Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Temmuz 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Temmuz 1857 Page 2
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o A Unge ship ft 11 tf wen from rortmootb lc Oa'rultt all thi way under Mem but to secura W 1 rom I***"!-' Jme bl fcemw d"h ui' oainm . . Tin" com for mucb everywhere, but In India t hey tt ?< very fart. Wf s?e what has been '<* already. <i<*ne lie* tit took lat 'vt hours to consider what hi should d *Mlib his Ftnee bundled EnropeaB.- at Meerot, Ml l>"fon be ,, me out) cooflnstoo a hsndful or fugluees *>r to iswev .0 of lslol !?.*>?< r?trg European dice re in heir 'in ilies rbe '<*<?* ?f things tb?re must dnve beei knwn within f rt' e:gbt bi urs at I mbatlib, u? ?e\ er^ Other nests sbefe there were db-.iesab'e Eu ope in feesaid the calculi ti'in was that they should unite b. fue Delhi on the t tb?that l?, a fortnlgh' alter ihe out Creak at that < 'y R ii a siege tra u was col at brnd and had to be ?*lt? d lor, though It eas no fortress tn? had to be ulfti hut only aa old wa'l tantha! ton fireailed. and the result was that at the last date, tbe Nil c f Jui e, Dtthi hod been exactly one m <n u In tbe possus 0ioc ft he rebel". Now. as far as regards the ct y 't?e I hr besieging h rco, and er.ryth'ig tik?ly to -a tie W'thlns rad'ns of t?eny miles of Delhi, that delay nvgh net be Injur u> s Cholera amine, wan) of e,-erytu ug c?ri mutualJtal 'csie would doibelr work within tie walls Wi are toll of the puppet Emperor trying to play i liov.ble game of t-30 ca airy compelled to leave th City, dc> bllesr for ? ant of food for mm and bnr*e, a , ? c^r.? nf F?? . , -y.-|,l ,K.. ......... " ??r ujumu.-?n veudd aggravate the e evils Moaii?rh]ie our ovd f 'M viae d?i j Mqrirt g ' m>an? of rloitg lu irk *ltl aBO'ff it Hi t eejood that radon >f'2J<0l' t ha' i"Oj the re.ndt of a'i tmitrgetd armt. holding for I t hole numtA ir. t', name ot a Mogul the t'acet r<it f In <Uan rvnpt" ' Juet as might be crpohd mn'tny bee-dew t u) in n.'p after city j* f <f<t p id, regiment after r-piritnt in tl? \thole 1 'retiaen if littioal, and mix. avoid*' It) du cmuro regitnent.- ?*i t'f t'ttnjaub fuue Utere se*m averyahtie a futa ' tryo'litmi to corftne care an thought l< tb?- i?'teul?r object In view or tbe I aiality li yo^srtsidon Of cnirMi ?i < .nnnt be aurpr'.ted that oq prr>l > were tnkii>(j rare of tli* niacins at ball a d >7. -n 1w yxirtaxt fiat : na to ? bi'-o nffliera and famiheH were rrnlltoj rack Ntir arc ?hoi [i'tt'd, on tbe othe-hao 1, tu:t*. in> o* tht nontb 1di.h ibo ?h le of tbe appei par Of tbe Vrtt-idenry, dc ?n to Allahabad, in a alat of a"tu? revolt or impudent vacillation; regiment.- of infaoi' regular?,< alt and e\erybody, iinil?g"\ae.l! em ciderttg ?b. ner tb<-> rho id revolt or n ?, and wa! ing pee v? at wo aid happen ?t Deihl But we are not eure that we are not e>htbltug at boir the eanie d# ay , ueeful for tbe part, but fatal to tbe wboli On a larger rcale the r i. tbe wane night's rent, the m wailing fortbe rltgc train. and tbe aa ue p enaration to d the w rk well, abm lime n even irir? prectoui than tl conTrnien e or ruoo??e of thi? or tba .la'Uoula* oiwatloi Al'. tbe ruler of tbe service- of aev-ra! aerrl lex?tntl<( t respected Our great >bi ? rnurl not oe exi>ore<t to oangn or our r ffleerr to aork boo* tbet' rank Wilh tbe rhl i With the officer*. with he men, ?tli Ibe stores, with It coal, with Ibe mean* or pettier ah ir ons things at an boar Eoitoe, oDe doe* no ree whv the whole de?lined aldiMo to ber Majesty '* arm; la InJ'.s .1 -chl oot beemhsrkO'l b fo ? i . Sunday, with a fa. aunty of arriving i Calour.a, sal tng and 13 two third* of the tin given by Lord Ellen borough. '"he Woo ledge that -0,0( white faces ' are on tbs way ao mat beexpecel I Bengal next November, will ao 'oubl be diffuse rather wlcely over Ianta befor.- tho end of Angus It will have it* Bat t a ways den: that a mie*should arrive, as C.i'Sa- t tells ue he dl" culcker than expected?an-'a erptto .n ? Tneenem are hkeouH^lver they act est Tney wo-ild alwav rather wait tor somethit g or other to h*ro their prepart loon thoroughly Com lew There 1 Venys omoho-' who does not keep hi- app .ntment at a pr or,, nicer ted uini tec There tr a! ?ay? somebody wb ??uh to save b effirers fr m thtigue bt? men from . hoi era. his hor?? fnm eta'vauoo b>e Pr - tori an guard, U - r-gh Ca-de get tieiuen, or bis beaut ful *b' * from in-ligni y or h?rn Tbeie t* al ?ays ?om?b d;-. too. who Is e? bu?y lookiti afu* hts p?lva'eor>iice-n"that he must negl ct ?ome of h pub'le duties Wbcc these sbortcomln ts are on a'l sM< victory of en fal1* to the si le that has the les?t o'lben and we trust the vlc*ous pre tonderance will n he c oars War Is terrtMe work TV rr-conqveit and reai WrtiCfvm rf a great empire art nr tnling undertaking H wo.' rryvra to dtnt ana irmt iac*\L a, and ux hop* there iti TM he tnuiJi htsilutvo1 to n.akt ttiem OPINIONS OF THE FRENCH PRESS, (K 1 m Ine l'artr fairie Ju y 14 j Tb# nnlt iff of Hcdhi nrlil not nut an atrtH t % th? mnHm J was at first behaved. The Increased desertion of tt native troops bss pro;* rated the danvrr, sad It is fair < fay. without?mori: on, 'hat ttr WrvvA rmru'rr t* Indi s k ii-ti to I.V lose The wrrgy ami aniivttv of Edflao di>J be depended on lu ibeae crlt cat clrc i-unrm sh ? li span aetiiier men nor money to ibe devoce ?i he jKiwsceeioiie Neverthe'esa, we fear that the reiofo'ce manli deepatibrd to ImHa will arrive slowi?, and lbs Mna delay, by pern'Uisg the Ipsurrection fo develop? li at If, will rendei lis tupy> ess.on more dllbcult and pro v acted. THE ENGLISH MISSION TO DET-Hl CUT OFF Toe fjlin* ic? |rt>er is from l>r. Kay, Principal o B-sbop'a Coilepe Calcutta ? Bini .r'o Council, Catcrrrs, June 5. IV.T My last bisty note w*h rave preoar*-d yoj for mv pri went sad bdlnfs The Ire hi Dirt loo bar been completal ewept away Rumors 1 this effrct were current f'om .h befinnlrf of the outbreak, bnt we Sep; <n bo pint th< a Tie ot Ibe member* of tbe mission might have e-raptv II ia dH. 1d< ted, after* utel.v certain even now what b> oarurrrd Vet ev?n ibe moet anruiDe are compelled believe that the Kev Mr Jenn.nfi aa 1 bit daughter Rei Mr Hubbard, Mr Stodj?and Cntmman Lall wera a kll.ed Cai-u.o rvouyiass. too. a warm supoort-r ot tt wbaton, abared Uu lr late Of Htm Cbunder anl Lou Koch?the former of whom lef college onls last .Ttntiai ? nothing Is said, they may therefore have e?e.a e thruph our hopes are of the faintest kind T*o nab Cb> iatianr uccet'ted tn escaping vo Ag?a One tof 'h? waya that he raw Mr Huabard fall?lbs other hat be sa Mr hardy*' dead body And Mr Jackson has been spared?' bis life ft sen hi frraptey!-' U'naiaoeep inter**1 will now attach lain bis mind to eveiy Incident of his mlisl mart lift r>e'bl I Ceuld tit" yel htm to send u? a short narrative i anything tbal ao**ld I luft-ule the btatnrv of tbe nr sloo' Surely ibe place ?bere ir-ay fe*l will benr.eiorwar I be % Snowed m bar tt prove tbe eee*i ||I.,( of a fntut ?*rg harvest of eouls, t be fathered eu* of that Ign i*uo fanatical populatiep It an'st bsve b?er a fearful irla' to enriunt*' th-* wil* t.bfei'tUnf bigotry i f (be W srulmai. Itms 1. H it our a eoret- bo|t- Is tbal our **tar breih en ?ere en i|??* eu h Ibe power of H.m h m the first martyr ? saw sun Hi at Ibe Vsht ktlil n' Gnu ' I ?M! Bf* *ay ?o id' ih of Ik*"' hme 'io' he? u?eo < tolf ?"leniE ? > <> ftm?elf You well inn# iii' im ?hi rud dtticrnoe of ibe S?rreiar> ?I irt*M elmo?t*a> found' C>f 'be mlreine, Br H ibha d'a enodan roe'ry nil V jSoodM e?f pr mod r activity , Bart Cblmmu*. tone t mutiny -rr I oar do , howfTT, ellhbitld f obi voc rem* ktbl Un.aioci)' t i tb? rh?rwtp' f 'be ral?*'no wb-rh ? - Ml lo dip bj Iho Ebrb >|i 1/ . BlC'iit* only fe * b\ befw tbt outbreak It l? BS eX'TBCt f< TO Ul d -Bfiort of th* B "ho f Mboib* ( ?ho. >?- kln?, iMln to th# Punjeib ?t h Uf'tii '.tig of ?lie |t?-piii yrer) Ht iiit ? Of Ibe teller n leek*, I* , Iho p ol lh?' 8oHe * f i th Propagation of llw floipel, I r a?e alreat ?* ir???ed m opinion Ibtt 'he rn. m nhi I* im inn m 1*1 bo ipfi on promt doc of our tod leu bp* ion tilde. Tn? In'# I pent mil well tn'oriiol cod erlr hnldii*, * they d rugb ?nd im orieM 1(1 iu d? tu ifi.oi'pii of iho mtmdoi the nuoorlor 1 B'nrr of lb# tefiool, e h t!? 1V0 boyn ? Blum ?bp beat I ba*e el-l ed id 'loib, ?. 1 tt 11 .1* . fiBreoV for b ibIi motitp boc dp otedo?r* ?f th n nine* b? prhoo fT'Beiprf. are in iking enhin re?*i wt, ra M m >e1i ibe oboie of ml 1 1) of I k Ma* ?r may ?<lra?, " Before 1 bey m r-- 'roi'iJ lor bad It'll Irel moi ) I ha' Ihey pl*a*e 1 Oo f" I or IM Brd add er' thti f a pr?*?nt oo 'b- ?r ocel n?l u Of Uip ptibIii ? b-p Ooe'd o ly lei u fee! *ure lh*r ii Btim?fiirinue and i npin roehle a* II teem*?In tnteodr to wn'k pood lor tbb mo? "nhaopy caon'ry IBro fb B aeicy, Pk m* Belli h?pr?tii|? ff?? rkerVrta Bod Hen* e ID Irr III* mlol'-er* W KIT TBir?E of ci'-rrrrt effected b THE MUTINY fTromt?? " w ue (ci j a p|p), July M ) Tb?- me CMi'tlp a Irrpi f owi elm Ua am a c m rM Bit rat>i? to Ibe e*ner ,f bo ii?? rtwv the ur-noi ma 1 wta-a, antattbotandiiip ?ho t. ?? of tbo m-itm; tr?n??ri,oB- la tho ra Ira- ma hot wo o atatod to t prarr no aa ooua' At t,o par- * a r-trfart .