Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7651. ARRIVAL OP THti CBATRAL AMERICA. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. POLITICAL JJNTKLLIQEHCB. MUrs in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and New Granada* tb nunsrr diffici'lty settles. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. MARKETS. Mews from Oregon and Washington Territories, Sti, Stii St. ft* 111** Central AaMrln, front Aeptnwall August S, arrtred at thla part M ivesta#. She brings Ita mailt ?< p?grm brought down Croat 9aa frandaoo by tba Mat L. Stepbena. Tba following la tba matacna tan or oum oasrua. ambuca. Sat- Knob. Bank.. .$360,C9A <> dor $119,882 dppMrm k Oo 10,418 Hbolle A Brother*.. 18.000 Ottoman&Oa 48.000 Jamet Patriot 49,000 Oaarwy t Conner... 20,too H->bb, HtUett & Oo. 112,000 Banean. Bb'n. & Oo. 130,1*9 Rot* Falconer & Co 90 WW $. M. J>axel 17,000 K k J Hoacnfeld... 4,000 frwaaanfc Co...*.. 38,800 8aHgnna & Oo..... 80,?00 Taa HuDman & Oo. 14,0(0 Slate k Oo 8 too Shad b Oo 8.000 Senry Stryblng .. 2,800 AKellyfeOo 88,000 Tret I well \ Oo.... 10,0 0 naaten Header.... 8,000 Well, Fargo k Co. 287,ooo Hawbonae, 8 A Oo. 18,000 . . tain) from ana VTancitoo $1,341,085 ntoa aamwAix. Aacph r. Joy 3,400 feotgt N. WiUUms 1,880 enroll k Brown 440 Mai 11,346,806 We an Indebted to Purser E, D Hull of the llimmahip OMial America, for taa early delivery of oar Hies and pararfc. Km Padflo Mall Steamship Oomoeny's Meaner John L. Bfpfaau sailed from Han Francisco July 20, at lO.s, A. M , wan 440 psteeengera, the United Suuee malla and $1,802,4$$ 68 la Vreaaure, deaUned ea follows ? Mr New York $1,341,066 11 Mr fen gland 648, KS ? Mr Panama 12,890 61 Arrived at ManzaelUo July 27, at 12 o'clock M., and Mad thenoe at 4.46 P. M came day. Arrived at Aca pato July 28, at 9.30 P. M., and tailed tbenoe for Panama, ?$ 4 A. ML, 29th. Anffoat 2, at 9.80 A. M-, exchanged alg ah with the eteamer Sonora, from Panama for San Franetna, with the malla and paaaeagert from New York and Mew Orleans July 20. Same dale, off l'unta Mala, paeaed a ehh> ah owing American colors, supposed to be the sloop of-war Decatur. Me steamer (iolden Age, with the malla and paaaengert, (Torn New Yorkgjtnd New Or loans July 8, called from Mannnlllo Jaly 26 for San Fmctcoo. All well on board. Me United States mall steamer Uranada, 9 P. Griffin, Maanander, sailed from AjjXnwall, Aug. $, at 0 P. M, for Mm, with Ute malla and passengers for New Orleane. Me United States sloo i of-war Saratoga arrived at Aa ptwwali A agent 2, from Han Joan del Norte. AU well on heard. Her Britannic Majesty's (team sloop Tartar, off Aaptn to royal null ateainer Treat arrived at Aaptawall An pal 8, front 8m Jom del Nortn Ibe Untied Mm tblpe Independence aod John Adam* MM tytof off Paoaoa. Ibe Independence waa ta aali oa mm Mb Mat for 8m rranciaoo. Opt Garland, of Iba marina guard of (he United 9U*aa Mp kadapeadesoa, la a peaeenger on board the central Aanoriea, baring la hie charge one bondred and one of the draw at thai eblp, vbeaa Una baa egptred. Award MoGnlre, lea man, from (be United HMIaa thip plipoailwoe. feU overboard on (be night of (be Mb Inat Mi waa drowned. Cba tttlab mall eteaatar Irani, wlib dalea from San Jnaa del Norte of lie id, reaobed AaptawaU oa (head m Moaragna qnlat la U>e order of the day, aad affhlr* aMaamkag a beaitby loae. The pwo dictator*, Mardno/ and Jeret, called the donate together on (be Alb ultimo, wblrt aeeembled at Managua. The affaire appertaining |? Pa traoalt aad Ihe boundary qoeeUea wilb Ooeta Rica anet with a happy aad mttafhotory ndjnatneet?(he Senate gtrtog tta cordial ad he* ton to Ibe trenail contract and Peaty proponed by Preatdent Mora on behalf of bit governOea. Cbree vierted Greytowa oa (be 1Mb alt, end waa raaeti i l wdb n>l boaore by (be Called jute* eloop Sara Caga Onaaa reioraed to Ntoaregua Mr. Carey Jonea' mlaetoa to Ooata Rloa prove# of a moat Madly character, Be wia etUl at 9m Joes oa Ibe ittb a* Captain Canty, la return, la noorediied by Preaident Mara Id Washington, and goaa to Ntw York by eteaaabip Oaatral Aamrioa. Two bnadrod and flfty of Walker'* men are now In Mrtytown tn a vety deadtuta oondlUoa, they bevlng beaa broogbt from Coeta Rica In eapeetatlon of rinding th? rtoanlilp Tenneeeee la readlneae to ooavey them to Now Tart. Col. (Maty ream(na et Greytowa with a foroe of 260 Ooata nnmarf ! lb* Kartnlfbt'l New*. (torn iha Al? OaJlfrote, i*l; JO | War* ik* d8p*riur* of Ike m*il ? <r Sooor*, o* lb* * tnet , errata of mare tb*a ordinary I* root bar* treasplred within lb* border* of the PaciSe Stale The eighty l'?t National Aaateemry of ear aouhtry't lade paadeaeo waa obrerred more geaerally, an I wt h :*' malar rothn?ia?m, thaa erer Wore tble city *1 -v-e of Mm principal town* of the State, eeleb'aied the d*y with ae eBlriei deinoart' ulooa A anmber uf nor atlttar aaipariea paraded early la lb* day, aad ?hsrtty there after Ml tow* ee rarlo ia srurrloea to tb? aubnrlta or hMrrtor At the Vary Yar l on Mam Ulead, there ??> a kiy* gathering of r?.- r*> mine frtin thu city, aad at Baereanr oto, Maryrrtlle ami Ptaoc rrllla, the demooav/e ttraa were impnaiog lata* matteri. aa atuai, noereea much latere* Ae will be eeoa by refer rare tin whore, aew dleonrerlea of B tar ii ola I me aad quartz ret a* are ooaetanly being male b all parte of the mining rrglooe Flumtng operatlnne on Mm stream* are pengree*iag rapidly aad fbro<ably toe waters are nearly down to the inmm?r lerel, thu eunudog tka miner to eaktly d?aln the bed of the rl?er Agricultural prorperta are good, aad the cropa of grain are being harreeted la eire'leot condition in moet of he aoaatee. dewnile the unprecedented drought which h?* retailed. Much attaaMon hae beta pttM te gar iering In the laMrtor countlee, aad already many of the mlalai pro acta are enppllrd With IVntt and, grtwn In the Immediate rlolofy. Peaobea, peara, ohioie, aprlzoU apples, grapee aad berrtea, aU of nail ortia growth, aro to be had at reasonable raloe Home dwtur banner are reported ae h*ne? lake* place attNftl tba Htt rirer tadtaaa hi lhaktyoa oooaty, bat they a*B be traced to no reliable snoree the ru ?o rear Mate Ooaeeetlea aaeembled at tar -a tn on the 1 tab, aad adj-mmed Hue die on the night of ?h* following day. afire a tmtetarrma wweoo Aa wee aatl paled, the ad mini first to* or aatl Rroderick party were greatly In the aeoendant, and bore down all nppomti'n There w*4 a derrwaw effort made to adopt .t-ior?ni rm tattoM ooadamnatory of the Vlg1'?*oe aomntiuer but the ?Jiii 11]- were erldenily tidl?i*?ed to rnee uie agi'a Maa cm that excHlag giibject. Tne fnllewtag aomtnatl-io* are made, aad af or ward? declared anae'ama*:^ Far Owrereor, John I. Weller; fb? lieutenant <i reraor, Am tub Walk op; dor Oompt'olMr J. W. MandariUr, Par Treatm r. Thorn** pndley; for Jod*e of the *upr? me flnrt a>i,h?i .1 field: far Snrreror Oeeeral. H. A Hi* toy : iW *ala Prlotor. John O'Woaro loom M Htuo donbt toiw too di?toT?ctod will ?ll ?ire in toolr i^kcrtMi to th. TWo ropohH-wn nondMatofbr Oororoor, ltd word flan Wry, tow aboody opoood ton earn pal rtt < a apaoeb dati'orod a NnotanJ Hall, Ir tola city, na tho nrotilot if ibo 1Mb, br torn aa immrnor audtooco Rofol'r dodnod bbi nnat'loo, awd look fr.mnrla la tori* o( tbo prtrp-H ?