Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7617. AFFAIR8 OF THE METROPOLIS. ArguMit on the Injunction Case Against Mr. Conover. Vwrut for tke Arrest of Mr. Devlin and Seizure of ths Itreet Commiasioner'a Papers. Verdict of the Jury on the Victims of the Late Riots. Tfe&iiife aod Sixteenth Ward Rioters Convkted Ae Aldermen Still Bold On to the Police Property. ffc> ftftuHw^ Twim of Settlcncnc wick I be 0M Polk*. Miw Meeting in Defence of MuniCipak Rights. OTDMMfe OP THE MAYOR AND OTHERS. PROPOSED DIVISION OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Vbm Black Republicans Preparing for tbe Next Election, Jta, Ac., Ac SHE INJUNCTION CA6E BEFORE JUDGE ROOSEVELT. asecxEKT on * ? raiLiuiHABT QnenoN 0LOSV>?TBB DIC1B10H TO H OIVBN HUT TCC8ur. rrramn oornT-nKui nam. AS* Manor, AUtormm, At , of Ike Otty of fiew Fork, en Mmtki D. Cbnowr.? Tbe argument in Ihle ceae m re art yeeterday at 11 o'oloeK A. It Mranrr er en. c. nor*, conwai ron n. r>. conoma, omnmne. PrnettoaUy tfcla te an application to reotraln the Street OeemWoner dt facto from taking poeeeeuon at Ijia offioe, ha reeeiT'ar the nnnrim t nwi.m for lanlfr mr. kr*k| the duties of hie office. The principle of the lew IB that ee Inunction cen he (rented to restrain en officer dkfmeto frost receiving or holding anything pertelningto Me cffioe. Fraud ii frequently discovered hy the ffiecharge of an officer; bat If the hooka, paper*, he., ean he withhold from the new officer, that Mm ca? never be oeoertalned. I dont know whether that baa anything to do with the determin 4 rtaiataace in thle eaae to the firing up of these books. Am a g moral principle no oonrt ever grenta an Injunction enemy proceeding* in ita own court. The granting of thie tndunctlon would be doihg no, for thie ooort or a Judge cf baa ordcied three hooka, paper*, he , to be glreo op to Me defendant, and Ibis inane ion would *tay the execnffian ef thai decree. The (rotate express'./ dealerea that whan an offieer'a time hea expired, or when he ia reaaeved, he muat gtre up ell the papers, book*, he . coaneetad with or appertaining to hit office. If be doea not, he la guilty of a misdemeanor, peniahable by fine and imfrtenment. If bo tboold even refuse to giro np any one paper, he can be arrested, punlthed for a misdemeanor. and there I* no power glren by which the proceeding* ngffitet him can be itayed. The Court asked the oonnf el If the acta of Mr Oonoror, <M?b fain fcreet Oommiwloncr, should ho afterwards he doetdeo mot to be the Street Commissioner, would bo hmnlama aid bis entries .a the booke legal salrtesf m. Neyea mated that the acm, eatrlea and deed# of wary officer dt/ax> ware legal and binding to eetrybody bet himself. A Comptroller of this city held his office nearly tba whole term when be waa cot elected, bat bia acm while dt /ado Comptroller wero legal and bladtag span the city and every body else. After a lengthy Uneaten he wee aaperteOed, bet that in no way sheeted the Vf his official ode. gr Noyea continued hia arcur-ent at some length, citing enrtoua author ills* to rstebliah hi* claim that aolajuactlon Mil ffiffi nav MnnliAd for ata b? rrmU?d hi thin UN. 100110**1 or CAKtE B. t'T!.P, (OlTWl "OB TBI OL\:HA<rHL Both litigant* in thl* cue claim to b? the Street Commie Mm it jure. That la notblog a Doom moo among cooteetaah for an office, but what la uncommon la that tbey both Mp to bo the da/ooto occmbentof the office. Oao la mTb wile h/hm lawanbeai he aAid|( tfthi? court: km other lo hckl to be the dt Sireet C6?iuiIM*JU? wy BoM*}?r aad Commonality or Oil* city, and do other pereon B reoogolaed by thorn aa eocb officer. He maintained tot Mr. Dev:ln la the dt fae'e Street COmmtaetooer. The ouklmi of Judge Peabody waa no more than the declaim of any Juatloe of the peace or police matiatrate; he did not make hie daemon aa a Todge of the Supreme Court; be OKVaeaaf} declared tbar and *j) the nooaael mamu.ned fee aame d'.r j>p U- bad not even the power to mmd for wltofMor ^^F?*ti them to attend. thai do mat in, oontrary U, rfH^JBe learned conneei on the ether aide maintain, may be reviewed aad rereraed by Ikk coort or the ocurt of final appeal*. The Common Qpnacll baa power at aay time to aetae the paper* and hooka la the Street Gommiaa oner'* office, andpUre tbcm wherever raid Com son Coencli deetree. They bare Direr err d to declare where the Street Commiaaiooer almaelf aball bare,h e office, aleo where the book* pertain kg to tun office ahall be kept, J It la mile* from hi* office, aad, I nndervtand, there la e reeolotion now before the Common Ooutell lor th? dlspnaltlon of theee boob* and paper*. Tin I* a proper owa for your Honor to interfere Vy meana of an injunction Scppaer there waa a content bataneu two prnwine claiming to be the oaehler of a beak, emd one of them threatrocd to remove the money from the veulte ot the bank, would not the Court Interfere to prevent that act which would deetrny the beak IteelP Ho than Id It Inter fire her* to movent Mr. Jonover from get Mag bold of the book* ana panert of the S root Commlaffieaer'e office while Mr Devlin la the <1- fttcio rent CommlMloner. If ha ebould ce. them 11 would naase an Interruption la the eiercl'e of the nffioe, tor the kty. through lie Mayor and Como on Oouncil, reoogn'aea a* Street Commtmlooer ?xcept Mr DavUa. The public In kraffi require* every office to be died, aad by a permoo who can execute it* function*. The Court wtil protem the yab&e intercut la tbl* regard The ciuneel went on at eeme length lo show that thl* waa a proper one* fbr the granting of aa lemon toe, aad ffial aa* ahouid bagraated by the Ciert. Be ctueed by ahmhttag the following point* ? imam or namm. a. *khu>, oocmwl eon two ranrrw L The Of Igle of the rule elated I* Jerome k Horn waa ka*equity would not ink* oogulaaao* of a oa*e purely ft BM urtfim ?tir? the injury oauld V? aMMd fbr la dai'f" to b? eeaeaaed It ft jury. Z Pnt tho role la oonfload to praclaely each ft cs?0. Vtm lb? remedy at law would for aey rMNB be .nedefOWte equity will great relief fta for evamytft where the n,ury a root nuoo*, and oow ahte of repeat* : acta for which Dumber of tu.H ouchi hare to be brought, or the damage* wteeaeed by ft jury mader ftoy eetabliefced rulftft would be .oedequaie rally to friraft the wrong, or the act to be restrained la oee of o pharartar to produoe what la called "Irreparable" hgary. And thla word "irreparable" doe* not tr.rao ch Injury aft bo human meana whatever oould tarnish lEf malty fur, but merely rich aa from iha aerera aharftcter would greatly pmjud'.ae pcbUo and private rtghta, aid the ordinary proieaa of oourta might aot gtva pmtatl aatlafhetloa fbr the injorr. Other JtwtradcB* are girt o ta Story, eee TbP, arWlng eat of the peculiar charaetrr of the property over the judicial power A to be exerclntd. In addition to those there ?o((?red rurpaee the MM of oee who, under a mare c aim ta as on.oa, propone* to lake poaiaaiian of a oocrt room, or of the papera of a oanty and record* of the clerk of a oourt. hough there be a lodged* feci la poaamatoft or the former, and ft clerk <U ft, c la pom a* atop of the hter Z theae hooka vera bought by the e.wporat on of iha any. paid hr by them, relate to a city office and city aflhlra wctnawety, aad are certa-n'y the property of the city aa maah aa the arohlre* of the 4ate Departinest at Alhary ara the property of the Stain. V owe have* a dleputed and douMfal claim to the office af Secretary of Stat* tbould threaten to take pomeaalcw of awah arcklrei, ta there aay doubt that a proper cam fbr aa injunction kgaiart him would be pr mooted I 1 What weald he the rule of damages la a ault by the aNy again it O never fbr taking the booka, If ke wrongfully peaananed hlmtelf of them a. The ordinary rule of damages agalaat aay nwa who wwngfoUy takes property rrom the owner*. la the value of foe property?la this oaaa the valor af the bank*, mapa, ha. aa eu*h wmi mwn o? ?f t*u? vi noeirmcx, or t rtw.p*, sw? jury to tb? ft* would be eooetart ud m ttauon*. That qjury '? Kit u>e mere ruault of taklagthe araparty, but COM MB la th* coat,annua deprivation of the UBU uf the propety To ohUlo redrew for tnoh an Injcry B Butt would b?s neoaavary evary day. If a#t evary boor. Tartrate by the caee of B ihipmeat wtlct B defendant claim* to take under color of tils. AM nppoaa there waa a contract bet *eeo two peraona, each clalmiof to bo aptaln of a vestal?tba owner qpm*? to ajola either of them from taking the ablp. Or aupp?va a yeraoo who bad been a partner or a lawyer onmlng to tBM all the law paper* out of the offtoe of hla fhrmer part ner. then having aotuti charge of the an U, fer ; the court aemiBly wenM grant iBjnaction* preventing tt Id a 'her Mr Brady Mated to the Ornrt U?a'. aa application tad been made befbre fudge Teabody?r.rat, for an order for Mr. fterltn to detlrer np the booBaand paper* of the ?1?ret OnwdBiwrtoner office to Br Oonnrer; *rr<nd, fbr a war raw! to eomm't Mr Hevlln to >*M in -a*# be re'j?