Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1857 Page 3
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* INTERESTING FROM KAN8AS. in War In the fnnlMrjr^MkraJi mt Mwatiiliaii mm Lan? In Um irkkd?Call to Anna, Ac. ODrreapoadenoe of the Oaelnaatl Oommrotel.} St Jtsmra, July 8, 1867. 1 have just returned from Doolphas, Kansas territory: where 1 waa induoed U> go yesterday morning, to on what Ue Ukhtteooe 1 pooieeaed m the pecitioauoo of a sudden and aggravated boatUlty which had just arleen amongst tu atttaens 1 will gtre you a brief a tale me nt of all the facia aa I gathered them from both parties. Oa suurday, tb* 4U> of July, there waa a feettrat In Boatphan, to whlon the whole eountry wae Invited For aewie uakaowa reaeoa the free eoll party ohoee to abeent >naiif'*"* Oa plain John R Boyd, a inula Carolinian o y Mrtbt hot now a pratiatng lawyer of that to en, dell rare 1 aa oration. In the oour te of ? hloh he made eome allusion |a those who would not participate in a patriotic celebratoa of the anniversary of our lndepenoence Oa Monday, the Ain, General Mitchell, of the free eoll party, called upon Oaptalu B iyd at hie offloe, to demand an axpkmauuu of his allusion. Oaptaln Boyd told General Mitchell that he did not know him, and oooM not re wgnlze Ma right to an eiplaaaUoa General Mitchell informed Mas who he wee. Oaptaln Boyd aekad If he waa not in aaaamand last year, at Topeka. In reeietanoe to the lawaf eneral Mitchell replied that be waa thtre In command against the damned oat-throats, murderers and roobere. toptaio Boyd asked htm what he meant, and upon receiv Mg no prompt and satlafaotory ana war, he struck General Mitchell a violent blow with hie Oat, whiob laoe-ated tMaKalPa fnvnhaoH anil an it him rnollntr enainii lha nail Ihej are men of about tbe mm* age and alzo? both young Md strong. Mitchell walked directly offand eenta challenge to Boyd to meet him in mortal combat Boyd accepted, and chose auaketa aa the weapona, and forty paoea aa the distance. % waa arranged that they ahould meet that evening at half past tlx o'clock. They were both punctually on the ground, the distance meaaurel, the principal* htattooed and the word about to be given, when ctvll officer* appeared and arreated them. They were required to enter Ho oonda. Whilst the attention of the pro-slavery party waa all alive and dl ectcd to the affair between the beltger sale, the free aollere atole thirty seven of their musket* from a log hoi se not Car below the hotel, and carried them to a free soil boarding house beyond Gen. line's mill. As aaanaatbia fact became known, the pro slavery party sent a oommlttf e to demand the restoration of the guns. Ike free tollers refuted to give them up. fho pro slavery party told them they would give them till two o'clock next day (yesterday) to return tbem, and If they were not then returned, they would come and take them. gannera were sent out to the country by both parties tor reinforcements, and small squads came Hocking In from all quarters, thoroughly prepared fur battle. Gee. Whttfleld, Cols. Egeand Miocleton, and I, reachel there at one o'clcck; The free Slate party had refused te give up the muskets; two o'clock was near at hand, and a conilict seemed Inevitable. General Whitfield proceeded to his office to see to the safe to of the public records, and Oulonekt Ege and If id etoten and myself took a ?oom at the hotel and sent Imtne dtately Tor Gen lane. Be camo directly, and ralitol to le hie tide of the case. He said the rvaton why his tarty had taken the muskets was that they bad been Informed that the pro-slavery party had sent for the Klckapoo Ron ' gore, and intended to take Mitchell, if he shot doyd, and hang him, and then clear tne free Slate men out or town That be thought thoy should prepare tnemscl e* tor such an emergency; that be would not glvo the guns up to bis ancBMcs; that be woulr give them to no Irroepotuiblo party or ret of men, but was willing to commit them to the charge of two men, one cbueen by the pro-slavery and sate by the free soil party. Wa told blm the pi o slavery party would never agree It each an arrangement; that lb* gun* had been commit tod to their care by the government; that they were enti Uod to their possession, aud would never consent to any thing leas than an unconditional re urn of them. lane Mtc that never could be done; that the pro slave-y party, a? a party, vere not entitled U* Ibcm, bull' an? ;>en<on who was reap nslbl* to g ivornmeni for them would call to all ibe muskets out in whosoever bands thoy might be, be was willing to give up those in his possession, but that ibey appeared to bira to be a ?ort of waif, to abich Bid poro.' eso, had the right, no matter where found or bow attained. We informed him that Oapt Punning, of the Doalnhan fgers, win re-qxun-lble for tne muskets aud had a right to demand their possession. He men agreed thit If Oapt 0. would demand the return into his armory it all the anna out be would give tbcm up Oolonel \n iruw G. go was (elected by us as ibe person who should go to Oapt. Dunning, and also to both parties, and to effect this arrangement. The pro slavery party had their meeting or council of sar at aD office on Htln street, and the free toiler* theirs si the boarding house above the mill. There vere crowds assembled. Cot. Kgu first aa iresed the pro slavery party in an ekiqeuut and patriotic tpeerb, 10 which they listened vltb aueatlon and In the scum enti of which they concurred. They did not want war, they wanted peace, fhelr young country bid si srrll tit?cord which bad boon brougat apon It by straugers and rgiutor* who as. I no Interest In Ida soil aor deed habitation Id the Tern or/. They were tlreu of it and tod brg^n t > hope that (? ?< ? would be permanrul when taut unreasonable wrong or stea.log their arms had raited the prearnt excitement Kalber than hare further blood bed, and for the purpoae ot bavlug harmony In their ourtshlng young city, ihov wtre wllli t that Ohpt. Darn tag sbuul j have their muik"?. Major O'Drltc ll and Col. Broadaa Them.*on added some remarks, and all angry leelgns were arrange! Cot. Fgo >ben prooeedeed to the free soil meeting and addressed them at length. Ool. Lane also made a long perch. Kge aud lane were for giving the muaketa to Oapt. Donning, but (Jen Mitchell and others wero opposed Is tt Ibo dleniMion wae louif and angry. Might came on; squads rtill continue I to cime in. Tbe torm of war wax lowering and porten ous. (Jen. Whit told deemed it pru|>er to send an express to (?ov. Walker, tafsrthing him of the condition of things, and tosend tbe records oi the land otBce to Fort Leavenworth for tale |npli|, Just at dark Col Ege same In and lofo-mel ns that the free Bale party bad agreed to briog their muskets to Captain Dunning, and were l~on stacaing them before blm la front of the hotel The leaders of both parties tben promised to observe toe peace It was baif past bine o'clock when there was a geaerai dispersion and qnlcl was sgain restored. The sight before not s cinzentof Doniphan bad slspt^an 9 hear, trenerSolano informed me that on ibe nlll shore bis mill be had counted, of bis forces, 260able bodied mea the ntgot before, and that be could have 600 that night if accessary. The pro slarery leaders thought they bad sufttcteai strength, nevertheless, to ree>ver their markets, If eceuto|. Hiey certainly would bare attempted It if the arrsngement bad not been elfeced. lo an b-"ur after peace was restored, vis : at half past ten P. M ? tbe Motion* ganela came along, and we embarked for thts ctty, which wa reached Ibis morning, and I bare at once set down to ake ibis rketcb of all the lacis that I could learn Trim froth parties and from personal observation, before fake and garbled rumor* cab roach >eu Tbe St. Josephs Jcurnul of the 1Mb gives some death la stoat as above, and also the fbUowtng,ooaoernlog the m?oi Import art points :? Oa Mooday ntsbtsr ned moo, belonging in the (boo Bute party. w- re rationed out all around the city, lens's ex ease for his oonrse aud ootduct Is that be nnderstoorl the pro slavery men bat! sent fur the Kicks mo rangers, aud to pursued this course lor the benefit of all oouceraod. i Ctlooei Thompson and Mr Middlr ton, of Lhn city, had an iBtwrirw with iAne. and used tbe r utmost endeavors to dtnaaatie blm from hta nourne. Ha ma le faithful pro mleo* to capitulate, and 'beo pr jreedod to malte lUtning ipeeeh to bia eicited ooraradM, la wDiru he at* ad that be lad bin men ?eie not afraid to meet ihe pro ilavwr, m-o In toj rbape or form; that Ibex would moot .bom ?lug:e Uadel to a Oat light, or * lib bowle kolvwe, ewurde, re volver?,rlllea,t>rlaabndy with twenty-live >oundw???thai Ihev know do fear?tine free * Ale turn could be rnuntered at any moment to two pro nlaverv ooaa. He oooclj i< ,1 be making t propoellh u which a I part)an cod leded to; wblch viae. b. lb paitlt* eurreni rr tip their artna to the oltrll anIhorttte*. wb'.ch ww done Tueecay a runner wan tent to 8ov. Walker, reqneatlrg the