Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1857 Page 3
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Mefni, obtained um ors-emhsswoe; hot probably Um obm wktahlLdeUm aad mm of the promo*-. have Cvlew wUlbeaooZlShed, eve. If the whole of Um aderhtklng should aol M oarried Into execution. (Hem, Md a buh ) ir my honorable Wend?the member for MtaU-wili take my Melee, be will hava nothing to do * with the echeme in question. (Beer, beer.) nirira KnoxAVTi at vlkaiobg. Mr A""?* inquired whether it wan the intention of her Msjssty'e government to introduce any maaeore enabling Mem te grant eomponootton to Brltieb merehnnti whoee merty at Uleaborg, in the Golf of Bothnia, bad bean de noted on the 3d of June, 1864, by theboate of a squadron awdor the command of Admiral Ptumridge. Lord PAuonaTon mil that the proceedings in thla mat tar nut be regelated by the principle which he bad Mated to be an International principle when a question are?e ae to the lessee sustained by Brltieb subjects at Grey Man. Be then stated the principle of international law to he that persons who wore domiciled in n foreign oountry meet abide by the fate of that or untry in peaoo and war, and that therefore no demand could properly be made npM the American government for losaes sustained by rttbb subjects in Grey town in consequence of hostilities between that place and the United States. The same principle applied to the caae to which the boo. gentlemen now inferred. There were certain British subjects, and proba b|y the subjects of other States, who were domiciled or had property In the Russian territory. Thooe persons must lake the chaaee of the Russian empire; and if by any elren we lance the place where their property wee situated beeame the scene of hostile operations, no claim could pnaslMy be set up by tboee persona, whatever oountry they might belong to. against the government whose foroes carried so the hostilities by which Ibev had been made to OCA NO FROM FIRD8' IRL AND. In tbe Rocre of Commons on the 6th of July Mr. Baxmm asked the F.rst lord of the Admiralty why no vessel of war proceeled to Bird leland, in the Pacific, before Doeember, 1866, although, as it appearod from the printed paper*, Mr. Miller, her Majesty's Consul at Woahoo, bad made known to tbo commanders of all her Majesty's ahlpe (bet toeched at that port since Angust, 1864, and also to tbe Commander in Chief of her Majesty's naval forces In the Paolflc, the purport of Mr. Hammond's circular despatch ef May, 1864, directing diligent search to be made for depoatta tf guano; and whether Bird bland bad since been taken possession of by the United States. Hr C. Wjoo said that he could give no proclso information upon the subject beyond that shied was to the papers already before the House He bad no doubt, however, that tbe reason why no vessel bad been sent to Mrd Island was attributable to tbe demand upon our naval resources during tbe war. to the Commons government was twice defeated upon otiona to amend the pending I'rebate bill. NOLANIt's RELATIONS WITH VENEZUELA?SEIZURE OF A BRITISH SCHOONER AT CAKAUCAS. The Marl of MAUf?nrsY wished to put a question to tbe Secretary of Siato lor Foreign AtTairs relative to a case of aome hardship. It was tbe case of a Captain Ouieloy, sommander and part owner of the schooner Maria, which md been seized by tbe Venezuelan government. It appeared that a boat bad been detached from tbe schooner a order to prooure provisions at Caraccas. On board the >oal there were some few yards of cloth which tbe crew tended merely to barter lor the provisions of which they itood In teed. They were, however, aicuscd of snug i'tag, and the boat was consequently seised. The capiatu sas Drought before tbe tribunal of the country, and fined 100 dollars for abroach of tbe Custom house rules of Ve wsuela. Not satisfied with this, tho Gsvcrnment of that euatrv also seized the schooner, which was then engaged a a regular and legitimate trade?that of carrying cattle to "temerara. The seizure occurred on tho 7lh March, 1856. knee thrn a correspondence bad taken place between his rtend (Lord Clarendon) and the brother in law of CAptain uselej . and it appe&> ed that ne notice whatever had been aken of this transaction by our ChargA d'Alfaires at Caracas, and that no communication oo tbe subject had been ent by that ofiicer to the foreign office in answer to Inures mat had been addroeted to him regarding it. In M meantime Captain Ouseley had presented a bill against M authorities of Venezuela for damages to the amount of mseth'Dg like ?3,000. Be wished his noble friend to (plain, if be could, how such a proceeding as this, street4! a vesssel thai was British built, British manned , and rttisb owned, should have tiken place without the knowAge of the foreign Offioe being drawn to it by our Charge 'Afla'res The I-Art of Ci arsnpos (who waa very Indistinctly heard) aa sorry that be oould not alford bia noble friend the emanation he desired. It was perfectly true that neither Tore nor since the information relative to this case had si given to the Foreign Office by the parties intoro ted A be received any report on the aubject fr)m our arf> d'Allaires at CAraccaa. As soon aa the dreamwoes came to his knowledge he out himself In comm ol ' toon with tbe Oomm'snloner of Venezuela, who wa? then ?d to return t? that country, and relocated him to be od eneugb to lay the matter under the notice or tbe ecnelean fiovernment. Since then, however, he had t beard anything of that gentleman'* proceeding*. Aloof h he had not yet aucceded In obtaining any toforma to respecting thie transaction, he trusted that before trh longer he should receive tome explanation on thj tiject. Tlte Steamship Urcat Beat era. v rxoarECTS of thi anaaraoLDKita?to what FORT WILfc SHI GO? [From the London Chronicle, July I.) f eater day the half-yearly meeting of the shareholders H proprietors of tbe Great Kaetern, building at Mill wall, wsheid at tbe Loadon Tavern?Mr. R. Hope, the chtlr i of the Board of the chair. tr. Yates, the Secretary, read the following report or Ife Court of I>1 rectors to the proprietors ? four directors having, so reoently as the 19th of Februar tost, at tne sixth annual general meeting of proprietor, laid before yon a of ibcir proceedings do?n to that period, tbey bsvo now comparatively bat IMIe farther to add. The works In every department are proceeding sacrectomy, and as rapidly s? their intricate ' eetore will admit. The ship la bow substantially ootnpfcsc I as to tbe b ill, and, altbougb the launching will be | unsvolisbly de'rrred to a somewhat later period in the am mer tbaa your director* anil I pa ted in their la?t re pert, there no doubt of Its successful accomplish meat In tbe early pert ef .September, when tbe lldee will toe favor*ole to the operation. and provided the fane* far Use purpose are forthcoming. TV uanm for mmirimf a trial trip to /'ortiaud, I n?tM Xtat", ?mdd be in fk* mtmtk rf October, tmt pour dirednrtfetl (Mat it would br rtry dtf.sult, wdhtwl adding largely to the oat, In oomplate On iktj' ty tkai time the next fanarahU pmod wtU o cur in Ike utonlk of Jpnl follo.iiup, pre>noui to toAicA 'here u no tntt ike may be completed end properly eyuip/ied. A1 ttoeegh at the half yearly meeting* It to not eeoenaary toy the company ? oooatiinuoa to enter Into any Aelaito or statement of accounts, the prereot Male of tb? sons pan y * operation* make* it destraola to sabmit an online of R* financial position and noqutremeatn. It w now Mertauted on data which your director* behave may be retted rn, that the cost of the ship and engines will be about ?620.000, en account ef whlcb there ha* beer si read v K ?460,838, leaving a balance ? ? be presided ef ?160, To meet this balance, ?160,102. there are nails to irrear estimated good, and cash In hand, ?1)2,000; leaving s balance to be provided ef about ?67,102. Hie grot*cost of tbe ahlp, Including the expenses oi the tompaay, mar be taken approximately as follows, viz.:? Ml mated cert of ebtas above ?420 000 JBet of n.anagemeot, office expense*, Interest to shareholders, kc 80.000 Total ?660,000 Add tor al other octmgeccici 6 per ceat on the ertlmated ceet ef sh.p 31,000 9rom -net of ship ?6(1,000 Frees the above mm the following Heme have to toe deducted, vis ? Deposit ue forfet ed shares and ntersnt of money made. ?6,108: money paid on shares forfeited, ?66,708; mosey petid on further shares to lorMt, ?14,000 *3 *08 Ununited coat of ihtp to remaining proprietor* ?497,196 By Ike ferret""* statement It e?lit be eeeu ihet the amoiin' eqawed over and ebree the nw eetlmated to be recelv at of cmUa la erree.a, Iki. amount* to the rja of tt17,182' m which add ?.11,COO ae above lor all pneeihle conllogco Mae, thua making la the