Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1857 Page 3
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nn?met by tlM AjhtImii chuihw of Cow ww at UtwjmI, to th? uflton of tlto Catted audi rrtgato Rta|wa tnaoBMM or cm. bvdiom, be. rmcimr, caft. UBomiu, vol. an a?? oraau. ijvmrooL, July li, 1UT The American Chamber of Oommere* of this port, |*r?? prand banquet to Oepiala Hudaon and tbe offloera of (to Unl M Htatea steam frigate Niagara, on Saturday evening laat at Mm Adelphl Howl. Tbe affair iraa every way auooeaatal, aad although il could hardly b? expeoted to ooaac quite up la tba celebration of tba Fourth of July In point af enibuataam, It naa In nearly every other reapact equal to it toe American Chamber of Commerce la not, aa might antral ly be auppoaed, composed entirely of cittiena of I <be nnited states, but of both Americana and Inallahmen. fen totter being la > considerable majority. The banquet may, therefore, be regarded m a compliment from the rapreaen tail see of the commercial lntereete of both nation*, d ae *aeh, 11 waa oertalnly the moat flatter! ug that eaald bare been paid. Amocg the American member* are aaaaa who have lived In the city aver twenty year*, bat *T whom it may be said with jettloe neither time nor dietaaae haa dimmed their love or country. The banquet had been decided on at Iraat a fortnight be rnw K took plaae, end that no other engagement* might be permuted to Interfere with the all* ndaaee of lite guest* aa the day apeclfled, oardi of Invitation?of which the Mowing la a oooy?were Issued on the 3Cth of lea month TDK rKE.'<IDBHT AMD MEMBER* OF THE ^ AKKi&lO/N "BaMRKK OK OOMMXitOB i aqwaat tb ? honor ef year i Oempany ai dtunrr, at >ke Adet ihl, on 2 Batdkimv. the 11th Jolt Next, at 6h O'Cloc*, } lorn ~et Oaptaln Htid* u and the ofllc- r* of s The United . tate* frigate Kiig?ra < Panctual to the hoar the member* of the American Member of Commrroe and tbeir guerta assembled at Urn toatol, where tbe whole company were made acquainted wrtth each other by the committee Tbe following are tbe name* of the gentlemen present en the oooaslon:? FROM Tim MlAflARA. Oaptaln Hudson, Lleot Todd, Parser Kldredge, I.'eat. Walk, Meut Kenuon, IJeut. Boyd, Dr Lyntb. Ur. Waeh togton, Chief Engineer Everett and Mown. Karroo, Kellogg, Moore, McEiwell, Wiltaed and Mullaly. FROM Til* eraql'BHAR.VA. Oapt. Joshua R. Sands and Or. Plnkney. OTIIKR GVmTM. Mr. W. Rath hone, G. B Carr. J. Pender, J Dugdale, Jr., R. Johnson. H Barrtson, 0. Maxwell, C. W R. Piekortog, C. T Bright, engineer to the AtUillo TeL'grapb Oom (any, Col. Bell, Lieut Col. Rogers, Capt. Schomberg, R. N ; Capt Beviit, R. N., Ruv. J. R Conor, Oapt Feu wtck, R N. The following are the name* of the oommittee:?Messrs W. RaUtboue, chairman; G. Maxwell, vice chairman; II. BMterfoht. 0. Warren, C. W H Pickering, H 0. Caa) man, D. Mslcolmron, M. O. Mai *olmsoo, C Maclvcr, W Oxley, N Ponty, S. Rath bone, W Stuart, C Saunders, T.'ohl, W. Barber, H. F. > rost, a. Macdregor, dtowart Brown, MM. Bird, 'tonipbill, Rom.', (julon. Korwool, and G A Brown and J. Parkor, bono ary secretaries The dioirg ball was decorated with raacb bate, and at cMtier end were the Hags oT the United States, England, France, Sardinia and Turkey?all blended in nariuonio-i* union Tbe table presented a substantial illuHration of tbe bounteous hospitality of tbe Chamber of Commerce, and war crowded with a variety of good tnlngs,oa tne fol lowing bill af faio boars ample testimony gTerrr premier service. 2 ' and Madeira Clear turtle and tartle (Ins. 2 roissoas. 2 1 Meaelle cup Crimped salmon and mrbot Red mullet } | Wbl'e bait ) ' ~entrees. | ; Champagne. Lamb cutlets ant e icnmber > I srdid s?ce>brrait? snd eneumbsr | TAB1 K US COTE?PIECES HE RESISTANCE. | ttannchea of venison roasted } ''Champagne. books ol vnium i-tewe-' In Burgundy. 2 ! rnlckrn*'. hams aud tongues. i R ajl lamb $ I I SECOND SkRVlCB. 2 I: OaropaiTT'e. hosst leverets. g alings snd <tnrkH"ga. I j etremet3 j ' Jellies and tnarbree of fruits. j Cnrtcoa Picked crabs ?nd lobster salads. I a d A r touches sauce ciqusn . i ; Chr n y bran Krsndj cream anil cherry toirts. > dy. Ma) ounaimi of lobster, An. 2 <; '"urrunt and raspberry tarts. 2 ! Pra sms. J 1 he1evks. 2 rri<* >t o oi'lets. \ DESSERT-lCSCEEAMtANU BISCUITS. ? P'res Currants ? taflute. IHoieonse prap*, Welons i Oal port I Peaches. Braudied cherries ? Sherry. [Heetarlrea. Orysisliied'ruita. j Madeira bJoosi berrlea. Almond cakes. 2 plherriea Orsnges. 2 When Uio good thing* :jut been Cully Mid etturaclorlly tflMOfMil, the CBalrman, Mr lCtmBoaa, proceeded 10 an amutee lbs tint regular loaei, which be prrfa-ad with a tow appropriate remark* Hi* American Monde, he mil, had art tuch an admirable example of devotio* and gal teatry ti the'fa r rex thai he waa confluent they would i to bcaor to the toast * hlch he wax about to propose He Hit tint It wax only neoeeeary to mention Uio namo of the Hhirt-toua lady who now ooouplre the throne of Ureal Britain, and whore character at a mother, a wire, anil the aUetrrrr or her houaebold. *11 worthy or Imitation, to aUett their heartfelt approbation. He would glye them ae lb* at regular toeat Her Majeety the Queen, the Dueheee of Lanoaiter, and Ood btear her. Thla waa reoelred with nine obeore, after which the baad play i d the national anthem. ! *<?, to announcing theeecond toaal, wild that itorded him much powure to epeak of the nigh eellmv . Hoi. ib *111)0 uiei rwiuentof the United PiUee wa? held < twrleg hi* reatdence In thla country. Hie eminent abin ttea were acknowledged by all who bad the plea fure of bta acquaintance, and It war gratifying to hie Mende to know that thoee abllltee were now dero ed tj to* aery Ice of hta country In a higher rpbere W caterer taUrg of aoeaainere might bare exlated rome time ago had parted away, and with U al thoae doubta regarding the peace of the twocouotriet to which that feeling had rtT'D me (Applauee) the pro* #*tty rf tmerlci war attend' gain; and anything that might tend to a rupture of toefrtendty relation* now extutag between both uattona waa to be dtprecaied and avoided Cpm both oouairtea routed the nepoMihlllty of eolylng the J'lflcult qavtt in of eelf government, and of ebon-log ti the world the grand *peo toeteof liberty lecurod uprn law (Rene ?rd applause.) , to ocncludlon, be deelrcd to ?ay that tiaif>rded hi a the , The Pruldent of the Unl ed "tataa. The whole ccmpacy roee to their feet ant pare nine etronp hcu-ty ch> rtt, after which the ban J fall .mad wikh "Hall, Columbia." Tee thl-d regular fr.a*t wan rait announced by tb? Obefuian m the f>a?t or .he evening A ahlp of war ha I, ha raid, eeterHl tbe port of I 've-pool, from Atnflct, open a mlartf b oi pence. **fcp had b?< n aent by the gorernmoot Oh* t'nite-l eat'1* to enaiat Id an onterprlee which, be km bo doubt, would be atteoded with lu<coat, atd which would prove one of the greeted vtntoilei of ectesca and hill over the element*. But tbi? tu bit the oolf hpbt In which It wa? to b* regarded?It* p-eateet recommendattrn wan the bond of union which It would eataottjh I between the t?o prop I ? a material bond, It wai true, but one which waa In a manner tvptcal or .bat feeling 1 which boned them m 'he eacred tlea of britbeibnod. He would eenrtnoe by glrlcg? Cbptalti ffndeon and the oS^era of the foiled Dl* ea frlcnte j taeara *rd welcome to them on thrlr coming on ' W rtart aalaeloa which 'irlnga '.be n to th'a port (taihaitaiile > *aar"n? When rllenoa waa reatored Ca"ta'n Hrt?wt responded an b-llrw*tWctWmen?I can hardly And vorda la which hi give adequate eipre?r1oti to my few Hop* id thanking Cfor the reoeptton which yon bare given me, aod for wovda of welcome and friendahl < whinn too bnvejot* beard from your re* <ected Ohai'man Tblt la, Indeed, bat one of a aarlea of are of hnapUalitr waieh have met aa dartrp oor atav in ttata oooatry. wherever we have been It la tbe aire. We bare oome here upon a great and Import iat mierlon, and 1 t nal we aball onrry It to n anoceaefal terminal.on, to that we abali tboe ba enabled to eomplete another link la tbe ehtta of aympath'a* and pood feeling* which now I btada tha two nation*?