Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1857 Page 5
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I * - 1 * THE FIRi.WOAKS LAST WIGHT. (trillion or the Ktnarth o( JalywRmr %Or* turned the Parhe?oplenrtld Olf |U7 or K1 rework! ihrouglmt tka City? The Mnrb t> lilid with Man, Women and Children. * The eff Ukt ntuht was a teen* of pyrotechnic iplendor. At til IK) '.nti where the dleplaj of firework! ?u to be viewed, ft are marsea of citizens congregated, and gtre vuot to thrtr jmlrintlc ar tor?pen'. up tinoc the dtxappoint -raent oa thr evening or the Fourth. Young and old gated -with wo) d'oufi delight on tee reaplendent exhibition*, and made tl" air rrtoend with their loud and prolonged huztes. It ?u an universal rt-joiceinent, ax if to drown the ree?: ctlou of the rMoue proceedlnga of the few pre" vions d?"> and mnMC lent It* sweetest charms to instil -joore hariuony iato the peoeral J> bllee The culiim was ail that oouid be wished?soft and 'balmy. Our reporters visited the various points Of attrac ifHj, Use (K vntij'al ol which were 1 UK fiU. At stiroown a -ignai rocket ?eot up, an I It was a signal (or lhe loiterers about the ]'ark to "lallin.". First cams <he Utile ' oya, *ii? luokt <1 with wondrous delight on the prepara'.i. u.- rraue h> the | \ lolechui.l* for the evening's display Jay, Jim, ir they'd oMy coteh flre, what a joiiy blow up.'' "No tear ol uat, Dick; them's insured, and the uiai toiil me lliev'io (Ire proof ua 11 touched With a Hrz." Quite a crstnb'e took place aooo:; the yoonghters for ihe glcaUug', aud a few sparrlug matches vu (lie result. From tlas time until the comineiu'vieeoi of the t', the Immense space Ol ground iu front of tne 0>iy Hull began to till In with a crowd that came last and furious in order to obtain good poeitious Toe windows, huloonles and roofs of the City Ball and advent hull hints t'oiitaiDed their thousands of raj^ctaiors. We did not envy Uiote who had inlluunuo rrnougb h-get admittance Into the Uv Usll Placed toofund ?bt breworks, tbey must have Mattered their vanity the Imp?e?-i?n was verv due?in fuel, tnagtilileeRt. But the de??s'racy?those in front, who merely hjid outside tickets?didn't tbey g<> in for fun? wenn t hey tlofckyt-; "Say, Mls'lier, ake off >our hat; you're tail enuf iu all cotUfCience, withou' a stove |hp? stuck on the top of your feead." Ibis was aihiessed to a 6 feet 11 individual. b t one of the rising generation, who wanted to see over the h<ad* of bis neighbors but the tall '* tu"' ul tir?t was Inclined to be " canuukor jim:'' tout seeing oi'ct lU'O the belter pari of valor, biweTsob anhaiou to ihe vx populi "Com". Biddy, let's stick to ygetber; tun's right, Do*id on tu tuy skirt shore and tho pottos might let wuacen; worn in stand Inside that circle " Ob, No-a,'" replied h-r companion, " that's only for the <j iaHty. you miift be a colti<h or pay to get to there' " W blent with jour lleb, didn't I see a chao that said be was ptes>e.i >' [TbU auuued to our reporter, who asked nerntli.i,... I nm nn? nl lh? ..Wriira In Ilan.l Imlrfa i 111. (n, and ir ?f <>tb ihe ll'c'? mom pe?sed out of ma entirely.'' f^onie foil) Hp'M'tni p>He?men, under Superintendent (Jar penter, were rietallrd to keep order. They formed a ?piare In front cf tue City Hall, and wi.h ax much go! humor an poeelble eridecvore'l ?o keep bar* the rueb'.ng, crushing crowd. M jw aud then, some spirit more dartu.: than the rest, wooiu slip b r mooting*, and shoot off lice a roccet Into wbem the ' quality" were assembled One red headed little feh'iw yav j "leg ball," and war pursued by the great chief Carpi nter In perron, a rid :ho most b itsterous tnerrlmeu'. Be ran, and turned and dodged, and just as the Super mt*ndent would make a grab, Ilka toe pea under -the thlmo-e, be "wan't uo?herc." Clusters of bare <cgged lluie fellow* were squatted In the trees, chattering and jabbering aa froitcasome as monkeys, now and then -by way of pro*log their high position, shying upon the heads of tboee beneath tbcm well masticated quids of tobacco an upturned t lance of indignation was met with apU lathe face. aud. however you might rume ant fret, it were better to bofle up your indignation, for ' Young America' only enjoyed your harmless thun lor the more, ris nitawosKS Were preceded by rockets, after which came Tip poo Balb's gr?n Beugoia light, a decided fizzle, and then followed the programme ol the evening, consisting of thirteen pteoee. I-OLKA PAJTCK Aim COIOSTn KATTTCT. A rich hexagon vertical wheel of groat brilliancy, mutating to the splendid battery of colored Roman candlos, exhibiting in the centre a polka dance of colored Ores. UHSHTT AND ut unci. A hecagrn wheel ef leseamlne, Maltese and Rayonnant dree, changing to a pyramid of yellon.and bine Ores; In the centre of a pyramid the balance and Uap of Liberty, ooctrcUd by an emerald wrea'h of (lance work. STAR OK AMKJUIA. Opened with a splendid aun of variegated flree of crlmoon, pun>ie, green and yellow, mntatlog to Ibe Star of America. Mi feet In diameter, terminating with a grand tnareooed battery. ISPAHAN ROSK. A variegated and richly colored naxagnn vertical wheel, Ohangfag wi the Ispahan rove. ending with a grand feu dt toie tu t oitd' mr thbi. Op?ed with a inn or rndlviitand wait? Are, w th colored O?Ire, mntating to a yew tree formal of eun flraa, M feet la hatgbth ornamented w lib revolving aaxoas, terminating With a feu dtjmt thini r? or i we a.vt> rot k a pahc*. Uooerviai w 1th a hexagon vertical wheel of Kalteee Area, wttb enmeon and yellow roae, changing to the trlbale of Orree, and termlnanof with maroon exploaioua. aorKKiw, rrc ? hum' raom Br ran with o irnruui.: wheels ut Maltese and brilliant Ore*, forming n circle of llame IJO fael in diamrter, turning mad iwtstiug in alt paaslblr tnanmri, changing and display log each ih.-taui new and unique dfuree. ( AM'AtlR. This pt?r? rommmced with a revolving eun of Crimson mad gold Urn, changing to n beautiful oaacarie reprovenl lag the wa'r? failing over the rocki, terminating with a (rand cxpo-uou. crop's rnouc. ItooasU'rd of tour bearu, oeaut.fully arranged, when ivuddealy tbrv each were pterord by go'. Jen darte shot Lhrougn thamealfby magic, the whole metaung to e arc? of Cbieeee gerhe. hk* tKTMtJrr. This new end beautiful puce of pyrotchny commenced with e eu|erb ecroll wheel, with red, gre?, white and blee centre muUting to the var'.ouv cmbleme of the de nartmeol. in each ride wee aeeo the hydrants, with the note end pipe attached la the ceatre of all were the laddare, bookr torches, re as. trumpet*, end all the various mmblema of the trparmenl, beautifully arranged, terml mating with a greed shower of colored dree and mare? mokMiiiia rami or annuel. Thii piece remornool with a euperb ncro'I wheel of Millm at, 'iMimm -M changing 10 * kal?de?rope oaotre of rmrrain and red dree, m-tailng to the red "'lift gracefully drarptog arounl the rbield, id the centre of which n the bond of Waahlr|l<*. the wb< le lurmounl ed by the Amrr.jan em^le, hold.of in hia baak n dery banyued eerpret lAianaaamt Thi? piece opened wtlh two wheel* In contrary dlreo Uone, wttb oo "poi'ie centre, which *uM<>ul) filled with E'oben of r'dori >1 flree, formlnf oji<I elianitog oeoh lanlant benattrni tigcrce nf ell color* nod ehepee. The Ufrf ?t |ncoe of the evening wm the grand nntiurnl mlkgortcal tableau, M ferI . j h?ynt nod lfci feet long. In the centre a throueand are, with the wordn "Our Country " In gold flrr. nurmounted by the American eagle with , wlage oateprrad rerting on a globe. On either aide of the angle were mblrma rrpreeeeung labor and Hope; at ottbrr eitreioliy of the arc, ngnree in appropriate colore, repreaenttri. Indualry and Agriculture, tiraonib It, In tha I centre, tfomacokma! rtatueof Wa<hia.;ioo on borwbudk, renting on < fiedeatal with the worda Pater Pairtt" In rarieoa cohwei Urea. The atat?e wat ilaoked with other tatuea of ffaebtogtoa and Jeflcraon alno reetleg on a pe dental, hoeing a award ana rrroll Oo cltberalde of theae were a repeeeeotnHon of a ride wheel eteamee 'A feet to?C. the wheel* In motion, guta* In oppoall* direoaloat, typical of commerce to and from the Pity , Toe dtapoy terminated with an Immenae dlaehurge of txmibe, roriet* Ac , and the tmmenee muH.iude, nam berlng ever, separated for their home*, aattallod will, hatiof obm It the Fourth o' July powder for the year fearing happened worth rroorliag, mirlfe and good buna - evtrywtterr prevailing TOH'HIKI Ml AH! A Urge crowd ann-mbled U? witiirw* the d!?p1*y rvf firework* nl thi* plare. wblch went n't entirely in (be aa'ia far it no of the rpectatora. It con dated of Chlncae flu, fourth of ,'iiljr, Illuminated Vcw Tree. Tribute of Own nod I'oibn Heoce. Gel.,on Gobi 4, C lpul'e f rolic, Kale. Jo ecopc, Rochcw. A.