Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1857 Page 3
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Mormon Celebration of the Fourth at Vorwalk. Patriotic Oration of a Mormon Lender?Ttoe lain 11- opinion of tHe Conat lt otlon?Tti? Policy of Brlglxsun Young Explained toy Ida MaripM. Ac. He No'walk and W set port, Oonn., branch of the Mor man church baring invited ihelr brethren from Now Turk and ether places to participate with them In a patriotic alabration of the fourth of July at Nor walk, and judging Mai they would take that opportunity of making some pub a exposition of their rtewe regarding the present critical Mb of affaire In Utah Territory, we despatched a reporter M attend the celebration; and It will be teen by the fol lowing report of the procee tinge that we were not mistaken. The statements made on this occasion by leading ambers of the Mormon community a*e highly inlereeUng, and will throw much light on the comphoated oondltlon of things now existing In Salt Lake City and the Territory of rank. i put; of the brethren from this city, Including the heir and orchestra, left for Norwalk on the steamboat 9ahn Bart on Friday afternoon. Oa arriving there, our Mporter found that Utile was known of the next da>"? Bleb ration by the citizens of Nor walk, bat through fee kindness of Mr. Stephenson, of the Nor rmlk Hotel, he was enabled to make the acquaintance of some or the elders of the branch there who gave him every lnforma Moa, and treated him with the greatest courtesy. Had fee weather ol' the previous few days been favorable large delegations from Boston, Philadelphia, New Haven end New York would have been present. 4s it was, the celebration was confined to a small number from Norwalk, West perl and New York. The morning's train fr m this city brought a r inside*aMe numb, r of guests, and <n lis arrival the party proseeded on board the sloop William Millet, oha-tered to go te an island in the bay known as Nauvoo Island Its name was originally Smith's Island; bat slnco last Fourth af July, on which occasion the Mormons hid a celcbra Mob there, It bears the name of Nauvoo Island. Thit is Ihelhltd celebration of the national anniversary which the faints in the Eastern States have bad. At 11 o'clock the sloop left the wha-f, the choir singing as of Christy's popular songs as she floated away. Tne Mormons do not confine themselves to sacred music All Mm popular songs of the d?y?Eng'tsb glees, negri melodies, and even sentimental ballads?they bring lnt> their nervine. Their hymns ere for the most pa -t sung to fatni Her "profane" airs. Judging from the events of the Fourth, solemnity or seriousness of deportment ferns no pert of their faith; n?r do lung fac?s and g>um looks onstttnte with them an aajunct of piety. Jollity, good humor, lively music and kindly feelings were the prevailing features of the occasion. The men were mostly young. The ladles, though of all age", seemed strongly to possess a un formtty of g'KKl spirits, the oldest among them going inn the enjoymeot of the day with as mucn gusto as the youngos-. When one of the young ladies of the company said to our re porter "Well, I guets jou didn't expect to find the Mor mono such a Jolly set," be had to "acknowledge the corn;" for in fket bo expected to s*e the iad<o4 all co-tumed in Shakers' " skirt? of piously small circumference, straight laced in manner and demure in countenance. But on tno contrary, be found in tne picturesque groups assembled SB the woody knoli of Nauvoo islan i all tne modern appllBBOee of city belles (Including hoops), the radiant taiea, Sparkling eyes and artistically arranged hvr that ono usually inet ts with at a pin nic party, wnere neither piety nor patriotism la supposed to be represr utol. It was with pomo reserve that our reporter Introduced hlmeelt to Brother Yonog, the President of the N >rwalk and WePtpert branch or tho Mormons, and expressed a wish to acoetnpany the party, Tor he was led to bcliore that a Gentile, and especially a Gentile of the press, was na obnoxious IndI (dual in the eyntof the elect. Brother Young, however, oordially extended him the houpi-all'y of the brethren; and it Is t> his kindness we are maiuiy In debled for the means of lay log so mo th that is interesting befbre our readers this morning Os the boat wt-'o Bro ther Appleby, of New York, President of ibo Murium Church in the Kattorn Stales, an Intellectual looking gentle tan, cf tall and portly form: he is the Clerk of inn Su preme Court of Utah Territory, but ha? benn in No* York aver a year, bis duties being now performed by a deputy; Jadye Uoolan. ol lhu New York Mormon; . H Miles, Pre sklent of the New York brancb, Elder davase, under *hi>-c care ibe eboir and orcbestrt are pieced; ft-other Uackln toab, jart arrived from Bah Lake City; B other Ott, P residual of the New York Conference, anc Brother Ilsll, also tram Sa t Lake City. In con<or*atlcn with to no of these laadtng brethren if the Mormon church our re wrter learned many interesting facts and opinion*. They s oke aareaervedly, and answered all (ueations freely. Boiisvtag that a stale meet of their views will prove agreeable to or readers, we publish them ui substance, at given to our reporter ? muohav Tome's umnotn wtth tot ivnuxs. The policy wbich Gov. Youg purtuo# towards the In-11aas, Mr. Marktntrsh says, Is not what it Is represented? ae of ooncillat on with any view to a friendly allUoce against the United Mutes authority His policy Is simply Shot be would rather fired than tight ibem He Qud.t It aheaper aid more convenient. Sometimes, when they teal cattle or molest his people, he la compelled to cbt* Mae them bat be flnds a wholes >me warning and throats f v? op eat i r aocompao'ed by kindly acts, mire powerful te repressing them than an open declared a of hontlll y Mr. Mackintosh waa sobreta y to Gov Young for Tour years, and Is now a mlwlonvy appointed to travel la the Catted States He la one of those *bo crosse 1 the Plains lately with the hsod carls. He describes that Journey of Mb weeks as being or tbe plrarantesl character, the party vaaMag at ol#ht under tbelr tents, and rou tucttng over) Ming with the pteclelon of a diaiplloed force. illbrlta or tub mor.moss Mr. Appleby aseured our reporter that the necessity of MOPtniCK cillieiu OI lOO I imrn "woa wan uiuanramj eejetaed on ad emigrants to I'lab Tnal neither <iir Young nor any of the elder* deetred that their peopln Moeld be other than loyal citizens of the republic He Mild testify to the oatural'aailon of thousands, wbnee Men be bad himself ngoed, aa rlerk of tbe Supremo Ooarl, whbln a few nan Mr. Mackintohb elated that be ?M a Scotchman from I'ertbahlre, only In the ooontry Mace 1*49, and produced hi* naturalisation paper* In proof of clUarnahip w*o own m* tAjm im rrtn On reporter having aeked for Information a* to the nuaiiblp of land In tbe Territory be wae Informed that Mm> pebllc land* are not In tbe market yet; that tbe Indian Mile la not extinguished, thou*b S4VOOO waa voted aome two yrara ago for that purpose, which haa nerer been Fid, that tbrre la no land office In the Territory. When la dttabh'hed, It le the Intention of the Mertnona to pur haee, claiming, of course, a pre cm.ition right That tho Idea that Rrlgham Young claim* all the land aa hia own la n ataUeioua and abeurd * land or THK (JM?U> 'Kit O* tlHIIIIMM Mr. Mackintosh, Briibam Young'* rtcc*etarv for four www*, spoke highly of the (lorernor. ilu nay* be It a per loot gentleman?neither drink* nor *wear* HI* moral Character atandt aa blgb any llrlng man He believe* In polygamy, to heaure, and* It; but Mr Ma:kloto*b eon id not tell exactly b?? many wires be had at pro-on t Oar reporter having aome c trlou v to know whether the Fropbet >a* maligned, a ked if lirlgbam waa not nilgtr, prof*r>e, and nfleu blaaphomon*, in hi* public *peectie*, and be waa Informed that he aomeumM used 'strong langaat?" when excited: mat be *poka to aud bU betre*a , Met be I* leally enrt aubltin < *rb*n be wael* to be sub lw, that beta not profanr, though be may aay "H n year souls to bell;'* but that our reporter wa? assured Is contraction of ooecema," rainer ib* c inverse of Oonirn if?o, itiir rrpuri'-r Hi" Klii, huu hiiwii ini; early akin to prulaaity, though uxatng from 1U0 U,a of a prophet. POLttUSV. The rMem cnmpla'ned bltt"rty that their doctrine of polygamy u muireprermted fh*y Indignantly refute the ptiooa that 'brir women are held la common, an I that the paratoo* of the men are nnlui .led fbert- It no com unity, they BTer, tn which the marruu'e relation It wlM mod morn holy. Proatltntion la I mked upon by Mormon* an a nul?anoe; and the man *ho ai'empted to orrupt the wife or daughter of anotne' would be treated la I'teh a itb more aeeerity than In the outer world No u ran marry a neeon 1 wife tf be I I treau the 0ret. ner are marriage* contracted. a* repreeented, at the will of the lender*. Our reporter wa* wwured lhatthty are matters eolrly of affection with the Mormon*, a* with other people rhke aeemed apedoue, but on looking nund at the bright lace* of the Mormon maiden*, the iodic.