Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1857 Page 5
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?63*W, A Morten, ? Mun'oillo. BeeedKta BmHIo Antonio Bartoiemo Dalit. Ktae P?Hl. ffa Trowac*-, ft. IHf ^Qtxvati p Wafna U. Pntrenhl. H H Probel. ft. ;< 1m on T Uorklac L. eaattoe do Moraa, J, I? K'iir, a. i ols ?**r, K. Pioqoot T. Ouotvtere, t Olopufu J. K. Lnjin. L. OaareM. L Frenoole ft. Pino*. T. ft. Oartomd.J a Paiut J Pe'or ft. Meoe<K J. Qtol, ft. Sorttla and ladr, H Me Hoe. L Behead end two tone, u JjMle. ft. Donne. i. .1 Klrer e. Ktu?. Ueigolue Major welteoe, tedr and two ohJKdjwn : Iremano i-rrruna. Ohaa. khediar, John No?y Jem-Mors .'o^n; laaa, iwuui, .! ?* WUlKt* T. U. Mortem. M awry, Hamilton, V. W. J ^oBterepoon CL Hablo?Total let IN TUN BAMMONIh, FOB H4MB75MJ. Ford EIoAnan 6.t>iue ebart n Herman, ttrodnreoo. CvIJ Uchwanemann. It a onderHthdeo lady, two children e .d normal. MraOen^oeo ibree oilidren nad eerran'.; t Hem e kobf. UM-er ?'ran*. l< Afidainy ?.a*.wke, Jacob Kecrl, if 3om>n?hv, J. 'la Kmgor eat two cb idren Van He-rU. m i hree ohP.drrp and tn'ent, It.eri Zebei Fried Fenbaoh Oar *Lne H urn and child. Jobanne Ramn^rfnldt Ha em n K. m? k /alio. HoffBii-) r, TfcrrmiB Hzal) auu taduulne Uuud *1.1 1) fr PirteroDKca Je*~i fc Teaj? Mlm Hsr* IMs Brhakec TiJerbn.*, laui'tar.ebmin. OiuIat Palia<|it rt TWffH Mnll?r, Ousiavua ilara, Pi ti-r TVmpson I>? ?W > ' MM, DrB-keo, ' arrea Luther, B A. Haieaaoa, wile ?oj ehikl ad M la the nlumft; Tola! -111 THE METROPOLITAN POLICE COMMISSION. (Interesting Meeting of the Board?One Hundred and Seventy-one I nracctafuJ BalloU for a Commissioner In place of Mi. Dra^ar ?Postponement of tue Balloting until Monday?Mayor Wood la denied Hit Application to eclert Special PoU<emon for Hit tMHce ? Aultui-toiu Dltcuttlon In tUe BoardMayor Wood proUtta (Hat He la Insulted. The Bo*nl met at precisely bell peat eleven. Present, Oicaare Wood, Powell, Nye, Choi well, Bowen end Strana bee. The ci.nuto* of the leal methti-r were reed, end at tar the adoption of soma amendment* were appro ted. Kr Buvsa presented e petition from one of the offloera Ot tbe farte - serfcent Bryant, o( tne Nineteenth ward? waking pay as Inspector, ha ha -ing bteu not: a* la that oa>pactt). Be dodred to have the se-ue oC the Board on the dnbjset, end would more It* reference to the Toramt'tee on fLnenoe, wb'.cn oourne tt took, there being no objection taade She announced met be had aeveraj -nanmnnirau-. ni lor appointment which would with oat motion be referred to the proper committees Jo bed ebn several coin nunlcatons from Hugh Weaterson end other offloera of the old foroe, earning Us*< tbey had net been proper./ dismissed. ana rsprrsilng their doa'.re to eel as o ritoemen. Xuoy were ail substantially the same They would b* re Cwed in ih. .mm fee on Applications and Removal*. The C*Aihy \.N alto announced that he had a communication from u>e Pr<-|>?rty Clerk Tor d.recUons in hut uutlea Be bid uravn up a set of rules with relation to the maeagi rueot or stolen property, and hoped that if afl9r coaa dtisU'-u they wore litcmcu worthy, ibey would he ad, pled Tbey were referred to the Committee on Rule* and TWulaUona Mr. Bowks >aid that while they were on that tub ect, He would rtwi'e to ask tbe Mil or whether there would ce an/ objection 10 the old ouoka anu paper* or the po lioe being t(uiuferrad In this odUt. Ho unteratoci that May r Wo< L'? they will, sir, u noon u tney have been i properly written np. Mr B?>wk??* hco sill that be May r Wool'?We bare persona now engaged in that ! i-AfGeo. Nva?W'e have one or lb.- cummuulrat..jus Iron perries elaln.iLv to he Mr Dnm- 1 eupoore 1> La one of the considerations of -'Jbe yrecrrai iju. ?:, iu ?bl< b buODgs to the Commiuoe ou Applications acd K em ovals jj \ referonr? to that committee snli ensure an eaatninat.od a* to whether these ov n have been duly Ui-'uitced? it should be done Ibwe mea ma%e agec-a. aop caHooa ; tbey ahould be specially considered by the cMimiiiw Geo Nv*?fh-t committee hare at much a? they can do ; perbapn i\ h id l? Uer go to the Committee on General Jtttpure 60 tar as I am comermed, It will be the same thing It w< i be rriered to the Comm-itee on Discipline, ii' there ta no nhjaotsom. tms rohmimoona m rrar* or wa dups*. Mr Bowk*, i ioi>[ew it is not neccatary to make a motor ic take ur the sj-jcir order of Ibedav. Mayor Poaii.?I rtspnore I: t proper at any hour Mr. Bow a*?I move thai we take up the special order of ras di7, ana j; 1 into the tlec:;i?n or a new member of tha Joard [fhr order was ?rt down for 12 o'clock sot It wan jow but a quarter to 12 ] Geo Nra? he question U, shall the specie' order be sow tasfMi up. *? maay as are is favor srtll.aa your earned i-? railed. aim-orr In the ?T. v?* Tbe Orfc catlM ?hc roll, and all the Board voted "?_to lien Nn-?e will now procetd to eleot a member of 1 "ita Board Ln yiece of Br lirepvr W ?.%* V< >TI -B 4 T f-lCl* Mayor Wo?>:>?I prraume tb?' an election will 1> - con?.ied to be a tn?i >rny of tbc Tide One. N"??Nr* at all?a mi ortty of iba Board. Mayor do<.r>?It la well 10 antic that. Oea. N n- A majority of tbe por* >01 prevent Mr. Boa-**?Of ilinee voting Mayor Woy?It it boner to determine tbai beforo going i (ataao electi-1 Oea. Nvn?. m / own itnproraion ?tbat a mvorlty of per : aooa form i-f n pn-ruro preeeoi Mild alert Mayor Wot?it matte re vet y Utile, so long u it li le- 1 4MW Mr Bovnct (t la well to have the -neat.en determined. Oca Nva?wtu tateibr aente of tbe Board. Mr Buwan~l? tboi- aoy rcolutlanr Mr BnuetHA*?I auppoee tb* ma.ortly of a quotum would be autHcieoi if a quorum be preaeat Mayor I'dv > l? 1 do not eet tbat II aultea aoy material <1.3 error* Oaa N.??Well, will you ina.aa motion In rolalloa to'.If Mr. BtaAjremv-l maliatbe motion tbat a majirlty of a t;?oruo> abU- elmi Mayo* fiw- one mrmert */. Bti"*>?'bet quorum br a$ praaetit? Mayor wo. -i :i l;j imo . tu?i an election oo'iia t>e yott Merod to b awjortty or the who.e Bant voting. 1 saoru Urn. a o?. *1:7 of the m no bar* ?; thia B< ard bail be required a i-trct Mr Vcn .ian e ggeeted tut a aujorlty u( member* p.v. tit May or Woni?Tbry ere ?;: prceent? aiejority of I tie whole Mr 8nu.