Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1857 Page 1
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* V' V m TH WHOLE NO. 760& AWUVAToFnt TEAM8HIP ILLINOIS. TV* WEEK* un IEWK FBM CJLIF#EM1. IBftlfiL or |1,US,NT n TUiWBE* Deported Defalcation in the Branch Mkfc THftl and A?qaKtal ef Bed B^ewan en die Charge ef Bnrder. tunvcnvB run a mrt id pebck. STATE OF THE HABXETS. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AMD DfATHS, ha, ha, Ac Ibe United Maiea n.ail steiwbip Illinois, C. & Boggs, U. 8. N., oommaBdlog, left Awptnw?U June HmI'JO t M , sod Arrived at Quarantine At half past eight o'clock Kit evening. to brings the Onbfornia mails of the 6th Inst., 91,862,987 la treasure oa freight, aa<l 790 passengers. In Um Bat of passengers will be noticed the nam*e of 8k. J. B. Bowltn, Unled Stales Minister to New Granada, Judge LoU, et California, nnd Lieut & Mowry, 0 a A. Lieut. Mo wry, Into la commend oi'Kort Vuue, Beer* n numerously signed petition for the erection ol the bsw Territorial government of Arlsoaa, in the Gadsden jn rebate. The steamer John L. Stephens, K. H. Pearson, Esq., arwanai ding, left Baa Prime l wo June 9, at 9 1. a, with 711 pan sogers and 92,268,192 In treasure on fre.h:, 8419,329 ef which was oa fo-elgn account, and arrived at fbaaaa at 4 30 A. M. on the 19th. Jmae 18, ipoke steamer Sonera, for Ban rraacteoo, with pasaengers, bo., per DUnoli, from New Tosk Juoe 9?ail web The following in the natron lot or mu axtnom : Drexe) A Co 9.-00,000 ft bo )e b Bros .... 922,486 Wolfe,Fargob Co. Si9,6f0 Joho Pnelan, Jr... 10,400 On rr .... 900,474 Ne whoose, Spau b Bobb, BalleU b 00. 190,000 On 10.000 ! Hassan, Sherman Von Hoffman b C>. 7,000 j a in. Jbb,otn it. *r?aer Bbwktnd A Asptn A. J Piste 3,000 will 129,030 H Strybing 3,000 Am El. Bank 110,000 Thain A MoKeono. 3,000 Jhm Patrick .... 00,000 Band A Oo 3,000 K-KelyAOo 80,000 C. Mann 2,200 Coleman A Oo 00,000 J. B. Thomas 2,000 lbwa.Fltlenaer AOo 6I.P32 Alexander A Co... l.oro PVeeroso A Oo 30 000 ?? W. BeMginan A Co. 28,600 Total 81,862,1*18 Puraer E. B. Mitchell, of the Illinois, trill pioaso aoeept 1 war thanks for the prompt delivery of oar despatches. The following la tbe report of tbe nflnotr? June 7, at 8 P M., lal. 32 <>g. N , long 71 dec. 0 m;u. | W., spake whahng ?cbooner Valentine, Cook, of I*rovlnco tab*, Mass., with 116 barrels of oil: crew all well Jfcoa 16, arrived at Aaptawall United Hutes aloop-ofwar Saratoga, Commander Chalard,20 dayi fiom Uamptcs f^?r^v Jnwa 18, arrived at As plow*)! Unftad State* sloop of. wwr Oyana, nommander Robb, fram Baa Juaa del Norte, wMh 142 or Walkvr'a party. Jawe 18, arrived at Aaptavnffl United 'Rates frigate Roanoke, Cbpt Moo if ornery, 12 da/a from Hampton June IT, tbe United Slates frigate Wahaab, bearing the Araad pennant of Commodore Paulding, left Aunts wall it IBM, with tba 142 of Walker's party brought to aapin wafl by tba C; ana; destination probaoly New YofA. Jose It, bark J. R. Mora, from Point Arenas. Carta Msa, arrived at Panasaa earl/ In tba morning. wtth dot or Wafter** part/. TTiav wara transported to AspiaweiJ on aaaae aajr, and takes on board the Untied Hates frt ante Roanoke. Left at Aaplnwoll, Jane 19, Her British Majesty's ship sf We line Orloa, Captain F>aklae, and tba frigate TurUr, Aetata Doalop. Aaaa 24. at 8 A. II.,Int. 20 dep. 12 tnln. N , long 74 dag 4 tain. W , (poke herm. brig Abb/ A fOixatjetb, of New Bi dfofd, three da/a from Port an Priaoe for New York, all well. Tba -aotaln of tba Abb/ and EUtbetb, spoken on the Rub last, reports a large Are at Port ao Print*)?one bun Ared bouses homed. A trrasure train was robbed of 860,0C8 on tbe 7Ui of Jane, betweea Mamas Ilia and Collins, Mexico. mm of a Ibrbilgbt'i California Hears. [Pram tba Atta < al.tornla June 6 ] Bksee tba departara of tba last mail steamer later and mar* reliable intelligence of tbe fate of the ttooo'a eipe Ostoawn bar been received fbe main facts, however, af tbe total annihilation of the part/ under command of H A > rabb, la fully confirmed The outrage* committed by the Mencana on other American citizen* have been o certain Instance*, esagtoraied, but there la no doubt that many innocent persona have suffered severely Ten ox eMemeot consequent oo tba receipt rf the news of tbe mas saere at Oavoroa baa spread throughout tba interior, an 1 In rame localities efforts a*a being made to drive ibo il >u aaaa out of snob communities such a proceeding, ho we per, frill scarcely oe upoeia oy me (r?? nir 01 we **v to of the Roto, uJ evr.amly should bo diaouuatenar oed to No tneljaeDcy. Ito tml il Nop* Oty of Edward Mr To wan, on the Rtrff of being accessory to the murder of Janice Kin*, of WUhnm, was brought to ft term mat loo at midnight of the tot toot, to vhlcb hour tho Jury, aflrr aa absence of Ore minutes, brought to a verdict of not guilty. There va- no pr?o' alleged of bla oompftcliy In tb* murder t> warrant ton eoavfrtton, and tbta verdict bad been foeaahadowid goring every atop of tbo trial, lite accnoed. Immediately nft r tbo Court aojourt.ed, laft for Hncrasiruto It !? earcely probable be will make bio appearar * bore foe the prevent, at all events, aa tbo popular fooling la ?tll OMttrd against him rrrhmiuary political movomretn augur favorably for an anbvo and eichlag aampaign ahbo>gb tbo eieetina for . bate ilfoni tloeo net lake plana until toptemtor, candi tow for tbo various oflknea are alreadt a teaaclrvg thslr Otoiam, to auleUy nan v a win* ibo ruatn Tbo de ooermltc ooavrouoo will be bold on the 1 lib of Jult aad tbo rcpub Bean oot veotloa oo tbo Mb of the am mcith. Th < m Mt prominent goberaaurial aaptrant t? oaelonntor J til Weilrr. be bo la lite representative of tbnl portion of tbo democracy who favor tbo federal adm<oi*lrailoo aad the abtvatry t r southern wlag of the party la Ibta bait, bo ameouMere Ibo dppostttoo of the Hroderick eitq ?e. who wtll n?o every to rneore Ute aoruoaikm of >b<ur mm raj. 'i ale n the r-..r v mi n Ii In kardly prubante. however, that there wtll be any formal or open dem<>? torauen mine by tbo uaauroe<*fui faction aa waa the oatn a* too la l aocUoo for repree oiratl to to Oougrnnn Tho ( dera! appototeoo for this date baeo been yna'l bod, and entered npun tbo ditch* io of tboir reepretive d- t*. The nee arrival of Mr. <<xlecto- Ma blagtoi baa aaaatoaed great dleapuotntmert to U)o hundreds of anxioua an>i?4 ef paolliona la Ibt Cur torn House Tinselling aad quant mining hare been very ox ten Mvrly aad pre:I ably oaritod oa of late Rvdraulw mlo tog, at-o. M rasdly aupplaiitlrg ibe amine and rocker, and to noma souauee tboao latter Implement* bar* gone entire ty late oi?nee The shipment* of gold Atlantic ward, eo far from falling off are Increasing, ne appears by Ibe figure* lfon agrtcultoral lnteroate bare been vastly benefitted h* >be late eprln* rale*, aed Uirre la now a p-napect of a blr erap, ahbnof h II will be loan than an averse ono. A grand rxhibUloo will be given In thl* e'ly on the Tib of krptember, by the (tan Franol-oo Mechanics' A" Krtan -n II WIN, doubtloe*. prove not only aqonenafol, bet be vbe drat of a eerlee of annual fblr of e similar oho mover. the weather throughout the Interior bee been etrruoi totogly warm, alib nigh tne beat wae of ah rt ooaunu I to los mr knonlii.e* the meen-iry rose to 100 dap la tho wbada. There ban been no rain cf consequence during Ibo fortnight The In'srrat felt oa theanbjcetnf mountain wagon roeda Ml mm tine* and the railoui enierpt loee are la a fair 1* ?f hMc ntrrWd ?acL fti the i'bh. oo* of the Oallferyita Utage Ootrrwoyi orwkea left Oroville for Rneey I toe Valley. tne petal to wMeh the national road eu'era thl- rbate Jveat indignation la fell throufbrnK toe State agatast the Heraujoe of vail lake, mono the devaiop< monui mate by Jsdge IHumt-iond, la toe iet?or of declination, and the prompt aad emmgrtta action of the adnlalatra'Jon in the pr? (Mi rnirrrroilj ooaornoi Tho ,l.frwn*<w1 of <*oor*l John A. StaWnr wo* nol.l o fow Aoyo son by ihaKbarlff for ma m? o? $14 000 Tho >44 la oar, borrror, to to rotoio panaoBntna of hi* haouUfnl "Hock Form " . AivoriW ia ?h* "? ?