Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1857 Page 6
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* ifffKITISEKKlTS EK1EWU KTKKT 1AT^ UT ATlOMg WMTKD-?B*AUBS. 4 KM* WO*Alt OP COLOR INFORMS TH* A parte pantwally tkat eke lnlanda to lakato waektag ud CwhNt, fanilemraV famlliee or ahfpa' w?AI?|. Aha eu Wrr t? d ohy referenoe riaaaa taqulre tar in. Loulaa fanta *? Marlon at, la 'ho r?>r 4 RA8FBOTABLB AXUICAN WIDOW LADY WISHES A. a ' a ion a* houeekeeper; haa ao objection to om or twa chlMo a. the beat of refartnore exchansed. for partieu ara pVitr call or addraee K. L. 447 * avenue 4 PARISIAN LADY W1BIIM A SITUATION A* SO A mn'' ? in a Mh ioi or private family la the city or at the faith. A-'-maa *ma. L. R . box 1.338 Peat o?ce. a ?TrArl?* WAJtTKD?BY A TOONS GIRL. A8 A. food plain cook, waeher and troner. la a private family; ana the beat ntty reference Pleaae call for two days at SSS ffh ave., second ttmr, ha <k room. a YOUNG UiBI. WISHES TO OBTAlt A SITU ATION A8 A chamber? s id an B or*e. or aa general eervaal in a (mall private family haa ao objection to the eountry. Pleaaa call at Bpt Onion street, corner of (tilth, Brooklju. 4 M KXPKKIBN< KD DKK8AMAKBK AND 8KAM8TRC88 A. wishes to ob *lu work hj the day or week la private fa tat. ceo do al' kinda or family aewiur n?atly, and out and make bovsgelothrs Will be re'ommmded by thoe" the has wurke l for. Call tor two days al 1&> 24 h si., thin boor, front A8EAXMTKEW WANTM A SIOJAT! >A IIV TUB PAY or wet k Itaet cltv references Address, tor wouajB, A., box 141 Hera ft Olfiee A SITUATION W NTKD-HY A PROTESTANT YOUNO *onu. as good oook And to insist in the washing nod train*. boroogtu- understatf cooking; no object on to go an rhamhersmald or lanadrtws, would like to go wi'h a faint, y In Nnwuort For ike summer Call for two days At lib ?tn ml, >Hiwn Thompson And htcadougal. A&ivkct?blic rouni) won i* wants a situa U an cook and 10 am* it in ihe ?ashing and ironing, best a11 aArencr fr m ker la?t place, where ih 1 han lived ft year*. OaD Ibr two days at 183 K mi t'th it., be1 w?e-< lit and 2d atm*. YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SIT" Vlion to cow in A good famly; iinderatAndf drear nuking nod making children , elo'hes Call for iwo day* a: oT loth Ml., hemeen tub ltd 7tA area , first floor A SEaMSTRlSB WHO OOKS OUT BY THB DAT AND A- known ber business well, wisher an engagement; (he the* Hot need shirt* a nd finishes dresses handsomely; also Salng and altering Dan alwayn be seen at 48 Wei; lldtb is, rear A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPKOTABLE young woman, as rook tn a prtva'e family; understands All kinds of farnhy cooping. the best of otty reference ran be Biui Iron ber last employer, where she ban lived for nut years. Call at luu West lvih st. for two days. 4RRAPE 7TABLE YOUNO PROTRSTANT OIRL wishes a si nation as seamstress and lady's ma'd; undi r Usui's hair dressing; has nooftjsctlon to travel, Broiklynetty in*ntnce. Address N ! S., Herald office A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman. as ro A. waiher and Irooer or to do genssal housework would have n" objection to go in the country, or would Use In 'be city; good rlty reference Call at I'M Ooort si, opposite the Catholic church, Brooklyn, top tloor, front rot in tor two days. AUITUA'ION W ANTKD?BY A R 181* EC TABLE yonrg girl. 1A years old, to take car# of children and do j slain sewing: ts willing to makn herself useful up stairs. Can W set n for two days at 88 West Id h st A HEALTHY YOUNO WOMaN WANTS A SITUATION aswrtnurie. she has lust her first child. The best of i reference ran begivea. Pleaae *11 at l'J- Kail Slat at., be taraca let end 3d * 'rouee. for two da y a. ATOUNG WOMAN WIeHFW A SITUATION AS KIAMS etreee. Ceil cut end At; haa no objection to sestet with Asht chamber wort Can he seen tar two daya at I'd baurena at Bae ibe be-t of city refei encs. A SITUATION WaNTRD-BY a youno woman, as eh?mbermatd and wa'ter, or to do general h.msewnrk email tamil) . has serenj yi are reference from bar last place. Please call at 'Jul Kasi 17ill el., between let ar. and mr. A. A SITUATION WANTED ?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AR A brat rate cnok; would aas'st In the wishing and ironing If required. le ao excellent baker; underatands all kind* of aooking Heat of clij referencee from her laat place. I'.ease mil at 192 Weal Xth It, between bth and 9ih ava, th.rd tioor, dank room ATOUNG WOWaN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, waaber and ironrr she baa the beat of city reference. Pleaae call at IIS Kaat 1'th at. corner of let ar. A SITUATION WANTID?BY A RBSPC'TABl.K young girl, to do general bmiaeeork; la a gool washer and troaer Beat of city reierecoa. Can be seen ua-il sailed at Ho lis Fast 11th at , l?t ar. j APKOTKRTANT GTRf, WTRTIYS A SITUATION AS I cba ebermtld and plain sewer, or to take care of children < 4 and Bar washing. Good city refer, ncen. rleaae call fur two I daya at 137 Attorney at. | j An amyrtoan mm,, of poo* but rnbprcta- 1 ble parentage. wishes n at'uatton to take cars of children, ] Mr do chamber*ork snd suiting. *ould do general house- I work ID a small family, would go* short t.stance in the coun- I try. Can be seen atbs atlan'ic at.. Brooklyn. ?? a KiTnsTinv wivirn-Rf a yoitnii woman as ; JL eork, w?nhi?r and iroo'-r; he*t city ivfiniot irom her last pis<-e < an b>- seen at 79 wh av., second dx>r from Waver let place, for two days. Atouwo wimay wip 11 us a situation* to no fen ral bout* work fo- a ibh>I private tamilv. no objection is > u r or vountry. Please call at 171! E*? 221 at.. second boor, front room, between ist ana 2d .sees., for two days. RKSPKCT HLK PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN wants a situs ion as chambermaid and seamstl-s or a ahamnermaid and *mi ?r. eosi re far tm flit w . In travel with a family lor tbe summer. Can be Seen .it No. II Jones st. bet seen Bleechur and 4 h. ARKSPKCTAHI.R TOUNO EiOl.lHH WOMAN WNMEd a an mtmn lo travel with a lady to Europe; would bare onbjeetam to lake ore of cbi dr> u or lo fo as ceamliermai I Is BMenui try *t> ly at UP want Br alway, Brs: lo sr. t an be seen for three days. lOCNO AND HKaLIHY WuNAN. WITH A FRESH breast of mi k, wi has a plaor aa wet nnri.6. In . beat ' 17 Madison ?t . rear building. ' A TO I'NO OIRI. WAMS A SITUATION AS CHAM A. bermald and seamstress; is a good sewer: no obon a the care of children. Oood city refer enca. Call at S>.' West Mb st. ACTUATION WANTBD-PT A TOUNO WOMAN, AB plain nook washer and lnwi*r. or to do general b mse week in asmad family. Nooijeetlon to so in tne country. Oeod city retereoeea Please oall at 722 Washington St. A SITUATION WAhTBD-UTA **BPBTTABI.l OIRI., as ehi'dren's nune It a cool plain sewer: caegtraths he-of references front be.r last p are where ehe has lived "or the .aat tour rears Oall or address Aid West T?reu;y sts'h a... between Eighth and Ninth aeesues. A TOUNO WOMAN iPRKKBTTERTAN* WISHES A SITUJL a Ina as chambermaid asJ waiter la a re peetaole la-ui.v. Hp r?a ee ton to ibe -mvntry. Can he seen lor two days at No. v'lark t If not pret ?>% i r aged. \BlTUATIOM IN PKNIBBn BY AN KNOMBHW il|?N, ae cook, washer and Irousr. or would do house woes or o aa no ohjectlon to any dietanoe In tae oountry. Also, a liirmnn girl, foi toua* worker -hsmbervvnik ami wall lag: nest of reference. Apply at 10 Tlllary street, Brooklyn ^ RE6PECTARI.E OIBI. WISHES A MTU ATIOJf TO I>0 work and w?i lug, .? wiping to m;.k" b?r?'il generally u?nful. pyrel reb-reoce. Call lor ;*o day a at 123 27tb at., be.wceu Tin and k b arna M SITTTATIOX W4STTP-BT A PROTWTAJfT YOUJfiJ A. ? m..D. nd' she h orewoi k of a ataall ruailjr. g. -nl city reference Call at Bo 8 i h at., la tlie A RR8P8TTABI.K OIRI. WARTH A HITUATIOH AS r od plain e>>o? and excellent waab'r an I lr >ner .a aprmaelanitlT goud r?fe -enee given * all at lti Uo'igUM at., b*we?n Hoyi and Bond wa , KnnkWn A HI f UATION W 1MKU-AS t'H IMI'.KRM AID A SO [ laondfraa or t do central hotjaework, b? a reepnciasle i woman < an betreeo o?oJ?i from ker laat puna. Apply a. I M4 Kira' ayepue !