Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1857 Page 2
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2 AMERICA* STUB RETREATS. Letter* freei Hf?p* I, U* Breach art the Valley ef tee laohy, la the Sierra Nevada* Mr. Wetmore's Grand Fete Champetre at Hewport. Orapbic Deacription of a Summer Trip intJ the Sierra Nevada, atedtrAc. Owr Newport Vorreepotxlenoe NmrroKT, R I., Aufu?( 10,186". arrteal of tke Tmoht Fleet?Kr Wrtm wrr'i A'&r Champetre ?Gemrml A mt ngemmti ? fHH of Fart?I'royr* m me of utr r.nurimnmmi? insnnguiuita <.>ftu J*tUi-a?lte ImK BuUHxm cftht .Xewport iVa*?ti?I '<xlc.s?rvanivn Our river harbor today presents a very lively ap pearanee, doited aa It la with thane maet graceful of all beauUiul sailing craft?the yaohla. la fyit. we have the whole fleet within view aa we write, with several "oat aiders " Prominent amongst the Termor Is the Rolaeooa, which will com pare favorably? both as rog.rds speed, finish and comlort?arith a large majority of her sister veesels. Lei as sketch briefly Ibe soeoe giving you an outline picture of the appearanoe of the fleet m we saw them last night lying quietly In the calm starlight, and then change the view to the busy hourtf sun shining? 10 o'clot* A. M. today. Scene Ant, to which the Mrange. old (a*hlon*d, silent town. Aa Longfellow calls It, Tortus a sbudotry background, while ie tiny orafl, with thctr dark bulls alone rtxijlo, lay with their bright signal laniorna reflected from the mirror like surface upon wbtsh they rest There la scarce a sound to break the stillness, save the dash or dripping oar*, or the hall of aome shore going yschter, shouting for a boat-and then even that la hushed?and tho whole night almost aeems the vision of a dream. But let us turn to scene the eeoccd. The harbor Is alive Willi sallbeate The .hour of 8 A. M. has arrived. Long ago the signal guns have been Q-od, the color* flatter for a moment aa they are unfurled to tho breese, and then go swtfUy to the nasi beads of the llttlo squadron, till each Is adorned with Its appropriate bunting; the stare and stripes being divers'led with a foul anchor, u an ensign. ruo come me ir cnaiy cans?me visits? Um Boroiog wftr scnokod to comfortably as you pics up aid down the bearing deck la there, aTier all, half so rail or at a way or (pending the simmer time ae In yaihtIdgr Why the very al>andon of dress, the possibility of wearing clothes tc putt yourictf tmtead af other people, U a sufficient Inducement In cut the Pull un -JiKPglng shore, with Its (lud tenable hotels and humbugs?for the freedom and rrether existence of a yacht deck and a pleasure barge on Tie dark blue sea. But a truce to poetry. Let us gtre you a bint of tbe art of eteepie chase, ffix bunting style In wbtuh tbe yacht fleet made the passage roir (Pen Cove to thin port. We left Cen Oove, says one of tbese uoyapucri, on Wndneiday with a stiff breeze, and the general understanding that we were to reach New Haven, our Bret stopping place, as quickly as we please*. So It was Dlel take the hindmost" Borne went one way, tome another, as their re spool!re commanders fancied the wind, tide, or peculiar! (lee of sailing might beet be take* advantage of?which w eveeloated," ae Brother Jonathan eayi someti mes, In the fleet getting into New Haven on Thursday noon, where tbe&bvorlta being better bandied or more luoky than her Eetiowa, arrived first, being followed in their order by the Jnlta Hare and Rebeooa. On Thursday evening the fleet again weighed anchor for New Londoo, near which pla? the race was Interrupted by the leading vessels getting be calmed, bet though the wind failed, tbe tide favored and drifted tn their fhlr freight* la dee time. Upon the following day this ha'um toarum contest was renewed. Gardner's?or Gamer's bar as lbs Down Letters call It? being ibs goal. Here the J oka arrived flm, the Maggie neat, and tee Rebecca third. Un Baturday morning, at 7 A Id., the yachts finally sailed for this berbor, where they arrived early in the afternoon?the Julia first, I'na eeocod, favorite third They will remain with us onUI Teeeday morning, the lltb, when they will shake onl their canvaae to the winds thst blow f. r New Redford and the regaita But the yachting geoJemeii ray that its prompt" racing, such as they have ecjjyod en routs, It la finitely better fun than tbe more formal, rule givorned eeUtng ta the regatta Iaieed. there la Jset the dtffereece that nuts between ourstng on a race Uses and a rough and tumbler scamper after a fox and hounds in a breakneck country. Bo mucb for aquatint; no# fjr the shore. The great event of the day?Indeed, we may tay, of the seen a. In tbe way of a private entertainment?.? Mr. W. 8. Wrtmore's grand tfu cktwtyHfe, gl ren In h' no.-?as the beading ef the programme seta forth?of hie friend, Mr. linnfii PMhotlT. who ii. m &li IhA world km mm Hlik? >tirtln??l?bed Tor bis bosplmlity Mid wealth. Mr. Wetaaore who la h ai->- i to b? tbo possessor of a prlnrely lo tube, appear* on Itui ocoa*ion to have Kali ! trary nerve lo make the festivity o' to day all Ual nioeey aad diatlDyuiabri MM nan make it B H be tore wn overwhelm you with the namri an i iitlea of tue tllurtnooi and wea-tby who will graoe by their presence the (ay scene of the Weimor</r<r, or mate you? mouth wale- arltb Uie aweei aoblevi.-mai.u of I ">? r t in the way of a bMi of fare, or eroa set your reader*' podal ox t re mi ttea brgdug wHh the order or the doing* upon the tight rtataetir loo, let oa locate ibe acene and by court "*y, tbo hoet Bo r <*oe for mine boet Mr If rlmore ta a rwb man?a very rich man He male hie meray, no we are Informed, In tbe Coin* trade, and ta now a principle stockholder in tie Collins line of st samara Moreover, without an? disposition lo puff a rich man, we befere that Mr *rtmore la really a Tory liberal per oe oota( itord for tbe aakr of detng good; and wisely diapreMag the bounties wticb 1Y0 ride ace aaa ao lartibly bertowrd a poo bins. t>iwe atnoerelv trust tbai aa th'.r euterta orient will coat Mr. Wrimore $10,000, be may re naive a social ten per cea' oo tbe amount lnreete'1 for the real of lis natural life, besides that au*f?,ul>o wbrb la universally dertrtd liom a wl?c, judlclon* and cbarlta'da tfwtdHura of one'r itu ana Aim: now having located tbo ruler aed (tier of tbe (oaal, 1st us deaorib* Ilia S|iot where It la lo be given. Mr Wctmb'e'a cottage Is lluateu on the l?*n hand tide of Be'.levue avenue, a be I hair a ml'e from ne <> can liouw. wltb anew o' tbe rca on both atdca l*be groundi crnlaln about forty acre* (me fourth of these ground* are ?. d r ui for be* bo urea and shrobbe-lea, th? remainder bcog ri I p trio grvt* lota, with tbe usuai alio waaoe of wmlkr.-yu'ves, Ac.,wblce modern garden makers lode ilgbi in foe uroe, bjwevtr (like many other newly pmt.ed Illicit have not yet arq-tlnd uaal ariMooratic bei*ht which ados so grant a charm hi tbe old trimertsa'ts of f ue ef our hign born me clan1 princes, bat ible time will reaedy. You enter the groan*s by an a>cbe<t gateway of hewn siooc, oe toe right of wblco stand- toe porter l l-cge. wVirn is built of the Mir material, tin conge It at-lf (d nonage be .ol a mi?ncmer) being a largo gran.'a etmcaure, built in tbe '"ahrt style." As regards the special proper*Una* for Ihti /?'(*, Mr. Wetmere baa rauseo to be romlrunled. in the mar sod some jarda l r im tie ho aa, a t* pe darwiny aalyto, floored w Ui vhtlf p Df hlgbly p"H?bed Tn .* ealo >n U 100 f??* ?qoare, acd if r'onn iio wlih the h >u?o by a nirered | " ***! laelre f?* ( wide 'hi the ottter aide of tte aiociit )u?ii iiaveti feet from It, t? thn reTreadm-rot aloco Toe Oim?uiior? of this apart'nut a?a *0 b? J> foot II la, Bo-mrr, mrpetad and la pronged with a long labia, wboac attrart.ona, when (trenared d U It jin< Uur. will doabtieai ba duly aporaciated bp the ganu. Bath t.v rtfrethmem and dtutcirr itlma are coe-rad wtUt mow; ow?m?, bordered who aa tdgc of red nntalin. whiofc flrea them tho ap earan e ol moortrr Unit Tbr aide* of tba ptarzar attained to toa m> n building are alee ocawad WHO caot.iwt dec ,?ale4 within by dea,iad flaya and blua, while and red *ip <d miaMa. Tbm.too? aa we la Amaema aiway* I be to know bow m i-b a thing io?t.?, lhal we B?) be pleaaad with It ar ordngiy? II b proper la at ale thai tbeaa I wo tenia wr*e m\de f?r the orowlcD, by owe Gala of Boasoa, wboac bill lor lb? tint roeada $i,000 The narpaoter work, by Geo /I tVuioo, ol Newport, la regarded ad cerjr crelltab!e,cmodeling the abut* apnea o( lim< allowed him for Ita oompiefi io. The tnone m (urtiiabed by the (i"riraniaoa, whote repttai'>a la loo wall known to requtro com.pent bore. Mr. t h Helm'Biuilor t ootaeca lo be the manager of UWa banc Tba following 11 the programme o' tje rantci 'mT atrniHt'a * 1 rare i imrnzz. ? lb BObO* OK PR. ..RoKiltt I'PAHODT i Man pat, ?t>i. HI, iat;. ) ? . _ nce.ataa*. J 5 1?OieeaaUoe ??ret . Riranaa Bon. I J f?IftaadOrertore, "/.aatpa" ."erold I < 1~ l-b%?pd?trr h . .Mcfeultx^. J i . M .. m nu ll , , NCC*. * < 1 1?