* H'wIMcr." mi lorolunbla *ork roomily Uooad f. ob the prano. ChUformo ooouiiw W7,0$7 loboHMbbr _ . . . TW?irth of Joly will ho mora **onro!ly nnlobrolod Itoi^vtlioul tho HUio Who your thoo uoaol ,4rtl*a prapo rot. w? orn MT. wiy no font id *ovnrol of U?o wnintlo*. Iaiot *10* ho*o bono rnnolrad ftuwi1 <rrg?9, Bolt lAk? Mil WlublORUWl TonMfltV but tb*?0 to SO bow". In Ui. lUrlool# 'horo to lltolo dntor obrlHttot boor'* H .bM ?t Iho MotropoiiiM tJtho foBnsylVMLto Fire Ko ?Ib* (ompos; on the M , by J. * M rfbmMgfc to* Joco. oTior pooluble emfogomant * 9mr%mm?o, hoo gnn* to Ne.odO. . . tor ood Km. itowk or* oboui lb antartrr on *w->lr pro bwHuoo) lobar*. Thoy will (Iret op so* IB PtwwrrMlo Mb* n >.?< ( ho* 1) tared am 0 fbrrwoll oojr??or?-?nl IB feO'Mnootn prior to bor Oopwtura for thr ArtotiU- -hota* fho Hut Fronaieon Mla?trol< horo boon Orowtn# fjll bownoo In ibt. rtty diirtof mo fnriBtghl ho likm uiootro bo* boon rooponof nndor 0 nao ?? *to bow known no the Olympic toanorol honlih ho* pmrollod throuf hoat Iho *ot# ?lnoa wr to?l?0bll monthly |o*no A mooting of lb? bohon roolrtanto of Bon Fronotono ?' hal I on ?h? IM alt , for tho rurpn** of a*p oorlog thai dbtopprobotinn of u>? ronoBt optntntaoBt of R DorlAnim 0 tho Rorrflnlon Ooneol fbr Chilfnrnle A rtimmlllaa of ott ob oppntmad to propora o potWan hi tho K)r? of (to-dl ttt, wklBf the rrwornJ of Mr dbtMbob, m>4 tho ?Pp??? i E NE' garflt of one of ibelr e?n country men, Mr Freder!: fl'e--ta. to bia place The petiuon htm algned by two handred and fifty jerrota in Italian named dtefano Moktta. a native or aooa, aged twintv eight, was found doa/i la biB bod, at a lodging bouae on Clay rtreet, on tbu moaning of the lutb uli, the retott of continued ntos'catton Our nia>kal la supplied with delta!jot fruit fteapberlies, fi-im tbe Oakland ga>Jonu, cherries, blackberries and atrawtorties In abundance. Mr Ooddard, Purser of tbe .John L. "tepb"!*, wm tbrown from a boggy vrh'ie ridtng not to tbo Ocean House, on ibe Jnib nft . and received a ormminuted Oactnre of the right teg, below the knee -t meeting of n ttlcra w ?? bold at iho IVotillo on the 2Mb nH. A ?-Tiea of raaolnlima won named. urs'.mr the hoWlttg Of ftfi'l yltiC xinventioos at an early ia?, Ind rcConimtft^ig the en?v>-bmeni of a BeUtere' week !j I'iyir A kuAn tamod Philip )>rOWn, a native of I2v>jr,>'joJ, aged ?8, fell from the too of a bank <m ibo north stdo of ViaUtjo street, near BaUory a distance of thirty fjgt, Oh the night of the 22(1 ult. vhlk. a a'ate of ! clou, at km, and ?? instantly kil ed. Mr. Aloozn Ht'l, of tho firm of 0111 k Welle, auction and corr. miff ion' merchants, No 112 Sansonao street, was found dead in hta eleeidrg room, on the morning of thr 2fld oh., harlnc committed aniolde by taking laudanum, white laboring uicev oeproesten of spirits and temporary infinity. Deceased was a native of Kpeooer, Worcoater county, Massackseette. aged *8 years He teft several letters addressed to bis friends and relatives In the Hates A man named Cbas Hen 1 oommHied mtteido on the 21th nit, by shooting himself throngh tho heart with a pistol, while standing on Paclflo street wharf. Deceased had been a trimeter in Col Doniphan's command at Kama Ko, Jortng the war wPh Me j loo. Be had lived in California five years. He is charged with having killed an Indian in the mines in '62. A woman named Margaret Ball was arrested on the 2?-th olt, on a charge of tnfan tcide, in killing her two chlid, a mate Infant seven week* old, by overly tng and smothering it whlteshe was intoxicated She had been examined be fore the Police Court and held to answer on a charge of " luva untary mtuialuughlor " Mr Charles Gross, - merchant from Yreka. fell dead In the baD room oi Assembly Hall, white engaged m dancing, on the evening of the 20th nit Deceased was a native of &. lx>uis, Missouri, aged 28 years. Oauso of death, osaifl cation of the heart Mr. J mas Whitney, Jr , former Vice President of the California Steam Navigation Company, has been elected fralMft Iht company, vice Major .Samuel Uenrley, whe resigned in ooha> (|uence of 111 hoallh. Mr. Whitney's flrst ottiiiai act was to o der his cashier to nay the whole school lav on the company's property for 1860 and 1867, amounting to $1 260 Oa the morning of the 2Kb ultimo, about" o'clock, Are brikeout in the Bar rum restaurant, kept by Francois Martin, on the noulh side Of Comroorclal street, between Montgomery and Kearney, which eaten.ted westward along Commercial street, to a large brtck but ding on the alte of the ikl Pulka fdooo, and on tho en >. ward to the Clayton saloon and reetairant, kept by Mr. Collins. An Italian, named Iawresso Jjuootle Kranctec.1, aged 23 yearn, who war employed as a pantry man u the Btrnum rertaurant. waa burned to death. A German woman, named Mtna Herder or Hosier, was sleeping in tho third Morv of tho same build ins when the Are brokn out. hnt saved by jumping Itito a blanket which tho Aremou %?ld lor biT in the street below. The probable !ohx. alt told, amoosn to 1-10,000. The billowing la a list of (be sufferers:?Arism Cannon, owner of tbo Barnaul restaurant, W 000; Francisco Uarun, proprietor and lessee of tbo restaurant, >4,000,1), '/erker, clothes renova tor, >600: M. louts, boot biacong establishment, $100, Kusbcll .v brothers, hat itoro, *2.000, Simon Jacob), f 2,01)0; Col 1'Df & Ti'Vuny, ?