Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1857 Page 1
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\ TH WHOLE NO. 1619. IHTEBE8TING FROM KANSAS. Owr St Laul* C/orreipontl?nc?< St. Louih, July 7,185V. TTkt Policy of the President and Governor fVnlker ?-The Pacification of Kansas?The Effect of Governor Walker's Speeches? The Frcepeets of ike Territory. Having just returned from Kansas, aad understanding, as I think I do, the condition of political wfflurs in that Territory, and the views and Durposes f Governor Walker, and I may add of Mr. Buchanan, i was prepared today, on my arrival here, to read and heartily approve your article of the 3d tostont excoriating the ultras of the South in their flhrta tj-i Atann>dit. t.h* nliina of nariflration in Kan mm adopted by Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Walker Mow if I say to yon, as I can in all truth, that the word paclocation, thorgh generally applied to the administration oi' Governor Walker, is inaptly used; Mid that all that ia required or has ever been re qwired in Kansas has been the avowal and execn tion of a purpose to secure to all her bona fide settlers the right "to establish their own social institutions. I shall come nearer to an accurate description of affairs than is tonally found in the newspapers. Governor Walker has avowed that purpose and no wtber, and there be will continue till the constitution to be adopted shall be ratified by the people. He tarns neither to the right hand nor to the left* Wherever the people are called together, without previous .notice or heralding, be appears among them and addresses them. They throw in his lace past grievances, and he answers "Why do yoa answer my declarations of a purpose to secure to you an hsnest and fair exercise of yonr political rights by walling up the past? The past I can no more recall than yon; and he is not wise who broods over evils ta the face of remedies provided for their removal.'' Gov. Waiker has the people of Kansas with him. At Piola the other day, at the land sales, he addressed a meeting?pro-slavery, free State and ahslition?and was followed by an ultra Garri on-Greeiey man, wno raxed up ai; me oia aimcuitiea, opened up old wounds, and produced a heated excitement. Got. Walker replied in a calm, impassioned address, in which, under the excitomen'of the moment, he exhibited more than his usual ability, leaving Mr. Foster, the abolition speaker, literally not a plank to stand upon. The result was that of a thousand men present, at least nine bunand fifty declared openly and in the most enthusiastic manner that they would cordially sustain Gov, Walker. Wherever he goes he is received with the greatest kindness, and the people of all aides avow purpose to sustain him?and they will sustain fehn. 1 see it reported that he is the representative of a mere faction in the Territory. Never was thers a more direct misrepresentation. On the 3d inst, st Leeompton, a Congressional convention was held. It was composed of about two-thixda pro slavery aad one-third free State democrats. They nominated Ex Gov. Ransom, formerly of Michigan, for Congress. They voted down?forty-two to one-a resolution presented by a Mr. Jenkins, pledging the apport of the party to the constitution, to be adopt od even if it shall not be submitted to the (>eo pie. They cordially endorsed :Jovernor Walker, and appointed a committee inviting him to address them, and received him and his remarks with the strongest demonstrations of applause. You are wrong in placing Dr. Ktringfellow and others in opposition to the Territorial government. Thty are cordially #ith < Governor Walker, and every where attain him, and m dot* Colooel Doniphan. The critical ?eaaon of the political year in Kan aaa was when the little Topeka faction, which 1 not, I hod, without honor, save in that Territory andertook, an they did a couple of weeka ago, the doable work of afllrmative legislation, and to pie oat the a-wssment tad collection of taxes by the ooaatitoted authorities. Governor Walker kept him self folly advised of their movements?mide him elf acquainted with the fact that Ixuie and others had fully resolved, first, to resist the assessment and payment of taxe?, and secondly, to assemble the To~ paka, legislature and proceed to the ena:tmeot of laws which, by the by, had been written and prepared for legislative sanction. In order to se.ure the anity ot the Topeka men upon this programme they oslled s mans meeting a*. Topeka, at which the nsK and illc were to be inducted into the full secrets ?K freedom. Governor Walker, on Saturday, quietly slipved Into their little town, and was requested toad dress them on their grounds. This he de .lined, but told the gentleman who visited him t&at although ' he would not consent to interrupt their meeting, if they came to bis quarters be would cheerfully address theui. They soon made their appearauce, aod he spoke to tbem tor more than an hour, iu which he discuMed tocir attitude and deprecated tbeir course as calculated inevitably to lend to a collision I. *1. .Kirk k. ? ik. k.,1 lad that of the government which tbiyr assumed to ?xMt o?der tbc fopeka ooastitnttoa. It ?v evident mm that evening that the rank tuid file wavered; they em not prepared to brine on the i wne. On Tue? dijf lollowing they held another mae convention at Toprka, and it waa adlrrwed by l.ane, Hoblnsoo Ml Ko?ter, the fanner offering a resolution inatrnct tag the legislature to proeeed to the enactment of law*. Late in the afternoon Coventor Walker again appwtmd in their midst, and addressed the meeting tar near two hour*, in a speech which, for calm, masterly argument, good feeling and yet Arm and determined purpose, may well challenge comparison with the beet effort* in the Senate of the United IrtateA in it* uwt days. He wax neoeenarily com pelted to occupy moet of the evening, but Be was iieUn-d to witb deep and earnest attention, and as the result showed, with affection and respect: tor Lass's resolution waa reje cted by a vote of ?ix negatives to one affirmative. If I add to this that the people resolved to submit, under protest, to the as seaamini and collection of taxes, and that tne Legftteture, which convened without a quorum. passed a ?en*tta law and adjourned wlthotK a sign of (topular support, yon will be able to comprehend the strengt'i ?f the Topeka men In Kansas, and understand bet* tar the chtractor of their miserable abortion of a government. The free Mtate men. saving a mere faction, ridicule the Topeka men as a isind or stupid dolta, who have done little else than throw discredit upon those wao, Irom principle and policy, opposed the intra, uctiou of slavery into the territory. Toe tenth is. and it is manifest to ail in Kansas, that the people there do pot wish to make it a slave State. They believe its material internets, its climate and its opinions are all again*! slavery. There is neither slaveholder*, slaves, immigration, or anything else beyond the mere theoiies of men, which point to the possilrfHty of maintaining slavery in that lieanttml Territory. The political contest in Missouri between Colonel Htewart, the democratic candidate, and Colonel Hoi lias, a spe :tea of free rttate man, Is a sharp one; and His by no means certain who will prevail in the coming election in thia Htate, however, there i? a hwtn for alavery -It ia an aatahliahed inatttutTm. employed moot proflUMy, end hw the amotion of duration, interval and of tradition. In Kanana nineteen twentieth of the people own o alaree. and if dispoaed to own them have no vana with which to hoy them. It is, at all eventa evident, from whatever caaae I cate little, that the maaaea of the people do not want slavery. I waa. however, rejoi .ed to And that the great maaaea o the people are moderate, eel I dtopoaed conservative jen. They talk wlacly upon the Mi'ject. and want above all tbiuga, a a'cady. lirrn government. The excitement wherever it exiata >a amongat. thoae who have lost frienda in peat qurrela and fight*. In ?