Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1857 Page 7
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETEBT DAY. _ BALKS AT AUCTION. AUOTIOK SOTI jM-J HOOAhT, AUOTIOWSIA?B* , *J?GAB*-Wednssd*y. August 19. at 10X 0-olook. 10. HO Broadway, Constable's sale of the enUrs stock and Anna of a book store. ___ JOBS W. BOKKRIWDTKA. Constable UUTIO* WOT1CK ? HOU8KMOLD FC itIII TUBA BKW big machines to. HamuKL OHOOOD A oo , Auctioneers, Will mU at tholr salesrooms. 81 Kaaaau street, tbta rtay, 8a Ourday, at 10k A II a a mn ily of household furniture. com prising two richly carved rosewood (uiU for parlor*, floe aolld Oak and enamelled chimber aulla, dressing bare*a*, wash llta-da, wardrobe*; rosewood, mahogany and black walnut t"?kr*?m mahogany and other bedstead*. rosewood and Oaahogan^eof**, aula beds, chain, rock era, mirrors, clooka. Four rosewood marble top etegsres, with mirror back and iloors Two mahogany do. do. do. Sold by order of the aalgnee of Onsets!* Also, Twelve superior oil palntlugs, by Mr. A O. Ooatea, In rloh Hilt frames; subjects In catalogues. also By order of a constable, a quantity of brandy and other liquors In rank*, seven yold linger rings, eleven brooohea, fire .gold rent chain*, one watch, Ac , by virtue o' an execatlon. AUCTION NOTICE.?M DODOHTT, AUCTIONEER, will sell this day. at 10X o'clock, at Mo. 27 Centre street, a general assortment of new and second hand furniture, viz Sofa* and sola beds lounges, mahogany chairs and rockers, tnlrrots. bureaus, bedsteads, mattresses. Brussels and Ingrain aarpet?. china eroikery and glassware, matting, stoves, Jto. Bale peremptory. Auction notice?thos. bell, auctioneer ? 0(11 or at Henry A Draper's auction rooms. No 191 Wll Bass street, where he would be happy to see his friends and ihejjublie. All business In the line will be promptly at AUCTIOII NOTIOK -J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER-BY 8. BOGAKT.?This day, at lOXo'oook. la front of the (auction rooms, one bay horse: also, two bay horses, one oar rtage and harness also tb- effects of a grocery store, lease fix lures, kegs, beer pump. Ac., also, a small lot or kouiehol 1 fur Blture. spring matlrersef, mah ganr bedsteads. tabl?a. chain, bureaus, and also a lot ef lumber, new planks and boards, Ac . Ac AUOTION NOTIOB.-WW. WILDE, AUCTIONEER.? Bv BUSH A WlbDE. Tbla day, at 10>4 o'clock, at 12 Worth William street. Sale if furniture, carpets, beds, mat tresses counters, Ac.; a'so summer clothing. 60 boxes ?upertor aegars. t ?o gold watches, ene patent lever ' Johnson" watch, Ac., Ac. ASSIGNEE'S STOCK FOR BALK.?THE RNTIRl STOCK of the storf No. S Hudson street, will be sold a bar (tain; (II eonsists of hosiery, embroidery, lace and" Canay trends: also, sentlemen's fur- lshlng good*, it 1* aliln llrat pate order, quite fresh. and together with the fixtures at pre oeot la the atoie oilers an excellent ouportunly to parties boat entering business, who have available oaah or gubstan dial aeeurity to offer. Apple at the store. GILBERT 8. RAYAGB, AUOTlONEER.-BY OATA logue for oash ? By order of Thomas Coote, Jr., asslguee, .DIBB1JCB. BAYiiBY k 8 CVAiSB wt'l sell on the premises, ?M Allan tie streei. Brooklyn, between Henn ana u linton {Streets, on Monday Auguit if oommencitik at 10 A. M.. the onttr* stock of adealerln Uennan and French fancy g?ds Un wares, wooden ware, baskets, and a seneral variety of fionae fnrnlshlng articles. Trials a good stock and watting Hm attention of dealers. Catalogues car be had at our salesroom. Mo. 81 Cedar street, on Saturday, P. M. GO. HORTON, ACfTTIOMlBB?<>4L?8 ROOM 76 Carmine street wilt tell this day, at 10X o'clock, at sales poom, household furniture and fan iy clorks, aooordeon, 1st Of oomtoee and bands etock of an upholster. HBMKT B. HERTS, JB., AUCTIONEER?BY HURTS k MOS8.? RherilTs sale, on Monday, August 17, at 10W O'clock, at No 6K Pine street. In basement, the cratenta o? aid restaurant, bar and fixtures, mirrors, china, glass cut tsry and plated ware, chairs tables oook r inge and utensils, Olso the unexpired terms of lease and good will of saloon. By Order of JaR C. WILLBTT, Sheriff. A. B. BotAHre, Deputy Sheriff. HBNBY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONKCB ?HOUSKHOLD furniture ?HEN RV H. LEEDS ,k CO will veil at auo Uon on Monday, August 17 at 10'i o'rloek, at 134 West Fortythird street near Seventh avenue gen'etl household fnrnlt ire, constating of Brussels Ingrain and three ply carpets, ma oga ?y tete a-tetes to hair c'oth, mahogany chalrg in do., mabora cy marble top centre tables, Voltaire chairs In do., laoe window curtains and cornices tlegat t rose wood octave piano, Made by Chambers; bronse groan, the Hussar; ess? chairs Mahogany French bedateada, mahogany marble top dressing luireaus, mabogsnv mar le top washstanda, mahogany rock Sgtlt frame mantel glasses, hair mattresses feather bolsters pillows, blankets, sheets, kc , b'ack wvlnnt dining tab e, oak aane chai-s kc , together with a large let of ki chen furnl tore, wl'h which the sale wtll commence. M DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER, , Office. 17 Ces re streei Cleniml household furniture ?W DOUGHTY WlH sell on Word*/. Aujuh: 17 at IOh o'cl 'fk. nt No. H) East Thirty flrit afreet, near Laxlrgto- avenue. cjjslsilng of mahogany parlor nl k. covered In haircloth. ?lz , tote a t?t*s, arm and pailor abalrm, Voltaire rockers, oookcase. (lit frame Kren-.h plate Mirrors. Trivet and three ply carpe's mahogany marble top Bier aad loo tables lace window curtains, shades, mahogany French bedsteads bureaus. ?ash?tands. t diet sots, black -walnut ohalm. do. Mr... together wih a flee oo >htng stove, orange. Mockery g.assware and a general assortment orkitchen iitsaalla B*?o okuwwni-iiuitTuiai haue.-j. hi x* set. X aaoUoaeei By B BOOART?srlll sell oa Tueaday, An*. 11. as MM ototoch. at the eorser of Seeoad aeon no and Twos hsa lust, by Ttrtno of a ohattol mortgage, the entire stock ad fixlstrsa of a first class drug store, baantlfully situated mm Mm said to one lot If I so aired, together with the lasso of tots prsotSsas; IT not to bo sold la lots to soil purchasers; onus hmrn. sahnrors. *elvtog. show jars, drags medio las, perfume nk the Shore sale to farther postponed until Friday, August 14 Ulthg mm Uim and piioe. The ahorr sa e Is further postponed, to souseduenoe of the purchaser ant complying with the terms of sale, until Monday, .August 17. lPflT, at li o'clock, at mate place. flTBUM TinCH, AtMITIONRER -BTORR NO 10 8PRUOE E sweet?Hhertfl's kale of marble slabs. Bksmlels, steam eegtae. holler, Ac , oa Saicrdar. August LA 1H57, at 10 A- M.. EtWoatleth alreet, between Fourth sad Fifth areanes, eon otsdag of marble mantels, marble slabs, moulds, he.; also otsass engine, boiler, shallot .belting pulleys, he.. As. JOHN T. WW ART, Deputy Hberlff. TbOMAE VKITtlH, ACCTIORRlR-iTORR MO. 16 Hpruoe street.-Mortgage aad Mbartff a sale of finished aad uaflsisbed furniture, lumber, horses, wagons and harness, team engine. boiler shafting, belting, pullls*. Ac . on Ilium day, August l.V 1-5" at to A M , st Nns r and g; .Tarkson otresl. consisting of richly oar red rosewood and mahogany furniture. finished and unfinished, pier e*rd and extension #-WLmm. nfashslArtila nit EFH Vnl Lmir? Rfld MrllnV e Intra. nofaa te'e a letaa, Ac ; aim, a lane quantity of lum fcer, eonalatlng of rnaewood, black wahmt. maaogany. aah oak, baarh mn?>le Ac ; alao, a large quantity if roecwonl, black walnut and tutbcgany veueere, Ac . alao, horaa. wagon nnd barncaa and alao atram engine, boiler. shafting, outline. ,kr Ac jameh 0. willbt. Hheriff tm abore aale la adjourned until Ha urday. Auaoat is, iiS7. flU ika aamx um* anil place J 18 U wll.'.kr, Hherltf THOS. VBITOH. AUCT10BBKR-8TORK HO. lUBPai'OE street?hherttr sale of wlnee, brandtea. Ac ?On Man tar. Auatiai 17, IHJ7 at 10 a. M at Mo. 29b Hroedwny, baactnant. ooaalatlag of stuee, brandies, eeaara. natures, Ac J ag. U. W LLBT, Sheriff Thoh. vbitoh aui'tionber stor1 no 18 8prucj1 street?Sheriff sale of at tret, Un. brass and hallow wara, castings. Ac.?Oa bnturdny, Argunl IS IH47. at WI4 A M . at o MR Water street et>n?l-ting of a I urge quantity if atorea of eeery description, tin ware, hollow ware, nraa? ware, cat lags, Ac Alao office inrullnre consisting of desk*. chair a, ran aafa, Ac jam It. bbmhell, DeputyHkerilf. THOB VtlT'-H. AU'lTtONKlCR?STORE MO. IS kPBUOB street?Mortgage aale of bonaebold furniture. As.?On Monday an fast 17. 