Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7618 OUR MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS, M BRIEF HiSTCaV Or THE PROGRESS Cr EVtNTS. Proceedings in the Street Commissioner's Case. Tte Board of \litfrnirn YifW lhe Poliro Properly lo the Metropolitan fouuni&sion. rvv luvrr i n iuuk ti lut ouuv iraru ivriM^ At., Af., Ar< CENBT? V1F.W OF MUNICIPAL AFF VIRS. ACTUAL BTATK or TEE VARIOUS OORTSBfS XoU TUB rmiSKBN AtlOK OF TT?B flTC RTUHT*. fnblio events have succeeded esc a other so ;ukicly In >Xa c.iy since ihe adjournment cf the Legislature, sod so wv.pltCH.ed At<! var-ois have jeun the changes i.uj wAUnga and windings attending the Dew measures, re ' spectlveiy, that It has become most dttfioutt, ff not an utV* itriKwe in! iy, for the community to keep accurately posted cp wth respect to the actual position of ulfa'rs. It ! with the purpose of relieving our readers from this ombArra?sn>ent that we present the following general view of the condition of ocr municipal questions ? THR ItlTBOrOLFCAN FOLIC* The Court of Appeals having decided m favor of ilie oortttcUeiiai ty of ibe Metropolitan 1'olice bill, resistance to the execution or that law has practically ccasol Ibeee functionaries who took a leading part In opposition to the law have bowed to the decision of the Court mt Appeals, and have recommended obedience to tt a the part of all citizens. The committee of the Board of Aldermen to which was referred the question as to the disposition of the various polics stations and property throughout the city have reported In fltvor of Kurrsnderl*g them to the new Commissioners. That report was sad" the special order for last evening, aod finally It in Adopted by a vote or 19 ayw to 2 now. The Oomp troller baa propoaod to pay the membara or tba old Municipal fore* up to tba time of their being aevsraJy diamlmed by the new Oommiaaiooara, or dlabandad generally by tba Mayor; excluding, bawavar, from the benefit of thla meaanre aucb membara of the old force aa waro appointed aubeequent to the organization of the now Board. This la drawing altogether too alee a (llatlnctloo, and la perfectly abattrd. The Comptroller and everybody elaa kaowa tbat all who have actually boon engaged In the aorvtee or the city muat be paid by tba city, and It might aa well be done with a food grace aa not Bceidw, aa a matter of common decency and charity tbeaa man abooid not be, through any lltlglooa or pervert* rrankii w on tho part of Mr. Flagg, kept oat of their money a day longer than need be. lWy are poor, and moat of them have fhmHlea to eupport. They are being vistimi/ed to), by a (warm of blood-tuck lag money c 1 angers who are baying np their claima against the city at an immense dh-uounL We underotand tbat there a no .mpcdiment to the payment of those not thus apertaily excepted ?y the Comptroller; and we hope, aa a manor of fa.r play, tbat aa arrangement will be a bo made to remove thia exception?eo aa to allow all who have been ha the employment of tba city aa policemen, no maiar when appointed, to receive their hire from the city. The folic# syatem of Kew York at thla moment la nnre aorvediy ia the ban da of (be new Coaamimloaera, prealded aver by Mr. Simeon Draper. The old triple oommbsion of Mayor Recorder and City Judge to extinct In tow and in Met, and there to no the atar or badge of a Municipal patrolman in be met with In iho atroeto. The Mayors oi New Wwrti awW am* *w efkote, PiHea Oawa* mtostonrrs. and hare an equal voice in the general management or the fbrco. Of coarse, in cue of m dtoturbanco or the peace of their respective citlea, they ton the aopreme control of the police force, m they al ware hare hart, ad erroneous impression haa pre\ aled thai the new Lomm aainnari abaorbed all police power* But thai to satirtly a mistake. Their Jurisdiction extends merely to the general rag i tot ion, management and apprmt mewl of the torce.but the supreme power oror it in oases or rtM, disorder or conflagration, realties latect in the oh:er magistrate* of New Tork and Ftrooklyn, and the tbo *ho riha o*? the i.oaniiae oi Kings, R.. hmond and Weatchr.ter 1 Tfco General r ipcr.u'i ndent or the I'oroe to Mr. Tallmadgt ? formerly Recorder of the city?and the Dep ty Bapertateetlente are, Carpenter Tor New York, and Folk tor Brooklyn. In the latter city moat of the captain* and mew or the aid force bavo been retained?the appoint meal* there ton to Mayor I'owell and CnmmuraUiner Btoanabkn In ihto city several of the cnp'aina, beal lea tome who went over to the new Uomm!eeio>.ere early '.a the Hthl will be retained. And it .* f.*rm hi that the moat eatlre and we'l conducted men of Lbr an1 forte will receive their re appointment. Ir una principle he 'airly carried out, we irill tH*a in tb.ik Wtur of the aew Oommli aioaera A movement hea baen originated tn one of the up io? n want# la pre* ure a repeal of the Metropolitan I'jlioe hill, and aW" a reverence of the clip of New York and aomeof the lower to> ntiea from (be ml of the Miato and (heir erect mo into a new :Jtaie rim nmur cOMMfMiownaifm. Oa the deal!' or Mr Taylor, the Street CoumlMloaor. who Lad barn Heeled to that ofl*e by the Kaow Nothing party at the iaet eleeUoa, the Got*roar of the chale ap pouted Mr Hanlet D. Conor rr to 0111 be offloa. Tho office had eeaeed to ha ele<lire under the pro* *1 one of the aew afearier, which (tree to U.e execotira of the city, with the rooeeat af the Board of Aldermea, the appoint aaeat af aU hrada of deptrtmeola The Mayor, ertiig under the plain meantnfc of iho charier ap painted Mr Oierlee Iwvltn aa ?hreet Oemiaiaaiotxr, Thai hroeght the Governor of the -Uaic and iho Mayor of (fee rtty into conflict. The Mayor * appointee war la darted Into office, and baa ?to e ruteted the aflorta of Mr Tlaaii i in tn obtain It Tba niter a|>p'ied to I he .Wepreiwe Uaurt, Special Term, to compel Iter la to eorreo l?r to him the baoaa, dc omenta, Ac, af the Street oner Judge Peahody, who heard the argument- in the rue, deeded la favor of tba Governor'* appoiateo Cotemoorar-roi.ilv aitb Lhal de n on. a temoorarr ,n i.n t.on tu tabued by aaolher Jndga of lb* lam# Coerl (Rm? van,) at tbe anil of (be Mayor and CoMmoaatty nt New . J art, rratru.not f ooorrr from taking potaeaalM of an y of the mperty of tbe < wM ? tbe book*. aap* <M Mate, kr , be Inert ag M Ibe Street (' xmrai** inner'* ofln b. Am Parlla, noder thr *be<iow nt th a lamarttoa. coatiooed to axeeota tb? fun< poo* of Street Omnia:** on?r In denptle adjudge ' ralxwtj'? farther ajiplwwtlnn waa madt to tbia Judge, and tor a warrant for the arreai of Iter1 a and Ma rowimtl ai to thr City Prtnou until be obou'd deMrer op Ikf book*. aad thro far a ?earch war ran :. dirndl ag Uo She rtflo yorrh tho City flail aad I ha Mayor'*, Street Onaaat.xatonrr * aad I orporatton (onnaei ofltooa for thr book*. Ponding M proceeding* no tbta .atlor application, Judge Hade*, aoo'har Jndge of the aama inert, larued yaeterday a writ of cartiorari, nommaannz 'udgr I'eabody lo ana paad further proceeding* la lb* matter. aad to report all the teellmcx.y, St., taken b)Tore b a< n the uearrai Tai in of tho Supreme Court on Ute eocoml Monday of September Thai wo hare the ettraordlaary apoctarie prereated of three eo ordinate nigro af the aame on-.rt leaning pro iiiiii to aentrahM aaob tho notion of the ntbar. tndg* Prabody haa ant pet dortdod whet h?r be thtU oboy tbe cartiorari. If bo abonid reeolr* not to obey tt, hot to taouo the warraate far the arreat of Itarita, and Tor the re arch for the hook* of lha office, we will liar a an J other r on ret of authority, with. It may ha, aarton* aad deplorable roanlt?, aa Judge Knoaerati'* n jao tUMi restraining Ooaover frntn pn*em* og inmaeif of theee hook* or other property of the edjr i? l? foroe, and of equal olter.t with any warrant af a contrary oharerur that .lodge Tea Rod y may Inane. If, on tbe contrary, be ahouid make ap bin m(?d to obey ihr o-rtiorar , the wbote baatnee* will be left In in yarn ipj* till September, Iterlia meen while occupying the afire TBI BXt tmt OOWtltMlit' ?'R". The Onmwntninnera appointed nader the new ftciie aw are, for to Ihr. in undiepntcd exerriM of the.r fi net on* aa ench Tbey bare ant yet been put through the ilery ordeal eg the law oonrte, (imply because thay hare a??t yet taki n aay derided ?tepe in the en'oroement of tbe law All they hare done toward* haa been to opra an ofllce aad bold meet'nga to hear apptiratmne for hren** rp to Ihte ttmr they barr granted but tttenaat to Mnreuf ep art nod liquor dealer* few if any of the memhen of the I.iqtior liealert' At Delation hare applied for liorneet and aa Una bmiy com* E NE prise* almost all ihe respectable Honor dealers of tbo city, it folkjwa thai most of .hose t j wnom .