*, In the >inr great rone pi racy to Overturn ihn go and (J* remmenl of -an l.uie and force u|?>o thn y ima a morn llhe ingi la rat ryuem la 1AM. and that they only faltered wbea it bo W; bi came nevrrewry to play their hand* la the irame and rt?* Thn ( la open rehoilma, but that, though thai did oot appear to la not do nattle at \ inalvaro, nevenbeieat they celebrated that all. II riaing at thn time and etterwerde, maintaining ourre* to the pr?dence, encouraging aad upptaudlng th.oe who did rt*k the bit loemreiree op a y la the aalerprtae la which they were onntlai all normtlp partici nature with U Thle hae hena fully proved by O'Dnaell; and, at I aald, ing,or h<- bat driven hia prennat ad rr reactor to can fee* It before lh?*e i ihn country Rut the whole force of Narvae* a* are qui Prime Mlneter now lay la bit rhararter of dnfeadnr hy the of thn throne, In hie loyalty, never before tuepnri rage aa ed, and hit euppoeed devotion to the reigning Certi dma ty Than tne blow which O'lkiaell hae given bent him and other memhnre of hie Uabioel le terrible He of Ami bee deetruyed the beet* on which they alnod, and there le f'ngliel little doubt that I bey muat coma down power, A little enoner. or a little later, everybody la nvw iieople etpec'irg Ibe fall of ibe actual mtoiaiere and a nee <n the iii(*iitt<*i on id the govrrnm tot The ?ame aarrice which that li O'lNinell hae been doing in the fenatn hat been perform**! entnrpi la Ibe Cmigrcee Of Keputle* by Rioe R<r/a?, a powerful ora |*opule< tor. and who nan Mlni*ler of the Interior under (I'llmail rial c II rial again an Minuter of ft lain, and (too rain. be afh Bravo, actual Minuter of Rpnin at I .tor* on, b it hapiwn now here defending the government In the eell |h Ihamher of l?r|nil!re, have been the oppnnentn of Rioe while $ Koaee. hoi In thle ioetanrn aUo the force of tbe argument* army u aad ibe eflect produeed have been on the aide of the op ibe Chi preition their pi Tbe qnee*loo of the dlfTlculty with Merlon hae aleo been aotunll; allii'leo In In theee debate*, and Rioa Rorae neperlally ha pie, wt thundered hen*y chargee again*! tbe government for It* imrtlcu management of thorn all aire, but nothing clear ban been trader* brought to HgM on either elite The nrrridn of diplomatic ore of bueine.e are nowhere an jealonely kept from the know out or i edge of the public and enpwotally from dlreueoloo In the evnrua Pnr'1 immt, ae they are In dpnin Nevertheleae, the public -eeme bee gnihered the impre-rtna that In fact the rtpaatnh cmllyi iforernmenl had dlecoverel on etamination that there tea* *aragn - mnthing more In tbe affaire with Meiton than wae eup prnhab ' rrl at A rat, and their ardor for war ha* materially mandei reoetie It le even hinted that perhapq Me Tiro hat sot been no preea U tDAY, JUKB 27, Ml. *ei> in the wrong in deny tog the par moot of tho k?i claimed under (be Spanish oimreoilno The upc >r *b? was eo roughly dismissed last \ ear by hli * vera meat, rtr. Don Miguel de km Manioc VI arez, to | e be boi listened to wbat the Mexicans had to nay to < business, mdead of aimply shaking bio Ami la their ptr< e be an* ordered, la beginning lo bare a tardy jos- era do bin In Ihe opinion of btr country men tun iop? Alroret waa right, after all. At any rate, the of i ir conduct of the young gentleman who waa left the ige of the legation, it oeemo, muat be reoeded 'or aoo the Mexico-Spanish Convention will bare bul looked Into, after all. It aeemo Pastor Diaz. an] hDtaier of Stale, rather took the thing Into hi* own ace in dl?missing Alvares, and acted from the prompt ' a personal dislike, Inntead of the dictates of duty or 1 1 seud yon an Important letter published over hio oeu

ire by AWares, to-day. on French government baa taken the oarda la thta mo and Senor lafragua, the Mexican Rnroy, who was the refured passports to enter tyaln, Is now quIeMy ne me u< at tbe palace of her Catholic Majesty. He Is a ola lor the Spaniards with whom ha has to. daai; and twu r?r may ne ug uiumus wruu ui un in rmeM, you may consider the que*lion of mo or p<ace aa already settled. There will be Vic r You will hare remarked, also, that the pre Hon i>r troops announced to sail this spring for uU< >, and which was actually preparing, aa I Informed aoc the time, dwindles at last to the proportions of an *m r> reinforcement for the army in Porto Rica ami ret| -some two thousand Ore hundred men land force, on july 200 cannoo added to the fleet; In short, just har what was supposed to be necessary to counteract