Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1857 Page 7
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t nmniitim MHHtg* KfBIH 111. * ALM AT iUOTlUW. """ OOTIOir NOTICE ?J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER ?BY R. BOUAKT ?This day, at to% o'clock, at No 81# Itroad >*. by rtrtne of a chat el mortgage and enecutiou, cloihiog bUabsaent. consisting of a Ikrga lot of black cloth fuck js. easatmere pantaloons. rests. cloth and aammer ruglaaa, y clothing. clothe caasltneres, ?es'ings, trlmm'.uga, ooin I shelving, Iron rafe oonctora, showcase. Ac m above tale la postponed until Monday, 20th Inst, at the a Urns and place JOTION NOTION?J BOQART. AUOTIONSKB-BT S i BOO ART ?This day. at 'Ut-i o'clock, at the auction as corner of Frankfort and William streets, mortgage rale J large assortment of housch"ld furulture mahogany sofas Ages. secretary bookcases, mahogany chvlri, marble too a suitable for a saloon; looking gIsaaci, oil palntin ft, en lega, crtba. bedateada, beda aud bedding. Iron waahs'.anda, log any enclosed do , crockery and ginaa ware, bureaus, M?, clock* carpets 3(1 tables, curtains, Ac. 1 JOHN W SOMCRINPYKI, A timi'y for mortgagee. morrow, >oy, ociocx iarg" *aie 01 liquors, segar* srtsn, Ac . As., at the aaction roc ma Monday, d>y goods, 1QTION NOTIOM ?J. BOOART. AUCTIONEBR?BY S. BOOART Wednesday, July 21, at 10^ o'clock. at 438 ma stree , Bharifl a auJ? of the ttlectsof the public a known ar the Lsrder, consisting of household ture, pa-lnr, bedroom and kitchen. Alao, barroom tar's and tlxturea 10TION NOTIOR?THOB. HELL, AUCTIONEER ? It; llBLL A HUHH.?This day, at 10)? o'clock, In the rooana, 12 North William treat, a (taeral tale of varlout a, fornlture, paintings, faocr articles, dry goods, olithlng, ,lry, an pernor watches, guns, hardware, Ac, Alao, to clone ua accounts, aud Ui pay advanuea, storage, Ac., all iie tare, desks. ahow "a?ee. counters, Ac . without reserve; i cap a, groceries, 21 demijohns old brandy; aejara, Ac. I ? OTION NOTIOM -WB B. JONES, AUCTIONEER, ogles 412 Oaaal stree*, will sell thla day, by order of tne mess, at No. dtl Canal street near Hudson street, at 10 ihe contents of a hat and cap store. fl 110NEK'S BALE -WTLLIA.M T. BOYD. AUCTIONeer?By George Nichols, this day, Friday, Jmy 12, o'clock at the sales room 66 Natulan street, assignee^ balance a ock of jewelry, Ac , removed from 2M llowery, rbing a general aaaortraent of watches, guMtjvrvth'j, plated ware, Ac NATHAN NE8JUTT assignee, 88 Nassau street. WARD SOHRNCK, AUCTIONEER ?BT E A F ft. 3CHBNOK.?Thla day, at 1 o'clock, at their aalearosm t Nassau street, a apau of elegant long tall bay horses, da high, seven "years old, warranted perfectly sound, and geuile In even way; alao a dark b own horae, 15t< t nigh, warranted In every way; also a bay horae IS i blgn. 8 years old, kind and gentle In every wa :1s a lupertor saddle horae; has been used as a saddle horae s last ton" years, and at Mr. Dlabrow'a school for the ljwt inthA Also a lady's saddle and bridle; also an elegant thie on. butlt by Bridon. of Paris; also an elegant light u, built by Mix; alao several square box top and road (PL eKY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER -H. B. LEEDS A CO. ill sell by auction on Friday, July 17, at 10S o'clock. Pearl street, betaeen Madison aud Chatham, assignee's o 'be trade aid others, large and valuable stock of an old established eon cent, ting of sheets, linen and ootton pHlow oases, 400 balr, tad husk mattresses 1.000 lbs. hatr, '00 bales moss, bed. WMhstauds, tablecloths, covers, spring beds, bore ass, rpaues hair bolsters, nil',ours, feather pillows, iron , blankets, bale* husk and other desirable goo ti > at 12 o'clock the lease and good will of the atom to Ma; .with the fixtures, scales, weights, counters. Ac The to be as id without reserve, by order or the assignees, to he coooern. The ailentlou of hotel keepers and shipi a la called to this sale. Hoods ready with catalogues .? before sale. VBT B. HMRT8, Jr.. AUOTIONEIR?BERTH A -M08B-?Mortgage sale of the contents of a tea store on r, July 17 at LHi o'clock, at the sales roomsbhj fine onmpriaing choice green and black teas, white, brown tflued coffee sugar collee. spices he Also, 2 toua white 1 hoies family aoap, 20 cases Hooth A Sedgwick's I>ondon I gin, 10 caaea Sumfeld'a bt ters Also a large lot of la and Herman aegar*. Also, 'hi outaves prime brindy d, 10 barrels old Bourbon whiskey. Also, office turul rod safe, Ac., ho. By order of LEWIS BENTON Attorney for mortgagee. ITOAGK BALI OK HOTEL FURNITURE, PAINT jgs. Iron Bale, Ac ?William T. Ill yd, auctioneer ? r Nichols will aell oo Saturday, Ja'y 18, at 0 o'clock at ' bmonl House, oernrrof Fnrlleih atre'et and Sixth avenue, ' lueof achatel mortgase. alt large ml paintings. Herring's i lie, nearly pew; parlor carpels, aideouarda, Ac. W*. W. BADGER, attorney for mocraeee, olhce 10 Wa.l street. ' iTOAOK BALE OK LIQUORS, GROCERIES AND wgsrs.?By rtrtus of aeveral chattel nmruragea, dated I i. 1S67 1 silt expose for sa e at public auc-too the atock tires ot the abors named goods, at 2.1 Bowery, this day, si, at 10', o'clock, consisting of teas, eutfeee, 14 bbla. f> hbls molasses, csndlus. aoap, 11 cases Indigo, bants, vices, l our, and a rarietr of other goods In the line; also, a. gin wh.ikcy, port and Msdslra wines, rum and alcoI. Hsk eases and kegs; also, ifieises Schiedam schnapps, ? brandy. claret and bock wines. 18nas-s ol cholera bit drnijokna various Minora. 10U baskets -hauipigne of S brands, lemoo syrups sad cordials and IS sixteenth of rhampague brandy; a so, 85.UUU sega a of vaitom also, 7 bbla. coffee sugar. S bids, molasses, IS cases d. N. P O'BRlaN. auorney for mortgagee 1 St U o'olock, one horse, barttnaa and ahilltng top light and tour barrels varnish, ny order of JOHN Mel RATH, administrator. A. M OKiHtALAR, auctioneer, A TKITl'H, AUCTIONEER?STORE 16 8PRUCE hot. (tootlnnatlon of bheriT* sale of millinery goods, urdav, Jul) 18 1867, al 10 A. M , at 891 i'anal street, lag of trimmed crelpe and silk bon-ett, rlbboni. silks. , artlArlai (lowers, ladles', ahlldren's and misses k and bloomsrs, Ac.. Ac. r J. T. RTKWART, Deputy Sheriff h WITT ERR, AUCTIONEER?WrLL SELL. THIS day, at 2 o'clock P. M . at 4.M Canal street, all the gens-tor. chamber, dialog renin and kitchen furniture of a leaving >be city; flie tapestry, three sly sod other car klclnths, solas, chairs, centre tables, pier sad oval mlr!. paintings mahogany ard other bedsteads, hair and stlreMen, beds and bedding, dreesing bureaus, wash billet ar a. wardrobe*, eltina, glass, stiver and plated Awes. eitenalon tables, cutlery, table and bed linen, t fur comtnenstng housekeeping and others. r DRV CKIUD8, Ota. IARTOR PL.ACB MO. 6.-THE ATTINTIOK OF awe tn want ol ready made linen ti Invited Orders are b (mas ia we who went shirts to lit. Orders will be Hy and honorably executed. Strangers at a tnvued to (e our styles. ^IlKW sewwrn ssstii las, eaaaln'og stork of MANTILLAS ?eno mfn.-xd m prtoe and mini be cinaed ou: before [ ACOUsT S. aba rtmra fur who eaale ^ tall STOCK. KA ARI> M AMTILlaAA?FALL SY'.KH, <317. 8L H.lJi A JO. are now ready to eihibll full rait and Winter Striae. Aim c**i? and invite the tnapeetioe of Southern and Weet-rn Hu?era. At Mil and 33 tlbarabrra atrnrt, np s'alra. > IT JKKOIjOTIOK IN HL'MMkll 'IOODH, At UKnIn'S Ilaiaar. and m'?iut??' Swtse and Marseilles ba? ines ibtin and misaae' c o h up of every den'rlpl. m. Fur lbs preset,: seanon, | Si-bin* ofl at a sarrtflee \ robes and r jo?e it ciiamhre, i jrtp.! Variety, at very low prices, I bonne's a; 2?, and 2a Ad W >rth fl and 31 35 ark. Q?B tlt'S BAZAAR. Hi Broad waf, St. Rlrholos Hotel it ATTHA'TIOW II* I'RT tlO'tim. I: ? a k ? 'STAR H V I.IK' 72 ''anal r'r.-t ; to tor lib of one "1 he firm a 1 tl. r.toneijeral dls of par-eer-htp, He rntire s'ock of (be a bore eat ab l will bettered at greatly re taeed priors it W> I r*1 par! the * ??!> th" e 'in.uf ?atr, tl. ? >r? , , ' ~*ttirda> th? I h tnc an I r? '-n-1 "i 11.. ."i shen the es'irr , -a wui so' ! :? u m- ' tun m throughout 1h? attention o' tttweln bare I maSu't h?ir purebaam l? ,< 'i" iia'lr Invited to this j th? e re '.-1,1 <rv.tce.irvi, i, 1 r. ?a. ri Ire ?1" he nial- to r . tt WOK** Mt-tWJL'lTti B?T*--tJH*4r TAsTT AND rahl-. aiiehvd to any form of bedstead. lo swing oe . ore. Also, I'itai'oil's servlarv beds as.' - i.r eotere. at *3 Wh' e r--i Bew T -k i> i rm -? *?."( i ? .(* *! da- <f \ Ma ,?t- ki? < . ? ?t?T < : Madam.. It* i, ftrra h?*r apnmai u rn'.na In ad klnda of Fi cnnl a- - mada in ardar, In.uaia. ?