*aglo bat ^tore, >7,000: Diana ralocn, unoectipled, ffro-, V Oitvard, fl.uOO; Jacob lluber, Cerman saloon, >1 000: K Pan^ney, $1,000; J ulna Davids, >600; J R Snt rter, >600. Tt>o following persona, who reside on Sacramento street, opposite tbo Oie, were sufferer* to a ooneteeia lie ezteDt: D Norr.roes, dealer In military guide, tegaiia, Ac , >l,'i?0; M. Knrkowsty, dressmaker, >900; Mine. Bro'>et. lace store, >300; M. KalowsPI, mil Untr, >1X0 , U Uv.ufort and B. Carson, engravers, 9100 The leacburs uf the public schools of this city hare declined to rename their labor? at the opening of the schools an Ices some reliable arrangement bo made for the payment of their sa ariue as they become due The trtalof I?aae Ferrt* waldmo, late bookkeeper In Wells, Par go A, ohargrit with grand larceny of a bar of gold, valued at >1 .066 40, wax commenced before Judge Krerlwo, of the Umrt or Sessions, on the 2Tn> nit. The caee occupied several oays, and rvsulted la the die- 1 charge ef the jury, who wcro unable to agree alter being ut eighteen ho era. They a eod eleven lor conviction ana one for src<u.wa]. A brutal ring fight, between two draymen, named Church an" Ford, took plana on Manga' whsrf, on Monday evening, June 8, which wee witnsesed by two ban dred per sew* A rumor p'evolls charging ui ihrw. w.y, mm* refiner at the Untied Blatoe Branch Mint, with Uelhlcatlea to a large amount, callously stated at from >100,900 to WOO.000. Ool Barasrtby ban made over all hie ytspwiy to be held In trust for the Celled 'kales government ggarnet ?ny deflcteoey which may be chargeable te hlas. The wastage at the Mint is Immense, owing to the ba41y oorstrudsd chimneys and ri ies. A large aaunnt of fine gold dust ssoapen and la lodged In the chimney and upon the roof or the Mlot and adjoining bouses. The sweep Inge from tho roofs of Davidaou's building a mounted to three hundred ounces. fJeven bead red and cignty ounces were collected from the chimney after two and a half months work. A match game of cricket, between the Ban Kranctaoo Pioneer Clue sad the I'nton Club, came off near the I'nloo Course rn the '3d tel., and resulted ai too triumph of the Union Club. M. Kugene Yeatan, formerly editor ef a French paper called Lf Oourrier d> California has been mlsstnr several days from his restdrooe. ar.'l It ta be'jeved he has oom mtued suicide: he ado reused letters to several uf hia fr auds eapeessing bia lntooi on to destroy hlm?? If. lie leaves a wife and family in this city. Blrlki, Marrlagss and Death/ In Callfumhb MM, Mrrra ? In r%n Frsceisoo, May 10, the wife of Mr. F. J. Mrt'e, of a daughter. R?at ? In ?an xvancisno en dedneeday mc-ai ig, May 87. lb-wi'e of O-irge A. Hart, dT a son. London an J Now fork papers please copy uunn i nirn ?Tirrrr ?In run ?>*noUroe, an the 27tb Intt , by the K< ? R. ItAiiOi'Ur, Mr tieorgo U lirnblll, lornwrly of Mart lend, U> 11. m Meltnda Vrtteli, aft) ulnoy, til h I1.\(,kkki?k ?iu Hen KMorteco, on the 2HUi ln?UM, b> II. H. llu.irabao, Jiutien of the Peace, fltnry Helffth to Terera lUgeoteyer, bth of Han Pianc-ifo liter ca Kontn.rii. ? fn Kan bran tiara, May 24, by P H. Raera'ae, .laeiiee of the rrace, Char lea Martxlle Lu tan to feeira Rodriguez, Iwh "f Han 1 ranctaco Vu*?- l.a Rove?at tKklend nn the 'llth inrOujt. by the Hon and Rrr. Han, It Bail, itaoage H. Vme, tit.j., w> Mlea Hai Aft Kate La Ko?e IKT?*a- Bam.m ? In Han Praocleoo oa the 2Mb tnatant, at the Church of Ht Praacts by the Very (tor Joba > ran' I lobar la, Pttar Luna, ill-, to Mine Margaret Maria Brrgln BAijrwiw-Tdi> rum ?Tt? .Kan Frauolaoc In Trinity church, or Ton- tar ereolag, June 1, by tlx Her. Johe L Ver Mrht, It n , ha'hfc H I Aide in (laM-cf the I . t Nary,) to MHe ' trnMha C Totfree, both tf Han Pmnr.b >. Tjffarm ? la Han Pranciera, oa IT.jraday morning, May 2ft, by betag burned to death at (La bre or Owimrrrial rUtei, Loreeuo Tnovneti, aged 28 yean, a ualre of Nnpler Perrer ? At Valued#, Cam-era* oenoty May X> Be beooa Ikckrr, aged 3 teara anl 10 aaaatfta. McPajta ? Is .-an l'raacleco, on PiMay, lid Inelant, of abnw**oflhr llrer, Mr fvter McKeana ttrmerly a m*o her of Youag America Lnglao Company No la, a native f Canadt, aged '!? rear* Hmm -In Nan rranetrro, on Huoda-. May 31, at the reetdeace of Jaroe* H. P-ager, Mr. Raraf. Hough. In the 4Mb year o< hta age, formerly of Nathta, f?' H. Hi laivab?In Han Praactana, oe M rod ?p. the l*t mat., Mr. Tbomaa Hulllrao. e natlre of lrelaa-1, aged 'it yean. Sam fUM no, Jm* *?Kreotag. Fiorit.?Palo yeetorday of 2,Pott berrele 4. mantle moor Ine on pr Irate terror, Jobber ?ai?e to <f?? of 200 qenrltr varke ilrrgrv and domerue at ft I a tit; 0*0 do doroea-kl cr1 200 an. do. at ftl2 60 a (1.1 ft't; 160 do aclf raiting at (lft WM*?T,?No raiea hare hern reported. Bttui ? i.-.OO bag ? roid at ftl 70. Oat*.?No rale* reported. Pcd?r>.? ? i.% h?g, new vat to lota at 1 V.f fa art?16 re -ee 10 lb Una ouAIl. bread *ou4 at tta., 1ft I? i o on prlrnte term*. Chtoi ?we Jrklne Knetrrw rold on term# act made peWtO 1'ohalt barren t'rannleon tannery attfa A mm! (0 hoi? do. do. oa prlTom term* to** Hoona ?4P0 eaar* aaaortn I Vnfliah fooli arid ua peltate tor ma. s?i <a?.rr ? raeaa Cbamb'rtr.ln'i aotd at I pi r MM. fS jr?*>0 home Hlll'r No. 1 aoU at fin. Rr4 .-it?>ale of *> nrtarre loo prom at Wc ; UN do. to arrive < o peltate term* * at>?rr?> hate Aworlraii lift proof ?odd oa prorata tiia?Tlra ptpoa New \ urk mined (li aoUl to arrive an private t'rma. t?i tmr Jib plpoa eaatrrn pure tpirtta aotd to arrive oa Mftn? not .ilated. Brutftn or Ti iitit n? -Hale of 1,000 fauna* at 7dr N tit*? ?30 k< f* a aor.'. i i .<o* wild oo tern* not atatod. (em \r?400 hht? Riwe-jdole anld at If. n?iu iht?tM> donee p.rlii, aaaorted at/no, eold '<0 pelt*m> trr inn I> <w? I HO bolt* Mmint format ituik, ?ar<oin> auMb*r*, old on private tartu*. thr Twtf. mimt ootnwi:, i? i.?tbotttk*. Ravraautr June II.?frtn in* mauli for II 0X1, mile heat*, heat Ihrie la flat, In harm** H. Wood run named jr. f tee troir rroetrad forfeit Horace Jntua named blk g. Una be paid fortelV (la MnnUaf afternoon a trotting (br 33,OOP mil* beau, beat three la flv.*, la harnem, will take pi are over the Centre*tl e Omrre, between br g. Mv?r Rtfora end a m !/?tp I't-hftetd. Rnth theae n?g* tall from Ikiwa faat, rnd have broef ht hara with them a laryn ar.mbar ri lira Yank era w ih ?? let* well tlti.wi with the wherewith la bank ibrtr opinion- on their farnrltao Roth btrnoM ara Ib'-ra to b? rael_M>)rr Rower* bavin* baalea I lard Road on the Ttil-n Conr *. -.-dth fnly. MM, in 3 M?t *?? It; and Fp<t* Lrtr b field"? |erfortn?nren ham been equally an good o? neveral of-ralon#. n? b*tflnf oa ihg ram In IT* # W YO | . 4 . ?- i - - ??T * SUNDAY MORNIX ANOTHER OUTBREAK If Mlft'l Nlirj .- .www- : i Attack on the Police and Quarantine . Buildings* SSYEBlL PV1MRB EBPOETED KILUh The Military Ordered Out b7 the Shfrift, Au, Ac., Ac. iLMM SAutb, June it?10 P. JL. ths Sheriff of Richmond county, Mr. Lockmea, oue wr rlnoe cease Into the village of TVjtnpkJiwrviUo and stjjsd that while at borne, near Rl-iiroaDd, be*ween sight au4 nine o'clock, ho received authentic notice that an attack had boen made upon the pottoe, employee and buildings at Seguine* Point, that urearma had been free:/ used) ' that many peraona bad been killed and that the property would undoubtedly be borne! or otherwise destroyed. < hi the trength of this notice and behoving it to be true, be came into the Tillage of Ton pkinevllle and peremp torlly ordered the entire military and Are company force to repair forthwith to Segulne'n Point to arent them in protecting the property and pre serving the peaoe; and ero king several military and fire companies wore an their way to the Point In anawor to the sheriffs call. The Sbei iff tarried In our Tillage but a few moments, only long enough to giro bis orders, and then proceeded to other parte of the island for the purpose of giving almi lar orders. 1 can hardly believe that tho BherJTcan be humbugged. It la not doubted In Tompkinsvllle by any citizen. One thing can be relied en, viz: that what I hare stated of the Sheriff's action here is oorrect * * * NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA* Proposition for the Settlement of the DtiM cnlty with the United Stntra? arrival end Departure off VI.