*?t. >s?The qtK?tnc w.t: be whether three or Cbor *hall rlrrt rrery member be'op present Major .?Aa I umirretaai your propneltloo, it might be coim te-ea that, aHboogb there were til eree cant three u tiled npsn one oaa ttfale. an I the other three enatti flag, It would ilert hioi tt waa Ibo h!*j<wt we*. Mr Bowes?No, that would rot be a aihjnrity of tboeo praaaat Mr Bnuruiti*?If there ihoul t be Ore peraone voting, Chat would 11 Major w?n'? I t?>'?k It better to lie** ton died, er ih?t bo odeaour* .*n be taken A roe tartly of the Hierd abovid elect ti it a rery irare ,oeei on I won! 1 na- ! (eat that Uk 'c meal i?c a tr.a sft'y of the Board to Magnify iMt %: ninvn-- ! eroeiit th? MajAr'a amendment Ma;in Wo- >w I a -p abend tt rn t* do dtapoetttoo re the | -part oTtn'a to take ad?a.' ra, yetio makin? r.ilvi it , f? wet: tr pr I do Tor noning elea Two member* er the B ar t im tu Kic?? r unty , ae Itrea la Wneweeter wad I mjael <a the rub- 'be My catrtan* mey br. ?k loem or Ute-. ?~*r be <lrtaloe<' 1 eupge*! toat It eiigbt | ha b'iarra;.?' it*.; ac adraatege o be taken, cilbor by 'deign crhft'd.-ot Mr*?! truet as rent' n*n will evor attempt < to lane any e advantage .a tbw IV<erd I nbnuil be eayeeC onw?i ng to proTtde u-h * w or m-rgmt *ni h a r<(ria:on A l njoritj of a d" rut aa traewi all hunt CMI m Utl? IT Mill JAtri * W? '*? J iVMUli : r? 'n# the rule in rbi? if.?Uu ca % Maj or w we iu??> uo rule f?. (toreros.- any cut , nf thla sha . i. U ml*ht r a t pro - dme to do II oo *. Own Nu ? n?<- tfc?r?; ru e pro* tea that a mttorHy porronj prmol at a qitOTOM cat -enraart lu.r.a-*a. They are ant u-d to ail the fuctlooa of "i# entire Boa-1 ? Cher are la aMert .he n ?rd TO* only < bjonUon I can are <0 the propr^utua >( iba Mayor we .W . (Pat as abaeace woe Id ba aa powerful a pr<'rialna la era. '8'iaf an rlertloa a* oclnj praam: and toUi z mt raMvolf 1 aeama la mo that la Iba aa'?< "hi ? bad better a> < % aJWMl aft 2?orjbj la d bntineat for the whole *'d. otn rwir* le t>i.a:ne?* nf ilie ooar-i tr.lfi.l be .real' lm,-?ola) Oea Ntf ?Tb<-queeuon alii ba t?poa -a am talma?: propaead by Major Wood. thai a m*-o U> of (ba Hoard abai: aloe 1 Mayor Woo'i-l bettere Ibat iba motion wa? Mr "iirannlaa'i f?ea N'r??Von proporc: the ameldmeat. ill 700 not? Mayor Worn ?No, air Gaa Kra?.Jbt Iba quasi,, a n>U tbaa ba u.^oo tbo motion of Mr flcaaaban Mqft* Wwto-I would l.ka to bar a tha mm no raducad be wr1'?|f. bo >a*a mlan prraenlatloa Mr Mr tuiua- Will Mr. F al.raa draw II Tor me -that ma.or'ly af the riorum iball click Tbio Mrira .ireaenP (?aa Nra? v-> a majority of a qnornm rotthR, thai <r** thai ahei. Aa many ai <re la faror will r|raa* Mayor Wntie--Mr lb air man, I think II ma ? ba made Clearer, or eke I aa particular y Jail UUa imorn'e? 1 approved wa will dtflar ?a to tha Ob art o! (bat rreo'tdloo II apeenra (bat 11 la *taoepllMa Of inw?nirii<a *<Hcrant fnm whal we all ndoraunt R. I think U may bo well to atate thai eay <%* candidate ,?ocnrlnf to mtQT rotee 'ball #0 elected. Mtr Bowpp?fbat woe 11 not mat all, Mr Mayor Mayor Mono?I ?t na ay It ahall ba fbur, then . . , Mr Mraaya.uf?1 think wf 'arh nnderetaad oaraalyM, ' ' May or Worm?A me ir'.ty or aU the rotee pr?een\ aU Tottop, aball ba coMlderad an < laction. (Ira'rel Km?N* ?.?, ona man may than prereot aa > 3inekati by ta ur1?( to rota. Mayer Wood-No. . Oeneaol Nte- A majority of a quorum oftnia naaw Vayar Woe*? Thai wool, make thrae elect a mao oanara'Nte?Mo .. . v._. . Mayor Worm?Veo, Mr; It would be b?tto? to 1ear a a NqiOT'ty of aU th> re preerr.t ahall elect, provided Iba! they II roia Genera' Vv -Knppoee (her ell do tffl rota Mar or ypon >? Thru It ahall ?erjnire foot TOtaa Iranarai N r?I bink that If there are flro rotea oaat, ad I brae of Ifcr m are for one man. ba la elmtUvl Mr. Mr rjoMi *r--Wi ilwlre thai three when uTO are Caaant thai, alee; yon would hare four inateal rl three, t then 00a or two fentlcnian caa keep oil aa alaclloa for II toe. _ ? Mayor Worn fTpne the contrary t rooatder that three (teraoaa are a majority of a <|onrnm. I do nnl rare If thera re attteen rrrmbrra of the Board, tf there are a'f wolea oaat ?'?vor fowell rote* for John Doe, Mr Chm arei; rrtae for tb< hard Roe, 1 role for Jonn ^ mtb, and the ether tbr T >'a? aro coat for "ter Rnooiie, t'oor kt yrUl be eleeir1 aorof t|r to ynnr m'o The law ?av? ? qoornm la foor, and three wonM l>a a tnajrwdy ot I M?1 a (Jen Nr* -Mr .Wranaban moyea that In tha election b lake plane. to il" the raraony ranaed hy the reetfoatton O Mr Pra-er, a rujortiy of a qnornm of thla Boar I toUhj . flball elect Mayor Wooo?A majority tf a finrtun it Uraa yotot Get. W???*io, Mr, U" Uiar* Art u vote Li take* MO-r to m.kaa uiaj-aiiy. , Mayor Wiiod?Tbe Itw tixea a |oorvcn *t fat?'.Mrf thro < U t tmiortti. Got. Nrt?No, fir?a ma.iy'.ty of too qu^rui troth*. Ma;or Wooi>? It ew|ttl to be a au|or.ty cT (hi *hoV vo v (.oiled alaJi elect You can't efeut *t aout yoc Bare four goaUoi&ea (ireaeot to eoMLtute a qioiuoi. 3uopo-e onl; ruin*' Leave Uie qaoruai oat lUete la the u-qqer in ibe f< boo (taufht-r) Geo. Nrv-I uo o<4 tee bin la vat or Wood?lie haa <-.redi to G?n. Ms? Un it a smaller n:gg,v than ync tried to gat in. 1 iba.: lb a smaller ha t* the hotter (Laughter, to which the Mayor jntued. Mr 8> wmj**- i aijTti the adoption of the resolution Gen N ??A minority of a quor-ji of thl? Board voitug sbaU eieot Mr Rnwsr>?inhere arosix voting U lakes lb~r rotes If there are lire It takes three Get. Ms?Vou look at that, Powell, and seal." yea can gee the rigge' (banding the resolution to Mayor Powell * Mr frnAnl:\kh? If yon see him there kick him outMay or Wood?It abould be slated oleariy there e to ne c^tty of mak'ng It ambiguous Mayer I'owsM.? i move that en member shall ha it cured from voting without permission of the Board. Mr Hm .tHn?from that reaolutlou you can ail underaland that U the usual course of phraseology, and if you get out iftbat uruaJ course you may go wrt-r.g. Mayor Wood?Ail I d eel re la, to have It clear. I may be particularly dull? I am incompetent to de do a m* jorlty o a<,uoruiu electa. A quorum is tour; tie a three are a mejorlty or a quorum Three votes cast for ooo perron would be eouatdered an election. Mr. BnaaaMAji?We mean just this. If there are six present, then four votes elect. If there are flvu preieut, then three votes elect Mayor Wood?I trust we nil have s rote upon the reoJutiea. Mayor Powea?I propose that no member shall be excused from voting without per slsston of the Board. Geo Kva?Itetl yot. how I should hold in tola matter tt thets are six votes caal. foir rnln ilhli Ukm If th?r., are fiur or five v ilea cast tueu three votes shall eteot. Mayor Wood?Suppose one of the votoa la blank . > Gen. Nv??A blank rote never counts Mr. llowMr-U la evident we all have the aanae oo^eoi In view. Mayor Wnor?ir the Chairman will reduce hia nonet deration o- thai resolution to writing *n the minuet. I etll be satisfied W oat I desire ji taat U there are r.x votes present, (our shah eiom. If there are four votes three wVi elect What I doetro Is that tf three votes are cart (br one person, and three vAon eaaUertug, the throe shah not elect. Ceo Nts?This vole, I s-spposa, is to be taken vi i tore. The c'.eik will proceed to cah, and each member, as bis cau.