Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOJLM NO. 27. IMPORTANT FROM CUBA. Antral of the Block Warrior?An American Vrwtl l'n<l?r Hdzore-lmpoiUnt Orrree of Ucn. Concha tor the Suppression of the Slav* 'i'rade?The Yellow Fever among the Spanish fleet, Ac.. Ac., Ac. The United Hi a' en ma.l rteamstup Black Warrior, whlcb Bed from Now Orleans the 12th and Havaua Iba 16tb teat*., arrived at thia port at 4 P. M. last evening. From Havana we have to report? A Spanish Bailor, said to hato been killed In a row with the crew of the American bark Albertena, on the nlgbt of the lltb lust. Tbo police have taken possession of ber (ae the lies at the wharf,) ana no one is allowed to go on board or leave her, except the American Consul and bis deputy, Mr. Savage, who has been examining the crew. I Iba lesulw of the examination by tbo Deputy Consul ha^ not yet transpired. Men Concha haa leaned the following important decree tar the suppression of the African slave trade:? Bla Excellency tbe Governor and Captain General baa ordered that, for general knowledge, there aball be pubBabed In the official tiaeeta be following circular, the oxact fulfilment of wbicb has again been charged upon tbo Governors and Iueut. Governors of the Island, under dale of Ml of Juae last:? Oscular ?Several and repeated measures have been adopted by this government against tbo traffic in slave), ad although considerably diminished, It baa not bee a pas Bible to attain lu complete extinction. The government is advised that new expeditions, most ot which were fitted oat la foreign p >rt8, are expected to arrive, and it is deter sained at all hazards to prevent their landing; but, convinced that in many cues U Is not possible to otlbot iblt, because the parties interested are enabled to erade the vigilance of the authorities, I have Seemed It time to use efficacious measures The of tbe slave trado la a constant fountain sf corruption and immorality, as prejudicial to the good aanae of tbe government as ills to the tranquility ol the people. Tbe non repression of the traffic Is bur'tui 10 the slavery of tbe Island, whlcb Is tbe base and foundation of bi wealth and prosperity: and without dliturblnc the own ere of slaves In thetr possession, It remains within the at tribute* ol the government to adopt certain measures which, though grave, ithail prevent these evils. rue laws at the Indies authorize tbo Governor's Captains General to banish from the Ul?nd those who endanger the tranquility ef Mm country, and those who tako a part In African expe dlUoos being undoubtedly in ibis position, It Is slao undoubtedly within tho power of the government to apply to them the raid Uw. It la irue .hat in the most part of rues there 18 no legal roof of their participation in this crime, nor of lie having been perpetrated; but it la not the leaa true that tne aiunortty contained in the law referred to has the character ol an executive measure, ano that to its application, for thla very reason, legal proofs are not necessary ns are re quired for the imporltton of punishments in a judicial way. fticniled on roch considerations, I have decreed the followArt. 1. The Governors sod Lieutenant Govornors, as eoon as by iho Indications wblcb generally prece le, they have knowledge hat the lancing of a glare expedition Is j preparlig, will, in fuhijoeut ol the circular of the 7U> of | this month, proceed to remove from their jurisdiction such persons m> tiey believe to a' It, aud deliver them I passports for any place they shill elect, al way* supposed | thai in the point they may designate the authorities shall , at And any inconvenience or peril that they may continue to dedicate thoinrelves to the tratUo In slaves. Art. 2- If the landing shall have talc en place, they will brtac to the capital and put .it tbe disposition of this gov enunent those persons who may seem to have taken part to It, er conceals i on tbelr relates the new negroei who have been Introduced, in order that tbe o iportuoe exeeu live proccw having been instituted, they may be banished thus tbe Wand Art. S Tne Governors and Lieutenant Governors are ' hereby aothorl/.ed to employ the for?e and mike such expenditures as ther may deem indispensable fur the persecution of tbe traffic In negtoes. Tbe amornt of three will be paid to them by the government on ronelpt of the retina which they will make muutblv or the proceedings IMfmed the rem JOKE HE LA UOVCfLt June 1,1867 Tbe Diariti dt ei Jfa.-iwa stales that rumors had beon J In cireins-ion that tbe ship ot the line Ysebel II., end other aaipeor the squadron, lately arrived from Spain, would be I aeat to the harbor of Guanlaiiamo,on the eastern extremity ef the Island, in order u> save their crews from the yellow | ever; bnt that Ibe mild character of the disease whlvb 1 had broken out on board of them had ineeeed tee autho- j rtttaa to hi e |i them in the harb. r of Havens Iv the same patsr it la stated that tb? Cabinet to Madrid I bad tli lrrb;n?l to grant the solicited permission W> lay ; down the .u? talrgra- n from Htvana u> Key West, , i>d thai .he grant could soon he made. be rhlp of the i;uo Oriou, propeller, Capt Era ktee, as* Havana oo th* 14(0 ioat from the Uthmua aid wan to sail in a tea days Tor Halifax, all ae I on board Tho American Consul, Col ni)the, was to leave on the 'ibd inat. lor Sea Orleans, oo a |MI to the Stales. Sugar market aa iaat r. ported. Stock at Havana 340,000 boxes, at Ma'ai'iaa 76,((X. Exchange impruTnl?or Uuidon 11K per ocnt pre mium, oo Sea York and Beaton 1* per teutto 1 per ctnl premium Freights dnil and but little tonnage in the port. The city atll) f>ee (root fever Tile Bumlny TraOc In Llquora, tr* ?w : , < i.4W? UMM or run disnicT arronsnt?ranTiAL clohino or tub liqcub bbora, rc. Ob Saturday lheutct Attorney Hall laeoed a manifesto ef laatructions to patrolmen an to thtlr dunes under the new Sunday liquor law. He Informed them thai the new law ann simply onaenrrent with the previously nxuting provisions on the subject, with the addition of anew penalty. That ihctr duty would bo merely hi notlly the parties to dure, and In case they reftmed or ncgkdled to do as, report them for the prosecution of the pes ally of $60 Ibr each offence. There Instructions were sot, however, made known generally, except through the medium of the preen, the orders or the Oeneral Sepenoteadoat, issued Inet Hatnrday. being deemed suOclent la a number of the precincts, where the quota ef bm was limited, no attempt wee mado to aaforne the la* yesterday This was napeolaUly Km case In the ninth precinct, as Sergeant Weed was deprived of a large portion of tus force oo special duly, and had been la possession of the elation houre but a few darn. He intends. a* soon as his force la properly arraagrd. which alii probably be this week, to sorve the requisite notice* This will account for the fan that the lager bier cellars In William street and the doaen liquor nhopa ea ibe block on whlr.b the Humlo ofbte is situated were suil la full bleat yesterday. Nevertheless there wee what might be termed a ve* v general respect for the law. TMa wea manifested, of course, la divers maimer* Home, amsng which was a rerv large podion of fieraao gro eertee, cloeed entrely, tubers, amoog which aire mauy ef the larger Broadway restaurants and bole-a, made a show of rr?i>*it bv partialis closing the front doors or allow tag entrance ?n l nil only through ?