** of heart* rrra'ed for lore? pcrnapa for ooe abiding lore, who** duration time cannot moaenro?It aeemed an though the rule wbi A may conaign ibrm to lb# *llent aorrow which dirlded affection h oortatn to entail ra moat orcei, tf not nnnaturai. Tim m*r? wmt ntt cormuumvi. Oh the preeenl malt In I'tah, and the probable ooorne Mm Mormon* would lake with the United State* troop* now On tbrtr way to I'lah, our repot ter made aonont inquiry, U4 gathered that the Mormon* are willing to obey all l?wn of the Lulled mat**, but will oot toierae eorrut* aMVdal* Judge Drum mood tbov condemn, and deny hi* statements in Mo. They acknowledge thai With ?uch oiTl ale aa Chief Jualloe Kinney, Judge Sharer and Oalonel Mepaoe *?v hare no lault to Dud lYue dent Appleby , mated that be heard Brtgham Young declare, in Uie pre neoce of thousands, that li Hteptoe was appointed H irer or be would be the tlrat to bow to bt* authority; but they did not want demagogue* or pnlitiriana to rule orer them, and corrupt the stream of justice. "t?n,"eiir reporter said, the rrlme charged agaluet > on It that you will oot obey nay law of Uie I nttrd ttuu* thai no Diets w IB your doc 4 Igines or optotooe.' Fie was iwotnpUj answered?"Tney cannot conflict with ibe I el ted 8tat*? laws. Our hook o' doctttnee and ouvenants expreesly declares? Ho tbal abtdeth by my't* hath no nerd to transgrewi the lawn of (be land.' The isane tbey "' met to thing almple enough It wa* this: If Ibe I'olted mat** aotdler* are tent by the go eruuefit to CUb t? *ee that the lawn are enacted, they will not be molested?no notice will he taken of then, bul If they cone* there to corrupt our wire* and violate our dSiUgMcrr, then we will die m rerl'Unoe anawow on now <>r rtir mswauv The courae of the New York pro**, and the Hinuui la particular, en Mormont?m wa* the subject of much con serration lYesddrnt Young expressed himself gra'eful for tne opposition of tlw Bkhaih Thll new-paper riant he raid, did them a great deal or good, beca ire number I ol pepplo who never heard uf Mcmonttin lief ire n >w I , wanted to krow both tide* of the question " In fact," ha mid, " ?lnce you fellow#' (a polite oignotten (Vu thu He nail*-) cmtrmccd to write about tit, we ctn har uy attend lo the cumber of applicant* You have spread a know ledce of Morinordsm all orer the world." thu ran. n >w.a rut tur. Manvoo hlecd lie* about thre* miles down tha bay from Rnuth Norra'k It Is a email, flwt Inland, with a *ultta>-y mow?. crowned with tree*, rising I rum It* anutltera mar' gin. On this mound th* Mormon ceiobrau iu took pi ice 'ma day was calm a' ' fe-iiel. cloudy In the mornlst; hui about roon Mm cky ulcered <df, and the r??t of ihe d* c war mad propttlou*. fbt Ian.fur, a Yankee o'amt'i'? war mail -lc the most approved fbehhwi, ati l dl'powd ? wnh a rapidity that apoko well for the appetite* of thr HNt . This ceremonial concluded, tha party wtmiM the !?"e<" mvunl, lei under the thvlc < I iieirei* the vr?e?-'lla<? el the < ay Coiiturner t hv a p. -y?-r fr ?t t heather ?c< . Iwh, delivered w lh np't e'band*, t? !an<o?g? an I t* ? of rolcc tutiroij deftd of the usual pvxiuli triMoa of Met solemn acremenies; afer which the choir sang ? Mormon i hymn, and brother Miles, of N>w York, read the Declare- I Hon oi Independence. Too start* and rtripes tl wed from Jhe trees overhead, and President appieby, advancing under its folds, proceeded to deliver the oration ol the day i ORATION OK PRaUDKNT AKrLSBY. Ykikkdh and Faixow -1 am happy to meet you all here to day. Our coogr-'gatl <e la email, on account of the weather. Bad that been propitious we would h tve had numbers of the brethren here from Nov Haven, 1 Philadelphia, Elaversti aw ana utbrr places- We are a? sembleo to celebrate the auniverr ary of the Declaration st Independence and for recreation?to exore<a the true sen urnr-nte ol our hearts with regard to that event l.ut me speak of tne views oT tbo Latter Da) Saints with respect to this day. sod to the cwostitutios sod laws of the I'ui eJ Slates, to which we are charged with being di-loyal 1 I tpeas 01 lut oi as an tuieriuu, >?<j ? n? tsw? v. vxi cbu cb, with ouo eiopu >u. are Americans Homo were born tn Ne? York, nw in New Hampituro ud oiber State*. Brother Taylor alone was bern in Oaoaaa Of our people, hundreds ano thousands, it U true, are from other countries, but many or them are uatoralized. I attended to that duty myself, in my capacity as Clerk af toe Supreme Court of Utah; and tboed men are patriotio and 1 loyal, as far as 1 know Nighty one years ago to day the Declaration of Independence *a? declared. On that day our fathers vowed that tbey would either be free from 1 British repression and the yoke of all foreign tyrana, or ' tbey would sleep with tbe snout dust, fo his they pledged their lives, tbti/ fortunes anu their sacrei booors. Some of thtir immediate descendant* are nere; I am one of I tbem myself (A voict? And I am ) They pledged tb< twelves to this; we pledge ourselves to the same. Wo pledge ourselves to uphold and protect the constitution of our fatbors with our lifu'a blood against all sacrilegious bancs. Now, what are the views of the 1 atter Day Saints ss regards the la *s of the 1 United Slates V Ah a principle, we believe this land a lar d of freedom specially set apart by God as tbe theatre in which aro to be enamel tbe greatest j events of these lat er day s. We believe, (oo, that there sere three distinct peoples on this continent at various peiiods of antiquity First csroe the Jeredtte* at the time of tbo to?er of liabel and tbe confusion of lorguts. Second, came a brancn of the bouse of Israel ' under ifuleck, sun of /x-daklub, King of Judstb. callod '/x-philos. This wis about Otic years before tbe birth of Christ; and these people kept the Jewish law There were millions of the JercJlirs on mis continent; they nad ships? men skilled In the arts and rcieuces?but they became cor- 1 rupt, wicked, despised tbe law of God, and his vengeanco overtook tbem. Tney fell bv intestine commotions We believe that tbo Indians of ibis country aro tbe descendants of that race. Tbo ZopDium it was who erected those m?imiOcent architectural monuments in Yu atari and Guate mala, whose rules remain to day to attest the vengeance of tbe Lord; lor through tin ibis people became uilonsive In bis right, and by pUguer anu feuds tie smote tbern until tbe remnant only eilst* In a wild and savage slate, Then came the Anglo-saxon* (I) under Columbus [doro tbe sieaker was somewhat confused and Indistinct | We be hi ve tha' God let Lib spirit woik tu Columbus: but he led him to this land only to pave the way fortbos'j who would boi abide the Lord of Beat en. The Anglo Satons wero Inspired by God to establish a government under which Jesus Christ would bo recognized. This Is what we believe on this point. We belle;o that tbo 8a\ iour visited this uoutineut after his resurrection. That be was three days In .South America, during which l oo storms and whirlwinds over the lan l; cities wore tumbled down, and tbo scenes enacted in Jerusalem durin* the CrnciBxion were rupeaieu there He established tncrc twelve Apo-the, tbo Fame a? ho did in Judea, ant gave to the peo, ic of this continent tin- name la vo ho guve the Jews though, lOu \ car. afterwards, they fell away through tin. Anu tnib was what the Saviour meant when he caul to the rbanate?' And oih:r sheep 1 have, that are not ot this fold: them slso I must br ng, and tbey shall hear my voice, and there sha'l be one fcid and MM Bhcpb rdM Tnis Is ?hat we believe. Our father*, 1 Fay, were inspired to relet Brtluh opprtetion or the purpose of establishing an asylum fur all nutans. Oar people como fr >ra many na lions to dwt II here, free fiom ; and who will Fay Uia'. come wnat may, tbey will not :ally round tbe stars and stripes ? I hat is the opinion of every I Att.