Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1857 Page 1
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Til WHOLE NO. 7R-1G. np . if LMttiit1. 1 klij wmix^wu iu a iawvuv iCUuw of tiie f ablie Administrator and the Hein at Law. s .JOOtCIAL EXAMINATION OF MRS. CUNNINGHAM. SHE ASSERTS HER ENTIRE INNOCENCE MHK3 MB CtOWHH IN B<MD STRSEr. Interesting Incidents Connected with the Aflair. fhe Probmble Decision of the burrogute. ML. DHL L\D TIE MIDE91 OF 8B1HCCVE* THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH. The Breaking XTp of the Household in Bond Street. THE DECISION OP JUDGE DAVISON TO DAY, Sc., *0.. *?. the inretBgatkM to Ibr Cunningham fared wm coutl Med fetu-rtiav aiorsuig Df'orfl lustice Oarleon, at the jof .bnao Market PoJoe Court. Mr Stafford, counsel tbr Mia. . OUHkui appeared on bebaif of bio client an J walroc fee p'KTi go of cro??eramlotug tbe wttnoeaes for the pro aoMtoa, m woH ao toe rlgbt 10 offer any freob crideuoe m bebaif or tbo accused party. It ?aa then arranged Aat JutPco Davison, nc-?inaonled by Mr. Murray, tbe Mark, aad Mr. Stafford, should proceed to No 3t BolJ Me*', and tbero take M>o examlaa km of ibo prieooer pro paratory ie her ttnal commitment. la tbe meantime Mr Charier A. Hay, Publ?a Adrnt jtatra tor, appeared before Justice Daricon and made oath to Uio fade* lag ataioinent HI. Mat'S THtrtMOKT. Otty and Ooumy oj K*v> I'vrk, u ?ooarl ? A. Mar. being *>tr wo n, uou> lepore ana ray thai ho t? too f*obno ad j mieMretor of Ute c.ty ana county of New York; Uial m Mb Pu?Hc administrator ho ha* charge of tho p?rsoD*> ; mate of tbe late ilarrey Darnell, deceased, under lexers j ef o.Mti ?, Ao., graued to Una deponent .n tbo mon ti of I fob uary leal. Do ooent fu thor a/1 thai raid Bordell left personal and i Mai piopert or great value ; that denooent i* informed , aad rertly beberea that the accused, Emma a. Cunning- i ham, othoryrbM Bur doll, claim* a proport on of .aid music both real ?nd pernooal, under Ue atatnle, as the widow of : au Barrey Bordell. de-en > a; bat the heirs of mid Bur AeU, itenwed if bo oft no laeae, who Id Do Use brothrm of 1 aavl Bordoil. now l'?log, ud tho children of eaenaeeed bra- I jfce>,ae deponent la tnformed and ?or'.l> believes ; aid ftydwr deponent eailh tiou CHaKLPH .a. wav , fwora to brforo mo Mis 7th day of Anguat, 18&7. Wm. 8. Uava? Police Justice duatJdt Da> was hon proceeded la Bond atreet, for the pwpore of tab log the examination of Mre. Canniogtutm. Oft the.r return la the Pol oe Court the papers showed thai fee aaeuifrl waa examined aa folio**.? dry and Oxeily sf \<u> Turk, a?Emma A. C.nning baa, otterwlae BcrdeU. being duly examine' before (he ladereicoed, according to law, on the annexed charge, aad being n ormeJ hat ahe waa at liberty to answer or not an or any ..neaUooa pit to her, atatee aa foliowa, tH.? 4 What ft yoer name? A. rami Aojcxta Bardell. % Bew old are yo"? A Thirty e*x. 4 Where were yoe bori? a. New York e'ty. % Where do yon lire' a So. .11 good atrcoL 4 What leyoor oeeopat'oa? a. .So ooupatiuft exoept be *w?d to my ramiiy. 4 Bare yoe aaytblng to eay, and If an, wbat, relative a the aftarge hare preferred agalnat yoaf A. 1 am perhah hmeeeot, and am ttnabie now from lPnee* to ti pkdft; I troal teat t'.ae will show It, aad by adrtja or my aoanaol 1 decline aaawerlng any further nine Unas at pi a al- KdtfA A BUHOFXI. Taken beta re me, Angvat 7, 1K7. Wx 8. Davismx, Pohae Jutlco. TBI hckxb AT TH> fxainwattov. When the examination of Mr* Cunningham waa Ukoo waa lylag on bar bed, and apparently ru ler in* from aa?ere ' liueee or rreat nervate excitement. There were preaenl daring the examination Janitor Itarleon, Uta cterk, Mr Jaaee tl> rray, Mr. .-ha.JurJ, lira Cunningham'* cvon ael. Oeorglaana and Bolen Canning h<un, and Dr. I.yman Flak, of a.t Broadway, M a Ccnnlnghaa'* prrecot run 1'i~| physic an. No reporters were aamiued. Justice Davteon nj? that the unfbrtunale womia seemed greatly factored, ud ?icited to ? norstdemhle dpjrnv Tho 114 0 awure to the paper heart oil the Indications of having boon p?m 1 by ft powou la ft very debiltlafe d ooodltlon or la hartag under D'gb nervous e-toiicmonl?the Hum being 1 tremulous ftod I noperfect, though tbo un? Hi at ill perfectly legible Or. Ink assured Justine Oftrteoo that Mr*. Coo w|**- la, from whatever mum, really and serenely 1U, feougb Dr. Barter and Dr. Do W see declarod In their affl la stt that the maolfeated ao ijoftooi exnept those which might bo attributed to nervous oielltmem, and that there wen noth eg la bur pbyrloal coudlUoo to prtveat brr hetag removed to the Tom be at once AFFIDAVIT OF 6EOB1R d. Bfl.ftn RRT.ATTVB TO TO K*ravi of on. bokdbli.. The fbUo^lag atbdarlt waa Ukea t>y Justine Davison at Mm Fifteenth ward station Jiouae, and embodied the fseoowdmgn before him ? haul DuOtef Pdirt Gmrt?CVy and ttwnfy cf Ifm r?* ? irt*'ge D. It.ilea, boiug dniy nwivn. iirpoam and aye to U>e 0.?t perwn ?I am a merchant to una mty, of Mm lrm of Thorns90, ft Urn A Valooune. doing bus mem at No an Broahwav; 1 was anrpiatnicd with the taw liar vwj Bjroell, I raw him It tag oead on the let of February, M No. 31 Bond atreet 1 know Mrs Hurleli, ahaaCun ataf 'sm. I hare beaid Iter 1 tote thai a'ie ?u the vi'e of, an 1 lawfully marrte<l to, Irr Harvey Rnrdrl) in ?is Bieume; she la the same pence with the ae< I sar her produce a marriage certificate v tbat efe?s end litre read it. and Its da e >ai o' Ortrber Jt, IP.'<; toe late Harvey BordMI waa never married otherwise: he hi* no ahMdrrn hi* surviving holm arc fr wis Bnrdel'. Wlll'am Bwrdrtl, .lame* Burrtili, h's fall bi'*?d Brother?; toree Inmat*, ctatd'ea or joon lb.-dell, a fell olnod lirethef, tieesesoo. infant eidid*?n of Allan linker and father lis wifa dvoeaand, who war a hair sister jf lie georared Dr llarvey Burdoil; I net or Inn oi, the half brother; Mary Ann V irldt, a hvlf ?t tar, and my wife. Mm Alice 'tuien, ar*o .* aiao a half Meter; IT. Harvey Burden <etl fmnal nre,v*rtr in rrai oautr. tn 'ao H.sto of Nee ?rk of noe-i iombi? value; them war a anatrnvorey c e rr ng the dlstrnauon of w o pomoael estate, ee?i Mi< "ft ? tud |lf hwvswt ? the rwabi ? m mesne 1 In 1 a F rrre^t- rfk or* VI WW iwii.iy, I' bi.-u II lac IF i*i rnrrn u?"?, Ji* jtpbi *# o? to* fv M t Bnmrit) ?< i 4 1 r ? rfi, wni i* a Mil onon ttn ' oa* or of t mi an'ro r?n, tc.r? B i- tB ik"*Nj iki n< jr ?? hi vLm on of bar c ni?* I ?* t?<?? to Iter r>a'ny abju* vo giro hirth .o M hatr t ? *ba "*t?t* of Or. Par - ,?? li ird >u, bn -wit war :? jn t.* etfvct mat iba !?r -rmata'i dma on aouM inraln* rotoL y horrgbiaaa W low, >w.t than* a far m born -JiUJ, f\e an r-*,% <1 n?mr ?n > , h to hto. la ear arorl*' ?hc rroriaaart no di *cot: I tert v n k< r tgiMm > afli :ao 'o tint otaima u *orreof ib* t?ropr t?. an I M ? o J i lo to too *! ' ina* "ft " I ? ?l? oil tbi- m ? tMi mu 'it mjr f?'l p'vboiK Ln.ioMr- o' aa-i !n Jiar tot*) ie< t raiih not tw'jflu* 0 Wn V: b* fa IbU Tib d?? of A. go*t, IMr, W, a EWraufi, lOtIO ?Wt ? ______ scenes in bond btrbet. W.i 'tnoo baa K,Vn I'wotib U'C ?