wbele ?W?,l#'l Thia anm your director* recommend ahouid be ralaed by d.beotaren, and , feat thia meeting aboald anth jrlao Um exorelee of the bor rowteg no* ere or the company I > an extent of not exceed lag one hundred tbooaand pounda, which earn will oorer fee nee, h wary worktag capital Per thia amonat. It will yrabebly be Deoeeaary to create a charge on the ihlp In | ferw of the debenture holder*, and to aeonre It further by fabciea of to be effected for at lea*t doable the amount It la proponed to borrow. la order to make lb la charr* aa little burdenaome ae partible. Ibe debentures will be offered la Ure flrat InaUnce to the shareholder*. The proprietor* will perceive from the eat)mate of calla new In arrear that atnoe the laat meeting a very large porBoa or them hea been got la. Negotiation* with the autho rlltea of the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada for fee trial tripe are praceedlne satisfactorily, and y oar dlrec tew feel confident that It will be made remunerative to thia Ah following la Mr. Brunei, the engineer'*, ret?irt It Prxa ffrecrr, WasrauasTaM, June 29, IM1. Vieme i*raaa Ntrmttma Ooarajrr? mwiswan?You are well acquainted with the present Mate of ihe nblp, and I need hardly eater Into aay detailed MaMment on the aubjeot. The bull In completed and ready la Beat, wlita the exception of the atern p wt and the work lauaed lately oeaneoied with thle, and for the completion of which we wall to pat the ecrew and arrow a haft la piece, both of which an ready, and lying alongside The fram a of the atern and atera poet, aKhough attended with do Bulttee, hen proved a more tedtona work than bad ever been anticipated, but it le now nearly brought to a done. Oar principal eaperlntendeat la thle department of the work, Mr. Hep worth, however, madder* that It may probably require till the end of neat oftenh to complete it By tkde time the launching ways may be made ready, and the ship may be In a condition to be launched on the following spring bdee,should It be deemed advlaahla. ftirh ol the Internal fitting* as were ordered by the director* here been proceeded with. The ekyligbm, nompenioae, alair caeca, be , or the forward compart meat are aeatrly ready to Hi In place; with three can be fixed a. ..nn.v .tank which, affording abelter to the work nndernoatb, will admit of the laying the deck* of the aaloona and of the joiner*' work for whlcb (bo ma bertala are delivered briny proceeded wltb?tbla work Km bono eertdcntally delayed by the want of eome Iron required to complete tho bo lor ohitnniee an l ventilator* wkieh paaa through AO'1 interfere with tbo raktone 4a regard* tbo machinery tbo boiler* are all In plane, and the mam pfpee and other dotalla of tbnoe of tho paddle on (Two* are m a forward mate Tho completion or the eorow engine io delayed only by the wast of tbo eecond crank rtMA, which boa been mannfhrtnred at tho Tl.tme* Iron Worka, formerly Meoera Mare'a. wbioh la, however, enriy (lota bed, and anflloiontly ao to pro re Ho aoondnena. and will bo delivered, I believe, In tbo ooirvo of thie naoaitb. In tbo paddle "itglnne, other*tee complete, a *e rtoue oanae of delay hoe neriirred?a aenond crank a ha ft bee proved nne?nnd I am taking atepa to aaoertain the beet and pi Irk net mode of anpplylag the defloiancy, but I do n? t think It pnealhle, nnder lite moot fkvorablo circum aneea, thin can be done under four month*, and ortll th * hart i* replaced, of oonrm the paddle engine cannot lie completed. I am, gentlemen, your obedient eorvotil, (*#t?ed) I K RKI'NKL. To the director* of the Fnitern Steam Va\ igalloii Co. The C*ais?jw then addrneerd the meeting upon the eontinned far arable poaltion of the company Although they might feel aemewhat dr appointed that the launching of Ifec atlp tbould be deferred, *CU be thought that, looting I at all tbe eireumataneee, the character of the ahlp, and that Hi ooet would not ntttd ?31 per Ion, buUdatr bn snremenl, which be wu Informed wee not beyond the usual rate, and lb at four per cant bad been allowed on all paid up nails. the; bad doi much real on lo complain. He moved tbe adoption of the report. Mr. Csnraou. seconded tbe report. A raoi'RinroB trusted that everything that wan praetlea ble to be done to the ahlp, befbreahe waa launched, should be performed. The CttitHMiji, tn answer to some questions,raid tbe ?100,000 which was reqitred, would not only complete the ship ready for sea, but live a surplus of ?30,COO to working capital Mr. M'MiiMneT approved the ooerse taken by the board, end aaid that A'ew York was the proper place for the ship to go. The report waa then adopted. Tbt Ciumiia* then proponed n resolution authorising the borrowing of a sum not exoeedlng ?100,000 The SacKRanT, in answer to a Shareholder, said tbe ship, as aha laid on the altp, wan Insured for ?300,000. Municipal Rlghta of London. Tbe ghertflb of tbe oity of London entertained the Judges Campbell, Martin, Watson and Crenswell at dinner on 27th or Jane. lord Chief Justice Campbell, returning thanka on behalf of their lordships, remarkedThere haa long been an lot! mate connection between the Judges of the land and tbia moat illustrations corporation. I hope that that connection will unbuilt for many fenerations. (Much cheering ) There bare been projests for extinguishing the corporation of tbe city of London. I moat say that I bare alwaya reyarded inch projects wtth abborrenoe. (Hoar, bear.) Tbe country, In all period* of It* hlrtory, baa been mainly Indebted Tor Its liberty, and for It* Independence, and for its power, to tbe exertion* of tbe citizen* ol' London (Cheer*.) Your ancient institution* no doubt may want, and do want, lmpoi tant amendments? (hear.hear)- and 1 would be tbe last to enoonrafe you not to amend them, and mahfe them suitable to tbe progress of tociety and to the wants o' tbe preient generation. 1 hope you are prepared to do 10, but I will never support any proposal for amenttng tbe Institution* of tbe city of london which shall tmrair tbe splendor of tbe office of lord Mayor, or of that of Ihe Sheriff* of London and Middlesex. (Much cheering ) Gentlemen, a very splendid panegyric baa besn pronounced from an honorable member (Mr. UnderSheriff Anderton) upon tbe present Lord Mayor, wbicb I have no doubt he well deserves; but I am sure that tho office of Sheriffs of London and Middlesex is now tilled In a manner to satisfy the public and to do credit to tbosc who Oil it. (Cborra ) They are elected by their followcltlzens?not appointed by tbe crown?and they well merit tbe conlidecoe that has been reposed in them. The Sloth (exchange In Wall Street?An Eng? ilah Vlrw of Its Bloat' of Operating. (From the london Times, (city article,) July 7 ] Kor some time past tbe accounts of the operation* in the New York stock market bave furnished Increased illustrations of a fact which, although of groat Importance as a stimulus to caution, has never been much noticed by I'j ropean investors. Tbe rules or the tendon Slock Exchange constitute a model system for the maintenance of honorable dealing, and capitalists who look in the American papers for tbe official price lists and other documents emanating from tbe Board of Brokers in New York aro apt to suppose thai something like similar vigilance is ex ercised by that body. This, noweror, ia a mistake. and no: only la It a fact that the managers of the New Yo< k Exchange encourage a system of business which has no bona fide foundation, but that the members of tbat Exchange, Instead of acting as ur.e man, like the I/imb dealer-, on all occasions when 11 may be necessary to In slat .en a rigid maintenance of public credit, usually put forth their collective lniluence to oh>ain an opi*)*lte result. With rare exceptions the policy of the New York dealers and speculators is always to art against the market. Whether this arises from a large portion of the slocks and bonds of American companies being held by foreigners need not be discussed. Certain it Is tnat while iu london ho least attempt at bad faith on the part of a public company is at on:e met on the Slock Exshaoge as an e'U that would be destructive to business of all kinds, the tendency at New York, owing to the majority being largely interested in spe?ulalicns for a fall, is to give tacit, if net scire en?rv?ra. r.m?n* tr\ ntrorw rvrrkfAO/iincr thai can timduftA difl. trust Thus. Id the cato of the New York and Now Hevon Railway, where tbe Irtuds of Schuyler Ln ixs'iie, fains t ck were tnalagous to those of Barillar, Redptih and Robrun id Ixindou, the direc ore felt sufficient oootldence in public support to repudiate the acta of their otlicer, and to drive the claimant! into a court of law. In like manner if the president of a bank, alter borrowing money in England pleads