-r Day Halnt Wc be'.levo that ihe constitution o( tae United States is a re? elaiidn from ihe God of rJ'*tt. His spirit guided tbe hand wrote it We honor It, therefore, aud cling to it as something as pure as ever carao from the thione of Heaven. We ark noibing more than t can give us. Cwuld we, theD, ho dU loyal to it? No; let it never be raid that we are fo degenerate We believe Washington was inspired to b iumph over his enemies; that God upheld him to carry out the principle! he had designed for this land. Nowhere s there ruob a lsnd as Columbia. No bere sucb laws aud government as those of tbo United Mates rbey were intended to give equal rights and equal protection icyou and me an<(ail ot us; and believe me, If the laws were administered in the spirit which they were in tbe days of Washington and Jeil'erson. sin could "not raise Its brad in tnis land with impunity? ! there would he no moo riots, no percocutlog and driving { | Intoenle. There would be pesee iu the national legi-la Uture? theie would bo noj 'til ery aim cn.canery iu i?oi? lie*. Our fathers knew no lung of Ibo perquisites of office or government pairouagc. Whc will deny iliat there la a deterioration in our Judgti, oar I.egtiUto a, even our Presidents t In ancient, days money would not purchase rights, or aooure inun in?y for crime. Mo>* will niw rl?o up, and in tome places no law can reach Ihe n donor and Integrity and private repuUllon are sacrificed I for polti'tial cliquery. Hut the M ?rmois do not hold the ! laws iet>|fii,aible for tbcae ibiuga For one I am djposed i to >ay, "America, with all thy faults I love thoo still.'' j Mobs may roe aim kul, rob and despoil our people, but | they can never dep Ive us of our love of country?never, i \ never. Theee are the views of the Mormons regarding the constitution Our loyally haa been impugned Now, I let me say what I know. I have been seven rears in i I lab. I am a latter Day Hainl lor seventeen years, 1 have I been with do v. Young, uay aad nigbt, for fourteen years He a a patriot, from tne crown of his hoad to the soles of his leet He loves the coosillulino and the laws of the I Coiled states, and he leaches ad bis people to do the i same. We are all Interested in preserving the Un'.oa. j Then why this discord* I will tell you Politics. Wo . don't go Into politic We a^K too righis Itio constitution i gives us; to mare. Yet we are ctlled aliens and traitors. , lid wo ever r?fuse to asswer tho call St our country? No; but when that gallant legion of 600 yo ing men. the I liowrr of our caoin, wo the plains of Iowa, waa .summoned to the Menoen war they went From Santa re to Galifor i nla they marchri', ana came back, having lost all. And they would do the tame again to morrow, In epilo of all . I tbat ba? been ia<u and uoue to them, aril 1 know II. We . are the bwet friends oftblsrountry and of its laws. An there I prophecy to u?\. In t'e name of Israel's M that toe latter lay Haiui* are the only fieaple who will yet uphold I Uie coostitution and shod their blood for It?(Here a muri mur of " A men '' aroee from the coogregalien)?dUcord and deaolailon will oome up in this land, and no men can 1 stay th< m There are men who havi ahealy d<* !*ro>i , the constitutlnn a compact with bell, and the I'bioo a C' nt; these men we pronounce real* to thetr country. We with those who assail us would teat our loyalty ami not ootiden.u us uahsard We Invite all who i mahgu us to invostigvte our doctooes. if we are wrong, l I show us the right |iaUi If 1 am deluded, lot them show j me hew, by law and icr>pturu If I have errors, I want to I ), ,i ?i if. m 111 Iiision we belh'vo In upholding ' M,i? law* ml ounslltuMon. Tin* latter I* the palladium of i.< i" ri v , Hie milt of (H>ace. it,,i *,| gin Ion of all nation*. I 1 am happy i?. BMl you all oo >hla occarlou. I am U*pt>y to ?te Uio report ere here?Up y are welcome. We are tiie friend* of all mankind, and oul) deakre to be known. (rod I blew you al1. iMtl the M*r .-paegied llanoer w*e then sang by TVother Hall of I t?b,rlioru* by, ta which the i.cnt Ion (reporter*) joined. Itrotbee Maeint~?h, of ftah, "? teeretary to Rrigham 1 Young, wn< tbrn nlmduoed, ehu *pn** In behalf of the j foretguer* of II." Mormon eli ,rrh Ha wa? MM ti I 1 laod. but en now a cttim n or amcrtsa. tin ha t hi* I papers In bl* pocket, end *ho*ed th-m to the gentleman [ 1 IromtheNrw York Mruin that iteming Nine tenth* , I of the foregerr* In Tub are natural.*, d, and go though * ttrlrt a fonme nf naturalltadow a- any on* in theHtnie* I f or btmr, if be woulr ray that be bad to slay one year in Uie ft irltory b -fo?? be ,-multi get bl? paper*, though he bad I declared hi* Intention* In due form long bt fore But be hadrblllren In I'tab (and be wleheo be bad mom of , ibtm) who rlalm tnia a tb. lr nail re |*nd . but they would I not be more fbl>bful to the law* than he wae. W boo the I Mormon* indorsed the law* itaey did not enioean oorrupt administrator* ot the law* The ?|wak*r lb >'ight tb?t all oar " presiding men" w< re clique*, thai all the e*lt* of toe orudtry arree Irom our pustlianlroou* publiu no n, who ( don't know where the n?*l dime la to oome from when they go out of oflloe Wo had some good meo once. 1 .lackion, for inatani'e, waa a good old *tlck Bro Marin u?h rpoke wane It In faror of the lot ally of the Mormon*, and denounced the Oarrtmotan ncbnol In no meaaiarn i term*. n? It attar* and firebrand*. If the Mormon* said , | that tbe oonrtttution should be burned, there would I* a cry agalnet them from I tan to Bcerebeba The Mormon I ho happen* In he a foreigner wtebea "imply to learn the lawn of tho country to obey them, and booome a dliten a* boob ii* il6 (10 Brother Appleby raid that be wi-hed to state something with regard to the foretgaer In I'lnli, nod he booed the r*i>orter* would lake It down. Many of them know nothing of our law* who* tber a-rWe; but tbey are taught in Utah to comldor thorn the heat to U?<- world, and that II lr thol-rtutT m ir. lor-uuH Ihnm and to f I naturalised I Tbey are Instructed dally upon Ihu point The*r doctrine tear he* thrm obedience to them when they coma her* Miry fancy thala'l the rtota an J persecution* iiiey witnoss I proceed from the rnrerameot; but In Utah Uiry letrn natter. Ibey are taught that aueb thing* are againet tbe law. Taming to our reporter, be raid, * t wtah you would tabe that don n a# an anrwer to our malign r*, wbo charge ua with teaching aedltloii among our people." ItaroKTiK?I hare done to. Tbe song of "tbe Mormon OraeJ." to the air of "The ! He,a ben we went Mypsytng.' wa? then *ung by Mrothcr Marafe, and ihe company prooeeded to partake of tbe eacellent dinner apread oat on Ihe g*aae H<tartly and yrmd nature pretlded at tbe ah indant board, hrery pro ! Ttelrm for the crcatore comfort wan made that ordinary > mortal*, not of the elect, uenatly make at ptcnto parti re, and to do the ttalntt jurtice they partook of the good Mi ur* . quite after the manner o'tbe rimlltea Tae \reaulifnl daughter* of President Young n aited on .he table, at the hea<i of which Rrothrr Venn* himself eat, grae?iully dte, penelnf the hoxptta Ity of hi* branch of the cburoo In IU guests After dinner and a bier ing b? brother Appleby, tbe roguUtr loan la wore prnpaecd, aa fwlowi:? TOAST*, sr miwmttrr Torso I Tbe Constitution of the raited Mo-Gim by Implra ' th>B of Mod, and bequeathed to u? i>y our riTolutioaery ! S1r*e, niay it continue to be adi unUtered in the tame 1 plrtt a< tbo?o who irdlled it 1 Meorge Washington?The father of hie country, who wae ehmen by the (.real talherol un all lo lead tbe ar 1 ?ie* to vl< lory. Preside* i of Uic Celled !t?'ea?Mae he he ln?p,rcd by Ihe treat Klohiin te admlnkher justice an.1 equal rights to ?H mm. Rri^bam Young?The prophet of Ihe letter days; mar be be delivered by the Mod of In'aol from hi* Bemlee, and all natloM learn of ht? *oodne*a and giro heed to the pr'imlpte* of eternal truth tli?t he tearhe*. rsrcaled in Mco the I act da/a for the naUail n of mankind :ho r rt ?*, and it* rcpre-eutauve* who are prcn-bt? r? y I xts miy klndet fre Imni, st MSoiuan *? i i*Tren, ax *? nrrxuv to earns m to* to The hali.iu Itve In?May bur chain* tiecar grow less. fhe frset !c*t of the Cnlted Siatc?Ma> hi* ruto bo right and ln< armrr bv'ijit tor orll ooerr. The I lay We Celebrate?K Tcr memo able lo the Son* of I tbrfc ||l, i retibwi -The Off'pTiag of Truth, long may her gunial ' JTEW YORK HERALD, M ray* be cherished and her value appreciated bp her votariee. Colombia?Freedom'* Mil, map it yield. The Virtue of Utah?A diadem sacred to ber bra re too* and noble daughters, may it *1111 shine with tncrea-od brilliancy. The Ladiee?What eould we do without them ? May tbev ever live lo bleaa. The Present Company, with its association*?May it be everlaatlig. FT I'KWTPHVT JklTUntT. George Washington?The great and good; the father of bia country; rahud up and protected by Hearen to tight ; her batttee and lead ber armiea to victory and conquest Ihomas Jell.r-on?