* of ro yaMtotom A Aato NowilmaUag Oonroottow of too Imartoan party tow baaa mllod by tho Hanbo wt, to onrroan at tnc oa dm. II W onrmbod by mnu that aa ooot'oatlno far H-icaro'v wMI ba modo, bat, by n?h?r?, thai a fad Unnw fortuity Uckrt will ba praaantad to tho pnm-to trr th*tr m f a*^? I*# mac?"ba toloyropi w abant la ba nntondod from Mar ra at I la to to? principal plaaaa la to# northern pari of toa tool* W>a Whlt? dnlpbur ftprlmy* am (Ha yrood plana of roanrt tor tfia plaaanra aaaklnf portion of our popiilai'no, ok! at proacnt thara aro upwarU of l?o bnn 1ra<( i .?? ' at tho nVyaat bntol. whloh la ekarminyly oraboootaied amoayt tor hllta of Napa. A dlBooitr (incur rod la toa Nanaraa nalonn, no Hay pup to lha morning of too fed lo?i , bmwnoo flu lba\ Uto proprialo*, and Jamon MoClosry ftnrdoa, lha touar trunk toa for mar, or trlpprt him down noraral tinwa, whmtrrpno Willi* draw a pbtol aad ahot (tor loo; Uk ' all Wrtarad Oltlar lha right armpit. p*?ar I m?o??r,i tor<xt?h tor riyht kidnap, aad todyod In toa boom of too top Wtllta para htmarlf up to tba aothorlttoa; (tnrdoo yroaromorodto If Unopor'f aya Indrmary. >n M.rOno boot, wborn bo dlad no Iba dto loot, M 6* o'clock p. M ftowuwd *aa a Mtire of HalUaanrp, afod M yoora E NE 1 I M? VM(M m MHii* 1/ ?kM >M fVnm A I bona at the Mission en the 4th instant, and tt to reared fto telly mjurod. A highly reapaoteb'e My nem*d tlchardaon, was found on the ourner of Stock ien and torrameuto street!. at two o'clock A. II on the 4th tnit, perfectly c-??v on toe tubyad of fplrliuillfBi Mr. Bewlee, ohlrf mate of the atlyper ship Com at, wu severely lojared by the prematura discharge of a gen, Upon the hlp'8 deck, which ?ai betnc fired tn honor of the Fourth Mr. B. *1)1 probably lose the light of ooth pan. Washington 0. Hanev an 'n* pec tor in the Custom Tome, waa found dead tn hi? bed on the morning on the 16th Inst, eaored by bemorrt age of lungs. Deoeased sm i9 years of age. a native of UUnolt,and had resiled m California sin or 1840 The Finance Commit we, appointed la examine the books of the late County Treasurer, R. E W> ods, dl<8over?d on the flth Inst another cefhicaiton of fill,000, uv>n iy paid to the treasurer by lha snotloneer for State du'Jes in the month of Daoambar, 1868, The treasurer and his deputy are unable In explain >b? matter. Anoot tl o'clock on the m< ruing o' the 9 b ttt'tant, a bank of earth. 40 feet long by 7 feet aide. >n .be north eaat sine of Iwatraz Island, which was being excavated for the government work*, suddenly cavoj and Dat ed three of the workmen beneath; two of them, "laolel Pew. ter, e retire of County Clare, Ireland, aged 50 years, and Jeoub linger, n native of Baden, tier many, ag*d 26 years, were lostantlv killed. Another named Aatolne Vtnermen, was also much injured, one of I to lege haiug broken and greatly swollen, the deceased ware removed to he Jo ronei 'a office, and thn injured man waa taken to the hos pltal A race oame off, on the 1 Mh ultimo, ever the Pioneer Omrse, between Daniel Webster and Fred Johanon to wag> a, mile heals, best two in three. Fred Johnson w in the rsce nmr? 2:29, 2.30. Charles M Peterson the assayer an 1 bark'r, who was arrested on e charge of grand iaroeny, wat triod on the 11th ultimo end oonvkiwd. The number of daatha which have ocrmr?e<l In Sin Fran dsoo daring the week ending the lltb ultimo weru 29, 6 more than during the preceding week Of U.tae, 18 were males and 7 female; 17 were natives of the Uohed .States The steamer 0no< lltutton which ten thto city for Paget Sound on the 8th lnat., enoountered he ivy gales and great stress of wraiber when off Mendocino, and sprung ateuc. the pomp* were mused and woked, but the water gained oa them. A targe portion of a valuable cargo waa thrown overboard, and ibe rhlp put back la dP.trees. She arrt red off th? Head* on the evening of the 13th Inst., and waa towed to by the Martin Wrote Joaeph Flntey, Justice ol the Second Dts'rlct, committed sulM'e about 1" o'cl >ek M , on the 14 h ln?t., by shooting himself through the bead with a piatol, at hlv residence, oa the Square, between Broadway and Vallelo, Stockton and Po rell streets. Deceased was a native or Baltimore, aced U years; bad been for several year* a resident of this olty, end was highly respected. Depression of spirits, caored by tntenaperanoe and pecuniary losses, are snp posed to have led to the commission of the rash act. In theatricals there la some stir here. Mrs. Julia Dean Hay dc and Mr. McDonougb are playing a successful en gsgement at the American theatre New plays, well put upon the stage, and popular withal, are drawing good houses. Miss Inoe, after a One benefit at the Metropolitan, Is rest lr g temporarily from her labors. Mhu Provost Is playing at this theatre The Sen fVanctscj Minstrels ere giving a serins of fare well entertainments. They leave on the steamer of the Ma pro*. Mr. end Mrs. Stark are at Sacramento Otaeral health prevails throughout the Stale. Politics In CalUbrrria?Nomination of Joltn B. Welter, ftsr ttowcritor. [From the Ban Francisco Herald, Jnly 30 ) By a telegraphic despatch in another columa, it will be seen that the Hon. John B. WeUer, has been nominated oa the Ortt ballot tor tne offloe of Governor by the Democratic State Convention now In session at Sscramoato. Tnat be le the almost unanimous ch vice of the democracy of tne State Is rally ealebllelMd by Ute vote which be reoelvai, aao thai he i? eminently qualified to discharge with honor to bltrself and beer fit to the people, the duties of the high opponents will reedli) ooncede. Ttio ottloe of Ujvernor of the mate of OahlorDta can aid no additional lustre to the name of John B Welter. Hie name la tadtaaolnbly no needed not only with the history of thi* State oat of the l olled suuee. It doaa not require the nomination Iter the <rover norrblp or thle State t> blog hie name before the peop'e He la known, and bla g? eat aerrteea are aebnowledyed from one and of the State to the other, and hla eleoooo to the ruberaatorlai chair oaauoot be rejarded aa ao much aa elevation of the man aa of the office under hit administration, and we apeak of It with every on (Hence, for the aornioatioa w? rogaru aa almost equlraleat to eke tlon. We may expect a aigulfled, atronr, wise and eooao mtcal goverrmrnt We oordta fj endoree the action of the rtemecradc Oowveatioo, and will Inner heart nod (land for the aniuiaa of th gifted and worthy standard bearer put forward by that body. Tha democratic aomlaaUene, altogether, hare given very general eatiafhRtioa to tha party la thle city and county, and will doubtless be reoalred with equal fhvor la other leotlona of tha thate. Some dlaappotuimenl hae t?e?n oatii-mlly expressed bv those wboee periooa! par halittes hare not received the eodoroomeot of the Coo vrotioa; bat, wo ore pleased te say, onmlie 1 with aoy buteineea o( eplrl. or olalioliaaUoa to abide wholly aed determinedly by I be decision of the Omvaattoe This aaanimNy of reeolettoa and ha* moor of purpoae in the democratic party will prove fatal to the raise bopee en tertalt ed by our enemies, that a apllt would uocur la the ranki of the democrac lb the superficial roeeooer? to the members or the Know Nothing party, wbnae only cohesive element la their inleaee lutl for the apollw of oltloe ?or to the republican, who would rather" reign >u he linen rerve In heaven," and wboee chief pride oootula In naung and battling against every while maa who 1* not willing to an mil thai a negro la bla super)*?the fact that the democratic party ebould be oompneed of two wing* eahlottlog the greatest apparent hostility and tntllgnaacy again*! each other pret tous to the aerieKia or the Stale Uonreo Uoo, and after tuch deeleion, bury the hatchet and amo!