Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1857 Page 7
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gill Hiniluniu Ag?l?i( Airtrt CommlialiiKr Devlin. Annual CHimr?HTioiAi. num. JraiT,.?Dmtd : C<mm*r ? fkaHa'Turner The Qpwt opened at preotaely ?Ut?a o'clock ?! mornlag, the haeadanc?of epeoUiore bfiWl H |b *?e dimislahed. At (be opening of the uourt, Mr. Fiol i, jr., 1? ?*urt that Mr. field, flr., we* still itok, en t by the adri<~ hui Mf$eon sea remaining at home He would be willing JT Mo wtth the awe Junt a* the other side ehoul 1 agree. Mr. Brady Mated that he had reoeieed a letter from Mr. Ifteid elating the (hot. and lu^geetlng that II Mr. Brady wlebod to go on he woo Id hare noted taken or hie argument. and If be could not reply pernonally on Monday, be weald present Me a'gumentid rtt'ag. For himself (Mr. nnuij; do bad ai?30 H7S"jb meats y ?< ?? "" l45hti5F, and would therefore ?kd to gv ??> wU* U" lr?? rat at the eapgeetinn of Mr. Field. Mr Bustvtd oMred u>al If Mr Field's argument ail trobmlUs.: la writing, they should bare a copr, in order to be abtetc reply to any new potato which might be raised. asocmwt or kh rsadt. In opei-Lap, Mr Itnulv sold, n > one would deny thaJ the proceed lag before his Honor was one of very great oonse qoenoe. l b., oflkv o' Hire* t Com mis .loner was ooe of grea Importance to all who lire I In the city territory I belonged to the city, was created for the bone It of th city, and with It the people of the State bad nothing to do '.The city bad alaays b*en acting under raHoar chartors und this was the (lost Um? la the history of the Stale tha ruch summary proceedings hid erer been taken to obtain [jousdk .on of the hooks and papers of a corporation, and (t would he one of bis points that the statute was nerer Intended to apply ?o any euch case. Ths books and paper Of e oorporoilnn were ito prirote property, ant if hi Honor should grant an order to Uebrer those books to Mr Cooovcr they could be r? covered by a suit o Uh nature of replevin. Tho books aud pepers beloagel neither to Mr. Conover or llr. Devlin, bat to the city; and to obtain possession of them, (bo Co-poratloo, If anybody, most be a party. This statute could cot ho upooalod to to sottlc nti> puch controvert, y aa for *be recovery of tbe books of au insurance company, nor c uld it apply to this case. He would read, tlrst, too coi elusions ot' fact :? First?That Mr. Turner succeeded Taylor ac Ptroot Com tuiBslonec, and anted as euch up to tbe ft pp out men! of Devtk. Second?Dovttn was appelated on the 16th of June by tbe Mayor aid Alde?mrn, and tiled big special bond and oait of ottice, wltb sureties, tn due form, ap >rovcd by Uio Havor. Third?That Devlin took poi><?nU,t: of tbe bonus and pa pere, recordr, Ac , by vMl ot b.- appoint.ueii. and has Cm en in possession ever since the furniture bel-ig subject to the levies mode by the Sheriff. Fourth?That Devlin, as auch Street Comm'.ts'.onor, has been recognised by all tne ntlioers of the Corpora..uu, tUo Corantrc'ler | poinded. Fifth?Mr Cooorer ba? never filed his official boot, or oath of offioe, approved according to law. Sixth?Donerer never bad pos*ewiou of ihe Street Com ml* loner's office. n*r of any of lis anpurtenancei. Seventh? Oonover has Uover beeu recognl ftd as Su-mi Oomminducer by any of ttte officer* of the Corporation, nor by tbe Corporation; but, on the contrary, his right has been expressly and unqualifiedly repudiated and d.nied by auch ' tboers and Cor ooratloo. KlshUi- Con ivcr claims the office under appointment by the Go erner, and Mr. Devlin by corporate appointment; Ud there wa?, therefore, a question of disputed title. Ninth?Tbe exclusion of Oonover from the Areet Com ml*loner's office took place before the aspolntmcnt of Devlin, by the order of Mr Turner, then Deputy street Ommifthloner to t^ulot his possosslon and enable him to perform the dalles of the office Teotfc?Dt vltn look posarwsion peaceably, and hi* posMtslon was recognised by Covover, who applied to turn to surrender the office to him (Ouoover). Eleventh ? Devlin's refusal to surrender was tna-lo peaceably, under a claim of title to the office sot up tn good taiih Twelfth?'The ordinances of the Corporation, giving the Hayorand Aideimt n the power of appointment to vncan dee, was in force at the of the pasaagu of the new charter of lK.'.T, and war not repealed by that act. This was a contest for the property of the Corps-atlon, and If the) Corporal..>o could >w deprived of Its property without a trial by Jury, thee the lave were really a' much a rope cf sand aa some parties allseed thorn to Imu The Got porwlmn of New York, through Its officers, protosled bore that they could not be deprived of their property without such a < by jury. He should th uk U would etrke bis learned opponent dial It was treatise 'he Corporation o New York with contempt and ooetumely to deprive 1? of ;t? property without allowing ft to say one word. The cltysnoullbe treated wtili a BOble munificence such as It deserved. So grare a quas U'w ac a nouti'ct of power b< t vton tho Governor and 10 great a corporation as this snould not be decided in so In(ormal a uinttcr a? this H< ihen proceeded 11 giv-' a hi? tor j of throe p?noce<linf-? of mandamus from ISO", and nrgved that Mr. Conevet's only remedy was that which bad bori. used in all previous cu-eo o' a mandamus, com Citing the Mayor to a iproro his bond 1 be was legally und to do so Bat tbe Mayrr was not bound to approve ft, and it bo wore, why could not Mr. Conor or p've the Mayor a proper length of tine to perform that duty, (vmoof U>u lUuitoa other* which devolved up. u him. The Mayor iu not subject U> the bobcat of a mere otUoebalder, hourver great a political luminary lie rr. ptat tm l uperlr.l to lie. Hn q' l.'t , -. ! -?] r.vfw to ntnw t i?t the 1 Insertion of the law we* it t questions of title were to 1 be stilled by qvr. toa- ran.'r, eul that the pri cuttog w-a a ujere na-inn of the statute, and aa cadcaror by a OOPaUwal qu-.tion to decide suuimar iy a quel r a of I.tie. Ft tc th* ca*o ol Socilker, he ettcd the oplt 'ra of the ti?"- Judge Rock wet), who, alter erv tnlitiprlMi i -ti . .M, ha " .tee'?? 1 that a pro rceu.n. aetbii could not he considered except la r??? j wbire the quiet-m of title was Clearly us disputed. The ft-ret Cotrm.