Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1857 Page 7
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iDfEETISEIMTS EEWiWKD KIEEY DAI. l&LKI AT AUCTION. Avvno* Wf TH71 ?UKTT*n ST^TW ?4R?H4"9 Bale.? NANl'BI. O81M OO A X) 4'tO tomera will sell mMom vti?Hv vtrue of a writ of vodoiuI'wI mvwm to MM directed a,.d delivart d, 1 will tell at pu'illo twiuon on ibfe day. 77c of July at U * bt Hcunuel Oag.nxl A Oo . at their sal'h Men 81 baaaau street, 9 gold wa'cvs IS) gol tinea, 14 gold chains * gold yard cicalas 8 gold placed to"*' ta 20 fid plated e?e glaav., 29' brooches *< gold Dialed anew, 9? pale ol rpectantes. 163 silver thimble* and cathar jewelry 1B?IaU RVNi'KRn, dulled n ace* Marshal AUOTIOb JtOTtOS-J. BOO ' RT, AUCflONKKR ?BY 8 Bt icAKT, ibia day, a 1I>X o'elnak, at 418 Broome treet, near r-oadway, Pb'riff's aa'e of ihe firoltiire of fee public bouse known aa ibe i arder, conoid tng of mahogany notaa, tab'es. maboaan* bureaoa, narpeta. olloloth, wssb iibuida, asabr pant F'enob bedateada. balr ma Area ea. beddig, la ge looking*; barroom and dining room furniture, mirror* dec litem, tumble's old wlnea and irandv, cosily beer pump, cas lit urea, ohan eller*. table outlrrr, kitchen fnrnttnr?, coepT b ?ilwr. Booking ulenalla, or okery, fa. Apcnob NOTI. R?J. BOU ART. AGOTIONgBR?BY 8. BO<4ART ?Thursday, duly S at U o'clock, at No 1(4 and 116 Tltoty flrat reel Mor gage sale borsra, carta, Ac 11 homes i store trucks. IS cart* 12 ?a car bamess, 2 seta jounie Mmiw.wo, nimnn rs drills crnwbwi picks, Ac to. Jfi HW W. SumH)Nl?t>, AUraey for Mon<ag*o. AU'TlOJt Nf TIOB.?J. BOGaRT, aUCTION'KKR ? frM* *410 at It o'ci <ck. at the a notion room*, ojra?r 3f Fra"krort and William streets, one rosewood billiard table, mnplete. w 1 b bails, oc-? Ac JOHN W ROMS* NDTSI, Att'y for Vortgafee. A 1>0 a general a-aorUn?nt of honntbolu furultcre ADCTHOI; woticb-THOS. BBI/., ACirruNM*.- w A UMLL & HU SH ? Thla day, at t)>i o'clock at 161 f welf h wwtt bet?>,n avenues A and R, ths effects of a grocery sore r1r:-Tea?, (inures, counters show otaes. soaea and weights, "lea oanntera, refrt(rotator, oil and molasses oans, togara Ac.; together wi fe the usual rarlaty found in a family tfoocry. 4 UOTiOM KpTlCB.?T108 BKLI>, AUOTIutNlCBB -BT A. B It 1.1. JtTIUba.?Tbte day, at tft? o'clock, a'. a If or h AMUtani street, ratio y ante of dry goodt, hosiery tjeotlemen's Vngrees getters, sbo?s and oumns. cutlery, hard ware, uegtorn beta and bonnet*, far or and pledged articles, double and tingle guns a lot of wetohes, aome valuable; Bldem jonaof )randy, sogers. Ac. A CCtlOK HOTItlH-WM B. JONSS. AUOTIONBKB.f\_ By rirtue of an elocution, I will sell thla day, Juty 21, IbSl, at 10>i a.M , at the 'o^tof Twenty first street. East Hirer, ht> stoop liortiet, her tackle, anehor. Ac ' MIOHaHL POODT, Constable. A nrTIMM NOTICE.?M. noUOBTT. AOOTIOfKKB, B. will aell, ui? dav at 10>j o'cl >.-k, at J7 Centre atreet a arw* and gact.ra) amortment o* household furniture. Tic Ma Magma; a. J?* ci air* mod rochera bareaua, bedstead* and bedltaig, gaa chandelier*, writing desk*, card and centra tab e*. id painting*, mtrr i-h clock*, c?rptt# china, crockery and rbtac ware, cu'lcry 4c Balr p-romp-cry. AUCTION NOTICB-M. DOOGHTT, AUOTION1IR, a. will tell to morrow (Ihonxiay) at I0}?o'alook the ouIra elegant furniture contained in ihe four avory no tire 141 Seat 1 wint. ?ireet. be'aeen berru hand Righth a*e mem, oroeU'lng In part of velrM Urn* ela three ply and other tarpeta, oa titieeu n oma, parlor*, 4c ; ga* ehau-lo.ler* and titurea, roaewo d and mahogany parlor aul a In yelvet, pluah tod ha'r cloth: rosewood aear'tary b tokcase. do. ete.ger". Birror door* ei.d backs; roaewood centre, pier and card table*; raluable oil pontic**, "re?ch plate pier and oral mirror*, narble ornament* cl cka 4c mahogany and walnut ohara>er aulta. en*mailed do , with marble Vpa; toiielaet* ward<obea, nuthogtiiy rhaira rock era and aofaa; hit'mattresses, Seal*er bed* nod beddi g, bolder* and pidowa, olanaeta, I at It#, tea and able Mnen onlnatea aid dinner net*, or ickery, luUerr and gi*** ware, refrigerator, meai a tfr, kl cb*o a en ills. exteoaivD dluinu table oak < Imutt chairs ,lc Ihe whole o be perem j orlly *. Id, wltliout re*-rre Catalogue* at huuae nomlug ol rale ah- n be goods can he examined. RB. BtN'iS, AUCTIONS* R ?OPKNIIffl HAI.K ? . HANOf- i iHi. will sell a: their auaciotia ralear?-m. to timo alrert m. Thu'aday, i'U ln?t , a; \b>? o'eloet ? V.u rrtenalve imirm?nl of n w and aacnod band furniture, noo datiujf In part < f rlegaul parlor aut>* in r ewood rn h ?g\njr ilaok wa'o I nod oak oovnred with p'u*h. aal n brocitel, lair oimii Ac ; e1 a oelled chamber auua In earlou* holor*; loa??ooa, mahogany and bUck walnut eteferea, tvlaln aud aarble lop); do ecretarlea, alow and bookraaea, wardrobe* rurtaua. waahaanoa, oentre. eitenaton. nde and oih-r ia d-a, to. aofat. U-ir * tetea luungi a To'a'rn, ?aar ?nd hall c.ha ra, ledateadt, mat'rctaea p )>ia?ara bed a, bedding, Ac.; al,o, a arge aaaonmrrit of French plate, pier, oral mame! and Kher mirrort; chandellera. lampa. Ac.; antendld & mention of dl palming*, ennravlpge, clocks ailrerand allrerpla'ed rim, together etth vrlvel ta >eatry rtruaaela and Inerntn car Mia. ruga, Ac 1 be abort- with other article* too num-r via to Motion, oompr'>?i the ana; nelect aud durable aa ortmeot if kooao turi wbuvg oaatnriala ottered Una aeaeua. Hale roaklre. DD. NASH. AUtTIONKKB.?OFf ICR 29* BROADWAY. . Morigari' aale ol bll'lard ttbl*a. on Friday, July 21, it bal' paet ten o'ciork a> '."J nud Ml Broadway, known aa he fblnere billiard rooaaa. e.ghteen billiard taslea. balia, cuer, aaoea, marker* belonging to Ihe tame. Diniho faloom and harru m at aoct on.?k. WKa V, ?iicl?neer, will aell on Thuradar, July 23 at ll>K o'a oek. ai 212 Writ airrrt, near Franklin ai , th- leaae, ruck. hittirr* and furniture. Fa e pualdve. Ocpoaita re loijed at the time of aa'e. |JII,I AS B HIeRT. AU'TIONEKR, WILL. FELL ON Pi TVmdiT. J nit <&. at die ll id-ou a reet, the oontruU of a Ire engine khf.u ounatsUng of engines, hoeeonrrtag?a. u-ndert ilaekamlib ? to >la engine patterns, 4c., alio, two narta. Hole roafUve. Term* oeah rr I. hps. auptionrak -kxtmmnivc au-'Q, Hob sale of household furniture. otl r*^'""*f*. works of in, An., At the rnaldenoa 70 West Twenty III h rwtH. Will sell m Thurtday Jul; O At lnl. e'ckrck, he entire aagnldMM furniture of the Above bouse to ehieh he wool I cell he apectai Attention of purchaser*. The rale will be nerempdry rein or ?b ne, deennp-tve catalogues of whwh tea be eh aland At the h>tiaeon morning of we. A splendid 7 octave -one wood pUnVnrta heavy carved legs nrarl keys, A drat deaf Intlrumcnt with atoo and oover; velvet oarprta, ratio, laaaeah and .aoe cmrtaina; large and elegant pier aad mantel alrroea. thrrr full sain of roeewood parlor furniture, ilahly tarred, aad eovered la aadn brocade, with allp euvers All haas culia were mode to order, aad are of the must eaatlr da nrtpttoe Three elegantly oarveo roeewood etegeree with vlnle Ooure. laly'e Twitch eeeretary. atarb a aoslo aebtoet ihegonlaie reaenund secretary and bnokonan, alatnary. war its tag tab lea, elegant Turkish aa recumbent chairs, la aatta: oaawnod rmepUoc chain oovered la madaWna tapestry, frmr ilegaat dmadeltere, aaguUtonet Hrvres aad Dreedeaehlaa mean, with a be?aUh?l to lection of parlor oraamanm; also, a number of vt leble all paintings, hi rleh frames. Dtn'.ng roam, library, ?ad chamber furniture?Onrvrd i use wood bed Seede. marhic top b arenas, wnahetaade aad eommodes, all to natok. amour* with mirror fWvala, oheval glaaeea. fall volt of oeewood fttruftur* la haircloth oval mtrrora valve! Wlltee mrpeta, large Tnaah hnlrmiltiamm. alagealeatenelon tln'og ablee. Hah diver ware, dicing arm ehalrs. marble top buif*, try thai. awl, ruby aad white glees ware; alngaat dinner