Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1857 Page 2
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2 rtrer again changes 4111 d-sgglag Use boats np a short rap 1, we bare befbre uj Use frontier house, where we pui the night The following moron* our route iay nriosa Riund I ake, (he oom tern pee trous p1,? of water of the Adirondack*. R ts not >trep Ue tbe others, but shallow and oT consider nb.e fie raMtof oowaid < roecb the Indian carrying place rb ? is a well beaten and In tome placet a broad track leading from the Sarnnao to the Stony ponds Oo 1 tbe bordere of ibla Indian highway, thirty years ago I stood an Indian Tillage. A> oor ling to traditiou, juat be fore dawn tbe camp was startled wttn strange anl unearthly aborts nothing could heeeen.but when the sun rot the hunter found seron deep mocassin prlnta stamped Lethe ground, tbe footsteps lad towards the northwest and at the termination a sapling pine wae found knottei In Use centre The Indian doctor .uterpretsd the sign as an omen, un declared that the tireat SplrU required the at to remove the cnoampmont lonrdi that regt a. anl thtt the rcoed lag footprints of their Manltou proved be had departed The morning tun rote upon the credulous Indlau on his route to the Canada* the seven footprints still remain dearly stamped hi the earth, and entirely free from grass or other verdure, but the plae grown to a large tree has been cut down, and the knot bee by immortal handi carried to New York by some atnOah amateur hunter. Although the woods abounded w th pigeons and several times the deer sprang by In the fareel. we hastened on for three days; swept dowu the beautiful KaqueA, and Anally pitched our aamp on Brandy brook. We were now beyond the reach of even the appear ancea of a. titration, and almost belieyed that with the ex oeptlon of an ccoaetonal trapper we Were the drat to vMt thftoeuntry. We were, however, disappointed, for tern tag a ben I of the stream we found hanging on a slake driven in the ground a sealed tin box enclosing a piece of note paper, on which was delicately written, "1 was here before you " IVoetraUng sttb deeper into the country end traversing the little Tupper lake?a lake many miles In extent, yet having no plaoe upon any map that I have ever met with ?we entered what our guides supposed to be Rocky pood. Here at the upper end of the lake, we pitched our camp, and immediately went In search or game frr as yet we bad been living on chance tront cteght trolling as we travelled. wlk an occasional partridge and abundance of wiid pigeons. Now wo must have venison For three hour* we huntel unsuccessfully. and worn oct returned to camp it night a prAcbed the guldee fastened a dark lantern on tie bow oT the boat, and when It became dark we glided alowl) round the ahores. the light abed <ltng a bright Mare In front. The wblppoorwill saag mournfully around us. and an owl. flying lazily above croaked evil omen. Suddenly, as 1 moved unosuily In my cramped position an old buck wblet'ed ahrilly on the aho.-e and stampe t ujxrn the shallow water In which be stood. The bow or the baal was turned that the light might bear upon b'.m;bct the wind was in hit favor and we nnly ?aw ;he bu?bee bend and beard the dry stcks soap as he bounded away. Still paddling notse'rssly on ! waa surprised by seeing toe light reflected back upon me and In a moment saw the bright eyes of a deer gating with motionless astonishment upon thn lantern To Are was tb? wo-l; of an instant. The deer with a bleat of pals. ei"ang towards the boat and feU struggling In the teep water This mgnt bunting with ilgbta is cruel work and should n^ver o<< praci iod except when la great want ofprov.slcns I felt really sorry as the body of the poor nolma' slaughtered so perfidiously was drawn into the boat Reaching the camp I tfcr' w myself before Use fire and roan fell aa tap. but only tc be woken by the wolves howling abojt the tent, for the fresh meat had attracted their ssesit We wore all atartied and the bound H*o growled a sa-ags defiance. The gcioee i leu freih log* upon the fl:e. and we. taking conusance from their IndlfTernce werr ataio tnafnw moments wrapped in oar blankets and .ound asleep, C to morrow's hunt. Utix flsvrilnk Corretpoitfeure. Taojr'-tos'e Anaimc Pavtuoat,) Navx-is-; HthELAXPS, S J., Aug. 8, 185*. / A R: r Dor, vt to Ittr.g D'anch?A Jetty Sjr litn?Dtt i rf the Fpr ta:'(?A SeU?The Late I'utt of Thurloi Weed Dovn Litre AtVi F.xjiainfd?Oreat Oi.ano Dw ttru ?Attormhing lUrMtt?T\e Cat' of DmneVg emJ Motet, rfc , J.. Which way f" "To the horse race down at the Branch*' A considerable party from this plaoe went down yeeterday to loeg Branch, seven aallee, over la ad, er rather over sand, along the sea beach, to see the spec tscie of s Jersey horee race We reached "the Branch,'' at they oall It, about 12 o'clock, stopped at the Metropolt Um, took a bath tn the splendid surf, made the tour of Inspection of the numerous hotels of the locetl y, Mattered ever an Indefinite extent of country, ascertained that there were about twenty five hundred strargers at the Branch,' exdnatve of the Jcieeymen, "j jrt come ta to see the race " and on beisg informed that the said race would ooase off at four o'clock, we returned to our hotel, dined, read the papers, discussed the Cunningham bsby, and then allied forth again tn quest of adventures. At half past three o'clock "the Rraach" was In a blase of glory. Three thousand Jersey men, of all sorts, from "the rursl districts," had come to, transported In all aorta of country vehicle*, and upon *21 sorts of horses Ail the barrooms of the settlement were in full blast, and continued to be for several hoars. Gambling, In all Ita various branches, from faro down to the mysterious nrt of thimble rigging, was carried on with a degree or enthurasm worthy a better cause: and the betUog on the horses, thocgh tn smaller sums, was marked by a gusto equal to ;b*t of "the Derby." The race was thus appointed ?Hair mile, along the high war. two bewi out of three, tire hundred dollars a uJ (be boraee entered war*, Taylor Ingr ihara'a ITnUdelphlar m Roan Poll, 9 years. and Hugh Man Dalian a a. m. Joeephine half stater to Fashion. 9 J ear*, raised by rwaue! Laird, of Ooli'a Nock, la Uila oeunty. At (bar o'cou, the piazza* of iba aeraral hotels aloog tbe road er.ected aa the court? wart tbrongdR witb tbe beaut ea and lb? faabiona of "the Branch. ' At Ore lb* excitement among tb* jockayt anl peculator* ca tbi race, waa b'gb bat mil tb* bortaa did cot make lb**r appearance It waa tlx befjre they were O'O'gbt out. and half paat tlx before tbey ran tbe Orel b'U. a t .cb reaulle J aa lo'lowt;?T.ate 51 aeoond* ? Rnaa Poll 1 by Half a neok Joaaphlnc > Th a asnoi creaant eauied a t^malioc among tbe Jar t*' m?n. Oiling hr *oal and tb* barroom*, equal to thai of a elaariy aonteate * elect'aa for High Sherd. bu atraage to relate, t waa paa. reran before tbe boraa* wera again Itl up to ibe ecor*. and tbey kept haggling for a fair atart till nearly eighI, wben, for fear of danger to tbe rl lert anl the bn-wo n the lark, the aecood beat wae lodeflnltely poetpocrd, and the people were at liberty to remain at tbe lira ty or go hot e.' ,uai ae tbey pl?aaod " Then the outsiders smelt the rat? then tbe race wae daMeaeod aa a humbug?a ( . ?a pin* to draw stranger I to Lae B'ur'i and to krdtilhrm at the kol'-la nil ntahi mni* . good xany ore* night Certainly the race oould not bare Ireen managed better for the benrfli of tba Rraorh, fO' to nay nothing ef ovtaldc opem'.ooi, tbe hcieia alto g?tn*r real'.rad perhaie tot I coo Iban tbroc thou??nd do ata for tba'iperlmest. Moreorer, la to .e hoped that a a re d ee con corned w II bare dietmered that a It .tie tanxtbug >udSc;oaa!y pjt In It good and that, It cot ott owe be d w mar once or twice be aaraly repeated We oat-trad la get bar* t? Thotjipnon'a about tv.sire o'clo-k at s gbl rat; tnmb ad:fled and tome*bat rsgun^d with U- da; a as 1 a'.gbt'a nxperdetee flu 1, a* m the saaa of J?Uj l .j a, ?r ara mclioed to wtah mat ? Whea 'hey r< . do take a ride. May ae be there to aee W? ba?a aarertamed tbe nt>*bat of the lata myatoeiotn r'i he.-e of Tbnriow Woe ;, tba Htvle Oeologiat acoon pmy'ng aim, and Tramao Smith tbotr obi act waa not ia?a i - nor p.eaaurr. o re noUtica, nor aoytb ng of tba aort ba* guaoo Yea. gr.aeo though not tba , ngo.rt g xaao of the Chmcba lalan 'a, bat an artiflctal guano, to >e rt.aou'vtor* on I of Jeraay aoti Wn undaratand that a few mllea ta tbe rear o' tblt hmee, a dl? tngo-ebed r.emtaa ebem at u located upon a bill, wbiOL ba aaya throng!, a chemical dlacotery of hit, la r ebec thaa tbe r cheat California gold mm* Dr. "pie her la tba name given ue of thm groat rbeintet and bn djmrrery ta tbe i-eotum >o of gnaoo tlirongb chemical a?