Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7636. lie STREET COMMISSIONER DIFFICULTY. he Of Clkories OeTUn-ireument of CloriM tttlonor, Kki?Decision Reserved? lie Replies to the Personalities of Mr. Field odd Mr. Moyss?HI* Religion udfu'llook mt Martyrs. OOCUT or COMMON n.KAS?8PBC1AL IWH. Before Hon. lodge lngrsham. iw wfuuivub :u lam uaeo wm uuuhiuuvu ywwru?y ujr Mr. O'Ooncr, who addressed the Court Tor two Hours and a half. Be said?On Friday afternoon last, sir, when the argument of the first counsel upon the part or the person balding Mr. Devlin In custody was hetrd, and when, as I wan given to understand, the stress of the argument open ^bnl side had bean presented. 1 endeavored to make an arrangement to havs this case closed within the two hours between the holding of the court at 10 o'clock on the nex day and the hour of 12, when It was absolutely necessary J should be absent. I endeavored ti have It closed bo ansae 1 really thaught there was nothing to be added, and 1 think so now. It la rather a pa.nful doty on my part to sea twin to fashion rather than necessity in presenting a reply to the argument; for If 1 were to say nothing 1 aught be tbougbt (not by year honor, but by otbera), that 1 was overwhelmed by the foree of the argument? opoa the other side; and we are constrained to y leld. 1 renUy he) that Ibe argument baa been presented, and that H ought, as far as counsel are concerned, to end bere. I had not, aa your bonor is award, the pleasure of bearing Mr. Noyee (and It is always a pleasure So me to hear him, Out I have read what I presume .? an aaourale report of his argument, which has a.1 mo ap patraaee of being oerefhUy taken down and preaesM; aad I must say It aff'rts very convlaclng proaf that? though 1 do not always guess right?1 did gnees right In this relation, that very little more wai to be said upon the other side relative to this oase. My friend's argument occupies a column aad a half, and one column of It la devoted so two very interesting narratives?ene of them the adventures of a certain Clergyman, with rather bad habits, wbo was appointed to as nfftoe by a King, who bad no rJghtTal authority to ma?r such appointment, hut wbo (br ed himself in somehow by the aid of disboneat judgea, when all the lawyers m the country considered the appointment Illegal. We are told by my learned friend lb a. it was Mid a* the time do lawyer would do it. whatever ? Judge might? nsrog " lawyer " not m describing ono of tie pro foaston, but in reference to thoae mental qualities which eonrtJUrte the lawyer. The exact relevanoy of alt that ie at very apparent to roe. Otbera may discover Ita relevancy , 1 eonfeee 1 cannot. I canno; perceive that It perform* any naeful pnrpoae, anleia to aid the imagination In dtoeorerlng certain parallels between It and the preject mm, which are perhape discoverable, bat which do not hear 'n any way upon the legal <tueetiona before your honor. The eiory wee very handeomely told, and probably waa very interesting to yonr honor, who, perhape, m the extreme measure of occupation which your sitnutton throw? on yon, may not hare bad an opportunity of MBit tag that rery interesting book, Maoanley History of IngMad, where thla la all told, and by a warm partisan of Me earns aide thai my friend appears to belong to. All I knew la that H la almost told in as amnsing a manner In Vemoley as by ay learned friend, and 1 think he has not mtarrprerented the story at all so far as that authority is cfflcweteTidenciof the troth of the foots. But it seems te hare served one cur ma* the norma* of ?t ahttns m v teamed ft tend to male a personal apology to me. Now, if ever liters ni a man who; had little oocasion to maw a personal apology to any one, it is my learned friend; and ef all man, 1 do not belie e there Is one te whom he own tern apokgy than to me; for npoo all occasions ] nave re eatred from him the most unbounded courtesy. Whether tete apology was intended for the sole purpose which the apology of oounse) sometimes serves or not there may he noM nttle doubt. The point of the apology seems to be some reference to my religion. Now, this is the fl'st time mat my religion has figured in n court or justice. Perhaoa snanst might say thai it has figured anywhere else, atnsn no una ever obtruded his religion aaywnere Men man myself, if l should be persecuted in thin world for asy rehgton, It would he eery cruel; for 1 have paid so Unto attention to it that 1 (half be very fortunate If I get the reward that attends the performance of reUgtons duty in that world which is to ooma. 1 am afraid from the whole traia aI thte branch of my teamed ' mend's argument, that he has forgotten himaetf and taken j a w*f from the brief in which a s!ur wan thrown on tb? ancestry af any learned asooc ate. Certainly my friend j ban the advantage of me, aa I suppose. I hare never tsgnired what his religion was. I do not know whet Ills, or at least did not oatu I bad a reference to Fix's Boos or htertyre, by which 1 waa told that some one of hie antes tare waa a heretic, and wan horned for It. I ahonld be mil j to burn my friend, even If be were as great a litretttaa his ancestor m tew and in religion. I should supma* the object of ah this eras to get up s sort of religious mud, and aa say Mead Mr. Noyes it, 1 supxee, In the ma mrtty, he might gain something on that head. I hope bemreycur Honor be wID not Whatever may be your Rotor's religious opinions, yon bare obtruded them so little upon ethers that for my own part f am not mnrb acquainted with them, see 1 am sore they will not stand In the way of your doing <usiioe in this oase. I thins that br?ach of my teamed friend's argument, apology and si, might very wall have been left out, and, with my very h'gb respect for him Uite Ifrall T asv nn fhmt nrl nf ihn tsas T (hub Mr moment he bur allowed bimaeir to be goveroed by rrl mmp?. Wby be should devote another half Nbu for the purpoee of referring < to Ibe b utcrr of a certoio ancestor of hie to Foi'e "Bjok of iteriyr*, wao FM bcreed at the Make,! cannot we Ho one doubted a* ?(atn>" w f?"P?e<t Ud l( Wk* by no mean* Deoreeary m r-ootiee tin pedigree o order u> Insure for bim n lo r vnd favorable oearoi He re'j the la mere matter of emueement. Sorely this talk about rroteetaaia and PaCm b.roioc eaeb other at the eteke?whlnh Ibetieve tfcry , with rigorous impartiality, in the Old'Ooontry, for tome time. and attempted to foLiow n the New,aod d'd fo.iow tort me iiteni?tan nothing to do with the cm* are. 1 behave that the lave and ordinance* of Maasa tkuru Bay actJ>?t that "damnable an<1 heretical tot if pecpte, wicked and dangerous to tbc communitr ta tke fclgbcwt degree, commonly called t}iek?r?,'' wouid present e specimen of cruelty In enactment* and in aaeeulice at tenet e<|U*l to anything In the hlatory of |>er oration by Capiat* (a* tbey are oalled) of Prole*.an<s. or ky Protestants of Papist*, in Fnglnnd. All there thing* are regarded bra* wllb alter abborreec*. Why lacy Utoutd be introdjoed, a* tbey bare been introduced, I am at e tee* to imagine I bore only to any that I' can be lor o good t jrinee, and eertatnly It c n wrre no isefj) per pore It were better for my learned friend to have miked abet 11 ha -a*e, and to bare wrad bit ool i no of the new* pep*-* for wet evening disease'on an oof friend* who en MTtaiaed bit own religious and political opinion*. PerWei* t *"ur|?t 10 My 00* word more before loertng tbi* abject It oiu*t be eioeedingly U.tagreeahle to court I or anit I knnni nf no .In,Ire to whum I aut>i jee 11 ta be sore diaagreeeble man 70 lr b<m*r?lo bare nkniw ud all'iatooa to maivrn not pef.tneni 10 'X* Mut berate you Tbeaa controrr-eter be Ma (?uutl thouid oertainiy be eel fled eleewhere Am lb a iiart of juottce. The time of ibe oort feoaad vropertr be derated to tha pahllc rerrloe. ud not lo aettie wrenr log of thia deerrlptton. We hare Mm adnxmahed thai at a "oming argument there all! be a ^deal of ?much aald that tha public ought ow, and that nay he dtragroeehle to aoae partioa 00 Ao ndo opt ueod to that ee ported by tha geatWmen who ad* that reman I hate oaly to My that that ! t vary oowlee raaoiotlon, and It would ba aboat aa wall, it your ooor haa aot.oe of H, that It ebould ba atofnod when tha Una taa. Ba If anything t? aald, wa will ba parmittad A aiaka a rep'y to M, aad wa abali aodaaror to maka a hoot wing rop'y 1 thiak It wrong, la a caao under eaani' aattoo he fore your Hooor, to refer to anything coooornlag Ao pamooa thereto engaged except what ta connected with Aa aaaa; aad tf ooe of my leaned frieada is aoma other oaaa erpreaeed a rery errrmeou* and nafouadad optomo, I ebould thtak Aa Aallar ought not to be referred A aa Ate trial. It became proper for ma upon 0000a tm A refer a oatao proooodlaga hefbro Judge Hoffman I referred lo them kOMaae Aa cooa waa cited and tbe Aria referrod A M a A** " A goraro yoar hoe or I mentioned the drMmeAooaa aonoeeted with It, but I ahould bare oonoelred * highly Improper a Aire mentioned one word about It, or the -ireumrtanee*. bad It aot baaa cited A aa Mtbority A ooe tret your boner. lot me oall yoar attenlina fbr a A 'A Aa matter, purely paraooal twhar" The learned "".a*" ("r ?AA1 referring a ma raid 1 made a remark wkteb ao ether nonaaat in the PtaA would make that I pledged my profeeikmal rapntatloa that Aa Uatropolltm pail* act war uooonatitntional. Mow, air, I oerar pledged ay pixfraeioaal reputation a arriving to my l fe, aod I ?n i ?