-nll..p?aft. fnfcaa A? '? and ratoll. ? | r. a-.f.iN MATTIWw Jl (HVfv TIH VIRtt |.S k maul..* i- y.T \*r 1. .? rl >? 'hof 1(1* ??*? >? fork W H HONIl, lap rar aa<l i dr. r??'? 100 aod 110 Ruth ~~~ iniRTINU. "pa'.E TI E RI/HJP <il,i )tn NOAT ALTO A, , > p.aa ?> fwt Vmi, t?rr laat, and tn pond wdm , ?.d i .? Apply to John t kolmnh r btnrrr 1NKR TAOUT NPRAt FOR ftAI.IC A>M''T 4>l .nnhan. ?.pparad and tn p?.?i >rdar and wail f..-in?l rkiuri'if Mh? nn? li?-n al I' >>Mikm and Ik r?ady rOm AprlytoN Hid nHMRKII), Harrntarj I *k VacfclOlnh, No 4 Plna aimat. ^ T ijvin for rai K T.1KB1 NKtPFOl no I t-"i. *r,i to* m<'tk<-r. a.? a bw tifu: pointer al'.i . 1 r i?*i. Apply Id NO *>i!ih NaTfnth atraM, asraay ;r r <1 a *l.v. own op > FKBT ??n i| nvr f... .1.1 1" ' - ' a?a>. rna ..I J| faa? I im a t a <H.p rlte-'d and rrn'r- board. ar* n fl .x rani laat nl.nri. Apply a' FIBII a MORTON ft. 'r atraat. ridlTIIIMi, AiC. KNTLIVKN HAVtNO I.'RIF OR RMAM, ih tnioa toft nil r name m Up n: oT I roaoi .-a !' < '-v: m r. ih " 1 - ' I. ? . in. ij i> roNROT, Hi fienir* N* 8) P**r1 dtrnH mro invaftin hft-.mnimnix'i/'tit. . QotiUomon ?1?!init to ?vr. vnrt lAlt "fl >>r r.f i>* : ?:? imIi can oV*in lrao; Rf'y prr mi; m - - .1 :>n? iholr m jamlm hoiaonat. ' j-l ?1taai - ? t.a 'an ani ikntiitmcn havjnu 1 <rjw ! "?r fihn ? a f?tr n<D prlno for tli* "" (tin vMrownvi* 1? I '1-I1.1I Ia ir?m i':"*, - "1 w*lir-wlwa? i >.' j !?' xlmln ??. j r"t/? i.toif rank Takon At 71 on \r tor >n*mw rlmhlot, j Al 1CV ANA', M Anil ffi WltiUm atfMt iwmtrtrttio^i. I V>T. " MI'itim TO TKA-II ?AKN(\f 1 ri' Indnif* lil-lll i>D M dAllr lnHw t-i A *A A . ... Ail-tr. ?? ? K. A. II , A) I Am.ii .? > * :^h ?i in rt vkr inhtit1 tv at <tt,at|m*('k j?. y . r 'in ? titnrno In inloni'* r .. .mo, 1... Aril and t a 7?-*r Riih'i-n firm rimn Iwnrnoior* Turm i1 rot a. ri,a'k, a m . prin 'i|ia1 it 'n a i.aot of rtrineh mannfrn v , I 1'oii w( . < t .? 1. ? ' A" TUAn in >00 M A I' " .*OAn '? | Ami I , r u V! 1 ?To lh? ?n'!ro A OA pr'TA'o !*ip ? Alio In Amy A ?1 WltA ,, A* A aii 1 IA A thnr.1 igh 11' i irooA In atnpiif u> ?! - a "ilii Inilniot a '*m pniltlA tr 'So|r n i at , i ai. u ?4uaia i*na? ojji'n, 411044 I ?VU SAliB. 7C -FOB 8 UJ. TBI MASK. BTOC". AHOFlf^ MP I U. Iur?i of an old established business, wh deaaie id rt'ail Above an mint u> cash and a good note lor the halauoe will purchase Apply at 284 Qreeuwlcb street. In the store. III ? AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A M AN WITH *M ?P?v/U. in a large first c aa? grocery The owner has p ore business to attend to and will giro any good man an ex traordlrary chance. Apply to UVlNuKTON A OO.. No. 6 B? kman eureet. -FOR RALB A FIVE VKARR LlASI. WITH ijPiJ'lUi all the fixtures, abultle board, Ac , Ac , of an old estahlla. e porter fcouae, corner o' Co'nmhla and Rtauton t-ee'.s Sickness In family the reason for selling Innkeeper* license can be obtained 1'ir.l | WILL HUT ONB OF THK NIURST AND BRUT WsJtJvr located lrult stores In the otty, 111c 1 tiding the stock of preserves, wines, Ac, gse filter's. awntug. and lease ; sow doing a gixsl business. For particulars apply at the our per of slj'eenth street ?nd Third avenne. C/f -A favorable opportunity to ooh?TlUU. menoa the ambrotrpe bnalneae In ^roadway. $400 will get an apparatus and the furniture of a gallery now dnln( $160 per week. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, SOI Broadway *f<itft -ron HALR ONI HALF OF A VKRY SAFI 5POUU. and profitable bur loess To an a itl ve uaflwtlo I man thla Is an exceedingly rare obaaoe References given and required For partlculais apply Immediately at 336 Broadway, office Mo. 17. *nrn ?FOR HALM TUE STOCK, LBsSK AND FIX flt/OU, tureaof a tirat claaa liquor store. Iocs'ed on the wert aide of the to n, do * doing a good cash business; good reason* given 'or wanting to sell. For particulars apply lu LIVINGSTON A OO . No 5 Beekman at. (t? | f,.n FOR A SUPERIOR BILLIARD AMD B AR <p 1,QUU saloon on Broadway, handsomely fitted up. well ertabllahed favorable rent and good business. Being otherwise engaged will aell very cheap BIGOS A SOUmWIOK, 81 Maaaan street . RaRR OHANCK FOR A (BUTCHER.-FOB SALE. A A three v? ars leav e of a first olaas d?pch?r stands, together with the fixture*. For further par.lcutara Inquire at 6 k) Broome street A rlvfib barub ob labor cimal boat for ft sale or exchange for span of horses and oar-1 age ? t is In excellent coudl Ion, and freight engaged tor slbanr to he loaded Ittmrdlately. Applv to day at no. 5 Heekman street, over Park dank, between the hours of 11 and 2 e. p. brred B1AUTIFUL HOTEL FOR 8ALB OR EXCHANUBFltted np In first style; cost 8,000; all clear of enouaab ranees. we'l established eight years lease; must and will be disposed of, on acoount of ill health. Call on thaYroprtetor. at ISS-13A Fourth street Williamsburg. B. L TuCKKR, CIOUNTBR FOR SALE CHEAP-PRICK OMLT 16; HAH ) i wo large drawers. Icq aire In the clothing store, oorner of Beekman and Water streets. Drub storks for hale-two well bstabllshed stores. In the bnslMM part of the otty, on promt nent corners aLd leading thoroughfares, each doing a good paying business. Will be sold low for cash, or will exchange them wilb some desirable Wrstern land, eoal and ral road stock, tor a euluvattd farm near tbls Sty, ol about one hundred acres Address J A. W., New York Post Office, for particulars. rR SALE?THE J)EST LTVRRY 8TAB1.B TM THB ch t; a lease wl'l be given of the promises for five or ten yearn. Apply to A. HEKBK, 195 Broadway. For salr-a first class ambrotypr and photogrsph gallery, on reraousble terms. Inquire of r. A LEWIS, 142 Chatham street. IjlOR PALE-A LARUE COUNTRY 8TORB, WITH THE ' goods and flxluree; said su>re has been occupied by the subscribers for tbe last twenty years. Any one wishing to engage In said business will find It a very desirable location. R a Y b O r A POSTS, Heliport Bnfiolk oounty, L I. FOR StLF-MASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A large liquor store, sue of the best corners on eighth avenue. For information apply to P. CUFF, comer of Twenty sixth street and Klgbth avenue. FOB SALE-NINETY 5EKT OP COUNTER, ALMOST new; will be sold cheap. Cu be seen at Mo. 27 Barclay street. For rale?one op thk largest wholes ale and reiall corner liquor atoree in the city, close to a terry, on a grea thoroughfare, and do ng an excellent oa?h trade; this la decidedly a chance that aeld'tn oilers. Apply to THOMAS <i> FFWKV 170 Chaduvn square. For sale.?toe old established packing box manufactory 4* .Marion a reel, house and ol AM and 5iJ Marlon atrret, house and lot 116 Centre street; also, a large dairy farm, with stock and fixtures complete, containing 621 acres, situated In Oswego county. State of New York. Inquire of lbs owner WILI.IaM J. COEY, 46 Mario" rtreet. dior SALE?A RKSTACRANT AND I.AGKR HI BR H 4r loon, 73 Liber.y street. For particulars Inquire in the saloon. rs SALE?HOLLAND'S MECHANICAL KNEADINE trough and bat sir otsb, Air the manufacture of bread. Mamilt, pastry, Ac ; patented In Europe and America. Ths undersign-?1, sole grantees for the united States, are new ready to entertain propositions for etty, county and mats rights. The Invention in entirely different from any hitherto brought under the notice of the American public, and superior to nay apparatus yet devised for the preparation of the best bread by cleanly pmesne, and with an Imsaenss saving of labor and fuel. It In equally well adaptad to ths largest and rmsllrsi concerns PhampieU, with fall description and statement of Its snoeess In Europe, may he bed oe application as below; or they will be sent free to nay editress Eugene kabrsquettea file A Morra, Parts, A. Bernard, II Dey StrSSA Esw York; EUre Ponvert. IT Water street. Mew Tort. Fob bale?thk stock, ha. op a broadway hat cap and general furnishing store. Iocs'i ?n the bert uu the street; ten years emaliltsned. to a person of energy and mode rate capital a rare opening as the proprietor wishes t> retire. Address W. W.. box 121) Herald ,?oe For bale?or exchange por a well ahsortkd stock of dry goods or groceries, one or two first class nouses la BrooAlju. Address LAB, Herald ofiioe. Pllt SALE?A DINING SALOON in A GOOD LOCAuon long eetahltsned. doing n good buslnssa; will be sold n great bargain, or 'use a partner that unders amis the busl neaa. A Bauer eoance ?nraom onem. lllUOH A KODTHWIOC. ?4 Kmwii atrad. For sale?thr mask and etook or a tkm?k ranse grocery (torn dolin a trad* between st*) and $4U) per wee*, the flxtnrer belong to the yore ?o there l? no e?. prime but to walk In to a food bnalnaaa, it wiu be auld cheap aa the prnaeat proprietor U about g >ing Weal, for partlou tar* apply at (TO eighth aeenue FOR HAl.E-THIC RTKANER JOHN E.HACKI*. BriLT In the city of Philadelphia In 1A6.1 havln ; juat undergone a ihorongh repair ta now in eplendld running order, her 41irrr -lora are lAti feet heel. 2.1', feel beam, wt h two (Irat elaaa high pmanure enpinee, 17 laaBaa In tinea alee. 5 feat atroRc; draft I teet lo Int hea, HIS tout burihen. for further partlou lan inquire of J No. M. BROoEALL Hinder Pa. IjiOR HALE? A R1M.KNDTD LIT*'H A NIT BKPRKNH P meet raloon near tie ? xchange Wall ? ree?, tveli fined tie. and a pool atoehol wlnea, Ac., 4'in? a tir*t rate bua%naa. Ail Informal Ion alien on appii.aiou to JOSEPH JENKINS arent, Ar. 086 Broadway. JJOR BALK THE I.KASK. RTOHK, HXTIRER Oil 1,1 r cenan of one of ihe bent located liquor (tore* In Sou'lt t red. near Kill ton ferry, a pply to Jokn llareraou. IT Peck lip. IjWIR HALB?171K BE PLAfl* OYLIRDKB BOILERS. 