est creased animation of the filibusters In the United ttm on account or the Inauguration of Mr. Buchanan. ble e (intend manifesto. I repeat, tbe Mexico Spanish bac Ity, so far as war id concerned, Is eettled already; out >m now keeping a sharp look out to get bold of the trai of the arrangement on which Senor lddal and Senor Hot ua are at work at this moment. You shall hare me wrly. wo iittrd to mention that the expedient* of Messrs. Peter ha* ant others, of New York, asking for per mission Ku blu b ti e submarine telegraph between the island of 28 : uid 'be United States, was sent baok here from the tbe a In tbe mall of May 13th, which arrired at Madrid po; \ before yesterday It has encountered at the Ha mil bt opposition of a rival company composed of Hava Thl apitab-ts. at the bead of whom are Senor Alfsnvo # wb 'X, Benito, Torices and others. The Capta n General en< t, however, undertaken to decide the question In favor are r party, but has returned the different ezpedierues gre h?me government, with his observations quite tm bat I, and Waves tbe decision entirely to the government vat Irid. Messrs. footer k Co. must not. however, sop as tiat the question Is so near a settlement as they might ten e i be Cabinet bas as much as It can attend to, and tbii Ding more, with the question of Mexico, tnal of Rom i, ma tbe treaty or limits with France, the finances, the Sot , and the ually and hourly struggle to keep IU head me water in the troubled sea oT interior politics, with ant ling out of Its way to pay much attention to such int business as establishing an electric telegraph bo tbi Havana and New York That can wait, and will de' jrohably from day to day and week to week, until, ge< pa, when the Yankees arc all tired out, the permit th< lay be given to them. Ins _____ tin cul I'll of Mr. OaJlaa, the American Minister, ret fore tbe Humane society of Knglaji<l. Uk [From the l/ondon Advertiser, June 10 ] ho eighty third anniversary of the Royal Humane -to- Wl was c lebrated on Monday by a splendid banquot at >ndoo Tavern, which was attended by about a huaiti(4 liakm r\t iCsc nIrlsst enri iwnsl tnflnanlinl fsian/4a chair wax taken at 0 o'clock by Mr. Russell Gurney, corker of Ixindon, and among the company preeent ?h iticrd Mr. 8beriff Real*, Sir B Hawes, Mr B Ha?e*, foi doey Gurney, Mr. Dallas, the American Ambassador, lai lexis Snyer fapt Hall, Ac , Ac. Ly usual loyal toasts baring been drunk, da Chairman gave the health of the Hon. Mr. Dallas, fa meriran Ambassador, expressing his Arm conviction cr tie closeness of our relations with the great nUion he rei tented could not admit of being severed by a de ret ive war. (Hear, bear.) The toast was enthuaiastl at I rank. sic Dallas rose to return thanks for the toast, and the Kc nenu which accompanied It, which be said were re tht sled throughout bis Isnd. It would be a source of nc calamity If two nations such as Great Britain and ' uited Stales of America should ever again come Into coi on It was to be bo^ed that In the decrees of Provl- ch there was nothing of that sart for the future wr was something, however, appertaining closely to sill 'if that te bad to communicate That to which their bo sb'e chairman had referrelwas more of a public, Va si, poliucal, sDd certa t ly highly interesting cbarac thi Bui he (bMt < say a few words on the subject of sti own association and to tell tbem a little passage of pri ?, unallecteil family history, which might not be al pai er uninteresting to those who were assembled eni that night. (Rear, bear.) Well, then, be was In I under an obligation to the Royal Humane Society the eighteen years before he was born. (Cheers ?l ngbter ) Hf perceived in the paper which bad Foi pen placed before him, that there bad been 16,900 ktl< af rescue from death by drowning, eff cted through sei ;?ncy of that noble io/tliulion, or at the rats of'200 fro n-.m. (Cheers ) There was prosably not a single lilt tual connected with the society who oould be old h to reco.lect the Incident to which he was about to Tor tf anybody oould recollect 1t, It would bo the ilile gentleman opposite to him, sod he wis sure ? ren bts age would fall a few years short. He wished tk to them of the drat man whom their Association id from death. It was near the yearo 1774 and 1776, * fter the Humane Society bad beoo instituted. A ml man of excellent education, of large property, about air its of age, was walking with bts servant on the jf lbs Thames; be came lilts brtni, and the weather ? unusually warm, be