(Apytauae)?a pood feeling whlab abonld never he permitted to die out. (Renewed applauac.) We are united by ao many tlea Utat dlaonlon baiweon ua la aa a want of nutty In a family We are united by the baa of bloed and tbe ttea of commerce; we apeak tbe 'arae a?re, are poverned by the rame lawa, and there la Bp thai would operate ao mno? toward* the doatructtei of freedom aa a qnnrrel between the United Htatee and rate Britain (Applsaae ) Weareaetup at aa eiamplt In Ibe reet of the world to aoe whether wa can govtrn oor atvea It la a problem that wa have not long been ? gaped in. o?. JZ2 h%T* ?b"l?d It out for oenturlea, age by , age (llteera ) la la., eo'.r"^, UterCora, t tru?t W# | may ba nmamifal. Every effort 6a out part aball hd 1 made to aOala that and, and If our effort* are crowned WVb euoeeaa all wa aaall wlab will be to electrify ea h ether, cartap rotblup aa to who ibell triumph on iba water, tbe grand triumph being under it, keeping rather* amoo'Ji an tie earthen. (Cbewn ) Ibe fourth regular teaat waa beat propoaed aa fellowe ? ' *b? faithful rmatora of all dewomlaatloua on both mdaa of the AUaetM. to wbioh the Rer. jom Onwon reeponded m follow*-? j For the drat (lm? In bl* life be bed, be *ald. the honor to land la connection with tbe American flag. He fM born in n Mldler'i but, under tbe flag of Britain. He belonged In the e*?lon?l church of bl* country, end b .d ben iel aiway* to reipect bin own end every other an i<mal flag All bad rellgiou* feeling* eenooleted with thorn He might, Indeed, any nomething in reference to the American dec, hat be knew bin American frlende welted fbrnoenmptl MBtn A (rent compliment, however, had been p?Ht > the order to which be had tne prlrlleg* to belong, in ilia appeal to drtnk tbe health of ell faithful pa*tor* through oni the world. He looked upon thil ee e memo ml Y "Auld I.erg f?yne " America once recelred pantora from gkig'end, er>1 for many yeart tbey remained under the go emment ef England; but eow they governed their org nhurrh, end be believed thet no more etb .lent eet or oburchr* e*i*ted on earth (iTttera ) It wa? ??d omebuo dred year* ego by Cotton Mather,In Mew England, that U *t wan winnowing hi* wheat la Reg land and taking tbe brat own to the New World. (Aiplauee ) Every pee?en drluk??g*o the faithful pa*tora throughout the wcrld rand tin* I fine that tbey were the deeceudant* of that good own which wee tendered, Centura* hack, from England I) that fhr fhmed land?the land of ffwmn (Apphiw ) la oonelv.* on, he rrpreeeed a hope that no difference would hereafter llrlda the two countrler, hut that peace would write them cloeely together forerer. (cheer* ) Tbe Cmf**** ?*M he thould now call upon the company to Rll np a bumper all arwved, a* be had a loeet to prop** which he knew would meet with a hearty terpen** rroai wary o' e preeeot He Jeslrel to give? The A rmr lad Wary on hoik *idee of the water. Aad he thonld call upon Meat. Bo; J, l.leut io?. ef the f7 R. Marine*; Col Boll, C. IhlNutlM (Wer*. C*r? Haif*. oflT. R. N ; Oad. Schomberg, R N ; Oapt fieri*. K. N,, and l'ba>, Frawtek. (Air?"Aald l.aug Hy ne."d Th'e loaet wa* drank with all the honor*, and when fnll JscMoe had been done to 11 Oof. Br.i., (J B , returned .hank* , ob behalf of the Brlttth army It wm, be ?M, very Mil army la oomparWom with the lannenee mhuI of work It hod to do. Th?re wore, ho wm pleeoed to My, wry wnMby ma la Liverpool, out, neverthelMi, It wmo Ihct they bod o very onoU army. Ho did sot think they oooId place more tbon 130,000 ightlag toon. During U?o paat year the rU'e bad boon clewed to take a groat deal of trouble, and bad maatfertcd a groat deal of anxiety tn re duoe the army down to No lowed lorel, and now they wore trying to build It up m fa't a* they oould, beoaooe H wm felt that ibe oonntry oouid not do without a larger army. Itegland had great pooeetitena, very much ooattered, and abe could not do without ber army. She bad jealous nelgbbnro, who would be very glad to atop over and look latn the inn ahoM In Unriunl and UuehMltr and help themselves. (Laughtar ) And they might depend upon It that nothing would koep U>om otf but our eoidlere and ssilors. We bad a loyal nail paviotlo army?men who would etlck to their Queen and their oalbra: men who would etlck to their office re and their dollar The Brllieb soldier wu a terrible fallow. When required to march ' against the enemy of bin oountry his firing was sharp and quick, and liis bayonet Irresistible. So boty of men co:ld stand against the fleroe threat of the British bayonet. (Otters ) This was beautifully Illustrated at the great battle of Inkermann, where somethutgfees than 8,000 B-ltlsh soldiers sustained and beat back the shocks of the Russian army for the first three hours of that b'oody day, (Applause.) They would sot more?they would not reheat. There they stood, fighting g andly under a ahower cf 1,700,000 shot and though every man's pouch wss expendtd, the bayonets of thoae 8 000 men best the Russian army. (Cheers.) Bad there been a sufficient force of British soldiers in India Kcgtand would never hare beard of an Insnrrration Ool. hell gave a brier account ?t tbo exptrierce of several years In (hnada, and contrasted tha condition of that oountry with that of tho United flutes Nineteen years ago, in the British North Americas colonies, there was, lie aaid, epen rebellion, and lie whole oountry waa In a atate or dhorg tnltatloo, while In the adjoining part of the United 8t*!es, on croeslog the St Lawrence, be found that the rsoe of die country p.-e tented a magnificent spectacle under the inilueuce of ag-icu lure ano the peaceful arts On witoeeriog this no could not but exclaim, "How the devil's this?" (Laugh ler.) A chsnge, however, had taken place since then, and on returning from bin tour of Inspection bo laid bis friends .hat the United Sta'es were one hundred years in advance of i anada, and asked for an explanation, which had since como pr?clically. The Canadians had ohulned the rlgbt *o mar age their own atfilrs, and they were now going ahead. (Cheers.) It wan a magnlBeen, conn'ry; and tbey might depend ujon II tbatovery country where liberty ord freedom of sotton existed must go ahral. (Cheers ) In conclusion, he expressed a hops that every parson present would I've to tee the day when tho rap of liberty wuuid be phced high and dry over the crown and sceptre of every deapotlo monarchy on the earth. The expression of tints republican wish was greeted with a nerfe 3t itorm of aDulaa?e. Lieut 8ovn, oV the Untied State* frtga'o Niagara, an* tDe> next to reply to tbe mart He had, he raid, It* eno.t with unalloyed pleasure to the remarks which had ba-n madoby the gallant Colonel, who hr.d p oved baa devotion to hi? country's cause hy fifty year* of active service in the field, sod who had aei red In nearly ail the bait'es from tbe Peninsular to tbe war. (Applause J The (filnlency of that Berviee reeded ne s roncer proor than the many marts of honor which glittered on bis bream, and which affrrded the most ion wtrovertible cvl dmie that that country had app'oclu'eil fc'.i devotion to bur canse. In conclntlon be would say tbat if tbe army or the U inted Stat en were ever called upon to defend the c jmbtuod tr. tore its of Kngland and Ameri a, ho would be am>nt tbe mostwlllirg to draw tits sword it; defence of those in tererte, and If nccesrary In tbat of the Qieen of Ureal Biitaln. (Cheers.) Captain fawns, of tbe fu"iuobanria, rai l thst It was one of the most hi?5*ful sign* for the future tbat vessels wb eh were intended only for tbe purpose* of war should he em ployed In one of the grandest ml* dons of peace which the wo-Id bail ever known. It was a tvpr of that union should always exist between tbo Old World and the New, and which would do more t * cement the bond cf fr'et dnhlp b'twten the d'fleireci Obrist'sn jvoplq t(an any other material agency tbat co a Id be employed. Ho was n't, he raid, an cat or, and he believed was never made for one; but be coull not resume bis scat without sayiug ttto little he bad raid and to express his ?!nce*e?t wt?hoi To- the uccofi ?f tbo enterprise. He desired permission to Intra dure to them a gentleman <rho could do justice to tbo sub Js:t and who was a descendant of the illustrious Ptnokney, one of the greatest statesmen tbat ever tired. l?r. Pix k.nsy, being unanimously eall-'d for, aroie and replied as foliow*:~?;ent'rmrn? 1 feel thai I sand una land where no dark clouds rust 1 fivd that 1 stand on a land gnat 1n every element o>" national power? free Md cursed by no tinge of tyranuy. I laerefore comply with pleasure (at the request of my dial.ngnlshed friend <"lupt Sandt) to the sentiment proposed Na ions, as wa'l a? iuo'lvtdusls, a*e sometimes p.'