*** . Jtf* p" Btraoaa Roo J > t- wn"?. MaU tlr -"hieh' Biraoaa I 5 a?O'ladrl'le, lii.oninr Ktiaard * J t"I'lilt* Redoa a. te|.?.. < .,. it're tn %n tt | < b-lwn l.tacwaa. Orieloal 1 i ?~?al1"P. ' be ? t_bMn,)?*tla L oibey. | !1?Mai t blifi i'-e ,?nJer ? |-q d-ITe, La *Ui'nr? .... ,"?{ IV>lka Redowa, ' Aotut Vhul'ze ^ Wr-RnUn Inebww' " \ ... oS f ] iv-f am, yrnMr TTvamf > i U-tttlkv Urtphf^r Ky^ .! *!' iicl C,/I > * ? L" 1* , n. ir.'oiMiMr; jK-KtlM, "IrrttM IfKMi" . g lB? ? I Vwef bV lb* Urriawl* M H , V>tdorter, Wm -?rho<tra I 4t 00 **+*++00++00 *++++* 000+0000*0000+ *0++-++++ ff rr 'ts | IMa arraafofnent for U>r nunteroua pablMl ml private fifrtnw bore beea tniraated tot well known Mrtrr mahli keeper bere, Dr. <Kev??o<J or M. Ii > Itneaot, who la and to be quite aa adept ia hia parbcular depart' Aaaonr the cootenta of tbo bot taou?e? m*y bo man Mowed two henahra of P.ieetine crai er. welch ,.r tofetber twnwty Ibor pot.ndi, ami raveral buarhea of blare Ham barf 1 w?fb'nt ?tfbt to t oe pound* each Indeed it la aa.d that Mr Wetmnci a rra,?o crop ibia rear will naooed 2 000 poonda, wbirb at Mr market value would bo worth wa M OM n>? iBTttabooa (opwarda of 1,000 Id acmber) for Ibia mam north fkatlra) bar# fnair like Ute wia't??Nortn,H>otn, Bawl earl W1 iwelndiet peraooa of tbe Oral reapeeMblllty tw VarMnftow. Philadelphia, Now > ort . Ball1 more, Bjo Mat aad tbr (kited aa Ammf the dlaoafuiehed fo <tie wt?e annealed may b* wimtUoand l/Ofd Napier, the knfllab Awtaaaaadnr, tori Altkrcp, aoo and bolr of tbe Karl of H?wwner, and a deanendain of tbo ereal Dake of Marlbo and lord Her try, tbe termed aoo of the Marqiite of nrtaaw The twn le>t nmivi are andor ft. aad unmarried "' 'I **e foniif ladiet be Id a fever ! Marrtafcable aad NE lord i How wKwm we atom ropoMaaaa in Utlu UUad oT moihrr rooatr <w t And aow wo cone agom for DowwMf*a hi11. or piu I*rr>hhalmne alaMonlp? t*i*ry tU a4, V IH*. <i4d?W ; ? Wiicd enota. *rted OyWara jrhtflro rirtndfaa ^^wood uyolwo. ? MMU'hm. hornroba. { Jtklailueot turkay, ?.U>de tola Oraa* I " " Ham. " " Trofllsa, < f " " Timr a Crouaettaa of Ufcckea. > Booed Partrdyra. Halpea. { trtrp Potatoea a la Dora- ? hlrfc ft 8alM J lu|, I'.nl an Sa ad. J lobiier 9a ad. I Ire ( ream*. i Vanilla A m>nd. PUtarhio htrawberrr. Lw>i, Mill*': Fruit, Oillf Fruit Prrae Varlrt; of nbrrlu"*, Fancy Uei, StAltirilaa ol Waahinatoa, 1 s'ay> ua, <???age Peabody, Ac Va??* of Fanry I'ituu. illrquaV > MHWt-role Prdltngi I Itai otte Ruaaea, v J Firm " tliacw Ma^ogutae Jal'y. Jallv Ri.iaea. a"iu Mrrlnffur naakcU' a la Wine ? l/'rt me rcncnm r- cv*m- ^ jYariel) of farcy 0?ke*. cum. \ i fonhtins to large ti.-irtf, i ?i) pound# of M?i-k ft?mr rg Grape', from Wet J jmoif'i. nwn hot hoii'e 24 'm4?u ?Ihampagua franue, J s plaiu (hamj a*iif eroou'il arte liSerry anlrua 6 largo* j lioalo l.ooi. liedr Ka- gare?? roanae i But lhl? must do Tor au opening wedgo to the |WelmO'? fitt, which, we doubt not wtu prove as brilliant m tt do serves to be. The Newport season la con vale teing, had In the ehort ?t ace now left for lie exlxteaoe ma* continue to bear tone quaint reeemblanoe to lie ancient vigor lbe pedestrian Bushes, to whom we referred In our laat, has, to qoote from hie own programme, now oomph ted the arduone tatk of waiting without r*?t or eieep (or eighty consecutive hour* rpou a raiaod platform, some eighteen feet long by three teet wide We waw the winding np of tbU use lew piece of ouduena tt waa both a painful and disgusting spectacle; the man looked terriolv broken out, tottered lo bU wale, nee mod out of hi* mind, and almoat ready to drop w-th fatigue- Indent, be was only nrged on to the completion of hi* lark oy being pircbed. ebouled at, rubbed, drenched with water, <ic immediately after being carrier from the plank he waa en vrloped In a quilt from head lo foot, ruobed and treated rather like a perron who was to be resusc tated from drowning Some two hundred pereona witnessed the /'.aw of thia ill jud?rtd expend,lure of health and strength 'V? understand tha. Hughes gained some ?150 only by thin feat. Wa ahotud aay that the money waa hardly earned. Uatr Yoaemlty l aJlty (Cal.) Correspondence. hxarrwatfi.-i op tui Mjckcip K i kr, July 2,1867. A Tiij into the Sierra Nevada .veuntttttu?naiertmn ria-M ?The Route into hie Interior?Camping Out?itmntaiw? Mountain F-liayo?The Voirmity Vadr\ ?C.igantic Fall*? Stupendous Scenery?Trout I ithini?Hunting ? The Jum" mitt of the Sutra A'etada?" The Vo^'et"?Mountain gportf?JaommodatioM in the Sierra, <Cc If I m?y judge of the tenor of the i Altera papers of last year at this dale, all the world of New York ti by this time " stampeding" for the watering plaoee, though the Hwjuj> baa always, I believe, warned the travelling nubile sga.tut those pestilent rende/vo is of snobs, vulgarity and imposition Iiow long it wLl bo before thefash.onable world learn to discriminate between the discomforts of waterjtg place hotels, and lho rural delights and ln.-igoratlng ic'luerces of pore ap and air, ami 1 the wild beau Ucs of nature, apart lrom the busting crowd of pleasure etckera who joule and swe .t at buratogo and Newport the press of New York aloue most determine It is their duty at least to point out to the public the road W summer comforts, and tt la the fault of tbe.r readers if they are not guided by their advice This, tt will be said, is an on called for lecture from such an o..t and out provincial place as California, but your correspondent has ere now gasped or breath In the thronged ba'ls of the above uameo plaoee, and, learning wisdom from eiper.cnoe, has long since willingly esrbesed watering plaoes and their votaries, and now nppeals lor enjoyment to iJame Nature, who never Ihils to respond with the calm hut Inspiriting delights of country Ufe. What do yon think of a summer la the lonely fastnesses of tbo a errs Nevada muunta.ns, at an elevation of from ten to twelre thousand fast above the eea, three hundred Kilos tn the far interior from 3an Francisco, and where few footsteps but those of "native Amerisane'' have ever trodden?where the (tact olin? rear thetr granite heade th?*e thousand feet above the general mountain level where we sojourned, and among prec pieee and crags to which your vaunted Oats-tile, ?chooley'e, and your celebrated Green and White mountains are but mole bills? This It will be mid la on a rather etopenduoaa scale, and the description just suoh a yarn as la to be ex peeled from the exhllratlng atmosphere of California, where everything Is seen through yellow spectacles, and the trees are (said to be) throe bundrtd feet high. Nevei tbeless, the outline I have above given j ou la not exaggerated In a single particular, and under the belief that an acoouni of a journey laio the Sierra Nevada, fro a which I have jnet returned, will prore interesting to you, I forward It by the mail of the 6th. Rtirir. roe thi i.ttxjuoi. Our Utile party, constating of two or three spectacled sevens (who have once been widely en I favorably known in lb* art entitle wo Id of New York) end as many nnaseu. mlagr "oulaidere" or wanderers along the borders of scion Iflc lore, left Sea Frar. Cisco on the Idtb of May on a vlrit I to the mysteries and untnosm Yosemity Valley, at the tourers of the', rit or, wbecoe 11 ate thie letter. Arriving a. H toe* ton next morning, we left by the 3>nora orach (we have regular Uaoe of Conoord c laches here; and reached Mound Springe at four o'clock P M. Bore we found the CoultervtUe stage in readiness, and ensconalLg ourselves to Its omfortable olo feehlonod Interior. we reacbrd