* the pipe of peaoe. onlUSK their foraae against a oomraoo foe. preeeite an ralgota they oan neither understand no I appreciate. Judging by their own oorrup itanJard, they Invar inbly prophecy to roe latal cataetro >he to the demo emtio party on aoooant of their family biokertngv, with wbish Utey endeavor to delude the multitude tael art al W?J? helling hctfMO two opinion*, only, howerer, ?o add greater momtnton io their own I oar liable downfall, by rtoHle* a urea or watch fit ntwa and a mora perfect union of oppexdiioa tn the ran lea of the democracy. The recant nomlaationa of the MUM Onornntlon will ha tuaUtoed with anal by lha parly throughout lha ^ate Th? nomlnof a ara known In ba both capable and man of sterling integrity. Vb?y bare not bid their tight under a hoabel in Uroea pant, bat bar* fought lha good 0*1)1 of democracy with unflinching courage and nooalatant prln rif le m all lha rarlout conflict* of tba party la thia MUM, neither awed by raroraea nor InQaMd by i ucooaa No bettor aelrciton than thai of Mr. IFnlkup could hara been made fat Mm dtf'xalt and delicate poaltlon of lieutenant Ckrrrrnor?aa offloer on whom lha Important duuaa of lha Ear roll ?e may derolra?onawboaboul tberr fore ba aa fully capable of performing tbam wllb dignity, ability and ilrmnaaa Wa hall bla nomloatxm with Nea ore. la the aalacaion of dephea J. Field, of Yuba, aa the democratic cam) I data for tba highly impnrlaal paaitloa of AmnctaM Justice of the Mu preme Be act-, thaoeareaUoa baa been moat wta* A two d Jurist, as able lawyer, a maa wbcae reputation for ability and atrrliag integrity la nablamlabed. wa feel authorised la predicting thai lib Field, will run far ahead of bla ticket The reputation of Mr Williams (nominated fur Attorney tie oera i aa a capable aad talented la vyar. a toes of die scire scholastic aad practical noi rsmeoti and an bear at man, la alao too wall eiUbtlahed to need further oommrn at our baa<ia at lhl? una Mr Maadarllla baa been nominated far Comitroller Mr. Fln llay baa raoalyad the oomlaattra for Mute Treasurer and III ba eagerly top ported by toe early Mr. .lohaO'Menm. of ibta city,a gen Uemai leng derolad to tba baal Ull 'aala of lha demonrntio party, baa reudrnd tba leminniton for *au Ptlatcr, and Mr Horace H. Higiey. of A<ameda. baa bsea nora'aa1 or !%?rreynr (taaeral. a position wl?ck be ta admtraMy ol??d to (II with credit to himaelf aal boneat to Um dlaut. He baa bten oooneowd wi b tba o?oe or ma i'altod Ru*?a .-hirreynr treoeral of It, 1a Hata at nor ilo nrgaaiaatlaa. ant kM bid larp la aufatlag both aurt u i 10 Florida?ao better aeleoUoa oaaki hare boon made Too cBararter of Uie nomtaattooa la each m to deetroy the la*t remaining prop of the eocmim of the democrat: r Tbey are ote*ce tloaai and command lh? reaped an J c-ooQ deaco of gentlemen of all parttea Tna ore?entloa la get tlrg oa rapidly and harmootoanly with iia wort, another moat manuring pro* of the naaotmtty of atntl meat throughoat the ftato, and tba oooeequent ncattertng of tbo g-tenlia baada of ow pnlltioal aootniaa A Wrrk'a Vkolent Daatha and ttrldtnU In Rtvatla Onaniy. Tbo NotV* Democrat, of laat Wedaetlay, eimu.o* an account of Uto following Meaiae by rl I ant oauaoa A Frenchman aamod celeat'.ne Ray committed auictde at Bourbon Hill, oa Saturday, tba 11th Jaly by abottac btmaoif with a dmiblo barrelled yon. Ha nl% rd tha piooe nanioat hta breant and flrrd It off by panning agtinat the trigger with a atlcb Tba abot entered noar tba net't, ratting aororal large bland eameta. It Heat die tba d?orated wai a poor, wortbloaa raltow, who wjald at wot k. bat Head oa the cbar ty of bM acqnatotaoTi Oa the tamo ay a Ooraiib nan waa kitied ta <lra?a Valley, while worktat ta a abaft no Onaway'a quant load, by tba back no dog la upoa htm. Oa the tamo day, tatouel Ayrta dlad la Norada, front the offer ta of an Injnry rtflflred tome throe wooat tin ? at fmitb'a mill, oa Door Crook, bo low Rough *vl Rooty Ho ao rolling a log with a cant book aad ta robin* It orrr eomethlng, It gave a nodden atari, aad ?b? on 1 ot too 'wraratrrck bim on tbo forehead jont orer the eft are. In nam mat loo af tbo ayo at* Ir, which ranael bta uealb. WBJ format Ir from 1/radoa ncnalf, Virginia. t>n tho Mmo day a man waa ao aororolr In 1 irod o a ball ooart la Nerada that bo dlod on Mnn<'ny follow ,B?- Ilmama mat a boll had lodgol amr the ek/light and bo weal op an Uto roof nf or It, aad ia renaolng tbrwiih the nkyllght hot hlo balance and foil to ibo II tor. trlklng on bta bead Re wan nooanlnlo op to the uot of hl? dea h William f'atteraoa, formerly from Hown-d on itty, KM aocrl. waa terribly lajared at Wallonpa to the Rib .inly by the nceldoaml -Uncharge o' a Moot Re waa holding too tamping irtm m bta hand aad another atrtkl..* np<m It in tamn In the powder, when tn? t>u.< r k,. umplOR Iron po?o*d ItornoRh r?tt,r.on'? left vm >w ffto olhow Joint, carryla* off r?mioo of tho jotottooot hte fooo ?horklo|l,v mntllatod *M cit by too roako ?*J powrfor, nod two OnRoro on hlo rlRht hand ,?? ttowo fff Tho *iR?H of on" of hlo oyo* l? destroyed, ?d I it to foorod hto orm will boro W> ho ompototod. Ohould tho rn ho ooTKd It will l?o of Itttlo ooo to him. ot tho olkow Joint will ho otiff Tho otto* moo wot oliRhliy Injnrod. Tho iKmrrrat llhowloo rontnint on omooot of tko deoth of Honry W..uo|in, ?Hoa lonon. (monooood ki tho lhJ1#>n of WodMMloy loot,) ky koine otohhod to no offlroy ky o W YO CORNING EDinON-THUI Dotebman Mined Reidel, il Eureka, Nay ado oouoty, oo IteMt July. Wlir?ll?nM>u H?wi It rata. Knaiwm Kv\*?h Oo Dinaoa ? La*t Tuesday the 9a rrmeO art made another Importattseeiitoo In um Adama Oo matter. Tula deekhoo ta made to the auH of Inter Teatioa broaybt by T. A Lynob. tl. al , lo the ease of Adams va Woods % Ha* Sell Without at empting to foW mw WV wgai lurmow wo in five u onany as poesinie ibo nature and affect of lb la CacUrtoa. On U?e 33d of F? bruery. 1866, I 0. Words. tha resident partner of Adam* k Co., And log ibe house In difficult?, Bind a bill In equity In the FnorHi District Co rt, In Iho name of Alvln Adams, against blmsolf and Ha>keil, alleging mismanagement of be cartnerrbtp m-.Ira, and asking for a dtnmiutloo, an In> notion, an aoeountlng the appointment of a Receiver, and tbe apoloanno of ibe areola to tbe copartierablp rebia; and tbat In aid ef ibe Receiver, an aeaignment In faot wan mare by all tbe par lea to Uoben at Receiver, fbla proceeding, It waa generally believed, would debar ant auita fbom bring brougb b> attachment against Adam* fc Co., and ao prove at any one creditor from getting paid all while Ibe balanoe got nothing. Lynch and hla ataoot ale*. differing rrom tbe general opinion, brought ault by attachment, and recovered final judgment oo tbe3lit May, 1866, be'ore here bad beoa a decree of d la tola II on in tbeceaeof Adam* va Wooda and Haskell Tbe Supreme Court now decide* that thia attachment le good; and therefore that lynch aid tbe ethefa wnoaned with Mm. are to be paid Aral?-or, In other worda, that Utey shell get e'erything, and the other creditor* nothing. Palmer, Cook k Co are, of course, Interacted with Lynch. Tbe Supremo Court remark* ? The bill carefully drawn and th" fee * constituting fraud are diiOucOy s'aied The oourt below permitted tbe Intervn ti n to ho tiled, but refuted to stay proceeding* In the cate, or afford tbe per u*s any afitimattvo relte', and directed the Hrct lvrr 'o proceed and distribute ibe money In hla hand* pro rota am<ng the credit ir?: from which order* and ruling* he Intervene* have appealed. Judgment reveraed and eau*a remanded Mihcahtiui Fan-cnm ? It waa rumored on the street yerU-rt ay that Messrs Brig ham & Reynolds, large com mo Mod mrrcnants on Sanaome street, near Pacific, wero compelled to ausi-ead payment on er.count of advloea by the laal steamer that their branch hous In New Yirk had failed. It was alae rumored that the commlasloa house of W C Annan k Co were yratorday compiled to luapend payment on acrount of unfavorable advices from the East ?t IIva o'dlftAlr l.ijtt Nvonlmr thn a ha/1 Kaah nn'atUrhniontA tnui d trim tb<-County Clerk's offloe, which leads us lo ho c that those house* will be able to recover from the effect* or *uoh unexpected ahocka. Bi isibh or a Rbmbrvoir ix ma mmei?