Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1857 Page 1
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i. th: !i WHOLE NO. 7645. THE BURDELL HEIR. lira Cunningham Refueea to 8nbrait to a Medical B lamination. m SHAM SICKNESS DETECTED BY THE DOCTORS, pcmcoric Bunmnon or the blooo. nrrsRBSTino develophments, Bo, Ac., *u I According to ifwiMDt, Justice Davison prooeeded to n 9oo1 street yotwdiy moraine about 10X o clonk, for ten porpnto of thoco meeting froreeeor Barker and Or. w Wees, who It waa arrange! should .nako a me IK* anamination of art. Cunningham's parson, If thu latter small bo wtilteg t-> submit to tha ordeal. On his way to the restdenee of tha aaossed Justtoe Sarta?B waa mat by Gap lain Otlto, who hatdsi him tbo Mowuif tetter, whioh he had boon raqvaatad to da I, or latteo ms?l?traw,? Ntw Yowt. ti,' 4, 11)1 Dbab te?A* ooonaal lb' Mrs. Sua, "dsi lis ehkgwd to dentine permitting or sinejiti^ ifu. ti rtestto ana ubyslosi examination ?tIsr ?' < > rso agateM Our, and ha eaomrllurlv. 11 t , tea ad'toeof he* man lio< 1i n.\?i i maaaa to da Yours, ha, f I sTf' Tl Jwstkw Davison on renoalngtnehooao No 81 3m torn wow that the neritoal (tntlemea were there before Lira ?a there learned that Mrs. Conuncbam had rafaaed the no eeadtsloD ,o sake the examination, and that eho wasthon ||S| In bed pretending to he rery unwell, al bongs Urn tent ins ounld not discover that aaytblng other tbxo nor eew excitement waa the matter with the paflciit fboy saw none of tbo<e signs of puerperal Illness, aud ?co on otsoed, aside from their Inability to make a physical examination, that the iady had not been recently confined Mrs. Cunningham In the course of a conversation which eoenrred between her and Drs. Barker aa* D* Wees, nlnled that for her own part she world ho quite will Wig to awdnrgn the examination, but that her counsel, Mr. S'Uf hrl, h?d ins ti ucted her to make the refusal In thin oonuectlon It might he as wall to give the letter of the accused's counsel to the Iteirint Attorney, Mr. A. Oahey Hall, In re'atl >n to the proposed medical examinatten, ae follow* v? n?W 1 UKtl, \U|(, ?, Data 8m?A* oounsel for Mr* F.nni \ Bcrdoll, I hi vo UllM iter to decline sibttiMtng to auy physical e?atnl MM unilfir the cha ge preferred ag?lo?t hsr. Hor phy Mates, Dr. Ok, odvtMw me such an examination is ma pro par te tier preeent condition. Yoar?, 4r, A. O. Hall, E>q. WILLIAM R. STAFFORD. Finding that there wmi no neoeaelty of remaining any 'eager at No. 81 Bend street, Justice Davtooa a td the me 11 MM gentlemen referred to, took their departure from the promisee and proceeded to the Jefferson Market I'ollce anon. where It ana Intendst to resume the Investigation 1 by taking the affidavits of the doctors rela.tvo to their es < palmar at to# restdenee of Mrs Cunningham embracing tee res alt of their endeavors to Ind sat whether tbs aocus d wms really Ul with any oesi plaint and IT sin was aot yaribcUy wall enough to be removed to prison or some j MSre salb ptaosfthaa 81 Bond Mr set tengeatiesMB belog swan, saade a jotat affidavit an ardmaa F. De Wees, of No. 80 Ol'nten place, and For I %m Barker, ?f No. TO DMon plaoe, aacb being daly I mora, da dopaos and any teal they are prnaUotug , pbjMiteas hi the city of New Y?rk, aad that on the Mnhf sf tea 8ti of August, 1867, at the request of JmMMs Davison sad District Attorney Hall, we vhMted the henae of Emma A. Canning ham, other VMS hat A. Burdell, at Ne. 81 Bad street, ftp tea purpose of making a phyMoal examination or tea. Cnnaiaghaot as to the evidence* of recent Molvary, aa alleged to have taken plaoe by her on the Sight of Monday Inst, the 3d ln*L Up>a stating to her tho Object of our visit, aad nosing If she wot ready to have Mid ahyataal examination made, she said, 11 F<>r my own past I do aot object to any such examination, bat object la having It done by advloo of my counisl, Mr. Biaflord." Wa further ad J toot no evidence hdrpsndti' of a direct a? aralnatloo wore turalabed araffhrdedaa of a recent delivery by ooj^cthe signs, there were bo appearances of Into puerperal tllnesa or dhaarhanoa, or of any other symptoms, except those which sMgh' be atwibutea to nerioas excitement Aad we kno v Mao reason, from bar phyxtclol condition, why she might net now be removed. And we farther testify that we have node a MtwaphM examiuaUan of the blood .oxen from the sail and from the P'ooenm or afterbirth, the ?p vimius being given as by Inspector DUks, ef the FlflM<.Ui preclnt pottos, and that wa Had them no differing la their gl <bular oppenraaose aad Mae, that wa proaouaoe them of different ertgta. H. P. DE WEE 4, M. D , FORDYCE BARKER, M. D. gwern befbre me, this 6th day of August, 1867. fx n.wmcn Tm ertUjr aftTasnB Juetlro Oar I loo no: led Mr. ?t*r Ibrd, acr.eiel toe Mre Ountli ghaut, that tbe nana for tho *m o.M, Ihtl utile** the on tn? I for ? oocueed dealred to era? eiamlne the elieew? or in Vetef forward r?f?h ones for tbe defence, bo would br'cg ay tbe prtr-jnor tod examine ber Id the oeu*l form prt eer?bed br low, and then roofer bli declmon la tbe < woo Mr. MnlTord, 'a one war to tbe note nldreoeed 'a btm by MUM D?Tlaoo told .hat be wee rery anwel' and woa'd el frale-ul tl tho mnglHmte woald pwtpone tbe cwel deretloe of the matter aa.ll tbe following day. J?Ore Paeteoa eoeeded to tbe reimt and net tbe mat tor down for tee e'utook tble moraine wbea It will be do aided whether Mr* Oenato|baai will be ooa*eyed to prt Ode fbnbeltb, or abetber ber oouneel will go no with a me i ne miln ef tbe witaemee for tbe proteouunn, thereby eonbltaa brr to re-nale at No. St Hoed etrwat for a Ihw dare longer If Mr -taffurl walree tM privilege of ar?r eiamicieg 'bo wl ee?ee. ead do? not produce any *a behalf ef the eoenrtd. then tbe magtrt'olo wUl eza lee tbe prlrooer ecoucdiog >t*i bed comm.! ber to tbe rem be far trial OWlin t til reetalee ooafleed la tbe Fifteenth ward eta Mae boaee. where he earn, drink*, aiaok?, and en 1 ear or* te Babe hlmtaireemfanablr aader tba very pmaral a?<> eeoo<tn? circs teetaeoe* wbloh urrnod bin oa mora 0dm than nee Poo? otertlieg ead later?ting develop* areata may bo expected te tbe e-nree ef a few day*, at mom to we bare beae lafbrmed by tbe b?t aethsrlty, THR LAW OP THE CASK. to rai bwTos vr run qkkai.d. ftedf^f. t toe qneruuu 2' *" Oanelegbom treteg atoe noble to tba bt* under the air aim Man fee ratted by de? eat tbe addreee of K? fudge Dean t? the Harrogate, e ber re. rreeetetiv*, dteoe tbe alleged vh* ?f the betr, Ibrnlly place ber wltbia tbe teeming of tbe Rnrteed gtewfe qootedT HyUlHiR. to TBI BDiro* or rai mttLO. I eee by year report uf the oeerermUne betweee J?Hoe na*te <B and Mr 801,11)0 the difficulty | resented by m* bad already occurred to the ntetrtrt tti mey (pryijhbl teoa thr arrret), bet he to oot of ooyvtctlag Urn. Oautafniir to Uf Mti, under nlha oUtr**, m HKfor u aWotnpe U> POMmit the fc'r y of ^-.adoclii a pvonondr d holr? different off'noe ?1t *# '.,* from the one Mr tiKh aha wee nrrenttd The ' 0f th? reepn r? Wnnh (4 Hiil, 18i). referred tt by the litotrtot Attorney, wee one bore I h? M ooaal*te<l to oohclllnf aao'.h-o watt era to be-tfr?r\Mg iom row*, and irMa? Mm ft,, p?rrnm Njw, br? leg la m'a.l that "^-rdlag to tho hypoU"**. *'"? r"*T " "I*0 luotM" protojidnd liolr eon i * la prodocing Urn he'"** omre toe* arlbnMl m a real hMr, and fnrovito.lng a ela'm <'' to^lf, ihea, neferr lira C oan ho bronght *i'?' * >? mm ctt- d, ilio f? n?t appear to ?vo < 'i*r or v'?rf >a Miter to antnaiiy "prtKuoe" (bo la an before h faMirt, ?r Ob'fil i award to Inenre "prolnasirt," 0* 0 ip phed to enmher parana ilto nto?i?. in o ?ui? of