Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1857 Page 2
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2 TUB ALBANY BRIDGE] CASE. Our Trojr lorrtipoiiiUnw, Tkoy. July 3S, 1867. Judpe Aehon'? MjuioWi upon the Albany Bridge?ftvrjj htm of the Ants in Troy, and K-joicinyt of tkt I'aopU The opinion of Mr .lushes Nelacn granting the Injunction prayed for, restraining the building of the Albany bridge, was delivered at Canutdalgna yesterday, and a oerUBed copy reached ihi? city thl* morning at about nine o'oloclt The glorious tidings that the Injunction had been granted flew over the city Instantaneously as It were, and a general conversational and social rnilolng was the immediate re bit t very citizen's countenance wore the aspect of a victor Hushed with the ohoicest laurels of success The fast and tla propriety have been the prevailing theme of the day, and there" will dou it loss be a public demonstration tii Ui behalf worthy or tho magnitude of the subject, and the controlling petition it occ >p en In the b-east of every Trojan, many of whom for year* past hare "fought, bled and died" upon the legal and legislative lleld encjmpaeecd by thli very pilnt. Glancing at tho opinion itself ysu will observe that Jndge Nelson has pronounced the bill unconstitutional and void. B .I It yet, of course, remains optional ft?r the Bridge Company; trgo on and take proofs in the case; still, Jndge Nilson will give a flea. judgment if the Circuit Court pei petually enjoining the company against the erec linnet the bridge Cpou this decree an appeal maybe taken to the Supreme Court of the United S'aus, and there can be but little, If any, doubt that that tribunal will atlirm the decree of ibo Cirout Court up n the principle tait down b> their Hooo 8 In the celebrated "Wheeling Bridge" care. He true rule would seem 11 be, that below ports of entry or delivery no bridge by State authority can be allowed that substantially Impedes vends nailiug uniler a United S ales license All American citizens have a right to navigate, without obMreclon, nationally navt gable waters, and It would, Indeed, seem to be deatMble that the national courts should flruilv protect the of our publio rivers, harbors and lakes. UNITED RfATKB CULCUI f COURT. Robert D. Silltmin vt. The Huditn Rier Bridge tkmpeaiy Nkix >*, Chief Justice ?This is a motion on behalf of the complainant, w ho is engaged in the nsvigatlm of the Hudson river with vessel a enrolled and licensed under acts of Congress, in the oossttrg trade, for an lnjanciien against the defendants to enjoin them against the erection of a bridge at Albany, wbicb It is charged will seriously ob etruct the free navliation of said river. The defendants, In answer to the motion, set up an'acl of the Legislature of New York, passed April P, 1508, conferring upon them anluorlty to erect a bridge over the Hudson river ai the place mentioned, and claim ibe right to erect the same In pursu ance thereof. The eighth section of that act provldej for the erection of a bridge " which shall be constructed at .ta elevation at lea>t twenty feet above common tide water, so as to allow under It the free pissag J of can it b uu aa 1 bargee without ma' Is acd with a dra * inertia ol sulUaien; wiutu tu auuiu luc i. L'c pis--agc ui u.t larg'LbL Ti'.?cll liavi gating the faul river, and at len-t two liumrei leet to width, or o* tiro draws of at lca't one hundred au t Bftj feet each, whloh draws ehall not be oti-tracted by (litis or otherwise, and in sacb a utamcr a; to cause uo subetait al impediment or o'otructirn to the Tree navigation cf said river; at.<i, the said corporation hereby created shall at all times during the season of nvvtge ion, ceur.v the raid dra v to b? opSMaij kept apt*, except for the pa?sag? of railroad trams of cus, aai shut whenever the aamc may tie accessary, an 1 o>a'.s or voi eels wishing to pass each diaw, shall at all tunes nsre a preference over railroad trains of cars or eoginei, and such draw ebali be p" tapily opened to aay r ajh boa! or vessel on signal, II girea before any railro-il Ira n or en fine shall hare ept?arid and glrenslgna! of tneir iuten tion to pass." there are other clauses in the at relating o the lowing of sal lug vessels through the draw; for lights at ulgb on the bridge; and for the rex ?! of ran J bars, or oiher o'lstructiim created by the ere.'.lion o too bridge er the pie's of tlerame. Thore ?-e soma protrlnoes of the charter which would eoem to Indlute an in 1-iDl to lioilt the use of the bridge to the tramp >-unja o' trains of railroad ctri across the river; but, up-a a car.ful per u?al of he whole of the act, w e are in.'liued to think the power con'erred upon the defer. :*nta is more extensive. The Urst section constituting the a; jckboMers a corporation declares the object to be the e .-ctrng and maintaining a bridge "for the purpose of nhsMI travel and transportation struts the Hudson nvo?, ; and the eighth sort on oonl.lna a that the company stall "oacse the eild diaw to be opened, and kept open except fur the passage of railroad trains of cars. aud shut when crertbeeatne may be ne-essary," be Bit the twelfth section provides, that "afstr ibe bridf a rba'd have been com pkled, such to lid, and charges may be collected for crossing the tame on foot, and with wagons, carr or carriages of any klnc, and wi J> horses, or odter sr.; nalt, or other, arise, as the directors may from time to time euablmh, Ate , and any person croiatog or atl mpi^y tocroie kai l bridge without pat lag the proper loll, tha I be subject to a penalty of ten dollars, tn addition to thiee times the amount of the toil each (Screen or persons ought to have paid.'1 tut* suction must be rt ad In connection with the two clauses already rt I erred to, and is significant nf the inttnl and meaning cf Utem by the Le|t unsure, and very clearly in Uicatee that Uie purpose aud object of the bridge were not eUnpl) the traaepariaiion of ratiroad trains, b it. In ad 11 (loo. the aeoommodatioii of the public la general, in travel and business, by the u-e of n as a common b'gbwsv. Wo ball not stop to reasra out this view by existing the va riona previsions of the charter bearing upon it, hot anvil cooieat myself la dating it. We think It can be establish ed beyoad any reasonable doubt The grave 'luestloe in the care, therefore, Id whether or not a I lid constructed Hording to direc'lona In the charter f >r tbi> conveyance oecr tie name of Uoln* cr railroad oar*, nod f>r then-. v>rn tnodallcn of the travelling and huilneer public, in general, will csoatitcle an obetrccttcn o the Tree tavlgailon of thj river within the meat ng of tbe c met tut on aad aitt of Conireer, eecuriog to the complain:.-1, ant other tMnen* a right to the rmovment of the urne Toe afOrmat! e la maintained by the eomplainan' and dented by the dc'cndarL The i?rrof? be'ore ue bearing upon the qaee'joo are very volutnioo t and confl1 ding, and if oallcj upon o determine the ca?e finally upon ib?m wojld occa aim considerable heeltat. o ocd eaba'ra??ment. Tae question, however, e? prevented hereon thin motion, I* of I eat weight ant otg.ncy, a? M It lia.t* . to the ??plj inquiry wbef er a cwee b?* been prtJ'au>J wh.slcaU upon the Court to interfere and aerert the erect "-n of ths btidgt until an opp r rut tt ulwJed for a ft.ire full ev ats oai.oc of wiUUM-a and in ure i derail >u of lac ai tcged obefocUtn. A p'c-iiimnary inquiry In tbitand like ease* a'toHrt oejet ally be mute by the party ton.iU i Iny, and the wntk ooutemi le'el prom Is ?pJ i*.>d, if there shout I beauy ret'onaule ground* fot bdluving in it tbe brl tgo irlght finally be held an < bttr jrtl ?.nnd Heaee uMecl to tic abate I, at (be tip ate and lots of lb] 'lifer (tan I* involve! t ight otaer-atae b?- hjavv aid ru'.ujua A con*,<"oration that prt*i"d a-wt atf-ogiy jo.>ti ibe Court n pa-*;* e npnt the ob?tr rtlon 'n the > ite or le WOieltflg b't<*g<', wot the hcary enenditire of ."jr o -f >c taiti in rh-'erection, and reyret rat eipmnend tin; the J.'gbjfere wb'm the arpir-ati"n for tht IcJ-.eclon wa< flrrt made had not er, oed any futther |i-oewed ng* t il ue gr<at fKlflm Involved bat tvao di'i'.v it?/)H of. Pie court can avoid feeder 'be weight I la'i cootule'i nan, or being coa?tderab'y mfl.ieu'H I b* It to debit*, atltr njw the appdeauon 'vr an trjetcfl n. A rof. sal li at eociurar-.treM loge on, aaJ may g call/ eaba-ran lb* drtnrraltntton in the (.rat bev or Ibe ewe I* ee-y dlf.ret from tbe u-ii.warr on.-, wborr < ie csly Ivet ar eitt? f<-g arUtog fom the refunl i*tb*t wt. c'j aecrn*t n the o>.i*ip!aii ant; In *ucb oneen tf Hit itr t . regarJod a* doubtful the Itpinet on |g email/ w thbvi. II'. !b? right .t ettabllfhed by a trial at late, or on fie fl. al hiving. bit in tbe prevent end Umi'ar etvee, tbe in lrytotheojoi plaltaat It no: oily Involve*, but alto o irag m#n'ft the defeodat.ta to to on iraltnr ti h -av' e* .-r tiiurtt. which Ibc CWt ?> ? Feci b->ue< 1 a ltd 3r,*i hearts* a -It* r*?ri and rwhr u?c:.-??. f r.c t? i ieraii n biru IfllhsUmrl of Lhstcery In Knylail-as penally wh?'