Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1857 Page 1
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TH_ WHOLE NO. 7621. THE 8EVENTEEKTH WARD RIOT. Additional Particulars of the Pight on Sunday Night. RENEWAL OF TUB RIOT YESTERDAY. ATTACK ON THE NEW POLICE. wTiA^WW/WV V>.VWVW , THREATENED DES TRUCTION OF THE STATION HOUSE. Five Thousand Excited Germane, Folly Armed, in the Streets. ,VVWVVVW.'WWV\,WV\ Tremendous Sensation at the Post Mortem Examination. APPEAL OF CORONER PERRY TO THE HOB. SCENES ON EMPANNELLING A JURY. Back of Allen Bay A Co.'* Establishment. THREE REGIMENTS OF MILITARY UNDER RARMS. HOURLY BULLETINS FROM OUR REPORTERS, ROm Jbo., Jba Me ntiootlac of the German, John Miller, la the riot in the Seventeenth ward on Sutday evening, led to freab and Mrtooa disturbances yertordgy. The polloo were oemnletehr set at defiance, and a mob of some Ave or six thousand persons kept possession of the streets All clay. Al men da or Miller blamed the police ror all that occur red, and Bay they can bring home the shooting of deceased to one of the polloemen to that district They were ex Mperated beyond all measure because they said deceased was an lnnooent man, and was In no way engaged In the row. On the other hand, Oaptain Hart says that Miller was engaged in the riot, and threw tones at one of the policemen Be It as It may, however, the whole German population of tho Seventeenth ward were in arms yesterday against the Metropolitan police, and from sunrise until sunset the officers were set at defiance and compelled to seek ibelter ? ta the station house, whore they anxiously awaited an attack the whole day long. The excitement among the Germans living <e the neighborhood of deceased's home <79 avenue A) was Interne. The stores and lager bier saloons on avenue A were all ahut up, while the shops In First, Second, Third and Fourth streets, for a block on each side of the avenue were partially closed. In fact, there was a to al suspension of business In the neighborhood. The streets were lined with men, women and children, who all appeared to agree open one point, and that was that Ml ler was an innocent vtotlna to the too hasty conduct of the Metropolitan police. The #inset Imprecations in Di tch and German were ahu.v. e* 3d upon the hesds of the police men who bad jfl.n Jed die res.Ueuts of that district. I HE ATTACK ON CAPTAIN HABIT. The rioters we-e ail armed, and openly toasted that If ? they Caught any of the poIlooTten on tbelr ground th?sy would beat them to death. The police force being too weak to think of oifering any opposition to tho mob, the latter bau wing* so uifl.r ueu way. 11 vw*y poocemau cip peaeJ to oome within gun shoi bo nu linmedia-ely ^tud,uilUimu; instances ired at Cap- Hartt bins self bad a vry narrow escape, acJ bad to use bla legs with double quick motion, lo avoid being made a prisoner and lodged In the bands cf tbe enemy. He wan going to bla home In Flr*t street, In company with a policeman when tbe mob discovered him coining down tb street, sod at oorw made a rush as if to capture h:na. S:or-j andotbe missiles were Art civ utod by the rioters, nut with tho exception of a sligiil nonin* on of the right log Gapt. Bart and bla fbl'ower minorcdod In boat ng a retreat, ana arriving at the station houae in ?arety. AKK1VAL or (1oaO>XB risnr. About 1 o'clock P. k Goronor Perry arrived at tbe aevenleenth ward station bou*e, for the pur so:e of aa laqueet upon the body of MiUer. When bo was intira* l of tne oxo.led statu of frelinc oilr?lng not only ' mmnbg the friends of deoea- od. but among tne whole Gorman po -illation of tbe ward against tbe police, be deter mined to go to the scene of tbe riot atone and unattended by any ore When Captain Hart beard tbe M Hon be wa? almost th in lor?truck. "Why," aald he, "tfcey wl'l Par y ' to pieces, Coroner. But the Coroner was determ.r - 1 to go alone. Si ail the entreaties f Captain Hard and I's ofllrors were In vain Deputy Superintendent Carp* ter appeared at the station house 'net about ibis time, and sent word for a reinforcement from the riAernth ward; but upon bolrg told by the (Joro ner bat H was onnr rsary to Issue sue* an order, besenl tbe Fifteenth ward m?r back again wb. n tbey arr.-ed. Coroner Peery felt g e confident tbat Uic tumult could be VwW'ed If tbe poitce were oo'y kept In tbe station bouse Aw a few hours, and dec'ared bit loten' on of going among tbe ei Uted people for the purpose of endeavoring to prevail npon tbetu to keep tbe peace. ft art-gat, to thb voa. In aooordano*. with the above rasolutlin, termor Peery prooee led to No S'1 avenue A After some difficulty bo stodteied Itt aboui lerlt u h'.s wav through ibe crowd until be got up to trie very door of tho bouse wherein ih>- dorwased lay. The ot< itement at this moment was inton?e: Vie people were a little suspicious at lift, wbnroupen tbe Coroner mouiitel a bur, and male tbe following appeai to them as good riPceD* of New York;? Cmrrmax?I have mme here to tnveatfatn M to the i cum of the deatb uf th" raw who liea dead among you i mo by your eoti"ne thai ymi feel egg r ley od?thai a vrM| Ui ..??a done to yao. ! (hall com mac.-a the la 7*etlg*t)oi J> a fair, candid manner. Juatlcn nball be dor e to tl I-i the meantime, 1 call a poo you v taw abiding citIB- or lo keep tbe i?-aoe la your neighborhood. Tau havn r< fv rrly bad tar character of being a unlet pan to; do nr. do arythig which wtll place you In a* other llghi arftira tin* oownaoHy. I bow nail upon you to uaM a?e la my dultoa, aad uo one will have rranon to maitatn that there ha* not beta a Ml aa 1 ralr iuceallit* Uoa I rball bring oo policemen here Is protect me, bul abali ail oo you lo prrrarra order and see that tho lawa ara fhithfully oai rted out. TWF POUT WOHTKW KXAWtVtTIOV. At U*> ronrrtuann of tbo aboyr reman* loud and onthu alaatle beer* ware firm for the Ooroner. wblah wara mtng'ed with Ciiea Of "I*jwn with tba Metropolitan pol ne" I aad "fvath to the murderer? af John Mill#-." The rooat rwmpted by the dot-tared m tba baa*taent ar the tenement bcue* afrady referred to, war thou ratted >y the Comaer art* If rint ell. apd preparation* were ma In fir holding a pert tnn lam ejtmleatiott of the badK Th< Triaoda of da net' e 1 trim thilthe r?a?ntoadKJ|Mb1 be cotxl acted !n '.ha p "ecuno of acme Cermaa To thla requeet the Cor'act promptly acceded, and nNparattoa *u commerer* 'b the pretence of do lass tbao hair a do? w Oarmar? rrprearntlng themeelrna to br medical men While the doctor? were cefaf -d Ir. maklr^- the poet mortwr tho went in pumui of a in? . and alnpping at Iho Unybtee nth ward etatioa houeo on h ? way, bo tailored the fcar of (bpteln Hartt, wbo never expected to eoo him ratunt *11 - a. trow TIIF rtl.Trl WKRV TRK t flP. t. *' >! the Cor war, who noa went In *a*reh of a jary, wr *11* now turn the atieatloa of our raauera ts the aia eft ret Aera during hi - mmporarr abeenco The mob Mil kept r*?"ar?ion cf i|ie atrcow and eemtinixed the Oct. olrnanr" of every person paring alooy avemie A TT. J deUcted eyera) oPicor* In > llirana' clothoa. and gera thn.n a tend beating (br daring W> Intrude upon their , pnirj r> nrurtiT mr.f <M-rn n>?'f n il appaaraoce up-rn Ifcc battie ground ho wo* clorcly aatohari, ard If M ill r?*T>ocl?1 wv ioc?1 m io lila uorupallon. If hi* i rplnra-lno w?t gatUibMorr the rlugieadarr would aikrw t lm to proceed about ti? nutlnaa* Many nv.ieni wore tiuf^lotrrro dad had amreralr errata e*?mtn?d, hot no f I -mora wU offtrad I' any of Ibom who miui Ij^ic aatlit^rtun lfc*w?n M # quMtlQM propaaadad. The?*citnd m?on? r of the Mormon* rprew I terror and nonfimion among gbt t-ibabltenta of the neighborhnc-fi, and during Mia en lire af oranon lha "coonornih ?*rd tu on* eondpuni Kerr of turmoil. 7b<- rioter* carr'ed kn -aa, club* and nt?t >.*, and threatened -loath to on/ per-iti hoeing ?h* mp arts of the Metroreltiaa upon blm. A* wo mid he fbw. ? number of policemen d-eg?<-d in rltiaoaa' clothe* I worn rough! ind beaten, hut oo on* woo lamrwoualy la )nr*l. o *f n*r, rioii.Avc? CPmtrrrtr. About 1 o'clock P. M o mo'el rift Inane mnm line, la the rhope of cx policemen, woo rgouirei. by the mob. Tha ex polloem-Pi flock oil to the ?een< of Ihc row. and piHIiug hodgee upon Ihelr root*, o*? ifnod the ?w|cmo|l?lllty of ;ir*B?