1RS7. at 10 a M. at Mo Su White atmrt, emulating of ronewood and tnaboeany aulta, w?<hst*n<t? bu renua, tablet. ebatra ha'r and atraw tna.ireaaua, pillows, a large a nastily of heddisg, Ac cmari.BH t WATTH, Attorney for Mortgager WIl.elmh A LIVIHOHTON WILL HALL At AUCTION, an Saturday. Angnat IE at I o'elnrk P M. at their oMaa, No II Wall street for account of whom It may ooaoern. la* Aaamod rlaga. atones aald to be of Oral water. Tanaa THAVKl.liKR'X (il IDR. OQIMfrUr PERRY ?OR ARD AFTER BIT Kit AY AjO tha 1U Inst. A bast sill Iraee either ?ide tats tarry rreri 11 ninnim. marmdni at ilreropilat at I o'nler-h A. iaw Sat IwtswblMrd street Ml P M. Harlem r?tlroai?-rcmmea akrakhbebwtOfBartng Wednesday, Inns I, 1H57. Trains Isafs As pot eoranr at Whl'e ami <'soIre streets ? 7* A. M.?Onion Polls train, auoAoaUnc *ntfe UsttetsUf Cor I ilf lUkqpM. JO A M Errress wl train for Alboap. nonaertlng it Orotno Poll* wtlh lines of Biases fnr Isle Mofeopv, oi Powy'l ~ar Brtdgedeld al Brewntert fnr Dan bury; OI IJbotAo** Pmu Onmers with WisMn Railroad fjr Albany. Troy, Oaratogm titad Um West I ?milefYoo irota, stripping at all stAttona I JO P. M.?WlL.ama HrMgr trots stripping at oil atattoaa. IK P, IL?Whir Plait train, stopping at all stations. ui'i tvbbtt iiiti rrnsrr utatios I'M A WUUams' Bridge train, slopping si All Stat Idas 1 A. ?WUHama llndg. train etnoplng at aH sauosai II JO A. R ? Rhl's Plains I Otis, stopping at all stauoaa t BO P IL?WIUaois' Bridge tenia, stopping at all etalloaa I P. M. ?OrFoe POM tealn, stepping at all (tattoos. I P. P. M.?Wuilaaaa Bridge tram >u>pplag t all stalloaa WM. J. CAMPHKLU iipartnlaodat tjdijroe river railroad.?prom jult urn i? u TT&'Sd'. sfhr oh'"b"r* ^ A A, P. BMITH Bnpertniendsai " 3RDRTRRDRRT LINE BBTWEER MEW TORE, ROT Ira. Proetdsaos. Hrirtnl and Bee port -steamer ?*OV C? ?OR, Oapl fWIrs I leering nil leaee New Tort f ora pier Bo. V. 'not of Robinson strea, Rorta rirar. aeary Taseday, Themis* and hnoday at ? ovio-h r. M Pars bet neon nan Tort aaa Bostoa. Rl lore to Newport, (I t>) W. H BYRAV Agent, on the wharf TATEW TORE ARU RE# HAVRE RAILROAD.?BUM IN ate* arrangement maamtg Inly 10. lor - Raman rear station In flaw lurk mraar of Twenty sweaatt stent sat TlUB aeaan* Entrance on Twenty eeennta ttraal raAist istra rev roaa. Pop Raw Ba?aa-7M. ? A) A. M (Rt i, 1MB. I to. t V <b> ^Tpar^rtdEeport?T JL IE A. M. (Rs l. UAL 1.40. 4S(Et *?Pnr?i'fiord Atmtfwd PnlrflaM. RontEpori and OPastport 7 ? A. M.: It 40, t 40. 4 00 P M nr MerwaR- 7 JO, IE o. LiU R 40. 4* (Ra.i. 4* ORA ORB P BT ^Iwjjnrtea'jtad tUnsasMB 7JL ? A- UAL 7w5mmErd T *. 9? < ?.>. ? A * ) ??*. *? ^ rVnrt'uLvlor Md'alarMifcM am*ma-T:fA I?4.l. ii^i, i h. i jo. jt. mp. * ooaivarrive nuiat. Far Samoa 9 10 i ? (*i> 4* F * ?* ? nrllHlIM u<l Aprlnvflnld -4JB A. M ( ?.? 1141 F. . mi . For OmaaoUrol Rtrar AAllmad V? Foauval -?: 4. Oh) aad ?:? r M (El i to Voriluuaptoa For Canal Railroad--** A. THe.1 and U 4f F. * * Jwfcamglia. For Vrw Isoidon lUI'nad IH A. * 4:* P For TTonaatnnl* Ralmnd -8:*) A. M.. 4 X) P M. For Nanntnoh Railroad -8:f# A. M . If a and * JC P. R. ^ F^r Oanhnrr and Aorwalfc Aal mad T? IJPA.*.;4R ninnnmnw. _ Prow Vr> 'larva SO. |<?, * A. ( > !. !*(? > 4* *? r h (All a Fnv^Brl^javort ? 10 T 40, II I! A. . (fc.ll ?* "* yj' SKHinr. CI A AH. OA APPRoVRDTIAR dlTlRH, (5a* >ROl5URB ) aagart at ay pr'ahllnhmoal at mnr.h hrlowmarfcat ratoa, and bar* a Inotlon from a nook of oror a mil loo ? wart I fca-a ma of tb? ?? rttrna*rv fariortaa la Ida idtf and I am dallr mabtna aadh adraaeve oa lorman and Harana antra" O. UUUA 17 BrrtdwAi J ItLKg W RKU HOTATB. ran ovbb a mobtoaob fob $?,oto, win. VUvU purchase OM of the four ?!! three story sad b>?rm?at brtak houses OI the northeast corner of 'fitwoe and Uatos avenues. Brooklyn. Address or apply to AL.ltAitT WtLUM ho C. Wall ntroot. CKfi-ro* us aobbb or vaujabl* timbbbbo VvuU land, near Qreen Bay. Wisconsin of very superior quality of noil, and some Improvement, house. Ac. Terms liberal. BIOtM A B 'UTHWIOK, M Hassan street. (O r:nn -k NloB OOUBTBY el AT AT YOKKBBS iP^.oUlF. to lot for hree months, foralihed oompett, Star the (Jetty House This la araraohaioe. if attended 11 lm? mediately. Apply to 0. 3. THOMPSON 8a Nas?au street. (*> k? r/wk-f< b hai.e ob kxjhamob fob bk' 'ik Jl UiOUU lyp or other pr perty the house and lease ef til West street. It is one of the beat liquor stores on the North river, and la, now doing a good oath business. Oall fur oud week nnn -BOMB rum HOU.B IM BROOKLYN, ?PO V/Ul/. from M 030 to 95,000. to exchange fo< * farm or oltj lota; several country seats near the olty for sale; Mao, Western land. BIGCBh SOUTH WIPE, 84 Ma?so street ?7 rok a far* at wabhingtonvillb. H> I .tlUU ?46 acres one of the-best In Orange county, In good order anl cultivation, o? ibe b juse to rent Also, autre and alack of goods In the rlllase. Apply to John Jaquwa the store, or to BIQQ8 A BQUThwi K. 84 Nassau street A BARB OHABOE?91.000 DASH, 9600 MQBTGAGB ? For sale, In Brooklyn, near Division aud Fioahlog arenuea. a neat cottage, containing sever apartments. In the moat thriving part of the city, convenient tocars and stages. Apply to J. FBA8ER, 169 fanal aireeC Beautiful country reside* b fob ralbWlth lurnitore,carriage,Ao . and JO acres of land noar New Brunt wick, New Jersey, commanding a ma gulllceut view A photograph of the place whlth wi I be s?ld low. can be sees at the ffloe of f D'HBRVILLT, IS Exchange pace. Brooklyn houses fob sale-all first glims Nob A t, 9 and 16 Lafayette avenue, between Flat bush and Fnlton avenues; also, 174 179 and 180 Oanton street, on and adjoining northwest onrner of Hanson place Thee* houses are substantially built, and the 1 watt on Is the most healthy, papular and convenient In Brooklyn. Apply to Ntt, B. BIOHOLS, onrner. u Kwu afreet. Kerr York. CIOUNTEY PLACE FOR BALI LOW YOB CASH?81* J aeree, frith a two atory honae, barn. Ac ; good water, well shaded, oholoe fruit. Ten m nil tea walk f-om 'lapoi; one hour from Bew York. Apply to J. U. UmOKKIUlL, Bark Bank. SIOUNTBY RBRIDKJIOI BOB 8At I?AT WALDBN, J Orange oounty, eleven mllea from Hudson river road at ewburg.ny fine road, over whleh t ally mall stage pasana. Mansion aou>e, two stories high with wing* attached; ood talna eleveu fine rooms, bet Idea kitchen and cellar room*, all In good order; barn, loe house, and other outhouses, and four arret of oholoe land; apple orch vrd In full bearing; alao abundanoe of other fruit and ornamental treea. Walden I* at the falls of the Wall kill, In view of the Baawauruuk, Oattik'M and Hudson highlands; anauroaaaed In bralthfalneaa auu fine scenery. Episcopal, llu'ch Reformed, audt ,M. thodlat ohurehea and Bne stores at the village The nrop'iuy will be attld cheap to rloae an estate. I no'lire of the subscriber, at Bhawangutik, Ulster count-, near Wal-ten J AM Kb U UBAHAV. Kiecu or. nnrvvDv artrrav vnn diiv - u vuv ii inj' ? U twelve mil* ! from the City Hall, wi h frequent ?c?m by are, ettnatloa high and health ; \ of an acre of laad, rood table, 13 rooms, t>ath room, Ac Friar Jti Suu Ap"ly to .1. C. Kidney, rural architect, engineer and surveyor, IS Nassau street OR SALE?a FOUR STORY new BRI.'k HOUSh. southwest corner of Forty ftrat street and Third ive* oe House 26 bv 4b foot, lot 36 by IOC feet Inquire at 691 third venae in the store, for one weeh. FOR BALI?A T"?0 STORY AND RASIMIUTT HRICR house, 21 fret front by 33 feet dree; lot 26 feet by 100 f??t 6 Inches, sbuated on the north slteo' Sixty fl'.k street, between First and Second avenues, on reasonable terms. Apply on the premises or to 0. O. PINCKNNV, 20 Nassau street. rK BALR?on 8TATRM ISLAND, A OOOD FARM, oonslstlsg of thirty sev*n scree of good, rich land, In high state of cultivation with house, barn, hat, together with six acrrs of sa t meadow, will be sold at a bargain, artth or with out the crops For further