usury to avoid payment, or ttie bead of a trust company?a leader in a certain section of the rellg.ous world?gea control of its funds in order to squander them thrjugh years of litigali n with (hareboldbrs on this side; or a Secretary of state openly announces himself the advocate of, repudiation, and laughs at tbe " crocodile tears" of the sufferer*, their popularity in the precincts of the New York Kx hange never seems for one moment influenced Tne leading merchants of the city Tetl the disgrace and loudly oondrmn It, but so long as those who gain by such practice* can And themselves hUII admired in the sphere whrre their profits are made the opinion of other classes haa lit tic weight. It will be tightly -aid, howevr, that for this there la no remedy. Tne manager* of the Ksir t of Rrn kers have nothing to do with the sympathies of tne mem bers, either Indivtdoally or collectively. All tbat the European Investor has to do Is to recollect that the fact of tbesa feeling*, being in many casei against him, shoal 1 be one element of his calculations. But there are other points with which it is in the power of an official body to deal. The Hoard of Brokers can at least decido upon the character of the trans sctlona they will permit to appear In ihelr authortzod (lock lists, fa Ixmdon no operation la allowed to be marked unleaa It la for a oertaln amount, and to be settfed within a oertaln reasonable time?a fortnight in the case of hares aad foreign stocks, and a month in the case of consols. In New York, on the contrary, when It hat been arranged to create a panic, oseor the favorite devtoea is to all at about one four.h of ihelr actual money prtoe n few hundred dollar* worth of share*, to be delivered a twelve month bent e? A bolder of Groat Western -took at 65 would foel no Ma consternation if be were to see into morrow's list that several sales had been effected at 20. This Mnd of (notice, however, Is dally permitted In Amerien Even where It ia understood it creates uneaataam, and, of course, npon the uninitiated abroad the effect Is alarming. By risking t&CO to this way the speculator, 1 I-or baps, contrives to realise $6,000 on some immcd. ite transaction. To ordinary men of business such proceedings most seem more fll for the betting ring than for a I financial body whose operations largely affect the interests 1 of almost all Ivlltvcd common.lies ft Is tor the Board, 1 however, to decide on their own method*. The only thing necessary here ts to take care that thoee methods are uot supposed to be such as prevail among ourselv*?. The Sugar Market of Kngland? (From Truemnn and Rose's (I ondon) Circular, Inly 2-1 | The sugar market during the last month has been very | unsettled, and prtcas have experienced a series of t! ictus Miens, bot at ne time exceeding 'M per owl.; during (he past fortnight there has been a general lndls|*srttlon on tho part of the trade to purchase, exsapt for the supply of tm mediate wants: but, on lbs other hunt, holder* are for the mo*I part firm, and unwilling to submit to the decline The Dutch sales of AO,MO baskets Javs are Oxed for the 23d inst. The market for home refined sugar lis*, throughout the month, been unlet, and price* show adeclln" o' Ifid to 2s on the quotations ol thefetult., brown lumps being quoted at Ma. per cwt The ooaeumpttoa of raw sugar in the I sited Kingdom In the five moot lis en ling list liny, was. according to the official returns, 166,700 Ions, against DA.400 in the name period of last year, aad | inee taese returns were issued there has been ao vtual tolling off la the deliveries, although the comparison with last year does not (bow so favorably, because the deliveries la June, ISM, worn ex traaety heavy, as tbe trade has previously ma Ibemtelve* very bare or elocks. The Imports during the pest month have been very large, per Ocularly of British plantation aad Cube, and the stork id Grant Britain shows an la-rets* tree tbe 1st oil. of 1I,IC6 Ions, bat ax eonv pared with the first half of last year there I* a falling (IT IB lb# Import# or Ti *?*> ion#, arm in in# n#n uir## momn# w? m?y raped B firiber decree## of 10.000 to Ift.OOn We ea:l male the preeent itock In the flee porta at #0,100 looe, garnet 00,300 I art year, and If oar antld pa Bob# m to future import! prore correct, lb? ?to>k three mnoiha bear# will abow a tuil greater comparatlre deOcteacy la the prin Opal continental ?nfr/W* on the -Hat May the aggregate atork wa* 33.3C0'oca, agfloat 30,TOO tone in IBM, and ftP MOta lfc'.V The Inotelnne orop la bow eoumated at 300,000 hoarhead*, whwti It,a great Inc.rea## upon la*t year, bat ibe production of cane auger la new it tar rally admitted to be lnedr<p>ete to Ibe world'* requirement*, nad from ao tropical touroe do we a# yat bear of aay important deretopamcnt of the call ration (>n the other band a onoetderabie lacrreee in the manufacture from beet root mar he eapected to take plate In 1M7-M, but aotwltbemndlaa thle we regard the preeent prV se of ?n far aa aecnre for ?cme montha to oome. Trade of Parle. [Parla (.Tnty ) Onrreapnodenoe of the I/mi en Time# ) Trade waa quiet laat week In l*arli. The mannraeturert delivered aome article# for the fair of Beaucatre, aod re ctlred nromleee of eiteoelre order* from Hue*la and the I tiled in alee It mn*t be recollected, bowerer, that thl* la the dead eeaaoa lor aereral hrancTee of mduetry Title I* the moment, llkewtee, when the eatenetre ehopkeepcr* I la Parta and the manufacturer* la the prorlaoe* era or on pled In taking "took aad arranging their norounla, ae they do not etpert buttnee* to become more entire before the month ef September For three rtaeoo* the tradeamen of Pari* bar* not a* yet had moch oocaetoe to lake ad rentage of the reduction of the rale of Internet by the Bank of Trance, and the docket* preaented to the Bank for dta count bare been compneed of oommerclal bill* named ftir puroha*#* of raw at Ik and wool. A decline la lite prtna of corn and wine la becoming more apparent according aa the reault of the approaching her vert la better appre elated. The ramplee of Alger tea wbe?t which hare ar rired at the I "aria markrta are magnllloent The formere are now determined to bring their old wheal to market, and the fall la prtoee la geoerei an??-w a ilka U.^Hiwanla U'hltA ?h?Ai VII BOlfl ft! the iMt I'ar'a market at 41f. the 130 kilogramme* an>1 wheat f>om Ptcardy at from l?f. to ?if for. %? harreet baa oommanoed Id the toutb or Kmarr, aid l? moat prednrtlre The account* Trom Italy, and portion larly fYam Naplee, are excellent M reyarde th* cropa Thla good n*w? baa pmdnoad a oonadarabla aflbct at Mar ae Ilea, where tha markai ahowa a fnrthar tendency to do rllnr At the laat Parti dour market oaiaa wore iiH-mi A doaidad flail la price* baa at lon|tb declared llaelf in tba Barry wtno market, aa well an In the wlno growing die trlotr Itnt it la not expected Uia'. any aarlona elTart will be produced anlll the vintage la over, and tha quantity and q'lahty of the wine are xocortamod Thegrowere expert large order* fur exportation from Rnaata and the Tnlte.! Htataa in eonaeqaeaoe of iba rednctlnw of the Import du Uaa In thooe oouMrtoa The blaaanmlng of the etna haa barn Impeded by rtnrma ia aoate lonelltle* but In general It took plane on.lor aire lent condition* The bunxhe* are wall formed and the grape* themaelraa are abundant -'P'rlta of wine dia mad rrum boat raol *'? p-.nted at lief the hectolitre The demand la bettor la oooaequeeae of a report thai the rruwlan gnrernment la about to abullah the bounty granted to the dtauiiere of (.erman alcohol* Rarkett, Itwuon Moxbt Mexxne?Tfner>*T Kxmmm, July T.-the now* fri "i 1'arta of the lef^M of the (roxernment run ' .lata* >n the elccton* frf yr*terday. and the apprehrn*lon that tb'w exant '* but the or mmanormout of a new perln! ' I- I "a '!' ' da -*o.ed the i rf.h fund* to open to day w.tb ncreaaed bmtneto, ui t? oentlcoe dull and NEW YORK HERALD, M inactive to lk? close of bosinens. lb* anxiety, whtoh to MM with sack hour of MipMN. on the pert to the le/ge number of pereone who here mend* or retahree to Indie, likewise nommuateatss Itself to the pabhe to large, and creetee e ani venal eflfect aaoh m bee ranlj hew wtv neeeed. Ooaeole, which left off lent ereatog to MM to %, were quoted to the Author decline to 93K to H, ana exporfenced no variation, the fresh arrival or specie from America, and the steady influx of bullion to the Bank to IMgland failing to orodaoe any rebound. Money waa In demand to day la the Stock Exchange on gorernnseat securities at six per oent, the etrnaamtaaee that all the advanot a made by the Bank daring the shotting must be repaid by Saturday next tending to absorb the available supply. The amount of those advanoes, howerr, la believed not to hare been each as will lead to any preianre In their being met la the discount market thle morning some exceptional trans ant kins took plane all# per oent, and to the Bank there appeared to be few applications Great doable are expressed so to Ibe probability to a lowering of the rale or dlaoooai even on Thursday next After to day, however, the course which the Bank may adopt will not be n matter to Immediate Importanoe. Wnlle the revenue payments were flowing la and the open market waa thna being straitened, the Bank had the rate at their own command; bat the disbursement to the dividends will, fbr a short time at least, render the publ>o lndejend ent. A reduction on Thursday week, in the absence of any unlooked for casualty, Is regarded as cerWln. In the foreign stock market a fair amount to business was trans acted, in moat casce at about the prices of yesterday. In the foreign exchanges there was no change of Import ance from the talcs of last poet The !