Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1857 Page 5
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isgetatton, ftrom Ibis sourc*. Were it needful to seek ink of the performance of ibis great natural phenomenon sf which we are speaking, we might ftal it in those nrioue passages of ancient geographers?Pompooios els, and J. Sohnua Poly bister, for exam ate?which doserlbc the peculiarities of the Irish soil and climate eighteen senior lee ago, almost as ws should depict them now. But Me inttaenea of the gulf-stream doss not stop ercn hers. Me climate it may be said to consey w amused, mors or 1MB, over the whole Norwegian coast; the aspects and prodnos of which singularly contrast with those of the sorsespending latitudes in North America, Greenland and SibevU. Other causes doubtless contribute to this offect; bat ene, wo apprehend, so largely and unceasingly. w ?w *1 .# w <# qi We CAD not touch upon this vast topic of human transit over the Atlantic, whether for commerce or migration, without recurring once more to the history of the gulf Cream. Though in practical navigation Ha influence must flea have been felt, yet this fact waa scarcely recognuetl or distinctly recorded before the time of Franklin, whose sagacity, applied to certain apecial cases, showed bim at anas the value of a mere exact knowledge of all belonging to this great current One of these cases is cartons enough to deserve mention. When in London, In 1T70, bo was consulted as to a memorial sent from Boston to the lords ?r the Treasury, complaining that the packets from Falmouth were generally a fortnight longer in reaching Boetsn than common traders from London to Rhode Island, a Ksge fully 300 miles longer. Chptaln Folaer, a Nanel whaler, who happened to bo then In London, waa questioned by Franklin, and tarnished him with the true rptanauon. The Rhode Island traders were acquainted wnb the gulf stream, and kept oat of it Tne captains of flte English packets, trom ignorance or care lame cas, or possibly seduced by the more genial tcmpcrasare of this Southern course, ran their vessels into the current and against it; making a difference in some parts of their voyage of not loes than fifty or staty milee in the daily run, besides the Iocs incurred Worn Bailing in a lower latitude, fir. Fnnklin made Kol for, whose experience taught him <o avoid a stream in which whales are never found, tra w oat on a chart the oarse of this ocean current, had it engraved, and sent copies lo the Faimouth captains. Tfcoeo gentlemen, wedded to their old ways, or perhaps despising their mroi nant, ! look no notice of the rugge.-tion, and wont on as before. Franklin was also the first to indicate the temperature of the gulf s'jream as a valuable aid to tho navigation of the Atlantic, especially on the American coasts; the dividing line between the warm stream and the cold waters of the ocean which hem it in, being so precise at> w il as constant, tbiti, the longitude may often safety bo inferred from R. Lieut. Mtury olbrms, and wo doubt not with truth, thai this dividicg line never changes lis position in longitude its much as marine's then erred in their reckoning. Be gives us alto a very curious account of the relation of the guif stream to the storms and hurricanes of this ocean, to which is due their frequent character of rotatory storms er cyclones; a name well adapted to the remarkable pbe aomenon so described. (Hie passage here we will tronBSrite from our author:? 1 wn not prepared *r> maintain that .be gulf stream is reaiiv k. Ik, A,' ?. .. a..h the m?i< a of every gaits that a raised there; but ihe oouise of Many fc..iei? has been lTo.ce'I from the pAo of their origin directly lr. Ibia strevm (ia>H thai take 'Sow rite on the coast of Africa, and ?~en as far down on ibat tide .vs tbe parallel of 10 r M degrees conh latitude, have. It t?: rooern by an eianainaMoo i)l?log bent, mtoe a.rai/ht for tbo golf stream: jj'.olQa it, tbey have thru :eeii known to turu abou'. and travelling well He stream, to reorwa the ALsotio, and ao reach the shores of Burrre. In thia w ay tbe t.-. kit of *u row have been traced oet and folio* ed it r a weex or ten u?ys Their pa b ia marked by wreck and distal*.a. At 'ho mooting of tbe American Association in I'M, Mr. Kedlield vuUODtul one which he hal traced out, and in which no seal than seventy odd vosasig had been wrecked, dleinasted, or damaged. Another storm, the direction of which Ik delineated in plate 10 of this volume ,|commooscd more than a thousand Biles Iroin the gulf stream, made a straight course for it, ud travelled wiui ft for many successive days, under the * conditions of a whirl wind or cyclone. A fearful disaster, duo to ono of these hitrr.canes, occurred Id ISM, to the steamship Son Fraucisco, carrying a regiment of United States troops from New York to Call forma. Overtaken oy the storm in crossing the guif stream, 179 sc-ta, officer* and men, wcro swept overboard ami perished. In tnis <'?ee,tbe knowledge ;<osjes.sid of the stream, tie limits, direction, velocity, Ac., greatly aided what was done for tbe discovery and relief of ibo nnfcrtuna.e ship in question. The import of these and many similar (acta to the rutureguidance of Atlantic navigation will readily be understood. It may be hard for ibem to aooou.1 In theory, but their practical value cannot be doubted or mistaken. ATHtr-rHKK'O niAV'SPNA OF TH* ATT.ANTIC OChAN? KHT.fM Oh A MM AI AND YHGKTABLi! 1.1 IK. Intending, as wo have already said, to confine our rc mama chiefly to that ocan?the Atlantic?ou which Lieut. Maury himself beat loves to expat.ale, we ball lollow him mo. c cursorily through the other part of his volume. The Oilrd, lonrth and fifth c ha;,, era of his work relate to tho atmosphere in Its various connection with tbo physical geopiaphy of the sea, aa expressed by the phenomena of winds. of"cvaporaUoa,ofrain?,of fog", of temperature, and of electrical changes?a vast subject, and not loss complex J than vast. Multiplied though ail its records have been of hue pears, and mado mo e -uncle and accurate a* well as numerous,< orologv co"not yet take its place among lbs exact sciences. Wc tave jatt named some of tbe topics it include-, tat there tire yet others which mix with and com; iKWe all the. result- of observation. Tbo weight of the air 's one of the e?an element Involved as flirt t or cause in almost a.11 ether atmosphere changer, and deeply concerned in any theory of the ? ids. Again, we hav*.those conditio of electricity, which ere expressed by, UjA wonderful phct.omorm of 'naaoetism, acting tbreugh aafWpui. all parts of Uie globe?solid, Ural and aerial? and brought befof ? '-.adcr a new aspect by Front-?or discevery of the mart.' v.r. properties of oxygen M modified by beat. Ev-n that other subtle elemo'. of if, indeed, it be another and operate clcmeut?r %j Ml ?ono tort au<*ct uio umfflpnrn' in -ougn wnic'i m Moo m tr.nrmtUed to the ruth and ocean bo!ow. At associated with, or, according to recent philosophy, tonvertcd Into boot, there can be on doubt of this toil kuios. Bat ihe marvellous results which tcienco ha* ooti.ned IXn the chemical action of light, In the various rorei* r photography, jurtifv the holier that other analogous alike* way exist, though yet hidden from hi man obtorvalion. 0 alecuio state* of atniospbero tan convert oxygen uo*n e/ooe, light, .n its >1 BOrcnt degriax of Intensity, c unot weil he supposed without '.at! t?nce, even an the inorganic parts o* the aerial medium through which its patsage bee. We know well II* wonderful power In evoking Ihe organic life, with the gems of which the atmosphere everywhere term* and there Is enn reason to beliere thai ibis influence extends to difleren: depths of Ihe sea, ?oncurrirc with other cau. es tn define those successive strata of animal and vegetable life which arc so eurlooslr stteeied st the res tit of the marine drcdg'o?t and su-indmpe directed to tblt object. We donate thus fkr from onr direct ?u\f?ct, merely to potet out (he singular comi -v'y of these elements and relations, which make up the hi?t-irjr of atmospheric phcaotr 'na whether on ocean or land Such, and so cl>i?e. ore there relation;, tliat scarcely a change ran octur in any one of vhsm, without alter.og or disturbing, more or teen, the balance or all. Science is seeWu '? disentangle tbenc element* of actjwn; and to obtain b 'n more nvi resulir, and knowledge of the relative act cf ach in pro.Iiking them. Hut longer tin e and wider r.veragoa ore required to this end; an.I nicnaiihiU what wit id re go/d a? needful i* patient and precise observatl <o <n all parte of the gl. he, auil in all climes and sea.otn: ult'ed by such au am ui t ol provisional tb- .. r ! -! may serve to the gin dan. ' of ruMOich, and to inn: f.icls togc bar, until ibey con be s..oriutted to the pover .'