(hunters, die., die. By the arrival of the itoatnahip Illinois we have advices from Panama and Aspinwall to the 10th lnirsnt. Tie it pinwall Courier says ?The only news of importance we have from Bogota is that a proposition bad been presented In Congress to give the President power to sottle the aid guxi} mnwvco ujw vurnou oumob kuu iiaw urutit. iv lta Dot paMed, and Ihoocb there wen possibility cf it, the prevalent opinion wan It woo Id aot " OVR TARAWA OOBRKdPOKDKMK. Panama, June 19, !S47. Jrrixt' of PtlQ''Xrrrfr<m%mJuan dd yorU~T%t Pc atur IknpalcktdJor (he Raiane of the Party, its. An American berk, J. R. Mora, Captain Rartiett, from Pnnta Arena* la teolve dajre, arrived thla moraine, having 804 at Walker'* capitulated men on board. Ooe man, or the name of Jooea, dUd from exhaustion am the p*anga Moot of Uie men are la good health, though Kookicg sickly and many of them very dirty. The Mora wa* chartered (or $16,000 for the trip to Panama. The Roanoke ha* I net arrived at Aapiawall, aad will leave wftb the nllbneier* lor home. Ahont 800 of the deaertern had been *aat by way of Seraptani to Ran Juan del Norte. The Herat r proceed* from Pent* Arena* to Ban Joan del Bar to bring off the lick and wounded and the women from there. The Mora did act fall la with the Hecater. ? no aewe la Ooata Rtea; averytbtug we? very ^UMIi The aliver trata between *MfoahU)a ami Oaioaaa waa robbed of 8IH),Oue. [Prom the AmCourier. Jon* 18.] Oe the 17th laaiavprnDeiled Btalee aleop of war Cyaae, Captain RobS, dbmmaadlng, arrived at thw por from Ran Juan del Norte, with one hundred aad flirty-two of the Walker folk a, bringing all that waa there (X their 118 were of the army, 13 were female*. 8 cl'tUane and children. One of the eoldiert, V*. Bafley, died ;u?t aa the ibip anchored, and ooo of the civilian*. Thoa Edwards. came aabore here and remained. The ktwdneaa oi the fMwi or the Cyaoe, aa ray th* partieithom teivee, waa beyond all praise. They fed, I slg?d an-1 Vthed them, with do liulo inconvenience to ibcmaolree, ar. i wt?b such cordiality aa to call forth the warmest el premion ol gratitude. Ib^y ipeak well, loo. Of the eou duct of tbe i'D*lre part), raying that aot the a 111 liter desgrceeblc ncrurrrnco of discourtesy or Iraasareseton o tbe role* that had been laid down traoiptrcd during tbe pannage. Ofibc partv, 27 were belplo,* from aoree and w.un la, and urarly 60*lsk. A friend on board informed ua that Coloaai Qanty atalea there are bet ?*rn four ana Ave hundred m we (Including deserter*) of Walker'* me* In Coata Ktoa, and that one honored hav. determined to atay :n the HMM| aad go to work Captain Rohh expr.wsee great ihllgaiPwa to Captain Woolward of the W.-rt India royal mall steamer Thame*, for the courteous Sled are* of towing hi* itnp in o .he far bor of Ran Juan del Norte, on hi* arrival there, when II was *ear night, and be c Did not otherwise bare gne* in. We ooverved that the Orloo sent a large launch aad two boa's Ui aid In the transfer of the dllbmter* i>om I ho Cyaoe to !,> Wabash Tbe entire party were transferred (with the ev epUon of one who could no* be removed) on the altr-inoouof ibe 17th Instant, and tbe Wabash set ei that nlrbt f ir New 1 ork or New Orb ana, to be derided on after teav'ng port. Among ihose being-conveyed to the lotted Rules id the frigate Waha'h J> Mr John Tabor, formerly tbe editor of Kl Atoara/7Ucwv, at flmnada, when Walkor's gr rernniesl was located there. Mr. Tabor a recorwrlag fro?o the ef foots ot a bad wound In the thigh. <u the party t -tat iwae froui Areyvrwn were Oota (rouarrl and MbD*mM: tbe for Birr wa? on-' *i im origin*' an, bb J toe eel y or loo I pro m"trd on ibe (laid during the war, and IwH for gallantry the laltrr *er?ed In both I ha Cuban Utile Menng evpedi itona, nod baa barn in Mrrtc* rooataotiy rone Iba -oin meucenwDl of lb* war io Nicaragua llo taa a? awad" Col leoaard ha* abed woaa I, which wmpela tnocoewaat arc of era <bes. Mr Wrbeter, who w*e er panned Io h*ra baaa an ageol of \ anderhtK towa-da Ooela (Una, ud ab<> sua appftrg to ha the agn t af hlmeetf, paaead through ihl* cKy a dar nrtwoetaeeoa bta w%* to OoaU Rk-a, In company ? h Mr. Harrfe, of the Arm cf Morgan * Herrta. Wetwter I* raid lo bate nbtalred Mia right of way arrnaa (ha VWara gua tma*it from (net* Rio*, aad Mr R gaa* to *oe boa enfe I be mauer la. We understood hot a few daft alooo from a nrj > ond arttb rltv. that tbo OoaU 'tkarr bare ' rrttled tat ration to bold Ihiau Arena* a thus loan dr NnrU. Row pialr ly U?? rloud* gather, and bow little ih chance ol opening the Nicaragua rente for a tang time V arma1 The Rr it rh deem frigate Tartar arrtred here en the <A tart from New i?>inan* aad raloled Ooa tojlding * be i otraarc lain tbe barhrr. The rourteay aae duly aoicoo* lodged from tbe W*i>n<h. on lb* 11th itrt , a dinner war rlrea at tbe Aeplo** Houee. leCom Paulding, Hon. Mr. Bowhn, and a re* f the reeidrnt* of tht* city the Caned HUtee eloop nf war turning*, Cbpt. fre. Ob lard commanding. arr red here on the 1Mb (net, trot Norfolk Quite a a umber of the old crew ao emr e teemed here, bare been detached or tranet'erred Tbe un< tr a and bin clerk, the pareer nml hie e. erk, and he a**K aat ->ar|eon air all new ffceer. the tlrrl, too,? trle*lag. but we nnder.-tand he will anon relnta the efch Che goue tn ? *j town ia a day or two. opoa the enme n rloa ?a that of the CNane, to I ring btthor tbe devUtate d eerier* ami other? or WnJher'g army, who bare re .-utg gathered tbrre t?eorgr Petri*. Rat) , bar ar timed the offie* of naaagr of the Pnrlftc "team Mar gallon Company on th e orwei.n lieu <0 John Malheenn, Keq , who m about golr, to Inland ?Rior aad MrraUt. awe from* the Month Parlflr. The ItacMr Ween Navigation Company *a etentnnr Tlngon, daft*1" Wyld, from (Allan, May JCIh, arrtred at I'aaane rm the nth met. Hfce bring 4.1 paaeeegere, HO# peokagee of frv-gbt, Ad |'J( ,,V0 in e pee to for Europe There le no new* of Importance from Chile; eogrni it to meet on the l.'dh of Jure at HanlfAgo M. Ndled, Preach Cenenl in Chill, ha* applied to the forerametit (Jr the r volant ve privilege of working the copper mntr Wrmt nppoetiion le made to th* application, k egpertrd, will not be granted \ Irani o I* etdl el Areqnlpa Re ha* the A; -rmvc are rnlemac it -emcr* Willi at aar.hiw In Mar fh<- rrencJI ai>rt Fii| U?l. Miutatora barf fuarantrad to ,"Vri proton* rate over lb? Cbincha la Ian# lor ten jcara Huiiow li very dull. Aw Tupoht^wt l,?b? Ornra Dwinrov. In 10ply to a Irtmr fr<>? a aouthwratoni (laM! offlrr) ryfitnr,