.tctd in circumstances of ps collar grandeur and glory. And they are fortunate who, in either case, can rise superior to the oiobarra*smen> ui' the momen. and p ore then elves equal t > Mat mm> gopey, I ttnd myself, the ration which it tsm"i>TvlFigr* hi part to represent, and the great kingdom wno e bo*pttaliry we fj?y, just lu that, po-itlon, sorruunded by just loose Mk, ancs of gra*dear one g ory. And what is felt by m? to be ajgroat mis.ortune, I "usd myself I without words to express tbe em>tae* I* wMch tne orr% sion give* rise. England and the Urn od tttates of imertca, ; the mother and Ibe daughter, a-n here?the one in ail tbo I splendor of her power, tbe migbt of Iter eloquence, lbs rastuise of ber retcuric* and her tncient h'gh toi.e<l chl valry : tbe otbor In ber cboeen reprtscateilves. Kn? I in t aid the United Ptalea of America, tbe rauioer and too daughter?tbe fo m r her long tne of tllutitoi* statesmen aid orators wbo ba<-e ehaliengad the world's almiiatlon, and are dtd'ced to live oa In tbe grateful mtniory of poate-lty to the a-ost generation, as I tog a* bgh tntetlectualllv, burrtrf eloquence, political si-Jim and tntcprry a ball continue to ire value)?Uio latter, with ber tool resting on ruber <vean, rapidly rising wa pos'lion tbat reilecta back the lustre of her blrtb, whose beroer and statcsmm and orators have proclaimed the world over tbat (bey were trained under the poworful Influence of a burke aad a Chatham, a Put and a Kjx (Cbttra ) England and tbe Uu ted Stales of liuertca are nero to day to assist In Ibe cons mma (en or a gtorl-us work, tbe union of the two freest and most enlightcne I governments in tbo world. Wo a?e here to wi nce* i a achievement or one or tbc pre hip ? tnveu'ion* 01 aioiorn tiino ; no achievement whluh will annihilate dl-taute an I >o brtrg the h*srt of the two lo direct cnikct tha'every pulsation will be felt from the centre to the elrciinference. | (IpyUm.) Mlghly ?: of war ?. < tocmiUc e?rb otherwn Ibe more than heroic elTggt to lay a cable thai tball held ifcf rn tcgribrr, fir wtjean doub: lb t tbk* el ?e cocntcnrg chain, wover In a time of poire, ant compete! by feel'Dgt of amity and good will, still bind la a clou.'* bond the moilier and|hrr daughter, and tend li perpotua'.e and deepen their ad aura Ion one lor the otl.e: t (Ricewed applaoie.) It It a beautiful coincidenee. It I* more Iilna providential indication, at wocderf il ai U la beautiful, ihit la let* ihan a century, la the very month of July, wuldh I* the birthday of ibu daughter, one of her ant urprtslng Clttxen* should ha-e stepped forth, aaf. in f.lfli-n.'ni of Krsnklin's prophecy, bar* c.wtrlvcd tbit a thojght ex pres?ed in Koglactl chad be communicated to the I'aUi-d State* m the very moment o Its utterance; tne em <n wc trnat of "till belter iblDgt In come, f An;>!nu?e ) It Is llis heart of Frglnrd "that her march It on the mi n'atn wave, her home la on the deep " Toe moou tile-ally blaze* wrh Sic splendor nf hor naval eaplolt* And mr>re adn.lre the chivalry of her hoarlng on tin' apbr -e or Iter greatest aanqne-sts, than her naughUir In the ftr off 'Verterr. World And none have a bettor right to ha'l the prtacecc of t!t. fteorge's cro?s, ae I! Hunts In every broc/e that blows, for It was her privilege to ecbo back tho thunders of TV-falgar when NeUon fell rnrerod wits blv biireia. the Neptune of ibe Seas and Ortlir.gwo d waikel he quarter deck with the mvjosty of a conqueror. Krts and ! frifa gar are tha wvU.heords of the HOT; bad sure there Uvea tot a Retain who do** not honor In W? heart the peowt's* that pre?B?ed lb- Kogltsh navy a feeman worthy <r I'a steel We, who met In war, now meet In peace Old aiiimoiitle* boiled, we ar* tere to day to muglecur r ngrabilntlins n< *r the spot where bhskspere proired forth hla *?ng of rochaulmint, and Milton gave to bia mother tongue tbe very soil of melody. And singular to nay, the oyean la desi ted fccpcefc rib to be the scene of a greater triumph than even the it-under of Trafk'gar and Erie combined; the triumph of a peaceful science, which seeks to link In tpdlMOlu'de bnn< the two nolh ns that have a community of I ltjr *t ?why, because they bav? a community of language, a community of lawv, a cmim< u ty of commerce an t re 1 llgton. lea-,log the land of our forefathers, whore we Khali have pledged (be i a t In the kindly sympathies of the preeant, amid Ibe plaudits of the miMuns who|oom bine (be bear! of oak with the heart of reflnemen:. wo shall sail roitb, the star* and stripes waiving side by side with 81. tteorg*'* cross, sod in mid ocean, our ban Joined la fraternal ?r*?p, w? win near ea~n to hi* acnfay'a ehore the tc-l graphic wire wh'cb will be reej-onetre to the loivh on ether He, of even landed jmice end en enlightened epl rll May lbe IIret nmtinrrt be to the health and praeorrl ty of F.i gland'* <)<.ern tha m<?!cl of the .not hem of lie world, eon therefore the model eoreretgn, end longr roatltuenne of Ihe par lie re' now exiettng between the two enunlrtea?a'entim'ei wblob I em well oetueed oar preeent dlet'ngnl?bed and aommpll?bixl lor. If he wrre preeet, wond be I jo giad m pledge la a land wLlrh boa offered aim a home In the audit of r.ranger*. a? i/?rd .Napier ban alretly woo one for hlmeelf In onr?. (rbevw ) 1 epeai n Ibe ptwe-r? of the B-Ui?h nation - wiUua eon TV*loan of my own heart. and 1 am per ra.ird thai 'h* K*"*01 otllcere who are chwgn f to r art with ibe e*erm.> "ilTlaall and deiloate work, wbra 1 eay what we went w ^ kdlV more of reeh ouer tolerure e long eed leetlng peere Pr?Ja<!tef?, el! Cu elaeyi to prolific of evil, oentiot mead In the light of a btUer e"'i"eintMire with each other. A11 now tbet I'rorldrr.oe ng? opened up a mode rf commuelraUatt truly wonderful. en I wc?hdlbem*l?ted to t eld dally, are. If ne> d be, hourly conrene la the eflll voice tbet permralre Ihe depth of wo'14 be a burning diagram If we cenld not onrhenge the gworil for the pruning book, and lire but to bleea ibo resident* on ri her ibnre Tho power to b)e?* le well nlgl> trOntte. The power rf derwiailrn le e n to be eip eaee I In wordt. My eenllir.ent Iw. Fngleml nndih' ratted teiee of .tm-rice, mey Ibey inrceed in laying Ihe te'egrephlc wlrr on 'bo bed of Ihe Atlantic reran, and when la'd, ra*y It *mro to unit* U?< m 111 ?n"IP lli-?nr.i jeopard their fi lend If relatione BIe?cd oyJVorldenee wfh the ability 1<1 blee* each "flier, tiering ilfte en I tree free to difluse orrr their pathway; wo iVinel an ail w# ran oomletetll/ with horn*, to beep unbroken toe tie that bind* ue, and In a reciprocity of Ifundl/ aols strengthen that bond. ' At the cine* rf hie remark*, Pr. Pierkney reeioel hie eat amid lond and preloaded iprl?n?e. The ne*t r neaker war' ia l f< bumbOho, of the rnya" nayy. He fell ttmt ho breath* of that ua?y when he welcomed Oaptaln Panda and the oflVift a' lha Pusquchanna, and Captain Uudeoa and the oliteara of tUo Niagara, to the ahotca of tircat Britain The vihtrnrtae In which they were at p??aeot aurigad wae one or <he praat'eM that had ce'r heno oonoeittd, and ha fc't II to be one of the higheat oom^iBiinta thai could bj paid to the Brltlrh nation that *he ehould hare been called upon to take {art in tuch a w?rk It waa, be aald, another of the many proof* inat had been Jlren of the friendly re?d<ng? whlo'. eklrtet bet weea tha two treat ration*. B,?t a tow short months ago the people ef KngUad had an earned of that fetllng In the return of the Reaniule which was one or the m<at gratifying* that ooild he presented It waa a oempltmetit?a noble compltment,which he wired them ae an rrglUhmao. that hie country would norer forg,j'. At the etnee of bli remark*, Oaptaiii Behombery p*M a h'gh trlhnta of pral'e In tho e*torprlee of AmerVnn merchant/ and *h|powreri, and ?atd goring the tie- yoerr he had hyfl Ln Lrerpool, aad n which time about h?f a JlJBVr YORK HJSKAL0, ailUaa nf har Mn)*?ty'n rabj**!* had cromad Iktonaftr Ik* United Salsa la Amenoan ahlpa, be sou Id bear Matt mt lo Ik* maaaar la which tboae merchant* ud skip wnsr* had oar farmed tbsrr duty in providing www daUona for tim* emigrants, ud la doing erery hing that oould tend to their oomfort and laau the incoo veateaoen of a tea voyags. (Applause.) fktCuaiui proposed The Health of the #ormhiiif>il. the Ma for of Lirereool. ?wbeee absence bo regretted oo Ible oooaeloa. Lieutenant Weue. who oame over to tble country at the First Lieutenant of toe bark Resolute. oom mended byflapt. HarUteia, wai called aprn by the Chairmen, and in accordance wttb that call sroee and made a fee and appropriate remark*. A* an humble member, Mid be, of the naval profession, I beg leave to reapondto the remark* a bleb have juat been made In reference to the bark Kaeo late, and to ihoee of a rim liar cha-eater of my friend Cap* gcbomberf, of the Royal Nary, wh-> alluded so handsome ly to the restoration of that vessel by the people or the Colled State* to the government of Ureal Britain In the oourte o' nine monthi 1 have been fortunate enough to b? able to visit your country twioe My first w*a made la the Resolute,commanded by Cap*. Hartatein.a veaselaesocia-ed with a number of your gallant oonntrymca whose fate Las not only excited the deepest sympathy here, but ta the United dtatee, and 1 am nappy to say that the mer chant* of the two great countries Have most warmly eolisted themselves lu the cause of those unfortunate men, and God grant that the efforts made to restore them to their country may be attended with success. Mr. Obalrman, I shall always recollect the deputation you sent to Portsmouth lo welcome us tJ Euglaod, sad I ansa re you that the addrurie* delivered on the deik of the Resolute by your Cb air man, Mr (.raves, will forever remain In deltbly Impressed upon my memory, convincing me mist lu'ly that England u>d Amerioa were jjtnel together by the strongest lie* or friendship (Applause.) Tbc welcome we received was cbarac .eristic of your