Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. f A C I OORDOl BfHSCTTi EDITOR AJTD PROFEIRTOR. IVrioi r. v. oorkrb or riTLro* akv raraau m. FCM.V itut to (MM?? fWK r?^ffr UKRALP. tcmkpar rapir, RTp*r MMA TlfJt WrrKLY HXKALP. ?rt,:t,lny, at rmt? par p* or m prr n?? ?A> /Vr'fwm rrft/ion. $4 ?*-r oon./m, fri ny pn<? ?/ VooJ Hri<a4~, nrR to Ml port <y tAr Omltmmt, 6n& FW rAT(/.'r WJJRF'.POyPFHTF MnHmfej ham ml |Wl. nUi.ilfl jfrt"! o><? vikirtrr (Vi. wirht. ?/ uroi irlfl l?r (("w r?.'i i.f arf-r?u? Fobbigii ?hb P?u KCT' iKiT Hianunta TO Rcal all I.rrrTiu akd Packaubs bkt r* *'0 XP77CK lUtam of anonyiMu* wm)?v)o,.-?, W? <i> not PKlXTltiV ?i or Mint trtlA noifno*. thanpva* and drt^JLDresnSEMXJTTS rmnwl n?rt *u. f ?l BU* JLX11 . .!*?. ItTi AMVSWMKNTS THIS EVENING ACAPKMT OF WTSIC, Fnu-.ern'li Or*?4? LCl'IA HI i.lHHIBMOOK. MULi'ti UARDK.N, Brodway?Bteacu>B'? Torhkhts? Li OTUKM. H I'll TOW'S NKW lilHATKK. BroAdesjr. opi?oait? Bonil-Tll MilU?JCKU. * WALLA: K'S THKA1KK. Kniwwr-' en's SiCRinCtA Kimk tn Diu NKW OLYMPIC THEATRIC. AM Broadway-no. 0*-ta p? hiaJ-l.i CniiiT->1'?-'n imI'viiah: Puito Wru. r.ARNT'M'S AMKRICAN Ml >KITM, Broad war?Cu".i??ltUt?t Dt ltinn? ?i>l?Ot.WNU tikes, A< GEO. ChWISTY AMI) WOOD'S MINsTRFl.S, 414 Broad Ftj-Tm MA(.iciaji?Ni(.boMI>:TKCIJ! T, AC MECHANICS' HAT,I., 472 Broad ? < ? Wr-tno Mclodtks Ac ?s>H Ktruise,?Mr Brum's MisstsKin iv?w York, Bloiiday, duly (i, 18T?7. Mailt fur the PatlBc< NEW TORE ELEKAl.D?CALirOK.NlA EDITION. The l-u tcd State* maii si. .unship, Uapt. Biggs, FJ 'cave this port tb.s allcraoon, at two o'clock, for Aiplnwall The niatU for Calif jru.A au 1 other pa.1t of the Pacific Will clone Atooe o'clock The Nrw York Wtmn.y Until o?Oalifbrnla edition? the latest inteldgencafrotn All parts of the world Wtli be published at ten o'clock la the morning. t&nzle coplua, (u wrappers. ready for mailing, sixpence. Affect is v'.li please send tn their orders as early as poss.ble. Ill* Krm. Bloody riots have been going on in the city during the past forty-eight hoius. The conflict begin on Batnrday afternoon in the 'Bloody Sixth "ward, | between a pang calling themselves the "Dead Rib bits," and the Bowery boys, in Bayard street, near Wu.otrry. Firearms were freely used, and seven persons killed, and twenty-five or thirty wounded, i In the Seventh and Thirteenth wards there wore I also seuous affrays, in which a number of persons, including a policeman, were lwu.l.v injured. List ' even dig the fight was renewed in the Sixth ward, i when a terrible conflict took place between two factions. and eleven persona were shot, many of whom are supposed to be fatally wounded. The police did all Ihey could to suppress the riots, but they were to- I tally insufficient even to protect themselves from ' the fury ef the mobs, and had it not been for the presence of the military in the very heart Of the rioters' strongholds there is no knowing t Where the matter would have ended. A number ef policemen were seriously injured by the riot in > Bayard street. Among the number, officer Jenkins. ( who is not expected to recover. Coroners Perry and Conneiy were active all day yesterday in investigating the occurrence. Inquests were commenced upon the bodies- of the dead, but little or no testi ' mony waa elicited. To-day, however, it is expected Uut toe matter will receive a full and searching inquiry at the hand* of these official*. Elsewhere will be found full and interesting a?count* of th? various riots, the name* of the killed and wounded, together with the proceeding* before the Coronet aud the ck cements of the jtolice and military. The steamship Columbia. Captain Berry, fr.m Liverpool, '24th nit., arrived at this port last night. Tbe steamer Lebanon. Captain Cook, from Havre 21d nit, anived s??terda.v afternoon. The ad aire* are four daya !a>r than thoac receirtd by the Aiagara. The quotation* on tbe London Exchange wrrw? oosoiida'ed 3 per cent*. **3 f to l?3i: on the Paris Bourne the three per cents were 68.42 to l>-11 ace tbe 41 per cent* MJS to "'2. Tbe bri'Lsh Bouse of Com mors wax occupied with < untested which-harges of bribery were nuaier 1 oos We have a full report of the debate on the bombardment of (Ireytuwu, a brief telegraphic summary of which has heretofore been publishedThe Preach elections had, but the result had not twee promulgated. A denpaten from Madrid of the '29th ult. assert* that the Kpani.xn government is determined to bring Mexico to terms. Hugh Jamc-j Cameron, a fugitive bank director of a swindling Institution was arrested at I ansa our, and wj? on his way to England. other directors of the miuc concern were also arrested. Th? steamship Cahawhs arrived yesterdav morn, log from Uavana whence stic sailed 30th ult. Tint was oe ihange ta the >ug<r nurkrl. The Spanish wir fleet was in port, but there were no sympt >ms cn a n nc tMBvnp ??ivri ?^wiw hvaivvi i HJtlrtary fo-ce brought from Spain i>y this fleet nunr bend onl; four-een bundled mrn. Hon William L. Merry died "iiddeuly on the Ith UMt. Billetoa. Saratoga count jr. A "ketch of the polite eeteer of thb< oi lirigtuehrd statesman i< givrn in mother pert of today * jmper. The City Inspector reports .'ill deaths teat week? t dem-eae of 13 as compared with the mortality ol th? week pteviooa. The following "Uicnunt ex ' liPdts the number of deatha during tlie past two w*< k? among adults and children, di*tinguj?hlng tue ?*e?