Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1857 Page 6
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f , iwiTmm iffliwa rat mil A CARP TEN BCWCRIBBN BKOB LBAVB TO IN A fcrtr l?J e? n^nlrln* u* kil>4 of i?Uia work, ?krtMR W or W? UsW tfc %'lTui trarebra. th?l tb?' ? hye thi; Mr tk kauorrk* tokuoar ui<i ou the in?t kkkral | toMk. by *eul>?kg kl Ti2 >r?rl. A n.iU? Mttrwaaad tot. t?. ?Ul b? emCAKi) *o. rt "J" 1 rntr* J A U%d At too rktt#-av ot m> l**1 J b> *** ?*1 '* IP* WBUH 4 PITOATIOW TO WAIT ON A 81CTN to*y or to tiU? oi v ot ctlklron, * to *3 IfcM chamber W%. *rKy ?' M frt 19t* i.. flr?t Bo.*, bkok room. 8 TUATION r A8TIO-BT A YOClfU UNNMAN WO. mu. u -mfciJ AaJ at *n:s'ji*u Ski->4 city refo m?w Cfc I at frs AWTTATTO* W48TBO-BT A YOTWQ WOMAN AB rook ?*jcr and bon'r Reef city reference if re Mirtii Pleat r oall a? 108 Railroad n , ec-roer of dnjke it, ' ' ) _ AUl'V TKOM TUB BAST 18 DB81KOVB OP A 8TTDAEon w bonMkMp<r; t* fnBy mwnpetent to <ak? rlmfgef a bu:l 1 tm* He: j'omri u> all kinds of domaailo affairs. ahrh kill* Herald office. A8it1 aTlON wan ted-bt a wohl#, AS plau- ' xik. float m'n w?rfc?r tad Iroarr. Bi?t nt rofo res ee? Pi? Kt call at i 9t Cam IbWi gc 80 objecooa 10 go 10 Ei? wi 'rv ABITOATfON wam1ii-BT A WELL become BNDed rra-.j ictug woman, to ook, wtah and Iron, or wwuld do ib? houre work In a private family. m\ke? Co.d bread and mmi: eaoeiieot ?nurr and Ircner, hit* Uv -d a year to b'-r last plaoe. Wife* $6 per month Apply at 5S AtlaaU'' Hr> k.i'ii ASTTVATION WAbTBl)-BY A RESPECTABLE Tocog ;:rl, a* chamkerata 1 and waiter or to tat- care at rbild en ai <1 on yialn a- sing Jood el:r rt .'erenoe* Please sail at 447 Or?ttiwlofc between Vet try and roeae* fjs., for two da) a Amtuation wtstcn-tr a vurno woman, as soot and x at' n In toe washing <.ni; la a good baker Uood v reierencea. Pleaae .all at 2)7 od ay., be treea 2&th and 21al at*. I lOClU LADY, WHO HAS HAD CONSIDERABLE ' tii (ri'ire in ttarlilng, aid glees tbe highest reference*, ' deaurei a uuatkia as governesa in a printe family, in or near New Y rk Addrets Mlaa H. J., Herald clfce A 871CATIl .N W AM TED?BY A P.lSPECTaBLE OI&L, a? r. t, vraaber aud lrooer; uodentatds her buloesi baafood city reiere nee; none tut a respectable frit-ate family aeeeapfy. Can be sten for two days at 111 26'b ?t, be ween ; b and !i ava. SITU ATION WANTICD?BY A RESPECT ABLE WO- ! mar. a> cnam i-erxald and ianndrr'i .No 0 l"<-i'oa to a In tke coniitry Oood r.lty reference given. Inq.i're for mree daj 111)0 I Ctrinophsr ti SITUATION W a A Tk 1)? AN HOOK K1 B"KR Iff 'IS *le, or taeiitanl in uoub e entry, engagem-nt to 00m men or- ist of September. Oood oily and ooantry retersee-'#. Afplk to ir oddr- .-a W L. fiaae, h'J 0U1 avenue, Nei York, to objection as 10 location. ATOCKO WST.L KDUOaTED OKRWAN WIDOW, SIX yean x ih.t cuctry want* a ail intftn aa hout^ or governess She 1* able to teach ciiddren in ail soboif hraariiea Heat re'trence oau bu 1 Iraetiaddress t 8. Hera d oitise ARRhPK TARI.K VIRRIED WOMAN WISH BR A ntn*t!*a ah ?vi rarer In ? prirate hn:!;. Pisase apr'y At Jl Kin* at.. in the rrw top !onr. ARJTt ATTON WANTED- BY A MIDDLE ADRD ???b aannr?e. tood reiet-fnce from I,nt place. InqMr* At 16 Wa.ta aireet. ARE?PR _,"TaEI.K 'JKR.V AW 'iIRL WaNt3 A RITCAtton - A #r?- claee Am"rr-n p??ate 'ahIIj, in W*w Tort on y rb> ji nr. t xcel>n< o><.?, And a ire' rnte baker. Oan fnmish ihe 5eat < f references app'y th a day oaly, a. 55 Ttilionft iy *u, -orrer of Bridge Rrocih yn. GO.RRNbeR-A YOU NO ?Wl?8 LADY, OP REP1R*: odnra- D wahee an "D-a'-meni k' 'n A rea Shle ?a? . r: r'.rt 'nirc-iin tn the French and 'Jernutr ?|? and u?? Engitah tranches. Addreu Raaii Beta row way. GOVF.KNF>'R.-A HlftSLT EDUCATES YOUNO EN JU Wr, wh.i wUm and a, < Frtact labgitiSe haiy. and can tracl. moatc. t lit rooal and inalr ir-n'.a. wtahca tc obtain a altnatloa as forern'ai. or wo i d tike en en- 1 Mtartl in a respectable lore. Addreaa aftas At. A. tt, I WtlTii Poa oC6~e. SITCATION WAhTED?BY A YCUNw WOMAN. TO root. warh and !r<ia. Oocd refer-new. AFP1.) at 100 11th I t , bef -? n I(t and 3c are. fir two daya SITlJATlA,It WANTED? BY A YOUNJ WOM*N. TO do general bo.iaework in a pr'va.e .'uni.v, can I .raiab I food etty re ee-nce. Call at tie) Col -sobl* at., Brooklyn OIIUaTlO.N WANTED?HY A WtlL RE t.VI <kM>iO O wontaa . i (o gen'TAl aotrwrt :n a am all pntM f?- i Bji\, or to i.?aiat in a boarding house. C.l> relerance. i'lsaa* i ail at 116 Alt! at, oirner ad ar. WANTKl'-BY A YOU NO WOVAM, A SITUATION AS ' bn:;??ke?rer or tipper aervant: fc badaome eiF"rier.e* k> Bet land tn tne tortn-r oapa. ty and trarel'tng In aitar.d- j npeeitp-z! an inraltd !a<?. wo- ,d bare u ob^-nton* to take rharre of a atnre r hn?n room tn a Aral ?la?a h"le\ or aur i other reason?ble. aim* win. and wonld ro booth it reqn red; , food redereaoea can be gtren. Addrtw% H. It., box 2,7')d f ft WANTED-A SITUATION AR t'OOK IN A PRIVATE la a pood baker, waeber and trnner. Harao 1 felaeUor to cttr or conn try, and can five the beat of refe- e*;e bwi i er laat place. Can be aeea tor t wo days at 2J7 Ma l:aon ' A, la the rear. WANTED-A BTTr ATION, BT A NEAT. TIDY YJUNT I fir I, ar baiaber a.a.d and wal'reaa. inderatanda *i"l'r ' >fwr uihly; or to do ohamberwork ant plain rearm* liood 1 aNy re ferenre ran be gives Pleat* call at IX Ullm'on place, mmr b t ar. can be aern for two da> a. WA'eTKD?A SITUATION AS TOOK . N A RERPE'T AMa fatxi y or bo-el. nan produce the beet of c-ty refe pawnee, b* aeen at 2t "rtnrr it -a'ANTRIP-A RlTtATION, HY A REfiPBOTARLK MAR Mr lied wonan. to take waibin* into ber own hoaae. It fweeltewt omer. In Biting and dots* op lad tee' eai il'.na Beat of n'rrea*a (Iren. apply at (d ihompaoo at. ant laqatre for Mra Urenay. WANTtD-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN liIKu, [ a altna'loa aa eniratreae. uaderelanda couinf and ii.tiaf | aMMrea a and ad kinds of pla'n eew'sf ta ? Ultaf to fo ou Ly im c*j, or uioo u. i.-Mc ca.i a: , t ar , i? fceor. frost r"?. WANTEL'-A SITUATION ,JT A VOt'NO WOMAW, ovje* r?tp?'able refarDsv 10 Co *?n?r?'h ."?t I wnd; prefer (toioi to the ooun ry Pieaae kfifirm :o 1U H ulbr-rry Hi, ?~ooo<1 tutor, id the rrar W A Mill- BT A RESPfcOTABLK 'JIB'., A FITUAtloti "> do genera. buna* work (AIM 118 We?t lfth BAooed Boor, front ruw J W A NTITh?SITUATIONS, BT TWO *Eb?E TAB UK y os# f j'?; ore go-id rook, wuler A3 J Iroter. and D? other A* lajobrrmatd And wrlueea. li?y ?.ih to li.r Ia I ewe rArt e-r- of rltr reforeoee nan b? jitt Mo objaotien |p A Abort dtBtaaew to the on intry. Oo!t At 110 Bab'. U'h'at WAR Till- BY A TOUNW WOMAN, A SITUATION, TO do plan ooohies, no objectloA to do fn?ra biiioa.irt; hAO ??*' mim-ntfA - it ,ulTA At lot Bam lit! at, fo pa 'a tr it. Id, note bat a Pr teniant urn.ij .ter.d apply. WANTID-A SITUATION, BT A YKRT BEHPICfA ble / r 'teataot young man, u waiter, In Afiwllj got'g to OAltforMA. Alii ?ive h a itrvMea 1 ir hi? paarai--; la any .-* a waj will do All be to ra the na?aace; !? o" 'rr a-a aaoD Am u?>) una of eity reterrnje* At&rft J. mr , Broadway Poat ' B, f forobd /reel. atAting wood ud ttkirt An la IPi ?1? w may be bod WANTIP?A SITUATION. BT A fiIRWAN PI^TIA ion n/i. Ill I imai. lam y to d yo-r*, b >iia? w >r?. tr AD chaabernA'd May be eemi At WDAI lftib *: , In ike raw/ t Al lor Wtaa Band. WA.wti.n-A SITUATION. IN C1TTOR OoUNTRT. bye f.rei <>??e tirrwaa - o* In a i.rficae priraie fa ad T Aa'eritaode Frewek eird Eo*ilah eooklug ,n errr/ bra'rb, la An em or est oak ?r And tin -revauda d ,..k p Ci'taVrme a?dy?l!l?e. Iter* ?r city refere*ee fir Ml. p;?aad add-eee J. N. H . Now. -UriT Nl'RSA?A Rfl PRUTAHLE MAKRIBII WO ' Wt wad wbn waa etofired Aug-iei I. a./uMiababy to I Bar*' it ab? bar itiet hoc b*r own T .< ! eel of \ gteen Applt At Mrs M> tAAbl, M Wouaion at. Noca bit I lUAii At <c i eieaua ut.?d am ?i f. Caa be teen . rr t Wo day a WABfBD-BT A RkSPI.'TABLS OiNU A PiTUAlibB to d lAA boueewurk .n A ewai. laoit.y. <Jaa be atda At Ml Batt ? at. 11 day. tl'AXll i>?A SITUATION BT A WO n Btm to da I'am A-toewort good el*/ refer?aee Apyly At AC Front at., Br -A l., a. TATANIKO-BT A OOaPITINT, TIDT OIRL. WfTII Tf ex rl ?i "Ay rAf.reAoea, a altna* oti m rnt.wwlw Ad irrner n a haaII htwlly or woold do ta-uieew rt or -Iiaia bar enrb < ai. ai U Wadi Weablefton plaee. Dear 6*b Are.. I lor ten daya WANTir -A SITUATION, BT A Rl SPIOTABI.I a rl a.oodplAia r.,| AAd to In the oat tf ir,-' ronior Una be aero for two doya At 1*9 St* AWV . up tlAlrl j W > i k fir!, aaabaaabarBUld la a botol or cbamb?rniiu! pod ??i r IB a boar l i f Bonn. Oa l al IT Ttllf at. Id IM WiHTIIVt fITVATIOR. RT BTOt?l*n W )*?!