> ? inatan< r< the fetid a t>??(reen theae people are very bitter; and 1 anticipate liefote it will tie cloaed many livea will he loat. li thin nap?rt the condition of affiira in Kanaaa ia not diaNtmOar to that which exiate.l in Texaa in 'he earlv aattlement of that country. The orsanut tU >0 of a Hf.ito government will, however, under tf,c operation of the lawaand the leeling that order moat be main taieed, go tar to remove ail aneh iflffloalMM. People wll! feel more reaponaibllity when the whole re anoneihillty of enforcing the lawa ia thrown upon their own ahooldera. Tne next heat thing undouht edly ia the very adminiatmtion o?ey now have in Manna* under Mr. Walker. He ia an able, rarneat, naergetie, reaolnt* man. and he an condnctn BflVm aa to off nd none hut the incorrigibly caption a. He will aneceed over all the ultraa in or oat, of Kmata Jhr cpootry in Kanaaa ia b ghiy prpsperoua. II 1 E NE" is the most hesutifhl State in the Union, resembling Ireland and the finest fields in Wales. With just about timber enough to gtve it the appearance of fine improvement, it is certainly most attractive. Leavenworth City is a most rapidly growing town. Near two hundred buildings per month are constructed in that place alone. It is about two years old, and contains over four thousand inhabitants. Atchison on the Kansas (tuestlon. The following otter fiom the Hon. 0. R Atchison to bis Bon. Mayor Tradewell, of fco'umb.a, S. C , wi 1 be road with oatnfnl interest rays the Char'e>ton Mrrcui'j. Tne condition of affairs It describes as existing in Katu^s, fit't relate* to our proepeets there, although not unexpected, will bo unwe.oome intelligence ? Plait-fiTO), Juno 12,1857. Your '?tt*r of May 20, together with the enclosed draft for $291, has been received and will bo .'jrwtrded to Mr. W. H Russell, our Treasurer, at heaven worth eily, K T., and wl.l be apprupr.ated to our '-.luge. I cannot tell what will be the result in Kansas. our friends in the Southern I States are very apatnettc, and lon.o of our frlenus who have heretofore strained every nerve, spent their m> ney and their Un.e, are beginning to despair, and o'fcors are turning their adentlon to ti-oculation and money making I therefore would suggest that no more money be raised m South Carolina; the people of that State have been liberal above all other of the Southern States. Vet I fear that the North baa, and will ral?e aad depend In Kansas, to (Act the r unholy purposes, ten do iara where we can raise one. Y?t 1 do not despair. D. K. ATCE1SON, The l>ate Blots on the fourth of July. lOKOXKHB' INQUEST UPON POLICEMAN SPARKS? STILL ANOTHER VICTIM. Coroner Perry concluded the inquest yesterday in the ease of Police ma a Thomas Sparks, who wss killed during the late riots In U>? Sixth ward on the 4th .naiaol. The following Is s report of the proceedings William Springer, residing at No. 7 Cannon street, deposed as follows ?I am a private watchman In Chatham street; rn Friday night I was patrolling my beat in that street about 12)? o'clock; I saw a mob gather on the corner of Mulberry and Chatham streets ; the mob were hooting and shouting and throwing stonos; I saw them attack the deceased, knock blm fown and fclok him, and cry out. "Kill the ti?1> d? <1 black Metropolitan son of a b?h;" 1 then ran across to the theatre and found three more officers, who had ,ust come up, tbeie office's ran across to assist deceased, when one of the tbrei wai stabbed In the arm, flrom which wound be Is now cm lined; the mob tb? n commenced a seneral and indiscriminate attack on the police and others; they chased as down to Pearl street; I ran to No 88 White street to give information to Captain Carpenter, who sent op n reinforcement and the crowd seemed to disperse; I did not see deceased after he wss hurt; deceased wore a badge upon his bat; 1 shook bands with him about half an hour before, and congratu'ated him upi n his appointment; I could not rec gntac any of the crowd; 1 heard no names called out. Moses James, of 44 Oliver street, being duly sworn says: ?I am ft special policeman: on Friday Bight the 3d tut., 1 was (tattooed with Mr. Sparks, in Galharioe street , there were two other policemen with ue; 1 wan ordered to Wnito afreet at 12 o'clock to report; on our way over there while passing down Cnatham atreet, a gang of Mulberry street men called "the Dead Rabbit Club" were beating a man In the street; we went to rescue him from the crowd; they would not recogntxe ue as officers i we ordered them i > Ileeist but they would not do ao and continued beating the man; we tht n arretted the ringleader of tbe party, when the* attacked as; we got the priaeners as tar as the corner of Baiter and Chatham streets when the crowd blicked as tn and commenced throwing bricks at ua;oneof our men named John Manny, was struck wi h a brick; Mr. Sparks was the next one who was hit sad knocked down senseless wl-h a brick; I was in the act of pushing up Mr. ; Sptrks when 1 was bit with a brick also; I then left the crowd and went to White street; this was the same gang ' who afterwards went np through tbe Bnwery to attack the I Bowery boys; I cannot recognise any of thsm. I John Mahoney,special policeman, corroborated the lestl mony of the l.tst w:tness. I The case was then given to tbe jury, who, after due 1 deliberate rendered the fbilowingjverdlct.?'"Tnat de ceased came lo his deaih by injuries id noted on Jolv 4. 166", by a gang of persons calling themselves Dead Rabbits,' and that deceased received the Injuries while in the discharge of his duty as special policeman of the Metropolitan police.", i Coroner Ferry also held an Inquest at 93 Baxter street 1 upon the body of a young man named l*atrick Kerrigan, who died from tbe effects of a gun shot wound, received during tbe late riot in Bayard street Francis Kerrigan, father of the dec ased, testified that about 4H o'clock on th? afternoon of the 4th of July, de ceased cane home suffering from a gnn shot wound in tho right shoulder; that deceased did not say where he was ahot, but wliaess believed that he was abet while engaged in the riot above mentioned. Deceased lingered uniII 10 o'clock yesterday morning, whan he died. Dscaa?sd was aomewhtat intoxicated when be came boms w rumled. Anns Kerrigan, uiether ?t deceased, corroborated tha testimony of tbe former witness. Tbe lury in thiacaae rendered n verdict of " Death from a ran shot wound received while engaged In the riot in Bayard street on the 4th inly, 1867." Deceased was alnstssn years of age, and was a native of . Ireland i Bayard"are*"" ' The lnqueet la lb? rue of the man Meyer* ha* boen 1 postponed unt.l Monday morning, when Coroner Perry will thoroughly laTcrtigile the matter. Carmen' Inqerrte. Tar Homcinh or Yorxa Kmih?Coroner Gamble held an tnqueal on Tuesday, at the New York Hnepttal, upon the body of Wm. Heeler, a lad la hie ilrleeath year, who wae fatal I ntabbrd on the morning of tbo 3d of Ju y by James 1* Kennedy, a boy fourteen year* of age, and died on 8unday erenlng Toe evidence rbowed tiat deoeaecd wu eent at t)f o'clo k