? lb? ml: of u.c Mhpb't>Mt Is elnar, uat the obf.racM .ns (let Ifd, > fed Ibc < *tf 1? be SCfel to S curl df lew fir irtt ? lo eecompsey ibe order wtih as ,rj too mill the hearing, slier t?e emits lo of ifee rirll of the trial si Is*. Nor, Is this esse lbtre t? no q Msllsn *? It lbs win, or U oibi. r Iho l?f %' rtfbl of I is r. m >1 t.osai ? s fres so.) on.bdrvtlei nsvifsMos of U)? titlem rir r This bus burs scored by the ostium. >S vi I sir o'Cis (res* nni'sr which lbs nrbt Is els si d. sul which, m I usdefUnd It, ris not desi??d on ths s^ft'inent T.o dsfeioe >u plecd on lbs sror.^J las' br?<1n onitrMM ss prorMed fsr la the cheler, *>.11 sal ?i b-sUMitllf obslrocl or impede ibis rlxhi, bit, on Ibe r'i3"*ry, was oose'el'et w II it? foil ?n|?j ment li is < ;<os ti is n^ftU n lbs! 7 eauirta'n duo . si lbs rrcsrsi Ma?c of lhe proceeding sad pr r<'? In tie esre, aid em no? p-?-ared In sgree w lh ths de'esdanV* I esi i oi ?s>, m j-.- ?r.| airland, lb .' Ibe emeUns of Ibc brldse in u.e ?si :r j -recrlbed, aed Is connection rltb Ibc posr-snsf. rrn-t tr tie t.seof It, Will nbt be ? s?rlrjs or mater si nt? Uu-tim to\tr fi?e ssrlcsUna of the rirar Wbal J?e Irnlh si, be ep,s a mire full end itairotjli ts retop mini of inr fv i? it o?ir?e it Is sir iflNdtlMc lo dell rn> se We ijHk t>eiy ,>f the ceec si DO r pit?*nle) Ms up of lbs fsoM ufoi skua ibc quest l >a of obcim.: l>3 seoet ultimately lurr bare not bten e>fflces"y stMsM lo by other of lhe | Vi #> Bsfire ifinal h larlsf tocf will .lonMlass resits# to >'? tmp-irtanje. ant pre??at then wlib mo-r method s?1 eociraey In thcno'.rt in my jodgaeM, the resl end 1 train* peinl ?B u?, is whM >er or sol, rrfardltif the preosf * trsre' sat irso'portitlo i srroa* ibc brldcc by ra'roal ears scd si s - a-nno h way. ant also Ibc bi.-*aese de|.?n I nc np>s "i; free nirl gatie oftbertreru andJnsrnst iti p -*?,t?e drar or rraw* will fsiBlab rrsaf-sable wif? Nxrerest aiy mbctaciit! oOsimcitos lo euch csrlyaiioB??>?. n, % osr> ysboa Irom belP* seriously or wswrtti! . Iir >vid. N .# U?c'f s qoeei, ? of faol. a? t Is loobitia a. ' wi t a ? >*' to an irlel tflble dcte'tnlsalliti. the etieni of the rare! end tranrpirtan-ia afoe# it? brHe sea i at fc* ItdH *?d lft(n ft* AlNr V Pi'ls\s4 . . of care aad crrry eeb'ele, ao mil of par <1 orer'tef. I? th* eoorn* of Mtnoiia n*fI*<w?.. Vrampo i*' u cr trar el, will not eeaarlly lb; dra i rr drawa p, be i loned, arhen tbe narration mail In fa i bo nb?tr iictel Will the ft ramp of tbe draw* Tor III Miomutodattoa of Ibla If iliporta'lon and travel be wm^iin f tie eviiftul tth ||? fair are of tae river for ihc purpnroa of ibo iran-p- rtal oo of frei*ht an : i*rtone bjr ateaii rr tela and mht r water craft al thli rmal, ap ant tUiwn too Ram :? Tbe data (or tbe total a of tuia | io U >n an c X ? ifl) -If my I>?(nte u* I: la mantftet flat tbe ero?toc at thla pxn- a hotd dlrecHeo* will b* eery pnal Wh iher tbe onil'ot na, not be reconciled by i -aaj of proper irawa, eo I tat earb prleitefe or rl|ht itemed may '.te reaiortbly en |ny*d, II la not fif me a' orerebt li?ey JnWd, It la (m pomihle to girt any aa'iriartire i i lgrn-o! In tbe ma'ter, apoe tha preaeut oroofa la the oaae few* tdca of tae ?x Wan *r ihr buj-iMoa, aa confined lo r?i 'oad train t. m?y be den*?rt from a pen.aal of tbe lKib aacilxi o' the char lar || pmrdea that "Any rail roe I norpomt on wboae rand noor baa. or ahall bare, * lermimif at. or aball ran Ua Uataa to or from aa d cily of Albaor, or kaal Albany, m Rbali ran ita traiaa In connection with any road barlnj aunb terminal, aball be permitted te noe aa' J brHp; for railroad parpoeea. upon aasb terma ma U>* dlrectort of tbe arami nompantee ta'rr?*t*d may agree. And In oaae tbey aha i a<X be able lo nr*ee. die trrmi rhs'l a HtrJ by tbe (at* Hoard " I ader tbi.< clause all f rVlroe'** ' r ?> *? ?-, f % - ,* r ? A'eaay, aad all ru?ia ritaou* ia cooneer. >n wild I then, are entitled io the benefit or the use of the bridge. Thla Include* all tbe peroral hues of road letting to and from those point* not io operation, or that may be here alter ooo*tr>.cud; and In addition to this use, It to be taken Into the account the use for oomawa tra-el at a public highway as ?o tbe butlnest op ao I do to the river, oarrled on by repels propelled by stoam and sail*, tome idea may he gathered of toe extent or tbe burtnexe and ol the numb ? of pas'p^ej through the Irats, fro a a fact ittted by tct eral wiinosaea, tbat a', in tat reran elgttw of all the freight u *>n tbe Woato n aid V-rthern canal* arriving at, and letvlng tide water, eutar aad leirotho Hudson river a*. Woat Troy; and in addition to this, U to be added the tinalnou no * lot o I of the maatinr li-ade carried on wlih the to?na above tho brilse tnere U * question also involved In IhU ea*e, that I desire to hive oiac issed, namely, ho* far the personal duties and o&lt gallons Imposed upon the grantee* of tho chart*: of a budge to remore obs ruction* to the navigation oonadon cd by ihe cr.ction, should be taken Into the ac :ouot Id determining the question of It* liwfulnejs. Thlsa-sume* that the coniuruolion would o tora'.e a* aa tmodlmoat to navigation, but that it couli be relieve 1 by th agency of the grantee* as the obstruct on* occurred For Instance, In this charter 11 Is ma is the duty of th* defendants to keep In readiness steam tug* to t >? sailing vessels through tbc draw ; also, tin' they shall no. suffer sand bare to c mhnue that mar be formed by re??oo of the erec.ion or the bridge or piers, but shtll rein >ve the came Suppose that the lraw constructed would not ad ma of the passage of ss ling vessels vrlinout the aid of th tug would this provision of the charter legalize toe bridge? Again, ruppoee I. shout I be admitted thit tno p<ers of tie bridge would be the mtans of the formation of bars above and below them, so as to Impede n \vig d'oa w mid the duty eriolned upon the defondants la the charmr, to re move the obstruction, answer tho legal objection to the bit ge? far as 1 kn >*, is neis, aa I as a teneral principle Is if very great Itn ot tinea, and m?v have a considerable biaring upoa thu ctsc In t*s tiuil hearing, lhe opetlng and closing < I the draw must depend more or lees up >n human a ten : , it mutu nacesea l!y be so, a* long as It 1* aim! te I that a pro pgr dra* mi/ re llsve the bricge from oh* moiions to ihe navig uloa The quest! m is, how much farther ma; It be relied ou, in cases where the bridge, from its construction, coa* ltutsa an oh traction, even with the proper mauagomect of the dras? Another questlun abo ma? bo In rolved tn the Oa?l deter miration, rcquu leg ibe most deliberate condderatloa, aid that is, how far the dullness of comtti rce u.on the river* if the country?tnose great nat ral highways for the convenience of fade aud Intercourse?it to yield to ine convenience ana nccvin m viauou 01 ui? conve; ance or pa?en;er?, the chief and primary busma* and ua.a or railroads. It is u id rib tod l\ true that there roads f?ru.?b eery considerable faclb lies for the transportation or goods ar well as of paiacn 5era, and deserve the torlelog caro n: 1 encouragement of >e government and Country; bat it will probably uM now be dented, att< r Uie cxvtrienoa po-sei?eil of the prtc Ucil ure? of them, that in tho trarwj>orla.i >n of goodi oa pcclally heavy Trt lgbt, tbey cannot compete wltb tb ? great natural thoroughfares subjected to these uses by steam eetaela and otner wa'er craft. Great cira there fure, should be taken mat *he facilities thus furnished by a beieflceut Prorloencefor the convenience of the batiacas and commorce of tha country should no oe so encumbered and obstructed by the erection of ar'idcla! means of cresting as to render them virtually useless, for tlio pur note or navigation And It It especially lmno-tant that some general principles should be aTivi-1 a ia this case by v. hi h, while the fur and reasonable uavlgvlou of nvera ie se ;ured to the public, eve. v Uoil.ty c insistent with the fame may be extended to rail. ivl? In tha pti t^gc across tn stream Che principles proper to >e a.) plied to iirfs carc a ill be general'? speaking, applicable to every elber Initanre of bridglt.g this river; aid tt It rent that they mutt so regulate and control 'be o-ecti >n, at that, however mul lj.lled ac the ex*,' ncl a and business cecceiitica of the coun ry raa/demnd, the reasonably orob trueled navigation of ill > river It etUl maintained. No cno can desire to tee this great natural tboroegh fare scloue'y cbitructel or Its business an I commerce maUrlally crippled Tha g jaraiUet of the am Unction and acts of C ingress bn* na-tnonlic in this re ijwr.l with what must be the fisitngs and wUhns of the * b?le buti. c*? coir.muBlty. A question was presento.l .a this Stale in the Court of i-hancery and Court f.-r the Correction of Errors, and decided, namely, whether or not the navigation between dlfle-eut parts upin a public river within the sameStatocame wt hln the poser to regulate fwmmeice " am?ng the Sta'es'' need not be considered, ai noluch qu*811)0 has bitn male by the defer.tin's The afGriratJ re has been ma nla>neJ by the highest authority In ibis State. (3 Coweu, 713, tbs ctoain'oa! Co. vs Ltr Icgston, 16 Wend 114; toe couple vs. Saratoga and Runs Seiner Railroad Co ) Nor n^ed we cxsmlie the question whether or not the fewer In the State to authorise the building of a bridge across a public rtror, navigable from tbc sea, is not subordinate to tha: con 'orre.i by the constl tution upon Congrtra to regulate cianreroe, as no such iuu has been made tn this case. That ihe power in I Corgre&s la paramount waa conceded on the argument, and wra abo is the fullest and broadest terms by lbs dlittngulnbtd Judge (Chit f Juitlcc Savage ) on delivering lbs I u/u.uu of the Omit in tha twu ca..