taking for informtion non corning pi1 "m>iif>r??n land* wtthdraen ffm market ftr rallr ?d pTirpoapa. ir. vice of t*? prori?ion? of the art of J J Jnne 1K5A. tbf CommlwAi trr of the Innd OflW lae , dc irted- lot. ThA* wbrrr thr aettlcmrot wm made wttfi good faith ho/ore the pawage ?f thr lair, and ' all the reqirtremonta o' th* art of 1MI hav? ham not by tlx- party claiming, ho *w on tit led fo tie. aohaoqiiootly to the 1 aOHOge of the law, hlo dacWmtlon, a oumrnt, ana prove it np. an woll wi tbo edd numbered aection* a* on tbr oron. 2d. Tba? nviba act of Id March. IbM, (chapter 143,) arttleiidnta with a rfrw to pre-emption am aothonaoi) 0|wwi th? alternate r?aer?rd nrcl<JMi at an? time after wt hilf??al <tad prior to the dual altyuMM by tW t'wwrolLtod Offie RK B G, JUXE 28, 1857. ARRIVAL HP THE STEAUSBIP IXWAfl. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EUROPE, yW^/'-V'X . nisws i.iinruKriTii CodmIi, 93 1-8 for Account^ Jbo, Ac.. Ao Hr* sun do Lorra, June 17,1847. The Canadian k?? ?i-i?m>iDip indlau, wtth advisee from Liverpool of lbo iTtb test, passed tht* point in bar peerage ' > Quebec and Montr ai at sji at y hoar Jim momirg Jior advijoe, though for Uaye inter, nr.j irboUy unimportant. Tbo riottuorf) O.ty of Baltimore, from U. erpo.,!, and North Sar and Hermann from Southampton, all l'or New York, nailed on the same day aa the Indian. The American iblp Pobera arrived at the Wool wich Arsenal on the 13th, hiring on board six breach leading gana manufactured In Now York bjr order of the British government. It waa nbderetood that arrangements bad been perfected for running the Canadian lino of (teamen between liver pool and Quebec weekly instead ef fortnightly as heretofore. A contract wan also to bo immediately entered into for building a number of new and more powerful steamers The funeral of Douglass Jerrold took place on the tif toenib, and was attended by a large number of Uto most eminent men of literature and art. The "treat Ham ol festival took place at the TrystaJ Palace, Sydenham, on the 16th Inst. The baod and cb urns numbered twenty five hundred persona, and the attend an te was very large. The baptism of Ibe Infant Princes* of Tngland look place In Ibe chapel In Buckingham Palace on the 16th nat She was named Btatrloe Mary Victoria C nsots dosed at 93 \ for account. GREAT BRITAIN. Both houses of Parliament were engaged in considering the Jews' Oath aud Disabilities bill. The Roman Oatbollo amendment had been defeated by 888, and on a test question the I>IM waa sustained by 311 to 301. The Ionion Ti /tfS advocates the ahoiltlon of (tavery in Cuba aa the only effectual moans of checking the slave trade. A public meeting had been held at Ash too, under tna auspices of the New Cotton Supply Arso. ation llcso I lotions, similar to those adopted at Liverpool, were I passed. FRANCE. Keel ion matters remained without change. In Paris the opposition tickets were divided. Tbo official returns lor ISto show a great laeroaae in the Imports and esports. 11 WU runuruu ium ???vc mi .uvtvjiw n ib tb'i Emperor of in trerrae.ny, in luly. The Ork-nolit republic to fueicn war in full tor-*, doing nil it could to luiure the return of nt lenrt n few dopui.on. BKLGIUIL Tbe- toeing ot the Seeetons had been format'y decreed, ae well an the adjournment of the bill on Charitable en ta> i ehmenla. SWITZERLAND. The National Council bed unanimous** rat! tied tho Ntuchaiel treaty. AUflTRI A. Auntr-a van making further conceM'ooe to dao rtaaa. Rumor* were rife of a coe Terence of the poteataUm of tbe Italian Stater. The Pope of Rome, the Kniperor of ) Aeetna, a. King of Mufln, wad ?uia??, it war aald aouH amebaprrnmd e?*. Tbe Emi eror and tapren were to embark at Cronetadt oa Iba J3d of Jam*, Tor a loerta Germany, auJ to hare, ll wen reported,an tnlerriew with the Eknporor of Kranoe at Wild bad, In July. Tbe trade reporte from SL fXerihnrg deeerfbe burta-ee tarery dnil, with vary few arnrnle ef foreign order* for grain. RUSSIA. A treaty of commerce between Franco and Roaeia bne been farmed Tbe French M \Ururdt f,? FT-& rrsKtabro a f?tter fion tMiietepol, which aoi-erta (hat the eraeetn mired la the' harbor were three which were founded In lUiloe water, receding but "tight damage, wlUle thee *unl> ae barrier* were embedded la the aaad. RAXONF. Tbe whole k .ngd. ei of Heiooy ead rr. wt of the fr ni (mhtiee were risttod by an earibouakn an the Tlh .artant Th-< bouee-. tremb'ed, aed great onaMcrnaiioo pre railed am erg tbe people, but happciy there were no ee-lona con b^iufBcea. PORTUGAL. Tb i Kltif of Pert igal had enmmunlrAW to the Orrtee hie iBtrnttoe to ehortlf contiart metrlmottle' *ni?n-?>. ft wee belter *1 that lb eeoond dvghter of tbe Duke m.l ban of Bararla weald be the LIVBRPOOL MARKET. f?m 'he hirer mj! Courier jane 17.] American and Canadian wb'te wheat At 4d ? KW , and r*d and sited be. aP? ?M Floar? <?hte, ;i3?. a She. Ad.; Ibtlladeiphia, Jan. a ?>. M.. t.saadian, .tie. a Ma. Madame tier tenlga'i ( nikm. wolh'a rooms la- ( eren'.a/, w; 1 ;?4 Mi a tenctbr 'WM* mau; <a this city mint to- the lent re at arary lovrr nt (tend muato. Tboo?'i th? <-.nuert had hot aaitted ad ear **m, Md la aptta of U>e Malord*; ooootnf aad opyrowire beat, tbern ?m a ??r> fair atd'.acce to miou limy, who Soto ib?- fair mrtut* a flattering reception A dtv? from "LinJa," ta which u? wae ably mwub-d by M Pr^aoii, drew the n?<*l enUoaiwtir approt at <?, but tho oud am o rblaarnred in Tain In aerura a -epatlttoa. M Amndlo ?aa unfortunately bonne, but rno-larod "V )*r1(tontlnfl" and a aolo from "Tre. lata" eery win, whila the spirit of bla luet from "Ruin*trio." with K Brlsnoll, operated Ilka aa e| otrte. aboek Id tla atirrie* nJbct Amolto'n notes cama with a folium tad roundnane characterirtlo of b m elf, while the Oar, dietlnol aad dellomni aotea of Brijrnoil combionl to render the duet a too eeeu. fmrlrr the or-mlnf Moor tioyoa perform ed MTcral rf Tbnltorc't aoloe, aad with toa? era dft. A faotaeta front "Hrntimmldr," on tho at-aander harmob raa re-ptlrfJ om eiertl ui f*om M. R Vllaooea amid the meet drUci./ro -oandr., there la occasionally a rperiaa o( e Ui thia Inrtrumaat rery apt to re mind n*>e tif the U.irrn. t mueldau who played u|??n aeren u'.flerrni iL.iruti. rt- dt" ^.iwlo all at nar,e The (em 01 the reams ?* , like th? p.oat enrory d.ah of the ept ire, -ertrvid for ilie laet The reo-<erlB( of La m^rr tt I'm /en/, t>> Madam* 1401 ten, wae indeed rrorth all the rod ell the oapntOMtoa af b*r yoioo?it* robime, pooer, |Mix? ano in'eaal'm ?were called into anion, anu ma t.a(e?l with the inn-i art.nUf ability. The b<*i*e tonkl barely refinm from bu-/da oftpplaraa duriu( tho 'Boat tonnhiap parte, at ?1 ladnr 1 none or twtea a tiui-r Morm dM errapr hhe abri.tnli ly art ted ber boamre with her, aad hit proem! thai at arrond not men to la <-r?ofs, who by the way na? n -??g the andioaae, ae were ale 1 a number of other mni . oriel* Hie* ftri,-no?i save d-iring ' -e erenirf a rom.inrt 'row " la Rpta wht-h, tho-.irh ? tly marred by a bl .tdar of tho (rnbeman who pUrcJ 'be ana incontinent. wae de * rnrdly Wi ll reeou *J M la ra.rn--.Uy to b<- hoped thv Ma-lame (mr/anc* ? !1 (tre the New VaiU pnblf an ap| ertiibttr to h- <r h?r u ''Travutla. ' in WlieA eh-- hae Km. st sii at . >< f.l ,4 a!'l A sail iKhl wa arr r. * la m opprnativr Urno otir fe'l * < Hirnaaif ihct; ty of WAhmly um ?>?t|lit?r)r, imoniiiiTtii jfin*NN aottrw, or mutvim. The Ortuh of thi*> dlatlnftiioliatl grrti-man I* ?hu? ooU.w?t by ? rnrr?M|v<riO<'Di at Frankfort, mo-It <1sU> May II: - I have *o inform you that H rgootart-r -,<n*vh died no the 7th Inet , at Utr age if >*4 yara He hail Itwn la lb? aerrtor nf At n fat W> yrara, and donor that tang j*> tied but car. rr ar alike bonotahla In bMnanlf anl uaeftii to hi* fellow tillMtf, At Iba Oat,great nf Vleont l.t? ai rrtloBt naproially <nttiniiniad to 'he re aatahl #nnmnt of the tidntn rdrn'-r nt tin ft%n?e fnwar anl their ra option aa member* of the l.errmn OoriHwlrra'tna Id l'? ha o* rued lhe free ran'# i.tou < ! the W. ? r an )?a? On Oral l?