Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1857 Page 2
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? 2 v- ; ADDmOIll FEOM CiLIFOHIUL Uar San Ffim tMo Correapondenrw. Sa* hRiirw-i, July 20,1857. 7V CUema.'orutf dominations?Pf agent's Speech on With' drau.inil.frtm the Contest?Political J/>otta<y of the Re pi.hlican Xaminre? JM Questions qf the Campaign?Th Mu:t DcftUoalims?Gloomy Condition qf Mercantile Af fairs?Late lone qf Mcrcem'ile Morality?Suits against Members of the Vyjilmnct Otonmittee?Charge qf Murder on the High Seas, <tc., efc. The political world enjoya a reepite after the dallbe'a tioaa or two oonvenlieaa, which it beinn availed of in planning out the campaign. The Domination of Mr. Weiler by the democracy did not create ae much enriirtie ai Hi at ol Edward Stanley by the republlitui. The former had the delegate! in rack large proportion in hie favor Hint the proceeding of nominating a Governor looked like a mere mailer of form. Oat of 312 votes he received 261, he balance going Tor Mr. McCorkle, the friond and candidate of Senator Broderick. It will undoubtedly look strange that a man elected by the Legislature last fall to hi* present high pudtton, by a sine marly large vote, and who at that time likewise possessed the power to ob tain the elevation of his preient colleague, Joel it Gwlu, lo the United States Senate, should be placed in eo mortify tng a minority when he hal returned to California, and the laane of disapproving or endorsing hit conduct, daring the short slay he made In Washington, submittal 10 the party ne represents. It would be urjust to Mr. Hrodertck to say be sought this Issue. It was forced on him by partisans of Mr. Welter, who adopted the policy of pntlirg the gontleaan in an agontam with Mr. Buchanan, be more certainly, It la to be aaanmed, to aerve the Inter eels of the present nominee of the party. At all events, here la no denying that the question before the voters at ho primary electlors was Wellor and Buchanan or ltrode rick. The latter gentleman coold not, as a democrat, oppose tbr administration, though dissatisfied with their con duct t-wards him, and he had, therefore, the drawback of appcartrg before democrats Reeking a vole of censure on the President and Cabinet, when In reality be neither conrttd nor desired sach a proceeding. There has always existed two winga to the party In Califsrala, and rocent events have tended to perpetuate those divisions withont any prospect of their ever being healed. The federal officeholders were Indefatigable In tho work of ae luring the ?lection of delegate! favorable to Wcller, and with the aid of money aud promises of office succeeded very well indeed. But the popular leeling was not strongly expressed at Welter's trtcmph Ir, this ctly the no -? faded to a waken a single rtepoutc of gratlilcation or aoptause, in striking contrast to the bunt o( genuine emnumasni that greeted Mr K.-od erick's eiectics to the United Scales Senate six m ?nth? ago, and which would undoubtedly bave been related now, ha l bit friend McCorkle received the nomination The upe and downs of political life are exemplified in this last art of the Ca lloruta demoiracy, for it appears the man who la-t year could get ibe peoole to endorse him, now lu 'act, It turned uaway from by the same peep'*, ecd lefi in a very --mall minority. It Is no: a rauh prodlc tioo lo say that a y ear will be ample time -o turn Ihe tablee. John Nugent was the other candidate for tne nomination for Governor, bnt retired early from tne on test He made a lew very neat and eloquent remark', wb ub were received with unbounded applause. He said ?" W'th your leave, Mr President, gentlemen or the Oor.vsotion?My motive tn first entering Into tma ounieet, aiiae r orn rut raturaJ wnmiiht/ man nas ,o re reive honorable recognition at the band* of bij fellow c.deei-, *M, principally, to vindicate the course I deomcl tt my doty to pursue on cortv.n qiestims, by wh'ch the public mind of California wmi g-eat ly ag taiod, one year ago. I sen not doubt that Ue principle* which, by my candidacy, I desired to illdt Irate and uphold, are aa dear to Ibe heart* of tie deni ?c-ata cf Una convention at they are to mine, anl at I am satisfied the witbeeol the democracy in regard to the ttorerrorsb'p unmistakably point In another direction, I now tnott conteulodly and cheerfully withdraw my name from this rant-am Indeed, I donm It no discredit to retire before the superior claima of gentlemen who hare borno so distinguished a par. in the councils of the nation as hare those whom I And, by acclotnt, in oompetiton wiia me for aeffragns It is needless to mv. that with all real and fidelity I anal cordially support tne nominee* of lbia oon totton Induing so, 1 shall be but upholding the same principles for which you and 1 and all of as contended last fa ! in our efforts to ratse to the Presidency Ute present veer rated chief magistrate of lbs United Stales, James Buchanan Mich a hghl can nsrer fail to en hit my most enthusiastic support. Gentlemen of the Uonrenllcn, 'here are among you some who, In thslr too partial favor? deeming, per nape, they saw m ms, a young man, some proiiisc of fu.ure uiefulness?hare eierctaed taslr intlu ent e in tni* con'est warmly In my behalf. Will you hold It ooi in lelicate in me <o tender to those gentlemen my most heartfelt thazka for their friendly and confiding regard, and to say to them that, in my zeal for the Interest, the boner and the success of the democratic party, while Urn remains to me. 1 shall endaanr la notue sort to justify their good opinion " The resolutions adopted by the eooreetion urge the early construction of a Pacific Railroad, ondorao the home stead law; recommend economy In the disbursement of public moneys, and regard as a cardinal principle of the parts the refgobatlon of all public defaulters; express confidence In the edroin*stretion; condemn Know Votbtcglsm. and oppose any n (oration of the naturalization laws Tte three following reiolut mi relating to the iialo debt the V gtianoe Coma l ties, end new recruits for ths party, were also Incorporated in tne platform:? That this ccsvenuoo actn"wlrdf* a moral obligation to liynt at* the enstmg debt of the e at* of California. and that lis payiuret is hereby re> lunmeuded. T tie ike democrat y ot Can ornla will ever support the eoo Sii -it.on aau laws of intir St* >- an* of tne Unnei nates, and will f'?r r4e thrir utmost enoeatora to ureter-, e r* r-1 ana lev;...ate tea pries-tees legacy of our laiiiers?the bill of rigau and ibe writ cf habeas erifoa thai we roniially *elcoirs to the ranks of the 'eotx-reey ani reer. ?e into full bruiaetboi and c-. am onion tb. ?e old line ?b't? and nu mbers of otbsr parties, who. regard ng the deaoe*?ti party as the rr'*a. fonserruive party of the I'm m, on <>ta with us in the czlsitng struggle lo preserve the eonnUtu.ioa Mr Site ey, the republican nmc nee Tor Oorernw, hat already tsbrel upon the campaign, making speeches nt San Kran*'.sco and Sacranieolo To one wao has followed for years Uio actions of mon placed before the people la n reprcteLtatiec position, the course pursued by Btan ey ib nMCdeDly tu .cgoG, as n snake sheds lis sk.n, at', h ? r- - -u i ctcrtatnod t)j'luoal priLC-Dics. the greater I 1'or- c ?t.ich l-aec beto bit rreod for noar a lifetime eeemt r 'tratho of decay. which the unerrtog march or I mo ihtoi ab.y mUiCta. Mr. Stanley n Irom Nor.u OnroI.m i; I rcprrterted hit nettee Mete In the lower h-w* or Oor.-rrt* While there be bad numerout |ihmp< Cf a;l<? w'lb Mr (lidding* end otberg ot that .IK, which teeu. no*, by referctoe to the Oongrimmal (Jl'ibe, a ccrioot rrcoid to r'ace tHe by tf:e with nit preeeot pwltsoa aad tpeecbea. VaalUtk ambition ba? ever 1-een oa* ?f Mr tttanley'e bobblea, and it la hit ole cue bow. So BO'cruputoue are tu prompt ictw U.*t he at on>e twa'lowed the bait, aportavt/od all all hU pati'"eaM, tie workt, aed hit coarao in Cjogrett, aod gi i**i oott, w wont brMiat'on, the republican party freed--* 'try end alone to ao battle where to h q jeationt ate Ice'go rwiW In hla ntd ba?te he orerleep i the bar ye: or b?rb by dtclooa irantyemenl he o.jld haro l'fci.fbt ttre&gtb to bta canae? lore uaoea. Ute lem ?o of -date 1 -liiey to rife now He a ' rucalea the cauee of the t a-? a -rT'tudc, wblle the white eonetltoeocy be lapor taw' rNlfMt, are bound and tell In ibreldim by see woo defy al^ re-\ra.uw uf tight or morality, aod are rrer tr-dy to tramyle uaer foot toe cunailtauaa and tbe lawe Nj word ha> fallen from hie lip* yet to Mlgmatue the on' -?(* 1 bat disgraced tbit city laet year, thoogb tie ?e ea ab>* tew; er, and boa Id naturally and py principle t'e.ome taotr o< finder when aanautwd It ie no leae eirnrgt , In a ute where the eia'ute book maker e dliUac lloc of oe credullity, where the nrgro. the Mongd llan erd the Indian, are incompetent to make oath, that t:e ?dToratea af negro dor trior .oaring upon 'bee retident a Uoatanl thiiee off have not tbe man!'1 eta or tbe cottage to 00me forward aad arow themreiTiMhe champion* of tbe reform wblcb eball aid juatioe aad the ligbto of he man It/ by advocating the repeal or niod.nnattoa of (cob e law, which, la doing bat no tola cf r.gbl. idiot* a wbola world of wr.