- _ W'? W.swon tiny fHrlt 1V?u W?t ratine .'Hue 2? : * 114 ;0!I Ki F rating .'njy ? bl bi< Vx> tt? HI 1 Ajjorg the principal causea of death were the foiowiig ? w~\ Junr VT7 July 4 i OanafBw ?j 34 toe^nlstooa fle'anu -a ja lattammatXMi o( tbr i?ag? .!.... 10 * j Brarle* ferer ..... 19 M kwwB' (Himatiie) 13 l?r-n?y ta the bred ...11 19 easlaa f. a fcaailpea. % a Orwup., ? i Th'-re were I death* ol bronchiti* . ne. k/i. leea infantum. A of cona??ti<,n of the brain,o u'f tLarrbota, 7 of typhoid fever, 7 ol ImflaBmatlon ??f the i owe la, 7 of teethiuir. 7 of old a/??. 4 of di* ea-? of the heart, 14 premature birth*. :t4 atillborn, sad l(< from violent cmanat, tncJoding 7 auicidcN, 1 murder nod 2 drowned. The following in ? rlaeaifli-aliun of the iliaea?r* ud the number of death* In etch r|u< of di*ca<? ourr,g thewttki? ' .lUT', IT Jw't I Ami. Jniito, Mr i Bra.a and oarvue AT M (rfOrrtl ?? fiffifll 0 ? Hror4 ard blood venael* In 9 f.jUrwi. bn. M T.I Cud age 8 7 HOir, 4w ,and eruflire fever* .74 M Mtil'born and premature ?7 41 Mv?in*< b, bowel* end other di|f*i.liv* organ* aft 4* t?. Ma.a seat and grnetai tavern. 'U 9? raboowa 1 ? llraarjr wjraa* 4 t? T?ai 9M III The number of death*, compnrrd with the c irre? poo ling w?eh? if, ima and 1 waa a* follow* Wrea radii* Jot? V iw HI" Wrat eadia* tuij b, i*M 7't W*ea radtaf Jaijr 4 IB: . 411 The nativity Uhie give* 24t> native* of the (.'nib<1 (ttatee. 4'.' of I re.and. 12 'if <7rm*n.i, 4 of Kroner, > Cr Sootiand. and I each ol l.rialand and W*l?i. TV l'aii*h will rtuae fti taken up again in the ftnrTocate f mill on Thmadav, and the MlolTing w'ota* * linrUiu tiA.u.?vd W . . .or. A. <.?gwt, formerly partner of Mr Parish; Jane* J. Brownlee, a physician, and John J. I<oeee, a surveyor. The Surrogate is horrj mg the case on as fast as possible, and intends tofeloee it in ten or twelve days. The Mormons connec ted with the Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut, branch of that church celebrated the Fourth of July at an island in Norwalk bay, in which the brethren from this city particl pitted. A remarkable display of patriotism was trade on the occasion. The Saints were loud in their expressions of loyalty to the government, and devotion to the constitution. The opinions of the lea dine members nresent on the state of thin as in Utah and the policy ol Brigham Young, as given to onr reporter will be found highly interesting. Home missionaries from Salt I-ake Citv, including the former sect etary of Gove roor Young, and President Appleby, Cletk of the Hupremc Court of Utah Territory, were preset. A full report is given in another column. The police force at Seguine's Point had no occasion I to bring in rcqniaition their cannon or howitzer on Ratuiday evening in warding oft any attack of oysteimen upon the new hospital buildings?theoysUrmcn having failed to present themselves, contrary to rumor. Everything passed off quietly at the Point l>oth throughout the d\y and evening of the Fourth. The value of foielgn goods imported at the port of Boston during the week tnding :sd inst. amounted to il 446..?7S. The imports of the corresponding week in I8.r?6 amounted to $6>:i 431. The Court of Appeals closed its term on Friday evening last. In another column we give a list of the causes decide!, together with the propositions adopted by the Court in tlie decision of the t'.icat North American Trust aud Banking Com pany cases. By the ruling in these cases the claims of foreign cieditors are established with slight modification?, and the million and half million trusts, ! u'V.ioli uon Itoel eViA-ft Iawai sen rA.l4niw ? valid. Many of the public house* were closed yesterday, notice having been given that infractions of the Ilxeise law will hereafter be visited w:th the pe| r&ltifs provided by that instrument. Judge Smith, ; of Rochester, lias recently decided that selling | liquois without license is not an indictable ofTence. 11;e anuexc-d table shows the tcm^ratnre of the atmosphere in tins city during the oast week, the range of the barometer, the v&rivion o? wind, the currents, and the state of tho weather, at three periods during each day, viz : at 9 a. m., and " and 9 o'clock P. M.:? ~cT"j ?"a. M~. j p. *T 7 a P. J*. ^ IJfi! in nit? kit ii * f 1 j .Li-L-L- A. J_ J_ * _L Sat. .. r SU.38 ;s N. w. *t S W. V) 6* j? .,5 son.. > w.:w 12 N. K 3U..I1 n>|N K CO S i: 0< O.ts Hod. : ' SO .f.' Tt> s K 30.2* 7i K K .*> U ? a * Wl Tnea. .V SO.IJ 62 N. K SHU <? N K tl.l5l.S-> N. V. to*) S5 WeS. I ill 1"' 6' ft. *).?'.W r anisN. K 54 0..V. Thnr ? ."i'?f6 .V t ?> ii 57 1. K Su:w?? h. x Mo 4 End.. ?v.K? M. X. S SU .'Is 58 N. >: .vi o. 10 tel... 4lao gjfi-j s * I ii mi Uan> May?Clear and *ory warm all day S> nday?Moralng, cloudy ; aiicroonn, h'-ai y rain , even log, mundar ana iiyntmny durinc ingoi Monday?Morning. cloudy, wilh bower*; onlay, cloudy. Tucndny?Morning, cloudy, with ?tlght *h*werv attar c<ua, oremaal; pvhb'.iib. ra'n dunur night Wsdiewday?Ra?V*ll day . otmiiib. cloudy and cool. Thursday?Morning, nverowu and cold, aliemooo, rain e, rain. Friday?Kalu all Cay: evening, cloudy. Sa<urda> ? Morning, Cloudy. haiiMa-Senator Triunbnll va. Uuoglai?lloiu Mr. Krltt va. Uov. Walker? I low Utteilhr Battle! The great apostle Paul admonishes us to "prove all things," and to hold fast that which is good." 