Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1857 Page 1
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th: * WHOLE NO. 7832 TIC SLTRUP0L1TAN POLICE MllfllSSIONEa. flMttng of tbe Dpftlkl Pftlk;?men and WhU liity Did?The louil to tve NnMl for Batk Wage* and Irregular Dismissal*? The Pollt* Fay? Mr Stout a* It to the Board? The New Police Shield*?What Commissioner trai.alian Recommend* for th# Brooklyn Police?The Vacancy In the Commission? Uame* and Prospect* o( Candidate* for the Place? Communication from KrCommlr aloner Draper? Swearing In of more Men. Unmet!alely upon it becoming known yesterday morn 'kg ttat tbe Board of Police had adj*arned fcr want of a #octi m, and thai neither of the Mayor* nor Mr. Choi well were present, the excitement In and around 88 Wh'te street grew to if highest pitch. Mr. Cbolweil nad lilt town on Thursday evening to spend a few days with his family in Connecticut, and thereby he ecab.ed to secure a few daya rest, in which to fatly make op t.s mxd what oourse to pursue in regard to Ute- aWog of tbo vacancy, and prepare himself to act on it Bo will probably not be la town again before Monday Morning After (be adjournment, t|r Sratahan was spoken to in reference to the course be intended to ptirsne with reference to ibe police of Brooklyn. Bis reoiy was that If it WM left to bin, bo should be in favor of taking the advice f lite Deputy Huperlntondent and several captains as to wbo ibe good and bad men in the department w.-re, Irte apective of anv narty, and then so far as he oouid use bis Influence retain all such aa should bo recommended as good offoors, and of dismissing all those who were in any way found to be Ine fllcent. "For,** said he, "the salary tbey are 11 receive now Is a verv large one in comparison to what tbey have been receiving from the city under the old Itv, (about $550,) and tbey should all be men tha can earn It. But of course all I can do Is to lay the tnattor before tbe beard lor their action; I am only one, and can do nothing fc]onA?" li^auwer to a question as to when be would probably proceed to reorganizing the force, he said, "Ah, that ts more than I can tell; you see b >w we aro at present, and there ts no knowing when we shall get straight again, but I shall take some action in tbe matter as soon aa possible." Shortly after eleren o'clock tbe three Commissioners went Into secret session and continued so, positively refuting to admit any one unless It was tome particular friend on Important businoss, until about three o'clock, tbelr hustates* being understood to be arranging and signing wunua luriuo iiirni ui ujv pum e, >riiu^;u|; lud ji ?jr rolls, signing policemen's warrant)?, inspecting pillce nan's appl cat, &c , anil npon going into their room after they bad adjourned, a large pl'.e of policemen ? warrants signed by the three Commissioners were iayiJg on ' the table, and being rilled op by the clerks. During a part of th? tr session Mr Stout, the City Cham feet lain, was present wltb thorn, probably making ar rangemeafs for the payment of the police on the warrant of the State freas irer. It Is (aid that the entire police force will be paid np In fall on the tiro* of the month, by which Ume some of the men will have nearly three mootbs pay coming to them, at obe rate of $64 60 per month. Ifce rpe.^1 policemen, maayoftbem, have made oat their bills m services t> the Board of Metropolitan Police Oommisaionerr, aid attached tfcetr affidavits 'htrcto.setlinr I krth that tbey are the persons dlscrlbed in tbe bill, and that ibe> bavt rendered the within amount of service as , special policemen. Tfcece bills they wnd tn f? tie Board 1 tor the purpose of seeing what action the Bdaril will take !a reference thereto. Much feeling Is prevaVnt among the specials 1c ccnse qoenoe of what >b*j under? tn J to be a negligence on the of Ibe Commissioners to perform their promise j made some days since to them, which was, if posrlble, to pay litem as toon as the Injunction was removed from the J1C0 tOP. Tbey say that no withstanding the In jaactton nss been removed for several da r, an ! the war , raai signed and'tn the pocket* of tbe Co nmlseioner-s, tbey I have not made any show ol paying them off and after all the different attempts made by the committee f om special poitoemrn to get tho ,-ionrv from the Board, tb- jr are no ; nearer getdug from tbe Board tbe time whro they wJI i pay them off than they were on tbe day tbey wore d'.s I baoced. They ray that some of their number are actu ally oeprlved of tbe neocssaries of 'ife ia consequence of I their wages tuting withhold frnm them, while the Cora mimlotcra are grumbllDg and fighting amoug tbem-telres { abort who tha'l and who scad not be the odd member of U)C Bca'd. h is also como.uiDfd that some of tbe rid force, who came over to tho new Beard at the first, have not r ceo allowed the pay under the new la?, which ?hey would hav* received undtr Uie old bad ibey remain- J where ?he> were, while by some horua poena arrtoc tn- nt or I another they have been dlam-ased i-y the new Board, after j reporting to tt>?-m tor duly or giving in the* adnee.on to them !>< I .^banding of tbe police. A large i ombrr of tbese persona, It la also said, have 1 maot> over tl,eir claims for pay op to tne 3d of July to Mr Mt rkellar, late cleik to the Chief of Police. who has alrea v tasi> u:e<l urt-tee tugs against the n--? Board,on the ground that the persons mentions I therein bad not been letaily discharged -om tbe department under the ruler of the Board, at pubi-ebed in the Hatt*: :i of TDursday meralag A ht-ariig in ibese suits la to bs had .a the Court, before Judge MtChrihe. on Monday morning next. A (rmm-jnuatlun was received from Mr. Draner yeeter toy, ftr.kno?i<- j- vuw 01 'nan<* i?o 4tr*1 in him by u,e Hoard on Thursday The noramnnl nation was l ot laid beftrr lbs Board, tn oonsequeoca of no qeorum prevent. It will be presented to Jay in case a full Roa?d should he had. Hie B ard of Police. in compliance th? request o' fee Camden and Atnbor Railnat Company, made to the Board rn Thursday morning for two spec,a1 policomon, which was grantee" n care ihe company would make an appropriation for the pay of the men. swore tn Jot.n Jacksoa aa one of such man, be baring been nominated by the rtotroed < I mpany The Board alao swore tn nine of the eighteen mes from Begnlne'* Point, who came op with Capmm Waiting yiw orday anorolsg, In acoor<'anne with a reeolution of the Board, M regular roiirctnen. they having been doing duty wb'le at Sag* tae'a Pciot, under an appointment aa polloemou fbr | ncbmond oomi ty alone. and drawing their pay from the Board of (juarantine Commissioners These mm wers ?worn In. In aocordanct with a reiola Uoa pasard by the Board aome time tlnoe, to awearln ail Men who had licen appointed fcr and done duty at Se gvtae'a Point, provided they were found in srsry way oewpe ant and worthy of the pngitdon. IBs folk)sing are the names sf the men ewers n yea tore ay, aa above,? Aleiandor Thompson, for the .vb precinct. W. C. R. Armstrong, '? 22d ? R. B A Iberia en, " Mb " J. A. I.ym. " life " James Hurley. " 30th " T. L Bnrsweli, " 1Mb " C. K Acker - 1Mb < O W.Barrett. ' IWh James F-dridge, -JIat " These aea all Immediately reported tbem?e.vas to the Depaty BeperlaIndent, who gave orders to the persons Am mm mamma* r*f I Km sarsMl wnrH (m Km nlknfei nwr riii. tjr m reyuler patrolmen HreTtowe, bowewrr. to reporting to toetr respective motion boueee, cash men irooeoded to b tailor ud bed hi* mr*?ur * taken for a new uniform, to bo done 'or tbem by %iedey mornlny. by whl h Ume It le eeywud that a lory* portion of Ibe force ?| I bo oblo to nnoor lb b'iyht bottoae nod brlyht blue at'f.rm. The Board here ordered thnt silver shield* iboll be pre pored for each refolor moo in tbe deportment, ibe brew eoee to be retained for special men when wonted. Hie police men'* rhlelde ore to bee Herman eilrerrhleld, with the opper or eborp re- ner* clipped off, hoviny on ibe hoe the Stole root of urn*, end tbe rodlotiny roye io tbe bock yrouod, ell In inierd corred work, the whole woehol to *t)v*r At tbe lop of tbe ?hteld. end J net or or the coot ef arm*, lo o belf circular form, ore the word* ? ; MarntroutA* mud. ) Peoeo'b the root of arm*. el the bottom of the rhleid, te ptoned o (mail ra?ed oral of copper, no which la enyrored to oaanptrooua choroctere tbe number iff the policemen'* worront. the nsryeente' tblelde ore of eolid ?"ref, tbe rome In on other rrepect* oe those of Ibe |w?U?cmen. with tne e* aeptton <ff beloy rnrmrunted by e *piee?i esyle At tbe bone of the root of 01 m* u> o piole erro I. on n bleb ore to bo eeyrered the word* ? MlllAIT ( \ (MM \ ?the number of the prortnet to be nlioed where tbe denb In. The Inspectors' rbleld In to be ?