Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1857 Page 1
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| Til I WHOLE NO. 7t>4H. ! ARRIVAL Of THE WWAN AT QUEBEC. PIKI PATH LATKK PROM till ROPE. EXCITING NEWS FROM INDIA. optn ac> tut mr pikv DM ?w??r vt ? mmam mv ? 'W m WREST OP THE HX-RIVG OP 0UDB. THE CHINKSK WAR. A? ChJc^M Fleet Oestroyed by the Britieh After Pwo Severe 8n^?ge<neat?. mrro* incHM?is-WB(Nnim tcnvB, Consols, 90 7-8 a 91 for Money, Ac., Ac., Ac. Qrrac, Antral 9, 1467. Tfcp fknai'Iac Sc.rew Stench?!! Oint.muy'a steaaa-hlp kkiiiui, rvtiui Liverpool 01. ,b? 79m .i., arrived at lUa pan to-day. IV- Down is highly Important. Ttn> m&llny In the tteuta. ?rmy Had jcrassed. me In rmrf) on m il hnl< Delhi. Several oi' their sorties were re , ptik l Tic British were swell?* re'.rforoetnenie. I ffao Chi iuko Look caJ iioeu destroyed after two severe ' m e.-mouw. mo Junard steamship Niagara, from Boston and Callfex, arrived out on the Jt/th ult, I Tbe Collin* steamship Columbia, frnn New York on the ' tfeh xlt | arrived at UMSpMl,at 11 A. V ,uf Jh? 39th Tlte Niagara and doaqutbantu* left Liverpool ?n tbe *7bh | t A, for Cork, | THE MUTINY IN INDU. I Tbe telegriuhlo advioes from Tr eate, In intf :'pat!on of I fee overland mall, reached Irmdoo on Tuesday night 7h) Asms 'r> m Calcutta are to the -1st of June; Madras, 3'?b, sad hombay, 1st of Jo y I Tbe mutny was spread log emon? the tr: ope In the B- o I gal army. Tbe en King of Oude had been arrestcl and "mprisoa id, | together wiib his min ster, proof* of their oomplio'iy o fee revolt hav'iig been oat* ne 1. Sonera! Barnard reputed several sort ee 'rem Delhi j wkh sovt re koeeea to the .usargoals. He was awaiting roteforcements to storm the city. Yum Madras It was positively stated that Delhi was secured, but the intelligence was regarded as premtlcre, sot hartag been oonhrmed by the alvl 'ew from Bengal. Tbe nail -e troops at Calcutta and Barrackj>ocr wero gntetiy d farmed. , Oneasy reelings prevailed at Ma trs?, brt the army in bat Presidency and In Bombay wan wi Jio-t the slightest Mgn of disaffection. An act passed by the r/iglelalcre bad placed the Indian proas andrr Jro lioenae ayrtem. At Calcutta basin oss was at s itanJ. Money m rat tier dfhisr. Eachange on London wfM la. 2X<1. % Is. gi,'d. it Bombay tbe Import market was nominal'y closed Money was loaros and tbe rate of tnterast had Men raised ane per ornt .-"teritng exchange 2* 1Hi. a Is u , t. Tbe London Times regarded the Indian newt as fhror abis, hat daily takes gloomier ?loan. CHIN 4* Tbe diss from Hony Kung sere to tbe IOth of Jnne. (he Chinese Ueel ess destroyed by the British In two nrsn engagements. (be CMneae Amgbt their gase with snaxnmpled oocstancy. Iho British hsd iigb y-tfcres man killed and wounded, Major Kearney being aaeng the Ail was qo'.et In the northern part of the empire. lbs price or ten hsd advanced at both Loo Choo and Star ghat. Star Hog exchange at Hong Kong was -it 115(d. s Is. ;^d , and at Shanghsl 7s *d. Tbe I/mdon rivi remarks, that " as Dsn toe ! now In ma power of Britain, there teems so substantial ressoo why mere proof of this should no: obtain for England nil lbs objects or the expedition skhout farther bkiodshod or ntfTmiT Operations." GREAT BRITAIN. Baron Rothschild was returned to Parliament far Loodsn Without oppOSl tOD. A spicy debate la lbs House of Oommonii, originated by BIsraeli, rsealted In an acdress to ths tjaeen promdiiig gravy support to ths government in the Indian diMeuUy. J l P. Oustimnn, n Greek merchant in Iondon, hn-i nspended. Ula ^abilities were over n quarter of a mil don awning. Ths yacht Charter Oak arrived at Liverpool from New York, with uniy two men on hoard. FRANCE. Ladru Roll's and other* had indignantly Jonmiaoort the thargee coata'nod In the .Month ?r uim they wore engaged rba Ouuttnoniai new* l* unimportant. I financial and commercial. IAJNDOH MO Mr MAAAJIT. Ml Loo'Ioa MoMr war In acUre lemud and the Han* of belaud ni amy Hftlnjt ?p< -e <>>n*. ) t*1 declined k.< arm qoottrl at the ekoe on T ioodi y, i<], a SI lor Mty, an I 91 a for aooount. fun declioo wan Moal by advrraa ronton f-oti India Mo Uonx Ma a* rtber attempt bat been m&da oj foeir Kapo'nm'o hi\ aod for ot J later on account of Ui > auaprnmlMD of a(Iro k rm. UTSUOOI. COTTOK mkrh-TT. V rewrpaoeri r< pi -t C ? c<A on aw ? ? t 'nrraliy un abavpd and at * ly. Minors P.lohalt -a.'poooo * 0? , lo Tar, report an aJrvtei of ono-nxt moto 01 a pnua; 1"u .wJea "'<f fe Mreed?)? wetc Jd.OOO baiao, of which t>00 *?rx#>a rpacnJaiioa an J '.' 900 for "iport. u inroi ..'>? i-crrm i air, f M Llvn ool br ? to l? m irkol ?aa k-aonral y ?t?n ly. M:mr Rich* <iao |? eaoo A Co. inote aoeat q not. wt b a * ts if fnconcy. Flour in txuT lemon 1 at former Me* Ibro i let?wb MS at' ran or t in riti'.'oii* ? l?ii Ma*l 'wr d a .0a fii ; Pb adelpi. t v?i :?! l? , fir ; Oftlu, am ; red wr. u, a. .?l afi , wh.*, U Wt ? s. Vd , yaliw and mix d com, dbo. tti. * 3M. ; a>ti'i, ilia ?Ma. Lir**rnoi, rnorrowiN minor T*o lira pool nrori <ion mart )! wa? at nt rail; Piety. Ag?f war firm Dorr war qui at Bacon w mi Cr'u. Lara waa Irm ?' ?< #. a OTn. ? dm in? | tared M9?r t>>L r.'occ> 9 yuur. /Mai w* erta" ??i rar w?i biojott, and lib "rtrr* tfjtf ?t A'l.'d. twain aaa land', LOWO* km- ?r>< ' fit !<nl 41 it .ita?? aar *?a* trr a' a' y b jfl v *W' O Iter a * * fl in. Kb o res qjict. <? t p. J I r0n 5.V ?l nr r.oa of am a: pii^u Mforra m* ?T*T? or THi 99. T i / "i.bfrlar .-?'* ? en tmxdaj moq. let tae in 0. A t: bW 4 a ra?< d wt < * ' i*ty. It \T, I)9fl>tttl, fur. Onrai Adta..-,** Oust.? fa* araeba :v wo the ?<*' > * . < ? n ? Via ta rt?1 ** " * 9;i *""1 ?* ??.? m a rw. "Xtrfitxry tn? , aal potnlr d OOr reada^a, Ixmu^n 9 jt rt??y of a 1 t?il la tl"t orte.> n*u?, tur-a?r W ? e? BK-rHfl Ttir'.rUrd we r Vrrc l to w ?a t!m tar. 1 a t, *1 ??m? aorw-My, wo t lien, ba-' norer b>wn juaM t od by at j one. Ho wr^a %? follow. ? t w?rdan v-n In North SariMlaa lo tha ,v/?nr I* a.n*. I rt"* let II a'lfe. rl Ms rt>a lit "Tao-I.voi f ''t/Arfr1|t"itti y ill tof ' It iiwa, lif7, It "ti f't yiar ?,| tun ?rv le V?a? J U<? liait 4 twirnb In AMI/ Ifr, ?n-t ?ber*iy sft* nti/iavC to r-.'r->e?i"e, wi> ir ir cwotiid b'mreif ?Hf what t< >.v< tb Cnrtit T? ner, hot bad not been a .'orow t' ar> -.1 urab f w >e%rr pwt, but waa riora' a.xl Toa ' ?f leflfi tl?| ? r .'It I mi ?nb|tct?. fto rn mi fbtVM md bud mil >l?or, a.1 Mnd rf oncipaiiy, A'i'l al" it tltear v ml ifo bo / the order of Mawiit. H- W?a twi^e oiarr-ei. laa na l>tran am rary in-|a, but irobabl/?"00 id t'lem w* jr lie uo't Mat a.ilf th? wloht of toeir fatiir To in? qwiia art!*-* ard llmfy, ?rJ lab'H't "tutV br .1 f> r yrura a*o, wban ha bemirn ae ft?* iy thai hi ?a? ,r.n,?'ied to ?tny a son, <w.?> aaotr.1 abort 'n a ?<. ' orm una I* m* be uidr a r aimot w. Jj a tul w 'ofb'nteh Dim a tint of olotbm fir 9MI, ir.a oinb m 9. tmai $ par yard. Uooa me??.iremaa<, <t toib twaive ???d? of Moth, 90 the inilir V?t $10 and th? m?ktn< T?' ?!*er ttMri thai three moo, oaoh watgMnj Mf l?n h'ld ?r*rt .w aoda, pot l!)