*a>ln Bourse opened with Increased beav'neM, but at tbo clotro the three per cents returned to the quotations or yesterday?07r. 16a. for money, and 07r. zoo. ror tne end of the month. The letters from Parts to day state that the recovery in the bullion of the Bank of Prance continues, and that the forthcoming return w111 probably eihibtt an increaao of ?200,tOO or ?3C0.C00over thai or last month. About j966,OCO In gold, chatty Australian, was sold to the Tlank to day. I/'.npoh, Jnr 7.? Quiet Is still the prevailing feat-ire, nor are there as yet any very marked indications of re Dewed activity. Prices of mont articles are regarded as tot b'gh to wrrrant operations beyond the wants of the WBMH, whilst the limited stocks and small ar-dvale prevent the pressuro of sales to an extent that would call for any general and material decline in prion to stimulate coninmptlon. Quotations ore in this ?ay for the m-wt part tolerably steady, not, however, without those exceptional lleetuaiions Id the buyer's favor common during the absence of actual demand. Scr.AB.?The demand is very slow, and although small supplies are on otter, prices, whore sales are effected, are In feme Instances lower I/-CO bags white Benares sold in auction at 60s. to 61s., belug la. dec Ine; but 300 casks Car badoes brought 67s to h Ik Ad, which was about former pries. 3(00 mats 1A4 bags Mauritius werechielly bought in. crystallised yellow at 01g. to A2a. Ad.; I w to good sott yellow at 60s. a 58s Ad., mid. to fair brown at (Or to 61s , 2C0 bags date Madras bought In at 46s. to47s., an<l 2,600 bags Mooeio withdrawn at blgb prices. Ileyoud there auctions scarcely anything was cone. Kellncd market ilat at Otis, to 08t. 6d. for bio vn lumps. Covtkk.?Pr ces are steady, but the demand Is only moderate. At auction a small parcel plan atlon Oeylon soi l at 74s. to "7k lor flneortt. to low mid., 9ls. to IPOs. Ad for Sea berry, and 68?. to A4s. for ord. and tr age. Mocha rovght 74s. to 90s. for yellow garbled, and 70s. to 7r*. Ad. for clean garbled Alexandria, l'oddy bought in, 07s. 0d to 68s. Bmw.?The market Is flat, and the olfon are 3d. to A<l. order former prices. At auction 1,200 bags Raugoinsold at 8s. Ad. to 10s for low and heated. The sound was In nearly every I as tonic bought in. 1,9A4 bags Bengal. st 14s Ad. for fine, and lis 3-1. for Parrs; A,000 bags Java, lis Ad to 12s Ad. for ord. to mid. Ib-teately some sales are reported ftr ca-h,but the particulars taavo not tranrplred. (hi ? linseed Is quoted rather tirmer?39s. 0d. to 40s kiTAt- ? Hma'l sales of Straits tin at 13itt ; pig Iron 74a. Od to 74s 9d. Tiliow.?The St Petersburg news baa n't bait effect on the ma-ket, which Is quoted tie same ss yesterday. Mamohkktir, July 7 The sellers of cloth report a very Ilat day, wltb prices nominally the same as last week, though much difficulty hu? been experienced in effecting tales a arch rates. Tbo demand for India bss tx en for the better qualities of 40 Incb shirtings, but lower qualities of these goods and Jacconets and madapollaaui have been rather neglected In foot, the market baa today felt the full effect of the late unfavrable news reaper lug the disaffection wbtcb has shown itself among tbe native troops, and buyers have I exhibited gr? ill run lion Ising cloths and r -loth* oou tone id mod' ratc NfMM Tor yanslbero ha* been a stronger market than for cloths, a good deal of bostnesa having been done for Germany In most kinds of water and mule twist, but nave especially Ill's to 114'a wafer; and some fair ralee having been effected In 40's to 80'a mule for India, and In 8's t> 24'a wtltr twlat for me Mediterranean. Prloes generally may be reported at ,d per lb alvaore on tbe rat< s f art Tuesday, the principal came being ttie advance of cotton to the amount of in the Am >r uan markets. Some steppagcs have been reported in the trado, ol wblcb eight have taken place at Blackburn. Of these, bcwever, only Ibrae art supposed to be tlnal suspensions, and the liabilities are not large. The tirms In question were splnnerr and manutacturers. Four of them are said to be Moppagra to eOect changes in partnership, and one It In temporary difficulties, which there la somo hopo may be arranged. Messrs. John Hlagg 4k Co report:? "Thrre has been a good drreand for tbe better qualities ; of 40 Inch shirtings, and for spots and brocades for 'Thine, since tbe arrival of tbe last c verland mail, and prlcea are i slightly In favor of producers. Tbe losrer qualities of shirtings, jaoconeta and madapoliams?indeed, all ludln goods are in leaa request, but, aa stocks are light, and ; cotton still tending upwards, there Is no desl'e to push . sales, and consrqucutly tbors is ue change in prlcea lo notice. lone cloths and T cloths are still In good demand at l Inst week's quotations " Messrs. George faaer, Son * Oo . report:? "There is mi material change lo day la our market, wblcb Is very Orm for both goods and yarns, and which ceniinues to maintain the aame ba'deolng tendency in prices aa visible Tor the past few weeks " I.ksim, July 7 ?Tbe woollen cloth market baa presented a fair, steady aspect his morning There was not a very large number of buyers In the cloth balls, but thrv par ohased a full average amount of cloth, mostly lo make up stacks, with some few loin for the autumn trade. Wools are without change, they are firm In price Ilri'Mnstuan, July 7 ?The demand for woollen goods baa rather Improved, and tbe trade wears a more encouraging as|<ect In nearly every department There have been many buyers ibis morning, and some of thorn have purchased largely. Tbe better kinds of goods are In most demand, but there are some bulky orders fbr other kinds lor shipping Tbe demand for wool is brisk and prioca are Orm Iamkixiol, Tuesday, July 7.?Tbe ''Association of the Corn Trade" here have uacd their beat andraror to aa ceitain the slocks bcld at tbe mdof last mooth, which I reprint, aa well aa those at the corresponding period of three previous years ? Indiiin mm. n*ur. com Ji/fl' 30. Art Hash. Bblt. IJri. 1867 78,*<* 18,341 121 ,C0I 48 '68 I860 66,102 40,146 81,180 238.177 18.Mi 94.C46 03,173 13,283 3T,S*<0 1364 130.207 21,61.1 311,036 181.381 /tarfey. ( alt "alm-al /leant. /' >! VI. Wn 84 <<Um. V Q" 1867 18,802 26^01 13.274 0,020 4.768 1864 060 13.223 66.2H7 40 4I!? 2 611 1866 4 044 10,307 40,?"3 34,078 1,6'? 1804 0,214 18,730 40,041 1,21.1 1.11 No change ran be anade in the value af any article of the grain trade rtoee Tueaday Inst, the weather has Ixt highly fkvorahle for tbegrowlig crops, and with small lock, Killers and dealers ooly operate to satiety tbe de maod of tbe day. Our t orn Kichaage this mornlag hat a waa quite ib retail *ed for now amotion' at tlmilar ptloee to thcae pr?TBibB|t 00 Tueadny laat for ail article*. wch tKDooN, ariwni * co.'a ciroclab. Lmmrnot, .Inly 7 ?The weather atBoe Kriday ban been abowery, but baa today nanumod a mora irttlet appro* anor, and ao far U>r rrporta of tba (roving aropa am very far or able. Oa Saturday the Cora Aaaor aUon puhUaard tba aanal aaUmaud rtork* Tbr qaantly or wbnal and ftounbelrg mora than waa generally aauctpavd, baa bat a dapraaatng effect oa tba trada. To day'a marfent waa moderaely at trod <>'1, but tba boat araa doer la all drartiptloaa of wbaat waa alow and Inferior rrl daelinrd 3d. per bnabrl oa tbr price* of Friday Hour la ratal I reqneat at praaioat rataa Indian corn a Itttlr mora Inquired for, with a few aalaa tf mixed and yal low at Ran In Or ltd prr quarter wblto lathrr earner, bring offered at 39a ta Mi fid par qwtrter. ft qnotr wheat. rod, Oa. fid. to ? Ad . white, 9a Ad to lib prr 70 lba Floor?Philadelphia and Baltimore. 81a In Ufa a*, tra ?