oartlcula-s Inquire of TALBOT bl'TLIR at Fort Richmond lancing, S'atea ltlaad. For salk-thb subhtantial and ii.bdamt ctrtige 108 Vanderbtll avenue, Brooklyn, 2" minutes ride lrom ferry bv Myrtle avenue cars; eight rooms, nine closets marble mac tela, gas Lot 26x100 Inquire at 318 Bro'dwav N Y. rB SALR-THR WILL KNOWN AND KLIQIBLT situated property In Alhnn, 8 0., 8-hirartx'i Hotel. The hesl'ng properties of the soft ant delightful climate and the fine ana extensive soonromodttlona Induces large nttmbtrs ef Invalids to vl?lt Aiken both summer and winter Accessible from all parts of the t'nton and from Nsw York direct In two days and a half. For further particulars apply to JOS. ADDISON, HQ Dnanestreet. MOB BALI?A FULL BIZID t IRSf CLASS FOUR r ?t r, bixh stoop brown stone bouse, containing all the modern Improvements and pleasant v sttuaied In rhlrtteU I W. AM. H. WaRD, 47 ifiTfeame place For r*lb-two firi.ikdin farms; oni ih wist cheater county. overlooking tbe l?n* Ialand Mound, o 80 ecree, the other. of >8U term. At Gereva. overlooking 'bo kcdw* i,*ke. Tbre* large brick fae toner to let, wllh water or (team power guareaLed. poeeeeelno lmmediaMly. Inquire of JAR. T. 4QUIIU, t th'y Hall place IjlOB BALI?A BSACT1F0L PlhCI ()? LARD, SITU P aUd at New Durbam. N J., three ratlei from the Hobo ken ferry, on the Hackentaek turnpike, Contain! Uf l'J4 acree For partienlare apply to wm. SCOTT or JAMKH cox. near the prtmleee. DIOR BALI AT ORANGR, N. J., A NBW LARGS AJID P convenient honae, tot pleaeantly alttiatod, and fire mi nntee' walk from the brick oburoh drp -t; prlc? U lion Orange la about 3rC feet above tide water. Addreaa T. G. FKIRCH 1M I til ton etreet IjlOR Be LI AT A BARU AlN.-A FlNit MODKRR "OUR P story hotue. 2U9 Wert Thirty?.rood atrne'.; looattoe Srat i rlaea, bouae A1?i. lot 100; 17 rooma, 3 kltehena. 3 raalla Terms aaey; poaawaetoo Immediately. rR BALI OR TO LRT-THS LAH'hK building, e Ith two tola of around at'zM 9, at 37 Rent Thirty third street, the bolldlag ta StUM hot. ihree etort-m high, well oatoulated tor a manufactory or livery amble, loqu re oe the prenalaea fikOB sal! OR riit-a OoUNTRT hjay of IS P aoree. on the Heights 1S mllee fro? Jeorgetown D O , with Improvements; eoil avid. Adareae R O. .toreador Dr. J L. Rldwrll Drufftet. Blab etreet Uenraeewn, D. O. rKXCHARGR?RIAL 1ST ATI IN TUB 11TT FRIS from encumbrance tor clothing boots and aboe*. Ao or goods adapted for city nae. Apply hctwe?n i and * r M. G. J. TRABK, 1S4 .stub avraue. IXJAW OFFICIOS. ~ * ~ *1 -axt amount or mcniv wiit i- at vud Sl, old III fknii bouae. IM droadway. rate old eatat Uabed and reepoadble office advances the bUbe?t soma oa dta mooda. watches, Jwwelry and personal property, or bough' far eaaa Pawnbrokers tick* a bought. MACDUFF A RHBAD. 19* Hrmdway. gutter Walker at *1 TO M0.00D TO LOAN-ON WATCHER, DIAMONDS ])1 Jewelry, and ail hiada of mtu-uhaodbMv, and alao, ad vancae made on furniture, or bought ? -ah. al No. 11 Ful top etreet, tip etalre, flrst Boor tror n* . Ai TO S?,IX? TO LOAN on ALL K1NIM OF WAT'THhi* mil. le dry. dtaaopfln. ai d v rroniC proiiert., or A) ght for iwafi, at ltd Chatham (Iretl A lao, Ike bi*b?*i prlae p%ltl for all k!a<*n of fori leu rold and fcllror. J/17 B?OADW*T.-ttli?lTO I-OAN III L4R II OR Ol ' I ?n nil tnma. 00 wa'rh. 11 dm aood*. An . or u, kind* of collateral. Partira wuhmjr woo urn >d?-t. iu* 010 anil on RIlkAh, fmnt P?nn. *nn,j eiurj Pawn ticket* bo.|?kt Btuta*** *'rtttl' prUnw r/i /win *0 Lc?r IN R RR TO kit irni Ji'U.wUU Mil, no MM .11 nm. ad* and ell Kind* m peraoaal property or the aame honxfct tnr nanh. bulmn prompt and onnideetV M :i4ilr*r. noranr JUede nnri room No. I I.AWt b on. fUUi n LOAM UN WAT-IHM ni*.MO?nt dkJv.UVU ja??*ry, mtrark. dry fnoda ud all Rind*o? prrenoal property. or boutkt and rnM for cub Kw, bond* mot WaRCa. *toofc?. be , aeontiated. 101 Rm*n otrvi aornm Of Ana, manad fcmr roa Nna. I and 1<V THOHrBOW b ' m . broker* an.) comml?boa aaerokamta AWT 4WOOWT or MOWIT TO L'?aW ON IT ATOM BR dlamoada. Jewelry. An., by L. JaOORR in Chalk a a rr*et Bnatnee* Ooefldentlal. No al*iui apper'ntnln* 10 (ha loan fcmlnam aboo. tAa mora (Roods of all kind* bonRkt for oaak MOWXT.-IIONBT A DTANOBO ?)W AOBWBABT.B Warn* on mernhandtae, fnrnltnre. wetohe*. dtamondA horaea, ?arm? rerrtar-a, Ibiaora, dry root*, kardarara. krt> eerie* "rearm* na 'leal and *nr*eyo*i laatrumeala. eea-tnj rn? e, *"d at' nd? of personal prop arty, or bo.^bl, by *1. , aRu ? 1 Allf A (X) II Henry and M OaUartaa at. IfORIT UIaNBIV '?W WATCH88. JBWBLRT. DIA JVI mondt and at ktnda of mrrehend ne or bonzht for sank, parti. * can ba dealt wltk irtct'y oraifldenllal. and not b? aaan anterior a loan oBloe J A H. P. JAOOWR, 407 Broadway Tub MitBOfiawtr' vwr rrm.rri loaw orrro?-?i ro en aw tan ba loaned on dry r<odn. watnkaa. Jewelry, dlamoada. plate, hardware, and rrary description of peop<Wy: noma illmiiiialan tnortrai** taken 00 funding* and real ornate, alt ktrda of mrrrbnrrtlee bonykt at laa boot prtoeo, pnratoflloe for ladtm bonral A. II till 4 P M r HIU.IPR A <X) merchants and tradora' loaa oBJnn. *0 Broad amy. coram at Pillion at. " BIiILI THD9^ nrt.t.lABD BALIA PATBNTBO aOUGRT A UT.-A D tic* article of wimprarwd leorr. flUy pw cmi leap and nf the Mm* welghl and e'aatlilly;WUl ookget >ot of round, and will aerer tul fwelofleg. The Mtowtag |*U?M are now Mil > he halle Mid b*re kladlr allowod m? in nr? taefr naium M reference -?*flI D?PWiM4 Oorawall. Rl Itaaoe atrwrt; rear* leaward A Peojaml.., SM Broad ?ay, Mr l?. J. Bit hum, ?(" Broadway;Mr .1 lf.Pnr*t*a. W4 a<,ti,VI m prtiJ.lNU m Brauaa i?*t, Raw Tor*, tie man'ifaetnmr la if tfalum Htalea ?K*l.AH'd IJDIL BUJelARJ YABLRR ARB iwihfc m" pJrnlrTr-hr.uo. 1*1. -Wwr. ar? la ft In HMlu? thMO l?M(i H the artfllialee Mlfwrooaje * Urn* n4 be* f -ralxhwt la ibe world?twenty aeron labia*. rmAina atylaa. wltb iba taiehraiwl wmhtnaitoa rniamaa, brtnt ?p tar uMMttna aad praaMM Ofaday ?<_i i ff. Ratat mMia TWaad T* Broadway MannfhaMrv Aaa m I" A m aaanat band lablaa tar aala oheae tmb! mhjtait, 4 kittac* or tub curr ?fabbaio fama patbb \J arm. R. J.-TM? beautiful and romantic pi*"" * o?w "P* for the reception nf irllltary and larael companion . Iba {rmnnda are onaurpneeed 'or picnic or military companies; he grenade are m-ei aotatlrally laid nil; Ibe rnaerrnte. whleh anppltea ibe ntty f t Pa'era-m wltb water, baa a baantlfal promenaiia around ll whlrb Interaeata ??a watka at d'ft?r-nt knflea and gitm eeery facl'l y for all klndr nf military emlu lion# ma pn.vnini ivl In 'h? <nlla. ,.i thr -" <? > "* rbvVd Ot'in Iba rum of iba nun br lal1 fnraai ?rnan. wiiho-it rinnbt thr brat 1r M? cmntri, ill-nrr* prntldrd for larra or airaU partlna In ihr? hart aula and %l mortar*!# rata* '? mltmra ar? raaiiarifnlly Ittrl'ad 10 imiw three aninndi bn for# rnr*(1i<f #1" hrr>' Fianral. n tv raWa! ratan. r*? ba pnT'irad a th? r mr>? f thr 0 ?w V ?-k And Ena ita'.l rr?Ml. foot of r?'mnr ?'raai. If V For further parHcila-a ?p llrMjOnH * ??i Mm*!, P%ter?<n. or of the prrvrinor o( I ha i *V!?|ta on the UtMT, I'uieain fella uponTiwfj. *noa lill-Trl BliO?l? TaOHT MART, TMM? P rear* >M 11 tonk enppnr faavnad. end tr nomplaV or dar; onllt ?o order by Ceot ' * P l<op< r, whV* la a mo rnarentaa for bar "tranrth and apaed "h? will bp *>14 ? a b?r?al? hr rpirlnr in Ja??i T. ; **/*. V* orar* t Baada ?*eat rooaae ban. lead It. bd?Mi 10 mJ 1 o'nlork. ? Firmai.b 1'iiTir rtirovpto* n* ii*. rill' Inf InmbWa, run iarka ferial a. rerrl-ra. liirVltta mamlef Sr addr.aa e-r aon'.kweet ooroar of Tire flk aad Uraee rtreeta. PHiadrlphla. JEW YORK HERALD, SA1 8HIPP1IVO, jr>murMMr^xmm4 wmmmmmrn, BALTIC, J.J. OgwtaA, " nlxr. {ftWHtM-r ?rs rorBw^orPMMUM. teTlac ?a?nod mn?iijiliMiwn *, ^^^VoOLLUm, MWoUoto-t. riMMM M iwfiutod to b? On board at 1] o'clock A. II AH Mtan mm* ??m IkmH Hto Pool g?oo; mj othwi wU' bt rotumod. ottoe Th* mmmtm or mi um tin ia?mi< mmHffel MBpMtaMA Tka Adfteoo, Otpi JuuiWlH, wUl out ua too 1Mb to fopunlMf Mo llptoM haa bMB (PM1 to MB UM atoMMNQt tto* Una, to all roapoeto, M food aa mw, bad too tooroufb exam' .Itojn. mmd proves tour uodt of aoootrnatloa r? ue I B. UMwafMr um itofniat bMJt Mdpa tor tota lto? w?2 perform th<i aotlra barvtoo. 