-rvliigorder about U c door of Uio d- 'V*1 moa'? prwldeaoe Th" mob lm>kd upon them a* if irotedoea of the peace, and deolarod they would roeo*. " no olher officer*. Peroral of tboae e* policemen dfuiod oon?pl ononnly in Ihe crowd, and adrtnrd the me'' what to do boc.d the Metropolitan police n'tempt to laterfmo with them Tbi* *e< onion to the me hid the effect of lucre** tag the boldneea of their lawlce* operation*, and rendering the litter* gutte Independent la their action*. KVM O* WnwUKLl.lKd Tim Ji'BT. Abort lour o do lt Unruaer ferry and offleer Hhnngto reUra-d from their>eurner In nearrh of * jury, rhe Ooro aer acted lb nmv ?rt with Oonneilauui ttoaa-port (a Uer- ' man'' <* lb* rebel iou? iiirtrlct, and daalrr I to obtain a jnry BM wnnld jrore etilaferrorr to th < ermana It war pfiipaard thai three Americana and to'ee (tormaaa, men of ?eepor?lti l.ty ant pnaitloo. ghould be gworn to mabe a Una Inrpilry Into the ea re of M 'lor * death. With thai ei'lect In rtow, fmly two hoara * enoaanmad I to ir'tlng JOfy tofelhcr, Tblg harln haaa actors- I a E NE pitched, lb" Coroner, together sltn tiUlser NhsugKj, pro i ceeded to No 39 a?ocue A Tor Iho purpose of auuonnctng I tbe result of hli labors An immense eonoourse of man a*sued bis approach ' Uio corner of eveoue A ao.l i Tbtrd alrcru Tboy a complete boo across < the stmt, and pressmen rather an Imposing rpecUcle. When the Coroner reached tneir Mccs I they Immediately recognized bltu and oo-nmjuced chcor i iug vobeui' iitly, and ulmuel ouried tb? official to the house I of (be deceased. At Orel It was thought that some vlo lance was intended, saexcited ?w tbe appearance of tbe | mnlUtcdc; bnt when '.he rbeerieg commenced K was etrt- i dent that tbe mout friendly reeling eitated As tbe Coroner moreo tow%ris the house, loud "cheer* for the Coroner," miegied with crioe of "Itoen with tbe Metropolitans," rent the air. The committee of ex-nobwmru wore I quite active with tbe rtctere, and joined with them in their crlrs of "Down with tbe Metropolitan*." > ?uo of tbelr number endeavored to raise aery against olhccr Shanglo. as be accompacle t the coroner; but tbo object of bis fury passed into th<s bull' tug ere the fac. Ibat a Metropolitan policeman war present became generally known, and so ShAnehj escaped unmolested. When the Coroner entered 1 tbe bill Id lug (be mob surrounded ibe place for several squares around, all eager with anxiety to know the namot of the jury wimi sure eoipannelled to Inquire inO thecoee. mrnniTiia with tjbb cobokbk. When the Coroner entered the apartment of deceased ud announced that he bad empanoelled a jury wb'ch ho believed would bo eatlsfactory to tho friendH of deceased loud cries of " Read off" thnlr names," were hoard on at sldee. A (treat deal < f confusion occurred at this moment, in consequence of some Impertloen'. follow* objecting to one of the jurors. They very modestly suggested that bis name should be stricken out, and Lbat one of their owu number should be p'a-ed there instead The Ooronnr protested agalml thrir outcries, Inasmuch as they wero no* Germans, and coxierqnently could not ho very much Interested inthealfalrsof deceased. But thoojUldepros turewan so great that the official was obliged ! yioid. and accordingly one of the very men who protested against the juror In question was cnoson to take a part in the Inquest. The Corocerssid he would not strtko out the namo of any of the jurors, becanae they were all good and true men, and wonld do their duty faithfully ud fearlessly; but at tt eir urgent tollcHaUon he would make an addition or one juror rrom their number. Ei en Ibis did not seem to satisfy them. They lists ted on having another juryman added to the Ut, but the Co roncr would not h-trn to such a proposition, and when be round them endeavoring to impose upon bti good nature he broke out In the following strain ? Gavrijurm? I wish to have justice done you all. In connection with your t-'-ounC'lman, Mr. Bchappert, 1 have ehoecn a jury, threo of whom aro Germans aad three Americans. At your request I have added the name of a seventh person. 1 will not add another one. This case will be fully and earefally Investigate I, aud I have no doubt when It is ctucluded you will be all satisfied. Now, I want you to allow all tho witnesses to come anl ro away from here unmolested. Thuy must not be harmed, whether they are Metropolitan policemen or not I want them to be treated with due respect. 1 v.: at every thing to go orf quietly and peaceably. Our German population bavo been always noted for their love of order and good behavior, and 1 hope ibey will nut now lose the goad name they have so long borne. Gentlemen, we will now proceed to the coruer of avenue A and Fourth street, where the Inquest will be commenced by swearing the jury. NAMBB OB THB JURY. no Coroner then took bis leave of the apparently so'ls fled crowd , and wended Die way to tb? place above men tionod, whore he promised to meet the jury at ten minutes be.'oie 6 o'clock. The ; entlemen subptrnaed wero ail in atten lance and answered to their names avfsllows ? H. O. Dnnn, of No. 4&a Third avenue Francis Rnpport, of No. 40 Fifth street. George Grilltg, of No. 40 Fifth street. J. A. Fraeias, ol No. oil third avenue. Pr. Francis Ircworrnr.of No. 418 Third svorvi Jesse Peck, of No. 70 third avenue, iharlee Whalen.of Tenth sweet The oalh bavins been administered, Coroner Furry ad drcsiOd tho jury as follows:? TTTE JTTtT VIEW THE BOT)T. Now, fentlemen, we will go over and view the body of this dead man, and from there we will adjourn to our homos, to meet here to morrow morning at eight o'clock. In company with the Coroner and Councilman Sciiapport the Jury proceeded to the reeldenoe of (be deceased, and there viewed the body. m their return they were loudly cheered by the mob, who had congregated In thousands about the door step. THE vnp ItECOtn-V MORI BOLTl. As soon as the Coroner and jury had taken their departure from the scene of the disturbance the excitement in creased to a fearful extent. The mob bogan to talk of trarrb'.ng up to the. Bowery, and attacking tho station, wbleb te situate; on the corner or Third street and tbe Bowery. Tbey api-oared to be considerably elated at the fr etdihtp which the Coroner held oat to them, and Imagined themselves quite strong enough to tear tho sta tton bouse to pieces and send the Metropolitan policemen flying ah over the c ty. THJY MARCH TO ATTACK TH1 POLIPI. Fully confident of their strength, they mustered and commenced to march up Third street, firing shots and filling the air with lb<- most hld*oos noises. The fmliCA vma r.vtPA of lha innpfMki'h of ft Ho mob, mil q-irUiy assembled upon live ttdawalk in front of tholr station house, ud with their club* la I heir bands qntetiy awaited the approach or the rioter*. Information waa alto wot to th? f tflxnth. wa-d station boute for art.mace, *od all ne?..tsaary prepare loot wero made to give ibe attack ng party a warm reception A few revolver* were distributed among the men, but n'ne1,-nlbs (>i then ual to depend on their locusts aione. While tho police wcro awaiting tho onward march of the mob, Counct:ro a Pcbappert advanced toward* them and Eevailed npon them to turn back. Ihey had then got as r at Second avtBM, and were .n < no act of making a grand charge upon the poltee when Uio timely Inter',irenco of the Councilman prevented Iham from going any further. He ad? ted ibem not to act no madly, and iolrrabvl thorn to return to their homes. After much solicitation they consented to poatponc Ihoir attack, and wended their way hctnrwar I. THE HACintS OP ALLAN HAT A CO.'fl 8T0HI. Scarcely bad tbo mob turned their bs< ks to the station bonte, wben Uit newt spread through the crowd that there were two [ Uoemen conoraled In the establishmrni of Alla-i H -y ft < No ,'I9 Firat arenne. The Tory ol'tSo mob wat thereupon Directed to that *pot, and In let* than two mioutrw the ? bote front of the building was ballet-1 in with bricks and paving Monet The doors were knocked en their b>agct, and nothing but a ooi.pleto wreck remained The operatives In the establishment