>blo. .m 6d. to 33a. Ad . Wratcra, 84b. Ad. to 31a. Od, prr lOAIha. Haaa qulat, but atrady. IN>a* aoarorly laqatrad for. lUmt nnatlnaaa neglected, and a ratal I qnaotlty offered at aurttoa to day waa withdrawn without a bid. Iaan baa (man qntrt. and la tba abaeaoa of inquiry, priooa arr rather lowar?67a. 9d. bring nominal yaloa of la*. Tatiow ataody oa tba apot, with aalaa of Butcher*' A? ociallon at 00a la Inodon, lba market M quia*, and lit. M. ia r.lnatnf quotation fbr P. T. G. Hiwia flat. There are ao aalaa to raport, and da. to da. Ad. la tba nearer! quotation for oommnn Comm.?Tba ad* lee* par Canada tare raihrr atrengthrard tbr market, and to day thara la a atrady bnaioaaa, with aalra of from 7,000 lo A.000 baler, at allghlly higher rat re Middling Orleaaa, >1 lAd , Mobile, 9d. upland*, 7 1A 16d par Ib. II Mr a and Mklna. (FTom the Hrwmn Journal, Jnty 17.] Tba praaant high prirra of hldaa and Irttber baa nallr 1 only astonished that mnt? la not said and written npoe the subjoet but a* aklra may b? claused Id the name category. I propose to draw the atlxrUnn of those Interested to thai subject, and lake lha liberty of requaatlng a small spe< a la Ihr columns of your Journal for that purpose. 1 rap Dot data what quantity of ski as may anoa ha aaparted from various plaoaa.such aa Uane of uood llo|<o. South America, Pern. ChiM, Mexico, Paadwlch Islands and tba (oast of Africa, bat srtlh regard to tha mora common quality of skins, such aa ara Imported from the Kaat Indies, I can ulra a mora accurate arena* Thara la to arrtra and dua t>afbra lha aslddlc af (tatobar nrat attont 1,3*0 hales of coat and sheepskins; add to srhtch there la on hand, held by importers and dealers, about 4*0 bales, making in all l.kOO bales, wblch Includes tanned skins, as also skins in the hair If thara Is a Mr demand (and I might nay s brisk datnand i d tiring tha next three moutiie. ihe manufacturers may reqtstra 7*0 hales srhtch would tears a snrptsa of near 1.000 hales on band lha last of October, to which will be s<ided further importation*, enough to supply the ordt nary demand Wow In the fltce of all T bare lust staled, tha isiportars are asking a high price for their skis*, still higher than heretofore It does seam to ma that specula lion is merchsndlee Is getting the ascendancy orer regular legitimate trading, and mat some Importer* expect to pet fabulous price* for their goods, not looking to real demand of the mount of onaenmers to pay. It may he with three who impqrt skla* that they prefer to bold them at eatress* high prtcea, with the Idea of g ring subsistence to worm*, In preference to telling them to * good cash customer at a fhlr llr ng price ONDAY, JULY 20, 1857. ALLEGED OUTRAGE AT SEA.

HMOwapUlnlaf MUm Jbm Hagfud if?ln?i foptaln U?oig? Couwiy, ?f U>? P?ek?tilUp VwttMriMtl, for R*pe. CHIT1D BTAT1B OOKMMBlOMn'B OOCTBT. enOOWD OAT. Before Joseph Brtdgbam, Esq. JVLT 18.?The VnUtd malm M. Utorgt Ommay, OupUHn <ff Ike s\ij> Switzerland?The proceedings in thle oeee were resumed thle day et 13 o'clock. The Oommleeloeer rem irked that the report la the Be eild, of theUnt day's testimony ,'belnf*iiiore elaborate aad accurate than his own notes, he would not lake any further notes, hot depend upon the reporter. Jane Haggard, the prosecutrix, was recalled, aad her cross examination continued by cx Judge Dean:? The berth under the lnrtde light; there was a light, but no* so ins* 3 ou can sec mrougn i* irom ouhiuo, hh wj look la through other lights; I oould not SM through that on the outside; I have trkd that on the outside to see if 1 could ice In; 1 looked after I got on deck; the reason I tried to look was to see If others oould see; I do not know whethf r the window would open; I havo seen the ones that open Into the sea; the Otplaln did not keep It open moat of th day in day tune; I should say no person oould stand in the mizen chain and touch the bed when the tght opens; tbo opening to get Into the berth ta about the height or this table; after the Captain took me by the arm he tank in around the waist, be stood alongside of me;I thins snatoh ed nay band from the handle, and partly currt id me; 1 do not kDow who le the tallest, tie Captain or I; I don't know which was the largest; part of the way he carried mn, and then be pulled me; 1 did not get Into the bed first. I am positive; I can't UII which got Into the bod tint; tho Captain sat en the side and pulled me in; he put ma In flrtt. be kept foreleg me, and would scold me for not going to bed I cannot tell bow often be committal a rape; 1 can't tell whether be did so once a day; tne nest night be oommtt ted the next rape; he locked the room; 1 was very sick; ho waited uttil late; came in, locked the door and V> d me to go to ked; he undressed me and put me to bed; I had bee,. cr> Irg all day ; I begged him not to put me to bod, I don't know whether 1 screamed the first night; Iho CspUlo stui t eh ( ay ; next day he wan not a little; to one cam ; I do not know wbe'lier any ouo beard me; I saw or heard no one, the lights opeLel on tbe Inside out to sea; 1 opened those I hut opened into the ?e?; I dlo not try to open tbo dock light; 1 wanted to get out very much; I ltd nut think of thai 'ght; those lights as I stood up were higher than my face; there was no chair, no stnoi, no way of standing up; the window locked Into the sea; I could reacn them well enough; I was no afraid of tbo passengers hearing me; I can't tell bow many passengers there were; It was sun there wero three hundred; I can't say there wore no*, six hundred; when ;be captain gut to the bertu be sal ou the side of tbe berth, there Is room to sit on tbe ec'ca of the lower berth and the upper; oe then had both hands round my waist; I was not down tbe same tire as him, I did not sit down after be polled me down; l was set down od the ride nf the berth: I do not know how lone I wis so; I hpgged Mm to let mo go; be said I need not make ?uoh a Aim; when he contented to marry me I sai l I did not wtali it; I tried to get away, but I did not; then toe captain pulled we In with him; bo pullod me a? he went; 1 went in flrst, I ?u,i|>o"'; he put hod me,narrlel and pullod me, I din't know whkh- be left mark* of violence on my arm; be kttccked my head agaiuMl the bertn; I showed the marks to no one; 1 did not walk aid utk witn porn>nu after this; wher be committed the violence bo wa - ne tween mo uDd tbe cabin; 1 was to the seaside of the tertb; be bold me with both bands all tbe time; I hao my elotbcrt on at this time; be held me sometime w ilh both bands, tne eapttin was at the time dressed , I should tbink I left mark on the raptain; the mu-k* of vlolnnce I left ou b'm resulted from bis violet ee to me; I scratched hla band; I did not wish to s 'ratcb his face II he let me alone; his faon was within reach or me; I pulled hla hair, 1 should think I did; 1 do net know that I did not scratch hla faoe; I do net know whether I scratched bis face or not; I do not think bis face waa scratched next day ; I had no relation on board that ship, no friend; there were not two persons on that chip who pasted as my unclea; tbore were not two men who need to send Into tbe eaMn as my uncles no other of the paasougers were In tbe same name, nor no two men who ca'led themselves my under went with me; I waa never doranged before this, never was deranged rn tbe vessel; I never told any one but Mr Peachy about Ibis; I did not 'alk wl h various persons on the voyage; t'eachy's was the next to tbe captain's room; I never tried to see what It was; I never knocked on that to make Peachy bear me; I never went on tne deck but once, e\ecpt when accompanied by tne captain, I then saw Mr Peachy; I bad few person* to talk with on the deck or Hi tbe cabin; I was vtry much troubled in coose qui ore of what had happened; any one could tee by my appi arance that I svas grieved; I cried daily; Hhaw (one of ihe t urret's* rs), and the doctor and the o?'