(he of the Declaration flf In dependence, inrpirel bt the God of liierty and justice to guide the pen that wrote the sacred instrument thai node ' our fathers free. _ The Constitution of the United Statet?A revelation from God to man, g ven by the inspiration ef Heaven lo oar father*?may their sons ever protect It, The ooatituttonal Law* of the United State*?The ter ror 01 aespois, me woouer or ino worm. tne prino ui irw raen; the boast of Columbia's sons, wncn administered according lo their spirit and letter Utah up in the Mountains?rhe child of Uncle Sam, now a woman with quite a largo family?may she eoon change her name to the State of "Deacret," her officer* be of her own chooelig, and lake her position along aide of her sister*. Brlgbam Young?The prophet and son of the Ix>rd?the gnardlau of right and the opgrvged, tho defender of the weak, the world's target, a terror to evil doers?tho Saints know bis voice, and when he roara tho small beasts of tho jungle tremble The Saints of 1 Alter Day, called Mormons?That much despised nnd persecuted people, their leaders the sons of revolutionary sires; Iho friends of right, the lovers of their country, supporters and defenders of tho constitution and laws?although aspiring demagogues and political cliques would fain trample then lnti the dust, tho Saints will uphold, support and defend them with their life's blood from all saci ilegioue bands. Sevbral humorous volunteer toasts were next given. | One Sa'at proposed "The bachelors of our people, may Ibey a.i eoen get virtuous wivea." another Aaist?That 1* au echo from the heart. i The next was,'The babies of the company, may they soon get bigger." Then followed "The ladies of the company, may they food get (our reporter wfcs going to write bigger) but the saint added sweeter." Repoktxr (under the Influence of Mormon beauty)? Thai would lie impoeitblo. Brmber Yopku?Sisters, my friend here says that would be Impossible. I Pvwiutvu ImruinatIv^ Thai fa unlv i (vAlitilA'a nninion. It ip o' do value among the elect. Brother Voi .no?Truth is valuable, oven coming from a I Gt utile. ( Iboiher Mux*, of New York, then gavo ' The press and its representatives who are present " After which the company broko up, when dancing, leapfrog snd romping generally became tho order of the day uuttl thg proximity of tbe sun to the horizon warned lb em that it was time to get on b sard of tho sloop. Tho ret ue of tbe etnharca ion was amusing. Tho water being sboal many bad >o be borne in arms to tho boats, thus affording sn excellent chanco for innocent flirtation, and ihoSaiat*. male and fomale, availed themselves of toe ? portunity In the m mt terrestrial t&shlro. The sail homo was de.ishtful, the choir chanting delioou* strains all the way. The sloop reached Nor walk at 8 o'clook where our reporter rrccived a courteous farewell from tbe lead ing brethren aud p'etliest listers of the hand, auJ rettrtd fully convinced that whatever the demerit* of Mirrmoni?m may be, tho Mormons are a jovial crowd for a picnic party. General SsHtltrs' Ueply to Utn. (Ismilitgten. TO TBI IMKKICAN rKOI I E. An Kngllsfc gentleman, by Lame 0. V. Hennm~sen, who has been connected with tho most disastrous portion of Hen. Walker's campaign, has thought proper to place artel's In posi est ion of parties for pubii at.on derogatory to my reputation as a soldier and an oflicer. I with to explain to my persona; friends and the friends of that great and glorious cause which I have bees engaged In for the last twenty ,1 onths, why ilenera! II. became my enemy. When tienerul H arrived In f.ranada In October last, be brought with him letters of recommendation to Ceooral Wa'k?r from parties In the United States who felt a deep iDtcrest In tho Gnul success of the cnlnrp*lgo Besides his letter- he brought munitions of war that w ere much needed at that time in our camp At the time of lit* arrival in ( runxia I wo# Ilia pernor Uoionel in lienersi w ixcr s army, and had every reason to belie o ll iti.'?n Walker mafwd i MgMf an a soldier. VMIflg iMknif la ?pl?>liitlng Ocni-ral H to a ftipei mrrommtii'l over my.ilf, (it im-al Walker *< nt f< r m" ami lold m- that In tgrosiog icrvice like our*. tt wa< n- i-.e? ary that Irregular appolutDilute tbonld be made, and that l was needle -* Tor bim to reiterate his lilgb i-shm illon of my survlnoH, which the army and pr< m bait already proclaimed ; stating that be would not appoint Ueuntn^sen over me, without tcliim; me why be had done so My reply ??., I did net come to Nicaragua for promotion but for tno good of tbe cause. I shall not, because of after circumstances, speak with In justice or UDfairncm of those who have spoken unjoetly and unfairly of me I think * an artllleri I, v. ilh a rich govei nment to back htm <>en H. is a One olhccr. But my opinion aleo is that for a service like oar*, rr pii dng rapid nK*..r?aii ,n ami inntant dirtxtnn. fertllltv and rradv re source, be la decidedly too flow Uut I the drat battle of Sao Jorge, (fougnt on the 'JOtb Feb ,) Geo. H and myself were good friends. I'pon that occastoo Geo Walker recalled Gen H from the scat or action, leaving me la command of the fle'd, with order* to consult Col. J. 1'. Water*, and if I thought I codld talc* the plMO ta itli a lose not exceeding fifty men to Co 10, U' not, to fall back on Rivaa. After mature deliberation I fell back on Rlvaa, reported to Gen. Walker, and he approved my I ourio. Gen. H. felt Irritated at being superseded by a young and loexi*rienced ofilcrr. From that day a ooln<>?* h it ousted between Gtn II and myaelf. I have do-e learned that he worked aocretly to iniure my reputation wiibGen. Walker and other ofllcer* of the army The firtt positive proof 1 have that On. H. war mr enemy was furnttbed on the day we surrendered to Oapt. Hart*. In a conversation with Gen Wailser. be told me be never could forget one remark I bad made. ] replied to bim I bad noticed a cooler** In bis manaer towards me fur some time past, and asked him if he would tell mo wby It wao. He replied tbat be could never forget use remark I bad made. I asked him what It was, and be aald tbat ( had staled ibat I did everytolng In my power b> thwart Geo. H. at the first fight at Han Jorge. Said I, " Gcrerat Walker, did I tell you no!'' lie said, " No, but you told General H. so " I rose from my aeat and replied to Gen. Walker that It was fals*, and be himaelfglid not believe it. I !"fl bis room and have n >1 ?pokes to him since, nor Jo I desire to do so, be ranse be condemned me without a bearing. Ant T will new ask any soldier If Gen. H. was not guiliy of nnolTlcnr like conduct, If I had told bun so, in not having mo court marlialled, disgraced and sent from the country! And, again. When Gen. II arrive* in AsplowiD, ha give* Tor publication a list of Imltlce fought sin e the ad vent of Gen. Walker Into Uie republic of Nicaragua, the date* when fought, number of iron,-*, and by whom commarded. And out of 17 lights he oomrot nta no only one?the fight of the 5tn of March, en the plains between Rita* and ihe transit road. He say*, 11 by the ncapa Ity of Gen. Handera, this fight was called tbe J orate Rare* " fn show ihe entire Ignorance e- General H. concerning my conduct. The light was not fought at .locate, but on the plains, three mile* from Jocate rancbo, and. with a mailfest desire to 'ojure me, he states ] had 126 men nod the enemy 300 Ihe furl is, I bad 140, and the enemy, irons the atainment of the commander In ebiof of tbe allied foroe, bad 600 Oosta Rlcana. General H was not at tor fight; and I defy h.m to prove, by anv rfflcor or soldier under nv com maud that day, tfiat It wai by my Incapacity ibat tbe fight was lost I made a good re tr?\t with a handful of broken down, hungry ant thirsty Sold I era, who were out of amr.r.inibon, re|inrted to Gmcral Walker, and he approved my course; and I claim more credit to myself lor my conduct on tbat occasion tbsn in any service I may have rendered the army Whatever General H or b.t f tends may say against me, tbe whole army will bear wllneaa iliat my acta never gave ev idence of inhumanity, want of courage or aelflah ne?