1 Alan a good ("tend band ten borne power engine at Ful ton foundry, rornrr of 'Jrren and Morgan ulrcetm, Jeraay Tlty. FOH KALE?4>NK OP THK BKST BAIEKIK* IN THE d?y of Hrooatvn, on a grt al thoroughfare; a line tl I'd j tin ntore doing a Urge bnamenn oyer the o >unter, t (ether ' with the bahltig ,( bread for one of the 'runltuiona of (t .? | York, wh'eh , ayaa large pruiit. a pply to T. uAI'fMCT, ITU Chatham nqttare For rale-a rktail obcii store, in the Lower pad of the rlty. we|| ednlillah-ii. end a good hutlneaa App y to STARIN A (JOKKHBK. brkerr No 8", Rearer 11reel. hYOR RALE CHEAP -"art IN OARli. All! ItUKM tn good notet, the Sloinoda dime t aal on, la M- r, hnnit' Etrha tge Wall dr-nt VrO jIRh A HKNION. IjV'K RAI.E OlltAP-AN OTNTKR AND IJIN1MO RA* A* loon In Weatdrt et; or If n a (old thl? week, will he rwr ed, wita dock. (Iktntei and litrniutrc r iiupbo* fn pnm at Sttf Rprtng dreet. atoye Horn J W. C HJHWkUr Hotel leap* and kdinitiirii for s?le?onkhalf latere I of ihe large* and bmt hod la Hartford, Own . la offered ou llnernl irrat* It ha? all the mo lorn a . prorr meaK nt ceoee u for oone-nleoen and "ronorny and aa 1 r lon'.lrn' run of en?uim. a* well aa a large number of boar I era Lnaalloa rents al. and aalJ tob* the p.eaaan'eat la the ally. To a raeh ru* omer a rare nrportnnoy I* ofTered Ad dreaa, with real aatne Hotel. lYeiraat office, Hartford. Coon. Rest ai rant pok raar-ttib wbt.l know* and old edaohahei* redturanl known aa the Mart'e Pillar, In the rlty of Alhary, tooltarwd lor ?tle on fat-orable Urma, treyeot rrorrtyiny wt*ht-g to change bin b'i* noaa. The Pillar loea'el wlthm throe mi- oten wala of all tue railroad depot* and or trr i> ? II ipp una OKA nrm of i tram and la now I ha fSmrtf rraon of n'ltm* and *trmo*nra Tka r<tod will of Ihr Wj?' t'.bmrut, Ihr B'ook, Mr nrra and fur- ! al nro wll. ba dl?iK*w< f' < any prrwtn w narrr on ' thr hnatnraa For f.irtkrr pank"ium Inputr* on Thr prwaaiaga, or of W. M. I.AR'.l.bY i?y Blrnrt Houaa Haw Tor*. STIAM INOINK PtlK HALS. A EK? HOP. l/.ORT Al. ! fnr'y hn'aa pow?r ?t?am ai?(|1n" Appl) to WK. tlHAI. . PER* ? *a'l atraai, ffo 17 rrar buildinc rpn III Triian- r. r ^ai.ic rf? flXTl Mi Of a i 1 mral niarkr'and tha atop It U> *'a> warm and bar ' torn and a braiitifal mar* " mid Boll tor any bualnaaa Wi.l ha aold *rparatr or altpfatbar. tnoulra onrnar of Krla nod ' BayMIMA hi UMaalnw t? ?? ty i nftiToartrrR. paprr makchk, printbrr. thncrat fcpr?. o?o?Mnd?pa, *r -For *ala. a rary anpa rtor i?d noral pr?a*. lar ahaad of anr h.draitlln praaa It dnanOa "Wn work, nr?'? no rara.nndt* In all raanpatr .ha Burnt dmtrablp ( fit to ha found. It waa lakan for oafet. and trill ha anld tow tor naati or apnaorad aad?i?ari nota. It nan bp aarn In operation t 'bp libra of Rtlil), OOITHI.AKI) A OC . mrnar of Banana A Pitia -.rrata, b. twaan S and I P. M. WATCHf.P .?? : \A i' t.KV, AiC. 0'AMORItR-TUB TRADE Irt RK*PE TPUI.LT" If formrd thai wr arp continually ainfaoiiMiiR. and bat n k? d 1 a Ixryu amah o* diamond Jawalry of Ik- la aat atylna A iarra ppportmpn' t f diamond* oo kand. F> tdnj l?ua for ika trada IRunood* bough 1 >r ra*h. t. HBftVARWAm ? ikamikaa 'ttrrki.p. AHtTi'R Hrt'aii-j.) vi i'kr it * v Tkr b?tir*k ' ?rn yaara lrana" oommrnnrd in May, I AAT, w til and Ma* i, I Hit TMa toiiM- I* rondi'1 trd npfta Iha anm* aytdina tha". hta I duilngulatad lthrh? no A i - anraot ha* 1 r addad for m '-banta doln? k't?!r"a? ; Id it* rtrtnltT. Tbr rra airnni i* rnitraljr Indparndml of ilia Aator Hnn*a. i pro.; tat"' ' O' ibo ?ct ' Kami ip* w 1 Pn ' tki*o?a ti? m.Imi hotn'a la Brw To-h doling Ibp tmmrr, an 1' p iadlaa' dap.fin.nt prrf<M In all Uiai pmdupra rral ? otf.w Tkn p' y rtllm* atar'lnf fwm lb- d.-.ot, ma'- * pnnnta to rparb ih. n p< r par' of tl.P r'tf won fant'llr TIip ?mal' f.o trt a o,i rprfy t f-ngrrt (nn ba Raw D rrnar.iR.. <-- " Twantyap-.vb atr-i. to uia Im mpdlalp fWntl of lb* k"t. I. Oratf Oil for ihr i aat I In rnd to daarrrr rnttra 'uw tl A. BTiraow, - ... ... .. ?.va:..CAV ntMMDITt' Unutt mi*rt ?Ttl? t f? ?nd twiUful ??n?U htrtal laenntinIho T?rm\ ?" m p?r (IAT. Tbr pulrrntf of tfcr pii Ji* m<>?t rAaprnfiiUf aolrltpd unWIW ft * TO flit, Pr^offoto* W W fftl.t. fnrmarlrnf ih* frvlncFoperintwd^nt MCW HoTKI, A N i> IHNIK't ft A MH)!*, OORItRII Of Howrr? iumI H*r?rd Uaiippllffd ?U A?d r?H?? nf ?H* ?mi?m "t'oti plan T*? nUiH riMH ?T lt*> Hid Mf. And far* .? ?< ?.ta P?M?> UriftwBiW ut SUMilA NEW YORK HERALD, gini'Piiia. l*om urarooL-Tub~wbw unitmd btatbb P mail lueamahlp COLUMBIA. M Berry commander, will depart with the United Slaiea malls tor Europe, pualtlvety' on Saturda?, July IB, m 13 o'clock II., (ram her berth at foot of t tanal street For freight O- passage, tut ting unequalled aoaoananriaiinna for elegance and comfort, appf> to KDWaBO K. uOCuM. M Wall ma. faaeeoger* are requested to be on board at 11 o'clock A. M, All letter* mitt pans through the Fret otftee: any other will be returned Notloe ? The steamers of thla line hare Improved water tlgh ootnparunenia. The atlaatlc will succeed the Oo tumble, ai d mil on the lai of Auguat; Baltic on the lath of An gnat No ezpenM baa been bpared to make the a Learner* of thla line In all reapeota aa good aa new, and the thorough ex animation given them prove* their mod* of ooaatruoUnn yet ur equalled THK BBITISH HOKTH AMKHICAB BOfAL MAIL ateamthipi. rtton new tokx ro uvxnroou, Cble' cabin Damage ,fl%) becond cabin paimire 75 Chief nab in passage |HD Srooixl ca iio passage 80 The thlps from Boston call at Halifax. C*NAD a. Shannon, leaves N York, Wednesday, June 14. lUKOPA Leitch, " Boston Wednesday, July I. PKKHIA, Judklns, " N. York, Wednesday, July 8. NIAOAh A, Wtckroan, " llos'on. Wednesday, July 15, > BaBI A, Stone, " N. York, We<ina?day, J ily It AR Kill "A, Lang, " Boston Wed le.sdar, July 29. ASIA, InU. " >'. York, Wedtesdty, Aug 5. KIIHOPa, IsUcb, " Boston, Wednesday, Aug. It. PKKHIA. JndkiDS, " N. York, Wednesday, Aug. ill. Berths not m cured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on boird. Tbr owners of thete sii'ps will not be accountable for gold, stiver, bul loo. specie, jewelry, precious atones or metals unless bl'ls of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein exp reiaed. For freight or paaaage anply to B. tilth AK1>, Wo 4 Bowi ng Grsea. OTBAJI TV MUUTHAjkjrru* A*i> HsV KB.?THB BACh 0 alfloeol steamship VABDB&BILT. B,288 tuna. will sail From BBW YORK tor From BODTHABPTON and SOUTHAMPTON A HAVBB, "H AVKB lor BBW YORK. ***** Wednesday duly I Saturday Aug 1 Wednesday Aug. U lalarday 8ept.Il Wednesday Bopi W Price of Pi sang' First cabin, anoordlnx to loeattux c* stair roam, flOO and >130: second nab fax, ITLRpeaie delivered kg uondon and Paris. For freight or passage apply to II. TORRaNCB, Agent, Mo. k Bowling Green hew York. Letteraibr kngland and Burope, prepaid, U oents cask had mnee (by endoeore of postage stamps If from other cities;, Will be received at Wo I Howling wlrees Hew ToHX, ap k, lltj o'clock of the morning of ealheg. THE LIVERPOOL AND NKW YORK AND PHTLADBLphla Uteamahtp Company's Clyde built Iron screw steamships CITY OF BALTUfORB.... 1MT tons. Captain R. Leltoh. CITY OF WASHINGTON . 2 :?0 tons, Captain P. O. Petrte. CITf OF MANCHESTER.. 2 109 Urns, Captain J. Kennedy. KANGAROO 1,874 tons, Captain Jotfrey. The undemoted or other vessels are Islanded to sell as totlow?:? rnoH UTsnrooL. Olty of Wsshlngton Wednesday, July 1. Kangaroo " July If. City of Baltimore " J uly 29. OMy of Washington ? August 1A And every alternate Wednesday, ran a sew toss Olty of Washington Thursday, July 2L Kangaroo.., " August#. Ctty of Baltimore " August 20 1 dty of Washington " Beplember S. And every alternate Thursday. Rates or Cabin 1'ass aus.?Front New York and Philadelphia, Sift. Km I-ivi-rpool, 21 gumnaa. 