U.iwerDor ki taaue a procla ? When our informant left?Tucday, alue o'dork at night?eve-y bmg wat quiet, but bow long It will remain to time only can tell. [Corri eroudcDCe of tbo Cincinnati Time* ) i .earn worth, K T , July &, 1M7. lb* tale of the land* embraced in the weveral reeerwee otmui ml) known aa "Uic wea country,'' haa been going or at Paoli rnr the lawt t*o week* Thate landw cover a tram of upwa'd of lOV.COO arret, In time of the Onret por , tViae of the Territory Tnev wrrr appvalaed at from |i 60 to t2 per acre and abou . four fifth < of them are being *? cared b> tbe equattera?both real and profewed?at their appralm mi nt. Tbe fbw need in* tot takeo by aquattere are among tbe leant deatrable, and are elilog on an are rage at about $3 prr were There are nee four hundred people at tbe mi? , and although many of tbe qnaiter nej time have two clamant* na< b, there ha* been no tmreon tl ytolenoe, bnt a general dlepoeltlon to leave the settlement of the r.inflUMii'g nte-eat* to ibe (Jonimieetooer, Mr. Weveti* tfoyernny Walker and ro te have been prerent until within tbe laet day or two, and It l? reported that he, Id oocnectlen wub es Hovei nor dig er, of Penney Ivaala, hae bought twenty tbouran I acre* of Umber land la thalytclnl ty cf the Indian*, ?ceject to the approval of tho autbortttee at Warhtngton Governor Reedce aa you will rv member, wa? removed, natennthly for npertilaltng In landa; and we ehall now wee whether what wai unuoe lor the gooto la to be war re for tbe ganwrr A edgbt political dimcnity occurred at the walee on nturvdty. Wov. Waltrr, (gov Htgler ard Mocre'aiy "*Un toe were oalbd out and made national item crauo" * peer no* The crowd wae about equally divided, and Cjbarlew Fo?ter,? tweawaiuunie?a memoer of tho Free that* I-gtrlatnre? wa? then called for. H rrmurki were ra- ical, ai d o( tvurru, vnudnmnatorv of the d m tcratio party Home nnru y vplntt attempted, no* looemfully, to ate* and cry him 'own, and ttien one or two or th <m be ganto lay violent h*n.iw on him A gent'eman wbi wa? i prevent, Inform* mc thai about llfly revolver* were drawn and cor ten within a mlunle. Tb* violence wae ahandoael, Mr. Feeler wa* allowed to go on, and he only atonped oally at Ihe reoueet of the commiMtouer, who de.ibred that he would adj.mrn the vale aleet the poltueal <ti*on* '.JO wa* conrli-,1c 1. The commlMl?n"r tni ler*uudv hn man nature; h"? argument appealed to the pnikeie o everybody prevent, and wae, ihoietore, triumphaut at once. A Territorial OnnvenMon of the "national democrat*" wae In wee*lon at Lecmuptoo, Tbttntday and Fridn , Judge Klanore pr?tiding. Tbore were bat twelve countlen repre went**. The leading a*ptrauta for the |*wt of Delegate to Song rent, were (tin Whiln<ld, KM Moore, the land ?<v gUter and Hon. Ki>a,ihrod1iue Kanrom, whw"l? al?i cm pt?r <t In "if nffVo, at (. nnmpion Mr R?ii?om waa nominated He han only twen In tht Territory alano l??t jtmtry, and hi not widely known hero He waa Goeer or uf Michigan In '49, the n??t year ho waa an uniwrni fut competitor on the free toll Hrgnt of (ion Oaotf'rthe Calked Htatea Bonnie, and In 1W>5 be ran for Judge In the Kalatnamo dlntrlot, and waa again defeated. He la an el darly man. OulonrI "iimmlng arrived hero at midnight laet night hy Ike ateamer < *l?r? it Ho it na'd to be n a rlilttoH n Tlarooy Tor a few day*, and to oontemplate returning Rati and g'.lry to Waehtngton tieri ng for hie new hoov1 Tr<?.i", horeot and mnl'-a for Cmh are now bnvglit U1 gnri I/-a .oiworlh hr alnioet every h"at Won Hern"! rerelvrd a detpal. h In m t. imral Vnu two or three d*r> iinr?, nrilerlni, him 'o tier e the tino-w ready lor minnlng hi ll Hi met, t.o-eii r I' >m.n ng ta nupareitly about Myearro a* ?, a i i'-H, >*>'tly, jr-ily looking gentleman mho OTidontiy apptoi iau* toe good Uilnga of Oug ure, an t looks as If b* Might vary well pans for Ike parioniflntotnn ofbueor, tor Mirth that ?MM care derides, And fcughter holding both hor sides. [Oorrespondeace of tho Cincinnati ftiqnlrwr] LauvsHwoirrH Omr, K. T., July 8. lW* Tbo examination before the magistrates ? U?o Lyte Mr' dor com was concluded yesterday, aad resulted to tbo 1 hold tog of Bailor to ana war the oharye ai murder la the first degree. Judge Leoompte, the United Hlatea Judge of this district, heard a motion yesterday to almM to ball. This morning he gave his decision, adverse t> the bailable nature of the offence. This opinion, the Oourt remarked, was founded upon a careful examination of tbe testimony before the examining oourt Muoh disappolntmen; la manifested on the part or the free State men at tbia decision. Hallar Is in the bands of the Shsnfl of leaven worth county, and will bo kept, I suppose, at the Kurt. Am I anticipated, letter writers have been busy mis representing the facts of the oaae. I can now readily see how It was that the people la the Slates, during the last fall, were deceived by fabrications and mtorapraseatatloas. Several ol the prominent papois of the Esat have correspondents hare, who make It their business to aeiae hold or everything possible, and distort and altar so aa to suit Ihe purposes of a partisan press. Lyle was killed by HalierThe testimony shows it to be a murder?a killing with but alight provocation. No prevarication, no tatsrepre testation can alter the fads; Ihey may mislead tbe people, bnl cannot much longer defeat the ends of juatloe. Heller may or may not be oonvlcted; but hts arrest, his examination, hla commitment, bis Incarceration, without rioting or bloodshed, all look towards the restoration of the rule 01 lew anu oruor in uur IIIIUHI. iuq puaaiuuity ui hu> conviction, together with hta Imprisonment, will tend much to prevent, u the future, m greet a disregard for human life as heretofore felt, and will add much to the sense of protection a quiet cldzen of Kansas now begun to feel. The free 8ta'e County Convenllon has been In session today. Not having concluded its labors, I oannot give you the result. The Tree Suae party, however, appears to be dee Irons of increasing Its numbers, without reference to lis original charaiter. They now Invite all who are in fa vor of the adoption of a free State constitution to join tbem. tome still aohere to the Topeka humbug, but the masses appear to desire a constitution submitted, so mat the question of slavery may be disposed of. If the Constttudonal Convention, the membor* of which were so recently elected, and Without opposition, frame a good constitution, submitting the slavery question in a separate and distinct clause, I have no doubt that all or the | freo State party, except the few ultra and extreme men It contains, will ratify the conitiiution, at the same time overwhelmingly defeating the slavery clause. Kausa* will, undoubtedly, come into the Union a free -tta-e. fbo opinion appears to prevail that the Convntlon will submit tho slavery question separately, and no doubt ts euter talned but that the constitution itself will be submiUel .0 tho people for lattficaton or rejection. I have said that the free State party has ooened its doors for the admission ?t all free S-ate men Your correspondent is Informed that he was named upon a ?>mmiute in the Convention today, when every one knows, who knows him, that he has been, is, and can be nothing else than a democrat; yet being known as one who be lieves it to he for tie beet interest" of Kaunas, will vote to make it a free State, they have male bitn figure in a free Siato pa-ty convention. He was noi a particiuant in their deliberations, and must, therefore, confess his astonish incut at the information The weather, during the day, Is very warm in Kansas now, yit the nights are cool, and one can sleep coinforia bly under clothing. The health of this cily is romarkablo; doctors, apothecaries and undertakers find no emplov menThere have been no deaths, urcept one oy violence and one by accident, in this city, with 1.8 five thousand people, fc> several weeks. Every one appears to pessess ndfclth; no one appears to be sick. Immigrants continue to arrive by every oonveyante Ten bteamboats landed here yesterday. Dr Ueozies 1? here wtih a stock of good* for his store in his town ot Ibtbliurg TUe Doctor finds wagons here tc convey his goods to bis town, which Is a little over one hundred miles .p tho tLtcrior Pittsburg promises to mako a go ahead p!