? root no, hittnne< It nr*>*od them, no 1 oaltad armor U>? m?are at l^tloftoo In 1*10 It boob thirteen jarrt of flat moth, yard wide, t" m?k? bin O cat H *?w>* i?torn yarda of rambrle for Ma ehrood: t#e?7 fbor tarda of Morn T?iT?t to oo?er the at laa nn<1 b l of ola ro?hn; ]$$ laat of plook to make bin oortln Hl? peTo ?eae e yht r*e* looj, ar.reaa th* brooat, thlrt* two 1i--.?m; ?rr-m the hood, ?i ah toon laonee; oeraa the IfcA, (tofteor trabee; <ta depth, thirty (Ire Inohao He W.nflied In 1Mb, 971 "Oi.ttde; hla half it woe aerea root a>* inihea Hit weight, oboo bo died, aa nearly aa ootid in atft-arMUtd, ?af frnetfja arar 1,00) ponoda. EN E the lucii I's iik iifg iwws tvmi. Dclui, ;K? Arctcnt CapUiU of tlx* Mogul Rmplrt. am tbe fate of Rnglaod'e maiaa empire ' to all appear ?dc? lovolTtd id the aucttasflil leeinlante or otp.ure of una oil;?llu ancient cap.ial of the Patau and Kogul dynasties?a of :t may not be unacceptable to oar rendora. We hare, therefore, compiled T on the mat ro dable aouroee tho folioelog interenting ?kei;b or It,? rbt. olty ol Delhi ii ti oau-d In -to oentre ef a seedy plain, apoo a rocky rtoge, rUlag to an altitude of I A) foot on tbe right baub of the Jumna, here a deep and broad rp er at ab keaAobH of ibe year, in norm latitude 29 Ueg 41 mm , aod east kmgiiu te 77 dug S rum. : 'J6? ni urn from Calcutta oy the Blrbbun- ri ad, and 980 mites from Bombay by tbmrdabad According to tr? ttu n tn * c-ty war lounoed ?00 ) ear* 8 C. by 0?lu. (t formerly stood ou m iti? bank ) Ut., SuJ t* supposed .i txaco cjvo ol a I ace ol 'fO square mile* Major Kruno;I moot >nt {,000,000 aa tbe number of tnuthtiantr vine i Jtbil eat aapptnod to contain at me end of the 17tb c-.-ulury; and tb ntCint i Urn rutua ru*nut to justify ih,? uotlmur rue Emperor, *hah Jc-ban bo'dt n new ul!> in 102'<m the ight, bana <> '.bo, and yarn It the nana cf 'Ibaojebaua >ai, by birb only me Mo?leai *rt of tbe population Wallace tn cail it. I'ui* tr toe inooe/n Delhi, m in about lvu idles m Clrr.umferouCe, anu '.a seated on a rxngo Of rocky htm. end rcrtornded by walls e-irtn. n?t/vt ??r ,? ?? nl.^.iia ol gray |>ui o, and forl.tlea w in a guod loop Uoied ptra , i i. Sc oral gato *u>a an t b*m .oim </ci' In toe rr- lie a, X:e. aJo, U.J iho uhjle Lai bee a g.'eDiC'h?D'vl au I pat lo repair by the Eupi rh T,?veroii?'Jt ("be gateways ara magn tloeni build tigs, ami are named after me pr inLW and cl'.rr to wblob they point. I'ue cilr tus aeven galea, and coLialLa Ibu resume of rev oral Hue palaone-ibe f imrr dwegirua of Ibe b!ef < mrahs of ibe ornuira. fh se palace* are each or ooorlderabhs client, and MMMMM by hip t walla, sectoring iiaihs, alaulmg, acd uumer >o> oo.uuliuxga. TLo nnxiciu c.'y oouiato* many go >4 hmuM,4Mr 'i b'lab a' 1 of vw'.oidB atyleaof a.oh lecture. Tneturtesare in general barioir, an In other Ka? cru oitka, but tbe pixcipai oms, L.suop Bee. r say a, are roal 1) wide. baLoaomo, anil, fo- ?n AaluilO city, remarkably oiranl , aen tae bazaar* base a good appearaocii rbe-o aret*oDro atresia, one called tbe (Jhaudery-chokn, 90 I# el bruad au I l.dvuya/ua ;ong; tbo other liO loot wide out! out tullu lot g i>i?ru !. i rnlddo of 'be drat of iaese n?ee r run* an aqiexltic*, which 1a ?baiei by Quo troea and auppiu-d w ib water from Ail Uerdau Kban'a canal Tbo oilier alreet* ar< narrow, but ooutaiv many good o'l k houitB. fuc crowd of at, Ini'ttn y.ty, ai ways pic cro*'iue ' here pertto Inrly rloft 'n abowy dg.ires nl mcu and aul main Elephant* crmtlB and borate, gaily ca;>arboue 1, parade ibruugb it e streets, >og Xg box silver ornaments and ibu c.anj ool'.red tuft* an i fringes wub which ltoy are adorned Tae rirxirri of a pre at mraonago ?wi cptng along tbe highways, tiule acrupulou* of tbo damage it may eflevl in it* progrtu firms a atriamg spectacle wbon it tin ho >ie*t d from Bates ?ufe jorucr ui fro u ibo bacn of a "in elephant Hie yf.ty dVri' i? tr agnilt em; bet l?i on tor a to d tails might neat o* the llluai in; fur, mtogind wtto moonttd retainers. r'.cbly cioibed auo armed wub glitter wg luiinets, puiUbed tpea'a, and able la kn bonu wltb stiver, Crowd* of ?ltd tooling, half Cxd arret ihoa on foot art to be Been, tncreaalD'? tbe tumult and the dart, bat adotng noil ;ng to tbe splendor oi toe 'itraieaao No great man- uiid IVrUtl . full ft peratnagi* uf pretension ? over t'tsita alvij !n rtttc vltfc ml harli ,* <il* t'.tUia shouie-t oat by the stentorian lungs of some of nia follower*. Tae orlcs ol tbe vender* of d-Teront article, if fevt. tbo discordant song* uf ttln< rant mur'clac* rc etroed out to iho aoooinpaiToeut"fUu on: t>m, with an occadnnal ba-a vo an leered by a cocoutb, grnmbbng ont in a aha'p roar biaao n ijanuo at belop ha ?grd a^iwr tbe itree'e for ?alo, *iib tbe rbrllt n >t rear frit cry of !h'< camel, tbe trunipMtngs of the olerbart*, 'be D?:?blog of horea, acd tbe rumbling of oar'. ?brei*, aro sounds wit'eh acta!' toe ear from aunrtso to gen?et In ?be mree a of tielbi. mom tfUude or eml pages la egcerniogly great, aoJ more divcariod, perhaps, (ban .bore or toy other ct<y in tbe world hogdsh cafri ten ftltAVAfl an-i Im'XYMrPii fn ar-'f rharl'mai^ m,.A thw na cebar tarte -r'ho no>?enor, arc mingled with tbe palao aulD* and bollock c%rt?, onci in 1 ccre/ed, lb# chairs, and tbe cage ilko ana Ian thorn Lie ocrvyacces of native con strut Mom Tbero are several flno mowpes In Delhi la food prater all a, with hlgn rain arete ant glided dome* the lergoet of ihe?o, toe Jumna M, was Dolll by cUah Jthan. It ta a ?i*>nold and raoi mow eluioe, bulil of while Barbie aad red granite, and la oontlderod tbe large t and hand aommt pla* ol Muaan'nan wore hip in India lit bop Ueber thought tte ornamental aron.tecture of in la manque wee tin id aad Urn general cffcr.. le v? plcto/Wtqae ibaa tbe splendid group oi? ibo Imam aoraband Itiarcomptatmonte at Luclnow; but na alUiaiion, heaays, Is far m >ro com maedtng and the slue, sohdity, aad rich materials of 100 uiOce imptetBod mot moie thaa jay thing of lbs sort be Had seen in India i be Mogul a pa lacs, built 3y Shall Jehan, on (ho weet bank of the Jumna, la surrounded on three sldee bran einoaulrd wall '*> feet bigb, uul more than one mile lnrtr cnoifereibis a place of no su-mgut. the walli being acapted only for bows tnd arrows, or musketry; "but, aa a lingly residence," filahoj) Ileber says, "It is ono of tbe nob leal that 1 cavo teen It far or paw c a the Kremiln, out 1 ao nut tains that, except la the durability of Its osa b riaia, It equals Winoaor Sratilos 1s reo ooa s?topoyi ot the com (an/ regular -trmy-aopear at lis exterior; but tdo internal dalles, anil lnloed most of the police du taw at lioinl, aro performs I Oy the two provincial bat lalkina raiaad in the Emperor's osu e, and oomlnall? enter Ida <>rdera. riieae are disriohued very muco like lluro peant, but bave zaachiock guns ami Ibo ortenta'dress, auu their oom manning eiil -or Is oocai lrred as one of 'no .leotesura M the Mogul, atnl nas aiwrtmco's In his palace.' fbo chief ball of audience u an o,?. u qoadraagula te< race of wblto tuajble, richly oruameoiuI ? lib mosaic wwlc and sculptures in relievo; aii I UQo chat* I of Aursnzobf, also ol" white marble, altnougn total., is ol bea'-Uful worknui hip: alovit-rr u? bu-iuinz. oven .a Its ormost ner-octe-1 tt?u\ aiuita Jio ikuu i>mw or :U former occapanta fhe Lardtn*, woxh wi i n formed by Koan Jahaa, arc tall lo a>o root jlI ,otrC 000. fne.r or g oal c ha'-voter baa locg bo? u non,pi*u ly kjat, and hi j to* prevent the a-ipeai ai e 01 .. atnal) n<at pan, wiu ??< unarming groves of urango tries. The rtrcutt of the walla finUho. at the cut ui wen .i lea ti tola palaco, which forma the river faco m their line. Aicii.ii tbr r*.uari.ablj eu.3r.oa of Dolhl are the Ty kenavor underyrntud houwa, wfcich are forme ! under ground, having outicu for l.^ht above, and tnarana at onu place only. The) ato haaJt.jowly arrui^iMl ami fu.