Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1857 Page 1
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4 TH WHOLE NO. 7615. THE FOURTH OF JULY RIOTS. QUIET RESTORED IN THE METROPOLIS, THE RIOTERS ON TRIAL CORONERS' INQUESTS, Ac., Ac., Ac. Peace ud quietness baa been restored in (be riotous districts of (be 8'xth, Seventh end Thirteenth wards, and ae further trouble need be amid rated by the good people of Gotham. The Deed Rabbits and the Bowery Boys have decided to pottpone further' hostilities atdednatoly, se the timid residents of the op town wards can rest easy. There will be no further lighting for a "term"' at least, at Mr. Merrtam would say Home > ittlot tty was anticipated last 9Teeing during the let vine the |Creworkstn the r.rk, bat ererything pars* ! off quietly, ani at no time during w nwt wwr ?u/ uiiuiiitvuMniUB ui urawKn/ or r1ol?nt> nature on tDe pari of lho?e !-mii whom tome wteeaervB hi peeled a r?petiUi.a of Saturday's and Sun day's work. Hit of ibe riots s wero convicted In the Oourt of Saeciel Senem. b yesterday, bnt were remanded for senteooe bv y?t?hce Osborne One of be prisoners was discharged for veal of evidence. The remainder of the prisoners were remanded for trial until nevt Thursday* Hwonera Perry ami Oonnery were bnslty engaged yesterday In holding inquests upon the bodies of the unfortunate victims in the Sixth ward riots. THE RIOTERS IN COURT. brnClAL SISHIOMd. Before Justices Osborne and Flandreac. Mr 7 ?The calendar of this Oourt was nnnsoal'y large, and the prisoners' box, as well as the galleries, were sisataied with witnessee and spectators. Among the shargas were oomplatnts of Metropolitan officers against the Hxth ward rioters "Officer James Irving, a member of the Twentieth ward Metropolitan police foroe. Sp pea red against Owen GllmarHa He deposed that he caught the iicuaed in the act of ffivnwing brlolbats at the police while they were engaged to que ling the riot In the Sixth ward on the Fourth of Inly. The prison* r demanded a trial by jury, aa was his legal rvbt, and was remanded for the action of the Grand Jury. TW charges against all the aikged rioters will, no doubt, after the preliminary examinations are Onlehed, be acted pen by the Grand Jery, which will be organised to day. Stephen 0 Bally, another Metropolitan policeman, test! Ml that ha arrested Bernard BcGovern, the prisoner at the bar, while the riot In the Slnh ward was In progress; (he accused bad stones in bis hand. However, the evidence was not legally sufficient to cmviet him, and be was discharged. Solomon Soott, of the Twentieth ward Metropolitan po Use, ? mplained against Ptt>ick Mooney, who was then arraigned tor trial. The officer testified that the aocwed was one of the Bayard street rioters, and he csugbt him Ss the act of throwing (tones. The Oourt found him guilty. Be was remanded till Thursday to produoe evidence of I previous good character. Ado re w Ptueser was charred with alternating to rescue prisoner from in officer. Jobn H. raomas, cf the Twenl) second Metropolitan precinct, in bis evidence elated that on the 1st of Jaiy be nrreetad Michael Myers, flharged with grand larceny, and while be was taking the prisoner to the station boose, llugner and twenty others attacked blm in Thirty ninth street, near Eighth avenue, tad r< aoued My ere from bis custody. Plugner was' ex eeedtngty violent, and said that be would knock the brains ant of any " black republican ton of a b?h who woull attempt to arrest Myert." J-dge Osborne Mid that the events of the past few days showed the necessity of protecting the pottos force la the discharge of their duty. He was determined to punish ver) case of this kind that oame before blm with the i almost severity He sent l'lugner to the penitentiary for | fti months, the full term. He is a desperate fbliow, sad deserved no leniency Id ward TV ran, Andrew Murray, JohlTKir.ney and Kurta Hohand were tried and convicted of riotous oondu t I the t*utron>h ward, on the Kourth of July, is attempt- | tag to rescue Patrick Leonard, who was arrested on a i Charge of felony Officers Roach, Ruber woe, Oole, Rol 9ne and Pmitb testifled that the above prisoners Incited the 1 mob to interfere with them in the discharge of Ihctr duly, I and attempted to rescue their prisoner by violence. Oue I ef the officers drew a revolver and threatened to Are t if I they would no desist. Tbey were ail found guilty sod re. maaded tin mum ay for sentence. Patrick Mc Bride was arrested bp Thomas Dutchar, of the Ptstb ward police, for violating, aeeaniting and bea?tag him durlag the progress of the rtot In that ward on the Pourtb of July The Ooart found him guilty and remanded blm till Thursday. Jostle* Osborne esiabib-hed a rule this morning that ho would not s< n?. noe any oI the participators In the late rtnta ill the end of the wees, In order that the clrcum stances a tearing the orlgta and real nature of the disturb urr gmio ur vnii'|ui wi.ariy w lyouard Scbteff Iid. of the N nta ward poller, appeared agaln-t Thotae* M-tlerrr for engaging la Um riot In the "frtb wari. He te-titled that the prlnooer "track hi to In the b>eaot with a paring atoeo Mcttarry alao Interfered with aber officer* whibt they were attempting to qaeJ the efftwr. H < ?m found guilty and remanded. Alderman Carey waa Id court d irtng the proceeding*, aad informed the clerk that be woo id brtag all the charge* galoot the rioter* before Judge Ruaaell aa orrttorart He gave tt a- hln opinion that there w*a ant evidence enough to bold tbetn, and the (trend Jory would dltmita the .omplain to a ben tbey were brought before them. fNQUESW ON THE 30DIE9 OF THE KILLED. ZkqcknT UM TUB BUUlBd AT BKLLBVUB HOSPITAL? RBtiOND "AT. sr mui or thr irntiM tnnrrmiD. Coroner Terry teeumtd the inveetlgation aa to the death* of Bernard aad Laateoberg, at the Corooer'a office yeeter Bar, at B o olock A. M All the wltnooom examined, with awe eaoeptlea, were poltoemea engaged la quelling the riot ea the afternoon of the Fourth. The flrat wltocaa awcrn , Leueard tehi Iffella, of So. 42 Downing itreet? Wat a ri'Al pilloetnan, ordered for duty In the nereolh w*r l on Fourth of Jkly.wlth the flrat party Rent from White wreet; when going up lh>ard otroet raw a Hgnt he weon he Bowery boy" and Drad Rabbit", between Bitter and Bier root above; heard nor hot* flred teen but none* were Dying 'art; were met here by a party of about three nun Ired men a .peered to bo of the Dead Rabbit party : they alar*-' the no oe with ? , the police were rcaite et then wrra aoet'ered, be auppenea, to watch the bniae, aoaie were on the aldewaya, and tome in tho centre of the prwt Oorooer?Very poor tact', i, 1 abould thing, to aay the Witrera reoomed?At 53 Baxter rtreet a man threw a moor; be ran into the bouee, knd war arreated by three of Ale parti . ar they were taking blm out a roan named Tboo ao hoCaT) rtruck wllceaa In the breaat with a atone, arrow* 1 aad t ok him to the otation houre: the m >b 4.A >..! l,i . kawa ana laaHwp lha BahKilg worn ,1t. f W*o 'tWi too portion?one w*a engaged wl b the Bowery bo>e, the otber vu to the rear of the polio?, la Baiter W'llam Frene ewcrn?Concur* in lhe provtoue t#wil ot) ; Identified McCarry u Ibe man who Mruok 3ebe!fle da. Wm J. T*ft, sworn? Wn a vpectal policeman; va ose #f the party of twenty ?l? ?eot from White wroot to Uio vrweoth ward oa Saturday, at 4% P. M ; on turniog from Baiter into ttajnrd * r?et acre hoot*I b? a c-owl; at the of Mulberry itieet received a volley of etonce. at lacked the party wbo throw thorn, and tbry fled; -b*n a wtofoTwmant oamo ap, wbteh pro red too many for them, nod tbry wera compelled to retreat toward* Mott ttreei. hare a b dy of the Hnwery boy* met them, oomlng 11 th*1r vweteianoe If It had not been for thorn they would bare haea uovd ap; the vquad nl ftirty men vent from tho el* t on r mive to them attacked tho oooallonte In tho oar ond *-rented .ererol; the Bowery hoyv mo to do domoaetratin* of fighting until they begnn to help rhe p.'iltoe hrard oae of them vay to a poll wtnan, luot let me here that club;'* bo didn 't get it of oouree; the police coald do ao>hing opo tool ench o orowd; they al hoi bat fee either itm their hole or caato and oould be eaally recagniae<> oe aOoer*. A Juror?I wl<h we could by tome meano