Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Haziran 1857, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Haziran 1857 Page 8
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6 urawmtw nrown irnmi. k 10VVQ LADY or"RBWROTABLE RAIfJLY WTPtT A * to ltn<l ft ?,.???fc>fiftble bo?e to ft foully wtwrf !.? will o? ? cowpftiuon Uir ft lftdy; will Instruct cAudren nod make taftrwll crnrrfcll) nftlary a jt ao miaoh of on object; no tytctu u u> trorell 14. toll on or address M. X. H., VUHul (14LIFORNIA ? A YOUNG W1TKJW L1DY. IHWISOUS ) of rrtr.rr.rp lo i "ailtarcla. would lake a ar.uatirm u w?. streee <rl:h a fco'eel f-tBilly about proceeding there; she is an r*>< rator on a ?.-* tng uioobio*. and baa one of her own. Addm A. C . >31 Broad ?ray. SITUATION WAKTKD-BT A PRO'TSTANT YOUNG worn**, aa cham hernia <1 and waiter, or aa aunr and to * plain newtn*: food city rtv'ert i.ce I'aa be #??n at It Wee". 180 at . between b'h and 6th avennee, xmd Uoir. "CtTABT*rt?BY A RKSPROTABLK YOUWO WOMAN, shun Kin aa ehaatbinnald or wallrear. l'leaae call at <8 Kaal flat at . for three days WANTEC-A BTTUAT10* AS STEWARDESS Olf N-M of a steamer to Kuiop* or elee where, by a youue w>w-a*. ftUly OMpahle ciiollng the snttattoa. she la ol g to,I d?po? idem. ae.U. clean tutd inJ-.iatrio ia ;n harita, and baa always g!*m saiir-tartioa in the aboru capacity. Apply at Mrs. Wilson'a IT Red fonl rireei. eoruer o' Oar mine. WANTEr >HK WASHING OP A PEW LADIIS AMD fen icmec.-br aocmpv'eai laun-.treae, who tharo ifhly nndernUuda the b wiaes* m a1) ita brarcbus. acd can fnrsisn the b??l o' city refereliot* aa U> c?i a'-lllt- aim character. Call or addrits Mile o A. Gray 79 We?t Jbdi ?L, between bib and 7th at roues. A/iu*sxk or ladih wanted-to make lacs ne'e, also to Make baby linen. Also a lady to work en ?rover A Raker's srwlnf maohtne. Apply for this week al M Kaei Broadway private door. SHIRT CUTTER WANTID.-A LADY WHO IK A FIRST plena culler on Canton sMrla oan obtain a permanent ahustioo by applying, with reference . Votn her lac mi 'loyer, ?j G? cn'a ami". atoro No. I Aaioe liana-. c>r' at V-??y at. WANTED- B7 A SMALL SCOTCH FAMILY. AT GLIBion Siaie.n It!and. a Protestant ftrl, a, waiter. Apply at M Pine st., between 10 and d o'clock. "11' s'T NURSE YANT1D.?A .SEAT, HKALTUY AVO Tr respectable tvetuan for a - bild live month* >ld. Good i nrfarrr-t* required, Apply al 2U Carlton ave., near .A I IMyrttr are., brock'; n. | n'ts.ti' a s: ir. tidy. TRU81IYOBTHY WO. Tf man, h> bo ft ? ff?"ral fcmiseivark of a small family Oa? wha ie t il'ry to ir.Ake b telf nreinl uilllnd a c >od home w, c * r<> Apuly be; <? 10 aid 2 at 197 WestHlat ? ? 1 -yr vt - ,'? ,y a't*:vat Family, a good CHAM- : " d ?.. nee who understands her business we" m ->e. need a "lily i. -t "J.rr o.-e? w .1 be r" ctire.G ' lr-< ire " 1 Ta, J al at. before 9 a. M. or .. tr ?i H M. TV ' 1" " PERSON TO TAKE AN INFANT TO | fie- - t . r, l-.ath row. oil wo'dti tc prourred. : Apply - i7 4tb i??en te.v JAH SHUT ri ninhmm, fitters AHD ?TI< O V' V J wanted st itrein's shirt manufactory. No 1 Aitor U-.tin- -None bat fl-l. m h .in !? r<" <1 ?pp y. Tj '.base conHtmt i'ti)loTrort' snddhc Ugliest c? r?ia. MYftATUWS *-Tt-.K PICK "MAN'S FF.IINR-A - .? Af* RUHR* TO 1 kbe fick, wh.^ \ait had m irhj?ry?! mee otters Dug rvis.-. I SAmtlaetcrYre^v awll: b<^1vta a-id re<iuireo ?*er particulars It. i aire at ?i- fttrl cuvd, ISO ''tmb.ain .* 23? I uiBmdw. H) DRUG01FTS AVii AForr '.'.1s t.?A ORiUr 1 Ate in madtchMdeakwa A stl'iatlou In kdn|Mar?. DM ami two inr> ei'erletioi n 'h.- b fines*. Re!~rt' s<s $vju. : AUtiretb -M. I)., Mud ;0i? sij tare ."UA <?fi te. TBI An.TCTlTISRR.'A : T'V T o "" ANT) I'PRIOHT man. is <!? ;r .it* of obuu eg ii ntj .is hner. <t -aper *!or?.?or In a reuiii dry g. . i ore. I ? <vl euy ret. *n-?- lie.writer, sjieaks ai.l rtt:..!s English i;.d Fres> i gratr . ict y. Address J. U., U< rt.d ui&co. m5 \ mt ;7V7 py%, I G/\T8 W AN'TSII?ftljyETiLi B,SL''Ws PATENT V pla'i bc ??* tkmachOT^tie country. Mcobr.ntos preferred. None c< i 1 H,>p;y srtthbui rut&cient mean* io p?y tra*e"?ip ejpenner,' uud dive. satisfactory reference* sod security. A'Tfy to H.Vobt'?on. fad PrArlg-rcct ! BOC rl liEEPKil?A PEilM A NEFT SITUsTION AND A I fatr salary bat le ohv rv J b? a w-raen having About | ti.Jfk, ' !<ao . MBf ic recuri'y t? in-.: class'P'ostncei'l. Ap j T'y io I'.IB Broadway, room No. 7. BH.VKl. WKRc A ND LABOR*!'.* - \ NIMBTR W NTrd u Wr f.n -l-v's Vi bouses r. t" 5 St., be:*..- n bin Sud 7"-b ' ?s. 1 i?on're tne foreman. CwA<Tun-wtmD,Ar ArAHTcoAosimr ) who thrr irMt iird'-retvi le h . .as and is willing IO ' make him<rl: Ken<*ially naeful to o hot* rtis'snej Io ibc j rmntiy. Apy .y with rkference At 97MaU tcr't. I DRV GOOD*1?TUBER FIRST at'fl SALltSMEN I wAn'.ed at K. Wa'auley's, 17 ?'A'hartne rtrert lo silt- I Abl? h.jtd* nrrtr.arei.t iIioa'.Iotui wQl be glrea Apply 1 ear * hiosday morntrK. . | II AN AND BO\ W \NTRD -TBB MAN MJBT DNDER- ' Jll ?l*rd Acme'Llai; abou'.Ct . prjIne and wot*1114 ,u a wine %jtr? and a ?">'i boy who tan tl" a -<Ta water boo'o-*. Ai.p'y lo CH AS. J. NIRI'h V. Dl Waler a1 ret. R? fnrete? reo tirrd. tt aNTKI>?A HOIflTnT FAIUMJN, TO HJCttVI BOTH T7 ?h 1 oiT<ap<r.d?tit and >Ookieoprr, he a tat also nu- j tr and kAoklny buao-eas, And be a ell rcrsed L. the Kretiah wm kp-t.-h . ?? ?Laa. OoodrticiK .irtquIrA Add rm hoi lis Postruice. IV* ANTKO?AT TI * RIDGWOOD KKNMiiVOIR OF j it the Rroohlsn eater works, lerty taaoii ? >d ouo bun- 1 Mred Bis IncludLit Isberera, ?t.?ne mvuna, aiope wAll liy- . re Ac. Appii'Wiloa to b( mad* immediately at the reserroir, 1 Vaofrtu ollla of oimstnsd A Ryan. I VV'ANTBD-A N* 1 OR A MaNI.Y BOT TO MAKE i TT bimirlf fecers 'y uaeful abon: anefflea; be able to j read and write. Apply between 9 uod 12 A. M. to J. W. Ore, wood ttfraier, 75 Nassaj strict. I MR'ABTED-A KTROIIO HEAuTIlT YOCN J MAN AB TT a r'l s e D sht was hman. Non? bni tbjwt who ksvn 1 sated a tkr' casaci'.y teed apply. Address bus Li.'l b a. i oCa*. *?f? fflUtoKH. ABTIST W STflv- * HR>Y RfT1' t MBROTVP" AVT> plMfnyrapb r:t*t. <>n?t?l.o ehlw underc id* the , barin' ? r o -fid apply Una day '?> I?aac A. Bin ireit SB Uieenwtch at. Am-JJITKOrCRAl. r^bDOHTSMAN A1I> rhAOTI. oal builder.?A "untlci ? anted hr lie aouro. j dr a W? r. Hntah tarn. Trenton, New Jersey. FW'.s oe Si* oc n O"HMYV M K'U-aeoarprn1 V * **r--d, to "a **-"r.a, L.1. Appi, to a^-rl. . How 1. tea ai*B an-noe, Aatorta. n-'i CVTTRKt5.?W A WTCT, A UENTt.KM. V Or T'JO. 1 rough r?.> rt'rc, enrrcy and o parttv i- ta ,t .n or rutlng ?<q>Ar'i . ot. Urn high*-*! <|\ialiiliA<l?m? ni" re. qi. ri.i, A<ld?<? in wri'ti g only, 'atmg eipectaUona, with lotirueea, T. Darry A Company. 97 Walker at. 1*rANTKr-OKK nRf.lAfl* TRIMMER A? l> OUR T? hart era in* ?r, 'n go In '.ho CfintrY. rtwrV n< n Cterral A pply to Wrn. .Jao Pmyt'i at V>'m H. ut* ? ?'o. s, Willi; New York, lor ml day* WL'ABTrri-A HRIRT m'TTER riJI.I" WHOCCT" witb 'be V a't?; one who h?? h?en wrhlrg in Tro/pre i f*rei<* Apply to H AroaiM. lilirv i'i? 1vTAirT?n-A mimitii 'UT. AT HO. W WORT'I i m 011 f'; Lf who aa> >r-'Aucai t.i bn iwaa. In .u re if no W !?' P. TIT ANTU?-A i?0-JI? SOAP MAKER. OVK WHO TJTOTf roughly nnda.**t?nb* the manil? - riaf of wno ' >r r*. ally nap. a peraor of bat d**erlp'nn can And Roo t .tad ttcady eanplr jurat by adJreral'.g Orrwyeti; llend 1 caker. __ 'BTTl.- i treat*. tl'AKTEri?TWO COMH'IOiM. TWO ROOhKKKRtT *r? '.hre* oierb r ahipptar unc <kok?t oi wa; four Jerk* frrcnrf ai d dry r > 1* ? or ?, two * ??g gram-.., Iw i brai-a.ea. three : r cr?. tm >*r *? . era . jur nv?a rO*?m Arc* A'caier tx.<n to-ate* ner two no* n-o, ( tttf- ?*? bnja lor trad*. *ad a.:raa Appi) to KAl'/jdAH A ' OA KKATI ?ft Broadway. ~ WIW A1L' yuPBTP. noun a fi >ont> a-ir :?ojwr> < r the JO T"t? llaol* and Altac Ka -uad Or*pane. Ho. 1.1AI. ' fhr Vl.UiC Mai ed na 1st ir.rt at I anow!-t, Rrna .'to arr vt ar?rr iw' tarlag aonM to hand. paril?a a~? r?>v n,.'