>et? . re l?lh and la b ala. AW 'MAM W4BTS A 8ITffTIO* AS <THA*Jt*R B ud or plain nearer in a pmat? f.tudjr. in willixf to Bake hnrae.f urefal. M- lately 1 ?t ber huaban 1. >la be Men from lu to >H o'ertca at No 3 Dover at, aecood door, front room | AKWI-KTABU PBOTMtriHT OIRI. WANTS A STT oatrn In * atnall nrtra'e 'abtilr to do genofaljbn laew.rk, M> w tab atid iron. ' a* rood <dty reiereu- ea. Apply at 1*4 * Dine ton at In the rear, rjua 4. A SITUATION WASTKn-ST A RAHPROTAHLh UIRf., JL ia a (fed plata c?A and drat rare waaber and lr <ner Baa rood city refer*neon. Apply at 2111 HnUiran it. In toe rear AHITIATTOR ?ARTI[?-BT A RRS'KtTAItMC TOPS . woman ar chambermaid and waltri-xa. or u> 'ak? care f epe.-rrn nan do plain #ewl >g. ban no objeetinn to the coin | try bae moat rrnpectak'e city ro/rreneen front her laa' p.aao. i Oali a' an ? a as. TOUBfl WoMaR WaKTS A R1TDA 'mo > ct?mv errrald and waller, food eity referrneea Wen apply at Bra Hth at . between 8th and tkh are. A ? TlA'lfift WaN'K -BY A RR9PR0TABLR WO J\. m%n. m fool, w%?b?r h.nr1 iroo^r In a Mn?ll f%mi.y; h*?t *r?ti h oali a. I?Wm( U?k m , n ?r !>*rk r? m ABKPPKTABUl IOCRO fomn W * NTS A SlTfAiinti Vt do wen1 hona?wo?k ta * for*) waaher an 1 lrrn r and a pood pU n eooh. Apply ? M *>?. ?S.h between ?U and 9-b iti. Alf FK8MSH Wn*AW WIU'RH TO On OUT ItV THK week or month a? oader.witdt ?U ki l l, of family *?>?! 1 ?'?><? r?y reference. Cmnry pre,?rred. Inn-Ore at 164 Ath ??., near IC'h m , Id the toy etn-?. ARF *.PI - T A K1,K (ITRIj WIHHKS MTV ATT')* fv * ?m? 1 private famllj , ii a ? .od plain aook, wvtL.o ?nd kroner, and ha? the beat ofrt'y ref>rene? from hv la*- p vre Oan be neeu fur two day* at Kl2 *?l til at, t.fal llo<ir, <r,,ni Ml RRfll.TFII PROTESTART ToriM woman want* a attna'lon aa ebamiormal l and in r or arm an camatreaa. will be f toad mil in( a <1 obl|?in?, ha* fbe beet o' elty teferenon. (.all fur two da)a at 3t? o.h arol?r nrar ?1 ft a 1.AOT HAVIKO TO IIMPOilR Of A OIRl,. WHHRR to And b?ra al'oailon aa nnrar or wa'treea for both of which ah-- t? f >l|y capable n- ohjoc'lon to fh? rcta'rr I a'l or addrcaa a> the reeldenoe of her pre urn I employ era, 160 \mt tMlcu av? , beta ran So>h andllat * a CTAI.ITORKIA A I.AllT WOCtT> 1,1 KM A FITrATIOB J a? Imorltarnrr or roni|>anlori with a rnapnetaolo perron aola? to < all ortna Pleaee addrew M. H. lieaa, for our uri-ac, Union rqaarw Po?' ofP ? XI'RFC a Nl) hK? HfTRAFd CR rJIAVBKrtV kO A FT IT _ flii. wanner a ta> 'on wanted, by a renpemablA Knr ltan yn mr w.twan; l? particularly neat id p ?raon an I work, wo . i rctpm to 'he p'-Hiitry Ho of dtp reference. Call for two car* a' IbM 1Kb at near ?' VJITrATHIW W AKTKft-ItV A RB*PPCOT kHI.K T01 RO O to, waiter In a nrlva e '.mlly. no oh|ae?t<ia to ro la he . r*, po-id rl'y r'-'erenee from hH a* p'a-r when- hn tired f, ir )?? ? f'an be " for two daya at Lll Bant iff,lb X . bet w? eekd and Ad am S'TI rTIf.R* Wt?r?ll-i!T TMTO RH'-'E IT 4 lll,t oimp women ona a* flr<t fH? rot* an bw otiltr t t oo efcawherwitrR and w r or t\ir the J"?ofa I ?b? y ty Mr ? - i |pit a i - t {, a-., Re WW n Tit and f'h a ratter Can b? aWM ttii itti ?d. J ^ SITUATIONS WAHTED-FBBULEV. Snc ATTON "wA?nrFv2^~i^3oirr^oM AM, A* chambermaid and teamiiraac; ondamtanda emnrotdery and dreaamaktng. Good reference. Apply at 410 Sixth are. for tee da>e. SITUATION WAJfKD -BY A GERMAN GIRL, TO PO general house work and cook, wash and troa. good rafe renee. Apply a' 42 Orchard el, top Boor, hack room. Gen be aeeo for two day a. SlTUsTIOW WANTKD ? by a young WOMaN, AS oook, washer and irnner, iJ a small private family ; has the bast of city reference" Apply at 77 Weat Nineteenth at, between Sixth ?ad Seyenih fhennaa. front bauemont. SITUATION WANTKO?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS weinurse Good reference, Cam beaaen at >? Stone at., lor two days cituatio.< wanted?by a rnspscvablb woO man, as rook, washer and lronar. Uood rafarenaa. Apply at 28 Kin a at. No objecilon to do general hottaawork la a am all family. SITUaTION WANTRD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, .AS good p'aln oook. She underaunde all fctnda of ile,aerl?. Would have uo objection to go aa latinliaaa In a ?all family. 1'lease call at 177 aaat 14th at. TWO PROTB8TANT GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS IN A amall grutm-1 family, one aa oook. weaker and lronar, and flrai rate baker, the other aa ehaaabermald and waltreas ar scamatrns", both iinderatand their bualnnaa thoroughly, situation" in one family preferred; no objection to the country, beat of reference given. 1'lease andraaa Ana and Mary, Union square Poat office, fo" two daya. TWO RV8PB0TABLR YOUNG GIRLS WISH 8ITUAanna. one us chambermaid and to do plain sewing, the other to rnuid children and do plain sewing. Apply at 266 Weat ' At h .1 WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED PROTE8tant young En dish MM, a situation as wet nurse, In a private family, she Just having lost her baby. Jnod city reference given. 1 n<|nlre at S>1 av. betweenfiSd and Mth its WAniD-iflTS .TIUN.BY A KESPBOTAPI.hlUIRL, aa chambermaid and plain b iwv. The beat of ally reference riven. Ca'l at 2U6 Columbia at., between Stale and At lantic ata., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CH aMBERMAID. IN A mall family. Can apeak French and English. Inquire for two iluyaal Mrs. Atkinson's, 221 Navy at, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE girl, who understands working on aewlnr machine; baa no objection ui go an aeaamireba in a private family ; un'er aiaudr all kinda of lamily aewtng. Can be well recommended by brr lav. employer Can be reen Mg76 Spring at., between Croat)y,and Elm. for two daya, from 10 till 3 WANTED?A BITk ATIOJf, BY A 800TCH GIRL, AS nurse and w-umuv! a, or chambermaid aud wai er, or laun rota, tjood cin refer.max. Can be aeen f*r two daya at 126 Weal Hub at. In the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do kiich?n work; afce la iui excellent weaker and ironer and plain cook. Good city reference. Pleaae -all at 35 Slate at. riTANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO COMPETENT PBR*T -oDa. one aa an experienced cook, who underatanda mea'e. aoupa, poaiirv, raatrtee, and baking If rein r d; is wl'lmg toaesiat in waah'ng and Iroring. The other as ehs-n bermaui an 1 Keamatrrss; la a first rate laundress, and under lands waiilng in all l'a branches: has no ailjenilim to go a short distance In the country. None need apply but respectable pnv%<e families. Have the best eity reference. Pleaae call at 119 Weat Jti.h vL, near 7ih avenue. \\r Ah TED-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND PLAIN references. Apply at 48 Charlton ?t., top floor, front room. WANTED-BY \ PROTEST ANT UTRL, A SITUATION to do general boost*work. Apply at 11 Bast 19 h ?L WANTkD?A SITUATION, BY A RKd dKCTAltLK healthy P ntastant woman a? wet nurse, wi'h a full br<*aetof milk; hue no objection to go in the country for the summer. rood reference. Call or address 11 1 11th si, bet wean 6th and A h avs. "Wj"ANTED? A BITTATION, BY A RR8PK0 ABM f? young woman ss nurse and seamstress, or ensmber* ma d and waiter; no objec'ions lo go a abort distance in the coum-y Can be seen at 143 East 24th at, between 1st and 2d ass. WANTED?A ftnCATIOlf, BY A RKSPR'TTABM \cung woman, to asamt in the w taking and ire ing and do chamber* ork Good -eferences gi ven. Apply at 22 West Ubh at., between 6th anc 7 h avs. A PKSPROTABI E QTRT., A SITUATION it mo ok and laundress; does up linens In style; understiids meats and poultry, baaing, past?y, an I ?oups , wages, ?7 lo |s'; i \repent city referrnoe Call at 116 East Twenty third it. T1'\ANTKD?BY A FIRST CI. ASS COOK. A SITUATION it In a firs clsss family; she understands all super|,,r kinds of cooking or would go out by the day to c~ok dinners or suppers. 