Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1857 Page 3
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MATERIAL PROGRESS JW KANSAS. A Halfysar old City and other Mnahromm Mtla nfe-Tukw Prwnnt*MM i> ths Fur W?n-SpMiBMM Of 8o?Ul PrMOeiOMBM?? Newspapers?Hotels?Msrcantils ?Express Cwpuiw-Ptit Offioo? Coal Mining?Debating Society ?loo Creaming end Other Proofs of Progress. On the Missouri river, e few miles above where the Raw or Ksnaas mixes its elear waters with the Muddy waters of the Missouri, a company of Newfegltnd emigrants founded a settlement some six months age, laid the site of a future city, and bap* toed it with the Indian appellation of Qnlndaro. To-day that infant settlement is a place of considerable population. It contains churches, schools, hotels, commercial houses, express companies, post office, a debating society, a weekly newspaper, and ether such proofs of extraordinary preeociousness. We have received the eight 1 number of the newspaper that the Qnindarinos have had established among them. Some extracts from its columns will give an idea of the progress of the place, and will furnish probably the best and most intelligible evidence of the remarkable progress of the place. It is a tree State paper, and has for as sociate editor Mrs. Nichols, (not Mrs. Gove Nichols, the once rplritualist and now devout member of tne Roman Catholic church,) bat a lady of like name with the initials C. J. A. It is printed on fall folio size, and covers four pages, having seven columns to each. Of its twenty-eight columns eight are filled 1 with local advertisements. The medical profession fa represented by three advertisements. Five come from firms in the real estate and surveying business, which promise to at'end faithfully to all business ' confided to them and to give information concerning every important locality in the Territory. One informs the community and the travelling public that the Wyandott House, No. 2 Kansas avenue, Quindaro, is open lor their accommodation and ano>her contains a similar annonncement from the proprietors of the Quindaro House, No*. 1, 3 and 6 Kansas avenue, with the additional notification that a line of hacks starts every morning for Lawrence, connecting there with rontes to every part of t&e Territory. There appears to be competiti in in Dip cjli i-viutr himineMa. for another comnnov adver teen it paaseoger and express line from Quindaro to Lawrence, fare three douara?the nearest and cheapest route from the Missouri to the interior of Kansas. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OP KANSAS. One of the first articles in this number of the Qnindaro paper, is a correspondent's '-first impressions of Kansas." His first impressions are very decidedly favorable. He describes the country between Quindaro and Lawrence as the most beautiful he had ever sesn. He says that you may betieve alncst anything of the richness and loveliness of Kausas, for it seems hardly possible to exaggerate them?the prairie slopes looking, not like wild Indian lands, but like cultivated fields. He says-.? The route Is much travel cd, and sometimes presents a novel socoesrton of objects. Emigrants with thulr gxxls and families parked lu<o long wagons covered wl .h while doth?ox teams, borte team', mole teams and teams com poaed of all these three element*, hauling freight 10 Lawrence?farmers working their passage on refractory rules? half-bre^d girls with heavy eyelaihes and nut brown cheeks, sometimes tastily dre-iset, jogging steadily artng upon torsobaok?ludian hoys, mounted on black pocies, their heads often Seco-atei with feathers, and thoir ragged garments streaming In the air, as .hey -Ja-h by jriu like a whirlwind, yelping out the usual salut&tian of "Ho*?"?pedeetrian-i wdh canea upon their shoulders sd their blsck carpel sa<-ks sus pended from them, who look up wearily as yeu pass, and in.| nra the ci lance to lawrencc?lime *nu mau; o'ner novel leAiurcs uuuo 10 lurm a utrange and am'. - ug panorama PKOORKeH AND H7BI.1C SPIRIT OP QVINDARO. We have diverged a little from oar route, and now neatrte it. The Chindouxm?for such in the title of the ptper wh i?e contents we are analyzing, hits tvo editorial paragraphs, one on "Public spirit in our town," the i other on the "Progress of Vamdaro." In the first a Missouri paper is quoted cmiplimeuting the people \ of Quindaro on the fact of their Having taken i 136,000 worth ot stock in the Parkville and (irand i River ttailroad; and the se onl gives its readers the gratiiymg assurance that Qumduro is coming into very general notice througnont the country, and is beginnrg. as its portion Is becoming generally un den-tood, to be regarded as a most important and promising i?oint. The following is a notice of a recent public meeting :? row* (1U.A.V17. kTios n? yronuao. A meeting of the citi'/Aiis of Qutnlarj *u held on Thursday evening, to lake into const lerallou the propriety ef a town orgaolzaUca. U. W. Wingard ru called to Ibe chair, and O. A. B**eeU appointed Secretary. Itoe necessity of an early organir.itIon for the town, ant the propriety of that organization being made by' the people in their primary capacity, Instead of through a recognition of the an* of the bogus legislature, we*e erged by several speakers. After a discussion, participated in by S. (' Smith, I .Johnson, ?> A Kaesoti, Charles Ctoadwick, Or. B id.ngton and A D. Richardson, the fol towns gentlemen were oooniiute t a committee to take Me subject into consideration and report to another meet . ?_1?m ?. w i Oila V ,Mi I Kg VO or UCtUUU I'lrgus; oggmuR hv ?* 1?- v? .. , , A & analth, K. JoLnson, C. Chadwnk and Dr. Budlngton 1 BCHINBSB IT TWB POST 0WICR. We learn from lYstmastcr Parker that more than twelve feeodrrd letter* paired through the Quln<1ero Poit ofTVie j Between June 12 and July 1. Pretty well for a town but stz month* old. A lilt of letteri remaining in the Qnimlaro Post dire on the 1st of July m advertised. The list com pnaee tone hon Jred names. i a shah coat.. The following paragraphs show, among other kings, that coal la to be had in the Territory? qi'tii'ako Coai.? Some weeks since we slated that a wall vc:n of coal had been itruch where tbo levee was being graded During the past week a larger rein was truck in another portion of the work, which promisee to be of irai-ortanoo Th.- qtility of the coal extracted Is noil, It having been succoesfully used by a blacksmith For producing host II Is free from sulphur. If Hit rein thou d prove tufllclonlly Urge to make tbo working of It 'profitable. It will add to Uto prosperity of our growing hewn. Caki".Coai.?We hare in on r office a specimen of (nal uknn from a mine at Oarbm, lala, Kansai. The coal IB prunii'.ncod to be excellent The rein where tt was first struck was twenty seven Inchee thick, and whore it la now bring worked ah.ait throe fort ik is it bmigkantfl wantbi*. A cargo of Irish emigratta, containing 120 yooog wo ts?w, rr- cotly arrived In New York It won11 be a merry /or some our to send a similar nomnany to Kansas. Help" Is very scarce here and commands high prices BOSTON TO QCINDAKO. At tea lime no Monday trrning we received, by private oaad, Ho-too daily pt|>or* cf the prevent* Wednc lay. Dve da) ' from Boston to Qumdaro?that will do eveo Tor this rati agel blbctton a what. A long report is given of a recent affray that occurred in Leaven "of th bt the ejection there, wherem the City llec.order. Jtrnm T. l.yle, was killed by Mr. Hailer.aiid of the preJiannarv investigation before the magistrate. tirindaro mabbbt. Msinrsn wnsiv roa th* <jr vdaho cm vtviwa.v, kt im. WBLeotm. hattbdat, July 4, 1447. Drer, cwt 44 71 Tartar add, lb ?? 41 00 Corn meal, bush . 1 J> Coda 10 Mamv.c'tr) e' IS Gingar JO a 75 Hamr c*o*in ... 10 1-opper w , HiouMor* UX Allaptoe 20 1*"! 16 '??, <1 of 16 ' * Who* teed, key a 00 4n|ar, brown 14 M da?~?, gallon 1 00 *a|er, cruahed.... 20 I.tneeed oil 1 26 o?l 160 latfte, R<o 16 Olive eil, doa 0 00 flM, Young Fljion. 90 &.trtu turpentine, gal l 60 Ike. imperial W vinegar eider 30 lateral'ia 10 Alcohol 1 00 kfcneco 4001 00 Brandy pore Srignet. 0 00 lalMna . 40 Wine, Pert, old 4 00 V* 30 Wine, aweet Malaga 160 Ultnonda.. 40 Wlneabtwry 2 00 landy.rock 40 B*r riii 3 00 huwy amnrled... 80 Rnee water 160 ewder W> Ume Jalce 1 60 6c* . 10 Xalla, naeortrd, keg 6 76 *ed 10 ?!* ", *?I0. bo* lO II soo kuidlep, atar 20 10*12 3 26 knatna, mould.... 20 10*14 3 rKJ hap ! !?*!? 