* iralnal j aaH"Uri'ry it WM. A JHO O'HRIRH. 9 WaJr. rjVRH-OM FRIT1 AT KTKH7HO. I?f TBF. OFRM I.OT i?*r of 91 P' ?lm*n nrart, a*>ont Fai w?iiiit of haggmg, | ?M>l la luppsaad to t-? a?vi lb" owner eau liar* iba aaaa i by areiilua proper' ap t parlr.r eip-tiiwa. apply to A. Mor I p<. ani a if wat-hr-on. V Rraaklori uj**', aleo to Jobaaon A | Hmltf. t>f 'br ManoM ward. J Hcbpk i'ame to titk rEry.diw or rowaro rf-i'laab br?w n V'.ortr 9P?i an \ -j eti h ?t-' oU aad FtT'b Fait mrb Frrnaea oa Hat'irda . Un .TXb infaat; a r? T'.or?o a.i year oK mar* whieb Um o?oh eau bare by ' pro-ii a pri party ?ud payma iperawi Lrwr-OR THt'EROAT BVPHIMH. IN UOINO FEOM TaFo'i Ourd Ftrret. tbrrmfb RtcbtA (t"iw t>< Fn?H?Foih W**'. u f road war aad Amy atraet arnlrt Hraor.iM, ar' wO.r aral brad*, aad uham atuehnd. ?Hb thr tniilaU "VMM" I Wh?er*r m jh; uw raid braoev t ?- J. .? l>r la 'taat. No 29 / Brrnoa market will be aultablr reward-'i. wiu. la* tbaaka | M pwuw It t*ii| a rJl fn. n a deeeaer i brother. j wr i A Ktm T ' Till AM'li'T Of K*Vf<TV 1J Brr dollara ronal twain pajmbla B? ">rt?r ?f O Gaafco Th? fkt.iW wtll ha aniiaOly f w,< lad by bvartnn U af ** broad way baaanant, WIL?(I. iitjAi. ft. B. raj moot a lU imm Ui b?n atoppad Lop* a ri.aok a bp tab innni.i wi7.?n Tift RISK I at will alb*"11' tha ayaa. ?r?F?a lo tb? na-no of H'tr n* * MT? hrta*a >a? Wk U> M T?o Ji atranl, wili pat a W<mm reward. LOfT. It ftlWAftn. L'VT^IK % BROADWAY ABO J urj ?w !.J atr-at ataaa ?n frldir aa< nlng, a JI1, to 12 o ' k >i tA? aornor of Tnirtjr aa *?t?d a.rrat and Broad way a pair nf torto-a? ah'll opara glaanaa Th?- (lobar will rmr'aa u,? ahora rawanl and 'ha than'?? of ha owner l?y ramrrtpj tba ^a* io to- B-W Tori Oaniral Rai.rond ot i la. ?/T Jtaafaai, or at tha nr. ? of tba Rlafa OuAit'aoy. roroar ,! 111 i r.Uih atraat aa* Broad v. ay. M. B ADAMH. LOHT-OB Till ftp ?AY KVK. Iftfl. A HI?A'"K KOBOCJ'O a?oraa<*naa Pr-o,. with ti dal nod iaU?ra. (tippoaid lo ha?a i'an iruppad n a Araalwaj anJ hl/.lilb afoot ommbtn. f no naa tuhuy par n bs' u?? iwnar A aol'Abla reward art.) b< paid by laav.oy ' it 42 Kiohaoira plaoe. I' OfT-OW n?Mf RVKB'ftl. IB CBATfTAI J ' bane * ara or i'?r, r> i"r>* a awnrd ilia, with "I*ra 'oji Tba fa r all ta ailtahly ra?ar ad with IhiaU t f th?- "tpflf, by . at top it at 2 > forth WUtm i.raal. ta ana'< ' ' aa hafri KTf.,,a 0?r " -rn 'V ,rrv? r TW ItROADWAT, . ?, . ?,r w biia ?'??! r *a1 chain, #hffl> w?a, T' na? ma*< r Bo at/It" Whoa .r will ra?'trn j ; tha awne v Mr. J< tin llyria, U*i Wae? "Ifte. i.tb 'trr-t, WU) 'jt ! | Bntwl .) raanrdid. I rtidtj niLtiMKHT, *4*? r:/>ftiBt irmbvrV( ?tk~ ? *TwMKI.R Bm ?tr??' hM ?opi ii-l a t ?w Ar ? ?** nt aa at llaara'T at 0 Bona or a'anrt, a? a ' htora i?t <B Br tiwwaa tatwaWhirr t,-w rr.?taat a.maiton will hh paid to a i ..rdara fdr IB1W1 %0 IhKd^Wft Mlh HA M A J TIBFOLIT. 1' A R till r>R"^?. I L w>a< n> Ka 11 Ita - n plana, h ? i ?v, a-*. A >aa | t? a hi ? ). r? 1>v aiary . hr. ia n -ir r.aa a a N aa ? ibr artftiea ti ladi?a hitaatr, . a X 1'tibdUhph i rthJ ? art rwarAwnonrr our nw ajktl-ooji prioujai kJ :?ml *wm it, uar.-teM rMtL-nooM ? mi Ineawli oa-lands to tha Oentrul Park th*t their r*nt Is do* Cue. sad Most be 'rr mediately sab ad, at the CWpWIer'e ofloe. Wo, I Hall of Seearto, batveaa the hours of 11 and 1 o'clock. All occupants naclaaMaf to pay their real by the Am day of July cast will ha aoa< Adored as hariag forfaited that rklkt to occupy, and iha pre teea win ha ranted to other parties. A OCT, Ooliactor of Otty Karaaua. TjtlHlWWnRTH OOMPA1TT, BOPTOW, MASR-AT AW unjnurtifa <>< ums ivnctntudwr* ui <4jo w^owwib Oompany, held a: the oompany's office, in Boston, the XSd day of June. IPS7, voted, that a special moetiug ?f the stockholders of this company be bolden no Tuesday, the seventh day of Joly est, at eieven o'clock A. M. for the purpose of considering the expediency of ratifying the trdvuture of truit submitted to the meeting, and thereby winding up (he affairs ot the company, and the notification u>? reby be given by publication of this vote In the Huston Daily advertiser, and Iwly Traveller. A tme oopy from the records. Attest, JAMMH O. nc?W. Clerk. NATIONAL LODGR. *0. *10. r. AND A. H.-THfl MPAf hers (f this lolrr are requested to attend a special Ciotnmttnl ration to bo held tc their rooms, earner of llleecker and Btoadwuv, on Tursday evening. tBe Sttn insL at d P. M janes rastorham, w. m. Irw'o V. Kirkt, Secretary. PHR0RNTATION.-AN RLE?ANT OOLJ1 WATCH AND chain was presented last evening to Andrew NuHlgat, of the Seventeenth ward by ?ts demnorstlc fellow eltizens nf the ward. The presentation took place at Kecnan's, oorner of lllih rircet and ' irst avecnc. Councilman Realy, of the fiftieth district, in a neat r.nd appropriate specon. expressed the reijtim>i>is of th? contributors 'o be testimoulal, and the gee lifi -atim It aBordrd fc.m to he selected as the medium of convey inp to 'he rvrmlett the assurance that his character and cond' ct bad f zed in the minds and hearts of his fellow democrats of foe Seventeenth want a iastiar feeling of trieodshtp, of which, he treated. he presented through him wc.nldslway % serve happily ? remind bim. Mr. Mulligan re sp aided wurmly and rratefuUy, end the eervmnai?s ol" the presentation were lo'Jcwed by a happy time generally among the large con-curse of friends eud we.l wl-her< of itiat gemleasn present on the occaslrn. The watch is a high v itnisaed go'd fever, an t hss engraved ttpon the case the ft..lowing:? " Presented to Andrew M il lgi.o hy the -ttlrcna of -he Seven teen Ji ward on he 27ib day of June, lo67, lor his nu nuirKms duty its a police oHi Jer '' rU)C COMMITTER ON MARK .IT Or TMR BOARD OF CovncUmen will h lil s ? ng ou Wednesday, July 1, In room No. I7?'ty Hull, at ihr.w urn* P M.,"v> jske into r.c.nKideraiino lbs SK i'ri?tyii f telling Washington maraet. .'arses uttcreiiud art .n\ nwd to u l II. W COI.YRH. . 1 itv t? ! r-mmivee O.P. BTCKPORD,' > on J. S". SPTNOLiW. I Marseta, CHA8. DOTY. J if* Ail AN CAN tm ?frnn -now vu<*H w;:.r n. acK'in a a honcs jlor '.ae loan oi Jiff 'or six miuthffi ou elAttel m-rir. e given for double tbe am .. . ?. < Sdty Ai;dr?-?e Bognwer. box 132 Hera.d office. No pswnbma -s n.-ed answer. I an hnnomi iiitioimmr g at sevi ,i p?r isr.t, n properly two .n:]>'s fro n ; Jersey City, worth Arec ' ut e the amount. AfJrcaa W. M., boxjvie Post oC.ce, A YOUR i LADY IN KMBARRAWlID C1R LMfX stance*. wishes to form 'he acquaintance cf s itae One j who will In n r- r hfty dollars for three m. num. * c i- i rty, urd reference given. Adtlreas Add.c, 1/ttion sq .?ce Poet office. 1>ROAl?W RIW YORK, Jl'K L \m.-F\T- i > UiontS (Jfr'.Jt. .?A semi sunn*) dtyid?.id ... tve (d) per ?< :.l or 'ir ns -KXi ?KJk (if tfc>? bar k o il o! die proba of iha snmnt six mouths, will be paid oa and af'i / the l?t of July [ four 'n;; The anr cr ooolu will be rimed (; m ihe >Uh Inst { until vhc dar of payment J. L. BVTC!' TV, Cnubler. I YJ ROADWAY ?*??, *r? YORK. I NM 18 1887.IJ h >U*a.-hrbwr ->? io it lucre?. ". (At'ltai elock of 'be Broe.rliTay Pi.- U? lmtbf uMM Wt and .'rrrraae.. r*pP i?L tr.'?U?er with '.ie premium \tereim. ia . r.<i.; obi paid (a ra l en iue tat \uj of July, iitl, a. he > nir . a>or J la BVaHIT- Or. tier }emigrant ifiTTOur. n?\iirm SK. NK* i York. Jupe 2i. ia07.?iM?w?er.1 Nntloe.- IVpn?ltor* 'ire tueby n. Allied that r . ' . oru.1 dividend at i*e rate of all t Itr e-u. par annum . Iriiiro: iulr vU .n * to r dent per arnnm mi -f oei ? ? t?1 nana'.! ha , been depcaiud at lea Iv t ?'"'i'.? cm ire of Jul. nei* wtl be paid tor .orl mti, *n<l afwr mCny. July 3'. 1 Tair reel rot ral.rd i pe carried to the rndN afl lwge> ; lor r a* principal. lUi.koptu bai.ytrdm i A. M. u> 2 l*. >i? ) M Ir?m A to i' P. If , at .-o. . * ?}. .a H of I . I'.r. i'roadru.. .1 -ini Vnraian, OvaoO-teier. | Mt. .AlfCIAI -A V.':rX/W LAOY if' &*6PKGlABILITY I P wishes to itad w'Ji a (ostietaan bat will be WiUtmf tr? { I .i berdltfi r a t nroi s % the p.vtnfr ? r. Cao .