(iriat Dwrraconow or^Lu s akd pkopbhtv ?The San Joaquin R> publican mention* a terrible accident which oooureo last .Sunday, In Tuolumne county, by the burning of the great reservoir of the Tuolumne Oounty Water Oompaay. This reaervolr la situated In the mountain*, four mil** abov* Pine Log frosting, on the Staulelaua. When tl. burs ted, the vast body or water, rashlng with fba>fal velocity toward I be river, carried every htng before h. It Is not known whether any lives were lost between the reaervolr and the |rtver, hat at Pine Log four men were lost, and at Italian Bar, twenty milea below the reservoir, twelve more ernfeell to have been carried away. The deeiraottoo of property on the ilver la tinmen-e?everything within reaih of the rexlstivat tide bavin* boon swept oil. aad^dltcbe* and claim* being tiled up. No farther particulars reootved. Umbra Cam* tub Indians.?The Mariposa Democrai aaya that last week, on the bank of the Merced riser, Cypriano, head chief or the Tuolumne tribe of Indians, struck one of the Merced Indiana over the bead with a club, end with eurh force was the blow given, that the wounded Indian died on the apoL Cypriano Immediately ook to ibe mountains, pereui d by eeveral of tne Me roe i til be Though wounded In the breast with an arrow, ho moneyed to < tcape, and all search alter htm has flailed to discover hie hiding place. If oaught, It la anppooed bo will cer'ainly be ItiUeo by the relatives of the deoeaaed, as ttls in inc iniru moian oe dm hikhi Belonging to inn Meroea tribe Cyprlano *u drunk when hedenlt tho bl?w. There tiu been great oomplalnl made of late about ptrrau telling liquor to the Indians From Fort You.? J. T. Tomllntoo, who raoently made trip with wof on train from Red Bluff* to Fort Yuma, baa been writing to Sheet* of hie trarele. It appear* from a notice la the Jhaala Republican, that Mr. Tomllnaoa arrived at Fori Yuma oa May 34th. having travelled from Red Bioffb, a dietetic* of nlae hundred mllee, In thirty one d *y Be loot only cm ma)* oa the way. He afterward* * tatted the Arisen* mlaae. Heeaye that the character of the country bad been much mtnrepreeenied to him. Indeed of fladlag plenty of grace, be (bond not eufflateat to support males that were not laboring, the iHetannw to the mine* la t? enty Ove or thirty mtlea longer Una wan represented. la one place the dletaace between watering piaoan la Mveaty ftve lea land of sixty mil**. He mat'* that the read ia more mady and heavy than any be ever aw, Inetead of being a good wagoa road, aa waa rapreeeatod. Mirth*, Mm it lag ea and Pa a the. BiarusBanw* ?la Shasta, oa ite 4th of July, Mm wife of A. B. , ef a ton Barns*?At th* SL Nicholas, oa Bandny, July I, the wife of Mr. Jacob A Branor, of a eon Qouqak ?la Saa Fraaoiaoo, oa the 7th of Joly, th* wife of Richard Uocgan. Kbq . or a too Ci*rk ?At Coerokae, Nevada ooanty, July 1, the wife of Dr. O F. Clark, of t daogbter Lmk Boraa?Ia Btaotloa, an th* 10th of Jaly, lb* wife of Alios 1 Mm boors, of a ooo. Jjivaair.?la OrwvUla, aa iha Oth Jaly, th* wtfb of H. B. letnrop, Jr., of a daogbter Miua- At MMMasippt Bar. Bac-amaoto ooanty, oa the 6lb of Jaly, Urn A Miller, of a daughter Noam* ?la Deal eta, on toe 30th Job* the wife of Hoary Nonoe, of a too erlghlng 13 pouodt aad ounce# Mnaia ? la Mar rrualan*. on Umh *r?a on th* 7th July, Mr* Tbemao Noble, of a aow. PnnfiuaD ?la Sha rraaolaoo, oa Buaday, Jaae A, like ? fa ol in" i Prttebard.of a daughter. stvrb* ?la Sao Pranctaoo, on He kth of July, the wife of JimM J HtikM of ft ion. Saukm ? In Sen Prascieoo, oo the 10th of July, the wife ef Mr. r. itelmoa, ofim Sjmeoa ?la Sen Freacieoo, on the 14Uk of July, the wife of Mr. A. B. 9empeon, of e daughter Sn?rv*M> ?At the willow*, on the 4th of July, the wife of Mr. Jamaa O. Shepyard, of a toe Wzanty?at the Sink of the Fatah, Yolo ctmaty.Jnly I, the wfte of Wm Warden, of a eon, wet|hla( 1734 ponada. mauu asm. ArHtaaa?mea*h ? la -Sa? Kiaaelano, July 7, by the Uey. Dr. Aodenoa, Dr. AUta?on to Aaale Mean, both of sen Srenoii BO Uwan-Ki>mi ?la Hod Frunnlaoo, July i, by Rer. a. Bubo. Mr <><">' f Frederick Ueuing to Mine Anna Koeeter. both of fan Fraaetaco. Cam I'm? H??t' ?Io Ha? Fraactaoo, July 9, at the reticence of the brldo'f father, by Her. B. Brlorly, Henry QWehar, Etq., of line <.re?e, Sierra vrunty, to Mle* ? Cornelia. only daughter of Madtaon Hawea, Erq. Dowmao? Fvajw ?In Marlon Oo , June 36, Mr. Qeorga S Do" amy to Mlaa Mlaaourt Ano Kraaa. Draw*?Waon* ?In Man Fraaotaoo, at the Raeaette Hot te, by Benjemtn CoUlae, P<q , Mr. Franc! i Dunlin, of Todd'e Y alley. I'lacer Oo., to M1m Adella Who ilea, of Bebrna, Jefferaoo Oo , Wlaeonrln Fi wakim?Wooiroan -la Sontl Talk/. June 31, Mr. Chariee Kdwarua. of lr?? Uukb, formerly of Koch eater, lad , to Mia* Gather .n* Wootfnrd Hiiht? kwm ?la Saa Srancleoo, by femial B Bar rtf, hJ?q , Jue.Me of the Peace, Praoila M. Htlby, of Sasra met to, to Mlaa Caiharlne Barbara Kamiar, late ef Highland, Madlaon Oo., Illloat* lljomw? Bau. ?At Woodalde, Sad Mateo Oo , July S, by D. ..agger, B?q , Mr. J. C. Hut nee. formerly of Summit ?.iibin, to Mlii Iota A HaII, daughter of Mr. Gilbert Bell formerly of Oneida (A, 17. IUaau?iw>a?MfCoaawa.?In Ame-toaa Trwnahlp, rktrramcnto Oouoty. July I, Dr. C. C. Harrtagton to Mr*. 8a rah K Mr'ormlcn Ii?<,*aba*?jAMVxm ? la Sao Fraaeleno, at Trttlty church, Jaly 19, by Key. J. a very Shepherd, Mr. William lbp-eham In Mary Jane Jaml*ce. KaaobA?SMrrrt ? la .a ravnio. Jaly I, 1*67. by the Iter. Mr *>oek, Henry Kaegga to Mlm KUzabeta Smiui, both of fecrameotn. M**?rmo? Bnrr ? la Columbia, July 4, by Key. Mr. Hamiitna. Mr Wm Mat afield, formerly of Hlarerertlle, Smith field, R t, to Ml*? SalUe Ana. daughter of J. P. Bart, formerly of Vnrtb lighten, Maae Mitchbi?latt ?la Saa Fraactaoo, July 10, by Demamln Xllla*, JueUee of tba Praia, Mr Iaaac Mltmell, of Poet land, O T , to Mia* ttaerah levy, of %a Frandeoo Bfl ziitewra. Pmi-s. a Tn Mai. I vatwiaM f.tlw II tarn Dm* B drtvrly. Mr kapha?. Ma?u>t>ta to Lydla ObOTtlla, both of Saa Franc-woo Mrtijin ?t? f*ma ? On tbo Mb of Jaljr, by o Dor no, Mr O. Mc(.*r?<iy and lather Doyle, bow maiding la Kan M iirt manly N?wa*a?IiwumKt ?la Foratt City, Juao 30, Mr. David Ntwmaa 10 Rntaoa l?rkban O.oaa?i Kirt ?In tfaryiTtlla, July 0, Mr. Joba T. Ofdoa to MIm Harrlr* C frail. dm?H'vrmraii ?In 4an Fraactaoo, Joly P, by Rot. B. briefly, in Urn Wnaliln^ .m ftroo* ohurrh, J -hnona W. Rooar io lo Ira M Honey wall, t>*lh of San fraaclnoo Rntta Iniim ? At St. Helena, Napa Co.. /nly 4, N. 0. R vr, of Aukmu Valley, to ameda L. Elliott, of Napa V allpy. Rowa?vayb.?Al Mokalumna Hill, Joly , Mr. Jonoph Roira lo ttarr Vara. sftaotoa?Rnvaii.?Al Rcioknor'#, Sacramento, Jaly 4, Mr Jaaro Stanton lo Mr*. Kllaaboth H Rumeil. Raiarna? Sraim.i* ?la nnrervltla, Jaly I, David Bhlrp lo lo Rebelah .taoottro Stringer. Rntatna?Titian*.?In Saa, I tin* 24, by Rev Dr Tor Mebr at Trlaily Church, Mr. Charloa Snrolh to Mb* Mirth a Rl man TATioa-Onaw ? In Ran Fraaotww, July ft, by tt? Rev Dr Sooit Mr. William Taylor lo Mlm Mary .lano odoa. Tnnaivao?Mot aoa ?In Kna Fraoctaoo, July 1, by Ihe Rot F Monahako. Mr Tbomaa Thomaoa and Mim Aoloala Mocker. both of Sao r random. Tam>aaroot ?O'Haia.?la Realoa On , Judo 24, Mr JobB Vaaderpoollo Mr* FtlaaO'Hara, laio of Marino Co. Wamm?laaau-n ? 41 Mokalomno III U.July I, William Wright, E<o . lo Aoaa Croiallafe W *? *-7ot.ian ?la Baa Francisco, July P, by Rot F Mooahake, Mr. Joha Waraor to Mlaa Johanna Zillor, both of Haaia Cnur WaaTWoam?NavtrTAti ?fa San Franotion, July 11, by Rot R. P. Cutler,#! the resident of tb? bride'* father. Henry A Scorn-a, Erg., Mr John P. H Wemirorlh lo Mlrt Maria M !* nnUy Ia Sonofti, Inlf J, br R?r J, H. ?l?h, Mr Jo*H'h ' *?"" I* M>a" n*,,? K Oolb of Hto??M' Bar, IWrtnMa Oa. Wmr?-B"i-<.?IW ? ! fen fraorliro, July 18, U iho , rroldotco of 11 B. lU*hlo?, n? K?* R, p. <>uil?r, Mr P of H or.ktnn, to Mlai Kannic Roifara, of Yi?K??TV>?r?>r ?Al Tiowpana'* Raooh, on tha Moktfomno rtvrr, Julf 7 HrtrrC. Yolo, to Miaa Marp J. P Tboatpaoo, of fen J <aqoia, California. M*n?. Amu* ?.Boar tho Haifa ap dooao, botwoea feonuara