road'neee to bo ?ffe? toall" lined by each person for Ihtl pnrpo-e, end to we '.tag am, roMettlng Hew <o bo no u tod?at, for ei*n? pto, yreonrwd ilm pa,?r? to he pre tored atrl dcllroro-l itoa to the pinptwed eoaft derate to bo until Nr 1"> ? la the for mo i proi reoirga Thit lo tlm wli-de of Ilia man agate* I Hanli Tru?, .i-iottoe On?oo *'0. In the opln on, that11 nn at* arnt rorjr rmwtmnnly tn?nn* remote elarl or ladlroot mooaurr token triih mienl to HThv obj ict " M ho o??? thto on tho anh/vitj of the llh|.t'elilto? in lite tap re Htogtaa, 7 Rant ?, whtah are, >hni .iiw to ooMailt n fanny. and nlPwt of moony fpo i?: io*' pinoe, oad tho nko, or* la too eiaon of atvmot', whtnh no lawyer would think of denying Rot on cntr; hat ever hold, or ewer will kotd that tho man who niarto o<i| with a hot if mntehea, IfitondiBf to Ifo' " a herii la thoroho r Iil't "? > oHawato to oet Iro ?i tho ham, nor that too ?onaan who ntualOM berrelf with Ornithine hotr, latooetr g to ' pro Jwro" it ao a roal holr, la rnlht of nttompUne to pooduon" a by tho ant of having It la roadlnooa aao lutondtor to da I aa Pnr.h a Onatrlao would obltmrato tho I nut P^wvwvr m? ' Uom aad apaoo for ropeataaool> ?rmwod by way > E N E buoaon fWm ihn nviue %+, aa? eito&'ie'i by - *ob to htmo? ctrrteneJ Gtleeders aa ?rtl! r*r ihatr own ?afc?* ano Uia pMKeuti<->D ol *<Met> a? fnr ih* en?v>ur?Keraaat *u I rMtrelui of lb we wQo are lorn cor armed la wima. LKX. TO TUB EDITOR Of THE HKK.ALO. Alter rcauinr the aevetooomeata at yesterday, wWoi have thrown aaoh addtuouanntero'it around ihe myateri one murder of Dr. Jnnteli aud tho means by which it was toeunp'tsfced. the ntnd naturally turn* fro.n cruris m of tho details of the pt >t itself lo those of the counterplot which resulted u> deteotl n, aoct aside from the <ruvo qiuattea ?hioh arises as to whether the crime had arrived at that deg-m of oomplrte maturity when It is tangible by the taw, and aswatning that tho cffsuce was, ss the U.strct A t 'rnoy, supposes perfect in a legal sens*, may It nut be a eertous qaestleu whether tho District Attorney ntm?eir,aod iomo < f hut numoro j instruments whom bo employe! lo carrying It out, ha?e not, in their eagerness, ovrreachod themselves, and If any crtiuo or Indictable of frnoe has ben committed in the mavter, bebecome themselves tho legitimate subjoota of the dtsclp lao of the ata ate punishing accessaries before the foot and principles in ibt recond degree? If, as W broke define, an aoeeasory before the faot ho ooo <t o rennsi is or proenros the commivstoa -f a flot; by an nth r, then the 'egal import of such no a as procuring the auild, the furnishing of tho basket and fainlhire actual y used t n the occasion, and tho being personally cognizant i he whole transaction at the moment of its progress, wo >10 seem to ho unavoidable, and Dr. DM, op, aio waa ao.aallf prevent at the pretrndod nth. and aided and assisted In its preparation and pro arcis, 1? clrarlv a principal in the s-oond degree, under he statute declaring ail persons aiding and abntuog o tho onmntbslon of a felony principals 'n that dog ee. If u be raid thai '.hty were without t o criminal intent, which lv be Mf? ol' elm-, the uu-wer v. that the ver? desire that tho felon; mould be co limit ed was siiflfl deotly claims' to girt atumui to acts which seem to be clear); within ih? statute, anu as guilty a* the felony itself. Toe cornierp'.ut ?t' no' a negative wvtcnrulneta, a silent vigilance, nr an arilve effort at pre rent'on; but a positive overt action, having for Its nhjject he act al succe'sfjl ommlsslun of Ibe riitno and lawring ??8idoone'v to 'bat end If the crime baa been accomplished then it was dooe through the mean* furnished bi ibr D stnci Attorney and bis a?nociales, and It is no legal aoswer to say that th'to tmaiis were furnished for purposes of decuoa. If the mini?te?* or me law surtwoutig tre proDanie comratudon of lb* oturuoe, bad en? duty to perform before U nam con routed slid a uipleied, U was uso ?t prcventl >n, not of ao tn-? a**t??eijoe and f"rtbera"ce; th- otbco of the lair suit ita servants Is aa we.l to prevent aa to detect and puulib crime, and never wonld tho humane aad boreSouat spirit >f lta philosophy ec iruna' ce tbe fuUr tempi era wbo render, d facile tbe -,>ail) to wlokCnes*, and allowed it with the bias li.broenta of an ra?y succe*s. Suppose Mr Hill had oeen In'-'Tned of tbe ialeuueo ooinniiMioc of a murder, only delayed bv tbe want of projicr weapon*, and should luitroctly f :rntsb a ptatoi which abonld reach toe Band* of the peraon aospooted of the design. and by that pinoi the murder should te dono, would no> Mr Hell be cieu'iy J ulity as accessory; aad wherein does this older from tho present casef WhMrver may be aald of tbe moral- of the means by which the detection and arreat were aoooaapllshod; stowed fror.i a i., a! stand point, they aeem to oe only a supplement to tbe or>me Ibeif, fully aa guilty and even more depreciable, rlnee their unworthlneta and deficiency were cloaked by the robe of juatioe and hidden bemad tbe shield or law. LEX. Niw York, August 5,1S67. The OollMlor and the Importers. AS we intimated a few deys ago, tbe difficulty botweea Iks importing merchants aad the Custom House Is likely to prose only of brief duration. As for aa we can leans, there Is as Irremediable esU la the present system of transacting business tn the Customs dereri meats; not king, in fhet, that Urns aad a proper understanding of the nature ef the obstaolea now lnlerssoing caaaat remise. The committee appointed to confer wMb Ik. Schrll, on behalf of the Importers, base bee/me satufled that there Is ao disposition on the part of the admiaistratles or lie offldalg to obstruct them tn their effort to facilitate Custom House business as Tar aa their Interests are concerned On the contrary we are tnlbrmed that 11.e mm ami sable feeling estate on both sides, sad they seem quite a mured that wben the matter is frce'y d is jessed aad understood all cause of CMiplelat will he re mo sod. it i tie it Is seeenllal that every nse'llty should be afforded for the speediest paasage of goods through the Onto n House, si 111 It Is resectable thai tbe Importers should ha to olj consideration fbr the enormona pre*sure of business under whl oh that department Is temporarily labor lag; an 1 If It oaa be made manifest to them that Ms log grtevasoes are the resell merely of eneb a pressure, and not of any r?l eal defect la the r.-i u?m, or as* ouipable neglect in tbe official*; they ougli' In mihtn t > tl.e inconvenience until it can be rsssored without any damage to una public la Mr eats. At aa erldeooe of Mr dshoU'a aasiety tn noc ?nmodite the Importing ?? reh-n'< aid meet their just rty ?eni*Bbt, he propceea, this -mtng. to cl .duct tbe commutes through tbe vnol'C -es in > -Jar Okas they isy see fbr themaehrro bow rtAOwr aland I'1*!*. Wot* vis**, as precoma, will be lb* wt< are rfent. .<j?ig t'-om thai lbs net a meet of the ftinatt nn y, relet!re to the !m mrere Increase of t'xted -ucds within the pact couple of iruuui, whv www j "T u Hut It aptrara f>ini I.-* msrehnata nnmpla'o of the formula adopted Id Um O -loin Roa*o m un?y?t*mulc II pertain* loo morh to It*.' -j?' ctrrumiocattoo od.'or. to m if thrlr Idem or ;>ro rpCtude In baatneaa ntle;r*. The mechlnen tbr* 01'' j? ? ?uiU oiling, and abor# all, It ne<-da more of a oi'*ntar. and la** of an aafilar aaatloa to mnko tt rrrtpot. 1ha? ' ?c *ay lvn the panen ihiaM l>* pawl through rmn dr?g to d*e? >a a rtrcW; Ibut ?b -dating all the ooolmKin ki.i1 o-'nK?'