soon ventured to doff hit A , and to plunge Into the river He was a gallant ? for lbe centre of the stream, but before he git will be wm seised with * violent cramp, and TA ae ahrlrk be aunk immediately. Qn ae'vanl, ? ed. ran towards some neighboring build of At A ry time, and lor the flret time, the implement* of J7 al Humane Society. the grappling Irona. the drags, ,*1, its, were aoceatible. Tbeee were pit into lame- c. I equlntion, and tbe alarm baring been given, Ibe ? man wu taken from tbe water According to tbe 12 of lh? U ne be waa rolled upon the bridge, and I, roeuscitated and reetored by tbe agency of that mo (Cheer* ) That vat in 1774 or 1776 He wan venteen year* of age Fire year* after that young ? i* rescued, be married in thv oounlv of ?evoo, vad /T ouree of a few year* be went In search o'bia pa- vJ al estates in Jamaica, and found that they had bee a *' ? led b* a steward into whose hand* they bad entrusted. He went with bi* wife to tbe ?; States, where be arrired la 17H3. just al en lore or tbe revolutionary war That young T thus rescued from a watery grave, applied 1 at once to tbe study of the law He rose In the * ion He became the assort we of Washing'on, of JJ, >n, of Madison lie bessme, himself, one of the 44, iiispb'uous counsel of Ibe Colled -hates of Amerloa; ? ilrable, If not In that country, ao unequalled writer, bt llstli gulsbtd jsiliUcian. Hcatleogh Oiled the of- JP treasurer of America (Hear, bear.) That young PL hat ramosel, that autbor, who had been rescued by i-al Hum toe Society, who became tbe bead of a an ? i family, whoae descendants were o w well known Ot bout tbe Coilet Stales of America?that young man, t bleat wltoout any feeling of sanity?that young as bla own father. (Tremendous cheering ) Ha J? me iblrty years ago. and,during bla life be referred _ Koyal Han.sue dnch-ty as one founded on tbe noblest rp ilee. and wblcb wan carried out with an energy pro F ed In lie excellence (Cheer* ) Ha had beard of rt*i rite of Ibe enctely from other*, and had thought that lie piece of family history might not be unpieatlng . , a. (I.oud cheers ) He hoped II might lend to en p e tbelr noble exertions, and to promote tbe unefnl ?*i so admirable an association, (ilbeers ) lari Csaisba v, In pripbnittC tbe toast of Ute evening, tain ln>al Humane Sncteiv," staled, that during the past I'J cases, attended with risk In tbe lives of 113 p r iad been brought anderthe notice of the eoe-ety, and > those cases only four bad been peel reoovery, V> had been case* of attempted suicide A* rewards for llantry to those who had risked thrtr llvee during lead year, to save those of their fellow nreaiurea, the bad conferred Vt honorary silver medals. M bono _ >roose ditto, eight vellum, and eleven par-intent mial*. be>tdes awarding pecuniary aeknowledgments f ther claimants fas mast wan drunk with the moat snthueiaetil demon r?r > of interest in tbe objects of tbe -misty, and Mr. ~ Char Iter announced tubecri pUooa to the amount of ^ d?i _ Us War In t It In a? Ita RArts on Trade and OR Uavaramant |From the loadnn Tlmea. June 14.) If pvraenl war with China la certainly aa strange a ' r bestility aa we have lately seen To read tbe ao la all Journal*, Brtueb and foretga. It would seem rtoi e civilised world was about to precipitate ttee f on Ml nding Celestial empire KngUed, Fraao* and the ~~ Aslsa kf? rsnraaeaUtd bv aimrial envnva- I'ortnwal IP da redreaa Tor certain wronga of bor ova, Holland *V it the rung her force la the enatern eeae, ewen Her _ n nd wiilhnwon frigate or two off the fhlneae ,? rtoe would tbiak that at tha Chiocee portr ail would qui fuatoa, * lamat, or (tern defiance. and that la loa *" rarpnol merchant* would bo winding up their daai _ taa la contemplation of kereral m ?ntha o" (laugh IP it notblng of the kind aeetna likely to take place f,, Demy. aa we moat now call the Chiooae, the la the nomiaon aonae of the word an enemy at me ' all who hare dealing* with him are traitor* M1 i IJuoeo, there will be plenty of trmnno. for _ Klneee at all the porta, except ronton, goea on moat M wualy and prrwperooaiy. While our areenala ring * , 10 nolac of prrparauon, and our tranaporta a ocarry mm attempting to oarry, regiment after regiment agalnat A * money making barhariana, the Cblonae tbomaelrea = etly going on in the old faahion, draining our direr |l mliiloti.and aopplying ua with our principal hare- bni i if Vet? and Rowring had norer exiated imn tlmy trade la a mighty power. The great Vapoleon, p1*1 ia commanded Kurupe, aould nit pre rent tbedealera >lerdam and Hamburg from being anpplted with _ i eouona, hardware and flannrla. and then nationa If honor, and even aafety were at ?take,and each bated the other with a hatred which u la Mwk *?