<- la called, wlh name ha to so Mr. Has that resolution been passed' Gen Nyk?Tbi-re a.ems to be no ot>|e itton to it. ism !:a*T n.\..urr soft ins saw 0OMJtus?o:.f. lite C'erk .ben proceeded lt? rail the toil, wuh the following reauit ? Gen Nyo natced ,.,,.Cy run Curt: s Mayor weed " Ecyal RMpn Mayor 1'oweti " Royal Pbeips ' Mr. Bo wen " Gyros Curtl?a. I t*r Htraaahan " Cyrus Jartt's. Mr Ciu .'well ' Osolrl Cil-nsc ' 'loial? Corliss a Phelps.... I! l'Umio...l A aV.VrBKD Aim SKVVMTT on* ?*u<w? General Nil announced that as no candidate bad reO'lveit a majority of Uid vol is cast there shoo id bo a nuw ballot. Another ballot, and anonor, and atiil aooluor a a. takes with the fame result. The Imperlurbab-. N'yval ways aaaouac'ijg, with solemn gravity, that Gr ill haJ three votes, I'taolue two, and with g'eu ooii uaf.j, Diilel Ul rnau out;, and a new baitol would Ira h*u. The ciork accordingly would call the roll bow isi uAioorjo. atocttvd thk h?a?rs ajto rat ixuno. On tbesevootij ballot the clerk ecu den .ally celled Royal I Phelps Instead of Mayor Wood. On the tturbein bah-M General Nye suggea ed that I'ilman woull get more votes than ho gut far Governor. Vr. Cbolwell iookud sulemu. On thu thirty filth ballot Mayor Wool amused h.raseil milt site bit antfe la the tabio; Mr tlnnlwri! clannad hU nails; Mr Powcb picked bis teeth; Mr Hi-anahau loldcd bis hands In front, and loaned easily nu the lab a; Mr. Bowen began to get uneasy, and General Nye began tc eujoy tho fun. CMS, STf.'.i DlbYXA UOUB Ontho thirty eighth bailo; Mayor Wood suggosted that V might be Gen N'yet dinner hour. I i>en Nti?The Hihaij) says my dinuor gives me great trouble. I d oe abeut seven o'clock. We can tend out and got iuiicbeoo. | ' a the forty third ballot the Clerk began to get out of pe|*.r. Gon. Nye suggested to bring up a n-ara Mr Stran took a glaan of aaler Go the l">riy sothuIIi bslloi be Chairman directed Use Clerk to -'keep ceitiug r' Kilty UBth bnllo., Gen. Nye aouexed to hie rsisv lioyal ? Cyrus Curtis?TUtTt about as lar as I ?u in roy?.,y Sit ly second baliot, reporter of the Pveniug Post lef; tu dtt*nat? too laic for the evening erilioo duly flah ballot, Mr. Choiwe.l look a chewot tobacci. Seveny r<rtoad oa ! lot, Mayor Wood toric a comfortable real by ttio *ia foe, | while the Clerk commenced to rule tome more paper, i Up the i-i(lily-fourth ballot the Chairman aborted the j CieiW to call the namee ot lha members .n try nod rler . aomexsty. On the eighty alith ballot the CWk called Mayor Ninety third ballot, Mayor Powell took up I a comfortable poalUon near the wall and araueet himself i with tbi- rnpylrr pre t On Iht Dimly ninth baliot, Uea. Nj e tc .k Dp a pwu>en under tho three gnteea on the rntn lei p'ree, making a ftunbgraoe. (Hto hundred am' fl(,i 1 eth ballot, the reporter of the t'xprtn went t? tieep, and Mr Dowtn remarked that be teemed much interest* t tn the proceed)of*. The Board bad now beome comrorta bly retucd.and tn continued until tee one hindeed and , acventy 3rsl bauot. when .bevoteatUl rematne-t the tarn.- , MavoR woon film to aamrarr. Mayor Wr*>J. <>o Uio I'oecituuon ni this baiiot said Mr. Chatrmwh, It !? tery evident thai no concloalou of die 1 Beard can occur We have balloted ahotl one hundred ad eeveti' timet, and every rote a p peart in preient tbo | nine leauiij 1 empty acg/eit whether It would tie welt ' to postpone the roaalderaimn of thie <iue?t."0 aalli all ] thai, bare an oj pormaiiy to tee 11 it would not tie well to elrrt icme other oandidate upon whom tt may be poe- ! ttble we can t(rrc Thie an,ware to be eloirly a on tett of end'.rear*. and 1 certainly ao fhr ae I amr. lurer.ied, 1 have lmp;/?tant dnt'.etto perform at ntr MBne whlcb I | am tot IvclJoed i<> neglect Ifltawany Immed.ate proa pertor an agrcemtu, I wn-.ia not ask an o the noeetlcn. bee* w! >.s?a!der that it tt Important. Vltai 1 mean If. that on gentleman aeema LorPned U change hi* vote to Ism at we tote mechanically lam a.-aid that tt not out; will not come to any roeult, hut that our I tcc,"jc t wli be unable to utter a word but Ourtlaa, Pbelpi I cr l' iboitlore auggeol an ad ournmeot. Itr jhiuniur?If the poet pom meat ol :M ei?e*loB ' until Men'ay aball a.t ut In a-rtr at at a no'* < 11 oil tins errancy, 1 thai) ir>ve, tic, or tec cad the n linn of'.be ! Mayor, to adjourn until Mouday nt 10 o clock. (if-n No Mini, we adjourn thta apeciai rier until Monday . 110 o'clock? Xbe clerk will cell the roil. t' v < n ctiilrtihr t>li ell the oneiVit roi? I a Hi' if Amative. noept On Nye. Mayor One moment. On Wei! oaday ac there we* a r> loliillon | aaaed order! if the Ck tain* v> report to the (0)iri?l 8t: par Intend *dl on It liter mormuy 'ha nuei her uf their font, wHIi the hind <?r outy oi e?-ja man. 81 ce I have been fd'my 'tore I turn *?ui for Ui?*o and am lalOTtr ed that moiy for hundred n?mr- lure been re ce:ved I ueit.y tali the atieetlnn 01 the Jo?ci la 1L 1 do no' tblhk I*. acccnaary to hare anything *e bat a ao lice. Mr >*?*?>aiiav? Tb? Coto?tu''ee ro Apnitration* and ttemoral* cariey tn rharye 'ho anounet oa of t.i" Mayor'* tlrat M*r?hai a?rt thr noniuttoo of the Mayor in retard to t tavemaora wilttcn report, which thj Clei a may real If nrcearary M n or W mi;>- ! thick II ha 1 better 1>e rent Toe Clerk than read toe repor. at Ibe Ccamiite?. ta fol- I Iowa ? aainKi aoaflt?r <,kjt*r>r, rm navm ? ?*on?t. rod a**.