Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1857 Page 3
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IflfKETlSEMEMTS RKMEWED EVERY DAY. ~ SPECIAL NOTICKB* ?j AgTRAWBKRRY rS8TIVAL IN AID OF TOT * Gothic M K. Charcb will be bald on the afternoon and oi evanhtg of Tuesday, June 90, and Wednesday, July I, under ? anting canopies erected for the purpose In a beautiful green " M en Kiuihwick avenue, at the bead of (Jrand street. Ad- ci hnliiu 19 cenu, children half price. Retreat meats IS cents. M MeresUne exercises may be expected. If stormy, will be held M 1 next fair day. Illumination In the evening. A strong police P' tens In attendance. Grand street line of stages stop at the UIMRWORTU -X)MP AlfY, BOSTON, AT A* JBi adjourned meeting of the stockholders of the Bdgewortt *' Qeaspeny, be Id at the company's office, In Melon, the Bd day * it Jane, 1867, voted, that a special meeting sf the stockholders ef tMacampau] be bolden on Tuesday, the seventh day of Jul] Bt, at eleven o'clock a. M., for the purpose of eonsiferial expediency of ratifying the Indenture of trust aubtalffibd k meettuK, and thereby winding up the affairs of the eoaape 10 ay land ffie nottfloatlon (hereby be given by publication of tab fade in the Boston Dully Advertiser, and Daily Traveller. i * kne nopy from the records. J* Attest, JAMB8 0. DPNN, Oetfc. * frfBCHANICS' AND TSADCRS' SAVINGS IN8TIT0- " HI 'loo. IBS 'rnpd street, corner of wuiett "ireet, open Hon- f' NT, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.?Six per eent Into J h* sd'owe* on sums from 96 to StOt, and Ore per cent on n msmt over 9600 All soma deposited previous to the 16th of ' J sly will draw Interest from the lit t) ALFRED T. OONKLIN, President ? Jamas P nn-BT, Pecrelary. B WJ V: WIUTOXSON, LAT? ASSIST ANT TO TH? ? JH. Counsel w the Corporation, has removed his offloe from "* V Broadway to 62 John street. NrW TORK 8TATK SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI.? J! General order ?New To k, Jn y 1, 1857.?Anniversary b. f Independence eeveuty fourth Annual ?ea?l?g ?The finSrtj will meet at the City TIa.ll on the Fourth of July, at U h, o'oloch A M. Members of ther State socletlea of the Clactnaa I, who may be In tie city, are Invited to he present and nalte with us in cel?bra ins the anniversary of nor National " la 1ependente The -taadinft Committee will bold a special <i meeting la 'he library of the City Hall, on 'he name dev. at 10 _ A. M. Ky order ,1' HAMILTON FISH. President ? Almabdih b. Thommos. Secretary. |'j Notice-thk stockholders of the nkw eng J] Isnd Mining and Quarrying Company are hereby notilied w fee' their next annual meeting wiH be held at drattleboro, Vermont, on the tirst Tuesuiy in July. In OKO. KENDALL, President ? Ihurrt.EROno, vt, J una #6, 1867. f^rwic* or the magnetic telkcjr sPh company, ?i V Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. June 22 1887 ?The an B, anal meeting of the atockholdera of the Magnetio Telegraph Company, for the election of officers of sal 1 oompan t to serve if lor ifte ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other basilicas a? may be of lnterei t to the company, will be held at the oompanv'e office, Philadelphia, on Thursday, the 9th day of July. lfi67, at 12 o'clock M. of said oar. JOSEPH 8aiLiB, Secretary, -j HOIINBS, I'AHRI AOES, &^ 1' I ai L A HANTifiOMk BLA"K MARK FOR SALE-13 HAND8 ? A high free. styUah and pleasant driver; live years old in 8' July; can trot now in J1. minutes; just from Vermont of the Mannhefitrr Black Hawk st ick, sound and kind; price $J5il. Inquire of Her j. Albro, at the lea and sugar store, 8b Division street, corner kldridge. ' a 8UPERI0E MILCH COW, 6 YEARS OLD-A GOOD A mt'ker and ?ery geatle, tor sale. Apply to A. BKHKDIOT. Mo. A Mull street 0OR BALK?A splENDID SORaEL HORSE, VKB1 "Z r fast, nil yrars old, about It bin ds high, good lor saddl' y mM tor harness, belonging to a gen Unman going to Europe ? Apply at 4A hew street. third a lory 10 1 or ER SALE?A THOROUGH BRED EN iLISlI BAY' ** horse, l.V4 hand*. about 7 yean old; aU a line Mr..k 1 Ave yearn old, 16X handa; both perfectly round, gentle _ Bad accustomed to uncle or double harness, or sadele. Can he Men at private 1 tab lee corner of Clinton and Carroll streets. *1 South Brooklyn ? XfOR 8 a le?A or ay horse, SEVEN years old, " . J? iuteen hands high, round and kind; can trot In three r< ' aslant** will be ao'.d very low. Can he seen)U 83 Third are ' nee, at John Dearborn's stable. Price >100, "J TpOR HALE-A ROAN HORSE, POUR YEARS OLD, {J J can tro. close to heoo minutes, has just came o(! a farm, tosltsh drtvrr and sound. Alsoabroim mare, 16 bands higa, kind and sound. Apply to Joseph llalsted, lti Bulllvau sL idor sale-a pine bay horse, suitaoli ron r an kind of bnslnes<; also, a aplendld bay mhre, most ralaabie for a family or docu r as she will stand in the street _ without tlylng. Both are snend and kkd In all harness. Can . k? seen at the Clnb Cable, 21 Bowery. I rSBALK-A SORREL IIORSK, 16 HANDS HIRIJ, EfClIT 1 ;v years old suitable for exp ess or grocer; wou.d make a | good road horse; warranted sound and kind to all harness. | 2 rrtee ?3UU. Apply at 24 ! Tr rte-n.b street, ooruer of Nlu.h , L srenne , j, rR SALE-A 80' KAWAT CARRIAOB FOR ONE OR ^ ,wo horses, in good order; also, several business wagons; g will be sold Cheap for want of use. J. hoakdvaN, lorUandt alley, corner White sL | Q( CR HALk-A BAY MARK. 14 HANDS HIOII, FIVE _ years old, warranted sound and kind; suitable for any i ? work. Hold for want ot use. Apply at 1M East 16U> si 1 ' ? IjROR 8ALE-A SHIFT XG SEAT LIGHT TOP TT1GON. I & * J? lor two or lour persons, made by Adams, nearly new; it Ms, a ligli carriage t >r one or two bones, near'y nuw. Ap- I ,, ant stable 16 Kaat Twenty-scyen h sireei. h? wees F lihaud * llson are ncs, before HI A. M , or after 4 P M. 1 ? ? K araor sale-a fink bay horpk 16 hajwh 111011, ?, JF rear* old, warranted sound and kln<l, will sts'iit- without r Vtna. with ? very good Kockaway wagon and harto-as. Will i \r old togrthvr or trpara *. (Vo be i?n at vho corner of , t,, iks mid Harrison etreeie, South Brooklyn. [ a| rlR Dtl.K-A BROWN HORSK, 8IXTKKN H AN08 ! *< kig * long toll; ust from the roan try, ae.m ymr? old; I ?1 > isnied sound h nd kind 10 ei her double or aiug'e htruet. lb Cha be mm* at No. 9 First street till T'uraday. , ? IjXJR SALK-4N iron urat llORSR SIX YKARd I ~ JT old. well broke to double end tingle harness, sound . A aed klsd make e good ssdd le bone for a gent eman; he is _ Uls h uida ugh. t pply to Mr. kllNST STARK. rimer f Uly* | JT swell freet and Broadway. j*j F>R HaI.R?a FIRE PAIR OF YOL'W<i HORKKH, PKR faoUy mvchfd and warraat*d tontad and fclad; they have , & arrrr been injocilos' hands ?n<1 will be sold very ow to , sr Stan A noaoera. Apply to WIMMORK A 11RNR V, il Water i ?, street, hetwero 11 and S o'clock 2! -CtOR salb-onr family carriage, two brats, f J lea bar too. with pole. In perfect order, and one light ~ " tragne Dr.b< (? make, m good order, will be sold rery low, ss o ma owner Is about Irsnni the elt>. UaJl at Hon ague's Kables. ? wad 6o ?rat Twenty third street, near Hltth avenue eton HA IJt?a LIGHT SHIFTING TOP WAGON, nrae t j ly new, built y Brewsbr k Co., expreaal* to order; | MA nnt strong, rest new $.'?-> will be sold 1 iW. with harness, hUakrts a? Tr wanted. Honors andsegara taken m eichange. " a?plj at 117 Rooaevelt a rent i tjtorb 8alr-a ray horsr. 7 VKVKft old. 16w i !? JP biph, aKirwvf^ toiad Bud ktad In *tngla or doabt? Mftrw; tit for aravy work, nc cannoi be Deal. in pure at ftj 1 Park aueet I _ tiloh hair tut uhbap-a nix hkat rook a wat ' j J wagon, in inud order, will be sold lor tji. Inquire at > H A1?LWaH H stable, 124 Clinton . lais , 'J Four mork or tii nk nbw i-iairr waoova for i sale fir MO, worth Tbeae are the only on. ? left of . one dr wen Tin* e who watU A good WSgDU (.heap W1 i eall thin day at llkl IVwrry , Jj Hoanf.n -FOR RAM t1irir ft ml toubo t If, hands high, superior of style nod aei'oo; one it I y UK a tin.' Orel bay mire, hmt tAll. ru Irol clone to throe | J BlltlUtrn to A wadon, And hA* few equals a* A Riddle Wants; nil , " a wnrmnted notmd end kind la every raped Apply a luti T berry street. J | t hp MHOS' ptorm PROTBCfORA, or IfOorw fir ' j,'' M all kinds of too r-'r.a*. . pWWtd lone -JJ. ins;,?The j. MM in majuferiure Aad erll shin article to it iUt?rti I ll( ftta'm in now oflerrd for rnle rb.l ia a rare rhai>"e to (ejit v protiubte hnnlnme, without any risk of . ..t?> ettbon. Ad- u, drew Jennlnc a Joe en, 3W Br'ndway, New Vork, <>r R. n, i y, Jspaing, pAientee. Waieranry. Ut _ T ADTW 8AD11I.R BORRR FOR NAM ?A BAT MARK, , J JU 7 yearn old. 16 kaada ki?S aad warrari' <d mand; nhe in ft MM tall llond. ihonfk %d?1 tur*fjoktd J a To any on* wnn.iojc % trnxty : ainiiv horv* for *b?* would ui bm hiTalnabki. Apply at Pi P??rl fir^rt, up atatr*. IfORflAN HORPR.-AHCPKRIOR HOROAWHORRB | ? 