tel. earl sad silver cutlery, Ubrarv bunkcaoe. (Re a tatea. uftt mehhmcd bask chain, arm and rothle chain. RngUah ollolnth relvnt a>alr ntmet. marble hoUdand hall chandelier r*Mre rater range stove* 4e r*arUul emuen will be la attendance a pack end ahlo If needed, TaMKH OCII.R. ACuTl NRKR -A aPl.KNOID PARK IN t! Hotncrv* t county. New Jersey, at sortie - J SH fXil.K I M>h will *rtl iwi Wednesday. July XI HOT at U o'clock at the Mat-charts' Kirbaige. a V , a farm, containing Id? eer-e of land. to the towncbipof Warren cor ety of Homcrset on the pond leading from Mart nrrtlle to Uberty. formerly belo?gtig to Robert Bog**. de-ce?e?l. about thirty acre* in heavy wo dland, the r In rich 11, undor rnltivat' ni wt h g-ow big crop*. vahirhV 'or Its high, plrarant and healthy location, with aeveral ttretma of water running throurh II, about fmir nlIre from itonrd Hmnk atet on and the els ware ami Kerl'en tonal, on Ibe line of the tlvnlral It all road of hewJereev; knaiiea kiui end iot'v mtontea from New fork; lialf nn 'Jsod kiwi uvrirnff for fiirthi r partru'ar* apy j U? lh? tictvamr, 363 ilium *trw,t Jlrn.klTD, nod to Maaaaa ?u-pci. Wrw York. TOHM P MOMTfiOMkRV. AtK7*lOMIKR.-3S0 CHAKA M bom* ?b<H ? and bmnai at a-im<m. on Tkur*d?y, July a at Mfc n'clo k, at tb? ?lorn of A N Dart* A I .>. M Uc?k nan Irani Prn?h araaimabla f"*U for *.ty or eouatry trad* tABnR PA IK OP KKAHY MAI>I tXOTHIMU AND plana r? da?A. M. I'MAT Al.A A. Auctlonanr. >M| ar?fl wii on hi* dan. Jul* fi at lt>H nnl.x-k a l*r?r aa?orimmi of road' mada ntn alas '(aha. raat'nmr.*. Aoaakiaa. atlkr tauoa, mptlnra. ralrrt*, rclrrtanoa innala* Itolafa. erara'a. inadkamatofa, Ar , An ThlI aala la ?r?l| worthy m Din trad* Also, a kit ot damacad ekshln* Main po'Mm. rata < ? ablaa. M AH Oft AMY l.mRKB AMD VKMKKM AT AUOTIOM aala ~Ut**n|i-'i<m of in-tnn>ahip ?a. . ^HIATAL a*. IMttonaar will aall on Monday. July T at IMtK o'clonk at ika yard* of Maaara Pal rrwn A liltohrUl U and 11 AUna atr~x ?,nr faat ot ?ab*any murk rroanra, 13.O0U far* ma; aotriaT ahadad and afcdtird aaaaan. U.OnO fpat wa aat ptM and ahadad Tkaaara, 36,000 (aat oak nrotflh and ahadnd taai n, rnmr r. uaara, board* aad plank* wabopaar plaaka. ahoni 13 OUT frr< blank walnnt boards '0.000 mapla jataia IV000 foal aah plank, 1H to 3 Inchaa, 1,001) faat whttawood lMMa.1 to 8 Inanoa, a larfa lot of rhair tnpa baloMara aprioa auaadla* board* for piano wakara av appto bran board* plaaka Aa. Ae Tkto aala to wall worthy u?a atuaaOoa of ma Vftaf iaatota and aabtaat maaurarturara, a* amry lot to pttoWitoj to ka add to tha hijrbnst bkldar. aa Uba abort taai kra ahoat Aanldiui gvlaawr MOBTOAOf A A 1,1?11BMBT B. LKKDM, AOC twaaaar HKhAv )< I.IRDM A OO will aall by ana Una, on Prlday. Jnlj 34 at 11 nVtork. on Ibn pmaiaa* of Ibn Ptolla Oil I naarar. at iba fbnt of C'ymrr Irani. William* barf Iba atapn bnf'ar .(till* for dtstllftaf olla. laaka. pirns, btaiara lar. aad all Mo k ma< ofae nrnd aad oainaoafkr taml rorarart by a <~rrt*ln rkalml ortr??n In M irl* A. f>? km madr by Hmrr <??wr, .loin l*ro?. aad (*h?n "or iWr wiakian ~n ne *> bn?tnma, KIT barr from tha >ona*mr* IMMT iaa?t of laaar aad traaafar of thalr am traata (or matrr.ala. Trrwia cash, ally fnada. THOMAS r*tT<*Tt. ar<"ionr*R -RTORR IR SPRU<'R trwi hbei. "a anla of Iroa UK Ar on W<r*ar..1*f, ioty n. WW, ?l ?0 *. . at id Siiruna akraat, oooalatac A a laitr | iaalt*y a*lra An " IQIIlt T. RTK^ART Tlapnty Sbartff IPHORAS TKiTOH, At ( TIORKRR-STORE M APR [TCI 2 atrrrt ?Eh< O" "A1" <* aUWanry |?oda. trln?a*. trim an, Ac., oa Aadntaday, '"If M. 1S?* ai Ml Canal utram, a k%a Ihr rin?in? ?al? of the aumfc aa<l will an* He retailed oat la anil parrel* rooatatlnf of >rln*m trlnralnaa. ribbon*, aril trial (lo*rr?*. ? raw. R*ap< lltaa and alb bata blooper*. rln?h tor mantilla* naatlllaa *nd l-lm alnca. brad draaaaa. bal aland* alaaa r.ara, aooniar*, ak- Utn*. rarpaia, looting -laam*. aa nlnaa. Ac . aho atraw trlmm n*? Ac John t btrwart. iWatr Mhanii. iPORTTte. friHK ftrrt oraifn rtoattaor rn? ''QPORorrt" I Taobt filth of Ifrw Rnrhe'le and r?lb*TB will Iaba plana from Pnlbam Rrtdaa oa ThnradAT. U?e MfjtP nT Jnlf lna-a?A at II n'rlor*. irnmi A lira; clam prtre of W> l>Sm T, f. n In Imftb *?d nnd?r down lo andjaolndlft hoalt 94 fan la raaib * arr-'od olaaa prtan of PP1 " nua-t * ! Jo !*? * bamp nn<1<-r U faau down tA bAd ltclndtnl hoaM II fan la lanir?h A third alaaa pritnof ?W in boaia nndar H fart J" lenatb ? tha ***' "'"* woaej to he f inally diAtrlbniad am tbw T *"| sr^iH Aa of Urn* to b# iwirdfd # boat paap-ni*?lr * thraa ml^tra >o the (W; lb* I* orb of #trh boat In b+ rompntnd Th* \\% ?*tlM ?MI b* ? mtln*. and to bj ttwnmttaM m h?n ft** >*,mra namad by tha Jadfea oa Ibdday of ibr ran. Katranoe* ran ba rnada nn or bafora U aalonk of the day of tha ?arr at R. T. Hydr a Palbam Hoial Rntrano* Vm a?i foJli'irp:-- For ftrft nv? .for f \%m, V ffli iblrtSn n JIIMPH k ATHMI. (XModora. CrbiATo* Piiaab, Banralary. nnind J> IT I. I SAT N R RbnnJit ihr waalhar pnrra bad Iba rrrarta win lafea ylaoa oa ?hr tra' lair day Ibal lb!Iowa. trimf tntlll.l-A PART RAIMNU AHI1 <TOH*f1 I dfcMM dtoop t**?. M f~< * ? br ' J?uv wrpw fmw'ii,"? ?"" f"7'l ,?T^r!I^Z* jpplun ordPT KrH*? M& Af pit *1 ?? ***** IWA ~ MATRniO?n*L. "? Tormi WWIT1R* KFRrniAirT m?niw TO T"*Jf A. tki' of M noroinpltahed F0 "* ^nrA* jkly wftfc nr ?t>h<->m fnrt'ino, tho "'"rTV1?1 'IJlT'nmJnl r*rtpwf?n %?H horw>r*?1f MM MiMjJf M Bmfl if*# ihrnMfhoMi, A<Mn*R 1nw%. InMa#, W. T. E" ^ rori?'? i.?nr?R-WAWT?n * win MtTrr "K fourf, unlnMr prottt M*v>w*]t?ko<1 *?rt w?!If ?ttr dof ?lr*'' dr?J ll^nf th# h^T' tTod m?T b? *r "r ? *h'? iMrmtint 9 i 8., Unto* "?a*r? Pott o?w. t fum mi.a. *lCn-*OB B4I.R.-THI8 AMOUNT WT1.L FtTR fluu, cb?ae oca hkl' ln?-r-?t tn <ut old eUiHAAd on?b l>onort? incal-d In tbr erntra) part of V?* olt no'* oo?r doto( moid trkdr doom iiMMd applj oat gnwu of tiMtfy bkbit* Applt loUVlNtifToN A C / No I Hawtaiui r<?t 1 ~~ *o , e -for bal*. a now* tow> corr?* ua*? VA iOi kud dinlt > mioob In no* o' uio s?i |?ot1-n> ? food p one for? Ugcr ble? okloon. tpd aotnjf k good huHln-'w Apel* kl IV FulWe k?rMMt, bn?MWnt dj9^| i ? baiik tub rivb ykarn' uaanm fix itoio''< turf* *liutHfb<. trtl At' of the port** kou*e 'tor ner of t'oIaB>blk and rtkmton utn.?k. ??r k p .rtnor will br uk'n In prolerf nrn of prHnc. rie? imhh id family o*o?m uw* nroMint owner to move tnt< the country. orn ? for8al?-A okntkfcl a no lumttttlvis ck?b buslitfkH. ?fffly profit* from 912 to *>ft ttud cm be rx rnded to \ much larger hu.omui. kttd oiU_rruulM* a few boura altecUon diJ!/. Apply to T. UaF.HaI, 170 Ok'bkip mtikr*. _ >t)c|i ? ih1h amount w1lo fur ihanm th? 9 IfkHM itad or turf* oftbe br*t lo ?m)d o>oi?-u?*ore lu the cxr. The atapd In auit?b r for itlaoH My bi itlutaa. Addre>? 8BOADW V, Broadwat P?at offioe. Ji-jClk "-rot 8aLK? A HAaOTIFUL OOaFKCT<ONRi y ud l<v? cream Mlnnn, lonaied od a prtrcioal _e> rough)are, )u the central per*, of the city; cheap r> nt an t good 1 ca lm., u>e owner be'u< an old lady vliha to retire, ap ply ?o 1. uaFFMEI, rval ttUie and bojae agent, i7U Chat ham square. at 4 C|t -TOBl?tH.n IMWgOt4TCLY OK aOO<J(JKT tJPTT'J"of rlckneaa, a good bakery. ! oaed on ihe Third avrune, ta a thickly popuiakH' nr.ah xirhood and doing aa egoebent buaineas. Apply to ThoStAd ataFFKKF, rea. eatate aud brmre Atrent. 170 hatbiuimquitje > ?:nn JB ASKFD >OR t AK-HALF JNIBRRHT IN A 3>?>Ul/ well establOhed pl aaaci and p<*>fl a le mslne'i done exclurl ely for caah The partrer n lit on ac ouot of leaving the city. Addrem Parte er, Herald ofllce Mo agema need any ly (Cfin WILL FCT TWO 8P1KMD1D TRU' K OR tpuv'U boal lrg boraea, eighteen handa hlrh, i???n year* i la. atout bntlt, Hpfendld travelie. a, warranted aooad and kind. Anply at 61 Cherry atreet. (|>-r<k?