|mller In ferm to the enryronte'. hot tbe eonle ?nd nnetof orme end raised work In to be of yoM. with e scrol', end the word* ? t inerwion "" "f I reelect. ?the none oe the eeryeonte. Tbeee ibleld*. especially tbe seryeent*' end capiat n*\ present 0 rery One appearance, end the tt,.w of tbe weorere moy be rery roelly dtSMfnlnbed, ereo ot nlybi, 7 tbe reflection of the llyht m the yit'id on i ?ll?er. Thoee he policemen ore alls decidedly htodeomi. wed their newer may reodlly be *een by ony both by dey end itcM. There rbleld* were yl ren out to mott of tbe w?rd* yen tardey by Mr Brevoort, tbe ileeetol ?> per nlen lent'* Clerk Tbe reminder of the word* ore to be supplied with them to dey, 00 tbet every reriler policemen moy appear la them on Sunday Tbe *hleld* or* plren out by tli 11ft going through the city, to that n each ward the men ay be regularlr numbered, Inaleed of baring two men la the name word, one with ahleld perhap* nnniberrd A, nail the other with one numbered IftO, aa waa rreocntly the oaee In Urn old force Mr Hrevonrt, who eeatgned and got up then* thtaldn, given the folio*lug otpianat'on of Uicra ? ]a the flrrt plana, he ,iaya the old ewb'cmnn were bntb nailed, and lot He abape 01 atar* Wlrbtag to charge i be for it aa much an be eonid.he looked roun for de?ign that ehonld he auggenhreaf the new law, and the ableld*'ggeat ed Maelf, an the law wa* intended to be a prelection and ableI<1 againat hnrg'ar aa and other crime a, aad aa the ahlnld tod loaded one of the mnuow of the Male, II appeared but proper that the arm* el the Kate ahoukl ornament the face of It, an thin la a ftote police inaiead of a elty police. The eagle auggeated liaelf aa the pro .ter emblem to be worn with the ahicld to deelgnate the oifloern of the force, en the englv waa above all other btr la. 10 a Ian with the gold noaattoga for the limpet:ton, an thay wnreto reoeirn the E_NE" largert i alary of ?nv of .ho reg-ilsr polloe forco, c< nee (|?o. Uj they Bbouid bayo the moat ox oenatve emblem of tfflco It appear! that the Board of Police and Mr. Ta'.lnadge do not ?*r. e altogether In ih? r Interpretation of the la v with reaped to the appointment of doormen tor the seve'al station boi'tcs, the Board Interpreting the law ao as to giro them the power to appoint the doormen a* rued, while Mr Tal mange thinks it was Intended to be left blm to detail such men as bo sees lit for inch purposes. Mr T , uw??c?or, ?n wiiuug iu cunt?*i?o iuo poiuv ?ivn mo oumU) ai d, id order to Cave do difficulty abo it tha? done so Police Inspectors Hopkins, of the Third precinct; IHikS, of iho riMtvoih pieciMt; Snelght of tbe Twenty U'Sl, aad Forter of iho Twelfth, Uiaelr.t r with Sergeant Major Waterbury, bad a long interview wltb the General 'uporinteodenl yesterday afternoon, In regard to drilling the policemen. Mr. Water Jury 'u plan wan to take the auction off July ,t>jihe)d for reserve duty at ibeHtalion houses, and drill '.hem?one g< ctlon in the morning, an I the other aeution that have been on duty during the forenoon, and beid to reeervo dur.og the afternoon, a. 3 o'clock the same day, to an not to Interfere with any of the men wben It in their day oil' duty e? It .a every other day. To this all the captain* strongly ooject, an Ibey tny .t will not only leave theai without a reservo force at ihelr slat on bouses in case of a tire or riot, out torve to tire tho men out and unfit them for duty during the remainder of tne twenty-four bourn. They ray that they have no doubt but thai the men would all be greatly g/ailUed n thii ooarae, but then ,t would ne very disastroun to the welfare of tbe c.ty After conalderable con ve' saCon, the General Superintendent declined to interfero with the arrongemente of the Sergeant Major, and left them to come to some under standing alike eai.sfsctory to themselves, so that it will probably end In tbe captains being ten to eeiect what men they can gpare from their wards the beet, so long as they have each man do the same amount of drill eg as the other. Mr. Water bury commences drilling one section of men from each of tbe tlx tower prec nets, at the City Arsenal, this morning, at 10 o'clock. Tbe upper wards will be drilled respectively at Onderdonk'a Hall, corner of Grand and Clinton streets; at Knickerbocker Hall, corner of Twentv twlrd street and Eighth avenue; an 1 at the hall recently used by the Twenty first ward j-oilce, In Eroadwiy. TUB VACANCY AN THE COMMISSION. A large and vcrv newer'ul lobhv were el wnrk at \n Rft White atreet yesterday from both the American and repub licas party, endeavoring to effect a compromise between the republican members and Mr. Cholwell on Mr. Isaac 0. Barker, the American torn in ee for Mayor la it fa!!. A large number of republicans seeing the felly and danger of holding ont for a rank republican much longer, were at work moat of the day yesterday with their might and main endeavoring to clliect the desired object, and last evening It was rumored that Meesra. Stranahan and Nye had slgni Bed their willingness, providing nothing better can be done, to go for him. By some few of the ultra republicans, hrwever, this project Is too iced upon with great dls trust, as they say If It should ba done It would be the sure means of killing off the republican party la this State, while on the crher hand It is urged that It will be the sure njeans of uniting the two partus this fall. I.issa.d that Mr. Barker incidentally remarked to a friend of his yesterdsy, while speaking of the subject, that he would not accept the position should It be tendered to him. Mr. John N. Genln's name was al?o spoken cf yes'erday In connection with the vacancy, and some few of his friends are at work for b.mwilh might and main. H:a chances arc not thought to be very flattering, however A large opposition was brought to bear ic the 'obby yesterday against ihe name of James W. Barker, on the IlIIuvdcc* of Tammany Hall were at work Tor blm. This opposition it baaed oo the supposition tbat If olected be would go Witb Major Wood in tbe B ard By some of the lobby Ibt names of ex Mayers K upland acd Hatemeyer, Jamss ei J.'.^by, Mr Curtis, B T Bawes, Utn ^anford, Oen Hall and'.on Wcob were ii'.'.l urged, but not half as strongly as tbey were on tte day previous, tl.e lobby appearing to be mire concoctratcd on Isaac 0. Barker than it baa on any ono man yet. Tbe do mocratic poriioti of it, however, arc preUy equai'y divided bctwe<n (?en. Sanford, Mr Uavemeyer and Mr. T.lbby. It it said by tome thai o case the B>.vd rehire tc accept Mr. Ttrkcr, tbtc tbe looby are to concentrate their inllnenoe on Mr. Cbolwell for tbe pnrnote of procuring b't vote for ex Alderman Robert r. Hawee, la urged, la half republican and half American At a i event* It ? h"ped and bedered thai a eto!-e will be intlo ty tbe fore part cf tbe we?*, and the Oommiasoc o: :e more placed x working order. MERrniO OP THE arkCIALI. At eleven o'clock yet'erday morning a .arge nnitiber otne tpec.ala.wbo have been dtabsxded, aaw-mbitd'x tbe fr> nt baaemant of No 88 Wt'te tlreel, for tbo purpose of bcarirg tbo report* o' committees acd ma* eg arrangemeets lor attending tte I.ueral of odtcar 5. > < ne Aa ueraeu. The meeting was organ's? 1 by apoVe'inr Samuel 0. Scranton Chairman, and Mr. viacktnbs*? Ssrraiary, after which a delegation was MMlgMM aftrr soflM rr.aira, tbe only seats in tbe r ota being some rough ocarda, * hleb bad bem arranged around tbe* o.'tbr r.> u: On rootle n, a e iroov'.iec of two were appelated to proceed up atalr* an ibi'er n tbe general sure'-o'-rnden: and Mr Bowen that tbo meeting bad oeco organized,and re quest them to wa'k IML a* ttev bad MM) rated tbe MM rr.'.(tee appointed at the former mooting that tfcoy would come down, If noticed of tbc.r organization ,\>s?ri Wood sod Strup were appointed ai lueh ctmn ;> . tad .irttootatelj proceeded op ?to:n> to perform Iheir t?l??.en. Mr B F Joiiaeci-1 me ve that itv mm who iwma rrilif any profane c' lrap'Or>ar lan p :?go bo put o.t of tbe room, at it w.n not Iroit wall ?l all for any oi ui to na? ary improper larg'agoand have oar Urn-.rt.'rioaenc.irne down and beer It, or nee >;a ?mrV.of togarv a' aeniad .be room. Such* iro re y .mproper (toplamo ) Tho melton war urant T,oj?tj earned A |ent!' iran pre?ent be?