8 60 lirrb 16 JAxM 7 u) beam tartar M The following advertineinentA ore Indicative of the ogrem ol thin munhroom city:? VAKHIOMtHia will IOT Indira and gentlemen of (Jeludam?Wo will aerve op, (ler nnt week, every Tnee<tay aa I Saturday tvemng, rvdofunrrlf dealrnd, a drllont,* treat of |oe c-cam, and onoai|<aatmonUi, lor all who wieh to partake Our room rill be fitted up In ae good ety le a* ctrc'im?tancra wl,l a I kM of which will be a pleaeanl reeort for Ivlie* aa well I geatlnairn Sola and lemonade will be aerved at the kona tiwie, if dretnM fhie notice will be eircn by han<! Ilbt when we are ready to wait on our frleo 1* to the birre treat thb rwnria a i mrrr vrnna, * >. M ? !* ?* ? ,nrv; a .Moeere. ? wieb to aall tbe attention of the riiiaeoi r Qnlndarn and violony to their MOCK 01 goon*, .wunt Hr a geoeral aaaortmenl of dry good*, grnceriaa, b.ioM, ^ktoca hat*, capo. ready ma<le clothlng.dreea goodf and Hbnneie, ' # tL>t irttb all the variety m dnmeetic ro>i? Mini to Ikt trade Hard arnre an I cutlery. alao, ctrpea ^ rn'tnn|e, a general aoanrtmerl ol riruga and motlclnea, lnm>. eile mi dye atafTe, giant ware, window giaaa, flaa ^Bharcn and ??ga-?, tngetne- with the nanal rnrle'/ of tni a* uei ally found In that line of hn?1ne?? l?r W -lhorn, ^Bho i? a practical phyatolan, having epnclal DM of the Mug dajmtintent. hopen u> gire general oattofbotliHl H RM It 'tore on Kan a* averue. Inpilro of Dr. BidlngVwi, H|ler?r> hare permanently located at thm glace, ba?e now en rent* for ihla paint a Complete aa<ort(lMnt ^Be-iilfy, n'echaploa' tool*, bull ling and fiiratab'tig hard ^ .ul uraUmp'emenla, Iron, Meal and nail* Al?o, Hivtni dt Miurtmeat of itoye% to whidi wo would moot i sspselMly Invito the atlestlen ef all to wul of noh too*, Mh determined to tontok thane at batter prloee thaa they enn be >s earned elsewhere to tin Territory. vn num The beanttfnl aail mrt?"~* regular peaMnger steamer Morning tonr, T. & Briefly, matter; H Xr&ooeom, olirk; bet* ess Hi Louie and to. Joseph. The Morning Anr wae bulM, without regard to oott, for a flret clase Missouri rlrer paofcet, and In potato! jp?ed, elegance and luxurl ena accommodations, la pre eminently without a rtral In the trade. Krery effort will be made on the part of ber officers and their aubordtnatei to seoure the complete* comfort, safety and convenience of paasongere. CAKN.M |>OK HA LB. One bnndred and slaty acree, situated on the N. E. qr. of tec 34, Town 0, R 21 on the Del. T. lands, seven miles from Delaware, and eight from Leavenworth. Eighty acres are under cultlva ion. On the premises there Is a good double hewed log house, an excellent spring, 400 fruit trees, and good timber In the neighborhood. Terms liberal. One hundred and slaty acres of land, situated on Seven Mile creek, one mile west of Delaware, and fcree miles frnsH lno.onsiA.rl. a? Iko UllllsffW sTkOri 1 *2 BT.rM nndttr cultivation A good double hewed log house, an exoellent eprtog, and well timbered. Terms liberal. Sixty acree of fine timber land, situated on the Wyandot and Lawrence stage road, three miles from Quindaro, six miles from Wyanddl, and two and a half miles from I'arkvtlle. The above land borders on Improvements, has a fine spring of water, and welt covered with oak and wal nut timber. H Is rolling land. Price $26 per acre. ICt CBK AM AND DEBATING HOCIRTY. The reader* of the Chindovsan who are not guests of the (Quindaro House are made to envy those who are, by being informed that the latter were on Monday evening regaled with ice cream of nnusual richness and excellent flavor, all are equally informed that the last meeting of the Qntndaro Debating Society was animated and interesting, and that at its next meetiDg the following question was to be discussed , " Does the Diversity or Religious Sects Tend to Promote the Interests of Society ?" We are afraid that in trying to settle this point the debaters of Qnindaro will And themselves In a quandary. ijjufre? U there any connection between the words? The Chindovsan gives the following, aa GOVERNOR WALKER'S THERMOMETER. 180 Southern nuiltiiers. 1 1; Spirit bolls > 170 i 100 t Hotspurs. j 15? I 140 11 \ lao \ Propagandists. ;! < r2u :; ? 110 |> J Fever heat Union Havers. J 100 Ooionlzatlonlsts. ' > Blood beat National democrats. J i 90 2 > Southorn K. N. 1 | HO | | 70 | } Summor beat Slave Ubor. 2 ; Isothermal Line. | J 00 Free labor. J I Temperate Schools,* rallroa<la,f 2 ! 50 and public lands. J < ? Nor .hern K. N. s ; 40 I j Republicans. s > ao i I Freezing Emancipationists. s ^ 2U > Garrlionian abolition- t 10 lets. s 0 i j; Zero Northern traitors. \ ![ 0 I * ' When I vii to the Senate." t " While I was Secretary of the Treasury." | "Throughout my entire public life." PROOBKR8 OP LAWRKNCB. The correspondent whom we have quoted in the beginning 0f this article, gives the following sketch ot the town of Lawrence:? Lawrence baa a population of about 1,000. It ha* a beautifully furnished school home, two churches already erected and teo more to be built the present season, six or seven religious societies, and two weekly news|>apera. Pro >erty has bees rising very rapidly during toe spring, bulls now declining Slightly, and may conilnna to ?o si until the fall eroiitra&n. Lots sell at fr >m $200 to $2,M 0. Kents are high?some wretched shan lee, which did not oast more than $100, bringing $3 per month. Board from $4 per week t > $2 per day. Here ia a specimen of lAtwrenoe advertising and something about the potatoe:? woru) vor hkijsvs rtf I have fsr sale a few bushels of the genuine Irish potatoes, Imported from "Ould lrelanl" via New Orleans. I have cooked tome of them, and they are of extra quality. I have also "peach blow" potatoes, plak eyes, and a variety of other kinds from Illinois. Potatoes are by for the mod profitable orop farmers can raise here, a* can be seen by the following Sgurea? last year I plan led 26 bosbeltaf potatoes early in Jane, for which I paid $75. We raises 260 bushels, which waa only a tout half a crop. The expense or cultivation and of getting to market waa $64. Total, $ .26. Present value of tbe crop $876, or $750 profit from lour acres of ground Now, suppose I ha I planted corn instead of potatoes The seed for four acres would have cost ; expense ef cultivation, say $60. I would have obtain**) not over '200 bushels of corn rrom the four acre* This would now be worth 9400, which wculd leave Ira* than one half of the profit the potaloe crop yielded. Farmer*, be wis# and plant more |>otatoe*, for even il they are not ooe hair the preeeat price neit spring, and corn ahbuld be a* high a* It 1* now, you would mace far more on Che patatoe crop. K. B ?I will agree to give, next aprlng, 91 79 for 600 buabela of good aeed potatoes. PROORIHgor LKATIV WORTH. We are informed that in the town of I^tvenworth, which la the half way hoase over the plains to California, buildings are going up at the rate of two hundred a month. It is supposed that the town will be the great half-way house for the Pacific railroad. PROA RUSH OP IMPORIA. [Treat the Km port* Kaniae New* ] Tmporla la situated between the Neosho an i (Vtttonwood creeks, alx mllea above their Junction The streams at till* point are about feur mllea apart Tin town alto la on an elevation, about one hundred feet almve the water level of either at-earn. To the southeast the land slope# gently to the Junction To the west II gradually rise* for a distance of several mflea (hi the north and so >tli a-e lar.-e belt* of the flceet timber, along the Neosho and Cottonwood, while the various smaller streams emptying Into them near this point, all well timbered, serve to make II one of 'he beat timbered regions In K*n<*?. The valleys of the Noabo and Cottonwnud, and their tributaries, are acknowledged by all to be equal if not superior, as a farm Ing dtitrtct, to any In Kansas. Coal and building stone are found here In abnndaoce. Km pons was located In March last About the lat of April the erertlon ef a large hotel was oommenoed by the town company, which hae mat been completed. A com rood Inns stare house baa Just been erected and filled with good), and another la In process of erection A large saw and grist mill, wtth lath atd shingle machines attached, la about being put up on the tiwn site. Another la*ge saw mill I* In process ef construction ooe half a mile distant. There Is at present roe saw mill In operation near the Junction, six mile* d'stant which ha* Turn'sbed the turn ber used In the ereetlon of the buildings now ro be town site. There Is also another aaw mill, eight miles above, on the Cottonwood, which is In operation Ne intoxicating drlaks are allowed to be sold ro *he town site The two following features we espy from the contract of the proprietor*:? " The parties bind themselves to each other, that In every ale or donation of any portion of the land which may be selected or located for a town site, they will sign no deed ot sale, release, gift, grant, or lease to the same, with rut