Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1857 Page 1
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TH] "TOOLE NO. 7610. WALKER'S MEN AT BELLEVUE. ?be OtuftMloM mm! Oftuhmi of Wtlketl oMUri now In tcllCTM H<M|Atai? flitlr k?jDW, Agn, Natl vti tan, AMlaMuKrapitle*, H MUida, aud Upbitimi albnnt tttii. Walker, Ac., 4w?, Ac. tme of oar reporters yesterday visited Bolkiiroe Roe rM, and a lib (be kind attention of Dr. Johnton, house wimo, mo lb? i?mouit of Walher'e army of liUxniors, mkug of over thirty poar, sick, omaciowi, jIuim and wounded men. U woo a painful right t> beaold ?von ton ghmpr* of ibe ovjg of war, uJ tc bear from lb? H.n tt ox'D in ibo prime of bfe (tokening deta.hi of lb? sudbr Sbg* ibey ?odurod. Wo believe tbu moat of these uo'oraiawu mm were allured lo their mlsfortonea by the IkMe ana g'KUrtug expeoiaUoos bold oat by the leadug abbas awn in Wall street and ekowbere. ffee reauer will sea, from a portal of Uie following 4e Mb, their deplorable condition; muy of them far f om Iwm, dwtlcute ant friendless. Tbe'.r mm W worthy of P?bho otiusid'M-etkm, and euraly thoso who hcve boon so wk siaitio about Nlcaraguau i'roudom will Dot dow Dogloot yfc ?? who have 10 ceepiy i/lored ou t stand oo much in Mod uf n?;?tanc ) We give the state monta uf the moa m detailed to our re ynrtert? w una J ocrm.?J.m IS years of age; ?u born In 8l tabo, N a ; am too years m the liuws, up to thetitro of /utau? Walker's army bat good boaltb, and was steward a board ship for four years; entered Walker's winy, tmfe April, l-Srd, io New O leans ; was three weeks sick uf fever after arrival in Nicaragua, wout out as private; ever wounded; was always in active service, and end te de duty with an alcorated leg; when first wont out, rtd very wed as regards food for ttrso montns; after that mo had but little, and indifferent ; no IKjuors wero altos ed; our company never re wived any; bad gv>l d'et at A tteorge, a few miieafiom Rivas, ehero the enemy w?ro; ser diet court sled uf bacon, mecacrei, chocolate, culfue, |?o vegetables,) pbantalns, oranges, banacan and mangoes; was abused to wan tsr out three or four miles; hw Is the may we lived; were drilled one hour in the morning and 1 , we ho rr in the aflernoen, and stood guard every other Say; have aeon dept. Bell knock down men f.-u<;vcr.i'y, >ioa. ir they were so sick they ooold u? keep up with the wwnpacy ; the most common words usod by the odicers in tnarearing the pr.votes was calling them sons of bitches; kay wool J buck and gag man?that w, pot a mufk.-i be krsd the hack between tbe arms, put their feet tn stocks, 1 a bay aoet lo their mouths, and then pbar.i Uiom on their I bettsa lor nix or elgnt hours; this *h done to a private 1 wu?d Dohortv, because be wcat oat for plantains without yarn to?k*; another mode or punishment ?u to stretoh a bu <x l wttb hii arm* and feet eatenied, and fc?t"ned k? Wpeaote In tbe ground, and keep him in .his pwiioa, with km face to a burning sun, for four hour* during tbe hsnt il tbe day. this I saw done to a man named Taylor, who in ooutequenee of tbla croeity asserted with Urn ere a few day a afterward*; another moihod of i purthh ng waa to Uo men ap by their thumb* ! an tiptoe, and keep them in that strained potihon Tor ; taaae time; ail ibere ktnda of p-iotebmont were regular | aotleaa of the officer*, optb id et ttoorge and Klras I hare reen thirty or forty aokttera tbua punished; after feeearmy left Kiraa we took possession; at the llmo of mto airge oor us iaJ rations were anything we could get; i sometimes only three or tour ounces; tho beads of animate, mulea, border, leureo, ten . were given out aa part ' te tar ration*; the tnoa would go down to where tbe tttng wae going oa and take the hgtot*, rule, and every- j ** ?I of the kino for food, and wbllat food waa pleat? in the country could not then go outside the ranks, but had ! la Meal oat and feet rood, and if caught out wttlxrut a gin ! men were taken up aa deeerten and *h?l, two young men ' beimgtcg to the rlfloo hertag lost th- Ir way on the Han Jaaa at the battle of lUwae were taken bef re Walker; he te H oat Imartlnw and both wore ?b 4, one of them hawing told ma be had do intention of deeort'.og; Kenoral ahanr (one of the met prominent men In Nicaragua uu j dor Ibvaa, and deacrtlag with him aa well an tlie nwt nf > fta native enters) waa ahot by Walker for deeorttun: ho 1 bath a pan *awr-^tlwr, meotr nrw ik t WyraffT Lake Kloaragua. had no tnai more than to nek him if he j knew the bandwrlimg of two letters, wbtou be a-tmlued; J ? Ml ?.? W u? |"?- wmcu ruj.j. , " ?.? ." ?u J? mrxu j *wo ma whom he look u prisoner* M Umoada, la wUlla ; tea of the shouting of Dotoael Lane a? ifvssya; one cu a ' aMaael, the other * nontenant; they both toot gut** of ' braady, 1U tbetr organ, tied thsir own handkerchiefs over , tiler eyes, and bid adieu to one another the men were ' always shot siding op ia a chair against too wall, twelve 1 ?ra usually tiring u ibv pe**on to bo ahot; we were la | thme from Ismcmhor to May, when the tr.wly wm mado, at trst the enemy w*rt> do ower i; ,u oranada. whieh waa detaiil about surty mlkw; we had pien'y froin Be surroundtag country at tir*t, until Uie raagora' mala* werv the only lood wc bad at last. There euro la a horrid uewOHIuw, backs failed, .he. Wo need In fo rst. shoot p n aad rob ben rounta, sod take anything we ooul<l got. wo eat earn aad dogs, and were glad to get thorn. IXjgt I did aat Qkr; it war t. o stroog and hat a k ad of bitter last*. My way I roe Id eat't war by taking green margoor, he, aad Mcwtng it; this would mollify the taste I hare soon mm mM for a dollar a piece The oats moat was very r, the I at ones eepxdsllv; lhay would fry la their cwm Hsrrr meat waa prettr good The m.Ue meal waa mtqrber tbaa the borse. The doctors never look mocb aam of the peiiet.ts la the hospnalr, and Walker very rarely vtrtied them, ahnnogb only a fee squares distant ite/n Bell deeerw.l alter eards, dropping ruteide the guard Boose a handle eontaialng bis military coat, sword, Ax Me olerr la my leg war caused by tan c.tAng of a boot la which I had to mareb twenty miloa a Oar. I hare seen mi men suspctidad at a lime by the thumbs by order of Cngt rwsiatH rry 1 have stood ptcket strwvi days w mtiwiui?two men to the picket Walker la no more of a general than 1 am The enemy knew all his morojeeolr before his own soldiers The? were always prepared for him [Tbio man te natnralt) healthy, hut broken down by hardship* end bos pltal gang ten | Hjiis Msaensii?Wae horn ta Western New York; was a aiark hetnre going out, let My one yearn of ago. Wont Boot New Orleans ta Msy, 'HI, went io ttreytosr* la the BUM Webster, and op lo Mraaade, tbeaee to Mmaaya, where I r? maise* one month, having good Bring, board mg wlh the naiivre Belonged to the Kangtws and wan si period le pick up bmees and moles got chills and lever; moot of the men bad *; suffered from march!o; , having Bflaters oa my feel When Arot I came soap <h gl-sea aat ta tha aaa every weak to wash, but after a while die nnhnml. so fee of ur bad mure thro one shirt b ftoM. Our eomnany would not stand cruelty t waa different from the Infantry aad rWe corps tenet Leste was a bratal nlller, cursing ma men when they bad the chills and fe-rer he aaa f h * at the siege of wraaada; went lo lUmat s. where we bad plenty to eat: we alwaye had more itum other mm, because we would go out to to age asd get It, the natron look their pay la sculp, 1 never drew nay, for I mmg? it ant worth anything. bare men the fori ** take a Mg raaa and wallon the slrk men out ot bed to eland nW3. nr. WlTKWBn <IIQ HIIIK BlfM, W1 I. WM <H frequent ortnrret.