<< ata'r J that there .ad boor a report in tbo paper* at a fferent ttm. ? thu> tf o rpeCale bare behaved ( trnrderly. and that :?ey hare hern t./nc1 out of thtr room 'or ft. I bore ibit the rep rterr will pleareroire i it * report, a* It roar do ?a<>J deal of injury O'jtetde. W<- all c'rapprove of any cob duct a-hai ever not In arm daroe * th *trlet propriety. (Aprlauie ) A Vo.ra?I believe tba' *.t la uaderrtoo I by all here that the* meeting la to he for tbe prcrpoe* of ic'tklof prepare .toe* and prrfenlrg err arranaeocett* fbr attending tbe fonera' of Mr. Atitjer-oa ou Sen lay U It not Yin r*_Vea, ihat * t. A mitten xrae here mate that the rr.nUe* c '.be ??t nn iic* bo read. Tory were aconrd.i |'/ react by the Secretary . and after ntne ami ndmetifa adopted. Mr. B. K. fonxaow, a* ".hairman of tbe coo, in ,eo < f Cye appotnli d <>n Iburster to watt on the (tec.era! - \Poe.otaB dent and <> mmiaelonera In relat'ou to their t out at the funeral or Mr. Aoii*r?i>n, then reported t! .1 be had made frequent attempt* to get tbr retnt o ler of iLe eon ui'.Ure W> go with him to ree tho Jupcrlnlecrt'ct and C >tn miaaiorerr, but bad been uaablo to gurooed, ao l had Uoai'r got Mr. Wbigat to go wt b b.m Tbey bad called on Mr Tallmadgo tud ho hat proialaa 1 them that to wo ill fnrr>lab at! lbo eperUla with braaa rhtelda to war ou the day of tb<- funeral >n?'--a I ?( tfco bad yet worn by th- m while ra duty; and ba would bate a rwfwrc. o with the 'her three c rtnm'ta lonere at hta r-w>m. at S o'clock I' M . to refbrenew to the propriety of trie nflltrdra wearing koim kind of aide iriw and for the men to wear (thiol l??the regular podoa the ailver "nta and the apeciala t<> wear he braee one#, all of wolob bad been rr would be -tailed In A Ma* here aaked the a water a tout the - ace be and bka enmmlUre rece r"d wbea they went to tbe ataton bonee to oomer with the other ocmmlttevf Tba ^}i. It d tn'l Taller how we were received there, It ! all rlgtt now Awnitm Voiub? la; a hear bow tbey reee t?d yr : we want to know, Mr. Jon.veow?Well, w? weclarotiol tfcer.t and were pot treated very well by tb??o present There wae another man there from loot er c-mtrltVee who ??> not trea ed very well either; tint then it wan p'tbablathat they did tot recognize u* aa pohc-n en, beta ? we had been dnhanded; b< 1 It ahonhi not be fo. aa wc to act wi'b the pal ire on th't orcaemu tbe same a* though wt t.avtr bad b.-ao dtrhanded Mr .1 !? tlu-ea d he wax one of tb comm tiee, and ha waa oppored u> ibetr wearing the "Held* at all, for th'a renaon?tory were not remlarv yat, and he war op <naod to wea-tng ear thing Put the badge* which th-y bad worn while doing duty a* appe al policemen. If they were re guar* then It would do for them to wear the ahleloe. bnt 'bey did not wteh to go Into tbe proneaaion w th ablelda oa them. Tfcev waited tn|go oat with ihe.r haigu# on. that tbe citizen* mt/bt know who they were Tbey wanted to be recognizeJ by tbe clttzena for wbat :b?y were, and nothing more AV--T1 ?* Voi-k?1 nndervttnd 11 ha? been arranged by tbe < cneral Coperifctfadent, whe ha* charge of tbe prorevolution tfca day of the funeril, that ? ahall all wea'iha bra a badgra, and that iha reg.iara abali wear tba tllver abta Ida Mr If we ro to wearing brain abieM*. why then It may be that tbe public will lay we are regular* We ' inn i wici infin m iiiiuk iwr wr aro h<?*, wr?rr auiuiun more than def net apodal p>llcetn?n. and we waut the public to know it. Mr. w m/iv Mid that Mr Tallmadge had all the b v> abt'Me would he ralledtn. tod be had ratber ?ee the rpectal men all lure M wi'h the hraaa nnea on a* the re* Blare would wear the rtlrer ihleide He had r?rt Tor the bra*e onee, and If he eonld get them ail in he wonld give them to 'be eprctal* on thl? or ai in. Mr ?rat r, from the ' t?jo nted to' on Mr. Tbllmadge and t oitl'r him of the orfanlealtor ef the meetIng, returnee! and eanl that tbey bad eeen Mr. Tallmadge, end he bad told them that he nonlii not poaaioly ome do ?p rtelrr at frerent. unit that It would he much more or avenlent fr r him If they eonid call en him In the after noon in the hark other, on tbe eeoond llwr of thi? building, ad at that time he wanted na to oeah together,and then he wnold provide na with tbl'Mi; he nonld not jet down tbla morning, aa hie rnom fall of perple and he eat very bney He wee then nub hit n!e*k. counting ont and ar ranging he toaae aliield* that he had got in Tor them The committee were aeked If they bat waited on Mr. Bowen. they rrpltsd no?booaate be tat too bc? !y ? gaged. On molten, the committee were then dbo.harged Tae SenttTtRT la favor nfbavteg the quewtlon at to whether they ahould wear therhtelda or not, tlna'ty aet tied at onto For ble part ha waa 'a fbror of wearing tae badgva by all odda. > if ahoald wear the abtelde they could aot be recognized by the ottlaeae, but would be taken , a regular poltoemen Ae for the badgee not being .eon whg they would t>e ?eea met aa well aa tf they were to wear the ehlelde. Aa fhr thai matter a pteoe of ribbon wo' id be nit ae good ae aaythlag elee A dvew* oaggeatod that it would he wrong fhr them to ' go enntrary to the i.eHrwt Mnperlntea.tent direottnna n I the matter, beranee be war now arranging the eh let da , lor thetn Another Mar Mid be wonld not tarn out if tbey deter i mined to wear the thleide, aa tbey would not be reeog- ' n eed ae epeetala if tgay turned out with them. Another Ova eetd it would be vary eaey fhr the et tor one ' to recount*? then, b7 MtUe 400a being made bMtragM 1 WTO MORNING EDITION-SAT tee rpec tela and the regoiare, which the reporters would aeoouDce In the paper* fur them Another Man thought that m they were tpecl&l poltiemeo they ?h< ukl t.avo nothing to do with the regulars, and be wished them in act an a apeeitl organ.zttion. Another PlKMON ??.?! that. \l hn?n until Lhov umnld rot be recognized If the General Superintendent did rot reoogtlze them be would not have ?ov thing to do with tbeoo, end would not give litem the shield* to wear. Ho Insisted that tbey were recognisti) m specials yet. Another Man w.sbcd to know what could be tbe dlffererre whether tbe apoc'.a]* *ore shield* Tor a day or badges. Certainly it could be do more d.sgrace to sew one ibi.n tbe other. Why then should they reel disposed vo go contrary to the orders or the Super o lend not lu th.8 matter / If they were going to turn out on soeclal police mm. In a body, to mourn the lorn of a do tarted brother, why not act in accordance with the orders or tho (ienoral ^Hper.ntrndent t Ho coulJ not ree why was. or why such opposition could bo raised. Sow let ut, said he, act '.ke reasonable mm in this matter, and cot lot such little foolish tblpg#malto d.nurhancH among us.and show that wo are going contrary to the Superintendent s orders. (Applsure.) A (iWTiKSAN here snggosted to the meeting, that they had a (seat deal at stake n this thing. One thing was, that they were in danger of offeullug the 0 neral Superm iendent. who bad tho management cf this thing, at d another was, that they, If they choose, could present as tine a body of mm In the lino as any force which could he utned out; while on the other hsnd, if ibny were toing to fighting among themselves, they wonld present a very poor appearau e, be apprehended, indeed. AT er some further discussion. the motion on wear'.og the shi< uls was taken. Mr. M:m??Is this a motion to wear tbe badges in ooniradlctlon of the lienoru) Superintendent's orders, or to vote against them? The motion was then pat and carried unanimously. Mr. M i is?1 now resign as Second Seargect of tho special force I will not serve. Hie resignation was unanimously accepted, act! en motion fc'Mr. A. Slxby was appointed in bis place. A motion wae bee made to add the chairman to tbe pedal committee of six, conflicting of Moaara. Jacob*, B F. Johnson, Steele, Berry man, J. H. Jobnscn, and Wickbam. A Vo ci?T move tbat we aelect a man to serve !n Mr, Jacobs' place, aa I asked him a little while ago to come to the meeting, and he laid "No, I'll be d 4 If I do; I won't have anything moro to do with It'' doee not attend to hla dotiee, I ray we should have acme one there that will. The motion to add the chairman was then carr ied. Mr. Milih?t more that a committee be