<? ? doora and hack parlor* Tbe larger portion eat t* (led tbcmaeimw by puitlng up tltrlr tr?at abutter* nod cloaing the from door*, though I earing tbetn oulockee Ttiia, though ? a few ?h",? were boldly kef* open, end ?g of litem to dedaoce of notlOoaliaa, the city hqwor ?bof? grrerelly eeswed to be alaeed, end gere the *ly e vvry dtfTPi eat appearance from whel It bore eome wweke atec* In the Kfih.Ruib end Mevenleentn wnrda, where there ere probably more b<|uor rtora* then tn ear other three werde, greet many ot the profwtetora eh ! up ehop oe the mere rerhel notification of the l'?Hoe Am e greet1 al thing, the delin<)nenl ibop keeper* were etet wd by the police to be mem be e of tbe liquor r>eelere MoMeay, who depended noon the protection of the aoclety Nad. Many of tbetn, however, cloeed their idnree. knowtag Uiet the Ruaday ibw le e dteiioct prorhnm from tbe ?*tdee lew, eod tbet while thl* may be wholly joootwtllu Mnwel, tbei may he, eed probably le, perfectly legal, eod lie dtpobedtence liable to nramary puatabmenl roe prnvl. ton le the bill for the proreeda ef the peaalilee to be demeed to disabled policemen, aeema to be en Ingealoui pro vialM to leclle the force to renewed rlglleooe a? informer*. H< w far they will be Ihua ladiienqed will appear from the eumher of neraona reported tht% morning for dla obey lag the law jJTrom a mentloo le the ntrtrtct Moraey 'a manlfeeto of the law la relation to the eeie of other articlea "-wide* liquor on Monday, It waa feared by tome that an attempt would tie made to cloae tit a barber ahope, Jew clothing atorea, and other placaa of biatne?i Bit tbe feara were unfutinl ed The police bare on power to rkwe any mtn'a f lare of baetoerr hie houac le hit navtle Many liquor tlnrea were therefore open, though do rlaible vale of liquor going a*. I lew many private ?ml tea were induleed In M of oaurve koown only to the initiated. Bat the -lewa and the Oeolllee. the cMhierg. narbera. regar ?1ore? a ad reetati rant a kept open a* uanal, and without m >l<---t uk.n An prey tow ly elated, the nntnher of oom plain'* made yeotor day for telling liquor oa Monday can oely be known by the poHce report* tbl* morning I'pon them, abd tbe rig hence with which they are pro?*cni?d, will entirely de pewd the rtforcrmrnl of ihe Monday Hqnnr law In ihlaetty. Tbe poltoe have do power to forcibly cloae the atnrae. At eleven o'clock lent eight all waa quiet WILMAMRII-nO Rg*ARIA?t.T QUIRT. II ?M feared during the wmI by many that W11 llama birf vmII b? liii imnt of m |i?tl riot 00 ibiDday m My thai hare lately taken place la New York, for a large ana her of ttermana ware beard In aay thai If an attempt waa aade by the pollen to ahnt op the drinking and daae tag aaloana and to deprive them of their " Itger," they wnaM rertalnly get up a dlrturhanre We are glad to aay that en oh fear* were ground lee*, for yenterday panned off an quietly a* any Sabbath within the renoilenlloa of the "oldeat inhabitant " Nearly al #>e barer bier aaloona were cloned, the nena readermtta of the young I oaf era were dcrerted, and the ttrenta were filled with attendant* mi their rex pee are plaara of worth! p Onr reporter v lulled the atattnn honeae laat erening. and learned thai there had not been (he ahghteet exhibition of dleorderly condoct throughout the day, and the omoera did net make a ting e arrant The aaadeet of the Oeraane and other rtttrene ot that dty t? doner ring of the pralne of all hrrera of law and go >d order, and wor thy in be emulated by thone who allow poaaloa r^wU>a.jndt?iat|,9gMrvittlt?, , E_NE FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENTS. Breaking Down of the Hoboken Kerry BrMge? Hundredx of Ptr.oni In tti* Alver. L?st evening at Hobokou, when the ferry bridge was crowded wltn hundreds of i>eople reedy Vo go to New York by the half past eight o'clock boat, the chains suddenly gave way, and, without a moment's warning, whole aboala of people were thrown into the water. It ?ai a fearful termination or a day'a pleasure, lite sh'ieks of the unfortunate victims wore heart rending; men and women where friends had gone throvgh the ferry house be lore tbem, were rushing wildly about, uttering despairing rlres for wives, husbands, brothers, sons and daughter* whom they nover expected to see tgaln. The boata in the ne ghborhood were get In Instant readiness with praiseworthy exertion, and to the boatmen must be awarded a large share of praise for the many lives saved from an untimely end. The iceno In the Atlantic Garden beggars description. Crowds of saturated unfortunates rushed constantly la for something to counteract the effects of their involuntary bath In the North river. Messrs. Hull and 1'ond with commendable seal were endeavoring to a'suago the unpleasant consequences of the disaster, and brandy and other internal*comfort* suddenly 'oee to a high premium. Mr. I'und made bta way through the crowd, offering ao commodaUons for all sncb persons as ninrht be injured, and placing every spare room In his ho: el at their disposal. Tho culpable carelessness of tho ferry people deserves the stioogeit censure On such an occasion, when they knew thousands of people woul 1 be wailing to cross the river, the bridges were left without inspecti >n, no precaution whatever bad been made to prevent ac:l dent But their conduct In on a par with that of tho dlrrc tors of all New Jersey public conveyance Inafftutons. Our reporer owes Ibem no thanks that he is alive to tell this tale. Tbnco persons whose property has been destroyed by loo action of tbe salt water, ought to sue the Ferry Company for their lows. in the barroom of the Atlintio it was dreadful to see the Irish and GerraaL excursionists gelling crazr in their own peculiar way over friends and relatives whom they fltncisd gone forever. Thank heaven no one was drowned; but the soakisg thai seme gaily dressed females and spruce masculines enaured was a caution, and, indeed, their doleful appearance turned what might have been a ghastly tragedy Into ft screaming farce. Kvery attention that could be elren the Butierers who appealed to tbeir charity, was attorded by (be proprietors of the Atlantic Garden, and In lulfan hour the boat was again running from the Csual street slip, and our reporter, taking advantage of that clrcimstAi.ce, quickly harried oror with his notes. It appears that it was all owing to the action of the machine)y on board the ferry boat that so many escaped. The engine was reversing at tho monont of the accident, an 1 consequently sent a strong surf towards the sunken bridge So powerful was the force of the surf thus created that it waihed all the people clear up out of dan ger. It was moat miraculous Indeed that no loss of life ensued. Poring the confusion at ending the accident a n.tmberof thieves took ocixsion to plunder and rob everybody they could come across. Scerccly any one was free from the pilferngs of these rascals. Watcttes breastpins, brace lets, and well Oiled purses were tramferrel from their lawful owners to the possession of dishonest persons in lets time than could be well imagined. One gentleman had bis watch, valued at $165, taken from bis pocket wbila he was endeavoring to rescue a woman from the water. ADDITIONAL FABTICCLtR?? A WOMAN DROWKID? 