*.rtia of attraction tO??Mof |tro>la w#-a writ lit ail yaalen'r; , an t n*, in A "lfc boo- tuM twalng, ooD??iy w.n?, :a or n?t but nab ?? mad a '/> Uin door ia or tor ti aea It lha "Unci;*! aba rwHi .n u.a Butt frtiu* * Id (Mi wl, Imt ?M *M rapp.*? ait M tacr.1rrat.wd t*i?t ,'irtf' IMvlt-a -~11 1* tig'i bt r n moral mill *ho .? ttnronahty rwr#"nJ; *m lit irraotlrr Iba pore gl,!* barn rara?f<j?l actttt la fit Mil wiiirt lea-ra tn a fa* da/?, having, ? ota of iicm H#N * > pUot to pit their brad* Into Jl*o .?low fh! * u w thorn aavf.rniv in mart, young, b?*itifal an I attraittra, Meir arprotmiait uxt rnrtorn ooocUpod otolin* oolvnraal i m vtnf, but Ibair nnfbrtnaatn aiinatton baa not rliaMnd to'in f om If,a attarba of nnprtarlplad an ,an1'ahi la Win of'man, alio ham alraorty rommnnon.t aanJIng IP aw a j won utt-n and othnrwlan annoying tbam. About <hrnn o'nlnrk Balna Irfl |ba booaa In otlar, a* Varrrd, |>i maa a arrangFTO?nt* for romorlrg Iho fur a. worn a man waa mada by blank, whlln anl orary P a* lo fr bar nr. Danlal D. Smith took hnr lo tog oar*, a-.l bad groai riiflVnitty la gatung her Ubrongh tha ororrd '.hr xt p* *rrvQ ho laft tin hou'Oau Mr**. ? frttr of Mra Uannloghnm: ?ba tho-un' at brat ?a fat Ml by tb? book way, Beovkir UrM, E"NE | Out Oelog usabto, ibe had to braaat too tor Dado auil go by the (root door. Aa toon ai alio mod.* I b r appeai aece, anmhor rarh >U m?do,ar.d or'es oi "thero (bo Id," "thore sho la," -'wboro1* 'bo babyf" I mixed with lovoral ubacoue allusion* to tboaluun aooouehe meat; the crowd area closed tn around her, and tho poor 1 woaiiui bo -amc sesljasly alarmed notwUhaundmg he had the protection of ea Council van <V.i i ou the 1 It bai 1 an 1 (lie repot ter of ono of tho cdy journala on tie right, which caused a wag to cry out 'there goea a sharp between two flats," a piece of he.mor wnloh created ooaflderable ooorrl meat, dome of the "Dead Bab *its," or whatever th-v may be cailed, got oioae em ugh to drag tbe altk capo oil' ber (ihoujdera, which waa reaOfmited by toe pontic men who compered ber escort; they law her to toe cart, and th > reporter went off is tbe dl> ucU u of Bieeckor atrocl, while Mr Wild returned to the huute. Mrs. Barnes complains bitterly of an article in one of the ctty paper* of yesterday, in which It waa s'ated that a e had betn arretted aome years alnce and put in prison, on susplmoo of theft. She Indignan ly oentcs that the was ewer in prison In her life,and thinks .be journal alluded to must have had very little to do vroea It made uce of hor name In such a connection. A by aundor sur;goatod tha abe prosecute the paper for libel, laying the damage* n f 16,000, but at latest accounts we were unabio to kirn whether (be Intend* to aut upon the luggeali.m. Helen la boarlng up bra?el> ai der tbe adl.ction. She tB meet attentive to ber mother, soaroely ever leaving her, and acting with the most llllal affection. She says that If her mcher were the v'leat of the viloaho ii atiil her daughter; t ho nrvaa her, and will not forsake her, and any cflbr of that kind oan only bo taken aa an In | suit; btt aho does not bolleve her mother guilty. 8lia thinks her rather the victim of a conspiracy, as aho la given to understand that Oatl'n waa engaged in aomoiutog similar some four years ago, and alleges that daring the elimination mado of h?r person on tho Inquest that Dr. Chi, whoassisted in it, did not conduct it In tho most dcl.oato manner. Gecrgtna, the y longest, is a beautiful girl, not yet fourteen, bat has tho appearance of a full groan soman, except hor feature*, which are oxtremely girlish. Soy is oompietelf bewildered; goes about mechanically, and error scarcely to knew what i? going on around her. She la very net vous and appears frightened at everything Thus maitors slant at present. In a few days Mrs. Can clngbam will be removed to her oil apartment, and then 3iBobd street wilt oeaso to be an itject ot curiosity. It is understood that ball Is ready si odd it bo required; hot >t t? aao nndwsuod thr*. Ju*Uoe Davlsor, a 111 in bta dlacreUoa, refnae to admit ifrs. Cunningham to ball. T0N CBOWD E hPKsSan BT THE P0I.10X. Up lo s rrcn o'clook 14 tbe ev? nlnj the crowd cautioned to Increase to snob an oxkut that ihs denizens of Bind street began to complain sorlousiy of the nuisance. The large majonty of those present wore females, and they were loud In their im lor Informaitoa from every c ne soon lo oomo from tho hoaae of Mrs Conning ham. as to when she would bo removed to the T<mbi. Tbt-y evidently ex pooled that Ucr removal would take place that evening, and they accordingly took their sta tlons on all the stoops a*oind fran which a view of ihu beute No SI Mold be ooulned. At kength Dr Maine, who resides opposite, after (HtUeis attempts lo keep his stoop clear, repaired to the stuiloo Louse in Mercer street, and reqaoBlel Qs plain Dllkt tc send a frrce of police to clear the street. Be accordingly deepen bod three or four ofli cere, with lnsiruc'Jonn lo make known to tho people that the object cf their morbid eurtocty would not be temoved thai night? into.iigeoco which soon dispersed tho expectant crowd. The po/eo authorities have very prndently resolved lo beep the time if her removal a profound secret, and the probabl'lty is that the wld be saf.ily lodged In the Trrmhe before any oau la aware t It except those ccscerned In her removal. When Mrs. Cunn'n (ham loft the prf mlses, the establisLmect will be broken up, and the children wlil remove to seme o her abode?a happy change indeed for Uietu for the Miostro of this f< or al drama ltd fit laflsntons 7m t.r-ru-ru' lute boon the scene of horrors lo tbow, tho cUrfc and bitter momoriss of whiah, wh th'-raocver they m ?y And ihslter, will abide with them for their lifetime. whvt course will mr". cunningham take? It will he seen that Mrs. Canatagham deci.ncd, by tho advice of her oonnsol. to permit a nbrslral exam nat.un by the tiro physicians detailed by Uio magistrate for tae putpose. At the formal legal examination held yaster lay In I er brulr s-.i, ahe afflmed bar perfect uaaoecnce of too ofuace charged upoa her, laying Jut time would show aho waa right, bit declined answering farther aueeuotw. Ber rommttmcrt to prion will probably be algned to day Of oocyte tie cflence la batabtc, and It ta within the bounds ol possibility thai ahe may obtain ball It will orj bars rot exceed $5,000. If H be llxod at an nadnly Cguro an application can be auric to tne tfoprenwe Ooertto redr ew tae atnocnt. And If aho bo onrusoeafu] le preeurlrg ball, the probability Is that the qoeadon of her re. penallihdy on tho d. positiana lak?.n will bo .calod l<y a prelim nary writ of certiorari. , what would hate become op tttf. h ah\ ? It ta aurr nad that if ahe had been only permitted to in joy tho 11 .tda*ry stir cos* of ber plot for twelvo hours, the baby would not have boon particularly loo : Lived, aho *ovl ?vc exhibited It to a rafllr.ent number of wltneeioa and thru have quietly di?porod of t An heir to the baby all the proper ty would then have recurred ta he*. As It waa, the poo. Utile thin, had a preltv narrow escape of ita life, o<' withstand lr t the cotcplr xncee of tho arran ;en,. nil: for, a ben !t waa bets lukeu from her aho squ*ex c<l it to her brown an aa.'ctloaatoly that If two of?'