appointed to wal- on tbe Oemmlaa oner#, and till then not to pay Mr. Mill*, aa be ha* been discharged from lb.s committee for disobedience or orders. (laughter.) Tbe said?This evening, as T understand It, we are ti meot here to receive our shields, and it la no cearary that wo meet here at some proper hour to nail on the Superintendent and reoeive them. It was then moved and carried, that the meeting adjourn to meet at the same place at II o'clock, this (Saturday) morning STATE OF THE FIRST WARD. TBI POLICE POHCI ACUtfXMTID?THE tOURO! OP Tit* DIRTtntBaHCKR?OKDBlt RUHTORRD?ANOTHER LETTER FROM ALPKRMAM W1LHOW TO TUB POLICE CONMIBBIONRB8. The depredations that bare beer committed In the First ward, of which the occorreo'-es of last Sunday afternoon was a sample, wc hope will not lie repeat d. The particulars appeared In last Tuesday's Flnuin, through which, and me .ettoror Alderman wi;son to toe Motropoi An ro Hoe Commiailonere, tbe desired rcsul. has t?een aoc3m plisl ?d, by the polico force .o that ward haiog n.aerially iiORn onted. Previous to thia time there were bat eight men detailed to the whole ward, while ten more man have now been added, making the force eighteen, .'a aokoowledgtrg the favor of (he Onn mnsioners, Aidorman Wllroo baa addreeaed the follow.og letter to them, which, show* the cha-acter of percone who hare hren dintnrbing tbo peaoe of the ward. ? N'iw Td?>, ,1cljr 2", 1MT. To thi CoMWi-v-'CKVae or TTT? JUTFOFOtrraM fou'-i ? Vour prom.Anew in c niulyiug with the request rf the re*idem* of the First ward, by increasing the ro'ice force to (aid ward it duiy approbated and dreervea their thanks I hor# ere long yoc department will be organized and completed to the lallafe-.Uca of all parttci. (Gentlemen, It a the duly of an Alderman to study and interest bimne'f in everything that relitis to the p- t-o and prosperity of hie ward. I therefore deem It my duty to fnrn.tbyou with tuch information aa will enable you to maintain the peaoe and prosperity of the ward I re prvient. You are awaro that all emigrant peaaengers arrlrIng at thlaport laxt.'at Ca?!'e t nrden This year the emigration has lie en (much larger than It baa hewn for tcveral year* past On the arrival of tho thipeeonle'kisg thane paweegera, hundreds >f people from, all purtB of thin c ty, Brooklyn, ,'ftev CUy an! the vtcmtiy, congregate >n and around the Batter*. There are also on e*.~b paasengsr ship tba? arrives ax thin tort m re or Itrabadand desperate men and women, "b > have br n driven ftom European Cities for tbolr erim"? Those emigrant* ni,nw < with the crowd ar^arty seeem-usi, j mm y < f w hom ,-ome to welc me ihs r Trionda and pels liven, while other* com* to idle an<i steep away their t mo In the ?ta ly rrota en the griwt. Torn there la the IF ief, i who wa? fce? hi* opportunity whet ettiaeca are ero?*ir . toe Palter) u> thef. rr r* to plunder an<1 rth it. umlaut how roon dot the Faropean thief beicmo familiar #lih the wa>e of New York and the tliievex with which It la j .rfe?t?< ?and do ihey n>t bard together an) commit '.he. o depredation* at the mnet conv?e1ert and looeecoio place. | ard men do they learn the way* of the police a thtwe i lu.artera ro a* to wade then*. Now. (ratio j n??o, I rwpe tfolly * ibm ; that the->c are toe per* >na * ho coo. t the depredation* on ami around the I liaitcy ac t in he ward, and c t the roeidema of the 1 wan: * There parte* are not cttlorn*. nor do they reeide I In the Firm ward; *o<l It la the re* ef the ward who aie hnMae eaakiNi loe the <1 ?i .-tauce* ?i. ch they enate and the they commit. Th< re are but few mea iivlac lb the ward who traneart bur ner* en tat Itattery, an I thoee few are boatmen; they are an hencat, rueful and much needed ola?? of men. In a werd. there la aech a trn?i amount of "hipping, and to m?ny urangera frotn all parte of toe wt.r.J arriving at- ongtt tie day and nlfbt, that t la '.mpornhie for the citizen* to prnerrc the peane. Thereto re, getiuemen. voa ubaerve that It a absolutely necearary to have a large and t flit ie?t police throe atattnned in the ward both lay and i Igb . Yourr roapectfully, WI U.I AM w 11,vis, AUtrtman r.rat ward RiMM ? liy Vewi rKi/n nuur ih moaow coiwtt. Yeeterday morning a party of i.gular brmrent frotn New York vtoi ?d Bergen Bill, for the purpjee of Indulging in a prize tight, by way of ?eitltng a difficulty that haa long routed between them The one party ba led from the Fourth ward and lha other frem the Fourteenth ward, and were heeded by one Jimmy (Tray and ? Ryan, reapecttrelr. The d fllculty, it appear*, ir aa follow* ? Ryan and (fray are two rival rmiyaot m?o***. Ryan and blr arercla ? ? have been very lucseeafu) la their bum nr?* mm h to the pecuoirry diradvaatage of 0<-ay, wh >, w'.vblnf to rettie all nil* in future, aeot the ft Iloalng halleoge to Ryan ? Raw Yo?*. .fnlv IJ, 1s87 a. II v ta?Dear hlr Rellevlrg hat <Hffl*?lt? whteh Id >i prxrni n iilritim'. rtr?; of bid |?n-n between me and Tea rat be ao.ppril by * (Rht. I Ui'nk T WU rhat.rnga v ? to fight m?. at any it an p.ate. w ihm ibepreaetil aonl and auhln twentr five miles of New fork. JAMBR <1?AT. The above modal challenge, which iu written In eSenr and bold band. ?u !mm?i atel. aecoptod by Ryan, wbo n..raed Marfan Hill, at ii o'clock on fr. lay, im J4ib Inat A-rordlngly Ibe partlaa mat, proceeded to tbo *lot>e of Bergen Hi I , and engaged in a rug Untie axeman Vina round* ware fought In >bout fifteen mlautna, whan Ryan waa detlarad tha victor Gray xra* Ntd'y beaten Hta fara waa poondvd into a jelly and nan of bla ayna cloned R; an ru not .njured at all. Ha la an Irltbmao, atao Hag full tlx flrai 1o bit Mocking*. and we.gha ITP pound*. wblla Gray la b-1 1*e feet roar inabet In bright and weigh# tM pconda After the f ght baa termtratrd aoair half a dven man a are men running toward* iham from Hudaon Oty, and auppralng th< m to be nITIrnrr the partlaa took to lhatr baah and Pad In all direction*. Ri an mala direct for the Newark Plank Road, and made g od hi* recape, a# did (tray, wbo waa earn to croaa the Hobeken ferrr about o'clotk P M la a ha k Tbr affblr waa wltaaeeoil by about flfry peraona. Mend* of the dlt'erent part e?, and onr report ?r. who happened to be one of a party of young man jpop a akrtrhtng expedition So mil waa the affair kept that an one beard augbt of it until all waa over aod the mm bat a ate etnaped Faanrai'o rr la crtva.?Thin unforiuaate yooag man who ? at prtaeat confined ia Bergen; iail, charged with btvlrg killed oacar da (imndval on tha Mb laat .by rh-tollng h'm with a nietol. baa been vttitwd alnoe hla Incare* radon by uear'y Ave hundred portotw, atnoig whom be informed nor reporter ware two or three peraonn wbo made large nflnra to hint for aia portrait for pnblloai'on, Rt v. Dr Norman (lamp baa epentoeveral hour* la oonvir ration with him. at d'tiorrntt men Cuera, whenq ieatl'?ood at ?o being bailed out. replied, thai he "did not wtab 10 be bailed out If the doom of tha priaon wore throw wide open, bo would not ?tlr. for be waa Innocent, and aided to fane the murto Hi* eonnaal, Han laanr W. Vr-Mder, and J Hareey I.yena, Rru^Onrpoeallon Attorney fWMM nty , are nail to be In poaaeaaton of lingular fbria, by wbieh they wll provnttie anlire innxr.-ase of the accuted. Ptrwonn) Inlflllfrnit. C C. Waahharn. repahiiaan re pr ran 'ilira la ronfreaa from IHlnota la attending lha with hi? ramiiy at Rn> obam. Brlatrl rminijr, Mtm morn ih? r otahllltlea at the Valiant Hntianapa Fyee Bar f*at and family. Mlaa F.ll*% Logan, the dlatlpjotahed M Irera Hrn Robert C Wlothrop and family, Preerott, the hirtmtan, longfeliow, Mian Wan a Cnm ml ngn (aothnrnaa of the lamplighter), and Mra Funny Kemble lord Napier ha* been a rteller to the hnuee within a few day* A larye t timber or Routbern and Weatera rlaltera are aleo atoppir.y there F? I"real lent Pleroe paid a rtatl oa Tbanday to T>r. lor'rr, Poatmaater of Mem, who la Irrprar og rapt Jly. Front I lenrpoo) la '.he ateamahlo Aala Mr and Mr* Ramafen *ad rh'M Mr Belt, Wm Itrand R Wl'de. (I VlMilta, lllaa Ma-llPa aebmidt . Mr mnebard, lady ami arm-ant Mr* Hunt, Mr aai' Mr* llirrblaaon. Mr and Mr* Mlrttn, Mr and era IH10 little t U Powell. Mr jkaranlae. Fine*. Mr Tladman Mr Raaier. Mr Mar'lnay. Mr Jlleta, Mr North with. HA HnrbnM, Mr fo'aon Mr Rrmeey Mr Fngoraat, .1 To- hran* A II IMa. i A Bmiirn. .1 Reellla, Mr llnae T M .tone- J T <lllki*na. Mr

