Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1857 Page 5
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.... ^ V- ottnuattoa of revolts m tang m IrJuOn and tyranny are 0?lood. Htavery exists to a large e?teat, Mil 10 great >be distress of theaattves, they or* frequesily obliged Oil their offspring to preserve tb ?* from starvation. > "B;ota,'' 01 cultivators #r tbe sou are redac<d to the west larying point, and between uuOaaraole (allot and official e? actions, bare scarce!r where Itbal to ft to and cor er their bodlea. Horn ti a picture one of that claaa drawn by tbe author of ' Ancient and odtrn India." " The Bengal Kyot la deacrthed In Kag >d a* 'feeding on rloe and wearing a alight cotton Croc*,' it the fact ia he Uvea upon coaree rice and dall (retchte), r good vegetables or d*h woald be luxurlet to htm. drooH consists of a bit of a rag around hie loine, and a wider sheet called chudd.r. tils bed Is a coaree m it d pillow ; bia dweiltua a low thatolied roof; bla only operty an uncoulb plough and two oadly fed bullocks, d one or two waterpoie called {otxAs, with a litJe seed lied btfj dKan. From early tnoin to noon, and from on tilt sunset be toils, an > still be is In appearance a ggard, poverty nnltteu, wreuiml creature, often fast5 for days and night* without food, or having only one durable meal in the twenty-four hours Tbe East India >u>pan) once had tne no war of preventiug u tch of thu leery; but in or ad o( dong so have only rlvotted tbe alai on the Ryots.1' And tals Is ths condition of over P,000,000 of jeople, la a land (lowing with milk and mey. No wonder that millions of 'smllies Is England have ea enriched by rbe slaver) of tae unfortuualc native*, d no wonder they should try to rid themselves of so in intan a degradation Besides the lano tax, which in ndootlmea was tlxed at onr sixth, out which under h domination baa been raised to uue half, there la the It monopoly, which raise* the price of thte primary ne seity to three times It* va ue, thereby the nativea use tbe most unhealthy euo?tltuu-s sue an airs 01 me r.ast louia uotnpany are regulated by Ttttv four 1>1 rector a with a Chairman and a Board o utml el ting la London the Ktutlith gov- ruinent appoint I tbe ttovernor General uu?er ?rborc control are tbe esidenc'ea of Calcutta, B >mba>, Madras and Agra. Tbe taboos which subsist bels'een tie company aad toe outary and dependent Btater are thus described ?"The mpany undertake the defeuce of the dependent iuco*' territories against all enemies, domestic or reign. Bo la bound, on tbe other band, to enter :o nf | alilance with other aoveroign* or Stater iihout \ the company's consent, aad be pavs ou near tain annual subtlety out of hi* revenues for etr pr* toot tun, while be generally keeps up ao army at e some tme lor the malotaiosnce of Internal tranquility. some cases, In plaoe of psyiog a subsidy, tbe place dee a portion of his territories of which the co upan? aw the entire taxes, fhe c >oip? jy keep a resident at e priaso's court, who Is ent tied to demand an audience any time; and by tbls agent tbe company do, In fact, teriere pretty regularl' in the Internal concerns of the ate, particularly In sealing the sucuosstoa to tbe throne." tete dependent princes are mere puppets of thecompa; they are uar-d as tar. gatherers, aad pensioned oil sad throned at pleasure We ('ball conclude this sketch with a faw remarks from shoo Hobir and others, to show the social-character of is extraordinary people. " lnls remarkable pcoole ive preserved tbelr twional character, their roiion, mstiutrs, customs and habits ot life fo.* thousands of sars, under ibe dominion or loreiqaer*. Taey urn a tern sraie, 1,-ngal and hosoitab o. geuerally of a browuish implosion, except the higher clause*, who are moat as white as Eurooeaus." ttio most (inordinary peculiarity to the IUado e ts their division to castes. There are four castes, and it is strictly coined by the Hindoo religion ibr.t no transition from one another shall take place: no connection between them y marriage or any other asy ts allowed, and no Inlivllai or the one class can arsume the habit j or engage la le occupations or anoth'r. Even the different e of food is rec sely marked out. The three higher classes are pro Ibited altogether Ihe use cf llesb; the fourth is allowed I kinds except aeef; all others are outcasts and may eat hat they please" From this may be inferred the ob inacy o< the sepoys, who belong to the b'gher classes, . not touching "grossed" ca-tr.eges. Bishop Heber thus Tltes of Unm:--"To say that the Hindoos or Mussulmans re deficient in any essential feature of a civilised |>eople an usaertion which I can scarce! r suppose to be iade by any who bare lived wiUi them; their tanners are at least as pleading and courteous those In the corresponding stations of life moog curs> Ives: their houses are larger, and full I convenient as ours; their architecture U at least at ele ant ; nor Is It true that in the mechanic arm they are In trior to the general run of inferior nations. Tneir gold IDUD8 toa weaver* pruuuos ? tsuauuui iiwuw mm um wo. lb. y are moat successful Imttsturs of oar patterns and irodoctB, and the ship* built by native artists at Bombay po notoriously as good a* any which sail from London or Irerpool." Another writer says, 'The Mohoratnedans or Idla are more Intelligent and possess groater strength d courage than the Hindoos; they are also more p- oud, ?k>us, revengeful and rapastoua, and tbelr fidelity la Such leaa relied on by the BritMi government. In u nc ^strict* the Mobommedan population la nearly aa numnr ?ta aa that of the Htndooa; and Doth aeem to lire in a stale f mutual amity." tf*ak>ng or 'be arrogance or the rtltKh rrttlers toward* theDaovor, Uishop BeOer remark* Of this rooJiib, inny, national pride, I aee but too many lataneea dally. M e are not guilty of Injustice or w! lfil pprenMo > but we shut out the natives from our society, ad a bullying, Insolent manner la coutluoally assumed in peak! to tbem." Colanal A. 1%'. Babbett'S Harder. HTBBKiWINO I.BTTKB FROM 111* WIDOW?HBK MB' 1 LAMIHOLT IN V1STIG ATION OP TUB CIK0PM8T4NCKS 1 OP III- DkATU -TUB CIIKYBNNE INDIANS Old A3I HASolNB ?ALL WBITB MEN ACQUITTED OP TUB \ ODABOB. . Cbbscknt Cmr, Iowa, July 11, lss;. TO Till BtUTOII Or TIIC MttALP. J Haftng recently arnvtd from Utah, ahenoe I bavo Date to 'i*arn all tbe particulars I could obtain relatlre in la death o.' my bnsttacd, Col. A. IV Babbtll, who cams ) a v ilrnt and lamentable death last season, whl s mrneylng acroee the I'laiM to ('tab, I ask a place in the s.uxnna of your widely circulated paper to rehearse al he facts in regard to ba sad and mysterious decease I tare been able to ascertain. s In conpany wltb ray brother, Joel H. Johnson, and my feUlren (four in number), I left? rest Salt Lake Oty no ^a'.1st of April, and after encountering many hardship! hrougs deep snowa, and numerous obstacles to our pro res#, ariiTsd at Devil's (.ate, near Independence Hock lay 7, where I mat a gent eman namel Cooper, a clerk taring be .once 1 to Mr. Budget a trs.n, that went acrnei die I'lalnii late laat fall, lie stated that whilst travellinj tp lb* Valley of tba I'lane, j i*t below Chtmnoy Rock, hi Jmnd a largo IK of paper* partially burnt, which, upoi Ixam aat on, he lound belonged to Mr. Babbitt these b. Jerri- liy looked over, and teot forward to me all tha bere va: able Tbe paper* allude 1 to were received Ud roved to be aome of tbo |<aper* my huabaod bad wttt )tm when be left tbo Missouri river, do, Cooper, kuca loth ok " "I'bla deatb. Mo intnrroed motba boa aoeraar i?a- where the paper* wore found, tbe whoel* and spriogi i ratarrta^' , and other trace* of destroyed property, wbl,.li o doubt bekiogod to my uofortuoato busbar,>1 At tn? nleoe tbe trader* cautioned ua not to proceed further. a? ' loetile ban of Cbeyenor* ??? r rortod to be >r to roa' 1 rady for more buuiao victim*; hot betog very anxlvi* ti aarn aomrituug of the fate of my murdered husband out Ittle company pressed lorward, ?ru.ting to tbe pmv m t? k.r.c I* . > tro< , and or. i. i <,l llajr art v, ,1 v t Ya ft la' <mle, not having met with auy ditUcuKy I rum be lerVaas on the rou'*. Her* we nailed upon the command Of other,- \|j . | loAraan. I think,) wbo baa learned all nr know <>< tb? noroerlhru yh mo Iooiinr and French t id "*, wbo toll j i.m th-u a r-i "sr liny bin I ft Cheyenne* lis I romiiu'l ?d ihr miT'ii', partly W rs'iab' the- .age tin rs . <r tb' i ilood of ? h in moo and paMly fi r plender. They knes ? Ir Hahb ll and bad followed him Ir on nrar Kesrr,?y t ;nowlr I ?ae a g'n.Tumor,1 nil) v r. and ' ! , glial b< <Af. this gtmtleman assure 1 mo he ha.i not I t loubt bat tbe'. the murder was or minuted oy the In Macs i a above it'Med. and tlnalty r in "I mr to n 1 r-n 1 4vter acroee the river, f rom him I learotd tost be bad 4ei n tbo mules belonging to Mr Habhitt'a carriage, an I f rosomeof b .s icwelry and ruins of gold tbe Indians aa: I Jiey too* 'rum I in, mnet i' w h ? >. they had swap- d f Jiaoket?. sugar an I other things, with .be iradors, who r. to purr hare the jewelry on account of the high nr. Indian* held it at, and also tearing it migbi be cla me I Jill Wfcn - -m turin fAft*-p"" >* my weir of ail ihr inf ir.nav a I en obta'n relative loth* murder, we darted forward ?t tiding rnada and graae mm h better, ihotgh the *ri he trrnn Mill Ot d, arriving at I art Kearney on tbe 5th day of one ' Bora we met a cordial welcome from M?