*d to do Ba: thtrd, ftr a warrant to anarch la certain place* for the book* aM paper* belonging to the Wreet Oommteeloaer'* ?ee, that they might be delivered to Mr OnBcvar Mr. h-ady gave notice that be *bonld treat any aitemid to ex* ante the** paper* until the mm before Judge l.ooaevott wna decided, aa a brwh of tha Injunction. r. Noyen wtabed to know of the Owl at what Ume the BeetMou in the sane then pending would be renders*. * Judge derided to render hla darieion on the prelim! awry novation-that la. an bla authority to Inane a per pa Mai l^aaaMoa ngainat Ifenl?l D. Oonover?on TVoedny next. Aa Obnrt thee, al 8 J, M , adjocraod. ENE WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF CHARLB8 DEVLIN. ATTlMfT TO BBUB THB BOOKS, KM., OP TIB 8TVBT ooMMisfliOMM's ornuB. TPUMB OOPW-VHU1 ?WI. Before Judge Peatxxty. In tU nato qf At application < f Dan id D. Ooncur to oomptl Okaarlt Dtviin to dtlioer to Mm At book) and papen of At Slrtti Committitntr't (free.?Meiers. field and Brady appeared before Judge Teabody, at two o'ciock yesterday, wbeo Mr. field aubadtted Ute fallowing order aad warrants ? nm ordu ahihd noil Whereas, on the Utb day of Judo, 1867, at tbe CMy Hall m tbe city of Now York, complaint waa made to the said Charles A. Peabody, oae of tbe Justices rf tbe Supreme Court of tbo eltr of New York, by Daniel IX Oooov?r, setting for lb, among other things, that Joseph & Tsyk>r, who was, to November, 1806, elected to tbe oOee of Street Commie*toner of tbe City of New York, to serve for three years from January, 1066, went Into bis said office la raid January, and continued in office till tbe 9th of Jane, 1867, when be died. That tbe said Oonorer war, on the 13th day of said Jane, duty appointed end oommlaeioaed to fill the vacancy in lite said office, caused by tbe death of tbe said Taylor, and ' has dely qualified himself, and la new tbe successor to tne ' laid offiee, that tbe books, papers, maps cad documents belonging and appertaining to tbe said office have come to tbe bands of Cha>iee Derttn; that tbe raid Oooover has do mandtd ibe said books, mans, paoers and documents from the Mid Obarles Devlin, and teat tbe rail Devlin ban with held tbe raid books, maps, papers and documents, and refused to deliver tbe same to tbe??xl Ounovt r, and askiigihattbo said Devlin might be ordered to show cause beiore tbe said Jostice why hs should not be compelled to deliver tbe said books, mapi, paper* and documents to the MiS Cos over and wheieas, being satigtied by tbe oath of tbe raid Oonorer, tbel tbe Mid boons, maps, paper* and documents are withheld, the laid Justice granted an order directIsg tbe said Devlin to show csure befors bim, on ibe 33d cay of June last, at tbe Cham here of tke unices of tbe said Court, why be should not be to compelled , and at tbe time snd tbe plaoeso appointed tbe Mid Oonovor and tbe said Devlin appeared before tbe said Justice, and due proof baring been made of tbe service of raid order, tbe laid Justice proceeded to inq ire lato tbe circumetanoes, whLb inquiry wps cost nncd before blin from day to day, until this day, she matter having bete thus regularly adjourned, snd tbe laid Devlo not made oath thai be has tiuly delivered to tbe said Oooover tbe said books, maps, papers and document*, a* d It appearing to the Mid Justice that tbe said books, maps, papers and documents are witbbeId, and that tbe said Devlin still omits and retinas to deliver up tbe Mine, it Is hereby ordered, tbat tbe Mid Charles Dcvlm forthwith del'ver to tbe sail Coocver, all tbe books, maps, papers and documents belonging or appcrlalnlnc to too office of Street O ir.T,!*s>ooer of tbe city f New York, which haveeometo ibe bands of the said Devlin, or In default thereof that a warrant issue to tbe Sbentt of tbe city and county of New York, to commit the Mid Devlin to tbe jail of tbe said city and oounty, therein to remain until he deliver In the said Gou??r the raid books, map*, papers ud documents or b? otherwise discharged iexrdlD| to law. And the same being reqiired by the said Conorer, It la further ordered that a search warrant lane to the aald Sheriff commanding him to aearcb Id the day tlmo the City Hall of the city of Sew Yoik, the Gall of Reoorda In the aald city, the office or the Mayor of the aald city, and the office of the Couosel of the Corporation of the aald city, for the aald booka, pipe re, mapa and documents, and to telie them and br'cg them ! before the raid Justice. Saw You, July fl, 1M7. TBK wamu*1* to tbi 8hvrttt. Tki PtetAt .y the State of .Yew Tork to Ox A/ter J <f Ox ' PJ-j arul Oounty of yew York-? Whereas, at the City Bail of theclty of New" York, ou the 19th day of June, 1857, compialot was made to the ooderslcned.une of the Jisboea of ! the Supreme Court of the State of New York, by Daniel D. Conorer, retting forth, among other things, that Joseph a Taylor, who was in Not ember, 1866, elected to the office > of Street Commissioner of the city of New York, to se?re three reara from January, 18M, went Into big said office | In aald January*, and continued in office until the 9th day of Jcae. 1867. when be died; that the aald Conorer waa, on . the !2th day of the aald Juna,dalv appointed and oommls, timed to till the racaney la the sail office oocaeioaed by ' toe death of the raid Iky lor, and has dulr quahflod hiaat self, and j now the nuoeeaaor to the said effloe; thai bookc, maps, paper* and documents, belonging and apper tafnief CO the Mid offic?t have oome to the hand* of i Cksrles Devlin; that the Mid Cc Dover baa demanded ! the raid booki, map*, paper* and document* from (be tall Cbarlee Devlin, and that (he Mil Devl'o ban withheld (bets, and refused to deliver them to (be Mid Conover; and asking that the said Dav ln might be ordered :o ebow canee before the nnderalfnad why he abould not be com1 polled to deliver the laid booka, mapa, paper* and doc jmcnla to the raid Ooaover; and whereas, beng aaUiflbd by < the jatho' the eaid Ooaover that the Mid hoiks, maps, pa;era and comments were withheld, the under* tgaed granted an order directing the Mid Devlin to show oaae* before the undertigned, on the 3dd day of eald Jane, at the Chamber* of the Juaiioen of Mid Court, in the C ty Hal of the city of Sew York, why be lfeonld not be tbts com pnlladi anil mrifi al Ihn time and place eo appatnted, " i i" ' 1 pi mil undertigned, and due proof having been mad* or In* ter i toe of the *t.d order, the nadoraigned prooeeled to squire Into the rrcumatanoee: wbxh inquiry wee on Us ned be i ore the coder* gned from day to day ontil Ui a day, the matter having been regnlarly that ad?orned; and the Mid Dei In not having made oath ma- be haa truly detivervd to the eald Conover the Mid booka, mapa. papera and document*, and it ap pearing to the undersigned that the eald booka. map*, paper* and document* are itlli withheld, and that the laid Devlin omita and refoaat to deliver op the Mate, you, in* Bheiiil of the city and county of New York, ?e?n oommended to take the body of the Mid Charle* DovIil and com roll him to the, ail of the city and oouaty of Sew York, there to remain until he thai) deliver auch booka, mapa. papera and document*, or he otherwise discharged aocordingm law. And the raid Ooaover having farther required a Merer, warrant to be iatued. you, the raid She nff of the city and county of Sew York, are hereby further commanded toaearcn la tha ray time the City Hall nf the