* ic iai pr a.lor, and ofwmilonr ! >ho 8?rt' wor? a ?m ilrtoU ?i pobdod With Uio p-1>"o <rf n a ?Stit o t.opl-ab '< * in of. (bo <nbahitaotr bad b*-o ia 'h? tr -at*"' apiraboi Imp lba> tbo Rafarpn-o i ?a wo I a- i ho oM'wo Ii facUf *b foot Will ?m m'rM-1 o, aod all tbo Knoojati bad a'mod bom?oivoa Ku| ha i c atla <?d walcb i r #bi a'tor awbi. and aouJ famlliaa bad o v-o uk?o r f re no bna*d iMa-o la (la Mono. Toe po,mla loo Ca'ratta, brwroar, onl'ka ISnaa of tbo lotor or tnvo conabto, for tbo aooot part, of ladoatri ma poronot, "I carry on woapnea, and II war foil, Iho-o'oro. (hat thai *u loaa daopar of a|>ark? of tbo la^aie ?ucb i bad lod w anmo Of tbo chlof atrar< loo at Maori ad r?lb. I'ir!np tbo ariwal of too worat u-? not tbo aiipbwwt aymptonaa of dhturbaoco b< inr-afod, aad boforo tbo dapartore of tbo mi trrmpo wc o daily amwinp frnoi Modraa. Bribhar ai ttar-ooo, aod a'l approboooton bad aoholdod Tbo oo< of tbo dofial of tbo taai rfODla oot'l *0 ft"lhl, aboro U? aio ?tatod V ban alxi*B pnatdloo fan/alioa. on ipl? with tbo fart of tbo I.irkonw mntlaoior* bartop wl'bdraa f'OB cawtmnr no o tbo propa-atiooa tnado f tjom, bad foaiij a iod 'o rr.ior op uioMbw A ttot n??at, bowowor, tbal tbo Ucnt-naot llororoo' of Apro b< taruod a prorlamaUno n". ortnp pa-don to tbo OB'itiDOo bad boon roeo rwj ?tib m < b It dirnatino, tbo ato; holt popardod a* moot .ojadtotor* A tbooob tbo aoota i vwrvr 't ?? ii, oir HI t Inn* helere btl**l?e? wo ltd re*1ee /(?.?, i|J rrxnfile'* w. a ramd mtJniUmmrr '..ptnwinp t? Mr rV //? ? The renal fufw'M ? .* per .*>at | ,#n , < < < (0 ha/i b< en ft* | ? ,pp, riii'tt* were ?o? ?ni?i tn 'ha//I,', )*n? tjf 0\f \nrt'T-rtirm \, ill nwle am, Fir,.** ,,r ?," / HWVlUt tl lb (MM "???b /.Id p.' | ? .M(nn . ?*? M*i*/ p>i~rnml? frrwmr. '..drfy (V mA 4. ?f * ?w > 1 nfrfainr* 4B IwJM THE CATHOUCB IN INDIA TO BE C01 VERiED. ft mm U>< M?I'm rnm n?f I Heine month* ?po *e re wired a lever from ft Cetbol HI P., fteftl'f ne for lofermftll,* on 0*01 'n point* poorer It r the (Bib vice of lM*i?b Inol. ftdii their relation* w Ibe omijpenj '#?<>. "fcrnect liar correspondent ft**nr ft.* Uiai II wee the irteoliob of Influential etbolleo bin p mtlr *ir ooon the II .ftrd of I'leerP'ra, the Boerrt C ntr. I and b?r ?ft < *ty' g vorumeni ? h? >?r of th* Imthrei, In India hit' he to1 o- Ihftl ire eould rood ftjftefui id bj BOKpl iRf Hber?l mrml ?re o'I'ftriitm. nod other tn'Uent'el pft nee in the three kiard ir* *1 tb? foli*wl information re e . ?r? r h|eri in which Indu Cfctaot or nre In'* reeled In fhe ?r?l piece, then, we hftv the r?rl of the Cntbol v of lhf? orertdenty, to thai to* (re irmm who bare eo ror? PVraily uniertakon ? Hi <*? who renrrd h?'n ibr rn ..fee* aid proudly, ? rrideftror to place bef.iee th-* p?hi|r ft* cleft ly and t ir ly ft# er car tb? Cftfte of the <hth? III* of toe Wede t . nrr We trill lea TO to our erteemed ? ovempir ? 4. U' lal UtvJd d the R imbftf fSa/Hn'i' / rnmwif 4 .ft*'-, f( trblrh ihei are no mnob heu " OMod I f , *00111,0 * rte'e nffMhrlle affair* IB the other pre* . r ?n 1 ire *H tr.err t,y he lh? heller ftble to lipre ft It oftftfidtmne when we hare only to deal with quoatiot rfthla par own Uowiatfe I s For oonTeoleaoe me, and as the returns cm be <te r pendcd upon, being furnished by the bead* of most rw we will take our ssUtsUc* from We Madras Caih 4u Dircc c tvrf for 1K57, from which we ! (fn ?ha'Ibe Presl b noy l? J divided into ten Vicariates Ap s'olic, presided oyer by > nine bishops, (be tenth heir g at present in Firopa. lu e the ten Vicariates an find Were a>e six hundred and e thirty flee priests, vlx:?* f the latin rtte ".IS, an-i 8)" of it ibe Pyrtan rite; the latter are 'o be round lu the Vlct-la'e d Apvtollc or \ era <oly The Oi boile population of the |1 Madra* Pres^denc amounts to ?i* hundred and thirty no , veo thou tand six tuulreiau' flrty two aoals, and in auou e all/ lne.reaslni?on the < i e hand by con rer dons, and oo the other b> birtb i Taking the rel'irn* furnished from i, some i f the viraratos, unJ the average of pa?t y as'* .1 irom others which bare not furnl-hed returns to- 18m). ? e the basts or our eaJcu'adon, we dj not go tteyoi d tbe d mark In say mg that the conversions lu 1850 mast bare i amou: U d t upwards ot t*o thousand nine h indred Tite Caibobc* have m?ny tcho 1? throughout He country .some d of which mlgb' vie with European retulna"ea. but the greater nuu ber are village or station frhool*, la v. hi th , the prtmar/ eiluita ton ol' the cblllren, whether In Eugllab or tbe verrai ulars, Is alone attempted, a AI classes ot the community aro r? prM<<atcil In the <la e tholic body?tiom tbe civtliaa to the ill paid wrl'er J amongst ire E ro can portion, rmin the merchant to inn c laebniaJi am ngst the K?st Indians, and from tho Bradrain i' to ibe Pariah amoucst the natives?all classes condition* U and dog-ie* a>e lo b? found tu th raolts ef the'>37,06.2 f Catholic* of tnu I're.i.leno No where, however, is lUJ i < b"rt be more f.wcibly reintrded of the worl* of Christ, "Hi.' |h-o >ou bare ?!? )* with you," than io a Catholic g church Id any pari ot loitla be great bulk cf tht Chris !, tianr, to 'bis p?'t of IidtaM lea?t, we cultivators. Next ( > them I unlet of numuer* ome camp followers, lasoars a at d "epojs, then aor vaois and day lab rers It would ap1 p< arte it all eiber claarea united to keep the Ca'uol cs 0 doan.for atibuugb we do meet with a fe w In plaioaof ' trii't atel emolument?men who have won for therarelvee the e< i.tldenoi of thus * paocduod r them as wel! at Un ; respect of lint superiors?the number bears no propore tl"D to the n< noerical strength of the bodv, nor to the t amonip or qua' 0cation, as compared with o'hers, possett1 i-d ??> lt> men iter* Wo have said that ttia groat bilk of be Cathodes arc cultivators, aud In say log ibis we have i -aid all that 1* necessary to show that they are the most 0 miserable wretches, In a temporal point of view, to be se. r on earth io Like their Hindoo brethren, they dwell In wretched it buta by far too ?mall to admit of the Inmates Btretcb'oe e their limbs wt b comfort, and therefore rendering It ne io cenary for the male* to repose under the canopy cf ie bearrn, the* labor hard throughout the year, tb'y a. a a ea 1) at work, and late to quit 1 , and yet they a*e badly i> cad and have little to eat, "fleetimes reduced to starv? r Hon |ki el, ai d rarely possessed of a rupee In excess of the s gov emmet t demand This Is a condition of the ryots of ie southern It dia, the units won arc In comfortable clrc im 's stances bunt i rat In the tens of thousands who aro in in d ise*y a i>arcnta! government cxpec e as tax, or more corrretiy,ss rent, the last farthing ? hlch the unfirtnnve it cultivator caD cav and talks of a revision ol the land at ie sessmei t ou tr e c mpli tlon of a su> vcy, which tbu must X> sanguine do n tevpect to see finished within the next two n and twenty year d Having thus given a hasty glance at the condition of 1 John Company's Catholic subjects, let us uow assure our !e rad aroemary fru>n?? that the Catholic (Objects are the I, only r ass under the ruie uf the East India Company who v do not reci Ive aid from the State for the support of their a religion Bindooi'm is endowed, althiupti Jibe would i ponotai the tact ),?t a reiuta of the Pagoda lands be iny fisted on and the troth will become apparent Uahome' danb m ' at also a State pro> icton made for it bat like 'Jin is doot-m It 1? Indebted to John's ore ecewors fo- that pro is vision,onj Is fortunate on y in so far ss that John curbed i hi- grasping disposlt.ub and alloaed the itmiiu <;ut arte to i remain undisturbed ,R * * is Bt we won Id rot be pi ring our Parllatuen'.ary frtonds < all the Information ?hev have a risbt to from us, I* wo did a, cut toll them ihat the Hindoo youth- of the Madras PreM in doner College are taught to discourse mo.-t learnedly on a the Int'Odncti n of the Invocation of eainla and of loute 7t wti'thip by the monks of the dark ages, aod tnat th?y are M trammed with anil Catholic legends, long slnoe exposed and exploded, but which still retain a place nnder the name of history in the chler edncattonai establishment of tbr Madras Preetcency. Wo wl*h It to be distinctly understood that for the Ca tbolb- subjects of the company no provisltn for religious iDRt'urtion Is made, aod wo (M it aleo to be borne tu |n mod that the Catbol c subject* are the only persons for wbo-o rrl gloua wants the S ate does not, either directly 4 or Indirectly, make some provision; even the grants In aid 1 for edncattonai purposes, which the Court at Dtrec or* | have long ago authorized to be extended to all classes, are withheld fr? m Catholics, ow ng to the peculiar sanctity of the Incal government For too Issue we have satd enough, but we are determined to go through with the | enli; ci, and In a series of articles wb ch we shall take gooc care will be place t in the bands of members o bo h Houses of Parliament who profess lloerally, and of the Catholic bishops ot England and Treland, to expose the " hollow prMoncaacf the East India Comway, Ha scan J a ' lous Injustices and bare faced hypocrisy. We hope for little from the Coort of Idrectors, we hope Tor leaa from , lb* degenerate son of the Illustrious Canning; tut least of all do we look for liberality from the nosliman who now governs our unfortunate Presulencv. Our strength Ilea In '* belLg able to organize a part) In Parliament against the V court, and to that and shall our exertions be directed, ' ass ??*? J* War, war war! The government of the Illustrious nohlcmai who s > admirably deals out patronage, arc deter r. mined upon a vigorous oam,algn on oehalf of the church ' ' as by law established, against the jsior little Catholic chit ' dren whose fathers are now on the eontlnes of Pegu de . feeding the boundaries of our Iadlan empire, and who are ' u > any momrnt prr|*"sl to shed their bl rod If neoeetary for their country's hot or A noolo cause, t uly, f>r the grai riser of Genera) Harris to be engaged in. the coerciug lot? urnrr.iccots ui wmun unu iri-a, ur uvir?u'uui( w * p or parenta out of the aubalatence allowed toBildicri' cblldrt n by the Cou t of I'trectora ? Our lndfat reader* ncM oof bo told ihat the Fast In 11a Company m kr an ail ,?an:e to the wire* u.ud children of B. Furojean aolaiera, whlrb allowaune la paid to the trwee " from ibo dale of marriage, and to children f-om th>'ir ' b nb until (anion prvnoualy provided for) they 1 " at am ttiir aixtecntb year It I* an allrwanee to 1 '** enable tie avldler to feud and clothe bia family, and aa ' aucb ba-> been btlberto rogarecd 1 p to tbia ?imo Ca timlic aoklier* wh> refueed to allow lbe|? chtidrco to mbibe Prou-nanl prineiplei 11 regimental acboola, had i [ tup with many t -tty pMMlHIftW crotchety , ' o< oft' or* in command of reft menu, bat the aapptu* ' wert-not cut off Nowaday! we ba~e an eipericaced , tactician to deal with, atd he baring learned tbat " b cger r mil tame a lion," baa rtacived to atnrve the rebellioue pa , \ tenia into uon. in o; ler to bring the children wtth.n , '* ti e Iblicnce o' hi- well tra ned band of proeel ti em ' ALd tb'a tactician la the I.?d Hariia who waa oenpliment ed on hi* dejwrtn e from frit,dad with ao add, eta fiom the Catholics oi the la land e Ii will be rtc llccted that the proselytizing achrme of , tbe government of Ind'a nt't tta app< a-ancc early It | * lh?5 In th? April (f that >ear the Rigbt Rev. i>r Ian | teby, the Vicar Ap<*.