/)r Wbarton <ad hi* km f lady, wbo ehored u* orery attention and nym|?th; " their power, an 1 gave me the following par (ru ar? of )be ilea b of my hueoaad ? 1 Mr arrlred there, on bie way Wert, abou. tho 'rt of rwptrmber, and found a portion of hie e* train, )blch bad bean broken up by tbe iadlant, iet below the Jart. Be battened to pnrthaea Mock and reJt the train Wblrb wae carrying out Territorial property). Tble he ampin-1 atoml thei-th,aad in company of Mr. Kteian ' > nd Mr ftutberlaad, ataried out with four mo lea attai hed f> bia carriage and aanther under tbe aaddle. upon wei h JV rode. U leading to reeeh I *ramle In three day Mai >r /barton proponed to give bint an eeoori of troope, whmb wee deellntd, upon ihe ground thai they oonld not travel itfth an'He ent apeed. Tble le the leal time tble little com 'tan y waa ever aeen by w bite mm, aa I bare aa yet been rta>le to learn and Mir nect new* heard rerun It wae thongn je Indiana and rren< b trader*-that they were all mor hffred the aeonad day alter tbey left the fort, about lift . ill** furthi r np tbe Platte, wbilet making a alight bait la ?*e middle of tbe day. Major Wharton bad euooeeded in Attaining noma of tbe moat ralnahla papere. but nothie ae, not even hie waenb or ring, nor tbe leaet iriile o jtber raloablee. " Both Ma-or Wfartna aad led/ etpreared the'r mnel et' t0/*i eotirictlne that my boehand came to hi* death accord I g to the pret lonely related > Irr jmwtao e?, and by th t 'land* cf a band of aarage murderer* of tbe Cheyenne*, rj leering he generone Major Wharton and bl* atnaol }pji w# baetciied forward to the re**derce of mv ' fend . man uniif riiioiy. low?, eon errirwu ?\ r v r?e Mdnc* of my brother, J. 1 .lohnaon, on the l-ft MM 4'Althnngb | here no poeltlre or l.>ri - l"' " ' ' "?eorrowful and unhappy death e my late', 1 _yee on hee'tetion. induing from all the eridOD.-o be:-r ?e. thtl ho rane- to lee death by a pert'.'o. t-n yenn' rhfre, the name who murdered Mr N'iekot*. Mr' W An and r'.'ld, end oth. r* who were fmag out with the "t ain, thai he l ad been weloh?<1 by ilmm end in'. *o| irrtn* hundred mi lee or more, end Hnelly murdered for 'under, on m ebonl thohth of Neptember, about 1;? i?'h>. ' t ' I K erno\ , the Indiana tan* t r >rn b'o., v ! 'til bero , iihwa dtapoeed oT to the t-edera.t h e m ..welry. aed other la hit y .ae^aton el (It time OI hi. dneth; the! thoy do.troyed many of hnl ,tper? eo I h other pro pern a. w*. o' no rel'ie I 11 In- n. rll here not e ehedotr or oeptr'on thet white men were deny ?t> r. noern.d .n hi* death?ihe aewaimpof etiriee Jet ho r.e killed by the to tho Conirery nil^rhetendtnt i[ao ar art t.i public jaetlne, ] aak yon to ley tho.e f*-'t th<" pooplo, my ' rtn I* end tho ntanv frb-n \ nH jy hi .' end teey know the (er.te relative to ble m den ?? ]<? ?? Jl UA ANN HeRBtfr. I Tlfte Pontic*) OontMt In Vlrgfnfw. OCB LUDiOlOM, TA., OOUHMBroHDUHOM LuturGTW, fa., July SO, ISM. The Senatorial Contest between Wist and tinnier?A Voice from the Valley ef Virginia?Hun J"\n Leickrr n> the Ring? He Advocates Hunter's Be election through hts Special Organ, the " Uxingtor. Star"?The Badger Pro viso to the Kansas Bill, making it a Free SoU StateHunter Sustains that front*, dc. A recent number of tbe Star new;jpa;>er, ptibllaUod la Ibla town, und recognized u tbe special organ or tbe (I >n Jobs 1 etcher , member of Congrew elect from tht* dtatrtni. contain* an edttoMal of aone iignlbcance In refereaoe to tbe coo tee t to* going on bet eeen Governor Wtaa nod Senator Ainter for tbe lulled State* Sonata ship Itl? welt known to bare emanated t<*om Mr. l/oic-ior'a poo, and may, therefore, be deemed worthy of notice. Reoeui urvemj>ranTi? oitb inu w a i in uu'i<miajuii>K >uw sitiou of Ibis gentleman with reference to tbe admivtotra lion, and i( is to b? regretted that hli sesillinenu and1 opl nlous In ibis regard were not duly canvassed prior to bl* recent election. Tbtt be ta leagued wlib tbe opponents of tbe administration to VVginla?Hunter, Bocock, Powell Ac,? there exists no doubt, and in ft?rtberance of that policy we find blm now leading the forlorn hope for Hooter, through tbe columns of bis special organ, tbe ,Slar. He is known to be is vigorous aspirant lor tbe succession to tbe Governorship; but be will learn In time bow Incompatible is tbe position which be now occupies with a realization of tbe ambitious hope which be now fondly entertains. He ba? made no proola matlon or bis views upon tbe Kansas question; but that be 1* opposed to Ibo pohcy of the administration In reference to It, may be safely Inferred, In view of hii position upon tbe Wise and Hunter oontoat, in wb ch this question constitutes the main Issue. H'.s association with tbe most active opponents of the admtn.stratlun forbids even a doubt as to bis position lo this respect. But to Mr. I etcher 's editorial s-tlcle tu tho .Star. Mark bow ingeniously be strives to throw the odium or resp>nslbillty cf the so called split In the \ lrginia democracy sb? itDwst.stt "?1 eASha r*? jsr AtVsoir unsian nf lose in I Iluenco outside o( our Slate," when tbu unlit, tf uny pitch exists or is likely to enpue, In directly traceable to the clique with which he Ip allitd. him point to any act er agency on the part of any friend of Wue tending iu any manner t > cream a dtvisl 'it among the party in Virginia Upon the Hunter fao.inn alone rests all the reaxmubility in this connection; for we find that the policy of oppoiitton to the administration, upon which thoy inakc Usue with Wise in the pending contest, ?aa inaugurated by ibe Under cf that clique in the executive oeselun of the Senate as early an ilarch last. He u'rayed himself at Ute very outset against the rotation poltoy, and by in tiuencing other Senators in behalf of his vie vs -ought to restrain the administration In Us exercise, and thus manufacture capital fur h'cnsb! at the expense cf Mr Ruchauan Here was the flrst tudicaltnn of bis policy, and bis friends, with a fidelity that is cum mendable, have adhered to it from the beginning, and, no doubt, will to the last. Call you this dividing mo democracy, Mr Ietchtrf Have you not in this policy of op jiosltlon, tnaugu'ated under the auspices or your leader and faithfully pursued by his followers In reference to every act of the administration down to the Kansas difli cully, the germ ol' all those aissvn ions which you would lain Impute to the agency of Mr. Wise's rrtends In fact the '(* papers In Vtrgiula tn the interest of Mr flea ter arc pursuing the same policy, thus emphatically and distinctly tnalcatiag that opposition to me aamnist ration Is th? MM opan which they nope to MMr? bis re elec tlon. In pursuing this coarse they arc actlnf In direci tio lallon of party usage, and in this ?.e* are jos'Iy amenable to the odium which must attach to thecreutlon of dtvisions in the democracy or the Old Ltjmioion. The agency in this respect which Hunter's friends would fain impute to Wise and his friends Is a true exemplldcattnn of tbo position or tho thief who, to divert suspicion from himself, ciiea out " Catch thief, cat.h thief" hat, Uke the sequel In this Instance, the guilt will ultl natal/ lie attta proper source. Wise and his friend are at.log tn .strict oootormity with democratic usages and principles In supporting thi administration, and csnoot, therefore, by any stretch of Ingenuity, be made amenable to tho charge or creating divisions; while, on the other band. Hunter and his Iriends are arrayed s,?inn It, "in violation ol the first andjjaramouM obligation of psity ceageai.d disregard of party requirements. 