city or New York, the Ball of Reoorda cf the n J otty, the ofl'cea of the Mayor and CoodmI to iba Oorporatloa or the Mid city, for the ud booh* map*, paper* and docu meola, and to seise the aaae and bring them before the under*gned forthwith, there to be deposed of aeoordtng to law. In witaeee whereof, 1 have hereto act my band and aeai at the City Hall of the city of New York. thm ninth day of July In the year of car 1-ord one thoaannd eight huaured and i fly seven. The FfopU <f fla> of Vine Tork lc ike fkrr f of M Oily and Ckrsnty of Sow York ?Whereas, at the City Hail of the city or New York, on lb* 1Mb day of June, 1*67, oom paint was mad* to the undersigned, on* of the Joel cee or the Supreme Court of the Sate of New York, by Daniel D. C rover, voti ng forth, among other things, inai mrpo - woo win, ,c eioramocir, iron, #???. i ad to tbe offl;# 01 "treat Comatealooar of the city of Nov York, to*ar*a for tbra# yaara from January, 1?5C, weal .ntc h? aaid ta add January, tad ooclioaM 'a iCua til Uj? tKr -toy of ; ;ae, IK", when be died, that tba acid Sonera* woo. on tba 1 flN day of aa 4 'una, ,i. apno'nted and c< mmeroaaou, til tbe vacancy .ouddtr^.r.TM! red by tho it?am of lb* Mid Tay to , aad haa da'y wallfiod bimrelf and r bow it* aocja-aor to tbe u.d ? Am; that booka. moio, papa** and die umetua btiooflnf ao<i apper. laiotbf u> t b? ti l ofBoa h**a own* to too haada of i aar'aa Derlii; that tba aatd Ooaorcr haa diataridod the aald booka, map*. paper* and docuawi to from the aald Cttrle* Darin, aad that the laid De*Ue baa withheld ibem.aad mated Ic dolt*?r (baa to tba aald Ooacvar aol ?o?.na tbat lb* aatd Da*ho might be entered to aboar oacte before the under* gned why be abocld not ba ompeiied to dellror the ud bocka, a*pa, pa per* and dr imert* to the *a.d U>oo*er. And wbereaa, 1-eiBgi aaHated by tba otb of tba aaid Coaorer tbat tbe aald booba, map*. r?par? aad document* war * w thbata, the nnderalftw d trained aa order directiag tba aa d Darlli to abow aaaa bafbrn tba under* goed. oa tba t3>. day <4 aatd June, at tba Chamber# of tba .l.ietloaa or Mid Court, a lb# City Ball of tba ctty of New York, why hatbmld not b* una oompellol. Ar J wbnaaa, at tba time ted plana ao appointed tbe aald Coooaar and tb# aald Da*iio appeared before tba aa .'arvigtiad, aa I doa proof ha* lag been made oAbe tarrloa uf tbe aaid order, tba oadertrigred prneiedfo to inquire into tba r r mm utance*. which Inquiry waa oootlnued before tba uader r.gaeu from day to da* natll tbta day tba n.tUar bar'ng raen regularly tboa adyjuraed. and tba Mid Iter'in not hartac made oatb thai ba baa Wuly deferred to tba aald Conowar tba aatd boob*, map*, paper* aad dw.menl#, aad it uppaarrnf votne un<ier?i|f?en urn m? taio tx>o??, map*, paper* mi lor im?ntr ar# Ml withheld, and that lb# u.i n?Tl a nmltr and refmne la drltrar ap tba nm>. these present* apa tberefbm In o anirand you, tbe--henff of i be city and roanty ?f New York, and ? -. are b?ret>y ooa minded to take the body of the aa J Charlaa Dorlla, and nommlt him to Ik# *11 of the city aad county of New York, there to remnbi cat'l be tba,I delirer neb hooka, ma pa, paper* aa>' da omenta, ar ba otherwise d that (ed eroordlac to law. la wltoeee ?hereof,; bar* hereto ant icr band aad aaal. at the at* Rali of tba e.t* of Now York, th;? ninth day of Jot?, a th< year of our J ord '-an tbmaacd aad a'fbi hundred and Ofty inreti Mr. Field, ru habalf of theJpla'at'tT, eald that ba bad draaa tb' order oarefblly aad had oo doubt that II waa orrrect Ha bad hnaa n formed that foot* of tba book I and paper* of Uan'Mrael Gomm mlnaar'a office bad haaa parried ?war th ? morn'm and daponltad la antnn portion of tba Ply Hall Tha Ooorl, therwbre. would aaa the aa raaritr for tha '.*atiiaf of the*# warraata aad d.ract tba !*berlf! tr search fhr the honk# aad paper#. Mr. Brady >a ,1 that be had noinifeetiors In trie# a th reyard la the hooka aad paper*; If the tarnations of tha eouaaal on tha other aide were enrraot all tba hotter fbr Mr. Connrrr, but If they happened to ha wroa* all tha better for Mr. Decile Ba bad thla, howeTer. to a meet, * hot her the > ertlrman had * r gbt to do acytt'ay at a'l in rr'erenco to ibla order while there waa ac In iactloa pendiBf >*? nat Mr Conorer. Mr. riaid *al<1 the In ooct'at), oforeorBe, did #01 ~pe?ate upon thnfkrari, ana fbr be client be wouU take the rre pntilb Itty Mr. BraJy * .fxe*ted farther, that f a warrant wm griDtod. there wat m ooe to go o?n a room balerr'ag to tha OcrpoTB' oa aad lafea the bookr. Tbe Sheriff Cotei cot f t .p.. Mr Field tot k It Ibr fa?ted the ' 'onrtfT would r"* tba II the Sheriff thought b'maa.f inah,# to do Ma duty, perbare they wooid bare a repel^ua uf tha tocurrecnea ?f week ot two ago. Jedge Tcibody teak tha paper#, saying that be wouVl adds* b'mealf npnr tha matter and ahort'y raadar ht* te -ltlon f ha ?he?ld otmaluda la eettle tbe order dlroot lag thi property'o be glren ?p, be weald e'er, the war. rants and the order of arm# agalaat Derlla, In cww that perron retVked V* they hi# ardor. The ftertfT If 'ha proper pernor to an flora ennb order*, and ba, wIUkpI docH-cnlm 'm the miaijima |be other W YO MORNING EDITION?FB aide tkWD an injunction retraining htm from doing ?o? wlil carry oat the or dor of tbe Judge, even If be be foreed to call a pun the whole Metropolitan force end miflUn to eld bin Mr Brady wlehed to make a anggeetion to the Court, and aek whether It thoakl aid Mr. Oonover In do.og tbe . very thing whlsh te la now enjoined ky Judge Rooeevelt from doing. Judge Peebody repeated that be would )>ok over the pa pen carefully, and decide Jpoa tigo-cg tbe order at ten o'clock thin morning. THE STREET COMMISSIONER. CAPTAIN KKNNKTT OH Ut? BBAT AO AIN ?ANOTTTVB HJMJTION PhANNKD?MB. OONOVKH NOT QU1TB OP TO TUB Su'BATCU?A OB AND BOW ON TUB PHOO BAM MB. The very cartoon proceeding* new on foot tn tbe cocrta Id reepect to tbe Street Ooinmiaaioner'c office bad Joat reached tbe point of naotbo renewal of the late municipal atvifn at tM/Jeleier 01/iMi.t TKa A/uinaa 1 fn> 'aMm (Vmamam ?a?a_ piled yesterday forenoon to Judge Feabody fo? the order on Us deoislon of Uie prevtoos day to compel Mr. Devlin to give up tbe books end papers. Be appi-ed a*o for n search warrant as tt was alfeged they bad been reamed out of Uie office and secreted to (Us Cttr Hall; and a atoll further apt licatloo was made lor a warrant for toe arrest of Ms. Devlin In cue be should refuse to ooeapiy vofectarily with the orders of the Court In anticipation of toe* e proceedings nteesnree were tabes to meet their poanble const tarnation at toe Street Com a*aierer'e office. Mr Devlin oo<upled In* past in I he office. A number of his friend*, with several of too dlsbsn led police, Including the noted (Mptain Bennett, were to attendance. Captain Bennett said he waa again present as a peace cttioer, but uow acting aa a Deputy Sheriff, hia warrant, which had been retu; ned some time since, baying been again renewed to him by the kindness of the Seer .IT sines the revocation of his authority aa a police offioer nnier the decision ef the Court of Appeals. Hie attendance at the Street Oommiisloner'e office was, aa >a the previous esse, ln view of toe anticipated collision of authority and the discharge of his duty to preserving the pence of the county. Aa ushss ess placed at the coot of the utreet Oommiaetoner't office, and the keen eyed butlnem like commissiooer net oooliy waiting his impetueut and ohivslric rival. The temporary Injunction of Judge RooeeveH lay ready on the desk before him (Devlin), Captain Bennett sitting beside it to preserve the peace, of course. On this oocaiion matters were quite as prettily arranged as on Ihe former ejection. (aptain Bennett effiiiatiag ai a peace officer, hia attendance was in vindication of the affluent and admirable resource# of the oommoa law, in Its perfect equipoise of all mat'ere bearing upon personal liberty, -enerai report bad said that aince the enure police power had puaeed into toe bands of the white street authorities, taev aould now en. force the ItuUlUUon of Oonover by the wry Mine process Utroogh whi< a be bed been dispossessed. In vlen of tble there *u do lltUe excrement