identify the paritvo wbo killed theea men?ibet la what wa want to twow Coroner Perry?1 am afraid that will be Impnovitde- we aaaoot vr rrtain who tbrew any particular (tone or : red oat particular vbot. but if ym ran proa <unce pomtl rely ** to out o? e wbo either threw art me or fl'ed or hot, you wtU he dolog a great deal of good. for whether .any oae woe killed hy the?e act* or not, the latent wot evidently 11 kill, ood tho paitleo are of oourve criminal. Tho fact It tr oj tee ponce are all green haiide, unacquainted with the aortic* engaged la "hit rl * and cannot, probably, 'dentlfy tbem deeuiee, the wounded will mate no revelation at M who woundel them from a feeling of hooor they keep Ilent oo that we can get no Information in thai qanr er. Wm Haw worn-Went u> the aoenn of riot about ? o'clock P. M. on itatnrday, with a parly of thirty or fhrty other pn lor men, arrretod a roan who woe throwing ttonee oi d aurmpiing to reaouo a privooor, that man *? Tho* Mellarrv , ?r rev ted another wno held a tlooo In aaca hand, bat oo Id not recogniie blm now Richard Vaa Verbten, policeman, tworn?Ideal!lb* lie Harry aeiho man arrented hy la't w locte; he In now la the Tomb*; emitted to arreet Harney w*lagh. r In a cellar "a Rtyard mreet: there wero pl'ee of ttonee stored In the WBV. Urael Bow ere. regular policeman, ewom?Recognizee the body of Ibe larked of the tvro men who lay at White ttreet etatloh on Saturday nltht, (now in Bellevue Baepi ial ) ae one of the leader* of (he rlo ; he teemed to be oae of the Dead Itebsite; he wan urging them on, and tbrowiOK bnckbat* ae fhvt a* a it an could well throw them, he hat htm mvrked nut fbr arreet when he won that; undervwcdi bt* name le Bern* d. Juror (Mr VenderhooH-IHd you recngnj/e any of the dlebandrd potior among the Holer* at either etdef Wi none- No, *1r, I eaw none of ibom there J<bn Ihitcher, ?|>rc1al pni ceman.eworn?Arreet*! * man named Ivrnw McRr'de In Rarard elrent aid o'clock in the erciii, g while on the corner of Rayerd a gentlemen near htm r w* ttrn k oo ihe forehead with a brtckba1; bt* head woe eplli open, and he fell; ioet then eaw a man vlep out fh m * pile of hrlake, and throw a etone; witnmw ruehed after Mm, hnl he r?* Into a hoove and that the door wit neev forced Mie door oil lie hinge*, and collared the man; McBHOe then vtmck him with a hrlok In the bark, throng blm to let go hie pnvoner, before he recovered hlmeeir or got htr fe?t MeBdde truck him another blow in the neck oRlorr gJHe, of the Third ward th?? came to hi# an ?Utc?' nod they took McBrl le to the femue E NE' CoroDer Kerry to an officer?I wtob 70a woud go and te<l Justice Ochbo Ij not to let met man out The Jurttcea ft very taey letting out men thai ongbi to be held, at want onKI ihm investigation I* over Stephen D Bailey sworn?Was w >b tbeaecond party of policemen in Bayard street on Saturday, about ill o'clock ; aa they were marching alone two ctnxena, respectably dreaeed, dragged a vonng man by tiieeho'iidera acroea the it-eet and raid, "Here le the ringleader of 'ho riot;" car ried him to White street; no gave me nemo at Bernard Molten; did not ascertain the names of the gentlemen who gave him in charg" saw the Mg man do uottlng himstir; arreeled htm at ibe reqaeet of these two ciUaena John J fiarbett, policeman, aworn?Arrested a man named Kdward Dye in Bavard street; be wm one of the down into a cellar at loma poll emen Jobn T Pilgrim, poHc< man, sworn? Arrested a man named Prank FRzpatrlek a: I he corner or Mulberry and Bayard *lrtets;bo bud a stone .u each band, wtib which ho attempted to atrtke blra, but wtT>?as knocked tbern out o bl bands with bin club then took b.m to ibo station bouso In Franklin rtrrrt; be j now Id the Tombs; raw no ono killed; bilekbata were flying so thick that it wan Impoesl bin to recognize a?y one It pave one enough to do to watrb the missiles and dodge litem. J. C Cobtn sworn?Resides at 21 Coiumb.a street; was on the ground at e o'clock, acting an a reporter; wbi o there saw a young man about '20 year.4 old, with a white hat, raise a gun and deliberately Bhoot lie mar 1 while tho latter war standing on a pile of bricks !n the act of throw log one; be let the brick drop and fell back dead; some oie in tbe crowd cried out, "Mac shot that rellow!" Councillor MeCnunell waa present ct that tme; soemed to know some of tbe paries pre^nt; saw tbe Italian boy and Mr. Ptntou.T shot recognizee none of tbe rioter except a boy called tieorge M.ller; d >n t know whi?... erowd be was with; tbe man that sbot Paruard was niar iba barricade; he was slightly pockmarked and wore a looeo coat banging about bim; thicks bo oould identify him; a brickbat hew past witness head and a bullet cut the heel from ucder-bis boot: he thought it was time to run then. Officer Sbangie, who had been despatched to bring up some parties who, H was inspected, know a good deal about tbe fracas and could Identify a man namtd Ounoo and "Tally Walsh," who were supposed lo be rlnglead ers. be' e icurnM and stated that not one of these Dersons could be Ibsnd. He had boon to tbelr workshops and places of resort, and no one could tell anything about them. Tbey were evidently hiding away somewhere. Pat Mat)hews, the owner of the saloon 40 Iiowery, promised to be present yesterday to give bU testimony, but he did not make his appea' an?e. In the absence or these tmpor tant witnesses, the Coroner said he would be compelled to adjourn, promising to procure such testimony In the meantime as woule bung tbe criminality borne to some parlies. He would, therefore, adjourn to 9 o'clock to day. A juror suggested that Mr Pease might be able to give some information, as be was acquainted with all the per bodr on ine rive roints. me coroner said no would call on him and ask bun to testify Tbe inquest then adjourned till 9 n'?tock this morning. 1UQC18T UPON TBS BOOT Of WH. BUCILST. Coroner Oonnery beld an laqaeet at the New York Hoepltal, on Tuesday, upon the body of Win. Buckley, a biy 13 j ears of age, wbo, wbile standing qu.etly on the corner of Bayard and Mulberry streets during tbe riot nn the afternoon of the Fourth, was fatally shot, and died of bis Injuries on Monday night. Every effort was made by the Coroner, In his examination of tbo witnesses, to ascertain wbo rbot tbe boy, but not a particle oT information on tnat point could be obtained, and tbe testimony was unimportant The jury rendered a veTdict of "Death from a gunshot wound received on tbe 4th of July; but the jury are unable to My by whom tbe shot was Ired." Deceased was a native of this city, and resided with bis stepfather at No. 01 Muloerry street. WQCK8T UPON TBS BODT OF TIMOTHY BIGGINS* Coroner Conncry beld an inquest on Tuesday at tbe New York Hospital upon tbe body of Timothy Biggins, an Irish lad, 10 years of sge, wbo was fatally shot at tbe of M riot oa the 4th,.and died on Monday right Test irony war taken, but no evidence was adduced showing by whom the fatal sbot was 0rcd, and tbe tury rendered tbe following verdict ?"That deceased came to bis lealb by a gun shot wound In tbe liver on tbe 4th day ef July, resulting In bis death on Monday, tbe 6th of July; but tbe jury are unable to say by wbom tbo deceased was shot " The deceased lived with bis parents at No 11 Mulberry rtreet, and w.ts sbot while holding two Utile boys by tbe hand. "THE DEAD BABBIT CLUB." TO TBS SDITOB OF TBS HSSALD. Jtiv 7, 1867. Several of lb* city ournaia hay* called "The Dead Rabbit Club," or The Roach Guard," aging of ihlevee, pick picket", Fire Pointer*, kc Now, I hereby ofler a roward of 126 to any one who will prove that a tingle member of that guard - by the way, there la aoauchclub a* the Dead Rabht a) Itirve Pointer, or thief, or a pickpocket I am w iling to rnbmit the'.ueation to the duel aion of any fM e lurttce o'thia dty. I alao bold myself ready to depot I the $96 in yonr banda (pardon my anauranoe> at any moment you may oa.i for it, In the event of th ? oiler being accepted MARCUS H ARB AIT, 26 Mulberry atreet. P P ?A 'ow me to say or the vnong men computing hat K'oard that they are, one and a i, honeet. Induatrioua and bardwork og men most of whom panacea a trade, which they follow fbr a living. THE SIXTH WARD RIOT. 18 Fm*r dnuov, July 7, 1867 Jaa. <?. Borvrrr. Esq .Editor 8>iau> ? In