*?lf applied to tbe no!' of tbe afoeaaald bill, .nd guano * aucb a no*, ty and oo cheap aa to aetootob tbe world. Tbia rbcaa. tberefo-e, an I h a dlocorery. hava boon aer?d opoo bjr Tburiow Weed A Co.. and tbey expect to make ail. ear upon milltoao of t?n? ef guano, and to po;ki l m; nana ef do' ara from '.be Ofraticn If any one baa aav ootid upon the eubiert we aee repealed to refar him in tbe Certw of Dr. Spteher and hia expor'.meota tbareon witb thai afrroaald fertii.rer. a m a or two back of there Higt, landa. Stare art Sato Hay tbo r?1eoda of noonolly bare bad tbo body of Mnaea d.iuitorrel and tbo wouaia oarefully ex an. i. w, bit too facta and tbo preaumpUooa in tba r.aae re main la* note aa befbre. Teotorday the brother of Mn art rde tod tbo "aa View, and aa wa ara laformod, mat with a r?-y cold recept'oo Hla particular object, we b? la-*, waa the ity ooa dollar* which the mardered man, Mo*re reo' <?ted, ibmild be ant to hta mother bat which .a cold. ?aa port of tbo m-ioay ab etrarwd from tba bc,tal tale by Deuelly. and woa by Mo aee. - that 'ate r gbt'e gambling Thoaapaoa i la pteuy fail, oatwlthalaading the general d.uaeea o' tba inaaot,. an I wa are oaaured all along tbeae afcorea by bote! keeper* boatman aod flabormoo, that the beet weather to yet to oome Omr Newport (nrmpondanca. HlrCM, R I , Auguol I, 1M7. Th? .Vmnon a! SntfnH?*nar?TV rtrapge an<1 fMt //-raid?f?>*ai RoUpg Mm \ ,1 patter TV** - At v.-m w tr rirri, Tot' reoeni Mlera from and editorial* oe Newpor, to*wit 14 hav* made aoine little ?Ur bare amna I boor who rKa a petuniary utaraat !a the auorea* or Urnta Noab's art I. tea hotet* Bui tbouyb a etrnoy med trine It won d appear M be ope rat. ny bealtbly?for laatanoe. let me auote tba ro'.iot B? lead;Of editorial from a little aheet ?lwt r.ama to luraiab (ha quvi mmrt beta with the dally newa. end I say remark, m par*?, thai Tor a proTtn rial Joaraal our people are iolte plaaaad with tbe Mr .ny oommoa aaaae exhibited la tbli article?Uie mora an a* II mootbeaoaoay ipattar for a local editor to aarape tba pi? a of eulalrte Infl enr* wblrb patron* 0? tar sated a tba bark in J op of ao? aohotna to perform that acnplural doty by atranyrro which aa.ota* tbalr belt* laaao la) mlytt poaalbly be lodaoad to employ BjI I* tba Od lorta. The Ultra are my ooa. It beylo* ? We boye yet to aoa our cWreaa aa a body with eome mora ear ere dapeadenee than the tire?t; to tee arrnie l-eetnam dooa im a mere rrltoWr boMi than any wa are now anyagad ta. Proaldiay for tba want* of tba thmiaand* who annoaliy repair ta our ebnroa for bealtb and rerrea Una forma i aqormonehiy almnet rte rmlf Im-Mmr >f nttr pUrr Heavy amouata of ^apiul are Ulna laveeted. and aim? every new enterprise of auyaltude to predicated oa aome similar demand or eiperUtloo Wbea w# raflart oar a*tremely preearteoa Uill " tin awriny la, tad how dimotraoa a thlay It would be to have tbe rofeni rf raabton rbanya, ft habere* oa to oon?l<W whether It ta tba pari of wtodom to ya no maklay larye Outlay* for tba pnrpnee of aor mmodoftuy ptaoaore I anehee*. to tbe eve? of Ml ether eoterprlee " " e?ry true thai there la at presort an nneaalno to ap I m r ?"! / isut'.tRbii &rw,' J I but the dependence 4a not a aoand tad reliable one. end this ottv la In no condition to pay tu war to-dar, II "f toy accident thu ptru KarU (or the place should aba x 10 wn great extent. Tbe editor tbeo goes on to point oat a meana of relief aa follows ? "Rut," eaje a reader, "we don't know how to do aaythlng elre; tber* la nobody among ue who un leretanda thorougb'r how to do what la elsewhere auocewfuly done." There 'a ncougb In the wwid to do if we are prepared to do It, and our Ignorance of the mechanlonl trades on a l*?ge scale i rght to be remelled without delay. We manufacture bnt a very a mall portion of thoae articles of common use, which s little knowledge, a proper degree of tnlerpr'.ae, and hot a an.*1 narl of the amount ecpen led on hotels end cottages for the "strangers' " aoonmmoia lion, would enabio aa to produce We do not wish to he understood M ?itner carpng at the activity displt' od In aoeommt dating our visiters, or wishing, u some paraooi preUnd to, that this was n t a summer reaort; bui wo maintain that tht Inmneu it a precarious (me, anil idai 'o> a permaot ci dcpendeioe we must have varied mw.onoloal, manufacturing and commercial internets of tome importance snd magnitude. We hone our capitaflita will reflect upon this suggestion Import, if jon cannot find at home, stmefcodj who kaow* aomethlng tho>oogi.iy, and set him at work at li, on a libera! heels, and you will be doing more good to sae community than bv the construction o' a doxeo first class cot ages "for rem'?deneud upon It. We expect frequently to return to this sobjset, and to off or some practical suggestions seat**** The Tact or the matter is, that Newport, to its shame he It s]?kon, commercial y speaking, is uepeadent In a great measure for la bread and butter upoa the straigors; and uawlto people but too often forgot that there it little wisdom tn killing the goose tint lays the gotten eggs Hence it is tbadftgs, the grocer, and Uteayer,the butcher, and White Apron, the bead waiter, shake In their pecuniary shoes when an independent Journal darsi to bint that visiters don't get their money's wortn, and thai Kigs. Clearer Whi e Apron & Co tfo- disposed to make hay while the sun shines. Alas' Newpmt has been, when Ueorge Berkley, afterward! Cord High Bishop of Cloyno, wrote thai "New York bid fair to rival Newport:" then o?r wblto winged messengers and merchant prince! poke for themselves; but now the rhtliog wharfs ant shut up and decaying warohou'us are but too true expo tents of a mercantile spirit which has d wtndled down? grand venturers which sent their strong ships to plough lar distant seas; to rtock companies which put the largest number ofpiopie into the smallest number of roonn, at so much per day If a city of say 10,0(0 inhabitants (possl lily more) Is reduced to living upon the sfanxen, it is far better thai tbey should learn a lesson of self reliance, by having the broken reed ujxm which they lean entirely withdrawn. We are to have a grand walking match here against time?William H. Hughes, the pedestrian, having un dertaxen to walk eighty consecutive boa-s without stopping, beginning to day (Wednesday) at noon and continuing until Saturday evening next at 8 I' M tie walks at the ra e or say 'JJt mres on hour, aversgo Y ?ur readers will remember that this Is the rame Hughes who under took to walk fir 100 consecutive hours in California eome two years ago or more: on this occasion Hughe* tailed, af icr aiAj?'UJ|'ur;u>ug ro w ui - nuu -v uiiauro, ?s wj w? b us, from the closeness 01 the room 'n which ho walked; ho;dished the feat, however, at Bwton in June of 1856. and sotne j ears ago wants! TO miles in 12 h.urs and -J minutes at ibis nlaco. Heches is a email man. but thick set, considers himself in txeelleut training? weighing hut 126 lbs ?and feeU coufldcnl of his euccess. He It an I n gllfchman, frttn Liverpool Thi e aro outside bets bore of from $700 to $S0C on the result We shall keep yoi ported as he progresses. Quite a serious accident occurred on Monday afternoon last, ("1 ort Day"). It appears that a carriage containing three ladies, two gemiemcn and a small boy, was on Hi way to lort Adams While descending a hill near the fort, the horses be ame frightened, and being rendered still more unmanageable by the harness getting against tbi.r legs, tbey dashed furiously along the road until their headlong progress received a check hystriV ng against a partla'ly closel gate near the fort limits Here one of liie bursei came U the ground wi ll a broken leg Mr. Charles Howard, who was driving at 'be lime, was thrown several fuel from tha vehicle, failing upon bis face. He It considerably hurt, bat not I'argeroua'y. No other person was wtunded except one of the lacles, who tras bruised about the arm and shoulder. Col. Magruder, the commanding officer, has publisted some direction* of the crowd of vehicles which vU!l the fort upon reception days, and placed ecnt neii to enforce them Thli if a wire thing, and will, doubtless, prevent any acui dent within the works which mlgtii otherwise mar the pleasure of the moat agreeable amu*ement at Newport?a drive to Fort A lams. But no more upon this bead at pre ent?I shall keep the ''Fort Day ' fur some future oputle Mlfs Annie It Andrews, so well krswu for her heroic devotion to the victims of yellow fever pestilence at Norfolk. la new sojourning at the Boiler ae House. We would gladly, did your s-ar- permit, pay a tribute to the well earned fame of tbla noble hearted lady. Bit an appror log conscience mun be her all ?utl rivet reward. The "domestic dlffioalties" whiota we mentioned In our lest as being the cauie of Wee ten's suicide were flat ironing bis better half, and according to the Newport Jlfeios, "remorse. ' Indeed that caper, whlci seems to have the latest and fullest ln'orm tilon upon lb.a sub set, aava that "remorse was the adge and evecu.liner." The agent employed by remorse upon this occasion n c.ioctlsg the execution being the grappling rose of the boat, which was fastened twloe round the victim's body ere be M sank to rtae no more." A piece of paper was found noon the body on which the following was