>ln boy saw M- th>' rac iu n sworn at the cabin bty, and raid he bad told me something to make me cry; tue toward s pantry was right up{>oeile the state room; I waa always crying on the deck; eretybody saw me crying; cannot say how often I was on deck; It was an often as two or three days, on the dsy of l'eacby'a death the captain told mo It would not be convenient to marry rat; he asked me il I ha I enough to go direct and bo said be would gn e me enough ta nay; I told my sinter that he had promised to marry DC and be bad tot done so; I wsa airahl to, and did not, tell her any thing else; *bo said oh, no, he did not ,niead to marry me; 1 bad kept It a secret from every one until that tin e, except 1 told llr. MMMMI I did not tell him rlrht away after I got there; I cannot tell when 1 t ild htm I bad born seducrd; I lb uigbt I waa In a -peculiar way , and the secret was no.c than I could bear, I did cot tell blm I wanted to procure a ml near r ag- . the miscarriage occurred after that; II did not occur from anything, what I told Nlckerson waa lbs truth, after that I told my tlsler; I told ber the tame as I told you ?how he luol dune tb-> matter to me; If he had married me it would have boen all right, an I was In tbe family way; I don't know whether 1 told my alater before or since I wrote the letter, 1 left my brother to law's residence to make Ihta com plaint on tbe '3d or 3d of July; I came with my sister, I nave not been deranged slnoe last Sunday , I have been since Ihe complaint; I did not seed for or to the oaptain, I have not authorized anyone to settle this for mo; my sister baa not, ft my knowledge, I am not accustomed to drink Intoxicating liquors; the oaptain offered me some; 1 refuted; there were no ookired person* lathe steerage, the crew were colored. I did not know them 1 did not speak to them to my k low ledge; I never ouosenled in my life lo have connection with the captain, It waa always against my will; I resisted him all the Ume all the voyage, aad poshed bin away all the Ume; 1 did have a cold all tbe Ume; when tbe captain was fore ng, after the irit lime, 1 always pushed him; I did not scream tbea because I knew It was no use, I pushed blm because 11 waa against my will, tbe second nigbt when be got Into bed with me 1 pushed him; I poshed him bard; I resisted him every night; after 1 gut on deck after the captain seduced me I went Into Ihe steerage, and the passengers were viilen and insulted me; 1 dare say they knew It; Mr. Peachy aid he heard there were many dlsguillng remarks about litis, 1 was standing in Ihe oabln, the captain In bis stateroom, when Peachy said this, tbe oaptain was In tao stateroom; l'eacby said he would see me righted, to never fear. Mrs. Ulrsbelh Davis examined by Mr. Joacblmssen?I reside la Kendall, fir leans county. New York, I sm sister of complainant; she came lo me 34lb of June has remain ed wl.h me most of the ume since her health apparently well, I had not teen ber roe seven years; she has been Ick most of the lime; she was under Mr. Nlckeruoa'e treat meal moat of the ume, she told us what bapiwaed between M r and tbe captain Cross examined? She bad no doctor since she has been In the city, she wrote letters; she sent none after she called ihr do-.tor that 1 know of. tbe went to the not' of!** hrr*e If, | MR her tend leuer* to Ue plain Urn way I *be tent one: the hod a miscarriage, aa tba doctor no < poaed, I coo Id not swear, I celleJ the doctor Ml thkt time; 1 did not know what *w the matter with her I ben; the bad told m# tnmetb ng before I went for toe dr tor. Jeremlab luiane? I am oae of the Deputy Martha's. I arreated Captain Cnowar on lie Nth day of July; I told him what It was for, he appeared to be on of need, and (aid be waa relayed lobe married to the lady; Mr Bart waa with me, that waa ail the conversation. Croaa examined?He waa But fright and; be did not appear to be alarmed ] did act aab hla whether be had committed a rape, ttaie wee la the ball, Mr. Hart heard it, ton. t read* NVhela waa oalled for the defence, and deposed ?I waa on the Switzerland on her panada from Liver pool to New York, April to May 33. I know Jane lib* yard, I Aral few bar Kridry ereaioc, April 11, ta tbo rlrer, on board, the reaael mtleil on Ibe Ittb. the Orel evening 1 Raw bar ?be waat on the poop and "topped by herself until 10 o* II o'clock, her unclea were walk toy Ibe drrk below; ahe bad two u no lee, I was told Uaey were en by the i eeeenyer* and bar talking to them: I nerer beard ber tail them uncles; I next noticed on the third night I raw ber an Into the between decks, and get ber algbt riothee and went Into the captain * room and uadreseod bereelf. t waa on deck from K to ,'U; at half past II I called the captain 1 then new them lying In bed together quiet, they were nnoreoeed, both la the tame bed; during lb? voyage I a! wan taw them ?lee plug together never taw any ill naage whatever; daring we paswge. la the day Ume.nbe waa mcatly on the poop, ta the ntgbt lime always n tne cabis I often raw ber on tba port aide, aky larking with fear by, ha waa the cabin passenger; I underatood be bad n father bore; I new them titling on the deck tngittier; be had bin handa on Improper pi tree, and klaalng eecbnthrr I often saw ber la k with the niggera; (be never appeared to be unhappy. the appeared to be contented; never taw ber crying; I could look through the deadlight right thrjugh to but mom, I teuld tee all that occurred; It waa mostly a!way* open during Una voyage; tbe deadllgbl al wigalde ber berth opened Into tbe mtixrn chain* there were Ave handred and rtxty nn beard bat eo<inttor the ablp'a company. all had arcew to tbe deoi; I could ace through tbla daring the daytime; aomctlmea on deck and sometlmea hekiw, the had rail liberty they oreiId all noma up to look into tbe deolltgbt, there It a bula over two feet apace be tween the two bertha In the captain'* aahla , tba deadlight Inelle ta the aeme height as the outside. Hamnnl Mobwoo?I am Kngll*h, I am seventeen year* of age; I came m tbe ahtp on tbla vniage; I ' 'ane Hag gar J tba day I went on board: I fetched word from ber two uncle* to ber and hrr to them. they eat la the f we caerie with darkles; they are otdlah men. the two onclee went In tbe steamboat ahead of ber. abe aald they were ner nnclea, trio dirt not at nrii own 10 inur iwiii unrw he dtd tak of them M her unclee, oa (iood Friday nlgbt 1 raw her tilting oa the hatnh drinking with the darkle*? craw. I raw her r? tain the naptalr'i room ea the 14th ef April, I *ew her none from between deck* wih erme thirty In h?r band; I looked through the deadlight Id Mate room aad taw her oadreae; Pea.hy ueed to go down to the rt err age to prevent tmoklng, rhe went down to nyaak to weatea; 1 wne waahlng the cabin one day, and the ached am to get her trunk; I got II, and rhe pat bar clethee la the oaptain'e Cheat, the offered me the trunk, hat I enld 1 did not want it: the a reared hearty and tanghtag at everything: the lor tor and I went with bar. I m her over; abe took a carriage; abe wm happy enough, the panenagera need in aak me where the had girl wae with the fly away cap on. that waa what the parwengert called her; | hare teen her nil naked In the cabin in bed; hare never been on any voyage but I hot with Ike captain; I have never been toeea before; ] wae mem bov. Oone examined? I raw the girl talk with all the paeern per*, we had W paerengert. rhe talked to ae many a* the could; t can't anrwee how manv. after up out T raw her go in Ike r?rtmn r r'">m tr^r a> 1 > r * ? ' aw her rail me?i?; t wae o<w r?i n hoy: raotan did not tend the cabin boy away U went to loronw w :b a pat eager; Mr. Peachy 4M, they hI4 ha took palm; he MM I* bp wUll bp; I DOT or pr? him medicine; the alter ded him; hp ioM bp bp wm unwell, I did not co end (PI mpdlolBP from tbP oebm Oporpp Hubert pworn ?I pa French, pad just 17 year* Pfh(P;I feat ipw J pop on tbP day we went out; the aal on I the cock pll tplklnc with another paasenger; I aew her odea alter; abe would oome end leik with Mr. Pooehf, I aw her "fkyhtrklo*" with Mr. Peachy- I aaw her alt down on the i>ort and Peachy beetde her; he looked round and then ktaaed her; the cabin boy aleo looked; he bad hla band on her dreaaand then they roee; I aaw her talk to the dark lea; abe aleo talked to mo; I never aew her crying; never beard her sake complaint; ooukl aee Into the cap lain'1 stateroom; can open II If yon like. Or era eiamlned?It wae the third day out aha wee eaa aick; the captain went In a minute after her; I did not aee her come eat; the continued to aleep in the captain'* room. Tbotuaa Conway Hworn.?I am brother of the defendant, I have often aeen the Switzerland; the opening la two feet four or Ave lachea to get Into the berth In toe captain'* room; there was a dead ll^it opening In the front part of the etateroom; any notae could be eaatly heard. Benry G. Jackson gave similar testimony. The testimony wm btre closed. Jud|e Dean moved'for the discharge of the accused ! II cur|e 01 rape on > *omu uy out mu ubb u<?u long since exploded, and there la no aane man would be Ileve It. The story la very Improbable, that such a vie lenoe could have taken place In a ship with between Ave and six hundred persons; bat that ahe attempts to explain by saying the was hoarae from a cold, and ahe explains her letters to the captain by saying she was looane; It wis not, however, "moral Insanity;" It was more like physical insanity. He (Judge I Van) did not attempt todenyibat the captain baa slept with her and continued to sleep with ber throufctout the voyage; but tor that he has bee* pun >hed. But there la no evidence here to sustain the charge of rape. It is evident that she had not only conversations but criminal converssaioDR with Mr. Peachy. Mr. I'eachy's uncle here remarked, " There is bo such evidence, sir. I am the young man's uncle, and I deny It." The Commissioner oalled the gentleman to order. After some further observations Mr. Iiean left the case in the bands of the Commissioner. Mr, .loar.blmssen contendtd that these letters, written some ninety days after the oilenoe, did not absolve the defendant, nor warrant the Toiled -"tales In not procoedtng with the investigation. He thererorasubmitled that it was a cause for a Jury to pass upon. It Is generally the lino of defence, in ca?es of Ibis kind, to pro luce tudituony to slsnder tbe character of the witness for the prosecution. He submitted that the defendant ought to be held for trial, j for the protccuon of the travelling community. Poachy is dead; the doctor it goi e 11 Liverpool, and the cabin boy is gone beyond the jurisdiction of the Court. The Coiqmitslonur said the case was ono of too much to decide on at the moment, and L.e would ro serve his decision for a fow days mimmm rhkkweb EVPRY D*Y. rwuoio^Ai., ANY PKRPfiN WISHING TO ADOPT A BEAUTIFUL ft m?V child, four months old, can do so by directing a not.