and ion on the part of certain of the Metropolitan polioe who waited ao opportunity to retrieve their late defeat in the Park. Bat Mr. Oonover and bia counsel arete not able to procure the noceaaary warranto from Judge Peebody, wbo reeervee the matter for bia anal action to day at 11 o'clock. old be conclude to keue bia edict* m d.aregard or the ooeval authority of Judge RooteveU's Injunction pending the quo warranto, there mutt of oonrae be a physical ae well aa a legal coibaton n regard to the matter. Captain^ Bennett and the friends of Mr. DevMn adjourned yesterday, bnt will denbtteaa be in attendance again una morning. The appearance of Conorer, and any demand of hie will be met ty an exhibition of the Injun Uoo of Judgo Rooaerelt that injunction Mr. Devlin and bis friends w.U not oniy maintain by every resource, but in oeae of a dispute will Ineiet upon lis more bin ling authority ae emanating from a Judge elected by the peeple, and the arntor of the two, both In years and In office, aa Judge Teaiiody has been bnt lately appointed by the Governor to till a vacancy, and bat yet to get the oonbrmaboo of tee people at tee next election. Conover'a party express themselves wth a geed deal or vexation, and yet of determination. Tb-y ta x of a forcible entry upon the warrants which Judge Pea body may grant-to day. A good many people will ef soures be convened In ami around the premises, as even the counsel of Mr. Devlin ban aald la open court that the ahempt to disregard the temporary ia.uacttsn would ho mm ty a forcible resistance. By these indication* It la dear that the dieting cubed pee1 fereor of moUMur man..-, (bptain Bennett, hie not <? 1 finished hie services to this joint venture ot the Mayt r I | and of Mr. Sickles. THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN. I TPl STATION nous** m RTATU tJt'G?*Fro*T OF -T.t ' POLICE COMMITTEE IN FAVOR OF OIV'MJ TUI1M I F ?OHFAT CONFUSION AND EXCITEMENT. The Board or Aldermen held their forth meet ng fcr thie month at! night, Aldermen Clancy, President in the chnlr. After the preilm.nary toelneee *? done Ute Committee on rolls# mad# the following report, recommending that the Tocint potion eUtkm home* be gtven op to the He ro jmWM PnUee Comm melon ere;? tmrom'Wm tmjrm imniriM m m nim net me | rhe Commute* on i-olloe, to whom were referred ihe p-^ ft one and rommunleatiodh of the Metropolitan PoltoeCoo mealonera ul ng that they a got he allowed the tie# of the station bouaee and other police property, respectfully I report that they bare given the euhirrt thai att?oUca I which It teemed to require, and have carefully eiamiord the law relative thereto. The ac'. eaf 'Jed an " Act to en tabllib a Metropolitan police divtilct, ae 1 to provide f-?r the government ib? reef, Dae been declared by the *>< preme Court and the Court of Appeal* onetitutinoal 't A there'ore our duty at dti/en* and mogltiratee, to obey It, and to eauee It to be obeyed, at regard to giv eg to tho Police i oano oiere the ceo X the itatioa houees, tvlegrtphic apparatus, he , Ac . your ecma.luoe ax*! re pecafolly call the attention of the Board to the ltih acd 16th tactions of the Metropol ian Police Aw, aod alec toe ordinance of 1*44, article 4, recuon I, which arc pretest**, end are ae fo low* ? [The th rt tenth and fburteeih eeA.ona of the Met-rpottan Police bill were here quoted la the report] Art 4, eve. \ Tt I'-all be th* duty of the Comotr Aler to take charge orail ttie r?i eetate hei to tbo oorpc ration, aid prerent all an -roaebmet t* thereon. Your oommltine iblok II at H would be ui' m aad a ati? of werda to nonnunt any further on lb* law. Tita Oomtnoa Council tAaeiprrreed ti#elf plainly on the aob Jrot; lawpere have argued II; alitor* bara connmealed on It, and Jadgeg of lb? big boat Ooiirte bare decided It aa opDatltaUona). Tba public rn'nd baa beoo agitated, and ,t ma.tern not wbriber our rlgbte bara b-en invaded and our prlv llegee take* frem ua . we are told It la la e and moat bow with bumnle aubmleeion to tba tnaiertr of tba law, Ir jUnj, bowerer, tbal tba dap M not far dialect when our rlghu will be raatored to ua. Wa reentnmaod thai our aoaot a?iloa bouaea ba aaaigr.ed to tba Metropolitan police, and in rlew of tba above, offer fbr adoption tba following raao i .oaw ? Rewired That tba atathm botaee and all patloe am rata* oenaetped therewith, betowgiag to tba dtp of New York ba. mad ta berabp aaeigbel to tba oar* aod dm of 1 tba Metropolitan PoIkm Oommlaalooa a of tba dtp and txnalp af Maw York, aad fbr ao other uea at'.l otherwwa ordered, and dsrlag tba p leans re and w'.'.l of tba Oacrmow Couaeil Aider man McBmroi moved tbat tba report ba utd on tba labia printed, aad made tba i pee la. order of boaiaaaa for ibla artalag. Be wanted an cpporluadp to read the report oarefallp. Be doabtad whether tba Metropolitan Polio* Oommtaateoar* bad aap aaad of tba rtaaioo b-maea at pre* rat He waaoaa af the r?mmlaotoa* re or tbe flak lag Fead, aad though Mr. Flagg might aeiaa the atatxm 1 booaaa, b# ooatd a?t ditpoae of them to tba Metropr.litaa poilea aaleaa the f oaamlealaoera af tba "lab leg Fond ware wdilBf He did aol agree with tba decietaa eflba Ooort of final Apr "ale. but eon# leered it arjuat liarafteo ba mowed to lap tee n pert oa ibe table. ?.aaeT nrrrraanwr am cnanmua Reraral membt ra reaa to apeak on Um annuo a, bu. tbe rawreanr, with a kmd rolaa, d? lared there abouM ba ao dabble Hare a (nana of tar Ibla oowfarw aad eaeitoaaeat ao catted. Rarer*) member* attempted to apeak at Uteearn* P. we, while tli* PtmMwi (trace haary hlow* op* bM dak with hi* h*tntn*r, aed onlied oat loudly flrit for order, at thra for the Oe- k la nail iha rail ftr the at*tnHera la role apoa the r?eohitt * la lay the report aa the table t4?rau Tr *ea? I wtab to epeeh oa that reeoUiUoa. The IftWBPrrr (ta a load rotoe)?iterk, aali the roll Alderman Trotna (amid (real aotee and coahwjoe)? Deae the Chair decide thai we oaaeot apeak oa that too I) oaf The P?a#-r?vT?Tb# gentleman at at rate. Call the roll. The Cijbk?A' iermaa Tocher. A'drrwaa Tr-aea? I etpeal frcai the de> aloe of the chair. The Pttwween ?The geeCeman form the Eighth ward matt rote. AMermee Tr res?I don't nod. reuad the quettloa. The lvewomrr?Done the Aidarmaa from the Eighth ward retef Aidarmaa Tr *ee?don't nedaroitad the tpieatioa. The The gentleman "rom the Eighth ward suit rote. Aider man Trcno?2 rote no The roll wan then eat led round it- l aw.* In A Merman Bloat Alderaaa Btrm?2 r?e tc rapiala my rot*. ; think th't one of the moat perfe t ou tragi* that rear ectnrrod in a dtlib*retire body. The Pno*Tt.iu?T?"Hte Al ?rman from the F!f.o*&th ward muni take hi* real; he ta not of order. C'jtan ((tailing the roll)?Alderman Bunt Alderman Bit rr?1 oianM rol* oa tbla motion, betauae J Jtnnnt eiprew my rtewo In regard to it and the war tblc tuition ha* ' **n managed Ao f *aid before. It le one of the mo*t outregpone proceeding that I erer The f*omior>t ,'beetljtg the dark oodly with hi* ha- nor to gale ?benje )?Th* r.nertion to ley on the tab!" aim le of to delmle. the aldermen from the fifteenth ward maet | rote Aldermen Burr?' can t rot* beoecte th* gentleman"0 motioewa* to lay on th* table and he printed, and thabiaoI tine K debatable, aed Vhla proceed v. re bere ta a net per feci outrage. fhe rakarr rrr-A m*tit n w?a p * to the Ota r to ley re I the tab *, aed He Cbelr can't e'lew II In He debated or en orpi en amendment cf 11, extwf* fren the mor*r ofth. alike. Airermen t-irr-fl e motion wat tc ay uc the telle ar t print. The Pttc-'if "T?T..* Alt em ten from the TTteeeth ward, doe* be role eye or u?yd A'dt'tnan Bttrir- T wUh to er,iMn try rote The Pnw r?e*T?You m it rote, (in a rery lood role* ) Aid"rtnwr Bu'or?DlJ yoc decide J ona't opiate my retef EK E LI DAY, JULY 10, 1807. The Pre*lienc?Von nut fO'A Aldeiman Pvojt-I wit) not be humboafdd in lb* ?jr I Enow my rights. Doe* the Chair imm thai. 1 cent explain my vote? The PiwraaT?The iMmai Orom UM IlflMBik ward muet role or Mk to be excmed. Alderman Bunt? 1 appeal from the daemon of the Chair. The PxirTTWur?You amt rote. Clerk, oalt Ike toll. The c lb a?Alderman Blunt Alderman Bu-av? 1 moat rcepeotfcJIy rtee to explain mi rota The PwtTOPrr? Yen louel confine yocreelf etrkdy to