the Mtle town of Coulterv.lle St 9 P. M from thli point, tho distance to the valley ol tbr Yoee- ( mity la about forty mile* and the enure distance : ling up predrilouH and tDouu<aih elope*, mnit be per- f 1 orm?d on urnie ta k. Toe '_>d of Mey saw na off, lee i crowd mounted, and a rentable MrMcaa arriem or aaule I driver briefing up the rear, with two mules loads 1 wuh , package* and bundle* Oiled with the wherewithal to eup port mountain i.fb. I.? ,who bad twice aeoended Telegraph Hill at StatI ranrlaee and returned in aalety, bore ,n one hand a lren?"V doc* Coii revolver, wh.cb I dare *ay be codd bare tired ofl In *ome < a?ee without FhuAinghls ey and le the tlbcr a kng, t>'ark * ipiulon*lookIng bottie.eltn which ever and aeon he t>a> ted to recruit the ipirlie of the company Oar art'at a . who took the load, bestrode hi* powerful i gray mole with the air of an experienced mountaineer, hie ample beard sweeping hi* brrait and hi* tb Mftlfll arttalir features bespeaking the lorer of the grand and the bea'difr.1 la nature He wax among the (Irat in the pre vione year who bad visited the famou, fa'I* of Cholook In the Yoaemlly Valley,and waa made captain by uuanimoui vote i'asr'ri; the J'ggieg* at tba bead of Hate ell's r reek, and aeeeudii g the larm sa Motctain. we *000 reamed the eaw m il, Ore ml'e* beyoe I ijoullerrtlle Hc-o we encoun lered a i?rtdn ex i,o\?r-tr, mum^ng for one o', the pvi.U cat rend,dates lor 1 be G i>etna?<>nai chair H* bat re oestly been very ill, as we were taf irmed by a resident, and wae brougbt oearl 1 to death'* door by the Ion auddon B|>pUcailoa of remedies to wiiUth hibtd berg 1 *trauc?r many year*, i t, a glaae of r Id water and a clean pair of rorktnge. A good rot-U ut.-<a, however, and a rloee ap pii alma to l.tndky Mr. ray were do.og wonder* for him At Ihli piare the pins region of CsTlferma onmmr-noev Twilight fouad vx wi n ling our way ?own the vahey of it e North Fork of tb" Merrod, and mlMtug MP trail a' he 1 m we reached Ibe vie ally of Vh*e tr'i p xrtr m Is. near which we eac*'B|>ed. All Bight the loud cries of I ooxotee and gray wolvei reeoundrd ihrongh the forest. the j sbui.ale Mouht'i ?' attracted by the stnell of our 000* g, 1 for we pereued our jse-ney Is true Calif>reia style Here ! the delightful rarity uf the al/aed cr?nnre* of iimpemiure 1 rpeMe the traveller to eieop under tne trees with 01 other rovertng thau the Mea.ian pwacho, or oftenar the thick 1 Me" I new b.ark.l Karly next morning we mounted, and passed flelsno's mui ud whroedet ? at <r*. at huh creeg, inojciawc apooi Ul'.on of the North f ir* of the Merced "Ivor. A few m'oera *re lorrtet upon thle (trwm and Ita branihok, bat tip to thi* time tbwe Ita** bee a but few %ea atrlkea" amrnglbe d.ggera The vicinity, however, !i rich In m art* velar Hew* our ml* lay a'ong the valley of tat* creek, by the new t*all np the left baud branch, and in two boure we b*d pa'ked the law mining locality near the h<ad of the etreaw, with wbtcn *? r vetoed to leave be bind ua the laat veMg- old rill:' Uioa. rr th* wn*T <rtn tie* We homy arrived at a line graea* Cat at lb* tonroo of the dream, and from here oo'ed ab"-c .1 id found u? t'10 peak* of the Sierra Nevada plerr'ng the rklee, aii I a boinl ka wk'tc of fore ted ran*' - uad iUt tig lice toe waroa of a tcmpe 1 to*red oouan in the hazy dt aaoe, aril aireteh leg downward toward tie i'aclBr. I vot?1 the actni worth a dozen of the puny glimtwea around Niw fork, ea led 11 atopendoua" by ike ' cita" of fl-oadway, and u?reau?i what fan II wtmld be to roil * hoir/'t miuntain, b,Ail and all, down tbe va l elope* which ran with camel., aa lotsr rupt on from the anow clad aammilH above on to 0 j left aroae toe Pilot peak, eee or toe htghoat poata of tba lower moon aino, while to the right of 'he trail lay tbe va try a of the lie e> J a" I Ur t?i n e e*, ibe n la ?e*m leg to dwa Ire in tbat dir. cttoo into liquid etner?tvoa purple and Mm r nnacloa Into mera ihadowy oulilaei? no great waa the dthUec 1. Another long and ateep atmgglt and we rianh>d the dividing ridge between the Toolcmne r'vero, the trail wincing along Ita aummtt, and through a majwtir fbreot of pine and c>dara lroo> title w* emerge! npon a beai.tlfu' meadow, to which aomi preoeltag traveller* bad given the nam* of HaMe greea and made camp ro ne three mile* beynwd, where ve'omd I graiw and water for tbe aniinale B'low aad aroutd aa tb" for?nt tu on Bin, and our rlecp during the myltl *u drbod by U>* near rra-fc of falllo; limber and the irn Dial cry o( the California lloo ai be rctroalel baljcn tha Hamaa ion?n> *?T> rOUAM or tut ***** reran*. A racy perceptible cbonye la tbe iom,iara?or? bad lab on P?o tmoa laartoy Oouiterrtlla, owlnr to our lodrae?al ailltide. Tba xoyaUlton al?o iita a prm* apoe?*an o, I. it abwra in point the treer bayln to MStima a mora ?hr<io '?? loob, and tba tow flower* to become mora timnie a id rr Tbay arr for Ibe moat part aoontlMx, berviae frtgraiirw, to ranch ita hlfhrwt perfeation, require* a warm and dry fimatn bam* of woody flbro ylel I a'ao to tbo 'ocutrot, the mu*u and *pin me to the ee?o?itli, the lung ?n the rbort, antn .l to prr> nnlal one?, and all perhapi for '*r raaanua. that I*. their de,ten lenra upon motrtnre f"r nntri'ioa rattier than thr rill whl'b na the "lerra Ne. radata uorndod become#, arcapt In tba rallaya, rary _ orbnar to remark upoa tba gradual chant# n it ralim in tha foliage of tba Hrrraa aa you aaneod tbaa rl^-h * n*k- m*pR? aad birch ?r T^ ?i!!f ^n**\ B(1 at an aldtoda or about Ira Ihoo PV* tV.n until we com# tato a ''.."i * ,Lair In ok* fraquantly of a ' ao toow a aotl that whan craaiiad by the banc* tbay may eomet nana ba made to twtof fr m *tda to *t?a witi tba eaac W TORK HERALD. WED mm?m, the daaae ifg?(7 carpet o' " n hearee beneath oar pot sad, If we examtae this a eopeolally U rteep fitunUooe, we ehall find the ro f the treee ramify iheiab>tanoe odea fbr long dii and If * loot moreoloeily we shall eee thai 11 co o << oaa^e'iew ctiteti# of water formed In the hollow >< ti n rook, Troon blob mote hire li abundantly enppl -d 10' Ikr nourteh moot both of the aaoeoee and of the t >*? l>loh they en?tale These belta of dwarf Ore are >>?m kable feature of Ike Sierra Nevada, they are only fe? Net In beigat, and if em u If formed In replemnta' line, ihelr brahnhea dtollnlrg, and no rigid that t? tear I/ tmtxralble to pete trate their ranke; fbr, while the den do ag llmbi readily permit one to alip down between the t unki, u ertr late oneetif n not eo eaey, a> the tattered clothing of the traveller freqom tly teetidee. Abr ve this point are to be found only ?'un ed bushel, Intermingled wtb ?lender trunks, Ma ted and bleached? the ikelotons of a raoe long since parte tun; and here we frequently reach a terrace enough oeprmeec to bold here and there HUle lakee, on whoeema'glni gro* vnrlouarare nlanLs aM'lr nnknnvn in tha Mflnni hftioir. We a>rlro at last, pernaps, at who pyramid of broken rooks plied one upon anoitxr, ant this formi the peak which Oral strikes the eyo from a distance, when, In looking toward' *be 8ierra Nevada, one deeerita a ser o? of broad, rounded b ia?>, for the most part au'mounttd by roues muro or 1 mt sha'p tool. As we scramble with < lfflculty over ttils rude pile of rocks all veroure dlsapp. ari? we are snrrounde-l oily by desolation But I shall reservr a full description "I the mountain foliage for some future communi wtlon I shall i-niy aid that In the mid reg'on which we bad now attained , we found ourselves surrounded wun beautiful do vers, while below, in the Sacramento and Sao Jcquln valleys, everything green had dlaapi eared In the summer drought. TBS DSNCHNT INTO TiiS TINBJftTr ? Aid ST. From our namp near Harle Ure-m, we soou reached a argo meadow snrrounled by the bf.y foreat aod adorned witQ b'lM.ant dowers. li ra the trail lead* <oUerl|ht and then divides to the left, descending Into the waters of Cascade Creek and its tri octant Ascenr lug and do?c*nd Ing several steep spurs, and c-osjlng several streams, we Orally caught a g'lmp e if the everlasting walls of too Vo senii?7tand farther on we awgleamtng likoa .ilv>rthresd lr< m the dark preriploo t!