>ctv? have bean grade! are either fre?h a.own one it the trale. or ei*? perrons whose itle to bold censes m,ght well be questioned. We do not enow whether Ui.a is actually the ease, bnt such woi id certa n y seem to be the tog^cai dedecjon from the preir ?e*. In lb54 there were *Jb1l tarerr Itcense* granted n this c ty. Add'rg to tris the unlicensed bouses.there n nst bare been at Irast ten thousand liquor stores in the city. The number hai Increteed iremendo .sly since then, owing io tne failure of the abturil attempt to in trod ce the Ma ne L uor law here, and s.noe then no excite law of nn tr m.I han h<utii n fowo VpftKhltlv Ihnm am at rrle mn. ment li.CKK) p>*cen in the city of New > ork w bere uqior i? sold, and yet but <>19 have applied lor and received licenses. There are ih.rty-ntoe days mere with.n wUjr.b Uteres w,!l be pranted. Then the Imxiks will be cto?ed ami tbe war between tbe and tbe Lquor 1 ealtra' Aasociation will commence In earneit. I p to that tne, we understand, do prosecutions are to be commenced. Then the armot*e e - pirea and the fight begun The IJquor Healers' Association stands pledged to defend and keep fcarm ess each and erery one of Its memoera that may be sing'ed oot fbr proarcution, and to test the law througn all the tortuous twisi uga and winding* tha ktlfu! lawyers may resort W, until finally tbe court of Appeals decide on Ka constitutionality. Up to tbe middle of August, at least, tbe liquor dealers may rest; but alter that ezciliag time# may be ooked fbr. THK QCARAKTiVI AFFAIRS. We bare bad no renewal of hostilities en the part of tbe kshormen of Seguine's I'oint against tno Commissioners for the change of yuaraniiLO Tbe buildings there are placed under the charge of the Sheriff of Richmond county. the ejwcial police force detailed to take care of them having been withdrawn. At the county Is reepnneible for wilful damages to the Quarantine property there, It ia to be supposed that no furtber illegal acts In thatdtrootion will be perpetrated. The location of the Quarantine at Serine's 1'olnl baa had a more powerful enemy than the warlike oygwrmen. Tbe Commissioners of Emigration hire reported agains: tbe location u being, what every one knew it to be, utterly unioited for tho por jK>?e. The old quarantine and hospital buildings are still, and bid flair to continue to Ik, used for the purposes for whlcn they sere erected. TBI II A KLOB BILL. I The Pilot Commissioner* appojtled under tbe no a Har bor bill set m to bavti been adopting hlh.-rto the do Dotting policy. Their fees and emoii:m?Bta are to be paid out of a fund to be created from the collection uf tinea. But if there are no fines i hern can bono fund, and consequently no pay. Thin reflection seems to hare worked its way largely into the minds of the Commiaaioi.ers, (or they held a meeting on Thursday and actualty d isolated that interesting eat ore of the bill. Bad ho. u we fled Is our report of . tbe meeting, they determined to aet out on their own . hook (that is, independently ot Ute Chamber of Oommerse and Board of Underwriter)!), commence firth with to enforce the Inw an<! sec if the tines wilt pay expenses. Act i ing under that decision, the Commissioners set to work and appended three superintendents, whose dnty It Is to . report all violations of the act. It mav be presumed, there fore, that the Port bJI m .11 operation The mer. cbanti are bitterly opposed to tbta and th. otber harbor i bill! particularly. the mkt warmvs iii u Ttils measure la denounced aa a shameless and ba-eIbred on the part of the black republlcau l.igula lure to saddle our commercial alaasaa wtth the support of some d? en lazy officials. The merchants or the port nsed to have a few w?U quell lied men retooled and paid by tbemeetrea to esauntoe damaged cargoes, estimate the damage, fcr , and their 1e i clstoa was oonclnsira. These are superseded by a batch of aloe officials prmed Port Wardens, who as" aautied lur the same dnty to co!!?ot"a comtuisslaa of noecltSTT flU1 mte percent on goods so appraised, which, with other rota for doing nothing, woald make their ag> egato pay 108,000 a year. It is said that a nephew and brother In ww vi ouvwiuvr mug uuiu iwu ui muw im urriui. luc merubaaU and Board of Caderwrlters disregard Umn now . otfc 'als, and rend their owe aurreyor* on board ablpa at former y, but (Ull tko fort Wardens bill is virtually tn I operation. THI CBHTKAt. TAiur. Tbe Cential Tark Cowitn'eilorerii bare bad do legal im pad!ment thrown ib their way. They men occasionally, advertise for loadora for contracts, aad transact regular rout.De bualnaaa. There Is l?? nppoaltton to their pro reeding* than to those of Coram',iskmert ouder any other of the sew lavs. thi kiw citt h a li.. Wc bear coUhdp at all ot the (oram.arlooera Tor tbe erection of the i ew City Hall. Tbe> are probably rtunaio isk 'iD.etly in the beckfro>ind, wrsitug tor the result of the !*lroet Cnmmtsakraershlp contest, aad for the aulHdeuce of the af taivd waves of public optotol la llto mo tropstis. ATBXET OOimiHSIOXnrS ?'\SE. THI riOOltMKSI icfobb Jrn?* tiabudt IKTSR Kcrrvn rr a wnrr of cmtoatu. ?rimwa corai?er?ui ma t. Hefore Hon. Judire reabody. .ft it 10 ?in fir luaffrr of IV a/'/iffeahort of Ihxnifl D Oonotvr it om/tl UkarUt tkUin to tin rtmlir to Iu?i ike brotri. ma/? atu' paper* af Ihf Btrr*' < 'umrniAtinnrr :. firjtir' ni'rti Mr Held addr^eetne the Coun aaid -The order end warrant* I gave yesterday I desire t> bare aettleil I ' n deerored yeelerilay to get a more accurate den i iptun of tbe books belonging to the tomm.mion?r? ofTioe Utao I bat mere genera! deaenptxm that we ha?i*Mr-?iy given. 1 am sot able bow to describe them eceuraioly, but I prod .ee a echedule as full as could as made. Tbe Court aall the llrst Ih dig to be dooe wee to eeitle tbe bowId be mad* for the whole, aa 1 that oi tb? teteadaol refuting to comply with the order the rrarrao t book! he erred The order 'bell he tweed, ud the defendant bare an ty of comp'r tig with It The?e warranto ar? analagoui to eienitloor T> i or tor iwned and ao? complied with- t%m rtmCm- there may he reaeona why it meld oat l>e rcmphert with; tbt i and of Providence may .alarpore, there maybe eery good rrwaooe ?hy ibc O'der hrei.i aot be oowtpheii wiib, aad the party hooM. the afore, he bear i before the tuning of toe penal ernootow The rtatuia itaelflu thla particular ia eicr? litgly meager Mr Noyneeal'l that they were oader the .mpromtoa that nfler the order war made ool It waa the duly of the dcfeo dam to makr aa altloar t uflic.tral to tempt him from ImprtKinmepl Tbey hav, bow near, ao objec loo to tha iiggratlon of bla Hwor; at the tame time tha public In trrratr m i?t ba looked to Ar to die liat of burke, the de readaai Mr, fWTitn, know* eu-tty what they are, and U>er (ibe couaerl lot ihr p" ) deelre thai be ehould jwrtevt the Hrt trr (hem The oonorcl for the defeat! ant laughed at lb la r?qa?M. Mr Brady waa imw aware of aar pariu ular ohligalion I be wae under to aaaiat bit learned H la 0<H iwual | la war. either tbe hat le Held or ! court* of juKice to a" it ihe enemy thev .lid ml nleod therefore la girt them any ao elai r, bnt ou the contrary would tnlerpoen erery d'tn.'ilty they could He (Mr. Brady) thought Hiat Ihey were art ag without any authority wbtterer thaltbia urnce <\ nrrrar a i ultttw. and thai nn thli r.enfj ttiara a Intel vu t of ;iir.?rt. *>or If bU II>bot r aaied a wtrrtnl aad Mr twrlia ebouht be *r reeled * babee *>rpna euld he teed I ty obta'aod Me ot>ecfc>.