a provision In such deed of sale, relsane, gift, grant, or leave, that the lessee shall aot make, store, sell, or give away, to be used as a beverage, any malt or spirituous liquor* on such premise* so sold or conveyed away, and that any violation of such provisions shall be a forfeiture of all the rights which such purchaser, donee, grantee, or teoant shall have acquired to said premises And the said parlies further agree that they will also prohibit In all deeds and conveyances, as above, and hind purchasers to extend the samo provisions to their assignees, that no bouses shall be allowed to be occupied for gambling pur piw<w on any of the lota of said town; and any rarabllag for mcnev. or otherwise, by whl -h anything shall be lost or won, on mid premises, with the knowledge and counsel of the purr barer, ihall be a forfeiture of all the right which mid purchaser, donee, grantee or tenant ahall hare acquired to laid premium." The Iota are one hundred and thirty feet deep and fllly feet front, esoeptteg on the front atreeta, where they are but twrntVavr rect front. The principal street* are ooe hundred reet broad?the others eights. Building Is progressing as fart as the supply of lumber will admit, and as soon as the mills now being constructed are put In operation the progress will be much greater Hevcral alone but! lines hare been contracted for, to be built thle summer The oonntrr around here Is fhrt filling up with an energetic, tndnstrlmi* and intelligent population, who will derolope the rich renourcea of this fertile region, and made It the centre of wealth and Intell^anoe. NUCR STATS LTRfC. | from toe same | ann mm m i ro ma ram statu uan who trmiurt ats rortno son wnnriAma to ma nosvaerio* imntrfgh sr iw lb amerce lsuwiatcks Rr Rtnttan Rsai r. Ho' Pilgrim aims of 1'ilgrlm sires, Who, touched with manhood's newer hopes, Hare built your ?acred altar Urea I'pon our western prairie slopea; Is It true, that yteldtrg at the last? The stormfnl hour that draweth nigh, Shall And your rotea and rotcss oast >or this accurst, usurping lief Remember re the grand renin* <)f oarllar'laronli prophat yontha? Who, mIvm ara Ihn nppor ?kta?, C'ImiwxI Ma'H with HosTon'a dtVlnor trutlia? And, when tb* flary fnrnar* ftamm (WN rniind tham?an aarnnaly trod A* tho' a braathiny Anya! namnr, Thay walkad amid Uw tbronea afOodT O brotbar*' when lha ruffian'* tnrnb Rla/el all alnny your thrifty rata#, And whan you fWt yonr (laron blood root oh At trample<1 woman'* rhudderlnf UJaa. To bald no parlay with lha tin? Va knaw no coward abrmatng than; Bnt-abruHn* to tha rotoe within? y^ow op?ilrottf, heroic roan1 HBW YORK HKRALW, S And dow?aye ? now the damolag words Ihet amita na reel ice to our kaoaa, led hedge eur path abut with aworda, Here paaaad lnio "l*ga)t)>?e"? Will ye foraeke the btawed oaoae f Repreaa your hoi. wdlgrant breath? And, crtngirg to thwo Uooloaa 'leva,' Slink, rutting, down to bell end death? No ! by the Ufa that Shombre (nee, By all our flelda 01 pain and woo ; By Kejaer'a hi od and Barber'a grave, And our deep heart of manhood?no I No I tho' along oar atreamtng velna The dripping bladee rhall reek and hiaa , No ! and wild acorn to him who reina Hla iou! back rrom the predptoe. Wtth this poetical effusion?this invocation to , 44 streaming m dh," and " dripping bladee," and I " wild acorn," and " strong hemic men," and each flummery, we will close our extracts trum tue Kansas papers?although the "lyric" does seem to be considerably out of place in the dew we have been presenting, which is, that o the material progress of the Territory. act air o im rimrtpr Our Porta Correspondence. Paw.% June 27, 18#T, The Theatres ef Parit? Receipts Compared with Xew Park? Imperial 'theatres?The Opera?The ll'UUt?Theatre Francats?The Limn of the Aoant Vent?The ULaifW?Mom menU of Artists?American Sintiny Birds in French Capes?Luxuries of a Prima Donna, dc., <?c. Every French man being an actor In private life feel* an lntenae love for the stage. Even luring the preiont month the hot and bully ventilated theatrea are foil every night, and the at en dance of foreigner* la very email, oom paratlvely few of the laa. lamed bar.oarlana being oapa ble of following the dialogues or come Ilea and farce* which are given with a degree of rapidity altogether he yond description The rerelpta of the theatre* of Parle during the month of May exceeded two hundred tho isand dollar* May la a bad month, and in good aeaaona 'Jhe same houses take two hundred and fifty thousand, while If we add the Italian Opera?not open from May to October?we ahall have nearly three hundred thonaand dollar*. There la no way of obtaining the exact receipt* or the New York tho atrea, but apeaklng from a pretty Intimate acqua'ntanco with tbem, I should estimate their receipt* at about seven ty five thousand dollars for the very beat month, and this allowing a great margin for the Opera. The price* here range a lit'le higher than In New York, but even allowing for everything and including the d (Terence in population, twice as many people go to the theatre In 1'arla as in New York. | The Imperial theatre*, that to those suppor'ed In part by the government, are the tirand Opera (French), the Grand Opera (ltaltar), the Opera Oomlque (French), and the Theatre Krao<;al>e (the old Orury of Parts). The Grand Opera (French) has been in a bad way for a long time, and now tta whole expense to borne by the govern ment. Just now there are no groat singers at the Opera, and the baiUt to the chief attraction. The administration of ihe front of the theatre here to quite a diif, rent affsir than with ufl. The box offlco lor the sale of secured scale during the day and for the salt of tickets durtig the evening, la kept by a wcxan. After buying your tick, t you go towards the entrance, where three men are sitting in banco like Judges of the Supreme Court. One taken > our ticket, giving yon a pais in exchange, another notrs the lak of the ticket In the ac couDt of the bouse, while a third to the government agent, who sees that the receipts are made np correctly Be comes hecaute the theatres pay a tax of ten peroent on the gross receipts to the hospital, and they m -i uot be cheated. After the hospital Ux bu been deducted, the author receives one fourteenth of the remaining re relpts. Outside .if the -heatre you will always see a sol dler < d guard There are two more at the Bureau of Vc> cation. and another at the Bureau of Kicbange (hhors are posh d at dim rent points within and withnit tbo build log. This Is In addition to a strong police force. The ushers for the box sea's are women?those for the par quelle and orchestra seats are men. No refreshments of any kind are sold within the theatre The parquettn [ Is ured almost entirely fur orchestra sea's, but there is a narrow strip of live or six benches at the trace, sal e<l the parter e, and occupied chletly bf the claqurrt (persons who -orne to app'aud) me p inter* are ?o tut the *tr.e o' one rags of the llaiui !> Thoy contain no tla'lng announce mi nts of " Kxtiaordiuary a'.lracl'on," " (treat ueoeu," " Trrmendous exiwnse," Ac , Ac., but aimply aonmooe the name* * the pieces, the order (a which they are to be played, ai d the names of the chief aril*ls The star sys tern is unknown, but great urtiala get a Hue at the too if the hill, such as ' Dc'sut ot M. Lafontaino," " BerUr** of M de Rachal." Ac. Ac The Comedle Praceal*e la par eacr.llsncr the theatre of Prance?beyond do*hi the theatre of tbo world Here we bare Samson, Ktgnier, Sresranl, Madame Judith Mads motselle Brohan, and many more, all of whom would he great stars In anglsnd or tr erica. The a dors and ac tresses at this house are entitled to a pension arter twenty years' service The rices are high : a good seat coils nr>n rlnl'nn An/1 t?AtiiV (Vnln and from that Will rin gi down to fifty nenta o op to UrM dollar* The cheap *eat* are very uncomfortable, and the Ulterior* or <he theatres are not to be compared to thoae of the New V< rk Academy, tho Bontoo Theatre, the t'hlladelpbla Academy, Burton > or Laara ieene's At the Opera, 700 pay two dollars and twj and a half for aoal wbleb onet ooe dollar and a ha'f with ur Nest to tbe Cornedle Fraocalae, the French (),?ra (I.'Academic), Is tbe most Interesting theatre In I'arla. Just now the geeat 1 sinters hers are enjoying ibelr summer vacations, and the ! bcui't la the rtrong poiot 'las Fifes baa been given In the most splendid style, wltb tt'me Ferraris as tbe status. Those who have never seen a ' ilUt here can form no Idea of Its *pl> ndor and completeness It la really like going to the theatre for tho flrst time There is the grand orcbostra of atxt/, a carpi d* ballet or at least an hundred trained dancers, and tht second or third rate dancera would be called great stars with us: a Now York manager would Inundate the tfundav papers with puff* of them. The ffrxt dano ra, Ferraris and Koaali, are at the bead of their art la the world She Is ao line an artist that tbe crltioal pen ' has no buslncst with har, aad ?ne la a great a paatomimtrl as she is clever as s dan.