nation, from your gracious k>een down, <hs did ua the honor to visit or at (rA)wee. (Keuesred applauae ) Ian sure that the tlflcers of tbe Niagara ?ni returu home deUgatod with their visit, and ihould we be suceessful In the object if our m'rslon, the lating dowu or the Atlantic submarine cable, It will be a source o: great satisfaction to us in after life to know we bad contributed to this great enterprise, I feay say tbe wonder ol the age. Mr Weils here resumed hie rest, turn! repeated app ause, and the Chairman gave tbe heat rcgulai tout:? the Ijirertir* of tbe VWn'b Telegraph Oompanr, and propel i'-y to their tit.derlak.lng (tpptause ) Tte Chairman or tbe Company, Mr. Brown, being abtcnt, Mr. Max?ili. responded. He octnmenoed by lharking the company for tbe m..nner In which thoy had received the toast, aud said that altb iugh not a s;ien'ilic man himself, be had perfect reliance upoa tbe >'nowledge mid ae<| treu.t nte of the scientific men by whom he was surrounded. Ho placed reliance upon their intelligence, their 'kill and their indomi'abln eta-rgy, whoiher ho looked to Captain Hudson and Captain Sands or to every man engaged cn bjurd their sh'ps in haudling the cable, bo certain of suae;m. ('Iheers ) Ho did not allow btmnlf to doubt toat '.hey wou'd be successful inlaying down the crowning wonder of the ninete *ntb century. Commereially speaking it is, he proceeded, an eno.-rains adventure of the deepest MMMqnMM (Cheers ) We know how moch countries have suffered troua a long sus i ent-e and (ho want ll intelligence, commercially, socially and cat<nnaily. (Hear, boar) If we nad had inierna tiioai tebgrapbs It fly years ago the sot>hl?t-y of diplomacy would have been turned a-ide and hem words spoken for a nation would have been a <ol >gtf d for ou the tndaoi tbat offence was percti'ed to have been taken. (Cheers.) 1 look, said he, upon this at one of th? greatest eitcrp'tses in which the country could pjrsi dy be oa g"ged. (Hear, hear ) It Is grutllyiu* and delightful to see t ?o great maritime Towers 1 ke the United dtatoa and Ureal Britain tending ott two of tbeir choicest shljir, not to carve and hack nod sntotn each other tatosplintrrs, out to Isy down a link which should bind for all time tbe two greatest civibzers of the bumao race. (Cheers) lean only say mat the ci<ht?.< u gootkm n with whom I h,ve the hrnor to ltc ars.iciated tu directing this enterprise, If they had nothing ei o to b w.i of, a-o oriog ng into the botsid io"m j at (he "ame s-al as tbat which animt'.ea evetv one cobb fitted with the undertaking They are re solved to do the work? (cheers)? ano I hope will; that when next ili3 hospitality of the Atne Iran Chamber of CXnitneroe is exercised T will be .n seuJIng a nae:sage to New York sp?c;u< bat war the next tiastf" (Tuom and larghtct ) The respected cltalria et of inv ecacicg (Mr W. Kiitiiorne) was one of the oldest Americuj trioronatitb in thiv A'net; be trado was drst c .laoacuoud tlrey were conten, to run vessels every tvo month' t> New York, then ev< ry iC. iith aud every fortnight, and row they would bo having an exchange ofcunmunio* lions about every five minute*. (Cheers.) In eoanbtkiea Mr, M rigvetUd the absence of Hr, Brown, at a gentleman wt.o wou'd have dote more J stlje to tlto sentt aert. The Chaismax proposed the health of 11 r. Br gut, Mr WhHehon e snd Professor Morae, the a/lnoors aud cbtj trial' n ol tbe com. ar v, ard .Mr. PI 'kertug to r advjntng) of the opportunity to pa> a high c mpTiueut to M . Brigh , wh"tn he railed not one of iho flrel of ejgineers, bo. who, be believed, was the Oral electrician of ,he mc. Mr. 'booHi retnrned his thauks for the. oojtolnu n'vy toast which tad jjat loco diantt. un 1 said Its' they ve'O roiich Inert t id for the support they had receded to lh > merchants of I Ivcfpool. He conclude J by stating tntt 800 rsllee of the cable weic sa'cle o died cn the Agaoieutino sod 60C on tbw Maeaia. (Applause ) 1st addition to this It would, no doubt, be gratifj log to tbora io know that ttio whole tl.fibC milos bad been mate, nne hf- believed the v? ssefs would have all the cable on b'sttd in lime lo ren Of ZVUlir HI * or> HfclU. t IIIO run VI l?v l-rt-nt-ui UI'MVII, IV at to commerce ojicratinati cany in Aogist, whi-.h was tbe very bert momn fur the wck (Renewed applauae.1 Captain II'tihon gave "the health ofihoCnatrman" wb! :n wa* boo >iod with thice oiicors, tu\d Mr. tUth a,mo havng duly acknowledged tho omn^Hm'. ntthe utob and I ?<t regu lai toast war anc luorod?"The 1Y?m"? to which Ur. Mai Uiy responded, incmpinnoe with ihe request of theCt air usn, and In tbo course of hi* reniarga alluded to (ho lay if oi a submarine or atihtqurous tehg'aob by P. o'evsor Morse, hctween the Battery In New y.irk and Governor's Island, in .be year 18-12 ai tbe lr*t cable which bad ever teen LaM That line, though rmall In eaten'., wat toe p*ecrror of ibe great At antic cable. In conclusion, he gave the following toaM ? Pror?wor Moras?the Inventor of the Klec rlc Telegranh, and ihe first to lay a submarine ts'egraiiblc oabU The toaat elicited three hearty ch??r?. which folio set! a number of aentiment* among wb cb were the I>1 lowing:? By Capt. Hudson?"Toe Cotr.moree or Christian Nat'ona? Hi gcnuia and oarrlti civilization to tbe atvage, enlarges the 11rele of human freedom, elevates and on riches mtrmunl tea and nation*, and spread* far aod wi le acorfldeure amung men wh.cb no bjiran a<pncy could fff.ct " Py Br Plnckncj?"Tto Iv I'es." To whlrh Mr Max wejl rcpllod In a lew brier anl hnai nut remark i. It aaaabout twelve o'clork wbeu th? company dlspa?a el, spending one of Ibe mo*< pleasant cven'nge wbl^b a c bare ] aaaod s'nee our arrival In this country. Uui flelit-waka Corrtcintidtiirr. Cu slv; Citt, N. T., July 20,1SS7. A flip in Qti fYfritnry -Otnaha Citp?Fr'. CaJt <un ZV 5kc av ' Caning CVy?TV Omg-nHunal Kltz'vn C'WflI New, tfc. Since my laat woek'a letter It baa been my pleasure to rtail abng ibe Missouri rlvor'towr* of our Terr lory. I fiucd Mnaba City dull, vory dull. The tpoculalor* (In a amall way) aniangrt the real eatato agene'et were Idle, trade dull and money ecarce. Tbe Governor, M. W. t.?ard, (wbe alter Wm A Rlcbardeon, of Illlr.ol?, declined tbe tiller of Corernoribi j for thie Territory, was aent back here by our popular administration,) wae pirsoicgtb dutlta of hia affli-e, quietly anl poaccfclly. I oa'ltd on bltn. and n>ent an bjur or so quite ploasan'ly. Vat ci'.h rlaooiog all Ilitte wrote and **';d the o'.rl gent o man, and iwteMhiitaiidtog he ha/ hi* fault*, be la dene-ring of credit. There la aa bunoaty or purpn?e mwiifev.el which cannot tall to be erentually rowarda-1 with auccee*. S, B. Cuming, the becrelary ot the Territory, taonr.e decline. HI* brill am taicht ta f**t letting In the fogt o' dlaripatten. Rii friend* rejrrtt bi* decliiie He I* oloi lioreer nr, with poor ?ocaa. for B. II Ctu.,rfn?n, a can t 'lata for uongreaa. B l\ Ktnkln, the road/ Mc-bal of OHr T,>riitory. I* an a cam)Mete 'or Cong row, nth aa lit lie hife m anocee* aa oi in-ling to beano. Why cannot tfce President lelect hi* frimttcr nlllc;r? from other rank* than from prnfeolnual camMara ant bit lea* Hatikln baa no mo-e tbe rc?|? ct of our people than a com mon plantation negro (ten. (-ntbrooi tnc I'ni'ed "tat-w IHal'tct Attorney,I* a'ao a ran-ll.itte for Ging.-e*a, cm *?< tog tbe territory with but little r iance of iiicroat Judge Y. Ttrgnaoc, our ( b?ef Jurtl e. |r alao la the dell, at tbo Trad of a ?ectlonal and antbd em > trail* fhiMoo. for Corgio**. Be ha* bnt ti tle acme <v polity, and am a rhadow of a rhance for an election. lien .loo M Tba/er aeema to be the popular oaudidlta lor tbta ollce. The alec tlon occur* one week frost neat Mmday. P B Cheo maa. our rora?er delegate, la decidedly nnpnrnlar. He baa been bought and par! for loo oft m to footed Tbla place la one of the thr'.etng Mlwnurl rleer torn* of tie Ter-ttery. lire mlloa belor ua la the promising plate c f It* ^.tn rlt tnl'ee *till fnrih'r I* Fort Uaibonn, quite a prom.'log town, fbla jearonr towna grow atorny, and speculation* are at an chb, on * jo int of ento/lng our landa H"P* are now being tak?n for ronrlog et'ioiy llckaU for eonety nilitea tbiongboul the Territory, lo be elected trt we-kr from Monday a*t. Tbrre I* coeMdarahie axctte m?st throughout (he conntjr. More amn The Crnpa. Tbe Wlr.ena (Mlnnfou) KfviMom of a late date aat* Wc corilnu# to bear tbe mo*t Haltering repor a of th* rropa In this conniy, and, Indeed, all throjgh tbe southern p-rtion of the Territory. Witter and *p-1ng wheel, oata, core, polatoot graa*. *eg.dabl?*, kr, , all glee un mtklaksb'e Indication* ?'an unusually abundant barren A gentleman rea olng near I'tioa, who I* largely engaged la fkrmltg, I* "aimedM iaatorday Ibat li t crop* gt ?e pro mae of a larger yield thla y*ar than be erer renrlred be- ' fore, although be b?# long realded in tome of the rlcbed farming portion* of the Wtel. I.Mt spring the future lonkad dark fhr our Virneaou aotltera, but the flav D?a I ww dawned, and there la a brirhl proapoo, before lb' .n The Madlaon (Wlaoomin) Jftatg Journal la informed hjr a (ontlemnn, ?bi baa recently irarallod tbro>i*n (he yrealrr portion of the hWte. Uta* Ibecropr, ever; where, ptropi corn, promlae talnm no? exceedingly la-ge Theorem ah l.-orp,wiofilie 22d aa^a ? A recent vhlt to Nonthareetern and Cherokee O'cyle ronllrmed onr provunr opinion of ibe oropa of Iho ftate The rotten In every aectmn la very emaP and baoi ward, and though In a heathy an I growing condition. y? un tur the m *1 favorablo atalo of ei.-crma'encae to he hope I for, meal fall to preduoe an average crop. The wheal C;oo already barvuatrd, ta me nf ihe largest ever mada on the