wrtUsa?"Fourteenth day of July. Tnesc are the last words I wleb to write: 1 lore my oblldren dourly, and my wife mora than all earthly things." On tho reserve the words, "Sybil and Na thus" J. B Brown and Kin KMse Bridges have been giving a aerten of dramatic and poetic readings here, whioh as they have been bat eJmly attended did not, we fear, prove ra rruneratlve. Mtas Bridges should turn mors of her attention towards the siege, she woo I J, with study and oare, doubtless be snooeaeful. We think, however, tba' she would have appeered to better advantage In a simpler style of dress than that In wfclth we saw her, or better 1 still In those of the characters which she represents. Mr Brown's manner was too labored. There were too many tnorrmsoti of the legs: the gesticulations of ths arms were much more evprossire. it is a difficult mailer, as an Indian might say, to ' make legs talk " Our Hit lill< Id Springs Correspondence. Kkh'th.p e'-stsos, August 1, 1847. Th* Seaoon at IbcJ Mi en Rrrtftinn in thai of tkt atht Wa j tenng Placa?Thn BotfU?Trou: Fi hxng Oool weather Inva-tably is the came of pern clary dearth to Lbe sucrews of American watering p'aoes, and such is the rase the present season. We hare bad no " Intensely hot" wsaU>e*, baroo the pop a ar plaoen ai resort are al most deserted. Thin Is true of Samtrga, l.akt Ge-rge. Niagara and Avon, bill It la not tros of RlchQeld. Here j 'b?re are plenty of people, for ItiehBeld la a quiet, beautiful little place, and the medicinal properties of If* waters I cannot be aurptuned Tin fart bM boon unirurnall/ rodceded. iDd m ollen proved by -practical illu urntimt, eo 1 U>al lb ore la do Deed of further avertlm In thta reload. Frerybody doca not know tba ronto to Klobfieid, ao I | will give It Yoa go to Atbaay; then take be New York Central lletlroad t > Herkimer ita-lon, ?bc? yon will flnl capacloua and oomrortable four horae rt ig? te ooarey yon to tble pla:e, foortetr ? lea dbtaat The principal hotel beralatbo American, of which Uel. .lobesja la tba pro pnetor We bar# (food foiling la tble Tint ally. I aa? a front I ' at eveo.Dg. caogbt ta a email bro i? near thla Tillage? one of lb nee deboiotie tliowe?that weighed over two ' pouade and a half, aad there " are more of tbe aamr aort" left. lake Hebuyler, a benctifal holy of water, Ilea a lie distant, and "aego lake about an bour'a drive off? both of which are arrouaded by tba mat beautiful actuary aad abounding In aarorj Bab. We have aa vla.te-a here an ne few dMngulabed people rnch a* iloa John C Mather, Judge Keen*, of Tcnmeiee; Cot. Bowie, of Maryland,* HWabb, (lb# ablpja.Ider) of Naw York, aan family. Our Laka llahrgfii Cm rrapontleni e. I.ika Mm.a ?*, Joly 77, 1*67. 7*a *>a?w of 1A? rA'i'?PvJurtqtu Appearance of .'Ae OwWiy?Krrtf* /'rem Ike Obpinig ?/ a floe. <ft.,<fc Tbli laka and neighborhood (about ft* r mile* from PeekafclU) aerer looked finer more refreab tig or larding than at Ibe pmeat time, perhap* more eo now than at aay 1 other aeaooa, from tbe 'act of tba hay aad rye cropa bemg arattered la gotden heape orar tbe nndolatlow of lb# aot wblrb. added to l^a natural beamy, la remarkably pte tureequa Thi? lake la not an large at tka riral, Mabopao but la mnrb more retired and quiet, and aa a cotmeqaenre autre drr rahle ai a rummer retort lla naual tranquility yeeterdey,however, warall^btly disturbed by tbe following ' ar< dent, which aa aotbtag aerlona aroae 'rem It, la aow j looked apoa by tbe parllea concerned aa ludlerona enough Nntwubrtaading tbe day waa <tnnday,tta weuber looked en temptingly cool and tbe breeae eo brlek that Ore get tlemm embarked la a little yarb. for a eel I np tbe laka agalnrt the rtraag wind Half the nntaree bad been at trmpltibed when oae of ike genta went a'oft, aa ke aald. "tore* bow tb? land la;;" the boat ?aa put about loo rharpl; aad U>? W>p hamper aloft m abo a*uo( are nd carried bar moat beauufali; orar?aa oaa of Iba part; ?ipreeted It. Three of lt*m?Mrarrr K ' *, R* aed Clonal O** - warn lor the rl?ore, whilM Meaarr T and II* * * . ramaained b; Urn ;aebr, ketl ap, awattini tba arrival of a ral'ant fallow wb'>m thajr aaw pnllnr awtti; for tba napatsed boat Ofretr?- all ihia eaured tpteoee aaNtemeot Kootaol people cr?wd<d thr little emioaneea no tha ab<>ra, and whro iba emw mind cmtm nlationa wert abowered upon them A biapttaMa medical fan laman oflerad bla bouaa and ad mini awed brand; and water, and hie ejrrlient lad; am 'lau||bter etprearnd their no bounded ra'.lafaotleB at tbair prorldeoUal lellraranoe fr >m an accident wbleh alpbl "o raall; hare prored ale I Af er tbla tba ehlpwraokM amaioora ratorae I to lhair ra rpectlre homer for a eban;e of clo'haa una * th" part; named the onrtrrrenoe la tha ereaiat a? a fiod lake, whi rl an'iber raid be would am rtrk it ama lor ten Ibovraad dollam. Be wad one of the two en the boat wbi n abe toraed keal op, aod eoold not awn a rtroke Oar Klorrmr llri|hU Cnrrripindam*. r ow a Hkioiirr Hum, Aacort 7. !*' : Ncfvry?Aviuirmm'r?TWiWur ? i oa'i- / .it-alt TXtalrioafr, dc., dc. t i vwiaiitt (a ilrftn invn I IV n fhii n ire rtn i u-y,? w- " ? ?' -f r By tray fffim Philadelphia to your c iy, hare had no rrim to regret that I did m. I one im>t yon II la a charming apnt, ud lb# wnidnr k that I bam not before foaad N (ml Fnrraee it on# of Ibr man/ now lomit whrh hare growa np la Jaraey Ilka a gnnrd, and la titrated about t?<aty ibrra mil* a bom Philadelphia. and three era! of Rurllagloo, whare fflthop Dnann hoidt bin oonrt The natural ad racing* of lb* plane am rtrj great The hotel m aituated no a height, none ninety fleet there the lielatrare. and la flanked on eiiiior aide bp rharming grore* From the broad pltrra In froal of the kcujt in Jure? NM fltw *** 0 09M FEW FORK HERALD, MC try below tbe De'iwtre, with long patchei or Innl mpe above ud bt low. Ia Uie dietaaoe beyoad Trenton, are i ha Blur HiUs, of which Schooley's mountains form a chain. There are various msec a of amusing oaeie.r here, ( amen of all kind* are indulged In by the boarders, oad (hen there 1* excellent shooting and ttshing. The riei also are tolerable, at least tor Jersey. Upon the whole, the place has many attractions, and I am glad thai I anchored here. The compon> at the >? very agreeabie aud aseytupathetic as Is usua at such p sora. There arc some very ; handsome ladles lh the groups I enoouater In the balls and "h mo |hb77.m tuoy ?ro gmirrnuj uviu t m.u??v k?-? though permit mo to say No v York has souo fair axoelient repri sedatives. Several " hope" hare been glrea hce the oreseat sea son; but there leeras to he some sort or tableaux n?xnu mi1 private theatricals On datnrday evening last the former wero got up tn capital style, while the " Eton Boy" was also done. .1 have on 17 tpaoe to say that the tableau: were as good a* I hue ever teen, white the " Eton doy" was done he tor than 11 if sometimes acted at our theatre*. " Dabster," tn the bands of Mr O?. was lively and oil band, quite arttstlr Dr K did " Cailatn Pepbam" quite a la node J. Waltaea Lester created the greatest fun tn bla dtrguiao as " Miaa Curry." "Kanny" was en trusted to a handsome and lovely lady, Mtss W , and the grueralrxofcmatiio was " how admirable'" " daily " iv Mrs O , kept the audtenee In a arousal tttter Mr W?, I should not forget to ray. plnyea^Uaptain Ourry" la genuine leading old man style. The whole afl'slr was get up under the dtrectinn of Dr. L R Koecker, of Phlla mil Ira, a genUoman admirably adapted fbr the position All the characters were Oiled by I'hlUdelphlans. I learn 'bat there is tn bo another performance to mer ow even trg, when "RixandOoi" and "G?il fo- Nothing" are Ut^dowo No doubt ihd evening wtll parts awaf cbarm Our Old Point Correspondence. Ori> Poiwt Comport, Va., August 3, 1SJT. rwfeit ai Otd Point?Growing Popularity of the Hon. A. Dudlty Mann'I Steamship Scheme?The Kantat War in Virginia?The I'lira* I be Annihilated? PM Monroe and HtA!'rac/Ums?A)>point;nerJ<f a Sutler for Vie Gatrruon ?The M'eafher, rfc O il 1 o Jit continues to be the scene or unrivalled gaiety. In the profusion and variety of tbo pleasures and moani of liceltb'ii! engagements afforded thee, It sir passes probably any otber watering pines in the t'nlon. How j would enjoy r< reek or two more here' But this would not suit the Hikaui; and as I have but sufficient time left to reach Kncsvllle, Tennessee, a day In advance of the open ing of the Southern Commercial (J invention, I most set out to the muru'ng. The ladlee here, I understand, regret my departure, helojt spprehens ve that aTer my departure there woull be no cne to appilso ibe SsHaui of their ma. ro-uvree flensing reOeotlcn to leave with. I shall deny my Identity when I get Into such society, to the fullest crteut in my power. But It will eke ont, I fear, in sp.te of at! my caullcn. The celebrated Washington pub'lsber, 0. Bohn, has he Hciu:j> for sale here, aud It Is really amusing ti witness the rush for it every morn.or Mr. B. has Informed me thai It is more sought after than any other commodity in bis store. He is the very embodiment of kindness and