17 guineas and lg Cineas, according to the accommodation lit the staterooms, aU vtng the same privilege tn the saloon, (including steward's fees ) Third Class Passrngkrs.?A limited nnmber of third olass panarngers will be taken and found In as much provisions as required. From Philadelphia and New York, ISO- From Liverpool, $40. Certificates of passage will be Issued here to parties who are IcslrouH of bringing out their friends, at corresponding rates These steamers are constructed with improved water tight compartments. Kach vessel carries an experienced surgeon, and everg attention paid to the comfort and aooommodaUon of passengers. Drafts on IJverpool from ?1 upwards. Specie taken by thoae vessels at usual rales. All goods sent to the agents will be forwarded with economy aod despatch. For freight or passage apply at the office of the oompasy, JOHN O. DALE. 1ft Broadway, New York Agent, or w m. tiiKAP, ntn. i ana u luwnr nuiiaiogi, Liverpool agent. ROY AI? M ATI, STEAMSHIP ARA.HIA?FOR mverp ol ?The AKABIa, J. 8tone commander. will sail frym the hiresm wrlth the malls Had passengers for luro.e on \A ednesday. July 22 A steamer will leave th? o nnpany'* dock, at Jersey idly, with Ibe passengers at 2X, ;?and 3X o'clock, the aKIA will tall on the nth or August K. UUNaRI), No. 4 Bowline Oreen. OTIaJI FOR LONDON AND BREMEN. -TUB MAQNI0 fluent ateamahip QUKKN OP THB BOOTH, 3,600 Urns, Osptsln Betl, will rail for Southampton. London and Bremen, an Wednesday, 2M Jnly. Pair in cabin. >80; leooud cable. >60, steerage, >S0 Apply to WILL/A MB A OUtON. 40 Pulton street. STKAM TO LIVERPOOL FOR THIRTT DOLLARS,-THB favorite screw steamablp CITY OF WAMlIllOTON, Captain Petrle. will fall as above Thursday 13d July. Cabin passage >76; third class >S0. Apply In BABEL A CORTTS, 17T Broadway. rR LIVERPOOL?DRBADNOU'vHT LIBB? A OIU braird clipper abtp will poasltlveiy sail to morrow at 1] o'clock For passage, having unequalled aoo wunodalion for all classes of paasengnrs, apply to P. M. DKMAHE8T, 40 South sieet, corner Old slip. (DOR LIVERPOOL-SAILS TUI8 DAY-TIB CBLEP brated ship SIK RoBKltT 1'KKL Passengers will please be on board by 12 o'clock bhlp PATRICK HENRY for Loo don mils oday. Passengers brought out trom any part of Ireland or England. Apply to THOMAS C. ROCHE, Bo. S3 bomb street (DOR UVBRPOOL.?THB FAVORITE FAST HAILING P cltppersblp LCt'Y THOMPSON, Capt. Pendleton, sails at 12 o'clock to morrow, has room for a few more passengers in cabin, seoecd cabin and steerage Apply oa board, at pier 44 lent river, or to JOHF.PU MURPHY. 01 South street. (TROBKEY A CO 'H LINE Of 8TBAMRR8 RBTWBKN J New York, Fouthsmptoa, London and Bremen.?The marrrlfnent British steamships 01 KK.N OP TUB SOUTH. .Captain Beal, 2,221 tons bsrthen. INDIANA Captain Baker. 2,304 AKQO. (laptaln Benson, 2.314 " JasoN Captain Hruteo, 3,?7 " Owned by the European and American Steam Shipping Company of Ismdnn and Heothamptoa, are appointed to sail fr<>m New York on every alternate Wednesday, for London and Bremen touching at Sou bamuton to land passengers and malls for England and Franoe They will rrmaln one day at 1.end on, and Ihrnjpmoeed to Bremen Returning they will leave Bremen for New York on every alternate Saturday stopping only at Southampton. Three steamship* are of the first class and hisrc superior aeoomtnodsttnai for passengers. Thev will lake s litolMM number of third risen or steerage ps*senr>ra. A surgeon attached to each ship Tb" rate* or freight to Londoo will be but Utile higher than those o. sailing ships asks or passion. First aabln, NU. ?eoood osblo tflO. steerage, >30. The strwmrhip Ql'EKN OF TDK SOUTH will sail from New Torll r i w-Jn-sday, Jwly 22, .nd be suooeded by the Indiana, Aug si 4,and ergo August 19. Fr,' freight or passage apply to c. H. hAND, II South William street. /YRKAT RKDUoTION OK FARE TO EUROPE IJ Firs'cabin >4) f ? ml *abl ?' ?! una m In the llr. t rlttn paddle when! Ktramahlp AKIK .. J.OOil ton*, am Null I'll H'f alt, 2 Nil lonii. Ui pall from pier No 1 North riT-r, at noon preelaely, cariytug Um UNITiCD HTATK8 TlZ ? i ritK ?rw rout ron iuvri ai?b iOOTIIAHnoH, 11*1 KB ARB KRKMBII FOR Aoi'TII A ?! ro.R iurhM. yomi ami-tor. riiiiRr.wvoKK Ariel, Mat ni-day Angnat * I bat unlay, Rep . 6 I Wed , dept. 9 Norn. Mar. Hat'day, n-p'. 11 Ra'nrday, Out .'tlWnd, Oct 7 Tb< te ateamL ? ton-h a. Harm Hpeolr drllrrred In l<on di |1 and I'aria l or I ???<" or frelgtii apply to D. To* K tin K. egen . No ft Howling Ureen, New York I ft hOliTHAMPTO* AND (ATU-TU UNITKU II Male* mail *f ?m?f ARaOO, f>. '.met. Unudtr, arul iea?rr lor Havre, touching at Hon'hampimi to land thp mailt nd p ? ?,ppm, < n Ha'iirday. Jnly a, a. Ho cloak, front piar g, North rirar, fix* of H-jioh aireet. rxicn or rABtjon. rtmt cabin HSR itrmrn' oat'a 71 Tint thlp baa fire water lis,M com artm- uu rniloalug tbc reg ret, to hai I iheerre. yfeo Hi . or ?ti ending, tb? water eon >1 rot reach brui. tit* the putt: -e fe*e to w ck tb? ?ai? ? of ftrttfrU tail paw - ige.w * oil 'in neeir-wi. Hag g??? not wanted 'luring tne my a. tboild be aeni on hoar* '.be <la> b?'o?o Balling, fiarkod "It \oir." Ifo fr?-. -M ?hj he Akrn after'I'rnrwiav, Ju'j a K ir fmlntl or pe aagr app.y to N'.KTt?..?ll l.f YiNUh. f>JI a, "it. Ho 7 Brie-leay. N. I! --fee iteamer Koltoa will . .o?>or! ?? Aragi and tall Argurt O. JTFAM nilTWKFH 1VICW TORK ANI? Ul.AR ?OW O Hl>: N Ill' R I. ' W ? o'? ?nin r NK-* V1 K*. Il5t >na Robert Clalg. P mmaodee; il.KH HlW. I.I'M too", .I .* lnw?i command'r. Vt?lllu nr aad H'-w fork S < -i aln mrtni 1-trjd i ling h >?r tail porertul tfa?no r? !>~tu New York lo Olatgnw direct, at follows ? tHon H* ? Tour, Ptotr ni A* :nw New Vork, awitny, JimM linen. Kdlvpurg ...Jnne 17. Kdlnbnrg, ha rday, . M.y II, IS n u. il.aar >w July 8. Ulaik.0*. Wedaerdny, Atl* I, |l:.or>n. N< * York ..July U. \?n kork, batnmay, Aug aJ, If n-o,t. Kei.ibnrij... Ang. 8. kJinbiiTK, Sainrilay, Hipt. 8 ijnmii lilaogow ...Mept. A hai?.? or rWMlk Kirat clana, $71; 'blr.1 elias, loun I *1 li cooked prorlNmg, $8)1 Ah i tperler re' aurraoo v in-hi d p> "i earner Kor fmichi or paaattc apply to JOH.V Mi rttkluN, 17 Nrondway, New York city Milt or go'd only merited for l amay UNiTirn htatrf * ?ii, ktzamrhip i.inn ro? ha rana and How Or|p*n? ~OD Krldar. July IT. a'. I n'rlont F. M . frmn plrr foot of Warron timet, Nor?h rl?ee, the fart and farorlie alramthlp Jtf'IRI fllTT. Jokn Mdmru will 1*11 at aNire I'aiMum nan ha roenmd *1 iht nicr of the line Fr> tghi to New Orleana 30 oenlt pet nbte foot, ramir rd Jnly U Kblprert will he wipi-lted with blank blllt of lading, of the fv-nn timed by the line on nprlmndoa at ibetr vffoe No rrber 'mra trued and ao MU of lading will bn ngaed after fie hour of tailing Knt 'retgtt or m mgt app./ at the "Won. Nn. 1T7 Weat ttrae*. sorter of Warrea. ? O totlkTg A reel IltOR MKI.POUANR, AITKTR Al-I A- KANflAROO UNt r >'*<<gpt for Angntt. The tp land Id A I clipper tbip w AY tHI.KY Clark, eimwaader, annpeedtng the HgA NYMPH In thlt popular Une, will be deapa rbnfct her regnlar and *d*cr-am day. Her aormiiuan latioaa for ta'oon ant temnd eabln pa?a< Dtett are'.nanrvaaara:. and are arranged w'li. "P.wlal reforenee fr>r the eoataei'mce and comfort off* tnliw*. for terma of freight or pttwagn apply on board, plar UI Nnat rlTpy. or lo M a 1 l.l.NN. IiORn A QOtPRhU UN Wall timet, or UOOIitYli. aRK !,!, A HI MOT. 10* I'earl tir wK*ncc*n rrice* ?ii*j THROCt.n -rt>R oai.itor nia?Onlted Hiatea mail line, >ta Panama Railroad. Tba Cniled Man Hieeo thlp < ompanr wUl eaapaieb far Aeplnwall on Mimday, July Al, at .1 " dork P. M. precitely, frnnpler fmii of Warren r'raet, Nortb rleer, tha ncll known ami fatt tteamtblp rKKT* Al, AM*RICA, Capt. Wei L. Harrdon. U. II. N. Pintergera and mailt will ho fix wtri\?l by Panr.ra Railroad, and ooenei t *1 Panama with thr Pm-IHp Ifall F oam tblp fVmt-enj'fi m*i,nilloon, utetmanlp Nmor*. g. eenmander, wblcb will bd In i-radioem and Um * Immediately for Ran Kran-leeo The pi bHc ari informed that th? Paifld fv , s'leamahip 1'ompany alwajm ham one o- more eitra r.pynern Wind ?? Panama, ready for tea. to amid aay po?el ble de'nn ion cf paemrgrm ur mailt Tor ptartgr a, tjr lo I. W. RAYVOKi'. at'be only off'-e of the rompany. 177 Weat afreet, eomer of > arr? n. N. T. Regular L ined Aiaiet mall t> wi rr dan Ml! aro arn o* nana mot . I/OK FAVANF4H AKD H-ORIDA-UFMn RTATM r mall lino.?Ik* M?raor FLOAtnA. Capt. Am Crow ml, will lraro on hat'ir !?t Jnly Id, at 4 n ri>ok P. If from plor K 4, Forthflror. HI > of lading on bo*'>d For (ri'l||lil I* 11V"|4 >FPlf 14 0 la. MlTCMRM, 10 'Imadwaf. I Thro irb Hrk?l? <ri>m "** Tork to laokaonmllo tdl< In Pilat la 111 ovair*'* lor Flnr'da pnnioot at Harannah artlh lb* atoamor* irona Now Vork on Tooadara and Halo/dam. L'"K *0??0I,K ill) BlCHBUBD-THl UNITO) P Mkin mail oaaiahlp /A^WT'JWH, "aolain Parrlah, I will Imt? Tor tho bboTD ,'? ?? on Pat nrday, 19th tnat., at 4 oYlook IV M . fr >n ptor 10 Nor?b riror. "bo will arrlro al For folk oa rundajr aftonioon. and a1 Richmond on dondtf ttnmtnf Paarorirorn for tbo Pontk will orooond wl'honi d?iay br ho an-v mart lino In I'lUflwM, Augndk, Ha van-ah,