* . Dr. fhllaban mm- of Ui? bMui doctor* I ferrymen, tcork. d a ma:, down btotcx tor Burn aakod Mr ratios* be had miMti reoolvtBg, ?o wt Jd he drtrea out wKu nloera too um so I bare now, amlforeed li Mod guard ami to mar >1. Tt Mil**?W?a bora ut bales, am to year* of age?T rar* la tot- country, araa a aaltor, then a laborer la Gab kraia. enllrted la Walker's army on the auto of February, UM, at Mao I raauaco, ta too Rod ri ar Guaroo, Wabmr'a buty guard; company artit down to Man .loan under GapC Stewart, war at toe bolt** of HI bo wye acd hoye </ Klraa at abeh I gut w?itdod la Uie by a Minnie ball bad to Mod 24 hour* at a Uma r? ptckcl, X hour* oa aud 4 uK, never bad cm igh to cat wall* 1 ?aa th. rr we had good itouan lo our company, the ou^or ?aa tfraatlud our Ma * ore all fku!:r*iaii?, ar t would not 'and any cru kj If attempted. It won afempted, aad all but tLreu do artod, don't think Watluir Btucb at agoaorai ha* a run ahat wound on .nee Nrutiuui Ttui-e, (Ut nontenant)? tm W year* eM. Wie bora la Man land. lono.o t trade, bad i-??o in Oil Be ma iince litto, ootiateJ in Walker's Rules, Gr-apunv U. la lkftf., laadt I at Han J im on the 1st of .lanc.try, ISM, nrdnrud to tterapt jul, aad rema ned to-re UUJnoe. loud toe to fab mall .onnl; a/Vr our ariital, aeoi I? Walker. rained moat o the time wo wort bare, made ab.?1? tb ? ibtar wo own Id ale >p in the 0|*b abed wito astrruly ney eerrrlag, l| was e? mild aad warm There v. as u > Ma?e bUjiwud ua one ot U>< <x>sspnme* tireight duwn a bartol of brandy, but the men you. eg turbt u?e eaffb ordered the head of the barrel to be t ro.M In. Weal to \ Irg'o Ray 1Mb ?f July 'Ml, left thai tor Omelet* thai Btrbi to qocll aa laourreottoa. Wee t hot wdh a mail rifle oaii imeetog jam bohmd too middle./ the tbigfe; twonty olliotf abo ? waded heaoto. ^ omc^in wUo d ud la boordai. A* a yeuefui thing too wmmderi rara wore baoly taa?n aarc <4 Wert not allowed to plunder. Wrr roaulred any pay to m>uey The pay of too i viral.* wu fto a mentii Iben orde?-'y oerywuu, $r,1 ftp .snood nootoBaat, too. Brut do . I^A?cuttou* aad obatdny be-no Mooted. W?ul bark alter toe nym to virgin thy stonM toers el* month* auJ a hotf imri ewongn Iota* anldwrs In toe fcnepiul badly boused, legn and arm* were cut off with a bowie knife and carpenter iu? i sy.ernd to lira aria (Irioher 8, sod remained mere till Ike <>m mourement of *be *1ere Ordered lo Maaaara ordered ?.?, a ...... .r I'm, i?rUilM?r. an 1 on the marrb wem attacked b? u>e ine my ? picket. beat th. m beck end took n? r.eceu o> eaa now Raturnlng ui Maaaa>a fell Into en a nbueh hutaw men in?ufh te charge Um' joemy.*?n* Ihilga*, IVF- Rin and NatlbeEka were eeunded el tbi* tktrnamb. whir', le?tcJ on end of f >r lhr.v daya Wa* wounded, bnl hail do aiieuUun pa.] u,o Tti rka Weimar eeata pomp ktim. . A o, Li>'??v In "1 year* ofay? wai bor In IV-Hand; ooenpattoo a lemur 'Jith epiember. 1S/.R an mi of U>e Ural who entered In Man Krani Varo th>- Ca Tomla compeny of rtUea. At Ur?1 oar er-imemdni " ie IB Nicaragua were |ol, W.lkar eatia.: at ibe none table, bet toward* the end coold Bid pi b alytl aaewer from Waiker; hare boon la e'erm UUtier; aerer Injured but '*)<*, hat plenty In eat Mil the drc'ara Uoa at war by the (twta Klrana. during the per' yctr wo bad to 'teal innrt than hair nl whal we eat. nold my pM tola lo buy fbod ilflcere cruel, I hare ae? n thre? men Wretched mil on a i nw aiidghunc, Walker in wart* the an I wae tr rmtinmal, loft lii* affk and won tided t?i> to the enemy; let woun'ml to ? ihiroh. where all ww butchered, llunan, of Haiti more, had to pay hi* |menace home when he hml let %n arm ta the aerrioe. n W t?._ Am Wl year* of age; wae bom la Ale'ieota y aeerohai I went oat in ydo Watke? aa pri*at- 7lh ?t Joan, A UM, Ik ootnpuy 0, trout haw Orieaaa, waa la actlra aw E NE vdoe, and proooud o tirm hou tenancy; 1 w w'd judge U tbat Bem-raJ Walk or was somewhat tyraonioat; men a-uo-o i| time bad fully expired oonW not get their dt+oba go; a backing, gagging and confinement in I bo guarJh oso wore tint common ounWb oert Colonel would boat bn * mtn oyer Ibo bead with his sword it ibev laggort behind; 1 rations were sometime* sufficient, and more (V< q isntiy P short; I do not regard Sen. Walker as a military man, txd d a* a civil man; bo ban bravery; wisdom as well at h eonrsgo most be used; think* Walker a a. o man. bat no I soldier. ii J. 0. Koran?Was born In Tenaeeseo . am "fi yosra of L age; was ovirwor ol plantation*, colored Walker's car my | il .U?J 4, ICC*', |Milt< iU/ "" ' *?" V * " was sick a guod d?a); had cuiw from eauug fruit ytao? levw war very prevalent In SrtuJt, the deaths o ten ;n U hi.:b u fifteen a da;; was wounded In the retreat from V ki/uosya; fell striking on the knife; ?oldiir? not well 11 treated; officer* abuahre to ttte men; I oat dog's meal a at I be hk'go of Klvas, and glad to got It; I lie sweetosl t meat Lever eat was jock> paunch? pa?t of tbe time had sweet oil. Don't think Walker will do a* a m ilwy man, mey do as a*eu. He was not capable of common flag an arm;. B W. 8 ?Am -0 years of ago; was horn in Mississippi; painter. Salted from New OrleanH October 27, Iftftfl; *w on picket duty ten days and nights without being relieved. ITel est flesh would have oaten meet anything at tbe time Ofbctrs would rtrlke men with their sword* fo* Ignotanc] Buckli g and ga/gteg were of common occurrence, also tletg up the men and stretching them Some of the doctors dtd not hesitate to rob the deal, totaketheir rings, ssoiM-v, Ike. jomo h kumra ?4m 24 years ol"age- was born In Portl?ad, N V. Was with Walker id misi'tin Tulnk It very hard he doesnotcoroetoseotbe men, usptclally as many of them are far from b mo. Was taken prisoner u dawssya on the 18?h of October, and kept until the l*t of last lane Was well treated Pri?o?i?-s wore genera'Iv shot. t>it of seven taken ti e same lime as myself I * an tie only ono who escaped a'h Have no means to go to my friends, who reside in Iowa Qty. Neve* ree.elred a dollar wnllo In Nicaragua, or drew ten dollars worth of riotboe; uever drew senp. Ureal rlffi-renoe of opinion aoout Walker: some of hie officers treated the men cruoi'y Oonsiderea Uu> cause I ? as fighting lor just. Don't know If I woakl go hack agalu. Men would sooner go under any other man lhan Walker. Tb'.ltk he cares liuio lor his fellow beuiga who will stand by and see their sulfering wiuient trying to alleviate it. 11. M f private*?Is 21 years of age. born In Vow Vork, clerk In a atero I think the aan u a* Wabei J Hev.t ahiul Walker's g< neralsblp; 'ievoro to tj.s dwcipl'iu ; o'doors did pir>ky mtich aa they pleased; not modi of uiliwlual responsibility. lao officers, as a general thing, weie ahu live, [lie m naturally healthy bat tor the ulcers bo has contracted | ' Joum Wr.Ji-iJti (private)? Am 33/oars of oge, w.ts born In Alabama; think mighty HUle of W_uk'jr doo't think he la any particle of a man. or ne would out have treated ua r ho has. (Tbhi ih a ebony, athletic mm, received a bill hrt>m a muakot, which poraed into the hip, ihreivh the abdomen i tid out of the ether b>j> ) Janae A oar* ('21 serguanl)?la M yea' a of aye, was hi in In Uart lauu; thick. Walker ha* been great In hw time; haa done aa much aa any man count under Um ctrenn stances was not ?y nmoical. I do not Uhuk tie was a general caruble of leading an army. be could do more than any rnocr man, but co?M not manage an army; he waa no diMMphnanan. K W 8?i.t*\ - 20 yearn uf age, born In tfissonrl. I think Walker la a tyrant and dwierven to be banged; that Ik p>y opinion; 1 would tell hUn if 1 ha I a ohanco. [This youi man bad bin arm abol ou | Pamkl Donor a*?Am 20 yearn of age: wan botu In New York. Had been clerk previoc* to joining \Y*lk?r'a vm< aa private; thinks ho la no commander at all, bat a sold, Iron hearted man. [This man is taid up w.tli uleors of the leys 1 P. O. Gk*vu??la eighteen yearn of ago; waa born In Alabtma H ill twas do opinion. Joili I?acv?la twenty yearn of ago: was born la Cana da. I* a machinist Waa private tu Walker's army; root Ivrd a gun ?hot in the knee. Think* iVa-ker very ncg leotful or duty, and doe* not oarc for tho autSoringa of hlj goldVra. Satrt *t I'tnmu?la twenty years of age. vai born In Ohio; i? a glaca blotrtr. Was a prlvalo In Wailitr'iarmy. Wdi give no opinion. N. M Rccm?Is twenty Sv* years of age; wa'boro In (Vntneeee; bookkeeper, wat clerk of the if nal My of isiou of Walker is poor, be Qaa treated us alt badly ?btimbugied ua all I hare korved twelve months, and daring that time received eighty ceota In oaab, a shirt and I air of |iaata In pay. .1 titan IhuviA-v? Am twonty io?en yoari of ago: waa Ka.w a Uh. Ih r.arJIna M.n lutAkltaeua. taa UlilfW lor'* doiar latent Received a gun Ntm* wouon i^ao foot I "I'll' i ?? g" la Fwoden. Herred in Walker's army, and r/iulraoted ulcera Thorn was neither modtciae uor moaiui la the b?