8EVIBAL PKH80N8 INJtTtKD. At a late hour last night we learaed that a woman earned B?ldget Reliiy was drowned, and that a number of pen oris were seriously injured by the giving way of tho bridge. Jacob Man roll, the General Superintendent ef the Ferry, and Paste! Kelly, a hr.dgeman, both warned the crowd to keep back, or the bridge would fall; but they were only hooted at and insulted A young girl fitted Mode be bad bcr druss nearly all lorn off her back by per < on wbo car gbt bold ef her to save tbemss Ires. Pan. Kelly, the brldgeman, bad bis right ankle severely bruised in savlDg a lady from talllrg Into the water, and several ether* were in Hired about the face and bands. The body of Mrs. Retliy was recovered about 10 o'ekek F. M. Tho chains that supported the bridge were IX inches thick, and although nearly new, wore not strong enough to support the immense weight brought to bear upon them. FATAL ACCIPBNT ON TH? BAST RIVWR? A SAIL OAT CAfVl/I.D^ AKD THltKB FkBAONB DKOWNBD. A melancholy tragedy, which unfortunately often oocurn on the Fantrtvar, look place on Sunday, In which three perarua (two gentlemen aid a lady) wero the actors. I appears that oo Sunday morning, about 10 o'clock, a sail boat containing Miss G. T Stone, Messrs. k. Coo war and t. W. Imkmsno, set sail frum the fool of Twenty eighth siieet tor the purpose Of spending the day m Har e?, wth- bar they wero bound at tho t me of heir tragical death. Afiar eayoj log a pleasant sail dowo Uie river they holsD d the wbula of their ranvasa at the foot of Ninnty eighth sireet. for the purpose of reaching Harlem quick) r. After ibev had fai'ly got their canvata set, by roroe m.smaoate merit of the rudder on the part of Mr Cooway. u whose charge it wa?, * ?.? I caufbl tbe ... by which th? boat u immediately and iu ocoupanU precipiUed in tb<i ??lcr S>me lad* no tbe New York rbore seeing th? i?ni lo which ibo iIomuio teekcr* were exposed, jumped in a boat, and comment rd pull ng to Ibe norne of duaalt r, but before lu<y could reach tbe ?pu. tbo unfortunate people *ank lo n*" oo more The greaiiu-t excitement was tri inifetled ami ok tbe rwudenta ol Ibe New York chore on tbe receipt of tbe melancholy new., but tbe male portion of tbe community bavisg more preeenoe of mmd than (be others, lmme,hair 1/ Instituted a search for tbe bod lea of tbe deceased, but tpua late hour were unaoc re**ful in tbeir rOorte Urinrrnf* Riot l? Mmilnnl?'1 wn Men Killed. (From the uoontat, July 10 | A retort to too old lactic* of tbe UrlfttoUmn rioter*, has been all ? 4*d with ibe ordinary reeult*?bloodkbed and murder, (in Monday evening la?t Ihey b id fully re*otved to prevent'be Orangemen of M >nueal, from bav loff the ball nhlco bad been announced: but were forced lOtotulimteckD by the deter m'nalinr of tbe magistrate* not to permit *ny rtotlnK at tbat point Tbe o angi-ucn. however, In accordance wlib the ad'ltn of tbe ma*!* irate*, removed from Bonavrature Hall, where it had ee? n their In'ention tbat the hall should be held lo tbe Odd Fellows' Hall, in Ureal Ht Jamce atreet. The riolou* mob a bleb had already attacked and beaten aeveral Snof feaatve persons, then withdrew to (trtfliatown, and for tbe pur pom of drawing tbclr victim* within rear.*, act Are in four place*, lo tbe n* mi I of Mr Dong last, Itualed near the Wellington bridge Ibe 'vise waa toe oeeeful. and tbe >re ooBpsmlee, oompoaed in part of Orangemen, fall completely Into tbe trap Tbey turned out with tbetr uaual anmiy, but bad scarce I v manned tbe brakes when tbey wore aasai ed with taowea, brickbats, ptatol ?bo?* and bullet* from ibe Mlnle mica served out to the volunteer companies Tbe " lolm' Fire Company, again*! which an old grudge bat been long ?n?orlalned, oftrred moat, and two other companies also suffared very severely. Kennedy, owe of tbe "Colon" Company, aran found after Ibe not waa over In Ibe ratal of the are, dead. but whether be bad bean burned lo tenth, or whether be bad been killed first and tbei thrust into the am, I* uncertain . hot br wan aeen mum time \fler tar men were drawn from their brake* allee. Aoatbor man ol tbe t'nlon" rompanv la also probably dead by Ihl* time He wa* ?hot In ibe head. *nd a telegraphic meaaage waa received yaster day. bv a geaUeman in ibla plane, staling tbat ha waa not evpeaed to llvs HI* name la John Hnddler, a pl*?terer by irade, and lbs moat Inuflanatva man, parbaps, in lb* whole rlty It la feared that Ibe matter will not terminate her*, but that II will be followed by more bkmdabed. The Iowa Kr)(?l?lor??Ull?r of Uovtrnor QHmifc The followiof emphatic letter fromfJorernor Ortmoa waa banded to the editor of the O* Witt Clin/rmian for pubttca Uon, by the Sheriff of Cllalon county H will be aeen the Woremor lake* etroeg gronad agtlaal the mohoemtle pro oeedtng* of the Vigilaoee Committee, and prollera the an tbor'ttea any aid they may require to brlag thane men to Jaettce wb<> hare been eagaped in the late L) aching af km The ttoreroor f*een? in earaeat, aad we hope that under bia anggention rigormie aril in will at onee be taken to arreign thoae mnederera before the court* ? Kiarnvi Omri, Bmuauma, Iowa, July 3, If.tT, W. H F.eq . Sheriff of Clinton county ?Sir? Your letter of tbe '.T.b of June, in which you itate tnal yoj hare warrant* la your hand* fbr ihoarreat of peranna who aeiatd and burg Bennett Warren in your county oa the 2?tb tnat . that j on are " informed that a eery Urge combination he* been 'ormed, banded together by agreement or oath to eaeeu'e etmllar outrage* upon other peraon*, and protect end defend any of their member* who maybe attempted to ha dealt with according to law," and that thia combination I* ?nprc*(d to number "anont 2.000 peranna la Ja-ktoa and tbe adjoining c via tier," baa been duly root Ire I. You a#k me "what conrae eball hepurauedf Ian ewer unbeetltatlnglr, **rre the warrant* la your hanla, and rnforre Mie law* of the State Yon hare authority to aummoe to your aid the entire force of the county. If you drrm It to be ncceaaary to do *o, call for that fo-ce, and prtwrcuie erery man who refoee* to obey your aummoaa. If the power of your oounty la not autttclent to eiewile the lewa, a aofltolent fbrce from other oountlei ahall be placed at your dteposal. If the pert one arreeted refuae In glre ball, and you belter* your county jail to be uneafr, you will hare authority to *at^)||*h a guard or tend the prleooer* to acme other county In the Slate, where they will be necure 1 am rcentred Uiat to far a* In me Ilea, thl* lawleaa rlo leece, which, under the plea of admlnletertng Ju*tlce to borne thleree, eeta at deflaaea tbe authorlvea of the Stale, and deatrcya all reaped Ibr tbe lawn, botu human and dl-ine, *hall he obeeked i ehail hare do bo*ttatloa, therefore, when officially art t teed of the exigency, ? call out the enure military power of the Stale, If i.ecoeeary, te cruah ont Ihla epirlt of rebellion which baa ahown heelf la your county. I ehail direct all the military companion la the State to bold themaelrea In readlaeea fbr duty Aa I hare been written to on thl* aubjeot by ymw Oouaty .lodge and by other mttaeaa of (Union, and m I deatr* that there aboiM be no doubt an to my opinion* on tae enbjeol, or m to what my aotkm wUI be, I requeat that yon will glre puhiirity to thl* communication f am rery rule. JW pvtdHhi mv*t ifAMCS f. umjua. W YO MORNING EDITION?M< THE STREET COMMISSIONER USURPATION. An ImlUr the ProreeilliiKi of Sstui* Injr?Violation ard Ueltunce of Law by the Black Republican*?A Civil Proceas Team pled (JnUcr foot?Sharp PimUcc charged Against the Supremo Bench? Auotltcr Installation of Conover-Hc Resists a sheriffs Officer?The Sulkies and Revolvers on the Higher Law Hide?The Mayor Visits Kiel ridge Street Jail?Treachery of the Board of Coiiitclliuait? P.