<rujr The outlay of the abovenamed theatres Is so g?eat that they do sot pay espenaes That mutter Is takes nare > of by tbe gorernment Tbe great tenor of raoademie, Roger, baa engaged with lllmao for the I'nited Slates, sod has applied to tbe Secretary of State for Ms months' leave of absence II aecma strange that the Flrat Minister should bav# the regulation of actors, dancers and slogers hut that la the wav tnov do It heia I'llmann has now taken away lb* two gresUwt favorite* with tho I'arplant, Madame 1'rerillBi and Kogor. lie liataUo arranged with Vivler, 'he eccentric horn p ayer, annul wbnm tney tell o many good auirlea. Queer fellow, that Virlrr f He will not give hi* addreta to b a ra'et lntlm*<e frlenda, but Itavea a memorandum book at a eegar abop on tbe Boule vard dee flatten*. where taey me* o >to appointment* with him He ?ay? be doee not eipect to makn much money in the lulled Sta'e*. but be haa hear 1 Utat tbe Amertran* have Ma of fhn In thorn, and be la >|ul'? btau of Europe Vlvier, on tbe born, la the gr*ale*t living performer, and bl* cornert* here a'wart bring him ),f>00 at leaat Bnt to return to tbe tbeairu* After tbe Imperial bona**, tbe beat theatre* are tbe Odeon, tbe Vaudeville, tbe VarietA, tbe l.yrlque and tbe tyrouaae I ahouid m< ntlon among the imoerla tbeatrea the Opera Com >i'ie, where the price* are about half thiwe of tbe grand opera Tbe aingera are not great We have had aeveral of the beet In America, and retained our equllihri nm, but the iMMNlIt la alwaye beautiful, and everjtbiag la done with tbe groaiuat oare. At tbe other tbeatrea tbe companiea are all very grwd. from the bigbeet to tbe loweat actor. The heat comedian I hare aeen In Part* la Iwvaetor. Tbe heel actor In young he roe* la, of tbe Vaudeville Kioept Mr George Jordan we have no actor In tbe I'nlted Si alee, ator.k or atar, ibat can be oom pared with lafontaloe I ?aw him play An Ire, in "I?ahla." and tbe effect wa* wcmderfnl fly tbe way, "Iatllla'' baa the rame plot, rather mor? artl'tloaily ren dere.1. ae "F urination," that great original AmerWan work by Mr Goodrich, and anotner produced at n.irtoe'a with auch a flouiiah lent year I ad viae the author* of ' Kaacioatlon'' to keep a aharp lookout fbr M "cUve Feull let, *r be will be improving tome more of their plot* 1 And alao at the Porte Saint Martin tbe original1"Phantom'* of Mr. Bourctcaolt. It la, aa Aierander^nr manager raid when bta pbj alrian told blm be muat die, "a d?d aha me' that the Parla tbeatrea bare atolea ao many Kog llah and American play a Tie cUuju< la a very funny 'nautoUoa In tha Parla tbeatrea. I attended tbe fleet algbt of a new pi ice at tbe G) mnaae Tbe firm am dragged a little, bit toward tne end of It a few people lauebed. Tbe chief of the deque then led off. and tbe applaire followed In a lnne circle like the lira of murk^y, oeaMog aa enddenly aa It onm mrnced. Tbe public rarely join* the - foqwr, but If you go to Ibe opera late neme nifhl you will And the proeoeetum bote* filled with well dreeaed men, with dull eyaa. parchment complexion*, and very liule hair oo top of their bead*. There are Iter**?men who bare aeen everything done ever) thing, arnnk every htng, eat every thing, been everywhere, and don't care about anything They app'and, ooraeionaily, tbe firm dancer, in a languid manner, qrlie different from tbe brlak Are of tbe eia.pi*, and roe ahall *ee that the fair creature, in tne pauaea of her light faniaatle arrangement*, look* op at theae bore* a* much aa to *ay that ahe remember* having aeen tome of_tbo*e people tome where hefora. Franco ac.iny vtim cry mum irnm mv pngmn cbool The French, a* I think, represent nature an It le?the Kjirfilati, aa the actor an' the author Utlnk It roiybl *o be Wbrn a caricature la required the Ko(ltfth actor fc* frequently iraneoaedn the tmit* of da concT, and la "til/ dl>RuMlii|( when be think* he la fuany. The Knglirh a< tor alway* acta at hta audience?walla for tbeir laughter an-t applauae?while the French actor uerer e<irie to know that there t* ?nv aidleene. I dn ant know an) mine more abaurd than ibe nooren lonal ?tvie ef acting la what are catkd " legitimate" piayn, (aueb traah aa *her I dan Know lea' drama* ) Yon never ?ee any eur.h faattau rentintrut or rhim?y lUrmi 't at Jocosity on the French ?tag< acd they would be banlahed from cmra were it not for the rtnptdtly of eome old fogy manager*, who muat hare directed amateur performance* by Shorn, Ham and JapfcM So far behind the age are they. The Fre- ch tbratrea tnpply no ?mall WUn or pro (remittee, three yon buy In ft now* pa per like "the programme'' at the door, No leea than 0re t f there papern are prteta<1?the tontrt A<1t, A *til Vw, FVonm, Apednrlr, I'mpram***, ami Ute Frrf mrf They contain lh'> programme# of nil the theatreo. At , ft r Ibe night, accuoylng about the name a,iaoe ae the theatrical edvertiaf meat* Thl* la au ettra expenae to ihe no llor Then the ponem who open* Ibe ho* door riper la ometh'nc, and If yau are aooonvanlnd by a lady, the wo man in aweodnnoe bring* *iWMthltig fhr tbe fblr creatnre to reet hrr delicate Utile toea u,win, and fhr that yon m>i*t pay agabi The g real troable about Pari* la, that one <-?n nrrer pay at onne end be done with It lie mnat k?ep hi* pocket eooeiantly flllod wdb oopparv, which he mi t one tlnually abnwer upon all *orl* of ye-pie without any ee peclal reaeon thai he can ?ee for eo doing The weather juet now I* rery hot for Part*, but It teem* to barn had no bad ffl'oct on Iho thentrea, nearly ail of UtfDAT, JULY 26, 1857. which remain open. The dty Is rail of orllvts and mmfori. Ran lot in at Pway, Lablnobe to nlao eajoy '"K <* cum Hf- is the count-j. Ha ni engaged far Loodea. dal concluded not to go. Mm da Wtlbornl la bard at work at Pnmy, Mudytsg the "PnrlUnl," la whleb bo will probably make her dtbui hero during the winter. Mm Kline Hearier Urea at A nenll, where "he to peoeecutiog her itndtee. Hhe in engaged at Genoa at xt winter, I beltere. Mme Penco, who la declared to be the rery beet lager la Kurope, not excepting Boalo, la at present at Paris, fen will oat hear her In America at pre tent, as her price Is rather too high Vlvter, Krezaollnl, Roger end Vtem Temps ore pocking their trunk*, and getting their Tettera of introduction ready for New York. Manager* and or Uets are different birds here then 'n America You will tee the director rolling through the Champ* Dyneee In a olendid eaoloage. with liveried servants, and the count. homes and apartments or the great artist are mnch finer

than Id the Fifth avenue 1 don t much wonder that they hesitate about crossing the Atlantic. They would not come at a.l were It not for the absurd idea which possesses almost everybody here, that our country Is a great place, where yoo only have to atoop to pick up great l imps or gold, and that every American must be a millionaire at least. Tbey soon awake from that delusion, however. Oar it, Petersburg Correspondence. 9r Pmitutrao, June 24,1857. Promulgation of Ike Ben toriff?Oppotilion of the Old School Politician*? Outie* Contained in the .Vno Ukase? Bow American Good* are Rated?Import Trade?TV Royol 1bur in Europe?Himhtrt of the Regency?Effect of the Trench ?Uctwn Onteit?4 Caucasian Dignitary on a Visit? Death tf a Veteran .Sofilter and Diplomat. At last the new taritr Is a fait accompli. All doubts and misgivings on the subject are at an end, and the romort of our eommerolal reform being finally shelved or adjourned till 1801, In imitation of Franco, turn out to have been or rontons. Day before yesterday the Kommertchetkaya Gazeta brought the Imperial ukase, stating that a revision of the system of duties had boon decided upon, which Is to be In force from the time the emended tariff Is rooetved a the various Custom Hovsea of the empire, ft Is worth ' noticing that the ukase bears date of the 9th Instant (2Mk ' ' May, 0. S ), although It was not promulgated till the 224. J by which it would appear that the opponents of toe tnrarure uau mauv a ac?