-re wc irt./ . 'or the *?W" 'on pr - .ia' i,?i-r.lew. Ailreaa a nr.e J I l ?>?!), Until . ratio ,art>v ai-v.. wiruno*. *s Toants ' at/ <irr ?r vA ?O-fit daily frm# 10 A.M. lit M., i " law 4 ic ? -'it Honda. ?. Tar 1..W7* t- ritP.n sakrvA at '-he -r'M t! 9 per cri on i ..rue from II ? Mini. ay. AJU rA.ujl, freatdeel T. la JW>t*C IX-TwUtT/. f.Nfi'AK/ .is *vnni'o.s'"?r. rtr nn?.i> c t ' .< i..?nr.?to ". ?T ie ueei'er uoekri if the n rr ?. -id i * 1 it. ii oad i'oir.1 arp :n Vnr \ >rt in t anapom. and I, a i .?e cuaied on ti>? twenty bra uiKn) out. end i ft no ton i.jaw ro.i?l J my 1, iat7. ?y order. A. If JUT!' -.-rytar/, |??TRR*KT WARRatTP i T TT.F. M5'*".rK.T? A JfT> 1 I telen et wananir of M'.lwa'ikl" etty bot?d? '?? orvt in aid of | tl.r r- nalmrti-m r>l Ute AUwink'e ado Hnpennr Kauruert. da* | .a y I, will he pmii ou ard a.*r Uiat dale uu preeeMAtein 10 VeTkre M k. Jtkup A VrOB, \ s Olli-'r, . J, *4 a*di..l4 ?e pline, *f;w Tork. ?tA -1I> P. HCI.u. Treaearer. J" liitkafCITT WATKR BORltf. -T9? C""IMRR Or lAe Jarter t it a wait/ hood* laldair dn? J la I, IW7. wl.1 let 1 A..' rrj ,t ... ' tjn? l. ral i.a. >,.<? Cllt of Jten York, t>r a. .de X**Lat' 'A'i Trv'n? k Jerter City C 14 t' 1-VjI. ! h /tdeou MARIKeW PAYIROH I.V8TITT"TI0I?, TB.K') /. at ocmer ol R...uureal . V| oerA mad. t f>r? a let July will bear leu rtet fro? -Jiat deie. at tb .a ? of p r aant on (una of |i u> Itur. and 8ve part'f' P" encie or-ir r. Haul .,- on dally fri rn 8 o'rl. . k A. M d>; oi-ok ". and on Weduukiay and Ita' iiday roa (u> . ; 1*. THOKAS b. sTluL*AN. Treaidant. IaaacT ?kr*r o*. P. w. KNU8 ? f?,Wll miAH.Mii.iai. < Manbatvak havipgr titmrtiuN. tu aaoai*. ?ay. Jru.1 44, lot ? Inltr?*al .'aolroe.? Inioreal at in. ra | of 6 per o?nl per ar. . . on ran of fki... 11 nnd. r, an . A i e r*. pi on l<ima ortr ikat am< in;, will b-r.i ' - 1 In tain Ina en ar. 1 a Vl. lctereat not ca led 'or adl dr-.w U? avr- a? pra. -a.. E i. BkO'A'N, President. A. A. Ai t oar ., A (Te'ary. None?-TK? HOI.niBH OP COUPOSR 1A1UK0 BT Vadir mroi-iua, Ala, rp itcoin'of J-e Mtinphu and < Tiarle?lon Ra'r.wrl Compar.', and due .1 ulv 1 1-b* will plraaar pr? wol 1 rin lor pafrnent at the fie Ilk AX .u. e OfkiCE Ol T'lH CHICAGO. Pt PAl'd IWTirovri | d . Ian Bd'f . 1 Company. IS W.U eUrtl ?.. ?<?.?. . June;'! 1/47, -The youpoaa due Inlytl. tip a _ y- .? bkn !' 'hi? ortt-?ny, and alao upon :ne (Mr.tlf of the ; ), , of Tor ' du lar and Wa tr*oivn, 1* in'n, leaiol to ... a t 'f Uu iwi,. t/nrtl .n ol ihl#, wtj be paid on preaeniellou at Una ob.t r, on an< after that date. J W. CVRRlllH. Sect 'kry. fyrirr act amrtkrham pirc rN.c'RA.v -e COM\J yaoy.Jitwr' Ir .Jul" 26, 1A67.?Dividend? Tbo Bnrd of CbH-elire tare tbl, -Iaj "e 1 a aem1 aanuai 1''iden-I ..f r '-f tror't, p?? aile on ai. ' / the i.rat day of Jaly neat. Tee Ur.it1?r books w Jl be "lo? d un'.ll Ural dale. A M. i' DDwMlh. ?Y. ?-ary. 0P?? 'K Of PIT rf.i CR' i, ron WATXB AXD on* r: ?n Railroad C-m mi J7 William il/. ri, e m "lor*. June. . I?3" Pa netnl i i in "ie'I ? f be in'" dvirttha Ural.-*; ' Jnly neat, >,n I l)ow1a| ?e Titer w": "h paid rp trd efirr reeid..*- atula t-ae, on i re??t.i*ir noI tao pro r??r i .tpnna. Or Uoadr t. ho ard Pesr. yltan'a Pa'lroad Co . lata /?*; . " Cpy of p' ltii.rn ia t>ai? aid Pcnn. ll?ti/ >a<l .ui^asy. " City of AUepbi av ' " Hlark eminty, "1?k? " 14 " " Hlch'and eonniy, ' A lb u ronn'y, vj Ohio en I Ind ana Rad/oad Oumnary. ' I pawiord onnn'y, ' " AUra ooaotf, In t. " " M o?r and hl'wcn RaPenfil Co 1?t rr~i4*?n?. i "tmctioo boe-a ol ."(tab f. Kurt Wa-neand' .'i'c?ro ItBilXOAd 10? WiKPU K. llMhitp!*, ViCO I'ruu. nt / or THE PTTTRBCRt., TORT WAT!** AND * ' CbieafO Railroad Compaae No S7 "Ti'-' r* rM, *> ? \nrk,llkrti AV-Vm<m-ni* cirpanf ha* eetah tahnd ;ui olike in vLiant y At Bn ST William alreel annocd A -or. for tar uarafer of tfnir atock Mil th? ruuo u of nantAl bi'treea DwwIm wlil be r"r?E of Ike opening of ike traaafer boob*, Auvkholo-ra m? dent In ff".w 1 art And otherp.mora intr-e*ted, ran nbta'n * rreeit foil exhibit of UteeompMij't all* Ira on At "llta'inn at hit idm JOHI'H h. KixiKATOM, Vine f-rtiden' Orrinr rtw tork olaiatiru iirkricr ?> .*p *jrr, W Wt" tm ntrnet,?A dividerd ?.* iaa per rent wlU b? paid lo tho fork holder* of 'hut oo aranr no OP ai t*r ate Aral <U) r TnlyAOlt Tb* ran*lrr boob Will ba C'-uaad UU Jtal de'* Br order of ir-itleea. Jvaa ii, 1KST. T. H. Bl'TTIR WORTH, T.-*a*rrer. T>RnT<>*Al? WR BIX BKK CKNT CrVTRAl. J Par* r"'.n : rt Mft.' -anti .to prtipixaia r.ilb'p' -d At till" Ottr.pT I'rr's oAre 'intli 1> iihjr, J.\ly |r, if.;, ,i1 I*. M., alien lb earnr ar.ll b? publMly <i"er?"?d f r t%? whole or tar part of 'be aiie of lw,. h wired ?ni *. < .n'v At* Ibnuaand dollar* of "Cenlr tl Park Tand T - ?. ?.f ib r-yot R' W fork." H i-horlrnd by an aa. o' !* *:? intro A thla Male, rntltb ; Ar At* 'n antbnrir* the aale >r U -i Htate Ararriali Id > ' ? l->fl M l A' an)' t> l-ftold" l.?r the puriibaw) of Oir Na* fork Aieenal p> party In >?? V i > 'henry of Krar Turk, an i lor ik< aopr nria I i 'if ,h" i?r>? * N > trJ?*?1e,-' | i April )&. lifC, ai-d by i, ' nil ,f i|j.. 14 ma. n Council. approrrtl by 'he Mayor J ana 1 IM, Ton AAid ?*>rk a ill ( '?*! of two too tan nil aaran h hare* of end b ladrrl diJIlAra ?Ask ehe-e i .. 1..reel at >h*> rate of ill per i rnl p?r Attn n, tiart ir v-arl/, ard the | rlnrlpit! e-.a nr?le? aaahie on the Prat day of Jnlf, la the venr lf W The pioloaala will liMe thn BemDaraf aiare* d' .fired, ael 'be price per autre, (* p-raoa nan pniO'iaalt arc annepted wlli be re ; ilred to ^ap.ell ? iA !h' .'ha-ubrr Ulu of the city tb ?warded a ,1 nnrero.1 hy ifc? bl-? and on i r?aent:ni( the rroeipt o! the Chain lerlaln to ?ha < on j trt.llrr, will OMMari ii r^elve a rrtljr for tbr par raiua of tie n unbar of ?harna, narryln* invraaf Own tk- danof tha dr --TJHL ttrl. pmr?o?ltfm than:! h? ,aa' 1 >>A> aol (li dorwd, ' Proposal for ?1? prr rant Oan'ral Pali Pond SPK>t." And tbr propOAiMno may Ukr-tt l?n p it np In annt-md MrriOMk nm.rd at I dirartad. A. C. fUgg. t uiptrnl er, No llk.i of P.uoorda, New kwK." A- C FTiArtO, 'tomptoiinr. DwinmM ?>r Fotvat, Co?irroii?H urmn, Nrw Tom, June Ja, 81'bOA.B*. __ ~ ~ Kid MM1 -?'**t'.n, or Havana, ix>*suti j and J t/l'.i M/U drrmaa wennfwtMra, al M prr cr-it b-lrw i .wirt rwer Pmmpi train and ?ah eumoiwan would do wti! Vt rranilar my ?u?ti m (f.-mt tndiu-naaale am eonntAnl1? Um* oar rod O. OHKBKR, 17 dmd*?. I NUM. ^ROARS AT T.RdH THAN mark IT RATRA AS ! ?i I **i dt,.!y cltwtof tafntera to mrrl edreneaa and I k?r? oo" of ?K? ?'*' rlrMlre mnujila-.orlrr la Now torh. tieriru i?|a n aih'ti ti. O. CITRRKM, IT Broadway. HKOALIA pit. rbtr. rr IALIA brit arnica, mtpia rnfatia, Ceban?? ftAri-ii V.i-tonaa, warsem, l'artifak, F-pmoiaa. londrra, fwm' Ua?. Millar r mrar o, TK ostta* Intra rlalra, ArWn, Hi miata Owttolanton, Mid n nr. iron* otA-r brai.fe. la kiM rt full? ira**??,? , U P R> >.) irtaaror anM Ptrrvxn. l*v.Nti~~HnrpE, tn iibpapw i.y"k kpc onthn 1 Ra> pla.t. i.orlp rirolaarti roon.H bylbe dap or " k. ftoit . ., &i < . i a < a<?? tpfif: broad* *f OPPO*;tr RONT> I J ftiwrl ?TT? vt4 -ommor ii? rwt r1a?i vo'*l'* oon 1 -ned ' > 'h? Ar?t rf aa p ' . wf> >v ad rancw ir p-lon: u -mo I ti Ml par dajr. J pa r r* 'w a .'illf ? r.|r nad rJwin H. BfcV?, r.. Drtrit?. I ft W. W. Uf'A (::rw!'!j ti u.a if. t.? tijuae#,Sep ''t ,64.1, NEW YORK HERALD, SI I IBIiWI iJWii UMMinifc 2 Ann 4 A?I??W>.N 8QB 4RB, WBBT^BTDR, OORNRX at Bank etreet- Room* to M, with board, animate (or teadliee or ataxic cent, tinea; a wrj pteaaant and cool location; rc'rrencaa respired. 4>T P?* WEIK FOR BOARIURQ FOR A QKWTLB. ?P I man and wife, to a fnmwhed fmol room, eligible location, acceaatbli' to buetaeoa, oonae ooataina all modern uaprovemeola alao ncore eipenaire routna, on lower Do ire, ham ?om?u; inralabed. Pleaae addreaa T. 8-, Herald ofllce, string too/ addreaa. IK 8TATB 8TRRBT?FRONTTNO THB BATTRRY. lfj Roonj to Vet, -with board, suitable for tarn 1.tea or single gentlemen. Refercnoes required. n GREAT JONI8 STREET?TO LIT, ELEGANTLY furnished toonta, auber tingle or In salts, with or without private table. QC EAST TWENTY PIFTn 8TREET.