*rPi If y ?1U ciako it 10, it certainly trill be ?i CC6M to Ittteburg. Sunday Klofe In St. IiOull, [Fiom the Intelligencer, July 13 ] Oil Sunday morning, between tno hours of nulf put two and tlx o'clock, our city was again tbo theatre af riot, bloodshed and homicide, by tome of our tiro vjmi?toioe One man wss killed outright, and several other* were ?e vert-ly wounded and three at least of the number are not expected to survive The allair bad its origin at x fire which took placo on F flb, near Morgao street, at a'oout half pwt two o'clock. On the corner of thU street Is a lire plug, which the Liberty company, being the first on tiio ground, bad made an a' tacbmei t to and were working toefr engine, whoa tne Franklin company came on tho griund with their epnaratua A general fight then ensued, In which a multitude of rock* wore thrown, and several pistol shou Qred. Two of there took effect in tho bodies of some of the parties engagtd; but who they were ws could not learn. One is said to he sounded dangerously, and the other severely. Tue fight ended by one of the companies being driven from tae ground, sno taking refuge in llight. Quiet then prevailed until hair past four o'clock, when another tire occurred on an alley east of Second atreet, between Mound and Biddle itreete After it was eubiuod, the fight between the Liberty tnd Franslln com]anion waa renewed, and lasted until about six o'clock, wbe i it oea*o t. | Immediately on the tight being renewed, several RQola J were fired, and quickly responded to by persons of the op| potite party, showing that they had oome prepared for tho fray, and were willing to go ?iy length During the affray at least one hundred ?bot* wero fired from pistols, shot guta and rIMes and thousands of brlcabatd andstooos I were thrown on both sides. une of the shots fired struck a man named Owen Foy, anil killed him almost instantly. Several other persons were more or less severely wounded, both by shots and mlstlloe; but we oould not ascertain their names. About i six o'clock the Mayor appeared upon the scene of action, j ' and the belligerents, having satisfied their aopeute for j disorder for ihc'presenl, were dispersed, and order was restored. During the whole affair not s single polloaman appeared on the ground to interfere with tb<> rioters, j Between seven and e'gbt o'clock the Coroner was called | upon to hold an Inquest u]>on the body of the man who was killed The jury rendered a verdict that the deceased came to bts death from a gnn or pistol shot, at the hand of somo | person unknown. During the day the police force was engaged In trying to | discover the rioters, and several persona were a re?!e.| no , suspicion; but as there Is some doubt as to their oeing the right persons, we forbear to mention their names. In o ir next Issue we will give such additional facts as may be brought to light in the meanwhile. The aooount of the fires will he found In another paragraph. (teamen's Ailvsu.ce Wages. rFr*m me l'hlUtleUbi* Ledger, July ] !n flfiBn iinoDM rvf a rumor In the offo:t that the ?hlt> owner* 40(1 agents of Philadelphia, wbo reoeotiy adoptnt the course pursued by lb* owners sod maters of snips In Nsw York, Boston and elsewhore, bad NkflhM that project, mo base endeavored to ascertain to what extent the rumor may be correct, and h tve been enabled to give tba following statemi ut, whljh haa been corroborated by sereral Informants:? U Several ship captains give It as their oplatoo that the movement on the part of tbe shipowners and agents has It* merits, but they believe Its success a very do r trul and improbable cooau tarnation One or two, with wh im we con versed fret ly on the subject, pronounce the Idea In practicable Whether those opinion* be w irth ant tblng or not, we give inem an part of our Informailoo, abich, In ronnertion with the following result ef our inquiries, pre rent (be present aspect of tbe movement In tbo port of Philadelphia ? Ibe sblp Trmpest, which sailed on Tuesday, gavs an advance of >16 t? twelve men, and >1S to the Ihlr 1 mate The ship Weeimorelat I will sat in a day or two, aud Is now shipping a crow at >18 per mootb, with >ltt or >40 1 advance The bark Reindeer and brtg Brandy wine promise tbe advan'e Tbe Frigate Bird, for California, about ready for ?ea. Standi out against the advance, but (t Is intimated that she i will have to pa? tbe advance or remain in > >rl Tbe bark rnomaa I>a let,.which sailed on Ratardsy, gave an idvan r of >12. The Kiizaheth J. gave an advance to tbe oik of >16 Tbe Mary H Hon tail, for Mobile, stood out against tbe advance, but aro going to g've It Tbe captale of tbe bark Union la eatd to have advised bis owners not to give tbo advance, but sobee<|uenily t rid tbr sailor* that'bey would be fools if they went to sow ' without tbeir advance, as bo would have hit. fbv sbtp Nonpareil tails next Saturday, aud la thlpp'ng men ai >1* per month and >18 advaoee Tbe brig Ueorgi B Whitney, about It tall for Ilavaoa, II i la raid will alto pay ibe advance. It Is contended by some of tbe merchants that no ad I vance baa been fald; that they have simply paid certain i amounts to pay tbe board bills of tbe seamen. Do the other bsnd thejnosrdltrg bouse keepers consider ail moneys i paid to ihem for heard In be no deviation from the usual practice, and therefore derm the advance a-item sun In practice. They malntal that any m<mey pa'd on account i oi a sai'or previ me to tbe beginning ef a voyage Is, to all Intents and purposes, an advance. It Is nndsrttood 'hst the boarding house keen*** in New j York, Boston, Philadelphia, nalttmore and New tbl <ans are U agued In tbe dermlna Ion to carry out their system, i and thai exert possible r libit Is being used to pruvr nt the tranCer of men from one port lo another to man ah>pv uot pa> irp the advance Tnoora pom Utaii ?The Terre Haute, Alton and ft. loul* Kai'rnad tVmi(>an? yesterday Urotiph' 10 mis cnjr 221 trnoi a, destined for I'tah Th?y were fiotn Oe-lisle Barracks. 1'ennsylvaula and were under mmnnj of Capt Outran, United-h ilea Kltlo*. The other offl wr< an oomparylrp worn Uaptaln Ancerann, Fec-nd I> ,-np >ons; I,lout .!at:k?'?, Rifles; and IJeut lee, *v.-?nt ??v? These troops vore at noce placed on the rant", lit Iroil pari, and tefi at a o'clock P M f r .ted rami ?*tty by rvl, ann ibetipp to K-<rt leaven worth by the Uphtn n* I na. They a c mostly recruits, and wld be ??*l|ned U ootnpi men m nmtf to Utah on tnetr arrival at K.irt learr i worm. The preparation* for the Utah expedition are pomp on with preat real at Fort l/cnvctiw?rlb It Is nudevstosl thai the troopa will t?e neat mt In thtew dlvirions, so that .bey may encamp at ditTSrent points, and thereby be ?qre of an ahnmtaaoe of praaa for tbe horsee an-1 oattle. Oei.?ral Harm y will seen he prepare! to move st the !i?<nd of tbo whole fbrco. and we have no doubt of his hot up able to render a pood acconnt of himself, whether In U.*b or eleewhere. Up to Monday last, to which time onr a I vie w reach, noihlnp had I men hoard IVoa On Fumner's aotn trand, except thw he was within mmo fifteen milos of Aah Hollow.?SI tjimit ILjntUu-in, July 9. From Four KiARNmr^-Cmpt. WhArton, U. 9. A., arrived In ihja city yaaterday mnraiup from Fort Kearney, ef which poet be has had oommaod for an-ne lmo past Captain Wharton, wears aerry to sea, to snlf-rlnp f:om rhenmetotn and la on his way to Philadelphia to th- hope of obimr.tnp rsllef. We learn that advices had born rr reived at fort Kearney from Colonel Fomn> r's comma.. I, , then only etphty mllea from Fort Uramie all well Th" report ol Iho capture of a port ?n of this evpelith.n, r? ortved hero some days apo, placed that event at A>h fid tow, oonsldcrable distance this side, anl pr'or ti the date of the letters from Col. Fumner's nominal 1. The m port la therefore eutltled to no credit whatever.I.,UM I ftfiliiean, Jul) 14. I IWW YORK HERALD, 1 M off WaihlBftoa HaiM property. A BMttq or the Qmimlttoo on Markets of Ibo Board o OoeneUmen relative to lb# disposal of tho Washington market propel ty woo hold yesterday afternoon la Um OooacU Chamber, H. W. Oolyer la tho ohair. Ooueellman fbajnruN appeared baforo tho oommlttee tn fhvor of soiling WnhtpgUni market. He wee the mover or the resolution la the Board for that purpose. The rapid growth oT the city la the upper wards demtaded He sale, Tor the populatloa wore compelled to purchase their supplies of food at second band, and at a higher rate than they ought to pay for them. IT tho establishment of public markets was for the purpose or affording facilities to the people la obtaining supplies, he thought Washington market should stand in the oentre of Its old patrons, and where a large portion or our citizens oould be readily accommodated without Increased loss of time, la a few years almost tho entire sect ton or the city west of Broad way and below canal street will bo oocupted for business purposes, with only a small,resident population, while on the other hand that portion of the city lying above Fourteenth street will be oonetantly increasing In sum ben. Two largo markets should not, therefore, bo looe ted down town. The speaker said that the pubtia welfare, aside from the -jueellon of supply, urgently demanded lis removal- Its removal would alio nave toe enect or relieving tee over crowded itreeU which lead to tta present position, a relief which would betf Infinite value to the baslness Interests of the ottjr. West, Washington, Greenwich, Pulton streets and the lower put of Broadway, from the Pwk down, were rendered almost Impassable during the first half of the day by the thousands of venlo'eeorosdlug to thu market Us present accommodations should he 1 acre seed at least three fold, so as