-C : lairtee' Fruit-, Geecade, Polki Ranee ud Colored Rettery, Tribute to Weehlngtrn. Tfela ptoro pictured the leiher < f hi* Country In ihr net of delivering tut Fnrvwell Addreen: reprreentcd holding In one fennd hi* nbeetbed ivwd, nnd in thr other n acroll, oa each nldn of U? centre, column! nupporttiig *n nrc of ntnr*. nnd no tbo crotrentareii eagle, holding in h * talon* n ditrt entwined with no olive brooch; terminating wiihngnuil battery oaplonoo, the afr with ttronmeri, red, green, blue and yellow ntnr*. and forming a bum of Urn ood hundred font long and fifty feet la heght WOCWT MOKitm. The dlapiny here waa received ad'h great appianae hy large amrtnbiage It roaaiuad if rbioaae fan, Metloan Hia, niumluated Yew Tree, True lover'* Knot. Zan<a Pe ruvtn, ladian Palmetto, Tribute of Derna and l*olkn l?aace, Peruvian Crow. Omaa of Honor. Keletdcenope, Oeaoade, Ispahan Rnee, the American Ooat of Arwti, common nog with n epleodld wheal of Chlneer, Kgypttan and radiant fire*, forming nil the ear legate. I and beautiful mntationa of the katetdoicope, changiag to the Amerlano Ooat of Arma, diaplevtng the ehteld wl h the atara and atrlpco no eaefe elde, with the appropriate no ore?red, white and feloe? mutating to a aplendld diamond, and terminating with grand night* of colored Mara and atreamer*, and Khlbning a* one view over five tbo wend aqaarc feet of lire, nod nil the moat brilliant and beautiful colore known ta the art it ttrn,row eo r a uk. The firework* were much admired by the large nnntber Of pemon* who aa?emblcd In ihi! Itcality to wuneoa the dtaplay, nfe?l' on?leted of Chlneae Fan, HUr of America, Indian llalmetto, Hetorn and hi* At* lltee, One* of Honor I nominated few Tree, Rook rtn, *?.?Zanla Pernvta, and Fourth of Jaly. PUTl-MWfll ATgggT A Wit BWOAPWAT, Wan vtattrd by a largo number, who frit well cleaned with the eihtbition It oeneteted of Uhlnree Kan, Kncketa fkr.?Znala Peruvia, True lover*' Knot, Indian Palmetto, Oman of HI John, Revolving Clobe. Cascade, Keletdoseope, Ispahan Rove, Tribute of Cere* and I'nfka Pence, fourth of .Ittiy, nnd Grand Hoealc Rettery. jackhon'* ayrtnv. Three hundred nnd tlrty dollar* were egprtvled en the vhlMtlon in thla Itradty. The display wa* onloyed by a huge crowd II emulated of Perurlan Crow, lllimmved Tew Trtr, Itegican 8nn, Owe of Hitoer, the Lover*' Knot, (lwrede, Pride of Aurora Kaleldoacnpe, Rocket*, Ac /en la Peru via, laapben None, 'olden Goblet, Trlb ;t* of (Wet and Polka fhtnoe, Ute Amertcna Cunt of Arm', Grand Mne?c Rettery otconp ptwhwt akt> hophtow, lire OM hundrtd and flftr dollar* appropriated for the display of firework* In thl* locality waa well laid cut. Fivery one *eemcd te think they had received their money"e worth It cuoeieted of Chlneae Fan, Croaa of fit John, the lover*'Knot, Pride of Aurora, Htturn and hi* Satellite*, Rorkete, he , fainea Frolic, Kalcidmrnpe, Upnhna Rn*<\ Polka ftattre and Colored BaUcry. ORAPft HTHIICT AfittfitfiT filtntpWAT. Thorn wore n very larjc gumbcr protent at the lU^tiny ? . Si I ? of BrWworka, and all appeared (o enjoy the pyrotechnics with a beany teed will ft ooaeUled of Ootnase Ka?, Mexican tan, Indian Palmetto, Envoi v tug Globe, Ispahan Hone, Illuminated Yew Tree, Polka Daaoe aal 0? ,/wed BaUcry, Koeheto, be , Tenia Peruvia, aesicae Sua, Goi +!! Go >kri, Kaleidoscope, Ike American Coat of Arms, ftgand' ftoaalc Battery. ATTIIT. Some tw? hundred and nfty dollars worth of powder waa burnt bar* hut night to the gre.l enjoy then* of an Im m< rtc muluttt-ie Tho oupisy consisted of Chmete Fas, Illuminated Yew Tree, True Lor era' Knot, RookaW, bo , /aula I'oruvla, Ktn>etvtog Globe, lapwlan Kuae, Palmetto, Ualetdosceve, 1'cruvlan Cross, Tiibaie of Oores ud Polka L?once, Korkets, &c , Fairies' FraUo, the Amerl Coal of arms, Grand Mosaic BaGery. Miesiuki HQI HKK- (riYB POIMT9.) Crowds turned out last night to witness tbe display cf Art work" io this notorious jocaldy, so lu.oly tbo sceooe of riourg, \c. a unrulier or special potior were iiettuoa, bet tbeir presence scrroel) t re in ad necessary, M the oeat ot good humor appeared to prevail. The display oooairlrd of Chinese far', Indian palmetto, I-panan roar, rockets, kc., /.aula Peruvia, true loner* knot, Perurtoo cross, da lam and bin satellites, aaleldoeoope, Fourth of July. bands. The following band* were detailed to tha respective localities, and dmi-uup-cd moat eloquent and patriotic music during the exhibitions. City Llail I'ark, music by Dodworth's band. Maditcn square, muatc by Noll * Se renth Regiment band. Tompkins equare, music by Wbltwortb'a band. Mount Norris tquare, music by Yorkytile band. Farolltrn squrre. music by (-onnal.'k bind. Hftj ninth street, Broadway, tannic by Washington band. Jackson equare, music by the Blind band. Giand atrtot, hast Broadway, music by Bill'* band. Second atrtot and Uoustoa, must J by Wannamakor's baud. Battery, music by W bit worth's band. Mission square, music by . MAU1HON BqCVHK. The display rf lire works In mis square was very brtlham. As the shades of the evening closed In Urgenutnb?rs of petbons liom this aecuou of the city (locked Into ibe square, nod shortly before the first rocket was discharged the concourse of pe sons became so great that all tue ellorts of the large force of Metropolitan police, which wan In attendance to keep back tho crowd from a clone proximity to the flrenorlu, waa unavailing. Indeed it si en.i d a< If the tllortt, to effect tho repulsion of tbe multitude only cause 1 them to press forward more vigorously. A platform bad been erode 1 for the a icutnmo Jatlou of a band, and tbe splendid band of tbe 7th Regiment occupied II, and at a quarto, past b o'clock it struck up a lively air lhl< was fotivwe t b, the dhenarge of a rocket, and then rockit after rocket streamed for ill into the air describing their courses with beautiful otlool. When all was over tnere was a cheer, a rush to the dif lcreot entrances, and considerable shouting; but on the V U SI V VMIa< IlllUf |'f*OCTVM VII '(HiH-IIT | MIU UiUI UIUI V ? VI J (lltlertDtly id ? hit wot. genetally oxpec ed. The evening wu Tiiott propitious, ana ibis contributed in no small de grec not. ouly to the thronging of the square, but also to the success of the displaying of the fin-works. We l'eei happy to have it in our power to add that nothing further than tho tramping of a fow toes ecu red to mar the pleasure derived from the (lifcpoJuy. The Ammunitions of War for die hate Filibustering (expedition to Cuba. BtTRLME t'OCKT?Bl'KCIAL TBHM. Bofore Hon. .lodge Roosevelt. Ji lt 7 ?Domingo de Chicmiria rs. Ajipl?ton (Mk.