4 1*1 haada kith, J yaan old. flae style aad food aprod. Will Wen Id low Apply for owner n ad dram ai Ho. Boertua ?. I am est. Rrn klya. waere tbr horve mo be neea. , m OBOORP FARO OAKRIAURA?A LI1HT TOP PUf.XT, ! R O knt Utile need. tunable 'or a ronwWy pkysMan; a WO, a A , Mather of top and open bufrles, Ihr mia Inquire of UIAAO V< FoB.r d OO, or B. P. OR* IrtoN, I If KUsehetA street. ah - . Bt ilROTTlRO 1IORSK or1at WF.tTRRN. hark bat. It ntaw-en heads high, ken trotted In Hk, eonnt aad kind. _ MAeo-rel f ree nl. een kendn hub eemd and k nd Also >j?P">d wapon aad ham see Apply at 18 Jay street, comer yj itbi ptahi.F., with fTOflf arm pixturkr, for jS X sale. App.y on the pre mines. It Oexiaftnn arewue. WAITTKO?TWO FIR^T OI.APM RRtlt >ND BAND 1 _ eoachea aad wafnna. in rtrhaore for fortp erran ol lend, s m dMmenmhered near Toledo. Ohio; part oaah Will be peld. Ad- Jt fM Oeo I). Niatth. Herald nffioe * W WARTKD- TO (1IRB A <K>OD IIOR B DURINO TRB m, W . TF anniaier. ealuhle Ibr family rnrpnme, by a pen >nttan ... ' Mm* in ?ounu7. Addmat Country, Ilor*Ii otttr. 1 _ WKKH *XP LUiWRH. ^ 1^^ ' fYTR WARnniNTn.K*RT -IK>*(W?TTr I.TQCCRN NNW ' *' V h?laad ma, par* apirtta. alcohol and eoMgna aplrlif , ^^^H|Arjhln, eb?*t> lor raah. by ibr maiinfarltirer. J V TTw. RTU.Kk, ill and tit Troy atrnni. ,-r viwobkt, diportkr or J alnan. brandle*. he., Ac.. Wo. 1* North WU ?* wine t2 per dorm bottle* and Ul (radon and hlfW, kind* of (or*1*n *M ' aurdiaJn, prmrrTM aad other Bwoprai) " ahraprr than ant other bane* la tha ally, to ba tha bat. Beware where Ton tap. j | i Iml.l btoor ai.btjualitt bxtra v' B>> K*?t H-Ith atrnnt. Es INDIA ALB, BQUAL TO POBM0W J pk Bat Wttb "treat Hi W ar b port WINK PDII mbph'IN AL PUR bj aala bp O. B. ?H'.k wlaa r*..u* if r(l.httk akd a (.'hints. j P~a NRWI.Y INVRNVRP INNTBUN INT Kir oaae* o? da-ifbaaa. railed the annod m?fnl ? Hb aor ar.d in lathTsalMMNiduri'ir Ttfli?a.i Jr Bait i?. I". tb? laaat prrcrV.hlr; tha npplea ti at alntrlng not*** la the bead la MtilW r* bria In*taut relief lo deaf peraona, and iu?- _ [hear dial Betty at ehiir ihaa aad at cnhllr amain- ft Lai ?tirti*>nce I* not i>cr"#a*ry. State It tie Hi J. Kntanded far a lady of gentleman. Kan. da o ilclan* and annate. S9 Albcnarie atrMt, PW- flr U'? the York FT >trl, I<ond<m, Ragleed. an lucvtitthl . IT.?PR R. t?. DVJRKIN. CANAL RTRKRT, 1 artok. (old No. I7S, tie* Att.) Inrtt*. attrition lo rp. ilireaaaful earerienea. I?aitr operati-tie with the lira bro nnmnB a feat (not freeatttfl. pre**nttaf lara moderate ,.r uWOOlY fONTINrrk It MtSfVAOTl 1" * K . ? f'.n *lil i.. Jtvt ,i.T ?. II ^ V'. Itl.l" v ' a -t H 'he I 'M e J. t. WvOl), 192 Spring atreet, At I ?# 1 poijticai, IT II WARD.?AT A MAJtliNu OF T >K NINTH WARD ' democratic rt-publican enrolled elector*, bald no Moodav rening, June 29, 1867 ?l the Adriatic, corunr oI? Hudaon nod arrow atreeU, at 8 oVloak P. in nee rdancd with the call ' the Oeni-rHl rnnmlUee of whi. b WUaoc Smad *?q., la lairman, for the purnoae of organization, the chairman of the turd of Inspector* Oban preaenied to wl'ham J. Brlatey a -rtlfled ropy of the enrolment, aimed by Namnrl howtand, lebnlrmnn, WUlinm J. Van Arartale nn<1 autuel Frye, aa eretarlea; on motion of I rodrrlca W. Mtelrriede, that we now roceed to ballot for permanent oSiceiK of the organization, irried; when the following ticket km declared unenlmoualy ectoit. baring polled S26 vote* For President?Al* xander U Bhiiw. For Vice Pies Idem*-John H. Spatlord, Henry Klennen. twmaa Bell, Ullbert J. Boger:, James M Ljiwsoc. lianlel oung, Aaron L. ChurehUl, John Hannan, WULam VaUeau. KnrTraa* nrer - Thomas Lawrence. For Secretaries?William J. Tan a r (dale, Samuel A. Prye. For Sergeant at <k rms?Benjamin Harrison On motion of Heary II Morange, Beq., the following reeoUons were unanimously adopted: ? Resolved, 1 bat the warmest thank of the demnnracy of the hilb ward are eminently due to the Hoard of lnapeo*ora, imposed of the democratic inspectors of the ward, alec ed by ie people last fall, for the aasmdily, attention an t integrity of rlnclpfo displayed by them In the enrolment of the d<:moat le electors ot rur wanl, and aa the. oommenaent of a bright a in the democratic party of the City and tj ate, their ettnrta > aid of a reform in the primary elections will be ever grateilly remembered. Resolved, That we have read with astonishment the premblee and resolutions adopted at the eo-oaded Jetnooratle (publican Convention convened et lammsuy Hall on he Hn innt; that though charging upon the members of the * mocratlc Republican General ommittee of the city and ronty of hrw Tnrk wholesale fraud in iheir elec ioo, yet they Jmit by their aforesaid prea able and reaolu tons that the lid member* represent the interests of the several wards of ie said city togeth> r with Ihemeeh e*; that * e p troelve with irprise that the member a of the would , be General > ommlt ee re comp r-edof the same gentlemen who claimed -o he aleoted v the people, aad who were ceoien by the saubema of Tamianv Society, and we believe that tt" the demoor'cy of the city ave not jet, they csnnot but nor. perceive the hollo<r hypo riev and deceit of pretended patriotism o .' thorn celebrated rntlrmen Resolved, That we heartily approve of the oonduct of the [on. Frreando Wood, Mayor of tne city of We * Turk. In his ppcsiUou to he tyrauny of an accidental majority in eur last eglelatnre, and of a time serving Governor. W>e award to ini the meed of approbation that we give to the talents and hllitj of JetTerson, and the iron will and indomitable energr r Jack ion. That the democracy can never forget a man bo baa adhered to true democratic principles ih nigh opused to the machinery of a party alued by our pretended poLical friends, and men who are ever reucy to sacrifice party i personal asgrandtzemcn. Resolved, That believing that the General Oyemi'tee of bich. Wilson Small is chairman, was duly and regularly ected, we renew our adherence .hereto ana our pledgee of ippor to all measures emanating therefrom ii motion, that we now adjourn to Monday evening, July 8, 167, at 8 o'clock P. M. WILLI AM J. HRISMT, Chairman pro tern. Wnj.T tM J. Tan, ) Becrelarle. nen .em Nami'ki. a. r kve, ) r OTH WARD.?AT A M1KT1JIQ 0? TBI TSVTH War J Democratic Reoubltoan Association, held a. the sulh W aid Hotel, > n the 29th day of Juue 18'7, In accard ice with a recommemlatiun of the Demo r?ilc R publican eneial Committee of Tammany Hall, the following named sntlemui were dul> elected otteera of the association:? President? Cbarles Francis. Vice President*?John J. McGowan, lamia [larger. Secretaries?Philip F. Smith, Louis II. Vultee. Treasurer?John Van Tine. aSAHEL REED, Chairman pro lem. Horatio Pahke?, ) t? Peti.R Dw I ke, J Iutpectora. 11 y order of the chairman pro t m PH1l.I1' P. SMITH, Seoretary. 11ST WARD PEMOCR\TlO BKPl BLlCAh AH8O0IA. L tlon will meet thi* evening at Cotter's corner of Thirty ur.h ?ti ee: and Second avenue at 8 o'.-lo k. 10 com oleic the Sanitation. The members ol the several conunii'ees will outre to b? present. J aB. HUdTuN, Chairman. ft S"?S. S?il) WARI).?AT A MEETING OF THE DEMO RATIO iZt e? rolled voters of the 22d ward, ho d at th- house of unes Hughes, rorti?r ot Eighth avenue and For y ninth reel, on Monday evening, June 29, IV.7 pursuant to the reimmendntion of the General Committee of Tammany Hit1!, which Wilson Small is chairman, John O Too o, one of the embers of said General Committee was called to the chair, id Thomas Riggins and David I. cha Held were appointed Ueti. The, fo lowing persona v\c;e duly clec.ed oflleers of e a'soelation:? President?Garret 11. Striker, Jr. Vice Presidents? Edward Timpson, Ja?ee Walth. Secretaries?W. J. C Kenny, John I'. Fay. Treasurer?James Walsh THOMAS HIGGTN*. DAVID I. CH ATSIKLD, JT*" **LT A LARGE AMI' ENTHUSIA8TD1 MKKITNil OF the Tbirtretitii Ward National Hepublieau Demo tm'Ic seels Ion held at their rooms, 128 Clinton s>., John C rra' r, chainnsii protem. the following olhcers were no inlmotwelected ?K. G. Newkirk, Pre-lileut; J. a. Fiack, Vice resident; Win VAlee, J s Heleh, Heeretarles; John <1 raster, I ossurer; Cornelius W?. 1, gergesnt at Arms; Joan Pos-r. a A. Walker, Inspectors I Election. on motion ie following rommlttee was appoatod to <lraft a emit ution ir the gov eminent ot tlie ssaociailon. and report on ilonday ret line, Jnly 6 ?John tt. Mos'T, Ales Prculfoot, J Hnnter, situ i .n. i.iw?rr, win. hum, ?. .v. >v ik?r, '? a. r aca. ay der, KICUaRD O. MtWKIKK, PiMBiJenu V). Yxte". Secretary. Kxcvnsiox^ tth opjclt on ttir ockan ?farttws awd fa ailteh are reminded of the faciUUea nftorded by the regu tr tripe ot the Kk eieambo*t Ki'KBaMiCK, Caiil Charles ermaln, toenjoi one of the mod p]ea?*ul mi In nut of New nrk and avoid the crowd tod confustnu usually attending ublln excursions Hie pteamer leaienpler 2fi, between no inson end U?relay streets, N, R , ererr T lemiay, Thursday nit KHtnrdnj morning, at K!4 o'clock, tor Fire Island, Ulip, ay vllle. Soothport, l aLOhncue and Belleporte Retuminr, avea BWlrport every Monday, Wedneyday and Friday morn iP. si 7 o clock touching aa above. a Tiling ta New York iout 4 o'clock P. M The One a-a bathing, ttahing gunning, i ., tngeiher w ith the solenoid h >iel? ami orltate .c.?KDin da j ma whleti abound on the whole ron'w; alao, the opportunity i enjoying a few hours on the hoaom of "old ocean," render , la una of the most delightful and healthy trtpa manected 1 tth Maw York. Fare $1. ITH OP JULY EXCUBSIOAM TO THE rlt A KIPS r House, Rockawhy Bench--Steamer MAY FLOWnR wtU : ake two excursions to the above plane, leaving Catherine Ip at 8 4. M. and ip. If, louchlag at pier .1 north river; i aving Rorkaway Beach at 1' 't A M and it. P M. Par* j cen * each way. Sundays leavea Catharine anp at 8 A. M , , er 3 Worth river M4 A M , Rocksnvay Beach P. M. 1 eek dar?, Catharine slip at 4 P M.. Roctaway Beach 7 A. Monday mornings, Catharine slip 4;a A.M.: Rnckaway eafk 7 A. M. : JINf URSTOK8 -THE PTEAMIR SATELLITE, OAPTAIW 'J Anderaon makea regular tripe to Uie Fishing Hanka ery day. except Halu>day. Leaving Morton HfW at 7, .ring idre?: At T1*. Peek ilip atk, Br Kime street at Sl4 Pier i o :t Wnr<b riter at 9 o'olock. A co.Olon bond will aooom- ' tnj the steaaser. | pOl RTn OF JUI.T. 18B7 -*\nUR8IOJI TO HEW ' l)avon ?The ateemer Bl.M CITY. Capt J M l^wu, i<] leave per 26 Bast rtvrr, Pe-k allp, on Saturday, July 4 1 revra o clock 4. M. Returning, |e?vn New Haven at 11 I M. aud arrive In Hf* Yok rar'y nett morning Earn $1 50 j rriciinka. Tbl* excurture will give v*mcn?