on Friday morning by hi* mo*her to e grocery, en the corner of Hauler and Mulberry etreeia, to ftl tome egg*; that after gettlag the egg* be met Ken oedy, who bed two dog* with btm; tome word* peaaed between the boy a, when deceived tltpjwd hennedv in Uio fhee, end wna ih?n aialibed by the latter. The boy went home ae qui. kly aa poMible. and bi* pvonla bad bun taken to the Hoepital. where he died Kennedy wan ar reeled. and In hie j>oe?ee?inu the pocket knife with which the homicide wae effected wae round. On hie pre limitary examination before Ibe Coroner he (tiled that lie wee remlog down Heeler etroet with two doge, one or whom rnn up an alley, fie rlood railing ibe doge, when deceaeed, who wae * leading near hie ow n doer naked him what be wee looking el he replied, "None of vonr hu?iaem;" deceived then ran toward him, and atrur.k btm In lb" arc end on Uw bead. Kennedy had a penku fn in hM band which be rave be railed to gierd himeelf and frighten Kewier oft, bui doon not know wlietber he atabbetl him bofbre decerned wae tekee to the boeplial he told hi* mother that Kennedy eel the dog on him. nod for inat reeaon be elapped him in the face. Hm Huleman, a clerk la ibe groeery No. 1TA Healer etreet, w.tneeted the alteration between the bjyv, hut did not oee the tubbing Tte nroner't tnry rendered e verdict that Wm KeeW came to hie d* lb by peritoc tie, tee reeult of e tab ? ith e kulfb In Ibe hand* of Joe ?\ Kennedy. I'poe the rendu on of the verdict Kennedy wa? commilled 10 prteea n default of 11,000 bail. Fatal Fali mo* an l>m< Wcmow o* rnaCirr Ha u ?Cor nee r Conner y held an Inqnmi on Tuesday upon the body or John Ibian, n native of Brooklyn, thirty yen re of age, who, while viewing the procession from an upper window of the city, upon the till of which be wee vbmd log no lb* fourth, lost bn balance and fell headlong to lb* navetnenl. race;*, in# inlurire which terminated ratallv on Tuesday morning the Ooroeter'e Jary rendered a verdict of "ArtIdenial death " Iwreaeed lived with bt? rather, at Na '.'f. Vaudewater street. f'AtAt VtH"i? Arrinavr?Coroner Hills bald an In quaat at No. IK; nvenue C. npoa tka bad7 af a boy about Ire yearn oM earned Thomas Manefleid who waa knocked down and run over i>y mage No 'STi af the Broadway an J I If bib ttmat Una na tba lab laal , la avenno J, oaar Tanth street. from tba evidence addnoed beftwotbe Ciraaar It apocarad ibat tba omnibus waa driven caaalaaaly aad r nek lent ty through 1 be street The mry in oaaatdaratioa aftbeaa rncte rendered a vrnlirt -ensuring tba drtrer, Irene Ruadall, 'or hie cerelner eoodnct t poo Mia raadi tlon of tba verdict Ihe t oronor committed the a> cuaad to the Tnmbn to await tba anion o the Grand .tury. [taaaaaad waa a native t Ireland, aad llvad wtib lila par ant* at the above mentioned p are Fajai. AttaiWM at rita Ctftiaaiwe fanav 'Jarmor Gambia alao bald aa tn<|oetl at tba Naw Tork Hwpttal npon tba '<ady of tba a boy. flflaan year* old, named Wll Ham Docovan. a ho died from Injiriee accidentally ra calved by being cruebed befwaeii Ihe fender" at tba Oa tbariae imv ellp Iiereaneil ??? Asking b?l*een the leader* and tba do<-i whan on- of the ferry boat* struck the fender and err?had him against the pier. Ve'dlct "Accidental death " Deeewtd wna a native af Ireland Fata 1 Ciei alv .?Coroner '.amble waa notified to bold an inquest yeatrrday. at No. (143 Washington xtreat, upon the body or a man named lohn McOaae, who waa killed by a derrick falling upon him at tba foot of l;2ih etraet, F.. R, yesterday morning Deceased wa* almost inotantly killed. Foun Dnowv*i> ?Tba body of an ttokaown man ebon 79 yearn of age wan found floating In the water at the Fnlton Torry yesterday Decanted wan about ft fleet 8 Inchea high, and wa* in the water two week*. He had long I dark brown hair, hut 10 whither*. Coroner Gamble held an Inquest npon the body. Vardiot " Found drowned ' The Writ of Dt Ventre Intplclenrfo TO TRK RDirOR OF THR IIRHAI.P. There nned So be an old Oommon l aw writ. " Da ventre \ inepletendo," and It wan (ranted wherever the widow of a j deceased party wave out that an hair apparent was likely 1 to make kin or ker appearance, who would cnl off the helm presumptive. The eteculioa of the writ has disponed of 1 much wnddlnf and padding, and revealed much truth. I Now a* It It quite Impnaiible, In iheaa days of hoopn ami : I crinoline, to give even a tolerable "gnats of the eondi lion of any lady, married or unmarried, and a* Dr. Bur- I dell helm preeamptive hare a treat intereet In learning 1 what ' coming aventn axe oaatlng their nhadnwn before," I rather think that If tb^Domanoa law writ has been abolithed by that heaokfnl piece of mosaic work called " the 1 lode,' the court* have an eqoltnble juried lot loo to make an order which shall have the same operation aa the abo lishad writ. Will aome cue of yoor readers, * learned In the law," h? kind enough to give bin opinion on the .mini, aad oblige A LuJKkK ON. WTO SUNDAY MORNLN CHIME IN THE METROPOLIS. Court of t'?B?r?i Ikulooi. Before Judge Ruaeei!. <-EKTENCX8 PON VABIOCS OFFINCKf. Ji;v U.?Am booh aa two Court vu organized thle morning a number of lentencea were paaaed. John Stephen, indicted for aaaanlt and battery with Intent to kill, was convicted by the jury of a aimple aaaanlt bod itrongly recommended to mercy. The Judge In passing sentence said that Stepbait id evidently net one of tbe rioters that prowl arxund the city. Be learned that the pr.souer bad a good character and worked tor a living. Judgment wan suspended. . 1'ethor Kutbmac, convicted cf grand larceny, waa aent to tbe State prison fur two years. John Crete, aLasScatebard, waa indicted and convicted of misdemeanor, in attempting to procure tbe releaae of Cbar'es n Huntington, the celebrated Wall etreot fo'ger, from Sing Sing prison, fbe jury strongly recommended biro to mercy. Judge Russell addressed blm as follows ?Since your conviction I have received a petition drawn and signed by tbe petit jury who convicted you, asking tbo Court to extend mercy towards you, aod giving various reasons why that should be done. I cannot disregard the appHc&liua of tbe jury who beard a'.t tbe facts. In oonsc<iacnco oi jour long incarceration, 1 will suspend judgment. Mr. Scatcbard made his 01H from tbe Court tmtesiically. Kdward Saunders, rather a good looking young man, pleaded guilty to an attempt at bi.rg'.ary In tbe third de gree. The City Judge observed that be had received eight or ten certificates of bis previous good character from the officers In the county where be resitted, and that being his tint offence, he would suspend judgment. Be hoped that tbe difficulty In which be was in rolved won 1 piove a warning. U.chaelOcstello and Jamoa Johnson, two youths, indicted for grand larceny, pleaded gulltj to tbe minor offence, and were arraigned for sentence. Judge Russell, la addressing UoeteUo, said that be was an old offender; it was not tbe Orst time that be hid been arrested charged withcrine, and hence any leniency towards blm would be thrown away, lie was sent to tbe penitentiary for six mouihs. 