-.e ' Ca-iwde or toe Rainbow " We now commenced the descent into tl-e vo'iey In good earnest, and In an hour, after rolling, slipping,jumping, unl some httle swearing among the less initiated, we , i curbed the level of the n:er. r tub (asrsps or rits raivbow. It Is from this point that we outa.oed our Srst view of the Voemltv Valley, and the scene produces an Impret Ion neve' to be forgotteu Aa we p**s up the valloy the Brit object that attracts the attention Is the " Qascsde or Ike Rainbow,'' already referred to. It dereeniU Into ihe valley on oar right at one fall alne hundred and twenty eight feet! Tno water runes ove- the granite edge of the pree.pice, then, descending, It b'Oken Into lleecy forms, sometimes swayed hither and thither by the we-ward winds At other Um9S tte sun i'lumines its spray Into rainbow hues, and the whole hangs from the slid In a thin veil of pink white and blue mist. Here 11 hss dashed and foamed from lis dizzy height since the creation, with none but savage and unappreclatlng eyes to behold It. The surrounding peaks are riven Into varied forms, most plcturqsquo in their outlines, contrasting 7WUU1U17 V1UI IUO nuicraiu mwuufis ?u>> UIM?W WI ptnei, cedars and oaks at their base Tbe stream carries a large bodv of water, and has Its source far awey to the south, towards the divide or tne San Joaquin riser Here ! Is a river rislus tn the snowy peaks of tbe Sierra Nevada, lowing along the mountain ridges until It leaps a precipice more than eight times as hgh as Niagara! B it I must not begin to exclaim at this point, or I shall exhaust my store 01 expletives before 1 reach the great wonder or the v ailey. Ttrs FALLS OF CHOLOOK. As we proceedod onward we were held In ewe by the sublime proportions of "El Capttan." or the "OhlefUan of Hie Yosemity"?a cliff of granite lifting its giant form on the left to the height of more than three thousand feet?? sheer precipice j, itlng tnto the valley. Upon the opposite side ofthe valley, (which is here only three fourths ol a mile wide,) Immense cluTs also occur, their serrated pinnacles piercing tbe very skim, and tormlng with HI Capitan the gateway of tbe Merced. It's rode slowly and almost reverentially along tbe base of El Gapttan, and fording the river beyond, reached the camp or Judge Walworth, directly opposite the "high rail." where we remainod during our sojourn In the vahev. From the edge or the grove in the rear er the house wa obtained a full view of the great falls, where the water precipitates itself lnto,tbe valley in three awful leap*, sue oeaslvely of fifteen hundred, four hundred, and sis hundred He I. Think of a river plunging over a precipice twenty live hundred foet lugh, and with the two exceptions of Inequalities in tbe surface of the cliff which partly breaks lis descent, falling from Its dlzsy height into the '-alley below without impediment! ft should be remembered that this body or water Is no trickling stream, (tbough viewed from a distance, such is the groat height of ila descent that it resembles a silver thread hanging from the clifl), bula river olten swelled Into formidable dimensions by the meliieg of the snows tn the Sierra Ne vada Compared to this, ail other known falls on the (lobe fad* Into Insignulcance, and your Mifarai, Canosoes, Tronic as, &c , &e., are but aqueous vi /mv.t. Nisgara. It Is true, discharges a greater volume or water, bnt, with all tta grandeur and sublimity, It rails to produce i the efleot upon the beholder caused by a first view of the | great falls of tbe Yoceml'y. Ibus you see Callfwala, Independent r.t her gold mines, gigantic trees, higher than tbe cross of frtnity Church steeple, mammoth vegetables 1 and Brobdlgnalan fruit, ilinga down the gauntlet to the world on the waterfall question, and challenges as equal . ercu to the smallest falls of this wonderful valley; tor tliere are t) /?. of them here, and even the lesser one Is two hundred feet high. The dilhcnlty with us Is that we have no fashionables among these lonely mountain fast nesset, to sing the pralsea of ihe Cholook, and tie whlis Tost poets whociecute the semi annual panegyric of VIagara not ooly never heard of cholook, but would scively vealuru to aoll their kids by scrambling up Into the sierra to view them. The travelling public are already becoming wearied of the monotony or tbo same old summer resorts c.f toe Atlantic malts. and are IIv ng to Europe for relief. It will toon be a common thing for the New Ycrker < troubled with mnvi to pass the summer In Calfornla, where tbo soenery and cxhlllrallng air are uniurpasied Then we aba!! begin to read In tbe papers aorourts of the Yoeemity Valley and the wondorful Falls of Cholook. TtorT KHHcra. Not fkr from where tbe falls empty into the valley, the river widens into e p'acld alow flowing stream, pure as crystal, and crowded Kith such Iroet as e disciple of old Icatk Walton would go crazy about. Here I. , A and my self resorted to fish, and we seldom returned without a I necalan of four pounders strung on a willow twig. I am , no boaster, but must id duty say that L generally con lined bis piscatory o|>erationr to feloniously abstracting j the tardinee from our lunch basket A , seated In s com- I mandlrr spot, soon became absorbed in trans mi I log to , canvsas the glorious scenery n-ouod him, and to yoar correspondent belongs the credit of effecting "entangling alliances" with the denisens of the stream oi'htux scmssitT. We made frequent lonrtieya from the valley up Into the clotHi capped summits sroini us. These trips were orten MMM w th great tet:gu? and some danger, but they served to nerre us f<>r future efforts and impart a degree of strength aud bealthfulneAs such as only the Invigorat lug meunluin air nf California can give In these ascents we were friquantlr struck wl.h the vtran ;eunss of tbe views about ns The grunt raf.ety of a'moipherlo effects prcents some of the most Interostlng traits In mountain turnery?as when, In a foggy morning, tbe wh'te veil slowly rising displays all ice lower landscape clear ly in the eye, w bile on I be greet* r peek* wreathe p'lod O(ioo wreatbe ere broken Intoatooaaend pioturei ,ae tbapee, and tour eo btgb in the air that tbe obecrver .1 deceived a* to tbe reel bright of tbe rtdgee betoro him A? b? etreodi, fleet > enter* Ihli region of vapor*, whlib, rto?'D| thinner and thinner. br?aet etleet eo penetrate 1 i'jr tbe titTueed id tgbt that every parti ila la ilianlnatod; and tf betook* behind bim, the oerth ao eoddnnly terminate* In a era of mitt toat tbe ettxp pyramid n j wbi.-.h be 'a clamborlng apj>*nrt like a procipitoae Inland Coating lo a agM iky, amidat a dr./'ling ram of tnflaitee*.mal .lie MM worrrnts cam*. Amid ao ab a variety of toenoa, ?bi-h vera er zr abirting I ke a die* j v'nir view ao paree.i eevtral wee**?llrtru; in tie open air and generally nahtin'log on Jvloy rcnii.n iUak* of oar own ktiling, or ttin ptaca'ory larortea I have h ..a. y r? ferrod to II re lb* bio winged teal, tbe raoun in n or wood duck, and aeve al curtoua nplaol birl* abound Among tbe better known are the veritable grooee,of great aite, atid r?Uen*l upon tbe heather, wb.cb here grow* luturaolly, ocnt-ary to the ipf dirii of toni dry wiee bmaniate * ho bar* averted that heather dona I no grow en the American r-mtinent Tbe ralleye here are hi.ed with It?of a deep purple color?eprradmg oat ov?r coutitleee acre** of ni .try and dlff i? og lit fragrance tbroiifb all tie air. Thl* t* the true SrjUt?h heather witb ? h 11) flbe l||khalM to ' tieir beda, and wo geoarally btve made on? bed* up< ti tt? tweet yielding niiTkco when I ever II wa* to ha fmrd. The crop* of the gro-iae are found filled with It Thore I* aUo the quail?the male bird arortlng a pretty t.ipiaot npon hia bead Tae*e we alio', by the hundred* and finally qati, ibe ?port from ibeer *atl*t) of thetr meat. We alao *ho? *"vor?l ' road runner*," a apectoa of bird* raaembltug ibe martb ben or rail la ila mouona, but which flloa like thfl> ?nrw1fVirlf Thav tm mi nnlritn en In nrnithnlnirlsta nil are counted bore the beat eating of any of the fee therrd wild game We neither nor heard a g'tixly bear during our Joorney, tbougb wa frequently encountered their traca* In the road. Three animal* are (ant being drheo from the cuaat land, and another generation will donbllena be an bard pmhad to Ond one an the pre sent now la to acare up a wolf or frown bear la