->iio of Madras, pr teMed In tbe atrong'M te tu* ag*tu#t tbe plan of tbe government of In * ilia. |dutlng cat U tbat gooernmenl an 1 the jO?emme;it ol Madrar toat II w<m<d be wtterly 1ni|NH*lblf for Calholica ' t<> comply with tbe regulation* at the *a? ? time that they * preaerved ibclr al'eglaU" e to their rebj.ioti III? lordebip tol tbe ai.tbo itltl-e In plain terma tbat he cou'd not rc 1 cognac a a dutiful aor of the Cathode chor'b aui one a no ' confirmed to the regulation*, and he implored tbe D; tiorcrnor Central to cancel tbe penal oia'iaee. '* ai-d ite Governor of ftl'aa tc surpend thai* . operation pending tbe reference to the sapr>ine govt rt,mert Now, although the local govern ion' did not " r< 11} to tHa portion ?f I?r. Kennedy's le te' of Ap-11, ISiS, the obnoi'ona rulet were suspended, and we heard ai ' v more of them for eighteen monih?, aod then oolr In tbe I bate o' a threat 'bat llirea' baa beeu Iuce carried oat, I "" and''ethollc children, beoaaec ibey wo ild not forsake ex Cfll? nt Catholic acboola for the pur pom of attending a gar riaoti rchool roodu -UKI en me m ?i a ; rorc J UDnrcb of fig and principle*, have been depr;?r I of Ibe monthly I in ?t-or fcrber o granted by govf ronx-D' f'r?u,p.irl In other ?orp ot ?ol llerv have into flovd In luni varyU( (rum In in twea'y ahlliinga a aim ib, "or* i>? they wtmki Lot act id direct opjoaitloo to tbe ooiomaadi of tb?lr V bl?bo|j? ud clergy To the ?te Dal booor of Lord flarrta be it t >ld, Utl.v glort on* campa'ge ?t- ool commenced at a alattoa where bv ^ ' regimiwte are to be louud; no, d if at Ibe Maligna ja garrirooed by ooe of Ibe Or-n>. an y' a fcuropoao reglmoate? . D<>r even at bead'iinrtrra, ner at 'tacoo where are ^ tfTeotfve tmojw No, tbe ear ahonll bo mo c?o vd , acalrvt worn oot olt nit, womm and rblldr.-r. do , prived of their natural proiectore Tbe THeraaa at \ i7agt;?lani, aed tbe women wbove buabanda are on e foreign ?ervwie, are the flret to be bribed tat1 diao, beting tbeir rupenor*. or mulsted heavily fur inter ,, Bdrlt'j to Ibetr r- ligloe and tbla le the act of the c.>n?rten tlmia. the Itoeral the high nunled ( < rernor of M>trae ! ? Iti- l< rdgbtp had til* al entlna ilratra to the tbreal It f?-to nf her ?m and we have lheref'<re good gw ed< for aoppo, vie, that be meaetirev do* carried out at \ lz?ffepa<n"i , , ami e new hem, n eel with hie approbai'nn The eerenb ^ o' ihta m ic'b the aie oa which the rb'.ldrcr'a oav vu cocliv aied. will be long n ^mbered by the Oath >ltce of ]t \ ir?g?lwurn. and we trim tint the ttoremor in f mocil , will be taught to remrmber tt aleo Tboee pereota wto ^ have eeryired the blibr. ant who took wl hcont"- ipinpo k, the rierty higote ho . ?red to birkater will) tttc- for (1 'be|r cliil Ireo ? faith en l we arc happy to tar that toe Ca r, thod of \ neapva n ainnet atihoot e*-< pti >n t>.>|r?uc to ,, th e claae, have mle rtaenn to be af'?ld of temp wary low ?l tbe looi i of Dirty-tore will be forced to nay ,ip arreara fVotn ra tr< day tbe |?> wae Oral ampprd aed will be onto ?e|,?d M to re?? led tbe order: war bar beee declared, an t time w '| B tetrb f r rulcrv a le-ror *e adrtae the t'atho Icr to pit t ,j do bnpe Id ib? government which for the laat t vol e month*. or near y ro, baa kept ib? Catholic orohana oil of Ui* ailowae) ea dtceod to ibetn by the government of la r,f dla redr?-a? aort ce c fro Vuropo and omit Itcom ?v UK v moil d? ooMfBi w in iflVMmM m ?o?7 sow i ? biUkto T The Par*Hin Har lot %>t Rndwli 'J [From Ibe Lutoon Port, luly It.] ' nor prtrate eorrerpoedeni to f'ereia ma tee toot a re-p! " aHon Pa bew mot# a poo Caotrol Pitt'am by the "hah ' for a rottirrtn of troopr to enforce tbe ?variation of Herat, which U> held by ht* nephew, wno, dlaop irortnir the trrtr e of the peace, refoaee 10 Withdraw fron Ut? plate Th'? rompltr-rttoti will bo eery u? fwtonate at the preeeni f vi etvre The propriety rf accentor In tn? Hn? T? renue* ?. ?atr?mrly doubtful, a? wo w old require lo emo?r* l.tffmr a <00 men In an eme-prlnc which would take i|r 'hem l.Ofm mile* in) from their eupporte, In the ml lot ? of a country in wolrb a rellyloua war was being p'earOed ,h afc.mrt if ro on y four noatbr avo di lir tt|>ni l?ti-;*t< il<fin Imbroglio. of ! Madrid (juiy j) oorr eoouoeooe of I/mdou Dmoa ] sir The h >t>c? entertained that feoor I.afrapua'a rltlt 10 ef Madrid m'ybt lead lo an amicable a !J'i?tarnt of the <piar Dt r'' between V< i ieo and I',win are, If la '0 be feared, a an tb erd ttnfnal jw/ it heu \,'m\ fmm4 impi'til-it to an rereiri/r th* y r-t nn +u rj v>* p&rtiet Tte p >llit Imotedi e, at< I) at laem, i? it,at of ooorprniail d to the ailferer* try i* tor outrajrr* which are i?e olytn of the d apuie donor 10 I'idal Inrieta on aucb onmpenaat in bnlnt at onoe t*o?enl?d r? to Pcnor lafrayua, deny oy tbat tbla demand la iuatlfled a. by the law of nation* or the common proclptea nf ) !?tlda, a? rr< hnea arrwdlaf to it uet'i the reault of iba jtK'loial In a- rpatiaailr n at jireaent i' on lu bia country aball ahow r on whom the blame really reata. Aa < eHh. r par'.y flan be of Induced to atlr from hla |ioali,on all refoiiatloo In Madrid I muat be coeeidered a* terminated, a <d It la probable tbat ,b Mr-nor lefrtfua wll. .eaee Fpaib wiiiioui delay, and that i. l<nrd I eden wUJ no lotucr poatpone bia rropoaed depar ura <EW lOKK HKKALB, TL AfTnlia In Clilnn. dCK.-Hr IK TtK HABBOK OK HO SO KOVO. [Ilong Kong (V a> *.'4) corn > iKMideace of Uio LooJon Tunes j Ji, the harbor, l?>fide# the CLunoeo boat# no roncfortaMy (Ma d wttb their neat bamboo work?btsut os, alto, several large .wi-kb, ?iib ibeli great ?btnilo*? ere; pan t<d in the bov. *, ili< ir 1)0-. rt-i u? and tlielr mat rail#?loere n a Ueet of slaty lour Kuiooean tun oh#' i venae #, vbere?'t n are steamer--. The lam-ee and the pmcr bays llnat abodt ! wlib the 1'nio n Jack, loi It la Sir,lay and every beat ug thing, firm the Yarkeo Challenge. of U.OliO tear, to the UtUe British iWpmrel at earner, of bO tons, rejoices in lia ciaulay id naUorahty ltntabon au.l more important than Iti^se vettic'ec of 'fiiutn a*d rice, ride the vowel- of ?ar. F-om the vert) dab of this buiigaio* vocanccunt thirteen punaoU There bta tbeOalcuUa. wi*h her three tier'a of guns and ber Ad tDiral'r lias. yd, dwind ed into speck* by comi a: run with hrr griatnef^iboee raurt utile gurboair, with their t"<> leer ycrr ea b?the Buatarl, tbe Fruster, the Haughty, the Opowim and tbe ftanuoh? seem ready for aiy nwcb'ol. There 1? a French steamer aho and a K-enob bug of ?~?r liying their tri color; aud the Vaeaoe ?t. amor Sac Jacinto, with her 15 long g"ns, adds the stars ?ud rtrlpea to thi| display of warlike force. The Aoorn the Elk, acd the Bittern, brig# of wa ; the Coromanilel, 'ho I iirj, th. Ctul'or, tbe Hicg King the Hoi not, the Nlge , and the hlr t'barlee Forber., aieaoieir; Hie Starling gur.boat and the Stbylle eblp arc gou up >be Oaoton river, wbhber It I# raid tbal three gunboats will olio v on fee* day or Wednesday. Intpenai dink a lia/e been discovered In several of the creeks, an Ja junk hunt is tmminent. Mean ?bile tbe Half Igh has actUed Into tbe mud Some say 'bather guns and stores are to be remived, tf"i that she ts to be blown up; ethers that a b nde to gol her up for If ,000 "as unadvisedly refused others that she is to hp ?nld In the hiphpet hlddAr hut All mrnntn I nd to the sane re*ilt, thai the i'alp la <00e, and urn a groat victory will appear in the I'ehlu GatrtU We ba? e giver no thought to the " hostile sh-res ' ol tuna, yet jurt across la the iant of the enemy. Hisroiky mountain' seem to rise from h'-hi'.J the las: line or *nipP'Pg, ard probe>>ly would be still more nearly approached r>v tli^n but tor a circlet of low rock* which rise lik < the crater of a volcano in the midst of the ?trait, let'lng the blue water, however, eddy In the hollow. At tho foot of bore loi'.y hills la an enemy's battery of four guns. But, although thbrc Is a groat notse of Uing amotg these sis 'erlv ships, which are always saluting each other, aud whose kisses nie of the heartiest smacking an ind.yet the 'our Chin, so guns never ,ioin in the pastime. The brave3 of Mr. G mmurloner Yen bide their time until the whips be tone home, and the police of the town are disbanded. " Huttini$ tTitfdal.'" Meantime, while the mandarin* are issuing noasentiral proclamation* agaimd ah who sunply us barbarlaut with lood, a v are actually saving tho Cantonese from aiarvalinn This wicked and rebellious city, which all men In those parte? Kngllah, American. Dutch, ard Chinese?-es, Cb'ne*e? tgree in anathematizing, is now in the depth of suforl.g The insurgents have stoyped the rice countries to the I ist Ibe locusts have destroyed all the crop* in the A>ert. the Knglltb and Americans are buying up the rum ft*n Sum atd elsewhere, and Canton is literally ken fmm sia'vsi'on by the poople whom they have dr von out of their rastoncs, and upon whose heads they have sot Piires not a'wa>s justly estimated If we were to bkekade the rlv?r we might prod or > an extent of miso ry Id Canton which would reverse all authori'y, and r-spcl Mr. Yeh without any appliwCon of force. But tbie w'ud' be very cruel and vary useless. If we smite, the Chinaman must see the hand that smite*, or he will not bel eve " Sir," said a military man who is no mean antno.