11 ill .ion neon a om onencc, ana no id seni 10 u.o c:iy prison lor thirty days, anil Om>>l $60. John Miller, an elderly, hWitant and well dressed Bon, woe the nest culprit pla.icd at the bar. Re plead guilty to graod laroenr, ana w?s sent to the State prison for the lowest term, which Is two years. Tt>e Assistant liistr ct Attorney informed our reporter that the pr.soner and his wife were noted shoplifters. She ass convicted some lime since of that offence. and is no# suffering ihe penalty of her crime in tb> State prison James Moore, Indicted for burglary in the second degree, pleaded guilty to the third degree of that offence. State prison two years. Mr. ?edgw!cic threw tome Kg til upon Moore's previous history, lie was arrested foeloro and let off through the District Attorney's Intercession, In conre {uence of his having a wife and two children, and his promise of reformation. Wm. Henry, Indicted for a felonious assault on a colored man, pleaded guilty, and judgment was snipended on condition that be would make restitution for the injuries which were Indicted, and for the loss of time Incurred by the woan as. Judgo Rursell then rendered his decision in the cass of Jsmoe 3baw, who wis Indicted lor grand larcenr. He held that the Indictment shoul i have been lor embez/le mint and not for larceny. The present Grand Jury will probably correct the indictment, and ke will be tried for embezzlement. A HieilWAY KOBUX DIHCHAROKn. Counsel for Jeremiah McDonald, who was charged with highway robbery, applied for his discharge. Be informed the Court that the oomplainani called at bts office and of feted to compromise the matter by taking money or a promissory n>le from the defendant Counsel replied that he ought to be indicted and sent to the State prison for making such an oflfer and ordered him to leave his office immediately, rince then he bos not been beard of. Tne Assistant I itstrict Attoinev did not eppoae the mo tloo, and the Judge die,barged MclKinald. .lames Kile7 and John Harris, two bora, were bronght I up. charged with highway robbery. Tbeir counsel mured to hare them discharged In comserpieoce of the nun appearance of the complains it. Judge Kuaaell aaid '.bathe did Eat feel instilled tn dlcharglng parties Icdicted Tor an offence of such magnitude, besides he knew the boy a well they were old offend era. HIGHWAY BOBBgBT?A Ct'KIOl'S CASE?THK ACCliilt ACQiirrai). Jeha H Cook, a delicate and spicy young gentleman waa placed on trial, charged with taking a nicer waick by violence from Jfredertok Pfletler, reaidlni at ti& I.surety street, on the tug hi of the 1st of July. Two witnesses sp peered for the prosecution, the complainant and hk brother in law. Mr Metier testiOed that while standing at his on door he was seised by three men, who three him dowa the stepe, two of whlci ran away* He oangh bold of the prleooer'a coal, bet he esbraeted hi Base If am ran into the deer cf the next notice. The witnesses fol lowed hi at and|aoctiaed him of harisg stolen the wa'oh, bui be indignantly denied having doae so. Oa bis crom uaemi Ballon, the ootnplainaot said be had been drinking. Counsel for the defence called Anna Weed, who testltled that she resided at 63 I surety street, and had never seen the prlsioer before the evening of the 1st of duly; be went to the bonse with her am vb? saw him to the door when be left; on opening the door she perceived that the complainant waa surrounded by its men, rotne of whom bed blm br the arm; bo cried out "lot tao go," thev ran down the atree, and ko was an intoxicated that he own Id not imrsue the at, the vrttaesi asked the prisoner, who waa standing on the last step ot the door, to come la as there was a muss; be did so, and in a few tnotnr nts the witnesses for the prosecution cam* In, charging him with slesl ug tbe watch; he expressed a dtelrs to be searebed; Ibe "lady" of the house aleo gave tbe rOorr pormlvslen to search all her "ladies " on her crnsv eiamlnailon she said sbo be.ieved thai the prisoner weat by the aamo of "Charley" In he house be fii 'n oom[?Dj with two gentlemen, who lotc Pall an hour brforo bo did. Mln Weed* itoleraeo ru given m a very ttrai ,-btforward manner and bore the sr.den re >1 truth The iKtrlct Attorney fi led to ilutkr her iwUrmny IB .he altghtaet degree Bnhop Onderdoak, P. P, who bu been re nutated Bi*hop of New York wm thn next witnoan called by the prtoonor'* nouneel. He testified '.bat be bad been pern-n ally acquainted with ib# prlnoaer for two year*, that be bad Ibo hlgbeet lUnion of bun, that be woe employed u a colporteur, and be bad eatlafaclory evidence that he (the prironer) waa a devout young man. be (Jook) wan ea gaged in a Kind of baalnem In wbl ib b j might bave prac need a great deal of desertion If be rboee to do an. Toe wttneaa gave bin a Wrong recommendation to a roipe-t* ble mlnlater KaSkwbnry. The hlebop elated that be won acquainted wl the family and friend* oftne oreunod, and believed that hi* mother brought bim ap "la the way be tbould go." At tbtw itage of the cone the Oourt said that It wan nnne remary to proceed further with the cau>e, remarking to the nry that the only tnetlmony pre??cted by tbe prone notion wan that of a drunken man; and one wdtng to a well eetahHahed principle of law, if they had a well founded doubt It wan the property of tbe prlnoaer, and tbey were bound to nrijolL Tbe Jury bestta'.ed tome time bofrre rendering a verdlc , and dealt ed to retire. Mr fVdgwlck obeerved that from the facte that appeared tbe jury were booed to acquit the defendant, nod, ander tbe clrcuwtatanor*, they ehc Id give ?ome weight to tbe teetlmony of Anna Weed, for although rfhe woe a realdent of n boete of had repute there wan no reanoa why her utatement i boo Id not be received an true, enperally etnee tbe eurreundlBg foot* corroborated bar. (hunael fbr tba accrued rtoted thai ba had a aumhar of w liar waa In Oourt, nod expreeoad a daaira to proceed with the cane. Tba jury, however, In the mean time rendered n verdict of acquittal. Young Took, who In only nineteen year* old. and whone pbytrtraf roantituttoa la evidently frail, on tba rendition of tba vardtrt fainted, and wm removed from the Codrt by *n om ar, idinvm ny nut irienoa IT1MLA1T IN TBI fllUT DtKJRgR. William Smith, alia* Ntookey.and Michael Feeny, two bard youlbi, who ball from Oow Bay, wera put on trial tor burglary la the flrwt degree, in breaking Into U>? retelling houge or Mr. Ira W. <irtgory, 96 Kant Broadway, on the Mgkl af tba Mb June. Toe evidence run Id not tm tabltab ib? Srat degree of tba oflbaca, aa tha family ware out rt town at I ho time, and tba hoara waa nathhabttr-l They note a quantity or clothing, part of whlnb waa nbeeqoewly found by an otBoar at a home In Oow Bay. On " h.t'k- tba hoaaa ha aiao lonnd bnrglarbwia Impla BnM and a n urn bar of pawn tt ikata. I'aaoy ooofaaoad bin guilt, and amtalod In procuring tba recovery of tbe property. Tba jury brought ta a rardtrl o' gulUy of burglary In tba third degree. Judge Runtall nauaad them to ha arraign ad lor aeoteoce at on< a, and addraaaod thrm la tba following language ? Roth ?f you ara notortou* character*, and my onty regret alhal I MM rand yon to NlBf Hag for a lanrcr parlo<l than lam allowad by law. Tha aamanca of Utc Court ta that each of you be aant to the RUUa [rtfon for tbe term of lira yrara. Kllaa Cody, .n wboaa bouae tbe prtaonera were round by tba (fftcrr. and who waa Indicted fur receiving tba atolen gnadg, waa discharged In coiMCquenoe of thare being no evidence lo convict nor. (IRANI* I.ARCBNT. .lamaa Ugh, allaa Nhinnar, waa triad and acquitted of grand laroeay Mr. Pnnn, the rim plain tat, Ie?ti6ad that on tbe SMb of .Inna be waa In Broadway, and bavlag la dulged loo freely in liquor, fell aalawp, when be awoke da found that bli watch, worth ".I, wan g ma. Thaavldaaoa waa inaufllrlanl to ononert tha priaonar with tba crimn, md tha J> ry rilecharged htm. Mr Sedgwick facetiously remarked thai It waa cmMliag to think that the prfeeenr waa restrained. for a raw day* ai laaat, from committing depredations on trie public. TBI 6RtVD tCRT tlTRCHARdRP. Tba ( rand Jury than (2 O'jlock) came into Court, and