1 fill no* give Mr. I .etcher's article In the Sr?r, dispensing with some Tew remarks .u the heginotu? of It which bad merely reference to the principles and policy that have given to U the ascendency and importance which It commands:? I This brlet Introduction brings us to the qneition which we design todlaciiu m '.fcUartbde-a lucti in of vital Imp nance , lo the ti 11 lot hiuwouy and in*<rtij ol the democratic party of Vbclria. 1 lie Niw Yrc.k Hen it n and acme few o'her papers of less Influence outside o' our Minte/are (taking great elTonr 10 cream the impression Unit the dernix ran of Virgta a are aboil to divide on lb? r'ecllon of a rienator lo sujeeed Vr Hunter lb?y have labored hard lo demonstrate tse existence of Incurable eiuenslots and divisions .n our rants, and be oonie quite.iidillautoierihe prtspec of the overthrow of a party which la* tierer faltered in lis support of d-mwrvln men nnd demaernin-principles. Tbeee enemies el the roity, barmony and lategrlt of our par v would be greatly rryoteed tosee It lorn oy illsseov on and aaralyred by dltUioo* kmr log as they do thai so long as Virginia annds at the hes of ihq democrat)'' enluain and bears the tag f 8 ale rlgli s aue will, even under the m<nt adverse clrcumitances a* In ! >?<>, rally arouad her the .true trlen li of the coasdtiitiou and the Union, lo all factions ol our country. In the Isle Prcels'ei Ual rlrcuon the New York ties ti u and > lis ailna apirid no < (1 lit to a.-compluh the ovJrt .row or <n. <h mocratV p?r t, with MBuchanan at I a heal. and loaecure the election of Fremont, nod the trttiTi h of black repuhll i caulaaa. I heir t tt ,r a then failed, bm they were nowlla counted ?lreadv haa ite HrRAin ri? ?? 1 the name ot Fre won. aa lla caacirate for ItWj and <he paat history of ike paper an 1 the character of its ad nor. adut iotas ua thai eee -y expedient will ba rcaor ed K>, hd<1 every eflort Bade, winch will be im'culated to accomplish Ita wishes Ho long at the democratic party la Virginia are nrl'ed and harmonious their cliaaceiof aneceea are rath?r unccrtaij lleaca their e lorn I utatw tbeaeedofdiaarDaioo. wi I Hnd that we are ant to be divided Id 'he approachutf He?iat< tial eleetiou the \ ovinia deo trracr will, aa the? hare dot'* hrremtom. peeaeut no aubrohen fr >ui -they ml. maintain that uaion and harmony to aihich ihey are i lod'b.ejf * their many irtuspba We all feel and knnn thai In untnti liea onr strength - that once divided we fail I helplessly ib'o the hand* of our op poaea a. I V irglnla ha< a aa? many aon? nho hare the ability, eto? . rlence aud integrity to represent her faithtnlly aal fill ciently io any national position rematorta1 or Then. > hbe haa no n iw of complaint again* her distinguish*1 , ?oo? Il iner lie haa deiendrd and rcrtsrted her prtn ctpira, tralntalned ber rights. and proved hnna-lf at all itmra and uooer all alr.nOMUnoea faithful to her tnte raea aan her hot or. No casrge ia brought against him 1 ?ao Tote that he bar gives, or speech that he aaa made la con plained o?n .ihln* In his poh.le lite ur private hlamry ban ' beeu censured or criticised It haa nerer been the policy of I Ylrglnl % to dbmlra limn ber asw>ie? those who hare perioral , io! ilt< lr duty, ntt'inugh she may he satiated that ah? haa other anna who would hiveaeted squally we I If they had filled lite , p nor W h< n she <1 rrarda a aun. three muat bnailriugn* ceaally for H. and Ilka erery noble mo'h?r. ahr la ready to preaeiit to the Ml IM onalderaitona hat have impel ed ber I to the perr<>rni?<.re of so ungracious an act II doen not f >1 low thai because ?he rrfuaea to aet anlde one am Io make 1 place lor anrther. 'bat ahe lores that other leaa. A trae. just I and g?*cerc;ta ru'itrr aa ahe U, ahe lores all her eona. and v. til i In ' ue time tor or all The deworrmita party of Vfrrlnla will re elect Mr 11 inter to ' the ?. mate. be aoae they thlna bta paat deduct aa their rep re aeata Ire ta dew rrtm <>l thka eriienie of th-lr approbation It ia hot because they taink l< m of 'tor VY'ee now 'ban In ISM, ?Ilea he led them to viewy In the g<-rat struggle of that J ear 1 bey sppri la e<1 bta great aet a then they appr-cta'e th< m bow. and they woti'd, U t! e mailtntIon authorized 1', nr l he dratred II chawrlollT tmntVal their continued ouo.l drnce la h'tn hr a re eie< nun to the Ouhoraatorlnl chilr. I f r un row dings we bavo heard we ?*o not h?lt-ve that I Oot. Wiw drstres' ) be run for ibe Mcaate He fully appre [ cia ra hla da tiidulalir' poMtton aa (iovernor ot the Htate. and . | la c ount ?. v it He necks ao Ken tiortal post-ion at Una ilOK'. -a Ml aah hat Hie odtee shall t- conferred Upon him to I theexcinaton oi !b<- present icejmbenl lie feels ttat hi la . i inrciteC to the drmnctsils party for the ardent supptw they rare hitn In IW an I he will no now cam a 'Irehrand Into its i ranka which roai dlaturb lis We do not loiiht, n< ??v?r, ihat there iiraaspiriiig men in and out of th-h ate > who would re greatly rejoio?d to see these distinguished sow I of l irgleia thiown In collision, to ae i each rutting the throat I ? of the other believing thai. If the) Ware out of lie way, tic* I cosat wott'd b>' clrar for them Klilaf those two men and | p .inehi or la to All their places Th<<-e|fent<emen thsmael.-e* will exhibit wied< m bj irewnmg down a'l at'empta to raise tneh aa laaue buck a r vateat can result la no advantage to ri ler of Uietn n >w or hereafter, while It wl I rein 11 In a-rtou? mischief to the party. It may, and doubtless will, enure i. the benefit ot n her#, r ho are now anxious and impatient '.ookcre on. Let |,nae who . ' aire ench results encourage a war between them, l.nt let base who dwire to sec the party nailed reals', every etlurtdo at'r tip atrUe la our raiiki Mr. HttrW haa dla i ranted kta duty to ">* l>*nj and ',l>? <vuntry, and the paiiy *nd oouatry wt'l oow dl*rD*raa their du y to bfm, liy re elect leg him to a p> ?i ion whmh hi* Mmi', * a'**m*fiahipao I puh Ho and prlvn.e victor* to wall qualify hira to I1U. Mr. Hnntrr, do doubt, rally iteeerrae much of what the writer baa aa.d Id lila bcbalf, but all tlila forn abea no |uat1l!> attoD 'or bia , raaent pnettloo of boatlllty to tho almln latratiuD. Moreover, be la to ib? eitent of bia rote to tha , , I t'toq Stataa Senate upon tha obnoyloui prutlao Intro dared by Mr. Rtdger, of North Carolina, to Uia 33d aart on of tbe Kan >aa bill, reepoBtlbla for tha arraaaloa of tbat Territory upon Trea roll prioclplee. Taa prorlao reed* j tbue ? Branded tba< eo?k!eg hareia contained ahall be conatruad to revter ar put la fore* any aw or regulAtf a irhleh ma- hare titled prior 10 the act of Mareb 1, l8*t, either prutmjtiu*, ea labliahtLK. prohibiting or abollahiaa alarery. The ''law or regulation" prior to 1820 waa the Ixtatalaon ' law la reference to elareqp, which continued la fbroa aub nf'igogt totba (Pirehaae or tbat Territory aod up to Mia date of tha eetabll?hment of the Mtaeourl lloa Id 1830. It wan eaeoltall) a la# of Don lateryention lo reaper,! to ulavery, mod ootemplaled neither taa eatabltabment, pro hiblUon or aboltahmeet, bat merely tta protection. Had thie prorlae not been engrafted la the bill, uodar the da otalon In tha Dred fhrett raaa declaring the Miaaeurl Una uncoDatitnliODal, tbe I.tulalana law would hare applied to the tern wiry north of .16 dag. 90 min . It being part of tha Ixxitalaaa purohaee which came andar the opemiton of that law. By thla rroylan, introduced by an old federal let, toe territory north of :16 dag. 30 mln. baa been ei eluded from the benefit! of tbe dec! (ton In the !