|"?o''* d<l*?i>r* t?ruoaa? ofom**lng fr?ni ni? portion of li>? but. nrg to the otbor, reMlTlog oa? elan" .i? h* t and another thar?. Thm Mr* airilr..* n* aa a food (.no, If u nan be carried o>it attl*1 *.*t n ntrnally Into f'-lng with old o?tabltabod rnlea, a* to ceintt tba regular order if buatnem ta Uio rarto.j J *; artmanu. Tba baa: plain?aa* it iriu proba bly be tfcr roan It of the preeeiit conferee w? oould be to try certain reform* a* anperlinenia Drat, and I' round to w*rh atil let them bo adopted permanently If tba com minor and Mr Aetiri' can airrr* a* to irba e the cloga evict, thr.rn aroma to n. jo raamn by all part lei aooold not ne gratified by tryag a few raforma without maklig lay permanent rnle ntibl they ara fairly laaiod Tbo va<t latareeu of the tm or-iag otaaa demand thl* l>o? tba (Alienor; and from all ladtradeaa of bla dralra to be aa aobommodaiia? a* ha oao, at may hope to tea than* elrw* Orrried oat aa roan a* Mr. dchnli ta aaiulad that It will bo for the poblic benefit. Krarth IMatricl Coaart. Before Judge Audereoa A to. C ??/?JMf Dunmimg Auigrm tf Hamwl T Wartt r? Th* May*, JUrriorti and Cimmema'.'y mf the Otty tf Itrte ><*?.?The following la a oopy of tbo cos plait I upon wbteb thl* id it waa oomm?DC~l it la bat the flrit of a antra that ' likely to occupy the attention of oar dlatrtot eourte for tome Uma ? The plalauff reancwfnlly abowa to thla honorable court Uat oar hamiet T Wat* of the rMy of Netr York, baa hern a police officer, and he* been aa eoch la the orrrica at Iba city of Mew Yort op to the hi der of .Inly la*t. traraby aa crder ri th* Ma* ?r and the rolir* Department he *a* di?cha?yd. Tfco pialniltt further atkotr* that mid oamacl T Wane bar pr*r-rmrd b<* dutlaa a* auch polio* 'Hcrr i r In l*f laid 3d da. of July laot to the oattra aatbr far Ion r bit tn<<*.-1tr*. Tbr rl.i'nulT farther thewi that terra i* d-m to .he ?alJ *an>aal I Wart* for h.? *er*tor* M (. nr? itv> r 'u?* nm "erem; iwn ;onara to i ioriy 'oar I n ?te thai pi;mart ba? i?aan damaaded bat bu bean raloa?'t. Tti* (iniuiif furthar *h iw? that th* ??i | ? W<it* baa aaei. n:d for a * )????'? ? .. r?* ' * - ^i',u' fl hil 'I#? ar?6??? two dollar* an J forte ',c?,r r.nta halao-w u? (ba pia'Di. I ban for* ibe p-alntlfl leman.n tedf Went afaiMt the Mirer, AM . ?f the my ? Saw ,**5-1* ' P*'!* *Ji?itn atal, baal<laa int-raat trow Ual.tb day <?! jnty, 1047, wt.b foataoflhb action " f*.' w'tneaaca war# oa'lad by tba oonneel for p tin tiff, '..on Nft waa worn, ami fatlflnl that ha waa a nen bar of the Metropolitan Pallet Board, watah not fhr tba d.rt tine on tba 23d day of April, 1M7, that ba did not know wbtibar tba plain .ff bad been <1 laminae) or art O tr ptrollar f ?(| ?w alao nailed, aad laatlSed tbat ba had charge of tbc U?.eaciUI property of tba c*y of N"w York; bal traneferrod nonay? to tba Sate Treaanrn/, and bad oal?t a?oo orn ;?-;tSiic!ual?#b?oei,.oi tnatd'allod Metropolian Police -fPiwra. Mr a R law.oooa hor? morad to d ?ml?? the oare on tbo n-ovad tba? the | i?iutill waa tot a polite ofllitar daring the time fcr r htoh ha cHtlntn pay That aocardlnc to tho new ! ?a rwiaiire t toe a?w enerter, at aooa a? tee new Buarit a-Pokoe Udnintealooera mw each and ere^e ,w> I rem an bream* a Plata cdfloar Ho qaotad tna d?o?rt mrnta of tba taw iatra, and aiao that motion, paga 27* h :Jl 'ah ^ * JK-Ilov la the cltlee of New To-, ui W-ouiti*a, in 1 rtirifliunD, thill ooi.ui ?? if j,( dn,y ?edei ? .mint lawn it the p*.?ac* <* thl* Mi, ard neon . !* Pi th? Tfatattoea of the d?partetonhi of Ne? Yo-? aul Hrookljn, until ift?r the fl-* meot'rg of tb? B. ard of r oil or uo^er ttf? at* whoa the till , n?t*ll bold ofllne nM to dit/ rarte- 'he v< 'Jim the art b?r> by ?aaeied, aad a* memhera of th \ "* force ef the He* Poller Olirtet He-ebv cw-H int. I " The ootiooei paid -Thai ir?tiy or ?i?e*m .nbera <4 tl olit I'olWia tb-tr. i meat hart ae v r aim aer rleat ran dried nlare t?a 'Jit dap of Aorll liey ahonld b? hroopht smart tha Wa'e ham Jib* to tbo aew lava, that (rem the ?JM <!?? of April the foene van rdtlrely net tratert ap.1 ba i aMbng to do with oily ofltdala Ti of booame tale iiBr.rra accord.a* t?. the WW charter aad tho no oly ram led t*?* referrlm to the charter. Itui be coaaidar.d It ?a? a yrf at hrea. .1 of authority for nn? ptmg to hold an* n rp'teee of tho old p dice foroe aa elty officer*, and pro IbM peraon'a anrnm nt authority the eHy waa not Ua fcie Oecntoa rwerwed Tho eonrt room arat r.rc *J il lo hear the reanH la the raae, ao perwooa pre ea. a a. 0 t-i j>ci pally mem her* of the > ld p'.i 00 force, a lar . -toe of whom had ntmliar olatma af mart the rttr. On- d. 'aey dated Utit M him aaK had W elaima ot U>o tatto oowifth*. W YO MORNING EDITION?FR % iUK JUKSOI GOLD BOX. Dct'ltlon of tli? CnnimlttM? ttioGlft Awardod to fctom-polonol Garrett W. OjroknMv? tiro and? upon which t.lto Dcclnloo la Hued ! The joint oommittee of both Boards of Use Oomaon Toon j oil which w?b a pointed some time sgo to aetoet the pareon moft vrcrlhj to receive thegold box that <m presented to Gen. Andrew Jarlrron by the autho tuca of this illy, eoon afirr bin elevation to the Presldenoy, and at bin death left by him to tb?t person who should be adjudged to bare tM en the moet vai'ant in defecoe of hla country'? rights, ha\ e at letglb concluded tbelr labors, and decided to whom ibis gift of lneatloMkblo value should be ewes. la the Bond of Ade'inen on Meroh 2,1867, Alder nan Monegban presented the folovlng preamble and roaolu loa retail e to the ?nx. wbloh were adopted Whereas, In the leal will and t*staa>*n< of that distinguished patrol orn ral II d e? Jackeoi . the lol owing cHttxe occur*: The goln stitifihoi pro?eut-d tome by tna corporatlonm ine cltj o' brw Yort; the large h 1 er vase, presented to m? oy ihi ladhcof Chsrlmtnn o U , in> attire State, w lb .he large p'cture represeuilox the unfurling of the American uaaner, pr-eented om?- y ice uui/ens of 8otihCarolina when it r n fused tube accepted by the United States -.ena'e, I leave In [ rus to a>y sen, a Jt > * -on Jr , with direct'im Mat sasaU | jur ba p join try yet be blessed v hh peace an sv< nt not always to he Tggiec oa he will, st the clonunf th? war, er er.d of tb. conll'ot, pre rut each of the sale anloles of ne-Smable alee to bat patriot residing in the city or -date f'om wMcb tbi y were pr s ated, tin shall bo aOjurtr-1 by his country .en < r 11 ? ladles. h?v: beer >:.e moet valiant In de cu ? of hlsoomor and our on atrv ? rich's;" aad whereas sh oe the w r of v uttr.o with the United BUtes which has e Ideally, by Us occurrci ce, inet the design of the doner, r i Infinite action ha* bom takm by lh<- proper atithorltl.'s wfcrreoy lie re.uct niitaliedii the s?Id wi'l misbt hare been .nil' c irrieO out; and. whereas, it is fitting and proper tha. . bnu-H' or this great val'ie bonld at be riven to him ?ho saail, by pro per judges and means, t>e adjudged x most va.laut and deserving; ibereiore, be It Mesulred, 1 bat a special eommiute of three be appointed to confer with a similar oummtltee from tha other tin tr.l of the owmon council, abuse specific duty It shall be ?o make the ne- ssari and p oper arrangements tor tee dlspisi ion of the gold snuff hoi mentioned n .he said *111, aud a strict oou pi Ism ;e wl b tfce reijue-t of the <1 .mir lte?oived. That the first Hegimral of lfew York Volunteers be and they are hereby rtonested, at as early day as lent, to asrrmble and doe de b? their votes. In due rnrtn to which member of heir onrp-, as being most distinguished for llltarn rsrvi es ano valor in the'.a e ersr wl.h Sex'nr, ih? said mark of dlsi.notion should b? g ven, m order tha' the said elec Ion may he made In time to pres-nt the said box on the ensuing 4Lh of Aldermen Moneghan, Wilson tod Fullmer were appointed the committee A almllar commlUee was eufbaeqioatiy appointed by the Oouncil Boar I. On Use oh 9, Alder mm Uonugban oil'ered Use following rraolutlcn which waa amo adopted. crowd, That the rp "clal oomir.lUee appointed In n la'wa to the dlanrsl'lon of the g Id an T box bequeathe I bv tb.