tbe foreman banded a large bundle of Indictment* to the Clerk, intimating that they bad flnubed their bnaiMM. Tbe Judge thanked them for their prompt attention to flia jubltn htiKinem, and dtacbarged taem with the itianka of tbe Court. They made oa presentment OR AN n I.ARCKNT. Winifred Sullivan, n young girl, waa triad for grand larceny Mra Mrah rbinamore, who raaldaa at No I law atreat. taatiflad that while titling in her room aha heart a noloe In ilte yard, and on goleg out aaw tbe prisoner lenviog with a bundle in her arma which oontnlwed two tllk drawee, a mantilla and a paraaol, all of which aha valued at *10. Tha evidence waa enucleate*, and the in ry ronvlcted her without leaving their aaate, with a rec >m mendaHcn to mercy Tba Judge, In paiwlng aantanoa, 1 rag et lo my that, lho-gh yoting In year*,you are an ol 1 thief, you are well keoen to tba oflloera of the Court Raveral famd'ea with whom you hare lived have called on mn linoe ya* lerdny, itatlng tha* you bad purloined arttetaa wherever you oWuM,to that your pravlonn character and ooure# of HI* dona nut tut He you to any cenai Jcrakoa from >b? iEIB rG, JULY 12, 1857. Court; bat tbe re ommendoT.on wblcb the;ury hare I ieservee to be recognised by me I truat mat tbe will act m a warning to you, and when you come out you wlU endeavor to behave boneet'y. Tbe len'ence or the Court e that you be Impreonea in the ftot* priaon for three years anil ten montbH. Abraham Wright, a keen lad, pleaded guiky to grand larceny, and was sent to tbe of Refuge. A large number of prisoners were arraigned for plea, and they will be tried ou Monday. Car reporter wu informed that judge Russell deposed oT tlfly three aaaea daring the pail week?an unprecedented number. THE -*IXTH WARP KIOTEKO. It was rumored that the Crand ury would brine in bilia against the Sixth ward r utters, but they did not do ?o. Hie City Jadge toll our representative that none of those Charge* would be tried In Mte tteneral Sessions coleoa they alAAtn/l Ia ha isioH hara and inhathaa at no nnnA Ol' lha prisoner! would be tried til] September, except tboae wbe are already in prison. Tbe Court then adjourned li'l Monday. The Street Commlnloiitr's rroublfS-Tlw Certiorari. ki cocht? special tkkm. Before Hon. Judge Jtevlee. In the Motor of :\e Application of Daniel D. Conocer. to compel Charlet Devlin lo si.rrenicr to Kin the booksi mops and papers of Jle Street ComiiUtsioner's DepariiruiU? A hearing was bad yesterday morning, at eleven o'clock. on the order to show cause why the certiorari, aa I ranted in the above cause on Friday, should not be ya oaled and set aside. Mr Field made a formal motion to quash the writ of .exit ran. The following are the points of his argument ? its. nun's PG1.TI8. First. If the writ of ertiorari woold Ue In this case, it woold enable the Oourt only lo look into the question ef jurisdiction. No otbor errors oould be inquired loto upon the return. Unless, therefore, tbe papers on which ibe certiorari eas granted show an apparent want of jurisdiction, the writ should not be grankMl. (2 Hill 0, 23 Wend , 3C0, 2 Be Id., 309.) Seoond. The writ of certiorari Is not a writ of rght, but of grace. 11a allowance rests in tbe round discretion of the tjourt. 11 win never on mowea wn?u it win tena ui <;<juu teract the policy of the lew; or whoa it would produce deley Inconvenient to tbe public, or when there is any other adequate remedy. (15 Wend. 198, S Hill 398, 21 Barbour 857.) Third. It wout t te of the greatest publlo Inconvenience In this cate. It ie adjudged by the order made by Mr. Justice Ptabody that Mr. Oooover la In possession of the offloe of Street (omrowsinner He naa had the franchice dr.j'a.'o since the 13th of Tune. There oannot be two persons in povaetaion ef the office at the tame time Mr. Devlin oannot act, and If Mr. Oonover la to be prevented from a< ting, the public cannot he aerved, and that depart mentoftbe city government is paralysed. Whereat, if Mr. Oonover la allowed to have the benetlt of the order made by Mr. Justice Peabody, tho office will bo executed, and Mr. Devlin's rights, it be baa any, can be^sserted by your warrant wttboot detriment to the public. Fourth. The ctrtu<rari will not be at all In thiamin. The proceedings are Intended to be summary, and not liable to be atayed by any other order or proceeding Tooy do not decide the right, nut only who Is to have tlie books till the right la tried. To suppose that the Legislature intended te leave the summary proot edlngs for the deltve'y of official books to the aueceasor to any officer liable to be suspended by rertiorari, is to suppose that they intruded to institute a ureless ceremony (20 Johnson, 80; .' ynd n>. Noble; 4 Onwan, 207; 17 Wendell, 18; 23 Wendall, 727; 1 HIP, 196; 2 Hill, 14.) Filth. If the rase was one In which a erWirs would He, It would not be irsnod till the final determination of Mr. JuMlc*Peabody. and that will be only when the warrants are signed. (1 R a, 125, sec. 53 ) Mr. Busteed moved that the motion be postponed at least till W edngpday next, on the ground that bo had bad sncb short notice to prepstre for It. His time had for many days been engrossed with this matter to the entire neglect of other impor ant business?among other things, the mat ters growing out of tho change of police. All Judge Peabody bad done, acting as a CommlS'ioner, was to issue an order (or the delivering up of tbe books and papers to Mr. Cenover Pending the application lor the warrant*, he ' had adjourned tbe ease l> Monday. la additi >u to this, on the suit of tbe Mayor and (Jommoualty, a temporary in unction bad been granted by Mr. Justi >e Koosevell, and a Jf lilcn woud bo given on .Wedi ead.iy whether be would make that tr.uDoUon perpetual or no), to that ibere would be three tutu growing out of tbe miller going on at once. 1 In view of Ibe importance of the eeae.and paaaibly tbe dangor of claablng jurisdiction, It would be proper to poet 1 pone tbe cat* till Wednesday, IT not longer. I Judge I lev lea tald be tuppoeed from the paper* that ' when be allowed the writ. Judge Paabody' action aa a } oomuiaaiiner wna terminated. Waee tbe appltaaUoa wan 1 made for tbe writ there waa alto an application for *tay of proceeding, winch be refuted, ai be did not underntand ' Ibat tbe writ of oer'urrari waa intended to Interfere with the action of another court, but to review 1L Mr. field aaid tbe Court would bo turprUed to bear that wbrn be itated on Friday that there had been an applies tun made for atay of proceeding, the count el pereapiorty denied It. Mcaar* Butleod and B>ady tiotb tprang up to ei plain, ttatlag that Mr Field waa ml* tax on They denied only Ibat an order wat granted, not that an application bat been made. Mr Field aaid tbe count* I and (Murt ware certainly rataled by tbe denial, and tbe eflbct of It waa that Jud<e be vlee bad parelyaed lb* action of hia a woe tale from Friday to Mnncay. at laaal In a iuturnery proceeding Tbe otbur aide bad argued for an hour that the ?. tu<rdrt waa a alay of proce*dinga. Judge Parte* ta d b* certainly did not mean to Interior* with the right* of hla aiaoclale Ha could rebete the matter tow by making an order that tbe rrtiorari aball not be deemed a atav of [iroceodinat, wbk'b be would do. Mr. Brady?Will your honor do mat without hoar , in* ua ? .In. 1*0 navies?: think to; I an Jaded yesterday. 