1UUS aaiTlKH UOBTII A MK HI CAN AOIAi. MAIL HTIAMSHIP8. mou XIV YORK to UTUTOOL. Chief oahtn nuurr. aian See m<l oabln passage 71 FKOM BO8T0K TO LTTSItrOOL. Ohief eabtn peerage VMO 8woaUtMu pMik^F #0 PBBhlA. Judblns, leave New Yo'k, Wednesday, Aug 19. CANADA. Wlckmar learn Hoe ton. Wednesday, Aug. 96. ARAHI s, Stone, leave New York Wednesday. Hept 1. AMEBIC a, Lang leare boston, Wednesday. Sept 9. Bertha not secured un U pall for. An eiperienced surgeon oa board The owner* of these **lp? will not be accountable for gold, fUver. bullion, specie je ebry. precious stones or meUis, un lea* bids of lading are signed therelor and the value uiereof therein eaureaeed. For freight or passage apply to OUNAKU, 4 Howling Green FaRa A Ainu in: TO SOUTHAMPTON AND HA y*vThr magnificent steamship VANDRRBILT, Bd ward 'Jig (ins, commander. 5,96b toes, will sail From NBW YORK fur Prom BOOTHAMPTvN ami rOCTHAMPTON A HaVBB. HAVBBfor NBW YORK Ratnrday /. Kept. 11 Saturday Oct I Saturday Got M Saturday Not. u Price of Passage First ctb'n. BUM; second oabtn, BM. Bpe cir delivered In London and Parte. For freight or peerage TORir ANGB. Agent. No t Bowling Green, New York uet era f'?r Mngland an ' Bnrope, prepal* 96 cents eaoK hal> ounce (by enclosure of postage stamps if from other cities), will be seodved at Hi. I Howling Green, New York, op to 11H o'olook of the morving of sailing GREAT RBDUJTION OP FAR! TO 1UROFR. First cabin BR Second cabin .... AC In the Are*, class padd'e wheel steamship ARIIL, lOnrt tone and.NORTH 8TAR, 9.6U0 tone, to eall from pier B& S Norlk river, at coos precinely, carrying the UNTTBD RTATBP MA1W, vlijLiivi raw rou roe navna asu south im-ros ntrii tan snnisaa von aorrmimrrov bkkms kotrriiAMToa. rou mw rou North Star, Nst'day, Sept. 11 Saturday, OoC S | Wad., Oct. J artel, Saturday, October 3 I Haturday, tot 81 I Wad.. Not. 4 These t tramahlps toons a: Havre. Specie delivered la Lob Jon and Paris Fur passage or freight apply to D. TOR RAN TB, A mat, No. 8 Bow Ma* jreeo, New Tort ?TKAM BICTWUK NSW TORI AND GLASGOW J EliIHBURG. 2 flu) tons, W11 Jam Onmtnln, joommander; N*W T RK 2,180 tons, Robert ( raig OTumar.Jer; (J I.AS GOW 1,9M Was. John ttunaan, onmmander. The Oiaafow aid r* York Steamship 'tompany Intend Billing there new and powerful ateamara from New York to Uiaacow direct, aa follows:fkom mw tom raOM oi.utoow. New York, Saturday, An*. B, 11 noon Idlobur* Ait* 8 Edlnburg, haturdaj, Snjf 8,12 noon. Glasgow Sept 0 aaraa or raasAoa First class, F7B , third claaa, foun with oookad provisions. WO An t xperlenoed surgeon attached to rach steamer Fur freight or passage apply to J Alias RAKHl/AN, an -nt, IT Broadway. New York aitT bills or *otd only reoelred (or pas sago. TUB LIVERPOOL AND NBW TORA AN) - PUTLADRLphla Steamship Oompany'a Clyde built iron eorew steam thipa. CITY OF BALTOfOK* 1 M7 tons, Captain B Lottos OITT OF WASHINGTON....ISNi tons. Oaptaln P 0. Peirte. CITY OF MANCHKSTNB 2.UB tons, Captain J. Keoaedy KANGAROO 1.874 tons, Oaptaln Jeffrey The i in demoted or other reaeels are Intended to call aa f?) lows-? raoN uri stool ONy of Baltimore Wedaenday, July 19. Olty of WaahlngtOD " Ansoet'l lanfaroo " August 28 Olty of Baltimore " Bepleeaber #. And erery alternate Wedneeday mom nnw toes. Otty of Ba'tlmorr Tburiday An*nst 20 iMr of Washington " Hep ember I. Kangaroo H September IT 1 ny at Baltimore " October 1. * And erery alternate Thursday. Ritas or Cisis Paiuuea. -From New Tort and PfcUadel ph'a, K78. Fmnr. Liverpool, 21 guineas, 17 gutseas and guineas, aoeordktg to the seonmmodation la the staterooms all baring the seme prirllege la the saloon, (laeludlng stew ard's lees). Tsiai< class Passsaoaas ? A limited aiuaber of third nlaa< passengers will be taken and found In as muei provisions v required From Philadelphia aad New Tort, wo From 1 J* "rpool. 840 Certificates of pasaafe will be leaned kere to partlee who are desiruu* of brtnrtng out their friends, at onrreaponding rates Thee* steamers a-- ooostruoied wl h improved water llgb oompartn en is. Baoh vessel carries aa eapetenoed surgeon, and erery attention paid to the eomfort aad aarnmmodiiion at passengers DraRa on Liverpool from ?1 upwards Bp?cte taker by ihnse vresel* at naual rales Km g> oda sent te the agents will be forwarded wwa eeonumy and drapatoh For freight r r paasaae apply at the oflloe or the aompaav JOHN G. DALE. 18 Broadway. New Tork Agent, or WK INMAN, Boa. 1 and U Tower Buildings. Liverpool agent STEAM tOR LONDON AND BREMEN -THE M AUNIFIert. Ir'.ramahi; AH id, 2..10U tuna bunion Unpt. Br-nneti, will noil for Boatbanp on. I.ondon nod Bremen on wednnatay thr 19tb of AucuiL Faro la oahtn. S8T mn?: cabin. (A); ateeraoe. >30. noinnii for Harm forwarded via Houlh ampwu. Apply lo WILLIAMB A OUION 40 Fallon etraet STVAM TO LIVERPOOL ES0-T1IB FAVOUTI IRON acrow etramahlp OITV OF BALTIMORE, Capk Leiteh. will tall on Tbnradar, AqfuetE) Fare In oabln. >71 third olaaa. >30 Ap >!/ to BABEL A IXJRT1H, 177 Broadway. FMS LIVERPOOL?TIIK REOULAB PACKET HHP EMPIRE will poaltlrelr be dtroaicbed to m- rm r. For paa mc? apple on hoard a> oler 14 Bad rlrar, foot at Wall atreet or to M. Hkl. A coBriA, 1T7 Broadway. flEOMEBT k OO.W LINE OF R1AEUI BEfTWBIN \J New Tort, Routbamptnr. London and ??ia. TEa JBorri Briuafe eiaamatdpa (it wEN OF TUB BOLTB.iCapi Baal J.EI unbamni iMMABA. Oapi. Nafcar...JjM do. AR<*0 fbyt D??na...UU do. JABOM ....(laph Brtdua. ..1OT do. t rrjed by We EL'BOPBIN AN'"1 AJDUUOAN ETEAM SHTPPind <XJ Of London and Houiaamp ten, 'jt nppotnnd to ml! tram New Tori er e?nry uurut Wednrwdn? for Loadoe and Br a?w . ?'-r - ?r-?? to land i aeeengm and malla i> t niaad ant Praam f>t, will remain one day at I undo-. aed tare proceed m ? Iten-j-nlaf, tbej will leave Boon for New Tort en erer.trrnair Sai-irda. a topping only a' tm'hamrVm. IVw ?<eaiaekhw are of tbr flret niaaa and bare enperwr Maun dattoan for paanioa Tboy wll' infer a United number o All .1 r)am or paeeragwa A enrreoa la nMaefeed to "rt ill To' run of frolabl tc Uoadoa ?Z1 ba ;? Ulaia bit Mr tbat. vkok/ of aaUlad ?olp*. atra* or rtMaaB Plralaabtn... ..|W I Bawnd (labia *HDr?ni?.. . *?' Th? aiaaamhlp trpo will mil !r*m ~aw T'irk ou Pol ?<bu'ay. aagna'. II <uid ba annoaodad n> IB* Jim oa tba M &* u1 lb* Q iwt of the HoulB cm Battetaber It a Xnr o? v *mm pply to r. H SAHO UBtr.U WlUwr. tiiW. rf ??UTHAtirTO|f Alti? haver.-tkr unitb^ RUua* mall ?t*a??*r r<7LTOW, T?,rt. J A ??ilo? Wtl' l*?*a for Harra, tombla* at (toatbaatptoa to laad ib# ?!'and pufrrnn oa Haiarday, AiUfoM tl t. J tvanhab n?*? triar h ? >rd rlrar fool of Bum* life* ran* 01 fuuc, xirai mbta, AlA Baonnd imMi Tl Tb? Mir km '?' walar ttabi imi'nwiwi fm?a| ?B* -aataea,ao ibat la ibeaaaal or aollwiaB or avaadma. 'A* walar no. Id not raaab than, aad IBa puapa balaa fraa ti airt IB. aafaty or IBa raaaai tad pamaagm would ba eatnrad. Hag guitao* waaWJ .Inrloa IB* ronfa ahoalJ B* taat oa boar* >* day bafora rallui martari Ha ow " For frrigfci or paw ap apply <o Mo/rTVBK Id TIKVfTO* agmi Xc J *E*yT^ia ataaaiar Arago wtll mart* ? IBa rtoma. aw" ?V Bap it bar II flOR RRtMRH P1RRTT.-TO Ban. OH THE ?TH OX 1 ItapVaabar. Trtoaof pa?a*e aabla. Ml aac-md BO alaarage *> Tb* Aral alma paddJ* wbaal t**m?hlp RRingMOH, A. B l?wbar. aommaoda*. barter Baen * ployed farina l>e iaai flfioaa anjaib* la iBa OolUna United RUtea nail In* froi.i R?w Tort In l.lrarooat, wb*r* aBa Baa aaubliabad bar reputation aa naa of lb* <af*?t and moat ana fort able of ooran ataainara. will now b* plan* ! apoa IB* r,.jt* to Br* in art. liar aalUsa *?y* foi lb* prwaataraaon wUl ba moanaw roaa. I raoa aaaaaa. Wadnaaday Rapt. I Ratnrdty Oat. IT Rrdorwday Ho*. I?I R.iarday Dae II TV I* aklp baa -aU? tight aompartnMilA wbleb maaplaaay enrloar lb* #?*lB*a. Onlr a Halted number .rf reerac* pat acuera all h* *abaa. for fratfbt or paaaaaa apply In U H Ra PII No. II Rmitb rraat, or to uCNHaJI A OO . IS WliUaaa araat. encaar of Bmror. LTTlbJf TO BOCTHAlirrOir 4*0 AlTTWRRf. tor H tplaodld aad powarfal a*w Ima ikaaaaaBlp UROPOkD L, T RM, onaaauux.T wtU aopan for Aatwarp mlUaa at ontbauEW)*. 