.nee of gene-al lawv. ns silastic kstcju ?ots?;: - nudum* rsorrrs asu lxn r *<m We caknot aTord space, and it would be s) en to cur enbje't W dilate oo lhs extraordinary prejvcl; but it toe suuMned we gtve a few of the mure lm|VTt*nt de mils, which will reeve hrie'*y to illustrate the mi :bv sra sf the undertaking, commercial as well a* ?cien ifia. The capital deauoed to this enterprise is jC.ijfl y-divided into t'. 'hares of ?1.000 each; Mi of which ha re boon Mtken in VsgMM^M tmerlca. The British goat -w mL haaldcs certain preliminary aids, gusrant'e* 4 per oent. n the capital, when and ss king as the telegraph * in work Irg order, in re numeral) on lvr an ??? uwm > . governnu nt behalf. The submarine cable throrgh will h tfte root-deal current will be convoyed (to use a convctlVmnl langu.iife which future knowledge may alter.) M tnrrw fourths of an feiah In diameter. TTio copper coadacting -tret pa t through It, coated ee-rure'y nth gntu p?rcfcu, and Una central portion of the cable n covered and prelected by rtrands <>f iron wire. ?igh?ocn m number, each of three composed of rev en mn '.hrmda. W-?a'v twwt<d toeeth.w. The weight of the cable is about lbs., or "omcwhat eat thin a ton, to the mile. Though ci -oodinjly Hell hie, It la capable of tit milea of da owe : nplh anapeoded vertically ti. water. The contract we a odorMend to be for lis bund red ml ten of thia ?ei>l? to i?o in rand Man 'or nee by the end of nest May. The mbmerFKHi. acoort nc to present nlar'. la to bo effected by two ateamer . ea.:h conveying half >on oahla. Tbeae veneris, meeting at the middle point in the Atlantic, wtU Orel ettect reenrety tbe junction at the end* of the aable, and then eeparate?the one with a geev nation to Ireland, the other to Newfoundland?dropping the telegraph cable into thn ooeati aa they aevswlf pranced; and firt.aagm.' freqnent electric signal* thrnugl, i. to mdl earn tb'.r rnlatlva pnaiUoa aa well aa to atte' c the toaiptetemwa of the work a< oomrlwbed ft la ac'lmaled that the whole cable ntay be laid down la MS ocean dewbs la right -lay* fce? U?e u ate when Ih /iaction of the two halve* hoa hern These detail* mar tntsrsht many ef our readers, tret high ?r arte re*" in involved in the whole dlroorery and design of the slsclrtc telegraph, whether en earth or submarine, MUX' neu.r. mn( rceo-i m a t--* p.-wur iwjku i ?u ktiDui wf and lyiman Will. lot It bit *?mpty rainoitcclod feat one humlrnAfend lifty jeart ** > lb .? electrical action ar tore*??r aWm>n*ed to herniate .a calttnt It matter? wan known to mankind only in It* elerr.eniare i?ckh of nttoartlon and repolrlon, while now it la rocofoiaed In all the (treat pbonoox oa, oryaric and inorganic, of the globe atxl baa broom lh? moat wonderful I net nj.moot of powiv to our hands for action on all lb# carlo .* form" of matter amend v utterly waa thi< element hidden from nH ptor know'ndro (for the thunder atorm Mill Interpreted to tlx ruperMiU.iee of man and not to hit roaaoc) that Ita pre est development hat alraoat the character < a daw ro aftno If mftera roeta e find* eauae to bo proud of chat N ha? achieved in :beee (treat dlecorervw, there ?e uxnple reoeon for humility In the many .(iieeMooe woi-b ettll reamu a uoaolred, even rueh am lie at the trerr orirtu of (be abject, and wore manor* of apec.r.lattna and perplentiy to ha earltMt cultivator*. A crowd of rant an; nnmerone aahorrtlaat# tawa have oeon obtained, but -ma higher aad mere pnerat V* yei canting tn govern and < .? mi* the whole. The nbjemt, however,! i oow well deflno.l, 011 tie 8r?t - Rilnooi'hera of our time wo pretwing nugcrly ek?c the ptt>:f wbiofc ?rvl Inward* it. We art a Ube pa/' led bow to rate ti e chance* of the A'tant d trie/repl. m a pecuniary apart from the r <-?.?? > wh'ro gnvcrnmdti htvt given it. It bar no eeteocdrrt having llkrtee eoo,.rh to iniufy any hot.; |voir.i?e or aaaert oe. We are thread to ? *, If a ibould occur from ary ceuae. greoent -r future. .a tbta tony lino of eubraarino chain?if he pr,. e current of cotton pot into motion a* a nteenage frwn At iff;.* rfcouM fail 10 more the noodle >n the TJeer Rrtd<v-now m Ibolbnlty epot to bo rfaeovered and to be r- fwirf '? Every precaution, we know, baa been taken wthrh art or etirrce could enggrW, to guard at-a n?t ne'deat, but u e < are - one el. roonw cfaeeraort, eurti m the influence of i c , >i the io?'r mcnta fen tnto rvlion. which tt ta not ry ,t trpt*. to any calrnlat n r,.rtan W'O" i flc dlfllcn. jii tiro, r maefted with th" theory of oft letc -luctlon, aad firt in i tally arrh'.l by Farm ?> to the .. a of wireav v > -y c?"'atcd Wibmnrlne t ? ', Pr ?e enggcrte.t Uiemeeiri a likely rr retard, r? other w?e .mpe r, aenrr. ta .r r-. "1 The eele- s h w <er, which ie aide I. t'-rerrc (rare (IiffiVltoW, f mi e ton:, we uuel, a rerr y, ??d Utto i 'fttor, m well as thai of the beet method* for "rapid signalling" by the electee telegraph, bee engaged the noyee of Profeasor ThompeoD, cf Glasgow, then whom few men ere better ebie to resolve H. Ae to the practical reeoKa to U?e welfare of the work), end more especially of England eod America, from the eompietion of thw singular work, we are oot altogether converted by the current phraseology of the day. It le eaey to allirm that whatever gtvos fresh facilities to human commnnicaUon ie prodnctleo of good ; and difficult, perhaps, to disprove the ateertibn. Bat in so slating the mauer we must keep In mini that It Is the speed of intelligence only which is here chlelly in question. Doubts may suggest tbemselvos whether the farthing-a-pound ffiiotuaUons in the price of cotton deserve a daily trans mission across the Atlantic, especially as the same means may he used to tell almost simultaneously the same tact to every Liverpool broker or Manchester manufacturer. The demand for any particular article of traffic, whether raw or manuiaciureu, m rweiy go suuaen or iuu^ciuuuo mm not to be able lo await txauimiaalon by tbo aezt sloamor. A criminal furnive may be arrested at tbe moment of landing, by his description outrunning him on tbo ocean; but the tidings of friendship or family affection will not trust themselves to be interpreted by tbe vibrations of a noodle, and the translations of a hired pen. Kvem in the more serious matters of diplomacy, we may indulge a doubt wbetber tbe old fashioned pauses in intercourse were not as salutary as tbe Instant communications of our own days ; giving more time for passions to subside, and for drst opinions to soften by reflection ; and preserving to tbe diplomatist a responsibility equally essential to bis own honor and to the interests of the country be represents. We aro aware, howt ver, that there is a double face to all these points ; and without rreesiDg farther any troch ambiguous pres ages, we shall be ready and eager to .join In tbe general gratulation on tbe sucocsa of an undertaking thus wonderful as an eflorl of human genius and power ; and destined, we trust, to link together still more closely in amity sa well as intercourse, the two great nations already baying kindred in origin, language and common Ubeitles. 1'lic Career off a Ulgantle English Swindler. (From the London Star, June 11.] The Mr. Qunphrey Drown, against whom a warrant has at length been issued, m in many respects as remarkable an adventurer as the present century has produced. His father was a large barfe owner on tbe liver Severn, carrying on an extensive trade, tind was cite eincd a pious, inanntrious and respectable man. liis residence wes at rewkesberry, where his eldest son, Humphrey, was born. He k.ul al>o another son ami a largo tamify ot daughters, who arc all coin!ortablv married. _ From early vonth Humphrey evinrt:>a taste for speculation, watch gr*'w with his growth. iml strengthened'with his strength until he h. s now t^ecome the victim of this accursed Moloch. On his lU. -cr's death be .? js left .n possession of n large and lucrative trade as carrW, which,however, in his hands, was so noddy extended :,s speedily to NlhfM, and in a few ]MM ho 'iccame a hinkrupt. [ Then we tiad him ,~otng into busineri as a cement manufacturer in rmingbam, and applying the country far and Aide with a patent a. Ucle iu this way, which tim to supersede all o11 >r descriptions by Its low price and good quality. If ere, again, his views were too cxtei hivc for his po-ket, ana the cement manufactory was soon ojos <1. Afterwards he 'sinbarked in a variety of specula tions?was clerk in a lcerchor.