*, TO do Ur ot?bir.|. aaablnt bo ! .naiotot a nrlra'B faaBlty; IB* In' 'I rltj rBfarrona ?l?aa ? an b* aaan fjr Hro daja Bl lll?>? 1 t O., kCWMtBLuid J BV>? SABTBP A BITUATiOW. BT A RBAI'R' TAILS MAR r mm) 'in mi. mm i una, with a tr< ?h broaat v m n. IBa baal of rafnrat *ea ri??aecallBi BT Waal Hal at. WAKTKD- BT A REBri' TABLI PBr>Ti> T AKT ft Ml# b rtioBtloo U 8r?f Haaa ronk la a Ivrr prlrata Mil bo *] or raaprdabla boarding botan N > o ,Jf, ion *> o B abort? ??anoa In tba aoiMHry Haa ?n- d rlty rnf.roo sea > ryl) bi U Baal Ud it . bbtwaan Id aad Sd Brtoma te~tad WdBTKP-A BITLATIO*. BT A RRKI'ICT ABLB cub* aaaana, to do rbn?b<-rworb or ?ra?r?l hrm* aartlt' Biao. intw> lastly; baa ally r< famine. Call at tar Baai ad at bBitasa# lat aad Jd at- otiaa. ifricumrna or?ir?B >' EVH' TBBA r I THB IR"R?t?T> dinar I f?r b?lp aaoa-i* tie nadaral (Dad to opaa an dBna n- . - > ' 'ii? ?i If" la. ' ' n-r la toa of nnptmen naldini; la iha upper pan of the mi/ ta Boo ranjor arh bia Lxif oatab'iabtd ultima, 7.*i aad 7* Raasu at Tba f raaiaat ?*?? alllba alar to aril* ill (bit h'lp br Ihadar.i?a> a b? will r man rally attend to tbt dut'ri of tkm imo P ? ' ' " ar WILUAB HBBnBBBOjr. Ptafrtoar. UfABTRP A B'tOKKRBPIB, A ' l.tCRK PUB INS! % ?* two rt*4n<Nnr? two ?m?.? thfr? tort* i?w u- Md (A t t>?* oAioa*. two purtort. thrwa ?? ?ir?wt A urn In .r ?!? ?? T* <117 good* tk l gr nor f >lft, Mrt. w??t ;.w xiutri on brUIBM, tkr?* Brsoi' ii tug font ^fN, Apt I j to LOCIB BA. PBAN, ;tt BfOAdwaj, late itwt A ?\rru' ? WtilM A P VKBITf wTjf F. WTB. MWI BI It A R R ' V A NT rtv )' A R1" m,*N.'H?* 1*lung t krudtrlt. (|?nMlt Bt?f ?t toiBl Wilt f rtr't"" ft* t < ? I'll ruMTM If fa dt ** >*? dw? ?r.? ?-?!?, ?, ao Jit. 1WJ rut L* <rrni, ptrtde BMNln itKLiiiRii t \oriitr.i?, 1?1 ' TtTOTl ? fit A T.fc no ''IT T r | Nh*ANnR ? In trt*rir r " > .. : r* at ?* 1 . if? m j*? t U, . * j , kr. ? Mu' I'M. .(01 ?li 1 , I A tiKRMAS MVUVBVKlT WAirrKO-^foH A flL* Mow*, wWeot: child Addraas box 418 Poet odo?, ttf*. Almnqolwd. refernace, Ac. I 4 THOROUGH GOING AND GOMP<riCNT SERVANT woman wutrd for central honeuwork; ?onr children la k?l y la<i?tre ot Mr* Grrntm on thn northraet corner of Ckermoo* a on Park a Ten., Brooklyn A good woman * 1U gA good wagea \? W.i AND A l*AlTN HRJCtW AU REQUIRED IN mtd.nlely in a genllemai.'a family: boJi mnM be flmt olaia ttrranU and nnderaiandkhorourkly the dutieiof their liiuaiiona. Apply ih? day, from 10 to 2 oMojk, at 14t > Irand at. aktn and where empjeyer can be neen. COOE WANTBP-A F'RBT BATE OOOK. WITH aatiifarcry rel'trreen. cin have a very deil-a lie nitnk' dor* by applying la Oarrol! nt., third door earn of Court at., Brooklyn. DRSFtMAKlNO.-W.fNfID. IMMEDIATELY, AN KX cedent culler sod liter. Wood wt|w will be e ven to a enmprteat iwreen. Apply ai 110 Atisnuo ?t-, one doer from Court ?t., IJrooh'yn. INVALID NURSE.?A RESPECTABLE FAMILY DE wit (.* i irrvwra o( en a.ienilve uo aging anil oarel ul per *-m in every nay qu'iHed for iuch a situation nay hear furibvr particular* by addreatlag English Wldrw, bo* 1.E0J Poet rffise Wanted?A BALES WOMAN; ONE WHO under * tarda aelltag i ibbnoa. Sower*, dress trimmings, Ao Apply at 161 Bowery, third door above Broome at. Wanted?a yop>0 English or german pro tettr-ct girl. aged iboutl?, a? nurs?aui, she muai tin derstand plain sewing and bring g tod rtcuinmeu l?.ion; she ntuatalio be teens tomed to uhildien. aynly letween tae hours uf 10 and 1 al hiilk av., between lOlh aud lllb sta., this day . Wanted?a protestant girl; one who uncentanda cooking, washing and troping; mm com* w?ll recummvnded. Apply aisj Wetl Warren, a'., Brooklyn. WANTBD-A GOOD, TRUSTY, PROTESTANT WO nmn aa han.t>< rtnad and nurse, 1a a prlvauj tamly, eleven mi es from the city; wugea M. Apply at 90 Warren at., to day. WAVTRD-A PHOTK8TAST GIRL the d juke wt rk of a small family; in m be good plala cook, wssbtr ana .rooer, inieilli.i'nGe, order and neatness ciieatlal requisites. good wages will be given lo one who *a't? In quire al tb? atoro corner ol Clinton and Fulton a vs., Brooklyn. WANTED-AT 3S CRANBKHRT STRIKT, BROOKLYN, m ar 'hi- Fulton I gry a flrat rate housemaid; would be r ; iri d to wist In the n r?ery sad lo mike herae'f useful. Wanted-twenty smart girls, to work at the millinery business. None are J apply < xeept those who have been used to the work. Apply at 7 J Virion at. tjlrANTED?A oIRI. to go IN the country as fr rook, washer and ironer; must understand making but i 'e-. Tt v? l.ivtrg good refer! nca can apy'y at No. MS West | 19th stnet. between s.t aud !)'b avenue*. Alto a nuiee and ' seamstress. 1 \\tanted?a good cook, washer and ironerff most come well r? ccmmtndtd. Apply at ibi t jjatou . street. South lirooklyn, lo day. j liTANTKi-for a PRIVATE family a woman T? as pocd plain ecok at.! baker, cne willing to go In the count-y lor two nion its antiben remain with the mostly in , the . wage* Silt; no washing. Also a girl as rhauibermaid; ? ages $7. Apply at 203 7m avenue, near 2-r.h st., early j this morning. Wantku-a girl. to do general house work, one who under* and* rooking, washing aud u-on leg well and has no objection to go m the country. 0*1. im- ; meclat-ly a 1SH 11th at., corner 6tn avenue. 1xtantf.d? dood coa"*, tanis, v!>t and boys' TT clothing hat da Re teie a ca required himonpfkld a hach, 70 ai d 72 Reade atree-. Wanted?100 girls to cook, wash and iron well, and to dc genen.1 housework, n firtt rate p ???*, at lie hlgheat wages. Call Immediately at 133 11th ?t., corner cl6 h ave. sisvuttuss wnvAur-Aumib. I OUNTLESfAN W1TO a?.8 AW 1XTENKIV2 NXW ' Oi England and some Vk?e'ern arquslctauce wishes to en rage h.mself lo a Srat ctu-ui lienor or l*a and tobacco house mi in veiling uiiaiuu. will sell on commission. Address Stone, Herald office. C'JAUBMAN.-WANTRn A SITUATION AS OJAOH bid ftnd (room, Ay c man who li inn*!.!y understands I is business. Can come t-lgb'y reoom mended; u a Pro ernant. Appiy to bis lam employer, C. T. Cromwell, IS Wi . am st., or address H H C , ?n lift Herald office. HARDWARE-T11X SUBSORIBKR HAT.SU FOR merly been m tbe bard ware bur.lnet* and having some hours lr a ire ear h day would line to occupy il> ja n tbe abort business a* nppcrtuai y ir. ?ht ofl'er; or would tale ch%.rte of ij u cal and ledger by double entry, st a moderate cyaaenration. Good rctertfL:es siren. Address W. <V , bos 2,919 Post office SITUATION WANTMO. AH PORTXR IR A 8TORS-BT a y:mr.g Scotchman, where be sac make bimseif getie rally nael-o, refer; ac<-s glveo if required, sddrrss A. Oaas ron, bos X.JS7 rust office. SITUATION WANTKD-SV A BCBKH, STEADY MAN, > as reaar boiler and manager. He baa jus arr red from England, anc baa twenty tie tears sipertence. References Will be litre. Address R. B.. bos 144 Uera-d office. SITUATION WANTKP.-A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN w Isbes '0 obtAio a >; uiitciaa publlo waiter; one who Is ! illy rompetenl, having been ?n? ?hs last H years a w*lt?r In Inilsnd. Call at or address J. P., 176 Joralemoo street. jwdflia SITUATION WANTKD-IN SOME WHOLESALE COMmlaslon or Jobbing hruss by ad experienced sA>sm in, who ess lnfl irnoe a large sir months and cash 'radefnm tbe West and Hymh , has told goods lor some time la Phi lade 1 cbia, and can gire the trsl city and Western Address TV R, W , Herald '-ffloe, for til days. fllO MERCHANTS -WANTED, BT AN K?KRI?N(.'*I) 1 salesman, from a Southern city, who Is ell acquainted with the R-mh Carolina and Georgia trade, a sfuttlon to a-tme wholesale boner In this city. Can give aaHnfaetnry referenoe as to o?psM])ty and integrity. Address O. P. X., Herald office. TO CHEMISTS AN.) DRUGGISTS-WANTED. A SITUaMon. by a young man well acquainted with en outer pre s'rtblnr. ana of lomg experience tn tbe bouses*: do oSjec'dons to go South. respectable reference given Address 0a? go. No s Hands SI, Brooklyn, L. I. r MERCHANTS-WANTED. BT AM EXPRRISNDID salesman. who Las a near by cash trade a ?b ta'too la v me wh tieaiie boose la ibis city; a millmerv bouse pre ferrsd Can rive aaiit laetory pel-renee as to capability and itegrtty Address O. I,, Herald ..ffioe. rRAVELLING AGEN' T. Till ADTFRTIirg - ft RrdI Drit man inenift lakug a lour tbroagb tbe #e?t asd South d ntng he mil and wio'er for tbe puipoee ot se img goods, and will either >uy or lake goods for sale, of a light na Hire, i efer' oeen given. Addre* Profit, Herald TO MTWINO ADYKNTURIRR?A OORN1RH MINER w"?he? e sltnatlon as n l-.ln esptalo. haung been for many year* employt d as mtolag ctriatn. ia g >td, copper anl lead mines, also, exploring in mineral dlatrlc j and tbar.i ig i.j underiiasda ni.sleg in aii its (eta'la, baring been empl > e<1 la mining cperndaen from I q bo al lo the present t'm* ''angles >* l?l?