-Uy, ? you must blow tour way through Caa ton at the .oint of the bayonet, and you must bold the city in the name of the three allied rowers " I fca e not Bint to pursue this fruitful topic, for the mail is now closing. The last mcrsel o' new.-Is lhatOaniatn Barnard, of bur Majesty's ship Kocehorse, has ust returned froa. Foo chow foo, and reports that some terrible fighting, or ra'ber slaughter, has occurred among the Chinese ab> ve that city. M ltilaled b.Klle.-> iu quantities or , tvw'Lty aud thirty at a time Coated past the Kaoeborse as ebP roue at anchor. The suppos'tlou is that the imperialists have rs'ned an Important advantage for the tea* are now com'og down Iron; Foochow, which would soera to show that the iiupet Imoot crested by the troubles had ceaied. Cite !<m Anglo- African Stave Trade. TRAP1NG IN rKKKSTS OF KN0LAND ON TQK COAST? COTTON OKOW1NO AND tiTOKTS?SUGAR 8LTPLT ANT FHKB LAB?>R. Id the House of Commons, loth of duly. Mr c?)nat roee to ask the First l.ora of th? Treasury w be her soy oooomun'oatlnn had taken n'ace letvi-ern the KujJirb and French governmert-; respecting tfco export of negroes from the west coast of Africa to tbe French colour* in tbe West Indies, and whether he was aware in what warier tbe negroes were to be obtained. lie said tbe cutter bad excited coniiderable Interest out of doors, as tbts country bad made great sacrifices both a treasure end btocd.for tbe tuppre?slrn of the slave trade. Keen Ttiaiil to which country Jns'.oe bad scarcely been done, bad arpp-eascd tba* trafitc but, to tbe aurrri?e of all per sons. It waa made known a abort time since that ono of the first r.a ions in Kurope hart entered into an arrangement to obtain a supply of laborers for tin Weat India colonise ' order tbe Ulie of an emigration t f free negroes from Africa Those who, like hlma< if, had toy long experience of the African trade knew that the Idea of a free enoigra tioo of in groes was peifoct!) unfounded, ari l if the French goxerDtDertaitempte.' U conrey iwg-nes fW m the west co??l of A r?lut tbvy would in truth an I In fac* efloat tbe revival of the slave trade The honorable gtntlrman proceeded in state ib.t If the attempt wero persevered In the negroes world be driven down to the roart like castle, probably to Whydab, Assinlo and ( rand Haasarn, and under whatever nave the prui-eJtnf ml^ht bo carried on It would be nothing abort of a revival of tbe execrable slave trace Fir E Bt \v?? said he believed if >wti as imd<>' Veil fact thai |crevw raiun from 0-rat' rxiM of Africa ha i been ctmoryd a* free lolemuts to the lilt of AurVvt. and that there ihty jTtn'v jf/i; renamed t later, iV far a b ng tern lord *t the'brad ?f It* govornieat to say whether he Leo* at) thing < f it.*: practice Lore l'*L?r rows?The government bad Information r "me lime \ <> Ural a central i ha I oeen ma<te by person* In Kir : e w Ih a Freicb and far the supply of I.iOO tree negroeo, who, It was raid, a ere to bo brought from fr,c c< ant < f Africa. The gosct mer t felt the full I.>roe of the oOjenoB* to tb't prncrcdlrg, a* stated by tbe boo r able men i>? r Ta<'ig\ slavery ts aooJUbed id the French ? o ' n ee. end th >ugt l irr.i 3 conveyed tb-re most neres rnrllj by la* be tree men. et bjec4 to a certa'a period of ai prtotioeebip. yet the Imporlau.o of a number of free negroes frcm Africa would, la all probability, degenerate I bin tbe slave tiaCe as far as Africa te co ceraed, and be nttenee.1 with all lbs evtls of LSI trad* (Hear, hear) auatviPH oae lorn made to obalj Iroe rm grants fram the wtsl cotet of Africa for tnr oar *wt Indian roioolan The *U*rr.; l has, hoerrer. fallal The icgroes a*a not .lis pcerd to emigrate and go acrcn the t'as. ami there ts toeref re a great probability that tbe French governstent *111 be eq-alir on* .ooeaelu'. in ht.oing ta'ly freeeml grants, and tdat if tblr contract Is carried tntr eiecatlon It will be ytiodirtiUva, lo the extent to wbl-b i ta carried out, of a reel -at of 1 tic cell* of the slave tra'e In Afrl a. (HI >ar, b'ai ) Tl.ere conrldrrations hare been roiiddrutlally c mmnDiCalrd to Iho Krmnh p..v rnnicnt They hare a> ii-ed ms th-1 t U ?h?tr anxious de<lre that this arrange mrnt shi iM bo* be of a renewal of the slare Irate, and th it eTery rare wnl be Ukeu to prerrul tbe re c .rrencc of such at ertl (H?ar, beai ) Ho lbs matter no* ainods M rntrte, It *lil b" u>e duty of hrr Ma ts ly'? government U> obtt'b all the Information the/ an. so fat If their ferns are -ea'taV they mar bring to the knuwlrgr of U>< French goeeirmenl lbs' Mr Intenttors re ftv?r|*ss'.-d, and thai what they *1*b to prareat has taker plane I case d hare any dotbt 'bat the French government would .n Uiat oaee put su. eod to a proceeding which would be contrary not only lo al' the leeliegs nl I rear, ty, but to thaee treaty arrangements which, n rowmon'wlib other ce?ntr?es hare b. ~r by I ranoe * 'ib r-gard lo Ue slave trade My hmoraDle friend (hrK Huston) neks me ahetber bcr Ms * ly' gorern rrrnt bSTf ary inf.enia'loo wi h re*pect to tie Isle of Bomb n M e bars Information, b-it net front autben tic rourre, that there baa been an emlrra Inn from tbr 1 art rueet "f Africa to the trie of Una'*. n I rann 4 ?tato to what rstent that emigration has p-noreded. nor can I sty In what learner the riegroea hart been obtain,*: lo ili? (' mm an, on 'he 14th of .'1/ Mr. C. Rrrr>x, in rising lo mjvs ar add'era to her Ma jrsty on 'be rubied of the ahtve trade, sal', that be was rrwt anrinns not If embarrass the acU.n of the trovers meet upon this n.' ML 1 ut. on tbe aontrnry, wt*ned to rtrcngtben their hat. it in dea'ing with foreign nations There bad hern of lals y.ars a decided Increase le tbe slave trade between Cuba and the meet of Africa In 1M7 tl.ere we*e eoly 1,000 slave* imported into On a, unnin miring iirn ?m iwii j-a.t iar uuruw?"r u> ?' erupt d abort 'JO.000 Tbe feeling against th? rlaee trade waa cerp ?1.?n/ n file country, and tbe r abject had heeb recently rcraited In lb* recolle-uno of the poo I Ir b) U;i rap?'-ra n* n arb'<ooer of TM toaa buedea wl'J> to : wrer than 500 I area oo b'?M n>e onor erea lurea wr a crammed oeteeea dock*, wbar? lb?) on I ' celtttr rtfC'l up Oof Ue -town, an inch were tbelr ?ofTer ip?? from want of air, water ur t fool, .Oat 140 rertaha !o area werka Aa a matter of humanity, Jten, lie watt ore the Henre would r. die at the tupp't.*?' >n of eoin (amni* a traffic, an t It fortu-airly happent 1 Iholbumtu tp an.I wt? policy united to itctattrg that on roe Jftbe i-car.' trade Inornate I at all It must be bp the deetrucl"0 of the log It in. i lr tra'Jl. wttteb hi reoertW prune up oq theni??tof Africa A' If pr./rp a'atrm' 1\f Pride fa pne'm nil and gold (ftirt ?*"itVr I f. about f. ,000 000 ryr cir.ntrm, thanks fr 'Ae udtnll rf nor rn.fa.ra. and II had hern aec? rtalned toat we m'ght ohiali from tbe Afr'.caa rr?et an almort uadmltr q. antlty of tvnre. arrowroot, t.u.hrr of all kin.a, tad a mm it. enable number oi the q.oet Important a tlrler of en?* morqe lb had rrr'i' i . m aiding 'ha' in "lr MN nf a ftm pern Mr might p^at^r* frrdnlhn ??? ? yttqrfrr n tar'gn s.i'fyg rfialm, " pud in yua't/y to that Mat**.' frrrn Hi f/nti'n Hem. ticar.r nau b*to ?ak?n to etronrae. 'h?m'.i'ration of that n'tle.le, and laat j ear arnn* lO/iOO p. nda we.e brought to Mancheeter and rol l at the Mtwe pr te w At"'Icoi rat tot. It wan therefore our dn??, art crip a- ObrkfM*, hut aa tb? leading rumtrcrrial dm on In tbe w .'Id, to footer the I pi irt.atf trade nf Afr.oa, and nnth'ng would tend to ?rurb to 'bat end ae the entire ripprpw'oa of lb" Unfile in ?laetit Frrn n regard for cUr own bono* an I , dlgn't) ought to Induce ua te put an end tip* at traAft. Tne hi iiiij '?? "?' > * ? < an ?i i>o 10 ninci t >|0'.''0 'i| our ( retire with Spin In 1 i i Spain pledged h?nrr|( to ebolirh he *ia?e t ede, but the ?i>i nothing Mil ISM, when the Qoeet Hegcnt <3ir>t:nn prom'ted ?o ,it?? mrennel l?* agalna! the teeffV Too yeee* elaprel bc'O'etbat l?w rnarted and unto the prei'nt dry h'paln bed tflnK 1 to make the tiara trade plref*. It *a? P' tortnn* thu ever bod? in Cube from tb* Oenivln <*enernl to the loweet official, thared more or le?? in tbo gain* .<i the ? nee trader, and ere* w here alavrr* bad boon rapt red and the nrgroe? *'t froe tbr Spaniard* In Cuba ha t contrived to ref noe Uie wretched ereature* to eta ?rr/ The whole object of Niwjn, indeed bad been to cheat Ri gland , iinrc rbe *co*p#e1 400 000? from u* an rotnprt ration fer giving t.n '.he rla*e trade, *be bad done et cry'hit.* ?h# iwuribiy could to tneak oil "f hor bargain, and, In Uie word* of the noble lord at the bead of tbe gov e rment, cir ir'aty engagement! with H|w'n ha?' been rag ran ly violated Wo rend not, the,r lore, be o the iraet emhrrrwed by any feeing of d'i'"cj tnear^* tpaln, ant be beggod to raggeai to uj? goeernment a better they might nnt to adopt the tame conne with ' or pert to Cuba which had proved ?o aacjeatful In Hie age of Hr?*l| Rome honorable memherg. dittlngnt ?bed tog the orlglaadtj aoo IndeptnUrnoe of thel/ t.ilnd*, de ilrd that we had anythl.ig to do Wtb the tnpprn* I hi of |ke glare trade in Brail He ootild got bot belters U*t