-s already referred rtaeoun <t, we hare arrived at tie conclusion that 11 ut due to the r.guts cat luier.sti of the partiea, at well at the groat questions invoiced to enjoin the pr rceodlugs In the ere. tiou or tho bridge until the dual bear it g of tbc case. I would further suggest tbal alihotgh neither of the has forolihcd me with an amendment of thin charter by tbe Legislature rlLcc the argument, and pending the ootids ration of the motion, It bai cum. under n> null e, and If the charter la to be regarded aa e publ c act. ire shall foel bound to onelder It at tbc final hearing Tble amendment reducee the width of the draw, if but one, from two hundred to one hundred and eighty feet, and If two, from one hundred and fifty to one hundred and ten each It If true, oe-Ula cUlcere named may,In thur dli ire*Ion,dlroc' Ihote draws to be enlarged. but this loalificatloa present* a contingency we rannot notice or nArluu'e any weight to In pualng upon tbe lues'.lon myolred. It w III be for the oartlos to consider whether 11 will nut be for the convnulecce of all concerned tbal In the preparation f<r ibe Dual hearing the amendment of the charter be taken aa modifying the orlg'nal act, eo an to embrace ibe whole case In one bsaMog. M :ch of the evidence now before mc rela oa to n b-l tge with the draws m bilg nally prerc.-.ned, and, of coirae, wo ilJ be taiilkd to diminished weight when used tu upbo'd the draws aa ahcrtd In tbc a-'ii-ndtnrot !,et an injinctiou laue according to tte pray or if the btil The Hurmo ia anil tlielr Kalth. TU TUK ID.TOR UP TH* lISKALll. Grvst Suit L.iks Crrr, IT. t, July I, 1*57 It has been said, " tread upon a worm and he will turn;" to, ae there reams to be luch aa ardent derire i won* many to blot out the Hormone, or aa they sho .Id be jaMed, the Salute, for helming asd practicing the family rcligloa o' Lantech, Abraham, hose*, Gideon, Uavld, Solomon, an 1 many others of old ilmee, end of relj log up>n the words rfjeaui thrill, si truth, wheo he tall, " There It no maa J thai has left house, or Ian I, or wife, for my namesake and t'je (iucr'l's. who aha11 not reoeiye manifold more in this prertnt Urn'Ike I propOM, at an olTi?t sgeiuil the Cnii " po Tgan,)," that el! ttoie that wish to Sght ogslnal llio law of <iOd, lu the Old n'd Hew fes-ament, or ihe nilsn of paganr an I heathen- beeal'ed, aa appropriately, g-ganiltee or pel gr>g mil-. The French oa* "agog" for h'l dc*trr; lbs "g*g" for ard?nt deore; and Jotn, the reeefat .r, wbo (Inderal nod matter* t fee and aft, apoke of "Gog" and ? Mag.g" n hi [ hat enstnies rl ibe Alt< guy; So It mar be well, aa "coming events <aet tin r talo?a before," to (daaksperolike). rail things by ta?ir true titm** in* gog smite*, or polygrira<ait<?. show ey tb ?ir faltlt and work? wboee kInge oca ih*y b kmg la, merdllg i I*?r play I* tbo.lowel d'bra'Jed ant the government ar* m .tinn virtue asal a tbo oa<ioa; and *o, when .^a'aa end tbe poople wrangle for blood, am brings deatruc lea. l/et . i? i el ' uie firrt gun, aud bt the wrath j i.(i .-I oonaume the ;eople or rsMoo thai triads uion the | r 'bis of Ibe l*n cent, and let sot oily tha ho.i**t pttrlois , i. tne Vr lrd, be* ibe noble nun led of the world, j say ?" A n- n I" ue men roreeee good and evil, and prepare themselves ais-erdicgly. Aa a fa ' if. I, if ?'fJ?g" la now pre t ar'rg I" ?bow r.ff a ii die e* a ap'sVmwi of thegeeat'sy, r i ^mie, and pub '?b it tr tbe streets of tdani.ngton, leet a gaping world point the doge: of ?com>, and **y ' rhes?ytom >f tbeoppreesel " wa? cemented tog*'.her with soft ?oap, and elipt down ? flow are lb? mighty fallen I GABRIEL Mr. lnriKf, lh? Sculptor TO TIIEEDIIOKOP THE HKitALD. Baitmorb, Jul/ II, 1*67 Ab ar Ida appeared la tha Hbrau> ib? oltiar <la/, no American r.ui tiara, la wbicb /on notice mit ooaamtada Hon Mr. William H Barbee'e etalue, tbe "Oojnette,' ao* en ext.b.boa latbiacltj. Yoo rarf JuMI/ called alien lion to a prealaaat cbarnet <rl?!c of Mr. Birbee a Raolat ac a aculplor, rti, tbe odginallt/ of hli coocepJoae Alioocga be baa icrveJ tba la iistnrabla approo'tceehlp 0 art la tt? aatlra teal, under ibe at tee of Bel/, h j bai oil nothing or tbat tiring aatloaali'r wblcb aatcea b m 1 ecu tarl/ Ibe pride of our eoan'r/, anl li * ihtronghl/ aa Amirleaa ecjtplor a* Cla/ w?> an Amorl-aneummae otc Boa da oai/ n glance at ibo boll and free ooIIiom of t.*a "wrqaelA>," nr tbe eetr anl dnabtnc attitude lllua i raid b/ ble mndel of "Yaong America," lo be cm a laced 'bat a Virginian aruet bee gtrea ecrpo to aailre fcn'ui, aareatTNxed by clauie cooreatiroalltiee la fvi. be iMini lo rpur- the peddle and rerrde repot durtleact hoathen model#, *? baknwre buret the abac* km of the ua.tiM, with wbicb ancient criticism I?a1 talis-el U.t- -'raraa My deeign, borerer, In ttin- eccmylfg your epvei If r >1 '"Hi my re?b'o tribute to tbe rami of approbation whkh country in ? La. r?c?..el fron yoj,?> mi b it to c-iTCCt a trltlicf mitloka wb'.ob nalverteully croV. Hi to ib? artlile which ruggeried tbl? mraaii-.oMi m. Voi ertoneotnly o.el" e?l C ncioaet' with being ihf btrthIloco or the borne of M Parbor whcna* tial tnmo i??lorn to tbo Old Dominica. A oa Ire of Pie Itva of \Vr'oia, be remained there until alllle W, in 'htg*a34ee > ' <bf law, In Page county, kn tan ai iha " win; of th.t Titttb I*g on tnere bl? career at ao?rtl?t ecn cnoed Hit flr#t porfor<ranoe wa? in middling a pa r e ghtoettea for bli own atnJ?em?Df, Jeeignef a' ornv men a for lile mantel piece Hit at'eotloii which tbew t mrte prnrtur ?.,racted, tbe marMof (renin* wntfh wfit Rcppote < to e.'.in lu Ibern, tolnot Mr d to form a roaolutioii to dewtlope tileati of ebo?e ei'Menca bj had r"t' m?df been cmw>n?. P*ace hi* toj aim in Italy, aJ urotfl ptHe of Ame-lcau ari, mo "Ooy <*b > b baa ?lrr?.i; <4?>cd fee you w -l| boo ?) tbe iJini .eg ordeai af fori ,'n cr,?m, and with whataojaoM tbe American pibiir load ut't ,o 30 renin!#! I take the Mbsr* to ma*e thee facte pibIM (oblob I Ira-nod iroin Mr 11 I. oev-te f an innrtl mat I bat jentlewai. * vae * a at re moJevj?? ifalt t lat doee oct fall to irnpreaa every rimer to hli eta 110?Would nover paimi'. hue t ' ml ptiblic at tnttca to h'mtolf by mak'.eg tbe correction la perton CEP. T?t Jonrr Firhrut CowmawtnWt?Tbe aemberi of tbe Joint I lehery tonra'an, under tbe reciprocity treaty with gth? t litrd Hutea, met at Ftotpsrt lart week, and trnntaoted mo h important butlne.-.* Among otter thirg* tbe Commit# ner? decided upon the aip tntment of an umpire to fettle enme dldrrcneee a* to rirer* in New Brnnew ck and Prlcee F.lward* tilant. Tbe choice fell nj ewn tbe H.wi John H. Or a*, of fh Jrho who wu nom t*?r?d h? lb Rrttt'h 'V.m n ?'.?o?r, ?llh the antrnwal of lwi? .MfiWi a>l m m mu, mm ? .. ? . i. I' ffKW YOKK HEKAJul/, lltt (irtal Telegraph Expedition. OUtt fcl'fcClAL COKKBSrUNUBNT I oxoox, July 3, 1857. Progress rf th- Cable Coiling m the Afememnsa at Oram wich?Arron ymenU to be made for the Despatch of tarty Krius from the Telegraph Fleet uhile Engaged in Payxng Duf--Heportf t > be Sent from the Expedition to the Uni'ti .' 'lata and England every Three Days, by the Collins and Canard Steamers-- Visit to the Gutta Percha Works anil the Submarine telegraph Theory?The Way the Cable is Initiated and Protected, ?fc , etc., i?c It 1# bow about nine day* Bloco the work of putting the ftubmarlne telegraph cable on board the Agamemnon was cocLuierced, and during that time throe hundred and tlfty odd ml lee have been colled la her hold. At this rate ?ie will hare her whole cargo 1* and be ready to leave Tor Dork?the point at which the telegraph fleet are to rondes voua?la about three weeks. It Is particularly deelrable bat the whole four vessels?that Is, the Agamemnon and renlble or leopard, and the Susquehanna and Niagara? <bould be in mid ocean on or before the 1st of August, pre cared to join the two ends of the cable and commence the tirriVsb raf nnr Itinr gait* Obn..l.l W? ran I * " r-J "6 uuvuiu lug uuiliug II uinuiggg both *.h!pt in Ihree weeks from the present Jute, the/ will i>e aide to s'art for Cork about a week earlier than Is anti ctpaied, a< it is expected the/ oaanot reach that port i>e fore the 25th of Jul/. Here four or Ore days, perhaps a week, wilt be consumtd la makiog experiments with re pan) to the time required In transmitting eleotrio currents through the whole twent/ tiro hundred miles of cable. The greatest length of wire which has yet been telegraph ed through Is eleven hundred, and the rate of transmirsi >n s from Ore to six words per mloute. How m:ca this ma/ be Increased by future Improvements, or what effect the experiments to be made at Cork on the full length cable ma/ bare in still further increasing (he rapidity of electric transmission, remains to be seen, But should the roil ucliou In tho number of words be In proportion to the In creased lergth of the enterprise, regarded In a pecuniary light, It would still prove largely remunerative to the itockholders, aud In loss than two years would pay the whole expenses of the undertaking-thai Is, the inantL'octure and laying of the cable, Including tho subsequent ex