doing it ibea. Alderman Bimi>?Yon cant hunatroc ? ? *** w*7- 11 ie the mo*t ontrageour The PitauDaaT (atopping the Alderman by beating oolbe deeh?The Atderman m-irt vote; be ha* had threeoppairtoni lee of expletuluios bu vote, aud he moat now veto aye or pny or the Oialr wi I compel blot to. Alderman Blpvt -Mr. Premdenb Tha Phtw imhi fKa f^arb ?1 aall tha r rl *Ka Alderau. Til* Clsrw?Alderman Blnnl Tho rxt.-.i)**T? Hi* Chair wti) proceed to calL <A ) Tb* Clair will proceed to oat) tbe name of lb* Alderman of tbe KifteeMb wart. Tb* Cba'.r ban eo teevored to act la UtM mut?r peril* meet*/1)7 Wht'o decorous language wae ased towards him *od this Boerd be listened to tbe gentleman. Tbe geatie mma bit bow tiltrly of oj^ortusitloe to npAi* bia rot*, and most now vote. Alderman Blo*t? I vo.e nay. During ail tbe above dtawfie tbe greatest eat,Moment and cos fusion y r?vn*l<'d in tuu Board. When tbe name i f Alderman Ovens km called be nose and made a spteefc explanatory of bt* vote: bat there nt 10 much noiee m Ute Board that hie re narke ootid not be beard. Alderman Own* was beard at length to any?If tbe Chair decide* that It was * motion merely to lay tbe report on (be table, and not to pr.nt,! shall vote cay. Bat certainly tbe President incut be In some mistake, for tbe gentleman (Alderman MeSpedon) said plainly to lay on the table and be printed. Alderman Wdlho.v?I wish to change my vote. Alderman Mc?rai>aw?This paper was read, and every paper that 1s read before this Board mast be printed; every bo ly -toovs that; so my motion was to have H lay on tbe table and be tbe special order of basis est for tomorrow nlgbt [t would have been absurd to bave moved to lay it od (be table and print It, wben It weald be prlrted whether or no Tbe vote was in favor of tbe motion. Aid. Tt' Ksa?Certainly I understood tbe gentleman who made tbe motion to move Uiat tbe report lay on tbe table, be printed and made tbe special order of badness for to nuiruw vTvmu|, hu i |n?re CTPrj vuiur unanr iu uhdervtood him to say ; but If I am mistaken, I am sorry If I base said anything wrong. I am eorry the difficulty ootimA The Panniarr?The Chair wil acplain : the motion wee made la the Board amid a good deal of confusion. P.m the gentleman (Aid. MeSpedoe) moved to lay the report on the table to be printed, hot after tome farther remarks he closed by moving to lay It on the table and make It the specie) order of I bnaloeaa for to morrow night. 1 took that laat motion and pat it, of coarse there could be no debate upon It. Alderman Birwr?What the gentleman made hia motion, ae ' onderatood it distinctly, was to lay the report on the table to be printed. 1 rone upon that aa It waa Indlepntably a debatable question. The chair pat the qoetUoa tn a great hurry, and would not hear oar sypeal from hta de eiilon. 1 do feel that I am In a very great minority here, bet ao long a* 1 have one drop cr blood In my veins 1 can't ail here and suffer aa Indignity, a wrong like that to be forced upen me I did feel and I do foel that I wan suffering a wrong. I desired to explain my rote or rather why I could not rote on thin motion, and that privilege ti a deliberative body wan refused me. Alderman Amirs?So far aa minority is concerned, the or position manage to occupy twothtrda of the time of thin Board. I understood the mation] waa to ley the report on the table to be printed, so aa to allow the members to look at the document and judge of it for tbemeetvm There war some more scattering Croats on this subject Ike bill authorizing two dock maatera for each ward to be appointed by the Mat or, at a salary at 11,000 each, u passed after seme debate. The report of the comn.iUae xi whom waa referred the project of preveatng a p >rtlon of the Broadway aaagsa from going down to the South ferry, declared that the rewnt acta of the Legislature took the right from the eity to rtiraot grants of privileges once given, and asked to be d icharged from any further action in the matter, was adopted. The Comptroller's communication in regard to the at* Hon Loses, pa L La Led in the Haain of yesterday, waa then taken up Alderman Birm?i move ( he received and .la dirsc l.ens concurred with Alderman M<f?rsa>oi?? 1 move the further reading of It or oup wu wiui, ana inai ,i or uuu 00 use uow. The I re?Kfent r? IgBlbbd the gentkinaD from Ibe Si it tr?ntb ward (Alderman Mc'pedm). Bldrrman Binn? D.d I not addre a tot cba;r trait The T a?(i mn ?Tie gtntlemac Aram ibt S.neieeotb war J baa ibe floor. A'dirmac B i m?l aj j*a. from fee der.moc of to* obatr Tbe PmSit'Bvt, w.ibcil rij nc any attention to toe ap paal from b> .!?.>.<*, pa Alderman McApedoc't aauuoo, which ?u carried A member iamajtu y meted to admire. Carried. Af *r .hr a> ouroatra'. ibtre wan agr*al aic< a mar/ and on' ttoeng toe men bam torn* biueriy ceaaured too rr<-ii.irai aid ooaetdered that tbey bad t>#en o-iira grotrly wrragrd, v.?v ng a. I part art an tar 7 rc'aa and taagei bad bete vic aiad otoerr at warm ng'y a^ppnrted Uie ??i. AJrrrato yf#r*r-oa dt. vtrad Llti.aa.f of 00 fir.*11 < uaniily of .colef an: oatoa, af>r ml,' h fee fo r w of d.? ).>gut pa>tad baiwaac bin. and r larmae B'aal aider man Bat r-11 lb a aa. wojoc u.d at* 1 In: ad diet* Ibt ebelr Aldan an Mr?rar<ie?V?r .Aldermac Bum?LMe 11 aoa-ae I a o?'tt* yea wire oat of 71 -r ?fat ? Alderman Yta. Alderman Bu at? Well,apfeaxd from ibe do->Vr of toe cba r, and dnl 701. ever btfrra bnaw of a cane wb< ra ibe cb?.r rcf_ied <0 I jten to Ibo appeal and pU It to ibe boot* t Aldermen M<i?"tn-.n?Yet. frequency ibat a tbe way tbey oarr.od on bue.aeee altogether c ibe black republican log.?iat re at Albany laji winter. BOARD OF C0UNC1I MEN. The Board aoti latt erenlng, Mr Pblllpe, ibe rreedtnl, prat id lag. rrmrn ir ?? tot> rm our Mr. Hi (-rati otfered a petit on of a large number of jtop?rty owner* to bate Elm ttreet extended torongb to Cbambera itreoL Referred to . a ap jet prate r- mm uee Mr. KMnfenn aobmltted aa ord canoe U-reorgatlte fee rre I epartmret, wb cb wm alto refbrred. Tie r oomir. r-*LB r-n?n rim* ?j*ar report af tbe Comm.ttee <? Boa 1 < oaacur eg ?*b toe Aldermen .n tbe normally of ropa r eg too Ee atrdng dale -end wee adopted | ran ma *jh> ?*att*i. owu?.n. Tbe r>*ewx>*>n rand e et mmuaioailoe from Ibe Cba'rmaa of to? emarittee of tbe be tuber af Coameroe la which be into tbat ibe oopmef toe paanpblet re?poorof e*n*e ted Wretber Obeereetory which be prevented to Ibe Biard, wooid e*( ale tome of Ibe nb new of ibe obeerrnfory mere felly rban oautd be deae la toe rrjw r.*1 of tbe Chamber of Oeiraeree wbicb le new before tbe Gommea ObMSil. a* <m>aaaa * ram nt. Wb le the Herb wee registering e rote en e eertnln mearore Mr. drum proteeted ngnlnm tbe name of Wm 9. m act Of Id bftoy called at a member or Ibe Bmrl, for be bad accepted aa otoee in r reel of tbe charter. ?*>?( im. Tirir o> rve norm* am ry iter mnr*r. Mr. toana moved to ta*e from the teblrtbe cedlaerne the aew charter, whlsh woe adopted aome tme litre by Vhi> Braid. but afterward# meter'.a'.iy amended by the Board of k'.imwttr H<- atbod the oonmrraaae c* tb? Board IB lb* BrMur' Mr Omaerw wanted to hare lb" amend- < eta pr cted that the Board might know what tbej wre anting J?oa Tho Haifa# Ut?B re Had the ordnance. tutor <* no tbo further reading of it waa diapeaaed w'tb Mr Lfmanna waatel te throw aorae i'(M pnc the nb )<x-t hy iafurmlag Ibr Board that lb" pranpn amendment mad# by tko Alderm a *m a prone** .natru<n!tg tbo hrad or the cmtnn ArpiodiMt OfArto *nt to nbatlt ihotr appntatBMBta to that ' ody, whereat tbo charter r?*? tbo (rntnn Board tbr ovo'notrf right to mate tf,?ir mi-ntat Tin la. It waa Board that ?hr Board adhere to M for mar artiaa, which mot Km waa Bat. ?e doc .meat* war# >rd?red to bo priatod aad aiarlo the ip*< al order roc Mmday eraa'ag aoit A onabw of routine papora fwea tbr Biard of Aide-tree wrra then root red onaarufcji'cwBi rara wra ttt warm* A onmrnuatoattoe wa? reoalrod from tho Ctty napeetor la reply la a raaoiatloa at laanlry why tb? Rrreoteeaih aad other ward# were aot leaned Ha eaya that tbo reaaoa why ibey were not property 'leaned before U>* la that It wao imponathie to prnoara tearabi to freight tbo dirt oway without pay lag ao e* or biUet charge raa oar At uoirraaf Tho raaotnMoaa peered by the A 'dermer,. tbo feoelhiiity of leading o mewteager to 1 orope la order tt lad no# tho owe era of tae Or eat fine ten to mako New York brr flratelorptng pace, waa referred t? the joitanttoo on Ratai wo aad ttflooa. Tb# Board Will meet thai ater.lrg riYMKNT OF THE TOLICF. a BAT TBI OOMPTttOCLBR RATI AfrJCT If?Hi I COM t'NICATTCTN TO TBI FBatTC. DarAwniam o? F-ji ?rr Ona-no. iaa'e Or?