-'ory references l: required. Address Miner, No. 1 Front street. TO HOUTHKRN merchants -9ITUATION WANTED, as la'eamsn in s first class hardware or dry goods establishment ai the s >u o by a pert on fully omnto-teni ho act m buyer In New Tors orPr.ladelpbla Can glee sa'ls.'aclory re f'ren - la either elty Comtaacioattnna adarvasod la K. u, J.. Herald ogke, mill meet with primp. at'eatloa. r> *ER<*HANT!?-AN ErUriTKD RPAWIKr? ANERT ran jc .ng of anlrt'-bararVr, end who epi-aka enough )i..glieb, aolkr.U a situ* i? In a reepr.- abl? mercantile house. M - Rpanleh r?rr>-? r nd' nt and genrral aaa'atao'. hr la will ng to drrite b.sii-lf altogether 'O th* ?ervi?eof lila employer, anr . ? fcia t(?w'a to a-i i'*r practice to the buelaeas in this eountry. ba re'inlf tut a pcm.aaeat eitnati m. and aorre rilir 'nry aid to,ai. e> pporv lief.reticea glren. fleaae address U. ii.. i I amid of,eg. U'ANT*D-HT AN t'TBT'SHT PB''TESTANT MAM. A a:'->etlr>n a? porter; would be willing to make himself afraid to work. Wage# no*, au m' eh an cbrect aa a penrauent situation. Please address o? ca . a) ?1 IAS a*., between Aubenal 4Kb aba IMPARTED- HT AN KNfJUHHW.AN. 'AMI REIBI) MAN ) TT a i.. lai.< a a? gardener. prrfeetii under hadu* bla huel neea and can be htghir recommend# d by lh? gar "cm in h? haa j ialtrft, ta a Aral rate grape grower In pot culture under aianda early oreiny end oere of gr<*eabouee and kilehen gar dening. aieo the laying oat of olenanre ground# no obye'uoa to take rkerge of a I arm tea been In the r metre eerea . earn. Aildreea J. R, at J. M Tbotburn'i aeed aiore. 14 John at . tor '*o day a W'ANTED?HT A bTEAHTMtN. TO DRtTK A TEAM of b raea, or le laka rare of h -rae?. baa no objeeOon to fo a ab< r. tieteuee .a tbr cjuntry. <?ood city referenoaa can e |irta, can le ae? n for tao dr.}a at M Eaat 11 b at. WANTKD?A flflhTIOB, TT TAKE CHAR IE Of nn and eastst a general agent Th >?e wantlag a auitabie per oa. with tire beat of reiereoen, will p'eeee ad dreai M . Herald cfTee ?rANTiTV-A RITCATtON. HT TWO 4KRMAN4, II|| TT ta a gar >n-r la all branrbea of ihla b iiloraa, lbs o.h?r aa porter, parking any kind of gooda, both are very useful at'd willteg lo work. Addreaa hoi No. It/7 HaraM offi.-n. WANTKO-A NTTCATION AN OOAOTTWAN. HT~A Protralani young nan. la witling to maae blniaelr generally ueefnl ran glra good references. Adl-eae J. A .not 147 Herald office. *"" MTTHliCTIOi. <) rn -WNITIMfl ITLAMMRN -P1MONN WINHHTO Vsu.iH/# r" 'r rmiffif iMliTu li ml kreplng, arl'bnaetle. reading or spelling should at ted PAINME M H rwery. N.T..KI Pulton street, Brooklyn, now open tbe entire day and eeamlag. ACABD?THB BUMORIBBR Wild, ikiiti WWW pupils daily tfeia month for nam -f pn?aie laetrttiMoa la peeinar.blp and bookkeeping. Apply al Ike rooms. M Broad way, ao.-aer o. fraaklm strews mm b. aommnni. An ENOLlNff LADT Of MCOH IX rPBIEWK IN tolv n wbo baeafewhonre at her disposal, w th u to 'b a n a lew pupils Khe la faliy o->anpeiant to Inatrnri la f ret,, h Cern.aa. music ami be .iruai bras rbea of Hog oak . d man i. fee-' ild aleo be rlad to obtain BuDlla fbr orients 1?? n.? in o 1'iotc mmJ joiBp'tobiniato. NatlRforto** ft'-1 ??. . no inn. AidjcM M . boi yamem lork P~ ..fret. U'>' ItFT-JNa. WITTIHW. #0. ABB TACUHT B1 a Si/ v::::,fc.'rv.r,v^sa'' tnLfs prciBd II tnm ftraa Partte'iiapa oa arpMaMOB. P.a kki U TRIJH'H ? - I for TOW* l?M,H ttIR bt;ow ~? * ? ' Vr? 9 till it at fbi tr nmu iubb Ban rim il*tl ?C ui wt.b to ?-?!? with b? OB aalrtw i?i MAR. ?A( AlliAT'aPRRHOII AN!) K* IUHB BOAEOIB|BB rt opta oa T lBidBT. Ihi it at aa?ifftw?T i"ttftf MT?T Htl.!, NIM'IIART rOR T0r*9 Ut)1? IE I lu1<!Ri<ja. tb." ??;*r ! atb r.f and Hw'uri rvflro A | oa k < ? mat be oad ol ii pnn, bo? Moatoa. lui I 11 ? ? MOOT, V , MP r ?T ' tf Ifti f*Mrr> :? gt. la, *g <1 10 Bad 11, la A boa hf )' adoa noor'no *ity. wtere ibpy "111 roe-1 ft tb<? Pin loot af mrPf'j BfA rb?' tr I pi'lTI wMl ''iatf filliiBBi Bi I k 'I.' *?? r* " f n?' 'd prlndr il r?1 l?be?. A lb t i Vf > -- ?. ? r ' if '* *M r A * ItbA V" ' P? to' tr 1 KlMlAfl "(f 1 r w A iu cpitra. Erg. J. H W , J; .*>6 . JEW rORK HERALD, PR AN AWKhlGAN BOT W?NtED-lS OK lft YEARS .A old, t> eorkto * gold pen factory; muat reaide with hU ?' ply a1 liiWUm it. AQENT8 WANTKIi TO REM. BROTHER JO ETHAN'S (urnlta'e rolkh (fob* I.. Bralya, pa'ent) In erary city and rountj tn the Defied rrtatee. Mi ta a rare ohaoee for imart men w"h a (mall capital * rpjj ai principal d?p*t. *8 John i'jeet JOHN L. UiLTd A 00. COaOHMAN WARTED?A COLORED MAW, WHO thorot aly uadentaeda lua buaineaa. Apply at8}i o'clock ai lift Broadway. I^IDO CLERK WANTED-AT NO. 121 SEVENTH AVE : iRU>"' CLEHK WANTBD-ONB WHO UNDERSTANDS I /the B? nera! business of a retail a'-nre and can come well recoir mended by )ail employer. Apply at 121 l'earlat, eorner of a one. SAI.ISM 4N WANTED?IN A HAT AND CAP JOBbtrg bouse. To one bavins eruerteace and trade a liberal aalnry will be paid address box 2,261 Poet offlce. TO CARRIERS.?WANTED. I S'lAlUATKI.Y, OaRKI ftrs for the Tweltih and Nineteenth wards. Apply at lbs Irish Vindi-ator ollii-e, No. 10 Bpruns etreel Un-ANTRD-yOR TUB FLYING ARTTLLRBY (COM 77 pan/ 1,1st Art) Tort trie em, Newport, &. L, twenty eble bodied recroRe. flood pay, food, eletelng and treatment Apply to Ibe oStosis at Tort Adams. A. B. BDDT, Recrntttns Q?oer. WANTED -A HEAD WAITER OR BUTLER.?A FIRST class aian, who iborou*bly undent lands his business, and can produce tbe very best testimonials for honesty, oapa b'llty, and above all things sobriet', can hear or a sood iltuA(W n cy addresses box No. 493 P jst offlce The hiiheat wages will be paid. It is nattiers for any one to apply who cjumni fully comply with all the requirements as staled in this ad reiHaement. WAR TED?THREE SMART AND HONEST BOYS, AS scenta! o carry on prntttable business. Apply at LiJ MM st. belt w %1 as., third stoty back room. WAFTED?A MAN WHO TIIOHOUGHI.Y UNDER stands running moulding machines. Apply at 211 West 26th at. WATTED?A DRY GOODS SALESMAN AT 364 GRAND St., Williamsburg. P. McN ALLEY. WAKTED-A YOUNG MAN. OP GOOD PERSONAL appearance and address, to at end bar and b?i generally useful In a seal! first cU'-t hotel near ho c'ty; references required. Aodn-s King. He: aid ofllee. with terms. YATANTED IN MEDIATELY?A MAN FOR A NORTH river who has trom $160 to f Wit tn cash to Invest, for which be esn purchase one-iiirdor one half of her; but lr he pr? tors It. ample security will be given for thi money, and be will be paid from forty to fifty dol'tirs a month wages. Ap plv with ibe cash on the barge In the Morris Canal baa. a, Jersey City, this afternoon. WANTKr>?TWO OR THREE ENJRGETIO MEN, OF gt-nleel addr is long-age tn the rale of a new and splendidly illustrates work. To eiper (need men a liberal salary in addition <o commission iaottered. J Walter * TOO Prf. 67 Nassau St., room 6. WANTED.?A CARVER KVR A DINING SALOON, A clerk for a steamer, a salesman Cor a f iruitore -tire, a clerk lor a railroad ticket ollloe, J expre?a i rivers, 4 po?tera, 2 mi u to drive horse and car , and one conductor. Apply to Oil LRh A CO., ti East Broalway. XTTa NTPD-A YOUNG MAN. APPLY AT THE MBit TT cvanta'e'ej Its regtnry ofll~e No. 147 Broadway, olll-J * o 1, between 10 and 12 Situations procure 1 lo.- rtaptcla ble young men. Register fee60 cents. tERANTED?A PORTER AND CLERK F. R THE 0 )AL 7T rssr> iatlcn. Wafos for tbe porter $9 per week; ehrt, W.OS year Constant eniplo-nr.ent to parties that suit. An rly this day, with reccmm ndations, at 161 Fnlton tt . Broik | lyn. basement. WANTED?A PORTER AND TEAM ITER FOR A j flour and feed s'.jre. Wages Sid per week sack. To j strong, attlra and Intelligent uion cons ant employes nt w.ll , be given. Apply early at 206 Atlantic it, corner of Coin, Brooklyn. In tbe basiiincnt. S*7'A,,T*D- ?'OR A!f orgies, AN AOTIYK ror.N I M rra j. about 30 years of age; be mua: be a g< od p'- inovn Rud cimrt at tigures Addr. at, la Laud writing of applicant, J. H. W., Uer?id office. TAT A NTHD?AT THE WAPHTMirON HOTRb, 269 WaPH TT ingu n at Brooklyn, a boy to attend bar. Wl AlTf H WANrKD?A SHJOD BALOOIf WAITER, TP App.y to W. Henry Weller, 713 Broadway. WttafcHADEA. A PRACTICAL KNGJNIKR WANTS A 8ITUATION, He baa been 'n laat mployment upwards of eight yeara. Apply at 319 Washington street. A MdRuriPIST WAtfflI)-A 3 OUNG MAN. OKA rV t ho nttdi-ra'anda taking and eolortng ambro'ypea may bate a a'eadr situation by applying between 8 and 1U o clock at 1 oud a, 182 Bower y. CU'RRlFRrt WANTRO -WANTKD. SRVRRaL GOOD J hanrta to share and bull hldea, for ename led leather. Apply to J. b. J I. W. I in warm A t'o . Perry and Madison am, Newark, M.J. near Market atreet depot FU.AURFK JBWFT.t.KRH WANTF.D-AUto A BOY to learn 'he jewelUr a trade. Ai ply to Ohael oer, Do tillage .1 ("pence, If.I Oreeuwlch at., corner of Cortland', at GARTKNKR AMDFARMRR.