* preeent day In oouoelrn. Ho we cannot wonder T__ i thia aflair, which la only the dlipute of an Ip' ualog K.urnpean nation with tbe Wovernor, and " e of t prowlnotal Chlneae city, the ommer }1T mrrunity ehould hardly allow their draling* to cited hy the rumora of war Wltaterer may am i wa (hall want tea and dlk, and the Citoeae will =em While Brltieh fleela are blockading Otnlon. H 1 lunhoaaare aaneoding the rlrera, and perhepa an Br< In full march for I'ekla Itaelf, the g'eat body of wei ne?e will plant aad eplit aa before, and bring down wttl rod nee to any apot where nor at wed weaaeia are tot f preeent What, then, la to he done with thta pert *"'] to cannot underMand that they are at war with nt, w r larlr ne they are abetted hy a legion of Kogllah ? , ho equally refuM In cwnp-attend the aerloua poe afThiref We may attaik Canton aa before, drlwa upturn or (hoot flornmor Veh, retain the city, or I\ le It aa we pleaae Whatewer may lake plane II likely that tbe rent of China will take mattera aa n*m i* If we hart epent our ah d and aheil agalnm any kil i ? on the meat of Africa The northern porta will ? ly drlre an increaatng trade, and, If our com V w appear before Shanghai ar Too ohoo, they will be 1 pnhtely by a net of atolld Mandarine who will ea )nflr te create* inrprWe on bearing that Uta barbarian* wua ' oom tar any other pnrpoae than lo buy tee or uull ib. ft are tar Oom aayiog thai the tale errata wlH dm lead [reel ch?og<e lo China We should, indeed, he the l??t ?ifb that the iirriru. opportunity or bringing the era t Into cloeei rt I* lorn with Kurope should be lo?l fur Dt or vtgoi or ?uierpriee We would merely call ulton i to the hlrunge character of the war, and the aheeoo* inytblrg like determined hoetlltty on either Hide. Tun Ctili.ore will he obettnate, Impudent, deceitful, dlla y,nnd everything ttat U provoking, le Ukely eun igb . that we ehould have to tofllcl eevere obartieeiueot on i district except insolent and tnrbulenl Canton, U not Id ordance wl h preerat appearance*. rornlation op th* obititi ?uw?? UT> luiiun nr UUUI "VI wi tuw >ui(UiOQ Of (QU| VMi mtrj h frequently spoken of, but the particulars siren the subject bare been of such old Sate as to hare lost at >f tbetr Interest. The Moniteur dt la FUMU contains following remarks on the subjoctA recent doou nt, the source of which Is aulheuUo, allows a great hk to be Olle 1 up, as the last official census dates as rar * as the reign of the Kla King in 1816. At the period the attack on Canton by the squadron of Admiral 9ey. ur, tbe Knglisb took possession of the palace of the seroy, where they found a book in the Cbineee language, iduced at the Imperial printing othoe of IVkln, and en Ml '-List of tie Copulation of China and of her Colonies ording to the Census made by order of the Sublime iperor Uit-n Foung, and in the fourth year of his <n ('862) " The Emperor Hien Koung is now the throne, and the census which he has 1 made Is 87 years more reoent than that culed in the reign of Kia King. During that period of ie, the population of China has Increased In a c imdde.apropoiiion. In 1816 it was 871 millions, and in 1862 it I reached 306 mill ions. It may be now calculated withexnggeradon at 400 millions Such a number la exwoioary, particularly wh?n compared wi'b the popalai of the tersest States of Europe. There la In that Imnee empire an agt lomeratien of people of which ro rda can give an idea The province of Klang Sou alone i 87,901,000 Inhabitants; that or Can Hyvuy, 34 millions; mg 91, 20 millions; Ubang Toung, 29 million'; Tchy Id, millions; Hou|4. 27 millions; Ho Nan, 25 H millions In ire Different provinces there are a number of cities, the mlation of which varies from between 5oo."oo and a lllon; mtny to?na contain as mat as .0,000 souls, s excess of population engenders devmlatirg bands, o continually **ge the country, and It creates an >ruiuu0 ma. u. iuuivmuais wivmiui uuueo >r nuuxo. wuu i ready tor any outrage, and are the scourge or the at cities on the coast It alto produoe* the Inex istible of number if emigrants who note begin toad itageoiiBly rep ?ce negroer in all tho oolonles of South leilca. It I* Impossible to find a country In which con opt for human life Is carried so far ; as an tnnance of i it may be remembered that a few y< are