-mHh and othrrt ?The particulars of this case were published In the Rnuin In full when brought before the Court some short time since. We then published a long list of the articles which form the aubjost of the present motion. This morning Judge Roosevelt rendered the following decision:? Hitchcock, who makes one of the affidavits against the Injunction, admita thai bis Orm were not the owners oT the property In question. He says that on or about the month of December last, this deponent applied to the said thorns* Spiers, (of the house el' Spiers k Oliver,) and requested him t? purchase of this deponent's Ami a quantity or arms and aminunliion in the peesesnon of this depoaent't said firm. Spiers & Olivtr Instead of purchasing, absolutely advanced their notes for 926,000, with a superadded right of election to purchase at a mod sum The character of this arrangement and tae mode and circumstances of Uie alleged subsequent payment of the notes, are not so perfectly clear on the affidavits as to dispense with further Inquiry. Hitchcock k Go., I setume fbr the purpose of this motion, held the property as factore or agents of the plaintiff, and that their disposal oT It was a wrong done to him. Whether be con ultimately obtain redress as against the defendants must depend iq>oo ruxthsr deroioi* mania. A sufficient prima facie cone la made oat to warrant the detee'ion of die property until die trial especially as the plaintiff baa given ample security for any passible damages should he tall in his suit. Motion to dissolve the injunction must be deuied. but w lib out com Tht fork Bank u. ttoirrt Daxnn and otkm ?Ordered that the motion to su ike out parts of complaint in their present form denied, and taken to be aflldantt to susta n the provisional remedies by injunction, and It la further ordered that the pialntiff* respectively have leave to lile amended complaints name pro tvnc as they may be advteed, and that unless such amended complaints be so died and | served wttbm tour day* nil the parte of me original crmplaint objected to in the motion be deotficJ to be stricken out of the same, as pitiadinga with, and tlu cods of the motion . Amefie ChmsD iwd esA'-s K Mary V. (.'u4tiw</irood end others ?The ameaded complaint is MMmI of n?eii. the ! eupplementarv complaint stales no now .? , aod it also < another grand unaeceeaary. l.apee of timo is n > near fact, j i It la a matter of which the Court takes judlciel notice wilh, out pleading. The demurrer should be allowed, but the ( nstiy of the demurrer may be suspesded until tnc trial of ' I the main iseoe. Before Hon. Judge Mitchell. Slafnri and <*ken.?Order con hr mi of the report of j referee granted. Wtfltam /JovU rs Grrryt P. LAKbndfr ? Motion granted w llhoul coats, Ths Osif riU Park (ommlsslon. In vie* of the tweeplng *uor< ?< of the Police Con mi* 1 dooeri, all the other board* who bare hitherto, ai l, > were, lata dormant, lake courage, and are dow c?ra.og out with ihelr plana. They are, la fact, In the htgbaet coodltloo of eplrlte, and are laying out their ecbeae* lor , the harreat of fat thlnge which the laat I <eg la la lure roniem 1 plated aa eoaae ceaapeaaalloa l or the merceaartea dot rated In the good cauae which they at one time dlacredlted. , There la eepedally a marked re viral alace the late decldoa I of the Court of Appeal* among the nomeron* rarmbcr* of < the Central Park Oommlaaloo. All the rommiuree are bray aepoaaibleon report*, aed the lomee* and rnn > tractor* are bulging about tht* matter like a itptlr.od beehive. Yeeterday afternoon (here war a atUed meeting of Ihe Board, wbero ComniiMloner* Cooley, Held*, Hogg, Killot, , i Butter worth, (ireoa and IHloa were present. Mr Hogg reported In regard to a complete eyetera nf i d rate age and eowarage for the ground*. Thte U appear* wtll be a Tery.extend?e job, and the net)mate*, plan* and protltable patronage reuniting therefrom, will require a ; good deal of coaeMeratioe of onur*e. The re|>ort wv ac cordlngly rcf -t. : < ' ? Reporte npoo rther prrlimmary matter* were alno 1 panaed upon, including the >>y law* and regulation* m be adopted by the Bcarl, < laid n .cr t?r further rooatderatioa) I a report on the condition of the building* in the Part and their ahorktng coaditmo, (referred bark. > aed the follow, lag, which *lib the reeolutioae anneied, tae Board adopted >? ntrotrr. The Committee on Roadr and Walki, to wbom at Ibe ! meeting <<f the Board of Commi* doner* of Ihe Central Park ot the ?id of June, waa referred a reaalul.oa reapectleg the rcmo . al of aioce and atone wall* .y tag la the Park ground*, hef tear# to report ? That upon examination of tbe mbiect that lad a large 'luaailty of enrtaoo tlooenow lylug no tne ground* wb>ch oaa be removed without blaatiog alao many old sloah wall* which mint be removed. That Ihe itnn* muat be lemovnd al Ihe earlieat pracllca hie moment, and before other nrark oaa be ad raalageouaty d aaa. Tbahtfeey may be advantageouely ueed in building a founoelb'fi well the I'arn, np<? whica the perma n?-nt boundary fence can be erected. Thry believe, alto. , that the work may bo done una l ea*ily aod cbcepl) by contract, car* being Ukoa an In de<rrih? (bo alnoo to bo r. motivl. by ataftnj all not emV-lded beyond a ertaln depth, to be removed, or id tome other way, ai to avoid HUgaUoo. amit mi?. Reeolred, Tha' the Ch of Kogmcer l>e directed to make out Into live or more dirMaao the whole aurfaoe of the rark. propooala for r- moving ibe atoae walla and aurfaoe atoae. and to report tha aame to Una Hoard at tha oe\t I meeting. j ' That ha bo ra<|neaied to preeeat la writing to ihta Hoard at the aame tltne, rorh a deaerlptlon of the atone to be ro mrrred ae will bo clear to coot ronton, and I boa nave fa- ' : tore evi-rnee and trouble. The uaoai anramble for e flint a' patronage baa already began around ibe Uunmlaatotmra Tbetr* will be the next turn, by right, to lollow in thn wake of Hie Police Commit ion, and I bote of Quarantine, Rtreeta and Kmtao. by aonae brilliant tectioa and bob! maao a area Cormirr'a Inrjnewt. FaTti trarmvn Amur?Coroner Oonaery hold aa la'pioet oaTuiaday, at the New York H<?Hlal>tpooM?e body of Thoo. C. smith, itjjoung man twenty lira yearn of age, who died from a wound m the abdomen Inflicted on Uia lltli uit, at Ko. i- Anthony etreat, by a Herman namo.i I eonard V lagy The av lenceehowed that V agg lapi'od Mm. Chlney, aa ocrnpant of the bouee. In the face, tad that deceased, who waa preaonl, lotarfrrred and aaged him why be atruck a woman, at the aame lima taking bold of him by the neck. A itrugg'c entueri ?a ptatol and kntfo were in ragg'a hand at the time, and one of tha by landcra railed out to t'miih tbal "The Dutchman had wcapona." Smith exclaimed "bare you got a ptatol' " and at tbla inatant Flagg aubhed him. the knife being In hie ' left band, tie than ran toward Weal Broadway, but waa mraued are arretted. The wounded man, on being | (tabbed, exclaimed "lam mordered by tbal man, I am "00 ford' He waa taken to the Hotpttal where ho l ed in Monday. Several w ( eaa-? were examined, oie of whom teattfled that the peiarmer gave the ilrxt blow, hoi eg '.ncc o?"?i at the remark made by dereaaed tbat' No man would ?tribe a woman " Another witoea* tevtliled i that the Orxt aaaanlt waa made by deceeaod, who aeiaed U.e i>rt*ober by u>e tbmat t fllcer Van Taaeeli teMliiod that ho arretted tha prigoner with a p'atol and dtrk kntfo la hit prwaeaaton The Jttr) rendered the following verdict. ? <That Thoma* C. Smith came to ht? death by a aub la the abdomea, la dieted by a tnlfo ia the handa of l.eonard Hagg ' At the rendition of tlm verdict Ftagg waa commit tod for trial. Ife la a ahocmaker, M yean of age. Th? Ja' oeac?d wna a native M Inland, J* yean nf age N8>v YORK HERALD,,-? . rat .VBICUI ?UTE TtiW. Ithart oi mm tkm. *'*" V?*| ort (k? mhi of Ante* by m Bk ,tutl t-reieon?