- to K T, II, Broadway Post ntline. INFORMATION WANTKD?OF BRIDGET COLLINS ihon supposed m have arrived In New York city on the 7th of Jtilv, per ship Southampton, irom Liverpool A cum mnnictilon addreased to h?r sister, Mary Collins, at Rye . K.Mu>u V,,*b u r V,,, 11. r?" 11- V ...t Information wanted?of mrh mart foolkbr. .maiden nitmi' Telrney widow oftbc lata John H. Kotilkes.) II (he ?lil wild her addre** :<> *12 Went Twnn leth s.roei, there .a A friend who wishes to cjnim'uucitle with hur. . W. (7. INFORMATION WANTKP?OF IIKRMANN <1. H''H AM barb, a hov, About 14 j ear a old, who wan 1 a?r seen at 11 o'clock on Friday morning. w?s dressed In dark linen i-oat ami pants, wllb.Koaeuth hat, and shoes Information woeld b<- thankfully received At 021 An] 62".? Hudson street \|B. KPWARP O. FLVNN Wil l, <">NFKR A FAVOR ivl by sending bia address to No. 217 Cl'nton street. JOHN R. FLYNN. Notice information in desired ok onk iahus bArron, who left 8bgo for hl John. n. It . ou or abont th? 1st of July. 1H54. where If -remained a mouth tie ssuppoeed to have (one to the United States Ills brother, Pennia, would be glad to hi ar trow hicn. Address 14er.iiIs Barrou. cure of John Howe, K*i., Pnumaster, Nt, John, N It SM. W.-THKRK BHOI7I.D BR LETTERS FOR TOC . both In New York And Baltimore. C. r) OAR FITTERS OR OTHERS.?I, THK PNPRR signed, in snilous to learn the whereabout* of Richard Perk'ns g?s fltter Any Information ccer-ninc him wt I be thankfully received by M. A. Perklna. No. 6 North Liber y street, Baltimore, Md. ancciAL noticus. A NOTIORTOTHK IIKIRS, fOMMlTTKR. AND NUB OOM a mtttee of the la? renoe and Townley estate will meet si the Merchant#' Hotel, I ortlnr.dt street the huh Ju'.y at 11 o'clock A. M.. to transact vary important business. The com rdara must be punctual. LlqUOR pkalkrh' MKKTINO.?A HPRt.'IAL MF.ICT In* of tbe New Torh Lienor Dealers' Bo-lety will be held at the Metropolitan rooms, Hester street, betweeo Rlt/*beih and Moil, on Tuesday evening, ,' tly 21. a* A o'clock. Hy or der. UUBTaVUS a. RAT*, Secretary, 146 and 147 Bowery. NOTICI TO OONTRACTOBS.-8EWRRA?ie.-BRALIP proposal* will be received at the office of the Water Commissioners of Jerssy City, ourner of Wash nrtoti and Mercer streets, until Thursday. July 23, at So clock I' VI , Cm the ooostmc'Vm of a main aew r In Wayne street. Railroad avenue and Newark avetue aad also Itr lateral sewers in streets adjacent thereto, together with secrwearr ralee-ia, re selving baalna. Ac Tbe mato sewer will be about 4.UBH feet In length, built of brich S-fiSfeet. Tbe lateral sewers wilt be about 8.700 (est In length. Sealed proposals will a'an be recelred, at the same time and plaoe, for the oeoatrui 'lon af a main sewer, of same slse and ma'erlala. In Houth Third street and lor lateral see en connecting therewith. Tbe man sewet will be about 2 VO feet sod the laterals about A10 In length Plans and specifications oas be seas at the odtee after the ilhi instant. <4 H BAILMT, luglneer. N| OTIiT -THK JOINT SPKJIAL OOMMITTKK OF THK OnmoD ( Vmnetl ou the disposal of the gold boy, be sueslhed by Ururral Andrew Jackson, will hold their tins' meetlrgoa W fdneed.vy, Inly B. at It t'clock A. M. All per sonehavtagA ctsJm are partisnlsrly retnests I to be present sad state their case before th? cvenm.tiee, PKFKH MUNKtiHAN, fhafrwvsa. J H. Kvssssn, Narretary. N OTP'S TO JOL'RNkTMKN WatTi < ?rN HtKksH. - You are hsreby resueetfnlly invited to attesd a ss.-et I .ngof jonrssy men watch case makers, us Tuesday, 21st ta?t, at No. , I Iwosard street, where boslaeeeof rrea< Imp..r srtoa will bsuansscud. By order 04 F. Oli'l RR. Pi eel. F. Ls?imr, lecretary. tm trar. C~nrTR?TItX.KCOrBNl, ulL-TEOTTINfl.-MONDAT. J uly hi. at S>, o'elo k P. M.. purse and stabs. II I4?k mils heats, best 3 Ink H. Woodruff names S m Rose of Wnsh Ingtoo to go sa they may select; J?I). McMann saasee b. m Flora Tamp is, to go is harness JOIT. <X1NKLIN Proprt-tnr ( VKHTRF.YII.LK OOURNR. L. I.-THK M)N<4 1NLANP I / cars will lake psasen pre 'usee the gr-st tr-vt bet seen 4 lora Temple and R.sotof Washington on Monday, July JU. Sta/tinr at J I" M Fare to y and re'urn. SO ceu'a /"vKNTR K vTlI, K OOWR 11 T,< >NO IN LA *TT ?TKOTT IN H sV Thursday, July Ft. at u o'clock F. M pu se and stake fl.NO. mile beats, best thres Is flye, to wsgon* -d'lrers to weigh 1711 lbs. ft Osril names r m Miller's 14am?e|; f! Burr names b m* Lady Wojdrufl. N R ?To be a good day and good track. JOK s OOM KLIN. Proprietor. Union oourhk M)NH ihi.AnP. ?TRoTTI HO iji.T J', s " ?e- II', ? mat- if r poo, at i- i's, ' t to LUi ??< ? . w r <1. winmruB n.iaina g. g. u?a? n*m. mr. lloaalaod aamm t>. m. Jim HH AW A WHTTB. P-nrrlalnai. UMfMI WIMB L. t.-T*<>TTIN? <H WKIi.Nat.HaV., July S3. At * n'clnfk A m it. b for W?D mi!i hna'a but t hi f. la hart.*a* wm WWIab n?m?? br K r"d John Jack' on. C. Brojk. I.un b * t ? bArbt^ "HAW A WHIT*. riwriUM. _____ Arroi Hoca*-?3 so pkb dat Thrf?-u*h ????n yawn laaaa" rommannad ta May lWT. will pad Mar I. IMA Thla bnoaa la nod mad opom Dm mam ijram that bai dial .of 'jlaaad It bub* no. A raataoraat baa b*w addad for mirabaato Antnc burtnaa la Ma rtatalty Tba r*a anranl la aottrwly lada?>?daat of tba Ajtnr llooaa Ba artal cam takaa or tba CM. PatolMS witl Sad tbla oaa of tba annlaat baaata la Maw Tor* fnrlna tba iiaa?r. aad tba ladlaa* dapaiitoaat pari rot la ai that produnaa raal wallrv Tba aUj railroad nam. atari tar from tba Monro, aaablm f^nota to raarh lb* uapar part of tba Htj wttb fatuity Tba maaJI raro Mab aad patry I iiwi aama frtm tba Maw Raraa aaa H. wma aiaUna, Twaatj aavawth alran, to tba tm mad lata rmol of tba b>aal. Uramfoi for tba paat I la land to laaw 11 fntira fOroro. 0. A. RTBTNOM. ATAROR HOUMB. BBOAIIWAT. OPPUBITB BOMI atraat -Tbla naw aad haa ittftil f ml rla.* boial la onaUa nad on tba am*rl?an plan, wtthont adraaaa la prlaa Tama. 13 SO par 'lay Tba palmar* of tba pa Up moat raapaaifqlly nl-rttid. BftWJM H. RToMM. W. W. HILL, form arty of tba Ima* Haoaa. Bapartatawdaa , biluaro*. TUU AMU MS BBOAJIWAT. MMW TOBR.-AAuam IOO mama for PhalaaTbtlUarA tahlm aad atMBkma. Par Baaai ara aaottonad afataat tba anaaaaia of Imttauwo k ? - -i.TKKri's.vrvj.Tsrr AuAAUB AUMRB* OP BBiXJMO UAMO ILL lard lab Ma tor aala Mi food nrdar aad wito all appar* yiaaar.sahigB. sirs.*** w'-' Rtl.LlARnil THB OA Ml OF BIM.IAMIMLBT MIOH Btol Pktoka SI kntWwfl# "RlfllBMla wltluwt ft hWm '' wO MwIM. pJSnf pnMBfB. ob m?wK?i of prk*. fcy O'OON NO* A OOLLiBMDNN. BUIMH MAM ?? A? alrwM. curndnojbc. fl -orhti.**** having mbiib on nnaul 1. qtmntlUm of loft off rlntAInf to dtop'o* of, will r?e?*T? Inurt BP.j p?-r nut mnr* Um* ik-dr ?npr<??d ??!??, br anil lap ?t th* mnr* nr tridmaalnp Tilt ML D. OONBOY, M 4?Ira | Hn?t, *1 raart If)* e IMVJI *u""WT if noim HAND oumiiNo o.vA/U flanUnnna wKAin! to "on tar! laA o#at mtr 3m rkAfctnf tnu naafe mm o***in M KM mrnx mnr* fcV MOtei cm or aaadlaf i*?r iMna lo JAMM HOBO NIT. |6m hM Mn*A SOUTH BOtALTON BAN* TUm at T? i"? on t*? dollar. Par tnmmnr "VKAHf. *' * v A "* M and M Pnhna MM, wmcu. WHRR1*", MTTBBH OP ADmNTNTR AVION PR NO Bi? DOB roai tMtomrnto aopcio lo iA? minia of WI'IImb L NdWboM, M?B ?f 1Kb mtY of PhllMVlpkU. d*a*M*d. htm boot) jnuilod in t*a DBdBrMfBnd, Ml p<r<m< mdnbuM Id aid MK 1* *> Mko p?rm?Bt B?<l thnan Kartai rial? aralaal (An mmm m pnmt kM u> WAROaUt ?f Na*M INTBB, adattawtrntor, M tanlA PlftA MM. PAIIa da?Kla ATE1DIIIAU A?kntt.fh?n op tmr rmnar RB*r?TAnn,rrv. Bad for errr?l jrum n'lViih. <1 In pood b'UHnoaa. do ?ir? to tn*k? tk? nr-inBlninrno .< ? !