| U> an; ?nl? geminil of the erder preeented rarteraay beroed the l.mi'# of tbe prt'tion There l? po erideaee hef-re ibt court thai ihee# book* were la lb* office an hwr *?o; there to ao endenra thai they ara there ao? (bare i* o? avl lance that Hevlln ba>t atar keen la the po*m?- >n o1 lh?m AO t Uia new ha had of tb< aaaa wa* thai there * an Ininort'oo pending In th < maliar, and thai ;i Mr ttavhn para op poaaaaaton of thnaa booh* ha anoM euhmct hlm?p|f to prnaaantloo ant content'! of > nurt H? (Mr Bra dt) w rhcd to at plain vhal ha ?al<l ravta' ley about tha fberlfl Re maant that befall rood lam thai the dlieriit vroalil nol aerro tha warrant' during the pan-ton \y of the in,unction hafora .lodge Met war ah. Ha *ugfc*ted Itiat thta ardai vhooM *tead orar till Tneulay naal, when, if indfn Roo?erelt di?*olrea tha teitinruoii, hia Honor * pom won J than t>a clear bnfbre bitn A* the t onrt bad auggeatod, Mr, Prrltn may hare many an* ecra in mat'- to ina'or tnr 1 Mr Rradr'read froth the atalutee, aad contended tbat tbo j bovk* eho ild ba accurately (lav siitnd Tba la* aever i noatomplatail thai any man for whom it waa impn*vtbln to dettrer op honk* abetiM ha imprtannod I rr contempt Tlia city anth?r1ti?to mar aara taboo pneeevaioto of lb1* pi "per ty, for aught ha knew, aid Ikarofkra It would he ni|?w ait do fi,r Mr ftorlin to five them up | Mr. rtnld bat no doubt about the wri* llc?wn. and thav would take tba tiaaard, if am tbare ba be prepoted to take tha order and barn It aerrnd Im?n tietety on Mr, I?arlln if ho can ba looed [Mr. Rarlie, who war In i-oort nltkhla counaal emllad at tha anppo.itb n that he ochld eot ba Toned) ; and if tho order |v not compiled with, e warraot rhould ba leaned Tor ftte arreti Tba Bbarlff, who to a r-udeni. eautlnaa man. aed ae*a nndnr the adrtea of able (uintoMl, will not ton, h any hook thai doa? n < belong in tha "treat Onmmieetooar'a department Mr FVdd than i on reed m amend tba pmpoaad order (alrendi pntniabed), by aC'linf tha anhadnla of tha bnoka, \c , whi-h ba ime produced tt Ua Onurt preferred it tbay would atoo anb mlt an affidavit with the arholutn. Mr I trad) remarked tbat IT thay wanted to commence tbe prorerdirge oror again ha had no objonttoa, but he wee aetilled to a copy of the affidavit in erder to anewer tt The p>nn tb' nfbt tt hatto to let tbe erder etea l at It tt, ff YO MORNING EDITION?SAT tot tuggttted that t altonld only apply u> search like off. It or Mr. De*l o, and an plane nnder W ontrot. Mr. Field consented .> leaye out of lOr order t ie of the Ma* or and ^orporaiion GouLgel. Bo did not frei.evo tbivt ibe Mayor had i.ny of (be hoiks ? ye:. The order wan then altered 10 or mat the warrant thou Id o-ludo :be search of die Bail of Record* i.r-, corpora;.?o yardt, he apartments and rooms tet apart for ibe dtiiiea of the office of Street (cmmiM'.oner. T)io order, aa amended, waa thee banded by Mr. Fie'-4 to Mr Conover, who serwxl!: ou Mr. Devlin u court au l made formal demand or tu# book and paper*. Mr Busteed and Mr Devlin here kft the sourt, evident^ !j bent on some other more. Id a few minute Mr. Noyes t*. t that be had ao affidavit of the service 01' the order ol' the Court on Mr. Devlin and hie ofDitston to Aouidy with the order Mr Brady replied tha'. the order had bet a just nerved on Mr D vliu iu bis Honor'< presence. Re then read the foliowtnc aotwer ? Mr Pevl'n s anrwern w?the demand made upon htm under tbo order thus day madu by the Hon. Charles A. I'ea body aro tbal ho dote not recognise thi order as valid in law tha) be bar no other lossession of any property conoeoea with the oflice of Street Commissioner than so h a* belongs to ton official character; ibatauchproperty l-oioutrs I to hot oltloial character; that mvb irojiert, belongs to and is In the corse htoo 01 the Mayor, Aldermen and ' Commonalty of tbe ity of Now York, subjc:t to oft"<;ial 1 by him: tbat he has no power or right to deliver sucn property to Mr Conor er; and that ihero i* tow in force an Injunction, doly granted by the Hon. James I. Roosevelt, restraining Cooover from taking possession of tha hooks, Ac., mentioned In the atoresald order; that a copy df such lnjaoctton has been served on said Devlin Kor further answer Mr. Devlin slates that he is directed by tbo Mayor of the city of New Yirk not to deliver up said books, Ac., sod ;s advised bv ibeOounsel fir 11.o Corporation of the city of New York to retain said books. for the said Corporation. CRARl.Bt DKVUN. Sworn before me, this lOtb day of .Inly, 1867. Cm, A. ITLMiODV. Mr. Koycs satd tbat two thirds or that answer was contumacious and would warrant tbe party making it to be pnniaDed for contempt. Mr. Brady?You had better move for committal lor contempt. Mr. Nor es after some firlber obscrvaliona moved for tbe issuing ol' the order. Mr. Brady?If a man Is to be put in dofkult for refusing a demand, the refusal Is as much a part of the proceeding as tba demand itself. The answer must not be sworn to necessarily. The Court?The answer as an answer was sufficient, but If It ts pretended as an answer to tna order, U most bo sworn 10. Mr. Brady?We can put a jurat to tbe answer to tare trouh'e Then tbero is the lnjiim lion. Mr Noyce?It Is not provin Ifr r.fn/? y*rA It ii tha Inmnrtinn \ "the Court?Thin Is not Om Supremo Court of the State. Mr Rrady?You sra simply acting m s Commissioner under the statute, a writ of certiorari has been mrued In this case. wbl?h Is a stay of all prooeedlng, and here la the writ, which will be served on your Honor. Here It Is, Issued by Judge Davles (Reads the writ.) The following is a copy of the writ:? The r<*fiU.<f (hf State of S'W York? To the Hon. Charier *A. Peaborfy, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the Statu of New York, greeting ? We bring willing for certain cause to be cerlitiod of a certain dccbion and order made by you on Ibo lC<h day of July, In the year 1867, in an applloation of Daniel P Copover against Charles Devlin, to compel the said Devlin to deliver upto said Cooover the bjoks, papers, maps snd documents connected with the uflloo of Sireet Commissioner for the city of New York, which ap B(ration was msde under the provigtona ol the Revised atutee of ihte State, do oommand vou that the said application and tbs proceeding* had before you thereon, and the testimony taken In relation thereto bofore you, and your decisions, processes, warrants and orders on snd during the , ftndeucy of sue!) spplication, with all things touching and oonceraing the rame, before our Justices of our Supreme Court or Judicature, at tbo City Hall of the city of New York, en the seoond Mondav of September, A. D 1867, vou rend under your band, and togtlhor with this writ, ihst our raid Court mav further thrreupou canto to be dt eo therein whatever of right ought to be done. Witness, Henry E. Davlec, tsq , one of U>e Justices of our Supreme Com of Judlontu'e at the City Hall of the city of New York, the 10th day r.fJulv, A D , 1867. RICHARD BtSTKCD, Attorney. | So that your Honor has thai trjonotlnn, the writ of our , ttorart, and that affidavit of Mr. Devlin. Of course that writ will decide the queatioa that your Honor la not acting an a Supreme Court. The Court?