> rt a baatrlI and through Long laltud Poind.anil av (opportunity U) , vend the aldermen and evanlng in !? ? Harm Rl' HARb 1'BOK, Agent. j^IRST HOP 0?K|Me PR4RO*-TO ('DTK OKf AT j 1 OHIgnrn'a Oceanic HouM, Coney Inland, un Th ira.lay If flint- -Inly 1 ^ FOR KIR* rfil-AWn?O* ANO AKTKS JULY 3 ' tbchlli?*Mr HIBO irlll connect regularly trita the nnr la land Railroad. morning and evening, l? and from fire i*n<l. Panaeng.-rn leave New York at B a M and 3 JO P. rut m.n, and returning arrive la New lurk a. B XJ , M aril BP. M., reepeeilvely. roLT 4 iv.: -the coinnu anpivrrmary or I Aii'Tirnti In.l. pi ndi i ? cel-brated at Mount ?mon, Wravbeatar c iiinty, la a trnly o-vtrln'lc raann. r : be aborr village tr allual. d d llie IM otter Mf Haven I atiprol. alt een mllea from tba cpy, and la one of tbe oaunt rantltnl end thriving ril a?ea n lit* Wale After the pmree .11, iddreva and rending ?! tie Ibvaraion by Ion K J. orti-r. Oration by the ?! a. K. W Andrewa Fireworka, | tactof. Ac., In Ibr awning. 'I. a r* . % e by iho il.vrlem an<l ew Haven Rallroadn n-wr.vl naw' doing Hut day, and ave Mount Verncnat H o'clot a 1*. M. on the night of the Mltk. vTTW YOB* AMP OOBBY IHI.AMJ, LAlidiPt* AY 1 Yort Ilaailioo.?Tha new aodapl.-udld eteamer AURORA apt. Aanlng Hvnlth bill leave an 'ollowa for An aaaaoa moa atreel at Bta A. m , l?l? aad l'a P. M ; Pprlng amd A a A. U: and U1, and SJ, P. M . pier Jto I N<wt? rtrar A. M . and 1 and 4 P M. teneg I aland, lent trip, at ? P . Pare to Fort Hamilton and Uoaey lakartd, 2T> neavn Pot h??h a return ticket will he gtvea Foil ftw far- nhlMraa Tbe puhlle are ran dotted tan'. au debt ?111 be recognized aa rainat the ?hove tioat ..r the oarnera, unieaa contracted oa a riUett order My one ol the owurea. JTCW ROCTB TO BOOK AW AT.-THB 8TRAMBB HAY i 4 FLOWKR will rnmBeorw her regular trlpa be.weea New | wk aad Ro kaear on tatnrday. Jme;7; leaving I'alhartne | p at 4 P la , (eartrg Sen Fide iloune at 7 A M. (ya nday. leaving Catharine a'tp at g A. M.. and ptar No. 3 N . at A. M . and leaving Roetaway at 4'i P. * Htagee In tendaroe tor Far Rochanay. Tare In eea Ntde Uouae, W AM Fare through, 71 rente. AO CRARYBR -T1IR t,ARtlE ANlt (MMMlHllOOT r'rupboat wAPMWQTON th- large* and be?t -icnr ?n boat mow rntutnr Apply on b i.trd, fool of Moron atreet, to the owner*. BU6 Went atreet. 1 OP \ IITXEft Aifl11? MITII K.S. ~ ?jnn for a tocfrti man who has I IOU". WO a* paitarr or rlrrk In * larrr tlrtt filar* i mvr y, ran harr m'nrjr or hail Irtorra.; inorhw Inn mi eh wlnem, and will *lr* a food m.,a *ttra*rdinary Indncr mi*. iVplf to I.lVIJCuSTON A OO., No. 5 Heokmnn mrt.- t -WANFRn, A PHRSON WITH THIS amount ni command, t\b'i ?mM be wlltli g In #nil of I ho mml fn?bton?blr watering plwrt, In omip?ni lib thr advrrtlrrr. who will Inrral tha inn' in? to . Thr mine** In ll*bt. |>.r*?*nt and highly rr-priUM . Run tar | roll I tun br mode to two mnnui* Tit? mmie\ wo inxl. Plily to l.lTinrWmi A On , Nn. Rorkmnn ?rrri (W||j TO W.KKI-A FARTS HttWAkfKi) WITH I Cat *' ft f Ihl* o*|ii?tl In thr ailrrr plntlm: innnn'ar urlr* Hilntinm. rtrrinnn (tlTtr, plnbUh tin nod ntarr arulr* In a tninr dnr Thr un<*er*)?nrd bra nil newwarr tool*, am rnclr* and m-onnrty of hi* own, with h tad work np Ton brktof rrfrrwtoaa t<t I'ltx-d mid gWan. Ad.lrraa h.r rl iw, bni m Bum MM r IUU\ tf> fASM) ?FaRTSMR W.NTa i IN A l?J?*/"t" Brand way hotrl Tn nnr parly wuhln* '? rn *r in llir aborr Into Mir opportunity I* an Kb 11 m<< wllb pply *1 3.1* Hrokdwny, mom 14 0. It. HoWKH ? TO. \tBBoiXTiOM ?tum <iTrAurwsttsii - iitwriro ' fnrr rjlntlng brtwem thr nnder?lfari nn I >t th > Arm 'W rlnmn A Johnnfnr, la thin An* dlarolrmt b? nut m 0 omn?nt id ibn b'i?inr*a of tb? lair Arm will bo neulrd nnd oun turd r ihr nm i Mor, daman W. Brinnoo 01 N???*n air* -' JAMarf W l hi?SON, Nrw Tomt. Jnnr 90, ISfTT. <?Bo r JOHSHfOW. t r. APt.i.pni I.K MOVBN, .IE , BON up ut'R~PR 'I L" Moynr, brcnsM a part mr li our bonao fr.wn thi* ,y. Thr Wvlr of th* Arm row* nln* a* b? n infn-e n?* Town, July I. 1WT. I.? MO lilt' A R<l.t*. ' - R \t *rVsi> WITH t ,"M ti * i. ? \ old rtSabllrlieA hu<ln*aa m?n?:ao nrlnii a ll^ht *rt|e|r, ytSS vert larae profl'a, nn oompot'tloo or rink. Addrraa i?t? (I Moore. rhaihnm aq'ikrr Pont ofllrr '1,1 ruP AH IN kRhlUP li HUT' P >RK AXIaT N t HE iwrra Mllllam R Hunllry nod ndward V Kir* r I* thin y diiwoirrd by m itnal onotm' 7br turmro* of ,bw lain tn will bo oriilfd by W. R Hiinilry, who to MtttorkasA to tn tar namr of ihr lot* Arm la llo Idotlon #?. R HCKTMY, Nrw To**, Jnnr Rt, 1?N7. RltWaRIV F \it ITB. til riSM Ot HttlTII A ttblt t IS III I I. Ml oy mnliial rnntml. All prroon* lsA?li(>'d mil l loo urn qnra'rd to urt'lo thr nitmr ni?h ramnrl Wr b. irho will abmtr Ihr hnnlnroa at Sul N*ol hi-nadn y. nn * i k<* drill of trim! Wrbb % I'o *11 yrranno boo In* toi .moI'ii i? nail m will iil?*nr pir*?nt lb* samr to him fur n > o-nt Naw torn Jubr .V),J>tB7. SAM>I Wli.tlt Kl??ti;t|i la j-nlTH ITANTKO t CnRTNF.R, WTl I ? ,. , n l ? bonlnrri wblrh. by nrw fnvortlnn, nin*t mak la mry. Idmaa A. U , bo* So. iS?, Herald odloe JEW YORK HERALD, WE SALES OF REAti K8TATB. I Q#lA-rOK8ALB ORJCXCHAXON-A MOST DR. W IfAvlvi lighlful place on Oily I 1, near P*lham Bwp. Good house. garden, add one flfth oi an acre of land: beat of tbhtag and eymrlag; good harbor. Steamer Spkadid aakN regular tripe to the Aland. A, JOT HOOPE, 472 Broadway. onn -TO* 8ALB?4 TBEKK STORY HOUSE V ' ZUU. and lot Ma TV Thtro avenue?rente 'or $300? with an the Improvements. Inquire at Kendell A Fulrcnllo'a, 133 Willi am street. of J. B Shea or at 1U7 Baat Forty eighth at A NEW AND MODERN COUNTRY HOUSE aTHI'arCk. ten Duy *11; ten minute a walk lrotn the depot, with an acre or more of ground, good ruble a d carriage houae, for aale. Apply toSKBUKANT A HUNT, 80 Wall atreet, or J. C. SIDNEY, Spuyten Duyvtl. a FARM CONTAINING 63 ACRES FOR SALE OR EXA. change f or city property ; altnaled th> ee mtlea from Slam ford, tlonneeiicut; good buildings and > ell stocked. Will be aold with or without the or ope. Inquire of J. U TaBQRK, Mo. 80 Broadway. BaKERY AMD DW1LLIMQ AT TaRRYTOWM FOR ale Situated on the eornrr of Main and Waablrgton atreeta of that thrivlag Tillage; the beet loeadnu for boainem In the place The premies oonaial of a two atory and attic atom and dwelling, with brick bake bottae on the rear of lot, and the lot djoinlng on Washing-oa etreeL The hole will be aold low and on aooommodaUng terms. Apply to HOLT A COMPAN Y, 230 Front atreet. /AOUMTRY ltF.SlDINOM FOB SALE?AT IRVINOTON. \J Ksrrx county, N J . two miles from *e-?ark, half hour's ride from Hew korkalhree-quarter acre flue irnrd-n. aool two story home, n'ne rooms cellar. flue water. Prior 82,000, $1,100 cash; tvs is worth 82,810; itUai.ue heshhy country ?*i, stages passing from nesrarkalx times a day. One similar plaoe at Oyster Bay, Lona Island, $8,000?it cost full 8J.OOO; one fine oountry seat. 68 acres, good buildings 'near he lenzico depot.* Westcbe-tsr oouotv M. V., S7,.'"00, term?|caay; Ave acres, with buildings, at Tarreytown. tine river *>ew, K.ftd), part rash', this 1* worth $12, <'00. two Dice places at Yonkere, half au acre, $0,800; twenty country s-ata, au<l SOD farms, In different dlrec ions; uiao, SO 100 or 8,e00 acres of animproved laud, mills, water cower, village and ctty property; one extra line country seat, at Kas. Newark, N. J large ri??r froni, <wo dwellings, two barns Ac , splendid view of the city of Newark and ann-onnrlng counlry?price $13,000, part cash; ion acres of the flnrst land, good variety of fruit: this will double in value in six jesrs apply to J. VANDKRHILT. 84 Fulton street; office open 8to 8 o clock. Patronage solicited In the rosiest* - business. TBOX .BAlJB?AT FONT LIS, A BEAUTIFUL PLACE r of lis acres, with h< use and ontballdlnga. well situated for bnatneas men of New York. Fruit of all kinds hteamer leaves foot of Spring street every day at 10 and t o'clock. For particulars Inquire at ROBTHROP M NOBTHBUP'8 law Bffioe. a Wall sweet ClOR BALE?OB WILL BE EXCHANGED for FABM! l?> lands In the West?Three bouses and lota, well located In Beooklvn, Long Island For particulars Inquire of K.INGON A hahbhouck,mChurch street. Nesr York. FOB balk-four valuable lots, with six bouses oo hem, In the Fourteenth wa d of the city of New York Will sell them separate or t getber < 'an remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire of WA. J. coly, vj Ma rlon street. n. y. Fob bale?a beautiful cottage on the north river, convenient to the city by railroad and Oreo steamboats daily; good house-garden, fruit, vegetables and shrubbery. Location and river viewunsurpassed. 