New I og land. Tire rat in or mi ?m>mj rona. One of our journej* from tho camp ?m made to tbe j IWk of tbe Mm Hp I irfc leaving the brnab hoi we rode ? p tbe valley room throe milea, and turning to tbe right Created (be broad delta where tbe watere of tbe Middle and Pnntb lorkn.otlte with that* <-f tbe valley. Bare wa tied cur anlmali and proceeded >n fool. Immenae mawren of granite from tbe tumrnndlng height* bloc* op the narrow < harm, tbe etreem descending to tbe left roaring over lie rocky bed Snroaly nhle to 'allow Ita lodiatlnci trail, we clambered almi(, and creating the rtonlh Fork, entered the oanytm of the Middle Fori, which romea In from'he right After an ard iona walk wa aaw the wateri of ibe fall gleaming amor * the iraaa, and aorambllng npoa en Immenae maw of granite, oocored with mom, wa ob laim d a One view of tue fa'ta. For ptctureoqne beauty, together wltn the aur r? b''lr.g combination* of lock* ard tree*, tbl* r?l rirei* tbe other*, yet It I* the leant In height, be'ng only two burdred feet, it oomet over tbe cliff in a br<.td aheet, retaining Us form until loal in th" pool below. Wa cawlei along the sloping edge of the e"ff, drenched wild a^rav, piatod the fall*, and reached tbe beta'Mil arch?i rook beyond. Here tbe rncka overhang *oma seventy five Teet, fbrm'ng a mag tufloent arob, It* rvceaaea adorned with egqulalte fern* tad mwnei-noe of nature'* own tempi**, not made with hand*?while the cataract below Oil* It wltlgabe melody of many water*, ttna of our compaatena climbed over tbe cmi i oniam new 01 mc nppor cnn beyoofl? ? tmm am iDf too mart: of Ibe Unrthio far mo It undertake two rrrn mli*. The next day wo aooeodod Ibo mountain, and after 0 flwnwii" climb panned orer o oholf, rmu .log tho "Upper Kail* Tbooo oro obout a miio abora. oa Ibo name Wream. and aro abont ?>ren hundred root high, fho water denrondo about half way perpendicular, and thon ibnoia oxer a ohelxlng part of the cliff at ao anglo of oe tenty doffrece, roarheo th? pool bolow, d tool paling lloolf in It* deaornt Into cloud* of otWery apeay; a amall rortloa rt ibo name rtream ooenoo down the rocky oaoyoa to U?o loft All tbe waiora tbea pour over an IncUaod bod of NE9DAT AUGUST 12, 135 traaMe irto a deep rtmrmkr below OortecHnr tfili trey ptsaga over the tower fell and reach th? depths of tb# Yoeemity Taney by a eooceostoa of ptrtoraaque rapids aome two mllea below. thfl ruat Of th1 tokbdn. Frost the above outline sketches of the fell* It will ba readily aeeo that fer id fee interior of Uahforata, ataaog tbe mow clad praka of Ibe Sorra Nevada, tbera flows a river wblob Is tia course com em apoa and leaps Into a (1 gaoMo beets surronuded by bald peeks fr m two to four thousand feel in helshL The e are ceaerallr sheer preci

ptees or walla of granite, making straight up from the greensward a' the valley Into the ( load*, end your eorree poo oect double If Hwitzeriand itaeU, with lla boasted Alpe, can offer anything superior to U la suMlmllr and awful grandeur The level of the valley la about four tbouaand feet above the ooean, the ssrrouudlDg petks double the height, aed from the summit of these the oye eooountees the tiercel eaows which enshroud the summits of the loftier dterra Nevada, whose peaks are sometimes hidden in clouds, or ofteoer stand eat la bold relief la the clrar blue sky peculiar to the Pacific coast Then they present a auooeealna ot Interminable banks, dazzling tire eye >101 the intensity of their whiteness, and rendered the more etrtktbg by the tncigo blue of itie sky ab jve and beyond It was arenas I'ke these that A loved to transfer to bis sketch book. Hie rays or lUht at morning cr at sunstt often stream through the giant fissures, and breaks la those rocky walls with opalescent splendor, Imparting oimaon aad purple etreats to the gnarled cliffs and at times vtstdng tbs snow clad mountains with tuir vaiiagated tints. There he st I red with the avidity of one who hungered and thirsted after the picturesque, and It is dus htm to say that he has pr xluced some pictures of Iheee hitherto unknown wilds which n ay one day create some sensation In the Eastern ? ates. The Sierra Nevada has evidently been torn down at tblr point by some c^avulaloo of nature. The moun talae have been rent apart, and though the name or "valley" has been given this separation It better deserves ibat or a huge can> on or gorge, whloh though of even surface and greet extent, Is none the less a "break" In the range, walled In as It 1s by beetling ollffn which make the head sw'.m to g*zr> up at. TBS FALlh OK TO SOUTH KlRK Those are In the course of the dotla Pork or the river which has Us source among the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada, and probably contributes the largest body of water to Yosemity. They are tire hundred (set high and the water thunders down Into the oauyon below In a ablrl cf spmv and foam. Awful preclpioev of granite frown upon either side. Itnmet so MM of rock cunMr the cr.asm thiough which the torrent descends, while far below we seethe beautiful valley of the Yosemity spreading out in nil Its luxuriance of wild beauty, oarprtted with lioweis, and offering n trange and ..Iai.c.hw MAnisaat firs IKn frtcriA liVtlrlmr naek bejood. Above All the great "North 1> >me" risen in solemn grandeur, lit up with the ro*y but* of the declining sun. This in three thousand throe hundred feet adovo tbo val toy, and Is as perfest in Its fo<*m a* the dome of the Capltrl at Warbiigton There Is also the "South Dime," which lifts Its majestic head four thousand aa rea hundred feet, its northern face cleft down, forming a smooth precipice?a "are wall ol granite two thousand feet high. This remarkable peak la the bigbeet In the vicinity of the valley, and atant s at the c >olluenc? of the nor*h, middle and to alb forts of the river. roi.uso A hottldkr powv ths *k*ju wtaua, While on ti e summit of the South Home we discovered 1 a huge boulder cf many tons weight Handing on tbe edge of a precipitous alone, which extended, as near as we | could see, down the valley beooaih The had been gra j duall> undermined by the actl m of the rains for oouutloss a: -a, until It tottered on the brink ol the abya. In all pro j buolMty it would bare mado lbs own way down the mrun- | tain in * few yrata more I,, with bis usual love ef mis- i chief and adventure, p roposed to dislocate it and time It down to the botton?a dlstaiioe not far from tlfee thon I sand fret With the aid of hot 11 mbe of trues, which | served as crowbsrs, we scraped the earth Trom beneath [ its outer edge, and after half an boar's Industrious efforts the bey stone wss pryed out. The monster slowly I reeled from Its bed ef centuries, and in another ' mrmrnt w< f plunging down the ir.oaotaln side. I shall i never forgeti he terrific force with wk toh that boulder | thundered down Into the valley, pi sighing a path I through the earth, bounding from crag to crag, and awakening tbe echoes for tallee among tbe surrounding 1 j summits, large pines and cedars whtcb stood (n its path were snspped off Uke pipeetems. Itleapel like s derbolt through dense clusters of wools, and we oould see j the tali treetops bow to tbe right and lef; aa tbe den trover I swept through them. Presently It reached a precipice, i bounded oil Into the air Uke an India rubber ball, and fell ! .nlo the river below, throwing tbo water and mud high ! and far, and actually making an Important change In the ! course of the stream, which It partially blocked up There it remains forever a fixture, and its course down the mountain ma; one day serve to pnxzle some sctcntlAo geologist with high forehead and goid speotaclee tn his speculations upon oause and effect. In the summer I'mo s visiter may expect a thunder storm, end every now and then he wilt be treated to a ikiv irv'iu uiiuiv hi uuoi / ?u? iuhkuvi w at tint beard lo the distance, till at last the noise becomes deafening, and the lightnings seem to take aim at our very eyes. Presently the rain falls In torrents, overflowing the mountain streams Into thousands or little oaeoadee, and Increasing the sullen roar of the venerable Cbotook, who seems angry at tbta snditea swelling of his tributary waters Boos tbe fogs grow thinner, a sunbeam bunts through, tbe vapory masses begin to