> urge the arqnltiti imf Hr? mnfharrn, note ar ra'tiahl* l?t the t'ada nf Britni ft. Bf wnftid, by a tnrtaa of n an merrlaJ Irntlw aaltl it ?d Shunt, ttrattl, If , tba remgrttton of the Italian foann aa Iho pymlmat p uta of tietmost ftportal rn. Otn f-t?h't?hmfnt of no tvK *R A gr'af mimhrf of ut< omM lo*?|lntloti? of but oalHanVy n?* tfe-U ratahltanni ot t? ht? caro and lalicl inor >'r ?aaaln> ll*tlo?uFhn<l aa an antbnr. For bla i?*ann >-t? 'l>n IH-rrl> of Bartfal n of tleera, tba t 'Hirer ft) o 'Irr- a hi eftrreo on til n la 1*11 Urn tnitmr of f.f. Jt H irr< tnanu r I'n 'th ban tin> direction of the Itava tmmit ] >f foreign Aft?i-a nf Urnntm. a ad tir a king mom ororiotn *i hie death ba r*prea*rt#d that ellt In the Merman I hat, f bata bla ft*at Ht|?Hrt>ot an I anuod prbfbobl TtoFI on , t "ir>l for bla reopect aod uol jiaof, t [ERA The lhvmi|wrt Tlivatrti ol rrnublr. UWTkJUt OF MB. A. b. DAFINPOHT amd MIO. LUZ1B WlftTUN DAVBHPOBT. On the evening ( tbo 9th of June a imm oconrrad id tbo TOMlibuW of Burton'? theatre that hu given rwn to cooeWlci able ,;ow)tv ud tcanlnl, and tho peritee to which wore do leee prreanagee than Mr Mwin Kurr.wt, Mr. a H. Davenport, Mr*. Lizzie Wenton Davenport < bus wife) and Dr. Ouaokrnbnr. The eireumala&oae attending that eoctv. and * bleb led to tt, ue hilly detailed in letters from the parlies rooel InUr-ted, which we give below, Those artisut are well known to tbe theatre gvjxg public. Mr, A U Pavooport giaduaied from one of the wut'eur dramatic associations in thin city, where he wax quite a star as a juvenile tragedian. He ovcotrally obtained an engagement atth* Breed way theatre, wtaire to noun raoke<J bl| h 10 a first da. n walking gentleman. In lkVI he . rrracJ a matrimonial alilunee ?,m MUa Uu*e Wwwit, at -hat time the leading octrees at Uurton* Chambers street theatre, and an orfi$U of great personal beauty, aa well aa rare prom lac tai bar profession. aiaoe their marrlago Mr. and Mm. Bavanport have played alar engagements throughout the country, and were every wbnrc received with great flaver. They both excelled In comedy, and Mrr. Davenport ranked deservedly high aa the perrooA'.or ol heroines in javenilo tragedy and the romantic drama. Their laat engagement waa at the Broadway theatre, where they did the loading holiness during the peat season. During this engagement Mrs. Davenport played Juliet la " Romeo and JnUet" in n manner lo justify liio warmeat pralaea. She baa Uta advantaga of youth, groat personal beacty, and a genloa for bur profession. It was at the r.loee of this engagement Hut' a mienndor standing arose between Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, which baa given rise to ao much unpleasant scandal. In justice to both partita we publish their letters, that the niblkt may judge fee ween them, with the understanding that this end* the controversy, 10 far aa cur coluaua are con corned, both partios ha ring had their nay. MK. a. a. PaTBNI'UBT'a LKTTKiC to mn kiiitona on nm ,v*w touk outrun.k. C,rtvuw*N?I am aware that I have but little right to la trude tbm upon your time nod space, yet sa tbe woak may always claim the protection of the strong, I may at least solicit your Indulgence, while I do not aek or seek iba sj mpaiby of any one. Ware the circumstances In whtcb I ant placet fully and correctly understood, there would be but llttlo need of explanation; bo. they are of such a suture that a tu-neo of delicacy and regard lor ord'.uary do ?ney will not permit me to ptro thorn wtdor publicity ban they have already acquired through thu medium of foeelp, rumor and scandal. My object in thus addressing yon in to give a true and well eaetamod verticil of an of lair which baa been tbe subject of muobcomment in many of our city journals On lho owning of Tueaday, 'in of June, I vl-oird Burton's tneatra, and there observed, sitting !n oro of the private boxes, a lady (w bom I once on siderod my wife) In company with bar ' medical odvUcr" foe bo terms Idmsolf)?nut the retired physiclrui ?rho?o and* of life have nearly mo out?and Hi. Kiwtn FOrrogL Nut being partiou art pleased with Iho prnapect, I detor mimd, r*g*rdIot? of tbn r umrquencee, to vtilt the box and oip ?m my ?entimtnta on the *pol, and uru only do ii rrcj i (,ui doing by Iho active tDUirforuaco of my trieoda. 1 waited 'iniil the eonc'UEloo of tho second piece, whi n, percntTlPR Uio parly anirualiiog?together with man) other* of the audience?1 atatloned myaclf at the ( tier entrance and saluted the yoailemvn w.tb (he ror.-iark that the) were a "nice party"?tn fhct, a pretty po ty. 1 ?i?o made :*?, under the exclk-meui of iho (uoaicul of oiber remark* more expreentvs than dulicato, aod which would he hardly proper for mo to repeat h-re. The attention of the pesier* oy seemed to be attracted to a remarkable extent, although the extraordinary deprivation of h-aring with which thia I ntr routing party havo been *n aod mysteriously afflicted prevented, a* they hay, rrow en>rylog tho full beatetU of uiy rmnarke. I supposed I apeke plain!* and to the purpoae? lor I apoae my though'e, and I Mt them to be appropriate, and I here beg Wave to ray Uiat 1 Mill ulbere to uiy cnUm-nle o? printed on that ivoaalou. Should either of theao g'CtHle men feel dcuirou* of from their " high eoheree'' eo far ae to dncm my remark* worthy of notice now, I am dally to be round in Broadway, geneiully alone aud unprotected; at all ovento, my ruairtenoe la eerily aeoertalned With regard to the article of the LtatUr, in which the " lamblike Innocence" and pure friendship of the party are avowed. 1 h ave it to the gnud e?a*eet Iho public to decide; ant although huge threata are hourly Nina made against me on the occaaion of n re appearance, t laugh t hem to acorn Hy rrieudaaie not fr odathrough an lutoces'rd or meroraary UKiU?ti,WLa<|ut|i?l "?1 ?tu? i> k h-v or nw* : ainirt la caae gT an -iuc..*un"y. I -ballmw aay nothing la allusion hi the unfortunate rircamitaacua which have led to thla pa nful Mate ot affair*, but let it luOcv thai J am perfectly mttahod wtth me propriety or my no* duct, and hoaeouy believe that t couldpuraue no other course and Mil) retain my self rowpcct. The rare is not a! way* to the twin nor the battle to the strong?and although poor, 1 am'Mil (thank <?od ') exactly friend ken, and am willing to ?iand upon the junior of my cau?e. to spit* of all the power, wealth and tntiuenoe that m?y be brought to bear aga.n*t me. The pubis's obedient servant, A H DAVI:NIOHT. I.KTTKR Knnu *[? > Llttf* WtHTON PATISTORr. TOIHI SMTHRO* TlfX IllOUin Belt respect and a deornl regard for Uxae from whom. In privale at veil as prefer/tonal life, I btve received kiiidneto and wrirteey, and wU *e good up o - us I am etn ivrriy deii "us of retaining, c impel ute to iroa a a brtetly dpuii ytur columns. Hr A n fktvonpir*U-l'i wb to T waa marred >u I* VI by the Rev Dr Hark*, ef the Prerbytrrian church ni this c.ty, whoa* nrrtiileate I bow hold- bar wra *t to publish hie ver*K>n or our marital relatione and diflk utiles to the world in a Card which la iwltli-e dietiOK-.lsfced for dellrary in composition, no tn