>red Hoott caae. It repeela tbe I ooieiana law ao far aa It appllea to that region, and that effectually check* tbe rertrml of tintery therein, In obalona contrayantl in of that law. Mark bow it diarrtmiaataa between eta re and all other klnde of propr rty, In order ta render Ita mlachlerou* Intent mora atrtkng and explicit. And now we htTa preaomad to our yiew tbe atrasge anomaly of a I'aited State* . Senator who voted ftir tbe repudiate of the I/iaialaiia ] law aod the i'on#e<|ue?t excloalon of alarery from kaaaae, | oer.aurlog the adoiiaiatraUon for refuaing to ooforco the ultra, one aided policy of Southern fire aatera la refarenoa i | to that territory, In utter violation of the boo Intervention Hate rlfbta dowriaea of tbe party. Had the abova prui I ti*o net been adopted, we ehould have tbe tentaiana law la force la reapact to the territory oorih of ;m m, aal the benaiita of tbe leclafoa In (be l>red Scow oa*a to the ex 1 teat of tbe rertral of alarery therein, tinder the opermton i of that law, and Ita protection aa la the caae of the tarii | fory aoutb of 96 30. If Gov. Walker ta to be ceatnrod for ' an Indirect pronnoclamleoto, what ahoold be the pepniar verdict in mnvm w> "" ? **"? i " mwroopt mn nppiie*ll'>n of n in w mnrtmnfci* (he revival nrnl protection of tin very In Ihe Territory of,wbioh he in Unvernor ? rhlt i to ptobnbly n vtow of the Knnenn dtfflcolty not yet known to ninny . nnd It would be well for the people of Vtryteln to eoonMer It t would nek Mr. I etcher If thw I* net no net I which of Itself would Justify oppoeUloi to htn ihleff If Um WCW YORK fiBBRALD, admlDiMratlon h^^onnurpd, bvtua* under (be togtum*to operation U uen'??*Mlc cm uiUrvention prlo iple?, &*a*?* btjtpeoK 10 orvotf Ibin rfte Vnteo *? * true Bt*W, h?>w much wore jooilflikblf t* op ?wMor in rywpect lo Untl.d h?d\( <r, who vohtf t" fle<r w>e ihe r*rrl>ory t xwu ihr itotm of rwuriiy bud Wrfepesdoiice which tt ntvuotel, 01 oi lt*?i would Live oc itiptM, lo re<p*flt lo ltrorv, an dor the or?i?ii<? ? Uio LMkl'tooo Uw, to o ooadlilon of cmpa-atlve iD-ecurlty io became prey to cm tlageaoio* t I con ouiy account lor tbU oppaalRon *n-itio ido uiutraMon on the port ol Hunter anil lil? fr,xu<d?. ou purely nation* ground*. Ho. iea*t of all, ohouff Hn4 f>vlt ?1 b lu policy m U>lr Hgaid, tor to h>? action. to purl, m due much of oot>n wCtieD with this Kan.** q- ewdnn lib voted far Ih i rtputtiaiioo of ibo very law wliiofl would ha, it rumarari h?t T?rrii?rr all that the people ofthe rhouh domred Tte power to rtvive slavery iboroto would' Sweve follow wf h. u iTMuurj CoiiHequvfKV of (hat O'viUlon "OGla'tOg the ttt'Bourl Hae ULC?" tonal, uo1 tt.i nocowitty for *?y eptctal enununo nLj miM subject w?nld hwvw'beoo sw pemtdpd, and with it the exciting agialloa wf.cti bat s? long riiai'M'td ihe conn ry ibo wrkei of tba editorial speaking of the services of Governor Wire in M3&, and the manner In wtesh- tbry have been appreclaed, says:? They appi'i ca?u d Ma great eenrleen lliea. Jhey aopnoriale them u"W, ??l tbev ??iilrl If Owwirmtitutmn i.'Uh 'ri "rt' u .oil be desired It rbeertullr miuilfest thi ir imnnm I jouluteu * in tun by a r* eleetlon to tie irubema orial chair Thank your hm or. Truly that ia doing a grsat (teatrbut there la an "if" and anither "If,"' ou> oi which may on ret down a? iropl>. ! g inpoe-imUty T<e cnnatl.utlon does not tanciton Governor Wlae'a re election, and Mie peon's. . or whom tbe writer undertakes U> ep?ak, cannot ibo'Cor# ! testify tbi lr hi*b senre of <b? Qovernar s ter rlcea by coo 1 ferrlng this honor upon bins a reoouo time Th-?y will do so. however, by eloctltg him to the United Rutrw Henaic est winter. Mr Le.cher may make bimsei' easy upon this subject, and team In ad*aiii e to De reconciled, for ntn eleettnn is certalu He further amy*:? From ?ume tliin?s ?e have hw?-d we do net bellare that Governor t* me ilclrent'i isnrn fvr the o?n*ie 'e fuli) appreciates bla dlruag lsbed poeuion ta "overnorof ibufi'aie. fdq is conieui witn u. ue sreat bo senatorial posi: toi. At tn.s time Bow doe* Uu gentleman knew, 1 should like to bear, upon whet ground* bo make* tbl* assertion, or bow far bo It aulbortxed to spewX lor Go*. Win Judging by hi* po sittos with refaience ti She Governor, I hardly Uilux bo would chitwe blm ? hv nnuUdsnt In * outlier of ttils g >rt I*t ne assure the ge alien an that while the Governor la making no efforts to smure the position, ho will neverttieIota accede to the wishes of hu friend* nod accept the- po tlt'oa when it la tendered to bitn, wntch WtUkgin||| course of ibo coming winter Ho will bo olectod thou, at least. Tbc writer farther says "He (Wise) feels that be 1* In deb ed to the democrat:* party tor tho arneni support I Ley gave tinrln 185", a d be will not to w cart a ilrebraid lain lis ranks whl h may disturb I ? barmoov " Here ts the ciy ol 1 ea rn thief'' beautifully lllastr&tod, Tbia la It a"out "tirebrardH" Cornea with ii bad grit in from a peoidt who woreliie first io cast Ih.-m, by warring upon tho ailtn rtftratlou from the outset, and upon Wi??, from an idea Uiat be sought to supplant kh. Hunter In tho Set'ate All Ibis will prove utterly r- in, lor as sure as tha sun will rUo to morrow, it he will triumph. Tate (sis' ?f Hosailo l.tsio, TO TUK BlHTOH or THE HKKaLD. Naw Yobj, July 'id, 1857. My being a ftountry man and an acqulnUtnce of the perBoa ai -e*ted for tho murder of the policeman Anderson, and the circumstance ot having my private residence la the neighborhood where the tragical scene has lakeu place, liave b< en deemed by the police authorities sufB citut motives to .lURlify a search upon my premises, No. 0 Centre market place. The aciount given l>y you and some or your contemporarleaol tbc doraociliary visit, and of the article* taken to the Fourteenth ward station bouse, and the comments made upon the suh ect, have not only dons a severe Injury to ray family and oiyseiT, but have also served to e\oite the lest enlightened and lea reasonable part of the population against me. and put my liberty ami existence in Imminent danger. Now, llr. Editor, you will allow me to cor root a' I oar l be grossesi of the mNlakor which your reporter has, I believe, unintentionally committed to my great detriment. 1st. It at untrue that neighbors iving in my street have declare I tha ca?rs and trunks were clandestinely reinov ed from my dwelling early on the morning of Tuesday last But if any auch report nad been made It could be easily contradicted by all tbc Inmates and tenants of the bouse where 1 live, who well know that the doors were not opener! on tha. morning until very late and la broad daylight, and that no trunks or cases were, cither Clsndt-t nt ; or openly, transported. 2d. It is quite inexact that I was quite confused when the pol.comeu made the descent on my promises, and could not give satirfactory answers to their questioni. and aid that t was a speculator. The simple truth is that I was not at borac when the policemen carat Tbey entered my apartment like common burglars?'.ha*, is tossy, by breaking open the door. My wife having been not tiled of to s unexpected vtsit, ran to the room, suj opened most willingly all tho drawers and cases watch were in tho room. Sd The statement of the articles foil ad In my trnnk is of HULU ft Uft.UIU lllfti ffl'U.U lUftftU ft ( ' IU III till? AllVlftU , b igbts or io the mo lor u romiowH ol' K tgono Sue. la this ! respect 1 hsvo only to (my that m full account of mil the rumen!* of that mysterious truck, and tbe vouchers of thi.r original p ocuremont bmve been p'mrtsl in th? hiuls ; of toy lawyer, who bm* exhibited tbem botb to Bergoont Vi HmtnaoD and the District Attorney. Now, mm durteg m period of eight yrmra thai T have reI (ldt d In thla city, on mcoount of the pollticml disturbances of my native < oueiry, I timro been kno wn by a Imrne nun ber of the mart worthy ett ;:ena of New Vork ma a mm of family una m regular mma of business, not m (peculator, i 1 alimil not shrink be ore tbe atricteat Investigation that j thl? untoward occurrence may rnjutre By i nbllsblng these few Imos in your neat issue you will greatly oblige jour obedient servant, K03ARI0 LINO. Pirn runnln(gli?in Sued by her (fit-Lawyer on Prosnloaory Mote, and Plead* Ho t'onatderallon. MARINI C01RT. Jrii 26 ?At'raAam H". Lneit and Smwl /Hood w. Aw me A CVnaiujjAaat and /Ifjnnun O. Jbayr.? Thl? *w mo act on on a promlMory note of Mr* Cunningham to tbe order of B. C- Thayer, at ninety day* after date, lor $000 The anwwer of the defendatt. Emma A. Bur del I, fued at A. Cm n.r ham, set* fotlh that she bat no knowledge that the payee of the note speeUrd en toned It t.