courtesy, and, as a consequence, has made himself a pardcu'ar favorite here They have bid a magnificent display of fireworks at the rcrt to night, ami for the Ural time eiace my ariival here tbo hall nom la quite de-oriel. I am availing myieir of the (ho t reap! e from buat'.e, which the absence of the ladlei aflorda, to write thia Ict'.er, at a aacrlBca of the pleaeu-e which I might enjoy at the flreworka exhibition. The gTcat Irani Atlanta iteaiiihlpenterprieeor the Bon. A. Dudley Mann, hai growa prodlgloualy In piblte favor, o far ucu be ascertained with the comprehensive ex fx* of bla view* and plans which he male at the convention here a few daj a ago. That the line of steamer* which he prcpoiea to get up will be beyond the range or competition by New York from the want of iiuQclent depth of water 10 accommodate steamship* oT the cltu con tern pla*cd, teems to give the fblleit c mfldenco In the aucoeas of the scheme And greater apeed being acquired, and oofU(qu?nt'y greater economy of time, It la presume 1 that thia line will command a larger proportion of patronage than any* line that can be gotten up. do long as auperlor advantage! oonld not be oreeented over New York, all competition with her would be deetetd fruitless. And tonally unauooetaful would a?y scheme be regarded whxh capital would enable her to counterbalance; but iu this matter aature lnierp>*ea, and rumplete'y nulUflca the power which her wealth eor.Vra. Hiiaald that la the construction of the Pers.n and \ anderbllt, the haa come cp to the capacity of her water accommodation, and that abe can, therefore, go no farther It lee ma to be eetab'tahed from the increaaed rate of apeed wbleb the new and larger claao steam thlpe bold to the old or amaller alze. thai a proportionate gain will ha acquired by the construction or veuaela or equal dlmen*' n* with the Oreat Kaatern. It le thle Tact which glvee so mcch encouragement to the frienda of thia new aoheae In ita competition with the great moneyed power of New ) OIK. Ana it ion, iiki, wuicu |irinciFiw tu niipif tuo great desideratum that 111 enable oolon planter* to dta penae with the system or advance* upon their crops, which they were forced to demand under the neccea of alow transhipments and rooeepaant delay* In the receipt of the prooeeda of aalea. Tbcae advancea are obtained at c<ntidarable dlaoounia, all of which will beaavod by the prompt nee* In shipment* and retnrna lo be aoqoL/el under ite operation n( this scheme A more fnl deve opened of the railroad ronnec Iro* with polnte farther south la looked for aa a meaoa of incroaaed facility and creator ( beapnoa In the tranamiaeion of '.;ooda lo the point of embar kit Ion, ao that an advantage in the mere matter of eipendlture will be afforded over water Lraoilt amb aa baa now to be retorted to by pUtteralathe transmission of their prodacta to New Y ork and other northern porta, pre paratory vo traneblpment. Tbcae Increased facilities may be regarded a* tome of the conditions upon which tha anc rets of tb*t enterprise moat bebace l.and aboull it offer bopee of aaecess, lbe?e Is ever? reaaoo to telleve that these 'acilMlea will be aflbrded There Iv /nod ground* for be ierthai the Sotiihwn Com mcrrlal Convention, to aveemhlo at KnvcvtMc, Tranewaee, on the 10th mutant, will lake acme pw eel action in this matter, lo view or tbe spirt aaan.Vsted by the c-mvention here They wl'1 be duly appriaed of ila roenlt* ar.d they ran but act upon precedent They < uinnt, In the fhco of the prart'ral example act here, co-vrnt tiemaelvea wl^h the mi re paretic of resold' as la approval of lbs arhrme By anch a oc ,iae thay woild b- onlrmini he truth of the several charge* of Indr laton and want of f >roo In their 'Inn, s< Jjatljr npptl* I In the prn-cn |ln?? of all previous coovcntion* Tbr question will be put bel >re ihem in a practical *bape, an I 1 aoe no alternat! re for thrm bat to act npnn I; in tbe sain spirit. I under*land that Colonel Uxrn oontcnolatoa taking tbo Initiative in tbe cooatr.( fo? of bias eamship*aooit March or April nest, and thai mm' fa7^ra? e pn'nt In this recloa will be choaeo for thai purpose Meunwlille, he purples making a tour Utrougb lb 'iHitbern H ate* with a view to n *abeor|b?ra, the ; lan of action 10 be toe same aa deve oprd la the proceedinc* l?ere Tbe Xanana war race* in Virginia with n fury which bide (air to eclipse nil other paiitlcal contest*. It woald cent as though the aoe on of battle upon this great it sua wa* transferred lo tbe 01 1 Itomiaioo ( Urals*, to lbs ? teat ibai It ? st*?and ibaila limited, ledced? la rati ? , ampant but I mistake tbr pope ar fecit: g very mich if, qjnmi tbe first Suing C) portuo'ly?say the Senatorial elect">u ?'I does not receive a rebuke a: the hand* of the cooeerrati ve people of V irglcia that will render It ntterly barmie*t lor all tlcc locome. Not a single individual here with whom I have spoken on the su* wi?and we have among taa vr.trra at tbia place reraon from all parts of the oom mon wealth?but coademna the course of tbe ante almlai* clique and It la alleged that th a pillcy will be round to operate with a ante! 1*1 affart urraa those who pursue It. Br!ie--e me thai a bonvy retrihJhoa will ooaae at aa ear y da.- npoo tbe bend* of those who ace nmmroenin. in rcni nf r lTir noa mi(ig>acniTrK; la \ trglnla A general fa# nt of reeeotaeat prernila aratoat tbe urala n tbla matter and It oeoda fell lb? pro per occaoioB to derak>,a II. Mark ibta prodlcltoa I apo ik with undoubted authority There la a prattp animated I 111 la war now going on la thla rrrtnn la rafcrencr to the appointment of a tiler for Fori lino me. to aocoeeil me present Incumbent. trbnae rrmoral boa bern ordered hp the War Itepertmeni There are nine candidate! la (be Seld. eta R Q Riabt, Tauten narrow Hope and Nathaniel 'Htnain, or Hampton. C. Mellon. ibe prcaatrt incumbent (> C Mellon and John B. Mnbrr, Jr , of Old Ihrtnl Comfort. J B Irwin, Walter .1. Injh and A B Cooke, of Norfo'k. Tb? o iarii of admin etratton of the garrtnon, > ompnned of Uai* A A HI beiti, Second artillery, (apt. A B. Hoar, Foarlh aru lerp, and Major J F Re> noida, iblrd artillery, bare bad tbe aubject of tbla appotn' lent t'oder coaiPdera'lon for arme dap*; bat what tba remit la, ban not or pat .roneplred Their astioa, bowerer will hare to receive tbe rtnf of the (teemtory of War; and cannot, therefore, be deemed rooclaatre Indeed, tbetr fnnrtiote In tbla regard hare I it a rawr force than tbat of a re oeeeedeMon, ataoe It a mm wtent fnr tbe Nocmtarr to orerrale thaw action and appeal whom be cboooee. It la to t>e pramtmed, therefore, thai tlltbeit'i-ieaeeeserc'ted <o tbi* behalf boa been direct*! to tbe fbaal* a hoed, but that tbe appointment will be made with duo reference to fttaena and elldieacp rteaptte tt.e noma of all taflaeace, there to tbe fnlleet guarantee in the aeal Tor tbe efficient working of the deportment wbtab ha? nbaractartred tbe admintetration of the Secretary of War thai fbr I aottced n a little drmacratic abeet. a few week* ago, aome farorable aJ uetooeto tbe (tpcretery.aad know ng hiwomnlona that dlatiagnlabed fuotiooary war to tbe editor of that pa per not marv montht before, I woe real I p at a loo* la inline Uio cauae of Una auddea change m hta wail menta I barn now, bowerer, tbe proper can to tbla etrente rant It Ion, and 1 nan with aome ertntntp predict tbe alter tall re of tbla oiblle reaor Tbla rralee li loo atroegly tinctured with ealfWbnaon, and ita object tot traaamrrnt to racape tbe penetration of tie rbrewd eec.reurr. and be will no doubt ert mUe it a Hi pro-rr merit. Ctnloteenabod (rane it a pretty ma-co ommndity noemUyt. Ttta rflioe, thnucn a r-imnnrallTalT Imtnble one, nerer tlielean it profitable (>f t,lM Toa b?*e the fullaM pro / d tlie nexn' tr of ctn<ll'iatii applying for It?ail, ar 1 oa<ier*taa<i, In pertty good clre immanent But tbi? mire If i>ef*M a deelro for larger arouleUlont, and I would fe'ga argue igfnat Hie preprint) of ru fj rig it. The roroe In the garrttnn al preeent doe* on' ailment to qnlte three hundred?lets than a man to eaoh gun The n-ration, howerer, dm not demand a larger number, and m a matter of eennomy the policy may he regarded wlee the r?*ut*mand regolerllf tlrlM# In erery department of the fori apeak highly for the <,fflier? la oommand, all of ah< m I understand m be gentlemen of the highatt order, atd la ta emlneat degree honorable to the nobleaerrioe to a hiefa they belong Thi Yao*t* at New London?K large nuoiber of the yachtt belonging to the New Vor* Varht Club, were sal!Ing about eor harbor daring the day yesterday. They go from bore to Newport, and will thenoo proreed to New Bedford, to atttnd the regatta which It Mpeeled to be held tbrra on Wednesday next ?Aa11*ni<m OKrmicle, WDAT, AUGUST 10, 1S5T. OUR COLLEGES. (oumioremriit at lh? Vermort I'oluwllf,