-ocaeitlngs lo Come Otf To-riny, die Besides tbe legal proceedings rep rted In yesterday's Hmuld, in regard to tbe Street (Jommlsdiuaers'conflict tbere were movements aud counter movements, as well as tome Inside luetics, which the public wore not admitted to witness. These, however, bat material bearing on the rntious crisis which was brought about on Saturday In this m-ittar, and their expoeiilon Is particular ly n- century to a clear comprehension of tbe extraordinary proceedings which have Immured Mr. Devlin in the county jail and put Mr. Coroveronco more in tbe office of S'reet OommlssionT, and presented the lull of Hocords gk'rtianed by White street policemen. Tint cukoqrsx eoahd on ?atctidat. Before the courts opened on Saturday it was under stood generally that Judge Dtvies would quash his writ ot certiorari and grant a writ of tuperttdiit. The Irst of these was a legitimate movo for curry ing toe entire difficulty before a roll bench or a higher court. Thoro wai also the apprehension ibat Ibis was too doa<repf Judge Pcfbnoy himself, as It was reported thru as an appointee of the Governor not yes confirmed, he would desire to avoid the invidious appeuranco of being a partisan instrument in these proceedings. It Is also reported, and It Kfauiia us a current uncontradlcied statement, that Judge Pt abody naured It to be conveyed to bis fel'ows on the Supreme, tnat he personify desired tbe question to be carried up to further adjuiilcdioo, and that he me tujxrtedetu, as well as tbe previous Injunction, to be removed, that ha might him self do me necessary acta Tor sending up the quea tlon and so relieve blur elf and the Coort more effectually from the current lmpn'aiions so prevalent In regard to tbe matter. This was the uniform impression In tbe law courts Flncc Tuesday or Wednesday i f last week, when Judge Pcaboriy left the eity with mo professed t eject of avoiding all approacbee and sniie.MuUnus which might have W biiwrlrtf unnn hid nniintl in lhn nanmiaAa Th^fcounsel Icr Mr. Devlin, Ihowover, a'lbo'ign they Bight have been or ade oogn,7.ant of Iheee intimations pre vious to the Coal acts of Julge Pcabidy, took their own measures, of course, independent of litem. When the mptrud'ixa of Judge Davles was granted, and the order* for fearch and arrest by Judge Peabody issued, they put In bar at once the injunction of Judge lr.grsham. The re l?ated exclamation of the counsel for the State Ulcer la vifew of thte unloosed for more was, that "hie Honor Judge Peabody should trample tt unler bin feet." When Judge Peabody bad in eiUet done the, both by his acta and bis expression?, of course there was no recourse farther tn the court than as Mr. Brady did, protest against the gron3 violation of law and rofuse to procetd tn the case A regular process of law bad issued from s Judge, out of his own court, and had validly attached to the bcoks and rnpersof the Arett Commissioner. A ropy of the Injunction had b?en served on Conover where be sat in court betide his couniei; It had also been erved upon tbe Sheriff, and up in Mr. Devlin. It had attached to the books ami papers when Constable Karrlngton rtached Utern with the order of search from Judge Poobody, and officer Oarrol, of Judge Ingraham's Court Wig In possession and no one else, when both the other offioers Vuitee and Karrington, arrived at tbe Ball of Records. OCTEAQI or LAW?FALSI IMfKIBONMANT OF MIL DEVLIN. The orders of Judge Ptabxly were professedly put Into quati irregular chasnels. The arrest was arranged to bo made, not by the Sheriff, but by one of bla deputies, designedly to the exclusion or the Sfaerttf himself The warrant of search was also pot tn the t aads of a nonstable, the bastneeu agent of Mr Field, obviously in a manner pre arranged, with a design to set a> 1 other prooeases of law, from tbatever ouartcr. at defiance. This purpose aa a Be concerted scheme, was made the boast of Cooover and s mends on Haturday, after It had succeeded tn '-TtiP'iTg them on the premises at the Hall of Reoords. Mr. Devlin, when oalled upon by Vuitee to deliver up the books and papers of the Street Commissioner'* offloe, could make no other answer than to Indicate hie Inability to give a possession of that which he bat not His ar rest, therefore, which wan to hurried sod summary an not to admit of the usual oourtssv shows to a common (mural, was (t a pt?<e with the violent design which characterized the whole scheme Even tbe prlv lag* of a conveyance not allowed, a thing which wot.Id have been provided by a common "capper" lor a pickpocket, wbare the dlstarce to go to the jail la >|lM* acrtws the city, and the broiling hot sun of noon at this season might have suggested a treaim*n. for a man of Mr. Iieslin'a raspecta hl'liv, a little better than Deputy When J Vuliee may be In itge habit of exblblttog ti h's earavansarlea of pauper debtors in their traneit to Kldrldge street. as in the Instance or Mr. Deputy Vuitee, so, alao, with Constable Karrington. That officer, aocompaoted by two of the hungry cle-ka of Oonover, rushed into the Wtreet Commissi* * er'* office, seized their arms full of tho ofllial books snd charts, and, despite the protests of Mr Carroll, the Cai'llf is charge for Judge Ir.graharri, and the service on farr rgt-a and examiouion by him of the injunction. m.-jr imir ure rpi'iutu VUOU iu1i1 pupcrt, W.lOOIIl regard or low. and in deilatce of II. inaugcaation or COMOVrR. After there act* wore never ally e teemed. Mr Godot#r com* next 10 Inaugural# blnuieif, exactly iu tor temper of but pievicma achievement* in Uie prein.?e*. Ro relurn?ii with ibe r?n*tahle ^ ?rrlotion) and a law clerk of Mr l>ii id, to be put In pntaeealoo. He wan followed by tro>taof Hi* annoua frieudr, who were In tbe highest talc of exclumtnl Alter Ibe arreat of Mr. Devlin and Uie ae'.zure of the book* and pajera, Mr. Turner look hia place ,u Ue pcvalo office of Ibe reread Wnea Mr Gonover ar imd, >nd ? d to eoler to Mr l*erllo's private den , Mr Turner Jumped mor Ibe railing to au *ai <o.<n inylf lively manner. Mr Turner bad no nmnor lakeu I.I* placa in tbo -tn 11 Coramwaiooer cuair Una Mr (onorer I ad ado .niptd over ibe raJ!ti|r ,<r ietiee before It, and addrt-erlbg Mr. Tomer, raid In an emphatic mannerfoe Court nan decided that I am tbo Mrct u 'umi-*.'?uer, and ibla be It,k (be offlca a't apar. for the strati t luru.tainuer, 1 OODio P. lake posaearp.n " Mr Turner,rajing that be waa Deputy ?ireet Commie itoner raid be won.d no w rnin Mr Ooaover, wboro upon Mr. Couotrrr P<nk bold ol Mr Tumer'a no Jar, and lifnug btm roughly from oia cba.r, tirr, yi i hiaa to the railing There were tlien a number of etclaauilinna, ax mere bad been already cm the part of Mr C mover'a tollower*. to ' ilo in l?ao, la ? poeaea-,i>o:" "turn hiia out fian," Ac. Chft. Benief, who wu prerent, Interfered wilbout efTeci, and by 'be aid of ibe a rtkora. who bad followed Mr Conover, Mr. Turner war pretty quick ly huatlert .nto tie outride room A-: mmn a* Chptaln iveoDett had aero ihe crowd etler be ituemptc I to take meaeurer lor preaetv'ng the peace, by .'uoof bia war rant aa lleputv 'berlfl He wu preaent do.a nirinte* a* a tMrrn lavpeMnr. which pouitlor he Una actirely filled tim e the p? lire force war diibwn i? ' Hi-attempt to arrent Mr lonover waa rot at uotiphL He termerly arretted him, and cal e.l urau lb lee prevent Dot lo nh.troct blm, warning litem lodtvidu- I ally, and exhibiting hla Sheriff# warrant. Bet Mr Ootmver rraiated tbe arreat and Jim lrvlap ami other i wbo were preaent aei/ed the SoeriiTa officer ant ptiehed him out W tbe ro.m. wih emlamaiinoe of "Tbe boot la now on the other leg. Bennett.'' "Care tbe Caik.tln along, ' Ac , the Cm pull aeaerthelena ruak P| a earie.y of fcr-aal proteete The eroard which had followed Comver a* hi* e?oor? had pretty nearly filled the mom when a detachment of Metropobun pence arrived and cleared *i>tne rpac i on the pretntregi The nolee* and hilarity |irevail?fl Mr Coaover ilntg in hla ehalr "ready to do street Cmnm ?*ioner bu'lD'ra ' A mailer of lurticularly oorloo* lr,tere*t waa I the lial of iDdlvidnal* who attended thia laangi ration of Mr. Conover. More than one perron prerent beildra tbe reporter* ooted down the eutirna natetnhlag*. Be* idea m friend* of Mr Devlin whoatood la the hack grcond,orla than iterroom*. there were of cour#e aeveral blara republican politic m?, wilb an array of Know Nothing*, inc luding Hrau.I Marb-r J W Barker and hia lotmer eecr<i*ry, Mr. lovel B t tbecuriortty waa Jim Irving, awmong hi* hoe I* a* he ral confidetiilally en the dee* betide Conover. Uareiher