0* Batnyday. ir*-val ft (Tnaa piar M. mtwM lira op riMitt, trattnaaa rtoruiwi la am eaBla W i U aaauad aabla jg akmamblr baa ?? waiarOpb'. anmparaaaaw aad mr Vwanatparwoadraiirara Tor fralrtt nr paaaag* Bartif tnpartw fcr mbt*a??r wmraaa paaaaaa** U.V.I.K airai'MT RKUtOXT Ho 7 Hni'?ar t^raai <%nlfteaum of pww will bo toned bare to aerdao who m karra or brta?toc ow '<*ak rr*nd\ w >ba rouowtap rem ? la n*ai oebta . ..MM la Monad oak In ft OKorMf*. mln 1of t? Warnare. wtor de?* to Ksiiur^P priced ~#inn tnnouuH -r jr dam for ate-Cmmd Maine Mall Una via Pmai Railroad I ' Caned Melee Mull fcewaahlp <Viwi any will deapateh far Aepla wall. no Thundav. A nana! Bah al ) o'etoeb P H. pre etaaly. fnnm pier ftwi of Warraa iirwi Rorth r*ar. the well known end faei etremdhlp (TRR* RAL AMIRirA, Oaptala Wm. U Uerndoa, U. H R. Paaeenrere and walla will be fw warded hy Panama railroad and nnaaert al Panama wltk the Parlfr Mall kWAmehlp Company'* aaaRnidneat eutamahip <)?i dm Are. J. T Wathiae, reoamander. which win ha la raadi area ard lea re Immediately In? dan Pranr anx Tkr pnhlir are Informed thai Ika PartO" Mall RMamaMp Company alaajra bare one or more* ertra aleameea lyln* a. Panama, r?adr I* eea. to amid any poeMhle dotoailoo of pa men mm or in alia For paaeaare apply to I M. R AYMOKC, kt the oaly iBw of the Oompaay. Wo. 177 Weal Mrent. corner of Warren e'-raet Row Tnrk. i K-rnlar Called Rlatee ami I ?i earner day*. Ilk and Silh of em* month. U^HRITWO RIATRH MAll. RTWAMMllIP I.IRR POR HA rana and Rew orleana On Monday. A if 17. a' I 0>tork P. M. from plrr torn of Warrrn atreet, Roth li?nr. the ' ?r r..^'a iMaiflH KM PI RM CiTY. John Mr* towan. *11 nail a* abOTO raaaa?r rta be aornroil at tbo of Lb# 11b* PMpr,"? ??' bbanpplloA with blank btlU of Imllniof ib* form al# nod or '.ho Ha* on application at Ihoir o?c? Bo otbrr Ibrvi *i?n?V bn<t no bill of lartlnp will bo Hgn-Ml af>?r tar honr of miliar For or paaabfn apply bl?b? l? Wont alrtel. oomor of Wbrrm^ q ^ rjh r satafpar u?o rtobwa-rmtrd rtatrr r mall lib* -fhr rloamor ALABAMA Oapt. <1 *. boboook,

will Irarr no WnrlH, 1 <?nrt 1A bt 4 o'rlobk P. from plnr r.,M ?* TiO no TnOaiHrb bob Batnolan For rava~ba and bbw orlrajtb -thi ubirkii Btatoa mat atoamaliip BLAOK WABHT'i*. J W. tell lb rninanJrr, will mmmrnr* roeatrtbf frM*V^o.J( >? itar I ill r 14. bl?1 bbl for tko bborf porli on Tbnroday. Anrnat V bi if O'clock p-odbaly, franc rlor f<ml of Roht-ann ss^nsAr. rURDAr, AUGUST 15, 185 8IIIPP1NG. R~OYA'. MAIL BTkAMHH'P PERSIA -FOR LIVRR ool The PIKSIi. (j I] I JuStln* commander, ?HI s?l) ft-oaibe stream with malls and paaaeever for?u-ope on Wednesday Ihe ','Jih tiul a steamer wl!l lone the ?om pany's dock at Jersey Ml;, with the pas-enters st 13 and 1 o'clock. The Arabia wtl' sail on the 3- of 8? ilenber 1. CUaAhD. Wo 4 Bswllos Oroca IjUBBT PA IE ITT FOR LIVERPOOL BULB HOBDAY, f Aturtut IT ?The I'laok Ball Line clipper packet ship N KPTIINK tlaut. Peabodv For nantn iMABil rtahlB and aleerage ?w?l? ApnOi "n boar<\ pier lk En*t rlvwr, or to JACOB WHJiftN. 108 Hou'h aire el NOTICE?P1ROT PACKET POB LIVERPOOL ?PACK rt IT'h August The celebrated clipper ship POMONA, Onpt Merrlhew will positively sail at abort For paatafe in cabin, aeoood car In and aleerage, apply on board, at pier ? gait river or to TAPSCOTT a tO., 86 Hoiith Ureal PATRIOTIC POR LIVERPOOL.?THE FAVORITE and fa*t aa'itn# clipper thlp ELl.BN AUSTIN, 0 plain derrick, will po*ltlvely tall on Tuesday, lath intt; having ?u per lor stateroom accommodation on deck K or cabin, necond cablu and a tee-"ego, apply on b. ard or to K COLLINS a CO., pier 0 North liver, at the office on the dock. FOB HAVANA ANT) MOBILE?THE UNITED 8TITES nail tteamnhlp yOAK Eat CITT, K W. 8h Jfeldt onm mamlt r, having been nit in complete order, wri b innreated accommodation for paticigert and frolgtl. will receive freight un hepiember 1, and leave lor the above porta ot Moodnv September 7, from her pier, 4.1 North rlvar, lopt of Canal street, at 12 o'clock noon PrOgbt for hew C rleacn taken and forwarded from Mobile free of commit sion Company'* blba of lading can be proc"r?d at the oil e of the agenla no other* tignrd Pack ax et reoeL e 1 at the office until 10k o'clock, and btlli of lading ttgned op to the tear of tal'lng. For freight or peerage a->p!y to PuiT, SMITH A CO., 40 Burling illp, t orner of Smith nr. et Kangaroo line for mil ioiirne, auhtralia Parte, for Ihursdav, *.gu*> 27. -Tbe elegant A 1 clipper chip WAVKHLKV, 800 tun register, Clark, oommau'1 r, will be promptly despatche 1 rn 0-e 27th Inst. nnd la the Aral and moat deslraDle conveyance now on the berth Hhe ean accommodate three cabin aud a few more second oahln pavarngeri Aiipiy on board, a' r'er 10 1'at river; or to M AI LEO LORD A QUSRC, UW Wall street; or to UOODBVE, ACANLL A ELLIOT, 106 Pearl aireet t on?lmeet in Melboorne Mr?n<* uord A Co. Sight draft* on Auntralla for *a'e, In aume to ault 1jH)A KUHFOLDl 4S1I KIOH*ONU.?TIIK UNITBI) I* States mall steamship JAMKriToWW, Cap aln Parrtsh. ?1J1 leave for the above laces on Saturday. 16 h Inst., at 4 o'clock P. M., from pier IS North fiver. She will arrtvo at N.w folk on Senear afrrnooo. and at Richmond on Monday morning Passengers for the rionth will proceed without delay by ihe MMM line to Charleston, -?uguala. Savannah. Ac Travellers will And ttls th? cheapest, pleaaantest and moat eipidl'louj route. Passage and fare Including stateroom, to Norfolk, JS; Petersburg and Rlchm-md. $'0. a tear age half price Apply to LUDLaM a PLBASaNTS S2 Broadway. NOTirg ?CONSIGNEES PKR STEAMSHIP CITY OP Baltimore art' hereby nodded that ahe will discharge I nder general order, at pier M North river on Saturday 15th net at 7 A. M. All gooda not permitted will he rent to publla atom. JOHN O. I) ALB, agent l Olt SALE. A NBATLY PITTRD AN 1 POLLY FOR ifriehrd dtnlnp saloon, e rtier of West street and nesr a principal raliroad depot This It about half its value, lleti' low. r-I.ttis A SolTH W1C&. At Naaeau etree. d ../l ?FOR - ItE I.B ?8K, KftHJK. ADO FIX v"?J 'vr. iurea of an oys er and <11 -in< W '.on and liquor store In t*?et a rret In t e Immediate vicinity of steamers -nd rtwaelarl every detcrlp' Mutt he sold lmmedla'.-ly None but a eaah customer me app y at 33i Hroa"w?y room U 0 B. HOWES A OJ. *1 (WW1 -A FIRST CLASS OROCKRY STORB SITO A " "U"y? ted on a prominent burloeae comer and ut. i. i neiebborbood The leaer, imck, llzturea, are i tiered at a bargain "Inquire on tha premleea. ct "Third and Four'-h atrreta. Williamsburg, oppoalte U hank. qbl (WW)?FOR SaLB OR BXCBaNOB F it F R I tjpi.l'lftj, nlture.d.-y goods, hoi's ahoea.or gold a : or ocuoiis, ? renir- i o irt**- in nruoaiyn, n?Ar our. *' "i. with or* seven o iter,* pianoforte that cost ft (KM niw si the fee101. Apply Unin-dtaiely to H O. TH >MFSOff 80 Nassau I reel ,i> 4 fWWl -FOR BAM HALF UP A 8TB*MBOAT, Pt.UUU. with fill engagements. clearing orer two thousand dollar* ihla season. The owner hae other business. WUI be sold on liberal term*. BIOOB A BOUTHWiCK, 84 Ra*san street A I KOI a MI> RUSINKH8 FOR Btl.K?IF AP 'UII) fur within a few days, located In a erea' business part of tot clt . and dal'y lncr sslng in value; part ur the whole of the prrmlhre may be h?d For parlcolara ?pnly to JAMBS i.t-We, No. 00 Fourth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth stress * SaKX OPPORTUNITY FOR MARINO MOSJYX v he stock and lea* of a well known etand of dry foods an- fancv atom doing a good business. Usly reason for sell log out Is 111 lira th Apply at 389 Moth avenae \MIL1.INKRY RttTABMAHMRNT WITH t FIXTDRBB and etuek for sale?everything apper alnlng to earns; of great advantage, an to locauoa, An An opportunity like thl? to one sequaltitrd with the business or desirous of con mono tng such, li seldom offered. Address Oeorgs, Hera d olhse. ClOUNIRY OROi RRT BTORH TOR RAM-ROW DOIWO ) a good cash business, tn Mou Haven. miles from the Olty Hall, New York Reason for wanting to sell, the owner hae au appointment In n rublle offloe ana cannot attend to It. Inquire of UBOKOR N AVAR, MoU Haven, near the bridge, Westchester oountv. R. T ErriRU HAi,'. FOR RAM?O ART IROR BRl.L, BIX feet square with air pumps pipes. As Apply si 411 th streea. G1ARCY DRY GOODS. ARD THRSAl) AND HIIDLI r business for sale. The s ore Is most destrsoly located tn ihe most busb est thoroughfare tn Williams rurg, the stuck 1s well bought and selected with great care, has beep I ns established, and cntrg a safe and profitable buauiaaa, rent low, tbt only reason for seillog the owner wishes to retire. Apply to J. THOMPSON, 23Month Herenth street, Wtlilamsbnrg, to I. riR 8A1 R-AN UUI BMTABI.INHRU DRINKING HA lone, la a first claas neighborhood near Broadway. oloely fitted up. and dotog a f'*od aad profitable buslneea. None bnl n cash customer need a~>plr For farther particular* apply to U. W. hlNIT, No. R (Chamber* street, from 11 to I o'clock. FIR BALE-THE L.1AB1 BTOOK ARi) FIXTURBR OP an riarllent whmeaale and retail liquor store uong lease, does a good buslneea The same to be sold Immediately, as lb* owner Is about leaving the city. Umatlon good Ac. For further part'culars inquire on the premlssa, R4 IMvtMos street, corner bun.tlk s reel. JOUR PRTKRH. lit K HiLl-A NRAT HOT CI. NRATL.T FURHIBHID r sat itlad op from top 'o botoin. Nrg? billiard room at tach-d fl?r tablra onnpl?