- w, \ Vaw Too*. Jaty 0, 1M7. | A boat tho middle of Jon# the atemhora of the pain# were paid np to the aid of May Tbo aamhor of peraoao paid at tbat time waa 1.1B0, rmbrarlog erory man oc the totle of the etd poilea, and iaelndtag all who had "a tlcaAed their adherence to the aew Pettr# Ontr-nWam. w the name* of all three peraoaa were oa thertlM returned to the ompOreller't olPoo Thla payment had the aeaer.t >T th-ee wha adhered to the oM w>''oe lew, aad the new rolloe C madaaionert made no ohioatym to Uie payment, prodded It included aU thoaa who bad Jo'aod them, ao well a* the old fhre a are the complete# of tb on payment, the remrvale aad tea appotataeata bate eomewhatoompMeatedttie ipf* I toad of the Flaaaoe Pepaitment a regard ta the pa/rneut of the protect notice force The aew Rolloe Qtmmirelnaera bare from lime to I'me glraa actio# Ic Ibe Oomptrc'Jer of the jwrecce MiaMMl [ERA by ibe m under tb? new police law, wbicb by (bo ooor! of la-t wort hoe been declared to be conailtuuooel. Theae nuioee cannot proprrly bo dlmg trded by (be Comptroller In letUinf with the incmbcra or the police who have adhered to (be old lew. By (be prcn talona of the bow lew (be mem be re of (be Metropolitan p;liee a/o lo l/o paid by their owe treasurer by moneya pieced by tbe Corporation it the Stale treasury aod tbat law lequiiea that tbe Finance Department aball jar lo tbe State rrruurer any moneys belwging to tbe polloe approprialioe for tbe year 1867. An Ibta luw took e'lVotoD the 1*1 of May, tbe payment of the police op to tbe 23d of May by the Comptroller could nA havo been effected ir the new ibmmusiooers nad taken legal steps to prevent it, and tneir aeient wae giron. It it obvious from thla tut U?e disbanded poHco force can only be paid with the assent of tbe new Police Ownmiwtenero, wn \ by tbe e*.*ting law ire entitle 1 to have a proportion of (bo police run J of IM7 paid orer to ibc State treasury frr their use. In this rtate of the cue tbe Comptroller propo-ce:? lit, to draw his warrant on the City T'oasury for the xxim of f (00,(00, to be paid to vtiM Htoie Treaturer for the me of tbe Police Oramimlonere. 2d. To pay all the manners of tbe dl-baude I police fbrce who received their appointments before the Commie oners organized usdtr the new taw, from the time of the ia*t pay m< nl teiho date or I heir ilirshario by tbe new Police Uciiimlrstooerw, or tbe date of their dlrbandment by the Mayor, wbeie no dlacharge has been 11 led with tbe OnmptroMep. Pfee tow police law docs not ooetemplate that tbe Oorap trailer shall pay any of tbe pr lice force organized under that law and be does not oonatder that bo Is authorized by law to pay any of tbe persona appointed by the old Police Commissioners after the organization of the now Commission. In oarrylng Into effect lbs preceding sugeeHtlons, It Is obvious that the Comptroller requtns the co-oporatlon of the Mayor and of tbe new Pel.ce Commissioners. The arrangements for the pavment of tbe men will roanire a number of days, but will not be delayed beyond to time absolutely necessary, unless protracted by causes orer which Una Department has no control. A. C FLaSO, Comp'rollor. REPEAL MASS MEETING IN HAMILTON eyu&Hb. vovihknt to divide tub ST ATI, add HBOCKK TH1 bovkr1irntt op new TOU oitt?Till L ati black ritcbi.ioan lwji8latur* dinol'm id ikrbchis OK ma tub wood, conrad iwackhamb, hknbt v. mob a bo k and otbbbi?bntud8iaitio reception OP tub matoh?resolutions. A large and enthusiastic meoling of citizens of (bo upper wardi wm beld In Hamilton square. Seventy third street, laat erenlng la pursuance of the following call:-? NivatBSRTH Ward.?Rftkal, Rrmjj.?The clt'/rns Of the Nineteenth ward, without dlsilncikm of party, are reaaested to Met la Hamilton aqoar*. oa Thursday. Ju t I, lUT at So'oteafc, *r tAa purpoM of 'akin* measures loedect a repeal of the odtoua aad tyrannical law psassd by the Le(talature of Ihlb atate at tu bat eeaaloa. Also to take lain eonMderatlon he practicability of r Hbcilng a diTlston of ike felale, by orgaal/tni a new one (Torn the fire aouikern couaUee, thereby tertmg our ooneeCtlon with a people who. taruogk ihfdr repreerntaJree, deprive ua of the rljht of Mir govern eat cripple our energiee, impoee on ua fetation, without representation, aad la order Uiat we may once more become "wee aad ladepeadeat" The meeting will be addressed by We Hon Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city ef New lurk; Brm. J ohm Kelly, Ooorad flohwackhamer Esq . Dr. Merkle, wm. J. Rose, Esq.. aad aoreral other eminent apeak era. By wder. Til OR. MclPRDOM, Ckatrmaa. Dannie J. Fltnn, Secretary. Alan early be tribe crowd began lo collect, an-t at bight came on numerous bonfires and torches were lighted, which, with the music and the jovial crowd, render el ibo meeting most enthusiastic. Upon mota>s, Aldermen Thomas Mctpedon wat unanl mously oalled to the '.hair. On taking the chair, the President thanked the eudimce for the honor which (hey had conferred upon him. They were there to agitate e repeal of the obnoxious laws pawed by the late bleoh repubheau Legislature. (Cheers.) The people of thin rural dtetriot on the ouViklrl* of the city were the first to open their mouths to protest against three lawr. If ibay auba-Ond wtlBeet moimurtag they would be deprived of all their municipal right* (^beere > He had In I he legislative bnll* of the cttjr oonleeted the** lew*, and they had been carried to the blpnest court* or the tflste, and ihougb decided to be oeotiltutional there wa* yet a remedy at the ballot box. There were those here who would proteet against tbrm. (Cheer*.) Be bettered that every ward In the city would follow In their wake, aid It would go from tho aouiberaiMit to the oarthrrumoat portion of the Ante. The people will not submit to be controlled by tuch men aa bad been in the laat legislature. (Cbeora and tiger.) Be thanked them for the bnoor of selecting boat chairman, and hoped to be a^waya worthy of It. The following lial of oBlnera waa then adopted t u* i-sr-iMtTT-. John A. Shtmkr, Anson Bar rick, Deac la McC trtby, I moot t J. Toom vy, tharlee B. Meyer*, Kraneu Roopert, Unnlei Whiuors. Terence Farley, Bernard McCnbe, Jeremiah Towle, Mreeat Conradea A lint of secretary wa* aln > adopted. Ik. Hen ami J. Cun> than proceeded to rend n aerial ot r**etntlene, which wore adogud, ae folio wa ? Whereae. the wkole theory of our gImmunol, national, Mam and municipal, tally reobgatt he sovereignty of the people, or, laf other worde, declares all power and authority to be lobermlty veated In the people, to be by them delegated in inch measure aa they mar dee a approprta a, and to such persona at they may select from among themaelrM for the pu-poseof efl finally aad harmoniously carrying ont their will, and .heir'* alone; sod w be rear, it is for the good .of the wbote, and not merely for that of a portion or ev-n of a majority of the rame, that atyilg> vsrnmeat la established and supported sad wherew. the people of mch county. city and town la thle, m In nay other fkate, bare, and of right ought to hare sod entry, certain prlrilcies and power* Independent of and frte fri m say aterf veeoe whatever on the part of U>* people of any other county, city or town; among which privilege and powers are self government, and the right of rack msaiclpal.ty to manage Its own Internal af fair* in any manner not lnconttatent with tin fundamental law of the HtMe, or In*, on*travel linn of the publtn good; and whereas, auoh pM v lege* and power* have been specially aecured and oonfirmed to the eltl/ena of the city of New York by charters and inlemn ccmpaols, raaff.rmed by repeated acts of in g-slatlon and