nam* ?ano, and la aatd to bo of a very an rerlor i laiitf. A moat abundant yield cf corn may he expected, Ike cropa of th?t train in erery "ectton, with bat few exoeptloni betag In a mo*i primalng oondliton. The Ibi'g.w Journal of Monday, rewiarka ? Ihulng *? paat ten daya vegVetlon haa oooid for ear I vltb ajrprlflof epldi.y It baa riot- l in the tnmiJ warmth and it laaaH ihi? the gr t?ih of the great during thia "mo wl I eompenaaie *or tie great lone which haa brfePen whl< h ?M down, at J wHI<h may be on ridorrd a total'ore, oveejd for rompwt If tbia be eo it la a hoati' fat lboytr all,in af the r._ ,n enaat! di* an t baiairea ofnal rc. fhontd are near b..v, a term of g >c>d weather ni'aeourtiif ltaeian 'l?(|ori,p of wblot there la a obeer In, pronpeot, U wi:> proa a an u ...aa, FRIDAY, JULY 31, MOT. Tk? KiW York uid Now Haven HaUnad Fnods. irnmi cocht?nnciax tsrv. Ttofbre Hon. Judge Peviea. jriT *0 ?Oto. (Hrpenter, W. R TermyUm m*d oOurt, m rtu Sew York amt Sr? Boom Rmilroad Cbmpmap ?Am Injunction vw granted In tbia onaa, i entraining the defend asta rrom pacing the dividend declared by the company, and parable on the 10th of Febnwy but, or any portion of It, and from declaring any dividend apoa any of the Block of the company, and Arena using any of the prejeny', &o. of the company, for the pnrpoaa of paying aueb dtvi- I dead, or any part or It, or any dividend npoo any of the a ork of the company. A motion Is now made by the de fendants to dlraotve the Injunction. The plaintiff* are the own era of upwards < f fifty shares of the New Haven Rati road stock. The company retain to recognise the (lock, on the ground that (be certificates held by the claimants had been Illegally timed by the trao'fer agent. Toe plain lift charre that the dividend had not been made 13 rood faith: that the IP-a-d or Direct)r? had directed the defendants te be paid and anporiioned oaly amen# itao-e arbo held Fuch ccrtlOcatea as the Brard cf Directors had ieen propor torecogn ?e; that Vn declaring which of tbo certificates thai I be recognized and which should not, tbe company nad ai opted an arbitrary rule which waa unjust, alike pre judicial to tbe holder of recognii'd a tack as to tbe claimants or stock not recognised, aod that H la Impracticable to specify or trace the false Itauo of stock or to di'tingitUh It from other atock In the cue of a largo msjoiity of the ceriillratt*, especially la th066 two shar e represented, bj| whloh have been mingled with other rharoe held by panics who bad no cuanecMon with Mr. I -cbuyler, and ablch hare boon passed throigb the hands of several parties, each of whom baa Indiscriminately blended all the stock owned by blm. without any regard to the sources where It was obtained; that even if it wero possible for tbe officers and director* of tho company to dlicrlttiioate between the original 30,000 shares ant the over issued Mock, It would be Improper and unsafe, and a violation of tbeir duly, to undertake so to discriminate while liilgat'OD* arc [tending nnd claims o ((standing to so large amount ag Mart the carporatlon depending upon tho tlna> adjudication of the question; that if the company has on hand any surplus arscts which It Is not necessary to iter, to pay the ordinary demands against It, the same tboind he Invested in some mauier bo s3 to produco Interest and or eat e a fund for the purpose of provialag tbe means rf payment of tbe claims of tho holders of the rej, clert rto'k which may be adjudged aga'nst the com amy Tbe p'amtitls allege that If tbe earnings of the company be divided and apportioned anong ihejjrecTguisid rtuckboldere of the company. Instead if being applied to the pa> no i l of its debts and liabilities, tbe com .any will be unable to meet Its liabilities or to saUery or provide for the claims of tbe holders of said alleged falsely and Trau fluently iaotd stock, without resorting to means which will embarrass the transactions of the ord nary and legltl male b. sliest of tho company, and requ're and demand large and hrsvy sacrifices of tbo means of the oompaiy. wb'cb -trill -Treatly olminish and deprcclale tbo value on I worth of the stock of the company; that the plaintiffs ato apprehensive that the company will proceed to p?y the dtvtd i.d declared by the directors, and payablo on the Iffih l'?hr?ary, 1P57, unless -bo payment of tbe ami be reMrained <>y this court; and that such dlvldecda will, If palt', be > aid to and divided anting there only who are holders of the rbar. a of stock of the coin pauy which th- Dirictors have recognize I, and that all otner claim, nms w il ho excluded from any participation tberoio. Th? hDMwer cf the defendant s -t forth that, since tho rteclrt'c In tbe Court of Appeals, they can discriminate between tbe fraudulent a-d bona/ufr stuck, and that tho crit.ftoa'fe n tho possession of defendauta were a jwirt of the f?l?e an-1 fraudulent issue of Robert Schuyler. Argument waa Uwd. Incision reserved. C'trurt of tfpedal Hsisloni. B? fore Justices 06b<mo and Welsh. A rEKr INTO COl'RT. jriv 3P ?The court room and prisoners' box, and every postage approaching " It, wero literally jammed lht? ratrnIng t?y prosecutors, wttnestea and frlemls of the prlsouers. reoeatri-jna in Centre street, on seeing ihe latge crowd Ton grega-ed around the Tombs, readily coscluded that tbere site f-u-ttb Lg exciting on the Uyit? some acted upon tfceir .nut iens in advance of pesltivo Information, suppoa.rg ids; Con semi, oho Is now incarcerated for the murder o Iti- tr Anderson, bad attempted to escape Tnelr cirtj'iiy soon (| poasra, on nemg iDinraien iiixi mo rrowJ ua* orrirkced la coasctju -oco of no court buhig held cq tuccay. Tbi> cakuuar for (be two day* could not hu e ontslnod Ufa il i: t'ghtj cfa^es Tor larcenies and a* a'llt: aud battc-rio' Tfce offenders were represented by children of a leftr g*?, yet rid In crime If t'teir conn let anees fort liidlc-livt cf tbflr true charade ; by those who wore Id Oh- 11 - ui (>f you b, * ho la maay Instances mantles* d p . ri ?i' (T'i'l nnd unir.t linkable *|en* of penitence for their mi 'leii k' ; aud al-oby the hardened old Planer, upen Wh?r vi'iire rat stamped the imprw of n.mcnma* A* ? (Moral tbtog, children who are 90 .vtctod 01' fhe rba'gc* trough' agnbud tbcin? * hlnb are Invariably potty tbef'* and attempts to pick ladles' pockets In the it'teu?u'CMiototho House of Keiuge, w bore they are ink. ,1 . are of, MbmM. nr.J retailed till ihef are twenty ore ytara o'd when Iney are permitted to'leave the In tll'HPW. Occasionally a very strutting scene la wit eoi>rii ?rh(n tin mo'he- make* h?r elo'jiioDt appeal tba' Ik 1 child nj-iy nut be torn from her bo out; but tu the lua.ioruy of iot tu .eta the JuaUc.-s are tuexorabie, ovlug to tie atV.t) with wkrh .hey mutt discharge the btu in<>w hi Ice tbtm rtomdimra when the appca'tn ? of the youth lidicatee u. eli.g nco acd respectability, they ro <;ue?t 'be agvut n( tbe Prison A??ot ta.lon?-vbo li ooti?t4"t Ij It alter, 'urine lor the purpose of Interceding In behalf of tbe in fortunate crraiuree who are placed at the bar? I meko in 1 Inoa Into the care, and if bo raporta favrrably ibe culprit l? rertored to hit parents Toe met ag gra-aied clas* tf'aoault an 1 battery Indictments tba' a-e I trie" are ctiiigr* brought by dttlcate in J all" id mate wl'or kiraloKt herb I'd* fo- brutal coniuct It la ofWn j c ' ?'!> 1 ho* n that at me of tbete Ornds In human rbape ! tria tbo'e wbom ibey have iworn to love aud cherish wllb barbarous cruelty ; but tba con vie lone f >r th?se out ' reyae are ro; a* all common ira'o with toe magnl'u le end 1 u. j>h?r of the offence*, for when tba c tn lament. n|>,>car on ib "tajui 'hey col only rein -t?ntly fire tbelr evidence bid Into cede to behalf of tbe'r br ?t?i companion*, nn,lo rlt g tba Jorge to lot them off "j tat tfcla onco " lo our rejort of Ibia mi-nog'a proeeo'mgv will be f?ut il a few 1 f Ibc ca-.e* which * ere pro* u'ed kr ajudl , caikn:? LAHCIMT AT Tn? 110WARI> fl-'tTRh. J. Anna Murphy was charg- d alto Healing 8 JO worth of , linen ?b'H'ng?,Towe's. and other article* from the flowate 11 icl ( u cr ab nl the 'thlb Instant. Jua n* was arte j Bol'r u 'he e-tai.l.shmecj, and tba cvtdeace aga'nrt her ?a> mclurive, part of the property being fjflqd in her trunk. the (.ou.t found be guilty. l'tnitenile-y six , tLOtllUS FOND or A <10(1 n RIHtAff. iVic Ft Ur, wb? wax partial u? "real iu an**," wag tried and oonvlctad of aloalh g four hoioe uf Havana re I ga'a, valued at ltd, the property of Ja "es J Utrrl'on, .'111 (ireenwl-h lUeet, on tbe tl'.h of July, foaitetnlary six oiordba. A tOCMCTIOM (troi.iw BT A rfOITirff yRlM JCffTlCff. Joan Cro?e. rerldla^ at 1)18 Monroe street, swore that Thar,.