#OR BtLR, A FIRST R.TR r RCIP AND ipoUU, oontee lonety atore, wl h bar and Ice cream aaloon ?Uached, ban- nnmely fitted with marble top coon ra tab lea, chaira, Bruaaely caipnt. anfau ?c , now rto'ng a good :uatoe*a. Anply to WM. K. uOHKRTT Knwfwav ej. AA -FOR BaLK, OMR HALF OF A YKKV Pit0 <P UU, fltab e buiineea To an hoieat and 1< duaiiioui roan libera1 Induction ut* will be oil ted Reference* xiv 'n and requited For paniculara apply Immediately at H'fl Broadway eflloe 17,"N"l!?t'? Bulldltg. (S| At A FOR OMR OF 1HR ?K<T 0 RN*R DR.KK ijpl,"' v logaaloAia ?i West atreet d-dng anexcet'enl hiwln-aa, haudacmely fitted up, well t aiabllalied favoraole lease and moa. dealrtble 1 <n? i u t bargain n uiip <x uuiiini' iv r>? n itsaau street. tf? I M/\A ? *aR, WIN* ANI) OONrtOlloNKRY. <J) 1. 6UUi down own. for tale. On" of 'be bnai loouu.m iu ihe < ! y doing t g?il hnvlm-ai; favorable lease and wtii be to d low as lie o* oer 1* In po> r health. BI .Oa A b'DlHWK'i, 84 f&saaua'reeL t'jnni|-'?K "aBR A WRI.L, R8TABI.IrfHKl> DZ.Ul'U. honae furnishing and Uo ware man II aotorf. on a principal avenue doing a good buaUess. Long lease at low rent and term* liberal. BlOufl A bOUTHWIUK. 84 Naasau wrest rwm-rOR SALR-TII* sroiDa nxTURRn AND lea1 e of o_.e of the large#' wholesale and >etaU S-ocery a ores located on ooe of the great j?t thoroughfare* In la city; la doing* bus'oeas of abort one au dred ihoosao.ld))l?r* a vear, as will be shown to parties winning to pnrc m-e No bonus required for the ie?sea"d good will. toe flit ores will be "old at t ialr va'oa'ton, and stock reduced to an mount to ' su'tthi w Uhes ot the siirohs'er, only abo it J .',( > I to SIKH) cash required. A sniall caplt'l only reqiilret' to c mmence with. ar the sale# are mo '. t for cash Toe a?'venlaer haetua made a bounces rng-gemeot >u (be must le?re the city I- bep'embrr?hene? his reason lor dtnpoalng of tsls valuable stand. Addr? se wlib real i toe a atlng whiles an Interview may 1 e had, Mercantile, Herald olllc$r ?FOR BALR IVMR UATRI.Y-A FIRST tv Ul/' rlsjv and o'.d eatabtlshed ten and coffee store, no? doing an eitenslve business sHoated on the b??t avenue In lie Turk; terms ta suit. Apply to O. 14. ?UUMl'dON. No. 82 Nassau street. ABARtls IN.-TO BR 801.D, TI1KR TKAR8 I.RV8I audi! lures of a mechanics boarding houae, wot dh will sccommoda'e 111 board'r?, convenient to the "organ a"d N .salty Works hentSlh per month Apply at 4St fen lb at f IVrt iTl' " \i\' It iahif run n?iin-? irn " . V/ nod fit turf* ??f ? large yard, well (mend. -1th oflice end urate* attacbrd, welt located for a ooaJ and wood yard or for the surage ul coal Address 11. 0., lii-rald nffiye. CIAHKIAUB If VNUPACIORY I'OR Haljt?WfTU A J first rate. r"n of custom In 'he ett> t>r Hruok'ra. Reasons for felling made known i?o spp tcaii' ii to J. J MUWRT, LT1 C*nal s'reet few Y orb DKUU STORK FOR SALE OR A PABTXBR WlKTRD in a Kind store doing a fa r bii'tueai , .ne location. Asply al an 1st a* , between Inn *r >1 II) h at* Drug stork for salb at just what it is worth.?Rr no bat legitimate harm nn?d apply. I nor Ira 11 *1116 Hroomr a treat. It. T., or All Paottlc street, Brooklyn. If It it IRK ABn BOILKRft POR SAI.K CHRaP-ONK I 'J all horse murine, east Ins 'r?ar one Sd Inch flue bn'lrr. Hi feet long, two Al tick fine hollers, IX feet long', on* M Inch cylinder Boiler, 21 teat long; one s'x ho*ae tubu'ar boiler, upright. Inquire ol V. R IRttRY, 237 West street. rK SAI.K- rOUKTIKN TK ARK I.KASK OP LOT 281 ksal Twelfth street, Ml US feet; onlr 810U ya-rlv rent; with Are horse tables In rew, 8U (*? brick In the walla, for merly neewp'ed aa a rectifying distillery. Appiy >o OH AS. VIKMKjB* KR, Ml Baal Twelfth street, between 12 and I o'cloek P. U. 1/10R KALR-A LCOOIN * KOUIR AND "INING 8k r loon thoroughly furnished, welt establish ?d and d ring a food bu*lne*a, being otherwise nngaeed will sell cheap Apply a< Iff* fanal street, corner of Kluaieth. FDR BALK?OIK OP TI1K HKdT OKOURRT AND I in nor stores with or without stock. Apply on the premises hit hlghth treat. IJAOR SALB-a lYININO SALOON DOWN MWg, IN A P great thoroughfare splendidly fitted up with marple top tables, and twenty all rooms furu'shad for I stgars, wvh I h| lenae and low rent; amng a boAtaara from e'lrhiy lo a htinorao dollars per day. Tim lenee. Hilurne a"d pood wi'l. nrloe four thousand dollar* Do broker peed appl<. For parlrulnrr call on T WIIITTtN, between II) ant 1 o'ctorh, to the nkoa atore. 364 Pearl street. FOB HA LB?THE LEAH! RTOOB AKP rlXTDlllH Of r*r of the bvat ronrr gmrartea la the rtiy, aituVed 'Wt oar rf t>e lesdlni avenues and dome a larpa boaiaeaa Will br roM with or without a oek. Address llrooor, bjh IB) lie raid i fflrw. fjK>B H AIR-ON* OF THK RK"T TO LBH4LB AWP F re ail liquor atorea In the Bbb ward. aitualad on ihe Sta are ; with a tww yrara le???, at a low rent; It la eer'alnly a ohenes lor a man wlih limited means. Inquire at l&J Leonard ureot. In the atom. F.iok hal* a oood orroBtomrt r ha town 1 beginner -The look and futures of a wear and liquor nore, runetrd at 13b "anal atreet near the Bowery, now doing a id mil hualn'-aa. Ibe above will be disposed ol at alow prate, aa the proprietor la abont Rearing inecity. Early application la required HOTAL ANP VALUAHLB BROAPWAT LIAS* EPA rale or eirbaage ?Ihe honae la larre. aod furri-h-d ibrongluiiil in g-md ?tyle, and dome a good buetoeaa The |o cailon tn nee of the best In the el'jr. without eroeptlna. The tree at proprietor elthealo retire and will tell or eirhange for o'h* r property on laeomble terms. N me bn prtnd. ala trraied with. Address Roberta. at thla ofll e, a aung where an interrlrw may he had, wtU receive prompt aUentnm. Larue ea'tobt fob h a lb -a labor five rto ry br'ck fartory, atth twelva Inch walie a d bnl't lor team wl h the two lota MOW ? Una fen and Ml Went Thirty aeeond rtrvet. inttable for bolbfare. rahteei or ptaaomaan radurwra Inquire oa the premise# sr at VI Nlntb areata. 1. R. LA TttT. L1v?RT BTABf.E -for BALB. A LIVER T HTABL* ooe of the old'al "sad o?o?* prof able stands In tbe city, doing a Bret rate bn?tee?a; rvtek f-w eale. arlth ihe prlvi1e<e of a tense for any number of year*, the nroprteum being Vtont to leave Ihe city. Addreaa Ldrary, Herald odlaa, with real naan? POkTIR QOl'HB FOB R ALB?INQUIRE AT 74 WieT at reef Tiikrrorrirroborobbor the ftrat ei..lin try eatanllehwo-etn la that ally, enUblinked over twel?a y earn, and aow dotr.g aa eateantve buatr.-aa. a daalm'ta oa aenooat of falling health, of diepoa a ( of the above fhlt la an rtnellent oppartnnlty for % parann derf ?a? of eomnrteacing bu?lass? ae the h> oee la flavavably know* th oogh >ut ih* Cal ed Mate# and the Uamtlm Ihe baat la the city Addreaa A. 0., HeiWd ofll re. rPRIRTBRA -POR II ALB. OBI OP HUM SB ALL ryl ndrr pni'11 bat .K hj (7 Inchaa. 1b p< rfmr- t baring broa aaort only l*rf mnatha Apply At 61 RwkmM atram M B fATLoR. rMl iKHRI.I.KRB-POR RALE THR A ?(> PI* Itrn of *m old rrtaillabrd jawrlrj Mora, la (ood lorn tkm AddrrmO. B. B . Hrrali n#cr rPRT OfK>PR niM.BM -POR Aal.K. TMR tNTR rat la a largr drr prtli ?nr", iftrd np la ?ip?n-?r a'ylr nd ai'natad la OB# of ?a brat tbrattna* la thU rl'j . ih*rr ar# ar*r<mr?f> nonaoetrd wflb thr alnra mltablr for fealty. App j In P. J. KB1.L.T. II Calbartaa unol ItiwajbceL. " ?()n/k/l TO LOAR OB RRAL BSfATB TB THE "* * rtly for 'ma of yaara. Apply la prraoo to K. H. HI' IIOIA Bo. 16 WaaaAii rtraw W T. If nrui -* *** TBorSABO DOLLARS OP OOPpar mining atnrka, worth par will b? at i*a?rad for mrroBandtaa if fmorrtra. I' appltad Ikrimar dittriy. Rrfor to AaB. iiBBBAB. ll Wall Mrtmi, rooai 17. from ll to I. fe /WW) TO fid !** W A BTBP, POR A TBRB OP tJ.U'Mf fruit the aborr mm on good armrttr and rraltatrrral Application*. **a<iar nam* aad plow of la trrrtrw, wtll br promptly attaadad to. Addraaa R *.. Itaraid odlsa. 