1 be best of city retetenoe can be giren. Can be seen at No. 13 7'h a re. Wr ANTED?BY A &EHPKOTABLE HOOTCH UIRI., A aitua ion as chambermaid and seamstress, or to take care of a baby. Apply at 294 Broadway. Best ol city references git en WANTED?BY A YOUNO PROTkHTaRT I.APY, A HI toatloo as baby's nurse- no objection to go a short distanne in the wiun rv Or would do llshl i-hamherwork in n ama'.l flam ily: la cuoable or taaing charge of naiy from tta blr h. fan give toe beat of reference 'rom her laal olace. Ia a neat sewer. Pleaae oali at lit) Broome at., near Bulge, for three day* WANTED?BY A RKSPK'T ABLE GIRL, A SITUATION aM chambermaid and euncrttu or to do chamberworlt and sea at with children: U> willing 'o make hers-lt generally neeft.l; bra' of city reference. Call at 110 Court at., South Br kirn, near Amity at. \NTRD?BY A RE-5PKCTAHI.K PROTKA I" AN T 11 girl, a rit'uyon to do the general hmaework uf a email pnrate family. fHi?renee If required. Can b t seen for i?o oajh at ?.<1 did at., between 9th and 101b ava, 3d IIjor, front room. TlTANTEl*?A SITUATION AS 8RAMATRRAS AND TO TV wait on a lady, understand* halrdreulng. OM do up ail klrc.a of Sne tnualliM end lace*, also flntlnf; would travel It I J. Can be aer n ail this were at ioO Monroe at TITANTRP?BY A BF.8PK0I ABI.B AMERICAN 11IRC, TT a attuatlon to dorplaln aewtng aad aaalat In Itgbt wo-k. The beat of city reference given. Pleaae call at 123 Kaat i >th at \\rANTKD-HY A RhSPRCTABM YOUNG WOMAN, A vv a t nation as nurae or laundress; an do pla n ae wing. Can be avrn for two days at her lent place. No. 8 Kaat /JM at., between Mtliron and O h avtnuee. WANTKD-BY TWO RKSPKOT ABI.E GTRU?. STTt'A uona, one u> cook, waah ami iron, theotner aa chamber maid an 1 wuiur in a email private family, good reference If res. utred. Call lor two days troin lu to S o'clock at 191 Kaat lttth at U' AhTRI>-A SITUATION, HY A RRSnWTTABT.E Cirl, aa nwmfcTms.d and *v:t. or would take care of bildren and do plain w*iii|, beat 01 releranee kIvcu. Apply at 212 Rear! Brooklyn. WANTKl>-4 SITUATION, HY A T0CN3 OIRt., TO do i be cook in*, war bin* asl imolnglpra family or would do up a'.Mra work, she her button* aod la no* atraid to work. Heat of city raferepoe Can ha seen at the au>re, Iaj i>Ut at., ote door from .hi ay., lor two days \A7 ANTRD-RY A TOINO OK AHA* OIRU A BITl'A TV don to do general housework or cbatuberwork. Apply at 17 W ec ltrnad way, mom ft. WANTK11? * MfCATiON. BY A WH'ff OTHr., AS chambermaid aod wauer. Maa good nity reference* fan b? arm lor two day* ai her laat employer's, 301 West 23d (t VirAWTKP?A SITUATION, HY A BRSPRCfA Hl,K PROVt teslanl girl, to do iltamtf-work aid tbe line wa'h.og aao Irrnii.g ll>a n >.<d cuy reference from ber laai place. |*lea?e aall at i P2 hh St.. hetweec |a? a?. a ad a Tea I la A Uf AkTkli MY A RKspECT.t BLK OIRU 4 NCIUA Inn P di general bnus?work, Or plain ooklo*. washing and Ir utirg In a small private tatnlljr. Apply at her pre sen plnee of nwph yment, 1S1 K*?t lilst at \1'ANTED-BY A TII>r. RASPECTABI.K OIRU. A YI all lalioo aa Cham lermaid or rlilM'i nurse anil to do f lain aeo inf. Apply at t< r present place of employment, tt Kaat Rial at tftTANTKn-BY A RKsPRUT ABI.IC WOMAN. A BlTl'V TV ii"n p. Uo general housework n a mull private family Is a god took I an be keen lor two daya to-id oily reter ore glrm. Appl al ft Howling at , RrTBkiya. 4 4' A NTKIt?A HITUATIO*. HY A R MP* T ABf.K t? girl i- do he co king of a email family: no (AittUOH to go a anort distance in he eruotry nndemiand* bakiig, la a nrat rata eaab-r and ironer, or o uka care of Obildreo or iravrl wl h a Kdy. Heat city reference Inquires. 17 Dean at., between Court and Harriot. Brooklyn. WANTRH-BY A RMFRCTABU OIRU A StTCAIiob a? eoera' hnuaaaurk'T In a aaad p- ta'e family, Bea' city referen je procured. Call at 101 Monroe at., Iront baaement IA/KT Nl'KHB ?A LAITT WHO HAS BRO*BfI.T CHIT TV her baby will ube the rxeluilTa cbarii,- if anlalan'. al her r?atdeuce'in the oountry or la the city; perfectly healtlty. ,...n|.n| MMlb . M...I : ? t!.. ? In.n.l.. .OI>. ITmI U.k .1 WANTKP-BT A NBAT, WTLUNO KN-TliIH A flfRV alt nation to do general h >o?ework. la a good auofc m4 an eece'lent waalec and Ironer, or can do chamberwork or noree iind good a,-w?r A air ad y place an I not wag*, her object fall al l'JI Warerley pWon. Wantkp-a hitpation. ry a rk?<pr<?t*bt.? TT nag wnmaa, to do general ho iar rnrk la a pr'raut fhmlly,' an* won!1 Ike fo go 1" 'he country. R*4ereure given j prly at 44* Myrtle are., Brooklyn, aecond floor, bnck room WANTK ??A RITtTATION, BT A YOINU WOMtN TO TT do genernl hotiaework it, a mal'family; no objee'lon to po'rm tbe omiutry. Oood reference In en her laat place. Apply at 17B 3Jd at , between let and Id av.. aee-m 1 tloor, l ack room. TtfANTKD-BT A YOl'NH WOMAN, A TT r tUoa to go I inlrf wl'k a tAfBtle; kae no ob jeetlona to tie rtty I'leaae call at Id Union atreet, between Colombia and Van Hrnnt eta., Brooklyn. Wantkb-by a kickpb(*tau:.k youno woman, a el iia'ton a# bonaekeeper In a gemlem?e'k 'amlly; ahe la ;*'# <>f taking tae ohari.e of an tnfaot from Ita tilrtn, and Ik a fret rate eeenulr'ea at .1 ahlrt maker, than glee the beat ol my irfereneca; baa no ob|t? lion t/> go Ir, the eo intrv. Can be keen f r two daye at No, id4 us! I7jh atmet, comer of let at , aecond loor Iron' room. W^"TID-1 TO ATlOlf, HT AJVOVM WOMAN, tt utdo ukamltt rwork and waiting; haa no objection to at let In aVkb ng and Irorlng Boat of city reference Irntn h?r laet pivt. where all' haa ilred for three yeara, wo t hi notion to 'be rteintrr t an he eeen f'>r tW >daya ? TNI 4th at. \A' ANTRl' a HITH AT ION, BV A RBHPRt T A lll.g TT yontig wrmaa, to do the Lonaework of a prlTAtn (itni'y, or ?a a pood plain cork waaher aad Ironer, go^d rcf, -mice riven. Apjly at Lit i nuee al, Brooklyn, baeemeot, for two daya. wantci>-a hittjation, bt a vccni woman. TT ?ln hue beer, kwwm'ofncd to tin care and lna.r, tl tri of chi.dren. H?e la a t>,od e-aot .treat, and can cot and rttehlj. dre ) a dreaeet glte eaUatactory elt* reference aa to character and .apabllty Can be eeea ?t ](} laat 17lb at. ooar Id erecne. WANTiP-4 N'TPATTON, MV A TOtJN't WOMAN, AN f V r trae ear, take (oil ehorge ot a t-a >i from I'e blrll. I." a r-dpein a-wer: nonbJ.cUon to with alAlyf>rl?e annate, xnild aaetat *t b tbe ba> y'a waenlnfl Un beat of e IT ref-renee Call at 101 Kaai Z'.lh at., third tour, hai'k rtetm Car thrrr daya \Lr A N T C ft? A blTI'ATlON BT A T<t"N,? WnMAM W are a And to nae* and imn or to do v?r,o?al hone*? ra. ht r rel.-ra 'o I rr pr< ?e it emnover Mr h Wi i|ao. k 1*1- bairherett. an? eat V e.-n a ? featd-am In int??eu ?" ' tr - k ' ., DM e?n ?yr;i? a'd Park aaaaae* ar-vnl t'j ta fr 'u Park artni.", u>Ml ra.ur ay, SEW YORK HWB situations wamoursmalbs. Wan tad-by a you ho woman, a situation to travel wttb a tody or family ud to lake care of children aa4 do plain eewtng, no objeouon lo any plana. Oall tor too day* at W Kant ad et.. now Mar / 4 WANTS A SITUATION.?A RKFBCTABLR YOUNG girl wtobe* to get with a private family a* chambermaid and eeamelreae, to will ng to make her?elf uaef U; baa ao ob joehou lo go to the country; the beat oi city reft-renee eaa be I teen. Can be eeea for two daye at l? St. Mark'* plaoe. ANT1D-A SITUATIOlf AS OOOK, BT A STEtDY. IndustrloiM woman who under* tan da bar buslnnel In all tta branrlir*. beat of reeommmidation: no objoedon to go any diatanoe lo the eountry if required Call for two day* at 11 , Ut I m court, between 11th and 12 b eta. j WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general bouaework *n a email private family: ha* no otj notion to go a ahnrt dtotaaoe In the 00 on try. Beat city reforenee. Call at 77 Wtti tt 1*7" ANTED?BY A RK8PEOTA8LK GIRL, A SITUATION tv aa none, liaa beet reference. Pieuae oall for two days , at M Lewi enoe et. Brooklyn. WANTED-A 8ITU4TIOW, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do cbamberworfc or waiting or to f Ae oate ef children; has no otueolton to go a abort diatanoe In the oountry; the best of city reference glean. Call at IB An lty et TI/ANTED?BT A SMART, TIDY YOUNG WOMAN. A YY eltuatlon aa waltreea or chamber maid; 1* wt lint and obliging; no objection to go In the country for the au nmar. Can |tre good alty reference. Call at 121 4ta ?l, near 6th WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITOA ikiu enok, niher and lroner, and U a good baker Please rail at 2M 7th avenue, froit room, leoond dory. Beet of city relerenoe gives. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RKHPEOT4HLKt he allay young womu; as wet nurse, with a tull breaa. of mtlk No objection to go in the country fo? the aunuaer, Good rt fere noes Please call ai or address 121 Mulberry si.I ront room, up stairs. WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION IN A bsXirv or confectionery. Best of city reference. Can be seen fur twudamai 274 Fulton it, Brooklyn. YlTANTKr?BY A NICE, BI8PE(^AUL? GIRL A TT situation to do general housework, apply at ner pre sent place of service, 1710 Went >ih st WANTKD-BY A RE8PECTABLE AND TIDY YOUNG wt man, a situation as chile's nurse; is a good pi a. n sewer; la very kind to children, au 1 ob mius in er< ry respect, lias aoc dtKy reference as regaids character anc oaiablHty. A ny lady wishing Ruob hem will please apply at 2(7 Wast 26lh m , between ihb ?rd 0 b avs fATANTlD? BY A RR4PECTABLK PROTEST AWT GIRL, a 11 mat ion to do g> neral housework or ohamberwork. ! Please call at Ho. 12 Huluvan s. fir ANTED?A SITUATION, HV A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, as boos. witvher and ironer in a private 1 family. The beet of city reference will be given. Apply at No (0 Uenr? el. for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yrung woman, to cook, wash and Iron for a private family; would take a laundrisa' (Vac*. Has ihe best of city references. Has no objection to go in Ihe country. P ease < call at 103 Weal 33d at between 6th and "th avs. WANTKD-BV A RESPECT A11LE PROTf STANT yonng wnsnsn. a nit nation as seamstress or chamberI maid and waiter, with six ye.ars reference. Cau be seen for two dais at KS3 Broadw ay WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECT ABI.B youeg *etran, as first rae cook or laundress, is fully competent in either capaci y. 1 be very best of city reference given. None but respectable families peed apply. Pleaae call at 2SH naai luth at TIT AN TED?A SITUATION AH COOK; 18 A FIR8T W ._k.W? ,|,?H, all .f .,,..,,1, it.., ,,t city ret'?rence Cull at in Z7th at for two days WANTED?A SITUATION, HY A RISi'BCTAHLN Englishwoman as plain nook In a private family; If wil In a to assist with tbe washing and I on lag: no objection to pr. a -livrt distance In the country. Call for two d?>a at loti,1* tub at., in the year of lid avenue TITAN TED?A SITUATION AS 8K AM6TRE3?. RY A Yf respectable Protestant person, can cut and 1tchildren'* cloihts. understands ml kinds ot family a??w tog. tine slur's and embroidery. Can be seen at 112 7th avenue, third floor... HELP W A NTED?M ALKS. \ ?TBS ADYERTIRER Tg OPEN FOR AN RNOAOSment ? salesman in a wholesale grovry and pro'talon home, ran InMntnje a large amount of New .lersev and P'-rinejIrnma tirat claas trade. Atldresa Ha sted, Herald tdlice. Ahoy wanted?tn a cximfisrion house . must resile with hie parent* and c >me well rec jimueuded. Address, atatinp are, T. B. P . Herald otllce. BREWER'S TEAMSTER WANTED?ONE WHO HAS A roots or cau make a steady line of ens otn? r?, and who ) h|a bia own horse and oarts and Is experienced in the trade; to i atich a one a good and steady engagement will be given, el her I on commission of sales or salary. as Irishman preferred. Ad dress Krcwer, care of B. Wanda, 664 6th avenue, corner of i'.tr.h street. DKNT'BT.?WANTED. BY A DENTIST IN THIS CITY, an assistant of experience, who la either a good surgical or mechanical dentist, or both. Address Opers.h r, Chatham square Post office, giving name, age, haw long a dentist, sa iHTJ AC. DRl'OCIKRE WANTED?A YOlTW<5 MAN WHO IIAS a ttorougfc knowledge of Ihe el y retail trad* ami pre* -riptlon business Applv at the American and G?rtn\n Pharmacy, corner of Columbia and Union s'a.. pou'.h Brooklyn. DRCO CLERK WANTKD-A JUNIOR CI.ERE; on? from the country preferred. Apply aft 14i *th av. rpo DRUOOTPTP AND APOT11K0ARIW8?W ANTED, AN J.?xperienoed and well qaatH "I dnini.1, to tak" charge of a first claas atore for ail or welve mmlba. with the privilege of purchasing entirely or taking a hare at the end of tbnt term. $6tlC wll be required a* security for the fullltneit of bis contract, for which security will be given, payab e at close of be term None need apply unless quail Jed In every res|>eet. Address 1'harmacy, herald odtoe \JETa NT f'.It?A FIRST CLASS HALIKNaN, WHO 18 YT thoroughly acquainted with the drr?? and cloak rim Bine boslsess, and can 'nfluesce trade, will Und a good aitntlon by addressing boa 2, IS* I'oet ollioe WANTED--A OARHRnSR. WHO UNDERSTANDS bis lirslness thoroughly In vegetanlae, fruits, flo vers ard grounds; on* who Is tot sfraid of work, bitna ion permanent. Best ot recommendations necessary. Address box 724 I'oet olios. WANT! D?AN HO MKT, MNKRrKTIO ROT. USID TO at'rvdlnga grocery 'tore App.y oorner of Fulton avenne snd Kt Felix s'reet. BmnDn. VAT AN'I ED?TOUNtI MEN WIBIIINO TO OO TO ISA YT lor whsllng voyages, $71 advaice allowed for ooiic to ooepers. earp?nlersnud blacksmiths extra pay given. apply to Randall A Rohsou 191 Roulb St., corner Peck slip, up italrs UTANTID?A lt'tY, M To 1? V K \ RS OF A(iE, TO attend a first class restau'snt; one rsuable of attending bar and mabinc himself geaeraJ.y useful aaF apply si 711; Broadway. in the restaurant. TV-ANTED-SK) STOUT TOUNO ME*. COOPERS, Tv csrp- r* mtUm and isnd?m?n togotos-aou wtallng voyages. A dvance to the amount ot t&1 paid to each man Kxtr. pay given 11 mechanics Apply at tbe Whalemen's Shipping ottlcs. 97 West urcet, Co. ner of Albany street, up itstrs. WANTED?A TOUNO MAN TO KNQAOI IN A PI.EAssnt Indoor carh business one pom.' seed of a phasing address a t?d common school educate 11 and a small amount of rapl'al ? IP Snd this a grod opportunity to engage In very profitable employment. Call at 2bh Broadway. m??n No 5 VI'ANTED-TWO < 'R THREE SMART. KNCRiiKTIC "T young men, to sell Impjrted groceries. Aby sample; tb"n ar I'umte I with gneers cod drm-ists prelcrred Apply U) I' Ilrlmar A Co., M at. TITAN!ED?A KM 1 KT B<>Y IN A COAL OFFICII AND Yf yare, If oris years of age es<ls Vory reoommenda tions for honesty required. A pply at Wl s?h are., near i'thet. BET ANTED?A BOT T<? 1 EARN THE DRUO BCSf**H-v YY me already ucquatnied sib U orefe red, wuithave the best of reeommendstlona, atd wish 1 .r >. permanent place Apply orrner 1:1th st. and 1st are. YET ANTED?RI\ TO TEN YorNO MEN. ABOTT EI1HT YY ern years of age, to assist in a maeitl .during establish meut. am iy ai ISA I > jti,-* st. VZTAVflP?A TOCKO M?/f PK"M KiaVTKF"V TO TV liMl) M yeara f a|e. tbomnfblf aeiualnUrd wit!, tha dlfleren' kjealtvra of thm rt'y ill drooklyn rcimmrodaU ma rn|iir*l J. Water htmpa No 5 '7 Raaaauat TlTA/fTICD-TWO OR THRKF. RFSPKiTABLK TOURJ TV an., ilmae who baye l? "> ua?d 19 iha cloak 'rata pre ft rre.l. Apply at 5 P. M. at < %ai let .Trent A Co 'a, 471 Broad *-arTI'ARTRn-A PROTF^TAHT PI SO Lie HAH, TO WORK ff im a farm and drtve a apan of hoeaei; moat know bow to p'.mgh, milk and be willing to make b'n.aelf about thorite- Only aoch a?r apply at 16. Wmanwk h at. before II o clock. "11" ART KI>?A TO WO MAR, FOR Tflf TM A AROl'OF?T fee 'rede. one th-.tnot fee'f? onareraaat with Die bo ? neea R??r nv.-r if ar ply attin- Lotof I aland Tea Mar kid. S3d Oraml riffrt, Wil.l-Miial .irF. WARTF.P- A TOCRG MAT. TO FROAOK IM A LIOHT p Mam bnelneaa already ea'Ab.lahi one barlnjr a few .'..llara ahirl. wtl1 be w-ll an irnl, oau moat en'-b an rirellent chance by applytnf at Ro. 6 Itc-ncer an it, room I.V \t' A RTK n IMMF.PlATn.* ?A MARIO TATK' ARK II of a borne and do other llybt work .a a farm. Apply at 46 Murray at. WAR< KD- TWO FIR?T fTLAK* ('\ H v AHHKRB, THO ri.nahly aci|'ia.ii'ed a h tlrr > nj L ad . i ited ref- ?utr ? ' r< rid Apply ? 163 liioadwa., i.l floor, from J to II n rl'-rk, 11' A R 7 FI ? A IODRO Ma* TO ATTMMD A HflOK If at. .re and to ? ra .memi'mallT on ihr |>en<h. M at lomr well recommended fr .m laat employer App.y ?t 174 Howry. Tl * A R T v P A OOOP Rl'HIMKM MaR "A ITII $ Tf) Tf |1 Ok' natarh r,'.i a ee'a'.ltahod i . .r? 36 i" r cent. AodFMB A K. bn? 1W Heratfodnt WANTIO-A ROt TO OI'KN OTHTRRn APPLY AT tic warerley reelnniAUt, oppOalla Jedarenn market Wartapa portkr roR a prv aooni importtrr bonne down loan t\ aca I-M |n r cn-k ('<m<Ant rn-T'""'"-!