to relieve the sidewalks and tho ronghfares Ample space could now be obtained upon ?ery advantageous terms for a market In the neighbor bocd of Fourteenth street, which could not be obtained a lew years hence In vW w of th< fact of the rapid ad ?anoe iu property In the above locality it was of tbo greatest importance to the city that the Common Council should secure at the earliest moment whatev?r ground a as required fur this and aimtlar purposes The lower purtlon of the city is at present supplied by Fulton, Centre, 8priag street sad Catharine markets, and trey provide ample accommodation for the neighboring populatl in The raptlly InoroaMng debt of our ott) was awtgned as a reason for tho removal of Washington market The income from It was disproportionate to its value. The city wm sutleilng financially from the occupation of protierty for market fturposes. l'he growing wants or our oomn eroe not only demanded more giound for tue erection of first ola?s stores, hut our ship pipg were embarrassed by tbo duliciilty of obtaining* itahi A aiwimmmlatinni If Waslilnaton market were olf-red Irr nalo It would bring a huiu sum, .ietu to realise an annual interest amounting to nore than Ita present tncimo 1 he receipts from that market for the last three years have Net:? For 1864 $37,402 04 For 1866 47 4 78 76 For I860 48,007 26 If the market were removed, In it few yean sp eodld ?toie* wjuld bo erected and he thououds of small or aim that now occupy the ptorH In thtt vlci'ilty would go further up, and our extending commerce woul 1 tin 1 increasing acrommotigtlocs, woioh had bwn needed for a long time. As a sanl ary measure be pro -osiitnn for removal should be recognized. It would be preferable that the rerou te or produce of all kids as wel' As cattN arriving dai'y by the Hudson river, llarlem and New Haven roa Ih should bo delivered at some point in the upper part or tho c ty, instead of being carr ed ao far ihrougu tho strec'n There venue arising fro n the market wo Id bo largely increased and both the public at large and treasury of the < Uy would be benefitted by the erccu n of a mark't up owu. Ex CoufoUman Tsyu'R replied to Mr. Fraufl.n's speech. He was surprised at auy person of common new;-) suggeii eg the propriety of seHing ruch a public f on renleoee as tVas' ington maraet M? n were willing to'pvv $.d,000 for t', and give good secuiltv for the amount i'ae markot la qucFtlt n paid more Into the city treasury than all the other market* r? t n geihc; eleven thousand dollar-; wis reeetv d hv the city over and above the reven < of the other markets Besides, more nusmess was doue '.here a: pro sent ihan at any period since Its erection. The siieaker admilled that markets rhould bo erector! up town, but the contemplated locaiton for an up town mark>l?asaee|ded!y objectionable, It oeiug between two gas h uu-es. It con clu-lon, be maintained that Washington market dl 1 honor to the man wboae name it bore, 1U rickety old sheds c'ouocilirar Fra.skij.y replied. He said thai the removal rf the flitb and garbage in the ne.ghborli rod of the market in question woul t cost the dtv U a few years an in in-n e irn unt of money. It would be more advtrable to build 'our handsome market* uptown than to build a new one on the present site. Mr H W Knur *a? tho nex speaker The business tran?aet?d in Washington market wiJJ' "luslvrly whole rale Its revenues oo-ild easily be doubled; an t the reason why tba; wan not so was to be attr.D 'leU to the city government. An Immense amount of b... moss was rans acted In Washington market, and the business could not be transferred to Fulton market Oteot the clrrkH o'tho Washington ravk. t said that there was no equally tn the prtcoa charge-i .or suits, tine pers <n paid seven dollars per week for a stand, while the person occupying the stand next to htm paid only twrlve shillings Ex CxincHman Taylor said that all the bnsiness was done very early in the morning, and th^x the objection of crowded streets fell to the ground. He promised that If Washington market were not removed it would yield the 'city $80 000 per aonum A linsTixwAS In the audience observed that twenty five years ago the stands we>e let at $1 ea'b. an 1 be wie not aware of any permanent regulation having been made toe*. The OoLLgrmn said that when he assumed his office he WM nomprilCQ W '?*0 CM>U ujui r* WVIU, nu I uv uuuvi, from various considerations, be fa ltd to collect all tbe dees Tli' v charged from six ceota to twelve coca per day for a stall; do stall pays $0 po* woelc; a largo stui<l, occupied by four gentlemen, pail $7. Mr. litum sold that the p-actios of re letting prevailed to a ertalu extent. As sood as Mr. Baum Dad finished bla remarks, tin- nam mitteeadj arned. ureal Interest was manifested In tbo proceeding* bv a Urge number of persona Interacted in the subject which called the oommittee together. The Affairs of AnUocti llollrgv?tn Avsltfnstirnt Hods?IfW tlrgs lastlixi, We flud in tae Spring tel l (Oi-lo) M"nvarnl tbo follow lowing acoouDt of the affalra uf Aatloch College;? Aa tne affalra of ibts InallMtton have rocently been brought lo a crisle. and an Important change has bees made In Ita business and general arrangements, tbo |>ub lie may ba interested in tbe following detailed si tie mei I ? H Is generally known tbat the co'.'ego, since tt w\* first opened for tbe reoeptlon of ?t ldcigs, has been pecuniarily embarrassed to a considerable extent by the h*a?y dent Incurrtd la building, which ihe trusuv ? havo been tin able to llipiidate or lessen. The debt hsv, on the contrary , been annually Increasing, nnill, at tbo rvont com mi'ocement It ?mounted u>one hundred and thirty llieu, rand Tbe time f >r paying the debt having transpired, tbe importnotty of crediiors b-ought about a erlris, and mailers were necessarily poshed to a speedy duel-ion. The trnateee had also learned from dearly bought experience thai the scholarship system <f not alford a sufll deai lncnmo lo pay efl' tbe expcnsiw necessarily incurred in carrying on tbe college, wboie students numbered at times as high as four hundred. Under tncae circumstances, vlx the heavy debt which must be paid, and tbe Isrk of In no lo meet current nx pr uses, tbe trusters decided tbo the satost expedisul for savlrg the college from a public sa'e to tbe lowest bidder would b? lo assiga it to an individual, reserv ng tbo right to redei m as soon w sufficient mean* can be procorud This arsignmaot was made to Mr Palmer, Provident of tbe Broadway liar k in New York city. Tbe scholarship systsm waa then abolished and all scholarships of Antlocb UnPege are now worthless, not tbe cb itce of lire trustees but from s*rn necessity. An deuls will ber< after lie require I lo pay fair tuition bll's, in nicer thai by Ibis means the curraut expenses of tha col lege can be met. rbc col lege sill be kept open for tbe coming ywar. H'-n Horace Msnn la re el-cted as Pa Preatden', and Rev. I?r. Bellows, of New York city, and R*v. Mr Kay and H?0. Aaron lU-'ap, of Yellow tyring!, have boon apjiotut ed a romm'tlee to selert the rest of the fac'ty illBRTDKlEITS RKilKWKD KTF1Y DAT. staeav Pl'sn ii aTlilML I TJ RAlLROil) iKN AND tHI PCBI.IO.-IN A ?KW do e wl't Appear rnmiy mop of the in>> rn*l lupmpoTvu'A ? ilAtn he . uted Molee, <'aV?<Ia, Ae , rttilntnm tie Am-rn-m Itflimnf rellroA i remit mid n?via*tb>n line* e in De l bj Mthordn fieh.r, editor f htann're i Atn.-rl m RaIIi-ptI Otlh e eni of ("rlloti't ||M ? ?\1p Thl? wort AM the higrpip pun idpppr <>f rot.mod ni<).n-?r" And la th?- oalr inthor?'*'iVP work ol ih? hinii yet p ibl'tli?d 1 h- put I em-rn, W.l'ltm P 'tBi A Co.. in Cur Bell p'app, Are m mil i r their IndnelPT in ihe ml -pilou of InfoniiePon, w?l I .r the or der ? d dlr'inrtaeee o( leenri Ihe map Wilt AlAO )> told by DlNttMOKK A ro , No. 9 Nprare *irp?t. N. T. niiim YClii AW* IliOinWAl. NRW TURI -4AI.M I OTI ront for Porlop'* billiard lAhlee oad t'teAi *ie fnr aeera ore mnuonrd a**Jpi< the ottr trie of Im.tAinm k ta'at of trnrtbeaa oiiielee br frandnient mieeeprnreata'inaa MH'HARI. fHRI.A N. Bole patentee A< AA b NPI?J*B Of N% '>Nn HAND Nil. i'?rd iaoMM for eVe in pi*<d order And wit* t.l appar* n? complete marbl". gltte and wooden ' Ada. App'y M J'WNNOB AOOL1.BNDBA. U Ana etreel Bll.l.l A RUN. ? THS JAMB Of HI T.1AEPH. BT MICH oel I holen 91. Author of' Hllllardt eliboot A VteAb-r." w'il be milled, free of poeiaae, m reeelpt of price by (rOOWNOR A DO i I.RHTltH. lillllArd Able maaere U Ann eUeet rvRNmituo, m;. Ai*n cotta'i* vrnwiTrnw-HCPtw uite, fceanufnlly dMCMit, from tn Mid np* \nU, al :he old manufactory. *Bd Broadway tiet-<wn Mention an' n oeebar HrwK flood* narefnUf packed lot Jtr nvn'r;, j. h. rn?wt?ln IptCNITI KR WANTKO T AMI i !IH H AV1NH L?U>I 1 or lont'l anantlU-a of pood f-.'nttnm In d ?po?e ot an rc.Wtre the bl?ne?t price n.Md for -aine, by calllny at the ?k r? or addrraMnk CMOS. l?. OONRO*. tf I Win imv H. B.? T? n ji ier,>?. rniintrrn for ?aie. FOR BAT,?.-HA?ER'S ENOI.'R'l PaTKNT inaryle nearly new. App.y at the Oltlrenc' Hotel, '4d nd Mil Hountoa rtreek ? ~,|y|,1jlyTrkth tnTR*rr?n in tin n*? num. wttttotti the nil*Meet pain to Urn paucnt. by my new and nrtatna trnpeea Jn?t dlaonrered (not fteetlni) Thle admirable tern lepra.- .end hr (me only.) I,t. A O. DV1RK1N 4St t'aeo. nreev near VarVt. HATRlMOmAlr. \TTM1P 0RNT".MAN, OF GOOD NAMC, MUNfW etnerlenoe, edncation and r-ep.-.-'ah'H'r tc?1r?e to mar 'i a m dret lady, leiwyew liar . lh ?ra f weai'h a-ntaM idy and -teeth Amnia p raonal -e>ee?tia1 and apl.' ilary k-iowl'-dM ercamaed NPotie ?e eanvVit' > aaaw?r who ? not ai, r-?e u d rudt Aldnme a R. Hrjedea,- ttti ifflcc. FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1887. aweciAL iwncai. fTARD. TO KKWI AUBHT8 AMD OTHBB&-WBW v *ort LBAD?B oAoe. 1U Maaeau etreel -The under allied being advised that the ohange In Une of actual pubd aeuue of the Mew lark LKaPKK turn kiturday to There day would eertouety Inter'ere wt* the performance of their contract wt.h the Wrporatloa to ptiMuh regularly their proceeding* of the week and other offldnl matter, are oomneJted at one? topranmc the pabitoatkm of the l.lanRK On rheml peal day New* dealer* ta the ev.urry and In other otttaa who bare arat their order* aider the understanding that the; were to receive their paper* on Thursday, will pleaee reaaln