pinse of working It. No one entertains a doab', ibat It will pay if successful, or that tie shares, which aro now offered at about sevonty per cent discount, may be sold for twice tne original amount It Is cortanly a great stake, and as the porlod approaches when it shall be played for it is but natural that all who are lnterettel In the result should teel somewhat anxious. The time that must elapse from the starting of tho four votse's till tho r arrival at thilr separarle ;laces of destination will be regarded wt h considerable Impatien.e, and the question ' Hat the cable been laid?" may become at historical as that which at ested the Impatience of the allies about tise fall of SebastopcL Knowing the eagerness with which the people of both worlds will await the UticubLi'Duit'D. in i no nuci;cB9 or i&uare 01 unit?!" aklug, measures have bean taken to Inform tbem of the prcgrfM of tUo work. Application tiai been, or wilj be made, to the proprietor* of fee Canard and Collins (.earners to run the r reeee s along the telegraph routo ho tsreen Ireland and Newfoundland, for the parposo of ca*rylng despatches from tfce sblpe employed In laying the cable By thle arrangement the great public on both older of the ocean will be Informed aboat once in ever/ three da; * from the time the fleet shall hare reached mid cceaa t II Itolr arrival at the taro termini of the route. A f?w days ago I paid a visit to the work* of the Oatta Perrha Company in thiaolty, and through the ooarieay and iciadcera of Mr. Statbam. one of the member* of the firm, was made acquainted with the manufacture of that part of the suamarlne cable by which Its inaulitlon Is e loc.ol, and which ia the most interesting, as it is the moat imperfect part of the whole process. The discovery of tie peculiar properties of gutln pircha date* back to the year 1842 or 1S40 but its application to luhmarlne telegraphing did lot take place till about the year 1K50, when Its value M an insulator was proved by the laying of a cable across the fcogllih channel. Cp to this period iho ma ofactare < f the <aw material was conOoed to the making of water ptpss, machine baits, ptc ure frimoa, an 1 tonimerab'.e other articles frr which it wai considered ae pool ally adapted; but the Impulse given to the trade by the newuse which was found for It created an Increased d?m?ui, and tt eventually became one of the moat valuable and Important article* or Import. the tree from which the gutta percha 1* obtained groan tn the Kaat Indiee, and ihe principal market la at Siogapore, from wb'ch tbe I.andon Gutta Percba Company procure their aupply. ilia sent to them In it* criileatalo, and hat to be an ejected to tbe eevernl processes of masticartoa, bMltrp and breeding, before it can be employed la the maiufacture of the submarine cable. In this conditlon, aa It lies la Ihe storehouse of tbe company, yon discover among tbe mass several rough specimens of Ihe skill of tbe nntlvee. Bere is something Ural was evidently lots nded for n camel, although there Is no irsce of a hump oa hts hack and be kas lost a leg during his long sea vojare, bnt the artist bar still left suill cient evidence by which tn establish his I entity. Taeee are quite a large number of animal* besides tbls. but too task ol classifytog tbem would evoeed even the |>o vers of Cuvler himaeil' This one has the bill of a duck on a head that otherwi e resembles that of a m'nkey, an I that other Is a ooftblnalUn of bird and qnaorupad for tbe like of wMcb you m*gbt search In vain among all ihe fabulous, mythological or manufactured animal* lb it were ev*v er.a'sd by the Inventive senilis of ancient r>nt ov modern showman. All these?Ihe anlmtl with the mnokry?a be*l and dirk's bill; the tbree legged and huiupleai camil?In a word, the whole m-nagerle? a-e pit Into immense cauldrons, with the cunraoa mass, ant boiled and boiled again until they are rendered nlmovt at soft n* d"ugh. in this sure the gui'.a oerrba ta thrown Into a mnrhice called a masticator, In ebi .h it Is llleraiiv torn It to shred*, and from wt Ich it is agate taken in be avain bol'ed. B; thl* procee* It ts parilt jt and fre?d from all forrigt mate rials which mar have eri?re1 Into tt while It was hfttg collected by me Indians But It Is not yet fit fw the work lb' which It la do'igoed, ant rami be ag?Ui maettcttcd, clean**! aid kneaded reeerat tinea before U can he ra w in the *nvt>rIt g or to" littii of the oopper wire aiorg which (ho <lec trie cured la lo |>ann When It hat been thirotgbly kueadwi, U la *o perfectly t ladle tint It can be J >1d? I wilt tbe gnatce' en?e, In nurh a mtnu?r iuat it cannot he torn a'tbe point of adbMon. Tin two parte being joined, become ae oomriwtely'one, uoi'el ail blended an two j'awee of water wb-n poured into one reaa?l. Tbi* r.r"|i*rtv wblcb It pon?ow??! li penning valuable whea It It for D'J D?cer???y to repttr an t de'ce a In a cabin during tba rrocem of pat og It oct In each ra-><n tt Irony n cearar/ alter nplicog iha internal copper wire orooufue l"T to bra' he parte of toe gu>U perrh* vrtalrh a'O to be joined. Wlitu tbu l? done, tbe open rpaea or h-eitc U covered by layer rf gutia per the at th.u an lb? pate oa which I write, and eight or (en of whvh are requrei to make tho broken part uniform with the re?t. Or, r twaniy loan of the raw material are iaa'.nfac*.arel every wesk Id tblt factory, and In tbe baling depe'tawn'. alobi' tome forty or fifty vale or ca-tldron! are con Handy lnu?e On rnWrtog the flr*t Moo -you ?ee tb*m throwing cot tbc'r little jeti of ateaoi no every elle, wb le .be boll log alert b l>b> up through tbe op.otegt on hi reminding you tf the deecrtaoni wb eh traveller! to Iceiaol bate g'ven of tbe b l rp-lng! of that elrenge coanlry. r?a?lng from tbu department lo tbe floor above, ihe ttnlrhleg mom I! reach >d, and here lb# proceveof orating Uie conductor ta performed fhe ova doctor U ocmpiied of ?erco copper wtret, aix be'ag wound vpra iyarciac the nerenth.whih l? perfecr|y tralgbl am ocrep'ee (be cwt.-o. Tne ooa tnctir itself, on aooouat of lie pec.j tar eptra'. fbrra. le capable of being even'el twenty per cent cf iu con length before breaking, aad tbe itm wlru of which It le cimpoied give it a decided and m virtant advantage ivw that formerly need It tbe eeei of tba flr?t cable, wblcb tbe Mew Yore, Mawroundltnd anl Ixmdoa Telegraph Goapaay ntiemrtr.i nnenonoaefnllv tt lay acrnaa tbe Uulf of st I aoraace, one of tbe great dull rultke they ba<l lonoatrad agataet war the breaking r'nt three noncustom, whir*. It ie morn thao p-ob?bl<\ would never have oocirred bad they tie?n composed of leeei wlrec tacb, luvtibd of one Should tbe whole eere? bretk under an exceed re elraln. the coattuulty or electro cart nccttoo will tot neccaeartly be deatrored enlen* they all give at one point an occ.ivenc* wblcb mvy be aloioit ra garde! aa beyond evea Uie prohab. Itv of e ebwee. Tbe advantage wb'cb It baa ever Ibe tingle wire eoadtct'ir cannot be doubted, ?:ace It ban bran practically tened with the moat grattfj Ing ftecora. It ban be an prove I that tbe drawing out or aiUouatl .0 of a ratio of tbe copper owe to ten eleventh< at tin ihtrkaem redncen in power of oonduc lion only a thirty eevemh pert The eorencg or Ireela.lng prcceve n efteo'ed by mraen of a cylinder, In one end of which a dieof U?? reqilrad j Hre le placed, and th-oogh which the g*ttn percli?li fprcjl with a pinion An It pawev through '.hie die ia ibo form of an \ e .t,eit< >1' 1 ne ten or ml" ?r .n th* cor, ia fnro?.t mro i* Ita centre at a uniform rate <if tpevd, an 1 lbs n > e Inm laun conductor l? coc'ed be dreWag it thronfh ? water rondcit, torn* dby f<et la length fo inanre tla perfert iDtnfeticr the t? re la covered with three coait of jutta pcrcba. after which it la ready to receive lit additional protection of "reporH hemp an I Iron w're. Tne aboce pan or Ibe cable, nbioh wit'l?e atmi ao ocb aaJ a ha'f ;n dlame er, or twice the ttlckaeee of tha pnrtioa Ineole I for tbe deep tea baa tire no er ny? of rntta percha, an I arb one of the ottior wire* wbicb ar, to nerve a* an armor Irrlt la at eeat a q tarter of an inch tb1 K It will be a ijertu e clfai-. an I cn;*9 e ot reel* leg a) mi it any ttrata to wbicb i' ma> ba a ihjetd '' Tbe coverlrjt nf the attar ti* oabta w* b Ita win rmtac Urn or armor ir performed by a tepa'ate eat* ?!i b n^ot and It an entirely (tlM irffa* proccaa from tha I have | tat doicribcd Inere are o feci t eo of thrae meairactorlM, aatbe ree-iet* >; ho llr?*1i> hareahpa-ly bean lafnetifd, between ab I tha wo: It baa b <>o ?too a* 3 ck^n bead.oppotl't l.i ver o I and tbe other a' Ore*a wlrb.ab nt Ore mi'ee from t/>nd' a Etna of ih?>3 itvn J an order frrm tbe Atlantic Telegraph Ocuptny t> mtniftntire t eelve htndred and Ofty miica, a? t ?n r laaiderrl i n poaetbla fer one *|.-?ne to bare tae v'i ile etj c rea ly by the Pm? required About tw> we.?ta alary the raclory a. WPBenbead Oniabed the r bar. and the r*?.i iry a ?4r.?en wlrh are a>w boeily eega?od In completing tbe Utt hnn dred and lit y ml lee of their poMloo Ajtne Idea mty ba formed of ths a wvjat ol Iron cr>Bnti<nad la tbe we b wh?a II11 kaowa that tb? protecting ar mor req.itcoa three bead re I and aneea Utoiraad aiilca of wira about tha ivebnettof a cere men pin Tb<? armor la c >mp-wed nf eighteen ateaade, ram. etraod cowtat'ng t f earea wlree, w rued In the tenia iral form, and oeing abou a twelfth an inch la diameter The maa'ifketnre of ttote pad of tbe cable I* trery tlmple. and I* -omewbat riallar to tbe twietiac of thread Tne gatta ptweba yortioa of tba cable, having been tbo ronghly teat ?d to prore lie complete intnleti in, la eett ti ibe fer.tory, where ii le covered with tbo Iron wire and prepared fbr rbl pm*nl The frctorc at fireeewMt la all rated on tbo hanke of the I