*. I nevrr had to drive or abuse my men, I went with then Into the hottest danger; tbev were proud to follow me, nnd I wu proud of thtn devotion In btH( and M the boner of the Amortean name I never, when It in in my power, refuted a kind tree to a aoldler. I v It tied the boapttalt. and If I had nothing elae. had alwava a kiad word ftor the tick aad wounded Mr repnui no ua d ring the twrnt} montha I nerved General Walker It nbnwn by tbo regularity nf my promotlona from a Major to Brigadier (lateral. Tbe reputation I bore aa an officer ia beat known to tbnee whe nerved with me, and by them I am willing to be Judged And I now MM that the nlan leroun at a'-k, and fa lee <ta)ementn made by General It., and through hte Inrtriirri' ntahty ,'which hove appeared in the public prr?n ware a mneerted plan to make me a arapegoat t<> cover bia own military blnndera and the dlaantera that brongbt about the aad termination of tha expedition Reep. ctfuliy, K J. BAMPWW, I ate a Brigadier General in the Nicaragua Army 130 War Forma* ?r***T, Ntw Tuna, July 4,1867. Vb? Kannal Klartlon 'From the i/ulndaro Otlmlowan, June ?7 1 We have received retaraa (In moat caaea official) from nearly all the cmntlea where any attention wai pa 1 to the bognn election oa tie 1Mb Inat H In believed thai fur Iber Intelllgrnee win not materially add to the number of voter given. Tbe following are tbe (Ifurea ? Omint\r$. No. Yotm I'nUeii. A a. /Zapu'ered.

ftonipbaa .61 Donglan :>40 l.lit Rhawnee, Of JM .letarroa 12* bco I ear en worth boo 1,937 l.ykiee 45 4M J oh neon 114 4U3 l.t rn 1J0 41* Alcbtaon 103 604 f rand total* I,Ml fJM In Jobrnon county. aa we are informed by a gentleman who wa? pre ent, manj votce were poded tir Mlneminane renhllng la Weetport, Independence, Kannea City, and other e?' 'oitili.g nectif.iia Home of them orofeen Ua hold clalmn in the IbnBorv, but arc, beyond all oflBtl, actual* of MI?rourl One of tbe delegates returned from Johoaoe county, George McCowan, in naid to be a citizen of Went port tbir informant rtatra that he met 51' Nolan (a pro mlncni (Mien o' Independence) at the poll* at fltwt Hprmgn. and that Nolan naid ho waa titer o to vo e, put could not de an until he had neea Tom JttaM to 'earn which waa the right ticket It wat Imponaible to flu 1 a poll lint pouted up in the onunly before elec Ion ; hut it la rtated that the name* of Clay Pate an' many other MiJ rooriana ? ere rprur't The I* "-retire ?rpv\Vow rtatea that ' I ynu county one hundred of the vote* acre ca?t by Mtaeour: ibra-'em Frtrru acute other po uta Iherc are rep irtl of fraud#, but wc havo no ape title te'ermiMcn roncwra.ig them. Bevel lt<t< lltaenre. Brnt*wa'n FWaro Oockor ban m#a .^-dered to 'h* f cririrg nhlti IVttan) Iran n, la piacu of ktvuiwain Michael H II. una bed. Carpenter Matthew MUxld I aa beep or 1-red to the Pecunyhativ, ia pact oi Robeit M. Ban, data, he I. ONDAY, JULY 6, 1857. Ow Wukla|tan C?i?t*pond?nc?. o WlSHDMSM, July 3, 1MT. Il The Tomsvxmd* Indiemi y' yew To'h. a A delegation from the State of New York, consisting or Ely 8. l*arkcr, head chief of the Ton* wandas, *Bd the lion n F. FoiloU, late Ckaal Commissioner, W O. Bryan and J. ti H. Marttndale, M the friends and counsel of the Indiana, c bare been favorably received by the resident and Secre- * taty of the Interior. There appears to be some trouble * among the Indians and certain parties residing la the Mate v of New York. T It appears that the Ogden Land Oompany, as It is called, a has demanded of the government the removal of the In ri dians from their reservation in the eouu y of GeneBee, on ti the ground tbat such was the duty enjoined on the govern a mcnt by the treaties under which the land company claim e< ibe reservation. None of the Indians, I understand, ouau u pylng the Tonawanda reservation ever alined or assented j to the treaties, and the question seems to be whether the d Indians shall have the requisite time given to them to test ti the q .estion of their right to their reservation In tbeoourts, Q where it Is now pending, and whether certain conditions in the treaty ever have or ever can be so far performed aa 13 81 render it either the duty or within the power of the ol government to remove them. The manly and courageous struggle which these Indians have made to defend their rights against the claims of the company of specu 01 latora, has enabled tnem to fortify their case here by the bi rcoom mentations of the Governor and lieutenant Go rerno< , j, or New York, and some ol' the aolest ano uo*i inlluontial citizens tn the State. They, no doubt, wlU bo gran led to ln know that the cato of ibe Indians Is likely to receive every st favoiabio considerstion from the President and stecrotary ?( of tbo Interior which they can give coostutsnny with their duty, and that the ugden Company will oo defnuted lu tbetr rl expectations of the summary removal of the ludlons. g< The hearty and upright purposes of the President and c Secretary, which the friends of the Indians may be assured will be both wise and merciful In this ca-e, -HI prevent the land comi any from chaining by importunity any li Ihtng beyond their strict rights. rl WawintiTOX, July 4,1S67. n The Merit Rolls at HVif 1'oiat. g( The War Department has just received tbo General Merit Roll of the several classes at the Military Academy, West (( Point, as fixed at tha late annual examination. The stand- ^ log of tho liret or graduating class has already apis-ared In tho columns of the ilxKxi.n, and 1 no# send you tho ^ accord, third, fourth and tlfth classes. The llguros ladi cate the standing of each cadot In his rises j, C.KNRKAI. MSWir Hi'LL OK Via VEOOND CLASH?Jf.Vl, 1S57. J 1. Wm. C 1'sine, Mass. It). Royal T. Prank, Maine. 2. Mores J Wh'te. Miss. 17. Samuel McKec, I'tab. d Jo-cph Dixon, Toon. IS. Jas. J. Vuu Horn, <)bio. 4. Wm. H Dubois, Ala. 19. John S. Saunders, large. 6. Richard 11 Brewer, Md. 20. Bryan M. Tboma?, (1*. 0. Tbox It. .Ini)null. Mat8. 21. Oliver 1*. Gooding, Ind 7. Sardine I'. Reed, Obio. 22. W. .1 I.. Nieodtinoa, Md. C 8 Marcus I'. Miller, Mans. 23. F/lward I'. Cie-?sey,N.V. U II Cbas (} Harke-, N. J. 24. Win. H. Bed, lUnn 1' 10 Ata B. f'arey, t'onu. 26. Wm. O. Kobin?on, N. C. 11. Solomon Williams, N. C. 20. Goo. N Bancom, Ky. 12. I.croy Napier, Jr , tfa. 27. t'has. K. Jex.ip, hod of Hi. .las 11 lUllomiuLt, 4.C. General JtM'ip.fdelieient,) 14. Cba. 11 Iegraham, Mass. largo (droppcUj. 11 15. A. Jackson, Jr., large. i> GRNFR.U MFIIIT ROIL OK tot TIllRri fT-ASS?JTOK, 1867. 0 1. Wm E Merrill, large. 13 Eugene M lluor. N Y. 2 Suiul H l.ockett.Ala 14. Allen I. Anders<>n,Ohio. 3. Oboe. K. Collins, Pcun. 15. .ionatban N Hall, Mn;b c 4. OrlandoG.Wagner,l'era. 10. Marun 11. ilardio, Urge, g 5 Ch'noey B. Iter**, N. Y. sou of Col II., killed f 0. Kd. (1 Bnab, Iiliruix, at Buona Vint*. 7. Moses II Wright, Teno. 17. France 4. Oil ly, Peon. 8. Kllax It Oarliug, M'land. 18. Edwin II Seaugbton, Vt. ' 9. K>bt. K. liecktian, V* l'J John J > pbam. Wig. 1 111. S Sold en Hetgell, large. 20. Caleb H. Carlton, Ohio 11. Francl* L. Cucnther, 21. J'* Wbecler, jr., N. Y. New York. 22. Ahra'm K. Aruo'd, Pen. 12 1 tod eric Stone, Mln'sota. 23 ll'y A. F. Worth, largo. f.K.VKKAl MKKrr ROLI. OK TIIK rOPKTH CLA*? J IN*, 1857. 1. Walter McKarland, N.Y. 24. fhco'e W. M Count/..t'a. 2 NVoIss Bowen, N. Y. 55. James M Wa'nor, Vt. ' 2. ll?'?ace 1'ertor, l'enn. 2d. Jobn 4 -'?oet, 111. ' 4. JobuII. Sardv. Jr.,N Y. 27. Kdrv'dD B Riley,large. * 6. M. Wliittemcrc, 28. Salem S Mtrrb, Mora. Jr., Muss. 29. Alex C M Penulngton, fi. B'r.i. F Sloan, Jr., S C. Jr.,.V.J. 7. Wm. H. McCrecry, Jr., 80. Alfred T Smith, III. large 31. Wm. (J. J'nea, Ohio. b 8. Jo*tab II Kellogg. Penn. 32 Weelev MerrlU, III. t< 9 Ja* H. Wilron, Hanoi*. 38. Martin V B l.ewia. < ihlo. . 10. J no M.Wtlaoa.Waa.Tcr. 31. Albert M. I'oarell, Md. 11 Alanxon M Randall, N Y. 86. Frauk linger, large, T 12. lronitl l> l.t nn. Indiana. 3d. Cbax. S Bowman, largo. ti 13. Tbecdore I. Won, Mass. 37. Harold Borland, Ark. 14. PstuuelA Foster, lUlne. 38. Geo. H Holllster, N. Y. 16. Stephen P. Ramseur,N O. 30. Sunutl r Cu.-hlng, It. I. 16. Cornelius Hoolc, Jr., 111. 40. Wa. U .lord on, Obio. 17. Ed K Hopkins, N. Y. 41. Robert H Hall, III. 18. Geo. W.Vauderbllt.N.Y. 41. I.ymm Mbbler, Ponn. 10. John M Kcr, N. C Warron W. CoamberLain, 20 John N. Andrews, I tel. dropped, N. Y. 21. Jobn H. D. Hurtwe 11, Ala. Chariot i Morgan,.Ir, drop 02. James P Martin, large. ped, Vu. 23. Wade H. Gibbs.S. C. ni.vsn.M nri:rr boll or thf rrm n ess?jrxtt, 1857. . 