-n Islied; ktiJ, poeaev-iiig a u mperaturo of ! dog or oven 11 dog M'kiW that of lotiiua at ih<> mriiuw, fiirotah a pleaaai.t to urailDiho b it menof April. lljy and June. Cue of the moat gtoerally uaefui work* of Uic Kmperor tiuah Johao to Una city .a a well. ejrjaratod out of ibaaoUd rn.k upon *L la Iho Juaioa i.i-jld la bull! The water la ralaco from a great depth b; oom,. rated maoe aery to a m evasion of reeervoira and Clla a pond from which tho whao tenia obtain a aupHy. Iho prtnrlpal wbecla having ihcd b okuc.aad uic whole mactv-acry out of repair, it woo ret or d by the Hagi^b a few year* after Uiey obu.ued poastnioe of the oily. A ion. a too raiaa cf U.o lunlenl r.lly, on tbn rant aide of Ifcg flvar. it/a vot.iO ii>m latiiCimv 'o gor, I preaorralloq (l> jee m lb m,crorv ll ima on at: 1 Unborn .mod Shah, tad i ItlMMMn ii glii'trl .ah '-hau, are tb<> ni'^t remarkable. The htrn.i of U itnaloa, who died In i6fif>, la a tqoaie wu'j an lautiaao casual dome, an I four small dura* at tho mrncn. Sh. re .'us*'* fort la on a Largo mate, w it blgh bastion*. and lof.y and aolld walla Tb j f?|iiiohetwwl i* a an an tlBOMHn Ore or vlx mile* in ntrtiualOiioce, wlji a high anf cr'uoan in* citadel. The Km b Mloor U an vDwinooa t.el imtt lithe centre-if the old my, a pprecd to hare be .in by n monarch of that awr e, who reigned aboil 1203. It la a rote d tower ruing ( .'u a poi) << of T>i IM in dimeter and 27 vide*. In flvo Main, gramnlly utm olibisg la clrecmforrnoo to the i>* Ht: ol <11 feel A aftrai su-ruuc of SM ?u ,->< leada to u ri.mntM. It la rcai'y," rvyr fflahop Hebcr, "the >! )?i'o?er I hare erer i wn, and mist, when t? apiro ?<li tuple!*, hove toon ahtl more beautiful " Tii-o l*at. a holll Ilka ., and daiebt i ihoir work 111.e Jewel 1 el the oi DMbcntt. dor id at Uf) are In their www , u , arr wvve Iknffl Irty, rr allowed to InUrfc Uh be aoneral ae.rre and viiran clw actrr of their e-UX The pai i b of the , rc. < nl it..per ai ran.iy it a it ve i at al'rj Chi ing ,aa 1 .el ?iy Si of Italian architecture, u ' with a public rone antua'ly leading throi gh It* c urt nrt "F v m the pa e of ayra to rfumaioa a i>mi> ' Mia hrhvif. ilth-.r,' U a rwry awful aowno cf deaolalio.r mini ?o c * afcr hirnba?f'a<oir'ili of brickwork, frecwix o, praaitu and marble-trout rtd ercr> where ovtr a aotl on iiiiaily 'oohj and barnu, wiinviH ctiltivatira, aiiepa in > ii it 'v trma ' a^te, and wt boot a r ng.o tree I ran re* rdw, of t?fa in tie ? '?a; b'ii w >a UafU o i lb 1 t a of tijnpon, w th I bo I .?icb?d f ?gr crt> f a ui*g ainortcr am c a? . n?'i o if cai. jt'.. a?t '1 The : u-oo (?? ota arc ihrtf u ><:< t ?f the j! y.rctt' :d i iiL.r e ta ge cf ra.niatAta Io:la uini ? wt j *v.i ai-'d ur carrying .ova trd the trmfe Uj i :a? ik ' ihginint' 'ahtnaad tor conit ior. o hi^ irw. f d * 9wt -.? t at i'? C n?' rntly ra IM l ?Uir> '-ni if 11 nr* and rv>ir ormal acdvtty, i ! tb.j .h , a.c crowdid wif . go aorta / Uropw n ir^'idwdJ r.kbi: ac* l< * (?> jto o'r u-i m.u ?t.a?l: iri niiuhrtnr ' j in y, ?H 'ii n * predcoad la th* en-round 14 r< y Tt ira** of r?n|?i I* rrry In atan , b\ b tl >t. y-iil rrrrt 4 .ouptiai .nt*r< >ur?e 1* lo, > j on-r'on ih-? cit/ ard Caat.m^rc, *a w? tie M- ndid t*bric* * noah |<??l ?' cror mo ottlilaad vor aro Iroi fit In nt<a?Mine q iao i! ton? |l?ln wi h ivt Mtdt'ktnl ipon'.hrr.i, n?n-ra to i>e mlirrtinrn te> riik or fo:d. aS-ora ib-jr a&rlt- the a* bp ni '>titil tfcn?'t. Nilli'n^ tto etrecd tho brnn'.y <if ih? 1> lai iu> li.-eo'k trtilrb It ,n ?W hlfe l i">.oem ibrni|rh v t t>'a, at>ditge>ty ooto'mi ly iV r 'in of bo.b arxet, tbe o?> in-olT) tj?-n l?< l?g'To iMi rr'r 4, t H? d t?llb fl9h <tt.bmii<-y Tbe f like -f IXlitl arc alt" afebrile' Vejoiid >bi#e e' any n?h. , lit* U) , an I eminently merit Ue1, fyti rejii'ntlpa It It llQnnlt r r f*mm b. tl no (noln??l *iih tb* cAtf 4'<r*t)>* of knrOfMB MUMBt'lO lr.r|lt? too tori?-t. rj boeoly of tie f'rlhl trnl- M fV ir.ifl rook* oa m partvnlar, eo natlotl fro* Uin flon.ii tOi ?e , <4ti? II rnterai lea ftiey .10 001 R Kxettf to *ol n out.' 'f as I a. lacmat prerkrm >101100, Ih.iogu '.hot tro ttPj r -ID(T rnry fam, from tho tnntruotlooa native ?rorkm<? row oi'-?.n rlion In tbe empinymen* of Koeitrh >>toiler* ?t n? onlia Tnoro are gre*t many earvera of (tone *n<l tro*> Ptltal. but the? Itjnfb out attained In anything ap vriaf'la ? periVetioa Id ilttir n?t 4 nwtaidrrabie trade It alto rwrled on In pradNM tlnont. and large b'ank *0(1 rod r? rot liana Wwe the Onm lotion ol ma nanal ft i>tu Htir u* j lHiki, flmr tnilie and mil't hatoboan ererted In and about !* >lty Tbo Jnmtia Ilka no other Rrnal rlro of U la "aitfJi oterfloat dnrm? the ralna a wlda ot ooi; but, I'Blibo Iho Kanfoo, dnea ant oonfar fortllliy at IMIM In 'hit |iart of lla 0 >nrta U It to Mr< ogly Imprafaa ad arh natron rittnaire brdanf ahi jh abonad In al1 iho tKlpa Dorhnnd. inat Ita watara dittrny n?l??d of promniln* tor ototlm: ami tbn trholo tiiar 1 betw-'on tbo h'gh banfet and he rlTtr, 1b lie preeent In* tie e, It a looec and per'-Mtly barren aand, like that of the ee?tfc'?r* The brli'ge or boaM ahTfletthe Jomi a at thuclt" It eer**arilv m tm pnrtaal llae of trafflc The eahertB'wt Mrtenv-nt of the a am off of ladeo an i ma It and e?tT0)aa?ea pa/uif toll v, :.v o MOiiN IN iiEDITION?MO ?b :h cruwtMi the bridm di?rt< g 1X6*, with the weight o' s?ds, la curious aou Important.? E.chomr- Tuniofil Dame. So J ryir,, m'ml) jrwtniU of* 2 It*. *nc\. Bo Haloes laden M9.K4 6 2,224 Thtuot, mu.ea 44, 18 4 Otiil Doi key* 86 118 2 6 :i00 Bull rks 18 328 4 1,973 Dsmeie 17 6?8 6 8,2*9 2 bul! jck hacKoitea. 8,814 15 4,899 3 do. d} 7,043 20 6,267 4 da do 19 8.'9 26 11,878 6 da do 13 073 80 >4.19* d Jo. do 0,218 40 9.2*1 7 do. do 822 46 1,370 8 do. do 37 bO 87 Raagara bollocks *0,9*1 4 3,099 l-budnct curl* 600 6 92 4-wheel wagon* of * bcllooka 39 40 87 2 do. do. da.... 389< of 2lb* L 288 I oach ) UooUt* 108,434 90 3.012 Tota' 94.840 The alx ve table show* that Marly 100,000 too* ol g i#ds crosfod ibo bridge daring th ye. r raakiug au avt-rego of snout 8,ff0 bmr every auntb. This Is oqual to toe cargoes vi Hvru vi ci|uv uibi vw puijp iiinnuu . .imiui u til M irauy unUJoii animals and oo vevouooa of all ou cripiiona i. 0 crow.'J, U?wi?e ,?j iiik loll, ud ft groat qiau lu of gn/rrrmont it or 9 and unitary ouicerr' baogage itm nartv 1 o er free. m? return* for the year ISoa wore oxpooto t to he much larger, aa certain lmprovmeBts in tne roftfia In that piar'er only name tulo <q?iraiiou in ! Kurt, 1852 rhl? Dolhl brldgo if boat, la ?lated to ?e excoil-nt I) conitr ;cted, and ban apprnacat-s ot aubstaullal masonry. With tac.inieo of transit sunn aa are ftialnablu from a gx>d system o croar ryada and railrraya, tbe iralBc of Uprer lliUla would probably be i nmenae. It baa been proons d to i oi 11 CI 1 lb i wt'h'la'cnttft by of a Use of rail road y.a*ilt>? UPzap re, r.rnulng the Jumna at Aiiahaoal, Hi- then tak ng a uiroct Due by My opart lo D lot,or, a* mat/ mauve, prncoofling frm (Uwnpo'o, by fhuctrabad, t.iAgra; creating 'bo luaua at Lbat city, and then panning a nrai t> dlrr-ct mrso through Mmtra to D-lb*. SnouM fi<ch a une over be executed, it will doubtless he aid man 'y pushed forwaad lo Kurnal, and tbe higboit navt *ablo point on tbe Suil*i!ge and tb ia connect tbe t wo great rivers, tbo iDdna and the (tango*. Tbe population or Ivibl aauiintod In 1817 to 137,177, be ?li!? 2S 302 In tbo anouros. A comm ttoo of pumio In itruction, blob war plauuad and brought tn-o >pcra<l n between 1823 and 1S26, eitahU-liod ft college at Helm, ana funji were assigned for ltianpport ti / tr<o central g hot nir-nti In adoltiiin V? which a burn equal to ?17,(X.O wa? presented io the college by N'aaab lalatnaid om Dowlali. Minister of the King of O .do In June, 1817, Here had been opone ' 24i school# in Delhi an 1 its |ni nedtaus vie.lni ty, for ibe instruction <t poor children, the nu olx.r or pupil* at the college, wb rb in 1829 wai 182 had Increased in tbe loHonlcg yi ar to 287 Mo e recently ano>bor school baa iwen inat! ul'-d, at which tbo children of tbe nti've gon ry are taught the English language, end ee men? ?? t>$ irboiui attended in tbo lbat year of ita establish mi-nt Tbe rjni>eror of Delbl, tbe repreeentative or Uio grea Dinur, tio gb -iUII recosnlred by ihc British govornmont oa a nn nip prlnoe, baa loog ieon thorn of all bia i ... rnr and excel* wltbln bla own palace exerclM-s no ?ur bote ot royalty, though looked up to and regarded I y all tbe MatKioimcdan population of India wltn re.peos and aiarhruont. Lord Wrilealey, on tbo .strucdoa of 1cin diab'a po?er, attigned to lhab allum the g "at palace of Iielbl aa a residence. and lor tbo inpport of himself and the royal fan >iy bo made over to him corutln districts in tbo neighborhood, ehtt wor" to be placod under RritUbman grr.t nt. but the Kmoeror waa te be allowed to cbocc tne accouBtt of revenue received from them U la said that tbe revruuo of there dbtricu n*s now reached X-iOO OOO a year, while the Emperor's allowance dnea not exceed ?130,000. and that much of tbia latter aumia In reality pent lb Die name by tb6 BrIUib resident. Coroner's InquoatSv A DxnntAxn'n Fan.?An Inquest wan bald at tbe foot of Char I urn street npoa tbe body of as Inveterate toper, nans* unknown, who wae found drowned. The deoeaeed, It appeared, got aiMMg a number of gin oaska an tbe (iter foot of the above street, ^nd boring a bole latoooe of them with a gtmblot, obtained aoooae to tbo bqior. IIo then pat a straw Into the hole and a naked away ontll ho became so Intoxicated that be waa unable lo walk. He then laid down on tbo string piece of tbe ptcr for tbo parCe of a taking a nap, when be acitd totally rolled oveririS and was drowned, iba jory in Una case rendered a verdict of " Found drowned." Dbowsbd Wuu Fwmwo.?An inqueat was bold at tbo toot of Sixtieth street, that river, upon tbo body of a boy eight years or age, named Jamen Stewart, who was drowned while diking at tbe foot of the above street. Tbo deocased waa climbing up tbe wde of a pier from the boat, wben be aocuiomaJly slipped and fell into tbe waie nud waa uruwuwu. v or air i, Anciucn&i aoMn." Ad lnqoeet *u alio bald at tho foot of Mark* rtrcot apon the body of a boy named John J. Allen, who vat drown 3d afaJIt flab taf oil tome Ion at the foot of Kurbtb ttrrvl The body floated down 10 the foot of Market atreet. where tho laqueat via held. TUo dtoaaaad 11 red at liS avenne D. OKowmn trrmi I*toikat*p ?Ooroner Tarry bald an inqnaat at No. to frlaiiy place upon ibe boly of a man uameu Jtint) >hq, wuowm accidentally crowned a> pier No. 2 North rtvor. while- be wm luVoilcu. J. \ erdlct '-Accidental drowning ' The doceaaed wm a of Ireland an.) wm 28 year* of ago An I'SKSOirv lui t'oi nn Dnnwvnn ?Uyouor Parry also held an Inquest at pier 2" fast river, open the body o: an no known man who wm found drowned Tho do cea?cd wm about :io year* of age, wm Ave feet seven Inches hi>,'b; had heavy ran .y wluakers; had ju a blue ooitun ahlrt. a leail cr bell, ooarsc satinet p?ata and cow hide boots. Verdict, -Pound drowned. ' Aamn?TMj.v I>*ow?rv--Oo oner Uonnt 7 held an Inqncvt at tho fort of Market street upon the body of a bey eight jears old. named Kdward Ixmiher, who wm and di n ally crowned by falhng overboard at tha root of tho above strrot Verdict, "accidental dtaih " Kntan nv Paiumo oi t ok a Wrnimw. -' oroner Oonnery bold an Inquest at No. 73 T.ndlow elect ir,n tho body of nan named Jacob Hall who w? accidentally killed by falllr| out of the third story or ? those hoo?o Tbo deocaecrt baa been In the habit of inking and fall ng arleep en the window al l erery nntll a late bmr. He wr tautouil not to do 10 many t'r e? but be paid no beod tobw |Tricnda'adrioo. Yesterday nv>ruui:? bo waa fiu-.nd dead open tne rl lewelk 'n froat of the home a hero bo tad fallen la toe noiireo of be night. Verdict, "Ari llaatal death." Peoeoaed was a oaf* if Oe. many. Aaoriiau Man toiao Paowaen?T te boly or an anknown man wan found droaraad at ibe fa* of Cor tear* street > ?wtrrdar. Coroner Oocnery Ueld ao in^ioai opun the body. Sctu?n to Pani:?Coroner H' '1 hell ao laijuast at No. 0JO Greenwich street upon the ' o 1/ of a child name 1 Jam's Beat, who died rrom the efr' ? of aeaida, accident a'ly rerelretl by lb" epeetiiny of a k.ttle of boiling water npon bit perron Yordict, 'Arr'leuvai death.'? Fitai. Auu asr is Bnoovi mum ? An lapiest waa alao held npon the body r.f Henrr it Sa'.ley, a salesman in tbo tVnjMi're rtore of Ceo, O tfoanbeur, '.o 1W H oo* ? atreot, whr wan arcui'ntai'y kU'ed by h < 'aegnt between 'to plat' *m of a rtrswMnmmy and U)e etnae of the Mere, end was coirhe.l ?> d?wUi. Pafm . '1 fam'ly reside 1r WUl'amebcrgh. Verdt -t, ' tnP . uir death." Fatal. Acftwprr hi tbs Finn i.h u??i < ni r?iir. ?At. Ir'ioesi waa ba I at lie1 cma lioaolial yasterday opto tb- t?>d/?* ?woman v ted I' Ha OawtW w o diet froi'1 the eff>ctuf ?e -ere i?m t eirH ay tcaea plcftn of ? an oben. lamp ay o htr pwroe on the etc list Verdict, 'Act'*ania. '.o.tb " iwrew 1 w u ?i resrt of age, at i w u> % were cf It and. nowmt !l?wrn ?Aa IT. ?er, err.a a'*o toM at 1 tne toot f K? *er? fioet if! 0>? bi*; id ? .xi) ilgt 1 vtaraiiM i-at-'Od (-rep loti.f.Brto w?; 06 li ally ilfi tat i whit" ha . llf ' erd'e.t, ' A-Ce! lWi d -%til '' De? & *! was lanvu of New \ trk, an1 re" i;j jki parvtib W N? ft ' i'ntr? : "ft. F.tra. A .'IT'?* <t f? > Bearer, a .ti Va yearn tf ate, died at Bo lev /luapital ywwnfay fr ua the t toeta rf enters Injntar rf t w Baa-i reneir t 'rtv> 't>; ' .?? a rt.r Jrtrer s tie* he ?ra in Uie a.,t ?f jam r* ? ot i ia? wte: tor tbo p root- of V.wdist, I team 1 frti. rait tor t"fi trtll w.ttt tiefrVattB." Jtxa .u B baUff of UM'itty. ne.' ? Ha-'?wr id, In "he e iiwr of !*t. ' nli , Mii?ob'l On itw J'.ih Of .nle, Mai-r* K> vii Oat'iv. '.atPa*l,('h jea- ef h e ag?. it')e* Graham <?a? tbo ie>t e i ravine ac i t Utiberrl Orshato, of IbucfrlM. I'rIPeo >TIMa'n 0 I'tat* , Vuf'n'a. On waa jeotper e.f t.eergo Grab* d, ae't-ig eret??y of War doriig me a 'm iiMra' <>d o' tr<vil?e' Boeroe. ar?t "abteri' mfly Utmatlir'ncar of tlieG-tiera' .',ed (irt,e- r? .lean 'trafiam, 9r?t '. pt'e-' HUlne Dkiti t A'uirrey fir loet-mpa, s*er:t?ry i,f t/'ye'l"" to peki, CjterJW'mer to the BonHi /trartean lepubJce, Bin i' fteni'aryt i Brazil, oil iittrr "htm tbe fity of Waeb'.rgton?atl ?e?* detea??)?'. ffcidiini tntr-reo tbn m:..t*ry arretoo dorirr the k.*l atr ftth Or rat Rrlta'n, and tarred ?t?n l'.p-ioa;l<>D m ?i>1 I v Wt'ip <>0 lb* n*a.r of MaJ>r P?eornl Herri* .n Ra OMrttfi* < 1 llllilf tliwlll *.i lab . "I 'h itrlhM ern army and wt* p-nirclel tp in* r*>k of Hal r fir hi* -all^etr/ and goeri ri,iuai III* mint- t?n wftn Ixiicril tiarrHft. ?*rre |ieeut'?fiy lal'tualo, tnd he *ra* dur'ng hi* UfO 11 1 ehrrVn ' ar hrtiornd friend of hi* onmm wl?r Hie *?r w?r. Major Wraham ??aa ai-went-d Urban t<*nt for Ihe exrrn Vd Territory of Mieannrt, In ?bleb . ffl m he oonlicutri no?ll 'MM H? aa* ala# a?pMnt?d be the Prenl drat oi'rf th* Coronalaalnnora to eatabltab Uie boundary linen of lll'nota The t| Ineenh O/wttt nannnnnen lb* death or Madame Cril Rot, tb* aldoa of .1 >fin flapilat* Roy of* .f.meph AtthtVtoaof her deal*. th* ?a* **T*niy y?a*a of age Her ht? ory In IntlmaP I? onnnenmrf alib thai of Mianonrl Ihirlpy lfc? war of IflU her hnabaa<1 and bornnlf mad# a I obi* reelttanre to lb* at lark of lb* Indian* again* a Work home occupied by them al flat* enoe lieanrln, In Ml I***) county A large number of the Indian* attached ihem Tbree flmr* ?*rn they r*T?il?ed, Roy ui l bi* wife k.-eplrg np an Incrtoant flra upon them Madam- Roy not on It loaded the gone u*?d for th*lr deapnoo by Hoy, bnt ?bo n**d th* rifle berneK, at d |b# Indiana, wban tbov did retreat, Ml thirteen of thnUr watrunk doaJ bittln the