-A HAWDftOKEOu It furnished back parlor with bedroom" ad viining, on ? cond Dour, to lei, with board, to a a en tie man and lady. The V'a?e la drat daas, with all the tnooeru improvements, a few d. jra from Fourth avenue. Reference* eichaugel. ? r n -A HANDSOMELY FrEWISHKD PARL?R OAN <Pt)" ' be had by a tingle geniemaa. for (10 by edranoe* ;be advertiser ?P0; partial board, first elaa* Bonte, so oher bc.ardma. Address llanley, Herald ofBcn. Cff AND * W?T TWENTY-THIRD STREET,?A FKW tJtl select families or a part- of gentlemen can now b> ao ccmmcilaiod with sin'-a or uncle re ran, with board, in oie of the moat delightful locations In th" city. Twenty third trcet It one of the broauett streets, and the houae la deitgtti iilly | aiinaied between Broadway and Sixth aveiue. Rei'Wsictss fit hanged. * EAST BROADWAY-PRIVATE SELECT 3ARDUtJ iny houae.?A large front rotrm on Ibi second dor, furnished, with pan'ry snrt ga?. and one en 'h? third floor ?rt eo single genii*men; also a amall tearoom ou the 1ml Hoa Hot and oold batba in the home, wli'ch la tn a pleaitant lotnun. EAST SIXTEENTH STREET.?ROOMS T\Y US1AD UO for Southerners <-r e.r.'.le g-u ei..-n, * . r, l-<w I Vr the T BBfr, in a bouse con'p.iatng .ul the modem irou rov? Btnts. M ARION STREET.?TO uKT, A NI.v'P Y EVRRHM UO ed room to it laoy where Ihny all the comJOAaof a home. 7Q SPRING STREET, FOCR DOORt ?KO* BH'API tj way ?To let several handsomely furnished ronn, f.? a ngla rentlrmen; the location is near rdl tb., flrat ck?>.ii tails; attached to the honpe !o a G-ye rendlni? rt?w?, woore tithe newspaper* are ou Ale, both lime arc tor. jra. ? SSoN HOUSE. t'ltirt'/. lfl?) AMITY STREET. O." -. OR TV. J 1HLR .KM- j ll'O tlemen can he .tec nod wed w..'? r !y flu; ? ! rocn.a, Witt or .vi'hout t ;i ,.1 board, '' a Ovate SiS'y. Amity atreeiatage^ vaaa iht lour every tin ' uuu itet, J' venicii- ,o 8uth avenue ears 11\ - NINTH SIU11T, NKAII UROADW AY. ? RhC-i.l, JvU bt ,:rd, u, ^entl men and their wivee or tigle gentlemen, In an rl? laro.-thcd he use, r-'plele with aoera improvements Dinner at si*. I AW CLINTON K.A TK. EIGHTH STREET. Y.4R Air t >*.: h at -nue.? A and wif. can obtatrhudfom-lv ii.i.inbed u: i.nentv hid board by ..pp., "a a.i above. L'Cu.lon una n i 'Saed; bouse modern. R :iei >! ) required. 110 -i'b'v ; alhK .T.-TO LET A NEATLY 'H*IJt) Dished room t - ooud floor; bouse a tool oAr; no bom de.-a cr lodgers. Ap * 7 as atove any d ty tins *?. U" ' l.i H srm-t r :KTWKKN HROAmv.J AND ' F ti 't ' .ne elegantly ;tirni-lied.|i i"s or ?"| a rate,,. .? g- iuh', wHhorwlthont p.nii.ipoard. T he bouse ? , ':ij?a nil i.e . ',h"rn tmnroveip-r'a At'.i BR lOME STREKT, ONE PLOCK W^r hi ^ 'il Ilr (m y. Them iIh'dMs ntr itloa, ' h g in li iu-rjsp; ?:e v.-.t; y "t n i u > h.-.(t "Mh W?. | l.'tje witk i modern itooj jre-erta. 1'trn net and ! trvnsien; vovrdt s acc renr !:*: :!. r JT J .'.ROADWAY?KUP.NTS11RT fj <iSN- 1 lilt* ticri-.u?A auit ul looms onaeeor ' iiocr. ijibla far | s mull dab ii a pi-rty . g?nt,t.. a. (isa, t ..i aa Q,TO NR' 'Af'WAY. UNION SQUARE - V IIKH'e if M i '.i > the Pr . ?.f ,w? ilam.lies cr -ir gi 'entlerat-a, w ith cr withoutb j.rJ,CDr.. i t table, or < 1 -opeta plan Rs b. gas, Ae. jit- j llgbtiully aiiitand, 1'"gtng in"> th ' rarlt: > Inee-at ( c , ... PRIVATE -'AAiILY. TAT IN 1 A K?W BMRDyRS ' ta. wct.irt 'ct reeond Ccor, f jt ',*1 or > ' trsd- , i > fatti llea or K.-igle r-.. t'.-won, J? ibin^-'on * |uir.u? t ) line of tbe Eig-.tfc sv> uuc i-at> r.;! r?!eecliDrr re.-t ftcea A PARISIAN 7 U NO T..DY WISilKf: Ttt .LtaLd 1\ board in a pi ... fauij r.tldinp in town, ? .? t.!i a .ho ] 11 Id me Kmrh. Tla in ir lbuaIj le*?on?. Ad<*?e? M?i r, X*. rt d aquara Par1 -11 ? ; ?opyq pom nn s . ptov. inn *ir i* o' r:.i irlnr hit; --aJwoa ri*. .1 it-.-, ,>r i wbere there ?. * .nit few o ?trurie. Add." ?. rh l'apliia, ' t'rw h bin in. i f . k(W?t ho i*" d OKSTL? ' AM AMD WI/RCAR Bn. ACVO'I'.MJATty ^ wi h ?Pf"irUfc!? w.-'J rnir1 J r,yi.i . .it" i < t 'filler par!* In a rr'.a.* fa - *: a-lp'.V -r. ; e < D*enlent for ar*. Ac e?fc< lr r??t??i 'd - " "f ? iLargnd. >'rl? * : v' -. jfelrfybiat airtM b? 'Y-tfn ) dblil 11.,; > Mtlrli ii**l. A irrjfl Ma 'ii".t . cUOn.*.i . .A.VJb. :? A. >:'n.:abi* rn-.l *?T ' '.*! ij? .11 u *4 Ily. or' ipyttK ? ni e V -e, w.'b (at and la'Ji; vqr ?! :.wit ly kwivUd, atil r.ea 1. * .-:h ww e* ? mlair Inn m i dlKu. UJiU't riv , t ?-?n Hu'jO i,"l na i eh ?v-n i? i a tureibatwtuautp mu re aooorodatid A. vri b a . ..rr, ,-.ed ; "dr. -ah:; p.".'. *' fAir ' . W crcr*' e-ooVlyn H"(i;b'? e-t'fc'n a ??e m ttoa rf Ftil'ea or Wfcl! Vreot ? rri " *n* r ....'* Mr. Al aror noon on u .o 'uxm rusiraao. n .'ii2 ilroome ?:r>*nt, .?li ? u. r . artnl w..(I; barb, AO. lui m* oi.kI' . . V: . 1 . .... *i ..euaa ,* !. An:w sim'ji.k oxituif1;* can dk :?xv!m?. .;*. I. 'van furn'ahed rir tr.l, with r it J braird "tan, a iarv p*rl-r m tbof-f! <>letbatrtr of k> otlnsorn or a pentleman *n.l wje. T.ruii aoc.cnf. | Ali'lf i 1 hi poll iW-rt, near <inm A UD1 AIDflUIUnUK (111 OH'tiAA :; r?JL nomel? n* i.*.*?n f I.: *d tor ibe .iy ly, '? a bona* u rln'BgbMh, A<: * 'omflon p'oamri Mix* venlent. Adl.** ?f for on." f I Pbllllpn, Er *rJ? ay Fobtif* bee. Board.-', lady kavind a very plsioat, C'<*1, ?;ry i n- <e (it'ih od n?.-.r tin Tnio i ? i .. h, wild r nttojeniVi" ' .mi-c ' rcocae fr - ;n ft V M : <r will, beardfirntah'-d .* re< .1 im bait. A:. Mr. .l er oc m'.toc kiidn M ilcoe, l'? rfj'1 ?* ? Board.?a *<aa room ro '.rt w:m mwm OP. N i-l, '0 A Sauiy or otr oUtuitn. A'?o>rr. anil rr* m enlul *r r i perf r,o. 1 blue wf'. .r^, fatty fcHf 1 To* ^* i "oi*' * d > <3-1 J*n ill lb* % :l'i "in*! eariy dl *<S Weet l?f'Aph t, :. i oaw *i *! nadrrt TYoe RD-A >TW OKXTLiMKJi IaA HI Co HI Aj?? dared ?rilb Imrtfe le'arA aid a:ry revf '.! ?. 4*m <*-y *ir<ardua. on :erma. la ,i.r -.1 ?? . ??? "IJOARDIRO. T? "I ' '.KfS T R'? 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Aupi? ai m Alien flraA BOAJw? )K KRCOKl.m -V*kT PMlKAlV APART u.?. a ran Or ?d. with a. . ii. ?,uK>r?of o .?n iar*jn\ a \n -?nd wlfr and two or b? ja'r~la ret? tl .met, At.. e r- c , l?*wi Heary aad 4>.<b. u.?' Trnmat P. two ( BOAHP T H hiiOOK liTR, liKTWRER itK.iKPOUT aaU < lark .< ua o.n tier ru.joiee i-t rdm aM Ti.' r tract ferriaa.?A f*r. hi umo and ht? a fa, nri * ? ai.-g-'* f n .ircii ear I ,.>a>mo laleil with a p .< aa.i?.-mi .vc |ht mwi Door, at ISO terj ami. Board in thk ri*r .v. t hoiae. de,,*u'' t'ly loca'ed, at 3c' near Am .) I act'.oro.i Arc Poor >a?l p mai/. rfn ? P>t,fn ntab d, to married or aias>* r'?t?iiema? . T> ri uaideraie. Tnr.r.r* at t '< lock. Qt' ARD IK RRiXIKI.T*.-A OIRTT.R* a % A P WJKB I> or tr-3 or three *mrt? reat.emen ran pr V 1 board wl'b larre and plearaii- "fry r 'me. where M n'.etan'a b m-r?n be found, auply a'. 61 Naaaaq *tr.*-i foi erva^u Mkupi BOARP TV RRitf'Kl.TX.?A fKW OK. 1 IldK.R CAR lie aor.reirv.ilaed with pi >??' r . ill |fv i OoAfil, n rea-nnabte i-rm*. ? ?4 N iunn ?ir? , iinimw frnrn JwMMwiaa iter R ' hpiohtjv-a kkat if stta'cy: <v k br a? -'fa1 with boar: uiid p' - j -i rhr lev; a . nimanda A full \ h ? of ibe bf y ' pp'r , 4 ?IVI aala aAreet. dir'etly opp<vi?r Kwb'orh eu?? . Wkbla Crc m-llra ? i-h f f Item ami Wall elre-i : ntBROOK ? ho A HP, < "OR V KMK VT TO tticir AMP Wall ntr nt larlie, li; h Hue healthy be ' oi.b< log mi h -h prnnnd rpj In a d- r v1? ri >' irh. >d. Ii'te at 49 o- ornrd ?tre?n. ReferenrOr 'fhnuged BOARBIRU AT T* sn??iifj RTRII-WT. rrai mo dmtral, la ? nraly fnrtl.hed thre? n..ry hon??, itnvho vr<tera iBApft-menia. partira with Mnnna auaaod oa wmd door; large airy roaiar on third Buur, fla? j*4, alao hMrmttit for u oiBm. Boa id at mr horhtor PTRUKT. riariroap way Pleaaant rontna. neatly f-iroiahed f;?m'lyprtrat?t .' ali'y hcal'tir and rerre-a'ile. '?rat rrnderate, artaola Vir a i?dr and renlloMMi or two a;ng a grnilemen. Hfrreno 't (Irrn and required. BOARP WARrtP- op A ORRTI 'IMAN, K THK nHyh'frb'Mid 't Met ker e.reat; a mod tra'A wed bed form with brea'- eet and tea m a pro ;ie .amilyAi U per week. AddreiaP /. Itarald oSlre. Koarp wantrp b* a okrt'jimar jap hib wile, wi t one larffi- well lurnmbed phi. being gap h; and oo'd Wt'er end pan rle* j *-? loa near "o4wnr, md n'.t above TMr 1?tb ?U?e' lodo fitad refe.