thie ee the amUnaUoa of our oner, tdable rrtar* to Saturday a* a dar of publication. The LM\I)jla will be ntady, and fur ale by all arw* dealer*, thle week and in future, early <m Paturdav morning VIUB k 00-, Publisher*. Mew Y.ek, Jjy 18.1M7. rtiitt'i i.ona*. mo, u. i. o. oro. p.-thbhbbth U ren ar? r*qn**Led to attend the funeral of our lata Oro tier WUliam Pornvtb, on Friday, at 1 o'clock, 'roea hie late re aldruce 177 tranhfin itreei. WM. L. McirKRMUT. M. O. tmp?PENDENT HONS OP Mht.TA,?A huhinbhh 1 meeting w<ll be held on Friday evening, 17th of July. at 8 o'clock at 'he lodge room Punctual attendance la requested, at matter* of Importance will be brought before the meeting. * TIB WKlJu. Notice.?pibb im pipttpiptb stbbkt. north river ? Q. R UOTT beg* leave to re.urn hi* alaeere ibanka to the Are, hook and ladder rompanlei, poliee, aud hie neighbor- who were prevent and thr-ugh whose mo*t able , nd Indefatigable eiertlon* the Ore which took plaee at Ma i lumber yard on the morning of the lath init. was extlngulehed , and ror*ldrrable prop,rty reictwd, nutwl'hatanding the huae of several lire eompouie* It* I been cat hy the reckleuneu of the rnglneer in charge of the Hndeon River Railroad Oompa t ny'a car*, rroeeedicg with the train over the hoee after noUue hiAit ?4ir**ih nnl In Ha *a unci tKrAiteh urhlith raitdiiiumhla . km*of Mr. tfoiti'g properly took plana, vrblch otherwise would 1 hum bern aa>ed N0T1<M.-THK PCBL10 ARK UKRCBY CAUTIONED . a man who hag recentlv both lu Now York and Hoalon, obtained money on furred rheoka purptriing to be drawn by ita. J. 8. A u duw.K A Co., ( harleaton, 8. C. I VTOT1CI TO rONTBAOTORb.-HlCWKRAOK. -HEALED AN pn pnaala wtU be tecvlved at the office of the Water lonambrinneia of Jeraey Olty, corner of Wa h nfm and Mereer a'reeta, null TbnraJav. July 23, at 5 o'clock 1*. M , for the construction of a main fewer In Wavre eree', K.u road avenue and Newark aver ue and alto f r lattral tiewrrti in etieela adjacent thereto, p getber with *e ;"*?arv culve -la, re celvtng haatna Ac The train aewer will 0? about 4,U80 feet 1 In length, built of brtck S*x3Iet-t. The lateral aewera wilt > be about 8,71*1'eat In leugth. Healed proooeala will a go be received, at it e aame timu and place for the oouaUi ctWm at a main Rawer. of aame aire ano raa'erlala to South Tulrd strei', and lor lateral newer" nonnee ing therawl b. The ma n aewer will be about 2 8 0 feet and the lateral* ab oil b 2*1 in length Plana and apaclfioatlona nan be aeen at 'be oflce after the tb'h lnttant. tJ. U it . ,i ?V. Engineer. OU A IBON4IOK8 CHAPTER NO. 47.-THI Mitt he*e of ihl* chapter are here by n.-Hit d to be punctual In their attendance en Friday evening. the I7thinat.,>e humnew ol the uunoat Importance to ever. inimDer wtli bo brought before the cba >tar. g. 1KA GRO88MON, barhem pro Ut*. Gr.orote K WoontiAiv. O. of the '7. KKMGVAL. CART, IIOWARO A SANGER, I atk W? H Cart A '.'o.. Have removed to Ihtlr new nin e, Noa. 108 and 1(7 rbambera rtreet and 89 and 91 t eado atreeL orii I'liirriiicviiBa .imwit . < >n tr win T (iinr.itw 1 New York. June 36. 1H67 ?Reided oopoav's will lie received at ih ? oflior uulil the 16th < ry of MMl next, at rom, for the construction of the rnbankcn uu he new grind re servolr of the Cmtou Aquednci Ibis vwrvolr will cover about Kid WJ'l of land and will he In i rplb ?.'J ."eev Par quantity of wirk Is he done It appiuxlmvel- tinown M fol Vtw?' ft StM euble yards of hull 10 be fara rated and k.-M lu a.-A banks. 19 0(10 cubic yards of puddle. 160,U?) oiibto yards of eiravaucn and nr.baiikn.eaU V6.UOO cable yards of njc.i exoavau >n. 31,iaai cuhlo yards of broken stooe. cubic ysrla of stone parlrff 01 tlrpe wall. ?W1 e>.blc yards of concrete. JNl cubic y ards of brick wal', laid In cement. 'i >|si cubic t arils of paving, Isld in Cement. SM.tne B M. feet of sheet piling l . '.nsant specifications will be ready f<? examination at this oSoe on and after the tbb dwr of fcfy nott M VAN HCU AJOK, Prealden'.. / Crotoe THKO. R D? FORlftir. ?ss't' om'r Aqued * A. W. OKAYAN, Chief Bngliiear. > B->ar t. TO COAL DKALRRR.-NKW YoRK FIRK JtPARTMt NT Fond ?Sealed proposals will he received until fulr 10 for famishing abort! 300 tons of coal for tha N?-w York Kite Department Yund from Ortwbnr I 1857. Fur f urther infornia 'Jon apply to A J. OBI.aTOPR ?.'>?? Wall sired. K. K. THOMSON, at Meek man street. V. A. ttl'KR. ccr of iHI1'an.I Frankfort su. Committee on fuel ft. R.?The committee reserves the right U reject sir or all of'be cs'lnta'es. if deemed tor Lbe tntciest of the New York Fire Department Fund. TKJ.K R.AFH NOTXDB.?TilF STOTR ''DLUKKS Of ihe "hew York and New Rowland I'nlou f t '-graph Tom psny" ho <i their annual meeting In the It Ion ceierrapb OfBce. Wa'l street hew York, no Wednesdit, July JV lit? at 10 o'clo'k A M., for tke purpose of bean or and -onsiitrr lng reports of yast transactions, oho sieg a Piwodrnt, nine I fretvors. fecretart . Treasorcr and Suuerlnu .i tent t.-r th? onstilnR : rar. and for et'Tutlns anv othn Ininrns Ifkt: ma) be.dee.HMKt esseo Jal Vt> 'he In'ereats'of the rnmp toy 1>. I.. 8aDl.ild Secretary. PhHtWHAL. GEOIUN geiNf.AN, LA I K COACI'W ?N Tt) JOP* W. Woolsry, how i'avcn. Conn ?I wt'l git t von employ, ttienl IT J III a tab. Write to rae. MH? .*1. iVOOLSKk, INFORMATION WAKTKD-of mchRr FIIUHT WHO lormerlv Itv. d in Llverpisil siif r.aue to th's o n.ntry about the year fbf.l; la supposed In bare lived in Albany. By sending bis address to W. H. H . herald mil ?, lie will a -ar f somelh'itK rreal!j to his advantage. .VInaay papers topy INFORMATION WANTKD?OF MARY KKATINtJ. A MA tlys if Ireland, r*ri?li aI mffMlia MlM of Kw more, conn'y of Tipyeisry. Trelaud. 8ho aatted from Liver sou! In SepWmber, on boat J the slop America. sud landed la New > ork In Novarabcr. iq Pal. with bor fs'liersad sister, sod she has not been heard of sincn Inn uni on will be r.e ire! he her fa'her William Ke.itini:. No. ?1 I?ukril htreet, Now tfork. Giiiiir? paperi pV.j? oopy. Ik FORMATION 18 WANTKO-OF JAMKS KMUtN OR M?i?h?n; when leal beard from wee a boa'm.i . do th North r.ver. Any informa'lno wltb regard to hie. wo'tldoou fer A l.i ?nr on hia (later tlcaaie Mil toy. by addreaalDd a letter, care ul W. H. ( otaming!, blc( Mod, New York. INFORMATION WANTRD-OF MARY HOY, TROM, crranty of Peraanach Ireland eh" rjiw to New York o> the let uf Jinn* ul Tn company with (la. c%.'ot Cathrtrt, In (he (hip Irmalde*. tb? ;? a <pp w?d ui in 11 .ng with h?r tlarra in N'w York obr. Win greatly oblige War uri1 (ia'hcart > y c?l ,nr at die of the OikOim. .ncra <J V miration, 81 Worth (rent or glvug her add'cae. IP P1IKRR HKYKAC ilAPPHNS TO MR TI11H Ail. Ail ttaement, hie hrothar who la jonl arrlvwi from M ram would liae to ?re hlin a'. 0 (talker NrM f>el>r? >? I: W France or if any one aho tld happen toknrrnt h.< .ber abooia be ibail be b.^hiy rewarded by oa.uug at be above r ird boom. D RT. 8AMI T1MK AND Pl,A' K TO DAY HARRY. MtSMMi- PICRll (1*8 ORORNRrt-A BOY FTXThKN , yi are old, modi ? height and dark coNflcUMi cm, 11 it ntpi">aed tn baton on Monday evening, .Ittly It. In the bant nr Noe'h rlror. In ihe lower part of tbo cl'y, a?d b*e not (Inc.- hern beard of lie wore a dark brown woollen I'r e. /it, gratlab woollen pan'*, while oot on ehlri, Ii'mii n^ti ribbon, aho-a, and black felt hat, 'lib a bole In the brim Wboevr* br iik* IntcUUr/ire ol him to flfi WaUer (tret.:, a lew doom *til of Itroalway. will be amply rewarded. (It A .ION BR WIU. <.RrAT..V OBI.KlK II.H FR1FWD J?1 of WUod igtnn by caUon at Tt> Wee Twew'y eeioeth nt Af!--'- 808AM M. KKKYER W'U. BBCMtVM * LBTfM 1(1 of itraa jmimrtano by ale'leg how it may reach her. aid.-ma J Hrrka, Union - "ai ' *to0ne MAKY .Iamb MMM KKIl.Ti'lt w HA ARRIV ? in New York on or about theioh of war i .