-The Court has labored under no misapprehension on this sub.tecl. Mr. Red;?Rut Mr. Noyea has made that argument. ' Mr Noyce- Only In the general sense. Mi Oovbu bero swore to hts affidavit before Judge I'm Nuyes Mid that Tor three months they hsd :?*n iry 1 iijt to have Hi.' law enforced tkM bad boon opiawed I'T Illegal means at all times, au 1 :>v bloodshed anil (to le nee tome limes. Ha would argue the i|uo?lk>n whether (ha ruppoaad Ingenuity of hi* opponents could thna evade the Jaw a* wax contemplated by thla Injunction, affldavlt aad writ of rer'lorsri The ti junction bad been granted by a Judge of the ram# nourl while proceedings were pending boiore bis Honor He contended that tbbi was a NNMI entirely unknown to Ibe law. The in,unc ion (Judge Roossvell's) Mil not operate upon the Ml Nothing bit a prohibition from a higher court could restrain It. Without ssjlng anything of the courtesy or tbi* injunction, bo would show that It was not right It had bero granted without D?Uce from I'evlin to Conover, and without granting the latter an o|tp?rluaUy ir he heard, fie believed that ihe injiinclion was invalid. Mr. Brady argi>ed that the rule al>out Injanchon* rioted to Ibow the Invalidity of this Injunction in this case was inapplicable. That rule oould onlv apply In courts of coordinate jorladletion. He had said yesterday, and be relocated It now, that be would consider tbc granting of tba writs asked for uai tolalmn of Uie kojcactoa granted by Judge Roosevelt. The certiorari was a common law proceeding, aad when It romcs It stays tbe prooeeiitng* here snd suspends your Honor ? powers ahaoiutely. Ilea-1 from Karon abridgement, certiorari t., wherein It is laid down that nil prowedlrgs done In a case af .ar tbe service ol the certiora/r are erroneous snd void. Tbe reeord ie virtually now In tbe '-'nprcme Orurt snd your Hooor s Mr. field rootled, tod had do doubt that the cnnrae re lortrd 10 by I ho op|M*uU- able ?u for the nurpme of Ihwartlnglbe proceeding* before Ihi* oourt. He bettered (bat Mr tVnnrer could no! bars hern eeiotoed. ?vo?|>t up MtllitfM] He MM that dodge r.i>??T?u Mi continued Hie li -unctlon, and dialler ed hi* opimnoutn i<> prrdu< e the moti. ill Honor ahmild aim the warranto, and leave It hi Mr I'oanver to tak? the |r ?l courae with ffpert to Ibrm. If Ibey were entitled to ihcae warrant*, ttoer hoped to have them now to day The common 1 ?w writ of certiorari had no effect lo a nummary prucoedio'.Iike thi? The final determination of bia Hotv,r bad not bren made, beraure ho had not it sad the warrant* and therefore no writ of eertrorai i could rmtrmn him from , trdahtng hi* proceeding. Mr. I lold rooUoded that the warrant* abmiid be ngned, and go with the certiorari Irtlh* Supreme (ouri Whinrr lbe?.- warrnnlv would Ire fvacntrd or art * on I depend upoa the ad*l< e of enuaaol and lb* adrloo lb* -liorlft may got with reaped to lb? cor t'orart. Tbo Court tatimaled that ho would toko iioi" lo oonatdor Ibo manor. In ihc mrantimo he would lak? lh? amended ordor* with I im. It waa ulmnaloly a -root that bo wimld give bin decivion on Monday morning, at II o'clock, to which linn tbo eato waa a<* on rood THF 8TRKKT COMM tsaiONKK'S OKFICK f\ 8TATU VI O. *rtatn wieeacren predicted that yootenlay would ho rbara> lor /rd by aontbor rum put at Uio Mroot Oomnii i.noar'a otB. r, and that aa Immraao crowd wight bo oxported lo aaa> mhle to wltaoao I ho aport. They warn, how arer, doomed to ba dlrappo'ntcd, far there wero few vM lera, wub tha exception of aoreral hnngry reportora drawn tbitbrr In *rarch of Hewa by the aforoaaid Wneacroo, and waning tbo roaouoment of aoave reportable fracoa. Tboir labora waro, boworer, lor naught, and after willfully or or tbo mapo of property ap tow a. and f poor frlloot) w,abler that aome unknown uncle would oaly leave Ibem a nice little plot, they aauatored out of the office la abeer do*pair < * aeiooally thruugb the day an laqaloltiro Individual, little eiae to do, would thnut hat hnd lb# door, end perbapt to la, but Invariably be be tame Minded Iron the aapect <of ibiega Uial Ibere waa uol gmag lo be a mum. and tamneel The fa< t wa?, tbal lite k rowing onee bad gone oror lo tba Sapri me fieurl room, well aware thai anliaa Mr. Cnndver waa : ?riher raafowerrd by the act itioa of Judge I'eebody > lo aign the oritor to arreat Mr Devlla ?nri the tenrrh war tant tor the r'berifl be cootd not egeei anything The *o, prene Coord iron war acoo-dlngly crowded with an uxlout miltltude. keeping an eye on Ibe door wltb a do II w make a roth lor Ibe 1*1 reel I nmnnaa oaer a otDoe a raae of any demcniuatioa lb tbal direction. Bui the lawyer' itiniurky fellow*) who geaeraily bare ibe repu tatloa of tnakiBg m<el of Ibe difficult? *hia world, on tbtl erration were the udrnmenu In p-evanting It, nt leaat lor ibe lime Tble idiennmeaa may be allnb .leu bowerer, boi b> Ibe fh< I thai Mr Ooaorer'a ? on are I did 1 no! try bard rnough for a ' heme In make another on ! alanghi t>ni thai bta opponents ware e'lualty inlerealed to defeat htm. and the Judge (IWI not aeem quite readr lo aa mniethi res|?m?\hllllr It will be rnnte nlmredlhtl the irreet event wbtrh waa lo aflerl the Street t omm.aa >ner a office , jeelrrday moralng wae J ml re I'vahndva Jeeirton ae to whether he >houid ?tgn on orier imprlaomag Mr l?erlin In j rate he refnred to ceTtver the hooca and paper* of ibe I Slteei f ommliwione'* olDi'e, ami a erarch warrant firing ibe Sheriff aulhutdy t<> aearch for Hum on behalf of M' I Ooeover. Of notirvr there formidable dornmenle. if algne.1, I would have rrenir d a. me noualderahle aUr, but no annvlMe | iran expected ibai Mr Itevltn'eJIawyert wore go-ng lo allow Ihrtn lo woik'tufelly rrtn IT etgned. Alter n Utile ' brief tkirtni'lilnt among tne or ttnoel, erery eye waa turn i ?l lowarda the Judge, nttl crery mr advanced 10 boar what would he the momeulotte decision dome luokel 1 wondering, other* pn/.tl<d. and atlll more ml led er Ihe I eery lea-ned Judge proceeded tn hla uennl nab eg way la I talk a grant man< wnrda wbbonl firing any rary diatlnol i 'dea. ft war. however, gathered from bi* mutt'rtcta thai he I dlrl n<d feel anlhorixetl 10 ilgn both papere, but wonld, with j tome alight araeadmema. alga the order compellng Mr. I PerUa In deliver the hnofc* ?nd paper* Ibe roooael then I other exlithltion of their ehtuty lo h fog the qneu. tlon, end after bothering the Jn?l<>e aa much a? nnnaihlr, allowed him to ai> a Ihe order. Tht* waa hamled to Mr. ' ] (Vnorer, wb<> waa allingjbr-alde hi* oonnaei, wbo.aadn ro , | i directed him lo eerre It on Mr licrltn. The latter gentle . man aal very eompnee.llr beadle ht* ooimael, and <ld not ! eeem to he at all ftigbbnted when Mr. mover walked RK H URDAY, JULY 11, 1S57. crmw the room, and pr.Hteiy ttmr'nf the paper. reoueei ed him d the bh.odvet maaaer to deli*or to binn ((.bwv ver,} the book*. pap<-r? and dOMiineat* of Ibo rlireel Com- ( miwioner'N off ce Lr. Devlin dlt art ecem to be in a bu rw, or much overawed by tfca maaoa*e> 01 the Co-.rP. ao a* qetei.y Mtormeu Mr. Ooncver thai bo would tato kne to reail ibo docurrect; npna wbicb Mr. Conover was obeerved to ret ime h* aoat, ami from a movement of bte bear* beard aad moustacbe was < supiioaed toimlie Mr Devlin ami Mr. BaiteeJ were then obeervod to ahile iiioJy o t of a ride door, wb.le ti e m- < pert, rbablo Brady watted for the aeat more of the enemy. < Mr. Noyea then wanted to know wby Mr. Devlin wou^l not I obey the mtndateot the i oon to wb'Ob Mr. Brady replied, 1 on oeliall'oi Mr. lievl.a, that the lourt bad no boa'nen < In iifiitfi th? nr Imp that if it ha<i U* Hot tin hail n/U !.h? \ property to b.s possession and ootid not -oirrendor It, und | even If be could aurrondor .1, un injuacl oa from Judge j Roosevelt woo d prevent him from giving it to Oonover. This, of course, attordcd scope for ?ome forens.c ab lity, wb' h having boon lodnlgi J .or a Buttle,ent length ef, Mr. Brady niuctly announced Ural be had pro .rod ttire,opt the .oalrumouialily of Judge Davics ivrlt of ctinrari,