since the adarin, governors of the provinces of Tehy Li, Kiang l.Cbuig Touug.and the Klant could devise no other ans 01 checking the Increase of the population than by horlslng the |ioor inhabitaats to throw their children o the rivers within twenty four hours after birth, and U m- nstrous plan was actually carried Into practice the velopment of the two sexes in China Is In very advanta }tts proportions, and as there are fe w countries wnere > women are a? prolific, the result It that the population, 4ead<f diminishing or being checked, oannot but oon ue to Increase in a progression which defies all the cal latlons of the ordinary tables of mortality Oqe aay idlly conceive the difficulties which would gUbnd war e operations In such a country, where innumerable rdes of people and Immeaturablg of ground >uId be always met wltb Trade of Parle. [Paris (lune 8) Correspondence of London Times.] The last week hat been a profitable one for the Paris opkeepers. The suite of the King of Bavaria, and other reigners who visit Paris in great numbers, have made ge purchases of articles of luxury. The accounts from ons a-e more encoursglng than those received fifteen ys since It would appear that the demand for raanuuure I silk artioles increases in proportion to the incased price of the raw material. Somo silk maufucturs at Lyons find it dlffl suit to execute all the orders cetved for the new fashlonod expensive articles for itch that city 1< so celebrated. Some Americas cotnmln ib agents lssve, notwithstanding the bad accounts from '? York, given orders for sl'k goods to be delivered In 9 United .States slier the 1st of July? that Is, when the w customs land shall come into operstion. Tbe accounts from the silk producing districts are still ntradlc ory. Tliey have, nevertheless, become more eering for some days pott, under tbe Influence of tine wther There exists, moreover, a large stock of raw k at Lyons and other towns in tbe south, which, U is ped, will prevent excessive speculation. letters from .lenoe state that the weather had been rather rainy, and ?i vuc bii* wui m* ?)'}K*Arcu Mi irci uo tuuuraun ui uiq norpbere. A troeh north wind bad subsequently lm m l the worm-, which were languishing and had wed through tbrir third stage, and strong Dopes are rtained that tbe ri Ik crop will amount to a fair average, the Ardecbe considerable lower were sustained after i worms bad passed through the third stage?losses ilcb were, fortui ately, retired after the fourth stage rtunately, the mulberry loavoe are abundant. 6,000 ngrammet of cocoons from Calamata wore sold at Marlles last week at 26fr. the kilogramme. The accounts m Naples, Lombardy and Spain calculate on only two hs of an ordinary crop. JfHTttMEKTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. RJCAI. ESTATE 8AL.EH. 4 fWin -MR WALK, a HlAUTlFlJI. OOUWTRT ~.WUW. residence. Sows pleasant rwld-nees M.iPO k*,(tw each, la Brooklyn, and aooae valuable lota, or wdl hangs for good farms convenient to the city HKtOd A SOUTHsriOK, 84 Waesan sreat FA KM, DO K TAT IS I WO 0 ACRE*, FOB BAJLM, OB . eiehanga for city prop-rty: on It la a good taro story riling house, carriage house and aeeaaaary, out buildings, s'ed J miles frusnrujnfoni, Oaan , will be sold with or bout the stock aad ere pa For particulars, Inquire of J. L. BOKB >0 Broadway, ft T. NKW AND WODBRN OOUMTRT HOUHB, *T NPCT. toe I?a> vtl, five minutes walk from the depot, with an s or mors o ground, good stable aa<i carriage house, for i. Apply UieKRtSBART A UUWT, 80 Wall sireet, or J. tinkfl, ttpnjton Ouyvtl, ACTIFtTL OCCWTRT BMBIDBWOB FOB HALBWlth furniture eaniaga. Ae . aad SO acres o' land, sear wbrnnswt k. W. J., ermmandtng a nutgniflneni view. A sograph of the plane, which will be sold low, aaa ha aaaa ha oMea of F. D'HKRVTLLT. 18 Msehange plaaa Ot'RTRT HOURS FOR 8ALB OR TO hRT-IW TI1B village of Flashing, ten mlnires' walk from the d?t?M ontalns twelve monms. wa'er tixturea, furnace Ae . and Is rounded by trees aed shrubbery. Apply to PABBONH A .. Flushing, or ? Wall street, baeeaent OB IA1J?BIGHT hOTB MOBTUBART tXBRRB OF Fifth avaace and ftlitytonrta street?tour on Fifth avenue I tour oa Btity fourth street Also, seven lots on north side Fifty seventh street. ) feat warn of Fifth avenue Also, en hits northeast corner of Fifth avenue aad Forty ninth et. op poet te the Columbia Onll-gr grounds Terms liberal Irene 0. F FIFIBFFBW, Bl Jolts street OR HAI.B? A DOUHl.K HRICK ITOtlHK IN ? Rf)NARI> street oesr Hiftsoo street; let foe 11,111 M>ply to