*d? of m*fr? *pa. wltA * ?trt? (n mnlrtmmiT A for on* not abtmlnlHf ??q nr?d. *|thonph i*rj dentrabta. Addwa C. W , H*mM olio* AIOTNfl RAW 'IP wot < !?? ' r* . it ? Duumn .ilD pom iltn an I ?1tA * yaarly Inoofiin of R <n, I W y* r. r**?p nd-it. ? wrh * jr -tnr im-rM*-! lady, a th ? w to ma'r bipd*. 1A? ob1? r?uO'*?D>mB n?*a?rr ar* h#*o-t In- Rrrl \p? m <-?'-< -n ? - * 'dr?? n pert?! y af J?o*r A. C , Rr ? Tori Pooi ?Nce. 8 mwrw rrucATioif. A DOUBT MOMBIR 0* OODRTH L.ADTJ BOOK A Did TOO (at Iha Jaly N" of the Lidy'i Hook for poor Wife/ 1/ roll i.Id, tbea la the-e a arm sally for her to he ea thw A nguat No. to (at a continuation of thoae rateable recipe* for preeaniaff The Hob. o tight, alao. to bo hrpt tor future reference. "Autumn Ftowera" la a moat apkmdtd en gearing, an1 the fashion plata la Ifca gam of tbeaeaarn. There la an iLimtv number of embretdary patterns; a mnntUlBjffom Arodle; iota cuhioaa, aad xomethlng entirely new-aptn "i?hm mada with plna aad beads; design fortba cape of a ebild'n ooat, patch wort, oollar, palatine oa glass and >?e?? bi drawing hatques, oapaa and aJoarea, aor ays mods ling In Ela*?, basque for a you ig lady, and how to out H; instruction* i ciay maU.K, and bow to cut 1MB, wMh aa explanatory diagram bouncings for thirl* a no elrevee, bwaidaa aomaroua other ar loirs There are la all SI engrsriuga, articles, by Ihe beat wrl'erm, and ino pages Kor aala by all taa dealers. CTRAR ORCHARD BPRIMUH, KRHTUOKT.-AT TH1? J watering place are found epwran chalybeate and m'pbur eprtugs A complete anaiyeli of all the waters. q taNlatlra and quantitative. wtU appear In the next rolcme of M (ieotof;toal report of the Mate, by Hand I'ale Owen, M D., fttala teologtat. aad Rrbert Peter. M. ? , Profeaeor of Chemistry, Ac , In Transylvania Cnlrerdtr. We gtye now only aa ontr Une of the contenla of eeyeral of Ihe sp tug* let Tbe Kpeom Hprina oontalne ehietiy eulohate of maRB*> ata. time, potash, etxta. chloride of sod'um, at lex Id. Chalybeate Spring* cantatn carionate of Iron, manganese. lima, magnesia, enlpbate or awgnesta sulphate of potnah. ehioride or aodlt m. illax, carbonic acid g?a. nltrto ackl a trice. There are three Chalybeate Spring*. which dltfer eomcwhat aa to the quantitative contenla The Oroya Spring and the Brown Hp ring contain the aame quaaltty of carbonate of Iran: the Plaid hpnng oonlalna lata Iron. Btl Moward'a Well? Sulphur Spring?Carbonate magnesia, ttn<e. chloride of sodium, eulphale of potaah. eulphate of mag aeN<a, alumina, and pboaphate, at lei The great advantage of the Crab Orchard Springe la the com Diaauon ot wairr* nrnna mere. Prom I ho uae or the epaora water the healthy aeoretlona of the llri-r and bowrla are almnat Immediately reatored. Th.u water aci* ?l*o well on the kidney* and akin, hat llm chalybeate and aulphnr water* are more Immediately "It' aclou* \a aorrect tboae accretion*. The watera are aot ilraak aeparately but kiRcther, aa wUI be expialood. The rpiona water acta on the liver with aa much eertalnty aa calomel, but without any deblll ails# effect. To have thia effect only one tumblerfull (federally) jual befoi e polnj u> bed and one Delore bru<kl'aat are anfflcilenf Taken n amall. r quaiilKtee It allay* and removra the ooefeated and lailamed eondblon of the ooweta In chmnln rtarrhm* and dvaeotery. I a ?nratlve etlect In Iheae mnladle* la aery remarkable. Aa above remarked the. watera abon d not be uaed alone. A* a Rent rial rule, the epaom water ahould only be drank at bed lime and before hrtptt fnat Heiweeo 1(1 and 11 o'clock A M patient* may beKlti to dattik the chalybeate and aulphnr water*, and drink from two m four tumblerful'* before dinner; and then fr >m 4 o'clock I* M. to aupper they may drink a* much more of the aatne water* Peranna attlioted with dvapepaia, ner*oua heaila-thea and other uervoua affection* ol'en tlnd that they canuot drink rba ljbeate water becan** of III t? tnnic effect*, oppreaalng th?> a'tomaeh. owuatrap nroialipaiinu and nerrotta dl*treaa. Thean nnplenMant anil ipjurioo* ell' et* an- a-' prcreve.l >-v ir'nhmf the epmom water in muUunctloii wrtth the ehalybei te and aul pbur watera. The rpttimi water ao aoon begin* to an. on ".an liver and bowel* that a ptttlent may almost Itnmedla Iv beKlti to drink ehalybeate walera. let what may be the meter with him The ayslem In being thoroni'bly cleanaed out by a healthy action of the akin, liter and kidreva, ami * built ip at the Maine time by the Umle w alera, canning a healthy appetite, and pood and eaay digestion Theae watera have a remarkable effect upon many femalA affeetiona. Peraona Buffering from akin dlaeaaea, enlarged aplfen, jaundice. Ac , men of ac. . et.iry halut* wboae aya'cmn have beeowe debilitated by city life or Iook aojourn ui warm climate* are apeedtly relieved by iheae water*. The (prink* are about forty live raiiea Irora 'ettlncton. Ky., on a Rood turnpike road. Ht*ge* run daily fr"tn la-nlngon Any Invalid* daatrlng more pa' dctilar direction can conkoit Dr. Jno. (1. Darby, In Irftxinkton. MAblINK' BOOKS KXTRAORIUNAKY -J kOim AN!) Bak, or Key to Tree Maaonrt, $210; All) n'a Hu > tl of do , Ollve'a 1 andmarka. *5, Aneu-ut I'onati I'tou*. #16. < ippir* btalr Builder. S6. By rrmiUioK, the book* w'.ll ?e rent p<Mt paid to any part of the country W (low ANN. M Omirr *trwe?. THK NKW TURK MARINK RKillHTKR.?TMR H1JH aeriberw are now pubtlabing wbli the approval of tbo Ro*?d of Under writer*, the NKW li.K* Mailt** Rt' 118TKR, or American I.lord'*. which w 11 be a standard oi conatructton and classification of all *mertaan ve?aela and o' foreign veiaela vlalunk American porta. The work will be ac urate and reliable. conteln'ng a diagram and rulea totb fir building and Inspection of ve*a>'la; alao. Ih* aire and anv'.b of standing and running rigging lor all v?**~l* from Ibo to t,u j ton*. with weights of anchor* and 'enkth of rhalna lor eaah. The bound volume, containing the corn otad inr?? n will bo laeued about the (at of July of every y?ao, and a ? inp'em nt, with all correction* and report* of new vemnl* monthly Tho flrmt botind v dome, r ulalntng itirvev* of a'-out HI poll vessel*, la now ready for delivery, and the Ural aaoeihly auprle n nt will be ready by the Jil h mat The work wij be utaoetl vo auoacnDrr" OBIT. IV v. IV "It, ?niiuni < ' Stationer*, Printer* to the uo*ed of Un ler arrUrra, IS Naaaau alreet, corner of Pine. 'IOI4SKH, CARIUAUtOS, <bC. f>vflPtR!tnin family ir.mtRs ?i?k halk own hob . . uviI 17 annda hijih, arvca yrura oi I, prion SITU, -ho o her Ift hand* hli'h, nil Truro old pr ce fltlt. *p>n '14 for w doctor 0 gig, conn rjr wnjon or e*i inmi. Apply in M or errj t. A OOOn INIO AN1I SMART CAN ADf AM Nlll, A. wactn *ud huroen* wanted; miiit be vere cheap lor r**h. Addrow, *i;itlB| prl*e, are, Ae., J , lleroJd olllre Mnrl be kiad aad annrd. BLACK HAWK HTOOK-POR Hal.K -A HANnnOK? pair black djv'i brd bore* Irmn tiio Black llawk stuck; rrntle In el'her >tnrle or double hwvn; fl?e and ati yearn kid, and mi Id lor want of u*a per'eotly sound. In-pure at Klny* county Hotel, P I k a tp ferry, Wifllamebur* lata NY H0R8K8.?A OKNTl.KMAW WHO HAS A PIWB P apan, well matched will anil litem a bars*.a. Addrean Areane, boi l.ftbo "oat oflloa. v Fo* halb-a firrt clash oai.iuhi oakbi auk, ahlfUngtep, lined wtih hrtf*tel vllk, nearly new; trill brt old cheap. aqntre of K P. cakMaN, I.uMH Broadway, or at ht* bouaa, lli*b Brtdre rr halb?a hahuhomk cloak t'oath, wkarlt new, been niw.l in prtv?ie, a ?li neat rorknway, two Tonr aaat ooupae n* kawHy*. one four aeat alan-lm* lop rro kaway two four aeat a>|tiare box wagons, wi.h leather top A poie aadl thnfta. aad two band time lonr aea' phietonr, arith pole and thaltA App'y al kh Went'Twaaty third alree, ap aUirot. over the llrery atahle Fob halb-a frown hokhk ls1 ? hawim hi hi. totrr.d aad kind In all harne**, 5 yea, a aid, rained by <t?bttoar, ?f Naw Jaiaey. Apylyattha private atable, U Weal Thirteenth sheet rR HAt.K-A V1KT HANDSOMI LADY 1 HADDI-B horaa. perfectly white aad a aery atv liab and tun driver Ul liararae, w aeI ea yearn old. aad warranted |?rVi!/i and, llnd tad iMtl* alao a root mad hwae jooar, aouad aad a rary ryltak ad food traralier. alao warraatad. Caa be aeea at ?** lineal aa meet FiM.R -til "III HRaHTirt'I. TOP WACOM. TWO 1 Hgk apca, and two ae-ond hand murrlea. wi h one an pcreir aarrm#e Any or allot l?e above wul be xehJ at a *au idea by at pi) la< to RICHARD WALTERS, . IS Baary and idt atkeilae treats. riR RAI.R-A DAP Pl.t ORAT PA f WO POWT. IS haada high, right yrara old, aut able for children to ban die a tplendnl -addle |,?nv. and warranted Ir-a from rteka and T|. e, caa paea nit ihrae inmutea. Apply at Id Jay atreet, -writer of Oreenwkri. hbtiR SAM-A RUPRBIORCARRIaOR HORMK l.AR'IK, of cnod ar'ioo, and kind tn ainjle and do ibb ham-aa. Apply at Wo. 4 Kivintt in atrea. 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