carrying tbo whole proceeding beforo tho ttopreme (Port at .t* September term. The lawyers then Indulged in a further bl-i of buncombe, and then, about c'inncr, Judge JV.Voody am.oucc.ed thai be would ad-ourn the ewe until Moedav morn ng. when he would ae to whether be would disregard the certiorari sn fhr an to sign the search warrant. Whereupon the atteetnMnge dltperaed, with an evident duanpolntmcn* at tbo rer utt, fwith tbe deception, of coorte, of M?. Oovl.n and friends, who seemed In do way d.ssatisflod.) It wan remarked an a somewhat my*ter> juh circumstance, that Mr Devlin and Mr. 1! it teed had ro appeared rotemtorane ourly with tbe writ of certiorari. Of course nothingcould bo dono until Monday, though It la raid that Mr. Devlin was prepared to defend himseif bravely in an exigency; that bo bad a msgiHlrato ttnd Buret oe roady 'it MM of *r rest, backed by a habeas corpus and tbe D junction of Judge Roosevelt Hut despite the wiseacres and tbo pre paratior--, Cipta n Bennett will not have an opportunity to I Tenor ve the (trace hi the Street < ommtw oner's ottioc un III Monday, .f be .a to or! .ua:e as to i>e arorded it at that lime The prefoiit proapeets seom to bo that Mr. De. lln will hold on until September. THE BOARD OF AJ.DBJUIES. THK STATION I'Ot SKH AND ALL rOUCS APPXn ATI'S UITHN CP TO THE Ntff POLICE The tlftb meeting ol iho Board of Aldertuen for tbii month wan held at 5 P. M. yesterday?Airieri.iiti Clancy, I resident, In the cbair. The following resolution, ottered by Alderman Ci.a.viw, was nnanlmoualy adopted:? ' I'll OK THA co' KKVOl'e noon TMIU'kki) TO Tim BO*. jA-t. lit main Whereas, the Hon. Jamea Outhrie, late 8e< rotary of the Treasury, It- now on a visit to UHs City; and whereas, the distinguished ability and stern integrity with which tie uh auiiiiuiatcrru uie uaiwcuu ar.airs 01 me nation entitle bin to tbe profound respect and lasting gratitude of the commercial metropolis of the Union, therefore heeolved, That ibe u?e of the >overnor's room bo tendered to the Hon. .las. >-0111710, in which to receive the respects of his fellow ili.ens. tks station hocskp i:ivkh rr. Tbe report of the Police Committee on Stallou lluusce, which was laid on the table at tbe last meeting and made the special order of business for last night, was then wkon up. Alderman Tt < arm thought the re(?rt of tbe comm'ttee was abont all right, hot he would like to barn the reeo'uUon so amended as to expressly give the u to of all the station boutcs, all polios property, telegraphic apparatus and tbe office of Chief of Police to the Metropolitan Poll 30 OkMlMllMM. Alderman McSrimov ottered to amend Mr. Tucker's amendment by inserting in tht resolution to give up the nation bouics, Ac., that the ottioe of tbe Chief of police be not given up. Alderman Tri kkh urged that the Chief's office should be < given up with tbe rent of Ibe police fixture*. If it was not given np the Police Commissioner* would build a new one at the cott of ibe city. Alderman Fiimkr moved that the amendment t? tbo I amendment with the amendment lay on the table, but by ? request withdrew his motion. Alderman Stbst m said that tne statute declared that the * eity should furnish a proper offi.-e lor the Superintendent o of Police. The ooit of tbe whole telegraphic apparatus ( was only $16,000, and it weuid not nouso mioh espouse to remove Ibe wirea to any office the Commissioner* might ' select Tor their Superintendent. The Chiefs office would be sdspted to the wants of and noeded oy the Street Commissioner. Be thought it was a email afiatr, a* a room equally good couid be sol for tbo Super lutendent ol Pouco for t lOO per Alderman M'Sokiion said that tb.- wires counseled with the Chief's otft. could he remored in thru*days, ami at a very in tic extents. The Commueiom r* could connect It with anv office they > hooee: bo wltbe<l tbein to have tbe tck'jrai hlc apparatus a* noun aa ponalh o. The increased bureaus la the Street Com miaaloner'a offlce, make a larger olln'i lor II indlipeuraolv I ccesrary Alderman Bi cvr sent lb.- original coat or the telegra|ihio apparatus wan $1.1,000, hot that the ritra coat upon It amounted to thirty or forty thousand Julian lie knew a would nxi tbo oily Irom ten to twenty tbouaand dollars to retnov the telegraphic opparatm from tbo Cli ef? office. He aantoil the Chief** office given up to lite I'oltce lommiMloni-rr Alderman Ti is a* again urged that the filer* office be given up. Aldern<an Sra**- as id the Motroixdiian I'olloe would nasi the rlty $ >00,000, and now the name -arty were light ng to get a imalf room lor Tear, aa they *ty, of putting the fly to expense. A Id'T man Wiieo* did not know bow be could rote for the amendment. Bo dul not nen any neo in being apitelul in imall thlngi. The atatute compel the otty to give up all the pol>oe pro|>erly, and ihflg must do h. He wan a* MioogI) oppoaed 10 the new pnli e a* any one. lie fought it with all hi* ntrength, but did nc< no* , ihat the opprau lion hail onoijaered, <oe any nro in butting his hoatl again*! a-tone. Ttiey were beaten, and -hould make an honorable retical, and rally uext fall and ooouer. The people e ll ?av the Common i num. I la apiin ul, and named the l olme l immiealooor* w put Ute city to a great evp- dao, unit r* we give apthia office He thought the Chief*office hould he in Ute city llaU He bad o*?d the iletropohtae foliev, and found Ibent very useful Thia amnadtnenl kwka > though we were frightened of ihem? rr.ghunel to have them in the City Hal: He wanted to have the re publiuaaa before them where be could aoe, and, If poasl Ma, convert *nme of Ihera into good demo rata ftiia tr ny le wa? all for iiotuical eMnrt The Ald<-rmati went r on lu rbow maay rammna why tbe Chief's ? O.lli i .boiliil be given up U> ltn> I'ol > o Coininir doners Mn " wanh d it done i u-wrfully, anil tbi- Board U> use itt mil l- I c-roelogel member of ib? old police who had ntiw k u> " them (o strongly all through I ho struggle, placed apun the ii. -i police. I . ory i-er-on My* we ought to art at mice * and give np these itil nn <t is a'l folly to go fttru i in tbi* petty struggle * Aidei ueti Ainu wantril the reaotolkia an I re|>ort to be " olrpted be had fought tlic lull *1 long a* be COU11, but " would not foolishly slick out any longer. " tbe mot,on on Alderman McNpeJon'* amendment of tbe r< amrnoiiieat was then pot, and lost by l'i against V. r' Alderman timber a amendment *a? Ihon put and ln?1 by 1) against 10. t< The re|>or and resolution an printed in Ibe Hriiiui m t laver of giving up tbe a tali en bou?ea and nit appnratua wta then put nod adopted - l'i members voting n fnvor and gainst d ? Alderasan Vuvuvt atnted to the Chair that ihn Trilmnr * bad gi.ea kta Ike or edict ol making Alderman Met* peel M'a n tpeccL on the previous evening, nod he wiahod It oor * retted. The otnuiiiiwaat on from tbe Itonrd of Councilman la " lavor o: giving up tbe station house-, Ac , to tbe Mntropo r' I,inn polien, war taken and n< n oonrurrad la?'J voting .a ? lavor ot roneurraig and 11 agalnat II. * 1 n.n vraa only dooe a* a mere form the Board then adjourned U.I Mondav at l> I'. M ? . II BOARIt OK COUNCIMIKN. I g llir Board met laat evening, but after wailing twenty I a beyond Iba usual hour for rommam-mg, lbs Treni , " dent dee.lnrwd tbe Board adpinrned UN M -ndsy afternoon * itubeviuentty he directed the Clerk to draw op tbe lollow ! n? p o?i.i roe 4 arm 4i. mrktini.. Tn vn? Mi win** I nMM<i Wonn, Mayor of lb* ctljr of \r? fork. u The umdertfreed membera of the Hoard of I ounnlmen would r-a peril n My reuue*t your Honor hi ii[D tin* their ? coll r-ir a meoimc of the Boar i ot Ooaor im>n, on da day awao ng, Me lltli inatanl. at o dor* I' M , to U1.4 ioMi i*m*tder?linti the ubwot of uan.errug iba pro ' l-rtv II Iba -Hree! lunm >n?r nl.ce In ?i.