*' fiver to a man tmtaipa. Apply, with reoanmrnda Ion. at 7 1 a i antic atrn t, ocmer of <7.. irt n'roet Brooklyn. In tin bAai-metit U'ARTIP- A VOI SO MAR AR WAITF.R Ilf A RFe'airni.i, ore run op?n oteti r?. t an at ru Rlolne lit Mill r curtit-r il Hp adway nnft Kprtnff atrU ANTIO raMTDI ATW.T?A MAR WHO I'MPFR T? atdr.ila b >"llnir ohnWnagne. Add'ar.a Champaeni', Hrrald "f?re <?1 4 |/\I I ?A t'LKitt WARTFP-A VO ROMAR. TO ijpl.take full charltea t,'iiioe . , a,a', nan lend Idr emr'1 )?rthn nttoy.'anionni M.e vary 'nut of neeu rt'y. Tim* aciiialnli-d Willi (tel.. I bnannaa pi.ferred HFMIOH A JMiPTH WttlK. > i Mvonn atreet ? (1 - IVAMTRP, AM BJC" PIRIRRt FH ROOKdPMikJ'"'. kreper who ran loan hi- ,.r)loy. the ebni-.r r aonnt on riod ?rrrirtiy-_f >e a ci. 1. a (Htlaalnry w.ll be paid. Artdre a roll ana. bot I'tfl Hera. I offlre, O.I. ARM. OAROAIVR f'AR Itk HAD THIR V.:tK -AH I AM J> rtiwlii(oni ?t?? r?l inyoin-a n > ?? .,'lvw r. ?, r.-et In i Carran ' 111 b" cT?i?d pr t?c fr m It It ft., per iboa ltu,d J urcb. ceti ranui't fall to I e ', ???? O. flUJCaM, IT Rrondwity. I iDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1837 IITVATIOSI WAJWP-MM.M8. 1 II JNTKLLIQBKT, AOTIV* TO0NO KAN, (QKMKAN.) A who la a good penmen. and maki and writes the MngHab laaguaga flu-atlj, wtahea to Sod employment la a reapeolable law oSloe, with the view of studying law. Ko eomueaeattoa or aalarr aakad for the drat fear. Addreaa Lawyer. He eld odloe AMIDDLK AQED KAN OF BU8IKCM HaBITI, KOCH experience and unqaeatlaaahMi integrity, acuueuwaed to bookkeeping and oeab aeoounte (worth ft.OCO aa'ary), waata emeto) went. Addree* D. 8 care of Marcos Soring. Perth Ambnv. N. J . or Inqul-e on Wednaadaya at Spring, Bradley A Bnmim'r, S3 Broad ?t., N T _____ A MARRIED MAM AND HIS WIPB WlbH ? A SITUOl at'.on in tbe country; the man underatana* login { c?re of

horaea and working on a farm, bia wife to no* wuah and iron; nndrretanoe milking cowi; good citr lefceuce Caa be ere at KM Sd avenue, between 39th and 4Mb ew. A YOU Ail PBKMCHMAN DB81 a K8 A SITU AT OK AS waiter la anrivate house or hotel, apeak* Kngl'ih. and ran gtre good reference* (Tom hie late employers. Apply, or addree* for two day*. K Qruaz. 37 Bone it A KAN AND WIPM WISH SITOAHONS IK A miBL rate family; the former under*tanda the care of b*MI, and can make him eel f geuera'ly uaefal; the let*r under* tffde geeeral bouaework tttradr employment the oiject?not wages. No objection to the oonntry. Can be Men at 142 MtUb try at. or two d?)A CIROCKERY. ?A TOUNO MAN, 18 TI4II Of SOI, J b*Ttn( tiiwn nine Ml for the put three 7*n tn one buiiae tn tela city. wisbea a altu Olon La aume Importing boose; writes a good band, and understands custom bongo business, Ac ; la willing to make himself nml; onezenp Ion able reference* given. Address Oroolcry, box 'M Herald offloe COACHMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS COACH man and groom by a reapeetable young man, one who perfectly ucderatanda bin buslnem lu every respect also uncerslarda the treatment and disease* of horses; wll devote the ? hole ol bl time to the Inte-est cf bis employer Has the very best of recommendations from gentlemen In thl city. Please esll at or address bto Broadway, or L. O., box 102 Herald for three daya. C10ACHMAN-WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO) let tan t yonng man a altuatloo; he perfectly under itands but bu?lnt>sa In every reepec ; baa no objection to go In the oountrv if required, (tan orodtioe beat city referenoe. Please call at Mr. Trainor's, harness maker. 87b Broadway, or addreaa F. J. K . box 162 Herald, for two daya Employer*! wanted by a stead* wan. who understanda bottling liquors and packing well as porter in * store; la willing to make himself general v u-elul Can give good city reference as to honesty snd sobriety Any person in wsnt of a good and faithful man can hear of one by ealb Ing at No. 5 Vandewater si, room No. 16 'or two da vs. r- 1TUATION WANTED? BY A SOBER. STEADY ACTIVE ard trustworthy person as porter tn a store; i an write, and la willing to work and moke btmaWf gererally useful; good city reference from his last employer, with whom he baa spent the last two years. Apply at 216 Ontre up stairs, front room TO OKNTLBMEN FARMERS.?THE ADVERTISKR, 40 years f age and eight years tn this country. Is desirous of getting a permanem sliuailT with some gentleman: he understands *11 branches of farming and gardening and the care of horses and."cattle, has a wU? and girt IS years old, has lived only tn two plaots. Apply to his former employer Mr. Alien, 19 Piatt st WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE, STEADY. MIDDLE aged Scotchman, a situation as porter m a bank ng or -nmmlMsion house, or as light Dorter in a store; writes a good hand, baa the very beat down town reference tor sober, lamest and Industrious bub La. Address Nm. WalAer, aox 716 Post i clfice. I HfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUAO MARRIED V V T ? H-1.? mm I? .,.un..i.kU knlU or restaurant; apeak - French but cannot speak Kngliah; beat of iwriiM. Addrvas b 11? Herald olllne WANTED-BT A TEMPERATE YOl'WQ UN, A SITuttion in a private family M coachman; no objection to go in the rountry: understands the eare of horse* perfectly; will be can inl and t? billing to make hlmael' useful. Oan give good recommendaituna Inquire at 171 West dStth it, for two day a tir ANTED?BY AN INTELLIGENT YOUN1 MAN, It aboni 11 years old. a aituailoo aa bookkeeper or entry clerk, would base no objection to co to w?e respectable business Wages not io much in object fjr the liret year. Good reie-f nee can be given. Address 26J West dfith st, betweeu 9th and Kith a vs.. Kir two days. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY \ YOUNG WAN. acquainted with the tegar trade. Address A. B., Herald < dice, box 10V. WANTEP-BY A YOUNG MAN. WITU OR WITHOUT partial board, a room with a resoectaole private family living In a bouse with m od* rn improvements, where the comfort! of a home can be enjoj ed. Address John, box 6dl Post office, stating terms, location ka WANTED?A SITUATION ON A FARM, BY A YOUNG man can mow and cradle, an I can mske himself useful at any other bnilnevi thereon Can he seen at any hiur inside or three dsvs a; JSt! Mott ?U, near At. Patrick's cburcs. Good reference can be given. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN PROM ENGLAND, A sltiiatioo aa clerk or porter tn a grocery at>re; knows ths trade well; rr a"jthlcg he can make himself uiefui Is. Wages low. Address V a. R., box lit Herald offioe. m TirAVTin? A RITlTsTtOV il WllTIR IS A TOWS TT or conn'ry hotel, b; a younr man who un<1er?**n Is tin hnatnera. Plraae address Richard liaruhatn, box Utf Herald otto*. HEI.PW A STED-FE JLILES^ 4 WtlMBRR OF JUDITH ARE W\>TKD TO MAKE A. UP baby linen, alao, an experienced operator on Grocer A Baker'a arwlng machine Apply at ihe priralti door of M lint Broadway all tbl* week. A FEW LAPIRB A WD OKNTI.EBAN WAWTSP-TO er pace in a profitable li(ht Indoor hnalneaa, at which a rood liTlry can be made anywhere, aod can be done a home. ?R tequlr.d tar full 'nitrn-tlona and tool*. Apply at til Boweiy, room Wo. 1, up rtalra. (TOOI WANTED ? A good COOK, wahhir AND J Ironer wanted, at lilt lleory at . Brooklyn to wboa the biybesi wares will be (lvtn. Re otnatendationa required fn m lart place of aervloe. fiooK WANTED.?AW on IOINC, WOWAN WANTID > to rook and aaaiat lit waahtnr and l-onlng Apply .it 7H St. Mnrk'a place, between tbe h" ire of 10 and 12. NUBHC WANTKD-A MIDDLE AQRD ENGLISH OR American woman, comp- tea to 'ake full charre of an tnfaot. Apply with reoomwendatlnna, oo Wedneauay, u> Mr* Baker, IS* 8d nyenne, near Itth at. Paper box makrr wanted-a woman who ha* bad amor experience In the bnaln-aa can Had aleady employment at a calico print worka 13 mllea from the ity. App'yat Ro *1 Cedar atreet, on Friday, the 10th or July, from 10 to 12 o'clock *. M WINTRD-A GIRL TO ItO TIIK HOl'SKWORK OF A family of three per* me; the must hart* g'? >1 One s?i!efle<l wi h email wagee and a rood h'-me may apply at 2ft *? ?r at., Kroohlyn, near the Fulton ferry. WANT*!)