-K -oer s ottlce war an oflioe of g'eat po luteal po?or ur' pa'r >oig? aod his Montr wis expected bjr some to decide this q >csloo on pot.ticai grown I*. There wa* a pt'l.Ucal ii a*'io why this pro-ooding should Dot be alloa cd, because th.. attorney Genetal wat known to be of the *ame party aa the claimant, and could not l>e compelled to twue a Ttie learrowt. tf he old not desire to do so lie bad not In ended to be connected with anr cf (tinsc ceite* growing out of the recent dlCcnltloe. but was there only In the capaeitt of n friend to the rntponlent, whe, lr but early professional carper, when the a.laden compt Dtaiioo was destrable, had befriended him, and l.j was there now a* hi* friend (Murmurs of api ) lie bad not intended to be mtsca up In these ditcu* ion*, but he bad bo ed yet to ne able to mske | M| Mrl| cle to redeem the character of his native city (Applsu- ) j Or deen < d it to be beoeatn the dignity of the great state of New York to be here in the cap tolly of an atpl *ant ] fbr e city utile# There ran be no doubt thiwt th i Com mi wo oner Is n oily otltcer. And what iau tl.n 8 ?te be en ported to know of tlt? 'inalHl'' uiona of atu'ttiuotir midst to fulQ! the duties of Ins oi(j< id He oontei.1 -d that |be llrnf sortiwn of tno cbart*r of It' 7, which prov| I pi for Cue root Minuc" of the (rant*, prtrtleyo* and powers which the tor;*.ratu.c of the city ever bel 1, rendered it iy,?? nible that? w hats rer sprciai repeal the cb arte In. ? q ienl |wts m gbt provide?the pow r? oyer tb? of -? ,'rnoUsl to the Corporation by the ihirt?r of l1 could not be di?turl>.-1 IV a* the ottlrr ( .direr I C ur i toner created by the epo-'tlt"! Oertvi 'y n i II, n, in th? highest eiecutlee of tao HIat* i . assume * p.?w? r Mpreaei) denied to biir. b* the eonstltuhoa? Tin other A de ka ' ? h.m w.ihti.e sir; ra: til bai Cot \ n Oct ap|?it. .I as Mre. t Oomni^.t..r .'r '. it m?-f - lorm nx ovum ni nsrifi ^(DBPvnnr. 1 n mi* oommi^loi. f oD th* (.over i or itmi) th%t CiOo lec ?m a i?mu<t ' to he Htroi t Ubnmi't >u to r?II lit* raraooy o?a?|rar<i by Ibr <I<?aaao of Mr. Taylor. Vb* * ect of U? ar(i>iaci.t of tha ntb?r Mil* wa?, that wh'la iha l*(<*laii -* or llorrraor o*?ld no! < II Uv ?>1 a* of - ?<! Ommif <'on*r prrmihootly. I ,n <v .i.i do tt Id rato of tarsiacy. ao trial if an rkvto i il y?r 1 b?>1 hoi <M?? bour, ihr Mai* roul.1 fill lor OfTve for ibr rr?r- n I r > Ihr irrm < irelr I , ?m arv?r k lrr-tod by ;.?? r. r-t.'utinn fl ha* b<v ri > *1 t thai tbo G Termor . a : l Ji.?tlroa of thr nod Pi \* *'-r nonrta, wb. I. woro rlly otflcrri F! i m*y mart DM city olTI' ru. Ti r ?nr*'?r* w: d n"-- 1 thn-mho .1 tb* Siau . at if tod the ^Ulo, an-1 Hi Mp-rrrly termed Stole o<h -or Bat tram If the trocar nor, by ihr art of l#lo b?<l lit power It ma'" Ih. appotaimooi la <a?* ol ava<*aor^,bo rooiendxi tK: (bora wan ao-acam-y for htm to Cll tv an** there h vl I-* . a t"T ly hi i rt I'ontmlr-i o h r t ro Med lor, ,?ho. U ?a< anprrtv'J reacted, >h-ild : Ihr dntl?? ' ttnul Ibrtr PomM br aorthrr apr mrnl, and r ' I'..- | rr i?nn aj>po ol <1 at on|,1 l?o duly ll?d f w*? I o proTktwl that "O noa a? Ihr dot.'- f an offlr. v, od than ana no on** ty (or ao :>.*Hnlm -it by tha dote- r>f An lb<t Oeptt ("rami - oo. r wi v pointed lo act la caac o' a canutey U aaottur Appototnn ct. there warn r < - ilt~ for a- r.; ,nt.n.i t ( oroalflhrf rrwor eccr ba.: *iy powr It wv '? ou ! , that Ibc art of 1MV eutpewrrd th* I mionf b> r.iakr th * a; rolotmrnl Rut >? Ibr |i|:<atcrn to confer mj-h a >w*r a n,,M hr ncrnrliU 'lot r. Would any ooc pcrter I bal If It* ?h . d par* a aw mat " eccy o'ti | appprvntod by tho fiovrrno-, by and with the oon? n< of t%? Hen^e.'1 that unrb a lav could be oooatitotlnnal" Orr ainly not You mono! Mmmo I bat Ibe I eftalalure in ided an nheurd cro?aqurnr.- The ahanrd rm??w,n?>iice VJinc Uie an of |M9 to thl* ofbce bad been ffinrn. S&irtfi Commiw;/ocr ahculd din Ibe day before ole<\ '"'ie not*' ?? of the lioerrnor ? ? iId oaJy hotil from ill in Ibrnrlwr ;o?il a dale In .Tannary, an I they bad already own thai Urn boreroor would goon api'lntlng from IIme to t'me Interminably. Pita point ha< al ready boor argued. Atx.thrr aba-ird r.-nae. qeonv wf <. be that by three* of the ap fx ntm pewrr to the flr*t dar af nonary reit ftrrta ng an olec'lnn al whlnfi ho nitghi Oa (ho* i ly the people?when no IImo omild arrlre wh n be con'! be cb >"-n dy tb<- poo; ?the oflloe vo.dd br jerpotna. nil the laa waaiJiMtgod. Tho Office would then bo a Hulo o 'ire Mr Held, Jar'~ it la w ih n toe Puto Hr. Rmd ? ri)?T) ! 11 i ry officer nllhta the fltole a a l*el? officer the < of tho I .,mon Oorn. il la a *?e ofl.oee, eo t the t o r ? r< the mar'.ot, an I, la 'oval, e ory otrtet aaroiprr ia a do r. He pr-.wje-t to -how that tho art of the d of l b' .arr, 1' I \ ?aa a| r ' * 'le to Btato officer^ only And the art of thel thot February Clearly 'n-ilcaled that ttu paeeod toeupply a <ttanmu nu la thr an of foSr'.ary 1 'n relalton to - into nffi.oer?. Tho e*fcili*e authority a[ thocmomt on r -r, noHnl/id, ha high aa the oo. utuUeo f f, and ha 1 no' ran re pealed by any ohartera, hnl >d on tho contrary NWO moArmed by all chnn-ra down m tor <me ?-? . h- w'-oh wm ei pronely rraeyyr I II wa* enatondel at tlto harvw rt 1* - did not giro iho Mayor "if y ?' to fl'l tola raranoy, and n,oy mu?t nhrfnr - . . . ton* (he rharter of i.g* M , ewt* upra the rrabjoat of tbr rananry b. Tree they ran rUim any opera Una for U e art of IMd R.? ha claim d that tr. " -r Of 1*7 waa not rltoet oo thl. rah,ert, no tone the - . -to aeflttoo proride.1 that U.O eaerutfro pew W of tho fori- m ton ahi.U he roetod Ir, the Mayor and Cfocutlre 1. - .rl tnralo Again, by nert.m thirty two of the rhartor f ?.A?f|a 1 ordlnaaooa not inr airtont with thai art are ran Dreed In fhree, and If II he trna thai there be no eerttou Dihac'.atrrof l*Tpror d ng fbr fllttag raranetoa any grMMPi iT?niUh( r?f ftrnai PMU9I* WWM o*HV "wflrw w->ih thin met, and would there* nf be a? met* lO ton* MlfH had been apeotally re eoactad. It bottom* bo ktogeitie law ot tbe ctty, bat m ibt lew of the (gate Be then road from Um ordlaaacoe of U'l?, vesting Mtc aaeouUv* power la the tbjror and head* a* the aererai department*. HI* opfcteat had argued that tha ordloaaoe hould be ro read a* not to relate to the power ot appoint meet; b> t It could n?t be ao read. If the aaaorti m v* true t at the charter of 1861 doeaootollect the praeeat Mayor ,>nd Common Council, and the repealing clause of the charted takeeefecttminedtuely, thee BHrquencc would helha be tweea tbe ??tof Ma1,18*7 .and Uie 1*1 of Jao> arj ,1868. there wa^11 ** 00 cb*rV** ??*tlog the bajor and Oommoo OounoU * aU- legislature had regarded >be Matt* and " fl? to appoint at tha explraU ? of Mr. Taylor's term ^ Ijfflce. Why, thro, were the- not competent to ao point for the" W* fifed term or hi* office'- the aot of 1167 | rovtdnethat the tocumbenta of the office* of Coryoratk'O t'ounrel, t*m?pti oiler and dtrcet OommiMinner rhonhl oontlou- in office to the t ifpiraUoo of their term* of effloe. This wax an extraordinary piece rf legldatlcn In one rea|? oi It wu void. If three were new office*, tbe Legislature had to right to app tint The prorialot for ?b? appoint?! nt by the Mayor and Aldermen mimt there . tore b- rrad aa It It were mat they ihoold make an ap i m ifeicantt biweva-one waa lo be made The Ley U la jlf? itver lDiecid?d (9 allow this ppotnUnent lo vacillate .i' (be Mayor and lt}? Governor In (his dancutgj?