scatter, the landscape opens to view, and j the air, IT possible, seems the purer and more exhilarating I for ihe storm. A hotel, or something which In California passes for i one, baa beaa erected In the valley, where travellers may now eo.ioy a comfort sole bed; but In another season or I two expect ti meet all the snobbWy of San Franoteoo, who will soon make this a favorite place of resort. Op ruin It j la that the best shooting and fishing, the most Invigorating j | air and the most sublime and picturesque scenery on |the American continent may be seen In these mountains and ! henceforth ihe roads are certain to be in gotd repair. Tbe "watering season" of California srtll be over by the | middle of .'oly, after which the country booomcn dried and son parched I have rrl.gfously eschewed politic* la this letter, and have endeavored lo hold to my original plan of describing our summer jaoat tsto the Bierre Nevada. How ire got back and tbr route we pursued la accomplishing our return may be the subject of a future one. Ussr bong Branch Correspondence* Natiosai Harm, > Ixxso Ihuvrn, August 0,1M7. j j Rujk of Viiifrft?A swtfWH tnlw?FUrtatwu?Tht Ball at the b'otvmol?iVdva/ionqf /VfA'ew Oalhoit CkurcA, <tk. Tbe numerous arrivals at this sea side resort from your city give token Ibat tbe long expected warm weather has come, and with It tbe exodus that all our botoikeepert have been sigh leg for Wurtng the past week lbs popua lion on the beach has been increased nearly double, and the cry Is still they come. Well, It rhonld be so, and the packed denizens of your over crowded city, bUndcd with 'be glare of the gla*sy pavemiots, will tied a temporary rebel In ibe centum ptalinn ol the er.ian Why this pis. a is not littler patronized by our pwpB I am i.ia Ions to under siand, as it bas all tbe qualifications of pure air and wbole I iobki food to rncupeiate the exhausted energise of y/ur Binne the recent Infloi or to many New Yorker* Ibe beach bM reoo -end from Itt droway appearance . sod mm i icmewbat resembles to anlraaLno in old scaaon loo** I Kwrr intent lo ?tcirr etioy merit I* pally lodnIjre.l In, and the laoghing, rolrcklng parte*. frt-h with .he nloom of hreith, that 1 meet In my wanderings do ooe'a b^trt good to look al. At early m>rn the ploadid pin or* ma of tbo over raatloaa ore an I* ga-nd opto Of hundreds who draw to It* inspiring influence; ho*e | loitering age, teaatloae of, olmga dMpcralely to tore, and aoek* to flbd tbo famed eltgJr that if It cant ot give bock youth may r a tend tbo te-m of age. | Here, too, tbo qolel tllrtalirna bcoeaih the all"er tnnoo re talt oftlmes n eligible matrimonial engagement*, while | ' the cooetant rtgMng lever often tied* that he bar been uoplaeted by a more daehing, yet lee* acrupaloiis rival. flaring tbo peat woek a aortea or brtlllaat entertain meet* have been gtvee by tbo t i.Toreet whljb ibe grand bop at the National, oe Wed nan day evening, [ wan tte precursor. Special Invitation* to all were Isaucl, and a gay ae*?mhia*e or nearly *r . en hnndred participat ed la tbo frBtlvldee The Naltooal baa been proverotal Tor the liberal manner In wbich tu roiU-iiiet have ever been reelected, ee<l tbe laal rnr ! ever In anything tuat bat preoeded IL The capaetou* dtnag room, wbloa wa* turned Intra ball | room on llil* oorwtiim. wa* gaily f.atoooed with a natural drapery of wild flower* and bruhbery, while Utc rolera , of oer country were graoef oily tnlerl wined with mag si d oeot beaqnete I will net adopt the usual style of particularizing each admired belle that vu pretext Neltber wtll I my that Ibe lovely Mr* X , of X?. was cevalor* I Is a ! nleuC of moire antlqoe with point leoe llluminau a*, and thai tbe dreamy Mist Ibogoisn wa* for once aroeaed from ' her drowilaeee and inundated tbe a'r around hor with tbe ' arora of her perfumed cambric. I will leave that doty to , other* mo'e familiar with deaorlptve epithets- Sufllseitto My that the ball was a success a* *>?ainp as it will be long remembered Our neighbor* of tbe United State* had another hop of the mom aucoMtf il character Tbe new Oatboltc church wan dedicated thlt minting, a ad an eloquent address *u delivered ?>y Ktabop Bayley, of Newark The UaUioitc rentdenu at thlt piano du*tug tbe (ummer are under many ooltgatl'-na to Mr. MrCor man , of New York. Tor his suocesnfnl nff iru ta erocling a piaoe of worihip ia (hit benighted region TO THF MIHTOB OF Tltk HKRALB ocrah Hot "mb, nb* I'./bt, Angiit 11. 1H47. i notice in yveterday's Hs'aip your comapondent rr?m Una place M>a that " Charles Howard, while drtvteg j rmm Una city to f nrt Adams, with three Indie* aad a small boy. was thrown frtm the carriage and const <1 era h j ta.tered Tie bewl part of ibe Item la true, i r.. oa tbe day named I rode over to tbo Tori and back, with my lamllf, of the number mentioned, as being in tbe carriage, bit did cot see or bear of any < runaway " or aoci lent Rea pectlolly your*. CHARf.FN H'iWARD, of Matron, Mich. dssrui rrn ? I'nis at Tnnv We learn from the Troy IMifl of Monday morning that a doatrw tiro Hoicurrw1 on ftmday night at ball part twelre o'clock. II originated la lha foilrth atorr of the brick uridine 321 Rl >*r Mreet, orvupted by fdwic Bowman, aa a liquor mmmlMlro tlore Kor a Una Uie flamea ware ootid rod in the building bnt anna rpread aonib lo lha adpining tore of Charlaa Warner, occupied aa a prortaloa atn'o, and lotto nan building anulb. occupied by Wllaon AChm-sb, dreggitta. and lo tha north to Van Krnaaelaar A Hay wood a ba'd?ure atore, .127 Wear ttraal Tha building in which Ibn fira nrlflnaiad waa burnt to bara walla, aa waa alto Uia bntldlrg adjoin in* am.Lb, occupied by Mr Wamar. The aroond, third and fourth Mertaa of Jia druc More were dawrored, with the atoob tbry ooatalned Van Ranaaalaar and Haywood tared a oouaidorable p irtJon of tba hardware etork by removal, bat three Moriaa of lha building orcaph d by lb?m ware deetroyed Tba loat ay tba lira mind ha large Bowman, liquor dealer, and War oar. prort *<> .leuTer, tatnd nothing whatever and the rtnrk In tba drug Mora and bard ware More waa ilaMrtvod In all hat lha (IrH Morlna, aad tha pari remaining In tbe Aral Mortee mnM hare been nearly ru'nod by water Probably lha loan and damage by flra will etoeod 8 XI ,000 The (Ira at four o'clock had made a altar awaap of Moraa Noa a*>. 828 and 821, rVow garret lo onllara. Van Heaatoleer A Haywood, 337, ware not materially damaged on lha ground floor, atrepl by water and remiral of gooda They hate H 000 Inanraaoe on building and goodr?16,800 la lha Albany Mutual Ilia ertgla of tha lr* tea aol bean ascertained. 71. thirty-rirrn ooiobew, oomkwoino hjjtcu '67, amd ekdtta ums 1, '59. SENATE. Number of member* Democrat* la Koai^a, eppostuoa in lulic Icro Trrm Allium txpire mumwr.. expire demonic ula> , Jr... .l8W Albert i> Brown. IV. 9 Beoj?min Ftlepatrtak... 18*1 JeHwraou DavU 1S6S Wm Kjfcbntet 1U9 . . ^?^>L 9MWJSSSk:"mi &S8r?:::::::SS Lofa\trUt S I 'uuar 1861 n?w humuu. Jantt Dixon 1861 John f Hats 1859 (iUfuWlA. Darnel Umrk 1861 william u umi 1861 devldc. ^ mart d w. ualee 1859 ?rt*a* 1863 j an. os a. bayard 1863 mw itaumx. k loud a. wn wrifbt 1859 david l yule? 1h61 john r thomaoo 1863 stephen r manor,....1863 ^camu^. robert to^: ; 1869 alfred irrrtw u 1861 ** bw 1w1 ixdtana. ohio. orabam n i nch 1861 george e. pugn 1861 jeaae d bright 1863 Benjamin P. Wadf.... 1863 ilijnoa. raarfhylv ajria. stephen a d ugiaa....l859 wlltan. hgler 1861 I.yman t'rumluU 1861 Simon '' a.nrrtm 1863 uwa. aitona islaxa. george w. jonue 1869 pbi'tp alien 1859 James Harlan 1851 James V .s'im-notu 1663 kemtl'ckt tkhth cakollxa. John R Ikompton 1859 joslah j. k'ana 1869 JahnJ Craunim 1861 1863 umltjaxa. mmaa j. p. b'djtm.n 1869 JehnBdL 1859 john sllaell 1881 ?? 1863 ma ran trail Wm Pitipy.setidan....l859 Sam Hovtim 1869 Utmibai Hamlin 1863 1863 m ahiauhvotih. vkrm'mt. Hemy Wilson 1859 Jacob (\tUamrr 1861 Wtaflm Suntoer 1863 Solomon M>nt 1863 mahylaxd. viuitria. j amen a. fearae 1861 r m t. hunter 1869 umi 1863 MKIIH.aB. WLHC03W15 Cbarlee K. Start 1869 Charles Durket 1861 Zacharui Chan.Oer 1863 James K. DooiittU 1863 HIX) A P1TUL ATI Of . Democrat* 33 Opposition 26 Vacancies 4 Total at H0788 OF RKPKK3E MTA T1VKJ. Number of member* 234 AiJLBrMA. 11?* von?? ItJuom A. Stallworth. 19?Oliver A. Morse. 