^M. Joan Kjbw? la 31 year* oM; ?m bora lo NevYork, wraa private la Walker's army; contracted ulcers, th.nkj thai Walker .lou't ia/< about ..a. Dswrrr ? i . Ir 2" year* of age; was born lo Ohio, was first sergeant la Walker's army: rece.rod gun shot woend thinks Walker a d d rsonat; ho mad* a treaty ami ; f t in the poeur of em my lo violate that trs.dy, loov lug a* In tbe hand" of a half eivlUrc.'. people, who would murder as any Unto Ikey could. Walker Is ao general? du rtaiesman. Ruiinw a. Caa??Is 22 years of ago, was born la Scot land: was private la Walki-r's army, bad sboul lar dlsloealed M*Si Walker a bard customer licikv Bi rxKK? It XI y ears of age, was bora la Ilea mark: was a musician aad flghter in Walker's a-my, has contracted nlocrs, Iblaka Walker a lawyer?no soldier. Ciim Alias? Am 3d rears old; was bora la Mlasonii was private ta Walker s army aad ooalraotod aleers, Ih als Waiker a bard okl case a perfect tyraa<. don't cure fur no man ? 'tfe. ae general?ao aoklier; be Is only a bull oog; we should ail hare been killed, if t?oa Honnrng sen bad Lot ootue out Jems Asi'irreos?Was bora In Warykan 1, aa 71 yean of an ; was private la Walker's army, has ceotra>iU)d ulcer; ihi> ka Walaer a bard oasu, as be would not .us any thing ffs H I "ours*?Asa II years of ago, srae born la Texas?lived In Tenner*e?. wrs Oommtoary He.rewnl m ! Wa'ker'e array received a gua<bnt wound la leg. thinks y W slkeria a robber, murderer and everything eUe that is bad; am down en him I war shot la (Iranada, ar I be wai some lo hare me abot again beonure I weald not do duly ' before I was well ' J <r A. Turn?I* :i6 years of age, wa.i bora la Mississippi. wrui out M nontenant la Walker s army, but never got my c)trDiiseedi. have a very poor opinion of Walker, though I ray but very litUe about it. Joint Bw-wnasata? Am 22 years of age. was bora ta I New Orleans; was one of lite company of Ranger* la 1 Walker's army. I think 1/ be bad got tb" mean* be might j have suooreded. but did not tr?at us well, though *11. year* of age; wts bore in Virginia j ww captain of tomgaay 1'., Drat Rifles; rear:red a wouad 1 In my Kg. I think Waiker w a good man, but not a m.U ' tar* man liee CI aswis? Is 21 years of age was t>oen la Paginal; 1 went est an private la walker's array. 1 think be la a mean man on<: no oOrar. W T. Jiwnr-la %i yearn ef age. wad born La Virginia. 1 wo* tergcaat tn Walker a irnjr omtracWvl l-wrr aa<i ?1 cere ! ibnk him a good man, no far an i au c thread 1 >ie not think be la a good officer?loo ra?b A J JU anient?la 34 yaan of age, wna bora tn Hen lock7 wna Oral Marfan*., and reootrtd a gunnbot wooed la knee. dea l think Walker waa a (oal cumraar. lor?rather rank. rataxn *ur> -la to* of are wna Horn La Ireland went < ui a* private tn Walker'* arm; . roavactod -ksora think mill a (<xkt officer Beridee the atorr are I ha feRowlag, la a different ward nf th" LonpUaJ ?Jacob IUuk?r. Werman.43 y ear* of ago. J or Met etans<d New York, M. Henry Welle, 'joaaectimi, Jerk. 24, Penman Tronbr.Jge, 1 *>..!* la aa, 10. Alfred Dwanu, Ireland, 17, and a few la the medlml ward*. orb. .a brief, to the atateaent of the eioerteaia aad rtcaa oi the thirty gnflei or* now at Brlkrno llMprtal. aocorrr or amithk* or waitaa'a an i. piatt. (from the Newark Adrerliepr, J no a "0 ] Mr Henry fertow.rf Utla city, oar nt the rmaraed Walk*r men. who reached New York In tbe frigate Wa baoh on Nunday, calleil at wr office Urv mnratng and gare *ooi? Inlerietiac particole-e of hie edeeittnr'w He en U*ted In New York on Keb %>, IIS*l under the nemtnaad of Captain OWrhice, and left there on the name day. la the nteamer Northern light with aome too otheea. Alter reach:ry i.rarada ha prnrc dw* dlren to Uwta Ktca. joloed Walker1* army, aad participated la the en*vitag batUon of Mania Horn. F)ran, Mreanya aad l.rennda Mhortiy after the latter haUle, la la-comber la*t, be wan lemed la the fbnt by marrbtng, and entered the hoe otto l at Kirne where he remain**! IUI ihe 23d at March Wbtkr engaged la defending the nornpanta of the bmpMal from aa attack of me ton (toria Riraae, be woe ehot throngb tho left breaM. tbr hail panning ont aader the appoalle ?bon!dnr. Mnw\e ye dart alter, wtnle arga???J with aome 40 otbera In feragtag ter it* mpfMiee, the party wo* aMocke.l by a large force el Carta tttoaae. aad Mr H wa* "hot through t>oth thigh* H* war then permanently laid op tn the baa Ctnl. and when <*en * oiker earrwnderod oc ihe In of i>\ lant. waa lelt there n cripple. Ha walked fenm HI ran ' to At (*r*.rre.2tk rrutchm, nod Uieocc tailed la , the ^earner rrom uarv* to in# nean ? "an man nrer FYem the e be proceeded l?y rtb*r wo vt > au-vw to Ureytown, Mil by the U. K ?iwp of wnr Ciane to Panama, whore ho woo taken on tbo rrigake W?t>anh Mr Hartnw ropreaeot* (?en Walker ar ernel, rapa men*, arlAMt ma# Ho himarJf only enlurted fhr o'.t m. nth*, and no Urn wrplratkm of thai tint, Ih-rigb bo reprwtoatod that bo had a fbmtljr in Newark , an t umogb Walker bad u*t rw< !ml emor glV.Oftt Prom M?i Halaoar. the latter refuted to give him oft or r a dlar*a??o or pay t?t hi* aor Tire* t?nt told htm thai bo mutt remain with tbo army till loo r*juration of a year, when ho should rortnloly bo dl?rharfoo t.ot Waikor pledging hut word of honor At the time i?t( br urain applied t>w a dlytharg*, tad thong* ba romtmiod Waikor of hta word, waa poretn|Aorliy rfduaod, and cvdomrt hark to hi* oampeny Mr. H relate* an toftdoot of WaHer"* r.ntelly, In *hrt* in* % man no a charge of tnt.nnnricf mm to <l?aart. Tiietnaitaaa bronght boftwe tbo General and aha/god with the attempt, w bare upon, w ihotsl holding any on irt tnaiiiai, Walkrr mud, ? T<Jco thai ruai not and abort him." Tao man war tmaxx'.aioiy led out no tbo piara and shot , Throe day* alVrvvlr It ar?p"*r,?d that ib" max waa laao i rent Mr Harlow h*? rWrtd no ray from Walktw, and bnt one mil et rlothe*?tn all, rained U lyg* thai t* All Uit (the* nothing waa obtained from the IMdlai of ibene who wore hrg. He ropreaentr the army ar badly rlnlhod aa<t worwe tod > nr ?**? forlv day - they I!rod nltor -tlio' on mole o'eakw. piai tain*. At , and frV-ioently *nd*r?d from h'ipgrr. part rnlarly when ther were in the hosmuU Mr In, low ?peak? highly of u* bravery of Walker, bnt rntidemM l.l* oeldrb, ooi I hearted aydem nf ooti d.ietlnf the war I* fim. Hentlngret, and the <Aber officer* hf rpeako In high term* The ronntrv, he ray*, It one of the finest In the world, and need* only enterprise to make It rety OotirHbieg The tVwnt R. tan*, by order rf Get. Ouia<. after Walker had left the oonatrr and had deny tied hit ?fc>k and wonaded to tin gycroy pi W YO MORNING EDITION?Till iq enemy, fiirnwbed theti fond, and the; took we > telr o* n irjw la*. Mr U ?pcaka highly ot' (Jen. 0?n? Dd hi* action* toward* thou. Of tho Newarkers, tbero wore 211n all In tbo army. ? rh< m od)v three, Henry Barter*, -heiwu Wtl nu, aot) IWf y " Itrown arn ?ur vivlng. .taring tho 'lowI arn Hit niton. who died front fe -er In Mta-aya, Chtrlea t-amio, iod front <i, btltty; baac A ttoro. taken p nuoer and dint y Uto On ta Rtcaiut, and hi* n*pho?. dK*i front lo?er; aba, * hot at Bern ilqui Ftltx Moo a, ?h<<t: Urt*lo>, ikon ptroner and ?bot at -Un a K *?, liy 0o-?t? K. win; ?wt* Lo t'-oa, obot an the Ban Juan rlvor. fit* fa'e of !>< other Nowarkem Mr. Bnitow ooukt not recall In aomuiy. Mr Bartow ' oaoltod tht* city pennlln#*, and aint HldoH note of abutting, and on ao mum of hi* ,oj i Ma, i- unanle n engage In any buHtnexM at preri nt lie i* a bettor tty rade. *Dd ray - he ha* *een enough Helping ut Micar^ua, nd will ber. after be control to loutaia ul Jur tbo prontoKm of the Utiitod Stoics flag. The DipaHurc of U?ntnil Wulfcrr. Ywto?