Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7641. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. The Faction of Ignacio Comonfort as President of the Republic* ; Sketch of Hit Life, Services and Policy. THE ANTICIPATED WAS WITH SPAIN, Ac., &C., AC. toe steamship Texas, Captain Forbes, arrived at New Orleans >D be lith ult. She Isft Vera Cru z on U>e UlBt. The Intelligence it of censldet able Interest. Inaddl-lon to a seminary of the news, which ere copy from tbe Vew Orteano Ficoyuney we give an interesting sketch of the life od pnbiiO services of Senor Ccmcofort, which we com pile from facia in :ur own posseetion and translate from Mexican journals. (Fr m the Kew Orleans Pica rone, fuly 20.] Tbe mills of tho steamship Texas,Captain Forbes, from ere f roz the '21st Inst., reached as last evening. The Texas orlxigs *33,400 In specie. T A HHKMJKHB. Oof JVimeryl, (Potted States Bearer of Despatches 'o WashiafoL), Oapu Ma'.oney, Oajjt chrjsup, O. C. Boe, C. W. Ultra, Conrad H'.eveor, an 1 12 in U e steenme. Fy this arrival we have papers from Vera Cruz to tbe Hut, from the city or b>-xleo to the 17th Inst?fourteen days later. The eiectl in for President of the republic, under the new constitution, took place on Sunday, tbe 12th fuel So rar as the returns were in, they are entirely fa vorab e 10 Comonfoct, of whose election none of tno papers at the captial seem to entertam a douot In the district of Mexico the Fiertoral Ooltag* stood?281 for Oomobfott, 1'2 Lerdo d? Tejala, and 17 scattering. Home weeks would lapse befimi all the S ates would bo heard from; but tbe vote o ibo district Is be'lcved to about a fair example of what might bo expected ton the rest of the country. Tbe election for President of the Supreme Court, who In case of the death, abrenee or Inability of tho people boMiner by the oonstltuti?n President of tbe Repuollc, also took | lace on the same day The successful candidate is behoved to be Seror Benito Juarez, of the progressist, or ultra democrato oranch of the liberal party, Comonfort being classed with the moderates. There seems to have baen an tadtrslanulng and entire accord between the two parries. Tbe elections In the d Atrial, and bo far so board from laewhere, passed off n the moat quiet and orderly man Mr Indeed, the TYail d'Union coaiplalas of the want of 'ardor and enthusiasm on the part or the people in the exere*e i f a right which l,eo at the foundation of the institutiors of the country." Ttie election for deputies for the capital took place on Monday, the 13th Intl., and resulted in the complete tnno>[ t> of the liberal party. Hie prospect uf a war with fjiain, however, teems to occupy must of tbo attention el' our neighbors at the present tune. The alarm has already beoume serious. Among other things, the Secretary of tbe Interior has addressed n formal circular to the Governors of tbo S07eral States on tea subject. It bef Ins by stating that Gen. Lafra gya, Uio ,V-vtoan Envoy , had not yet beeu honorably reoeived .n bis official oai>acity, and intimating that, not withstanding everything had cren done to avert it, a rupture must Inevitably take place, declares that, fall of onotiasnce in the justice of her raase, Mexico awaits with ca n.b -rs the course which events wl.l take, and thai IT war inert some, relying upon the patriotism of her cttl sens, ?be is ready mi meet It: and finally, calls upon tbe Govei oois of the several .States to bold tbe National Guards ?on< r thetr command ready for whatever order?in the mcanfme, to transmit fat) reports of their number and efickiKv to the proper Ministry a', tbe tederal oapral la ednnectlcn with this aabject, the fits National aays thai is cue cf a war with Spain Comemort will place him elf ai the head of the army, in whicu eaee Juares would be Prer'.dnnt of the republic Tbe Legislature of I'aebla has authorized the Governor to ouniract for the equipment of four thousand of the Kattocal < -uards of that stale tn the thertert time pornlble. '.iter and similar preparations to meet the invading aaemy continue to be made throughout the republic In regard to tho actual alato and prospect of the negotla dons Between the twn governments. It is staled and generally believed by most of the papers at the capital that tn struct! mm have been sent to Gen. Lafragtia, to the effect that if be be not officially received In etgbt dayt at' er gtv leg ociire to the Bpa&itb govern n, nut of the reotlpt of taul tnstrucweas, he Is to wttbdraw from MahrM. Ibis, rays tbe As- aoniinary, will effectually bring the km* pending Spanish question to a close, one way or the other, In tho course of the seat two months. The sews front tbe Untir war of U>S South Is still conHcUuf U la unite certain, however, that Alvarez has not ysl sji-ereded In subdalng '.ho Indians, who are as trouble- ( subm a? aver. It Is reported, among other thtnga, that the aid ch'efiain Is breaking down tn beanh, and does not cooMoot the campaign with b:s wonted energy. As to the pr luteal state or the republic, revolutionary wrovamrnt" are reported on ersry aide. One at Jalpan, tn Mm interest ol Santa Ai ua, Lad caused tho government considerable Inquietude. The Kitraordinary reports tho travelling on the Vera IIre/, roads " not ovrr safe at present " Tbe same paper ays the work on the Tacubaya railroad Is progressing ..a .1 A ..A *AAm Willi Mil i[TI U , III! BIIU* Three I* a report on the street* that two ve*y heavy a?) tu *te "< th ft city are about taking hold of the ! 1*009 e Apatu 1 ..iLroftd If the report be true, the b i.Klmf of a road t Vera Cruz will do loafer be ft mailer or doubt The r?rri?? of tbe fentlemen we re'er to will five eo <?h oot.Cu . e'0 foreign capitalists to aecure fortius hue of road *J I be money necessary. Gen Loi<i L'rvf?. for eome line Id elite hae made to too Pre?!dent formal offer of bla eerrloee, Id case of a war vth H| .tin, and beeo accepted. Geo 1 .nodi has been honored witb an eleotlon to tbe etfloe ol <overbor Id two States, San 1 ula and jsliaco It wfte e<' krmvu wbicb be would aciept tt e w he- -aix ut? of Saota Add* ?ee ti* to fire onr celf bbem *? Vera Cm *d4 toe capital cooelderable aox ety It w?e f to rally believed be waa ?omewbere 00 tbe hlaud f Cuba n>r Vera Cruz /Vsprrso of the 21st, states that all the aorr *|emlenca loorhlDf the Sonera mtmacre hae been re rived nt ifco capital, and Intimate* that It will eonn bo laid before the public, when "all the mysteries involnof ibis affair Wftl be cleared up " la Ibe m 1st of itaelr enthusle'Uc rreparadon* for war, war L-e., bbore seem not .0 bare 1 >rffo Urn tbe blessings of peace rhe payment of the Spanish aa well as Kagileh c'alma has been renewed,aad tbe government see?* more than u#'i*lly ac'lve In tbe ponlabmeut of the Cuerna- vj? offend* n Four of tbe ooavlctt had afived at tbe oapltal Tojchirg the rtromp in of pavment. the JC<ani+r1> says tbe fovernment aae solely iniloeneed therein by a sense of j is .ice. and sot at all by the actual state of " interna tonal relations. ' The English claim of $340,000 has bean oAetaUv recefn'sed. fhs th* subject ?f the v otnl o, lbs Vara Qruz papers are Ml very ccmmunh s J ve LIFE AND PUBLIC ACTS OF PRESIDENT CCMONFORT?HIS PROBABI-E POLICY. Ibe atruggle that la now going on la the neighboring republic of Mexico, la In a front meaeure perxooldei bj two appaatag rwprearnutlre men With the hlatory or one of ta?uj, Aatoalo Iapez do Hnnto Anna, our read era are wo'1 angwalntod. Not on if baa bo taken a prominent part In *> aflairi of bla native country for a generation, and tboo Moan often before the public, bnl wo gore to oar road on about a year atnoe, an admirable ketch or bla lire, acta and policy, aa written down Tram bla own llpa by ooe of oar own correopondeata. Hie name la now Invoked by al< the reactionary and theocratic tntereeta of Mexico, which tfeatre to preeorro the forma and prlaciptae of the aneroid oal paet la the new atate of thlngn that la now rprlnglag up tb we, Ike etementa or reform, program and order are clnoterinf around another name that of Own. Oomonfort, who, It la to be bo|<ed will euooeed In bringlnf bla country out of (be anarchical condition to which ahe hae been reduced by the long continued plotting! of nenrperw and prleeta Be recent election t? the Presidency to a proof that the people ol Mexico have confidence In hit Integrity ana ahlll ty. But bla pablto life to little known to the world, and eeaaequently the policy that to likely to gul4e htm la ibe ndalniatratloo of affaire it a eealed book to all