\ the platntttTa, or that they are coj>artnere. Bha donlct that they are tbe lawful owner* or holder* of the no:#, tint on the contrary (he arera that Benjamin i . Thayer wo* tbe holder of the note nnill alter thu maturity thereof; that he, Thayer, re-, eel red money >om her on account of the note a'tor lie maturity and thai be la in foci, and (till la, the owner and holder of Ibe note, and the real party in Interest pnsecui log Una action In the name of the plaiDtlii*. Hne alio iimte* that at the l,too tne note van given to Thayer by her he waa ber attorney In two certain art on* In tbe furerior Court to which she waa plaintiff, mod one Harvey Burdell, now de-eased, waa defendant, and which action Thayer undertook lo carry on on 1 conduit oa her attorney, and to charge ber the ? sit, ft bj a'ust d a? reasonable counsel r<-en Th*t tho'c act'oot we-? *< tiled and discoei'nued wlthou service of cm un aU and with out any deftbee being Intorpoeod th\-eio; that Ttuyer represented to and assured ber that In c an and Itaf 1 amounted to the sum of $110. and thai she was liable for ?ii< B. Top defce l?til Deilatlng tucB > ;?t-'nion! to l>e c>r rect, that Ibc sum wait roaeotuHa, and that aha wai legally bound ti pay the ?ame, and being tgsora?. of Uir correct end true amount. aba gate Thuyer a promijaor> not* now eu*d upon, and alio paid btm in a?b th* lure of 100 oa momM of nia al'eged claim agatoat bar for flaw. Tbat no other coo?tder*tloe wbue.-er dieted for tba pro mtwory oote She aiao etMoe that *bo baa barn Informed aad bolero* that Uir root* and fee# did not amouat it a or were tba/ worth tba *>im offlldO, o- an/ aim over S50. Tbat tba repreaecteilor* opon which tba note waa obtamrd from bar ware wboll/ usurer, and tba' *he la not lag^y bo nil to par It. Th# en* war of Mra. Canoingham w cludea by Mating tbat ifoB iam n C Tba -or le.i tatty Indebted to her In lha ?um of flio.wl'h Intareat from the Md of October, 1M*. for tbe uaa and occupation of apart want* birr.I by blru from bar at tba bonaa No. Rood atraat, whtrb mn with Intareat *ba demand* a* a counterclaim eguMt aatd noU Mr. R. Topping appear* for tbo plain UIU Mr. W R Stafford aopaarad for Mr* Cncn-ngbam. wbo Jamaaded a trtat by jury. Tba cauaa wat sat down for September ' t lty Intelligence. I/no* orr ma rwi lltr ioo** ?Tbe globa bat loin*, wb cb have recently become ao popular with tbe liula folk*, am a mthrr dangaron* toy altar alt, aad one rary l abia to atptoda If brwogbt too nrar a bght. Tbay ara mada of ml canlaad India rnbhar, and nra IIHad with a rat, in it**lr not explnetra, but whoa tnnod with etwoapbe'tc air ai oaadingly ?o. It I* a little ramarkablo thai no mambra naotiH|sn ralopa I* perfectly imparrlon* There are al way* minute joroa through which gaa will mcape and air be let In In tba latter caae tbe balooa beiomae dangaron*, and many alarming exploMotw bar* taken place, tbonga aa yet no damage, aa for a* we tare heard, Dm bean doee by them I<ook out ftr tba balloon* hoy* Aimvmm Fun Cm ant Down Tow*?Tbo trustee* of tbe Awoctata Dutch Reformed church at tba >oranr of ruhoa and William rtreete hare dilermlwl to make that cbnreb free baraaftar, to accommodate tba downtown pw. Mr J 0 I rngbiar ha* bean employed by Mt*m to cearam tba lower werda with a new w? induce tba poor to attend. Twt Cm HummM, Captain itaoph linden, will procoed on iheir eerentb annual extortion to ''hltadelphla on Wadneaday next, tba TSRh mat Tbay aaa to b? an

com pen'.od by shelton'* Rraaa Band, and will remain antt the illation Unl. Habinaon ani hi* *iatT accompany th company Tba City nrrn?d1cr* area II?? coena, xnd wll i dnnb'.lam be wall roeatrad to tba City of Brotherly I or# 0T. MmM Current ?Rev. J. H. Hubert Browre, late of tba Church of t;?.! 'ogata, in Broakly*, ba? i>ew ap ponied rector of R. George'* churchj in Berkmtn etr-ct xred ha* eutrred upon the dacbarte of hie lutlc* Tbran cM rtani* will be'p him to attend to the peroral dutlaa of the pari?b Theraia prrocbug twice erary Sunday, ?ni there will be a mrrnlng ear* -a arery week day. Tba I.mporel need* of the partabtoeer* will al* looked after. There I* to be an ofhoa on the premitee. where tbe poor will alwttya Be 1 a clergyman to *< and to tha.r w*n? Mi! relleTo Vhfir morn preaatna n?r?wtitif* v parochial echocl will *o<m i ? opened. The church itaeir m under going ??tcBK\T? repair*, both inwi<l? ni,\ outride, and ti in the intention of the IraNwt of Trinity church, who htre charge of It, to make It a derlrable place of wnrehlp N*w Ton* HortTAi..?The following l? the weegly r? port of the above inrtttnHOn to .laty 34, MSI ?Remaining on July 7, 2h7; admitt*4 to Jolt 34, <H diroharged, cured or relieved, W, died, S, remaining at Hate, 3M, male*, 344; rentier, St. SUNDAY, JULY 26, 18OT. Brooklyn C?jr H?wi. Dsath or P*vw JoBtnwa, Ju ?Tbtf yoaof mi, who wa? so elsgulariy Injured to <?Majr Pom (he IMh bo<ee at Williamsburg a few days atoca, died yea*rdmf mora Ivg. His fuomal la to be at 4 o'clock this afiorooou trnsa ibe Key Mr. ifrella' ITmbytertaa church, ournor of BWstb ; Third and fifth streets. Avonm Kalmhju Acquittal We h*ve al r> aaj publiabco from (be l'itub irg paper* a fml uccniat of ebarg -a k anght against the lt*v T J H.mpsea, to itie < oflact (bathe had pws*ud a uertalu Vik* Hon lers >u, who I ?u 111 bin charge, a* bis tv M board toe eleaaer A'C ' tic. aad Ibat cd the ei i-vuir tout be oooanied oot ??ty the i eaine e'eteroom with M.? H.,but I be iame bed, aough the far .ice were ant married, rhrae rha'goe ?or* mui ( ialnrd by the tnttmouy of the captain or he loot, tbo clerk and one or two other* wno ?ere eye wl'Dieae* l?-toe tech* The PreebyWy bare given I tan matter a carofol ' beartppf " ??d havtrMttrrM ihc folio wing charge* Hgainat ( Mr. 8 , ?o be a juoirated ttoa'.ly at another m?otiaj: ?fbat I be acU <1 iwiproi* rly ertovief Mtw Kom.en>no'? Biato j 10"tn at ouch an unaeaeooable hoar. oo?l to having the name of' Hcv T J. Mi.tiofOn and lady'' recorded on tie , regliler of ttoa Arctic Among the wlfcceeoe eiamloed be fere toe l'reiibj tery waa Mlan Heodrrron heraoir. She leAifiod thai M.' Simnroiroccinljtf a part cfhar berth, but t maintain* d that rhewtrilnj hit prowoce to del end bor from the apyAoachet or the tccond clerk! Tlte fie of Hrai.ilirth'it Ve^itablr Vntvcraal plila lend lo 'be e ,rv of alt dlaaa?e? b?? n*e tlir.a baa proved ihvm the oai i.*?l medicine of m?e Th* y r m ere only cor rupt t i.nrnre wbteh ca'?e pain and bodily dtetreei of every kind. It ia tbue the7 purity the blood and core dleeatd. 1 Ktcaro cvai or rito hi.a' tvKK 'UlV P. 18157 Ph. Il-ianniiKTii ? Sir?A boy ot rai*o ?u uojact toflta from bin infancy? C.W ia?r urn ccnmdernd bopnlma iy I tie deplore. who bo'iabt ho would bo nubj ct to them f r Me. Al fr ibrj had | iTru Mm up i waa loeoiurae tdud u> try your pi<l? and without rou h ( itb did try 'h>ra. irnirg ?hr? aero'dinn to yni r primed dl.-rellooa. t our i ??ra ago i commenced wivln; tbr.s Iolib . mid to u>v pyvat joy and rrl :ef 1> hmhad , but onn mum only oi' bu allliou ja aUtae. I consider Mm now m perf?c'ly ourrd Ttf ex'r.ior dbary boesdi they did bim makes me always re e^mmend Idem to my ft lands, an 11 would be glad thai over? 1 body knew their ralne. Thr ou*e wu th? worm would bare hern helpfce* and alemat uaeli-a.dy unit for any bind of ludrier* from 'ho lens'h and an -r>ij of eacn al ark ? often laatii g a wbo'e u. irt.and loarinjr bim fttwuor hree 'i)l afterward entirely prostrate from weak-tee* K?( y kind of treatment waaalao ex'ernaliv applied thai was pro e? riouaily ml .'i i'<!. You may, there! .w, judgo v.duit (rood reason I Inrr for letdn* you bate th!? statement in acknowhdfmtnt for lltr brnrlil rroriivd, aud for lb* purpose of letting Ihoie ? bo may lie hroilaunif, under airoMar elrcumalaooea, Uneiny lettUmrny In cstiflrntatlon of tb? roMabi lt> of the oih"ro?ril i cj lev, and per.', ot c ? iidence, Ilka myited, in the m ue of the i ila. Vui.n, reeptoiiully, JOHN W11KB, 18 Keek mail ctree'. Frlnolpnl oil re 43 Itrandreth Building Sold alio at UC'oH !M eB'H Broadway. comer of Twenty aeuoud street, and a' 4*1 Hudson street and iff! howrry. al tZ lMvitton street, and bj 1b.a Uayes, 179 Kul.on atreel, Ittoclilyn ?? ??