dr. Tr?voli?r? arill And tbla I ho rhraprai, ploaaan rwl and moat tupodl lona rn>iln I'aaaacM anl far*. lnalndlj( atti* nv in o W ,t!ol1 Po'ovahu** an I Rlrhmood 19 >Wmw I ** ' 4 law, w4>Pn H> Lv'VuaUi A I .aadAAii, A- Jiood way. FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1857. SHIPPING. FOB OHARLKHTOM H O-T8H~HUPRRIOR 8ID1 whwl steamship STATU OP OKOKOI A. Capt. J ' I'ltrln, will tail ?n>m Philadelphia f"r Oharlestoii '? Same da?, July '8. at 10 o'clock A M ''aMn eu'in* with '"f| superior staU room aceomnv-datlons. fill) steerage $* The HTaIK OP GBOROfA wd'sstl a^abi as above oa Saturday, august 1 The K.KV8TUNK SIATh sail* for Savannah Saturday, July 2#. a It K ROM, Jr. Agent Philadelphia. 81 North Wharves. lalkh of ukai, f. st atm. ?pob hals, a i. ak'ltt thrik story jpOll". brick s^op 31 tec f nnl and JO fe?t dwp with ten jetri lw? ol ground corner af Twenty seven.h s'reet and Ninth avenue. Inquire at 26# Aiuih avenue, of P_uri 11. laFOY. <f>?j nun for a iruok p*km twk*ty aorks ?pO.\Jv/\' til crops, and pood build ngs, fence and eit'tlva lion, run*t alent to depot and frequent facilities to market Hub ta very low lerrae liberal. lllfloS A SOUTHWIOK, 84 N umu uriwt. f.nfi TO !?.?*> -FOR BALR AMD TO (LOT A a)0,t>UU number of country rdrMence* In Hie vicinity of Mew York: alar, a large country seat nevr NtngSIng, on the Nt h river, to exchange for New York or Hroolt jn property. Appiy toO.O. TH IM Pi OM, 86 street. ?r nnn ?*0r b LB or kxohanui, mwicV dls ely, a g.iod brink hiu,e oa l.u pieer atr*e>, near ourt Hrooklvn. will take iewelrv. mannloror anv available goodsIn pa meat. apply to 0 O THOMPSON, 88 Nassau street. A KINK INVK8TMKNT ?FOB SALE. A BEAUTIFUL country anal and farm, a abort distance from the city, in a delightful and healthy region, cunmauJuig aa extensive prospect of land and water. On the place i? a tine large man alnn, in excellent ord r. replete with conveniences for a large fanily, and inrmitnded with the uatial appur enaneea of a gentleman's residence. The barna and o her outbuilding* are extrusive, with a farm Niuee at a conrenlent dlatanoe. There are several orchard*, with large garden*, given home, grapery and choice fruit of every variety grown in the climate. The owner baa given hi* personal attention to the caret ul cultivation and improvement of the place but unexpected providen tlai changer in bi* family have tranced htm to otter it to- aale. Poeeeesion given immediately, aa the owner i* malting ar rangementa for resMi nee abroad for further particular* aa to term*, Ac., ad< reas Mont*. hoi 3.137 New York Post ortioe. ClORNh'K LOT FOR SALK -HOUTHWB8T OORNKK OT J Madison avenue and Kortt llrat ei u. front on Madison avenue 24 feei, aide on Forty lirst stri t y<"> teat 7>* Inchea apply from 4 to 7 P. hi., at No. 11 Went Sevcutoeulh atieel, to A. A. POMT, COUNTRY HEAT AT YONKKHS FOR BALK?fill RBS1J deuce ot the late Abraham doddlngton. cnnstslLg 'f nine acre* ot iand, with a g'Mid honee and barn; Improvement* new and mihatHDtlal, a good aptile orchard an ! achoic- variety ot other fruit Inquire of ?. OaTTY, 1,097 Bioadway, or upon the premiaea Ci ?. thompson's bral estate sales-two ). lot* on heaile ?treat, t ?o on Walker ?tree I, near Broadway, very lo v, for cat h; part can remain ou mortgage; ttlao a houae 212 Fflh avrntte. O. U THOMPSON, 8* Naaaau atreet KX^HANOE.-THP.KK FULL I.OTS ON THE NORTH ride f Twenty ninth atrevt will be exchanged ;for windo iv and picture glass: full ahstran' of title; lot* well located Apply to <4 FOUNTAIN, IKi Mast Twentieth street For HALE -with immediate possession, a neat three dory. haaement, BU ce !ar and a tic kouse. No. 104 Kant Thirtv third atreet, between Third and Lexington avenues. P. Ice W.OUO. Apply r' No. 900 Mulberry Htreel FOR SALE?A HOUSE AND LOT IN BROWNVILLK. lb'1, mi'e* from the city of New lork. and wttlun ten minutes walk of the llai luoi depot. lu<)ulre a', the Brownvtlle depot. tjlor oaij at orange, n. J., a new large and convenient houae, very pleasantly situated, and five minutes' walk from Ihe brick church depot; price 95,000 Or ange la about All feet ab rve tide water. Address J, G. t RKNOH, 152 Fulton street. fjlOR BALK OR EXOHiNOK FOR CITY PROPERTY? A A new brick houae, and four acres of land attached, at Shrewsbury. N. J., near the landing at Port Washington. The house comr-and* a delightful view of the Highlands, the Ocean House and the Shrewsbury river. Mr Davis, ot the Pavilion. Port Washington, will give all particulars. The boats Irsve New York dally for Bed Bank, touching at Port Washington. For sale ob to let?five years lease of a newly titled up store. No. 29 Goentiea slip, next to the corner of Sou'U utrrrt; rent low; building 28x45; new ouen Iront; a general ovehauilcg has made It oue ot the best surras In Lbf ci'v It>r groceries aud liquors. Apply la the stars to TSoB if. WILSON. rlt SALE, OR TO LET, OR LBA8N-THM THREE story so re, W Who! street fronting pier No 9, North river. A very desirable situation tnr business purpose! Apply to J A L. Tl>v? HUMAN, km Wash lux Urn street. For balk to i f.r. or exchange tor a few seres of lend?A pood two storj fmm*? bouse, on two im nroved city lots, me milt* from the rltv line, Brooklyn, Coney island plutk ro*d. Inquire of or address J. M , SU City Hall place, New York. HOUSE FOR 8ALE.?A THREE STORY AND BASFuu nt brick bouse, with all modern Improvements and roverlnx deep lot dellxutf iilly situated m Clinton place, went of and near Broadway Will lie sold low and possession Immediately Address, with real name, boi WW I'osl ntliee. Land tor balk?h so pkr acre. 217 aorkb, 8.', milr* from abohola and Lackawaxea depot, on the > ew tnrk and Krie Htllrosd, sanal and river; ft1, bourn from Nt* wYork It will mate a flue farm; It wall watered, the wood on It will Sell for9.1 WW Terms $*)cash flu per mouth after until SAW have been paid, then ihr*e years for balance Over IWO.Om aci for sale Also Aw farms for sale, In mile rent d i ections.a< >ne pood farm near the above land, M acres, with bouts and bsrti and find frnlt trees.o$s7.1, 9K?o csab, the balnroe In three years, it In a pleasant, healthy place nod half a n lie 'rum the village. Al?o one farm by a beaiiUful lake. s7 acres; xecd bulldlnxs; 9I.IWU. one ha.f rash, and the balance in si tars, at wholes*'e pro-e* Apply to j. VaSIIKRHi I.T, Ml ulton street open from t> u> s. Pa xonage solicited In the real estate business \riRGINlA FARM*.-TO rm BOI.D ON VERY BATT terms, or will be niebarxed for rlly properly one of two V IrsItva farms, on one of which white labor only'Is need. For fnrtbt r particulars see advertisement in last Saturday'a New York Herald or apply to the proprlet r, OdARMts Ml DIM,K TdN, at the Called States Hotel, before Monday night, the 20th instant. llOl'SKH, KIKJMM, AC., YY'AYTRD, " DRCO STORK WANTED-IN A GOOD LOCATION above Canal street, well fitted up; pries from five to twelve hundred dollars. In exchange lor the best paying Sto k in New We. Apply to KNlUIIT A CO., 4'JJ Broadway [NARM WANTKD.