?oera fc*1 or* ta* a ho d of her arm? the Burdell heir woald havo been ' iled with Hind new in that event, a nloe question wou)' havo arisen whither the lialriet Attorney and tho other ooin.erpio'ters had not beuo acar"sorlr<| to tho child'* luilh, and were not exposed to m indictment for thfaib-lde. Aatt ta, however, Mow K.Msabeth Anno An donor (ror that la the chil l's aeino) isatfoafid soiy ta the maternal baeom. miss AiJdCsr.v ci*n*\t!*oit.\m. As wo atatrxl la ;?sun ta> a fitruin, Kiri Augusta Guanine vn seeuc oompleWr n-ovt rated by this now <Imgrace has none ttprn her nam"?abo Is the personlfl c* .a of grkf an t wrricbe nesa Tbe sltpbtest a.:n?im to the tear ter, the ma mage, or <ho llrSli, ah? oanno'. eo le. e Kltber of the topics renews l er woe Her slater r >p strdel on her exsw uahon th tot her day that Augusta tat liter* Ul for ensno woelB 'wf'Sf she left home, sh.r m niinridiyphoefeverisUineanenofbertllneei. H'ruer vi " if stern srvrnscrerthrowr, an i aho Is an o. >oct ir.r (<nuo,sto.at1eu. She Igft Haul str.e no Mod ay efoerrona, ' foro the aham no. ilnsmnut. ai 1 i*ams thai ?' ? sill cever return. filial a(fc t'ou may have nd oud her It ct ug to, an J support nor, even to liar vrnt a *epwdy, hi' that was ? on t: a rev. of Hie Wjrld v a' i ay'id aydnsl her mother. Who can blasts I er lor thi. J I a^aMM |bh new oawtcmpttMl *ec i the tenae a, have d U rml'.edly pie. te<i I eraetf, sr?i rli< i hereto the* ps relit* 1 le he wlu'r A r ?lro, rbe a^ar.dnne I hsr, rt* v i rctwr.v. to hi. fb'o. AOS u~ta nv #1 1. Iter out, reepr *Mo ? rie<l ledy In Lwljftoi) imtt, b> t eyeo ikrt hrr wr. V' r?1 d' Miry | :rMM Vr for nr?truce n ? ...a>i!y 'jrmgi w(>or it ilio.rory aap'emni r*. yv?Ui of the fKiUlto. MR. ECKEL. Mr, f'ket, *K'ot oh' id no inftrh i.'erort du* r1r? ihe <n?etuf ?r?-i?ee or iho Rnrdell 'Merdy, 10 bow lo the r j, ptrm leg blr frd'rlfj httitireei, Mid ereming!? Inking 'lIMN Intel* II IB lie .??( 0o? "luJIO'H IB LA Ul.? CXlTA OTrtiiiiry n?n*. JU.V I1N1 frtei it" feel %ir*rod lli?t On try rj?e'r.ri. nf Uaoomt Mrtty to 'So ewrdv > o'o?*"t *?*y if ibo rrreat riletleeorr 1 ;"he s'*rlP(5 flood of ttio rtm I*r.?inwo?Mi w'.lfc trbmo nam* ?n I .irtmoit he hnd ooeu -e.-chitod, bv Urofd or?r?'?t'i>n 'oio ? new oh? jn*l lu ?< *'5b of *o.vro?rii>" to tie f ml deed. Nor m At it oil irn ;ir*>' ebie Mmi brtare the prrvrt lurnei**?,)oci i"v?jrHtlo4 II ecnlaUoA will ho chwrged into cerltlrly on ibAl UOAd. REV. MR. 1HRVINE. While tho flftiiii. ft ii of th? morrltf r of tho 2*h of (Wt'her hoo retired nil tho former puhll i trtercet In the Rod rtre?l tr*|?1y.lhi worthy , lnpe who .otomol*-,! ihAt ceremony between Kn. Cannleghea end the ?eif ctiled Or Bnrdell lo quietly ruralizing At Ihot torn*? hot IAWOOO plooe known m ChAthoa Four Corner*, In the y|. ctrege of the beedqiArter* of Urnt erudite eeet who "tu I her merry noe nro giroo In marriAge" (ned oomq qiienvljr do not "produoe" betrt), tho ItliAkern. At hi* Vtere m?y bo oeeeeMry to remoyo ooojitelon m lo pr utllo'o h?nn# prraneeted BurdoU, WO Utlik It woll to aei'fy Mr BaI of hlo wbAroAboutt. \V YO MORNING EDITION?SATl DOOTOR BOBKRTA A Rood ?(f?M o?oiiat, i>a?f>a HoM- m (ljrcod eoa?1dorabiy on ttM m .-dor trial mi an itnimrfuit ilt o#a for UM r cloaca, and a* a friend >f iho <?un' ir>ghan? family. It bad boen o?un rnmo?<*t tbal fwi ?a? a aultnr for tt'jw An KUfOa'n tiaitJ, but thia bo formally denlad ? ?r?? to to?n "u Saturday an<i Sunday. P-jbaU- br la do* rarall.-.tog nke Mr. MwvIbo, ud Uui hla aheeooo rmm Ujo city ia ' aco.deuuU, sod iu no any zjUDeofcud wiUt tttsa case. DR. FISH'S CONNECTION WITH THE C^SE. Dr K'?h. who >u ca'lvd in <o nail *re Oanotncnam ?a Wednesday, It appear* had no t^evtoua a quoi# ituoo with ber rr nor family, but waa nailed >n in a par. If profei alrDal way. by whose idT^oe or al wboro ln<tl<tttoa bo ta entirely ignnr?nt tt reem? that an offl wr c-tlod at Ma of Oca anJ requeaieJ hlni to on na and rue tun U.Jy, as aba ! waa In imroe iwio re? <1 of medio*' aid. Ela naturally bo | abated for a moment, feallig M at nndor tfc -i clrcmuvtaooee tl waa net a moat a- I thtrg to bn connect* I wttb hor oven labia ordinary orofeeslenal capacity. Bt-l (Mumiag that be mlj?bt bo of rervlca to a anfforl g pa aoa, bo went. Bo found bar, oelording to hla ootnion, presenting ail tba 1 tj mptoma of U> damnation o* the atomacb, or, an it ta nalkid j In medical phraseology, gcutrrtts, and be pro antbed for her accordingly Aa to any evidences of recent childbirth, or rnerperal disease of aoy kind, be made no Inq >lry, or ezpraaaed no ypio'on. That he waa anlertog fro u a dtaaaaed stomach and aevere cod att pal Ion, conarqneat It aeemed to hun, cpon reoeot diarrhea or a aim'lar complaint, he waa sat-adad; and to treated ber fir tbore diseases. Laat night be prononnead her convalescing, and be thought that hy tbla morning the would no well enough to be removed On-a erly, befbre be van aalled in aa a pby e'clan, did Dr Kink see lira Ounnlryhats, %ud that waa at the Tombs; and ba states that he woo Id not now recognise ber ae the same person, she la so changed. TO TOT FTTBLIC. By name having been nsad In connection wth the affat a or Mm. ('cnoiryham. other wine called Burdo'l. I de fro to itate that further than baying reoewet da the *tb Instant a pr?fear anal call I have nooonneouon a the matter I have dono to attending tn the cano iiroclnnly what I believed to be my doty aa a man and a phyeiolan, agar I lew or the uof< rinnatr clrcumatanoea of the pat ont, and design eventrall* to ehow, that no poelUou bar beeu aa aumed or maintained by mo for which I am nut, la the namo or ha inanity and my pro'eaaton, entirely rmpntt lb o. LYUAM H 11,11 U. DR. DHL'3 POSITION AND THE COURSE HE INTEND* TO PURSUE. Many individual have dt approved of tbo conreo purrued by Dr I'tal In this matter, and have cot h<?ltatod to glva it tbeir condemnation, ttatlng open y and boldly that bo waa wrong In entrapping Km Cunningham too tbo <ommia?ton of a crime. It la understood that the Academy of liediono will take op the matter at the.r next mooting, In September, aid tbat the f Hewing ?IU be tbo points of his defence, w hich are obtained from a rehabio source ? That ho old not enter Into the matter without hating first given it carefnl and deliberate consideration, bout aa to la modlral bearing and ail other points to Die action aa an honorable man and n good r!tlr>tn. Ho does not Intend to thlrk tbo matter tn the slightest deg-oe, hat will tnko the grout d that be waa entirely right in what bo did He will assume that It la the doty of every physician to iieep inviolable the tec rot of any crime tbat may be confloed to him after oommission for tnatan :e, 11'a man c>m m t a bnrgiary or a murder, and in entering a bo ine er iNHBnltiiBff ^ miinlw. h? wntiI sonndM an i futrt dA* ends f'T a pbysletu), and la hi* agooy or wander Inge may Jjctoee the ted of die crime la which ha has been engaged, It la thon thr duty of at.