bat Urn rir to that Immediately ?nrronnd* him. Having watched hit courne wl'h much internal *tnoe b)i prominent appearance oa the tla|e of public affaire la the prmumriamirf%u> or Ayntla and the defence of Acapnlco apalnni Rente Anna la 1IM, be ba? lacreaaed in our eaUmallon from hi* coantaat aaotoaacc of all entremea, both 'n opinion and action. Hi* policy tbue far hae been one of moderation and enact Ha ton toward* all. Rqaally wanting In that real fbr re form that would iweep e way all eil*?'ng *y*tem before the new I* prepared to replace the old, and In thai contervat>>m vb h W. lid pert- : e*' mit abu*n? be .uu*e they are rarcttoned by time and loop habitude, be I* endeavoring to Introduce into Meiltoenew order of thing* by a gradual removal of old aril*,'which |? like ly to be more permanent In Itn effect#, bnrante tlin otiango caueo* litt'e or no Rhock to eileilng order. But in our opinion the hey to ht* policy I* to be found In one act ef hi* life. < iur reader* are wall awaro that the great prtef of Santa Ar na ? pnbllO life ha? been hi* con etant hatred o' lt.c I nlled S'ato* and for our netlt til m tten. tomoriorf* policy may be defined M the very reTerr* of thl*. Af.or heading the yninun uimsnt'i at Ayntla an I defending Arapulco ngaln--i -tauta Anna. Ii aaw that the revolution langulfhed for want of material a?d Without witting to npond time In the futile a'teaio* #f agentn, he left to olhirt the pu-?uit of the retreating Dictator, ?nd embarking on one ol the OaMforni* ?te* ncri fce I'anaina bo came at onoe to New York In *earch of a* "lfrt-,1. . lie ' id II here, ar ' ri rnc I In time I pi'1 Met ate In the final overthrow of Santa Anna Thu* while ftanta tore ap,?eal* to Spam to maintain tbe chaoa of the Met la Met loo, Oomnnfon look* to thl* country to euutain htm in hi* oourwe of reform and Utoeniabliahmunt of order and pre*'ear. It. in#t,.c biography ot him wan t-uM'-hnd li'rly id Mem o by hi* friend*, an i though romewbat high'y colored.ll tin* tbe merit of being much lorn eo than it tuual with rartl'au memoir* ? Igaaclo (Vmnmf..rt wa* born In the city of Punbln, on tho, 11112. Hla fathc waa lieutenant Colonel Don Mariano Comon/ort; hie moUier'* nana# was Ooona E NE' Maria Gtiedeliiiie <le kw Rive, both of whom wore couoscl id with the mom cUlsoRoirbed raimiwa of the state Wh n be woe ? cut thirteen yeere of a#* hie parents determined to demote htm to a literary career, and bo wee sent to proeeccte hie e'ndiee In the Caroline College, or hie natlvooity. Thn woe eouie time after Ibo Jexutto fad been roadmiXei' Into Mexico, and at tbo period we rtiM to the fathers of the Society of Jesus bed tne control ud direction pf lLo insiuutions at which young Ooaioufort w?s entered Their yorni pupil at th'a early ego gave frequent proof* of suporlur talnnt end capacity, en t hit prog .-tun in bit g-neial it ml ton wee as greet wba teachers C.uld poafibly rteeire. After the tapae, however, of a few year*, his fathnr died, ami be wis then obliged to leave ibo college. Young Coni"Bfor? ni? removed wltn bis family to tbe dlrtriot of l>. user, near tfatamoro*, and there be managed -the properly end attended to ibo bcaiueiti aflsJra of 'ho femliy, without entrriog upon nay public career, though *o eminently titled bo ehhe in any ciur*e of lite hi might have chosen to poreuo Thue be jweaed hie life up to the year 1832, at home by tbe e'de of hie widowed mother wh in he almoet adored. It mu In the year above mentioned tbat Santa Anna came out with a pronun eta miff u> protean! ng btmailf in f?vr of liberal prluciplee. Cotton fort although then scarcely more than twenty years of age, took part in the revolution, and entered the army whirb was formed in the district of Mat*moron, ae captain of the ancillary c*va'ry. In thin capac.ty ba taught at the battle or Palmar, and was prenenr at 'ha capture of tbe city of Puebla, wbieh wa? taken on the 4th of October, 1*32. At a *ub?e nuent period joung (X>u. nl'ort wo* engaged in tbe affair of tbe align of tbe ci'y cl' Staxlro, and also in tho several bat Ilea of fac> baya, lava* C ancas, Tumpango, Sin fxironzo, and Posada* He remained in tbe army until the final uiiiuph of Ibo revolution, wblch was copspmmabe I hy tbe treaty entered into at fan ioee Zavalita. It was in this cam #ign that Se Oomonfhrt first gave evidence of his superior military genius He was ever on !he alert, and ready at an times to attack tbe enemy He would often piopoteioni" great and daring scbome to hie superior cite.era ond e*peotalls toan uncle or his, who waa a Major in bit regiment- undertaking himself to answer for tbe meres* of his plans, and always oil'eriog to lead tbe attack in person wherever danger threatened. His plans and suggestions were adopted on some fewocia slots, but generally they were not heeded no* atten led to, being looked upon a* tbe wild ideas of ho; headed youth, and not ae tho well matured combinations of exporlcnco and knowledge. In tbe year 1833, Sr. Comonfort assisted in the defence of Puebla. when tbat otty was besieged by General ArisW. He held tne command of one of the most Important piete at tho telge, and at tbe name time executed ?i:h the nt most ski.I and caution several difficult and dol'cate com missions, the extend in of which wan coail ted to him Af' *? fannleA nf tha huiAeintr -mn inH tha miainor Af the siege of Puebla. Sr. OomonUrt returned to the city of Mainmort*, where he received the appointment at" Military Commander of the place While he was fulfilling this tm portent duty a memorable event occurred. It was suddenly announced that General Ganali.c wan march!rip again tt the town with a tome of about a thousand men of the regular army. The authorities t f Matamoroe, the capital elty of the W*.t*, were thrown Into the utmoat alarm, fearful that Comonfort with Iho small force he bad at bis command would nut be able to resist the approaching army, and that they would all be lost. Ccraoa'crt reassured tbo people and pledged himself to meet the enemy victoriously wlib what troops he bat and wl bout at ? additional reinforcements, which, indeed, there war to ume to proenre. In acoordanoe with his promise, Comonfort fortified himself securely In the midu of ibe place, havlrg with bim two hundred men only of the National Guard, and one piece or artillery. General Oanallzo bavins obtained lnfoistation of the measures taken to oppose htm. and of the determined res let woo be might expect to meet with from Comoniort, left the neighborhood'* t'hont firing a tingle shot into the devoted city, and proceeded to otber porta. Again. In the year 1834, General Comonfort was found fighting for tho liberty of his country. He was again en gsged in tbo defence of bis nai v? etty of F'uebla, which was now (h. caleoed by Gonoral Victoria, who moron*1 to attack the city by order of Gen. Santa Anna. The latter general who was at the bead of the supreme government had ebanged his former political oplnloos, and was now In favor of reactionary tneasu'es, which he did his almost to extend throughout the oonntry. Tbo etty of Paebts stood alone In this crisis, and after a long and protracted siege was forced to succumb to the superior force of the eaemy. The city was not, however, taksc, bat an end waa put to the siege by an honorable caoltuiatioa. Gen rcmonfort, after tnla event, withdrew to hie own private residence, where he spent four years of his lire In the enJoy ment of domestic peace and tranquility, remote from Kbit* affairs. After this retirement he waa appointed, In 38, Prefect and Military Commander or the district of Xiapa?an employment which he fulfilled In such a manner aa to procure Ute respect and esteem of the whole State, or, aa it was then called, the Department. ilia Indefatigable aUcaUon to budncsa, the firmness of bta governmaal. and Us < noon rage meat of all good clllsens In opposition to the evil disposed Justly entitled htm to the high opto loo which the puollc entertained of bta worth. Notwithstanding the obstinate opposition of tbo Indian population, who ware blind to their own real Interest*, he opened a public road from Tla. a to Omctepee. exhibiting on this occasion the energy of bis character, and his firmness and determination In effectually accomplishing whatever he bad once undertaken to perform. Although his bad frequently been threatened by the parties employed as workmen oa the road, jet he waa often to be seen al m< In the midst of then, urging on the work ard superintending !U progress He did all this without neglecting his dull a