'J his is a plank in our platform. f6r It is a sound 1 Christian and constitutional rale of action. Hence, upon all public or personal issues, it is our custom to give loth sides a full hearing, aud upon their met its to decide between them. And thus it is that we present to our readers this morning, in the same budget, a late speech of Mr. Senator Trumbull, of Illinois (a Northern ultra i, and the latest published letter of Mr. Kcitt. of South Carolina (a Southern ultra), on the Kansas question, together with certain newspaper commentaries. North and South, essential, in this connection to a complete exposition of the casC. As far as Mr. Senator Trumbull is roucemcd. it is not the whole of his late Springfield speech which we give, but only that portion of it ad tlref-acd to the Kamas controversy. wnicn ;s an that bar come to baud. This, however, is suflieieni for our promt purpose. The dispa.-eionute reader will discover, too, that Senator Trumbull (linpractlcabl' political nlgger-wor-shipper though he nmy lie) is yet a cluce, loglcul, ami very able coa-titutionai pleader, hlai k Uie contrast between his searching. comprehensive, systematic and out?poken exposition of the Kanxm-controver-y. and the exceedingly brief, eva-lve and double dealing <'b?'Tvutioas of Mr. Douglas in iii> late speech upon this subject. In fact. Mr.Senator rrumbull. as a statesmanlike p a-oner upon public 'nations of the day. is not only more than a match for Mr. liougiar ami Lia rLpii.ip for Euucombe. lsut as a lent mil ami practical expounder the |trinciplc* ?>T his parly be eclipses W. H.Seward, and throws the peculiar sbimp oixtory of such Ixvistcrou* men a* Senator MlUon complet'dy in the rhadc. It ialnudly necessary here, howevwr. to undertake an laloiute answer to Mr. Trumbull. Wc ace what he ia driving at. He is not satiMicd with the fair, honest and conciliatory Kiuisu ad ministration of Mr. Buchanan: out trom this fa. t we are compelled to rank Mr. Trumbull. a? we rank his colleague, .Mr. Ifcmglu", among the sectional agilalora end disorganize!-# of the day the one Is-ing in the same lioat with the Northern anti-slavery ultras, and the other, "the Little Giant." with the rcekh ?? niiriror driviuir ultras of the South. The republican editor of the Chicago ftrrrmend my* that the Kprrcb of Mr. Douglas in copunl by the slavery pnwa in other Stat'*, and endorsed," and "May, therefore, lie regardid an the key note of the < ampaign. upon which, tt seems, we are thin early entering;" th?t the force* of the slave power arc licing mn eh ailed and drilled," and that ' it become* the friend* of liberty and humanity, there tore, to take the initiatory in perfecting a full, thorough, and efficient organization throughout he country.'' Aguinat Mr Itouglafl and hi*Southern actional Presidential programme thin i* the counter moteni<m of Mr. Trtnnbull and the Northern anti alaveiy Nationalist*. We are opposed to both: and it we turn to the letter of Mr. KeiU. a* furnirhing the key note of the real Simon I'ure eC'-ewoulfctr. we are com trained to nay that there in no prospect lor the preservation of the peace and integrity of the I uion social, political, linan eiaJ and commercial but in the general organization of a third party, resting upon the constitutional. mediatotial and coonerrative policy of Mr. Bucbnnan'a administration. Mr. Keitt tells u.* that be liaa uo faith in the Kansas policy pursued by t.overnor Walker that that policy is in violation of I he Kansas Nebraska hill, "in viola lion of tie President's i*.iiigur*l. and that Its inliable tendency is to subsidize into a fr?e (nl .-?U( p. iInougli the hot influence* of di.*Iiot st intrigue, and the manipulations of an ol .. ficiul demagogue." TL s i* pally stioug language, hut all that it' NEW FORK HJfKALD, J proves is that Mr. Keitt is excited beyond th< limits of cool and dispassionate reasoning. Upoi a man tho? carried off by his prejudices, coo argument is thiown away; and yet we trust, it this connection, that the sensible remarks of th< Rtchmocd Fianintr (Southern administratioi conservative! will not altogether fail of their oh jeet. We are so thoroughly convinced of th< fairness, impartiality and justice of the Kan.-** policy of Gov. Walker and the administratioi that we cannot account for the bitter hostility o both Northern and Southern ultras upon anj other grourd than that of a factious, sec bona and seditious opposition. Mr. .Senator Trumbul (a Northern nigger worshipper) is no bettei pleased with the doings of Mr. Buchanan' j agents in Kanras than is Mr. Keitt (a Souther: nigger driver); and the two sectional evtremet being thus dissatisfied, every rational man :nusi be cone inced that Mr. Buchanan is pursuing tin inW*mediate |H?licy of strict impartiality ant justice to all tactions of the Union. Mr. Keitt. HSfcumiiig the mantle of the prophet says, ' I believe front all the sign.- of the times that the democracy will be defeated in I860.' and "that the safety of the South is only in her self " Now, here the experiment of a disuncl Southern sectional party for 1860 ia as clear!; fort shadowed a> is a purely Northern sectiona 1 party in the drift of the speech of Mr. Trumbull llere. Uo, the true policy of the Union men, o all sections and all parties, comes into bole relied. As Mr. Keitt predicts, the democracy may let defeated in 1860. They were succee.