4t1AnfW)-I BATR TUB AHOTR AB'IDBT IB ylt/iUUV, good orta. wAlfb 1 drnl/w to rrehanga for rlibrr hnprnrrd or nntairmrad pr -pcrty In Waw Tor* or Brnotlva Thorn dcatnag mrh rmoangc will p'aaac Addraaa K " H . lUraid otto*. rtarv* wbra and wbara aa Intrrrtrw wteM I UiTinint>-orruTK or thi sixth avrrni rail toad Cotnpanr fSltlh arrnna, nnmrr o fnriy fhtrth *..) Jnlr U IkBT.-Tlia Clrrouira nt Utl? ?imi any hara rian'ar?d a dirmrnd of fir* por rant ool nt lAo >?mlnn of tba road for tba rtir rot Br a?oo'h? payahlo at th? o?nn of th? Tr???'iror, <md lr*j W Italia. r lahtar) at lb. Fmpla'o Hank, on tba drat day of a wrm i*tt, ba and of tba (heal half T**r Th" traoafar hooka will ba aloaad from tba Bah tna'ant to thai day f. HTBRA. kanrrdory fctrw t?>rk FLOATIRO or* dock oowpart july [R II IW -A q mrmriy din-land of four (t> par rant haa batat dmlamd uayabla to Iha orkhoklara on tba tal 4af nt A?t?" ?'H Tba 'ranafar bx-ka nUI bo Hoard on II U?a Jay of pay want By oedar, H. . MAbftx, Racmtarv. Orrir* or thr i.akr ortario add hpdbob Blaar Railroad Ontnpan*. Bo ? Kxebanm ntam, Bra York Jnlr H, 1*6?.?1?e nbw*rlbavi Ihr one mtlttoo of dol I Inn of Ihabonda of tbla anmpatty ?ra barrby n->ttfla<t that tba lantb oall of lira par oral thrrron win b? payabla on T tradar, tlia Mb InM. lo f'harlra A. Bary, Iraaatirar, nt iba Park Hank. By' dm of lha Board. _ I R. I>. RAXTOff, ? <'i ainry. ?ACTriO RAIL BYRAVRHir OORTARrf BBW TORI Jnly A lWT tba Board of Plrrrwri kara >Wa day da ml a dtHd. ad of tan par -anI ool of Iba pr>flta of Uta ana pany, patabla on aftar tba lltth latraaL In rtnrkboldbw wk* Mini at IRa oImBm "f tba tra? far nook*ibla day. ^^rRRDRRIO BOrrVAJf. NntWI. fKW. YORK HERALD, W1 iMlfl'kllU. iivmpool-tm r>*rr*o bt?tw? vaii. CNC nr>ib?n i, i?n??<p hwldpw, c .niM'f, wi'l r ?!> ih l r iimw Hum* ?tl? ?r *uropp pout iv?>' oa <Jrp? i ?t u*om 1. ?i U c'o >ok *>-, vuil bor .wit ?t Us Mtianlw . <iro?l taotof' KpMv uu' WJ'' I. "t.tjUkl'od noooimio.1 tloo? > ox fi-rlpR (* ? u ff l i .< pl? to fff I'lrfHuiW iX>LLl*8, M m ill p'pwH ?#? h? on b ?rd nt 1? o'c o?k %. M in nwtipSrs win ,*v U/o- hi. Ue Pott utile. ; n y tiieri >11 IrHl n* Q.iial i will in 1** n rind of ULa bno h??f nivwoj w iter Nol!?y? ?Tnp Htptmr U*h> c 'TPytp iu*tiU tW Atlantic u4 mu' on tv 15th Tbr P*LT1 i will pncet of Aupw-C S to mKku Uft ?i? tkU No t tpn'<m hit? lippi pf *" CM kud .up U< r I'jftb t ? i.ol ? W' iiMfc* ot at ruo.urt* yel un nn'ion u lot Lbtm pro >1""^ pqunlloj . ... sMp? for Uil* linn will * It - TVrrtf or ihp wrl* p " perform 'be vv'ir* nrrvhrr . ? .orn. 1 RCSaL MAIL THB HBITIBH ?OBTB AWk RIOa aMMathlpa. -maroci Ohli*' e*hln peaeagn ^ 71 HnoiWd oabtn pamaire ... ntOM KMM to LTrMPOOU till! .miaf ?HI PiM|? ? ^ HoooiiU i? ti |??ff The aiiipe (W<m Button call M Uwlfa* . 0*NAI) t, shannon, Uwrea N York, Wndneadh*. -,n5? V IUROP A I.* 'oh, " Bo ton. Wtwhteeter, JPhK&lA. Judtona " N fork, *rdmatef, Jni) 8NlAOA* A, WtokoM*. " Bnetnn. W?lir>?tev Juii WJ?RaIII A, tltoee, ' N Vo-k. J llj M AMSai^A, L*at. " Uoatoe Wed >??> ?. Jalj * ifilA, Lott, " (i York, W**d mm] ft * aj g EUItOpA, Lniteh, ' Bo.<ton. W-dnerter. Aag. 11 PRRmi a, J ad ktne, " N. Yortr NwLwdAr. Ate-1J. Ber'ha not onrnd nntU raid for. An ripertrnord <mn{eun en butnL Tur um iinrB of Ibnre ab pu aril! out be AoeOunlAble for geld. tWr, bol ton. apecie, jowt lrj, praotoua ? or eaeUi* ?u> leae bi'ie of laddie an* atooe<f thrrufor. a\.d the ralie thereof therein exprrmtxi Por frrtrht or paaeape a iply to W "n? 4BP, ?n 4 Hnarl ng tdreea. ?? rBK RKliPOKIl TO 80D i Ba APToN A NO H aVRI ? Ihe uumalAueut xeamahlp Vail' '<A(||111, t.Jtt) tOOa. trill ar. i Prow NJtW TORI for Trow BOTJTH LKfTON tat 1 tnUTWAlHTOW A BAVRX I HA^M fortrwm OKY 4aturae> ,, 1 Patudaf Anf. W lhtiurtey Sept 111 ba urd*? oat S Prtoe of llemg& -Avar. canut * aordiaa - *?. > lei una- ?'W aeccuio oaoia iw aeuvrreo uaw and Parti Tar freight or pa, wv appli fc 0. TOBKAMflj,, >gnot, Mo. * Rowling Groan. Row ion. Lettera for FnglaBdand troupe frrvtM. V nanta ?wk tel.unoo (h* ?Mlo?im vt paaiage iMain If Draw otter attest *Ul be moulted at Mo. I Sowli^g Siwhi. *1 . Tcau. cm u IK o'otooir of vee nnruln* >' i?i*?n/r TUB UVtCRPOOL AMD M<W TOB* AMD Pill Li ADD. phla Mtamshtp Company's 'ltyde bnllt Iron arrow itao thitm Cirv Of ft*1' TIMOR!.... 3.36: tun*. OaptAm ft. Lattrt. TITY OP WAhUlNGTCK. 3 380 tons, Captain P O. Petri# CIT' OP ?ANCBK8rfc&.. 3 lull ton*, Captain J. Renuedj CAKGAKOC ... ?.1<T( torn. Captain Jeffrey. The rtndeniotod or other mania arn Intended to aall aa M tows.? r*o* timnra. Oily of Washington Wednesday. July 1. asngaroo " July 11 City of Bal'.lmure " .'nly 39. lie of wamatWl *' Anew: IS Artf nrery alternate Tuiimeday raon haw tou Tltyo/ Waah'-gtom Thnratey, July SS kangaroo. N " Augua.A City of Baltimore " August 30. Olty of Waah) jfion " HeptemW | Aud every alternate Thursday lini or Cysis Pjjunnm.?From Mow York and Pblladet phla, ST5. Priim Liverpool, 31 guineas. IT gulnnaa and li guineas, a? > to Ibe aoeommr-'ladon In the e'aterooma, al raring the aw " privilege In the saloon. (Including Stewart's Third Ctam '*A-?*ROSiA- A Hutted number of third alasr panarngrrr. wU br tak*u and found In aa much prorladoiia ar -equtred. From Philadelphia apd Kew W>rk, 330 Proir i.lmrpoot Mi Wrurtcan-, or passage mU be issued anre u> parue* who an fnnlroTW of hrtnying out tb'dr frtrpda at oorrespondlng rataa Thrar Btran.-ra Iw? constructed with Improrrd water tigb lanpartmmv, K\rh ve*?el carries an evprrlonoed surgeon and everg attention paid tt) th? oom'irt and aocomwwlaUen of paani ngara. Drafts or Liverpool from SI ttpwarda. fcpecle taken h f these vowel* at usual rate*. .111 goods sent to the agents will be t'jrwaried with Muoomy and despatch. For freirht or passage apply al :nr offlrr of the company JOHN ft DAJ.B 16 Broadway. New York Agent, or wu, 1NUAM. Noa 1 and II Tower Guild inr*. IJeerpotp agent. 1601 All Bel- BTgABUHIP a AA ttl A ?FOR l.fVBR l\ o ol Th? A"aHI*. *. Rum" "-imraander, soil aal' ft-ym thr a?rr?n * :'b thp mailt and ptiUKiterr for ?ur.> n or WrdncwlAy. !/ tl A alrananr will lr*vt 1U0 *">na.iAry'n dock, at .Itrn-r i (ty, irl'ta rMwnpri At 2% .1 ?ad 3>f O'cluc*. the *HI * will Mil ou Ibr. Mb ot AuguAt K lino* Br. Ho 4 Bowling Oram S^TFaIITO LIVERPOOL pr,R to?tt dolla *fl,-TH? f?Torito arrow au-amablp city op ?TARHlMiAToN, t'aptaln P>trt?. will 'All AA abort thiimda) tv jn'y Habit, ctine S7l; uird cibaa 1*1. Apply to aawkL * ooana ir Broadway Stkamkr orf.*.* op the routh *ii.l rah. pnnr'ually tor HnulbAwpten, ioo<t m and Hrwtnno, at two o'clock p m tvoro pl? 37 a onto nr?r. f?v?'of tlr*rh alrttl. Paaaragrra will plrani br on ho*rc at nnr o cb>-* oh HaHIt. ii Ron'k Willlani trrod. FOP LONDON AND BREMEN, VI? SOUT i aMPTO.V - i the attamrr yi'RltR OF Til* ROC'iIwltl aail at 2 (. rlnc: lo. at h'?i r*gn paonago and f?> rid only |*1. ?i-nn d rabln. |HI, and kr*t cabin. ttw App'ronhtarl pltf st wor'h rttrr, or 'o wil.1,1 ?mri A viUIUN 40 Ptllum atrnM. The Indiana wfll am "n W dicaday, AuguM 0. iKik i.miipoou-thi pavosrra part ?An.i?a f clipper?hlp Ll.t'v thoephon. Oapt Poudlrtna. aaiia at 12 o'clock <o morrow, kaa room for a k? wore t aanengera In cabin, atotid cabin and AtrerAge apply on board, at plar 44 ant rlrar, or In joseph mttrput 41 Ronlk ttrewt FOB liverpool?HA1UI WEONEfiHAT, jult ? Ball Lrr clipper p uik'l ahip PIOBLJA OapC Magl'l Por rabln ?ennd r*hln and a;eer*ge p*??afe apply onboard plrr B Kant rlrrr, or lo jaoob wilbo* UP rmvb mr***. Drahatio i.'hk or Liverpool packkte -paOketofJnlr 27?tar rel-prated clipper aklp NMKRaLO, I'Apt < ook, will pnpl'lri |y A*ll AA ?hot>- or pntragr la 0*b n, arrond oabin and Atenragn aptly uo board, pri- u Aaat rlrtr, or to T*pr?\>rr a OO.. Ml Rot! h nrm rlHrT Pal'KkT POA LIVERPOOL. THE fine new oilp er BaLrif '"apt. /.ere**, will potldreir tal AA i abort ?< Saturday i' k t * p?w*r? a piyon hoard at pirr 14 fut rl**r. >r U> ? HK k ,'<IRTIH, ITT Hraad aaj (iromot * oo.