13.100. ApjlytoRo ORsg SN BROS., No. ?9 Wall street, room No 15. For bak cheap and TERMS haby-a 8PLENDIO farm of 108 acres, 30 acres of h-avy timber land of the best quality, the remainder In rich soil under cullivsiton, with ?liinhla In, i I., Vltftl , , |..? ? u nl u hmllku In action, with several streamsfit water running through it, about four miles from Hounu Brook nation a* d the I tola ware and harttan canal. ou the line of the Ceutral R.illrovl of New Jersey, about 1 boor and 40 minutes from New York Inquire at 136" mrt street, oornerof Warreu. South Kroodlyn. Intuit baTZ IN VON * Jttut-A rWu 8TUR Y BAdSJXgNT P ho one Slled In with brick, with 5V seres of land, altnated two miles from Hunt'n Bridge, and T--, mile* from the village of Y oakern, on high land, wlti a good barn, and fruit of va Hon* kin da. t or terma apply on the premises, or to & CROM ttLIN. U Vandam street, New York. A 1*1 WaNTiNti t aKMH IN A Mil. OI.IVIATIC AND healty p ace.?Farm* for nale In t'amden, Burlington and Atlantic counties, 23 miles lrom Philadelphia, on the t'amden and Atlantic Railroad, New Jersey, a large tract divided Into small farms to suk the actual settler and all parsons desiring a farm Original plan?The soil la of the best quality and very producil-e. It Is oeing extensively Improved by good turnpikes Houses are already built It Ues directly upon the railroad and has the largest market for produce, and adjacent lo the largest population In the Onion. The larms are made payable In easy Instalments of Ave dollars per month and upwards. The terms are made eaay, <o Insure lie rapid Improvement and enhancement In value. The price of'lie land Is from $12 to 920 per acre, payable In this way. within a term of t years, with mte-e?i. The improveare being eitenslvrlv carried on It is a soene of the vastest improvements out of Philadelphia. Practical farmers from ih- length audbreadth of the Middle and he * Kugland Suttee are settling and clearing farms. It Is an Important bnsinens place on account of its being tn the midst of a great market i Ten t?io?san.t acres have been laid out, upon which persons can improve and locate at once, and reoeive a deed for the farms tney buy. The sell la a fine rich loam with a clav bottom, and retenttrs of manure It ts.froe of stones and easily worked It abounds largely in the pboiDbatea. and such la its fertility that Trout the crop* produo d both upon this land and tlie large area ad jolng, under cultivation It will be found not to be excelled 1 mi* where In the prndmilon or crops most adapted m i tin market. such a* ourn. potatoes. nti>, wheat a I kind* ?( I vegetables and tiultn generally, particularly for trackIni, both on account of the nature of the aoll and lta oelns directly In the Philadelphia ma'ket. At Hamuaoatoo thr corn crop haa averaged autjr buahrl* to the acre, and the other < ropa naned In proportion. It also abounds with the fc-et quality of muck manure. It la directly upon the border* Of u?e great agricultural dlatrtot which ittppllei the Mew Tort and Philadelphia markets, embracing a population of aereral miliiona and where, aa mar be aeorrtalne. from the ueoatia ; re nor a. farina are the moat valuable ol any In the Union. All 1 In this neighborhood areeireedingly eruri unlive and profitable. < Home of in a bind la now under cultivation. Lao 1 can be pro cured already cleared or partly timbered, alao under culllvaI lion. Hon tea are already built and for ante, which wUl ana war the temporary wm ta of the aet ler. Thla looauon la perfecJy healthy; the fever and ague la unknown, the water is ol the beat quality, being aofl and per fectlv nitre. The division of 10.000 acrea Immediately adjoins the town of Hammontoo. Soma la under cu Uration?se veral thousand acrea have been cleared for farms; It eaa at onoe he placed in a atate of producUveneaa, It la counted by One streams of the best water. It la being opened by a number of turnpike made and avenues lead Ing Into the town. The price of thu Is from til to Uu t>e? acre, navable within four years by monthly Instalments of from it to (10 for twenty seres; larger larms in proportion. Brerythlng la on hand to supply settlers?steam and water power aawmlllaare In operation lumber can be hail at a cheap price. A good bouse ean ba built for from AKJH to SfiUU A hriet rard 1s about tuing estahllahetl, and a lateral rallnad, three rounlia of a mUe la length, la nnder ooutrnot. to aupply Ilara men ton with a tone from the adjacent quarries Stores. work shops. Ac , are about being opened. A number of dwellings are already built; also a church, school hmiae, Ac It Is In landed lo rrurnd a hundred tbouaaitd dollar* inure In improre tenia, mich u building*, turnpike road*, he The *11 nation of the plane la Dictureaque and beautiful. It la on the border* of Lake tiaramonton. and la laid out In walk* and gro\ en. A beautiful oak park aloof the ahoree of the lake la Intended to be reaerred for public nae. A company ha* been orfaniied lo *nlld bonaea and elaar farm* upon .-relit, a* ?o?io ** the property la add. thl* w U! aoahle many to improve who cannot personally attend ta It Arr*ni;> raenta can at onoe be made to bare h?u*?a built a id farm* place.! tn order bv penw.e* at Htn.mouvoo. Owlnf to a Cat part being cleared, farm* can be mud* immediately pro tire?when none tber will pay four fold the coat In m tiling here the emigrant hen many advantage*. He U within a lew hour* ride of the great cltiee In ihe middle State* atd N< w Kngland. lie la near hla old Irlnid* and a/uoctaiea he la la a aeitued onnntry. where every Impwirement and nom fort of clrlli/a'lonl la at land; he li In a healthy place, and 1* re. atiblout to the certainty of Swing Ute greater part of hla family and hla own health by thoae malignant fever* which make the yrvree of ao many million* of the youag and hardy In far-oil region* away I rum home and fnenda. Thl* pre?ent* a rare oppotnaltj to the Ind uatiiotu?H ma hire all who wlah I* better their condition lo become tud-i.en dent If will anon be taken up, and. owing tn Ita rapid Im aroveroewta. It will grew ly enhance tn ealtie. Taw would all hare been *etUed before bad It not been heln In the banda of large proprietor*, who could not. until recently, diamine of II In a manner In ?uit the farmer *nd actual aeuler. The lnee*t meat enable* a man to provide for hun'olf and family In a manner which I* aafe and certain,> the euotingencle* of btta tiea* and naiaforttinea of life The term* are ?uch a* to enable any man, at a email aa* lav. at lean lhau theeu*l of ordinary trtilea, to make a pur Route ?The railroad tratna go and return from I'hllldelphtt tw ice a day. leave Vine etreel wharf at "X o'vlooh A. M. for llamntonton and return In the afternoon iwaen there. Inquire l< r lodge Walter, the agent.) or tare at *t?n plaoe at 3 O'r'nrk f M . and return the neit moral. g. There are many a1 ready locating, and penema ahoeld be prompt lo examine the land. In or Jar to obtain looatlona to toll them Warrantee deed* wrlll be given to nerh pnrchaaer. Title I* (nod and indlaputable. The Arm tnetalmeot upon a pnrcbaae w ten dollar*, which can be aeal lo the .ageu a and purchaae m cored. Pamphlet*, map* and general In forma "on will be fnrniahed upon application to Mot IRA ARM B ROT HERN. S3 Wall alreet mna* li Parma nan be Mcored by meloatng the flr*t Instalment of fid or fCtt. and arndutg information an lo toe hurl deatred lo the areata. ALI ABUI baNIM IM TMBUOUNTIMB OP AOUOMaa and Northampton, aa the Kaetern ahore of Virginia, to market. _ . . . The ouderalgued offer fer aeie?1. " Bwaaagut," aknaiad aa Chbtgoimgitr bay and tha main road, running through Ml pan of v irglnla which kordaru a* tka aaatara boundary af ma Thla tract of laad aomabta tha rla* ef l.WWtraa. af *tM ere are about M?> et eared, of food onallly. well adapted It Wheat, tmn, nala and the or op a n?.,allr rataad la title ?ei Hin of the rroir.try Tha reatdne l? thickly act In pine wood, fa Ida* * lartre on*amy of oak. hickory. with walnut. loenat. k It I* be'lerra that '.here conld be eat PI WW) onrda of pine ??M and a vary oonalderable a entity ehlp umber and (tara* and than leare an abundant (apply for tha aaa af Ihe plaada Poo. Thrr* la a food Ml* tor a frku and aaw alii wMb a* abundant (apply or waler no thla farm. 1 *> oflrr far aala batwaaa I.lui aad J *00 aaraa af laad *a rVnpntea*na mland. wall adapted for (raring earpoaaa, and brlnf napeqle of feeding throafb th* entire ydhr with mil* (V bo pretender, other tbaa tha aattiral grace, large bar da at beep. aatti* and boraa*. Tha abnraa la from of lata land art tha very bad. It la generally conceded. In all Ihta AUaatta aaa baard. tar planting ayt'ara aa thoaa aarrlad front them ana an.I at tha rnarkMa of tha North tha hlahaat price*. ft To tha au* of Ohlegoteagna. on Aa?*i**ga? Inland. V* tab ta aaU (boat tut aaraa bait* a large pordoa af *g bola of ibia laUnd. Oa thla tract, baatdaa tb* adraatafa at paatar* and of plauNng frona.1* tar ayatera. lhara araoa a ma 2,(?kl cordt or an ire of Blue wood It la raniarkably wat loeaiad f?r making aaft. aad a ?*r* prof labia tMinfeean aalfb br aarrlad on lhara la thla Una. la tha hatida of aa rmnrpH alna paraon, a watering plana might analir ba rauMahnd b?aa a* (he inland M raaiaraahla A<r le aalu'rtty at tha air, aad h anarcnlantlr located for rirf and aaa baibtnf. Thaaa laoda ara all baaaUldlly attaaiad an lha walar, la fal Mow of tha AtJaaUn oraaa and rary onaraniaat lo thoaiuea af Maw Vnrk. Philadelphia and Hal Minora 4. Ibammalnlaf traot le Yardley la dm Bounty af North ampton Ivlag na tha Cbeaapeaka hay, with rwo heaaflfW atreaau running on aithar aldraf It, la an euaterlr direeNaa gtlad wltl. tha fined flah, oytiler* and aho>iodlag In wild fowl