-fnl in 18.1l through the personal popularity of Mr. Bu chanan in Pennsylvania, and from the blunder aud divisions of an aggregate opposition majori tj of three hundred thousand votes Demora li/.ed and broken up in the North, and in the pro ce~- of a destructive split iu t]jc South, the demo cracv, we fear, will hardly continue to exist as c national party till 1860. The balance of pow ei which the party possessed In the North has goat over to the black republican*: thebulauce of powei which the party still possess in the South will bt carried off by the secesfciouists: and thus the re mains of the old democracy, North and South will be left in a hopelev minority. What, then' Where are these i emu ins to go? The auswer it plain and easy. They must stand fast by the : Union and the constitutional administration ol I Mr. ituctanan?they will thus serve to form thf | nucleus of a new tuid homogeneous Union party I nl?orbing the solid business and property meu ol all sections, und all the old parties, into its ranks, against the Northern sectional and disunion partj of Mr. Trumbull, ard the Southern sectional and sect as ion party of Mr. Douglas and Mr. Keitt. These arc the organizations of 1860 as foreshadowed in the si gas of the times?a Northern sectional anti-slavery party, a Southern sectional pro-slaveiy party, and a new Union and constitutional party, resting upon the just and conservative measures and principles of Mr. Buchanan's administration. We are for the constitution?we an- for the union ; and we are for tbem, because they comprehend the political, social and solid business interests of all classes and all sections o! the country, East and West, North and South Hence we stand by the Kansas policy of Mr. Bui chamm, because it rests upon the oonstitutior and looks to the peace of the Union. THE LATEST NEWS. Ntw? from WulUiigton, Till KSLATIONB BKTWKKN KNQLAKH AND NKW OKA NAliA -THE KICALL OK OOVKRNOR LR, Of t. AK-AP. CNDIK OOVPIPKKATION?NKWB OK TUJI uiATii or UK. UMf. W wwrmi, July 5. 1H07. lord Napter ha lafonned our gorernmcnl of tbo untie I meat by New <.ranAda of tbe Macintosh nlatm bell by Kngtich subject*, and further, that the report thai one ol i tbe Ulanda near 1 anatua bad boaa ceded to riagland ?m without foundation. The admmiat-atlon a a "ood deal etemeed and i?tse ; what alarmed at tbe |<OHiUon or our domestic a"aire. At tbe Hoiuh etreouoai effort are being made to Indure tbe i |*r. anient U> rooall t-ov Walker but ruob a thing ie out ol (la quo Loo They have had the matter under cocldera uon for some day*. There la no doubt bit that (for Walker haa gone beyond lila itiatmetloo.- Something definite will be known In reference to tba Kmxa* Im brcgl.o before forty eight hour* roll* away. lies; etcher re. etved bare last n yht and auo'her one to day, announcing tbe auild. n death of ttor. Marcy, havr enured a good deal of talk aud con Iderab'e ox itemrut Fatal Affray In Ncav Bedford, Mae*. Nr? Bkj.kcnui, Matte. ,.'tily I. 1AA7. A man named I<a?;d Morton wit lataliy uUbbtd la tUii : p ace hit night, when <4tgegt<l In an affray wi h .1 Mr Ctinnie.hhjn. Tbe latter ha? been arrr*t<M (toy Drotaned Willie BatlUbff. Nrwtnx, July &, ia.',;. A boy named Kearray, aged aboet twelre years, be Iol. tic to I ait Newark, wan drowned wli.le bath .ig, thh 1 exenku. near the rs.lroat bridge Hurtling of a Woollen Mill at AIMa, ft. V. Turn. J'tty t, IMT Tb' woollen mill of Un- Troy Woollen Company at Al'ua waa itemro.ed hy flie th a evening. Tbe Iota a ioinU tr 64f,00O or $!0,otO, vod the Inaurauee, In ibe Manhalua ' l.Ua. Han.ord Howard an.I Wa^li.D^lou obmpauiea' fill , eea, to faO.OOO Market*. rna\ mnn, July t, tar.?. lYtatlnjt i lotha ?The Jmirmn! report* the eale* of th? ? eelt to be '.6,000 piece*. Wool la lakro el fair price* iu fiat a? H tr freeirrd. Pulled wonb ??< Jrm Ike tlh'k i< t btbl. but larire ijuaabCaa nl lleecw will wma br rtnrlre , fio? the Weet; rate* f<w the week fc&.ooo Ibt CaOae li I It'm, Willi rale* of about '1,000 twirl at fall pru.e* wtta l*n do or y Mi a fa ther itnnroeemeai The .Inly Term nt the law t onri*. The innmer racatioa of the law coorte has tummi-aced | Tb' re will be do jury triaia, and the busiaeaa of tha rati one braaobet of the court* will be eoaflae-l to * ner* tern, 'haniiier*, an I #pe-i?l term motion* An.' 0(it Ihcwo wilt be the Mrret Cotnnl'-ionrr illfllral ty, and ao doubt maay other morn cumert.-.i arith otn mnaicipal trouble! The Mqpreme Court fierrral Terir baa adururaed to aeit month, the Si per lor Court < ?ncr* I Trm will ha?* oa* or two atUlafr, the Omrnoa Pl.w< < tleoeral Tern will ateo be held thl* month for beartai. | appraHi IB4 Icr Uia rendition of declalonr the Vininf Court win root,no* ln *ee*t?n for trial and eper il torn cane*. m Ih# law diraota that that mart ahall he apea To ' buataeaa throughout the year, eicrpi oa tha aatiooal bolt 1 day*. i tlia July term of the Court of OeaeraJ Sot?.oat rom aaencra tbts morniag, Judge Kiia-eli presiding The Court i will b? in aeanon two wroka, for the trlai ol prieoe ivn only The subjoined calendar doee not contain eay amer of apenal public Interest Tha folio a n* It the ralondxt of prtennera (or i.eaeral Saaatotia, July firm, 1V>7 - . ' tieand laroeny ?* Stabbing 1 I Burr'ary 2h Subornation of |ierjary,. I llobhety 7 Manslaughter I 1 Fetnatooaeaaaolland bat- Murder 1 | tery 7 Reamlac prteonrr ... i I Korgery f Coeta.irecy t 1 Bigamy 1 Accoaeory to murder , I " Abnndonment 2 I I Ftnbe rlereotit 2 Keoeirinf atoloo pool* 1 t'oi*nhinp. I A fault ?nd battery 7 1 Klda.ii'|ilMt .... I Wilneeeca s i Pi> lii( flila' lokM..,,., 1 Total tit ( wlltlral lutelllcatii ?. Htcitnm Tat aiin.i A% ?n-t Rnaants lhn *- Hon I.) man Trumbull, ot fthaofs, daiitriuod a speech at Spring field oa Ibe 30tb uH, in ant war to Senator f Hniirla on the throe loading political qucaUon??Utah, han?a?, and th< l?ret Soctt deetaloa Rep ublican paper* aay that he rom plettly unihllatfd hia colleague Til* V*cu?M"i i> nil Hi ru*t On ht <?? Int.wi" -Judge Rfooae, now of the Prcond Judicial CtrraM oi the stale, it aaiuxiaced a? a raa<l. lata far Judge o> (he Supreme Court, to fi ' tha racaucy ewrai'ouH by the re*igMt:<m ? J jdgIMW MONDAY, JULY 0, 1H.5T. TUB BIOTK LtXT NIUHT. I ' Tornbla Conflict at Ik* Fir* Fatal# Tk* Military A|i a Call*4 Out- in# hum BaAly t Wcuadod fetatMBont of aa If# Witaaa* I A Caaaoa Takaa trim tko I?wy .1 l*j*-4rmt? by Ik* Ptutt, ' Ac- kc- ka j About ? *'# ?? tat .ar*aia* r?