lh*ek , tu t'Jrll, ? <4 , If-i eA^etAe | FRIDAY, JULY 31, 18&1. nuated ml lore. It ia la the very centre of a manufaCurlog district, and la viev of the mammoth (too steamer Great Eastern There ia nothing In the external appear ance of the building which would give any indication of the character of the work perfumed within its walla, and the only Intimation which the spectator who Is not privileged to enter has of It, Is that conveyed In the immense sign on the roor, which informs him that the submarine telegraph cable is manufactured there. The whole surrounded by a wall eight or ten reet high, to keep out that eplrit of inquiry which, whether laudable or not on the part or the pubii), does not reoelve the same amount of tole*atlon or the same opportunity in this country that 11 does In the United fckatee. There is, in ndditloa to thie wall, a porter , at the gate who Is one of the most polite of Cerberusrs, i and who guards it as well against all unprivileged applicants as did the Russians the fortress of debaetopol. The only approach to It Is by a gravelled path way that ia terri bly destructive to shoo leather, and a journey over half n dczen miles of which would use up the best pair of boot* ever madr; and yet strange to say. these gravel footpaths are so common about London, ana 1 understand all over KnflAnd rr tA tivA rl?A ti (hfl hpliaf that- th? int?v?al nf the iboemakera is among tba strongest in the kingdom, and that the authorities wh> bare charge of the making and repairing or roads must have a strong sympathy wit i that time honored aid indispensable class of tradesmen Your corrMpondent, fortunately happening to be oue of the privileged few who *a? permitted to enter the fac tory, visited It a few days ago tn company with Professor MorieandDr Whltobouae. Ou raselng the gate he dis covered on each aide of him a circus thirty or forty feet in diameter, and which had been dug to the depth of about four feet In both there were eight colls each on talcing from twenty to thi ee hundred miles of tne cable, axd some tbree or four of which wore receiving It as It came freahly made out of the factory. The meu wh> were ergigM in packing or nilting 't had their hands nod feet herniated with tar, and the whole establishment was redolent of the same material About tl . ee hundred aud Ufty miles had been placed on board the Agamemnon,and '.bat veeael was somewhai blackened by the tporatlon But no ma dor how objectionable the tar maybe it Is aa excellent preventive of rust, and absolutely Indispansab o in the m&EtaJ'actur of the sable. The two circuses, or bat Ins, as they are, perhaps, more rioperly called, are so constructed that they can bo filled to the top with water, to allow of the complete submersion of (be cable. This Is necessary to test its Insolation, and for the discovery of auy defects thai may have es caped the keen inspection of Mr. Sia'batn, who proves every sixty miles of It bifore leaving his factory Should any flaw be found. It is Immediately repatrel, and the cable Is again subjected to the electric test, when, if it prove perfect, It Is allowed to remain undisturbed until such time as it is placed on shipboard. The break of Continuity or connection in the care, from impcrfoc Insu laiion or a paHlng or the copper wire, Is mads kuown by ibe ringing oi a bell, which sounds the alarm the Instant ihe tnteriuptiuo takes place, and continues ringing so long as the ba.lery sends the olectrlc stresm along the conductor. While at the factory of Mr Statbam I saw this test applied, and with the most perfect success. The oonnec lion wss temporarily destr> yed, but the moment ihe bat tery was bn ught to b< ar upon the conductor tho unerring Indicator, the lilt e bell, commenced ringing, and kept it i,p till the battery w as detached. Through'be means of that rame Infallible detective every mile of it Is cot only proved as it Is coiled In the ho d of the ship, but as It Is paid over her stern and goes on its way down tuto the great depths of the ocean. Let It sound the alarm and the ponderous ma thinerv of the Bui? is at once stopped, the cabl Is brought up oh atck and minutely lu.^cted bv tho workmen, thd delect, whatever H may be, repaired la less iu?p ?u uour, the engines agiln eel !u motion, and "tie laying-' pro corded wi.b as II there had bMI nr detect. The machinery In the cable factory is, at I hare sal 1, very stmph, and although at the first glance It appears rather Intricate and complicated, a few minutes Inspection makes It all perfectly plain The first process It the sowIr g or covering of the gutta porrha Insolation with hemp steeped in a compos lion tf tar and pitch, after which It ro ceivee the externa! protection or wire armor. The preparation of the bomp and tie winding of It on bobbins engage tho services of a di?n boys, who work rrom morning to eight, and from Monday to Saturday, with all the steadiness and regularity Of their elder fellow operatives. Hundreds of miles of this hemp pasces through their hands every week, aud although It I* reailf ihu least Important of the dlfleient materials of which ihe cable it composed, still it could not well be done without Tbev are never done during their hour* of labor tllliug up empty bobbins, f<r like those extraordinary stable* which tie eon of Jove undertook to clean, ihete same bobbin* supply tbem with almost en lie** work. Theseslng of the hemp on the core I* accomplished by means of a revolving machlno on the I periphery of which are placed (even or eight of these bob; loin*, the core of the cable pasting directly and perpendicularly through It* centre. As una machine revolves the bob; bins also revolve on their own axes paying out the hemp which la thus served on the core. The process can per haps be more simply lllustiate 1 by taking two rcund flat pieces of wood of the same size, say about three feet in 1 diameter, and each having a hsle In the ce.tro those te joined by three or four upright bars of wood or Iron set at equal dtstaccct apart, ail placed within about an inch of the peiiphery. This done, the next thing is to gel the requisite n?mver or spools, each spool reprssontlng a bobbin, about seven bvfag sufficient fir the purpose, and to fasten them on axes to the lower one of the two circular pieces of wrod. The machine U now flolthed and la worklrg order. Through the central holes ran a small rope, and wtnd upon each one or the spools enough twine to Illustrate the process The machine having been set on a pivot must now be pet In moikn, the enfs o' the twine I Joined to the rope abou i an inch above the top of the : spoola, and the rope Itself drawn slowly through the oen tral boles. Then, as the machine I self revolves and the rope la drawn upward, the -pools wtlla'so revolve, paying ; the twine out and servlsg It on the rope. Here you hsve e tolerably fair Illustration of the manner In which noi only Lte guua percha Is covered wlih t'. bomp, but in which the last or wire protection Is leld on. The veloci ty wlib wblch these machine* revolve Is soinewhst oal> calculated to startle nervous people on a (1 -st visit to the | factory, and should some of the bibblas happen by any chance to fly oft while they are In motion, they would 1 make wild work with anything with which they mignt { happen lo cone In contact. But fortunately they are so i well secured thai accidents of the kind seldom or never ; cccnt. While the cable Is being paid oot from the ma cbine In It* finished slate it passes over several small wheels and through vats of tar as It Is dra ro out by the men wbo are ocgaged In coiling It in the bestus. Five of the wire covert-it machines wore In operation at the time of our visit, and ibree rave abont twelve miles as lie as gregate of their Cay'* work. Tte oot lrg of the cable la the hold of the Agamennoa keep* fioir l itty lo seventy men employed Tmaen-e divided Irto two jrioy*. earh of wnnh work* ten hyuri, tc?i the labor they pt rform I* about the no t tedious, the not t inoneioco- * and the duheet thv can bo onoeltred Tor ten lorg houri they are riigiged la a vtoiplo* poe'uro Uowo a' a depth of about thirty feet In the hold ?f a re*. , ret packing away tbe well tarred cable Ta? ill'teea or taerty gat burner*, which throw out their little jeta o' whltc flame above tbrtr heat*, are barely aafnuentto give the? light to wotk by, hut thov are arc itt tno l to w> rk by eucb light, and oaragu to co'l from forty to fifty ndlea i very twenty h"ure A amall login* of twelve horaa bitter, wh ch hae been erected ou deck, tirewe the able oi l from the colli lo the rautory at<be rate of from two to t ?o and a-balf mllee per hour, and pave It to *n Into the bold, where It li pasktd rha diameter of IbU eoi, wMcb I* n.,. a perfect c'-ele, I* forty (Ire foet one way and forty tine the o her, IW lie gat bc'og about 12. It ti calculated to contain the wh ile twelve hundred and fifty nilhe, but It le more than probable .hat ?oere will oot be acBlnent room in tbi? part of the ehlp fbr the whole k I ctb, and that oae or two b cadre I mi lea will bare to be rolled rlaewbere There will, however, be ni dime ill ;y about tblv, ae there I* abundance of apace and a* the vea ael ta ev<-ry way adapted to the work beta af receiving and paring out. In addition to tbe shore ea le eftbe cable, toe rel'ev for the centre of II are being made in tbe Ortenwlch factory, <f tbe bea . ?