<iay afternoon tlencial Wil'lara Walker, 'Prod lent of Nicaragua," wbo hu been boj >urnla( hero lor tbo a-t florin Wbl, during wbtcb time be Ua boon " soring the loptant" and delivering speechoa from tie boxes ol beat ret?left by railroad to Philadelphia en rout-: for fhailet>ion. Bo >u acoooapano'd by Chptata Payer oox I ho Honoral will not make any etav to Charleston. Isil will iroeeed at oooe to NarbvlUo tor U>? purpose of noldiag * mtrrrnoo wttb bte 'ii'bei. wbo rotadet there. Ho *111 hen go to Vow Orkans, where it k? undoret fi th>re 1" a H?n oonc? acting for tbo su called IHH-rrwino of Nicaragua. rbo circumstance* attending too arrival an 1 departure >f the Weneral aro worthv of nolo It will bo romemoarod hat whm bo arrived at too Park, vhere bo was <o bavo >ad a puMlo receprion by hte BymuaUil^ra, the eloquence ind patriotism wblob turned in the breast of tbe orator leleotrd to welcome blm, was uooeremonlonHiy extto [Plrhed by the oopksir xbowers which were failing at the ,lme, end the municipal war, which wa? at its height wae < o great an attraction for the assemble-' patrtols, wbo im srdlaieiy det-orted ibe stand, leaving Walker and bt* folowcrr alooo In their glory. Uo departed yesterday iu the nrdifl of another rain shs-m as qnlutly as any otoer eostooKill'un, there being do demouf trailno of any kind. It to supposed tbut rieurral Walker's ne\t ra>vomoct ill bo to drive (-leu. Martlucx, the present umirjier to S'loaragna, out of that republic. Our Ian Jaan Del Norte Corrcapoiiitcnrs liax Jl oi i'at Noktb, June II, fits JXUr of Walker's Mary?Tkr Mroi Goetrnmmt in iVica ra^aa? Hiyki of Nalire Hrlinyfor WaJJtr. 1 bavo now to toll you the rale of tbo schooner G raoadv I ou Will r cool lert that this gal taut Utile walk was taken orctble possession ot by IJcut. Maury, of the St. Marys, tnd delivered over with all tlio arms and am mo uil on on -ouri or bcr to Uio negro WUsoti, formerly boity tiirmii o one of Waiter a ofllncrs In I/inn, but cow aeuptaln to be Costa fdca novy. Canaa had Lko round ?bot and inr um? surrenderee to Oapt. Davis, and the broken up braes anncD removed In wagons from Rlvaw to rtan .faao dot sur und embarked on board the tcboonor. Qa? ag 10010 n'sgtvlfiys an to the skill of Ckptaui WHson.Gaaae eagsged t desorter who know moro about bartending tnau ua.-iga ;>oa, and gavo him tbo ootxim.esl/ta to take bor round to Koalejo. lie bad hardly sailed UaJf a mtlo out of mo bar. or when she struck on a rock an 1 wont down In flee d'.uoIch. ilest, if not all. Uio cew were aavod Captain Wlison, who bad Ifcvn temporarily removed to Onowoeo, t?k>d of! bisrhis-n and danced about with d-iiigbt on bearing this gratifying intelllgrucc. Vi-u have beard ore ibis, of course, that liar .no/. hn? been made t*>eeld> nl, and Jereg commaitlet In utiief rhw, or course, destroys all the oonUdcnon of liiu demo -rats in Jeri'2 Lion PairIcto Kivus, yot are no doubt aUo twarc, bas escaped to hnlrador, but pe>ha[M you h*vo n<* Ica'd tbo immediate cause of bis statupodo. (t appears bat Gen Zavala when be went to Leon demanded that tbo 'drives of tno Guatemalans, and especially ids own, iboclJ be proporly rtoognL'ed d? tboN' - sntguan- K ras 'vaord soeiog btm, and ?L. n Zavala In-met ? ?? tnUir rk-w, bo was itcppeJ by the sentry, wt" would uot admit ilm, ou tbo pretest that he w:ta armed *<en Zavala drew lis sword, r utcd tbo sentry, bor.e foot and dragoons,ano kw mmj into Lite prnaenoc. [ton Patricio lliras, eared out of his wtta, made every imputable apotogy, tnd promised ail that could be desired. lie roque ted pers misw tsuktr far a lew mimites. aad improved tbv or anion by escaping through a window or back door, and eaa making ra|ild tracks for .-tan Baivalor beforo Zavala was tired ?f waling f r bta return Dy tbo way, la of opinion that Captain Dana waa ici i under lnr It unions frorn Oouitnod tre llerrlne, abe a wasioe> able time before the occurrences ooarctnd wlib ibo capltulattonopenly cap retrod ha 111 will to Walker, in annua, refusing to rorward ktiers, Ac , and saying -rubucly that "It waa a damned Sovthiro pro slavery move ment " ia a pretty consistent black republswo low ever The Co dec tor sent down by the Mcaraarnana to ootloc Juea on the Sua Juan river wax eeot back by Iba Ooeta Alcana, tboy baring undertaken that dot; on their own me w<iLt bote] a Chrraao. onu iboa ?Lraelora oi U>c rranrlt bav? attached the four attain- re, which Iboa far tin prevented from departing by the aiUiorUiee ot Uala place Mp!n?a, wbo war floed by Walker In Riraa, asd wm irre pirrbar.iig amnonlUoa a few agontha ago, 1m bero with Hevcrel <<tae>* quite dlaguated wtta UjkU Ktca, ?nJ icteric.or I to wait till the Atneiteana return Yea elli find from the prtt-oncre wbo were drlaioed In Cbic alee that, arrange to My, th'y ar> wUbisg for Walk<-r'? -tiu'ii le that region hvrr> tbdjg pottuada a geanral row r.erc. ?nJ the Am<<rtoakr< arc rapidly getting back into "Utot in the Biidtt oi It. Lalar front liaraaa. Tba ev rung extra of tbe Havana D*arw <Jr la tfriM of Jut oik baa the faUowtcg notioe of the arrtvai of tbe 'l-wa. tb beet there >? At t P M , with ahoota of 11 Long five he Queen," the rear* la thai ootao to reinforce the Hpaueh aqoadroa on ihlr r latino anchored u> ear harbor Hie ahlp of the hae lea be I IL, and the frigate fei'eo, which eoote here tow for the Arii bmo, are mapjalkconl ranee I*. On aeelng them gallantly entering the harbor, o cua fan) with tba beautiful brig I'alago and etcatner f -mneUo le Aele, a tingle feeling pcrrm ed tho Immi-um crowd of ix'oj'io that Qlied I tie wuttn, W1 UweA that paiberod 10m all ilde* lo the fleet?a reelingUulanlmala*ertri JlADl/b tH?on, Ibnl "four Inherent power tj riiM ti Ml|ihi for bepoid what M was balf cooUiry ric w, the una la of Ike oaiieo of Ferdinand VI and Charter ; U I be above Earned v?eoei? were preeeoded bp ll.e war LraaryorM whir a bilng rewforc<*n?i bU lor car er?/. Whl<e we bow write, Menermla H'BJuiatou, Uari .do and tonnage are iaBdm( Oow ihe Irueaou da A?l?. We Mlute tbeaa oordtallp ta tha name ot the eoantrp ltalhep aetoMM. on UTUIl COBUHrOMDRV'-g. Havana, Jnne *. IMT. rv <n fYha? Kfrryhft ,/ Lkc 'Jen ml#? Party at tkr Palaf*?Amu for sym .Vu adw tU. A'a qr-U.df , 4t the ahtp of the Use whlrb catered port title mom w, aa tdelred bp Qnakar CUp, at U M , waa laabcl II., aad uie Vgate alien, brig Petape, aad war iteaainr rraoo-ci de tale Or Borate Heedmreteea, Oariido aad ttoaltogn were aaertfere oa beard of the war ateaT-r Praadaeo d-< aetr [Yep landed at half peal eae to dap aad were reoetved viib era. There haa been a geoe deal of eitaa" given o the ninde from hi man aad hraatc lb net*, but Km jrear, la Ibo bnlietls, la < areftu le aaaovac ? the antral aa eiaforoemr dm tor Cuba. ho. The people rtUI bafrr upon the gnape. and ererp fVe women a now aclata are created IVoee dlTrr?ai hetrnrlea, tolas ih?ir boat to aiah* welcome the oa*dldatea fbr raror LTii oar lore TV re ?IU be a re arioa at the palaoe to a'gbt to da the teeaiul far the dwuor' i?b?d trargore ""hv l-au l le to leere la a few moev-nw Tho Qraaeda, ?Wh oertaib old aiaebita, aad the military baggage of Oa oael?to ho rteaeral? Nefrwte, (br the wep, a r?p never icttei wind.) fbr the troope of haa etolrador, got eg at half ant 1 IV M. TV troop* arrived are reiireeeeted a* being la bee good d^clpilae, and of the pbpoioal material tor ariVra. Nnlaanca In Martian*' Mrert New Yon*, July I, 1*47 to m tntrrt op thk bkhami I find la Jonr pa|*-r of thk data tha foHowioe;? Wnaaat< ?*? Pttt I?*?wtor? -* a-nw aneeo- axteta In Kadurw atrrei, pear t>a aw-nrr nf R/nvreft, in the 'nrm ot vt rr tberit.nhtif nhinb m ln;.d"r*?ln <e p??? >f, ard melprtrre dawrimmtal Vi th. health ol el i/aaa In tbei oeaUty If not rrmuvexl immmliao-Jv. In aaewar to thr a nary arabodied abova, p< rmil me to rUIn til at a oomuuniciUoa wae travm !N in ihe ' On *?oe lMa?ll. b) lb* (Hi top parlor, In rviailm 'o Uir ono inlon of Uia a tree la ai the Intrranat.nn of th? Powery a* NMfcM, on th* i*h ut Jme Ian, la which H ?rna Man*: ? la riewnf thr droaKynfihe pn7nlaiion. aad the liability In B'rudneUnn nr I r**la of ??> *m 'hie nelrblvrhfiml la ime kkt'y daaanr<nia to Iba ontiOauae pmarnaUon of he a utile taaMfc. Tba nothmitU" oa Public Health, ai Hie alatcd aaaaloa of lb-- Heard of Aldermen, bald June -Jh, iHf.T, aa ill bo -men ?y mf. rente to ibr a. wr paper reioifa. nado a ma)<rlly tod m.nor.ty ra,?"t in reforaaoe to this eow?ui.loatii*? h? majority re|ewt rainy? T>at thi y bare (firm tie aableet a ihteewb InreatJfvJrn, ia>l Had Uiw: Ibeetreete at the Hi ran eiterWn a** Qe. h~r u-. 'xd ror graded n?l h?r la thera e ? t In Mud trrru. and bat the ealTare In the rv nut are a ? In eutta a o ladluouna to ?i tor the at:- riloe of the City Iaapeo?r The minority repr't at eal<l nomminor m*a aa follow* ? Thai they hute had Ihn Bllbjoti before '.bom, and m* la a per* aial n \a,mailt it i ' Uif ee,era1 l.mUide* They And :1a' hr ? tler*l?r of th< Hotter? la t?r thor rami iinr traded. d