RK B ISPAY, AUGUST 13, 185T. to and Batter, duty 0, John Aatran, aged 44 yean, a unttm of France. Aram.?In Nevada, July 11, aaaael Ay roe, formerly of Loodon county, Va, unu 20 yearn. ?In San F>aooi?oo July 3, Lewie William, eon of Theodore and Adelaide BoachaHe, aged 0 monthe Bmnw.?Ii Santa OUra to*nihlp, on the 24th nit., lire.' Cynthia S- Alexaadi r, wife of J. M BUHngn, aged 3Vr care. Baxnoe?Also on the 4 b last. of typhoid fever Willie, lefant eon of J. M. and Cynthia K A BUIInga, aged about 1 mcntea Bthnb ?In Baa Kranoinco, at the reeldenoe of Juice David, E>q., July 14, J. F. J I. Byrne, a native of New i/rinw", u #o Gam-Hau. ? At Flddklown, July 11, .lamee Campbell, a oattve uf oouDty Donncgal, Ireland, ?> ? l 53 years OnumaM ?Id Nevada, July 4. L B. Coleman, formerly of Sonera county, N. Y .aged 2d year*. Clank.?In Cameras, Napa county, July 4, of eryatpeiaa. Char lea Glover, ion of William and Dortnd* Clark, aged 13 yrara Kikihh.? In the forka of Baalism, Unn county, Jane 14. of dropey, after an lllneae or four month*. lUzabeth, seooad daughter of L. Klktaa, aged 18 year*. Punch.?At Dot no'* dar Plaoer county, July 11, 7. B. French, a na tve of New Uampthlre, aged 32 year*. Fiatav.?In Han I'ranolaoo, at hie roMdonce, July 14, Ool. Jamea W. Flnley, formerly or Baltlmrro, aged nbrut 68 yearn Hvuimtr ?In Yreka Jane 21, Helen S , only child af B. and A K. Halbert, aged 1 year aad 2 month* Ihaioc? Died, oaths taiaage from New York to San Franci?oo, Mr* Rachael leaao*, aged 78. Ike retntlvea and friend* of the deoeased hereb* tender tbelr elnoere thank* to the enpteln* and 0Miser* of the steamships Hit note end Bonora, for their kind attentteae to her while Mm waa on board. Mitch* u. ?In San Francisco, July 8, Mary Jane, daughter of J. C Mitchell, eged 8 months Muxiuam.?In Ban Kranclaoo, at tha realdence of Loula MoLane, Jr., on the morning of July U, KlUp Mllllgac, infant daughter aad only child of Allen end Addle Mclane, i|id 8 moo tin. Mcnso.n ?1s Btocktm, on July 4, Henry N. Muuon, of Maine, eged 31 yearn. Bolivia.? At Auburn, Jnly 8, BKTmid E. Konwln In the 48d year of her age. Smith ?At the What Cheer House San Fnuioteoo, July 18, Wm. Cory Satltb, formerly of Ialip, Suffolk county, L. i, aged 88 years. SnrAHD.?In Yreka, June 18, of pneumonia, Caroline. Infant daughter of B. T. and Boxy dhepard, aged 11 mnnttis aad 7 day*. Vanptnmotv.?In CFNell township, San Joaquin county, Jnly 8, Adeline, daughter of Jemee VendenhoO, recently from Shit I eke. aged 3 year* aad 6 months. Van Vijwr ?in Clark ooonty, W T., May 16, of croup, Lota, lnffent daughter of Lewi* aad Kllxabetb A. Van Vleet, aged 4 monlhe and 17 days. Mews from Oregon and Washington TVrrlli to vies. OBMMOM. Newe flrom Portland, O. T., to the utb July, and from Puget Pound, W. T., to 28th .1 been received at San Franclaoo. The news I* v< ire. The official veto of Oreeon Tv saoertalned to be aa follow* ? For Convention 1,617 A |*i out 1,67V Total vote V JV6 Majority for Oooyentton 6,93u For (leleKHK?lane (dew) 6,664 Livwo (rep) 8,171 Pemoeratle majority 2,191 ToUl TOM 9,233 Th* reeult ibow* * doer tie la the entire vote polled, a* ocm pared with that or too year* atnee, of 824 vote*. the people of Portland bad a grand time of It on Independence d*y. Various pleaanre panic* were formed aed addreteee delivered. In the evening a balloon w*e cent np, then oune aqolb* aad rockeU la the usual etyle. Mr l)*waon, mate of the iteamer Columbia, who, U will be reeotleoted, waa wounded while Bring a I alula at Port land ta April taat, on the oaoaaton or General Lane'* arrival, ha* died or the lajorlea received. The settlement of Ike oountry of John Day's rtvar by the while* la forbidden, the Indiana being allowed to retain possession of II for the preaaal. WASHINGTON. On TTth June, James Doty, of Otjmpta, commuted euicloe bjr shooting himself He waa somewhat gtven to bahlla of dissipation, and hla ftieada aUrlbole the ad la the influence or lhal habit There hare been aereral email affaire down Puget Bound, arlalng (torn that frullfai aoarce of dlffloulty the Tlalta of the British and Uneaten Indiana. It appears that a northern Indian waa hlllad by a Saohooalah, oa Whtdby'a laiaad, and that, aoua after, the frleada or the deeeeaed, oa their way to Victoria, aetaed oa a Oallam canoe, and captured tu occupants, Are In number, whom they oarrted off slaves. A party of Oowltohlna bare aleo hilled two Baaalah Indiana, near Belllnotam Bay. There baa been a flghifbetweea two partlaa or Northern Indiana, at Victoria, la *mcb a few were hilled aad wounded. A rood deal of sxeltemsnt baa prevailed among the Port TbwaaeaJ Indiana, In cnassqnsnm of the andden death of Hen. Ploioe, the Chews* urn Chief. ("rum the effeote, aa waa auppwed by them, of poison.? H'lMmgUm K*p%tbhocm, AW lb. Aaanioan awo Barruw Lota ? Oaeaf Ibetwomsesf-war, aenl out by the British government, to convey their Oom mlaaioorr and aulte, bad arrived^! Victoria. Nothing la hnown, aa yet, aa to what course will be) adopted ta the conduct of the survey ? W*iMn0Um?&r]>ubt* im, Jvn* 10 Aotiounn from the Oolrille mines are flattering. New dlrcoverlee of gold hare been made, near lake Nlooiai. In (he BrIUah poaaeealona, distent from CoiviIIe about 'MO milen ^ Markets. Bau ruMTtno, July IS, 1867. Hour?Ha lea of MO quarter aacka, Oregon and dome* Uc brand*, at ST 76 n $10 SO. Brain-tele* of .100 baga wheat at So ; 100 do. Oregon on private terra*; 3,100*aoka barley, In krto, at SI 00 n $1 07*; so baga onla at 3*o. Potatoes?galea, In Ma, of 700 bajp, at la n 1 *c. per tb. I'rovlatowe?ttelea of 26 bbla. .tear porh, at t?. 40 bbh. m*aa, 64 tteroeo brine bama, aad >00 hop larl, on prl rate term*. Ortxertee? tele* of 100 boxes oaitilo aoap at 13*a; ISO iba a O. do. atlOo 400 mat* Manila rice at 6*o. a S*e., 060 boxes young hyxoo tee*. 1 S lb. papers 60 bbla oruabed logar, 1,000 boxee dmiLB'a edaman Una caaUtee, nil on priests term* liquor* ?Balae of '46 octave* New Yorh brandy at 06o.; 110 bbla New Yorh alcohol, 100 caaee Wolfe'e sihnapps, on private terms Older?26 naoea Winterlngham '* aold at $3. Dry good*.? 100 doarn wool aecha aold at 02 per do/.eo Haltpetre ? Hale of 6,000 Iba. at 13*c. Koala ?060 bbla. aold on prl rate terms. Latter from* the Bauidvetch (elands. The eebcoer Vequero, which arrived at Han rr.meter r> on (he Hth July, brings paper* from lbs dandwtoh Intends id the 27ih Jnaa. Dntvn or Cum* Jrwnra Ina.?Wm. I. tea, Chief Joattoe of the Itepreme Court of the Hawaiian Kingdom, died of roa-umpUrn at Honolulu, on the morning * the JHth May. He he.l long I wen Ul, end hi* decease bad been for some Dm* dally expected. Be had been residing at the 1 -land* since October, 1640. Bcoab UanwoNi ?The CbmaMreuri JdwrHtrr aaya that two new and extensive sugar pteetelMiv are about being Hawaii Owr aoiata will wmM <4 abnot '2.Ml) mtn, owo *1 by Mwm saaKiog * Go.; Iho <?l>or la about 400 v?, ?waad by Hp- ra. I'M * Co. Both iheoa fir mo tiovo i tag born rooplmt Cklaeoo mor'lmofai. aad aro pooooaaod of aa?ple eapllal lo latrodaroall tbo rcrtoi itaproramoou oad < arryoo tbo baatoooa with profli. A mom-atom?Kior Kamobameha boa tn*l? tbo MInwlnt appotntmcato ? H U Pnooo Kamabatnoba In bo Mmjttrr of tbo Ln tor tor, la place c4 Mr Totta*, re kh tiod. hi* k (och#nry Jobn Yoook to bw Chanberlaia; hit llt*r>r H?b? H Alloo to b? QM of the oomrruoitooorw for pregorltf tb# elrM node Booott jc T*am HrvnwrKit ?The ToUowIok oboerTaUowt npou iba trade at H woiulu are fbrnlabed by too /'r./yw Mow -Tba I orator ralar of goodt aaternd ot in* Coot >in Honolulu. ilartnir tbo <nitrlrr miliar Rirrh 31. ISA". vm |IT*,?vO m. i.uml 9..t*,?4<t 19 (or the corre#pood let q .artrr of 1H49, tbowlBK a dec-ewte of 1170, M* 79 The Intal ralne of etporla for the mm quarter (ItIk jeer *u Snn.lrt" c? rain it 9,)H,rt0m HI i art year, ibow tor me thnreaee of fJrt.OoO IS. Tn? apparent imlanoe of iraieeyalnM no for tbe flnrt quarter of Ibia year ? but 9113,711 tO, while It wilt be rememNered that th? (wo carter# of oil?tbtwe of (bo Blank Warrior and K L. Kroet? worth mm 994,000, were tbe produce of Hawaiian eatrrprtae aal capital, and thoo?h ihey flyure