-"7 i ainr hiii no. vnnreiore, Ph-M there i* eav point in thai. my anewer to It In, not foooraetbat It ? ? witful r.lnebood, fhr 1 nuppon* he pen ami r.oderatond It to, kit thai I never Ml4 no, tad no neh ttilng "*n ho found In any report of my remark* 1 nor or hod aofflrtewily blyh opinion of any profeMionnl fopotoim to talk about It anywhere; or at low!, wbol or epinioo I tnlyht odniye In, I had a loffldontly P>nt pof/optlon of what became a profaaiooa, man, apeak,ny or hlmaelf, not to talk hnforo a fourt of Jnntloo about any prefer* onal rep .taiion, or arroyate any rlyht to in nonoo the aourt by my rrputatlon. Tbo ye uleman who aid that, borrowod bin pkraawlofy IVom ?otnc othor hook than tko oao In wbtcb ! obtaloed mine Now, air. 1 do no*, mean to deny that I waa (Irmly of opinion that t to tloUnpoli. tan pour# ant waa unoonatttnttonal, and I do not deny that I may baro, and moat douMlma have, fall manr a lima ad oft, in private con??matloo, a?nerwd that belief, ff that *e criminal, If that he a cauao of <an?nre, or a jiiat yrouad of reuroneb, why, 1 am tkla day In very oioel out company Ckao of tbo hiyheet .fudger of the Court of Ap peaia. elected by the people, (Mr. lontice Oomrtoek,) la of that opinion. Archer Judyr of the Court of Appet'a (Judye Brown,) in thia day of that opinion, and b?* p'ay j n on record and if I will only be permitted f )r the ereoont end In future time* he oonnidered an no- ne what apnroxlmatiay. In point of leyal koowledyo in,i la r point of fldelity to the truth-ln pair (l ?f reeittode and honor In the eyeo of honorable mr n_.>r ] will he perm: ted In thoae thlttfrw to approklmn'o in ,i nP moderate deyree to both or either of theae yer i ha.i have, in the opinion of my eontempnrertr _ . ,,,,-n of oooir r,ty an may ebaooo to hear of me, a' l lhB lnmo and honor daelra I take the oevt .en* ' ,htoh | And from my learned friend In the i>aper 1 omerle.1 thai no repute hie hawver In the ilTI^uba found to ray the ~oe,.rary Now that V and If 1 did nay It it would ho no very Wp^l mid we* a aolemn truth at Ue H me i .Vm ii ti i. re onrded and ? no yuern at all I omr i lb'' uemen. tae Metropolitan l-ol'x* 'k * laift nft rtA kaAvm ^ , mmailODfrf. ni?n ng < in r>l iiurir nton pmitmnaird or thr STllZi md fbrr'.y w, either if Aey likti Jtl''*,y ** and violence lelaimed if xey wutd* yoidtn* oft* and avoid Uiptpm ETNE" Won uatli mdw time oezi fall, " without, as we oonoetve. joistttutlonai right? without m yet having obtiuued Ike opinion of one single reepeolnbie oouneel, under hie hand, tbat be believed it to be constitutional." That, I UUnk, ?m true. I ley, "without their having obtained, and 1 verily believe without their being able to obtain the signature ef one respectable oounael that be, on hie ve rectty aa a lawyer and a gentlemen, believed It to be constitutional'' Now the (not was tbat no eorb opinion bad been obtained. The fact was that the effort to bring on the Olal in which the question oould be decided bj the Couit, was attempted to be evolded by e written document protesLng against It, signed by every single one of the counsel on too other aide?ffve gentlemen, none more respectable. Aa to my belief that no respectable counsel would be found to say It was constitutional, I did believe so. And now for Ibe reason of my be >ef. It to happened tbat a day or two pro 'iously, when opposed to the learned gendeman who made these remarks on Saiurdey morning, 1 did speak us a manner the. was quite comFlimentary, though somewhat personal, addrermog bim His ted that be dare not certify, under his hand, thai he sincerely believed tbat ad to be canst tnUGUki, and 1 shall remember while 1 live h<$ answer. ] remember it because I reepcct hie opinion as .bki of a good lawyer. It was exactly what iawycra call a confession and avoidance. fie said not oue word by way of meeting my demand or challenge, except by a confession and avoidance, fin d he, "And you dare no', certify, on your professional veracity, that yon behave you bave a right to an inruncttoo in the case." Now, these things I have laid with groat deliberation 1 My them with no excrement; there ia nothing oflenetve to any one; they are the troth ef history, and it ) as item able that they should go down to posterity as anything else, it any of the thinga we do -oday shall go down, aicog with the judgment of the Court of Appeals, to which we must all now bow with deference and suDm'sslon. Ho muob for the personalitiea in tins cane. Now for the law. The learned coumel then proceeded to argue the points published tn Saturday morning's tiaiuio. He dwell spe daily on the monstrous doctrine contended for on the other side, that claim to title gave color of title, and ooior of title gave jurisdiction to the jastioe, and enabled him to adjudge the possession of the office dt/ario to the claimant, give him the book* and papers, and send the rightful pceessor of the office to priron. without power to bo released even on habeas cor nus. Why upon such reasoning. If hie fr.end Mr. H ikies wtre to write b.m (dr. O'C.) a letter appointing him Co.iLty Crerk, be would go before Judge Pesbody. state t s clsim in an att.itavit, the Judge would have jurisdic tier. and might perchance adjudge him <b?fu, U> the County Clerk, hai ing color of title, order him to have possesion of Ute books and papers, and send Mr. Connolly to Kid ridge street jail, there to Seep Mr. Devlin, comoauy. They cer. tainly would have a most extravagant an 1 extraordinary state of things, if claim < r pretence of title gtvecoioror j erf edict Ion, color of jurisdiction created irresponsible power. end the public papers and loeumenls were to bo ;4 the mercy of inferior mogtrtrate*, without appeal, and the persons I liberty of pubii di em at the mercy uiihe same magistrate with the power o> exaur.cation or review. I. wsa ii -nstrous. fie oouid Cod no tiller wort to deeig. nate it. lie contended that the Ocurl bad no right to be controlled by the decision of Judge 1'eabody, and ei <xt the esse cf Striker vs. Keily ,1(7 Hill), to show the*, tbe proceed,ngs of lit. Justice I'oabody were null, lor it was there decided that aa the constitution had prohibited a Sopreme Court Judgeholdlng any other office or public trust, therefore any proceeding held before him tn aimtber capacity was void, finally be argued that by the charter of 1867 the power of appitntment in case of vacancy In Street Comm is oDer office behg vested Id the Mayor with consent of the Board of Aldermen, Governor King bad no more right to stake an appointment than bad tbo crier of the court. At the close of the argument the Court staled that he wouid reserve the decision in this case to Saturday morning nest. The argument m the injuoci rro case to be beard on Friday, and in the mesne me the reference ia '-are of con tempt to go on before Jlr. BJton. The Con over Contempt Oast. TK8TMONT UIOM TBI BEPKHD?THE COCNBWL irsuuM. vOTimi nsT. The lerdaecny in Una oaae wm continued yeetcrday. At the opening of the proceedings, Mr. Brady sail bo hoped the Re eree would appoint aa early an boor to morrow ae possible to continue the testimony, nod lie would aek him to aflord every fhdlity to bring the boeineaa to a conetasieo aa soon ss possible. Mr. Field requerted UjU the refteecoe m.gbi continue mi* evening ull midnight, ud tbodd commence again to morrow (Wedceeday) morning at 9 o'clock, end continue leaf u it may be neceeenry to take nil the pla.ntliPe teetlmoay, even if it look all 12 o'clock at night, declerinf Me owe wilMBgncae to remain till that boor if required. Mr. Field requested Um Referee to pel that la bin notae. Mr. Brady euggeeted tbat tbe Referee abould write down ome extrecte from Vox'* Martyr* or noma other .Iterary prelection, *e having quite a* mob eenee ee tbe iearneu gentleman wanted down. Mr. Hilton decided tbat be would (It tbee to bear to* teitmcny of Mr. Dndiey Field, ea agreed upon yaetrrday, at d tbat be would then adjourn to 10 o'clock next day and tit tbe whole day through. Dudley Field tworn and ex tmleed by Mr. Field, Sr.? Wee in court et ibe ume of tbe occurrence* ewom to by previoo* witceeees after the warrant* were banded to Ju<lg? Peabody for h'e r-gnatcre tbey were not given to me by any perton. 