-'s office, tnrning to other temporary smuis, living in the moat pie<arions manner, nntil tl railway rj. una of 1846, which formed tfce loundatiou oi u:s fleeting fortunes. At thts tunc the trai. oi le Birmingham and ' Gloucester Railway was at a low ebb, and Humphrey | 1>owd, who was then at Tewkesbury, waiting, like Mr. Micawoor, tor someimng 10 rum np. wut 1 recommended by simelxidy as a shrewd sort of fellow who wonld find some means of diverting traffic to the line. He kuew the localities, wan a ria" o.' shifts and resources, and just the official for the Slace. WelS he was to r ; 1 a meeting of tN Board at Birmingham, and it is < well authenticate! fai-t that he had not the r cans oi ptylr? his fa o there, no one would lend t to biro, and he walke 1 the whole distance, and was r,L pointed troltia max:a gcr of the line. It is quite certain that he did vastly improve the prospects of the railway, bringing en traffic from far and neai; and, tak hp advantig; of ; his position, being, ss it were, behino t> scene-', he I dabbled in --hares, was one of the lucky men of the mania, .and returned to Tewkesbury in two year i with ?70,000, while be bad left it with a ai * half crown. Now be might have settled do .a c oil I lortahly. bat his old demon of speculation s. 111 :i within his breast. He bought a liandsome r inc in tbe borough, tnrned the theatre into a lila far tory, pnrclu>s<?d landed pvti^sr1 f iu the vicinity, and was returned inemlier to th House of Com mens by an enorm us majority. Those who would not lend Mm the means to pay his fore bat a abort ti" ? b.ock were now the most vehemcnt in his prais . Brown and Tewk'-bnry were henceforth identified with each othe . His portrait was lithogtapL I ...,d Lang in ever} b >0y's j parlor; his nam? was blazoned in handbills as ' I chairman of every Juice ting, wnet ter for reli ;io?.s, j I local or political purposes. He was looked u. uu tux | the most independent member of the House or . on- | , mens, of fabulous wealth, enterprising spirit, and , unbounded liberality. It was true be was no orator, | i made tearful ortbogranbtcal blunders in camoositiuu, and as)uraU.d with ?. bonding energy on the bu-tIngs. He had plency of money and spent it pro- ' fuesly, which was ample passport to tbe sweet ! voices of tbe ilia I'siliaraentary duties called b:m to lx>cdon, and here, falling in with kin- , dred spirits, he embaxhad en tha' sea of specuUiion i on which be Las so often Mift'et'ed with 'ta billows, j or sailed into the hArbor of foiiune with a Atvoring I . breeze. A mere catalogue of the schemes with which he was mixed up would till an ample volume, bat they embrace ?ueh enterprising undertaking* as opening ! , up new id*'? quarries in Merionethshire, working ' prolific golo rr mes n California, extending r til way I roiuitino .cation throughout Iceland, with a host of j 1 other gigantic proposals, any one of which should i office to absorb the energies of any man- and all ; this time be wan freighting vw*Ih fe>t Calonft* 1 lionrnc, > m xica, and other parts f the world. He ! , built a spienfld idle of sarehourc-at 'Honcoster, i j was im or'.ag alike in > livcrpool, london and J Cardi."; anil wJvh all this p xnmu'ation <f private ; and pat' a nertary duties he tutu-. for-w ith. be a j director of the Ibyal Br.? sh Bank, and matin :er of their Clamor *uustire work* nto the ba. r;ain Hercules hlu.-e'.l could no' hive satisfactorily dim t _ ~? ?!.- io?ia I iKatj ilr.iit r? lutiut i,if I I |>"M U III UW UlUikl "fi"un limn ^ m?vn *m .y . fbi* man, win, mwa fr.< itivefrom . *pokcn of with H<or:i fvin in bis native town of Towk^* | Inry, vIior but joK-i'd*/ be *>" nre?-en ' J with a i pie* of plat< , end if nil bronchi to iho lo?r of tie Old B.i ley wilJ end b.? <*s eer an an outlawed exile, 1 and a tn -lam b !y er. ample of tbeainof morJia;U: apt a a mo. \Vrcm :be lowdm Cbrrrer, April 8.1 rhe offer of a 'cward cf ?200 for the npprcbffl- ' i.jt of Mr. Hmnphfy Itro-vn la <oc tirot pul, *1 | tViioe *hich ha b?.o"a afforded of the inter. ,i n of the '<o< eminent to bring ? justice the mm :i? ?rn : and director* of the L??e ft7a) Crltiah Bank, i'or ! *<>me lime paal m ct 'Herpetic moaMirrs were fn > ci n emplatiou by be government, bat foroWwn J iraeonH it wan not Jr r-med prndent to give puMI- ity to the rounre which wae under cooaideratioc. On I Turwlay lent, bower- r, benoh w arrant* were *ucd hy the court of Cneen'a Bec h, 00 inform atione died by the Attorify Oenerml, not merely to- th. apprehension of Mr Humphrey Erown, but * >r the late governor, the matagera and a number of th-? j director* of the bank, overal of whom have bsaa 1 a'reody arrested. In the caw of Mr. Owen, the l Unit director raptured, hall wan tendered, and try direction of Mr. Jaatioe ?rlc the prisoner wn* Hbc j rated on hi* own recogrizancee of ?4,000, and two ; Murr tie* of ?t,000 eaon. A similar bail will, it ia j nndcrntood, be accepted In the case of the other ( director*. Two or three of the per?oa? imp!(rated, a' preeent ' In Bart*, are, if not already in the hand* of the I onioera. *1 IWl "Kl OlinipRkCiJi UWKI IIB-II ?... itiDuei that tecape ia altogether impossible. With ; respect to the late ioa.mger of 'he bank, Mr. Cameron, there la reason to believe that, If he has not al p-ady been, he will ahortly be, arrested at Parle by the French police on the charge of travelling with a J lalse passport, and when that charge indisposed of he will of roaraa he aval able for the warrant owned by the Queen'* Bench. For aotnc weekspast every one ot 1 the person* connected with the bank, and who were recently examined In the Conrt of Bankruptcy, have ! been cioaely watched by Inspector Field and his ! staff of assistants, and every change of residence, j and especially those made after the delivery of the very strong opinion expressed by Mr. Commissioner I IIoircnd, nAvc been very oarwuty noted and re j corded. The prosecution will be oocdocteJ by the Attorney Cenera), (undated by Mr. Hdwm .lamas, Q. | C., and so great baa been the despatch ia the props ration and getting up of the case, that the whole of tue briefs, occn^j ng many hundred , -.ges o<" printed matter, have fo. some day* past t>een ready nr delivery. The indictuien's will, It ia uiide.v*ood, exceed in 'er.g'.h those. ot the famous Irvh State tr ila. Messrs. LinkUtor and Hack voo<! the aide soK -itors of the assignees of the hank. v.Il act aa solicitor* for the prnsccxition. There ia roasnii to believe Utat the activity and zeal of Inspector Field will result in the apprehension of the whole of the persons in the ionise of a few days. Hev-ral of his as.iswu.te are already on the Continent and van rumored late last night 'hat a telegr.ipHic despatch bid been 1 a 1. II.. tWrf ,.nu, K. l h?nn KL-UK P^.AJIfrU, UI'H * T1 i; V ? in Pari*. The following > a copy of the placard a reward fov the upproheinijo of Mr. Rrown? Two hundred pound': reward -Hum(>hrey Brnwo. of No, 8, T ittle ?mi(h Mreet, W astro,rtrtrr. 'ate M. T. for Isnrltw bury ?A warrant tor the approbetir.on ot the aaid Hornphr?>y Brown hnvitir been Wood by one of the J Ago* of the (wilt of gnm'i Ranch, upon an w ?*> to In for-nation Bird hjr H?r Mateo'y'" attorn of (Jeneral, anl it turn* aupprwed that the rati Huropbr-y Brown ir ondeaTor^nii to aroid arrirt, a ree.ard of L1<% will ho pa I to any poraon ? rlny rarh mft rmatioo ae aha!! Iritd to the anprebm?ton rf the rrtd Hmphrey Brown. H tmrbrey Brown la about fiOymrr of aye. of m'rtd'.f ?'.?>'> re, (about ive fart ri*bt lr.?hea,1 rather rtout, hut n - corpulent, bald, with round tboe and ?tna flNrtnro* of 'a low mmtller an. wub ama \ wfetokerr atr' iarli reborn eye*. r?rr : gf >ra".