succeeded in making their escape imhurL I hiring the whole of the demonstration the polico were oompollnd to remain Idle speciifrs of the oulr-go Tbev full quite satisfied at having esoaped tho violence of the mob them selves, and did not ue.ctn It proper or wisn lo lotorrern with a foice which oulnunbersd them a hundred lo one. PBOOKKfl* OP Til* WHIT. About aevm o'clock, Hen. Hall, Can. Nvnand dlmeon Draper visited the plaae for the pnrpmae of rnconzinl taring ar.d o aking arrange nenls for an anticipated attack on the house. IVputy Mipertntenilent Carpenter also arrived about the same Lour with a force o' about one hundred men?specials and nibem?'t bring understood mat tome i on* or Iwo hundred were held In retenre at the While ttreet ttatlun honee luring the evening leverai arrests were maJe by the Metropohttnt of persons loitering about the staUon house In a ensptctoos manner We were anable, however, to get the names of but two; ono was? ' John Botz, a young Herman, about lk years cf ago, who wmt srjested by officer Wilson. of the Fifteenth ward, while Handing on the corner of the Bowery and Thirl street. Ho was arrested on complaint of Je'od Day, of Hammond street, charged with assault anc lattery. It appears that, seeing him stand there, Day asked birr tf be was reconcilering, wben be assaulted blm The odloor then ir j?4 and brought him lato the stathio bouse Jacob onh, a Herman, while standing at the eorser of Bowery and Third street, talking win some parties, was beard In ear "Hot turn tern Mete -poll ,.ns. py Jasot O.rtsi, If they ttkr holt of we I'll give them rnsnethlrg thev doo't like." tifficer John Tinedaie, of the tifleeclb wnrd, who I apprned in be ntamllng by, overheard tbe remarks, and In an accidental manner pUrcd bis handa over one of tbe pceftetv of orth. when be discovered the shape of a large sited knife concealed therein He immediately procured the aid of another rflYrrr, arrested and took <lrth to the tal on bouse, wbea a huge rlesp or bowlcknU" was taken from hiipnexfinon. About b*U p**t <H|M oY'lfk IVpolT Pii wrlnteodcit fa rj tenter addreacod itergejtA' M*>tr Waler&ury M fttl|nw? ? Mr. Wa'rrbsry. you may tke All tbe rpnc'al policy and return with ihcm 10 *8 ? bit" Mre*t, whtre ytri oan place them under tbo tergrantr w In dtrr-tlrn for tbrm v> plane them on the'r uiiuki beet*. Tbo regular prdlcera'a will ftnn'n here oafll further order* Mr Watrrbnry then left, taking witg bim about one hundred (pedal pottmnee. a large retofproemer t of regit lar* nod yolnati or* baring flret arrived from the 1Mb, "th, ?th, tOlb, 'M>, l"th and 'Jd ward*, nutuberlrg lt? all about rae hnndred ?nd twenty flee or thirty men, in ni iiUon to Ihnett already *1 ibe utatlnn houar tteleniing p tbe lTih ward, ana tho*e Iron. 19 Wbite ilree'., making an nggrngate of upward* of -JOO men, all well armed. About half peel nlra o'clock word waa rent to tbe xtatlna bou*c that a erowd of two <W three hundred Uermaoe were on (belt war, all woll armed, fir thn purpoae of mak'ng an attack on the rtatton houae. Tbia report, aa may we 11re imagined, created an Interra exltetnen' on the jart of all within the bcuM. rtpecially aa it waa aai I they . werrf rery rinao by, preoedad by a drum. A'l within the houae upeedlly armed themaeirea tthoae that were before without) with cluba, which they clutched with a firm and determined graap, yowicg to re*i?t to tbo tart In thla manner thay Mood in a nnat breaiiileea alienee foe acme momenta, In the expectation of bearing (mmc ?igual fbr them to defend Uietr caatle At angth a general ruah waa made lor tbe door, the err bring,yTbey'ra upon ua, np and at >m boy*, fight till lite laat "l and attrh like ept theht At tbia time, U may well b* aappoaed, all waa < x ? )# next moment to be mi/aged in a lnadiy band eno iioter. and, onnxeqnenlty, fully prepared lor the tatr (bat awaited them When lo and behold he dimpootntment, whea Inatead of meeting with a formidable foe of aererai tbonaand aimed men. they only got ?mtI aide of the door la time to ear a crowd of aome fire or *11 ; bnndred people, which bad gathered al?otit the door, diaper ne In e meet precipitate mannif, flrmly bellrrln , ne they did, that the police were In th<> act of attacking Ihom. When tbe hoaa waa found ont, the whole aifair ended by ! a hexrty langh on tbe (tart of tboae engage! in It. About half pant 9 o'clock Itepoty Poporlntendent Oar pen ter, In tympany with aererai gentlemen, went through the lefer led dl.trlrt and found eft quiet After being ?b? nt none twenty mtonlea he returned and reported the reatM nf hi* rlalt to Mr. r?r*per. wb > atill remained In the Matlnti hooee, with Coroaer* Hill* and Perry, and Police Jnatlree ( borne, Weleh and Flaadrrau. The Papertnlcndeet fa ported that they had fbnnd all qtilrt fbrongh tbo portion of the ward rlalted by them, and m the Democratic ilead quartern, kept by Mr Jacob ftnrnor, bad been .nformeo that Ifce U or man* wore a.1 q.aet and would m W Y O MOHNING EDITION?TI main throughout the Dight, if the <!?<1 1?n Metrop>lMn police won 1.1 withdraw and Dot come near them Mr Oraper objected to this pro,>ontlon moet omphatltally, saying ibar the pollen must renaln In every ward, ;c!uo what would. About 10 o'clock otlloor Kaehmlro, of tho Tonth prootnct, arretted a German, wto gave hie name as John Zivalk, chargedwlib dlrordorly ooaduot Id Second sir jet, below Second avenue on bis way to the station house tho prisoner disgorged sundry large paving stones from his pockets, where be had concealed tLom, f-,r the purpose of, h he raid, "self ueienie." Ho was sent below stairs to ruRllrate for the night About tho same hour officer Wilson, of the Fltocntta ward, arretted a large burly looking Gorinsn, also Id Beucnd street, below Second avenue, charged with die orderly conduct; and on being taken to the station house and searched, a loaded pistol was found .o his pocket He alro was sent bolcw to keep thu others, already there, company. A* ?oon astit wm ascertained that a riot won going on in the Seventeenth ward many of tho member* of the Sovnth, Eigoth, Twelfth. and Seventy-first regiments, blDK Dg, ot courro, t?al ihev would b: ordered out, Ita mediately donted their unifarm, and repaired to their headquarters, ready for a call, thereby creating the its predion among the iImera and cif.aona generally that the military bad been ordered out and were under orders at a moment's notice. It was rumored during the fore part of the evening that the Germans bad not only armed tberanetveq, bat had stocked their houses with muekntsand ammunition, la aniinpation of a general 8ght during thought; bat tbe pro bah Illy Is that there was very l'Ulo truth In the report. ACCOUNTS BY OTHER REPORTERS. Br Off B OK THlNOa CP TO ICtOIir O'CLOCK LAST iVJP-'Ni There was much excitement in avenue A thrcunbthe day yesterday, the headquarters of which was the front of house No. 29, where a post mortem examination was bein; held upon the body of Miller, who was killed In tho riot on Sunday. Between 12 and 1 o'clock Captain riant, of the Seventeenth ward police, went to his house In avenue A, which 'h near No. 29, hi company with another Metropolitan officer, to dine. Tbe crowd rushed around tbe house and attempted to fasten them Into the back yard, but they rorced their way out and wero aaaaultcd w.tb brickbats, stones, Kc., but fortunately escaped without lseln^ seriously Injured. The crowd Inci eased alter this occurrence, and at 3 o'clock avenue A was thronged by thousands of men, women and children for near half a mile. They said a man had been murdered in oold blood by the Metropolitan police, and they wopld have tevenge. Hundreds hero arrived with pistols, which were loaded to the neuiiie, sad many had clubs, similar to policemen's clabs, con- ] cealed under their coatu. About 4 o'clock Coroner Perry entered Seventeenth ward station boose, at tho corner of Third street and tho Bowery, when a consultation occurrod botwecn htm and Uaptain Hartt. Captain Hartt expressed the opinion that tho crowd sbonld be at once dispersed. Ho said tho honor sf the rolice Department was Involved. He sad he had sent men Into different places In the vicinity of the disturbance, and they had reported that numerous arau wero concealed In the lager b.or saloons, and that men wero supplying thcmsolves in those places In groat numbers. It would bo madness for him (o go with the few men at bis disposal to disjwrae tho mol* they would b>< slaughtered by overwhelming numbers, he thought either that a strung police force should be soot forthwith, or tte military immediate!