-WANTHD. A MAM PULe ly competent to take charge of a place of four acres, on Long Island eight ml',** Irom the ferry. Inquire of bane A Co.. 2c# Broadway, corner of Keade at, room No 3 GARDBNIR WANTFO-ONR wan TTWDFS2TANP8 gatdening and greerbonnes, and would be willing to make himself generally useful; would he eipetted to take care <> a cow and milk her. Cue hating lie reqairementa w|tb good reeommeedaUona. may apply at 11 Weet 1MB at, between 8th and 6th arranee, from 10 A. M till 4 P M. HMAD (JARI'RHER.?WAMTin. A STWOI.t MAN ON A Prat class place near the city; mult nndersiand practl cslly hothouse grarrs and flowers One able to oversee nnrsery plants and trees preferred. I.iberal wages. Address, with reference, where employed, Ac , Gardener, box 2.(1/8 foet office TANMEKM WANTBD?TWO HOOTCH OR INtLirn tarmeis wanted. Apply to Toung, Bchulu A Co., 37 Parry st WAN1KD-A rORIVAN IN A PURMITUMR MANUfactory at Matanraa, Cuba. A Uoeralsalary will bs paid, and none bat those who esc glre the most satisfactory references nerd apply. Inqntre at 392 Wnsh'afton it. YRTAMTRD-A UOOD RAPH AND BUND MAKKK TT also a sawyer thai understand* ca Ucg out aaab, blind aad doer wrrk. Inquire at 143 Mast 33d at IRTAMTBD?A PAPIR RILBR.-A BTKADT TOCNO T* man pre'.erred. To one w ho wishes to perfect h m self ts the business s good situation oilers. Also a good ieeder wanted. Apply at Tea Pearl atrstel, third story WAMTKD-GOOD PRKSPKRS AMD A TURKMAN IN a i .lcbas fae ore Nooe but good hands need apply to 8. Bommer'.cb A Co., 367 Sth avenue. WANTED?A R1TCATIOM, BT A PRACTICAL GARd?ner, who perfectly understands his business In ell Its branches green)...uses, holbo set end s. apery, alio .he laying out and inauaneoirul of pleasure an.l tlower groumU. also ?eg< Uble ground has no obJ.-c'lon to sit aa farmer tf necea anry can produ'e the be*, of city reference as to capability and charaster bo'h Irotn lua laet and former employ, rs Any crmmunlrs-Jr.ii addressed J. M . Herald office, ahall mfet immediate OTAMTRP-A BirtJATTON AR OAR.IRKCR ANT TP roatbman; naderatauda kid business tn both orancbrs. and also'he laying onto'new grounds, under ataslt bu srd rraftlnff ard ha ter aur-nt of the of i. teaes esn nrr. de** the bee* p?frr?*oc?! aa ti rharacwr and ability. Addrea* n nr'e to U. H , boi IBS Herald ofllc?, wkioh wtl! be at tended o. WANTED?1IT A STCtnT. SORER, CIVIL INm*. *t ' fd married man, a at.uaujn to tak? rhanr* of ?fl or all the par'aof c?ft?ntn i nr famine and etoek. for whl'b k? baa bad lint ripertene* and gn?d printer. For tbaraotrr apply at t; Wall ek, or to Win Dnantn*, MbTTBI wood. Wr ANT ID?TIT g.s'TT (!'>;, p Fit kEKTONi X CtTTrLM; trady rmpiovm? ai 1 Rood ?|M ?rdi be (Ivan, In. quire of Edward 1 . M'aay, HoeUna, Ma'a ~ EoZi *<*hru v ?. -i?t a*orsT of *r>*rr anva*c*n trmi Vli old e*?i*i.-?lon h",?*. j* Br-tdwar. TTla Old eetab liehed and reepomoleuflioe advance* Ho- ,-iyhe noma oa 11a m tod*, watrhrd, Jewelry nod personal property, or bo *1.1 tor oar a. Fnwnbrohrrn ticket* bcui bt. Maodi'FF A RHKa I? sot Itroadway. etrttar Walker ek i to |6>, 000 to loan os watch id diamonds I JewelrT and f<noual pro >*rty of ercry der nrlpttnn, oa bought hr oaet. at II Ftfltoo eueet. op ktalr*. frost rood*. mnilHOlOTlT, ROOM M -THIS 01,0 ARD Rl I ( U apoo'l th? kigaert itnai oa d'a m. oda. watched. jewe ry. perawtal propertr, atnjka, boo da, mortal***, Ar , ur ike am> bought for ram 1, g. b a*RISOKR. Kb Broadway, eoraor t/Aa Jen laa*. if |7 hKOAl.WAT.-U0 0*1 TO LOAN IN I.AR IN OR Oli I amall *nma. os watched, diamond*. Ae , or any kind of on! aleral. Fartla* wlab'og acoommo 1 a km* oat <?] oa SEIXAR, fpoal room, **coa<f ivory, fawn ticket* b>.?kt hnalnem eirtctly pdrata. ra /win TO LOAN, IN AUItA TO AffIT AFFLI T,'V.UUU raak, "n wau-hee. diamond*, and all ki?dl of prraonal prornrty or ike aaae Honght for aaak, bnrlaaaa rrnsap" and eoaMealial. M Broadway, aoraer Reade ttr**l MM No. I LANE A CO. ?Kn nnn o? watchm pianos WHA/rl/UVf Jewelry, kegnrn. dry rnoda and all ktn<la of personal prcpertj, or booth! and eotd for nut Notra, boo da, mortgage*, au.ekr, Ae . negotiated 102 Naaaau atreut. a,mar of Abb, eoooad door, room Noa. i and iv THOMFSOM A 00 , broken am; ernimlartoh aMrehast* 1 (UWt TO LUAN OI* WATiJHCR, DIABOftn*. ?ItJ 1,1/1/1/ An, or hiukl tor ??ah by JO ni'M W IrtAAOB, 11 ?%B?l><rB uli?l O-BBnmBBt nflon^ fy* bIm I'M 8 to r iirtB'm prompt Bwd irafldflatfel R B - Br bnetew inuMBrtrl r? Art AMonrr or mobbi to u>ar on wbtojim dtBmo?a jrwBjry, As.. b* L. JAOOBN, UB HbU)a? ?ret. Btuumh rinMntal No Hgsa u>p#ruUata( in tbt In? ! natiMi Bb?I i? rtar* Vm4b of BU Vtada bonrki hr HA. /RASH ADVABOM WAOB OI? PIANONDH, WATPPPN \J ?nd Jrwtlry, and til kind* n( mrwhiinduM rBwnbmkrr'B Ucketa Lo'i*L' for corb. No luu Nbmvi btreet, room No. L A M. HufUMlBHUB. MOB?Y.-*ON*T ADVABf'BD OB AQRK1C ARL1 terms no mrmkiBn^'ro, l!?]tinrB, drr cods. b'nlwBro (roorrloB. bnrros. w?jjnr*. n*rnB*e?. wbioBob, dlv?noda (rovai, MMHtaoi Ana rurrnrori' Im'/ubwu, arwlnf <m? cMdib. furpHnre, aod b!' blur* peroneal pr 'p?r'T or boitrhi t J RICBA.R1) WA'. t Bltrl A CO , 13 U?r, Bad it OBUwto* RirBrl. AAONII U)AWBO lO AMI iMOVHT OB ttAfJUM JH. l?w*trj. AkuNoM* * . 9" honrkl tor n*?Y PttUm,-? b# deal. wltb stoteu, ouf^mliBi, Bod uot b* ?*Aa to <ar It to? <Mt+ _T A A7f. J AfONA ? Broad .rBT r>HB KABOHANTB' ANJ' TVBJJO t.OAN OPTION ?T( J ?V*X) WB H to?fd Of dry roods, <rat?k?a, Jeoa'r, r?bob plato k?dohuA, but erery dee?p'toe of pro?r. .?* dl?i?tod; ? ? fnrouero aod reel mu* kT binds <P IB?ii'Jso rn igbt tit? MtrrtBM; prioafc >*0? 'or "diss; Boot d?l t. PBIUiJPN A^^?Bn?kBr I lad <nad? ?o' to) ABbb NB ?mad?tr snr?r of PS>*? tor? iiATnWOBIAL' Mrtb'von'rt.-bto'Btv r?T,r,rr trn.% VTri<r . f or tt? r-) ]'*;? nri-'o "our". r"t'im t<i i r? - r rin if tlirir "*? ?nd (nt'ir if" ,'r"Ti??rrr' terliof Airier ii tort BLilrt, A; Adt. , . f T J'JBt ku^rf. I ilDAY, AUGUST 7, 1857. BIO A WW AT HOU8K linioTlli TO 433 BBOOK1 stmt. Furnished rooaaa to let to genltamea 8TUAMT i r&BKOIkaABT. 1NUKPBNDNMT OBDKR HONS OF MALT A.?TH B MUMb?rs of Pro Pahrta l.-4|n Mo. 1, L O. 8 *t or* aouSed that mot ill g of the lodge wilt be beta this (Friday) afternoon. at .1 u'oloob, at the ktage room. Punctual attendance m particularly requested, as business of importance will be eubmltted. T18 TKLU LAWKKMOK HUBS-A FINAL HK8TINQ OF TBI above hcire will positively take place at ike next of kla iflico, 327 Broadway, M. T., on Thursday, August IS, at 10 A. M , when every one intereeted Is earnestly requested to atten<< to complete this business and despatch their aganla to Bkglaad to establish their claims Lit WIS F. HUNT, Treasurer. MU*UNT1LN LIBRARY?AL NOTIOM?THI library aod down town oflloe will be closed for deeming and never sen regain for tarcewecks-from Monday, august 17, to BatursaT, Hepiemner o, mcran roe rewni to wi;l be clewed for o< e week only, from Monday, August 31, to Beotembm 6, laeloelre. By order. p JOB. t UANPORD. Rsoordlng Bec'y. Mahonjc.?tuk mkmbjcr8 of ockan loduk, n j. I.MS, K ?rd a. m., ue summoned to attesd a special meeting at their l.odge Room, corner ?t Broome and < rosby ?Dt>ei?. Saturday. Sib Instant, at 8 o'clock precisely, for Iba irat ts.tlou uf business. By order, k AMU el. t. 6carutt, w. m. Janus Bemi'LK, Secretary. Notice, -general commercial auk sot at New Granada- Which ta estab'tahed at Ecwota. the capital f the ahove named repub'Jj also at Honda, the 1 vrgrnt and tnoet Im ortant trwn on he river Magdaleaa under the