with a poa?? of Billy <?oodbeart (farmer rnperiiidendent of road*), Jim Hogtier. Cat Malbewa, Andy sneen. Patty Crckroorh, kc , Ac. There were a!*o a good crowd of pertona who encgratulatnl Mr. Ooaover, who bad been the rhair Th?re were imong lh?we certa'n of the Board of Conttcliwtn, wbow standing as democrat* wmM hardly be improved by being facetted in I In* rot > tier uon arrbbt of oowovfr. In view of the action of Copt* n Bennett and th? ro alatanre mad'* to hla arre?t of Oonoror for brooking the peare, II *** thought evpedlent lo have M*. Conortr held linger a a ham arreai, which *aa aroordtngly made, ami he therefore went about all day with au officer o> wncrn ha waa commuted by Judge Welah THE STRIKHM. The atnkera who prraided at the Inangura'lon of Conn ver, together wlm a number of |>errnua supposed lo he hta frtenda, were aotired all iho morning In the rark, prevloua to the Isantag of the order of arrrat One of those droppsd hla revolrer and picked It up again on hla wav wnh the oahera aa they followed Cnnoror A 1thr* eshl bit Ira af the prevalence of re?olrort waa tadi-talel by other ter>one of ibe crowd who took poaaeeatoa of the Street I ommleeloner'e i dice. thii*< nrntv tw rnt no* rj> of corwciLirR*. The ordinance which ahnnld trnusfer the booka and pacers of the Street Com mleaiooer a office lo the Cottar I ?T the Cuj oration abould bave peered net week, there waa no quorvtn of the Board for fhiiradav night when it ahonld hava met by apodal call. Iho Im h-n Is charged upon thaClerb of the Heard who daiignedly emberaled the ?4h after they had beta draaa np and on their way evo^tt la tinted rr? payor's vtgrr to tttntttPOR strfrt. The Mayor, In aoonrrfaneo with hin|pur *?e of withdrawleg from the Inceemat m sreproaenUtt >n of his acta, made no Interference In the progressing unite ahont the threet Ormmlaaton He waa Informed of the reanlt on Saturday, by a'not# host Kldrlrtge atreet Jail, arrltten by Mr Iwvllo He look what actan be ftmnd etpo dlenl and patd a vtak lo Mr. DnvlH on Sunday nioralng Continual crowd* thronged to nee Mr Devlin at hla qnar tarn, and owing to the eourlaay of Mr Cardtner, the jkwpar of UM Uiuaty rrim, be ? as* at wnfalRdW aa IRK I 3NDAY, JULY 20, 1837. ctrjumtUEceti wLl admit. lie muit of course ?oon be at large again bui juat now he a.em. to bare arrange'] for any event n thiarxmnwtion. Hi. account booka and per* en.I papera rave hern ordered to hli cell, and hie extensive buatneM relation, will have, for the preeeut, to be centred tbere OKDBH OP FKOCkllllNea TO-DAT. The Hall Of Keonrda onrtlkiirii . ni?ilv in rhnven of Mr. Conover's ccnmab's ud the garrison or Metropolitan police, over Pnndny. Mr. Conovir ban no key* to the oil We, and ?o la obliged to have the door* unfeMenerf. He proceeded, after leaving at 4 o'clock on Saturday, to White atrcet, to join hi* patron, Uenertl Nye. and hold a little jubilee with the General's other retainers who were assembled there. To-day oounter proceedings will be entered by eouosel Tor Mr Devlin. An attachment lor violation of Judge Ingrahsm's injunction will be sued out against Con*table Farrirgton, t.ooover and lawjer Field An aotlon I'tr false Imprisonment will also be entered against Judge Peabody, as on the part of Devlin, who, tt will be In evidence, hod no 1' gal porHeesion of the book* and patters, and made respectful submission to the law and its odicers. Late and Interesting from Honduras. OVB COBTEZ OOHKISrONDKNOE. Cohtsz, (late PuertoCaballos,) 1 Hunuoras, June X, 1867. J Progress of the Honduras Railroad?Salubrity of the Chantry?Carib laborers?Change in the Name of Puerto Caballos?The English Conventions? Pcli'y of Guatemala ?Popular Regarding the liailroad?Colonel Kinney?Senor lloarado. To day the engineers of the Honduras Railway flnlshod the survey of this port, and of the a ret sertlon of toe Use of the proposed road. To marrow the camp will bees tabllshed at Cboloma, twenty milei inland, and past the densely wooded belt of alluvlnm which borders the crest Beyond Cboloma the country becomes comparatively open, and we enter the region of pine and oak. One fact wMeh speaks well for the salubrity of Honduras Is, tnat among the entire body of engineer* and aseietants, upwards of sixty In number, and notwithstanding the early setting In of the rainy season, amidst all the fatigues and ex posnres Incident to the commencement of such a work, ws have bad bnt two oases of Indisposition, and those very slight, since onr arrival on the flth of Mty. This is the ty were ever before under tbe tropica. A greet deal, without doubt, la due tl the sanitary precautions taken by Dr. Holland, tbe anrgeon of tho expedition, who brings to his aid ths medical experience of fifteen years' practtoein Texas and Mexico. The samp regulations, as regards health, arc most rigidly enforced, and spirituous liquors are not allowed, cxoept under mod lea I prescription. As we are now literally "out of the woods," our progress will be comparatively rapid and ea?y. Thus far the reports of Lieutenant Jeft'cra and Mr. 8quler have been fully confirmed, and the Use of the road has been found to be In all respects of the most favorable character. Delegations have reached the camp (torn the varloue groups of Cartb mahogany cutters on the coast, and tenders of men, to upwards of two thousand, have been made on their behalf, all ready to take tbe field at a moment's notice. They are amongst toe moat expert axemen la the world, and thoroughly acquainted with clearing,grubbing, and road and bridge making. Tbey are, moreorer, thoroughly organised, working In com pan ee under "captains," and reoeivlng rations like soldiers. A finer and more athletic body of effective laborers Is not to be found In nay country. Ibey number nbout 7,000, scattered along (he coast between Out ye end Troxlllo. In order to avoid having Puerto Cahalloa ooofounded with Puerto Cabelle In Venezuela, the name of the former baa been changed, with tbe assent of the authorities, to Cortex, In hoe or of tbe celebrated cenqueror who discovered the perl, and In 1686 foundoo there n town, which he celled Natlvidad. Cor*z described the port as "tbe bast on all tbe coast of New dpaln.'' It la singular that, to far as 1 know, no town or Important geographical feature of the New world bears the same or the great Mexican conqueror, except tbe newly christened port. Tbe Pacidc terminus of the toad haw always borne the name of tho celebrated Bishop or Burgos, Kuaacaa. We bear of great rejolelagi at the capital, Comazsgua, in oeneaquenoe if the espulalon of Walker. In this part ef the Stale, however, the evect has not create! eay ex cite mans, and hardly passed beyond mere mention. he speeulattons curseiu In the United Mates about toe varl us treatise see cow vestures between Ureal B itsia ant Honduras are not accurate. Tue ire My of commerce and filosdtblp, with the sddilloaal article guarantying the railway, bus been ratified. The two oonvenuoas, She for the rtieasi n of the Bay Islands to Honduras, and tbe other terminating Mosquito pretensions wKlla the lerrito fits of Hunduras, bave not be?;n refused by the*overu ment as bss been alleged. Tney were referred to committees Or oonilderatlon. and tb<) reports ef these committees will be presented to the Ltgw attve Chambers, which, 1 under tand. are to mes: in extra serstoo, within a few