- n a bed* ooat. ac-l baa a r- utt' *i I n * mat o? ntn-mat, or to to jlyon to l#tp't r Fiei , VI I >? rt uah*r?, wart, IWrp? ; or vj Kor?rr J aod J H. I II NEW YORK HERALD, ! Uti and HMkwood.11 Bn kM, London, (bo aohctiors harts* tbo conduct of lb? pronecuOoa. While, M will be seen by the abate advertisement, the government have oommeneed criminal proceedings against the defaulting directors and managed of - the tning miscalled a bank," the creditor* and shareholders of the concern will be glad to learn that the bill brought in by the Attorney General to facilitate the winding np of this rauoh litigated affair will very shortly be passed into a law. Interesting Discovery on the Coast of China. A correspondent of the Monittur dt la Flotte of Paris, writing from one of the French vessels In the Chinese seas, states that Home of the sailors had discovered on an isolated point on the coast of the Bay of Canton the rains of a Roman Catholic burisJ ground. Among the (tow tombs which had resisted the ravages of time was one partly concealed from view by shrubs and grass, on which they read an inscription in French notifying that the remains of Elizabeth Vauquelin, who died in Canton, aged 17, on the 2d May, 1779, were bnried there. Milk Vanquel in was the daughter of the first consul appointed by France to Canton, Pierre Vauquelin, whose nomination was connected with an historical fact of interest. The latter was the win of a naval officer of merit, who distinguished himself at the defence of Louisiana and of Quebec, but owing to intrigue fell into diBgr&ce, and was thrown into prisonIn spite of the petitions addressed to the French government by his relatives and by himself, he was never brought to trial, and died m confinement. His son Pierre distinguished himself by bis historical researches and cpeograDhical acquirements. It happened that in 1775 Qnoen Marie Antoinette was present at the first communion of the young girls of Mcudon, when she was parti cularly struck by the appearance of one or the girls, who was charged by ber companions to present to b?r Majesty a splendid bouquet of white roses. The Queen inquired of the young girl if she could render her any service; and the other, who was Elizabeth Vauq.ielin, daughter of Pierre, re plied, "May I implore your M..jetty to cause justice to be rendered to the memory of my grandfather" The Queen was touched by this reply, and promised to exercise her influence on behalf of the young petitioner. A commission was consequently organized by the King to inquire into the circumstances of the case, and the result wa > that tbc injustice done to the old sailor came to light. The King then took Pierre Vauquelin under bis protection, and charged him with a mission to Morocco. Subsequently Vauquelin was appointed c -c8u! iu China, where he had the mislortio e to lose the dui'ghlcr whose grave hts now been dsuovered. tlolUnd ai??t .lapitn. The official journal i t the Hague of the 5th con tains a ! ng report to the king from M. Meyer, Mtn' 'er of Colonies an 1 lib Gkivcrs, Minister oi Forcigi A'V./.i, relative to Japanese attUirs, and his majesty hasspp ciedof it. Annexed to the report traBteen articles agreed to between the Dutch and Japanese agents, which rt' cles u'-etolorm partoi the treaty between Japan and Hollar..!, concluded on the 30th of January, 1.-51. These articles amongst other things, stipnl ttn tu-'t "ac Dutch shall he allowed to exercise then worship freely, and that t hey shall no longer be subjected to the impious custom of trampling under too' . i f o<v Saviour on the Cross. They also en*c? 'nut tno Dot. h shall oe permitted to tiade in the o n ' and to sell t and pin chase from Japanese traders. Alto to taks jtlicir wires and children to the said ports. The articles further decide that tbc importation of foreign and the exportation of Japanese money Hhall be a lowcd; t?>nt the Japanese government may levy ti? derate import. tr..n-ut, and export duties; and,lastly, that the i ufch t Nangusrki may maintain fit? "jinUous with l"*eign us, hot! on board vessels and u Decirro. The report aJ as tost the Japanese government ii ia ?1,dared itself ready to conclude treaties with all '.be foreign -overuments that may wish lor tin. 11. Hli<'<lli\ntiius foreign If ma. The dliltrent i' rcpeaii governments who have ilcted the convention or Vienna i\'.-.'ive to the monetary ?\>t m rorjnion to the whole of tternuu-y arc ab nit to p lU the document, us well aa the laws ami decree* enderod n-canaiy by the modifies' ona made in the u>.notary ijbVein of ?he various -ountrs. It appears that np to the 81st of December laat bo amount lamed for pub o worka ia Ireland, was ?d 6S0,<H1, o: which ?1,731 ,:!M> ra-< been remitted, ai d ?4,tlM,7'.2t it the amount 01 priuclp?l to be repaid. Tlie total repayments of principal and In'cresl to the exchequer up to the 31k: cf : it-ember, IHM, amounted to the tuna of ?2,831,400. Tne Par! i Alois conta'ne an arti-le on the a f prone i. *g ntarri qte ul lie Princess Royal of EngUuit. 77ie wrser aayaThe union of Prussia, ttussia and Ehalai.:! is r -rli. nly one of tto most ardent, withe* of tiie Kin/ of Pr..stie. sod a nowcrtol and uumtroiw party exuta in K. Peioribi.rg ready to second tho cll.iris of the mur aad In-.l no tho Kiuperor Alexander towards that aillume. Still t '.e rcjull? anticipated by Ixird i'almersieu oe i. Moiy.'or l olidua'. marriages do not always respond tc the hope* of the?* who negotiate them. The Par a CtmiiUiUicnml concludes an article on the r*ccnt dM> r'-auoes In Hclglum w'tii Iba folio arte g [>n i. mge?Tan ystrs of u.adorn w'll not repijr the harm :n f icted in two daya by Belgium on bcr lustPutloo*. Ti c eC.echs may be con; ated, but they will never be dcstroye-i Tbe island of order aa sleep aa that of tunor, and wduu onoe abandoned, a return la next to impo-atblo. The JVurneJ tUr Ardornairtt of Fran e, ataiea tba'. tbJ general dicltto in price* which baa taken place on lb* Parte Bourse dnhnr two put -nouib?, ha* not been tvi titled by etrcupinuoeea, and that It mist be attributed alone to tbc daring and peraevering operations oi the bear*. fV ine attention baa been excited m Bombay, India, to the subject of tbe guano deposits of the liooria group oi . (land* on the Arabian onast, which were for* asa'd; ceded to Kn gland a few years ago by tbe lab- Iinaum ol Murc.d, and *htch bavo been leaied by the ;-ov rnmen to L'K r du.ovcrer, Captain 'Td, for son*.* yc.?rs, upon tbe payment of a rojrl'y of ?2 per ton on all cargoes. The true ..haractcr sad value of U.rne deposit* rcti.xiu, howiver, !n m-irb uncertainty, asJ specalagprs ilo well to hcMiale b- . to emberkin/ o the buaines*. Ac. onnt* from (onstartlEople lo the 24th of War 'date thtt tbe ach me lor .etabhaiiing a o Arm-nlr.n Hank bad faded In c-uHleratlon of tbc exhausted -date of his tr<saury, ihc SulUui had troi-eted au annual ta. ot hlrtyfour pit.- ire on et< h Chriatlau and Jew, of every ago, for oxemisicn from n-uiury service, and two yetnf payment was demanded in advance. About two mordliaagn ton railway carriages, ftll-'d with between Hirer and fou| but.dred riwcdnh arid Nor sogian oisigram*, arrived ut the Kcli'ord ?t*'. n t? rt\U< from i.rtmsty *cr I iverpoot, th"nc?- per ship for \aicr!ca;.'od or t-unoay mcning, 7, the H?rre number of earn gee, wHh about-he ?n- e number of occupants, arrived a.-Hetford the same route and the same errand (n both those oocaekme the emigrants were aroompanl?J by U. J mtu ? ft lU'J V wrr in WUILIJ lurr uhj raBpOCU V riy ua.led from the-r raiherltn<l In logiand, also a CtMno houae "Ttcer, and four ovciaeera. I he AaatrianlLkyd'a Company, at Trleate, hare derld-1 oo contracting a oaw l-an of 400,000 t'/ntm, 'lemaodc- 17 the propoaed eatenision of their oc.uitneroo. The Ruartan Mlnlrter >f > jreign Aluiru haa tranan '' to the <inter nor< rneral of FVwuarabta an t New RotMi an Imperial order, autboi imag turn to Ha the end oru ia a a at the la-it limit of the rtajr 01 foreign trade: f at S >m topol Tlie wprka for cleaning the port an-t t- -> tbo unrkrn riaae.a at Sehariopol are being eoerget *1 y carried 00. A W Twylbr-1, who tot the only For'.lehman it the late nriontiflr eapedl'ioo to d rooter the aeurcea of the Wane Nile, bar returned to Rutland. Ho had prm* - 'ed np the Nile *itts the alr-amer* and bc-vta under bit cht'ge, a* far aa the fourth cataract, (Mereo,) when he w*? re ra?l ?d by the Parha of Kgypt, who had dnterm rod to bieak op the etpedtUon. A.'ticea from Dree la - rtate that the creel aaaiut worn fair waa nearly cooclidtd, aboot 40,000 cwl hatltr been k Id op to the 4th mn., rhtefly to manrfaotorer* oaute and for. in. Wre* to the are rage had exhibited a re ductloa o?7X per oral Saul Mrdjfd, recently proclaimed Imanm of lfoteat and Zar bar. In the room or bin dec eared father, h?? been offi-ialir recognized by the fourt of I'era.a The ' rtian forrrDT?i"Bt had at drat declared ib fbror of the ir|0ier