- 'a'n (Jectral a nd'ew Jacks,n, be, a?d they are he.eny Ins'rneted to Invite au exoresHlco o? onlr oe fvm all parties iu this Htate engsged in ths late war wi h Atxioo ss to wh ch of the veto roos foni of Hew York actually engaged In the said war n ertit'ed t> re-elre the bequest; ike sain "ipres. ton of opLn'on to Ve made o* vote or '.'herwtse, an mar be dete-mi-ed upon jj the committee, and to be limited only to tho ? act udly su gitge S In the late war. from the Hiate of 'it* York The committee held t large camber of meeting*, an<1 all Intereiied paiUea wore ioviiod to bo present. A large amount o( lothm >ny was taken, and several namoa \no tented aa candidate* lor the gold bos. Tbe most proml nent were dolour! Ward B. Burton and Captain F-tirctuld, ettbur one of wbun It waa confidently *t 4 would receive It. During ihe time tbe subject hat boon coder ocntldertUcn much Into-est waa manifested in rela'lon to It, not only by tbe military portion of the < nuni'ii ./, but alto by a large number ol olU^cna and many residents tbroegbout the -c?*ie OunrlJertble ills-uaslnn arosonpon the question whether tbo ladies bad not tbe right to decide which wea the most rallent of thoae braxe wins of freedom, who, through tbo Mexican war, battled for lie take. Tbe Onal ox -Meg of tbe Coonctl war bald aMrtt two weeks ego Veaierday tbo Coon til met Or prtrata cowaitatiae, and deolied that tbe box should he awarder to Lie,tenant Major Garrett Uyckman, of the New YstK Vo tun leers. Tbe foil *? lag communication (Synod by a number of gentlemen waa reerieed by tow nmniU'eo, ami in -Hich are embodied the grounds upon *h.ib Jm con fusion a ?f tbe ooounHtee are baaed. To Tin Hnxmunu Ooxmtttwu or n? Comiow Co sen. jvix* ,n Cuajk.i tub di-cuomuw or gaawtil j*ch-wy?'s Uolk Box:? Go Tunes?Ths undertlg rod, la claiming in behalf of Uent. Col Oyck man the gold box left by Andrew Jarbnoo do not do to cm it.o grouses that bu was the h avert man In the New York Krglment, or tual He gallantry In tho war with Mr aloe was aapmnhrtud k> tnu exclusion of I every usher soldier la that war nor n. the phm <* his Keglnaeet VdMTwlt Vulunfeerx, but on the rround of his baring performed aa many deeds of braver) act daring, and addrd as much honor b? bis ssrrlaae to the eecutcbron a bin -.sir as any other imn engaged in the war. to the truth of wbloh we proudly rarer, wl.oM the fear of oeetradimlon. to tse following apeotfloauoos :? first For having, fr?m tbo landing at the Islaad of I/<boe to tbo final surrender of tbo city of Mesico, tbe bent dlsdpltmd enmpauv in the regim*oi. the men ustng always under the meet thorough oommand ami oootrol. Swokd. For lea-ling bis oo upany en tbo first i*undav after the landlug at Vera Crut aa skirmishes on the eaud plains, near Im walla, and taking posltu n on the Orfia ?a read, holding that 1 ?ltloa wbue under fire fr> ut nearly all the.bauener u the idty?wlhis hear leg of tbe eremy?until af?*r tfarb, whet, -rdured to rtUre . I. t. i a sand bill thud For hit hawing takes on the succeeding erjn'ng possession of tbe Urlsaba rued, and jaoklously p-tstlog p'uvta, thus preset t n< *11 Com mantes boa from tost roal to tbe city dur ng that eight. Fou>lb For having taken a position with b.a company or twenty eight men in ambarh and within half a mile -if tx burdroo of tbe ?ncray to prevent tbe tnira*?? to the oil)?the reemv, as before rootled, oouli be dletinctly beard giving orders?and foe performing coastauilv in bts ' eoot.iing dnty arour J tbe walla and roads of tbe I city durn t the ,aae time Fifth. Kir btvieg engaged ji 1 eustalneJ a chart* from six hundred lanoe-s, holding 'be pustdoo until relieved by Colonel Ward B Burnett, a; Naov Runorn Sixth?ror gallant eervi e, i -wsl to any other man or oflVer, at Osrro ttoroo (levnth?For leading Ma oompopy In rliarre at Cheru btooo and remetnug In a4?o?c? ol * '? -M?iii?irl tbe sharpest fire of musketry even, le'-^d durtug the war, where be fo I severely weondw' tv.s ac.-. j,- aa example of bravery for bin men to emulate. FJgbtb For devotiag his time and attention to tbe disci lice, comfort end merest ol hi* men Ninth. In never saying to bin w?"(li," when there for k hriuh aibi ?>? swiamw .,t. olwswa say lag "Cbma"?aa be arrrr wrnld permit eubrr ollkoar or prirau of bla con i?oy iob* la adraaca or aim la acUc 11, or la any other duly *Mrp b# was lacommead. Trnlh >or recelelcg Iho end nrmo meal of bit broth or nmo-ra, both senior and junior, of bla ootuJuil ai a brare ar-ldler and nfhnnr and geutlaawio by electing htm from lb# pontine of a Junior oapU'i. to tha< of major. Tba abor-arn the ground'upon wbteb toe cnmmltl## oa?" their o#ri#loa, which o.-oU m ? m tlyned by Alderueu M<T<-caae, WIL?... F t'lmrr aad Bhata; tcnncllnirn Kerna-d Balch aad VaaTtoe fb# (Miter thru tirrn of tbe o>,"uniti<e being a' rant Tb# autftt antr In ibe a bora 'uetnc era all ranltad before ibe Uimaal tea by c-<w -urn wltneeros. hwa vttaeaaaa. It appear*, In instil) tag to th? -nertte of otbar rlatiranl. wh .m the Own a lite# war# latorrogatfeg ibea., war* obar ,ad to altuda fr*<|qe??r* to Major [ijrlman tbla Induced the Or.- iwlttae to taq ilr* leto aia oaaa and ibe crl lrrxea of l a btavory At thti Mom be bad made no api'l <* Inn wbaterar for tbo bor. a# did art fbrl a* U.ougt- he should ad v.?-ate bta own elalmi to be gift, bnt tbr C?,-una tic* r t o*eted blia not to re.-td-ate them. and the reaoit baa U o* ^ti bo baa moot red oao of tbe greater! marks of honor o aoldter 00.1M t?"aeae. Mr. PycJttaan ia a young maa, and, aa apprira tVotn tae statements, eatttlad to tba dMttani.* which bat a.-en (Ivan him. Ttta Wounded Man trie wal Bitot hjr Bur* BInrw?Ilia Candltton up to 10 o'clock Last Aieie 1 e? ^ ^ wbd Bill shot oa Wo 'ueaday motn'.ng tr four different paiU of bla breaet, wbUa lafec lay bin creieta'a itore, No 74 Waat Kigbteenth atrant aw aMreup to 10 o'clock iant sight, when our reporter rialteil bim Ibe physicians inter tain 'Ufa or no hope# Via recorery. He baa ararytblay one for b m, aad eotmaotly Mound hkbmMda ar? bla relatiree, who are doing all <hoy oaa to allei lata Ills Hit cousin ooi plains rr.ry m< Ch a'-cut a par grapl, n a moralng ootrmpora-y, attrilmtiny the deadly made on the woundoJ man to religious prejudice Such la b* (ho fist, as bit cweln Alexander, soc irdlrc to bla statement, war at arc"turned to oli rude bl olle ma eonrkjttoas on any ona. The object w?? robbe-y, at tbe wont 1-d men was known to poa. seal a tpkmUd golduatrh aad chain, and wai ?appw*0,| lo hare h* 1 toBt merry Ab ml thefour*.), ?f lMtlt)n I aiora was entered by l irylara. *li-,r,rfi(i mt ft; in bo ra ami a ftw dul are in illrfr '.a ,h, tionUte rlrinltr a'e anua aotorl us er' w|l0 rlpa for anything, sn t p it | ,|?,r, wlu hi a rigl'tceo cwtnmiiK* organ.*" ^ rnfl\ tbem out of tba a?lgnbi?e. i .. v.- n orttFiocaria cri ?a or i trawm | the Ik*"'a iMt ?i?ht ml frotn their inanrkF wo about ' tar Akxttider Wnyd ? q*>le(, ronppeuhle ml kt'd worklf* iBfrhmtf whr*<< oonrefe no the nirh la qtren lion "-HO id* thrme of xrn-r?I to nlration rvuti Uio e*. pr|dlm of tho arr?tt* made and aitoujood Id yeete?dny '* Hot aid, there bns n-dMnt further trarnpi. id, but .? It bo pod ibe p? loo on ih* r'g'.t t tck and before I >cg will hate .h? guMy partlee la onnV.dy *W|>rtmr (nml-Hfilil Tfm, B fiiw Hun Jutg* I'atIm. At 0 II.?