Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1857 Page 3
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THE ATLANTIC TELEC&ATH EXPEDITION. Our Llverpeel Correeponiiwnce. LivurooL, July 16,lttT. The Omjiftitm of the CWfa Coiling on the Mayor*?Arri al of the Suequehanna?The Laying of the aMe to be Commenced from the lrith Const, end the Mid-Ocean Plan Abandoned? Lettert of Prof. Mont and Mr. Bright on Ihe Subject Tbe )aat Bile of the Niagara'! portion of the Atlantic aubmariee cable waa ooiled at half paat ten o'olook thla x aaornwg, but aa the machinery for tbe paying out ia not all put up we wli) be detained three or four daya longer than we bad been led to expect. The oolllng waa all ac somplt'bed In twenty days nnd ten hours, and the nnm' ber of mllei placed on board In that time wan exactly twelve hundred and fifty-four ml lee and a half. Saturday, the 26tb inat., bad been appointed aa tbe day for aallinf, bat It Is now hardly probable that we will be able to leave before the 'd8th, judging from preeent appearancea and the progreaa whioh hat been made by the machlnlata under the anperlntendence of the chief engineer, Mr. Bright. Tbe machinery will be ready for trial on Monday next, but It ia doubtful whether It will be tried before we leare tbia port. It la a very ponderoua and oompltcated looking affair, but those who ought to know guy It ia everything that could be de?ired,und i? the only thing that could be employed with aucoeia. The engine, whieh la twentv borae po*er, the boiler, tbe wheela over which tbe cable la to paaa, the brake^ and cog wheel i weigh between twenty and twenty live tone, and the whole power of the machinery 1b caisulated to lift a weight of fifty tons. If It should be required to raise the cabio, It will not certainly fall from wont of power, for it la calculated to raise twenty limea the weight of ivo miles and a half of the deep aea one, but It la feared that the immense force which will be brought to bear In the use of It will either break or Injure the tiable, so much as to reader frequent splicing an un avoidable necessity. The Sutquebanda arrived here on the 19th Inst., from Ccwes, and will probably start for Cork about the tame time thai oui vessel leaves for that port. Since ber ar r.val in tbe Mersey she has excited oonstlerable curiosity, and has to a great extent divided the interest tbe sight seem formerly lock in our vest el. She l? certainly a splendid looking ship, and as I Informed you in a former utter, .s the laigebt side wheel war steamer, not only in the American Davy, but die largest in tbe world She suits the crv me bore to a nicety, for she is more like their own vestt's In her model than the Niagara, although on the other side of the oceaa she would s'as l a ratner poor t nance ic cotr.Dariron. Her commander. Cam. Hands, and (ever*i of bis officer* were entertained in sumptlo.n manner on the 23u by slrCull'ng K?rdley,in Belvedere nark, Buurrey. The Captain and officers of the Niagara received as invitation front thu eame gentleman, but declined on account of the ?ork in which tbey were engaged, and which at this particalar time requires all their attention. They were obliged to decline several other invitations for tLeeamc reason; in fact, had they accepted all the prof 'ore of h rpiulity which have been male at London, furtsiueuth, and at this place, their whole ti no would have been occupied in that way. A rcm.-detu charge hsa b-en otfeited in the programme which was drawn 1 p for the laying of the canle It was or girally intended to tcibmenco the work in the middle ef the otoac?that is, bail' way between the points to be coonec.ed in Itelard and Newfoundland, and wnioh would be in lat. b2 4 it, Ion, 32 32. This, however, has oeon completely changed,contrary to general eipec.iation,after a pr longed debate end oonsultmlon among tbe tnembrrs of the company. While tbe aubjeot was under considers Uon a commlimcatinn was revived from tbe offiiersof the Sciqueiianna gi. irg ihdf views in favor of commencing' the work from Vaientia Bay, on the southwestern toast o' lre'aod. The engineers were opposed to this, but the elcctticiuis were in ta'or, and as a major ry or tbe directors sided wi*h the laner. their arguments p'ovailed. Tbe following, lo far as 1 have learned, were tbe views presented by Uio paries on the oppoii.e side* of the quel (ton is savor or coMMRsnxo iv mid ockak. First?3y come enemy at tnc point proi>oeod, each re* sel proceeding t > its deitiua'lon and paying out the cable aa It goes, tbe work could be accomplished In one half the time that would otherwise be required fecbnd?By lessening the *ime tbe risks are diminished m tbe same proportion. There are tbe principal arguments presented In favor of the original plan, and are oertsln!y entitled to toe most serions consideration. The* were discussed earnestly and wi'h mush force, but they (ailed in convincing tbe majority of the directors. 19 FAVOR or 009ME9CISO FROS VALI.VTM RAT First?It wts contended that by having a settled point from which to start, the difficulty which might occur on I oaard of cnbrr vessel from a temporary derangement In the laying of the cable would he avoided For instance, bcth vessels having |?l out three or four hundred mues between them and the elcotrtc woman lean on, winch la kejt up during the process, Is Interrupted, one cr both mast remain ignorant of the cause until the connection be re-established. Tbe unceitainty created by such a drenmatsnce oculd only be removed by tbe re establish meal of ibe oootuulty, and as even that could with dtffl cult\ be effected, If U oouid be effected at all, where one vessel Is Ignorant of tbe cause of tbe difficulty on tbo other, it was deemed moat judicious to adopt a plan by wbirb one en. I of the cable oou d he made secure. Second?At the ga o* ate generally frtaa the westward, It la considered better for Ibe suoceaaful laying of the oa bie that the wind should be on the bow, because the speed of the vessel can be more easily regulated than It oocld had abe It from the opposite point By oommencing the work from the Irish count, therefore, this object would be gained The fallowing letters, however, present Ibe views in mil or those tn favor of ibe two projeoia in? I bare heea requested to stve my opinion la regard to tb. pmpoaed change ta the plan of laying out Ur At lam s telegraph can Ir instead of proceeding wlta iba two caMe aklpa, on ihe plan nrltL-al y projrrted, to mid ocean joining there She '.wo salven of the cah e. and pnrltn | tbe one ahtp toward* Ireland and ibe other inwards Newfoundland, It la o ?w pr> prasd to ensarsrs frem the shore end oa the western ousel of ire'and, and from tbe Nlarara at once to lay out tbe sable to mid oosan. ec empnnied hy tbe other ships. and tb< re jotats? with 'be part oa board the Agamemnon proceed tbeocc to JSaw*o midland My flrat impreearton was adver e to the new plan aolsly. however on the ground thai It Involved an additional delay or Mtrooal ifhta hi k nurittd wh*n Ptrrt hour ll of prrturf tn bring the operation of lay Inc oni the cab e within Ike M <>f ihe moderate eeath?r of the year M th- At Ian tic Hat ro funhrr retlec ton. weighing the > irtn:u(?tn>l dlea<!\ rniage* of tke prt poind change, my op to too u fa favor of Ike new plan Tke dlradvaittngee or* Ttrw?A pinion toll n ef the nm? employed In laying not the rattle. end oonertueutly tke inciirnngof additional rl*ke oppo rentlf, of omrmy we*ther upon tke oeeoo Ae*n?"H thot ike telegraph ainaribon rail* brum Ike (>)v* cf I "Ark oo tke let of Aagnat tn eomm-nre opera iiin* from ?td noeeo (the ort gtnal plor. i floe days moy be *11 iwed 'he rhlp* with th Or free nee K ratio end "team, in reach m d ocean. To ihlo time k>ld eight do** for eyrh of Ike oeh.e *hipe In reooh Ikeir reopeoura dentine Ion*. ond by Ibe Itth of A nonet the o* tie will have keen fhetetted ni Ike American end (tirtpiu kbnvek Bni If Ike new plen le Adopt >1. the ao'tedrnn leaving (fork on the let of Augnal tie biagm 'An e Araely mmmrnon laying the neble fprnt the Irteh ehore nefore the J.I of Annul. (Vim menetno 'ben 'ro? ire J>t of Anonet, the whole i i'iadron mnot prooeed Uie*rde mid ocean At the peylrg oat apeed of the fflnntra Hence, el(b deye to net be Allowed to reAce the point ?here the two parte of the rnble Are to he Jotoed. And to l%y the rrmalnlng half the Aoetrejnnot rnoenmee eight deyn mere. making In All?tch'een daye. net< Ad "f thirteen daie. of rrpoeure to the rt*H of (Alee Heeonl ?The eeennd dt-*dr*n'?*e f the new plan It the rich of enenon ertno unfavorable weather at tke rrltl'-tl mo enl when :be two helve* of the nab'e are to ir lolnetl Ike nveeoe* <nr |^t> eedinctophy on at a wrraln deduce apeel ft* m 'kr urn' i? ohlp* leave the Ir'oh eo*a trtll brio the pert d for )"1rlng the 'aMen Atae"?t?ln* time a? to day or l oor but at an tun rtalo Ime aa t? Ihe ?ta e of the weathrr 1 " m ?l >t '.te 'wo bal -aVe. hoe ever. All, be ra?de ehen mid ocean to re?e?ed eh?'?ter m*y l.? the ?m*v of he wea lie? and ?kou!d the we*ther >'e wormy it ta aroned that the aafety of the cable would he en da* erred. I think 1 have fair)* itated 'he prominent .ll-advn'ag.Hi wh . Ii at t r?t ' * are at'it r*e to Hi a-' ? t' -to f" n disadvantage that of prolot ring the time at the rt*k of longer eit oenre to the rtaka o' unfavorable wea'her-?|e|la, when other elrnimatar cea are taken tn meneetton wuk prolonged time It la well k< own n nantleal wt that in th.