* called out. Coroner Perry raid that bo believod ho umlerwtonj the iermsn character aa well an any Americas; and he did not believe there would be any disturbance if the police aid not Interfere. The people were incensed afalnat the police, and If a force was sent them would bo a bloody collision; but If the polloe were kept away be doubled not he should be able to hold the Inquest without any difliculty. tie said fee had selected a jury who were well know, responsible and popular?men who co?^d be relied upon by both parties, and half of them were Germans. Ho ahiuld address the crowd and tell thrm they need have no fears but jostico would bo done, tie world appoint men of their own v.ews to preserve order . and he knew they would do do U. Captain Haiti regretted that he oould not concur with the Coroner c views, but shoe Id not interfere with ha w labia. About o'clock there waa a very noisy domonstrvdcn In front of 39 avenue A, where the doad body lay. Corvncr Perry entered at this time, and the crowd shouted, hurrahing fur Mayor Wood. Throe choera and a tiger lor Fernando Wood, and three groans Tor Cloven or King were gi. en with a w III Loaded pistol* were now seen on every tide, mostly dou'de barrelled. It Ih reported that a HUle before this a wagon load of platoia waa dopoaitod In a lager bier saloon for the uso of tho crowd. Tha I. el nr nf th? naonln In that locality waa Indicated bv their conversation among Uu-nuKlra. The women, a* v. < 11 as tho men. participated lotto evi-Houent, aud Declaimed against tho aow police Oae woman had a group around her, and declared that ibe saw the police shoot filler, and that I hey wore not conttnt with tame* his life, but heat him like a dog when he was dowD. " we are to l>e shot down like (logs," shcoontlnued." IV honour bus . ha lis leave as to the morning, we do not know that they wiH ovrr return. Toe Metropolitan moo may morder thrm In the street Tor an offence " This speech bad a great effect upon those who heard It, a ho seensed to bavo Implicit faith la its truth. They derated that If a Metropolitan MM there he would get a barer rap upon his bead than any German got yesterday. A dost this ume pistol shots were beard In rapid succoe ant. apparently In the direction of 0-oond street. There ?:j> immediately a grest rush lo that direction. Hundreds of i f n ran as fast as their legs could carry tbem. There we e leaden who gave certain signals Indicating the dlrertioo In which tbey were to ran The precise obj?ct er mult of this firing we did not ascertain with certainly, It"ush It was said lo bo la tbe vicinity of Hay's candle ? or j . n Second avenue. II appears, from tie n mors af oat, that a Metropolitan policeman was seen in Second avenue, was assaulted and pursued by the crowd, was bred upon, and returned the Ore and Dually, witbtut bt irr b)Vtd, lock rotuce In the but ug tuentioued. This buiitung 'a near Third street. Nos. .10 nod 41 Second avenue. Ibe crowd, learning that the pohcemtn wae In lliia building rushed in that dirt -non wit . clamorous shouts. They declared they would have his blood. The doors of he building were Instantly Cieed sn<1 fastened. The mob thronged tho street, demanding' ad uu'anco, and breathing lo in tmeais. Home person probably desiring to save the lire or the |?liceman raised a cry thai be bad escaped, and was reaving towards Third street, wnvn the mob partailiy itspursed lo lb it UlrerUon. But lbs trick was to -n disc ivered. One of the lending spirits In lh? rlct, with a big atouc Ir his sack coat poiket, a pistol in his breeches, and a huge club Is bis hand, declared that while they were going off tho rar cai would escape and the crow , soon lurot.l back. A guard had l-rm ' " net'O th" r?i<r <? pre en! the en cape of tbctr intended victim, and they .now returned declaring they would have his Hie Die ooors being still cl- rid a furious assault was commenced with sionos, clubs and bricks. Crash i crash ' went the window lights, as stone abrr stone was hsrled with farlous vioiem e from tbe mad'lenud thrntig Is two minutes thorn was scarcely a whole pane of glasa In the sixteen large frcnt windows i'laaks were procured and broken in pieces, (Tom which huge clubs were obtained, and after lbs windows were smashed two of the doors were in lanliy demolished. moots were thrown for a lie* time after the work of demolition wee oomplote Many persoy milted la through the doorway thus opeae^ and woH lee* In all part* of the building searching for tba police num But fortunately be had in soma manner etTevte-i his enrape, probably through a back way, at the ume of tbe diversion In Third ft rent The feeiintf of the populace may be Inferred from the following tcotdinl Our reporter. observe a group of small boy* anil flrlit throwing stones Into the windows, addressed himself lo one of the boys, apparently about twelve year# of if?. *Dd asked. "Why are you throwing donee at the tntidtrg. my Hftto mart" "tVwense , be very prompt It replied, "Rwause It was a blank republican house," when the aseault ws? first made opnn the building messengers were Immediately sent to the Seventh nth nurd stat.on house, informing Captain Hartt of the ract and asking protection The captain replied thai be regretted It mnrm, but had no power In protect the premise*, he ft pec ted aa attack ??*ry moment. bad but a it trail force, and no aaatstaaoa war at bead. The captain's Teara of an attack were apparently In he immediately realized. Wbea the mob dltijor<iro<l that "the bird had flown. ' the tfrnal* were siren and a yean I rnah made for Third street. "To the stat'on honeel to the nation bouse" wit heard niton every hand,and hundreds rtiilted la that dlrerttua, though moat of Utom etnp led at Second aveuue. The acone presented to the aelghboshood wan of the moat netting character. Hundred* of people were rushing from alt t! recti one, and the whop keepers were cosing their placed with all poeslMe haste. As the mot rushed op to the ?tat inn house a re reiser was fired from 1 a stdp window upon the second Moor, whith increased the encltement and spread general glarm. The mob seemed to he Intimidated by this unexpected demonwtratton and scon after returned to avenue A, leasing the stat on house coirparatlvMy quiet. Aitout this time the people were greatly surprised by the aptiearanoo at the President of the T'nlire Comtn wston ers. He name almost unattended, and after wet da walked In perfect seoorlty among the crowd tu Third street, con vratng with them, and teiuag them there was no oocaslon > fed ahum. mots TIN TO RLBTBK o'ctoct. A Mttto after ten o'< lock ott.oani Kaaslmor and Wlianu hrough^Jwo prisoner* Into the Seventeenth ward statin* h"iseTVhom they bad arrrated m the fVoen.i avenue fhr disorderly conduct and luciUBg riot Their oatranoe created roastdorable oonfaslna, and the people outside rushed up to the doors and alndows tn great numbers, to tee what was going on. The first prisoner gave his name as ,'ohn Awnbb, alter man, aged tot, business gardener. Be had a pocket full of stoaee The seeoud one, a stal worth man, gave hi* ntm# aa Vitvs HtfTYnao, slso a Herman, age 43, business tailoring. He had a loaded pistol In his fWsraWeti At hah past tin 0*|daln Hnrtl toot his ptsoo behind the desk, and called the flrsl plaits n of men, moot of whom arswrred tn their rm ere and w?e seat upon thetr beats He said to Mr Prater: M- Treat lent, oo you think it ne oessary lo double three beats?" A.~No, ?lr: t do not think It ts necessary. Sergeant Bryon,Of the Nineteenth ward, reported Pal a dtsttrbanoa occurred In Tarty second afreet, sad trended RK ffl IESDAY, JULY 14, 1837. down to Tnlrty ninth rtreel.jiwt at dark. II appears that a German tajvet company was marching down ibe avouur, with a llUlo too much of tbo ardent on board. The OapUin's aword was to ono kau<i ant his sCuhbar 1 in lb3 ctber. A number of bo> gathered aro ind and t> 'gao to hoot Dim, and be rushed upon them with his aword. The