Hrharfl. Wai-r Wear*. A Fmldt, ?eo tteaehnr. 11 H Carrer J f analleee, Boben flordrm. dlllard A Rrr-her. M-aad Mra P i I. Mllle Wm B"e?. J M Perry, Mr Klneberr. Rrr (I W Dnane, ; .li b* P HUM Mrlle>de?krr Mr Mmitenn, Mr ttanbaaaa. Win | Carnae. Mr Van ll iraten J T Robin* m Prom Para, la brig ' annua- franc to Mhran. lady, aad S [ 0k>4im KK H V ItDAY, JULY 25, 1837. TIE FOUITEEITI V1BD MDBDEB. APPEAL OF THE ITALIANS TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned iia.tan residents of New York here seen with the greatest concern ir.d a deep sento of mortli'. cation, thai tine* the arrest of an it dividual of their nation, charged wits tho murder of a police officer, and sue peeled or other crimes, an ntenso and almost violent (eel irg of hatred and reveogo us been manifested By a cer tain e aee of this imputation wga nil all the Italians in gen oral. Some of our courtrymen, of a eery peaceable and high ly honorable character, i.uve boen shamefully insulted and almost mobbed, either .n tne crowded thoroughfares or 10 their dwelllrgs and plaotn of busneM The undersigned need not great proo'a to show how ungenerous anc even nn'nst it j to ilako a particular part of tbo community retrpomlbie for the ."mated act of an Individual, wboge deeds must be imparl,a :v lnvestlgat'd and duly punched orly ac cording u> ti.e law of the land. (he Italian ropniaiton In tho United dtates i? very considerable aid numorous; and it must bo a matter of PTide for the nnaeit.gueci to stAfc that according to the most cur icct siatintical data of our com to of justice, the number of criminal olloiice" perpctra'ed by tbeir cobntrymen, wfeoo compared with tb ve of other dui.ous in this country, Is uume. -cai:> far inferior, iv'o a ... even abiutln to remln 1 to the American people of tbe names of tbo many?a great many?llaliaas whose talents, industry and spirit of enterprise bave ga.ned for their native country uslvertal respect and admiration. But we cannot omit to say that almost in every street ol this great metropolis some Italian Is'to be found, who, by the rractlce 6f some honorable avocation and by assiduous and persevering toil, has won tho patronago and eiteem of all taoeo who have hal occasion to come in contact with bin. Therefore we cannot but rejtct with just indignation the low and malicious insinuations which may be case on our nallos, taking cm c-at-ion of an ini vidnal act to throw Its responsibility and the stigma of disgrace upon our a in try men at large And wo confidently trust tbat tbe good and generons tense of tbe Amer icans, and the enlightened spirit of Ibe press, will not fail to give us ibe.r earne.ts ipport, and sustain us in the position which we craro to maintain dev. Jos Avcazsna, Raphael Ancaranl, Jon pb Criatadort, Dr. Dom. Mineili, Kapha* I, l atrlok Platti, Sebaitian Paccori , D. Oeragiolt, Vincent Squar^a, Mich Janni. Frank Medanicb, Dr. Jot Marina, B. Paceors), M(J. Citaroto, Philip Maaetia, L. F. Ttcelh. Fortin. Barbetia, FUNERAL OK OFFICER EU'iENE ANDERSON. The Joint Committee of Police of Engine Company No. 40, and of citizen* appointed to npako arrangements for the funeral et Ojl.cer Eugene Anderson, lately murdered by the Italian Concern), met at 88 White street, at f>P. M yesterday. F. A. Tailmadge, the Superintendent of Po lice, was elected chairman. The Caaut Bugpested that no political association hould be recognized as such in the funeral. Mr. ILtCTMi sx moved that no political organizit-in, nor any organization bsvinglpol'.tlcal tanner^or badges,should be recogniaed Mr uumksw), a representative from the Fourteenth Ward Itepuoiican Club, desired to know, if that motion passed, whether h.s club could attend tho funerak as a body or net' ( iuisms>?Certainly, but you will only be rejogoi/ed as citizens with chzeua' diets, not as a political organize tlon. The mi Lob was then put. and unanimously adopted. It waa decided that tae firemen should meet ami form ka line at the engine bouteof Engine Company No. 40, situ ale< at 173 ?>m ttreet, near Broome; the citizens of the Fourteenth ward, co the west side of Eln itreel, engine boure No. 40 the special police at 88 White street, the regular police at tho Fourteenth ward atatlou house the Centre Market Guard at Centra) Hall. II waa remarked that the Fourteenth Ward Republican Club, and any other polttlca. organisation, could meet in a body as clli/sna ana take their place; bat not being rec >g sized ex organizations, no particular place in the line of march could be given tbem The Ciujk raid that he bad been aaked to act as Chluf Matahal on the occasion He wu il 1 sooner have hoou a younger man act as Marshal, hot could not decline, ai be had been so nolitelv invited. He aeked that the tub com ralUeee would auga o?t lo bin pro(*r person* to a-.t at aidt 01 marabalt 10 their department* For the regular pohee lb* Chair appoint Deputy Su per mUndr at Carpenter and Mr. Brcroort u aids. tbe oonriklUtc from Engine Company No 40 said tbat wttb their own men and the other (Ire campania* that would oin them tbcy would Durn:>?>r about Ore bund rod M Judge Pbi.upa, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Ka vev wera ap printed Uarabu'* for tba Fira t*'p*ri u.?tn, Mr. John C. Htlmea and Mr. Id ward C Taylor wara ap pointed Mart bale for iba rpenal policemen. Maaara. Macumbar and John -hambcr* ware appointed Marshal* for tba oitireD* Peine dlarnaatnn enaued on ibr propriety of tba Gr ind Marrhal nnd hi* nldc go.or on foot or mounted. A million wna made to lb at effect Mr. Tauhaim.r aald that be would aoooar $o on foot, like iheieetol tbe citizen*, lb?n monolad; be witned to allied iba funeral wltn a I solemnity A mot od waa tben made and unauimoa*)/ adepteu that the Grand M?r*bal ami all toe officer* no iba oroaaloo of tbe funeral |o on fool Mr John Colliaa was appointed Musfaal of tbe Contra Markat uard. Upon a ruggentlon ffri'i ne Cbalr, la regard lo tba pro priety of wrnrlog badge* 01 mourning. It wa* moved thai tbe Grand Marrhal and bl. aid* wear black aoarf*, with white rnaettaa, and all tba others tbe uiual bsige of mourn ng or. tba ,?u arm Motion adopted All tba dtUereni bod tea were requeaieu to meat pre ctrety at 1 o'clock I'. M Tba Committee Iben adjourned. unci A L Okt KKA INI TBI rOMCI. Teputy Papermlendan: Carpenter \ raterday morning taaued tbe following order to raab In*pee.or and Sorgeao of pollen baring ebarge oftbe pollen three of I be r*a">ectlT# wards n the eitty ? 'irrvw or pwity bi i'iKurrmr>?)rr or mui r, i hit PiutBMi* Htkmt, Nirw VoHK, July 24,1M7 ( PmtiiA.vr I'reclnot Sir?Kuyeoe Anderaon, lain one of ibe nowly appointed pollRotneo of tb? I unrteeota pro clact. wm murdered on (be mommy of tb? 21* ioal , wblle Id the merltorlone dleebarye of ble dnty. All the particular* of Uila dreadful occurrence ere in own by every member of the Department We ere do* railed to mo iro bit dcaih and t?? ibe len t'lhute of raepect to tie earthly remain* The '.eoeral *uperHtendart M Jeatroua that a* many of the preeeDi forre at oaa be |?red from thotr reaper ire preclortr, wltboat <epardl*laf the peace of Ibe ctty jota him Id attending I he funeral of our murdered brother officer on Hue-lay, .'niy St., at 12 o'clock If. Tou and the member* of your co.