*. | Tb> maati ue a.ceti?: ta oaar<e the cut"" at.' n m h* <?or arirrt Ma-aaai tor aprfal yatr ;mo. to h*o? ia ft to in- i lore*al a*i *t<we n r>ito?e.i la'he ?di>'*.a'.?o or a;, i ?? r M the r*??>li"lea <;!'er*< ,e* hia U >eor be Oaf)!, .a nf , th* t uraht r to he i. hey leare reapeet' illy to rew?rt ? thai thej barr raiefntiir nnatdered the apr trad . a a*. It a heart-. iW an 1 parr ?? to ib? miin a In* rrnnantti ^ l*t I tat I'te Marorabim 4 hare drta'.iaa ae mar r -1,-era a* - ? - - r. . . ha aa t-_ .lu' i h TO. .O t ?.? A.i, /i _ nttlon of th?- me?!*** Put h? ?m>it?? <v?o?.d? ih* j n- ?t?r <h ?> ?? mm iban ,a * < raaarjr I) i?"? ? 'w ?wrer?. flutk* therein mention*<1 ^ , i 1 Th?t no memberof ibM Bmrtl ?hon..l h*r?'h? prltiirif* of (ewe-liu *07 "<!> D'.mi.#r o mm ? will t- or ? >* to , perform tb? d?tl?? r? 1 T 'h' * ' ?"??> uton, mi 4 eepe ebtllr it mrmh'-r nl ihut I'jrrrt off* 4oen not ne?Pjit?> to V- \r? hi* hoof is* to 'he low, hurt open nri"Oii*ii to i:? eoot|*i aaoce The :iwiuiii> Im> oh odl - ol Itw thr< ih?' to tempo low. t! ehoV.l be ?*<*<, -*l t.trtj, ?nd toeeoire hlbr aa<l h- t | o?t 'rUI of O-T I*W, lt? r o noro Mould he %; lr%?: n i p )iv j j lord . rfm. :h*i .?? ' he j lire ewttm to rieei to Tn.1 j,. : ifunclwif kfr low It 'nemtineil br the m* r rr in wtinh it loriwnirii Thee' fo?e the < n?mltVe r<met't<te th?. it would bo -ui ob?-r. '.r Hep WOlOfbtO llnror J. Vi?, many oi?' lj e'li-fn M 'b? tnwthv It won d fire Mm * (t-mh of * h' ttiirnf rl vied e 'h .ill ei'hnrttr of ttrpt'm man O'Uteol'y ts<t ootb r '",! 11 male a?e.?t? In *11 pa-- >! I >* nroprUtwi Poller IfkirVt nod Stale. aa<i hmww ttie* and |Hr r IIO , m . ,. ..... ? . of lk? low t'?eU ihe r< mmiiienere pot bi nd to Hie feel that the loss U. u n'.hi* Torce le en Impotent co" leratimv That irn u | be lece-ed la and ebont the f4?y Holt, wh. e? m >-e po pie eoti*ee?eie then In eiiynthee poftm W ha raj, and i eliwkwe Neorable let or prejuul'tei eeilaat lite * tir o ilorif will be formed ?I'B Bore twi.wr. troB the b.e. n? ot tar three 'here r>Mbtted then *07 oilier ! J. From remar<? made I! le claady In din ted IW. IhepeUc ( tinea ere 10 he Bade loop ike rid foree ebmh Ike r-iaa 1 ?* i dri ? up wire ?t Ihe rr-eefb momrn le * aoweerey ' pnlnroe.not o 17 l? lie- h"%fd. but miteld*, to dr crwine ; wbciber the old force or pome ynrilna tVretf 1. t?m m fa,t I now in 'be poi < ? lorre, And autil'bat r| .#ed <ni? d?i< -n ae '. prudence rtlrtatea that no art of flee Ho*,-.I rhoot I -wfalrn (heir cle 01 in place In ibe prrrcqi tr.rco. Afaln. M" on , eiitiee arc ol opl .on 'bat no reeoi 1 rpedai nun bonld he w*t? > alaaa the arr.vielty ? rcmi ?ni liter ere ot opt-<oe thai an oeijeieOy ei'ina hi ' ? p eeeniume for tilth reeor' - that here It 00 eond re*?oe n I'.ln w'17 ilie torre abend not be Immrdla etv filled up wtfh mri'er anrntatin* nta There < a alUl bo-e formidable it-ire'kin to ih? reonMtoa oherad by M* fineor the Varor. whicn l? teat ?> ton ? 'eairec le to be under ' ie dlrrcitk n of 'be Mayor. 1 hie ab*uid not be, M It tenda in dteirw the form end deriroy dledrbne Am '.lirr obieclioo 10 the prmmmeip of eepeVal force je thei Ktrel ly le, that "inch fonte r enrol he nnlfoenml, h it wou?d ilBply he ea Hied we?r ? ehl?M, etn h tore am .?? ilnrtl* ?erk them (mm other cittreur end the f inv eneind the Weyrr hiriid he Weil prlfleMd aao Well equipped tor I The law ilee 1 irahe# it obi' wot f " 'hi# B -vd 10 del .1 *0 1 he 1 (tic* of the city ?nrh aietr'ier* of 'the fwe m ara nnorerar* for the pei ! irmanrc n{ the rer*l d-ijca pertelr ht/ o nch r IFce* at l* metomerr 'o he performed hr i creew rt? Cneimirr* itrrriure r'n oBBet'd met the fcfre acre ?er? lor the Mayor * IKlfc he by lh? tien -ral Roper latendmt Itmn therecnlar foree bow e limine. J. 8. T. fTR?T*H*F, .IAMFS W. MM. Major Wmm?The qnealtm la, Mr. Chairman, npou the ?<!?|rt'oa of the report, i!r, ! ho? iha* ifie rapor; win tot lie eoopted I rhall vote a?Aln(t It* adoption, and bcloib I proceed to iknr ihn few r wanop which I propoee to the why it ?<1 art ho adopted, I will a*k ibe feotle rar-n If that retort le elf aed by both moabori or the rtm milto*f Mr. Fm*l?Ar*e?I will aa? franbly ?hal that ewpnrt wrayy : word of it, hae he en dictate! or written he the mwm'ttoo Mayor Wiumi?W ho arn (he on wmiitMi t | Mr Br* ta?nral Nye and mfeeir. 1 Mero ?fh-nbltroitcieeihoeaiMnbiaof both* 1 lit no ral N v-lt doee, ?lr 1 mum wiein entoen ia.MII *1 w Mayor Wioi?I ma.ietliai injnlrt, Mr Chairman fbr Ute ? pnrpooeof rtattrf that the appMitation which 1 made wat r W ill the ap* robe a and rareer.t ot (toneral Nyo, to aee ( e-b?(terUil? *Vta . w?* denned to eTtewd to m?ttb?l rourtee> and thai rl|ht k. franl what I doetaed to tn an "WW'T ?>r r-rdeotion ?f the pityi taM NEW YORK HERALD1, i Mot I OOlbC lh? >1*/ baTo?e y^elerl ?y privste 1 *VSTview titer wijoeraineBI at the Bwd, ?<th the Cbatrmwo end Titaaurer. I thro stated to thorn ltx> roceotttjr Air these persons or otters. Wo discussed Lie retort for tome tru or nfteefc m'nutee, solely with rv^reaoe to this HKJtcol.'JO I ton! them tbe oeoeesliy for those moo, owl eventually it *u Uetertniant Uuu 1 should mob" the sppticattou la thli way, end that it sh'KUl be granted there rjro It Is that I ho o made this op'iUrdtlao, auO It wooid never here reaofced this B.ard bet for that quel lorttaUoo, ?.>h their aa'U'OtkCe thatt. should be supported by iucui C">m UM "I U<J rep"'men i pr >CS"r.C"9 It r*IM la its statement*, rland.xnnui la :*j toes, tad ex -oeu i~j <i:s courteous to the Me;or *?' the ruy and a member o' hie ttoer-t am tf t-ie lew, I jo coudetna the law?I-prouoouca U>? l.i <r a g ot? use palica of the right* and l.herty of Lie people ot the ell) and county of New Y >rk?acd It is admit od by tbe Supreme Court to be so Infringement of thoeji'lt ti the constitution ire- sted the lew unl. I tbe court of lut reror' ,5a?e Pa decision I rsslswd It by ererj hooorat i?, by (eery Vga., end or every proper means-But when this decision win nar-n aora. and when tb ? Board ran rorpfsel of a cb?.*a Is wh.ih, ont of sr-f respect, I could meet, I came ner; m pursuanoe of a duty when lire law hart impoeeo upon .an ae Mayor uf u '.a city, by my right ae a member rr rfcic of tb ? Hoard. I cams burs oo* oo.? to repi aunt tbe'c.iy, but to protect tbe public tnti rest, u?