days, to set upon them. I have very little doubt that both will be accepted, nvtwttbstacolng tbe exertions o tho agoal* of Uuei. rr.ata and Costa Kica *> prevent that result. The |overcm?nl of ths former "dale is especially active in its opoostuon, even calhog to its aid the latluence ot the cbuich The ureexl ie that the con.enltm will secure the toleraiire of Uto I'roteslanl faith In Huaiao The rual secret of opprsitioe, bo sever, is the probable eomtner.' sod industrial prefers of Honduras, ta oase lbs various dlflercnore with t?reat Britain s'e adjusted, which bave blibsrto prevented i sterprtie and rap ul from lereloping thi reeourcea of that republic. The spirit of I icaliam l* very strong taronghout America, and now that ihe pressure of common danger s removed, by tbe expulsi.u of Waiker, you may lock for a speedy breaking out uf tbe old artagomsms Vidwithriamiii g al prognostications to the nyutrary, ctrenisled by parties with whom probacy "the wiah is faibrr h> tho Uinugb',''wo have been most cordially r# ctlvcd by both the authorities and tb? peojle, who extend to its ev<ry alii in their powor. If any opposition to tho enterprise over ex.sled, it rurtalrily disappeared flnlCCti Kluney, o. -?u .luau notoriety, u reported st Rcat'in. He came to i'ru\ilio, in tots ' tale, some weeks ago, but was not allowed lu remain. It ia said be Is what is tr< buivally called 'ba-d up, and <dean bust " 1 incline to ibe bciiei that be wi.i not ail to bia laureie in Jentral America. PeiKir A'varad?, Minister of Honduras In tbo felted datss, now homo on a visit, lias b?oo w ;b us steadily, since our arrival, sbar ug In tbu duties aud prlvaitons of i imp life Ro is uaireMtJIy popular, and does n.uch to I ri mote our operallona In ibe way ot securing supplies I rend you a copy of tbe let'er of the govern-neat to i.eorge H. t.itddoo, deputy agent of .be company, which will show the friendly spirit by wfclch It t* amma.ol HernOfllil Itltrlllgflirr. Mr We. M. Cooke, late private eecrelary ot Mayor Wood, baa If ft New York en nm> tor K mum, for the double purpoie of recruitirt hit lomewbat ' mo tret health in the genial climate of the far Wont and o*t?v>lt*h:of him elf in buaiooax n the new an 1 rlalD( Torrttorv. Mr. Cooke beare with bltn the food wtehen of a larf* enmbor of frlende la Now York, by whom be waa highly otetmed for hie food fj'ialtttoe of head and heart Wbeatn office Mr Cooke waa ever ready to facilitate the repreaentalive* of the pnbile prew, an I we wllUngy bear teatiroony to hia conrteay and kind neet Captain 'amea Aldcn, D f? M , Colonel Davenport, r. 8 N., and lady, Captain I ale, of tbe Paciffc Mail Steanwhlp Company'e tramrr Oolemma tod Wm H Havldge, I're Idet.t or Ibe company, are at Willard'e. Hon. Char lea Sumner, wbo la now In I.mdon, oonllnaea to Improve m health He rtcanily dined by Invitation wtib the Bencbra of tbe Inner Temple?tbe lint lime eucb conrteay waa ever extended to a etrangev Prince John Van Buren bae recently been rorticating at tbe roemenoe of bla friend, Pletcber Wobiter, In Mamb Held, Meen. Tbe cltltene of Knovvtlle, Tenn., hare Inrlled Hoe. Ed werd Krerett to atimd the southern Commercial Convenlion to be held In that city on the iOth of Atigntt, and reft at hkr add rem on the Life *od Character of Washington ARRIVAL*. From Havre and nonthami 'on. It 'he atramabio Vatil?rblH ?H Ana la. bearer of dea^a'chea from Pari*, t>en lleroarl and two daufhtera ft W Ore* >ry, Or Milhvi. P F a. I) Hub r*rd wtfe, iwonkiMren end nnree; T T Rtnt h, ladv and eon, W < berk and laay, Horane ft Jtnf, Mm Whitman Miea <*oold. H 11 ea Mm R I, iponfenhnrf, Miaa R itn -neenhurg J t; Trratirao, I P (>,uiar, J I, Matty, .1 P Thteto. u. Ilaniel T*i tnaa, A Crehange, .1 Plerroo, If C Bitmap, Th * R Thorp, a i n- rp. Mr* J T Rotcrt* and '? r Ad,m?, * Ko**rau, J Cherlrlrn. Sey H H .'raaiip, Mr* Kit Rml'h, fl?a rhildrca tail tcrraa*; T H Jcnktn*, wild two children *nd B?rvi%n?; A Kurt in, Mt.Ume Fouhrrt t f Mon**, Jm Hvick I, Rnornflrld, I haa Weed, S ilntuwi anil ?l*trra R Robot. R Morfaathan. J I rrln/r, O.lo h hwiada Mr* WhlT<Bll WUw M--ar*, Mi?? Artotldr. Thmdnrr Rot, t Rit'nhdndhrr W Muchmt tor, .1 Wrbrr: W K Harriett H Hiram, I. Wrim, If llrrrrrr, .ady nnd thrcr arm*. T PnaleitlnR. J A llcnnalrr, lady and idrrr children- dame* Pnrlar, ' Rohertaon i. Rr.hnidar, It Italia and wlte. II lirlaptere, T I.r grand. s H-aa#U. M Veto tjra, t, Hlaraman. Paul I'aron* anil *ia?er D Moorman. lady r dtwr nhllrr-n AnMne (target. A Monrnaynl * Moralan. A Welch leu P H",r*er and brother, A Dufan'. I II Oufanl, I* >?**?n. P How and ladr. J I. mnaoad. K Ka'ifmao and two hlidrra, R arii*'ftn From Idrfrpm>. In the ateamehtp Atlantic?J J OaVwm (ady daufh'er a?d arrant; II A Waldo and lady A Rm rn, R Clnwrarad Mi* T Bu'rlor, JH Orne, W II Mctlrath, Mr and Mr* Aargrni .1 R Taylor, * It Clark. I> Marker. H (iood, T Orof'a, C 1, Oomwann. I? B Oram, R II Cronin, 1 Ita'rympl*. R I. MrOraady adv and dauthtrr. R R Pfrry. I. Calleani. Mr and Mra J C Oruta'n, .1 C Rorlh and lady, Mt|a Pailllpa. .1 w< I'on, J P Raker F June! W R ttna*t*nin, C r LhrnMn ?nd lady. uranir?r. D F Hmlth. R C Panhln* J T Fnrttrr, l? 1 iMRP*on. R A W a'-rbary. M I) flmRh tola, 46 From Nnw Qrlfi ui and llarana In the tleamahio Stark War rtnr Mr* Andrnan and child, .1 0 Ino. ,lr, Mr* <4 Ja Mr and Mr* Mllirnt>rr|rr, at*irr. two children an1 normal, Mr Treldeaa, Jnrige Heche Mr* PUoftar. Mlaa Aulll an O John on and family. J M Paorgae. lady and three rhlldrrn. Mr* Porter I, Mo* man. (tan Altrn and Wm Raolr* (hapt R Wa lerman Mra a J Wr fW and child. K Pel,ley, wtfr and child. .1 Ralanlm. ,1 t. Van fo*tay, Itemae and u?lr, Wm i iatini ham, ,l*o [lain**, A Mnralra and lady, o Mol.arkln. Jit'la Murphy, D Trhndy, KJ (iomaa. J AlTaarlt.O rtlamen. F Va lea A Oaaroao. Mra (tract and two daughter*. B Oanaa S Rattortaa. 0 K*lly. O A Hallry M dotHf, Joar I ReqaaUno. wtfr and arrmai. 0 1*11,<r la* Rnaa. H Tim Mra K Rodrn qnrr and rhlld, .loan dr Cur. R i aarrdaa, R ar**a*a. J ?:?n tnrnt, O Itiltranr. Frrd Hnlatg, Tltelaoour a*d lady, J J Fernando*, J one Frrnandr* Paul lloldrr. f. A Wmtr, Itrr* T It Ramoa .1 Fmmtndrr and wtfr t Mirno'tr. Mm* (tahrlai to M R Mnty f LW uh>, Jit UataohRi Ulagonaya, and IE RA NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE VANDKRIIILT AND ATLANTIC rOIR DAYS LITCR nTGLLKiEICG. THE ELECTIONS IN PARIS, Triumph of the Opposition Candidates. The Reopening of the African Slave Trade TBS MSTTZBT IN INDIA.. ANTICIPATED TROUBLE IN ITALY. THE TWO GREAT ENTERPRISES OF THE DAY: THE GREAT EASTERN, AND TUB ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH CABLE. SLIGHT DECLINE IN BREADSTUFFS. IMPROVEMENT IN COTTOJT, *tH Ac., die. rhe ite&mehlp Vanderbilt, Captain D.I. vtTilcoi, with date* from Havre and Southampton to the b.h loslan', ar rived at this port at noon yerterday. The V. was ofl' the Lightship at daybreak, bi.t wav do talned for many bourn by Tog. The Vanderbilt brought 120 passengers, 9200,000 in specie, and 1,000 tons merchandise The VanderbtK waa without observation Tor the last six days, being In denae continuous fog throughout the whole time. Amongst the pacsengcra is the Hon. J. H Austen, bearer of very Important despatches from our Mlniater ai Paris. The following Is the log of the steamship Vanderbilt 1 eCt Havre.Inly 8, at noon, and Co woe tho same evening At siffht nV.lnrlf ? Latitude. Longitude [Hstanee July 9 ? ? 20? 