it- nwration of Ute mattar* to which !t later*, and in wb rb he baa Lad the dartag to rant a na ptcJoL upon the the* of oer marriage. He hat alao, aa I am Informed, mad* use of m> ueme In the mm,t p .blio p'noes, and while under th- tnttnenre of dethroned reaann. in n maimer, which, white It m uttjuat aod uniwrdonanle, would full* certify to to- moat careless obeervcr the wa scvion 11 thai cn*r*ene?:i of mind aod feel log from which I ba*? *i Ten d since our <11 starred un on, a> well at * v*?t i apaclty fur the employment of uxplct v>? and diu Inrnn boo of new tonus of profaudy The principal matter* wtil-.h Mr IMvcrport bat eetahItahed n tie card alluded to are my vleil to B<ir.on a tbraii? on the i ghi of the '*Ui of June, in oomtttny with my puynciar the fact of my learicg that house uad.r b.a wniwt and in rx mpwhy eiUi several gi'Mlemen, and the fas. also that be ? emlaently capable of playlag the bt aggart and ilanorrer on pa nor T< Mte two ant 1 pUmd gttlty, aoo 1 think U e latter la self evident. rhe dorn?Mic rrUtUooa ef Mr lmvennort and mvwelf r-teed early It. tiny lost, from which ttme ay oalv male compaaioo. and the only one u o? wboin I >.uid rnly tnt Uxme eourPtlm it was the flitv nf Mr iHreenort to have ext-noeil to me, kaa been ay brother Shortly pre vkms to the uth of Juae he waa called to Or ssno no bu*l hnan an. I K as tan* 4i*a imnn rd v'hllnn I'i i rOin Si Utanira ? a ih/i arao'Bf of thai day , I roqoaatod Iff fl-iar ? *nbna loacna-n | par; mo lo ts*i honaa tiM iurm.a t>n ;Bat b a*"t>t ai-i 1 anbarqtiaol ??*ir1 nould for hi po??li>.n rnanoa I* oca tunril idui wrWm* nf wrong doing or of or in it Jut I dM not know thai Mr. formal w t<> bo th-rn umj I raff biff ib lh? boa no my arnral *1 lb* tbratra. wb-u I war Bi-.Tiaad ibal bn van lJ?r? IBrour'b 'bn mvi at i n nf Dr. Qbmftanbm. I ?w IBM, aa | Bop* 1 a Ball atar Be, I IU'M to mi < l Mr Korrrai, to ?b >m 1 im io lob"'l B<r MBf mrta nf prafnaoMOnl btadMBR, nod for wBoid Mr . '* \eopotl Baa B p? jf?m?d (raat friaodaboaad r?-p*rt. Ho far aa at} ai(.uuioo of rrtminaJtlr ariib althar of u?r ?r?Jrtt? a rafanad In, or any TtnlaU >n of tlyn atrv-l <lii i?a of a wtflr ?hi' b bare bam do* from ro in M' Parat.pnrt ara anaimod, I ma only am*** tit ir uilar fairi'y IBtrb raaon ara lb* off .jo log of a morbidly r aloaa miad origlmlly of bat nub> aj-angih and ibal llulr arrtonaly impalmd through lb? loo**. inn of moral rralralnta, fur Ibaan Idtnryaarnoira t abi iM bo* bo hi id rraponalbia, at Wort not la tba form in which thor ara irnrMal k; bin thrunfb tba column* of a na rap a, ai l la public and rabid ormvrfaatiiaa and laaigmwi >o< Tbrrr la a dUfarant mnria of prm odnra lo which Mr IM rraport ma raaort If I am lha rlla rr"alorn which b? bai to tadaalrvii ?ly aonrM in prora ma I at blm at oaca a>pn*J la the law ? bara I mn ho abl* to confront blm under lia aneiH) of b? ow? oatb, aad Ibn awnra a?. lonco of iboaa a bom ba baa amailai* Tn diia arbitrament I inrite bia. IT ha bar Dot tba maBllaanr lo mart ma tbare, In* blm hare ftcr < aa?? aiaaOartng ma aad do ma Uie (malm* floor ii - hln for bim io nnnfrr upna ma, IMIlMM(fb kropawai from mr. and par mil ma u> purann, unm > laaiad, ray panlaarlnaal labor* for Urn aupporl of mr??ff and yr unft ablld Tblr. hnwarrr, I can hardly h-no tba ?ma aor ltd r p"it blah, I am ?i* r*m*d In bnliaro, Im J* I lad h m lo our marriage, and with h baa baaa IU" W ad ln( eharw ai-riic of hia conduct Inward* mn aina. thai lima, bar Hd b in mthia IBa kuit f?w daya In anpfy Mr Kurort* I raa raa Hal Ba m<irt nut pay m* any av try during an ai gag <B"tl nhlrb I hnyn n anil? afra-d upon wilb thai yar.ili mnn. and In lha a*rnt of that n<ai 4 N nj i Iriarardiil In Ihraai'n lhal hn (Mr na*enpnrt) *v jld etifi.'ro hir right in mroirr my mrnlng- by injoBai' mi. *i.ii aa If raa par I nana man rot p>??aaa MlHi nw wrrwmm, nrwmmrrm nm o*i?" in tmm yor? uiiKiamc i.r nta If*, >>>, ib.' m il aark In ?r?i| him?r)f of the bon-'tl of bar ui or?? I wonM willingly onafrlb.l* In hia aupitrt >1*4 freedom fkom rletoae ta?u? ami ncce-'ly dictate atvn.rea, ?nd had Ml nearer an t duarcr nby-.w-nnn bound to ma by tit* moat holy of all onrthl' li?-? prwtr and more ?? rati c all* upon my and purw*. Hoc* * harp h? a aaoaralorl Mr Ikarrnport h?? lt?1naIrkiualy C r< - 'eird a report that I bar* atidantorad in in dace people to titii him from the lage I ne?? awartlooa. howarer | a>h< Hi ally an I tearfully made, ar? ?o ir?ly [mandiaaa, and war* only Intended to rraat* sympathy Ear h m at my e*p*na* I disclaim arirry arlah la lajnra kiln, am) daey thai I harp atternp ad to do ?. a'th >utrh n> *nuau*ii pron*?ti?n* and Ma unmanly and nad* vrcd .m?eulla ipoh my ro,wi?ntn>o mght wall ciruee rtlbar. H< ytnr '.pen my inmir'a* and atrotif li a knowledge >f Ih* rnntnd* *f my conduct, I do aot deem II ne**?a*?y Mr proper to r*k? nay appeal for rympatby ?o ih* p.iD p. I r*!y n|#>n that tnawof JiNttw ?b<,-b l habere V) o nn*rrine ta that?lb* irtiXt-tflbuaa . tod, la a >n tlnam*, aan only say thai Ihta not" ?B end, ao far aa 1 imroorcrncd, all nmrapar..* toolrwrerny between Mr. vantmrl aad mj reit Jmn 3fi, |k?7, IIZZTE WRsif*)* DAV LHfuRf. Silt n? Tbta*. There ar* now eetaWUhod, by aerrt t?urn?on a Hw.*ht>r, upon Uia (MMdl) mcw, ibont .f it mile* ahor* ita mirith.r h W"'k? for lb* manu adore of rail aa ara rnlTVient to mpptr tba ipoar par of be <u*e. fb? Vict* la rpaJ W tba Urerpom Mown ftMUt i LD. PRICK TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. I\TI:RFRTIIC fhmcih HfRUicMcr One of the Great English Swindlers, Ao?i ACn Ac? (hir At. F?(*rllrar^ (?rr?ipond?n??. Hr. Pstbshsuso, June 3,18A7. The Neve Hussion Tariff? The Departure of *M Empty or and E nip ret*?Object of the C'zaer'a Visit to Germany?Rebuilding StbuUopol?The Season at St Petersburg, fyc , ipe. I Hinted in one of my previous reports thai the demise of the late M. Tengoborahy woaM be severa blow to the free trade party in this country, and that the proposed revision of the tariff, which he bad aupcorted with ail the weight of his aotfaorHy aa a financier and politic d economist, would be greatly jeopardized by this onfortanate event. My , misgivings were not witbout foundation. The death of tbU moot formidable adversary inspired the protectionists with new hopes, and tbey have been moving heaven and earth ever since to avert the threatened reform, and to bury it in the same grave with its originator. Their influential organ, the Northern Bee, which at one time appeared to have given up further opposition as useless, his returned to the charge, and launohed several moat violent articles against the "anti-n ?tiom!" party that aims aft destroying Russian industry and delivering it up, boond hand and font, to its foreign rivals. Toe other day M Bulgaria had the boldness to publish a sort of allegory in which the Emperor himself is invocfciesd m we cnaracwsr ui a uuunuiucr, hiuvu r nm Fedowvitch, who, after establishing a nomner of manufactories on hiH estates which supply kin tenants with work at high wages, and reader them happy and proaperons, ia induced by designing neighbors to clone bin spinning mills and sugar refineries, which had coat him no much trouble and ex oenae to get into operation, and conAne hims df exclusively