1 did not loach any of them aTier tbey were banded to Judge l'eabody, beard Mr. Brady making an announcement to the Court, and impacting the in unc uon beard him my, " I eerred It on him mytoif, alii bQ Bow tax i. reeding, tboae were all tbe word* 1 beard ihit 1 remember, at tbat tune I could not tee Mr. Brewer, I iotked for h:m in court; I left my teat to get a flam of wa'er when tbe Jndge bad the warrant before b n. when 1 retained I taw Coneyer with tome paper*, and taxed bim wba! tnoy were; be *ald, " Something that l:wdy baa jut. terved on me," 1 atked, "Hatha tigond tne var rutt? ' M Brady el acted to detni oy^ih.r c inveraaLon. Mr Flea r?lcl bo wanted to ab?w that at that moment lb wprojn naked CjnoTor where Brewer ?u. and that Conorer amid bo did not know; whereupon wltnoa* looked round lo iry if ho could ore him, ud ooald not, nod (hot Ih't waa ot the time Mr. Brady waa apeak.ny The referee lualained Mr. Hrodjr ?'joct.00, tod the w toeno proceeded with ton vottimu.y. At ibe tln.e Mr. Prady woo I looked ro n I the room for Mr Brewer nod ooald cot tee him; Brewer *at that maroinp n lew momenta prevor.t to X,? time ni the went eifc ol the table, to the right of Mr I). D Kteld; I Or*, left the bolldisy after Mr Brad)' asoitaocemeot? after the cr>n?ta' '.e came'.11 with a load of boohr. 1 hal prev.ooeiy been oat .oto the bail while Mr. Brady wae epeaktof, tod Mr. Brewer wm not then there. Vote examined b) Mr. Brady?I did at* Mr. Brady in th>* room v eater day whether be-wtebed to examtae me ae a wltaaM la tbla eaae, but doe t recollect thai 1 nveiyoed aa a meant foe wtahloy to be examieed that I waa til, 1 waa fitt ticrtnr j that an Injunction had been meed ay*...*! Oooovrr eat of the Common Pieae by Mr. Brady 1 ancor.sceaeat, and Coaorerl reply to me, wbtoh ware llmultaneone I iiret lo m> life tew JukaR Farrlngtoo, to my knowledge, coming into the oonrt room with the beoka on that day, and never before, I oerer beard that be wae to be? .ployed to ex mute thla eearch wa-raat. ae the warrant wae originally draws, It waa not dire:led to a ocnataolc, I believe, I am not certain; I did alter one, whether the original or not 1 don't know, I wan oct of town wben the warrant waa drawn; 1 don't remainder the day i made the alteration, 1 think It waa precious to Judge Penbody'? decte 00 that the certiorari waa a (tar; It mu*t hare been on the 1Mb, i/th or 17th of July, to* alteration wm anrgected by my father, I think. 1 iiret law Brewer on the l&th, when Jndge ftavlee (mm his decikion, at ten o'clock, bat 1 am not certain; 1 nerlalnly aaw him at twelve odxk; Mr Brewer had ao nlerrlew with D P. Field or Noyea before twelve 00 tut day thai l know if; 1 old not mo Brewerwbeo be Er?t entered the court room I don 1 know who reqneeted Cocnab'e Fnrrtnfton to be In attendance on that day I don't remember ever to have heard km name In my ule before or after twelve o'clock that day, natll I taw It in' the newspaper*, fiv'.nf aa account of lh;a affair; the drat booh* brought from too Street i ommlaatoner a office were brought Mo 00 ;rt by Pec khan ; 1 flrvt *aw Mr. Conover on that day, I think, at ten o'clock, before J'; lye Pavle*. but tot before that time. D. D. Field wae then pr carat. 1 don't know thai they convened, my attention waa ctberalaa oecnpled; 1 tblik I did not aee Cooover aya a before twelve; I don't know who told Mr. Vultee 10 attend in rrort that day; 1 wai consulted n one of tba Uornevt of Oonover a* to the means by wh ch any pro-e*? Iw'ied by Judy* Peabody (hould be executed, only, aa far aa I remember, ae te directing the warrant lo a *her.fT or a on*table that waa Ibe only consultation with mo; t tntsred tbe court room that day 1 think in company with mv father Mr Brewer ocrnpled the reialioo toward Coeorer. in the cane ofConover ag*in?t Deeltn, or a mend ar.d rort of >pal ade eer, though not bti counael before [ the Court he ?m an acquaintance of D. P. field, and a!*o of Mr "I/tar and myeetl, wbocomfoee tba firm of >>,,,1 * S'iytor. I wan informed thai bo waa to ureal pa the mm yf lofy n the dthrery or etahjutino of thy furti'j in the matter of Oonorer apalnat Berlin hr ^ rimer, who *a.d, when I oOted to taae the order wrfln the sheriff, "Brewer will take tbem." In taking their aoata at tbe table in the OMtroM the paehioa of myeelf, my father, Brewer atd Mr. Noyet wa* hot the retuit of ao arrangemett. ar for aa I *m kwatw of, only that I Aral sat on m r fa tier'a inft, ltd jr ?to up my seat to Mr. Noyee when he eame 'a ^ , matter of onurtoay and then Conorer naked to* la ,et him all noft to Mr NopeB, and I did, Ming farther m me trft; I did owerre wbero Brewer ft ret tea ted ? ' maelf; it was to the right of my father, rery near the rod of the table; I don't know how Ion* be **t there; I did not f htm go near and addreaa Mr Brtdy; I think T taw him ta Uio act of rising fratn hie aeat when the warrant of arretrt waa at road. my lmprettton la he took the warrant from Mr. B-rtbolf where he went don't know; I did ere him return to hie aeat, but 1 am not attre, aa 1 think be returned almoet immediately atter; op to that moment I waa obei-dag what was going o?, and scribbling on the paper* on my iteak, or writing; f | heard the objection made by Mr. Brady to including the , onetable in thn addreea to the anarch warrant, and the ditcotrnn on that oh;ertton, and beard Mr. Brady with draw hla objectlen: where Brewer wan at that time 1 l#o't enow; I did net notice htm; I did tot aee lodge l eaixxty a'gn the warrant; 1 waa locking In another direction, to ward* the pitcher of water on the window, on the Jndge'a right, I think I wan looking for a gtana of wator I did not see the *earch warrant In Berthoifi h*od un'oa* it mlrhi bare been when hand ng't to the edge, but of thte lament certain. 1 war about a couple of minute* getting and drinb'nr 'be water and return ngigmr aeai aa I rated, I tb nk It wae to net water 1 ler my aeat 1 deo't ramiicd bear eg Mr Bracy aay to .'".et'oe "eat.m ly roeit eg tv Si-t tCpc; xt. t? Dti u hue.cBwOByct to make, w vo MORNING EDITION?WED! wblcb la that ud inunction bad seen (mated by the Oocrt of Common rieee. or anything elee eneept whet I before taicd; It wee not more Hum four or tire m ooiee after Brady laid what I rtatei that I beard, thai the booh* were brought la; In the Interval there wet e diacueaioo, In which Mr Brady, Mr Meld, and the Judge took part, at to the aloe of the InjhncUon and the aljoarnment of toe poo*; I know Jot. B. Pollock; I don't know where he wee when 1 wot abeent from my neat; 1 did not iee him go oat nf that Coart room; when I went into tne ball I went to eee tf Brewer woe there; I think thin wee before Mr. Brady hod done making, that it, announcing the injuncJon; 1 went to look for Brewer at my own ?uggeetton exclusively- 1 paused out or the door, 1 th ok, neereet the centre or the room, but 1 am not tore; when I got Into the ball 1 do not reooDect observing any one there or on the itaira; I returned to my pace immedutrly; it wat pcrhapa Ore ml autre after tbu 1 tew Brewer llret in the Street Commltvioaer > cffice, bat it wm d >t before 1'tckhem brought the beoke into Coart; 1 did not eee the warrant of arreet rlgned; I taw Mr. Vulcee, 1 in.ok, after It wae signed, In the coart room; I did not ree hi in when 1 w?it for the glare or water that 1 rememter ! don't re member bearing Mr. Bredy asking Judge t'eaboft to ad Joan ibe proceeding!) till after tbe "iith, eiMing :hat on that day the motion for .njnertlon wonid be heard beiore Judge Ingrabam, bat I beard my father pr.,po<? an ad loarament and! two o'clock, eay-ng. in sub ttneo, the oookr will be beoi d from In a few minotei, or * imc.niog of that kind. Mr Field objected to the last quW on v i?r iierttneo'., bet ibe referee allowed I., and Mr. Fluid said be ebo^ld ' nbmlt. nf ivmrrn Mr. 6r?dy?Nuw ws will fcavc a little more be derdaah. Bare a turn and sharp 'purikge of 'vorfle occurred oe tween Mcetra. i'.eid and Hrady, la wanth tho let r jostle dm observed that be reprettei be.or ootu|*lle l to sit in neb company, which, wi.h some exceptions, n aa objeo tionabie to him. Mr Field?From the k.nd of company Mr. Brady usually keep* I am not crpi lied ta bear '.hat Mr Brady?1 never aaaoclata with witch burner* and pen ecutort. Mr. Field -The company Mr. Brady keepe ?