* oaly to tre that tbe W^s Department waa proper!; oigsmzed and that .j uumjere were c impotent, bit to nt, a* I tblak ! bare the power to prevent, w becoming a more iuetnimmt if despicable and unarm |u ow poiiucians I came liero. ? r, In a rplr l of co:c,. ai re to d..charge a duly imposed upon me, and, air., letting that tbe necesattv of it...... men; MM the corporation ord nance* couid ant be executed wkich tfce Law binds me to tuucuU), that the a pec a. poi ce or u'llcjiu, wb.chavsr you ct.ooae to call them, am id not perform the at its soi'.ollatior of members of Uj j Hoard?eg, tat,'east expected it to receive a respec'ful coo ideraUoti.l at least etpeeled that the Mayorof New York wou.c he respected. And tf tbs subo,-dins-en of thtncammsnon wl.l not treat . bis office w'tb rospect, the goctiomo.i of thu Board ought not at leaat to 11> at hl.u with dtnroi;>oot, 'n rosr-ec' to Uto 0 J-.ce t' not to the bumbie indlvdcai woo happen* at id, momcnttcU 11. Thee, Mr Cha.rman, arc my res. ous for voting o^alnat Iho reception of that report, and I hope It ?!U not be received by tbla Board Mr oTRaa.txs?in tba matter o? tbs noov?w?aiW>oi he tweet the < a.ct-a of the Board and the Mayor I h<tve uo reply to nui.e With regard tc the truth!..loose of the report, tif fkc a are there and tbe etatemsa-. ;"stm>do h* the Meyer and the report MaMT most beer tt I ceod not | maie an; reply to the Mayor'* ohargrs There, to far as 1 aai conceited, tbe meat ret.; the matter <;uitM it Is iu tea *t-rcri, a* appear* from what the Mavor tax ;W. ??.., * >w^uiv wu'?^i uuiuuiK uiurn iuau too truth HtliM >).'sfar%a [ *in mwMt,lk| matter matt reel M?jsr Wooa- QwotK o Gen. Uvj- Perhaps before tie vi ^tloo 1? it a lor rue to "*y a word ta 'elation tc to lnta'7 aw spotaa o! Ir-y Ul? bono.- the Mayer Taere wis mi In tor view, *o<3 I uiiderrUod that he waatoJ f oro two to fl ? men I ? II ask the T ea.i.rer do# h? understood II Mr B.>wrr??Orta.oly, air, I nDde??ro>J it!,:.?t way ifta. Nro- TDe Qufctii.oa wan a".f?;?9tea b/ me. itb'.ik. IM tbo npkr forte weald *n.-wcr. Then the q,.. ilos ca: >r u; so to the tpo.%:aJ pat-o to' 1, anj I ln''. rstoC', I at tab t ma and -, -ta-'i row. t. at there war a wn' atjk-ut that if tue force could not be suppitwl !rom the rt?'i- ar forte, mat lb" plaoi should l>e (I led a, ct\*. men I ill i not under tand. rowcier, that tt ?? rare wete to be '-elected by tha U* or, t ct that they ware to he aelci lea by lb.a UurtL Th^t roraj tU ut men .aon * lie aeioeted Ibere at a ^cce-ai a tat at io taqchfor the Inter vh w?ao mudh for tba ;n .'talioc whteh bin bon (ata be bad, and the ?.ait ta.ttt.ioo to I maVr au requisition. Vow nan a tditonil | remark It wi? suag>?lt>d by tba Mato: tnat lbs First ; Martha aboiid -naie thta rtqeinition for the foscse, which 1 wa? ?aute<1 lie d.d make it, and tha Marshal 'o his ' requ'a'i on iiM LU given the to a. ver of men 11*1 he wtulatobave. Aid that a at. of tea '.BCorrlew that I listened .o I 'laaii" to gay a few words w.tb ah due re at tti. both If toe perton aid the vllce oocup.edby the Mayor ol' I by u<> tcoan3 ecu?rta.a any .11 lee.log o the wcrlJ tc wards n'm, and nothing Dot respect for th" petition he crrtipUa. Tti* a proud aadfBT'a'le ; ?.-lti.?ti, and a p.* iion which I will bo allowed to say I Ui.a*rhou.d be a.says exempt fr?m as.a: i ; geniemeo wiib whom br is atocclated ; pron ouncing them Ulaifera of the 'ruth, and the report they mahe a falae, acan^aloaa tlan !?r lo lit. but/inge For my own part, will what tltlolbave cNPtiaie I with pubue bodies, 1 bare nerer iocuJ r cb turf cm jO!i prnvail o-ouch taogiage preamble- J N >w, as ibe report iu?lf Th - rcpor aiiegas that the Mayor <Mx.uplee a boaliie ponlllou to tola taw Kia owe atate.-ruoia here lo Jay cofijiin the trtiift fulnessof tne grit*", there la*?* that he la to the law?that be re* ;?! it ? ac afrlopotrent" the municipal rights of this c It T te antwer to that u that be dltiera in op*n:on i >lh iih 'be .' cf this .late and the h.guest n oit ?l fbunal of toat State 1 have read the opinions, the mal"iUy o| loioiia, o? 11 at court *:iI had it ni< *he** sag geatnl that it ta ac tafr4ng<*roont up<"? the Dug c'.pal r this ot ih'a city. Oe the contrary. the Joctvoe is asserted that 'hair i? ro tafrtnyeni mt, but I' was a leg ''alive right that the Ptate has elwajs exeroi'-d and rlgbt nere i >*<e lire to make a sugee*Uoa, the law by whit b this Metropolitan i'oltoe t'ommitaiou la created cr gmaiea from the itue aour.a. trom ti* aamo 'oudy, asau-n'.ag that 1-rgtaiau.rea are onat.utioiia f: -n< the MM body, that tie gor-smirK-nt r.f tbe pc'lce tia? alwayr amed under?always to wit the Ir-gula'are ol the Stale Thai report Ukew'-e?nig? 3tt that in oreer v fir# any law a 'itr teat, tt? eifiit.^n aocMid b 'al'eari aw nreudie.". aga.nut the law. 1 ro^geri tn alt falrnry-t If It It not a p'ato common trnae i>rvr>r#i.'oti tnai rnwree ihe o: eeer? iatr tn ad ft tan It tin* r?t? auait?, that ye frtrly tented. but If tue'.r eternlora are nofrienily to tie law. that tt r??o*t b? fairly towtcd la a fact ao.1 the a ? Wty of ibai tart m wi .ttra In the nluud ot at iorvl ctt'sea* aa inoee men ra thill cue person allude-' to -u that -e per'e i'O'b t vi hlmaclf toe other d?? in a p- ti c 1 olid itg 'u lb a rlty? w'lii that fhrre ibat tbe law aa.n nw.d prulec: the perruos .ml property of ib tr tr?to m?.v, not Ibi* 'aa , bi'i to ore'en' tbe aier.-i-loo o'a prrevae u rued out of a j-idiclal triheauj of (tpj ri>/ wn'.cb all olbo'a are boa?<j to "Oj-ert en-t obey. Aid thai to rj fotoe wnoae eluba are no# rcekls:- trplt tbe Mood *f tear men n,ey he vl#<b?.i tor tbla ten -co The Mayor prop-wot tn an remit l h oie? >{. to ciit-tbarye a imoiie trt.rt an t ear ay o.,t faithfully -be provi-toif o' ibr Mm*oooI-i?Ii i'? e* 'a-* with ao h men tor oaf I Ifclpk :l wbuM he nnw'ea for ore that qteaVon dr< not ?ec-lre bit a'tproha''iu 11 intc -on i' ac?'h'og w. - wartid t" tint the enure -.raitb of ibai report tbe at topic thai nae beer ma-ie la tb*e t>?a0 upon tbe lav ta eel terra ear git i feelthal It would t unalr totar I .w; I feel that " w 'd be nafbir ?o tt' rweeo?a ?b-i bare p ?t to extcu?e ihla aw. ilia' thlr requ'SWen t? the extern a?