firm of IARK1RA. QaMBA, CAM AOHO ROU)AN A C j? commission merchants known th -oughout Booth America for Ihetf t'Jipt riant sendees rendered to foreign 'rede. The partners of tils llrm belong to the modern s hoolof free trade, and are sapable ti transact faithfully all licit oo? missions tinder the mercantile law of Mew Urnnoda, with all oher driltsrd nations. Quarantine kotice -ofnob of the oommissieners of Health?Port of hew Tork. Aug. A 1857.? m .alert And pilots of vessels arriving at the port of New To k are hereby dlrectec sol to throw overboard In'o the bay, or permit the same to be done, from any vessel under their com matin, any beds, beddtrgor oher refuse msteral of Bawdy Bosk; and masters ao.t owners of vessels aro hereby notified thai an iron scow has been constructed by the Commlesiomiaof Health, and placed undtr the control of the IJeaith Officer, for the purpose of all>dlrg faol itles to ship manure to comply with the Quarantine regit aliens, respec'lng tne hunting "* old beds, bedding and other refuse aiA.erial. By order of the Commissioner or Health WALTAR F. OONCKUN. Cerk. RkV DR PRIMR AND THE SUPERINTENDENT OF the New York and New Haven Railroad. To TUB hP&TOR OB TUB NlW VoiiK HltKALD? Hut?'I he endcsed article h, a oeeu refused a place In the N. w York Lostntr. Wll yon publish 11/ The alien i u of the Bnptrlutenden.of the N?w Tcrk and New Ba-tu Kaf road has been cadfd to a i arlcle In (h New York 1 bwver. rnderthc lead of "Railroad Management" To one part of itaat ar'lote he wishes to reoly. t_al ed to ans At r a 'lompltinl" preferred a a'utt b m in n " nes spaper," he responds The editor says: ? "Now that the New llav?a Railroad has a large an 1 ojnvealeut depot al Twenty seveaifc street, we would target*. to the President atd directors the evpeflency of appointing a civil and inselllgmt bunerlnU ndent of the roxi. We have ex perirured persoi ally the rudene s of the man now 1- charge, atd hare privately jompliuned to the President, and hare rsetlved hli pledge of redress, but wtth no Rsult All railroad ovropaBlts prefer thv eornpla rta of their aervautt stould ba mace t tin ofllc , and i ot 'he uewrpaper* but when snsk oo?p<ainla are property made they ought to be attended to. lr 'his case, the conduct if the tiuperlatsndert was such as to warrant a complaint to the Uraud Jury. On maiy of our ratlrrada there is a great neglect ot the omfort o' passengers, tlu chief object ct the r< being to carry the pasueagers wfh the lentt expense Tet it would cost nothing more to have civil, attentive and competent persons to serve th . company and p ma-mycrs " M?u are Lot agreed upon the conduct that mav be called ' rodent- s" aud lcctvil.tjand whe,u travellers demand 'iiBiIiibmare" en "to have civil attendve and comp.voni pervoir to terve the company and passengers," ta-tej -nay Ciller about the line ot c >ndtict thi' Mils under those very gt urral and convenient forma of expression. A m .u by much travel in ihe Kast and in lorel<n lands, among serfs and staves, way get soilooson the matter of attention and service that catnot be answered in a laud where all who pay their ft re must have equal rights. Travel ma" make a m ia superfillers, as well as wise. The editor asseits that he his "ex per.'enci d personal y the rtvu-ness of Ihe man lu charge" of the roa<!. that be hat laid his compla'nt before the I'resl dtnt " that in the Instance of "rudeness" complained of 'the OMraet of the Superintendent was such as 11 warrant a compl.uiit to ihe Grand Jury " For answer to all this, ihe cuperIn'endrnt aFprals to the facts In the c*se, which thjrevrrtnd edltrr forgot to state. From th- sen's of personal wring in he editor, he sppt a's to the sense of j ustlce in ihe read rs ol Ih ; Observer. And he wid be tamtam to have ihem pass ops he acts:? Home months ?go (nearly s'x) Rev. Dr. Pr'r - it train on this road. ). e had with hiss a 1-dy. T cne seal. nr. rrtme rsi on 'no opp #:ie son in wards the lady; thus two perron* held po*?i The errs wen full m4 mvmmI peraone ?>d in aualofacais. home gentlemen went to Mr Prim ...a*st>d him giro rp t nt seat. which he refined I - rt <ne stand, log cp cudo to the Hnp?rintendent and as? ' a teat They were directed to the vacant sent* Leslie 'rime snd^tdy 1 bey declined to take them, as they dl -cant a "i; itrrel with the rccupsnt" A brakemsn wc . ImI In th make room tar the person* who had na teat Lie pollualr re<iues'el the occupants to aVow hits lo urn the aria; >ver, tee pa* singers lUuduig might ( t Instead of rid ng bartwarda Th ? o cupant decitne.d lo j h 11 to bra The Superintendent th*a wrut to the gentleman, and made room for ito etau'eon, and left the editor in f*ee-?t . of all ha waa entitled 10, viz , two seam for tun ptraoDi Bnch are the facta I fit waa olvd tor ilr. l'r me to occupy four aeata wh >n be paid lor but two, while gentlemen were svandlus in the car* for wact of a eeat-lf It w asd-Uland manly to refua* lo r-.ra qubh the sa-ee when requested vy gentlemen o do so-If it waa proper to hold out wbau notified by one of the employ ( a of the road'hat two gnotteaeo wanted ih? nanacupted seal? then the cocduct of the N iptrmlendent waa nnques tionably ' ' auc uncivil la fluid' ,g 10 the etandmg passengers their lights, and inch oendne' may make out auch a osae at "to warrant a complaint to the Umnd J urykut not otberw' <e (|TBLKi)RAPll MOTION.?AN ADJOURNED MRS TIM* X of the stockholders of the Hew York and Mew Kx giant Cikm Telagraph Company will be bald at the Untoo Teles raph ottee. 11 Wall street. Mew York, on Friday AuguatT, alll o click A. M . for the porpake of beartag sad oonalderiug re porta of past traneacUoea. caooalng a president. Blue direct ore, increlary, treasurer ar 1 superintendent for the eueutog year, and for etneullng an/ other business that mar bo deaaaae eeernllel to too latere tie of too company. U L. BADLKR. Beerwiary. TO CAPITA MSTS -A SPECULATION OP MILLIONB.The Prealdtnt of the J* "eraon City Land Company t? at the nt Nicholas, room No 41), sad will remain until lie 3nh lost , (aarn a few days abrence in Boston I prepared to ehow rsp'taliita who may \lalt htm how a speculation of ?"n~?y may be made on n ima'l capital. Ilia associates are Are, rem# U them ammg the Bra' men In the West They desire lo add Ui the company a limited number of capitalist* In New Yo'k and Boston. Address Jan. B. (Jarderehlare, Herald office. UNIYIRM1TT kOP NABHYiLLE ?T11R MEDICAL ORpnitae topeaa Noiembtr A the free preliminary no urea October &, 1F57. Apply to PaUL P. EYK, Dean. The i oilegtate I> pnrtmcnt Western Mllltar r Institute, c an miner* neit section September 7 It cimprtsena aoaplew elsMleal course aa e eetlre course la engineering, in scientific and agricultural brauchoa and a pre) armory ich >ol There were MU students in the two departments last ??a*ton A tracker of Frt nch gy muaale eioreiees sad drawing ia wanted. App y t > B. R. JOHNSON, Superlnit ml? nt. hiwTpafeki. D^iTBUE1?OIBON"H*R LOVEK? HARPRR'H WEEKLYNumber thlr.y two ready Hits day. c opto TV or this wrr.ii'i rare*. Travel Notes Is Blhl. Laad ? Mo IX [from ourown eorreepondenl Illustratl *e ? An Arab Criinoll, Bervn-e la the tire, k (dispel of the lioly Sepulchre, A Consultation with ths Arahe, The lews' Wailing Place; The Mtreeta of .leruaalem; Tohamo Chewlag; The Church of the K? ni*re?tlon; Monk* of the t bun h Mllt'aal. lareek m i tag l.siln;Tb- nay they FIgh'. for thn i eptikhre: fhe Interior of ib? Church; The Tomb, Ruaa'aa chapel, I ait Hour* la Jerusalem. Why Roes Crime Iaereaaef Nothing to W>?r. Mieatn Nor igatlou In China. Pabltc lilac m fur la Chat; The F. mtrtie Revla'tons if Mrcadway; TLe Bcoteh rolw n Trial. The bint 'die at Newport. I tfe at ariitnga Iff si our own correspondent ] The Man AbtnlTown; A hi. a K ?tn Our Fvcraton lo the Ftihir.g Ranks?Illustration* The Stan, What a Wbupprr, ilav* a inn-age. Amiable Festivities; The Return Rome. Hon Henr. ( Murphy With a Port'lit. Literary?hew Hooka sod l.l erary Uus? p I an. aU' Intelligence- PjllUftil The New Oranadlsn Die pnte, Peace In ban ar; Th- New Admlnlrjallon of C'-ah; Repletloi Of the Treaeury: Navr Itetna; Kleeu >u In'elllgnoee, The Wagon Boad KxpedltloD mopprd by Indiana . PfjapM of a Honthern Line of Traneatlaut .Hieann ri. Perrmal; Murder InlheCilT. M I'llrr a' Na-?aln. H. -r.u Y asianee of a School mn.-'er. <> fci imm l-ove; a nl.vr* Krp wifvi ?? < a tail TVeddlnf hoi u?. A Lad) like uentkuum, fie B rober'a ^( r*\rn Newt? KnrUnd r?rll?m?nl. Turin an Frank* .I" Bit form, Court FettniUm; l'r<irrM ol ibe Telegraph cab.'