-OlRt.8 TAKKN TO LTARR TO UPKkATB on Wheeler A Wltaon'a eewtng machine, also. employ era gnoplled with pood operators without eharpe. at U Ridge at, near Grand, anu at 214 West S6th at , near Hth ar. TV-ART1D-A NWlT YOl'NO GIRL, TO ATTFND "? chlldrrn an<l do rhambarwork. Vlnst ham R- ?1 rnf,-rrnrea Apply at 11 altn place Hnsiklyn. Ur A RTF. 1)?IMMROIATKI.Y, A FI ART R VTR OOOK, warher neil Ironer; one understanding her bualneaa oer feeily. Brat ur ouy refereneo required. Apply at 42 W. si 83d at WANTKD-A OI SI, WHO THOROUGHLY UMDKBa'anda washing and irorlng and cbamberworh. t'ae wh" ta able and wl ling to work a id can give ip>od ct'y rnfa reneea. may apply at 124 Forayth at this m rnUg. WANTKD-A FIRST Katic COOK. Wll4> THOROUGH ly tipderaiatpie b r h 'alnaaa to go % sh irt distance in the eottn ry, on ihe Hud-xm: none need app4r without the hest elty referenee. and can gel up in toe mor-Mrg without being ralli d Apply at *" I'l<''hsmbrra atreet, be,ween 10 aud 12 o'clock Rt doe- day morning. WANTED?A KUM.K AGIO WOMAN TO DO GKMi ral housework, i r'ncipally to en ok. wash an4lr><n;a rood girl may liau a home, apply I'rtim 10 to 4 at 96 Wait 1U It. WARTAD-AR AMKKH'AN, IN 4I.1RH, 8 tOTiTO OR German girl, to go a abort disanee in the country aa ehsmberirald and waiter Applj ai ITT *earl , ,,p stalrt. WARTKD-FIVK OR 8ix 111 on vrat hards, to baa', after bliger'e sewing machine, also, oae gurst hniten hole maker, hcne rtl.era naod apply. Call a' 227 Weat 26 h atrcel. TIT a NT KD?A WOMAN TO DO OFRRBaL floURRTt work tn a famtlr of three, must be a good p|?,n cmk, waGier ard trnner *d raey arrtWe- for a tidy woman. Gall at 106 haat Jftb at , between S and 6 I* M. WASTED- A GIRL A HI,It AND WILLING TO DO the general housework and oooktne of a small family. At ply I tt?M the hours ot 9 anil ISO'atoi k at 176 Amos at. TjLT ANTED?A OOOH Wi I.LIN ? GIRL. TO DO WASH" lag and Inmluf and general housework to a family where another girl ta kept. None hut a 6rsi ram hand with good 9th aveanea, tfiit'Oo > ? WET NlUtHV WAKTF.n-OKK Wt'O ft ?B A COMFORTable home and rua atea food refer-t eea *n ta?e ^htr (t Of an Infant two w.eke -Id; aa Am?rl"?n tamlly preferred. Apply at Ml henry at., Brooklyn. near lonth ferry. \iri!?TK'?- A OIRH roA OKNFRAI. IIOCTH1C WORR, fR TT a email prtrate family . am< be 4 Rood plain e "A. waaber nrd Imner, ? ??e? l-p?w month to a competent per on. Apply al *4 Weat Twenty aer-nth ?L, near Ntlth arenno. WANTED-A GIRL, TO DO ORAhRAl. HOmCWORK In a in all family mnet be a e eel wa*h?e aud Irrner aai) e>tma well reoomineaded. Apply at 197 William si, third ?tory. U^ARTKIV-A BR A MNTRRNH, NURAR, OH AMIIKRV AID nook. waller Rtrl and Ian drenn, the very heat erar-a will he g1v?n to eitlter ooloratl or whl'a Appl, a. No. 7 lltb at, enteral dnnra went of Broadway. WANTin?A OIRI. AN NURBS tn HO IN T||R OOUN try: one that la kind tn children nad wll'lrr*. mnat hate toed iwreree from her lait plare. Apply at 2*1 Went liHh at. between Kth and '.ah area. ll'AHTKn A FIRAT RATS COOK. WARMER AND ?T Ironer, In a prlTate family Good rel.-retios required. Apply at At Kant Hmadway. imtrt 11IU II n'nlnek 1R7AITFRS WANTED TWO TOt'N ? *|>N THAT t'N TT deretand the bnalnee* and hare heen acena'otn d to the nee of rh-eka m iy find a permanent el nation an I * *>d a area hT anrltlnt between the bonra of 7 and II o'alock A. M., at (blllni' r< llee room, 71 Murray at. iy ANTED-AN IXTERIENORO GIR1, TO DO Til* Tf *< r. rai ho IMWPft f.l a a nail fRiatty PI in lea 1-001 :he city. None need apply nnleea wlatlnp a 0 miaoent home In the country Apply at 33 Wont 12th at., between Kth and 7th areiiiiee. WANTED?A NWABT. TIDY API Hie. PROTKSrAAT per ferrt-d, who imderntanda conking in all I a breaches, and will dilhe wenhlr* nrd iron'n*. I po In M>e nonntry, rv\r Hartford Oonn Mn*t have the heat 'I references. No n her need apply. Good wapee Rlren. Apply at (IS Joraltmon it, Brooklyn. i)-II NIIIRT FININHERR, FITTERR ARDBTttnUERR wt wanted at Ofeen'a rnlrt m?nnf*e*ory No I Aator tifniae: none hot 11 ret Hana h?nda need apply; to thone con atanl emphijment and the hijheat crises paid. %a 1 vf.t a\i> u^roiu. YY -NOTIt' l TO MQOOR l?tAf.?RN.-I HAYS t .A .A. reef, if for mnlilnir ale that earnttt be re or> !f?d fn m A'bart a e elihee N) mate oe lie.It? and can tie tn -.|r f.t ft per barrel. Any person ??' lev me* will reeetee the IP r I e by rt mm mail. At'dreva Adolf hkad -r, I awreao*. RMW 1 ot unty, Sraaaaeti'iaetta. I mil GOOD*, AO. Black akd Wainc cbbok *m> umrn dobtrkb, F?>r $1 tO each i AtBRBKWAN A OOMT AMI'S, p 473 Broadway. BAKCOK A0BJB8 WITH KIOH OHIJITZ PLOUNCW, * iknprUiif hm of Ik* Bwl Beautiful udltiorM I ?? ??. 1 7 MKKMAK A OOKP^SwT****"" **' 473 Broadway. j DRILL1AMTB, k D Debege, 1 lad chalBee for a Travdltng dreeere, 0 300 ptvcee hudpran plaid ehaUlee, 12X oenia. ti )iqun chintz brtlUaate '?'a ??iiU, a oa-v-in, 1 5 am whit# brilliant, 2*, oente, yard wide 700 pleoea tut ooloicd liwai '.'.i een'n. obeap. 1 LkXaMUKR J OUT. J One price only. 31 and S31 nharioe (treat, 1 3 donra above Monroe. b ? I, COLLARS, BMBBOTPRRRD BITS AND B kRDB, Cabroldered k ?t*? and laoonet aete, I hmbmldered 8 vine and j -nonet oollarn, J Eaada and liutinelnge for baeauee. In e ery width, g BeUlnc off below enet or importation. rl By BtRKMAW A JO. 473 Broadway. a Damask tablk cloths and NaPKIMb.?omr or a the Sneet aaaortments in the cl'v at A TaK LlNKN 8TORR. n 748 Broadway, above Aa'or place. _ 8 J 0 M1LL1KRN A CO . Proprletore. a nl EMBROID4RIR8 LACKS, BAfQOKS, AC. ' BUCK MAN A CO.. 473 Broadway, ' Are celling off I The balance of tbeir (Jock of * KMBKOIDRHIKS, LACEB AND BABiJURS, o Below oeet of Importation. -??> , BMHROIDRKIR8. > Great tale of trimmed (embroidered eeta at one third the * actual value. v ORNIN'S BAZAAR, ? 313 Broad ? ay, 8t Nichelu Hotel. " LAD1MB' TRAVELLING WRAPPERS, W la black ar d white cheek, ' ft fid, S3, MOO. V BULPIN'8, d Ml Broadway LACES, KMBROI V)l RIK8, BIBftONS, TRIMMINGS, t fringes and fancy dry goods wanted In exchange for a ell located lot In Fortle'h street near Third avenne In- o quire of CHRISTOPHER J. CLARK, 186 Seventh avenue. Mantillas. Oar stock la now ? Being offered at an Immense Ben oetlon In price, 1 To clone the teaaeo. " Paris mantillas, * 361 Broadway. , GEO. BtTLPIlT. ' MOURNING OOOD8?MOURNING GOODS. J Pine black bareges .11 cents per y'd. Pine black crape maretz 31 cents " ' Fine tissues, yard wide 31 cents " J Pine French lawns and orgtndy mus 0 lins.earranted Mullhoune,'astoolo a, ]}^ eta, " Pine lawn and organdy robes, war ranted Mullbouse, fas'colors >1 " per robe. : Very handsome summer silt 60 cents per y'd. Bevrral lota of black granadiner, yard wide, at a great bargain. W. JACKSON'S new mourning store. j 161 Broadway, betw een Spring aud Prince streets. p MANTILLA8I m iNTILLASt o Brl'tng off at a great reduction. By BEEKMAN A company, ITS Broadway. j Military and naval embroideries.-should " er straps, cap fronts, cuffs collars, Ac., embroidered in best style; go.d and silver spangles, stars lanes and ornaments. Masonic, 1. O. 0. P. and society regalia; jewels, robe? caps, swords masks ??d emblems; rosettes and badges for societies aud excursion oommiilees. at t< k cop B?', W Broadway. a PbIMPTON'8 MOSQUITO NETS?OH BAP, TASTY AND 'durable, attached to any form of bedstead, to swing on and off at pleasure. Also. Plimpton's secretary bedstead, sold by the patentees, at 62 White street. New York. tJ A SPRING AND SUMMER SILKS I He litre at so per tent less than former prices. By BKEKMANA COMPANY, 473 Broadway. , ________________f Silks, t Silks, 3 Silks. Another large lot of summer silks. Is. 6d. 1 ISO pieces handsome goods heaa'tfu. quality and fashionable J colors, 3a 6d., worth 3a. Ladies will do weil to call aud see ( these goods, all new. ALEXANDTB JUST, , SI ,nH AS COhBCna art nUl 1 doors shove Monro*. j Selling OPT i si?r.uon worth or dry goods , At the linen hall. SSI Bowery. c la oonseq uenoe of the ? Dsaige anststned Uy firs and water, GAR A co. . WU1 offer for isle on this and the following day* Their entire Monk of dry goads ' Fifty par cent below former prtoaa: Constating of . Irish linens, , Ilka. Shawls, ' Vranch lawns, rmhretderfi, i Sheetings, muslins, Marseilles quills, Ac., do., And a general aaarrtmrnt of dry goods. , If. R.?All must be sold without reserve, as the store will i shortly be closed for rspslra. : TUI "BBBIlflCB" CIRCULAR AT N, , oral In style and material. Being of beautiful clouded MankaaeM. , WllTbe opened on Monday. June 9. At BPlJMfrg. Ml Bread nay ? MVHB "IFHIOBBIB" CIR TULAB, ' X A saw and beautiful garment, : In black sad wkMn mm ,, At M. I A large rwtaty will be opened E On Monday ,J ana % !. AiBULTIIPS, Bo. an Broadway ^ THK LABTWBIK FOR B SRIAIlfH. - ? LB IIOUTILLI# R It R< (THERM will rinse their Canal _ street store on Ruturday eveulag, as builders onmmruee oallng down on Monday nest. Su 1 a grvat variety of goods, J anaaper ibao ever. P Organules. lawns, silks barege robes. Trawl,leg dresses, ribbons vhawls and ~ Amb lrri?