*tr, c 11- 'nrr>? rnvl'if r?in 1% dl a'and gerrlrnura oyal-r dlnlof *od err** aaloooa atucb-d If dk an d will ba In app j |o BK108 A 80uTH WK'K. M kaaaau < rwi Vt R HiLl TIll PoCJRTl] AVEITUI M aBK IT, RB P iwreo HinrU-rn ta aid Twcntl-th atrerta. oor of the baa' a'.tada Id thr city, tlw a htmlr m? of fRl/XKl par yaar, alao a >*?? of Bra yaara lor'nd'n* bnlldinga fliltirea, Air alan two aora*a aod wa*<> oar"If alaba, Ac Apply al Lbs Maabal laa I and oOior, 49b Fourth annua F'OK BaLI-a OoAL ARB WOOD \ ARD. 18 A PIRHT rata location, now doing a good htial <a?a, tcaac flrr or t>a trara, add at a bargain aa ui- owa-r wlah.w 11 retire Ip'O. bn?in??a Apnly In 11. LlBIIKuaf, No 7 Harkaau >urft, 11 pilar Raaaaa Ha all. 1duk hai.k-TIIR MTOijk A81) F'XTUBIM OF a i, Ar ill?a'ahir aiore, with a food run of anatna il will b? old low; piwaraaton gltco imm -lla'-ly; aa'.lalnciary raaaona giTFD for riling Apply at 876 Hroad way. FOB KAI.R- TIIK HTOCK, PIITORR* AHI? ooou WIU, of a wrll ratabliabrd rlemalllnr bmw.lltMM la iha h-at InawUI* la Hmnkiyo. and do or a rrry largr bt>ainr? For fnriArr particular* apply tiHKHAT I. TOuRi*, e aod eaaa a aad. Folk a Markal. or . I F U t num. 1X1S Fnlioa treat. 8 ?. I80R HALR-TIIR 8TOCR. PIXTrBRR A8T> I.IAM OP P a ranriy ?nd ''lrnlailar utorr. w; k dwelling tpvlanili, ?o? doing n m ?t eapMaltrtd* Bu brra m*Uai'4 Ihraa rrtn and In nmitut ) Iwororlait T?. rntit la rarjr m ?1? 111* Tl? wore ma) be bad wlttout the aim k Appiy at :? Hprtaf atrrat fcioR *aL*-rixrrf kh %?p htix'k ur 4 or. ithiwi r a'dr*. cm* of tb" Knnt aumli for xnaloni wo'k la 'ba e?y Raaaoa for learlnr, Ik" proprietor it ?oltt ?"> lurop". Rant low. Inquire at *4 CaaaJ aweei UMjR IUL1 CURAT-Tbl MOULLU IBW410 " lafm 'Ot feei 1 ?g 7 fan bold. II faal bran orrr all raladr d?ok Ihree fonrtia of mala dank naflae aad bollar order bartaf baaa orerhanJad withta thirty dart. Bnai la ptwfw* "ram. newly pain lad, aaolkad, 4a.. 4a At fbM haul by Hnfg 1 Ibaaiiw Par fart hat pnruenlara. prion 4a inqnlra of I P. * AiniMard of Oorltoedi euwrt, pW Is Worth rtrtr W. I la waP adaptad for fretghttng ar lowbm rll PALI I'MIAP?A POLi. IIP OP JimiKI'l moid of all Ibe Bandera imprnrnmenta. >Ma power, wn'er gaa. with ttaohrtmtted Oahit. amiable m Maple/ fbrty or flfly bat.da Inqnlreof HI fcVU I. WOULD, S* pfallatreet Paw Tort belwe- a tbr bottn of It aa-* t Hictau. i'uitrihw htorr poi halb-loww ri i?blt ?brd wit anod l?aa?. II la aHantel la oaa of tha baat ta<wwtighfaraa. aad la d<d-ig a rood biiataoaa will train for g ?nd rl t rty. Fur further parilrulara addrea* Joaaa, Htraid oflea KARR 'IHARCR POR 4WT rRRHOW WITH A HI A I.I. caplt*! rtiahhtbrd wattoarry, Wf*' and newa d?po? |4l hiybth ae*n a, now doing a up 'op bntlaean will ba oid ch-?i' Ha irtartiwy ' *? ? ri'aa for aatilag. apply lo bIRAM t I 41 AP. oa iba prtaltrr. SrWIWO 1M.HI RI F"R HAI.l CHRAP -HUITAHI I lor baa-J elotb or Iratbar work, la giud working ordnr. bating been vary IllUa oawl May >a araa at III Rtala (Intel, BMrtWh rr? nnii<T??r#Tmirr?i.-ro? ralr. a rrati.t rrrrwn up mwiioal man. wuh dan* drawara. and about I QUn rlate of mrdlmna. the eruaartt of a mad'cal aaaifaaaaa lalaly da iriMid Mat ba aara at lURum atrai* HmiBrTi rWATOHM AKKRA, AO ?FOR MALI A W kTOH RI palrlag Bad jobbing ttand. with t'ork li'urna. Ai > ratad la tba country, a ralr rkaaoa for a ponaf maa who na d'rnHnda Irf ulitt Hood rraaotia for Balling. A?drraa H , hot HI HBraid affirm, mating whar* raa ba aara. ARTH M4Wir7 ri\ CBRTR CLAIRVOYANT IX A*tlt kTloxa lit .111 Honing prrarr'.ptl-ina t'avra tha bnnl rial'r ip aai pb'plrtan that Mnk paraxon nan aall upon la tba Ualtad gt jaa, ifcmnaada bar a bfa tarad from tbr grarr Oali ?1tb out di-.a- and aaa Mra HkfEH rraWrnor JM Kmome tlrrfR, trooad blnrk waal of Romnry. Pailafaoiion glran. Hit ifRixo rtrbet -oi.atrtotaror.-hra rrt 1 IV MOIR. a frw do-ma waal of Broadway, IAb moat aud waal ol madlaal aad bunlnraa rlairropaat la Aaartoa All dmraaat dtaonrarad and eund. If cunibla Onrrrldg a Wtoa m SnilnMa ahflMl Mmrfa Ar RnH RRilafkMlnn rnRTRnUwd or no pay lue orchard rtrbmt> rbwabo orriiM lOu so to ear pnrnon wbo aaa anrpMa Madams (7UPTOM la f1?1n* oorrnrt Mwmwii na all areata tkrrniak Ufa. par Jraiarlj aba at frlenda loams, lawenlta, and firing Inafcy tombacs I*. B Madams OlWVm In so knmhoa, anr <waa aha ?tak n imroaa an tba unwary Oall aad saMafy TnnraaM LXa'l tnrt* tfca nnmhar. IW Orakard straw NO I'M A MOM ?I Ha PR rtT'HRH aniWO MB0M1TB from all nana of Iks ?er*k for frsrilea, p?rfnm?a tn?dl rtsaa. dr??RB colore, and arary art. Pa d Mtara emitting ra'nrn ii-aURs, and wknt nay yoo rl"**a. will rat adrlee or mniarlM f r nothing Addrsaa l)r 0., Herald oMoe THR PBI.BHR ATlit OtPRIT POBTUMB TMLI.B* OOM linnet 'o 'all tba fbte of all parenna who rlall kar by km ?>? aklllfnl poser Tba Mp??r la mrtalnly U?a onlr pananr hiaan a r?tiad ncou dor te'Dng all araeta ?f Ufa ~nT ?n#fra?ion fir?n Tba iltpaay la wttbont arpapttnn tba only prmo- wko naa aim tnrky auaibere M?, T7 war* awwd floor. n??r Broadway r. A1WSKMESTS. Buvht TU1?TK? LwtMd Mliaior -Mr. Mu< Bona m4 PikmHi ? n u tut PESIlVtu KIOHT BATOKDAT Ivtmtl, AUOOUff If ISff. Ua'. right of mfirrurrao. Turn Lam or tub NuiMinM HAOUJUBO . . Mr Kdf BOH* TO GOOD LUOl. ^ J'uddj O'Hallerty ... M'. Eddy M10HAKL KRLK. Krla Mr. B. Johnatoo OUT KuR A HOLIDAT Mt , Mlzrla Mr tfao UdllAad BURTOM'8 NCW THKATRC, BROADWAY. foaitlTel; last night o? MIH8 MAGKII* MTTOHKLL, who wl 1 appear in HhVKN POPULAR OHARAOTRRB. Batu-fey? BtTIN IN PaSIB Ulna Mitchell mtnlelo* i dIU.Trnt charactera. K UY O'BHINL. Katy O'Milel (with nonp mil Irish Jig).. .Mlaa Maggie Mtohail Monday?Vent vail In (I rand Op>ra G?0. OHK1BT Y t WOO IP? MIN8TRMLR, 444 Broadway, below Grand atrial Henry Wood Biuonaaa Wanaga Uao. Uhurtaty -Btage Mannam OOOL AND OOMFORTARLN. OLD SIVLM OF WIMRO MINKTKRLHT U3I VBII or THB ABAAOM, Am thin oompany perform la Philadelphia on Monday, ma taai. NEW BONOS. DANCRB. MO. Oonelndlng with a FAVOR IT! HURLXTTA every rven'ne. Prinalpal eharaotera by Oeo. Ohruar. Doora open at 7; to oummenoe at 8 o'clneh. Tnohat# f. an. BURTON'S NEW THRATRK, WtD?AI. Mr. BURTON * !:appy to announce an miMinMl, for a Mjort ituos. with i> a dUtlnruliihrd ar tat and enperto eua IriXx HIOAURINA KMUUITA VB8TVAH, arifflhwledred r h llllt QllKlCN OP THR I.TRIO STASH, who will appear li. UKANI) ITALIAN OPRKA, upported by RHJNORA LUIOIA OABANTI, the eminent prima duuna from liav*na Mexloo and Maw Or leana, her flrvt appearance In hew York. 81gnor UmUNOI.I AMODIO, COLKTTT, he J'tetlT dlitlrRulAhed trio from the Academy of Mania, Mow Yurk aided oy a full and efll 'lent OPKRATIO ORCHESTRA AND CHORUM. net'er the direction of Blfnor TOKK1 ANA Ooadootof OPENING NIGHT, Moanar, august IT, 18IT. will be prraeeled ibe rrand opera of Ltft'KKZlA BORGIA. Principal characters by PRLIOITA VK.STVat.r; LUIOIA CARANTI, Rlxnor BRIGNOr.r AMODIO and OOLMm. PRIORS. Balcony, parquette and flrat circle One dollar l'ppe> circle BO eentr Prirmle bcxea... 910 and BIB | Orchestra nhalra .91 H skats SECtlRKD without extra charge. Box oBct- open on Saturday and Monday, from 10 A. M. Mil 4PM Daors open at 7>?; commence at 8 o'oloeh. SATUBRA* AFXKKnlMJN. 