<w-| wire The object of thla li to lure II aa trong aa povtlble la the middle, at that part wnl ba tbe fire; | al t out and at It will be auhjojiwl to tbe greatoat train. It drxa no1, however, differ in else from .bat port.nvi with which It will be connected, and trill be about the atne weight Tbtre la a report In elrcilatl.m that the Quern Intend* f Ing lo Cork towltrc** tbe departure of the telegraph feet, and aa It m aa d aho grcerati' r??rl a ou; her inteo a, ; I net at at Improptb.e, If thorn la any troth in the report, tuml abe will be there on that eventful ooca Ion. Ori LtTBBPOOL COimtSPOUBBIiOK. Ijvnnpooi, Jaly 3,1317. It'Mint 'k* Wir* <? Ckt ttoHnftle IFiaparm?ffw IAe Wort u Otrrtof ott hf Ik' Sailort?fifi Kink or fbui in tkt K->f ? Plan rf raiing twf IV OnWe at Km I went in board the Niagara tail 8at'irday to nee ibe ftcwiwg of the telegraphic wire. A email bark of about nil nun irtHi low, containing jw muei or tn.i wire, raw alrrgalde, where the waa well terurcd. A llgbt raging wit th?n e-ecteJ rmm the mala hatch of the bark to the fort hatch of the Niagara; on tbl? were placed at lalerrai* or all feet apart a number of akolaioa wheel*, oyer which Iho wlrt wat pawed down to the lower circle In the fore bold. Capuio II niton had eeleetwl from a number or rolanteera wt*tjr picked met, who were dlrlded late Tour watcben, and upon whom derolrel the whole rxAllng of the oahle Ooo hat t wee atatloeed In the upper cone on the main deck to orerhaal down the wire, , a ?t<ced the bight and walked aroonl the MtcIa, whi tt the reet, tealed around, oanght It ae It parted, and guided II fairly to It* bed In the layer, beginning V. the I miler edge or j?rlphory of the circle, tnd ending at lb . | fo ne, whra II It carried back to me periphery again, an 1 the rldir.g lay protected by woolen ba lent The caMe ha* been edled on beard the bark In pre dae'y the rame manner thai It Ir to be on board th? Via yara, and the taee with which It can be rno out without j kick or reel baa heca rery promtilng of puooeaa The Immediate auperlnleadence of the work In the | circle* In conflded to the oare of the warrant oU.-ern of the Nlagrra, who ron??fienily hat# to reliere ea?.h other crory four honr?, m one of them It alwtra In alien lance OR die nork day and n'gM Heram Webber ?ni (T'gtd hare no alneenre, aa fir an rert gnee Theoolhng at Qrrt wat at the rate of about :9 or 30 ml lea a day, ant at the Altoi? get aoci *tome?i to II the prvgrea* I* much m?wi mold, toOg aa fa* aa fiftr mllra In the twenty fbnr tinnr*, In fact, Tan lold that the bark la etrweted to be cleared on M tn day ne*1, making 300 mile* In right dayr, at on the flrrt ' ?ati i day liltle or noce a a* transferred. f in Monday another art * f nta will c mwehtM to fill the after etre'e at the rame Uma Snould no'hlng ojjnr to | rtnr tbo work going on a the ^ame rate, a fortnight from ibla lime * mile ai.flico lo get it ad on board; aed If not le la net for the tmall englM, Mr, , which I nndoratant 'a In be pot on her quarterdeck, to recorer aa much of th? oAle a* fawalble In onte of t raptnro, ahe wll be able to leave iota Tor the rendttrona at leant n fortnlgh. eeri er than won anticipated The arrangemenla for paying ont the cabin, I nm al*o told, are being ted at prepent at far m I ran nnderatand, It la to inwt orer and under (lee roller*, which are to be worked by friction band* or ?owe kind of gearing, then ont on r a roller wheal placod at the ettremity of two beam*, which are teenrtd over the ahlp'a atern, and drop* the I'ne clear of rnddrr and propeller. The caging a*onad the Maga-a'p propeller, which waa found to be natraet worthy, ha* been atrengtbeaed, ar.d I think that there I* a general feeling of cotfldmce among all hand* on board hal angurw well fbr #itce?*? I eh wM aey thai by Hie tat f MU;*.m A4 , Our WniiMott Correaptx denoe* St. Paul, Minnesota, July 22,1867. TV Orm?titu<ional Oontm.tum. The ccDiiiOOL of thing* relative to Uio t.'oustitutloaal ha* remained In tiaiu quo alnce my I tat loiter. The democrat* still re mala without permanent organic* tion, and the repubUoan* haring placed tfcelr b nines* In charge cf Uie otending oommlttcu Tor pnparai. ;n, do nothing outalde. No strpa hare been taken for the union nf the two bodlea, and tho probability of such a a event grows every day more remote. My tmpreeaion U | that unless the Pembina delegation come In within two or 1 three day* Ute domocraU will organize without them, and ; go on and make a oonctitulion, assuming the ground that no , ipec!fled number of delrgates la necessary to constitute 1 such a body, inasmuch ai no Injustice can be done by the mere drawing up of art'clee which must be submitted to uie peop.e ror ra'iacauua. 11 ug peopie 01 me Territory ratify tbe act tt becomes tbelr work, and the matter of wbo originated it becomee one of little Importance. Thla, 1 think, 1* squatter sovereignty, according to tbe Minnesota constriction of that memorable doctrine in 1867. And really, wben the question la cin&ldered practically, I am not tore tbat tor the Convention to resolve Itself Into two grand committees, tbe result of wblcb shall be to give tbe people a choice between two constitutions, Is a not a sentibloaua patriotic csurte Are not tha delegates to this Convert-on, wbo, not content with simply doing tbelr duty and pros? n<lug ono draft of a ocnstitutl >n, whloh the people must either accept or reject, prop wo to do double the work, all for the siiuk pay, entitled to admiration lather than ccnsuref And will not future oonven iloss fer future Slates, following the example now inaugurated in Minnesota, present to ihtlr constituents a series of constitutions, cay irg tj them, "Here, gentlemen, are specimens of tbe host articles in market?take y ov r choice V' W bo kno we? Oce of tbe most aggravating circumstances connected with tbe delay on tbe part of tbe democrats is tbe Kind of men they are watting for. If half a dozen profound stales m?u and constitutional lawyers, tbe wisdom of who to counsel could not be spared In making up the fundamental law of a great State, were detained on business of high importance, there would be something dignified In pvuslrg for Iheni t* return But the Pembina delegation, whose liaWal Is away in the country of the Red river of the North, seven hundred miles off, and whose arrival Is dsily expected by an express train (of ox carts), are, at I understand, a set of half broede, who sign tbelr names "his X mark," who do not tpesk English, wh) are of no possible use, except to make up a quorum, and \Th03e right to seats In the Convention Is disputed at that. It Is really too baa. The great body of the delegates In both conventions, however, are men of whom no Sute need he ashamed. In the democratic wlrg ate Hon. H. H. Sibley, Hon. W. A. 1 Gorumn, Judge M Sherburne, ex-Mayor Becker, and oth ers whose reputation for ability is world wide, and who>o - expert*cce and lets! attainments could ill bo spaced In any body of nteii in this Territory collected Or the purpose if fot mlttg a ronsttt.tion. They ba^e at so a good* degree of ta'CLt among the your g men of the Convention l'erh?ps me most mfrnsb. w?vg tup ~ ?? *, *,? diau, United diates 3mux >trout, atnl now promoted to tbe Supreme bench of the Territory. The Majir li a native of OueiJacounly. N Y. Hole of tbe^.-nuj vocsg America,an 1 whatever eld fogies may fay of the Judicial rrmlao Bitting uoj e?'lij on fclm, yourr.ay be assured tba'. no caseiofJaru | dyce vi. JirLi.'C* will ag??l within m* JurtfdlcUon during bt? official terni 80 far aa my observation hal ene2rte , all the I'cl'ort Sta'e* Territoria! offleere here, with porhapj one ficeptlOB, are of the same claes They are J ut tho ktrd ?,f men In keep pace with the progress of this e3sen t'a'ly (art ccun ry. O.d f>gte* would not be tolerated, and the adminla rai'cn has thown much dlscroMon In lis selections. Amorg the rejublicsu there sre no men of any very corBlderrble Irgitlaltre or parliamentary exooriente. liost of them are yor.rg men who Dare r<?liod In the To tilery for a comprratively short perl<>d, but men of a good deal of premite an.l ab!lit?. Tne rnott yrsm'.ncut ! atrncgM tbrra are Messrs Bslcimbe, of Winona (I'reM dcnl); North if Bice county; Wilson of Winona, and Gal ' . bralifc of Btakopcc These republican yen lemen say bey rha'l frame a constltutl'n much more conservative lu it" character than tboy llwnNI have done If the democ-att had remained as a minority In the CocvenMon. Tbe qnra t'on rfnrg'oiuffrage, which would bare been hotly canteen d id full convention, will no' be urged, anl they will, [ Inenry respect, lafor lo make tucb a do'uoaent aa wi'l j command tbe large*! vote of the people when It is nio I muted to them ror rttlflration There i? a moet culpable negligence In the transmission of the