-nraard are therefore raepeot fully iDTttrd to tike aeeb meaturea at Ibe ojraetoo require* to carry out ibe a bore rietre tt w further any pealed that all tbnee having uniform*, nln the fuaerai pro nreeton, end tboae wbo hare not drtee in dark clothe#? all to wear their ebielde on ibe nutalde of their mate, and crape oa tbetr left arm. Captain Turnbuti, of the tbybib preciaot, baa been appointed epecial aid fur the oooaeton. He will bare the mmmtnd of the pel. re tore*, wbick In requested to meet ay prectncu at Ibe four lee a lb prwelnet nation at IS M preeteely f A. TALJMAnOf.. lien Rnperinteodeal fiAKitt Cmi-ama, IWpQly -aprrmtendan-. MEETING OF THE CENTRE MARKET UC ART). At a mretiny nf the Centre Market Otaid, held yreter day evening at 9 t'tlwb, at Centre Market piece? which waa orgeamed by the appointment of John Cot line Chair man, and Richard H IWrry, Reoresary?after iteming rreerel eulcylume ow the character of the deceeee i. the followiuy reeoiutiowe were aJopttu ? Wh-reae. :hla liner I la nailed <n mnere the loee of our la'e a*? tale. Kuyrne ?ul*r?a. ebo wee brnially aiurlered while! rnyayed la the peaeeasle d?eh?rye of bfe d ty m a polirrmaa ol tht* eitr. and wberee*. ib man . friend.y i*? t elation* we l?arr bed with hie while llnay a ill rrer r-main dear to oe. I* la therrfCra, Rwolved, Thai 'he On're Vwtel 1oa*d will atiend hie funeral la a body In reeprct to be m raney of the deeeuae 1 heeolrrd That we Mr cerely r on dote with ibe family and 'tome 'laie friend* of the d* eeeed. Rup-ne aade am, an I we ofter Hwm our bee-feti eywpnthy and t tpreaa* ma o arief in thW their ead bonr of affliction Remire l. Thai 'he mt m>- era of 'h e i; nard wear the ueaal he dye of moumtry for mrtr dnye RreoWed. Thai we, the n> m' ere ?f the above fompaev, ra mm our 'hanh* to Reward WUkmyhby <* member .f our fitterd' tor hie yal ant cnodn<-t In foilo?ln? end arr**il"g the more rrer of Nnyene Anderwon a' the rteh / hie oe n life Keeolrrd, That happy of the aoute r?eolntlone te iraa* mllt'd to the family ol the dec>eacd by the odieer* of Ibe Guard. MICHAEL DANOELO. THE BOOKBINDER, BCRRHUDBM HIMSELF TO THE AUTHORITIES. M lobar I d lnyeio, the Uhlan rupyoeed to bare been implicated with (Meceml, Uio murderer of officer Andrraow nwr w> uurywy [?rppru"l npin mt ?nn? tor* In flrand ittwl, eurraadered htmerlf at IV Otetrld Altoraey'e (>ine? yeeterdav, and ?? onoravad to Uio Fourtarnth want elation houe<- by ft oii,*r Farley, where V ?m larked ap for eiamlaailoa. Th? prttoaar aaja that ha waa In ao way ImpHceaed with ("arrranl, thai he oaly Nerded at ble Ivwirr eod bad ao fnribar roeaeettno anh him Furthar, ibat ha waa reyn lailj engaged at Iba hook hied >ny rrholiebmeot of France k Imuuell until tha day or iho murder, wbaa bn frmada sdrtred him to Iraae the Delyhhorhcd for a while, aa there war great danyer of the moh ??/ uy aad banylny him. at I bay thraataaed la de with Chaoemi. thinking lhat Me life waa id deeper, be eld not (o to wnrk i? *?< bie uenal cnetom. aaithar did be onme to ble Dotr liey bouee to yet hie maala, bat eboea rather to remain abroad for a fow daye eattl tha nlrliamaat wee allayed. ?heo ha would return and dalirer blmaalf op to Uta |wot>ar atoho. riil*e loeordlryly be rletted tha IdelrMt Ail>rn??'? rfiiea yeatarday attareooa and there eurreodered n.m-eif into the ? iietody ofay < Bloer Farley. CANCKMt'R 1FFBCJT8. LIFT op APTTCI.RH f a*PN mo* TTP ROOT Of T1IP tfTRItpPRR Op OFFTCPH APORPPOIf, ARP iCPPOSdP po ra nroupp. The foilowiny IM of arpelra fbaed am may the etV-te of BMpr, Duces, wbg ordered ofltav APdenca op [ERA ; Uie inora.rg of tho 21*t of July, bu been prepared by Mr, W&rrfn itiA PrnMPtv (VrU ?>f Lia Boiird ot T/ommlS/ oneni Nimo of tbe property hh, no doubt, been described in the various lists furnished the Clerk M published in tbe Bkkau) ol yesterday, but how much cannot yet be ascor: tained, owing to the Accommodations which Mr. Warren has at present fo> stolen goads (merely a hall bed-oora at Mt White street,) being entirely inadequate in itz? and accommodations to display the go<vis In, or to even unpack them from the places in which they are packed up ?one brown barego dress, one bine spotted merino drees one do. plaid silk dress; one black merino dress; one green bargee dress 1 one p'lik barege dress one pink and green muslin dresi < ore counterpane; one pair plaid raasimore one blue broadcloatli ccat, alik linings, quilted and white silk sleeve linings, nut yet quit* finished: one coat lined with alptca. quilied, wttn cotton sleeve linings; one fancy reticule ball' worn one brown velvet reticule, containing glovua aid banc kerchief ore plaid rllk barege shawl one do to do. sraif;twoor three fancy fans, one small piece crarse Mack alpacca; a large variety ol linen, at'k and common pockot bar itkercMv's; a number of blank books partly bound; balls and paaksges of white iloen threat; lace trim med tine cotton pillow casts; a number of ulaln coarse do ; one rtlls cape trimmed with velvet; ? number of blai k slik a|>M>nr; 1 new leather dueior; a fitcco containing six pockot hand kerchit fir, new; one roll brown alpaca, one pair wa'er proof pegged boots; a quantity of tlno and coarse towels isb'e clolbs, sheets, plllew csees, dilierent lUm,- be vis. broche and barege; locust basques, skirts, velvet lace trimmed tTianlllls-r, woollen travelling clonks, silk, linen and cotton bore and half hose; marble paper lor bookbinders' us? , one book of gold leaf; morocco note rase, unOohhed n. i.-occo booknase wltb ten > orkot knives there Id: large bv filed shot gun; one double do Ail good articles and In good order, tine very singular foeiuro about the thefti- aro that the thief has taken whatever ha: come In his way, muuy of the things not enumerated in the above list being old, worn out articles, such as cock*, pocket hanrikerchlelB. knives aod forks, tooone, coots, boot? an.' shoos, fas., which a beggar would b.vdly condescend lo i ick up la the street. Oae el' the i oats described In the lis! must have been stolen immediately fiom the possession of the person who was ? ngafeJ in msklrg it, m t.-e need to is still niching in the oloih on the tight iappel of the coat, the, of which had been but partly completed. The needle ii stuck lu as though to tbe purpose el slt'cblng, but the thread U drawn out Among Ihe curious things to be seen In the property room is the coat worn by the murderer at tbe time he was captured. It Is a heavy sack pattern, very kiose, made or heavy velvet, -im! la r to those usoally worn by Italians, witb a heavy piece of lea her sewed 1'iom the bottom en the inside, and about twelve or fourteen inches up the side of tborume, under either arm, which was also supptried by several heavy straps attached to the leather and fastened to Ibe shoulder of the roatjn order to keep this enormous pocket from sagging dovn when full. This noc.ket would contain, when lull, as much goods as could be easily stored Inside of an ordinary slued travelling trunk In ride of this pocket were still two others, capable of holding a large quantity el' goods, one plnced on either Hi lo under Ibe arm, while on the outside were al?o lour other pocktts, two of the usual size of such coats,over either hip, and two others with tbe openings just above tbe last tamed, and eitendtog in depth lo the bo torn of the -oat, all being heavily lined with leather. Tbe capacity and tcgrnlcoa contrivances of this Coat for burglars' use need but be seen to be admired. It Is said thst the pistol with which Anderson was shot wan taken from cne of these outside pockets. Tlse Thunder Showers. TUE IFFBCTS Of THK U10FITMHG IN THIS CITT AND IN BltOtllLIN. Tbe city has been visited by several severe thunder Florins iioeotly, accompanied with heavy rain. On Thursday night tbe flagsUlT of the Braodrelh Hotel In Broadway was struck and spilt in p'eces, without, how ever, doing much damage. Yesterday there was another smart storm, during which the flagstaff on Patten's Hotel it Greenwich street was struck and tbe staff spilt, one ha! falling to tbe street and the remainder standing A mas, who was passing, waa struck but not Injured, and he states that tbe lightning teemed to run down tbe water spout, and some or the water that splashed upon htm seemed to be betting hot Tbe thunder las been very loud, but toe norms have been comparatively brief The rath has dove gooil,b oth to Ibe city and the country PATAI. KKH.CTfl OP LIGHTNING?ONI MAN INSTANTLY KILLED AND NEVEKAL HOl'SKA DAMAGED. The -torm on Thursday night was terrible in its rtl'ects :n Brooklyn Two house? were ptruck and shattered, and one man wa? instantly killed The house of Stephen C Jack sod, on tbe corner of Lafayette avmoe and Scienr.k street, was struck; nearly evsty window was broken,and 1-ortH i s of the brick wall wore torn out Five persons were In lbs bouse at tbe time, and not one was Injured Mr Robe11 McKnlgbl. a mas er laborer m the Navy Yard, sko vsmw hi< return home from in srkel, BMgM shelter n Ue doorway of tbe above boure His family reside a', the corner of Hudson avevue and Hi|h street Wbile 'here a stroke of lightning descended and from all ap pearaness killed him Instantly. His body was found Kome Ime afterward" by the inmates of the boose Ills clothe* were all tailored aod h s shoes torn oil bis fret 4 twrfo ratten was fojud In hla bead aad owe of b * feet was crushed No signs of It.'e were perceptible when bo waa dl'i overrd. Tbe fluid entered one of tbe windows or the ; bird story. pIom- by the hes.i of the he.i, where two of 1 Jsckron's runs were lying A hole two feet in este ,t w?s made through the wall T-eoce the fluid pa?