/h 'he lM?er qf Matin K n H r+tnt ?Th>n ?w a molt n to tf tto nrd?r for a l'wb < im.yiirmtitn rh> mitten It mnee on tarlmw grenade- Id tho fleet ptaoo, that there wot no onn?e Mr tho groatlnr. n la tho nci? that tho ordar wai obtained i?> tho tapp.cocl in ef the (bote of tho eato Oort>?ol, la morion to rncate ton oHer, raid ibat b? ?a? mtrtldent if bit itmrnr the Judge kart known ' tbo t?no ttato of laow ho would wd bt?o ?roito<l thta ( order. Owtttol "Irn proroedert to road affidavit*, wbloh wont to rhnv that Urn Hopbine wan la a wine ttale of mind; tbat oho bod boon wrongful y tpoarwratort by her baoband a very ohert lime tfwv bar la?t eeo*o*Me?>t; that tho ?? pnoaooiod of rove fbw hoi irel d?Hart In boon, and tho e*twetetit of #A M cm tho domlre of hor mother; that hor bothaad, who bad fkilod In h xlnwa oa two or throe nreentoen, wa? aupported pruv w, by ber (Hr? U ij Ua*) ok'here, ixunivh rwwi red. RK B IDAY, AUGUST 7, 1857. TM niu Ward VigUuce uoamltlM mummm o? thi nrra a?d iisbtb vaiim orriskj? ? viailamois uombimw oohdmxio. rvmM to a oail or a cow mlMo appointed at a praltmlnvy meeltot 1f Ibe cltlsena of the Fifth aad Kighlh wa'df, hold to Theaoaj algbt i**t, a mee'tac waa hold at No. M Leonard atrcol, on Ihuradap eraalag. In con it queue* of a miranderataadlBg a* to tbo time the meet ag

waa to be held, t? ere waa but a imaU number present The o*ll of toe meeting was dlreaed to the of lito two wiMi, wl'hout distinction of party, to inks Into oosuideration ton condition ol sunn In litis pnrt of the oily, for Iks purpose of "expressing Uislr views upon Uto unln wfol nnd dm gerooa organizations proposed to protect Live 11 res nnd property ofolUMns." & H. Houghton WSO ctiled to tbeehnlr, nnd James H. One it or wan appointed 8e votary pro lent. The Chi rums stntod ilut there had been n mleappre benslor an to the time that toe meeting was to bo held, It being ondi rato> d at the preliminary mealing held on Tuesday night thai thin meeting was to be called for Prlday e ruing The following reeohvtkwa were then rand Whereas, a number of cl'.i."n? and resident* of the Fifthartd Ugh b wards of 'hi oil- ot> the evening of the ol of August iu?'.im, held a public mveiliur at the Fifla Wa<d -totel ana rs> reived hemsrlves 1- to a Ylsll :ioe('om-nl-.lise under ih? raise of "I he I li b and Klghih Wards nutual fr > eurn an.I IJt'V and Oder Annotation." t r the av jwrd p.i'p ae of sitlag as oonsr r wore of th t peaer. and fur the dew ttioe of crime and theei'DvIe Ion?ad punishmentof ciflprtta, ol dflna th-'m-elves that laey will nevrr nusprnd h'.racuoiin d organization uetU th? reteut vat. shall have parsed or until a better rate of dungs ?h-li prevail?'hcrefo'e Bra Itrd that this meeting whitly ami ohetl--illy de source th f? matioo of ary each Vigilance < vnirtUie.' to our mild waren or In the olty of M. w Vurlt ?n ueln* a" ex raorrtlnary mpUon of power, and one de- led to th < p?op?r its a come ;nl )?a power that mU t le.dtoihe must 'Unsarooa <xi-es*?s and deny the lualt liable right of the al hen under charge* i f nrimlna ltv it-am tb great safeguard -f h's 'if < bis pe-tou ant his pro ei-tjr; the right of n trial by n jury of tie peers herolved. That while wr reret the in o'ei-ant au l 'usaae laws if 'he tart Legislature. u biuh h-ve mainly tended to clave oor rity In a elate of anarch'?disbanding a well trained sad wet organise;'' "lb e and smritntlng a ?e?k and par Itan firee in 1 a ptace?we cannot ont view In these severs' euavl mn'a, r"m ilao d b? t e fell dem.ui of oa'tt spirit, a* the main cause nf ihe increa e o disorder and crime in our down iroddei citv. Hero red. Thai, notwlthetaadlng 'hie lamentable state of affhlr*. wr adit relv on oor courts of justice sad an adh ireno* to be ?hi e law, hut that tit, as cillsenn and an m-n, while we dr Ire 'o maintain l<w an-* order, anslo itl ! *>? furwrd to the da wh?n w.-, as fieem'u :?u auorou-U the -allot box and hnrl from power and place '.he oi.glna'or* aud mlnlona of larae unholy lawa. A Ukmtlusah proposed that the resolutions bs laid over until the next Meeting, which was adopted The made a few remarks. In which he condemned In strong terms the ao'lon of the Law and Order Oomml tee which met at the Fifth Ward Hotel. On motion, the meeting then adjyarned, subject to the call of the President. The Greeripofnt Ferry* noma OP Tin; puilio oruvabcis? FSFar noNorobT. A mesa muet'ng of iho citizens of the upper part of the elty, and abo <>f Greyjpolnt, was bold last otenfeg fool o* rwt-i.l7 it; d nueei, opposite the ferry, for the pur poee of using nto consideration the propriety of petitioning for belter accommodations on the pert of the ferry company, end suggesting to than the advisability of running suitable boat* at aa early and late aa hour aa on the ferry at Tenth itreet. From all we could learn the accommodations are certainly of a moat miserable daacrlptlon, bat one boat being run, and that a delapidated, worn out concern, which ootn1 met-ree Its tripe et 0 in the morning (not n very eaaaoaa ble benr for working men), and qulln running at 7 or n Ut.ic after in tho evening; whereat the Tenth etroet ferry ! rune two or three boaw, commencing their tripe at about ft I A. M., and closing at I A M., and the obtwit of tbo preseat eating waa to obtain, if poaatbla, the tame regnletloaa at Twenty thlre street. The meeting wee organized by app"lnt1ng Thoe. Irwin chali man. and A. K. Rtndolpb aa aacretaiy. The Cha-ma-v. alter ezpialnUg the object for which they bad ae?embled, proceeded to offer the lb Ho wing reaolutlore, which were unanlmooily adopted:? Whereas, abont eight or ntaeyeara alnoe a ferry waa ooatmeaeed being ran from the root of Twenty third treat, Met river, to Newtown creek and Gmenpour., aa the opposite aide et the rtver, which ferry waa ooamnwed aader the euer-t.*- of arch Mrbeo Hughe*, for the aueun'wodoma ef funerals croswag Hu. Bart river to Chi vary oemetery, and nch other else* of tft zona as augbt have oocanloa to take the roots to and from the a cove mentioned poUta. And, wberoaa, about tho year 1863, ibe right and Udo to and In the above ferry waa tranarerrel by Bttboj liogbee to Mr. Hbepard Koapp dad, wbereea, daoe the purchase ot the above ferry title the boats have bien run ta eucb a wean jr, and at aaoh trre golar boura, as to fell In meetlLg the wsom of tin public, who wools, under a better arrange net', cross at UUa polrt And, whereas, on the 1(11 day of tug ud, 1817, a resolution paenrd ihe Bnnra of aldermen of this city direction tbe proprietor! of tbe T"emy third atreet lurry to ron their boetg froji Uio Too. of fwantv ? ?.. i -tree. to U'ti point a* of (en as bonis ore now run from the loot of froth ilmt Tbxfbrt, Koaol rvd. Thai lbs wort* of the or-tple of this portion of the city and of Oretapou t, abrolitely require that tbe boata ui*.n tbls ferry tbonl I be run oTener then tbe> now ere, end that Mrs tbaa ono boot aboul 1 bn plated on the ferry. And bektlurtbrr reserved, Tbit we, ett.snt of New Torfe ?o?i i?. < < wM, In mar? meei ng a?eeai;:?d, do newt respectful, petition the Mayor and Comfhra C 'Ueltl of U>b- cur to tbe aoUcn of tbe B mid of Alder wen at Ike earl tec t day Kreolved, fbat tbe Uitnke of tbte meetirg be friended to Aloermen Vaiectlao for tbe no.tee part be baa taaen ta tbe Hoard In pntltag lam practical rflrct the e ewe and a later of a large ngjority of hit cmeuiueoii, and alao to tbe otker members of tbe Board of A dermen wko atauted In tbe parri f of the above rreoiullon Mr Thomas tfn*ARAS, a ollizen, iben aMrovaod tbe meeting a. ronit. luegth, deno'Doing toe oouree of the firry nnrnp?tiy, end advlrteg tbe peopl* lo take dejiied Rieaaarw in tkl* muter wbiob wee one edeoilng the In tercet* of the gH /ewe generally fr bad been a did.'