a? Prefect, whte.n be actively attended to at the same I mo. rising early In j the morning to despatch the public business of the Prefecture, and even devoting his midnight hours to these public duties. In acknowledgment of the distinguished services rendered by Sr (.'om-mforl to hi* country, both in a civil as well as military rapacity, the government advanced bum to the grade ot I ieut< nant Colonel, In active service. It vat while rngsged In these several duties and em ploy merits, that Sr Comonfort waa elected by the depart fflvat of Pcrbia a* dcpMy to the Constit .ont Assembly, a Corgres* wbieh a ot In the yaar 1812. Ho oootinuc i to sit aa a member of thin assembly unil It qras violently dissolved by General Bravo, In execution of the orders of General Fan s Asna That personage resorted to this violent proceeding in consequence of his opposition to the re S'tabUsbmert of liberal principles, wtlob was aiteapled ! K? (ha iMAmhlt Ahmr th'it Axr<?nl ^ Cfti* nnfnri returned sgaln tc bit ,ui-fecti;ir and military command at Tlapa, where bli return ?u hall -d with oy by the inhabitants. * ho hold blm In lbs highest reaped ant affection Hera be continued everelmng bis public du'len and promoting tho happiness of the neople uadcr bla o< mmml by the flrmscas or hta character and tba Integrity o! hla ac.loni. He did not rslai tia pacific eiorilouh Toe the good of the peopln, pot?l.hrtai)i ,i>g that ton yiaa under the necessity of enicaring In a long and painful war agm'nrt ih j revolted Indiana of the aonth of Mexico. These Indiana bad advauoed ao far In their revolt ea to come en-1 lay eelgu to the very dty of Tapa, whi re f amonfort resldod It la deserving of (pacta) remark thai In every action which he had with them, he etway* came off vtctortoua, noiwttbatao ling the Inadequacy of bli farces end tbe few troupe wbleb be waa I able 'o muster, every time that be eecoitntered them. Wewlll not here omit the relet oa 01 an occurrence wh'eb happened about tbla period, end wbl.ib affords a slrlklag and ebarncte latic trait or bla intrepidity. U happened that be bad left Tlapa In order 10 vtalt CtUlapa on some Important bisloeee and affaire of government <>n hla return from tba lattar place, aa be pass ?d throneh the villages of Atllatae, he waa andrieely attacked by a force, noaslating of above two tb'uraod Indiana, who evinced a determination to kill blm. (otnrnfort immediately, aa the only resource left n aoch e deeprrate altnatK n, ael/ed npon the house of'the enra'a of tbe place, and fortified bl m?clf in It the beak way b? could In rnnb a ro'den emergency In tbla dangeroaa Htnalion, with or ly twenty foor men and n provision of only Maty eartrldgea, be ehtfatned a clone etege from the numerous Irdtaraffor tbe space of Ire whole days. During all tbla time they had nothing to eat but a little green com, whtrb waa growing In tbe garden of the curate. The lltUe garrism made terrible baroo of the besiegers, while of Ibemaelvee only a few were mortn ly wounded Those few, however, were many te them,and tbe void they left oonld not be filled up rteotng tbla, Ornnonfoet rasoleed upnn a rleape'ale eflnM, and In the mid lie of the night of the fifth day of the atrge he sallied forth at the bead or bla UUle band of men, ard bravely and srrneaafnlty, with desperate energy he cut bla way at lha head of hla little column, through the forces of Il.e enemy Tbe tPtle band of these brave men Craned ihetr way until they joined a troop of men who d been sent to their relief. Oomoufort Immediately pit himself el the head or these new recruits, and march, leg Immediately back to the oatnp of the Indiana, he at tacked and routed them completely Hie oeodqct oo this ooaaslon Impelled the government again to advaacs him to a higher military Utle. In IMS bo wan elected a deputy to tbe Congress of IMd, and set out in time to lake hla seal Rut this Congress also having been dissolved bv (teaeral I'aredea, be with drew from public life and retired to a farm wnlob be had porrbaaed In the neighborhood of the city of Metloo, where he (leveled hlmaeif to Ihe oere of hie own private affairs. When afterward* tha I'beral p*rty dlnooverod that Pa rtdee *h plotting to ectabltah a monarchy In Metro. Omotifhrt ended bla rflurM with that party, and planned the revolution which broke out In the month of Aognat in 1M?, Ihe revolt cf which waa the re eetabllshment of the OonfrderatI n of HiaP * Alter thia event he waa elected Mayor t,Mhe corporation of the rlty of Mexico. He noon, however, yave i-p thia olTIoe to ent'r upon 'he dntlee of Prefect of ihe Weal of the State of Mexico Ho undertook thlt charge at Ihe earnest *nli?itatlon uf hi* fnonrf*, who were aoxw u* for the pr.)?pemn* administration of the country over which he waa called to preelde In a very ehort time he brought order Into the admlni?tratloo of bit department, and succeeded In railing a bulallon of nation al gunrdi In the dtitrlct, ol which ho wa* bbnwlf elected Hie Prvt n loael dome mentha afterward* be waa e.*lied open to give up bla office of Prefect in consequence of bla having been elected Deputy a third timo to tbo Natijoal Crngrwn. He wae engaged in ftilfllllng the dntle* of tbl* honorable employment at the lime when the war broke out between Mexico and the Coiled state* of North America. He could notnehold with lad tlhrooce the approach of the foreigner and the invaeton of hi * country, and ho therefore otght and obtalnut pcrmitalon I t abandon hla pod of deputy, and taae up arms in defence of hi* native laud He entered the Held and wae engaged In every balile that wae fought In the valley of Meaioo.wlth the only exception of the haltle ef Pa.Herne, and hp *howed himself on evry oeoaMM and In every ehrvgemont a pattern of enUiOelmm and of hr*-ery. a* ko-^b a* ticncrai tlant* Anna bad rrtreated, abandoning H><<capital to tl* ooeiny ard dlreel- log the army, Br. Cemoofo't, at the instance of General Nf'Han Bravo, and under hta authority, re m corned the office of Prefer! or the West, whither he qroreedrd for the purpose of mining and onganialng gue^|* troope, with whuh to continue boat ,tt?n against me enemy lie waeIh * engaged. la'iwlBg eameat)r and dtligemly In these mlliiary airanRcmrntt, wbi n he wan called to eft tn I ho Cot grr?* at Querrtaro. hy wbtrn peace wan Anally arranged grUb th? I ulteu Sia.oi He name IHttWy garn W YO MORNING EDITION?MOJ I up his lui.iury uuT?Tilta u<t went t* KtM lcB'.?l?lor Ml I p?ae.e mtkrr Wb? n be bad s?rved out hli timo a* Da puty to Congress be ra appealed Senator Tor Iho Mate r*ufii?, In which capacity ho rctornod to Quere aro Hero be remained until tbe Anal ratiilcatfon of the several trestles mado with be government at Washington,after which bo removed with Congress to the city cf Mexico. While there, his term having expired, be waa aguin elected Senator. In all the several Congresses of which Sr. Ccmocfort hue hern a member, be has uniformly distinguished him eeIf by an amiabt) ty of cbaraoter and a devotion to hie friends. whom he slwsys labored to rerve w-.tct zeal and with (Ificacy. Thin devotion to bl? friends wh; -h mar be eatd to have b?en a! :tmr? an excess of friends* o, wax in singular contrast with un< independooee aod Crtnneta which be always displayed in R..rfali !ng hi* own opinion*. Fe never Mcrluced hie convictions at ibo shrine of friendship wbt jovc, af'er examining Into any aatajr, bo had formed a retted ortblon. no persuasion and no entreaties, however earnest, were shlo to succeed in inducing him in rote cout-a-y to b!? oonviotlwa. Bence It was, ibot In mutters of serious iropnriaroe if wee oltn < beerved, with surprise aun astonishment. that he TOttd quite reveree of Iho views of the e of bis best frierds with whom be was moit closely ur'.tcd The same thing was observed :n hi in, in his t'ansf. lion of bis official duties, which were generally such as related either so war or finance Whonf.ver, Lowcver, tbe question a-pre of granting pardons or icdn'gence*. his opinion and vote co Ud already bo told .n advance. Never was bo known to voto against any pro top) lions of such a character. It was known to every body bow he always leaned to the aldo of clemency and mercy, and. Indeed, be naa given repeatet proofs orihts kindly nature since bin accestion to tbe inpreme power of tbe Mate. The management or the public revenue previous to bis accession to powr, had become most scandalous and shameful. The moral feeling of tbe public, together with the general Interest of the nation, loudly called for a correction of these