*?d eh j i tw eratt* t l jo dm i j -aai rti ort, ano a . I tnc toabare tt e n ijenelluiiy of It Hla Hitwr'a ang^enton thrt he eatne Into Hjartt wb-n h'? own ?eif rerpeet rotno tie r-e-?rr?q, 1 ?to net uiiea rtaftrt 1 d? oo onw what he meant i.rt r? giut: -rase wind tr. ?an' a uneocbtii iy of ,-.a itnrn reet a an.Illy at tee a'f??r. hinted A* member* of tht* Bwar?' mir rafeaBiunbtia i? aa >t*ar o ea aa h.a .? to I w fbe it'<a-u ! tue aame aa It wae cr'ore the Waror taw woo the etrapt.on of ulte of In ir-wi bnatoed mer .hora wo-, haa re? taod?a ie'met-f 'hat earee nrember ' * ttila Hi ??it rr-a iawtb > M m? ir -u * i?v miiy a >? too' on it hor rtldri.l toot 'D? ?fiript>rr ?>! to e itoor i <1 Tor ><t n po' with ?hi- rrrooioi i um r?i?n. a w.? 1 *** ifie hrn r o' prurtit tbr Mat or TtMW. ?" mrahtl wbrc thy? ?w ?u w-wn- thy '? iti rrer'.t^lr "?ooi Bo roff-ft'- ? < * b b? boo born oh.? < rrw* i?tai mr-< "li * O/mM "f ? r>?'fr?r oh. -trior th?t t-? rio? hero A* t! ?t *r?v ni'mrot ho rnmi* 'o oaa ?r -* tip > too; i',i|oM4n'i. t >r ?tto it viol ; t > at it r?. i i l,el ?* ? o b'Hi J rt mrt * m??to uroo* orr mot '(.'wtr <tt thr p" C< ?f .no It woo "lot 'hot r>*'.o Mir !>*? ri;-?T . >, .- try oft omt |'"tor' M* ' > ,t? U ;ort,?on rbr ocw * *70 rr.:,tt ?.?- . <i v I lrrj btotnti* ?<rl!i"t ib?rt prlrnrvwr p now not th? Mo?f ' hvi r*' o n"ur ?*> for o? f * :? t r r? u, tt.0 I prrti.jOr'rra i)>r<v0t>net ?t?r -lotr '?? ?> *?r. ? r^tt un | roth*, thr * t? oro^not thr Y'trnpn ooq W< ? Voyr r Mf Ooifirt" t oa hot ttun . i iirrtMr S 'hot lb- >1 rr rt'rnopoaro Iro Nyo air ? toe , 0I?\ otawrr ?? to tbr po-fl inobm. I via <yr y not, oir. ! I'lOl If It hr tru? wblrh I On liol tS? fit of Nn? j York "? '* 'iTt>r of rho^'ny t'tr prt r? n?r-( r> form** fotrmioaloorro hod mo-lr 11 ;?rt eon I meti'a o-tl nrm | oir. let: 'to 7?rf?*j cfororur to o ; no.m ir o ? ih oa' / i BChMfOhf A*rtl? Ito crfO-aBt po'.ltJroi toroftrb AO? IB ,rtb? i to tnro* tw* rrolr of Ho pr"?r-j? "-horf-'r Ohm tr i too fooat 10 for oo w 'oformot -n 00* ? v- r, -I M iras I>nt of IM otfht htar IT to I Ihit forno * ?.? whot oro ootl >Arrottc T? st> ?**. Irtk* I ohjrrt w?? to oltr? to porttooo rb?r*rto Vt bo* nolo yoo? trrio mo ritrootr to tho r;'?- Rn ?a # boo noteitv. to <1o nth tbo nut roo bofay ?h? oaioo Tt.o ? smlirao -.O lO-^r- thil o. nn AT ft? th? fAr. fl . ' a*01 rti\.or In ? } 1 *?Bl| rm? ?fVHi D, tJI I Mat** ?4 Vt* wf ??. !# I tn? ar? nr* %rt? ' roi* ?C -Ml tb? rai<r.rt, i? I lb* li<>] thai toe f*>ard -tar one ' an** raraatfdar lot an'.in an-l faba a Mf.'tMM now (rfr S-?_rhM "prn p/opr*'* fo ^rr f? t.-* '.Ire? ad tba oflleara thai arc aa.-oaai.rr ihara' .**? ? nn'a'r W r*r thai tha raprrt drn''? Mm tba 'wpn? fa pr! (atom TV roport IfefD bat diva a* atow -?k- Mayor lo M?1 th?m Mayor *nr-If tba Bnar I la i* wr**1 tbao* naao '? 1 lha rVaractar of rcfbitr p?. ?oto. Ibr. 1 wllrooaonl ibai (bay bar* *t> fvnni T.** u> arpo at tbooa If ; U)?r *r* plac*d it! IV rbararta- of apaa al pouccnwxi. Iho ran* ? >piy'r* t *a a rt# it ?r tan-? tba mer. II la rfmp'y tnr b? Roar-l in atikwar Ibaai Ll Iba nVt! aorta >*?. Nit-I daolra lo ?a* 'a aaawor lo tbr whaoaa.a pWwtaa of iba Maya loaf bp appa aimwnf?Kara twr mate i lb rr(v J to po.itfa. partiaa ho ?aa f ai.i at tb* I law. howorer. ao it?Tbooral? vfUoi. or if tM> J'd tbap w?rr appointed Mayor Woo?. How do you know * (.00 bra?I *paak from tba -oaaril Mayor Won-?I* yn -oop a roro-d (Ha Nt* .tprai. from tha (Tbtra; ropon. I anJa*ta.? : ?o aay ao far a*t 1 ant r/arm?a ? thai llioro war* than no democrala auriylay. We w?? an. h n>?n at a*ip lad Tha quoaiKB wl). ? nroa tbr a :opf of tba report Tha Cimii rwi'ol the rod, with tie fol.09.114 raaa.t ? A rt??R ro. htraaatan ?.?0 Rr.wrn. W?va-Want Poaol. aaAChnlwalt, Tba rKJUana- darldad Ibo raport rM *riopt*<t Mr. floa-ar ihon adbrad tba fr.ilowlaf, which m a.'o|dod,all hrt Mayor Wood roi'np la tba aftlrmaPra ? Raaolrrd. That Cta (tanaral Poprrlntralonf a ia?ir mad '? Mtvr r mj rrqirrr >r? aaniat him in daaharrr nf hi" rln m T>>? Hour J Uiro > rdnd In adjon-a to Mnn lay hi lOo" ' Cfc, 8??. 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In t?? *tram?btp Rlr-Ma. for Hamnnab?Mr J. T Lont'?f. H J. II. <'onb', Mr*. ? hn r Mr W a Worry vil lady, I ?p?. Rirhar ton and 'ad?, I . T. M Vincrnt.u K A , Mr B. Haplrr, Mr. K T. M>lyr. .1 Mr. R R Bloanam. Mr .1 K. Mr mm. Mn fc. M. KmI. 'J** (Ml. Mr*. H. kaai p. Mnainr Kr*rp. aad Ira In at?rra?a lath" *>mrr?Mp J*m?ro?m. tor MnfMb 4r ? M. Ami* ir*.l (I. P. 4 ml rum. K. Rn m nil. i Ml Wnrihr. B T. rf*?<11r ??. Vaynwi'ith, ? Rr'b?, Char!? ? Rt Brlliira. M'?a A'lrr Kryanr, Ulna ? iavtof, francta fV-ll, W cl. Bnady Mala lam to Cbarir* Tay'mand I ruL 0. 0. Hmdrrti Mr* "llliaQln aad danrbtnr, Pharfn# W Hi ttnn, v,|w * Mom, W??ran Nlankf ?h > A. Rrw.fca. lad, and aon. * *?. Vii*. MrRa Xlaa MoRmdf, T. P. WbUaorr. ' s had 43 lu n>?ra?* i j ? ?Twolng* wr* lo 'fture BoilBio on i-rlae drill a*|??<tlilie In the Hanmia I! ?V 10 IX HMWOna a npladhl ' v ? * r'A SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 1853 IOcutnin Horn* ovvntrU A.rrorfTHKKT, a-'> bhm!88?i,<?rm MnoKAjra AND TBI OrsrOH H0U9* B*l)UL4T!0Mfi there era llvet Urnee at the luetom Houee uow a <Uy*. ^ rowing oat of a determination on lbs part of the new (a lector to thoroatfhly reform the methods of d 9ng bee' M la the "Marble Building,'' so m to;!n eieiy so.;.a lactMa the mercantile community, who ha"9 heretofor 1 beea ?a Terere by lb? reset.00* delay* to which they w^ro eobjeetwt, n,i iDe locompeteeey a' loo in-/ {xA.tioUiw wh.i mflf.i ae"9i *'* Sam 1 ropr;*e?tatiree In adJ tee 1 to those refor ? Mr. Bahel! bee determine) tcnoe hie A ^ca' PM; )D*R? ? s-cii e mac no- a* to die coMtoDnara > ??.*? w-io*o muru it-ua to atsiract toe an ibocmm'c part?, K mo erheo ub.ob and harmony. L> view oT the peadk M Htaie ?Uru^|:ef %r > uo much to he do tired- tin scpw '"* o: S.cictes, Fowter, Sauaorn Ooch.-Wie, and otiro* leaden, who pure st n th >1 In ten. ' tion to distract tfco P*rt. mu?t expeot no <"arot at hu bands, and of this Kt ' bis recent dlamiseilii an I appilnt men's Is asuffleloo^ i rnaraas*,o. *lJ ubocU be a warning I from this time forth. The fclloelng diamine 1 vaJ eppointnucu wen offlc.a.l/ announced by tbe CoKtsV * yuetartiaj ? IHIp'itr?(Salary ^ lmf annum.)?Martin t rana, rice Albert U yerton, roceo ''3J Jfto-K.' rj. - i.8aia<y >t,5t ^ P?' aanum )? w Ukivt r vt* Malcolm Ivt?, a '>?oveu, viced \F'.ad<nuilot, elce Wm. Murray, remo od Inntctft ? 'Sifery ?!,!