wharanr, the -dale Legislature at 4Jbnay, In the pensege of reoent act*, baa overborne the eaergstie rem* tstianca and appeal of the ettlams of New York, sod baa enabled an unscrupulous and mercenary el'iu* of po iiuetaan, for tiagrantly corrupt purposes, to deprlre us of oar ancient right efaelf government, and lo Mat into onr mnnleipal cBicoa men of iheir own stamp, to the axi hisioa of such of oar own citi.nna an wa woe id bar* selected and bones, sad to forro npon ua a ashens* of government 'reffl'leni, uacalb-d for and directly In tor Ten a* with the paaoe, welfhre and good gnverwmeot of ear city, and while violating a great, chart and fundamaetal right; aWo ias pa ring the Mcurhy of Mb and props ty, and what ana, by tbesa asm, tho right ta dirt saw central the nxpaoditure af onr own reranoe, to regalnt* our own harbor, to prove# o*r own public b?j>eiag* and parks, and lo preserve our own Ursa and property there fore, 'IreCved, Thai the several acts pa red at the lata t Hon of the frgteiatnre at Ubaay, raapoctlvaly knew* aa the Port Wardens' MO, Iba Bar b jr eUl. the Central Park Mil, the City liaD bill, the Matropoltlna Pollen Mil, and the Kt 'too Ml'. aro ku ia ooomci wttn im otaor mteot mki ajrr.t af ibe oamm tatoa, ?l aro at .awlae end appraaira u ibor ara uncaiiad Oar aid taexpadleet 'kaahrad, Thai whllo wa ytaid to bom la napact for lav, aad la rmay obodiooo# to .? requiremaoto, va will, u rarr raa rttiioaa, aaaert ocr right of op. aloe upon tho acta of our p..bin- wrrub. aad will groteat agalaat thorn wbru ataiwary aad mabo oar ualtod appeal to tba i a lot i 01 for a rodrtaa of grtarannaa aad a rmatorattoa ot oar 14 but Katolrad, That all gorertiataata! powor reddoa la aad onaaatoa from tba poopla Raaah ad, Thai tbo right aad pewar In gorani la gmatad bp Iba oaoplo thai all oiliaaa, oaNsutiro, laghiatlTa or judicial, ara the ai't of tha paopka. that all paraoua tiling turh officer a?? u? atrraata aad aal tba maatara af Uto proplr and that wa protaot a?aiaat tba doetrtaa thai oar rjbta and ptirtkrv, hitherto enjoyed, ara oonoadad to ia bp oar ruler*; aad wa do araert that ta all vaaaaraa abectlag cv treat jlpai aad otbar ?tv righto aad latar rata, Ota wtoboa aad tba will of all, aad ant tbo wtahaa or tbr a ll of a vera oulatda pnQtlcal v*. r. ftp, ara to ha <-? illad. Raao.rrd. Tint va will aae oar atir.oot albrtt, hp all fhlr aad honorable mown*. to aacura tba anoiltaliaa aad aiecUrn af men for Heeatora aad nwtobam of Atoawblp vko all! urge aad taawt upoa tbr rrpaai af tba aararal acta of tba Staid 1 -gtotaluro of which v? omptaio MhH. That Mb wo earaaatly tanvo oar fbtkw dtl:fr? In othv oouatlda, nltiog aad towao of tbta (bato, and of Ibo ' ntor, to hood tbo I for lilnatratad bp oar profit maatrtpal dagradauaa ara It baaoe lata aad "the fbdof tba ooa'tarror br upo# tbair ft.aeba," wa appaal to thna hp arary prtaatpla embodied In tba Aowrtoaa Ml af Right*. b? tb# tlirrtag memoriae af tba r?al, aad bp oar entnatoa ItopoB of a f>a? aad bappp future, to nnite with o? promptly, rigorously aad 1y ia dor Actormiaad utrapgle against tbo ad raw" ag lido V rootral tad narruptton aad aaarpat'.oa Reaairad, That ia alrw of tbo onto of log ilotion bafbra mean aad, aad of ihalr actaal aad pooa old f aba, va bald Utal tbo t no bae noma wboa II id eapaHaa* to noa Idar wbotbar tba political oeaaer lao ' atwaaa ua aad tb<wo wbo tyranndaily aaaano to bo oar mooter* aboall not ba mrarad, aad all proper aad loyal inaaaarag adofdad to oracl lha lowar ocuatlea o. New 1 orb into a aav "ute, aad tbaa to add a now *u/ ta lb* Keattotar |lo iw?? Rr?ol??d, TVu our U) OM are dua to alt of oar public rerraato who bare nob!/ etoo.1 op o ha lata atruggle fbr the r.ghl. end that In l ornando Wood we recognize our pright, onorgotlr and bold defender, aad that wa will g're bt? aad ??om prof of oar iinceritp bp our eulTrag**, and to reward them for tbair Ilottty. lboCtoiraNAr tbra proponed Iba fbNowlag reaob'tioai which ? err idoptad trip here *e Tha at* black " ra "tblintn " leg *1*100# oaat n aril 0. 0 upon thia groat d'p, lonmlog It to pluador, rtplr", oppraaalita and portuaa ?"h)ug*i?n, aad, wboroar, lb to, tbo nnmmorr.*! notroprli 1 of tba Vatop, .nd tba baaaer (lomoera' e clip nf tho world baa 1mm madt to aufor fbr Ita >?li abrdilita atimoala ?n<! Ha lr .1 y rrpublicaa rpiril; aad, wheraaa, tho meaanrtv wh'rh bar# boon nroed up-0 ad not only without our rnaao.'it. bat aga not our wabod. ara rnpupnani to ararp fio? aa<{ anblo prlnripld aa wall at to our iauiaaabla aad obnrtort1 rlgb'd?thoroforr, Raaolrad, that wo ttuarly rarodiato aad dmouaca that party wbc, ragardloa* ?f Iba dotnaaon inbat tone# of fraa nan which the p?< plo <A Now Vv? roerlrad frntn tbatr Prtb- Utw-7 aKeavn, and u<< a r gb? toeajnp, do LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOW aecW III r*a|i-n H|X>) t.a Ol'OUe, tyrann''flal and aettrepooli. an < ihulM, leaned by ihc cml/ai power < A'beny , by Which lo Rovern ;md control thlt ctty _ Rciolyed,Thaiflic actio create a Metropolitan po:Wo. ifco CI o b' II I new ( tly Hall, the act to ,-nprove U?6 UllIral Park, the act ti create a Board 01 Port Wardeni, tfto act to adopt a sew licence ayatem, tad o her elallar odtooo (Dcnruice, worn pat lata exiftpoce merely to create an army of b ack rrptibMrao ctt-,.ale in o r mid.-t to fa ten ?Pon onr tube ante and to alU'* the al-?ng t<>m<Kal><j character or our ptople. Riaotved, Th M we nn? place the trait In motion for epical ' repeal I repeal ' and pledge oirae'vea to oach other and lo the democratic party of the city and Hale tr? eland upfearlaaaly and maclolly lo tbla great work > nCl It In Anally and entirely accomplished. KrroKi'd, That we ti nder to the Han. Fernanda Wood, the reapected Mayor of tbi* city, our heartfelt thaake lo* the manly, able an I energetic manner In wh oh he hat replated their encroachments .poo the rights of New York. He deaeryea, at ho wdl r reef ye, the substantial gral>ude of the iieople I/ing after Uieae odlo Jt enactnteoM bare been repealed bit exertion* and ascribe- h to thn great cauae will be remembered, and kindle a lively emotion In the breaata of a thankful and admiring poeterlty. History will not Ikil to immovtalUe tho defender of the municipal right* of New York. iiw vsairwi uicu rvmu uic niwr :reni Lfl flonor the Mayor ILtvoa*n Omen, July 1, lAV. D*Ar ft*-. (regret that It will be Impossible for me le b? pretest at lha meeting ibis evening. stiff ht lorflsp phlon, which 1 loar will be by exposure to tie nffbt air meat somce aa my excuse. beet dee, ? bare doubts ae to the v>ro|)i laty of the Mayor of tbo city appearing at a theatre on ocaaalona or thin character. I'odor other circumstances It would ail'ord me plcaauro to be there and let * say many Iblngs respecting the late unfortunate disturbance* in the city and tbsir direct and remote causae, m well aa to appeal to the people to aroure themselves in support of our ancient chartered rights aod !a condemns tlon of thore who hare taken them away. It now remains for the people of New York to rland out boldly >o behalf of the great principle of municipal liberty, and by united and determined action nt the polla to burl our tyrant mas trra from their 111 gotten power. 1 know the democracy of the Twelfth ward too well not to reel sure that they win do Ibelr duty la thle contest, Utey have nlwnye proved reliable and will not be found wanting now Very respectfully. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayer. To Thomis Mifrtii-os, Chairman. The auinna* moved that a committee be appointed to wait upon the Mayer at hia bouse, and request h'm to attend tba meeting. A Votes?We don't want to bring him hare J be dent want to ooue. The motion wae carried unanimously, and the Oba.rman appointed as such committee Lieut. McOann and William Mortpedoo as such committee, informing them that they would And hit carriage ready on the ground, and they could use it. Mr. Comun Swackium"k* was then lntrodooed and addressed Uta meeting. He eaid they had been suoeeeefni In electing their President: but unfortunately when May looked at the State capital they found It in the poweseioa of tho enemy. That was a power which had e!ax>mde prlved them or tbe powers which they bad fought tor in lilt. They were toli by that ren^ade Greeley aad tbe Coutirr and Xiupiirer Lb at Ma; or Wood had been subvertlDK the polioe. Bet it was not true. Re bad (appointed men of ail parties: yet when the pipe laying Polite Ownmltsioners came down hers, I ley could only procure onethird of lbs force to desert the ciiy. Tbe police bad es pressed their willingness to stand by the Mayor la his defence of the clty'i rights. (Cheers) Mr Hxnby 1J Moaavis, ot the Ninth ward, made an eloquent address, showing bow advantageous would be ths for mailt n of a State from the Are loser counties of New York, with a imall port,on of Now Jersey. He considered Mayor Wood ofspitless character, and baring nb heart only the Interests of the city. Mr. CfURun Stark Nswmix, nephew of Gee. Stark, wan the nest speaker, and in a brief, though sioquce* speech, disw Ihe moat vociferous applause. naron wood m jmiyq. At this lime It was announced that the committee bed returned with Mayor Wood, when, as If with oaa votoe, the entire multitude sent op Irng, load aad oaa laoed obeera. The wildest excitement pre railed, and. whoa the Mayor stood upon a chair to speak, hs was obbged tn wan a ass rat mlaotes before the taeegeeteitsns of joy ai h* ysssmas waa suOoided. Quiet was at length restored, and amid Ihw in tat decorous stillness ibo Mayor spoke aa Mows ? srsaca on nevoa wouo. Fellow ctli-rus?1 have responded to your call. Although laboring uadsr soma slight ladtspoe u>n from a cold, aliboogb with doe lite a* to the propriety of my appearance on an oucswlen of this character ai tola i.tae, and aitbeogb I bad aiat you to o'ght a letter of declmeti m, yet the committee which you did me the hoaor is send bsve so fatthlully aad energettoally discbargsd their duty, thai I lad to obey yoor coil, aad am here before you. (Tremendous cbecn ) And I appear here, fellow ciUstae, In my Individual aad personal i-apeeity?as Fernanda Wood ?one of yoor own fellow cnh.ew, oaa of yourselves, smt notss Mayor Wood, the chief magtstraia of the sky of New York. And the few words that I propose te say to J?ni aic rum ?u iuu in luj |>t:rn>u?i HU lOaifMlAI C4pt city m ooo of Ibo aorercigo people, not M H office! of lb* torpor at too of (bo city. Therefore it la 1 *ay 1**11 em with jo'i lo it.1* trrfot and (lorto io r cutanea to Ik* urur pov n tod l> ranny af our mootera at (loony. fProtocgrl appl*ii?e ) f am villi yon, ood Iba (lorton* people la on ai*icaI liun lb* Ooort oi Appeal*, to bigitor povor otitch <o I bio country crpolra oil povora?vbnlbor thay b# judicial, iei'ialollre or asccnti?* I aa vMb you lo Urn raacutlen "land Id ohod.eBcr loail lava. ood I in wtlb you io irpcalmg? io raauttag at U.a ballot bos ail lov* wbicla am nyproatM*, tytrao col or ropuanooit* ibolaoor-oo and loe'ltuiior otlbta I'roo repubhc (Chorre ) 1UU God, Irllrnr r.iiuroo, you reaide to a Latino wbor* lbs A'oiifMy baa crrotod wry luoa wilb oquoi political right*; lb at bcro J mi oro g-araateod by tba ouoatitouao U ibc couo'ry lho loobcoobir r gbi *' aelecUng yonr ropre.c nlaliree, I hat you bore orrlalo inbareo'. cooalHoiH'nal, inai enable prert^ain c? *hb no ooort, obirh ao kilalaiura, vbi boo otuic of a tyrant cob wrmffrom 1 )?u. (Deafening cheer* > A V.m? a? Nor do niter < laogbtor ) And lot tar toy lo you, frllo allfiaoa, tool m tbio oc-uBtry lyranay robloi as Id log k Vuico?Too oro right. Tool bora, under lb* atactic* aynom, ailropronoo'oiT**, ?bcthrr Ibry ba lagmlai'vc or ;adi:ial, nuM ooooor or later return lo I be pxtnio to giro on account of tbotr j alewarrtiblp, lo praaaot their record for IB* poopio*a oa amteaiicc, i r,(tenement or repadtatioa; thai boro la I thro* grral aaaoo? brr* rraldo* la lb* boona an.t opna ; Ibo band* oi tboa* Tr#o It* tor* la lb* power lo rape*!? I repeal, repool?and reject any ingrate or traitor who deeelcet and beiraya yea. (lmiocoso cheering ) Nov fellow citizen*, aa odioua a* are theto laea under vblrh wa aulTer, aa rrpagDao; aa hare i>oen lb# bom of Ibo IrgiaUlnr* lo our my pride tad lo our oberooa rlgbia, aad aa odioua a* tb-y aro lo yon ail, 1 nail poo you I* obey Ibo a*, 1 oat) um yoo to raapool ibo author y or Ibo odMa a vbich haro boon cxaoMd by i beta, 1 co,I a poo you lo trader euhrxtyvlaet ood ohodlrara lo orrry lata of ibo IsgViatur* aa loog aa 0 b o lav. iiborr-, ood rrloo of fee, yoa, thol e right.") You bar* la ibb oono'ry alway* o roaodr. I ktro alluded io ibo rroedy wbioh rooldoo la tho head* of orory A wan noo Wma. Tharofor* lot w? crooeol yaw?bo ro I* ?aUlfy MMlir Ik* 1 r|MlUlt bocaoao it * upagoaal and boMll* lo J oar hating* ** AMtlM #hU*e# or jroar mid* M oHIaate ?r Wow York* (Cklira.) Q>|<liH> R*?p?n trtry m?a a bo Ix.l la an offlo* *0 hag MM* tetat j*dor 1* ?, 1*4 *o k-b< m iho oonrti har# laoldad that !% I* law. Sn long # tt la law Mia year day; It M ar.y My and IIM dwtjr of rrary mm, fraa IS* higbMt lo lb* low **( la IS* coMawwHy, la rMpact IIJ aad regard it, aad la okay it. Tbiq a lb* oaly dacIrla* wbtcbaay Am*rt*an raa praanh. H la IS* oaly antra* Utal any fra* aaartna* naa AMI*#. Wa aioat bora, wbara w* oaraalrM inaka Ika law, aad aiact rayraaaaiattaaa? N M oar daty to ok?, all law*, aatU rapaaJad or daedal jDooaaUtatlaaal by Ua Ca.rta A Vmoa?Or by lb* balM baa. (CSaara > I I low littaoaa, .1 would fir* aw great pfaaaw* I* aoaliana lb*** nawlu. but I am aiitaSod ISal aota,i.g I caw aajr or do raa add to lb* MilinalaaM wktek foa tea* la rwiaiiac, b)> ail la?al aad prt>i?r aaaaa, thaw Mil*. \ oar own lairlncaaoa will fbrataS yarn aaory arwaaoM wbiaS I ran think of, aad ?Bah la yaa lo iboronghly aad*rMaa<9 Ibto aobjoit. I oaa oaly aay, la eaae aaloa, that I mora von ait alaoar* Ibaabt for joar Many Throw. It tea b**a al'waya My good fort in*, wbaoaaa* 1 eaaw tefor* lb# paopl#, ? bar* item giaa at* a haarty tuppMt, tad mora aaprci ally IS* bum at my adoptad fbllow olUaaaa bay* alwaya rradrrrd a# -aargotir aoppMt. Tha Mayor roltiad aald ihr bmw!oatraragaat Itaatlw Uoaa of apr'aua*, and. aft*r aararal briar atdraaaaa froaa otter rmlaaal raetiaara, tha mratiag ad. xraad, ha i lag doe* nrrdfi m lb* nao*a of iwaatrtpal kbariy aad to iba patriots* of ibo NiaotoaadS ward. THE POLICE COMMISSION. It# nvrfc or appttaaato at Whlta otraal yoatwdap wato rrt illU to|?r than am tb? prttioM dayo. boob to lb* doinm tb#y fiT?lw, thai tba lababiiaata la lb* wifkiw.rhood hark tdovtad tb# ripodlfnt of throwing dlrto* ir?t#r aa thorn from thfir w indowa to kaap itootr atoopto aad arraa arcaaatbla A dittnrbaaoa criam la Ibto Maami trcintd yaotarday. Rt?mdar Amilh aad Coaiptrnllrr nagg vara at Um Oaaimt?ai?a#ra offioa yaat#rday o r#gard to tba pa'too pap. lb# raooli will bo torn la Ui# OoaiptroUor'a pr alaanBao. A roooUUoa broagbl op a aaaa b alaoa, aad Utaa traakat la Uta In ragatd to a oqnad of nai aaaaaty lr? tronnt#d poh<-#m#n, van r#farrtd ptaritap la lb# Oowm t?##fn <4#n#ral fhanlpltna. It vaa r#arI rod that wb#aara? aap ?bar of Mm Ha> Uopoittar Vol.' # la foond la ba ntoilnaiod, tba tlaaaral f?ap#rlat#od?al, whaa nt.tlad bayoad daablof tba (bat, ?bail dlnnlra biro room ba aarrloa Tbr foUoaio* ordar aaa ibM morolac promnlgaind ? (r>nrw Itarrrr Pi i t*nim?owrt Potjoa, I no W Whit# Pthbtt, Star Yowt, faly ?, lfi.7 f vb# ?p#cUI pot'## forra all) raport tbaewelvaa at UM Itf'h prflrrt alation bono#. M Fraafelln atraat, im mdap, July loth n*t., at 4 a'clack P. M., aad tbara awatt farthaa aidara. r A APR*, <:# aval "iparlntaadawL Tba opaolai t*irolaa?a will ba ?l Mtoaad a* tba tiaaa aprrltltd, with thank. r*r tfeair aoadaal, aa tbatr aarrtaaa art to krop#r '#qnt?#d M?. Iroda k** Mki.of tht* nNp. baa r tot* and tba appntatattat of tataryratar an tba pnitca aad orlaalaal aanrto, ond wao tht. atorniag awora to to ogtaa by Pttilaa (oa mb fiooor Bnwta KMrioymrr or fun nm ronrr. A ntiiahar of tba cM fb. ra oama b#fora tb* Mayor ?d bto 'htirtaialy fa to aa Ra nfferad ibaat ap-WotWftta m *tfr#t laapaatop* nador tba tbraa* Onnmwwtnoor. A pocd mar y of tb# u?#fnl and da#arrlaf maa of 'b# oM fhro# wi?l h# pwrldod wilh #mploym#rt In tb* matnaa It U?# Muaiatpat anpatatm?*t tan ba ma a** n#d io ?4 tba to oaatbiat. Aa maay aa fan? or tra br?d#?4 ['ONTWfD ON riOMTto float)