- earl', pan of anfuitt nntlora line ralte weatrer nr*\a I* on'he at'aaMo in the |'H'hea> from \.of - .??laitd to Ir * .n t t> > fr 'tn middle to the fatter par* of au|u?i gale* mar ne *?p-rted, km tk?> are anre to be tip on he roam of Ireland ehlle milder weather prei alia on the Amen en at le of th* water tialea at that *?n*nn ?e!dom <r never wyr on tke rtewfnndland enaet Thla far', of erea iiap'W'anre not noli removra ha d aedvangge front 'he rew p'an. hut torna II oyer In l'? full It ree acatnat h< n:d p an The ri?k? '-f nnfavorahle weather are all i n that aide for II la very eerta't that ahrnld tke ahtp* romntt nee avlnr ont from m'd nrear 'he Work eatinol be e immeneed betore the flth or 71h of a ttgnat. bringing nxto tbo Irtoh thr *hip wbtrh it in Ian t ibo">-ran rail nf ho jijo< in tbo whon gala mar bo o*j"'f"rd to >?rtir no Ihtt maa Khnnld tbo ?hio? "it 'bo nmnrarjr m-nonr, V m lr? .n'. 'hop r "?,n?t < ? > r->1 w rather aad. If im oiporloooo of (nod .haorrrrt It nni IX' *11' **** ?t>r ?Uh tb?m through tbo whilo npo rmtlnp, Ir "n '*nd to la. ' Io?nn? !> -*....> h-m y?>m map " ''P*'' ?<* Inn* bofuro ihr wMim nf tholr oocorpobur Tint*, W h. ngh a frw HJ. nngrr mtr bo otpo .dd no Ibo nroan, ""7 *7 paoord m ? region *brrn tb>' operation* will b? iunMt"irhod ft j galea it m bo aornad 1'aad rant ago. tbo ohtnoo of hnil woathnr " *" ft h.rnpr* wpwitrj to r moor I I bo two btl rot nf Lbo r% e. I W.I I *l"tb ? h *p..f ... I?. -I i tr.,1 Pi ponamea nftbo rrglnner* I will to ron'orr rmpocifiillp to i t. ibjl btrlp* tt loaat, a* wo will bnpo, ooTit* two or o.-n arno **T? ,1' mr.'ltit ?M? no earb *h?i> ttoro are a. total two dap.I of it weatbor for on. pontine tbo oabna If, oboe tbo flrnt half la p?M not, np to wubln i?i or throa I nod.ed m loa of tbo obd of t?, ro.-1 weather tbo.iM ooonr for ranootio*. a. *M not i he jn,n>ng bo tbon oivlo wit* p-rf.wt mrrooo and la It at all pmbav# that wow hor nafaeorahla to mo* an opera'ton ctn rmttlnne two dapa* tn Tlow trf tbo oa?o the tdrtnt**** of ooooritr lo lbo la ogrt'r of tborttblo I tot h? aide of b* now plaa aot.t.- fr m othor k tnn?.t of tbo now pla-t I Mar .rioflr inttoh nptm wtme that neatrlo mo A prlr efpal nao la tbo loatooiar tbo rttk* of Tb'muaamiinii t'bo rlo.'firtl 'ttl g? whlrh wtl' ho rrlo/t nn withn it ?'t Intormiatlnn Aar and night Airing tbr wbolo noe ail' n. Hp 'ho fir it plan, two pnrpa r>r Math. of operator* will nmirf ooo mmm'inlratlnf wit* oaoh o'hw from oapb oblp It t obrto it 'hat ttittmmont* n tbipboard will, at tbo boot, wnr* l tnnob Atatdrnrtage aa onmpawd with tnoirnmonta on tbo nd The-a dlaadrantagoa are doihl?d hp finding the atatt at tnatr montalt to tba twnobtpa, hot tbor am lemwnod nwo tlf if one ta no hnrr, ao wnnld ho tbo o??o ir tba ,? Ian la adopted, aad ibo . ther tbo ?hlp which f.o- tba tlmo IPC la ptibf out ibo rablo tt mar tlon bo nrf?d aa an tpor't. oiUtn orr lhat th.-ohnlc Urajjtb nf ib? .rlonii-t,. *w (mturn on i?a a pun i? nrmnau . w. r??. ? ronrantrVad In tbo ahtn ?hloh In paytna ont Hoi nmnnr iho Inn I of iho adrnntn??a whloh tha naw plnn oaonto orn- iho old. mi ih?t of onr ilollfy In "hla oaao "f oom nnloaMnf with 'ho oomyany tn^nVWl In loaydmi ornrv i oont from tho 'lino tc loara tho ah imi o' Ira and >iof?l l arrtaa In Howfoundland. nod <mn ihna roport M?f atop nf fmrM. rh-ao fnw haaty romarha tm roapoo1 folly proaontndht toot odlont aor-ant A a h I' Kl. F T III*--* 'llm co muma* of tho R>*?d of Ihrtwt irt of thn Atlantic "-I. rraph I'nmpMi 21 Old Kroad airoot la*t.awim, ,<niy |f, injf. Ho 8 Annum**** Tinmm, flmtyiawrrn .Inly 9 in?<m rotioc Ion atnco tho moaiin< r<?? or. ay, nnd iho lit Jifo of tl< w? of tho praulomon pivaot.1 npon iho how pUn J '? ont iho cahto io tha r? anc?v?* in rrm dopart ??nt uto rniorprloo, It nrpotn imr th?t no 0000001(1*1100 of ? on#1y??ra and the l*h.?r#, la t*? p dot ?o Vh o?r *<lf o ion In dloaoiod all rt*a 1, 1. *r*iir plain ?* ' Ifoao .r? Iho Moyll* and I'harrhdlt. boiwoon wh.rh wo tafol* w> atoor iho plan pf mid oronn oommonormoni I# adopted iho on p# r a afrra aro r mparMirrly otar wh'lo d ? w't|?a of a it 1"* %rr 'hrn dorol ? ! up >a 'h" oloo rldam, .a.^tP 1* f^7?*ono n? fron iha ir|an .h >ro ta adop-od, LM r?J.n * )hhor? aro oomonratlrolr oaay, whlln tba dull U?o on^iapor'a HpiSllI, ft to allrfad, am Id thle dilemma let u? examine each of iheae categories wit* flare. If oeemuflt jleld tolheothar, which can yield with the leaet dak to the anoeeea of the whole m terprlee V It must alrthe all, that the dlit'ereooe of the time In whloh the peculiar difficulties of the two deiariaaen'* of labor will operate le easily disproportionate The ad >oal difficult lea of the engineers depar'wen' In consequence of adop log the new plan, auppoatek them to he aa great aa the moat unfa orable aspect In wbloh-hey are viewed can present, are ao abort la dara'lon that they bee at aa nothing In comparison with the duration of thoae 'bat moat derolre open the eleetriciana, ihould the original plan be adhered to. The new engineering dli'-iK'es (iuddohIi)* them to be real difficulties), do not begin u within V day or two * thi utmost of reaching mid-ocean, so hour or two then terminates them favorably or unfavcraoly The electriaal difficulties la the old plan, on the contrary, commence from mid-ocean, and continue with Increasing per plextty and complication to the end of the Toys re. In this tlew o' the matter it wonid seem but r'asooable that the engineers, rather han the electricians, abould endeavor to meet and orercnme any new dlffl.ultlen which this ohange from the original plan may produce. My Mend, the efectrlciaa of the oompany. will stale to vou, and with gnat clearness, the Insurmountable nature or the c.fflcutilee we ahall hare to encounter if the old plan m adhered to. Mo possible means now hnown to science oau assure to each ship that confidence wh eh la absolutely necs nary, that It Is proceeding Judiciously In Is work, and with certainly that it la not >anting the property f tne company tn paying out the cable when It should stop, and perhaps reel In ihst direction I oonftm I sec notiirg but uneer alntv. and a weight of respoaalblilty and anxiety sufficient to breah down the strongest nerves From this weight, so far as Is ,oaeible, wa ooght to be relieved. ... . It ought 'o be taken into consideration, also, that as yet we have bad no opportunity of letting in ore continuous lesgib the et tire cable. From the tact hat tha two halves < f it have beeo manufactured so far from each other m to preclsfn'he powlblllly (under exl ting circumstances) o' nnl ing 'hem ti l Both cable ships are side by aide In the oove of 'ore, we shall have, at the utmo i. but two Java to make a'l tbe experiments to asoerlaln If we have the apnara'ns and app tances necesst ry lo meet an t overcame a 1 the difficulties whloh this u-'w and nntried condition of things may mani'est Lei me suggest, therefore, to our good friends th# engineer*, whether the plan of * series of ouoys attached to the lain two or three ml eB of cable before reaching mid ocean, is not lu reslitv a most feasible ?afe. and easy model I wou'd suevk with all deferenoe to their snperlor skill and experience, but I earn't but think It perfectly prac'lcable (whatever mav be ihe six to of theweatheri to attain to the cabls, at any desirable distances smal buoys, tar ?tev#ry hundred f et, whloh, act ing like the bands of those who coll the oab'e in the taks of t ie mannfsclory, or like the ibeve poles whita steady it and guide it into the sblo, will each sustain its portion of the. wetgm k> far that when he ent it arrivei at this end. if necessary, may be attached to a larger buoy, and wl hutt any rtss whvtever may even be thrown o-erboard, and left to be picked up at lelsu'e by the other rid > after the gale hse so .sided. 1 confess my couviehons are so strong that th s mode would aooom -dish the isle union of 'he ruble, even In a gale of wind, that I am curious to team what objections can be raised gainst It Certainly, if this difficulty can be overaotne by this or any Other mode Ihe other risks o! the el'eirlcal departm.'it will In a measure overcame VI lib great r spec1, your obeoient eervant ssMIJKi. K. rf MnRsh To Ihe Ci'aikmsV of the Board of lilrect >ra of the Atlantic Telegraph company, 22 Old Broad street. lONi.on Ju'y 10, 1857. Tome PiRr.i'TOBsorTiia Atlantic Tei ssaicai-ii oupant WIlffUMgir?1 beg .0 lay be/ore im my news In regard to the propositi. n for altering the original plan of 'ayiug ihe At lantic telegraph cable. ay starting from ib* [rl-h aoasl ins' ad of commencing from the retire sa previous1 y d? ermlned Mffififfi. . It Is u?ged that trim the possibility or a westerly ga'eansmg during the progre-s of ih* Agamemnon from hse? 