abuses I It was especially in tbe collection of duties at tbe various I seaports and at lb* several custom bouses that Uus ware- ! ful abuse of public revenue waa complained of, and a reform loudly celled 'or In order to effect ibis reform, ibo supreme government appointed him Inspector and Admin litrator of tbe Cuitcm Houso at Auapulco t or the nrope discharge of this Important duty bo was invested by tho government with unlimi ed powers. How well bocxecu ted ibis commission, bow wisely and prudently be made use of tbe powers con; rred upon him, tbe extraordinary increase of tbe revenue from that quarter, an! tha order Introduced .n the bureaus, afford abundant evideuoe. His term as t-'mator expired in December, 1861, and as he had been previously elected a Deputy to the National Congress, by ihe State of f.uerrero, for the years 1862 63, be proceeded to take bts seat There, however, he remained but a very short time. The supreme government steod in need of his services, and obtained leave of Oon gress for blm to return to hta former past of Administrator of tbe Customs at Ampul to, where he had already rendered such excellent services by bis honorable conduct and jkttent on to bnrlness. ho fully was tbe government and tbe Committee of l'ublto Credit now convinced of the great benefit deaived from *r Comonfort's upright and disinterested management, and so evident bad it bocome mat me immense increase or revenue rrom me customs at Acapulco was entirely owing t> his prudent administration, Uiat lite government "as desirous 01'obtaining similar ad vsntageous results in other cities and porta of entry They therefore extended bis power, and appo n'.ed bim Admlotstiator of me Customs at Msxatlan and also at Vara Cruz. V.'bile be was tbus employed mo revolution of JatUlo broke out, the efftct of wbtchwai the return of Santa Anna to power, wbo became President of me Republic in in April of me year 18&3. Ibe change which was now ejected in me institutions of ibe country was me cat so that Mr Gcmonlort no longer retained his e mploj me ut as deputy. He waa continued, however, in bis post as Administrator of theCustomi of Aoapulco, as well as Ma.-ntlaD. M bis well known dovot on tome jarec of liberty, and Ms firm sdberence to me liberal and patriotic principles which be bad ever advocate!, together aim Ibe great popularity which be bad acquired amoog me prople of me smith of Mexico, were caused which rendered bim an object of distrust and suspicion to the Dictator. Santa Anna, wbo bad made himself master of the country with me manifest intention of establiihlng arbitrary sod despotic power In his own person. Rant* Anna in consequence deprived him of all his public employments. under ibe pretext that be was a traitor and dlsaffeoted to the ruling preeminent. Senor Comonfort, In defence of bis own personal honor, which no one bad ever pre sumed to Impugn, demanded an explanation of me pro asd ire taken against him, whtcb be justly considered an attack upon hia character, as wall as an unjustillable and arbitrary proceeding towards him. He received no o'.ber answer to bis deman ia than the threat of being executed , on the scaffold aa a traitor who bad sasrltieed me peace and proaperlty of the . -.ourtry to bis own ambition. His answer to tbo call for inquiry into his conduct is tn its nature highly honorable to Ben or Oomcaftrt- II Is M much as declaring o enly that his removal frets put)be fflce was not founded upon antecedents dishonorable to htm, nor upon any just cause or complaint for his oonduot In the dtsebsrge of bis official duties. The Imperious and Sultan like order for his dismissal bear* date me 3d of March, 1834 Fight days afterwaris, namely, on the 11th of me earne month and year, 8/. Cemonlort proclaimed the reformed constitution of Ayuila, which be had meditated end prepared at Arapuloo. Before the expiration of 18 months, this coast)tulion wai victorious tn every eectlon of the repub Ic, and ths resolution It Introduced was firmly established. It Is cot our isten'ion lo trace out me r.onrae ofSr Oomoa(ort In all the heroic reeds performed by bim. They are consignee to the pages of history. When ths revolu ion of Ay ulla tlrst broke out. It was treated aa me act of a few ambitious and disaffected persons But the tingle name o tie great man of wboai we are now speaking conferred nt once imports tee an* prestige tr the measure. The tj ran Fanta Anna and bis satellites, who si first made a jike of Ibe fact hf a mall band of brave meo daring to defy bis immense power, now .when tbey taw me revolution making rapid pngreer, Irttnb.od for very fear tn their ical*. Tbey cow began to bs alarmed In ear nest, and lo apprehend their overthrow. The mere name of Comoafort acted as a charm, and waa locked upon aa me symbol of boner and serial virtue. Having been appr.ntfd Governor and military commander of Acapulco and Its fortress, be successful./ defeated those posts v. ih r. mere handful of men against Masts Anna'. at Ibe head of the f.ower of h.s troops. Tb.a gallant defence ou rewarded by the tlllo of General or Brigade, eon erred ujxtn him by lienor*) Alvarez, ito commander In chief of the liberating urit . It waa dnrinit the time of hli ablo defence of the clly end foriref* of Acepuloo iba. a deed of noble dltlntereaiednca* ?mt purity w*e performed by Senor Comonfbrt, which eminently deiervea to be recorded *? one of the diet naut/hiiy irails wh'cb cbarac torUs end do honor lo the men General font* Anna blmeelf, corrupt and accuatcni'd lo eucoeed In bin plena by corroption, did not think It poralbie that the man ealeted who would refute bte bribe* and bla oorrnppng oiler*. C<Mt<|iienliy, nut with s tan* ley wlat be knew of the ciaraeter of the c mender of ibe fortreee of Aca;>uloo, be did not hcettel' toercd embrarlee in lecrit lo bim, in order to (tin blm over by certa n propoeel* end offer*. He offered b'm In >bo Orel plan ta bundled Ibcueaad dollare ready mn ov, u> be paid imm< olately do* n Heridee tble sum of money, be offered to give Sreor Comnufort the choice of wbaterer place or ?mptoj ment he miyttt wteh for, no ma ter whet It nlybt'be In n word, be offered to give Mm whearer be cboee to uk for, provided be would only betrey ibe caote be wee defending Whatever poeelble lemptatloea the imeyination can ooocctve. three were all c Herod by !%nia Anas lo fr Oomonfort tbrouyb hts agents But Ibe latter nobly rrplt<d,>w lb lndlgnaliio, against euob a tempbt upon bim ? ' 1 thank General qinte Anna for bla offere, bat I oenmt accept them, for 1 cannot bet ay the obligation* wbi-h bind ce to the revolution, n?r can 1 be recreant totheiiaaof frlendibip wblcb unite me to General Mvares." 8r. Oomonfort m one of the moot zealous end poworfol 00 operators in the revelation of Aynti*. He it wee ?h) procured the ni cueeery tuppllee et * lime when there were no other mesne cor hope* of obtaining them. He sacrificed bis owe fortnre and mean* for Ibe pobbc good. He Ten marie a journey to the. net'yAhnriny reyv/blic of the 1 *iled Stole* in order hi stir tip the friends of uherty to kelp tn ike stride male ke wa.< engaged in. Often ineri\og of e m rulermve. wAi'A Mere made to tin in (Ae failed .Veto*, we prvfTy nemem/r, but they nvr* omrplsd with swk 'Tnkthm* as no man of kis >ip?r and ;<Wrv> i< t oonH easily mt nit to. Some flute or <fVr, peektps, (Ae day will imir token a full pntdiratim "HI he node them*ny Ac me, A (Ae no linn owe* to tke patriotism, ike disinter* u./neu and m J Is spirit'/ (Ae man mAo m ncj> As President of tke Kef*J I 1^The battles fbogbt In tbla berate straggle, and which had for reealt the triumph of libs ty, were many aed bard contested. Ia all three various , eoyayemeeta. Oomotifrrt was to be ere a si the hred of his aoldtert, who were act indeed either well rled or blgbly disciplined, bnt el all cveat* tbey were drtrrnalaed end ready to die oo Uie spot at the command of tbelr beloved leader, who la all ihln?? gave the evample in his own person, of patient endn ranee sod *#If denial Having taken the cities or /epo lie and Cblclma, ibe title ot General of Ptvlaton w*? derralcbed to htm, on account of thcae brilliant action* by tbe Commander in Chief. We will bere oopy from Tk* History of tke Hemtittim what la (aid of htm ta relation in the taking of the above *trooy pieces ? '* On the 21st or .Inly, Oomoeiort pre*ruled himself be fore /spot an. and immediately prnoetded to take the ne coeeary eu pe for ibe etieck of that Important plane. The yar riaoa cf /apolUn was rvolred todrfeod the dly to the last eztremliy, and ae an evidence ef their determination, they were strongly foitifled behind two Itnee of formidable en > U. ?, K. ? ,.r IK? O- l .1 the bealetvra anmmetred 'he aUask with (rent fury, Imt they