^ay, ^TSSJL or tw,> ^ V The* wae a to ^ - ideuiiu remove! of the Street Or l'*W?mloaer for (MOM, y S* Uk Governor wae not to appois* ta each a oasff- "? vtewed the opinion ot Mr. QUI utrlM cooauwuonN'ty of th. a 1 pt iiemenl.tDd said that If Mr. HUI hao ever ega"*!? ed tbe etatate of lfUO and the ordinance, he would never have delivered (hat opinion. Bat why did Mr. Bill and bla opponent withhold from the Mayor and Aldermen the poart-r to arpoint until the expiration of lh>i tor ma of r.fllce of tbe Comptroller, Counsel to Corporation and Street (Vtomtntoner t tbe charter evidently Intended to confer tbe power of appointment upon them, at the remove* by any enure of thoee oltioere. But Mr. Oonover had never 0 ed hie official bond, approved by tbe Mayor; and ae be tween him and the city, 1 e had 00 right to take po?89Mlon ofthonltv property But, ray the other aide, ''Mr. Der Un isn't take adva- tage of that." Bat he would contend that even an intruder could ?bo* that the c'almant bad no right to the office. Mr. D'.?v!ln had been r.-oognl'ed b; etery officer or the Corporation but the Comptroller, certainly . and the Comptroller was a general non reuog rator. (laughter.) Hi- bad said that "In those dayu re did not know as tu> rocognised anybody." Mr. Conover oouU not be clothed by the court with any power to take porreerlon of the city property. The leanmony ae lo the ejection of Mr. Conorcr ho deemed to lie 11 reltnaui, be enure it all occurred before Mr. I?ovlln took poiaeasioo. He wat oppciled bj the Poputy ?-ii|Hnniondt.ui. Mr. Turner, and the Mayor very properly had rupoortod Mr. Tarner In defending the jiosseeairu of the r'ty property. He was do counsel, advocate, or pioogyrist of the Mayor hui be would eay that In thai reepe<-t 'ue d d perfecily right Mr Conover had pi jwnded to uke possession by eittlnjj In the office and granting * p r-jit to remove a bnHh"! tf sand or to leave it alone, hut ho Dever bad possession. Mr Devlin had, bo wo ver, taktn peaceable poises eon, an ! 1* was proven and uncoot. adlctcd tbui Mr. Con >vcr had asfee 1 blm for posseseinci, and wben Tievlin denied, he e&i t that wan all that bo w anted lo order to get the matter in tore the court*. Mr. Devlin wna not reepotuible for any of the dotu.-hanc< ? I. tbe office. Mr. C >u ?ver knew t': .t tL> office wtu' not to be peaceably delivered to htm; and ir he had bad peaceable iecourae to the courts, he mlgr t have saved this court thi-' protracted investigation. He *?< not the couo<el of lut city, but of Mr. Devlin, and appoerot an between b.m acd Mr'Oncer. He had ondeaioied to ibow thai Mr Devlin wae legally appotntod and In puree eion, and that he had been recognized as such by Mr. Conort r The proi-er way, therefore, for Mr. Ouo-er, was to appeal to a 71/e wrrantn, which would readily be facilitated by the Au.--rr.ey General on the part <X Mr. Conover, end not on the pirt of Mr. Devhn. Mr. brady concluded as totlows?I ask your Honor, In all sincerity sua frankatais?I ask any gentleman of Intelligence and of character, whether on the bench or off the In tich?whether a. y one not inflated with the eelf-autllcleory of counsel cr any O'.e not full of the noble teal of counsel, wll] under ake to eay that there Is not a reasonable doubt here in reference to where the po *er to make this appointment resided; and then, If tbore be that reasoaable deubl, whether it wae not more huing that the Governor shou t take care of the IntereeU of the 8 ate, and If be waned to confer position on bis respectable friend, Hr. Oooover, that lo should fire him seme ot the patronage whlrt belonged to blm,and to teare the powi r and patronage snd honor and emoluments of the cirll offices In thla CarporalloL of on>s?learc thorn to where they belong?to the city or New York and Us people. The Court ad ouriK-4 to Monday at HAM. when, If !."r. Field la not able to attend, his reply will bo delivered in writing. Important to I*11 Ota anil Others. rOLWX COCBT?KtRST DldTKICT, tnu oath mora. Jvtn 27.?T7.r People of fV Stale tf tie* for*, on (he complaint off George W. Horton, Jr , ri. Peter Francioo, Mailer of the Atea ratty John O. Mintum ?Thla suit waa entered before the lion. Michael Connolly and Hon. Bornabua W. (Mbornc en or about the Oth of May last, against the defendant, for violating the pMot laws of this State, paased April IS, 18ST, and ls?l,ls47and 1867. The eoction under which the dalcudant was arrested us In theae words See 10. ir any person Cher khan a branch or lleeoaod pilot under this law. shall pilot (or any other person any veasel of any dt <crlpUoa, except steambohn, tin. in the cbacnil of the Karl river commonly called Hell (lata, or board such vessel for that purpose, or offer to pilot any vessel, he rball forfeit and pay the sum of thirty dolla i for eviry such offence, or on cue riot!on thereof be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and putu.diod ae such. It appeart-1 by the orldonre that there are thirty two U censed pilots for Hell Gate s< r lee, and that theae pilots all areo mpelled by tbe sis eke to serve an Hpprcnt.ceshp for three years: then to act as ass'.ataot pilots two year longer, then to oodege au oiamlosiion before the I'ort Wardens of the city of New Yotk, and obt .in s l.ccoso on such examination, before the parly Is author.aid to act as pilot. The connsel argued, fron. the law passed April 3. 1767, arid from all the sutu'.as ot this State, that I was against the policy el the law to permit steam tugs to art as pilots, an 1 c lod the k.-th secuon of the said act, which is in theae words ? " If say person cot holding a lict nee as idiot ly wwy of Sandy Mo- k, or hnt m*?wr or person on b ?.r-1 of a steam trg or Uiwt unt, who rbAll tow such vessel or ? wselr w.ihout sech I'censeit p<lo. b' ^g on beard of sncn ve? el or vmsi Is, r? -II pttnt or ofl?r to pilot any or TOreel to or fn-m tl.pot t New fork, b- the wv of .-uu-'y tlouk be shall be V-etreii gi ilj r' a. deme.nor, en<i f-n ronr'c eon rial I- pui In -v t -n -.ol uvoiadmg $li?, er im i |m ieotiiuer.1 . t rxo < ? 'y dkyr; and nl! pmsens una 1 t'oi't-g a |?m<o c ' wit1 i?1 and rot hoiJIug a hernre, thai) lorfeli ard 1*1 ?o Uio < omnusnlouei t of Ftlot.i th" i uni ol $100." Tbe w It us* i for the pr -' etiUwo tcrtiB' i on this trial tlit ho (ibe wlir-e") wn ? Iloll Gste pll/i, and that the defendant is a 'rua>i rrr. t of the steam lug Jo'.in C. Miu'.ura, thai the 4'feedar vU-J to bis . t*u-a t ig lbs actionem ll'immic,. Bird ard the ' eorpe-- > F. i'nh ?