3 O'OLAFUA, Uiirt keene'e Acvai'bmt ok music. U??i!e .....W. Btoart aftikkooh oonoirt. SaTCKDAY, AOt.UBT II, AT I O'ClOOE. Th h beautiful ?nJ noble theatre will b? thrown open on I AT afternoon for a > cal and lnntrumentalujncert. The pe-f'.rmance will ctaclnda At 4>j o'clock. Mr W A f Idk will perform on thr rreat cathedral orfan. A varletj of pLaalnr enler'alnmenta. ballads quartettes and Anion, the parUcularn of which will appear In U>? bills and advertisement* of the ran. DIOH HOnROIJIPl.T, general Director. SJATDRDAY AFTERNOON. 3 O'CLOCK, 1 I Aura Kenae'i. Bowkrv, ? bowket, formbbli known a? whitb'H OPERA hou8b, will shortly open with a talented and eiperteoead mwipani due notice of which will be given. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. 3 O'CLOCK, U Laura Keene's Notice to manaukbh of thbaterr In preparation, KCLLER'I YOPNO AM ERR! AN BALLET TBOOPB of tweuty flee talented children, under the dlreettna of IM celebrated ballet aaaetrr, Zaetatounhl, who will appear M tbi Ir cha*te and unique detlnealloaa Tbete I air Died young arUata will, in oooneotloa whh Iht world renowned kbllrr troupb, Tlalt the principal el ties In the Dulled States thla smtansi B b ?All letten addreeeed to Albany theatre will be praaum D. O. HABTBHORM. A|1 Wk NTED?A PIBBT OL4B8 HARLKQUrK PANTO Ml mtat on 1 dancer. also. a dutrw for Columbian for a Itaraire ol IhU oily. Apply to O. t. rtMLOl, Ihmlrlml Hill KOATH'M RATI Of AL TUB ATM. OHJOAOO, ILL, n Ian For the term of two r?n ami four t?atha brow r 1. UW The theatre la batter tarnished with seanarf w? Wlrobe, pro partial, Ac., than lay other woat of Haw M Address L J. worth, ia shorn. WOUIVH THRATRB, HT LOUIS, HO.?THIS THIATU wbleh ku been enlarged and thoroughly deouratad. will open lor the Maaon on Thursday. AuguatlO. Indies ana gen 1> m*-D engaged will plaaae br In Hi. Louie at least three dare prior 'oike opening. UWO. WOOD, rwpitalOi, Cut Biiit stage Manager. Till ANNDAL HER BP IT OP THB AMBBIOAIT DRAMATIC PPMD Will tahr plane AT MIBLO'B OARDBM. Or Satcbda*. Aoucrr M, VWf. Pinfe?bunl aid la raapautfally en netted. " MXDICAZm *1 nnn pobfbttbd, and ro oharur cjrubii 4>l.l/UU cured-Dr HURTBB cure# when the treat went of other phreletane and all other remedies rail Hit rW drop le nor oair reliance for a ihomagk care la certain dip eaaea Ro 1 IMrWoa street, the only plane now to well knowt for the vary many erraordtaary cures tl has performed without diet or hindrance from bnelnnm when all other raaaa dim oely dji*a the dleeaae la the blood, II only. ThW M cure# the patient rroai secondary attache and la the only re mecy ?e earth thai dnea It. Try all ntaere and see Beware el a p and iUL staling If. Hunter has restored. It le t rug both deception The Baa that oonaierfalli a gnod*medittns b worse than a thief. Medical booh and adrios gratis. DR. W ATHOR'8 RBW WORK-" TUB OA 178B AMI Cure."?A complete prartleal Urentiae ue premature m ba ietlon. wlh local deillttr. Indne*d by early Indiscretion, m em or other enuaee la which the nh'nre and efforts cf tah tneldtone mal?dy together wflh the beatment, are fully m pmired Illustrated hr numerous anatomical plates sad m PTRrtnn wIiMr niiDo.mRnt nn RPltiAi du?thJ#l PtIar 11 ft be had or the ambnr. who may ha onnaiiliad onufldaotlaily, ai U Watkar treat, a few doon waat V Broadway *>R (NKtPKH, 14 HIT AMI NTRBBT, HAH FORTH! 4 i lam ?li r*n noaflnnd hla praot'ow In the trmu Beat of prorata dUeam- The rt.itlma of mleplnnad or ofldenm oiui (Mil oa blm with the anrtaliuy ( biting radiantly ear?A rbargta modrraln. DR WASH'S URFOETt.'NATK'H f KIBBO IB THB R? plni ultrnof mrdlriani, And but re^ulro* to bo know* to wot wtth uolrrrnal approbation, and to alamp Or Word Ad the *r- iimi henrlnrtor of ibr day Or Ward hereby off on reward or Id.lft) to any phialcian who a'tar a proper d?B? Mration can con pr Irate dteeaaea with equally uniform ml* rtta raor an rt) and rbaapnna that h* nan Taoar who doubt iMi aaaertlnn ibnuld call, and be will euro taem without rbarpr ?mruh?f All ? who hara beau llnrmna Ihi wreha that by railing on Dr. Will) foil map In a fbw boon enjoy thr plea*urea of Ilia, and foal " that Richard la hlaaaal/ aaaln Or Ward'a unl rt'nate a friond, prtoe (I. mafeaa a thorough aara Tbo lafalllbla frond alono mm tbat It nerar returns. reBnraa ibadleeaea wttbont leerloalia pot oe la lit blond I (vinlainina r Ibe tyalaB. ORoa M renal strvrd, third door rant of Broadway. Dr. watron ii ah for a lob a hrribb of tbarb I not flood hla auaatloa to certain dlnna MS. la wblob ba baa traatad not laaa than >wanly thousand (mean. wttboat an M alanim of fallen Tbr raaaadlaa an Bl'd wtthoal Interrep Ion to baatnaaa or nhnnga of dlat Dr. Walnon la la onutnaRl a* tend ad or from 7 la Lha Bora ba until ( at alaat. at hla rem drnea Ad Walkar atrrat. A few dnon waat of Kmadwar. Tkl nmaulUng roonman eapanta. WM WATeoN. M. D , ForBarly Ihtrtan to lha Utah HaapHnl. IvR OOBBITT. IH DC ARB HTRBRT MRMRRR OF 11 ibe CoTtgo of Rurgaoaa. Umdua. and 'd lha UairanBy of Hew fork mar ba anaaultsd privately on deltoaaa Unaaaaa Iweot) all ynar* to hla prraaal apaataltif anablaa blm to iron Ibe moat obatlaale oaaaa. Baa diplomas la Ma oAaa. UhargB Bodereta Dr rakph-b offiom. rut rroadwat. oorrhr I of Teatb atraat Ho-ra I till I and after ? (FatoaB. WFllRTAirV DEBOOVHRY IB THR BOIBWUR OF RROt L elan- TRIHRMAR.? Roma an genuine on lane tha annua laca of the aanla of tha PMant OBaa of Raalaad. tha aaab laola da PhanaoMa da ParB, and RalBporiai Oadawt a reaaa. an Bird naoa anaB wrappar and erouad anrb ana Trie. mar Wo. I la tha i em ad) thr tabOWJ, pnmalnrr taau fee.. lie ta??n?a*MI p??w? are ummim. ma to the d? alia* of Ufa; all pfeywal Hapodiaeato raattbufee a>ia baton Ha laBtaaea. tfeaa raadarlaa Mi aaa toeahafeto la ihoaa aaMr ma ifee marriage etaia. maaatr Ro I aatoaly mwmmtm at tfeoae dleordert whiofe aaaaala aad anbefea bare n loaf Mar tonight aa aatMnio ft* la Ma rata of toe MaMM e# a *aai aaa aa of ifee rv<Ma Trtaaar Ra la ifee great laaat rened) tor (feel alaaa at llwlai wtdafe Ifea MaMM phi Jiti ireau with merenry to Ifea toerMable deetouetow at (ka n Haai'a rrm?Uintkm aad whlafe all Ifea aaraaaarllto la toe wortt aaaani iwnra Hold to Ma aaaa* M MM la aaatotoM doaeeae aitolatoli 1 fey Yelpae laltotoaajtoei, Rlonrd.fee. fee Prtee R eaafe or few aaaaa to m tar ML whlafe aaeaelfe and la Btr aaera^wfearebi ifeara to a eeetog of M- Bodd by U? H a BaBBOW, l?r niaai araai. aaawfetoaMa waai a Broad?ar Raw Tort twadlaiaLyja raeetrtna ifea aaaaaa Dr B wfll forward Ifee M aaaaw of fltoair, ato the (era toiea. carriage paid Ihna laaarlac a hi toe Bnmpeaa prepare ratlena. t The (ferae dollar eamm Mao aaafe Hal aol frae ?r mt n*t? OnaaaRaMoaa aa aaaal. fron life. R hii if, law fen 4 hu I P. H.. at Iff maaa afeaa. a taw fetotow weal road war __ f NPC'RTART TO rrMAI.CH -DTBRAHRH Of 'CHALM I etrlnrlrelj trea'ed fey Or D0BOIB Raaadlee tor toaala derhrrrtnmto toowi II m M Raltof fnaraaiead ell eaaaa Onaaal'aitoae and lei art avtrtly anafedenitai Paueato tona ? diet in oe prnrldad wllfe board, nnmlet aad ereliwlra ahead anoa. C?oe 98 leUly nlae) weal flfUeaife etreaA R. T. RIOORIVR rRAOticm. -o. IX HAMRUMD. biu., rpru of Ora naraaahaa aad Row aad Hlenrd, a* Perto, ha; lJSssJSr'ss^y: AjtrsyzzzsJi wVe laBrfla?Meianei tow ? to 1 aad f to 8 Tenlnga. ???'m?st - tkto aimil'va at lnfnrm?M ? ? V? ?!? on y m rr,:r?i"~ ?? sanrusfcrss 2nw OfUprtM oppon* m mehoUa Ho?l,(Hi Milk fn Ivtiir^W^lnal M.W, MkllMrko Ooite.' ay pp . ior rwHor? tllnrtraMnaa. tatl. Ii (1??i all t*? a+w r?f !*r?a?l tn >.W afflViMM 4?a Mm r>ap nw?? **?iMNr " " ?' r??T ftnnt M?owry tm rv^^snA g&jj&rriss i??o? HWW?< mi fcrnk (ItW^iI ?