your edition of thla morniug I netice the name of my father. Mr. Harvey N Hitchcock, reported In your ' Corrected liat of killed and wounded" at the riot lathe ?vb ward aa beinp mortally wounded. Thlt, I am happy to a at*, la Incorrect My faiber wan on duty with hie de tacbment at the office No K8 White etroet, and when ordered to iberceae of riot went with the reat, at about five o'clock on Saturday last* At that Late be received the in virlea bleb rinoe have ocmilned bim to hit bed. The Injuries, though net on eider od dangerooo, oonaiat of aeveral severe cute upon tie head, and w.tb care and vuet repoao H m toped tie w .1 (iron be able to reautne his dutloa. BO. W. HirjflCOCK. THE NINTH REGIMENT. The Math Regiment of the New York Htate Mllltla wan on duty on Sunday laat. It waa stationed in the Fagle dr II rooms, corner of Chrlatle and Delaniey atroeta, on "'undav nvsnlnr. and re ma nod there until two eVInrk on Monday morn dr. It wot thra dlsmiseod by <ren. Had, wto w?a accompanied by Ui? Adjutant ftecoral, tb? Comm jnary Weneial and I_euL Col. riaadford. THE POLICE ORGANIZATION. A : ttle reg ment of appointment* were passed upon jaatcrday at White meet, and the demand* of public op.n.on .n rrspect to the green and notoriously In efficient edition of tho force la nought to be evaded by a hurried distrt >utlon of the appolntmenta. The pro grem of the Ilttgahona la regard to the new law waa re jol ?d ia, aa to one of ila aepe-'ta, by the Commissioners, alltca It gave them the earneatly embraced advantage of di*mlr?lnr. to a man, the entire body oi democratic officer* in lhe ?(*'.h>bed for.ta. The hia<*k repitbltcana are Jubl lant at ihls grand achievement They bo**t in the lobblee at White street tbat with the pover and patronage of these l,iOO p'aoe* in th.* cltv, wit salaresof 1*00 earn, and the organized lnliaoDoc of the new police force from thia to tho time of election, they mail inevitably carry New York city *no aeeplt, aa they have the -tau>, to the complete rout or the democracy a htw rgi.tov or rni i netr, The apartment*. approach** and entries of l bo Metropo liian office are throngeJ aoc rd.ugly with pol tldaee. a* the b?adq.iarter* of a campaign lob might be in the neat of in el< cimn There one eeee all the black republican ward oommiUee men, with a sprinkling also of the Know Nothing lodge maaiera, and the official*, from Ontigrceamen do an to member* of the Com mo* Council. One meeta there In regular operation Abraham Wakeman, Mark republican, member of Congress froa tie upper district (Klghtb i of Uia city, busy and vigilant In a general saporvisije, or on ihe part of the lower end of the city seme efienlnp altornry for the hogor HI title* democracy. Kniw Notblng e* Brother Of Congr>*? >eorge Br gg*, following op tfce N.nth ward eiatnple under Cbolwell in Ute rest of h:< district on be wee - side of the town, I* kept In connte nanoe for hie sanguine real by Skate Hcnalor Petty, from th eTrnth ward and othrr llegen on Ute opposite ride of the town anJ the Bowery. These and otbew?not eioepting (Jrse church Brown; <Jo nin, |ihr hat maa; Her-'og, the eofe man; I'ha'en, the Paph an; Conover. the Metropolitan pretender; (ktkey Hall, the great firensi ' ant criminal lawteref the day; I.ccorder fm to, me u*i. an<t ei v.;r. mage i k .n ) flu art. the rncran of Reyard rtreet, i.eneral 11*11, with t enerai Word, or the Anenal, *nd * food ft* , of the other Willi ? heroe* too on nightly duty a* patrol men around the Tnmor there. with <,<iitw cwtalnpie of other oelebrttlea *nd notorletiea, mU? ? particularly "fancy gun" 1c the If bite ttreet lobb'.er, now, dal'y. ov? or BROW** mrv. If *rv of e should doubt the fhet the' thnee pee-a of the Metropolitan d jtirict do net derate their dally ardor to the anppert of the new po lea, by a per* Men! and peraevcrlag clamor for their dependent* and reta nere, to he earollad n ibe e'to', let hint ?*k Se- ton Rrown If |h* I* not making mtmmI app teallon for hie frrrO/tr, the pe*try oooh at Weiler'a confectionary, I: road way ? the myeterlo- * men ho ptoTidea tbore etor r.allr, *o*t* for the etlll weeter "gwreta" of Fifth avnuc faney em* lot Rrown be a*kod If b ? anttety for tb* preeorrai on of thl* Inral viable comfit maker * health ha* i ot ?uggr?tod hi* tranefer ffom the hot and Icatny eollar* ol" Mr W?lier, aid the wa>t* af hi* fentn* on the unappreciated, v igar popnMfe now renainng In town, forging their Foi rth ot' .Inly aurfelta, to the more eligible poaltloo of one of Mr Draper Fifth trrnue eqoad. A* a Metropolitan policeman he can hnre a plewant change of oroiipaiMn at the eapeaae of the city, nnl 1 the faehionable world wtaall hare ret>med again, and bla talent* be nlted once more with thuee ef the tnetTkhle Brown The freah air wool I attar pin hta i ?en*e of the proper proportion* of yormi Hon, rerdlgrte, and other innocent pig wente, to put up In doe** for the alien iat*d demotaeli** of Rrnwn a c naorrator'ae ? KKIN ' *?K. $ If the reaearehe* are carried 'Urther.Mr flenln might he ra?ually aeked w hat hit prneperta are neat uru- for election a* Ihe i nform candidate for Ma?or, on one of >,* Dcqnent exit* Trom White rtreet, and the an?wer, II ekilhilly Interpro ed. will glee the e***t equation fbr the n <rw her of (ienln p< tWen.ea put on by the Uommtaaloncri up to that time. nv* op TH* lit AG* R'nno. The !* ter who may ba e a 'title bm no** at the Tomha nay enco inter a Metropoi'tan patrolman, <1 Ma;led there tt? dectg'ea He would, if aaket, ?ay that be bad W YO MORNING EDITION-WEI breti one of ibot>o unfortunate member* of the old Tor *> proscribed by tbe ruthless Fernando l, and tnag naslmously reinstated by tbe Wbtte street Com mlu loners to carry oat tbe first otrject To' whw, i the aew law was enacted ?tbe viodtcetltn or tbe American principle, thai none but Americans aboull role American. Tn h patrolman would also doubtless go on and answer, as be did on tbe witness rtand nnnu the re cent Impeachment and disgrace of the Know Netting city Judge smart, all tbe questions then pot to hint, as tbe pimp of tbe Judge In that nielanoboly exhibition of a oolluslon and criminal tratllo between tbe bench and a vulgar prostitute, ir tbe testimony of ibis deponent is not ma teilal as to the lobby at Wbtte st'oet, and tbo exact character as to wbisb sort of Know Nothing linger Is nn ? in 'bo pte, hakirg '.be I,WO and odd blickblrda there, then It may not be worth while to oarry tbe Investigation further Just yet nwbile. ALL LOBBY AND NO TIlIKVKfl. Such is the frantic scramble on loot lor the notice an. pcmlincut*, tbat however much the officials ir>igl.t bo dispoted to business, thoy are absolutc'y unable t> ' mutt any ether demand open their tlmo than that of the roliciiors. They are almost excusable, 'on In the Tare of all the e me anil disorder wmch haa raged to the city alnco tho Jisroluiion of the old tmlloo force. Even In the very height of the riots, thi> ^upuriu Undent ?ae actually beret anl pestered, oh were 'so the other i fliclair, with tho frantic office beggars. Mot tho . flrit tram action of legitimate po'ico business has baen en 1 Med upon. t>e too of going there abont a robbery or any other ordinary crime would be prepoiterous. There have been n< irrer' The lu ? old force, officers In the other wards, cyou i the demoralising sod paralysing boat ol clamo'oua ward committees and iCgo councils, mako a liitle ebow of retnrns The new men. In tho mats, as yet, are the merest Imbecile cowardly loafers that could well be presented?all tor want of discipline?and their rtanastion of the invidious feelings which prevails wiih the populace against their an pointment fhe old force men among them inako hitler complain'H of them and their oondnct In the la>e disturbances. Ovo officer tella of clubbing a raw recruit ! whilst the latter ran with all his heels Another, wbo j Ijtd stopped a pair of fugitives of this sort, collared one and aaked why he tied. He was answered? " Why, that damned fool abead ran away, and If I bad only caught him, I would have mashed him.'' But iho Imfficlency of tb#e new men, under the circumstances, ig natural enough, and II lg only al luded to here as one of the direct regnlta of the "lobby" and the exclusively partisan pressure under which the force Is being oitrm|*>rt?ed Mr. Talimadgo has exhausted blmeelf. it la said, In bis effiiru to attempt the reinstatement of the already disciplined men now In the d y station bouses. During the riots be talked of resigning,even, If this were not done. But the politicians were frantio when the idea was bresebed. It can not be carried out, ! I grrnrHtnolv llnnpA ihw ?V.