2? Democrat. 20?O a. Mattevm 3? Democrat. 1\?Henry Bennett. 4?8y leebim Moore. 2i -Hntry O Coodwin. 6? 1 democrat. 23~Ukarlei It. Hoard 6?Democrat. 24?Amis I' (.'ranger. 7?J tmea F Dowdeil. 'M?Edwin It Morgans. akkam<a4 26?Emory B BotUe. 1?A B. Greenwood. VI?John M. Barker. 2? 14w*rd A. Warner. 28?IPtn. W. Kelsey CkuroaniA. 29?Samuel O Andrews. 1?Cbarlea L. Soott. 30? Jud W. Sherman. 2?J. U WcKI*>ben. 31?.Vilas M. Burroughs. oumwutirr. 32?Israel T Hatch. 1?Am Clark, Jr. M?Rnben E /hiton. 2?Saim el Arnold, 2d. bo*tii uaKoun*. ^?Sidney Dean. 1?IF N. If Smith 4?Wm D Btahop. 2?Thomas Kuilin. DBiWAia 3?Warren Winslow. 1?Wm. O Whitley. 4?L. O'B Branch Florida It?John A. OHmer. 1?George 8. Hawkins. 0?Alfred M Scales. n n.iw 7?Barton Craige. 1?1? It Waanbume. 8?Thos. L Cling man. 'I?J. E Firnsworth. Ohio 3?Owen /<ftvyej). 1 -Geo. H. Pendleton. 4?H'nt. Keliogg 2?W. S Groabeck ? v- u._i. a rn 6?Tbctres L Binta. 4?M. II KickoU 7?Juiifs C. Allen. A? Itichard Meet. 8?lintert Smith ?J K Cocker! II b? aeniuel A. Marshall. 7?Aaron llaHan mw aw a. 8?BtMKnn Wanton. 1?Jeme* LookbArt. 0?L. W Ball. 2?Wta B Kn(ti*h. 10?Joseph Ml ier. 3?Junes Hughes. 11? ralmtine H. Ilerton 4?Jure* B. Foley. 13?8. 8. Vox b?ttemd A'ibsre. IS ?John Skerman. fl-Junu M. Urea- M?rtuUm-m thus. '?John o nests. 16?Joseph Borne. %?Jmmei H'tiscsi. 16?O H Tbmpktm 0-.Sckuyfar (Wen. 17?WUMam lAirrenoe. 10? .Samuel Brtntme 18?Bttu F. Lriter. 11 -John U. FtttU. 19?Mdtoard Wade. OVA. 30?Joihtta R Oukhtm. 1-Hewud ? OWrtO. 21?J. A. Ihngham. 3?TlmrtAy Out-it. rwwsrL*awia. 1?Thos B Plerrnoe. 1?Henry C Burnett 1?Kdw. Jru Mmrru. '1?Samuel O Peyton :<?lemu I Andy 3?H'wt L Vnderwotd 4?Henry M. Phillips. 4?A. O. Tnlbott 0?Oven Jones, r?Joshua H Jewett 0?John Hickman, a?John M. Kl.ioSL 7?Henry Cfcif? 7?//umjihrry MmnktM. 8?J. Oleney Jones. 6?Junes B Clay. 9?AntAonv W. Roberto. 9?John C Meson. 10?I "An O Runlet 10?J. W. Sir reason 11? Wn L levirl * Aim 13?.1 U. Montgomery,deed. I?John Ml Wood. 13?Wm H. Dim mi ok. 3?Ohoriet J (HI men 14?OtUusA* A it row. ??Arhevxxah Abbott 1 A?Alison White. I?r-~M? H Mane lA_.lobsJ AlxU b? I WaiMvmt, Jr. 17?Wtlaoa Rallly. i?Slrfhm C. Ibtlrr. \i-Jo\n B K4%e. niircim. K-Mii Ihwfc. 1?lUhm B. Hall. JO?Wm. Mrat*ornery 1?.'amut lit flmglon. 21?Durv/ RrUAtr 8? Wvi. B DomrrlL 22?.V J Hvrmtmc 4?S.imu 71 Commu. ?1? WiUlan Stewart. 6?A mm fhirlmfiame. M?' L GI Ilia. ? Timothy Dant Jb?JoKr, thck. 7?JV J'. Baals, Jr. Uoi>l 8?C. I. Kruxvp. \?S B Ihtrle. 9?hli TKayt t?WmD Bray/em. 10?ftairtn C. Chaf*. aorta i ajuxjua. 11?Hmry I. Daw. 1? .'ofaa tfcgnaca. rin?>m 2?W l'orcbar Mile*. \?F I'. Hlatr, Jr. H?I.awraane M K?m. 2?r L Anrimm. 4 -Milladye I. Hoabaaa. J?Jobs H Clark. (?.Iidm L Orr. 4 Craig. 6?War W Bojea 4? fi H Wood mm. 8-Joba 8 ltiolpa. 1?4. G Watktaa. 7?Samoa: tferothara. 2- Wayne W Wallaca. mkwhias. 3- Samuel a Hmtth. 1? Wr? A linoard. 4 Job# II Satage 1?Ihnry Woidtim. I?C'V?Wr? Brady. It? Dovul 8 It aHirldpe. ft -George W . Jnoaa. 4? D* H'i? 0. I rath. 7?John V Wright aiw i>hiiwii 8?Mo K. / Uionfl't. 1? lam'i l'ilr ??J I). C AUIna. I?Maun W Tbypan 10- Wa> T A*ary. 0?Aaron B Orafjin. tii? Mt jrn. fr 1 Gay M Rrjraa 1 ?IxriaA U < lavoon. 2? Dai?ner\i l?Grmgr R Mnt/im. tmmrl. .?Gtrser Ft Adrian 1?* F WoUm 4? John Unylar 2?J:.ttim 8. Morrill. 4?J. R Woriandyka 3?Uumrr K Aoyot. nicw tok* tiMiina. 1?.loba A Rearlag. 1?It R II Oernatt. 2?-Game Tbylor 2?I. L. ItMlaon 3 Pent ft I HicUac. 3?Jalia R Uaakia 4?John Kelly. 4?Win O Gnoda 4?Wm. B Mailay 4?Thna 8 Booncfc A--.In*) a Onrhraoe. ft?Paulae Powell. K.kjeb Ward 7?Wm. Smith. H?HofMW V Clartt. 8?C J. FauikMr 9?ioba R Haakla 9?John Leu-bar 10?Awtmarl Murray 10? WierrardCtaaaeu 11?Wra f Knaarll. 11?A. (i Jaaklaa n-Jrhn Tkrmftm. 1?-H. UU-,46ram B '%* ?-* W Hop?" 14?F.rMtoa (Tornhlf. , . """"JTV, lri / d%tfnr,J Do&d J?i rtittT. \to~W r*ln*r *-0-0 17- ftwnctii r fipirmrr a?CH*l "tIwtfhwrN18?Clerk B Ooc*r?n*. JtECAPITCCATlON BY PtOt*KlW. I ART O* *** nl Mm fUNJUP*. 3$m r?WO*WW. s,Mut Dm 'if ?n ?rr A taken*.. S i ' ~ , (ehforota ~Z i 2 doaoecltaot ? dataware. ? 1 1 Fiona* ? i 1?"*?? I I \ lllioota J J ? lew*..... J I It Kentucky ? 4 * i i e rtw.. 1 .! ? 11 MwearboaetU ? *? ? M liichif** * " A ? ? N?* II * n North Qtrolto*. 6 .7 * la Uhto....^. - " ? 10 Penney Irani* 'J w , Rhode 1*1*0*1 ? * ~ Booth Cfcrohn* - k 1 TonnMRM ? ? * " I pnww'io ..# *#* - ,y Testa 1 i V moot ~ :. 77 __ 10 * a Wiaouialn. 1.1 Si -To'*i ihua * "> ' * 100 rrim in wnich lairnoNi tu tit to nir.o | >PT rOHO*W?. I-AT 'WWO-T*" Dm. iira aw*- Dm vm. ?? > * J SSZSEr' 1 1 inntatan* ..3 Mlwaeipe^M ? t Twenty throe mentbere yet to 1?* ?hoeen The oppwriiloo mrmHeri inolnde Know NoUi n?s and Meek reouhiwwoe, the former principally on mint nrom tho rtarehol.llnit f?*ie*, ?od the letter from * ft** INote*. The Ron them Know Nothing will act with eSeothOrl democrat* on *11 qoertont affectum the taetltutloa <" tarery Rami Intolllffonow. The Colted Rt*te* iloop or w*/ Uonetelteltoo frntn lirbnn Inly 7.) Wtt *t Blhr^tM J*ly 1*. t nonij I of ?!*> # Tho t nluvi HUuv rml fT^kmi 01 In WOi>t of B ,' Hao and with utrkiiMti on hoard, raporlod Uio otirwbip RrHof, ?m j rohably Um> Raloaa#, u iho r^mmr J'Tf' " I tho Nary Yard la Brook I j- a. Th? Rolaa* *? ? rrfl" ^ pnwaJI July It. Bw BuoUhi Tbn Utittd ftafea wrreyin* *mw*r Rlhb, loot from St? Brdford, on a aurroytn* oral*, p*ood Highland Uflit,ClapaOod,IWurd*y aOomooa .. . Tim t nltMl Wat* irifaMi Oon*lt-?<*>, ? Portmaootb, W?a U*n Into U>e irf took lor ropt?rt ot ih? ttb It*. ExdM ComaUiloDm ' Th? Board or EiciM Cou?mkBimor? mat <u 1 ? M , f , terday, la tho GO amber of tba Court of Common Pto pruteoi ConuniMiononi Hut. it and Hotmaa. ' AppLcaLiMM wore reootvod from iba tattooing perm ^ 1ST una Kmwwn' ucawas ( James Albert. So I Hobokeo street, Jobs S Pterae, I * Broecway; h* Un Tlc'ken, W7 Bowory; Patrick Uarr. 121*7 Seventh avenue; Uruoil < Btokem, 1,000 Brosdwt Thomii Farster, 11 Thanes street, defective; Jinn dej lib Thirty tin! street Jerome K Bmith, Third tniu, I lww? highly fifty ud Highly -sixth street* I More keepers lloenae m agptled for by WUBaas| Bincrofl, of 4S MaoDougal street J ATTACK OS TH1 BOAKIt Com Holmk then rose and mads the fthiowlag mailt*:? I I hare before me ooe of our city journals, whiah 11 eeeo flt to attack on two different occasion* the membi of this Board On the Orel, It took exoepttoo to the net of the appointing power In oonstruotlng the Board. On I second, and very reoeody It Indulged in a se-le I of Mr ' lures on our oondoot in giving to the law, uniier whioh j now not. a liberal interpretation, and at last has toil tax ( that It will not generally he believed that we have tat, the position which wo hare for nothing. It waa 00)7 a ? t days sgo that the same paper in dlseasiing a q :e?* J wblcn involved varmaoea or opinion, said substantial] that men may cliter widely in perf'ot honesty aud wit sincere Intent on both sides to promote the public we. and yet io entire forgetfulnees of tbo ohanty oonuunod | this reoentlylpromnlgated axiom, wejhave attributed to 1 In tbesbi|M of tnuendo, the enter'ainmout of s curr t motive. Had It not boon for this In' inualltn I should ' have noticed tbe artiols lnqii'suon Bet its author I. inought pioper to step a very long stride boyoud just 1 f legiumaie critlcitm of our official act 1 and Indirectly u ia, us with a Uck of official honesty, by asking us I t question:?1"no you suppose it* will be gerert's believed thai yon tUuil ibei for no.oiai' We answer that we do suppose this. The general { presaion of p?? 