-ee~?t ai-he red. A Idmei e'a tK "r-ne ? hi-a niw ti.>. ? *u ? f Wi it rt, II. H boi .VRB Poaa eSva. ('OUPTOK HOOBK, COR.1KR or T IIRD AVKIfUB J ?n<1 Twmty ftvuWi f'irr.?h??l r < ?n? k W witt er wlthmit I rwr*. T?o Wim *??! fXioiinw ?/ bu< at*, And VWtart will llnd wyft'H ??M A-d nlrikri. iMflTkr BOARTk W A R f WD- R BR V DAT RVRf*T \J P>io<Sa??, k j ?it, b'i? who < <?? itiaisr. y> W , llwik.. r*li?n, dim,inn t< -rn*. r,n niifHrr> n xim ah akt riTorAPARt P t? > nt* Ibreft "p to i >n i . . Alt . A p?r jnr tnl b?>'lroom ' r ?>zM p'Dll mui, Ibo tiuto 1* I. *t r?: ; '1 1 h ' I b'VIM-lll)' RO'JMF iO l.WT ?IIAt K PiRU'ft A*1! j two t''i ' lot' 'or * i *r? Apply ?' ) Vtr rek Mr* i, ofp* f* n't pArk. W"b?r ?mmi built, t?T?ri, Ton hyi<~" Vtvri.Kt Kt mt onV*t!t , ; f .r ? t ? ? fl If I! , r ' -r . I ' 1 ', Hit Mailt *? l a; t<x - I I Al?', ho' >-. -r ... ' gt [JNDAY, JUNE 28, 1857. __ boat; ww, . VmmsHED ROOMS,. WITHOUT BOARD. DOWH J? 10wd ?a large, nieely f urmsbed (root room (tillable lor one or two gruiiemee, on moJenwe terms. Also s niacin bodroen for Si So per week. Location eery desirable. Apply St Rut Breed way. LCD JINOK ?A WILL rURNTPHBD BEDROOM TO l>:t to one or two single fentlemea s lew door* from rtu Jobrf? perk, P a 58 Lelghi street. P? VATK RO ARD1NO.?ONE OR TWO ROOMS TO LET, villi board, 10 married or single genii* in a plcusitni si ll (euteel house, i. drove street, neiur Biers.* r street; c-it, b..'h A T--rni

I Private board-oh ok two gentlem** may nliitiu fine room* And good board in a urlvtMo family. The mum * first .-.Iam, wiuj tha modern improvement*. Plea* locality, two minute* walk from Washington Parade Groicd Konmarool \n.1 airy. Apply al 212 Thompson sl.9 SOUTH BROOKLYN.?OWE OR TWO URNTLKMBN UAH receive board and nice furnished rooms in a small prlI ?ule V.muy. residing in a Dun convenient location. The houas ! is nvv una contains as*. bath, Ac. For particulars inquire al Wo. lb Harrison (tree', bete, een Court and tliulm uts. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT-TO UBNTLEMRN, w.ihon: board. Apply 10H, MA'-UjcNN. 87 Ileater street. Refer r*r* eiehtnged. TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON THE SECOND Bex.F :o t, to two or fh~ s single gentlemen, with or bicalcfnst ami tea, in a respectable private family. Inquire at IS) Forsyth street. -ro bar-ro onrunnw, wrraour no two, two a handsomely furnished. airy froot rorms, to a private house. ontaminr u.1 modern ' Ur.lou *., tore, addifta M. A., tor one week. Union square I'ntt itti -e, r) LET-IN A FRENCH FAMILY, TWO PRETTY, furnished, on the seend story, oomp-ising two parlors sni a bedroom, in the m"?t d-Ughtf il situation da r Broadway. 48 Best Uth street, opposite Blancard's iiotel. r< cSr::u by two of.ntlkmbn, a vcrnoiukd T? i orm. wiiii partial board, In a private family. Please address, su.'.mg .ocanon Mid term*, H. 11., Union square Post o" e. WfflfD f.T WiFht Wtti.TCltl. h PRIVATE FAMILY. RgSIDINO IN ONB OF Tn? I i?iet beautiful and healthful location*, and within an bmr'h ride ff New York, <!e?tre to procure boarder* for the acmnier. Apply for particular* at No. *8 Wen T-ven'.y fourth street. SpOARP AT BOBOKEV -A STNGT A l.KNTLEM AN OAN A) be socitcn lated aith board, in a aulet family, I ne..r the ; i .-v itodern ai I uieasaut IfKMl'nn. Terms reasonable ..Id* tea K. J. *., be * 177 HeraW cflico. Board at a uotte -a few rb6pe<tabl* fair Hi' . can b a., r muted a ><1 with board at a quiet isrtn Louse on I.-, -g island. U ol shade and i:*? and fine batbutf:. Air., a coo ttv cud:, ra ' - i-n. > * and carriages. Refer-'tre* glv . and re ptirt tt. The adv^rtiicr has pem'ssiun to rfl it M Mr. B M Skerman, 7!'Water slice!, New York. J (ARDOWSTA m 81 AND, TUN MlNtTKS WALK 13 i .i, he ferry.?T o - -'lc en:. men can he avuninndated Midi board?ilir ier it ><. I'cV'-it. For .' irther nform.ities ca 1 on .lobn List' A n. We. :> I Itoton Hall, .istor place, or Herring'* Jiipress, ,-i* ?n lid ji I FK>ARD ON ST., -EV ISLAND -THRRS OR FOUL J t L ' lilemtn cue me ve,y plea-..., . mruodation* t, r the t miner . \ Private tam y. a a irt drive of tl i | u.n.'i'. ' udiatsr. She ' u u:i > 'VU'.ed and he.Hohy j rJtur.'n ,1 Sirs ?LuOl' "ii T pr?mi*'?. Referenaou i j qn . ' l." \u? ;> :-t R i'?:r a ltri it'*?, No J .-ret. C10UNTRY BOARD.?THRKK oR POUR OVNTBBL I > Dukili f. who a h to m j nfryair, *a ..r, , llgand bathinir, ean t>e to- unm td on reasmjio.rf ATM, i r.t > . . ' 1 atmx mile* weal of N''vburg. * . |,i're of ff. s LtVY. Valr tUlran sfraat. /tOUNTRY BOARD AT CLIFTON, ST.iTEW ISLAND.? \ ) if lArge or m.or i.rea ?m .11 -sn he act- in- I :aod? ' ? ji b"?rd ard , Vunati r- r-s CHfton. Htf'.q I t, Vund .rb'1"/ is: ,-t. the r in*n .-iti* hich, and ms nnrfi a t:?w nl tb bay and err .try; ' .? altnated wi.i | u ? ua-n. .. dett wala oi the hadiai;. Im, : rca. tiMtiao- ag , lot Mia* <" mpbeU'o botir . jg ci. ur m novrntv govit? at'foRt Hamilton, on xuk \J bat .< "in bay l i. . : ,-t' . js : .\.ad,nt*ri-uki-.g -uaur.iml .rrour.nd by f rut and t ,ie ffa witk a. uroiamrbouar. Uwei *t WsnMom* i eetamandlngarra tvd i7 re view u j;. ? .a th-* State ot | Nt m Yo, and \ f..or. ,valk iOi.- tbu ~n. Board for j 'hhit.' : 1 b us!< l' tc tb" y ;v ?tc-mh<. ami .'*?', ix ua ? .r in. -'. j. d-rr?r. Fort llam P .- ' Y /10ukt t ?o/.kd-h< mir t;i'\kz ftvilf (jetf\> t)-: i ci-t be ">j>ro <cat.' ' * i" .'y r r- , w"i alfr. " 'ud : .. i: ri'.nmr on so ..i.i,,... , r i. eel!ou*? it < iittos i?qn . la : :L : zn,lor '/a. 1 < nt or o.'jlttiuu *uik? dri? f h v.ilv pr-ard in ttii: towv t tonrers, <7 <vi't. .; o. t hour'* rid" of the eltv. fwo m-three famili" i . n co * .usniuo.i'rd wi'h room* in a pa'*-an. in tattoo, where j... > ca oi trait,' :b. t -!<rht m.iiat. < vr . ..{ '.to o ... v : . -t" a i- i* ji . , o j ii vol / 'c "7." ::v ?o\rii w; v or r"*y'it \j pi r-foh a u>r|to (0.1 nr. .r: on a .. . ? .: . .il.m net; .in. a d i.j ! . i , -r r p. ... p*r'y < . out w> 10 l?e it l . i ti'l .11 t a.n fitly la.lm .. -n a. \v ton. ,.i . **., wnn :i;._4, l >'. 1., t?.i 1 638 foe '3 , new 5i,.'a. 1 c ? rbi f bouse, w ltsmutistatkn ipi.ano ;wj ?one or two t ir.'.'l- n ?; ..? ripertor room*, with poaro, * la rot. oixlt .* ,-tmidroer dfliruilully located tin lisa ft. and, comp?u.u!..r: a rui . a rut view of the bay i.i. ctrri,.. i, tiiu on'.t . .. in' . ,* a .1* i.-om '-ho icrry. tjitenrlte ?rt.nnit* m'a : r.i ? . j rden. i.irkv i.n bin and euriitire fco i*e. mr ?i .jtinj. apply t* or midi'?* varbie hotiw, n?? p.r4,;'.- >o. xyr* mfd-on 6ta'.:* li, amd, alky rooms, it with partial board r or two lort.rq i c-lnron, in a rrl rate and reap. . ; . a.lording the ouuitoru or a l'in?*i thr pie, n-e i> -.?0 "let/; pea batt .ng md . vvie o e?y eon-eypr .7 > or f. 1 b ?-*b. ur?. ailtrnp* it., w.? l.vai kpw yortt i'mt c't e. ? a.eie t;:i-ma aad loaa 1i.j1. cmjfia'jl ?v; i. tbktffc. C1lii1 wood orovh, itood on raritan J bav.'o let to prbo.'. partiee and rp'.lilary rnapatiire. app.y jj ca, t. innwiin n, tiitare* , .0 .aid t < 'clock, on board trr n. mar; *> ?;. i '. . t r t,.-ov< .pone and a aad hour* fro.m new v' >* and !t beji??eil to be iniurpaimed. -promlawwt c'f nkvgf.irk.?tho aphon'fl at. i . -km i* now iper. 'or 'he reception c t roardere am' vleii -r*, n bcre every mention 'o their con..'m wl'l be pa.<1. j. j. tihimphon, proprleioc. Ias a hul'jiuan foct ? is kow <>psh fob son J ' 1 .rde.-a rd fon? ir.;?e e??; nf i'.-rkaktl rtl 'are; nreerible by all ?a!n? on ro.iane bti?