-b physician to keep rich diac'.naarca In hla ore breast; bat If a patient abaae tbo confidence of a pbjtlc'.an by dtneloalng that he or the medltatca the commissi" n ol a crime, especially one wbUh wonld endanger the eafety o' the .'Hate or of individuate, and, Turther, one which It waa not nooeaaary to disclose In order that the pbrtlclan might proairibe Into! Itgeatly, Uta then the bonuden duty of inch, aaa gooil citfrrn, to make that etac'omi-e tnown to mo authorities, In order to prevent tnch crinae being conecm mated. In such caeen It In n dledannro of a crime before tbo fact He will farther aay that be haa yet to learn that hla being n professional man and a memoer of the Academy of tfeoirine, abaolvca htm from his duty as a good citizen to prevent crime; and In the case of Urn. Cunningham, he believe* that outer, and perhaps more crone, crimes have been prevented by the oonrse he has taken, and which will yot appear. Again, ho drmea moot emphatically that a medical lecict waa eonCdod to him by Urn Cunningham It war oct a onaulenca whi-b wae nan weary to enae'o him pro pcrly to prescrbe for her. He will In thl/i connect on qnototbe oath which Is technical'y termed ttaa "Hlpco e-ailc Oath," and which la to be loond in Back'* Uoil al Jnr vimdenoe and In Uny's Formate Medicine, tho nbeta jc? of which la. that a phyaido* la re; aire J to keep a I the ercrete of his pstionta, provided they are tnaooeat and do not endanger the safety of tho 9uto or of lndl?le lis Is. The charge of entrapping Mr*. Cunningham Into the commission ef e crime he will not dofend, cnlese In e<> tar *? bo doeles that he 1* responsible; ho lea'** the respond bliliy of that matter entirely wit'i the District Attorney, J under wbueo adr,ce and djructkm, and at whose roqneet he anted. Ho will also allude In the fact that ho com roe need practice la itie city as a poor man, aoaio years eg >, and haa always pursued a slravbtforward and honorable oocree. def>lag any man to mention a ein -lo ease daring h'n ei tenstre pracUoe in which ho haa acted nnproidreloiMlly OS IWI vaiu?- <v?? SHU inH?u lur TVTJ u' u> Mh.nv UWr MJ | which would rmoN from till* mono, bat would d A ?li*rti* from ?:*> ho beiiered to b? h i doty on Ueteooouot, mrwele ly u men? dim of hifh profs* reel rtenllDf vttIhivJ b'n V the rnaree ho hee pnreuod, uJ |?re It thotr anqxel.fleii epprorel. DR. L'Bli AND THD DHliriCT A TTORNBY. There Item* lo bo ebotit M i <ch alorosl men .looted to U.n il*cunion m lo whether the Ofuee of Mr Hill end Dr. I h< .? mom lewerroj of rem mend* t'oa Him it le of reprebetl d ee there I* la the Incident* of Ibe-rtnnlaioj birth. Opinion* *oom lo be prehy oqoel.f ale r-', not i* tr. their uiattPret on tn polot of lew end morel* (for tho-o the iriiorlty <* .ledledly ec?!oiit them), bet u to whotbor ibey ten c'lei n the beooflt of the Jsi.lticel doctr no the! ' the end tannine* the trees " While the whole Mm monlty I* rekiloed et the erporureof thli women * tnf* m.iei freud, hell of It le Lnoi:nod to Ur.eic thel the trlsmnh over e wot.lil he r.rim'nel ? too .oerty b < km U th- ox I ?n:-o of t'ro'>e?<oi.?lrop'tt .tt> e. Or thi, w ho hee hom rwt<o?ti*c for e ley or two In Ws 'he*?f root l,', rt ore: to Uio leet rreninf, ?a<v poring thel *fre O or" R?n night here mvlo e enerro of C iti?,.i'eC| eyto'it hU on lior (ami M.oft. uns cuyyiNiiHAM ?n. a rnuoua roBITTON fbtr of the rocrjel wh.ibw b'xo 'e-g.-ly conn? ;od ml b h . Ctnn.cjibeiit raac Wf?A?h?n|J*, rtr* 't u hteoaivn thel th ? et uxr. 'uoo hee t> n et ,'c . c. * tU't bj M/?. ^ at lac'taw, In bar late at* mot tj ?* t[ a ia'?o Iair It thr lur'rl Celc, Ud ooad tort metU>r erly ntwiloo whlen tae n?V) iworret ban 4m punkah ?.) ? *111 be npoa ihe wnrte ,,mU Ut -nt^UtJ, in Mefol ViwIik rectluo <T tbe ?Uli.U> :? *<fiT ! > 'b?U SMn,*) '? mdnnp an h?faul. | rat-* .n?l wbavabi u ? ? 'if t it n .1 i'o t *Mrrr,i enTpr ? <kI mwt r to t>?rll r>* .*a?| r?tar. ?l ? ise Jt'eu. (I miarer .an k<- int??r i-i . ? ' <n* null rral rr'Ai* r ,k? 4 Mr1', , ? of p-tv t "I p. r'ota'rrrp'-ij Mffi-vnli f.jH, pttlad u,n rr, at-II, noca f alfti . n* >a jviiil?brd bj Up, rlaotimMt 'i a H\ln uruwm ntd MrtU <! >n JW*. No*, 'f Hr* Vatnltnl mo ? not aurVd to Dr flrrIrli H Tity be ' old thai bar rrt-fc rblH would not oe cntlUrd ?o toy ihar*. &r , of en e*k>tc, erd r onntqunatly > tbv Kn. t Jto'.i-gl >? b rro* oed ?e t.ifan*, fcu?lf pteteudlv It tn lit?? *H?n ojrn of f.trc.t* ?rbaa? ObUd rnn'd eol, awl could art, lu paint of f% i?, to ontnia l to a . or aa mate. ta eerr.rdanftwi'h ; ?t? nt-roi:? 1<?. to airke b?r Ottawa ptmeba ilo atider tbo tui'H It must bp tha? the *ae mar*i d to ffr. B i doll, for then only would ber deed beefraadnlenUT jr*In. ngof to nf\ol, labaly prrtrtidina It to bare been boru of pareru ? hnaa child would be iu itled to a abare, Mt\, of aaj ea take. Bi.t tM? will plara Mre (biBnlefbam la a ?U1I more ??rioue end no al i*ir tlon, fbr upon the > rr**ti na abore ?t.?tad the PMrM Attorney hae determined, I M aeld, to 'edict 'ha accused m Mr? RjritOI H?r oon de?'JWWb'os that ?h? la Mre Bar.lall ?-a j~fw? fru-i' orldenr^of It, eo bp, In ordar in my lv rw'f frow eoffbriajt tbo wally of the law, wtf) b? oorpiUdd te p'e poeU./*!/ aad eatk RK II JRDAY, AUGUST 8, 1857. fttrio'tl) to? jury ?t *)>? ? ? aot, lu .n.nnr',?T.O tfrey BardflL i>: ,'?*?>. in mt'?r .juaJ'ila.J o 4 U. ttiAB any ooo ek> Si?e um) ay<?rwr j?^ fcy* j?? , ><? .' ? m!i romaaa, <*'01 li n-a ber ? THE SURFOO \TE'3 DECISION ON MR* CUNSINOHiU'd MARRUGB an impression wi-ai? to exist that that too d?cKna or tae "urroja's on tbo question of granting ad mini oration to Mrs Canali gham a poo the estate of Or Bardell a??y bo | affected by ihe recent explosion of hor p'ot to produce s fsUebetr It Is natural en ugh Unit a ich an toes should be entertained by those who are unacquainted with tae rules ablcb govern Judicial pwodlsgs, and with kho is teillgent ootslsimi and faithful a b- rence lo tb-v-o rubs h eh characterise Mr. Bradford. B it >be truth is that all that 'a-fltr of plut au> counterplot wh>r.n has followed unoa the B"od atliet tragi dy is, ro fa' aa the action af the 3ar n gatu .a wooerui d, as If It had never tis used N'o :Lr I dunstasoe a> It U befbie blm Itia not '.a the tontiruoo In the oaee on which no bae to drcida Hi* Jo I*meat mull he baerd on tbo evidence wbich has been loooutted to him ibiongh the f>rnw of Jioh i u proof Iho only wa lo which be would be ornate 1 to consider any new bait cunvng to light since ttci esse waa closed, wutd ho by It* regular Introduction after an application h m.'d bo made i) the party Interested, sad gra od by himsolf, to open the eae? lor that purpose, This haa not been Jrne Indeed, Mr. IMden, oovmcl fur the Burdell heirs, waa so certain the ^unogato'o decision wou<d be in iteir iaror, (bat alth ugh he knew, OA !y la Jaly, that ibis attempt to get ap an nelr lo tbo Ourdclt estate would bo mads by Mra. Cuan rigbara, yet bo refctod to