[URSDAY, JULY :iO, 18m. the Action of the Rrltlah government had greatly tended to the suppression ot ibe Braz'iian rlava l.-tide, and he oould cot see why the course which bad been found an aucoses fol Id respect to R szil should rot be applied to Cuba Br admvinl 1 hat frrr tk' capture 0/ tbfers tie coast / Africa ?' at a Utlrr tiaiiim than tlwt if Ouf-a. for sblle there ?ero oily a Ira porta of Afiici whouoe slaves s re ion|K>rted, tbe coast of the latter Ulaud eciou v over l,fCO mllee, deeply liuentcd with bs- , aud oOeied greater facilities for the escape of #la*er?. bender * h ch Ibe cumber of vessels eugaged Id 1'g'. tr ate coir meicc to that r<a would render iiddbculttodis tlrgubb (bo slaver from tbe honcai msrrhan ship He bel.cvod the woik would be bo*, done by nnUiuf our quad run on the c a-tof Africa as libelee; as possible, placing there tbe ewificst vessela and hy adop lug, as had lute scggtsted, a systim of inshore craling Another Hep thai should be taken m, to declare tbe sltve trad. t<< be piracy. A fu'ther suggestion bad boen made up>u high antbnrily that whenever a rlave sblp was captured, the captain ard crew, instead of being allowed to e-capo. | should be rende-ed liable to punishment, say for a term or penal tervi'u 10 li mi, bt ie ob>c cd that sacb a pro cesdirg m'gbl biing us W 10 c fir ion with other nation', but this could be piovtded for by agroeli g to give up th? n ee to: the 1'ower whl< b claimed them Among tbe various ) ro, osu.nna ibal ha'e been made upon this subject, was one to supersede the slave tiado oy imp<>rtirg free ncg-o labor Into our Worn indue colonics, and by tha means to c inicto with the sui?*' grewirg Blare countries. Swh a plan, i/pauiUt, would be ij great adrar.tni/r; and in thoseparts of ojnca where the KripJithffoteTTinu'nt hod authority a proper system of emi;i a I turn vould no d"ult I* tnc uraged. but lu other pari*, where any one was to be allowed to late away freo negroes. the rx il ellect would be a revival of the slave trade. (Hear, bear.) Lxiept ir those portions of the af '.can coast where B'tdsti civilization prevailed, the natives wora indlsport' to leave tnelr country, and It as very doubt ful whether the laborer* who oou A be obtained under that sy stem would be of any great value to our colo Lit*. lie war lnfe tried that tbo Inhabitant* of the Island if Martini',ue were actually petitioning the Kmpo'or < f the Kronen not to allow' the contract that had been made for the Importation of negroes to proceed Thai Miempt on the part of the French u> Introduc e lb,000 ne groce into Martinique would, be (Mr. Buxton) believed, i call) end in the renewal of the slave trade. (-tear ) The last account* from Abbeocuta t tated that an invasion waa inrlantly expected from the King of l>ahcmcy for the pur j*?e of ca[durlDg slaves If 'be courses which had been suggested and which he (Mr Huston) bad indicated were followed, he b, licved tue read. woulu be the complete tup prerslcn of ?hls abominable traffic. Some perrons objected to any further steps oeing taken, upon the ground that our previous etfoit* had not produced tnelutended effect, de, h .wever, could not aimit thai statement A the commencement of the present century the slave trade was carrier on by Turkey, Holland, England, France, iHrnmork, Spa'n, Portugal, ihe bolted states, and Central America. In all thoso ccun tries the trade had been r-.ppre -sed, except ta tb* bland of Cuba, and he etpcrlenoe of our previous efforts,therefore, woa not at all ulscouraguig. No two mon now alive had done ao much to pui an end to this Iniquitous trsfllc as the n bio lord a the bead of the government aud the nobie lord the number for Uto city of London (Lord J. Russell), and he booed the House wou d, by assenting to the retolullon, strength! n the effort* of the government t > put down the remnants of this brutal and unchristian commerce The honorable gentleman cor eluded by moving that a humble audress be presented to her Majesty, praying that she will be graciously pleased to omploy all tbe means in hsr power in order to put down the African slave trade, and to obtain the execution of the treaties made for that purpose with other pow ers Mr Niwmk.atb said tbe prediction of his lamented ' frier d Lord Ocorpe Btntinck a* to the ruinous result* of the withdrawal of proecUon from the pro dvee of our West Indisn coor.lei, had been un- ! sugar Into our markets bad itade that a more profit able article than rot on, and many of thore slaves who bad been previously cmployod In the production of cotton were now employed In the production of sugar. The abandonment of protection, therefore, had iajiredour f<re labor sngar colonies without permanently beuetltting our manufS'tnrlt g Interests Mr Wat.,!* eiid that tnMmncb as F ngland employed and fed about 4,COO,CCO of people on the manufacture of ' cotton produced mainly by slave labor, she was a greater encoursgor of the slave trade than any other civilized na lion In the world, and be suggested that the moat effectual , means of diminishing that trade was to develops tie growth or cotton by free labor. The consumption of cottm had doubled Itself within the last Ik years, while the meaoi or produelrg it had Increased only per cent slnse the year l'PO H-nco during the last few years the prloe of slaves Ln the southern portions of America hsl Increased from ?'00 to ?.00 pt t head. Lord Paijssv.-ro.v?I cordially agroe to the address which my honorable friend hta proposed. I am sure the House will do the goternmeni the Justice to believe that that adJrcis only imbodiea tho feelings and wishes of the government No doubt the adoption of that address by such an assembly as this will prove to the world ho w i ansldua England Is for the completion ol that work which , so long engaged her attention (Hear, bear ) My booor able fneud has justly remarked that there is perhaps noth lag more re mark aide ln the history of the world than tho p rgsess that has been made with respect to the - at: >n : of the slave trade and slavery, by the ezertioa of this | country throughout, I may say,the wh >le of Europe There In favor, rot merrly of the existence of slavery, but ef tbc e'tve trade It was a few noble mtuded men who ' ori/'nally started that \lew of the matter wb'.cb has since ' jiievaltcu, and who by their peraeverlng exertions and tbs goodness of their cause won tbetr way, first of all by pit curing the abolition cl the British slave trade, and next by enlisting the exertions of the British government to precure from ill other countries declarations and trea les 1 lor the tMHSi of the slave redo generally, and ulipiialely 1 crowded their efforts so far as ooncoruel England by tbo abolition of slavery Itself In this i ountry. (Hear ) Ihat Indeed would be a noble passage la tbs history of any , coustry and It wouid be truly mortifying If the exertions of this country to put an end to >hls abominable prime were defeated by the bad faith or a wan. of exortioo oo the pari of a go.crnauut which lias bound tlaell b> so.emn treaties to co operate with as to the fullest extent U tu tup pression My hoc friend bat clearly pointed oat some of the many advantages wht. h bavs accrued to this country frrmthe suppression of tbe slave irate. He baa shown . tLe great increa?e of the legitimate pommeroe tbsl hat pre va.Ud in the Intercourse between tots coun.ry and the rosst of Africa He has pointed out tbs enormous lurrea-c in the IsiPtrUtloa of palm oil and olhor articles and be has trucbed upon the tiade ia that article of wmch we stand so racch In need ami tba .mporta lon of wblrb I ir.'.btbc greatly Increased by s little effort?I mean the . article of cotton for our manufactures. * bra it Is rentem j IL>rr((j lUKl Hiiniifi uir ||[1<'X |M|iuw<iuu ui n pin u wiriua *3-1 (be people far to the Interlne are clothed with art)rlea . rr a . ( -.'it. i. f.v. i^at the rotten plant moat I* we'l adapted to the null andedmnteof thvi country i ft la quite evident. al?o, that if paint were taken by tne orptallMa and merchant* of E ngland to obtain a an poly of coitoe from Afr.ra would la a rbort per id become quite aa prolific a eoure* of arppy ai any otber part rf tbc (lobe. Therr'ore, regarding the mtrrr mere!* in the light of the nabnoal Interest, ami II of Ibote big err ccnaideratlena * Inch hart hitherto go > erred nur conduct. If e llouae aid tee Ibat the tup,>ret?loa of ihc t'avo trad", which It a ri*< q -a non cond'tion of the dtveloretrent of It gl'Jmate tralflc in Af'li a, It well de tcrvlnt ilia alter. Ion of Un country. I rtgret that tbe Kjantfl gov crnnirnl hare not been i< alive a* tbey ought to liaTe been lothe fuppreeelon of tbelr *la*o trade II It fjcltd tme they have forgotten too much tne mocy pay metl we have made to tecure tbelr eo operation in Ida: rh Ml At the ramc time we knew tnai tlx -e are temrtaiw-iia In Cuba wblcb It la very e inter It for tbe Governor, or for any of the otb?r cT.ce>-* there, to raeiet . and we alao know ibat here hat filmed aa apathy on tbe par: of Ibc mother to f ill tbe engagement* the hat undertaken Wh.n the honorable gentleman bow ever. ?ajt that we Mgfet to apply the tame mea* iron to Hpe'n aa to B ax", be mnet allow me to point out toe dif fart-are betweea tbe two oaten Bra il ba- bound itnelf bj a genera) agreement to put an enl to the tlave tra | but It n fiite", Wb?n th? former treaty exp-.rt . to enter | Into any new treaty which thou Id e*tabl.?b detallwd ar rargrmma for ?ten.log tbe gene al engagement In ibat rtaie of Uilcgt tbe government of I ng an . acted , towardt Bra all at it bad before done towar v Portugal on rr tlmt>*r eirenrnmaneea A law wai gatae-i author)* leg the capture of Braiilina atavtra, and iho ad.iudl rai'on upon 'beoe thlpa, not before a Rra/.llan court, ! KM before tbe Court of A mlralty of tola country Bit , Spain bat not refnte to enter Into treatv eogago irtnt* We bare a treaty with bee by ?i> spa !?b Harer* capiirt by ovr Tfieeii ?