to agriculture. The cropa fall, the pevunta growdiesatiiltd and mutinous,and Kedor Fedowvitch awaken one hue morning to find himself ruined and his estates sold by public auction. Many people are of opinion that this agitation will be eveataally success! ul, and that the new tariff la likely to be adjourned tin* dir. I understand, however, that the Emperor con tin hob firm, and that the of the Imperial Oouncfl Appointed te disease the Hchome, has approved of the proposed reductions, though with so lie modiiicAtious in the state ol dn lies, i?arti. ulaily aa regards cotton goodd, (priutn) If this be really the case, tne publication or the revised taiiff may be expected very shorly; bat at all events It will not he pnt in for le nn'il next season, in order to allow the manulacturera time to wark ap the raw produce imported under the ore sent system. Here in fit. Pctersourg this commercial regtda&iow it* looked forward to with great satisfaction, an it cannot hot have a beneficial effort on the import trade of the place, hot if. Moaeow, Kolomna, Shaya, Ate., the manufacturera are sud to be outrageous; they talk of winding on their basinets and af rh?iesing their workmen, which would throw many thoanami operatives out of employ, and causa ooomNrable distress. It ia hoped, however, those gentwy will think better of it, and submit to theft fate when they find it inevKahle; even the reduoad rale of cities affords them sufficient protection te enable them to compete with almost any lascrtpdon of manufactures that can ha imported from abroad, although of coarse it will prevent them frees veeMzins the enormous profile they here done heretofeee. Thej will have to absBden theft1 dUet fit* awlr, ' adopt the latest improvements In machinery, he., for the time will certainly have goes by to' disposing ' of inferior goods at exorbitant prices. It is aow settled that the Emperor sod Empresn will leave the capital a boat the Joth of tbi* moots, and proceed by see to Kiel, and from trvco ) to Darmstadt. The Kmprase, who is aieter to the Crand Duke of Heaee Dsra*tad\ wah?* to are ber relatives there, sod will spend some werka at the baths of Kiaaingeo, which she has been advised to uee to remove the deeiltty in-idcat on ber accouchement. The Bmperor inieods t? visit Berlin, Hanover, Munich and Htui^ardt, and in the course of thie jour icy It sssom aa if hs long re Cwtcd Interview with Napoleon III. would it fo.g'.u realized. As yet nothing official is known U>rot it. but the fact that Prince Gorechakofl,.he tfin sier i of f oreign Afihi/s, is to form part oi tie Imperial s?..t. would *erve to prove ttiat ibis is n ?t merely an ex -anion tor beaith or pleasure, bat th?t It mw a | political object as well roe two courts are on iha nest terms porsib'e, and the cordiality between tbsm is as great as It used to be hetweou Pe^ueb<irg and V icnna before the oriental crista. H?e retnru of Count Horny to Pans will go far to strengthen the good umfc-TBtandina already existing; he is looked upon as bait a Itussian at least, and there i? no doubt ki,t that k* Bill ftv?rt lha infliun v IV.M family Mm and pact eTvvcea to confirm I.toW Napoleon In hie pmckant for ao all .unci with ttila country. Hitherto PrloM knfl baa been remarkably atioewfal In bin I diplomacy; h>" tact and ability a>? generally admtted.and it w regretted thai Count Nemeirade, whoft gieet taknta w> re enfeebled by age, bad eet reeigrxd hinpurifnml/* to hm aome yaanaoojar. la Farm and Turin all tra> ea of former enmity have been obliterated; the Fran- hand Kogtlan army of ocrn nation baa been maixrarrcd on* of Oieeoe; at the vanoua court" of Ma many Roarun aacendeocy ia mora firmly cWvbllaffd iban ever; at Madrid our aoj'tarmdor. Pnn<? alMtjen, baa been received with a'moet r-tral booora, and tbe moat unbounded anafa-tion eipree*ed at the reeewa' ef , tbe "ancient and intimate c-moetim b*tween Roaaia and ^teain; and eeeo at Com ta'jn pie m. de Bou h? woe-ded, partly by hie own atd parly th-ougb the a-aiateo? of tbo French .nioy. in rep lining a fair "hare of the iafloen< e "*< maad by b>m previooe to toe late war. la a word, we ate on good terma with all Knroee, cj'-ep'i'.g with Auauia and Knaland aod people fx rr feci not a little tickled at <Jn>eo Victoria'" imploring the (.rand Oeke CoaaUntinr to pay r* a n*i , and bia gran'ing it Joel for foer and teeaty boum. Tbe irraud Duke u expected here in a fort niabt. and will rem kill here d.nng the Ka^.r 4 i abe?ace, in tbe caper Ity of hie ait-r tgo. By tbe laat accoonte received from Srbaatopol, the re-Mniding of 'hat devoted city <vae going on eitn great a tivitv. and It ?M greeuiily rt?mg irom It* rain", fh* fortificadotie on th? eou'b -?de have ondergone a thorough repair, and etli "om be an forBi in able aa war, althongb every effort Im>1 been made to dc??roy them, flmt during the ten montha bombardment. then by Me Kaeeiana thvmaelve" on their retreat, mid finally by tbe alliee daring their occupation ef IWbe?t<>)>oi ; the ma enalv they are r >mp.>?d of nr> m "in b nnmcn-e aWength that they were only pirttaiiy injureo; tne granite ealta remained aiimnt inU-1 and aMcr tbe rnbhUh waa clearer! away it waa ton kI it would take mnch leaa Mom and tn-nhm to repair them than waa anticipate.]. The r.overnor r.f HehaetoM, Admiral Ikarteeveff, la indefatigable in hi" eodeaeora to re-tore everything t > I'a former "tate, and when tbe fwthtice ef the fleet ia raiaed, or tbe hubor clean*! of w ? rart , <>f it a* i? not worth raiaiqg there *'U be n itrwre* of tb" h ivoc of war rrmairnng bat tbe rntna of Urn inuKi inr?Dv iiiiru, wni<-n it win icq. re at ln??>r to n-huild. The Martkoi ffbonok (or Marine J wn*]) announce* tbe antral of Hie frigate aurora At Caerhoard fnmi tbe imoor Hhe 1* tbe aarar thai ?m n??sr<l With the Fn?!-h * . Petmpanl >v*ki. *.vl m tbe flrnt of Adoiiml I'ututin* aqaadron 'bat reton* to Europe. That ?.|tu?dr>n, whi h left Pron* eodt in Ikrf-Mi hiiH net with many viciantode* di ring ? ? protrm fed and eventful cralne roe iiigntc P*ina ?m wrecked in tbe gteat earthquake ?i Hiiif da. in Japan ; an'ither. toe Palo*. was broken np on uni-eaworthy, at CWriv* Bay. a third veeerl, tbe corvette OH'aere, |* now m her way borne, ana woe liat heard of from at Hong K tig, after col ling at Hakodadl to exchange tbe r vf.irto tttone of tbe tre?ty ood< Inded with Japan in 1SA6. The teemer V.wtoek and tbe corvette Prion remain on the Amoor Mation. wher* thev will be Joined iy a aqaadron now about to Mil from Cronttad-.. it being thi inter ti<>n of griternaient to maintain a reeoeota- * Mr naval force in the Northern Pactfl.- for the fn tare. The Raa-ian American Com..any have a email fleet of their own, Inclndlng aeveral ??waw?m per fenced at Han Franeiwo; and the fkveemor-UeCntef of their coioni?M i? al way* an officer In the imperial navy pererolly a poet-captain, put now a reared miral (Voravieahot). i be p>of it nUf<m *>%? commenced in good earneet. St. fe'erebtirg la emptying faet of it* inhabitant*, and a hen the imperial faintly have left it wli ho qui e de?erted. Hinrw the re:%rat1an n the poor port .tfcm the travelling baa in-rea?ed ejorm<*i'ly: the e'eambonte to Hwioemnnde. tnaerh, kc.. arw crowded, and auof people who Wan keen anatd f