made mi laiprewi o. for the beilegad defended ibiraeelren ullli grraI bravery an I oould not i-e made to move a ate > hacknarda deetag thla, (Jotnoefort b.weelf advanced in front of the betirglng trooga and lad the attack la p?mon With cue bound ha threw blmfott orer the entrenchmaal Into ilia initial it tba enemy, and waa followed In bla dai |?raieatby l>rgol'ado, (ilulardl and Puahlltn. Tba ba * aged were aelcniebed at each dating Intrapidity, yet thay citt'eoed ( aperataly dafrnrilog tbemaclraa Bu; already above a hurraed ?(tnolr number la* etretched daa 1 Intha Witches. the 'tavvgir:; trocpa wore la the town, fbt owing tie Maya <-f ,h,,ii b< 11 (if lain; any forthi r daf-<nce wat ureiare, and the garrtaoo could do no other than t u eurunder at discretion, and trait to the clemency at their cotqorror. The bMl'e bad barn moil obatlnale an I eengn nam Tbo'aitnot tha vacnnbhrd roldlera In the power of tba vlctore. eyhaiiatcd with fat'gne, disabled by wound", unarmed, and thua, at It were, Inviting th" ooeq >erom to laVetcirible venyaame npon them fjr all Ibey bad taffared. Already Iheeoldlera of Cha vMortmi* army been dl bed tbetr maradag aw?rd?, and wara ab ma to kill lbs ?(Trent who bad eurraodrrrd. At tb'a fearful moment, .omenfori, thair capwln, calta ciit to ibam to Mop their n ad fury. Ibtt he ca r in win Tba ferer of battle, the ttrtrvt fir Tetipeence e. rmira them like a burning flaw; tbey canrai, they will not Mae to the orders of their com mani'er, where mice la f< r pardon and me*cy. Here open Comonfort, ewt eg tb-|r p urpote, rurhea bMwnen tba r(flora and the tar quM-eJ. and nobly awvea the Urea of the In.tcr, wbo were on the punt of bring butchered, RK H tfDAY, AUGUST 3, 1857. presenting his own body a* &gt-iei,i for ma enemy agnort the impccatng nr< Ire* of nl? owo irr.tateu soldiery " After the successful >asuo of tba resolution, aHhc.tfh Qnntonfcrt wm the man <*ho had hern moH proti.tnent in |||? kivard mime trim tuhirh ho.i mu..a w.. k. ..... at' foils chief,- the ruoven eni of Ayutia had terminated triumphantly yet, nntwilhstandlng all *hle, when the Onr? v< ction of Notahlee i> el to deliberate apon ttie afl\lr? ofibo nation, it appeared to them to be their duty to elect the veteran Ooj eral Alvarez, ?bo had figured n chief of the r< volution, to the office of Provisional IVe'ldcnt of the ttsnubile rb?*y vented indeed, almost to suppose thatthis poat now naturally belonged to tin. They plated hi e, bowerc, in this btjrb position wt b tte ho< e at uto same t'ttr, that he would yl> Id tut otfoe demanding to much energy, talent and lievotedrtss to Uto man wnom abo?e all others, public opinion pointed out a? the nuet worthy of the situation. It turitd ?ut to 'act as the v had expected and deatred On the 11th of Deot inber, ifif,f?, General \lvarr/, by a decree of that date, delivered up. the supremo power to Sr. O teenf rt Therefore, when Sr. Gontcnfort frit enftgod In his Im portent tn?k of ondravi log to bring t1 a happy termination the work of the regeneration of our country which was committed to Us charge the cry of reaction was brard among us. This cry, onic ti nait ly, found an echo amorg disaffected leaders and r <T,~a holaers, by whom their oaths to support tho o?n''.knt'oa and government were oouniod an nothing. This raine cry was alio taken np and repeated by many of the clergy, who beheld in tho reform* proposed an end to that a'>?-lute power end dentin on which they have so long exorrtred, witnout oon trol, over the mlDdi of as'rrple people. Tau* a tempest waa raised which threatened, by !U near approach, to overwhelm its. Those whose m'ndv were cot yet adapted to tho new order of things, because their own cxtstenoe depended upon the perpetuation of old abuses, began to conceive hopes of tho approaching fat! of the hero of liberal ideas, and of the re establishment of tyranny. At this cor ubcture t?r. Ocmonfort created the re'ources wh'ch were wanting; for the conservative government of facia Anna bad left the National Treasury wholly exhausted. lie raised a respectaula force, ami determined with bie 111 supplied bat bravo and entbotlasMa r aimers, to go and meet the enemy In hie lair. Paeola, tho uuforlunate city of Puebla, where the enemy had fl o1 his headquarters, became tho victim or selge, whlib It Is not I.kely will be the last she will have to undergo. Our readers sre scooalctcd with what happened: many of them knew well befrio hand the conrse which dr. Onmonfort would pursio on this oocatlon He was always on his guard; bo waa ever careful of bta men; ho took caro that the soldier should have lack of nothing; ho waa constantly visiting and comforting the sick and tho wounded; when the bulleis were whizzing round his bead, he was there In Uto front lino of his army; whanever there was danger, when ever any point was moat exposed, whenever tho moment (T peril arrived, then waa he the drat in rut h to the spot. Kucbler at long li surrendered, and Comsnfort exhibited great clemency In his treatment or the conquered, though at the tame time he Jmpoeed penaltiee which appeared severe upon those of the clergy and military who nut been the cause and the Instigation of tbat fratricidal war. Even the penalties which he theo Impoeed npon the guilty and which were considered justly merited by those who had counted npon esoaping with impunity, wore so modi(led und mitiffated In diflnrenL bavi aa Ln tin rnn<li?n.i ml meet nominal <>n hia return from thin viitortous expedition, notwilh standing the opposition rai'pl by many, bo was honored with a public entry and triumph The whole population of the city exhibited the higheet enthusiasm in favor of the hero oho returned covered with laurel, after obtain1 Itg a comp ete victory with a handful of now recruits over a numerous enemy veterans In war. On bla pair age through tbe streets of the city cumber less oro ens of garlands, were presented to him, u?> other marks of respect paid him Krom the windows acd balconies of the housee thousands upon thousands of bouquets acd bowers were thiown int? tbe carriage in which he sat, while tbe faces or all Hie peopto who came tosiMt blm were ihlning with delight and joy. That wau assuredly a great day for Go anon orl?a day or a spunta necus and well merited ovation with wbtoh he was re oelve:". H'hes, on the same evening, bo appeared lu tbe theatre, tbe whole asiembly ?>* people prusont rose to tnelr leit and loudly cheered the hero, waving tbelr bats ar.d band kerchiefs over Uteir heads, smid load sod re prated burrabe. >'r. Com: nfort, however, was not deit'ned to be able to devote himself In pra-e to the severe labor which tho bad condition tX all branches or tbe administration neoea rarllv Imposed open him Tho reactionary party could not endure nor torglve the triumph which be had achieved At onetime they ettowed tbf-ttifioltea at (jmrntora, at another time the/ broko outio revolt at Puehla, and lamlv they appeared at San Lais But by bis ft>r?t turn (lit and prudence ho always succeeded in aliaylng the rising storm, and every where nls faithful oldiers came olf vie orkrvn; indeed tbe ?orml<? of the gu vert meet Uk k oarc thai they should have no real A se crct wminlttee waa eatnblU'.ri in the oajrtiat to direct all the mow man U of the malcontent, and to provide tbe ne denary means i'jt carry log on the revolt. Frery poasiDle plan waa resorted to. In order If p-waible to oviatn success for the re anion in one or the othor of the three above mentioned cities The chief part of the rebels in San Lata oeght out foraiprt Inure city wcion might easily bo ft rtifled and defended, to as to sustain tbe ilrsl aveautl, In the hope that the revolt would la tbe meantime break out in somo other part of the city U it Genera' Pmrodi qulefcly drove th?m from the place where they bad fortrncd tttemrelves, and thus their plan and hope of a partial tucceia was defeated Oomrafort was now free, coi, indeed, from enemies there waa no lack oflbea? but from the existence of any regularly organized force on which the conspirators ir. any quarter might rely roe aid In ease of tbelr succeeding In raising a disturbance, however slightly. Krom tbe private cabinet it his palace, where he had bad the electric telegraph established, he directed all the operations at the seoad siege of Pueblo, filling bla