c.f Said McrijAd, but the ronng man hating renounced Uia pretrcriona, and hlmaeif admitted the authority of hit brother, It waa decided at Teheran officially to rccogmae the new pnoce. The traffic return! of ralltraya In the an'ted a ngdfnn, pnbltahed lor the week ending June 0. amounted t? - 014,.I'll and for the enrreanondme week of 1M0 to UW.h , allowing aa tncreaaa of ?04,878. toe aew Rum Ian [tariff haa been appro-tod by the Emperor, and will be pnbUebed w thoot iota or Urn*The Roman Sac red Onlleee haa aotx-tndad with *\ron do Rothucblld a new loan of 8,900,000 Roman crow, intended to be employed la nailing ia the oopper money All the tenth and aoutb weatem dlatrteta of Hwaarabla are r.ow in the handa of tba Moldavian government, the Puaatar,a baring densely quilted SI fteorge'a !i?nd,lta Una, ItmaD, Rani, Kilts, Tnaiow, Kng ;l, Ac. AKno-,*h the lower I tin-ibe baa only l ees completely free r ace the eumnuw of IMfl. there ie a great improvement rialPle at Ife S>Ulna mo-ith The A-iitrian and TurkLh go-vnamenta hato dlaplayed great energy '.n Gloating away it# tend which fi rm* the tier, and In bleating the ireka which randerc-l the pontage to inngercua. The Spaaieh F nanclal 'Jommlaelon hate advertised an auction t f the foreign redeemable debt at Mad'J on the 30th of .Tune, for which pnrpon* 371,000 reeia bare been lamgned by the gorernmant. The following la a tnminary ralatito to the pr-wpecta of 1 the Italian utile gmwrra 1710 allk Worm* hare anflbrtd In lit# dirtrlete Mania*, Rroerta, and Cmirnna, bit tl??? aprrrhrn-ioM of the nhabltanta I' the cot o . j around Milan ami P?Tl* Ware exaggerated. The woru - are thriving In FriuU, \ enioe, an4 the Tyrol, aa alao in Modeea, t**i ma, in the domain* of the Church, and tn Tvoarjr In Mrdir a iiie pruepoct# arc hut middling. " Ikworw egg?, which cow coet to lira (CI 6?. Hd ) an ovnce, failed tbreo umea In tome of the Auairn Ital an dletricH. The number of general* of dlvtalon In the Trench army la M, and of general* of brigade 1.M. The r*erejr?ti el*|* of M) generate of dlalirinn and 16'2 genera'# of brigi lo The atari rrrpa r retain* what It waa in lMd. That of ihe commlealarlat .* t* none let of R inspector# g neral. n>? gendarmerie cocelet of 15 leg'one of the nntnein! imrnm w, the legion of Algn-ta, the flarrte de I'arla. and of a bitta''in of rreen \imparire of Art won fpomplera) The inf*ntrj .oneteta of Mr, b?t tall one, d'vtded Into '1, !W?d r ?nan <;ad ding the Imperii t'tiard, the minster I* IT'1 iittalion# and 8,014 rompaab* It* uTYorti are 118 cotonr. llTIiei'e pant nolonela, hit rn?f|p da battalion, att l 8 ^0 h rot The rivalry no hts of. * rep mente and , k> m cr addti r thr guer i, 64 reg.mrota and 3*4 at) arfrt t. T.i? aiiilleiy, inc.bil tig to ^'i*rJe com.*!# of If rrr note. 316 batterer, aad 4V ryot .cnjwn, w , ht> 9 fact aif ft SUNDAY, JUNK 28, mi. division, 1# general! or brlnd?? MeoioMli,UM mm amber of Heutewat colonel*, 849 etptnlne, 374 lieutenant* ud 166 rub lieutenants, without Including the officer* of lb* Icole do Met*. Tbo Mnnchester (Engjnsd) Unity of Odd Fellow* report that the lonlety hod expended daring tbo year la itck pop to member*, ?130,000, ?30,000 In funeral gifts, end

?40,000 for the relief of widow* and orphans. The eaplW) of the society Is ?1,766,000, and during the last twelve months flfty new lodges bad boon opened In various parts el the world. In 1862,10,618 new members were Initiated; to 1863, 16,610; In 1864, 18,836; in 1866, -.11,310; and in 181)0, 23,640, of wboin 11,686 were under 20 years of age. Tbe immorality of Liverpool exceeds that of I/mdon. l or Instance, It in stated tbe number of drank and disorderly pcreos* apprehended In landon yearly was 5,016 make and 4,689 females; total, 9,674 persons, In n population of 2.646,000; while In Liverpool, with a population of eiaht i'W AAA Ike ifvnviV anrl itlsnrrlnvlini UMtMhanHiwI yearly wire 4.720 males, and 4,249 female*?a total of 4,97 6 persons, or a difference between London and Liverpool of m. 'jbe Armalft iu Commerce ExUrieur of France give* the movement of the Import and export trade of the State of IdMrla, Africa, daring IBM. The former, which consisted N Manchester goods, ironmongery, earthenware, gunjMfler, spirits, deal planks, 4o., amounted to 829,000fr.; fed" the latter, composed of palm oil, campeachy wood, td ivory, to 1,011,326fy. If. Bonplond has set oat oa a new botanical excursion to Ike Stale of Paraguay, the results of which are to benedt the collections of the national mucoum at Cornentos, founded by U. Bonpiand bimaclfTbc Freacb horses Florin, Poiock), y"t ango and Paladin are eng aged in the Goodwood stakes in England, and Florin, l'olo. ki and Monarque for the Goodwood sup. Several Jews of the cemmune of Tachau, near Carls had, lately purchased landed property, although the pro visional ordinance of 1803 prohibits their being the owners of such. They hoped that they might iu the and h*vo a permission granted them. The trihunal of the district, however, ordered that the land should be confiscated for-the benefit of the poor, but the Governor, on being api<eiled to, directed It to be given up to the purchasers, with -he condition that they should resol) it within one year. The Inudon Mf \anici> Marjaiinr 2ays:?Sir J. Rsrec.el has pointed out tho weakness of tho absorptiou of the hght or stars In traversing comets, and nearly all astronomers hare observed that ibe nebulosity of comets does not tcMibly weaken Uie light of the smallest start when these were seen through their tails, or even through their nuclei. Pvnu, ol Marseilles, ascertained thai. a star of the fifth magnitude, which wm seen ..cross tho centre of the great ooniet of the Bull, on the 15th August, 182b, Lad an acrgone no sensible diminution of brilliancy. In the year 18M-7 the sum total of ?202 107 was ex ponded in England on national collections, against ?223,866 in 1858-6 ?40,190 was appropriated to the British WueiiQi estaMlsnment, ?19,708 to ihu buildings, and ?20. 4c I to purchases; $12,077 to the Na.iooal Gallery, ?i,31.'> to scientific works and experiments, ?700 to the ltoyal Ge QgraplUgnl Society, ?58,90$ to the department of Soienr .) and Ari^?7,112 id the Mutouni of Practical Geology, and ?i.0<0toth( P.oyal Society. The total amount exp.-nded en tho purchase and laying out of tho Kensington Go re estate, from 1851 to 1K<6 inclusive, is ?277,309. Crinoline dresses baring boen largely cuiployed to smopple goods into l'aris without paying the miroi inous, women are about to be employed at the various offices of the barriers, to make a person xlcxaininai.on of all female* w* wing crinoline. The English estimates for the year ending March 31, 186s, rcla ive to education, science and art; and also !i>e est deal os during tho same period for tho colonial, consular ar.d other foreign services, bare boon publlsned. i?y the former document it appears tnat tue sum required for tho purjxses therein stated is ?1,09.' 322, being an lnurtaae, as cotnparod wiih 1856, of ?123,386. Tho chief items of this increase lire ?90,020 lor public education in Gr-ut Britain, and ?9,180 for "cienco an.l art: ?10,000 fur tbo l!r lisb MuBOiiro <'Ht*i lixtimt-nt, .CIV,671 for in build i lope, and ?6,944 for purchai es. Thor-j in Also an excess of Ja?v lor the NaUoual Gallery (lac.ludlt.g purchase* of pirti ?r). By the latter document it i? shown that for tho rerv ' "r tb( rein Bpe-ililrd liie snra of ?.382,216 ix requirtd, exh tisg on tncreat? over the eat.mates for 185b ol ?tJ ,6oO. v ihc Ruse'an rquSHron In tbo Mediterranean has disported la diUcred directions. Tbo Poikanhuugouo to tbo Pirivus, fid the l'hiloctrte to Constantinople. Tho OlAlf has taicca on oonrd tho furniture of the i mpress 1'j.vagcr to convey 't to CrcnstadL Admiral Eehrens, with the Wiborit and Castor, will visit Ainlem, and thou proceed mrthward. Id the lato stump of the Hoyal A -a t'-niy of 1" icacee alTu rln, Prot'eesor De Notaris comm-moated a description of twenty fit: different species of tnosros uundby him in Ctili sud CoiOtnba; Ultcen arc new, auJ h.tuerto unknown to botanists. The Dutch Minister of Finance has decided that deguet r? otypints ao<l photographi* sure net to ho oontideredartudsr.n'i that conserpieutly they are to j ay ILc tax for pcitnlcu, or licences to trade. Traveller* parsing UMfugh Prussian Mludeo will ho gia' to i fa' that the police regulation for delaying trains, in <r : r to examine passengers' passports at that place, has been evoked. This war at all times it most uaolcst. -ne yore, as, fo>- one suspected Individual who might pass or a'tompt to pass At least 80,000 indicative persons were incommoded. <n March 20,1811, tbo municipal council of I'ans voted so annual pension sr 10,0Vf. to tho hearer of the Intelll pence or the l.Uig of Bonis''htrtli. That pension was'.y ei joyed by to. Van Hcteren, one of tbv Rmpo , rot's pag??, until DM, when bo became a Dutch sub, jrcl, and the pension was stopped. This gouiicmau, who is at present a member of tho titatcs General, has, slnoo the 3d of April, 18.V>, preferred a r.ln m to ihe city of 1 aria ' for the revived of hia penaiou; admitting the JiuiUo? ot the moiivst whint) may have prompted the city u> interrupt tin- t*y m< nt during the subsequent reigns, hat contending ' Uiat. now that the French jwjnle have recs lied tne dynasty <>l Vapoleon lo Ihe throne, and that "i'ronldenoe lias sane tinned trat act by the birth of a prince,'' the city of Jane ei to Dd to rciegnue ins (U. Van lieieren'*) claims, j / uiong the hills passed by ihe Far.'iutan Chambers, Is { one for iwtabuxtdng two new lines ol telegraph, two In the , l-'ALd of Bard in >a mma one ?" a*....