1 Charles E Cross, Mass. 30 D W. Flakier N Y. 2. Adelbert Ames, Moss. 31 J B. Williams, Mich. 8. H. W Kingsbury, N.Y 32 K B. Beaumont, Penn. ['2 and 3 cete-niinfd in fa- 33 C C Cam|>bvll Mo. vor of Amee ] 84. T L Rrwsor, Tefas. I 4 Sam'l N. Benjamin, do. 86. John Pelbam, Alabama. . 6. H. A Pupou, large. 34. Mai. F Waiaon, N. Y. ' 6. L G. Huston, large. 87. Cbas K Patterson, Ark. ' 7. Jobn J. Rogers, Penn. 88. Bam I C. William.", Tenn. ( 8. N K. Cbanibltas, Tenn. 80 Bbeldon Sturgeon, N. Y. P. H C. Haabrouck. V Y. 40. John 4. Poland, Ind. 10. Won A. Kl ierkin, V Y. 41. Matbias W Henry. Ky. ' 11. Jobn W Bar low, Wis. 42 Char H Gibson, Penn. t 12 Chas MrK Iearor. Pa 43. .Tas. M Ksnnard, M ss. 13 Oreille K llaboork N.Y. 44. Jaoob B. Paw lea, Mich. ] 1 14. Kobt. I. Eastman, large. 46. Camb. 3 Kaiorr,la-ge. I 1 16 A. R. Hulling too, 1 a. 4t> tuin F Ri.e, Kentucky. d 10. Jnd?on Ktlnatilrk, N.Y. 47. George A Thorn on, Va. 17. K. liarwood, Urge. 46. Jat F McQuesten, N II. 18. F. A. i'?vo , large. 40. Henry B Noble. N. Y. * 10. Chat. E. II u'ett, "hlo. f>0 Geo. O Sokabki, N Y. p :U Ed mend klrby, large. 61. Morris Harlan, Itdtaaa. 11. Jacob R. Bnyser, Penn. 62. Wright Riser, D. C. 22. J Ac air, Jr., Oregon. 63 James It Iricko, Tenn. o 23 Emery I nt.m, X. Y. 64. James I. McElroy. Ohio. t 24. Jacob F Kett, Ponn. 66. Jobn N Gilbert, .V. Y. 26 Geo. W . I>rrrser, Mass. 6'. Wm. Jones, Georgia '20 L L Janes, Obto. 67. Jell. I) Bradford, large. 1 '27. Guy Y. Heurr. large. 68. Justin K IHtnlck, large. t H E timings, Md. 60. Goo. n. Talbot, Mo. , 29. Leonard Martin, Win. Thi l/OM of Uie Mteamrr Montreal. ' Montreal papt rs rtale that tin* number of persons knewn <1 to have been on board lite Montreal, oxalusl re of crow, , were ? . From the Jobn McKentie 216 Raftsmen 50 ' Cabin passengers (supposed) 30 > Total 6)8 f Of these there are sased 114, including some of the en w, making the total ktaa of life over two hundred and g-,ris* | At high w?te r the wreck fit* I'd feet below the nrf?*?, with prarce a vr?t?ce above It At low water it will be Dearly high an<1 dry. The Montreal (bmxvr^ial Ad.erfiwr brings 'ertona charges again'l the master and oWrera of the III Ikied Miamer Montreal, raying that they krn-w of her dans' roue condition, and were well aware that m?m- r or later rhc would be destroyed by Are, yet made no pro t 'Inn for the rafety o' her pHWtmgers in Bitch an event, either by providing lit* boat* or life preeerrert. '?r by firing her a careful aod re*pncr<hlc crew. Tne whole"wrod * Tk a boat her i ticioea waa blackened and charred, aod 1 Idite lea* loiiammanle than gunpowder. and rbe bad reluatedly been on Are before the laet oaaaatrophe oooarred. H- r ma/uer waa a man of very Itaetnperat* beloiM, and it rrr? ?ald to bare b en drnnk wben the lire broke uuL Th'a would aeem to be tne m<wt ihar'u'ile cooelurioo ou hir behalf, for otherwlae hla eoiidoct abowa the moat culpable neglect and bad calculation. Tne steamer lay m? ti"Uleee in lb* middle af the atreara for more tnan an hour after the flames broke out, aad full tea minotea after all oo Nard knew that the boat must be consumed: aa I naly after the 'team bad aearly all beea bk>?ra off waa her ptera directed lower la tbe (bore Darns a'I this t me the only apfwreltia for etUeguiahlng the Uamaa waa a pump with a half inch aor/le Adam* Awn Haacoc*?Tho jpiTn* of Ham tie 1 Adam* and John Haorork, two of the puttier* of the Do I rlaratlon of Independence from Masa*rhup>tta are la t\e I ( ranery Burial (.round in Button, without monamenla to mark them. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ' BUIBV lAIKIVt Bnrtu*, July 5?4 P II At the dnw or the stock market on Friday Hie trnd?n -p of price* for tome or the railroad aecortiee war upward Tbe operations at the second hoard on that day, for cash, wwo at an advance on th< so of Iba nvimiog. Weattrlbut* that partially to tha fact tbat payment was not to be made at tbe date af the sale, or the <la>' after, b .t oa Men day, whl< h was tbe aame as thr> e days time. It wat also opportunity Tor elWct on outside speri'atore not to be oat, ami operators In tbe street for a rise bid up, priori ' pally for the purpose of rlorr j wltb a high <|notat:on speculator* In fancy railroad storks on the bul. side bare acquired a II He coofldeace. from the faot that tae arennm 1st km* of the ?uh Treasury hare at* beeo so large sa anticipated daring tbe Hist three days in J ;ly. The paynierts into the Sob Trcseurv hare bren compa ratlrely large?full as henry as we looked for prat tous to tlia ttb lost ?while the iNabur*em<>n the , | .^ib Treasury bare been unustmMy Is^ge on foreign mat' sconunf, interest aC'.eio', and t ic numerous other acecnote of the general government. wh cli come almgsetui annually These beary diabufrctnoDts sra shut orer, tad the pa; mcota Icto thn Rob Troa?t>iy <* II not >mly In crease m tbe 'w* adranc?w, buttbaarinin thailon m is' progress rapidly and steadi'y. We hav? ail Oi|S**l the partial tu* >cn*t ant rprr'c shipment' d-n th* fir *, le r or three week* In July, ta ooaerqumiee of lb" item in 1 op on importers fnr merry to pay cutlet Tlie drain of ?ps cle from the banks and from the channels of cu tint* ? to pay Into the Sub Treasury for duties Is fid as I'knty to r>ro uocstrlrgcmy In the n-Tiey market si ? '? '' for bipmert loFtirrpe O-ir'ng the whole of'st week there ? ere sir mg indications of atobtra-CMn Is 01 ntt's i, of more a Ira uonai : lor, btui a mar I! in'tad ? p, j f capital, and there It very Utile doubt to o ir mind but At moeb before the uatial time In put year* we thall re Jl/.e all the evila and diftlcultiaa of a light moony mark <L In regard to the market value of railroad stocks, it doee t ot depend ao much an heretofore upon the current cmdi 1 on of money maltera. The public generally h*?u be- , ume ao heartily disgusted with railroad management, rlth the corruption and rascalities of railroad m .nag' re, 1 dtb the dangers and difficulties attending all railroad la 1 ea (treats, that ibey will not touch thom again at any price, be public have at last realized tto actual position and inditlon of railroad stocks. When It la considered that tllroad stocks are the last of all claxsos of railroad aeourles that reoelvo anything from the net oarntnga or the tmpany; that every data of bonds and all atria of indehtIneas must receive at least its Interest In full before ;e stock can receive one farthing; that every accident or it aster In any shape, every loss rrom every source, every ollar expended in Unancierlng, every dollar of deralcaon, all expenditures of an extraordinary character, everyilng cornea upon tbo stockholders?the stock has to and all, ard not until thai la entirely annihilated can any r the bonded securities be affected?parties purchasing tllroad stocks have herdofire had but a very vague Idea r the precariousneaa of the Investment They appear to ivo been entirely Ignorant of the nature of the securities ley so confidently put tbelr moony to. Of all secirities the world In the way of Incorporated Issues, railroad ocka are beyond all question the wont and moat dansrona. Tbo president! of several of our moat promioont uLroud companies privately admit that railroad stocks enrrally are quite worthless, and that ultimately the lirut J lass bended creditors must operate the roads. Tbo interest due on the State stocks of Illinois on the st of July, will bo paid on the tlth (Monday,) at the Amo can exchange Bnuk. A call was made a abort time since upon most of tbo 1111 oits banks by the Bank Commissioners to make Rood their tenrities In the Itands or tbo Auditor, as most of them had epreclatcd. This, we understand, has been done by al| sc banks, tbo amount ncsensary to be deposited ranging era two to sis per cent on tbelr capital. Tbo ca tlings of the Chicago and Burllugtou Kallroad ompany for June, 1807, wore as follows :? Freight Patt'rt. Mite. 1Ua'. line, 1857..$178.4?1? 16 69.677 83 2,762 63 2.".6 749 11 one, lb&d.. li 9 966 69 63,( 96 29 1,616 39 164,578 24 Cain, 1K67 1(3,462 66 6,481 04 1,237 27 71.170 87 the proportion of earnings for each road comprising tbo ne are as follows ? Frri'iht Patt'rt. Mite. total. B.&Q It $U2 2m> 12 48,162 33 2,28.111 1M 711 SB AC U.4IC . 21.191 64 6,078 37 69 37 24,26188 eo. AUqua . 