|>oraio ciimi wu uith it iraKiuwu, even after the Imperial sign manual bad been mllxed, bat only succeeded la delaying It for a ibort time. At least no other reason can be aatlgtied for letttof two weeks pan between tbe ilgnaturu and tbe publication of a decree that was awaitsd with 10 much anxiety by tbe commercial world, and Indeed by all c asses of tbe po '&;:on ?role being a question tna? touches the Interests 01' both high and low Tbe tarlll I'eelf la not yet pttf>ltsb6d (tncr aro very dilatory In such matters bore); It is an exceedingly 'oiundnous document. anc ouI> a oeruia number of espies I are been a truck off, to be deeoalcbed to th i Cietorn Hou*> t in tne portr o' utry, and on tbe land frontier of toe : cm pi e A mrrcanttlo acquaiotame of intne has been ratored wltb tbe right of one of them. and I .indorstand its principal item* are a moat Identical with Iboee furulahed icmo time ?ln< c bj Ac X >r t Or such article* as may interest the American maket, I notice?Cotton wool. reduced from 40 to 40 oop. cks per pood; cotton twtft, from t rubles to 3 rubes f>0 uopec* ; colored ditto, fr< m 0 ruble* to 5, cotton clcxha up to U>* m 80 to 40 co >ecltr; coin.c>* ditto,from 76 copecks and 1 ruble to 40 c<v ck> ; coffee from i rubles a pood tr 3; rice, formerly 00 copecks, new free; indigo, from ? rub.ea 30 copecks to 2 -ublos 60 copecks Too doty on sugar and ra? tooacco remains unaltered but that oa regain and snulf Is red no c ono half (inns, plxto s, Ac., have on y to pay 40 copecks a piece, instead of 1 ruble 30 copecks; books, 2 c?p cks a volume, instead of 10; boota and shoes, 60 enpeoks a pair, instead of 1 ruble; ladl*a' ditto, 1 r.blo inrueac of 2 Besides tnesc, dure bate bren considerable reductions In silk goods, lace, linen, cutlery, 'uriltore, porcelain, gla-sware, clucks and watches, and cast iron (16 oo,leeks a piod ) As far as I can W arn there is a general feeling of satisfaction at this vexed question being at length set at rest the Imi'or' t aue; mrnbaniH wore afraid to order goo<l? fiom abroad, an they ? ere not auro whether they might Dot bevo to pay the old dulbf upoo them, and no one dared to ay Id a (took or any artlolo with th> p- osue ;t of being undersold by those who pu chase 1 It under the now rrguiatiops The stocks en band are consequently vot, mall, Iftbla were no. tie ;a-o severe loanex wo Pd result Irom the revised tar III being put in force Immediately, In trad of lie operation bring deferred ltd next setioa, an wsn confidently asserted by persona usually wed Informed Of rour?e all gooda previou-ly imported, bu uotyetc! arod at the Oust m Home are ohly subject in the now raier Now the affair Is ret tied and pa,t all temod;, the protection >sta will probably grow reconcile' to their fate, aid try to ai commodate themselves to 'be new aute of things; in fact, the Northern II", bl'herlo tbalr must able aut cooslab t>t adv oaie, surp Iseo its rca-ert the o'hnr day by an elaborate Tjroif fiom the pen of M. atreshkotf, an eminent political iwo m ?i (>cliif,og out ihe aefecia o' tlio former system, ahien ha- become unu'i able bv the prog rows ef other nttioiif in the arts of lap utry, ano which, by chocking the in |iortaton, reacted Injuriously on tbo export trade of Ku'Sta Uur mauufauturera, too, have evldootly ooovb ced themselves that even the re<iuced scale of duties remaiiis high enough for them to ;om|>ete succorsfi lly witb MancbL-rter am, B im'.ngham Only this spring an Immense oooon spinnery was established on shares trar Narva, in U e govei oment rf ?t. Petersburg, and a similar establishment, on a atlil Urger scaio, Is a> >ut |o be opened at Moscow The demand for rnw cotton, which nan nearly trobied since 1H?7, may be expeoted therefore to nereare very nooalnerahly Vaster ray, at two P. M , their Imperial Majesties, with tbelr young daughter, the Grand Ducbeas Mary, their fourth sen, the Utile "rand Du> o Alexis, and the I t peror's Jonigrsl brother. Michael, embarked at the angltnstaya aberejaaza fur Oon-tadt, in the stoam yacht Alexandria, and started ibis noming for Kl.1, on board the screw frigate Grtzlaalchl (rerribie), escorted by the (iremiasl Id (Thunderer) They are attended by a numerous, or rather an lmumerable suite, comprising the Minuter of Fnrstgn ARhtrn, Prince Gorichakofl ; ihn two Conn is Ad'erberg, father snd son, Prince Dolgorousky, General Pnlloiophuif Ur. Yenntbln, ph. riclan in ordinary to the Smperor (a very Influential pr-rsonagel, ka During ihe Kruperor's absence, the Grand Duke ( on*tenure, wno arrive here oo the 16 h loetaat, Iv to act as regent, a related by Prince OrlofT, President of the ChnstV d'l MmutreM, (l*remler,) and Count Blondoir President of the legislative Council. As I <U"-d In my last, tbe departure | nf ihe imuertal eouDle Owl Oreo fixed fur the 30th. but for . ome unknown renaon Ibe appointed day >h anticipated by nearly a week. From Kiel they will proceed to Hamburg end Herrenheueen, where the? will spend a day wiib ibe King end i.ueen of Hunter, and then gi oa to Iierinnadt ibe Km pre**' native piece?where *be will be rnonired bjr bnr brother, tbe Orend Duke of Heme, end the reel of ber fundi?. Tbm the Emperor will eccouipeny h.e ouaetrl to Kmtingcn, *od leave her there wuile hn proceed*, rle Ib rlin, to W*r?ee. About the end of A"g??t he will re turn to Ki>elti(en, end It le net Imp obeblo tint hi* loaf Ml*I'd of Interview with *epot?n III. wtll tike piece ?t ihet orrled, ehbough *n heve ao efllotei lofoi tnetlon oa the nuhject, end It I* oifflcult to aey whet change* to the enpect of the po luce! bun/.on mey heve occurred before then. The French elrctlowe here mete e grett ltnpre*?<on brre, end there ere ant e'ew who tiln* tbeiuro'S'e l>oleoa le oa tbe decline, end thet we ere ?h"Ut to witoens enotber of thrne audden revolution* that buret over k i rope e?ery now eud then, from tbe baukt of tbe Seine, like e clep ?f thunder from cl wile** <ky. To*erd< the end of the luiueritl family, la rluihap the Kmprean laHR *111 he all reunited at St I'eterehcrf, 10 eelehrete uA nuptial* of (he Urend Duk? Mlrbeel end Ibe I'riacee* Oartlte or Beden Anmti the lele errlrel* et Ihn oepitel there la one the' excite* euperleJ attention?a 'kuceeun dignitary, who re jnlce* In the eppelletloe of Prince Ml-heel Sherreabtdea, end who we* often meatloaed In tbe Ori?altl war by the a*me of Heuid Be. He le lorereifapnane of AhkhMW, but tributary to Ramie, end ? * reieed by toe lele kmpe rar Nicbolea lo the rank of e .louleoent general In the KoNien army Whenom-r Pacha leaded et ^xuboua Keleh, lo tie eutaan of ISA*.the Kaglleh Oommtaeerv, Colonel "tinmen*, entered loto negotiation* w in Sherman Id re, to pieveil open him to ren nine* hi* ni egtence to Knmln, end traoefbr it to the Sullen, promtilng h m. it tbe tame time, ?o ecccneloo of territory end llherel *uh*idte* fh m tbe Rrdiab t nentiry. Sh?rre*hidx* wu f .rmerlr n I WeboineteB end had only recently been ran re ted to tbe f Oi-lM'tn fbitb It w*? thought, therefore, that *uob empt Ing effbrt would en*tly Induce him to return to the fold of the Prophet end la meke common aeuae egeloel tbe Oiaoare The Abkheelan, ?hn >o?m< to he no cootemp'i ble diplomatist. appeared to li?tea to thai* prop<ieal* uotll he bail got ibe rot my oul of hi* rotmlrv, wh?o be called h'? wild ear sale to arm*, and, Joining Hie Kuaalana under | Bebotiioff, did them good serrine lit harramlog the Turki lab arm; no lie disastrous retreat from Kniai* He baa been recelred bare w lb great distinction, and d eon rated with tbe loeliala of the order ef H aoder Nersky. A telegraphic d ?pairh from aplee annmionea the 1ealh of Prince hennsbeff, ?he expud at ('aetellamore oo the 20tb inetaot tbe deoeaeed waa one of Ibe Itet relice of the (real war of 1811. had tilled the higheet otllcea In tbe Hntaian empire, and norupled a considerable space in the hlater; of Rurope. He wae the rarorlte a d de . amp of Aleiander I , who roirofted blm with aee <ra oonddrauaJ m let tons to the tret Vannlena, in which ha ao<|utt.ed him aelf with (freat tnrt and dexterity. Id tbe beginning of 1811 he wee In Part*, where he bribed one of tbe em ployrs of the Ministry of War to farnleb him with mpor test document* lo relation to the "tirand Arm*," ctUected by the French Kmperor for the Invasion of Roseta The Intrtgn* being dlsoorerwd, ChernlshrfT only encaped hmef ibot by a baety flight aoroa* the Rhine In the oaranaign of ibal year he distinguished blmeelf by hie extraordinary march In the rear of the French army, which la epokeo ?f with admiration by nil the bletorlane of the war, sad in 1813 nod 14 by Ibe capture of Berlin, the eefeai of the Weetpbelten general, Orb*, wbott be tooh prteonar, w'th hi* whole dirtaton, and by th* utorm of ftntnaone A fa rente of Alexander I , be wax etlll more highly eeleenied by Nicholas, who appelated htm Min'ater of War, la which prwtuon be remained fbr tweo'w Ire years, and wae then mede Praeldenl of the Council, or rnnm Blather. Ite p?lvrd ?