<*#r Ar> riral at teptata'i #* ??" DIMt, Ac. The bask Ptnottta, C*pt. ftaiftfer, Arr'rod U OMffrt yetterday from the coaat of AfrHn, la Jh?r*? ef Brh'tb flion. TbeP. wnaboarded by N B. M. brtgSappho, Cotsamader Moresby, ea the 0U> of May, wUleat aachor la the river Congo, aod eened M a elever. She H cow to Charge tf Lieut Cdedaear, (as captain,) lleut Ireland, and twelve men of the KDg!!iih brig of war The fol towing la Captain gladden s report ? On tbe Ota of May, while the I'sochlta was ly'ag In Congo river, I was visited by Gap! Moresby, of Hi Bt M, sloop of war fttppho, who requested to see the ship's papers, which I immediately compiled wf'.h; at tbe same time he wUbed to muster my orew, to which I elso oc quteeced?tho poor fellows all lying sick with African fAVAr ah an!! A3 a^Iat urh rh i\p PMnMttiul nest to open batches, which I refused, replying that if ho was an Amercan officer I would do so upon he In for seed mo, officially, be shoald detain the veaael under the charge of,an officer?against which 1 wan making my protest, when, a second time entering my caMn, he Informed me he should allow me to proceed on my destined voyage, but with an ollloer to be plaoed on board to watch my proceedings while on the coast, tunes refusing any of Captain Moreeby j crew to open hatches or go below, my first ottioer observed Mr. Wills, the master of the Sappho, cttn'sg up from the roreuouttle, he hav-ng gone below against my Injunctions, committing a breach of honor?he knowing fail well I was in the oabin at the time, and protest lug against his (Uapt. M.'s> proceedings. However, after Mr. W. had conversed with Capf. M for a few moments. Cspt U came .mtnedUtely to me and said be was under the painful necessity of taking charge; upon winch I at once made my protest in full against such seizure by a foreign officer?I forever declining to hold said charge again Capt If. had staLoned f wo and ait the vessel. On May 6 Mr. Moiquito, my supercargo, uciua.ubcd mo by note that ho wished ms to have the Panrhtta prepared for sea as soon as possible?I then lying sick %t the American lattery (i'orto do I?uha> li's injunctions I followed, under the superintendence of my mate, who finished Ink lug in ballast, all tbo cargo that conld be procured. and provisions Htiwod on the ballast. Tho vaswoi belLg rend; lor no*?having tkho procured mj food far tike black*, who wore to work ou board a* sailor*, In lieu of my crew, and as per the supercargo's billet of Instructions ?was to sail on the morning of the 10th for Cabenda, for the purpose of legal braille, which trade 1 was to make with the natives with part of my outward cargo, thenre to proceed to l.oango, a more northern port on the coast; but my proceedings were stopped as before, by Gspl. M., by the seizure or the bark, on the ere of my de parture for the above ports. On the 10th, at (A. 11, the Paachita was unmoored by Capt. Moresby, with a prl.-.e crew, and taken down to the mouth #f the river Ooogo, and anchored alongside of H. 11. M. sloop Sappho, when on the following rooming the bold was overhauled and searched, In the presence of two referees; after which 1 received the followtng communication, viz. Hkk Majwty's fioor P wtiio, | Ovr Susan's IMl, May la, IW, It having been represented lo me by tbe senior licutenaiit and tnartur of her Maiosty'aaloop under my commaud, that they do not consider the running rigging and mainmast or the American bare TanchUa, now laying oO' Shark's Point, Congo river, In a lit stale M cross the Allan tic, aa well as there being no spard sails, wiib little or no crew, and only one small boat belonging to lbs Mid bark, not sufficient in a caie of emergency for the one of her own crew, has induced me to withdraw tbe British naval officer now on board the said bark, la the supposition that she was not Intended lor legal traffic, In which 1 eooslder I em sufficiently borne out?not only In my own opinion, but by ethers, wbom I have consulted, and j'rotn documents which 1 hare In my possess ion, signed by parties ha v log no interval In the consideration of the said bark; aad not wishing to risk (he llvtx of the officers and men wlie would be obliged to cross the Atlantic lu the sail tiark, I now engage to place sufficient hands on board for yon, th< iliabler, r B. &a<ideu, to take bur cither to I'orte da leuha or ( abends, forwarding all tbe papers connected with the said bar it to tbe aeaior offioer on the coast for the formation ut my Inula Crnnmliatoorr* of Mr Admiralty. FAIRFAX M3IUCMY, Commander H. M. (loop clappho 1, In reply to tbe alwve, sent lite following:? Aauj' as Baax Pas< una, j Waiut I'aofK Hjnrrat or Cai-r. o? H M. 8. dari-HO, Pruua'a Phut, May lu,lh67. ) Tour* of this date cam* to band at i 46 P. li. of ihla date, io which you represent (hat your (ootor Lleuleoaot and muter ol maI 1 (loop caonlder that the rutinlup rigging god maic meet ol said bark are out In a lit (late io era a ibe Atiaotir Allow mo to toform you that 1 am willing for any competent and dutateretled martaer U> hold kurvt y on her malnmact and rteztng, and at the (amo time consider ibe oplniooa of your officer* nul' aud rot.I in re gard to my talk. I cannot but eay Ibe euil, wbicli are bem.aroall good; moreover, by miatake (during my Mckocee) a (pare tnpeall baa beta left at Porto de Leuha In the morehtuse ol Mr Antonio Joee Fernandez. Fur thermore, the reason I give far its being in tucb atciebooie tt thai it woukl not be deatreyed by rati, of which there ara many od bmrd. Ton obrerve, also, there la Ittde or no cargo on board, la reply to which I mun aay, thai alter the bark watt third with new mainmaat, ! obtained all (cargo) 1 sou Id at Porto de inuba, and when bearded by yourself and your matter, WIM two UlNUP, i VIM n*u; lor mi, wiui \wv\jwum *u>wed, flrewood on board, and audio teocy of ballaat to conduct the ablp to Cabenda, to which port I ??i bound ibe following morning, having regaled Oaboada men to conduct the vcnael to ber deatlnAtioo, iny crew being tick, and unlit to perform their dutlee. I wlU alao allow any two competent and dblntereeted prreoaa of the mercantile marine to examine my boat, or ratber the boat belonging to aaid barb, wltb regard 10 eufllctawcy in alae to bold or contain the crew or my ? cruel (twelre In anmber), In cam of emergency Wltb reference to any ooneultation you may have had, by |artier, and alao from docimeutt which jou bare reccired, and which you have In your poseeeaion, and bar* been adviaed by, 1 do now moot poettirely and rigidly again proteai agaiwH the III name which you moat nadwervadly place on the rood bark l*anc,btui. You alto oiier#in nUoe a rufllotenry of men on board of eaid hark to '"milhi i her to I'ortn do leuha or Cabrtida. I Mil Iff M remind you that the, American bark I'ancblta hat bceu actaed. for woat rranua I remain In perfect Ig uoramc furthermore, I Ixf In elate trial tho papcra ol ibe American bark PnnchlU do not leave thla vernal aa long aa I live to bold them ae an American cttl/ca, and which you have no right to demand?in concluaton of which, I beg to tnte my legal right to oonlinue any proteat I mu) think nactaaary hereafter Captain M. did Dot accept my offera of aurvey. Tba Pnarhita tailed from tango on iho 1 nh far New Tork, calling at tlx- tela of Aaceomow, H B M '? oflicer making good uee of the barb aa cretaer. I I .ad an Inlorview wtlli (Apt. f M before tailing, ud refhard to take the Pam hita under | my charge, which it a reqaeatcd Thr HIrret t otninlMdourr. The fTWida of Mr. Cooovcr claim that they hare poaitlve a auranre, that the l coition ib the appltcatioa to compel a vorreoder of book and i? pert to hnvt in the Arret Commbudnwer'a oinoe will be given abtolqV ly in hit Ibvor by Jtdge Penbody The tima of lit delivery baa txen ret by agreement with the ooannel of the oouleataota for thla morning. The < onnter proceeding! on the port of Mr. Itarlin are pending before .lodge lioonrvrtt on a quo uwrrtrab> to nm nrl Mr I onover In defend Uie term! It of hi? anno'nt moot u rftrdet OowimtJM loner. Kreaiarlek'a 4>m|?le of Art," Ktat " *"? iuiA I 8*7 Hmad war, nppoaHa Mnrnpo Pan llmei Haboifpea. anpertoc to an j madeftn ihlarttr I'bniormpba. in ml, paairl and a luereiie. hf Krad. rlrk ? dnrn nt CirMui artiaia. rho'Mjr??>h? in India ink Panalan ayte Inauerrrotiiea and ambr>trp?? In an'nra taper? oj?n troai b A. M to 10 P. M.. audfrea ? ikr Imperil-la Of lie public. 411 Ctnl AmbratypM, with ( auw and Dollar pkm rmnha itlnairuliof iht bea itiea of nature I M dai.) , br EiMMALI.. Ut Bioadwav Hlraw llafa at Uoot.?All limmir llala at m.i at WHII a A. I?A Pnlloa -trret. t.eiwera Hr ja<1 * * . and >aa?au street Port a Ma Draaalnf faaaa la Uraat Vartatf.J. AI Hal'K DERM' atom oair, at Mo. 7 Aaloc Uouaa. Porfeet Oaatlary, Itaaaat Kijlatr-J, dk ADMDEM' atom oalr. At Mo. T Asm? Uouaa. Vol tot Art tola*, a Ulrti Aaaartaaaal A. A 9. BACMDKM" atom naif, at Mo 7 Aainr Hoaaa. MMh Nfcoea mad eaMnra, Toe largnat aaaiiif aal Aad afcaapaat la mm aitr, Al REOOEir. n Broadway aad UP Pultoa ami Danln'a Dora t olorrd Itoaa ar. Caaalnaarr la the only fiiahioonble hat. artenMAcally van'llatad-tlM> ne pitta ultra of all that la beautiful, and lha leading alaaraaer <d i*a tinuner season. For dale only by oEMTK, :l i Broadway, npptaMe Al. Paul a. Mhort Ctoaann Aa'ka anoiner season will be lV>rt, we hara r->arl i Vd In make our nannl rrdurtlou ot prima at num. whlrh ?? have h-eo aortwioord to do lata la tar season. and >n nan ?t this (art Will ulnae out our larfa monk of KaKHIOMARMC 8UMMVR CUlTHIMIt at greatly reduced prtrea n riKVT.t!* a co. Horner or Rro*dwn> aa<t Warren a.rrev Rrmoral,-Marsh At t'o., Hadlral Ctara Tm* oflee, Mn. IS Matdea innn. kare removed to Mo. 1 Vaaey Street Aatnr Uouaa Truaana, anpc adera, shoulder biaoea, allk t'laatle atnrktnga. aad every variety of bandages of mat approved patterns, skilfully applied. Private a-tp Km.ia ronaaa foe ladies and a mmpetent fenaala In attendant* Drnniknltl 4k Prm h, (to. I'M Pnltnn rttraal.? Rare aad .reanl etnrk of tlnthtsg tor 4th of .tuir Th? bank ward piaann baa left a larjte irvnr-r, atoak nna.tld whtek wa are oflbrtng at ooat, to nlaar out. Ftul aulta of erp?y -army of Manet ilea ttnnn *g-rrd d-IR and drees aulta. alpam As . at prtrea rnng'ne from *r >n flu. and nor atnnt la oad* m the