#$ p> ranimm )?'in B R'ptoy, rlcefoorgeW. ?r ho reman, r?. uorud, Ktory 3 Coaduc, rtoo Maaus Keiiy, removed Olfikt dppoinuU ? baUry fl. ^00 per annum >?aeury Vloans. Geirge A C Brlea, HK*k Baiter M^-ntvffr ? (Salary $600 per aa onm )?Henry Dvan. sco. tbrt?r?(Salary Jd50 pc raj im-t1?vim Itillaalgea. It bad been tboojbt all atong Ut, u Uio now Code no? [ wetdd aot bare the nerve to nialte at V change j la v'.oe of tb nn oDg Influence Dott o the p *<>P'-e I: Lbs (J. is to m H'USJ could brieg 1-ttMjt.- to rJOaia U " >r p?i?tt!rrui hut tbt y w; re cruelty ca leer . oJ epou m the foi.oir lev P lb/ note ? rcsTOwSftws.'. t * To'i. > O'f. " .*> o-d'tlr ft. ISJT < "is?f t???e ap->xo <wt ur.uiher perw>u l1. h1" mS v w its ecoiV. us oc whl jh j ov are an watt mrvmbt ?'. an that yn -j further eerrwea wilt not fee reqnli <*4 r am r "y r?'?rec tf; J. Iy, AU<jUpTD> hOliSb L Collector. Ticae agreelne Ititie WIH icw Crone oa 1 implacable Coilrc-trr did not teod to eniiruo tb* sp< He of tbo reel p\Dtr an i s.isb or tbe other olee. ooideri ab* " bave oeea a/^ ani icilng with the dtao-pmfyH goletnonU la the part/ bam in.uh) up tboir m ads that he. - t .roa come next, and if rerw t epeake | truly, the gcl'lotine will t?o actively *t wori? *t rug the rotmag tut jth, uud petd u< orgo laatoa* for a =lon between lb* Edward Cooper oud Wn>oa Hrn*-I ^min *1 coa: x iK-?r* will bo re oj* ued ear'./ deal wee*, wa-ra both these cgabnatlrt* wit msei. It w!'[ bd doi'.c?<1 '.bat uiuoi j< the 7e *y llrxt it** ?-*? of tho Hjbt hiaa mon of e* iur reyor 1'A.O'lt* 1b.? M ?j nm noi:? men to hundred* it lJ? C' - t.'O! Hx'te, u Mr inchriue, dcring bb^ Co'.trctm *btp of W- Redttald tallueuced very ai?uy or?ir> clt7 <*4*t -a' tneots. *ad tos t-raUiy out of all UU . otaltarw we uli ic?.c*a mo*-or Thte ante of ai!nr?li??, x! b< c na nea by the j neiil a* rxie'.t on tur. by He CM 1rar.e to Tanmac* Hall, In oppoffltioa to ite ro csioa . of toe pern, aai ?b ch, la d%.1, glue aid xad oonVovt l*o to-" b.aci r*p> hlictbe ah ?u,4 tun war e vie bomooraJE *ii08 COnLnue, the CdSto u wtli noon be di ed w'fJI ee** ' acne. aai the d aocguaiterx w :u lia? a to lai eomj other?tup oyiretl, M '?owh:.e tc Co . 'or'? ? r ';- r. : ?ra tr io -file- 1 ereberx Nor era the7 euaO. ed to thta clt. . They warn from tit a country, end (did other Mtaiet swd maoyofthi' hav come t a l*en? of ni :-b w'th r.rortou uala f.-oai aO the sioaIi fotato pulitlooaoa of toetr eocuoa, only to be aore j (Reappointed io i.;e!r otyoebt'.OM, oci to retun borne poo er, ?ad, U ta to be toped, w.aor ceea. At Iti* .-ulii it tmi tlr.uoe * 'rioiiKi/ IliirnrtiiT'Oti'a tbe pub lit b .1 or-*, which jjw required all the aU? .If ' of Mr ft <31,be baa the folic*.eg ai^uiUdiaut anLOe lo bo pel up t.o the doir oils do hi* office ? NOTICE. men wbi with 10 hi the CoJeea>c oj ajput wmi < * offire wMJ oblige turn t> calhtyf between li.e foe a of 12 lycioca. a . *aj 2 o'' ix-a, p M Ajrtrsxu* wr rtjJL Rut tbepol'.tuiiue io no: pqy tb > ellgbte 1 a .toe tin a to th'.e tot/ ream'tab'e requoet and th? Olioctnr la tooipel ed to i'.atrs band* to rec.Ula of lar-rlrtoot, tat*'"Mora arJ but'nee.* aptitu.le or aom* Cfty to or> buodr-. t rsiaf be-T poltt'elau when he ahodd be jtteod ag lj x. rb tn^re itnorUri liua'oeM nar.t ** -ox ?. -rue rio' < r>. o*s? flireofora there cu baeo at mean? by wfclta ?er rhaala eon'd toli whether the pert!?* "ho rep taeouM tht mtalTai a* lujtoai U? iee ofhtera war* *5 or not t ' frrturotly hat peosd that aeiioua frauia wore conKtlvd 1 by u.ia .tbtiri-e.i ia<" ea, aid tbo aiTcha.1.1 vore cotatASl f ilah> to be lmto?;d epic Hr "<ch*'l la -ete-. nutrrl to rrtntd/ thia d'.Acuity .0 ruture, and l:aa d- 1 a'gotd a badge which a to bo wora dcr og boa:coat ao'.ra by all C-:?tox Ooiac oJlcr.a It It a allv .* piate-1 no ooalilea, wththa Imted rtatjj c.jat of a*xa 'a roller, the tu.e tad acoiber of U 0 o?cera. aad tb lu* Ibo To low n/ i< a ropy of oue o: tb-m ? J to -yof <? C 3 ax *>?T or in " tua. i 2 t at of artna ^ J fcUa 2>: lay tbr** baJgee wo'0 hanletto eiwh otf-e- w*lh b'apay, w lb 0 rectioc to wear them a ruttifts There wt.-ii * r ! w?/ ia-.?i at rvn y jf uoic *_iu ua; . *?? ;co*e! i pop w;?b gr*%i d nfhYV t m, tio* e?er as olseUen'. rofuiatMB M t w... p-4-ran. B MM m M ? Bl'gJIBM *Jur* ll.JJM. Twere Oeeljtod toeV-tao 'mpo-tost rt'or-n fo? the bfo-11 oftbe me-rh*Bti hare on fV-r?t worm! rary w?ll, kt. 1 m.itl. JjcoaleM hu been eaortvoW theroopoo by Ibe marl JOliI*. l a tbe Id o. Jul/ M r.rri ?r '.ox. tbi 0?!lK<W W?* pot Ith d la ob.i,h byaotilet l ik ttnportera luat e< rh of Uktn 1 kk * *t'.1 a,re? to the arrange ert cou.l hrr.a'.er Ita-a I bt'r packagea neat lo them Slraot y from the public imro ajietl if bt\ g compel ad to ?yo1 lb ir own ;ira t-fte* ! them,ud tboa rua iaer?< of oat /rre'vag the zowli Tba wbufd ba?r Uwo aa * .ne'iri vrautrtni'nii coa i j harr b?et rk'.-ied at'- ? ?ert 'mased ate y, bat uafsrin natey it baa not wonad we 1 ao far Importer* Rod It ! N>>n ? to rat liair jood < wlaa they wool ;h?r_ and ;*.*?* ruonpt ' rt ?> ? ?.i '.*oir J*s to tU.riy leya, a* Ihe ai< . ma~ w Tb r MMl M: *' / IMfCM ""a, nod coo j BWNMlbnM ban ?!|i.y : i WTo kcl 3ena<: \ ?) r jt or i>? mi U>c wruta TV vie h?ow h?.? V cox- rram.-itod jj-i aeat Y. -ufa; rtioadfk k me--am 's K- ba be J it tr.* Marr&as t Kjuhar.a t? a ;<roao thatr Irfiiji - a .V The ?S? e " n Tory a ip'e *ad rtfii U frooi i*u urea i>w if (kit Uij bwltr ? v tkt Ciitb tt? Rao '.ar muMBi* otaco Ike lit of J f, omjf - lo ] lb* * radio ta* in jt lato o|e a vg a. imi , I'lho ?. i another ? ll)n in 'lir'nnr V iJ, * ?,! nj lie ?? etoraoji t or will not kdapl iiio oae. to th? [ a. m or-J er of ib'o nr I -'wrbklit ! iy,1bM,toU|Y Ik' r-f .'?!? 11*<T, tlM b oi^or ?>' : .-I* j?i jkkjjin rec* ?* ) kjo !. ! > i id at the pt r? Wi ??i lid or ail i >0 per oi ia nj 'be aoootio o Jo y l".tS* w -ite* been < 'ncl *0>/e n. an d" oth i/.tiy *. >a ibc t .i'fi ilos ?:.d <r o* rke, k i ?mt>kHi,7'"-oo'. aV, WtO i-4. .i-yl tb a'*? i ori-i u ve oi*4ii9 'or th? b, d>*ron;ral *b older Ji 'tduity < :b? !b<' n? w .-?|i w >a ?*.e? tb otnc"" rint the ? ji?"vt i'r, srt* ei aer, oltr.Mi tl It a olroe . atri Ire hie no t:i?!r port tbee aef *r* !t trdoed our C <i H<> * * * * r-'o % \ * "dr i m.? . <oO -e, I- I tb* T - ftore r'teeih^i era 's i .atee rjr Viator? Jyi'j'I1 bow not tod i'I wv?o ki-i'val d <> b?