OUH BntLINOTON OORHE^POKUKNOR. BurlieotRw, Vt, Aug. 7, 1367. Vtrmcnl University?Opening t ier rises?Hoccoloureale Sermon? Kehgiout Inquiry Society?Phi lido Kappo Ad. dress. The OEerc'iM connect*! with the Fifty third innlrerary of the University of Vermont began with the Bacoalaure ate sermon by the President on Sunday afternoon This was a masterly and most thoughtful pnxluoton, specially , adapted to the occasion Res. 1U. 2, furnished the theme, 1 end a crowded audienoe listened Intently while the speaker dwelt on the gratitude we should feel that there are " things that remain" to us and the necessity that rests on , un to strengthen most diligently these remaining things 1 lest they die at last. Any adequate sketch of the sermon | would bo too extended fo> this place, so Oiled was It with strong and arholarly thought. After the sermon an origt > nal hymn was sung to an ortgtaol tune, both written hf mecnbo'S of the graduating clsaa. On the evening of Bi nday occurred the oalebrstfcn of the Society of Religious loqa ry. The house was thronged again to ltaten to the Rev. Israel H. Levtngs, of Madrid, J K Y , who li not altogether unknown bore as was prorod by the frequent audienoe. His subject was 9L Paul as a Uhriillan preacher, and this theme was very finely wrought out by dwelling first on the subject matter of his preaohIqg, next on the maimer of it, and lastly on lis end. Its ibetne wss ever Christ, and this theme was constantly 1 held forth "In all wisdom," and the end was none else than * to present every one else perfect before God " Mr. livings is not ore of the most pleasing speakers, bla voice and atyle cf delivery lacking varloty and animation, but In spite of this dliadvaotags, be held tho attention of bis audience for an hour and twen ty minute# by bis vigorous thought and bla scholarly anl eminently systematlo way of presenting it llis style of writing combines strong logic with a remarkably clear and lucid manner In arranging and setting forth his argu mcnta. Monday was a leisure day, rare that in the evening the music lovers went to the "Commorcial Concert" in the Town Hall, and came away praising the performances of Hall's Boetoa Band. This band was in attendance through all the remaining excrc'ses of the week The celebration of tbo Alumni and of the Phi Beta Kap re Society, occur hero on alternate years. This yoar I'rof. Fisher, of Yale College, addreesoJ the P B. K. on Tuos day evening. Bis discourse was on the "Origin and loiter developemcnta of Protestantism;" a large subject to treat In s single hour, but discussed in an eminently scholarly way. The erator spoke first of the different views taken by various historians of the great movement of the P.o lormatton, and then sought to find its true Cannes and spirit by going back to study the lives of the early reform crs themselves, especially Luther The protest by which I.uther earns to Ute conviction cf the truth of the doctrine of .luatittcetion by Faith, and to a determination to stanl by bis own convictions cf truth and duly, against alt the authority *r church and state, was very fiuely delineated. From the moment this determine ion wis arrived at, the Uea of religious f.esdom bad a substantial life In Chrtaton dom. From the tdcacf religions freedom came the Ilea of civil freedom. If a man mlgh: judge for hlmaelt In such ni'mentou.s concerns as those of religion, much more might be do so in civil and poh.ioal affairs. To be sure, dangers result from this llbertv, but those dangers are sltgot compared with those which come from indolent submission to the dicta of others. Modern lnfldc'.ty?charged by some upou the free thinking spirit or the Re'ormttlon? bad Its origin elsewhere. In previously exit ing Pagan tendencies; and these Pagan Inlluences L'-tber moil effectually otiecked by plaalrg the gioundwork ofatl true re ligtoo, not In outward obodleocc and ceremonies, but In a spiritual life Modern pantheism was the counterpart or I him aiutlatii Pmmn AlAmnni Hapa Ihft inAtltAP triTid l.imn or the moat unking dtttcrenooa betireeo the German mind and that of the Romanic nation*, to show why a spiritual religion, like Rroleatantlim found a more natural home lr the former und in the other nations or K irupe. while the formaline* of Romanism more easily prova'led in the latter. The human raee 1* evidently progressing toirardaa re Hgtoui unity. Many master spirit* of the Romish church are already to very cms lerable extent imbued with the spirit of Protestantism. To illustrate this be died from Broaneon, to show that thinking men of the Roaisb faith had already come to see Ad to say that the church must be. divorced from the state; that she mnai rely for support on the truth alone, and troat to free and open In ! vesication. But we minilesve out raont even or the ma'n point* of Professor ruber's discourse. thou |h wa do it much Injsi ; lira to dismiss It In this summary way. It wa* delivered I la a rery easy and graoefnl manner. AVDRM8 TO TBI I.ITKBABY BOtlETIH. More energetic and animated in the delivery wa* the ad. 1 drem of Prof. I'paoo, or Hamlltoa College, to the art?rnoon, 1 before the Literary soelstie*. HI* theme was the Child like Spir t He began by glvlsg Coleridge's detioitloo of | gent**?a* the power, sot only of making new oomblna lions, hot also of earning the freshness and emotion* or ; rhlldbood into the powers and acUvllles of manhood. The child ought to be the rather of the man. and our "days ' sbnnld be bound ennh to oarh by natnral piety,'' as Couds worth baa so finely said. He wont on to give the charat testation of thin childlike spirit, Hinocrity and simplicity Is saaentlsl to It. Intact It in this quality that envelopes all the rest. Thin slnoerlty in indispensable to the clearest exerot/e of the perceptive Taculty?to reflection and to self : rrspcet. In that trio of American statesmen?Oalbo'in, Clay sed Webster?Galbo m was pre emineotly the logician; the most direct and straightforward Ic his reasoning. I and the one to whom young men were meet attached, and I that loo by reason or his evlkent sincerity in all he said. Indeed It Is often stld tost sucoeae Is the measure of power, but it should be remembered that though concealment is possible, pretension la not Sbakapere does not permit is go to triumph, for all hit Intellectuality and all Ills fiendish craft Our own Webster doer not suffer by ootn parisoa with Talleyrand, wbote name I* sytoor { room wiih diplomacy, and wao was able i to give a bis alleglaase to eighteen different forms of gov eroment Beside bin tortuous oourse and Its result*, pot the ruanlr. rtlreel norrrsnoiidi-noe of Wehat< r la the Ash Imrtoo Irunty, and Dote it o difference In favor of lbs Ame risen stale- man Hr.Ti.iUtj, reverence an 1 centleneee also characterise the childlike spirit, and are not at all uoairadlctory to true cou, rage, eelf reliance and force. Humility eleratM lhaoha tat ler. Here lay oae (treat eon roe of nshirgioo ? (treat oers, All the groat mathematicians were tumble men I feel like a little child,'' raid Nowloo, "picking up ebelle on the ahorr of the f real m ean of truth " BoWdttSb At oilned the chair of matbcmatlie at Harvard because be Tell ln< ompt loney >o (111 (be plaoe ' The Kobim worehlp of Imttn of Iielty war then con trailed with the eplrtloal worehlp of the Hermans aud the Anglo ttaion rare, and ibe latter ahown to have at oooe superior simplicity and dignity. The L ilted Sale* worships in rellgtor. a collection of Ideas?In polllioe, an ah* traction?.be office, not Ute man?the law, rather than toe judgn. A gentle qniet man, at the meeting of the Neographlrnl Hoc let j. aald tba be believed la the rvistnneo ef an open era at the North I'ole. and gave bit reaaore fjr that belief: and eo patent were tie geetle worde, that a ship, and men, and m-tiey ware eom at bia command, and the open tea was discovered That, geoiietnen, wae nn MMfMMl with true courage, nod torce war shown by Ihe way la wbt< h he met, en<t mined himself and men, from nil Ihe dangrre and ba'dthipe of the Arctic teas. Veur flret clam refortneri, geaniee radicals, are alwave gentle Tbey know the power of tola qi.allty?wluieaa U trrleoo and the rest. Note, loo, In lllcratirn, the bold oa Ihe hearts of era gained by Christopher North and Kile, an compared with Mm and ltd Oa susfe men the world bosws Its richest eplthe1. of lor m oalllog them poor It le always poor Buraa. poor (tollsmltb, poor Cbariee Iamb, yet those men shall live la the heart* of Iho people wbeo their ungentle oonteoiportriee are forgotten The childlike eplrlt la distinguished, loo, by cheerfuloeea and homer A story of Mrs Unwln gave rns to the esgaiatte hailed of Jrho Qilptn, and Indlcently to the Tank. It wae said that Washington never smiled. This seemo-l incredible Hon loo'? untoe In the Cap*lnl ef Virgialn? the beat I keneaa of hint?