'c opiulou baa sanctioned our con; Tbe publln have ?een u* In possession of a wide du>< lion, end have observed that In lu cxerclio we have lei a o omrv' ' ?e and medium oouto? neither wrecking reives (U the -"rvlla of unrertrained lctemperanoe, yet on the Chirybals o' that lanatlMim which a as ere.' Into an Idol Uaj oue Idea ot aosolnte prohibition. J course ot prooedare the public have looked upon an di* i ed by a sense of duty, and they havr sufficient charity I our acts to generally believe that we c*n perforin this e without the lucentivewf a bribe The public In making its jndfiLent ol tbe truth of thin outrageous roargo ?g* us. will be apt to take Into consideration all the surrmi tug circumstances, and wo believe will generally ao< us ot ni.y roirupt mobve. The jourcal alluded to wttl-ln a abort perild of time levelled Its attacks agw* the venerable Chief Justice of the United Stue^; ~;a . prominent members of tbat nio?t enlightened | butal, the Court of Appeals, against the N^tnr| the judiciary, Chief Justice Duer; against the repruacbahij first Judge of the Court of O * moti Ulcus; and on this very day, tn a oov manner against one of the most honorable end pure nun. men holding a posltiou In tna Judiciary of our city, the E" Alexander W Bradford. It can do tbts Commtudon Itulu harm to be placed in the same category. Wn are sponsible for our ' Alois! conduct tothotawsof the Is and If we have erred, corruptly or older wise, an an. remedy may be found in our judicial tribunals. An api* to them would be lu better taste than wholesale ne wspa attacks, necessarily ear parte In tholr character, and nelt. distinguished for the parity or tholr diction nor free*" from the slang expressions of the day. I Ttao Board then adjourned till Tuesday next, at J F IJ the Hew York Volunteers unit the Oold B> The New York Volunteers Association, composed of ( members of the First Regiment New York Vol unlet who served In the Mexican war, held a meeting ?i [ Mercer House on MoucUgr evening to make arrangeoa<i for oelebratihg the anniversary of the organization of ti corps, and at the same time to express their opinion of ( recent award of the gold snuff box to ono of ti number. 1 Major Dyckman la the President of this ease3'at. a, It was a question for a time who should preside, on he J premcd a with not to do so, as it was probable debates m I Hm in nhirJi hn would bo MrMB&llv IntoroitAd Ho ! at length induced to oonaent to preside. Lieutenant Gaum moved the appointment of a e a lee to draft reeolnUoos expressive of the sense ef the a 'ng, and in doing so said:?I regret to see present the?j tloman who has reoeived the award of the committee< have the highest respect for him as % so Idler?his bra v. Is undoubted, and much that I could sap In mlogitlngl services I must repress In his presenoo. In prefer) and urging toe claim of Brevet General W. B Burns do not wish to detract from all that Is doe to him or oil ' who are equally entitled to the honor doe. 1 feel U. cannot d> n.itioe to merit of General Burnett; ke i our colonel, our leader wherever duly or dad oalled ; with me, while In command of n set log party of thirty men, he shouldered his a. ket nod marched with the privates, while I rode , wbolo country back of Vera Crux The potUloo or t enemy was renonnottered. Such was the man we deot to receive that honor; to him and IJeni. OsL Ma we art indebted for all the honor and glo-y New Y city and State received. B>iter fell. Burnett eurrtv" shall we, hie comrades, to whom be has been a fall' permit eo great an outage to pass unnolloed T We j <*ly a decision upon what we present to the commit He, with too much delicacy to be present, knew ?. through the preis the cccucenooi of the dey. All ot* claimants wore present, while he was engaged In a <* equally arduous with the soldier In the Held, far a?' All we ask for him Is Justice, acd no more?receiving 11 ibe dortee ?r the old Roman will be faithfully carried There was a sharp debate as to who should appoint committee, but It wm Anally leetd*d|tbe Chairman sh > do so: whereupon Sergeants Peel, Brown and Karrull ar deilgnated by tbe Chair a? the committee There was much ooefusion when this oommittes t announced. lieutenant Oatnes and others declaring L were all friends of the Chairman, and not imp-trial,* their action uro-'lo show. Hurtng the absence of the committee Captain Tay" Corporal Cook, Bergoant Harper and other*, dlscuHed Jpropriety of tbo gold box award, pre and oow The rod , Ing resolutions were then citered by Captain Tn. > , after a ecene of great oonfuslon wer* declared oarrlod tbe temporary cbalrmat, Captain Falrchlld' Whereas a call was made by tbe committee of tbe CYwr* Onunrtl ot the ?ty ot Nes York, on <ke "gold bos beoneai. by t'eneral ar.drew Jacaxoo to tbe tnoei gallant son o' f. York," lao'lfytrg parlies in teres led In tbe disposition of . honor to appear betore mem ui procure enfrnre fir on . nut*. ari! at * number of meeting* ?ald cimau, did receire evidence nnrh aa wu bellevnd to bn lattafhg, to teem nr.d wbi'row. * motion m 'inally made In ?ald I , DJllee to dura the etamiiiaCon of witn.**e? and to ?"v more pvtdgiter in regard to the mutter, nnd whcreaa, alter . n nutation bud b>tn onantmuuely adopted, nod ihepujllo r *Iod> of wild onmir i'lec olo-nd, IM aaid rimm.uee wboat. knowledge of the frleo fa of elalman'? did hold n mret.og rroolve lur her evldrnoe, Uj'Oe wblob further evidence t. baaed their deul?l in, wt boat *flo?ri;ng the claimant* or t. frtvi.rt* unv oppurtuultv of rebutting or refuting ti e fu* ' mnitrru *et firih u i/wu m aaid niip piemen tar/ erldm therefore, Kreoleed. The' we herebr nolemnly prwew again* 4 award ma." br nn'd committee. n* not being % noeordn. with the e?1derre produced before H . llaootv d. Thet the * word rw mnde on evidence nuproj-i token nt * private menttop, nnd n pre.eorted fnrte, J would ha?e lotal'y refuted baP the oppurtunl y been affr1 un. no jovttoe re inhed, to f? no Keaeived Thw the dedrl t of the rommt'iee I* n gr mn Jiuulee to evvry other -Idler of the regiment nil being* Piled to the borer conferred quite nt much na IJfut lU Dyrbuian hating each In the dlirhnrgeof hw doty petf rtg ante nt merttortou* na thone on noconnt of wh.rb he ommg tee have awarded to bun the moat dieting umbel mtrl | badge of honor which could ever become the prt.e of am eta inVr . Reeulred, Thai we are actuated bt no hmtlllir to Ueut . Oyrkmnn and fret ?o eevy or lit trill townrda him, nor ' we aoinntril by any ara ImenU of favori Jam townrda Hre' "ten toned K Rt rneit, bit ar* oocatramed by trulh nod .' tine lo declare that '" ? ell the evidence befnrh the nrmmi ne to the gal nary of the latter In the tod Iran the mret, to the rloae of the war; na to hi* aerrVaa In disciplining . perfecting the organisation of the regiment from Uie honj war raleed until It waa disbanded nnd In every way na hi' met 11 uo nffirei and a wild'er nad fi.ribe more a* rer ruling the united aottragee ard the unltad mi rlta of the nv w* of the regiment, '.en W H. Huraett la Ibe only t entitled to reoelre the legacy Of the hero of RerOi lean* J The mooting noon aftor broke op In lb* matt cimpt Itoordor. Tho following are the roaolcuon.r prapa -nd * lha ooniK'tco appointed by Ma >r Pyckrnan and wh they >ay wore tadorned by tho d.raotnrg of Uio > oiunt^i Ajwontalioa ? ^ Whereas, tho *pert*l Joint rmtimwoe of the Comrf Ovuiril baring unnn'moiuly awarded to Major and Hoe Unit ttolooel larn t liyckntaa. of the firm lieglraen- of '? tnrk Volunteer*, tho "tfo'd dot" presented by ibo .t il, hew Turk to lirneral Andrew Jaok?un. and by aim. ai ? d nk, ben neat bed to that patriot and noldlcr who ekrm.S v ' '*rd or*! vk'innt In hli *) mtrj a d doner. tail, ?b#>* In tor jndginroi, *tvor ard Br* <*i IJrut. Oolonri lit' Uji Inui ban di?r l? t r i In thn Into MriVan wir In whl-n I for try wtifiiMM a'l the ra< on Hal >|'iattt|ra of brar^ m l-canrr. prndrnro ard , alrlo'i>m r>-, nr-d hp'he lani Hi* In'amrnt of Urn-ral ?ndr?w J an* win. tbrmforw. bet) Unreined. Tha' Urn r -mnaut of Ibn Tlrr Rmmra! of % ''? ?'o|unto?ri hrart Ir ?n* r.n tin action l*?rn Ml J tnt- rr .dn h? || 4,?s-'? ,n .01 ml Inn of lb" I > r Km Hind. That Urn New T- rk Vonntrm harlnl eertiDr fi thn rttlmn winery ard mllltta of 'ho nllf and thnlr rop.o. taJirri, In 0' *rjr h. u? fl. ?l In which ibn bai 'i-r of th amiHum way dliplaind brrrhy cordlatlT Innim all nnrh attilfi or|fan /altora 10 join >t?, In mlrhrailni Vhn noanlu? annieri* n of 'he mrmndrr of Ibn mty of Hnlto. and to perform hor- ri of llm r rearwtntio ' 'b ' |tf* of Urn Horn "i ibn *le?lam 10 00n of her nioaf famrnd arme a?d brarent ?oldl"n? t Rrro.rrd, Thit after pallet attention and nnarrhlax Ian, Jaiion Blrnn to thn mbjeet by th* honorable com w 1.-rr, 1 * am derided In favor of a man ol whom a'l tmu'j In bifheat'rrm?, and mm nan dtaorragn. Lot ion jaiirni* A r.rd upon bin brow who ?o wnll bnowa Ibn aMdlrr'a dt and upprnrlate Um ?raefnl reward. aril 1 4 Inn hnonr.dotal honor to our irallan' companion. 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