&o;i<i ho iik'D | before miied court* of e .mmlaaloo Therefore. a* , trig m tbAt Irrtt; remain*, nn'ea* w# ru thou thai there hw t err a deliberate And |?alllr* tMMM Of IU ?ttptlA i tionA, w. hate D I Ibe <ame fro nd nf prcreel og in r# . gar . to Sfwia m wr have toward* Bra?' I Oah only rty Uint 1 Ibank toy howo*able fnrod for bar lag ritr ied from | Ui'.r Hooac wfcal I trn*t will br An unaaimi i>a rotr .a favor of the A'l. rea* wblrb hr baa mor?d. And I beg to nam re bltn ted the Hnirr that no effort* ?hi?ll be want if on the i j art of be r Ma rely> gOTornmf .it to f re full effect to bin fee'iega and w:?ber Tbe aSdrea* ?ai llita Agreed to Tbr PriTAtirting (titration In Kuropr, I RKBKTAbT IIA act A ttlll'ltH AND TBI PARIS outrtraaNOB irLS? In tbe Ri-rne of Common* on 14iti Ja y, Mr Irr tt roar to more for eopto* of Mr Ma ry a letter to the ; rem b yovrr. m? nt, ard of all rorreepnndeacc between her Ma jorty gnv"nm"?t and other Power* ralai eg to the pre credit*? of tbe Cn*f> renrew of Pari* c mo toe tub ert of pruatferiBg Oriato reeolattow*. be eald, bad been agreed to at tbe foofrreatwe of Part* renting to tbe que* tier of nentral right* aad pr.ratocr* which ha 1 boon oom m> rl-ated to tbr government of tbr lotted Stale*. T? tfc* majority of tbne tbe gnrrrnment of tbe t ailed state* bad aerented, but they retneed to * ?? at l> the r?er>!*tlon I ting pr1ra*eerlng. or ir cr '41*a rr rAr* en their jnti (J a dr'tg am rf tffiOKX and apprr*?. m lie naked for paper* wit i >be vie* of pniltng on m he re In pn**e*?ino o' Inff rtr>a'l in on tble iuh i?et; for tbe (looae wool I eooner or 'eler be raped oa to Jeelde whether we abontd Flan I by our trrrrnl Jrrlaratiea, or n'opt tbe Amerl-a* view? IhOl fn ll'lll properly f ken'if ' a: T II k TUff I'd * tta at i! *i ea rkrrr That w.a lb' queetion at Irene; and he brprd to be able to bring It hef ire the Hon*e lo the r mrae cf another reaelno In a ?tale nfwarthl* comtry 11 In tot Mat d by tbe der'aratino wb'.cb II bad male The iLturance rn good* in ?blp* under cmt -oy w >u!d be ra'aed , t | ? r i? Dt, and rn Utoae not un ler ro*roy 10 per cent and therefore, eon*lderirg the extent of our trade, there waa no ?ot:nr> In tbe world ?o deeply ntereeted in the quee Poo Aa uuirelTee The hon number r inrin >d by mor log "anad .'eee forroplee of Mr Marry e letter to tbe Pr*b(h coternn-ent. In an>wer to tbe oorom nieaUon of | Ibe reeomilnn of the Par'.a Conference upon the F?b<eet of privateering and of any o*b?r paper* or oorreepondener (hit may have paaeed between thop-ll eh gorernm >nt and ether I'ewere uj*n the aamo rhjoct The motion waa eeeondi d by Mr On -t lord pAiKrwmat imld in point of fan her Ve eat?'a go Tfrrmrnt were not et < 'ally In pn*ee*tloo of the letter at 1 M Marry to Ibe Inirb fever-meet. and were therefore , tot la a po?lltne to lay P before Parliament That, ho* eeer, waa a mere Uchaloal ob,?rtl"n He apprehended IhAt what l ??,r*i frl'Od fttr bin ?ey, moant waa thai there ? d h- laid brfore Parl'ament any rorrnpondenre that lad pae??d between Ibe Rrilleh goaemaieat an l tbe French gorernmrnt on the anh ?ot in queatlon Now, what bappei ed waa thla. The reanlutlona of tbe Parte Coegrew;, were or umunleated by the partiei to thoae I rewnlatlona to all tbe other maritime Stole*, and among other* lo the I nlted state* of Aaaer' to the govern mant of Uie Ua'fd Stole* theranpoa aaat ?t auwar to the Fr?nrh (" TcrtiDiorn exactly lu the terms stated oj t* bis boo. (need?that waa tn auv, 'bey were will tog to ? agree to Ibe pro}??IIK>n In tefer-cce to prva.certng, pro ' vld?-4 prlvKit pioieit} a', sea wore no longer t. be .ubiect It to rapture, tbat war tne ce Tin urination made b> the in list government of tbo Tutted yta'e*. and the iu*\jec' pi was one vbcb require! tbc g-cab r. consideration ontbe mi puit cf ibe Hrlimb govern.oerl, because, whatever t?i n !g t>t b' ti ?<pinti>os wbirb any got lie man might enter- co t?lt) on this question at 'h fust bl si of tt no one could ne t ill to see, on reflection, t at all ot i rest commercial, t.)< n at Itlmi bd<) naval leu mil were 'evolved lc tt, and that no brewer rot.Id be given to si rh a loirmunicatlon with fa out e careful itni piibiged nelihirsU n In ibe mean tb. tin e their ?at- a ci onge tn tbe gover men' of the United ca Plates, arc before anj at ewer could uo sept 10 that "Vim iruptitstli'i by tb c b rltli h gove> nmmt th-> new Prestdeot foi i aire Into of cc am an In tmalior war made by tbi- f"l vireeett o' lho t'ebfl "?!?' ? to be M?i-et>'? g vern l*a piDito be i!!?ct lho.' they vnuld not xjteif an; annoer to o? the mmr nn-ia/um tn qvtftvm, and Ov in point if fori, an they iliiirnl the mothr to be onaHrrri aj tuep-naled tn Tn'ier three cl'ciiriis'sncee, be rnMed be honor b able Mei d woi In ?pi that It would rot bo deMra !? to rn lu> before Parliament It e communication trade by the he lust govei tnrent <1 tbn UiM 8w 00 of the views ou '1 e> out' ntM ca of t! - gum,oe now under tho oonnidera an tl -n ot the B?-8? (B* ar,b>ar) at ?.ll eve .5*, in that up rtatccf tbtngr be (l.< 1 Pa inset sum) should certainly n <t lb bilk It nc. f?ary u ertrr Into an ojamlDatlnn of t 0 rea t?3 rrra for tsd Biiatnuttbi-0 oj-trlfoL mule by tho govern at n i-rt of lie l'i ited State* B t hue ?t' ore tuple to ' nu which hit honorable Men I had adverted, and in reference po t- which be moat n.ak> eiie remark Thote wa? no very decided ri le in rcgaro to the p active pti'iued on land Ni ei ring war w ith rt par'- 0 the tioaimrnt of the propcrti of c private Individual* In a hoMtle country. Teat practice ni< bad varied very much firm time to time, and In dilTeront eti ceuntr'ea It wa< vers difficult, In tact, to ra'abbsh any an rule In regard 10 the m fe of doalliig ?i'h private property m on eborer nder aurb circum?'anoea wfcloh a-outd not apply en at once to private properly on the nc. an But thai, ear a dl, question which could "not be diacuneed prtperly to on motion cf hi* kind, (bra-, hca ,) ad th tet'urtei' afor the explanation be had given his hon m friend would not pre?<r hie mo lot for documents of pa't o B wbtcb bor M.jwtyV government were nut officially In pos In reaalon, and the remaining ait of which, for the reason be I'e bad assigned, they old not deem It expedient to give. tu. (Dear .hear.) ?? llr. Bim:>ck ex pressed general concurrence In the views ca propounded by the boD. gentleman the member for Tyno a* mouth on tbe subject under comic oration, regretted that p< the nolle lord at the bead of the gore dm on! had not to icbel cl the newt important part of the question. and mIHM * ibat tbe declaration of tbe Pa Is Oongrv-a If oarried out in re time or war, would be fraught with tbe grea'est injury to re tbe naval and mercartllr Internets .f thin country, and pi munt eventually end In destroying its maritime supra is mtcy. pl Lord J. Bt HSKLisald? I do not wonder that theguveru lb ment donot agree totbc motion. It appea'c that tbr p-por th which la movod for la not In tbe poeaeMl >n of the govoru u< tLint But certainly tbe question raised Is one of the ut bt most Importance. The honorable gentloman says tbr' ,u tbt event of a war ell goods bp it id ships under col> voy will require five percent, and Id eblpr not under oonvoy ten u Kr cent additional premium The h>norable goDtlen an s naturally argued tint with such ad lltiontl paymei.'" the manufacturers cf Ibis country will send their goods <. -r neu.ral ships, and thus the maritime rado of this com try will Id ffcct be destroyed. I really ehouM tike to hea, .s some statement on too part of the government of the 1.1 grounds of their entering Into this declaration (Bear, * bear.) It appeared to mo thnt when we were engaged, In u conjunction with Franc* , In a war wl h I'.ursla, we ronld t hardly do otherwise than carry on the war upon the sumo principle aa France. The principle ad ptrd during the war was that free ships oover fr?-c goods Hut at the era of p, the war we were r*>t under the necetrit;; rf making any cm g, cesfttm of Che ojiporit' jvrinciple, which uat certainty in con- it Jormity with the law of no/toni, and to whrchthU country ? had hiOmrto adhered * There was no notice given to the people of this country or to olteer Inn of pa-namml n" that any inch question should be dl-coaaed. (Coee-s ) g We all anppaaed that I)?rd '"'areodon went to Parts wl h u u: vl' w to make peace With Rursla But with respect to a ?i question of maritime right there was no preparation In the g public mind, and Ibe people of tb a (oua ry must have p, been surprised that It was tit odccod (Cheers) 1 hardly a think that the government contd consent to abrogate, as ? tbe honorable gentleman proposes, a declaration which ?was solemnly agr?ed to by tbelr plenipotentiary / am Ci a/raid we mint be hound by the declaration I an afraid u, IDS' tits consr quenres are ao serious as to show that aucb a K? declaration was vei y Imprudent, and 1 oann >t Out ag-ee )( wlih the bono able gentleman that England ought to pre serve her maritime superiority. Tbe oomparlsou between b private property In ships and private property on land Is st not tenable I do not think there Is any real comparison u between them. It Is quite obvious that a farmer cull! |, vatlng a farm, and h*vtsg its produce in the middle of ?i France or tbe Riateof Virginia, has placed his property In tt quite a diflorent shustlon from a manufacturer who has ? put his goods on board a large fleet In tbe B-i'lsh Channel, rl navlgat'd by 7,000 or 8,t)00 mariners competent to mans o, fleet against this country. Thirsts no comparison be u tween Ibe two propositions, and theiefore I cannot but ! tblnk that. In point of principle, the declaration of ?, Paris oirgbi tc bs altered. (Cheers ) The whoie mat p, ter u moit untatifactory and mat! orare in iU bear- t, trig vj*m our maritime tuprcmacy. I quia agree in 4 h the saw In which we have been able I" tin sh wars b great Powers, esprcially with rrancc. baa chlelly been by d destroying lie enemy's trade. We have brought ih? u l owers with whicb we bave boen at wa to sucb a ai*w !V tbat tbelr flnances have become disordered. They bave ?i then beer ready to ua'en to terms or peace. and thereby the wari bare been terminated. Ikit nemi, if we