fhithfbl troops wl:b h.a own enthusiasm, by tho < messages sent on tbe wires, and maintaining In the oamp, among the officers of the armr, thu harmony and concert ot action 10 necessary under tbe circumstances. At th" rame time, and from the same plaoe, by means of the Vlrgrtphlc i rgsn of communication, ho Issued his orders to tho General in Chief o' the division of troops sur .ooadiog 1a Magdalcna. At the period we refer to enor Com en'or t may be said to bare hardly ever bal evn one hour of continuous icpose, day or night For at one lime be dictated bla order* anl uirrouu ipo mrMiuri iu i>o uiiro u uv?u<r ?uo unro tit* ?l<"ce ef Paebla; and then a lit .11 afterwards, from the ?nrr.i> p a*e, ha look measure* lo aec.iro the victors over the conspirator! at i*an I.uta, theo *g.i,n ho van on gtged In procuring the money, wntch coni<l not he bail ft cm the rational treasury, 'n order that hi* a*?l<tl?n? might receive Ihelr pay and be | ro|>erly pr tvldod for At too snme limn also be received and heard the ootnplalnle of llnee who demanded jugiue from Inn, or who ba t any claim* to make ou Ibe government lit btm?eir answered every Important question which was put lo Dim. Sr. Comoo'ort poaseatea a clear bead and sound Judg meet Though naturally of a serious cast of oonnienance. be baa a pkaraat, am'ahle look, and secure# the good will of all wbo approach him Pons eared of a feeling and g> neroua heart? even to aur.h a degree at to be prejodletil to bla Inlareata at a r tier, a the present attaation of at tai'a?be cannot refrain from teara wbea be see# any one nfT? ring ram. or when ba bolielda himself surrounded by the people railing him their father , nor can be ever rafreia from gl'lng relief to toe peer and necessitous who reaort to htm In their troubles, often rtrlpptng himrrlf of bla own private mean* la order to aaalat the poor who apply to him. He la brave and daring la battle; hi# coo'i er# aol aerenlty In the midet ot the moat mmtnent danger a tralr wonder fnl He never requiree any ooe to ar -oenrtany Dim when be leaves hie plere of hustneae to return to bta family, and la often to he met with at nigh' In tbo atreets and unattended In thla s'mple manner he {tea to the public theatre, and returns like any private Individual, not at tended even by an orderly sargeant He follosra the aame practice Frequently when be removea to Thdubaja, or re turne from thence to the rily. He pceseaeea the gift of knowing bow to oovtmtnd, and though be makee no pretension of aay kind, la aa ceedingly quiet and atmple la bts mannera, yet be makes hlmseir to he rr?pec.l<* by ai who eurround htm, and ar qutrea ao asoendanry aver them Circamsperilia and elf reserve are ao natural to aim, that we have teen blm la moment* of the greateet e? panel ?a of fhellng a j cool and ttdf pnvaeead, yet placid wtthai, that noon in bla pre eenoe naa ever for no Inatant forget tha the friend n-iw so expensive In feeling la atlil the supreme magistrate of the repoM1" Thia clear and peculiar mmd euablea him to dleoouree well on ail kinoa ot aiialra aubmitted to him for bta opinion la'he two matters ol war and of finance eepe natty, be poaaesaee the moat exfenuvn knowledge and acquirement* lor two months after the lestguallon of A nor Lerdo de Teiader be himself undertook and despatched all the business of Minister ef Finaa w ahd Sscretmry of th? Treasury and n Tew days only before he In vtled fesor I aente to take the portfolio of that depar meat, we heard him discourse en Oaanctal matters la a manner which 'eft ua completely thnndervfuck He epoke ef the Up n slli alien ol that department ef Ibe govermaMal, and of all It* dependencies, then he made mention of Ibe va rtoai reforms which tt would be dseirabla to Introduce Into everr h-aacb of Uie denarirrrnt. as alno In the system of lavallc'a ul collection, and dletrlbutton of tha reeanue, ho th. o referred at large to th? vartou* economise wnlch ought to be put in practice m tori m there tbould be are venae with which to eeoaomtre In all tbeae varloua aa t Irtrlrato toplct bo tpokt la a manner to plain, to aoearao and ro eraot that bl? hearer* wort quite aetoaithed. Tbttlwe wbtoh Sir Comonfert aliowt birntelf for tleep anil real it rery ibork He begin* bit daily labor* between 4 and h o'rloek la tbt miming, and doen not qnlt work till lit or 1 n'r.lock at night Re racetvea all who flail upon him during tha day. Many with that he wat even mora acfe?*!ble, but be baa tried It and found II to be Inumaai hie. However, naca earry week lie give* a pabllo audi* nee and baa a general reoeptlna. < >o tbaan a vnniont he alwayt heart prltately thnte who with to addreet him, tnd lletent to the long and tadtoua datalla of rani or lma?l nary to (feting a made to him, without natraylng tha laaat haele or tmpatlmoa, Ife attwert Uia vartmi* applleantn appropriate!*, giving to arma good advtoe, to other* la tpMag hope*, pmmieing to attend to the nate of thote who eollrtt promotion la the public Hrrlw, and giving re war da or employ mould to other*. The elergnn for Pretldtnl took plaet on lha lith ultimo In Metlon, end from Iba partial return* whim we publith oltewhera there it little roubt that be ha* been elected by a large parubtr major1 ty Thn kp*nl*b-nttlr*n Itnhrogllu. anon i. n poarrioi* m wtonin. jMadrld (July 11) Dorraapendenee of London Time* The Metioan negnriator, fVwior lafragnn, In mill la Madrid, tnd to day bo ha* an Interview wi'h Senor Pldal?? final nte, there 1* rea?on tn think, and thnre raa trareely he a hepo that it Rill hare ant good retnlt. I? i* probably a ia?t anemit at nonriliaiton, and If frnitWw*. it 1? to be e* ported Hiti heanr I Afiag ia will arall himaetf of the onpor fnr lly to tale at* nea official leave of the tlrbborn Hpao'th Minl?ter f< r Foreign jtfhnr* Perhape, If Saner Pldal be ilnceie tr b r dr *we to avoid boeUttttaa, be wijl adopt tha 1**1 pWn that row item* Tameable, and ?end a Cvmmt* timer to Maiiec charged to propone an al I rat torn to the Coao&lort government, aad thouII that ha rejected, ta [ERA I ifhtupH U> General C".n .h? rrtler* f?r unmeeiata union. r\ly repudiated by tbe Corrtiptmdtn it, which la well tiouwD to receive most of Its inspirations from ihe Minis try of Foreign Affairs The acini official sheet adds Cor fct errnienl oc i|ile? U?elf at >bia moment wilh tbe1? portact Mrilcau qurmiciu, unit pr?/? will aeon be acru ih*t brain la t nili.rlt g only un>II she la wou ided Ln her national tono". To tliia end it * said that i"<> waraleamera. lbs Ulloa and ihe Pl/arro, are shout In sail from l^adlr fovFavtnn, lakirg "u inairictlooa or Oeu. concha from the Madrid govtruuK-lt a d alao conveying more trorps an-l mat-ri> I of war for :hn rrpedt'tcn avn>n?t Meiico which Mpain will inevttatly nndortahe nnleaa the rcoolvca loll satisfaction iroin dial republic. Ii ia very cary to talk in thta Romboatea vein of Spanish boner, which, of late years at leant, hw not alwayh been i if erved very bright aod ubbuI led, but we are uo longer tn ihe days when every Irttlo wa> deemed aiiMo^m ground lor a war afi-tei inir roi only the nations linmod ately engaged, but nhctf wboro interests would sutler by it Certain Hianitsh panrrs hst-e for a long t'rae put Indulged In I evorr* or ibreatand Inventive against Meilco, but to farts have been stated, or proola given, either by tho press or by this government, to show that there really are f efficient grounds for hca Ititlcs It la unnecessary again to enter upon the farts of the ewe As Tar sa they can bo a eortaiacd, they have already been repeatedly placid ho fore the public It remains to be seen whether Eigland and Franco will allow two peUy Powors?for Spain, with her deeply embarrassed finances and internal disced*, 1 and in the etate to which mlegovernroent bw brought hor, deserves ne hlgber designation?to engage in a conflict which, if persisted ln, might, and most probably w<'nld, bring about extremely unpleasant and even dangerous complications. Theatrical and Mil*lent Matters. Nino's Oahpkx continues tho chief focus of attraction to largo numbers of onr most-respectable eiti/. ws,wkio are seldom seen ln any other place of amusement. Tho alternate performances of tho distinguished iiirv:<uie, ftgnorios Rolls, and the excellent vaudeville company on tho one part, and lha unrivalled pantomimic and scenic displays of tbe R.ivcl troupo on tbe other, are pat rent zed to an extent that is truly remarkable, considering tho warmth of tbe weather. The entertainments to night will comprise the petite oomedy of " Delicate Ground," tbe elegmt ballet entitled 11 La Bouquetlere," in which figuorlna Rilla plays her fascinating character of Rose de Mai, and the farce of " Tbe Secret." Bow kkt Tuoatri:.?Crowded audiences nightly testify to their appreciation of tho ton to and liberality displayed by I.'