*a* ?%i ??* I mrnoed I* 11* fttih a-tN, b?i ir a a -?** ! ternm* frM tbaiof tUe fxmweix-nv ofbi*uaea?el Tba ?va i rtglaf H? r an altar* inadi- apou . *n?aay Mi*bf tt aw 4m?a? mm ' dl.t ?b. ?:n?i4) <! all lb? a a 'uwt a*4 af ito I Iak! anfl Ikan ai?i#ki m il, -- - ?a; r breauae bo Would o 4 I* thato ha c ?i..? ha?' pag , ment 11>a ir mates <W lb Mora, a va ?rag. rwi*ad tagaaher aaat 1 determined to dsfswd ihc.r caaU* la the mm aetermity 4 They collected a qua* 17 of aid beetles aad al?? m ? <m t and made a at Out r -a.tla.iae (a Um aw.><..>. aad ivOaM after a food deal of hard fighting a 4r*r'ng them eg Wadh j a* fa.- 43 Centre *i.s#t II re the r a itrir ?'?M and rallying, they eiood their grw.nd aad made a ftewe onslaught ua the- fnwyma'i fr ewdi The Ian. re treated In good orCer unt tney fei ae far aa M. ..oa |ia a. when they again gare halite to the aa 1 Srad

brick 1 aad atooaa with pretty tote-ah a good ehaet The aort of aku n font sued for wea.ty he aa h?*w, when the Fire I'otji paopi* ??aa to am taemeHrr- with guns and pi-ola, and fla-l ng that thay ro .nt awt pto n<i af tbeir assailants without re?o*UD( to powder an I 1 ?ll. u?t 1 let V.y a roliey of plelol buliet. at lite eeem , d-aag ?w al terable damage The t. e^oaa lelurued from the other side, and matter* were a?? :niiig Ml aler- nag ewhw whew Mr. I'eaae.of tha lire IVsU M.*moa 11*.-*. re-or.! tuts ' the mld.?t of the conibatlenu a 1 aonreadr 1a e1?vt >g a truce between the contending forces- reeor ?ai aooo afterward* restored and then all proper atteawuw wti pa.l ; to the wounded. Tboae wb<" bet been lanet acira ta the riot were rami dellti inent n *he r el ?rta J?? attend to the wante of those wbo were Injured m the frar After peace had been fuity rwnlo'ed the ei wtj ('hSeventh and Seventy.ilret lteg meale) app*er?.t up ? the hatltellcid and struck terror to Uto heart* af the people residing in the neighborhood. After patrol e< the die trtot for some time the order w-u gtrei to ma-, b ta the and there await further o^dem The arrange 1 to'nte made by t rnerai Hall to pee raw 1 aa; r further duiing the r gbt waa n follow* ? The Seventh and Seventy first Keg menu savin led at the arseral in White ulreot. under tbe respective com mauds of Colonels (Hi'yea a-id Vns >urrb Cap* Varna, ct Use Washington (trays, and I'apt. Ft. kner. of the Blues, tendered their troop* and eerncee 11 necei-aary Oyer , ooe thou-and round* of ammunition were |n?eed out to J the men. The greatest esc.lenient ,ire?a.lrd in the I l.rteKruolertlKenrn.nplna hit.1 aafKal 4> enlt ?! ? tieiMlh ' and Eighth, numbering nbout lit hundred, marched U , the arsenal they were loudly ebeere<l. f ? LIST Of WOt'NPEl> IN THK I ITS TO I NT* B10T. The rollowluf were taken lo the New York Hospital ? < I 1?John L Feck, fcoalp wound, f i 2.?Phirick Marks, or Martin, gun shot wound j 3 ?John Kolan, gun eho. wouad in le(. ' | 4.?.lames Itonohue, ebot la face and eye. 5.?Hugb Colden. gun ?hot wouad. ' t>?Charles Harebell, wounded la teg. 7.?J. Sli'ctde, wounded in thigh 8.?Richard Reed, abet In bead. $??Charles A. Brown, shot la both lege. House Burgeons Huck, Van Beureo, Hah ted and Mai ko gave the sufferers every attention. 10 ?Thoe. Rradiey, wooaded la the thigh 11.?Thomas Hayea, cut la the hand and severely wounded. Mr. Oe Coaquea, a French gentle man, r entiling at \o 91 t | Franklin street, while passing through Centre street ' j quietly, was shot In the etde of the brat, above the tern ' ! pie, and alao received a blow from a pohoeaaan's club on r the fame spot, but from the timely arrival of eomo Amer! ' can frlcn 1, he was takou care of. I | MB. I'SASl's BTATXtODiT. ( i About tea o'clock l\ M. a party from Centie street came to Cow Bay and Worth etreet, and commenced an assault I on a grocery, the In mates of which first resided them I with fists, then v, itb glass bottles, stones, and ether avail' able things, and drove them hark to Centre street, when I tliev were met liv n crowd nod drove hack u lib some m.Miles, when 11 e Five Point* people " back *"<1 fired I th. m brlekj from chimneys, ?c., which 1 uM for Imtf *u hour. Those of die Fire Points then armed themselves w)Ui pistole?one a double-barrelled shot gun, bel>re firing they tiled lo get the Centre street men to diluk, but 1 could not. The first shot sit from the lire I'uiuls. an I was returned with pistol shots; perhaps fifteen or twenty - i fired?three carried wounded Irom Iho lie Id At tills tiins ! Mr. l ease tried to get the flu Pointers lo desist, bat taey 1 were afraid the Centre street man would SMai; tliem. He finally succeeded in getttne the ringlendrra to retreat. if j the live Pointers would agree u> It. Tliey said if lie ! ' coo Id briny the musket Uiey would desist I succeeded In . i getting the muskrt, and carrtca It to Crnlre street. Tliey ' sseured roe there slioahl be nu mors lighting, and immo- i | d.atei; fell back. L. M H a8TATEVRST IT AN CTK WfTMSM. I At flS' o'clock Inst evening fhe spirit-of disorder broke ( | out afresh in the hoart of