apply to tho -Icrro gate to got fc'.m t > open the oaao to almlt prurf of tbo fact of raid aii 'ju,t by Mrs. Cunningham- He i*i wl'i-ng, be said, >o iat he cage rest entirely upon the evidence pro duced b> lore 'Jbe Surrogate on the trial. In the same spirit the California oomwiwrtoo, winch wt Id bare ca .ted tnar months delay, wyes lndeOnMolr postponed. As the general and prudential roie istoei haoat all .stovart and materia) orideuc", tb'fl show greater e- rfi lonce in the rent-It than would ?o usuaU josttflable. Altrocgh the decision of tbo Surrogate has not bean tnnouncei, and no IstimaUon b?.'i been untile of what iti > Iket) to bo. 11 Is by do m- an* t > bo assumed hat '-.o ban not long since arrived at a conclusion Che argument ot counsel *as Cntabi J on tho eooond of J-iiy. Whatever Impression Mr. Bradford may have had of the trial or oo the argument, it Is well I uown to be his hob t to look over be wboto testimony before committing himself to an opt nion; an 1 In a caae tbo most o> inordinary that haa ever comn Into bis court, cr perhaps in any other, bo would naturally Jrem It proper to write out the grounds of bis decision. There decs not soetn to bo any other reason for tho delay La promulgat'og tbo result to which it is under stood bo esuno lo leug boforo tbo recent devolopomonti Ho stated shortly after tbo closo of tho cose that be had cttrne to a docKoo upon lb When the oounrol had closed their argument bo gave them permission to hau l to any

more potrts or wrltitn arguments that thoy might dotiro to, rema'klng at tho same time, " I do not moan lo say that I have not made up my mind, but It la subject to ro view ot tbo testimony '? this Indicates p'cMy clearly that his Blind was then made up, and his constant admission, erer noce, that his mind vas made op at to hla decision, Implies that a review of the evi denee baa not changed it B'.cco the lata criminal attempt haa been mado by lira Cut DiDgbam,be bee told several persons thattbta would net alTi et bis dortslnn in the least?that bis mind bas b<y n mado np for some time. Tbla might in teste indirectly, though pretty clearly,bow hia mind la made up It leed, tboae who know blm best, and b js manner of weighing and deciding open ovtdonoc, are ananlmnnaly of tno ovinias, ItwUl bo sgalaat Mrs Cunningham. Ilia omla ion to send ant the California commission tmpllca that ho cot ridcred tbe cascanfllclunily, ci abL'ihed one way or the other, and aa the application tor said commission waa made by tbe de'cndante, It may bo judged in which way ho <N>naldorod tbe case egtobil'hod There aro other col lateral beta that go to shew that Ma dash ion toll M against Mrs. Cnintngbam's application, and onn Ihst will g'ro public satisfaction, and bo s attained by the higher courts of law if It should In) appealed Trrun LIuu docl rtou may be e .poclod In the coarse of two or Uireo weeks DEK CONFIir^r* IS A F AVOR SRI.E DECISION -BE F> RWISI1INM THE riOOH. Whatever doubts others may bare > at via ued aa to bor Hkeithood of having the "orm -ate * decision in her favor, ho hen elf appeared to ham caiertalncd none Kbe was sanguine in ber belief that tho mormtgn would have boon s'frmed. She had even gone to tho expense of having | tbe houso No ill Bond street re rum'.shed at very consldoj ruble cost?whether on ll< k or not we cannot say. Sic Is aid to have asserted, however, that sinco the dealh or Dr. Burdcll she baa defrujed all tho enormia* crews 10 which she waa subjected by Utigallon and otherwise, and only borrowed on ono occasion 115 To t person ?ho trsgested to ber thai't waa hardly prudent in ber to go to tho eii vnse of rcfan>l*blr.( tho bouse befo e tho rendering of the Surrogate's decision, she repl.ed thai she waa going to be oonflned In flvo weeks, and waa not going to lot ber baby be born on hero lerarda. Inquest on Alexander lluyil, who was lhn( on l-nst Wednesday Mnrnlug try Hurglsrw The UmuiB has folly r*r?rtod u ! tbe pergcaJars of this ease in Ita edttlona of Thursday and ymte-dny it -mlng. Tbe deceased upon wbom tho inr,oast vu caded was ah mi . v ycan si ago, a luu to oi ire anma >>; in tiy trade. The Coroner bad a Jury ewero rent' "lay at the r.*teonth ward auiioa fcouee, and after vloa'ug the btviy, notifl* I them H at locooaeqeaco of tbo death of tbo leeoaaod being a* act involved In tnjMrrv, and the o'l'.eore being on the Ira k of ti ne iurtbor dove opemeua, in order l> amdat tbo rndeof latlooand rtw the murderer, ho amU ml. jotiin tbo lxqn*et until 0 o'clock o?ii Monday arc-It Tbo yor-g man Mummy. armred, la itHI at the iiteeath war I via i n boom Ho eeo-na to lako the matter coolly, li h<w n.o e ti?n I* year* of ago art ?ao? bo to >* ? mrtb'og whatever nl .be matter? tbat ho Ion frank <hmp tieM famther of Uio arrertod wrtiaa) about balf pwl 4 o'clo k that night, at I went to Mr home on Twenty a'ntn mint, betwirn iuutb aod cioyenlh a re tare, about laif pert 11 o 'deck. Tie Cert ner It very active In tb^ ni at'or, an I .Iraofver mil' h ero It Per the rcat trorbla ho tr tek ig to baao tbo porprirator oi lh? mvrdwr brought to jtauce. sa>?-< or ria tmv Harden White IP'.' ^ab<b avenue. John I.tntaly Tin Kip hih avrut.o. toloman W. .tlhro I'iH Seventh v.-et nr. A C IVnnle 142 Wo?t Drbiocrtb -tr^W ( cor|c ?J .looey V'U sixth avenue .lobn K Pe< k*r 142 Seventh a case. (brutojihrr We 'jo. 347 Br adway. Char let K HalkxS S"H Kiyb h rtrcot. hi ire wri log the above w< i*? n tbat Wrj.tay han b?* i rebated li'?n< efhtinot i?-ot. ib.<re arc rtlil tarn ane,*>eU"l pa; era rc ta or I at tbc'"nronlb ivarit atat nn ftiwnr ih 'r narrr" are Campbui Fi??i1 lauurayan Tt.r ptaiol h wbsrb the dtorarel araa .hot <vaa )cl AM ' i a an 'mrrcl rrrolvora, me of tbr tnlea of which wan iro ken t r A i "?t morVtr examination of Use bodr wai mvie by rw? Prat."v, Heyweod, (^'ko ami Weitje fli y ! or ' l<mr t nt?* wr.nnde In the antrvor 1' tn-> che?; Ijrf whlr.h w?-r" p> nrtra'ing, tho other ant fetal rue one ?tnr fmi- ihcf cn to the . Ight of the I-ft tepple, olwc to tL t rtf i outn Tl la ?a? aurro n-t-dby a h'wk Circle, Our ? b) powder, which wea two fa*hoa io dlaneter I'rvm l?;ia *1 nd bloou and air ? r?o r?-vdag, arowog perf-wati r of the I ng The arrorid wor.m' eraa of the ?amc ?!/?,f , 'r'V' fru-o tbo top of and three tnrbea to t'.? lcf> f>!' the "got nipple f a# of the rti|irr Intel wound 1 nortt jyrd lb? rtgbl nl?>t i and 'Jir nthrf enteral n toe I n r ?! tii ib'imi' i noinn ntir-imi. ? m ? .?t't <i OtT thernph interior ircd.-**!' onrn onieriii lb. l*fi tvrr?.*?^ *>r ?>?? n i.'ito Itbp of tbr rVhi t'lOf. f*??ior hrn u*i ?h? hi?(r? aivl frartor nf la It *?t" I i? f t'l rib |ndj n#' tube )k? of r ti i;i?eo'?r bir?i<Ury Y the ?\tiPk kCt^L " 1*11 CtlOl^td lb ?*?c f< " * le-erro***! Mr***" o t?> > r trbi o' 'hotter m ?o tbio- b it?5 i r?p>!r b.i y.o''iti?i l-frf .r'ol*, . %^?ittn< ??ctfet !?> oof'i ifci flr.J "! t?. 140 lit-hi i p-? ttrp r t> tb? f.Mt h.?l!, aa i loliicil ta tho am- -?V'.n 'he r it * -ih-u.1 oatlty c Bialred w ?