-FROM 10 TO 28 ACRES, ON THE F sou h ride of Lous Island, within W) miles of town. Ail HE stalinx terms ar.d fell psrUcmars, W Wisdom care of Wheeler, Bellows a Co., No. I Barclay street or apply per* sunallv. at Itlb hackeu s,reet, South Brooklyn. in a rm ?Wanted to bent or pitrchaeb on rsht F terms frr m .1 to 28 acres, with s hon <e. on Hudson river, wltMu two miles ol a station. At dress farm, box S, t)l Post ntllce, stc'lug price and terms. I/IURNlhllKD OFKK'K-ANT OMI IIAVINU A IIANO r anmelj fnrnlahed ottlre In n pood location, oan Had a Rood tenant by addreaxlng OUIne. Herald olllra. I ( IS WAS I'D WAN TBI) To I.rl t h FOR A T'tKW I J of 5 -*n?, fo'ir to ?li lota (altbont rorka), attnatel north of Koity lll'Jj etreet i-ota with annm Improvement* preferred Addroa with I' ll dearrtpt on. term*. Ar., D. <1., 8 Uhurr.b at 'JD ANfRD-BY A rHlRl IAN OKCOl MOKE BOOMH for an ofllor, no*- and want o IHrowdwar or Ikh arnaua, thorp 2.1-! at . with or wVaoa t board. AddraaaM. <i. P., Kaditon aqrare Poat ofltaa. WAhTKo?uowicrt i*vkt or a hourk httuatrii br'wern H-cood and fourth avenue, and not below Twen'y remind rtrrrl or above Ftity ttrat re. t, with but on* w'brr family In the hditan Addreea IV H K. Herald o*ee. fl'ANTmV-l'ART or A FIRST (T.AoA HOURS, THRRK V ? room* and bmemer.t, w.Ui at pry Modern eonvimtaaon and futility for b< i?rltp?pinR. Family moat he until ant rent SttU to f.Wi. Beat nt relet ennre extiliaoRad. Addreaaboi ,Y.S?I l"iai oAce. IV A MKD?TIIK rUBNTRR ANI? Ptirt.ADRl.PUIA II si tmhoal ' money ?mt to pnrobaae a Rood attain heat, ab iti Up fret I eel and 2b feet beam, draft to* to ev -end V, or 4 fret; ?; ?. d 14 to lb miira p?r boor, and la r md r in tit:.a irler Addraaa, with full d> "drlptlon and prion, J no M Krp'ir-n I rrtldrnl, I heater. Pa, 11' A N'TFll- A FOUR NTORV IIOJSR, II* A UOOD IA>v* ca'i in, h'rh etoip jretfrfrttd, worth from 910,001 to U 00, It, which a rhaa pt fconae, tn a dealrahle location,'d h? riven and Ibe di Beret "e pold In money. Addrraa tvtfn 1 .lererption Honae, bo? I 451 "oat office. lATARTKI'-BT A OKNTI.ENAN AND AIR Wiri, A IF atnali bonne, f irntrhed or nnf't-alahed, at moderate rent, In ?ev t'lty pr Brooklyn, near the ferry, or in New York, down town. Aridr?ae, wl<b teran, Ac , Allen, Uerald office. W tS Till A HMAl.I HOI RK IN LOOP ()RnRR,.FOR II a family of three peraona. Addreaa for three daya P. T . 97 Weat Twenty atith airaet. \\* ANTED?INMKDtATSLY, A PURNIRHRD HOURK. II wl'h all the modern tmpr .rmen *, not below KiRhih afreet nor nbore Twen y third otreei. between Fmrth and R'lth a ennea. Ret-renoaa ex ihatReo. Add. m K T. Union inaare Poat oflipc. MTROLOOV" Iftft ?(,*I,AIRVOTAN,"R. KVKRY ROOT KNOWS Til AT IUU. Mm U AY KM tt>,1 Broom* atree*. near ihe Boaery, la the ami Biiere??f i! medical and b'KitMMi .lalrrotaa' ta Ama rica The worat diaeaeaa enred (It nnrable.i whereabout* of ;rle?dt rorrecUy toid BaU affect en joi%nu>t ?!, or no PM I AH A8THOI.(M)IST THAT HKATH THK WORUD-Ann (Ire iko-pand dollars r> w ird in olrered to any on* who aan anrpaaa Mad. il.tfTOR in fflrlng rnrrwi atatem <nta on nil erenm. particularly loaren, law nut'a and all total need ranuem. She nleo |tiv?m lucky numb* ra Any permm wlahin* to ohlain I* for mutton ol any kind, ?o Id do well to call and n?e thla natural (Tilted lady. N M ?She In no hnmbug fall and nnthfy yrnufiiw. Real.tence 18A Orchard aired, between II menu and Mtantoe AttTOWIMIIWO TO AL.I. ? MADAM! MORRoW, TUB aer, n'h daughter, haa a natural fir- to ell all .he cone*1ir of lite, e-'-nibeyery hong tug and nhown the llketirai ! 9t 'be Intended hnnhnnd and nhe?nt frleed*. and eao?ea npeed ruer.ia*e?, whi will all enjoy the yr ate?i niatriin?uial b"n# and y iod lu, k t' rn'tgo'he,r whole lile. Mie futranteaa thai tboae wbo Tie I he will not regret It. Tee fcl cents, and no charge d not *a laded. Oenilcn n not admitted. 76 Hrjotne tree'., be woeo OOinmbla and i'anaou. AWORURR?THfCLRRR \TROflirnTWOtl VR, BKT ler known an He (tipny girl, rwi he cnnuhaB on all errtpn of Hie peat, ireaero and ,n'iire; full astir tar don given; 'e? lltj rrata T B" Olr?T whirl) will rert re happln?a? i r. irye u'ra. The'Hpny ta withnnl eitteotlmi the only peraoa b*. ran *'v? lucky nuiebeia. Mo. 77 tAoitn afreet, eeond Uror, near Broadwec. jPTKOI OOT VNH PWRKWOUVIT MRS Ff.KC R T, \ ltm< I'WII, *lven?r?i<- Intortnx lew -mull eTentai* life, and H'?wn? qneatlreie "1 h'l?lneaa. ln?e , marrlare ?rnhi I'li-D t", Ar , fcj irwii'ilm. "be French, Kntliah mid Her man <??.* ?I It renin a ?treet Mi??a w|RNn\r, thr cm,vwiUTRit riaivk?? clatrTCrar', "S Nrmir n'lcet. rnren A, ae-nnd ftyor. Three w<*btnk nrlre vimhira will pienee nail In the iwcvnlng, ke ber al?M in mi re clear. MRS W. TIRVFMR. CLAIRVOYANT. ACIIIU VKIlIf* and heallnc ph?e1nke - AM dl ??? ilWorered And cired, ttnerrln* eii" "n or kSnent crlende, ih? meet aeisrel mmHrlea di?Vn red Ac kit nho ? <h nur o*tl won, *n I will re.'irn to h'lortdkln k lew werka. Reel Voce 1*4 Vkrirk ?* CH I I,I M R AIKII AVniSTkl ALAIIY *1 D., CM'UliIRT AND All KI T. AW BIITH kienue, enrea meat hovelee* ineaa >f b'ul.iaea uu irn I'a. a eve weakneearet an I diaeaeea. wrbo u operktlm m pain eicke-1 ajar made r? ,?n It nonTai; pieme era wear pStoUowe Soi " * 'ktaeannaa. voa ? amcheimhtjit*. BOWBRY thkathc 1.1'hn n't KnuHRHr Mr H. K'My SUNif MuiKK*-r .Mr. Jammi Anderson rrto?<B boi<* ant Pnn4>i?*?<*, taenia. Pi ml U tilery, 12 ceata, Private Ko???, ti ant Id OP^HM* M'lHT, HATOhlMV Jcir Id. RK'HAKi> III &lcbard III Mr. * Eddy bnuiKir'txi by a uowerfu' cwl OoJKl'T or IN rKd;t8T. fanny Mrs. Eddy YOUR LirKb IN I)A*(1ER J J<n P'rora M' H Walklos BIHTUO'H MCW THPATllE. BROADWAY I hi- heat vt oMUied In the [ ulna. Ulortoua aoonaaa of tbe it.-rat hpeetacla. Friday TIfK NAIAD QuKKN, The Nanul UIIMD ....! Iirin Weston Darmnori blr Huperl . .Mr 0 Flaher I Amp lilber.... Mr W. A. Wood Aei I?The Hath of Ueau'y Art 3-The irar of tb. Nalada Act 5?Uramt Mkrch of Kemai.- Warrior*. Art 4?..riui't Pro-AMloo and Triumph of tba Naiad* O LYMPH -BROADWAY. OPPOblTl THM MKT20PV. Itiao Hotel Hum altered.?Doors open 7K, onrUln wlli rtM at 8. Admlaatoo 28 cent* | < >rcheatra Reata 00 oani Ffiu>.iv Kvantm. .Toor 17 will be acted, for the tilth time, tbe high./ auoceaafol aiirava aura o? CLVMPI ANNA; OR, A NIOHT WITH MITOHMLL. Pbarac'cni by Mr*. O Howard, T K Jninatou. Mr. Ubu frau, Mr. heymioir. Mian Kate Ptnnoyer. Ac. Prevloui to alocti tbe burlelt* ot 'I'llk KIND'S UaRORNKR. To conduce with the farce of THK IBlhH DRAOOON Gbo ohkimtt * wooo** MINKTP. S1J4, ?U M road way, baivir tirand html Henry Wood Huaulaaa Managm Son. (Mrtr Rtagn Man? (tur IrtMko Dtntnta Ton Waaa. taionrnAxr eooonaa on MAulOTAN it?aro minbrrrijw. Ooaeiadlng with, third week of the new fraud loaal bar letta, with aeW roenery, machinery, properUaa. tricks nhafaa and nova! effects. entitled TH1 MAOIOIA*. 8am Sharp, a newaboy Ho. (Mb Dnortopen atT; tooorameneeat8<yelonb. Vlchcw Seta Franklin mukrcm. w orand htrrzt, on door from Broadway, decidedly the cxx IJST BLACK IN THK OITT to paaa an hour or two. Madame War too'a troope of Moda A rtlatea oomuoaed of aomn of the ducat f >riu si woman la the world and oomiating of 1WKNTY HKV*N YOUNO LAO LB, will appear twice every day. commencing ai 3 O'CLOCK amd AT 8 Notice.?Purrhaee tickets up atalra. Htraagera will UlllMII APTKRNOON PKAFORMANOK la always oonchtded by *% o'clock. All litu Broadway atafw pan* within one door Stop at Orand atreet Aoadkmt op mttho ? nkw t'trx, july 18. kr bTUaRT beg* to announce thtl he haa leaaed thla Un-aire. ard m conjiiitctton with Mr. l>tou Hourctaauit wtli an aume the dlrect'on of a OhAN1) MUSICAL FtSTIVAL, for which preparation! are being rapidly made. Tbtae enertainmpn'a, given In acknowledgment of U>4 patronage ard k<ndneaa extended to him in he) paat enterprise*. wtl) be made worthy of tbe tante of New York, while at the name time the price o! idmla. Ion will be auch aa to bring thin mm toal feaat within the enjoyment of all cturena and frlenda. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. BURTON'S M1W THEATRE. BROADWAY. The Management re?pecttull? aurouacea to the public the completion ot extensive urrangemeatii for he immediate pro duclioQ of a MTlur or MOBSTER MUSICAL FESTIVALS ANH FKTXK ' 1. PKOMKNADE, o popular during the summer ataaoo iu ion dob a?d pa at], Uie Unit ol which * IP take plao* on'AT. JOI.T 21, 1S5", op which orcuion wili appear THE Ell Li ORCBaFTKA OF THE ITALIAN OPERA, distinguished ?o,o oerfornurs former!* attached to JCLIKN'S CE'.KKR>TE1> TROUPE, the principal I rmr omental and Vocal ceirbrt lei in the city, t"geih?r wl'h the Powabiul Chohcs or thk Acapxht or Mtuir-rm Famous Full Happ or thb rivaprii Raoiaaar, and the principal members of the New York PHIL LsRMONM' SOCIETY. In order to give due effect to theae novel entertalnmenta, the Interior of thla superb theatre will be transformed mn> a MAGMFIi KNT OlINCERT SALOON. For fttil particular* aee future advertisements. The magnificent soprano, stgnora eliea VALENTINi PARAVALLI. who sung at the Academe of Muaic on the 23d of Map, 1HM, for the beueflt of the dew and dumo before 6 000 persona with unparalleled suooeas and ahowera of hotiuueta, baa returned from Mexico, whara abe sang 'he rarta of Lnerezla Borgia," 'Norma" and ' He miramlce" with such applause that the Mexican paper* proboiiere her only equal Mad. Bnn'ag. Proposal* and application* atldreaael to Kllta Valrntlnt PararalU, Harlem Poet office will hare Immediate attention. Pierce and marston's Great Unit original ok and ili.ttMIN atktl panorama and diorama Of the ARCTIC REGIONS, la now making a tour of the Hrltlah province*. under the direction <f Mr. Oerrae Htephenaon, a member ot Dr. Kan*1* expedition, prior to Its dep rture for Europe. EM. B. PARSONH, New Torfc Agent BURTOM'H NEW THEATRE. BROADWAY. Laat night bnt one of the gorgeous fairt spectacle. Burton's new theatre, broadway. Reoo.lect thla I* the aat chance to are THE NAIAD CUREN And grand March of the Female Warrior*. Music for thk million. l'aoaaNAO* contents and Mosicalc Fit*]. BURTON'S NKW THKAlnn. Bee future annottncernent WtRCIPtTKR THEATRIC.?THIS NEW ANI> BBAUTI fill then'-re, erected by '.Van I'lper, Esq . wIH open aa or about September 1. Ladles and sesUemeo of ackaow ledped talent wishing engagements will address (with rstora atamp) Charles Wilkinson, oomedlnn, W >roe?ter, Mua TjTOR RBNT?THE HKOVAMTA HALL. OPPORITB THE P Academy of Mnsle Philadelphia, handsomely fltted up for nblblUnna Haa ba#u oeruoled byBanvanl's I'an trams of the Holy land lur aire months w A. EHWaRIW, No 617 Ransom atr-jet. J'htla eiphta. KXPUKSSKS. 