W. ft a 11,1, a H11 44.1 It road way, between 1 and fo clock, or ore and alter thai Ume at tl Washington street, Hoookee. w Jerse.. '* HAL??TUB HIGH HTUOP, NEW, dL rtnl aMTln^, brows mtmr honaaa, north atda of Thirty Arwt htm, ha ma Madtana and Fourth nniM throe atortaa uul bane at, with all the anhn Imp Mania 41 no nice at II WaT 1. rtw IE OR HAl.r-OR TO I.RT, OR LRARR-THR THREE liory amce ?? Weat ttr-et fronting plnr No 9?Morth ir. A eery deatrnble altualhm for bu-tneaa pnrpmaa ? loJAL Tl' KEEBaN. IWI Waahmg cm mma . OR RALB-ON THI RAHT RITRR. IS MILCH FROB ib? city, B aplendid ronntr* neat of twenty anrea, with lunp irr 'rut, deep water bath bona*, (rood flahing and ?arhttn(. r? !???? brant ful frottnde and I art r genteel rannebm. con nm all the modern ImprnremenU, Including wauw and or parlcnlare apply to Hon ICR MORGAN. Mo. 3 Ma jalltan Hank Building Vine atcant OR .NALB-AT PORT LIB, A RRAITIPOU PLAOt rtfMkrtW, *i b h naa and otiibulb laga wall alloated bafoeaa men nt Maw fork Fruit of all k'nda steamer raa (Hot at Bp ring atrcat eyery day at i0 and 1 o'alook For irntar. Inoni a at RoRTHROP A NoKTd EUP'B law na ? Wall atrant. OR RAI.B-THR FOCR MT"RT TIOlJAE AMI! ld)T. T? Kaat thirtcanth atraet, between arennaa A an B, ?t?h r k'ablea oa the rear, houae tb*4n feet lot Xilu.1 fact, will t fnr abont pltlht per year prtne Et.bai OR RAI.R-A HRACTIFI'l. fOTTA'IR ON THE NORTH rtcar. coa-eateot tothecttr by railroad and # ree eteaiaboala ty food bonne pa den fruit, T o tab lee an i ebMibherr cation and rlter ?law nnotrpaeaed El I UP Ap ilr to Me KIN IIROM , Mo M Wailatreet. room No lb. OR MAI R, IR TOR*ERA-A TWONTORT RAHRMRMT honaa fllled In with brink, with AH area of land attorned > mllaa from Hon 'a nrVtre, and IS mllea from the tillage Tonkera, on hiph laad, with a g ??1 barn, and fruit nt ra in kinds Far terma apply on Ute premises. or to B 11 ROM ILIN. II Tandaai all ml. Raw tor* OR BAI.R OR EXCHANOB?111 AtlRRR OP LAMII. twenty bramllea from Maw Vort. fl-e mini'en' trath ma Irani depot new houaa and out buildings, all In Ine order id fenrea anod young orchard of the nho4Fsl fruit Would ir for pmdurtlTe pr party In New Tarh or Brooklyn. In ra of H F Till iM aE 3b WIIBaaa atrant. Bad of K <#IH N, AIT Wanklnglon atreet OR KALE OR BXOUANUR-A FIRST (TL IBM UNO Uab bwaement bonae. No IVFRennnd arrnnn. Honae MtM r ator? and baaetaenl tlnlahed in lha bad manner with all modern Im mrementa Will lei or leaae Poeenwtoo lm dlatnly Apply on the pramlaea. fmn 4 to A P W . or at I bird arrnnn J. M. OEMMTA OR RALE OR TO LRT -A HRAITTIFITL OO0NTRT maioanra annaiafl on uia nuns* ot tn? mu(i?m ni?F *r*? irtaro of a mil# ahora 1 injlnwn, with tan aoraa of land ?.r rd Tha bntwa will befnrntahad l'daatrad. appla to It i KIHOItLkWn k ICTTlH, M Hmad atraal ul aai-p um ru iJt-twu mTi up obtiiiRp f7 Uat Thirty third ah Ml, M by V faat I Inahaa with a lara* Idlnp. Mb) H fw?t. th raa ?t,.rlw ? k and ?r?. and <?. Hoi* ahada. will ih*w for aablnat mabnr, narpnnba nnforto, maahlna. blaah?Hh. Ima railtnp, Hrary atahia ndry. w aw* oUMr Mad t# bnrtnaaa Tttpntfo oa tba pra t?R RAI.K OR " TM l.hT -TWO P'KHT OI.AhR hooaaa nn Patiflr atraat, Rronplyn Inqnlran'lha '.aia and Prtei Karhanpa ftotapany, Pant )*' Rank. < anal ad. W, T ok *!? < * to i.rr at arti>ma ? a larib hnnaa In parfaot rapalr. with all 'ha mndarn Imamraman'a, noma, and abmii thrra aor?a of hlph, rnOlnp land, nbnlna it Iran* and pardaa plantad, larpa barn and cardatiar'a na; anraaa to tbaolly bonrly Appply to J. M. WBirRiT, orla, U I. or RALR- <>R to I.PET POR tmr <11001RR A larpn wall aiinb'ad bonaa and pronnda at Tarrfnwn, In lla afy on iba rtl'mad, on Iba batika >( ibn llndann rlaarj 1 al n"tad h>r a boardlnp bmtaa or othar puHlo bnalnnaa. 1 fnmlinra If raqnlmd. rw nnr half wouM bn lat to a prl ? 'anally -dwonll anlt a dnntharnprntlaman' -M hatlnpfwo annaa Boat ba aaan m ha oroparly appraolatad apply Urn IIKRRT HTORM*. 101 Naaaan ptraat. oomar of ann n iba pmnataaa __ niTifrat. RRTTPTRT-ltR R tl ftPRKIir OAR AL RTRRRT, I>aar Varlrh (old do 17*. aaw en.) Inrltaa attan'lna to loop aad anaraaafttl atparlanaa [tally oparatlnna with tha r and haralaaa baanmbtng apaal (not frwaatapl. prarwatlna nahi Pi tow mdwala oTIi'R TO PRRTtflTd - I. HAKiRT?RWTIWT7Sif?R OP Ur R "akar lata of Tan lb atraat. wiabaa to aaaootata aalf wltb a pood maohantnal and anrfann danilat Ha can ianna trad*. (laU at. or addraaa IV KWtb atraat, taro dnora i of Broadway, from t ml P II conn -ro"? hai.r, the kixturwh a mo Put t\Jt 't'?nce ol sunk of rat'aurani ud * ioUa> |*l lar.v ?i ?3 Broadway pp|. ..u ha pr <wlat>?, WfwaJiM Sn'olook M' ?