* hcu'ih, m Hie t-llh r.f tbts month ?t da a braes 1 1 r- *" ?! 1 "Oi the s.<i*e of I 1 h dor Ho wa* *tr ht riiM.lng a ay wl'b the article Penitentiary tlx I mon.'i 1 vcems tha. tbe real name of tbla tuef U Taeo 1 twd" iV-r-ler He wa< artsaf*rl on tbe 11th July, 18)6, (Iff yiecd inrcrny, end tiidicbd f,r that (fl .oce, hot mado b * | etrap> fn m ihe fmur. it lene'al K-s*iobi. Tbe IXatrlct Ait<>> 1 ey th< >,gld I- adrlrahle to try him on thla charge ar. 1 1 '.il' .'in I, a Id if he ighl I ad . vl-ttb'e to try blm r,u the eld Inillclment, wh cb la carefully j flow* d away in bla tale, be could do so before .be expire- 1 lion f ni *anu aoo. ATfrV'TTO RR*(Tff A rmaOXBK FROM AVOfFHim. | John .lark.on, of the fm ward siath n hot-e, appea*ed , ?o | ro*'cu'a Mli bar I Momory and Jeieutah O (trleo, ah 1 rame np to blm while be had a pr *oeo" In custody, and ' rearue.1 him forcibly from him The Court found tb?m ' 1 IN n : 1 hary tbr?e month* 1 ilrorge Ncttinneaa waa tried and oouyieted of the same rotter fifficcr The* M -Knight, of tbe ."Ixll we'd, teatl thd that co the 27th of ibtt month the dnfrodvi' Belted bold of a primner who wm Ib biw embody tod forcibly rot cucJ oim Penitentiary l*n m'otb* MKPttoroLiTAK or mi us n?Ari.T*D. Jithn Mi'l?y, Jsai'ii Mr! toy nod Tbotrar Homey were arm fLcii tor tiring oIlBMlwe language tail aeaaolung Me trrp"'d*AD eWeer?. Officer Wm J WUUama, of the Tenth we'd, bat d'telkd In lb* f'*<b ward, irora that on the 261b of July bo wa? arwtuited by tho ( rtdoonr*. they, In comi*u>y with three un?no*o uen, itirrounded b no, when the Day? alruck blm In rtr hank while Rmitey reircd b a oluh Atoitflr officer Matlilcd that be twrcelred that Uie anCTfpd ? cir determined to a?t op dlfReudy with the oil) rerr, end they pnrpne?1y avoided hiring any altercation with tb> m, he heard Ho moy in/, " rh*re goea one, two, throe, tour tire MoUojmliian none of btWibr* " dodge Orbnrae found them guilty, but, a' the rerpiowt of % "ehjeier." Barpcu led ronton 'n till Saturday, In order t> a'*n<* the prisoner* en opportunity of furnleb rg ovldeueo t>f their prcrlooa good obarar ler HTKAuttro A irrrkLft *o?*. .John *(blT*j wee rent ty the Penitentiary for teellng n tu!U>? robe, reined *t 1(4, from the borne of Peter Hather beck. WH West Twenty teoend itreet. tfre. rery MaefTer, who Pvew at W? Broadway, applied, to glre evidence rgainrt Wm. Jonee, who wag ct ?rgfd wlib Healing a owM belor.g ng to Mr Eletrd Kg* yell. The lady found the property In powawmI< n of the no(i red. Uuiliy. Pec.tontlary Bit mouth*. A TBKATWIOAt TOt'TH. Kingrbury Horle, a iplcy, Imaglnatire and light comedylob looking jourg genll'tnen. wan p'aood on trial Uet week for purloining t?6 worth of inealrleal dre?ae? from Wm. k Romatno, it* Bowery, on ibe l*t of May. He wm reminded for -entenee. In older ttiat Mr. Brrte might c* amino Into htr crew lour career He rondere t hlr report to the J-.ttlnrr thir ircrterir. which war anrtbiair hot fa rcrahte It appear* that hie "private' c>??r<*5t?'r I* ee'f had, aid be baa been In the babtt of Mettllba theatrical drcrrea front acton with whom be eMoJlaUl, heoci it ??? Inferred thil hia "public" reputation was e1?n jullted Oftoorn* aeot hlto to the I?Uo1 tor the full term? 11 hi until*ran ariFANTfKK Ci?K. -Tame* MrCttrlea, Ktjr Thiroe, John ttittee John M-if- | iay, Hi-jb Dnnr^a), w tlnl>evt* and Patrlok Mc'tee, wbj i ihalft fi'lty lav work to tto'ituf the QiaraT'oe *? 1 In aoerdu an iofettcd eeaivl, wore then oiace.l at the bir t . raret ) ?n'?nr>e Judge 'Ubotu* atorereeJ them aa folSwi'? Ifctt have beam hr-night up here for a violation ot the *)oatanttl>? taae, and bare ptoadet guilty to this cbtrce, end I' now beoooea oar duti to latitat the penalty hi n the 'aw Impoeer fur thl* offeooe Thr -nfb tha lbt<rc???ioo of joar frtende, and, la fact, toroyti tha nt<r r? r?!"B of the J i-'Vh 'mIIot tumrelf. wh ? ei.nea th<w reae to >? heir' tip rvre a* an eraroplo than a* aa oooaelow for the tnlilrtlofi of (erero nuDjhmciit, hoping thereby that < them may he det?tr?d frrm deity |b? nme ihlBtf, tbo ' < irt tawre emoinded to tic' tenitmtlr wiio rou It h*a bre-i aoj^Maea hcrrtufhre, p aliiart iheJum-*,) that tha aw* in relation t? iptaranlioe mold he rtda' d wits per* '.r? ' epuaity, tn<t Oe:eelthie baa* diineulttn hr?v Hie ?<!t* to ) ! ?:??; hot the Uneernhv- aet ba e wow ' eetwet to cMaiVti a pohee ftireo teat if ore, who hire cewounxl tbetr butfea hy arreatiiy jon aa be first that bar* been know* to riokt* tho laws under thli M> act Am I have said bafara, throoKb lbs laterceostaa of frleads and the hading r.ffloer, aa ara dispose! to latitat tba lowest puoltb meat that tba lap a 01 par mt aa to do, which la that tech of you fu ? boa or *:oe, aad ataad committed until it la paid fas Meuaott ware removed from tba bar, la be rataioad la ouatody untu .bay pay tba Ana. ___________ Theatrical and Musical Affairs. Nivlo'b Gambi?The marked approbation nightly ha towed apoa tba dancing of Hgaortna Ralla, by aadtaaoee composed of the Mtr of our city, Is not only a deterred tribute to lbs merit or tba dtattagulahed artlft, bat at the rams time a flattering oonflrmsUnn of tba good taste and liberality evinced by tho management In aeaorlng hor eer rtaea That nhe Stands at the heaa of her profession none will deny who bare seen bar in tba spar It ling bailst of "In Bou quelle re," which Is to ha performed IhU evening, with the !hroea of "Delicate Ground" and "Tho Secret" Bowmy Tbkatrb.? If the numerous frequenters of Ibla popular theatre do not receive a full equivalent for tho money they so eagerly hand Into the ticket boxes It Is cer tslnly not the r*ult of Manager Edoy oaly Ibltk of lit throe long and highly enter.alotug pieces nearly every uigbt, with oasts comprising sever si of the most ploastng artl-ta In the country! o night we are to have Shsks pcre's grand trsgody or "Macbeth," ?tth a oast embrao trg the names of Messrs Eddy, K Johnston and V B. Clarku. Mrs. A. Parker, Ac. Mr Holland follows la the farce called "Out for Holiday," and tho whole clones with "The Broken dword." Borrow a Tkkatrr Is to re open next Monday evening, upon w htcb ocrast >n there will rloubtlesw be * large aid brtlltnut gilbcrlng to welcome the return of Him Mag? e Mitchell to ber uatt e cltjr. Curing her abreneo Uim M. has acquired the reputation o' being ne of the best, If oot treve-y best actresses In ber particular lioo, and tbat ibis good opinion will be fully an I appreciated by tbe play going community of New Vo It Is the belief of a'l wbo have bad an opprrtuiit* of wltuosslog her capabilities. She oomruenoea with tbe "Fronch Spy." Wali-ack's.?Mr. and Urn John Woo J aro to play Mil (veiling tu the laughable plcae stylsd "Hketcbes In India,' In which Mrs. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs Phillips and Hr. A H. Davenporta'so appear. It will bo followed Dy Franc1! Taifouru'H utsurpu-eed burbsque cxtravaginza of '3bylock, or Ibe Merchant of Venice Preserved," to which we specially alluded ibe other day as one of the best things of tho kind ever written. Mr am Mrs. Wood play tho hero end heroine In a manner lughlr plcwlug to the spectators An attrad've programme has been arranged for Mrs, Wood's baoeUt to morrow night. I.Afiut Kkink's TircATKK is to re open next Moaday with I those renowned Juvenile winters, tho Marsh comedians, . who have just closed a most p-otllabiu eng.igeraout at Cincinnati. In speaking of their performances tho Knjuinr or that city says they "have drawn bitvr bouses than any other stars that could have visited us. '.Vo consider thorn not only as miniature artists, but tbe best roupe of aoto.-s, take them altogether, wn ever saw upon tho aosrdso' any ineatro " Their return to New Yors w'll be hailed with delight by tbe numerous families who formerly patronised them so liberally. Olywpic?That old and well trlod New York favcrlte, Mr. T. R Johnston, Is a candid a' o for a benotlt tonight, and If ho does not receives bumper It will not be for tunc of novelty and comicality. Tbe latest specimen or the extremely ludicrous, denominated the " King of Coney blond," Is to undergo its teoonu representation. It Is founded on a heterogeneous mass ofoddit ok, nonsonae and abtnrditlOK, Mra Howard and Mr. Harry Hill reprwout the heroine aid tho hero, ahd tbo benc.Jcisry is ' fi'Jhn f'row Kycc." It will bo folio vod by thu oxtravaganza of " Oly in plana " Am?kican llnutfM ?The enormous serpent wbl*.h has been oa exhibition here for tome oion'hs ts oerta'nly one of the meat remarkable curiosities of the genus reptile ever Introduced Into this country?ho la evidently growing, aid la time will, perhaps, became entirely toa largo lor his orcenl abode. Af'or a'lnwlng vbPtrrs time to In spect alow of the many wonder* contained in the Uusu <vn Trof. Wtroan w U commeoie his a- or. t.'