1 0 40 (4 13.48 2<k 1 1 49 65 21.64 3U 1 2 60.01 27.26 316 14 48 60 41.10 PVI 16 47 48 30 328 18 44.40 66 3* S36 IT 42 46 82 30 336 1 8 40.30 88 40 320 19 at six o'elock A M , np wUh ,'lght chip, mid (topped In cenicquence of dense fof 246 Total toilet 3,249 Time, 10 days 10 hours from Co*se?, and 10 dajs ami 20 boon from Havre, Including stoppage at Cowcs. Had a stormy a inter passage at regards woalhorand s?a. The Onl its steamship Atlantic, Oapta'.o Oliver Eld ridge, which left Ilverpool at eleven o'clock, on the morning o( 5th sf July, at rived at ber dock at Qveo'clock l.vt evening. The Atlantic brought 800 tons heavy cargo and ihe T'nlted Water malls. Our full Diet of European papers reached us by the At IsnUr, hut the news bad been in a great measure, suite! ptted Ly the provlous srrtvsl of the Vsnderbllt. The screw steamship Indians was 1} leave doulhtmp ton cn the same day?the 8th. The mail fteamsbtp Canada, from Sew York, arrived ai Liverpool on the 8th. An act on brought In the Court of',sh Ft hi.nor, by the owners of the United Wales mail suamshlp Atliniw agalrat the Marine In-r.rance, to determ'ne the treragr per ocnlage In which the ownera were entitled for itjurlei to the vessel, which was compelled la Jsnna'y, 1862. t<. put bark tt> Cork, bad retnlted In the stepping of the naee and the rendition of s verdh t for defendants. The How of gold Into the ilauk of ! og'aod continuel sc live. Tho English money market wae rather flat. Mr. Roebuck's motion for the abolition of the office of lord Men tenant In Ireland, was rejected by the lliuve of CV interns on the "th Inst., by 266 votes against 161. The Karl of Mornlngten bad died very suddenly, but s Coroner's jury found that it was from natural cwuise Tat Karl's life was Insured for about n quarter of a million pounds sterling The Farl of Granville had been lovetb-d with the vacant order of tbt Garter, and Lord K.nn.drd ha I received the order ol' the Thistle At the Couil of Bankruptcy, !on ten, on tho 7lh of July an oOcr of 2s. tid. In the pound, In addition to tho la 83 already paid, In Ihe oase of Mr. C. J. Mare, shipbuilder, on rendition that the bankruptcy should be annulled, was refused. Prince Napoleon Bonaparte was at Kalmoalh, England, on the 7tb listant, en route to Dublin, Ireland I fk. 8.4.1 .f If.,4.1.1 a. Jwi.lh .8 nlaawAw ..a a saK.wvw. murder, continued, but fU eipcct?d to b? cloned on tbe *ih or 9tb tnat. The three republic** candidate* were ekc'.ed In Pari* on tbe Mb and filh, notwithstanding all tke effort* or Urn gor croment. Tbe following la the deflnllira m >l< ? I>utridl (Jjyottiion CandtdatfS O-rt. OandilUft 3d Ceo. Oarm guar 10,'.<60 M Tluoael... 9,i>63 4lb M Olllrter 11,(06 M Vaen IC.tMd 7th M. Harimoo ... f3,0.k VC. Iaii|ieUn 11,016 Tbe Part* Mimi'n r annom,. em that the Kraperor and Kmprnee will thortly rial! Queen Victoria at Oihorne. ono fining their May In EnglandV> that locality, and maintaining the rtrlctent incognito Count de Moray haa been ap Minted Prenl lent of tbe Lrglelalire body of Crura. Tbe poet Beranger la raid In be In a dying ntate Lt Sittl, of rati*, of July 7, baa the follow.og ? Urn Pre moot ha* luntarrlved, from New York,at Par'a Colonel Fremont a t > Join her at bin return from California, where be In called on account ef the working of bin auri r proportion or ttarlpoea. H to known that Col <oei I rrmont, candidate for Uie I'reeidaocy of the I'Oiled Piaiea, obtained a great number of rotea and acquired, by tbe elc. a'ion of bit vlewn and thn tlrmneaa of bin principles, the eetcem of ertn bin adrnrnanea. Tbe Par in Pr?* itaten that a Baron de B , who loot bin fortune by apeculatloe* on the Bourne, an I who nab nrquently rained money on btlla, drore, on 6th of .'ale, from tbe Run do Rlroll, where he occupied a bandaome apartment, to Notre r<ame, where he committed nnic de by tbrowing hinuelf from the tower. He held io hit band a niiir ninna ?hlrh h o hbil f rorrt thn IVft.'itfoiif fm pertal to inpw?f a charge of forgery. H'? body *n? era v?yt>l 10 the Morgue. The eb'pment* of <peete to the Kiel from Prance amounted to ?l,tt?,9MI for the fleet all month* of the preteot year; from England the ihtpmenu here arertged about a million ami a half per month. (ieaeral of Ihrteloa Hrlbell, commanding at Ktraahonrg arrtrrd, by order of the Km per or Napoleon, at Hnden Radm on the 4th Inrtant, to preeent the complimenta of h!a Imperial Majcaty to bit Majesty the Emperor of all tbo Rurniae. Prinoe Simon de WoroonofT and the ' flnoaen Ma'y o WnronzolT hart arrlred In Paria. Tho Prince it the aon of Field Marrbal Woroowifl, who died recently, and the Prince#* la the aunt nf the Oouoteaa do Moray The Wo rorzoffa ere one of the rlchert famlttea In Rnmla The editor of the fryrtt du /'a 4* I'dlaU, who had bono condemned to a flne, cod wboae paper had been anapend ad, bnrtng appealed again* the eeoteooe, the appeal ha* been retected The eibthltloeof worka by tiring artlam In Perl*, at traMn rn?t crowd* In eplte of It* anaaUtfactory character The public attention In chiefly abnorberi by tbe b title aeenee which ebound in the gallery, and which xrtalnly flatter the national ranlty, If they do not tenlify p> a pro gree* In art or lo an derated appreciation of historical la partiality. On Monday, Jnty 6, no tern than ro.ono permo* rlrltrd (tie erhlhltlon. agalnet IT,(ICO en the preceding Sen day, and 16,000 on tho flret Str day after tut opening Tbe "0bateau da In-tonroe du I drat," where Bnlirgbroke realded derlng hie dl*grae?, end where Voltnfre rend to tbe great atatenman the maanacrlpt of hie "Rear1 ado," Is for sale Wo here ewne aeuraie lafne nation an to tho *Uk crop I Tbe breeding of the *lib worm It oonelnded In the pemter * number ?f UaMlfenora auiamim,aU therenuituthhl LD. PRICK TWO GENTS. crop Id the aouih ot franco. Mnmn localities will give even 76 percent. Thla calculation It more favorable tt an the re?? we received a month atnce would lead oa to expect . i On the ether haod, the from Lombard/ and Pled ' iron*, are more aatlifactnry; but, never heiosfl, i Ik wU he dtar thla year. Tbe crop of illlt produced n hvrope ttis year will not he Hufflclenl for the cocHumptioo.and we mtwt again hare recoome to India an t China. Trade has be?n quiet Id I'or.s. It mutt be recollected however, that tbia :s the dead reason for several brao'.hed ' of indue try Despatches from Madrid speak of revolutionary attempts lu tlio foulh of Hpala. They bad been suppressed. Madrid tras tranquil. The oleclloos for ll.o new Bo'giati Chamber were pro gresslug favorably for the liberal party. A letter from .Madrid, da'fd Inly 3, rays ? Tbcie 1* a feelib| of com iderablo uneasiness u Madrid and reports are current tending to show that uwatt r;iion. or a widi lv rpread oourptrscy, e\l?Lt in various imru or Hpain Carllst movum< uts are also spoken of. It Is sold that a plot hoe been discovered at .SAbtoua, on the north coatt; also that a battalion In g*rri?oa at VHtnna boa heeu marched away from that town, an sc.toimt of syiui>lcms o. revolt observed m its ranki Ther? Is, unqoesilon ably, a cellrg of alarm abroad, although it is laaposrlole tossy exactly on what I*. in founder!. 