<w | Tb-jti t1 I !i4 Wt.ic tb J 3* 'v> of rt n.'b Otoufcijrri t.lty %*?o.a? cr n*'r.m ?To in< 1 yefto-'.tf t/trrretfl u ft f?oat boar, ft it amly ra ? Via flu: tiM pfw-tut, The Boat i Ui u a>t)ou:r?l ti l i'uc*da> UMI ft-Attn Of Fiewa ?ThH holy, *1 Mi*l? Ml mee'.lnf. adJotrttd ruhject to It* noil of their Cbttrmao. hut Jill Je< deri to bold ibmr <ln*i meet ma la too on>,ne o'tw > Th?y hare m ?rlT four h lO'lf-.l appliit J"04 for lltwt,?r? b*f > o in?m nnaot?d upoa Af ?r Ihti flna? moot Uf I* held the b>ainrrMC? \mr\f lilt ail 10 lu< in*ar je* t? pro* rale ihooa partioo who ara or ma/ bo lufnara* U.e ll'XM law R, rtint.?Too preirtam of Flljah D OotIi, Mo 01 F.ilioo wet, wore ai lo-el ahnal ion o'clock oa Thoraday aurbi tad a ovroW o' article* of jewelry ainlan thotfrom The l.oaea af *r? 9 w rowaeetid. Mo iw Mnhioiioo ??r<?t, wa* rrthSed yeeter'ay roornlny of a nn other tf i^KKt o*" wp*'lt?(i apparel, rained at aboat >300. No c*u? to Uao perpotraton baa boaa oMalaoft [ E R A , ! 1 ~ "" " i i.ity lnCeJit?,?AC4* J nC'tus Lxrr on oirr halt, r! r' <ou IIJF Nil* wn wrn nwi* ''".0 jifrfce iu ltin Niyi^.i ortije w -re i'.'jnaiderably dt* eniverted j oMordaj morning on the entrance a# Dopu'y V'lteo, Mr. Vettoh and hit l?o aaitn'fcota, #bo Qoort?b?d eore'al leige sized, at'fl" *b> dts ?' paper n their band*, hereon war mecrtbej a partial ln?entnry of por traits, picture*, firnilure an) other cha tela, hereto oro soi posed to appertain U> the building and the momoriai* j In Do irtjTOroor'a room, erpootally as (lxturee thereof. Bit en lrq"lry It wta amor'aloed tbat messurou werooo I loot to displace there tlm- honored nlk* from the trails of rur raarhio nail fi was a io?y they woro a'Kiut. rbo Dopn y botd in >>ia band a of ux-'C tloo mtsla'tour muxldpahtt, * bich "<i In d> o form presented to hit 'Jonor the Major, In 9k prun o oil oe, worded as follow*:? Tht I'toplt of the Moi. of -Vei? f or : to 'J. Shcrijf f fity un.l <ountijaf Sue York Wh' raw j'i(1,iro*-ti Has neon ron <ereo,i" iftr 1/P eaj <1 J iua. lu ?u a?tl<ui u ho pniuia I'r irt, br.wctn Hubert W Lnwier. plakMl't' aod ib<> da,or, A.'i rrn ? a. d <? uini :ia ty of be lit of \'v * York Jot-n sols, in Ian r m ih? ai l R<v ?r*. W Lnwier acaius' lite sad tisior Mermen ?n l namnrtltt of the said cl'vof New V rk tor ?' )sunt of n- b-u??r?d u i ulti -'.v nlpe thousand mar hoi ill. >' an ten kol a's snd ae ?nty "?io tin , , a ?p i> trs to us oy i>?j dsnm'roll f ed u> the olBei rf 'or .ierk ii''tar l U; ta< O'uety ol "?w torta: and wnen, is the said Juritvent was dockeurt in jour o 'to y -n ibe Ijibds of Jure, 'a '.be J'af ?ipb mil ba id->rt s'vt ff'y *?*ee ?:il till snuinf ti? bnn'rid u. 1 n. ** bv .??u l, olne bitodred and t?a inllaiu and ty m o ri?, vrtih t te est drawi f>on 'he II ttaday of Jnno, r-ue 'b in sud e'irbt h iod rd ?nd Hf y irtro l? mo* wualls due tbursoo * .iref ,o urn .m uiand ton tha to i hatltfy ssid ,ud*a.ent out of ho p?rso. al proper J of heraiajucl ;mru'd- at ra,wli'\ o inor?aldeO'iuty, or r sulEotml pers wi prpei> -.snoot bo fouud, thrnt out ,>t the r-al pr< pri I. In y r "minty bt i./figlng j naid judrm ut debtors, on The dsj when ihe Judgment was sod's-ke I iu oursr miy or at out d no Pie, rafter. In whos* tasnds rover ihemmr may he ?n.i retarn tbts ,an, wi bin s ry days al er I rei o p1 by yos to ibe clerk of ibe C'dt aao (>i my ui fW Torta wttnora las rfl J. SO sevrtt aiquirr, J is uie I I' tl e arkl :ourt. In lb') v'ly Hal:, i i Xw o.iy if fork ihn sli'erbttacaj of J'lly In the year jw Jto-iaaud, r^li bun drtd and ftlty arsr-.i J 'iiN M. BABBOUX FXntlh 'a Alt* ey. This document *aa e mntorstgied? RobrrtW l.owber aga.ust tho Ma*or. Aldermen ;.nd f- un ousJ'y of breltyof ( rw k"rh Kirr :'.o-i r iter- nl Pi tar rberlffo' ibi' olt aid or .intj of Now York, mil et as \ii utn ir-oie.1, taesumof on? taon^rrj and umei 1 "lie di n'ar Jrt' ltd ud leo .o'.lsr t and sere,, v f?u? <1- nc i.'lth In territlrom the Wtk day of Ju.'.o benidrs v >ur '-is. Jl-ilA M UAita^l .'l, I'ltntr * Atiomey. Jrttlg 1*67. The lory was understood to baro been made on W d trafay, conat^oemly it may orsn tab > pr.ayalmoe or tho losy bu Tborsusy, as ropnrted o this papor, nno claim " OU llays ' in uie barga'n. fho Deputy ?aa on his to ir itaro |b all be otUoea of ibe Ctty Hall, exoepi the -iherin * and Uio koekcr'n ioooa. wbleb uro prtraie property. Uol I Uirg said they might taao bta desk if they p'oa od, but If tbo) disturbed his tnlraio pa -era he would maUotnom s* eat tor It. Or. Harris, Km .grant Hoik, saU itauy should ool la) ? linger on nia omco ruiotta. e, a* bo ria l to in it tdosl in creel tberctn Tb*;r aiou'h .oeined In water f >r tbo I'-moue Msh< mmedan Abaci Ken 'rand bta dud<*nptpn, 1. ill > hanging ahnve the c?d>>Bei8 be.d, cut ibe liter nformcd ibcm the' they m gtw barn tboir fl g?n if the; ppropi.aeo thai for it w?n priner.t ti one of our leo ftftjuri fbry looked wistfully ftt tbe now t~leg*aoU rrg tUP r, which o?ii j>Mt seen act up la tho otCcc, acd took It down?< n tbo paper Th* two chamber* c.flhi Hoard* of Aldermen end li nnc'lmrn, end ilio Clerk's room* wore no it inspected, ftn<i an urintory of all tbe go ill In thorn taton down. Tho court routm ?Uo were visliod, nrd orery sroclo of farnltnie carefully noted, with now to nee ibcm next Thursday, In scoardanae wtth tbo follow lug ftnoounoenient ? flumiri'-" a*r r ? ll? virtue a* ft ? r'oln wr*t of election to ?< dlmeuh ?ml dr.lvn/.A I Hill enioee to ?!" a. potijlo ?ei due, un TbatHdar, the 1 I h i ar nf Ancns lint at 0 t'rloos In ibe forenoon. ?' ike (ioicrn-r s room in ibe Oily flail uf Hit o.Uy of Sew York all ih>: portrait* tod picture* end fa? nitnre eofttfttrnd In rata run nJeoatlJtf Mid day a 1 tnmmim bring to ts* Mayor's ndlee the board oi ?Idcrmr and < ouo dlmi'ij nhainhrr*. in 'he lonrt Of iVmivn 1* ?o* end ebam him ntlarhad then In, tbe frirt.l nre'-autoload In arloa* public ilb of ilie 1 ly ml aud at 'i f. M , tamo a*y all tie turnl'are con'aised in ibe o-iurt* bo.dao at tbe aew nitv Ball and public on nr* lr ?nid building T. M> WILAJLT, Kbc-rld. Km d H Wi iti i: i cput* HhorltH >?:w yobk, An*ruig, iSiT i Tbe claim of Mr. Lober against tho city was for a lot or ground at tbo foot of Sarontnonth and tJghteuaiti at-cola, fthllh be hM the mrporaUeft on site for ihe now IVa h irgu u market. TVo bill buying tha property far pr.a od th rough oi ilia nocarsary form* of law; Ml iue Comp troUar refused <o pay. oa the ground that the claim wm fiandolent. and. beside*. t> ere was do itjipropt iatlon The claim amounted to t'"v ooo. The matter t .on weal Into the courts, and omptre* wore appointed liaftiel K 41c Hue Wftscboaen as referco by the city. whereupon Mr. I.ibor waived his rlgh to appoint n referee, and loft iho mil or In Mr Flrkie"* hand*, who, wo understand, decided In faror of the legality or the claim. On Mr FUeg refusing to i*y an oxoeuiUin wm* token out, and Uio city p'?>por*y will certainly be sold unless iho bill* o>o horKro l The whole of ilie tro ible arrow from Mr F'-agg's habit of con testing tho pay moot of all sorts of bills. Nearly every ar tele ut city proprrty has now boon levied 04*00, and Is la he custody of the She. Iff-. iv.mirks'a mew r* Nsw Votuf?timtk rnsnavr rowmmar A3!