(at, ? h vr ol their br her R on apr > ?A or wntnglo Hon. Adermm Net" ry Boone. II Ntatn (tree'. New York. .ntry na,m Wtllr to ten etw y. AftVIH R-TUK IIKIRW, COMNfTTBB, IX'I dUBtJOM IN m"iee nf the l.a* renee and Yownby e?:?'e will meet a* the Merchants' Hotel, I'orlardi atrret the y b Joly at II o clock A W to traraert very important Onnweaa. The coop it , meet be pntetnal rro RtMYKT NICHOLS, < Bl'RRtTT. AND A'INK J Byrd free peraoiK of r lor ? Yon are ler-ny r'M ?l that, under a decree of I lie rirroi' tVmrt of the fity of Fete re b'irf, V'r*tnla pronounced In ihe rbaeoery anil of Wi'em, Jc , *w Onode. An., yot are Inlemeled In a and of money In our baie*a, and by (pplloattnu to na will rewire your prut or tlon of the aame. W. L W*lKIItN,|r J. A JON 18, JWRBWWW P?r?*anr?o, Tmomta. June kl I1C7 MBWSPAPKRB. T"' TuHmn WICKIU.t. nne*gM?mnb)t t i Ml y**r. Number twenty n'nr. r ady ihia Jay. Our madeni will bfl (1*1 u> hear lhat Win win iik Do #trn It, Ibe new r'nry hy Htr K. Hulwrr I, Hon. Hart., wti mmrm .*1 info :'f i J OM 1.1) by *rraiir'emrnl wl'h he lai'ior. ai.l will ha n. nonned ? e,mple Ion. We ronRratiilatr 'eir rww'ee* .a I a?W wo?k hy Rmwrr i? perker* ik-' ? *' In b'Win-.' treat ibat nan be oiirrrd o * prraoa if rct'.ued and tuldratadMbM. inyrrTfll or tin wrra'r nrrn Trurel K i'm lu buie Lamia, Ho 6, .r in itur our own c * rrepneilmt |i e?'?a'l'n??Ptlijrlmi Rath'nc In tkr lor-lon. H?bron; 4 1 Ha ( flwa a I'jpp*' v ' r' . f?i lo^r iml Aw flP'iK Joiin > lib i'(or'? I'm- I 1 al r ai?'. Al>rrb*m'r Oak MMttui; Iha Tent at Kb. <4. The i i'hrrak la India. ? Oni llar'y. PublM Mobnft aata. TM Cnwa Mr. I'aliar TnanV"d In Rnr'aml. ib l a?eof in-f Anekni 1 but-I'n Ki mam Hr*l >?lM in Aria. Order of Ktevcl* W; The abandoned Hi her. Tfte Tl*?r Onb? 1h ' M?u An.jiii loan ?In Hriiira, a HUrr n( P.* , A Tra (?ly. I tawing Room Virk Fonda. wlib four lllaauntimi-a. |i. -r or JrirnM, edl or ami aatiriat, wl h a poilrait. I t rrart ?Nrw tonka and Uterary Ouaalp, iwnrwic loinlltaenon. >v man Nowa. Tie Alampaw?The Frank* of Aria -Wrmtmt <wt? ? An?<v yrat h; Mode of Apptoarntry .a lrrrior* In Raai; the t?bi* i.i the former King* of Nia-n; Maine** Crtooeta | > till '>ro?*; Paiaceat Many k k, Wan lartn Sn,n in ' rtlnary I i orlnm*. MOtb*r nl the King of nam, Mandarin el HIaji In Oi^'rarij oetitme w hr Will M? l>o with It? By Rlr R. B ilwer Lyttoo, .ihap'era 1j 1# aid i? Ho* Mr felklna ?aw the Flrow wka. Prattle and Tattle. Where ahall we gri th'* S tumer * Qv.een VI. toria'a Prawing Rmm IllnaWatl'it -P'oaent Style of fctormioK the I'aiRct! wl:ea men VMorih hiltu a i.rnwtre Room, >ne 'a*e Wm f, Marry, wl h a PcfMU Thiltre Wlae and Other wl- e. Wtekly ? a-ket yomratry. Financial a.el Commercial, t ?e Faahtcn*, wth tl ree Fgurey. tVtntoa Mm.?|||o?tralio?n?Filial ReTeyynca; Too Ma->hof a tlnod thing. per*.** llrlng In II e eele* of Raw tork and Brooklyn, ami wtabiag "ABPKR h WRRKI.T anpplled at th?'r h > < *. will l l?a?e to ?e >d their name* aa.l retldenoa 'o 'he ogle* of pin liea'l n. The carrfera e ho tlyllfr the paper Fill oo(l*ai pay for the *a?e. Puh'lahed bv HARP** * P*r>THIrt?, Kruik n a|.tare. I*. T. H?RrERiTwiiKirT A'.pplW-H to dealer* and oUtera, auh*r la the enrram weekly atuaknr* or (n the WORTni.T Pr RTs, iltar i ntoriM* part <*a?t*'nlPC *vir m* re-no,-* sjckey F thy Wr h'y Jjj I It 1 t< iV'.Y, ^ Waoi?aa.e *< nt*. Ul mar. *ir*ot, .? ? i irk UAAOliia JJIB LUIMIM. 4abikoim>n hquarr wmr una. hboond HOOn aor*k of Buk street.?A salt of rvoan, with oonrd,tnvenlent tor o tally, blso, rooma tor stogie gentleman ate HMM rwiktd 1 r STATE ITBRJCT.?WHTT HOUSK OORHBB 09 1J Bridge alrast-FtoMael rooms ud good board. ?uHnbto for turn Mm or single gentlemen Reference required nURKAT J ON KB HTRKKT SUITS nND P1N4LK rooms elegnnily f.rnUhed, wl>b or wit tout t-riTMe u>bl*. Off BA TTWJCNTY FIFTH HTREBT.-A tlA.VDBONCLf OJ furnished parlor, with bed-oom adjoining, to let, wHk board, to a lady and gen Lleuieu. House Bret class, a few door* from I'north avenue References ftxohiwgnd ?K.- AaUT 1'WKXTIRTH HTRBKT, BtlAK BROAIIWaT tT) ? Deasaiit and haadaome furniahad noma, wftb board for the secure nod alloc of faulllea and gentlemen. Southern era nod otbera seeking pleasant booses. wUJ And tbls Vweltoi rrrj desirable, jQ WbHT HKVKMTKKVTH 8TKKKT. NEAR KIFTH ?0 avenue ?Very vllghlful rooms, for the ceomu'vlation rf '-mll'es and gentlemen S. utb rners and o'lem wl blng b i;l aruft home will find this Inoatlon very desirable, partion arly for lb" simmer QQ UREA* JO"KR eTREKT.?FURMHIJKll Rf*>MdTO DO let, wtlfwil board, lu this first c-SM Is- ih The house hssgns bath Ao The ronine are in sntls or si igte aw may be 1 snil ai d ate newly and handsomely furnkthnd. 4 A WftMT W.BniNOTOR PI. tCX.?A UKvTl.K* M XT and wiTe ann a lew king a fen Ifvui cad be a coioino la i'<1 with ver 'tulTHhlH mom* br auplt tug at 41 Wa?t Wash ngtui plHr. Tlia hou?e ha* all the ui.Hlern laipmei m nt*. 4 C HKIJVB HTItKKT -flOUTHkltWhHd kND H f K A " t?J |i?r? vlkl log the city. Ditto olti/.e l. can dim pood Oourd n d cool and pinaium* home ne wlv dtp d up Room* t-.rnuit.od -r u lurnLbed. tteiVrnncB* required t* '? KKkRKN 8TRKKT, BROJKl.TN HKMI1T4 ? P?R ' U -J manent or irantW-nt board may ha o talned a- tb* ahova dallgh fin mmmor reatdancn Room* large and Uandao aaly rnruiabed. I'lnnt r a> mi. Reference* aicnangi'd. e m ?? DOIHIAL STRRET, THRKK DOOM ABOYt 0 Honaton alrrat ?A ?mall Kaala'n I'arndy ?.n aw mmodata a r> nil' man ?n.t wif* at nina anllara p-r weak; alto one nrtwo gent ernei wrh hall room* at four dollar* par weak (a* and bathe in <ke Uaa. *;U *WU?tt STRIKT, POUR PUORH PRUM BROAD I tJ way ?To let. scleral handkomev farm* toil rooina, to ilngle gentlemen; the location la near all tb* tlrai o'aaa hotala; anacbad to 'ha h n-alt a large reading nnm, wberaatlUie oewapapara are on flic, both home and tore gn. ANBON HOiJMK Proprietor. 14IQ Bl.KltCKkR 8TRKS.T?A HANDSOME oL'If O"1 I'rO irnn'r.iom. aacond floor, nnfitrtilabad, Dud a ikn of lurtiUbe* *p*rtxncnte on tame Boor and Hied atory front rnnma, Inoatton naurpaaaeo for comfort anl health, Alth or wl bout b- a?d. Trmtleot boardcra tl 50 per day 11/j Wo VERI.hY PLACE, BETWEEN HIXTH AVE11U ru' and Witabuigtnn *iuare ?Kr n' and back parlor, tog. her or to para!" handr ute'y fnrnl bed ou flr?t floor, with or without board, to genlletren ortamllina. Reference* req lred 1 .41 MAt'DOUOAL 81RSET, NEVR SOURTDSTREET X C\' ni d W**? Ii K'on neiiare ?a 'argit bac ' paM >r on the flr.ifloor, baud om-ly furnished, to lat, wltn hoard, tu.tahli lor a grntxiaan %i d wife oi two alngle gaotli'mon, terms raa ot.abla. r pply as ahoe* ?i 10T> CABAL STaEKT, WEST HIDB OS AND NEAR lijU H lalwtt.?llandaomo furnished r 'omi for single get,t oaten o gen 1* man and lady, wilh or without board, In a prtea.e l.tmlly New u .utber ut 'M. Dluuer at 6 o'cU-nfc n rm? r. imaUk, 111* E1.1ZARI1.TH 8TRKBT, THIRD DOOR SR M ilO Broome?A geu'lernan and M? wife or a f* w hIi -la gei tlemen can ba accommodated wi'h bandnomoiy turnt# -ed rooms aim good'jnar' at $S 60 per week, houae haa all ha modem t pn.veri-enl", *ncb aa ulo?tW, wardrobe* and I ad mm. nlih lot kUtl cold water. Ila) a IHi -a PSI'N STREET, HIAR WahHNtlToN ?<|ii ra.-SLi' elry room" to let, In aulta or slngl-' to fntaul e r gen I- mm, with or /libout full or partial board. 1 h? uotioe c< Tin, lui bathnatid gas throughout. hTKHkT ?TWO DUN T.ICVlKN IAN da T / ae/nnim.ela ed with neatly furniiihe.t r?im? The bee at flret ebuta. newly dt ad np hat"? g ad the modern Im pr. veniecta. r>.ii?eutent ticar*audatagea lil iner altlo'clock 4 J ?) HR iIMS STRKrlT SECOND 8LOUR K VST Of tiO road way U one of the heat boarding houaea In 'he el'y I r kingle gentlemen and gentlemen and tb .r wlven aIwi t-ai.wloi.t or datiy boarder* aocoiniuodawid Dinner* at 1 and ? I' M Dtt,. Hl.iL Mi UN STRIKT NCVK IIRO DW b V.-TO I)awO l> t, a nea iy furi.laked front mom, on the aaoi ud Mr. Ke'.'C. lli"ei, ri | f"l OCU IBit t-Wal 1/NlON SQ. afiV.-d/NJNiokff v'uo Nirnlebed room* .o let Ui famllte* orgent^maa Pnt .u table 11 preferred .r on the fenropean plan. Viuuii i'6 o block Ba.b gaa and modern lioproreman'* tlnrat meet Del w* Hefererce g(e#.i u-d eaqpirigl flinn U) N.-tNK OR TWO ? VNTI.UNIIN OR A *f ti man and wife whim* l<i a/rane- the all >vn I c n h. v line r<? ni< wi h board on v. tj m *1. rate ternw Ad lMi)M|k Umltfifl <*. ^.n fh-k tUK-roi 11ic>Ti km vn \h> Vifl in I elu'l g nard I >r bofi and fiirnl?b>-d f'mi riom. booae ha aR d"i" iinorfl'TOimi* rll<l ile luxation ame-aiMe 10 hnnirna; ?l n mors exp? n?l"* room* fleaae addre.a U , tin P-l herald olBc , ([ivlne vour 4 RMAL1. PKIVaTK FAMILY. olVlNU IV ? (it? TKKL A ortfhhorhuod up loan, would lake .* Iv tirderi a hn'l* n an a ? lad) or a family of Urn- r lour |r r nut The h- inn I* !ar<r md liai every modern ouu?rn>noe Add eaa Klthan'a Herald tifllrr Ft* hlN.'Lfi OK.vtlkvbn OlN HK AKIOdKO r dau d pVa?aiii noma w Kb or without partial board, at No 9* lludxa atria.. ArlJlT . F KtHIMit, OA TUB Ha:uK|l / >>?