tns Kite 1'oint*. Tt appears that I some of ibe numerous vagabonds and thieves that infeat i I that lorsdlty began quarrel!.ng anion , themselves. Blows were freely exchtnged, and others, running to see | wis the matter, became infected with the belligerent I spirit tail there were some hundreds beating and knocking shout enrh other wlthclnbs. They lore do* n a portion of a railing sad beat etch other with gran; eilu t Huch close ' fighting, bow. vsr. did uot seem lo agreo wlUi tlic most of them and in ibe course of a few moments they became 1 separated Into two distinct bodies, one party retn aUnr to | O utre etreei and W orth, sad tbe other party occupying | the square at IjUle Water street. The opposing I parties tUra took hrtckbuts, paving stone', and | | whs tor i tbe;. d>uid lay thcr hands on, and threw them at each other. In arlng many very badly. Ihiring thts a | 1 rMf ly, ud Ikt inwoii odlnMiit |>rtnllr4. A party | ' of villains, wor*e than the real, ru up the stair* of luo i ' bout.- no Uio norUi'-a t onrr -r ol Centra and Worth atr*e?*, I and Mmg made their appearance upon lb- roof, Tbey proteeded to demolish tlio chimney, and threw the bricks ; dowu upon the rrow l below. Sereral men were terribly Injured by them. They did not teom to be actuated by any enm ty to *ny particular party or peraons, but threw their dangeroia tnlmtfeK more, to a!! appearance, to eraIlly a d< ?lr* to In far* than anything ?d*e. In a abort time 1 i they got tired, or eltc a'arme<l, far the- aud<ien!r i d.aapprared. In the miailme the rioter* beloa had n<4 been idle, Showers of atonea darken d the air, and many who felt ware earned ; turn the neighboring bout* *. At last tbey iamt to lire armi . rbota were freoli exchanced, and more tban one j will dou t>Uer* run the spirit which led him to enter upon the arena of tbli disgraceful meb-e The or ?ne was terrt 1 I fylng ; men, women and children were rloaely packed to' get her, and aa the light raged tbey filled the air with oatbi and imprecation*. For awhile the spirit of I'audemoBum 11x01/ seemed let loos*. The men. and women 1 too, faogbt Ilk* Deeds ; not a hetronn uan was to heinen, I and disorder aeemrd to rnie the day. Rut all thing* moat hare tn end, and i* this esse the rioter* teemed to grow wrary, and the shot* grew more and more uafrequMt, i Ute crowd grow lert. til] by half pad eight n'ciork the 8gbud|rwa* nrer?uo men- alioU were lire I, and all grew aim again At alteo'elnrh It was all still, and hut (en pemon# could he eeen. Tbey stood In kn?tn and group*, ' talking orer tb* mailer, ttccnalonalty a drunken man ' { would create a little dliturbaoc*, but tb* great riotous 1 I sprit trsoileatid the lio r before #*em<-d to bar* entirely 1 died out. ' I A man named .*huNr,, while the rnw was progrrweg. ' j waa aland TIB on the rnrnar or Worth noil ' eatr rtreela J t?h?n a l.wfrr r?me up to him aad uk d liim noma qurt I tlen a* to where he llred. Mbiill/ aaye that he ae?w red 1 him cltn'ly; wlpreitpon Iha rowdy lt(nek"4 dhult/ do - a i ami kit-ifd him on ibo hood, ma? i>* a fearful wound w.lh hi* hoot, and than lag. Mm Mull*, hv lh<- aid of I oruo riti/rnr, flashed Ilia MMropniiian headquarter* where he wai alt' ndcl tc The followie, perena* wore taken to Hie Hoepital, all 01 tnaiu more or inaa injured i>jr | gunshot wound*?I'atrl' k Mark' gnmli'it wound In the lea . "ha Kulan, Hugh t.nld*a. I'har'n* Marshal l arena ' iKmahur, .lame* Shield, John I.. I'eik, aad John "olet, 1 were ahot in dilterent portions id U?e hodjr, hut, an far a< we ' ouM 'earn none of them wera fatalh Injured. Probably thta daea not romprtee ona lenlh of at; Who nera main were taken Into the neighboring hetMws tmmediateljr upoa tlietr be ng injured Tin CAPTina or ran nnwirrun. About half pail eight e'olock, Deputy Carpenter. with a i jan i! rorre nl Met mp rinses, left the ntation No 81 White I alreet, w'th the deatgn of prnmeding to the krone of the riot and < learng Urn street* They proceeded down White street to 11m. through mm ?o I rauklln, ami down Frank i.a to teaire afreet, when aa had bt?a jweriooalj agreed ?yaa. (bay ward mm *r IM m-iutj ?k*n aaaad, who M it Mr Mr M t Mf fttH At taUrt hm &aa tmb?? mrm** Oratr* itJ Aatbaay alraata to Uu> Fit* raw. ?w? at) taoyi*! t ?r a ft or to* miuiua to fillet m? ptttt', attar iba ?mts aad abut up tU home*. Vj db*a ytaiiit ta Mr ruato, Cieai*Df a ctoao |?i ate a- Mkt uf Aatb ?;, Huiiwrry aad Bayard atreeta b?(ba Baa try b?a# tb* flora** *r Mi. Wry and Bayard aantt. a ttata ?r awaa vorr throw* fitat a building Wt Miaikr y**r u?a afray* twroatt Ouaaptruoua for Mr b*?? ?aunt Mara M t Hi if alaa Accordingly laarrai n*adfard. ( aoarai Hall, aad a aumbar ad lb* p.?or aatarod tb# b..w<a aad aad# a* tat a* ?rar a lut ?d wh rb ta r?r? brlow Tbt arc* ?b?a yiatu/dtt i y Mara/ i -uid to Ut* Iliwery. aad a<a? Lb* aba*' caa* .idd<*aly pud U?* IWwert bnya, a* , a *n ( *.* ! rar > .adr ar bowitr. amid to bar* b**? -via* a kr* -abut Tbla arat ao* taArn poaaaa ataa af aat ib? 1 a* 04 mart* ?% Ubra lbrm.(b tha Rawary, (baa. M? Wry layvt. liaiw* aad Whit* atraata, bw*. (atM| M diaatt all lb* way aaJMM Uta b-a. Ta* b. * i *? la. -a w Uw arwnai. wbora It , **> : |0 r tn art rad boat* at U K M , at ??fUm *#*rj-|?i!*f m%. 4 *i u>* ec#o# <* were *41 ?h..*4 T>* t i' ?m u?pw< Mi.f?M 1 lb* toul a MiHwn w<x ? Ttoaar : n??r teeiH IMCM MmH > MKtl mn? AKnTRM! RVPOKTW*. Hr*i?? ibai Ik* ta ' err wrre Tutm of r*aal of ? ?*?#>'* mill. 'imarieur a* ?