11m con sptmy at Malaga ootnprebeu'ted twelve or Ufteeo com cou.mfstoneo clhners or artillery, and was In a repub 1 can M lino A corporal, i amud Caoinslo, has been shot by rcuii-nro of court mailtal. Tno Insurgent band thai snowed Itself In the Siesra Morona, <nd which letters and pHpers from the south persist in estimating at 70 or SO men, I* raid to have conflsied of natives of Bayien ami La CaroHca and to have ilislr.butcd democratio proclamations. Alter r o >hing one mail they attacked a second, bok the ercoit, aided by some armed civilians from the ni gtv boring vlPagei, drove ibvm away. Tney left ono :naa dr ad on tbe ground. Advlcei fi om Oporto regarding the prospects of the trlivtige continue bad. As statements on such matters a.Tect prices, tbey must bo received with caution, bat the follow* tn| letter to the london Jkmrj is from a highly respeetablo soerce, although an Interesterl one:? Accounts from all quarters agree In stating that durlag the last few hot days the progress of the "otdtum" hae been terrible. My vines were free from It, and be-.ame covered with It in forty eight boors. They were weilsulpbiirer. and a thick hen of sulphur was placed uu iur them, and Is under them now, subject to the constant afUun el a hot sun. Tho attempted Insurrection In Italy was directed, It ! said, against the Ktng of Naples and the Pope, not with a vlow to any particular form of government, but to get rid of tho Italian Bourbons, and expel th? Austrtans and tbosa who are protected by them from Italy. A Vienna letter Intimates that Prince GortsrhtkofT la shortly to visit that cip'Ptl, and that the oventls attributed toa commencement of more ft 1 endly rotations between the courts of 31. Petersburg and Vienoa. The Berlin correspondent ?r tho London 7Vn?.? sayw tho most prominent feature or the new tarttr is tho ad, mission of iron of almovt all kinds at a duty wbirb will not unite exclude It, while formerly It was altogether itobib.tod. Cotton goods aro all reduced considerably, and , in som<'cases to one-fourth of tho fhrmer duty; llnen> i bowevtr, only to about one half. The duty on raw sugar Is lowered; and relined sugar, formerly probib ed, now | enters at live ro - hies and four rosbles per pood. Tobacco In leaves Is redoes I from 13 13 d roubles. Tho St. Petersburg correepoodent rf the London Anita ray* that Mr. Seymour, the American MlnUter, l? re it led. The hea'th of Marahal Raletr.lcy ta very bad, and It la feared that he will alok from eiceutve proet'allio. The Rnee'an p*,?r* aDDO'inoe the di?corery of e?'cnitvc Acid* of coal ann it-ata of iron?the latter la tho Crimea Advices from OnatanilEojde of the J*th of June make mention > f an official report liv II"la (taiuan, the matter of an (Mioman coaatlog cralt, to the authorities at Trabi/. <nde i en the 16tb of tha month, of ibte veaael'* having, while hauled up on tbe btacb a1 (iheleo)lk, been Brat loo on lhe 3d t?y a Knaatan ateamer of war carrying a Brltleh dag, when rcroe reven or ttgbl out of a acora of abota atrnck ber bull, and which aawe atoatmr. after Artng aotae 100 rbita at tbo bazaar, without causing any datnaga of importance, ?el|tbed anchor, anil gave cbxao to, and Itrnlly I captu'cd anottier Ottoman coaatioy craft, aall laden, wlta merchant on board bekmgiiig to Trcbizoode. Tbe ateamer afUrwarda went on to Sou<Mae Kaleb, acoomptnie I b i thrte yunboatn in tow, where, altar bombarding the p.eoe ' tome rig ity or ninety armed men landed, ransacked tbo i bazaar of tbo mmt raluable good* eipoeed therein for sale, > then act tire to the reet and to all ttie conilgtKMiR ho isaa i rapturli g two more ixasJog oraft belorgtng to Trebi/on le laden with batter an I grain. Tbo aaine Role 0>mvt moreorer report* that towar I* the clone of May Jefer Bey and Mr bmrt Par ba, at tbe head of 'JO,000 Circassian* aa1 Pule*. defeated in die vicinity of twi? a K me tan force o it coo altb dreadful a'aorh'rr, do ijnarter be<ag ebowo , Pnaee <j*ga>lpe had evadeo th" watchfulness of tba Ctr rarilao st.arpshontera. and n?irlr*d la Hod three imitation* dunce the darhoet-* <>f the nvht, wbiob force bad occupied (,;igra L#Uer? fi om Const tntloopto and tnryrna by tbe overland mall *fiees of serious dleturbaacea In Mlryrella. Accordlag to nnnatantim-pJ* acounts of the .'Mb oH , a Russian ateamer under tbe Engllsb Hag approached Ito Orcadian porta uf Celemtpi-k aoJ 'oopili K?le, and sunk *tr*ral small veeaela, aftor taking out the tnercitaodlaa they hail en board. Account* from Athene of tbe fllb stale that heavy relna had done eume io|ury loth* t orn and vinos A Ivicvr Irom Teheran report ibat Mr Murray, tha Grille h Minister to Per*la, bail demandeil that a reg'meet of lb' Indltn army ibould scrotDpRny blm on bla eotry Into . Tt hnrtD. wlli'lh firm *n'l thn I'urtlJtii M/nr?r? at?al K*a*4 am_ fared U> unbuilt to. There are no >at?r advice* from India Tbo l"D<loo Timet puhliabaa a letter from no army oflicer, dated Ijvbore, Way 14. id which it la itatail tbat ?" foe iflth Native dt..r?i>lry, at Ftrnxopo ra, hiving refuted to lay Iowa lb air anna, war# cut to place* by tbo mvalry, and rh it by U.e I nrofuiina, and ordara arc nuwd to hill every man of the realnant wherever be roiy be f nod. Toey hive burned aiaa bungalow* and toe eburnb tbero. but ul' Kuropvaoa tra aafa The threw btiad-ed flapora who go: away from bare yatterday bare been well puolrbo* by tbe I'uiuabtoe Report any a Dearly all wire hilled. Neva Irea Toaia to tbe lal taat baa arrived. A Jaw a' Tun Hi bating been laeulted by tbe Moore, aad havtag piled with blaapbi-mlea tg? rial the rellgtoo of Mabeaet, waa thrown lam prima, and wna after varde beheaded, and hta rortwe abandoned to tbe larnlti of the won Tbo Conanla utanlmouily pr?te?tcd agt'aa' th?-ee oauagna, aod Mr Croea, the Kngliah vice foe*! I, baa arrived at Maraelllea, tbe bearer of a pmteat agalael tbe ooad >et of iba n?y The (treat Ti lr|raph Rtprdltlon, l.r-aai -v.i., juty 4, Iftfll. Vr%'ia;7 0/ -Ac Call* hi Hoard the /Viai/ara? Tk* Work rbm metkW a/ latl?Sm* ia (V Hold of Of Skip?The CVOw1 at their lbtk - The Wo* fbry take Ike OalM in and .* ? d to h'inket?.Hnridl Lifr Aboil the CWw, lie . d- .die. Monday tbo long delayed, unitonaly expected day arrived, for the taking of tae oai.i* oa board taa Niagara, and *nch i? the rapidity with wtleh tba work p*0(r- wea now It hat beva fhlrly commenced, that la all day-'bey I ara catrtrad to inch away ao let* tbaa three hundred ini.e? rf It la tbe forward bold. Thla, wlib nooit (bar hundred tbey bare cot led la tbe Agamemnon, makea a ooo. atdemhle redi.i Uon In tbe ma total < f twenty flee hundred, which t? to be divided >etween tbe mo fhtpa Tbe 'act la. hat thi*c dlffltuhlM wbich rwmM lo bcwt tho mi tartaking from lh? lime of our arrival, were moreapparent tv an reel, nod dlaappeared %? roon a* the w??k wae m'-red upon oito that put try wktch baa been exhibited during the l?*t four weekx of our atajr lo thin country. There m do rraano now to nupfKKe iliwt we aha 11 ho delayed lunger itian a fortnight at the very ulmoet, n> thai lho de pertaro of the Niagara frrtn tho Mor?ov inav ho reg wded an among (he moot prohah e occurrence* of tho llffb Indent. Tb? mm employed In ct lllng tho cahlo aro. with tho ex caption of ha If a dor.on wba arr negated by the AliaaOO Mcgreph Company, Milan on tho flavor*, who btvo v Inn in?ad fbr the work, a* now bat each ne arr wtt* log to aorvo nod hava frvaly nffbred them?elre? b*vw hroo drafted from Ibr crew for the pari ewe. Captala Hud ton Informed them thai naor bat voinorenr* abooM te put to w?k, and of IV* natnre and character , 'be rultiee by which It would be attended, the wear and tear of r.loihe*. and the ted one tnek la wblob they werw a book to < ater?np'ainli a. In (bet, ail Ita c hyeotirwable feature*, ro that alter the? ihoukl hare entered apon It they nucha net ba ahle to my they did ao In igeeranoe of what I hey were required to do. ft' objectlneable faatnraa, however, did not norm lo deter them from coming fbr ward ta large anmhere, and offering their n?mea, from whioh a etrrag fore wa? n ada ont fhr the work They wave peefhile cp'huriaMir atoot ft. and It eremed lobe a matter of nra'ry among ihem aa to who ahoald be meeet 4nt A hoot t*e hnndied and twenty have b*ea mined Tor the rrrviee. and th we, with Mai of the Ire* of Ibr company, will twm the greet one pa off ' (.,? r r- '"* the VMr*ra f ? ? t|o? lav. an I hare ?aiif M-. It VI* V4 ?A?e ? -i? .Adiv Kit .ItaMttaWeO,