<f Ibe use of hie Itmhe by a paralytic etroke, he inired f'om nfltoe la tbe xprlog of laet year, and sought relief from bte eatThrlngs la n milder climate, where he turn at length succumbed In the inroads of age and 41* ease As a eiatesmta and military man, he bad scarcely an eiaal la Russia, bat he wee hamh and orerbearing m temper, a stern disciplinarian, and one of the meet Inflexible pantxan* of the ntwvn regtmr. He bae left an Im mease fortune to an only eon W Ro???n?efl, who wae eent not to Comrtaotlnople na n ferial miaeion, aoon attar the cnnMtir'm of peaoe, I* al>otil to return to A. Petotahnrg lie will be replace I by M Otiatlonff, In tba capacity of Koeoy V niraordioary and Mlntrter neolprtenttary, l?*r Matron Cwmpuwdfitw. Ij??w, June 16,UST. Thf lm^m'1'4 MtrrUnw ?f IA* Ki*o? f*' T **i > ' fteifrei* ? l+uTMitd (Ifilibfl y Uk. rVry* - rx> Kinn'f V**V In fv (\?dst'at?m TV .ttennrr 7i'. nf V>viftr? Wnbarpnetl t Toe Of the fount Ko>( will, It < sa'd.talte place on ih- aniWeraary of bin birth lay, in -teptembor reat :b'd although the pre'lttloai ! hareaM been *far*?*>, anil a royal Jecra- hae appeared in the lb irfci jrantru to am, al all ear"*) <o the (Jteen of 90 on * >r rein, ar t placing 100 oootoa at the King's disposal for expenses, the MM or lb* bride baa not jot tfaasptred. Some people believe ifeo la ft Saxon I'rlnoew, whllat others ere of opto- I Imb that aba la Bavarian. It la alao aaid that Don Pedro baa not /at aaao ola intended apouaa, but that laere baa bean aft Interchange of letters and portraits. Tba Oortaa are expected to dlaaolva about tba end of the month; at prevent they are engaged In discussing tba budget, but tbetr deliberations are altogether devoid of Interest out or Portugal. It baa been determined to put the tobaoco contract to auction fbr another term of three jean. Thta measure baa found no fkvor In publio opinion, for the manner In which tbeountraotlaoondncted baa long been a scandal to Portugal: the vary worst Kentucky Is bought for tba Inweat possible prioa. and sold In segars at an enormous prollt Tba segtrs are sometimea not only bad, but posttt-ely unwholesomo and Injurious to health. It waa pro|>osed that government sboultwork the eon. tract, but Ibis was overruled, yet the Mooner something Ih done by way of a change the better; things cannot be worse The weal her is now delightfully warm and Una. The accounts from all nirta of the cnunirv resnectlnz the com lug harvest are very encoursgitg, so ranch so that penole i will not be surprised to ?eo coreala exported oeforh the end of neit year. The olive trees are everywhere very full of bloaron a. and promise a b mntifut supply of oil. The aalt pita are also expected to be very lucrative to their owner* this year The vl 10 disease ban made Its appearance In several die trtcra, hot it* virulence la believed tr have greaJy abated; aad cootldeit bo|>e* are now entertained tbat the vine varda wr|i not this year display that pad picture of total lor* which they have tone for the last II e. The American corvette Donatella'wa baa left Lisbon on a cr> ire. a few days before she sailed the captain and otlV-e'B wore introduced to ihe Hint at a levee at Neceval (lades; and on be evo ef her departure, his Majesty and the Duke of Oiiorto, accompanied Vj the Hon 5. L. O'riullivan, with their ladies and fMenda, paid a visit on beard the vessel, where th?y remained several boors, returning on shere amid the thunder of a royal aalute at alx In the afternoon The British ship of the line Princess Royal will sail In a few davs for <?e noa. She was at llr*t under ord> rs for the West Indies, but the Brunswick will, it la laid, be sent there in her stead. A Portuguese 14 gun brig, thf Pedro Nunos, la fitting up at the Royal Arsenal and when she is ready the Infante Ik n Lata will go on a cruize in her. Mr <'barlea Munro ban lately been appointed American Oonaul for Lisbon in ihe room of Mr. Sllvetra, resigned. The American steamer Isle of Madeira Is still here. She has been embargoed by Messrs. Krus * Co , on account of some protested b< I Is which were drawn against the cargo or the vcm#l. and which had been sold on the voyage A question has la'ely ooeurred between this Arm and Mr. I'ige, the Consul at Oporto, wbo wished to raise a bottomry bond on ibe ihtp, which Messrs. Krus & (Jo would not permit Tlte Hudson Hay Company. BRITISH TROOPS TO BK HgNT PROM CANADA FOR THE RRD HIV'Kll. In the House of Commons on 4th of July Mr. Wvu> said that at that moment a body of troops were about to bo sent from Caoada to the Red river settlement. The distance of the journey according to tee ordinary route acnes the lakes would be about l,'2o0 miles, but it was said that the troops would be sent do vn the ft;. laiwrsnce, round the c iast of Iabrador, anl across Hudson's bay, a din lance or about 4'200 miles. He wished to ask w hether It was really the intention ,o move the troops In tuat man ner? Sir J. Kamsosn said it was perfectly correct that a detachment of trorps were to be ?eu: to the Red river round by the sea, the distance t.f wnlcb route was at least three times greater than that across the Ukos. Ths obstacles to the adoption of the shorter route, however, were qul*o insuperable. There was a steam communication from Toronto to the western ond of lake Superior bnt from that point to the rettWment there were 300 miles ho Intersected with rivers and swamps that he believed tho country was quite lmpa**able That was (he reason the troope were going by that long detour. Tht y were to be sent, however, a', the request of the Hudson's Ray Company, and at their cost The usual moMon ?.v then made for the adjournment of the house at Its rising till Mondar next. Mr Wvin said the honorable baronet was in error in the rtatemeni he had made Was h- not aware that the CV-ia dtan parliament had voted ?'100 to make a r,<ad over that (art or the shorter route to which he bal referred? The country, ro farfrom being impassable, was average prairie land; but the real secret ot the matter was thai tho Hud ' ion's Bsy Company were afraid < f having a road to ib*ir territory, and therefore they preferred the long sua route. (Hear ) Sir .1 UiV4i.v> wkh kwtrti nf tho votf in i ,o t in hut the root) bail net yet heon m*de, and the troop* were re quired at the Red Rivor Immediately. (Hear, hoar.) (From the Hoodoo Chronicle, July 6 | We were glad to nee tbe question* waked by Mr. Wyld a? to the Brdltb tror>|m for the Rod river g rin* a round of 3 000 mllee. When we consider lb*' from ttuyerlor to It they would have 300 milei, and from York 700, wo agree with Sir John Ramrden'a an" vor, eepo dally ae >>lo nel Ooflon, wbo bad t avclled ooth route*, describee that from Sunrrl >r a* tbe boat It would h ire Jecn well for the War Office, before yielding to tbo augieetiou* of the H ilsoo'* Bay Comnany, to bare ooaeuttea lord Biry. wbo bar been a member >< tbe Canadian I'arl anient, and Indian C norm winner; ArCuaeck Honey , S' erelary of the Cranu Trunk Railway o' Canvta Oolenel C'roToii and Captain Heard, bo b of whom gave evtdrnce before the Hudaon Bay Committee, with mine londun, I.lvorpool and Claigow merchanla lotureeted in tbe Canadian trade, aa well aa the U >reroor doners! or Canada. A* part of the trnopa were to wail about the 23d of June, from Morireal for New York, It will be late to counter mand thoae, unlet* too venae) put* back to *ome colonial porta; ia *ueh an event order* ahould be aent for bar to rem -n 10 Wuebec Tbe m?n, women and children mu*t stiflbi a good leal during the seventy day* Uey may be on the route. Aa to the rest or tbo troop* not yet (una, we trust lord I'antnure will send out directions for them to proceed by the ngbl road. It must ooat the company four times aa much to tend tb< m by Hudaon'* Bay at by tbe lake* It would be the dnty of the War Office to oottanlt Colonel Croften and Oaplaln Ueard at once The tece aasumed by the Canadian preaa, of all parties, la very strong on b? tut ML and the gave nment ahould uae great caution lent to Kaatern diftlc iuh they may add Uin?.