- ?rle. to Fs t Wln-Ieof, In Nois b- die? 1 s.-d tewed tb-m through th i.a?e, from nt if Kilter's I ol?nd w the ? barre 1 . U * I. t rlv. r, thai the ve weU i?aid tscb $7 feia I?the o? >" of Uie -" am t?r mvk'ojr $14 la at; the whs- ? te-t!fi*d that I., imhi-b hoard of the Kiril at I'ort Morr|< wl no he wn U hfl .O the ?t< am tuv: that anuiiitr pilot, Mr. Hciamlo trcula i rln*. w t tt on hoard ti"'m he**'er (aeurtf at tin- urn# um?: that th* w,tn*? lot 1 U? -ra '- r of th* t.rt"V'0'- i n' bo w?? ? bf?i ?-!i inw and would !. ** *? pay half piioufr **; thr rttti tire ?I'M to ibo drftioilatit and a ?M hi on whrtorr hi ? got ? to intra it row-el* through thr tiato; the ca?d?ln replied V'*, and a itttifm r?n I bare a mlD< to." Un>t lb* t? t pito?? * an n-d on hoard ('( ?h? ?wrrl* until tbrjr rams icrucph Holt '.air to C?tbrr1nr rr arid .0 thr t.i?' ri. T. (hi UK trial tbooonorot tba rtram tog, .Inbn C. M,aturo Uv lifird that tbo ?f ui*ut bad bat ii giatM m> the atram tu? four aiofi. Tito rrnoil on lion of thlf n embraced a ?1d( range, and It lei V) an rtamieaboa of all the pilot law* o( thin Stat* r'.#oa??w%? Oral aigui d or*, y ar.d iubmltlrd on wrluca n? mta by tbo plalrUfli* and dpt?wJaid'? cornier' V'.io pilot law* warn thorough'*- latrua t Tba art Of t'otigrc-W (17MM d^'aroa that all | rte in the bay. m lota ami j ort* of tbo cutlet wiea rbali ru tlno. to bo rrg'ila:?' tn conformity w'h tba eileUag law* <>f lb* -dwtee reaper i.. at/. Tbo ouaacl for lb* dcTrad.* a'? argued that a r< ?aol >u not a pt'ot ?frrtoe, that tbe tagging of a raanel wae a ln*w?, and pot pilotage, u> at Urn ?k aai tufa had a rig hi to take roarotn wbamrar they chew*. aad that the-ownar* of re* at* had a r gbt to employ wtioaror they raw flt Tbo Ooanmd fbr thr pUlabIT replied that Utlt wm an rraeioo of thr nUtute that tbo MwM wao Itahlr to a pnni'heimt tor a ralodrtaraaor, which Mac might ameraat to IMO, and tmpr^nrwi' Dt *or our year, or both ouch flnr and Imprttoommt. an J that If a ?war I r a tVrara tug or tow boat tba pi torn war* bonad to funtoto II that tba ptlou could itotnand |*y rw rgtra labor and compmnadon by way of damage* fbr towrtog, Cb'.r; 2 Haggard'? Admiralty Report*, 17i, tha Amik. Tn* Ooart tooa umr to Utoroogbly tereeCgaU thta raae, nod en Saturday they came. to the rente- ln?ton that tba toggtrt of r?*~ l? wa# an tttrmpt to total* tba pilot law* of Una -toto, and that lb* dalandant had bran frilly of a mlade m?*no?. and gar* lodgment that b* abooid be bold to aaewar at thr nr*t (teaeral -*? rtona, and bald him to bail la Uia anm of fc>00 to an*woe Kupt rto* fourl-OwnwmJ T-ma. Before a full Roach Jnrn 37.?Robert I- TUIon ra. Tbr Hair lbm Hw toItaranoo Onmpany .fndgmrnt "tor ptainUO on rerdkt Roth t.roerrnoc ra. Tba ACaalte lur tracr* Company. Xhc it mr iucbard A WI llama na fdwanl W. Thruato Tba BM toaao Mnrrbt ra. .tared Drowitw. New trial ontorad i coat* to abido even*. Hormaa IV. Unn*rmaa r* job* ft. Rrhonlhid. Now trial ardorrd, and aotioa tont bank to aimr rnfbrro. Wa It a. I ford n Han t Wltooa. Motion graatod oa Hi "idaf ooatf?, tea datbum Appeal to pa arguad aatbo of Angnrt n?tt intin llrtrtAfe wm Inmn i t TT mm<4 VraH'H aal ad U aiwl Judfinoot ftv <Wfcn>taat, ema plaint with onto. ? Hpolf? Rrown a rrndorlcli O. Rich .M*cn. Iu*,. B?n->t n'Vriaod with coot*. Ad? .fph attirkro nh Wia. L fiihforkibl JuJjrmeai roc dotadaal or t run tan,** n Wuilano t* Win. Wiawm. Ordered lob* rvxtfed. Rntniol RantoH ? . Par'nl 1 FOggta* .I'lirtruM I with to*tit Jamoo f r ofr m Km S. ?r maa. OrW Onsrt Brary Wardwoi) n Rtafctrd raWnfc- New trial or. drrM; eonta to atitdo o* op^ John R Ptkon r? Vi?w York and ?J*w Rnr-n RaOroal ' tt>mpw iSlar rnrwwd ind DMiwiti dlo tuwr*1 '10. V ?> ;,<) errnl K Rnforo ra Vonwa. .Tndfvrnl r? or?M or a o*w trial ordond. "i?fa to alrido or rot f v^.iumi Wh"lock t* John Mtlnfll, J 1*Tn?r tbf , P^'ittd * rrrdtot wHn rnata Wiaaiow I. Whitirc ra ti?r-oo M. (His. Now trial or dorod root* to ahM- rrrni I Tho trioi uw?n of u.t? portor Oetn haa wt; -.nod to* ' UutMuntr raoatioo NEW YORK riEBALD,-! WtKntr"?ifi?. Kifia Lagui P?rtK<M ? ?? -LmOj mC Lr"*" The Logan QMU la F*pMlr OB the lawW*'a"d bt41 Wr lo rind, If not aiceod, anjT theatrical tiaMiBi * bare bad us Now Ywh lor year a. WaUack'a theatre U nigbily thronged with inleU geot and critical audieaMe, wt?*? earth appreciation of Mies Logan's groat talonU U c proBwd in a moat decided manner, add Aran the 0, H orttl a are brgianlng to ohaagr their tone; ae their opposition had done her no Injury, they will now nee what harm they can do her with their rental applause. Iheee great houses hare not beeo dra <rn together by any adrentltioih clreumsUnoes. Another tragic actreea, who a abort time since appoarod at thli theatre, and had a One aaeceaa. wee comnoiled to eeek the akl or tbe highly spiced Immoral French drama (o increase the attract!vouees of her performances: b it Miss Logan bu stood solely on her own mertu, and has boldly essayed charar'ers that have been wore threadbare by all the tomato artides who have visited thte city; and thus far the comparisons, which ware unavoidable, haro besn r eoldodly in her favor. thus Pauline, Us the "lady fcf d? part she al umod last night, ts perhaps. m American stage, yet r"ae iaTestej tl wtUj a ctmrm_4? originality?that gave, u all the effect or novelty, and eurprised the vudlenoe lot? an enthusiasm at poims never bp rem* 1m P^- *hnt striken the cntical ,*** person Mi 00 u Jr- tag oompletetenn of bgr ponoeptkA of hnf pari There is no unevooness, no aiafet) to produce e.fects t>at do not come lopltlmalely wltMn Ch.6 proper rendition (If the te-d Her Pauline throughout ytB the stately beauty <>f Lyons, and that she never forgot until love subdued pride, and the proud heiress is chastened by her affections and aiUlchoni Into tbe subdued and lovluX wife. II st aclrtNges, in the taird act, in (he scree where' Claude's treachery is revealed make Pauline break, out ? a tempos! or wouikaisli passion, wbloh, though eitecti\'t> wilh th. Injudicious, is very unlike wbat the cold, proud "sulLue would have done; but Mips Logan Is loo rn-vrkuatioiU' or artist to. nrtar he per Ibrmancetbu3 for On sake of oitra snout trom. the ^ la 2ie same stone whtre pas Atoe is required. when Beeufleant Intuits her vlthdb"l\yoor?%to,rropos#I.i,iiiec the stern bursts, and ibr proud, mortlMd woman rupoU him with fire in her eyes La her volt*. Aod so through the enure play. the nwine r UfliMMMfif and perception or proper artistic coloring wsre olspia cd, wider, is tbe greater! ebarTTi In Mi? 1 -:??u's at'log, and <*rl..'cb will make her, we hope, tht eicm|Har of u now and more natural school of acting than we l.aro y si ha.