e in a terf Itr?ro ar - a.divion but Ih r- nu'Juut that ?i ttld ratie- any atrknear I loth if thwe repcrta mcriUohad the r I by ootid'tioa of Sittnitl artel, an ' aa ncoa aa 'ha Oty Inep-wtnr became [wwetan d of Ute power the etrret waa (|n*ne<l U ta now rery dirty u> n, and ranulee* frequent r leaning?pnrliapa mo e <. Uino any nthe- atrrol IB the fity?lo hoop 4 In ford comMM Put "tie haa nothing to do with tba atag mud pool*, arlalnc Crtm a neylnrt to (frade and para the ttrnri* !n th> neighborhood. whk-h no*leci render* then* a nr leaner whenetff a fou of rain orcnr* It la a pub lie wort lo be performed, and retpilrcn the an)an of tha ( j? in no Otwincll thrreon It W -aid tha work haa haen glean Mil to ha performed by the ftrcot tommlaatooar'a Depart mant, aad it It Impad ?ui be tpewdlly comaoaced, to aa i? rem J j the era RK H JRSDAY, eTULY 2, 1857. fiiellii(| of uir camiuiutmu'm of llwlltt. fb* Or* I BKt-iu>g fur the mnmos of ttM H>unl of mUotoaor. nf rifftlthof tblo city, ?< B?il yivumliy 4 t>o*n nthe ottW-o of U>e ciort of Ukj Uty OiiiDcil No 4 niy Hill Tb?r mon<b?r* protest voro, Joooo N. Pbllltro, B<q , PreFlooo' nl lie B.*rd of Couuc.llioen, ><)<y1lab Miltor, M D , Hctltb CiiB'CbUftoBcr; Wm. Rockwell, H CX, K-Moot I'hjftcl.L ; Hh hord n ftiomtMoe, If f) , HeUUb Oflkoer; i<ihi 11.ii< > Hq . ProMOi-M of tho of ?l<lorm?u i)n oiniK ii,GmLCiltwui 1'biih^n uiMal'oonily ctooiyl Pronldost The buntnom of the B?r<J in ajoiaJly diooiiciod ffrtrVely, In som-vermioiiutl mmm-r. It* artwio, wf??i VwmiDM i pon, t- emo-Mmo a renot-jimnH, and ah nar as <>? tteuw'ni rMim<nl a t'd by Uic (Jerk of the H.t*rd to th. prone, ro port em Dot t? i K KlirtUi-.l Th> .rcvuwo mooting of the Hoard h id n?*o h'U) on the 1th I OoPttoer, the minutes of wtnca euro road and aoo|iieii. NCTgANOS fS THK BaV. A nnttimrrlea ina fr? m Mayor of Hmoklyn. to Mayor Worm, *aa ty htm Iratn tntKod to tho rt ?r,t f ir ihtirewkM atm. The letior Mutod that rofu-o b siding and other lit'?r.ioi irttv erial- a-e very frr?nontly inrowo vet beard f'-m vo?t>eW a rtv!IHJ In the harlot ; aid Aoini Ciwrrtij.jily e jcterou- wb*n n-ed by I tit*" who nick th-on up, the Boaru id Health of flr "olcyn hare otn-ed a r?t rhi tton detvartpg the throwing o t-r board of ruoti ar l-tiea a nut atice- in-o roou m? tiding thai Homo actio.) t>>? u-ton by the New York B tud in rog?rd to tt Tho folio*lug rerttl innn me aeoordlnaly ado iled:? Bo-dveO. that lbo practice o? throwing roftt-o n-rlt, brdnipg, clothing, fee , front vrvrolx into the wverd if the harbor te a utU-ai oe Ron Wed, Thif the Health O'floor bo roq wsrted to take mew-ill i-h to I are It abated Rorolred Tfcat ine Ret- dent Phyrteim bo authorized to ptocu< e an trim scow and iho tie,v ,.i ry outilt, t>? bo iiho for ti e purp x-e i f burning infected x<v\ re:u?o article!, un tier the dire<*x n of the Health officer a ci amis t.Harr -lMniKrAKT ro UattrNgii*. a. re re-dulioBR nn>hiaj> a nutio at ? ne tBOO to tbo .-h pj.ltg lliterwta o tlm oli v ft and e lbs ,tr.1 -|?niu ot the 4,iiofi xriiw''and oer mainiatnouoe ax y new qua letitiuo iiietliu litn, It ?ill compel tbo Health Ottibcr on ixtai.iing eve. \ vereo , not i?l) <" 'n-jnin tud out ae jt ah cares ot rl'ktiOee, ug* uf pert; encn, nut alan to a* d ana tl> refuse b?xl?, bonding, ttr lite uia'erial, *h'i'<t too removal :>f matter from "veu po'ioctly healthy voe els will ne.-?r<iou more or ii>a dt lay. a J that to a cnur.h aider runge of laatancoa than auv other olacno J the Utultb la*r. rbo "ir n scow" itrelf will oiako quite a feature In the hay. Of ome nevi nty tiro foot In length and on Id breadth, the will have a targe t ?n grate g -o far e'eratod iron> her bottim a* to admit a free pa?<aic? of air trroogh matter aa ?oall bo bumod :u brr. A? ehe will h.j propelled by oar*, It la tot lA bo oip etc J that her oporat-.m* w II be tun thronsh with the rantdlK of a ti a or & oiloh He routii |tl& i"U? will UOublle ; be ijuiUi Mlfl W.U imvti I DC Higitrelive q -Illy at !.ia-t, which 1m, IUU ?he ill be a -itfaalfar ? far m pruof a*alnet th? oyqten&?-n %l d tbclr inrrnre are enne*vnod Hoi popularry with the ablpuuitu-ie, however, will barely be ve?y no f>*ni Wvatn'iT little Irn.ible It may make, hnwrwr, to the chipping, it hn been urged spot the Aay or of UrO"?tyo by agtbi>&) clamor o the tchabiunta of ! inn bland ?Wa ri luco ctii ! thrown overboard by the cm! grant* abd '-there in 'bo b?j, eLoaig a ?horo, and U ptcli ed up by the ncavobger* a d r%g plt-kor* and uautUy eprrai' out to dry, aod gotu-rate infection -n tuo ahuro l.-ch war the manner In which tho yellow fever wan eons muni-m-cd at Uowanu? Bay la l - miner. In t am coooio'.lMin, th> n-forr. It wUl ho hit: 11 ar a umolv and moot exiu-i'iei.t n incdy for a 'ery o(!oo?ivo irii-ati'v, uhimi ixiikiii r<jh y.vapint* tuo ukii.ra lawh. It ?io rot polihnbed Uwt vca?oo, ? the yellow fever male it* appearance u> laW dry, now a numbor of the carer no the cart tide of tbo dry bad been generated. &>mo til or more Inrtaton of yellow fover were found to orbit ib the imr j?rt of the city, near tbe rati rtvor d c x?, hut ae no *?t Indlamen or other vowem were knwn to bave keen clrehargi d there, It war oiu-m y dltU eoii to li aco i at whri* the m/icwoo had been son:/acted. Alt* r much labor and Inquiry it waa dtroovord that certain jpabieh and Creola tn. rnhaitr of Uur city bad cawed twerb Ctiiicleoed to them to put U. to Now iu*-v u t I orte **d U>i' -ou o*l. i be re utey eetorod their abipn, ead P aneforrro tho oar goer to lU??pr and r.hoouere, In wtuoh ihev wtio ci bt down the (brand and d' vcbargt d in ovarKwi of .bo be?.:n lawe, at the * *< river purnt Thm lod<e bad been practiced formerly by making inliai fraudulent en trie* in Joreey porta, and in like man ter par. leg op tbe channel t?I*eon -baton I-land and .leraay In view of tbeeo facta, tae loilowiLg roeol uuonn were peered i? Wbrreaa, It bee tnen repreeenud to thir Board that eta) veuerbi from Urn W -d In lee. arrying oargoeaooo rig tied to or owned el iLbt |?rt, for the .-urpoao of avadteg our Qua'abtlne lawn are rent for thotr port of rotry to aotr.e email town a'ong our era "roar I, and from Ut-nco tin j hrtnv ov mrn/i in nnfill*r tMbnlfi if tlf rAfn ttw 41. J rrr.iij to ihi> *bar??r ui oar my, ?i bom U Iny aubioet u? an r Jum.i.aUun of tbo Haalib irtlWr, and wbrrraa, U?r oo eurrw.1 r of aeveral IfolaU'l caaon M yrllow luvor, ortyi LaUi r ''rum nnrulr and naryora tbua * nod-Mi only Lrouyht brr?-iioi umm<T, W"j'hl ihia Hoard that to pormit aucb lofrariiru- of Uir h- alib war waa Imuilnri.lly ilanyar rua lo U>r public h. aJib. Ilicrctoro Koolvrd, Tbat lha Hral'h OftWr ha, and beta .oroby raqurrkd to five IditDcd .t-t elr'ulion lo lb>a on* and rc pot trd a U nipt at c\ aday Qtiareotiuo la *? by rumoring to Quarantine or the Qw an.or uaboray ?all? kJ? turcica vur I or toMla aad aryiw roornt fr to Wo-t lo llau porta birb bw> arrtat at our t.aTea or De 'aoaod id our city libIn tbf ly 'U)? tk - ' > .?m Onu i miry KnoUrC, Wiat ibe luapo tor of Vo**eb, l*otor DuiTy, b?, and he ? horcby drc.l?il. by uminm.iiim or utter*!**, to a-rial In the dok-etioti of Utrao evarkoau-of our health law*, and to loporl to lhw Board all un- facta lit rotation ibqicto,Htoou praritaabW. A blHIKraCTIMS WaRKHOriK WBKPfO. Id tbo- rnro'utionn la prcerBtrl a frerh . v i tame of the gri at t -orioiiy miauDg for a dt*u>fnct'.B( aari bojn, aa hr n>ot ixx-uful matter both Nr Utr h?uith aad run wrier of iblr city ta tbia quaraatine rocumioa. It la tub. lha prrltlnoUnl air In ttei boMae* raw>U, or aiaorli rd in utri' .? u>? um h . i daayor btimm oi lafno ib n. *rmbare a arate?we. iiBdnr Utci rnaryn of lao ti a'Ui < truer, audi vran la tumid hn thru onfall dwtn irctan id tr>reo to bra daya, and ao di*p*?rbu?l lo u a city and ba r '*dt at ibntr ptr r aa nooo uapm mil wild pnar lb? Cua'vBi Uoura. It baa born car "TV r < nnth?l boa much loan w finally oauaat by tba thirty tip d'luni'on of ?M??la ai Via/anUoo for dtataforons ot oaryo, and tba amount art at lea-t aa beyond fTOd.Ocd for Uilt city. HKALTn *r TUB POUT. The Hratb trtttoer, Dr. Tbocnproo, mam h'.f atatomont entlie ahe. aee o'^uty atokaee* or prod part of netnere, for ib? r?terld?ralkJO of too Board Ho mn looimI III < two rirreU.lbe I, ry IU> ?