- -I-?- *V ? ?'?? \ v?mw . h.w .ininviviivj , i??- iiuw, uir crioin, | andallUx other consequences to be anticiialed Hem e also i be disbanding and proscription of mm thousand duct pllned policemen upon purely partisan groun U and to ad ranee a black republican crusade for the extinction or Tammany Hall and lia split np democratic factions. Such a wbolerale proscription was never dreamt of before the White street reformers set about it TBI MAYOMH POHITIOF. There is general clamor in regard to the Mayor's post lion, but for all the vices, definitions and criticisms upon It there is but one formula of fhet upon eblch it stands. The Mtyor bas disputed the encroachments upon municipal rights op lo the decision of the Court of last resort. This was doe lo the men of the Police Department, who were all written down for sure proscription?ae far as they did not change their )>ollUcr?by the new commission. Having done tbua much?ail he could for the rights of the citv and the protection of the men who have stuck by the c'ty?he could do no more, and submitted Instantly. His next movements will bare a twofold direction?an earnest and practloallr urgod appeal to the people of the State against parti tan wrong and eppresrion, and all he may be able ti dn for tbe protection of the dltbended men from the embarrassments their fidelity to the city hsabrougbt upon them. The city property and Its disposal be leaves to tbe City Council. If they will also cooperate In nehsii' of the disbanded policemen, the back pay of all will be secured, and aa many as five hundred obtain new employ ment ! within a very abort lime. MOTlMhNTS OF THE OLD FOLICF. The cilices lately ooeupied by lbs Cblef of Police el the City Hall baring boon set apart for the use of the street Ommttuuoner, Mr. IV\Un, that g? n tie man called upon Mr. Mackellnr, now In charge of the place, and look formal puasesstwn by installing his arslstaat, Mr. Ring, In the pre mires. Tbe Street Commitsloaer's office, like all Ibe other bureaus, sa well as the law ccurts, has suffered much inconvenience for brant of soma such basement Dlaca ae tbe Chief* offloe to accommodate the crowd* of persona who hav j burlnesa with tbo department Tbe ldeat of the Poioe Commission bare been from the fli .it removed trom *07 such obscure hartal or tbemaelTM m that of oc espying tbe cellar* of the CHy 1 tall. Mr. MackelUr baa rlilI an accommodation on tbe premier, where be baa rbarfe of the matters of tbe late Chief of Police ant of tbe disbanded men. With tbe view of obtaining tbetr beck pap at once tbe old ferae bare this morning oniieoted at their late headquarters in >be City Hall and form-illy signed tbe following power of attorney for tbe clerk of tbe l*olice Department, to enable h.m to uolleet of tbo Comp troller;? Know all men by there present*. that we, who bare hereunto signed our name*, bare made, 00cstlUiled and appointed, and by these preeenta do make, constitute aad appoint Wm Mackellar our true and lawful attorney for or, and In our name, place and stead, and to our uae, to ara. demand, aoe fur, collect and reoelre, all aucb tuatn of money, debt*, due*, acoouota and o?her demauda wbatao ever, wbu-h are due, owing, payable and belonging to us or detained Iron rs In aay manner whatsoever by tbe Oorporal loo of tbe dty of New York, giving and granttng unto our aaid attorney full power and authority to do aad perform all atul every a-1 aad thing whatsoever requisite ' and neceaaary to be none In and about tbe premises, aa fully and to all lotcota and purpaaea aa we might or could 1 -lo. If perronally present, wl b full power of auhatitutiua and ; revocation, hereby ratify tng and confirming ail that our | aaid attorney or bta su t*mut* shall lawfully do, or cauae [ to l>e done by vtnue thereof. In witnev* whereof we have hereunto set our hands aad reals, tbe seventh day of July, ? tbe year one thou rand sight hundred and flity seven, floalod and dalivered In presence of . Uevmor Vt olkir and Use tlnutli. |Krom tbe Washington I rlon, July 7. We have witnessed with an reigned regret the spirit In which nearly tbe wbole Southern press has received and fraud Jbe Inaugurel addrora of Uoveroor Waiknr, of hanraa. Krora tbo Know Nothing oppoaiilon press we had little elae lo expect; but it la*ratber more serious 10 see that the demon a'te preraes are by no means unaal mutt la tbo view tbey take of bla eondurt H is a still more Imp riant fact that two democratic Malo oonven lions?one in beorgis and tae In Mississippi?bare taken strong eiccptlon to certaia rxpreaslona In tfov. Walker'* inaugural addrraa. Tbe tleorgta rnnvenrtoo goes further, and tour lodes iU censure by >sx pressing lb* belief tost be will be removed. It la natural enough I list this stale of [i:nun pMui.i'i Kuorti m iix.ii ihi in maucmu* pica*ore to Northern abuliu iWn, a* wall an to Southern Know No thing*. Tbr> hunt In rojplee, anil bare a common (r>!iti ml Interest in pulling down the only pnily wbicb tbe < onatiiutnm at all pnlnte. the eociwc wbicb we a>e quite rare Mr n ichanao will take In diaiing with thin whole Kansas nflsir m a vary plun one. IJ path la ?o clearly marked on', by principle mat a etate? toil with Ibe thousandth pert 01 hie aagaruy could nm :ail to ?re It That be would wilfully turn wide from w bat be knowi to be bli dot? In a elnoder eo bin cba rarter which we think but worat eo?m> not bene enough to utter He will n<4 forfeit tlie high place to whlcb bia pert ite rniitUa him In tbe hl?i wy of bla oeuotry by an act of treachery t> Lite principle* which carried him Into oflice Tbe American people were aerer aaibr than utey are a* tbi* mvmral in relying on tbe wtedom end Integrity if their chief magistrate. rberiroryia revolution* a anal I (towernxr Walker on two poinle I. He edrnceted the tbe aubmtratoo oi Ibe eonatl lotion to a direct vote ot tbe |>eonle; and 2, be rurnl<bwl atrcinenla in favoe of making Kanrae a free SUM 1 ?o l*otb tbeae pt Iota we have eotne opmiona wbirb we j>ro pone to record now and here. We do not under*land our <Georgia friend* to find fkuh with tbe gene ral doctrine that Ibe people of Kaon a* have ibo power lo decide tbe quentton of alevery for tbeuteivee by inter ting in Ibeir conetitultrn whatever provicioe on thai aubjact they Ihiak proper. Tbta In a propaattinn whu h to man ran dr ny and call bimeelf a den ocrat or a friend of tbe com tttution and law*. It wan lie nblbbotetb or tbo party In ibe oaavaea ni i? an It bad been In many a or meet be ere (bat It wan embodied in Ibe compenmlne meaeurea of 1*50; It wan made part of tbe Kan- ?* Ne bratka wa* innorpnrateJ in ibe Clncmaitl platform; Ibe caeilidalea of tbe parly were pledget to it; the ayeakere and writer* of the party pleaded for It. aid It wan unanimounly adopted by the maanen of the pnrty ai tbe poll* Betldea all thin, tne Supreme Court bare eetabbrhed it a* the law of the lend, b* demonstrating that Ibe power of dtcldlcg upon tbe (object of alavtpy duun not eibt any where elnr. Keen if we bad not thene overwhelming authoring* to bach ni>-If It were proper to rc argue upon original prin clplre a qonrttoo that ban been nettled bv Congress, a* nenied in by tbe people. aa<l nanctieoed by tne nolnmn jiidymenl of tbe highest judicial tribunal 10 tbe worldMill we Ibink It would require but Utile dta'ecilc nklU to nbow the Jurtlce and necenelty of It *0 plntuly that no one could deny It wbn baa trnne enough la knew bin right hand fiom hi* left Tbe ron-fary doctrine In the eicluelve property of one Northern anil 1 larerj opponent* If Kanaaa shall come to (ongreen and ark for admlMlnn with a coonlttolion made In romance of legal authority, not Inonoateieot with tbe fundamental law of ibe Talon, and approved by her own