- La this country. Ibo performance last nljrht wv rapU-rot-r y applauded. Mine l/Ogan vra- calls ( out at fib* end o( the th'-d, fourth and tilth acta, and bouiuota icr aw rab.a wont thrown to her. It U but lust to the ivanageineot to say tbu l>?e "Ltdy of Lyons" was weilc.ft. Mr Jordan make* an excellent Claude, and the othe porta wui e w ell reuderod. Fnu rsr Broadwat.?About six o'clock last evening a fire was discovered in the carpenter's shop belonging to the stove store ol Cox, Blchardson A Boynton, No. 1174 Broad way. The dromon wo-, quickly al work and oxtinguishod it. Pi.mage osttn. tod at about 9JOO, fully covered by insurance. The wc.-W?r>op was at the rear of the slot fronting on Cortlandt alloy. At present the ri^ n oi mo fire ts unknown. Personal liilrlligtms, Rev. Tbotaiu J. Sawyer, ol ta n city, Is cipect;*i homo from Chicago during the ensuing weoic. The utakmont made In a morning paper on Saturday, to the effect that the rovorond gentleman was lying at the s-oini of deaU. n UlldoLi was entirely erroneous. Commodore C. Vande.bilt and Bon. V H. Clark, of New York; Oapt. S. K. P. Pa hp era, I'u.U i States army, Capt. Donaldson, l olled States nary, and Den. E. A. Ilaonogan, of Mhwoort, formerly vnlkvl Mulct bcoator from Indiana, are In Washington The Empertr acJEmprees rfFrencehavo given a grand ball at St. Cloud. Tbr i'roporor dsooed tho Aral quadrille with the 1'rlua.ra Math:lie, having for ci.arf.- the i.npreaa, dancing with the King of Ha or>a. Prince Nanoloon danced with tho Puchcer of lan.ilu-o, and the Voung Prince Mural with Ma lame Darachin, onv of too daughters of Marshal Muf.ran The 1 lAtrvirM danced with the Prince*.- Man: and the o: Dararia with the Duchess o" Hamilton. The Duchess d'Albe Is about to spend some days at Arsujucr, Spain, afwr wh/ch she will visit nor BiSt?r, the Km or cm of thj French, etihor at Part} or at Hiirriu. The SulUn of ItirVoj ha^yenouncedac ewt-ntVm, wh -h bad been rtcomr. u . en acrousi of mcasl<? an-' scarla tins I vlng made their appturauee tn the palact. Genera! Todteben is on U.s way back to Ktn .jl After baytpg visited Ur.'tortifir.".!!-as ol Mcts and fltrvsb'.rg iio hi't the Pr each fro. ilk r vo proceed Into German ). Tiie Pr.uoo and Pru-'h ? Gai'izm no the ob eel <4 groat attrition in Madrid. The prince i? a real Ku/ctlan noble, i?l*ndlng his revenues i,iird li'<r?"y, and th^ princess is fu" of grace and dlstir Lac The liueon, dcpaitTR from Unlaws of bpanUh sfaq ;ouo, g-?t a gr oil dirncr in I honor of them; at..I the Marin'" * Turgot, tho l runch Air. ; fcnsnador, treated them tn an imperial manner. Robert Mcbol, cashier In the lomnurcial Oanlc, Hkhart , 1 'on, Australia, has been ui<.d > lore the fcupri roc Court i for stealing upwards of ?1,000, the prop rty of lUo band. 1 A son ot Stud Par ha. ot Fy>|4, ha lioen root to Franco. lie Is only four j us rvd. " I ho prinoc M aoc? in I panied by two female attend ut., and t?y Cioi p.-y, an t is | ic rema n ouic months at ManudiLs, and tiita f>> to 1'irs I and 1 oodca. . I The F-mperor ami Fmprt-s of K< **!a, aUroded by I'.ince (.nrtmkaJcotr, M'alrtor f?.' Foreign AC.irs, Prine. . raickl, Mlnlslcr ol Poi.m, and a stole of 200 persons will | quit Ht Pite-sb rg on tho 2Mb .aslant Oa the it?Ui o Jul/ the7 will be at Kiel, and skep at Ra obad, whence they will proceed by way of Gathny or. U Darmstadt. The Gran 1 P ike CooetanUnc of Rcr. la arrived In Hano ver 7th of June. Tb? eneflnemrst of the Cueen of 8psln Is tp cted to lake (aaoa m tho middle ,-f IMobcr. UUUIA At 'hs (TMofca?Jw Pnrsaaunr d?i Ootts sod 'unity, Parana. Wa.den, Fails aicn'i. B ,?i Ji?w lor*; Mi -wia , W?W?. trr" Mase , A ih u,. .as sad : .rally, > . i V"rk. T;ov J W. wraerail. Chin"" t ad yis* Hants I, Georgia;) rot>m Virgin % ' *. r, V A Hrtffal i-sv Ooa aor S*a It IKjrr, ?wi . vv If h hi. llva. it ? ' S. kirk. R It .< >u'c- > _ . il. k Haa TrvnriACi uoo Htrd. hew Yet. FromCalUor a, oa Aaa'n -aii. I" tbr ?irj.s>?Mjj Tlilr. I ? Fir i k Baker, lady md ? rvanl; b i< kpal oa.. !!oa i I. o rIta M Rapnea ladyaad m -al'dr r, Dr I. It i?iden. ) a Tucser. W A h ? , , n. . > II Sit b?. Go! Vouag, I <1 Pi, let I r <1 Hoi I, I. F lis ,y. Jnn Piwry. Jr. <- .ervum M C "leri. ,n. Mi < Bomi Sia'l and iwo eh ilrcu. A It Jo. r*, ,i ...l, o I, i.i k. .1 win. 0 rs M i&oury and Kv < rhi?; m. r M, er, l,t T'l.nur .|H H II (Irmwi Id, Mn llkidwin two . hl'dn ii itt.d o rr I, M a K ellog( and Hoo fraU'lll.iia, "hill, . c-r anlwr. n v K> lUr and r-hllil, ( a 11 Mm id. s Webster s?. it i cliil I dri D Mr* Hr '? . * <*i wsi SOU. f> \ i%l ctlisis. T A Pnene- H'd wif . t Koblbcrf, w??s sndlao chlldrtn, A J Piste |u it M rgas. <'a, f B f'ani?, I u W ?..H <i IkhiHI. M V, . . l .'.r, I . ... wr r < rem, Uri' lllutrf, L b A; A .1 Uonr.n, il A hnrka.m. Mm" 'nan. A H aIWo, * ' i.,il rhlM .1 fl i?r 'H. O II I'?n'llrloa, wifi>wrt cBU V Mr* Fno* and rVld. A' T. ' Otiovrr K.? .1 'nkr ?, *rn H,* ! Brrr M Harkr. Mr - Olr r- > ( ' r?r i.i.4'W# clrfl - , If Ppi.lmao, I M*rUa, H *m m . .eildr* i, J Vi-t i. If I ?r*r *ii. W M i owr, B ' -* t, l? M ' i. V vr p I, W Mr* !<>? ? and nr.. H i dren. T J Or-d A. vr M Mar la atle, hiM *r" (wo **ri r i, f I. A Hjifcxr II W Rnk?n1r*. A M-Ma-irhl. A > Iba-r V i<* Mm* ., Mi* Kmc.. If, W t.i Vardb d *iu>? * O" a. A I i Uu I rraoa. Mad r OiMidwittat. a II M ).*?. I' Ma.-* Jr. i 'Irt I Irt.JB'Ulw ;i|IHar, 'V ,tl' Kt> ?ir'l**r i Ran., C Ii IIMdn, fa ll ilajr. >nf? *ad .id. I .1 * ?'? and wrfr. a Wacrv-r, .1 icrlaa, U J <llt< a and a.t?, 1 Mr- H'U. J A Knarry, K n I,. wrfr, IM? J \ ''rem. ' A Rarar, J Ntrhi.l* n Win I if*, <J It lira* \P.t> TM?ntn# I'anj 1 laort, Wm Isv M ? Tar*-, H f yneOki, Jno 1 M*vn*nJ H J 1 i mn T T(M 1, M'?".ir * 'A >u - unl ' Wklir, J Balk*j, .1 Bmim, R TM"**, A Mr-AHH*. f i I r K rwraa J r TfraiiT. r f. W<?~Irr i Iaa r. t i P.? - .. in#. B .1 Wd., W IttL II R Ait l*r * # |tnr?e .1 r,nrkr, W f)*i ./all. F H Ml. y 'iMM* H' kt ul \ ua, a M<? ).< u. .J WtartoB. A A LaAW and wlf.,, J H K-d. (' V Ulna. R <J Mrwk. ' Baahinrvm. Mr* lf?? ' ??i iwjcMi'iMi. R II llaa df A I -iinlniw. W M Ha -Ji, J * ViJwr W S Hni on. H lA?aa. J : . l>l m. *?, H n?*1. W iffwltay, T ilod*nit, I R H*rrr?t. P ! Raima. R b'Jaaa. O R* 1* ? and* r drar, U a ojit i aon, A Alkrn. f TarMU .1 R>? il I Kitm aadvl'a, W A .-noaa, wife and wo cA.tdnca: V I. Mai'?mia JO I'ntm. I i R P Bnna'. * " +/<* " " Orrnn. J II Mnrahoane, * i Jnkaim J lUAr. A at'iti-a. II Mninnima, A I. Pn*lln#ar, | l??al. I Wr'aklLk-'ia irivVn *<ra 'I ?Rin an I i'r- a miMmn. 