*rd. rroai *"!?? o?. ?0<J IU" br\? dary, freni Tru*td*d do Old* ana hie aotton lb toeir oaao, a* ru<?d already to too Huiin The Hard approving wr? a-two of toe Oakb ofller r, the looy lUyward ooofi.te# at Qoaraalirte aM toe m o?ra t<aa rf bar tcim It Ikw apprtn UM Um Board tana roi'trr of Mrknean tor He rea-' I rental: ih no blpr above a! I "dad to tot having bad any actual aaaea un bwd The (-*oma?-tooem ad ma read u tbo Mb I ana at Baud af Edaratlon. Tbe reg ilar rowiieg of Uu Buard oarbeklatto. bail of toe Heard of Kduoatloa, aoraer of UraaJ and Un H'wae. laet evening, I'm idoat Grease la to# chair A rwolatloa u> r*etnd toe amend want to toe by too* ro tolrtag toe reboot boar* fbr toe too*toe of July, A'-coat and Beyarabvr to be fire? I i It to 7 r M , ead flitog ibe boun fmoa BAM to 3 P. M to tor or. y. aai peered tv? reai of a at waa, after eoari terebi*. dteiwadoe, appropriated for repair* to grammar reboot No. A, la toe t |kik ward. A report and rcdotutloa fhito toe action, -titer r? of toe fourteenth ward, aefe ac tor toe aeproprtotion of t?,7IB lor furbltara to cbool hnued Nn W. wae proem led, add after wim dlrruie < and ot.pnaiuoo, adoptrd The er.ben* nfAnrre of the fourth word aeol la a reran r>w\*Hoe, urging toe BeceMMT of I rata* reboot No 'Jt tf bat ward to eome euitobie plane, and rar'-a. j^mltng toe Quaker CbarrJi la too- elrerc, to be bainctoil aad Surd op at an aabaai reat of .000 After a watai dleriuouoa toe report and rdaot\;l>oa word adopt* d A rrqnrat fre? tor aebaot ofBcore of too Math ward that primary enfiatte Nod. <1 and B!t be rkwed tor wabi of adednateauradaane, wae e-anted, toe better to bd uurad tor ode year. Tbr Oty l*nperlntea1eM teat la a nommi.nraiwin -tat try lb at be, a lib otooee, bad vUlted toe Hamilton free ?rbi?i ? afi.l tliewh.e the Vra Vorv .luveuiie aeyltim, the I A Wait* Orpktn Ilooee, toe Sow Volk "poan W) DID, Ul" I.1TUI OUIOM' l<n liU *1) nm, KiV I I'llir ad lb than Aayl' B). Ibn lama! GllBfdlBB(,?lMy.Ul*l,rfV U?l?nl Ha I I") !u?n A??l in. Ilia InUra' Rnmr M m na ry ibt lit* CmirtM H"UM M loduMrv, m<1 lm.r i UicB) nil la a very jm?|?"oos Bad taii> Tat-lory < no diuno. A nnir war tool Inn anm rand froa Mr Anrnnoa H. Ward, or 14 n?hlnfinn p'anr I darn f ?ofirr pn r?t In Ihr anoi piaitta nf iha prim roadalr M ?hr July roaiaooraiuoiii at ibr lYaa Aoadamy n? odor w*? aiK'ptod, and a ruta of thank* toauaaad lo tba doonr. ' n rni-Oon lha rnlf? of tfcr Boar 1 wrr? truopnadad for Ul> pornoar of i?r Inln ae a|artmo for t>?p?ily CMOft, rioo Wt. or'ami , Khi . r< ?i*B?<d, nblcb rnoultod m Mm ohttbai.f Mr Myron H flood AlVr ihr transaction nf mm* '.rthar ti? true riant button*, ?hr Board j.mrood, tor wont of a qoer.<*, m it a lula to 9 o'obok Pol Ira liiUlllfrnrr. BrtArwi Wi? l>(Ti*i Ornri ?I'd ward Han tiro war bro-ufct hef.wo Juttloe Webb, at the I.awer r-4;oo Court yootorday mornlnn, no rfcartr i* iiaring h<ir f'ar'oialy eoto'Ori Ui?> rr. huojrr MUro of '"Bt?1ck Han. No. Vlathaina atrnnt, rod lt"f r-r?w ?onr M ln pnonlnn. a M nf brokro bank blUa ard noma tHoknia, rabind la all at fM. Tba rnnvdalnnnt al'ntna that Ihr or.roaod waa Iohot'ii* about hi* ndk* ohm ho pot up ito ahnttora and look Ma d"f*rttiro from Ihr r|a *10 ahado* of Waior Mrort?that dnrfnf th< tight norm our ramrod ?ho rfllro by frrr'nf off Ihr window rhotmrn, fu>d madr an at rnffH lo pry open Ihc raff, but frllUif In Iho offofl.Um bur j gtar an Apod np ail U>o ava.lablr plonder bo muld ft' h-dd ' of and than In k hla loaro. Nandara woo arrnomd with j thr alolrn prt prrty In bla prwanaalon, bnt antifhl to rterMa hucrrlf by M) lof that ho bad found the aaluablm la Ilia tryak too mag.strata art having it mb onafldanoo ? Iba j atory of tho prtoener ?r.o?m1Uod hla to lh? ftmaha tor [ERA # '11m Boat d of KxcIm? CoinulMMion. OtHBraW-ruoer* HaxkoH and Bohncs M( la U>o ttmxnoa Ftoar Court room yeeterdiy, at 3 o'clock P. M apiihrailotir for I no nee pert' hccruw* were made by tbe lolkrwiiig inthudk, t?<l aero granted at tbe $30 rale:?Jaa. B. i armeloe, ?8 Warren street; rtaoiool J. lac^'wa, WO Prxirtb ?<rv?t; Augu*lo 3c L?'Ula Heigborcnor, 71 k'earl treet; Kdeaid T Rilley, 81 and 8'2 lino Htroei, Jobo W;r ry, 11) Pine ilmt; ^ar.h U RaruouJ, Silly flrat street, Earl rlTrr ; Jotiae P. Young, 71 OirtlanJt street; Preeoott A Ou , 116 Brood* a ; John W. Avery,. MW Water street AppDcaiXiii* for storekeepers' licenses wore granted at the t3v rate to the 'olKwing i>ersooa ? Chariot 0. Ba.k>y, Si (?ihrrtu? rtrert; Oeorge Taj lot, 163 Piano etr-yrt; I 'Ann (Jerry, 3(3 Canal street; Atabtron P Smith, 1 Orrn.uta ilrrrl, Wm lioery, 719 Broadway; L/iretii > auo J >hi> Hi?rl s, *9 tilth sv?nue; (ieorse Taylor. 161 Duaneatreel; llarUr Blue* At Co , ltd W??t thirty ttrni xtrem Jam" ? O Kourke, 4(50 Uro mo g|re*-t; Jamoa H Tidbit), 114 Wa, h i Hleet; altreo Emanuel, 14?J Front gtreel, Wcorge * lll.l'e 461 Tenth a> tin .e. John 011'any 'e a iplicatloo for an innkeopora' II reran vrari reserved. Tho Hoarl withhold tfco H itii.. u as to Dim# ibo am >unt lor fnrlbi r tionsldera mm t ho a< pliraixm of J?tnes Van Honscho en, of No. Iv J Water at rot, tor a tdorokeopor'a Ucowo, wan Jiat*M<d ot In ihe ramo mai her On n.'Jl n tho cier? w.ta directed to report tho Vtng of be boiiea ?f ine Itoar t at iu< neit. moouug. Ci.nrnu aW ner Harkeit i aVrnd tho folio?lng rtWutioo? Ktrolvrf, That the IYeat..rrr to tbta Board o<rtlf> to tho Board ef nopervtaoia of tho eouny of Vow York tho aniou* t pai'i over oy bira t the O. only Troaauror, and to r?fti? otfuliy n quest tbn payment of tho salary no < due to tbr clerk <?? Una Board up to the llr t day of July in?t The reoolutl >n wax adoptod after wtiiih tho ttxtrd a<l journed till Frtdai afternoon at 3 o'aloek. l.ioertS' heretofore g-auUd may be obtained at Own niiifleiirr Haskell's olllco. No. 16 (outre street, on Friday, lieteci'D 10 A. V. aou v r U a oertulod nhook, draan. to h< order of A. V Stout, an County Treasurer, wUi lei re-' quirrd in each care Cotniuladunera of Enil^rHllon. Tho Commissioners of Emigration mot yestenlujr, but traiiaarWd very ltulo business of public Interest TI.ere ear some informal conversation in ref' to quarantine aflairt, but the oomnilUco would not make a ttua1 rport as U> the desirability of taking Neguine's Poiat lljs.uul. They Ireland the hospital In ite proeent state as unilt for Ibo purport lor which It wan IntoodoU by Iho *4 i^nuiUoo Commlaalcnera, and they w.U not take It uuieaa It la pal In bolter order. U waa evident, from what Vr. Carrt#iu\ the Chdrmau uriho Committee, raid, ibattboywero not ratwttei w.tb ih< at-eomniodalioni for ihn rW-Jt at PokuIuo'x Point W ithoot iraniaciiag any but rouUno butineaa, the Hoard adjourned. I be following rummar7 from the boot* of the Croatia (Xouerr rbo?? the gratif.tmg ntalo of iho lluauow of Uvo Hoard lately ?o ombarrwHel:? Number o! tmlgranta arrived to Juno 24,18>7 Hl.flOO Da ao. slnoo 10 Ju:y 1,1V>7. l,sb.i Total KI.IW To ?amo a me In Ml.610 Increaao this j ear 26,?'I 1867. I>66. Number or lnmatea In Institution on Ward'a la land 1,214 1,3*4 Do. do. In Marino Hospital.... lbo 140 ToU) 1,314 1,400 Overdraft on bank Jan 1, 1867 $l>.202 76 Koc? lpt* Iv June 24. 18'?7 $147,2116 17 tiiice July 1, 1667, for commutation of alien paaeongore 4,4% 00 - 172,1*7 17 Totrl $103,1*1 12 I4abur?rm*nl? ua per prwvlou* ac ooolit, to Jane 24, 1867 $101,21$ 41 Sundry expenae* of J cue 17 and 24. 0,290 00 .. 