It aontn'na three hundred aad eighteen to aa of land aad lb did ant front Raatein*. th* ooontr town, abont three mfiea AbceH two third* of tha traat la ateared tad tha re odwe baa ally timbered with the haat oak and hear' pin*. Tha na>d?a beauty of the ereoery In fnll dew of Yarl'ey and Pa l.madaa In the mid** of an fntetUgeni aad highly refined pop ilauo* aomhlned with the farllltie* of bring, whrh the water t ara tab aa. make* thin truly a deMaahle farm. Th* laa.1 Ia "tally pal Mvaled, and the horee abound with manure, ta the for* a* araweed and ahalla Tentaa of aale. - The prtar reqntred for Pwanafttt fgeneratV' known ae lb* Winder land) la lw?wity Are Ihooaand dolbtra one 'bird to be paid when poaaeeMon i? firm, and th* bain no In uau had two yaara. In'aqua! Inniaiment*. with internal feme "ft. laland land M offtred at Ira Ihooaand dollar*, no mmr tartna aa Nwanugat hartley ta held al ail thonaand dol)a?? In like manner. The parakaaer In ?aeh time <>n rota plying with the eaah payment, and the eieenbnn of hia hi??l* tf? tboa" deferred, to he entitled to a deed on firing a dead M It net, or lo bar* the tftl* retained lo nec'tre the oredli par men'a. If fteae land* ara am aold al prlral# aale. of which doe no dee will ha fleen, If aneb ahnulo be the nam, w aha l aetl a puhllo auction, on Ihe eeeopd Monday In .Inly, at Rna rllla, l? Northampton enmity , the farm alrertlaed ah ?re a* "Tar" ley/' and on Iheftmrh Monday In .Jnly.tbal behtg the noun ty raotrt dat In Aiwaiia, wa eMail and nwanagul aad the te lande at punli? a notion. Any oomirimlru ion 'n relation lo Ihe prov-rfy Adreretaw above addrr.eed n WllllAm P Wotunghant h^etrtlle, A wA ?j.p''tn wo nly. K litem mmra, Virginia, or to l?r. Ho.i* ?. warren, P'f irg, Virginia, Will ha p war'J/ a .rat*. Ip had anawarad. iDNESDAY, JULY 1, 1857 8ALE8 OP REAL ESTATE. "COR BALE-A OKKAT BARGAIN. ORB OR TWO r ktmiiou brown alone four ilory Bngllah baanaaenl hoiwea, (?U neei* furalahed If do. bed,) with all the modern Improves en la, Including ga. 1i met chandelier*. Ae. The lota eitendlng 200 ft lo 80th at. with a neat gar en. a inod alable on the rear'ot for hnraea ana carriage. bald priparty la attnated on Reveoty ulnth nrrrt between the Tnlr I aid Fourth a.enuea. The atreet la wide, "bain ? 100 feel end hi good oondlltnn. Thla pro. arty wl 1 be dbi|>o*el of low, and on very eaay term.. ? pp'icatlon to be made on the premlae*. The Third avenue oara pa?a near the honae. 1110R HALR OR EXOHaRGB?HOUBR8 AMD L7T ? BY r iro feet In Forayth^treet, near Cnnal, to be vol' ore*, changed for a email dwelling honae In liohoken, WliUama burg or vicinity. Addrraa J/N O, boa 1,661 Foal oUce FOR HALR OR EXUHANUB?A BBAITTIFUL try reeldenee, attnated near the Bath tlouae, l/mg la and, containing about tl acraa. a double honae barn, earrtage honae, Ac., with a very aholee variety of fruit <reea of all klnda Inquire of JACOB OaKFKM rBR, 41 Riohange plaoa trow 11 till 1 o'aioch r)R HALR OR BXCBANOR-HIX THRU* HT >*Y brick and brown atone basement, modem butlt houaea lo a good location In thla city each ranted to one reapemable fa wily. Only vacant lota In good kieeUona la ibis city need be oflered In emhange. Apply to RMkLBT A ICKMnlfiLLY. 48 Outlaw itreet. FOR HALR OR KXC1IAN'4B FOR CITY OR BROOK lyn property, a email term of about 40 a'-rea, one hour * ride from New York. Inquire of L. C. UKAT1I A UO., M Ann atreet, New York. IPOR 8A LB OR EXCHANOB, PRICK &0 0-$2 ?M M vT 'J* rem kin on mortage, a corner noma. In. ud atane, to a good location; -111 ei bangalore email plana n ihe omotry or ctt; 1 ih Inquire br tore 9 a. M or It r, M.. ?nrn?r of Hontn 8 rib end FU\h streets, WUltamsburg, oi Dr. v*lL,ttt?KT. IjH)R SAldl OA ro UW?TWO LuTfe OF OftoUMb A JP Beet Thirty third meet, 10 by M feet lushes, with a tarts building, M by H feel, three etorlee high end large and eoe mod lone eheda; will aeewar for a eebinat maker, carpenter pianoforte, manhlne, blankemtth, troa railing, llrerj ata'.u Uundry, ^ear other hind of boelnema Tea a Ira oe the or* FOR 8ALE OR TO LET-H0178B NO. 366 tVfcST Twrnty-seeond street, oorner of Tenth amour, recently painted and ir eompirle order, Puseeoelnn lm andteluly. Ap ply for keys at No. 1 lamdun terrace. Twenty third rt-eet. or foC 8. HLAUHON. Wo. U WaU atrret. room 11. HOTEL FOB SALE, REAL B8T4TR?TI1K DKNIRAble and well known Three Pigeons Hotel, with stab'es, outbuildings, gaiden, he., situated three mile* from the lln hoken terry, at N-w Durham, N. J., on the liuckenvtek plnnk road, doing a first rata business. S'age* atop M times daily. For particulars inquire of ti. H.v\ ILl.rt, on the premises for"hale! A-lnil -A RARE CHANCE.?FOR HAI,*, A WE1.L 5>iuU. located sad esisbltsbed business, in one of the bi Rt location- In he city. For further par'iculars inquire at <92 > rand street, up stalra. <? i n/ v wiui BUT THK LMAMM ok nkari.y roc* (Pi'MI years and tilt nres of a porter bouse, tn one ot the great*at tboro ighfares In the city. The store U 20 Net by 30Apply at 16 King street, N Y. fiwe wm, bijy tdk stuck, lnask and fixI cr tiireH of a neat and good liquor atom ,n WchI str et, on the North rlv*r aide, near ihe Bat ery; two year* lease of store and bank room; rent $29. It must be sold, soapply soon in the store lu West street, to S. TUNiJKK, proprietor. <?CfW| -WHOl.KHAI.B AND RKTAIL1 It*UOR -iTORl tPcfUU. for sale; the lease has three jears to run. and the plan* ts hands mcly fltted up, being on a corntr of one Of the prlaclpa. avenues 11IUG8 A SOUTH WICK, tt4 Nassau at ?C/Mk ?OBOCKRY AND LIQUOR HTt)RK FOR ? JUU. mile, with stock new flitures, lease, An A good chance for a man in anew locution; b islo-ts rapidly lncreoslag. A. II. Dot V A CO., 80 Nassau street, rooms No*. 1 and 2 OfffWk IN t'AKH OR OOOD SECURITY WILL PUR tpOtlW ehase the copyright aod stock ol a popular work which will sell Urgelv In the touth and West, for psrtlcn lsra ?r an Interview address, with lull name, Ac., Pat, bi.x 170 Herald odlce. a>KOn -MOST HK SOLD 1MMKDIATKI.Y, ON ACsPD'mF. roatt of the ownrrgolng to kurope, 'he lease, stock ana tlxtnrts of a wholesale and retail liquor m ire, lo cated In a thickly populated neighborhood, on one of the best business avenues. Apply to T. UaKKNKY, 2d0.ts.nt T vel'th street. 1 4*1 nnn -'OR 8?LK--A MUSIC. ROOK AND tJTAvli'l'lvi ionerv store for sale, sklua'esl on Broadway, lony esUibltslicil sntl liotng a goo l trsile. Rem a nolo building a low rent BIOU8 A BOUTIIW1CK. H* Nassau street ?1 ?A PRRSON HAVING TI1K AMOVK Bl.UUU. amount will Invest m a v k1 paying bn in*** None but principal* need u.ldreu, stating nature of bufciueas, Ac , K II , UrraM otlice. <C1 Win -'OR PACK. THK PATKNT RHillY FOR ?5> J .\J v". New 1 nrk, Pennsylvania and < ihlo of the bent inrcbHiiiriil tool Invented. An energetic man can double the above amount In three month*, apply u? A. 11. DOTY ,k CO., 80 Nassau ItnO. room a No* 1 asd 2. flat C(\rV ?'FOR PAL*. CHKAP? A LONG KHTAB tM.oU". imbed and proSiaule lumber bti?inee* paying from $*,0110 to ffl mm per year. The preient owner desiring to reurv, olleia great advantage* and bargain*. MOOS A MOl'TUWIOK, to Nassau street. ?1 COO K0R A IUNIWCW1 AND fri.l.T FITfltn Jpl.Oi"' np and furnished dining and biibarri *%l>tn, on broad way, favorable lease, doing a ftill and profitable bual tea*, and otiered at more than ordinary Ineue-tuieut UltftiH A HOI'fh WI' K M Nmwpi at. ?1 linn -FOR KAI.K. AN OLD KsTAHLISHID CON vlrvVVi fectlonery and loe cream business. to one of the greatest tbor M<hf*ree In Ike city: bail*, i st ires, soda fountatna, Ae., complete, knew oveu, wt h a lit g leaae of premise* Apply to U. B. UOVfUt > OO., A 1126 BroaJnay, form I* 1 WQnn FOR ONK OF TDK PRKTTIKST FTTTKO UP .OUU groceries In the Ninth avenue: slunk new and cart fully aelecled, lease favorable, on a bu?tuea* thoroughtare and doing a prodtable trade. MOOS A HOf rnWICK, f* Ng?an s'reek AC CfUl -* DINING 86LOON AND PAR, THK JIU.Ul/U. beat In New York fur bale; I* doing about ttOd'tm per year, l/ong lease and eve ytliing o oplnte for the business. KIuGN 6 SOI'TIIWICK, *1 Nassauatreet. StY ftnn ?FDR HALF, OHF.AP, A JKVTFl.RY FTORR, ud beautifully aitu i t lor a large bo-. *i,,re handsomely titled un. large safe. mil w u tlii irie.l atui k: i enUblinlml four jnw; lv.? yi at* t?*?e; low r?*nC BIGUH A MH'TllWM'K, 84 Nttak'J ?trf"t fl?Q Hll/l ?LITMT AND S\CUA NI > K *TABI.? FOR V >UUU. anJe.? One of the moat aitr-nairn onna In New York. atorkrd wl h everything i?<|Ulr?d In Urn hii?in**M Them Is mom fur o?cr one hundred horeca. IWl are elite regular fcoardini: bunta Thu m*olr I* doing a very largo buatneaa. Onod warn glvrn for retting out Thi* I* * rhini? t r a man l? n vk> afuitune, and Imnnnmbuy Thrrn It a long i.mee to thr place Part taken to ranh and part id property Direct to Poriunr, Ilrratd oUlce. lft> broken Deed anawer. a OllANUR RRl.lMlM OFFKRKD-F'lA litj nu A lenae, Mock and fltturea of the oornrr grocery and Hanoi More No. ,117 Weal Broadway The whole building trill be leitaed If aereaaary. It la tenanted with g*?