. ?o of tbte preo'ic. for many year*, and hi foil u.wt ta" wuca aggriei od a (*, of tkein, and knew of n>etber mote of ooiamirr ib< reorere which tbey ao.gbt than by a decided esprrtiioo of tnelr rlewa in tbe mailer and an apoea; to be proper auibnn>:ee He ewldored that tbe notaraay etoo l In their own llgh'. end be MM erroi.el lew It la no Abvr mum r that ' ? ?jp,rosing their oi-ject to be to tonreaee the trad)9 no the T ntb etroet Terry, even at ib< aorthte of tbe ini?wi-ta of tbe pooplo He looked op >n tbe'r c .uct a? aayui ng '?? )uet or fair, ail I It appear<-d lo lorn thai tbe more f?vw? toe eoinpauy re cei?e J (be lew may eeemc I to yield AldinDiee ViijiijK wa< bapp It ?ee tba'tbo ,-ooplo appc' i ha iii.iortanee of tbe tlj (4 tn v'ew, ae eruif I b tbe nnm'ifr of thoia whom be had bo pea ere to ed >e?e Ho ha ! traocedr I ?ltb anme llltltdtyin oleatmeg ibo pv age el a eeoUtioo before the B ia I of Al'lera.. n dtrirtirg ike company to r?m d wte on tbie ferry m early iod aa late ae at tbe ferry at Tenth ?kre< % < w waa gratifyng to tee tbe people alto making ao ><ec1 l?d a (lemocti 'atom of tbrlr opieloo Jr (wm. id I am 'it much api'aaee by eipre itrg lbs hope thai mo ebj'ct 'or whlrb tbey f a > alien e-l ins evening we d !>o aitaie" I, at I aftei t?me fartkvr dlasneetoa the |woo?e li^g were adjonincd lltjr liitfUlgriire, Moke Tbrre ' trt w Cat-wd mr Ma Fi aco'v H' aeoi >st kip ?Tie rrotnury or Ooawr*ina Htvaa Hki/rn roa Orrr Itaio ? A boat anoa yeettrdny, a gentleman ?a?e hie ap praiaare at tbe o#oe of the *Ur>k ef :ne Common Council exhibiting two aaceuuoaa, and raprannatirg alpfe" ^ Robert Heed, countable of the tigtt* He produced ? igaioat th? etty. .a wbich ? ea aimed Haw k tan a ad Horded war* plaln'lffa Ha v wwote I tbai hi would lary oa the pioiora of eld Jacoi Bajoa Mr Cham bare, Deputy Hark, called tba Sirraan at ariat, Mr. <?* lafbar, to aoUoa tbat Ua pi.'arc wan to a g">1 itrla of prca ?ration, aid that It da magi I br the olannan*. tba city would hold them aocc..u V.lo f' r It Atner- >*a rt at I, who happened to ba praaart, told tta coaa'a a ha'. I' be p'ctu'C wan compel ad to ba aotd, be (AlJarmaa H ) wocld bid law for it oo the part of the oiiy Th? remoo tint . kv.aiabie {lead aa?l# Bad far the la ay wad tbat 'ho Oomp taoilrr had twuod two warraota fw the aidouuw claim* I, duty rv.iuteritgtod by lb# Mayor aod (3o'? of theCuw moa (biihctl: paymcrt had aeeo atnpjwrf it tba bvik. a^J It ihat wna the way Mr. f tgg wanted lo pay o>T tba city debt*, the old ?? ibonM pot oia* atirh pr?aia oa talm > i poa the portrait of ihe Vaaara><i* High CooaUhto waaiaira from *;- .a,to of Vr valo-Uno ? ro -ai to tome auction ?bop If tba tpi**^ ?f "o|j .. yea baa half the energy Unt bid be-'.y hk,i he will catch tba maa wkn took a?a; .nla V-m. Thta l? an old game A party haa a r'^,m ar*J1a?t tba city, whlrh Mr. rii?. for aotna tBch*',-?i r'aarm. reforma to par. wbara opoo theI ctt* rr*dpor tUna out an execution, aa-raa upon tbeCtty tt? , mrattara, wb <n Mr. Klagr come* o bl? enure* ant Uia btM; tba keeper or tbe <,'Uy Had la tbc loan, ' i nth. being pat to alt tba teooola lo a?t too bank the .Hctnroa "Y:nBMBM'? Eicnauoan ?Amcrtcoa Engtan Company ffo* fl ("Big 0 " aa aha ta popularly oatl-d) will go oo a trend excnmimi tanan* early ID netHernoer. iney win rmm , Qii bets, M'mtreal, and rntnrnloc, will Mop kt Biffalo and Niagara Falft Thta 1* to be the "creek" dreoten'e exoar j l< n of the imm. The t ngloe t* now ta the hande ?! trie , l?inter, Mid wtl he remounted aad beautifully der. irated b.fore the esc"*t*a. they will torn not one hundred 1 men, all or wh->m win wear new drab eulte. William M. ! Tared alU be tUe foreman fbr the ic-mtoe. lady Weehtafftoa Kagtea Oempanp Ne M will |o en ea xenrrlow In Philadelphia on the 4ih of Orfobor aeit, | when thee will parttmpete In the grand Bremen ? parade, alilrJi will lake place at that dale They wtli aioatar Iv? j ea. lie K Arm?There If a very flee medallion of Dr. Kan", made oT nonpar, electrotype lo be eean at nfTanjr A Yoeng'e. tUe an exeelieat llkeaeae, an i preeeele a bean Ufnl ?tlvnry fppearaaee fiat r? tut Staarr ?About half peal S o'clock We loea day afternoon, a Urn Wm discovered ia bnMIng 1;W Plm treeI, occapied by Cbarlea I rear. It originated in a place need far the etomge of mbbi'h. between the two building* me tiremen ?ere quickly alt be preni.tee. tad kiting *ked |*? iff, Iwuiago Uk&ng. [ERA OttltuM y, HON. JAN Kb COCHRAN DOBBIN, L ATI MOKNPAKY OP THU NA?V. Ei S'oreiarr Dobtun, w weo <l*,lb we aeaouaeed jm terdey, afca a native or Narth cirolina, and wee born Is January, 1614. He wee cooieifaontly In hli forty-third year, a period of life la which ib? latel'ectual poro may oe hn io no in meir rail mammy. Hla rather wm en gaged In commercial poreu la, and wm, we are toll,a raw eaelnsnl for hla ints grtty led purity of character Not withstanding the extent to which be commanded public confidence In bia own aecttoe of the country, hie modes y and dl?lnlere?terneaa were such that to could nerer be Indnoed to become a candidate for office Hia distinguished aon, the aabjoot of the preaent no too, waa edooa'ed at Ibo University of tbe Jtare at Cbobai am, and graduated In tbe year 1833. Ho studied law at Fay etievlUe, where he fixed hla renbiobce, and ?oon roae to dlatlnotloo In hla proreaaion He entered public life In 1840 U a member of Cocgroea, and aT or eorvtcg I through hla term refund a re e'ectton on tbe grount of Ha interfeienoe witb hla proreaehinal puruulta. In 1848, bowover, be accepted the nomination a* a member of the Hotue of Cunrnvna in the State Legltlatare, and again served iu tbe sstne body In 1800, In tbo capacity of S.ieaker. Ho waeleeied a delegalc to tbe Baltimore Oonve it ion Id Ib5i, and wna aalrrtod by the delegation of North Uarulfcia *h their Intermediary with the Convention. It was hn elu quent efloim which, after eovoral In* (Tootial balloting*, ooaoentrated the Southern rate and ?ecu red the uomtoe Uon of Oeneral 1'ieroo He war again tbn aame year elected a member ul' the Houie o Onmmoua, and #a? toe cea dldate of ble part) lor the irat of Umion rtttios Sena or ; Owing to the evenly divided ?tme of perdu i toero oat no chctco, altnoogb Mr Dohais ,va> witbln twi vote* of aa election. At hla earnest r< quest hi* namo was withlra ?n, and tbo reku'l waa tba' do ouo el>e could ootain tbo aval from which be waft excluded. Mr. Dubbin wai not an ambiUoua man, and It ia aald that ao far from daairtng or uxpeciiog the put to ehicb no waa appointor undtr the ?diiiint?ira ion "f Ueaeral Pierct, he waa anxloua that It should be ouuiur-ed on ami nor dt? tlr gulrbed North tiaroiialan. During hla tenure or offtc", bo*ever, uo one could labor bar ier or more dlaluuireet coly to perfurm hi* dut7 to hia country Uuder hie ru o tbe administration of naval affair* ww conducted witb greater rtrlanma and mpariio Illy than unoer taat of almo?t auy of ble predecssaera Aa a man of buslne?s habit* ne wai punc tual ia the extreme, exeroiaed ninweir a close ?upervi?ton over all the affairs of the deputment, aod had o maUuiiy In slew the latereata of theaervice. Hi* over zeal ia this latter reepeot aomettsa-?, however, led him into mistaken, and cf there the coaatttutton of the Naval Re irtng B surd which waa la a great meaaure hia work, may be cited a* a notable example. A* co one oar Impugn me luteg-it* uf ble motive# In connection with