people, all round men will -ay adm t ber The abolition i?U< alooe would throw her commotion back Into ber face If lib prevision* on ibe rnbjeet of nlarrrv did not pieaee 1 Ibrm. Tb.ry alonewould *ay loher people: " Yoa hare made a roorttliittnn * blrb aul * your own wante and wi?be*. h it we have other view*, and we are your rr aster* Yon mud dlereyard your own opinion* and conform wholly lo onm '' Tbnre wborlncerrli beMeve tbrt Congro** ought to nprnk the* harp no rea*rm for It but the ln*ane hatred and prejudice again*! Southern men with wbicb Ihey are aturaird, from the crown to the toe. Will Mr Rurhanati, In any event, take the abolition side of tbi* quentlonf Will he be found arraying III* power and tnllurore against bin own ren*e of right and duty,and gainst malice reaaon, tb* law and Ibe onsldntion f ; Would be lend hi* brow to th* *hame with which anr.ii a* act moat Ma-ben It forevert Would be "aell ibe mighty apnea of bl? large brnota" for anything that hmnroak an I impon nt rnnmlaa have tnolTrrf Wo, the democracy of ibe whole country, North nrd S mth. have been true to him. ant be w II be true to Uirtn. We repeat ibal the con?tllutlott of Kan?an mu*t come j from tbe people of Kanrae Ulber power to make nocb an ittnlri mrnt there I* none under heaven , But Ibe Heergta Convention, wlttout denvlng thin great principle, nerm* to think that tbe constitution, of Kansas 1 ought not to be ?utmitt?d to direct vote of tbe people in 1 RK I] DNESDAY, JULY 8, 1857. tbelr primary We a<1a>lt that thle le oot In all [ caere a ?m<" <{ua rum. It Is a fair pro.unptlon (If thwe be uo clroi-me ane? 10 repel It) that a ooovcntlo of delegates ch?sen by tbr people will act Id aconrlaoce with the will 1 of tbelr constituents When, leor.fore, there \? no ?erl i ous dtrpulo upon the constitution, cither In tbo Convention or among the people, toe powrr of the delegates alone ' may put It In opera'lon. But sunb 1? nw the cane In Kansas Tbe uio?t violent struggle thte country ever raw, upon the mott Important bsue which the con rtitutlon la to determine, box been going on there for several tears, bttween parties eo evenly balanced that both claim tbe majority, and so boetllo to ooe another that numerous Uvea nave been I ?t In the contest Cnder these circumstances tner? cat be no aoch tblng as arccrtaultg clearly an<l with ut loubt the will of tbe people In aoy way except by tbelr own direct expreeiton of It at ihe p \ coustltuiiun not nu rjccted lo ibat lest, no ma tor wbat it contains, will never be act now if dyed bv its opponents lobe uuvthlig but a fraud A plausible color might hp Riven to tbin a*eoition by the ument Unit Ibf msrobers of the convention could have no motive for rvfovirg to submit tnetr work to their con stttnenie except aoonxoiouinee<3 that the roaloriv would condom' t Wo confues that we should flodsomo ditfl cully tu answering this. Won other motive could they ha*e ? Wo do bkm; devoutly believe that, unless'he oonstitu lion of Kansas bo submitted to a direct vole of the people, the unhappy coutrovirsy whi<-t? bos heretofore raged in that Territory will be prolonged for an Indefinite titne to i c? me. Wo are a ty well convinced ;ha?. the will of ibe majority, whether it be for or against slavery, will llnally triumph though It may be after years of strife, disastrous to the beat interests f bo country, and ! ingeious, it may be, to the peace and rafety or the whole Union. again: Tbta movement of the Territorial authorities to form a constitution is made, not in the regular way, In pursuance of an enabltrg and authorizing act ofCejgrosc, nut on the mere motion of the Territorial Legi iloture itself Nay, it has been begun and carr i d on in iho tenth of a re fusel by Congress to pass such an act. This irregularity 1a D'tlatal There are other cosea In which it was over lor ken But It can be waived only in const erati >n of the fact ibal tbe , eople have exproaaed their wul in uotiva Ukeable language. If we dispense with iho legal forma of proceeding we most have the substance We thick, tot these reasons, that tiov Walker, In advocating a submission of the constitution lo a vote of the oeo pie, aeled with wisdom and justice, and followed the only line of policy which promises to settle Ibis vexed question either rightly or satisfactorily. In this respect, at least, be has dene nothing worthy of death or bonds Rut who are the people T What saall be the qua. mirations of a voter on the constitution when it romes to be submitted T We answer that this is for tbe convention lo settle Thuto who think ' that tbe convention might declare the doastltu tlcn in full force by virtue of their own will, can hardly deny that tbey might append to it a condition req tiring it to be lbst approved by the people. If they can do lals they san ale" ray wbat classes of persons shall bo counted a* briny part of Ihe people, t'he convention that formed tbe federal consiltuilon exercised ibis power ?ben toey referred It to ttielr constituents, (the States,) and ore?e? ib id that their approbation should be g|-en or withheld by State oDTcntlons. Tbe constitution of Virg'nia was submitted to tbe ro es of men ?nl?ran*blscd by the oouveu tion for tbe first time Of oourse the Kansas oonveutloo will see tbst every proper guard is thrown arouol tbe le gal voter, and that bis buna fid* Intention to remain 11 tbe territory Is voted by a p evlous residence of sufficient length. Wesbo ildsav that the qualifications required to make a voter under tbo constitution, ought to entitle an inhabitant to vote upon it?for or against its adoption But there la another accusation against the Governor of. Kanrar. He has argued the fi ee S ate side of the question. We quote all that part of the tnauguial on which ibis charge le based. Here It Is:? "And let me ask you, wbat possible good has boon ao complisbed by agitating In Cong-ess and n presidential coLtlicts the slavery question? Has It or ancipated a single slave or linprnvrd their condition? Has It mado a sia gi- State free woere slavery otherwise would bavo exist edf Has it accelerated the disappearance or slavery from ibe more norther n of the ilavetrolding States, or accomplished any practical good whatever? No, my f llo a citizens, nothing but unmitigated evil has already ensued, with olaarb-ra still more (earful impending for the future as a const quence of ibis agitation *Tb-re la a law more powerful than the legislation of man?mora potent than passion or prejudice?that ratut ultimately determine the location Of slavery In this country It la tha laotheriaal line; It Is toe law of the thermometer, of latitude or altitude, regulating cl> mate, labor and productions, and, as a consequences profit and less Thus, even upon tbe mountain height, 01 tbe tropics slavery ran no more exist than In northern latitudes, because It Is unprofitable, being ununited to tbo consulstu n of that sable raee transplanted here from the equatorial beats of Africa. Why Is It that In the Uuiou slavery rreedei Trcm we North, and progresses eoulbr la It Una same great climatic law dow operating Tor or against slavery Is Ksnsaa? K, on the elevated plains of Kanaaa, stretching to Ike bars of our American Alpa? the R-ajky Mountains? and Including their eastern crest, crowned with perpetual mow, from which sweep over her open prairies those chilling blasts, rcdueins the average range of the tb*r compter hers t > a temperature nearly as low a* that of New England should render slavery unproflt*l>le bcre because u us cited to the tropical constitution o( the negro race, the law above referred to must ultimately determine that question here, sad can no more be con trailed by the kglslatlon of man than any olber moral or physical law of Ibe Almighty Especially must thin law operate with irreelMthle rorce in tblt MMff, where the ni mber of slaves ia :im -i and cannot be increased by lmp< nation, where many millions of acres of sugar and cotton lands are stfti uncultivated, and. from the overaugmenting demand, needing the supply, the price of those great stabler has nearly doubled, demanding vastly more slave labor for their production " If, from the operation of ibese causes, slavery should not exist here, I trust it by uo mwoi follows that Kan-as should become a ihate oo trolled by tbn treason and faoa tlrt?m of abortion She has, In aoy event, certain con sdtulionai duties to perform to ber sister States, and especially to ber immediate neighbor, the slaveholdtug Male of