>* 'AONT, i< let* * tillable for a gentleman and h a elfe, with board, 0>e hotiae 'a flrat claaa and the location tinxurnaaaed Mate rei.c a inquired. Appl? at 70 ff?i Twenty third a rant fr* niratJ tnmjnii <>r k qavruuftv j. and arl'r ran be a rommndAlrd with board at< re tl ?rr are but lea boarder* (ro mia ftitnlabed or uofurnUb ?d.) w libit. Ihrre muiotra wait of Pulton tarry Apply at I, Front at. Hrn kite Aphiv la FaMILY <AN kuoonmooatm a hm < rt aii nd Ma alia or nna or tarn ainala e-n leinm wi.h board apt') t 126 Weal i w#n,y ir ond atrial, between MatkaM rth avanuea. Refer? net a rr q uired Aht.IV/Th FAMILY RKSIDINU witun TW d.VTl Bilmi anil of New Turk In a moat b?aii'|fi|i and ta-a <h In I ba- ton i at e to pmenrr boardtra for the araam. Appl) at tf Wri Twrnt) fbnnh atreet a of ?M>ll> Fl'RNlNHRl> PARLOR WITH "NN OR IA an e?ir attached io let. to one or two alafe (?n t rtiiru In a private bonne a l.h a I the modern Ispinvem-mA. V'-o % an fix ram Apply at bo frtoee atreos a few duure weat ft "r?i'aa? : Mln l.l-li FAMILY CAN AOfVMMoDaTB A YolJN 1 I man ai h li atrd aid aalnfle room Apply at 194 Mall *nn ?'rei", i eai hutfera Rateiweee mpt red . w i iiw Can actbimmoitatb a man *A and a if" ?nb a plain furtilaiod bedroom. ?lao, ran 1. I je a "Ingle men b? 'h? *?k or mon h |< n mnuera'* lei m? l'le?e? II at IU Cedar afreet near lireenxr ob atr ir, Ul ito ?r Ir ir r aim B i hi ? r> ai ilkki.v widow lady without famd won d a rommo'lat* a lady alth a rieany I ir txnlx d r out an board, or coeTenl-uee for 'taking ornnf an rip- rn e?j nirae. would prefer one woo required our unit Apply a 74 hinae atreel. near l(>vineinn. Oil hi a lirntlkman and l,41>v "lajmpp.p, 11 f f fci n ??I| nM?lo * ?hI ro oia and hotr^? ml e' I. catU u *r i seal a reel, cm r*a?>n?ble Sa rnu A led) ' i >. a ?-wlodkM. Hi.* h - f'l.* Mll'lI.K ' ? > r i a.M K N, OK A U?N Iria.n an- ha wife, B5 >r be art h fn l or l> .r'lel ' or appl- In* at IS* l'Uirre|> iat at., llr n*l?o. r-w ??i i?H i 'i m nat Mnnlb ferrle*. n fFini''ii-i>?n<M BOA*n i r?w n NUI r murruiMM <>? oMtroa iii ml heir all '* can be aiMNnmetelnl alb piehaant rnim alb r ?lt?o I hoar I, hjr arpt-'rc at Mr. NSt'aria kn|.ber am t nt-r Hlm-k*r (iMuHNtlll* the MO Ml BOArt -A UOftTOH I.AOV liA" OCKMKIt A rtlLsr 'aea toma* in l.eiistfon avea-ie. Mo II, guwHt'lr* metrj i/l, !? derlro-n of tahlr* A few ?'n*lr fenl.emen, and g > f I " at.-l their aire*, nan be inam . ita pleamii -. a.i with all tbe a-rdrrs laprori au-cta. Ilrlrrnnnee n??' A Bo An t viM mo.ikraIB ran** a utATi.aa a.i wit tin- u. d??oie a few bonra dai'r 0 'hp Itniri^i I >i> a vi} 19 rmtra old during the hoi 111*) . *11. lanct *tth the abort a aa Mtmeehie emit}, a bore an oon <l ham Juvalran tat-irf ) reiM-i eno rental Ion; mal.l nor nuar ih. tenth f? -.7 Hire*')! '-r eaHa anplr 10 Mra K-nne-ly# afetaa l?? All?n-|n reel, liar llair;, HmAI'ti. Boa Hit Ih iiR MJKtfHj?TWO mail. K BHTbWIM ' r a re in nun an.1 wife ran r -t pi. taaat airy iurn In a ri?*r far il*. wlnre the eoaforta (t a home riar bora libel bit" oilnillee nt fnlirn ferry III ' aalilaatbt Ik HO a II It ?r NTK'.t-BY A OMTUMA* ?Nit NH alln |? .1 an ah reHilrnn aod aernaal. 10 ??* fo ri famlir, ehe-e l.ete are n 1 o'ae- hoarder* tn he biian .ireferre-l Ihe lonail hi innrt oen- ir Pnnr north airen au Riphih are line, 'learn Mliirnaa II li Wtlenn, bm 1 , hi foal o*w. HOaRII WaNHD-POR A YOtJM'l LAHY. IH h'OIR tnri. l m nrar tfet Hto Yertaa ne' u? etreod three -toMara ,-irar a |t?rna or WUIiaiarbnrif preferred. Ailitmaa il. It , 'Yilhftn <| are Poat olllne. a't'ln* .11 and urai H <1**11 w NIRD?Ht A flKHTI.Kd a N. WIP* (lyifaeii ant a?r?ani. ta a lainily where there are fe? < r 110 other r--?i<1.ra 'I'erma not tu eio "?l 9 itl per in mi a lei rvt .n wreirb'e no' ah-ire Twrntt ihlril rr*"t Reference ml ige P., Uroalway PudliMRae. BOA Pit W.NYRIt IN HROoKl.Y* ?A YOCNU V IN aieh-a-i. hta'n p*rmaaeii etard In tae a>i.iaeol am 1 e tai. .. n-lrMe a-bolMS .a?ll? ?h n? il> re am f--? >.rnt 1 b ?r -n In tho lirmeiila'4 ne>i('ihorh ael of Fi'ia aveet. 1 B- rpaatahtr mfrren* a ran he aura. eadmuswUA parie t . lair, .I'tnea, ilr'-i?.jn roatillW-n IJrAKP WANTF.H IW HROOKI.IN \n TIN'S HP Jlf ?h?- ftr l ?f 0*ptMI b?r ?1 *o l^rn'- r--m? I ?l'"??n:? 11 o? r*?i?iin*l Flmum 'iiir*?* ,wWiL ' I*? ar.d trrtnf, *f\l?*h rn'int bf? m <drr%t??, B IX I*-. HWlM I i . ______ HOAR! ilMi-A PARII-V OR PARTT "R ORHTI.B mi n r?n n w oh'ain board, ?' red ' ""I preaa. at 41 Raat FXWn Ii ran bw fnlnt ?i?mh Pmn'f A 6 o>lnrk. n04KI>|l>0 -AH Rl.t'lAIT bh d t I. HlR. RV. ORD flier, i. # man ina * beautiful new <f lie bay. with * at il bath w 1 be In to toe or !* ' rent'emea, cr nan ami wt'e tn II idanvi terrae. H ibokea. wt:h full ?r r ?TUal boar.t. In inlr- at R I fewarb n'reel Br,.f,Kit ft -l.aROR AfRT ROOM A OR TTTtHIt' Ofil am third fooce; a alitlt * room and tmlen an aRarhed. n?al> '"tied " . r,*u ol>t *',h 'uil or P?"lal hoard. Ill ata'Wvui hi n e, wth'n lit" -am'-te'a w%!h of the hou'h ir ttaitatf oi ' tj on "tf tm.dera'e iMd lleury at/oat, oona ?nva/rt<? (treat UtCIIRIR" V.I RO<>t4R TO I.*T-TO '1CRTMNIIR ORL* T with or "I'bout pajUai board The houaa tiaa aH the Bod. fi imp?ora<arn?. App'r at 3R? Tmrtb una mm 1 Rwedway I KtURRIdHRU ROOWR TO L*T ORRTI.?*?R KB 1 dn? i ;>*aani wmtn In a fBmrenlen. and neutral ktra t,w. wM dad >(*r? maronimra bp avplrtaf a? 414 Hroraw* (Moat irti H-nadway. MltlRI. UrMII.VIfl -HIf*7MM KM CAR ORTAfR I wid lurnlakr* r-umo tl the 'Hole Hotel, burner at Bran!" l ai r W'II'lam wrente, at M co, r nod 37 aei:,a p?r itru Honor open nil nt?ht MOTRT. ioiMMro* mi i o?irm?mi O*JI nV*?r. mod b>da and (trial' rmma a: I1 M / /, rrrv.. i>t r .1 ib'? ?i u> ?r 3*1; f .-'a per a'a'it Mvlaoiui Lotutt. W fhwtrj, aeai Um .a olreft 3^ MAKDUO AID LOOCUHO. XTO. m KAKT BROADWAY.-A* O Birr L KM All AMD i> wtfe ateo A few ?lo(le ?ra Jam*, can be aeonauaotlalod wit* hoard And pliMut roouu. Alao, aa anfunlaAaa aaaoad floor talAt. wttfl gM aad batM nrrk"ti^l1'T ','f"" *"* * X ? A MaflDwSPMMAOt>at P,r'or OA'I brdrrxim OB MOOMl 1,1,1 qr. MMMPWbW1' Cor too featleairn toeedoa da. nrkl/W, (ialUM: IB7 Re Mrrtna; family -mali and aataeA TerMMMHMBl A|BtW Bavy etreet T> LKT?YliRKR PJJU8ANT rjMJBT ROOMH, rtJRnuh >1 or unftraMME v> two aJnclo f<i?Uem? o or a ?rnttiiRian and bU wife; r**t Aofa'abAra, Blow per year. Apply At Canal, rorrrr of BpfrqR BROOttfK. Witt ORWITHODT BAR1 ttai board, a altUn? to m aa-i avail fctdroom ad, il nine, with (at. to , In one or two (oath-men. or A married aonple, in a imf elaaa hotiae. clnee to the booth and Wall t tra? t farrtaa. Apply at W Congrraa rtrort. between Hlrla and Hrnry. mo I.KT- A N ICILY YUIUHHICD PRO NT PARLOR gentleman. at 18 IMainevy atroct, uaw OhryTIe*"1 " * BOAUP PI TUB COPiTTRT. Board in tonirra-with a hmall Yrivatb fam'ly. OOCtipjiug a large heuae on high gr rand. bearmlfully situated, unit* near thH railroad depat Gun or two fv ail I leu ran be accnnamoda ??1 by addr>aslng at oooe Mrs. P?aco, Yon*?ri rnat office W rate beater county, N. Y. Board in oranor oouwty-a new FAMiuim ran be aratimmodaied wi'h board, in a private family near C rnwall. The house la situated among the mountain* and la accessible elthelr by boala to Cornwall or Kr? Ha'lrood to T urner a. For particulars apply to J. T. 3. SMITH, AM Broadway. or C. i) RiIikR, I,tf? llroadway. BO?RD ON HTaTKN ISLAND. ?TWO OR TURKU gentlemen nan he annommodated wlih bow* n an elegant private house, pleasantly located and but live minulco walk mm the terry. Adureaa A. H., (juarauttae, Htateu la and. C10UNTRY BOARD.?A few "amii.irr CAN ? Adit e -mmodated at a beautiful plane at uated on the baak of a river abo t eight mllea aciu'h of l.ovg branch. Term* moderate Knr parttenlara apply at 18 l.emy atroeL CKH'NYRY ItOAKti Wan I nil-ft<1R A pmall FAIIIf.T, ) within one or iwo l-nnr* r.f the city. eitarr in a boarding nr fa in house. Adilri-i* bo 1 J.631 Peat oOin., with paroeu'aru o' *1 nation, term*. An. pOTJNTRY BOARD WANTED-HI A I.A.JT. HRRVANT \ I ard child, agnl two yrai*. where they r.aa have naM water ha'blng, boating, Ashing An A pitvato boarding hoiue p-efenrc-d. 'Vreona ha? Ing *u?h ace->mmnd*iln * will please sddre** R V. H , Herald office *'a'liig full pirnunlar*. SI' VIt KK HOAR1I -A IIKALThY, OOOl AND UUIRT retrrat, and Inr era bathing I no sitrpt?*i 1. Refers to Gilbert I'avla, hln) , corner of William an- l lue * reeta. New York, John ILirlln, Hivcr*b ad, L I ; or the pr -pricier, U QuORue, county. I. I KDWaKD GRIFFIN. priorletor. SUMMKK BOA III)?IN IIIIfOKKN WITHIN OIK mi* nute's walk from the ferries noma lurnl*lielor nofurI tailed. Apply on tbe piemlara. No 3 Washington terrace SUMMKR BOARD OAN ltKOHTAINKD aT THKOAPA cloua mar *ton of Kfl W ?K>i l'i 'BY, ne*r the *ea ah->re v) heliport, 1 . I Tbe amii*rmnn'a are ft*hlng bathing. Bailing and riding. The term* are modrra'e and ihe ineau* of aroeng by the aleamer Horcamer. foot o' Kobiuann . tree! triwrr klv atd twlue a tla' bv lite l*Un I Railroad. tirough to 2', sours. No muKiul <>??, a good table and fury sleep-.ig apartment A SUMMER BOA Kill No I MOST DWJBBTFOL, AIRY location, op towr , cry convenient by * age* i r car*; A private family, can accommodate aeverc ge-ttemen, or ge ttlntnau an 1 wife, wt-b large and very plea?