*l Tbarkerav at Oiford Tbe I'letureanf ike Reaol ile; ThcO'teen of Otide a? Court, Hr Colin < an. bill fur India. Coat of M >d?lelne tmilb'e Heftnce. Pmt.ce?C.nnoiaMon of the (lore rnmint. The I.aat Cntmalrac* agtia?t the Bmperor; Madia* Rachel a Health. India -Tee haeaaere at lHlnl, The work of neraitailoB, Tha Outbreak at Maerut; Procreaa of Affairaat Met rut. Cattle Fair Day in Jfnw Rutland Iilnatratlofia-WnUin* for tie Chann'e; Irioyln* a Bite; Fore Ball; Brlth'oa 1 rover; The Trial for kpetd; In a (Juaodarr, Four Cornera; Arrival at Bntb'< n Market. Rubnance and hhadow; Drorer'a Aaalatant and Riable Boy Ortginal Mock Turtle. at bat W.ll be l?o WUfe IU Bj Sir II Bui war LyUon. Beak II., rbaptere I and II. llailad of Jupiter and Tea. Cur Idol, Baby Bee A Cradle Boar. Did aba 1'oieon her I<orei 1 Illuetratioaa-Wlea Madelelae Ftnlth before tbe <'oor>, Tital of Mudelaiae Smith in Ute Heotch Court of Beaalaae. Bow to Make Moaa PMuree. thing* Wiae and Other* taa. Fiona *inl and Onmmerrlal. Weekly Barbel nummary. Comirallilea. Illuetraii. ni - The DHabere of all Maltona, Bnfltab, Amerleaa. Herman, Freneb; An Orphaa; Uniunm?a Old Fofy. Inaoleai Boy. vaeai IIARPKP. S Will: I.T alii appear arery Saturday mom tea, and wtll be aald at lire rente a oopy. kaeb aumber eomiHa-au much matter ae aa ordinary duodecimo eolnme It will be mailed to anbearibem at the Itllowtag eatea, payment brl | inrartably retjuiied in adianoe? Cur eop) for twrnty warkn ft 00 Or# n py S>r oae jrar I drt One copy for twiyaf 4 00 f T" r I/lfi un "iiw jwnr * "" tweh*<?ptoter op J9*r Twenty *>* noplaa tf 1** , . : ' . . To pn?tmnnw ra Bill othara Ratlin* np a rlnb 0(1 walra or t??n r lb*, ? pop/ will ba ami *r*'l? Hobaeripllona m*y ommatrn with MX nombar. Mrcdman numbare ratnitoua'Mcrm mail aad tear hern anpptlad at tba lowat elub prltMW. fubliaba*Imt HARPrR a ntoTiinKs FranhUu iquara, IT. T. IPURTliNk " "" RKOATTA.-A WIA WD FROATTA WIuT TAK* pla< at (illy Inland on Noadar, An*. 10 al It o'nlonh for rail boata. from 90 fart and un lor (8 fori, four elaiwna Flmt cla?a, 90 l>* ! *? nader. *1 In 14 tinder, 1? In 21, nndnr. 21 lo 18 aad atdcr Id. Prlaao - rirat ciaaa, HO awcond clan*, MO; tfekrd claaa 026. louftfc claaa SM, OBAA. Mrm.KFWOIT Pmprialnp A JI 8 AITD MAIWRAIL BOAT, 10 PRKT I,ON I AM f> A lo Twt bnam, now bin* at (he Hath la nopper faaer ,1 and two ?nnrn >dd. will ba auM aheap. Appiflo I,UK or giilOMT at the Battery. VTlWrotTM Dl.AWn DT?I MOM M*I I -A VrMT I, l ROR la aaadtmn* end full hrrrt Naw'om dl?n I do* for ula. inrlyr nvuu. old, Oall at fffi dot forty Una street, for two woha. T~rw ?MTO*MWTf PWTWWP* WITH Tl'M HPToj rtl* *s, tai-rht dwtly, turn H A. M till 1| P M by frt)f??w r 1* IiaM, at nw nh'Win* m)Mb ^Kra'ra frtwrrn Radr and fl'iaoar'rwo. whntr r deny"* ?"l ?? iwnit tfi a ibf 'uk of ap A'n?a ?l flro ar?a ire*. 4 tJ?DWP, 18W.~T,|? BBHULAB AJTD OLD *TT LB A. Ihhed My ?'or Fhrewsbury, |t|||ni)i, Coeas Houm, Loo* Breach, k ouat's Cook, Bra era's a ock. Fort Waahln*ioa Mdlr cwr), ind Ird Beck -The new and splendid steamer CCBAB Wa V*.. H B. Parker. will ran u follows from foot of Bobinsun street pier, Booth riser:? LEAVE RES SINE ARD OCSAJI LEAVE EEW TORE. "OUT Tbortdny, Act*ait 6 8 A. JJ. Tkuredey, Auruet 6 S F. M. Frldar, T. 8* A- M. Frldnv, ? 7 51/ ?. j(. Sslurdiy, " M>iA.M. fatariiay, < K * P. M. Sunday, ' >.8 A. K. Sunday. 8. t* F. M. TkBUQBTFCL 8UBDAT KXCUBBIOB TO FAB BOOK JJ away, slopplig Rt the Basel''e Houaa -Btvamer tt AYFLOWER, fn m For;? second street, test river at 7 'S\ Tenth street, H; Oe'b'rlne, St.'tO; Spring street #; pier 3 Morth river 9 30 A * Returning, leivmg Fur Bockaway at i P. M Fere for the eECurvlon, at) eer X SXOURIUOM FOB TUB BLLLIOB-TO RATir Island Fort Hamilton, end Ooney XslsiwL-Rxoursrtmt Ha em Island, seven miles, for sis cents, sad Ooner lslaad rtaFortMsmUVm The Btaten Island ferry boats, JOABFHIBI and HOUTHFTBLO, lease every hour from 5 A. * till T F. U UD UBQ OUBUVB, CIMJ HU WW UU 9 JT. OA. I IM fort HamlRow and Honey Island wfll land at the flrgl landtag EXCUH810NB.-F0R CHARTBR, THI OOMMOD.OU8 steamboat WASHINGTON Persons wishing to obarter on reasonable terms, wwuM do well to examine ihe capacity of the WathirgUm before staking engagements elsewhere. Apply to ownera, 206 West street rR SHREWSBURY, HIGHLANDS, OCEAN HOCSR Look Branch Fort Washington, Jliddletown and Red Bank. ? The new, magnlrtcont and awtft steamer ALICE PRIOR, John Borden, commander, will run regularly m fol Iowa, from Koblnaon street. North river:? LEAVE MW TURK. I.EAVS F.F.D BANK. Thursday, Aug. 6, .IS P. X. Tburedar, Aug. 6, 6 A.M' Friday. ' 7, IS " Jrlday, " 7. 7 Fata'day, " 8, 4 " Saturday, " 8, 7 " Sunday. 9, 8>i A. X. Do " 8, d f.A Xo&day, " 10. 8 " SnnJay, " 8, 4 " Monday, " 10 9,'< A M. Kerr's express by thia boat Stages all part* of the country. Kbypo&t and puiffwoou bviry b>t rxcrpi Saturday and bund ay ?The steamboat lOL 18 leave* Hurra - street. 8J0 A. X | Kryp rt 3JO P. X Good bathing and flahlng. and retmrn the saaae day. Long ibland.-papsbngbrs and shippers will take notloe that the steamboat Screamer will not leave on Tuesday the lllh mitant. She will leave aa usual on Thura dav, the 13>h Inst , from pier M, Horih river, between Barclay and Robinson streets, at 6V o'clock A. M., for Fire If laud, Penataquit, Isllp. bay ville Bouthpsrt, Pachogue and Bell port Moonlight fxccrhton.-thk steamer frasrr and barge IHINE will make a moonlight excursion uo the Hudson river on Tuesday etening, August 11. The barge will be lighted up in the most beautff il manner with colored lamps t'awibornes Co Jion Band la eoguged The Irene wkl'ay at Fnllen ferry Brooklyn dutiag the day. Th* Kr* ter will leave Deist cry atreet, kut river, at r. M ; Fulton ferrj, Brooklyn wl.h >he barge at 8 o clock. Fulton ferry Few York at 8'4 Spring ct>eet, North river, at 9; Am a a'ret l, at 9'.,; Twrmieth u.ree:. N rJt river, at 9)4 Tickets 81. a lady and gentleman-To be had a the Union fquare Pod office, on the dock, or of If. J. ClUFF, No. 109 Broad street. 3JBW TORK ARID OONBT ISLAND, LA-SLlJt A A i.T Fort Hamilton - The new and splendid steamer A CRT R A, Capt lAnntng Smith, will leave aa folio wa for the season. Amce street at Hi* A. M., ii)a and S3* P. X; erring at., et t IKA. X. and UH and sk pTx.; pier No. I North river r 10 A. H.. and 1 and i P M? Coney Island, last trip, at n P. X. Pare to Fort Hamilton and Cowey laland IS cents, tr which a return 'tcket will be given. PullMhre for chlld-una VT*W YORK TO TUB WU1TB MOUNTAINS DIRECT IN also to l&keu IfUlougbby and Memphremagog. the aw beautiful trout lithea In New England. For tlckota and mart y tho route apply at the New York and New Haven Railroad office, Twenty-seventh street. FRANCIS HYDE, General Agent, Oona. River Railroad line, pier25 Peck slip, Naw York. ?/kN DICK "-FOURTH ANNUAL PIC NIC AND CO V ton laauntow ef the lk>ht?''i Guard to Flushing O'ove on Wednesday, Au<uet 1], 1887 The steamboat CScEOLa and barges a e engaged for the occasion the boat will lent ' bami'ton avenue, Brooklyn, at 8 o clock; Puck slip, Kss* river, at 8X; pier No. 3 Forth river, at 9o'o'ock. Tickets f( cents ach-Can be had of any member of the c>mpan v RDd at the dltterent landings en the m <rnlng of the eicur tlon Mi sic bv Bobrrtton'a wlebrated band. N. B.? A ape rial meeting of the m> nibtra of the company will be held at their headquarters. 47 West atreet, this (friutj) eve-nog, at 8 o i lock. By order, J A MAS LEE, Chairman. D. H Rochb, Hecrttary and Treasurer. WXKxl AWKEN GROVE. POLLOCK'S INDIAN SPRING Pavilion, and 0 uttenberg.?The a mvc iavorlt* plaoes of resort are now open 'or the season, for the recep'lon of visitera. pic nlca. a'd target on u par tea. For terms apply at the Pavilion. The new and splendid steamer ROl MAN M. PR I i k aill leave the foot of Spring street '.ally Tom 9 and 11 A M. to 13a and S>4 P. M , touching at Amo?, Twentieth. mi., f'riy 'bird sireeta Returning leaves Outtenbsrg ana Pavtl'on, taut rip, st half pant 6 o'clock. ntcyy pixtiacvnoKs. _ __ a wrw bdition or human frailtt, or rtigm A. olrgloal Reaearcbe*.?It la beautifully IlluatrawvL am deecrtbe* the cauaea and effrcta of all dlacaaat of a delicmptod lira. It eontaina ooplona InatrucMo*# for the perfect amdora tloofc>r thoaa w bo are prevented bv Impedimenta from enter log Into the marriage atate; and alao a pre itwakmalrYtlavnrv Hon, Illustrating the reaulia of chemical teata and eiandni dona. Trice at cen a Boot, poet paid, to any addreea. Tkt tnraloable work may be obtained, aa well aa the Trieamai from Dr. BARROW, Mo. 1*7 Trinoe etreet, a frw blooha waa of Broadway, Mew York. To bo consulted aa usual Irom 1 A. M. MH i P. M.. and from 4 till W In the erentnir. NOW PCBLI81IKDMo 1 0? Tttl SOOTTT8H AWBRICAN JOURNAL. T. O. Linji.H' J W. Fiji LAY. Editors. COHTVSTi. Prologue?Great Britain and ihe Unbed Rtatee? ' I eanna' be isahed"?Jurv Trial* In 8<-o0and?Mr*. C innlngham and Detrclre llall- Cheap l iterature Discouraged, .he Panacea tn ibe Life of Wandering W.lllc, the Soettlab