6,901 89 8,896 63 410 12 16,783 14 Total $178 419 16 69,677 .'13 2.762 63 235,719 11 The m s'oproHciitulions which have been made to surtaln te market ra'ue of tbo stock rf the Mllwaukle and Mirsis Ippi ItAllroad Company call for statement* derived from nictal sources, not verbally from tbo director* and board I' muoasrment.but from the company's last report, which idcot Dour be denied or contradicted. The amount of lock and bond* issued opto December 31,1808, was an allows M.iw actus Aim Mmmil11 Raiiroad. 866. rec. 31?Capital stock $3,2> 5,100 00 unccd debt?10 |ht cent bd*. payable 1861. 74,o< 0 oO 8 do. do. do. IMC. MCjMC oti 8 do. do. do. 1803. 650.000 CO 7 do. do. do. 1839. 600,000 00 8 do. do. do 1877. 1,350,000 00 8 do. do. do. 1880, brunch 350,000 00 Tlty el Uitwnnkie loan of bonds, branch 200,000 CO rbts and bills payable $313,156 >lber items 801,970? 574,131 00 Total $7,489,331 38 On the 1st of January, 1S67, this company had In stock, onds and floating debt so aggregate ol? $7,489,331; of this >tal tbe funded debt amounted to $3 050,000 and the (leaf rg dobl^o $574,131 The Interest oil these Heun fur the ear war at leict an average or 8 per cant, srhich gives a ?tal of $333 930. Now let us seo how tbe com paiy paid Amply the Interest on ita funded and floailn( debt:? Total groes tarntags for the year ending Doc. 1 I. 18M $'.80,472 48 perming expenses for tho year, 45 per cent $3)7,781 Ol Interest on funded and floating debt 833,930 00 linking fund main line and biauchcs 62,500 00 701,301 01 Deficiency 33,728 68 Dlttdcnd paid,during the year, 10 pur cent,.. 320,610 >0 Deficiency carried Into construction ac. 1856 $350,238 .>8 8itu e tho report for 18.56 was Issued this company hare ?ut out a largo amount of bonds bearing eight and ten per Mint Intoroit, with farm mortgage bonds attached, as colaural. This new n?oe already amonnts to about $1,300 M'U, wuicn swell ine ruuro uooi capuai 01 uio coinpauy m marly ton millioD of dollars. The gross earnings of tbia oed Pit Hip Urst tl \ mouths or ibo present lineal year, ndlng July 1, wan about $.116,000. The net In. imo wm io( over $HO,OOo lo pay Interest amounting to $-.'0",0<)0 tor ho six months, to say nothing about Ibo linking fund anil llvldend. It la Ibo dltoovrry of such facta M wo have preserved hat haa drnlroyod all confidence in railroad stock*. The mblir hare at last tKCoase convinced that railroad com anioa have an a general thing boon created and carried n upon a faiao and tlctltlou liases, that they have i?en unproductive from the itart, and ibat (be mly parties who havo made money out of tho rorlc are Uioee Interested In contractu for construe, ion. We have shown that in the Milwaubio and tinn'* nlppl lUilrost Com pan}, several of the directors veru deeply lntrrc*l"d In eoctranU for conwrucUon, the iroflta on whl< h *ere estlmavsd st sis hondrsd thousand Inllsrs. It Is well known lu ttllwaukle that several Indl dduala In tho Imard of nianagi ment In tho Mil rankle and (iMirnlppi Railroad Company, who went to thst city a few ears since from Ibe liast poor railroad operatives, a-e iow rolllrg In wealth and living In palatial residency of belr own construction. Stockholder* In railroads base or years shut their eyes and ears to all reports of fraud nd estravaganee. They would not believe any of the torkw about mismanagement and oorrup Ion, and wont Joeg In blind confldenre, Investing their money lo ooaipa dee which never earned a quarter part of the dlvilco .s aid. Thousands are now fullering for their eredutty and bousaadr will be ruined. While the managers and si oc ors havo been amassing fortunes th'usan l t of fare lies are been plunged into the very depths of poverty. It la source of great satisfaction lo us that we have done every blng In our power to avert Ibis calamity to toe outside locbbo.dcr. We have given tho all Mie acts tu flj s*ee at the earlles; moaeit and cautioned them agVost sitrond Invevtmral* gear r illy. Many have profited y oar fdhrte and advice, but there are many rtdow* and orphans wboee all le locked op in erne worthless ra.iroad soour'.'.y, and who have now to irn their a.iei.Uon to devising ways lo earn a vellhood. The director* *f tbo Michigan Southern, be Mllwaukie and Miaslsslp d, Hinds Central, Great West -- lF.b..h .e.tfal.L.i. flowwUsiil mnas4 T, Imlo amln/A rn oth?in we coo d Dtni, bare much In iM??r for In be' raying the tiu>t repwtd In them. It la n queetion In oar mill U they am i.ot habln to a criminal pmtecutioa. "ha. they have been guilty uT thu men* criminal i*V, that liey bare peri* trnled iom* of the mo?t atupenduu* *W1? Ion of the age, and litem ly robbed tbr community by luttlry forth wliat they knee a* the time to be T?i?e re rirte and -taw-meow, there nan be In the ml id of honert urn no doubt, and we belter* that more than half the ml road manager* of the country could be indlutad by inneat Urand Jurkn. Krerydny bring* te light tornfUilag tew In the way ot railroad fraud, and the only way > irntd further loom I? to realise at on te on all railroad lock* Wo cannot bold oat any hope for ercn a partial ecorery In mart ef lucre now In the market. Many of hem nail go votraly ont of e'gbt, or rather become ao oeered up with the different clateen of bundal indobtedt?r* a* to be utterly worth two eicept at footbalW in W 0| itrret We cannot n"Ittee any one to hold any of the :lar* of drp'eeinted railroad (took*, ereo at pre**nt pneea 'or there k nothing In the futn u but bankruptcy and many leare of kcnolreacy. By rtallring even at thl* late day a ink) n ay be eare<l from the wreck; by omitting to do- ao ill may be kwt From the Chicago r?mrrraHr /Ven we learn that the Chicago ant .In I it Kailrnad Company hare commenced the snnairumion of their direct line between Chicago act Juliet rhls irad la to be ruratraeted, by tho icrm* of the con trad, ready for nee In one hundred day*, and will bo the ?oniinuatlrr of tbe ?l. Tor,la Alton and Chicago 'road itorcrnor Hainan*, the President of the latt. r, hue tnfuaed nto it hi* wt'; known euergy, with the riew of completing a tl'C ebortewt |*e*tb!e time Ihla Independent e>co*<-tton 'or hla mad wlib Ch ago. Ihc train* of the dt Lout*, Uton and Chicago road now ran from JolTet to Chicago irer the Chisago and fk-ck Inland road, and pay monthly r> the latter com ;<nry fr >m ten to I we1 re the -and dollam *" hen Urn direct read i? oemjdeted, it will n i "nly mu <g! hi* amount "f me rereutae cf the Chicago ar d Rark Inland t?d,bi t will U'.e from It the li>cal huaii wa of .Tobnt and u< eleir'ty, tbe Hew rend he'rg a raring In Tlatai e o< time ecren tniv*. Tl wfl r.lao yroa ly benefit I A ouit, A'tor, ard Chicago road, and Niivt, by i'o * "*?'/ Intrrawd bu li -?. rn,a i luce tbet tud ?>n n fooling r i ?' a any road m the W t?t 3 lnporUntlr*Marjr Circular The ^"oretary of the Treasury has issued ctrcelartailru> ti"ua 10 ilie Treasurer of U>e lotted -ttatea, the *k?Hant ueaaarera of Ibe foiled Mtiei, tin treasurers of Uto nlnt ? nd the branch mints, charged by la* with tha dull a of assistant treasurers. ant the public depositor ??, h-elgnated tfer the flfveenlh section of llie acl of the Otto )f August, 1'dfl. I ht- act of Congress of March ?, 1857, outitlod an act to 111 irin) an act entitled '*An act to provide for 'bo netter orIran 17*1 on of ibe treasury and for tho coll-cUon, safek< -piug , transfer, and dlct>ur*'tiienl of ib<; public revenue," i < quires Hum to aaf- ly keep all moneys deposited by any ill'burning officer or di?.bursli g agent of the (Jailed HtaiM. Hie dtpailmenl instruct* them, "whenever aucl inon-y eball be tillered lor deposit with you by such officer or agent, or rLall be remitted to yo i for the ere <il of snob if llccr or agent, too will reeel< ? It, and dIcm tho amount to the ereotl of auch officer or agent on your boile, subject to the checks of auch officer or agent, as here.nailer ill r>cted " U 1* alro provided by the act, that disbursing office re or agents shall draw for llie sdiouMh depot ited only III favor of the persona to wburn pay mint la to no made la pursuance ol law and instructions, eiceot wben payments are to be made In sums uncer tw? nty dollara go -h inatructions should be given m may enable ib's proviei .u to be maoe practicable If drafts can only be ma''? p*, a> lo <> public crcuitora In perton, according to iu literal term*, ibe Intention of be act would be defeated, hlnie a very large proportion of the perrons to whom pay men's are required to be made renue at such <i leisures from puUlio oepoeltar.cH that tbi-y would rofuee to accepi itrafla m payment, If compelled to pre-ient tbem Id pe-son A smsll port'ou ol the ourri nl cipen?e< of tho Untied States c lulcl be paid by disbursing officers or ag> nts under a strict con sir umii d of this iM't Should tho dep.