*nt moms, on racdemt* terrra Apply at I'll *lnlh avenue near Twentythird shoe*. AttdnvxM. H , boi 181) HeraM office. rWO pam1rikh OAN HAVE HaNIIMIMB RtXIMH, with good board, at Kirbmond Hill, 8'aten lalan-i. Ilvemlleg frrm Van terbllt landing, one ml'e from the beach din-sea and marine view. Partic-ilar i a Mr It-nettl-t'a atom No. S Wall street, or Irom J P KKLUKTT, Richmond Hill, 3. I. BV .TIr.n nrjBim it>. _ BKAUTIPUl. ?P< I ri> NPKNIi TrlK vfAR'f W AA a 'her.?Ibc Orwa Orn?<; Manalon Kovpcrt in low open 'or tbc reception of cummer bavdm. Kvery ft llltjr ifcre'l i>>r the vnjoyni-nt' I al. kind* uf oi'in'rj i? wi'iiri. moh m ba'htrg boitlnd, flyhlng, *tipnlng Ac. 7h<- a'e.# net Keypori 'cavei. foot of ll array atree' every Af ereooo at 4 o'c'oefc. lern.a ni"drr? e. Fur partlou Am apply At Bra. AflHBl'ff, III Frank lln atreel, or on the premleee ABH( TT IIOUHK. I OA"" POINT, B ICW JKHHBT. ?The above nan* ' e ubilnhme"! la now op?n for the reception of boarder* the builil.uv, which la entlre'y new. la tlluyied abooi one mile cud a half '''etRhypon laa-atlno plea-ant, ant! rooina airy anil cnmncdMh The aieamcr K? vport Vavea foot Hurra- rrrr' dally (Hundaya evnepted) at korlurkP m. 0err1?gea are alwavatn read in-ta .mi ihe a', rxal of the boat to convey goea's 10 ihr hotel For particular* Inquire of * ug.alua Whblock C?q , M Booth afreet B T.; n?. H Iloaght- h?q VI Kroadway, B. t ,or of I'apt H. Wbitlock, ati-amer Kevport HfNRY W AitHOTT. yn?? r Fro* lkttm.*-too abk me, b.jw PJ on ar>' aolha k leg to the city where fun ean apend j or 'warm term'T Co nio .trie, mine or yu>i -pay Bnr*' rh a v hit. Vol will lint here a n w hotel the VTaorepan. ' an Indian t ame, )on perceive alguifytng to oobl aat, ?t uh I roomier veri -Ignlraet, f. r thoae win pay k a Vtalk A'e ?u*v to vtav loop r hac thev in-ended aud elwaya return. I1 nileratand. n i? n- ilaahtni l*?h onable re-ort, whom p. raova leat lop the elty for health and qule will be annoyed I'h hepa t'lrtatb na f?*?ip he , Ac ; bu a targe. haiKartno, clean, new, well k'rt h u?l oa 'ho ?rlndpie of a private hoarding haame an I for lova'lda there ia nut air ther place It* equal Ir on Maine lo eor ia being ho iraldener of aome .d Ihe m'at ominrnt Burgeon* and phvaleiana In the country, ltd proprietory Meavra hi It It IH A WKr.KH, are con-tderae yu patbUmg kind |r?ilrmea. They are t ? new In iha buat Bona to ip pelate 'ndlvldualt vn lrely by the length r.f thn rurae aa ' oi, and too roorai to ba advpta in thn > nulneaa at any futiire day. They keep at ei ee'bnt table and yol a lei dareo ued if favor'4 with aiiir.crnl patronage to an'horl/e It, they wilt ?i you one unequalled out of your oily. Then Norwich ia a>> central, *car?ely an Ironr In thai ray attl yon can oavo by aiaamhoal or car. The ""hl'd Ihe aalitng the g-?id bathe and delightful drlrea-the pevull'iil nverv tre ahormuif tree- . d?d hllla?the plrttireaquo 'own old lid l>r i .Hiking, with lla crooked tree a and houaea rambling .nd clambering up the green rocke in everv at. In of architecture-aim! laat, iboitgh not leaat, a cha ml' r aoelety 'If you ran get i lo Hy. In' re fined and alfaMe The gra-te*t pee-pone to It elr heart* and home are -Ickt me and Borrow, 'hvref .r? It la needleve to any they are irnly rlirl lUn. ah >n?dln< in baaevo lenie and hoapha'tiy Vol may think r >tn ail ihia that I am over par lal; probably I may be but f apeak own the eipe rlepce of a a ranger anvi.g them, with no Celm* opoo a e-npv MlrMtial; ve- alt tkla 1 k .e-rmed and aajo d in ihin el'y of roman Ic h'lla ai d w*>m hea'ia, overflowing with lha d< w of klndacaa and rympa t y. Then come ?o Borwich for Ha comfort qti'ai and deiigbilul air and If n't very hard lo plea e y"n all aay I hare hot looeyua Ice lo my Bnnwirn, Ju'y '4 IHB7. TFIEIR aioRrarr norat. HOI i'R LARK B J -AB A SIM I1 mer retreat thla place la ueeqnailed Thoae who are in aearch of health and plvaanra. a e would adrwe to repair Imaiclately lo the ahnrvw of th-a beautiful and fhaclnatlng lake. Accvae nen ba bad th' aer twee a day by the M'irrta and leaei Railroad l*aaeentera leave Ihe car* at the stanh po eta'km. diauuce by al>g 'r-m rallrtvvd o tae fureal llouee tan nulea Iboee real-tog lur "r Inf <r eatlou wlU nbtaee addrrae J. M Sharp A IV. Hndd'a l.ahe Poet oflb e, B. J f AKR MOIIBOAM HimJhK IB B?<W typrb puk BORId mer boaolera, m uaied four ml'ea -aai of Peekakll rl' age, ? reaalhle hy VII IrOia <m iri iwin nnw iua aU amboat (altnd HnMe 4 W "aimer, runtUil tl*< H J HMTH IS PRKPA <*n TO RE'rtlVR A fTl few board* re a*. Ibe my To? w .tel. m blue tod flahttiM pritll?g*a wt h-n abort dletaore lh?i?n wr la pmnire ?tnw; a fine rlew nf the Mo'lnd m l onaeeUep .van be nut fr n 'he fH' m Hoard (4 to St pe. w. * Htagea leave h? done fhw I an.) eteune ?t 6 A M and IS M dai.y. He.n/ Brook. BuAplh nrnihty, l.nog laland SU AKRVTNHL'NT -TiIR dUBMCSIHKR IKfORHR Till iblie that be Pael'ii.i, . I '..r *?ih' !? t? 'or the rxwpipm nf b< *ar 1 r* and rtai<-r? Tie nnm am large, art and p eaaant and era Ing a III be left in I'm** hai Can lend in the iitaf.irl nf ih ae eletuag Ibln bnU-L TWO I OATlt TDK HO. dK. FAIKFiKI.ll (Olf.TRCTl ret. Ih nnw imeh fne *tieale II la new, well 'itentebed, llhb erf w! h raa and pleaeantii Ineelen TV- ha leng M eery 're Tbt- la a dealrable bonne foe inailhea wbn wiah a <tuM luraw home I. H OlM.Iff. rMITF l> FTATKR HOT III,? Id SOW OFF* FOR FfW mer hoard* ra. a plea a t plate nr f miltae n aprnd a ! w Weeb?, be tide # i.m< a wl bin eo feet nf *h? fimr and It la a tn id and ?afe naihitig p'aee'f. r eh ldr?n B wr*l IT per wt eb |.|e<aoce eight nvlea fr >m Hr *>kl/u. rm MIKUKTaTPx II Til.. nHRKPAHRAD Bar. RMIIT ?r?a lfi?i Brn 'al?n f r aa|e Ml two arrea nf ant; I. now drlnf a rn* <1 hnaineee ?< d ha'bieg. boating aa.l dab mg Board I; par eea epplj at IS! B** krai. wr-e? -w *> tbo nreweea VAIXtiftO KfR'FO Hill M -?ai..dlt|f>nrRII? Herniate imtrij, H. T , eight hoar* fret few Turk eltr, na hew Trek and brtt haima* O Dewaalt, ih??ee bp i*ge o*er a bean Ifnlly abarf* d piaa* mad tl? m leei m *ha aprlnga 'the avringa *r>-deligl failr ant'ied a riving grenwl rrnrlmkHie the betntlf'i rale/ a' F*ie |neb*ona and ant ennnaaden hf p eaaant ahtrfea , drtrea and ?*.?a Frw fawlllea detfrnat of .iMaaln* a b*?me for ibe a imra* r m mv i?. where the/ ran enjnr pure air beautiful ar.*t?*?y and'hat betthful and eibi'ara'i-g lofl'ieoea ..f the nla-eal watera. Va Fmlr pre.eeo 'i r ral'el aiira-tixne h>wwea anrf rarrlagee fnrnlahed at maw" a le rate* dew ?o?k mat errrr m WW* leg Fn?*m. AW in 'be bonw. Trrtna Faint lea f w ihe aaawn. If l t?r ? TT*"" '. l -%?r ?- " prr It In tn> ir*i? for parur*i%rt *d.*r*M 0. w. roT?. WnprM* copa nmunr otmm. II,. I ' IS.. I. INWBliI .TKI.T ?T if tM" nun> W ?' ???? la A (onrt . a?h u<tnii t , II Br B HBlBry TT Mil Bo lnwr?? la th* Stint*? . ThU l? a f.?t1 rhBiic* to 'tifB. < la rnr. rmdtBkla np.ayaoBl ?ai'T' at** Broadway, m?m Bo A Cor.11 - A PtRTNrH W ITH TH* A ROTO 4WOCTT wtBlr.l ln.m-.1iit. -Iv, In th? laid tnd <?nrtl r aa already etta* Itbed and m (? ( >tl ahlch ran n? c.t |? ta<-r?A..-d to any ct<?0' A ply to J. I BR k IBM. AM Broadway. corner of Prtnoa ktrMl PARTUS;* WANT*!! IN OAR OR Til beet p^ylnc t"i?le-*?-. In he edy, fat-wl tod re . r', Bod an ii 'irr Bo will at ?fi an? > .?-??. nan t?at,,f *>.-I. ?t rh?-r.-t ?-t.t oif-ml apply U? TH"M AB Pr R R V 1?" 'Tift tin "i ar? <?l rjlll-A *ARTR KR WAATKI. IN A "aMAtT T It* I" rant Bn.l a', con rend ? It B Itf M M ' 9ra* r hotel m Proalway. A apl'ddt rhanin f?* B S mIboiB tan apply at SB Broadway. room 14 OB. H'>WM A 'X>. lt? I W III ?Til IB 4B01TWT (R OAill OAT AN OA D ?4>'M'UU. U> ?r?a- adv>n,i?o In a aai'a and proluabii ... r. |? nrnri-i Ant'rt wt'b r?al Bunt Ad djf*? V W Herald nlli. 4. - I I j k 11 I M.TB'.IIBN -A PARTRRR m tar- .?, V*)iUl'lFi In a wel know* aid rmllaile ta >ln| now do 1r ? bu?lne?? Thr kmM l? ?ne of ?h? 'ml In Rrned * ay, below I'Acai etreet Apply at .W Hnmdway, mum 14 ? ? aowmt? o.j. PA RTAKK WITH M. ? ' TO ?l OWI w7?rill In A we I retaollekdd r*i?ut mrdwlne. Add-ee* A. II, baa | 117 HrrHll clfre. tt*woi I Tl"A - T'lK Id P?RTA*A-IUr iilniltTiv If 1 ,r? * ?Lbi? bf'tel Mopktna I Rpvka M tbu da? ? > InaltT dtwo'rei All e ana azalea! die eaM Irm will aeiIlrd by Henry w brnnka. The bmlneae will be ?>nnn \?d #? H-nr. W HrVka . Co. RH.I'HI JJOPKIRR. Rtw Ti'in July l? IT HEART w HROOKX. Pari Neb WAATKO-KI'Hi* sPErt AL OR AI-titt, a bo will adraoee Htl.lOl and be ?at*<le1 with M ?a> pn? tfirnrn f. r hia ere of the prn'lie. The uiieineaa a a mvn|. lnei?rlM <ae ?ad la dene for caak or abort eredita Addraaa bn A'lt' y rtfdaee Rew fork, with real name and Midiraot Ro eRret ' broker keed Apply VV A RTIP? T A It IVT A r ARTbKA <k!TH A OAPl ?? A m I iTAtl'e bn?i leee, >r >be I > ? ol laoi ORI ??'. di . frnin 10 A *' in S P If , rr ?1iri A 0 T R, U h.(I. h AV'A JC, Saw. Mb And Art ajjA >ir<wt%