* heilrono ea? au.'raccat lilud >!la tdurean a. w. p?la*r. i'eekarllln t are mah0p7t'--thi ton uochr h now id ...- 'r r ,fc? a?,*f n li. ry roeir oi.rtook.nj the lake- row on. rf.e-. wai.hcan he v, -ure<1 byanen'ly nppitraaon or ailing un mr. lewi* 15*11* ! 257 hroailway. room n ' 1- j. iuiil..tki) proprietor L*si ho pa too no h t^lt. vm ro sb is 1?jw r, rn '..11 . .ve n irr.r, fo pomnr u>**l on* of ap*r.dtr* tb. lot iror'.fc* n a ,ui?t aad rim.ani .i ? and enjoy plcli 1 . piblry, in i ief' u. a, the above b. 0 ter* all t.i*>.c r.i ?mik 1 y lb" m rrl* *rd kaeet kau.rhal ?j*rnle aui or. wperetk.gc* wi ; be m wal'.laf o ?.u.>y p.i<pc>n(er* to the ho . ?. alcuaru oajuiifi, proprl<-lor. n ' ottntafw u0?n-1 a>rvrrj' ;l',?c ihsjcmk douni tr, ne-.v vn .? ;ii > -?o ..dgl hiv.aff been _ioi ni*h ) r"bnlit an ' tiur m/ in* put aea*nn. i* r. i 1 . "i r r . >.f riter*. hrlpf tin. . ' 14. h" ''a' ? 1 n'.nnn n*. a. bin srwinul*nnf the janrinw. 0 ilr om, 1 r rre:ir...e<5 ay j.e *qt<ilmo aoeuery, with aba .dan 1 : tld rarre. and alr> ilt in ine it. >> d ata rtoi ' o..-, o; wmhtn..!, ren, era ami *, oet -huiil 1..1.t1 r f r(i. l'i 'rem ue diy ' c .inn" "i health er pieaaurs. ntihifam ?.'. <itat. lioprt'ior. Mansion ;i -;* .? * it?*nt.n i. j, is now o?o and rrailj l .r he -<t ?. nr. 11 r- thn ah ltd ho i?e 1..?? been newly decor it* d, cut e ry *t.-p take* o leethi '.be 'icmiiort and ,'ve n< e < the lionnb rn. si.d'tej at' hai dred yar a trmu .he ei pbrv. . .a" .ton:he nern frr.r krldtv 'ip', wdl a ide'e 1 ree hnndre ! . ?rder?- ikiata ieate fraitol r > ?on r'?e " dally. r. a tl'l, xi.mri), p. pi inter. ntvrk nr mc tr 4"t rv _? ?d 1 .*:t? noen. ib hM reen ihor*> v.iiytetiti :, I Jii h p -pri*'er la now p.-partd > atjrcun *i? o i'.m cln* boa at moiir?'? .rirve. T .? r k n.? f '?rye tad airr, at n nitre .u* pxi-ta !.>r rr.nienaltrir, r >wa of th? id, vent countra ud Loot Miaoc rout 4; a v^nlMil by raumed. ?t her tno Record, Third * to irih a??-:ue. aod ? ?*??r Hylva.. Kbore erary Li' ' n d Il rradurica J"" day This hotel u hi ol the moat . j-.'' and rnlr-d that th-- country effort*, and o:T-ra e. 'try a irrcttoo 'ot pa- jM fmtror.* of upendtnp a f- hotira opt of the . ty. wu-rn dUwce ralreahmebta ai-d retired, aliaJT nth are to Of . ad. Lit'VM T.Em.IR. SKA F.ATHTNO.-IFMP PATTUOR. II1T.1P. U1JTO U'aad,? Thia new and bear.i'tnl h *el baa penn rer- elly bom t* ..nhn 0 John*/-.. wt'l pa op n for the rreepttoa of < tterr on the 77 A mat ti la ip at dr. rhtf*ity titaatel no ike yreal An-ith bar, ao fuaona fhr !la xany h- autles; to the ir?i re of pnod f atony it rainmt ho oi.a ' ?.! Train* tear* Brooklyn at A. H. and JX P. M. H'afoi at :> odoik Halloa to onarcy Luvaim and t ayyaye to tbo hotel ' ft. WKl'tdT, Proprietor. Ct'RF IIOTKI., FIR* Jf-LAHO BF.AOU.-THR AI>DIO tlc-oa and .mprcvoroenia to'lny completed the above bins* '.amiwreadr '?-r the reception jf aueete. (' min inir-a'-.n* iwtr a day try l -my F? ?ivf Railroad, aid every other day b* team boat, K-rujner loot of IU|l a>n ureet. UH8. SAJflCJfl, Proprietor. LICK*** R?Or.TC* TH* CATFKIfX ROBRTATWRO The lanrel Hunae, iltoated am M brink of ike Ctoewra kill Falla. one and n half mllee ? rwt tf the w* 1 known Monn thin Home. m now opm f w ?i? llara. The bi r mm tttyhte of ttoir* and eooventrfiv** for -ttAf-r/'ny I he Failn hare jiitt been p it In a perfret rtaie rf repair. The honee adhrde ail U>e orerforieof a pleeaant imwter ' aewbdeetand roel plot .reeqne aweary of tbo Cauktlia Th- p ireet of air and wa:r r may he orjryod here, with a free Vim uaknown la aklee. at JCewTvrt or Haratofot. Par,tea wtautac to aacnro " rCKKrir.nma VJHRICWNBVRY.-TIIP KIHFR ItfyoRMR TI1R O public that the Pavilion Hotel. Fort Wa?Mnr*on, la open or j.e r- eptl' n of bnnrdOra and rleltere The room* are Art*, airy and pleeaanu aud oothii A will be left nadona thai rmr trod to the comfort of thonn nr.-la* thin hcdtl. TUOH DAVtR. iTuVBAIf^OURR iwRRWaHrRY !A>*<1 RR will be opened tor the aennna on Monday neat, Jnne ? t.rfry aiteotton to .he comfort of i - rmatenl an wed aa Iran i.? hoarder*, will herald b* (Apt. A. II. UAlOltRRTT. fm ritcc. TH- OJfl.Y ri.A' KON TIfKIhT.tWD WHKRK PI.KV ? irn aoahi r* HD i a Vli<h'.!'il day w fclNw Oar' on. i ' nf Fl?iitlaih ?trfat. Ki?i r'?-r. Taka oooood it iliro iTMiw oarn >o fl*wnt)i mo'* atraat. BelleT'ie (Jnnlai.a, R?Ne" i? B"il'ria Onrdetia, BaHarun (turd an*. X?B* waw>as<- rorrxRARca Horni in row on* * for tha rwwrrti.r if -nnri'r how-dara. F*ml!laa who In wad arrndlr* % faw iti'im i* in the country. ma ha iiwwnimo d:.uil with flnny funnaC* I r -ma. Tba anf nnriMtam of the * Ibic Nw.n ir? lolarVr h> n.-na. harm* fine hntb bonw, rr?'? #o., noil alVolandiil <rni.I trunk within a Taw yard* of tha ho*:a* Tha RTkraal* Unnan la alt'iat* I h? tha nvwt nn.'JM part of Duu hma nonn??, on inn linn of tha Har'om Br4(road, and for So ?lth ard bann'y iif mountain aoanary Wr-'i ie "an not ha r.iri ia*?o Thina who w;?h a onwiforabli b ran would do wci! k> anli and -aa for lh-ffi**lT*?, VI, - oif, ^^1^^ jab.' nfO *)?,?? WORTH Of i*if A*D OMR OH timhin* wanlad, for Iha <*'? aai rfr?lam ma-bawi ?tn. enm hat .of ??rh *, tmp "" dr., rmii- r ha b'lbaal * in >y ra, at tha itorr <? tuMrttMrtnf J K. Hi'At * r. tl (' ? wilnat IAtMcr **n rrnpii:** -A mi. j w w of Wa o?'anat ?i? a? ??< ? , ! ?, n)a??? r. r 'a*? *' tfa < and i ri? who ?a a an I rrUM', ay H, ClUXXlAi A, fc".aa b> h'.hr J f f Ml : fI*bar. ? 6CASB8 PAINTED OBOANDIES AMD JAOOXXTS wtli be opened on Monday, June 29, At la. 3d. per yard, worth la and JA dd. Aa the gooda are bought at auction, route of them are be1 tteved woe aupertor to any iking olfeiwd tb? - eaaoa. J. 0. WHIT* * OO., w | 197 Bp ring rtreel and 2M) (Jreenwl th. 429 rave ire. mourning, tape bordered and hemmed aOlcbed. X. B.?SOOdoaen hemmed atilohed. at 13 60. worth 1ft OB PBTKB KOBHBT8 A OO. A OQ BHOADWAY.-YALRNCIKNN1M LACKS AMD *XntJ edgings lu great variety, J oat opened; also point lace collars and point laoc sola of ever* description. HdTKIt ROrfltBTS A OO. A Of J BBOADWc.??BLAOl LAOS GOODS OF *XjUi/ cveiw deeeriptlon, n foil eeeoitwent New shawls, point*, mas tillas, capes, coiffures and sets. N. R -Flouncing and trimming laoc. nil widths. PIT SB BuBlHfg A OO. r/111 PAIRS OF KR1NCH WOOL COB4*T8, AT Ft BO oUU a pair, together with all the Utsm pattern*, Preach akelt ton, Mteol -pring and bair. lo h skir h. ladle*' skirt a ubScoders and shoulder br:.cea. i'nun dusters. Mhi-h.1 l.ta a?t|uts, luoc man iliaa ami basques: moroiderlc* luoee, glove a, mi'te. As. Diploma an by the American Inatltut* Fair for ladles' skirt* Steel spring* by the set Ladles In attendance. FOKMAN A OO., 706 Broadway. Cn/\ CBICK WRAPPERS, 76e ; CA8TTLLIAN CLOTH, UUV aiolulr. uhally. brilliant and Marseilles basques, talmas and circular* in Urge <;'imtitira Alan, a general assortmi nt of ChantiUa lace mantilla*, basquts and circulars. '13 per cnt leu* than usual price, together with a complete selectl-'B of'.rtmmlcg gioda., buttons b>aid*, Ac , for sale to the trade only. J. IL LUWI8, tf Acuta nurer. 1IB Broadway, up stair*. CAO BROADWAY ?TO VISITIK8 AND MERCHANTS. uUO ?An unequalled a**t)rim.'tit of goods, just arrived from TCurope, selling at nnpr?" ' nled low prices. Don't be afraid lo aacmd a lew steps, aa the goeds are in the store, not In the windows. Pir," BROADWAY. -OINTLRMBN '8 FJBHIONABLR U?itJ furnishing b* iaar. ' ~ Vis 1 eK ?CORl inrite at lend n to their asuor'.rnent of pitntel rbir'inge, stitched and embroidered boajuu. new pailern* in fdArselUes sbMing*, Ao. Also biuee and no vel stvir* of'ks tor sum ner, of the latest impr tstions. Pull stock. of summer goods, hosiery, under clothings, Ac., Ac. 1nri41 LAWN DBERPK3. .UULr all atone dollar, Wa/Titfed fast color*, and Sold uetiiilv at ti 50L J. C. white A ft)*. 19' Spring Or-ist, and 269 Greenwich, near Murray. g H, TO BI BOLD OFF THIS VINI.