<14 not give one tbla Its prawn Tt le shewed Wash la (ton la be nothing more nn<l nothing lean than a cultured"Virginia gentleman It lx?i>eaks a rheerfol, confldmg trust In Hod. The marble telle the truth, that Washington was n < heerfol man. Hnmor Is the pervasive Inllneoo* In which childhood end I'.aahoodg flow together It Is honorable to be oelied an old boy Hnmor and wit were finely contrasted bare, Tba fay'Dc of lull*' wai motel, "thai an otioca or < boar fulaaaa la wortk a poond of aadoaaa to aorra Ood with ' Wa ahoall diltir^r tba chl M Ilka apt nt by ladolftac tb? qnaotioti and ardent feahafa natural 10 childhood It ?u a treai m'mka to rapreaa lane There arai aama latprora OMtit, tho apaakar thought, la thla raopaV; aad it ap ka wall frr tba Americana that tipoo tba coat neat tbay wrra known aa Freacn log nth A man often think* hp mntrola fenatbllttlea wbao ha haa ntne to ro it ml, u moo a-a oO?a ftrtnoua w b"o Uiey harp not tba power to be rtdona. Wa ahonld ha fnmiMnr, bo, wub natnra. Alexander Voo Humboldt. though tba prior* it Notaral I'broanphere, waa atilla oh id, aodao wan A react x, aa lootrellaw ao flnrly ?ang oa bla lent birtto lay Hut awat of all waa It naceaeary (bat wa ahauld Uka tba road that laada by nclblebem, li order to gain Uta true child Ilka aptrtt of the Chrtattao Tba tearbloca of Oarlyla aad tba philoeopbfr of Uoanord oottld build upaoaucb manhood aa thai rahgton indite*, which oeoeaaiUtea la fbllowara to become "aa IINIa children " A foil bnuae liateaod to the addraaa with unwanted at taailib The poem waa dobrared h? Her. F! R Highra, of Bribal, VI. Ihelteme waa taken from aa incrlptioo In rv? iu?u ( iwxmir- ?nnnncii mm pn in 'rfwi. i n? heroic devnttoo of tbe early Christian*, even nolo martyri cm, waa uulte tnrrlbly reproduced, but no all of the an 1 dlcnce wrre able to hear It It wool! be better In read than to If tea to dt the clone of tbe arDlvrrvnry of tbe literary aocietlee, they elected la joint mce tag to the potllion of orator for ibeciientng year, I'rofeaaor F. P. HuntiBatoa, of the onleerrity at Uaaibrldge, Maee Rev Itr se)rr?,o< Rrookiya, wan cboaen ae anbmltute lamea Knanoll I owed, K?q , of I the aemo milage, ? aa elected I'jea for tbe name oocaetoe. tnbatttiiM, Key Moaee Oolbnrn, of -Houtb Dedhara, Mm*. Thee have bteti aeveral change* In the oorpa rit taatrnetloa la the anlvrratty Ktwari Hange>ford, of New Haven. hen been elected to tbe < hair of r.bemiatry, natural phltneopby and mineralogy I)r leonard Mamh, an able man, waa treaafbrred from tbe I'mfbaaonblp of laognagnn to that af pbynologjr and natural hlatory, rrofbtnor Clark wan tranaferred to tbe chair of rhetor.6 and Iot a The Oreek department will devolve upon I'rert teat Penee until a new man la appointed. I>r. Oreaann Rulen, of New York city, waa made I'm'-waor of phyaloioyv aod petiole | gy, la tbe department of modtr.lne In the enlverelly. Rxnciaw or rtti jfwiom. In the evening nam* the ethfoitlon of the Jnalor claaa, of whom twelve apeakera appeared oa tbe emge The honae waa fklrly tamntel with ladlea, an alwayn: ao teal we of tbe nnbooprd net had very little landing room i i fr?a (tllotraJI us. The performance T*7 crodilabl# 1 to ths olasa, ud rbowed o wtUlngnren on the port of ths ) oung men to grapple earnestly with large abjects. ArrOIPTMKTO BY THU ALVHM1. At tbe meeting of the Associate Alumni in the ball of tbo institute on Wednesday morning?Dr. Chandlor, of tbe class ?f 1H07, being in the chair, a truly patriarchal I'rosi dent?Rev. Ebenezer Cutler, of Worcester, Mate., wai ch'vu-D Orator Tor next year, and Robert D. Uenedtct, Ksq., of New York, aa substitute Jonathan J Marvin. of dalle bury, Win , waa elected Poet, and J. H. dcxt, ot Du laio, j N. Y., as substitute. GOMXXKCEMRNT DAT. Commencement day waa oloudy till the middle of tbe afternoon. It bad rained the night before, go that the air i waa cool and tbe raada free from dust, and tbouga over i bead It waa not ao bright aa uaual on that day, yet tue . clouda and tbe cool breeze made It very comfortable in tbe | church When the proceazlon from College QUI catered the church it waa already tilled to over lowing, save the reserved aeata by the btdlea. The graduating claaa this year it amailer than usual, numbering but sixteen. We subjoin TH* ORDER OF 11RBCI -M. Prayer by the President. Muho. True PbQoseuhr an an Aid to Rruglou. t*?orge Orrble Robinson, Hor.ih Reading Dignity of Trua Manliness. John Worthingloa Newton, St. | moan a. Mleut IrHtiMCM. Hrtwiird A'UU Bowles 8 wan'on Fa'.la Utemtureor t?e American Revolution. SamuafLy zander H&u*, Brock field. Mane. Power of Tragedy Rnllin Mured Richmond. Barnard. The Machinery or Pseudo Reform Oliver I'halpa Chandler BHinga WcHxUiock Relatlnu of MnthaaUsm to Morality. Charles James Slewan Welle. Bnr lugton The True Otoe. Royal Jaokaon BanorofOolum'jns, Ohio. Music. The Courage of an Honest Life. Ptotecay O M -ara Kdioa, | K mh Chester Harmony uf Policy and Prtnaple. Romeo Bi-ah Parry, I Shoreham. MomMty the Ground of RaUonal P.-osperiiy. Salmon 1 Greco, Richmond. 8rlf Reliano*. Henry Partridge OnUirg. Burlington. Music. The M)Wery of Lire Robert,lie* ton Hall, Sianst?ad. C. K. j The Sp.Rt at True Philosophy, ae seen In rtocqju.'*. -Joseph j Walker Marsh Burlington Re atioo of l'hUoaopliy to Oratory. George Ingertoll Bard, Derby Unman Feeling, an Indication of the Truth. Thooua Hun tlngton Peaae. Albany, If. V Muain. caanioarw fob ihk ms-tih'- iup.rks. ThePpIri' of U oselflahnsss. Char lea Thompson, Buri'nptoo. Domestic Happiness the Source ol ffaWmai Greauesi W idow Charles Watson, Jr., Reeaeville, M. Y Music. Degreea conferred Prayer by the President. To single out any of the speakers teems aim net Invidious, but tf cannot refrain front earing that the last four, an i especially the last two pteaes. gave as g-eat ploaauro. They were full of thought, and promised that we should be likely to hear from tbe r authors again. More care, we think, is exercised here in the selections of proper subjects for orauenr. roqiilrinc power and skill in the tieatmeot, than at our college^ generally. Poor themes are not accepted, as wo know tboy sometimes are claewherc. The Masters' orations wero both well received and apcrcciati d by the au llence. Mr. Watson was ospeo'.a'.ly hapny in dwelling u on the de'tghts and good Influences of happy homes, and no fooncr had he done than the band took up the strata and gave us "8wp?LHpto9." followed very appropriau ljr, considering tMrtwdHftupf hU theme, by the "Star Spaaglod Banner" itnAjH7 Columb'a." I The applause, which had boon repnrr^Pwm'.e tho under gradvatee wore speaking, tn accordance with the express deetre ol the President that the audieuo* would not make distinction* between speakeri, broke forth heartily to greet the Master* si they closed. CON?kBttrNG D*9B*Z8. The regular degree of B A. was then conforred upon the graduating class, and that of M D. upm Cyras H A1 ten, James H. Bailey, HcmangO Bartloit, Nelson D. Besbo, George Benedict. Itenjamin W Carpenter, Sherman Cooper, Charles Cnlils, Henry J. Bsssett, Edmund'? P Kelly, Jo sepb G W Pike, Mar .In L. Thrasher, A. M Wiloox and M. F Lazoll. The degree of M. A. In coarse was conferred on Patrick Glynn, C. W Thompson, tutor daring tho last year; W. C. Watson, H V. Cummins, Wm H O'Gradf, C. H Heath, O. D Barrett, C P.. Ballard, W. C. Sanford. C. J Alger, W. lirigbam, 3. Gilbert. Jr., Wm. dmitb, Rodney Smith and W. W Gadcorub?15. The honerary degree of M. A was given to Alexander D. Stevens, M. D., of Dunham, C. E.; G< orge Gale, Esq , of Galcevtlle, Wit.; John S. Tyler, Esq., of Boston, and Hon. 1,. P. Poland, of St lobnsbury, Vt. The semi lunar ftrdels of D D. were bestowed oa tho Rev. Andrew Wltherspoon, of St. Albsns; Prof. William fl ?T. RhfWlH nf itlrffttrftp ThMlMi^a! ^suninanu- an i Paw Samuel A. Worcester, of Parksblll. Caorokee Nation I The degree of Doctor of Laws wait conferred on Prof. G. W. Bet edict, of Burlington, and Elward E Phelps, of Wlndaor, Vt. So m jab for the hooori. CORPORATION D(NHKB?GOOD CHJtf.R, WIT AND MIRTH. The corporation dinner at the American hotei waa nerved up in good sty le. and partaken cr by about three aundred The university la mid t) be famed fir a good dinner. I>r. Wheeler presided In the abeenee of Preaidenl i'eaee "Old Hundred" was snag In tbsgoodold styleoTour forefathers, ' after the coarser wants of the "Inner man" had been sat is Bed, and then came some earnest and tome mirth provoking speeches from Gov. Fletcher, who sail he was prouder of Vermont that day than ever before from Mr. Adams, the Secretary or the Board of Education; from E. I C. Palmer, of Wiaoonsln; Prof. Fisher, who set us all laughing with his storie*. and I>r. Gbindler, who was then attending the SDlcth anniversary since his graduation. He Is the oleest man living among the sobs of the university, though not the oldest graduate, the eole living represents tlve < i four clasMe; and bis touching allusions to the past, and the changes la Burlington and the college since he wae here were so beautiful and just that wn ara sorry that wa bave not room for them. . So ended the IIfly third commencement of the C. V. M. It hss been a pleasant time Burlington ts In tie glory, and oar eyes have been once more illed with the rlew l of its unsurpassed beauty Tbe landscape beneath the I college dome, of p'ala, and mountain, and laleo, and 1 river, and the village 'adorned everywhere with shade trees, Is yet as beantlfol as when we flrst saw