- Tbe r-^ ectu.-, howrrar. .' a rrform, rvl on do .11 hi ileal w'-l. efect .t t .u *.t.? #.- wer* ' oadr of a few * Jm .not Sk-twaiaa It wat'd nova a?y I'jOJ e Jec? f retpu tb * : t w be war. ial *efwei: t the Ouettt aad tha mvrebuw *t. Scholl la btala; * ror? ;n (e-rti 0| t me I A >ln| le (.>? ut HriixIrtlM a Pll ( < obtala wrr i* .abia itr*" ioai' r .lion iwoo'y Vtr?ei aoe V in ' ! worlt K ' lwi?t? ?bp?" h odW. iib;.? it*e? ee itiYn In m.r peaetlee b tb? eie'.i r'.-nj n( otborpi^ *? v.*. if.. n m m ? ~ , *c. ar-1 tr* M h ,'^a > r ifcnar -, . lh..m !>? ?? r*?k? -M a J** ?n?r. ;? a 14m wU M a lltf Our m vir ?... tot 1 a rrda. Ia~. c j ?; . ? *t 'j ?. .arm Hi ? <?. JOM-Mii'M* Blfatbt I Bo Lrcll VI .1! *rd OS I ?? ?> !? f JKaflt >- > l M *h? r r* aroaol * w? rroran'. ?ba n>A'.a. ',i?n . ' .im -a. r *aY-h ah*n' v a- arj. vtnna-..Ona, na nf ac m-an da r*T if* a .?*BitV I a*/fcinr . at* liter i TV tairv . *ip> ai l fa.. I ap/J -ypy a tfe bt.j t?*r an:... pa... l*Ur i roaa. boae. ae-idr* i faHtriro* aid r, *t!< noa I'rnc ?ai . ttae i, Urnntr ->. .oa d tit ? >-' Cw v "nab man a ?rna4n ? ?o*a#f Tea ntj* ?f.>n I ? r at a; **, ttnare aa ll m'ai -iroea, a: . .tun otror. aat a- r$ ral .? at.-aev Br ok It a T*a I?rla1 PKataKraph U hail only at R4a3 t 0 MB Br olwa/ irarr Tjomft a'?M> a. RVlara-Bara ? Ua.. RaBUall?jr? TraN o?"* ro^oroO lo Ho. 1 o^aar awoat. AM. - tit ft .1 ataiaara tad DaUm In tleaun|. kvi rawartfi.iif la niao in ?taMiaa oar I ? ? ?AM.AJto wtaraamxjt. ?' adLtloo to om/ i ana! '.art*' k o.' _ ?'* *.a>?a?n taaaitCwpttito w? biro u.o aoiaoo (aaonrbAirwt at Ikiimim I'ool tt _ U>?r?io?i? itriltntainnai ! - ** rm~ " m' D OI7LIK 4 OO, til 289 ac l tt) Rr?v! war. l*ow Tort. | '?lltin| < WhnlMalr -Southern unit *i*#6onie ai* In* "4 lo laoportnur a*** befito O'.r '*' ; Jr;'T artll'.tetteo rd ?n oaa : or t.-ar tiirara. DA*>X? J. 4 Q40. .? uf'-'T. $4 ?wm otreek. I p'^' U**u *?>? ?h??k. p?r Vm4mAHL hy ' ^7144*0 4 BuS s .. aum Si 1 aaai i atrvM. aaar H\)d# : Jk ??. DiliiW Balaauuiitaf 1 1 aowdar proof mhm inkiuJ mi ban. om*? i? rtmr I w*?MnbitelM ROllltKT u. FATA10K. , J*niiln|i >i Ion*i Pkltnt $11 I'uttaf* Top*, 1 i adapted eapnetaUy for ike Mouthers ai.d Wmi?ra trad a, at jgg , roadway. .tonaa' Old ||?nwi Knap, 'M , for Ftwrklaa. w??u?a, '*a, mirvk-a. had akin. An JnKR* eoral hair mt, aa . fl.| 1 ?l, arajr. arak. haim* hair; baat artiele Mad* Uapot m %>war*. Murray ?V ianman'a flailrta Water la tfci todiapaaaablaronula'.ta of the Haaauh m let la Hnalh amarlra. la itpereedln* bare, aa it haa tnae 'aara. < ?rry o?? r perf use and renneltc. IHlo ed ? 'h aa'ar U ptaea a aUbert am-nth neea to the alia, white ita arnata ,l? ?r lha > that ot the rival 'rarrari ai, jmi in tba enna>r-atnr'> a "V-M by l> T. l?kH MAR A CO., aad by all dt ncawte, a> Ml Ben la par but ?, Ratrhalflr'i Hair Dyt, \V?*a and Tatipwa? I The beat? the wort a'troaaMni all mad* eeld aad applied at the meanfacaory, *W Hmadway Ulnl'i Wlgi and Hair Dy* A*aln-? tha j I world foe their aamrai aopearanna dorabiutr bad ahaaa | MS, it IR "-tadwkf. aaa< Hjwvj < -at. r i roigvlil AiKlfn* Corrtai, m MM?I ramad) for dtlfWa, ehoten morVia, ooUe a n mi:'liter er>?pl*.ni* Pruw M oeuj b-x^a. A#*.c7 * 3 Uo? err oarier rjnrtb itrerl Tbe very b-wi la tbe entjUry Both on sate and Ike dye jirl ant ?M at Mo. f astor llnia. Hoilowt/'i PlUi niul RTwtukllf BuiUb Mineral oi-rparatlons (fun (he ItpiMn Of nedlcv. idlwa ' 1 b"T ar' more p;~werf' !j then any irtteriaovj reou-dy luoo' i<i>??iiwo tb-- It ?r <be blood ?in1 llv pnlmrnary r?rfi ! ? d rualore >a.j iiir>r of the lataran. ortaaa wude rwitevtog I Ufa. j FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. oa V A BKflV. A??H!-6P K I rtKi six* ogariM .ipeaeo aa<i clowvl WAoct much rbaoy to-Jay. Tbu larpet no?i!.iw?. m -.a Pend aj and uie wide*. jioy >meoA la M sb.yan 8<v.lta?r) M.'waitaie and Mlsnt.wipp! ts felt oy to be too b y a toad for the tlnnn flai agtota of the company to carry A. tbe tirst board Head eg declined % per neet Micta'yan Centra., Jf; Micolyao dt>a there, , W Iwscse and M wlssippl, 1; La C-oate and VI. wau ,le, ,t1. New York laat-ai adraaced per oat. Panama. ?<. Wbit ta> casta ttoctr ta i Michigan Southern sell* at W-, a 00t<, talee on tint UA j and 20 da/a are made at 47 per cent. Th i li a (ranter | dUe .vice than ws hare ore- recorded (a aiiocresper enoe, U aba we that It ta the taapreaa. on of sellers that tbe bob In the hitch m*7 break any moment Rome da/ Wall street astonished t>7 a sudd>o coiltpee ta tuts corn oritur combustion, and than there wUi be a (rent rush to set. at aa/ price. At the second board the marxet ysnjral'y wan tower I'eoos; tymrLa Oaad Company declined S par ooat;F.rte. 'i; La CroHsa and MLwnui'a, l?'; !*end..yf, 1 M.'cbtyaa Southern, %. men Island advano?l % per coot end Now Vor. Centra:, S,'. The ehlptMoU of specie today was nearly nine Hundred thousand dollars. The Atlantis for Itrsrpoot aarr'.od on! >?*>4,000 and ths Vnoda?b!lt for Havre KOO.DOO. Tbe coupons due An?. 1st on all the bonds o' the Pitts b'jrg sad inter.beoTjW Railroad Gompan?, wb oh had been dltpoaed of, war? prompt.? pedal the Namaa Bank on pr'-ooistloo The fstiure cf Mr Mcllrata Joes cit affect thia rompaa? in an? w\y. H i aaceptancoa were for the cootracto-?, and the cred.t ofthe company a beyond beinjt -adoeocedb? ibe iaiirldue; reapooa'.b'.llt?af aa? tlaanotec. The .on.ttd&t Treatcrrr rsperta to da? as foilowe:? Total ?m ri'8 311 M T >ta! pajmeaU ldS,i.'dd 12 Txe. balance 11,1?,&1* 02 Tj ? second uioriga&a l?3iJ>Utri of the Keunebec and Portland, (Ma ,) ?a: road bat-i Kod, ta const* .crcce of ta aon pa? moai of U>r interim Tor the taxi year, to lake poeeenioj o' the road oc the 1st of oopteubsr ail raa the ?aai .3 b?Dsh of the'r icte-esii A. lai rweLDf of the elocebiblera of the ProrldSBCe, Werrea aad 3r.a-.oi P.a.L-cal it won rated Ivu.j preferred atock at t-r-po- runt to the of ?IM,QG0, ta ordor to pa? the "no-go#- toads o ItbC.WO and floating dstt of S40,90J, had add JU.O'rt to Jte eptomsal oi the rm 1 The Ix>a:l ;a creuiar of E. F .- attend waits dated Jc!y If, nay ? Tli? man ? market (Sow Ucr?w->a eaee the Bank of Eo t1 io t h?v > ndu-ed their roto o' d:? m o. to ft ^ per ceo and ecaa* o: the discount Soaa?e are do a* flr?t ria?? pap " it . 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