> ri-TTTts Pisowtrrs.?Much has been sold about the condition sod sulk rings of Ualkor's filibuster* In N'lnaragun and on tho way homo from thai country; bit tbo stale In whhblhoec arc In who havo reached New V>rk at present Is truly deplorable. Unt of tbo two hundred and four which tbo Roanoke conveyed to tins elty from Asp.n wall, n great portion oro meclianlc*, o.hwrs are men who havo been accustomed to work of various kinds. All who were ablo applied lor employment, bat row If any were ablo to obtained It. Tbey are of seurre wi Jiout money, and numbers of .hem me. In now jnenro not omy unable to lewvo tho rty and g*> In tho 1'octloo <>r th. lr hemes, which are, In miry instance* very remote, but they have been mmprllrdio softer for wont of food, w hile tao grass of the Casiiu t.'ardnn and other park* in lid* r ty have sitbrded a sntHtltnte for bods; wtth bo othor covering Ibiii tbo c'ou-'y Qtnatnenl. ttnoof them who has been a , pwrmker of these, told as toe rollowiag with re- 1 gaid to himself, .and ir.ati7 ethers wtth wborn w bare j ounvnrsi** made n* ar^aalnti-d wit* similar fad* III* , on I he said?"t amanotivoof renne'see. a rorrentcr hy imde: I was in most o the bat 1 II... _.ll> 11 .U?, Ki.t I ll?, M.ll? w.l 1 I W v ?..flirlrg? were yree' la N eara^ua, hit I tin m badly off it Vow York. ) h tvc w? piaro ?o r 'eop at ntgnt. end I ha?" bo n In wont of eomo'bing H oat. t iiaro nctirti e<i tho eity etey *here n'trl/.for omploy v-rn, htit tin only suceas wpk which I m't was a protnitw tb?t I night hayo employ o.cnt m "no plaeo oo Haiordty?b d in mo tt'anntii' I n phta'arve I have no mean* of giln* home.'' A'out t f*? o[ thcac wreleh?d men cnith. tin o 'Uuwllag In Ihr neighborhood of tbe lottery ycaterday, ngroo and a fa* reomioB on tho grtei in iln: aamo nlar.w^ flow might t>o wot with In walking tbro <|h tho city, wardering from pVirc to placo. and lb- < tbry arc : 'attend tbro'gbnit the c'ly with an app. a?-ijfe of moiaoeh >ly anl dejoct! w re-t I irg on their foatnro-, Wo under land fba' Mr C W Wicpard, traaac* prtho Cam Ion an" Am hoy Hatlrnad. hta made an efler of a Crco pawn go to any wbo mar foe n sl'otd In go to nutadilpbia, of whfttb between thirty and fbrty bavo alro??ly avail'-1'hcmaelvee, bat wbil tbe re<? w II bo likely to do In New York ia a dldtault mauer 11 dotc-irino hope* havo van'irtabod a mat at teg. tb er, and not without very good roaaona JrrarrTAT. I):' ti: ?Yerrrday morrlng, abont half pact n o r! .-a Jamo* (. jidar, ?l year* of ago, a oativo of lrv land, fell f cm a ladder at a Building on which ho wia wurk'.ng In twenty I'icood atrert, and waa immedlato'y ktlk d. Crroncr rcrr? bo d an Inn coat on tbo bod* when a.iory being awom, tba felloe, log verdict w?e retrrned ? ' ilia ibe dr.'oaro.t oamo to hi* loath m oo? i ic tco ?f I loj rlea oauaed by an acwdental fall froai the third n ry . l? tbe harm ont rf a hntldlng being erected ui Hurt ' iwenty etoood itroct." . I Vlalt of lliw Importna' I omailtlrr to th? I'uoltr Ntorn. Tbe eotnml dec of Itr totting morobanta vialHd the Ap prtlaar'a Mcree m rtroal etroet yoat- rday.aocjmpanloJ by Mr. ScheII, for tbe purpose of e/atn'u eg into tno.r ooe t] M in and >at'rr'lrg thrmvelrea that (be dclvya n paving good*, of abieb they ootiplan, do not a*lao from any ntglecl en tho part of tbo Coatnai How?o r, -.ini*, aid they oapteaecd tbemroleea qrl'c ctnten' wl b tbe reaultof their vl?l? tbe etowrt-Hl ttn ? of the atom* aunty accounting fur ih diffulty nn<:?r whlih >boy haro been laboring In ue afternoon U>cy bad a c cTot rt > w'tb Ute 0-.ll.w-* r tr (illee, an I i.Vr cwt dtroaw m tb?y name n uo -ou r w ibat it.e bo?t remedr tno- could nee re at pe??eut wm to be loved In aaat'tni th' ae.?e?of he pr lo < .la. rctiUr baoed by Mr Be, .1II rearly a inortii ? , which i*aiilod them to revnore I tlr ooda.'romtM ' lis atore aa soon a* ihey woro ?> \tn.oo-i, tlria preve< ting any ?e- iwiiatlon of package# fbat drca'ar ,.nbiubtd In the tiaa ,..n of 11.e 10th of July. It It m top >w? ? O. rowtfrii r /tern Yoa?. I tic; a. r. * a tjt, 1 a jd 'j. "5: % flT >' ft additional Itfula ln"* for lint p irt I ct? V !*. U*'ad ty N n H"?rU 'ntV 'it U * I rtairy. m l? irit'la- i' T?1? In?t. It la proTldr I am m* ot> ' Mi>g? '*M a "in#"! ataon *>y mp'rw* >r ?? " '. " "tWij/ in lux t'ollf that ib? m-mliand'ar tcnuitf tit *, ar> 4 ' rtil ft' at nitiipUon, M' < baa a'-an a?i II liill !<?? par<* I rt?ta*aa bih, a? Wtlr ati '-*aa aad Hi t-? that' u-w t ?'f ? or .. hi r | ? 'iili %iad by tbon |4?rtMt?*OT ?ill lit turh ,** >t it") tl r n t> aait ? ?i? ?ti '?y? l ? *m? ii au " r? atdi n? 'l . . 'tin ?,->i r. .?n H' "* ' a nn p t-" ad 'or c-to itt'i "im uhira mi a tab * 'O' ?ar iaau r%rr anil t-r ttur ?r?? i aa t<*in t? namm-al aed i i?*I by tha bin aiaaar, I" tha prntiar bun' r-1 ' Tirr.ii>n?t.i'-?i"'?M'"i>" oiTfhtuaflta ?n?r-l It tliaih i at In ihi <r n? atO??P it any oJiar ptina v roa i a.* ti"?? l? tamtvi'and paf?<*1, an tirttlii'd hi iha ??>^t ? r aula In ? * lb na I v tb# nlWaa of h? I'n lad Jta btrr* [ ki i|trL ?b 11 'mid atra* , aud nlru a mutTawi ( # thai ptiI p in 7l'a man bapntu" ?fta.wa wh > n>**i"i? an to !n ?f| I f"ia an 'h?i aanac It laoiiu 4 anil* paaaad. bp wrt 'o a pt,bll.~ I A |t?r't ? ' i.lUnnr *t'l ba a a''?udana" a' tha lppr?ta?r'? , n. ?hii an; I??T1' '"a rrijulatt.' da)ta*rt n-d ra ar ?-aa?? iba b'1 > an.iiin ai d paaat d a ad 'ba' tha -mid r- n ?'i m ? if c 1/ 'lif t ' (I. AlTitCaTrn H1' tbl.L. or ^ Tbii ?TTf?-l ap? II ramr. rn*Tr nirntil inn oopaanl barn vW I fur ! ? u ' 111%?, hnt ai ih?lf up i-'tn^ i-awday ih?> di< "l"t '??? alth't ii d may * surtmyly ' iif'tad 'o i*ue Ibe 'olloa ng card ? c*bi? op tnp wpopttoV cmhttttp. Tba cirablff apy' tn id bv tha ntaa#<pp c' niarrh>aM * lb* Ktabaryp rm Vmi'lar, N 1r>?t bars to -la* rl'ltal 'ba 4 i prPlm i ' ibrrt bt hfial r.nd a? tbn m? ut if hntaaiaiPltt'lon lh?r? f do rot ti-Ki ab to raronat n n ' tlntta. Itppfliara hi tild'urtaaitb tVB tiia ; i, at to ibn C" Ii i-tof o t?id tbHr 1 nacba^-a m "n tn nnnat.t I, *T r ?t?'M na loa In i.rdTT *o fTtlara tha ?ti - > t '? ' i i > it I* an.i J Iba-abt faalittala tbe Sn tai ? of tb it daptr'iiai tit ' lBipmta>? may f nd tan r? iitaat wti 'it for hat ?lf i*ar?? I a< 'ha dirrabaapar'* flloa, f n. 1] Hmad alrtwt Xtv Toaa, Jlusual 1, 1867. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Bnrlner* *i he Savy Yard it rreaaot la ?#'/ aotlwa, ovof eveuta-a buBdfed mon v.lng vol Joyed wutlo th# walla of the ya d, by the day, a adit'.no to shoot 160 employed by tho year or month, jx the rartoia worka now ruder way, compm sg repair* to ahliw, ooatnlraoUon and adc'lSiD to bulla ora, wal'w, On Tbapayiollof the day workmen for'.ha two woeha endtug July .'it, 1H67, amounted to about gll.OOi, ant Tor the two wetk* ending .Pily 16, to The ay roll la made oot ev?/y two w*e*e of tb*ie who woik by the day by tbo Clerk of the Y*rd, *r. K*ed, who then rcndr it to Ur Harrlu, the ' trier of tho Yard, who, after tatiafylag htmeelf that tfcea ooui.n, K.