Seat manner and em la Intern styles Mrrmrii onrt llirtr Maihlnra II Murine and 54 b -ae p n-ot-apkeU >>t IH.t, U*S tka Do; d Mat** VMurt ?aaer Jfi tinted war V^?t a'-oag t?jv FS?NESDAY, JUL? 8, IBS Deflmnea hluuMtot !?? ".! powder proof dedauea lo?ha >M oroaa 9tH IW hraat. MM door Mow Matdaa mm. ? _ _ __ i kdhmkt ? F*rttk^v A OUm Cnw^im? all Uan .?*? l ** iOMtt old ldllia mo; tu dlmimttotta frrmtl?' t* apaar.?oaaU +1^ Mr oil, fe Depot lot Bowery. Try thea* delMnna ar ^C*aa UrtfllMloW'l VkfftCL ?Oft n?4 MTjairm MlfcJ tmrtraUad In lha oountrr tr..- ratal , Sow appliad Mill a Aatnr ffnnaa BalcMafi lUlr Dye, Wigs and TompeM.. tVbwttaUw wnrtd, anrpa aM> ail. Mr*a.#oM and ar pho* at Iko auuin factory, 23S Broadway Stinfeurn, Knrklra, Norpbtw and Krupt|ra>? O'wre.. and dleor'ored akin cbu'ed, by I'tJfaH'oiii iiei taaaoap ? t epc* 301 Uowery Jo&ea' coral hair oil, la , fog for bad hair. fiei. AIM. ? Barry'i trteaphiMMM U UM beat aad efee.peaiatr^rin for draaatog. beautifying, .-toanui*. cmrKlg, preecrro* an * Woriur the hair liadka rr i.' *ki' i eta* rwtfarw To Twflum Uta thrntb and Rrwttmta Tau. freak lee aart ptmptra. oar "Balm of Thousand Flower*" Boon era ulna uoice* algm <1. FaTU.OB A CO.. Hew k'urk Tor sale at V BrnadNray aoo' by all dmggtatn Coimlnfrtia of* Holtrywvay'w amt CMntmen'arc In the msrki't I/ofc U> the book of dlri-rtl.T* If tbepiiprron whiob they am pr .wtrd in waier mai-k".! 'Hoi i Iowh). hsw Sort and 1.0*1)01 ," *? u.mliolnt! la aeuuioo, but not oiborwin*. In In king f r tli? iMormirk h Id 'ho pnjer hrlvt'rn the eyrraiul lb* li.fbl H H at l-o manuNei'ry, W Maldoo Uuie, m*! by all drugstals, at 36c , 63c and SI p?r >n> or pot. Krnp'i Worm PutllS*?->Vermirufp Charged Willi mrreury, or which require oalomrl a? an mi-? eurr are dr*d! In Hil|Cr?n. Tke pa?tillr? are all eego a ileyet tbe r rflect la more immediate and complete than lint of any mineral P'opiraUoo. Hold by I). T l.*KMnN A ('i , wboiroalr drnirglata, 69 Water rLreet, New Turk, aud by al< druggists. '.5c per bottle. Mtdtclna without I'ay. I will pfteent a bei of my magoeOe aaJre to any rcpeit* bit-patient who will ra'l lor It f ur Ball beam, old u.oera, scrofula sad burns uniwrpvuied B. B. HMITh, 77 Canal atree\ nearOhuroh FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL UIRT flAHMHW. T"wdat, Jul;* 7?6 P M Tien) wad a yetj busyant stock market thla morning Tie advance waa quite general and the traniacuous to a very large amount Tbe bulls have taken hold eo abnrp that their extreme line la likely to be soon filled. Nuuly all the purchase i to day by aperulatora for a rlae were on time, whl'.c the p.-tooipal cash purchase* were made by the abort* for delivery. Prices have been run up too last. The bulls could have filled themselves at much lower rales bad they been bo disposed, b it the object appears ti be to run prices up rapidly, to Induce outsiders to purcbuo. This game cannot be so tuccusafally played as In times past Outriders have not the disposition or the moan* to buy railroad stocks,and those who are unfortunate vuo K*? 10 M homers wu. without doubt real to when do so wtlhout a very serious sacrifice. At the first bnrd to day VI' giula o's advrooed ' per cent: UllaoU Central booda,l; Be la ware and Hudson, 1 , I'ennsylvnuia Coal, 1; Mllwaukle and Mealsslppt, 4; New York Central Railroad, i;;; Erie, Reading, 4. MlcQlgan Central, 3. Michigan Southern, 8; Illinois Central, 8; Galena and Chicago, Ciereland and Toled), 2; Chicago and Rock Inland, Stg; InCroeae and Mllwaukle, 1. The movemeut In La Crosse and Mllwaukle Wan very Irregular to-day. It opened at 40 per cent, caah, and Bold down to 43 cash, and 42 teller SO day I. The bulls have made contracts to take immense or railroad stocks, and the (juration naturally arises, what are they going to do with them? They certainly cannot keep them, for they have not the means or the disposition. The} certainly cannot sell the real stock at Its cost, and we are a little cartons to learn where they intend locating inch n mass or depreciating material. The supply of stock oo the market is ample There can be no security so long ss present prloes hod. They must brltg In new stock In sufficient quantities to meet any in aide demand. The lndahon gotag on la pr.cea la a local movement entirely. It Is al. union ; the brokers, and they muat Oghi it out. The bears do not operate for the hn.r or the day, but for all t lue, and In the long run must ootnt out top ot the heap. The money market conttnnes easy The dally payments Into the dub Treasury are ful. as large aa anticipated, but the disbursements thus tar hava been very heavy. We shall soon see a change. At the recond board thrre was qu.te a resell >o the wrong way for buyers end boilers, Stocks generally were lower, and there was a grunt desire to sell. In the face of the late rise, and the decline th.s afternoon, the board htrr steadily put out contracts, and made good averages for the next pinch, which ts as sore to comes* night fbltows day. The InOattoa has brought .a new rollers, and tho shorts liare gained much strength. Nee Vairlr fVnlrt) f>ll nff 1 n#?r fAn*- F>1a 1 diner 1 W Michigan Southern, S; Cleveland ami Toledo, 2'A Galeae and Chicago, %; Chirac and Ro k Is laud, IX La Crone and Mllwaukto, 3. Cleveland, Columbia and Cincinnati, 1. Michigan Central, 1. lltlnaukle and Mlaatoatppt eold at 11 a 33 per real can*, and M) seller SO day- If thlaatock had no more fnenda uaoag the i>rnkera than the la Crone and Milwankie Company It would be aelltng at 10 per cent below that alock. The la Cronef Company have made oorflor; to auataln It* atork la the market, but quietly j look on and tot the broker* knock It about aa they pleaae. , 1 Mich If an Southern preferred eold tide afternoon at bO per cent The I December dividend on thia a lock ta o'lered at 4 ! per rent. The Michigan Southern old alock la aualalned by the aaaa* practice* and by the earn* machinery which ran It ep from 00 to 03 during the eubaeiiptloua to the guarantied alock, and it will, upon the opening of the booka, fall bank ta the nat way. The cloning of the | hooka for twenty day* was a ihrewd financial more, j but It la *< ( likely t? do the '.nalde partlea any good. They will And It Joat thou I a* dlfBult to fal- I Oil their contracts then a* bow. The ball* are placing ' Ibrmeeiven la t very unpleasant poaiiloo. II it the nosiest thlBf In the world lo bny stock*, tnd to run op price* two tid three per cent t day to long a* they continue buyer*, bnt the rtornett they atop or attempt to realise, a rery different Uinta of thing* appears. The tetmxtalp l>r*ln, from tbl |?rt for IJrerpool tomorrow (Wedocodaj;, will take out about throe quarter* of a m. ..ion in apeCiO. The Aenietanl Treasurer reporte today an follow* ? Total >rcotpt? ?lft?.0ta AO " payment* :*W,100 40 M balance 10,0f-r.^4l ?1 Tie actual amount of depceim In the bank* of this city at I he dale of tbe tail weekly report wo* in t *d of t7O,06i:,0M, a* jriveo In our table thi* morning, ( Tbe irgregate < laat week wern Tor Ave Jays, j IdhkoiI of ?