Vocal lat chapter* I. and II.?The Nlgatcap, a atjry of Idlnburgh. Old Country Remlntacenoea-The Highland* la Autumn? o; altj on 1 eealde, Ac. Poetry?The Urare of fir Waller Bco'.l?There'a no each word aa fall. Mewa Itrina- The Arrant of Jfra. Ctinning*am?Tha Oaea of Madeleine etnlih, with eztraota from bar oorreepondawoe, aperrb cf Con nee 1, Ac Old Cooniry Mewa? Literary Item*?Odda and lotto, Ac. PRICK rlVK C1MTB. Bnbaertp Ion per annum, Including pontage, li SO. Bold by nil newt agent*. Offloe Wo. Ill Maamu street, Mew Tort Nihit BAUD HOOKS PUR HOMR IMPROVBMBNT.? Bow to do business -A new poiket mao'ual of practical aflalra, and guide to auecraa In Ihe rarlona onraulla of Ufa la the Counting Room, For ihe Clerk. IaibeMorn, For the ApprmtUcc. la tba ehop, Pur the Farm Boy, In the hartal, Por the Book Agent, On the Farm, For all Bualneea Men, Everywhere, For Bveryhody, " Uow to do Business," now ready, coses onr ft rat aerlea of " Hand Bocks for Home Improvement'' It la the moat oom plvte wnra of the hind every ubltshed ambnr'.ng the Prlncl plea of Btuunem?Hew to Caome a Purault. Natural Quail V ca ton a Reqitlrr d for FHTerrnt k nds of Buataara. Education; How to Buy and He 1; How to OetCuatomera and Keep Them How to Manage a Farm or a Trade, How to Canvass and (let F.iVrriber*, The Causa* of Failure; How to Succeed, Uook Imping. IVmmnrctnl Forma; Practical Holes. Hlnta and MRaima, Ae Trie-, poat free, !kl cnU, m.ia'in. SO eenta. He it by flrat mall to any Post onloe, by FOWLKR A WELJ 8, Mo ?tn Broad'ay, Mew York. ' H-iw to Wrt'e, ' ' How to Talk," " Hew to Behave,' anil " How to I'o It'nlneaH, aame on- a. The four bo ka, In pa Ser. aeal for $., In maalln. II 7A In one ro.ume, muslin, i hi. PIMEOPLK KILL THF.MKKLVBH HT KATIMO, BT DRIMK lag, by labor, by alerp, by want of aleep, br taiatl m of brain, by mr.ney making and apeD<liof, by eaiendrd violation of phyaical 'aw. In a I moat every d lire. I o. Now tha Water Cure .Journal erinlvraplalea a recpfl -atlon of the general babtte o' the people tnall oaaea where correction la aeedfuL Dr. Jacaaon TUB WATBR CUBR JOURNAL, Devotid to Hydropathy, Ha Philosophy and PracMo*; to Phyal olrgy ard Analimt, with engravings; to Bath'ng, I Met-' en, (terrlre, and tn all Ihrae law* whitt govern life and health. Monthly, o*ly |l a year. Address FwWLKR .k W KbIJt MB Broadway Mew York. rfkMB MBW TORE MARIMB HKOXFTIR. T,.B HOB I arrlbem are hw pnh'bhirg, with the approval of tha Board of Under r. rtv-ra, tha MBW kORR MARfSM RBOOI TBR. or Aruerleaa T lord'*, which WU b* a standard of arm *tru-.<loo and rlaaetfleathin of all Amerlean veaaela aad to retgn veaaela visiting American port*. Tae work will be aa n rata and reliable com mining * diagram and men nolh to* bnlldiog and I impaction of veeaala, alao. the aire and t tagth of tending and r inning riretag for all veeaala from lOHto l.KM ton* wuh weigh la of anuhora aad length of thai us for each. Tha bound volume, containing tha corrected gurvey*. will he tanned about the lit of July of avery yaai ami a a n ill manwt with all aorrwetli-aa and report# of new veaaela -acutely The Brat boned volume, remaining anrv*r* of abont 10 Oik) ram aha, la new ready for delivery, aad the (rat monthly wipolamawl will ba ready by tha ? h teat Tha work will be Uanad to ahamtoara oafy. R a ROOT, JJRTHOMT A oo . BUM near*, Piimmi to tha Beard af Uadaa enter*. IB Maamn atonal enema of Ptna C"IK ULrVAKT^ AMBaZVOBT OP THE C'TT flRKNADTBRH fit' 1UST R iflj* ? Al a meeting of Ike '.(Boers aad membera nf tha Ofjo^'Mra, he'd ?f tie Merrer Wedaeaday, tha Sth of Aog. ?*- foliowtag resolutions w*r* uiuutlmovaly Keaofved, That th? 'J* dffiear* gad member* of tha | City Orenadler* he tf niW" to the nfdeen and m- mb-ra of thg State Orrradlcta. for the aao-'' commandvd hy Flmi Lieutenant Frarer, from our qaartera |C the boat; aJay for the hind part takrn by Captain Brodtc and hid company la tha grand weep to* ftreri >ia ag OV r*'"?u bom a, aad for the couatoon I prepared r< r u at lie V<-re?r Ho'td?. Reeolrad, If at in the abaane* of aar kind of mOttary aplrlt bad nonrtear In Philadelphia, wn found * f -tend -one of nature's noblaaen-la tin person o( Major, or mtber dwril Frttt For I ha e arm beat ted hlndneee dtaplarod toward* ua hr tha Urneral. aorta nod erery ma of oa do. and wt'l fnrerar, foal tru> gtala ol. We bopa the dor la not (or dlotanl wham we will hare the r lean-re lo meat him ayaln Wa nl o landar our thnaka to aetarol meabara or tha MoUonnl Onord of Phla delphta. Keantred That our thooka era daa to rmr rneeta who nooona Klert ua- pai-lcn'ar'y to Ool Rohmaon. Major Irt lo. Onou taou. at t'apt Mrl.i-ar, Copt. Ooodwtn, Hurgeon Packhom, Copl flaon. Meat Itarklay- nnd to our dtiier eeaeta, Eaeare Jomaa Meffutre, A. IWmnark. John pttewart. R. Portar, I. B. Tntr and John MrRlmmen Reaolveo 1 hat wa tandar to Dnpteln MeWahan nod hta noble company of L.taht Artillery, onr worm oat thooka for that (rand aelnla, and .'or the cart taken by the company In .ha eonwt to qnartara. Wa wttf rraeaher the artillery aalnta forever, and alwaye leal thankful for the honor paid ua Reaolrad 1 hat wo will orer reaombor the part taken hp Mem lir.iee ind the nation Highlander*, Oaptaln Monaon. the r eioelleai appearance. atronc nuabora, and evident la aire to do ua honor, n 111 be amtefully r?-mom'' mad by ua. Wa airn thank tka nflloera and nu-mhera of tha IfIfhlnnd tiuard for tha bendkomejj P'oridrd nollati'n at Bllltr ball ftreoired That many other friend* malt onr thanka for ktnduas tendered to ua: had wa cannot oall one. a member of thr S'ate 'Jiard Mr fl Morera, U Bjnd a'.roet, wIan an.ortalred no and a pot lion of our eooort annotating of three oat-ante*. with wo fall banft and one marshal e>rpa, on oar return to qnartwa. Rent ivad, That a Copy of tha a bom raaolntl-ns be forwarded I" Major Frltf. end also pubUali d In tha Mllitjr Aryia and other papers Signed, la behalf of tha enmnanr. br Tontril IX)WnF,W, oaptaln. SIRIftR TBTKKAN OiRI'A OF 1*11-4 Rltf JI,AR I meeting of 'he turps will l a bald :U tha Mereer Rattan, qnrnarof lltnnme and Mrr. ei *tre?t?, on iola Frl lay) eveateg, A7, at 7'? o'eloefc, in relation to an Inrliatlon given by eiiMaaa lo attet d a Seared at Hotofeen In nld of the Vetera* a' l!?iaa A onllatloa Will bn provided for tha rater ana. and poo. of free. Ry order. il RATVORlt, Culooel. nan m jthttb, AOj'imni. m;wm *it, I^HAMrT.i.rn amp c?>TTA'?K rramnRR serin* JTj *nlt? In ?nrr color, be?iu?r'illy iroorrtod, from IF op ??pV nttbo old m*on V'T *' brlrrrrn 'toiltiti ?r I Hlcrekcr Ooodn pkekcd fur J bo country R rRrsnitR_ t? rnnRiTHRt or oarrtr i??amr<i-w?rti-? I to rrhr'iyo ocrtcr of ! ??. on ot?? of the bf ?t pl?o > ? Mc <1 ' r? n l? rb, f-r f"g"iTV ?"nn?.. ik ?KO u lu'.tnd. *"" D Hcr*l' o?c*, # _ Mf twin, ma. (,' ,,,, at a* ibin Booda^o^rtcMj*LS^nTSu UM Boulhai ii ib< Western Buyers, I 8B ud n 'Jbaaabars iM. a* ^ ULU 8' ManBllas. talata^JMteqnes, Be., Mi, Fall ud wintor trade, 1867-8, ' Tojobberaud wholeaale buyer* I GEO. BDLPIK, ? 1 , Ml Br mil way. la aow prepared to eshibitu uuuroaUy larfe aloM OfMi ?bo rymente both Imported damps (peraaaalty atfMM during Ida ?Wt to Par la) and uf kla own imiiafiifra, wMrt wUl be found to eomprtae ererr novelty of style and all lift, ti ^ m'Ti??dor^S p^?"" ? fiaorable term, ii mmit tnaoection is Mltetu A. piitMILLI. For artificial fi.-urert head dresses. ZEl'liYU WOOL,- I The largest and best assortment In the city For tale at K ( HI.9 A AT BROTHERS, H". 48 John itiet'. J^iTBI FALL STYLES ...w,-0?'0**"- TAUIA8. BASQUES, SC. JACOB LAF81.NO, I Importer, manufacturer and Jobber. Invites the attention of Jobbers sad large buyers W^Samt ' w.itmIm ud elegant rtock, cow ready, oomsfMuff hi latest novelties la dusty n ar.d fimbria, both IKTORTKD ms Or BIS OWN WELL Known mmiKMS Wk. oh be will offer on Knet raTorsble term And at prioee that will defy competition 71* ' ihamben street, Four doors west of Rut id see. (SHAWLS, 5 CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. Our new and handsome store is now open and nyleNWU the largest and meet varied stoek FALL AND WINTER GARMENTS Srer exhibited In New York WHOl.KHALR BUYBR8 Are respectfully Invited to examine our stoek. whieheatgaMA many exclusive novelties Id all prices, and on liberal termer OHAULSS BTBKKT A CO , *75 Broadway, One block from the 8t Kiefetlae BaM. TTMIQUALLRD STAMPED EMBROIDERY MASUFAOU ture.-F. DE PKRCEYSL (Charles ManoeLsueeesaor.J 587 Broadway, N Y. -Madame Man cel. slater of Madame Die Perceval, gives her special attention to all kinds of Freaofe embmUU'flef^jjja Jo order, Initials, sool'oplvg, yokes, Ac.. WBT QOODB FROM THE SAMUEL WII.LBTTS.