're o iho Malm Urtnlnus ol the cable m flMft ibere Is Mm* r as of the lowst erted ?t which untie- su th clr ums'aucth she cold mike being so great as to end?nger the suooesiful lay infi i f ihe lire, and that It miitht be difficult tf rot Impossible lo unfavorable weather to bring her wlh safety so near to the cosst oi Ire and as to land the shorn end of die cable at Valentla It is furtbsr advanced that the adoption of the new p'an would be more desirable In the e eotrtoal 1epar men', 011 He count of Ihe difficulty which - nu'd eiisl under the origins' p'. n in at err alning the 1 store of the fault in u.e event of any luter1 option of cemmunica ion hetae l the two vi?It I bsveron ddered the f-rmero jectlons which ma* be called the nautical'es) efcre ;tnd ha e discussed tbem cure frilly with ihe eoitneer* who wll assist me in ay og the cable, hul 1 have not heen able ao ma'urely to w?igl the Itnoor'inoe of the el> ctrlcal points as oomD?red wlih the danger whlci I and my ocl eagnea tee In other resuccts iu a change at this late period from ihe original plan, having only bes-d them tug gestt d 'or the first time at ihe conference on 'W-dnesday. I 'hick from what pas t d at he meeting that the nautical dlfficu tv may be overcome at all even s I consider that the risk which will be encountered by laying the cable from the Irish reset. Instead of commencing uildway be'ween treland and New-font dlnnd Is of 'ndnlteli grtater Importau ;e. By reversing the propeller rf the A gam- mooc, and by u>ing srme drag, sorb aa that stti-gesied by Sir rtallwin Walter or bv t mploy ng the Leopard In the maimer p reposed by laptalu If ale wrlght, or by heavtns too th> ab'p and allowing ber o drl't the rate of the sgamemnon would be retarded snfli tently to dellwr the cable into tbe sea with safety: and 11. mil we shou d be assisted by lavltg the largest and nostcimplete col' whlct has ever jet been made f r such a purpose, and by the Improved machine" fl tsd for paying oai this line The difficulty ol melting Val?-ntla, should the weatcer on the Islsh ooast be unfavo'able, ta not of great consequence. for should It be necsearv to part with the cable on approaching land the crmparatlre ahal'owness of the wa'er w tu'd allow ol lis bvlrg easily buoyed, an t connected with the saore at a more suitable time. Bnbmartiie cablse are coullnnally burned In the North sea. a' distance varvlng front ten 'o fifteen miles from land, where they are freu'iently left for weeks, and are then taken up and jolted u> he shore On the otner band, b? s'artlrg from Ireland we encounter ihe probability of luatag he rope in the attempt ta join lttn the middle of the Atlantic with a strain of two thousand ft thorns upon it, for it must I e remrmbered thai w- Mv-i been conape led. In order 10 keep down the ulk and weigh' of the cable. 10 make Its pro ortlons and (materials such ibat we cannot rely upon Its snatalnin - a greavr strain ihsnwoill arise from supporting a weight of three toot and a half. When we have 10 change Ir ra owe ship to ano he-, the egress of the cable must be stopped or a time, and even In fine wea'ber this would he an operation of considerable v\?h; and should there be ihe lea t w nd or current, the drl'tlng of the iblps would bear upon the c bis In a manner that would, to sav ihe least, be very dangerous But It should be borne in mine 'hat the occurrence of bad wtather at the .Ime w hen the splice must be made, would make the lose of the line an absolute certainty. Lieutenant Maury. who c data as to the frejn?ncyof gale* In the North Atlantic have been generally accepted givee he average gales In the month of August, between .19 <-e* and 11 drg. long, (the pail where ihe splice mast be madei as 1 and between SU deg. and 26 dec. as i. The other parts of our rente eieejt those neit 10 the shores of Ireland and Mew fonndland. are estimated bv comparison as 0 Thus the f> deg. of longitude In the central portion of our line, where Qne weather ta of the most vital conseu nance, pre sent almost the greatest liability to galea of the entire routs In ad iltioo to thla ire are Informed that re prih .bilur of fogs I occurring in the Ave deg -sen Immediately preceding the above (that ' to say. between SI deg and 16 dec I -ng.i may be estl 1 ma ed at6, which, as will be seen, from ihe stale below. Is greater thaa at any other point except 00 approaching the ooast of Newfoundland. fcf> SO 93 M .V 3d IS M IS 10 Newfoundland I I I I I I I I I I Irelanl flal?S T 1 0 0 2 T7 0 4 ! Vega,..'. 68830610.1 80 that jun? before we en'er the region where the apllee m is be made we rot conakdvrable risk of parting rnmpany. which 1 woold involve the dsngt r of holding on by the oa jie until the I vrsaela could meet again Hj commt neing "rom re and we ito id donNe 'h? tine nc eupled le lejlbf the cable. aa I propor lonatelv Increase the risk of losing It by Hireling with ha I weather Ii baa been pal forward ae an trinaral In favnr of the new method thai half the oable would or raved la Ihe evant of any kMfden' arising In effecting tha lUbritoo. M nadrr die p I local plan we meet with oar irraieet dMcuHy at i te ou'neit by atartlag midwaj la the derpeal wa er. If we lay the tint UO Ilea?Ml from each ahlp?safely. we have every reason to re'y opou the fineII.Km briny crowned wl k euro aa If the cable le loat It will probaMy he la the deep water, an-1 nearly the whole of the line etll 'Bea be brought home I'nder the original plan we are anre of the j'teoltTO being well made we proceed to the oeeire, an', ebnald nat the w# a her prove pmpltlnua we can wait aa long ae mat be no eewnwy, and 11 any failure should noettr In mahthf the heal jofai, we can repeat the operation again and again, with the lovnof a feu mllea only of Iba cable la tie new plan (he failure of gassing the high'overboard In otruiyli g from (be aparoemmm to lh? Niagara, which Would be at'ended under Ihe moet favorahl- rlrtum taneen with rery great rlvk. Would a' once loae t,a*l mllea of cable, and any plan of booting the cable u> relieve the again anch aa p-opneed at ibr arnfereaae, yeeierd ?y, would add to the r unplica'tnn of the w irk w iteh It moat be remembered. m<gh have Ue be a teapted at nigh: or la had wea'ber Ihe mode of etlee'lng the apllee la I'aa.f preaentv a sariwa dlibcnltt In the new plan Tkeendtoi tae emhle being different in the dlrwc'toa tff their la;, e? h would have a Mdvoef to on wind, and the fulls penha e rpper wl e would the# be iwleied ai d Tin ken If Thin anal be at by sen lag wlrei reverae lo the lar of eucb rope for at lea* ' wo mllea to form a neutral leo?i? at the splice this would pearly double he apghl u' the cah e in 'he lie gbhorhnnd of ihe Junction. bringing atonal tow haa heordt aaey cable agala passes from the veaael. more man It la Apa bie of bearing or the a hove reasons I im hi aa engineering potnl of view moat 'rent y In fai >r nf ach-ring i> 'he olan Oil flea y adop ed foroommen.'tvg m mil "-nn and la thtanp-nlm t aa animooed by the engineer* who are en veeaung with me with regard 10 .he elee rf*al reaamiwhleh have at d been tiggi ated. for altering oiir pr'Vtoua arra gemenia I inui nay lhat I bare hern ? mplnr-ly .aken by surprise at Una new source thjectloa. I tifeonrve if'herotamenimiltwi taauddenly stopped. although ft ft eaay for lha ele rictaa lo ted aheibee the fa It la near I > kia ahlp ?r re awe e fr hb It, and tberHore. prohah'y occurring ul't I- two or 'hree mllea from the other tin ?. a'lll he will ha unable to know what atepg are be ng taken to remedy the I defect Thm tf Ifflcnlty mnnt have etlatad rrota the flr*> and It Is pa aiiv eMharraaung to me thai th? diteiitaloa nf In Im pta"*Pee aa r mpared with Ike other eot dltlona neoetatry o f been deterred until a > . re , ! in our d partner. when we are under an great a prasoira lor | lime, If Ute undertaking I* to b? carried out tain year hhnuld aav defect ante between Ihe there and the veaael. | In the new plaa. the name rleetrleal difficulty won d aria* If the pay ng out ahlp. a" knowing .ke nature of the fanlt bnt nppoeing It to be on he akorw ahoukl proceed oa her voyage, itnti'inmnv lo nav nnt the cable It la true that the i tanret of tin r an do n<*< appear no *re?r. bill n a are m a retain meat trying an e?perlm-nt an ' although we believe r?iHB :h? an'iadinga ah-n from thirty to ttOy mile* a >*n ih%t the boUrnr la ?V> an) level there map pet he abtrp rwkp potata where the ruble nay bp itnlh i ?d In onoclnaion. tha potato which bar# to ha .lapide.i bp poo, appear to r to raaolve thimae|re? In n the eanlre between the alaaoal certain baa of 1 *?> ?> loan' the cable hp root rut-lab frum lit# ro??t of Ireland or br brrpinir to thr nrlgl aal i lar . tar ponatbtlHv of pa> tab not ?m? adlttional length of able at oar rati, a Hon it It happen that thr otbar rati la alio batbar Inai. I aa. (aail<nt*a futira fai'bftillp, CHaAf.CH T Bbtiffr, Rrfloarr Pttring Ihr dlartievioo of th? t| catloo at ibr iBeetiogh of tbe Company, letter* warr am rer tvrd fr >m tIr Mod dalt, Maatar Commander ol lha Agamemnon, |)r Walt* bonne and Mr. Kraft, all nrglng tbe c immeercfnenl of tba orb from tba lrtabooaat while tba m.d ooran |<>an an rt ara to bar a had but twoedvooato*, Mv Right and < apt. Walawrlght, of tba leopnld, Ibe aaonrt of tbe A game m dob Tbarawara. bogrver, a atimbor who rpokr ai the marling! na both atdoa 1 bare oalp to add that t?* it rat half of tbe oabla t* to be laid bp tba Niagara, a fv t whlnb la ragmrdatl bp all <* '-oard our reaael aa rathar favoraMo than otbar ?t?r to bar fuoeea* It i? matad In tba lettrr ol Mr Rrtghl tba- tba tiro ubiaa are titfTbrant la Uia direction of tartr lap; thai in otbar wor-la nae bat a right ao<? tbe other a left htadod Utah, hot Una la aol r.gar ta<l an a eerloja r?i(*l niltp and fan ha at erentnebp thr ma'nar of lolnlog tba ?wo and* It va* faarad thai nop Ian* I or up m tier would hare the eT -ft! t?f uatwtatiBg aad weakening tba <4ber. but tba aiparnit <at? bleb heae born made ha?a proved thai an trouble noed be appeared from aaob a drrumataiH-r tba 'ptaatloa of but ping the cable baa abm baar thorough Ip dtacuaaad, and wllb tbo moat aattafaotorp raaalla la pa TTip follnwln? Ifttor pf Prof *(nr#o etplalp* thd kind of bo(>y? rrqnialtD for Km purpoaB ? k Apnaraanim Timici, fjnrrownn, .filr fl. 1?