-e generally thieve* and rascals; be defends them. Mr. Brady?Yea; 1 often try lo defend Mr. Field, bdl nrver with suoceas, lor ) can pel no on* to believe me The referee begged thai tbia parley wooid seaee; B might be vary amuamg 10 outsider*, but it interfered wtib basinets. Kxam'nnUon continued-That was thrre or four minute* after toe aaoouaoemcnt of the injunction by Mr. Brady; It war onlv a m'.nate or tiro before Peokbam broagbl in the book*; I cant Hale where Brewer tban waa, I *aw Mr. Cbaa. O'CoBcr In oourt that day; firit ob?erved bun pre vtoos to my leaving my sea*. to get the irat*r, be was then Mending near me; I cannot fay where Vultee waa then, but when 1 raw bim be waa inside the enclosure lo tbe right of the Judge's bench; I did not observe Brewer when 1 first raw Mr. O'Conor; 1 did aot ?ee Mr. Vander poel kavo tbe court room oa that day; wneo I last saw htm be was talking with me near tbe window, 1 thick; 1 wna present when he spoke to mv fn'her thai dav, bat beard only one expression of my father a n ibe contents ItoD. Mr. Field here proposed to examine Mr. I'e.kbwm, who wished lo leave towo, and Mr Brady constn ed; but tbe releree thought they bad dono a good day'* work, and did not with to continue: be therefore adjourned to tbts morning at 10 o'clock. Mr Brady stated that be would proba blj be done with hji wilneetea at one o'clock. Mocking Tragedy on lukn Inland. scrrogKD i.ovi, jealousy and nuhdie?a young VOHAN THE Y1CTI*?ABBB8T AND DIBCHAHGE OF BIB BUTP08BD MUBDHEKK?OOBONBB'B INQUEST. A startling tragedy, which fortunately rarely occur* on Una inland, took plane on Tnesday morning, la Fort WaihIngion, on York avenue, near the "IWafrapb " The facta, m o<ar u we could gather them, are aa fellows:? It appears tb&t Miss Emma Irewly, residing to Brooklyn, and a Mr. John G. Cooler, of New York, hare oeea on Intimate terms fer the past two years, hgatut the withes of the young lady's parents, who repeatedly carbade her lover their boose; hot be persisted, little dream lag that his arts would subsequently call hie teved one to the final judgment neat Krcm the date-meat of the fatter, H appears that '.he lady had a rejected lover, mtio.esanperated at the conduct of his successful rival, determined to either end bo own life or theirs. With this determination, on Tuesday saorntng about II o'clock, he repaired to .Platen Island, where bs learned that the lovers were sojourning, for the our poee of ascertaining the lady's true state of feeing for him, bit judge of hie jealousy &ud e'-rpriee, when, en reaching Fort Washington, be dlacoverod his far Juliet re losing in the sweet sleep of rnocence in her lover's arms. Driven to ftryby this sight, be drew a pistol for the purpose of eadlng hts life, wbea the snap ping of the trigger awoke Mr. Bonier, who, peeoeiving hi purpose, struck the pistol from the young man's band who, still Infuriated, hurriedly p.cked 11 up aod fired a the sleeping form before htm, the ball entering ber Lean and cautlnf: catact doih. The murderer immediately neaped, before f.r Sculer. wdo wan aweatrtckeo el the act, could jtt*f an ai?r m Several pen* neon bearief u.e report of tor r?tt I. battened to the epot, acd after eon vejiry tee Itfrietr body of the female clo iho fort, r'ved Id cf tee mcnierer, wbo, unfo;innately, elvded h.t porruer? by .omptbg on tte t>oni waa )jvt aUrtIff from the dort, and o*.t*pet to Nee York. Coroner Vanderbllt waa immediately aummooed, wbo, at? r em panntillng a "try, beid an impjeat on ibe body, when the fella*my tcetunocy : lohk U tfchier, aworr?1 raaide a Sew York, acd am 28 yeara of age ; 1 know the deceaaed. wboee cvme m Inna Brewly. I hare known her for three ware m : mac terma . wo were enitafted to be ma-r>ed 'n -u-|tember next ; on Tneeday mora ny. at the ao'isftatioa or dereaaeil, who bM been direardal by ber pareo*#, we re paired to Staten la land forme parpoae of rnerdny .*? dty; we bad itetn bere above two boure, ebon we fell aalee'.v 1 waa abortJy awoae by heartny aetck-ng ao md . on yattiny up I aaw a yonny man. whom 1 do not kaoa, atandtny rear me, wlib a revolver pointed to ba head; I tilentiy go. op and jerked bta arm away from hta head which enured bltn to d>?p hi* p atol aa he waa io the Ml m firing; about a minute afterward# he p cited inthopiatol, and aftrr deliberately cockiry It, aimed and fl-ed at M.rn Drawly before 1 could interfere the. ?>all entered V. m Brewly'a cheat, tauttly .cttant death; tbe man then rao down J>e road, a d before I eoold ylve me alarm be wta out ef my riyot 1 do not enow who be waa, bat could recognlre him if I boul I aee b ui again. I then felt the body of th<' uec<aaed whim waa vet warm, to tte If ber heart waa btaliny, bat it had at npod, 1 acow nothing more about the aflalr. Job* Homot awnrn?About 12 o'clock coon, lira day. I heard t)>a import of a pit to!. apparently proeaedog from Kort Waab'ttytoa, whither I repaired; 1 arrived there about Ova minuter alter tbe import, and frond a youof lady, whom 1 reconize aa the dacaavad, It ay on the ground, cear the walla of ibe >rt, bieed ni Mr goulcr ?H kneeling be ber ?ide. w u> bin band on her brew* I 40 no* gpow dt.eated or Mr Cooler Al Ui'J Ct of lie inree! gaton an olhcor. w bo bad been dtepavked tn Sew York n eearcb or Ibe Borderer. returned with a young man named Joeepb Wilmot n coetody. etatinr Utat bo bad arreeted him m New York while be wae purchasing a pMoInsd acting ratber naptctoenle Ob -oafrort'. b? bim wita Mr Soalt*, the lauer ?tat?d that be (It'. Wilroot) wae not the prreon wbo fired the pletol, wber# upon be wae ditcher fed The rather of the dec rated ifccc arrived and teat: fled aa foiioirt ? Bear? A. Brewly iworn?! am a merchant, dn-,ng huetneaa la New York: tBe (Iterated te my daughter, who, on account of Improper conduct, left my bouee, about t po week) ago, elnna whirb hate I bare net i*re her. ahe ?u acquainted with a young man named Horton, and rabeoqutnlly with Mr. ttouler. with whom I fir bade ner mar riaga, bnt iwreiettag, 1 diactrded ber. ebe in twrtty yearn of age. ana the you cgeet daughter of fottr. Mr Horton !r a nllm young man. of about twenty fo r year* of age. and unually dreenee in Mack, he ban no whither*, but a flight mowtacbe; I do not know wbo "hot my daughter, the dm rented. neither do I know anything about the murder at all. Mr. Nouler recalled?The man wbo that dtreated wan otontiy hoiH. wore black wbltkere and beard, and wae apparanlh thirty rare of age; be wan dreew la light eummer rtothrt; I <lo not know Mr. Horton trier hearing Ibe medical teetimooy of Dr G-ocho. tbe ! Jury rendered the foUowing eordiW ? "We fla>l tbet tbe droeaeed name to ber death by pteu<l ebot wc ndr lar Irtod by eomr pernon to tbe jury uakaowa, at Port tVaah ngtoa, Platen leland. on the J*ii) day of Jqly, 1807," Oa tbe rendition ot' tbe rerdiet tbe body waa hamled | oear to ber lather wbo !?to glen her a decent burial An IvTraiaTrno Cam ?It will b? remembered that mar time ?iace a en called revolution occurred la Paru, and the lender of the movement, t.eneral Yivnmo, took pane* Won of tbe fbtacba Ulaadf and dlepaaed of a quantity of tbe guano Ibeteon. Iteveral vewwla lou led wt h the ( im" he rftepoeed <>f tailed for the lotted Stater eod among thr m the nark Huntingdon, in'|h?I In Jar Oowr ? Son. of Bull m?f. The aaent of tb? Peree en roeernnieri ei tb:a port (mod the w? t of rattle tin out af the r? ltd Statee Clreolt renrt, *ad on Friday laet Called male* Marehal Wa'ktna chanced a ateam tag and want down to Swan fo.nt, where he found the rarer! and brought htr to the city The guano wai daileered to Meerre Barreda Aa will 'to aeen t>y the attore a'.atemeoi Ida > ueet on of aorere^tnty <t' fartr and <Ujttr* will coma into d>tcor? on. M"eer? Weltle, N'almn and ft Johnaon, Sr , are control for the P"rnt *n goverrment, M??a-a. Peown and Brine appear for Jiotee Oorner A Son ?l.ll/imore A mtricm*, July 85 Pram or CarTAiw ParntK or Nurrrsr's Cab | MavoaT ?Captain Jnehua A I'atten, whoee m ?raft ire* at d rtiffertrga in connection with the ah'p Neptune ? C*r h*r? linen the theaio of much politic ormeier', died at the Met ?an Aaylom, Snmervllle, at 1 o'clock terterder rr ?rn iBg. acod "0 yraea aod 3 mnntba p?af and bhni and aick aa aa ha? haeo for toon he i-aet, hi* heroic wife refured, noeertheleaa. to aarrender bun to the rare of etraofrei i and It waa not nmtl on rrtday, when It waa apparent that hla reaeon war gone and be waa utterly nnmeotgeeii'e, j that ?he conaented to hie removal to the a?yl m Mre t Patten berao'f 'a elowle reentering from the elfoc* o' ferer She la ttlll quite feeble, tint the riUienoe ir ?i.iflrr nt aid the energy o aruergennee wbfib efce haa h thee o displayed may carry her over thte, wh ti ehe regn 'd* aa ibr greatest of her aorrowa. The a omen of amer ce, nrot b?ar tip the new naiem ty wh oh hat oeertaaee .h a hraee '.ftle womar, will, we met, men..'we tl e r a< o ; thy x a form which wtil | ee ee der-.e rf da "W 'ty ? ioetst IVwkt, e'a'g il.