uoder a fore'fh (lay, are a* much la potat of Com a dameatic a* port a* aay arttole la Ibe Has The raaalt abort a decked ten. . OCT towardaa healthy Ware of coat memo, ant in ibai reepert it cheerily # Tnptiivi at Lakai?a.?The Prlry Qeaaell hare leaned order* forbtddiay lite taJe m boor at I taalaa. Ktlrem# dronkeaheea amony tbe aaiirae la laid lo be Um caaaa ol ibe order HAWAru* MiKKtomAhT Bncrrrr.?TVt eoctety hat beea chartered bf tbe (orernmeat The Oammereiai A/oct-fiicr tart ?Home rbaaye la tbe relation eitetiny between tbe American Board oi Hleatoae aad the Saadwwb lelan<le Mlrttou baa been toeghl for J ear* by the former, but tbe dim jolly of Si lac n? aay taiiafaotory mode hat a* jot pre Tented rrtch a ebaaye It I* prepoeed now by tbe pa<aol eraiety, to make the Hawaiian Mttaloaary Socle"? Ma ei erutlve or ayent la dtebarWay tht luada, which bare hereto fore been *W*a directly to ita mltatooarlae Toe Hawaii* t Blmiooary Bonlety will then become the yoardlaa of tbe Awertean mienonarte* on thi* group, aa well at tb'ee ttattoned la Htcrowntit aad ibe Mar r.aea* Toe Sandwich lelanct Mleelon tt beootatay erery year le*t de rcnilcnl for II* runner I on Ibe Amerlimn eoc.tet* an,I will be aranmaily dtaoooDaotoe from II POTAI fKMUn ?A HfMl lata graph h?? bee* araatod I Honolulu. ?o a bill, fbor mllae mil of town, 10 etgnailaa Um> epproara of rtaaala (Ku>"? Oeor ? the CbnwwmAel ddwrftaw eaye lha orango crop at Kim, Hawaii, will not aqaal ihat of ia*t yaar Trace which bora rrmr 6,000 will not thia eaaano Kid 3,000, aad iha aama railing t? eotod la North aad h Kon?. (hi Kaaai Ui? orop will ba good fWUM-nw rol aan no Hawaii waa r?ry plainly ran from labaina no Uia 33d loaa (.roi<H Tani-t? Tba AdmNmr caya Uva limber trado with iha natlrae la etaadliy lacroaa'ag, and ahowa Haalf la the improrad character of Iha native hoasaa erected all orar lha lalaad, Ra<w Acnnaa ma Factrir.?Iha fWyneatm of lha 37th Jona ?a#? ? (ha baik Fenay HrJ* aad tha aahoooar Van nam both clear la day for Nan Fraaolaoo. aad qnlto a dagraa of latarrat la mantfaetad la tha raoa. tha qoeettna to ba doeWad l? no* aa to which la tha haat aallor?for ararrbody awarda tba Vaqnaro tha palm?bat to lochia at to lha do grea la which oao will boat tha ntbor. [Tha Vaqnero arrtrad bar* la?t night There la M alga yet of iha Fawny Major | [ERA [ INTERESTING FROM NEW GRANADA. PuMf? ifaUw lUUIIrt to Steuity ud Use Ad mli> Uts at Ion g J turtle* on UM latliniwe But* of tflkdn on the Ultimo*?L?oaa of Use British Sblp Walton Muni aster, Ac< We here Panama date* to the 4th ol August. Ike aew law relative is the security anl administration of affairs on the lathmae, (an abstract of whioh will be reund In the letter of our correspondent,) which bad pars ed the Concrete at Bogota, Rive much dlasattsfaeUon to the people, and the preae were general in their oondemnauon of ll The Star mnd Hrrald of the 4th says:? Wallet we admit that matters had arrived at such a state on the Isthmua that a change became absolutely ne neasary, ?e are very mitoh Inclined to doubt whether the new law relative to " security aad the arrangement of nailons 1 affaire," which the Oocgreea at Bogota bae just passed, la calculated to effect the Improvement re quired. The law appears to us e very orude, hastily gotten up. III Judged piece of leRlileUou, the ten dency of which will be to render malic a here more difficult of arrange meat, oompUoate to an enormous ox teat the already ton compiles ed system of administration, reader security less certain, deprive the State of Panama of many of Ha sovereign rights and of the only resources H possessed. by whloh It coild effect any good, and tm peso a moat usjoat amount of taxation u >00 the foreign residents and restrtohont on their commercial specula Hobs. Wo take the fallowing Items from the Asplnwall Ovuritr ? We learn there Is e probebbty that the work will soon he recommenced upon the dtijue at Uarthagena, under the auapioee of cadres and foreign residents, we hope the effort will be suooeasfnt. The steamer Ttmnes arrived at this port on the 23d f cm Grey town. she b inge no news of importaaoe from Central America, exoepl that Gen FUrrioe, who attempted OB* PANAMA OOHUlflrONDKNC*. Panama, V. <>., Augusts, 1867. Pasta ft of * Law Relative to the Administration of National Affair* on the lahmu*?Viuatitfaciion if the People with It?Opinion* of the Preu?TSuU tight*?A mount if Ouodt Clmieyed by the Panama Railroad?A New Cknsut to be Jbhen Departure of the Independence for Ran Pranciico. The national Congress at Bogota, previous to adjourning, pessed a law relative to "security and the administration of national affairs on the Isthmus," which, It strikes me. will tend to render the settlement of the Isthmus question mere complicated, as It latroduoee new elements sod ogpna op again In the moat decided manner, the question of the passenger and tonnage lax, against which, as your readers are aware, the United 9>atea government has already taken a decided stand. The following la a summary of thin now laws? A federal officer named an "lntendente General" is to be appointed, whose duty will be to look alter the security and protection of lore ignore and their interests, in accordance with public treaties and the common rights of nations; to oontrol all the national property in the Bute, and make provision for the defence of the territory and the national srverelgniy In the Sato The general government Is to organise a police force and nominate the captains of the polls of Panama and Aspinwall; IS is to support an army sufficiently strong to protect the Territory In case of inter nal disturbances, fill buster lam or Invasion, and n tribunal dependant on the supreme Court of the nation Is to be established. This court la to have power to decide quea lions relative to foreigners passing over the railroad, and also any points that may arise regarding the interpolation of the railroad eompany's contract, lb defray the ex prnsee Incurred by this law, the $60,KB granted last year to the Male (which gift Is revoked) is to be applied, together with the tonnage toi; the nam eager oootrtbuUoo, levied on all who < rase the railroad, (provided thai the railroad oompanj permit lu cjtleeu??i far which they ere to be made e <Manaanandton as?sssOsni, twcif or ib? Import dutlee, which are a ha laid on, provided the Slate legislature gives Hs consent, sad. If a#<caeary, the farced rcntrtbeUon lately decreed la use Stale of Panama of $10 000. This law has give* universal dtmatls fWUon here, both to the natives and foreigners, and there are so many oo)cc'lcns to lis going Into operation that I do not think it ean be enforced The raaamenco complain bitter It , anil with juntioe, that the law to Id violation of their Bate rigbu, ahti that In practice It will give rtae to lnaaoMrable oonUicte between the Ante and federal autboritloo, while in taking away front them the grant of 100,000 and one half of the out oma dutlee, It leaven no revenue to meet the Slate ei " STtoreignere, on the other hand, object to the law became, while it given then no more protection than they are jertly entitled to from the bande both of the Sate nad federal government, It thrown the whom coat of au^port tog lhaee new eftiatate the pnboe awe the army?ea them, and tmpceea the tonnage ana ptatenger las, the two ohooslaoa onetn Notion* vet of which all the ^ueeflan* now ponding between the failed Stalee and New Uraondn have rlaea The Ornttmtla, the "native Ameriooa ' organ, lalka out in doworlgbt trenaooable longaoge of eepnrntlon. and of etttac up an a nation on their own account The /'uMo, the organ of the oppoeuioa, advocate* placing the lathmua order the protection "f all the greal Power*, and the JVine mew, the top porter of the government party, pubUahel jmterday a wood cot of the arma or the republic, wHh ibe lalhmoe? which 0*0 lea the lower portion of Ute able