*n pufflrinntly low. | H (old Ifo CO) Omr.fcl four d?>on f'om Hro*d#aj. j aTVat|lAi*LRU ITViriO IUAU1DUI MAM LIT AC U -rr?- - -,i mnmm . Of Broadway, II Y.-Madame Banonl, alaterof Madame ol Amnl, fftm bar apoetal alien uoe to all RMaaf Praatf . tmbroldonea to order, laMala. aaoilopta*. P*M. At c ir^nlili aad^fcll ? nik'lAWOTCl orm ks. c A T MORRIS rpHRRRT IPO I.Vn nR t*I>WAT, PR. F| A traoreln Franklin atr-et, m*y be to ind a larjn number J of <)*rn an. Knpllab, Hm.trh mi l Irl.h ?er*?nta, for mteli and ?l prt 'M<- fam'tlra, both for city and noun'ry; alan po*obm?'n, It whiter*. ra'denera hod larmrra, ht till* or ot IJb "trenn- ' wlrh atreet OIIUATIORH ARE H'lW READY EOK THIRTY WO 1 ?r m?n lp kood famHIe* to or It waata, hod Iron well, rod ll nthrr r-hpi oiitr*; al-o elrht Proteannl ptrla ran no *ult*d Ira media'' p'-rm roruplh"ea a1 bleh w n:e*, ai the Kerwrata f] Row fpatllute IV 11 h at . corner of 6t*t aeenoe J ?' vA) A RTBI)? AT MAR UREh.N R DOMESTIC AOKN.'Y. f FY 7l -> "pta-* a', t?n 0??>k? " '.be bout . lax*; hlao wal'er* *rd r i*hlr help for the brat hltna ion* In tin and c moiry. Raw* reduced rJ TIT'ATEH T M N > I > IATSLT?AT THR RIW RMPl.oY S TT rreol Ofll' 0 Mo 1 IIP Hoiad ?? altiih Ion* for w?l?"?rt errant* a'no, wall recommended aerranw tor end a Invluna. All kind* of help Bent to the ?> nlry K trance tbrmgb tba _ thll. ^ WARTFP-S n.KRKS POR TICKET ARP R?MPPTR'? JJ ? 2 h' krepepe ? clerk* for dry R eal* had fi?"ry*toraa. Iterm ctora inpr ? drtT?m 1 b?gca<?men, brekri. *n I : ir r- 5 men for ?U'htTf r?, 1 -m > . ?r _ keeper* and 4 bora f>e trade* and auirea Apply to KAUPMaRAOARRaTi TOO Hmhdway. ArAPTEP-a ri.RRK FOR A HTRaMKR, A *Ot?K " " keeper for a aaw mill, a elerk tor a ablpplnR office, two fl portrra tor atorew three brat rate harkeep r* *.i men F t a J low 1 >ht and one alewarltaa. Apply ht tilMiRH A C'1'8, T f Aaat Itroadwhy. el THE TRADEtl. *] AN AK8AYER. MKTALCRtilRT, ARA1VTOAI. CTTE- * mlat and mlr-r la In want of a altuall<mwni* attention haa been eapeclally duwr-.d to troa, nopper. land and and* aab " ataaafaottira Add/eta Pklllp Rotliaa Jooea. Herald otBoo *1 AYOITRtl MIR Ik YEARS Of AOR WTSHRM TO i learn axae reapeetable trade, hat n* worbwl la oaa l>f>M Op , Blpniii < a TOl'HO **N AROOT H4KYKRTKKR OR KiollTKKR ^ A re?ri nf age. wltben in learn a uade, either pPun'ier. " itrnmlUi carpenter or ntalr builder ran be well recommend- *' cd Addr?ae P. M . Herald of) ta, for three daya ARIIfcT - WANTKIt. A FIRfT RATH AMRRnTTI'R , and pkntngrapklt arttet. nae who thoroughly i.udnrrtandn [ hla Y uatnnee nnnn other* need apply to Iaaa<- A. Hlaiiralt, a, Ml Orerowteh ?t . earner of Harelay. X AWATl-WMAKPR WARTID?APPLY TO JOHN I Foley a. I Bow err A BUR' 'TVl'TPT WANTtn-TO TA?R rilAROf OF A a ga.lery la the nltr. Apply with rererenoe at I'endlntna k gallery. Rn. A Ck* kam aqoare u URtllNKRR WARTRa-WARTRn. IRRtlM ATRI.Y, AR ? li engineer, *ki kae run an rntlne. in adlntlllerr. tvme el Dihern need apply. Apply at the aorner at tooth let and Pro- rgpt?(?., Jwrpey nty. rRTOR I iTTTTKRR ?THIRTT FRKKRTOR1 Cl'TTItRR n wtnwd Immedia'e y. in go to Bunion Apnlr at the "?na a of ike Freeetnne Jereer l.lttle Falla Manufacturing Ownpaay, fl Rn 1 IIannrer Rnlld!n(i. Hanorer ?| tare - hi r> ROINKRRS. RAI'.ROAH OOMI'ARnM. HORPORA V) lb>ne, Ar , Ao ? a ctrll engineer and enrvnynr of many 1 earn eipertenre In al preaent dlarngaged, and would i Aider lake nnrretn preparation nf plan*, An , An ; ha* a n nek of i (Iri't rate lenrnwep!* Addreae A. R , nlril engineer and ' eurretor, Ikii Irtl Herald nH<-a, fur Iwu we-dt?. ol In r) WATf'HM AK IRS ARI1 PI. ATFM AR KRS-W A NT r, en Immediately, a good watchmaker in go a ahort din L tanre 'n ti e emu try, and a platetnaker, f.rr Itatiimure aim n rllrereml b* frr Pr v'rrnee R |. Apply to Mnlatnih A On a.i MJ? Pine ? , from 10 to 1 o'clock. ' _ TO PH<.T<d?RAPB?RA - WARTRil, A V'HTVI M AR C futly enmeetenl "> lake < harg- nf the nrmtiiur detaari' ^ mnnt of a gallery. Apply at No $M? Hroadway. m \\ Ml III.*, JKWKI.RV, dW% (OOTN ARRHTH miRTT HARM BUT A RMRHin - it J t'taamwda. yraev nn rtunee, Ann Jewelry, of fngPah 'reweh and Amerlean man n fan) n re; nt'r. r and plaled warn a All of t-pnt material and wnrkmannfcip; nertonlfiee and at n dqnae Ike adrentner kaa hear known in thle e?f for thlrt) f am an nta n alning ike matin wnall profit* and quick re y area. Ro API Broadway. two Awna ahnre tmltr FreeA tl( rH* Of NT ftlt? (NIMMITTCf OR aR'lH flOUA A 1 "? *re Inrpad ton?4?. i/rein Anrlok'nJ> watry ptor* 11 |> S|7?|>e' rtipn and gnbletr and a>? V rehle P'a'od "Iipt and roklet- ?--My nkaeed, Antee ke nffnn ti >?i ft 1/1 Afearh. Lotrfp IRRTmt d IP? Rroadwar w -.-norpfmni Anaity WmpA m UMMKH Imwaw. k COMPLETE 8UMHKS HOUSE ? a BO YE THE BOi EL lands? icasery nufntfleent?ronu unequalled ud e eclally edaptedto lamlUee; water ud lee .uu 1m raised, not bought frelle of all hinds abundaai; Iarm lodmu. Per ulreulars and particulate sail at Mo SM Broai '*] r aKK MOHKGAN BOUSE 18 NOW OPEN POE 8Uk Li* mer boarders, al uaied four ail lea aal of Pnekskll si ?ge; accessible by ulnlii on Hudson Hirer Railroad aa Uamboal Island belle AdJress A W. Palmer, Pans skill Lf AttHON HOUSE. LONU BEAMOH, N. J., IE M01 XI open and ready for the recnpHoo of guaeta. The shoe ouae nae been newly deooraud, and erery stop inhea I sen re the comfort and ooasenlmoe of the boarders. Boats boat one hundred yards from the sen shore, fronting oa th seen (bur hundred fret, will accommodate three inadre carders Bo ate lease fool of R ibtneon street dally. *as'L LAIRD, Ptnprtmm. kTIW TORE BAT HOTKI. 3>? MILES PROM JBR8K 31 Clt ferry by pank road, situated on tne bay of Mat ork, la now ouen tor Iran Irnior permanent board. tioo athlng and flaking oa the premises. Omnibuses . from th erry hourly. DBQUUT HOUSE. MEW LONDON, OOMM.-THIB PA L sortie summer hotel is now open for the reoewttoa o urate The house la delightfully situated at the month of th. Iser Thames, oa Long Island Sound It la elegantly furnished nd possesses superior adsaaUges for aea bathing, ? IH-y a hlng; It has been newly painted and put In complete repair no Improvements added 'o Its former accommodations. It k coemable to New York by steamers Oommouwealth and Ooa > uiiou'. or by railroad vw new tiaven, aioo ojr Leaf uwi talirnad oonDeotlux at Greonpert with steamer Catnhne nd 'acting at a wharf a few rod* from the bo una. Irerr la llltg wltl be afforded the gnes-e that will promote their plea ore and comfort T. G PsOEaR V HupertnUwxlent. 30CKAWAY.?THE BRIDIE HAVING BKKN UNDBS .\ repairs bring now frJly completed and the hotela al pened, are now ready to rceelrr their friends. 1*A BATHING.?I81JP PAVILION, LONG ISLAND D J now open and ready for the reeepUon or guesta. Dlalanm > Iillp 45 mUea per tmng Nlaod Railroad; leave at 9 A. K nd 3H P M.; alao by eteamer Boreamer from foot of Bobtn M> ctreet tri weekly n WRT HT Proprietor JRa BATHING.