1RLAND0F CUBA EXPRK8R?FERN ANPZB. BOM HAI.I KK A (X) . Havna. nmprietors-wlll fore art] freight anil parrels to all parte ot Cuba by I'. S mall at.-amship Kmptret-Hr. on the 17'h of .Inly tns'ant. Freight must be dm llverrd to tu on the day before with an Invoice accompanying the sasnalur etearinf at Citatum House WKLI/t, FaRHO A CO.. Ages'.*, RS Bnodway. STITDI.BT'R HA<I<1A<MC EIPRKHR -OR ANI> AFTEE July II, this eipraas wfB leers Brooklyn, at 7 ?od II A. M. and IP M tocontieot with New Haven rem at Twe.ity aeveiith itreet and Fourth area tie. stopping at Uanal street os ihs way R. KKOICAL ?1 nnn FORFKITF.D AND NO CHAR IE UNLSBS VX.Wv eared.?Dr. IIUNTKR cores when 'he treat ment of other physicians and all other rein-diet. 'all. ills red drop m votir onlT reliance for a tberuugh euro la rertala dlaeaees No. I Plvlatoa str~el the only place now an web kaowti for the very many eitraordtoarv curt a it has p?rf >rm ed. without diet rr hindrance rrom bontoeiia, when all other remedies oata drive the win* la the Mwa II oalv. This set-tires the patient from teeoudary attarka, and It Is the only remedy on ssrth that dona It. Try all other* and see He wars of a bandhtU rating Dv. Unnteraas removed. It Is a tnllte DOtta deception. The man that miuiterfeita a goof medle ,e la worse than a thief. Medicm bsoh, dtU pages, full of ooluraa plates, pi tee 50 rent*. Aladt or DiNTiNoriNiiKii skill and ixpe rienee. would dke to meet wilt a oeraoo of ptiblio in fiercest tnd cuius! to Invest In B Do - ; ;?l blstl'titlon of great usefulness blthertn unkoown. AdUreea, witk pamenlart, rosloff re. r\R WATHON II a" FOR A LON<* HKHIEff OF VRaRI I7 ooiil.nwl bin attrutlrn t? orrtalu dlara*.*, In whl^-h b? boa trroted mil >aa than Iwaydr tbtmnaad naar*. wttbmt an to taocn of tailor*. Tba tvmadia* arr mild, wltnnot lotrrrnp tlon tobnutoraa or rfiaaifa of dirt. lir. W* ?nn Ml in niu'inn* attrnlanrr from 7 In iba mornln* natll at nlaht at bla r?Wd< U Walkrr atrnet, a law tjoora wrat if Itroalwar Tkt oooauiUaa rooaaa art aaparata. Wlf. W ATHOH, M !?., Forir.nriy Snrjrmn to thr I*** ilnpltai DR (Tl.VERWfcM.'N FKMINAL KK'I A.N EH ATOft I prtoa 91. fnr aale *1 WEI. LA. A CO.'H Jfo. Ill Franklin Mraol, and drrfri*i* ranarauy For particular* of Ufe raally wondrrtnl dlamrarr aOdraaa hoi * W Coat oOoa. DB I. WARD'B CHFORTUFaTEH FRIIfflt IH TllR HI plna ultra of irnaranl mad?*|r ?* and bill ra<|tttrr* to b* known to moat wltb ualrrraal approbation, and to Hump Iff, Ward *a tba irrralnni hanafaotnr nl th?day. l?r. W a Kit bar* hy oflrra a rrward oi 96.UU0 to any pbyalclaa who aft or a pro prr deux natrailon. ran rnra prlratn dltraara with wjually uniform caiarity. raaa, aalaty and cbrapnaaa aa ba ran. Ha tnnmbar, atl ya who hara h<-*o llnf-Tlnf. that hrnalltnfoa Dr Ward vou may In a frw dara aojnv the plaaauras of din and fral ' that ki<-b*rd la hlmarlf aftaia " I'rtca f|. uiBoa 1 M t'aoal MfwM, third door raat of llroadway. DM R. WATWIM RKW WORI-"Tlfl CAITH1 A Hi) Citrr "?A rump lata practvaJ traaliaa oo vrrmainrrbaa and prowatnra atbanatlnn. with loral liability Indtinad by i rally Indlnratkm. airara or o?h?r naunra, ia whiali na'ora aad a via of Una Inatdl oa tna a<ly, t-araihi-r wttb tba tr?*tmaat. V fnlly ar 'alnad. Iliuavai-.l b? nootrmia ana luminal p'ataa and t nipwtlraa, with a ?nppi?aiat.t <-0 aaiual dl? am. I'rtaa 91. Tn to-had of thr a>ilb..t wbo may br r wanltad nonftdaaW aliy. at in Walkrr a mat, a frw d.iora waat of Ur >%dway. Dr. RAirnw orrictH ror the <tre or &:*i rbrotilc and rnna'it'ittonal dtaraaaa, rapacHIl* of tlM aamal and urinary "rcara, aa anetiiraa, rlaat. narrow and frttl'al drMb'r. urtainai ??atn-aa. carat pi'a* diaaa I at of tba kklnryn aypb.'ltio rrupUona, *>ra throat aad aiTW-tlow of tba boom. Ac Ar Rrrrut aara quickly and r*. I loath curad. Finn till I and aftrr 6 o'ctnok, Hondar .n-r-jia* ffo. 7K4 Proad way mmar of Tan lb mrrat. tfy loUar uldiaw hoi Na. WW Puit ' Wr* I SR. MORTOIP* Ot HH A tIKTAIN I A? I mim rttaraar with,in iB'?rr.?; mndimuna. Prioa *i 1 at R n| i, ]VS Broad w?f; 174 Oraad airawl. aad Ml HwA MM IW* NI^H' RTH RIVtR PR OORRITT If I B r. nmiN'd privately at 118 *.harltno street. h<"wr?n Ureea j wtch and NaaMnirtou itrra'a, opposite piar 46 North rlraa, from 7 A. II to ltt P. B Worurr no pay. I RI^WCORnH PRACTiem-T. 1?. flAMteORD. V . PUPU 1 I of fin Oarnochaa and *o t and Rtoord, of Parte, Am nmflmt f-?M BIf Hpadwap to fl Hinerhar Mreal, ?trr? hi war b* prtTateiy onnaollad In Cnt Iteh m traoah, pf-ranMdte or or tnaar ' Vwirn 'ation* 'rem ? to 1 and I to I aaaubaaa Hioorp'R, vb7.*KACR, nfitii's, ACTOR s OCRU I lng'? and Urn reo-real bnapttal practice of Part* and London, hr I?r. l.a RROMT A* *om* r?rano? afflicted with rrmtaai debility and .na*a*aa of tha renlin urinary orpani mar not be aware of the faat, ha taken lata medium of Inform log tbrai that ho a tbr oair graduate la thla rtty who la amla ' >rijr trreilrf and a., ring thew d aeasen, and whoaa r nnitl 'ion w'th lit Fi.ropeaa k-apitala oaaotaa him to adopt tha la ?! n t Mo*' rsd.rai reaimrnt, rnrtngthe ntdegt an1 wo* eyfr* raara, at 85 *rr?er *tr*et, corner of HprHUf. O"po?lt? Ht. Mrholat !total, trim In A. M to ? P M. The poet.*'* ml Ad?lf-r and Rama** Qtuda," ?h) pp., Hk) pi nam 111rrration*, i* II I- *!* * Ail tha ad; wtla <d medlnnre. Wf niamtnd f>r Iai moot toihe alPlntad. ?Courier dre Bteti Pro*. h-aat* Kelt nag. P?m. ral. Par ?.?*. Mere'try, A* T? hk v ahktatiioripr a rook *?Fr r?riTv Pol ih* marrtwl >r thoaa about to marry, by Pr. P. Hotline h* a "hor and tut trer. On? hnrdred and ninety ?li'h edtil'in ,i i??.i <! Nil pa-.o-a, aril bound with colored plate* Price fl Published np T, W. RTHONIt, <H Name* atr-at. H-a V"rh ci'y * ho will eeod It any whom, tree, b? poat, on rrmlr In (on* dollar and the address fhla hook (trs* a' th ftnU tnnvra on these important mplra, plan!* enough tor a i to un iti'oond, unit m nrM'f ant. An an I l~- - -n e-'o * ?<?. Aratf w*.. re*.on nwU poases* la 7 NIRIaVW i,ar..?a ? iMKlttn oru ATT; TO (*> no-iiix a> Ao'?ii<*? Tt?fc*t?....... ^owKWiim Hal/prta* k?ini? k n mtia, jvl* IT. IMT, A NK? HAI.UKi . Kit-T ATTKACTIOM. Klrkt u.?bi of ibe in i-r'nl hci' beikiilitul "laiUMRIN* JlliitKbA KOLXJk In the ffrstri bkbfi (: KM.* I.* P \Q? KRKTTB. In whlob ?he w'l eua'kiu four character* bell* i.? PtqiMMIr I l.iiolD, -Iim kavovarrt and Recruit., 1 B.I1a, the rai.U ullo?tt f Hl*nona? Rmm WeH* lb* wife .. J A TI.e evening nlMttl in?nl? 'n rnenmnnr* wVh Mr W. R. Bl?ke fcr ?fr<wven"? vi? W K Make, Mlwen **ry <t?a ton* Taylor mid Kmlljr Jlaruc'.,.la Hucwiiui'i caplm ( An* of POPPING THE (Jt'THTlON Saturday- Ai Mink l??i r.11;i,t or k ?Nno WAI.LAUR'H TilhAIKB The maiikgnrlaJ enwrpAM of Me ptmai Inn was laaugur* ed laat > b>, ^^0r4kMI0a* th. favored rraort of tbo rrfla*d auJ Intellectual comma*Mf of ibla ritT Nr Htitart now pr< poaas (o terminal* hla undertaking wtib a M*rint of iiorfofmaiioee which ho vrnturee to predict will ixn rhino with tilmlnlahed Iturtre I'M WM ooaa pval wtth any loraacr nucccw. To prooooe ft cool atmuaphere THK 1M UN PUNKA b?ji boon fitted to all parta of (ho bull.llng, thlft being tha (WW Imo .hie AftLftTIO PbOCHU or TliraUTIM _ baa boon Introduced mt? ?n? public he Ming In thlft Mofer To Muiit Jui.r If, MKH Ji-UN WOOD In UiAWATUA. Prertona to whlrdi T1K MAN WITHOUT A ITKAD. Mr Waloot ....ft* Mr. QbUrtana Tnp AOADKMC OP MUHTO.-rrAI.UN OPKKA. I.Art Nu.ur or tub LA OHaMO* dPKRA I KOUPSL PltlDAT, JIT1.T 17. 