*ed a i short ei?l?nce and wsnl ontside, tearing 'ft Ibe bricks, and then descended to Ihe bar-merit story in with'n about two feet distance from where Mrs Iscksen and her daugbfr were ? tbe time Tbey saw a bail of Are pa?a them which perforated Ibe glars in Ihe door betweea me front at I the back room, mak op a clean cut of about two inches in diameter A number of glasses and b-ttlee were shattered to atoms, and tbe fragments were found shoot ihe floor Arother >irobe must have entered the east aide of the third slory. The window, Itolels and wail nflbe roof were completely shattered, leaving a bo'e in Has mrmll aKcu f th.s uiVM ftf IYI % fist hpt ) \ IfMlkln# tilufl and table rear br wart -battered and the giaan waa m- i yelled In the n|ijo?it?< aide nf the room, 4 dialance or arm* thirteen Intl. K'om thin i<nlni Ibe fluid paaerd down i thmiiph Ihe ri>>Rid?or whore Mr McKnlrht wi>l -landing i aid kIliad Mm No ntW p wton wan wmred A bo'iee. ownel by Cbarlee Kunnele, in McheMk afreet, n- drurk. no*' about Ibe aamo lima The Hold entered at do ?r the rbtmnry, ran along the lope of tbo roof, and period down lot" a chicken coop It the yard. The fowla were kneeled from Ike ronat hot did At ap|rear In ared. In a room where lira Kunnela wa??ililnf ike f aid eniereii, rxtlng uiabed the lamp and lore off the planterm* Her little dengtler, who wee tabid, wax buried beneath the ru>bt?b hat waa rttrtooled wl-hmil iriury. It it ftnarkablr that no owe In the hnire wan killed about U.r eame time a youeg wan raining n larkaoe'a He How, ib the Seventh ward, waa atitard by lightning He waa an badly inured that be waa nooveyed ta ibe City Bc?ptta> He it lotconridertd dangtroua. a tbmki. is tn> naiti'ik truccc *r moiitmuo. The people of Jrrtty City were atari led on Vtniraday reentry. ai about hair paal S o'clock, by a wary brilliant r.aah or lightting, aroompatied by a (harp clap of thunder It waa bellerad to bare alruck In or tear that city, ft wat aerrrtalned ytalerdajr that tbe acboouer Htarr t. Wood, ' Captain Cbarlew H Chamber*. lying oppowlte U?e Cement I Worke, In Jertey City, waa mruct by ibe electric fluid at that lime Thefofmaal waa ahirered lo Ibe deck, noih ng but a a tump of II being left abor* deck. The deck waa eleo toft up eocalderably aad mber daw ago waa Uooe l No pertoa, liowtrer. waa injured. Revolt on Hhlpbeavd. ?mKT on no \ki> tub nun 1*11 brki cv*h K?. Oa Tburidaj la*t m lb* BrltUb brty Crvma, CVplalB W*?t, wa* yrttioy uader weigh lo prnoee: tu Mnlnr whit* la the bar a mutiny broke out atomic ?? crow Captain Wrat aal? a ?mui?itioa, through tb* fb*ttiwti Chi hi', lo th* reveni* oatter Washington.<wch waa pr.impti* reepr ad*r to by lieutenant Keliam He boarded toe br y. ud 'ootid ma rriw mora or lean drnak, and alW *nra* r*moaalr*oe* tb*y roorlnd* I lo fo to work, a lib th* or r*pti?a ofUia Br*t mat*, wbo b* *u obliged lo e* doe !a Ire tit Th* sate finally nam* lo hit robe* < and ra promt** Of (rood habavtor, wa* pardoned. Tb- r*??*l pn.-erdtd lo tea, I i*at*aant Kollam leaving her aub If lay jib outald* of Ran 1y Honk A WOT ma MrTtBT. Another mutiny look piaoo r***?r lay on boar I tba arbooner Yorktowa, bo nd for Maltga A* ?h* no ye1 tiny under way lb* crow refused to work. In coca* 'iur 1.0* of lb* badaor* of tb* fborl. Two of lb* or** w*r* put la Iroo*. an l tb* rett pror**d?d lo duly. 'be fur mor * allng U>*y would willingly go to work if tb* captain pre m'sed lo gien out b*U*r food, which h? r* fu*lB(, they **r* k*n iroa*d, while lb* reaa*l proceeded to?*a. W* laaro from oa* of lb* officer* oo hoard tb* rerrau* cutter Washington. *hich, nadar oomaani of Ijantmant Kellnm. rendered timely aid la ibi* rat* alao. dial tb* food provided "?? not Hi for men to eat " t nttrrl llalM District < onrf. Before Hon. Judy* fngereoll a folicaTion r?? bail a pabtt citaiujbd wirn FlfTIKO orp A BLATKR. FA* l'ntt-4 Slot*I -a riant* Jlerc aod ofV*l.?la tttl* ra?* lb* deietdant, Biero, waa lad/caed, wttb other*, for Httioy out lha Kbooaer Merchant aa a tlaaar, la the port of New YprB. Mr Black, la aorlny Mint Biero be dlacbarged oa hli owb recngru/.aure, read a oerl'.ftcate of l>f. I'ronoll to the tbal Klero waa In a danyeroua oon dilkn arising from piiiroowary ati?llon. H* alao read %o sflVavlt of R"?ro. ahowtny that hla Ufa waa la danger by retraining ta Uiia cllmalo Th* I'aited Hfaie* Plstrki Attorney, Mr. Mr Kern. In raply, taied thai Ibero wa* n?w on trial; that to dt ihsrg* biro broau*# be wa* uaw*ll was a novel prno*idl?y. that I iha ..milt firtr th* trial of inrr nsneea mail nni Kn k.%1.4 infll eptember, and Blem tbioht fn to Caoa wtib the ?.,,i of bio ball until then. thai the bail waa bit ellor now, and I* him alone the appeal thou Id ha mad* I n Ur l?f "*>" '? *? m iUob to dlacharf the party ea bio own rarognlraa'-*. Oorttwera' ln?|w*ata. Turn Fau WTm-OluTOiiriTtn?Onraaer Party held an inqnrtt upna the body of a man named William Buwh**, who died from Ike ethwta of a Ml from tha at too of the hnuae No. HI Tenth areaae, while he wan intn*toa?ed Verdtet?" Arrtitental d?ath." rvweaerd wao a aire of iiaiaad, and ww 09 jmn of af*. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. I HE STREET COMMISSIONER DIFFICULT f Th? or Mr. Dcvlln-RrguBtnt on Kcluru to tlM IIuIkkh t orpui? Mr, Mekl??' Armament Conrlmttd. COt'KT OP COMMON Pf K4K?SPKOUr. "MM. II4rn.o Urtu Tnnraktrr. In the Matin' rf Char lei Dntlim.? fbe arg in l?'? cuo ww> resumed jcuter lay morning, at 11 o'clock. rONCIXXJOM 01 MB. fflfKUK' ARflrVKST. Mr SIsklea r icmed hl? argument?May It pieaae yctf Honor, at the adjournment yesterday I wae abeot proxerling to consider the seventh and laat point made on behalf of ibc dtfecdant. Before doing so now, however, 1 oeg to refer the Court to aectlon 1 of the charter of 1867, wh ?o I omitted, and which haa a bearing on the power of appointment, which I dlicuticd undor the tilth po'.at ? Tt e cnrooratlon now existing aid known by 'he name of "The Warnr, Aldermen nr<l tiomwoneltr if the city of Mew 1 or k." shall vmunt.e to be a hod* poll le, aod rornorate ,n fee and in name, b? the lame name, an? ahall hare oerpt,tual nnc>??lor with all 'he grant#, powers aD.t prrtlegei here'ofore had nr "the Major, Aldermeu an t OomweaaUy 0' the city of hew Vork. I regard thin as bearing directly on the argument of tfco power or apptittment vetted in the city; because, al though the concluding section repeal# the ) revione actt irueiidalory of Ibo charter, ino two see tons taken together? the flmt one |ter|MUuatlng all ihe grant*, power* and prtetlfg enieretoloro bad and er joyed by the corporation?lull ug the two lecllnni t gethur, tho repealing clause only affects the framework and mode of proceeding of the city government the mode and matiuor in which its | powers are to be exercised? the manner of the government, and not its substance. The grants, r.o ?er? and prl| vlleges belonging to tho corporation, which it h*s acI quired (tern time to time, by successive charters. continued, and vested In the city. I think 1 omit led also to rtfcr to 3d Johnson's Cases, the 1'e 'pie against the corporation of New York. Ahboush thin out wm decided before tbe statute on which .Judge I'enbody acted was passed, wo suppose !i at phcable, because we (to not reyard that as changing the law settling tie mode of appoint tnent. I raid to your honor yesterday that thee wast another section of tho or<llnanco besides tbe one I <ju ted, lniegardto filling vacstic'os. 1 refer to ordinance t'9, sec 471: ? If a Tscw.ry oociir In :te office of any of ih? heats or de, art* menu 'o he appointed by the IV mnrot Otinell ss p-e* rlbed hr wtjon tOS, the Mayor \>' sud with the advice anil e r.a?ot of the Hoard of A Mermen ahaji appoint a pernio t? til the ritm*, who shall h ild hie otllce for >Ue unexpired te m of ir?* person In whose place he shall be sppotelea I wish also, In reference to the olll te of Street Coatntidsloner, to show something of Its history, and the period when It was orgsm/.rd. bow long it has lusted, an t that It was, prior to the constitution ef 184rt, an office of the Corporation. 