RK H NESDAY, JULY 29, 1831 nyilrrtout Tragtdy in JleKCT 8ti?t. ourroaKD MUKDEH AND ioiiut. At a late boor on Monday Bight ttoo deed body of *' Augustus Van Liew, residing at No. 12 Hubert atreet, wee found lying opoo a oeilar door near the corner of Mercer and Canal street*. The body ate u oaoo oonreyed to tbe Hlgblh precinct nation houee sy officer thai man, where it wto soon alteraaran ,dentlfled. Tbe fr.snd* of the de eared tay that when Ice*, seen alt re, at 10>{ o'clock P. M., be had on h!a perton a gild watch and chain, and about forty dollars in money, aj deceteed'a pocket* were ribed of their coolants, it;? fnppoeed that be wae murdered, especially aa bis head and face (bowed marks or vloienci. Mr. Vad L ew ten hi* res.deoce :n Haocrl stteet aooat 10); o'clock, for tbe purpose of purcoaeing a bo.t e of porter, it lit; o'cleck be was found dead, as above leacrteed. Be watcc chain appeared to nave been severed by meaoe of a pair of cippere, as tbe hook wan found Dang !ng in the veit when deceased <vas discovered by tbe officer. Tbe rprt where deceased was I'ocod it in the rnidil of a very bury neighborhood, and even up to one and two o'ciock -n the morning it m by no means a lonely or unfrequented >oca!i?y. Socta oetng tbe caae, it la some what extra.-ri'.iu.r) tbat no bcmsc or disturbance waa wwu iucio wo uuura ui tv^ nmi *4;. u tiuwi, ad that attaint; was known regarding deceased* si tun lion ontll be WS8 r< und )aKe dead. The police ioon upon the matter some* bat In the light of an accident, and oe Here that deceased came t) his death from some na'ural cause and was afterward* robbed by tome of the many thieves who are continually found lurktog about the corner In question. The friends of deceased, bo sever, entertain the belief that he was foully dealt with and was then robbed of his property, awl acting upon the heller they are extremely anxious that the police may leave do stone unturned until the borrtd mystery auenclng lbs fatal oosnrrenoe is cleared up No anreal baa been made although the officers are busily engaged m the lOveetiga Uon of the care. Coroner Bills being notified or the occurrence, pro needed to the late reaidenoe of the deceased, and itnme dlately took preliminary measures for the purpose of making a full inquiry into the case. Witnesses were sub ponaed, when facts were rllclted which went to snow that the case was no ordinary one; that in all probab.P y the deceased tad been murdered by h.gbwaymen, and then robbed of bis wa cb and portemonnaie The cridet'-e of the physicians making the port mortem examination tends strongly m establish the theory of a murde ha* lag been committed in the premises, and la the absence of any other testimony to the contrary, his, siaiewtni mist be looked upon with no little importaocu by the and toe jury now investigating the ensv. The doctors, IB conversation wttb our reporter yesterday, stated that they found three lire see on the brad?<.re two locbrs above the left eye and the ether two on the right Side of the bead, one or the temple and he other avow it; their e 00 toe right side appeared to bo > reduced by a t all or brnahisg againrt the ground, while the one on the other side teemed to have been the result of a biow. Several > mali brooms were noticed on toe fingers, hands and other parts of the body. All the internal organs wete healthy with the exception of I be brain, a hish showed extensive f vtrnvMstlen of blood st its base, upon its surface and in toe venire vs. These Injuries, in toe oputonof too doctor, were the onose of death, and were evidently prodnced by violenw. There was also an fveoslve injury of the brain beoeath the frontal bone, which did not reveal itself until the sca/p was raised by (be operating surgeon These wounds might have been produced by a padded rfung shot, such as highwaymen are apt to use for ibe purpose of stunning, not killing their victims The skull was not fractured, snowing evidently that toe blows most hare keen inflicted with rogae heavy, but soft instruflMDL The large amount or cxtrsvssated blood found upon the surface of the brain and in the veo- I ircva hw>m unit wo loji.rirw tjua not bito oeen 10 1 tried by foiling In tilt. Indent!, the doctor* hi oar reporter that the injariee were of net are wtlcb pre eluded tbe pom unity of anything other 'ten violence being ueed. They bed evidently been inti.eted by tone pereoni, end wltb a ton, h> avy Inatrament, eaefo m above dercrloed. On tbr otbe* band u tnlbovgbl by many tbat Mr. Van 1 >ew was attacked elifa Ota, and thu ttto injnrtee received were caaaed wblie in tbat condition. Be waa inject in what ia nommor'y known na hlaeu vertigo, and may have died while attacked wltb tucb daeeae. The abaence of b.? watch and pocket book may be acoonntad for in tbia way ?In tbe neighborhood of Oanai and Mercer aireeta there ia aiway* to be found a gang of tblevea and proed tutea prowling abo?.t seeking tbote whom tbey may de veer. DtoB?tn men are roobod nightly, to ft would not be at ail Improbable il tbe deceased war robbed after death by name Uiieree wbo thought tbey were merely prect ef .g epou to inebriate. Mr. Van Liew waa a rotor ana in ami i> in man. *na waa tdgVly aataiuied by bie employer* Meaer* Woodrofl * Oo , of Wall street, where be waa enraged an a bookkeeper Tbe deceaaed no eft a Widow and three 'Jnloreo to lament hi* untimely e?d. Be waa krinerly part owner of tbe Fifth Ward Hotel, cor nrr cf Wen Broadway and traakiin atreet Mr. Vaot ew war about lib yean of age, and waa far many year* walas i favorably town in tee Fifth and Eighth wards THB CORONER 4 INtylTEWT. Tnr Coroner anmmoned tbe fo.lowing named persons :o art at urc/k in tee eaae [) <? Taylor. 14b Waa! V'4b. The 9. A Ward lOR.oertat V. B"-nac. l.'l>4 franklin. Wns MeCrary, 13 H ibert. JoLn D. r>?on, f. Bench ? John H Steele, 631 H .lain Joe' pn 8. rayio*, is Hohert a.reel. Tbe above fet'. exer Laving born duly sworn, Ibe Oorocer proceeded 10 examine tbe w.uieesus '.n tbo follow ny order ? James Chtamac ewcro? ] am no ofEcer of the Flgbtn ward, and pat-olle-i from rev >-n c doc* to me!v? on Monday cftti. Aimit iwmy or 'twfiuy lit to twelve a color ml Ctrl canx 10 rr.e ami nlorroed rre -he' a *o wn Ij'ng dead aear No 1 Mercer etratt . 1 went to ibe place cCcaiou aad to rid deceased \y oj t.a* a oel.xr door w'.lbin four .ncbee of the UaMl; eight or nice pcrwa* ware itandiog n?ar, ! examined h.m and .'cool ma. me prcket of tie peats bad oeen turned .aside out, a mttnorsediac boc? wax is b.a aide cnet pocket; from ap ( i *r?iiri x I judged be bad been robbed lbe colored wo man ? bo came to rre told mr thai two girl* bad tan Iota Ibe borne previously, and raid that tbrro waa a man lying rithtr drnak or deed on the sidewalk. f do oot know tbe gelt u they do oot board at No. 1; a private watchman told tor be bad *eea a man ant waring to ibe dar rtpt oo of tbe rieceo'ed Iranrg agatoat Ibe ra'ling, ooroer cf Ca&aJ (tf re! atd Broadway, at out baa pest eleven be appeared aa if be waa 'aligned. Harmon J, a worn? I keep a autre at (be cornrr of Howard and Mercer street*; about half peat eevei o'clock a maa cance tt> me m 1 waa cioetag and aaxed wbern be ivtold f od ae officer, ae a man waa lyiag dead, or nearly ro I went and saw the deceased *y!ng oo h ? oack, and fbor or ti*e tare natd'.ng near bin: Iba officer sabre liieotly ame up and be ?a removed I bear I an solve or disturbance, do lo! know tbe man who gave me tbe a (brmiiior, lac,*a Roger!. eolered, tworn?I work tor Mr* Beocett, at Sc. 1 Mcroer atreet, aad ret;do at No k3. oo Moogpy tight, aimut tlx o'clock, two gtrla ran into tbe houee. the door of which j always open ! waa than op stairs, but soon catna down, I heard them aay there waa a man lying no tbe a dewalk, near the roroer, who wa* either dead or drunk Mr* Benne". tbe landlady, aeat metoaee what wee tbe matter 1 raw toe deceased lyiag oo hie booh; be waa doad; I never saw thnee gtrla be.'nre hot would know ibem aga.c, they do lot board atourbocM, I euppoee they were 'rigbteied end rea at. Jci.e lao-ota, awora ?1 raetde at No. 6 Moroer alre?; waa goiag to my b-me oo Moaday algbt, when ] stumbled aga i it a maa who was lyiag oa a cellar door, aear the vomer of the atree*. with bit beef against tbe wall, think log that be waa ettber drunk or lay Iowa to have a sleep, 1 paaaed ea am! want home; I oat toed thru be bed black pasta co. aad b.a met teemed io have beta thrown over tie body. Dr?. ' mall erd ftaaaeii be.og awora, deposed aa follow* ? We have r ade a poet mortem nam sat oo of tbe body or deceeaed, at No. 12 Hubert nreet. We found three bruaee upon the bead. One of these waa t wo inches above tbe let: eye, asd presented well marked algae cf extra vaeaticr Tbe other two brutoco were on the right aide of ibe head?ore cn u< temple, and the other about one lech ebevo It Rub of there bruteee preoeoted the character of abraa oa*. d fferlor from the one on the other aide of tbe bead, which bail tbe eppearea ? of beini; produced by a blow 'evcrmi alight bruiaea we neticed upon tbe Bag err. arm* and lege. There were no other external marks m r ulaaca upoa the body. Upoa latornai rinno'netion, mi tbe cr**r? were r?ci d' ,n a healthy condlliow, the ei caption of tto? brain Tliia ?rgan preaented of e*tr? Twot.on *1 the Iimc of the *hi.!t. extending oxer t>o;h ha mliphrree. Mid tirn 1 -lot* were found :n tbe ia'eral rrntricler We ere of opto on thit death war cairod toy ene.-m Of the brm n the rc?'il; of Injuries to the Auy.M eDe.itier cwern?l Pre el hOT Weih'.nitnn atreet am a prirate watchmen my heat ex ten da from corner of Canal atreet and Rnwdway.ttiro igb treene Howard, Me? -er eod round age t> to (asa) atrrwt between 11 and 12 c'c ork on Moaday n'gbt T raw a man Vaninr ara'nd the railing on the northweet corner of Canal and Broalwar, who appeared lute dere^ed 1 helped to carry deonaaed to bir h utaa, and >udge It wat the tame man there wm do d,rter*aBre la the neighborhood ba<l thare been 1 aho.itd bare heard It Tbe ( here |>rr a oertIdeate fnr the Interment of tba body. and ad oernad atil nine o'clock Ih'la mornirg; In the to'-ar time, attire iBpuirtea will b? aet on foot to Mcertain where tbe murdered man wee from 10 o'clock, tba lima ha left the boure, ttatll be war found dead* MMTf?? OF PBTRt?Bn'(t FlUgNDP. ' eat earning a meeting of tha Trteoda of the late Mr Van f.lew wae bald at tba F Oh Ward Hatel. for the purpore of expreeatng tbalr regret and indication at tha law !" ? ootraae which thay beltera wit perpetrated npoo tha perron of defeated oa Mrodey ntght Mr. J. 1. Wanyti waa appointed chtfmaii, wblle Mr .fobn Hewitt acted ar recretary motion, a cwm.lrr wae appnln ad to incite the ottl *ene of tba Fdh ard htghlh wardr to meat at the Flf'h Ward Hotel to a got, tnare to akprata tnalr feellnga refer! loathe a air rbe fallowing name) oerenca ware eppe-med oa the comm ttea ?J. J Wengh, r-?en Randolph, Thot. Ha-ber, Oirott Rhiaoa and Merlin Fairohild I tan ?We learn that JtitUh Piaroe, of thit city, haa prnaaouted the proprlatmai of the New Vork P-iowe', for libel The o' noe rootialed In tbe publico inn of the ot ca tf hla rat eat arreat, together rlth a preten led hi? try of tba care, and the pretenoea pref by Mr. Iter-* to pec' ore tbe good*. We bare al eady anm need -.hat Mr tier a bat laMltuted a aclt ay a, oat Mewrr Yelrenno, Walker % Cc , rf New Vork, far mal'ctu pft)?eou 'f. 'e? eg t a 'tut ago* at f20 000 ? *yrt? aw -V fi?'t V, a [ERA % TIE METROPOLITAN POLICE C08MXI0NERS. No (ioaram Ye(-Xr. Choiwtll. Mayor Wool and Mayor Powell Still Abeent?CommunlcaUon from Mr. Draper?Railroad Conductor* to bo Mad* Special Policemen of?Tne Brooklyn Special Police Pay?.Hpeclal Policemen Becoming Impatient?The (lew Ballot Boice - Men to be Newt to Stapleton, Staten laland?The Police Telegraph?lie Connection a and Working*. 'I *h verjr general.'/ expected from (be (Utemeot of Commissioner Cbolwell, on Monday, (hat be would be pre sent with tbe Commissioners yesterday, and U>?t the va anoy In tbe Beard would be filled, indeed, it was given out publlcally, on Monday, that such was to be tbe case?bene, < a much larger number of persona gathered about Ibe piano, at an early bour n the morning, than bad congrega'<yl ibsre at aay one time before for several days. A!) walto t patiently nnli) paat ten o'clock, in Ibe momentary expectation of seeing Commissioners Cbolwell, Wood and Towel approach the building tor Ibe purpose or taking tbe r sotti w.'tb the Beard. Tbey, however, waited and ex peeled 11 vain, lor shortly after ten o'clock, Sergeant 01. J tho made hia appearance in tbe lower ball and publicly announce 1 that there would be no business transacted by tbe Board dtplng tbe day, In consequence of no quorom of tbe Com missloners being present Tbia announcement was made la compliance witb an order from I be Commies toners, who, precisely a. 10 o'clock, came to ardor, with Con. Nye in tbe cbair, and direced toe clerk, Mr. Kmbree, to call tbe roll, which be proceed ed to do with the following result:? Present, and answering to tbeir names, Commissioners Nye, uowen and S raaaban. Absent, Commissioners Wood, Powell anil Cbolwell. Immediately upon Ibe calling or tbe roll <lea Nye do Glared ibe Eoard adjourned until Wedneadity morning, at ten o'l ocfc Tbe announcement outside of tbe tbe bouse was received witb evident marks of dU satisfaction. espioiuity am of tbe ex special police, wbo were anxiously and patently waiting for a meeting of ibe Board, In hopes that some thing may be do .? about iheir pay, wbicb tbey claim Is due ihem by the Commtwicners for services rendered lo tbe city. Tbe specials still on duty?some 196 a.I void, according to tbe General Superintendent's reports- sre also becoming somewba uneasy about ibelr pay, and beam to wonder If tbey are to receive toy thing for their services. Tbey ay that tbey have been on duly now since the 3d aad -lib uf July, and are just aa much emit ed lo Ibelr pay for ser\ -cee rendered tbe city aa thore rsrn wbo bare bad tbe good fortune to be swum ia as regular policemen. Tbey tnresien, in cate something i? not dose for them pn Ity toon, to resign, aa tbey say tbey art not able to give so much of tbelr ti oe to the city Tor nothing, particularly aa most of them have families to sopport Wlib the exoeption of about seventeen men In tbe Seventh ward, and fourteen in the Toirteeath ward, all the men on duty therein are specials. Mr Cbolwell was waited on during tbe day by a uuna ber of prominent polHlclsna, among whom was D. atrial Attorney Hall, Attorney General Cusblng, Senator Petty, mutt tuuiDJ Mtix-n iroiu iuo iiuoriMii, ro|iaviiuftu mu democratic paiuec, *11 of whom ho received and coneulted with. Mr. Petty My* be la very much deceived Id Mr. Cboiwel), and thai be la not the man be "thought be wna" MAiIMMM Mr. CMmI Mm seen It t? to purtue the straightforward, independent oonrae be baa In relation o the tilling or thin vacancy to the CommlMton. Mr. Choi well but evening on /ravin* bla tlore Mid be bonld be tore to meet wttb the ' jauniealonera tbi* ((fed neaday) morning. Mayor Powell left bla office la Brooklyn yesterday morning a boot let) o'clock, for lb* parpooe of attending Urn Board, but did not reach W blie atieel daring tb* day. He haa, however, expressed hia determination to meet with U* Board of Commiattoaonibi* (Wednesday) morn lag. U laaaetloan aatmyaao* to blm to uaglent hn boatbeta m Mayor daring lb* foresawi, at be wiii be compell?it to do now, ,f fce aiteoc on tba Police t ommiMtonere. Ha la cnowded with oflVttal builoeaa appertains to bit office, aid it i? aa mocb aa be can do, without attending to oatilde atlalre. Be deems It bin duty, however, to oome Into tbe Board, and w ill attend to the bun new thereof no far aa he cte until the matt Important matteri are dkpoeed to li 1Mb meantime lit* office hours at tbe Cit) Hall, In Bro klyc, will be from two to 6 o'clock In the afternoon or each day. Hit cfTV e biars have heretofore been In ibe morning, aa have all the Mai or*, alnoe Brooklyn baa oeeo a city, bat police aSaire have ao changed tb'ogr that b* wiU ba conpelle i bareafter to attand to tbe baatnew for wbloh ha waa elected during tbe afternoon. There will, therefore, bo a quorum of the Commleelooero to day. Immediately on the Board being oalled to order yeaterday Bon ing, tbe following communication was preeenled I rota Mr. Diepar, and read by tbe e'erb ? W).w Yon*, Jul* 14, I8?T. Dm: Fin?Yours Of yererday, enolon or a resolution of ihr Heard of Police, iar? etvrd 1 (bar * tb? li lard if Police for thr'r < .mpluneniary prossina n n.y h.-bad, an.I Peg ton to roi ro mr warm asaarar t <4 a gra jl ar rn laibx of tbelr .mammons I ikant you obn for 'b. flattering ...