*lirun t ??p itat k>arrt 'hat th? Ho*n ?? d?odDd I* ronimriipp oppratkm# Vow? Uip Irwh aba*. and oonpoioootIt that ibP Jntn a? of ihr two parta of tbr r?hl? la to b? P** m I'" orraa. *f rr thp Macara ?h?M har? laid hor half I w.mld rrrppctftilly untgrm 'h?i ho plan 1 ladtbcbfmor t.f pf plaint l? m? Iptfrr of tkr fh Inn* of hoor'n* thr "nd r f tor rahlo prPttona lo jotnln* bo nprcimDaial v tr1*d ffrni thr Jl'arira rp hrr T..t*|T> from I to IVirt. TMa o?i> bp Hoop Dl * tfllllBO DTD' Mid Iho roanX will Hp of ureal kd no tanrp, "ih-r *p* itlo* lb* aopBnaa ,?f 'hit m.?D> ( 'hp orltl pal trowipni lr mh* of** Of loading la ddddoo lo ?ota? mh?r mod# that will atufp P. If a?m- at? or ap*?n idIId* ot thp T?1 rlpd pofll t? "f h* "aMP. tba' H* l? 1kp toannftofoptot a' |li rh'-n pad ni f-hi.'ped on board thp Riamr* for 'ta* e?fr.mrn'. hnwpdlal* '.j, and anm? two hnadrod hnoya of wbr* ,it,r p?-h boot b?in? ritnp'f ft aOM block of one roi or (. nbi.b w?o*1 eoto UUc naorr. tkc e*pcrtncnl of J .aunj NEW FORK HERALD, S tba m 1 of tlM nablo, which 1 ha?o o?" boon moWM* will bo eeeowtul eaa b* urio ?Itbont o<iier ooo*. thooabloihua ampin-'d wll Dot bo tahon from iho main eahla nor all! It bo loot ut may b>- drawn In and thua ihio additional otpartmoal at hoamatlmn n ba triad n*itbnr wtl the buoy a bo o.L but will he rom?< and ready fn m>d ocean nae ragard l? tee uuirber of I ueoaaeary, 1 rncpeci .ily aubailt ib? follow tax calculation ? UM 1 cuMc 'oot of aalt watar welghg #4-3 1 cubic fool of walte (.toe weigba IStftfcrcace 54 ?74 Tb-rc ore 34 74 lba la tic walgn' re I'tlrad to immerse o?e cubic font f whlto pin* lilvtd* b? weigh of oil" mik of cabin by 34 - 74 to gat ho number of bunya of whlto pitta of one cabm f mm each mqu'red lu ?ut .a . a? mi'e of the cable?'.be reaultl* allty Turn ?ti"h hoove ?'il ? ?? In ona mile and Ihd bnnia of on' cubic 'ooi each *111 ana .tin .bree icil.-i of the inpw'i cue canto io weigh i.uuO pou> aa per mue. Reapeetfi U? jnora H. F K WO ft til. To ih? eoaRD or Diusctors or \ l.\atii; Tsia.a/.i'b Oomf ji*t J J uld Hm.d a'ree., . ndnit. Alter due n ibRt.lrratioi) It has been dec'ded to use tbe buoy i, and botn the Niagara end Agamemnon w.l! have two mimr-nre ones, cspab'e o'snsta nlng a weight of AT Urn or twru ty tnus, to attach to (ho end of the ttble in the event of tin ir boiog obliged by aires of we&ther to abandon It for the t'me being There was a report in L!i erpool a few days ag > that the Agamemnon wan n fged by the Immenao weight of the Cable, tbe whole thirteen hundred lone bav'ng 'men laid In one coll. It has boon contradicted, howe ?er and from all I can l.arn there was no feuudallua for au.h a rumor. It 1* tod. ed hardly probable that It the ahlp wore sertoualy strained by <> great a weight In nno particular part of ber bold, ber ooja nau lor would venture to sen In her. Tbe divlrton "fUn 1,1154 mllea on board the Niagara In tlvo separate coll*, rem era such an atc'/'unt not only Improbable but I may aay impossible. Ruwovor, tbo grea< strength of the ship, her ma'atve beams, and tho Iron braclt ga which bind ber together and wh.ob extend from ktlron to soar deck n a oerfsct net w rk, are, so fa* aa human Judgment can tell, sufficient to reader her safe against those rt-Ws and dangera to whlahavnase! employed in auch a work may be supposed to be liable. (Jur Paris Cvmipendance. Pari*, Juiy U, 1*57. Effect of the Republican Election Triumph?Tht Imperia Mind III at Eoue?Pertecutiun of Mioipaptrl? <%autc(ion of a Nat 'f fuhnJlcrt?Philanthropy of a Paring flogw. ? iirrangcr's Healt|?Ruyal Enter UvmmenU?Opinion on British Indian Affairs, etc., etc. The result of the Paris elections, wbi ih naa joen so unfavorable to tho gov. rnment, has left its it ug behlcd. Tbo Aueia(N.? /Voltonal*, which, during tbo late Kn stern war was suppreared by an ordinance of tbo Minister if tbe In terior for two months, has again fallen under :ondtgn pun lehmect and become obnoxious to the same pezta ty. Toe Ettofette alio shares in a measure the saaio fate. The offensive language of tbe Assemble* National' nut to the eltttct that It war dlfficu t ti perceive In the eleotlona one of there free aud sponiaoeous manfestations of pub' - opinion which do not allow even tbo must Incredulous any moans of doublng "the union of tbe oo-in?ry and its govern meet/' that It was cunvecieut, when an appeal was made to the nation, to malse at ihe same time the demand and reply, but tbat "such ro .ly sbould not oo ImM as a striking teriimony of public opl don " It then goes >a to say what, In fact, the roa ie s of these letters will have been apprised of betore. that though tho rural ommur.oa may have participated in tho general result of thu election*, they voted oaly unfertile action of adonnl*trat:?'i Influences, and that lho*e lull nces should be Ukeu tolo I acocunt when it is rought to place against the OpfMIlM suu uurw-uuuu, .vuu-n are rod plow ui ID IQu H- VU", ILe taguiuere and Udellty of rural elector* That inch language aa this, guarded an 1 fenced try g cb rlRio proprieties sboud be sutticieaa to entail upon the journal ih? eierclse of tbo immense power #f tbe government will greatly astonteb tbe American reader. O-ity Imagine the late President Pie ce summarily iock'ag up (lie type* of tbe Naw York Halts i d for a period of two montbe ou tbe ground* or sutb a gorilla protest and the great American people submitting to snob violence one ba f nour after It* perpetratlm). Happily the perfect law of liberty bag not been go Itarued In the United Statea. Tbe EuafetU'i nn also, gmuld rcarce|? teem a "g.n unto death," but the Minister of the Interior bag thought other aire. "In gplte of tbe acaertiona of otbera," gald that journal, "we maintain wbat we have already gatd on tho vote of Paris Yea, tbe capital it tbe uolMloal expression of the wbole of France, because Ita citizens are Inbabltau a from all the centres of civilization Yes, tho vote of tne ^'Jt June, tbe nominations of dli Guudchaux and Carnot and tte relative majority obtained by General Cavaignac bave a bearing wblcb baa be?n appreciated br all tbe European prent.'' 'he Monticur considers suob language "a libel on f'ur milUona if su (Pages which form tbe I in mens-) majori ty ob'ained by tbe government oaidldate*," and therefore condemns tht KttafttU to a recond warning LoDg before tbe elections he I commonoed tbe accounts brougb In from the department* by all tnielUgeo'. '.rave'.I len conflrmct thr statements for which h?se papers nave i thus been mulcted Tbe ay ttemof administration eaptouag'' in tbe rural districts is perfectly Venetian in II* ib'<i itty and absoluteness; and, taken luto account with the gross Ignorance of the peasantry, whose suffrages are eo bigbly eitolled, serves to arm the government with ap?wer se rone only to that of tne afmy Itself The wt!l find n any to tupport it in ita aaaertloo that Parte, with tie daily Incrraalng numbsra, ita corporative independence, tie source* of Information and general intelligence, la to be the only true test 01 public feeling In France Tbe num ber* who bave polled for Cavaignac. Emtio O'lleler and Harimon, and successfully returned tneae opposition can dtdates in tbe teeth of tbe utmost oflb'ta of be govern meni, bave Indeed dealt It a heavv blow and great diecou ragr mrnt, and n m gnt bave been mure prudent not to bave ezhib ted quite so much susceptibility. God ony knows wben tbe outbreak may come; but if tbe ezprerwlon of dtecon ent at the present bondage in every circte, be it bigb or low, le to be conetdered a national baronvter, we are justified In bellevng that r ran le wltb all ite apparent tranquility. Is but a sleeping volcano Napoleou le not and oannot be Ignorant of this; and tbe seoret ef his de1 sire to beep well wltb the English nation. indicated In his appruaiblng visit te (Jaborne, lays in tbe oonvtction ibst, spite of tbe Russian new love, be Is not strong enough to be off wltb tbe old one. Society has been greatly eollvened here by thr coovic tlon during their absence of a neat of awtndlrr*, whore I doings are very characteristic of tbe place Tbe parties were a mother and toe, who, wit-out a franc to bless , thrmse'vea with, contrived to hire splendid anenm?ow all gtturrlog with gold, the rent of which was '2t,00o frae a, and to fiirnlsb ihem In the most costly manner The gen tl-msn, who waa remarkably handsome, and dressod b.ia self la tbe beat pomtole taste, announced that under the auspicea of tbe Emperor be was engaged in forming societies f< r tbe benefit of the poorer claasea and of morals generally. Rehired a staff of secretaries, kept servants a cbaole I vertrs, had a carriage 'or bis mother and a beau i tlful brougtam for btmseir, frequently went to tbe I'alace. . as br said, to dine with bts Majesty, aod oonstaitly bs ( fltMiAS itartian and ant r<> mm isnmtJkmrl nf nwrenn who anawrrcd to the DimNof the (rente*! eelebrlll** about ! the court. HI* mother, * Mf who vcro nnwd*r In her hair and bad all the app trance and manner* of <mr ' Jrmne Mm Muitngnr. received lad it a who p?r*i)naU)d the character* of the Rmpreaa'a mn*t intimate Mend*. | The l>urhra* dn Baeaano w?a her frequent (next?a ! leant a ladjr of the name tuill* who rnproaeued her elf at ?uch?and with thin machinery, aided by a few ! *uh*crl jllon* to the Imperial ache mo* ender the auaptoe* 01 the "Imperor'a friend," Iheee |>eople kept the game \ op (or two month*, le tin* In je?eller*, uphoUteri, eoa;h builder*, borte dealer*, pantry cook*, re?poctable xcrvani*, Ac , wt'huul number, when one ttoe moraine having b?en warned by anndry algnlflcaot binia, they tlltterl, bearing on e**ryu log portable to B Iglum Marabal tlagnaa waa, In fact the party who meowed nd In blowing up the mir e, having dlaco?rred thai a ?