_* . ?. aii ri-i. - * cost at WlilTK'fc, 148 Pulton, between Broadway (tod Nassau. Sbort Bchmii Ab the Hammer Benton will be abort, we hare eonelndad to make .Mir ne . r? of prices Bt on on, whliiti we hare been aocjUo'mxl to <Jr? late to the season. Bud In tfow of Ibis task Wilt close on' onr 'art* stock of FoBVIONABIJC HL'MMKR OTfOTHIltd Bt greatly reduced prices. n. nmiN * oo. Corner of Broadway and Warren street. Hummer UuUtlng tor Ben and Boya-A large Bad tuptrior sssor mrot ALKKKD MUNAOB A CO., 441 Broadsntr. Dsflanss Salamandsr Bales?WUh ratsai powder proof dedanae loeks and cross bars. Depo* 181 Pearl strsst. oas dnov he.ow MakUa lane. EOBMBT tL PATRICK. Bussfoitl's HI an (lard I loo bis, 1|? Kuiton r.'reet auil ho. t Ann cilltard palace, Court and KsaseusUoel, Brooklyn. l ot dial Csgnac Hitters limnedlatelp HeHere dlarrho n, aguo and billion* attacks, B., \ iole importer, 70 N ssaau street, New York. I JnnM' Old Italian Moap, lie., Tor PrsrklB, i son burn, tan, morphww, bad skin, Ac. JO MBS' coral hair oil, la, ior bad, gray, weak, harah hair; beet article made I Depot Bit bow try. 1 Laird's Wigs and Hair Djrs Against tike ( world for their natural appearance, durability and cheapnets, at AB broad way, near Howard street. Batcbalor's Ilalr Dye, Wigs and Toapsse,- 1 4bs beet tn the world, surpassing all. Mads, sold and applied i at the manufactory. tSB broadWay. CrlaUtdoro'a Ilalr l>ya, W Igs and Towpeee are the best In the country. For sale, and the dye applied In prlrste at Mo. Astor Honao Bstllard's Ilalr l)yr Takes Ute Lead In London and Pa-Is, and hue tu equal for black or brown. More and room* 476 frKlwuj. IV Koine's Miraculous Hair Dye and Chemical lnri*o?a!er Ihoj have do equal. Fur sale, i?r appUed, at 804 Brovdway. Knptan Dlanli 4k Co., Radical Can VraH removed to Ho. 2 Veaev atreet Aator Room. Bristol's Sarsaporllla has RrcMitljr Renew ed a >r* tiKWilin uf popimdly, Ihwi In B-m?ririi ud M i touodiaa cure* ol cutaneous and ulcerous anuiolrlnta. Hold by It T. I.AM M aN 4 CO 6V Water atreet. Mew York, and by all drtigjtlata. at $1 par bottle. Ilollowap's Ointment and Pills.?Talk of aDni'ialloe, liCeed ' Iheae romodlea hare paaoefully m> Dried all Da'lona, tribe*. r<>mmuDitl?a and c.min jo?ra'!h, of the human race. They are the one eole rally IBS point In favor ol which man kind are uaaniinoiie Dlarhcrn, Atut, Pevrer, Ulle ? Immediate relief, by using ST a 1 NFKLD'N Ocguac lll.era. Office 70 N?j 40 at reel Mew York. FINANCIAL ANDwCOMMERCIAL. mtlNKV JIARKKI 8ATmi>ar, July 25?fl P. M. The mor< itcct is the atc< It market to day waa upward, witr a very large amount ot boatneea. At Uto tint board New York Central Railroad advanced \ per cent; Erie, 1; i Hit taon Klvor, )*; Reading, X; Clevelaad and To.edo, 1; Michigan Southern, 1 Cleveland and Plttsburf, IX; | i Chicago and Rock Iil.vnd, ; J* Croeae and Mllwaukie, 1 2X' Peni.?ylv?o!a (kmI Company declined;,' percent; i J Milwaukle nod MlulMtppl. The caab operation* n Michigan Be thern were usueually large thlt morning,and t the ibort valet very email. Th!? abowa bow the thing ia t worktsg Ti e tbcria clean up their coetracts as tbay ma t i tare and withdraw from the market, to as to give the , t I bulla quiet ponacaaion. This tbe moat effective course | ; they could purine. It will learn tbi combination la a i abort time rearing over wubtne nook, without any de- < 1 raard. WobaveBtcna great n-icy oorooring comlioa- I | timM. bat cevcr turcoMlul out. They invariably break down an ieere the atock a drug on tbe market. Wbeo thej are attempted in dlr> lend pay'og prod etivo Muck tbey prote bad enough, but to ?uch a wartbleaa Mock aa i: ohlgar * thern, common deferred, the re* It m;*t bo particularly ulaaatw i. A week or two at the maet will bnag a coliapae la that oooccra. Ia tb? moan t me country bcMera bl the Mock ?bouM by a I tncaaa realise. Tbe caueea now at work to put op this atoek probably cerer will oocur again, aad a bettor opporton'ty to make a clean awcep may aerer again appear There ia ao one buyiag but tbe clbjuc ot compaay'a 'peculator*, aad when they are compelled to tell prlcea will,beyond all doubt, go lower that, the atock bat yet toucbed. The bondholder* management of tbe Er'e Ra'lroad Comiwny bare aa yet mad" ao moTemeat o a financial way. Tbe company meet mine $360,000 to meet tbe Jnly Internet on tbe funned debt Tbta will tax the nanclal genua* of the new treasurer. On tbe 1M of September another loan muit M lUdC to pay mieraM. Tbe boating debt at that time wlH b> about $2,300,000 This moat prore a m U?tobe abtut lb" neck of tbe new management. Tbe landholder*, reprctented by Mr Moran, are Bow la to tbe tune or nearly re milliona of dollar* Tbe.r ol ect la to get out, ?*>! not to get la deeper. They cannot bold tbe ma tag"! cat without onatfaually adraactag money, aad a . | the courte ?f a yaar or two they will Aad that t would bare been much better for then to bare beat oat and lak"n the cbancbe* with tbe reel At the tccoai board the aaarket waa rery 'at. Tbere war mort dirooatttoo to ?eff. Aa an iaMance of the peculiar portion or M "bigar Northern Railroad ntork, we bare on;y to pr'nt to tbetwoaale* reported at tbe eecoad board rh.M a (lilliirnnad mi la mM O IS ' aa ti\r Mtaaa day?. Th? I etpnl lo oent a rrmth for aroaey. i The bob n u ?t concern nuwM bold Ira* with enoh a woigbi Itroa it Wopo li doea break It wit) atry eo?*e of the company ? fnanctere with it. M w lire ft <i?m :i them ax* The Aaaif'aW Trenaurer teporta tr> 4?y at (flfwl ? Total raoelptt $874,044 17 Total pay men* *1 I Total balance 17,W7,1IS 89 The ?te*m?hip Arago, front tbia port for Ue*re to day. j rarr ad oat IPM.Vtf la ape he Tbe Helena and Chicago Railroad Company bare da cla ed a ? ?'. annual dtrideod of (Ire per cent payable As|uat l '> Tb- I.anoi fin 1r?urao* Company ha? teetered a dlTidend of flee par cent, payable Augur* 1: the Near York and California Kxpren and K' chant* Company j flea f caat, payabla . oth mat TIN loltowtag paragraph n relation to toe Nkuaragoe Tranett Oowpany appeared in tbe coiumna of a extemporary a fe? dW* alooa ? ttre ara informed rrom Central Amerloa that tba cuitroeeray reepecttag the re opening oi the Nicaragua Tranait route haa been anbataotiarir daetdatl In rarer of Mg iedore Vandcrbllt. Two otamtMlooen are to arrlra hat by tbe neat teawer??M from Coma Rica, and oae treat Nicaragua?for the etc Aire purpoae of treating with him for tbe m eatnatlrhmeot or the rent*. Mr Molina, tho I Miniater ef (Ml Hica at Waablngton, will alio lie a nv?m j bar of the com nlaaloa. Toe term* proponed by < >ata Rica are, a charter of aercnty yeara, on the aamc term* ai re I garda passenger* and frotgbt aa ware pal 1 by tba eld Tran -A?- M ^ j ?u Uontpeoj, Mid in ooBntdernUoa of thin grnnt n l?na in (JonIn Men, Tor tfco nme period, of one mHII<>n ilullnrt, nl 7 nor fu n(, pnyntle in Uontm Kicn currency, nt ih < rum of righiy cioU ou I tin dnlinr Am (be nurreory In q motion l< north I ft per coni Iwm Uinn (but of tbe United Httm*, the norn nt to be nctunlly pnid on nccoant of tbn lann will be rODietliloK llhenU b .iidred tbooennd dollnre Tbe rooelpie nl tide enter of tbe prlnolpnl nrticlei of produce, Irnm tbe opening of tbe cnnnls to nnd Including tbe li'bt ibm , bnve bene m iollown ? Rntrimx ox I'no ft * at Tii-? Wnrra. t??? 1H66 1817. Canal pen May t May I. May b Fionr, W?!e 678.171 268 862 197,961 Wtmr, l-,?b 861,260 2,947,812 1,281.680 ?<?r? 2,66t,?68 2,103,486 1,296,401 E*rM 60, MS UP,(fit lJ4S,38t Iwa . 1,428.119 2,021,687 1,214,044 8 ^ ? I,CM,108 03.842 Pl?!t, bote 82 f??J M 480 0,864 Beef 0,877 W.U04 2,784 CarjMf, be ... 00t6>O 140 7<<0 138,t><0 HutWr 21 ,000 201 000 02,700 IatO 8,3<Vt-,&00 e,HO,TOO 878,040 Uacca. 7,-.M\4O0 4,48 >,900 1,706,800 Wool 1,208,100 204,600 181,100 . Tbo re e> IpU oT produce at Udo water bj the ranaia of I hi* (hale Tor Uxnbird week Id ."alf, were M follows ? ! flour, Ms. tfh'ar, bni. Otrm,Tri. Barley, ?>u. | I860.... 27.P40 320,-48 280,702 1,104 t 86" 28.266 166 231 806,683 ? Inc... 3.6 Wee. 186,W, lee...16,891 tee..1,104 The eg w*gatee of the roeelpU of the above ertlelee to far, tor ttva yeara ISOb and 1867, have been ? Flou-,bbl$. Whra'.bu. Corn bn. Bar'n, bit 1866.... 3&8.802 2 047 612 1,164,4?>? 140,060 1867.... 109.061 1,281,608 1,206,481 120,881 Dec... 160 41 1,666,104 861,004 24,016 Reducing the wheat to Hour there it a deficiency, eo far USia eeaeon wiual to 4M.L42 bblt. Hour The rccolp'jwf tha W>c inula and Lake Shore Railroad [ram MllwaiAta tothe Otate Udo, which has been cooso'ldnied with tkis Line fro? the iitate line to Chicago, for the pant tlx month*, were ae follow* ? 