the proceedings uf that body, we are bound to aet down the mlecblef* retolt'Eg from them to one of those errors of judgment to ?bu'U Ren of tbe purest Ictentlnss are liable. At the ram. time we are oompelled to aay that the legacy which Mr D >bbln hat bcquaibtd to his auooeesur, in tbe do esslty for a rv vtalou cf iboae preceding* bj the no* Naval Courts, a scarcely krs perplexing and embarraeslng thaa the mlvtake wbtoh was commuted in toe form of the original in qulry. There were maUort oonnocted with the Navy under the r,gime of Mr Dobhta that deserve atteati o and corn nirndaika, and it In only veoemary to mention then t" refreeh the public alnd and obtain that meed or prai?e duo to the ate Secretary one was tbe aid be aiTirded Dr. Kane In bin last expedition; another was the despatch of IdeuL Berryman lo survey (be great telegraph plateau; and the last?the last sOcial not of his Ufa?was the a*lei tton of the steam frigate* Niagara asd durqoehauaa for the service of satiating In lay lag the submarine oable from Ireland lo Newfbindlaad As aa orator Mr. Dobbin's ekqxteaoe waa of a parous Ire and wishing rather thaa of a striking character His efforts al the ber and la tbe leglelad'O bails were diatin gutabet lor their etearoMs and laborioaaseas or researo i, but cm id rarely be called brUUaeV In private Ufa Mr Dobbu-'s amiability of die position and arhaatty of man new rendessd htm a general favorite In parsoa he *as email act alight, aad Ms fbataraa tndtaatod by tbelr baa the dell any of his csastttnttoa Ho had been for tome lime a widows r, aad leevee throe children to do piore his loan. 110*. THOMAS J. am. rxrrgD 8TATM BEN ATOM raOM rax as. The roDort of the of l*n*i? Rn*e rf ? not yet been conlrmed, bat the moaner of hi* death and U>e peebioa of the man have attracted public attention to bta peet Mb and eerrteee. Sen Reek woe eae of the meet remarkable an of our country. Thoegh tome what rongb and anpattebed In mannere, be wa? a mat of flee abltltlra and filled all the high positions in which be wee placed with credit to himself and ad ran lege to hie adopted Mole. Mr. Reek wee n net ire of South Caroline, and wae born In the Pendleton dletrlct In Deoember, 1808. He was therefore In hie any roorth year at the time of hie death, in 1824 he eettied in Georgia, and eleven yean later (183b) removed to Texas. He look e promlncet part ta the roro'ntioo, commended e company or volunteers, and as e mark of tke appreciation In which hit lervteee ware bold wee appointed Inspector General of the Texan Tor am. In 1880, he was named Delegate to be Tena Convention, aud received from that body the appointment of Searrtary el War. When Intelligence wee revived tbnl Santa Ante wae crossing the Braaoe, Instead of Imitating Ibe reported p?ll)aalmoae ooa a not of lbs rest of the Oabttet, who sought their safety ta tllgnt General Kuik haetened to General Hooaton, sad by hie preaence and counsel aided rreatly tn the suootee of tne o^annao ler in chief a deration* At the pearage ot ibe Bay on?that o ttloal moment fjr the t ale of uto Texan forces?Ibsse two gallant men tuttingmbed Item ulree fir the eooineaa and r?lf pewMiloa with wnleh 1 Ibey euconntersd the perils whir wbt.-h their Ulle army waa menaced. It m well kuowu that General 4 luaton had aucb coail'Vnoe In the pidgin ut >f General ReG, although the latter wae no ?ol<.u" that he auimut . ! to bitn lie I plan of the battle of San .lastnio Tbe iett r said lee moment that no laipruromcn. oonld be made In It, and de lighted H .orton by lue warm approval of II. It vas Ga-neral Rusk who rtUlei tbe .ntereat ng toridee' wbleh occuTed between General seats Anna and Young /.**n a, after tbe capture of the former, aae to whir a Sea e A iee too ed to tbe meaoneaa of rtiedJ'ng ten'K or aim listed dehghl at meeitirg the ton of kla early frtead?tha veoora ble rt.pperter of Iexaa iudepandetoe When the fugitive goreraairrt. afte* thta brilliant victory , cm, letcd the moaeore of tnsir nowardloe and In gra itude by preparing to dismiss (I'm tne from their tervlre. 'tenorai Kuak wet me a..ggi?t ?n In a manner wotiky bla coble and geoeru is character ant defeated tne maot inab. i of ibuse base itir'guera. Rn?k waa oae of tbore wt o h< iped to carry lli,cat a on boa'-i the atoamor Va tow H>oee, la ap te of the cabinet wit., ha I the Milanese tu r. f <ie Ue wei.nded h? <o a ia*sage to New Orieaae to tlPaln me. rtlald. After Ibe dsperlrre of rionetv the command of the n'my * ui-UKJ to Kuak, e>w p-n acted hi the rank of fcftf ad'tr rai. In aa "rder of the da> , dated dan Ja ctau. May ft, 1S3?, HwrnJ Houetoe ano. on ,e? tble ereet to bla wen, and expreeaes bla oooltoence ia the "valor, wadom and pair lout m'' of hi* u -cianr la 188* (.aaeral Rnk waa eleeled a member o'the Texan (Xcgrxrs, and ia the folio*leg year he tto* appoint ad llajor I.antral, aed to n a''er i h'^; jq?uoe of tho ro file lid bot bnwaree '".'.u'lnuo I org to rxercwe la Ju Helm functionst ij'.'og de**rou? of retiring loto prl rate life Q: tire at. or va tlnn of re*i# U tbn I" rl ed Suite* he was i.rrtcd a member of the C mreoi1 >e 11 frame a ItUte ei.naittulloo, an 1 presided over the delineations of that body. Ho had the hon>r of bring .ilecte> one of tbe two Irrt Unite I Ru*?aa Senator* from Texee, and In l^.tO waa re Heeled fbr ?li tear* from March, ltbl He took an nerve part la the debatee of the Senate, atd as '.hahman o* the C m mittee n Poet ofltoe* and Road* dietlo gelatin I blot*"*' by bla practical trie** aed prompt pcrcep l?o of the dlfiltol ilea of the qoe* tone brought op fur disease lee. Alee Mr. Bnehaean we* nominated for the PrnHdeeCi at the Ha riBMtl umvanOoo, the deVgatxa of the state of Maine nominated Mr Pork for Vice Presides! The rhvrmm of the etiertiloe Nm Texas, bowsrer, withdrew bis nams no ibe grorod that he waa reserved Tor snmethieg * Seentor Re*k was jmMjy etoetwed oee of the j for ll?<f l'rr*1d?t!cy. .?g Jt ? tAYtra) llm? 1'ollra 11> trill ?<* <- . 'Ii,K*K1 A*r?tT - Batncnn It Mil ti o'clock on Wed '' #f*a/ aitbl, an an my nok plana Id n larfar biar Mlm? dI s3 arfmwlob ureal, vhlgli rrnu tad I*yI Ogebar ba leg tavrraly ttabbad Is Iha brn* t It appear* tb*t a par tr el (itraui ncre aa?aal>U-d In iha Diana. an I whtl" In ooaaartatlnn Dnnbnr tnada a tataark rafl?o'ieg upon the rharaolar of one of Ike ?1rl< ?mplc?r?"t lb ?''a place. Ttila |d*e offaaca to antra ef lb? part? and n gin" rnl trna* rnavnd, dnrirc whl.-h IHinkD' *? aUbuad Tm parpt irator of tbeoairiaa reeeped, Ml ta HTM Mb donad in n drag Mora, where ibo m und art Waited. Paiuti tig^oa on Sr*r>n->.? Jutltoa Conao'y on Thura day b?l a final baartog la tsa eaaa of liquor danlirn who were arretted aotna 'layn i?o fbr rlalabng tha *ta ma again*! tailing liquor on Sunday*, and Iha fol owing dtapo tiUon waa mad# of Iba oflendart:? I.nke Pcndergrait, keeper <M a porter houea at No. M (Irent lone* afreet Tkoa Norton, keerlrg a Hi nor atoM at No. 311 Souib H*Mh ?tr?el, and Aaron Br?wa<ag a grooe-y and liquor tlora at So U r.ihartne Mr eat. all of vbrxn rtri cbargad wlib wlHag liquor on Sunday, the 5?tb alt, trert mob bald lo ba'l la tMkO la answer tha charge ni Iba Owrt of (Jeneral Stature. Tha following Hquor danlara vara dlwharfd fbr waat of arldanc-?'Ihaa Blarhoff, of fit fkiyard atraai; Hanry Rare. of 7k f tight street; Al hart Wraaa, af 3Pf Moll rtreet: frederlck Htodrl k. of 6J Dnoite Mreet; Itol k Reynold*. of 73 Ritar! otmM; rhm. F He'd, of No. II Onwery. nil tfeo Ritoler, of 377 flreen wick e*ee* Two other mmm remain. Mid the mafletrate Will <IMpOM of them to dor Btrci-abt ojw> Iaocmi ?Ben man Freiend, o yntiiif won, wm yeeterdoy Of rooted, charted with ho- n* on Wotnee dor <|kt broken Into the houte of Mr Jacob Well, No 8 avenue B, old Mealing therefrom o variety <* ortksle* (to orarehtng the aecneed, pawn tlckehi foe the tooleo pm petty were Ihnnd ooneealel In the Mnteg of bio cop Ho wm lockei ap hy Joetioe Wood to oatwir. LD^ PRICK TWO CENTS.