* new manager, Mr. Eddy. Mr. Pilgrim's new semi local drama, called 11 Twenty Years of a Boatman'* I>fo," was brought oat on Monday, sat met with enoouraglug aaccees. It Is rather long, and at times comewhU proxy, but with judicious pruning would most likely become a standard favorite In this locality. The romantic tlvo act play of the " Three Gua'damen," which had a great run at this house some years ago, Is to bo reTlred with a strong and efficient cast to night. It will be followed by the boisterous faroe ?f tbo " Two B'hoys," In which Mr. H>1 land appears. BtmojTe Thxatrk ?The last of tbo promenado conco-ta was |iren here on Monday, after which the theat-e was closed for the week. It will re-opon this evening, when the New York public will once moro have the pieaiuro of greeting their fair fellow citizen, M m Maggie Ml'chvl), who has gained an enviable reputation In the other Urge cttiea of the Union since her last appesnroco here. Hho will make her debut as the heroine Is the famine panto mimic spectacle of the "Trench Spy," a part In which the great Celeste formerly stood pre eminent, bat la which Mlts M. has of late acquired much celebrity. She will also perform In a little comedy, written expressly for her, extltltd " Katy O'Sheil." Wallack's?Frank Tslfourd's lolmltablo Rhxltsperrwn burlesquo of "Shylock, or the Morcbant of Venice fro served," created tbo grea'ost merriment among toe unmo rons frequenters or this house every n'ght last week. Mrs. Wood, as Tortla, and Mr. Wood as tbe Jew, could not p mslbly be excelled, If equa led, and tbeir coadjutors, Mistos Manners and Milton, and Messrs. Davenport, Phillip*, Pe ters. &C., enter Into the spirit ef tbe aC'alr wl b s gusto that renders tbe whole one of tbe meet complete performances ever witnessed. Buokstoae's entertaining drama of the Child of tbo Regiment'' Is to be tbo opening piece this evening. Mrs. Wood, who represent* tbe heroine, wtij introduce several choice operatic gems, h will be followed by tbe modern "Sbylock." Laou Ku v?> ?The celebrated Marsh juvec.le como dlaas are to commence a brief aeries o.* their highly pops lar entertainments to night, pi lor to the opening of the regular seaeoo under the direction of the dls tlngoiibed proprietress or the theatre, Mlsi Keen* Beeldee all the old, but very young favorites, Including tbe taleated, tbe btactlful liule Mary,and that double distilled extract of all tb*t is c >ai cat, Master ' eorge, tbe troupe embrace* a number or Children of marked ability, wboee ssrv.css Mr. Marsh lis i fortunately secured daring blseb .ease .rum tbo city, foe entertainment* will open with a teens Ulcerative of " borne again," Including natlooal songs, after which come ' Hla k Eyed t-'uann," and " Tbe Toodlsa " Civvrv ?Mr. atd Mrs C. Ilowa'd, Mr. and Mrs. Erasee, and Messrs Lbanfrau, T. B. Johnston, Htrry Hsll, Bey nrmr, and their associatee, certainly cannot comoUnagf^ want of approdaJon of their respective abilMos, furlflir box utile wm is invartaoiy wen n'lod, anitneirpor romances are applauded with a heartiness th?; ran it b<> highly to all concerned. TBI* evening Mr Cbanfran la to play bli fhvorite part or Mons. Ilounefoi in Ute petite comedy of the " Model of a Wile," after wbion, the ba/leeqaeef 11 olympian*" will be port irmod Tor tin) nineteenth time. It Includee the now tableau styled " Crowning a Prima loons " Toung Am-rich wlostg a couple of negro raelolios, end tbj whole loses with < Sketches In India." Citoiui. otuu.?Manager Stewart hae been oompolied to postpone the commencement of bte great choral enter tain Bent* at the Academy of Music till nrit Tburwlsy evening, wbea ba wtU bare everything In readiness to present our cillsens with one of tbe most ruhenk' per formaaoes they ever enjoyed. Am ica? Mtwarw ?Prominent among the entertaining and instructive novelties with which thle establishment ts Ailed te tbe Coamo panopticon studio, embrdtes a choice collection of lenticular views abroad tbat are well calculated to a/Tbrd pleasure to the maoy who have nor or bad an opportunity to travel in tbe "Id World. Pror. Wyman, the mag clan, will amuse the visiters thle aftr noon end evening with hie unrivalled scientific illusion!, ventnloquMm, Ac. TnnOo-oito 0< nu nourishes to an extent Anpreoe dented at this season ef the year. When every other do script Ion of amusement oeanee lo alt reel, people still go to see "the a ggers " and no wonder, for ibey Impart as much, if not more, fan for twenty Ave ceats than can generally be bad any where else for twioe the mot ry. tbe chef futures lo night are " The Maglotan" at 'ioe. Christy sad Wood's, aad " Shake pere an Readings" a. Bryant'*. Ism iv RumwiwTall Chief, ef the Callapdee tribe, and bis White H-tuaw, of the A lis pose tribe from Oregon, are to give an entertainment,consisting of war. btlTslo, smoke and snake dances. Ac, at Oild Fellows' Hal;. Ifoboken this evening. Tbe protiti of His performance ire In be Invested In agricultural implement! for tbs one of the Indians In their own ooeniry. Mimnijonmra Irnvs ?Among the passengers who left His ton la Uie America, last week, wis the renowned vto (tatst, Ole Bull, en n* for his native land, N >rwey. Among other artists wso lately retarsed to the dtp were Mr. aad Mrs. Florence, and Mr. Mark Smith, who Is to resume bis poslitoa at Rartoa'c. Mr. Md Mre. t B Odowi; bar* lefi ror Cblctgo. Mr Md Mr* John Wood are to make the toor 01 the IVmih Md Wee'. thi* fail, and afterward* proceed t California, Ut?y have aeeuied a dectdelly IncraUre en gagemeal. Mr. Fttrrerald of CtnetBn u', la reported to hare l?feo awarded f no by Mr. fotepb Proctor, for a drama wriltaa dor the latter Mr P., It will he reeolleet- d. aome I me emee oOred a eerier of pri m for playe "rttahle to hit tyle af aci'ng, Md the r anil la that of a large number of comporHioae arnt la. Mr. ft la aboit the oaly oae really worthy of production. Mr* Harrow, the Darerporta, John Brougham Ml J a. Brown bare aoeceeded *o well with their unlqne peefor mancea at the Frimrd Athen am, liwton, that Mr Bar row, the manager, baa been ladiioed to loaae the boote i> flatten month* Mr and Mr* F. I. Davenport hare been engaged for the Arcb*tr*et theatre, Philadelphia, next aearoa Mr aoi Mr* ohn Drew, of the National, propoee to *tae it dur tg the fall M.I winter. Both IV Clnr nrati tbealrea are rk>*ed, '.-it Weod'l it aononneed In re open next Monday Mr. De Bar M to open hh W. T.onia theatre In a orrapie of week*. He will rrnia a till nbovi the ti-w *f Moreon w, and then praoeed to theft Cbarlet, Naw OrlaM*. Meaan. Pc'ler and Waltanar hare rented the Pt. Lo ila for lite winter. Sanferd't Fthtorlaa Hrmy hare elored their *oe;<waBil p*rfnrr rnrea >g Brooklyn, and are to appear la Newark ihia aTChiog. LD. PI > 111L"1 rr virt \ /1 \nv? a niv;i'j 1 tt \j vmi 1U? rn.K1. Ml AfTuir III Ute HIKh Ward. FATAI. AVKKAT IN A HOUSE OK ILL FAMC. Analliay occurred ,n Uio dlxth ward ol' tfai. C.if At About mtdulght cn Saturday n gat, tn a ifermau dr nking boure and house of bad repute, which has res . ted Id lbs death of a highly reaiM>ciable and promi* ng o.r.g hah reeldlng In Iloboken, naned Theodore L. Tomptiot, who fled yeeterday morr.og, at half ,?at four o'-locx, a; die residence of bla mother and faintly, Sj. 17 Wsshniton terrace, of the injuries received t? the affray. The place referred to la the establishment kept in .he aecond itory of No. 3 Uulberry street, near Cnabim, I y Louis Mlticoell, and which for aeveral yearn hue bceo koown aa a vile den, combining a drink'ng rlace acd house of proetltutlon. The deceased was a Hu e ever 22 year* of age. He, together with Josre Kra ir, a young man abaut 33 years of age, and Francis We oh, about 18 yeart of age, both of whom were alao from Honofeen, act associates of Tompkins, called at No. 3 Mulberry aireet, at about 11 o'clock. While in there a dispute arose abo it drinks at the bar. Mrs. MltscbeU was attending the bar. and there were two girls of bad repnto and two men present. The dlfllculty was relative to treating the g.r.s. When the tow commenced .a third man made his appearand', and the 'iormans assaulted the three yoncg men from Iloboken In Uio most ravage manner. Sicng shots were used by the assailants, ant the young men we>e knocked senseless