--og And yet tae rrpebllcaii party of CaJnorn.a. w tb a p eiii-m of p ,nc: plea wboiry foreign to the etU, anticipate Ute deieat of tbe democracy Tbotpb it may be aald. aad eatd ooeDJcntly Hal M- Welter lithe ?tr>i grat maa to pot before the people for (lotenor, yet the mode ot ht? Introduction aad the ttj-.rt mreetree taken to foroe Mr B'nlerlck 0 0 a fair* lewinoc. sere done mooh to eoor the temper of e large action t< the party who do not think thai Mr tenor te tbe 00ly man in the Mate capable to fill lb* oflije and that in lie ?fco bad other p'**eren< re are fhcliocitu eoJ roergte /ere Mr teller, aider the circa metencoe, te not the ?tr rreet ?u, tbocgb be r??"mm treer'h emegh by r r tae of tit * nomleation to defeat Mr Htanley Weewr.g In ynlnd tbe entrrelrote nf the latter and the bvl re?niie ot rwpbltaaaiea ie California there are oib?r ?lem*nu ie the approaching campalrn lhas mere |*riy tactloe, end It le ao at all onilkaly that Ibe t ee wf twrty negMtaall n may fall to biieg np ad herente le a bind oh?er?aiir. the qi eetlont of rertolng the eonatnuuon, the State debt, the ii' iutmiw of laufm, the rlgbta c( aettler* to lead* ?ccupt*.i, toe ei'.log Jteliment of fraudulent Meiicen land claim* and tte pro-emie of the hnebaadmao aed mwhanir an omhtae to render the die am of party polntoeof but MM* .eati The American pa.ty, ban.g thrown opaa theeo-we or their eecrei noun CM, reat aatde lb<- dark .aaterre, and al' the r!4,calotte no mbcfe rroua forme and ceremoaiM wt. *n ?bef pr ted themanieee cn, laklrg adraauge of 11.. romMiv,?%g mat tore no'lLeal ahnw * rn? nf 1 *rw iu. r from 111. ' piet'nrm lb. plenk nnra n ? i?,, , area, the j*ny m Oal forai ban loaf bwfb. ? dim rowed mj lelrouoa of m-k ug dwnactloo at to pr ,f,?,or? of any rc. gtntw faith, and Inn tod eiui on ol i< |,,m to art wlUi them, tb?y camedo Umueld to do b?<tie on local or# A '"Ule Coorrnl * of M.m? SMblng. ,c? od for ibc !t"lb Int^, fbr the pirporc ?f m?k -y nom p? I m Tborc it another party io net-Mate who . m nm ,e o amnag foroe, and ar< known a* rteti , which aid not be cor .'Minted with the Urm ? ,nailer " Tber arc men who flgbt ifntaet the giycntle ea1 claim* b< H on Meiicoii ymolc?men who loaata# and tiiid toe an.I, and are ready to f?ldl lb* refai?unaa of ibc ier? gor< m meat, when a blight la cut ui'ia them by th? upraising of (oar clam, the auoremfol ad met meat '?f which by tbe federal onortc awaliowt ap toeir inborn f?r yearn Tb--? oak leg lailrc er not moo W lo preacrre lb*lr impror-'neaiaod to pre real claimant* ditpnerg of them pr tend*! r ghtk P? rl' OP lo a d. cl'iou ta.reoa by legal irianaa'e. The gr> at d fflcnlty b ftklifbrafa ba? bIwbvB bO*ri (be tin Ma at? of land tltloe la fart, an tron a* a p ra.m rria'mc f om ?br forrot a cpot of laad worth ha-lng, a < am aat cvd tealy epnega np and In ob'elt ng w pmcacC o he leceiveeall tbe 'ah end tmp?or ?ni? et > o ltd t??reoa The Rmw Not airy appear to oombat Ibtt awl, act tc doing ?H ,h,|f elimitimia priacplea are f ,rg rtten ? "tat tin lor w rente rod trad or othere ao iZ','"*'*1 aai? of tbe laad meeting dlapnauion of ?2riTr*of * ??? frub daocld tbe aotoelcan* and JT^lTT the rapnbitoaB', with their bioinb tarehae maadark baarar, will aaffer at lagartour Jofbat. cad yre Mr Waiter retber c hard light lit I Ibc prtocpiew of the democratic party arc deeply lat.l la I J u? mlads of the people or this State, and It ta not loo much to say they ou wlilulnd the attacks of even more powt rfnl combination than the Know Nothings aud tillers It caouot be said, however, Utal the republicans and democracy are fairly rrpreteuied before tae people Wellerle not the chelae ot an Important Motion of the party, and in hie Coogrreesiooal oaret-r are many ante of i commission wnich weaken him very much. Stanley l? from the South, and rays he never read the republican platform, the selection* are mado now, aud we hare to abide the reeult The mint Defalcation has almoet faded from public at trclioo. Like all uther noreiuea and derelopemente, it bud lUday, and wu obliged to give place to tne great question ol who were to be pat on the track 'or po-uljal preferment amid the notao and e infusion of party o>n venuons, and the maralialUng ol forces to necure noiniua tuna for particular Individuals, people forget the unfaitu fuloeas of their servants lit contemplating the eager contest ol thoae who Mek periodically at their hands to bo elevated to similar poetitooa. Mr Haralzihy 'a Inability to account Tor the aeveral hundred thousand dollars that ap peari as a deficit lu his accounts, nai, therefore, ceased to evert public attention With the eicopuoa of an announcement oonvryed through the public prints that the gentleman bad made ovor to too 1'riiod d-atei certaiu property of hi*, worth about $<>0,000, to abld-t the lnveetigatlun to b? had Into hi* accounts, ncthing save the rldtcalou* statement that the gtjtl duct had |?iMd up through the chimneys o. toe mint, has been hearl frutu Mr. Hara zltty in eacrlptHon or explanation of ibe admitted defalcation. It may no a rulo or custom of tbn branch of tbe go rem meat '.0 witabold fr^m ibe people any light that may bo discovered as the examination progresses However, nothing bus been said on ibe pari of tne Mini oil! ilal , probably by reason of aucb a practice, of the amount or character cT the muslit| gold dual tin those points the brs correct information will doubiless emanate from the Treunry Department at Wasnlngton We are told bare now, with considerable flourish, (bat Instead of $100,000 or $.00,000 being the amount of dotal ulun?as tlrai rsporte t ?it baa been reduced to tbo lo tig urn of $iOO,ODO Tne federal government have bean ru.uer unfortunate to tbe election of ageuis on tins coast, many of them having proved not trustw <riby. Acts of Congress exist to punish rtcllL'tueut cUloori. but tbero lb al?a h an Immtnae ditfi colty in bringing the oU'ecoe home to the person cna-gtd The ingenuity of Uui lawyer never falls to dls cover apertures through which Uta defaulter ee capee, and In meat case* the sureties by aim! lar means, or else being tound worth ess, Issvea the government with Mil redress and the people a totes tfaliy defrauded. An ex collector of ibis port was tried about a year since here, on a charge of appropriatng tobia o ?n use a large aunt of tm ney which ho received f, om his predecessors, and admitted to have boon collected tu the way of duties on imp?r>>d goods, ibe foiiner Collector claimed Ibe money for extra allowsncei under a particular law, but the Secreiery of the Treasury decided the claim waa | 111 founded The amount was . *>l to die Uui ed duties, and cn ro-oe or alternative qu -suon, to be answered by the jury, tboy rende-cd a . jrdiot of acquittal. Mr. Haralzlhy u re pi e sen to J by Ills friends to oe a man of honor arid integrity, and should ii ever be bta misfortune to be bronght to the bar of justice to answer for the large deficit n the department of the Mint, over which ho had control, to prop up tae the try hat gold dust, when auD jectcd to the action of heat, evap i-atea like stosm, and large loose? fol ow in cousepience, though un beard of before, will show that hia cxaractor Las been ummpearhea and that he eajoyea tho respect and contldence of his fnenCs Th; proper ty convoyed to the I'nited States to meet aiylusstha may be discovered is said 'o he worth $3J,tO0, bat If tbero Is anything uncertain in this world It it ttlu to land in California. The property tnus turned over may be wor.h $30,000 or ma; be worth uothlag, but if the lmprotsdjj now abroad are well baaed, to nettle Mr Haratx'hy 'a ac t'ouoia wpb tbe I'nite 1 States wo .Id require no less than $10o,000. It must seem tt range, in conotcuon with this sebjicl, how the deficit occurred and how, after It Ltd occurred, so long a time should have passed before Its discovery. The popular opinion Is thai in establish menu or inis kind inn strictest add most periec ayticm 01 cnccK* prevails, ana that it It next to mo impossibility that a dollar oonld be surrepiiti usly abstracted without immediate discovery ; and to < mpleta It t?ts system that It operate* at fjrclbly on the director a* it dom on the humblest employe in tbelilnt. Mr. Hs'alztby ' advent and exodus from the 3an Francisco Branch Mint will help to dissipate the r? u'ar delation. The Mint is at present closed Tor the reo?