enicers aooa quelled ibe disturbance. .4 ltttlc before r'eynn o'clock, a man oamo :nto the station house, and wanted to seo ono of the prisoners arrcrte t during tbo evoning. Tbo m m was refuted, and aenl oil. SCENES DESCRIBED BY AN EYE WITNESS. i-hortly after the (Joroner arrived, and the excitement bad abated, some ono poeseutd of stentorian lungs about "Policeman, policeman." The word was eftougb; It was instan.ljr echoed throughout the en'.re crowd by hundreds who were on the yui i.tue for every .ncidout of Ibis kind. The effect produced was electr a?tbo whole crow.I rushed along avenue A to Second street, in pursuit of a solitary Indual, whom (bey supposed to bo i Metropolitan policeman. As the torrent of the crowd rolled along the avenue, the various lager h er saloons, which wore filled to overflowing, throw i>new tbetr doors, and each one poured Its. t>!i earn of excited men into Ibe crowd which were pursuing their way up Second street, and were soon around tho'r victim. In the m.- .nl : had ?tra se.l euerv nerve to outdo the multitude wvi. at to pursuit of him, and oven wben be vu overtaken be continued bit Mgbt, battling bravely with Ito crowd, and looking about Tor a place wboro be might be likely lo ilud shelter. Rat be was overpowered and knocked down with a blow from a club, wielded by an atbletlsarm. Cries of "Into him," "Kill btm," ' Keep bim down," and many others similar to them arose on all sides. But every one was deceived. Tbe bravo man starts to htM feet before the crown had time to completely aurronnd blm?knocks down one of his antagonists with a blew?tbe olburs start back aR if momentarily electrified? be takes advantage of the circumstance and boldly resumes his race. The crack of a revolver was heard above the noise and bustle of the mob?still he continued his i.ight and was a few paces ahead of bis pursuers. At last be suoceeded, fortunately, lu meeting with ail open k>or, into wliiuh, limping, he gladly entered. Tho house at which beat lastsuoeeeded in entering happened to be a butcher's store. Biu store is tenanted by a stout irishman, who at that moment happened to be at the door. When the man who was pursued came up to blm, ho said, " tat mn In for 1 am exhausted." He was admlttedl without hesitation, nolwilhelaiidlng the ferocious apjiearanco or the vast mob of at least tlx or seven hundred porsone, who bad a. must arrived at tho door with him. Rut they wore loo late to carry tlmlr wicked purpose beyond the point which they had cow remebed. Seven or eight butcher*, who being countrymen ot the proprietor of tho store, and wito happened al Una ume to on ? Urn shop, rushed to the doer with their knives in ibeir banJf, ana Wd 1??JsnC$ to the mulUlude. Tbey in return demanded admittance, and accompanied their demand by threats, the discharging of lire arms, to., at the same lime pronging doner and closer around thedobr. The besieged, however.remaluod firm, refusing to admit any person, and threatening to deal summarily with any one who would dare to attempt an entrance. The rioters were awed, and considered that It would be better to sufller the mortlOration arising out of the escape of their victims than to force tho butchers t? come to terms. Accordingly they oommonoed a retrograde movement down the street, manifesting their die appointment by discharging pistols, shouting, swearing vengeance, Ac. In tbe mean Ume tbe fugitive bad effected bit ascai>e through tho back door or the store, which opens towards First street; after which, our roporter, who, like tho rest m the crowd, was prohibited from entering the house, lost sight or blm. It was subsequently ascertained that the man thus chased was not a polios man, but a private ciiizen, wno in all prooaDtmr sad sowing woaterrer to do with either the rlote?? er the police. Ho had a eat on hi# forchrad; hi# month m badly broken; be received oevornl blow# on the heed, end one wound,probably from e revolver, which canted bias to limp. STATEMENT OP A GERMAN CITIZEN. WHO WAS AN EYE WITNESS TORTILE FIGHT ON SUNDAY NIGHT. Tba follow Lex ie the sUtemcul of Mr. Valentine I.ulz, e respectable German ctti/on, doing at 1^5 Canal Mrnut, who wltnearod the so-called riot In fourth it reel on Sunday evening. The Ufllculty, bo understood, commenced by two Germane, wbo wore returning home from an onler:a!nmen,tat about 7'P. M., partly InUalcatrd, grt'.ir.f: into a dlsputo aboat the Ltyuor law. While they were (landing on tho corner of Third etreot and avenue A, two policemen came up and ordered the men to eeparate and go Lome. They refuted, telling the policemen that i they bad as much right to etand there In tbe streol as any ono owe?m Mid official! themselves. Dm of the police[ men tber collared one ol' tbo Germans; tho German ; attn *. Ui. ^vJivontan a blow, or attempted lo do no. ! Tic police attempted to arroet li.rn Ho ran nwa;'f 1 and tried to get into Mr. Oari'e home, at No. I- avenue A: but the door being kicked, ho i-oold not obtain on trtnoe. Tbo officer porauirg him, bo tiled the next bill | dwor, No. tl avonue A, obtai tod Ingram, and immediately I loskot the door behind bit* in the fhge cf the policeman. IT. j latter olllclal was then f-clv laughed and scoffed at b; tbo people In and ontaVo of tbo honao, (br ho was fi lled, and onoM not catch hie man The second pollocmian ct>*-od tho other (German op Fourth street, bat did not sur-osed in eatchlng him. The ont officer ihrn returned u> tbo atat.on home and gut a rtlofteccment. It waa than about twenty minutes paai at vol o'clock. I waa In Fourth struct, about otis hundred feet fr# i tbo Herman lag-r hier taluon. I taw a whole of reinforcement online come tip. Tliey latnedlaucy cried out, "Clear tho street!" "Clear the road"* With the a or la or warning came 'heir blowa. formed in a oo'um.-i dec abreast they n arched no, atriklc : and boating everybody ihrv met with their clubs, so atono. no brick was tbrowu ot them, no stick waa raised and no hand was moTti' ?rntnat th< m. The assault waa upon pe .oeful and quiet mt'i gathered there Tor recreation and enj\\ ment; It wat entirety u? ailed for. Not aat sfiod with this, when they arrived at tho corner of I ourlb street, they comm.-nrrd illsrhargtng their pistols Into tbo crowd. li.oer True- L man n h nld lo hare Sod the II rat shot; (was thud up at a house. Fovn shots wore flrnd ibvrw. Tho ex-dt'-ment had now become very great, the people ran in every direction t > escape tho pottoe; I could not get into m; l.ouse, but bad to sock safely In a stable T>? houses wrr< all closed aosl locked. A uew rolaforocraut of police iben arrived, Itsey marchad down as far as Seouud street and avenue A, whew they again began to Ore open the crowd. Some la Mty shots warr there flr? . Tbey then returned and passed up Fourth nd Tfh streets. It was there the peopla trst hi ga* to aMatilt and Are wpou them. IliUea or twenty tints were Qrad'thorn, the point rb<fly left the ground, and netblng more waa Keen of them It t? suppwed that tho man now dead, John Miller was shot by iflker Glilwan. That officer obtained Cironer prtry io alloc t the deceased, and all the Hermans thoigbt very had ot W, bcranae if Gtllman shot Mil' r, it should be Investigated, and the affair not stleneed by th# verdict 01 a prop.tinted Qn'onrr. tf the Oerooar waata wl'.icesrs to testify In regard to the thooting of Miller, he caneseily oh tain tbrm. There la itobart K-ats, Ksq . who aaw Milter ebot, and can teitlfy that he i M kr) waa standing poac ably looking oo to see the disturbance. I also aaw aim. sad ho made no atlemvt whatever?not even a movemeul -again it the n,!ke. .le war purtlr a victim-be wan ma,?acrei] Mr. Knots mined la Uklag blm up after be war shot, /a officer faro t-.lm a orar-k hw clnb. and a mai who W-e hcipiug lu car, y the dcxaeed In bia noras war struck w tb a club on tbe torch, ad by poll, cmaa ami burl eery badly Mr* f. I'miui nan teat Ty wb? a and bnvt|? mac wita * bed, an bow Ibey beat lnm w,lb clubs after fee wan *bot. Many of (fen people Bred at by the polioe bad mat com,, o'it of rhnrcb, and warn