- to fhamimnU. U ' l? riJculated that there are trooi 10,000Tn i -vw? u uns'i at Cbamounl v every year, and that will ho suftcjiw to pay the expenses of the olograph. At a late meeting of the French Ac-adny of Srlenre, V. Pie de Beaumcnt announced the lot lowing novelties, nr.: ?a method of reproducing set mat life; a complete ? of the problem or aerial navigattoa; a project for a universal language; and the ^u-ary of the cause, nature, and iicalllbl* care for cholera. The greet recoij<ts of 'he Austrian government from the H tcco monopoly, wf.i< h to 1847 were only 12 184,000 I or Irs, amove tod in 18 A to '44,026,000 Hot Ins- -an increase ef texrly ninety pur ec u. In the laUer turn is compr ?ed the v I'M of the m ooi*dy of H tr gnry, Mat iu mopolv havup (%.n tshflfr' r that oor.r.'ry in 186'- but iu the I tr'nt j earths expanses of estab. shinq the aK>no,oly ex crrtuu mr rr *?u . IM?M nwo i*. -u ?u IVMI^w UITC HJI tu-n coMidi rabie. Tlio reason why tbia In tho c??* it, that ,a wh family li allowed, In apito of the n, n *>ly, to cultivate tobacco on a rialn ext'ut of yrosnd, nod that not fewer than ?4,4C?) families availed tfc< mtvUci ?f the pcrmlmlou. > taxes the roneumptUn 't m Irlte doet hot yield mirh In A airta? lee than one hi If what the iam? tat products in >/ u;ce. This it owing to the Mroumrtan- j tost 'Uu p o['lc are al'owed to duUI brandy for their own an (in P rri 7 aione 01,'' 12 pcraon* do ro,) and tr. -y. irv uiilanue win a Ihia pi Ti,egc necessitates la sxpeatlvo. tti best root sv car th* July in Anstf a's II per ?e-t liner lhan In the la iverem. At to the lend tax, mere it at prevent In tuttria no land exempted from It, Md even in Hungary Iho lands ot the noble* ar J . ant* *r? Pirn tared; but in the Polish provinces and In Hungary the anunnt levied !i t ry light, being only at U?c ?aie of about i!01irootr.?r* (41, centimes each) the acre, whereas In the cither preTU-'ss of the empire tt .a 1/J kreutver*. V* governairet <f Austria baa replied tavorably to tfcn petition ot the L7,an.b?r of Cowm >rou of Prague, pray eg for the aboil ion of tbe dooa *a tie Kibe. Jt baa promised that It tnlll employ *11 it* m/uetcc to obu a their * lpprse Hon. The ra'es of Irish encumber*! out ate* in the week tiding the 0th ef Jon- isalimd ?70,000 The aioonnt of rental poafo't fo - tale In the mnth of June la JLM,2fti per annum, the average being ?81,000. The Jfonitenr Algrrisn pubwhe* the results of the conns Of the Kuropean population fleeted in the colony toward* the end of (Mt year. Oor ipai lig the numbers with three o,' 1MIC, the tncrente la fonad to have been nb Kit t',0U0 prrsont each year, na at that period tho wbote Firopeaa prpalatum in Algeria wan lot ,878, whereat at pr?< ol u la 107,670. The net amount of the Income tax fbr the year ending the Mh of April laat year Tor Ureal Br, to. a wae , bXi, and for Ireland il.iaajxui. A epeciat roofing was lately held In London of the Australian Royal Mail "team Oampasy. A gee val feeling waa expreiwed in favor of wtrdlng np, and a unggeai on for trautferrkog the property to a new company, to Ni formed under limited liability, wan not entertained. Ornnt Interest a excited in Foroj>e by a prelected expe ditton from Chill to (Uo Negro, In Patagonia. It* obie-i will be to examine whether, throngb thin river, a onetime t on between the raffle and Atlantic oceans a lea;,jle, no aa to dispense with the way round Chpc Horn. The gov emment of thill baa, for tho present, granted the ram of I,.MX) peaoa toward* Dm .expense of the npedttloa, with the promise to increnee thai amount If aw easary. Hungary appearn to be the o"?f*ct of frenh fhvom on Hie part of the Fmperor Franca .loieph It is Mated that Um Uaiesly baa jnat eigne,1 an ordtnaaea which prescribes that two thtr'ta at leaf of tbe pebllo fuactleM of that kingdom are to he coaOded to natives. Tbe authorities are also to be enjenoed to reef re document* addrenaed to the goTcrament when drawn np In the national language. Tbe I'nitm f V-tnc Clbw/of* (a Ontboitc journal of the Jura) boldly aneertn thit, unl*"* ft he prevented front an doing, it wlil o. euly advocate the candidature of H. do M->nf? lembertln trance. "We donotyMhuow,'Micoumgen?#ly aa*a. " what will be the attitude ef lb* r?T*mfn?ni. but. wnatcrer It way be, M do Montalembert * an I rr Mains U>? candidate for lit* ctrcotaeirigCo? be already ropmeenle." Til* declared ralne of HrUlah and trtoh (node erportnd frctn lb* port i?f iJrerpuol during the laonth uf May, 1467, war ?6,4*4,064, or-nreyed la '>20 veaeels; lor the m^nth t>> May, ?4,1 4,760, it 306 Teeeels, heitu ao lcc. <d?? Cf ,004, and 114 roor *, id favor of 16 7. Ad account of Mt? snrae ro<|tured for eipoBee* nnoort/yj with| law and Jnat o Tor Krgian.l, fora.and an.l Irr'iud daring the yoar ending .(1st March, ! .">*, haa hmn given, mo turn reqnlred h>r Wicland ia ?410,401, bo ng an tnegraso of ?842,012 beyond too amount fit 1166; for Hy* land, I", 1,000, being a lecreaae of ?3,760, and for Ireland. ?7f2,7'.tO, being ao iDcreare of ?17,624 too rum required tor prism and canrld or toe* la l'<10,?17, showing an nc-oaf ' ?2I,;>4.:. Tho laiomonl eatilhite a total creese if > *0,o4r>, aa com par od with the vUimIi ? for 1*66 The Vmrornr of Austria haa given In* aancttoa to a plan for inlerr ng Vienna city, properly ao calii J, which, for a U>r.g li? pa t uaa boon inaumciont for ihe acoommodat'on . i the cor .*, L'ly Increasing population. According lo M-. Fhllllra, of Initio i, tho chances nf an ort! nnrv felon'a ne.tape from pualshmt ot n 1,000 trin't, are 270. ahd the etiancra of a murderer's escape frem pr.tit.ihtcrot Id l.OCO ttlata, 112. On 2TU? of May the creator part of the nonrcnt of Santo Pom 'en n Madrid, fell to tho groticc', with a oolae reaem hiirg luav ti hoary piece* of arttll.ry. Forttuaotoiy, at [ Um inmates of Uk? eetabllshuswit were engaged - their religious dalles U> MM chape: ^leb ? 1 mslsed uoiBjared. So successful us the artificial breeding of salmon i*. come in Franoe, thai whereas s flaw years ago K was dun cult lo procure Ibis fiah to Paris for less than 8s. or per lb., il has this season been railing as low as Ad. per lb. The railway concession granted to n t rench connxmy by Um King of Sardinia, for a junction line te connect ueelf with the various lines ail terminating in tbe valley ot the Ticlno, is an object of vast Importance, and must tend eventually to revolutionize tbe psaeat mode of traltlo between Northern and Southern Kiinpps. The Belfast (Ireland) Nrws * - Emigration from this country continue* to fearful extent. Every evenlnglarge numbers of deoent looking people leave this port for the antipodes ?nd tbo "Far Wert." On one evening no lean than sixty left In the Semaphore for IJverpool, tbesoe to cross the scan to seek their fortunes or join their friends. The following, from n Tlpperary paper, gl . ee the sub stance of several returns of the crops from the south of Ireland ?The ?oather has been most favorable for the growing crops. The oat crop Is meat healthy looking; pntauee In an squally satisfactory condition. Wboal is almost too luxuriant, and In some places rather rank. Vegetation, on the whole, Is now making rapid progress, favored chiefly by the beat which accompanies the genial showers. The number of Russian remittee