|rficn of gold dust, altuough coinage is at U going on. No.withstanding the anomalous position Mr. Ilsratxiby holds, he is till the Assajer, his sue ess or declining to assume the Tdnotiors or the office until the aooounts in his department are definitively settled it may be remarkod that the itatement relative to tne Mint being engaged la coining appears ratner singular, more p*-tlcjlarly as they are reoetving bo dust, but this la ex o n! tied by the fast that, through some arrangement, gold ban alloyed for coinage to the L'n.tcd State* standard, prepared at the Individual worke of Mr naratzthy (the Eureka refinery), are constantly received and transforme I In o coins, for the benefit, it would seem, of llaratxthy * customers The Mint chimney has beta taken down and rebuilt, and It a reported, id the authority of Mr. J Hoes Brown, the government Oaoal agent here, whs superlaUnds the invest gallon, that eleven thousand dollars sraa washed out from the debru. The examlnallcu Into the charge* against Haratzlby ha* demouatraled the fact of great laxity in the management of the affaire of the mint. Many other Iblrgs it Is said have ooccrred which In any odier ooantry but California would I eflect levereiy on the probity oCtnoso who in paet times have held postilous of trust therein But the enormous amount of baslnuaa threat upon the lasiitutlosi by reason of the produce of the mmos and the de mauds o' commerce, affords an ample exens* for the laxity of bnaineei discipline. It will hardly teem credible, but U la confident.y alleged, that in time t f a naif yearly ie.ll* meet rough eel:mates have been laaeu of tbe value of awteptngs, wastage, Ac , of the various departments, the urgency of the period preventing mora thorough and reliable calculation* I'nill tne I niied Jute* Grand Jury meets neat nu ulh, when it la undersatod an Indictment will be prsftrrcd agalest Harwtzlhy. nothing more definite can be aaoertalneu Ho la at pram at auioarniag at hi* | ranch la Son jus county, one of the must beautiful epMa In the Male of Califurela. Tbe preeent condition of mercantile affs'r* Jn this rity realize* toe gloomy anticipation expressed during the , year past I ll-nw and suspensive* have been so fro <4 icntamnig oir buemeas bouieaas to caaae exoitlng remark. Firm* ttat bare wilhaoon tbe reversion* of for- | troM thrnncrh flp?i find flfMvi 1R4 ) kfiTfi hfid LA Bad. ootnb 10 tbe preeeit extraordinary condition of trade Id foci oeniideoce, which i* tbe life of credit and om meiclal proeportt*. ha* rcaeed to eiiat Rumor* altering the mobility of bou?e* believed to be raoet atable readtl; ! gala crodet.ce. and loot creditor* taking alarm, tmroe diately tee* th? aid of the lew to enforce payment of thetr cla ma?the oocacq ecce of which te thtl Intern creditor*, unlea* wito enough to provide taemaelve* with getta here, tre deprived of the debt* Joe thorn In re cent 'tilo'ce, the moat undoQbted r*<oallty hte been mete apparent rn the part of rotidrni ptrtaere to de frtud their creditor*, even at the sacrtilcn of the iotrreeU of partner* aoacnt In New Vo-k and Norton, *nd It i? a pa.nful nlm.trtou to be tecoed to make, that the aoi.c oi the ine* <tf ihi* ftlM !l?r>i but too much facility lo * trance their aefaiieu* purpore* Oar market U orerttocxed, and m *e'tBo:t are not orer nntl ,ni P> announce the fact, owing to the pe;u Hart/item K" ha .tually prartHed of obtaining advinw* on coneignnienu to arrive frorn foreign capital at*. wno reap a golden harrentfroni thtl nnbetllby and prod gal mode of bonne** do* of the m rrt important auxilia'ioi of ban Franrtaoo trait haa failed It by dveraion* of tne Interior boelncee Morr Lane llm i at Racramrato, Mtrya v.lie and ctockt n, fnm'.UarUei with c intiant lutornurae wilb tbe minen, in ? pr>i> >ug una' lra<ler? at the nf tm email town*, oampaaud gelchea, are availing in#aa*elvei of their axperirnne by becoming importer* and e'f*ct.hg nun baaea In the tia'tern mar tot* far c\?h. an t thu* avoidleg the lilt mediation of Ran Franciaoo jobber* Thin, taken m connection with tbe want* of tne cointry, having become aon?reJ down from tbe rude alijck* or adveraity and tha flootuaiiona if tortune an t tbe continued >ncreaee of home projection*, account* la n miaiur for the depre?*rd condition of trait io Ran Franctco. from tome unexplained can** order* and pur ch*?r* from the taterior have dwindled dowa to a low f.g- rr, oatng, It U to be preeumed, to tbe nameroua large tale* farced si a ctloo <?a thl* point. the caeae or fki lag off in the extent ofoountry buyer*, a *pp||el dl* mm Ion ha? taken place betwero the leading pn?a* of the Mate. Tb* mcrcba* complain that vow, and for over a j ear pant, tie inter lor trader* take or order *?pp lee for n week or fortnight only, witle for year* b?f>re, and op to the apring of I*t6, they generally laid la etocxe to laat for mot thl "no pa*ly attribute* It to the d vturbaaco of tbe whole aortal ncd political condition of tne Rtet* re ultlBi: from tbe an of the Vt|iianc* Committee, while it 1* ecfiundad on the o?b*r *11* mat extravagance in habile au l rccklirentre n buc ne** la"*\r?1 in for a loaf fin* la I California, | roduoe wlcrt' fruit* in the pre*eal In ' pr??Kl cotil'loM of trado and notability M to the future Tin ml rffnctt nf Ui* ?1nto of th',n|> fn'l on tboee who it* mainly, though inn cenily. lb* ohm of their eiitfrnoe. It I* inn Innub credit ertendel la tb? t*/t to erot y ntnmoi to mercantile honor* who ***** to rapidly nrcomulM* wealth by emigrating to California Pant and prtaant eaparinor* won id appear to aatabluh the fact tuni bounntjr among trader* liati plnat laligaaaa* to the ?oll if C.nijruie Ractimd# of pirpn** may torern ranrrbat.ti at ti>n*r Drat ooent in baataem, ?a4 ihntr deal tu|( may bo carried oa on a baal* hot* lionaat aad boonr [ alito; hot It in not loo muefe to any that lb nee prnxeworthy tateati'in* and principle* <llaaol*e la tb? prweaarc of traip tatioa* offered 17a rem real from < redi or* by a dinttao* requiring altty deya to bar* notion on tbHr part tahra agnlntl them The ahaetica of no in el and ndric* Iron friend* and fkmily.and the detn "?I i'.b/ la !u?nci and j low tone of mora lly 1a a city whoilr e wmopolitaa In ill character. tend alto to destroy Ui* bi|b ean of bo 1,or and bnoeely wbtcli nhould norern uwii'llt 1 trana* .Uona. Of court* It need not i>a mentioned there ' am many flnan e*labll?hod and doing bantnaa la dan 1 IratiClaou which ar* oorrecl and far abort reproach la al r- nt ng to tl.< r peculailoan. They ten with pat* the abliwraiton of moral preemption*, and by their own con doct net an eiampln well to b* lolloaed. II it tbem ar# oner*, nod ther are th# great bulb, to wh>ebthe uafneirable ptctnra will apply Indeed, it> rena: are the timet thai little or no reliance can ba piaord on tbo journal elaHrlrg to he thr advocate and oracle of oar Front atraet tnrrrbait* R<t a week ilooe the paper la qoeitloo, the tuning HulUtix, whene column* hare toemed with oa 1 mit gueii *nd e"arnn abuan of whai it term* ran milt y, by c* or Inference. h?* been delected I* loading It* colomo* 1 to farther the inter- *ta of parties o innecio'l wdhtb*p?p?r hy fa ?dy niotipg nrd firing at reliable t> the p i >11* an adraneed p ire <-n rule* of turpentine, an article In wbicb large *p*cuI?h*d? ham late* p'aoe wlibia the laei rtn month* Here ve bur# a journal*! ) coalescing ?lib mermatl'n *pecali?r* to lodoon efclpper* o the eaet to ten 1 oniinn quantitla* of the commodity tc thi? city in the delti*trn nope that the c jr rent market rate# pore, a* reporttd by lb* /f- 1/tfW1, Wtmll ytelc a more than bindaome profit Far a day or I wo the roper bad tbe tffrontory to deny tbn rba-ge, but ibe ornr whelming ? mount of proof brought by the Obroetiole of tbi' llt?, etir', tint nxpoeed tbe dnoep'.tnn h?* forced th* deltrq etil ton *t lent acknowledgment of hi* guilt. tae mdltldual who th at endeornred a mleioad the merrta tile community wa* himaeir otoronod a tarpenbae and uted me paper an * mean* to eer-e bit oan Intern*-* bit, while doing ?o, to materially lajur* ibe public. Tbe Hal Iffiti. alwayt a firebrand alowly but mrtaialy la drlMng to a lerel or uari ltab<l tr an t maiitnancy to which bad reetnree It ba* an unconquerable proof ?ity Pn little baa btea beard receot'r o* the p-ogrem of enlti I Inetl'nted in New Vorfc by p-mni baaieted from hrre. . i?n? member* of Ut Vlfllao** Cor.mltlee, that we bare oafroiy fr.ryotten tbe object The maltor ba* I been bro tgbt to recoiiart 00 w'ta a ilia pa?t week by the VEW TORK HERALD, St oommrneement or similar auUone In this city mmit the 1 stme parties, by three brothers named Green. ll appears U>o Omoi were members of tbe oommlttee at the Ume or tbelr arrest; but U bed becoeae notortoue they were In lorfovrtoD of cenatu old Mexican docummts reletlatto ibe political organization of Sen Frenoitoo before Caliiorme came into possession of the United Stetei. Tbeee pe pt re they ?siri wowld ebow thet Y ibe Buenu, ee tbli piece was foitcerly celled, wee a pueblo, or city, under the tor tner Kovotumeot, end wee entitled, by Mexican law, to four square irsg'ies or lend for municipal purpoeoe Tnti give the right to the pueblo, or to It* sacceseor, the city of ??n FVercirco, to grantor eell Use lend esquired In this wee end of course It followed thet the convoyencce to perlim wbo beld or ecqulred 11 by lit lee adverse to tbe citj would be obliged to eurTonder possession. It sb<u!d be mentioned tbet the ebterce or dlsn tspeeranoe of the pej>er??elweye believed to be In existence?w?s never scoounted for, eod lb sir prodi ctlou *M e sery important clrr lmstarce to establish or overturn tbe conflicting titles of property holders At ell events, ebout eighteen months ego, one of the Greens announced he bed tbe pe ore (it b*s since appeared be obtelnod them from en old Mexican by decptionl end would deliver them up to eny perron or persons willing to pay $>0,000 for tbelr CJttody end ownership. Tbe offer was U'H met, end tbe mal'er la) upperently for several month* In abeyance, noi without however keeping alive among thuee wbiie prrmtrea would be affected by the pueblo papers e watch Ml attention. In tbe mean Ume tbe Vigilance Committee was or geuzed, end, a? staled, ike entire (.reen family rusbed into its ranks. But If Iboy sought p-oteotlon and profit by tbe step, they were doomed to sore disappoint incut A do ecbmenl or tbe committee ouo nig It, when be G'ecus were nut on duty, surrt<ui>d*d tbelr bou*e and ird three of tbcm oil' prisoners to tbe fo-dross ?n Becrammto street. Tney were plainly told by tbelr captors tbet t<> be restored to liberty would cost me dor,urn, dU which were to their own till station worm $60,003, but not if thsiuiriirg the most sortoue threats, tho fieent refused to port wtto them and were flnaliy alio v od to jt<> at larg? upon an agreement taat they wero to appesrfiont oay to day until dlscha'gsd Aflfcr wards u ufROtla ii.u was opened between tho coaimltleu and the Greene,resuldig lu the purchase of the public papers for (111 1)00 A 3 ear's brooding over their wrong* ha* , lut uoed the three brothers eacn to commence suit* g&lnst the Executive Committee of Vigilance, claltnt'g $60,000 damages for Imprisonment and numberless Indlgattiea vteited on them while effecting tbnr arrest and holding tb?tn In prison. If the case is tried In 8an Kran oirro it wib bo a fru tless attempt, for they would not obtain a rent of damages, or eire a.fury cannot bo found to agree Should the venue be changed, and It taken to another county, the Greens will probably recorer against them, or aileattamo'6 lmoarttal tnvesttgaitoe into their grievance* will be had. When Ute trial of the action of Malnny and Duane In Nov York take* place, a favorable opportunity will be offered to understand and a.