Id-omitted, with the following rnmnrk?''Probable effort cf the new law." finally. the Star and 17erel>f, the f> reign organ, atroogly oppoMt uw law m onne retary. unjust, uoomtebte an 1 inoapabie of being corned oat It will be new* by thin that New O remade baa managed to pteaae no party, and It la to be hoped that bar Ml*later at Washington will not eoooeed in palming tfcla law off on Oeaeral Own, tad 00 obtaining bia caaoent lo It <m may term* that might Ihj aiJt relative la the ae< Dement of ibe loihmua queauoa. The omoer Intended lo mi lha m* poet of loleodenie (Jfnrral la not ui aamod Whoever ba may ba, he will bare a mdat dlfllcoU and unpieataot doty to perfirm; indeed, It aaaiaa doubtful whether tba loMunenoa wl'l inhmlt 10 bla authority at all. Tbay have quite vanity enough to tblak tbrmaeiren oapabla of aalf government, and m'gbt Inm a declaration of iniepaataaoa of liar own; la which ova oar government, according to treaty would ba 00at pallad la (tap Id and aaalat New (iraaada la upholding bar overetgn righto The Mala LrnnUlure meeto oart m mlb, wbaa tba ?ub jretof tbiaaaw law will ba brought forward, aaJ what over action la Intaodad will probably ba dafarrad aaill then Tha h?ota paper* aaooanoa with cnoaldarabta ?atl?reo tlou the fact or tko Ulhiaua q taaUoa bring atlil aoaeuiad at Waehiogton, ai.d e>pr*eo an optuloo that * tula wwa pro eraaliDaboii will trot lo mate ibe ?ctil<-moal Ihror 10 thla country It It now adw'ttod tba' mm io<1< malty will bare to ba pall?tot aa the |?pora Mao fur tba evaoia of tbe Hlh of April, but beraui>e they Icb plana oa Uranv dlan toil, but a few IhouaOda Will, II la aaid, eortr all tiia damage* It m evtdenUy iba puicy of tbie government to pal off tba lattlemaat by f.tlr prom era uabl it Uraa out our government and people, an I Indue* thorn ti acoopt aay teulemet.t to get rid of tbe quovtin 1 We ahull aae whether tenerol lleri io, la Iblt matter, will tuo?'od In gatltug tba wr ilber g.tge of Mr. Barb man .ml lienor tl Una* Daring Ibe put fbrtalgbt we bava bad Ibre- laya <4 JMi?. web lb# laaal aooomi iolm?-i > of ball 'truing, bo roe rants ? aad ma* queradtog. all of which wat very ntapid and tflrltlr-w. If wa ete-i-t a row, la which tbe Atloraav (itnoral of tba tbate got bit bead rut aad an es police officer reoeirod ratter a torora pualtblag A fa* of tbe aavag?e who-were laatlni' a poor, Im (Tenet re ball at laet get tba old fbllow'a lander op 1 fllrtenily lo laduoe him to knock thoie ap (or down), but unfortunately a one of them were tarlnualy hart. A return of the amount of groda onavoyod by railroad from Ant-lowall lo Panama, for Utamua conrumpUoa, for lb# its month* ending May M, b*o been pabltfhod. Tbe value of Uie importa etanede ftOO.OM, oe over f 1,'iCO OOO a year. Tbla la Independent of the Importa to Panama front the recite aad tbe Aa.As wall trade, whtah would brlti: ap the aoaoumpttoa of foreign , nod* la tbe siale to over t2,0Cff,0QQ a year, la a large amount, coa tldoring that tbe populellin of tbe Mala deea not eroeod IM OOOaona The Owe or nor baa Itouel Inrtrno una (bra new comma In ba token Tbowe hither n made are very incorrect, aad owing lo tba cifllcolty of nolleotiog Ibe taforma'on, the apathy of Iba officer* mi/natal arltn tbe daiv, and tbe Ignorance of the people, who Jo aol un-leraun I l a oNed, 11 lo probable thai tbe oaw attempt will aot bo mo a a * Tba lo depend rare aaila la day or lo morrow for <*aa Troadom, where ?he laya op fbr Iba remainder of ber day*, being quite nnfli for art A bint <>ee hundred of b*r men, wboae time I* ap. roturi h->me by (he floorge law, lb charge of Captain Oar land of tbe Maine*. who, wdb Dr. Kuaalogberger, ore the only Iwo olSoera thai leave Ibe vaaael here all tbe other* proceed In the ?blp In tan ftaocleco, aad will Ibea return borne by ateamar ngeiber with tbelr rflloere 10 he paid off it M*w Tork. * tr? a i eorry to loose the Independence ftrmt port nee ion? toy here mode na well acqunietcd with her efll -ere, who re Bo* froiirmealy tet of fellow*, end her w?? well behaved body of men Uaptaio Hoff rom?ln? here In Uie Jrho Adair*, end the tVntnr, tenia Thatcher, will nrnbably be bock eo n from Central voirrk-n the Brttuh corvette Alarm le nleo In port, nod wtll probably rotanlo (tare for unmet me NEWKPAPEB ACCOUNT. btatr or arraiM on thb nrntirn. | Krom the PwwtM. Aoftltl 4 ] The eatouof rtate of affaire le the fttnte of Panama M truly Inmeeuble, nod mtiet be viewed by ere-y honeet, I apriBht dti*?e with reeiiiHrv of rbtme and regret Frew ! (he or,* to her of Rnprrwentatlree down to the tnweat Oonrt of Jn*Uoe, letrlfie* ebu*?e end tl.erUIUea nee en? rtod no, etteo In no oonalry In (he world rlnlm e? to rank rlrtlired, woo Id be permitted ti evlei. It ( nely eeo/weary to rend the rewind/* In the Journals pebilehed le tbte ctty to bo inede nwnre to wh*t on ** tent corruption boo eprend throes bout the lentth end hrrndtb of the I nod. The Rnpeeme Oeurt, the Criminal Court, the Admtnietrntore of the Pirr?IW- v aede, the on VI I doe, the pnlloe nit are in turn espnwid hy parties who hare enffrred from the oon admlnwtratore of jaittoe end the rnbrereton of every rifht mama tied to them by the oenetitatlon and the laws. The pabbabed anooento ef the Into election* proaewt a Botore that no honorable cittern one look on whho it a nnb of iheiuA riotlttona returns, coerced vttore, ille LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. gal proceedings? and ?ha are iba chief actors la all Umh7 Not the people, whose igno>, shoe weal of energy hare msde them the tools of others. Hat the me* ef wealth, porttlon sad e aesMea reach m II l?) 'a >h > -late, who eactUlce 'he good of their unutry to their on into re*U and tbt ir personal smbltluo We make theee r? marks >nt of no 111 feeling, oat or no wish 10 Bnd faull with the country, Us tnmttutiooa and lie people, hat from an earnest deeire te eee the er l< wo complain ui recti fled, and a better order of thtage established. It most be obvlone to every reileoilsg man thai ?uch a tale of thiDf cannot laet very mu> h linger without ?ndtsg In a total rola of lhaooantry ; and onion a change . aed that a vaat one?takes place, tome other neiiou must assuredly step In and lake the mar agemest and control of It It never was l> tended, It csnnot be especei that so fhlr a portion of tod's creation, a spot nf so ma eh importance to the ehrle world, nh mid be ma1 a the hot bed of corruption, and the neet for the vi'eel ptM'oueof msnklnd. Nothing bote rsdical change? e complete re'orm in the nunuRBif m ofaflsl a can airs the noiinirs 'rem the hh of lt? iDdepenrfrnee From the 0?vernir w> toe UoildeoT the amelleet dlairlct?from (he tAgteiamre to Umi poltoe?e oew ay stem suit be adopted, there most be mo e pollhael vlrtao? m ire p"r?ooel probty?more petnotiemn ea t lean patriots Ixdo. The eeveo de vita or c Tr notion moat be out oat, Mid then (here may exint Tor the Stele of Pumm e glorious future, luch a* the wiMe*t dream of her meet ardent admirer never yet eoncMred LOW or A BRITISH 8HIP ON TH1 HOCTH OOAST. The R Kith eblp Walton Mnoce'ter, tfouD.ey, nomaMtnder. wee uttaUly let on the reef nulrHo Iheneftl Hejr, forty milee north of Gtldere, prevtoue to be Ut of July. Mr. Moaneey, (he nepteln'e wlfe.ecd el?