>x, aa euppnred, which won tbe oauee of the error Tbe re wee. therefor*, a decreaae la tbe total. r >m parrel wtth the previoi* week, of >1 ,*1"> W7. Tbe 1*0same Railroad bar declared a nemi annual dlrldrnd of Mx per cent, payable oa tbe 1Mb loot; the Settee Rink, a rem' annual dividend of four per oeat, payable oa the ltlb laet; the Merchants' Insurance Company, a em! annual dividend of tea per oeat, payable oa tbe 1 lib tart tbe Naaeau Fire Ineuranoe Compear, of Brooklyn, a rem! annual d'vtdco 1 of tea per r?at, payable on demand. the .'rreey (Sty Insurance Oompony, a aemi an nnaJ dividend of Ave per cent, payable on demon I tbe New \ork Ftattoble loeuranee Crmpoor, a dividend of tea per cent, payable on the 11th Inrt. ihe<>hio Ufb and 1 Trust Ct mpany, a *eml annual dividend of Ave per cent Tbe earning! <* uie r* if m i ni.Miiv.ppi ..-uau ior two moethe pant were m fol.owa ? laM $W>,9?2 .10 Mar >1.149 00 Two month* 80 By lb* arrival of fee Menmahlp \rabia at tbta port from I. rrrpnol, ? bar* four daya later Intoiliraae* from all parte of Fnrope. liar advlrat are not important. Money continued la artlve demand at full rataa. Cooeola left oil at * 1 10 a W 16 fbr account. Th? lart return* of Uia Rank of t oglaad a6ow aa inereaae La fee amount or > bud.oa aad la reemployed notee Tbe eottoa markM la I re l>o? tad ateedy, with an improving demand. Home oT Ij - -r\ an report aa advance of oaa tittaaafe of a pan ay par pound warn dull and dapraaaad. , } f?m ail part* at l uropa tV moat farorabla amount* are i rere ved of fee cropa. aad tbore ia every proapart of a ! barr??t mora abundant (ban baa brea known for yearo. I A rtry 1'asited bi rine?? i? reported la Amer'oaa atorka. The londoa money market doei not Improve ao rap tly aa anticipated, and la n vary fevartah, eicttod ; rond'ttoa. Tbe London Timet, of Saturday, Jane U7, ava Tbe fund* remain without animation, and nt the elnae of tbe day there war a (light decline. Cooaola for the idb of 1 July opened at 1, ', t> e* dividend, and alter regular hoi. ra Uanaat tor* place at ''8 to K> ,. Ra1 ao- I . (Uiota from fee I'arla Itoame, ronptpd with vague rumtt? ! of the rrrelpt of telrgraphlr deapaubea from Tndia and I , i blna aaat'une. ng a further >.nfa*oraMe movement n tbe eirhaoge*. ware the e?ute? of lb* dtatruat lata la fee day. There are toe many 1 trhwjoer btlle In he market, and an Inert nee ta tbe demand for motiry to day caused taom to drop to Aa. to 4a. aiaeonrt Referriag to the pualtioa aad proaper a of tbe Bank of j Vtace, the Tim's aaya Notwtthntaad eg the reduction ef ?AdO.0C9, which bar I oerurrad during fee ;aat tea day a in fee atock of bullion >o i the bank, tbe diractora of that tnatiintlrn dmliK ye.ter day to lowe' tbetr rate atdia ouat ft ta believed that fee ter ta virtually ta be altrtb-ted m ruTem merit earn pub on. aait it waa frilly uadenttood that, whatever m ght be tbe anutwii af UJiT 4'tp oppoa -.on, fee gortnmeal wmM 7. orrtalnly not abandon tl.e'r po'V The government aeo, doobUMl, rendered eaagutue bi the pro* poem of ifca Km#, trtet. and impatient to Match beutOu without waiting for II to be tiafe ftom ?K e inllnyourlei. or oounm, tr any j | untoward event were tn hapiwu, the potutHiu would be h?m i of great danger, hut if Uui tal lo*tiliitt>u? am tu be maAm ' ei.lwi r s it 11 hJMNM motive* rt*M wf that eoet moHt he ' run The wotst daug^M!** in the u-e which the preca dent li ILluly tu U pat tu for the future Mtotk Kirhnnte! Tri?4T, Inly T, IftftT. $,WOTtnoMi<Mt>d ?H) 8i*< 100 ihi Kd KK ...?JO T7 PtX# Vlrjlulafl'f..,. 6P>? I -00 do 7i 200^ do P09 'In .... 78"^ 70U) V larplitia (In HIS it"? rtw 10007 * '70 f- r'fO ili?....?10 78 6ooo do ** ho 00 do *. 78 MM0 fllt^.teHter Ode IP2 do... "30 78 8600 NYurWOi PH * !*fX dno do h"0 7K)< I0(0 iln.... . 1's 07% "too Hirbwan C KK aft 86 2000 K/ie K Brt.%>VR 7k S K<) C" As flit* R 4. . *ItOO do 7ft ?P0 do.. .el wk 4S* I 7(M 0 do.. MS 7? d? ?8 660 MiinofrC/liM B.1? 96 1>1? do.... 660 47 IMIU <'?o Hlflita m .11/6 do >60 41% 2fOO??J.t( hi'Ai M fie "8* * BH .. .. M I 1000 do "*% i?4b MNkVluKR op# 60 O'OOWtfiefcWJdMba 'JO 464 rtn..pAC 60 I 4<4)o liff/sMKftx'ea ::o 260 . ?>i* Wli 90 ah* Bit Ormmetc* ll'fi 1,000 do .. oof 661% I 10 Amenta! Ea bk. lie % ** d*....b|>f 61 1-3 ?m 14 It* -cr?i> 107% ?ft0 <?? >30 60 '^6 AllartN' Rank 80 (W do .. .830 49 36 IfriA Hud Canal Co lie tM'6 do....?60 49 16 Peca C?1 Co. ... 92 ICO i.V ....*'0 48% Kfl do.... 610 92 10C' , . do*,..."*) 48% 100 do bUO 92% 300 do y >3J 19.% 16 Mil ft Misa RR.... tl% ?7 nORRtUcnVl'k 10 do 62 200 Ub..?. .%?*30 118 Ml do 62 100 do >34 1 61 Here,<Yrt*f tD RR 94 2T.0 do ...180 4fl0 ? Y Crn KR. toO 63 DHl Gal i Cln RK.... 94 400 t4o blO 64 20 do - *' % 200 <i> MO 441* 100 do... ?6> 9314 160 do 84 60 do .....?10 M V50 do nOO 83 100 do ... ?80 ?3J% VOO do 820 84 410 Ciove (i Tol BR ?>? 160 do ... .t30 84>* 1600 ill 610 "l 10 do b? 6444 400 do b30 61 600 do 84% 100 do 63 60 v . bCO do 84% 100 do b3 60 >4 > 100 t'b..... .*10 84% 100 do Hflo 64 100 do *30 84 % 860 do blO f>r % .'CO do 600 65 41JO do 60% 1(00 do 630 ?b It* do 600 00% 200 do 660 86%' 100 do blO 60 ICO do. 84% 650 do 60 460 Krle HU #3 36 108 CM Iz Rk I d KR 93% 600 do r 29 200 do .... hIO 93 400 do <v 28% 60 I,?Cr A MU RR . 46 100 do 810 28% 18 do 45 60 do 600 29% 190 (to 41 400 do a? 28% 10ft do 630 46 660 do >3 2k % 60 do 660 48 400 do be0 2'.' 100 do ... 650 40 100 do 630 28% 172 do 43 200 do 6*0 2*%' BO* do 660 45 1200 do e.'/O 28 25 do *30 42.% 00 do aft 28% l'O do 800 42 260 do *10 28% I Oft do ?30 42 1660 RMdi jf RR 77 100 do bod 44 200 do Blft 77 aSOONI) XOARD. $2000 Miaani rl O'p.. . 78% 300 aba Healing R.*30 76% 400ft H<idR1rorR2d M 78% i< 0 do 860 76% 1000 NYorkUeoRV* 1>7% ?A0 do 7?% 600 iba Can too Co.... 19 120 MlCbSo&NUR opg 49 1(0 N York UnR ttJO 6..% luO do op* 49% 3r>0 do H3* 70 do..prefstk 00 '200 do Ka^ bo I'anama RR OIK 1(0 do ilO dJ"-, 1*200 Cleve ft Pitts RR 41 '200 do boQ H4 '200 do b30 41 \ 10 do Hi 6i>0 Cleve ft Tol KR.. 58* ISO F-rla RIt *30 27 00 l.aleua ft Chi RK. Oft 100 do e3 '27* 6 Chi ft Hook la KR. <M '200 do bOO "2S 50 do ilwK V2 .210 do a? 27* '200 Mil ft MM K. oOO 50 MX) Reading I'.R ... (3 77 10 di 62 4C() do bOO 77* 10 do 52 * 0(0 do go 70* 60 do. 53 100 do lxk) 77 60 L%CroM?ftKUR.a3 40 600 do blO 70* 50 CI vc,Col ft Cln R 03 140 <la aflO 7b 50 Mich Oaa KK 04 Cotton Trade. The circular or T J. Si e wart ft Co. contains (he following remarks ujoo (he market sad (he crop The market has Improved to *0. alnoe the Issue of our circular per Canada, ou the 24th sit. Tble la owlog to the continued favor ehle repo ts of the barresta tn tag laart and mm the ooatlaaat, hrourht bjr the Niagara, whoee advice* were received oa tbe 80th ult , anl ooadrmod oa Oil) last, by the Columbia with dates to 24th ult. Cotton at Liverpool *u *d. stronger, with a deposition to speruIste for higher prices developing ueelf, and at the last data taa Haacbeder market was very Arm. The operati iti Jfoc export have recently increased, a* before, mainly to Liverpool, art It about one third tn France t*ur email domeaatc spinnere buy sparingly, as they have aot a good 1 trade: goods lUw sprtug baviDg accumulated la drat bands Irom the decreased demand from every section but me nouiu. ana wiui no nope tor a criacge ror ins better until the grain crop* can be marketed ttate autumn. In addition to wbtch. tbe larger qoUoo oomp* nlea are (tarrying an extra supply of the raw material, and ' money baa been In unuaual rrqueet for a dull period of the year Tbe dally ealee average H'0 bale* from etock, prices rlorlng flrre at our revined quotation* The ro la not murh to be raid ro the tubject of be trowing crop. Aa allow ance of three wi eke on an average for lie apparent bank j warrtnees te eonrblered lo be very ML aod the orlnloa l>reralle that arlth lie very bealUiy poaltloe It may aooa disappear That It will check the early deliveries of new ! cotton there can be no doubt, but that tbe crop will be expored to any serious hamrd by tbe late planting there te very great doubt lo the paat fortnight no new injuries are noiep, and the lettera generally Indicate a healthier feeling en tot* point. The revel pt* of the present crop cootteue email, end ee do Inducement eileta to hurry la the ecatte'ed pa-cela during the two mcnthe which remain to cleee the *eea<>n( ibe otltr.ial figure* at the ports will not vary much from '.'