1 Vm?1? Inr. ? ll;> c;.hn. M P s.aS*ra, ' K s?d#aljr, Hr I pidlnjl, U B Mar* ?, |l Pri rra, fifa and nktid. .1 H l.iinrmlM, t Wal3?r, A Mr.rrfc Mr* a</n aH xal rklld Mr* P**'.' kr and ' lwr> RkHdran, ' Mrmbnrt, I. a Rllna. M Biaickl^. M I'IiVi , ACalTia. v ( *??.! Mr Mi. I. , ' Patrn nadVji | l **r I ' bar M aadrawa. W M'iW R M 'Vr J Hula, flL Ai*r .n, | | T Bo'irknr .?okn >>#ra, U ItnlrfMiV 4 (? lui ? ! Amnrana. Rnliia TVmm. K??<. and ?rtfa. Mia* TWa, U I pA'ia, L I'an'na a M W>?>d. W l? MrKnf, Wa* Wrti.- mrna. PMrRnhb,.! I l -?, Jnlra P* * #, ?l O <Vi*n?. A i?"rkv N i flmrrn J Rllmr.U" ,1 I> Towai*'., J Tljtf. T H Matiiadal-v ' P W Ptahnr. an. In R 1a."r, D I. P-*>a R li Arthur. ?' Praaaim J p M"M*l>>i R V < r>*a?u, J P RiMw, * M l row | I Bird. H tllak. Unlmnr:!, f Taflnr N rainvr. H ff | BnaJa. J Hn-ndr, < Rn.rr*i, II Ant"?m. War t'Arh.\ 0 J Nlnknrao*. U T lltl?jr?th, t J Mr* ?m, * Pi < k. J . OP Hroah. Bau. .Fll*nnl#an. P Odia II Wulalt, n (' IM, . K t tUkrr. and iUl a mr-anl r*i .?^- foui T3k WtrARn * j |v*iOuuap?naand !la*m. 'n rrttnaklv tnup? PBarWw Karnaa. brarrrof ibafwh na to Ucil* Naonlana dm .'n'-n H I Prr?t*"i and famUr. Mr? Ona Haapua H 0, Br "nd Mr P I Baa -raoa. Mir* Haad*raoa, Ml** a Ifnn.1- T*r-\ v,, .w y. * : ; d.TM?, nor*? and batir. Mr A Mia TV? MrVli, IM T Wtai rwp. I W. > 1'r. bllnK Wa Irm- W. PV,.. tfl D * ? U. O * I ! E2? v HsrS^T*-"'1'' aw TC'aUa !&>, m*/ ISP^HJE? fiZ*? fe?iCri? ?F aod ?? 7M ft?r^S?SE? B Hf Mwl Mm l<r-\h? un.' thi ! Hm i rZl ' Ki "'I* *i?w?. a tT.tkSS.u^ T r r.LY?w ISSMrJais'z 2s *Tiu3At> arnL^iVr?/X^a^:rvLfc rt--,nJ*1'E*i" 1 *?mni??K"A!Si/irt,^,r *1 ttalm"ntn\ Vim^T o Mn

*' 'l** ? ? <*p '***- <?*? . _ j a. *,'?!*, TT? 7ivSn*- '*** 1 1,1 *cr. v ^T * Kwk. rrr 1-fr. n ? -? 'IT p*11"'*- MUtuny ?>r J"?c| 1!n?*!?r, Zfr JMk? *,' ?"! } ? * } *??? n*n?f . * H?? Kj,V5l,rjM^il1reVe'ew3M,t? **T' ?i!low '??> ?'m 1 SilZ TL' 7 *"'** ' ? *J^r*?w, ?i-. M.. I^"]. ? ^ 5^1 John TW-jlr?, Mr S88 *? ' m, rnltu? * *T. WW ?' MlMWr. Mm OMT Ml chUd ww%> lWHfcrfw IP . *r? KITm i rt,?,,wn J ii^mii lot br% Athena - %i { i** IVanjinl Mr ml, for in iSe ahi * " g?ia?nt<*. j,i P A; ? '*?c? Adiw n>,nr w fV.n-rr *n? h-V ' Pc *?"'Jpr??.i .f * !?. ? r Mlm BPe? n??r? M n* * 1 " On. ti?rt*. Mw Hkhe B?w>, MM 'artr* f ow'm - '/j ' .' Poiuh. Mr Van Sp? * a a b??. a n? * *? JjWhm a , ^ y ; *" NfW. H rrrn, h, P 41 ?h ?m. 11 Jfl fcrrr. Bn Idud' f,' .,7 *^cn Jr. P n And* " Z * Ml te*3??^f ?A 'Ur%t-?v <K32 SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1857, niMhrthl Hlk. ? ??wt mil /iikmi n< Mil* Dpera'too with kuotWMfii: efftw* aie the peon' Itrtly 0 B??olrr-th'? puis. Our nm an- lohjH to o vltlatf bli? ut ih.? eeaeou.and liiiuo?i|w?u an It It pre l raUai. bul --eadrtlh ao.LU anon1 an niiUua>>l?aa<l <4 inn prater'lo* Ilr Oelr bethaloua' ua? we rvi eul the t*>l ecU >c O' thca/ tn^wttiw wh'oh. when In mtlrtmi quantities, n?na? danger to lb* bodj'a bra th T?e? ewe Ittrei aivplaa* diKvpia lor., ?f app-ltte, pain Id the hayl. h***e r?r?. pala m UwVea# bM?. "u,w^1 now. i ten when nothing has rrt> - *- g'* aerieperhiuafW wbethe- lorn sea wb^rvUe rHohuief NM beee spiNUba*' A ,^2?r .??. Braudrrdh'a pills baa aj ease twd. and thalfcw*- **V '" "J Into ? mor* fen p. ffktp the aatqd caooot oot<e?t ItoeCj J80 h* itoranr^ falls; wbeo ft la an etftatto (> the ?U* W*! 4 our deep Is tirpkea and Mir wakiac Metre h t-?-eeU trl V? * bodura or e?tl. Iheo Braattmhti mtiV -boo Id be uaefl 1? tbtw- wernluju remain us.Vrkd. reermit Una, con?umptlna, dlarr- Of tbe Dean, bllioua ahrrtlooe. .lawndlrw. dr id d?? piles apedeaW and coatlTnaeaa will auddrsiy ! * seat ihemwrea Tbew bra ml re b'a pi I a nld ha\e prev-atod. bui aerartae lea*ibnae Uiej will alwi nuw loan Inn ?l oootv <t? not Ud prejidlor prevent the uae of ibla simple bat potent remedy. aert-KB mi wok. n 1(16 vbwju. Ttent) mMIUwi bearsaold and toe r.pbere of (heir i.aafulueee still it* iKliri; Plnclpal old re 43 Hraadreth Bul!dl??, Canal strrot, Bold k'ldia T. U IIWJI I li,?* IH.IU.,.uo. _ t ?,? ? - - V/ vn a UVIW, a. uunuOt^HHk Ui Will ? ! ?VUu uoc,ConisZL hiv\ir or fwrm:Rrim Whlto'i ?,7 ?W? HaU-Dprl'tl ?tyU? rwo Moee. bstweea b^ --' "xam Vs (bt Retail Hatterl In (ki City l?4 CouitbT?On Vtila* June J# we will onmmrnD to (t ?sn off the baboon cfonr tola aeasonV munufhrmrcd stork of men's, hoys' end aildrea's raw bain, embracing our u?net eaaort mtwt with many new and dotdrnble styles, at prti** to salt the latoacsruf the searoo. a LKi.ANi) A CO., W Br<-*dway. ftM Infwrtal Pfaotunwptv?At Hrn<tp*a Usllerj. 5W Bradway. Book* kr Anmnttr ReadlnR nui b? Rcu|bt Ot WM. P. 'ITHIlMtfc. A K> (opposite -tewarl'A/ twenty per cent chctur than at an v tAher store to Uia olty. Boots, Mow and razors. Ike torseet av.' .n.u mi And nheapest In lb* cHy, At 1A& OTr L roadway and UU Puitun street. llrb fiipsr QjuwIkrs kr ths Rstall Trade, al.'aew stlen of r?*?e?t Import ado*. Work done h the n? art. atie out'.:* by HO*AH PATS 4 on.. 167 Rrnadway at tt hotmalf, i?F ortr own uuduOhifa tan liuportailon, of erery diumMn n>yl?.fi? said tpU.,-wu* at be towest ctuA pilcw by TIIOMaB FaiK A 00, ->ilIrtadwar Ran Jtrr ClotMnn for Hun and Boya-t larre end wipwior aiaortntoi, at AliKHKt* It! ftitHlt A CO. o, ?4ftrcedway. Htm'iter Olotblog, An Bvtry Variety, re COSt:? White i!urte?r , fi.e quality sncyVart ? sad Uu?n, aelU ranetne from Jdtt Vlti soda larfl it - rtamni oi boainres iinu, flne frock coats, Ac., at uKbaUOLoA PROOQ'S. I J# Fulton street. IKfVT.?1? r I ilrit (Mylaa H|>rlr>g aiwl Summer j ' ! i'Ch tre i?e rvady r od on sole. As moot of ifctwe are rrum i?Mn Impend l>y and contlued to on, and rot or wttb great utit. It will iw to the lutemd of oar frteml* to tvtafcr an oerV Oleriion. The slock o: i lotus. coutouon aud resting tn or nut/on , ten Is the tsi/fest and most elegant scar atpoaediAbk dtp iV DKVl.m A CO., Una. m, '-V) end bid Broadway. Ftruwreniirttoons?We offer a It ";o au<l superior siook o? er'ry Joenrtglia of shlrta, rlores rod wider garment* tot Eiot. aod Hiftuor wear. Specie! uliv.uUou Is now paid li na Miiifnrt or shirts ol the ncvril strips, either icvt* made or aaedftoo. 'or, and at aaoderet,) poors. D. DMVI.W A OO. C rnor of Brr>adwa> end Wame. niesl Fmnuuid (\v'a Noiiic to Otellfbrnla Stilp prr?.- <Air net tsprws for California. A u, per United ittetea d?iI ?'ii~mertltoole. will to fbrvrs'd vu the (lib July, at 1 u . . ..w ? m. on id nigarqw ace r. uve "leaner rr en-log mi frvo? h < ?, 'lodwnct.-ane 1*. ,)&th.(3<iudty.tnrtbe day o( uliicKtii r>? ere putlMed to wod id tbatr good* on 01 before 1 : 4 , Jt if 8, lit < f>'cl?. I, P M. F?r Kit ft * CO.. W Broadway. P?tw>? uiprot Ml PortabU fUoaqulto Vmr D'Tle- ?od uet aim I &leU aprtot r.eda, pur* bior (nsUniasea, f<o. Wr o'.i'Tor ? !e 'he bea> bee? erer Hold la *n?i rr tJkj otbcr mark.