-preeiate the doings and motives of the Vigilance C?m mitiee, whose "i: tenon last year was so marked an event In i be history of thr country. The bark fanny Major arrived lt?re on the 17th Instant, f om H D' lulu, bringing asa pasaeogor James Bell,charged with mur.ier on <fae high seas It appears the accused was a pr lor on bosrd the abater Adelaide, whtoh ve*sel in tho month of March iaat rescued the crew of >be Brit lib ship Henry Juhnssu, than In a sinking coadliion. A month afterwards, while at tea, a dispute arose between Bell inn a seaman na ned Pete? Lanabav, one of the hands aved from the l.n? Utb vessel, when In course or the scafflf llial fi llowed, B >11 slabbed I.aiahan, InQlctlog a no t* wound. Bel! was taken ashore at I.ahalna. from inner.a o- oveyfd to IlcnrltLU, and Is now brought to 9au Francis co for ir al. California Huartz miner's Convention. Pursuant to public notice, a numi?er of delegates from the dtflrrent quartz regiors of the Golden State assembled en be 18th of June last, in the Assembly Chamber of the fapnol, Sacramento, for tbe purpose of considering the interests of quartz miners In California ? James W*i*h, of Nevada county, was appointed President. and Col. H P Kuss. Secretary. 0MM diUicuiiy arising as to what constituted a quartz miner, It wat resolveu that any gentleman actively eu gaged in working or developing any quartz lead, or who has been interested In a quartz mill or vein, upon pretesting himself, should bo entitled to a seat In the convention Colonel Rrs* then made the following retmrks, ecplana tory of the object which had prompted the call of the Con vrlion ? G*.vn smsv?Here are assembled In convention the re preeectu ives cf tbe meet important interest of tho State, for tbe corsidei alion aud adop'lon o! m isurea alike conducive to its prosperity and character. Many reasons have urgsd tbe call of this Convention, among which most prominently may be found the folio ving.? 1 A consolidation of the quartz mining interest Into an associativa. 2 For an Interchange of opinion npoa the subject of quartz mining, through which many useful Improvements in mechanum or chemistry may be suggested. 8 It* appointing of a Corresponding Sooretary,through whom one quartz miner may address the entire amoctation. * 4 To expose the d fflcultlea which are so frequently oocurring in quartz mid og, and to attrart the attention of ad entihe men |o quartz mining by offering liberal rewards for practical improvements, either In mechanism or chemistry. The importance ot the Quartz Mlsera'Amoctaltrm may require consideration ud diaenaelon bef >re It wlil be rra dil- *een The time may arrive when the federal government, urged by the uncertainty of lie political economy, may attempt ? dlepontlen of the mineral landa of California. should that c?er he the caee, would not the interest* | of the quartz minora be better eared for and protested >f they were united, acting In onoert, with bat one , plan or operation*, than II they remain aa now, dla jointed, h unrated and uukaown to each other If it be do.rable at all that the quartz mining Intereat ahould be repreaented by an organization?and neb la conceded by nil the gentlemen with whom I have conversed?It moil be equally deelrable to strengthrn auofa organization by crenttng fhcttlUe* for the odmlmion of new member* to tt. Therefore, to effect thl* object I ann, at pre*ent, diecover no initiatory (top *o apparently atrong a* thai of prenenttng at one glance to the Inquiring capltalKt all the quart* mine* that are for aale wltntn the Untita of the State Tni* would appear, without examination, to be impracticable, and that *uch an attempt would be futtla and ontfuied; but the plan 1* briefly ezpoerd for dmoo* Ion In the following manner ?Quartz voir* are generally diaoovered by the hard working, protpecUng and oooseqnrnty re*' miner. However rich hi* dtsoovery may promise to be M ba* ne: the meanz to trarel tn eearch of a purchaser; aed. a* In many Instance* known at present to myaclf, the vein or lode remain* unworked, with, pro tebiy, great coiucqueai loan to the State The etBce of toe Correapont ag Secretary mu*t be In a central part of the State, eonrement alike to the north and tho oooth; and ,* that ttRce there ibould be dep??ited specimen* of every vctn or lead that may be for nale wttbtn the Slate; each vetn should be reentered in n book kopt for that e?r?c at purpose stating loaaltty, namo of owner, and iu?: ici ui> i |"'n wuilu iuo icu|c <?r wr u wiu wo auiu. tuv capitalist arrlrtog either from the Ea-.ern Stale* or from Europe for too purpoee of quartz mining, will, by una t1?U to thie prcooaed collection, be enable.1 to dad lUe locality of tbedlllorrnt ledgea, tlialr termi of Mia, Ate ,tbua 1 relinking blm of Infinite trouble, and ben.'flt'ng the proapcetlog miner, upon 'thorn dependa, beyond a doubt, tha detrelopemetit of CeltfornU'n great mineral wea" h. Col R ran offered a resolution, amended by Maj. Hammond Hoiiln read ar folk we, wblch *ai adopted ? Ke-olred. Tnat no iiterfereoce with the mining lawa, or wliti the II)*a to mining claim! of any recton o'lho State, by rteolutlon or diioaae'.oa ba ontertalncd by tbla convention. J, W srnmv, of El [*>rado, offered the following resolution wbub wen adopted:? Reeoired Tdat any gentleman of ex pert race la the pro i-eaa ef working quartz, either In cruibing or amalgamating, be reqneatad to participate with ua In tbte coo too tloa Mr Diaat offered the following, which was adopted:? lieeo'vtd, Tn?t a committee. eoiapoeed of ana delegate from each etmaty, be nominated to draft a jUo of operait dp, together with resolution* and lute.-r <gaturio? for tha cnniiderattoc of thle c-rar nation Tbe following roinmittea wao appointed ?Dr. Stanly, of El Dorado; Wm P .toaea, of Amador; Col RaWi. of Sacra mrnto; V m Kldrldge, rr Celarerae. C K U na.ling, of j Vfrada Mr "iroag, of Placer; Ii P. Jobaaoo, of Butt.-, J. V. wool, of Sierra Ta'iaae M >?ai am- eflerad the following mnoloUoo, which w*? adopted ? l two red, That tbe Chair appoint a nommlitea of one from each county reprewented in thli contention. to tela* n centre! e ta fur depoalUng spec men* of tbe different ledgea, and a tnltan'e pe-eoe to take charge of tba tame, and report aa ea-ly at practicable to tbte ran rent >*. Tba Cueia appointed tbe foregoing commlt.ea la not npon thle rroolulioo On motion, tbe cantrniioo ad srned unt. I tb-ee o'cloca P. M. ^ At tbe afernoea ee>? on J. W. Srnntv, from the ommt'tae appoinied at tba moralng teaetoa, made art port, wbicb wao adopted. After retiring for a few moment", J. W. Steely, from the committee, rrr.-trimetided aa permanent officer*, Jnmee Waleb, of Nevada. I'reikVat, H P. Kuaa, of Sacra mento, Secretary, and I. .feanlngi, Sargoaa* at Azma. Tbe report wna adopted Col. Ri m offered tbe following ? Raaolead, Tbat thtr iMveatimi now oocetder tba propriety of forming an aeene'atlon, to ke known aa tbe iy-iartc Mioara'Aanortallon of tbe Ptate of Oai foraia. tlooMd (Mi mniiriB of l.nvrrnflr PriitT the mKtiwM man MM e#ar anttl the following ?o*n1ni. ? by thai tltaa there wo J Id donMleaa )> a bftter aMeDdaaoe of the GwTeBtl'W Hot c.' u mowrd ih? appn'ntmeet of a committee to draft <7 law* for Utc fo-.-ataami of tho proponed awiela MOB. tbe ?am? to l>a au mtttel to lit* acUoa of the < oaroo tlon Adopted The Chair appointed 'ho fotl >wlj r f ollemea Mean*. Notiguea Hammond, Wealy, Clark an I W'akth I,. Hawit/rnw afford tbe folio a lag reaolattoa, for the pnrpooe of eliciting the rlrwiof ooTera' k obUV minora whom he new wert prearnt, aronug the n Mr >*lp*ooo, lltt Ibtoo torof Htetaon'e amalgamator Keaolrerf, Thai thejrr graaa of jaMr mining during tbo noi year, raprc aiir la the meiho.ia of amalgamating aad raring tho gold, aToda to our nalnda the moat g atlfying aaacanoe that the dag la not dlitant, wn -* onarta mining will bo tbe moat profitable boaineaa la tbe otato A motion in adjourn waa pat aad I oat Mr Hra <oa, In reepooae to tbe call, made tout remake, when? 1 m mMktj of Mr Cn?t, the oonTrn ion ad|. .roed t> tbe following d?y at 10 o'cloek A M The coarea.loj mot oe the following lag. ftbe l!>'.b,) al 10* o'cloek Jk Nrv oit" from the oommlttee appointed to draft a plan foe thefortrat >n of ai?>rman?nt *a< * attun, reported Tbe report eat recet?ed. read and rim;dared tt re comiarnded to tbe < 0DTeDtl(a for adoption the following reaolatlona ? 1 Rnaolred, That the member* of tbii ooareatioa. now preaent. will e manta e thnnvire* n permanent aamiciaimn tofbe knawa aa tbe "t) mrt* Mlnort Am-etaUoa of Califorala " I That thla naaoelatlen will reejga tr aa permanent officer* a T'reeldent, a forreepoaiiiDg Secretary and an Exeentlr# Committee, to be cb'ieen b> tho acaooiation, an "L - .. . 8 Hiat tbla aatoeution wilt rae?gni*e. an It* nn?tiorl*ed andpff'iClai organ, tbe California .ViMnj /mraa tpnhliahed al ffraea Valla? 4 Tha lb? original member*, now organ'ring Ilk aaao I riatloe #h?'i enroll th?ma?>lree by Hgning ?he?e renin I >? . and pay Into the barda of ibe Premdant, who ahull he m nffl*. the Treaaurer, the anm of flea dollar*, aa their annualhontr'.butlo*; bit notbtrg In thla reaoleion (ball bo ?? rcaftroed a* to allow any officer of thtg nmoc'alloo any 1 eatery or companrwiKm WDAT. AUGUST 16, 1857. 6. All persona engaged or Interested In quart* vising In this State, who (bill pay tno the bindi or the President lbs sun of Ave doliors shall bo enrolled and considered a