* l-olllliul I ill. Illume*. Tim Ameer Eii'Tiosi ?fallowing is a ?uooratrjr of the result of iho ?! ?t ua ?i r?? ?. mcciveii ? l?*TUO*Y. Hucbaoan't mi>i llv o ihf.ti .uAilH end *r, *.11 ?i? inform*' thai >hu detrio>atlc 'nw Tr*a?iir<-r . riujoj hy a m-j rlty or lO/OO. Id -he '*?? Oorgr??? \ t.i represented by tlx Koow Nothing members ?n1 t-m* democials lotto Second, Tbl d, Se.rnth Flibib, Ninth and Tenth districts Konir Nothings wure-.hwco and the Flr*t, Fourth, Fifth and ilnh ?lec ed d--m xi-eta. fbo telegraph Informs ua that the Knew No-bingo have certainly euccccder. in r? ti c leg Hon Humphrey 4?rrr.'.j 'n the Seventh dAttlci, and probably Warr?n I* L'nd?rwood la the 'bird; bit that Henry C Burnett, in .bo Fir at; Samuel O r'ejton, In the -tooond, J H juwott, m the Fifth, J M. Elliott, In the Sl^th; JamM' II day, too ol'fienry Clay. !n Ihe Eigbtn lob a 'J Uaana lathe atn, and John W. Siovud.'.i 11, In the reuth, all democrats, ve certainty elected. Albert I}. IWbot, democrat, a the Fourth, la reported at bolog proMtOly eUauod I' these reports fbnuld proire <yv rect the detn oats twill baro eight and tho Kju::w Milking* too representatives In tho next Cougrew? a loaa of fnor to the labor parly Tee Voting Hen'a Satlnnul Democratic Apaoetati'in of C.acin nail fl> f d one hundred gin? oa the 4 h .arXaet tn ciehratlon of tho victory tn Fayette district, la the elect, ja of Jamee H. Clay. MlSdOrw. rn ids*/ 1H6T?ijlTvevrr. ?u run. FOimort. Oem. n*ij Ouv nuii. St Loulf 5,6 )0 0,834 ? ' 1 8t(o One per 778 787 - 1178 Howard M7 708 140 ? Cole 662 269 380 ? Rnono ... ... 0.:,8 1 Hit ? 014 Lafayette 004 1 203 ? *00 Total 9,8 0 11,000 430 l,i?9 Know Nothing majority In 1800 1,9)1 Opposition majority in 1867 3,009 At the municipal election In St. Loale on tho 6ih or April, <?67, tho voto Blood an follows: Free Soil 0,483 Pro slavery dom 3 769 Know Nothing 1,801 Tho i.ubernalorlal rote of thla State la 1860 Blood:? Polk, antl Benton democrat. 40,346 Kwlfg, Know S'olhng 41070 Bm:V>n, democrat 37 070 Aud the Presidential role at the same lime wan as follow* Buchanan 58,104 Filmore 48,034 ALABAMA. In ?b!e Slate the democra-e will probably make a clean sweep. In the laat Congress two of the seven representative* were Know Nothings, viz , Hon. Perey Walker, from the Hut, and Hon. Wm. K Smith from the Fourtn d'etr.ct. Andrew B Moore la the demecratio oat dldate fbr Governor, and he bag no oppoaltl n. Jamas A. Stall worth, democrat, Is reported to be elected In the MobUe (Flnl) Cocgreeal nal district. Kjrow Nonu.vo Brora Oors'u ?Tits semi anneal meeting of the Koaw Nothing State Council will be he'd at Krot'Miyo on inn mm inatani. 1 acq anbardlnaie Council will Kid om delegate. Da<.im?s ? Wm. F. Packer, ike demieratnj can<.idaiM for (ioeerDor of Penney Iranla, haa lecllnad ike lnrttaUom of Bon. Dnrld Wllmot, Ike republican candidate, to ceoraaa Ike Stale in ;omt ear, ee le tke euaton of the oandidaiga in ike South end Sou Unroot. OynnM hp nil mrxT Hocna or Rarm?tani m ?From the Waabington 'otter of Col fornay'e new paper, (Iho Philadelphia Prtn.) we oUp ike following:? Col lee no I, Orr, of touth Carolina ead the Una. J oho S l'brlp.', of IfitaouH, are both tpnken of for Speaker et the d- it llouie. C-d Orr will doubilem ho the men. Joke A I'belpe, or Gcorgo W Jnoeo, of Tennerea*, *U1 probably be el Ihe head of tke OommlBee of Waya end Mem. Tke Clerkablp of tha IJonee la evidently bolweea Cot. Allen, of Illlnnw, U?e dor John I. RoMnann, of Indiana, end the Uon. Jwrld bear, editor of the Trenton (H. J ,) Vrm Ji uricoA Tte Soclh will not nek tkr koth Speaker ead Clerk, of coerce D:\neor ok nm Forma..* Dwocwacr.?We lean Tiom the Montgomery (tie ) Vail that Hoe A II Stephana, of Georgia, and Bon. Jatne. ' Pngh, of Alabama, oppoae tbe adnalDlatretlon for luatalionf Grrernor Walker of Kan-an. lie Mat I iotimatee that r>*obablr a large portion of tbo Ala>ama denocracy will oppoae the a?l ondatra'; on and foi m a new party. u<> aneonemr or Wrconaui ? Wlioonoln bulla a Btata lection rext fall, and tbe pollUnal wa era a.-e again he] ginning to be agitated. Both partiea are fa*t "oUiag out 'heir aapiranta for a gubernatorial noma, at .on Tbe re* publican hare tbua far proponed the'o/ .tg jeutteraea: ? Governor Ba-ihford, Hon W. 0 Mrltiuv.. of Wvww; K. O. Hdtoo, Feq , of Milwaukee; Hon. L I', flarre> of hboplerr, and lodge A W. Randall, of Wank ?bv */ ?> of Ibrio are able men, and aura# aga'n aid rery p?r timber to make gorernora of Tie d hoj<>^ bare nam-d tbe following tmUemen ?John p. So i tree, of Grant; J. C Fair-bill and L. P. Vilna, of Wa.-oo; J Crw? ead H. L. Pvmer, of Mllwaukio, am4 I! C. Hobart ? of Calumet A*oman ST>Ta OwiBM ni Ma t<w?.a.rt ?Tlo National American party of Mariacbai rttr q%4 cal' I a Si a to Coarentlon, ta be held In chapman flail, BoaWm, ' r the 10th of September. What are they gou.g to dof I'rraotiul Intrlilgrtuwi The nm Tli'.ww I. riarrin, a eaocraUd m i^ihor of Corgrea ' on IlliD.'.f, han beer atlvkid wiih liern irri.agi or the li<rg>, and at the Ian adeu-e# bin recovery war do* toed iobtfnl. He wm re eleuted lait t ill We hare a report that the bneltb of Jaehua R dlddinrt I* io fiebie rhai h< will prubati/ not be aemio lake aw aeat In tbu n< *. ''or greae. Tbe H n Willi.i n I . riajrloo .i ?>?vrrer'nf 'rr,m .be tarrto llln'-tr or.-irr which be haa been (uttering for aima l t i* | ar.1 a*. I/rag 0 etch A" rag lie Uifngnlrked otrangnre now rrj I' at arm..**, are i. >r. Cokw, who wa? toopri-ato recretaey to I'r*anient J. Perron. and af.eraarda Tarrtroria1 lorernor or Indiana; Mr luttkm OcrUre. of Uia I ot?i -hatea Su. pn t ie uourt. Chief JuaUoe Amen, of Kbo In Ulaed; G it. Ckt-My, if Delaware; Hon L R l eek, of Vernool, Rer. llr Caeerer, cf No* York; Hon. Jan E Cooler, Sew fork; Ju 'gc Spatear, I't'CM; Judge ehaakland, S, rae-iae. (apt Hceib, C. I. A., and Oapi. Gardtcr, U. d. N., ara tn Waab'tgtoa. AII RIVALS 'PPM I -PHn 1 In ' ?- #_aar?nhirt ?; - ? ? ? ' - - ?VM^MkCTr. ?!%.* ""* *'"" ** w^r."! !V''n* w?n **' U J.m?tona- Mr* r W)HI>in?, H WtllUmron, 'Kf and ihnw nt> dr*n Mr* <J r'.Vt.'.Zf' n *,J.y^i V^*,r>( ? Mr, uti a L i ?*' **** *i,,b and Xmo ?fii!i|?rn ?r? c?h%*r %,4 'fcr 'hd* Ma?* ?.?JK,>AM,,> ''B, ,?,rt|,|'r" "U"1 < <" ? ? k? ? *, Mr. * NRmo'm'wS. ? il * r-J-BW r r r ' hu china M M d,?*l .??, K*d two ??' . in a, M ' mn mn. Mra'Mrar (wVi-r ?r c tap. i i* . . ii TT ' """p1- '' " >? and, i'-v ,i? and Udjr,?. H H J%-lp lad . Id M m *t HMta* Krt Jr., J a ? dhrnac and nrn J H wibVm Mr, f| .-anti,'Mi*# tnd'T? V-? T i>ndl,r, M,? Hrinia, Mr Mmi "'* , <*at>taln ,wai??r. ?q | iuiIvi' I f T. 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J:?0|>Wae CrawfbrU, <1 tfllh WOni?a, fatty iw? ymr? ol a*a, J fad oo Ttaortday at llnfarnw RorpPa', farm Ufa effaca of t> trnt rwalred, a few dvya ulrea, ?1 ?lfa ?? eig"rc<1 to fli'lnt % oaraphniM lamp An liquctl wilt r>a h?M upoa Iho bo .y, Foi'^r Pn*o ?It uW da CbaMall, (farman ragraa , waa ronad lira l oa Tlinraiay morning la tho aafn i.a'l r No. ?fafaa.l?*F (outer Oonnnry hold as lav*"* p,n Iba b<wijr, it a?n?arort la that Ufa rncw > ?<fa Ofrrry iMeii|?r?t.. Tab-in, and (Hat death ?Mr< I hp eorpoatloo of tlx brolr arWto* from latrmpr-?t"-> ?od aipaaar* A rardtnt to that oflVct war rawtmad by Ufa yary, ixcaaaod ? forty Uiraa yaara of h?.