>d eying teraota which Ink re.* the atore free of reut The bitlldla* aud fli'uree 1 are all In good order, and the a nre la w II mocked Apply an i the pretateea, where all particular! will be glren. AIIQUOR AND POITKR HOT 81 FOR no tar a gord draught ale and ponce boatneaa; eataelt*h'd I Breytara. three year* leaae nn< iplred Will be *<>id'or the | ralue ot fllturea and atoek at the proprietor'* family are all alt k at.d obliged In retire to the onuntr . utla la the aula 'fat i (t giving up the bualneaa Addrean for one week H M. II., IIrraid oflice, and will be laamedlalely attendrd lo A OOAk. TARD loR OIK OP TUB ilMHT ! A Iwalloti* la the elly fur a flrat elaaa r? nil* yard. It la K feet front by 100 deep with a good bri a odloe and atab'e. acalea, leneea. and ?rerr thing, to Brat rata ttrder, muat beaold Apply at XM Ninth ar. nne A RARE CHANGE TO INVKHT ONt OR TWO T?t 1(7. A land dol.ara - For ante an old ea'abltshed b-iaxiev*, trrl*. Ac. Foe ptrtlrulara app'y at ihe maanftwory, 87Hi Kldrtdge atreet. New tnrk. fourth floor, front ma a VERY HAND80WK BARROOM AND FIXTIRKR A for aale cheap, rent rery hiw, would for a lager bier 'Moon, la In a hAnd?ome lor.itrtn, --J Third ntetme. between Flftv aeveoth and Fll y el ith atrn-t* (YOAL YAK I) FOK HALK IN BROOKLYN?AN Kill,J lent InteUno Mid wall Sited ap. A[ply to rONTKK A l/Ol'RR, No. 4 rarda ii'rret. Brooklyn E KOINE AND BOIl.RR rORRAI.C-OK THIRTY BRlffl I power, win bi>Ut U?l Ariguat b> nnbr, Mid ik one of tbe beat lintnfcrd In thecl'T. la In perfect or tar. and nua running I 44B Water alreet, maaeutitt nod tru foal fly Wheat pnl ley. Will be takta down In aboot oae weak to ba replaced by a larger "nr Hold arp?r?l>'. If (Wi-ad. on a-.-.uninudaung terms. Apply toC tR ft'ILLON IMNouth atreet rR 8AI.E-W. J. OUKVN LAROK PAOKINt# BOX IN tabliehmrnt.?Tbe "owner h? earned cm the buaiaaaa Abom thirty y?sra; tkara la A fear rlreui r nod una nprtght saw. A Rood anplna and botlar, all la fnnd order; the lot te Abont ibiriy leet by one hundred. wteb a four atory Rie proot brisk shop on Lba rear, a large rrama hull tin* In from ,ln perfret title part of the mme* r*a remain on bond nod mortgage. r oa tba pramlaaa 4d If anon siraat I TOR PA I.I.?A flAI'fTAL CHANl't - TWO TIIIROS IN 1 laraat in leaee atork ard dmiraa of a Jobbing and ratal! buAlnen- aatabli-hail laralra year* aad paylnt. annul ftor-r weak. T'sdi la all ibat U required. Apply at 3b4 irraanwloh pireet In tba tin re. For hai,*- the i.karc, ?took and nxrumc* or | a liquor rnrr, dolnp a nriM r*i? boatnraa ud In tbr baat bnalnraa locallim up town, with rinDM attach.'d In It aultabln for a family In li?r In. unit a < arap r?nt It ta a ra*r cfmona for aay prraon deal/tin- of aurh a pWw? *? It vrtU v? aold abrap thin wri-v Apply n ill* p"im<? sltl fmta at mm. brtwara Forty around hd>1 Forty third airrrta ribbalb-a rororobn docble fa'iindrlanlt^ machlnr In r>od ordrr alao a wiithrr Oanbaamn In 'pent dailr at tbr Manhattah Flatting Villa nj and 2*4 ktut tlsbtrrnth atrrrt, Raw Tork. CVIR MALI CHEAT-TIIE L.RARK OF A FOUR ATORT j brtrk bona*, with a 'orga atom. ?n Third a mi or kml low. biiltahir for aor htiMDoaa. la now a port and prorlatofi atom. Apply w john 01 OR A, IS Uhaabrrp atmrt. from IS ; to 4 r. w. ________ ijlgr bali or to i.ft-five tkarn lk arb of A | p nralr fltlfd ttp atom, bo. 2> Onrnnra atlp nrti to that ?mr \ nrr of Pouth atrrrt: mtitkiw: bnlMIng 2hi4v n?w npan front; a grnrrnVorerbatillng * " wadou ona of tbr brat atmra In Iba 1 eity fhr rr <rrrtea and Uquora. Apply In tbr atom to thoh. b wiijion. ipor pai.e or to i,bt?a htfan lautdrt, in pbr i p fret nrdar and braitlfitlly altnajad Will br lat low to a gnodtraant Apply to rllni aro waltahf a co, no. 1j honrt and 311 omnrrlnr atrrrt. Suit CHARPt.BBT fon rtook. fix inraa and Iraar ial a low rant.) of an old mta'iHabrd ablp thnrdirrjr, now doing a good bnalnraa. I hrrnoaon for aallInr tbr nwnrr kaa othrr rtatlnrw to attan I to. Addraaa for thmr daja h. a. ii., tlrrald ot8r?. ctnaw fntunbh and bui,eh" fon rai.k -dns #1 1^ bnrar niholar bo"rr onr Ahorar anglor In oprra Ion: >a? in horar lobular bollrr, *i frrt aborting, tnrnrl. lao'tlm at .* a. r. . r atraad. In tha mar To tafl.ora AO.?for AAf.n A t a i.UAHI.r t Afl.or In* and rrntlrmrn'afitrnlahttf mtabll'bnirn', wltb atorit Ultima nod i <1 will of tba onnr dWt. It la our of tbr nM-td and brat rata* itabrd atnma m Brooklyn, and onr of tho par llm wl'l rrtoalo a aoSoirnt irntth o'ttinn an that an In'roluc tim can br gltrn lo'hr rranlar etfdomrra. Full :-artlr tiara u> h? had at No, 3Ali Fniton atrrid, rtr<>'blytr, or at .1 W PIRR RbT'r No f Warr?n atrrrl, Irt T'-rh ffttl H ATTT rf ',ir rai.V tiik Ft t'"tM AND 1 pn> of a hat "tma, ronat?iln( of conn'rra, mam. g?? tin lurta, theitlag, oil: > h, Be. Inquire at ~S Firm aran tr. o. w. ktytirrt. r roAEDWU AMP LODOran. i)n WK8T TWKNTV Kl HTIi t< KKuT wR THR COR ulf err at Iroadway hao'iamely * .rnlabel elm and | alnyle rooaav ?o let, wl aboard, callable for a ffcmity and ?loy'a 1 grntlemi o. at moderve le/ma; Ike tocu-iuo la very deetrabie for the aoaiMer au>a ha t?7 PORD bTBBBT.-TWO PURRMHBD ROOMH ARD Z4 I a ball bed* nm no the aeowd floor in I*!, with b* d, to feoJ-Bt'D and their *nv?a or tingle gentlemen. Sonlhernera o- tra"*l?Dl boarder* run be accommodated. Tiro attic rooms. 7 for two Call for 1 *0 or three day*. a I ChORBT STRKKT, t'RB D.>OR PROM IIR' OMR.XI n?a>ly fnrnlabed ro>ma, wit* or without board, callable for yen leinen and their wivea, and al g)a gentleman Tne Br unts roDiminn mi ?n? iu?f? rn I'MjJni' omrun, i?uui|i pntMo. T. ram moderate Re reones ?lubanged. JQ HKVR?T1I AVKM K SOUTHWEST CORNER ON to Fou?l? npUi aireet Single and Sulla of room* to i?t. with or without bo*id; Hath, chandelier*, Ac. Tiitu? i In Freuo gratia. Neighborhood unexaepuouablr. Relertuices el chaugxl. 61 RADldON AVIChL'K.?T?? LET, WITH HOaRD, ' port'r ?nd bedroom on aenond floor. Alan, tingle oooM for i;utlMro 70 rRANAir.ll H1KKKT. FIRttf HOUSE WEST OF I U Broad *av, fur lah a room* [or gaoJemao, a aiol 1* and bedroom alao, la ge double and alng!* rooou firooa S3 10 M pe? work. Ilia ir-a?*bo?w 7(1 SFKIMu STREET. FOUR UOOMfl FAOtf OROao I <7 waj ?To lot aeventl handsomely fnrnlabed room*, to ? ogle roDtlnmmi, 1a0 lotadou a boat a'l the Ilroi cla?e hotels, attached to ion nooae ta a Urge reading room, whoro all the in arapapera aro 00 flW>. both home and foreign. AMBtlN HOUSE. Proprietor. mil can at. street. near and west side of i Ov/ Broad wav,?Handsome furnlabnd rootna to let for E'Uileman and ludv or stng'e gentlemen, with or without .ara Bath 10 tbe honae. New number ta 383. Terr pleasant and convenient Incadon. 4<iti I'BT bkoauw4t ?two LaROR front * t)U room*, ?nB tmntrie* attach d, upon the second and thlr 1 floora. rnltabie for two gentlemen and their Tea or f"ur riuale gendemeii. with pwr'lal or permauent board, La a do alrabie family Apply aa above kit) j THOMPSON BTRKMT. NEAR WASHINGTON r Parade . poind ? Fan) 1 Ilea or tingle gentlemen cita obtain a eholcr of etrellert rosm*. with hoard. Hou'hern*ra or others seei ng a cnratortaMe h me can obtain i-cb by application Batkn and ?as ihrntighodt .4 (1C HROOSK STaKKT-TO I.AT, TO 8INGI.E ?1KN iwu llemen, allhnut board, two handsomely turniabed rooms, in a orlvat* family. Tbe house ymtaioa all the modern Improvement*. Reler*noe re'iuired. rt)7 HOUSTON HTHEKT.-the GREATEST AMUSE*J?t I pis'tt In dancti g can b- bad at Mr ANTONIO'S on? will become paid dancer* taiiitb-by mm He will if-ve a grand snliee every Wcdn??d*y and bat irdar till 12 tValoct. ft/ll HtlU-iTON NTRKKT, NKAR MKROKR-A FKW ' I a'llc roonia, well furni"hed, to lei low to gentlemen, wltl.ont bOHN - PRIVATE FAMIl.V T4KINO A FEW BOARIllCRk 'A wuld u i the second floor, f ri ?or tuifiirni?3o?l, to families or single gentlemen, at 12 Abingdon <iuare, on tile line of the Air "in avenue ear* and Hleecknrs met atsgca. A UINTUHMAN AND HIS W1FK OR A KKW RTXUL1 f\. gcntl. m-n van be a-commodatel wlih board at !i?j Had . aon i tree), in limit of the park. AHKNT1.V.MAN AM) W1FK OR TWO RIJfr|!,R OKN lllMW w III ii nwo<?H4 with board m a private family at 27 Bleeeker street, near Brotdway. AFhW 8IN0LK ORJTlLRMEN OR UKNTI.KMrlN AND thilrwirea can be aretmmoUe'ed with board, rooms furnished or unfurnlihed also, a back parlor to let, with foil or partial boar I, wiibin three minuuw walk of Fulton ferry. Apply at 23 front atreet, itrwklyn i >R1VA!K KAUII.V RERIIIINO IN ONK OF TUB 3. moet brautilol b-alihy locations In tan vlclnlty of New Voik. uii" wnliln an h mr'a ride of It, dealrea lo proaure beardera of respectability for the simmer. Apply ut 4d Weal Twety fourth street, A UKNTI,E*AN WMKtt TO M?ET WITH APART \ menla and board lor himself and aider in a prhate I famllv Addr-a?, * oh particular* of location and terms, it. I rr*?'" m, uer?i? nur* AOtNTLKMaN AND WIKK C*N BE AClORMODl led with b tard and a n<*?i?y ftirolahnd mnm In a ?trirtly prlva'o Antrtcan laiully. For parltcultriiapply atMt Mb hi. AL?RGK FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO lET-TO A l?d? and ?*. tkmian; board for th? lady only. Hath and *aa Tboar wiablnx tor a plraaaul bomo may addreaa M., Itntotji Pom "ill? AfUNOLB GEN LF.MAN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED with a Plena ant fiirauliad troat be<lr?>a a n prlvaio rami!