*eo heade were drowned A boet with Ave hand*, eeld to here beea ee*t by tbe ihtp Oennte Brendrreth, tea et.o lot! with ell bende, In endeavoring to eere Mr* Moaniey. Tbe vernal wni n to (el wreck. IMPORTANT FROM COSTA RICA. Declelon In tUyerd to (he Vivereyae Trenail Route?Ornut Ulven to K C. Mr abater end J V. lleriti?Nkereyue Oirei Her AO bee Aon to tbe Contract? Treaty Between Chile end UMte Hire. Tbe Coata I Joan oenfldenee wee ro eetebllebed end affhlia bed eeeumrd e heeltny eiiwt. A courier arrived et .Inn Jone on the 23d of July, bringing tho new* that the right of wey over the Nicaragua Rremit route bed bton grented to R. C. Webeter end C. Herrle, ion in-law of Cberlee Morgan Nicaragua, it tn aeid, la e party, end gave her oooaent to ibe oontraot. Tbe only information we here been able to obtain on the aubjent la oonlnlncd In the Ibllowlag letter of our oorreepondont:? OCR BAN JOni OOKBNPONDINCB. Sen Jon, Ooata RJoe, July 36, 1667. rue ortn: oj me nicaragua iraiuu tcmue winm to mmarn. R C Wibs'er and J. C flarrii?Xv-armgua Agree* to tK* (Goalrec'?DiioifioxMnunC of ttioal applicant*?Mr. Oarry Jonr*?TKe tSliluiUrt?Treaty mUl Uhil*, ?fic Hncfl my laat oommonloeUoo ibe final veto has bona put upon the struggle for tbe right of may over Ibe Isthmus of Nicaragua, by our I "rest dent giving tbo gnat to bla ohf .ally, Mr. B.C. Webaler, aod bla former bitter opponent, Mr J. C. Harris, ton la law of Charter Morgan. I bare made diligent laqulrlea aa to tbe reaeon wby our gorernment admitted Mr ilarria' Dame In tba aaw grant, an<t have ascertained tba following facto ? The grant of right of way oyer tba isthmus which Charles Morgan k Sotm had bought from Preatdeot Rlvas, oontaloed the condition that Morgan * Bona must carry the tor ceo of tba republic and any emigrants amounting to 10,000 by their steamer*, rooetrtsg la pay ascertain amount of land. When Costa Rice declared war against Nicaragua aha daclarad hoetllltiaa only again*I filibusters, aot agatnat the patrlouc party la her sister Mats Conaequaatly, la oonformMy with tbe lawn of aattoaa, Ooatn Ktca had so claim by ooequsat to that wblab aha bad gained by tbo fbroa of arsaa. Morgan, damson b Co. bnrlag acted np to the tenor of their grant given by Ritas, bald a fair etela to the right of way aver the Isthmus, and our Pratt dent, Inking this vtow of tea eaaa, readily agreed to tba plan of amalgamation proposed by Meases. Webster k Harris, and govs these two gsatlamta Mm eoatrol of tbe Trasstt. Mr. Aaderaon, who rstnraad to Osate Rtea as tba agent of Waters. Ji O. Roberto k Qterfc, backed by tba pereoeal praaaaoa of Mr. Power, of tba ator and Herald, of Panama, baa bean fbirly outwitted, sad la aow looked upon by the government and people te aa oavtahte light. Halaft this country la Janaary Mat an Mr. Webster's secretary, and te playing tba part of batrnyar baa lost all position be formerly a*id. Commodore VenderDUt bid aim btgb for lbs goidso prize, but the Commodore s agent, tba astartooa .1 M. Bpatcer, la aot widowed with .sudletea! shrewdness, U play lbs part of a good negotiator, The fight has beaa a severs and hard contested one. Soma of tba aeptraote denouncing their competitors te tba mast unqoaittol ton gas go Iba oondlUoaa of the ebartors are aot generally kaowa, bet II la aai i to be fhr more liberal than tba owe formerly giver te Mr. Webster Vlcaraguah aa given la bar adhe we to Iba ooatract. The Mcaragkaa Senate asi enabled at Mat ague ttrly la Iba presaot month, and the Transit, boundary and other questions j IBM at once villi a laiufhctory *olo?lon tbe -Wuate ^rw I th| lo the "treaty" proponed by Preetdeal Mora. Th? treaty ratified, errlred by ?pertal courier tiro deye ago, > which pal u> cad to all p watble rapture between ibe two repablloe, each male are to partimpete equally la ibe done and protlta derivable from theTraieU oootract Mr Oarey Joaea, Commiaeloaer from jour government, la attll bora, ha haa had navarul .ntorviewe with oar tveetdeat, aad U?? publlo la informed thai bla miaaloo la of th? moat aaliafac tory and cordial charanter. t >-ir nmeot haa MM on nn onmpllnaebt to Mr 0. Joaaa' tl.ll) to Washington, Capuin Canty ,?o!otbed with diplomatic power# ,and wa arc told ha la instructed to aasare the Cabinet al Wu/biortoo that our government la only too anxlnua lo bar foreign re latioaa lo meat tba wlabea of the paopla af the Called mum, The loot batch of the fllibnetere, 340 la number, were mnatered oa the 16th, an t altar reeeiruig a liberal apply of pro*tnone, leA ra the nrapi |ol for Iraytowa, where the (teaaier Tennessee waa expected to be waiting to convey them lo Ibe Hiatea Evoryuiiag that ootid be deal red for the support and eomlort of the## poor tetudad fellowa, haa ho teat) y and liberally he.a doao hy our Pre Ideal and II la to ha hoped that on their arrival at their call?# borne* they will aot be backward la epaakiog of the fkela K can* la lb* laug aage of truth, Soaae 2M of the Bllbueiere, chiefly '.ermane nare proler-at to remalaaad rule la ibe reynbU1!, aad cat not rail to do weM. We look oow to the good lalth of the Calked BUtea, and <o trull tie will And It a oltma duly to pet downed attempt* bum a In future by the weald be ftUbuwertag general! lo dalade and aotrap lanooent citlaaaa o unite .a another InvMlon of Nicaragua/ Bear M. ye Heaa>-ra. beer tble troth divine. Be a bo allow* theiee the crwea. Ike repahllc of (Mile haa hal a epeciaJ envoy hare for Ibe laet monlb Be tea conclude i on behalf of Chile with <ar government a treaty to make common caaae with Uwto Hlen la man of nay freab filibustering ewlerprlee lo Ueatral America. Chile baa altered Uoau Kion a laaa <j* 1100,COt, whloa wa da aot warn m? tba war la over Confident* li thirty rwctlaMlahgd throughout lbf> oouatry, aad iba drain by the lata llllhuateriag war on oar Ooanoaa la hardly felt Mora la papular, ad everyth ag la the rapubiio neuaMa iho bloom of health. The new baah pr.f)e<* of which 1 wroth you ia my laal ilada great throe la the foal*, aad if Mr Mrdlnaeuxhwde lathe I ai?-d iCatoe and Kuglnnt, aad the f> aaelt route ge? re owab'iibed, we ahali have a bappy aad vary proeperoe* tiaio ef ibiaga. Mr Harris, during bla Mprura a??eg u*, mode a vary fovorablt imBwion, and both that genii.taaa and Mr. Wabator ua eajoyiag ibo wieb of tbo majority ef the poo pie that U>ey m?ht be oeoemfel la their Important and valuable eaterprfee We tlad boom of your New Tort >wlew|or?rlee pnb leh aiemeeM eg. o*i Mr. Webewr Bo for na i men Klcn la awaonvoed, * bM liule rdeci, ee lie* and all renogvlM Iba efflrieat err vioM be bar, onrag the laM two yearn of her wriggle rendered air repubiia. trnm Nicaragua the nor. unta are eallefholory The dictators .larex aad Martinez am laonag oa with rare end drrameyeoltou Ceaeroi fhaaa remoiaa at tuoagf a (the new teat of government la Ninruria) lb a force of HO Coeto Kiooaa. and oo I nag Mb.* there ae fonre of stomal trouble m? be looked foe. Ho bM pnbltolf aaeeanoed that la the event of the laoneee and ..rtntdan* creating froah dieorder, Ibe leparkneat of Kit # will at once be aane.ed teCaata Kl/vt the leetdem turn betag tba wiah of the entire population of that depart m< at eat a front the hew I It Ptrlflr. By the arrival of the ateemer V?i t-oieo at Ifoneme, co the flit July, we gather a fow itemi of Infernal ? Th? apenlal convention beivean Fog aad, Fran re aad Tern, gnarautaelrg the aovereigatr of the gaano tehada to the alter, waa ratified la Lime on ioe ?b of Juan Th? tienty guaroateee the exeeepcon of the leieede oed the i goooo revanrtee from the cbancee of revolu loe. There baa beea a flgbi heei Arequipwbetween V.vnaeo'e Jory"" **" '"v"" """" r?? - ? Aa at'empt at rerntuitoa ( Cfc lao am io< im troopa bil I b??a me<*e, and matter* loot ?Ormt a^ain In Chile orraMorabl# exctieaecii tin beea by u attempt to onarl aft amcreljr for a! jvlUVal ottoooea tin* I i*H??*< arMiro ba>l oo.balitwa* oei'ere.1 P?M The POLH>ir?lnr? Hal bee# oeoilemeel, but tt||p J l*rtatt?n waa that the fOTeramenl erj?M >tn r m ft* ??t>teac? of 'death A de.-ree ",?o'o{ (be onwtlDf VMe to f reign Magt waa (aeeed oa 1be l.*b of Iud? a Htlitia ina election bai lermiaaied for tb? goeera ani i;oae? fVeigMg for America# aMpe are now eery toe, remela bating lately boon ?a*?n up ai tit per tea. nwtti met I IBB ar If rummer, V J ?Oa (he <Hh net lb# I arc** b tolltorp bungler to (be <*a?t MlWatome dan j. featuring Oompaae. at Pa?t WlHaioee, th? teeern h*ee oa (be ojHwtto ??de of the I tree I, and a <1?eUlhf mvnr ad by eae of lb? workmen were buraed loen UhtfrUQOQ