1 refer to the ordinance of 1846, pige 46 (pawed <Hb May, 1839) : " Thrro shall be created and orgat Is *1 a department to be known and called the Street Jommleeloner'e departmentalso to title 3, pege 60, of the tamo volume, with reference to the Assistant or Deputy Streen Commissioner, where your Honor will tla 1 ample pro* vtsUn made fir filling a vaotney made in the head of tbw Street department The eighth rectlen provides ae fellows ? He sbali atd and rmusi the Hirer! Onmmls?Wer n the ui? r of all the d?Ue< spuerinliPng to his oOlee. and la .on ? ent of the said oOf * becoming vacant, <>r of the si Worse or obsrnre of the Hired Commisslonsr, he shall be Inve 'ed wi'h all Ibe poarsrs nod -lull p?rb rm ail Ike do le? ol the said rbrret omm'ssloner during aoeh vaeanov or slesns-u This is also on tbe point of the provision made by the ordinances, which have tbe effect of laws, In pa?? of vacancy. It shows that there was no vacancy really occurring. except for an Imperceptible and Inapprer .able period of time. A'o in.-laiU.-r on tho death of Tavlw, Deputy Turner became Street Commissioner, acting rh /larfo; ,"*,v """ "" ' ?"??? ? ? '?? when I>evlin acquired, or could have acquired, any ixnwonmod or tbe boolt*, such as la contemplated .a lb? k'atuie undai which they pnceoded Mr Held?Tbe law of 1R67 doe* not authorise lb" ?j>pg)ntmeDt of a Ix- rnty Street iVimininlunar Mr. Stl> ?lca?Hut It raya that tho eiisllng ordinance*, e\rept when loconsmu-ul wlih tbe charier, shall hav? ttf ct . and aa It la not inconsistent with tbe charter to have a Deputy Street (omm\??uonor, that ordinance remains a full force and (fleet. Wo regard It an specially important alao in the latter rosp?;t, because, a* we conUnd, Mr. Oonover, In his petition, does not show, aa he waa bound to show. In order to bring the cue within the jtirisdiaiTn of Mr Justice leabody, that Devlin bad comelelo poaaeaslcn of hooka and Papers during a vacancy In tbe office There waa a regular succession to tboolllce, aa me contend; not an inlerrnptmn for at Instant?not ibe slightest interrnp tlon In mailer of law Tbe instant Taylor died Turaer r>ej came Street ('ommlraioner, U ling all Its duties, and bis lunciiona only ceaard when the at polnlment of Der'io lis B | effect, upon bis being Induutei Into the cfllco by the e t >o, rsie *ulhorlti?s, at 11 appears ho was?tbe corporate to| thorltlea alone possessing tbe power of appoin'wt.t. t , pre, ?ed cow to look at me warrant We aay It ts ?o 1 ' q | .la lace that the prt cent in such a proceeding mvt r??uc alt tbe facta sasvntinl to ahow jirisdl-Uon in the otllcer a sard log it (B< wrs v? tbe People, 4 J ihn R.. is?; I Metiriond t*. tbe i'eople, 1 Hill, 343.) fb I la ufpeua.'r i the case, we aay, where a warrmst emanates from a ?.-e | <ual jritdlction, such as Judge l' fierceed; that , . t vt ry step, every a." thai ho lakes, must f o aUe by aid i and step by atep with tbe statute, and m. st bear no I its fa, e a fu I and complete justification, so aa I to furnish a perfect ju?ltllrati?in to ptriln* a-t.Pg an lor >, or u|mo It. Vow let as see wha tbe warrant of Mr .? tiCo l'< abody does re"llo Tbe p'u ui'nsry part of the warrant coolaina a reclial In tbe usual form, of cerla 0 rlr|s taken before Judge i'rabody. ( . om> here o tho rotnl as to tbe statement i f me a -j id.iuanen of Judge t ea body. which la embodied, and opoo wbicn tbe o'der of Itiifwhocmrnt gone After reciting that Mr. I more- earn? be. ore lug. and that certain proceed.rats were bad, "lathe pr?rented a | chtinn selling forth ihst tJmiovr .'l? red lite , fllce as appointee of tbe director, and :oai .av,.n (tainted, under an appointment of the Corp ra' .r, to , ICe Judge goes on to say j? And ike ss .1 Oevha net having made .wa r that he baa Irnlj d< llrered in the said ( Vuio sr lis msI lupc *>nok?. payers sal dec wienie, and i aype,.r ng iisi ih.- ra. I bnufea, maps payers and d <eunirnta an- ,tr.l wi the d. and thai the said PrsePn (?? Its aid ref.|?es to delm r 11 It." unl lts-e preasnle are ihen-Pw" to "oiemand mu. the Sh-rb b" !o i**e tan tony or in* laid < l?tlea I'eriin and mmiut V ha Jt'l. kr W*ra?,tn'tae drat plow, tha' .lu<l*n I'eabO'lr doe* ondertake, IB and (>f Itii* warrant, to * | id** and ilritio tbat Conorer la the auceaaor in ib* office of fired <m?> ro'Miobrr, tod thereby 4o?* dec In Km i|iio#u<io r' ;?>, wbich fbe petition abnwed toba the laene ureterled hy Wr. Co never 'or bid adindicanoo. and although mr >>.rf J frltnd* on the other ilde aery careful to rci?e every TCtiif n lo aay loot bo dll rot mteod to drrldatha rynerlloa of Ul'e. yet on Uielr own paper, t.reaentad to Ju i*e f"a tiody tl.ey maka op aa MM H MM M thn offew. uJ whr u thr . draw ? warrant for nia n*oaiura may ara -tref hi to ioarrI ia tb?-*arran< a dUttort m-laraum by the Ulbinai ibal looover la au< eaaor to the Htrrol mtnrnarioter* pfflrp. What mora, <f rone H nor p'rat*. oould 'the fuprrmo Court 'loon 91m wrvon/o than to ray tbat Iwaiol I) Conorer ia nuitewanr ti> tlia f reet (Vnjiiaioa/ >oot? Tbat would be the l*Dkt.t*aof the 'nurt f \tve? would bare the l.ardibr ud lo reek euch a mtuni'ol, ar I ib<< for tuna to get it?en* of wbtib la aa likely to happen aa tbe other, Thai in tbe way 10 whitb My would proarnt the <|??mtioa to the tu? reme Court, where alone .1 conld be t 'w niol a" l ao'rrta tied What 1 hare reatl, may It pleara your booor, embndie* ail n tt>? warrant eanept what la mere h.rtnry. em > wiw?? a'l ip.o whirh the tribunal predicate* and Pi'iad* the wa'raot of arreal and mandate |> u>?a?nerifl And It aii.reanrg tbat Iba raid book*, he , are Mill whboeld " Sow. the eeoon I prooad of ohjeoliaa t.> the warrant la tba! It '* an* rbow tbat any 't?kt ?r par ra rrer 'am? Into ibe |?4 tarlun of Iwrlin belonging to tbat eftloo. It lore not bow tbat tbe Judge rntui 1 any auuh fa nor ilce* tn>< re rttal ehow tbat they alleged any 'ten tw*. Now. if roar 1* nor f'ewre, tl.e mn*t eseemui fad thai 7 udge ">anody waa obliged to Had, rooccdin* 'bet he had jtrial Mm of the rare, of tbe |*it<w ami of tee aunja l mt'.lor, wtn tbta ?It waa not poaatide Icr h n to prni ?t one rtrp, hy rtiti e of a warrant ot arr at and eoarcb warrant, ro'tl be drriari ' the far* tnal ferlto had la hw pr- -?i'? e,r?*in borke $ d paper* npprrtaMltir 10 that onto* lfo<j cannot tdjadg* hat a man baa wnbhnd a mm* and puowh him 'or ail Who* It, nn'll >00 hare drat IblM h'm guilty m powiwmeg it, kreria* or takiar It, or rather akin* It acJ bant* it In hi* powaaaloo Tnaae two anaa murt prri-et'etbeartof a ihholdlD* and keeping Tneh.d?* tayr - it appearing. *" 'bat "tbe aald Ilerlla om it aa t re> in? to iritre* wp tbe rame," Ike *hr, bt a ytata well be ooarkded of aot* rin* up the City Hall, or Ibe Ilonee *1 Warbu#tur or anything en* be later (awawtaed tte war'aid nu-al abew th* he pnaaaaaan tbain. an 1 that I wll. i ?M Item All tbeae thin** miart ooour, tad muat ai|rpy.?r n in? war ran. Nor M thi* diSculty a 'uere re tdeo'e'ine It i* no* a more lerbnlaal crltlciatn. It J " < IIW 'WI, || mry n?n wic ^r?nout U> make apt a new titul, h.*'*aa* the Ju^jjent order co which It I* fount ed dnea oot tied u>? fnot of hUt Ibid Id detick a' The judgment order o'Mr. Jjd?co I'rabndy, do?i not And or adjudge that theee book* >r paper* came lot) the poeaeealoa of Mr. rtavAn, and thai baring to com* loto hid paeat-aeton, he rdf t*?d to t,-t?o up, and withheld .he aame I aay, th erefore, that en tho letdino and on the judgment o?der, a* well at o the earrant, In all Hi m n( here eaarotlal ?i?g*? of ibe rr.:ti? tiny Mr. JtiaMce I'eeho it, there ta tit* fatal de art ? I* doe* not ap rear frotn the warrant Ihtt .Ik ? I'-whodT adjoda.d >,at ant hooh? nr na he ..tRu* n{ ttirr* t'omml**|nn?r came to h?|.?u aof IVtlio H it I', b? aa r uvma. tt mold he held I at tor an adjudication ta a'ated la the warrant. It la t'ear that It ta ktrt alleg-d tr hare >??n date- Bond that rtirh hnh or paper* natn? 'o nertta'a noweeef.n dnrns a varum* ta tie o(Be*, or hefora 'he pew*"- .n( hef-re Jottire ptanod* w?* nomaienrrd, er that awth honaa and pa fere were h-f.w# thai i me demanded of l>?? la. ill?-e'iac tt. tir People. < Barb flabee* t'orpna act, aee M l Ttu' itidgmt nt order and warrant, being the point nt betu e ua, are entirely at eot oa the demand wpi.-n the ate'ute make* a cnaoilioa precedent tdroogho >1 Tb# etalute, wh'cb haa been read ao often aa to b?< trnowa by heart, but which la aliil neceaaary at timed to be referred to, any* ? If any rereon appointed or elefed to any ehall die, or *n> *a? heeotae vacant, an' any no<i*e <n raper* anperta ng to ant1 ndl.w ahallnwae ' ' " <nda an? |tpfpiin ia<* fn f'l '?lfl * rn *, t? Lit00 Mi fci?r?Mnb?fnrt? rr?#rr?t>#d. ?J m* nd ?n?* b ' ?? ?* fm? ih# ^nx ii bavin# 'It wun?? in Ml iNmmtei. 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