>? datoe' bil-her, who vary i mi cb tear mhlid him. had been drwared up *a hi* re pro twivattva and mad* to pa** through the room* at a ore vd ed tolree a* hi* rrproeentatlve The tlkenea* I* *o good that many who are <p l? faml'lar with lb* feature* of the Marvbal werr Ofcourve the vender of hcaaut wa* net kept at theenire* very long: hut a* I* often the ram with JlatlagnKLe'l pera nagoa, on flood hin?"lr to a ?lmpl* walk through the room* ail a abort mwtl lentlai centrertaiion with the ho*i and hoatea*. I harnt from in eye witne*> that the broad *bouldera, bullet nhaped h tad of the Marahal, with the anew white w tivtcoa' and broad erlni*oo ribbon ath*art tne hreaet, and the Mar o* the left liirart. were done to the Mfe It |* an odd fact that with all their caution, all tbetr alleged contempt of great Dame* and live of republican *imbh<rty, there are no ceo pie ?o reel! gelled a* tre French If a man ha* hut a uonhlt abate o' their own gaec-tn, vanity and Impudence let a m*n acem to be feeling hi* way, and carefu in hi* expendltart, n > tra eeman will truat him out of hi* eight , but if he *tr,\ and give h'tn?eir In c'erabie al'?, rrgardle** of ei|ten*e, then ml the R ie do la fait ru*b?a out ' fling It* rn<m at hla feel The port Arranger la ainktnf fa* tato the place where .Whakaprare and Milton have gene before him The t mprea* rent her aid de camn to mate pervnaial tnqu'rte* after him Be wa* admi'trd "The Kmprea* I* very kind,' were hi* word*: "the ha* nobly paa?ed through the different ohaaea of her life, and now in th i ex tiled nation In which rhe la placed *he give* proof of an eacal lent be*'I rvt not 'ail to etpera* to her all my gratitude " The Kmperoe at Homblare* la Ian Hog a life of great privacy The Rmpretw from the p*<k at "ft ci*n| -on tlnnaily drlvew in to vlalt the then re*, or makaa exnurloo* to Verralllea 1 Niter 1*7 aba ?Mert*lned (he tlraml Duke n>1 Ih.rbfw. of Marhlonburg tcnliit with the [hike and Ihjcbeaa o* Hamlllon a the Petit Trianon, where the aam,i iiioeltT of eeeryiblug rivalled the mnet laiarlnua darn of Imilt tao Hfteeelh To da/ bar Uaje ty haa been bewifchlt g the lebaMi?at* of Vereaillea by her noble hor*emen?hlp In fart Ihe fal^ ffugaete d en ey.ry thing well (luneg her buabaod'a atieence, an a good wife ?hn ild. There la a etrong dlapnaltton here to lake a gloomy view of affair* in Britlek India, and lo predict an approaching fall II la perhapa natural when thing* ara a little nncnm rotable al home, la bnpa ynnr neighbor* are not much better off, ant It la oertain the financial matter* have iuat now n eery diamal appearaace The Credit Moblller la Iblllng every da7 Iwdh la franc* and men'* good oploioi, and Prnor 1a not the oracle ha waa. lord Cowley, the Kngllab Amhaaeador, haa gone down to Mnraeillaa, nowlnallg, to aea nia a?n, who la a mtd?blpman on heard the Royal A Inert, la the Mediterranean; but I bare reaeon# to know thai the real canae of hit lordahip a

departure from Pari* In that direction at the preaent m mepl I* to make arraagrmcnta la oaae of tfe dlraatro.i* new* of the inanrrrctlon at Ritnbar proving true, for era barklog Unope for lodla from that |<ori. Napoleon baa oonaened to tbe t??*nge of anf number of Rafflab troop* Uirongh Kranee, to he ablpped to Ctalro an that fn lew than a month from their departure from Kngland the/ may be al the prealdf no? of Bombay. A beaui ful atatne In marble, of Paaoal, haa i<iat been C" ind lo the entrance of the flno lower of at Jae<iuea do la chtrle, which forme an great an ornament of the new R i* Rleolt, and gae lamna lu bronre of an elegant form are ( ring *1 aprnded from toe top of tbe arcade* of the new l/mrre The corn market la going down ergry day, and tha an cor pt* of the bar \ rat are eg the moat magmfloont deecrlp ti >0 Indeed Mr Buhiaet, tbe well known aalrenomer and natural phl'oeopher, erpreaae* h1a noorlctlap that bencrfnrth, 'or many year* to eome, Prance I* to be hl??arl with a rcgo'a* anccrnatiin of reaaona, an I that aprlpg *11' not he a mere c intlnnatloo of wlnf t. no* tin mrr he coxier than ant-me a* heretofore, and Civ 'be me for'l( gle* communication eafabll?hed by the lm|>?n obeerra'i") li? the other couptrtee of Rurfpetad the Intro Idov'ion cf ap ar.ii.r for mea>>ir|ng the cioelty if ihe icrlaI current* *a ' prevailing wind* will to filter" euah'r an eollgli'enrd go-crnmi nt In prori I* againet evil* fot the linte to ct me UNDAT, AUGUST 9t 1657. Oull* Uurdin CmlmUon HUtlitlci for Dm Momu or July. > IMPOHTANT AND I'HSKUL TABI.K Of TUB M'UBBB OF SHIPS AND KM IdHANTS AKIUVlMO AT TIIIS POST DIKING T11K PAST MONTH? KM IG H ATI ON STILL ON THP. 1M ItEAHK- THE CONDITION AND DESTINATION OK TIIK EMIGRANTS. Ooe or cur reporter* on Baiurday paid a visit to Qaatle Garden, and obtained the following list of arrivals, fco. ? for tbe month of July, rrom which II will be seen that the total number of vessels arriving at thia port during that period *u 83, of whteh seven were steamer*, and the remainder tailing veaaela of all kind*, bringing 37,192 eml grant*?10 "00 more than were bronghi out during the tame month of last year. Of thaee 411 were first class passengers, not landed at Oastle Garden; the batanoe, 37,777, be ing larded from the vessels a; tbei.arden. ind from tbenoe sent rn their destination to the far West. Th? r?n.I.., 1 ?r >u la bringing emigrant* to this port daring Hie past month, tho port from which they tailed, number of oabln passenger*, the number of emigrant* on whom the oomautntton Tee* were paid, number or children not liable to the commutation fee*, ulssslQcallua of vouch, Ac wipnsnday, juiv 1, 1867. & No. No. lit. 2 Lieut Name. Where ;'rom. jttut. comu'd, clau. fiarK H F. Hagern Bremen ., 301 301 0 0 Ship K. }' Stringer....Ha?re .... 331 329 0 5 Ship Young Sam B'cmen. ..348 310 1 0 Ship Geo Ourlbut Havrr 618 670 4 1 Ship Rhine Imndno.... 388 383 0 6 Ship City of Mobile Liverpool.. 861 Ht? 1 38 Total 2,tW? 2,606 11 69 TBrtu?ii*r, Jt'i2. Ship Brldgewater LivsipnoL. 624 610 0 14 Bark ilUUie Bremen... 32 1 314 12 0 Bark Gestermude Bremen ,. 264 268 0 0 Sblp IquiPa Antwerp.,. 391 387 1 3 Ship Constellation Liverpool.. 743 "33 0 10 Hblp Jferou?-y H?vre..., 217 207 0 14 Ship Zurich..,. Havre,... 279 268 0 11 Ship York 10wn London... 313 484 7 2i Total 3,147 3,201 26 74 Tkiiiay, Jri.v 3. Ship Kit CViton Hamburg. 380 379 1 0 Sblp A Boninger Katierdam 197 195 1 1 Ship Warblngt- n Liverpool.. 8D6 791 0 14 Ship New World Liverpool.. 674 640 0 28 St'r Constitution Antwerp .8c ( South'r'.on j -61 226 0 16 Sblp Anierio* I.iver, .. 427 422 0 5 Bark C. A Stawler Antwerp.. 363 32<0 0 43 Total 2,997 2.878 2 107 SATrKIUY , Jixv 4. Bark Intrinsic Tralee.... 221 25 t 0 0 Sblp Great Western....IjverpoYl. 701 673 0 28 Bark RuMeedo 2.'6 224 1 1 Bark J. Abiers ..Bromtn .. 3t3 303 10 0 Bark Mary Hughes Hamburg. 229 227 0 0 Ship Rachel) iiverpool. 19 18 0 0 Tola) 1,784 1.144 10 28 Sunday, July 6 ? (N'o arrivals ) Monday, Jci.Y 6 Ship Ionlsiana ..Bremen.. 273 273 0 0 Tvsmhy. July 7 t'hip constitution Liverpool. 60 46 0 5 Ship Southampton l.iverixK)!. 44 444 0 20 Berk Wldlind Br?m<o... 191 iks 3 o Ship Universe Iivtrpool. 616 695 0 20 Total 1,3120 1,262 3 45 wkdskbday, Jri.v h. Ship I H EUlot Antwerp.. 230 225 0 5 Ship i.uebec Hamburg. 270 273 1 2 Total 60O 498 1 7 thi-bsiiay, Ji lt 9 Bark Dorette B.emeo.. 290 288 0 2 rbpl'arviD* Liverpool. 411 385 9 27 Total 701 673 9 29 Faiiui, Ju.v 10 ? (No arrlvala.) SaTIKI'AY, jl'ly 11. Ship Stophen C oweii.. Uver|>ool. 321 319 0 2 SisdaT, Jcly 12.?(No arrivals ) Mowiuv, Jcly is. Brig Margaretla Bremen .. 151 161 0 0 Sbip Caravan Uverpool. 412 4<"2 1 0 Hark night ....Hamlrg 214 214 , 0 0 Ship Harmonta G'aegow.. 17 17 0 0 Ship Loula Napoleon . .Hamburg. 34<* 332 17 0 Total. 1,143 1,214 18 9 Ti what, jvi y 14 Bark Win O 3aae Aiukl'rdm 37 36 I 0 Dark Alice larlior Antwerp.. 380 285 1 3 Tola! 320 321 2 3 WcDnieoiAY, Jnv 16. Si r Otty Wikbingt'n Liverpool.. 360 266 67 17 Sir <4 o of the South Bremen At) Bnutb'mtn J 273 220 63 0 Ship Anna lounge Bremm.... 492 490 0 2 Total 1,116 060 110 19 Thi'mdat, Jon 10. Ship Heroine Bremen ... 260 201 5 0 Sbip (Jrahame I'olley.. . Antwero .. 281 216 o ft Ship Correlta Liver ,?*)!. 18 13 0-6 St'r Haimonta .Hamburg.. 424 372 26 27 Ship Am. CoogreM....lA>ndon.... 143 199 8 30 Tola! 1 182 1,120 38 74 Fain ay, Jply 47. Ship Plutarch liver prrrt . 412 380 1 26 Bbtp Empire Liverpool.. 663 64 7 0 1 0 ship Bavaria... Havre 30ft 201 0 2 Ship City tt Brooklyn IJverpool . 090 678 4 14 Bark Una Bremen... 170 170 0 0 Total 2.017 1,984 6 68 Bati-u>ay, Jrtr 18. Bark St Mitchell Lent* .... 107 107 0 0 Ship Southampton Linden. .. 2uft 271 6 20 Ship Uambrta ..Liverpool. 370 372 0 4 Ship C Lawreaoe Liverpool 604 032 0 83 Ship Kxcelaior liverpool. 269 254 o 15 Tjtal 1,713 1,730 6 71 StitijAY, July 19 ?(No arrlvala ) Mo.vdat, Ji lt 20 Shir William Tall.... Havre. ... is!) 1K8 l o Ship Ann Sise Uverpool. 343 341 1 2 snip Conqueror Havre.... 260 '266 0 4 Tota' 7V2 786 1 "5 Ttwoat, Jply si. Ship Hero Uverpool. 