on tbelr way booia; my a. n wan imoof them. ABBAK0EHENT8 OF THFJ METROPOLITAN POJICE. Tbo Pellee Commlra oners convened dnly at Wbltn (treat yt-terday morning, to alt In council upon tbo resnP of U),' prtrtona day'a work, and to roatlnua lb# job of orgastrin* tli<- deferent ward#. The usual throng tf applicant* and customary pnowsinn of the lobby anlted upon the *ennton of tbe Board. Another long Mat of police can dldatei wan oompllid In the coarse of the day by B?e Committee on Appiloatloaa. / temporary reinroreement of ten men waa nrderad to Inyrraee tbe number air rely under Captain Walilng at So golac'a Point. Pr Thornpaoo, the Health officer, baring called In reyard to the purpose t more for having tbe old bawpiial building* farther proteat -d, he obtained tbe ooaeent of tb* Board to bare hie own aaaistante put in charge aa apodal r.fflcera. The roll,iwing eorreapoodenoe between tbe Cuaraniln* Commission and tbe Biard of Police oooapiod tbe attention of tbe Board APPLICATION FOB KIN FROM TMB qV ABANTINB C??MWTMTOJf. It * 1 bra?The Commissioners for tbe remoral of the quarantine *ta t>n are of tbe full belief that the attack on the bunding now being erected on the property of the people of tbe Mate, at Begulne'e ivilnt, will be repealed they, therefore intend calling en the Rberiffof theoounty of Richmond to protect the buildings, fen. The Pberm may possibly aay (feat he rannot p'ooure a autTidtnt or reliable force or poase to |adord the neoeeeery protection. Will you, la that event anttiurirc lb" Commktlonera to notify the Sbcrliv that tbe Metropolitan Com-mlarloners will, on the rrqutattlon of the Sherlfl, mmsdl atelv supply a sufficient force, and to any extent that may be required to protect the property of the Stale, We are, ropeetfhlty, joorr, Ac , I iRKRT BFN'SOV. fbr Commissi, nerw. To S Da a ens, Krq , Prnaidest MctropoH an Police (em fesleaera. Jrtr IS, 1MT. rnn policr nov\ua<>Tow mrwpoxp. New Yokk, July 13,1*17. fbMS Fm?Yours of this morning la ricelved There is no ilonfet aa to tbe promrU>?aa with whirh the [ERA tlon yon refer to would b? responded to by tbo Board of Police. The rs.|Cleltlon, however, should not be made until the Sheriff r'atia to secure a puteo in Richmond county, and then his request for force from 'is should fully set forth bis Inability to protect tho lire* and property at Pegulne'a Point, without tho atsls'anco asked for. rho Pi urd will, also, In tho event of tho call for mon, nxpoot tbo Commlnticuera to coincide with the .Sheriff ae to the propriety and necessity or the ca?o. S. DRAPER. ACCOrtB"tlEVT8. Notions are stuck up to tbo White street office tnd eating where the ' cape-' can now be bad for tbc now "arse. Tho rtghnentala and other appoiniinenia are being burr od up for tbo equipment of tbo force Tbo peculiar feature of there eqi'.l mcnta, and nnn wh'ch ban already had its deadly ntect, la a provision of rovolvurn, which tho Board i has provided for the men. It Is denied at White street that tbe purchase of these arms la at the charge of the Hoard, although their nse and tbe fact that pretty much all tbe men aro so armed is openly stated, tbo reporter of tbo Unum baa been shown ut the gun chop whore they are procured a specimen of the pistols uiod hy tbo polnso and furnished to them at a wholesale discount riV.o fcuch revolver and tte ac<S"irt>anlmento Is put up In a thick paiHbnardbt x to tit tn tbc pocket. On the ouiddtt or i over of tbi box Is the Irscriptlou n a large printed laoel? MWrR01*OirTiN POIJCV f'lbTOT . i KK-aPI-OINTnSNT OF THK OLD FOKt C. Conalde.'ation was bad yesterday uf the ap|>ointment of uaiu men 01 wooiu uric, in view 01 some icuiviuuai applications which wore very powerfully backed up. Portions of three will be favorably reported anon and exposed in the usual Hit of such an are published for tbe criticism of tbo lobby. It la thought that a considerable number of the old men, where they will pass this ordeal, will be reappointed. Tbe Board attocta a refuaal to appoint from the municipal ranks, for the reason that they have been dismiss ed for caufo, yol do they re appoint a great many very questionable character*?men, In some eases, who have been ejected by tbe old Boards upon criminal chargos. Yesterday among*; those of tbe old rank.-' who were taken Into consideration, were certain of those still an dismissed by the Board when the decision of the Court of Appeals furred #io ei;y authorities to disband them. In tbe case of these, the impression Is that they will be retained upon the ground of assarting that me Mty or had no right to dispenrse them. As there ? not a quorum or the Board prcMcct to act upon this matter uf appointments, none are actually cunsumated as yet. tbi btttion 1ioc8b*. Tbe c-llort to obtain pueaemlrn of tbe station'b mses upon the Older of tho Comptroller, was renewed again yesterday In the case of the sir lb -ward. The order was dulv compiled with, tho messenger or tbe board returning with tho information from Captain Bowling fcat he was ready to yield np his charge as soon as tbe authorized partl'cs from White street shn.l.l IM lit to ralieve him;of his charge. Mr. Talmadgo will caiiAS a formal rnport as to tho condition or the building to be made, that repairs and sgeueral cleaning up uisy be had for the reception ef its now occupants Tn* ftuvmmntNrn srann riot. Id ths course of the foi onoon word was brought to While street ibat tho Seventeenth ward riot had a. am broken out. Mr. Tallmadgo despatched tbo Deputy superintend rnt tn ascertain tbo eia< t state of things, wh l?t ho despatched alio formal orders to the captains of the Fifteenth, Eighth and Thirteenth wards, dee ring a seciion of men from each for service at tho s tene of tbe riot. Other messengers having also arrived, tomo brought demands for reinforcement from Captain Uartt, of the Seventeenth ward station, whilst still others gavo sueb desnrlptlons of the condtCon of th ngs that tbe Buperlnlcnnent concluded that tho wisest thing to do would be to prevent any more police from DtlUK Bt'Ul 10 < Tt mve * run in uui cicioa nuiguuurnuuu. Some of tbo Comminat >nore and their alt-iobe* prooeeded at d I ill-runt timea a* tkr aa Captain lfartlH mat. on ;n Uio Bnwary, wbtlct tbe General superintendent, Mr. Talltuadge, went aluve and examlnod tbo exact temper and condl ion of aRairf at the acene oC tbe rioL I'ia opinion, aa expressed on bia return, wan that tbe abaenc-; of all pulioemen from tbe neighborhood would alone pat a atop to Uie excitement, by letting It dlo out, and wtlboldin^ tbe main good for ita oontlnuanae. A variety of oonfueed roundl?, however, prevated at White street tbroveh tbe day, and much uncertainty waa CIt tut to wbat wm pel ag done. Kaob of tbe Commiaaionnra, well na each it tbe euperlulendeDtt having ble own hftinion to ma<ntaln, and his own authority tu vindicate, it waa at one moment aent lorth from one part of tno ho mi that tbe rearrve fnroo would at onco .e tent to ijncii tbe prtaumed riot, whilat immediately aider it waa pvaltively averted, on tbe authority of another, that tLe military would be ordered to the ground to clear tno rirocia, fee. owing to tbe etteet of thm and of the rumor# of It'll other dlaturbancca, tbe afternoon kmbIoq of td<- Com innosers waa In a manner broken up. tm wqcti^t w Avr-x* a. The jnofgengera from Wblto alroet did not go fnrtber ' than to the neighborhood of tbo gueno uf t .o ovdtement, and from tbe crowded and bnay appearance of avonuo A, between K.rnt and Sixth *tre>ea, tboy bro<-ght In tbelr I ronorta. From fen early hour tbe great eat excitement prevailed IB uiifl mi, n uui-noou ywvorusy, lu regwru VJ i*irontir m Inquest la> be br id on the body of Millor, who 1st deed at his house No. 29 avenue A. The movement* o. Coroner Perry. an* or Captain lUrtt i* regard to lb* matter art recited eieawbrro. Aa * maUur U/u> hiog the ' iut vemiu'i of th> i jlire" it ut necessary to a?ld somo detal'e wh'ch aausc* the iuti r renco of a low of the oM pollen, aid tbolr oolookcd tor appeurasoo upon the scene of the Inquest en the body or Miller. IIORBtBI.t BXniBITMJK. After tho prrilrr.lnartra < n tho Inqnett in the firernoit, an fated 'rewhere the physician whom C*riner|lerry bad left to make the poet (mortem examination p.