and thrown down n flight or stairs into the hallwtqr beneath. Upon recovering somewhat from the blows they started for homo, but became separated. Weab and Krazer were corBiderably cut Webb went to the New York Hospital, where his wounds were dreesel, and thuy went he neat about o'clock. Meanwhile Tompkiai made his way lotto Barclay street forry, where ho arrived covered tr.tb blood and weak from Us lots. Ho there told how he received b!s Irjurlcs, and was assisted homo. Physicians wore ailed, lingered until hair past 4 o'cljclt yesterday, worn be died. Ibo following ciltzeM of iloboken conipr io toe'.oronci's Jury : ? K.jlitt'd I>. Covert, John M. Klbby, Jhiepb W. Stlckkr, Bernard Christ, James dtrvemon, Berjamiu S lay "or, Michael V. Banta, Jaiut" i\ Brush, James T. Haitlekl, John Ireland, Kdwiu K. Kirk, John Bunton. .1 union Morris K. Crane, acting as Coroner, son:mooed a jury yestcnlay, and commence I an investigation into the ctrcumnlances oi the case. The testimony of Webb, Fraxer, V. m. 11 llemtno er (who assisted ?tm iklca home, and to whum he told the circumstances.) sod of Drs Juh?n and t.bsubart. who attended blm. was taken, and the ln>iuert war. adjourned to meet on f etday, at 4 o'clock 1'. M. The lesurnon? ta not published for tbe ruaron that tbe Coroner believed thai Me publicity mli-bt deteat tbo enda of justice; but the circumstances above gi?en comprise its tuba ance. A post mortem examination wit] be held, and the testimony of tbo aurgi < ua will be given to morrow. tbe deccered In t|ioken Of as a quiet and peacsabte person, ami a young man of ills remains will be laken to Parry t iwn for InUrmect on Wednesday morning, lie rer.ded w lib his inotner, brothers and sbtrm. Hs family are sapcmrlly unfortiiualc. It *as thrvn tnal YoungCteva ?pi bi it.e venlur at the close of wblcb he Is etia'ged with luting ) ourg do i-rand-val a lew weeks since Warrants were issued h; Justice Crane for the arrest or the "unknown parties" who cause, the dcaih of too orrearcd OtIIcer Frank McDonough ctme orcr at seven o'clock last evening, and securing .the tervioes of fsrgoant Illcka, In cha go ol the rtisth surd police, assisted l>v Sergeant Dickson and olllcers Fuller. Cooaut, '.fern, (J. W Ruight and Mt'Dougal, vent to No 3 Mulberry street, where they arrested Mrs Milschell, KerdlaaadfArr.nn, barUnder, and Tbercsa Markb r, a boarder In the bo .se. 91mou and tbe girl were locked up tn tbe it xth ward station bo se. but Mra. Mitchell, by soma misunderstan lac wan taken to Uobokta by Bcgeanl Iiukson. Trsgrdjr In Soutti Brooklyn. A dreadful tragedy o curred in i'tmoit stree', star Hamilton avenue, yesterday afternoon about 6 o'clock. A man whoso name la at present unknown, while v.simg a friend of bla In Summit street, vc.thls a few doom of Hamilton avenue, either fell or was pushed ont of tbe fourth story window or tbe boose, and was nstantly killed, Ike Inmates of the house were suspected cf baring ueed foal play In the premises and were accordingly arretted and cmflned tn tbe Third <1iat?t A station bouae until the mauer tan be full/ Investigated by the Ovoser Tbe deceased, ills sai l by tbe neighbors, bad a runnel with tbe prisoners, when he ran to the window to cla.m protection from the panm by bel rw, whra hs was e'tber pushed or fell to the tl.cwalk benratb, reseieici, such revore injuries on the neck and a-all as to cause osteal dewlh. Tbe affair be* created a great d< el of exc teir.rnt In "jutta Br<> klyn. uud all sorts ol rumors are ailrwt a regard lo tbo occur rnco What eauasd suspicion against tbe prisoners was tho faetof deceased'* hody bring found i ion the Sidewnk abont ten or lu ol re lent from the boose, wbicb woa.d teem It infer ihat some forcn had t>- ?n used to tirowmg the body such a dlrlance from the base of the house The neighborhood wherein lie fatal occurrence took pis ie Is s very low one, and It i -instantly under the rug ellance of tbe It is said thai tie pr ?< ners ire prisons of very doubtful t haraiter, and that oe of tbe parties baa been In tbe "tate prison I'ltjr InlrlllfWr*. ' t iri xa.i'o K' cva <1.1 ?Tbo member* of America Kof idc No (i to tend g<itng on an egcuraton to the (.aaaclao next niooih Tbo company la making fro*. |~rrpart2can | for Ibe journey, anil all anticipate a can 1 tine. Pamnrn Airrnrrr to a Dan uikt - Tbo propi'<tor of Vbk | dru( atom corner of Markat an it Hoary atroela mat with a I aerlottt accident on Saturday, In cona?>i<i?nra of tba bnrntIny of a bottle of powerful anld, ami llecharr e,- of Iba I .,uld upon bla fkce and bead II la feared ibai bo will loan h>a al|bt, aa bla oyoa bain been rory much burned. Tiia nrw Yo*k fuiRkht. Ai*oruno* -Thla aocoty/of which C] rua E. Morao, of tiarpor'a imtab torment, M Preaidoal, will leave tb a city on tbo Mb mot., for tba purpooe of aprndlrg a we?k la Beaton Tba Hooton City Club, aoc n: ittao of trblcb la auw in tb.eclty, will rocrtro and raUraUi tbom during tha.r May in modern Athioa On tbo way bom? tbo FU-rence Aaaoela U< n will ?l"p two daya at Now Uaroa, wncra they will auo bo received and kindly carod for. a'runrx ?John Tollman bad bla jaw broken by kick Ftoelrrd from a rtciooa borne, at the corner of > iriy tUUl ilreet and t^eound avenuo, on Saturday afiarao io. pjohn I tan nay, n boy, foil rrom'n ptlo drtror, at tbo root ol Htanion alrrol, on Saturday,and fractured bio akall. He ? u convoyed lo tbo Now York Haapital for med.caJ treatmoot Rowt>v?i ?Pat Klngrloy was it rock la tba boat wttb a cart rung, and acnoualy inured, on Saturday n'gkt, wMio defending himeelf againoltba attack of ooaaa rowdtaa In (Jreeowlr.h atrrot, near Ventry Mvrbiv a p'trtatob ?Mr Jntapb lender, of tbo Ssth ward, wrlloa na lo ?ay that bo wao o an way coaacctal with tbo American meeting. hold at tba corner cf limed and Keen ureot tbo ntbor ovontog lla wna not tbara aa an actor, bat merely aa a eptclaor M llllimiburK CHjr 1iW? Tnr S' spat Law ? Yeaiarday wm a rary qui*. lay ! the Kaala-a di?trt' t, tba portar bo<ia*a baing. to ail appaarari. cloned The Iagar blar rarleie In tba up par I art of lb* fit/ wcra op*8, bat tha el'itera conducted lbatn?r)T*a la a rery good ordany manner. FvtrjtriTB RoaarsT (artaf the ebaaaoa of the family of later tolyer, reeldlag on Cot/or itraat, aaar FliU, la Ortrapotot, tba bouaa aae entered oa Saturday by -i oaaa of fc!?e kaya. aad rob"ed of ?.f*0 la moaay, 1 too worth of j??rlry, aad two aotee of 11,000 It la anppaaed tbal lb* robbrrr war parpwiatad by aoma parana aciaateta t witb thai locality aad wbo was aarar* of tba abaaoc* of iho family Aaaaro or Br*. 'Aaa ?Oa Saturday two otorad flan padlara, reatliog at tba corner of Booth Fourth aad f.1aTenth ttreeta, named (VWneliu* Bill aad Oaory* "loeam, are take* bafora Jattloa Feeka oa a cha'ge of barcktry. It apprara that aioat 13 o'clock the night prar <>o* Earl Brhaieber, r?atdin| at the earner of M im afreet aad I irlloa a if noo, waa awaaeaed bra notee. aad area r*n? dowo rtalra dlaoorarod flra oecroen la tbo bouaa I"poo arrlhs Mm th? mm lafi, and Vtimeher procured the tare* of ofllcar* to pan aad Stereoena, who overtook ih? fallow* la a wagon at tba cerner of I'wao aad Bocra rtreeta, wbara tbay awarded la oavdutm* the eboro name. rtrilea. tba othar thraa eaceptog. Jitnoa Faaka committed tfcrm for trial HktrorAt. or tub (J. fl. Tnoora mow Mtrrr*AW ?* i. v: A , , , tFaa U .. Ilia n#n.Tallor l./Mfkl whnh railed from this port on Saturday, la the bearer of a 'eiefrtaph'c derp.atcb from the War rteparttreat af Waeb<nri"0,ordem|r the immediate remoral of the troopa stationed at Markmaw aad the Sand, to fort *oeHte?, Kin r eeoin Thedernatrh waa reoeleed on Frt la* armtiair by T'oatmaeter OTIynn. with order* to forward it the flrrt op. portnnttjr There hare bcoa abmil aerwsiy flee aoldtere Matineed at fa-kiaaw and ahmt the aama nambar at tka Haelt ?Ditrnit Aii Tfitrr. J'Av 17. A M rwok lit Tammf.?Hi* Abingdon Vg. rrmc-iot learnt I hat a d ?. iplr nf Jot Smith got Into a rcrapr recently i* the neighboring ooaal* of Smyth It apieart II a he had hern preaching hia oliona dcctrinee ?ir n me time la a rrrtain neighborhood, mill the people p. t tired < htaiirg ihrm, an.1 they ret i<wt?d bim to de itat Tin* he refbMd 10 ln: aid he wa* told ho m iet, or takatha< ;i?e?|oeneea JUt poreer- rancc at la?t wore out pati. v .-e of the . o mnimrtir a lu mber of 'the matt rerentable ri'lien co l"etrdViliaf*te.t him,to a oaw of tar an I fa.-fber<fwaking an raid tr< fOwlofUim. Th.a hint audcirfit and the lod -een or htju be ail tlrlMcg tbfl nival Jtreu-t toem ;or 1Mb J|I.