*Itarlvs recogtiM draft* payable In tbe alt< tn.illve?to tbe i>eri?uH to whom payment la to be nude or ibelr ordtr?*uoh fo m wo"id cdI upm ine public reporltarle* the responsibility of /erlfviug every endor te ni' Di upon drafts pruuenleil for pay muni, under tho ba/.v(1 of being o mpelled to pa/ the true o vner out of Ibi ir individual property, should the) ba e jial l tno pub lie money upon any turned eodoraetne ut ol' such d-?IV Disbursing {.dicers' check* bave been or an eral ysaw past o?t) ledreiy employ ud a? raetaa of reuilttance from one rectlon of tbe country to another. Thla u-e trill not probublv be lexHecn I by loor< aeiog tbetn, according to tho ob) ioua Intel linn of Ibis au . and tbe rt* k of forged eodoraetrienlH ? i I of course be aggravated Thla department cannot Impose ancb ba/utrd uu 'epo ua'lew The only secure and proper ai >ue of enforcing ibla provirion in accordingly t.> in tract y ou to deoieie p e payment of the draft. or cbcoke af dl-thurslng otll era or'g agtnl* unless irawu in favor o' por-uns wboao Id) utlly la known, aid presented for i*y Dent by tbctn agreeably to the t> rm* o* tho act, or snr.n check) as inay be drawn In favor of some per on or b>-arer acc iraing to the form beieu far* r am toned by this departmint. iitCQ cbecke 10 may be draw u b uiiy disbursing officer or disbursing agent payable t> himself or ti aror, mu?i either i ot tain tbe ataienieut that they were ipa?n to pay win at I claims, or a list or scbte'ule of tf.o id?'in-i to ho paid by the procted* ol rucbcbi ultn must be received, corroa moilleg In amount, belorc the depositation * ill be aivbortzo) to [ay such checks, un:< - the hi a t ,f lit-impertinent, urder the ordeta ofwbi h any di-bnralog officer or disbarring agert Is actli g -hail exp'owly uuilp.rt/.o toe i>iy mrnt i f tbe checks i f mob Ulcer or ag n , paiaole to blmsi If or beater, without ?uch l.-l or acue 'iile, in which rase ibi authority and I ay or Mich cheers ?i|l he "led The circular instroclp'ns to uio disbursing ultlc> rs and disbursing agents employed unoer ih.i nirecitou i f tho Trea'ury Department are clear aud *|k?cii|o, and conclude fill lou/u ? Md a I cago*,therefete, where disbursing offlrera or dtebu'K tiR URomB nball receive money for ill.- Ireaoirer'w drabs, temittol upon porlitc fiiiiwii^, Tor Immediate expenditure, ihey ? ill at onco dirhur.o the mum ) for tho purpcre* and object* e-limaled, without tho delay and toeonvcnte ncc ol placing it in ? public deoo-itory, iMle?? it be rear at baud, in which n r ucn do oote may be made, rbn currtht dlebur-emttiU for ex i>eu-<es of roileebng tho revenue and ttu co?mruction i f public building* iu char go of this d?-|>ui inieut will ucioroluttly be port allcahy made, pursuant to estimatco provided fur by tho in tourer a drafu, tut heretofore. Iinpoi Innt liftlil iii mii County Hondo. The It dlanaeo la Journal pub lis be* ibe decision of tho Circuit Court of the United State* of In tiin* n tn? ca?e of David C. Wallace mmla-looe'* of Knox county. in that Slate (he Ilia d, before tho adoption of Ihn I re rent naitiutlnn of Itii'tana in lint, la leirgnan'o of ih o terms of a etalulo amho'lziDtf the rami) mih*crlbed f'JbO.t OO to the capital Muck ef the Ohio aod \l,s-lH?lt)|i Kailroad Company , and, after tho onrwntntlon took etT-ct, lamed tl eir boude, with coo|iotii, lor the payment of too nock. In the uaual 'orm The county failed to pay the latere M en coupons when they became mo, and U)l* suit war brought to recover the amount of the coii|>on* held by the plaintiff ae the hearer. The defence rented aubaUntially on the lo'lo viny giounda:? 1. That the ?ub-< upturn waa void, the county bannf oo rilthi to make it lor radtnnd piirpOMie. '1 Tnat the l>nnd? we, w void, harm* been laaued after the Inking Meet ol' the cou'tMulloti of IsM 3. That the coupon* were void f ir the want of power to .arur Uu m. oven if tho bond* were valid. 4. That the la* of the H ate iiotnltiin/ the donation to the people ol Knox county whether ihe cutntuntalooara eball mtwclbe iht etook watt uncouslituitonal and nrld. Jndgo Mcln-ao (let! ded? That the aciion cou'e he maio'a'ned u|>nn the coupon*, tbat each of the point* rained in the defence wan uo?os l.l,..KI.. I. n.1.1 |uu, 11,., , ... ..... * ml binding U|ion the county of Kan*. ib?t the Court mould ba<-e com riled by mMtlaiuu* (be .?en* of Ibo bonds bad the rommlrulonrr refored lo tariin tn>m, tta?l ibo hubirrlplloo. having been ma lo the conalit lliiD of lDdi?Da of I-.'.I wai .u fi rrr, could tut ie all ied b? inni umrnt Ibal lb- inue of bond* la not uihiiitled by tbo Stale cnitilulion, wb < h only apoMea lo aubacrlpii. n* made af'er the cnnrtlt lion took t tle.-t; nor coo Id too sooMitullon fleet tro-e bou la, evrn If bon la were mtmr l n lla prohibition, an ibe? were not a new contract, but merely a conaumma'l >n of ibe pronoun . on.rant of aobwcripli<>D tbaf waa mad j before the adoption of the rooMtltulK.ti; therefore both the aube'rlptlon* and ibo hwada WIIRImM by tbe I'ooril ullon of ibo l'n"ed SUroa: Ibal the coupon* were merely inndrpt lo the bends, and dr rit rd a i ibe legal eflrcl from the bond , and vr re clear ly ai iborlzcd lo b? attached ro ibe bond* an a mat'er of c nvenlerce, and lo facilitate the pa mant of tbeiolereet, Ibal ibe law rubmll ing ibe qurtli n of ibe rubacrtpiion to the pr ople of the comu*' waa a valid and binding enactment. Wrraiy Keuort of UoaUta. la ibe city and county of New Tort, from the Tftfe day of June to the alb day of Ally 1MT. Men, 63; women, 66; boys, 136; girls, 19?Total, >11. Adults, 107; children, 304. males, 177; females, 134; eatored iiernooa, S. rwaitwa Abeoeaa 1 Fryer, Intermittent. S Ar>?ccaw of the neck 1 rever, remittent 1 Al>? iwe of ibo llrrr ...... 3 Fet or, scarlet. Id Albiimina>ta and Bright'* fever, typhoid 7 dtreare ot the kbineys. S Fever, lyphia I Apoplesy 8 Freetur? o' tbo altull J till eiMlg 1 Heart, dlanaae of. I Hire ling from I inarw 4 Hooping cough A Broochlth 4 Inllamiriftlloo of hrala.. .. 3 Borntd or iralded 1 lotlammallos ofllrar.... I Caiver 1 lnH?mrnatln? of luogi... 9 Outfrrh 1 Killed or murdered 1 CftBualtic# 1 Ltrtt, dt?e*a*of ' 0*ialUe* by belDf run lao* Venerea 4 over 1 I 'inK", 4i>NN of I Ohroai'iM by fell*.... .. I Maranm**, laJMDt. 13 Cholera Infantum..... 5 Mom lea 3 I holer* morbu# I Moctitlcattoo 3 ( i nn ?!? ol tbe brftio. . 2 Old lift* T Inniri^tlob ol br*tn ... ft PaiP-re**, dl*ea?e of 1 (V>nr>?uoB of luofft...... 4 Wi<?. 4 Cnuaviiiptto* 34 Premature birth 9 CnnrnliiioM,Infantile.... 34 Hcmful* Otoo|i 1 8nwil|iol ft C? 1 dt oft#* of 1 Ivhili'y, adult 3 .4UI!t>ora 34 Orl li'tjr, infknui* 4 etnoo 1 Bnllrhim tremor*. 1 Htnctore of lb* I'reibe*. 1 fifth*lee 1 f?u II. cation 2 P.arrhma & Bulci<l? br culUaf Ml r ropey 1 ttlrnftl 1 fin p?j in the cheat 1 Pumtde, by laudanum.... I Pro|wy in (be bead )* Teething 1 [Ti.wn*d 3 Timor, of the ahull 1 p. renter J 1 IT icera ion Of lb? be ?*l*. 3 Fniftrrotneni oftb* bcftit. 1 Varioloid I I [He | ay . 1 ? fer?i. b.ln uft. 4 Total ..311 Hie numb*. of death*, mimpared <r*th onrrrwpuauin? eh* of IftM and 14M, and of laat weak, eraaftft fbltewr.? Work end In# July 7, 1464 .NT ? July ft, 1**1 303 ? M June 17, 1H37 ...344 ? " Jaly ?, 1U7 U1 n* thlft w?oft 13 ft u other of defttb# for tli* c.irrmpoc'llB# week* of July, fnr A i i d'l ? Week tDiiiif July 9, I'M IS ' " ?, l?fte Tf 1 I,'-*** t*7 * !*.% we 4.iw m ?m, )otal?,fce 8 WllMri u< pvtMln Ihtik Mil IWM 84 Mrlh 48 .Irart ftjti Mood TSMik 0 Stimaefc. bo#?h tad l.nnxB, Ui'eat. km 15 jthor orfma*. 49 '*<1 e?e T Cmortals teat aerfgeaafee , MO srspU-r* rai fkean 13 fetare, fft *TJii?n m>? 8 ?of wfctc* 38 vara (Vo? rioioai eaaaw. Oadar ' year . .1*8 to to 88 yean V I to 9 yt?n >7 40 u> 40 yean 39 9 to 8 /ran 30 44) to 80 yean It IwtlCy^n. II HOtoTOyaan 10 (O 18 yean 4 70 to M yean 8 Utoar yran 9 ?0 to 90 yean 8 lotrtt yean If 90 to 100 yean t 91 to ?) yew* 18 rotal. Ill AllHVUP bfHl4,.ii8.? 1 ArotNwf ^ f'ttM 4 nailed 4MM 948 dormaay 19 Waiea 1 ItrltU 4t "" *>>< !... mo re nrrrno kini?bo ?w Fl? l* J?U:> I 4 Kan I'Ti b)'4 Vore. tkmp 2 ffalleeor H ?j>tlal 9 ? V'n. eel Hospital.... 2 at. Baopltal I WtM't letaad Fmignit tii> P.i.oo* I nneytul 8 T ine'lc 4?'' tttkivl'el*l'd I ? renllrn ia' t Hoep , Blark- TcUi *eu'? 1 laud 1 w**r*. 1 1 19 I. 9 14 .18 3 18 8 | ! 11 19 17 91 8 [ 8 19 )ft J 14 19 t 4... 14 90 49 18 91 19 49 13 19 t* ' 18 ? t.r. '0 Ttal lit aft*,* w H<iRTtt*5, Wy nu.-9c-o. HI/ ia#yo*4?r 1*p*.'?mM,N?9 lor*,; p./ 4.l*4f