**pa4ati>-1 aaolfi-r re per ar t? uet lac*. y MiMi else P M Oe ar?l?tif el b A?tiaaiua be f?.a<i the Aevralb en ter re- IM teem ~*e <e*e a< lb* e<tkrer? tbat lb#? * re eb? i ?*r <*">* u*i the A-em a:. ?b*ra lb* TUt Hrfew ? *r ae.1 Plait"*** H- <aaad alal ?l*rt,* lor lb* ?*#??? le rl?nr, ea 1 toua* a l**f* crvird el lb* rurear *f |e?iri m ? nw Mreel, alto wrre k#p< ) >* bj a er?'H tree ol peu>* fe?? air lb* Ha* b* r*>e*4 iu# Araaaai eel tb?'# Pete* lb# TIM IW ail in M fore*. itb> lb* renau1 ?l (Munrl \eeburpb, IM * IM IMrvpi om baa*.* b I< ;> .? Suprrm IreArnt (ar |? rl#r TV ml>* e. rear*m* at* a*re under lb* Iflb bf C?**r* He tb tl a. mt a.a* < .ark lb* r4*r *!">? * bra. lb* pen*?i b, II Md N mm b* krrae#* w*a*e 4 la awn ..a Serf per Ibi. a baa*.*. lb* ta .at iM aa. t.aa* ?r aoklir.? caalag ae lb* rier. Naei tart.** beat up lb* *** Mrraa reaaaMaf lb* nnaa aa- tiI >al* l" r .aa* la* r b> u?*i ea* ***p ta 4<?re W b nai in *pe>i? I tear*. Ma. be- V* a at art.** 4 0i i| lb*** ?*4*r?, raua *c a*< k *v Aa ea* (araarAe * U. a *;?** inak. '<a a * Mm* far iba <|. nitre* la I^U >w ! AJi r lu* ran-.- bv*r pa' enl m ' larj lib* paaif* aiuac hail#' *?*. i la Hajer.f lb* V-iaral i> raa* V*t ta reei-iay w lb aely u a -a e*4 a i **i* pwtiraawe TV |<r*|a Mac af a li*u*r e*ar* Id. I lu* l.aarral k* weal* am rlaaa kk Aanra lb* <* aa> atb?r , aa* lual b* eon.* b?r kJ Vert biea* Aral, IV <.*a*ral Med* a reeb iar ba, a boa lb* * *? ae.** ileMMa* ur Aaar la aa* eatia* aba* lb* Rf uia tb? < eaaral aa* bia aaa ap pMni Ihnr ebo*M#r? k* lb* *?ar, aitlM IV pebrattea knar*,* 1.0 lb* par*ae*M an- hia Ma* fa' aaMMaaaa, Wh. Jh d. InT mar, I * the Impat) hfrrlllilal H i th* IruofW mrrr :** .dp lao far ?a. The MulIM braar tribe*!, for fhUiar arid <>* b ? fat m4* aad fur mmr III w.ra lu*t lo new, Un bona* beta* urroaa ioi rrllfc Iht rrrw at Uir ramwiii ?>M la raw aruM oat cam* lb* baaaral drapgtac Uia m-t* furlawad by tua aoa with a ro*p* mora, oa* la aarb hui Tbaa* tbrr* war* all aaptun-d a th* raar prami * TU* ep.HMta prove* that dataraaiaahoa will overawe ia* m*% rawdy. Mk |*aU<m< a w. r* attired aa pnrala crUaaaa. aad uaad aa waapaa la aflam iba aaptar*. The moat aarloua part ?f th* ntcM'r wort waa at lb* corner a< Bayard aad Malharry Mroau. AtrMafiUloar cacaara Id nail by Iba .atiraataioa at taaaa ilinalhiii ar* lhia* larg* bauaa* wtih ratbag* an Iba roof. Uaaara. Ball aad Man wara ataadmf "ftwaa* Iba ba.ld.agB, atom to a grwwry alar*, wbea a brtatbal, *\t4*atly aland at Uieai, struck Iba ohuttar* o. t.ta b itMing brooking a panaat A award wbwh lira waaaral had pat aa, aa wall aa a pair <>( wblla panto, toad* him a wmaidraana objaat, aad Iba lilUt itaw waa no doubt intend** tar him It waa wd known wbaaca Iba mnMie nama. alihovgh oar or two Individual* wara caught n.ght ot oa th* ***? o? lb* af11 am I bouaa*. The column contnuad it* marrh, clearing lha treat* la luooa-aa. AlltbaMaraawrraordarmtiabackmad Immediately a rommiait wbioh law ii**ui? I lapaail la diaob- j, ta view of a>a a arawiax ?* * Tb< nail undent, aad iba a* air at ib* day. waa tba oaptm/a of th* aiytib-aa potiadar *bp hew tr*r ta lb* llowrry. Thuarltaf.. >?<ohlai ptaraor ardaaarr waa atwiel ad oa a large lumbar wagoa.aal bad it bee* trod M waald most probaMjr bar* |om eleaa ttrnik Ibe I* mom wt Ibo vehicle, oo Its rrbouod As aaoa as ibo m.utary As boucbed into iba Ho?er>, Um tusurjeei arbiMrrmea (heaven rave lbs mark ') ml sad rua. ?a< t| tb r |U la Um haails of lbs raemy a double AM <t pottos war* ordered to surround II, a?1 il act*4 as Ibe bad uf lbs column ooLI tb? ooaciuaioa the march, sad is saw is b? founl la lbs an sail Tbs trraoty Aral r la bis t as tbelr prize, a claim which will sot be denied tb-m l'a< Matthews rams lo White it rest at 11 r M , aaA t formed lien. Hall that the Itoaary bop* bad bsarl of lbs Rabbits' ilelarmioaboa lo u*s Ibe piece sfatael ibe aaiborueas, and resolved therefore lo fct beforehand with Uirm Matthews eaya thay made a descent upon the boaittsr, raptarad H, asd warn brlactog U oil absa lbs military <*aas up. Ills unfortunate thai do meo were wita lbs f?a at ibe t.mi of lis (alba? Into lbs bands of the author .has, In au'wtaauatr Ihls sere.on ol the aflalr. Where mas (bis bit of hardware obUD'd Will somebody be food enough lo sts'e Ibe ownn h pTbe column routJr led lie ro.ree. m-vag i? ai*f<. tn Bayard itrert, ui'l at the old corner (Maliirrry i, lirr*. befaa looomot.rro a* yenooaly. The three Ull hon *e were CTideo'ty the ?nurce wPatxe they cama.aadiiea M.?l| with aome helf dtvrco policemen forthwith aanendad the talrraeeo in the roof, anil u>?) loo in the dark. The tatc of tiioee hoa>-?B beggar* rtccrptinn MM -"'Wdrd H m> entire block eeem'nir one rant prlry In rewind ** ? Buna (m the roof were flnnDd pile. m brush*, broten rh.Wn-y twin nnd eatioua obiort which roull >?r\*a<n ail Two ken were captnred la a iw<ir<?>ir of oaa of the hmoee they were f.> lowed ucrota the adyoin.Bg r<*..? aad naught In bod with their c'nlbid on The S rontr Oral arrired ai the Arvraal lew mtaui*> alter lit' M, an i Ibare met the MarraOi t>gmat. who cheered them heartily They <ie?rrred It for they l?n<i be -a no foot all day. and taken are walla**, except a raatxn (la the reqntalttnu of lien 'j?