-NaTIONal HOUSE. LONG BRANCH 5 New Jersey, Is now open for the reaep'lon of visiters, erro* the mime as last year, f 10 per week Persons wish'up i enrage rooms ean do so by letter Three steamboats leave ally from the foot of RoM? son street North rtvsr. W( HJLM A N 8TOKRR, Proprietor. r TOURISTS?SUMMER KEHOR1.?LAKB DUNMOB1 Honse, Salisbury, vt.?This delightful summer resort It pen for the season. The honse Is new spacious and airy, everal cottages are attached. Situated at the baae of the Green Mountains on ths wnt ear the border of a lake five miles In length by one In width i a locality unrivalled for beauty of soeoery and for Its sain iriouiand Invigorating climate, eight miles distant from putIc thoroughfares. It offers to those desirous of a quiet moos, kin retreat for the summer all the enjoyments of the ooontrp rlth -he amusements found at the best watering places. Tbe lake Is stocked with fleh of various kinds, and the neighlorlng mountain streams afford an abundance of trout. Access to the placets from Brandon or Mlddlebury, both or he Rutland and RnrUngton Railroad, either about sight mDac is tan t. where conveyances ean be had at all times. Pamlliar. r persons desirous of remaining a month or more, will line he terms very moderate. Route from New York to Albany r Troy, railroad from either plaee. jar A. 8IMON8. Superintendent. Rausbvkt. June 1. 1817. HOUSES, ROOMS, ?fcC., TO LKT. EN ELEGANTLY V URN'SHKD HOU8K IN WEE* A Vnnrtpmith nfpppt tn l#?t fv 4 or 10 mnnthfl In s gma!1 rivate ramtiy, who will board two adult* In part payment oil mi, term* very low until November. Adoreaa box 1,884 Fast ffloe. A VERY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FIB8T CLASS (V three t'ory and barmrnt beiine to let. for three or six numbs. in Went Twelfth street, near ulxth avenue; everything ar housekeeping. Bent lion per momh. B. W. RICH (BD8. 307 Broadway. A FIRST CLAPS THRBK STORY ARO BA8EMRN1' . henie to let. below West Twenty tb rd atree', nouvenieni ' ) the Sir ill and Klghlli aver ne cure Yearly rent very low, fit); furniture, a por ton or the whole may be purchased at u ilr valuation. Apply to B VV. R (ill RP8, 307 Headway. | a MICE THREB STORY AMD BASEMENT HOUSE TO ^ let. In Writ Twenty eeventh street, very convenient to be care and *ta?M, nomple* witb eaa flxture*. bath, ranee, IP. Yearly rent SAW. Poiaemlou Immediately. B. W. HCHaRDS, 307 Krondway. A GOOD THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET?IM BROADtL way The dwelling part, ten room?: vicinity of Unban <mare. Family golag to Europe. Furniture abo .t 860>l, wtU ie (old at a fair valuation. Rent $480. B. W. RICHARDS, 07 Broadway. rvSSK ROOM CAM BE HAT IM A MEAT OFFICE, OM U flret iloor aboee the Apply on the prem<aea, to R. TOTTRN, real reive And Hock broker, til Naaaau elrae 1. rt'R SPACIOUS LOKT8 TO LIT. 2.'i BY 90, AT U N ASwu street, opposite the Post oIHm At 1*8 per month. Ipply on the premiers Co id cr. and shelving foe sale aAcaqp * ? iTORK TO LBT?AND K1XTCRE8 FOR BALE, WITH ' J or without a amat) And ?el .isix.rtAd atock ol' ehlua. rlitea, rockery iiiid atom w.ire Inquire In Ida store. No, ldU Ki*ntfc > .?enu?, of H. B. HAW XBtFHnT. N. 11 -Butiefaotory reason? * wliln*. rl.IT-A LA Rill ?UJLDIN<i IN WR8T NTS TIT, below OortlandL, entire, or each floor aad cellar aepaaie. Appl* at 3Z9 Broadway, oorner of Barclay street, lure' loor, rooaa No. *6%. PO LBT-TWO PARLOKH, ONB HITTINQ BOOK, TWO 1 bedroom*, kitchen, with waab tuba, boiler ran ye, Ac, rater rloaeta, (as, ornamrnial oroloea, ranlt e l tending undo ourt yard to street, aud within f wty four mlnmes ride of Otty lall by Rlthth ayenue ear* and la No 10 of a row of twelve leanilful souse* on Fifty flrat rrnet, near Eighth ayenue. lib* iuire at 31 Ooentle# altp second floor or on ue prnmlaaa r LOT- LOWER PART OF HOUPR ON NORFHIAJIV oorner of Wythe avenue and Kmh street. Williamsburg, lunae in aood order and location derlrtble. Beat low. Apily to B II WOOLLKV. on the prealaea. rO T.ST?THE HOltSK Jit WKhT TWINTY RIGHTS atreei, on aa IflmM teeSA, atS eery low rent; it la D ne botiae, three atarir* and hancm-nt, with all themodeintaroyemrnta, aituutW oppoei e a large private park It may e aeen any day frmn 10 lo 1 apply to J. tf. EBhlKSON a SO.. 10 Bp rune street. ? r() LET M WENT FARTY WBH STREBT, NKAS Tenth aienue, ooitay bouae, a", tilprr month. Apply rit door for ker?, and to W P JONKB. Its Water timet. no I.ET-HOCBK S6.1 WENT TWENTY TII1BD RTRIBT, L oorn.-r oi Tenth arecue, recently palo.ed and la Cottle la order. For kaya apply at It Wall street. rnnaa II. O. S. SLACBON. rO LET?A CORNSR K'TORl; AlJtO. A COBNBB BAB*, m- nt. The rore corner of Bowery aad Madlaon street, be baaement oorner ol B iwery and llooeerell atreat. Bern} iw Poeeeeatoe hntseetaieiy. Inquire at tflO Pearl aireet. TO LET?I* BolTII BROOKLYN A OORNER RTORB I and dwelling at a rerr low rent aad vary aaay pay, alao fenierl three auiry brick house, bnarnu-it ainl tub r?llnc At, marble manlele, Ac , All m prime order. Real RIM) lot ret rlaea tenant None other need app'y. In ulre of C. K. aLlAitlO, tt Water -tre?t, New York, or at the oorner o.' Union etrrel and wbiRyam. Brooklyn near the property, r i 1 KT--A THRBK BTORY AND BtSEMKNT MODHB, wuh Harden In front. In Rood order. No. 137 Weal Forty* ivth alr-el, between Broadway and SUthatanue. Poaaeaaaic nmeriaie R. nt Rm prr month. Inquire of JOHN A. IUFK, I II tame L no LKT-PART OK A UBNTBBL HOI HR. NO It) HKNKL ' L atreet, near Market Bent low lo a respectable family. D'ptlrr on the preoilare, In the bMrmerti. ro I.FT-TO A MALL (IKBTKEL FA Mil.Y TM RKtire dwelling port of the brick bailee, 4TO Pearl iimi, be" ii I>?ihim Milt WiriBm atreete. In good order, with g< k. nd eatln pacer on wnl'e. and n<| ing decorated. Will be lei w to n food ten*nl Inquire on t?e p rem tree. PC' I.RT?< N I.KXIBOTOK AVKKCF KBAB TWKKTTL flth ttrec' a very de? rtbl< large three entry bonne tC *et irrnt wlih m ! rn linprorrtnentn, nod In nlen orler. leal only Mto Ull Mnr t'*? be hvl longer It wanted. K B. K I.VeHtmtit. .tilt fourth aveene. rj LIT?OK TWIBTV SlCoKD RTRKBT. BKTMTBEJg r fth and Mvlh mreiie, n nice ihien atory brick hooan, i?t out 'n fine order Aim. n three ?iory banemr?t bngwoa oiirth avenue, n< * Twenty Qnh erect. Bent moderate E B. KfrttlliMFtt. Sl? Fourth nennan. ro LIT- A DABDHOMKt.r TWO RTONT atd nttla houae Furniture new In day laat Rent fV r week, payable weekly, In advance. Apply on the prepare. #7S One a' atreet rt.RT?WITH IWtntATB FOR-K?mOK. A HAelrable bonne, with all the m dern Imprieementa. at liO wenij I-urthrreet, between Stvhttad Seventhav*a>c?. Una. hear. Apply nl 121 W??t Twenty r nrlh atreet, no LIT OB LBASK TriK NIW H'JtBL, fJB AKD CM' I Broadway, elegantly lorn<ebad. now doing n Ural rain nalneaa. Ilea en elaran' bamxitn ana billiard room, with belan'a table* Apply at the bar, op ?Ulr?. r BINT-TUB tJFPBB FABT OF A HOCRR. TO A. mail family or mum for ttlngle icentleman. unfornMbed. >pply at 3W Fonrth area tin. ARTROLOOY. HI) ?(TI.4IRY0YA Wf'K.?MR*. HalFA. W) RROOMV .1'"". atrcet, neer Buwrrv. la lha onlv r >rr> d rlairvnran* i ll?* York elty, that run .lismrer and rum dloeaaen. ami nd nhaeiit frhnda, by clairvoyant night. Mr*. Ilayoa hit* no [|umI. Haliafactlon guaranteed la all cama, or no pay. I>r. lajrm, electrician. Hi $rmm* RTRRrr.-oLAiRToram7M.-KA*. utJ.U HOUR, a faw rt,..ra ami f Rmartwny, Urn am* ou*mafnl mnlioal and laataeai riairmyaal la A marten. *11 laaaaaa dlaoorarad aad cured. U e,mbla 0 ami lag mlrtaa m nairraa, ahani ftiaada. Ac.. aad m-iafhaMoa gaaraataad. W opay. v \ inn wrmrwii7h rtrbkt. nrar chamrrrr.>1 1 All agree klmlam- * v K la tha w.eidrr of Ilia aga, *) M a atndy not r acted nhb p urea .logr, wbioh eonblac bar to ill your aga, rbarac er a d rirr mouumaa. whether y ?u win a wealthy, when you will marry, aad natnolnhae all who tall bar. Aha la aaafaad by Madame Pa dor*, tba aalabraiad alrmraat / A II ARTROLO# 1 .IT THAT BRAT* TUB WORLD-AMD \ (Ira thnuaand dollara raward M offmad * nay ona who M rrrrata Mad. ci.irTOR laflrtngnorroc* ctatmaenta on all recta parttanlnrly "?aaa. !.. ?nl?? n?.l ?i' i"*1raaa nv-ra ba alanglreo lnriy m.m*rm. Any p-rwm *(*! ! to ..Main iformaHnn of any kind, wold <V- wal' to ?*l> and ana Uila na ral glfVd lady. M. B- ^1*11 Piy.f* onraalraa Raaldawca 1*8 OreAard atraat, batwoaa Honttom M Rtantrat ctrwrda . pTfi?l?m*P TO ALL IMPAWT MORROW, THA I taerenth daughter ban . natoral (tttotelial th? roac?rri* ' life arm tba \ cry Ihomh'a. aid ahnwa tha Itkaneaa of tba tended bwabaad and ahat nt Menda; aad entire* aaaady mar. ... who will all enjoy tba griataat matrimonial bib. am) ? ,1 lurk ihRonifb Ufa. 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