*a una or mtrarbrm savwaaa j On Turk, >uniia>Diptaa Uiadoa aarf Br? m ? Tb* uniiWei Hrtaab maaouhipa QLEtN or ma aoL'TH. Oapiam Vni bartb?. INOIANA.. Captain Unbar. IMi A BOO. 'Inptbio liaaran I ra jA*Oli .(wall KrH?no, i.aar * Oimd b*- bhr larcrmt nan Amartmr "taant mitpptaf Ooapiir of Omdao Uil Bautbampbin ar* app.nntad to mT from Now Yart on rran nltrntat* WariaandaT, fnr Umdon ud Mr*wo toncout* a' ?ou hamptoa to land paaraainw* and ?for bollard \n Fraooa Tti-y will r main otta day a. L?tna, ud thar. pmoa*d to HrfUn It t>in>l?f Iba* will inn Brawn for Raw York oe ararr altarnata dntnrdar. tnoplnf ml? a< Rontkamptna Tkaa* taamahlpa nra of ih? Aral nlaaa and bar* atipartoraoonmiaodaUoM for oaaaaorar* Tbey wUi tab* a limit*, nnatbar of third alaar or *tanrr*r I ?II? uif rt A ?nr*>- ? atuotird to mm skip Tb* rata* of fmrbt to ixtodoa will bo bat J Air hlfb*r tea tboar of walling ?hlp? ana or fiatat Firrt nalila, ?*) >*uj*> oabln W. itaara#' ?V Tha rtaawOJi yl'fcKN UFTHa HoUTW will aall fr an law Tort oa Wrdarndtf. JaJ H at*' b? rtaaedrd by tb* Indiana Auidttanil ?rfn A'tpua' flir ftalght or r*??a?> awp r ' _ n W. It Affix 1/ Rrmtr WUlttai ?trw? Ct ft it at rrduiTiom or rajin ro auRori * f Flrn tablu 9*> pHtad ab . .. .witJ la tba ir?t rlaa* paMlr whaal nmmrtlp ?Rjr\ 2.TU0 toaa aa NORTH NT a R, t Nr toaa to tail fmajplar No I ftorU rtrar, at noon prartmly. oarrr'n tba UNITID HTATM All#, rt* uiti aaw raar rot mm tap (Onuaarn.n mm art aaaaaa roa aorTn?amt? kibk*. ifium tarroN roa raw roaa Arlal. ttainrdar Anpnat S I N?iti*day, Bap . 11 kf-4 . Rapt ? North atar bal'day, **pl ilfta'nrda,, r?>4 A I #?d . irt ? Tb*ar * n. kip* ton A a Harr* npaat.- Oallrarad la Am and Tana. For I'MUf or frrtrht apply to D TOR RaNcK. arm . bo ? unwimf Ormo Naw fort L^TROrTHANnVN AND HaFRR -TH? PNITBD P Maiaa mat: aiaarr tit to, rt f^nxa. onotmaad w, will :mrra f.w Harra. tonrbla* at Bo'ilbamaton to laad Iba mail* ad iiwhhhi. n? Joi> ? at if o'atoak. frm ptor W. Rortb rlrw, M of Hear* mr-rt Muca or ruiiu. FtratoabM im fcappjl mbtn ... 79 rtila ship baa fl*a walar U?bt ma anmmta aooiwla# Ma anirtaaa. ao thai in <ba araai of anUMna or atraadiad. ifea wafer <i ant raanh i*cm. and ih< pump* o?trr fraa to wor* iba aafat? of t*r raaathi aad uia?m?n wauM ba aarurad. ha# Ptaot wantnd durlag t?? wtjafc ?b<mM ba aaat or Soar* Kaf ba^aa ralMac, larkad Itaiow." Ho IVatgbt will pa tab an ifwTmmlti, Jab For fratrbi nr oweaea applf loM'iKT JIX UIOHiM-To* apart, Ho J Rroadw?r If. H Taa waaaaar Faltaa trill inaiiil tba Aram. u4 aad A nana' B Smtkam rktwieh n* ion *?n ot.AAooir> AUTMUI'l. IfrB b.oa WlllUm (Hifeialu. Oomaaaatdar ra TORF, iun>?aa. lobart ..rata, c mmandrr. ui.\ft IKIW. I,Ml tnaa. JoAa Ifuarae aoafeaadar Tba Olaacow aad J?rw fork Aaaraaato Oaaaaat Inland nailing hear a.< and pntrarfaJ ataamapa frofe Raw Tor* In Olaagow dime*. aa failowa ? mna raw roaa. mow wuutoom Haw Tort, HattiMaf. J ana?, llama. H labor* ...dona IT. Kdiabnr*. nalnrway, Jaly II. Ilnaoa Xlaa* >w Jnlj | Xlaawor . wrdaradat. All A I < mm M*w Torfe.. .jnljr U Haw Tort. Hal' rdaj. Ana tk liar m. Rrmhttr* ... trvi Ad labor*. Kaiardaf Fapi. S llnr.n Olaagnw ...Rapt. A aanta or riHtoi. Firat id ana. ffl. iblrd rlaaa, frria I Wit* mn|?1 pmna ma Mil A a awprrimrrd nun ! bad to rack a<aaiBar For frrUHit or paaanca apply to JOHN MrMtMON, 17 Rraadway. Raw fort ear Mil* .r god onl? rrrHrad for paaaaga IPOB Mil. Hi TXdl AOVIAUA- A.AHUAIO0 LI I'M. P Fan* at for Aiifnat IV aplaatid A 1 slip par afer wATARf.lT, narb fwamna?ar a-oaaadtnm <*r apt HYMFH la tfctr popular Ha*, will ba daacn rhmfam bar ra*n lar aad adrartferd day. Har aarofemodatinna for aa' on aad raanad cabin pa???n**rk ara na?nrp*aaad aad am a/ran**, wll* rptwial rafaraaoa dor UM auacaafenaa aad anaaforl of fa mlUaa. For tcrmr of fralcAl or piatfr app 1 0* Hoard pi# Id Aaa* rlrrr. or tf) Mklt-I.BI LOIP AUUIIIAr IIW Wail niwt. or (MX'IUVI All MLl, d El.MOT Kit Prwrl nuwai. IIHJR R?VAHHAH ARO FI.ORIOA?UMTM1 HTATW P atail Mar. lhr dimmer AUUlHTA. I'niii I. 8 tFi><d*fill will Irarr on Saioilar, Jul) U at I o'clock p M .from ptar w. i a. .0 rir.i rllli of 1? 41r . >lfnrl na i~nri For'rr ?ht or rMnnrr rpplr to f> I. W1T<'i?Ki,I., 1.1 rtronrfrm* T'o. rh IklMKIriin Np? Inrt to Jtrkannriilr. Mi.Vi PllMkn. RW. 8'?*mT* ret FloiM* ininiiw ft) >?>lnnlh >:lt Ikr- ilxunxn rn?i Wrw York on Tn? ?d?j? and S? >irl?vr L^o* noRro'r AWJ prntKWprR'i-toi nnmn r Rt?m mnunnbir ROAWOKt, tegintn TVwmmi Mkinnnr will lnn*r for t*? %ho?? Pl??? on OiRnmU.. t>< w ?11 O'nkMfc P It . ft* on pwr 11 Won* rtrnr H*n trill *rri?o n. orfolk t*? unit *f?nn,nn? ?nd M Pnodnn i*? foliorinp PMnrnw?n 'n? i>? Wont* wir prraonnd dtroaUy on br l*? *!**' 8o nh?m "n?n |tn? 8) f>nr'??i?vn Ant ** N* nml Af T> ?r for (Hrhmoof rill nrHr* m '*Hr Mm wlr on PrM?T morntnc Vnnrtal nil And tMn !* *?>w??? "to mtm n* P?mi? 3 tsr-LijawKsanii Vulw CTtAMfWIP ATl.AWTI PUR iAI.R, THRU F.RrtT 0 ?Iwm PMMMT-'nrkt'l P?* ?"? ? A"?ntr, In A?|n?t, 'or l.trnr jo t tnrnn rf thn bn?' hrr'hp In 'hr ?hip. b? *p riprrU p md r "*r'r Apply to 01" RRtRW k ITK8 1M i ?U"?I, ?nr?rr ofW-nor PKHTITIHT. fJIRTTT? fITRAfTFIf t* TRW SWmwpw. WfTHOTTT

1 th? pnln I Urn pnUno', bf mr nnr ?f || oMklnnl pmpme, J.1?I Arorrrl " -I fromink) T*l? .'oilrtf In If*trkk *pmm hi m* .ml* Dr. ft. DVMlr ? 0*a*i DWR *?ar Tkrtkfc. < It' SDNESBAY, JCTLT 22, 18 * ?Xi ' ?i o* U/?u MgnA i lL. An(\,"Ta **'* B*IKWTTHTN H*ir AN HOf R1 Jllll rv.e o''h' cl y *.!< . ima |iJ8 <> I'M) Ot'i an (Utter r*>? "eery litieen iumm ph. i -inat >f a.aian' porfrc lyta* iitrij Ki h.'.l'MA Nk-R I M S-iHtaa hUxi-U CA,| At KM. K\! T ; . 1 ? |,(( lifW ON IT kJUtr w??. t>?nk o'ihr i>??r In Iftn'e* on'tnty; Tie of Or r'eer and cjrrpunrfii.,! country. Br"' "H'd frf? and of all kind ; win -n ; ?uet for otty proneriy lr<iul?w o? K H. HIA a, in Mi h>i? a hiuiiv 0*) niiO -*oa rxi.t oit KX'fUaNuit r j* bko.jk v. lyo (in'ot-rtt ?! . hotia.- ?ud leau' o' No d WtwtaU'et; t I? oo? of 'he h?M tlq tor ?toe.i on Ute N'.rt1 rflPr rJ"' '* t * "d f a-h hn?'De?? -ill III If k *? ** f* L.A*(A ?>K 8*1,11 OlMIII Intra f'n'ili p;!rclia*er? or will b?tnoh?a(;o< fo Now Ynrkul y, Of)Jif >)' or tTtburrau roal ttalHto or aui menh lOUblr proper./. fk.M* Wprt? nro all well krleotod ore r?'lro d ataknte Ar Aof'y l>u Monday* Worta-***.' and f r"1*?* o-lw-en oloTon ( 'fViett a N. ant two* M, t< >KttK u Q t'mh in ii M ?r>n eieaal up idairg. A KiA? IN VafctTM llt> r.?Kt)K dAMB. A ?K*0rlfCf Ol. ooua'rj e?a: and f?rtn c uralnint P! acres, cell <h f?Uy r Inintw' i'u Cayuga lake, in 'be moni au'1 ?> terllon of Be Wale of Mow Yor* On the plvb'? a fine, IvC 0 "ii*??ir and ?nrmun<lrd ?| h the tun J appif^-nat'ce* for a |f>niiemnn'art?toe> oe; bull^tntr* now with ?!1 the modern urtta'vemi'il? Cor beamy of noetmry and henlihfiilne** ol ?/hou h ha*no surertor frtct t'n.ariul u imui a* hualiies* t'revrnt* the o uor Inim oooap'liil II. o>a p, iiius, JoNKS. oornerof Tenth avenue and (forty dptm -rfet second a ?? R_ ... nL COUMIKt fWar^Ok HAt.H-ONRAA A .*n*hlV<e. *' oouall tin# of aAoot tern K" *H ?* I""1 ?,u bVw??HaVRnW BaHroa \ Jjjjjj'" Pli|r"c"1-'* '"taj* ?' aHf'H'I) PH 1J.1P*. Jr '? "* <*"?? ?'r Wgw ? II BIHfahT FARM F\'* A otiera ?l? farm for aaie. " M itiialetl dlreclfr Baraptoa Road#, on the left aid.*!* " ? eniranoe 10 Uuaptrv creek on mile from the town o' l4.Ampton bj wut.?r and >*ro>* mile* by land It if opposite 'o Old O'nt and bar tie anaie ad anlage* of ara bathing and ana br?e.""e> ae Ibal pace aavl equally healthy Ybenewfr"m the farm fwttae a erer rarrio? ?ik l oootlnnoua chutgeof paarlna oofwita ship* mm ait ami ra worluy to >sd fro. or riding al am a >r In tlie AO ula the tipp'ie* or marine liintrlea are abundant: Ir ten mlnnlea a hui km full of *o?t crab* dan be aught for brnakf and plenty < f bog fish, he*o?head and ovainra for dlan^r and uyp per There are t?o weMaaf pnrv, ex?i-llentd?lnkia* water on he prep Pee; a elatent ol rain water and aeveral Hm? rprlng* of the brat water, lev soid The Ch napnake female College no* belrg buljt and nearly r impletwt, la within three hundred yard* nf Ut- d . riling, juat aoniaa the nreek, and will Horrf a in at d-alrhhla and oot opportunity for the c mplete education of calldren. The farm cn>tajn? about XM acna It w?