-TJJI LARHU Hx stock of barege* and grer:dii.tH, ut full .1ft/ per r <ut be lAw jtet. J. dicn; A OO 556 eay. ASDPKKB ASSORTMENT OF BLACK THREAD laces, flounces, i,.,.uiUlas, shsw ij, capo and c. tree, a'n) new po i.t l'.guii.e c-l'ara, rapes, seta and barhes now on band at our new b.ore 701 Broa Iway M1LI.KR A ORANT. OKAc'ON A WILSON. French lace oanqur*, f 1(1. re..,-.', La), very large. " " n.aulle*. oeep bounces. $14 to $40, v?ry rich Si.i cheap, o Co <_ i son. 310 Canal street. ;.hb W1 1L CHICKS , -Li I OK PtMKKS. li. iJ. WILL,/i?> W.1J Oiler l. r n.iia, This week. Five (v er block and wbite checks, At 13 .'cute per yard Very dcrlrab'egt nul unusually cheap 767 Broadway, n> ?r N1 ith strewi BASQUES, BASQUES, BASQUES?1 IV ItZMAIlfDdilt o' the liU'; > assortment of elegant eml -itdtired Svt i<u ^ J are ? 1 jf off at ens' price, at Ql.VJN'13 be ta-vr, 51.1 Bros w a., St 8 hs Hotel. Lawii f MI.;:a I Flencned r< ' - 111 formerly BV do, do, IB do. 3 do. do. JU do. SO Ao, do. IB dot tt i vr >k a oa. i-.~ Broadway piriN*. CALCI A, MANILA tiu KAST INPIA \J gooiV, w vo ? ,? ;t l retail ? A fill' ? ai <nt can (>n)j I be 'ouint at FOUNTAIN a India siore, oBi Proadway. Pine appV goadg, camphor wood trunks, American India fancy ?i Irk An. D;;v UCOl)-:, MA'iriLLAS Ac ? Call U s tv. i i. .on LV't sS A JONFH, Coittmbian Hal. 'An ilraads'reei. And ?? (?! rrur s 'A ' th" barga'.na they c:i ir are each in reality. "A word to 1 wise.' Dli t h usr.N tua' < una iiimkks. 0 of the latest si/le will be > i eued oil Monday, J use IB, At 62 mch. (Usual price id 76 ) A. T, STEW ART A CO.. Broadway, i hampers and Raade streets. DKV fHXiim. Jfow h the time to pamhsne oltean dry gookA .1. BBOH A CO., Lw w selliig off the i summer stock of dry foods tvrsatf *vs per oent b, .ow cost. Ui Broadway. TJUXUNCKD BARF.OF. WOB1W P R> r" Cod In prtcee. The follow Inn reduction/ r.ive been male In the entire stock of Ha; ge robes, f<; flounced barege robe/ now a $ S. 17 !i?. ft " " " " f 7. w M M * - fa Bio J 9. tit BIO. Ill BU The most complete osaor'm-ot in the city on liand. II. B. WILLIAMS, 767 Broadway, mar Ninth street. IjlRKNOI tMLI ; IN BEAUTIFUL MMMM 1 and of the latest sir a?d shape; ulao, 4 4 snd 8 4 flgurcd netsfcr fcasunes, b'e.rk i ilk Isce manulias and points, from %6 up. and a large van- ty of mourning aruciea. all of which are i tiered at very low pr???. MIL'.KB A ORABT, 7HQ Hroalway. Great rmduction In the prlee ?f MANTILLAS. The s i Tiber fcers to inform the ladles that, owing to the eitrem iy nnfsvorabtn suite of the woather for the sale of Msntlllaa He has sow m>Ae * redocuon In the prices, whlsh aaanot rail To enable i.lmt o dear out the whole of hie Lu pa and elegant stock of S' miner irantlee. Tfce fo lowing Is a s mis of lbs prions ? Rich black silk manOrs IS. rertueed from I'd I*v do, do. Bfl and 68 reduce 1 from Bit ami $ 14 >?. do. do. Bid an ' II, reduced from f lk and BB> El?s?c! Nik and lace innat'.es. Be and BID, reduced irom 14 arid BIB. Kitra i'cIi mamies, B'l and BIB, reduced from BlSaadftf M tgnlflcert Guipure lace mantles English thread tare mantles, At a reduction o JSroruSdt. Re' si f nl Trench lare talmas 3BJ each. Also, a large amorlmeut of La, L' ujr wrr.ppe i. MOLTNkuX It'-LL, W Canal -frem. J AVA8 LEOffiEV. VI dK lAliVTAf, W. ; open on Moads y, J one 39, A itt w lot of French UMBRf il 1R*I> BABqUfP, 7a;. and Tales tnns'la. 3b per cent leas Than cost of mMrUllott. LAlliKB' bl'MV. SR 11.0A K8, (In iinAli blues aa 1 s I iw elalds > AT II Hi Rsrw. A. f. STw.WART A CO . Broadway, A hamhers and Reade sirs Va K ACE MANTUXAS. Jj BRODIE'S Bla'-h French l?' e mani.tlwi ?. , basnnse Ar. a!l marked down 'o whi^iur prk'w. tOld Mo. 61) ww Mo. M> ?'Ana) ? reat. isd S3 IADIH' TKAVKLLTMO WHAPPEHR. J of Mark end wbtto cb-An, at 91 (0. An :mm< am luor; will be op< r >' to Mo-i.Hy. Juan 13, ?' H' i N? r . LA 1)TE>'? RMBROIDflRRO BWLrt* S>D BAKWWLLBW A ooinplttr And iaryr ;jrr;aift! ol the moat b. .nUfiil w.rUa As elaborate workmanship. amhraelnjt oirry arm In 'Ala line pr- .-urab.e ah m a or raade in Ala rr"intry. Tbe wtteTu.on of iSa Lad a la epetiallf invited to An Dili *? at URNlMYt UA7.AAR, 13 Mriadn*;, at kl?lol*4 Hotel. PAKIS MANYTt LA EMPORIUM, No. Ml Broadway. 1*1 < *MT r?*v*. In eoeaainenen of ihi tmpreerdrn ed nnfar?*%hAnnan of the pre-enl weaeoe, wb,-b Saw nnnvr.ldnbiv entailed an an nanal orerplua of nock and wltb a riew to efloet An aala of Ike an me prior to Urn rer- >pt of ritenalra tall ImportiMlma. wMcK are ,n nrmy?.. i I ?> A '<on osier toe wnperTlalon of toe subs' riber wM v now in bore pa, it haw bam determined, on and alter Mnaili. Juue*. to anbmM toe largn nod rarAd etork of Kilb mantlllaa, rllk bssr-ea. klik and la re mwmdtaa. U Jpnre Inoe maa'Ulaa Cbaatllly tare mantlllaa, Trrarh Iae? mantlllaa. And etrvnlam, An., An., At ?n?b prices ? trite' md tp re*, ire the deal red objerr Lad lee are reeprtwl <1/ larlled to five Ae atoek an aarty A kkUMb, OKO. BUI PIM. Mo. Ml Broadway. Pi,r*pTos f cheap amh tarty M'-irqutyo mptb, a inched to any form of bedetr.nda, for aale, wholeaalo y ' til. at f2 White Ureal, New York. Alao, Pbmpton'a f . rate y bedatnade. oti Inaln'mmA. FOPIdMS, rOPMMd. POPL1MR Will open on Monday, June 29, Uge rase of pop Una, A. seventy fire e- ntw per yard. Of new dnrirrw and eolora. fi. B. WILLI* MR, TV B.-oadway, near Ninth e'reet. PRINTED ,'AUOffR1R AMI) LAWNS, Offered at lean than roet nnpiT*?"ng. Al "t>7 Rrnodirnj, nenr Atnth ?l met; In ori>r In ot*?r out onr entire etook of ii'Vetu neon* terry kriirin will be mnrknl down in prior below wet of ImP'irteiK n tor tbe rcmn.ndrr of the i Aeon, Ultifl siring en opt oruioiip for ike UMM to ktiT rnrip. f?. B II.MIVN, ffi Rmrfeif, tar kit li tfrM S~ KT. 1,1 Nil n?r. nr m wi>Rtn or put noon*. AT TUT Litu Rim, NO. IU Howkkt, fa crniee-i jence << Uie DAM AON SUSTAINS!) Br Are en-1 wn'rp roan A co. W'.I (Or for ei^o on to morrow nod 'bo following dire. 1HK1R KRTIRK riH A or DRV (KKUH, * illy t er i > ?,; be'ow former rrkw?. ('OBoktiitRo. IkleH LINKNN, ii;TKS. RRAWIN.i Trrnfb tAwnn, KiebroMertee, nTRTNOH VP t,fvR M A S ARIf.f RS QP1I.TR, AC , AO. And e rorni m*> ment of dry rn??l?. N R. A.) a * rr ? n * t t reeeror, m Ute (tore will AarUi -e kkmd :or rfpi.nt pyr Goop^ y? ,, QVM BOiram jj Two UMraeaad white u4 colored Worea, washable *ua bonnets; origtaal prt? II and II 2ft, now aelluij tor 31 ma and 26 tout*, at (IININI BAAAAR, 613 Broadway, ?. Rtehdas Betel. TBS "BERINJCR" CIRCUI^AR AT 36, borel in itjle and mateiial. Bolus of heauliTul clouded Renamed, It 1 be opened on Monday. Jtus 23, At BDLFIR'B. M Broadway. rFACIllTATB OUR 8KSI AHHUAL v in n if ,8UKTt <*kiD||, UKtCAT 1IAK<JaII(8 tn Bleb silk, grenadine, sr.d Barege rote*, Embroideries. Orjrendy and ^acontl A. 'T. BTEWABT A GO.. Broadway, Chambers and Bead* streeMs rB "IPBIOBNIK" 01RHJLAR, A new and beaauful garment. In black and wbMc shecD*. At IS. A lane variety will be opened On Monday, June ?9, At BULPIM'9, Ko. 151 Broadway. rriRAVKLl.IWO DBES8 GOODS -A L.ABGB ACSOBTJ. me hi of drew goo is fir travelling purposes, for aale at' reduced prloea by JAMK1 CBOPSKV. ?B1 Bioadway. TTBBQUALLBD RTAJfPED BMBROIDBBT MABVFAO U 'ore.?F. DB PBROBVts, (Chsriw ManeeL anoseaaor,)' ST Broadway, M. T.?Madame Manoel, slater of Marts nt* DoPerceval, glrea her special attention to all klsda of Fraai mi broideries made to order, initials, sooUopng. yofeaa, da. trfcoleeale and retail. dUUHHMMn. DBIIGHTFUL PURDAY BX0rR?IOl*ir*TO sum Core' New Roebf lie, (Hty .Island and fltraltimport, inmctng June W, 1867. The large aud 'arnrtte stun nam BPLi'NDiD. OapL Geo. W. 81mrrt, will make regular irip> at above durlsglhe season, leaving the foot of Acsoe street. Mortb river, at 7 a. M.; Spring siwt at 7'.; rtloisisi win I. Jersrv City, 7V: Peek slip, Vast t. er, It; Brocage street, 81'tl South Filth street, Williamnburg. tyi; tenth street, 9; Tw.enty> sixth street, 9^. Returning wi 1 1 *ave (lien Core at S IMf, aoikkip the above landings K'.rc aft oerte each way. EXCURSIONS.? Washington. Washington. Wssniugton. Washington. For char i?.