17 17 0 0 Rrlg St. G Baptietl. , Genoa 87 80 1 0 Ship Trenton .Havre.... 220 Soft 4 0 Total.. 314 309 6 0 Wan.vkki ay Jcly 22. Ship Doreak Prtno*... Liverpool. 20 20 0 0 Snip ll?let) Auntln.... .Liverpool. 528 670 0 8 -k.? o inhn it... ,w,i ii an n n Ship Centurton Uverpool. .i-> 319 0 6 ToUl N| 879 0 13 TRrwiMV, Jriv 23 Ship Albert tlalletln .. Liverpool. "02 683 1 is Vo ?rr ??;? on Kilday, July 24, Saturday, 26tb, aod Sunday 2?tb. Hontmy, .1i v 2*. Sfr GlMB?v,.. t4lar*>w.. t3l 181 43 0 Tt BrtiiY, Irtv 28 ? (No arrlvelk.) W?i %?*t>?\, .li it 29. ?> {&*???}2,# ,w ?? ?i Tarawa v Jri.r 30. S'.'r Kangaroo Liverpool. 362 2*8 64 0 Ship Maeoai no Itremen .. 403 463 0 0 1 Total 761 04 0 ymuav, JriT 31. ?htp Wm. sirano Liverpool. HOT 806 1 0 Ship Vaolev McBeory.Hamburg. 409 408 0 3 Ship Marlon Himi'wrg. 278 272 1 0 sip I'ooaboiiia* Havre.... 194 |U| 3 0 I Ship Inaac Wright. ...Liverpool. 4M 423 2 13 Tota 1.921 1,898 9 10 ttraoi* total Tor tba month 27,192 of whi m 6.(8 w? re freed from the commutation fee of teo dollar* per head, required to be paid on all newly arrived imprest* over live year* of ape. aad 416 were drat elaaa Mttteegcra. **CArrTTLAT10Jt. tovai .vrvi ?? n? vimi? or ait. rtaiw aaatvivo nrtttvn ma aosm, ami tuv. rom* won why set rtttv *aimi> Steamer* 7 Sb pa .S. .19 Bri^r 2 ? Bark* 16 Total S3 Bremen 18 Rotterdam 1 Liverpool 33 Tralee............ ...... I Htmbur 8 (tenoa 2 Havre 10 Ca'gow 2 I >t)'l cm 4 ? ABitrnlKn 1 Total......... 93 Antwerp ? Hrl?giag v*MfBg*r> m follow* ? From Uvatpool 11,0*9 Rotterdam 197 lire-men 4,i>69 Tralee 311 Havre 3.900 Uenoa 1W Aitiilirdim >7 t.laagow 149 l.oadoa 1.206 ? llamhurf 9,064 Total 37,1 '92 Trtai number of arrirala to a'.aaaiaro for July. 1*67 2,079 la all other vaaeela. tame period '15,119 27,193 Arrleat* In i teamen daring In y, 1*M 719 All other veeeele 1,567 19,391 Balenoe la favor of Jaly, 1967 10.900 Tl will be *een bp (be abora labia Ibal nearly nan half of If* total Bomber nt ar'lral* at tbi? port dale* (ha m< Mb <<f July ware rrom (be pert of Uverpaol. while bat 416 of tba whole aombar were II -at rlaaa or flrat oabla I?aaaara II will aleo be aeea by the above that nearly one half of the emigre Die arrived at tbla p rt during the drat tea daya of the mneth Tha emtgraata now arriving at tbla pert eeetne to ba of the better olaae, moet of them being auppHed with auffldeal fuada to aarry tham direct to the far Wart where iney gear rally aattia down la the portuit of noma calling which they barn h*en aorn?'nme<l to following while la .he Old Country Out of the large ^umber arriving dnr Itglha oh alb there la oat Ave hundred but thai hare eithar already gone lo the Weat or are contemplating go ing in the i ounte of a day or two Mr. John A. Keaneoyhaaal length ptteed Urn Cm la Harden building In gnoh complete order, end adapted II ao wrll to the bn?me*a for which It hut been appropriated, that not the *ltghte*t difficulty I* now e* erlcnccd In land ng and atarttcg three or fmr thoi?e'id emigrant! on their journey weatearl In the orurue of a day, and thai, k'O, I erh ?? arcely even ihe lone of a tingle article .?f bar ?ge I out ' f ihe hundred* of cart load* taben lot 'an I erricd I h r.itfceCat.le to the mend ?taamb>at an I railroad ' IH'i. Circular for Uu American PnupU. )UU CliHOHB'B OAK?Dl. BIBSON'fl IXTLOBLAT10M. liORDOM, July 10, IU7. la looking over, tome time ftnce.the Now York Honing fu astonished to And ? letter of May '2, from my on, Profooeir Cbarlea Boll Gibioa of Rlchmoml, Vtr gjnin, In reply to one of Mm. Lunlsa W Crawford, wife or Thomas Crnwford, K"|., the celebrated American icdptor, of Bome, dated Parta, April 7, 1867, charring me wlUt having seriously Injured her hunband by an explorative operation. I deem It necessary, in mg ewu jua n beat Ion, to disabuse the American people on tue tub Ject; and in order to make my Htatement perftctlv clear and Intelligible to nou professional readers?profeenional onea rcqulrlag no elucidation whatever?I ahall give a abort hlatory of Mr. Crawford' Wbilat in Komn laat winter ! received from Mr. Crawford the following note:? Viia* NaoHO.ii, Pee. 1 18M Mv ll**it 8iu?Will yon rscutelh* Ub?rty I lake In eekma If urn I'*,) m.ike it ronveutent tnv h oir aftnr 11 o'cl oik to* tUy, to C?|I at m house and. (Ira Dr Nmytti, who ll a't?n uig ma. the benefit of jouradvlie regarding my aye. Lfnar Ut* subject is benonilngasartouaone. and Dr. Hwytfi bavin* heard of tour reputation. Ik drslriua of oonaultiof wltn yoii. An answer will much oblige, voura, varv truly. THOMAS ORAWfORD I replied to lir. Crawford'* note tmmo ately, and consented to meet Dr. Smyth at 12 o'clock the aame day. Previous to exatnlnali n of the ?ae I aid to Dr. Smyth, " I res gnod my profeeeorahlp la the ('Diversity of 1'enor ants, and my practice Id Philadelphia iom? months since, am onttroly out or the profession and do not wis*' to engage in auy ease what over I am willing, ho we. r. to wake an ezoet lloa In fa vor tf Mr. Crawford, inasmuch a* I look upon him a* a great artist, a* an honor to my o>untr<, have taken a deep at d abiding internal in hi* glorious achievement*, and aball corhtder hi* loan a national calamity, should anything seriously befall htm 3a? to blm, however, that 1 oannot regularly attend blm, tbat my services must be gratuitous, that 1 will tee blm with yen a* often as I can, a* a friend tutd country man, and will do everything in my power to rorvo him as long as I remain In Home?which may be on y for a short time?lor the sake of hlitseir an I interesting family, now separated from blm by the browl Atlantic, and unaware of hit danger?which, 1 lake from your acreun' of tt, to he Imminent." After minute examination and Inquiry Into the nature of the m*| I remarked to Ilr Hmyth? ' It is evident tliat the eye, perfectly sound In ttaelf, but pushed beyond the wails cf tho orbit more than half an inch, is acted upon hy pressure from behind from u tlutd or solid?tnat if by the formor, an exploring needle might, by dtscha'g ng it, cause the eye to resume Ita natural position, and be fbllowed hy a cure?that If, on the contrary, sol d, and, par ttcularly, l'^of malignant character, no essentia'. unoM can reauit from any trnatmeut whatever, and that the cave must MCNMPily, In a lew months, terminate " Having obta'nsu M". Crawford's consent to the use of the expior'.Dg needle, and bolng requested by Dr .-'myth to perform tiie operation, I engaged in U tb? next day with every precaution and iv th the utmost delicacy, uud in a few minutes was able to aecertam, with the utmnrt atcu racy, that there was no fluid, hut t solid tumor, which not only tilled up Ibe posterior part of the orbit, but might pons'! Ij baveliaorigln tn the brain In th'v stateor the case I wrote to Dr Jobn IV krancls, of N'ew York, an old ac qualntinco, an eminent physician and the uncle of Mrs Crawford 1 wrote cautiously, no' having ful'y made up my mind as to the real nature of the tumor, and not wish ing to alarm Mr* Crawford and her frien lv unnecessarily. To Mr. Hooker, the em uent hansrr of Rom?, ami the do voted friend of Mr Crawford, I anoka with Iws reserve, ami expressed my apprehension cl the case being likely to terminate disastrously tu a short tlm'* 1 received a reply to my kit*r from Dr. krancls, and a postscript from Mrs Crawford, thanking mo in the kindest terms for the warm Intcrottl bad taken in Mr. Crawford's case, for my "phllan thropy," flte. 1 wrote also to Mr William lAwrencn.ono of the olde?t and trio*' eminent of the l.oo Ion surgeous, a gen .Ionian of vast ex, ertenee and particularly sklllhd in ulfnrl ntiu nf tho n <* arid iftil htfttlQif Mr C'tW ford'* case and aiklng he benefit of hWiideiie, and ro wived f/om him In r? ,?ly a moat Interesting !"tter.evt icing tree' rayaclty, hut covtcsatBg hi* Inability, Trim the pocu Parity of the ctsoaud the roropllosnd symptom*, to ({ire a decided opli inn. 1 need hardly ruma'tc that the small Inclelon made by J?e through the akm and mu?cle of the upper eyelid, to admit ol tbe easy introduction of the needle between the eyeball and uu;*r orbitar plate, and the prncture with the needle pa-allel wnh the base of tbo orbit, boalcd m a vory few dava. ami no materia! income nlence or exacorhatton of symptom* to lowed the opera tlpn. aa baa been staled; in'a*.l, no Injury waa d mo or conld bo done, an I hero wore no iuiiv,rtaot parta in the vfc'ntty of the operttior wh ch, with ordinary amy > ileal knowledge and rare, could after without being foil ve.| immediately by hemorrhage, the tormUlon of ma ter, the protrusion of a fungia, or other risible III conaopuncts. The truth la, the tumor, at the time of the operation, waa rapidly upon the Increaae, and the nvmp t< nis which soon alter displayed themselves would uave been developed, there i* reason to believe, whether an n(wratton had b?