* origira 1> in t"t> tar ma, divided equally by a road running directly between them in a straight line from Iropl to r?nr. tin each farm there i* no ? a g od ;welling, ki'ch' u, *'ore room crib, a'ablt e, tf . Ac, go th at lot) farm can ml be cultivate' separately or ea a whole Tl?? -u'lre farm la now encioeod with a moat superior choairul fereoali feet high. 1 lie wi iMlland ia ucl wit hv lue'f and thn cu'.Uva nd tan 1 by limit. ? t w road* twnpn Lee tae> wide, have baen out outable Hie V hole farm, a au<l brtar* hare been reiuored fiom h? ode- a nf the old del la; neglected 'and* have hem reclaim'd and furtvacrra of new land have been o eared up tvt'rk hna vem done, al n coat of more than Independent m tk? MM M the Mi Tbe l<na hM r.oou tkor'uxh j nnuurtd (He epplug?plentyof no* ore* ieeuepr-nd ipno It?It tvi? b roll t?ed el1 ovrp One hundred end t wclve liege b?k Peiuvtao guano liavu boon unod irsidtw * tare* i|ueuUtv of i??t mvI Biaule muinrea. There urn atEb y arret 111 c ire, iwrnl) Hiift I" pee lilt*, Iwentv live arret in e?c f pot 4o*?, fel crop not hundred acrea Id wjod'eni, and the balance In vepetim r There U a Don orchard, mneUttng of about four burdrrd tree* applee, peacbee, aprloola, noctarlnM, green gagte plume. churr.eK.Ao. 'lh? f.< lo?lnit propr'ty 11 mho on the premiere, a id will be aolc with or wltQout the farm, to eult the wlahea of he pur chim*r, vi/?(h .Opo In. tc prnsK an.'pinn b vtidK, 16 to'hi feet Wr? Ci to 12 Inch-? table, 1 Inch thick from North 'Jtrultna IP yproa peine f r yard tone nr. 1 2U0 Unavr oaeenut po 8 tret l> nc, fated on one inn, 16,0m) chiHOitl fence rail?, avr aim eel o order; 2tu oorda pine wood, corded up; tuo 00, .i;i li- U*e wxod <1 arloue kind*. enourrd by ch aring up he hod; 6 borer n, very eupnnor and able bodle t?one of th< no ten feet bo en und whl make a mile InuHe ef hme nut ulea; 2 yotwg mulee, kind and emtio, 4 una-cily made oerta, rx ra latye; I homln? mill an' cob cruaker; l If, inch 1.traw cutter * f sharpener 1 corn eliclter; 4 now a-u cart l .'.riieitn, or the beel quality, rumple e, Id Do plotl, b urueaa. ir boft, very lin? on-a T noil h cowa eaoh row l? warranted! ii, give three r I'o r gallona of th- richest milk every day; 1 large air. cnI , it) o*k* bet' Peruvian guano, 1U0 bo oper naatct?.; (t col', cd rope; 1 large nail b at newlvpaluied; dot) bege, (i'ttt rt nt kind*. Inducing gunuy baga, 12 balea of hey, 60 barreU com; It 0 huabe.a o?U Agricultural lo-plemen a ?A lane quanU.y, all oew. rack kk M.Elf ?nd dotibl- horae plo tra, harrowa, light aud hnavy; root breaker. C'llil-atnrH, torn plcnter aend planter, hoea -ak?* Urai hooka ipwl-e, nhovela manure forkJ 4c which tiertt/er ? tk a I irte ueo-men of hardware, Urila of every kind, in ah leisure; >u keg? of na'le S to nf.w up a hud p j of itgrlcuiitral unp.ementa rareiy Hren upon any turn Wee where. To a p- rnor ft)id of fa-minx net! a eonntry life. ?h!e place nlltr* tbr moit del xbtfti1, pleeranl aud unevseptlonal in dun tn-n'H everything Kbout the term le In ac lve operation; the ero-a are alt mwe, a large qnau it* of gmcrrtra *nd pro clHlt tu at ' or baud l-.ui'l ue: at-d for aeti-ov? aU .waaoe*, punlyof band* to wo k I e farm, and the ptircha-er will he ecve-j blue If he ohooa?a already furntvhed to htn baud f r carrvitiE on Ike r pcattoaa of the farm and Immediate pretcevihn will he r^i o The moii l? ibat qiiallty heat adapted for raising early vege tablm and tr oaw.g reuernUy. Iheproduoa ran bi dipped (without nrtv) bv aleamers 'b*i p y daily for Hall mire, snd n.r've ibere In 12 hours; to Phllaaelpbl In 1C bonis; to Now Vurk In 20 bo ir?, *u'1 to Hoa',n la 2.4 bortri from the time II In m beted from the fields of thla 'arm; and tbr sum of 8li?itn?3?ip ram baa born realised every rear by com petet t p> raona a ho uudnrnlead tbr iruehlng business Th? terms of aa e srl 1 be made < nay atid mcomuvd itlig, for approved redo and notes, p?vable to Hank at Korfolk, Va. For fvnfeer par Icultra a dress for a few dn*n, July 1, IHffT. W. II. APliIRiiTOR Hampton, Va. BROOKI.TI* HO0HIM FOB KAMt-ALL rlKHT 01.4NH, Prat 3 6 9 and IS l?fhyetla arenas, between Fla'buab aud Fn u>e aonnua. also. 174. 178 and 18u Oantoa street, uo and edju mop northwest corner of Hanaon plane Tbnss h uses are aubaian'lally built, and ibe I cation la Ibe most bt idtby popular and convenient In Kr.eiglyn. Apply to Fb. B. felrlmlJf, owner, IS Nnesnn street. Rew Tori. fWVUTHt HBAT at TORKBBH FOB MALIC?TUB KBHIV i dnnea of the late Ahiabam 1 VaKtinyuw, oonatail- g >f nine arms of mad. with a (pod bouaa aad barn, laapnimsi joxa new and substantial. a good apple orchard and a choto* variety of .n her ft nit 7nq;drr of B OATTT, 1,087 Bioadway, or upon fee premises CV>I RThT HBAT FOB H41.K?OR TUB HUUHOR / river at Synch Ihirtv sal lee from Raw York, large river lnait, doeb. Ac . three acres Unr gardru and a groat variety of fruit; one acre of grate-<(?< *. a-at two stvey gothte not s*e, a life atop, containing rlarrn ruMna. w.*k ?bo > ?too heat view on the Hudson river. It to owe of the aw healthy aid p lea rani proving places on tfee nrer; on.- bo ir and a q tarter by railroad. two Kwri ay Ota r -Tia, wnn-n pit oaiiy n win double In ralu.- aonu A ml nad In i?? hi- hnlli from J?n>? I Ity in Pjark Prion (tNU, pari carh Appl) lo J. V IN likRHIt.T. "I FnlloK >lmnt. OIJI? >pen S In H. Twenty mf. r r-uaV) Train Mi farm* tnnnip-raa ot ualmprovad lard milla, wa rr poarnr, rtllaff* and city property U m ary dlrrrilm Dk> I R a JI .a HTaTKN IHI.aN.) PAOI'KRTY for nalb. Hniir) ; an.t?nmr rraxleuoni on Sia<en Inland, no# li'la fvi mlrwira walk and Urn other (Ira m>l-? fWm (he ferri. Moth plaoen hifhly Imnror.-.l and beau if'ill# I mt'rd Trrmn liberal For turther particular! ln<|iura irf J R Wall nlr?* fmv/KMtl B-A t >nm ON HTaTKN Ml,AND OF F 'IITV 1 hi in. far lirlna tin *aln*, with A ban laoma dwelling iniTini 11 n* a Una tlnnr of land Ml waiar. Apple In (T. II .pri,I.T raiTiath araniin prion J* MX); II en,la only If oen'a f'"m wear Y<Wh 'o get lo 'be farm fcHlR HAJ.R-?ONR of tbi hunt bbai/t1prl a no i -home n iinirr nrala lo Ntrw ICnfland nltiialed to thr . barmiac nn of Northampton, Nana . Immediately north of round (11,1 ft <v*ataM nf to IT aerim arena of wind and |i|apa (Italy rolt'Tatrd and Imnmrrd. and an elegant man ma nut rn'oaMa ban* and nntboUdmm ramntfy mwnadTVa b e ar la linrd ihrnnRbnoi wttb hrtr-h ami Kniabrd with narbia Iran" la and fi named wa In and nailing*. ban a aletad ' n>>f (an taa lb? bam), with Inraasa ttlr rf?? kf lranllaar ? (. mm" for nprlnp and rain waier and thr baal Imnrvra -a-riia of mod#r- d? Olnp boa ana In rrtlaa The at ? la pin irawqtie and rrry heaith.'ni. with a onmmand.irpmanan Tbla aatata would w ?" lb* aanii of a frau# w of lAa'a rtnainng a r Bali I lice lar imnrar or winter. For midnma, Ar., apply lo Or. W, W. CUTuF-R. om thn premier a FHlflN PAl.t TWO VKRT niCRIRANUB TURKIC ATORT hc-nee on l-r*(nptnn araaoa. mo larn Impenremenla. la mrr-nrdnr tba P ?i<*a am admlnlna Will be aold 'ognthnr or arparau-iy Alro alt lo a betwee- Four h and FU\a araoiua am. Pnteaiy auih aao Kerenty a?r?olb alraau. H A ,N .HlM*R V? foctrb araooe riR PAl.d TWO PiR?T< I.AAH POUB AT irt BBOWN >'ia> t'tAI b-lilt la lb# tar? baal manner trl-.h all'be ndern rapmrein-in# Roe II tad 17 Tbirr wooId tvee-, >w nf r'-h ??>i.? For par trulnre taquire on pre Wr? fmm A to I n'rloMt rt*]! and VtnB LVR OR k.X< II arur-A farm, 00rt4ini.vj X* thirty 6r? acme of land, el'oated no Karl'an ?af Hxt m -'ith nrnniy, ?? .'errry. Far particular* UKintrenf D H. Mr Al.PlW <(itS Br adwey. For kai.i at oraror, m. a riw i.arok ajtd ennrm.eBt bona*, eery plnumnily nHtieted, and Bra Kiaulea' walk frum the brlaA chirr* depot, price ft not. Or area I* nhmti >?) fee* ab we tide water Addreaa J. a. FKIRQU. 