toota<l a of Mm fort RK B NDAY, AUGUST 10, 1857. Sunday Amuaamenfa. LA* KB slkr hal' on*? ukbmtn BAHTBNB?mchio ocnckhth?vou'h thiatkb on avkntxn a. ahl> rOOBlB hthkait?IN ovgrkutwino houha, 4 bdndav couaut, a;io a rl**, vkaki.t a bowTUB rOLICB LOOI ON and hay nothing. The yttzzllvK of lager birr, notwUh?i*aiitog tbo polloa lujonotlona to the contrary, wn ; general all over At oily duiii g the entire of ye?te-.ii??, more eapeoiailt aa the evtnlng AUvanoeN. All the lager bier saloone In tbe Dower; and else* here were la full blast; end at to mo of hem the jingling of gleeeee wee Interrupted by II rely (train* of music Itou " gartena" *o well known In that locality we?e brilliantly 11 omlnaiod nulalde, and a constant atream of people kept pouriig In and out Several new attraction# were announoed oa patter# impended at the entrance, and altogether It appeared an If joUlOcabon was the order of the day. But it wan at the Yolk's theatre where the crowd crushed, squeezed, iwayed, awlped and sweltered Inaldu a# thick a# bodies of od and y dung, male and remalo, oould be compressed, with loarcely elbow room enough to piss off their lager, were al head 800 pereoae, talking, amoklng, drinking, joking, and having the tallest kind of a Sunday ""roe aol easy " Above the din and the squalling of the "kinder," jou might hear the waiters ory ont "cakes," "loe cream ' ?."more ichnappe." The crowd was muci mire disar erly 'ban lad. Sunday, aud U one oorner of the theatre was n knot of as "hard cases" as ever belonged to a doad rabbit assorlailcn. They uau>ed great annoyanoe, and several ilmes a general row ?u Imminent ihu proprietor of the ertab Irhmrnt being frequently obliged to draw an club a> well a* hl? lager. Not a rlogle pohceatn was to be seen ab- nt It Is ?a d tiey are afraid . and the ? mso qteooo uf iholr umerity anil thin ujwq dotU .ce 10 It* and or irr nod Suudt y observance will be sooner ot Uter a matter of serious difficulty ti settle Kntertng Ue theatre you pay ten cento, for which you gel a whit*-tlukrt at ibo door Tui? 1s eschar goo at an Inner door for a red one, which entitle* you to odo ^Itooof layer. Pquerziog your ?ay amo g tbo crowd you s,?e n'tlces posted up, ''lathes and gentlemen ars eqoeeted to keep thrtr toair iturluK the performance. 10 av? d dUi ir banco " A moat excellent bint, at ? o'clock ol' a Sou lay evenltg the per ormance oommencea, tho moli xtra, con eiitirg of a pianist and e?me ten other performers, pro vloutly plat Uik a few polkas, Ac 1 art evening the curtain rneo a mil loud olapping of baud* aud stamping uf feet, with sundry '-cat nails'' anil etas a t; and the melodrama "f tho '* Lady'* Pott'' proecoaeo. The plot bt simple, and turns upm an old lady ( !* Kurtt), who naa a pretty nleoo K *a, (dadamo Deri') lnc'ined to plat the #oqnette with sundry lux ere, but I* at Hst wen by a (auppoeoa) lost soa of Hurtr, whr hai gone o the war* The acting w ? thoroughly Bovertih. Madame Ocrll palutoo ai-cng, potited thick, *ang loud, and dancot u In l.'xt to the Immeasurable delight of her auditory; wnde Miss Kurtz'* make np wan ro porrect we should suppoie tho had the lumbago only for the oooaum sign ous whacking uf bcr attenuated walking stlot. rhrt-o male performer* enlivened the flrst act by snndr> amatory antics *spresai?o of their individual adora Ion ef the fair Kosa, while tne rich fool fMr Kastock), like a resnr n cte I gravedtggcr, with <W on his decomposed hat, got the tr iitene, and a ent off with a den in bis ear rhen coot moeced mo cracked guttural#, Bred with the volubility of a a earn tongue frum aunt to niece, and splwd wt'h all'the ?'iig?- salts ions o' a family jar, ending with a you'll broakmy heart boho</ing and n maternal forget me notembraoe This brought do *n tho heels of lbs immenio audience, and as the ourtalu fell we midc our way out tho beat we could; and when we again smelt the frerh air we oould not help say lug," Great la lager and the rtun.lay theatre." The Ueudwood Cup Usee. This great event, po fraught with Importance and tnte rest to the sporting circles In this country, as well * to the community vcncrallv. was decided nnThurada* or t'rida* Uio 30tb or alal or July loot, ud we hope to be eble to pabltsb the result In our paper of Teeaday, or el the latest, of Wednesday. The intelligence sill bebroeght by the steamer Niagara, which left Urerpool for Ha (ton eta Halt fax, on Saturday, the lit August, and will probably reach tho latter place on me 10U> Inst, from whence me tele graph will pot na In passe stow of me news. The lntonse hi'or est which has been, and M1U ooatlnuas la be, maalfssud in this particular rwoa In Kagtaad, aad ; wblcb la so widely diffused throughout me I'nloo, being equally osperteocol by me cettoa planters ot Uoorgla and Carobsa, ?h.< backwoodsman of Nebraska and lows, and mo mercbnnt prlncot of the Empire City, arses from me sign, leant fact thai It Is regarded In a nihonal punt of now, as being mo raoe la which mo blasted superiority of Ibo f'ngflah raoe horae over his , Araerlcan conpsor will be fully aad fairly tested, and Ihs j re auve menu or we i mi American ayetoaior training this nohir animal orntra^t- i/ and compered. Wo Lave already in tbia paper atated the circumaiaacea under which tho American horeee were aent out lo Kngkand, bat a brief riMMt of worn may not be out of plaoo at Utii Use. Lait in (timer, Mr. Ten Brorek, a Souibern gonUcmao well known on lha A mart jan turf, and owner of eoreial | flrit snai raoe boivrs, took over with blmto HotlanJ three i of hie beet bo-eet? Loeompte, I'rjror and 1'rloreee ell of wblob had provod winner- here; lucompte, tndrel, bed defeated the font loxlngton, tie latter eabeo quenlly retrlorcd hie laurel* by beating Ida former con qusror. I"ryw and I'noreaa bad aler> defeated eume of the beat horses on the American torr. tiler hie arrival In Foglan 1 be publicly challenge 1 to run any Kng.Uh horee or bonee for $3ft,0QI a match of four alio hoata; bat tbl* being a kind of rare almost ob olete la KugUnd?they prrforrm/ a *hort nntl apcedy da*b of one or two mllue to oae in wkicb ibe lumlna and eiat li.g'iuallMneof the bono are falrl7 toiled?bis ciisllrugo wu not a ciotld In c m rquenre Mr. Ten Drtgrk reeolred to engage tBvm In ih?lr own fssh.nn, anil ruu litem at tbeir fe orlte dUtanc IIei tend Prior and Prioress for lite tioodw.iod cup, wblrh ta a race orSX n.iler, weight for age, out with crtaln pe uaitli -for wiboer*, tin the way of extra veigbt) and al kiwanrea Tor hones that have been defeated or ne ttr woo race, m wall aa a fortugn bred ho*?ci Che alio wa >oe In the latter care la It lb*., whi h sail a'lrwaooo orr Amerlrin horses, M well an throe ?t ea .it horses that are enured, will receive. Tho prize la a massive gold rnp, m'ne 91 TOO, and Ir a vay* a megn' rent ape' own of srt, lo other with a large lurplua in ham r? h Titers are forty a ones ea*ero1 tor thtl rare, ef wb -h three ere trei. ib. two Ame-iean, aud the remainder Kogltih, thoegh tbe namber or elan ire II probably ooi eiend ten or four ceo Thougo tha w nnsr of the freech I>erby, Potocbi, It xmoogM 'nam, yet Mior B say. tlx t'.otrert of tee gr.