* near t nit ,n terry.. la juira a: If a, Water*', c,s J'nilou ir? rt. Brooklyn. a Fl'HMMIkD ROOM ANI> IIKP ROOM TO LKT?HI A paratoort anther, in a v?ry deatrabla location, Car* and aiagta para within a lew doom of lib" houaa uaall inruat Ibw e.ty. Appiy at l-o M itt ?'ree , a few door* abo*? Hroirnn BOARD -TWO OK?Tl.KMRN AND Til Rill WIVEN, ami a frw no*le yriitlemrn, can ho i-r nnrioi latfl with eery plraeant and wll tnntt?b?1 apftrawtta an l board in a pritatr tamtly. Ilnnw I* delightfully located. and contain* all mnaobioiict-a. Apply a. No. 3 Kant Thirteenth a'-reet, aevond door from Filth avtuee. BOARD.?A LADY HAVING MoRK ROOM T1U.V BHR rriinlree will acnminodait' a lady and MNHMa(WMfc b .ard fur the lady wl'b a very desirable car or and bedroom on ib" RMMd Boor; ku?M modern, till* will *1111 those looking lor a unlet humn. Address Converse, Hei aid office. BOAKI) IMIWN TOWN-TWO GRNTLKVKN HK account odalrd wltk board at 1M Greenwich street, oor ner ol Hobm-no. BOaUh AM) riJYHll'IAK'rt Of rit K.-ONB OR TWO genilf men ran obtain rl'asanl rooms, with partial board, In a private family, on applications t 43 Fast Twenlle b Hreet, be! a t en Hr nutwav and Ft nr.b avenue. Aiao a Inn baaa tent, auitable In every respect for a physician a oOloo. Board is brooki,tn-a room to lbt. wtitabin for a family or 1 *0 tingle gentlemen, at ?o ?77 Henry sweet, Are minutes walk Irom Fulton or Wall etrent ferries. B1 OARD ON HROOKLTN HII WITH?TWO OR TIIRBK ingle gentlemen ran be accommodated with par'tat o?ard I at 3d willow street, between Wt.ll street and Ful on fames Board w nted-iiy a i,aoy, in a privatm family, abere there are no eblldren, board not to egct ed l.'t per wrrk. payable to advance U, Address Koblattn, Hudaone reel 1'cat ofln e. for twodxya Board wahted-jn a private family, ht a French lady, Coin* anme fancy millinery work, and bar tug sometime* to receive'a 17 visiter a Location between t'a eal and I oiirtecntb rtreeta Feet of reference given Ad dress, aiatlng trims, which must be moderate, A. C., Herald cflioe. TJOARD WANTRD-1N A GOOD AMKRK'aN FA Mil, Y. I 1 r.?, Ith. h,,l I, htit Kuiiilh. nil 11 - M...? dork preferred. aduraaa. tlatiai term#, Mn I'rnueh, llroad Witf l'(Mt tllllOB. BOARPlNO AT *VJ NI'RIN<1 KTRKKT. NCAR MAO dutiful, IB h uea ly fnrrlahed uwi auiry bnnao, wlUi thn modem ItaproTamenUi, parlor# with bedroom* atludind on ???iud Ooor, iarye airy rwu oo third Ooor; &an yard; aiao ban*1 merit M an oWoo. Boarpino.?a rrw mrror.B orrti.kmrn i'a.v nr. accommodated wi'h flood board a?d plraaanl roouia on reasonable term*. Apply at II Jone* -.treat, between hi?t * r and Fourth alreet?, near 8ti b avenue. TJOARDIRO.- A PRIVATE FAMIliY, WITHOUT CHHr J) drrn, In a d? li(littul neighborhood. mralil a< xnmod r? a genii, m i. and an-wile and two single gentlemen ?ilk ewry pla??nnt ami handsomely fumi?bod n?mt, ? I*la hot and odd wear, pn, Ar A|>( I* at 11 Want Ai?nn u h street, aceood h use West ui P.gbtn ar. HOARDING?A PRIVATR FAMII.T, OCrP?TIY<l A human. Hudson terrnre, lint <?hen, near the ferry, have several .nt rooms, ?wn of wae h -.i ? tieMrond floor, the fmin ton a rominnndlnf a Oaaiitltu' puspet t Id I ' bay and Illy, nth bn' and gold bath, taeitldll. I g t?, puiiti ira Ar To raapattdablo parties, aitber m?iri-d or . ainflP n Ith'till or pa-nal Board. Iheaa rooms will be Pit on niai.ttr trim* Apply to C. W Klaaer, No. 1 Newark atraal, I or lt> Mr. Kurd, 11 Uortiandl alraat. "|)0?KIUKO IN HROOKI.VN-A bRNTI.KMaN \ Nil 1 D hta wif?. tad two or ikntt ritfla yvntleioon. raa ba ? 1 > moe da ml with ro.-n.? and board aWflflHiataair 't, not two j minniaa' walk (nw. aith?r or Wlkl afreet ferrlaa. Pin j o? r at half paat all o'clock. . j (lOMPTON HOtiOK. OORNKR OP TfllRII AVRNUI J and Twenty fourth struct ? Pnroiahnd rt <nwa In lat, with or without board. Tta h<>< aa and f ,rnttnr? arw both Ma aad visiters wiu And rao*ytbmc aaat and dan. (HIFAP HO \RI> WANTFP RVKRY PAT N\< I IT J Sunday, a plain ?k >?ome dlimer. Ad.lreet W 0. VI' , 1 Herald ofllra. at t'liit terms . . ' 11 I 1 ELROAHTM Fl RNIHMKI) K'.tlflS TO I.RT-IN A bonae con lining all tbatnodaro loiproromeom. alBiated 1 at 281 alith nveaur. aaar M|biarnth atrvw*. fflAMIUlW AND tllNTLRBKN t'AN NOW HAVI TUB I 1 okMra of >hr?e apiendM nulla ?f ronan. alan (MM ?'na'.e I rooma. pa iUp rn-mtni part of Mr ai way, with parual board I | If (IralroA. lor.ire at No. 747 bmadaay, oppoo.e aai .r | >>*? ] nihiiri) r'>onsto i.kt-to OKNTLKJIEN. li'jiit ' r andairr, ren ral i?aU?, cba>yea m>?tStSllrvl. j way cdra? f( ! Wnrtj> *trrrt. mi-morly known ? tae t.ooper I H< uar. noaorptml la a tint ciaaa reafaurani. Apply aa a?or. , at tbo o?r>. room Nn 3, | Ijtl'RR1AHBD ROOM* TO I.NT-VRRT IIRUOIITVUU.T I P situated. atth or without board for the lad. only. Adlr.-?? J W .. I n ion ?'iuar? I'nat oHesi IAIRNIMIBD BBimOOM TO URT-tN A PRIVATR 1 boom, in pno or two prniU iura, rent ti prr >wi la al tanr*. Inquire at Htl fourth aireet, between Huh arejino ami Warli'optom r'l'ut'p j ( ?~11ntlukn ANOI-APIBA MATI itvitbyocr at ' \Y tentl ni to rail a 1112 II lyrtl olreet, HronSipn. where yn i mar reaurr llir ronton* of a bom* Trrma ? HOTKl. l/tlHIINON.?OBNTI.IUiflJf f AN UNTAIN I and fnrnlabrri ri'inu at die UK-be llnlrl, r-rnrr of frank for', and William atreela. at ? emu aad f7 ceaia par obtkl. Dntiar open all m*ht Hanononri.t ri rmnnin boom* to i.*t-to a gentleman and wire, or ta ainei. ?rnt!r n-e n a pri?ate family, with or w itboat hoard. gaa and hath In tha feouae. , Apply at MA ftonnton airPPf, two bocks from Kr -adaar NO. SIIOBATIO ATRRICT-A Hl'irof ROoMfCAB HR obtained, by applying Immodi tialy. on roaiBnwnMe i?mw, with baih ailarhwd, lu .. aiaair grutlemaa, oo a oar atul atagn rvnta. NO Ml WFAT WaRMINOTON PI.AOB-THB rNTfRK aneond llnora coaaMMnf two parlor*, thr-a bedr?ma. wllh rantrn a auarhrd. wdl br Irt aepataVy or In a-iba, mm full or pariini board, by a prlratr family llonse row tat aa modern naproTf m< nil. Nnuthenter* tisidng the city may find ttrr* a plaaaatbotar ]>RIVATB BOARI?rN(?-ONf, OR TWO ROOM' TO I.NT, with boan*. ruber V marr -d ..r *in?la *e iti.-m-n, in tV | iraawai and grn'rrl b.?iaa No. u Urtre street. near K corker. t>aa, bath Ac . tarma moderate T?i.LAN\ BDIUtlNOA ARK RKADY TO RR'ikivb j J a trw ttwnor boarder*. An entertainment will take y ore i n the 4th pf July, to which those Interested wMl mtl? an i arnr?l"n and elect n-ima aecssssil-le by K>yv rt and H?db??k hoata frets l .ot of Murray t rr't, at s oeiok. Ilritrd Mto?7. iddi ran .lames Warrrn PhaUm. rRMANl ? r ROaltD WANTSft?BT A ?RNTI.RMaN < and hi* wife, with well fnmlahrd apawiaeota. harlnd *ts frl and ro'd walei aud paa'nea. Loci'ion pear four'? are. r u-. a?t atore Thir letb < reel Cad > i">t? I Pafbreare r?qi'r I daodyivrr ft toe p?- d ?ru rr ?L> 1 a > .usut > i? >r,?*ia end prralsr'- as aho e vd ?ddr-s?, '? tna icraas. j which wuai ?ot sk--a t.'la ai.uph, hn J,?Vi I'viwa Ahja. I 3 BOAROINU AND LOOODIU. SOUTH BROOKLYN.?OKI OR TWO OENTLRWB* CAM rat* family. raaldlag hi * moat oooveaieal location. TL hrienn la new and enntalna |M, balk. Be. for particulars inq lire el No. if) Herrlaoa etnat, between Oomt ?4 "Raton fie. To huuthrrnbrb-tolit. with board, r rthr munme-. ea el-gent large parlor aod extension mom, with braioomadjoin'ng, banCwmely furol-bed. In Pond street, near Broadway A<l<lr*aa W., boi 1885 New York Fey OCee. TO LRT-FURNIBIIKD ROOMS. ON FIRHT AND Hurt floor of a bon n In Warerley place, suitable f?r a aeo'lrman aod wile and two alngle gentlemen, partial board If requ red. Apply at 48 Wea'fTeo'h street. (late Amor m eat) t O LET?TO B1NOI.K QKNTI.NVRN. A HANDHOMNLY fm n iked room or room and bedroom, without meala, la aprnate family. Mefereacoa eiabanged. Inquire at J9 East 1 w-JI (h air eel, near Broadway, TO l.KT?FURNISHED, A 6ITTINO room. WITH A bedroom aod a large pantry attached, to a geatlema j and bia wife, without board Rent KM a week. Apply at X Eighth avenue, near Twenty foni b a'reel, N. T. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, ON THR HEOOND FLOOR. 1 to Int. to aingie yeallamau, without n .rd; alao, two for pbhed attic rooma Ihl Ire at 667 Bro?iuo alrnet, near Tarry WaNTKIV-BV TWO 6INOLK HKv A I.ARuB well forninhed room with bath >ooat and cloan * ?vtaci-cd witbmillboard; k> >t*d lu the vicinity of Hi.Lh nin vi ai d 1 wnlfih all ret. AdiLreaa. wtihVaril.nilaw^lt. U. A., oca J 67'.I l'oai t ttoe WANTKD?A FURMAHKD ROuM, FOR A LADY AND K 'ntlrnon. board forth* lady onl*; local Iowa oentral. Addrmr, aiming term*, AC.. Meander, Broadway foat ufboe hoaku i* 'i'iik ooofriT. BOaBD IN THR OOl'NTBY. IN A HK Al.THY f.OOAlon, ea?y of aw mm, may he bad hy a lady hi dent to beahh or a I da wlablnd to bo la * redr d Wiml'io during confinement Addrt-m Retir? me?i, Herald oBne. BOARD IN TIIR ?*OUNTRy.