18ff7. (H> general dr-dre.) will bo preaented Verrti ? mno- popular opera, ta r?ur Ma. jt IL ImiVATottK Mma. ANNA DC LA (lUANOE. Mlaft ADPl.AtDK PHILLIPS, btgnorl UKlONOlA. AMODlO and OOLMTTL And other well known artUta, lu tho principal rala?. Omdnuur dent* TOMKlAJfl rmiena or ad?imion:-Pargaat, parquet drola and Out atrnla W bscurnd aeala K Manextra P amity eircic M eecta I Amphitheatre .B cento deato may be secured at Hall A Huu'a. No. Oi Broadrag, 0 Hreualug'a, No 701 Broadway; Kin* A OrewAwd'a, No. H William atrcat, and ai the Ikw omoa oftha lead air M MmBa tr -m B to ft o clock, dally. Doom opan at 7N o'clock. <o nomnmwui. Monday. Jn.r at, t?ir, FARKWKLL HKNKPlT and IaM appearance lu America of Mad .am ANNA UK I.A ORAW.1B BAKNUM'8 AMIE.OAN MU8CUM.-PBITIAT, JUL* 17?Afternoon, at S o'clock, aa well aa In the evening, a: 8 o'clook, Whlte'a famoua lorooadori In 'heir groteaqae an.t ooDiv aonga. daaoea, necro farcea, Ao . Urn DM solving Vlewa. and a grand illapiay of Aril Octal fka u mka I ha nam An/1 liAianHfltl I ktuin.l Pnn/iTitld Mil Hi 11 itLl embraces In an Willie itcm, timi of lie fir."aI Chromatis combinations to be fnun : ontelde of tfce rural galleries of urope. The world run jwli J l?irpcat, U? Happy FviIIt Gallery or Wu Works. Ac Admission M oenia; ehUdrws omtm ten IS oents. BKYANT'H KJNBTKRidL Mechanics' "all, 47H Brondwaj. ahum Grand Una Orre Rviur tic.inj rhlHlPa Tin Vtu. Immense success Oooi and everything new. kicking thk buoKkt, challkIur dajkjk. Solos on violin, collar flutlna, banjo. Hu e, Ac. THk KKHENCR OF OLD V1RG1NNY. introducing the favorite comedians, J KRK7, N1IL and DAN BRYANT. Itoora open at 7; to enmmance at A o'eloek. Admlsstoii Ma THK G/IK A1K8T CURIOSITY LIVING IS MOW OW tahihlitou at WHiTh'S OrKRA HOUSE. 4J BOWRRT, an Itaiian living ittrleum. wk'Gi'M 57 rooirns. measures one tnrh rnond ho arms auJ les*. an 1 la lieallhy and very Intelligent Cptu Crom 9 A. M. until It) 1*. M Admission only ei* csbts Phf air lane and clergymen ii.linr..ed free LIZZJK WK8TON DAVENPORT Reaper ifully announces that her benkfit and labt a "PEAK incl In Mrw York this season, will take place at Bl'RTON'H NKW TMHATRK. Off SsrL'KMr InriM. Jiiir 1H, l-W, when WIN be presented, for the last time, the beaatifW fataw spectacle, entitled THE NAIAD ODKKN: Or, Tnr RrvoLT or tub W*rrii Nrvrus, THEATRICAL.?MR. COM.INK, THM ORLRBEATBD Irish comedian and meads'.. from the Theatres Royal London, Kdtnburg and Dublin, and for the last ten rears oatvernal ly acknowledred In the untied States the most saeeesw fnl delineator of Irish character now on the stage, the ortgiaal singer of ihe popular songa of "The Widow Maohroe." "BoflB Soger Boy," "Low Backed far," Ac., As . after fu ailing cm gagemcnts with the moat decided umbos In all the prlnslpal cities 8011th and Wert It now Is the city closing rtngsgemsafe for 'he fall and winter seasons, for the Chicago, Hi. Loots, hmclnnatt, Louisville, St. Charles theatre, New Orleans; NohMs theatre, Ac., As. Managers wishing to negodaie with Kit Collins after the l.Vh Inst., will pleane address J. IViUlast Comedian, South 11th street, above Walnut. Philadelphia, Pa BKLLKVDK GARDENS, ltellevue (lardens. Beilevue Gardens, Belle rue Gnrdsas, .... ... Beilevue Gardens. '00t ?" ?*l,,lelh 1?W. Bebevns Gardens, Beilevue Gardens, Beilevue Gardens, ske Fecend or Third avtnne cars and stop at Roveety ?Mk or Rlghty third streets. OLYMPIC THEATRE-TAKH NOTIOK.?FOR TUB AOKiauu dntton of Indlee And JuvealieA A perfm lAiAOS wM bo firm At the Olytnpto theatre tverr WEDNESDAY AND BATH Kit AT APTRRWOOR. Sl'BALBXRO. Aeelated by HtuUmi EI,UNA D'ANORI, will shortly rive Ooooerta At Oape Ma/. Psi-aioca, E<*hR N Ah mi l, Rockaway Sharon rtprtax* And Niagara Falla. GEORUK WOOD. MANAUER OF WOOL'S THEATRRR IB ('InctnoAtl And St. Louie And the new ChiAaro thnawa. will he At the Mstropolitan Hotel. New York. froai the IM M the 3Jd ot July, whtre parti-s negotiatlne with him wl.i pieaaA ah dreaa their letters or see him personally. rAMATKUR THEATRICALS ?TO I.ICT. BT Till NIHHT, WKKK OR MONTH, the premises known ss WHITE'S OI'KRA HOUSE, < BOWRRT. with eoenery. Ac holeinr i.a??> peoole. Apply M HIRD, At tha PrAoklla Museum, 1-7 Ormmi atrwrt, m the Afternoon. MOBILE AND MOWTOOMERT THEATRES-LADtER nud gentlemen of Ability wishing engnyrutenti In tha Above eslAiiilsini.'iiU wtll Ail lr. su H 11 llvlleld inAitAgar through 0. T. I'srs!.*, boi It 414 I'.wt oflltie, New Turk. A YOU NO ACTRESS (OR I'RIVATK LAI1T. HtPsHIJ of giving a nnrrl en erislnmeat nomethlna like Kmm* Stanley, < An linrt en ejperlenred K-nl.emsn of ineAns tie imaAtre. a riArflng lour of profll. Aitdryss Lucele, fierAtd of*?. KXCCHNIOWN. EXCURSIONS TO THHI FIsntNO niNKR^THl steAmer II L. xTKVENH, Cadi i bArlei ArO'?n. wtl wake ah etearalna to the ?i?bir* Hints ever? II no'lay l? lay the season, leaving franklin etrrei. North river. At f o'cineki Pr< k slip At TV pier No. S, North river. At ll)A o'cLoA. A baaf will be * boArd fTK>E TIKE 1MLANO. -Ol AND i'TIII JULY E, f the feet s'?auier HERO wtll .nocent reguiarly wtth UA lain* IsIau ' RAllmad. morula* a- 1 eve. inA. u. And from Rw a so l. Passengers'..eve New York At I - M And 53# T. M.. elA Thompe.-0. a3-' fit rnlrgvrv-ila ?aw Turk n If A N And r re#t?eUeely ___________ 1^..K hi. RF.WSii'RY, HI't'lUAUDH, Ot'KIS HOUSE, r I.nrr t'rairh, Crni W setting-.n. Miidle'nwa And R*4 Hank.?lbi> pit". maaBliornt and wilt immrr AI.HJM PRlt'K. Inhn Borden, rwnmoider, ?W ruu aa l >. iwi iriaa Kotonarm rrtw., Hortl rl?er. Fv? 3l>c nur M.w took Mtri arr? ran* Prlday, Jul/ li, P M. Saturday, J lit/ |*. a It Saturday, IK, In. Id, dsn. tinda), " If 7 A.M. HuBday, ib, yc. I n ' 19 li r.M. Monday, " SO. 6 AM. ? :id?y, " 2U. I'i " 1 u?Kl?r, " l|,t?U M Too-day, " J . I *4 " iV~'tirvday, 21, f,i, ? Friday, " 24, * " Pr<d?/, " 24, tij " 11a*? in all para M lb* countrr. m li'OR MIKlWoPtlRY, HIUII t. k Hill, OORAff IIOVSA r I nn* Hrnni .1 and im in /nrl-The ntw and ulwidM . nor lX>R?i HP. k?tlW i apian.t. P. <' >* Ira, will ria aa lotlnwa, ln>? tool of Robinaoa mi .*d pi?r, W.rik rirer AMI MW (<>NK. I.1.AVC ucatia mar A atniAioa. Frtda*. July 17... .."S P.*, Friday, Jul/ If... .|0S A M. mi nrday, " It... 4', ' SaturUy, ' Id.... St; P. M. Sunday, " 111. ..KS A.M. H'in'1%/, " 19.... 4't " Monday, " 21) Is P. M. Monday. " III.... UK '* Irnwday, ' 2! ...Ma " Tiimtiy, " 21... lb. " Wadned'y," 12 . ..3* " Mem ?d'y " W ... I?* " The U'ira will rnnnart wl'h tlria boat lor Be l UahA and latermedlatr landinCB for pa?anotnr? only FOR shrf?SR?RT, m<Jiu \jfPR. o'?r.A> HOUWB, ,l?>nc hranrh, Port WanMnttria, <WtddlMown) and Baa Hank Ttr bib and rplendld aieauwr ?*'KAll WaVF 'laplaln H. R l'*rke?. will run aa folluwB froji luoto' Ho to a* on treet plor, MR ? llin mw ro I I r irr nil) n la*tnri'i row* Friday, July IT. I", A. M. Pnday. July 17. 3* P. K. tatnrday, " IS I'. P. M. Saturday, ' It, 3 P. IL Sunday, " I'd, t>* A.. M. Sunday, I'd, 3 p. M. Monday. 3'. 7 A. M. Monday, * 3) 3K P. M. Tvaday. " 21, 4 A. M. To-day, " II. |t. P. M. Wrdn'day, " 22. -H A M Mr ad n'day," a, t P. M. ini) IJinni Will uulubba bit. . i _ ?. . oaj/. ioruwmarori,??, HV?&u?B. ,T"1 "wm 2???ar?? ??.CV"'' ?l,sr'^"? ? T; i V' r? "?'th r - *??h -?>i r-.-T.s5 Mm* toy ' f?lurning oo th* *furuw>n of ikm J.% V"d v i wh*i? . oTm m !'" ,u,d tWv ' '^ a far ? a r. ?nra ticket rut b. girea. rub fare fur rhudrea. S*??? 5!*1!rM'?,,7CfIC ?;OTILLO* kxcue'f M"nk. r Htll l-ojfr, ho 21, A. I". A., to \. aahtaa n?.?I?Vu?n *' ?T--Vfc? afaatnixw. -"[.Krinilt ?n1 Rarre vh.TKOk bar. n-en e i"r**ed for the ooeat'^,. .Tm .T*-,t,ch*M """n". J?-o? iteumrllor. John Klltott, Job* ltnvru. -lohn Jfotnc, John Eornoafa, .V H. [ Unit, W .1am Allen Juan hirepbar I , OeoTf. Tilrm, fhairmiin , "? f?,bir Trcaaiiror , Robert D. It atii ..ecretorj. I sK?.'.? " Twff'J tttrd ?trret. K. R., at 7 o elnek A tC; F.ICMti .tiioi , t, oVbwk Rnmtiie ?>r?e' S o'el -rk : S.'tlM "St " krno. ?'re. >i-i ern.n ?T-rl, 1 dor* p..rtv ?r n t -ord*'. ,r ? J . t|. t , |.IWI a k'titlem.n and R0 , >n baud baa beo eupired for th- v.i.m Two-run- n*Ti,T fciKiiiti cnrt ruvrw orirr, Ureal hrrfc and Wipe A>nt>?. The .learner .TRoTOW, 0?r Win I! W.ll r .1 n* fo low. I ?rtn< <4 lea Wood at (j A. M? Ui.11 Ooi. at li 10 A. M ?n.l I P. M. Hand* I'olnt li M A. M. An t I IS I- V , Ureal Me.k ; US A . M and t ? P. M.,?h.reCton#r:? A. and % P.M. Lfaaee* I'rck rite, Kfw York, at ?s A. If. and 4 IJ P M Th. lYrrtoo I. newlr Sited for comfort and ?ree.i and an >rd. a 8n. aalS up th. Round and remrn >he puMIe hnnaea and (ro-uida at tlif rarlouapotui. belnf n?'? ?line order for rlalte.-a No-,ee. ? Th? middt. trip wiu o. omitioJ oo thuradaj. Far. to Ufa* Otorp. fa. \a i a t. a a a r> oua. ym dm. rn*? optrtt* At-mnnt. s?rn trunk tune., tor MJe ao U? MM hr toe <IUU 4-n in*. 4. V. llU*, U. aoo US Trtfa If*