< aolil a> i cii oh valU^tioh run run le\me btoub pTOV anil flxturra of a en?l<< gronerv worth f?jn la aa rxueiieni louatoo. sicca ugn am surame isis is > nn oianoe a> the owner* bare to anil Apply tmmc lately In Ik* atom tWfi R'rhth ocnu 4tKl U I ~A "l K* r KT> N? KuR * HKB*ON #11H a <pO" " "i small capital. l>estrous to rntlrn from business. <hr adyrrtlser ?III anil t&e manuta .turli a reor tof a household ar> tl"ln wiib which he baa ma in tit (ID In Inaa U>aa four ? ?. lor tb* abma named amount. No rtak wbaerar, a* tba sata 1. for cosh and readily Hampton prod 11011 Address M Hood box l*u Herald office. JtMAlt oanh and a crrfdit Itp (Mil WILL BR OlfJJOUx ' en on the niocX of rho'cr f .ml v arooenea, 8xt ma, horse, wagon and h*rn*aa, and th-ee years unexpired I ansa at a very l w ?rn', of a aplep. I grooerv atom raised al tl.SCO, ho 780 <tr*enwteh, oornm of h mmood street. Hate la a bargain, aa the eu^aonber l?*o'n. ideal apply to < addree* for three days, B K. KOnLaR. #1 ?1 Ml -TO* SaLK, a WILL BHTaRUSHBB VL.' lUU. business oooaeeted with 'he lumbar trade. TW bnntaeaa baa paid from M 000 to W OUll for the la * tea years, The present proprietors retiring, will dispose of the shore at bargain, apply at He n mad war room 14 O 3 HllfM A 00 Si e/ut fur a braOtitullt rirreo ire and VliUt'U furnlahed aaloos 00 Broadway; tw billiard tabli a, Are years' lease, dolnr a good business, and n snow than usual good bai gain la ffer <d B1W18 A BOWTHWI''K. & bxaasu strew. <?1 anil F"K ON or tub UANIMOIOBT fttwl.Ot/U rd np vrooeries In Ninth ar>nae; new and ohoioely assorted >ock, faro .stile rent, most desirable naas , location, and doio an exoeUent ra e. | Itiufw A BUUTH^iltg 84 Nassau atiasA to lllin-ruR A HOTKL RKRTaURtNT AND IOl VtsA'ttV/ "ream saloon, fully and handso nely furnished and titled up. in a buali e?s thoroughfare; famrable lease sad . doing an exoeUent huainma. HMQ8 A HitUTHWlUK, 84 Nassau stress 45in hnn-"ORK ob lesli> ab knqdirrd, or V lv'?x ft fly New York Improved ol'y property, Ural elaes. to ?xchance for a house and three sores, near Pa-t Washington. Address Inralid, Herald office. Achan k hkldom orrKRBii-roR balb thb least, stack ard 0iturns of the onrner irooery sad Honor store No. 117 West Broadway *he whole bulli'lug will be It seed If secretary. It la tenanted with good a vine tenants, which let"** the tow free of rent The building nod flxtores re all In good order, and the ore t? we-1 stooged apply np the premiers where all particular* will he riven 4 oocDchancr-fur rialk, the rurnitiiaa alio lease of an oflloe situated In Maiden lane, suitable to a Jeweller or Importer of watches ooDH'atlng of Herring safe, deeh* Jewelry table he. apply to Mr, ma 114 Una au street. 4 COaL t aRI> FOR 8AI.K?IM O K or THE BEST l\ lMWtlons In the city for a flret ! family yard. It Is M feet front by hid deep, with a good brlj? < Ulc* and stabta, scales, fences and rer< thing. In first rate order. tnu?t be sold. Apply at tS9 Ninth arenue 4 BAKE CHAMOB-FERD 8"ORE FOR BaLE, Will \ stoch, fixture*. horse and wagon Kill be sold cheap. M applied to Immediately. Apply at 191 I lelai cey at or IS w est IPth at | 4 drug btohk PttR bale chkap-w'th kvrbt fV thing ot tnplete. and with or wt hout apar meets for n family a lease for three years Call <etwe- r. ll and I o'olncE at 104 Third ?" nue between Thirtwnth and Fourteenth sta An extraordinary uhancr For A HCblNBM mar having from sli een to twenty thousand do' art la ready naah. or an equivalent In oredl sad standing, to lake one . bal1 interest in an old and well eatabiihad imn t-un re b> stones oow making tnonrt, and In full operation; the largest aad moot extensive In the State Apply to C. 14.' HOMPSON M 1 Nassau stn et. Exchanok -first mortgage raii.roa ? sonde will be efhanged for property iu this ally or vicinity or n farm. No o jec'ion to merchandise C. R. T TTBN, 61 Nassau street. FOB balk?THE GOOD will, lraHE (FIVE TIsBS from the 1st of May) and dituree of a liquor store now doing an ex-eilent business, on the oorn-tr of Fory-eeeond street and 8econd avenue, opposite hr Kenond avenue Railroad depot Satisfactory maaous gives far selling ont Apply on the premises CDOR hale?a FIRST CLASS Mllk BOUND, WITH r depot, horse, wagoi s, Ac attached Apply at 71 Waal Broadway For balk?a vkkt nkatlt fitted dp seoab tore In one of 'he beat locations, cheap to oaah Inquire at IBB Hudson street CH)B RALE?A DIN I Nth rtA-tb N AMD BAR mitoatr rd id one of the most b s'nesa parts of the o'y now doing n business of 'mm E2A to gau per day. apply at 196 West si. CV'R 8 ALE?RTF AM KR R.TKI.ulTB LBNliTH IS r feet, tl fret beam, ? 