Missouri. Through that great * ate, bv rivers and railroads, muai flow to a great extout our trade and ute course, our Imports and exports Our enure ea-teri front is upon ber bordr r; from Mlssour' com* a groat cumber M I aS , uirena, evrn the farms of tbe two dlates are tut b) Ibe line of fhale boundary, part In Kan ar part In Misrinirl; her cttlx ns meet ua In dally loteroo ino; ant (bat Kansas should become hostile to Missouri, an ittylum for ber fugitive slaves, or a pru|>agandl*t of abolition treason, w uld be al he Inexpedient aud unjust, find falsi to the continuance of tbe American I'moti In any ??cni, thro, I truat Ibal tbe constitution of Kansas will contain such clauses as will forever secure t? ibo Hiate of Mios mrl tbe laltbful performance at all constitutional guarantees, n' t nly by federal but br Suite autboi Ity, aud tho so ir% ms'-y wliblnoii- limits of tho authority of tbe -'upremo Couit of the I 'pile I .Males on all constitutional questluoa ba flrndy estsblt- hed." Whsn we takn tbrsc pa rag rtphs and oom press the n tames of them ID o fort sentences, tbey mn out to this ?Tbe question of slaver) basfaiwags been an-l always win be settled by certa'n ia?a of nature, which .re above all human l*?i*la>toa If those laws of oalorc sball so operate upon Kar sos as to make ber a free Ma'e, all >a b r px (pressing a t ulstu lb an in iki g an argimoLt The pruptiett, however. and litneilneaa or olfrtof mob a irtiism ihfO and there, n? mtjnli oo which we alfirm nothing and d*n? notblig We are too far away, nil ho'w loo little of the ctrcn m?tt nee* with ?hi*h be was eurruunded. to be a com potent Judge of bia cna met in a matter ?o nice m thi* Hut there are certain consideration* wht. h will* insure ( nvrrror Walker a Just If not a Kind Judgment from *?'ty fair minded man, especially In the South * Southern mm htnpelf, be baa ne*a a ualfbrm and foaslrtenl champpio of Noulhern rlgbM The extremeat n en i f I bat section pressed bim upon Mr Htcbauen i"if the highenl place la bia I abinct. He la, bmlden, an able, far weing end statesman, ae liu e Uk*'y a< any o ber ID Ibe rr? ntry lo impale himself oo a poiut of mere pndetie Thla aW?e m'_nt raise a presum uioo that he neither did barm nor iut< uded any to Sonlhn d Intureale Rut *oen ae pre In ad iinoo lo this, that ha la ac Ively no MMtog "lib tin democrat!" party n Kanraa. inc.lud'Og all ibe pro slavery men in the Territory; alien ae (lad hn whole course susta.atd by the pro alaverv sr*?*"? ib.err; ? bea ae hear M complaint whatever f,o?n the quarter abence complaint ought to oo ne, if (here wee any cause for It, an ate OtiMinaiMd to thlok that the (ieorna and Mi*?i?-ippit democracy hare pronounced their jiir mi nt igiber liaellly. (e vernor Walker la a Southern man. be ban beeo aenl nut by aa administratl n piedgrd to thedefrnen of Southern right*; he te iiirrounded by a awp* of oftloe a, must of iIn m Ir >m Ibe Smith and every one of them sound oa tonal mm; be aae instructed te rrirard the Tern orial an iberitie* ae legal, and sustain tbem against the rebellion >f ibe I0|eka abolitionists; beta ac. In* la concert altb the frired* of ih# South, and gallantly lighting Ibeir cue mine We cat rnt b? lubut think ibal auch a man sonant ao Instructed, so surrounded, and eo acting, la entitled to ay fort, aud aid from the Stnlb whenever they can be given wrb a onnpcten tooa regard to truth. With auch a nauln sg*rg la Ms front. It waa har?h and angraetou* to open ibia lit a on bia rear, WbA lite 1 ilhrtnr Ttion?tat of tha New Police Art In Trntn (be New York [tally Tribune. March 13, IkVk ] TUB RKW mi.ICK RILL. The rlnwa of the Ijeutenant lioeernor on the new Potion Mil, In reply to the rt cent In tnr of Mavnr Wood, occupy a place la our solonm* this morotng. Mr Harmon 1 olnada 1 hie ranee riititilugly, but faila, we ilunk, to establish the 1 necessity of adding a new fynard of Ommlaelonera, with miartea of two or three thoueand dollar* apiece, and all the liikuriee of room rent. Clerk hire and other Incident*!*, In Ibe burden* of ibla over taked sn.Vofflclal ridden city. It would, no doubt, be k very convenient and comfortable arrangement for the Incumbent* of the new olfl'oa. but we have yet to nee a good reaeon for nreanag them Our Milaldpal administration I* already oomp toated and unwieldy lo a proverb, and tbla bill propoeea hi add to the compile* lion. It alreaoy *n*t* loo much lo ralarle* and plunder, and thia bill propose! to make It cost more Aa for the organization end rftldoDcy of the police, there la no cauae to evpect beneflt rmm the charge Thai a great Im.wove- 1 ment ha* been accomplished by the present Hoard of Onw 1 mission*** no ca* ran deny, and we bjern h>arresting the i process they have eo happily be?rnn, and are so elll %cinukly cam ing forward Beside*, there can he no quite Hon, we thick, am?tg imnarilal ohnervers, that i would be a deplo-able error In diminish the power the Mayor now exercise* over tb* police, a* this bill * designed to do. I Thai power I* not a whll to?i extensive or too absolute, anl lo curtail It would he to diminish the means of rendering life and property necure, Jusi as events are showing he depth and danger of that Hough of mflWnittn and crime from which the Mty and It* government are, we hoc*, rntcly. though mrhap* slowly, emerging We iru?l the 'Striatum will pause before it impose* upon this m-tropo It* a measure which the people have n-1 asked foe, and which. If it were submitted to the eleetor* of the city, would be rejected by as overwhelming majority. [ E It A interesting from hayti. 'Tito Urtat ?re at Port-au-Prtnce?Slnety Hnunci Uoiiaunuil- KaOmalcd Lumm I/ir?? Millions of Dollarn?The Armletlce wHJi fjomtidca??The Boston Abolitionists and tie* Mteogiiltlun by th? Lulled MUtce Of the Independence of Haytl. The brig Abby Eluabctb, Cap*. Terry, arrived yenter da) firm Tort au Prince. It wi'l be recollecteJ that the Abby Filmbeth waf the venae! rpokeu by Ihe III.noil a thort time eiBce, and 'ro n whose captain the Informa' on of the groat Are at Port *uPilnce was obtained. Wo hare dow obtained tbo |>a tlcuUra of that ulan.ity. We translate from tbcHaytien M->nJ?ur of libit I no the following account of the great I'ce at Port au I'rio^e on the n'ght of ihe 1 lib ? fin ihe n'ght of ibe llthl'Ah ostaut, the tpuirtier of high commerce, one of tbo richest, and moat ocautiful quorum of Port an PrUoe, woe deslroy< d by Are. at bait an hour after midnight llame* tsiuiug from the drug More of Mr Myrul Bruuo, L'lauo Valllete, anno*tuc<<1 tbo Jir,vlrr the Governor of tbo capital In cuiniuao* of tbo Urn miliary dt*lalon of the WceU-rn pro\uioe, repai'ed with hi su'tc to the Are lie wan followed oio-e by tbo Kim tern of'he iD'erior, of Kiuanoe and C >romer.o and of War. The liumri "ad rapidly from a'l sidee of the drug More and enveloped the neigh wring ho'jaiw. lit* May-sty ibe Emperor, on horseback, accodtputlcd by ibe brand Chnuoe|i?r and bin start, woo at the Are at one o'clock, and remained thoro a'l olgbt, directing with an admirable devooon tbo efforts of tbe citizen* an 1 ml diera against he tlame*. About Ave o'clock they ?u, r.eedtd in mistering the tlamer, when the two principal fri nt? ul tbe *uay were consumed. Ilia Major ty bail par Hcularly dirt cod attention to tbe Custom House, wb.cb was (tiled with foreign merchindlre. Sparks carried by ihe northweat *lnd bad set on Are sovera1 ca'goen of plank* deposited on the <|iiay opposite tbe burning stores, fhe iloveruor of the capital. under b;s Majesty s dtren Uona, succeeded in sarlng ice Custom Houae from utter ruin. His Msjesty, sceom|<anled by bis minis ?