> of our Wratern coioaina, hitherto ao loyal to the ? drttirh crown, but at preaeot loach pro.oked by the War and Colonial offices here. Chasing the American ttlaver Adams UrayThe Captain and tits wnw on Hoard the British H ar Mloop. {(ague i African toast) llav 20 Correspondence of I,onion Herald | 1am happy to Inform ) on that tho old Prometheus full In with a valuable prim, In thu aba * of a slaver, a few itaya ago on our nay to Ascension, about KM) irilon southwest of fag"*, tha masthead man sung oat "rail hoi" a note ao uninteresting of late, thai In all likelihood ore should hare purrued the eron ,war -f\il tenor of oar way, bat that tbla flolltli rail, on porceivmg ua, altered course? a proneedier which WW auaptclon la tbe guilty breast of Piumetbo it, ?rho ataadlng towards bla un?oetal friend, roon made biin out a floe b igaoilne, ru ming away before tbe wind with all rail he e?uld stagger under I'rometbeue, atirrlng up bla now boneatl/ acquired 9rws, and firing In rrraaed rtimulua to tbe "tea kettle," rapidly lea tear. I tne dtataice betaeen blmaelf and ins hooeat gestieaao ahead, who, (?rhap?, harlot no particular flanry toeultlrate 'he aoqua niaaoe of one who, erea In heaven. oould oat under etat.d tbe eiert difference bet wren "meu"i and loam,' and atrhtrg to follow bia o?n naaa al ?e, look la bta atuaaaila, act all atayralla, and ba iled tin wind ?a maao'u rre wbtcb U>e frnmethcua wae e<iually anoomtaodaUng ta. A nina brecae now springing up, both rbipa being on the port tank, an eictt ng rhaae commenced. the brlgantloa, aridtaly a a e'ipper, aer tauat a parr beading Ilka read* with a crowd of snow white caoraan careanlnt traoafully near to the breeae, aeemel llgeiome beactiful retry - agnl ak'mm ng along the anrfane of tbe water, vainly endeavouring to fly fr>m at me baleful blank Hen I ? roaring an I panting, aad be rblng uifth tire and rmike and destruction from IU Iroe furnacy luaga?ta pumoit fbe chase thua coadaued for b? ura, tbe Prometbeutslowly bat loortlably galoiog oo her prey, wbisb being bard preened, again clapped oa ail atua aalle aad bore a ay before tbe wind, bat in rata; aa after a >un of A H boora abe wae witbla ran go of tbe Prom* thru* wbo now "rawed" aad Irsd a gua. tbe baigaatiae, sreng the game all up, lei fly bla royala, loot ta bia aiun rail*, Iwcked bi? main topsail, hotated a Hpaawb eaaiga^and bore to lo a few mi note* wa were along al Je? tbe aa glnes stopped, tbe boat rail* tlaaed through the blooka, I be crew inmped la. and aweepie,- rap'dly ro?nl the atranger'a euarter, were onboard In a twtnklla..- la ten mmutee more the sickly looking Spanish ' ag waa replaced by oar jolly old eaalgn aa I pennant Nona after ber crew waa aent on board the Promt the na?all Italians?at aula noua aad 111 farored look In,- a onllecttoa of mlncreaaU aa errr altord a an ad pi pa, or pot ta foma the pleaeaat little gams called " aalking a plank, ' or aay other equally mao rest recreation peculiar to gentlemen of their pra>reaal?n and taate They name orer the ablp'eaide, beaded by their, ablpper?a thorough patne-l Yankee Tola polished gentle frawrlnio an 1 iBdopaadeime of tba nation from which bn darlrad bin patronloiic. rory coolly IhraM bin haod> lolo hit brant tin# poctntn, nni) by way of profaoa mmmaooaa to wntn bM name and nldm li tobaooo juton no tba wnil bo 17 atooad (lack, an baring amampllahnd tbln par form urr with lagular (kill aa<l daitnrily, ha airdalmwd in a load natal twang, " WmJ, by ? gaol la tone, I rook on you bant the laufb all oo your owa ol'lo thm um* . f ml011 lata nha It Um Daanl prtao yoa baa a kakao Ui It maty a <)ay , Uul ir I ba<1 only a Hula mora wind, I guana thai art timkar mold lick all tarnal ortatloa, aad gooa off nwaa Hck bko a graaard fltnh of llghtainf, )o?l at *b? aorrad a tarnattoo light no 'am bafora ; bat, by ? ' yon hart lb# lanyh all to yoar?rl?na, thM limn. Ifa too bad fbr a man to ba aarrad oat la tbia way, far trying to Ukriattaaiw ibem J ara black oiggar*, ihai'a a fort" Waring tbaa tni rnrad hlmrnlf, ha NNBfil bit tallrary dmnbarga w'lk lorranatl aaargy, 1o U?a on amall 4lt|n?? of tba flrot Pa-itaoaat ao doabt n* ahlp wan oa baa lanma a* a ytort Nwat.folly found ttftil fitted up, folly |in|i|*ed for *4 tomt il%% Darlag tba cbaan tkay throw nmrboard Iba anchor* aad oil baory waigbta. k doc tad oway tbn * "]*"" r,om "><* maata, alai knd all thy rigging. rut , aarka, aad bolkhaada, and triad a I ntbar mnaan of ta or?aaiB| bar aai'iag 1'itli'laa W? ftmad ?> [? of naaka of whlakay and Bour. b? ? of1 *) *?-< In tba hold, but tba moat anuafactory dlaoorary of ail waa aa lamrnia 'joaatlty of dollara aad doabloonv to tba "tan. ' rfWra. U,m -1 ?.?0?" "?? nonautar^ bio portion of which wta atnwad away oe ia? pnrrona of tba craw Oea old fallow who taomad "bnwad dowa by wau hi of woa." and to ba uilarlng from o .d or dfapap I lift *u rent for treatment to ne G.wtor. wnn ?m-1 par r?>U? familiar with onmplalai, end * <> reltered him frotialltbr dletreawtn* *f tupUina '?f the 'IInm>. eta ? ?*00 h?*T,,r ? the I"** oil featlemao' *M'TZ, ww *ent fhr enedeitiaetlon to *e?ra I v*?a, and ?,. rrr* rent oa !??* at llv!*v?, ea< h Mlnw r.>r*tTiiV{ ?10, and the captain ?60?r at tar do- eat treatment for ?t>cli raaoelt _______ Rnfal Penelnne In Knglntid Airtoapt the ro>al pen*t?e* late!/ grai.t*<l bf Q-imb V'ctorla we Had the frifoalog ? . .. Mr* Jane Ma-ft'et Ra*lnon?e, ?100, 'o rnnelderatlor of the d'etret'ed etrc?m?'*Bi * JO wbtch *h? hue hewn loft at the dew* art her butband, Mr uaorge oadniaf BMKhotiM, who vm mardered wMt dtseharftrg the da*ei of Mr Majesty' OmriMry Jadge at IkriM. Mr*. Mary anna k Beckett, ?100, la ooa*ideretloa of tha literary merits of Mr husband the lata Mr. Gilbert i heckell; abut ?r tha amlaaal public aarvlcaa rendered by turn la bl? capacity of a pohoe magtatrata la tbh aatrtya Ha. and of tba daatitcta oireuaat^oaa la wkick aba, bla Widow, and tbetr oblldraa arc bow pla-ad. Mr*. Anne Waghora, CbO, la cooaldaratioo of Uta rahaabla sarvtoaa of her *oa, tha lata LlaoL Waghera, la MlabUahing the overland ronta to ladla Anna Cat heart, ?100, In conaldaraMaa at tba wadaaab military rerrtee* of her Iktber, tha lata Uaat. Saaaral Sr George Cat heart, K C B , wh > waa killed at tba baltla of Inkermann, and of the narrow pecuniary maaaa la wbidfc hi* lamtly hare been left. Mr*. Mary Philadelphia Merrtflsld, ?100, la unmlitaw tlon of the rateable servicer *be haa rendered to tttemtar* *nd art, and the reduced circumstances la which aba la placed. Mr*. I,ydta Falconer Millar, ?70, In coital deration of tba eminent rervlce* rendered to literature and adaaoa by tba work* i f her lata hueband, Mr Hugh Miller, and Uta ttraltened ctronmatannaa In wbleh nhe I* placed by bis deceaeo. Mr*. Mary Haydn. ?10 an additional pension of ?16 a rear, In consideration ef the eminent rendered to literal ura by her lam hut hand. Mr Jo?eph Haydn, and tha straitened o'fcumstancea In which the la plaoed by hi* deceaaa. HIIwftlanrotu Sortlgn Items. The I'arte correspondent of I* Nmd aaja In bin letter of July 1. that In general the preaa ha* attached too much Importance to the in urrectloa In tndln It la rather a traditional policy of Knglan t to make from t me to time an examide, In order to maintain a aaluutrv dread among subdued populations. But, aaya he, I do not pretend that the Brt lah torero men t haa been the fomentcr of the rtota and troubles ol Ueerut and llelbl; thoae eventa, far, howerer, rr?m bclnf prejudicial to the schemaa of ,/ird PaJ/neraton, will on the contrary give couotenanoeto them. Tha same writer iffirma that the plot agalaat the Ufa of the Km eror Napoleon, the attrmpta at Inaurroakm la Gom>? ! oohnvn ami f'ala tela am In lin rnrflrt tn lhfl iftlfM source. Tfce moment of the general elecdoo* In Friooi had been choren aa a favorable occasion for the execution of the put. The election were, It we* supposed, to Croat* a certain acttalUn to theoountry, and the murder of the Emperor was to prov ike a revoluit rnnry movement la Franco. Similar movements wore to take in Italy, and a general revolution would have somtlnrown alt Europe into conllai ration. The /ruii'fwwdawcc Helq', of July B, contain* the following:?Lu proportion an tno plot gets Clear, one can have a beiter Idea of the boMnen of It* conception and of the general conflagration In which Italy was to be thrown, therefore, we were not mlntaienin affirming from the brglnniig that the attempts upon tfenoa. leghorn and Saprl showed the three points or attack or a great insurrection which, organised by Ma/.alni, threatened the whole Italian peninsula. Some indications seem even to connect this movement with the arrests lately made In Paris among toe Italians a -cosed of having Intended an attempt ngalnst the hfe of the Kmperor. The Italian rev ilntlonl'te hoped to dad an e-ho In France, and to end by a general subversion of affairs in Europo The government* wore rortunaiely oil their guard against those foolish scheme*, and not with standing Iheeonalilerabloresouroesgallieret against them, they case out of the struggle triumphant and without much csnvulslon. The I'arIrian correspondent of the /itd-prndan v, In bin letter of July 8, about the la'and or I'erlm, says:?All ths Ut'er* received here from 0instantlnople confirm that a demand for an explanation has been addreesod by Kcchtdl'aaba to I be Eoglish a mbania lor about the occupancy of Perlm. This