*oncr yi'i ha e rhosen '.<> "oamuni >. > e a Inn of th<- Hoard, and an, w'A i r?at r^'spr yourobedien' f-r. .ni, 8. DRAPER O. W. lesarr. E* |., tV f Ob rb of Polio*. Tbe of Lhn ( jmm.raionerv, after the adjoaraotrnl yesterday moralog, or of audi a* remained in the bulkitnic, ear principally t?ken up in taking oomplalots In rofrret lo the coodiiion of the several >UU? houses, an J eoaeolt | .ag eith iherommandiag officers of tbe ward and practical buildera with reaper* lo the beet and b repeat mode of ratling them in rioper repair. The ?xth, Vlneeealh and wenty second prec act aim ion ooutea are (aid to he aadiy C lit tf repair Mr. Tailmadge mto mo down people to aee htm on b .starts, that u tiaa :een neit to an Impaneltulily for blrn during tbe pent three or four daya to attend to any otner bustarse than that of answering .|ueetion* and attending to the various wanta of tbe tho .aanda who aeek bta aid and 1 ad v Ion. lie yaaterday mot meg aent a copy of the follow j ing iiinmunl aiMin It tbe auperioteadenla of the following railroad* ? New York and Krln, New leraey Central, I Camden and Amhoy, long Island, Flushing, New York and Harlem, New York and New Haven, Hudaon Kirrr, and all of the city rai roadn of New York and Brooklyn ? Out '* or rr.aiMT' or Four,, t AH f hiii .WIT, Row *0'IK, July 28. 0*7. j F u- In order to preserve '.be ..rrter on yonr road and to laei ita'e Hie nnpr'hrnnkoa of disorderly rereonn wbonavle terrupl yo ir .? no> I p rpore lo ree..mmend lo ibe M wainerrs of Po i * be propriety of enoiUi ulna yon* severs! end urinea special poll men 10 act m.ler jmr <lir-roue He pleased 10 i?i 11.male 10 me yo tr wishes poo (bin snbjeot. tours reepw dally, V. A. T ACI.M AIX11 Oeoeral dnper.elerdeat ot Poller It te hoped by thin means to pert# three purpnte*. tbe Brii of which is to obviate the aeoeaetty of keeping one or more oftirer* under ibe |ay of the ixty, detailed at th see era 1 railroad depots, another lo relieve tie ral toed companion from tbe eilra erpeeee of asking tbe R>?rd lo special pollremsn fur the several roadn, at ma? be by their dtrvctore, at the expeoae of the rompa y, tbe rome ae wad dooe last w?ek for tbe Camden and iinbov Railroad Onmpany. aad 1 be last and moot Impor tant or all la that each road may have a rorce of po ky at their own command In caae of any sadden emnrgenoy, without any extra expenoo to th<*m , also that each 'on doctor may have power lo arreet aay soapteions person or persons actually caught In tse commission of crime ?n bis train, as Is frequently the ease, while the oart are under wny The profwlUoa has been much talked of among the dtfi fereat railroad .Proctor*, and meets with very general no ooni age moot Mr Breronrt np to laat artD af bad given oat Ore hun dred of lb* ?*w ab.eid* for police'n*n, leaving about nine hundred yet to bo etannfart ired ud given ool, inclining thoee for Brooklyn, ID addition w> Ihoee for the lergeenw and lonpedeen. None will Or (Iron out to the irookiyn (police ootil nctloo hae boon 1*1 ID regard to lb* reorg*nl*a?lon of that department, 1 whtafa Mr. Htraaahan aayt be thai) take hi* earlleet oypor t unity to do, and reutn all good officer* oow In It, ref wile** of tbelr poll Ileal prefer eaien or predilection* J The pay roll* ror tb* imp of the Brooklyn police her# all been made oat, corrected, amount* footed np ood 0041(1*4 to by i epoty v iiper'ntaoilaot lohn 9. Folk. The total* for tee cnrioun prortnct* are an folio ?? ? Vtt Am tun! Flml p**ct*ct, Inspector Joel Bmitb ,'ld II,63" i? Recond precinct. lanpeotw Tborna* King '44 3,Mi II Third predict. Iacpector (ieorge N. Co** 3ft ft,4ft'? #7 | Fonrlh prr net, Inof-ri tor Jamee Tower* :4 3.703 30 Fifth prrclaet, lo?per or Henry 'inlncherd . .'4 4.4AO Oh fttitb precinct, Iemeclor Jamee Mnllln ? 3, >74 01 "erenth prec'nrt.Iwpevtor JohnRUIwell ... H 1,1716ft F'fhtb precinct. To*peet?r Thome* Comb# ? 1,170 03 N nth preetnrt, In*ped?r Joel Mt'ler, Jr ... 10 1,4k ? -'0 Total 6-Ti,lM Oft ?ft reran ng about 6140 '<% to each man The rntnrn* for the. carton* preclude In New Fork hare all been made ont ami handed in by the com eiand in* officer*, but with one or two e*reptino? none of them bare been footed up, and hare to be root back to the per ennamak eg them ont to be flashed In tbte reaped before the clerk will reoelwe them aa (Invhed Tbe captain* and teryemnt* comple n that lbi? *a? nerer naked of the a by the old Board, and ooorlder H the work of the clerk* to tbeComm loner*; while the clerk* ln?1*t that they hare enough to do without It. But me propneltton ha* a* yet been by the Roard of Cntrmlwlonora for b*ll<?l bosoe tn nnmpli ?aoe with ihe advertisement far proposal* for the Metrupnntan (1t*tr ct* This pro|n? boo I* by Mr Jacob Cohen, which be call* lbe "pateM lire and (tone billot ho*," b< mg otrpo?"d of a nolid lit bottom and top, with (intt wire dr* aal c*d*, *o ihat tbe rote or ballot may be peon a* I * dropped n. Tb* bo* ? 16 Incbe* lom.' by 0 In. we* e le and 10 o.-be* deep (In Ibe top i* a *ma'l oc tet, i through wkt. b the ballot i* dropped, an nch and a half n | da meter The top <a aecured by a patent padlock Re*era1 verbal plan* were lubmltie.) to tbe Oom nl?? oner? yeeterday, one of which, if perfect* I In acor lance ' with tbe plan aroooe d, will probably be a.loBed In pre'erenre to any if the other* If it I* not, then the Control* oner* signify tbetr preference lor tbe glee* bore*, invent ed mm* tune ainoe and placed on ethioitton at tb* tity i Hall. perintendent Tallmadg* yeeterdar g* e order* for *1* ?oi tnmen, in full aatfor **, to be tent to -Uapleion lan ling. Blaten Island, on Thurnday morniog. to be at the Und ng by 6 o alo k, n order lo attend and pn>t*? tlef-tntar th-bonl ?* ebnu'ca, which tn to Uk# pla. e Uter* on that day. Tbe men ate *wt down at tbe ?ioctal req tent of Me?#r*. Treat and Taylor. Rrhonl Commwalrner* f? I ^a'? n la'an I Mi. *fc?rb*rj, u.* IfUl >rge*u, jmtrlej *?tft L D. PRICK TWO CEOTS. ropy or tbe following notice lo the .ommandliig officers of tbe Stvonib Klgbtb, fourteenth and Kl flee alb prsstncla ? Ort" * Pamir Burn iNT?vnrvT or Pone's, ) C# Praokilo ktrael, Now York, JoJy 3B WO7 ( Ciir , ? Prcetart -N!r 'You wlU plcaaa nottff IM ipi-ii of ?oci maaaad to appear Tor drill oa Wi rteneiHi. July P.I. ?t he A rarnal room*. The Mellon on reacrie In tbe atelion bouoo in the morning, nt 10 o'clock A, M ; U * mo ?>n la jhe itotlon hon>? In the af eroou at i o'clock P. M By order, K. W. WATKR9UKY. Drill Ufficer A aimllar order sill be lent to Ibe anme precincts again 10 dsr, 'or tbe platoon on duty on Thursday to report tbern aIvai nt tha iraoneI rfnrinff thn in 'Hamima sa*?a.? u directed In the foregoing order. Mr C T. Warren, the property cleric, hM been doing up the front room on the ihv d i tory of Hfl r>ank!tn ktm. In a suitable manner for the reception of stolen goods, ami pnrjmr cs to remc ve the stolen property now in Eat pceaea Ion at 88 While street there during the course of today, when ihore who have been robbed may bare an opportunity of examilng It for the parpoae of ascertaining wbe ht r any of their goods are among it or n?|. Another cartload of stolin properly was yesterday taken to 88 White street from the precinot station booBe, where It bad been stored fir some time oaet, <i bavwg been raptured by the old police previous to their being dasbanded Mr Robinson, with the aid of Messrs. Chapln and Crewley, rollie telegraph operalora, has porfeetod the telegraphic communication between all the station house* un4 ihe Deputy Superintendent's office, with the excep'ion of the First, Twelfth, Nineteenth and Twenty second precinct station booses. The First precinct having been merged Into the Second and Third precincts, oe no< sertiy exist* for the connection with the old station house ia Franklin Market. The Twelfth precinct station hoose being so far out cf town, (180th r trret,) ft baa never yei been deemed ea pedant to extend the w irre to it. Its distance Is teuton enough, wa should ih'r.k, lor the Immediate extens'on of the wtrea thereto. The Nineteenth precinct police bxve not yet moved 'nto the old police station bouse, lo/otueqaenoe of the^ouee being sadly out of repair ; measures are now being taken to put It In proper order by the Commissioner*, amtl ehietx time Mr Kobtnson deems it useless to perfect the telegraphic communication?and as ibis, with tbe Twentysesond precinct station house, oomprlses the whole of one r ret lor, It bas not been deemed sxpedient to arrange arvt connect tbe wires wltb this bouse either, for fear of being obligou to disarrange and disconnect litem again, when tbey come to arrange tbe apparatus at tbe former bouse. In all tbe other precincts communications are readily sent backward ind forward, tbe operators being for <tX) present as roilowe : Second precmet No one yet sufficiently ^nderetanda the newly invented dial to work the telegraph Intelligibly. Mr. Crawley, however, la Instructing the sergeants asd door men. Third precinct, Inspector Hopkins; Fourth peec.cct, similarly situated to the Second; Fifth precinct, Sergeant Hutching*. Sixth precinct, Sergeant Hlckn; Sevenux precinct, Sergennt Cameron; Eighth precinct, inspector TnrnbuU ; Ntntn precinct, Serf east Sect ring ; ? Tenth precne'., Sergeant Davis and officer lee; Thirteenth preoinct, Sergeants Steer* and Oornell; Fourteenth precinct, similarly situated to Second and rourttx precincts; Fifteentn precinct, I as pec tor [Hlka and two sergeant* ; Sixteenth precinct, Special Aid Southsrland, Seven teentb precinot, Inspector Hoitt and Officer ^llmoreKtgbteenth precinct, sergeant Bennett; Nlneteer'S aril Twentieth precincts, litoated similarly to Second, Fourta and Fonrteenth precinct*; Twenty Bret precinct, Inspector Speight and sergeant runner. 