>s. the rand Chaneellor and his strail" major, returned to tbo palace about nine o'clock In the morning. tbe Ore bui CDSunied tbo two Islet* comprised be'ween the quay, tbe it'eet of the c?ta?e Magazine (HfilM d< I't'loU),or Good Kalih (Hunt flsj, and the cros-tog of Yalliere place; Ibe Islet on which stood tbe Bruno drug store In Vallate place, and half of two other cootigvoua islets. Commerce has sintered a cnuHtderaHo loss, fbo mere bono Ue and build rnga consumed are valued at thlity millions of ilaytieo jourdaa (18,000,000). About ninety houree have been burned Admirable order reigned throug be ut Ibe ca ital during the ceplorable tight. I'p to ibe moment or writing lb Ik tbere :s no do ah of Madame Bruno, who disappeared during the tire. On the xnhject of the project Introduced la March last Into the MB?HarhoHotlK IrgWlature, In regard to lndaetog the general govern .rent to recogu ho the ndependecce of Uayti the Mmit-ur baa the followingarticle ? The following prowct (translated In fall) which ha> been Introduced into the Maeracbuselta Senate, la an add:t.oual proof that an Inlquili us and cruel ayetetn is often on toe eve of (ei sblng just after It haa ach.eve<l a tr'um ?h In sptie of tbe persecutions directed agalnet the propagator* or the goepel, (hrlatlaulty became the ' eltgion or the dtate from the moment that Conatantlne, a d'seiple of Christ, aaeomed the rtlna of empire After the death of Juli>n, whore genius vainly attempted to revive MUM dogmas, lib tenacity or ontveraaJ liberty and fraternity, bad a m?w r of expantlun, so much the more conalderabie aa It* career bad been for roveral year* impeded and even arrested 8>nce (he cheek received by tbe boli i nlat party, which por the flrut time baa defended with arma the cause of Afrloaua, we have seen in dtKetent Sttatea of tbe Uoion onvrgetlc man I ft oat, una In favor of the blacks The question of aho'itloolsm, m (withstand ng Its !. f? at of I8M, la mor> advanced than ever, fUvo holder* will haro jy be ab a to resist tha progresa of the age, tbe beallby Interpretation of the '.ospal. They cannot prtvvnt one portion of the human rale, enslaved by icrm, 'rum suwrcuing in iuo opjuthvdi ui civi klj pi) Ileal rights The nomination, either In lVoO or later, of an abolition 1 t President will bring the |m mnil 'ii of general bbert'. Moat amcrtcani of the North ar? od the eve of undent an ding that not od y religion, but Mr ma terlal thtrreelr. make It Ibelr duly to aboilab slavery, to remove that ki< miab which tarniahss the stars or the Cdiod. to proscribe thai uew revolution preached by uowrrtby pastors, which onv?rt? Avery into a patriarchal Institution?a rcteiutoo moulded in America oy a aorJ.d interest for the mMntenstic of bondage. We bare, there "oro, the ami ranee Ibat ihe efforts of the generous hi arts o* the United ("aloe will bo rowned by the abol tins or slaver? Id the wholn extent of the Union Ae to Haytl, her ' ba.< been recagul/od, U facto, D) tie feder?l overnrnect, which has already treat ed with u?, ana which receives our dag la her porta. Hut let that rec-g oillon be oocsitn mated bv general liberty aud the cat loci Ion or the prejudices of eulor at lets', oo the official level thro the world, which groat* srlth the nppienMoD that !? eiercired over four ni lllanv of ?ou:? io a modern republic, oo-trary to all gospel principles, will applaud that griat humanitarian act which wilt eleva'etbe American Union to Ibn rank of civlll/o<l nations W 11st e pa't id all the effort* or Senator t lark, : lhu?e of the philanthropic and generous city of Bra ton, the city of franklin, ?l, n is honored by possessing In lit bosom Madame Maria Wcstoe, nip nan and other Illustrious abo lillouis is which. (? h?r*. Is d-sikted to give toe signal of grneral emancipation jurt aa la 1TJ3 ahn matin the Srst re etaunce that brought about American independence. Ol'M FOBT AU FB1NCB COBBBSrOK PCNCIL Post sc PiuarB, dune 30, 1167 Kxteasii* ffcn/fdpratwn in Port au Prime* .Vsarfy a Ilandrtl Uuildin 71 Dtar^d? Lom $1 000,000?TV At nwk' mi"m no/i am Jtt jvnin. an rtryti*n.w? Ra-VQti </ t\* Y'jlma J%mr anumg At Americans. \ Tf ry disastrous me: lag ration oeaurrM at thta pi* , commencing on the night of Tborsdaj, lltb .n?t, u 11 >? o'clock, and continued with unabated rlolenoe Ull after 8 o'clock on Friday morning. Tba flro brohn oul In *n apothecary shop on * corner of the Market pi mm, knit tor minded on ibe mater street, In front of the Custom House, for ennl of oilier combustible mait'-r to feed tbo Ramos. It consume 1 four entire square* and a part of a flftb, and destroyed ninety elgbt buildings, In tne s'-ry centre of bur loess transactions, and property estimated to bare be* a worth a million of dollars, "pani-h. At the Ore ouoiluuid Tor more than six hour*, a largo (?>rtioo of the com met del houers had time to re more ouosMcrabl* quantt.:** of ihttr merchandise, and fortunately for thorn* connected In tin trade srtUi the I'nlted t*atee, their I'teses, consequently, bare not hern rery serere, an I probably no one ill ft el con pellet to suspend his open time from the s'It ot of ibe Are Tlie lor# falls h*e/ie*ton tbe nwqers of the bu Iditiga, who are net yeoera'iy rmnnctcd ?th irate Tbm erent will, so d mot, embarrass buslo-* msttrrs considerably and t* rany huudred hatr* ol coRt n wi re destroyed, remittal e? U> the Catted Psum may be delayed fnr some lima But tber* >s no g*?-t n-a son to fopv'tee that toy terlte a l"**M will be realize! by me rbao's ol the Calte I f ate* whr are in the ban.1 of fur atsbing pterin lor the Hat lien me cbante, and the store* of most of the largest traders were not Inciu l?d lutbe iruod district. Through the mtdlaiionof <;r?*i Britain, aided by France, the iwucntiten-'lt e parties ol tb:? island bare consented to a '-twsaltosi of hmttlliles Ibrtbe tern> of twoyisrs About si* weeksatece the Kmieror cf Hay tt seat a commias'.naer to the 'aste a pari to t>ropi -e some trea y stipulation* respecting the eoeorr settlers The ftomlnlcan Ibcal^ent received tne l ow missioner prat ottslj, and wan prepareti (,< go into (he arranpi'ini t? Imnin lately, and rtlrecsed hts secr?t?ry to write the neadtrg of tbe tr-atyln the usual Tor m hit wbrn be bsd tirocer-lrd ae far an t'hrteitrn the I'm eror I.r II.% II I Itwi rv.l? I,.,,..Ml- " IS,.. 11..O.._ _ immI- rer rt 11'fHx), ln??UD* that the t"rru -ilia part# of iba Ka?t" rh?nil 1 Iw adopt. d In place of Homli i an fa , i t Wl'h thl# the iwimini ?n Pr<-? rd rrfoeixt to cnmpiy .and the ?fl ng ?f the if a y wa# romi.q ionily ah#t.dont d "But " eeld the PreeMent. 4,t on can far to yrnr Kn per or ibatlf I fl?d a Ha) Pan rn our#l*ta of tha lire commuting eapre. .itton# I'll hoot him' aad if ha tin It a Onualian t o bta .Ida of tha lina In Ilka unlawful ana, why. aboot hi in." Mora a a laconic treaty not to ha mia unoarrtood It would ba paintil to narrate all the miearr an I laaiha II at orrnr to IMftfl tbM| tl >*. urd'nibtadly tha mn#t richly port In th? Waal Inoiae Thar" la no oaaaation of tba yell.w later beta, terminating with blaca rotnd, throughout Iba mlra year, aud It haa continued 'or tha ibm n? J earn wlthoit lnt?rmioina, whanarer ibara wara #u >j. rt? 'ot tta fatal *tta< k aad II I# ?uriirl".ng that ma tar* of t*#?al* not bahlti ated to thla climate will nab their own Ilea* and that of ihtlr crewe for eo paltry an eddlM* al eutti aa tbay racalea for coming bare Tbrre ara now ?nm<* elttaao American eaaaele In port, and dmo'i i eery oar of th-m that haa haan bara tan Jay< he# Ml man of low of Ita o'lloer* or craw Tn? -*p aln of ba brig Vermont haa ham ?lch, bat la reonrering; h? Iim loat both mate# and conk and two maa. and hw t ?o other men ?tck on 'horn the capta n anit mala of Iba brig John RoynW n b i?a illc'l. Tba brig R W t'ackar haa loat bar tnato. Tha nptvii aflha R. C. free la risk on ahore, and baa loat one man Tba mate# ?r I 'raw of tha C Par kit* ara tlob !*r??ral of the ore# of tba ?hlp Artrnni bar# died Oftha otl?rr???el# in port t am not nfirraed; I ballara, how#Tcr, t' at tha Rohia and ( tiae E. La* bare, than tar, ewe pert the deetr yer TO THI BPTTOH OR THR nRRALt). ff*w To?k, .July 7,1*67. Wa bare to adrlea yon of a lerrtbia Bra at Port an Pitnca, capital of toe I?iand of Haytl. Oa tbo night of tha 11th n't an a ern of fire wna g'ran from tbe rtear dlntrlct, flame* wrra fouod leaping from tha e*tan#ira pharmacy ?atab:i*haent of Dr. Brono, in caearal p-aoea at one*, glrtrg rt?a to tba opinion ibal It wa* tba work of an p can ttnry Rehire projiar eminence rum,4 ba glean lha flame# ?pr< ad to tha adjoining h ai?an. ?apad w-ro?? tha ?lrc#t and wara only axtiiigitlnhel by want of foal, not, howater, nntl' Ilea antira fptarat lay tn aahaa Taa nrnn Per of honaa# burned ara upward# of a hundred, In tba trerj "antra of tha bu#ine#? dhrtrlot. A onirml?