- i?.-l Ui Ihr lorporal oo. Ac., aa per resolution noot i.aod m tonrnal . n o iaM 1 I ha coll *i (tetrad by moat of the demotrallr member* praarnl, and H w morally net-tarn that a ape- iai will ba bald thla (Kaintoayl avcaiac. M rn Brady. Ruaioed and | kina wara yraaant aad 7 rn otnmaadad tbia entire- In ba lakaa , * CKHTRAI. I'ARK <'OMMISrtlONKfTH. Tbi Hoard of Comm iMini er* or the Central l ar mat at | (ha r ronma yc-lerday Preaebt?CommiM-obera Owl ay ( *' Hoi- hiae, Kleldr, Strong, Hogg, liray ami flreen I ti The mnotc* nf Julv 7 were read and approved ' w A r? million wai c>nared rt<iu?-tin> the t'hirf l-agneer '-tnmutiiRale to lha R-ard lit* view* aa to tho proper nfli'vara n*i ea-ary to rarrT on operation* at the par . with ' any mggetiionr be tnigld have t make a* In the plana to Ite adopted, Ac A rcjwrt waa revere! rrom the KrerutveComa ilea in - ' fetor nf adrrrtu i L lor plan* and estimate* for baying out f lha ra k V ranoty of appl.-atlon* and communication* in regard in lh? m ware refarreil to the appropriate committee. p A rou mitiea waa appotatan lo acenre Aaitaala ronma foe lha ai i -immolation oi iba Board and It* employ- a an the ' remainder of the time nf the meeting waa men to the . At i>al< of utifblaliad b?v,oeai . ' hi ti"- Hoard meet aga'n on M -ndar ne*t TWO MOM VJi'TIMK TO THK !,ATK RIOIS ti IN TH atxm WARD. Two mom of the wounded In the la ? riot* In the dltth | ha ward haye pbaaad away, Thomnb Nfa'kt, a aparial po tb Herman, maiding at No ino tail Sixteeath (treat, and John Mrytrt, a Unamlth, rctidlag at 1M Weat Nineteenth or (tried, wore both reported dead at ttaa (Joroner * oft re ^,1 yesterday, fkom the attbcla nf wound* received Jari* the wl lonrth of July rlou In the Blxlh ward * dli THOMTB era***. y.( packet appear*, wa* appddet upoyiai peheemab t, * ERA day aftertijrio, tbe 3d int. and w0'ie In toe a:; o! ar rej ilk > ? orderly riiaracU-.r to tbe Wb to atreet berdquamrr a. in < ? 'v nn'.r on Mot order nn rr.n.g, re was allowed by ? san>: o* icwde* nppoaed to bo .tntooed Willi ibc "Ikiad Kabt.lB." and waa atroclt It the bead wtib a t"iok 0'pav oy ? "be at i 'Vll ul m to Ike aarit. Ho waa conveyed to the r??idm<.e c' bis wife an aln ve, and 'tbere r"malueu unrl Tfcorilay Difbt. ween be nreati. <1 h.? taa: fbo Jcoeaaed waa quite a rwi*'olab!e mac, toil nau 'i iargo amiiy of children, who are n?w le': entirely dCHittate. Mr. *par a waa a nai've of14 ?f Vnrk, and wal 40 yeara }f aye. Coroner Terry haa already commenced bold or an nqueat in tbe neat, witb tko tope ?i" 1n lini; Homo clue to ,he guilty panic*. it appearn from wliat tbe Coroner could earn that de> ?a*ed w ?a attack od < y a party of men and noya, who w eio parading Ike n reel* at. r Ibe flrat attack waa made by we Ita-iast Rabbit# ujmiu i lo Hjwory boys, at So 40 Bowery; (ba< in a.I probability tbe fame rmwd bat loo- rart In the row at S'o Ml li -wery wa? ibe ena ?hluh ahtu-krd an! boat the ixjUxhuid d digchurge o' inly. The evidence, u adduced yeetcrday, ?M vary >ric! bring coniinoil totbe teriim. n.' it a *.do#. Che evidence of Mm. *pari.a read* a* fllnwt ? Mary Anne ?parka, residing at 101) Hast 81\teenlh st'eet, ?c'ng duly sworr. ?ayg?i eueased my bo eft bia home n Kr. lay evening, tUo 3d u?? , and on 8a urdav morning, the 4th ln<d . he wax brought home wounded; when ha came bo told roe that he nad been limost killed; that he had been appointed a 'penal pol.oomon the evening previous, ftutf wh 'o on h.? bra. into on h'rlday nigbt be heard a man in Catlier no xtrcct crying murder," ard mailing to the olaco l.e nw one man seating the other, thai be arrested ibo assiu.ont, and wh.'o ue wan h.r pi goner towards \? street (the ;rowd following biro J be was hit by tome missile whle.h (nocked b'.rti down, end bis preoner escaped; Wednesday kfternoou deceased began to get woree from the effect of l,a injures, wan wandering In h t m ml, and Continued to fail until 7 o clock last evening, when he died. The investigation will bo cor tin ed today, at 10 o'clock k M., when it if expecied tba gome .rnpoitanl evidence rill be obtained. joiin Mim.K?. The case of John Meyers ie pot Lane one of the mot' Kin. polar on re< ord. lie wax a to at s! ranger in ihe lower part of the city, and while passing from the Bowery In Ftroadway , on the ai'ternooE of tbe 4th .set., hew ag tfcot u he aide by a stray bullet from one of tho rev vera used >n that occasion. What render* tbiK cue at> singular ind interesting, to ibo medical fraternity eapectally, ? the fac t of doceaaed remaining In utter ignorance d" tun wounded coudition for nearly three iiuertera of in hour after tho fatal abot wok fired. Ue crossed Hi) aril street to Centre, walked down Walker drect to West I roadway and there took one of ibe Hiigblb ayenuo cars. He then rode up as far a* Nineteenth street, and It wu not until the car stopped and he attem .ted to r so and take hia departure that he tscoverod Lhat he was ibot. lie felt quite weak and wu utftblo to rise from hu icst. He *at wrjki! to bis home sud there attended by t pbys clan, who pronounced tbe wound a <: anger ook one. rbe ball It appears 1 entered the right side, and pasting through lbs cavity of the chest, lodged in tne bank near ibe spinal column Tbe deceased bled internally and dtod irom hemorrhage produced hy the wound In "p om on. It in verv singular indeed that tbe deceased should bavo re reived no warning of ble rht'ion until he reached h s home, a d slatu-e of over lit n.;le? tram tbe spot where the fatal woond was received. Mr. M\era was a man of family, md loll an Innocent \ ictim during the progroan of a disturbance in which ho took n<> act or part whatever. Coroner Perry will bold an Inquest upon tbe body of deceased to-day. Tbe above Joatha aw oil tbe number o' killed lu the late riots in the Sixth ward to ten porsons. others will proba bly follow, when the total number of rlsthns may be easily let (town as a do* n. QUARANTINE MATTERS ;OMMrTMRMT OP HOltlKS POK TSUI. TMB SrKARBOAT QrMTIOK? (jUAHANTlVK Rt'LBS, *T'". Justice De / on est, before whom the trial of. Umes C. lolmes for resisting the Metropolitan police officers st the ild Qnarantlne took plaoe oo Wednesday latl, yesterday are his decision in the cue. Ho ordered the c immltal r Holmes for trial at the sext term o'' ibe Klchmond ounty Court of Sessions, sad fixed the ball for bis apiraeaace at $UBO, whs-.h was immediately given The Quarantine Coramsxtoueis bad a consultation yensrday relative to getting s vteamboal to ply between tns M and new Quarantine anchorages. Thty find that ibry an get plenty of boats wbo wilt enter Into tho maUer aa an Individual enterpri e, and rely hw pay upon the proftv they could derive In lowing ves'cla back and forth het<veeu toe two C m no lines and ty New York. But us a stem will not bo allowed, under any circumstances, t? go tbe Cuarantine limits, no stumboat owneri can bo irducod to tire th'ir bests for the pnrpos- at less than $700 a mouth. Tbe Commissioners say that smoeg the first things they did they apportioned s part of tbetr original appropria'ton (*(0,COO) to hire a steamboat, but the funds set apart for this purpose they have been obliged to use in pat,hg the police lores stationed a' Pegnltie's Pjiul As the case stands Ibey think that they can do no better tbsn purchase a small sailboat of the value or about $1,000 They irknowle.igi-the neci-eelty ul s good .