1AI FVtne Ire*. tlOR K A UK OR KXOUAIOl FOR UWT PRoPKRTfr A new brine bonne, and tonr aoraa of land H'-arJieri, at threwrt-nrr. * *-. eeer the tending at Porn Warhlnevin. The bonne ooeainasde a delightful Haw of Ute Hirhlan ? the wean Honae art the A^rewatmrr rlaar, Mr oaeta, of the Parlltna Port Waablaetna. aril] Mr# all panlenlaen. Tkr boat* lrare Raw \orb Aaltj lor iad Naah. maneiae at Port Waabirgma hloR H A UK OR KXoHAROR PoR LOTN-A UOCBR CP t.i?u a eery deaimhle atnra aad dwelling nm Fiith Hreei. Price r RA'. no* rented frw - Alan a threemwy bnnae on Twenty fOerth etreet, for ra!?. Ala eee rm Tw?atf?1?btb tree*. * R KlRHRtMBR SIT F nrvb eeewia. For rai.k or to i.rt- a oourtrt (torn, ritca ted ne ibe eery flneet pari nl ttaiea telaae, wbern It la perfertly Keeithy aad Ibe new ?amitrent It le one woe Imnt the fonr landing* and near art. I tinmen A eberwao e nnldrrne. HllbBR ll.kil I* Mn I 1'iiir rr'rv Sf OTHUi* LAMM WITH PtRrWTTiTtJW TOR **!.? of rtetimif ">?r of utrAW or acnotanrwl pot Apply. drrmA.R. Hrraid offi<j? SPIRRMO TRPROVRn Pi iRNIR PRO'ldTT OR Rr?n<laAj "III ha (old ' ttrap of a??Panr*d In pal for o'h-1 nmoipnmbf rf?1 pr port* for fall parti :ulara apply to WMIam Rr nnr'ly. 46 Wil lam *1 VKICAL BHD DHI' lf" r?J7 HOfRTOR KTRICT Till rtRRATKRT ARHRW t ) O I mrnt In danmnp o*n ha had at *r A*TORfO,R whonl n??ry nt(th?. Mid without ailatfthr anrtHdr will h??pa ft rood danonr In nil Iraaana taogfct oy him. Hr will wtW a (train' ? . w?i nD(| rtatnrday RBUo.W*"* vCVJLIAK (LARIORRTIRA AOOOBDtORS -f'I? ./rjiamrna'drm ?d for thta ina>rnm?nt h nanao'ltha it> rrtbar h Un r"4aa hi? fac'lltta? for nannfaotnrtnR ilirw and h- w now nropniwtl to anpply aU ordara. Aaoootaoaa tnonA and twpalrad. L. J At HI HA Ml Chatham tiraai AHiHWlW RORRWOOP F1AR0 TOR RAt.R A artaie. mnai ha aold Immadla'aly . baa amllopnd ? *? caraad ttwp l*ga rotttxt onmara. An ; hit lMla naad; ayna' o Bfw. PrVw ?*? nrm Ht$. Apply at 1W Hr-md way. r*>m PP R WRftT A' Ci'TWArr DRAOtlfUU lliRTir R?rn*W<MII> RRVRR OUTAVi IJ tandr hy nno of t4? h??i nktm with lw?rv??d anno and warrant** mat *471, wtll br mid fw iW. ? *? urrrt a frw mmtha. ran htwrn at '41 Wln'h ?>r?ot Nnr a n n nsuoRD nmn ri am* 4no monoM at lowor prlona than n? h*nro oMwwd la Uli aurft* *1 thr WATBR'C plana and mnatr n?waa, l?o. M Wroadwy '>na I (*???'. *11 m?-l mm, ?Ukari ataato, rrton MW. S? 100; oar do., na-?***nyw4o . MOO. Ihr Won, on# "41?*ortna mtum prVr ?*n frw ft?, rw? Rmnha. T Mini, IWIW wr*. inlaid naianbaard, prtna Mm, for MM; ma lllltar, Ml <rutT? prion $'i7l frw tlTl. ma 1 onUr? monad hand for 9114 hroo 9 fWHaro for PA\ Ai and MO, nra 14 notarw for MO, oa to for W> k. to4noo. fhr W Wn,>?. * * MO. aai if |l?A Wanna and m?tndnrm? to rant, and rant tiinl at porahata for mi* aa ataatkiy paramo*. 57, I jMjgW'irWl " /?T^ <4 ltftmur* uuu,-D'K<w ocm 4r T; to ooa ,1 ll mm* MSo'nocn. I ttet m.. SO ecw* I tJAlidma . irnii fif kvk urn Jut? 22 1117 THIRD MUHT ur (Hi. .lll.l.K iTTR ATIOIf ! ; Tl?? Promenade iVmcrrt In th<t illd<nm,4ed 0?r<lAii of boas ? ttf\ I tr ?, I OKANll rtAI.UUf ANII VAUDItVlLUL The gratwu', ?UJ beautiful UUiNoHIAa TU*.iASA, UX ? ... _ BMU,. i.4 j* miKsrr*, . la wbirw pb* will *u8t*/n four?.& rai*u?r< 1 ? _ _ ? To ooiumxi.fv wttb Ij Mr W K H'rkr Mr Or. a . wot *tra W. K HlakMllaMa Mmy OatuKMi ?u.| wiu> I&i lor to .be iau? h?blt? laroo of POPTlMA TLA <4U?aiVl >M rtiiirs.'bjr?The Wjnu r> .1 i.ivr a' 'art appearaaoe In J J B! AN. A the Pr mendd." t uiir <ru. n..d K .*M K A ' OTALl.tOK'N TURATRK. i TT 'l he rtrl!(thant i Kill 4ft PUNKAS continue to Matter :>r?ta breeze, ihrodtti tblA UieVre. render iiiH it an Ouol and H< ou an nv ni< g u, uprliig. V msi.-nu Jul' XI ' Tenth night of (bid bm.tiUl J rotundmwbii, Mttfl J/HR W(?J?, who wlli appear b< tb ?? Pr'-a r nn la itHIbt lO TlIJa MII.L, out in her eelebra'Md character of ! JK- Si Ll D, In which the a'il aiug mtudry opera ic morcnnui a I* Brigor It, nrmllo. Ac , and th? (arret r hnilad or ' Mr Mary anma, aopporltd by Mr Hut <>t Mr* Vntt on, Mr I'hUopa, Ac. The pleaoaoi ?TWuie<* of TflB VOITKti HIDOft. with Ml** hrnlle Mt.'tou, Hum Monuera anil Mr. Davenport In the out 1 Tnmotrow-TRK 'NT'STBt 1" PR'lfTK. UAKNVJM'H aMKRIU? h MUHh,tJt?. ?W Kf>* K8DAT AT D ternoua at 3. nuu ev. up.* at H, the novelties and qaaa* miracle* u! that prince ul neeinraat.o n, P<-ofi?eor Wy man, la bin eitiaordinar' and rrholl/ unprecedented llat of adentuk IUn*toc?, ?en.'rli<hiiil*>n In c gbt rotrte*. An P-evtour lc ( which lllunitnat-d Tah'eatu or BI?oleln? VlB*r?, a com plete Ulnatrattoo of * lour to Europe The grand ticeaao Panopticon ht'i. lo la atlL open. fh? Happy Tamil), Hat em rmoor Ur'rg Serpent, tit Waiworka. An. Artminaima M rh Vren under lea. IS neuta. BMTAUrBIfJ* go. hanioa' Hall, 471 rfr ,*4war. a'xyre'Orand atreec 0?'K? 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Aaalitled by Madame BLBNA D'4N1BI, Will ([It* a ttrni'' Concert InHan'ora an Wrtlneaday, Jnly SlUhtiftA FKL1HIA VBBTVAM.- ANT LKTTKR8 OB oommrnicatlonH tor Hlgnora F. Ve?tmll mil be promptly a tended to by addieaatng them 10 the oare ol the uaderalgnad 0 BUNCH, agent of nlguora t. VeetraH, Florence Hotel. C THALHBBU. O. a muted by Madam MLMHA [PANMBI, wlU ihortly give Ooooeru at du? Mar, Saratoga. Newpor Nahant. Rxnhaway. Kharon Hp-log* an,! Niagara Falla. TO AMATEUR THEATtllOAAH.-YO UT, BY THB MIOtlT, WKE1C OB MONTH, the preaaleaa known m WHITE'S Ol'RBA HOUHB, 49 BOWMBT, with noenery, Ac capable of holclng l.SUO people. Apply t0. 1UKU, ulhe Franklin Muaeum. lift Orandmraet, la wa af tern oon. THEATRICAL notice-uborsr wood, having been dela) ad by ^ii'tanaa. U Ul,w In to?n, and will b? bvppy to negotiate with vtata for ?ood ? Theatre In 8L l?ol* ftt>loe U row being ea arged and Impmred), Wood'* new eatre In ClrHanair and 'he new Theatre In Chicago, which mil be one of 'he large*. an>1 m et elerant la the Coiled Mate*. Atldraa* Metropolitan Hotel, New York, until the 27lh of July. NOTIOB.- THBaTBICaL MANAGER* WHO DltTBI to tlatf with Mr. J W W a I,LACK, Jr., for t*e ea ulng fall on- wntrr eeanone, will pleaaa atldreu ho at hoof Brincb. New Jrraay, until the lot of Augu?t FOB BINT-THB UBOYANIA BALL, OI'POHITB TUB P academy of Mnrte Philadelphia, haadaomely Sued nt roc exhibition* llu ben oanuohtd byHnncerd'a Panorama I of the lioty liliil for nine months. w. K. BOW a RDM. 1 Mo S17 Benaom rtroot. Phile- eiphU. ] MlStl H LLAIIBOUs! I <)f\ NORTH VM.UAM KTRRBT, NBA.R CHATHAM, IB ?i\J the place wh re y<.u flrd M. W. HTRBKRT. The German Himm Job Printer, who will fuiwlah > ou at the cheapest rataa with (Jetmen book* and p.nndlcaia, Mermen pon-era, Gormen handbills, German pamphlets. Herman olrenpro, German narde, Be., Be , neatly execrated. and at the ahortett no.lce. BMGEAVIMO AKI> PBIMTI'O?-WEDDING, V1MT1NQ and hualneaa aarda. 1 be beat, iheapeat and mnet fashion able earda are found at Ditonell't engraving and printing aa tabMafamenL Ordara by raab aollclted. Hpectmene sent 00 application with (tamp mu. M npWMBLI., M Broadway. Fm.Hii aErival or mtkrkob topas ? mr cur haNH, the aceot ofthe Ixmduu Htereoaooplo Oompaoy, , baa j oat meet rot at en.-, ale- aaaortment of entlre'y near ymapa. scenes, which be all) offer for aale on Thursday eat at Hall B Ron'a innate a tore, W Broadway Fbish fepit m winter, BETTER TIUN RWEBTKBATR. lon'T i? aof Uee ARTHTTRH nolebrated nelf sealing aaaa and Jam, and yen will aare fresh fmlt all the yaer at aummer prima. Fall directions for rmt?n? np all klada of fralt nod banatoeo. eomtnpany theaa nana and jara 1 bey ar> made of tta, glean, Queen'ware. and (Ira aad add pn?>f atrwi'wam. The sixes are from pints to ratios a. Thooe ana and J ua are .