it eight yean ago. And we go swsy thankful that it was once onr lot to live In, and ta now our privilege annually to vUit, tbe valley or lake Ohamplatn and this goodly town or Bsrliogtoa. Commencement levee and ball, at the Americas, wound up the programme in the evening Of this, an we were abeent, we have nothing to my. Th* Hew Anglo-AMran Slav* Trad*?Lord Brougham's Appeal for the Negrs, (From the l/ondoa Post Jnly 'JO.] Ixrd Hrongfcaro lis* done mncf for'the cause of hn manuy. His labors In one Held alcae would entitle li'm to the l*??'Dg gratitude of posterity. If lis liad douc d<mmdk mr mw concai.on ui i io prjji.j?u i,-j uau om ' ' nothing for Hie amelioration ?f the I* we?the eloq :once audita! hi baa displayed on bahaKo.' tin percrtiled I Arncan reoe wo a Id liaro alone obtained tor him a per ma I nrnt an 1 an hooored name In tho annate of hia country. Iliebovtllltj to the ela?e trade and to alarery la not a tliiai ef yeetorday. Ii la a nttmmt which in i-v enterla'nid, aa bo truly and tourhlug ly lulorm-v] h'j heartra tJie oihtr night, for nearly rixty yeara It hat not he?a weakened by advancing age, for no rer probably di I lord [I'origbam ipaak more forcibly and more citedUrely oa thla exciting topic loan lie did on Friday i Ight Tbe object* be bad In view In calling attention to the object at tu prerent time were twofold Oo the ooa hand, be deatrod lo Impreec upon tho gorernment tbe ne ooaatty of employing every available meant for Um (up preaaion of tbe vie* a I raffle. and on the oUiev, to <*?ii alien Ilea to tbe protect of tbe i'reach government for obtain n/ freo laborer a lo Africa, to which we have already bad creation to refer. Aa lo tbe nrxt of ibeer point*. there le now happily no dlflerence of opial">n. Hot a very few yeara ago K waa tbe faabtna to r.n.i anv a'te npt at the fort Ibie niprrearon or Ibe fieve trade I o'tllrel eronamleta talked learnedly of aupply and demand, and tiid oa that itwai in veia to atrrgrlt with the lawa by which three mutt be regelated- Llbtral memvra of Parliament declaimed azalnet tbe expeave of maintaining aa African rqaadron. wnlcb, Inetead of doing aad good, pool lively aggravated tbo borrori of toe middle paeaage. Put we bear tbeee argumenu no longer Tnere la out bow a voice rawed cither In or nut of Parliament j agaloat our anti tlavo trade policy Thoee very journal* whlcb, a -h-.rt time alnce. were moat vehemently oppnead In it a-t now lie realwuaaupportera. To ua, who. tbr-> ?h good report aad bad report, ha e ever maintain* 1 lb# oauae of bumaaltr. thla change of public op n oa la highly | ealivfkctnry. aad the mora ao. that there la Mile danger oow of a recurrence to tbe preiodloaa of the peat The country la pledge-l to a eperlllc line of policy, which mn?t be mala lamed, whatever party hold* tbe relaa of power. Tbo aecond point referred to by lord Brougham la one Of a Tory dlfliereel character Tbe project of tbe French goverameal, u we have oa a form r oreaaion ecrlemed. It opea to pome erioua oh ecttona. bitt, r'gar&mg it oirrefp vi fia lus*k' rt ail /vtMrtBWi/ fhrrs it ?n #, k fA Kw m*./ aw a.1 a i fmar. nr all mrnu, tkorr op)*<irt to *? no nreatimfar that ftrling <f ahtmi *hi< A hai brere in ?oev quar'-rt upm tkr rolfd Tbe lentna#e of lord < larendon, In hie | reply lo lord Brmifbem, might In tetlafy thr moat realem ' oppneenta of tbe alave trade that ?votj prfcautlm will be , tab n lo prevent abnaee "I raa aaenre my noble and I learned friend,' heaald,"tba. thla enbjecl hat occupied the earneet attention rf tbe foaernmeet Wa hare not jr?H pteved thai tba aiperiment It a failnra, nor dolkoow tiial we are entitled In car that the French a. heme trill not acoaed I bold In my hand a copy of a placard loaned by j a peraon who undertaken tbla Imm'rmtion ecbema The ' placard appeared on tbe walla of Sierra I "one, and I moot any that. If the condition" mentioned In It be hoaeatly and fblrly carried oot, I ree no (real objectioa to the aobema. 1 H itatea tbe amount of the wafee. tbe rant, the board and tbe lodflt2 daring tbe whole Ume of tbe engagement tl >tateo that they will be provided with clolbea dnr1n< Uia i whole of that time; that, In cnae of al< kneea, tbey mil be I anppllod with medicine, that Ibe term of engagement la In ' be ?1x ream, at tbe end of wbtch the Immigrant will either be conveyed to bta own > onntry attain at tne erpenaeof the French vovernment, or may enter Into a further terta ofreraice." I F very thing will of oonrae depend upon Ue bonnrty and goed faith with which tbe?e ootid IP one are performed, but ' we hare a-Ifhi lo aertime that the French gorernment , will art fairly la tbe matter That governmnt la no lew oppoaed to the rertral of the alave trade than our oen It hae, aa lord Bronf ham remarked, been rinaiatrnt upon thHt petut ?lnoe the Ume of the brat Napoleon, and we can net anticipate a re re real of tbla policy at the ban da of tbe praeent Rmperor t poo the whole, therefore, and moro specially aher thta eapreeatoa of opinion on the part of lord Clarendon, wa do not think that the oppon- cU of '.he i aiare trade need feel any apprehenalon m to tbe reeult If f?' AVrwk tehanr pronet mcr-? ru 1, an tunc* fv Mm lor ikroavf of frro labor Aoy morr, if v .-an I* oner $houm fkni fr** amifrra'irm from A fr\, m r* /nwi ,at i* > end at mcr nf ike tramaiiantic tUv t mU. If <m Ik* other htmd, the perfect it fmtmi la produce Ihnte rneuetpi-orei which iU rifjrmcnt.- to , nnfden/ly peadtrl, U, an and mill, no deriM, U put < "T to- Tb* otporlmnat, at ad omnto, It worth I IM tr 1*1, nonttdorlaf tho impor*nt reaultn to which tl M7 BTOOtrimllj load Riimotn AcriDarr ?Ye?terday ?t A o'clock ltd 40 minntoo, lb* rrotfht mnotnotlro flaadoaky, which 1 wan ttandtny on tho track at Clyde, on the Mad tirtr road, oddonly r tpindrd, tbmwlnt tho oaflneer, Palrlok Ponay, aimi twenty Arc foot and oraldlnf htm badly Tho nro man, ford, and tho brakomaa, Nowoomb, wore a loo bad ly lainrod. Tho onylno wao attached to a onantmotioa train, md wan abont to bar.* to taako way Tor tho okpreet whon tho icrtdoot happened Tho looomoUrO wan tnrrod couipiotoly oror and no ot?tt-o~tod tho track that the ea promt train wan delayed to*" ?Wt bwrk.?Vttewmwi V? KU', Altf# 8 Uw St. P??l Correapondmee. at. Pact., IflnceeoU, August 3, iffy Tht Probable SeUlement of the Indian Troubles?The MM Mm ami (krtr Complaint*? Toe Leading t'oli'eiam (\f Mmne*o\a?The OondMUlonal OonveMion The Indian trouble* ot the Territory, which bar* far omelime been growmg more ud more threatening, we now likely t? be settled without rurther bloodshed. The whole difficulty has arisen from onlpable mismanagement upon the part of the government. When the Ore1 Of tbreak?the Splr.t lake uiiesacr?eoccurred, prompt action upon the part of the gOTernmeat In punishing the murderers would have pioventod an rurtner trouble But nothing ww done. The troop* remained Idle; authority to call out volunteer* wm refused, ud the petty bead of fourteen Indians who could easily have been exterminated by a single company of troops, wat suffered to go unpunished and unmolested. They eoattered over the country and succeeded In enlisting In their favor the powerful and wardke band of Yauktons, numbering in ah more than ooo thousand persons. The friendly Indians, believing tho whites wero afraid, began to grow bold, aad the instructions from tho department at Washington to withhold their annuities until they should bring In aad deliver up Ink t>* data's party, confirmed thorn in itus belt! and inoreaaed their insolonoe. At drat thuy required a company of troops to accompany them, wh'oh Major I'at ten refused, and thee, when afterwards a company at troops was ordered to asoompany them, tho offer ww scornfully rejected, and l.ttUe Grow, with aoompaayef one hundred and twenty-live Indian warriors, started m' the expedition. In tho meantime the conduct of-(he Indians remaining hi tho neighborhood of tho agency had become so hostile Ue Its character that the whites In the region had fled f>r safety and the utmost caution was necessary to prevent open war. When the party under Maiv Flaa dran surprised aad killed one of Ink pa du ta's mon, thef I were met by Ave hundred warriors, who demanded Mm iurtant surrender of a squaw, which bad been takea, aad would have instantly commenced hostilities If ehe had asl been delivered up. A soldier was stabbed by an Ladma, and aTalrs assumed a moit formidable aspect. f Got. Medary, who bad just returned from Washinglm. telegraphed back for authority to raise volunteers, sad the volunteer corapinlei or 81. Paul were held In roadtneaa to mar ah at a moment's warning The au ho.-lly was relured, and Gov Medary himself repaired to tho ageaoy M assist Supet Inter dent Cullec In preserv eg order. The result of Little Crow's ezpod tlos has net yet transpired, bat 't is reported that tho Yauktons had determined on his return. If tb?y tad killed Ink pa du U s party, to light, and If they had not Vthsd tbe party, and the annuli es w?