.W.'.o.ouo bale*. uvaseooi cLAiwyr iTtov. rtrlawc ppfoe b, f -W/f/7 (jr./ P/*-, Ord. to good . .13 a 13 11 alt It a 13 13 a 13 low mio 13H a I* Ilia it 13', a ll , 13, a l? , bld.avf Hat. ?V,' ? -ll'. - ? Tt?, ? ? tl?? ? M?d . een lot.. ? lt>i ? ?It',? ? ll1, ? ? H ,? <?oo<1 tnld .ICV i II 11 4 a 13 It a It1, U a U>i Mid lair ...It ? a IS , lis a it . It . a it IS1,aid fair u> |d fair It a 17 Soar It a 17 Id a 17 ciri uunmcm iaii kkpuht. t' wotv, July 7?9 P. M. Aahb, ?The stock wae lorreased by fresh arrival* and the mat kit waa inactive. t> stall sales of pots were made at "\c , white pearl* were nominal. BKaa.sTi-vr- ?t lour?The market maintained the Im , proved tone jeslen'sy, with a good local and fa-torn demand, while ealee were made to a fair extent at j full prlcte. The transactions looted up about ' ,000 a H.OOO > bbll. at about the (olloalng quota.loom ? Common lo good su?t" 9ft 5ft ft 70 Common to good Michigan ft .'.I ft 70 Kxtra State 8 HO a ft l?ft Extra Ohio 7 60 8 2ft Common to good Ohio 8 56 a 6 70 Southern mixed to good bran la 7 90 a 7 7ft Southern fancy and extra ftOUaOftO Canadian ru|*rtlnr and extra ft 40 a 00 Cbnto* extra brand* of Ohio, Southern, St. louu and (Jene ?ee ranged from $9 ft ) a 910 60 Canadian *old to the extant of about: f 0 a 400 bbU., at about the aboro quo allow* Sol tto nil. ir wax I buoyant. while ?al<? ?r?rei mlri" t to MO a Son bbla. within the ranitn o' thaabnwe quo at on*. Kv* flour and corn meal winntnal and price* unchanged Wheat?The market continued Arm, with aala* of about 10,IH 0 a 12.0C0 hue beta, Unladed In wbirb irerw about two hu?he:? old red South srA at 91 8ft, with 1 ,609 battle el* Chicago xprtng at 9t 4ft. and a cargo of Mllwankte rlub wai reported at 91 97. Cora etoaad with lairra*e<l buoyancy and animation The raio* embrarad about 40, 000 a M>,000buxbel* Wratrm mixed at Hi' a ate Ry* waa Arm, with ea<?e reported at ftl 17 a 91 1ft. < lata war* more plenty an I cneaper. dale < ol State and Weatera at ' 60c aftTc Cnrtaa ?A aale of a cargo of Rio wax made, oouatwtlng of 2.700 baf*, tor export, at 10 ,r . ami fto do. > a max a at 12HC 4 weekly ctrcBlar gtrea the following xtatemeot , rrgardlpg atorke, pr.cex, ftt ? Wo. ka Kin SOth .lane, bag* 1 '.506 Seiew of week lor oonxumptiue e?b mated at 1,445 Stork Klo July 7 47.449 L?|oarra 140 Jara, matx 14,tail Coata Riea .. 2,701 " tlor I'Xgx.,.. ltd) Cfttier dim rlptiona,... .40 Ceyloe 1,799 ? Harare, ho 2,447 Total bag* & mala.. 70,1142 , Mo, prime, 4 mi 11\4li I wufri, I m? . 12<d*lv> <.ood.4m* ... II ,allt< NaureOey , trna ? all l air, 4 ma .... ? all (<>l> Kb .,, 4 me U tlt^ M,4m,?, 10v%?I0H Java.ra\b ,4mk. ? al'.)< Maracai'io, 4 ma. l:>?, Mi Iwm , raab... ? ali Thr maikd for all dcaeriptiima during the pact wank haa beei inactive. liolrfera, however, how great flrmoeee, eapertally for Rio, prtoee of wb! -h nam a ?trong upward tenderry Tbo iraaaaenona a Km em -rare 1,4S.t bag*, la i lola to tbo trade at full ratoa, and 1,'JOO bag* lakaa on apeenMIro at 11 *( . Orrro* - Tbo market continued Arm, while aalea were rooAned to about 600 ? 900 Ualaa at f.ll prioaa. )?atioirr? ? TolJrerpooi about 1,400 baloa of cotton were . engaged at 3? per l*)e. with noma Maa Inland do. at I* ft 1; and the atramer Oty of Ball I more ongnge.1 liiuheU > of grata at 4Hd. la rblp'e )>atra To l/mdou 240 too* oil raae were liken at t'ia. fld , and 60 ditto at 14a. There waa nothing new to llarra or lo Uto Ontluonl bavai Proaw ? Mplrlie turpentine waa Armor, with 'aire of about coo nbla In ahlpping and mercaanlabio order, at 47c a 46c. caah. Koala waa 'toady, with aalea of about 1,000 bbla ' ntnmon at 61 M, 010 Iba delleercd. Crude war Arm and nominal at 64. Tar ranged from 11 74 to lo 62 IX OMa generally ware quiet, and ^ri:?? without rban|e of moment Vaortaioao.?Pork?The market waa laaa act'ee and nrtcea aomewbat irregular, but ckwiag ?tth a Aim feeling. The aalee weea rrnttned to about ;"0 bbla. of mean, to kite, at 6?2 90 a 6? 76 Prime waa tlrm. with aalea at 610 15 a 619 26 Reef waa meady. with aalea of about I'd) bble , including rooatry tneeeal $16 40 a 617, and re packed Wntern at 61T Mil 618. Prime maaa waa dalt at $2$ a 690. Beef *lia:aa were <|"let and nominal. Cut meata were Arm, with aalea nf 40 hhda , Including rbooidnrt at #Se * P \o . wl heme at \n\n a 11c I ,-ud waa mactlre, with ealcn of about 160 a 200 hbU at Ito a ld'gc. Holler and rheeaa were la fair demand without changa lo priced rh v _?tale* of 1*> <uak? we?e ma te at tt$c. a 6>,'c bi o*ae ?The eaiea embraced about SON hhile Cuba marcovadn at t?H<" klO^c-i lowdo a' lO'.e a 1UV- U do. Porto Rico at lie., and loo t>e < ea at 1 If. a 12 c WMMtrv?ftalen of about 200 bble. were made at 3tn. AIIVEETBElEm KEKEWED BEET IAT. r?r ' Wttnil4?ne antl Help Wanted, 'Mdlbpaf*. nix KLLtRKOl ?. ABTtCH TO Wtlk ANltRftft-TP TOP W*f*T T"1 It' T china, glaaa, ree A?turea or ?lliwe pi >ted war a gr? to I IiaII.RV 4 (Sa'6. 6*1 and ? ? Mma iw?y they harw *tw large*' aaaor-m-n: la >b* cttf. aid thru price* are mueb lenw '.be | uaua. rvca. micBLii tineoM/ A OEEAT VoHTECT^FOR THE CHAWTOEEi** OT \ Ka*i*nd ?Pul. report, ^ivioe a hu orr of ike >wi.?e battVe for Ike O0C* th? do n** ef the TlpUm Bleaker u t Tno Ravera, end ike drtel>s of their recent encounter. i?rother villi a portrait nr he H'aabor "at be appeared" ef er W be hi. The BUtleal the Karrlredea, betwro ihr Head KaMia and ihe llowery ooya, end lk? re ?u a II rhl on, the (inm? K< er h " hkl'lelak Flak' In Ireland. with an enrtr'd ( awvi In* how penult (?>? hi* nppooen' ?ke "toiilde cro"k" -a dolt l<n* dearriptloti of a (Rod la the Emerald bin Hoon. of 'Re B> Id *n" tlnod the turl. the ripper, 4c. For all of whick una the CUPPam, prior 4 oeaia, for eale everywhere m.%SH QL'iKH. Editor and Propria tor i IIP A a* ire**. ATTKFTIOR old AWT? WBW rni.WF.MUM. Valuable Inform*'ton Foe the POI.MK UaRETTK. Bt'f DIRMT Phim TlIK M .NirrAOTWEKBR. And Mare lb per reot Rieellenl Ivctj handled 'able knlvm, 94 M pep diHMR. IK>. do drawrl do 94 1U do. Ai E r HA0IIHWOCT A Corner of broaden) a?il Uroooo iRreet, Manufacturer! of llor table mil tj, anr-r plated ware. 0OI *laaawere, Ar , 4a, and deeorenrn uf Krcnoh ,>i>rcelam. F'ranft r? and vlalnv to the r4 J are corrbal'v hi riled to vtflM our rata die no-at, where Ikey ?an ytew the whole opwrattami on li e prrmleee C1I OTH19U AT M H< T,kHAUI FOR OARtL-OAkH ) bit' ere n' rrady made rlotblmr, for fa'I en-f Wln'-r trade, are pai Uruidr a v iled to tnvpt? ' cue ouk before Diir-uuM l'A V11? J A OMORnK > LKVY WWurm runt, No r Turk. Ciatarkh - a urnw ituiDt roa Tim* hihrarr / la jnat brtuefert oauoed. It la paMra ard nedtqM [ cure In II uM lurni. to be Inhaled f drawn Into Ike noetmE. Or t. OOOI Ai K. Hie ertginalor o/lli tardea thSwor* aftees M a 'rec mnanluitoo ai Me oRre, 380 BRuadway, wben he vn m ?hr jfrvnt hla a errtfr.n oT a oompledv and radlaal inrv, r? tiler jc.rtlen'aj-a anon CIOMIKRO INITIAL UTARPINO?ORLT ORPOT AM / lUNHBMOKU, dt-unon'l'an HoOW. | kV.VLIVSi' a AND NKH70P8 DIHPt ARRH OP RTKRT I ' to em. pair i* In the lltatia and tony, waMof rifti/r'h, spirit*, ale- p, fwpenie ?rd Hwjrrd atlirierRn ttnd a txcaaeq |i?n<f?k lb lir WKIIHKK'H nrcor? m< hie roller: II ri-rvdn at. tlrrine thrill ot youthful ?ir* rietli tlirnac'.ftiii 'be whole body iwu.n p>c hold a' 'JO-- i) iwenr Prior $1 So. two, H. fctCU TH3 ROd? AI'TIIKNTIO IMPOHMATfHN JF About t-e har'lrvd'*, ana The POLIOK 'iA'lilXrK. 