1 wt.l hoar yon, ho voter Mr Brady eal.l the tV> :M bad the power to take away Mr. Devlin a rights. They regarded It an a hardahip to be 1 compelled to go Into this argument now. They could a'gue the question of may ou Weuneoday, ?a well aa the qn<wll n of quaableg the writ. The Court bail ne longer any power over the writ, It wat fun tat nj/icto. The writ waa out of Ha poaaaaeion, 10 the haoda of lodge I'rabody, and ootb.og more ooul I be dune upon It until It waa returned. An order would amply be advltory The only queatloo now waa ouitbe pottponemeul. Be i Mr Brady) would be prepartdoo Wednesday totbow that .ludga I'eabody a judicial was terminate I when be granted tie order, and the l*aolng of tbe warrant waa purely ministerial. Tberefbre, tbe . rrUurort woald amount to a May or proucodtagt. Judge I'eabody was to decide on Monday whether be regarded It aa a alay, and on Weinea day tba injunction caar, btfore Judge liooaewlt, woaid be decided. 11a could no aee that tbe other aid* would b# prrjudlced by tbe delay Judge Itaviae decided to graat an order the', the orr'.io rati?too Id not be deemed a etay of proceedings, and poet pcaed tbe hearing oe tbe motion to quaab tba -> mu nnUI W . dnea-tay wv rmng, remarking that 11 Judga llooaa velt ihould grant aa Injunction on tbe peuad that tbe city baa a right to oontrol tbe booka and papera aa Ht owa pro party, that might obvtate tba oeeaaalty lor any argument. Judga Day lea' order la aa follows ? aitm.vavnat nana*. Aa order to abow oanaa tbla day why tbe writ of oertio rarl in tble matter should not be g-nalea, baring bnaa duly argued and sarrsd, and nflev argument U la orlared that raid writ (ball ao; be deemed or taken to operate In any way aa n otny of prooeedlngo be "ore tba aaidJesU* la this action or to laterlero la any way or to part with bia act or dlrcretton of tbe application of Daniel D Onoorer to compel Charle? Darlln to dellvor lo him tbe book* and papers of the Street Cimmiaalonera' office. And It is furtbt r ordered that tbe motion to quanb the writ be adjourned to Wedneeday neat at 10 o'c oek HENRY E. DAY 1 A3. iratarcNrfW Attempt to Arrent the autb Ward Hietam Oa frtdny morning, ofleer (Wangle, of the Onroner'a, armed wltb Coroner Perry's warranto, and, ncoorn pealed by ftiur men .root White etrerx. procae tea ? at fire I*olata, for tbe purpoocot arrepie > . i? y t.y by the Coroners Jury ?ol?; t .it i t.ti Hith ward, on tba 4th of July. He neoinii i ret tig tbe reatdeacea of nil tbe partita, bnt tbe Rabbits nvt deemed Ibelr burrows Tbe Menda? particularly tbe women frlrnda? of the rioten were active In bastbng tbe officers, who of cornet, did tax make known their ml? win* Iboy Inquired for wrra not la lh? city, wliiah is vary probably trna. Kharurlr pruned hi* mon at different potato in llnitar, llayard ud Mulberry itreet*, where ther could keep a vigilant aye oa the boaM* of tbr mm Ui?y wonted Hora ihoy rrmtnol aatil ton n'olock at tight, without ncre?. Thoy found everything quiet at the Poiota, and though *ome of them mutt hare bean raoogol/ed an be loniring to the nbnotlou* Metropolitan*, do attem a woe mane to moleat them Aa theae fellow* can at little lira net of their aometoiaed haunt aa flrh ran ont of water, their return may be Inched for before many day* elapee. 31* of thoee implicated by th# jury are now in the Total*, and It la haltered thai among them arc eotnr of tba wornt ol U># (am. Tbetr nanien are .tame* McBrlde, Ittrney Mrblren, toward l?re, The man Met ear y, Patrick Monaey, ard Barney, alien Owen, UnUngber. Four or flee more are aleo la the Trunk*, a ai tat whom no charge haa yet bern made, eorept by the officer* who arreetet them ' It la mtirh to be rri/'etted that ao many wraona taken In the P rhi ahould hare been releaned before the Hi ream atkm by the Coroner wan cloeeri It t'lrna ont that (It of th** aorebaeed by the hiaticaeare anion the number nbav ol , by ttte ory with btlig ami re fmrticipator* I* Uteod'ray; and 'hie of Ibem (lane), If thought to be one of the moat j drrper ate of the rlL : lender*. Had they been held, much ; tune *o4 tmeble won'd bar* been tared, and pmtloe more apredtly dona to them Ap|m4ntmenta iryr lite Preoltfanf. dame* w Pnrldnnn, Waited Siatea Mnrahal for tho Northern PUtrlrt of liltnoia, la place at Iran Jfya, ranyued. II. Parker, ' oatmaater at Genera, N. V., rloe J, 3. lenta H F. l eeaey, Poetmaoter at Wbeeliag, Va., rice (J. A i CiacrnlV T?* torntPHN Waoon Roao CowtTRrCTrow Panrr ?The Inteitor tteparfknent hare derpatcbee froei 1 tor l each, In comn an1 of tlii* party, which crogaed the Mlaainalpol (from Memphja. Teao ) on the 27lb nit. The par'y la completely or (anted, and la now on It* way to womiaanc* lla libera. [ERA Departure of tbo ItiuHr Worth Star* BIH BAII.IN0 I0WBKO--.BJS PAH^BfUK CBKIHTT M.NeTKBL PAKOT 01>A? ell'ETliP?NfcW DKV K1 ' F EJUtNf 8 IN T8K CABS ? MV Mi BO 4HD, IK U t All:N, ON 8HOBB, BTC. The North War, one or tho YanderblK line, departed 700* terday at 000a (tor Europe, leuchtng At, .lutharr p" ton ani Havre, i'ho ? a mafu.0;eol eh p, of ,',!>00 tone burthen, and In i.Uinpa up, acoommoUALon and appo.ntmtBUi, m not jtferlor to any European ateamer ahoat. -ho ia conaldered ooe of the qui heat >a lorn or the line, harm* made her lait trip from Southamp'oo to New Ycrh in tho uhmf imm .lav* ard inn Lo^re Her lAORODcer ds; numbered this timo 177; among whom a ero Joe, W, Wb le, Corns) lo I you; J. K. PUar, Consul to Bremen; llceirs. Doonellp, Nlnb, Burton, Chr'tUar, Wamoold, Pierce, Raynor, CelllDB and Brown. who go out r.? the Christy Minstrels. Eacaoftbelrorpepa}-atiso'.'n"it:ot." It Is a joint stock ocncern, and 'hoy an .ci|>ate, by culling up negro capers and tim ing negro songs, to get a Utile "pile" out of ioha Bull. We hope they mry Uait lohn's 'born'1 as soft as they expect. It may be the data of "turn about and wheel about and dance J:m Crjsr'' bare returned In season to give the Mlc trcls a ouCcg good lime ol' It. Among the passengers not the least remarkable was the celebrated Parol, of trench extradition caso notoriety. A large r ;<r.ber of his fr.ends? aearly all French?a vailed h.e ner val at pier No. 3, for a considerable time before the sailing of the vessel. It was sven whispered about that another ef fort wonld be made to get blm "leg bad." Wneu tbe carriage lo which be was seated, together with Cap.a.n Rjnders, the Captain a nephew, (who acta as deputy Mar thai, and goes over to Europe with him) and Deputy Thompson, arrived, It was surrounded by an excited crowd, maay of whom cried out "void," to the prlsouer. Parot made no remarks, nor showed any signs of remat snce. Fie walked up the cam-way, not teeming to with to recognise any ono about him, and was shown to his borth, which it the last one astorn, adjoining that of Theodore Kynders, In whoeu juttody he remains nulll delivered op to tho French authorltlva. The epitodo of his marriage, which appeared In jestorday's Uir.ui>, gives a loach of the semantic to tho case; and It was generally supposed his new made wife woo Id accompany Dim on in? "nancy moon trip. But auch is not tbe fact 1'arot got alone; hia wife remaining In New York, until further dcvelopemente are made In this extrao Unary mixed up French railroad aflktr. It It taid I'arot baa bean promised his pardon on certain ooadlneDa; that be has partly accepted them; and 1/ be turns 'stag" we may eipect to see some rich de elopements of railroad pecalatlon, Involving those high In authority in France, who up to now, arc peur ei saru rtprr* he. Parol, It seema, was after all only a "scape goat," wealth an 1 position baring screened the principal criminals?they being largo sbaro gamblers and xtncKjobbers. Tbe excitement on tbe pier was kept up until tbe North Star bad got into the channel or tbe rlrer. As pasnsnger after passenger arrired, their friends rushed on board, and from stem to stem there was a perfect Babel of contusion, and such a jam that It waa with difficulty one could elbow bis way tbrougb lbs boat. "Ikllo, there' wbere'r yon running with my sack*"' "Tnat'imine" "Here, sir, Ibis la your check." ".Ice; ixrur cm man ccffre, Monsieur"' "Comprenrc pas" A sbake of the porter's bead set tbe Frenchman scratching his; sad mattering seen'-, be went to seek an Interpreter. "Minn AL Par de pnk." Whatever "ds puk" meant, reporter satth not, being "nil enm rouse" on the niesiioo; but It must be so me I Lis g very important to wake up the Imagination of the stolid Herman, for be *aa evidently In what U gal luminaries call "a quandary. ' Around tbe Clark's office tbe din and jargon of dialects were Inoessaat "Where's my berthV '-(live me mine " ''%y," says a second edition of Daniel Iambsrt, "my berth's too small; I can't get in.'