\, contained in the t a> love loca .ra oorrec*., *., * '.be dob tbo anma oppoalte tho * reapecite eaiaee, tax lug Uuir ?? opta therefor At the and of evory q.dtrtcr there pay rclle aro eent at to tbo Nary Idopartvenl, at *fcihla*tcd, act tbero er.?re l on Ola. TWlt W??afl frr day for worn ana 'a he Navy Yard are raapet^te.'y aa loilo-r ? trmot or a-portnteodente of gang* of wo'iciumen, twetiy Sv? \ *r eat more than the da*/ wagoa of the uj?u whom ihey rjpertj'.cad, thua vary tag their wagea from fit0 to 6! jQ per day. Pbipcarpentera $C r?0 per day. laborers t ill " eblp <>ineri i eO " " Caulker a 3 5b ? ?? '? Painter* 61 16 to 2 to 4 " Hpo.ocarrontera 2 '0 " ?' Plumber* 1 76 to 2 26 " ' Blontntakera 2 26 ' " .Sat i in tk or* . 2 56 " 14 Rigfera 3W " u It will bo mod by tho a.,o\a aehedQl i of pr cw bat government In a great m-.Mur > regulator too vagoa of Ita workmen by the pr.oea pall meohau'oa and otbera of the eauie grade In the, ae a nearly a very toaianoa U>e ptlcc-t per 'lay aro tho ram.'. There wero not more than fifty obaag-na mi>ie an '.be drat of the prevent month .n the men employed by the oouali voting enx'.iioor, who, by Lne way.emnicya over two bird* that aro In tho yard the plaoee of ail th-wt have been rotor time ilnoe filled (rem the rank* of the hundred* o nitnually .oung'og about the yard waiting f? a job to pirn op ITU HBW WAitBB'jrSi. Tho exravailon tor lh> oneudvo building a description of a htrb wan glvea >c Ite Bbiumi of fair 3, htiH neen nearly r.omtil >e.l, and workmen hare ai*u*dy conitnobocd laylug the foiadai'.a wa'la fhoo ornuploted, which w 11 prooah!) ?juitglog from tho ti?v? oeoupipd by Fuel# Ham to do b:a work In?not b" y?i far at loarl nt?? or two yoa *, ih a ha 11'ug *1.1 be loo tbo flnaai it* in oeH *6 tm nni ran T nhf hanHg imii . /ui fina* cliwe build In,; tu Vhe jirt rni LTC^nf. An addition 1* bring e-Pj '^mrt t?r ibe Ly wu<n bclrltof, It occavl?"! by m-wtof tbo ulMaerr *1.4 dipartm-ala o'lbeyard, for? co puri-oace, on tar flr". aud eenoo'l II ere, wb'.lo the third ta occamed ae a 1 ocrvn, In wb<cb are kept (be library, Bi tl??i an I cl&er tin w'tlea of the yard, beridra betog the i>e?.l<|i:ari?ra for all rial to, pad. uj <v, Ac . lo bo teat t* Uie '.Yitea jtatea ? jua irooa In ail paru ol' tbn world, from tbla ,ori. The addition la to t>? of br ok, M by 39 feel nn Mm yronnd, and ill feet 8 nchea and la to bo rotmraoeU lk aoon at tbe plant s'.a I bare boon sj>j? trod at WattiPglt O. fbr Cnnatnicl.rg r>< wjr la alx? ) ignged In UM arerv Urn of tor oral Ortt claaa era nee tor brUHDg beacy weigh 4 In tbe foumleriet aad thofk. of tte yati. TUB PKWKR Connecting wltb the rawer of the city. runn'ng tbrougb tba Walla bout, la not yot oomy lr*ed, although WTrtmee are bually cngegrd nn it. It u hoped that it may be exta&iei to tut bay and Unlabod by tbe fall. THKqr*.? vui^, Peeerlked In Ibe> of July 2, are Vao rapidly piottrwed with, and . nn f them 'a near'y oompteted. a h'-n done th. ?e alb add great'y to ite beauty aa well M vtttfuinea* of tbe yard Tee dredging tfaohinra are *41 J at ?o?k <JrC,nng out the mantel it the We lab ?at bay to tbe eeath rf ao nl T2 feet, la order *o adult of'he ancho Ing of largo retro!a therein Tb'a it a vor; laprlao, ao k, aa when ooa pleted lfc? bay la amUolent y larga to allow tereral large veeaela ?> be inoorv J iaereiu n rarely, (tore lntblr bar Ivor, tbe win ! end tide# wnt b have at timoe bean ao u"rt norlve to natal reeeela moored lathe channel ot the Kant t rer c-ppo te and ?. iihla <rO feet >f tfe Navy Yvd, nan ha?o no prre'bie Tint to their, artl tbty may ri le oj> the eerereat n?rtbea>t aa)e* nra'ety, al>b< ut ant fear of daraare Tbe work ef IroJging tbie i haiinrl will prvbat.y not be ooirpletcd yet In i.i or eight ujocthe. mtreaisnrrT, Which waa to bare Ml tbe ?rwe?lyo Va ry ViH n the Utter pert of Jrly lo .cla Uie in India inedr ?o, to now (irtaincd at the v?i I, bav'og Uio oamagee i*ta.acd at the late aocidtrt lo ler wr.oa'.i ar t xaohtc rry rn.ralred. Me a now laying a tbo wbari'opjx the atoroooaet, a:vl abreart of the North Carolina, keeled or*?, wltb a rang of n>ea at eork tn bar whaei ao 1 woe. .w*> I> w broad bat *be will agan bo readt for aoa la abort a week er en daya, Vb'tr abe wilt tciwed tUsly pro seed oo h?-r oyage. Tax NBW Bantu's cuons, Ti a Riling In of thin gr id K II bc.oe rapidly r*ogretrrd wltb gorernm harp g co>- n .ed die oocfacl ot I tatt yrer wt !i 1) f Frailer % Co, i addl.loa te ire ar w oontrar.t wiib M' tlonrao A 3ock aafam eoro of wbon I are to #o on wi J? toe work oi'd Jarg n Itwr k'> i I ti le * at puMilrlj, a* r ere?-rt i? ?e?j '.011 >?m f- r fa ?>npietlon lo Mat tbo tivlidlngt to be er rote t LVrreca ma* be fnrrjenoed A grant fur a railroad waa "nary ; treed by tbe 51 jot! ly d t otnmotr Coenr I ot to .in e ay orenlag, to rJa 'rvm a : |* li>t na t <>f Flerbing a~ran? tn ?o? groutd on which to 1 cai ry atoao, dbt, .he , for Riling to tue gronrd nreoamrirootluu of Iho wt I bo . jiib. dialeiy o .umenoed, whi. b it le thought w'"'<11 m nljt. I w ji (T-auy fac liiabu the compledra <f tbo work of Qllia g 'o BBPAIItS TO dHtre, ?TO. The Savannah ?rh cu le e?'i>g r?. o- t Into a eloop of wt.r la Miariy ready to go In 'look, *> will be put o and oum piow i b" n"ia ?r H ' oetcim "twmr uo tr?fib' KouhiI*, ;intirr>roii fr i A? pi* wall, : to ft lot* the Uro* ij o or Btmt/ n dry < ? k for noma ? :?ht t ~*jr?ry rop?ir? t-bould !t bo dot ? r?v| In 'Vuln^irn lo wad brr toikwtoc. ibcotoc K* wil to inn*11*10'/ laAaa nm ricg wi bar bnl oat ,?e ijto ardor far Mb 9m I* b?l?p flUrd oot for J}/ for. #! * -rrtoa liir m'r*eyl0f rckooorr Va a* I* alto haioj fl'.tad owl for rorvl a. * *?>"a w 9 >n i/kiod ?tao M to praaw-d to tho iMOmi* for tbo parpora of ? rre> tog toa iwopwod rblo ranal root* aefaao t o btaiana "Wis la to h* rn?1y .a ibrra Wt*l? Umo, ?o t t?l ,.i on r about U 0 Crti f 'Jtrl> i.ibor. The flcoir'T a?o 1 bM hat bar irach'ttory aJ "omptMr-i, hi. I atti b* r??iT far t.?r?i * .a tao 00 Uirrr dtyt. dho wlil U. u ?*tl t 'luni crl ira "ro?n WaabloiMW. Tb? > ih*i?mi la ba'.r; (rojiTrr.od w'tb t* y atowty, tod will nbortly bo > ?. - rertlco. Ebo w..l awa? froorgt ordrra from Wa?. m Tbo %b 111 bH brnrt-.irrrj ? lb * t'ebt ronffb rwd rnrf, hod la aow lyin* mound la thaWfWbnwl bay, wtaiil** ft rthar or"* Hhq a%? ormaonor 1 aom? tfcrty Uirr. >< * r'.nco, aul im nt yit utter b*?a o'0,i?bl fur l?rr tbrc tar ball P*ia ? * iMonbal abo t two year* a noa afiar lytag na uro *a 4 for or or ihirly ana fo*r?. TH^ 'MVIIW. Then* are rtiii two ri* -? <?ire at dM Nary Vord 'a duatody of toa 1'til tad iota* I *r?o*i. nicy v? the be. fe r*aebua, n<-?.ntly broi n; to tn'a port f otn iho <* of Africa by a B-lurh prtr rr w, by wuom rbr a* Mr. .1 ouxrgaitr 'ram i'm> u nto r ttr, a* w mi "utpw.uvt, an har way Iowa the r,*?t .? \fr ? afV-r * bad of nryr >ra: oed tba *c.< totr IJ!>a. ***? * re* ataoa at Uila p>r? by tbo ?tr? >ai ua<'-r >.?p' ,n of baln^' about rut'tlnc ft?r tb? raaof A'rkio afir? a load of arproa*. 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