#i >n. or Cerrd to InTcePgatc tha cauaa of Iba lh a, announaaa tha lo## to ba n mard# of tfl.r 00,000, American currency. Tha Kmperor rau?crt tha uotp# to ba called out: they #urrounded tha rnln# and repraeaad tba capacity of an itnmen#e mull m*?. ad 'n pi tnder. Tba b twee of tbo A ma rV an commercial 4 ent wa# In Immlnaiil dancer: hia paper# ai .1 book# wara remowed; but fortunata y ttia w.nd nhai /ad and hi# honea waa ?aved Thi# flra will prore a I >? w in lha npnafarttf ?f Mm Prince. Bu* r;?* * entire y au?gawded for tha Una. A. H Q. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE ARABIA. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE* TBS MUTCH BLBCTZOm. TIIE NEW RUSSIAN TARIFF. ADV11CK II COTTOI. SPLENDID CONDITION OP THE CROPS IN EUROPE , Pa usage of the Jews Tost Oaths BIO Id the BVUOV VI VVVUHVHD) Ao., Ac., Aa TheCinard steamship Arabia, Captain Stone, which ten Liverpool on the 27th of June, arrived at her dock ar pant seven o'clock lust evening. The French elections hail been all one way?the opposl Urn securing only about half a dozen members In tho British Moose of Commons the now Tort Oaths oil) Tor Jews bad been'parsed by a largo majority. In tbe Kngllfth House of Commons, on the 2b'h of J i.e, Mr. I owo announced thai the projected bill to abolish the passing to Is on shipping, would not be brought forward during tbe present session of Parliament. Tho other Parliamentary proceedings wero.devoid of lb teres t. Tbe London Star sayi that there Is st length a prpspeol of some public movement being attempted In favor of I*arhamentary reform a considerable number of leadhig reformers having held a mc'-iiug and taken the preliminary steps to bring tbe matter before tbe public. Tbe work of shipping the sub marine telegraph cable on board tho lulled States fr teg ate Niagara was expected to be commenced aboat tho 29th of June. The Amen jus Chamber of Otmmerce in Iiverpool had Invited Captahs Hudson and the otllcers of the Niagara to a dinner. Tbe Invitation had been accepted; but pending the expected arrival of the United States steamer Susquetunnab In the Mersey, no day had been flxed upon for the banquet The new cotton supply movement was attracting the attention of the London press. Tbe ftmej calls on the government to pave the'way for the lancaahlre manvlaoturers to carry out their project in India. At an KngUsb Oabinet council the title of Prtnoe C assort had been conferred upon Trlnce Albert, thereby mak'Sft him legally, as he already was actually t a member of tho British royal family, and assuring him of a high and ded nlte position abroad, but without giving him any authority at home. The dlatrlbutloa of the Victoria Crora or Order of Valor to thaee who dlrtlognlthed theme* Ire* la the late war, took place la Hydo I'ark on the iOth of Juno. Quean Victoria banded the craae to each 'a Jirldaal entitled to rtci re It, adding a few worde of com jllmeol. The military die play we-. email, being confined to about 7,000 wen, comprising iho crack reglnenia of the Ortmea. la the tempo rary etanda whloh had been -an up there ware amne lea ibomand ipectatora, while the ground waa covered with a lenee ?e uf people, wbe dUplayed a ooaaidarabka amouat of entbualaam. The annual commemoratioa of tlie Daf >rd 1'ulwrtity took place on the 34ih of June, and amongat othera who were Introduced for dngreee wea Mr. [fella* the Araen au minlater, wboae reception by the graduaioa la raid k> kare been romewbal equivocal, "aa if the body doubted the friendly dlepoaltlon of Prea'deat Buchanan, and dWHketf )ial I he* V tnnalri r*i1 !nfn unnrnva) nf a riMVelaram a.1 ministration." The Kngllth I~ durational Deference adjourned after a three day*'reation, having listened to a large ouster of cteaya and adopted a long aerloa of resolution*. The poliee of Dublin had arretted a palotrr namel HpotIrn, and hla aon, Tor the murder of Mr. LlUld, the railruad carhier. which created ao much sensation a few months atnoe. The ertdence la atrong agalnat the prtaaa era. The Kmperor Napoleon had goae to llombleres. The Pnrls correspondent of the lawdoa Timet glees a rumor that a plot or a meat eertoue nature, connected with the recent election moromrci, had been dleoorered, and four Italians, on whom papere and Ureartne ware found, had been arreeted. Advices from Iterlin at ale thai considerable agitation pr^va led In the f.lberfeld and Rarmen diatrieln, 'n raoaeinence or a general atriko for increased wagee among 'he op*rat:Tea employed In tne cotton mi lie. Tetters from Oporto state that the r oe diaeaa" ?M again making aerere rarngea In Portugnl. The Emperor and 'minus* af Russia started from ?tf'eteraburg on the SMlh of June lor Kiel, an rouie for thetr j German tour. The new Kusalac tariff went Into operation on the U2d i of Jane. The Constant .aoplo norrespnodenl of the londoe Hswa j atatee that the greet Euphrates lira of telegraph baa heen 1 declared against by the Council, on the ptoa that they 1 could not guarantee It against the drain, although no aueb ' guarantee wta letnandod. A irieete deled u>? -><i or June, the eutaeo llclty of which la doubted, rayi it >u reported that the I'orte had If mand'-d "iplanati >n* from Lord Redc'.tfte re pec ting tha occupation by the "ngilih of the Ulead ef I'm rim la toe Red Sen; and eteo tbat another CtrcMalen rte lory, In which 1 ,"C0RiiMlasr were lout, hadb?eor?ported. Advlore fr<>m Mbraliar to the I'lh Juno report tho arrival '.hero of tha A me r ran bark Nevada, tiamr on botrd a large gun, presented by tha city of B ?ton to Sardinia for the fortrrea of Alonauadrla, temg Ibe HrM of 100 gun* to i<a raited by public aubec Ipiton In different c w-e or Amer.oa. lAier new* from Intta ebowa lb a Uia mutiny ?l tbo native troopa bad a#aumed a vary formidable ithape. FYora China there la nothing of Impotianro The 1 onion money market oae rtaady at former rate* Con* ?le for money continue I thorl; for account they obi cl at SJ.'t a The CoonelI of the rank of franco had redoced the rata of dhcount on commercial billa to Ore and a half per "o?, but tha interett on advance* van maintained at tlx par cent. The I iverpnol ooUt n market waa 'rro at an advance of onr rixteanth to a quarter penay per lb. Breadaluff* dull, and corn Ir. n la. Od. lower. Toe weather war magailtoeat. The accounts of the gra n and p -tato crope in Ireland are highly encouraging The eteamnhip Indiana, from Now York, arrtred at Southampton on the i?th of Tom. The ii'imih p Ariel arrived nt Uin mum port on lb* evrnlag of the ilfltb oil , no ) iho Washington at aa serty hour on the following morning. Onr Parts I ormpnn<m?. Pabw, Jaoti JO, 106T. Jrri-*' at Haw?Xuiianf rf (V Cuttom Houmo?Fir* tfitmpses ?/(V Orm* I Xatum-Hot. u> Hourn? U/t on 'A* Raitmad- No/'y Fir* and S/w~d Afermm?lt-/i4U*a ?Normandy?Tkt Ckur hta?PUu* it la Pn tUti Urham, 4c., 4c. Aftnr n brief rtop nt Monthamptow, where ws landed . thirty on* passenger". the Arago Hon mo 1 across lb* Chan nel to Hkt rs, which port we reaobed la twelra day* l>ow deck to dock, very much to the delight of two hundred nad sixty nine men, women and children, who although very pleasant people, bad begun to grow a BuJe Ured of each other, for going to see 1* a bore after all. sow we were reeled to the arm* of the police and the Custom Hours tfllcem, who gave us ample lime to examine the rplendid dock* aad to crlt ctee the crowd on ebore. They do not expedite their movement* there French otfloeboldere. Finally, after an interminable delay, as it teemed to ve Yankees, wbo are always In a desperate hurry, wbrtber we hare anything to do or not, we were permit* led to land on presenting oar paerports to th? pal -e, wboganrded the gangway. Me ?ooa as the represeatallre of the } wperor bad obmined as armful o4 paae ports, he was relieved, aad marched off with the parchment to the police cfllce. The a/.tof Havre were overrun by thta sodden rush of three hundred pervons- flalte a difference from Hew York ?end our party prrmenaled to tbeKuropeaa Hotel, which eetahlPhmrnt btvirg received ahoet one hundred gueetn, a as over crowded 1 was astonished at the etjeedlag clean liner* or the street" ad ac*ut to the docks They were as (Yts fr<m rt as the kltch- n floor of a truo New Rbglard farm hours, tt hat w ild yon say, lad os, to walk ng cn the carr Age way \9 Front. Mouth, Pearl or Weal streetay Ail the narrow back aad tide stmts of Havre were clean