member of this association for one year 6. Tbe annual subrcrlpUon shall entitle each member to one copy of tbe official j rnrnal for one year. 7. That the President and Executive Committee, acting upon such regulations as they may adopt, shall be authorized to disburse of the fund thui accumulated a sufficient amount to secure Ibe publication In tea official Journal of a series ol articles upon the various processes of reducing and amalgumatUg tbe ore's cf qua-lc In u?e and approved is State, and In other gold producing countries. Tbe amount to paid shall he dlscresstonary with the President and Executive Committee?not exceeding the amount received by the organization 8. The Preeldenl and Executive Committee shall be authorized to adopt such rules and by laws for their )*n government, In the tranaac Ion of tbe business of the association, as tbey may deem at, and shall submit either to the convention of tho association or through the offi cial journal, an annual freport lof their proceedings, receipts and dla borsemonts. 0 The l'reatdent and Executive Committee shall be authorized to appoint an officer of the association from among the Winters, to bo knntni as the Register of the assoclatlcn, whose duty It (hall be to rerelve specimens an 1 de scrlptlans of Irads in whlcb any member may he interested, and to classify, arrange and preserve snob specimens, and to re< ort tbe stint with such general ornament ai he may deem Inlereeting and useful, to the Corresponding Secretary. for publication. 10. Tne President and Executive Committee shall be empowered to call a Cjbvcd Ion of tbe Association, to assemble at Sacamccto a tho mouth of June, ana tally. 11. For the next ensuing year the editor of the offiolal journal shall be u.e corroapon ling secretary of this association. After a good deal of discussion and tbe proposal of several amendments, tbe report and resolutions were adopted tn their original form. Bami kl 1'crdt moved that this convention adjourn line die, up' IV which a dlvltlon was railed; at es 14, nays 13. i co the convention adjourned sine die. FORMAL ORGANIZATION OF TUB BOCIKTT. As eoou as the convention had adjourned sine die. H P. iluas called those present to order, by moving that Bamuei 1'uidy take tbe chair. Carried. /W. ni/dinn of II I> Rirou Patau Vrtll miat spIaH n Satta. Urv R. P. Hammoup moved tbat those per tons present favor abi* to the resolutions adopted in Convection, be requested to Mgn them, and that those who were not favorable be ieq tested to withdraw. The motion prevailed, and those who desired to join the Association came forward and inbacrlbed their names in a Look prepared for the purpose. Gov. Purdy was unanimously elected president, and Wm. B. Ewer corresponding secretary. The following gentlemen were then elected members of the Executive Cimmi tee:?B. P. Rnss, of Sacramonto; Gen. Cadwallader, or laiaveras; J Fiournoy Johnson of i LP.tte; Wm 1'. Jones, of Amador; J. W steely, or K. Do i rado; W. G. Heslep, of Tuolumne; Wm. Watt, of Nevada; Tboe. Moreland, of l'lacer I 8. Ditm. moved to reconsider the ninth resolution, which motion was carried, and on motion, the resolution was expunged. I. S Distil offered a resolution that a register and oura tor of the association be appointed by the association for , one year Th s resolution was adopted, and B. P. Rom unanimous- ! y elected to till the offlc.u. In response loan Inquiry from one of the members, H. P. Rrss staled that bin office was located In Sacrameuto county, i opposite Kolfcom, at a place w hu h he bad been honored by havltg it named af><-r him?Ruisvllle. He state t that he bas there a largeofflce, in which the spe< imens could ?e kept and exhibited to the satisfaction or all He explained tbe plan <>n which he proposed to keep his books, and added that any quartz minor who might visit biiu would alw ay find somethin to eat, a good bed and a clean shirt. (Applause ) J. w. Rtuit offered the following resolution, which was adopted K?solved, That any county In this State not represented 1 y one executive member in tliia association, aliall be entitled to membership by enrolling the name of its choice w eh the Corresponding Secretary. R. P. Hamvomi moved that the President, Rrgister and Corresponding Secrela-y of the Association berequeaed to prepare 1 >r publication In the official iburnal, at an early cay, an ad<lrr?3 to the quart/ miner i of ttsa State, sitting forth wbal has been done by tbe Convention hore assembled, and what are the (mure objects or tho association Adopted. A Howard moved that the roll be called, and tbat eaoh member Ire requested to come forward and pay the Ova dollars subscribed. Ja-r.od, sal money paid In Jas. Walsb moved that an iavHaUon he extended to every qoartz miner in the Slate to join this inuiliutlon. A dor. ted. n. P P.t amoved that ea ah member of tbe Executive Committee be authorized to receive subsciiptlona for the aasoclaticn. Joe. Nort.rm cllered a resolution of thanks to Judge Walsh for tbe able manner la which ha had presided over the Covrntioe. Tbe resolution waa adopted, and brteflv responded to by Judge Walsh, who dlaolaimed the credit which had heea assigned him. llr Watt wished to know bow the expenses of the Convention were to be pud. Be did not thblnk It p?oper that tbe money of tb? association ehould all be at osoe exhausied to defray tbe expenses of tbe Oonrentloe. n. P, Row eald tbe expenses of tbe Convention amountod to IW, for which be wae pereooallr reaponelble The members of tbe aaeootatton came forward and ?ubecribcd each AS to defray the ex pea ere amounting to ITS. lHfore tbe adjournment a highly Interna lug diacuaeloa arcee. In wbicb tbe whole eubjeot Of <iaart/ mining wae . rati* factor i ly elucidated, aad mi ay Interesting l'eola de1 Toktpad. after railing tbe mrney to defray expeaaee, the Convention adjourned tine dit. The Mandwltb Inlands. We bare further news from tbe Sandwich Iaiaadi, dated at Honolulu on ttth of Jane. A mild epidemic wee prevailing at Honolulu. Hoe Elltha H. Allen, Minuter of Finance, wae appointed Chief Justice of Ibe Supreme Court In {.laie of Chief Janice Lee, di-ceased Tbe tWsierctai Adorrfivr of Jane I obese-res?The Bret rellrcnd constructed In the kingdom was bittt and oat into operation on Mar Jfl. Taoogb a*, present only a couple of hundred feet in le> gth, it will not be long before it will be extended lo tbe old fort. COCBT HCAKPAL AT HOKOICLT"- MB. MOW ABB4T, LOVBB OP TUB PBINtEdft?HIM Uri LHION BT TUB IKS. | From the Honolnln Advertiser, M?y 21. | When wr went to press .est week, tbe case of Mr. Mon aarrat bad takaa no definite turn. On Wednesday, May 20, Mr. Monmrrat was given to understand that be would ba allowed to ram am in Honolulu I'm enough to settle up his all airs, and woull fbr that purpose be grantol his liberty on perole,whloh. however was dcrlmcd. A con promise of llio alfatr. which ?M rn'mt e*rnrii!y nought by hi* pertonal frien In, being tbue delialed by became neooarary for bin MejrMy to ern'mrn blm, which wu done at two o'clock 00 Tboreday morning There were but two copier of the entmee, one of wh eh wm given to Mr. M end the other kep- m a record. It wu eery brief and almply aenleneed tbe prtaoner to perpetual ban rbmcnl, net to return to thin kingdom under penalty of drain At half part three o'clock, Tb"reday morning, Mr. Moa earrat wa* conducted by the Marahal aad Snentl and a guard of forty aoHient to the a earner. which bad htr team up and read) for tea On tearing tbe palace, Mr M. waa told that reetetaaee on hla part would be of no nee, that the order* tuued la regard to him were peremptory, and If any a tempt to eacape waa made, he woeld haee to be treated at a cnlprit He aaeured tboee baring < barge of biai that be had oo Idea of 'aaladag, aad would yitledntheeupertor face placed orer him Tbe etramer, wbtcb had been armed with a twenty fbur pr.uodtr aad a guard of Ofteen aotdtera, proceeded to the rcadttead, to await tbe aalltag ot tbe Yankee The nana no on board wae r hot led, ami order* bad beer girnn to ap preach the Varkee aed order her to heare to. Ifthte or der waa not obeyed, a ahot waa to be Orel acroea her bown; and If tbla did aol fetch bar to, aaaUar aaat wat to be fired at her bull. Captain Smith, bowerer, had baea adrlted not to make any reetataaoe bnt oomply wttb whoever demaadt might be mad* oa aim by the gorern mcnt Oe lag to the want of wiad tba ataamar waa obliged to re urn into tba harbor and low the Teakae oat. dialing which Mr Monearral waa left la the King'a large boat la charge of tbe Marahal aad Sheriff The bark aaiiad about nuua, and o j reauihlng the outer buoy the boat baring Mr. M polled a long*! Je and ba flopped no board On entering 1 he rahl a he protected In pretence of Oa.daia Smith aad the ag*hl. Mr Mucbell, agaiaat being etpeiled friialbe kingdom by a enptrler foroe whi h be nonld not refill He entirely exonerated Captain Smith aad the owaere of tbe eeeel frum all caoee of fnlnre liability. He aald, how ever, that he ahuwld art pay hta pamagu over; whereupon Mr Parke paid the captain ?