-st I ?g.i?h Derby and the ( aks, i* o A ineiudfd, aor y?t Farviaogo nor Skirmisher, both Arret cap winner*, nor Vi lrtte, lbs k.OOQ gnlnw* rlcror; *UU, amongst tbe Aoolwood cup hon-rr n?e mmoof the bait nix* tbe Fng!l?b turf, and In the event of tbe victory ef et'her o' tv Aowican > epeeamrtelvue, Pryi<r or Pr'orae*, will leave no n< m for oavll aa t > tbe pianty of the Vogbta h. ** it*v have f ronted. Ann ng?t the bewt and meal celebrated of Pierre flab rt mar., the victor n man r a wen cmuateJ Held. and'he b?sl f^ur Jf>? Otn thorough b-vd to 'nglaid. Phr. otstto. lb* w.naerot i*?t > ar >V,fOPr-iin. a*r *ari th rrw, In von tho bo.da-??i cup lart year: I retty hoy, tbarlnrer or the i?v>l ?u-?nd tors;wool ?t*kM >?n j ear a* wtll a* a ?rcre o ther rich state ; Ar -aa , ehs rw doc rsf tlx Uaeea'a g > d vaae ..I atcnt h>? ear. *t an.oi IV fart.r'to eh?m|4na of air Rob"* ?v, wii back t him rrr i.e ..OCdgulaeas and D*ra?, U w l f t mil,-, c are b ' r u icre whose n?a ? aad r-r '7?tJ)*n<m ni> m iwtiwj io mriiui n, ti> owhiir ?rw An . |rt. lit nora J ab1 rmitt to be rvr'od 'f tic *L 1.*.' ot'or edit^. V'. Aik rA< 6 .*1 ftn'OC * IT;" e?j * ;i jju* Jkc??< i R<it-rU. r,>- I '7* Won r-T* .i?ti* ..... ft ; ?. ft If ft It* Mr i <Miu. ft ti ?V ? 4 in A*>r-n?l .. ! ' , r it#. m?r 4 117 V ?' t>rnc.... I.i Prrl 4 D>7 4 1?7 ' '*? I p* AnUl?*? 4 r-i:' / "' >( i in *rr- (*r '* n) .. . 5 lit .tlr--?r ... ft l"i t i?m i";i-uelj.... i.i /. jilo* ,. ft ?* , 4 I 4 S r?* WfllAiO ft ?lr ?li- D WiAe*. ft V * , B.ifl- r 4 1-7 O n PiMM . ... ft ?7 r i\f % 1 5 tort i?i tfcf H -Iln ft ;? ?(! > 4 i.ft (tfclif. ' in. il" .ft P7 Pr\itrm lin iW * I'd PI.. tui. kurl ?l?n*n ... .ft 97 .4. r 4 Jl V?-f. ft Tn7 l-?<nw??n 8 fc1 i, *i ? afi* i 'f ir .r ""it "?f Jftkt .? ft Iftl F'-rtu (*r*ui't i .ft ? Oil** ... .ft 1(>5 P 4(*Bi 1 91 AH'.o* "?I *f if? Bool* lb A'; iia-O' r? !?. . nf M" i>/ , ri- ! .lit* f>i tbw rwo -? rf I i? rue. out ?! '? in ff Vo. ft. t? 11? Altr.ort rf?'y c'tjr of ilie Poloe yet we tfcali i cl hn'l ll>< bi-A^Irt ceo of lfw* rletiry of out Ae.ert .0 Tomca ? tbio otoouit ', at we re/a-I it 'nehybf* | And mmo Irjper'Ant M*l?* "Jia/i tln^y n a Atmri!*i/ aI'Mo. tvi Ml ote if.el 10 ?b?'te. t <if >wr McocoAt itwUlfiffte ? iitrnii.' I" 'bo b??cii'nji am) (mp'<n?3i-?ii of tb.? lw>* t b> .Ir jf'fln 1 *fot?. nvTe*<1 tot 'I*.Tt-iuptrio-t jf i*ef".or-.. f?v evmJ'of trrlhirn wo ho yet ?rl?u??*e<,. TtwUt . Cti'C A liftlro B*nnnm "If tranftAUniwiO TOM I OA to inltTAto of o tlnllAr *tomn no' clt-* to ibo'A Vjr i Mti'oh ihoy b?vfi boot o-Mi/jrornl, And t with to tui'uo f W M <o>\ Into iboir oro'fut ntno',. A-nl ?b*u *t> kioft rt tl"-.' pric?e which Ki.alifth cwimta or rte"? h?me htce here In tbo luVt of (ft '?*; ?h -o on h?T? ?<?.n inom ijlyc tftb.oto rr-f A f.ind throw jmr old tbormhbrvrt, *r. l ?> ? Ar.'A of tn.4rx? for aw o? trtrd *n1 aabrotroe ftArl vg, wo that rroAoriAhlj (t'ldi vto that ts? (nootPttof Prvop or IT1 rfM it) WW w? win no at.?tvieii IM m<?< hwo ,r?t tf?iilt? to tbo brooder* of horoo la WW ononirf We here lately eeoa the emcernr of a Fiirnproii rrtid'ey * f mmtMOm to tbtw nourlre to parrhaee wnt or our tarltalkd oorrWfv hot-too, ohtr.h a-a alwayt adrnnerl ohoo reeo, and wo bipe Boon to oo able to aoaouooe the orritBl of Btmllar onBtmlMloBB from nor Ftflmh Men It, the pnroroto of tomo of th? rtnr monk from wblch ivjor, I-erompte, PrloreoB, ud Ui? Mill mora celebrated Lellnftra, hato beea drrtvrd The 1 /mdo? Time* or tbe 17lb of Jitr aayt ?If oaUooa or lidtetdoala, obrn once they hare rakeo to Bponnwtino, ooold rtor bo warnrd by an flBoepe, Fraooe ml*at bo at ,?rted from thu aaoaaoal to abjart all We toaoat-oos of tbe Bouraa. [ERA City Intelligence. Catl* 'Jard?m.? rtio foljwtog ta a list at rue. *K ftod 'be number of Uietr passenger*, dlscbargoo at < - Ue'?*f den for Ibe week ending Aug si 7: ? Dmit fmtA. P<kt*ug*rt August l.-Porab-'iilHa re 191 Isaac Wri?bt, IJverpool ... 4'il IajK a,'>' > len^urg 9a Jmtas, Antwerp do August il ? Itlioel, Ams'eroana 26 A guei 4 - mcraro wo re, uverpoot to E Von BAanwan, B-emoo 167 Angnat 6 ?Noreammka Rr m?n '461 flty ol Ne York, Glasgow IU JtmwK Krller, l*<ndoo IbJ Aogurt 6 - Vanguard, I iveipool 416 Amelia, Rwmeii I *4 August 1.?Anert ?u Union, Liverpool fOo Aria, K Hnt 37H Kifin, Bremen "J"4 Orioi i Llfrrpiol 116 Now Orleans, Havre 194 Total ... 3,364 Dikitkii?u Drvisi WokKHip ? TheCatbolie ehurih ?!'u ated In Twenty eight street, between Third and Loilogtoa avesuee, na row!) escaped yeateroag morning being iho tboatro of bl oos he} At* ul eight o'clock A. If , the Pre >|uentere of hie oho rob on g lug in ntxl coming (>at, wore ba led from n brick buildlDg opposite with ell eorle o sbniive ejithets, ruch m U.ddya, Mtcknye, 'i-eoks, .to tcgcthor with bav'cg garbage thrown on them from the win does For a considerable time thta a Mult wa.t oorne w'.tb in all. nee; bet the people broom n< excied at 'te oontlno Dro. frare were entertained they would burst tbu door* and lynch the pe-polrelora of this on rage on thr.r 11 cor Or Oummlnge, who la the pastor, had the p ilr.n mat tor, a h n i ip'aln Ighi au hie men were promptly on tbe g ot nd, and to their prtacnco la owiog In a great mot euro ibo peaorable results rhi nummr .f the boose la lti4? It la let out In tenements, and thoso ptrtiee have out reo?ntij m<vedin; ibelr namea aro uot known, but It Is preeum? d that thoy am of very uuoetl loablo ch tractor Meantime, Capaln Speight w li look alter them. So amy la Tun National <4 iikd As.tocuiin.v?In pursuance of I he plan wbtcb has been for aomo tlmo In prjgrow, ti r'.T-c> a I social organization among the members >f the New Vnrk Na'local Uuard, the committee have circulated among the ?nnotis rt glmerls an ab e address of the chairman of th < preliminary mt clings, Mr. C. H Meday, In advocacy of the project. Tho address la eminently to the po'nt, and sets foryn with telling etoct, the undoubted adYtuUgns of a course of miiitar) and literaly lectures, the estanPsh meat of a Ut> ary anl oeosu g society, the securing ef a permai ent room fur sucitl Imeronurso, aside Irom dis uuctioDs of rack, and totally on arntvnrsary dinner, at blob an oiallon might be delivered, and the eell known taltht of the guar a repieaectai.res for tho promotion of conviviality he encouragi d Moo*l.'ohi Values ? Oumpany 11. Washington ;ir?v?, Stti r.rg'.nient, Ca,.t Kelly, visited ilrooaiyn by moonLght< and ?ont through drill exercise In front of the Cliy Usll After the drill exhibition. Captain Kelly entertained them a blR bouse, whore a good collation was laid b?'oro them tbey returned to tho>r armory shoot 1? o'clock, much phased with their moonlight excursion Rjiiijioad AttiussT.?A woman, nstr.ed E. Siorcr, was admitted ta the New York Hospital suffering from severe Injuries received by being ran over by tho Pattormn train while she wan pwtlng through the cut at Bergen Tho dec 10is In attain, ance nave but utile bopo ef the w juian t recoverv Camn* Statbiiics ?The number of dcp taken to the pound ninoe the dog law baa been In operalloo (17th June) op lo Saturday, the Mb Inst , wan 3 113. Oi the above number fblly 8,COO have been drowned. The remainder ere clai mod by the owners upon Uie payment of 92 In each oare. Sanw Acni>BiT os ths Hct*?ov Rrrsa.?John Duke, a dock bond on Iroard the barge inspector, of the Swlftsure has, waa admitted to Ibe New York Hoapt'al, n:^ru>c from never a injurlm reoo.ved by fnUlng into the boll of tbo barge, while aba waa prooeodlag up ibe Nortb river on iberuj afternoon. Falma' mow a