110,44$ 47 Bmanre $62,04$ '*> Tk? Dock Marten' rrotUrtei. FIFTH DldTBttT OOL'BT. Before Joauoe John Anderaoa. Jr. Jvii I.?Tke Mayer, 4c , #/,Vw lVfc, ibji. J'u< JMh?Thla la an action to recover penalty ror re fun Lng In obey the ordor of a tity Duck Barter to haul Uw rhooner Helah B. Strong out el a public tHp. Oounscl far defondant ob?vl?d that the *Up irv oat down to be a public allp, thai tho Iwckmailer (Kill,) ipc clolly detailod by tho captain for that duty, omill not be retarded m dockmarter, the captain hi mac If being the '?ly dockmaater. alao, that the otBoer not being one of ibe Are tneu by the Bnpervteori to be appointed by the new Itolloo Ooaam'jwionerr, ww no odk-er at all, that the llarber Waaler ha<l aocaeded, un ler the act of 1167, U> exeluatve authority relative to lb" kioaUof) ! and control or veeeeU la the water* of the rtrtr, and that no otneurronee ot authority on the part of U,o IX ckmaateri rookl be admitted, and Indeed tnat the ur?i<1aaJ autb? ruy ol the city did not eitend brio* low water mark, and that thla ordinance wan invalid, not being within the pea era granted by charter The Aaalaiant Corporation Attorney repot I that ha act ' authori,in? tho Uoveraor to apptlallhe Harbor Mater* ! aaa oncoortivoUoeal they being city ofliccrv, could oaly be a|'|i>MDle<l by aulhoriUea of the city, or clothed by Un elector*, that Iho act of 1$67, merely repealing that of 1661. gave Ibcm no greater power* lha-j ihey potaeaaed nutter the act of 1860, which coe'mod lb- ir Juriedtclton to | ibo "Mr rum thai there bad boea t>o repral of thla art! na,cc by tmpll- auon or otheca-ue. that It wan a valid or dinaiMv', which had bwn aula rood tor twenty your* with out quarUaa, and that tho poorer to paaa It, brwldee betug MMMOM 1$thefUMAM a NrfM* wan within the cipree* Inogoage of the charter authoruliig the making of !$ L?a thai ll Ihn IIaMmif UnBlitra hnl uv aulh/wUtr In On abp, II nturt he out-current wrii) like liuekBaatorr, bono olU* in Dot Dboi>bcd, bat reo-nut*/- t in the folk* act or 1*6-1. dim) titer be ton do uatdeuoe Id Una care that Ut? defet-'laai ?ae to lb<. a Up un l? r enaction or aatitom or a Harbor Ma U r, li-er-- ?u do ricuae bore for hla rafuval to ->bey the norhmaetrr. that the deratat-oa ot Ute oilier r by tbe captain waa ituthoriMXl by law. and the "<B car hi tn|t boon duly appatoled, and artiiv aa policeman aad Iwrkmae er, ha rigct to lito otlH-a oou.J Dot b? qoat tloeed la tbla action, that hla refoaal to recogntee lite Me trovol'taii Pi lire Jomintae loner* aa hla tup rtora, abl e It Bight or Bight not farnlah a ground of diaBiaaai by u.etn tor I at abomination. li tbey onuld bo reangataod aa coaatl lut.oLfcJly appointed, atii dbl not raeate bw otbce, aor la nai-dan- bla oOlctal acta, II n.? oaog ab-i*a Utat be waa diaauaaad from lite pwlca forte The Juatlea referred bla jndfaieat, with the uaderataad lag that tba n?perU?e aoanaal abouJd farnleu tbe-r full put a la la writing Caaaware' lnqaeatt. Prwirra n Otthmj bw Titweav ?Parana* IVrry bald aa lageeal at No 10* Oreaiwtah atreet open tb" body at a hunchback naatad Joba Thompson, Jr., wb# oowtaalttod aair-de by mum* hia threat with a ror imiaaid, it appear*, mm partially laaaaa tor aorue unv [eat, aad waa aftltoted wuk flat o( rlaarbaly. He boarJed nub Mr J. C IV pVtp ptaro, and wm known to Mn tor a ncmbrr of jmr*. TV JanaMod ?<> id bin Vdrunm and wVo dlaoororad lili wm hardy aiUDC*. Bowavar, h? diad ? a tow tn.nrlur tftor waila, Md tx fore HI nmlkwl Did eould V oMauaod Vordial Daath l.? aoirtde" DHNHd w? U }Tt of kyo dm pipiito or Now York. rikipp m tax dm. Lxnum m.-AJmrvurr itarry bold pa laqneM at No. 13 Morrw "Vni upoo lb* Mf of o no* nomad Edward Ban toe, who ooumiued motto by UApf 0 dow of londoa-.n. b appoarod that i)i?w?1 hod Vol partially dcraagod tor yaert pool, in tNwimn of fete 1 atf mparnU habits, ond committed oulfido, aa H ta oorpopad, while taborta* under iV <3arm of temporary tar Miry Verdict, ' Itaaih by oulridu. ' impart m p nniito of Wolf*. VcBWrru Vlu?Am lauucal WW plan VM by IVwwr I'm j, p| Um Saw York (WxpitoJ. upno tv body of a woo named Urn/lea Vpo Voortd-w, wbo died rro? lajtrh* m cotr?d by oo omdooloi toil llaoaaai d It appwrad, nr o Mart In IV Mom of Harare Rlnkon * RnotV-r, Mo. 20 Clill aired, ond whu- rhmbins op lb* rope or ipe hatch ?py err .dentally tool bli ho) J pod opp prori|-?ow?i to IN flo.T b*n<?U>, rat< irin* ueh novate aturiM ebowt km b?od pp to flonoa death, Varolii, " Anctdantol (toad. " Fatai Amu war n> a Oilo.? Aa taqarit wm aton VM upon IV body of o child two yearn pod p boJt of ** , no mail Hrtdpot O'ltppn, wbo dtod from tV eflheta of n toll n rclrrd itom tV fourth Mnry of the haua* M*. B -tith tract l?>TOD f*nw-rio?.?Otrovr Onrnrry held oo IrpucM p| he fool of Oorirora Plrct upon IV Vfy of no unknown B an found drrwnod. The deoapaed bo! been ll IV wpOor MT'TPl monthe, Md oo dprompoa ' war too body loot A ?m Impowuble 10 recount* hi01 I oHmon riooo. to fore H?w. /odja vim or rnoiiiAB or marrjarr. Jrn 1 ? .Vary A*n If /"unoM >?. H'ainA ?TV plaintiff la tot rmc la a widow tody, of Uia prpdewl a?a ?T *.t. hanpf a our oim Z< yearn old, and *h? pom uio da'endont tor break of prow.** to marry bar tv pro pant oidioa la to md aotda the romploinl tor nro? Uarny, or ?r miner ihc Mpnoatnf bail, or to varato IV ordrr tor arrm ar t'l achprrc the dafandaol rm romapco ball ihr dcfrndaal arotnc af.j-*:n?a<1 with iv widow ib Maw jrr?c? ?h nn? tho Itfotimo nt Vr ur?1 hofbaol aad pnb ?Tirpl to U.'tl rraai pr?n.sad to mvry Vr. ?Vr pva ibs a i ito wlto bar until 3 oVIork In the moruioy. pha toi'v parcrtp ilul -ha did net wtllloaly ruftoant: b it Uia datoBdant ptfr* that IV .ito? rarired in raM wilta h.m of her ou-b frro Will aril aceeM ||e Ml a>ib?aonearly on p aaa voytfp. pnd ihl* nr.* wao hfHishl i)p h? raiorn in compel la to fUlBI hla promiae to ojpitt. Jadfa Randy ra. need IV erdcr of VH to 11,1)00, with tap?0 to rm |q ooi^illlw LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE MAIL* UP THE XHGAKA. EN6LISH OPINION OF WALKER'S DEFEAT. The Condition of the London Mouey Market. PRIZE FIGHT FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP Of ENIGANO. THE SPANISH-MEXICAN WAR, Ac. Ac., Ac. Tbo maili of ih.j V spm r,w,bf I this city fr >ru ttw.,o iMt ovoniog, hat th to Is UUio dswh .11 s idi.iin to thiu to!* Ironi I!?W.iv. Srcst e> rite mom pro-nl-vt ui Prance wtU? rwpwt U tr* lac. 11A nt' the a)a I /.n uit Tho London pwpom rejolvj orerWilkor'a lowrfiiMa S<?r?K .ia, and nil on tbo ?'riled SXau* (fovc-nmoni ta diwioarane eimiUr i'nruys la iV.uro. Tho "Tipton t*)u her" traeboattii ' n iU? Ibboi'J ;u- <y Sayern, ir Uio tlg.n Tor lho championship of ?oglar t '(Tie Bpuillh^Meili in UiimUoii, Tho ' 'orr<. j?.nd>nrm ol Uh?Ii id. ? Kor me ??yr not f<oti >r ! u-ftg'ia. Urn Kuroy a Uexlvo, !'<! Ueon rory lax In bin oltlriai atop . ' \ > Iltloaiinn ll I" ra <1 ho al'ept* Ibn' bo door r.ui ;> mn tbo power >o iirunl ?tml to-' f "itil.h government dr-\i u,|? a n tttiwrary Mli?l'ei*U >u tor the IJ'iriea which U* <> -ia llllicti'd upon .?. On this |4>int i< loeitv eerUm u is ke Cabinet i* ri. o!%ed tint > oedo ono atom- lailalaciou lot* too r< 'i rtgorour itompluti o<> with hrtador, au I * <.>? nvjr lor iliu frturo U would not ' o Finingc If, to case ttw laTtrnnttou'* and ouiboi ty wtiir.h .doner lafriuua nava i>? ?j luwamof do not arrive scon. the rt,auh b povcrnuMOl eboi'ld derootalra*# througc au art uf energy il >t 1MB oxiia-.-tril ?<*ri> mr *u? ol' ouvdla'lon, It bar not rcnocaoodl lie loUntioo to >Mwlc the honor of (bo t'.iaoiab iiur and log right* ard Imcn-atn Of our !nl o\. miiisine lo America. Korelgu ami llomr Trouble* of tb<* I rltad Mate a. [IVom the Loudon I Viet, June 18 ] Tbo American newapeporr contain during ipoe whMb cannot fall to command ceiiMdenblc alvul*H. and ntrraet iu tbii* rotiuiry w? informed of too lurrenlor ibe freebooter WalUm ; ol' llic ?tUoni?ut of too de/intah oh pule, which tor some lime baa e\?4c I b-two> i? lugiaMt aud tho S ato of Sam Urann la, and of the dim.'a lod aad IbriuPumg cooditlon of aitalr* am<*,: lLo Hirma pope la too of L'tab tu reference to Hi i drat of ihcni' Item* of new* wo mat ho permiu I naarre Ibat the pleasure wbloh tb? clrcnmxitav* o" die ear render Ol \Vaider iM uaturaliy calculated In n > ui ury mnrli unri ia.*he*n w? rrui/i Li . *m ??aLi. cal adventuri"* hn neon ri netted at New Of iu , rot an* wretched aul disgraced out at, wboowen t>.> > \f ta i)M proton .on ol ibe I'nitre 1 -tune ' ut, but t< t i- ro, a* a uiun who butt dewrrol ?>.!, u < of bia country. i at of Mm lati ry cxtooH'onlfU ot Ut?< S >uth 'Hilt per on, wti* tn modern time* ban revived the p'scudo i f th?u irbrslr) war* which wdio tho oprmlnvtm of the no Hi < 4<w, wan received at No* Or loon a with ringing of ?>?it?i oanda af in uric, tho rnlfeu iaatir. a|i|>U..te of ilio jeutidi'. .llumloa ohh. ,r?tn, bulla? ui ?hjrt. viui ovo*y tikcu of ?)