? "Well, then, take down the partltloo? that's your number." "Poo my aowl, If Ibis's not a party >x." And leaving the Irishman to gel oa . of It tbe bant wag hn could, we desnsadwd to the cabin. Jerusalem 1 what a sight! Borne tobbtnt?otbsm slobbering? more laughing?a few hob nobbing, amid a universal rabbeting, in tbe mllat of whict the Dell sounded. Had it been (be tocsin of war, or the last t'umpet, or had ths noble ship struct upon n rock, tbe sensation among the passencert and friends could not be greater- Then commenced the psXleMu?ths adieu?the shaking of hands, embracing, butting and "ttch a getttn' up stairs tre ne'er did ass. ' Arrirlag on deck, tbe captain was shouting out "let no one up lite gangway but passengers''?"All ashore," and a crowd keptrusblsg towards aad pouring down the narrow salt Htn- wu to be seen the very climax of the -'farewells "i'la.rv, like tbecratkof s cartmsns whip, resoucded on all sUee. Never oaa our ma asm?mm fneaat lha fWM ftf thaf frames w with MM mrtf fined, as rbe turned to bestow one Ore sell kiss on (we were going to write) her brother, hat on reooUeetion of tbe "bug" we rether gaess It wet her lorer. Whether one or t'other, our reporter?end he Is eo eepeclally beeb ful men?net er felt the meek of deetre fo eo Ihr down mts hie boot* before, nor >lon't went to be led Into eucb U inpuuco again < >uce more ou the shore ?the passengers crowded to the side, and tbelr friend* to tbe edge of the pier. "flood bye, Pick, tell Mar to keep ? pteoe of tne eole of my old boot until I return " "HeRe, lore, five my ore to roy motber, keep out or tbe ijd, te scorching hot and dene eroue " "Adiso," "Take cere of youreelf;" See that boater * eccoubt te looked alter;" "^efe end speelr return. ' end bundre<le of ilmilnr partings were heerd on every ride, while tboee on ebore kept shiweriig orsngre by tbe do "en to tbelr r> ten 1e on boarl. Oe<* of tbe Cbrltty Mlntirel*, etendlnf near the peddl" box, mured tbe crowd wit) sundry trick* end mou things -^etng tbet publlo patronage we* uoel si iilm In lb* the e of e tbo eer of orangee, ho opened ble empty oerpet reck, end received ee many I ikons of approbation it will larl him tbe entire voyafe. When the msorlngn were uolooted, end the eklp ws* getting neter welfh, the troupe rtruek up "Kareeell Snllte," "We're ihuilng Dawn the Rtrer," end continued, until oot of bearing, *tnftnc popular negro melodies, lite departure of the North Star wee WMMUtd by e lergo crowd, who repeatedly cheered tho I noble boat ee the magnificently moved nto thechainel. I We earn *be bad specie on hoard to the nmoont of ; wo oco. U if expected she will make the trip In ten an l . a half dayi. A peerage to Kurope le now within tbe | reach of so many we are not surprised toeee the crowds that take advaotego of lbs rummer neeeoo, end vlrit the noaUnont of tbe Old World, instead of pending their money at over crowded, half starring and exorbitant charging watering places. Tbe Bret sabin peersge in the North Star la WO . In the second *60. City Intelligence. nil w ranigH? n mu in lan-i^f. Tbe tceoaw of rain, and mint, and oohi seems le be over at lost, and the fear that we were to hare no cummer bM btea dissipated by tbe bol run of the last week. Una bletr ore illeooed, or have changed their tuae, and o?a plnnln of the summer rather than of the want of It. Thin anal*, white pouts, and well ventilated garments generally are Ma premium, wb.le sherry cobblers, lewrooade "with it let" end lager bier are In greet demand. I'p to yen let day the heat woe rather enjoyable than otherwise, the <|uuiii/ vi uwi ibiu wiuuu |irmiH it iwtih| nippnen aufllcimt moieture |<> lumper Ha ferocity, and gave a lusa r'ur? to U>? graaa ud roflage .a the public parka loch m rarely grrrta the eye# of Die denize** of oar duaty, mnd end money loving city. Tee tar day the thermometer ranged hetween eighty three aad eighty Are degree*; there wee no hreeje or matMnre, and the hot eno fairly bltatrred aU who came wlthla Ha range Thouaaad* whs had delayed their exodoe to the ooan'ry are la a hurry to be eg. aad are dally leaving the metropoh* for nonae oae of I bone ,uie? hook* that graoe our lnlaa<i wealth of natural beauty, or are preparing to a well tbnne gay crowd* at onr more public piece* ef raehlooable retort Much le Mid orery year about the folly ef h n dreda -cob I eg together, aad oarryteg the ahaardhtea and -out ration* .flee ot city life to a epot ortemibly .fleeted for the purpoee of ignoring all tuna rlalme bat ihetrnlh te, the obt?rt to not en much with fhehloaable l*ojee jo go into tb< entry M It la to leave the city, there It is a ditgrw f to bo found aftar the lal of July, ttu1 wbatia toe uee o' eaeinj, the tty If oae'a rtende do am eeow It, and bow are they to know It if we don't gn nbere they a-et Unetdee, ) oaag ladtea do not want to go into rural ellclly with naly papa aad mama, or tak* aiooa l"(ht walk* with the bonac a >g, or with only the rhaare of ?aconatertag a elow oM clergyman or rheum all gar leaer. Icee ted nberry nobbier*, waluing and OirtuMo are tempting nrcenaorlen to ruatic aajiyment, no I ere generally preferred by on* degenerate modern 'aironer to iba remittee of feeding ehickeaa aad ml king now? Nor are oar young men any better, la their miadt the noun try la iteociated with mature aad mauuMoca?> voaed rlow. ao they daeh i.(T to a water lag piece, where they Irara much mlachlef and very IIMIe that to g"??d. But we lid not intend to write a h imlly o? waiartag place* only 'ong Ibat anmmor la npoo ua and adrtee our reader* to ktfp aa cool M ' Im metaeret will permit. Kim iff Maroon L^a ? <11 ? clonk yeetarday (Saturday) morning a $re wa* dlAoorered la the reticule tad pocket book manifhctory of Tbiery K Co., oo the lourth iloor of bai<lla$ No. 73 Maidea laae The firemen were oolebly at ibe preml*en and *010 axttaguteheJ the (Ire. Tbe damage done lo atock n*nod bjr Tbiery ft Co.? they eaUmatr ai $3,000. manred for $1,100Hi the Inaurino# (Jrmparij of North America, of i'htlalolphla. Ibo third Moor and elore are occupied by 8. Wolf h Oo., dealer* to nape Tbrlr *lo< k l? damaged by waer and Arc probably tt.COO The) are Ineured for flO.OCO. lathe foWoeiof nomnaaiea ? Relief, H.IXM, Mechanic*' A Trader*', $t,ono Mark ?, $2.0* Hamilton. $2,COO, Retgace. $MH, tad fft Mark'r, $1,000 Tbe aeroed floor la ore ipted by 8 Phillip, dealer la Cora. Str. Jt damaged by water pro whit ft OCO. iMurad flar $7,K0, ae follow* -Rutgar* ?t,wia. ttreafb a, tJJfO. aad North W<rtern, ti.Hto Tie b M irg M owned by (I. H. ffrbneider, It ta damaged about pun,ard imured. riBt iff l oMTTit ayaawr ? About half part tea o'clock .? Friday night, a lire wa* dlteorerad ia tbe milk depot of Frederick Prapp, at 7$ loreyth atreet It wae ?one e* llngiuahed, damage but trilling. The building ia owned by John Rorat. Haw Yoatt Roam*t ?The entered It the weekly report of the abore uiMltiittoa to July 10 ? Remain ng t tly 3, 2ti admit ed July 10, W; dtrcharged, rurerl or rel?e? ed w; d e?l, 1$; retna irng at 'ale, >M Maee, fe ' tcaiea, j?. I LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. OF THE ANULO-XAVON AT QTEBEC. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. The Steamship Atlantic Beaten by the Vanderbilt. SOME OF THE DETA.LS OF THE MUTINY IN INDIA. SLAUGHTER OF EUROPEANS IN DELHI CITY. Fourteen Thousand Troops Ordered from England. SHIPPING OF THE TELEGA IPH CABLE* ppnr.nvsB nv twit wan tit ruiva THE SPANISH MEXICAN NEGOTIATIONS. C3TTQN FIRM BREADSTUFFS DULL. Consols, 92 1-2 a 92 5-8, Ac., Ac., Ac. The Canadnu Screw irteamsbip Company '! steamer Anglo Saxon arrived on Klyer da loup, lutho river ."l. law ri'ooe, at about 1 o'clock yesterday morning, ri routi to Quebec, whore she waa due at about li dock :n U.e :oronoon. Her dates from Liverpool are to Wcdneeday, July 1. The Anglo Saxon lett Iiverpooi at half past oee o'tioelc In the afternoon. The City of Washington, for New York, left at atv . iM same time. The steamship Arago also left Southampton for sew York at about the same time. The royal mall steamship America, from Bosun na Halifax, arrived at Liverpool on JieMb Jane, a*, iron; the Vanderbltt, from New York at Southampton shortly after noon on the 3Cth; and the Collins steamer Atlantic at Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon, 1st Inst. The political and general newa la of about the avsrago Interest. Full details, both political and commerce . will be found below. There bad been two very serious accidents on tnriisls railroads, In which twelve deaths occurred and ever noo hundred wounded. The shipment of the cable for the submarine telegraph between Europe and Amerioa bad commenced on board the Niagara, and wouid he proceeded in with the utmost de patch. Captain Hudson, of the Niagara, together with fate officers, attended by special Invitation the Manchester Exhibition on the occasion of the Queen's stale visit there. They were received with loud cheering and other demonstrations of good feAHng. France, at the request of England, Is to send out fourteen transports with troop* to China. TBI* will M done M the request of England, la order to prevent the withdrawing of Bill it h iroopa from India for the China war, aa wee at Drat contemplated, the Hart ling newa of the mutiny among the native iroopa of the former country having made their preaenoe there more than ever net salary, later aocoente state that a reinforcement of 14,000 trojpa are to be tent immeoJete.'y to India. The Spanieh American dlBlculty li aa Tar ae ever from an ad luetment I'oiitiral trouble# are rife n Cenea, where party ooneptralora here been arretted The lia'laae, whoee arrest in Par In vraa announced hp a I previosa steamer, are to be tried for an attempt to tmamtiiale the Kmperor. The commercial aewa by tb>a arrival la not of very opd. clal Importance. Cotton at Liverpool otoaed Arm on the 30th, at about previous prloea. Breed(tulle closed dull, at prioee not matertelfy changed The weather though somewhat stormy, waa reported an being favorable for the growteg crops. 1'rovlstoes qnlei 1-ard buoyant at a slight advance, closing firm at Ode. ftoela eioaad heavy at a eUgr.t advance on Inferior qualities. Sugar quiet There tied bean a ellg hi edvanoe la the I Ivor pool market oa tees of ell qualities. la (La l/oadoo markets nor was dull it a leellee offld. a la Coffbe wm Urm, aad rloe buoyant. la lea there waa a large spec ilatire Inquiry, aad prleiat quoted al la. -Id. for Oongo The moor v market waa nowise Consult had declined to 92){ a 92 ENOT.ANn. Government was oelechlMed In the Houm of tarda by I-ord F.llenborough, and la the House of Common* by Mr. Disraeli, la regard to the mutiny In Ibe India army. lord (IraoTllle, la reply lo the former, and Mr J. HmJth la reply lo the latter, alaled that the caae would be meg with derisive measures, aad that although there waa good ronton fir supjinsing that the mutlaeera would speedily be put down by the force on the spot* still It had heeo determined to (end out reinforcements lo the eiteet of 14.000 men forthw1 IS an a mere measure of atcurgy. It waa admitted that the pubUahH accounts of the revolt were substantially correct, aad that the principal Inceallva waa an tmprsnmnn Ant there wae to be an attempt al a general ooaveseU* to the Christian religion. In the Commons Mr. H. Btrdley naked leave to bring m n bill to eeuoe the rotes of PertteaMotary sle tore u be Ukee by ballet. A debate eanped epoe thla, la which the Cnance; or of the Kxchsqner oppoeed the motloa. The motloa waa toelly rejestad by IN to 267 The I eked States siren frigate Posquehaana roe rami to Cowee from the Thamee on the Wth alt. Onsen Victoria, soonmiaalsd by the royal pstd is tale stall to the Hear better K (hi baton aa the Ota Ota; aad although a furtoue storm preraltad all day, the sathe lasm of the thooaeede srsemb'ed wee rery great. Cbpt Hedeoa and ofllcort of lb" Called Naien steam frigate Niagara, la Nil uniform, were pnweet an tarltwd gersta, and were wekwosed with loud sheering. The quarterly revenue returee show a degolre'y of ?-4 004. The sett staled d#?Rteaey Bneeequeet ta the rwdaetleu of tasettoe at Ibe ctaae of the lent war waa ?1,149,009, so that Ibe repert ta regarded aa highly far arable. FRANC*. It was istimated that Sea Oavaiguae would rather eel present b.mseif a seaead time ta the electors of Paris, aad that profHatttMM had beea Md? to dtatinfuiabed memBar efibt Peria tarto take hit ptaae, bat thai iktrwmM mpM. Several of tbo defratad nppoa tloa caad.dalee tbrrasoa M control tbo regularity of tbo rotnrao of Iboir oppoaeata. The Parle corroopondeot of tbo Timtt aa/f that the Tta Itaaa wbcae arreota wtreaour-ed bp tbo la* at.! will b? tried for a wmeptracy to wear eat* tbo Fmperor Tba Pfity A'nto ray a that although Lor i Oaroedoo baa ao aflbtal ibfbrmatiOB of tbo Tacta, yet it la aorarthoioo* quite true that tbo f reoch ipiTtrnmeot baa entered 'ato a contract with a Marvel ilea booae for a ripply of I0.MQ Afrlraat Tar Guadeloupe aad Martinique NPAIN. Tbo Ma<lrld rorreepoBdeat of tbo l/w loa nm iM/t M-U Peaor tafrmirua, the Met-.caa earoy, bad banded to Swot I'rdal a tort of ultimatum for tbo tetllemeat of thr pendag dtipute, aad that tbe la* rr bad protaltoJ to toad a cooater memoraadam oa tbo nature of which wouM deprnd much of Se#~ 'afrtfaa farther etay ta Madrid. Tbo ram* otrrooppedtot alao |lrat a rumor that -o'toro of nuvqte baro already booa wit treat Mot ao to iba laited Mat re, la tuUrtpeum of war - ^ TURK BY. A dotpat-b fW>t? RerMa eayt It la affirmed there -bat Prumla. I?um,a and Serdmla baro glrea thotr adhoo oa to tbo rnmprr mt?? oa the qmatf of tbo uatoa of tbo I'rtanpantirt. drawa np by I ard Uaroadoa. which ta tb rofqrw now apr<wod by Iraac# alone INDIA. The India rrorland matl bad arrtred at leaden wltb rolumlnoe* account* oonflrmatfy of the telegraphic announcr nitnl of tbe annuity la tbo ludlan arm/. Tbo tetailt are tomowhat looo a'arml iff thaa tbo baro elegraf tig; act junta af tbo moroaMnt, wbfeM