which are In process ef migration to the West is unusually large. A steamer brought no If as than 110 passengers to Htetlin In ooe day. The greater part are bound to the German spne and some to <f tend, at which dreary place there will be gatherings of German and Russian Voles. The Woolwich (Fuglaud) Committee Ibr Promoting the Emigration of the Artisans discharged from tho Royal Arsenal and Dockyard have shipped fifty families for Canada, and made arrangements for forwarding two hundred families on the 26th uf.Juiie. A sum of ?1,000 will be subscribed to tho land by the government. The Municipal of Lnuvaine, the stronghold of the clergy and Jesuits, has voted an address to the King of Belgium, nearly in the lame uonse us that of Bmnso'K. At Namur, where the clorical aristocraty poser a preponderating Influence, the proposition for an address wits rejected by seven to six votoe in the Municipal Couucil. The dow Governor of the Bank of Kraroa, h. do Germ.ny, who resigned the post of President of the Credit Koecier, was to be in 'ailed on '.he HUi of June, and not only in it (aid that he is opfxwod to tut lmmedtatn red.m Hon in the rate of dlsoocnt, but,t one ot the Qrst sea of hi* administration will I j to enter Into another contract with Menus. Rothschild Tor tho purchaac of hi,000,000 of gold In L mdon. It appears that in 1652, -113 spirit 'Icensov wore granted in Ireland, and -i iO ,n p 4J3 n i&54( ,u, t i ,h tu Tcia shows a gradual Increase. Tbe monthly balance oi the Prussian Bunk Wf ho list of Hay show* a considerable in<*reaae tn tho reserre of bullion and'coin, and a slight met ease of tnnt of reserve nous. The former is given -it 32,711,200, and tho latter at 2,05-1,000, with 5.>,6-l j,500 notes in circulation. Tee meet colossal piece of ra.lway work tn existence Wi 1 certainly be tbe tunnel winch it is in contemplation to make through Mount Cenla, in .Sardinia, as it will bo out less than l'.'.lOO metres in length A weaver named Gorbort has been trie! at Berlin for participate'n ,n the insurrection of tho Grand Duchy of Baden in Jfl-i'd. Being found g Iky, but with extenuating circutni- anoes, he was sentenced to,two years imprisonment. The wheat crops'n all parts of Holland present an exoollent appearance, at-d recent rams and heat have done 'hem peat good. Plans for the improvement of that pact of Paris called la Clt -are under the consideration of tho mnnic'pal authrriticw. Thoy relate to tho widening ct tho Roe do la OltS to .0 metres; the rebuilding of tho Hotel Die i oo the alio comprised between the Place d-i >'arvis (the building er. the r's :e new occupied by iho id ministration do I'An si-taui loiiujc ta to be demolished); the Rue d'.ircoto, tho K'j>' i ...rili am! the'Jaai Nh> ' on; tho suppre-sion of the H . * Notre Name, "-1. ? irlstopbe, and f.-veral Other* , tho widening of she I'.n* <1* Ar ctic to 20 moires, ?nd ib? c.i-ry > g of tl>< Boulevard do Sobas.opol through the Cltd to front of tho I'aSaia de Justice. Jn Engiand anl T,(aies tho rum expended for tho relief or tho iioot iu thy haif year ending Lady day, 1837, was ?1,P79 CO, of which ?.1,480,000 tvaa for out relief aad i IW.COO for maintenance? being a decrease of ?118,Owl, or :> 7 jut ctt t on the r.mount expended in Ih correspond ing half yi nr of 1858 A London *dcc ,1 jou'tal says th t the cmcmptiou of wines in Cio public hoarda'* foosllluw one ' the boavlert items r.r their c"-j>cndilurr?. The * ino account at flny's Hoetu'V lwt fear wa? ?1,C83; the gift account $370. Total, > 1 ,i.VJ, At -t. Thorium' the wine account was ?629 ; ejrtrit account, ?t 'I. Total, ?1,100 , or ?2,609 in one year in the borough hospitals. The 1< niton Tone* Of 12th oi luce remark* ?The report of the committee of shareholder-, of the North of '. .rope Steam Company, appointed in March last after the ducoscry toad been made that while thecoroi>any were paying div >.!< nils at too rate of 10 p? r cent , thu.r i a; :tal war last dlra;ipo*ring, haa juat been iwucU. It ne w appears that ' out ot a sub- ciihed capital of 7X0,600, a positive money loss of ?71, u. ha* been ' .incd ; and that, after m iking the rccepsary altowanoo f or doprt iatton tn tho value of the n?et,M Wrtl as for ba.l debt*. <u;., this will be in created to '.hi (5,04 3?mere '.ban a fourth of the entire capital ia Uiitebte gone. On lYday, dune 12, twa Russian steam ychte?tho Voha | i.ik! the ftak'tu?built by Messrs. "Nitnu'la, with machinery by ,.nd Miller, naarcd down tho Thames under iteMii and canvass, to tout their rsoabi'tle-i before leaving for CronriAdt. Count Lauendori, J- ' enaat Poschowrou, I Lieutenant ?'?ari*ti?n, of tho Hu'-oo navy,and a large party of gentlemen, <-o yacbtu n Uieir trial ! hip. j A now steam fhlgn'e, bearing'byname of Tr Iro Numes | ha* recently bo.-u'siurtruci'-d iu'ngland for the Ihilco o | Oporto, wlin I) Is to be appropr jutd a* a royal yacht for I h|* Hi .'bneo?, and i* acorrt .. ;ly fitted in the same elegant *tyl'- as tho Victoria and Ah <rt royaJ yacht. Prince Vogurides, the < aToutran of Mojlav'a, ha- had ft divorce declared oeiwten him and u..? wife, and In con tijoenee OI iIim un mil ntvr w n.mi-rin her marriage portion, which ia Mud to a nonnt to 3,0OO,oW> fortes (?3CO.OOO ) The amount aerially ailvanre<t acd paid by depoattart no shareholder* In loan scctet;-a lnJTngianl and TV alee last year, we* ?1(8; Tie'.; the sum* id too handajof borrowoisatlbr er<l of .to year, ?148.274; Uie amount circulai' + ln lS8d, ??' '.') 819; tho Dumber ol application* for loans, 1^9 5 >0; the number of borrower* to whom loana woro grant'd, 122,871, the aruount paid for interest by borrower on sureties, ?27,604, the gross being the amount r? eves from b^rtower* and of money paid for Ibrm* of apple*' .n ?ml ln<piiry, ?38,167; the e-censes of Management ia*t year, ?14.102; the interest paid to depositors or ibarib. dure, $18,404; the net proutr, ?8,143. lr the year ending the 20fi n" Novcvber, 1454, the grt.-? totat'amonc: of tho exooes paid In by saving* hanks in P?;-land bej odi hie mime drawu out waa ? >33,000; tha oxre-s awn < ut 1 y eav'i ' sum ber md the urns paid tn, In alert log I iterist, ?'ol,. :C; the arma raid Tor the |mrcl an'of st.r'kar d e.s bdrter bit,', ji'J,T ,8,7t51; the suius -r-i. . I, ?? - 1,111m ,,?l., , r ??,l yold, ?i,'Jf"i,178; the incidental eiprciM* defrayed I./ tile (XtrrjibJilurofl *i"l eharfed ' a the find of the n. tr m bnok*, at.l the dlrl-icnd* retvi rel by the <:ommU ton'-re on' tocc Inri.tud and on exchequer b,Ik! and tmndf, /I.Ci'JJJ. The t<#?l > mount of internet c:tJiti d to-?vu:Jk harm In U? t'nit-d K'njrdom di. r,ng U)? jear ended the JnC' of Njrember !*at >u 1I,10V^U2 The M? leter Ga> rdian, e the Pith of June, announcing <he tim'.ri. uoi, of thn ? i Hi Nicaragua, *nv? ? P^ofil" to fteble md untur: Ue tuneo of the Central , Amet . ao St.itce, an.t po-,r-tlr j a ter. itorf *o much cal ' ciliated to cv-.ltc the cupidity ot ihrtr no ghbore, cannot, of iboawelY?, long attM ii their indopeuden?; and tin leer ? ?' ' ' i y K/.g.and ?. I) rery w?>n bo abeurbed by the 1'pHod . >et,who will care %ery little for the pro rUIO'tii or Ute llljt n Hole cr tr*Uf, or njr other eogagem< nt oo*' *ut>?i*tng or I t after to be framed, which b.igbt < W.I to reel, at* them M. Fi..lle Pe-?iro he* iuet omieluded a matter whtrh now onljranaiU the appro .aiiou nf the f tomb gov< rnment. lie hne on U.e t art of the K>utbcrn iKilwajr, tnal.- arrange mi* or the pcrebate cn idc fhmou* canal of lAnguedoc. fleruwd by Ww,ijM. TOf Kmperor N?poleoo 1. eatabliabed oa iMfl i . tlelMW fhf eereral <.f nuciav r? and high dtgr *. ice of th' i mpire, and even ft women who (ooeenb j to marry wounded or aci|>-iiai*d aoldiera. The numb r r f iHarr* Ved by the Km,eror waa 1.2M, and etch was of the no imal mine of lO^oof. The n /oUabooa took place chiefly in (he apartment* of the Grand b nreilor of the Legion ef' ll? o w. for the ley Ion rceire* IdJ/XXif. a y-ar from the canal. After a length.-ood ?.untnuiinn of II fit?Mete connected with the aflatr It waa agreed that the car.*! rcmpany thnuld recti re l,l20,(XAJf. annually far firing tip the raonl. Ill I>rncan Dunbar ban expended ttnnn 1S44 ?300,000 In ihip onddlcf at I'undcrland, Kit gland. Hn ldertfleld, Kughmd, bat beaten Lee I* <n the great cbrm mat. n, faring won 17 gamcc again,t Id. During a fortnight note? than four young men In Mertbyr, Walce, bare obtained iloenec* to ottlctata ae Morn. ? prtacbrra. The tendon Jfcrmnp I In-aid, ,Vtamiard and SI Jan*' Ohf - kit are raid to hare been eold for a ram approach!