*, ,.J throng in;<ajntUi oarnp* ttuvi ran be re Iwd upon m Hire protei-dli.c Hjptiivl du annitoee without obt'ruc-tr.g titcrcnfat-on n- fir. U H AW ?T *ATf *, g.nia. I1* Brt!eay i Brand. ~.tb lio-joi, and a.9 ikoiiij-rat bt? Fork. Phnnoloy and the fourth of Jal)-.?Old *e?. i ?p<l t'i?niyvo3.u) no ? tlud Prof. Wo VI.KK g? bit r odu. Id the Ptireo/i.iei.' r abli.ei, 3U8 Broadway, a. T., - w he ?i J aire chart* i J. .tuba. or wrIUeu (UtoritHoot of rharae ver wbeo 4<ut HiMl( It Annlveteerlr? and StuuUjr oh ol". one wlerl bvrrna fne one penov i"jt'ytlb llviied by UOKoK WATKht), SM .irni.ilwet. Clinton Rre Hotel, ft nwilwaf, rorner of b -:htb aft et, t thr Kuropr an plan. ?a,ls rw tu > u> N) tof.U V $1 00 p. r Cjxj . huitaof rix .a lur ianuOu*. Irvtn VI tO to Viper Dtllanre klamandrr ttafra? With Patent powdvr peool deuire p.ehs and rm<a I are Or pot 1?1 Pearl aut et, ot.. doer How Makleu .Hue. ^ ROn?RT M. PATRICK. Cn am K?|>ornt>le Uraaa Oi lllln?a Una OHjie In nlapli. M.lpea and mole colora, the ne-enat style |r?j.tncad fnr a.ll.tne'* travelling ?tn a ?? wilt be opened on Tiwaday, bac.1*. t. DIKllT and Oauipanj, 1 Iiapi rung T*UA, 37 W.ulher ?tn?M RuiHMrrIVIura-<'laiHa-Clartta?t (lew j n>l ???'>?niert for aalo al UM>I fillf Ji4V.tTTiilA.IVa, 49u Htotaietig*, r. raer of CV- I., net Nnrap li I an dim i.'a Hoi Ida Water? Hot n?ily eaSJ e h !r?vr*?w id hrta* flow art but M anotbe* al tod ah< n 1.1 aiwajra he need afti r bairn* a- birts* in ih - akin t aolmaas and a fiiu-xhn -aa or at t .'iiMl.Iey u. } oo r aaai. hold the pr prv or? O. T l,t*MF .t < ? ?e ,'e . e diurrlMa.m W'i. - vr-rt, N.'W 1 r?. ad by all d utuUia. a. M ceou ear mo A Vrar (Maplailoa all Hare Who Cm .TONI'MId Hal *UI vap, *11 o. itorai va- f*? k'aa do , dta at-ear. 'Vve 7 ' ai ' lo. - ?e ule ton a ! noaal heirutl.a Oe^i.l St Bowtry. Try t - m d. U.. >ua jtlcloa To fcrfuine trie ITt* ?h and K-adlrale Tan, fr ."tlae.-vd p -ipiet, nae ' n( laaiaud fbrei" K e.' in 'h.M s?)'" aljrawt raTt (IK A CO., Kea .at I fvr aaJov Jt, ineva/ and ?f all dru* aha a Tlterla Kotllnf ? ijttal to Hellard'a flair dre lor b ?, a lar fcltaa raotr and prl.ate .u< ds, 47l> Ur. ?d way CrMidt.'.n't dip. Ilalr Ojre and Tnojeea ard oar v *U UAa rnemn Whoteaaln and retail, aed ua dya a? al A. tutor Ifnoaa. Ptot. M'?. ( Uartt't Trteo|>ltrrwaa lathe t -at anr it* reel at. a ' e d. eal.I*. beairtlfylnK. dof, ? rlln*. i>nae?vla*?i raauirt .a Ac hair, luolea u-j Ik Hntd lerywMrt. Bnt.hanr'i lair Dya, Hip and TanpretTbe beat lo be ?ul aurpaa if alb Kad i, aald aa>: applied a: the aaaooJu ryjl I read way. lluptvm,?.Uruh dktio., Iteni, a* Cur* 1'r.iaa ottoe, rar. .red to h 3 Taeey ?rrH, Aao.r Ua? a* a j 'a III* end IMii i tljrrted* f iwii bate bee-- epfwd hi" e* ''an no-- leai- r n4 th? pr? ana renmr) ta tat ( tba <-(P"?.! uaner ni l>!.nwar'a pi la a*"< ininn .it, a* r e.tte* riih, ??i??r t>ly nr . a, au'Jr I r a II la ernei ?*d . ?t .1 aiun.- - a Hdr nnaa moua an-l ev C i> aatl" ret Un liartv >'f i? ,ee r?p i < a la now b'liatna ' a I rbnu d roov.nithe'orredu. n I f INANCIA AND COMMERCIAL. I mrnmm ?a*kk*. Rati an?T, .'B?? CT?d P. M. , A.'tar day <w.wo of ooa,p satire fir*-" or a la the rtook Market, * -are another jmate tm m ifee bo'-'-rt of t r? lr<iad aerr tk At U>? tlm board la-daf Uicro ap- I f arad to bo a 'two real >?i! ti to oar actual Vi; or. The j beare wort-the r>n'pal pnrrhaaara, ?- till Katu.accoaLraota. TV npenrna la the vptpi* wera partlcntar!/ targa, la every nanra at k?wer prteaa. M M -an Wrath mi WaklM > and ?a-ia (Ml o? 1per oenf. leaneylveala Goal, Oimberbd, New i rk Contra! A.. rad. ttfc. Krle, 1\, Oeland a.vj T?k l<\ Hi Koad of, J<: Michigan Ronthor '" * . Mkaifan -?>?thern profkrrod, 3X. (bleafoaad Kortalaari, ? ( aloe* aad (Tit-veto. IX; 1a Cmeoe aad MUtnale, 8: Kl I rookie aad tOrrwink, ? jar coal. The only or* on the 'wl la whb-h Wnere waa aay laipr?T0ii>e?t train AoU .<.?' -el RaL-nad. That adraared X par rent -at ?e raeh i-mew tiot.e. TV ant-inl cauar of the fell .a ?h a Ir * ?a loan not ?(!- -, b?t Mil trouble aad Mtaelaalp) -i n coo. < pinere ?r "he a- -bn-ty regarding the trdnivl TV rotnpaay bad, wa ara litIbrmad, made rui aoealr for the aoaey reg-ilred to pay U?? tb rtr? part:-*. *pon (be! jrp- Abrm Uona of i hut are?r.| of etock. Tb- rapid iMl In the or* baa atar-rl the y reforrod *s nr I wa learn thai tin* ?r WblT , ^nrli rw an'Hit* at 4 "6 pe? f?H, ar, cdb wo 4 Twdo by -a adlrMual to toll'J,00d fcuaroa of UtdVs j| ? ft ^ par caat brtowtbn aiarkot prWv N<>| rw i-o^lr.* In t)?? ?aie, Ml attorn p waomad.f ,poOpraia n, la Him ?M noa?t>ray h?d b"*n i* plaw>d. fciM bow way raiwl bo downed to r*1** *"'* iar iy, or the dtTUIend mum r mam unpaid Tba .id da hna b a pot fhrward oMii the tal of A jtud, . tbe bar o| maktaf nrar arrasr. ?au ia tho rooao ^ j* to p*yi II to tapaamblo fbr the company Mi borrow moaoy on b wws wwrltlw The ?toek of thia mao-m old to-day aiTer Uk> And board, at C per coat, aoiW M daya. Altheoamd board thero war a rry hhir mark*. QimberlaDe Coal declined 1 percent. <?w York Oatra IK; Rrto ?; Head.ox 1. M.< Af?i b?atb<wn #; da. preferred Ifc; blonaaad Ghieaco 1%. Hlwiuklo and M ? alaaippt rioad rory doll aad weak at W per oat I a t'l iwai aad tlhraokle advanced 3 par ivnl from tho low eot prteo <rat at tho And board Now York Oatral otd Utlo oftroooa a 77 par erat, and wat hanvy at that Tho predlown that thin tor* would (0 Mi 7k thia yenr ia llkrly to * Tor'ind it u oarty day railroad ?torti ha to bad holr day, aad ;t will bo year* lefere mmfldonr* ( b oompMely watered. Vary great r^orma moat bo ' nmde ir botr mannremeet aad man. rompanloa alU hara In ram aacmlwr of dlrldroda to make ap fhr pam folly aad itruraonrv*. Ibe atrariah'p IVtrn, from thia pnrl ferNoi ihnmptoo B<J Hi.IT- tr Jaj, carded p.? aad tbe iwattmh-p URgR**, tor t ywyH, fa'.198 In specie, total, $**'> 31' f t imMmI TresMnr report) to-day u follows-.. ' Total reoetpta RU.2M 0 t ? payment :? ... c ?t 2 8 e i " fcatao .,.*.... 10,tUt,21T 1 ! Tbe staunrbip Iodide, at Qocbec, from Liverpool, bring tear dayi later ten rronf Europe. The last quotations fo ooorots K s per ertrf, lb? same as by the prerton I steamer. U the markets paa -?y eo change ts reported A meeting of the Board of DiTtoton of the Mtohlgai bovthern and Northern Jndiann KatfmaJ was held tfab morning, when Mr. Mia A. 0. Urny lenders4 b"J rcs:gna turn as ft* to we;? New 7am, June 9T, lv*Jfo Trw Iraarrose or ra M-miaa* dorconut amp Nour*' Bus tsmoulA RAIIMAX Uomva**.? MURP- It l? well known to you, Id accepting the office of Treasurer of ytx r company el a critical p-riod la Its Onsecee 1 dlt so with great reluctance on my eart, at your carrot (O icl'nttaa, a the post wa? thou cue of m we thrtc ordinary reapooBlblUUea, a-id Involved In the |w<x P*a* great McrtOne* of time ant comfort t --cref v the right, when thU period *w patted, to rvign the Inlet, ant hail ever intend. .1. to do w a> a wneer.leeit time. I ?v influenced In my acceptance nl lh? nlfloo eol< ly and uurr'y by tbe dcetre and tnicullon lo all, no far a- la rar power, a (treat and Important in'trpri^j In rt 'nrmnj v? ^ fwiS ?i the (immunity I tbou fin I, and r>T^ rood oo'lre -tfinlldence lit tio rean-rcr* and abfhly J' OOBIfdroy. under pmjur rennarerr.ent, to pay not only Interim* uP?n tt- fn ded debt, but ailnfartory dividend* up< a tta atoJj' CU*umjt??oea BubM-queoiiy truneplred, which It bt no? ojcwi-ary Lev* U> rv rer to, which induced a majority ?f fon infttnOMv to rennet* roy rr trainings lunger In thfl hftlfe than ' inutnh.i, aud Uie time of my ret run,cat net Mi Indefinite. K rente of a rocrnt d?io, hov *v, led me *o >onder you the ?e?ign*t'oe of m? o?h e on Thuiw ?y l??