*l for hla pmrnaga. We learn that hla Maleety eent off one hundred dollar* to be given to Mr Moaear a.that ba might not ear be wa? aent off without meana. Tbi* he declined however In the rabln Mr M appeared quite overccme, iipactaiiy when hi* fiiendt left bim and retaraed to port Thiu hei eaded. at leant Tor tbe preaeot, tbla moat an roi Innate affair ? nn nnf nr BAVfprfKMVT. We Kanrhamrha Ponrh, hy die graer of king of tbe Hawaiian latanda. 10 all to whom three preeetite ahall c imi (]r,? I w\m _ Wb?re?? Maron* A Moaaaimi * n* nrallted inhjHC' of <hl? , k!n?dnni, ia If'illly of ha*1'* prrprrralod *. prior tajnry to | <>nroeivra aad to anr royal rami ?. *"'1 wbomaa. ink oiforr tail anah a charartrr a*. In our judgment, to authorl** and t?l'Ur? th<- rmiilak a of tho aakj ?. A. Monaarr*' from our dominion*. la oclor to the duo rtndtraiioa and praan ration of o:ir kotnr and dignity ?na, tn? know yo that wn. In . La oirrri to of th# power * "atad la a* by our nfllro aa fore, rv'jrn of ?hto kingdom. and In n<v?rdat?oo with thr prorloiona ! Of tho 'oriy enn article of the rone I'n'liu <n h*resr nr'er that the aa'd War?tta O. moarrxt ho fortfewl h erprllel I thta kingdom, and he la he-eb* xlrlcily proki'ii .o, f.trerrr. r< art rotnraini to any part of cor dnmiaiona. under th? penalty of death. fllrrr under ottr Land and ibo pre at *?al of the kingdom at orr pataro of Honolulu, the twentieth day af Ha*. A. I? IW7. ?ARV??Hr. KAnltAaMlA. ciKti i,Ait itsim to roagiov haphpauvtativba. I)*rAttr*?ttr or Pnatiu* Rai.trio** t fitr or Hnttoimi;, Mar li, 1067. \ Pin?By command of the Kluf. lata 'lay recalrea, t bare tho hneor to to you a djtpy of tho (Iwrnr of HI* SR/oatr, appro*rd hy bar R^ya' HMldt Utr Knblaa Rni. oa Ibn ?eh oi thla month, eipelitng wr Varctta . If n?arra' from tho hired-m. and prohibiting hi* rotnrn fororor, under ihe penal ty of death, and a cop* of thr Klnp'a <?-!er o'the name Ante, and aprrorod In thr tune manner, ooirinanlrg tho Marahal of tho kingdom to earr* kla Majerty'n decree la to e.Ted1. I ha-ethe honor to l>a. air. yonr moat o-iodlrnt hnmbl" aer *a??, R C. WrieLll. Tbaiw for Halt I.air.?Thorp Iim jnat bopn fltrd cnt at Arhiarn. M* , ono of tho lartoot of th ine ram ran* or "train*" hy wblrh tho fim betweoa tho htatoa and tha firoat Rait taka Valley hi carried. Tin train onmtnterf 78 wagon*, *79 o*en, and '>0 moo It la ladrn w Mb, I AO oar of aoeorted moritbandlao, adaptod to tho RaR I abo trado Rnmo Idoa of the Immeeaa mine of tho good* carted hy tbla train tray poaaihly ho bad when wo Hale that tho freight alon* upon thooa to Halt Lake wi'l ot rood ftO.oon himl'ar tnttn* aro a (no (lttin? out at Wmton, 1 worth. Kanaaa City, ladrpondoaaa. Arc. Ri?Aynr;A ? Tho aTlyalr at Rn?nl-gn Rprlng* now am rage about ore h'todrod and flfly per day. Tho atory that thr water of the fiapire ipnng waa to be coireyod to Albany Id pipe*, M not true Our Havana Correspondence. Havana, August 8, 1857. JV Bank Panic?Km Jar CMd?AU from the (Japtain Gmeral?Financial Decreet of the Oooernmtnl?Measures t/ Relief?The Negro Landing*? Neva from Mexico. I had not seen when I wrote yon on the 3d Instant the order of the Captain General, which was to the following etleotThat all the proposals for the establishment of Joint stock companies whose capital exoeedel 3600,000 would have to be sent to Bpain for the approral of the government. This being looked upon as a denial of the applications of all those oompanles not In actual operation* the shares of all the companies, every one of which were at different rates or premium, suddenly became almost valueless. Money consequently was rendered more scarce, and the general reeling of distrust that prevailed, which I re'erred to In my lasl letter, became lnoreased, A run was made upon all the banks, not even excepting the Bpanish Bank of Havana. During ths entire day, 3d Instant, parties holding notes of that bank, as well as those baring deposits la It, became soared out of their senses, and a general rush was made to obtain the gold The Captain General sent two millions from the public t resKury, and the large foreign houses of this city knownv th* umin.inAM t\f thfl Inailtnttnn frAAlv flAnt In In thai bank large amounts In gold. Feasor's Bank (the Alntacenes de Keg la) was compelled to aus1 cod. The Credlto Industrial Illu's Bank also sua pended Tor a feir hours, but has ilace resumed. Feasor's Bank, It la generally understood, will be obliged to go Into liquidation. It Is very generally believed that no ultima e loss will be sustain*) 1. The Gaceta of Thursday last contains a report of a junta held the preceding day, which, as It exhibits the measures ado ted to re.leve the pressure of the money market, I riaslate:? 8F.citcT.tnr or Staff's OrriPR, 1 Havana, August 4, 1SS7 J A considerable number of merchants and proprietors of thle esp ial having assembled yeserday a', the Palaoo inccose quence of tbe oodtlon of the money market, agreed to the son lnation of a commission, whlth should occupy Itself In proposing to his Excellency the Governor nnd Oapia'n Genera' the means of ameleoradng the said position. The commission named at once oxnstltu'ed Itself, and iritb a *il worthy of all praise agreed to and directly prevented t> bis Kxcetlency the propo Hon * wr Ich sppea- In the fol owing act:? The aciumisston named bv the yeneral assembly of proprtn tors end merrhanta, to propose to the government the means most lifting to ado|i t In the present state of hs money market; Resolved, That the most Important and urgent is to 'end to the Spanish Bank of Havana, the supportof a great number of capitalists sod proprietors of real estate, that by Increasing Its great resoumvs it can In inrn assist the other establishments of credit with which object the commission agrees to propose to the Caotain General the following: ? 1 That there be cpened a subscription among the proprietors of reat es' ate tnwhlct*they shall declare the rams for which they bind themselves to mortgage their real estate In g iaran tee of all the liabilities of 'he Spanish Rank of Havana tor the space of sis months 2. That there be opened another list amine the capitalists tn which they will specify the sums for which they eseh will severally guarantee the uabllltirs of the said bank for the same term of six mon hs. S That there be published daily both subsciir ttona, wl'h t designs ion of tke properties wUi:h are this ti be mortgage That as soon as the aeaount is sufficiently important, a public deed shall be drawn up In o-tler to give ali the force of law to the agreement entered into by the enbscribers 5 That i? the unlocked for event of Ml being uecesutry to eovrr any liability of the bank, i shall be done by n pro rata levy amnnga the subscribers in proportion to the amount for which each has m -v himself liable. 6 That In order to gue due meet tn the case ti the revponal blllty of the subscribers, the superior government of this island name a commission which sba'l carry into execution all that Is requlilte to protect tha Interest of the creditor. 1'iaa Coll, Genzalo Alfonso, J. * Fewer, Nicholas Martinez de ValdlCesar Yernet. vlelso. I Ramon S lnclsn, C. Bharfenbgig, Kartolome Me! j ans. Tbeee proposals baring been trans;..ittcd by his ExMl IOUIj w kuo u.iDtiurn ui iut imuik ?i iuvnua, IUC council of the same adopted an answer, which was forwarded to bis Kxcollency under date 6lh usl . and which was as folio wall a vana, August 8. 1847. The session being opened the despatch of the m>sl eioillent President, Psptatn Orneral, whs read, as also iu enulosure*, relslive to the means proposed by the commission of proprietors and mernbasts to remedy the actual slate of the money market ana of the v arious credltorial undertakings, and after a minute examination at o discussion u a as resulted to reply Ui the superior authority t the edict bat the Spanish Bank of Harana accepted the oases proposed by the commission of proprietors and capitalists, and stipulate* to use wlh aline cessary prudence the resources thus placed at Its disposal to relieve the actual necessities of the market, gi ring at ihe satn6 time to his Mzcelleney and the Commissi'u the must sincere thnnka far the confidence with which thvy thus houor this es laM'ahment, and for the support aui patreuage which kla Excellency has always shown towards this institntloc In aorse inerce his K .eel'eney a rain cal'ed together the general lunia of proprietors and men hanla, and the meeting that had taken place this morning approved the aforesaid proposals. and In oousequrnee opened there and at once the snb arription lists that hail been voted, the which, by order of bis Ktoel'eney, la in inserted In the Go v'*, for gsneral ?a lafac Moo and Informatkn. and also Is published for the same pur poee a 'lieral copy of ine subscribers. MltlUVL I.AURhY VIJ1L, Secretary of the Commtstlon. Here follow the names of the subscribers with the amounts for which they each subscribed, for which I must refer you to your hies of the paper* of thle city. Ae fttr at already published the subscription amounts to more than eight millions of dollar*. The Gocda of the 7th laet, contains