8eryeant Crawley yesterday visited aad instructed owners Id tbe Kt?htb, Ninth. Klevcnlb, Vourteentb, VixveeWk and Tweni ielD pruclnctr, and will nooUntie hi* lastri moma dailjr iidUI be perfects one or inore mao in each wa-ri la tho une of tbe nearly Invented pianoforte dial. He Iftxkw ibal in moat oarea it will require from two to three weeks' practice tt perfect the officers In tbe use of Ibe dial, .a tbe meantime, Mr Robinson wtihee tbe public to undeeitand ibai tbe wires will be at lb# eervlce of ail wbo wish lo make inquiries concerning loat children, boraea, A a., by apply la it at tbe station houses TBI old police OF TBI TENTH ward dim a NO TO re pit on dott. I-att night at roll rail at Ibe Tbalh ward station bcuw m number of tbe old polloe of the ward, boadad by l<ew. Reed, entered tbe ration bouse, aad Informed Aohcg hsapecter I'avia that they made their appearance to report for dnty. Lieutenant Reed said that Hopertniaadeat Tnlimadf e barf t Id tbem when tbay bad preeentad tbamaaivra to bim f??% duty that be was not In any way acquaialad with the master, but ibat -f tbay were potior men they meat report to tbe station bouse in the waid to wbicb Utey belong*?L Mr. Reed said that in accordance with tbla suggestion of kpertnietdent TaJImadge tbey now reported Par duty. Sergeant Oasis reamed taken aback. Ha told Mr. Head tbat be aad tbe men with him were laboring under a greet mistake If tbey considered themselves poiloemea. Ba said tbat be bad not!del them to report themselves or duty, wblcb notice had not been attended to by them, bnt tter had treated btm In an unbecoming manner, tbey bad been discharged trom Itia pohoe tor dlaobeytcg U,? nrrtare, and ba bad no power te lake them back untu farther order* from the Police Oommlmlooert. Lieutenant Rmu made a reply, after wblcb revere) of tbe men stepped forward aid Individ sally reported themselves ready for dnty. Tbey then retired Tbe (iDsrns In the neighborhood and those w bo we *? present worn much surprised at tbe appearance of the out police at the station bouae and Ueir .ntervlew with "or grant Daeli QUiRTIBLT R4PORT OP TUB RIOOILTN DEPI?T ftJ1'IXI TKHDIPT OP POLIO*. Ihe roiioeinjc report of the traaaactioea of tbe liror.a pa Police If i artiifDl for the quarter ending tbe JO D uay <4 JuDe, lh&7, waa inbmdted to tbe Corn moo Council >?> evr oirR by the Deputy Puperlaleadeat of Tate* Prom th'a document it appear* that be whole a umber of trrmtm Tor falonlre, mjdamraaof ? and other otfeooee, awe Die to 2.00A. belot ao Increaae of 423 la nonpar eon w.o tho pn rimii quarter Doling the fame period 1,6*. pemoew were erroirmodeled with lodging* a; tbe d.iRareo. iaj a bouaee, 241 loat ohlMren found by the polite were mrvwerl to ih?ir parent*, aad gl.nja 4'- waa Ultea from ertf<nere and returned to tbrm, 201 day* were loat by mrinhere of ihe depertmrat by reaenn ei'rlckneae and dlaah.Ilty, be.a? an average Km of Urea men per day. Complenta ware prerarred aga:n?t right membera of polite, which cpea >n rret Ration rrtulteu In Ihe dhinkaal ol three, |i?pena>on of one inr fourteen day a, of one for two day a, of one for twelve day#, roe for Ma daya, and one wae rertrred us duty. 1 he loHneing la a llat o( the offeooca for wLtcb tho arraata were made ? Aaiaul'. Hod nailery 332 Interfering with elTtre?o IS Do. with to lent to kill II Keeptac d.a'd'ly hAaee II A*f ault 13 Murder i Atlrmpt at burglary .. 2 Mallcloca mjet of )S Araon 3 Marbem. I Abandon neat 2 Petit lareeer 16ft Burglary 34 Paaaleg bed aauaey 3 Br eat h of peace 4 Perjury I 1or*art* peranee Iftt Pawiag eoont ft money ft Drnak aad dlaordarly.. 23-1 I'tohlng pockrle 3 Deeeril >a 1 ? . m x I Frcaptd prleooeia 3 Reoelvtag atoteo goude. 4 KmVrzkmint 1 Hape 4 Pigbilar M ?lot-via -oaduet 4 1 aleeprateacea 2 *itpkrlooa perwwe .... 3 I irtooe drlelag t> Pnaptcna of barglary.. 4 Mrand lar -eay 10 " araoe t Uroaa intozi -alien 2 " larreey^.. IS Hifhwey rubbery fl OMMtaaflk S Habitual druakerda,.30 Vloiahna of cni iim M Inioitcatloe M7 Do. of eielee law* . A ladroeat eipre ire 7 Vagrancy 10Q loeaaity 79 ?? iBtllltlBg :MM'N 2 Tote' ..0M The oninktr of pottcemeo d?ta led are eeeteeo, ef which two are at the Mayer'* office, two at the Deretr Kaperlntredeet'e office, eeren on the Courta, two ee race nipertori, and all a* Ma I lb wardeae. Poll<e Intelligence OuatiB or Fuji lim?* Tboraien Dmiaaft I* vol * an - W C. Pmllb a uiarohaoi delay beaiawa *w MuiTa'a. waa broegbt before loauce Coaooi y, el the Lower Police Court, peeler lay 00 afrharge of fhlee peeeeeaw made agalaet bun by John Warrla, at" No. 24 IU-l?n aoe, who allege* thai the accused defrauded Win oot of **.000 under the fnllowlry ctreunetaae**. ae detailed a -cmplain aa I a affidavit The oomplaiaaal, after going oo u> q (tale ibal be bad doee bmioeae with the defendant, front J an i ary until June Ibhl, depeeed that owaaaboetibo 30lb of .June leet the defendant applied 10 the OOnipMletat to purrbaee goad* to the ainoeM of f* 000. That u>e oompiaioaoi inqni -*'i ol Urn d?ieai?Dt whether be was able to pay for the goeda or Dot, when U?e teller u'd that be wea, writ unrMfnlAri him** If to h? nifh T"? fNlfl ahitra Ail I.A debts U<1 liabilities. That hr anb- eqr. .<atly In the preroeow end bearing or complainants salesman, Wiidem Saber, Mid that be ?m worth tbr tarn art mentioned ; that In ooaseqtence ot eueh represents! lose being so made by tb? defendant U)? complainant dellrered the goads is < ueet cn. cr tu let tag of walcbee ewelry. ntiery. t sled Itoodn, Are , valued m all ai to tb? aoc ieed -hat ca or about <he b ib in it tb? complainant discovered that th? scouted a an insolvent to rlrr mi aoree that npoB recatv. Hi anth it formation he proceeded to B r>alo la search * Mr Smith, and that oa arriving there be fouad taat :a? latte- bad el receded and waa 'orolvaal Uiat the aeeoaeit bad, for eotne tine neat, been mating pnrcbanes o' mer handire in dew York aed eUewhere, and that after obtaining poereeelon of eaH men-hand i?e the arenaed ?o.d it at sue.Ins fbr one half of He noet; that be etno leaned that the aoru?e<l wae ine< Irent at be nine of the purchase, ao 1 wan not worth gv >,000 above all bin debln and .tab i tier, ae he atated whea making the eaid purchase William Halter, the aaJwrmao referred to bp the fbregilee wllnere, deposed that prior Wi Urn delivery ?f the tool* In <|ueetlon, the accused told the wfioeee bat be wae worm 926,1*00 above ell h.e drb-? and liabilities. aed that be carried on a very ealrnslve bnrlneen In Baftalc. I the examination in thie cane wan arfjwireed en! I eleven o'clock ibM raorn'ng 6 an wit* at t/rnaname ?Oftlwre Me.-?ymo*. O'ftonree, Veo CUef ard Pecker on Koedtp nigh; arrent*ii :wo nan named Jamee llarmoB, ef No. )> *, Cherry street, and W? Haley, of No M oNver street, for viola: ng the guarantiee -ego lei oe# They were detected on boar t ae infested veeiel, iteallntt and buying inKar. Ivmeaae <w AOent'? *?p Hatrw Cn?* ?Taee* were en leta than tweatr Ave complaints Tor aenanll and battery made beivwe notice Connolly eeterday. at the lower Police Oonrt the warm weadi r neema ? have a vary elfniflewnt affrct upon persona of a pa gl little hire of m flf Dwoapwut i nitial -'*st t>?five dteorderly worn-a were arrested by officer Bnlmer, of the fifth waro pcloe, on Monday nght. and on being brcngbt before fortim (jrmio iy yrterdajr. they were all sent to Bte ?t* it Ulati 1 fur the terra of It* ncaibi.