'ret st-nkr coppered and copper h? tened, 9 years old *hr la *eavUv limbered d hi deal of armlor. ifrj fast, and Is a staunch w> boat, baa bran ihn oughly ovrrhanled and la la complete order N B ?All p raoaa barlug an; claim* againal aald ataaaaboat nan preeent tbem to (ha nbacriber for payment. JOHN 4 IIIi.LaRT, Bo 44 Plqe at rat rl RALB-ONK LA RUB 8IZBD HOLMR8 A BUTLRR double door Iron a*fe; alao. one tan b r*e eeglae and tubular boiler, la perfect order addreaa boiS.AUfl PovtoSaa. Forbalr-onr or the bbhttra abd ubojbrt atorea In ibe dly. d< tn( a good run of ou?to?. HoM aa account of the owner going to Ruropa. addreaa dugar. Herald office For balb or exchange?i.uui officr rruib tern will be ao<4 at leaa it an manufacturer's prions. Travelling ogrn a ran mat* large pmflta. C R TOTTBN, 61 Baa an street, aenoad etcry. ?BWBI.LlRfl ABD HILVtf R8B1THB.?FOB 8ALB. A BOparlor roller and many tenia In tha beat order, at IS la a reel, Am floor call from U) la the morning to 1 a atoaA la Iba afternoon JBWBLLKR'8 8AFB.-A LABOR 1ROB 8APR, P1TTBD tor hooka or Jewelry. for aale ra y low, to cloae a ma erra Original geoat SOU Oaa be aeee at It Ma Idee laae /officeof the new to*? wrojuht irob rail \J road llbalr Com poor Bo 8 Broadway enrner of tea I street few Tort.?Bteam angle* f? aale: a good eetdwd bawd steam engine of t *e ve bor e power, wtih beater sod pomp scathed, and la good ninnint order; will be so<d at a aada rale price Ap j|y at the office at ibe New Tort VrmagS Iroa Railroad chair "amp Shy. Bo g Broadway pOWBR PRROB tOR BALR?FOUR BOLLBR, DRUM X 4<>i57 lnalda the be*re?e, maou'aeinmd br R. Hoe A On*. N T , aow la uae for printing Prank Leslie's lludra'ed Bew? paper. In good eoooltl?o Oaa be aeen In op-r?k>c al aay time at No. II epriioe street HaTBH A KIBU POST OFFICE BOX fOR KALI ADDAR88 WITH OFX fer, No. 3 ri> S-TBaB IBtlMHB KIR 8ALB-PIVB HOKRB POWER, with boiler, ooffee mill ?nd rooster, nearly new Oaa fee seen at S7t Bowery, corner of Piib street Inquire al Be hmplre CHy Tea Warehouse, 81'latherta* street. Void A JOTiTR rw TCHMaKKRH .Nil JBWKL..KK4 ?FOM H.LA nd old e tabU bed store In a mod beautiful and eater prlalnr village ahonl four h nra ride from New Tort fey railroad for a prartlral workman bia I* a rhanee teldm ottered Tba atnek atore a.d good will to be sold cheap (or ca*h If arplled foe soon. For partrolam Inquire of MJOPBE A PWLLOWM, a' I Maiden lane, Aral floor a?AU*t 4?/*<t<aka I ARTARTBANT IT FIBABUR tkignkubLafli U offiee. June U, 1887 -Central Part -NoUoe la herafet rvea to all nernpanM of tmementa on lands la Ibe OastrW art thai their rent la aow doe and at net be Iramadlately aa* ded, at the Comptroller's offiea, No 8 Hall of Reno* da ha la HI the hnnra J II uid I n'etnaA .11 - - to pay tbrlr Ml bi iha Am dsy of Joly wot will h# mm tfdar?d at kirbi| fnrfattnd UM> rlgki to way;, ul IW m MM will ba rmwi 10 nthrr portlm JORBPH Rrwi, nnll??or of i*y ImiM EDORWORTH iBiMPARY, RURTOR. MAKM-AT A* A-lj-'flrnnd martini of iha atoakhnldorB of tba Rdg-wtwb (tnmpany, hrl.l AI thr cnapui'i <-?. A, Id -osioo >h? nd day of oar 1*6", ralad, thai A port*I mra'lnf af Lb* *> -fcboidarB of ihl? r? trpan- ba h>>M?t on In-artsy. Iha aaratiU day of J sir nit. At -latam o'alank A 'or IM purpnas of imnaktsrl^ Iha ripnllrnoy of ratifying th- Indaninr- of Irn-t tnbiatttnd to Iha BW 111. And ih-raht winding up tha affair t of Uta - pi 1 ny. And tha aoiiftc anon lArrttby bo gtrao by poblta?ima of Mb rot# Id tba Boaton Itoll. Adrrrtteor And Daily Tra-allar A trna oopy fWMi tha rnonrda. AttMt, J A WW 0. r>OW If. < bark I O oro. P-THR NffMHdR* UP OHRoOUrr LOUUB 1. orr mqiiaatrd to m?tl till* -Truing J una 27 A' 'h-4r nil? An 1X2 Rowrry ?? bnalnaaa of imporiaara will mm* bofuro tba Ixtdga Wy ordrr of Iha W. <? NOTIOB.-AT A WRRTT ?U ?P rtt'M R UP THB HRIBB i f thr notaioo of John lAwiwif And Mory 1 owalay, A? rraard, h-ld tbta day A' Manry H ata'a, 1' Rait of K Hi Mm. 1 bo ST broad war la lb la Pity, ibo following naiaad IMP# ?'? wara luianlmn-alr a romnUttra ? b?4*J' of Ik w prowil wbn appointed taa fblionlng uand int-itM mitt? in pro-urn rtfsatnrn to tha wrwoni for oblnloMg nnA<rlbntlo?A to aid ia miap'at'ag t*a I M Ift'la mada by Mr. Hayaa b-ra and lo Rngtaad In ntlala Um mi?bm th-ra dapaadl ig m bla -do- i? 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