*cee. ice I'otue totnmUa.eoero eoyaiid to li*4 the bill lew the retreat nieot*, which the g.Ileal taUows (wore^led t.Huia lt> to a dulge ta. POSTSCRIPT. THB LATE8T FKOIf THK BCRKK (IF MI'lT. iKhrneit aiuutrra. The pniiro hare been bu><h| arraalim # p?. i?e* baalac per" o? th i mornlor, whom they fbuad to.trnag ah., u the hoadqiiartert at 89 While Mreot Mward torfce waa taken 'nhi custody hjr oflicer Kutaol. baring a Iwdod raao a hi* poaaeea.oo Wll'lam Homer waa arraawd by the tint officer oa a chary of latarfenaf with the pal** m the (Uncharge of their Holy The pr nam ware iwih commiUed \<j .luatloa O.boraa, who romtnaod bbtf court at the abore mcatioai <1 pr -mtaea np to Um fee r af our going to preaa rat ilitawt. The military eoat.aued to patrol the ffiith ward, aad rtn^.n orurr i rmf ai ion wLrw'-nmi idk ipnnui([, ar 11 w he read J a' a m>imeot* warn nf. aliould *17 Ultn. ha made upon the police Three stationed al (he heado*ar*ere at the r.iltce Ouminisrloocr* TV* Nl* TO** RMriTtl. Tee rendition ol the wounded el the Raw Vnet rcmn.iet uacbaaRed. Wliea our reporter left the ebeaa institution thle morale?, the arrrona reported that an ait (erial < bar Re had taken pU< e la the ormdiltoe ef the ia Jured perwoaa nadcr Ihi-ir char ?. It area rtpetol how eaer, that not a few ot the auTarcra would rtoae ihetr earthly career befhee the rls.nR of the awn gut IT VKRTORKD. Al 2 o'clock Ih.e morn'nf two <tea<l? of |wMtc?. under com mar'I of ferfeant Weed and ftepnty Clerk ttreroen re'nrtied froai ha?t*( patrolled the Math ward, aa I re ported all quiet rtie 'illy Veaalon of the t oinmnu I'aemll. The Rnerd of Alderaiee will hold Ihe drat meet ng el ike , July s?Hiton Una erenlnR The recent decirtna of the Churl of Appeals will Inrniea the dcinormMB mom ere with e wide Iteld Tor the display of their foreM*cle^mee ia m- j ertlBR the m-nlcipal rlRht* of New York, and la condemn IBK the tyrannous acta of a corrupt bite* repnbUau l-efia lature. riaa of the first qneatioa* thai we may etpecd ) will he to nuataia the Mayor la IMalillshlBR a day aad ni*ht watrli aa a tubatltute for ihe disbanded poller The Hoard of (Viurrilmen commence their moothly sea ion Ible earn.ny They will hold ciRht meettnfa In ancccanton, e*cept Haiurday and Monday, commenctnf at I o'clork They bare not nt nh tinllnl?hed htiaineaaon hand, and It to not probable th?t an) tMay aery apecial will pome befot" them II araa revnrtel that an eBmt will be made to eetahi.ali a day and eieh! watch, bit tU? report is on Ural7 without foundation ARRIVAL OF TIE LEBANON AID COfcl'IBIA. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM RUBOR. Debate in the British Parliament on the Greytown Bombardment. THE ELECTION IN FRANCE, ARREST OF AN ENGLISH BIN A SWINDLER. THE SPANISH-MEXICAN DIFFICULTY, THE HAEKETS. &0-. The Called State* nut.l steamship Colombia. Copt Barry, Iran liverpoot about 11 o' look on the momisg ot Wednesday, ibo Stilt or, arrved here at at>oat 1 o'clock this morning, Tbi' arrow s'rouirr Lebanon, from Havre, oiiMt arrive* !Mt, I'at -* papers to the 22d ult. The I mted .status f.-lgolo Niagara bad arrived la the Mersey, and the process of shipping the cable oa board off ber wa? to commence forthwith. In the BiiutU Partlamtnl the subject of a couoo sspplr ' Iran ladle was under debate. The rontlneDtal new* U generally unimportant. The elections bod oloeod In France. The laboring clamoe In Pnrls bod eib.bited much interest In the election, wtatcn was understood to have boon favorable to the governme? candidates The results had not been definitely asoertotaod. The Mayors of munlclptllUeo generally hod Issue* | proeiUMltou In support of the official candidates The electors of Francs numbered over ten millions. M Armond Pallor, a lawyer, one of the two biothsm authors of the ''General and Technical Pirtlonary of Le glslauon, of Poalrine and of Juriiprudence," had died at Pbrls. Tbs B?'ftan Minister al Con.rtaatlaople bad received ha passports, oa swum or certain iutrgues In the clootie? of tbe raimiclpai'bM In which be in said to have par lie paled Tbe Hotue of Commons wa< occupied with the contested sir, tioa for Rochdale, which had developed some oar's? Um ideals Tbe petMion atrslnst tbe slttlu; member declares that nae of the most important w 'tneaseK had be? bribed to depart for New Or lee?. Th;? por?ou, Abraham Moth well, betDg rolled to tbe bar of h>< Hone, admitted that he bed beea < ?fTer?-1 ?10 to ^o to Ataerl a, but had tb?* (hi U>? turn loo until. The ?t* BM employed by the Traoteliaatlr Telegraph Company bad com morn red at Woolwich, on the 19th of Juite, the embarkation of the cab!< Thirty one mtlaa of tt had been placed on bom d the Brush ?htp or war AgeThe Manufacture of the cable wan uearly completed, lu tat *1 length wan to be *i,b.'<4 ntlee. Much Janea Cameron, Ute Ihnvtor General of the , Boyal Br.t.ih Bank?a swtadflag concern?who had Bed rron imti'-e, had boea arretted at 1 tits taoe. Other arrewtn bad alao been teiefraphod to 1 upland. It was nape* ted lliat all Ute dire* tort would be arreiuvi la the eaersa of a day or two. The hpaaiah Areata continues the dlernasioa or Ute pra> jert oT law oe Parliamentary reform. 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IV .??*** * num. ri na Hah r. <**? ?? *1 aa haari M* hng Thr rrraw rvaawr I If al WaMaiua antai * lira |M*>l al II a ?*? fe aa Ma aift* at Km M IJraart Nrtlal. la Ih* Hmma a( I nrd aa Maaday Ihr Uaaa Uatwaa <aa .in lad thai I ha aptataa if Iha ha iiMi m i af Mr frawa kai anl yri hran takra la rrfrraaaa la Ma legality ft Ma i otv ib irada nf ladia aai eh aa IV aai i niiaaa afan bmu.-ht la rtfbi hilla la imri la lav Maa, Ma rMfli of ?hi< b wan M ha la . -waitair a?a ana rat n all I bow i ranriira of Ma rr?M aai law raiM <* la IMM ablr affharra lord r?i? !. ia raalT h a a*'Mm why a naM iM a- mrrhi ( ? a( Mr* <*-*?? fed