^ lo lan.oM. Ti e taut India Company hare appropriated ?.100 for the err <-hoc of a monsmrnt lo the great flhbaaier, Lord Ulre, In Wi*ew?bery. I The KfcgBab romml?lo* for mnatd ring the bent men? of accord eg the health of ?Idler* la al' ittnation* and In* every particular, hare ar?patched Dr Motherland and Mr. ierguacn to the Oontintnt, to make tar?Lgatioae of the yntcM of other coaatrlee Information baa beeo laaued by I be Reg llah poll? of an aitentue robbery by a man named William -Haplea, who h? decamped from iha Clarrudon Hotel, l/mdoo, with a quantity of baak eoie* and gold. The numlmni of the fjh Bank of Rug land ne??? are bb,400 to 16,484, be* Id? a large quantity of grid. Mr William flaa'am, who ha* carried on an ertr?rlee buainm ? a born haft and eealo pro?tir, at Rbefnetd, England, and aga'uet whom a (bet in bankroptt^r ban been mim oi money, and let Yin* debta oapald inou ittng to about M.QW. Ttie Iondoo /Vy' of .Tune 11, aay*'?It I* the liferent of Austria, of luitriend, of Krxnce, and of Turkey, to keep lie mo'i he of the Iiamibe thoroughly open, oat to bidr* the Moldo h aJlachlAD PriBetpattttee m much Into emu t end ccMP>"tce with Korope an prweible, ft* the more ororly tfcry looeh the ctrlltaert world of the Wort tho more th.oy are removed from the dnnfar of RoniM i? tlurnc? and iotrtgee. The lond< 11 riei '.t of the l^th rf June, nays ?B J* '-,r Interest thet All the vart<,?8 racoe between "* (lb the (Ml) should reroaia aa they are, ni'f Showing Stronger, mere peaceable, more sattlod, aod roort eoosoii lated to natural combination*. Momma robber lea and Imposture" fontJnui ?o bo practised to a frtghfal eatent In fnglaed. The Vr xiherter ' if "<?,'* the peon , ottbf I o ted ?*? i( lit yard to r t. v >?- I i?? It *?T ? ? ' nram to. r ,, , with ?h< ir interest* we <tnn- iw . e ir Vonroe deetnoe, to the efton ; <"?? ,1k*-, rr otertv- loin I r v llato thi a.tara of Amor, an gU .rr, < vm tl ? I'' " ? ?< 4I? ?* ? * mow ,rap dent pretence of rgbt to dispense w*b the exttlng lew ef nations uJ to aiki i new ?w to iaH ihetr m ptrpom. in wbkch do Kurepeae Power that m able to resist H will at all acquiesce. The London Timet of 11th of Juno, aa/l:?Tho fact that *0 ?1,120,000 o txj paid to Denmark In redemption of tho Hound dues will bare to be remitted In opecte er he erjoi valem, daring tbe next three or four month* mnst ooasumte a oew eie?e[1|or disturbance in tho money market. The extent set a^ioo 0r he Influence will In mum degree depend ou the an o which the money ie to be put by the len.ah government. Tn tit. Petersburg tu>, art g<ing at length to exert ttrmiriveH to improv th..,uu> nf ihn town; us tbe town m built upon piles nun mud luwt a marshy soil, tbe build ings that have been Lnu.od i,?i tin* artlttcial foundation suffer very much from damp r'miog up ><?* walls. A portion or tbe trocpa of the Russian gi.~j Is to be employed in Ibo works ot the Petersburg Wa<i%w Itne of railway. Tbe facilities for obtaining Ross an passports and pe slon to travel ubroad that have been introduced >f late b/ the gaverument, seem to have had a gout erfout. The total number of passports Issued ibis spring Is said to amount to ti0,000. If tho real number in any way approach th a the revenue, at any rate, mil not have suffered from the redaction of the price of that document to 5 roubles. Formerly It sometimes amounted to 600. Tho moat numerous claus or travellers appear* to be young military men. t iiLirunauuuMi'VM i. uiurim niu;nv nil/ fluiriiiioL^miio nniDHiiU niMi wn. ra^wosiub ?? 177*: " fireworks "" ^afin If <D. Krt?b,ir*?d ;h?. IS Dlvltkm tUfMl The rj'.dew.jrr.rd hsrtnr recetred an n'lm new stmft OS Bw-worka, cf 'tie 'Vast deccrtp -kra =-?d of Uiu best quality, h.l if . no hrs. %.*.:? ? ?.*> . in;;, Cat foi ? i lit] - low i >1 nawalioenoe or rtyle. the > stand unrivalled among pyrotmhafil ?i*au/ic?tre?. He tb. rrfore rsrpeuifoUy lurlios dealers ir the abose articles, u> well..1H0 pub Ir gcivmally. '.o u.?U ml namlne kin nur!i*i and eit a ive rk n lore pirnl iala|f sinew bera. feeling scnMent tliU bu ?utter sueb 'i 'uoeoMaU u MBUOIM atttifchad b? any i'"Junr b> i In the ntty. OUR (RiaTK, IH llc'sion itreot, Hew < ba.hai. 'tjtiae, A OOJJPLTTw AHORTMXMT Of Fin T CitDIUH A Or- v ri of Ice. O.H Edge's man-it,> tore, werrrnt >) fb.iqi tliTof worautan, !p and material, comprlala*,nor* dmeripura of eibibllion and sale ?'rL at their agency, S3 Washington ntwet, oorn- r of Barclay. Deal em and town ecmmitten* supplied at the lowest prt<"t. Orders mould be addressed to It A K RR, JEKItMl AU M CO., XTl H nMn|Vn street, Hew York. B DOT'S f 1H8T PREMIUM COLORED AND BRILLIANT hreworka. Laboratory, North I'otnl, Jersey H?, R. J. Or-'- rs 'or the aboee works sbtmld be id lreeeed lo J. <4. M I. EDOK, Jr., Jeriey City, or to THOH. DUNICTIf. brent No. 1u Maiden Lane Js, V. Where .am ?.1 ot MbtUon "Wen, also e tert variety of ni l work snllra 'o stor to- per.' ?aies- sorb s? rv?er*. torpedoes, rnt-kcts. cardie*. Ac , 4c , 4c., may be fooud. Oocde dettrered u? any part of the city, or to .ay of iheraffc -oral or steamboat .talk as. free of expense. ? DDK'S PRKMTUM PTRKWORKS. for families or town ? ihibitinn.. Wholesale anil r tall, at laboratory price*. AImj boys' aunom. pi* ola, sotvibr and -ops. ALFRKH WOOIHIAM. Hporteim a's depot, 1th) Pulton street. FBLRJEWORKR-IS Urst premium* <n lbs Onlted b'tatea. Hap. .4i;.0t eolort d and Drill ml kilntjulai al Ore works Now n mly with pr?i?n -times, at 'JM CRIMINAL 0H1TKD La HO in TORT. Off > Washington strcfl, J-v*?y C1'T. Laxo-Uory, tame sir tel. second biot a li on'be ferry. IHt to s'lnls Sr., PyrrSeciinlat. N*w Yi rk city depot, at *3 Liberty s*. '. alei. 11 ry deerrtptlon of salon * -* for He trtb'd. Or ' r. td esstd IO i.l.LNN PtlTMAN rent, 89 etr<e t, N. w York, Kill raeyt with ; wrapt an, .'loo. FODRTH OP JU1.Y. m.t iiarrosH" rinw sai?vi ?i!t| ferliiin Rone ItalliHinnl'l BRTIWK, POHCKi' 4 PN'RaI'-D, m.innfa.i...r?rs of BylnE ballt.' n, p. nrra ors, paiots and vain- 'ies ased in the mn iiac iriny 'if (be name Cilice 6* Cedar stroet, iirst lloor. Labora'o y SO Crosby street. Not" r ?We !> ([ h".e of oar custmrers who l.ave ordered >.nitoi.nn iVe del': er i n " c*1 ore tb? Int. ?d and ,'d of July I* trad fo> thrn ?? m hi onnvrnbrnt,vo hnva mate nr to rip- >a tV-tr delivery. iJy *> doing tltry will avid ilinftpf alnirn Mi A. LILLIBKDAirT.a ix? mi' I-'jor rarworM, joij *Y A TiriRH, Boln Ar?n M, J ? ten t I u I 180 WVliani ?** i, i roar of '^pman, Naw Vork. 1. A T. wor.'-i r*,i the < n ( tha iradc n thrtr wrU Known rtoek y.t Arc iaekem. torpedoa*, mckalii, Roman Mulian, w* iii' ! -1 'nde, aiaibitlmi p i 'oa, and ail ar'al?M tojgftandnr nil r-i'lr-d to make* foil MM'.runoud fuvjoo* nlng or mwtliln# Quality *r?r? 'i od, at; rices Iwywl aomprtttion. JOB. O. A I. SPUR, J*., "PIBSr PRRJUUM rlRB work*. ' Thr ?iih?or'hrr*rl*!T tohr tta only mnnnfrjrtnrarn r f Firirt I Pramtmn Kir- wnrka" In '.ha United W?ta?, ha-rttnr 'akrn nrrry ttrat premium lor flrrworea ?f. rod by tha Amertaan InaOlvM lir iiw pMlavivit pur* Pro at the Marahnll Tant 1 in onill. rbi-y br* Hi aiAtn ihot they 'taro erttriod their Sreworkn Int rompntitlnn awry year for he pn> t ur* at the fairs of the AartrrUan InaUlittr, and ?l*o at the W.fM'i Kalr, but noon hare i tiered to ri,mi>?le with them, whit li they deem r n.ilrial vr evidence of their superiority "vrr ?0 i- bnr m*k> ra, n??ututb aa tbry decline p'tout; tbtlr H'*kn la emnaetjttoojtm u. A L KIKIK, Jn, Laboratory, North Point, J' rv.v City N. J. fllOH. DUB K I!*, Arrnt. No. IU Mal len or. New York. _ ~ iDKAUU.11lloit. J YUAN OF fxmifd-HT MAO AWN HKRIMNn, NO. Iff J Ron err, eaelaMe, hot warn llmoma rod (VI array rtraeta. irme H reaprcUnily Inform* the *nf> o that *ho ba* ra1 doped her prior, in ordrr to enAbla orrrr ..-j* to be free from halite. and feele confident of propueto* t at ?* trill r?t?rre r.,irit, boat*** aalla drawn l??o tba fle A, m . wiihoul nnltnm the V?*t pant or Inroii'*"> ?"?. r??.^ ?? bo tv nt J air honaaa Aral Madam. K'n rntMoaw. from I to 7. C1ATARRII.-A NKW KKVKDT POIf TIKS DINKARR i m jiuit brln* inlroilnrr.l. It la a poaltlva and ntdo al rnra In fluid form, fo ba Iph. I *1 or drawn Inio tb? uoatrlli. Dr. R. fiOOHALR, ibr nr'di'i.itor of ! Inritaotba worat eaww |o a irr* nn*uliatloo al Ina ,>0 .ra, VS flroadway, wftm ba wlU innkr ifoud his uun ruoii of t complain and o iro. 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