18 e 1W. Jrsmary fir. 487 01 11 K'bruary 11,743 80 14,18 ' 50 Mvcb 18,281 96 22,124 4f> April 22,306 81 21,871 22 May 20,346 42 IS lane !?,?? 18 20,883 SI Total $108,138 43 $114,2 ,74 102,188 4.". Increase $11,117 21 Lergth of road W) rai'ee TUcko rtcolpiH aro exclusive or the steamboat recetple. The at te coal tonaage, in the aggregate, or the four p>rl30i|>al llnee last week, is tome two thousand or three Jioussnd tone ahead of corroenoudlog wook hat year. It a '11 be seen thai the Lehigh ranal and the Reading Rail road aro tome 10,COO tons behind their tonnago for same week last season. The Schuylkillcaaal and Lehigh Valley Railroad ehow an excess tn their week's business of about 13 SCO Ions. <>o tho season's business, tho Lrgb gh Mar! gallon is over 1U),COO tons, and Reading Railroad abou 107,COO tons short of last year's tonnage to same date. It Is not probable that this (letielt of these two oompan.ei will be lessened hence to the end of the season. The following La the comparison the present end leal year ? , 1857 , , 1850. ???, Work. frOMm. Wrrk Union. Lehigh canal.......36,Ooo 302,fc83 4b,M7 603,107 Ub)gb Vailey SIR..12,831 20J,lS6 3,T:i3 5(810 Schuylkill canal.. . 41,136 6?8.643 31,234 MJM Heading Kellroad... 12,831 1,078,875 48,810 1,180,181 Total 132,207 2,263,003 130,823 2,271,48(1 132,207 2,263,590 Ins .2,474 liec 10,788 The supply of ooal at tide water by the above tinea veil* probably be as great ae last year, and perhaps groat or Hut the gain to etlcct it will be Ukely to be oo the Hchuyl" till canal and the Lehigh Valley railroad. Meeare. John Bercnborg, (loalee 5c Co., writing from Hamburg on the 1th Hint., eay Money has been much Bought arte at seven and a half per cent tor bust dihoounta, as the export of stiver to Austria U continuing, and M only parity replaced by a supply from lnudott just nvrlveo. fhti tauer supply only ac counts fur the better demand for foreign billa, csjieclady ; I/mcoo, during too Wsl few days. Toe bus,ik-us tu tlorka and shares continue* on the must limited scale. American securities are entirely neglected. The receipts of the M rrrta Canal Company for the last week and eeaeon wero as follows:? Total to July 12, 1856 $118,627, 55 Week ending July 12, 18 t> 11,6*3 '.<6 1130,282 51 ' Total to July 11,1857 $113,442 24 Week ending July 18,1857 11,11167 124,553 t"l I fcreaae In 1857 $5,728 60 The annexed atalement exhibits the value of lorutgn dry goods imported during the woek and since January 1st, In oacb o> the peat three yaers ? Morantvi* iv Kotaiox Dxv Uoooe. VoriKrwrtk 1856. 1856. 1857. Filtered at the port... $3,33>.W8 3,6$i.401 4,398.flt7 Inrown on market.... 3,312,435 8,12J,'.t66 4.726,164 Siacr Jen. 1. 185.5. 1814. Is57 Entered at the port. .$31,330,278 66,P'4> 846 69,Pt6,512 Thrown oo market... 32,403,948 64,616,871 65,8:?7jl78 The dry gooda trade tho present week has exntbited more Indications of n revival. Tho number or bryers from the Interior have Inert teed, and maoifoatod more dis 1 position to purchase their fall supplies. With the advance ' In raw ootton, which nor rales higher thin it bat done in seventeen yean betore, and with the fan that both yarn* and clotha have advanced in Maecbeeter, the/ ?.-om to have arrived at the conrlusion that domnst'c ontton goo Is have aeen their lowcet point for the searon. With thia view of the question they hate en'ered the market with a good spirit, and bought freely of cotton peoe go?da. The blocks being ample, assortments large nod price* favora- I Me, they have been led to buy more actively than utttal a( i Ibis season of the year. There was alio a good demand for Market* and negro cloth*. The collect! in* train the Houth 1 ind Weet were good Should the crops general)/pro re w grod as anticipated, we erpect a pood fhli trade. Largo ;rop years are alwajs best lor trade Th' ex port of cot ;oti piece gecds last wee* was ilmt ed. The large auction an tee* have not yet announced their fall trade raie?, ant sill not for some liUle Ume to c >tne. Tne sales m ids the jther lay ofcott jo goods frrm the I'snperal ifanu.sctVing Cemi?ny could only o- viewed In the light of a sort of I prematura or fbrced sa'e. Brown she'tingaid *tai tint* or stasitard make* were ttrm at He , and I ght at i'?e. 1 ?lnxcte1 do. do. were !c fa r deuard, wilhxit chance in erlcee. Drills were In ha,t*d demand fur export. Bros-is, however, were stead; at ' ,.t, b'tauhnd at t?.r . J and blue at 10>?c. Dmaborgs. though iitacvve, exhibited ! no thing? of .D' tL:ut In <i luta'.ion*. iraet were in tscderate request and prioec nachacged. [ en.m* were in 1 iom? better rev'"'*. k"d >j.?ru -j miu pncsn clttd ' wub much ataail'near at pr cm va ying fr >tn in- a 10?<e I tad lJc a 14c. Sirlpei and tick* were inactive ao-t price* I tomawb it irtcf'slar. while mart wa? aome more inquiry fr>m ibr trade t'ticn detb. and particularly K*.<*n?, I wa? m tome boiler reqocal, though tbc noire o' prtre? cuol.nied without |i UNe r hang* rrtotlag clUbe w*ve in ratber better demand, acJ aale* tmprov sg, ?biie tbe-e oudo barge or an/ na<?u?n. to price*. We quote 10*44 at 4He upt?6l4C a Jgc. for ingbam* were Id i goad Mr -tncew aai roieo wore making v steady prlcrw? i acme'atorlte make# wore aei eg at iTi. a ll>gc M<>u? Ho delaitm ware mo\ ng to a fa r etleot, ewialiy the \ D.ati ae<l more drr'm le ttyW k'o"i? were tl g|l*b and pi ea regular. i eocj ca?imnre? and ra'lnet* were 1 lb better rtqueot, wbUa |* '<* hare undery-me no loipor- i i taol otange. fbnre *?? * >?* more 'e ?ulrjr for tlm nrU. | sal rr-d rate raise effected at steady prion. | acre la rood ripply and preaem r.g a treat variety of cew aod d'flraDls ?iy!ef long ?tia?i?, accord'og to make, range rruOa 93 a 17, and square do at ft Sag: *> Floe woo :eo taoeiery and undergarment* were in Mr <Je i 1 mam) and pr!ice wall maintained, l/arerr g>od? are 1 tonnd buywa, but at rregulnr prVie*. Carpeta. to g?B?*al ' at , were unchanged, w6t.e a tare ear sty <?f new and dea rable atylea hare appeared to P arfcet fnre'gn goste i bare been Jdtnplayeil in grent pfitoeioo i>y iebl>ere, nod present ni'icb Tar ety in atyle and manufacture W>?r? j not likely to euiler from uie want of i ppi ee The orde'i 'eni out and in tbo couree of being Oiled will keep our j market well asocked. iDe report* regarding the aide crop j In France, though aomrwuat OMnillcting, were, upon the ' bole, ennaidered favorable. Olib good# ore n<*a* likely, t a ;hlnge considered, to rule *a bifb for tho cowi ng seat m I aa they bavo "iirmg the pnat. witb the caret* wi r>?rhapa 1 of aewe peennoror lane/atylee buoyed up oy fasblooor 1 nthar artificial Clrcnmstaocc*, an happen* during alrr wt very season f we b Might acroroing to oor real need* 1 de* treble gno<hi and rower French Pansy artlrlse. huth the ooaaumer* and tile country to the end would be benefited by fi ntarb Rirhangr, J *iT' oimt, y 46, I" ' IkOOO N? .^tatefi'l 64 If* 151 aba KHe RR HO lt< > .MX* falltor'b 7'? '7? fi7 300 do ad 34% ' 7000 Mitooiir 4't. . 7?M 60 do.... On* 3? 7000 ?4YO??RR6'?.. V>V .11 Ha loon Rir RR. 20 M 3000KRIt.ldm'tgb'68 60 do. ... MO H\ 700C ?r\* tRb'cU '76 ?8 78 FUf"?m RR pro) 13 4C00 Kr't RR c b '71. 70 . 300 R?ndln? RR.. 83 74* "090 do 71 10" do .... op* 74 M :?09 Hoi R RRc h.. ( 100 do opg 74 ', 2000 M S?8ln? fund b 70s "80 do bio 74 ', 1.700 IIICooRnbood* P"H 400 Clove * Tol RR... 68* 2000 T11f>*nbd8 W'lp 04 300 do |4, 1000 (MubCbl id m b 32 100 do .... b?0 HU I toor do . ... 81V MJ Michlcon ' ?B RR. 81 1000 lOfcPitMdtT b 00 100 do 87 84 I 1000 T H Md 3d ?or? * 100 M A \ I KK *00 4i> ; I Id ?h? Am En Ron* 110V 80 do too 40 ' 30 do 110 60 do ago 47 60 Art.KiM 'btnk... 03 100 do *30 47 V I B?n* OfComM eo 104'< 68a do 0 60 j , o-'ropoiftoo I*.. 10?. 170 do I0 W ! 100 CMtot CO.... .b8 90m 060 do saw i 00 MONII ?0 bi)0 ??M M do 60V I M .*ontOs * iR Co. . 74M ?80 do C 61 i 20 IM * HndCt*.. Up* 100 do *18 A 6 ?* ; Ut'M 60 do *4 60S. 100Comb CM (p... l* v 10O do *4 60m 106 ? ? 17M 360 do blO 60 M 100 N Y bat RR b30 86 60 do 0 60V 180 do MO Hfl loo Mich 8 ft N I pr 1 78 M 100 do..., 030 84V 100 do 76 80 40 MO 84 V TrMMHRiS 02 1 6 i * iUl ? * ICO NYC* RK..i?0 84* 1?Ciov * ' *- R? ?1 HOC do * Id? a? a1 *>? HO do ?tf> "ft X<*W "" ... . *"? 