Island is called (Inslr el Mnftab, meaning lb? Island key, by the Oriental*, on account of Its oMtlon, which coirimanda the entrance of the Red *ea. and by which It oould be closed entbely. It Is said that several legations, and particularly those of franco and the t'nltad Stales, have unhesitatingly declared to the Sublime Port? that tbcy acknowledged bin rlghia of sovereignty over that inland. Lord Hlratford did not deam It proper to go dcep'y Into tfee matter In bla answer, an, he nald, Torino wan btyond bla diplomatic action, and the troops of ibe India Company bare occupied it, but In order to glee a proof of deference to the Saltan bo haa promiaed to writ# olUclally about It to I<ord Clarendon. United State* IMatrlct ( ourt. DECISIONS IN APMIKALrr. Before Q to. Judge Rota. IOMT or GAK0O HT rtKB?WHAT W OKUVKJtT TO A SlllPf ? turn. JrtT 23 ?OUo Dill el. aI. t? the thip John Bertram ? The Hbcl In tela cane In, that In April, 1*66 the libelant* Daring pnrcbaied 879 bagn of saltpetre to be dollvored to them in Boston agreed with tboownera of the ?bip, then lying In Hoeton, to carry It from that port to Harrinburg, the vetnel to touch at New York; that the reaeel having given notice of readlneaa to receive the saltpetre, It waa delivered on the wharf and taken charge of b/ the venter* officer*; that 214 bag* of K were tak-m ou board, but tb)i balance waa destroyed by a Ore originating on land, and the Inns of It wa* occasioned by the ueglig?uon of tho officer* of the tbip In Dot taking It sooner on board , that Ibe vessel afterward* left Ho*u>n an I came to New York, where ?he then wan, but tbat her owne * hat refuaed tc give bill* of lading for more than the 214 bag*, or to admit any liability for the balance, the value of wni -h, being ap ward* of 87,000, they claimed to recover ef the abip. All the allegation* of the libel w?r* put In Maue by the answer Held by the Court?That heretofore *uch a bell very and acceptance baa been regarded a* * ifficlent loealtbliefa a II-o upon ibe v awel for <h? good*, but ibat doctrine mud bo regarded a* rescinded by tbeeiproas adjudication of our court*. (18 H iw , 188, 2 Curtis, 408, (b , 441, 10 How ,88 ) * nimn rAtnt?til* on vkjs-wv von muum. Char let Herd el al **. ihe bnp fdni ? fhl* waa an action opon a charter party. The o w ner* of the brig engaged by II to rend her o Norfolk and thence to Heme era, but they *ubaei|uently refuned to perforin the ootitraot, and ti>a action wa* brought ro recover damage* for the breach. After the cause waa beard and wa* roady to be deotded, Ibe decision wa* ruapended to allow of a re arguminl eo the point whether the case waa onntrclled by the declaim of the Nupremc Court in I'ratt v? Ketd (19 lloe 360.) I.ibel dlamifted with casta wrrnm?stats law?ua*. H'tlUam FtlUerlnn ft The BUmp Heeenge ?tbur wa* an action for lupplle* furnlthed to the a oop. The Baal dam eioo in i bie case a aa rraerred, a* In the preoe llng one, to allow a re-argument on the que*ion of the ooatrolllet foeoe ef the decision In the cave of Pratt vs. Iteed. Ulml Hsmlrar d with ooat*. niLunoN rnwo.r *w**r ooat amp a*< nonno V??. Ji lt 24.? Hetx-ri I. leinr <t al , m /"v XemmbuaA Bedford ?Thl* waa a Ubel Iliad fey the owner* ef Ibe soboaer Mary I) lane to recover damage* occasioned to bee *y a noil slow with Ute ?loam bowl, which occurred near Ibe Wall tree! lerry, upon wbtch tbe steamboat wa* running, on the morning of Htc 17,186.1 Tne schooner had baa led out into the stre*m the lay before sad anibwed,aa tfee llbellenls claimed, below the ferry, ant next muralng, during a heavy fog.abe waa run Into by lha steamboat coming from the Brooklyn side Tbe ma'mania alleged that she waa anotioret in ibe trw k of the furry boat*. Hold by the (Inert tbat Ibe position of the *r hooter cannot b* mail" tbe turning point In the case, because the aiireme dark nee* a', (he lime of Ibe oolltalon prevented to* wdnews from flung it with any norland/, bat the ferry boat cannot justify going ou. into tbe rlvwv under a Tree head of steam In au tb a dark nee* that another vessel could not be stwwi from her deck Hbe had no right to enter ipow a trip In such a balgleea atate from the coadtim of ibe at mrwptn rs, mors than If she bad bfen uoaavt gable from tbe In** of bee belm or mo-lve power. Tbe Itbellant * vevael had been seen and safely psewd repeatedly during the same night, sad onlv-a lew minute* pievlous, although tbe fug waa thick, and aa tba impediment and embarr isaasenl of the ferry beat wa* w* caused by any blng unesprrtedly saet ipn her ow bar pamagw, but sit palpably before ber wb> n -be started, tbe Court km I a~ 6...1.1 *6 as 1 aba le..b ike nfak sa ooa keS.eir al a uvuuu iu yui i nn " ? ?' ''? ? ' ? "r" ? maklot th<- [*?>(? wlrly la rn?(?c? to lb# ncbooof 1 ?w? ror i bflluK, wtlb a r?for?o* lo compute lb# la MfM. muiMiiHW?<t>i? taw fknnwii rtnmHt * 'Jkt M-tmhtxti ?Thlt wat anil braufht 10 rroorer aharfafa. Tbe ubcllaat tot a wbart *1 Roedout f r lb# cat of lb# ?##?? I at a rooed naa for lb# ?#a?on lu forr la# taaaoa aw oaar lb# ?? ?! coaaad to run, aad tbia libel wa? fltod rh# #ae# w*?. lib# mm# other#, ra aryunl aa to tb# eff#ct of tbe d?ei 10a .a Pratt it. Heat la IV How Held by lb# tVrart?Rat It li uoawcraearr to c welder that polat, at tba llbehaot fail# to prore thai fiO wtt dot for wht'faaa wlwn tb# nut w it br < i?h; wllbla lb# deelatoaa of ihlt Court (Karle r# lb# Alula; Elmore rt tbe tame ) Its#I diamvod w lb NMa. h oniimT?um Cavtr .t. Rii*rl #?. 7>i llmrk J'aAd.? The t!b#l la ibto rata wat lied to #oTorre a bottowry bond aina tb# bark aad b. r cargo, eirralod la New Ivteaae Jaa. U. !?'. to terurr tbe (Wf mrnt, Are day# aftrr ibe arriral of tbe bark la New York, of it# euai of T.Tflb, with 10 per wet ?tarrat. By tb# Court ?Tbia eta# oom?t btforr the eaart la a |i>e?ttoaaito at wet ta maay panj""tor?__^* nm nwirfd by mo nrpnuierai >.w w " ?*/ > ? ?? for *o ahort a umc, toe am itgnmi* *f ",? appttceU wa of Uio money; thr amount r-**rr*<i oat of It In to* iiilir (Who wu afcn jmrt owner) t* in *?<> "ommltoow to* lork of OTidrDC# of proper dingdnet la eMail tali hy other m?wn*, and ak? of proof lhal a larga portion of toe in mo eorered kr tbe bond W?r* Urn* tl iIoixkii'h tm Ml, and toe wool of Irtiofto-torr ertdeaeff who had Uto Mini nwneraklp or muwrnrnl f f lit* ??anel 01 the time end throughout tbe traaNwitmi, afford oroa*ton to douhg wtiotbrr tb* Ooorf M in pnomnalon of no ntiroeeried an f reliable *te?rw*at of toe facta Bol at 10ml of UM portion, adore in to* bottomry loan and iub.*Tiont pmoordlni*. appear to hove b*?a tlireciiy Intdrwtnd fa um town an wnorn, and moat bn to*on to or-1owner in, If not eppror* thr prounnllng i, ton (tart will not dlrmtaa ton action Tbn MMinnl will bo alinwnd to ink* a drerrr fhr $4,000, <rito *nrr, bowerer, to each party, If he ?o n?*, to barn r*'error* to a Onmniiwlonor, tbn libel Ian I to Mcnrtok* *br> her more than tii* $4,000, being a Ilea Opto toe ranmi, wm inti'Oed by bin l?*n, an! to* claimnatt, wbntonr nan than that turn, paid not of the bottomry loan, wan a n|ai Una an ton rnanel at tbe Umr wr_ una?st unrwnn*?r?nmu<e. rtfrrr to. OrijHfhi m Thr. JUana-Mp ' ?rao Rfni Thin ton* wm brought ipoo a written agreement colored into between lohn W. Orl:' Urn tbe iwynor of ton libel toad tad the owner of th? ntalp, by which too owner agrmd to liny g*7t If lirlfTlton would Mttify certain rnfernaa thai ba find d Homered the came of certain inflow In ton eonitrnrtl o of ton thlp which rendered hnr ummawnrthy, md world repair the tame The fib*I alleged pertormane* of tbe agreement on hit pari, and prated a decree Main, t toe rraael far the nmnuDt Held by the Ourt? Inat toe oowtract wan a purely peroneal nee between ton partim.ead whalnrer may be toe werttn or detoerttn el ike contract, W plainly la ant nf a g entity whhto bnonama a Men upon toe ?btp. and toe remedy of tbe ?bnitnet rn?0i ignlont toe owner alone. Ubei dMmawwi far went of )*i tad tea on. A Knrrwn on rm An?rm* Paieoff AnaariATO r? * faanrt.?Vha apirlt of lB?uborlu???t.'0 ho* eo? beea rrooho.1 out of ll.? rmrl.te la fobnrn pr? "i W? loara rraai Ike A4-?f*^r that no NMafMf ***** iHfhrnlty r"*tirr-rt in iba bam* akn? Mr M-wrn. HM t?ioul on duty, 'tnnrrremd the aheeno* from UM aboy of n Nnrlrt a it-tin ri?:N>h nan. no 1 ?-ol nU> a tbnp la tha roar Of the bono iboo. bkere bo fount tkn nrtoatTif mn TV! an<1 O'dort t hm bark m ka work. The ooartct, without rrpU, notnnd Hurra vita hie left head by the hair of the bead, and a?tk hie right hand lafTVted aereraJ ro won?<l en * abaal %' %? oyea and month Mr. Home broke away f?otn bt? vwallaat, on led fbr and re celrod the Immediate aeaetarv* of OTOral ormrVWa, and orarpowerod the rvbel Mfrtn, July a