werr at war with Am/rua ir hamce they nrild main am trade in full ni/nr. le route inanufoturra produce tkrouphout the (j 'world could he lent in neutral i . trie in perfect safety fhey g would hate no Tea ton for moling peace They wtuld m* he c dittretsed We mlghi train naval rlcvorlea out oar ?uc w cptaeo would not produce peace. We might drive an their ? rrasc s i f war from Uie star, bat ? e rboula no. tber-by y rain the end of all war, wblr.b Is in honorable pear* Tbe state of tli<s qeeatlon la to me very alarming. but I b ?1 o not a?e tbat a breach of faub would a all mend our K position (Cheer* ) , Mr. Lntwrv eipia'ncd tbat h? had nM salt that we n should not by tbe 'toc'araiion Whai be said is ? tbat wa bad n ade a declaration ah uwlug ua th rarr.Irg badt In lime of wa . wou'rt iciur. Byngltil (l sixth rate rower In the tr?nl of a tear tnth a great mart h time f'i wer, he , aj until" ed that the c-iun rp would api-<d a to the Ifoute, and the Houte mm Id he compelled t<> th "iw ? atuU the d, laratum He would not press tn* mot. a to a |, division. , lord J Rissr; ?h vera rial tbat lb* bon stable g -n ,, tlrman did t t ?t an what Ur ba.1 auptosed ? The question bating been put that the motion be with a drawn 0 ?1r C. K MTwa sa d be bad egpertsx! that <me mrmh r c of tbe gnvrrt mrnt? Die I irst lord ol tbe Ainu rail.? ? wouldha?r adores edtbr tlouaea tertbaap<"ehoftbrnob'e (l lord tbe member for Ibe cits ol lewiM He agr ed wlto |( tbe hoc rahie f ctlemita wbo brought lore s ti tbe aaoh m, u that It was impossible we cool J remaia la .be i??ldoi> In r wb.rb we were at yewenl the n-blelord said we could m not b>eak the engagement He did aot ttit k ?e rnold 4 Mpl. mat v bad d awa us into a vert Imi-oirfc n tao'ni. ni v an It was for ilie n nlc lord or aomr elrvc dip! mat I-it to ,, I us out of it fCfcMN ) If the ilee'it alio* ItMlM ,| and a war enaurd SI tn si blockade ore y unit whloh he ,, rt rmv i,h<si s nl It n>u?t be. tint a tu re narvr but an efficient blockade. anil In trecnl af a war *ith I- ranee ,, mch blockade, wllb the Dar > we pur*e?rt>d, could no- at u Ibe I r?t rlart be oetabl ?bed Double or treMe on> otf |( would no< be nufliclenl to blockade all the p > i? n' F'ano 0(1 II aut DM be foryot Uu Ui?l eewweli dl-charp'd f iid f I reach merchant eraeel* would (. ' lot > ?re?r.h ?bl * ' >. war tod LBrrenee their forc>, while our I tree It no ,, would be diminiabed la coDreqieace o our k? of tra>ie (Heir, bear ) J. The motion waa then withdraw* PoalUoat of Rnpolrmi In hvai.i e?Ilia Weft at t *tie Porta Mlarttorie. I |From tba I mono Time*, J?i\ U ) Acoordtpg 10 tbe oplatoa of tboae n-toe peranur who r bare a (HI f r aeeleg further Into a ?th>l<?e than their * nelgtibi re, tbe check wblob tbe 'niper-* ha- apparent! " tuffered at Parle wan a check of bit oaa aw kip* kr In p ctrtl pitt leg. a paw u hue been aoe. Iflced to aecura a " better opening and a clearer board. Now, le tv game of J" politic* we believe to a certain erv-at In tbe ,m?er of J1 J*r.?r, but In thie la*iacre tbe preeeot |o?e, however th<- J" *?rnr ma; etdravar to dl*gui*e It, I* to capital, tar 11 ft tute aad t> potbetiral gala to remote that we eaaoot without grrat difficult' adrr t thin erpfanatioit ae the tror * roe. Tbe Idea la lhat the Ftnnrgermda of Part* had waied laeoleot with prrwwrlty, and thai i?>-y ha-. a'ready (brgoMee the revere echoodpg of tehraar; 11 and J-iae, IM>. It bad become neee*?a lo re r tend tbim that tbe vol ant waa rtlll ar bating and I' Berthing bet'alb their feet nod mlgbl ore# mo?-e at ant nv 11 < > "W > n l reaper ruta all aramd l "i'? "-a ' pr-tcoe?an it it a-reneo-in?* ana otrr-uaei un^nii Iff d la the rough echoo! of early pnwtna. fealiff. of captivity?a not a ma:. In throw away a cmwa without a " r'riggle, aor In drift down tpoq the cold aborea o' owl* * it It j without enbanallrg every effort to bed what he bn gained. Royalty, la kit pert n, will not Maker oat over a lama of ablet at ft t'lood, aor at'nh away from the " Tsilttlet In the erteerre of a'hooting mob a hat he het " woo that will be retain Ptm' of the poettloo he ha? * tar bed, cfthr dj natty be renew en*e of the eoe?gy be hat u ular'ayed, hf vi)i net 'nff? ?it\ Fran >hnii F<amt' trijf' with owe uko h*ri kit twitrv Refnre hnrln* re ro'uree, however, to? *tren?o moaeurea, he deraieo It right to git e a eormn wamlog to throe who are onqnetttng with their nwu dretr iriiati at well a? wth hit role The r lirrne of Parle wiutt be reminded thai the aplrlt of anarrby haa hero eoocbrd. net killed, and that the annahtne of popular fhwor ran In hrltf apace rocatl It upon tne aoeje to all the awful fnllner* of ita ocrtentnna ahape. Tae*? l ift it 'a that lenl* Nape|o<-n hne allrwed the eleetnral erne of larle for rnr M 00 IW Wl .l t;o aa-e-wnf b't Urncea The Perle'aaa may be ererae to hi* pcewon the* may AMIbe bla rnlo. hat "bat wi'l >h alternative bo whet. Medea'e raaldma te plared onee mo-e noon the rn onlderlng a*bea and the old forma of eoetety are root :n with the e*t eetaUeo? ?n rften dteappoinred ? that out o'the icrtarbatlon end hubbub Franco will route forth pain rigorone and tefrertffd th all Ibe graceful tn*,8aty of eeroad y> nth Therefore, hie |frtrnda any, It I* that the atem ahrne man haa for aluief?pwr< invited aitentlonte the drama wbi h baa beaa played oat la Par .a and la trance during be loet ten yeara. BiI tr i year* back?lt> the laat day* of l.oul* Philippe? he die play of magnidtenee, of wealth, f Inirnry which might have been aeen In Parle eontd not hare been equalled In any other elty In the world. The on? a<ennee of ehnra we e re?plendent with all the ele a wt>? and eoat'y derlora rpnr abtch the Parle'an artiean i nuld etjieed bla trgmnlty The brilliancy of the cqul peg?? and the genera: 'u* *y of dreaa, of honaea, of fnrnl ture waa beyrnd all r*cce. ent Vtrlters fVom ell nomere of Fnrope flacked to Par'e end no ma tcr from what aoorce their revenoca were ditircd, at Parla they were epent If In the Parle of IM7 there waa to bo foued theertrrme of povrrty a? we't re the extreme of wealth, the one waa but she nature' ootucqnenee of the other A pi" tol r hot 11 red one rvenire In t'ehrnarv 1W4W on the Br> Ifftarda, from nppoalte the Hen dea ( ep' glue*. dta-wllffd that dream All that wea'th el' that magtitfleeme, ail mat lutnry faded eway . end. in e brief rpaee. In the pwoe o* there were frea.on etorv ride, terror, narkrojffey and rtiln Th? peieetlonnf civil I'fe woa atopped; the he i *f France, for the Hint cad e?Mc,i to hea, but eot>n came the hot attnmer tide ef .Inoe, rtvm fmm their garret' and celiere In damp and rt'atant qia--t??* of the cllT name forth entnhalAnta of whnee eat'tenee aoe" 1y 1? '! ordinary con dttlona la not awaro, to do battle aga net the fleet etemeeta of tradition. The bourne o: the IWmlevarda and In the prtweipol quartern were rbMkd ff'.tb bullet?-*t rarlffae r1** ?* Dnon had Involved the city in more complete dee'rcnMei the chief npou wbe>e the dcu .Meat grapple* hail t?hw we .ore red with ble.oi end recking like tihamhlea iioi;g*oui the ibi-rt night* of that burning season Um x?p? blvouaoed on the Boulevards and In the rmtln srrr ?-hei camp Arcs alight their guiei with I'gbUk sirbet in ibr mlowt 01 thcin I'arU bad been nonquere: I'm n. mill, hot die D'>mic? were Persians, and tti nquemr ?>' On. Oavalgrac, Ibe c*nnMate who ba'jen teat d W Thibant. and the- w in a riore peaceful via > > , bin tbl tin o not fr .m th< pcoph, but from the Joart lnuis on, we arc toll has thought It right tbutth. i i-'upu 'bouId he tetnlnded of the ? u Inge a- ?r?ll aa o< at unquiet tine w Ich intervened luiw. en the barri det ot Jui e anc bis own roliure of sup'oute power. Few Parisians who itred through thai perod, and whoa* nones were InvoKeD In the utiutenmce of order, wtl iget iht dalh fears and nightly aia-ras which agitated .1 Ir while ih. contest wu* (leading between the candl tes tor'be Presidency, and then bet ween the Presldenl - the chamber a i violent wan the exwpora Ion or ex mi tei .or thai the hreelfiont co .Ij venture tn tho dead ur ?.f night to setae the principal stat-iameii an t gene !r or Fiance and spirit them away like children wha .'I m'rtichared themselves, and t c mfloe them lo vari f olan-r of aeclurtou until time bad brought redaction. ( it dec ion repentance Again, Kr> nr.h troopa Area on the Fr< rr.b people with an animosity as 9ercc as any j could hare display <d In the iresence of their coonI'a deadliest fees. 8o things went wo for awhlls anttt in t It an found that, however unjastitjable were Um rani' hy which me strong man had po o>essed himself of ' er,bw kt w bow t use it when gained It 1 n >w raid?ai'hocgb we believe it not?that Loads i|K'if?<n has -ourled, or at bast connived at hU own rein defiat, to orde* to emlnd the Parisians of what they I M |wt tut If tbey cast a "ba low of d mht upon the bll'ty oi bis po or Tbo frieo'lg of rash experiment d oho'der co nt to wo many in Paris; shall thai expertiMItllM?ball thai dt-order >o c mMed? The parti us of change form no c iniempitc'e minority of tbo adding classet of Pari. ; shall lh i eotrgeoisle, over the And provoke the cnnti st, erort re Aral to fly from the eon?ent e> have pi vnved. be rcifforet to o.uove France oaoe ore lototinsrchy bat their dteconte.-t may tlu 1 expceasloof cb Is the thought attributed to tb_ '"reucn Emperor; bat that tDterpretahon of the recent electoral votes at iri? ww di not agree belirt thit the Emperor U ru> wnpopi if in a tmieet precisely similar tn the. one which Ms v Ir wnyea thnwtihuut hie tenure nf ynuer with the repoKi- I . ... ....... . - - . . Ik. l' . : I /1. .. ...I.. .. ... . A. I I I he an'rotaiu bin bold upon tb? feelings of tho general p'lUbon and can secure the obedience of the army, a leek like tbp present is outa momentary vexation, wbtah ill be ("on forgo*ten by tbe nation, or cancelled by Mm if Let l.o us Nap ileon boweve', meet silb any bertooa verve, ettber 1l bi doraeiti i policy or his in I lit try enter icea apd he will feet the want of a more healthy tapir t tbnn hi* L'gisamre altrrdr him One of the moat liable rbapte.t in tbe blctory of tbe Great Emperor It e one which r< cite* hie dealing* after Waterloo with at Afi*omnly whieb, In the fulness of bl* power, had rvcr approached bis thione but with bated breath and use adulation. Mlas Madrlln* Hmlth> EH Bit PORTED l'BPAHTl'KK ?OH TUB UNITED ST ATM ? 