*. Apply to owners. M Wert sweet. EXCURSION (mO''N7P.-. XCUKSION PARTI<C4 CATT* by apply Inn a. >he b. lllu Intel. Tot.sers, he kisms. la .it with grounds, seven' en mll?-h from New York, on th? west side of Jie Hudson, opposite SonAerr. m as MoH'ii Grove, on very re&socafc'e J. J. VVOOIIFTNX A CO , Proprietor*, 1JI(?CRTH OJ MJIV, ,1857.-BXOJRSIOll #TO .OTP ? I. "tt.? iui ' r-.i..w < ill, i tij' .HQ .1 B. bCWSf will leave pier 25 Ka*t riv? r, Peck slip. on Ht'urday, July 4, a ; A. al. R?;'> riing ' .vt Ne v Haven at 11 P. M., .. New York e.uly next morel g. Fare tl ftfl tor ov-undoc. fhSs ex'tirVon v. ill give pasfeDgerv a beau'lfnl sail tfcroogli Long 1? actl ft nil, and an oppor.unity tc speed the aftarnuou and evening In Now Haven. RICHARD PKCK, Agent, Vt Pearlttr-'nt. XJ FTH ANNUAL PIC NIC AM) COTILLON IXCPR" aion of ihe Amerluus Aasoriaiiun to Vermiillyn Gro.-o en Tuesday, July 14. )bi7. Ticket* hfly uen's to be b.*d of enf of the eommutee and at thp dill'rrcnt landings on lb - morning ef the excursion The boat will leave titer S N. R. r. 7 o'niock. Bridge afreet, Brooklyn, at 7Seventh tlreet, B. 11, at 7>C (ioi.vtrneur atrre', K. R., at H, and Spring street, N. S., at it'ij. Or, barge will lay at the loot of Gouve-neur street and (h? (.tlier one at the foot of Spring street while the boa' is making .t .anilli ge. J0I1N Q. M AGEE. Cha.rmau, ii. bnm, iMNtaiy. IJARTIKH WISHING TO CHA ITdK VB8RKL8 FOR J the Fourth con get them. TV** sloop R. T. GRAFIAU w . 1 go to the Fishing Lanka every n.irniog at id o'clock, (K>ta the foot of Hammond streo'. Inquire of T. LAWJ42S Weat at. SUNDAY KXCrRSIONR TO STRYKBR'R BAT?FARE at* rent*.?The new steamer JOHN S'fYI.EH will muxj aeveral excursions to Rtryker's Bay every Sunday hiring tho aeaeou. leaving Jay street at y a id 11 A M., and I, .'I and 11 P. U. Retrr<iing. leaves Strylter'a Bay at 10 A. \f , 1J M uxi 4, and t!K P- M. Landing each way at Bprtng, Amos and Twen leth atreeta. SUNDAY BOAT TO HAKI.KM?PARE 8 CKHT9.-THU steamboat iOLAK leave* i'eck a:ip, at tl SO A. M. Harlem bridge, at II A. SC. 1 30 P. M. " 2 48 P. M. " 4 P M ** | P. Iff, 1 andiDC at Ten'h street each way. TBI STK AM BOAT R. L. BTKTKN8, OAPT. OH A RLE* A td< rwm, dan be ebar'iorcd for eieu.iions every Ui a day, Apply on board the boat, very Monday, Wodarwdhj or dutnrday, at the foot of Franklin atreet. Tilt bTKANSR RODMAN M. PRICK, ('APT DAT1D Pollock, will nrake her regular trlpv to ih? Werbowkeu Grove daily, leaving the foot of Soring street, a*. 10 a. M., 1 and Vj P. M ; touching a' Anaoa, Twentieth, Forty third :.ttJ Forty s>venh streets. Returning leaves Oullenbeii; and PavQion at 11AJ A. M, J , and 0 P. If. \lrk,(CHAWKRN AND O DTTEN bU RO. ?P ARB 8TN TT c> nts.?The steamboat UNION, Captain R. Talner, will leavt - pring atreet on Sunday. June 2b at C'Uiuid 11 A. M., and ii ajid 4 o'clock P. M , land ng at Amoa, Twentieth and Fortv aeventh sUeeta; leaving Gnttenburg, last tna, at 9 octnck. HENRY MALIGN, agent ^IUIIC8' ujiiiuuA *i?, dmtw ALARGF. LOT OF NKW K A PRESS WaGON", OP DIP. leient at/ea, for sals. also, the stable fti Walker street, to let. Apply at bll'DUti'S express uihce, New Haven d?pot. Canai street. For ralm-at a bargain, a handhown brown mare, 16>? hands high, eight yearn old. perfectly souag and kind In all harness . an trot in three alaatea or leads Also a light wagon and art of tingle harness ulraoet new. Inquire at he stable of JOHN BRUWNBOM, Esq.. U HMMV place, Brooklyn. TDOR RALM-A RBHARKABLY PINh YOUNG TRO*. JT Unr horse, long utll, bay, over eevrnteoa baud* high, probably the fastest trotting boree of hie else ta the HUM. M psrUcnlara and price Inquire without delay of WALTNR L IjYINORTON, 41 Wall a rset, Jaunoey oourt FOR RALJC.-A PAIR OP BRIGHT BAY CAR 111 AGS borsee, sliWen hands high, own brothers. Bee and aha J vara old. superior hon ea In every respect. Inquire at atahlM o. TV and 81 West Twenty third a rret. FOR RALR-A KPLKNOID HOAktt. HORNB, VERT fast, au years old, about 16 hands high, good for aaddln and tor harness, belonging to a remit man going tu Aurop*. Apply at 4) New street, third tlory. frtOR KALE?A HPLiRNDIi) FAMILY HORdR. TOP ffA gi r and harness, all Is mod order the horse ta seven years old and full lfiJuxn.U high. \ haaut tnl straw Kerry roan. The whole wlU br sold for two thirds their value, or wrnOi rhu^tbe ht.rae for a low price here* inquire of BCsttALf A YWNY^KKU .18 South Wu . vm street IjtOK HALE-TWO PAIRS OF 8PLKNDII) CARRIAOR r hi rvea, bin aa and grave. Also two first rUea mad horaen, T'ne ii' ove , ,-rk are w ii hy the alter 'ton of lltoau who wlak U> piuohaac tine horaea. A| piy at Tenth avonuo, eoraar of Twenty ninth Street FV)R PAl.Y-A FINN BAY HORKK, BUITAMI.B FOU anv al: d if buel'.eei also, a rplendld hay mare, moek valua. e I r a la,nl j or Jur rr. aa she will a and In the street Wi'ho tly'uy. I: 'hare vi,d and kLad In all harness. Chi* be seen at tae Hub s'ablc, 31 Bowery. IfHili HALF--A T.AS'lK STYLISH BAY HORS.-1, HUIT" ?ii," f ir lo tor er nr ?a business, or a priviu i fwnxiir. . I ' D 'VLF '' i .rsl a'reot, n< ar Fim ?tr< T7IOH NAI.F.-A JIORt LlrlNT R?>Ai? WAGON ANI> JL1 1 otUK Tl t- r ?lx MS old. IS'.,' hand. high, awl ,-h Iruei. tan frA In 3>4 u> the pole. Is v* ry gen til will sVau?1 \,ii.i .it tying, ts'urnsnU.d aouixd antl kind Can be sc I at 34a HouNton ro, Hi, rov S AT.K ? \ MATcmtn PAIR OF PAT ROAM bor-er tli -nd seven ye.ora old In', hand* high, arw fry free ..nd ryd?b drivers and good tmrcll, ra; can trot la four true >< i i.-iher; would make aeolendid much tram; villi wersnrl iwrOrily sound, kin i and gentle a every i uiwiiom?m h-'OR HAL* -A I'AIR OF BAT HURHRR. 10 UAMD3 Mfh. nil lod aeyeu rar? old, good traveller* and guual drH. m round. mdiui > '.? Aixo, a gray km, it, r.n ci i ;ii ..v r?e, a i .-ge brown h .rae, anilntiM let cart or track. Apply ? R.\ Ml He coo <1 avenue. TiVlR A A LB-A \KRY fIN* WAOOM HORMK. HI3 r aeare old, lit e artco. wonl I make a good Bun III or doator'a Wan. Alan a iiae rum* bn.-m < to imt m W a> nnua wlhnl training Roll warranted round nod kin* to rit (la or double harncea, *111 he aold oheit. Ic.|iik*nlC9 (. 'V.. merhern irtr - ? > I. 1 TTVtR HAI.S-THE MB ALTlrUL HADDLM AlfO HARr nraa home Bruce 7 rear* old. IAS baaila ugh. baa been need by I to i meant owner f 'r the paat year 'i>. borre la A hand -nine dark bar. Ill Ma V tall and mane, Mark >ege, and la of good tmpoaiuon; w*a 1 rained by Mr. Diabmw. Oaa b? aeon until aold at the corner of Thirty a Mfe airaat and Ktflk avenue. price Kni FIR AALR-A nhATTTITL DARK B.?T UOR'K, HIT. teen haiida blgh. lulteble for a family; vary alyllah eight yeara old. and warranted annnd and hind. AuJreee boa LtB Poet nffice. Mew Tort IDOR RA1.1 A llAKIPtOMK BLACK MART. l"TKtCM r banda bilk, yearn Md full bred Hla- a llawfe ami' M>weenger e'ne.k, kind In all reaper*! pleaaanl dr rer IIOf rer* faet. Her full aimer aol.< a aanrt Urn# alnee for ?l '<?. WnmuiU-d ? 111.1 Can he accn at IB". Kant It, . dway. no Monday and Tneaday, from 10 till 2 o'clock ^ r?R RALK-A CT1KARUT RORRLI. MARF, W\ flAWim hlgb, flak tail, eight yeara old. amind and kind, rary faat, and haa great cuduraana; la a free and pteoeant drieer, neeer baa heea trained. owned by a Private gentleman near the etc For further part leu! art apply lo A K. De La V argon, Mo. ZXi V. Broadway nORRRR ADD WAHOAA FOR RALf ? AT IffV led FFIloo avenue, Rrooblyn Market wag m. irry enpertrr track boraea and truck, grioere" and bbkera' weguor aad bar* aeaa. ?FCORD HARD CARMA'lKM.-A M<Jnf~TOP AULKT, O nearly new. auHable for a country .loetar alro a aearbcr */ buegten. for eale Inquire of tHAAU FORD ft ROB. or I r. PRAMOR, 11* Kll/al.mb alreet. -rk* ocvurti Afro Aviuvrit . KYfHHIHT. orTTt A!. IMI ROVKMEWTP t" -CN4RT.? persona at au adranreJ age in read with ^ pvlpitna>e ? <ert# wit* DWfnl dteilaffltasa. 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