-a PRlVATK FAMILY, r*'? din* In a lueananl and healthy I irailon to the ail the.Hud* in, within l.ouri ride from lh? el'y, ran uennramodnte n lew hoarder* lor the nmmner, to moderata '.erina. For par ieulara call at No. 6 Ht. Mark's place. CIOUNTRT ROARD-A FBW FLCAHAMT ROOMS TO ' ) be bad at the Partition Now Rouhelle. Apply to Major i; Ha L'UKN on ibn premises. (t I'NTRV BOARD.?A FAMILY CAN ItIC ACt'oVMOJ daird with roomn aod board lu a pleaaant and healthy li riiilun within ten mlleu <>r 'ho rliy, uimmimiunion at ..11 iionrM, or ihr*? or four children will be tut" u and a am Ml f?nill? without children. Apply to WM. UAoKK, 20 Chambers atreeta. /lOUfllRt HOARD AT ULIPIOM, HTaTKN 1HLAND-? \ ' On? large or two or three amall lamlllea can b? aconrnmodated wlib board and plenaant tonaaa at Clifton, atatea Inland Vender tilli'a landing, ilm oner aUndc high, an-1 o<> amauds a flnr view of thn bay and country; it I* al'iiaied within Ighl mmn'es walk of the lai *inn. Inquire at the landing for Miss Campbell's bearding bouse (iountrV board Mai ?b h*d at a Dauntahlr ) residence about aerea miles from Brooklyn by the Long laland Railroad; the House 1* pleasantly ocaiad, rooma airy. Inn law u and abadn irona. For further particulars Inquire at T4 kaal Twenty thtrd street VJ Inquire of M. I>. MCKkYfiK, 06 Kiobango place. CIOUNTRY HMAROMAY BKOHTAT?EI? IN A PKITATN ) f.iimiy in a pleaaani locality i,< *r Unix Branch, term*. SS pcrwnk: children nuder 12, $.1. Inquire of HMiTu M H< iV l> :uti Broadway. f\01'NTRY nOART? MAY BK OBTAINED VI" A kr.Alf' I tlful location, between Norwulk and Darleu, on the Now York ami New lliivii Railroad, two hour* from the tiy, llfUt'ii minute* walk fnmi lam/ I "Urn I Sound Family pr.vatr, Cull at MASON'S paper ktore, dui lireeuwlch ntrcut. 7> nun nodtnla. /YOL'NTHY HOARD WANTED- VT V * \R? Uoc-tR \J preferred, lor a Hdy, Intent ami nurar; munt b<'within three hour* ride of th-city; plum ?lml iuo faro, wuli uiiik, Irilll and ve/o'ab|e* iml men sable. Addraan Klailng '? ru.?, a. a., but 1,771 hew Y>rk Post <>01 MaRim.k HOU8B, kkw nMHIOa, IthfH IHI.kND. ?One or tw> famine* may obtain aoparfor mum with hoanl, at thin rominodlou* realdeuoe, delli?lnfnlly located on hi/h ground, nominandlor a magnificent new of tbn bay and narrow*, and only el*bl mlnuue walk from the ferry. Bxteniure wound* In lawna. oreoard and ranlen. lau-yre a laMr and carriage boon*. KxreUnni aea baUunj. Apply 14 or kddrtwa Marble Houae, New Brighton. M.'.MMKK KKSOUTH. Mountain homk-tannkhsviuo*.*?s?icn*ooui?ly, New York ?Thl* II known hotel having been tboronably rebuilt and rerurnUber alnoe the paat eeaaoo. In now open and prepared lor the reeepU >n of ymiterr. It- Ink kllua'ml on Ibe CltakHI Montiiama. (wtlbtn Are mile* of the Mountain Uouae.) tnrnmded ay the mnai aubltme acenerv, with ab .inrta... e of with xame, and dream* In the Immediate ttrinity, atmnndtng with trout, render* lip* a moat delightful dimmer reaort for partie* from ttte riiy Ui pnraultof health or pkeaanrn. AORMaN H ORkf, Proprietor. Mansion hoi's* lono branch. n. i., is now open and ready for the rerrptlon ol f?e?UL The *bive house iihi been newly decorslrd, and every ati-p .xken Uj ?er-,re tbf rumlor'- and convent- ice of tbo hoarders Allotted about one handled yards from the ? ebore fronting no ibo ooran four-hotrtred fret, will a- ommodate three hundred boarders. iioata leave tout of K hlnenn atreet dally .Sao i, LAIRD, Pieprleter. MARIRK PAVIMOII, RO"K a WAV, L. I ?TBI above hoiiae wee opened ou the Z;d ioat, and i- now ready fur the reception of punas It ha- bven newiy ,??eoratea. and every step lalu-u Pi a-cu-e the comfort and here nirnre Of the public. In tho?e who have visited the pavilion lor ihe laat few araaona It is only oec?ssary to ray I ha I alU) oonitnue* in ihe ownrrihip nod under be Immediate mai.??e B-rnt of ibr Mrssra. H Al aHKI IK; H. eta ;rs mane-, wi' b in 9 and 10 A. At , and i and 4 'hi P M. iralnr from the Pouib ferry. Ro-kaway bappape eieruas will attend to orders l.-ft a? 719 Hroadway, 47 ' till atreet, New Turk; or 39 Fuli-o atreet, Brooklyn RICHFIELD HPRINLR, OT8ROO COUWTT -Till PROprleioraf the American Ho el respectfully tnlunna kle Old patrona and all auch na line healthy air, be\at-lai aecnery. pood lUblnp rldee, and the - radl mi'on of ehroI Ic and ciitaneun* disease* from their sjsu-m, by the nan of the anlpb u waur ot Rich' > Id Mprtufa, that be hai very muih erlarped and Improved Ins MM Hsre-a) larpe airy bedr-Mino nrd aulpvur hatha lue been added, ao hit ants! la In a-i reapeota e-.ual to the beat, and hia cbarpep mom reaeopable RlchO-ld Rprirpi la aomr |..S0t f.-et above t| n water,'a a rat ey amidst tirroniidlnp munntaina. only ataty ml lea war' of Albany, thirteen ao ilh of llrrkimer. In tke Immediate vtrinity ofthrbeamlfe laker of (Ksepn and rw-kuvler In feet hsm err live lakia abo'indlnj with lieh within roe hour * ride ef tb>' a merit-so A letters will always rod prlTaUemooveraoeee at Herkimer HAUon. or iht-y ran avail ih?m*slWe of the daily a'area wliteh nnivy the mail lo Ri.-bt<o:d Kprioss ao that pertten vtaiuep the Hprlope can leave the city of Aew Torb in the ev-nlep boat* aodrench the Ai-rlor* on 'he afternoon of ihe neat -ley, and those eating by aaorulac earn reach It on the rame day. WM r. JOHMriOlf, Proprietor. UURKWHRtlRT.-TUK Ri'Hrti;|tlHKR INfORMH TflR O pub ic, that Ihe Pavilion Hotel, Port Washlnpton, la Span fur the reception of boarders and visiters The rooms are litres airy and pleasant, and nothing will be let sudune tba* can ti nd In the ooml-rrt of those rlsl'iap this hotel. TMOd. DAYtR. SKA RATHIBO-BRTROrfl-ITAH noT?Ts LoRtt Branch, N. J? lo now open for the reception of vW.u-re. J. H. A T W (A..OPKR, Propreu-m. r un OCEAN HOl'b*, RIIRCVHHi'KY LON1 BRANCH. I will ba npanrd for tha anaarm on V,.u t?jr n??t, J.ina at. r.rarr ulirnll m In ihr iximfori >.f aa wall aa trail l-i.t I >*rl?ra, will ba paid by Oapt. A. 11. HAU4JIATT. IVoprlebw To TOl'RIKTH?(UMMtK It KMiRT , ? I.AK 1 ni'RRORR Donna. iailahury, fl- TUta drltfhunl inaan -aaort la ov?n (?r Urn ?naa<m. Tha h?ua- la saw apaoloji and airy, aav. ral muar-a arr attach* <i Hit >?tad at U.r tvaa** nf tha tin an Mountain* na 'bn n at. atar -ha border of a Ink" flra milaa la 1-iMfiJl by own In width. In a InnalitT wirtrali-d for b-a i./ ot aomi-ry and fur tta aala hrtont and In l?or?tln? < llmata. right milan diataat from pnb If Ihnrnnahlarra. It ndara to Uxw (laiirwia of a 4 i!"t wmala n rntrrat fur lha anaimar all lha anjiym nta of th- Tmatry wrh h? amitwm-nt* lonnd at tha brat wa'-rtnf plama tlia lakn la ?'<irhrd with hah of ration* kind*. and the aatgfebortr.( mountain ntr-n*BA nlTm-d an alnirdaorn .1 trout. Arrrw to tha p vl? from Hraalua or Hld-llahvjr. both no lb- H'lUor l and Hurltnrvm Rniir-nd, rt'hrr about atrht wlaa ill- ant, whore "nareyai.ce* nan l>a kail at all Ui??n Fam ltaa or 1 raon* dralmna of ramatnirc a moo'A or mora, will Sad the term* eery mcrlnra a Ron'- from Raw Tort to Albany or Troy. inUroad from either place jam. A. RTVORa. Raparmt? del H?i -aaoay. inaa 1. ISC Lyvrrtn rtatin Hti-iRu u>r<> rraros, r. j.. vii.ii / baopaa ftw tka aaaw-a on .'naa at ThM honae baa baaa nlarved, ra f irniaa-d and improrad tkia awnt, bad na paiaa will ba aparad ta mafea R a Srat aiaaa 'warding and saw marwt J t k I'llfU IbnirMW. HOI "Kb, HOONS, .bl .. W*\TKIJ.~ BUR* WARTKD-!!* RXCHAfftR tom 1 ITV 1111 r Hro lilyn Unproved propcrtr. Harm R-i-in SO to 1*1 - na; v '- ii "'ml! w.'t " in 1* " tji % --* ml ' 111 T \ J x I.,,. Tl.lrwi.i 'I lo l.m l.;M? I'- ' . w :i I ! ? wfk Vleu .'it. c-kwtNo ma<th*im w*trxi)-A new or w * rr WHeon .* (to ptteal wl'l ha pur- bawd f ir ?t ami a.-r<-ian<ti?. i th? m- at lea.r?M-kind A'torm J. B , Hern.<1 ortiv. mitt ng ?k>-r* rid ba anan WAKTIH-4 COtfATRf MRaT OK KM AM. FARM IN rtrhanjre for torn!" la Pfln da, within a abort du tim of railroad iuuku. Addraaa ii.iwo'a. il-rahl odloR. tt7 A WTKrv- A OOrjTTRT MM AT. OR IM.AtTK ON T.O?(? TT talarid Round, between New lltira u<l R t? utolina ir I b# imor n?-ar ihe wai?r % fww m-m >f lar I ra .r?d, wider riilliva'mn. Ac : a *" ?! iurathm Air Dabjiwr and boi'lnf wuJ he a atri'iig In-lum n?< nl. Ad'li. ?, finite -Hi par a'.ira i ,il bi?Mt nil pt?i, Country Rawt. aaa uI Heianl A On , * - i' luan llwai |jr-ANTr.r?-To rknt two nk?tt.t rcR?i*H*f> rr rooaaaraholR a?arid Itoor) la a brttia Bag -da i-i rment h"--? in W. r*na ?< 'id "'met, Un? ?'? ri'titii-m.n w1'bor*rhi"ilb-fii. 1 >ih ?*. t -irn >'j prime umitp no bonder. -r rli i ' -re 4 titou r. f?. 8 . Ropd a F.ipraaa poat Trim. A nod i.i Iff a rtrii to rORCIlAAIT a tllrnr rtor Y ann " ba?*n<i'r'k< <im ?tih all tha tn-xlrra b-armtrTMaia. (oaaMor I rion Tan ti ibirl pirw ?nd h? i r . . not hi asomd |l in Ad 'r. m Urn Cxrrrati r M iTutmbara ?waet. ANTROIiOVY. ~ 2(t!atry0tant-j at *3 aroomr ntrrrr, nrar Mnwert Rra HAY AM, the hen anil moat an *a?fnl med.i a'And Mialnaea Dnlrvnpiri In tho wo id A;l .luna'aO d*?r omil and rnrrd alim at friend. 11 ad. Ac. Ka'tafa'iioa rn?rAUtird or ao u?jr taken till RR?IN<? RTKRkT ?<71. AIR TOTANi'R - RRA ?! 11V MOCR, afew di? ra wrat i ( Krndway, the mnal nwfe " mi-ilnaj an' l nttn-n rt? rr Tint in an" ? AJ Maenaen dia.-overrd And of '.If - ir.Me C narrmf ml ?tBB OO ho? O. ra, I mi Irlrw !a. Ac , and .mla'v*K*l ( larmniaaA, 0* ao par ijl w t upriNYVtci s r K r. l ' vet: I'ltVMiR-.d Dl II 1 All at M? ! ', V . . i. , -I b- fv-no baa a atndr oinnri i?l With p rrn . * th en iMra b?r to Wlljo'trac* 1-dara-or and ' T' <"' whether w 1 dr wraiiby wdnm rod will m >rrr. 11 aatnr.laka -all who rtri* hrr. She la aaala rd bp Ma lam- l?e tha priabrat-'A rlalrr-o an; Ah r artrolixiint that i?*n thr w?ru: B-r tbonaand dollnra reward to olfcimd lo any nan anrpira Mad. Ol/irTOR iB#t-l i*unrr" rta p nm noi i. partlanlarl? < ? " '??'d'* and %d nd >a ? tkr alaoglrra Inckr nut am. nap prnam wiadlai t n' .nn i'on of ant Y nd. wo -Id do wall lo aa'i tod it ,nr*i piftod lad". N. N.-fba la no bn?n>?.i? .'a'Vtil firaiA Hrr Idea op 4<i OWMtoJ ?tr?to ?('(? 1 tad Ktaatoa atrtc*.