< ii jwr'ormed or no*-, Indeed, It ?M not to bo expected that a tumor, aucb aa I aoon after discovered It to be, should long rem aln quleaont. Mr Crawford's frb tda were then told distinctly and micqntvoialty by l)r Smyth and myoetf that tllUe none remained of bia re oovery. Nevertheless, every aitlat in Rose, except hta t?ue and gemiblc trUnd Chapman thought It Impoa^tele that ao great a man aa Crawford could die at all. Crawford himself would never baton to the ruggest on that there waa danger; and I doubt w bother at Ihla moment, low aa I under stand he In, be does not rlirtfe tenaciously to the belief that be will soon be well. That bis oaso bad keen of several years standing, bo himself would never admit; that Mrs. Crawford knew to the contrary, and cotfesaed It to tuelr blend Mr. Terry, I have the authority of tbat gentl-tnan for stating. At last It was determined In a nondescript consultation of artists and doctors?among wbom wore some very sensible men?that Mr Crawford should go to Paris and put himself under the care of the uat eminent surgeons of that oapttat. Previously, however, to his taking tb's step, great anxiety was expressed by -nm* of his friends tbat the eye and the tumor should be extirpated; and Mr Crawford, It waa believed, would willlrgty have aibmlUed to the operation I strongly proles led against It. end |s>?ltlvcly refused lo perform It, stating tbat Mr. Crawfbrd would not live, if performed an bow . that be mfgbt live If let slonc several months, and an opportunity be thereby all >rde I of seeing Mm Crawford and bis family. Mr. II ?oker and nearly all bis friends, particularly the artists, will b<-ar testimony. I am aure, to my having taken Ibis course; and to myeeli more than to any on<> else Is Mra. Crawford Indebted for the me la cboly sain faction of meeting ber bus sand on this aide of tbe grave 1 need hardly remark tbat Mr. Crawfbrd repaired to Par *, and placed bun-elf under be rare of surgeons of world wide reputation, all of worn concurred with me in opinion, and approved of my prac lice to tbe fu)b>?l extent, aa tbe following documents, kindly furnished. In reply lo the full owing drculnr ad dressed to them, w I I nburdantly show- ? Csvrtosr. Iltonatt xr.tH class* # Hwitzs ki tsii, lune 7, IW7 S Its ttt Sir Ton hid under your < ar tome tlmx ago Wr Crawlord, the celebrated suiipter, of Rom- os ? onet <?f a tuner in the < rlu . behind the evrhall Will you be so obllg ng aa to ?av * hi her vOn tinker Ue disease at preaeni. or front 'he rnnmrneenral of a malignant natt re, ant whe'her It could have he?n produced or aggravated hy an eapltraUve operation, per formed wph great -are In ' wts places, between 'he ball of the ere and orbit, wl'hout h? tg follow* i in hem >rrhagenr n? km I sin.'he wounds healing almost 'mm*1lat*ly l>y Ih* ii-* h temI"n Pe.rmi' me also U *sg If tb" e?(>ior og needle la not employed all oreribe w->-Id, justi lab'v *n I ad vaf iga >mI r, naniai lmpor"*nt snidtary in all snnbt'ui -ases ?c Iher t"e use fined needl" e m ooa /snr a veni ta 'urn > Into a malignant iuie,-ntl'berebv pr ?dne? afatal-e? it? 1 beg par don for i he .renble i sir*. an1 In a?kin< a speedy reply o 'his letltr, a low me 'o subscribe myself, very respectfully yours, Wl'.I., a at 'If H.-l iN. Jf u. To Messrs Th i s?o kruros, DsiBtiiirt Paris Tuth's Interrogatory luttwr I spec Illy received the Tol lowing repllea ? Pin funs |C KV Met n I?A*onnn<b>.*?*ga?.?I saw Mr raw'ort twit uulr In roaaul attan ai the r mmen-emrei of tht? year an l Hap I geared to me thai tbe ' not or under which he laiured was . a | malignant nature la my ow aim i a sslbla thai aa ai ira lva I operattoi could be toe cause ol auth dtw?sr or m? ild *aao?w the Aara-ter of be turn if The vp, >r ng n--,ll? is daiir em , iitojra np ao nttrgaonnin nminwni ->.oii -.-r % folinwod bp ho aligboa Injur,. Yo'ira, trulg, VMLfniAtf. To Frofoamr Ww. ui'1' ip P?k, J una II, IM6T. Dpip Pip nn Hoaorpii ('ntarnritp ? I m< Mr iVawionl a.m- m t 1 h? ap i and w?r nn*l >ha h> antli-rad tr ?n a t:im>r. wbrb m-tftnatod Id tbo ?rltp rf tho or'n- pad raoapd a protroppin of tbo (yplpil. Thip i imnr ta of a auropoia op l ire, and I ?m aura it baa alwara nrooontod 'bo aaoi <?? ?? tor It doroloprd Itaolf tnwarda tbo anportnr and tnnor angjo of lb* orbit. In tho boriP llaaao. Th- itnui om* wblrb Itvn ptlptfd for ? Ion* Imr oam no donbt that tho tumor hat r? tondrd tonranl? tho Interior of tbo akul), nod tbu Ip on* of tip* nunnapt; * ha.a do- larod that no >p*rUi n wnatornr coo'd h? mwaonab'y aPtmn'od for th? mm >( tho tiati-n Aa ft* tbo riplofaurr n It w?? nttor.. IbrapaVd of a* prataticp tho condition >f ho pattern. wai'h n-i htng n th" world, ! may ha aar\ notiM aggravate at ho I a-aa-> out trwn lb* b* Innlrp in-ntrahle I to not hina m >ro orop, lba> th* 4r*aa raUoa o be w noilit bara (ton produmd or ba?'ono<l bp thu o^orntlon 4a extolo lailro oporniloit nnor uri doooa pooh rtroota , an* tiiwira, which romotimr* ham tiwn i iuv iftl 11 Bat h?-a noumr #d Into ranoor, wrro tr im'ho' >mm*nmra *n raallp etnmro ia. and I do not know ofanv fart tnatproroa tnahl n*ef. >-raat on. I mtiat add that >ppl .ratlra opora ton* ar t ma I* dallp. and th \t tbo wonrilt from 'h'-m am Inalp nlfVani * un it wfr h bonl In a f?? dap# (think, thirofir* that tho apprara on ahloh hap vcon jbarrred In Mr traat >rd > dlaeitao ip an In* Pitahlo r'ntpo^ oopoo of tbo natnm of tbat dipoaoo from prbtnh bo antlrra. and hat It ran bp an m*anp br impmod to the ope ratine I aaport thin wtUt tbo m iro r afltonM (pl u I 'mp ? -aw of a* It la tho mttilt o' thor inpb enertottoa o i tbo anhjoit, a"d I am aatstnlahi-d to hr obliged to rorttfv ma far. ao rttrp (?ba >-nanti I atottilo Ywir dorotod rmffrtr To Krutraaor WilMtluiMoa, MK'.ATfOI*. I'ar ia, J no* 14. IMC Dp?r Bin ? It la with plraaur* I answer oaob o* potir q tap tlonp I. 1 think tbai Mr Crawford diaraae haa boon (V?? 'to mmmonimmoni of a malipnaat natora. M Volpnan on orjMat tho laaao opinion. 1. bho npiorat'ro noodlo. In m? opinion, and in bat g rtorp ono rkm. ran do no lojwrr. If proporlp Inimdnon! he tweon'ho gloho of ho opo and tbo walla of tho orbit 1 Tho aamo noodV ip dallp omplopon for tbo pnpoao rr I throwing light upon tho i.atiim and 'matmont of tumor 4 A n riplorattro oporation ran n- ? r ooofpri a bonlfn i | m .r Into a malignant onr Arwopi, ?>r. mp rdkPTjv'iwwll I AM PBganaa"' I'mfraaor Wm i nw tltnwaa . ~ ik. ijlh of Juno from iwn aiier mT arric?i in nni, ? ?... - D'H"? I called upon ay ftoetd Or Bey lard. a nalleo of 1 It lladelphla, |< tif re.tdent to I'aria, who, after litrtojf no J >yed the yroalext miM'iil adrani**-* .if that capita', now tondt bt*h In hi* r>rof.-Mi..n, WKt ie?l n*d ?r* i in* t? h* come?Ilk* Klr.r'l.aBalttmiraaii?one of Ha brlkbtoM/trna 1 menu klndm* that b* had i'*rn In MMIign* elan u,w>o ' Mr Crawford and km the latimat* irlnnd wd ?orreapoo dent of Mr? fVtt'nrd, ik ? wlm bor hmban I In I, union, I renortted bin In imnlth urn with no -b document! on the J object in ni'oHlon * hn rwmld bntnnblf tad ooatcPtp ' ' llmnljr alfitrrl I"h? ft bowing note will *bnw, llkn tbon* of hit dto Miif t]l*br<l ?m>pe*r?, how llttln I doner re Ihe con ' nam bettowed ur?c m* by Mr* Otwford ? 1 P*nm, J one 17 1W > r?*n Dttrrot?In renly to year re-piant aa regard* to* ? ploretb* nwereiV* prto'ltod *pon Mr Crawford mr opinio U. ?h* - ? ? * - - *'>. for the piirp uM of aaoertolmnc wo. th?r the tnmor .lere'oprd b. hind the bill of 'ho .* T>d ?<> 1 nWi> a HuM?oytUOf tbo orbit Mh| often cured br th < I meant ' . " A* to 'be pntn* of nn-ontrg by ery o"*ratl m whatorer a rtoipl* In nor Ifo one of * aallgran' eherenter. I do on I ?l *.? wj H?i.1 aontoder It ac niter mi -wPbtlhy loop- ' frrtlj eoeetoi Hi that the tt'**tl*a loo m? to hy run nil In*. ( In lb* *1100'*it degree, egftamhi iho illtniit* ol nor .-eleh ? i b'?"'*T*,r?- *"?I'rnh joum, M. IIKfLAItit. Proie??or Oi*?o*. M*nrte*'* lintel Oa Iho 'iifth Jute I called with IV. Bey lard lotoo my ol I fn nd Mfliel?the trwlMl iMalbt, i| my esllmalum, upon r?rth?who bad recent y recovered fbtim a dangcron* ?ttack of plenrtay. In coorno of ocntoretMon Crawft r '* ca*a came up, wben be npretred bit aitcaiobnicnt at the 3^ IrnlMit I bad received ; end upon th? nooleete nt Ike labtan of Velpeaa, Neleloa ud Hermerree beteg reported to bim, Mid at oooe, lo hie peculiarly u'dum style. "My lerllmooy, If you desire it, ?bail bo at your strew* mme dtatoiy." I1 poo my replytog l<i (he affirmative, ud (backlog bim for bis klodaeM, be hurried as ia(o bis sla dlj and wrote the following ? Park, Iuo? It IhOI . II * PsiR PiioisysOR? Mr Or* ford'a aflrciioo wren I ?ew him- and I only u* him oooe?rremad U> nee an exnstoeleaC lb- bones t the or OIL I proposed a eeaerel (reaimeoL Whatr*rr opcralioii tou uiay hav practised la order to explore ibm na'ure of the dlwue, and whatever may be Its aat-ai aalore, I am'h ronahly rnnytnrrd Ibatyouroperalloo cm hare ket en iinfav'.rahl* nltnrnre oo Mr. t'rawford's local affection or Kn?r?l health Itrlleve me, my dear doctor, jours rtry libtully, * HlokfcL, M. D. fio(?mtir (jumo* It will be Men irom the shore statement aed testimony * ' l*>e leaet, la tbe charge preferred rb uf? air wy ?n. i rawrord, Tor wnom Ma ror wwjao him band I haxe alwaya fell, (rum ibe moment of Lbtlr mIIUciIod, the uerpeet iympaiby. That aha is cm pa b la of formluit mn opinion ou a mrfllral or Rurgtcal aubieci, Intelligent aa ?be may be, mod I dare ?ay la, 11 b?r org ephereI caooot pooatbly admit; nor can It be reaamably expect?