-needed to csecute hla lark. The body of Mulli-r war 'a'J n a cot Id In blsappartUKtiu in the bAMmeutofihe bouse N . 'I < avenue A Tbe codin stood upon twogchmr* before tho wind' we oprL.or into a bae* yard, This yard ?a? accessible (Ion the avenue through an entry of alley way Th.v crowd thronged In and oat, soocmdlcg a. h other at fie a owe aod staring at the reposed body 'f tba lead man Ttia surgeon art about tin ta<k tn the pretence of tbe brother and friends of tbe dneeaaed. The Ural ino sirms were made upon the neck i f tba corpse while n the ruffle, but it wae found uecoe-ary to have the f>udy taken out and laid rat a door and chairs the crowd by It e lio.o thia had b? en dme ted grown *o thick end t ached In the room, yard and U.a itre t that It waa found 'mpoenble fbr tho *?r*eon to proceed. The wlndowa were all blocked up, .10'. there sccmi d neither any avatal lo light or opportunity for oven tbo rnovemrnta around tho body on the part ?f those who were omptged In tut elimination the greatest confusion pre .-ailed. I aesratlor* and denunctail'-na of the new po ce were mingled w'.Ui kindly rcaalnlrit uncos of tho deceased, md thrnaia of ven seance lor bis murder. B it the oparal ma of tbe surgeon being Interfered wild by the Lhroug. attention wa? direct ed to torn" effort tor clearing the room A goo! many were an ortllnglv put nut of the room, and only tbe intimate fr!< ids aod relative* nl lb- Iroeased allowsl tn st^y, betides the nurgecn and some orman physicians ot the neighborhood, who supermten led tbe eramtnallon or aided In it Hot the clearing of tho in?lda gave no reiKf on tbe outihte 01 tho *| irtment lb - crowd thronged at the wincowa, and t'shed and s-iCie 'd to sate tnHr ayes upon the h or rib la sight wltbta- \a the mck was aeen severed ltd bloody, Br the heart and nnntouts of the chest ware takeu aot. their horror teemwl to euuporsie Hie spectators to the highest degree poasio.a. Tn pmcnrr sot is order, one or two of those present, who seemed to set as head men?one being a physician?proposed that something -merle be don" to maintain order. Alter rove i ravelling pe-spnai eforts, they concluded that tbe police would bo requirtte to enable tbe taoueat to be held. b it aa tho new police nould not be thought they i-anvmraad the question whether s ome of the nM mrp onnld not be ha ! fbr the time. This Idea was v ry wej t.ikeo, and a Committee volunteered to aoe U done. VlKSniWO TUB BI.OOT?Y oottrag. The corpao of the deceased lay stretched with !tn bead , to tbe win lows. The brow* an I ffc-e were seen by tbe crowd, mashed and blaaken?d ta from theclrh-i of the pn. 1 lice, the cut sod covered with citAted blond, tuade a *ho<king eah bill >n, wblial Uie euttro pro; r??s of cuiurg oj?? th' chest, a cam,mag tba ' broken riavirlee.ihe ectuhi: on of tbe heart an I 'he blonoy j Iciest an, aa we I aa th - or* l ands of Bm 0}wraUirs? al , were treaty grecrantoaa of horrid*J and tie-perald I Nermann, who crowded i p t - sicken or enrt * brmseKea with the unac< uatomed hormie alibi. The ifluct ot U'l* exhibition naturally en"i _h exasperated tb? man and women, who went to and ft > rectliok It ac t comment'ng n|?n it Tbe brother ol U deceased ?:ave natural veut to htr trebles at one of the open window*, and emb iter widowed wi'e and orphan utotlitrea of the ii?cca?ed, ?w lOeflVnatvo rhararlrr, t !' nrr.rrn'hv d^ath? M a preen leaning in hla home on the Hah'iMh er.d trnurarl of lue disturbance. until Ui * recklcaa 1 !?>daa <>' the near police maio felm (he victim Itiy behold. Tble man'* edturattona bad Urn greatest e'Ject, an4 I a bearer* were eniaaenlly ready for any rranifeafiti >r of their fecllrrs. Tb?\, In fact, grew qaito uaniaaag oa?io. >dU prefer d 10 hard upon there within that operaLuM had to be luspendel. thk oit> roi.roK ow mtt At thi* Juncture aevrral Dormant made their war the home. One of them i *me I Oorein bad In hi hand* a btinrb of crape rtbbonr To a man had men te.'taio lf>"?? and in an interview with Mm bad prom rod tbo prom te that no more new pollen would be rent lean t<? "> * ?oe of the Inniicet Ho aleu, altb itliere of tho mtnnittiec luoe alreadf alluded to, bait food some of the old police at their ??attno honen and at 'heir homer, and had specially procured them to oome In (be ?oen? of th J '"'"""'i I and preserve order. Theee men of tbe old I force were froth yr? I'jiey, Heirort, Muiaban, Moeaban, Thoro and Mulligan?fit # men. Mr. Utrelll and the other ticrmane made a rperaJ imloatlno to the reporter of Uie Haiuui, abiun tnej sought oat, thai they I ad procured iheeo men a* a rye t<> tbo public of the oror rly and taw abldlnt, porpoar id the ' ?rmene. an I m tbo yard and retries worn loosntly cleared by the ofltorrt, the committee men pm- ?ed out Ihle fact, adding that area in Ibe hi igbt <'f the riot ibr day the Dormant ha-l withdraws themedv r?, while! the poll .e ?bot after them with their pistole- The ?1'1 policemen continued keeping order aa ?e?od by ihe committee, and were eren choered by the crcwl a hcDrrer they (allied forth to clear a paa age for accete to the bo rae. f*rTAtw niarr'a ormtow. (Bpt. Hart' I* a lard-headedeort o* man, who had (great dial of I urban aud religionist repute in tbo old r .rce. Hi* coraaasd am meetly Kmw Noihingf, and tot'iiatbe'ier. p.ana sttr.b' te 'be rejklfitnere and the uwdtneae tonne pin tolcrfwhieh tlie avenue people compla.r. They -ay hisnxm no: onl) fl it the murdered man, but they am 'rt that ">e po'ice bea1. b m with clnh- after be fell On being aekwl wbriher bo had given hi mon order* lo lire, Capt Hartt dented that be had .hut be did not deny that they hvl flro<1 | without nrwera. when mid of the peaceable manner u wh'cb the Derinana had rroorred the five oM t? Icem- a to keep order fbr tbem, and their ready "abmfeaWn (o the LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. oflloerr, Uant. Hartt womed re Meed, and ul l he knew K?r?ioudo Wood km *i the bottom of It. lie forthwith ??nt over the ?rt|tn of the) lot The altercation on the Idnwallr, ?h<rh marin the U'-t dlntnrbanco, he had ?o wm a ihaui arVair mndi up hp the Mayor to entrap h o Bra tnto a rtot already planned, no m to c<imn off when thn Htnrtt theiure audltr.ce ho-it.t on dlemliieed. Onpt. Hart. Invelibed In taeb'tterext and muet eitravagaot mann< r again .! Fernando Wood an the cause uf al 1 tbo t/oabiw In bin word. MEETINC OF CITIZENS OP TFTR H.FVEN* TRENTII WARD. At a meeting or the Cltl/eos or the Seventeenth ward, held at Mr. Grocnort'a, corner of ?v nvio it aa t Maynntb street, Mr. Bernard RUey wan choeon Chairman, and Id . Ci un, Secretary. Mr. Knjnr look tbe choir, and ta'.d that the cikl ene at the .Seventeenth ward wero alwayn pe aceable an w'Hiut; to obey the law. anl movot that a c^tr. n.ttee ae an pointed 10 g?o that tho poet mor'etn anamination be oon ducted with falrrers and justice Whereupon the following oomm'.'tro *M appentad la bo prceonv at the poet n?oitons examination ? AMertctQ Wro. Coulter, Councilman l< Hiley, Cnuciltnaa S-haffer, Councilman Manafleid, Mr 1'ickhnri, Mr Dolahan Mlthaet Smith, .Ian. Ko?p, Mr. lambrenht, Chaa. Crux, Mr, Part1, Mr. Zoeller, A. Weber, F. Foi.r, Jan Koolbo, Ckao. Welie, fetor hut/, and Wm. liroonnrt. Ou motion, the following committee wae appointed ta engage attorney Tomilnaon to attend the poet mortem examination ?Councilman Mauefleld, Michael Smith, Joarpb Koch, Chaa. Crux an t.llr. Krgeimann. Mr Dxlavaji and Couiv-.iiuian maturim aald that they bad been e) e witnesses, and that no blame con. I be laid to the cltixeui, and that the n'u p? ice bad no part in the affair, and that a private sitixou bad boon shot down without the lean provocation. Mr. m. Smith said that an outrago bad been committed by the black republican oolice, etch ax had never been attempted before that tho Municipal police never bad occaa.on to uae or carry pistols te quint the people. The Cimihuan raid that the clll/ena of the Seventeenth ward would do alt in their power to ehow they were a pc-aceable community, and they would always do their beit to koop up tho good order and character of tie ward. A motion that the committee meet here