-c not pa'd, to fight By tba ttmo the government at Washing ton began rlowly to open their eyes, and ordered oo ttopa from ! one Mctlecry, Independence, Htmlltcn Mackonaw aou StMZ flt Marys. But tsey were still Incrodutoun. They rtldn". bolleve tno ititsmeots of the SuperlDteadeat 0' Indian Affairs, who w\a at the icon? of action and Mia a;ent here, or of Gov. ltedary, ,vho had just swU a pilgrimage to Wash.ngton, for the express pti-poae of \ posting Ui?m up, but sent en a special meatcnger to asosrtaln 'f anything was really the m Uter The troop* have already arrived from F orts McHenry and Indepealente, and more are esp-ctod dally. Thess will be sufflotmt to keen tho Indians In check, and I presume tb a danger of an Indian war over, although It wlB i rcjuire n o J"'* to settle ho difficulties The g eatost obstacle here ir the management of the Indians fa a oar! pierage of goremment officii*. Several years ago, whsn ' | It required week* t> go from F ori ^no'. 'og to t is border* of civilisation, aud wuen Instructions from Washington reached here two or three months a'lcr be ug given, a large discretion was plaied In the miUtiry officers aft ' the otBerfnt forts. The troops s way* acted promptly and efficiently wherever there was occasion for their aetlon, an 1 ibe Ind ana were kept In awe. But sow Uta j 1 troops are tubiorrient to the agent, tbe agent la controlled | 1 by tbe suprrln'ondenV, tbe superlnten lent must consult tha governor, tho'govcrnor must get lnstruct'ondfrom the authoillies at Washlugti n, the authorities at Washington bar* scmrthlng else to attend to, and so nothing la rone , apropos to the subject of Indian difficulties l moottoa tbe appointment of Joseph R. Brown, F.*q., alias Jan i llrown, as Sioux Indian Agent, vice O F! Flandrau, pre- i moled to a Judgeship A better appo.ntmext could Ml 1 have been made. He baa been In thta country flor Um lam j ID'.riy yea'* junueriiauus uaiu guvHivr tuuruugmy, hi iii manof oool, shrewd, eonnd Judgment. BtlnnM- { ber of Ibe C>n*t! lotion el Convention, (democratic) ud barring the dtflervaoe of party oomplextoa, boll* abom ibe fame relation to the pO'ltioe of Minnesota that Tburlow Weed dona to that New York. Joe cam? to Fort Snelkag Id 1819 aa a drummer, and having served bl* oountry ' [ eight year* without promotion, quit the military Id diagaM I and took to politico He waa ioreral t iaea a member of the Territorial Loftalatura of Wlieoualn, until the firaa- I { tloo of a State government left him ontaide tbe boundary. ? tUnca that time be baa been a member of the Mnneoota La- !j y. Mature every aeaatoa except oae from the organ!ratloa af the Territory. He under*lsnds,the iclooce or wire pulUag la the letter ,und bta Imperturbable coolnem and the lrreataOMe ] vein of dry humor be always keepa op under the meat t trying clroumstanoe, baa mad* him oaa of the moat oala- ' bra ted cbarartrra here. I bare notbtng of Internet to report relative te the pro- . greaa In making conalitutlom for the future State of Maae- { tola. Both bodies are bard at work aad axpeot to be c through In tbe oourtr of a euup'e of weeka. Vary great > effort* are be being mtde by the rival politicians to get lha ? better of each other before the people Meeting* are ba L ag be Id all over tbe Territory to take Into ronsideraltaa , tbe extraordinary conduct of tbe oontlltutlnna' delegataata , St Paul. Members are dally leaving both bodies to ag- n drern maaa meeting*, end the number present who ara aotualiy r ami eg tbe instruments which are to be submit >< ted for the ratification or tbe people, I* really not mora ? than one third the entire Convention In e'ther *>ody. i Another very slight o itacle of cmbarrammeat la Iba patriotic labors which are ba>ng prosecuted to make Mia L neeoto e ther a democratic or repablioan Stale by tba Minnesota 'talesmen noa assembled at the capital, la Iba * oonditioa of tbe Onanca*. The I^giskture at Its last am- _ ion. mala an eppropr'.eii mj of $30,000 to defray tbe axpaa- A eta of the Convention, but lbar<-was no money la ibe Ma- si | stiry, and they neither look any s -pa to raise any or gave the CoDTcatleo any authority to raise II for itseif.' Tbagl- ~ vision of the O nventlun of course Increased the dlfflcuky. > Tbe entire expenses will perhaps reach $100,000, aad Iba * only mesa* of payment for the present la by orders aa J tha treasury, and the precise figure at which the ordert af di. pnted autbor.tlea upon a bankrupt treasury will be baM ? lo iho market, 1 leave for Wall street to determine I ba M IIOTO, uowryoi, inc ALU l??. UIO u iiraiui; -j cnnronlrd to rctogntec the democratic ordera, which again J*1 gltoe the democracy tbo ?<lv?.niag?. But allll, wlthaat any V money In the treaturr, an 1 without knowing who will haew ? the control wbou Ike money get* there, tbt thing la quia r ambarranaing. _ Our Ohio Correspondence. !J OiLcnnra, August I, IM7 la Ojfratumt nf (A' Ffllitirurj In f'kio?7br FfWdeUii ^ ^ 1100? Tte FriemL Lhm^m to As "~ Ft'id.d-,de. it I wrote you > n the ere of the Oemcrrtitc National Om ?' yentlna in 11,'C. fifing the under enrrentanart tM proha j. ble eota of the Ohio delegates, to which letter If yoe wilt icier yon will eoe ihtt I w? pretty well pooled 1 tew, M being t nor I or resident hero, end baring a good n opart a ko nity of grt'ing a new Into the aroana or Oh o (demo valla) ?. politic*, propone to tell you what I ktr.w and what ta ("J"] really gvtng on. w The content to morrow in really ooe for the PraaHaney 'Jjj In lv80 It la Douglaa agalnat the Bold. The riadn itjlrr baa ae mush an proclaimed to. The demoomta q( who were officeholder! under Pierce, ted who m ee yet office bolder* under Buchanan. art an art'to horn *n to-day for a Dougiaa man (Paine) for '.oreroar an _ they were to keep Bncfcannn from be eg nominated la jr 1V?. Bern arc are Grey, or the Cloreland n<iim4mtw: ,K Miter, of the Columbus Poet oflloe: Vattlor, Postmatesr; ? wiiey Mclean, Oollertor, Otaolnnatl and the United hat an 114 Marshal of the Northern dtetrlri, and tbn Oeoutlea United 'J, Rtatea Marmbal of the Southern dliirlct are all here, buay ot aa been fbr a Oouglna ;candidate. Judge Ranney la the Buchanan or admtntatraiion candidate Tor Gorernor, and ~ the gren. effort of thoon who wanted to prerent the neoM- Knation of Mr. Buchnnaa by the National Oonrontioo la la |r cedent Ranney. Thane bare Paine and Many penny thn a" lattr- of whom. I bam jist beard, hat declined the men. Th > ma n onnteet. then, will be between Paine, antl admin lotralteii and Ranney, administration Tie reaali may he A that MeOowel, formerly n member ot Uongreaa from tbn If High'and diatUct, may be lakoa up by i..uh Palannwd u Rnaney men ? My pre*-ui iicprenwon la that Ranney will be nominated, *" and he In really the man Is oppaee CMse. If R*nney li . not nominated McTiowll will be tf The inatrict Court at Uertiaad baa been naed by lha * Mnrtbal to recti re a majority of the tlonr.ntlon for a Pew- t. g'aa candidate That wn done by bringtef seeoal tend- w log local polittaiaaa to that pitce aa Jury meo?Paten keep- J tng open houae and baring a nice time g* nemlly. Pare Tod, Judge Thar man. Fa ran of dnol annM, Oal. > M Ook, formerly Slate Attorney, and othera of that rlana | of original Itochanan men. are here, reiy nctir# for Mas- i. ney ae the admlnlatraUon candidate for ttorynor < >n the other aide are Grey. Filch, Marshal, Oof, WW frr?aman Miller, Poilmaeter at Oolumbua; Vainer, PM matter, Malena, Oolleotnr.ClnainiMM. and a lontof 11m. ' ly I nitrd Htatea Mart ball Tbay are for an aatl Itucluwaa ? man. Though cflee holder* nnde? the pennant ad miaMtm- a ton. they ara for putting tboraa la IM (Ida on every fitting , opportunity, which ibowa ibat though tin oulaide aurfao* I of iba party may ba iery amooto, thn lailda la a turning r rolraao, and that It< chaaaa ban do one to depend on bat hie original pereonal Oiaodi Tbene peraoni do not I a tana | to fbrgat the defeat of Poeglaa oefbrn the National (tooran- b Hon, and tbay ara now working for lita nomination In IMo " and Ibay ara oilng the patronage of tba federal oflnen far thai atjm f. If Raanay li defeated It will ba an admlnlatratlon dofanL ? If I'aina l* elected It will be a liooglaa triumph Tlie flgM * le a rory flaroe one and It la dlflloull lo tell liow the oanteet will cad. Tba Hoogl/ie men baring ilia federal offleaw . bara the derided ?1 vintage Nereruieieae, | think " ' ? nay will ba nomiaatad. I Tba pr ear til atata of tba India 'lueattoa la Knglard 'ilr I In inqnlriaa na lo tba paalilon In whleb the rarlooi aecerT : tiaa connected with that empire??uch an India atorik la din bieda, tba territorial debt, tt ralatlrr I* ttand Pw capltnl rapraaented by India atock la nominally f|2 000 MO worth, at III preaeat prion of *17. ?*,i<or> nod."fH amonntof tba bona bond debt la f. . >00.000, af whit*. ' howerer a portion la bald by tba company n rnanna The territorial debt-that la to any. th. toSl of traetad In India?In fM.OOO.OOO Vbeae three riirona of nnrnrttlan onnntltot* the entire pnblls liahniure of th# tori ta Company, with tba etceptioa or tba tu and ? uer ?? omelWl1* U?Mt JtW.OOO.OMari