the following, which 1 also translate ? QortitsncKT Pkcrktakt's Ornrs, > Havana, august ti. 13>7 . ) Having taken Into consideration the proposal wad* by the Ptrecttag < 'ouncU ol Ike Spanish Bank ol Havana and granted by the commission of proprlet >r. and tnarishau s of thai cUy, kaving heard Ihe "Real audb-ncla" and In confnrml'y with i Its consultative vole. I antnorusd lk>- Spanish Bank o' lla vana to raise a loan of six mlllieas of dollars, on the following terms ? I. The bank can emit six mll.lont of dollars of the loan la oi r eanlve series as It mayj udge opp iriune. ; 2 The emission of ibis loan, shall be made In notes payable . to bearer, from 00 lolli)HVl eanh 5. T*r payment for sueh notes shall be in cash. The re ' payment, its * el'JTor the capital as for the Interest, shall bs made la portions at six. seven, rigat, nine, ten nod eleven maths 4. The Interest of the bonds shall be at ten per cent par an ntim u irr I'ut m aon.ran rrroirr ia an us "per* us nntll the Anal liquidation nf th? loan. Ir add don 10 ike ordinary dixoonni allowed bjr lia ataiutri a rn-nmlaalon u/<.oe per ccol aa a ma\ mum. w?t< h aiay b? alm'-uiahed at the Jo ( menl of the Bank Council when il may judgott can he done with i meOi n the public, bearing In view iaa circutustan tea of lb- money market JOSS DB l>a CoMCHA. U thla plan of thui funding the debti owing by the tern , ml baaka ti> the public emanated from the Captain 'Janeral hltnacir, than It n at be admitted tha* ho ? aa grant la matiera of finance aa In the field or council. I an In rooefpt of aotheatlc intelligence of the ltnl'ng if another cargo of Bo al negrore?tlx hundred la a ion her ? n abort dlataora beyond mnida 1, In tbli Island We h*~?, bowerer all been too much occupte] in financial affairs during all tbti week to giro much hood to any auth trilling aflUM. The health or thla city cnntlouca good, aa la alan happily theuaao aaioegat the shipping, there helag hit fbw rasee of yellow ferer on board tbe American Teasels bore Weather ml her warm. All tbe amall Spanish war rt earners are to ere lie on our coaat, lo endearor to aehc or me or the hundred! oT ala -e vcaaela now on the way to Cuba; tbe raptalna for pr're money to receive twenty Tee dollar* for all oepuret The remedy which our good London friends are oo anxious about, la In a out ahail?tell Isrd Ho* lee locrark it in tbe ear* nr Hpaniali royalty?pim^y t,o: " ?m declare the traffic piracy, and the nxe la brought to the root or tba nriL Spanish Vlaw of a .Mexican E ipeilltlosi agalent Cuba. (from >1 Indepenmanle, or New Orleans, July 21 ) We have hitherto purposely artidsd eueakirg of aa important matter which, to bring to nome the older* of com pnnalonate epor. and to othera or uufoiodel fears, doubt leea Inrtlyen, under the frlrolona fa-me by which unan thorlrad or doubtful political optnijaa al way i pretend lo call attrition, eoneeqnenoee wlil ;h may bo of eome importance in the natural course of areata thai may roault | from a war between Spain and Mexico are preparing We did not heal late becaure quest I oca ol thla kind alarmed o?, hnt because we refused to credit rnmora whlrb bare for lereral day* been afloat la regard to the prq|e:t to which w? roan oricny reier; ami we prcierrvu v> till uaui 11 ?bo' Id Hum* a definite shape before resolving oa occupying, even la a very aumma/y way, the atloouoo of oar readers Wo apeak of tbo pretended aaetstanoe which l? actually Minted, aa io tail, by the port Iran of tbo revolution In { Cube, from the government of Oumonfort Although for th? present wo do aot taiak It neceanary to bertoo oa tblo manor mo.? atteattcn tbaa la strictly required by the present atato of tbo affair, (till, we believe It to bo our duty to manifest, m ooociwly n? poaalbie. ojr aineoro ant loyal opinion aa to the mission pub lely attributed to 8r | Uotcaila In the capital of tbo neighboring rapnbiie The ana ro. allot party ef the inland of Cuba la divided i Into three fraction!. Tie drat the must numerous, and, without key doubt, the l oat I Worth? of occupying the at teitUa of anybody, la compoatd of tho anooiatimiata turns, tla., those whaao golden dream la to eee thu bean I rnl island of the AnUlloa add one star more to the banner of the North Air a-1 tan felon Aa eneh a daatm Involves the complete abnegation rf their orlgla, Idiom, rol'jrii.n and euotnmt. thin fraction of tba ante*, ntloalnte Inoea ground every day, and the few who art obit'nately following tbii path of ignsminy are rondrmned by tba auall number of patriot* who, la gocd faith, bare eoatetraled tbelr fortune and life to the focliib or ratloonl work (wo will aot at preooat qualify It) if thoemuciiation or Cnoa The nrrnna fraction ia ra-med of Ibnoo who reject oil fore'gn dom in ion, aad ore naplring to the oboolnto lode prnrirnceof the country. Unfortunately they will not oadcrttaad tbat ihe inland It wasting certain pbyiioal eon d! loo* Icdlapentabla for a people to be able to ettat by tbemselven; they are not netl*fl?l with the spectacle of mirerlea which rrom all aid en surround them, aa If heareo ; llaelf proponed to arart from them by melancholy ei empire the dangrrt which threiteo them, they do not per1 oelve, huwerer e?ldert the leaemblance of the doatlnlea may be, the rate which awaits tuba from the moment I abe should imitate the fbllleo of the neighboring Haytl. The third fraction la ompoaod of those who content themselves with desiring* jar MnlpatUe lo the political right* I which tho rent of the monarchy it enjoying. More pro dent or more poaillre, Ibey hope for toe tlase when the obstacle* which Willi are opposing Ihe introduction of oelain principle* Into the island, being removed, tt may be converted in Tact and by right Into a true Spanish pro nnoe. Who will not acoord to Ihe latter hi* ly mpnthi**, beginning from tbe government of the mctropolia lUolf. Clded alwnya that Ihey do not obstinately laaltt npoo MUng the rei tar marrh or eventa, and do oot pretend te conquer by force what juatlce tome day cannot doay , them? , lot na, In parting, say that In speaking of the partisan* of lb* Ibrrs distinct orlalont, we will refer oely to tbo fbw Who prefers them with alnco-lty and good foitb Io ao mar.nrr shall we occupy ourselves with ibooa whaoe only object It to make the moot fbr their own benefit, of the errors etd hopes of their fellow ett'reus In ibe name of which of these fractions lo tho powerful one ef cactoua support of Oomoofbrt sought? "J <*? , not supper*. It lo ho la tha name of the liberals of the last group , their Irtereata are Identified with thone of the government !t*etf as :o the nationality of the Is.aod, ani bower ever they might condemn tho admlnbtret!re forms, ? could rot accept fmetgn aid w'thout weakening the leal principle which aorveo iketn aaa banner lit anexatlonlsts may perhaps have thought of taking advantage o( Ota complications which naturally foUow a war tbr venturing again on an enterprise which has ao many uM been lost; for the annexationists are, Uke all desperate men, regard I <-M bow unworthy the meaaa, provided Utay oflsr aome joselbllity of auoceea. As to ourselves, we think taat the partisans of the Mapcndence of Cuba, taking the eipresaton in lta true sense, are perhaps thote who bellove they see In the impending conillot which threatens the republic a favorable oooaataa for the eseoulion of their plans. We declared at the beginning or this article thai the atep taken by Sr. Gotcurta, if the rumors which sre afloat be well founded, may ha of eome conaequencc, as far ss the lives of many Individuals may again be jeopardized In an enterprise perhaps Btlll more hsssrdotm then sll those which preoeded It But we hope lueh s contingency will not tska piece, end although the prsllmtutries of the treaty whloh Oomonfort la about to enter Into with the discontents of Cubs, may bo concluded, the matter wlb never go beyond those preliminaries, provided the oommlselonor or oommtsr loners atop to reflect on the neoeesity which the government of Mexico finds lteelf under, however free of prejudices it may be supposed to be, not to embnrram with still further complications the already sulflolently entangled question which caused the rupture. We do nq) know In what manner 1'reeldent Cotnonfbrt will have received the proportion made to him; bat ta any act of his government test tends to Hatter the hopes of the soliciting Cubans, wa shall always perceive the hand of some one of those financiers who at present are so abundantly shooting up tn that republic and Inventing simple mean* of filling the natlooal treasury. The Cuban Junta la supposed to be rich, aad even were It not very rich, the smallest oilers which may be made to Oomonfort for diminishing his present d'.thcultiee will alwajs be well renel ed by him, he fulfilling or not tie conditions or the compact, agreeably to the Interest or the Mexican government itself. As to the r?Lst, it is not eaay to understand in what way the war between Spain and Mexico baa boon looked on, 1st regard It as an opportunity for dlsembarxtng on Use island of Cuba, whan its coasts will be more than ever watched, and the vigilance of those who have the sacred duly is prevent tt In every respect will be redoubled. Eor the third time, we repeat that the true importance of the case consists in the sen lment or grief caused by the halluc'nntion of those who believe it to bo an opportunity for renewing ?ho bicody scenes of Cardenas and las Pons c hallucination which may end In the sacrtfloe