malls to and from this region While half a dozen boats a day arrive here from dewn the river, letters from tbe Knt are elwaye three days behind expre packaroe, and tbe New York papers are often more than a week be bind Usee. There U no good reason why the through malls from the East should not rrach here to the same time paseengers ccoupy in coming through P. S ?I understand tbe abeent delegates bare come In, and that the Democratic Convention will organize permanetlly to day or tomorrow by the election of Hon H. H. Sibley, President Our Kentucky Correspondence. Hickman, Fulton Co , Ky , July 20, 1867 IV Kentucky Pvrckcue?IV Interior Penintuln?TK* Orvmtk of Hickman?It* trade, Internal Improoementi, do, do. In all your details of correspondence I have eeen nothing from this eeoUon of the oountry, although yon have many readera here. Western Kentncky, usually denominate I the Kentucky Purchase, or Jackson's Purchase, irom ibo clronms anoe of General Jackson'? purchasing ii, on the part of lb# government, of Chief Mayfleld, in 1826 is a peninsula soma fifty alias square, bounded by three of the monster rivers of Atoertoa, either of which on the other continent would be styled a Hood. Oa lbs cast we hare lbs TennsMee river, navigable far into Teunsueu sad * la ham*, that debouches Into the Ohio, sear Peducth sixty miles above Cairo; on the north Is fa fWk rieiire, the placid Ohio, loveliest of etreami; on the wcs. ths mona-ch water course of the earth, lha mighty Mississippi This penlaiiula la agrteuUsrally one of ths best portion* Of Kentucky. Ha tobacco Is prised above any other railed la tbe United States for foreign consumption Tbe grsiter part of that Imported by the French government t > supply the demands of Its gigantic to* aoco monopoly gr,o? from this piaoe Its corn is nnexociled, and of lain years it* exportation* of wheat are hegieslrg to be felt In ail the grain marts or the Wsd Tae New l)!-an? beei mtrkrt, for email cattle, Is mainly supplied from 11..anao, whilo thft nriullpv (rtiln ftf Ihht wrnat nllv?im .1 h? ,ia .i ? ? yrni5* orn?umntlon?dereade nimi*t exciu lively upon our old ladle* for It* gratlIIvetlnn Th'irc a mio ?i " chicken merchant*," a* tti* reuue I* Irrovernu 1/ d< nomlaaind beta, who *blp thel liny thauiand dollar* worth annua1!* apiece from Hickman to New Orleaat Inoir mile of collecting the fowl* I* to Irare1 fr ru botme to '1 "i?o 'n long bgniwegene, nnnI with large o- >. ?, | lm jt ererytbiog that crow*, carklta Of cli.rkr, f,r>m*taroe month'* old clilckcn to the veteran father of Uae la m yard; and ai thecbekua ? >cey a!way* tote to ih.i re ale pan of the hou*?h -id, there art fa* mr la diee, black or white, but wear peroral dortn hoo* and dncki In thilr ear*, to aaj nothing of calic.on* an I llnoa. Three railroad*. all ir rwuraa of oobMruc'ion an t aP neatly completed. uke ibla |icDin*ula a no directi >a of Ma leggih?that i?, fmm g>rinuMb>fin Mlaelauppt and Teuneeme rtvnra One o! ihvo, the M' bile and Oblo Railroa t, cr.rnoota Ci'rn. the tcrrelaat.oti of the lllicola < entral K?i road, rib lha (lull of Merle'. at Mobile When coniple'ed, It will mate. In cuoneiiidi with Ibe llltnota Central, a ooiittnunu* line of uviro than 1 ,"00 mile*, and eaable trarel'ora to tw! ?4? die fr. n Chioagn In forty etjhl hour* Tbla great trunk I* tap,* 1 twice in (iMoa county. Tonnee*? r, ai a p aoneMttee* mllee from Ibla; once by a branch from Hlck'oun lo Ifn! rtt Illy eighteen m'lee a Pngth: Ibe other by a breach from Padnraii, oo Ibe <>U o, near the mcuth of the fanner* a rlrer, wbioh will bo about rlr'y mPue In l*r.?tb Both Ibeee *t> ordinate line* am traded and rtadf for the Iron, aed wot:l<i 'eubtlea* bare been com Me'e l the p?at *prl >< but for the heavy fluarcia' proectre )f tu* year. Hlrkrrau tu elf I* belter khtwo by It* 0M t P* of "Mlli'l relnt," by which aame every pllol and wagoner calta It and wl'l matinee to call It wh'le p'lata and wagoner* ex let It .4 on the iron , t oitneM Waff between Cairo aed Mamptla. and nerer (alia to catch the caeeiier'* eye Durlrg the 'art three yeare the population bar doubled and It* '>'itldinj* quadra pled f r illy milei back, and even all tbc way to the Tenneeeee river, the country preeeoH n *c*u* at thi* lira* gla'dentng to the heart ot erory obeerrer Onrn srertop|.i- g the h<gb ten rail 'eono* and prctmalag an ikwftul hnrvrai?ebeal and oat lljl Ir. j nl cut, iwotlng by Utelr it.lck itnbble ine revere Iraratl the/ bare undrn gone- tobacco, appearing to the Inexperir uced Northern eyn like ra*t cabbage Held*, of which llii liaiei are often taentj for. incite* !u length?ootloo ec luxuriant a* alia vet toncct*. #e the lolemlt'ai apacjr?orchard* binding down w'tb 'rult?gar en* rank with a auprrflalty of vrge lablee, beyoad all that a bra) by, heariy popuiat'on r.aa rnnriime - ?uch It the right v Uir.b a bounlccu* Provident* alfori* tbe traveller though Wealtrn Kentucky Ite pre real M n Fourteen ii.Hr* back of tblt plaoc I* Ivo.lgcton, tbe rail denre of Hob. Morrtr, leu . known to your Met >ntc rtt! er* a* the ubtqutWm* lecturer upou toat norei therue lit p are liaa been leloctrd ut the rite of the We?i?rn Kentucky College, chartered at o ir tail l?giil*ttr? eevrivn, an t ofvh'chtf I* Prailnf t preiutni but few who hare butted their l<r?in* ?i'h u. t venerable anhject, Mnonrr, know evr.. ihsng of it* a., hp.ece and pokeemaa, Mr. Morrte. the vicinity ard prvupec't of Cairo and It* rlvi! rltr, Mt tint! City, a fvw milt* above P ?the ,'vm.i or u of t'?e I,, ilncle Central Pallroad, b> w itch we o?n tea-'b f I or Lotiltvlile In twenty ho ir*. an.l Chleego in tne .? i r ? the ptogrM* or the .hree Hue* of r.ta I three* t n tr .> - i ? II?the nnphrailrled fnctli'.er of na"lga'i. n yp ) H I hi* nr.lllf.2utt A-flft I . 1 I r l!:C ill 't. ttai - r<aaoo, tho haal.bMtoM of Hit year, m l the <i<t <rjrlni jrnapw?? o'th# limrp yenrraliy, bate t mini .. V ia to bo lomncrroo rrd trout of HiCkmtP, n ?tiirb ymroi road< r? who confine th" r inrrcr tonro i<? itn w ,oo t vlllogao of Now CoRltrid can f. raa bat ?n i an id?* r EtorwrNT-IUcdnUj, a yoong printer o ?m?J i ^oldnbor.-, \* , f/trni (Jol?)tturn with o IM tturj K. No rou. bet ibo catrlatt.* broke J iwn, | ml Ibo (til m carried ha k to nor father. 8 neo thon, , fteford kt' rr ?lt-l|nd (lOlitati iro In dltgition. and on Hunday i n'tr It ImI MiN Nrlano, who wait no the atari, 01 taped from ihw houao, ood tho two repaired to the rowldonoe of Olt ndly aq ilro, who wa* railed no, and although ????8 what in dtrhabllle, married tho young roaylt The tool that wot ?f? of them wi? about daylight. mak'ng their ( way lof'ikoitilo, to tak? tbe m,,rning train for a Norlbera bridal lour. Tn? Ht. Johh Hoar lUof ? It appro" tho* tho m l .hn man ottered to run the rwee on rrldaj2 "at inn ftollft* rrrw nald they had woo i? tho day befbre,th y haalag pulled round tho rourae alonn; !: rare rarno off Wo Iram that thr atokoa bar* hy tho liallroulaon, and thoy haro ilaee br"1 1T#r to tUu?. Our Virginlu Correspondence. Old PointOohtokt, va., July 88, 1887. TV Pleasures and Advantage* of thit Delightful Summat Retort?IV Convention in Reference to the TransaUmeMs Steamship Scheme qf the Hon. A. Dudley Mann?Dimmguuhed Visiters, Ac , dkc 1 arrived here to day, preparatory to the holding of the convention In reference to the transatlantic rlnimehip rheme of the Hon. . Dad ley Mann, which assemble* at thla place to morrow. The location for thla purpoee U admirably choaen. It la Inviting no leaa from buslneaa ecueiri orations c mneoted wlih thla particular enterprise, than from Ita healthful and pleasurable amoclatlona; and K-i-g_ In addiiion, wlihln the Immediate apbere moot intoreatod la the auccea* of thla bcheme, I can bat anticipate a favorable exhibit of re, reeentatlve Influence, so Tar as the character and conail tullon of the oonventlon la concerned. In tbe variety or means of enjoyment this seems to MO to have decidedly the advantage or any watering plooe to Virginia, or probably tbe Union; and in a healthful aapeet It enjoy* tbe name degree of pre emlnenoe. In tbo very modes of aocen to It, which are chiefly by water, the vWter discovert a foreiaate of the bene lite which await him at thta agreeable retreat. He la Invigorated by tbe trip and free from tbe ancoyances and disadvantages Incident to long itage travel, whioh baa to be encountered In visiting other watering plasas. A steamer arrives here each day from Richmond, tooefclcg at City Point and a seriee of other landlnga along tha James river, thus affording a good opportunity for peraann along the region or country bordering that river to vMt this place. The same facility of connection la afforded with Baltimore by two btantifal steamers wbtoh ply daily between that city and Norfolk, touching at this point la tbetr par sago either way. or the essential benefits or aalt water bathing and tha refifsbing ocean breezes, nothing need be sail. But I will remark that for a full enjoyment of these bone Us, Old Point, from ita prominent looatlon and close proximity la tbe open sea, presents peculiar a 1 vantages. In the rartety of the modes of healthful and pleasurable recreation which It affords, it has pre eminent advantages. To such as i cek pleasure in water excursions, the most ample opportunity for enjoyment Is afforded, a series of handsome pleasure boats