-surely open at the tope, aad net, to aaeura anxt'-mc In masportaOua Foe sale by ator keepers thnurhout the United Blalaa rteaerlpuce tdrenlara seat oa application Grdera from tha trade solicited he anro to salt for " Anh-r*i." It km stood the teat of two season*. barter neon used by hundreds of thousand* of fatal Una, hotel and boarding house keepers. We ara at* mahtr r ihem fo* the million, a sTIIl R. RURNHAM B GfT.ROT, Maaafa.-in-.-ra under the pataab E. r. TtiKEEY, Mnnnfhtrtnrors' nbolnohls 0*<-r\', nlirn moniifnriurnr nf Mm kr'i onlsbmtod *ti? aUauto frwwr, No. 6 PlnU slmst, Now Tort. GkX FOB TUB OOCNTBT. ?sa nppnrUns nfuw tho pnlnsl of I ho MoHlUAhll rOKTABIJf OAS OOMPANT. a B. WOOt?Wf?RT?? k CO. Art now offbrl ng for ml* A snoot romp Into, s'mnln. shone AmI flfTuioot im mnob too. AdnpUwl * nil mopants to th? onato of rrtroto dws.llPO*. pnblr hud jyf rnto oshnnlo. Ohtirnhtn. ro'.W|-?, tedtrton. foundriso t'otoln, onionnc plnons. As.. 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OHARI.RH HUI.T, Rotary PnhM<" n<< tNor.on Honor Hmltr, l? Wall MM. KAII.BOAD IBM* TO ARRIVE.?A OA BOO Of A ROOT I II*, toot at I Va w?ha?'( mannfunara Brio pattern H h? par j anl, rrpontrd to urlw wlihia iblrty dar? Amutg* ?ola mar b? mad* to arnd tba nar*n to any amfkbortn* port for dallrary. For mJo by UHA Ahtn DA VIB. 7d liftoto1 EnAanya. SEWt*(? MAOIIINK WORK -QCII.TIRO A** RT1TT1Mjr on all ktoda of ga/maaw dotea promptly. at rary roa. nab la rataa at XI Broad war. f?nr?h floor, room ito. A Tub f'ki.bhratrd ermkoibn ro* thb pueumoattoo f 'ba mmptrrkm, tr-a'mrai of onaaumptloa rban ma'lam and tnd1*raUo< aa praarrlbnd by tba royal phyol -tan* of tbo RnaHah ronrv trill ba anal poo' fraa to all parte oa ro rafpt of W mate aaafb, by I. H1RRT A OO., 101 BlnorAar tea**, *. T. _ ? WT|M)IX>qTt inn -odairtotaitob.-mm hat.* w brook* JU'/| aroot, a tew doom waot of Bowory, moot an iwaafii madtral and bnataaaa rlalrxo- anl U amrrtna. IMr-aara rtirod w>a<-aaboi|ta of abaaot Maeda o?rr?rUy til 1. NatltUa uiry ?tamlnattoaa fllrcn to all, or ao pay. rrtrtctty miniate t?m? ilf) BPHIHU rrnsaT. <7i.AiBTuTAir?rm *HT IllT MOI R, > Vw Anon w?w* at Brood ?ror, Lh? m?wt ooo worful mndirol miA b>irt?<-on oloirmroal In tmrK* At <I"MH iltowiinwl owl nmt, If rwohln Porirlit* xfriat on b'Mnono tMwi frtnnAo. Am , mi wtMWU* funaUM or no my Aim wohdbr?thbitblbrbatbd (iir*tbbt rrlonwn no ton ftrl, non bo ononnltrd a* oil nmntn llfo, nook pmnnnl oad minm, foil aiblon'tr* t1?o?, fnn IW7 nootn Ton Olpnr hon o ?*r?l which will lOntr* horpinnoa stinrco ?tir* Thn ??pof to wlthnot nronptlng Dm no I) prrwwi tlto. aoo flrr lnrO? nnaboro. 77 warth wroot, annul ttono. g<*r HmMwof. A If ArmOMM.IflT THAT BBAT* THB WOBLT>-AlfO A. Bon tkruonil doUont reword In nfl?md lo nop m? oho no onrpoa MM. OLIrTOH In rfrln* norrrrt ntotnmnnu no oil **?(#. pnr' U ulorli lno?ro. low oul'o ?nd oil biwlhonn mo'torn. 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Mrada, 10* mam MM myatridar dtanrrarnrf, An |U r>n rbl MT RlllML M ) I wttl retain to Florida In n lew niR Allium i UVTMM A __ t *jn Vnmatm * t*. B<>? ** tmhath? NkH* III * nr!.!?"*- IX11"" *"d Pk ?eon?; nt Mid Oatlnrj ? o^n- l*rt ,.10. ^ ^ ti - * < rtv??. I. (H j|p ^ ?,?*> T.iuZ,??:*rzj;*r"'Jnr v" Ml- ifa a. M'?*lK 1 KlrifO. Mr It JohmuH. *; " HtaotafMteM *, ? ? . ' Pa ,l> R f'K im/j'-imTp. J, ::r C T Hrrl'h Ml" 111? %14 MM. To oundiyie *h?, John hinxi l^CS is ta. JJJJJj \i T|||^| KCi?JUI? t> K ?V rhK. TRK, HxO'DWaT OR "til' Mil HIV* Ml AO. JOLt ti. The public Mf itupHHItt) y inllituiMi Uit bJOMiK J , I' b?- <mi* rnui T? no' | havtnp r rorertfi f'"tn hie recent m rt g ladleponiUnn, ?* appear ou tote ilfCAal MlhH H ItKHRKND, The<'H(>HI!bof bo A< WiRVIYnt Krs^f); lha Brother m'H.' KNH UrR Violin ud YVuUaaWtoi LOjKM.BIflHKK, Cornet Tin- Hi ti-i r R(KT7,aO. C viiia: F.T n *kN uiid c PIKi'LIR, Flnttotai X. KiR^KR, ' Inrionoi; 11 HCVIT2 rioncb Horn; L Oil I.KM \ ? 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(brUty ... nuw" lummm* Ktarr Kvawtna PeMma run Warn TriUMphant euouea* of II B VA.i i <4 JlkORo FlftSTRtl ST OueolttdlciR with fourth trreb of the new for-'-id toaal bar let a, nlih new ?<?n*rv mnoMnerj. proportion, irtflbv ohabWM and no*e) effect* entitled i HI MAOIOIAK. stun snarp. anrw*o?7 ihm tnmair 1x*>pk opno at 7, to u.mmeoee at 8 o'xtoc* Ttelrdain ^jtramuvrb, no*'t roRurr to vibit ?h? 9 rK\ MITSEUlf tZ7 itttiCO NTllEET, In tht aftt riwxnj A 3 or ? i-rnlng Hi H wi ae? Ml luw WlT too'n troupe ??T Mi del Art'atee, ootia luting of 1wi"TV HtT?li VOUJtu i.AlflRB. ho will apytar ever y ?rrrsnooa Awn iTiniia In n nrlaattoB cf mmuill en. living pi iturx*. w*th other e*Wnnl miertnlnmrnt* 'h* - ho e under the *u. crrtaJm o" Mad Vl?rt n Retina ? VlnHo-n will be careful to pur bn*?' Ihatr ticket* iiu 'hi* place of iiopi "-mont Mliu In no way oorne?ted w| h nr / u hot eKtabllabm- nt S 10NOR CAKI.O .I*O0"I 111 mak* his lirnt appeararce, nlaee hi* recent HtM ludtryool ><>q. nt tinOKkMJ MONKTKR MUHIOM, FESTIVAL, A' -nr'on'i. HI nigh Tub anvil chorus, IU the fall ORCHESTRA ANI) CHnKlS. r ROM THE ACADKMT 0* MUHI'I, At Itnr (mi'i. 11 night OLTBPlt tin aTHK-TaKB aotli.B -BOH TnJ *|> rnnuni dntion of Indian and JnretUlan a purfnrmnaM nr% be ftven at 1 ha Olympic theatre ernrj WBJINKeJlA V A Nl> HATL'ROA V AFTER NIX) II To op*ras txinorrtb, minhtrk/x, m thl'lamb Ac., Ao.- The aeaaon of tiimgh'i Varieties, la* legion, Ry , will clone no the ZIHh tunt , and re npra tor dka fall and winter aaao.i on the tlh September The Valletta* li of the rapacity of 'upun't v liambem nlreet im aire Kant York l? map d with l.iu1 larre arm chalrn, and I* isunp'etetp furnlabetl ?lit mat renerv. nmoertle*. vw he ha 1 he honee, r urlng die vaca'lon, wtli he rented Tor ill flret ttmm antertainmenie Audrene W U Hough. leaaee, l-eitngtoe. Kg 'OHKATRIOaL.?EAR A'lERH DKdlROUd or KNOAtiEI lumte with Mr. OardtaU'r Oojnr, Ute ouxt aMal !n?h romndlan aad voualiat, will iMl<lre,?e boi ?J8 Poei oSMi Tn>), hew fnk. WABTKl)?A LAi.t TO TEaVEL WITH A lilH itaEWiii and gird omwrU, uWf (row t? to 9 110 Mi month, and ejpeaaea Addi-aaa E V. 0. Allan, New inihigM. WeetehealarOo , M T. UIMTR1J CTI ON. ~ O CO FOE 1? VRlTIIfO l,?hS01?R-B(K|*EBEF? VA>uU log, algebra arithmetic 91(1. I-adl-n or genMn men reeelre slant or alrtcUy prir ? ? (eatona at hour* auMng lArlr own commote-?? at PaIEK'B aondrmlxa. 93 Ho wary, and IBS rniton street, Brooklyn. "Aa a splendid penman IM aMEfnl teacher, ?V>I. Paine haa no au >oHor."?Hew port dwa A FRENCH 1,?DT. WdO HAB RECEIVED A THOro'ub intr'tab education wishes to ob'ala a all nation m leech Frenoh and ainaln In ah'ghly ruenectnMe dar or be v<dtag school id ihlacl y; la an erpnrtenoed teaober, and nan gw onqueattonahle ref- rrnoaa aa to q iialibgatloua. Ad J rem OL W., bo* X.6JU Poet oMee. BOOXKKKPINM. WEITlMtl, AO. ARE TAPOHT gT E F. FOSTER, M Broadway, Applntne'a Hnlldlag. Neap ready, "F eter's Houble Kn'r- Elucidated " <hh edlfaa. Meprored. 91 Poet feee- Particulars ua application. TTTTDEOE RIVER tWMTlTlTTE AT OLATEEAOE. E V. II male and female, Woree Id etodaal'e rmaa board mm tultioa, 91JU a year. Eileen tret class tnsvmrtorn. Tang ???? Bent 19 Bee A. FI.AOK. A.M.irtniErt rrtEAoniRo at the bolth.-a ladt. ifho foe 1 mae yeara haa had the management of a mhooLwtEMg I nFi VI IB* noaia nun >uv a aniiairT aa rinmmi m ?T?! rate fealiy or lo ink* akarra of a aokool Aw will taaek kg Uak. Preaoh aad moats. IV boat of raferaaaea will katfaRA Uvlr lol H Mwllu Imn imalr. law Top* TEA'*!!; N'l ?A TOUfrn LAlIT OF KXI'IIIIIffM. who la rrmp?'?ol to tract) lagMaV tool ltd) d* r*a*wr? * 1 tk>'alrmrn'a of Kr?rrb m and drawlnt *MW a atinairn no or befiwe U?e lat of rtrpirtn^rr. In a arm'nary at the brntk. or would (o aa yn.crneaa la a family to Oal'fiiratal be?t ot r-frrrrora oaa ba firm. 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