or MS vtoti ms uselessly Immolated in the name of a cause whose terdencies are neither antboiized by neoesslty nor sanctioned by expediency nor strengthened by justice. Interesting Items. Srxoh oh Pri/.i Fightlng.?A sermon on the reeeefi Srlze fight between Kinkio and Bradley, at Point Ablno, suada, was preached by the Rev. John Chambers, In the church corner of Broad and George streets, Philadelphia, on Sunday last Tint Sugar Cbop ?A letter In the New Orleans ffi'sywas, from theparlihof Plaquemines, dated July 31, says ? Never have the prospects of the sugar crop been motw cheering. The rise, although a little backward, will yield n rich harvest to our tndusirtcus farmers. Frbghts ? An extract of n London letter to n commercial bouse in boiton, received by the Inst steamer, says:? Owing to the large number of troops to be sent out to the East Indies, freights will be better. Upwards of twenty large steamers and twenty five sailing vessels are ohnrtered to take them out at ?30 n ?40 per head for steamers, and ?18 a ?20 for sailing vessels, finding provisions, fee. I'm ted Stater Sxratorr Decsarsd ?Out or the fifty nine Senator* during the last Congress (there being vacancies from Indiana, Missouri and California), no less than five bare already passe ) away viz.Messrs Olsytou of Delaware, Bell of New Hampshire. Adams of Mtsslssipitl Butler of South Carolina, and Rusk of Texas. This record IS wl hout a parallel In the history of the country. Elopimb.-vt i* Mirrxsota.?Mr. Winanta and Mra. Tracy eloped from Miuneopulls, Minnesota, leaving Mrs. W. and Mr. T. behind them. The forsaken ours give actios that they have no Intention of pursuing the fugitive*. A Busharp Advektisxp?Below we copy an ad vert Me sunt from the Cleveland Pla\r*deaUr, without charge, for the sake of the style, which is decidedly refreshing ? My lav husband. Isaiah Faulkner has lately advertised to the public that I have It ft bis bed and board without any provocation and that he will pay as debts of my contract)ag. Now it is true that I hive lei. bin, but no*, his bed or board. He never bad a bed tfcal wasn't borrowed, no? any "boa-d" worth taring, eicept what be picked out of the river durtug the last spring freshet. As for paying debts, nobody wlU be wiser lor bis advertisement, he has hard work to get to owe any. aud don't pay. ou prlut iple. when he does His *-omtaaa are poor moonshine, and bis credit a "dried up" baboon. I hereby give notice to nil married and unmarried women to M J on their guard against his e->mln? around?he ! red beaded { and dangttuus?put htm out! don't trust htm on my account. J A KB FAObKNUL bank Kciuinr in ianapa.?me Toronto Bank rotun/ fu committed by one of the ofl'.ocra of the tnatl'.etkm, Mr. Camming!, who hu been arrested. Respectable period named McGaffey and Kerby are charged with reoelvlsg a portion of the stolen money. The (JolomM eaye that It la alleged that McGaffey received 97,000 and Kerby 91,000, asd that they won the money at carde from (Jamming* In Msmibt or ?The following la the Inscription oe a tombetone in Man Otero, California " Thle year la sakrtd to the memory of William Bear; Mkraken, who cam to hi* deth being ihot wltb Colt'i revolver?one or the old kimt, biaae mounted, and or auoh la the kingdom of henven." Farhino in liunosn?A correapoodent of the Chtengn Trilmm* aaya, that being in Rock oounlry. in that Stale, ewe day iaat week, he ' went on the lop of m bill called ML Ztaa, six mile* from Jateeville, and con Died on the -"-g plain one hundred and fifty four horse power reaping machines, boslly cutting down wheat There ware om thousand men, women and boys following after, blading and shocking up the ye Idee 1 heaves. It wan a light worth seeing, to behold the grain falling and being gathered ep at toe rate of two hundred acres per hour." To* Anoskkaon ?The Am oik rag Veterans, of Maaai ler, N. H , wtli make as excursion to Niagara Falls la Qe tober, stopping at Springfield, Albany and RoohasMr. I They will be abeeet about lei any a. and will nimker about 190 men, besides the Manchester comet band. SorTHnan Whsat ?A large quantity of wheal M aew coming down the Georgia Railroad, en rmue Tor lie fiaat destination. About Torty car loadt, lays the Aagusta, Oh, Dirjmti A, pin over the South Carolina Railroad tor Charleston every day. Suockuk, IWath ?A eon of J. Knox Walker, who whfi Private Secretary to President Polk, was killed oe Saturday week, at Memphis, Tenn . by accidentally filling from bit pony. His root became eniaog'ed In Ute sUrmp, the bone taking fright, ran at lull speed, and mangled him ta a dreadful manner. He wan about twelve years of age. Toneem Opp Fnuows ? By the report of the Oread Matter of Teanerse e It appears'that ths order le that Slate la In a rrry prosperous rrnd t,?n, lie numbs* ol lodsee amount,ry to 3.3#7, aod lha rim paid out f >r the roller at widow*, orrtian*. afflicted end CertUute brethren, (wetted up tc the amount of ovrr half a million. Path or Naoitum ?The fb.lnwloi aale of aegroaa wee ?eoeu ip made by Willie J Dan to, aa Com ml* it oner, at PiwFaiau Court ilouee, Va ?Woman about II yeara old. and two ?ma:i children, ti>76, woman about CJ, and oae child, $1,1.10, boy about 18 3 ear* old, ll.COft, boy aboet 17 yeara old, $1,101: boy about b yoare old, $Mt; bey 0 >eare old, $336. Total, $0 C66. Tin Twbbtt Tinitn Co.toairH?1H33 to 1836 ? tti membore of the Twenty third Congree*. J. Q Adam*, Tyler, Polk. Fillmore. Pieroe end Ruchenan, oecoyted the Pramdrnual r.iair flvr mom bom. Moaar* Calhoun, .'oh mow, Tyler, I'lilmore end King, bare been Vim !*re#l ien?, aad no lere than nine member*, kearra John A team, Henry Clay, John Fo.ayih, 1 rental Webeter. John U Qal boon, .lame, Buchanan. John II Clayton, I'd ward KrereM end Lewi* Oaae, bam 0Ue<l the otltre'of Secretary of male. Thirty two mom bora here been Uomroore of ftalea, aad twenty three membere of the Hone hare atacc tarred la iba Areata Tna Rbb?t ta^re**?The aetata of tbta vaeeel are bow nrtoOtC'y for three voyafea acroaa the Atlantic o<tead at one Th a wl>l enable retora U ok eta lo be laatied ii America: and If the ahfp paya wa may yet eaa her pur am nrntly oa the Portlaart alalloa Upward* of aft th maaad ttckata bare already been traced Seya the Sim* *f Main " II I* our deliberate judgment that the (tram Eaelera will ootl'noe lo run lo America lailead of Aaetra lla, aad be merely a picneer eblp of the Furomaa aad North Amerteaa four day a llaa of eceaa ilea mora " Plana i* Nieroar, Ky ? A Herman named Fred Haa Una, reeidmg la Newport, wbo tried to * II tumeric eome all wceka ago, by atabbtag h.mrelf o (be Mda with a knife, made a second and eueceeaful effort to J'.apeam wWb bia vitality oa tbe Sib Inil He out bla throat from ear m tar, with a raanr, aad died aooa after. Hia family foaad him half aa hour after weltertag ia hia (ore, the (Mb acroaa bla throat praaealiag a ghaetly per lac I a rtTin UTir^FHF fWTWTT l.*f? - Fonr btite of inotcimeot war* found axainat WliUaa H Vuk, of Vtrfinia, at ib? recent tatttoa <K the Oraad Jnry, for forgrg bounty land paper*. Tun I :narrr or Srtr n rw VrmjiriA ?The Oraad Jnry *f TV aw William county, Va . hare found a trae Mil agrlaa John fader wood for maintaining by ?neaklrg thai a* "o ener boa to r'ghl of property la ho rlaroa," ho , aal be baa bttb held "o ball lo the mm of 9500 ror hi* appear aaeo aMhe Nerrmber eourt. Mr. Caderwood ta a Jaatire of iba Peace for the meaty. Fraar Oottom ?The flrti bale of aew cotton reachadllbw Orleaoa la't year oa the 1Mb of July. Up to the Tib ar Ike pretrni aioatb ao do a cot too bad made lie ap^uaiaaaa there 1b? aeaaoa bat been anoanal y backward I.tan Wab?a?t*?Tba domard fbr land warrant* la Watbiaama la leaa actlra, aad ibo mar tot may ba t-W aa f'dlowr Tit? mM.nmmm. Ryf'g per aer?. Mi 0 V"??* 40 acre* warrant* 91 ? li *> ?* too - * '' 130 " u . "4 " Cturotait Onrai a*p M?n. ?Tbr Indtaaola, 'effa Of the HI (net , rayt -fh* P L?J^L ala Marled oa Ibe ?4U? from Ota Anton a .lader Opt nilimaa. with at* men aad nine talma.. Tba party which left oa the Pth had been beard from wta at Ko?t loncattar. ... vmoixM ?The Wlncheeter /IfutUam aE -A aT* "trod..ced at tba tnur.aaaa I rf. .? ?? off at Capon. 9d of Septembor. la Ibo " ' h '* ^bf (|,e knight*of* bandaome ret of jewelry tho.heH'oe crowned grot of I. traa3 E tulv Thlt will make the oooln.1 for tbo honor mteb a j? taT Miairraa ?A few day* tlnce a mlalalor ta Oeaena Fell* N V . hired a Hrrry borao aad wacoa to p 71 .inter He waa abernt two daya, twapped hi ma M? iimee and ntm bark P. the (table with the tame bona ha uw>k Mt. karinp made 9100 by bw operaltoaa frtra or Ttrrati t' ttrra ?The State of nolo oonnte emoaf her honor* ?bat the opeeed the flnrt fbma'e cottage; lotro dooed, or rather rreeted, the eultor* of the grape la Ammriee dtrwrered tba true method of taking, maoettoelly, the aoreetloe aad rleoleoolop of the War*; Inrented the Meant Are eagire. aad pare birth to a aoble aerlee of palal*r?, poet*, aonlptora and men of actenoe noma to oa ?It appeara from a report which la In circulation that it ta rary unpleaaaot to be bora ta a nor tain boute In Cheater county, Pa. Since the year 1794 there bare been (Ire execution* Tor capital offence* la Iba county Mward Wlltlamt, who waa hanged ta 1490, aad floor ge Pharaoh, who waa executed la 1481, worn both hern In a boute which tUnda about a mile from Wat theater Ingram, who waa recently btrgtd ta UMaola fbr the murder of hla wife, aleo Oral taw the light la thla ama ibluofcy bona*