300 do . C 8ft S' ' J 4i 100 do .... ?"0 *6 6 C?1 4f Ohio Ul. .. " !? HO do . . ?*0 8<tf <?" *n 100 Erie B?U-i*d..liT *-?* 7* ^ W0 do 35 v, MMllfc ? 50 do ....Wr! 3ft1* ftO do * >* 160 do. ... I>?0 HhS' 300 do <10 ft* 116 dU 56^ 1T7 do 5ft Ho do (30 r.fc<C 60 d? M0 *6 300 <lo ?10 31, 60 UC: A. MU R8.. 57 40C de 630 3-1 60 da 3" X 600 do h30 85 226 do 100 d? mo 31K h, do 3? lilt do (3 33 100 do .....bdO 4? SECOND BOARD. 6-A000 HiSS'rt fi's. b3 70s 6 *0? Frill RK ... 31^ 76 -hi laCr k MHKK 19 100 Ifarlem Mir jo 60 do MlO Hf100 Clere A Putt Hit 4 ttf 100 do .... 1)^0 Si) 100 Jo 11 ]<0 M .< k N IRR.SJ5 48 TOO do .. ..? ' ! 4 30 do 60 V, inoo do 4ft* 600 Cle A Tn| RK.. *dO 68 660 do t)AO 10t{ loONYOntRU ?:> 9'>\l 200 do b3o 4ft 3?i0 do bOO * 1 66 do ?... 40 600 do 86,1{ CITV cunnuHCiAk HKPOKV. 26, 1861. Ft or* ?Market wnq comparatively q- :rt and prioe. unchanged, (be raius < mo tared about :>,000a 6,oO> bbls lnr!u>iiiif( Fiiperflae Ntalo at 60 90 a $0 40, and eitra do 6* 80 a $0 Sr.. W ukat ?aq quiet, and beyond email ealee of new 8o? Us era st 61 86 for red, 61 ?o for amber colored, and 61 06 for wbi'e, na IranNaoilnna o' any moment trere reported. Con* ?The market wan H?m? firmer, will, nales of about to,too Westers miicl at 87c a 88e , a ad small lot o! praia was reported at tWc. .-.outturn w? quiet I'dHK.? A rale of I 000 bbl.x. mess woe made at 621 U to be delivetod autl pa: 1 for io seven days Cotton ? a* firm at 16\,r. for middling uplands and a 16u.r for New rloanr do W iieeKt?Salee o! about 200 a 200 bills, vrcr - made at Si y,c. a 36c. iDTIkTI&lHIEHTI IKRKWBD BIKftl Da?T ~Mt8CJ,LLA?EOlsT CI OK FyR DOZHf Pir'TH .77 '06NT8 1UOV6I ipx? ut) f"r bo: 1<*h I* lh? reu?J! price of tbept re and oh/Me Ho-fi* bli sbetban ale expressly (or lea I/ u e, and t4.usl.eiil fur all re i'..rn* extra ujarltdiinont J. UAH WW t?t Pear! stradlL IT FCT.B ivcr TO niH N*1>H?W. V Tlxxt- msnalOuH ot mart)'., oil say if I ion knosra, oVr *6 c i the gay a'aiularJ o' lathloa's uutur ed, Wher- ihe weleonm i.i warm, una die | i i.-a or.- Io est A:iu tar r'i' nea a. e idb oueapen aiu or dw in me worm. II nnt~ fly at om e' To Smith Itrolher* betnk" joe, Ticj be*c ?u aeel*. ynu to bear out your i an For they either h?-.e ? >t, or will apeedilj mvk? j n The beat .null of clou ? erer ?een upon mm. S.VI'IH KHOHfaKh' one price ?holei*le and r'lI cVhlcg waieroi ji* Me*. 121, lib anil ltU Full n aireet, Nr* Tort Bint TBKAT. WTHcl H 9 ARIN ? WRAOIIIRH ill) mlia; l.>e the milk 12 wcmiuwj. He aire ajd ret the tight kind of Tftrkere or you will be dl 'appointed. The trite fnrl-a r-nrkere all bare toe nam? ?l Win# Htamped ou thane. Thev may he procured of the heat family rroc*r* *ei -rally. AN 1MPORTAWI BKDlTfTIOM.IN T?Al'K I'ltfJKt- OP t bar'.r* London cord al (In IV ce current to be had on application at the depot, trt ! triad Way. ai?M C UHaBI.KB BRTANfl TAKTIl.WS vermtfuuA BKMOVKd KVBBT veal *e of wormt from the rntrm, and rlikly reauaaa rhtldrrn fain new lite and v'f ir by Ita une. I'rtaa it real* b i?l by tierr.t N< .-ton. 461 K.?L h arcane. 0. II Hlnr and by hedcirs a to , Hoaton C1LOTHIMO AT WHOLBHALB FOB GAHH.?OABE V boy en of ready made clothlor, for flali and winter liada are parUcnlariy tnrltnd to Inapcct oorautck before purohartac DAVID J A ?BOBUB J. LB FT, 84 Wan en aUrent, Mew Tort. T/H XilPKLL'H ELBOANT WEDDIKO CARDS.?OBLT JJJ depot I* the city It road way, corner of Duane at/wet ENlll.IHH AND HOOTCH \LR-> AND LOMDON FORTFK ?For aale m ke(i. demuohua and bott.ra, by tf. hi. kiKM DllM, 18 Wall alreep HAVK Tor HBKN TUB *1 Bil RHOBR AND OAITRRBl l!^lh.nt.l..rlUI,?...l MVI? Nr. to new- tEe Museum HKIPMECK OHAWPAOHK FOR HaLB-IN LOTS TO nul in.rrbu'n, ?>y <1 K. MKNDUM. 1> Wal "tree*. SOLTH ROTALTOM TAKEN AT l'?R, TOR SUMMER clothing, At RVAhH, 66 sad GH Killt wi street. SOUTH ROT ALTON 1 . KSN AT P*K. FOR HUMMRR clothing at KV A NH', tif> wd fin Fulton s'rcr-t. SOLTH KOVALTON TAKK.M AT PAR, FOR 8UMMRE cl'lhlng ?t l?^?Ns', 66 And t>d Pulton street SOOTH ROTALTON TAKK? AT l'AR. FOR HUMMER clothing, At KVaNR', 66 And Ad Pitlloa etreri. SOOTH ROYAt.TON TAKEN AT PAR FOR HUMMRR rlrthlu*. a K\ ANs', 66 %ud 66 Fulton it reet SOLTH ROYALTON TAKRP AT PAR. POK HUMMRR r'otblng, At A V A NH' 6K And 6H Pal'on street SOOTH ROYALTON ,TAKRN AT PAR, FOR HUMMRR clothing, >tt RY aNH'. 06 and 66 Pnlirn street SIWINO M/(.'MINER. -THKKK PIPPRRRNT KIWDt ur.drr Injtvicdon.?On the Sub dAP of Jane. >667, theOlp ouH Oourt of the United Hlntee for the ftmthero dlhtrtot of Row York Ir AcrerAl sot's la equity Aitnmeaoed bj I. M. "infer A # t'n , Alter dtie notice to the defendants, ordered write of Icjwta tloa to Isvie. prohibiting the sale or nae of the Hunt And WR ?trr machine 1 t violating flee paten*; Alan, the Ett'-ry HonMl ton A Oo. machine for infringing two patents, and again* Wktsori tea dollar Machine for Infringing two patrola Par sons who buy an/ of iheer Inferior sewing machines one ham oo reason for complaint, when they are compelled by law It top using '.beta. I. M. HINilRR A OO., ig Brsadwmp. enraer of ttraad streak STEPHENS' CRI.RSdATKP OOPTINtl INKs-RL?CR and blue black, the best arue es tor tbe purpose man ifaatur. d. louden, and ITS Pearl * reel. New York. by the principal stationer*. SHWINH MAITH1NKS AU. 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Ufioi L'< w?i asn<t '1 year* Hia Oiou '' and a?>(ualnlaaoea. and Iboas of hin brnthar, W i'am, anl bl? fhbar n law, airl k Dny In, arc rwtpaolI ally InTltad to attend tba funeral, Troto Uia rsallaonaaf h a fbuior in law, Taolh areay, between Thirty fourth utrt'Th rty fit atrwcti, thia altornoon, a' om a'c'ock. -F'U Fio?a>r?, la ifhle- of Tboa. and Ciartma Craso. agaU 1 year, > nnatha and 10 lay a The of tba fkmiiy are rewpemfally lorttod to ?RInel the funeral, tola aftero.** at hair yaat two o'clock, Iron the roa'.ileoco No. It* Mad'aoo aaonno. The remahto will ho tat no to draeowood Com ;tery for Int'tB >ot. RaMtii ?f>o Friday, July M. tamu l.ituaa Rinm, In the JJt year if If' ate Tba relatfrra and fbiwatt of tba family ara rawynntTuBy ItT-.icd to attowt tba faaeral. thta aftornoM, at Iwa o'clock. from tba raaideooa of bar mother, Ha. M Pint tr-?t Hrr rema na will ha Ubaa to ttreon wood Oamatory fbr iBtarweot Jnw?n* ? At Brooklyn, K. n , na Saturday, July *. T)a\ a, Jr., a. in of lav'.a aad Utthortne Johaooo, aged la Yf*T?. TV retatlere Mil friends of tbo family are.'netted to at ( a< if fuoarol, ib.a afternoon, at four o'clock, fro* tbo I'reabflfrlM church, Rot. Mr WrUa', corner of South Third and f fin atroata. Tbo remain* will bo taken to Rjrenwood Omeirry for In'oriaaol Mapp*r ?Ol Friday, Jil? 24, of rooanmptloa, Ow?i Norma, County Mootb, Iroload, la Ibo ?3d yonFroinl'rra oed fr onda or tho t'am <y are Invited to Ohtbo funeral ib.a afh"-nnn,, ai half part oneo'ooofc. from his at* evidence, No U E*ot FiftiMh street, MWM fro rth an<1 Ktflh asen ins Albany and Dahlia papers pnaao copy. Tatioo ? Io this clly, on Saturday, July ?, a/Vr a abor lllnrea, Jon* W Tattoo, lo tbc 11 yrar of tua ?r? Tho frieoils aud reiativon of tbo fhmlly are tnri'otf to attend tbe funeral, lo morrow alTrrnoon, at two o'oloob, from bla lata rreldence, No. 341 Madi-** atreot Tooorsor ?At Fl?sbin?, 1. I , on Saturday, .Inly ?, Ooar-o Airrta, wifo of Ceo V, Thompson. la tba list year of her af _ . Tho rolap Tea and rrlordo of tbo fhmily are reepeea fully lort od t? attend her ftinor*!, frcm the 9tchurch. Matostreet. I ioehino. lo morrow foroniw?i._ai it o'clock The rematna will be taken to t.'reenwood Goiwetetjr for 'tier twee: Wmrteeao ?<>n Ret'-rder, July 21, Aurma, deefhte* nf J fllea an 1 Hemh H bite Need, in the 4lh yeer of her e*e Information in -citer I to rfee interment will be kireo n the K' D'tir nritmtiif pa pern. Reatdenre, No NIB West Thirty eerr-nth etreet Wn*7w"*th ? On Setnrley tnorrnf, July 28, f ?avk O , on y ohlld tX B*ory O. and Rarah Amelia Went worth, Mtrd 8 yee-a, 10 moom* en I II deya The re'etlrff and friend* of (be fhrnlly ere ret pertfatly Invited to ettend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, e* three o'eiock, from No. 103 Greenwich etreet, without fo rtber nnttee I rarer here their time to Tall, and flowere to wt?her at the north wiul't breath. And eter? to ??het ell Thou hhet, ell tcaeone for time, O death.