.og aecr imanfUr and vsulriloquial feats. He performs both atternooa and eveti'.ng. Gboki.i Christy anj> Wow's Miwtkki.s.?Ttls popular band will entertaii their friends this evening with a choice reliction of iLu tin at melodies, burlciqnei, Ac , In Ihelr repertoire, Inc'.udlrg George's excruciating dance of tho "Black Crinadier and Washerwoman.'' The afterpiece Is to be "rue Magician, ' lu wUien George croa'.aa lillmilable merriment u 'atu Sharp, the newsbi/. Brysht's mmstkvm stll. at rao largo crowds of 'Jbe Igefhter loving to M-chanlcs' Hall ev. ry night, sshle firrmloe, l?* and Jerry, aro down for various c-iml calitfes, tvblci will bu anro to keep toe risibilities of tbelr auditors In a (tato or c m motion tills etming rrominent en Ibo llrt Is Pao'it rerownod -F-aence of till Vlrginny" and the very amusing sotno called tho "Sawdust Acrobaa." Cttrthwi Oprtu?Manger 3tesrarrt, having marsha'lel his torceg anil got evcryiomg in cam >lete oroer, w II 0|*n the readonly of Musio iiux' Monday, for the purpo-.e of en tortaiilnsamiisemftnlsvvkerawi or choral and orr.hvttril pc r fro tuan.:va upon e ?rale of iniguiVeixa n>r?r surpassed mi this nnt.liaeht A .urge numbor ot 'he lined vocal and lesti umental performers In tbo ooenlry have been engaged fi r the chief bu'luecs In ttietr rospoctivo, and will bo supported try quite au army or aux'lla1mb I mux OfKPA ? We understand that naga'.latidns aro pending beiaeen the ct.armlog v.?aUit. sign inna Voit i vail, aod Manager RurUn wtdoh, If su >cessf..l, w II result I In a eerie* of npcrtorc perform incea at the theatre of the latter. It li to be bo,<od Ibo Doceraary arrang tnnuti will be speedily censummaud, for our musical devote-a are sadly in want of opera, and abwvo ail a-e very anoooi to oact more hear Vc?tv all's beanufal voice tlnsNi) Bat i it Tropvb ?Young New York wilt be dellgbled to boiw that upon the second day h a arrival In Kurope roe Indon liable Max Marettok etTicp d I an engagement wllb a complete e trps <ie UiUet, consisting j of twenty two young ?nd beautiful ladles f ma the Closer i vatoire of Terln, under tbe direction of Ugaor Kiataal, the celebrated comi o .-r and mat/re Je billet. U Mtrot rek lntenda to preeent us wltb ballon upon tne lams soaJe of msgilOcence that ibey are given In i*a*U and Lin Ion; asd as be li not the nun to do Iblngv bv balvei, we may naturally eipeot seme thing that cant ot any where bo excelled. BnorKim Atnn rt m ?Wanrord'e Opera troupe are ?o give ms ot llelr great Kthloplan enterulnmeols at this bsn<e to night, and as their fame la ao It wide, a crowd ed audlefftc msy be expected. Tbeir blllootalns various features entirely new to the ralrons of this desolpiim of amurcmc its hereaboats, ao that an agrteahle and novel performance may be relied upon Bloody Klot In fCvanevtlle, (nd - tttack on tlte Negroea-ntiperate Conflict. F'- m tbe Fvrvn-vtlle Jnumal < f 27 b Inst, we glean the following account of a bloody conflict between tne wbl oa and nrgrtws of that oMy It U as follows ? Our town aud> have been under an Intqsve ex(Itvtr.rnt rlnce Thursday last, growing out of the negro violence cemirlled on the Bilmuada family, in tho bayo.i Th. adiul-slon of the negro t) ball, and a fang ao lei of ?(h ref-which their neV'lw* lit h been treasuring up it* albit the colony of bl?< k?, who live tn tho bottom some tli e or six tnlli s b<lt? town, bad afoot ed the people of the r> ghbt rhest to % ? tcrmloati'in to get rl>l of the clan of tuarks at al bar i-da an I on F'lday night a preeweorio.l atta* k was ma 'e on then aodtbetr dwellings by a body of white men. tailored nor,re keo** where, nu M'ty oritrt' t; lr>. fho mgroe*, li *p ear*, wero pieiwrel for then,. ?n bad a-med Ihetnaelvea ma 1 loop holed thole cabin* Which (party made the DM aura nil or fl'ed lh( Oral gun la o n too ?n. About twelve o'clTk at night a brl?k fu II* la wa* open ed and kept up lor ?nmr mu uter, alter *ti cb a ruth wa* made a'tt e h?u*e, and the uocr b'Olten In, whoiahano to band at iggl* enaned. In which boaio kolvo*, club* aDd cleaver were the weapon* t*rd Wane on o lb ?ide* were aevctrljr rut and beaUn A rate b; the Dane of A'ex*n*er b vdi'.x rtcelved three juti la the head, the rhoulder and arm Another man hy the name of Jj cph G'are rreeleed a hall In the bead (.'*?* I* reported dead, and Maddux In a very critical cajitlm. A 'ke-man wa. abet In the tbgb, and bad one of hit (kger* *hot off. Many other* were ( igbllr wounded It wan ex oeedtnif'y i oidicnli to yet at the tre h of the matter amid the <x< tte mrnt ami cotdltcUag rUU menu. B th par.let were aert nnaly !> at. n in the enratement, but we have not heard of any fatal worn f* excei* tbore meniioo' d An rid black woman, the mother of the faulty, received a 'rrere blow upon the bead from a (no ?t <-k. and a black boy war knot Iced diwn with a pl*to! barrel ',)*? white man waa aeverely cot on the bead from a blow arlth a rleavar, which left a large lock of hit hair and a pool of bleed oo the Moor. I.yle'a bnure la hal' a mi la from '.be main read, In a aecludcd *pot In tba wood*. At tba time o'tbra'lmk Ibe black* ray there wero but Ove or an black In tba houae. th> other tnmatew ware etgh or tin women asd children Tbe houae exhibited the mark* if rllle ball* and charge* or rhot In four or Qra d.lTarent place*. The do<w, which wa* *froogly fhxtooed, wa* beaten to by a fence rail. Tba oegroea declare they did not (Ire till after the door waa forced opan. Toe other party ray tbe perron* *hot received their wound* outalJe tte houre and before the door waa forced In. <<n ^atnrday the excitement wa* locreaaed by tbe above occurrence*, aid a more aarlota and a wider oombiaatton wt* evldtnlly forming la dilye ofl or exlerm nate tbe blank*, who 'nrm a community of roe hundred and fifty or two hundred in the bottom Ser'on* apprebewlana were felt tbat a bloody drama wouit be enacted. Beveralji (Helena (lbten* *ddr*?*ed a note t? ShertT Ua?!tl, who, aided by Sheriff Hall and Sheriff McBrtde, repair i r<l privmt'7 ?,,, iv* > u* ,n inn uw u, iu bw.< i r?loo cf U>? moaeinwti of the whitee, ud in fared ine | offeoaitig r^iroM to place Iftemeelrei under ihrlr ch?rye, ; ; ud they wire broonht lo Ihe rtty in the hfWuooo aid placed la arc ire <|uertera. ud on I of hnrmM way Tn? mir.mi.blty. by lb a Jadtcloai moreiwent, wall executed, hare | ibnSiy boon epnred painful ud Mrif ;r?f?dy Maddux la n a rerf prccarioua condition. and rcutu ! Rdaoadb, the victim of the flrnt aaaanlt by ihe Maoka, la SI r*re??wd If awrtfl, aa lookjnw la likely l" tuperreae e re?err?t wounda wore miiieud upon (b? ?h:ia? aaihajr atti mplfd lo art the ttrjw of ibe hoiae, ard were Jaall j by a outcber'a ci< urer. i It wa* exp?ted no Saturday eeenlrf that the bo'iaea of ; the nryrora would ba bnrnl darlwr the aiybl. but He de ?l|0 arc ma lo hate been aband ned, ard aa ibc not'" m# are now In Jail, and Hie puWe are ra'lrfled tbat the wall art of K w.'inda- In ra?e of hit death? wHI bar# J iBUie Imtfd on I in him, public feeling la aaUalod ud no further 1 outrage* will be committed ! iimTiSKiiST* BWWV.IJ k?KRY PAY. i uri.RMAtrow W*RT??-O* RtnT ORMORY. WHO I left Hr""?l;r>. A V , f r the Weal a Mil laqyeara alnee and baa t art been beard of Any laforma'ion of hla where unolit h Ibank'nllf neelrad b hla alater. Maria (To! t I.e. tt'llui a:"n. W 0. I> A I -Dill HOT tit til rittr auvkkthkmknt. i j . an do no-rail nor fetr in aar wbere. I i/yv? juat i?rturi*Bi) to tow*, on w >t;i,o I ham araaerrd yonr three leilm. W?n?tna<twaddrwa e b-re irwaeevvv akl* . oi'if f< men Aptia-Atv <>r this ?'ft?vr or t.ih *J r?*ai' able Wing ai Oraam' -o In I'M. hy aerdi->i? i 'h r - i.m ? hci .1 J || |' , I*. a. Win v w m<<ain( to the'r advaa'atf)' ? W fel t e. R I.tTf lillS AT TflP O'l-K ?- here, aa aoon w i ?alble. A. i, fc. 3 I ROAKimi* ARD U)MIM. i? aiuV jonh rriKrr ?trm apii nrnj I room* aUgaoily <or*teb.d, with or wi tea piliita labia. giranaara rWtaR iha aAf may ha aar. ??da*?4 35 ^>r^^necu*aCT- - ? Jft RA?T BROADWAT-A M?T Mmor?MJ MRt the romfori of a home will 40 wall ?aMB M MMkbl M thciBMiUM. T< rnu modaaa a. . JO UKIAT JOKBH RTRABT ?ACITII OP N'lOBH APP f ?jo?ie roj?i? cawly aad fbaanrfteil/ fum??Aad, la ia?. aubout board, id thu flr?v rlaaa br waa'oMRouaa. barb, gaa. do. Juration un> irjuuud la ihu rltv 7& ?. nrrnla>.adW or mforl. being near Urualwar lu l Lalaf alia 0ia?AA "I CRtiHBY HTRKaT. OWR IQf>R fR II NMO >*B 1A KnrnUhiM > o ma, amiable Irw oaa or |?> aiftet ?M* or without board, ib a email amen. *a ui i? TA? >ia?a contain! all the atuleru Impr nemea a Arirrau wa aa chan?rd . ?