-THB balance of thee good*, consisting of prints, alpsexs, blankets, cashmeres, drawers, shtrts, guilts, ,Vo , will be solo off at reduced prices by WM. WATBKwn, 54 t'stberine stroot, eaaFAiteMa, dLuvs.nts. -myw try, . AFIBRT CLASS THRhK KToRY AND BASHMBNT house to let?Furnished, below West Twent* bird street, enventent to Sixth and sight* avenne cars; yearly rent very low. 9560; rent of furniture taken ou'in board. Apply to G. J. CLARKE, U>6 Seven b avenue, corner Twenty-nird street, APARTMENTS TO LET, CONTAINING TWO ROOJW1 sud two bedrooms esch. wl'h Oroton water, grates and marble mantels; rent from V Sol to 19. Apply at Mg West Thirtieth street. None but snail families need ap ply. A GOOD CHANCE?TO LET WITH IMMEDIATE POBA session for ox e or three years, the large Irst class brown stone home. 40 West Nineteenth strmt, eighteen rooms, otlwe-n Fifth snd Sixth avenues, and but a short clstanow from Broadway and Union tomre. I B W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. A NICK TWO BTORY ATTIC AND BASEMENT HOOKB to let, west of and near Broadway, below Canal street, yearly rent ItiOO. Furniture carpets, Ac , for tale; prloe 9150. For particulars apply to B. W RICHaRDS, 307 Broadway. - rinm uuac-b Duinuia'i uuun* iu i.n.r?in rk the lower part of the city, elxteen rooms, with tie furullore for tale at an appraisal. Everything genteel, aad full of boarders. Yearly rest, $900 B W RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE MOMWY.-wmi MOOS' rate meaca a an til'hotel etui be had, wltu a long lease. The hou'e la now dclng a good business. Address Hotel, bos 187 Herald i.fflce. For BENT-A MEDIUM SIZED hours I* wbfjt ELK ven'b atrest, bctwe>n fifth and Birth avenues, completely furn'abed and In neat onndlt'on. Furniture for aale or hire. Apply at 90 West Kleventh street. Houps to bent and furniture for halr?a three story high stoop r. via*, In good neighborhood, tstweee Klghth and Ninth avenues, lajfwenty dflh street, real et house fkfg.jper annum; price of furniture fl.inp. Apply te HOMKR MORGAR, No. ? Metropolitans auk. Pine street. IN A FBKNCH FAMILY A PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? Two beautlful a'ry parlor* and a k'lchen. also a suit at' elegant rooms, furntsned. rhe home U delightful)/ sl'oataci between Broadway and University plane, 48 Bast Twelfth! street, opposite Hlancard's Hotel. STORE TO LET.-TBI SPLENDID STORE, i'lbbAE and anb-eellar. KilOO feet. 9114 Broadway; corner of Dunn* street, wll be leased at a bargain Apt ly on the preatiaee. BA KERB A FARE. rLRT-A NICELY FURNI8HRD HOUSE. PLEAsantly laoated Kent cf furniture taken out rn board. Apply at 901 Weat Twenty fonrth street. rLET-A RE AT COTTAGE HOUSE, OR FORTY NINTH street, near Third sTenae. The whole or part of the furniture for sale. Poatearion .mm-dIntel?, If deatre* Rent low. Apply to P. H. LEiiMAR, 758 Third avenue, frotn ft tu 10 A M. rLET-A BOUSE OR PART OF A HOUSE. 8JTUsted No. 43 Weat Forty ihlr.l1 street, between Fifth and Slith avenues, where the rent wiU be taken out In hoard -f desired Apply on the nr-mlsea, before nine o clock In Aw morning, or after three o'clock la the afternoon. TO LET?TBREK STORY HRIcK SHOP, SUITABl.B tor maun facto ring purposes, known SJ 140 Elizabeth street, will lease the same at a reasonable prtee. Apply U SMITH A D1TTEN BOB PER, 289 Broadway, rooms 10 and 11. r LET?THE COTTAGE ITOCSH RO. 9U8 WEST f ORTT evtntk street, near Tech avenue. Rent $10 per mowtk* For keys apply at 306 and to W j>. JORES. 143 Water street. rl LET-FOR THE RALANOB OF TUB YEAR. WTTH privilege of lease If wanted, a ernnfo-iahie tw? story dwelling, wl k a win* to contain parlor and library, now being added 1 be house la Is eisnllent e mdlttos. newly painted tnrlde and out; new and handsome carnage house aads'abie The location Is b'althy and convenient, ovarlosWIns the Pound tnd retired. All supplies brought to the done. Distance 1}. miles to Mott Haven depot. Apply to Mr.CLARK. 13 Brekmaa street. r LET?THE UPPER PART OF BUILDINGS M ANI> to?, communicating with 86 Prince street, entrance cm both streets. The location It one of tlie be?t for bui-nr-A porpoaea, or a loti L The furniture will t e sold cheap, or renisd. Apply to J. kTOUYENEL A CO., SB Centre atrest. r LET-THE THREE "ToRY BRICK DWELLING houre No. 279 West Nineteenth street, re plats with t'rotott and g?? flalure* and everv mvrnl-noe thai can he desired. Apply lo A. B. CUHHMAN, No. 78Cedar street, under BanM of (lotnmerce. rpOLET-THE SPACIOUS STORE NO. 141 NINTH AVBA nne corner o? Twentieth s.ree'. This store wtl b'reuUtl oe a lease to a good t'sr.nt, at a low rent Aep'y to D. A. CUNHkJR, No 7# Cedar a reel, under Bank of Com merre. rLlT-THK STORE AND DWELLING NO. ill NINTH avrt ne. replete wltk Orotos an- gaa futures. rroently Sainted throughout. Rent $430 Appl? to D A. CL'SIIMAN, o. 76 Cedar street, under Hank of ommerce. r LET-IN FIRST FTRECT. NEAR THE BoWEKT, two targe room*, tunable for munu'a<- trlog porptMts; ore SR Net frost and 28 deep. Apply to William Barr, or A. O Loch hart. a?tt Bowery TO LET-STORE AND BASEMENT Uil lbaHriAU atnrt ad ( Inlog the Tli raid Buildings, formerly -ucnpterT by Rott A Torsry. rewa at'-ntd. App.y os Jm treasure. of J AM KB At KKBM4N. fpo I.BT--ELBG A NT FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, i r.r?i coor. v im ntcnea ana Dane meat, a,no apartmrcw. Bo. Wt t'roebr alreet rUT-A IXBaPAWr THREE H'ORY HOTTEE, W K'ate utreet, near Clinton, Hro klja. The faroKnr*. ?Mr.h i? ?fw, will be olrpowtof at a bargain, a* tbe g?n.)emac !e going away oe accrual of tirkaeee. I all parVeala/u on tbe prcm.e?a rLIT-r A RT OP TBI TTTRKK 8TORT RRIOK BOCHB on he eouth nrfe ol Forty ninth elreet, hoiee wee. of Broodway, conn 'ling of front baeement, kitchen, parlor* an.' dm ag room. w'lh ro ma and brdrorme on third floor: alto a Urge cellar w lib ranlta. The honee In new and fnmwhed to the bent manner. with range, balk, gae and all the m olrm ImrroTrmente. within three mltutea walk of Blith and Rghih hTenne nam Poeaeanhm mmeXaielj. Apply OB the crpBleee, of A It KAEH. ,-dO MT-THR OOTTAOR HOfll WO 106 I ART P01U 1 elreet near I.-ilogloa arenqe. Thie le a bewii'lfr. mLi ,* ? 'SSL1hm>* 11 ?U1 * * ? tan ?* at ?3> Penrth a. mo cornrr uC:? *33 MARL STRUT, COR* 1 ner of Boee with all the ln?pn,.ff*nte gae. water ra^e. bathe. Ae. Part ?.f f n rain re can be kad it roeeeg ton on the let of Rep tember. App'T ? Proe'eea, r) LR-POR A TERM OP TRAM IP RRUo'IRRD. fonr fall ?te making IB? feet rqnare. on the anrtlMwet a.rner of Waablngtne aad Wane itreete, J erne r OHf. BeWg mated la the heart of the elty aear the rallroadn. aad bat a abort dlainnre fiom the frrrr. then are noneenlaal for any mannfaetniingor o.h?r boainena. App'y to .1 Ad. A. ALBXAS PER. 71 Wall nlree*. or to WE. rVMBIWOS, corner of Weehtnglon and Rtanloa etreetR, .frmey tlty. rT.R-TO A RMALI. PAMfl.T, THE THIRD ROBE of honee Wo H Wecl Twenty ninth, le t ew and la good n n*?r; fnvr room end two panirlea; rent r per month. I?qnlreon Ihe premlcee. mo bewt-ow wer PouRrnimi ninr. twj I per annum.) a eery mnr-nlenl tkree ntnrr brteR amwA. feet nroel, and baring the gae Mirotyrhont aad Whier the rot Boor: large yard. and near the Wlnlh areane rtagea. Anply to MlLl.hR k MORR1R. marble bnlWHM. 11 WaeWreei rR*WT TCHRTTBR OB RkPARATR. TWO ' ome epartona brown etrne d we I Unfa, orrr etorw. on taw corner of Twrnty eighth ft reel and Pmirth nrmne, wwiym e^ lated for a large hoarding home. nppwal'e w"*re ? w w II area Railroad earn teimmate; good yard* and!hneemeiila. Inquire nfr PUT A BOW |t7 Tnurd arenae. ooroer if Right* trefl. rnwinion BiffMlAW/. _ MijicAi. mjkmcmm, APT A WO For HA LB PT ORDfP OF TUB AM'(IPil " \r?J'2?"T " ortar* rwwrcd ptano l?Jt w*** 0 aM' " **' I gfl Bmixlwty. wm 1A Anpi bp Din HXYKS oni avb r <*** >>{> ? TC?f,v;pr.7 ~:r ^?v?"?Jror'?r jp urttwwity utrll Ifr-nl, nf>r P* -nth ?r?nnp. mircj"at ?*rumi) P?mtbb?-TM ?.**<? *?n noon'?r "?"* ' ( I'.rR* nf mmlo will h? ?oM it rp? /rrW. rfnrtnptJil. m m* 41-n nAWMri Mf ml k?r* ??d flMlortfOMJI tOW?r nrlrrp >*n p???r bPfnr* off.rpO F f*Pt ? w>? wATtnS' pKMio %?d ?in?le rnoni V, f ^riiiL.* ****** mpltdmn* for rprt, ?r.d rani tiv>w?? M- ->oi?n i ?opoi? n* * *?? v.u. s rrimoii bo >m> frgr ppfcool, ITiIiAA'b- P. ' "A > Iwral *nd p-, n? ,Ti,| |n?! Bo 11W. T-imi II"1 ptr t?>r Ti't 'Ii^i, I pupil* t IV-'tl in wltfcmi ?tu? cb*r??v Ctrcti'in fc: InM ' v . * iwor utb p, ?m m I