- M> g^Esaassfj 7 AJwrsKmcwT*. Niulch oakobn?bbtubday. Ai/autrr u, mar. IfuUK ENTKHTAINHMTR, TUB WONDBRrVl. BAVBIN A NO OOUHI.B OOMPABY. Mai* MnNfLalHTK ?o<t ih? H-d M Tro*p? I'Hinmil! I'ONCIKT ? TUB NllJTaBf HaMO A* T. Kvni.L'rfOAM on Tub tiuiit Bupb, By T. CWartid. Zaiifrfli?, A. L ?iul, A. LeanAiia u4 Vvun^ a m?rti *. .... L'aLMKB. I. ilir.r Km BooptaMr THB OOUrZBS. .jaanuy K. I Aolotoe Ba*?I iBttl .IK Humpy JdTOM Karat u '1"<>"r? ?IT. ?w?wi? ai Ti 'lan w OM.? Mordij RIcnorlDA KoiU In a una ballet, and A rai-lety af ent^r t%h. yi. -auuAtJm ? i '?i.i (n 1 ^ ' 1j?t Hkjht or tii? Samoa ANli PAttaWMLL IIINKKir of Mr. and Mri. JOHN WOOD. prior I* their denarinrr lor California on whir'., swaalon tkrr 111 terminate their moat hrl lla t enj'uiem-ni by appearing u> night. Haturihi) Augur' 1A In the nuor'wrtul burleauna >r HIIYUM'K, ^ In wblnh Mr. John Wr.?l will auaUln hi* great rhamatm ad the .!? Md Mri. John Wood wii render hrr charming tan. pera'-naUnn of Portia rho will aim, for tha drat time, ?ng \m hainob-r the oe'ehrated kiRHRn.LAIRI. And Mr Jobn Wood will A;peer aa Nancy Itinera In en original fnroe. ro ll ed CRINOUN*, x whlrh will pomtnenoe the evmlng'a autertalnmeot. Rnoporird by Mri Vernon. Mr II. H ihllllra. Mian Manner*. Mr A. H. ijavenport, Ml? Kinil) Milton Mr. Prtrra. Mra 'look. Me. Monday?A OOMPLIMKNTaRY HKNBPiT will be fflrea br ibe member* or the company, the orobeatra and attaches of the theatre generally to MR H R pnnxrRR. when a bill of great attraction a l l be oU-red Laura khnich thkatkk. MIm Laura Krene 1'roprte reee and Mots Laaeee M ?KHH'8 JUVMNILM OOMMillANIL IMMKNflM HUOOBKH OP TUB NAIAD QVMMK. Hatukpav Ar-TKuaoon At 3 o'Oukjs, Will be presented, tor the lea, tiou. THK NaIaD QCICN. Krenlng performance will nomm-con with the drama ef JMMMY TWlTOHKn IN KNKLAND. Jemmy TwtuHier Muitnr U. W. Man* tirorwe tar Louise RllraTetb MUa Mary Man* DAWllINO and HIN'ilNO KAN, TUhl IIOUU fUK NOrHIW'J. Nm Llitla Mary MiHI Harry Johuab'n MUa boolM AOADRMY or MUrllO. To Bight. hatuiinit Acoo*t 15. 188T, AUUUHT /ICMTlVAL OT MUHIO. Admlaaloa Bn* Reeerved mh Alt Mali MTH8 AON EH ROBBRTROU, received elghtly *115 raptorea of applaoae Hlgnor aKNOI.DI, H UUILMBTTM. Tub Obbmaioa Quabtbttb and Fot.i ubchmtba. Mr* JOilft WiKJl) will appear on Moo lay night. On Hunday evening next prepare* loon am nuking tar a UKIAT H AORMII OOMORRT. 00 a Male anrpaaalng nnvthlug yet attempted In thla oomMiy. The Management begn I eunoHuce that an eognfraeni had bees made wtUi the celebrated artia a. MM H. 0 UOOPRR, the aolo vtollnlat, of the Philharmonic Hoctety. Ixmdoa, aad MINN Mti*JIKR, 1 rtma donna, of the Royal Academy of Kuala of leaada^ who will appear on Monday next, Auguvt 17. BARNUM'8 AMRRIHAN MURIUM. " TH1 BOOUB BITRDRLI, BABT," now ATTRCTINU dlo?m or i'koi-lb, having juat arrived from liellavue Uoaplul, and with itl kba.l hoiheh, Mra. Anderaon. been placed at thla natabMahment to gratify, for a few daya only, the public curtnaity. Tala la the gonofc* llDKROVrtl) BaBT, which waa the valuable Inatrumaot. through Pra. Pa La MM* tague and Ilr. L'bl of eipnatng the atupenroua BOND HTRUT PBAUII Tiik Bhbkoidkkbo Babv'i Dnaaa. Brovtdrd by Mra Cunningham la also at the Mnaeam. hie ier with a correct photographic llhenaaa, by Meade UratMah, Of Mra. Cunningham The whole mav be aeen on the flrat floor of tha Moaenaa Kvbkt 1>av a no BvaniBO, at all the uaual hon-a of axnlbivlon. Together with WTMAN. Tl K WIZARD, whose physical tranrliemaUona, optical Uluaiona, mmhaaM deceptions Ac, will be repeated afternoons at S aa well aa evenings H Ho clock The grand Unamo Panopt con Htudlo fc til] opeu. AdmU?l o V oeuU, children under lea. U ?la. BU UK-LIT'8 81HUADKKH RIW HALL. HO. MM Broadway, opposite Nihlo'a t tardea, Ha'nrday, Angnat U, LOT MIUIIT 9f tkla celebrated troupe. IVnsmeooas at A Ticket* nenta; orahestra senta, 10 MA The Meaara. Buckle; reepeetfully annoanoe to their Mania and the pnbUe that thla will be tha last opportunity (for aaaM aioo'ht) of analog then ** Ethlielac performer*, a* May * Went la a fow da;a with u entire aaw anlarlalniaaal hi whmn BBYANT'H MINBTREUB. I Mechanics' Hail, ?71 Broadwaf, abora 'Iraad streak oraa ivaar avasisn ocaiaa ana waaau Orow led honwa?lha beat Bead In aslataaan, J. PANENHET, J. W. ADAMS, the fomrlte ballad and leeor alegar*. BHAEMfRRlAN Kk A til RUB, THR TEA INTO MULMMk RMfENUR OP OLD VIRU1NNY. lew aoaga. danoan. aotoa, en artel tea, eoaatealMaa. ha. J BURY HRYANT. MRU. BRYANT AMD Dal BR YAH*. lv?or? opec at 7. to ooaamane* at g o'cloak. TtchafMh IjtRANKI.I* MURIUM, No. IV ORAHD BTRIHY, M door frota fmadwaj.-Two parfocmannaa an Hm dall;. eomatenolag at I o'clock Id tha afternoon, and at 8 fo tha i in lag bj Madame Warton't troupe of Model Artfotaa ooaaM&R TWENTY HEvPN YOUNG LADIMR Btranren and o*hera will observe that tha above la lha *aM aaiabluilimeet la the United Htatea where the Modal Ai ttatea mm exhibited, oomprlalng a company of tha flneat formed im In the world. A great r artel; of other attractWma era ofoNi lut ludlng the PIMALM OPIRA YROUPB, Oompoeed of young ladles, who appear la a aileaMfm a* ?> chomaea, Ac., Evary afternoon and avnnlag. Peata of agUlt; by tha Arab girl* Moo*, (liaguhn, MM strongest man la the world. The whole formlag a grand Oaiuiaat Maanovit Paaroaatnca. Notice. Rtrangora will bear la aMad that lha aAanan MM foraaanoe la over by Halfpaat four. Thereby enabling all who have u> leave lha adty, ample Ml to reach the different a'earn boats and rallmadai Magna M within one blnrh of the door. Bay ;oar dak ate a# MMra, MB aonnrotlon wlih any oiker plane. Saturday aftkrboob s o clock, LAO ra KCCAA'H SATURDAY AFTKRHOOir. S O'CLOCK, Uou (riM'i. Ciuunna hall, m bboadwat. ) (IIAHH I>aY PEiroRMABCK, for lh? arnmunnda'tna of ladle* aad famllt**, (ill ,HlTI HP?TI AmiDOOI. AT 3 O'ClMA And tralnf All. Opes At JX. Laai appearance of tbo wonderful ''HIBBHI JUOOLBRR. p recto * a u> ihelr return to tbdr tatl?e l*nd Admiaalnc U oral*; rtdjdrew coder !t U oenH. SATURDAY AYTRRH'tOR. S O'CLOCK. Laura Keeue'a SATURDAY AFTKRBOOB S O'CLOCK, I Aura Kwif'l Acad km y or nuhio. W. RM On Ivinti Naxt, Aotiorr il. At I O'clock la Out aflnriinoe, RI.DKR HYDK late "one of Ike WTOnltoA" of Halt lAkA dty, wll relate M peraooal And rnligiotu eipeTteoeee of TUB FROrBRT, itEIUHAH you bo, aad TBR HOBMOBM IB UTAH rrcrkwi to Ibta deeply intrreeUn* iibloel a ianred ptaaaaf moatr wli hn p*rfor?*d, ud (nbowiaesl to It Ai aalkate tHH be |b ca bp tbo Perm arm ihorua II r w a kin* will ureatee alike oma. Admwatoa at irnal. Saturday aktkrboob. s r> itlocr, Umi k??? A Saturday ArfKBKonw s omocE, I Aura ***A*'i. Ac a n kiit or urate. w. BM) On Hcartr But. Icgm II Ti? preparation* b*. tn( b??Ti ontaplatnd for tb* groat aarbm of raiorln* lo b? (1**o At tbtt Ihaatr*, lb* limimi bagi U> BTARAT MATBR, T W?A*J*1. Thla real to*rfd work will ba NaMlMd bf BITE PRIB"lP4l. TOCAUfm aad tb* lmto*n*r nbnrna of 'baa* wiaaorto. Br W A. Ktaf wUl praatd* at tba urgaa AdmBaton ^ . aa? will ba ftr*n. Tba MBNH1 All la la Mllw rrlnfl SATORDAT AfTKRBnOB J O CLOCB, lAurm Ktaor't Saturday AfTRRBooB. ? nruxt, Barab nblMr? pHlLADB-PHIAB^ % WQOlra uraTMLI ""MW gATURDAT ArrKRBOOB.^?OB. gATCIDAT AfTKB^B.^O^UOCK. N~~ATfOBAL THRATBB. ROTTOB -THB B1XT BMP l*r t*A?na of Alt htatra will anaaaaar* oa II aday ?I?a Ira A'-riat Si. ladtaa and gaattoaMa *nf?4r*d will nlaaaa iNrabb la tba |n?n ronw oa TVirtday,lan rib hurt AB tpalK-abot t for rngnf*m*ota ainat ba addraaaad to WI I.I.I A* B KRUU1RH. aota aaajW bad Imtia SATURDAY AfTBRBOOB I OTLOCE. M?rtb cbudrwa. SATUBOAT AfTBRBOOB. 1 fVCUOCK. Marab i*bHdiw. LIT I BO fTUBlORITIBB WABTBD TO PUBOEA*Tba nndaratgaod. lnHadlag to opaa a wnaanto of brtof aortoalliaa la Baw York la aaitoaa to bay. Mr* or ?a?tobato wnb any prraoa baring any kind, totbtw 0< an lata la a* ?V IV*ab of natnr* to it*hi* for *o Aihiblttoa. Boakayt. a* aaj ala* nr ran*, bongbt at a fair prto*. A an** to Oa* Iaa. tot 0 rand alroat. BY , Mating wbara to b* aaaa. prtoa, Ba. w* w ???y >?mm to ~~ SAIL*I)AT APTKRROO*. S O'CLOCK, Marah (SlWri SATURDAY ArTBBMOOM. S OCLOCK. M*rah<iBR#m tfOB BART Till (IRORAtlA HALL, OPRWIT^TW P A?U?ar Ci luk Philadelphia. W A BnWABPB. Phlad I^Ma SATURDAY APTBRROOR I Oi'tAIOK. ??n> cVMr?b SATURDAY APTKARnOIH O'CLOCK, ?>r?> r^ihLv rro VTTOWMRR POR RALR, A I TYRtY t.lTTLB OORAIY 1 Anna villi "ait *? *y? he had ?ai Ra? lag, <ma V etail* la the mirt'1 a * Me braaal ArMreae R. J R?aAu naM ? Tealb eieee*. R Y. SATURDAY AfTRRROOR^I ?>CU)OK. Rtarai ' THIiTRH'AlA-H W CAflftTHQ TRKARVIU fOB W R Otap'i BualRaih 'haairaa. will Ha M Mm Hill! ? SYrst r^wowKsw: a