Wcrnow;?Wllltam Anlersou, a boy tlx yean old, waa aeverely IT not fatally Injured, by falbag Trim the second story window of tbo So AT 1/ dlow etreet. la bia deanent be fell upon toe iron ra.lings ef tbo basement and received a shocking laceration of Ida leg. Tib Nvarcrow or Jona ttwrrn coa Putw.v?In the oho of John (Smith, wbo waa aewlenoad to bo executed oo the Uth mat, tor piracy, a reprieve of ninety days la hocrly expected tYt in tlie President If the roprtev alio.Id be refused. Marshal Ryodera will make immediate prepare lions for oarry log the sentence intu exec allow Aoctttot* ?Eimlra Stovell, of 106 Green street, Jersey City, sraa knocced down on yeeterday, at Hoc.. out, by the locomotive of the I'atcrson train, on tne New Vork and Irla Rallread. she has bees very aerloosly Injured and oanied io the New York Hcapital. .lames Toole received a sealp wound by lifting a stone age ni< a carl wbovl In Washington street, at 10 A M. on yesterday. Not severely hurt?tat en to tae boepttal Catharine Helton was kicked ' y a horse In Chatham, near PrarkBu street, yevtor<lay,and bad her ribs broken. She lays dangorcualy III In hospital. ka nnknowa man fell into eoavslMone yeeterday. In Ycsey vtrtet, near Broadway: bis bead waa aeverely injured , and he waa taken to ibe hospital. Brooklyn City Hews. Conmrvrr Miss*.? A young man waa arrested by the -vetoed district police on Saturday ceu'ng for attempting to pass a counter frit $10 bill on the Exchange Rank cf leckpovt, at the storo of Mr. O'Brien, la Fulton etreet j The bad aaiure of the bill waa rnno detected, an I the ? nuDff mm R U AOtnnillnd I > Wtm > t aikminatlnn M-' comldenbie oth v aoaoy about bin, but it mm all cur tool. Hareral blUa on the l?:kp>rt limit,'dt, hare recently bet a paatcl in ttw r.!ty. Biack Man wiiii a W -re W i ? Somn dletaibMOO wai ra'icd In the old marine barra<ki, lo I'arlc avenue, on , Patardoy, ty it parcel of rowdiee. It tppeare a colorod iran r.vee U??re wttb a white woman. The did eetap j prw to Aali'omo younf leliowe abo-.tth* n?l<b >orho"1, who procerus to eel mat'.era rlyht axonilny to th -ir own notion* by attaekieg the h- iwe ano atlomjtlur to tain tb' inmalee int. The be band ran oil' to the Kiath ij rtud Hal1 on be in and there made oo iip!wlu The oflkera arrived aeon afier, bat the tar Mi bad left without dot if any more barm ihan inu.y tut im:pie Into a (root ft.ghl having ihrea'osed all rone of violeoce If tbey aid an leave dome of the feltowe arc known aa I win probably be arretted on warraete. Wtaum ?* mil'?A w. n.on earned Mary While wo* (tabbed oa Hetui lay etealny by Henry Ki.rynmo, who f ar?*( a? h r turbocd. They were in the beb'.t of dnek tnr ' dBofjIry rlrrmycr H. ,r water. Sb-' (? taeynj oo' el -fcee to d y 1.1 lor bank yard, wb*ii h lock o'lmioa aat ucthli y aod r to at n r w in a M o knife, ''...Ict'ag ? e jp yaeh o or '-'r tet pie It wm at it'll tb >u?b toil 1 j iejaile* were r.lai, 'ml II etbd -j <ca lr aoiua I tb?t m i* wuied wa- hoi (trlo*it. Fjrt ?n w?i or moled ace ji?* a* U..kcJ jo lo v,.a -etai rial ? ,-'?in Amu - -* ro'ina n \n cair t' lainee I. P?yo wai 'jrHe J n e Wo. 71 t 'iter i ree: e. y .turlay evenxf lolt ? a dr'nk. hi "i. or ey me oe<* eiruek him e . low pea lb* bead *llh ?e ,ie hard ooo-aaoe and lame; mJ ( fearful ynefe. Ho ve atteuded to by a puyeki*. me uia ton, r? .'1 it b? atn'.ed. Kvmc: o Rem *T wet) An*,* ? A bey alio t forenoon jr-re-'fayr. oaricd i r?o..? ( or man, woe ar-r <ted on htrr'ar. Any 1, hy iTocr K -,ly, o'lhe Wlnth ward on iti;r,. n of I at ay etnlen tw ? roate and a re e'?er of mki <nieh le ad lo hie [oeemirei I*eooetj yt re no la.a.- ry mv.> ?t, at I ?v iietaiaed 0>r 'ion. tat.jn. .1 r Jay .no iiv at wori I er dd dif reUe*' rl ihe i .i -< r f ifc-rcr r oirM xrtro I to r *r,,h <o>:"<,a (J)' ockiya ?ttynlr w **., M Wt* eJe rho)t**i? Mi f i ?toie? !? t'.e ? iii?t-i ft ob ihi a'.n*. at kw er.' ITo h:efl ?4 lii t'WI lore Irn to it* b j ll' J tr r,?? ? 0{ ? leBCie, ?b'?< niiHtra ?!. flip, mai r !tl It i* H.iOa b? .lofJct -Jurtw -II art 1'iHjt/ *or Uk, ? ,-iw ir 'ay rai li? fk nuif tag 'rty r?,?, or d *? At t B,!Vi# NHM i only Urt Pro It- ?f lit ?? too t !o ."ttlli **ri peti.wl ?? today, $J d { SriP >* t'l f*Jl W?# fO* IV-LJ >| .'f.QdO'K 1 ? ? I,. .tfi? o ICcw m K enrrii jtd the pun d n? i *r do f I it Jnlr w*! 4 fpiwbtr. Tub -d?w>r? v to red-fii i b* t irrupe* ?? p t ikrt .o ft?rr?? i? ?a I by Br. Our* ii, tw oil t) oa?ra 'or. H'? linbpit SI,14o T n/tPf UTiitpfcia a p. it*n i *PTitM. i?e Cu-w, J lly 1", M7 To 0 ., lf.t| ; till wtib M|ti ?r tbt |ti#M ibtrWt l '* lord Pa'ae-eton by Ui? l*ri rtn-.'Utb.iryarit ruber worth, p? HeiiKii o lltr B'i tfb VaflNlarery Society, V" the bVlittoa of U.< Mean eloto tred -,m repwUd n Iho Lead a A > * y tie l"U> t:UnK), to wfc ch you call r?y J<hi.!oo, t ?ojt t my, tfcpf v? wtu co'K-fdr ?J i it ott^rtf iroprtctttablo at pre ant, I lure had tlftdea year* rxperie?? of tho' aban ela^e in !?ra tod now tbe-o wtl., t At r<4 'o eiy tha If Ho TI-KIrti lopomuicat ner were V> r'aoo a corloe o Tmpria cf war amor, J C<*?a, the only pQki It wo* Id have ( iLif* the Iflau'i 4'i ocrttiee wore 100,13 to no operate a IU> the ?hl|M>) woalrt be ?> increar* the /a*ae of the rrua ta?e becaort <4 ife ?r? rlea of the trader, eho?? mipt nity woo la th'i* b* 'one ?tlm,la'ed to aew, bat oarer foil Vrre I* bltl one "V to P-Maa ardtnthia lnfkmo'1* l/at o ft ll atnipia, but will ha round lii wnr .be imr p>?t 1 Mired let alara trading with Afrlf* bo declared uironfbout *>e work), and la tba war da of k .renin V- , tba m<wt notcr on* *paaieh alar* trader of tb> rrefBt dajt.'Trw ?Allor* will he fonnd wll lag to rtak thetr tnki mainit a ban of drtlara " It la writ know a that Una horrific Irad. la aow aJm<w entirely rotiOnr I to Uw -,p*Dt*a eolotitoe H^aln aHbm<b rtrrnfiir orped, haa Dever eowwctad to *ol?r>w ibc *\*m p'e ?* the Ruropeau and other poremnenu. to tao.aro .be tohi'iaaa trade ptraot i bu'tberoatoa fbr Mr ao rafaaiaR But. fcd vbrlou W tbd wtooit MM. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE 't'\s \M> WV 'i RINK PLtCWi Lrttrr* from Brdforu (>m MlrM* dark ?loau*alu?, Uvprrt, Mirkfleld Hprtngs. Luke 0ob?<?an L lAran#a Ualorrwa " ?? I, i- B ?UU Old P?lnt Comfort. SEA SHORE AND MOUNTAIN AIR. POLITICS AND FASHION, to. -to., to Oar Ikdfiinl Hprl?ni Corrtipondtne*. BbDIOKD 'Jul'WTT, P4 , I Au<m?1 A, 18.i7 | Orn-n/ciio fernery?Mr?( 7Xlo?ucry tf Hnlfrd Ipinge ? Annual POii of /lilnyufA J Hen-Mr Suchanm '-A La<( </ an <AdOi cl* if 11'ibit'fA?TA< 4 a; (Ac S]/tn,ut~A 7bNHMMtf * /"V> ll'iUi'f the Seaian, 4c K< * youd del fnijri.l ?r1 worn ir.t, u)4 |?csrs3f oi l nf ?ort?, Irnni InoontMl l?t?or la Ibe p&i up, bot ir l wplierlDK ctiy of WMhlDlPiti, And doatrou of r?C'ip?f?t. my n>y r'.'KciiiK oaorglca, I a'ooptel ad 1o? W.oo from a fi U Dii lo ic.comuiDV him tin Bedford ^trptnr** aiuif* ih? " mountains Ux k so lofty, magi. (Virtit *n l great" Va rlarled in ike ovn og tra n Puuday, UU, for Bikm^ and from thence over tne Baltimore *ad fhlo railroad ? Cumimrlan I, which distance ' 170 miles The roeuery from BaJilm^a to Oumberlan J Is Uu'y ,vul, Ml :t bui beee ro often described by trtvjikrs, lb it I will n?i attempt It id tbis abort 'etler. The season baa t> en ny rt proptc ous to lb j farmor, .'or on't tj aide be la gather or, id hie golden sheaves, and be oolta tupuy and contented. Tho waving -orn, wl;b Its lamented and a.Iky bead, boo da 'uamlourly to I t passing summer treece, shkb ad avolly o'er t aiea ng, watching, ae I wars, tte drocptog a> d ambieat clouds sbleh float ?o graceful! In the cerulean