being always available; while the faotlUtas for excursions on land are no loss numerous. As a Qatd for aquatic sport* It i tan da unrivalled. Iti water* abound 'n every variety of sea ash, and as to oysters, clams and crabs, they can bo had in bound leas profusion. The votaries of this sort or sport would find Old Poiat the most eligible spot for enjoy sent probably within tbe Union. Ihe scenery around It U delight ul. The route for all vessels |*>sing to or from KlJunond, Norfolk or ftlttffOHtb, 1|9? PUfcin a few hundred yards of the hotel, so that I mot the front windows of the building you eoloy a full view of ever; ship pr ste*T>?r thai pawei. the "Iitp Rspj," a coufused cliautlo piie of r<)0 about too miles from It In a direct line luo nam? pretty well ludlcale* the fantastic ragged online watch they prweect. They would item to constitute a lerlaui obeiaole U nav'gation, occupying as they do a portion la dangerous pr??trotty to the ra'est and most navlgablo rottto for vessels. At a dutaice they preient the appearance of 4 r/imrillfi1inn nf pm*lri RA npftllv fffrmAri hot mw.n - view aie fnucd to lack tBoflo feature* of !m perl?tab a ate biilly aid gran-itur so cbaracerl'tio of nature'* mighty ediSro* A* >ou are on doubt aware, they are mirety ar tlflctai, be rp nothmg more than a pile of rock* du-uped In the S* to form tbe foundation for a fort Po rlsente litem to tbelr p. *ert level In-oWed an amount of labor and in csuci.diture Of m-ney almoet inculo-iablj; Km Icok'.rg to the advantages which they ahall present in the future ar a formidable e'ement of na tonal defence, I doubt net tbt outlay will yro*? Jidtciona. Some yeara ago the work of raring the supers ructure for a fort wa? begun, but l< wa-> deemed expedient to a> apend It at aa oa-ly a tag* to all^w time for the founda'too to fellin Now, however, opcraticrs are resumed, the teat* *ppl ed ju.tifylng the fit ten reliance In Hie rtabll.ty of tho foundation. Tkla once complete and properly equipped, Norfolk, with the other cit;>? ac.eeaible by thli rou.e, will bo perfectly secure agaltat any IrvaMoo, however formidable. Fort M( Is situated immediately in rear of the hotoi, aud presents tn Ita rich encl wuree dotted over with newt shady ttcra, and ita taaty dwellings ranged all round withIn tbe long I ne of ramparta, atcene of oiiu*u*l attraction. The c ron.andsrt aud cfltcera aeetn particular ravorMaa with tt e viattera here, and Impart much ta tbe pleasure aud ln'ere>t* of their scjourn Dy their lively ?.>-,!al hablla and agrt cable manner*. The high favor In which they reetr. 10 * .. t with ibe ladle* la a good commentary n .ww their aUt-nitona, for reet assured that favorable rcooymUaa ky them ti the reuult of other than mere motive* of dlMate eatci neia or apontaneooa appreclauon. They a'way* Icok for equivalent*, particularly tn raatlera of courtesy, and If they arc ametablo t > any charge tn Ihtn connection It ta to neglect or unwllingvess to reciprocate aneh dvtUtlea. or at leaat to acknowledge them by even an aot of a mple oendt scansion tn Interchange of ordinary otv.Utiet. 1 hep* It will net be Inferred that I have bees the objsel of any alight on the pert of the fklr sex. No, I em not of tbe ring, bat I am no leva observant, and If anything more sympathetic wttb those who lack the cuarma of the a word and the epaulettes. Ladies are said to have a great liking for these tnetgnlaa, ao much ao aa net to be drawn cfl by say amount of attention or kindness or even affection Pergeious rivals, these sword and epanlsMs gentlemen. 1 have not ascertained tbe capacity of Ihta hotel, hw? Judging by I s extent it must te Immense Tbe sooonaaed alloc, so far aa I have expeiieoocd is admirable, aad the general arrangement systematic aad regular. The greprltU r, degar, Ksq , haa been always reo ignited us the vcr) Imoemomtiou of ail that la liberal ar.d generous. In bit capacity as delsgate to tbe House of U'legatee of lb<e Plate he has been disUegulahel for hts liberal views cpnn all question*, as tbs advocate tf internal improve n M is be his ocoupled a very prominent position for years, a -d tnay be set down as the piooeer of iha' pottey in Weit? rn Virginia In his private concernt he MMMleets the same liberality, end no doubt, under the guarantee which bis character tn this oonnvctlon sffrrned, OM Flint has assumed n drgree of vl a'tty under his ? ri'.rx* wh-ch no amount of energy on the pan tf hi* predeoeaecr could taper to U. Hans t e period of his proprietorship it haa advauoad tn pnwptrlty and reputation In a ratio fa* Irani crcdirg tb* mud favored epochs te It* history o hots might safely l*arn an Inatr lotive Ice#on fram thane 'sets, fn thr rrsu't* which .hsy exhibit nhow c msi lasrely hew Ir.iffi ctlve the most unretairlng ea rgv aad the ?i?l portent ry>tcTnin the oouduot of such enablnh nenta piovo tn the abaci.or of a hue tonrd liberality such at Mr. ?r bat x. sj s rjan .Yatod in the maaagrniint of thin oonrsm. tinor.r the v litter* here at present I notice ex IVealdeat Ty'rr. who arrived to day, to iilenil the convention; Hen. A f)u<li?y ;4aan, Hon f>. W. H?rringer, ex Mi-Hster te Ppsir; Dov. Dratem, of No-th Herollna, and Mr H ibari, i?'imo: l. the art *t. Mr H has Ju?t completed fur the 'Uttc of N 'r*h Carolina a beautiful broaza statue of Want t i"0, from a rj.rid of Iloudo*'* celebrated statue which land* in lilt Capitol tl Richmond It was placed on us pedestal la lue c*:itjl of that dlsie oa the 4th IsM tnt Com utr Wise was expound here, but osiug kefss in his fatally, lis was pre tan. a rr iai cor t Ha wat to hart left fjf lbs tfrtapa U ?' ) \t lit rajard to the taller which it wna ?ild br - i* ><< ? to ad'!rnt* lo tha dontb?ra people ><u it?e Mnta* qumttaa I ran *07 liitra ??* no truth In Um iap(?i lit tcibar a*.rattol nor enttrtalneJ na7 tolaa linn of tbal nrl Ri rrarl lent Ty'ar lo*k? remarkably wall Ha a;>eol a r?n<|d> rahlt lima In o-wvnrtttlon with Mr. Mann to daj, deu'M'one rpt tba nahjeet whica dictated the ami lor ilia ooarear. m Iu morrow. Witt bit opiolma of tht T>ta-lUah.tit, of tea ecbnaie are I barn n i oppor tunny "i a?eai It .t-lcy Ttia'Ihcy a a far iraMa la liable to lie Interred fro m itio (bot of bin com! | to attend tbe CMTMllltl. Tea ail a'" rb tip pollt'cV topta here ! tht Ktn??i 1?M tlon 1 bn corral rnotiirrni to lar ? I bara a?o?ri*toel, Itar.a dirCi-lly |n faror of lbs policy of ?'uinWtra'ioo I itralrin, Juiw'oj by tba pramiUnn optnt.u in a t put of the Male ramllar 10 me, la abhiup 7bat, aal will arm be I'.orally The people of V irgima do not railah neb oct/inae. ttiiaranfInr aftare, mil cm qr thi two bay ratiru-ArroiKTMBfT ? OP WOIR HnClAb rOLtCKMIM? VUalLI at quabANTINB, Tba two bay thtarra, Jawnt Harmon and Wn Haley, arrr-'e 1 Voaday nip hi for Ineadtnp tba (JuarealUa anobor >|t, In nidation of the health lawa, and aAempUnp In ataal 1 par I rem tbn hark Cclla, wara taken on Wednaaday fr m tba unaraMlaa Jail and tent to tho Tombs. Offloar OT.aorba, oaa of tba nawty appelated aperlal paltoamae at the old Q arasbno, who aralitod la making tba arrest, made a" aflblaTttof com,-(aim laibaoeaa Wndataday morwtap, before Intlioa "oano'ly, npon which u>a latter ttanad a warrant for lbr|rao*<in):tmn,t before him Dillon' Mofary. of thn ?ernct?<-i>ih ward, stinted by oflleara MnHymoa and M'1" 11 mr, lock tba mm to lb* ooy. BH" ' il " ncn warn bin t .-1 10 premnt thalr escape n, In d aer< ary '.jr the Hetlth Officer to eee>''J n IT, %r* with the men, u it wte reared a gang fedrrettr migti on thtlr arrlral ta New Y *h. a tewptio r?< ell, m A p.iall t;.wl boat, tnlirii rrom ?na raoo ?U1J rrmaint at the "Id y nran mo aod ! tappoteo l" l? ?o ?nie? Harinnt.tbo older |??l?mof. * ' "* Will com?It Ihlctdo berate he will euAnr imprwouoteoi la the l>e"entia r Tor hta olleoee. n?.iih ! cn*rltaiiM with a .tatemeotof M\WmMiMoor Kal ar, nddttlennl force of f'"1*1. ' I y,.erv.ltn<\ the " e^nnre .... a?<tnr rdny to awear in nine mw" m?a. rare per? "J""* n, n ?re roraeline Cjla, Jacob Joor I !fi M?rrW Huff, John Martin, H. ary ?y >IT- r p , yf,tanin-(< Heorge Wllllamtaiid Ja-aaa i A , <ntf?ucti rr -n. wbo are ontf'r Ui* cliff* f ^'J^S^n^a-ai ^r,eaDr Williaaa hollo ha ' "I ' " *1 war ,o.. ?t Ibe ol I y>ia'an nnr a irr rorri fd I ?ap; -tat-a-ol frowlhe State ? 1 . . ,n??t*l thai aul) Ih.a -olie" force the ttaofts i n hoartl reasel*. whmh hare been perpetrated with aunh here" ("< , o ,11 he out an end h? I n" ir.e pa* .... nt ih? Wetroroliiin Police law tba Hcahh Olfl'-or haa hern ro?<"ie?* M arresting inoea bay thlevee. I n ler the arranretai at (net completed not only an Immenee amount , ,,?riy wlil he ta-e.l to theelitpntner/m. .u <.,e?e ?i ,-a gaea, hri the *arety of Uie public health ai|i be laaa err,an|?'?d from the comm i. a in of llnee t.iiirt* with the rhore alter enpoenre to tbo omlaglea of lafamod y ?fMtfk|0 The aMp *r not, froai Tort *e Prlnee, Wednreday, m tent t "I" ?irtj?antloeati hungetnr proper r'oanatng tad ft m rati'n Th?re are eow twelre re?ieie at the lower "cefcoraf'i t"1 tweityffr# at the upper Qeer aaUao I Wnr t f 'ttof tit N?w Yom.? Along the traltey, I In Uie rei on of Rtiah, there hat already been aome wheat I ml in ome |>laeea rn?t ha* been ertentlre. an I n mh I ere the weerll haa done large demesne, while in other la- I taneea an arerare crop of good whaat will h? gathered ? I \