4"IOL ? tOD'R RK?IOATRl> HOAP ?UK*t> TtN. PIR*X pl> r Irechl.A, moeqnlio bltra, Ac 6? WallUTHirer*, near it# a way CI IMKKKUR, CARD KNMRAVKR ANU HTATIONRR T s? a ilmadway, a card oasn Included vrtih eaeli plain. ClOtlRaCO'8 POJt.RE Hr?ril.K UPROOT* HAIR I N-rtniu I tly Iren lew foreheads. aj^nr llyn <?. any peak <>t ilie hotly *Hrrantdd /It UkaUU S Lliyl'iD RoLUK. LILY WHt TK. OKIK*. \JT >al errant. ta r die and restorative, T t?aT.?r a?mn?, drat stern from Hmrtdw?y; t'ftlleneer, Ptr:t*t}"tphia, Haaea U ft'un, 'ftalch, Providence Omen Wcwre.ier, Mrs. tlayea, Brooklyn Karnra A Park New York. Ac Ea VI ?00 KERR THB 88 10 8HOM AND OAlTRRdR alaoibcHNftadN bam ai JOREB', No. M Aab aWa*. ear the V rianrinr* Lib* or the k They fall?(Treat aad small. Bed bur*, tleaa, b-um on trees, lira rid roaohee, ft In aa onaehaa. Ante aad moilia In your clothe; Insert* all?ana thetn sprawl. Or ad' dead I detvd i' 'Us truly said. By Lynn's dust, tHa thav must. LTOWB man actio powder and plila for the arte whuKija at Inserts aad verrata. AM Broadway R LYOM A iJO. T OTK AT_THR PI00RK4-WHITE OINNRR HKrrt, U? Li purr* 910 e*ue tea ? ?!,? prawn. M JJ. VDWIMM acta. 91. three chkndellt ra lor km. 97; bodruotn folding brackets 7ft ranis; rut Rises robleta, lv down ?? 7ft; cut ftaAft vruirn, tli* dotrn 7ftrr-tita; silver pin-rut trn pu ft pieeea. *!. ilvcr piHird oak* banket*, 96 ftp. silver plated wort, ft out bottle*, 94 76. W. J. P. 0 All.Kr * CO , Won SSI end tSS Broad war. PaTI QLABB?TO OOAOH I.AMP MftEEEB. OAS builder*. An. For win several eape* polished plate 9**. la alrtpe euttable for rati* lampe. Atoo di*e fur wtndow* ftf railroad ears, eoaoh window*, An J OHM B. PLaTT, RHtteh pint* (lna* rtnbiint Tft ktrrtv Kraei The barkicai'i * in new y he k. * ih? IlliistrntW)*.! la The roUf tIA/dTTB. rE TATKNT ICE P1TOHBB?.1 CUT THK TIMH* FOB he preeeni "heeled term." It ?IU keep loa *11day At (h? hotledtclimate, Forsale whoiiaiWe end retell bf W. J. p. PAllETlilt)., CT1 end 833 Bread **T. rE KAKBlt'ADEH IE MtW VOBE. ffnoaarou* tg'rtriin. . Bee lite FO. I' d <>A/JgrrK. Thk fa blob sewiwo machine, wobkuui wife on. ontae. no thread tax or needlae no spenllnA of tbeani, maklor aaven dlfnrent tUtrhre, beckaUuhtae. Ii teeming. me thertae, rnnnln?. An Alee be warked by a rhild Are rear* ei ape wWt the preeteat oaae. Bo. ill Broadway, B. T? mm Loekwood'* book it or*. TUB RIOT IB THE SKVKNT1I WA!U?. Buin?ro<ui lazrtvinc*. bee the POL1UK (U7.BTTE. Tub ONt.T FLACK IN THK UNITED htateh for KORRKSTfck'H rnnmelled waterproof rati color Mat w**kabte*liow cards, u at 413 Hreadwajr. tonne of Idaptmaad a ree , A. Y The btotr i* rni sixm ward. Nnmrrtuia eu*r*>'oic< Her the Ft >LIOE tl A '/KITE. Tan i<ui.lak ?wimi Mt'iiiimx cni>ir injuwouon - Th* untilr?l?n?d hait*robialawt no injuiitriunMl tH lb* Circuit Court til lb* I'niiad Htairy >u;aiuiii ()*orga <i. Kay. on* of ihc yrnd*r?of lb- uboy* nu-oii'Wd mirl.iM, at No. ? ctirUtl* atrwai. r1?* nolle thai tb*y Inland >o proumM In die manner ?U o-her o?rtnn i vtnlaunr or mfrtaclai: Mr patented r1(bi? by aianalbolu><ng, v*n<1ini( or u-lnr Mil ma<-hin** 1 hlMHKK A 4AH *ln*l?lf, I. T TUK BaKUI^aitltrt IN NKW fClU. Nnm?m-i? 1) u?t aUona HetiiN* I'oi.iua nA/.rrrt M, Ul7ia a*l> OBM1L.1TV, IN ttuTU .lUla T* Tou in hoaaally ??nratl Ual Dr. JACOB WIBUBV *an*olfl*edr1?*n rttaltty In U>a itinuuu function* ai Qatar*, t? ylrorataa tba ebcat. ilomacb. bowel*. muicbca. purtAaa m klooiL MM*I netloM la iba k*an and Urar. nod (Ira* and rlror to Iba moat dobUltaiad; tia aelloa on tbalntaaMBi and lb* who)# phyalaoe, moim aooabnatfaa. InMda A* Doom M Bowery. Pco# n B Iwa for M ?H. UAMACfft), ** DbOAlTffAT, TR A NHL ATS from lb* knjftuh, Hpanub ami F'rr.aobi prepare* to** ntiula lor lb* bpaulab ooualrW B. c AMAtJWO, MH Broadway. MARRIAOKB AJID DEATHS. llllB Bunt? Hrrtnmot ? <?o Tueeday, July, 7. by 111* Raw. Dr Br man, of Troy, at Ui* r cm Jem-* of IK* br le'a (aMim, A. M. Ilitohcock, Faq , Mr A. W. &1111I0 Mlw BnrnitKx, all of Brooklyn Troy paper* plena* copy. Uaihman?Moarian ? On Wclneetlay, Jon* id, by Ida Key Mr Htovena, Mr. b'aann. Hiini.i lo Mia* UniMM S?ai'*ai?, both of tin* city. Mi iwioai?liii'Miii ?On Friday, Jnly 3f by Iba Kay. 111. Mark la, Mr. Oma>i> Haanxit Htieaoai lo Mlaa Mail P. LuiuBLu.y, boib of Ibi* ciij. UNA* Bnoany ? At Old Hark*o.?Ark, V. J., on Tuesday, July 7, jancc., agon <o ton i inoau>. Toe funeral ?er*'oe* will be bold to lh? Dutch Reformed church, at Hork.-oeaek, to morrow morninr, ?t ele*uA o click The rneeds end acdua.g|t?M ore rmpoctfally Inviesl Id attend. ilbout Thriller ar'talco -ier;ee lea** Floitckew tl right o clock, returning tt heir p*?t two Hino'i ?At Rrrkifelyn. no Tuesday, .f jl v 7, of lo'lem malic* of ibe l<wwel?, HONDO* M , wife of Oli*i r Bradford, and laughter of (apt Kliea Bradford, of anuUi \? otduooro, Mum , aged I'd year* tod 0 day* Kartern paper* plcaao octn . C1IIT ?Al Ulc rmidPMP of bcr -rotter wi-iaw. I'at/fob Reed, Prrsit, daughter or tbe !*lo fho*. Clary, of (be b pa'Mb of Cronbroghao, county (Tare, Ireland Ibc friend* tmi x qit u noe of utn thmi.y trc rcepoct folly invited to aueud tbe '.inert!, bin afternoon, tl two o'. loci. from No. ItUwm b street Dm* ?On Tuooday, July 7, tt three o'clock A. M , Ur Jon* Urn, ***1 i* years, 0 months am) 14 dry* The frlenda, ami lb'** or hi* father, reter D tun, alao tbe friend* <k hia ItUier la law. .fttnea Volier tt, are netted to attend the fun teal, thta afternoon, at lull naet Jiron o'cloek, front hla fcth?r'a realdeacc, No. '.'0 Vaq.l -water mn<*tHta remain- will be interred In thn Catholic c. metery, Kc?-cnth nrcot Owiaa ?On Tncsday, Je!y 7, of maltha art criuo Cnaoinin M , Infant daughter of Wta J* tad Oar-ene K Owlro, ayrd two yean ana -io*on maatba tier remain* wUI bo l*kei to Meant r at ant, "raaga county, fhr In'irmeni Htwwoao ?In Brooklyn, oa Tuesday, July 7. alter a short an 1 wrero itinera, Ions B. D., ton of Laaao tad Hunan H Hammond, **! t yaara tad fl rjoalha. The Irtaada and acquaintance* are rmpaotfally lay*tad to attend the ronerai, this nrteraooa, at C o'cloek, from Ike rraldeooe of bia na-ema. No. 04 Adelphi etrnnt, Brooklyn. Katiav ?Oa Tuesday moralag,(July of ooaampuoa, A**, the be I weed wlfb of Lawrence Kel'ey, rged ? year*. ? month* and serea daya. The frlenda, aad tbooe of her brother*, I' tbael aad Patrick Haoigan, are rnapectfulty requested to rdannd the funeral, Una afternoon, al half past on* o'clock, from bar late reaidence. No. IN arena* R Bar remain will bo H terror! la ?i*iTa*7 ONbelery. Manna ?Oa Monday, July 6, 0tear a Haiti, native Of Armagh, Ireland, aged II year* The irloada of lb* family, aad a cm bora cf T empties lodf# No. I, O. of O. r., are rnryaotftUy turttad to at tend the funeral, una afiernooa, u two otank. from tM reaidenre or kta brother, Jamaa lUrtin, 1% W Wmt Twrnty ewoth ttroet Mnwntua?tin Tueeday,ln)y 7, Dair, yanareel noa of William and Margaret McWlikaa. a<*?1 Ul rnnathn Tba relaUno aol inrada of 'bo ;ami:y v? raanpctfaUy loaned to attend Uio fnacra!, tM? afb raoon, a", thrao o'clock, (>? ? No. ?< Worn Twenty fhnrtt a raat. The remain# will bo tahea to lireeawood <>o fnoo-Uy, July 7, It/a. Jam, wl low at Jamoa Xwh^la, ?ge<1 77 yoara The r tit ana aad relative# aro reepe-Jfail? m-.'ted to aa tcr l the funeral, Una aAaraonn, al ft ur o'^rX from So. I Wool Thirteenth at." jet. w ilw-it further lailletlja. Rat wot ne. ? im defend aay, OUt 'aat , Ann C, wlf# o# Rtobard M Ray noli a, .a the ?iwa year of bar * ? The roiatltta and trteada of the Urn iy aro roopocUulW la?tied to attend two fnoeraJ, or fourtb ' ty (tin-- do/)/ Hth loot , a'two e otora, Oorn her eta re? c.onoe, So Id* Rjiimrtoo otrrat. Rtaa ?On ".*d>dajr July 6, <a*".r Rj aa, a the Tdik year of bij aga. The Irlcrwa of toe RtaT'r aje rcaaoaJM/ lawnn to ?v lead tbe fucotal. from b a elo rak'aee, *?? tM WaW Thirty ftmrUi atraoi, ttua artarnooa, at two w'ctaek. w ikwut fnrtbei nv tattoo. fWairvi?t?o T?<wday wa'ag. Jal 7, dM Meat Sa * ran, a the oth >oar or b.<r *-> Tho reialn-ea aid fntaJe of ska fawuy, ?f bar aoa. ('*4*. Then. It *r i ,t and ?"a in low, 'ketiard a/a rt?t'iily .avoid toattead tko Unurol, thla after anna, at faur c'crock, from So ?.t Maat Twenty > ?h?k Mr# at. fvnaa ?<>n hamlar Tnljr Mm Mtaaetat -tto, roivd of Henry tpiw '? M,h J"*r M **r The TUttrca and trtea ta of ike family, aad Ihoat of h?r brother, .tnha Kaymer are re?|??Maliy tortb d to aitead the funeral, rroia her K?e reeHtoop Nw U* V*1 r*"V, Ilal* aftarooee. at two n etrt