>?? KL1/.AliRTll UTRRKT-TblRD t>M>B PROM OU Broome ?A few tea l?u??o aaa ha --- ?g with tandrnmi-ly furniahed rooru* a' <1 h. art ?i M bi % a?t lhn binae baa all ! >? modrra Imuro r'naiit* an -h m raw**' a arOmbra and hedroua, wHh bo* and oabl ?tur, aa QQQ BBOADWAT. WBAR M ADIM- ? ng a All a t/0?7 areond tloor, jtial raoaled. lo rent, wKA fiul b*r 1. Alao rooma for gentlemen IHnoer at I n'akonA a FEW KKHFKCfTAHI.M MKP OhP HK AOOOHAo " dat-d with good board, flee atrv rooms an I ? * >< howe for 13 a week, at .U Prince street lira doora Iron -tuwery. also ' ay boarder* a mroinndated i FKW GKNTI.BMKN C?N HR A"WtfRODATRD V with fnrnt?h'd rooms, with or ? I-hoot par u I Vmrt at 102 Sixth avenue belwe-a Iblrtei-ota and Four . nth atresia. 4 THOIOd or PKdIB 4BM NOOV4 OW NIPrMIt OH d third doora ia a lr?t class h aa witb ah lb* ao'en, Conveniences wbh or w thjut board. 4;ply a'. 3*4 fourth itreet t>?ar Laiayette plvr Alt KM' UKNTI.K?tAN faff HM < I MHff tf 4 O A w? u'd like to fled a quiet home Is a respectable private Utvly, with It'll boarc, In .be i elgLb irhood of thirty illk.h i rr?t an* hlxtb aienu*. Address Win S , dH nit h aresua. In ti e store. AORlfTT.KM AN AND HIS wifR ok TWO HlfiltB gentlemen ran br an- nnmodatol with a 'rout parlor, oa aerot il Hour, with a large tan ry aitai-he.', and nryl bo iwl, In a |irlvate American latn'lj , aim a room m hlrd tloor, an'tatrle lor two ring's K?-n lemtn App'y at hj CbryaUa street, oau block trom he llowery, near Oraad itreet Board.- a pi.kahant fkort Hook, on tub rbvoDd floor. Ul let to a ttentleman an I wile, alao a single rtom where b t few hoarders are tak n. Hroalway stage* anil Hlxm avenue cars pans died.sir b?th and km Apply at M7 Sixth avenue. BOaRD.?TWO PLAINLY FLKNIRHRD OR I/NFITR trlahrd ri oma to let Ui genilemm anu tbelr wlvoa or rink e gentlemen a'm two single r <tu tin and bath In the hotiae l.ocatlun AJ l eatfj atreev, near rt'. JuUu's pakb Fiuntly private Bibr< pcea exchanged Board ?a nuit or rooms, on skoond or tuird floora. ?tillable for a family or single grutb me i peraia I ent o* IrsiiMenl In a hrat enia* house *i It all modern improvements, at Ib'J Weal F.urteeu'h htrae'_ pinner at alx o'clock. Boarh-a urhti.kman and w fk and TWO or three Ingle gentlemen can he aeeomTo'at d with a very plea sin suit of r oma on H-("nd story with full or par tlal o ard. In a Brat c.nss bouse wlih all ih? m s|e?n .roprovtv tren's; alto other rooms Apply at "ti A est Twenty thinl rtrtret. References exihsnued. BO 4 BI) IN HR?>OKtYN.-A SIN'ILK DJCNTLCN A N CAN be aweommoC&trd with partial hnsid In a prigs'* laml y, where all the comroruiaf a borne may be reolaeri Verv few boarder* taken The home'a pleasuntli and teal'ht'r situs'-d near the car?. it ply at No ? NlUoughhy a reet, Itrookiyn. Board in bbooyly*?wmif* fivk minptkb w?lkof a I Ore. t ferry A gentleman aud his w'fe can he acc< rr.modawd with a 'arye anil p ?a??nt lr >iv r 'in on th" aecrtid floor, Apply at IS) llenry street, between PUrrepoal and i la>k streets IJOARD IN RROOtLYN IS WAN KO HY 4 B VC'IR I 13 lor, w here he run hare tome Uttl* attention hea'ow'<t oa Ida bnltcns Would pre'er having bis washing done In iho home Itrrrs, *i shins iuelndi .1, not to e??er,i |?'j p, r a nib. Addri aa J. v., b' x 3 22i i'lwtottiee. N V Boar ? in WIU.iamhhpr ?? a rtw siNOL* urn tlemen <-ai ' e accommodated with pleasant rooms ai. 1 partial bf ard, in a looalt'.y ooav i.leut to ih? cars, where the cnipU'r.H of a home niay be realized. Ap, ly *t IHi Sou'h klgbib aDeet reoonn door front f Ittb Refi rencesexchanged. Board is j?rsryoity kor ornti.kmcn and thrl wires a?o tingle gentlemen' can bo hal at :t kase* street. on!y live thicks n m the f?rry; nrtms very pi aunt. proven; evit> Board ?antad-for a. i.a?f, in a privatk lent iy or where here ar? f> r hoarder*; iri h a widow preferred Addreaa 11. P.. Broadway PontrlHoe. BOARD WaNTBD -IN A PMVATK fAHll.T. BY A, wife, two ejtldreu *n.| vrvaot, location Brut ke near Forty fourth street aud Altrnik avenue Addrea* J. 8 . boi S.72H Post ofllce UOARO WAFTKD?BY A GKNTI.CM AN, IN A PR! " y? e family. Dinner At 6. Dotation no" above Twctjtvfifth i tract, between Fourth and SU b avauuts Addreaa M D , Herald offie. HOARl IF(1.? A OANTI.FMan AND WIFR OR TWO or three g ntleroen can he awmnunodaled wftk fnrnUaed rtatra, wl b partial board In a private family, at IV llevrnlA an eat, iwrner of ruth avenue. Jj^RF.hri! BOirilino ?A HW tlKNTi kMWN r I* It r aco mmodated with flue, a,ry rooira and a nice Fran b table at t 111 onatnn atreat. two" In ka front Broadway. Use at <1 bath rrom It. the konae. fcldll. COAKI' F<R A SINOt V t' ,f km * v WANTBil r -With French or k'nglirh lerainr. I'leav* addreaa, latlng terms, Ac . b<* .100 Union *<insr'' Poat office F1I Broadw?* Atl/Ahi tHfiKIt RC'Odlll TO elf To USdTbSkIN OI4L.Y F with or without partial board The honae taa ail the modern improvement* A?rl? ? 387 street. rear 'roadway rDRNlHUID ROCMfl OR UNFUHNTPHKD I* spitn or aeparately. with panlrlea hot ami ool l ater, gas anl ba'h in a modern honae, may he obtain d at from IT a> par week Partial board Ir deatred. Apply lor three day* at M Weat Thlry aeco'd atreet FltRNI^HKD ROOM* TO l.KT aT RNDUt.'KD PAIi'KH - a room, brdrumi and klo b-n. very d-rleab sua gen t!<min and hta wife lifed of boarding Immediate pneaewlon tnif be had Apply at 123 Weat Twenty fourth atreet, near Seven b a' eetie. FURNISHCD ROOMS WITH taft WITHOUT PARTIAL hoard, anltauie fur alngle gentlemen, al No. 31 but Twettv eighth atreet Rooms to i.kt-in soctu Brooklyn nkar at 'anttc ferry. A few raap act able pactaa can ha toaoair.' dated w'th flne airv room* ? 11 prr in with, f .rr.iehrd "r nnfttrniaked Apply at 41 Willow plane or MB > aaal atrea., near Rrtiadwar. rrfil CONSTANT If'j 'III l? WfllftB CAN I ffND 1 ti e cimlor:* of an sgrecable and pliaaani Iowa w 'b t.e?t clean ar d cell ventilated aparinse'*. wl'li a good an 1 aitoUiioal >abl*f Oar adrtoe l?, * ! Imn ndtiOtv at ill Katk u atr?'*t? booth Bnoklyo, near Pun b aul (Jamhtuo ferries. TO LBT-A FRONT PARI/'R, ON A CORNV 4. [N A raapae able netghborhoial. anitasle f"r a pm'erw nal *B<t?jnan with b?*rd If deal red. Kept moderate also a f'trnletted room lor a (entleman and wife, rminlreal ill Henry aire et WAMID-A RBSPRftf AHI.R A M "id P1A N F-.*?.Y In heard na In ad'iol two hra"hr rh Iran hl'h t Atie. rl?*ht Bion ha r.|<| Addrran f. W . Ra M Ca h ?rba? at. WARTKP TWO ROOMS CORRV TIRO. 1R A M >Ofrn b ill! h'?iM >nrt rr*pr>-ttb.a keVWn wat of ttrowl*?it ud h?!o* foirirrath airrat, for a Mr and ji, it lib full board for ibe lady Addr?aa Rdfar, H-r* d offl.-r. llr A RTKO PERM A IRRfl.Y?TIlK COMPORTS OP i f? Ionia It tbe <v nntrr Tor thrrn n?IVm'n and th ,l? wiTna and a alnf.a 'a<ly Th? toOaliod rau?t b? hral hr hoi rut of aercaa fv ral'ro-d or a" *aab<i?t, anl Krmt i ddreaa J (?. W . Trtbuna offir*. WARTKr-AR rRPrRRIRHbP RO M, WITH HOUd f'* a la'y and child, at tuodrrar prtcr. b taccn T i*r b td Srtmth *"t nu"a an t Thlrteoaib and Thirty ttfib arrr-a. Addrana V la, HetaM ofBaa. WARTmr-KT A UKST.MAR, A ?t RRMHRO MR|l? faont ro?m. wttb brralCaa'. In tbr :a?'ly of a ar.d>? lady, arkrrn thr cootfnrla of a h'-aa* ran >? r- >r rd. ad itrraa, with irroi* ai d lull paillcalara. Pianrr. Unra.d "'l a. *1/ARTIP-BT TWO Oti?Tf,R?*|*. T* * PRIPATB IT raml'y, two wrll lumlahrl n? int m-ra par .<r aa? on.i a brdrooaa, mi t'n nrat or ar<<nd dot* at'b irrabfaat, rr trrakfaai and dinnar al ahont t ">!"< * !? htuao mnit b-a In a *ood oca*" n riihrr In Rr ajklj" or ,M??f *pr?. Ad itrraa boi 4,l?APoa? ofllca. R T. fQAU) 0 THE 1MK, diHT, BOARD WAMTIP n? <"* <? -. UtniM. ltd/. nod ion ?> r?era oi l. Mn?t be wrhia r<*?i vilee of the ritr i* *i'?" t"- r.rfct* bT <*? or * ?? ?<**. Apply WllUMi atreet <.( T Hom o #V>rHTRT im??n-y?IWOW WIR ima oocmtrt bnnrd ' ? aenOm?od?ted rn ran* neb J e tnrtaa, wi-JiIn two ?< !?? rm fro? * ? <* ? Fur phrtirnlara Innmm of ^ J Hi '1X1*1 K* ooraer of Weeklo*. * street tad Hetiery plfe. (lOt'lTHr HOARD UAH HI DAD IN 11ACR INN AO*. ? t four 'ndlen end nao gentle van '?n be *r "immmltoal ?rnil b?nrd In the upper pnrt of the beautiful rtllBtn of Harhetoatk. twelre mtlen frr ?t the etty; atone bonee, froau ll.r I leer, Ind very deBirnble fn? hmtriera Kent of emntry Bil k out be had Mid vnahlng done nrnr by nt ? rwinibln rale. H'???a rnnnlnr bnrk tad forth foe* thin -Ity hm'ifh Umi day For phurilcnlara tni'ilre ef Harvard [kieeeoe, f.ot of llarclny timet ReapecUble people trill do well to nail. M. RolZ (IIITII B. Waf-tiM. /'OrRTRT HOARD MAT H? OFTalMElt WtTD A FR1\J rnie family In n pl-nannl toendty, ?enr 'em* Hraneh. Trrma Wt-r week . fh'ldren nnd?r tirnlrn yeara. $A loft nl># of tbnl h A H-yd. Mo ?*: Srondwnf. t 10CMTRT BOARD-OR A HUPKAIOR OKDBR OAM W he obtained <n beautiful altuat n n??r Fort lew. where the orrnortt cf a koMCha be enjoyed tAddreta Comfort, Her* id t Ben. fl; CWTRT B( \RI? 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