< which yn yeterday deem<d pre per to dec line rec> i* lug I much rrgrel tiia, <w< ll import* no me Uie rer|?Dflbi It/ of acting araicf-l the wirbe* of raa|oflt/ of th- Ttoago u rv^-+nlog, at I now do, peremptorily, the o^tce of 'freaenrer of yoor company, lo take effect from ; Ihitdate. It I* due to myar If, la ooneerpteaoe of I 'irat i tli-v Ihrt/Ao out, <;;? to a ?ki< ibe UooWsUon that tdoce n* oonnectton wi h the company I have not been Interest cd, directly or Indirectly. la any operation In ibe Block of (lie company, cwopt lo the extent of my riptlon to the cuarei to? d Block, ae appear-*1 In the publish*] | st, deeming mioh operation* rntirefy loconai'tenl and Improper in the o^lcor of anr company monj tnd m rtnte# ntntemenl, v.hith hate been circtila'rd r*(rr~\n/f t.i the rjlain of the> ray hertefttr rrtfuxrefrom Ti*. 4/wether c ? wtmfcafiri t) the rvtiic * Thauilng yen, fall* moo, lor In- oot>fln?*nce which jer ha<'e repovd to me and* awur tog you that Ito welfare of the company, la wbtcfi many of my friends are Interested, will aver ? ccnal ero>t by one I-?>, rtapect-*ull>', yours, JNO. A C OKtY The litter ** rcolyoattaL thud tendered by Mr Gray, Trme laid cr> labia by the lioard of Lt.rr-cicrK, who appointed a committee, with Ueroan liedfieW as Chairman, to report upon the p'epr'aty of a new ocjanJ itioc er oAeere. iuv wr nifc \>u\ ia uaura luum rw wuir urm acquainted wiUi tbe bnoucoa of that company with *<it prise. It would appear from Mr. Gray's ca."d that the critical period I:: tbe conixiny'n fluumcw has parted, aoJ that the ooacera In om; oi xuaudaucoe. Tlio "act la lar from thla TU> company la deeply oinsnur<nd and murk In wnat of money tt Is dally 1c the crj-ket an borrowem. Ihibllc eonlWenee will not bo restored until the eat-re party rcnaected wtth the past inaDM>a(.emen'. of the rord Is rrx-ted sal ro ttd out, borao, feel and dtogoous. Mr. Gray hat net been tdeotiflod with the corruption and etlrv. oaanto Of the Mb hi^rua Southern Railroad Comiany. fie had no hand in ltu> swindling uy i1? an of (manniertcg that hae lor no many yxare boon praebned .n Ihii concern, and the publ'c will not be aat-'aticd shirt oi a ruinp'obi purg tog of the management. The dareanc.' spot baa not yot been touched. Tbr oa.xasc t? as c r-upt tw> crcr. and the kmfe moat be used bowt|; and fMeh Tn il.obigan i-ouliierw ltailroad can l?o mitde a u uch belU r property than tt La, but the drat movement to be male must be In the old eioaa of dirt??<>n> We w re well satii.i.-i) some days alnce that Mr Sra> would bare to leave sol the tact that there 1a autbctcot intireooa, of a certain obaiMter, among the obi board to corar*.. bi.i resignation, in. ex that the mne power rule*, and that power will pu e c.UaideI7 Ibial to the struck hold em If wt do nut sPeaw ptaji enough, we will make as<*tur Cort I -'fore It U tot iu?. Mntk Rirhangs. HarrruMT, June IT, 1 <67 WhhOMiryxirl S2*< ?1C aha arte 1'Jl 2*S TWO do 82 100 do <w tt \ COCO do 82 100 do aSO 26 1000 IiDUlrlar-a r.'a.. 87 COO dt #20 W>H It CO NY Ceo hit it's H4 Wb do h-u 2f f UNIIOMUTt MM M do M| as WW Hod Rl KK 2m 7v WW Hcujou IUtw KK ? HOC 0 Hud R R oo ' dl 60 ta do li)\ 6000 Harlem iUt 2. m 73'JO CU r fc Toledo Kit M * 8?00 111 CeuF i?d? i<W W. , 300 U to* j 1000 dc Ml COO do eSO Ki | loao Mich " 8g F bda 68 b?o do 6i> ' 4000 TerrrlltkaVil re. DO 2 -0 do aCO VI \ I MOO Chicdutkla bda. Ob 14 0 U: ... 70 100 iht Mer hi rnrlp. MV| WW d? M'j 76 Bk of Am right*.. U4> 18)0 do MA 70 4 14) 1*1 A. H CaOc bi<0 116 4 *> llutaM Iw N la KK KM too Peon Goal I'o.... 02 7U do. .77 s UP oo H8 760 do 0 ?/ 100 Cximti <k?l tin ... tills 1.M) do ate sr loO Harlem Kit Ill 10 do 87 If ! 200 NY On Kit ..... 80 Vt do C 78 I Wt do 70S 1*. tflrb8i>\VIapr? tk 7 f 700 di '>00 80 lOOUlC n KR...,npg Vja 800 do b8 70S' do <t4i IL CiO do 7?S l'^ do r?0 I2T 100 do 7P'j 60 do ??? I"'IS | 60 e? H>0 70 i*wa.'T A Piuei.B c ; * 60 d., eid> 70 Ht de c C-> | ICO do *60 78tt 160 <M A. Ohic,.C 87 2.8) do alio > do C 87,S ll.iO do . .?'* 6o tt. " V It 1 iJt ... 87 100 do bit 70S **i' 6o 86 |f UO do MM 7('.\ -0 do ?8b St.V I N> do *10 70 rn do to. U>0 do b-o :? ? K.I KK..C M IftO do... ..tvAO TV* iJO do ........ 11 JOO to 7vx 10 loCr ft. mimoog to; IW) do TV 1?A do *. 37t VMo RR t?),' oA do 44 J(M> do -yr w) do 42 MO do tt?n?ho if* b. ICS Mi-toW *4 :s . i? Mlffe Too ?H *1 l?f l*?iinlBC? b'8.. >4 10 do MM H2 1<?0Virgttti* 6\* ... ''.'X 4;> Iftrlen KK ... lo 160 t bnUuiton Co.... It ll*< ljt?<?<w\diirtK . 41 100Cum Oil Co IS 100 do .... bod 41 100 do >>00 HX >*? ?1o *4 a*> no US COO **'c.?Ho*NU.? 10 .PK 100 NY I n UB.. M 7N,S 7'>0 dd .17 100 do bJ 78 100 d<. b*0 f7 '< .Too do 17K loo ?ao <00 do ? 0 77 '.00 do *.'41 : ? S lOU'VldRK ?..0 -ft loo dn MO Ml AO do t\, MX 214 Wrb-M.'So'tpreC 71 100 do 20 100?*!*<?> < Hi. ... M TOO do MX 100 do >20 US 'M do Ml t 100 .o bod M ' 200 HO Vt? MX 4 A IW'u . ica 6M'-, ??0 0<>T*Toir.R..?0 '< 100 do *3 d.'X It do. U 'CO I t bJ Od ft* W 1 * M ?. KR . . 44 5 JO do ?o? M.X un lonns/Kuiiii IUCPORT. itiimur, Jiioo 27. 1M7. K1on*-77n> m'rtret wnn b?BTjr, as I nkaird M d*< lino Of 0>U 10c. f *f bbl m (unnin (radm of 4UU ul Wo?l. ar with * J ?a of nhotd >,000 7 bbln , torlndm|r om * >>o lo fowf nu*t it M 30 n I ' v , tad nxtf? do . nl to) f* M oa W Abo i K4. b micte Bow floorjln nrwr ." id ?' ilil., nad I I <00 do. i-DOBbn Oi .idla.i whlln ?t 71 H, and mill Ko of towihcm do at 1190 Corn w*? iB all and lotrnr, ?! * of tW l 15,COO h .hoi* w>'Tf m'<i, Io'?1Ib? ?H*d m 8'<o nana, and ; MatiMra pallow nt von. l*orB *m Irroc r. . 'i.?M ! ofwaCnt wt ib "Blon nl *00 101 able. m~ at 8.1, > w| nf- | V rwtodn 00 do. *o!d nl til 78, nnd t 000 bbl* for 2d Inly d"H??rT. wdB nl 871 O. ol iti" tl wo lb*r wf? no a-'liw* \ us?rr fUlt w2. CoUob onl.4 bet Orai Hbtkij ^llai i4 j SiirniMWTi iKvsvn RIUT i?ik ?I8<'RI.IA.7Min?. 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