-'teamboat, but courses poverty. It la expected Ibat the i,object will come up or deOnltr action before the Coamuloocra tf Health to UJL Two teste's, the ?ei ooner Maris X. Davis, from Go tttves, and the brig Botnno, from fort au 1'unce. wi.lcli trrived yesterday, w ere sent 'own to the iowe. *n< horige. Ob the former v<-esel none of the crew tiled ol yel ow fever daring the passage II IK TO *? OS'SIMM. OW WASP At T I M>XI.? htrtLNBh At ?ii'tx?vnM. Pr Thompson, the Hesltb fldcsr, has prepared the folow ng roles for the regulation of quarantined lessefc at his pert ? 1 Quarsm nr rotors must be worn in the ma.n ahrouds if all vessels at Vuaraat'ne. until the commander shall be urntsbed with a bill of hsaith ?and a lu hi must be hoist A at night i I It All persons wbstaver UeUmr'ng in a vessel at Qu antlne are strictly prohibited Irom on shore, except I Us Health (tfllca wharf, imm by pernrsatoa of tho 1 Miosv j 3. All persoos whatever belonging to a vessel at Qua inline, sr# forbid to lake on board with them auy parson rbo did not arrive In inch ycrrdl; and all pamunc'ra or ther perron* who lire on (bbre arn alro |rrotitbih<d from olD* on lw?ard their own rwrlt, (vtapl by permlaalon (tbe Health twicer. 4 All rommoDicaltoti between vonelr put under Quae aline 1* expreerly nrohlbfea A Vo boat rhall bo permitted ?o come on rbore Without n r n<ewr In H, and only bttw* en luo rtmoc nod nan net PC. nnlrra in rarer of dteiree* *r nckaeea; an-1 all boat* lUft be etongrlde or on board b? rondo wa, The ball Of ?e Health <*ffifla boat boo-e trill be rum ten Bin .aa betrr anndowa to fire ante* to all boat* to gv oil to their aapectlro vaaeela. 0. IB rbinda> all boetr n> ?t pel ofl to their TM-ola by o o'r.lorli a the morn-nc, when tbe bel' wall l?r rune 'n ire rorb notice and the ho*i? mu-l int or mo oo rhor# fain befO'O ati o'c ocb io tbe trrnioc. 7 No boat or rraft In perB'lird logo atone able ofa nail at Quarantine. aad ao perron i* ptf 'lied to board a era*I at Quarantine, or to htrr interim- rra. oomminoaUon r deahnc with her ~rew or peroengeri for any porter rbalrver, without a written permit Irom tbc lit ?ttb iKJU e*. II. ProritlaM aad outer neoeeeerlee, olen led to be rent a board of a rereel at Quarantine, mmt be em'>arked cm tbe Health office wharf oaly, except the Health < >111 rr crania aa a eperjal permit to proceed hi any other iharr <t No mm or aptrtlnomi Ignore thai) be i'M or taken n beard of eooeela at vuarantlne, accept ao order iron ?e rritnmaader of tbe eetotol, iign I by the Health (.klloer. 10. f otnmandert of eeraela are accountable for all irre ularftea committed oa board their rer.nechre eeeaele, ad fbr tbe conduct of eu'-b of their people an they may rod oa fhore and if an per i? rhall dope frnoi thoir creel * report thered a art be linmediaiely roaJe to tbo leaith cfficer 11. I nirereal claaollpeer mml l>e prefer red oo bnaed IS. Wlad Mil* bom be < -mrtani j kepi up n each hat-b i ray. aad trimmed to tbe win'), exrepi on a -bom of tbe | k rlher or dlacbarcloc tbo cargo ur uifT w..' r man or a^.TIi im-,f pi m|??! IIOI U j Ml lux* % day, Mil water fram : *>(?.<1? pit.a that ump until lb# water in pumiwd rmi tliall be clear and ee from any ollbBaiTe irnrll I I >1) fix;' wartay apparel id<I bad < .niuea of ># aaraya paeiaryar*, ami all w.wi.atf a.uwro ami bed oth?? of lha nmran and mult be wanhod ami 1 red. the beda emptied an I the tic a waahad wh.-n tin | limy may be put In ayaia, if if ia In yornl rood i tic i> Nn rifura brd* or budding or other malarial mult be irnwn overboard from any rewwl nnder or tube-lto 1 arintiD)'. end lha manlar of em h and every *ald veai?l ] hereby nmiund in bum awrh ratnae malarial i named. ;>y un arrival > Tha forecaetle and alarr* lo be errubbeJ. scraped, '' id than waiha<l throughout wflb a tolulkm or chloride of n ma I*, ill ie*rari'nue nf Uia foregone rulaa will ba puai*bI aa ?ba b* dlrarta, lb - < Kerry mauler of a vaaaal aubterl in Quarantine or alalia no by the Health t three arriving la tlo port of New ^ ork, l< ho a ball refpae or nayWi atihar lo remain wilt hia ran- # 'i at l^'un ma during lha period * - u??d lor bar Quar i'.iio , and wbile at iaranttbot< comply wih the dim- * Bin and ergo'elion* praacrlbad by Ian. and with Buch aa r y of lha cm er* ot Health, by Tltto "f Mie authority ,, \ ea to them by law, iball pr.f.riba ia rolatinn to hla ' f hie cano, h-m-elt, li>- pew th ri or rrow ahail bo ' nllly of a mtedenieatin*, and be puniabad by a tine nil n tctwd oy two Ihnn and aollar-, ar by Ihiprluonment not ? tceediny Metre month* of be both aur.h tine md im rbormant R H Tf?< W*>\, I laatib (miner Ilia abore rule* will go into affect Immediately. an<l a ' py or tham la ?* ba i#rT.?d upon all 'luniautinod vernal* 11 11TBSCK ?>F THF. NEW YORK MILITARY. ,i TO Till KDITOm or THB It ha* bci n ?a'.i thai Iba ml'.larr of New York unlike t ie hire pepartaral, ware of no utikiy, and their exlat- * k a on y a waala of lime and money Hut how pnally .1 .a tt>? lophialry been explode t ' Honey the lata pun ay hare proved thanielvre to ka a moM ral table ctl n organ.iAlten, The po'l*. in III Inetparionoa aad dn |an< "d tata. ware nnahla to <|ual1 th? diaturhanno that Med on the ith and 6th July, ard hnt Tor the t m. ly aid f blob ?a rendered by Iba military there t* no knoalny it ?ara lha,a aceaea of bloodshed would hare eodut too I nah mpwtaaci' cannot be aacrtbrd to mi a e ti an sol ry the mventh KcpMmeet National Heard, an I the ftUi 'Vy man* Washington 'Tars, b.ih we?r r . the It me >|ii n uaborm, aad both hai"K aadci tbo boat b LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. m'ltary <i iclpltne are often taken for each otnar and wh lu the Seventh hit* won u undying Dame oy \\? |iri>oi|)t and etUneut action at the Aator nla o not, tho > J(bib, hv Ita willing and ready te?i>ot??e, waa the Oral U> go through anil > luar Ibe Mr?et* of the mob, and wife the ion,: march of milea wb' b they were ootupCWd U> take by the ruMr that a ght had tauon pi* e ib M upper warda of the ctty, with n> m irlc but the soMiera' truvp, without a mirmur or a man Inav ng tha rank*, haa rurtly entitled thrm to a name ?ooo*<| Ui none. I have often thought that a brigade ubit'ortnai a* Dm c?v?dU? and Eighth Regiment*, ar I aa woll duclpllaed, would be a beautiful and impoe'ug tigM, atd a romtran-l of wt.icn any genornl might feel proud, aa well ,u . uwrt ir/ and euro aa.'Vguard to llfo and property. THE INQUEST OX BERNARDS REM \1NR. TO TitK i.DllUK OV I'HK HtHtl.n. Naw Yttaii, Ju y 1VT. In your [>a|>er of thla morning I uotlcn In your rep rt of the Coroner * Investigation that Israel Bower*, a roller imlicenian, being uworn, mud?'That he reoognncd Her nam a* one ot lno i< adera ol the riot, anl m o a* a I *a.i ftablut,' urging tbo rioter* on," Xa. Next, J. C. C .nen, of 21 Columbia atrout, being swern, says, "tic war thereat six o'clock, and saw a man shoot Bernard while tie |'kr nard) was in tbe act of throwing a brickbat.'