at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, waa carried. A motion of Councilman Han?fl?ld, that they should all meet to morrow (Tueeday) uight lu inaea meeting at Kustoche's, wae also carried. THE LATEST PROM THE SCENE OF DISTURBANCE. Ei nvct o'QUX-m P. M. At this hour a scouting party, which had been sen) out incog, returned and reported to (JommlM oaer Draper that the rioter* wcro thickly congregated beta een avenue A and Itret avonuo, and through 'o'-ond, Third and Fourth streets?that ttwy were vociferating terrioio vengeance on the Metropolitans, and were Bring platola and guna and yelling wlUi demonaic rage. Mr. Draper instantly ordered thai a eufllcteat force should he sent down to disperse then and bring some of them in. < me or the icouta remarked, 11 We'll Jo il If we have force enough, but they are armed with revolvers.'' "Well, then, ' said Mr. Draiwr "aeod aii the men you can muster?leave only enimgh u> take earo of the slat.on house." Capt. llant '.astaiBy male tue arrange men is to send out all the rerce, numbering at thin time fall five hundred men. It was determined to pre reed In detaebmenta down Second, Third and fourth streets from Ibn Bowery, to meet In avenue A at Third street, so as to completely surround any wbu oppose! Ureal. The staUuu bouse soon resuundod with the muster leg of tbe various war Jr. and tbe hue formed shortly after eleven o'clock In the foilowinr order-? on ti1imd 8tkkbt. Tbe main detachment termed on Third street, nnder the command of Oapt Hnrtt. Thrro werowitb bun detach menta from tbo Seventeenth ward,'under Capt. Harit; fourteenth ward, Sergeant Williamson, and Fifteenth ward, Sergeant Stewart Smith. The Hue of nirtk wan down Third atreet to aveouo B, thrcngh avenue B to fourth atreet, down fourth street through avesue A to Houston struct, through Second street, First avenue, and Third alree, home on fo' STH mm. This detachment waa under command of Sergeant Senbring, of the Ninth ward, with uetarbmnnw from the Ninth nnder bis own charge, the Tenth, under ^terg-^anf liavis, and the Third ward under Sergeant Feane. Thalr route wan down Fourthslreut to avenue A, through are aue A, Second street, First avenue and Third street home. ON SECOND 8TRK1T. The force on Second street waa under the ooremand of Sergeant Bryan, with detachments from the Ninnt rentb ward, the Thirteenth ward, the Fifth ward, under Serif aid Isaacs, and a detachment from the Srciod ward. Their rtute was down Second rtrcettn avenue a, through avenue A to Third ? root, and up Third street home. Tbe form was about equally divided, the ugh perhapa the larger portion were in the Third street oar y. Tbear range sent ?u that ea<h force should bait at the ar?iiM until tho others balled them, so aa all to marcb dots* to ertber. Tbo Third rtrect squad marched down wltbool molestation lb solid phalanx, followed by a largo or rwd of bangers on. Tho oubudurs tail oil' at First avenue. and wailed with ireaUili-sa au pom o, tho result o* tho attach When tha polloa hail reached about tho oem re at tho block In Third atrat* below Flrd srenne,- a '.rents ad oca shouting wan heard, and acater ng reports of are arm*, though very few Amid the do m and cmraalon the meat ae-oc:zlnl), flroana could be hoard, and tha outa.Jer* made a grand rush Tor a retreat. The b-.c > however, proved to be very weak, and nam gave war. Two i?f the rlotora wore arrested. Offloer Tlns-ta'e, ef the | 1Mb ward, arrested a bimpWked German who gave ha? i came aa lawrnnoe Reisor. He hod just fired off one bar rid of a enable barreled pgainl, which had buret, tbeothebarrel was attll loaded. <<n evsm.ntng bim at tne statioa i house, another ptaloi *y found iu bla pocket, and a sup I piy of a mm unit. on. lie was locked up, the ul I moet tremulau n. <?t! uers lia'ghl, of the r'th and Keywr, of Ibe second, arreated a Herman who gave bla name an I '.otlelb Irlgley, |D the act of aetaol lag an ofltoor. tie waa taken to theataiion house and he ksd up, after been rather aeyernly clubbed. No arms were found on hie person. TH* TOLICE riKl INTO lACFl OTHKK. By some unaccountable b under the third and aecoad stioot parlies, at the .r tu< -ling In arm e A. mlnto- k eanlt other for noters, and tlrad several suots befwi? Uta error waa discovered. I'nllooman Kunnersley, of the 11,-hUi ward, wived it lied) wound from a pi tol ballet, hut wait not set toualy Injured. euortly aider I'd o'clock all the detacbmenll returned and anucir.i nd that they had made thtlr way clear. Mr. Drnp<r bearing ea.iggoralo.d tumors an to aomn of the men bolug 'hot, gare or-lers to bare the military brought up. Ttary bad been under armn during the evening, the 71st Regiment, Col Voebnrgh, and the Hth Regiment, tol. I yuns. at Centre m*r?et, and the 7th Raiment, in). f uryi a, at InTayette Hall. The order waa bowerar sab. CMueiiily countermanded. Tharo being no apprchenalon of any farther dlaturbstnce of importance all the feroe wan ordered home at midnight eioept the 8lb, 16tb and 9U> precinct Twgrn o'CTiyw?Miosr nr. The exrttement still continuee. The military fiasa seen sent for .ad It la expected that they w'll aerlyo in tho enrse r.f half an hoar. Mr Draper and Mr Talimadgo thought prudent to all out tbe militia, tad tbair arrival bt junked for mimrntsrlly. Gen Flail and Denoly inr'B trndtni (Wi?nw are here, and vre aypr?beu 76 of ? nil<>ua di(h?> lijr ero tb? military err rue it. Alexander & Mott hM uat returned torn irenof the wrniwh of the prufmer ft*!*?. He bad tiree ony wnnnrte nn the nralp, made by club*. There w..a no free tare 01 the ekall, but the doctor ?aye the priamer bae ?I ready ao?e aymptom* of cooc a salon of 'be brain. iffor Kennedy. of Ute Mi hteeoib ward, bae a P'th wnind In (be left thtyh a hail paaeed Uirocyh bt* pacta loone, and yrared hia lef, Inflicting a terere, though act daraerooa wound. The wound waa dreeeed by Dr. MeU, and the injured man waa eonreyed to bla t.ome. Captain t'ertt, in a dialogue with ti aeral Hall and Cat tain CW|?nlcr. tahl the entire enure of tb? -tod waa tbat be wan uoown W> he a "cold water mar," aoJ that at the bu*ln?** of cioeittg up the liquor place* oa fundnr the whole a'letr waa laid to bitn and nit elfurato make (be matter iboro'i?b In the ward bad (Iran the lUMuiua to the enure b,mince . . Mmeon Draper, with the Deputy Bonerlnteadeat and Ileoera) Hall, belli tbrtr reeaton* at ( aputn Harm ataftton houae, and ncthinf waa lona at the UoamiaakNiera' o?o? i1*t? ran Twmra o'CTrtc*. The Stavectfi and Seranty Drat r eg mania are ready at a omtDt't notice to march to the battle pound. The we renty tint reaiment A under at ma at LathyrUa Hail, ta Broadway. mJ wtU thai# await further order* from I Uf. oti Hail. Tb? atretic in U? netyhborbood of U>? / rM a/e ? wt deeertcd, ao 11 m a upper ed inert will ba I pn need ?f 'he miinary i(vi.iyv?t. The KtfUci Ih wand on! i-rmer. have jc-d boon ordered [ bar. lo their ?tail on hotnie. Tbe Hrpotjr -u|vnn(eaileo l u yon* h-mo, an/lay ?ha. > ? Id he do more Deed of bw preneaor, m evrju ny waa qnlei and would re main ao nntil morniny <)? ft'Ciori A. M. Ihe hevrnteenth ward Motion bouae to oow atonal tried. Kvarythtny ta a* ralm M could be d eat red Que* hac l*ta ftlly reatored. lift of the killed and woumded. Mill ' >bn Yt.l'rr, or No 20 avenue A, abot !n tbe breaat aad In rt leix ot the bead. wornnm. Henry Hodden, |*>lloemau, acrlooaly. ITiofcaa Wahub, do , tligbtly, Char! m Mr Miller, dO,b?dly. Thun > Iaria, do., tcalp wn> nd. Y m .1. Fountain, do , altyhUy. ? hrnnealy, do., reriooely. Crammer Kobert, t.erman priamier, aoaip woar.l. John Pchwat, borman pnrotmr, aoaip wonoda of lb? bead. Adam filer, Merman pfWorter, badly eok | 1'Mttp Hover, f.erntan primmer, lever.'ty wounded. N irria Will/, Oermao prbnaer, aliyhtly weundod. Uwrrnre Iteirer. Merman prtwner, a yblly woanded. V.. frljh v, Merman prurner, dati?eroaaly wounded ' ,nu r kenta received a revere von ad In the head. ho doubt there are terrral other pereoaa Injured, but it libpneiihie to aawriain thsir name* at pree*at, owlay t?. i e tailed tot" off.'. Imy ejlr.tri In the dlitrtet wherein e riot lor k place llow. er. It .a auppoael Wat Ihera at \ i. Ir irvd ao revet y ;hat any immediate lanyee rr, ty he apprehended.