* (bat I abould quietly fold my mrmi and aulfer mf reputation to be oar ailed, through the Wink or crotchet of any one, without nay effort whatever to defend It. Had ibe <111001100, however, bee? brought before the medical profeeiloD lu any part of tba world, and par Jcuiarlr before the tbouaanda <>f nodical men throughout the (Totted -ttmtea I hare educated in conjunction with my dtittogulatied colleaguee tn ta? Cntverelty of TronatIvaula who well know and can appreciate my poattton, I ahould probably have remained perfectly rtlent. Rut I am no? writing for the Ainerlcaa pen >le, for ray country mm out of the profeaaton, before whnin 1 tiara be n palofully dragged. Coo I be acc oed then of egntlina If I put to them the qneetloD?In 11 pmtble ihat graduate or the Unlyerilty of Kdinburg?a bouie pupil of Mir (Thar le* Bell?on attendant upon the lecturea of Ancnetby, Mr Aatley Cooper, Lawrence, and a b at of o-ber diatin gultbed men?a I'rofeneor of Surgery of thirty Ova years lauding? ae the aucceeaor of Or. I'hirlnk in the I'niverilty of 1'enneylyanln, recommended by him to the iruiieen of that rolverelty to all the ch?tr which be blaieif nal eo long tilled with the blgbext honor :o himself and hia country , an army aurgeun during the whole of ibe Amen ioa war of 1812? a surgeon and clinical lecturer for twenty, five year* In Ihe Philadelphia Mondial, (>*e of the largeeb hoepltela In the world. My led by Mlet Martlneeu, 'aoaiaoa for |?ti|)er?"?the author of cxtenMve turgical works, well known In Europe and America, a mtrgeon who hoe performed hundred* or time*, auccoaafuby, the most dittlCult and daogcroua operations, In public an J in extrnaive private praAlee; iu? whuae band ha? never been known to tremble, or *igbt to fail ?could be guilty or the trret Ittlbiv rVltc .lou? charge Imputed to bio.' I ro|x'at, I pit It to the American people?(a people wi lt ino-e native talent andt tact and better practical ed<tc 1 tlou thou any oilier peooie upon the face ofthu obe; a people from whom drawtorl sprarg. and Irom a roor. frlendlew, self e<lacited hoy, raited hlmaell' by undaunted energy and p-meverau te to a bright only excrded, |ierhn|>*, by that of Canova or Chorawalden, anc at la*t ha* fallen not through aav failtornegRA gencc or igDurance, or want oliyranaiby 00 my pa t, but from cxertlona ol h;n own,which have a<1illed the Irmoet lecture of hit brain,and converted Iw Hue fabricIntoa nataof morbid degeneraiion, which (tod only In hi* indo le <* dnm If able to remoyo)? yea,to the American people (why from Maine to California bare heard of Crawford's oohla work', and who would execrate the tnao whom they could imagine to have been, even remotely, the cauie of hi* dca b), whether, independently of tbo tern num. | havn proiluced, and could produce to an unllml'ed extra;, and that with all my opportunities and experience I c ee l bo di'h a M a* to bavc indicted it jury by an o|ieraii>.u any HUrgical tyro could have executed wtth perfect pr edition and eoat'f I have noticed tble charge, I may aIv add, not on my owi account merely?br ing tortumt* y ladepetdeoi cither of public approbation or cr'Haure?but To the eakei of tout profession which I still dearly lore ami nonor and u> which 1 have devoted the best energies of a somewhat long, ted, I trust, useful ami conicicn tail life- Hut what encouitgcmem ran be held out for young men ot the pmrent day. loo often "slrngglliig for il'e uuivug tbn waters," to enlir ujmti a calling the moat difficult, ro*pco stblo and III requitltd ol all otners, and after having reached lti highest honors, to tind thern?elvea underorvel I y condemnor, and perhaps execrated, and that n tot many Instances, after gratuitous *e vn.oi. reodered from (ho pnrof-t and ren.-t benevolent mo Irttf 1 hope 1 baro Mid nothing tbrei ghout this a'al-mont, bearing upon the mot Iron ol* Mrs Crawford, which I jsrtainly do not mean to Impoucb in ibe slightest degree, or unbecoming to me as a goutlemitn I aympatblzo deeply with her, aa a devoted wife ami mother, and aa a lady ol big boat character, exceedingly belovel by her fr ends, and cberlahod and admired whorovor she la koo*n. Jho baa feollrgly Invoked in ber published itatraeot, ho ana ntacce of a "moat merciful High Priest, a good an t granlona Cod," to whoso will ahe rofoases to bow with bumble realgnation. To tbla I rcxpond. from the bottom of my heart, Amen' and with the utmost commiaeratloa for ber aoMerlog bUHband, now alowlv winging bla way to a bAter wrrld, and tor heraolf and "thorn tamos," 1 respectfully inbtcrlbe mraelf, WILLIAM l.HWON, M.D., LLP, "Emeritus," Profeaaor of Surgery in the I'm eraity of I'ennay Iran la. New Patviito Untied. The following la tbe lift or patent! Issued from tbo I'ottrd States Patent oillce, for the week ending July 28, 1861? each bearing that date ? Than. J. Alexander, of Westervllle, O , Improved feed Ing arrangement for sawing machine! Tbon. J Alexander,of Westervtlle, O.,Improved metbod of di Ivlng circular aaws. K.lban Allen, or Worcester, Improvement in governor, for regulating the work or winumllia, Ac. Albert K. Andrews, (f Avon, Conn , Improved fme ma* Ing machine. George H Avev, of I^wlaboro', N. Y., Improvement la segmental truaa for brldgM, ,vo. Jae. C Ay or, of Lowell, Mass., Improvement la pill ma cblnee. Samuel N Rakar, of New Haven, Improved au.omaUa lathe fi r turning Irregular forma. Ira Oarle, of Kiogalon township, I'm, Improvement in tanning compositions Wiillsm N. Clark, of Cboi er, Conn., Improved auger bandle fastening Kverard M. Clark, of Iaocaster, Pe , Improvement in smut machines Calvin Cols, of Tsrrytown, improvement In adjustmoatrf applied to pendulum levels. Klleba it. (VilliOf, of Cambridge, Improved metbol of tawing staves from the holt and dreasiag tbelr edge* simultaneously. C. I' Croaaman, of Warres, Mass , Improved macbise for tempering scythes. George Darby and James K. Young, of Augusts, Me , Improved abtll roller bed fbr planing machines l.u -iid Kay, of Cincinnati, improred machine Tor aealiving sheet m< tal roots Henry H Graham, or Patersos, N J., improvement in rpark ariesterGeorge lla/eliine, of Washington, D. C., Improved ma cblne for punching and shaping m> tala .las S. Harris, of Kasl I'oultnry, improvement In mop bends. i hritlwn J Dels land, of Kapho, I'a .Impoved mortiing ckltsl. 1-redsrb W Howe, of Newark, N.J, improvement in governor for engloea, Ac J M Jay, or Canton, <> , Improved mortUing and boring manbloc. Charles F Kolb.of llilladelpbia, modoof aatenlag breast pins Philip R InchIcotte and T 3. Boaiman of Cua-leuton, Improvement In mtchluoa for cleaning rice. famnel K IJgb'er and Jet A No-rell of Hamilton, O, Improvement in miotic roolng c-moosttioos Mhebred May, of Dopton, improvement In spark arrest* ta. John McGregor, of <elma, Improvement la lime kilo* J<hnl. MeUosneli, of Jacksonville, III., improveuieni a project e? lor smooth bored guoa Urrtn Newton, of Pittsburg, i'a , improved aptnlle for dorr knobs. R H Nlcboias and Douglas Bly, of Rochester, improve meat in artiilcitl legs t.lark I) Page, of Rochester, Improvement la lime ki as Wartileglou H. I'carnte, of rmlaJrlpnla, ia,w?>emiil Id faeHoIng for rarrett U>m U. I'lai'ted, of Gbimpee, Improved bit braie fir botlDK obliquely W the vtoc* John Ponton, of New York, Iraprf remeil In tl)? modo of r?i?n r vntikea vevvrU J jLn A Keeo, of Jemey Clljr, Improvement of vniven am) |*?eagre to tb? cylinder* of vtonaJ engiooe Adam K B<?we, of I'htUipnburf, N J , improvement in guard Info for bn/veeterv Jutine A. 'lb to| of Philadelphia, Improvement ? treat log |M|w>r ntafl Hoe.-* T Kowtan-ln, of PitUtoa, r?., Improvement la tnnrhinon for drl Hog rock. Richard K. Prbroeder, of Rvthmter, Improvement. fnatetiinge for carpet*. rhnrlM *bnojrf, of Inncnnnr. P* , improvemnni in corn pl no U re , .. lobn B Plnweon, of New Orlenne, Improvoment in receiving boiee for peeveogere' fnree. Aephrn ,?tmior I of Cbrroll jounty, Ho , Implement In b7''\vr^r"tn.. of 3mnhe? Iron Work*, N. Y, Improve moot In rrnrb eee tor per tig tnl Hiring nppleo I C Toblee. of Marvin, flbnoH, Improvement In an hire* for ooHnrn n tuv, or llttaburg, Improvement la oaclllaUac loam .teniae Warner, of AprlagOeld. Mam , improvement In rerolring Hrarma m?ri?n Warren or Putnam, Conn.. improvnd edge piano for trli imlcg the edge* of bvot and eboe KMridge Webber, of Uardlaer, Me, Inproved btogio nar.btne. U l._ m I nf l'ul,.,rl IV..H IT,., h/.l Al reading it* bolt la utalagl# marhiaaa Airrnd K Morgan, r< I'ongharr .win. Milgnor to blmeair, HarRl Todd and B Wad II#, of U>? am' ylaoa, Improved |il? latch Marrlaon Ogl.ont.of Oraeaftirk, Tnd., and (l#trg# Taylor, if K'chmood, Ind , aMigo?r* to llarrlaoa Ugbori, afor* laid. Improyammt In coitirauira. t Tar vll, or Roitoo, aivtgnnr lo hlmaclf and 0. C Bio* i#.I, of the aam# ,'larr. ImproTtd aaah laatoaar. lowla Whit#, of Hartford, aaatyoor to hlaaaolf and Utah a I* Wbit# of ihe aaav piao#, iapror#m?at la flimroa far rartala it llara. anrmnaai. lavanvyatarr' Patrick nark, of Hallway, impror#m#o? la parking pw ciii inn HuniD| voiw 01 ((Mm engines i iwww ouv I, 1-A7 i *mnrdn Weetbr-iok. of Now Tork. Imprw?e>?e?i la mtui peirho Mereotype noBpaoitluM. I'uralai July 1?. ihM. rti? (%m of John ftmlth, rMrfnttvrltk Murrttr nn Boor* the Hrf ?*o.i. Flm*. In 'It' mat<r of (%? apfili, atvm o >** llf tf In\n .JmMJt ?m rt>? follow r* In * (x,(7 of tetter fr. m the DUtrict Alter, t? U>? Attorney *Al?Arol ? ?,H ? At piNBilm hM bm n?A-l? to the rretldenl of UM I in* J *%?? ? fur thn tor too at John S nith, omnetod of ibn murder (ommittol on bmrrt the American fowl r-nll*l tbe t.ft Heroe t bore not beer inform, d wh*t Mi|?*itli n hM b.-ee and* of thin npp'icMb.n, but In tnr Hdnnect It would be proper ti po?4poo? tig attention of lhA ? ntrnoA (which 10 to take piece on the VTih tnet ) ftip nlneiy dajn, roe* to alli.rd ample llm? for Um inr?otlfO lUn ?f the grwindr ou eh*eh tho petition for the eiernee ornnAcml.o rtMHoevltkiMd. rrwioct. A?h TOHN MrKB?N, C N l>ot tot tlhvw. ? Don. J 3 i'.LACK, Attorney lienor*1, Wuhiefton. j ?