* tbi n In the first placo, that poln einau ina*t bj very luainted with the Head Kabbit i-arty to identity Br nard a i one of thrm; and next. Mr. J. C. Udl?n must bo vl:y of hi* rn honing whnn bo ess* that flrnaid w shot as fix o'cItIc. Now I know, and can privo by fixir pertcaw besides myself, tbat we were In bis cominty till a <\ .arier past seven, oxer half a mile from tie scene of the riot, enf wben he left our company he was perfectly a iber, not bavin;; drunk anything at all during the afternoon. rue object of my writing this is, tbat I know Bernard wr?s * peaceable citl/en, having a wtlo and (amity dependent on him for support, and It will bo an ovorU-i'iw wntoho a* trai led lamlly to bear through life tbe thought thai public lecogmsed blm an a leader In a riot. I may mcnuoa berc that it waa on Mr Bcrntru'i war borne ihu led him through curiosity, the aamo aa many other Innocont people, to go through Bayard street on the uight he was shot. In conclusion, there afe many friends of Mr. Bernard iu the city who ran prove that be waa an bonoat, unrighi aixl peacoahle citizen JtirlCK. Musical and Drama l to. Decidedly the moat Interesting fact In the work! cf art, just now, la the manner in which thn admirable ia-ly, Madame L* (-range, has been able to aueiain bcrteif to successfully In the bold enterprise of a seasoo of ope?a at the Academy of Music. Aa tbls u boh vod to be tbe first time in this city wben a lady baa assumed tbe usually crushing weight of auch a burthen, It excite* rnorh alien tlon. Tbe lady has now, however, been with us a tag pe a> title or ber rank ever realized, aa nooe hare ever before made so lom a itay with us. She baa ouuiared the mero appetite for t'ae novelty of her first com i>c ; wfc'r-.h not Iouk since waa much of the reason by which people in tb.? country wete stimulated to encourage art at ail. ' 'lie haw been with us whilst the press baa brought all its powers to bear tpon the task of creatine a wide raosillarttjr with ber uame and the fascination of her art. last tight the aang In "Troratore," and although the mairtty of Ui?j professed resident patrons of the opera have left the city, yet were there so many strnrgo's from ail puts or the country present, that the oumw of ber audience yielded upwards of <4,700, the greater portion or which was lakeq for a choice of ioats before two o'clock yesterday after noon. Rat with all the attractions of this open?to slug wh'oh la happiness to the admired prim* </ moo, ec.siary to me glittering ilrtgnoll, meat and drink to thn excellent and rotund Amodto, professional reputation to tbo contralto, tiles Philltpe, place and propriety to the roncmue Co tettt, and a sure surplus secured to the trtasury| cf the A'idem y?yet, with alt Hits, the cram, the >*n,b\ ?iastlc appreciation, sad the cash In 1* lirang* s stroig bos, have a fundamental baaln in the cot staid advocacy of tlte prist, It ia through tbts mesne that art bas been troughs to the attention of the country?more particularly thro .gh the agency of this journal, a?w reach,ug so extansveiy to every quarter of Um eoaniry from which these maimer patrons rf the opera are collected. The Opera House last ntght presented the old ace sums t rplrndid array as reviewed from any point where the crowded tiers could be seen. All even to the ampbtheatrc woro packed, both seats and pasnagn wsys Yet It appears that large numbers were Mined sway aVr notice waa rtuck up that no more seats < mid he arid, it is Ju?l now when so mnuy traders and visiters are ia tbo c.ily that the Opera Houso ts doing Ita most import int office to the city and achieving the use fbr which I', wu rut >p. It la to be Imped lliat lit Grange will bo udure I by ber ?nrr<-M U? extend her Ntaco for another w ?k. It 1 n<tat iha Academy alone that tb.? in atiaaed. Mtm logon, at Wallach'e theatre, afl'orda alio tuk'biiv evl dan 0 of the honest am sea which a Juat and vela pubd city provldca, against certa'n invidious prccesaei by whi-Jt the individual latiifuaa ana praolicee el a laweejttetn of (Hiriialiem altc-rapte to auporeede the utility o Having a Icflrmat'- circulation tul'i|an ?r!ll olo-a on fate relay evening an engagement In which ?he baa v ndi- a lad a?r rank aa a Ural clam frapwhroif, and eatahii-bed new era ia her nrO-dlc araer Tor her merean bore ylim logon's talent baa been her warrant She baa yet to reap the liirtber beoetM which a Jwrt vtndicat: ?n oT that eucoeae ha? had o a lonrnal addrnaalng, nit merely the deotrnua of t?e or two ward* of New York city, but Ute entire pnoi >e of iheew and of other flaloe. Strako*' b and hia troupe have jual rati.rued rrom a | ar lial tour or the I'nloe and the Canada* wih the 'nalhern Iroope They went over (round already In a cnod deg'ee barveetcd, aa It *m though', by the previous in .r of lb?? klc| or Uio clavier, with I Iniaa. Rat they have aenrtbeleaa returned with tome twenty thousand .totmra clenrol. All part* oT the nountry are bow Wh roof h.'y waked up id tbe matter of a tame for art, oape ally for mualc. lite ocwaptpcr baa procured aa egttaLoa rf IhM nailer whicB will yet reaull u a patronage aa>l held for hia aort ol cflirl heretofore unttvnded In tbe world. Tbe other placet ot amusement in the city ??# a I wej iWlroai't'd, eepecially Niblo'a, the favorite aumtner rearrt, which, with the new faaf v, itgnorlta Kotla, ? bow la t nightly plethora of t'atlghte I person*. Touching u|*>n there ?uoce?- < within a.r' anelaw , wot < to i away, It la pleaaanl la aec that at II beyond there ire ether Hilda of art ia au cenaful tillage. Toe favar-w >f young New \ork,"thc magmQcoal Y," itha La [Jrnnge, another manager of the opera, where even ibo moat taiiui i-i/>re?. ari..t na-1 lance, dm kao i*?o rfaplbg a rich encceea. Where the domtaioa at In reage here la bouadrd ?o the aonih, thence dnoe the away of 'M v eatrali evtend?Meiiro. Havana, tbe ctttaa of wemit Ann rlca, all the anneal empirt <>r lb- >'t>?a^r<2 < ia 1*0 Wert ladifa aa<l Month America, bave pai tbele trbnln to Iter n a atltnence chewier let m 01 tbe I me. the 'a now oa her a ay to K'irooe again to reurgan! e her opera troupe tor a renewed rcae-D. Wart a<\'? Tmunit?Br***rr or MI'M Btir.a !.o:m roikri-To nl|bt Mite I *an, the accomplithed tragic aoireaa, rloeee her ao?ve?iAi I engagement at Wnllnek'e rheitre, when ?br takr# a brnalh. at4 will eopear ae Jelled n "'Hewen ar t 'nliet," one of bar moot attre ire pereooitlenr Notwithstanding tbe lateneta of the aeaaon, aa.t the tua hat on known reipw-Ung Mine I/igan whon tbe flretnp ware'i a thl* rlty, ahe haa bed n remarkable ec-nree?a e?oh doe to bee naenualled metlta ae an art ok and it > > l>e hoped that tbe ovation to night will ho werthy IM etrepntto. (lav M*vr.?a? a*t? tin. Hemtvoivv? tt e hate r-vetted reply from (lea -andere, late of the Kiaarag ao army, i the letter pub I la bed a day or t*o?.a<-eby *.01 Hranaieet It ooenpi-t ieve?al pe-ae, with dan onatrn vert lap rhat Oen H ba? ataled. We omit itt p-iblfatton for two eaemie ? Urat, Ua lergth. and, aeivvid, we do nol -leave > ratittane the rontroveray; but in netiee to'iec Weidera re glee a paper aigned by offocra and tn n *bn rer ed indtr him. and a etter written by Hen Walker to a friend 11 ?an Fran- *00 ? , M?w \oi ? inl| I. ita; We, !b? and. iMffB'-d on #1- aud aui-i-ra w -o b.iv-enrved ritli a .1 Raalrra in Pi-Aria'a. f-e| p'e??ir< nan ii? tb.ti, tob o" ei* and koidiert k>e ceM-icl l-n evir been h i, ef k bind, brat and sp-e. mtta -IBcr A. t a"tc t , V It la an-reon Mi-v*? 1 hi v air. 'Wat. Atue? l? im mi lien. I 1. P Hue I'm H mhiffr, rf ter j at m- at' ft.,- I W. * th-a, Ijeiit l' W. ttrar- l.i t h k?,aa I ?y, 1- W. ve-l, A. ' H rrt* r.n trirrm I! I n rota, I. P. tram W|i V lae. 'ok W d a. ? ' Mr--t B l?-at, aw- a A Adam* 11. J Ileum a ra re? W >' r . t ittark, . B. Rea iar. da . Olonp. H b Rti- v, J. I>?- f. W. H Porr. K. l? I. . lobII j r 1 h r > a. H Hiher. ttf ' 1.1-, Ofeniy; J. a. feet 'oen Aintemu, tilt.Wa an "iraaai ct rn for n? 1 - <a ixvt H' IMI'I A if II land mill (tT.P1 * I. 'Hi l-r? '?a n Ci 11 r .it 1 itav. on vera - -in 6m :n' <a It ? u?aleea or me > b-l; ytn n ko ot Men-i ra w ?' ynh v'1' nan air> adj 1-0 arbteii int. n . 1 a'oa- limW kia raa a . h, to h v- r ed hi. m Jin t ioi 01 daa -er ad novr not touo.l I mi w n me W* IfAl.llR Gen Satder* rlaiee lhal he readied Wan I ?ar W-o on to ktli Meptrmker, and by the reaorn d a-tr >rr,i la umlrcd good it! to W aiker a eauae.