>?cln* that ought to attend tb" triumphant return of % imxoad Wa billion. The people f NowOrleans and of it < Hooith em Hates, whore? foreign aa we.laado wtwir-?In direct* d to one tingle object u*uioly,ibcexieii<d->o u( rurry. appear to hare entirely forfut'ehibe wUeadrtowuftbow Urn Preridrnt, *rt>o rre<xnni'<n<Jo<i lita countryraou t-o<"nMy ta abstain from aJi eoiauf ling aJlianoi# and li.Uirl.rrrrau ta tbeaflalr* of oUinr oonntnea. The now Anion daatrlrc of annexation, baaed t.(>ou a ayatam ?f i.? ? to aggr>?*?i<>n and wbok ea o pl'indor. m om wb-eh that pal and rood n.??n *< ulJ bav-. held tn j'tat repent**'hm and dwl. station The Amertr. io mw pap? ra pre ?oi?o -uiiattai nflha bu?n?.orj murder arid general loan of Itfo whicb tba piratical lncurrtrn> at this "hern" bare oecaatoood 'ten. HoantEfceen, who nerved enter Walker, atatee '.bat Una total number iil!bijit"rK bi i? l aud * minted *tb to elfht hundred and fifty, and that the number of neutral American troof* hilled and wounded amount# U> Uve itmi atnd eight hundred and rix'.y. exciiHtva of oa? Uio. and i who died or cholera. An niter authority state* thai " jwitbahly tn tho Will>><r vicaragoac war uerd than two thousand Amoriua and tlx ?i">> a??l or aavn tln tnanJ Central Airier.uang ha*a pori-bod." Now it mi rt be homo In mild Utal ibi* I<b* of life .bfc aiaoyriu r or e'.gni IDoueami or d'o? Ufuiao i N' leg??baa been oecMkmed hv the wtrkrvl ambition of an Individual who on bin own account, ha? boon pl"? ?d to Invade lho U-'riuoltoof Stat-* with wbich the guvormaeal of hl? own oo utr? up to U. * day proftwee* to ha in araMp. We know tha' Uio power ?>f Mm federal j.rvernnn?o: If anrh iNMMUM ahrn It In hroucbt U direct ?ro.yi'ilato wltb the btK and rympathiaa of any cooelaorahlo gar hue of the ami rl<-na |ie?frie, bat If that grvornnteut aaa throw the prouriMni of Ho Max around Walker and b.t aa* viator for Uio p irpner ul >av id* thorn *>mn dfwervej paairbaicot, it nufbt lotttf ayu to hare tabTveood and put a top to atroriUna wbieTi, whrc - ?tnm ued by k urn oitireim, aro dirfrac?ful to the aaiicial oharauur of .1 merle* But *? ha*" not Mated that wb>cti .a bp tor I be we rat ; uch apt'-ara to be the poputari'y of Walker (where ruocrwa lav free tbo extopni m of nn-ery), that the ai iter era: expraaa"* bla ooan i ?ni bolter that la a abort lime?roe or two aiootba?ha will be eaabiod to return ?> tbe ace Br of hi* former piratical afen.i*' at tha bead of Ova thou'and awn?a foree wtiioh be i? i>*t? will reodar victor* cnaln and rerura. We bare r jferrvd to Utaee detail* n>r Uie puri*we of abowutp tbe low tmo af leternaliorl morality which prevail* at New Orleeur, aa well aa 'be utter inability, or what is equally repmbeaalK U llwt I (IftP fhl'mi'llr-JlAII ./ iibaa #? ImwI we.eeeeew-' Ctttta'i' wh. h ar" m abhorrent t-j i-volio ?utb ,?.ed to the d><-ioiea of cx>tum<<n an inanity W. ih? rolnre tin not enry thai br railed pub!* oatmon which inreeta the ptralo mid cut throat arttu UM diyniu el the hero, Mid we de-fly capture that tny tonlion of the American people?et .-u for tbo ?ahe nl Uio eaten* ion of the ii'-eoU'lng vurar of Hlarery, whtnh M Oi i on* cardinal i-otnt of tholr rairt-ikeo policy?ihooH unrpqit Mid pMruOlM) ? ijilrtn ot prt?al? wlffv*i wttoh M a ?mdol tnd a ili?yr?oo to Uin rj?iJu?Uon and ciiroliacrty 'if Um prr Rent i<* With rigard to f;tah( H ?r>p< *re that a?cpa bare at w-mrtb been tad re by the < ahioet at Wa<?tiuifWiu with a ??? of rtodliaticf and al'liin that Territory Um Repraatey ot the law Wr are informed that 1 000 am oi.dar the n.iunui i of <! a. Maracy, drayonu*. infantry and artillery, are about to br dea |??lot?e I to the Ureal SaH lata, and that Brlfhaot Y*r U| alran id tbo rmguooo m hw onpee, hoi ? .. aortad tbo Ubcrnarie, and reianBW abut up to hi* me booee, yiardrd alg f.t aad day be Ida rrtcbda " We irn.?t Ibatlhw fwno, whtnh. helbre rwaohtas I'toh, will hare in Ininrr Um InhoRpMabie rcftoaa of ItM metre of North tan na. will anoreod ta pntaoc dowa ttoa mart proaifiic ao<l airbed uporiUtr* to whtui the irooranc of Un l/i*<l*h m4 Anurvai people bar gtrea rtm. Iteyood the tart of die a> Wtoewtit of tfea Warkiateah Otapate, and Ute r iBiot Uiat ? nam itlan ta la Ihe Bay ?f PeOatnO bare been nedrd to Kogtaad. D-'hing I* tnnww to, bnwerer, apparent thai tbo CaMrd i tot re nnnaet boo at the prae at time eoorgb upon 111 hahda and IM. If it ala with rie or ao t .ietermitxuioa la potting aa <-ad to flBbiitoertom la Central Anertra, and to korenua I'tah.H win Mn aif jilt i-lif-ae whtnh wtil namart Ihd reaper! aad apptaaae of all c'ria<ed a - one. wamono .ipnntion to ikmnm??llinyx ta of Ik* I iill'rt Nuita fit tealrai A m? rW ?. [>rom Ui' l/wdoo J not It ) TV- dUmal btatory "I W *i?ef? loray lot] Niorwo ban I ! at<b b*<n hro< vhi lo a lermla/ition VW about loo !?*. and ? bo't uii- t>?n.t>i *n<i In ki?cr? bar* r?r>*od On an-) ewo'l tnlo the in i?t ol a pop .'alMO whtea. a* tor a they and Um> n rnuy Ui -y repeoiniili -i were d-to^ere-M, been (ot ly rd no nfl no- Th< Uie va* .-u? *iH weak, llltmerned. coo eft>t*thl* m-"i*rk lo toe wot* of ta'U.n*. and 'bar- / t o.r-'y iUrt n*i *nr day r aadkr ti /all k'/'-rr *mt nreeyer J own but 61 ?>aM there nan aa rraaor why Uiey akouiri be t T|?o*d to II* Mr<?t Ilea of brfOad *ii-L a* Mi mu Of hat aratl ha boon la an; pulu.oal nr? U? ?o reaay u,-:?aado ul honan beity* bar-- beau -*i.rht??*>l. " man/ hMM >40 rod and U ruled with toe ?-nno I. m nan/ osjm g. m of Ui iko brtilai Uorul I to* m-ar kf walaor'- va-d ruV<ta, on nan/ toarar?and aa-a* U?m Ike a OaMo cit/ of '?rto nod*. totally d-etr -vd1 All ihi' nt?# r/ ha* V. a abbot* tnat rau??? all 1Mb anfartr? ha* rt matted without and r?ult. We** m mk l>a The hett-an rare bee n.i?o /real prog re** , n ?<??. * e, In nwrl.artrW pmo**ea, in ku- wle-y* if ail htmle, m rii'i* rlr' **')nn, bui or? have k?. >e got rtu ??? iko hut dire ?rl?i/ .av ti of Ike bank- OeM Th- chroa- >** <d It' la*< If I) lac j ear* or' fir'h tu Ui -nntl* uf Ml, at brio man/ af Uxae Tort) i ?o /ear bar- not beer oiv > f Ula'ir*trd or et.-anj- aed altb toe n ia/v aekii 'O.ivTtO of on# oe or amdh'rl ll ke* be. n m- fwhtou kj *1 M ni fi rty year* it Ira-t <f tot* purl** a* year af Ke?bt.t what pnr?: New Ui* H.wnl o aed do* lIM hi lit loaole h? ? - 'n red w>to tl?n m -o) of iot . dtbf amuro; now the Turki?a lieet baa beea auofc ealk the qt et writer* of Keratin, an-l o or the r, am an h< < dro bare pertahed like iU?o a ike nolo -m lime ar e'tk erar d m i.Wblu* ?ur: (fin tkey *ia?jt->'r-l m In Ibr ilt| lonotir borvn of Adnaaepio. At ooe line itM eonn rt' ll^o?1/,', U tiKth?r tkat of " o? tor. ha* h"Oi elliwttiMly rta' Icaied at Pari*, ao the red r'Uer* ->f UM tlioo oooul *tiow. *1 aiHHher' traoqaiiktr. ' that Idol, wae e*ittrni.ed *i W ?-?o? lo a rery ?-War way. The ?nu 'hr of Ute ojijiu -b| rannon baa wanwly yet reil id away Iroir off the wide HnafkHan dwampa Ncol wo peak of I no land'* rhare lo throe {waoerul traneaetton < f fV. a<*U:a -eu rn pmrtnoo* <d Indi* the hanka if kto looeo ood if the Irrowoild/, haro heeo wltnraooo af <rt mu'lary gViry. the liieio and an rule* of thlo /.entry hare already eait noe do?rnri<ht blow at the {?*er of ike Tanar draa?7 la retina, and erao ao# Uw eword of I jir land la narr*l, and abao? to Ml in tbo aatro oi:?itor with kbone'r i flkot IV-?u?ry af that frioi ant.nwi ab"-ii wae wa?-d la Me trlmen autr ho iwe?o4 nrer with but o jwrrik*. remark, ft* that i? reeertllya'ttn Med In be a runt i*ueMoe*la in the Innatr record* ?W the niaelrratb -seoniry The Frrock. ho*o*-<r, bar W year* <4 that t-me litre hero rtca-hly oer-pied lo pormiiag ikr Alriean hor ee frtira imi* mo "ttala paoe to aaoth -e, while at the -Mi-r enrem ty mfkat i~oo? rnMinen* wo oir*e!rre hare wayeit l*o rootena of et'ermtnwaatlro the hu?h of O*fl--0lMid So far of in- {waetfal hi uwy of the I'M World. In th# sew p?*o r-ao rranwif ho MUd to ha*# reined darltiy ? r |fi r* 'Imeo of Utat MnrdeiOM* rn'mr rra-wa* n INtnoroa*, r.o? i<re fly akm* the oonree an* at the meu*h of lb K)> tr I l??e; kcr *moo< the r?peh kw eta Ike Par IM- #ea'? .*?d of Ahith tm"tco. aor to where or late th- itaroe p-mrer* of tho orrtkem MO itrof? koteca Moat Ui. k) bnC {-eputatK* of Mat to. oty ! >