1SHH immUM?Ut'KIOL'b INJIPKNTB. A lespaul; f. um Uverpool, d?ted on the lltb of July, to it- London Txmst, says:? Tbe toyal mall steamship Aria railed hence to-day fat * fork, Laving on hua d about -! xty pa-Kengtrt, ;i ng ahum re erl uumbers Hit* Madeline Smith, -1 name baa obtained tucn notoriety In tbe rcceal trial 1 inburg She U said to be aocompaniea by a gentto-.bou' 36 >tars ot age [From Ibt Liverpool Albion, July 13.] I onghout tbe whole ot Saturday afternoon every third . irot wno met every other third, revealed the lateUInce that If la* Smith bad taken a passage for New Tot* i ibe royal mall >toan ship Asia Every particular to Mtotoa with the liigbt was kurwn. Immediately tbe verdiot waa gi en a telegraphic commaic?uon w 8* forwarder), ao the atory ran, to tbe ofltoe af rnrt Maclver. In waer street, Liverpool, conveying i-t: ur.ior to secure two Iret cabin berths, one for a lady : a m<* etnor lor a gentleman un-iur a^umeo oamea. ub rlilay Kha Smith I. ft Kolubarg fi r Liverpool, where, aw er arrive), the stayed at the Adelpbl H< toi until the laM lom- el 'or proceeding on board had arrived, when a oak bf railed,and she vh driven to the landingMM> She ore a bat with a huge ove> hanging brim, with the capwoc* tip of which the concealed her face by keeping t10nt guard with the t no ut Sho waa accompanlod, It waa 11c, b> a gentleman about TA years if nge, whom Kj nor, i give the proper coloring to the sketch, represented Mr Mlonocb The newt of her ooruing had preoedad er arrival, and when tue uuforluuaie young lady pped on board, eye glas.-ea were ruthleasly directed [> ardt her, ana she waa keenly acrutlnixed by her Mw lady passengers, a ho quickly dlsoovercd udqueatioa Me rignsof run me cimmality In her features. D Ml das >e gentleman, she waa accompanied b.. a Udy aoaaa bat eldrr than herself, who, wblie moving through the iloon. peroelved someone pointing but her friend and rterlbug bir w -Madeline Snath " Interrupting ihs >Dvirnauon, the requectel that tuch an absurd tlery tor Id be contradicted, adding that the Udy wta her own nor, ana the furnished proof sufficient that the luckless MSSW wbo bad Wieu made the object of thia unanviable Dtonety wa* not only innocent oi the tappooed crime at aorltne Satib. but war not connected with any of the lanrhe* of thai protiQc family. Nutwlthstanding the oeck thua given to the ?tory, there Is little donbt thai e unfortunate young lady on bliard the Aala will luag imbrue to be the victim or aprjlng and speculative urlcalty. MIS* SMITH'S BUT FROM COfTRT. [From the Koilh Brluah Oaliy Mail, July 11.] The circumttaneea of the ruse admitted by one of the a>gow agents employed in the caw for gotiog off MMs mob Jbuioirvted bv tue vaai crowd walUug In the l'arltalent rquaie and neighborhood far her exi after her trial, 'ere. an are told, as loll wa:?He hail prrnl mil hlniertf lib the dieas won on the previous days of hor trial by i te Smith and ou her liberation Trow the bar he aaked iv sngrard of pol'ce id attendance * bain r he could Bad 'hi a girl ikba the mm MIm s.alln to ,? in natc her nt .; tor. ugh in- esMal of driving lb a SWb to the own the High atn et Tun seigeant immrdia'ety roullocled a girl who had for several days la ni tuned the poiloe olllcore lo ??>? ber ft MfM I toe pi non.r, ra> il g the would glre any >bg f'>r iL.t pi l-lie^e Tiili girl waa got, uad iby ii .0 that u >l only would aba get ft aigbl of UM ii ill li .1 ! < bcr dre*?, and a douceur b mldaa If ahft ....lo #| r? tot ber In a dab id order to diaperae the oipft i.Di (be equal e, >he utocrlook the job, and waa J run ad I); Mim .-u.iii bcrac'.f) acocri Ingiy. lu tie meantime ft i D.UT !> eticalated through too crowd tbat Ifaa dmllfe a* to drlre '? the jail to cbeaffe ber dreea before gulag i laryi, arid or aer? were given to claftr a a pact abrftt the i uri n?tii door* Tbu bong done and toe anxiety af the owd r aired to the utmoat pitch by tb perpetrator!. aft imr tbe cao, and o .1 came tbe :a rtoeieil pi I in nearly a tDtlbf a ate. and bemy . * lib tone I tile dull wlty, gal to ibe carriage along with tbe uaual police, off drove be vebt. Ii e? a b take oca pace, followed by the whole tbb.e of i apcrtacia and in a Ir.ue the Parliament rqoare i d ail tbe 1lu>rtu?b area about it ore coup'- tW, cleared In 1*0)1 h ti in having been taken round lli augb the Ad i?au>' l ibra > and put nu n dlileretil orora, alike aw wid veil, quit lly walked away, notow,>eiiu d by her bro ler ami another young g< iiiieoian, to ibo front of A. itnr'r court b ahe-r a iali m wotting, and, entering i quietl), J? hu drone away to Tuatelor J, win re aim met i' ab' oi,iaii to (ila?go?. and wa? ca-rlad by U M let i ll'. Hbu pin reded, we beii'tvr, atraigbt on Kowfty u ber 'ather re luence, be t' Helen-burg <m mi, ibat on tbe jay o! ibr l/irii Advocate'! addraaa > a? a* a td w bat ebi Utugul of I*? She replied, w li i I bear toe Ivan or faculty I wl'l tell yon. 1 neve* ? to atee ao ii, in on ull 1 nave beard t?o,h aidea " ttfte . i> ih to ihe i/ird Juatice Olerk "a Uxluioa old man" aft ) Oral peeblby uf hie aumtblng up. IIMMftMllH'H te MkHTIU TRAIbINO 4NT) rbt'CATIOH ? raet liirkMAn vr i.kAtra iirr to rci?. lMlmtju'i (ml, 11) l??rr?i<|xml?oce of urerpom Aioinw j / U< ! im rue naeiamplrd Intercut und l?o(llt M IUI I Mil.' (SB* sn lib, wnir-o DM ?fil a thrill of Dorr or idM ??r. bofD* in Britain, bb<1 Ulled the cilutnnr la lbs bdom iiib o' ibi r? aoM proriixMl print* m bom-, ta<t Ibt <*i |4.pul*r I't'iritr (Mxraptprrt?wbieb Da* almtet pal I in ti.. or mtry c rroa of Dnetaeoe In the two nhief ' ip? ot rtrotleud?? Dich ba* eeon upward* of ?1 000 gill > l r d( ipboc, tod ba* nailed forth ibr do Meet dt?(ilayt if txr yaid* Uttl ibe pnvent |nop*tuon of feoKBMa * mi? preeeole, la tt? blue daye* bl?tnry, tnanae l>ii' p id** of rrnaik ?n? ou? of ?btc? might oorro aa anrid e w< nder far more than the orlbo tot dido teya url> g BBbieb wonder* are *nppo>ed to l?*l One who baa In Dtivp.y watched It* progre** from the drat day to Ibe let. anu haa found II r?*t a apell ore* him, ao that be mm irither think nor dream of aught t>*eldea?and Ibat M ika ition ot mw) In mo lisle eyewllnew*?flndg It oeat I* ir>i*?*ibio to fl* n it* prominent pi lata lo Ibdr aatarai rq-ror* There t? no rdrr Id a my?te?y; and to the aa ale ut criminal Ijrleprodeice bp *h? I aeek Id rain far a irarg*r, HMtdpf, tr re homlltitlo( or aiora ntyatertoaa D ry ibaa that which art re Into Immortal c mipaaioa hip ibe name* of Pierre f mile LAngeller and Mad attar l milion smith At random, then, we preerot a few Tea nrea of the trial nt Inn) il? \ i lo <1 liy ho ropu- ?, at Burn a* tome polota ( nneotMl wtib tb* rhartrt< rt drreloped U til * tragedy, i Im-h do no' aopet' la the tettimoniee that leaned froa be wltnee* bo* (if ibe rebtral figure, tflw Pratta, tnorh haa beea laid, ml ibe |rtate> part < f berl.fertort i emtio* to be writ rm iBrrmm irprnuorin n imia wii Tnum nw?n??n r? m ht rue at.d haptuncM.rbe >u antl'trad amldrt all thr (loamrnt* C.I Ufa, Hff k noWaa plant Hrr fathar rw nlrrd tn?t ?|,a bo-iM ba I apt apart from tha world a? rinrb m po? .hta, ralnly Iniog nlrg that a aeraro tj*mI f mill t"0 born it* i>nii nonM prtwrt hit flower, fadrl'nt. from nrrti ir ti* dhr ?? parml tod to k now if aril orij aa it waa apokan of In tha raterhiaan Wblla ha wa* a mrl ba Ihta.ght he ranld mould bar Into a a pat ?? bring by dra>inf bar eren ao aanab iw|iilll>*w Wtt? ha or table world aa |? rrreal'-d In ibe oonimna of a aewi aper Tha I/ndor fim*' might bo bla dally monitor, oat laorltoa aw loo dalicato to maka ar<pialrlanro with a nrtatla nf lifo Tha ranatt wao cam wortc Ih to m'ght are ba*n eapeated front a araiam ao falae and an tho m rbl* popped to the brainy dtrolnpomeBt of bnmaoltr 1 a world wbara moral l-aa-'ty la reoahad through k now Vd?a of tha bad toat haa to ha raal.lad kmnr*. ?? ft'ban aba came lot* aor'oty, kUdailao 9?,?a lungad haadlooi IMn aortaa, of Iba aa'ataona of *h<ob ha bad baan p-evbatrly nnawaro TV hmhorae pUni aa i ot flUed Tor tha ro?i*h atmoapharo of tha world, aad pariahed TV ra/f ?i m t-*M tar.horur* fjr fr,,rrtia.' ad wrm'f if t*n! r?*?, adktrk marr ibarnriil WA vamAoi* m, ? -ut,y Tna ia?t Mlaralara ?if tin- day took tba ptana f ttxwat aood" hooka ??hl h aha had baan tat to raad by n?d old Tir FVauio, tho venerable paalnr of tho I nltad Trrbjtarlao Obmrh. of whMh bar -wrrnta a are mam or? 5Ar bfitmffMT in Am parr that fAnaro' fit frroalt r,.;ninlanm ?' Hi hoti ham mcr+rtr tad to tafctf / ir Taylor't 1,11 a'I* fr trai' ro/lr rf " litJlt mholwoat' nrg'rct." bho bod ate a baan ao wall takaa nam of that the tow look no art of baraolf. Ard ao II tnmt about, la lha rottraa f a law tbnrt yearn Ibat aba mat la the poor .'an** roth with bar "Tale ' Kite lad two llrai: thh war tha arrlhla paraaatty of lha poallloa with whlah ?bo hod aan oraa.pttefad and later 'a tho bight la whlah tho bod ran dowa ?n tbo mlnlrtar'a homo. porhant to rood to tbla art rali> man, ?i,o?a ayna'fltt ww g'ntrlrg dim, aba ro'ild alt down l? tha ntmatrni-Hon of a latter to L'Anfo at\1 boaa ron! nl? l it mant ntt*?lr aa.p. . | ft.t?\ hatwl ' uofnrtnnalr- wnul-lli ?h w i'?nama. A Ingvlar anaodofr haa baan r la'ad to i.a on tha br?t on ht.r?y whlah rhowa bow, !n thla b)p;a itioal wrmanf waar, tho atiaafrot tvaajunatlnn nf nolo MTwrrod 'Angallar dlrd on Mnmla na .-1 of Mt'tth aad no tbo Isapt^Ohi foltowtrig, tbt t bofora (b? rtm awv t"3?