vault abut e, and Duvr anJ anon refroabisg ,ce pa/ .bed earth anJ all living things 'Jiereji w tb .la genial nbcwer*. Wo arrived in Cumber I od at 6 o'ulock i. U., and after replenishing tbo loner man took tho stago lor Boi'ford Pptlnga Ibo distance "roro Cumberland to Bedford la thirty nallee. tte road la not lo very good order. However, s o me<le rrct;y g * I Ice, res ting tho spring) at tbree o'clock In tbo morning Tho olght vm beantrul, and tbo moon abono spleodifen.iialy. Tb o eight scenery to me ?u g irgeo a and ptct .'f ,js as we wound ar .nnd amrng then grand c d mnueatine. The air la redoieni wltb health, n .Igoratlng and ifcd whole bomao ayatom. Eat enough of the, we are at the ration) springs The ITuu'nof tho Id baa jsa". rov-tod ca here. Tho aiticlo contained Id it, emltle<t '.to " Mason (hilar# at tbo waterlog places," baa bear res t wltb avidity by tte viators flocking to there ' out of to way tnointaln retroakt, where Ibev oaa bo eafe from tbo n vvl jus cf snobbery itod tbo eat rtloDe of greedy hotel keepers " Tbaee oe o b-aiei rpring, a/o rl:ual#J In Boifcrd county, stabile* along tbo southern bocnda?y of i'dnnerlvonia emho>om<v| in ibo Aliegbeny mountaloa lord n'a tlazet or of me ute'e of Pennay Ivaula menllooo tbat iheae springs an J tbolr virtue# were only known about a half cautery ago. 'Id tba year IS- 4, a mochaolc of Ced ord, while flari ng for trout In the stream Bear tbe pi'.ncl. al foualaln, wan attracted by the beauty and singula liy uf tbe waters 4>wtng from the bank, and drana rrtely of Uter " The good a 'Vela la bin own >ae,forbo * aa an ovalid, ware mentioned to others, and r'.nre that period Jisae spring* have been gradually cru?ti| ? pnblto favor. There ara fbvf prtnciaal springs 'a al in on to tno mineral spring?at r ha l j. l irate spring, a Pmestcne, a aalpbur and two a wee, aprtnga. Prastdent Bo Uanac, wbo la now bora, flmt Vetted Ibeae sp'lngt aa far back aa 1116, and baa pa.d them an annual urtt almost every year raoe ttat time Thvrs wars at tbat early day n ivrgo number cf eminent moo In va locat wait a of ltfofrom htaown rtato, Maryland and Virginia, abo mot annually at Ibeae spriogn, * rorlog and ronoving vany agv eahle and plesrant associativa it's a meloncholty reflection s tb tbe Pre*; lent which heblm>elf reetntly remarked wltb much /Sc. jag, Jtatof ibat large company be la tbe acle sur* Ivor live from the annoyan ee of po1 '.I clans, be 'g oaVrylag tbat repose which la denied h m a; WaablaaVoa loitlub, however, bo ) uomprllod to retu-a on tdm lay aevu Notblag tan exceed .bos'aa Mclty of b a habits bars. Ho rttnesat tfepnb'l iu ile aci rr. nglea ,'riely silb all ckMse-, particlpa;.x n tb"!r walla and anuasmen's. a co wav d 'tingui ibaoie aa "rot dcat by any at unfamiliar wI.n bla prorrn e He was blr.seif J elocliael. svan for a brief pi-r'nd, In aopartU) (Von h> pMMO Jct'.M, bit be ?**a adrteod to do no by S> a fr'?nJ? and be OB deal, la crier I bat be Bi|bt rrcrolt fel eearg ea for tre Jonacia ?t:ca will be oede upon tbem d-rfn,; the ".ra jtg Tall an 1 e'rtor; for It la eell %LT?n lb:.! 11 > dlT.oalt and oaaba raaaIok irtaona wbicb bt *'il m i cpoa hM^vU ?'fBci,n'.)y la be itrrcftb, t itb o eoiy aad Tbe numb-r of prm iaa tirrn a: ' a f reient Hie H abet . nil bund ad. Tfca managotnaot 'thin botsl tdml'iolc, and balsa tbo 037 ona In tbe fiaoa -rf witbnc! compel! U?o, la Ibe more tagilmr act 00 m iron-fan. a Nino jf iboae extort.una r oerlnc vd a* Ifo raab!-jaac.o reaoria f aaoob?ry la bora practlcm*, bat oa bo mtboi Uio to .1 e afabla tbe valtara altes^ro, acf -B.-gea reae.r.abfs Awnag iba Ute?tngn.aboJ p-rr aa Bora, I TuL, y1 Xa tr?j ye-J'an. KM am IV real, wbo araa fr? iiorkia/ df nog, 1 and iJTer prrdtag a ft* Jaye M. tare ftt a a bin oaraey fbr lb* War'. Among otarr diremtace :a ueoart'don .1 a'.uarramaBt rrofoevi rb tl? 10 iruo.', *tl 1M 1 mode f vrunrment trucb la Tavor e.Uj tV u a im I arylari aai 7'j|inta laat ereuiitg a grarl " !io rami oJ at ifcn hot''. Tba large ball n >m era broedal wtb t rata mou aal fa.r w? nun, and at tbo -i-lc rr *' b rn'up'uou 0 '.'1 U.i beam and brlln wfc'r >1 01T In the p?,!kvt gr*.:nftt) pace. They it??t it up .ail tbe 1*0 atr.all b urn. Vbare In a largo rfrepr n lou-i of ilia ' gander?h 00 el and Uoui red?bet f.bnra aro on'mgh I'n'J' mm to keep up, re John C Oaibonn uned to nay, do oqul! br'ia. 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Tbi rr at it In ft n.rrhorj of itrntl'-TdP "ru/n dlfTerMt IKtmof lb? oaun'#) Imtp.ojo of n.aas, b o?r?r, a>i nra-ipr la It nay hi) hv.oaioa to gr.ii4?o' .f 11 ty hare I firm ibry ar? i pora, itxl to 10 10- m Utt Prraldorl le'la ffor) mm that tic an: t no'. ! era U> u poll lid tbo art >(tiiu a mint* of gmX own >f tfco prow oore, tt> iif a tun Kitxro I .n t !' f|,br, forawr!/ of iVa ls*l iiB?.ro Atnsrfa,,, : > } t oloen. J. C M..'mip?, of W vWnil'i Mr I. M' f/ ? ? Mr Doror?or.i, 4 . df?tr r on! M? "boo v., . i"bt ?lolpbi* **r'o f, 11'. P.a' rp rr tic.I M'. il in Mag>%rp, Mr Coono?y, of natrium#; Mr. o?, M? filar, Mr. InlMr#, of ]'ittbo'f; t?>: Co.'.ri, J<#ry Utwa*, of tf*rr>ba'fj f'cl. *M.* u I fate f, .it it<W|(U; Mr fiorata*. of Joatb CVo't on I U/l, tiioiib not mot, <M <?Ht it OoU Wall. 'O ? b? '?tfiin ? tb-i tjir'j?.;t, as 1 obo '* lb* Islima. < fi o d oi U># Pf? s?ot Our Afllrro ilm a l^arrro|.?n<i?n< Tm %r>m<air t?. t d ?a, Awg. 1, WT. I*/ Jb'ir /"fc v iiy II ii / i tfti i- 4a '.'aurtim no Jk' Mtfi -or.fv>>?B'K r. ' (' 'V ?rut tfjr.p ftion.a V hoi ilrl'/ ?t- t -KaimA r.?W-/n <ff<w ly-walon T*pp* l?-4-K ?') rtmX?D '.r UmM I* At#*., A. ^of lor , aft to *loi au/art'mr a?o?? ?m.i -..omary f U.o <at, .Bit aooMfttt' a '.i* ira/ii farUn f* opnruor# a Mfta ?o ?' be if a to . tk< <*h? n Kia. 'bum r Pr th.) blue a<Mi .jfrf art..oil tjt? paruronic n -a of u?o K*w poor if io U?a ?at. ta*'ag in wa ban l a t-l'iat b *?o, It. U>? rtfeor butt r, oj . " tlto-r lara H ?a i.fa'a'f Ju) BB',0 la* I > p? vifi. brMkinml 'o?at?r IL ii Uw parelurt, arc ? ild <M?a>'tbia r'4'fio-rtvli tUit? if aUa-ia r?wd at,)' rod Id rirutrtaoMl Oot 'oila, on.I < atvi U,t??,lr rei^ad IB ltd t anto oftiM Oreal >h"??A au I ifo larva?aui' ojgrow; hitttrribjidiaidImnt cailo.1 ma, Trarriuof an ft#l m a oraiy wotrn. jo Ma^ .rtfr t< . 'au rjada, woold jamM, *T?cin* Vtl ?i for) fit si da fVom Ifa #H?roa of the Cbai r*b "b ?*? boHdt <M of lok'i SBf-acac. Ue4, ?a wrra #d 'a riwo foawl a part / of ?** oKra cu a trip lo Ibo fl wbl b, dnr iiff lf>o rraaoot aad ,aai aaaaor. ? ? ? ?<o ? *4 irllo a man.* ait.oBf U1* taaalli iiala isBab ow* af Mio boUlr fri?,aa pmt -sraaoW"* ?b?ir I *1. Oar rtildoe. two ia oo nbrr, wa/a la raal 'K barlnj bcejt wcurod by waa ?orat a) 4a, a I al** ana w*b two can or anrl prorviona for fbor toyt, *? abdad op ibo ^araaae fbtoo aro rn'rrod lb?< forty l?laodP Tho,wla irtm cm either ?lde larlabirc ibrir fVeah charm epoa tie m we ailed by. iirite. by th? b-?eity of Ibele ?kl-te, to acinar etemlaatloa. We rue d'wn narfer U?T ray rook, where a Maeied line wi iter dry and tootiM truah; th e la Ibe fleet uf a retire of Wan la ailed'The Uioup," laaiaeiiraily at ranted .?n the a r'ane if ihi lake, raailf te ear refrM each bat been Heunetlrel* mael (Im, a ibarp poioi of rock, deaereea peraliar notion h te the Boniineei In aa unfurl .nate *><oamaa'a beano* Tba Mm/, llbe n any athert nf the aem Hrt tain a chequered tale of dlaappniotal lore, leal on <v ad ceatb. The lake la* aarroare to a Sewelak ittan. Mil In thla part of I la ooarae baa on claln wTkL.i. ty aa 'k iftalfcirukbiDt f-al wa. belaf aeeerad ebb rant* ?* * and U? leader Mly pad. - - in 11.